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Bernice johnson reagan dissertation abstracts

Bernice johnson reagan dissertation abstracts do my capstone on ebay short essay on how i spent my summer vacation (low muttering) - Okay ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to tonight's council meeting of Tuesday, May the 9th. If I could ask you to stand. This is the part of the meeting we start off with O Canada. And if we can bring our singer up here, I'm going to read a little bit of background. Where's our singers? Okay, so come on up to the mic. Now just hang on until I introduce you all. and make sure the microphones, the little red lights are on each of the microphones. Do you see the little red lights on the bottom? Okay, Ken's going to double check and I'm going to read you a little bit about the three of you. We've got Sara, Steven, and Patrick Babbit. Not working? Ken, why don't you sing in there real quick to make sure it's working. Yes, okay good. Sara, where's Sara? Give me a wave Sara. Okay. Sara practices singing at St. Patrick's church in the children's choir with Carol Martin Director of Music and Alessandra DiCienzo who's the organ player, the pianist and she's looking forward to joining the choir next fall. Sara is a bongo and bell player at church and she's been playing the piano for two years in the Music for Young Children program. Sara also takes ballet, plays soccer takes swimming lessons enjoys reading, likes art arts and crafts, and loves to fish. - [Council Member] Alright! - Do you take the fish off the hook too? Ooh. Sara especially loves to kiss the fish she catches. (laughing) Sara is a first grader at Mary Ward Elementary. So welcome Sara. Next up is Patrick, where's Patrick? Okay, right in the middle. Patrick's been singing at St. Patrick's Church in the children's choir for two years and he's been playing the piano for four years. He's won first place awards in the Stamford and St. Catharines Kiwanis Music Festivals. In addition to music Patrick also plays AAA novice hockey for Southern Tiers Admirals, Southern Tier Admirals. He plays travel rookie baseball with the GNBA. Takes swimming lessons plays racquet sports and loves to fish and golf. Patrick is a third grader at Mary Ward Elementary School. And then, last but not least we've got Steven. Alright Steven? Alright. (light laughter) Steven's been singing at St. Patrick's Church as well in the children's choir for five years. And he's been playing the piano for seven years. He's won distinguished awards for his piano including ORNTA, Niagara Falls Branch Competition Winner in 2017, First place Awards and Scholarships with a Stamford and St. Catharines Kiwanis Music Festivals, and the Port Colborne Festival of the Arts, and The Most Promising Canadian Student in Piano Performance by the Stamford Kiwanis Music Festival. In addition to music Steven also plays AA minor peewee hockey for the Niagara Falls Flyers. He plays travel soccer with the Niagara Falls Titans. He takes swimming lessons. He plays racquet sports and golf and he loves to fish and to read. Steven is a 6th grader at Mary Ward Elementary School. And you know, I really feel sorry for your parents or your taxi drivers, (laughter) because it sounds like you're very, very busy. But we're really excited to have them. It's the first time that I know that we've ever had three people sing the national anthem. So we're all ready whenever you are. - One, two, three, go. ♫ O Canada (singing in foreign language) ♫ God keep our land ♫ Glorious and free ♫ O Canada ♫ We stand on guard ♫ For thee ♫ Oh Canada ♫ We stand on guard ♫ For thee (applauding) - Well folks there you have the VonBabbins. Thanks very much kids that was a great job, thank you. (low muttering) That's awesome. Okay, first order of business is the adoption of the minutes from our April 25th meeting. Moved by Councilman Pietrangelo, second by Councilman Morocco. Councillor Ioannoni? - Thank you Mr. Mayor, I wasn't here, but before we ratify these minutes I just want to have myself down as opposed to the order of the motion of Councillor Morocco seconded by Thomson that staff bring back a report regarding regionalizing fire services. I think that's a very bad idea. And I'd like to vote opposed to that. - Okay, thank you. Any other comments or corrections? Okay, seeing none, we'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay and they are passed. Disclosures of a pecuniary interest. Do we have any disclosures? Yes, Councillor Kerrio. - Thank you, Worship. NW 2017-18 the Morning Star Road access and road reconstruction I'm a neighbor. I have property on Morning Star Road. And on the OLG projects recommended for funding, the one for the Winter Festival of Lights, I'm a director on the parks commission, which could benefit from money given by the city to the Festival of Lights and on the Fallsview Boulevard engineering design, I own property on Fallsview Boulevard. - You got those Mr. Clerk? - [Bill] Yes. - And for the same reason, I also being a fellow Niagara Parks Commission with Councillor Kerrio, if anything does come up on the Festival of Lights, I do have to declare conflict as well. We received this legal advice today, so to be safe. If there's no further disclosures, next item we're going to move, we're going to jump ahead a little bit here to. Apologize to everybody, we were late downstairs with an in camera meeting. But we're going to have to move things a little bit, so being respectful of the people that are here we're going to start off and move down to budget matters. That's item 1F 2017-19 the OLG Funding Report. Now I know Mr. Harrison, he's available to give us a presentation if we so desire. Or unless Council wants to move forward with the recommendations that staff have made in Council. Yes, Councillor Pietrangelo? - Yeah, Your Worship I'd be happy to move the report that's in front of us. I think there's just over four million dollars, that's our last quarter take from the OLG that we're able to spend. It's nice to see that there's a lot of projects in here. I think Mr. Harrison did the old Johnny Appleseed again, just kind of spread the money out over every department and make everyone a little bit happy. But some of them are really nice on here, Your Worship. There's the Winter Festival of Lights, there's the Riverview Park redevelopment that is finally going to be going through. There's the McCain Center HVAC upgrades which we all know are well needed. There's replacement of fire trucks and there's a bunch of other little projects on there, Your Worship. So I'd be happy to move it. - Okay, that's seconded by Councillor Thomson, speak to it yes, then Councillor Ioannoni. - Yes. Two projects that I'm extremely pleased to see. The Riverview Park. - Yes. - A lot of money, but I think we're going to save money in the final analysis. And one that might seem rather insignificant that people have been waiting for probably three years for this to happen. A little lane way in between 2nd and 3rd Avenue to the, I guess it would be the south of McRae Street, no, north of McRae Street. A little lane way where the people have not been able to drive up to get in the back of their property to their garages because of the potholes. It was supposed to be done two or three years ago. It wasn't in the budget. They were told it was going to be done last year, it didn't happen and so they're going to be very pleased. And I thank the staff for looking after that, very important to those people, thank you. - Thank you very much, Councillor Ioannoni and Craitor. - Thank you. Does this allocate all the monies that are available for Tab 10? And I ask because I sit on the library board. I know that the CIO from the library board met with Mr. Todd and Mr. Harrison. And the $800,000 they were asked not to present tonight because staff needed more information. So I'm just kind of curious does this take them totally out of this running, or they would have been here this evening? And does this use up all our funds? - Mr. Harrison? - Mr. Mayor, the money is fully allocated. The library, that's correct we did meet with the library CIO and we advised that there was more work that they had to do in regards to their requests and suggested that if they come back at a further date, the OLG funding will be there again. It's May already and we'll be into the capital budget for next year. So certainly there will be an opportunity for them to come back. - I just want Council to understand. That is not the understanding the library board had. They had an understanding that while they couldn't come tonight, they could come very shortly. They were only housekeeping measures that had to be cleaned up. We've gone through that budget for this renovation over and over and over again. So that's, just so that you're clear, your library board does not understand it that way. And that library services thousands and thousands of people on that end of the city. So this is a little bit misleading. - Uh, Councillor Craitor? - Thank you, thank you, Worship. Couple really short comments. One is, (clears throat) I'm hoping that now that the province has come up with a directive that this can impose. Or can put in their own DMF of their own. And that's what I understood they were proposing that we may have discussions around the table about going down that road. And then once we do that then we'll have the funding to cover a lot of these things that really belong to be paid for through the DMF, not through taxpayer's money. For example the Winter Festival of Lights which I do support and think it's great. I know the wonderful work they do. But by having that DMF that would give them that stable funding, they wouldn't have to count on trying to convince us or inviting us out for coffee, little get together and they really made a good presentation. But they'd have that stable funding on Niagara Falls tourism. And they do good work, but it should be funded by that DMF tax, not by the property tax payers of Niagara Falls. So I'm hoping that we start going down that road as a city. And then I'm hoping that maybe the operators will realize it's not good for business to be charging people an additional fee on top of their bill. That's not the right way to do it. I don't know, I think many of us, Councillor Campbell's brought it up, but I still get the emails from tourists who come into town. I still get them from some of my own colleagues at Queens Park asking me, showing me the bills that these constituents bring in. So we need to somehow figure out how to get rid of that. Without tourists, there is no industry. You might think, "Well we lose one or two," "and there's five or six more out there." But eventually, five or six more aren't going to come down here if they feel that, this industry is taking advantage of them. And I'm only repeating the things that are said to me. They're not my words. I could bring in the documents and the emails that I get from all over the place that express this concern. So I think it's just a great opportunity for us to maybe, and I know you said you were meeting with him. I know Councillor Campbell was trying to go down the road to say, if you're going to charge it, which we don't think you should, but how about not charging the residents of Niagara Falls. That's why many of them won't go down into the restaurants down there because they get this second charge. And I do know there are some major, there are some major operators who don't charge it. Which is really, really nice to hear. I've made a list of them because I've actually walked down there and started asking. I was quite impressed with the numbers that don't. It is a shame for the library. I just want to tag along. - That's nice of you. - But I feel bad for the library 'cause it's an essential part and I'm sorry to see that it's not in here. And maybe the Council could look instead of waiting all the way 'til next year, maybe we could look at trying to bring that forward when we get the next quarter from the OLG and look at our library, 'cause it does need work. And it is well used. I still go out there and there's still a of kids, a lot of seniors who go to the library and enjoy using it. So I'm hoping that maybe we can bring that forward when we get our next quarter. Thank you very much. - Okay, thank you. Councillor Thomson. And I also noted conflict with Councillor Kerrio any discussion around the-- - [Vince] I didn't see that on the agenda. Otherwise I would have declared it. - Yeah, absolutely. - Once again of on that-- - No it wasn't there, so. - We're not making a decision on the DMF anyway at this point so I have no problem in discussing it. Councillor Craitor didn't understand it when he was the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Tourism. DMF, the TIF, all kinds of different names is not a tax, it's a fee that's recommended on the government website. That you could have changed it when you were up there on the tourism, recommending a marketing fee for the promotion of tourism. The actual government recommends it. We're in a discussion now to see what happens. And the announcement they made had nothing to do with the DMF. In spite of the fact that you and I are having dialog and discussion and there is a consensus that the local people do not want to charge local residents. I think we've made some real progress, but we're working on that. But the DMF the tax that is talked about in the budget is a tax and it was promoted by the Mayor of Toronto who wanted additional money for transit and other things, has nothing to do and we've attempted, and there's been no clarification of how it has any bearing on what we do here and what every major destination does to raise marketing dollars. So that's all going to be another debate again. But one is a fee, what you hear now is a tax. So they're two different issues altogether. But with your guidance and chairmanship we're making some progress. And you're right, the number of people that don't charge any fee is substantial. - Thank you. Councillor Ioannoni and Strange. No, okay Councillor Strange? - Yeah, Mr. Mayor, as you're talking about the tourists and Kim Craitor was talking with all the tourists and the dollars coming in and stuff, we have the Winter Festival of Lights volunteers here. And I just wanted to, I congratulated a couple months ago, but what a successful year. You guys have done an amazing, I sat down with Tina Myers a couple weeks ago and she took presentation. And just amazing all the numbers are up. In particular all the Americans that came over too was astounding as well as some awards that you guys were getting for the lights, just amazed. So congratulations to all you guys and Tina Myers doing an unbelievable job, volunteers down there. You know the hours every day going down there and some cold nights I'm sure, too. So congratulations on the funding tonight. And keep up the great work. I don't know how you're going to (Councillor claps) top off this year, I really don't. (applauding) Congratulations. - [Jim] I get Councillor Morocco? - Yes, sirs. I just want to make sure that the projects in this Tab 10, Riverview Park - Yup, sorry. - is there, and I know that the staff has already started to work on that and help relieve and I have to tell you it couldn't have been a worse week for rain and creating swimming pools throughout. So if through you, gentleman please if we just maybe have a quick update as the process, because some people have asked me. And I know that there has been a lot of work going. City staff have been working there. And I guess I just want to thank them for being there on call as much as they have been to try and keep the water from flooding into people's back yards into their basements. And that's still kind of an ongoing process until this project starts. Which will be when I guess is my question? - [Jim] Mr. Holman? - Thanks Councillor. This is going to be a major priority for us. We are waiting for the ground to firm up a little bit before we can actually get a thing on site. But we're going through the master plan the design stage. We hope to have one more public information center to make sure everybody's on board. At that time we'll be able to be a little bit more specific with the construction schedule. But it'll likely take place over the course of the summer. And hopefully you'll have a couple of months available to enjoy some of the amenities we plan to put in there. But I'd like to thank the residents who have been putting up with the inconvenience and some of the drainage issues for the past winter. But I think they're really going to be impressed with what we have in store. - Thank you I'm just very grateful, but we've had some dollars to actually pull out to allocate to that project and make sure we can help those residents. Will this note be actually let off so that everybody can know what's going to be until it's approved? - The projects? We could. - [Joyce] I think it's important that people know. - Want to put the slide up Mr. Harrison? - [Todd] Certainly, Mr. Mayor. - Thank you. - We can go through. - [Jim] In fact we have 100 people waiting to get in the room. So get right to the point. - Yeah I'll be right to the point, so move along to next step. - Something different - [Joyce] people see. - So move to the next slide, we'll just get to the projects I guess. And that was what Councillor Morocco had talked about. So we can see that it's spread. The way we came up with the list was really quickly, we had asked all the directors to rank their five top projects on Tab 10. So the Fire Radio Dispatch Upgrade Increase, that was an approved project already. We run into additional costs to replace the system. As you know the system needs to be replaced. And it's not being, it's not being supported. We talked about Riverview Park $760,000. We have to replace one of the fire trucks and that will, the replacement of putting a brand new one in into one of the stations will then result in a truck ending up with one of the volunteers associations. MacBain as we talked about, this is an important part of our Energy Efficiency Plan Phase 1 is new upgrades to the HVAC system. This is an infrastructure program, Water Main Road, reconstruction design. The rail review is a review as we indicated to ensure that we're in sync with the legislation. We have a number of different buildings that historically have not had enough work done to them and so it took a lot of time. Town Hall both it needs windows and doors replacement. We talked about the economic development aspect Winter Festival of Lights Year 1 of their two year project, $300,000. Roads, Fallsview Boulevard Engineering Design that's required and then Paddock Park Reforestization. This is part of something that was talked about, about getting the urban forest up and running. A little bit replaced. Again we had another in the arena, we talk about a lightening and ceiling upgrades. Again this has got to do with energy efficiency and that thing. Fire prevention again we touch upon something that is required. City hall improvements, we've invested a lot of money in city hall. The HVAC system as you know the cladding and the windows are being replaced. This is about to replace all the blinds in the building. One of the problems with the energy efficiency is that the blinds are not effective in keeping the sunlight out and the heat out. And as a result that's a project. Next. Trying to go as quick as I can Council and give each of the projects due inventory. This is part of our Asset Management Plan that we have a adequate sign inventory in our transportation division. Obviously fence replacement in the cemetery, this is part of an ongoing multi-year program. Millennium Trail, the design work for section five and construction. As Councillor Thomson talked about the second and third lane ways reconstruction. We have some reviews of our buildings and there's some designated substances in the buildings that need to be removed. And that's to make sure that we're in compliance with health and safety rules. Again we're back at the arena fixing the rubber floor out at Chippawa. Traffic signal video detection, $45,000 and then at the service center there's a, we're going to add this to our asphalt paving contract. So $4.3 million is the final installment. This is in addition. Just so Council understands and the public understands. This is well over $13 million that we've used of the OLG funding. We keep talking about the OLG funding as being a great to benefit, $24 million. The highest yet of the last number of years. And we'll be able to use $13 million to replace and rejuvenate capital projects. And we've tried to spread it out across all of the operating divisions. Councillor I hope that covers what you wanted. - Great, thank you very much. Thank you so much I just want to point out that is a huge 20 projects off of Tab 10 they were able to allocate dollars to and get those projects worked on. I'm grateful and grateful that we do have the OLG money and that is through contribution of tourism, our number one industry, thank you. - Fantastic, thank you. Okay, well if there's no further questions we'll call the vote, oh yeah I'm sorry, Councillor Campbell? - Thank you, Your Worship. I just wanted to emphasize that I'm extremely happy with the phase five of the Millennium Trail. It think the majority of our community is looking forward to that completion. Thank you. - Very much so. All right so if there's no further questions we'll call that vote. All those in favor. Okay and that's unanimously approved. So thank you, congratulations Festival of Lights, you're all set, thank you. (applauding) And we need to make room for all the kids out there. (laughing) Take your time though, take your time. (laughing) - Thank you very much. - [Resident] How you doing, Joyce? (low muttering) - Good luck. - Thank you. - See you Roman. (low muttering) - Ron Trip that's twice today. What's going on? Did you ride your bike here? Your BMW bicycle. (laughs) I don't know. We need to get one of those tandem bikes. Yeah, Mike. Mike you want to join me? Yeah, bring your coaches up, yeah. Come on coaches. Why don't you coaches come and join me up here? (applauding) How you doing? Good to see you, very good. You're welcome, congratulations. Come on in you guys, come up here. Where's Mike, where'd Mike go? (lady laughing) No come on, what are you doing? (laughing) Yeah, come up here. You're going to read this out, read this. Since when did you get shy? How are you? - How are you? - Good. Okay ladies and gentleman, welcome. I'd like to first start by welcoming. I know we've got a couple of regional Councillors here. I've got Regional Councillor Bob Gale, where's Bob, Bob's up here. And we've got Regional Councillor Selina Volpatti joining us today. 'Cause they just can't get enough of us here. How about a big hand for our students. (applauding) You feel the love in the room everybody? Okay, good. So here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to read to you a little bit about the background of who we've got here. We've got two teams we're recognizing today, provincial champions and we've got these neat Triumph awards. We've to the Adam awards, we've got the Novice Knight awards and then we've got something for the coaches, too. Because I know you've been eyeing these up Mike, and I know that you guys are very interested in these awards. Now about the Knights Program for those of you that don't know for our friends at home, for both the people that are watching us online here. We want them to know what we're doing here. The Knight, that was a joke, there's more than a couple people, all right. (laughing) Hope a lot, that's all right. I'll keep my day job. The Knights Rep Hockey entered the 2016-17 season as new members of the Ontario Rep Hockey League. A league that reports to the National Independent Hockey League for the USA and Canada. The Knights Rep Hockey values include only 12 players per team for maximum ice time, a league code of conduct for players, coaches and for the parents. Non parent professional coaches, players can play for any team, there are no boundaries. They value development over wins. I'd say right off the hop, what do you think we got a good program going here? I think that's pretty good. (applauding) 'Cause that's what it's all about, we're developing the leaders of tomorrow, that's what we're developing. I mean it's bigger than hockey, you guys you're leaders. And I'm glad that you have such a program. Now we're going to start off with the Novice Knights. The Novice Knights ended their regular season in first place with a 26-4-2 record. They won three tournaments held in Sault Ste. Marie, Burlington and Mondo. At the provincial championships held in Oakville, April 7th-9th, 2017, the Novice Knights finished in first place winning the provincial championship with a 5-0 record. And we're going to call up the players one by one. We're give them one of these plaques. I'm going to ask Mike to maybe call up each of the players. - [Mike] Tom. - Okay, you decide, however, it's your church. And we're going to them a plaque. If you want to hunker down and want us to take a picture you can come right up to the front here we'll do it right here. We'll shake their hands and they'll come in and then we'll do a group shot. Everybody good with that? - [Team Members] Yup. - Okay you got that, everyone's good? Okay good, everyone's good. All right you got the list there. Okay so right here. Yeah you come. You're going to do the Novice Knights first. - Okay, I'll start with (indistinguishable name). (applauding) - Congratulations buddy. This one's for you. Okay if there's anyone got wait, should take a picture, take a picture? (girls laugh) Don't be shy. Just step right up. Okay, good, good job. - [Tom] Okay Ian Ginga. (applauding) - Ian! - Okay and we go to there they're going to tell me if you are. Okay. (low muttering) - [Tom] Isaiah Fault. (applauding) - We got someone up here, who do we got? Who do we got? Got to wave to me guys, I don't know who's. (kids chattering) - [Tom] Lucas Smith, Lucas. (applauding) - Yay, Lucas! (kids giggle) (people chattering and laughing) - [Tom] Okay, Darien Grett. (applauding) Congratulations. You're welcome, good job. Noah Gray. (applauding) Luke Bidas. (applauding) Congratulations, Luke. All right. - [Jim] Is that the guy who helped coached baseball? - Cage slugger, aye. - Yeah. - [Jim] I'm going to take a bit of credit. He knows hockey. - [Tom] Jackson Covney. (applauding) Dale Lyons. (applauding) (low muttering) Jackson Roberts. (applauding) Cassidy Krogay. (applauding) Brady Newsome. (applauding) - Brady! - [Jim] Good job, good job. You want me to give a little synopsis of the team? Anything you want to share with everybody? - Yeah actually I was just wanted to thank the Mayor Jim Dioadi and the Council members, the city of Niagara Falls for having us here tonight to recognize a successful season. It's a great honor being here. I'm sure these kids are going to remember this for the rest of their life. I'd also like to thank the great parents, the entire staff for all their hard work. It shows that hard work pays off. Throughout the year our main goal is to develop great players and good people. I'm so proud of all these kids. Coaching here was one of the best experiences I've had in my entire hockey career. So I'd like to congratulate both Knights teams on their provincial championships. (applauding) - [Jim] You guys want to get your cameras right here, your group picture time. - [Child] The big people stand. - Got to pull in tight everybody, pull in tight so you can all fit. Paparazzi. Smile everyone. (cameras clicking) Oop, one more. Okay. So coach you're going to stay though, right? - [Tom] Yup. - Okay you guys all going to stay. Okay guys, thanks, congratulations. Another big hand for the team. (applauding) Okay so up next are the Adam Knights. Now the Adam Knights finished their league play in a tie for fourth place with a record of 28-13-6. They finished in the same finals in all three tournaments. At the provincial championships held April 7th through 9th of this year in Oakville where the London team was the top seated team. The Adam Knights win a perfect 5-0 and beat Oakland in the finals three one to win the Provincial Championships. How about a big hand for the Adam Knights! (applauding) - [Tom] You're done? - [Jim] Yup, oh there's two extra. - [Tom] Okay we're going to start with McClain. (applauding) Liam Duffy. (applauding) (low muttering) - Yeah, you got it? - [Tom] Brice Nolan. (applauding) - [Jim] I think I went to high school with him. (laughing) (low muttering) - Thank you. - Okay. - [Tom] Aiden Smith. (applauding) (low muttering) Luke Barazowski. (applauding) Eddie Freesin. (applauding) - Eddie! - Oh wait there's right there. - [Tom] Dylan Ore. - Dylan! (applauding) (light laughter) - [Tom] Pete Sutherland. - Pete! (applauding) - Someone else want to take their photo? Who can take one and send it to him. - [Woman In Chamber] This is not her son. - Okay, cool we'll do both. What was she going to try now? (lady laughs) (low muttering) - [Tom] Liarson Gignac. (applauding) Marshall Peterson. - Marshall! - Marshall! (applauding) (child laughing) - [Tom] Vincent Cuevello. (applauding) Riland Luftperien. - Riland! (audience applauds and cheers) - [Tom] And we'll save the best for last. Wesley Midas. (applauding) - Wesley! - [Jim] I have for you coaches. (Jim and Tom conversing) - [Tom] Miss Dawn Gallardi. (applauding) - Yay! - Who's taking a picture of Dawn? - [Man] I won't. (laughing) - [Jim] How about her husband? - [Tom] Mr. Marco Ferlez. (audience applauds and cheers) - [Jim] Anybody here for Marco? (laughter) - [Tom] And our owner president Mike Gratts. (audience applauds and cheers) - [Jim] Don't leave there's more paparazzi, come on. (audience laughing) - Thanks for having me. - So we're going to do - [Jim] the group shot now? (crosstalk) - [Mike] Tom Cyban head coach. (audience applauds and cheers) (low muttering) - [Jim] So we'll do the group shot now everybody? Pull in tight, guys, pull in tight. - [Parent] Say Mayor McCheese. - [Children] Mayor McCheese. (laughter) (low muttering) - [Mike] Thank you, Jim. (crosstalk and chatter) - Ladies and gentleman on behalf of the city I just want to say we're all very proud of all you young ones that played. And we also wanted to say we appreciate the sacrifice, the parents, the grandparents, the uncles the aunts. It's a big job, the little brothers and sisters that tag along, go to the arenas. It's not easy, I know what it's like. I got three of my own and it's busy. So to all of you making the sacrifice for your kids that's great, for your coaches selflessly sacrificing their time to develop these kids to also develop that's what this is all about, it's much bigger than just hockey. And also to Mike for creating this opportunity and this atmosphere for all these kids to flourish and these parents to get to know each other and to really grow some great young adults. So how about a big hand for everyone involved? (applauding) (low muttering) - Hey Jim, thank you Council we know we took a lot of your time, but not too many times have there been two provincial championships. Thank you very much. We get to do this at the regional next week. But they're not taking pictures. - Okay ladies and gentleman we're going to continue on. We're going to bounce this agenda a little bit I apologize. We're next going to ask, we've got our GO Hub Study presentation. Denise Landry, planner from the region with the support of city planning staff will be presenting an update on the Niagara Falls GO Hub and transit station study project. So welcome. Yeah, both those mics you might want to. Yeah, sorry about that. - We switch it with this? Perfect. Good evening Mayor and members of council. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you a brief presentation on the progress and next steps for the Niagara Falls GO Hub and transit station study. With me here tonight we have Ron Tripp as well as Matt Robinson, from the region. The purpose of the study that was initiated in 2015 is to develop secondary plans for the lands within the study area addressing elements such as transit oriented development, urban design and infrastructure improvements. Repair station transit design plans and undertake a market analysis to understand the develop opportunities in and around the station. The study contained six phases. Phases one and two were completed during 2016. We undertook extensive background data collection and developed a vision with stakeholders and community members. We're currently in phases three, four and five of the study. As part of phase three we're drafting secondary plans and demonstration plans and discussing them with our local municipal partners including Niagara Falls. And we are continuing to refine these before we go to the public in June. As part of phase four we're undertaking a transportation analysis. We are assessing existing and future transportation infrastructure as well as identifying infrastructure improvements in and around the station. As part of phase five we've started discussions with Metrolinks for how we're going to undertake the concept plans for the station area. This slide shows the boundary of the secondary plan in red and the transit station area in orange. Transportation analysis work feeds into the development of the secondary plan in the transit station design. The transportation network will be tested based on the proposed future land uses within the station area. Transit in the right location can be a catalyst for cities for growth and redevelopment. Kitchener leveraged the future LRT and has been proactively planning for this growth for over 20 years, as an example. Niagara Falls has a similar opportunity, but the GO transit station that can used as a mechanism to attract and support uses such as a higher order educational facility. Vision and objectives for Niagara Falls Station were developed through consultation and engagement in phases one and two. The first objective is to improve the public realm at gateway locations, public spaces, prominent streets and improve active transportation connectivity. The second is to provide opportunities for redevelopment and intensification by concentrating mixed use development along Bridge Street, Park Street and portions of Queen Street. The third objective is to protect and strengthen adjacent neighborhoods including Glenview to the north of the station. The next is to support medium density tourist commercial uses along the river front capitalizing on the views and vistas of the gorge. Celebrate and preserve the many iconic and historic buildings and cultural assets of the downtown in Niagara Falls. The team is beginning to work on the stationary design taking into consideration the long term vision for a mixed use area, supported by appropriate densities, while recognizing the need for parking to accommodate ridership. We're meeting with our stakeholders in May to discuss the draft visions. We'll be going to the public with the visions and demonstration plans in June, on June 15th in the evening and we'll be at the library on Victoria Avenue. As part of this work we've undertaken a public engagement strategy. As part of this work we're undergoing a social media campaign to really help bring out people to these sessions so we can have a meaningful discussion with the members of the public and businesses. Future discussions will occur with stakeholders and the public in the fall to discuss revisions to the demonstration plans and station design. Thank you for listening. The project team is here tonight and more than happy to address any questions you may have. - Okay, do we have any questions of Council? Nothing at all? Okay, so are we looking, Mr. Clerk, are we looking for a motion to receive the presentation? Moved by Councillor Campbell, second by Councillor Strange. Is there any discussion to that? All right we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay and that's approved unanimously. Thank you very much. Seems so quiet in here now without the big crowds. (laughs) (chamber members laugh) Okay we're going to bounce around a little bit here. Also deputations we have Heart Niagara here. So we've got Vanessa Rasso, Heart Niagara will inform Council of the upcoming event. And request some fee waivers related to the event. Karen Stern and we've got somebody else here too it looks like. - We do. So thank you, Mayor and Council. So my job tonight is just to remind everybody and thank them for all you do in our community. Heart Niagara is 40 years old this year, so we've got lots of celebrations going on. One of the things is we've launched a cook book. So there's a copy here for everyone tonight. We did not get here before the crowds to put them on your desks, so hopefully somebody can distribute them at the end of the evening. And two of our staff are here to make the presentation. And they got a good night because everybody's pretty quiet now, they've been exhausted by all the kids. So this is Victoria LaFratta and Vanessa Rasso who are with Heart Niagara staff. - [Jim] Thank you, welcome. - Hi. - Hi. - Good evening Mayor and Council members. We're a little bit nervous 'cause this is our first presentation, (Jim laughs) so bear with us. (giggles) - No problem. - So we're here to talk about our event called Picnic on the Q. So Heart Niagara is hosting an event called Picnic on the Q. We are celebrating living in the heart of the city and also celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary and our own 40th anniversary. So the idea of the picnic is community members can pack their own picnic or they can order from Queen Street restaurants. So we've made this an opportunity also for local Queen Street restaurants to get free promotion. (laughs) Sorry, I'm so nervous right now - [Jim] It's okay, don't be, don't be! - So giving them the opportunity to get free promotion. So if they make sort of like a picnic basket then people can pre-order from them and then pick it up advanced of the event. So it is going to be on June 8th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. and it's going to be located on Queen Street and we're focusing around city hall. So tables will cost $120 which will provide you with six seat shares, a table, table covering, entertainment and play zones that we're setting up. So the idea of the play zones is to get kids and adults involved while performing and having a great time with a lot of traditional games that we have set up. - [Jim] You said $120? - Oh sorry, for the tables? - Yeah. - $120. - [Jim] $120 and how many people at the table? Six to eight, so it's your choice. - Six. - Yeah. - Okay, okay. - Six to eight, sorry. - Six? - To eight. - Oh, to eight, okay. - Yeah. (laughs) - Sorry. - That's okay. - So this is a very exciting time for us, like I mentioned it is our 40th anniversary. We are going to be connecting 150 tables together in honor of also celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary. So the idea is we're going to be connecting the 150 tables and we're actually going to position them in the the form of a C, all the way around city hall. So we also will have everyone who is at the picnic we will be giving them a red napkin. And we're going to get an aerial shot of everyone waving a flag patriotically while we take an overhead shot of our community eating together. - Okay, so the net proceeds from Picnic on the Q will be a fundraising opportunity for Heart Niagara. And it's going to act as a stepping stone for us to achieve the Guinness World Records for the longest picnic table in 2018, which is one of our goals for next year. If we achieve this record downtown Queens Street and Niagara Falls as a whole will be recognized world wide for this accomplishment. This is beneficial for local businesses as it will attract more people to the downtown area and promote all that Queen Street has to offer. And we also think that it will give people a sense of community pride. The overall goal of Picnic on the Q is to strengthen our community by bringing individuals of all ages together to a local space to meet new people, support local businesses, build community relationships, encourage healthy eating and promote physical activity all while sharing a meal together. Heart Niagara is building a movement to get the community eating together because we believe that a community that eats together is stronger. - So tonight we are requesting that fees be waived related to the event. We're also asking for a council resolution to support Picnic on the Q. We appreciate everything Council does for our city and continuing to show our civic pride, so we are also asking Councillor members, each Council member to come together with five tables to show their civic pride and help support our event. We would also like to ask if council can share our event on social media and engage staff to be a part of our event as well. And we do have a poster here tonight and we're hoping maybe as well if we could put it up in city hall and also the McBain Center. - [Jim] Okay, yes you've got more than one I take it? - What's that, sorry? - [Jim] You've got more than one. - Oh yeah, we have more than one. - [Jim] Okay. - Oh yeah. (girls laughs) - Now the date, I'm sorry the date for this year is - June 8th. - June 8th. - Okay. - 5:30 to 8:00. - And that day is? - It's a Thursday. - Thursday. - Yup. - And then you're going for the record next year. - Next year. - That's the 150 tables. - No, no, 150 tables is this year. - Oh that's this year. - Yes. - And next year you're and you got an idea yet? - Yes. - It's roughly like 400 and something. It keeps changing. - Okay, oh right. - Yeah. - Everyone breaks it and then it's a new record. - Yes. - It's a moving target. - Yes, exactly. - I'm sorry did you still have more presentation? - No, if you guys have any more questions? - So if you have questions, yes Councillor Thomson? - [Wayne] No I don't have any questions just a, 40 years it's amazing. Who was the first chairman of the board? - Let me guess? (members laughing) Wayne Thomson? (laughing) - [Karen] It's a bit of a set up, Wayne. (laughter) - Yes, Stafford was very keen in what he did back then. Anyway 40 years of life saving efforts of our community. A lot of people don't really know all of the details of Heart Niagara. How it has grown, what different capacities they're involved in. In fact I talked to Stafford, Dr. Dobbin today about coming to Council with a whole new suggestion on how they're going to expand their effect on the region with respect to heart health. It's amazing what's been accomplished and I have to say without exception that Stafford, that Dr. Stafford Dobbin was the initiator, the idea and has been the driving force behind this since day one. So, congratulations all you've done and accomplished, all the people, thousands and thousands of people that you've helped with heart ailments, heart disease. And it all started here in Niagara Falls. So congratulations and I'd make the motion that we assist them any way we can with respect to the event and also the waiver of the fees and whatnot. - Did you want to commit to a table or something? I know they want us to get about 42 tables. (laughing) - Anyway we can assist. - Thought we'd try. (laughs) - [Jim] Can you put a couple tables in? - [Council Member] Yeah I have five friends. - [Jim] Okay, yeah. (laughs) - [Council Member] It might be tough for some people, but yeah, I think we can get a couple of tables that'll be fine. - So motion that we waive the fees associated, help promote through our website, social media and whatnot through the city. And that we commit to a couple tables. Councillor Campbell. - Thank you, Your Worship. I'd like to second that. But I also would like to suggest that that we do the best we can to support it. My family supported it last year, it was an awesome event. The grandkids enjoyed themselves and as far as I could tell everybody around us had a great time. So I would encourage the community to get behind Heart Niagara. - Terrific. Okay so we've got a motion by Councillor Thomson, second by Councillor Campbell. And is there any other discussion around the motion? Seeing none we'll call the vote. All those in favor? And that's unanimous. Thank you very much ladies - Awesome. - you did a great job. - Thanks. - Thank you. - Thank you. - [Karen] You can cook a recipe from the book. (Jim laughs) - Okay next item up, Stamford Collegiate. Ann Gilmore, the principal and Helga Campbell, board trustee from Stamford Collegiate will inform Council of their upcoming 160th anniversary event. And I just hope Councillor Thomson wasn't the chair of that first event (laughs) as well. You just getting it now, you guys, holy smokes. It's not even that late. - Before Karen goes I want to give a shout out to Karen because Heart Niagara would not be functioning today if it wasn't for the work that Karen does. What she does blows me away. I don't know how she has the energy or time to do everything. But she keeps Heart Niagara going. - All right. (applauding) - Okay. I'm pleased to talk about Stamford, Your Worship and Councillors, thank you for the opportunity. I'm pleased to talk about Stamford as I feel it is one of the most comprehensive schools within Niagara, providing students with the educational opportunities that best match their abilities and skills. I'd also recognize the connections with Stamford in this room. Ken Todd is a graduate of Stamford. - [Ken] Oh brother. - As is Councillor Kerrio and Councillor Campbell with and administer-- - He's a recent. - Ha! - [Helga] I didn't know. Are you a graduate of Stamford? Oh there you go. (Jim laughs) - [Mike] I took four year degree (drowned out). (laughing) - [Helga] (laughs) Yeah that counts, that counts. - [Mike] Time served. (Helga laughs) - Councillor Strange is a graduate. Sorry, nobody told me. - [Mike] That's like I initiate that for sure. - Ah Councillor Campbell was an administrator at Stamford. And I actually did some supply teaching at Stamford in the late '70s, so there's a lot of Stamford orange and black in this room. I'd like to just highlight some of the things that make Stamford pretty special starting with academic achievements. Stamford has had $20,000 worth of Branscombe scholarships given to its students. Two Stamford students have been selected to be student trustees with the District School Board of Niagara. One last year, served last year. And one will be incoming this year from Stamford. So that's quite an accomplishment, two of them. There's two student trustees on the board each year selected from all the schools within the board. Stamford students have been studying in US Ivy League schools and one has a full scholarship to Harvard. There's a graduate with a co-op placement at the Atomic Energy Canada Nuclear Reactor Plant. Stamford's photography and videography courses have had 100% placement at the post secondary level for 22 years. And two students out of 2,000 for 25 spots, two students for 25 spots out of 2,000 have been accepted into Brock's brand new gaming BA. And finally, let's not forget that James Cameron and Barbara Frum are graduates of Stamford. Stamford has, as I said, they serve students with a variety of different needs. They have special programs like the five specialist high skill majors. Five of those high skills majors are in construction, health and wellness, arts and culture and it's the only school in Niagara Falls to have the arts and culture high skills major. Horticulture which is responsible for building the, if any of you have noticed the playground at Cherrywood school, Cherrywood Acres Public School, it's really a lovely spot for kids. And they're presenting building the same kind of playground at Riverview Public School in Chippawa. Finally hospitality is one of the high skills majors, which has led to a catering business called The Orange Plate. The advantage to these programs, it does give students an advantage when applying to post secondary schools, if they have some background in these areas. There's also the specialized school to work program. And these programs focus on preparing students to enter the workforce by focusing on co-op and hands on skills. And finally Stamford has more technical programs to offer students than any other high school and has the largest computer studies program in the DSBN. And Stamford has been recognized in many different areas. The technology department has won best float in Saginaw's parades in three years in a row. In technology skills competitions, gold, silver and bronze in cosmetology, silver and bronze in computer animation and gold in auto industry. Drama productions have been a special focus at Stamford. Invisible wounds which dealt with mental health, especially PTSD suffered by soldiers won the Sears Drama Festival last year. And We Will Rock You, it will be playing this week starting tomorrow, actually we saw the dress rehearsal yesterday with our grandkids. We Will Rock You is a collaboration between Stamford students and Wesleyan students and it will be on at the Seneca Queen tomorrow, Thursday and Friday night at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday at noon. Noon or 11:00? - 11:00. - 11:00. Okay. And Stamford has a platinum, or has been certified as a platinum eco school by the province and is only one of a handful of schools recognized in that regard. The DSBN has recognized the importance of Stamford in our community and continues to invest in Stamford to best meet the needs of our students. For example if you've seen or been to Stamford lately you've seen the new entrance, the new atria. An entrance area in the back off the parking lot, a quarter million dollar fitness center at Stamford and a new resource room. I've tried to capture some of the highlights although I haven't mentioned the many extracurricular activities available to students. From chess competitions to a wide variety of sports which are equally important in a young person's education. At this point I'd like to introduce Stamford's principal, Ann Gilmore with whom I have worked on the District School Board of Niagara's literacy plan. And I know from that experience she has the skills and heart to continue Stamford's proud tradition of meeting all the learning needs of the students in our community. Ann? - Thank you, Helga. Thank you. And thank you for having us here to talk about the event. I can tell you from the heart that working at Stamford has made me not only a better principal but a better person. I do have a very short 90 second video to introduce the event. And then I'll very briefly talk about what's going to happen on the day June 10th. So if we could cue the video. (upbeat hip hop music) Thank you. It's official I can't believe we're actually older than Canada. Some parts of the building, it is like a maze. The folks at plant at DSBN they shudder whenever they have to do some work on it. They are continuing some renovations and improvements even this summer. But they're holding off until I have our event which is June 10th. We have an afternoon tea that's open for folks in the afternoon to stop by in the cafeteria and that's free. Our evening event starts at 7:00 and goes to about 11:30. We're doing it for two reasons. We're doing it to celebrate, be part of the celebration of the 150th. But to bring us all together, but we're also running a silent auction and raffle to raise money. 'Cause we do put a lot of money back to the kids. Every day we're feeding them breakfast, we feed them lunch, we give them clothes. I taxi them if they, if parents need help getting places. So the money that's raised with the silent auction and the raffle will go towards those programs. So far I think we've got about $3,000 worth of prizes to raffle off and auction that night. So I am going to leave you with some tickets, Jim. I'm going to give you four complimentary to do with as you wish. I'm also giving you four tickets to We Will Rock You that you give away as well. And thank you so much for letting us advertise this event. It's going to be a great day. Thank you very much. - All right great, thank you Ann. (applauding) Are there any question of Council for Ann or Helga? Okay, looks like we're good to go. Thank you very much. Thank you. Next item we're going to go to our planning matter. This is 26T-11-2016, this is Grotolla Court. And now, thank you. I now ask our clerk to please introduce the next item on the agenda. - A public meeting is now being convened to consider a draft plan of subdivision and to consider a proposed amendment to the city zoning bylaw to permit seven lots for single, detached dwellings and one block for road widening, at 3118 Montrose Road. Notice was given by first class mail in accordance with the planning act on Friday, April 7, 2017 and by posting a sign on the property in question. Anyone who wants notice of the passing of the draft plan of subdivision and the zoning bylaw amendment, to participate in any site plan process if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the interior municipal board shall leave their name on the sign in sheets outside the Council chamber. - Thank you Mr. Clerk. I now ask Mr. Hillovich, our director of planning to explain the purpose and the reason for this proposed draft plan and bylaw amendment. - Yes, thank you Worship. The property in question is on the east side of Montrose Road it's north of, of Thorastone Road and it's basically at the urban boundary immediately to the north is the Ontario Hydro Corridor and that forms the limit of the urban boundary. It's about opposite on Matthews Drive in the Mount Carmel subdivision. It's 1.7 acres in size, it's highlighted on the screen. The proposal before you tonight is to extend a new street with a cul-de-sac into that property. There would be seven lots total. One of those lots would be for the existing house which will remain on the site. And there will be six new houses constructed on that property. That's the subdivision design. The zoning is to change the zoning from development holding to a, R1E zone and there are a couple of special provisions. One is to limit the height of the building to 10 meters max, that's not anything new, that's what this limit is in an R1E zone. But they do want to limit it to two stories, just so there would be no buildings taller than two stories constructed. As well there would be a 14 meter rear yard set back for the lots that back onto the Queen Elizabeth Way. This is a ministry of transportation requirement and we would be building that into the zoning amendment. The last thing that we're looking at, and this is part of the subdivision design, are two one foot reserves, .2 meter reserves along the west boundary line of the subdivision with Montrose Road. This will preclude a driveway from extending onto Montrose Road as well it then defines that lot, otherwise we would have problems on Montrose, the new street and the bowl. And there would be no place for anyone to put a shed on that property. So with having the one foot reserve that lot would have a rear yard on the left of the proposed house. And they could then put a shed, pool, and other accessory structures. The last thing is a one foot reserve so that there could be no access between the bulk of this cul-de-sac and the private road of the condominium development beneath that. Sorry. So the owner seeks to, as I said, approval for a plan of subdivision, seven lots total, 1.7 acres and proposes to change the zoning from development holding to an R1E with special provisions for height and rear yard depth. We did have a neighborhood meeting on this property in March of this year. There were 17 neighbors who came out. They did question potential parking and whether there'd be any problems, whether or not the lots would be sold as vacant lots or whether the houses will be constructed before selling, whether trees would be preserved or removed, about privacy for the abutting neighbors and whether the sizes of the houses would have any impact on the value of the neighboring properties. The applicant responded through her agent that they do not anticipate any parking issues. It's a private cul-de-sac with a double wide driveway, two cars in the garage, two in the driveway. Any trees that would be impacted it would only be those that are necessary to be removed for the development. The size of the dwellings is somewhere between 2,400 and 3,000 square feet. So they are of significant size, these are large lots. And that the zoning does comply with all of the R1E requirments. The official plan designates these lands residential. Montrose Road is an arterial road where we expect to see higher densities and where it would carry a higher traffic volumes. The official plan requires a density between 10 to 20 units per hecter. However this development is slightly under the minimum. But we do believe that it is compatible with the densities and the housing and building mass and set backs in the surrounding area. Because of the configuration of the lot and that additional set back of the QEW, we really can't achieve the maximum densities. The zoning as I outlined, it's from DH to an R1E. They are looking for those two special provisions that I mentioned and again the special provision for the rear yard is to meet an MTO requirement. The height of the building 10 meters or two stories would be, it says to permit a three story, that should say to prevent a three story building from occurring. So it will limit it to two stories. Lot 7 requires that one foot reserve that I also mentioned. The subdivision seven lots. We're recommending that the new street is 65 meters long and complies with fire department requirements. We're recommending cash in lieu of parkland dedication. And then there are a number of conditions in the appendix to (mumbles) standard conditions of subdivision approval. So we're recommending that the applications be approved, that they do comply with the city's official plan to help meet the 40% intensification target of the city. They maintain the character of the neighborhood. The existing and planned infrastructure can support the development and will provide housing choices for the short term housing supply in the city and that the city and region and agencies concerns are addressed through the conditions of this report. I therefore we're recommending the Grotolla Court Plan of Subdivision. We're recommending that the mayor or his designate be authorized to sign within 20 days of this hearing if there are no appeals, that the draft plan approval be from three years and the mayor and clerk be authorized to execute the subdivision agreement. Those are the highlights of this report. - Thank you Mr. Hillovich. Any questions of council for Mr. Hillovich? Okay, seeing none. Members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission of this public meeting will result in the interior municipal board dismissing any referrals that it receives. Failure to sign the sign in sheet will result in staff rejecting an appeal as per section 3419 of the planning act. council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant who wishes to speak to this proposed draft plan and bylaw amendment. Is there anyone here other than the applicant who wishes to address council? Okay, seeing none, council will now hear from the applicant or his or her representative. Will you please state your name? And your address please. - Yes. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. My name's Peter Colosimo, that's spelled c-o-l-o-s-i-m-o. I am the agent and planning consultant for the applicant, Nancy Grotolla. - [Jim] Thank you. - Mr. Mayor, members of council thanks for giving me this opportunity to speak on this matter. Mr. Hillovich has given a good overview of the proposed development. We certainly believe this to be the most compatible residential choice and option for these lands and took into consideration impacts on the area and the existing residents and surrounding uses in coming up with this plan. So we certainly support the staff recommendation, appreciate their efforts. There's a couple of minor modifications we'd like to a couple conditions that are in the recommendation. Those relate to condition 4C which is regarding construction of side walks on Montrose Road. That's on page 10 of the planning report. Our development with the cul-de-sac being a public road doesn't require a side walk. Staff has asked for a side walk to be constructed on Montrose Road being an arterial road, which probably makes sense. But in discussions with staff although it's not in the recommendation, discussions with staff they had suggested that that would have to be paid for by the developer. It's our opinion that this is outside of the subdivision, should be covered through development charges. The city's development charges in fact, which the developer's responsible for for the six new homes, includes about $245 for each lot for new side walks in the area. So you'd kind of be double dipping if that side walk was made payable by the developer. So what we're requesting is that that be paid for by the city. I understand it may not be in development charges as approached right now, but in discussions with the director of municipal works, that maybe be something that could be included in the next bylaw and constructed at that time. So what we're requesting is that the wording in that condition 4C include wording that that side walk, if necessary, be paid for by the city. So that's one minor modification. The second minor modification is related to condition 27. Which is for an archeological assessment. That was requested by Niagara Regional staff. Our concern there is that there wasn't a provision for a archeological assessment for the townhouse development to the south. That development is a much larger site and it wasn't made a condition when that development was approved by council a few years ago. It's right adjacent to Shriner's Creek which typically would be the highest potential for archeological resources if there were any in the area. This site being about 500 feet removed from the creek, small size of the property about 1.7 acres, retaining an existing dwelling with a lot of disturbances on the property. So figuring the scale of disturbances already we don't believe that doing an assessment would be beneficial to anyone. But the other condition the region has asked for condition 28 is related to if anything, founder and construction. And that certainly is important if there are any culture heritage resources they'd be protected. And that's the appropriate time would be at construction to take care of those matters and deal with the ministry directly. So what we're requesting there is that the condition 27 be deleted, the following condition 28 be maintained, which is a clause in the subdivision agreement related to construction and the protection of those resources if any. So that being said, in closing I just want to appreciate the staff's effort the time to speak to council. I certainly believe this represents good planning and it's appropriate for the area. And look for your support subject to those minor changes that we've requested. Thank you. - Thank you. Mr. Hillovich. So we've got comments on item 4C the side walks and 27, the archeological, so did you want to weigh in on that for council? And then I've got Councillor Thomson. - I don't know whether the, sorry. I don't know whether the municipal works director would want to weigh in on it. So is it possible to bring the first PowerPoint, yes thank you. So the lands in question are outlined in red. He references, that is the speaker, Mr. Colosimo references the request for a side walk, so it would be that red line on the left side of the box. What I noticed while this slide was on the screen earlier is there is no side walk from the entrance to the townhouses north to the red box. So we'd be asking for a side walk from nowhere to nowhere. And perhaps the request does make sense that that side walk be considered as part of a future development charge project. So subject to the director of municipal works satisfaction. I don't see why that request couldn't be accommodated. With respect to the second point to the removal of condition 27 that's the region's request. That would be up to them. I don't have a real issue with that as pointed out there is a requirement should they do any work on the site, encounter any remains, they would have to advise the region and the ministry in any event. And the likelihood of whether there would be something as removes since the property is not near a stream. There has been disturbance through farming an the Queen Elizabeth over the year. I don't have a problem with the requests. - Okay, thank you for that. Councillor Thomson? - Yes. I'm very familiar with the area out there. And drive by there on numerous occasions. As soon as I saw the two houses goes up, that went up for sale at the same time I thought, "Uh-oh, their Cycles going to continue on their development "and expand to the north." So this is a surprise, but I'm seeing the work they're doing on the one house there, completely refurbishing it. Which they're doing a good job. So I think this is really a down scaling from the Cycle development, which is adjacent to this. Seven individual residential houses I think is extremely reasonable. I like the idea of no side walk. It gives you the opportunity to have more access for cars in and out. I don't have any problem, there's no side walk there, so why would you put a side walk there? Anyway I think you haven't closed the meeting, but at the appropriate time I agree with the submission. I think it's an appropriate development for there fits in very nicely. And at the appropriate time I would move a motion subject to the condition changes that have been asked. - Okay, any other questions for Mr. Colosimo? Okay, then the public meeting with respect to the proposed draft plan and subdivision and zoning bylaw amendment is now concluded. Councillor Thomson moves a recommendation, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. Any discussion of the motions? Councillor Craitor, yes? - Thank you Worship. I just want to check because I did go to the public meeting and knew I there was some residents there and I see a couple of them have come out. I just wanted to be sure, 'cause I've never been to these meetings before, did they know that if they wanted to speak they could? Can you just double check it? - I've already done that. - 'Cause they may not have known. - We've already closed the meeting this point. - [Kim] So the answer is no then, okay. All right, thank you. - Well no, the answer's not no, Councillor, I asked twice and I've closed the meeting, now they can't talk at this point. No. - Okay. I was just saying that they may be. Is there any residents? - Coucillor. - They left and they go right. That's fine Your Worship, thank you. - Okay we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous, thank you for that. Okay so now we're jumping around a little bit on tonight's agenda. I apologize, we're going to go back to the beginning, community engagement. And we have Dale Morton our manager of strategic and corporate initiatives, and Theresa Simmons our communications officer who are going to make a presentation to Council tonight. (whispering) - Well thank you. - Welcome. - (laughs) We're happy to be here tonight to present our new online engagement site, Let's Talk Niagara Falls. Our new community engagement initiatives fall under the strategic priority of customer service excellence. And the objectives that it fulfills are continuing to implement the city's corporate communications plan, simplifying and increasing public access to city information, programs and services, and ensuring meaningful public involvement that respects the contribution of our residents. We view this just as another opportunity for the Council to strengthen their relationship with the people of Niagara Falls and for staff to ensure that Council gets the information that they need to identify feedback on community needs and perspectives. We've developed a community engagement framework which is a consistent approach for staff to engage the community. And it addresses how, when and the steps that are necessary that should be considered during engagement. And we've included a number of resources, tools and templates for staff's use. It also demonstrates the city's ongoing commitment to engaging the community in a more meaningful and effective way. The framework's viewed as a living document that will evolve and change over time. And we encourage input from staff and the community to help us further define it. A big part of our renewed approach to engagement is improving our online presence. No one knows better than the people who live here and work here what is needed for our community But it's become increasingly difficult for people to attend public meetings. Like many other aspects of life people are really busy and they may prefer to communicate online in a time and in a location that's most convenient to them. Let's Talk Niagara Falls does not replace face to face engagement. It enhances our ability to connect in a different way. The primary goals of our online engagement are to bring new voices to the table and to increase transparency and accessibility to public consultation. We hope to transition the conversation from social media comments to positive, meaningful, respectful exchanges with the city through Let's Talk. - Okay so what is Let's Talk Niagara Falls? Well we'd like to introduce the engagement site to you and highlight it's usability, features and benefits. Let's Talk Niagara Falls is an innovative and interactive way that the community members can offer feedback on city initiatives that are important to them and help them form Council's decision making. We want to empower residents to take an active role in shaping their community and future. The site is managed by city communications staff, Dale and myself, however it's hosted and moderated by a company called Bang the Table and their Engagement HQ software. Bang the Table is a world leader in municipal engagement and they offer a range of tools, widgets, and analytical resources which we'll explain in more detail shortly. Now we've had a two minute video created that will introduce the community to Let's Talk Niagara Falls that we'd like to share with you now. - Niagara Falls, let's talk. Have you ever looked at the city and thought to yourself, "I can think you better, I got ideas." Well the city is committed to working more closely with the community. That'd be you, to improve engagement and better inform Council's decision making. That's a boring way of saying that we want to empower you to take action in shaping your community and your future through your input on really important matters. - Important meeting today. Should I go with a blue or red tie? - Blue radiates peace. - And tranquility, like waves on a shore. Done. - Gone are the days where you can keep those ingenious opinions and ideas to yourself, or merely vent on various social media outlets. This is your chance to actually impact the activities, issues and programs that are important to you. And it's important to us that all members of the community are able to get involved. That's why we created Let's Talk Niagara Falls, our new online engagement site that allows for you to connect to the city at any time, on matters where community input would help shape decisions that are better for, you guessed it, the community. From potholes to pools, tourism to local issues, Let's Talk is your way to make a difference by being a part of the conversation. Here you can find and share information, participate in surveys which will allow for high impact feedback on important matters, or dive deep into discussion forums and strategize how we can improve the area. Let's Talk is the hub where we'll collect ideas and process them into plans to enrich Niagara Falls the way you want. Communication, information, implementation, it is a beautiful thing, but we need your voice. This is your chance to speak up and Let's Talk allows for your city to listen to you, 24/7. We genuinely want to work with you and discuss how we can make a great city even greater. To make a difference go to Get registered and let's talk Niagara Falls. - Okay, so as the video pointed out signing up is quick and easy. All residents need to do is click on the sign up on the page, create a user name and password, fill in a few details and that's it they're ready to engage. We should mention that all public comments submitted to Let's Talk Niagara Falls are moderated 24/7 by Bang the Table. This is to ensure that all comments, that the comments are relevant to the topic, that they don't target individuals and that they are appropriate. And users are aware of this as they need to agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy when signing up. Okay, so Let's Talk is not specific to any one department in the city. Any city project initiative with an engagement component can be featured on the site. These are just a few of the current examples that are live on the site right now. Now depending on the project and the engagement being sought the project pages feature interactive engagement tools and widgets. This includes everything from foreign topics, surveys, news feeds, quick polls, guest books, stories, Q&As, maps and brainstormers. In addition to the tools there's widgets that can be added for supporting information, such as FAQs, key timeline or key dates, timelines, photos, related resources. Now these are just a few of the live engagement tools that are on, so we have a survey open for a new south end off leash dog park, a quick poll for Canada Day, submit ideas or stories for how we can improve our city and the newsfeed feature is on for the Harvard Avenue sanitary sewer replacement project page. Just to keep affected residents in the loop of what's happening there. - Another great feature of the engagement HQ software is the budget allocator tool. As you can see in the example, we have the opportunity to use Let's Talk in the budget allocator tool to engage the community on the 2018 budget if Council so chooses. The tool provides the community with the opportunity to simulate adjusting municipal tax dollars to support various programs and services and provides Council with feedback regarding their preferences. In addition to the specific project pages that Theresa discussed, we have added more ways to increase feedback. If there's a particular service or city employee that a member of the public would like to thank they can do so at the staff shout outs. Niagara Falls residents have plenty of ideas on how to make our city a better place and we want to hear them. So we encourage people to go to the my idea is section and they can list their ideas about improving the city and more importantly how they'd like to do that. And how can we help provides an opportunity for people to submit general questions or request assistance. So we launched Let's Talk Niagara Falls at the State of the City on March 1st. And the State of the City really looked at the heart of the community and as a result Let's Talk Niagara Falls currently hosts a variety of projects that will require community engagement. The soft launch was extended through our regular communications channels and our newspaper advertisements, social media, eNews our website. And in two months from March 1st, May 1st, 1,588 individuals have become aware of the Let's Talk site. There's really three levels of engagement through Let's Talk, participants who are aware, participants who are informed and participants who are engaged. Theresa will explain that in a little more detail. - So the first level of engagement that we measure, those who are aware. So an aware visitor has visited Let's Talk, the main page or a project page. This includes registered and non registered visitors. Those without an account can still access the site and learn about just the site or featured projects on it. The next level that we measured are those who are informed. These visitors take the next step from aware and either click on something on the site to show their interest. And that could be anything as photos or key timelines, key dates or an FAQ. And the third level that we measure are those who are engaged. So this shows visitors who engage with the page and use an engagement widget. This includes registered visitors with an account. And engaged visitor is also informed and aware. So while the site is managed by Dale and myself as the communications staff we're all listening and we all have a role in Let's Talk Niagara Falls. Project managers can directly connect with the community and with the project pages. Over the next few months we're planning to educate staff about the features and benefits of Let's Talk and how they can incorporate that into their engagement initiatives. - So starting this week and with this presentation we'll be rolling out a hard launch for Let's Talk Niagara Falls with a goal of educating the community and encouraging residents to sign up for an account. Some of the things that we'll be doing are a series of newspaper advertisements, displays on our community infocasters, social media ads and posting, the city e-newsletter and website and a direct mailer through our water bill inserts. And, Let's Talk Niagara Falls will be hosting a Live with Kelly & Ryan promotion with 250 pairs of tickets to win. And for each of the two shows on June 5th at the Oaks Garden Theater. Participants will be required to have a Let's Talk account to enter to win and with this additional exposure we hope to increase awareness of our Let's Talk site. So we'd like to thank you for taking this time to let us introduce you to Let's Talk Niagara Falls and we'd like to end with a short video that we'll be using in our upcoming marketing to encourage residents to sign up. (lofty, classical music) - Let's talk Niagara Falls. If you haven't registered yet with Let's Talk you're missing out, or perhaps I should say the city is missing out on your invaluable and life changing feedback. Feedback that can make a difference. Feedback that if you don't share the city's going to have no other option than to leave the decision making to this handsome devil here. And how's this guys supposed to know what's going on in your head? - I think I got a pretty decent idea what they're thinking. - Oh yeah? Pick a number between one and 100. - 14. - He's not a mind reader. So it's imperative that you get involved. Join the conversation at And if you're not ready to talk no problem. Visit the project page to learn more. - So, what was the number? - 15. - I was close. (Jim and ladies chuckle) - That's great, thank you very much. Any questions from Council of Dale or Theresa? (Council members clap) - Oh, thank you. - Nice job. Any questions? Okay, seeing none, that's great it's our big tool everybody. So anyone that's asking you, 'cause I've been getting, so many emails and texts and so many Facebook messages. Anyone who wants to get tickets to go see Kelly and Ryan need to register on the Let's Talk site and they'll be part of the lottery to get a chance to get tickets. So we need to get that message to everybody. If they want tickets, don't call city hall, register on the website and you have a chance to win tickets. There's hundreds of tickets I think are available on that site. - That's right. - So we're all good. Motion to receive the report or the presentation? All right, all those in favor? Great, thank you. - Thank you. - It was moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Kerrio. I forgot that part. - I had my hand up. I had my hand up. - I know but I was looking this way, couldn't see. - Yeah you're always looking that way like that. (Council member laughs) - Councillor Thomson. - Yeah, sorry to interrupt but I invited somebody here this evening who was, had a persistent problem which can I think, can be dealt with very quickly. Dillon Shannon, lives in LaMonte Street in Chippawa and has been contacting me over the last several years. And just recently you've seen where he has a small driveway in a cul-de-sac, or lot. And somebody comes and parks there regularly, right over, in fact he has pictures of it. You had them on the weekend I think, where they were parked for six hours. Half of his driveway was cut off. Anyway he's here tonight. Did you want to say a word or how long this has been going on? - [Jim] Do you want to just make a motion, Councillor Thomson? - [Council Member] Make a motion. - [Jim] Just make a motion and we'll fix it. Oh, my kid's here. - Yeah. Well, it's been going on for how long? - Parking signs? - No. - Make the motion I'll second it. - Yeah, anyway, I know him very well. I used to work with his mother, Lydia Shannon. Who has worked for Joe Green our federal member of parliament and minister of energy, mines and resources, for a long time. Great lady and great contribution to this community. Anyway I'll make a motion. We recognize the problem and we take whatever steps are necessary to rectify it. - Okay. - I second. - Move by Councillor Thomson, second by Councillor Morocco. Is there any other discussion to that? Okay we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay and that's approved. We're deal with it though, thank you very much. Okay now, Ken Todd, our CO, is going to make a very brief presentation updating Council on strategic priorities. - That was great, thank you very much, appreciate that. - Mr. Mayor, thank you. We have the update of our Strategic Plan document we've circulated and I'll just go over some highlights for you tonight. But we're almost three years through a four year mandate. And next year we'll be bringing before you the final update from our strategic priorities for the year. So if we just proceed along, just some of the snapshots for this year. We had a very good year, Bill if you want to keep rolling it, yeah. Just a very good year. In some of our business we had across the street with Search Falls city's department, 94 clients that they served, started new businesses. We had $279 million in building permit value which was hard for our staff sometimes to keep up. We had a number of applications through our gateway initiative that this Council approved last year. We are in the process of the construction of our 5,000 seat theater. And for those at Council know that, that's going to be completed by June of '19. They are going to be making announcements in the very, very new future on that award. As Council knows GO Train planning is underway. We've continued to have a working team that's working on that. You heard the hub study presentation tonight. So we're well on the way to delivering the GO Train to the Niagara region. Bill you can just keep flicking through here if you'd like. When we get over to the infrastructure piece. - Bless you. - It's interesting to note that through our capital infrastructure and Council should be very proud of the investments we've made over the last few years. For example you know we've replaced in the past year almost seven kilometers of side walk. Mr. Holman and his team have had about 12 kilometers of resurfaced roads. We've constructed almost seven kilometers total reconstruction of roads. So we are now up to slightly over 30 kilometers of maintained networked trails within our community. So these are very huge accomplishments that we think Council should be very proud of. We've completed, our WEGO facility is completely operational. A number of major infrastructure projects Council has initiated, the Low Lift Pumping Station, Chippawa, and the Containment Tank, Thorold Road Extension, Victoria Avenue Phase One and the Stanley Avenue Project. Last year we completed a complete retrofit of all of our LED lights through our complete community, with our streetlights, over 8,000 lights. Again thank to Mr. Bowman and his team. And we've initiated many sewer separation projects. The financial scene, very good news. One of Council's initiatives, over the past year we've lowered the debt by about 5.6%. That's something that Council's been pushing us to do, so we've been delivering on that. We've had an increase in our net book value on our capital assets, up over six million dollars last year alone. And our debt servicing cost is reduced to 6.14% in 2014, to 5.3% in '15. Just to put that in perspective our debt capacity that the province allows us is around 20%. I would say on average most municipalities probably hover in that 10% range. And our Council's net, our debt servicing cost is about 5.3%, so we're doing very well on the debt servicing front. If we skip over to our transportation, Council has made investments in our transportation. Mr. Dren and his team with some of the changes in our routes that we've made on our conventional routes over the last few years, we've actually seen about a 10% increase in ridership over the past 12 months. So those new route improvements are proving to be successful. And on the safety standpoint we've gone out across the city and done an outreach program, where all of our elementary students now receive training on safe road crossing with our crossing guard program. Over the last year we've increased about 16 kilometers of on road bike lanes. We've now creeped up where we've got a bronze medal award from the province on being a bike friendly community. And, I'm pleased to announce with the investment that Council made we now have a fully barrier free transit system with all of our fleet. So we've just recently gotten rid of our last high floor buses and now all of them are low floor. And we are completely barrier free, which is something Council can be very proud of. On the customer service front I'd like to thank Dale and Theresa for being here tonight. Some really good initiatives that we're seeing in terms of our social media and getting the word out to the residents and listening to our members of the public. Just a number of things that we've done. We send out now a weekly email of all the updates of things that are happening in the city. We've got over almost 3,000 subscribers to that. We've got a whole, about 20,000 Facebook followers, about 23,000 Twitter followers. So we are getting out on social media. If I skip over to organizational. This is one that we may have already flipped by Dale, I'm not sure. Our average age of our staff is 49. One of the things I'm very proud of that we've been doing is, we've been reaching out to some of our younger employees. And we have a group of about 20 young employees that we've identified onto a leadership team. And there's some young professionals throughout areas of our organization that we're identifying as future leaders of this corporation. They're wonderful individuals, you've met many of them. And because of that age, we need to start looking at who are future is. And that's what we've been trying to do with our leadership program. One of the things I'm very proud of, one of the things that we're going to continue on as we move forward as an organization. Dale if we just go ahead now to the Healthy and Safe Community. Interesting things here where we're over two hectors of open space per 1,000 people. That is about the provincial average. Our Coronation Center we were up last week, Councillor Campbell, myself, and Kathy Moldenhauer and her staff, they do a great job at the Coronation Center. Programming there is great, it's just a wonderful facility we have. We have over 1,600 teams came to our city to participate in tournaments. That's something that we continue to focus on. Rob McDowell's doing a great job in terms of attracting teams both at the Gale Center and through things like our slow pitch tournaments. So that's a wonderful thing that we have for the community. When I look at some of the fire responses you can see what the responses were. You can look at the Wake Up campaign they're out there doing now. May is fire prevention month and they're out actively visiting homes and doing smoke and carbon monoxide investigations. Mr. Mayor the other big news coming out of the Healthy and Safe Community is the fact that the announcement last week or two weeks ago in the provincial budget where the province has identified our Niagara South Hospital in the budget. There were, I believe five hospitals from across the province. We were listed as the number one new build, money's been committed in the budget. I think about nine million dollars was committed. So we're well on the way to delivering a hospital for South Niagara located in the city of Niagara Falls. Some of the vibrant community we've on the trees. As you know we had to remove so many ash trees because of the Ash Borer. But we've had over 600 native trees planted. We had the seedling sale at the Gale Center I think it was just last weekend. We are trying to replenish those trees as part of our priority. Over 1,300 building permits. I believe we had close to 100, I'm sorry, close to 1,000 residential permits issued, which was the highest, almost double our five year average last year. So the housing market in Niagara is really hot right now. We had over 12,000 visitors to our museum. We had over 1,200 people just visiting on one day, on Family Day. So there's a lot of really good things happening at our museum with the staff that's there. One of the things we're very proud of in this whole area with Clark Bernat and his team and again Councillor Campbell with our cultural plan and council adopted the first ever cultural plan for this community. And we're carrying out that implementation of that plan. And this year we'll complete an open the completed section six of the Millennium Trail. So some of the key things that we're just going to follow up for as we go forward in '17. Council may not be aware but over the last two years you've committed close to $70 million in capital projects for this community, you just allocated another four million tonight. So we are really doing a good job on investing our OLG money into community projects that we desperately need to improve on. We have a number of initiatives on the casino front. As I said the theater is going to be announced very, very shortly, the successful bidder. We continue to advocate on behalf of modernization. And at the next meeting we'll have an update and a report on the Niagara Regional Police for you in the June meeting. The GO Train as I've indicated is here and coming for 2023, we are trying to get that time frame pushed up for 2021 with the recent announcement that Niagara will have the Canada Summer Games in 2021. Inter municipal transit is a priority that we continue on. We have a couple of teams that are working to develop that. We'll be back to you, hopefully within the next meeting or two, with an MOU dealing with the consolidated model that was presented at this council a couple of weeks ago. We continue to do our work on the innovation hub. We are continuing to try to have discussions with partners and getting out and getting Provincial and Federal money to advance that project. We'll be back in June with a report on moving forward with the Niagara District Airport. There's a couple of initiatives we have to complete. But we're mindful of council's decision to want to divest south of the airport asset by the end of this year. So, Mr. Mayor, that's just a few of the updates on the work that our staff has been doing. It's been a very busy year for all of us, but I think you can see that there's a number of accomplishments and priorities of this council that we have been able to deliver for council and the community. - Thank you. - I'm happy to answer any questions. - Any questions for? Yes, Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, your Worship. Just one question, it just reminded me when you were talking about the entertainment center, had a couple people ask me, did we ever hear anything from the OLG? It was a unanimous decision that we're not supporting the entertainment center going on top of the casino. Did they challenge that? Or is there any feedback that they're going to take us to the OMP or anything? - No. That message was communicated to them. They are going through their process and they're going to have a public announcement very soon, but they gave us no indication that they were going to fight council's decision on it. - [Kim] That's good news, okay, thank you. - So we're moving forward and we hope that within the next few weeks, hopefully at the next council meeting perhaps, but we do know they're moving forward with some of the proponents that have been on this list. - Thanks very much. Thank you. - Thank you. - Can I get a motion to receive the report? The CAO report? Move by council Pietrangelo, second by council Morocco. All those in favor. Okay, thank you, now we're on to consent agenda items, What's the Will of Council, Councillor Kerrio? - Could I pull TS 2017-14 or just ask a question on it? - [Jim] Okay, yeah. Is there anything else anyone wants pulled? Councillor Craitor? Same one, okay, yeah, you guys got the same one, okay. Councillor Craitor, you wanted one pulled? - Yes, yes, PDPVE2017-13 . The only reason I'm asking for it to be pulled, it's in regards to Heartland Forest, and I'm extremely pleased that Mr. Bouwman is here and I'd just like him to say a couple words on this very positive thing. But I think it's just an opportunity for him to share some really good news to the community and what's happening out at Heartland Forest. - Okay. Do we have anything else that anyone wants lifted? Okay, so why don't we start off with-- - [Man] Oh, she mentioned, or no she didn't? Past, past. - We're not there yet, we still have to finish the Consent Agenda. You're really jumping in, that's good. Okay, so why don't we start off with Mr. Bouwman, why don't you come up here and you can address this briefly, on this. We're about to prove it, but maybe you just give us a quick overview. Don't talk us out of it, (laughing) - Thank you your Worship, members of council. I'm glad to be here and I heard some good news through Alex work supporting Heartland Forest with the new bathrooms. It's been 13 years that we used Johnny on the Spot's, and I tell ya, I have many stories on that because some kids just, even adults, don't want to go there. So we are looking forward for the staff to work with us and getting this done. There's so many teams going on at Heartland Forest. Right now we're well over 20 employees, and for the summer we're looking over 30. So exciting things and you read in the paper a big difference you made in the last couple weeks the disabled veterans. And it was noisy in here tonight but I had Mike read over 200 to close to 300 kids at Heartland Forest on Sunday. It's just amazing how we can help also other charities non-profit organizations but as long as we can pay the bills, we're okay. Many exciting things are happening, we're working hard, and it's keeping me young, and I just love being there everyday, sometimes 12 hours a day, but I do enjoy it. I'm very grateful for your support and we'll have our staff work with Alex, I presume looking forward to getting those bathrooms built and pull the Johnny's out of there. So again, thank you very much. - Dan, thank you for all that you do. We're lucky that you live in our community. - [Dan] No, I'm just a little guy. - We're very lucky you live here, thank you. - Mayor, I have to say, I wonder what Wayne is thinking tonight because when I sat in his office a good 15 years ago, I didn't know what he was thinking but I just told my story from the heart, and I don't know what he thought. Same with Kim. Many years back, it's good 15 years when I started with a dream and look what we got now. Never imagined this building now. We had the million six given to us by the Feds for the disabled community, 50,000 of this, bathrooms, is again from that same project, and then Mr. Schmidt from the Weiss Guys are big supporters. And we have so many. This community has been overwhelming for Heartland Forest. Volunteers, sponsors, donors, it's just amazing. We should be very proud of ourselves. Ken had a beautiful port on our city but I tell ya, I see it from the bottom up, and Wayne's wife is here from the school, the amount of kids we entertain after Joe's closes up, we started programs to taking those kids after high school, they got no where else to go. And we have taken them all in. And that takes a lot of effort because you got to have eyes all over the place. But they're making them so happy. It's very rewarding for us and I have a beautiful team helping me so. And a family who supports me. So thanks again. - Thank you. (applauding) Not only do you make the clients happy but the caregivers too. They get a little bit of a reprieve. And I know that means a lot to them too. Councillor Ioannoni. - Thank you. Not only that, you have a great church that operates out of your Heartland forest on Sundays. I just wanted to say it takes a lot to become a major chains' charity of choice. And it was amazing to go through Low's and see that we could top up our dollars and the money goes straight to Heartland Forest. So I have to say congratulations. They've recognized the good work you're doing, and I could see people giving as they were going through and they kept being asked and when you got to the till, you saw it was for Heartland Forest, so I just want to say congratulations. - Thank you. - That's great Dan. All right well we're going to vote on it in just one half a second here. And then Councillor Kerrio, TS201714 Colborne Street. - Someone thought that number one, there was going to be a two-hour time limit. I don't see it, that we're not establishing any time limit. - [Jim] Make that motion, put it right in there. - That there be a two-hour time limit? Because they thought that, on the one spot there might be a bit of abuse with staff and things, so I'd like to see that changed to a two-hour time limit on number one. - [Jim] Okay, all right, that the second of items council. - And that's it, that's all. - So we'll vote on that one first. All those in favor. Okay, that's unanimous, thank you for that. And we'll vote on all the rest of the consent agenda moved by counselor Pietrangelo, second by counselor Campbell. All those in favor. And it's approved. Thank you very much Dan, have a great night. Thank you. Now really quickly, I'll run through the mayor's comments. First off, obituaries. First obituaries, retired fire captain, Ted Shuttler, and Daniel Joel Clement, brother of Cory Clement, Transit bus operator. Our condolences go to their families. I'd like to thank Councillor Campbell for representing the city at the Coronation Annual Volunteer Recognition as well as the Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration. Also like to thank Councillor Thomson for representing the city at the Niagara District Firefighter Association monthly meeting. Councillor Morocco at the 64th Annual Conference for Annual Ontario Small Urban Municipalities, and the Ambassador's Ball at the Niagara Folk Arts Festival. And Councillor Strange for covering the Kid's Run, hosted by The Bikers Rights Organization of Niagara. An update, I think everyone's aware that Live with Kelly and Ryan Seacrest is going to be here in Niagara Falls, and you've seen earlier, best way to get tickets is to register on the Niagara Falls website that Dale and Theresa were talking about earlier, our engagement tool. Pardon me? CKTV? What do you mean? Oh, oh yes, of course, how could I forget? Oh my gosh. And Councillor Thomson, that's right, he did Round Table for the city. That was a couple weeks ago when it was in Niagara Falls at Willodell Golf Course. So he was on there with Noel Buckley from, did I mention already? B likes to be mentioned twice. (laughing) And great news, last week we were up at budget lock-up when we made the announcement at the budget that Niagara Falls is going to get a hospital, which is phenomenal news. We've been working for several years on that, and finally it's itemized right in the budget, black and white, Niagara South Hospital. We're very, very, happy about that. Better health care. Definitely here in Niagara Falls and in Niagara South. Moving on, and also there was a reaffirmed commitment to the GO service right to Niagara Falls in the budget as well. Arbor day we planted 40 trees that were replacing the diseased Emerald Ash Trees that had to be removed out the Chippawa Lions Park. The annual Day of Mourning was in front of City Hall at the Annual Memorial for Fallen Workers. The Niagara Falls Professional Firefighter Retirement and Awards Event took place. Congratulations to all the Niagara Falls firefighters who were awarded, as well as the retirees. YMCA Healthy Kids Reading Event, I was joined by Councillor Craitor where we read stories to the kids, and ate cake, and drank coke. McHappy Day, I was joined by Councillor Strange at McHappy Day where it was the busiest, I understand, ever. They raised all sorts of money for Ronald McDonald House which is fantastic. The Niagara Falls Citizenship and Immigration ceremony took place recently in Saint Mike's High School. Just this past week where 30 new Canadians were welcomed into Canada, part of Canada 150 Celebration event as well. Doctor's Day Celebration took place recently at the Hilton where we celebrated Niagara Fall's doctors and we honored all the good work that physicians do in our community. Westlane, congratulations to their DECA Team first-place showing. They won first place in entrepreneurship promotion project category at the DECA International Career Development Conference held in Anaheim, California. Also to let everyone know, we have a Save The Casino Jobs effort taking place. It'll be a town hall type meeting, May the 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the Gale Center. That's May the 17th at 7:00 p.m. It's organized by Good Jobs Niagara. Going to be joined by Chair Caslin, MPP Gates, and hopefully many of council colleagues will be there to support as well, that we send out a clear message that jobs in Niagara Falls and Niagara are valuable to our families, and a priority to keep safe and secure. That'll be May the 17th, 7:00 p.m. at the Gale Center. And also a rescheduled first park opening. Originally we had the park opening for Solar Park this past Saturday, May the 6th. Of course, it was rained out. We will have that new date now moved to May the 31st. So again, Solar Park opening will be 4:00 p.m. on May the 31st. And last here, our next council meeting will be Tuesday, June the 13th. And that ends the council notes. Moving on to our Communications and Comments of the City Clerk. Number one, National Public Works Week request that May 15th be proclaimed National Public Works Week in Niagara Falls. The week of May 15th. Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, second by Councilor Strange. All those in favor. It's approved. Item two, National Congress Italian Canadians, Niagara Peninsula District, celebrating their 7th Annual Italian Heritage Month, and they'd like to have a flag raising on June the 12th. Moved By Councillor Morocco, second by Councillor Campbell. All those in favor. That's approved. Minister Responsible for Senior Affairs has requested the month of June be proclaimed as Seniors Month in Niagara Falls. I thought we get seniors on council to do that one, but okay. Coucillor Campbell, moved by Councilor Campnell? - [Wayne] You've got the Italians on this one. (laughing) - And second by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor. Okay and that's approved. And lastly, Recreation and parks Month Proclamation that the month of June be proclaimed Recreation and Parks Month in the city of Niagara Falls. Moved by Councillor Strange, seconded by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor. That's unanimous. 'Cause he had his hand up first. Any additional items for Council's considerations Mr. Clerk? Do you? Hold on Mr. Clerk. Did you want to comment on that one Councillor? - Yeah. June is a month for parks. Is that when we start working on them? - [Jim] No we already started. Last weekend. - I've had, of course we had a lot of rain, but we're always slow on starting a park. How come we're always slow? - [Jim] Well this year I can tell you, the rain, just today they were cutting the hydro fields finally, 'cause they couldn't get equipment in I was told 'cause it's so soggy. - Snow fences. - Snow fences? - Yeah. - Well that's Mr. Holman's job. Well snow fences have been coming down, aren't they Mr. Holman? Yeah they're coming down. - I know, but there's no snow. Anyways, I walk out my front door and people attack me about the park across from my place. What's the matter with you people? Hasn't been touched. So I'm just saying, I think we should look at when our starting time is. I appreciate the rain this year, but it's consistent every year. I think we got to start a little earlier with the parks. - Okay, thanks for that. But you're right 92 millimeters of rain already fell in May. Already, it's been pretty bad, but you're right. Direction to staff. Okay Mr. Clerk, are there any additional items for Council's consideration? - Yes your Worship, there is one additional item. It was in tonight's handout, and that's for Taps Brewing Company requesting relief to the noise bylaw for various events, and in that handout it does list the dates. - Motioned by Councillor Campbell, second by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor. Okay, and that's approved, thank you for that. Ratification of In Camera items. - There is one ratification item. Just bear with me, I'll read this off. That the Merit and Clerk be authorized to execute an agreement of purchase and sale to secure title to parts one, two, and three, of reference plan 59R-15796. A parcel having an area of approximately 50 acres. That the consideration to be given for the entire parcel consists of two components. Firstly, for 30 of the acres of the parcel, consideration shall consent, sorry, shall consist of a tax receipt in the amount of $14,250,000 which would be for the 30 acres calculated at $475,000 an acre. Secondly, for the remaining 20 acres, a cash payment calculated at $550,000 an acre, for a total payment of $11 million. Other terms and conditions to be set out in the offer of Jessica Grassl as executed by Ms. Grassl on May 2nd, 2017, and as is attached to this resolution. That the Mayor, and the Clerk, and other staff of the city of Niagara Falls be authorized to execute whatever documents are required to complete the purchase of the subject land. - [Victor] I have a conflict. - Okay, we got a conflict by Councillor Pietrangelo. Councillor Ioannoni? - Thank you Mr. Mayor, I'd like to speak to the motion. First of all, I'm going to vote against it, and I want to say why. I'm not anti-hospital, though that'll be how it's portrayed. In Camera I asked for two pieces of information, and that was the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed last November 3rd, 2016, and I asked for documentation stating that the NHS and the Ministry of Health had actually asked us to purchase additional land. I was given minutes of a meeting, but I was able to pull up my past communications from you and you did provide us at one point, a letter from Suzanne. - Johnston? - Johnston who said yes, that's what the Ministry of Health was asking for. So I wanted to let you know I did actually still have that. But this Memorandum of Understanding, I've never seen. I've pulled up, since we sat here, every resolution of Council, I've pulled up our minutes, I've pulled up everything. There is no where that Council voted for this Memorandum of Understanding. Now it came to Council on September 27th, and I know that because I wasn't here, and neither were you. You were in Italy, I was in Tanzania. And I emailed staff and said, "I wasn't in that meeting, "can you provide us all the documentation that was provided "to do Council?" And we didn't get this. When you move through this Memorandum of Understanding, I will tell you, there's no way I would have supported this even if I had seen it, because even as it was explained to this council, the bottom of this Memorandum of Understanding says, that based on a satisfactory appraisal, the Grassl's will donate 30 acres of its land in return for a tax receipt and the naming of at least one wing of the hospital as the Grassl unit subject to the approval by the Niagara Health System. And that it will agree to sell to the city of Niagara Falls the 20 additional acres. So at no point have we ever been told that that was conditional. That the donation was conditional. And that's what this memorandum reads. And then it goes forth to say, Niagara Falls shall make the best efforts to cooperate, assist, support, rezone, the balance of the lands. Well you've probably seen it, but we didn't. So I don't know who supported the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding. It was never ratified in this council chamber, it was not provided to us, and I just think paying highest and best use on somebody else's appraisal, as opposed to you seeing our appraisal that came in much lower than that, is wrong. I think that we should have kicked the offer back and said, hey listen, this is conditional upon the hospital being built. To me, that protects the residents, that protects the spending of the money, that answers all the questions that I asked downstairs and I'll ask here again. I want to be able to vote informed. To be told downstairs that I received this, and no I never did. Once I've read it, is wrong, and I think that if we can't vote with the proper information in front of us, it's really hard to make an informed decisions, and it's funny because your commercial, that Ms. Morton showed, the gentleman said, "You can't read minds." Neither can I. So I would not possibly know what was in this memorandum. - [Jim] Why don't we get an answer then on this 'cause I see Mr. Beaman. - Council, I want to read from an In Camera report. I can not do so unless you let me. - [Man] Move to allow Councilman-- - Second! - Okay, so do we need a motion? Pardon me? Moved by Counsellor Kerrio, second by Counsellor Ioannoni. All those in favor. Opposed? A few, okay. - From the In Camera from September 27th, 2016. This deals with the Memorandum of Understanding. The new Memorandum of Understanding outlines the following. Grassl family will donate 30 acres and sell the additional 20 acres at a fair market value of the highest and best use of the product as determined by an appraiser retained by the Grassl family. Second part of the, this report, advises. The Memorandum of Understanding will say it. City of Niagara Falls will make best efforts to reason on the lands obtained by the Grassl family adjacent to hospital site, for land uses which can take advantage of the presence of the hospital. Make best efforts to assist with any unnecessary requirements of the Niagara Regional Conservation Authority from the subject lands and truly municipal services reach the long line of the retained lands, and make best efforts to ensure that the Niagara Gate wait in our own community, set an improvement plan remain in place throughout the development of the remnant lands. Members in Council, it is unusual, the circumstances in which this transaction's taking place, but we were in an unusual situation. The city has secured a donation of 30 acres of land. Was proceeding in good faith with the local hospital authorities, to prepare this land to be a hospital site, discovered that the NHS requires the bigger parcel of land and then had to go back to the donee, who now have us in a very precarious position. This land was publicly represented as where the new hospital site would be. This land had been told to the Provincial Government, and the NHS, this is where it would be. The NHS was selling it as the ideal place for there to be a hospital. So, we have negotiated with the prices window falls to us. The overall cost per acre of this transaction, given the terms the mayor was able to secure, are $220,000 an acres. I'm the person who plays the naysayer so I'm the worst, so I can say, oh okay, let's go and just go claim the land that's how we deal with these guys. The problem is, I have to beat 220 an acre. Based on the information I have, if it's a competition for Director Flynn, this land is, if we end up at a hearing, it's going to be, it's highest and best use is likely to be a residential land. You can't get residential land for less than around 220 an acre. So I've spent half a million dollars on legal fees for you and I'll end up in the same place. That's what, this is legal advice. I'm giving it to you here because Seth is downstairs because he seemed to want that Pete up here, so that's what I'm doing. I unders from a practical standpoint. I don't know how we're going to beat this. I stand here as your lawyer, that's what I can tell you. Big weapon we have is the exploration, low gravity. The problem is, if highest and best uses as residential land which you could convert it too, we're going to pay the same amount. So that's where we're at. But as far as this Memorandum of Understanding detail stuff, we're sending the report, September 27th, 2016, right there. - Thank you. Thank you Mr. Beaman. Mr. Todd? - And I just wanted to clarify, Mr. Mayor, the portion of that report that Mr. Beaman read was circulated to every member of council in your agenda package in your In Camera envelope. Every member of council had that report. The Memorandum, Councillor, unfortunately you weren't at the meetings, the Memorandum was handed out at the meeting that night. That report though that contained those details was in every one of your packages that every one of these councillors receives. So, Mr. Mayor, the essence of this deal, as Mr. Beaman's indicated, is that council, by approving this motion, will be a two-part purchase and tax receipt. At the end of the day, you will end up owning 50 acres of land, that will then be turned over to the NHS for the construction of the hospital. Unfortunately the price is not a price we all like, but it's the price we're going to have to pay to ensure this hospital gets built on the site that it's proposed for. And Mr. Beaman will get this deal closed if council approves this, and the 50 acres will transfer into our ownership and then we will have control of the entire hospital lands. - Okay, thank you. Counsillor Ioannoni, then Morocco, and then Kerrio. - Well, that's wrong, because I asked for the information and I didn't get it before this. I pulled up all my emails and quite frankly, I have about 35 that are unanswered from Mr. Todd right now. So I didn't get an answer on that one either, but I will say this, I think this deal needs to be structured. That we do not spend $11 million if this hospital isn't guaranteed. I think that protects residents, I think that protects the council, and I think it answers all the questions. I think that condition should be in the offer to purchase. And that's that, so I'm going to vote against the motion. - Okay, Counsillor Morocco, and Kerrio. - Yes, I do remember having this, it was not an email because it was In Camera, so it was in the envelope, and I remember the conversation because all the sudden it was a little bit of a big shock to all of us that we had the 30 acres and now all of a sudden we need 20 more acres to make this hospital. And the reason was, and I think that's important too, is that the province wanted to make sure that when this hospital has run its course, and we need to do a rebuild, the land is there for rebuild. So I don't think that anybody is not supporting the hospital in this development, I think the surprise was, to all of us, is that now we have to secure 20 more acres. Well in the mean-time, the very generous family that actually donated the 30 acres to us, went ahead and started to look at developing the land around them, for their own purpose because they're smart business men, why wouldn't they do that? So then we have to come back, after they've already taken that into consideration at the development, and knowing that they can actually get residential development. We now tell them we need 20 more acres for our hospital to happen. I think that they're business people, and unfortunately we don't like the idea that we have to pay that price, but I understand their side as well. They've taken the rest of their land and looked at it as an economic impact to them, and development, for future growth for what's going to go around the hospital. So I think that, yes, we would like to see that clause, but I know that there's a MOU, there's actually the fact that if we can actually just get the land, 'cause I truly believe that this hospital is going to be built. There is no doubt. This is a huge opportunity to have a state-of-the-art possible larger than the St. Catharines facility, with centers of excellence, here for our residents. There's no doubt that we need this hospital and it has to happen. We need the 20 acres, we need the 50 to make it happen. If it doesn't for some reason, we have 50 acres as our legal advice has already instructed, and also Alex has told us as well, that that land, we'll be able to sell at probably even more than that because the way the development is going in the housing industry and the growth in this area. There is no doubt. I think it is imperative, it is so important for us to move forward with this and see. And yes, I would like to say I'd like to go back again and negotiate and negotiate and put a clause in, but whatever, I think there's timelines, and I know that Ken can talk to this about what the Ministry is expecting because I think I've heard them downstairs. They're breathing down our neck to get this project, and to get this land approved. I think we're still going to win at the end of the day. We're going to win with a brand new hospital here, and if that doesn't happen, we'll have the land that we can resell and recoup those dollars. Is that correct? - It is correct. Thank you for that. Mr. Todd. - Thank you Mr. Mayor. And I just want for the public to understand a little bit of the process, and thanks to Council Morocco for identifying some of it. This process started in around 2013, where the NHS, through the proposal to hospital, identified that the hospital was going to be around the size of St. Catharines Hospital and that's 700,000 square feet. They had identified at that time that we needed 30 acres, that this hospital could fit on 30 acres of land. So that was 2013. So that's the process that we entered into. The Mayor contact the Grassl family, had 30 acres of land donated. It wasn't till about two years later, in fact, I've got the minutes in front of me that were circulated to council. It was in December of 2015, two years later, that all of the hospital planning groups that our staff meets with on a regular basis, came together and they said, this hospital is going to be one third larger than St. Catharines Hospital. It's going to be approximately 1.2 million square feet. It will not fit on 30 acres. We need to have about 20 acres more. So, the process was, through their development of all of their planning stage, more services, more product was coming to the site, which meant it was going to be 300,000-400,000 square feet larger, which meant we needed more land. We at that point were already down the process. If we had known right from day one, the Mayor would have asked for a 50 acre donation, not 30 acre donation. But that's what we asked for because that's what we were told we needed at the time. So now we're in a situation where we need 50 acres. The province has what's called a Legacy Plan. This will ensure that this hospital remains in the City of Niagara Falls forever because what happens is the Legacy Plan identifies the need to be able to replicate a new hospital on the same site 40 or 50 or 60 years from now, while the existing hospital operates. Then when the new hospital opens, the old hospital on the same side is demolished, that becomes your parking area. It's all contained on one site. So we can ensure through this investment tonight, if Council approves this motion, that this hospital, once constructed, will remain in the City of Niagara Falls in perpetuity because that's the way the plan is set up to have. - Thank you. I've got Councillor Kerrio and Craitor. - Thank you, your Worship. Just wanted to say that we had a very lively debate downstairs about the pros and cons of the deal and all of the council weighed in on it. Almost everything that I could think of to do with property transactions, or deals, or ideas, were brought forward by one of us, and we were told that most of them had been discussed and talked about as much as they could be with the sellers, and, not that I like the price, but at this stage of the game, I want to be a team player. It's time to come together now, get together. I'm not happy about the price. I'd like to be getting the 50 acres for nothing, but I think that the staff has done the best job that they could to get us to where we are today, and now it's time to come together and support this as much as we can. Ultimately, it's over a billion dollar investment in our community, and I think that we'll have invested, probably, $30 million, and be right next to the best hospital facility in the region, maybe in the province. So we've had the debate, we've made our points, now it's time to get together as a group and support it and try to do everything we can to get the project started. So I'm going to support the motion, your Worship. - Thank you Councillor. I've got Councillor Craitor, and then Strange. - Thank you Worship. I was in here thinking, I know you've been working on this for five or six years, I know you have. But I recall when I first got elected as an MPP, I will tell you that probably 70% of my time was on healthcare. I don't know how many times that I was up in the premier's office saying, the Niagara Health System is dysfunctional. It's the only one in the province that has a system where one administration tries to run five different hospitals. It's the only hospital administration that they were in debt when they created Niagara Health System. I remember all this, they were in debt for something like 40 or 50 or 60 million dollars, and when they put them together, they left the debt there. And the Niagara Health System was trying to run the health care system, and still trying to pay off this debt. And I pleaded with the government, pay the debt off, so when we gave him all the money to deliver health care, they can spend it on health care, not have a portion going to try to pay off a debt that was created by a number of hospitals before the amalgamation took place. I have to give this Council credit, for the credit, Niagara on the Lake where we collectively got together and kept going to government saying, it's broken. I can remember when Deb Matthews was a Minister, brought me into her office and said, "How the hell do you say that I don't know "that the Niagara Health System is broken? "I'm telling you Kim, it's a good system it's working fine." And I remember I said to her, you don't live in this area, you don't know what it's like. But the end of the day, convince the premier to bring in an independent investigator to look at the health care system. And the promise I made to Dalton was, if you bring him in, and it's shown that the health care system is fine, then I will come out and support it. If it shown that it's broken, then we've got to fix it. And that's how we got to where we are. Am I excited about that? Yes. And I do remember after the investigation, all the work that was done to find the right location for a hospital in southern Niagara. I remember getting the phone call from you, I do remember that, saying, going to have a great announcement, one of the biggest ones that you've ever had, but you say that about everything anyway. But I remember attending that special event that you had when you announced that you had secured the land. And I will say, I remember sitting there thinking, wow, we really have a jump ahead of most, I think I said that to you, we have a jump ahead of most municipalities, 'cause we have the land. We didn't have to go out and look for it. We didn't have to try to find money for it. We had somebody donating it. And I'm saying all this 'cause I said downstairs, I want the public to understand clearly the position that this Council was in. Everything was going along good, we had the land, I was there when we did the announcement, and the community was excited, and Fort Eerie came on board. They were part of it, that was great to see 'cause they were opposed to everything. They had come onboard. What's happened for the public to understand is all of a sudden out of the clear blue, the province has said, to this municipality, that the land you have is not big enough. It's not that it's not big enough to build a hospital on, it's not that it's not big enough to have the parking spaces, it's that we have this new policy that says, and as Mr. Todd explained, that you can't just have the land for your hospital. You got to have extra land so when the time comes to redevelop for a new hospital, you can move over there and keep this one going. So here we are, around the table, trying to figure out what are we going to do, and we find ourselves, at the end of the day, this is where it's frustrating, we find ourselves going to the taxpayer and saying, not only did you contribute $20 million as part of our contribution for the new hospital, and Fort Eerie's contributing some, not only that, but now you have to go and find more land, in addition to the land that you were able to secure as a donation and now that land's going to cost the taxpayers of Niagara Falls another $11 million. I have never seen, in all the years I was an MPP, a municipality that's going to have to put in twice. I never saw this, and I saw hospitals built when I was there, I never saw this legacy policy at the head, but apparently, as Mr. Todd explained to us, it's a new policy the government has come up with and want this additional land. So that's the position we're in and I said downstairs, I didn't vote in favor, but I said I want to be sure that at least the public, when we walk out into the street, to go to Tim Hortons, or where ever you are and somebody says, "Why would you spend $11 million "on top of the $20 million for this new hospital? "When does it end for Niagara Falls?" And I want them to understand how we got, and why we're in this position. The province of Ontario has forced us to have to buy 20, they have forced us. This government has forced us to go back to the taxpayers of Niagara Falls, and say $20 million is not enough, you got to give us another $11 million 'cause that's, the owners of the land, that's what they feel they're entitled to. But I will say, they made a donation. You got the donation. That was a significant contribution. So downstairs I didn't vote in favor, again because I wanted it upstairs so everybody would hear where we are and if we're supporting it, then they understand why. And we did, Alderman Kerrio's right, we really had a very lively, that's a nice way of phrasing it, we had a very exciting debate downstairs. So I've sat here and listened to everything and I'm going to support it, but at least, and I think a couple of us said it, at least the public has heard clearly why we're in the position we're in. So I'm going to close with saying, I feel like I have this gun to my head. And I'm not being critical, 'cause I know how many hospitals are needed in the province of Ontario. Even, I think, Alder Morocco said, and I agree with her, you don't want to miss that opportunity. West Lincoln has been waiting 10 or 15 years for their hospital. And they haven't got it. If we miss the opportunity, we may not, it may never come back. So I'm going to support it, but at least the residents now understand why we're spending another $11 million. So thank you very much. - Okay, thank you very much Councillor. Councillor Kerrio? - Just a quick one. I forgot to ask a question when I went to ask a solicitor. When the Clerk was reading about the tax receipt, do we have any liability on the amount of the tax receipt, Mr. Solicitor, if it's challenged, and for some reason, the amount that we have given them for a tax receipt. - It will be arranged so that we have no liability on the tax receipt. - On the tax receipt. Okay, thank you. - The entire matter will be up them to defend the tax receipt. - Okay, thank you. Councillor Strange, are you going to make a motion? - Like Councillor Craitor and Councillor Kerrio said, we were in likely conversation down below and doing the math, and being the real estate agent, coming up with the amount of money you want to actually spend on acreage, and we're down there, it kind of didn't seem right, but the thing is, we got to look at the positive part of this and we've getting an unbelievable hospital on this land. If so happen, that land is going to be worth that amount, it really is. We're going to see that ripple effect that you always talk about. And we see it in Niagara Falls right now with the residential area. It's just booming. We're running out of room for houses. You're going to see, with that hospital being built there, the ripple effect of not only residential, but commercial along that highway corridor, as Niagara Falls is growing, growing, and it's going to be a great added addition to have this awesome hospital in Niagara Falls. We really want to look at the positive side. I know it's going to cost a little bit and an astronomical amount of money, but in the end, we got to prove we've been fighting for this, and you see Councillor Craitor talk about West Lincoln, how they've been trying to fight for 15, 20 years, getting a hospital. Now we've got the hospital in the South end, and you're going to see that side of Niagara Falls just grow dramatically, and I'm sure spaces like Niagara Square and stuff, you're going to see rebuild big box stores going there, so it's going to rebuild that part of our city too, so congratulations to yourself Jim, Ken Todd, and Serge Felicetti, for getting the hospital here. - Thank you. Councillor Strange, Councillor Kerrio. - [Vince] I make the motion, your Worship. - Okay, move by Councillor Kerrio, second by Councillor Morocco, that we approve the In Camera, is that right, Mr. Clerk, that we approve the In Camera direction? Is that it? Did you want off now? - I just have one additional thing. I believe there was Council support for Councillor Kerrio's proposal that the agreement includes stipulation that we're not, that we're not accepting any liabilities. The defense of CRA, what the CRA's entirely in the hands of the Grassl familiy. - [Man] Yeah I'd like to include that. - Okay, so we've got that amendment. Agreeable that amendment. We'll call the vote, all those in favor. Okay, and opposed. With one opposed. And you know you're right, I'm excited about this because yes it's not cheap, we got to buy the land, and we're make contribution to the hospital, but in the end there's going to be a billion dollar investment by the province. This is going to be huge. Now, by-laws, Mr. Clerk, are there any additional by-laws or amendments? - No, there are not. - Okay. Looking for a motion to introduce the by-laws. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Campbell, that the by-laws be given a first reading. All those in favor. Oh, did I miss? Yeah, we did the resolution. - No, we can go back. - Oh, we'll go back and do it. Councillor? - [Carolynn] I'd like to put myself down as opposed to by-law 2017-56. - Okay. 56. Okay. We'll call that vote, all those in favor. Yeah Councillor, yeah? - The same. - Same one, okay. - [Kim] Thank you. - Councillor Ioannoni, Councillor Craitor are opposed to that by-law. 2017-56, all those in favor. Okay. And that's approved with the exception of two. - The by-laws 2017-50 to 2017-60 be read a first time. - By-laws be given a second and third reading. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Campbell. All those in favor. Okay. Resolution. We have a resolution here, I'm sorry that I missed. Therefore be it resolved that Councillor consent to an exemption to the two-year waiting period for minor variances and thereby allow Mountainview Homes Niagara Ltd. to file an application to the city's Committee of Adjustment for the development of the Old Field Estate Phase 4 Vacant Land Condominium that is regulated by by-law number 2016-112. Move by Councillor Strange, second by-- - What does that mean? - What does that mean? Mr. Beaman. - Recent amendments to the Planning Act made it such that you can't apply for a minor variance on a site-specific when a property's rezoned, the owner cannot apply for a minor variance for a period of two years unless Council grants permission. The idea of this, we had one that Council Morocco was intimately involved and you recall that the property Mr. Bymont's property on McCloud Road, where Council had a highly debated rezoning, and then they were back asking for a minor variance less than a year later. That sort of thing had over the years ranking, and this will come, but so they got presumably, and that's what this is about. In this case it hasn't been controversial so I don't see why Council wouldn't vote for it. - I'm sorry, that was moved by Councillor Strange, second by Councillor Morocco. All those in favor of the resolution. Okay, and that's approved. For new business, I'm going to switch here with Councillor Pietrangelo. We're going to switch seats here. I got to be somewhere. - See you tomorrow. - Excuse me, sorry, thank you. Thank you for your support on the hospital. - You spilled some water. - Oh, all right. - This side first, Victor (laughing) - Always this side first. Okay, new business, I have Councillor Ioannoni. - Thank you Councillor Pietrangelo. I just wanted to highlight, we've got one of our own local hometown boys playing in the NHL right now. Actually the Ottawa Senator are winning tonight, but I just want to say, we have not taken the opportunity to congratulate or invite Ben Harpur here to our Council, who played in our Minor Midget Niagara Falls AAA. Then he went on to the Guelph Storm, the Barrie Colts, the Binghamton Senators, and now Ottawa Senators. His parents are very, very proud. But I was watching the other day thinking, we've never had him here to congratulate him. And he's one of our own Niagara Falls minor hockey players. So I'd like to make a motion that, once the NHL season is finished, or Mr. Harpur's season is finished, that we invite him to Council and congratulate him on his accomplishments. - Sounds good. Okay, I have a motion by Councillor Ioannoni-- - Well I was hoping that. I was going there, I don't want to jinx anything. Yeah actually I don't want to jinx anything, when they win the cup. You don't want to really put that jinx on them, but I would really like us to invite him here and have Council recognize him and congratulate him. - Good job. I have a motion by Councillor Ioannoni, seconded by Councillor Morocco, to invite Mr. Harpur to Council. All those in favor. Opposed? Motion's carried, thank you. Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, your acting Worship. I have two items. I brought this item up, I think once, no at least twice before, so I'm going to bring it up a third time. That is, on Drummond Road, those railroad tracks across from the Bingo Hall. I think since I last brought it up, the tracks have sunk another half a foot. - Yeah, they're pretty bad. - And there are people that are boding me out with their cars. A number of the businesses along Drummond Road called me again and said, "We have businesses here. "How can you allow the railway, "to allow the tracks to keep sinking?" So I would just like on more motion again to get our staff, whoever else, to go back to the railway and come back with either a definite yes or a definitely no so we can tell the residents that we're trying to get that straightened out. Am I correct, we have no rights over that? Either they're going to do it or not. Any legislation that we can forward? I'm telling you, it's become unsafe out there. You drive at a normal speed, you can't. You cannot drive at a normal speed. When the buses go over there, I got a couple of bus drivers tell me the same thing about going over those tracks. - Oh for sure. I think we have to do something, and I know there was a plan a few years ago to actually redo Portage Road and Drummond Road, although I'm not sure where we are with that. Maybe Mr. Holman can give us an update and then let us know if, when we redo Drummond Road, whether or not we'd be able to drop the grate a little bit sooner, so that when you're going over, you're not going over as your car is slanted downhill. You're actually going over level. That would be ideal, in my opinion. - Mr. Chair, thanks for the question. We'll have a look and see if there's something we can do on an interim basis. In 2016, this Council approved the design money for reconstruction of that section of Drummond Road, and the grate on the north side of the road is very steep and involves having to drop the road which affects driveway entrances, which affects the cover on the water main, and a number of other design issues. Having said that, we have every confidence that we're going to be able to fix it, it's just what do we do in the short term? We could spend some money to adjust the grate and try and make it a little bit easier to cross those tracks, but we'll get something from CN in writing as to what options they consider as part of our duty. And then it may involve some additional cost sharing on our behalf, we can bring that information back to you. - Okay so with design in 2017 then, would we be looking at construction in 2018? - Yeah, hopefully we'll have an accurate cost estimate that we'll bring back during our capital budget deliberations for next year. - [Victor] Okay. - That's great, thank you very much. The last item I have is I am the Council's Rep on the Main and Ferry BIA. I was at their AGM, and they've asked me if I would bring something forward. I've had a bit of discussion with Mr. Dren to do with our parking and traffic department. So what's happened up there, Main Street is the Hub. And we all know what that means. The buses all stop along there and pick up and move on to different parts of the city. They've added another bus into the hub so what you basically have is the buses right in front of the businesses, in fact, one of the businesses there is saying that she's going to be moving. You've got buses all along there. The fella that owns the laundromat, I was at a meeting with him and the police, and Mr. McCaffery and some of the BIA, and what he's running into is because the bus is there, and the people get off the bus, and while they're waiting they're going to the laundromat to take his coins that he's got machines there. So they want to see if they could have one more meeting with Mr. Dren, or with the city to see if there's another alternative location for the hub. Does it have to be right in front of the businesses on this side? One of the business person said, "You know, "if they parked the buses like that in front of the casino, "all heck would break out." But in our little Main Street, and they spend a pile of money down there on Main Street, millions fixing it all up, and to have all the buses lined up there, and I do understand, I will say this, I understand why there are more buses being put out along there and that's because we're trying to get to half hour service. So it's to ensure we have enough buses at the hub, they've added one more on. So I just want a very simple motion just to ask Mr. Dren and the staff to meet with Ruthann and the BIA to see if there's another location or some other plan, They suggested maybe National Groceries, along there. They said, I'm sure they could work something out. That would allow the businesses to continue operating on Main Street without having buses all lined up in front of them, and the fumes, I was out there today and I saw. So I'm not being critical of parking traffic, not being critical of the buses, I'm really trying to help the businesses out there who are trying to make a go. So I make that a motion. - So you're looking for a motion to have Mr. Dren meet with the BIA? - With BIA. And I'd be happy to attend with them. - Absolutely. - And I second that motion as well. - You'd second that motion as well, okay. Do I have a third? (laughing) I'll need a second there for the motion. Councillor Strange, thank you very much. I'll call the vote, all those in favor. And the motion's carried thank you. - Thank you. - You're welcome. Councillor Morocco. - Yes, thank you. Actually just a couple things that I just wanted to give an update on. I actually did attend, as the Mayor indicated, OSUM, Ontario's Small Urban Municipalities last weekend at Blue Mountain. And it was very interesting, they had a number of great topics, from bill law 68, to (mumbles), and Integrity Commissioner, sorry I'm getting tired,. But I thought one thing that was very important that they touched at one of the sessions and I'd like to share some of the information with the staff is the shared economy which covers, Airbnb, and Uber, and taxis, and how they deal with that. And it was very interesting to see that Blue Mountain really has it. It's taken two and a half years and some of those counties up there and how they deal with AirBnb and Airbnbs in residential areas. And how they've actually mandated that. One of the things, so, they actually charge a fee, there's by-laws and whatever that are done, so I would like to actually pass that on to the staff to actually connect with them, and their city staff said that they'd be more than willing to meet with our staff or send any information. Why should we spend all our staff time on something that's already created and working good for other municipalities? So I think that that's really something that has been on the back of our mind, how we deal with that. It's also, they've made it also a revenue generator too. They're also paying their fair share too, for services. Because they say with these AirBnbs in residential, you know, it's like extra police, it's extra garbage, it's extra all these services, so they should have a responsibility to the municipality. So that was good, and they also talked about, let me see what they say about the, oh, don't limit to the number of taxis. One thing is, instead of chasing the Uber around forever, just regulate them. Another one that's kind of popping up is RideCo. So there's more of these that are coming into to play and I think it was sad because the Taxis are upset because I think they get charged on the first kilometer. The Ubers don't get charged a taxing fee until after 30,000 kilometers, which really isn't fair because a lot of the taxi drivers are independent. So it was a huge learning opportunity for me to actually share this information with our staff as well. And then on another note today, representing the Greater Niagara Airport, District Airport, we flew up to Simco, a group of us. There was eight. A couple of regional staff went. Carmen D'Angelo, Dave Oakes from the region, and another regional person as well. Len Cade, the CEO from our airport. Terry Flynn, another councillor, myself, and Robin Garrett who's a vice president, a vice chair. For the announcement of the airports throughout, there's 11 total that have decided to get together and start working on growth and development in their areas. And they actually want to form this network, and it's called Introducing the Southern Ontario Airport Network. And that airport is consist of a Toronto Pearson Airport, Billy Bishop, Kingston, Lake Simcoe, London, Oshawa, Niagara District Airport, Peterborough, Waterloo, and Windsor, are all working together to take a plan to the province to talk about how we're going to grow, and how each and every one of our airports will have a special niche in it, and we're also looking to start approaching our college or university to look at aviation training so that we can be prepared for the growth and development of all of our airports as well as tourism and the movement of cargo and goods. So that will hopefully bring in another component to create more jobs in our area too. So it's great that that was a great announcement that was done in Simco so we took a quick 25 minute flight up there and then back today in time for Council. So I just wanted to share those notes and that is on the media, it'll probably be on the TV tonight as well. So Toronto is very eager to work with all these other airports because they are maxing out. They are the hub, huge hub airport, and they are outgrowing their ability. So they are looking to connect into other municipalities to help with their airports, and Niagara District is one of those. So I was very proud of that announcement. Anyway, that's all, thank you. - Okay, thanks very much for that. Any other new business on this side? Well you usually have 14, 15. (laughing) - He was liked 'cause he'd mind his own business. - (laughs) Poking the bear. - I'd like to congratulate the Clerks Department on putting out the agenda of Wednesday. - [Victor] I asked if it was April Fools. - Pardon me? - [Victor] I asked if it was April Fools when we got it, but it wasn't. - (laughs) Anyway, it was great and I think if we can be consistent with that, makes it a little easier to get through all the reading. - [Victor] Any other new business? Councillor Campbell. - Yes, your acting Worship. Two things. Heart Niagara left me with a whole bunch of cooking books here, and they're for all the members of Council. It looks like there'd be stuff left over for staff as well. There's a fair number of books. Second, I think that the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector awareness campaign that the fire department is presently undertaking is extremely important. Why? I think it's extremely important that we ensure that all of our citizens are protected. However, it would appear from the feedback I have received recently, from many citizens and landlords in our community, there does not appear to be a consistent approach with respect to how the fire department handles first time offenders. If the purpose of this week's campaign is to make citizens aware of the importance of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and all fire safety requirements being in place, why aren't we focusing on compliance rather than prosecution? Your acting Worship, I would make the motion that staff provide a report that compares our fire department's enforcement procedures with other communities in the Niagara region with respect to their position on the concept of compliance versus prosecution. - Okay. Seconder to the motion? Seconded by Councillor Kerrio. Any debate at all? Councillor Ioannoni. - Just a question. Are we going to allow the firefighters to speak that evening too or the chief to speak that evening too? You want staff to give a presentation and the chief is going to speak to it also? - [Wayne] No I asked for a report. - [Victor] I'm sure the chief will have to present the report. - [Carolynn] Okay, that's great, thank you. - Any other questions at all to the motion? Seeing none, all those in favor. Okay, motion's carried, thank you. Any other new business? Councillor Strange. - Through your chair to Geoff Holman. Is there any update on the Harvard Avenue? I know it's been raining like crazy, and the water cables have been up through the whole of Niagara Region. I'm just in that neighborhood and I get a lot of neighbors been asking me, seen a lot of city trucks sitting there for I don't know, at least the last three, four weeks. Any update or timeline when everything is going to be effected? - Mr. Sheriff, thanks for the question Councillor Strange. We've had our staff out there all weekend, monitoring flows in the sewer, and making sure that the pumps are operational. Consultants on board, we have a schedule for, the geotechnical investigation, which is kind of critical to the design here. We should have that information by the end of the month. Complete the design and then be in a position to come back to you with construction tendered bids for your consideration, probably for the July meeting. In which case, we'll start construction and will be complete sometime towards the end of August. That's a best-case scenario Councillor, but it's just going to take that amount of time. And in the mean time we'll be babysitting the system, make sure it works. And providing regular updates to the Let's Talk communication tool that you heard about tonight, as we hit certain milestones. - Thank you. Any other new business? I had one item. I had asked about it In Camera, and then Mr. Beaman had had said to bring it up here. All of Council would have received an email in regards to BIA procedures and I guess what is, what is legal, what is not legal? And, I guess I was going to, under new business, ask for a report from our solicitor based on what City Hall perceives to be legal procedures, as opposed to illegal procedures. And then, I guess, Mr. Beaman would write that report to Council. I think City Hall has a responsibility really to oversee the actions of the BIAs because we're the ones that are responsible for approving their budgets, so we should weigh in on whether or not we feel that everything that they're doing is appropriate in nature. If someone could make that motion, that Mr. Beaman write a report to Council based on the previous email that we received. - I don't know why you're suggesting that something that the BIAs are doing. - No, we received an email from one of the BIA members saying that, you know, the BIA shouldn't be allowed to do this. And I don't really want to bring it out but I know that all of Council has received it. And I had passed that over to Mr. Beaman, and he said it's probably best to put it in a report to Council. That's all. Okay, the motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Craitor. There no other questions or comments? All those in favor? Post, motion carried, thank you. If there's no other business then we're adjourned. We'll see you in June. blood bank thesis topics St. John's University.

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