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Can you reference dissertations write for me how to use arduino uno r3 case law section 78 pace [Music] [Applause] [Applause] a Northern Division championship is at stake here today and only fitting it is that these two in-state rivals will have a say in who earns a trip to Salem next weekend the CI double-a a championship game Rodgers stadium should for five a great atmosphere here this afternoon let's take a look here at our coca-cola Co double-a Conference standings just looking in the north where Virginia State is perfect food state Virginia Union eats with just one loss in conference play hi again everybody along with Stan litter i'm scott pers watsky thanks so much for being with us here today of course Virginia State comes in perfect they've been on a mission all season long only one team though that really can trip them up they're good friends in Virginia Union think about this your neighbor your best friend your cousin your brother whatever you want to say only 30 minutes away from me he's got something that you want you trying to knock it away from it it's rivalry day tick you're punching day as I like to call it because if you win you punch your ticket to Salem both of these teams would play great football they don't like each other and nothing better for Virginia Union knock off Virginia State but V state wants to not VDU out well if you want to punch it you got to do a few things and stretching the fields one of the things Virginia Union must do 17 times they've had touchdowns of over 20 yards and how about this they've scored 19 touchdowns two minutes or less threat to the field and the ground put Virginia State on the ground forty two saxes year they've had and they've only allowed 157 yards rushing can they do that again at Virginia State it's about being a front-runner how about this 90 p 212 284 their mountain score their opponents in the first half they've led at halftime seven of eight ball games obviously they won those games and to stay in the moment today Trojans don't worry about rankings don't worry about the championship don't worry about going to Salem all you got to do is worry about winning this game everything else will take care of itself alright so you've talked a lot about numbers who's gonna produce these numbers with our McDonald's people for you Ned don't don't I do lavoisier kill he's one of the outstanding wide receivers and kick return guys into CI double-a who said two touchdowns already of over 20 yards and how about this every ball game he's played this year as a return guy he's had a return of over 20 yards a speed demon and then there's sterling Hammond five intercepts is one of the best in the CI EE along with 65 sappers roams to feel he's gonna be an active this afternoon and for Virginia State well you know if we got a football game written kena's gonna be in the highlights some way recently set the school record from rester with over 36 hundred yards has done everything you'd want a guide and do he can catch the ball he can run he can block a perfect player Trenton Canada and then Alexander Williams you talked to coach Reggie Barlow and he said hey he was made for games like this tough nasty tenacious he's got to come up and make big plays he's had five sex on the afternoon Williams of cannon Kelly and Hammond we're giving you the best get four championship State the Trojans aim to send those seniors home with the win and a Northern Division championship Rogers stadium is rocking kickoff is next see I definitely football is brought to you by McDonald's the one place that will always be your place Mickey D's follow at 365 black on Twitter Food Lion town on food line to bring you fresh and affordable together in one place with a double your money back fresh guarantee Food Lion how refreshing by coca-cola grab a nice cold coca-cola and taste the feeling by nationwide has the official insurance and financial services partner of the CIA a nationwide is on your side and by Toyota let's go places proud sponsors of the CI double-a [Music] Rogers Stadium Virginia State playing host to frige Enya Union so glad you are with us here for our CI double-a game of the week of course we head on to Salem Virginia next week for the championship game but a lot of business to take care of first particularly here in Rogers Stadium we'll talk about what's going on in the southern division as well as this broadcast continues on but business has to be handled here for this dream season which has been in place for Virginia State but they're big-time foes and rivals from Virginia Union in town here today to try to upset all these plans for the guys in blue and orange and we are underway Virginia State deferred after winning the coin toss and so Union will have it to start things off and brought down at about the 20-yard line so much rich history with between these schools and 30 minutes away the rivalry but yeah you plan for something that Virginia Union says they've been a team and everybody's kind of overlooked this year they would not nothing better than a knock off V state and it's been a magical year for the Trojans can they continue that we're gonna find out in just a second Darius Taylor the junior quarterback will bring the Panthers out on the field better than 16 hundred yards through the air third best in the conference this year he can throw it can certainly pick up some yards on the ground as well he's got some weapons particularly out in the flats 1st in 10 Taylor to the air over the middle picked off it was the senior Brandon Lynch that was there one of the things that Taylor has done a very good job of this year Scott is handling the football over 1,600 yards passing the 18 t he's only five interceptions with Brandon Lynch these outstanding senior linebackers for Virginia's state Lynch and Michael Harris and Malik SEC some jumps that route nearly had the interception didn't realize the ball was deflected back in front of should have had that picked off second and ten from the 21 they'll toss sweep it out towards the left side and nowhere to go and that will bring up third and long Tobias Taylor the freshman on the carry Brandon Lynch in on that tackle the speed of this Virginia State defense is gonna have to offset the offensive firepower of Virginia you and they can run third and long as we look at our nationwide starting lineups we talked about Kelly of course in the open stand he really is a threat that Virginia State will have to watch all day long keep your eye on Kelly they tried it they try to get the ball in a lot of guys hands they've had seven guys to catch over 15 passes over 100 yards a piece they make plays they stretch the field stack formation three wives on the right 39 from the 20 to receive just at about the first down marker it might be short to rescind Dawkins hauled it in and see where the spot is as our nationwide starting lineups continue on the defense and mentioned that lie back in court all seniors are of course a redshirt senior in Harris as well and upfront Williams has really put some pressure on the quarterback so fourth and two and it looks like the Panthers may go for it here first quarter first drive and flags on the field Lindsay Sixtus might adjust until he often I don't know whizzy whizzy for stuff up and they're marking it off against the Trojans so [Music] well that's not the kind of mistake you want to have it's fourth down deep in your territory and they were trying to induce them to get offsides and they certainly did then you get a good look there Richie Barlow not very happy about that situation and you cannot make mistakes in the game like this early off the penalty it'll keep the drive alive on fourth down and Taylor flushed out of the pocket goes over the left side short pickup will bring up second down here for the Panthers Taylor the junior from Washington DC and he's gonna Taylor what a leading runners on this Virginia Union team gets outside gets away from contain gets about five or six yards on that play now I'm gonna put pay care it looks like in a Wildcat formation he'll take the direct snap goes up the middle picks up a couple and third down now for Union and Scott other than that fourth down situation they fear Virginia State you've got to expect a lot of things they're gonna run a lot of jet sweep they're gonna do a lot of motion we saw three wide receivers stack to one side they threw underneath they did the follows about a yard short you've got to be prepared for everything and then settled Virginia Union down you've got to have I discipline as well as field disciplines first mistake early the game was on vyas use can they stop down empty backfield for Taylor quick hitter across the 45 and close to the first down marker looks like you may have got it it was Kelly on the reception and yes the chains will move you know Kelly's a deep threat but he can go underneath coming in had 24 receptions to two touchdowns as we mentioned but has the ability to break away needed about eight yards picks up nine keeps the chains going first and ten from the 46 opening possession of the game here with Virginia Union marching down the field they'll hand it off over the left side and Taylor churning for everything he can get not a whole lot there second down coming up Elijah White and on the stop for the Trojans Virginia Union has the ability to stretch to feel and also beat you inside they've got some a baby runningbacks one of those guys is the young guy I was tailing from this area from Hopewell Virginia only a freshman's guy great upside gain of one on the play empty backfield for Taylor and looks like we've got a timeout for the Trojans as Reggie Barlow wants to talk things over and a 30-second timeout and right now this Virginia offense has got Virginia stayed a bit on his heels here defensively on his opening drive well as much as we've talked this year about the Bowie State offense averaging over 50 points a ballgame number one in the nation in scoring in this Virginia State team Sampson just under 44 points Virginia unions offense is pretty potent as well 31 points a ball game there advocate so they can score if you Reggie Barlow you got to be a little concerned about the rhythm it looks like being weak Williams establishing it early man you think about this Virginia State defense we talk so much about their offense the defense only gives up 17 points a game that's best in the conference on the ground it's it's hard to get anywhere only about 93 yards on the ground they give up but union has mixed it up here in this opening drive and think about how perfectly defensively they played last week against Bowie second and nine they'll throw it out to Revis and he's forced out of bounds near midfield and it will bring up third down Revis another one of those talented young players only a freshman will talk about Dawkins they've already got the ball in the hands of Kelly when they're big-time receivers is Gustavus Dame's he can really go deep 33 catches on the season what you're seeing now as Virginia unions established and they're mixing it up the offense a little bit the short passes and then you know the run game with Taylor don't be surprised they try to stretch and take the top off creature long long pass call it third and six from midfield under Center Taylor will pitch it out looks like Taylor wants to throw it he'll let it go it's a wounded duck in the air bath it around and that could have been disaster for the Panthers and fourth down now for Union yeah you get in the game like this Scott you got to expect the unexpected Tabas Taylor gets the outside you know right there you couldn't get the ball you got to just run it just throws it up very lucky but that's not picked up a couple guys from blue shirts had an opportunity to make that play Dante Bruce on the coverage along with Curtis Brooks so Russell balance the junior punter from Southampton who will be in to punt he's standing at his own 35 gets it away the pressure on no it was blocked tipped in the air ball is loose and recovered by Virginia's state's so a big break on special teams goes to the Trojans and they'll have excellent field position here you've got to make plays and Scott that's exactly what you do with Virginia State who gets in gets his ball 1000-2000 gets in there gets a hand on it good block that maybe it was jaylen Jamie coffee yes he's played little off his play with defense gets the block the bounce those vs use way and again you know you've got to make your plays they certainly changed the momentum very quickly Cuffy gets him in and great pressure and the guys in blue were all over it and you're comfy he's fired up coming off the sidelines and he knows he's got his team in great field position here first and 10 from the 43 yard line for this vaunted Trojan attack Pajero cook flanked by trenton cannon they'll hand it off the cannon over the right side Bulls his way to about the 40-yard line pickup of about three and second down coming for the Trojans and if you're Virginia Union you said okay you know we we moved the ball a little bit took some time off the clock then we get a punt and what's gonna go wrong well you saw what's gonna go wrong the seventh block kick of the season for Virginia State has him an excellent field position [Applause] all on the 41 cook wants to pass here comes the pressure hangs in there goes down the sidelines and great coverage by Virginia Union deandre Walker was there and nothing doing on the intended receiver Christian hearted Christian Hardy and one of the speed merchants for this Trojan football team plenty of time his time for cook it's got the matchup he wants those this ball a little late there guys a hand fight note no pass interference good saw defensive play by the Panthers third and eight now and the shotgun is cooked [Applause] he's got cannon to his right fakes the handoff off the play-action pressures come and cooks gonna scramble throws down the middle and incomplete and that will bring up fourth down trying to make cook uncomfortable pressure pressure gets outside the pocket just puts a little too much air so wobbly pass hey Kristen Parker's gonna look at later Oh Simon I could have made that kid gotta lay out there but Virginia Union looks like they avoided the big time play after the turnover yeah Virginia State unable to capitalize and so Jimmy stayed we'll have to punt it away or will they but keeps his head about him did put his knee down looks up ok ok ok ok and away he goes Alfaro said you know what I think you described it perfectly Stan he was getting ready to try to turn and punt it looked up and everyone was facing the other way and he gets to see you take it any way you can get it ball all the way down to the 28 so the drive I guess you can say stays alive here for the Trojans just under 10 minutes to play here in the first hand it off to Cannon over the right side pulls his way through and close to a first down for Trenton cannon you just get the feeling every time cannon gets the ball especially on the change of possession or an explosion play he's gonna break it for a big run he picks up about four yards but you felt like he was about a 7 yard here we go cannon trying to turn the corner the Panther defense is there but looks like it may be enough for a first down for the Trojans I got a funny feeling that today Reggie Barlow's gonna give us a lot of Trenton can't just continue just get the ball in his hands they didn't make the play three four yards of pop nationwide starting lineups offensively of course he get no better than Canon in the backfield he's got a great offensive lineup up front we've certainly cleared the way for him turning out yet another single-season rushing record first in 10th and the 17 cook is going to keep it up the middle cook trying to break free touchdown from 17 yards out but Daryl cook puts the Trojans on the board Wow and Scott one of the reasons this Virginia State offense has been so difficult to defense because you get a steady dose of Trenton Canada and you see Ken in 25 and watch the thief watch everybody's eyes on it here's the fake let me take you and there's an opening a great job at the line of scrimmage by Girardi by Wilcox and Paige and gelatin ball opening up a hole and you get inside him because you get touchdown for Cordero cook his 16th rushing touchdown of the season which leads the way surprisingly for Virginia State you think about maybe it would be cannon but it's cooked the guy who's been able to put it in the end zone on the ground and the p80 is away and it is good and Virginia State leads it 7 to nothing seven plays 43 yards for the score for the Trojans as they strike first here in Rogers Stadium it doesn't take this team long for them to put points on the board 16 times issue they've scored 6 to 10 plays in the ballgame they strike fast you got a dose of cannon you got a long pass and then all of a sudden BAM away you go and and and you're down I'm just kidding not trying to be a scoreboard watch and we'll tell you more later Virginia State leaves in here 7 to nothing back with more here after this new infallible total cover from l'oréal whole coverage foundation super lightweight pro formula really left but if forever doesn't last from executive producers G Garvin a nice array is the hottest cooking show on television butter and brown returns for an all-new season Tuesday at 8 p.m. only on aspire here today on aspire you're looking at number three who just went in for his 16th rushing touchdown of the season there's so hard to defend they'll stretch the field as well on their wide receivers who wants to play fake inside C cannons hum actually touched and there's just a great hole at point of attack everybody's got a hat on a hat and you just let cook do the rest of the transfer from Alabama State if you have room for me Alabama state specially after coach Barlow left coach Barlow takes the job here in the spring since I got a place for you and they've not looked back and cooked probably could be it's gonna be a tight race for quarterback who's the most outstanding quarterback and cmdlets saying well let it be your mere haul and there's a lot to choose from this year no doubt about it and Dames will take it back at his own five dragon jerseys with him coughed it up fumble recovered by the Trojans Wow David Callum picked that one up David killing the Judith from Chesapeake Virginia when it rains it pours Danes one of the outstanding kick returners for Virginia Union ball right there he's tugging and just gets it knocked out and that's what you gotta do you punch the ball out thomas Woodhouse does that and kill him gets the recovery in Virginia State we talked about of the open be a front-runner when they put points up early they put him up quickly another big break for the Trojans well they just had that fake punt that put him in great field position and capitalize on a score and now off the fumble great field position again for the Trojans all the way down at the 35 of Union Canon in motion they will hand it off to him on the sweet turns the corner right side and pushed out of bounds right around the 30-yard line a little something new freshman from Chesapeake Virginia second down hand it to cam and going the other way near side across the 30 to the 25 and out of bounds and flags come in everywhere I think they're gonna get Christian hard walk in the back and I was about to say we haven't seen him run a lot of jet sweep actions out of a flanker position more or less for uh for canning but this time they tried to do it get it to ball first time it's gonna be a penny on this play starting lineups for the Virginia Union defense again brought to you by nationwide and you look at this Union defense they give up 25 points on the ground Stephenson is great from that line back in position and Hammond with five interceptions leads the way personal foul offense number 79 legal here is to the face hold on the offense number 17 the hands to face will be in fourth 15-yard penalty replay first out direction thank you well take your pick against the Trojans but they get Zachary Wilcox then rich your freshman for the illegal hands to the face and you know Reggie Barlow part of the reasons this team has been successful this year is they've cut down on plays like that yeah but they still have too many penalties I think to be a championship team they had 15 a couple of weeks ago against JaJuan the game we had against Bowie at 13 they've got both teams have got a plate penalty free football backs him up to the 43 so call it second and 18 they'll throw it quickly out to win win breaking tackles and it's a big chunk of it back and third down on the way for the Trojans coordinator for Virginia State Sean Virginia Union a lot of wrinkles game cannon out old jet sweeps quick little flanker screen that time to win win remember had to touch down a couple weeks ago in a game just try to advance the ball make this third down a little bit more manageable third down and about seven maybe yeah they pick up 11 on it ball placed at the 32 it's a third and seven Trojans trying to capitalize off of that fumble on the kickoff return cook will hand it off to win looking for some space wrapped up and denied the Union defense comes in and makes a play lon Tay Morton in on the stop the question is in the attempt to field go trying to add to the lead or try to go forward quick tempo now trying to get the guys at the line of scrimmage run a playoff fourth down they're gonna go for and they need five yards see I think you for Virginia State you got it this is a good play in your own terror to and the opportunity you can do so many things you got the short passes you've got cannon on any type of option and of course you've got cook with a keeper play clock down to ten fourth and five Campbell in motion to the right side they'll pitch it out to win who's in the game he wants to pass it he's got a man wide open for easy toss sweep win does a great job of selling the defensive guys come up to stop it and then some Flores gonna make it so long to get there don't hug as few seconds in Johnson why Harris from King William Virginia gets his third touchdown fourth touchdown of the season couldn't come with a bigger a bit of time boy I'll tell you what rivals play you open up the playbook both sides have done it and it's Virginia State that's got something to show for it as the Trojans score off the turnover 14 to nothing here in the first 30 yards on the pass and Katz for Reggie Barlow's group so the Trojans in control here to start things off here on Senior Day and on Senior Day it's the redshirt junior Harris that just found the endzone well get social with a spire connect on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at TV aspire and always on the website at aspire dot TV lot to dance about lot to celebrate about here if you are a fan of the guys in blue in orange here so far the Trojans have jumped on the Panthers upset hopes right away and now it is up to Mark James and company to regroup here now you thought there was a situation going for Virginia Union they got a break on that fourth down play and you know things didn't go their way and you know you could give it back to Virginia State real estate says hey look it's what we do okay here's here's who we are we're not a denote for nothing and Wow - impressive Drive special teams comes up with a big play and nail if you're Virginia Union plenty of time to regroup we've seen stranger things happen in these ballgames so remember two years ago 28 27 in the rain so Union came back to win still a lot of times here's Dame's and brought down at the 15 there is a flag on the play though a lot of penalties here early in this one for those people that are keeping up with this at home here's what the significance is now I'm going to give you the overview I'm gonna give you two quick cliff notes of this Virginia State wins we'll see them next week in the CI double-a champ ship in Salem and yes just a little tease for you I'll tell you second half of this to the goal first out but do you you you pushing them back pushing them back but like I said a Virginia State wins a day they'll play in the championship this is just a little program alert letís if Virginia state's in the championship game Tritton ken is gonna be one of the ones watch so it won't be surprised the one who it's gonna be I'm telling you answer you can build all the stuff you want to if VG's stays down Ken it's gonna be the player to watch you okay now the other news is that if VSU wins they'll play right now with about what do they tell me 7 minutes and 40 seconds ago in Raleigh Shaw and st. Augusta is there sent agustín's wins that eliminates winston-salem State tailor from his own end zone airs it out got a man and incomplete ball just kind of hung in the air for dames and that allow the defensive back to get his coverage boy did it ever I mean you get to the outside and Taylor's got to put this ball on the line he just stays up in the wind fortunately if you're Virginia State Curtis Brooks is able to come up and he stood there long enough and he's able to recover and get your deflection I asked him for a little passing offense but he's making a play on the ball that balls got to get released quicker and it could have been a big one for the Panthers yeah look like James had him beat and had a whole lot of grass in front of him second down from their own seven hand it off and wrestled down immediately Taylor with nowhere to go a sea of blue jerseys are there and a flag comes in late wow I don't know what that was we'll talk about that but look at the blue jerseys that cross the line of scrimmage for Virginia State they're dominating the l OS the foul number 16 [Applause] well there's those penalties we were talking about Stan the leaks Sexton with the personal foul seed on Saunders there the headsets on the defensive coordinator and and he has really inspired this defense to play aggressive and beat be hungry and go after the football there's Saunders to the right you see coach Barlow both of these guys have got a long background Barlow cityhood Saunders with influential to me not only as a coach but as a man that actually coached him a few years so they go a long way they think the same and they wanted team to be smart Bentley free they're not doing it there well and they had it on their own seven had Union backed up that penalty pushes him out to the 22 out of the danger zone and first down a short pickup trying to figure out a way the little zone read get your quarterback to the outside and you've got a guy that can make some plays and that's what you got to do if you're if you're Virginia Union Eric Caldwell delivery quarterback comes in they got two or three guys they'll sneak in the ball game to back in here now underneath on the screen turning the corner and into the sidelines knocked out of bounds on the nice play there as Taylor was able to hook up with Revis and move the ball down the field Revis the freshman play fake holes those linebackers you just want to try to get these wide receivers Revis and Calais and McKenzie and dames just kicked him and open feel and try to let them make a play but the problem is if you go too fast somebody may stop it Curtis Brooks brought him down Revis at five nine it's hard to find him Taylor scrambling got a man in Taylor Tobias Taylor and another first down for union good job that time of Stan's draining the pocket for Darius table looks to his right look students check down receiver finds the other Taylor and they're really excited about typists Taylor because about 250 pounds he's versatile kid it's his fourth catch but he's a bowling ball when you hit him you got to hit him hard you got to bring him down goes about 6 feet 250 pounds and only friends we gonna get bigger and strong he's every bit of that 250 first down Taylor's gonna air it out he's got a man ready pass and dames hauls it in from 45 yards out [Applause] Scottie P we talked about the explosion of this Virginia Union offense plenty of time in the pocket patience patience that's a much better pass by Darius Taylor a deep post route these wide receivers we're trying to do they can get behind the defenders they'll take the top off very little you could do chicane Peters was normally a good defensive back alone with Elijah white just outrun good pass Panthers on the board well James had his man beat earlier in the drive you remember the pass was underthrown beats his man again and this time it results in seven points on the board and if you ever needed a score Virginia Union that was the time to get it as the Panthers go 93 yards in a buck 53 and it's 14 to 7 I told you them I told you they'd don't waste a lot of time scored Panthers on the prowl it's gonna be a football game cuz this Virginia Union Virginia State that's what rivalries dude hey come back and fight me finally get down guess what Scott they fight some more [Music] 504 to play in the first trojans leading 14 to 7 but the Panthers with some life on that Drive stand five plays 93 yards capped off by the touchdown pass to dames well we talked about James being one of those guys that could take the top off the defense crossing routes on the need for genius state saw where they happened you just put everything you can't dearies Taylor his 19th touchdown pass the season did you find a there was wide open I mean he he at least six or seven yards of separation from the defensive back had a huge game against Fayetteville State one of the teams it possibly could be in the CIA double-a championship next week seven catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns one was a 57-yard and one was a 44 yards so he has the ability to make those big plays and now for Virginia State it's not time to relax what we said stay in to now how quickly the game can change right you see me you start thinking all those games over write 14 to nothing just like that but the quick play offense of Virginia Union gets him right back in it in a hurry inside his own five as cannon and forced out of bounds right around the 30-yard line and like late hit on Cannon and that'll tack on more yardage for you and take the roof off at the lead and everything else is canon a nice return and this is the part of the game in a rivalry game you have to keep your composure and another unnecessary Pendley clearly out of bounds you thrown to the ground Oh Virginia Union [Applause] personal foul the 25 on the defense lay hid out about 50 jaws would be added to the end of the run automatic first oh but you can't have these plays he's sad a bass is getting herself up she's down see okay but didn't you throw him to the ground and even though that's oh yeah you can't throw me as eyes give me some what the play is over hook can't handle the snap picks it up and now my turn into a big game cooked down in the water past the pole and knocked out of bounds near the 35 yard line too low snaps sorry Johnson sinner excuse me I I stand corrected I apologize Jeremiah bait and a low snap they're under control cook just gets to ball makes the play and out runs the defenders and take something right boom just didn't know hey look I'm gonna be here I'm not scared of you you know who hit brain Louis the third he felt it too [Laughter] first two dead from the 36 cooked with his short gain on the keeper knocked down by Dobbins among others and bringing up second down and long maybe we'll both teams have gotten on the board you've had some big plays you've had some miscues you settle in and and play the type of football that I thought you would see out of Virginia Union Virginia state which is execution defenses we've got to come up make plays in the offensive gauzy he jumps down to one thing I be able to block and got be able to tackle today 3:45 remaining here in the first varney had 21 points combined put up on the board cook is gonna keep it again and nowhere to go again bring up third and long Virginia Union read that one perfectly as Carl Calhoun was there in Canada in motion to see if you can take somebody with it maybe open up the box a little bit but a great job on the backside you got to come up and make a play from the weak side and that's exactly what Calhoun is able to do along with Donovan Stephenson one of those outstanding young linebackers for the Panthers of Virginia Union yeah Calhoun had the containment and Stephenson caning came and cleared it up so now a third and eight and can the Panthers defense get a stop here empty backfield for Cook rifles it across the middle and nowhere to go for Joshua Harris Calhoun was there this Virginia Union defense Scott's a very active very aggressive job we talked about vs use linebackers Calhoun it's curling Haman number five and Stephenson can come up and make plays and that's part of the aggressive mindset the mark James and his staff have kind of passed on down the years so we'll see could be a big stop for him how far all will pump this one away a high kick and it's gonna roll into the end zone man two or three Trojans look like they were around it but it just rolled into the end zone and the Union will have it on a touch back now so for Jamie Union coming off that touchdown pass from Taylor to dames now with 2:24 to play here in the first we're talking with the Virginia Union people not only you know do they want this win for a chance to potentially play for a title next week but a win might get them in that top eight in the region and a chance to play in the playoffs right now there are two teams in the top eight three in the top nine at nineteen being that of a Virginia Union so a win could help them advance and it'd take eight to the n-c-double-a playoffs so you got a feeling right now see I double-a is going to be well represented and no Bowie State will probably be there this Virginia state club if it would be great for the CIA if they could have three teams move forward into the NC double-a and I first down on the ground picked up there by Taylor the freshman Newberry ran for over a hundred yards they haven't had a lot of 100 yard rushers this season he did that and only four carries had a big 93 yard run cat sounds like can a little bit but they've been really impressed with his ability to break tackles hard gotta break down first and ten from the 31 and know where to go Revis wrapped up and slap to the grass linebackers are gonna have to be very very aggressive you have to be a shrew tackling Virginia Union simply because their speed nice solid tackle by Brandon Lynch there's like every ball game ready graduate he's been around forever so right continues to make tackle after tackle 58 tackles last year 50 going into today's ballgame Brandon Lynch one of the steer stars I'm to see I got a life loss of three on the play it's the 11th tackle for loss by Lynch Taylor to the Ayers got a man in Dame's and brought down to shy of the 40 so third and very manageable if you remember back to two weeks ago we talked about Virginia State being one of the top teams in the country and defending against third down conversion you see why this is a great look at what Taylor sees looks over to Midler's across and around the Dames and one two guys blue shirts are bringing him down keeping him short of the first down marker Elijah white among those in on the stop third and three 45 seconds left in this opening quarter [Music] Darrius taylor under center here comes some pressure straight up the gut and I first down over the left side give it to the big 250 pound freshman Tobias Taylor and he moves the change Wow Virginia Union just does a great job with just finding some space and knocking guys back you gotta be a man to play this afternoon Mathew Curry goes about six for 370 pounds got in there and got low and had a good block Xavier McCallister 6 7 342 right tackle move and ground moving people out of way first and 10 fake this sweep and the pressure is on a little shuffle pass out to Taylor and CEO blue jerseys pushed him out of bounds and that will be the final play here of the 1st quarter there is a flag on the play see exactly there's a fade - toss sweep there good job of keeping Taylor inside your taint now they didn't get away that little like it was around the collar not a lot of basement leaders were they're gonna fill facemask Oh Chianti Connolly look at that I think you got him around the shoulders officials here we go face man 15 yards from the end of the run automatic first down we will have one so the facemask play will push the ball into Virginia State Territory and Union will have it it's too many more clothes yeah I made too many pin lose to get you off the field so we get one play on time then we'll go to the quarter so we'll place it on their own 43 instead here for Virginia Union as the officials will sort it out now and we can get back to tailor and short Arbit knew it as soon as it left his hands and he was trying to get Gustavus Dame's out of the backfield on a quick hitter and now we'll have our break for the second quarter so after one in the books Virginia State scored fourteen to start things off Virginia Union answers with a touchdown of their own second quarter after this got EP normally our nationwide trivia would have a question today it's a nationwide statement today a historic day in blackbaud football especially on the CI double-a the Huntington 9th meeting between Virginia unity and Virginia State so many things are celebrating this long rivalry the third longest rivalry in division 2 football so we celebrate that also down in Salisbury North Carolina is actually played December 27th but 125th anniversary of black college football between livingstone and Johnson C Smith so we wanted to make sure we celebrated those historic day nationwide thank you for all you do and all the support but thank you to the HBCUs that have given their time and their blood sweat and tears to overcome so much to get so much done thank you nationwide thank you see I double-a congratulations 125 years of black cod football no I didn't do the game no I was at the game but I do know they really do controversy Johnson says lived in those village beat least l5 did nothing five points for touchdown so congratulations it's a historic day could not let this day go without recognizing the good folks down in Salisbury and what they were able to accomplish on a cold snowy day back in December of 7 1890 absolutely so here's Taylor back to pass got a man wide open and a first down for the Panthers deep into Virginia State Territory Chaston McKenzie the senior with his first grab on the afternoon and you're seeing a little bit of a rhythm now to Darius Taylor any offense of Virginia Union sets up strong in the pocket gets a little chip block there and finds Mackenzie and we talked about it a moment ago the wide receivers in Virginia Union are very explosive you're gonna have to be able to take those guys down Mackenzie we've seen Danes we've seen Kelly Jewess and Dawson Reeves these guys are some big-time players and don't forget about Ingram Harlow also who will play th back position to play it tidy in number 11 first and 10 from the 20 to Darius Taylor in the shotgun he's got some time unleashes it got a man in the corner just overshot Ingram Harrow and i don't bring up second down they'll move him around a lot they'll play him as a tidy in position they'll play him in the fullback use him as a blocker as an h-back try sneaking him outside the backside caught four passes he's caught four passes two of them have been four touchdowns head him there second and ten you're just joining us Virginia State scored the first fourteen points of the game Union answered a long touchdown pass may have got a man offsides they're gonna hit on the quarterback still in a free play they're gonna counter there's a touchdown yes Jewison Dawkins from 22 yards out man Taylor took a pop stood in there and delivered the strike question is was the flag gonna bring it back and Tom Braxton's gonna be the one call for the offside and you stay in there for your tailor and try to make the play and we just finished talking about the variety of wide receivers that can make plays that was Jewison dark and his sixth touchdown of the season couldn't come at a better time and maybe I won't be making can and the Player of the Week Nixon tell you I know it could be Darius Taylor leading this team to come back kick up kick good so 14 unanswered for the Panthers as Taylor hooks up with Dawson from 22 yards out it was a 10 play 80-yard Drive for Union capped off right here you see Taylor stays in the pocket knows he's gonna get hit but he also knows of the free play and just lobs that when you let step ball float in the air just a little bit I think too long but dropped it right in the book and she came Peters a second time wasn't much he could do about it and Virginia Union to defensive back who had a great challenge a couple of weeks ago against Bowie and kept those receivers in front of him and Amir Hall has been beating at least two times and maybe three or four year plan since weren't completed having a tough hard time right now with the wide receivers are the Panthers so Dawkins with his sixth touchdown reception of the year and Virginia State defense it's given up 15 touchdown passes on the year and it's not a big number at all but they've given up two already here today the Union about four minutes or so on that on that drive so give their defense a break and get the result with some points on the board and we are tied at 14 that's what I'm talking about is rivalry set deep kickoff and from his own goal line is cannon he'll cut back up the middle stumbled as he went across the 20-yard line you got the feeling Scott cannon was about to pray knew he couldn't turn that corner feet went out from under him but double you know the news that I was talking about a moment ago is st. Agustin's if st. agustín's could win today that would basically with a would eliminate winston-salem one for their 60 second double a championship in the southern division not gonna happen the mighty Falcons coach Kim chambers and crew knock off their rivals Shaw 3114 so that means we're going to have or either Fayetteville State or Saint Augustine's will represent the CI double-a southern division a long time since we've had someone other than winston-salem State coming from the southern division yeah cannon will set up six consecutive Southern Division titles and there's a flag flag on the play pass goes out into the flats exactly Parker don't count that offside every at least lose the flag is gonna be I think against Virginia Union for outsider but Virginia State's got five penalties so far for over fifty yards that's way too many they've got a plenty little more discipline the Panthers having one Big Bend a moment ago but three nails for about 25 you know you know we were up here a couple weeks ago when st. augustine's knocked off Winston 1714 we were saying man things could be changing depending Clyde second out the next week san agustin is a Fayetteville State played eachother Fayetteville State beat Saint Ogden il state wins at winston-salem State then Fayetteville State's going to go to the CI double-a championship game Canon avoids the first tackler and turns it into positive yardage not a whole lot of guys that can make that play can in turns disaster and the positive yardage in a first day thank you for Virginia State your little shell shocked right now had a 14-nothing lead comfortable head some turnovers for some plays feel pretty good about yourself we're getting ready to punch ou ticket to Salem and then all of a sudden Virginia said not so fast you know we know how to get there as well and it bounced back so now we've got a ball game a steady diet of candidates what I think you're gonna see I've been trying to get him the ball in other ways besides just turning and handing it off to him he only rust it four times in the first quarter now they'll go the other direction to Willie Stubblefield and he's brought down just shy of the 40 see if you can stay ahead of the downs for Virginia State that makes things a little bit easier you saw the play fake inside the cannon and two guy throw him to the ground and quick out the Stubblefield actually was Parker yeah second and six after a pickup of four ball on the 39 yard line cook will pitch it out the cannon he'll have to cut it back and across the 40-yard line you talk about Trenton cannon seven of the eight games at Virginia States played this year he's rushed for over 100 yards so he's not he's not afraid to carry the football 26 in their game against Norfolk State they won at 26 carries against Chuang last week and ran for 164 and two touchdowns so again I think that this is going to be a 25 to 35 carried a fort Wrynn cannon the cumulative effects of number 25 didn't wear on you yes banging banging bang but they all said boom third and four from the 41 cannon out on the flat cook goes the other way over the mouth first down for the Trojans Zachary Parker will move the chain that's Scott if you saw there you noticed the whole right side of the defense for Virginia Union shifts that way because they saw the most of man that being Kenneth and that left an actual seam and a nice pass that time cook finds Parker first down Virginia State into Panther territory cook now we'll take a peek over to the sidelines he's got cannon in the backfield with him tied at 14 here in the second [Applause] and movement up front I think by somebody in blue hole start off I'm a 68 5 yard fronting first time so back them up side off the movement up front [Applause] cook in the gun cannon in the backfield three wide receivers near side one up at the top of your screen pan it off to Cannon Hill come near side across the 40 bullying his way forward brought down just shy of the 35 you know you just watching me he gives you an elbow he gives you a shoulder just toss and watch this yet great balance turns boom boom you know and if he caught his bounce he's gonna take that a little further but you know you talk about a good player and you love to see guys deliver train cannons doing it in the classroom as well as on the field [Applause] second and five handed off the cannon again little stutter step to breaking free and another late hit on the sidelines I think against Virginia Union put a bat think is gonna get caught you're pushing and shoving they always get the second guy you know well there's been a lot of extracurricular activity after the plays have been blown dead whether it's talking a little extra yeah I don't mind it today I mean you know I'm be real honest with you I understand it's rivalry game now some of these guys live in the same neighborhoods they went to high school together elementary school may go to church together you know you you want to win this bragging rights for 365 dead ball personal foul defense the cool part is also Wow fifteen yards I didn't know I didn't see the punch I didn't think there's a push-up for these account three to four right I don't mind you being mean but I don't want you to be crazy let's take a look at this at the end of the play there's no there's nothing for that in the game we know that all right cannons out of bounds already got that we can't see it out of that way get out of the shot get a shot at him maybe we'll get it on another angle I thought it was maybe the forum I didn't think it was a punch thrown but nevertheless so it's quante paddle who is gone for the game it looks like we'll try to get a look at it if we can guys on the trucker or searching through it Carlton Campbell sort pickup man its own name I will keep this read his own name okay yeah I don't mind you talking a little junk pushing a little bit but don't get crazy you don't get dirty now that I want to take one more look at this before I get on the soapbox second down for Virginia State Trojan offense threatening here with nine minutes to play in the second battle was one of their leading defensive secondary guys had three interceptions on the season a couple of big tackle ball games early in a year fake the toss cook it's got a man down the sidelines and just let's see is he in or not or the genius state make a decision there's a goal make a call those Carlton Campbell on the reception did he catch the best for the hot football little wounded touchdown let's take a look here Campbell to tidy in it should be I think an incoming doesn't do anything see and when he goes to the ground the ball comes loose that's a good call by the officials good job by DeAndre Walker stripping that ball out continuing to play when Campbell looked like he had it in his arms so incomplete plat pass and third and 11 from the 16 yard line again they faked the toss sweep would cannon is the influence and that moved the defense and they sent kicked Campbell down the sideline your eye on the boundary should have been maybe a catch but nevertheless they lived if he third down Parker in motion Cooke fakes the handoff will go the same spot again and broken up incomplete trying to find Christian Hardin that time and the Virginia Union defensive backfield makes two strong plays and the field goal unit may be coming on the field and this is the thing this is Matt Hill Quist who you may remember last year as the kicker and had a hip injury and miss almost the entire season so they've got three different guys on a kick they feel like Hill Chris has been kicking the ball well he's Heels got a very very strong leg well he's been through the CI double-a battles that's for sure at 10:00 last year and more movement up front all fit I'm a 33 five-yard penalty remain down that was gonna be about a 34 35 yard field goal attempt so they'll back hillquist up just a little bit and and you know again the discipline you can see the move right there about ain't one of the outside wing guys [Applause] so now hillquist again and this one off the crossbar and no good need of those extra couple of yards did me look again and just does hit that crossbar and bounces the wrong way for Virginia State fans so the Union defense holds 836 left to play in the second we are knotted up at 14 what happens when HBCU graduates enter the real world find out in the Aspire original series that graduates ATL coming up at the half good crowd here in Rogers Stadium for this battle between Virginia Union and Virginia State we've got a little bit of everything here so far I feel we've played about two ballgames we've got eight 36 to play here in the second historic Rogers stadium the site of the very very first CI EE football championship back in 1970 Virginia State against Johnson C Smith the Trojans won that they've won at 11 championships unions 110 and they rub that into him as much as they possibly can a lot of movement and they'll hand it up the middle and the Virginia State defense was not fooled at all freshman Taylor nowhere to go will bring up second and long among those in on the stop Kevon tade Emery the sophomore from Richmond at one point in this football game someone's gonna have to dominate the line of scrimmage and Abbey is through tackling maybe that's gonna happen right now for Virginia State kiante Connelly with the tackle there brings Taylor down makes this a second down in long situation it's almost bad news if you force Virginia Union even long down situation they can throw the ball so efficiently Taylor rolls out of the pocket pressure is coming just drops it off to his man underneath and pushed out of bounds and third and really long coming up for the Panthers the Nick 750 for both teams need to play with a lot more discipline mental discipline you got guys being thrown out of ballgame for punches you've had a lot of illegal motion penalties you know get yourself under control now being Billy bad didn't going win this football game it's going to be execution blocking and tackling making plays third and 10 from their own 20 one Aaron Baker in the backfield Taylor to the air here comes the pressure avoids the first defender comes back the opposite side of the field and Baker's got some room and a first down for Union what a play by Darius Taylor scrambling wait it was right and just flipped it back to the left and thank who did the rest under pressure getting me outside and this looks like more of a play that you'll see out of cook and throws back against a grain of grass to feel a dangerous pass you've got a receiver in Aaron Baker Asher handy guys caught four on the season they don't really look to unless they really run the ball a lot with Baker but very very similar style of play Aaron Baker and tailored Baker comes up with the big play and alexander williams was really breathing down his neck taylor just enough on that pass to get away and a first and ten from the 41 now for the Panthers and the Wildcat nowhere to go and a lost helmet as they direct snap it to Taylor soon as he does the play is dead and in theory if he continued they could have thrown a fit up inally on him but watch this out of the Wildcat Taylor runs the ball fakes to fate and watch it's going Sam BAM that's a picture-perfect tackle got to bring him down he didn't know what knocked his head off Brandon Lynch and even there you see a little pushing and shoving after the play second and 10 Taylor quick hitter bobbled and complete catch there by Mackenzie pickup of about five but another penalty flag on the play I tell you what both these teams have had a hard time getting out of their own way here in the first half think about a moment ago a promotion Finley you push it five yards and that makes that field go it could have given Virginia State to legal that's just inches short number four he was coming up on the line of scrimmage five-yard penalty replay second down yep that was Mackenzie who can't be the last guy on the line of scrimmage in that formation so therefore you know another again another costly those middle middle mistakes you got a lineup and being the right place to be Taylor out in the flat got a man avoids the first round of blue jerseys and JD and Revis on a nice pick up Megan nothing I think it's something out of nothing I guess you could say this Virginia Union football team coming in today had 12 different guys had caught passes for them for the 21 touchdowns so we've called about six or seven names a day getting guys in motion going misdirection letting Taylor try to make some plays now you're faced with a third down situation where they've had some success nearly 45 percent on the season can they can they keep this drive well I like to divide that I'm saying out of Virginia whose offense calling third and 9 Taylor will come near side slings it back picked off intercepted by Virginia State another turnover and Deonte Bruce the redshirt freshman with his first interception of the season we just talked a moment ago Scotty about throwing the ball against your body against a grain at that time you saw a little too much greed I think out of the quarterback Taylor trusts his arm tried to fit it in a tight window and you'll take a look at Deonte Bruce comes up with the intercepts roll it he outs I can see he's gonna sling is never gets balanced throws it against side it and that's the easy interception Bruce jumps to route the ball intended for lavoisier Kelly now can Virginia State take advantage of the mistake and score sixth interception of the year by Taylor and now it's up to the Trojans offense to take advantage off the turnover they did so in the first quarter can they do so here they want it all and incomplete trying to hook up with Harris and good coverage by the Panthers secondary you had hair it goes about six two and they went through him in a jump ball situation against Matthew white who goes about 511 just throw the ball up there and let him go but white does a great job of secondary defender watch this comes up gets his hand in there at the last second gets the layup there by one of his teammates nice play there by DeAndre Walker and the big explosion play goes away second and ten from the 31 fake the handoff to cannon cook will keep it and met with some authority right around the 25 yard line third down on the way I'm Virginia State I'm thinking obviously this is for down territory but I want to make use of this third down play third downs gonna be about three four yards maybe hand it off to cannon left side can he turned the corner brought down but it looks like he got enough for the first down late develop and play but you see the speed of Trenton Canada get to the outside knew exactly what he needed to get to first down got to the sticks gets that keeps drives going Carl Calhoun forced him out of bounds but not before cannon picks up the first down for all Calhoun Blanton Hammond Stephenson all very active defensively on the line back in position first and ten from the 19 handed off to can and he'll come this side it's got some blue jerseys in front of them but nowhere to go and for JP Union has done a really good job here in the first half solid job against the ground game of the Trojans it's been hard for me to go anywhere bleh giving up only 150 yards and we said one of the keys getting Trojans on the ground they do a nice job of keeping contained not letting anyone get outside of that beam of of Kennedy Andre Walker comes up close as quickly makes the tackle yeah you mentioned how many yards like if I think about a cannon average is a hundred and sixty himself so something's got to give here today huh and they've done a good job of getting in the ground and not giving up the big one but you always got a feeling we can at any time any moment second and seven up the middle and down to about the 10 yard line Blair win 3:45 left to play here in the half and now another third down and they'll snap it quickly and another yellow flag out on the field Virginia State bench they think this may be off for Virginia Union [Music] illegal substitution defense twelve on the field five-yard penalty he's over the plate first out that's why Virginia State snap the ball quickly caught the J Union as it were changing Tamar James and say hey you got to get you got to give us chance to get set we made a substitution Virginia State made one the penalty will move the ball down inside the ten yard line first and goal from the five for the Trojans fake the handoff and incomplete tried to fine Christian Hardin second and goal Christian hard and Ray Lewis to third or battling down there watch the hand fight and Lewis at the end of the play just still floats this up there what I'm just gonna get rid of it get get down and not able to get to get away from the defender as well as made to catch missed several times this afternoon where Virginia states had opportunities to make some catches and and Peter didn't make it because a great recovery speed by Virginia Union or this didn't catch the football and a tie now opinion first so Virginia state with a timeout here with 324 left to play in the half and threatening at the five yard line tied at 14 here at Virginia all right tied at 14 324 left to play in the half if you're just joining us for Ginny State scored the first 14 points in the ball game and we thought this was this was over in the first first quarter potential to go to the game next week insane I think the game was over I know Virginia Union's a tough day but I was complete you referring to me we I said we okay we third an upset of the 5-yard line thank you the cannon over the over the right side and again incomplete this back field these defenders in the backfield by Union just get their hands in there and rip the ball away Lewis again on the coverage and what they're doing is they try to try to get just a jump ball situation you're a little stop route and just good recovery there you've got to grab that football you got to reach out like a basketball player and come get the ball in Joshua ass let it play him and Lewis comes up with good recovery so third and goal you wonder now to put the ball in the hands of number 25 Cook's gonna keep it instead up the Middl Coderre cook and touchdown Virginia State they sin cannon out in the flat opens up the middle and cook makes them pay yeah the influence of can and again cannon goes in motion defense ships a little bit to his side take a look there and then again there's gonna be just a natural scene there and cook who has done a great job finding open areas a second leading rusher for this Virginia State team goes in for a second touchdown of the afternoon is 17th on the season such a luxury to have a guy like Adaro cook who can throw it or run it and that breaks the 14 all tie the p80 is away and it is good 21 14 Coderre cook with two touchdowns on the ground and he's got his Trojans up by a touchdown eight plays 30 yards on the drive took two minutes and 25 seconds and the Trojans thanks to the legs of coderre cook are back in front Senior Day here in Rogers Stadium and Virginia State has taken the lead back 21 to 14 the Trojans have won two straight over their arch-rivals and Virginia Union and trying to make it three in a row with a win here today but a la football left to be played yeah they've won a lotta games they can't even agree on the only wins Virginia Union says they've 5544 and nine virginia state says is 54-43 and six I haven't been to everyone yeah but there's some disagreement on how long this series history 100 and 906 and we did play you then yes you did right going by different may how I know is it's been some classic football games I think this was going to be in that budget good special teams coverage by Virginia State but an excellent run will bring the ball out close to the 40 not sure how a Aaron Baker was able to break free looks like he was gonna go down around his own 20 but moves it forward and decent field position here for union plenty of time three minutes four seconds left to go in the half three minutes for two timeouts remaining for Virginia for quick fast in the hurry 17 times going into day they've scored no touchdowns of 20 yards of better 19 times 2 minutes or less so yeah three minutes and four seconds plenty of time for Virginia Union to get back on the board tightest game from their own 39 Darius Taylor will bring the offense out he's thrown two touchdown passes here today but and start things off on the ground up the middle that's Baker Baker down near the 40 yard line first time Aaron Baker senior from Belgrade Florida has been able to break free a lot of guys on this Union football team from Florida you know they've got some speed the influence of coach Mark James and his coaching staff great blocking at the point of attack and Baker picks up 20 yards who gets the first down [Music] [Applause] could run there by the senior and Virginia State's gonna call a timeout here with 246 left to play in the second and so the Trojans want to buckle up here defensively after that long run by Aaron Baker I said you booked for you guys wait in the 30s you know you guys have about 44 game there's about 30 do you anticipate this being a high school in game he's I certainly hope it I want this to be a knockdown right amount kid 7 14 7 low as we win but he was prepared for big numbers both teams have had some success offensively I think way too many penalties on both games and then you got a settlement but you can see this Virginia Union offense it's gonna be tough to stop so here's Taylor out of the guns gonna air it out going downfield Danes trying to get there but just overshot him and incomplete County Bruce among others there defensively Elijah white for the Trojans that'll bring up second and 10 saw the on that time of Darius Taylor again when you give that quarterback enough time he's got enough receivers it can make some plays he had Kelly in the air he also now stripped I was a mix up in in the offensive set but nevertheless a deep throated that no one could get so you go to 40 left second and 10 from the 40 will hand it off up the gut and turning down to about the 35 yard line is Tobias Taylor Taylor Brockie McCray sophomore Baker's a senior Darius Taylor's a junior Kelly's a junior Dawkins who's a lot of touchdowns of junior you got ya ya got to call these names for we're talking about this third and 5 now from the 35 208 left to play here in the first half Union threatening to try to tie this game up here's Taylor and overshot his receiver pressure was on it maybe haven't heard that one a little earlier than he wanted to Jewish and Dawkins was streaking down the sidelines and fourth and five now for union yeah Taylor could not step in it at because Malik Sexton was riding his face when he got rid of the football threw it about second before winter night waiting out on the guy on the side up side fourth and five Virginia Union will go for it from the 35 yard line and a timeout on the field as the Panthers want to talk this one over here with a buck fifty three to go and trailing by a touchdown well what happens when HBCU graduates enter the real world find out in the Aspire original series the graduates ATL of course is coming up at the half we've got 153 to play where does Darius Taylor go here well it's got a fourth down in about five and I think the neat thing you can do to get Taylor outside the pocket gives him the run pass option it's certainly good it looks like they're going to go three wide receivers of the left receivers have got to remember you need five yards so any route needs to be deeper than the sticks gotta get to about the 30-yard line Taylor to the Ayers got a man complete first down and more and the drive stays alive nice job there on their round he needed about five yards and ran about seven yard dig comes inside Mackenzie's wide open watch this great job pretension in the pocket Mackenzie comes back gives herself an open target catches the football missed one tap you got to be as through attacker chicane Peter's missing but a defensive guy comes up and takes him down on the ground over the right side Aaron Baker turns forward and out of bounds inside the 2129 to play plenty of time for union 1:29 one timeout left run the ball the short side of the field get somebody out of bounds save that timeout if you can't you're thinking nail you're thinking six points in free the Panthers they have one timeout left Virginia Union third best in the CIW the ribs on this season Scott second and four and another penalty flag initially I thought Virginia State jumped and I saw a wide receiver for Virginia unions jump offsides are going to call us on Union [Applause] say what the referee Anthony Pursell is getting this year of air time he's not gonna be able to walk around the street here I'll tell you what Chaston McKinney here at the top of the screen see it jump got him back off that great teamwork there and there Mackenzie here we go Taylor's got some time hit as he was throwing but passeth sees it incomplete or a fumble out of bounds he'll call it incomplete and the kinsey couldn't hold on to it I'll tell you Taylor had some time a boy that pocket clothes on him in a hurry well they're not allow him to get to the outside and so he's got a step in there's got a little time there knows he's gonna get hit goes right edge this is what it looks like there Mackenzie gets his hands on it Kate whoo nah doesn't never never make a football play and it's incomplete then you got to be smart if you're Virginia Union air 1:22 third down and distance got to make some place can get it all maybe in one plus 39 Taylor once it all goes the end zone and no one's there maybe some miscommunications has two receivers were in the area James being one of them he threw that ball to the corner and no one was there and another fourth down now for the Panthers Mark James and crew you know they had some success on the fourth down play early in the ballgame looks like they're gonna elect to go for this fourth down and about nine yards to get the first out I'm not gonna go for the field go here Aaron bake for Baker's in the backfield and Darius Taylor is gonna go the sidelines with a timeout on the field C Taylor may be a little upset he wanted to get going these Panthers will huddle up now here with 116 to go on a fourth and nine and man goes without saying if you're a fridge in Union you really want to put some points up here yeah I think you almost have to get some points I just remember Virginia skate gets the ball to start the second half susers got a decent leg be very consistent from point after touchdowns 33 or 35 from field goes from point after field goes 7 out of 11 but his longest kick this year was early in the years of 42 yards so he's certainly within range a look at about 39 yards let's see what Mark James I really like to kick the field goal I kind of like that decision Virginia State remembers blocks six kicks on the season this is going to be what about 39 yards and they're marking it about 39 yards here with 1:16 left for Sousa snap spot got a good leg on it plenty of distance and it is good so Jefferson Sousa from about 39 yards out and Union puts three more on the board I like that call take the timeout don't force a play on fourth down in nine kicked a field goal you've got a steady kicker and if you've got a good kicker and you've got a solid defense you're always gonna have an opportunity to win some football games especially in a game like this Sousa steps in there gets the leg in it he could have made that from about 43 and is he happy about it that's it I don't know I'm saying this is what I do every day nothing to this act like you've been there before like you've been there before and puts three on the board here 111 on the clock and for Virginia State with their offensive weapons they've still got time one timeout left so I think it's very important here if you're Virginia Union kick the ball away from camp I'm just trying to help you take it to Mac four touchdowns what you want to he's taking two bad weeks ago against Lincoln for 95 yards I'm I got nothing to do with this but I wouldn't kick the ball of cannon with a minute 11 seconds ago but you also know you've got Parker back and these are good deep return guy as well so in kick coverage is very important for Virginia Union here Sousa to kick it away line drive will back up Parker his own in line he'll come near side with it and struggles to get out of bounds about the 22 23 yard line and that is where the Trojans will take things over here 104 left to play in the half it's a good kick by Sousa deep made Parker getting right at his goal line has a little bit of hesitation kick return team did their job now would admit it in four seconds timeout remaining what what shall we do if we're Virginia State the one thing you cannot do it through a Trojan is make a mistake you you don't want to give a free play or two to Virginia Union with some time remaining Canon's in the backfield with cook he'll check down the cannon and brought out of bounds just beyond the 25-yard line about the 27 or so called a pickup of five and second down 59 seconds left did you watch Carl Calhoun's a veteran player I was trying to goad cannon into a play at him [Applause] [Music] the cook will creep up to the offensive line now back off stands next to cannon second and five and cooks gonna tuck it under and brought down at about the 28 yard line and the clock will run unions defense was there big time tackled had time Karl Calhoun we just talked about a moment ago was the initial hitter along with Stevenson did a great job and bringing his stop Takako Dale cook short of the first down third and four cook to the heirs got a man first down out of bounds at the 35 yard line tre Quan Reed with his first grab of the day an outstanding athlete 6-2 goes about 205 pounds only a junior first catch of the season I think also but he's got the size of this the matchup 5 brought out get the first down clock stops Virginia State can still save that timeout but you got athlete's nail with Virginia State will try to you know you're gonna try to stretch the field on one play or you just gonna try to be conservative see if you can burst one first intent from the 35 30 seconds and counting cooked burning up sometimes going to throw down the line got a man open and deep agenda Union Territory it was Trenton cannon I believe that was there he was and cannon did a great job dead time runs a little wheel rock and then steps inside the line of scrimmage steps inside so his linebackers think he's going to slant he throws it over the top but there's a flag down I think of course it would be and this is all gonna come back free play [Applause] we said what did I say the influence inside the line of scrimmage and looked like he was like a Canadian football play he's kind of turned inside the line of scrimmage may not get a chance to see that I was wondering if they were gonna call that and they did well you'd see it as they're having the camera isolated on Canon and they called his name he kind of said I know I did it boy but the wings like a huge game yeah the wheel route has been very successful for Virginia State the last couple years using Cannon as a pass receiver 20 seconds left they'll hand it off to cannon he'll run near side and boy really pop near the 40-yard line and that's gonna be another penalty flag another personal foul against Virginia Union here with just under 11 seconds left anything on one side of that white line where the markers in the field are you hear anything left side the white line you don't it seem that hard watch this toss sweep you cannon he's going out of bounds he's he'd given himself up he's out but it's a good call Carl Calhoun will pick up the whistle then Calhoun ran into some Virginia State guys on the sideline I want to say that maybe the second late hit on cannon this first half oh this is just gonna hit him he's gonna be sore tomorrow won't worry up its meal school record over 1200 yards rushing his season he's accustomed to it and he get amped up just a little bit more when it's Virginia Union Virginia State but that's a costly penalty boy I'll tell you what ball 15 yards clock doesn't stop and so if you're Virginia State I think you've got one maybe two shots at the end zone moves the ball all the way down to the 48 and one timeout left dead ball personal foul let you hit out of house defense number 17 [Applause] it was also sideline on the defense Virginia Union seven penalties for 65 yards Virginia state 7 pin leaves for 65 yards say guess what it is it's a ten point eight left fall on the 48 yard line Trojans with one timeout left Cook in the gun he's going to keep him tuck it under no now he's going to back out passes it down fear by Willie Stubblefield really Stubblefield a senior coming off an injury last year that hit was slowed down but Stubblefield climbs led a lot of blow might be calling his basketball he goes up above the defenders makes the catch watch this three white shirts of the Panthers are random Stubblefield goes above the crowd over a walk over Lewis and comes down with the ball so Virginia State's got one chance to extend this lead with 2.3 seconds great play by Stubblefield what a catch by Stubblefield and how about cookies always a threat to run it looked to me like he may turn it up field but saw his man downfield knew where the line of scrimmage was stopped and aired it out and how big was that personal foul play now they made it very much manageable so yeah now you wonder you think cannon you think Cook has had two touchdowns running the football the receivers have been open a couple of times on little inside grounds thank you for your Virginia State you've got a lot of things you can look at option read option quick dives about 44 yards on that pass play mark corneal going his bag of tricks where do you go is right here with 2.3 seconds left we're not thinking field goal they are thinking let's put six on the board Canon is in the backfield [Applause] cooking the shotgun Jenya unions defense boss it's a penalty yeah he won't hurt the genera in this case because it's only advanced a call about a yard his last play [Music] [Applause] it gets really tough to throw the football disclose to the walk girl or doe line so you gotta think if you're Virginia State something to the outside 33 Campbell's in the ball game remember he had the touchdown reception on the same round against boom state a couple years ago [Applause] there's gonna be your age battle [Applause] where's Campbell sets up hand it off to cannon defenses in the backfield Kane is going to turn the corner trend cannon goes for six y'all performer young American put another playing the highlight read second down a long one yard to go put it in 25s and let him do the rest get a leave watch their little clique block by Campbell here we go is will be insulted you you get them camera leaps right there gets up touchdown old man collides with the defender keeps on going ran into Ray Lewis the third there the p80 is away and it is good Union look too much time on the clock if penalties helped out and that guy number 25 tripping Canon makes him pay pearling is way in for the score and Virginia State will head into the locker room 28:17 leaders what's the third knew what to do you see a man like that jump and we knew we could catch but we didn't know he could fly Trojans flying hook separation Saturday I'm not half time on the way out in front 28:17 half time Virginia Union Virginia State the trucker's lead the Panthers 28:17 in Petersburg Virginia the possibility of winning this game and going to the CI double-a championship next week with me with me dr. King Lucas and it just so happens that v uu has 155 44 9 that is our record and another thing that people don't remember a note in the history to see I devil a Virginia Union's one of the founding schools up CI double life that's right Virginia Union has been a founding member of many organizations that has sported supportive HBCUs over the years a uniting of college funk football we know about know about Dave basketball basketball and what about what your women's program is during the last couple of years women's basketball is number two ranked in the nation this year how we're excited about a championship season that's coming the men's team they are fantastic look out for them keep watching we're excited Stan dr. Lucas hornier we are a caring committed institution and we will do everything in our power to make sure they succeed in the classroom and in the world of life [Music] now coming up next we will meet the graduates from the ATL in today's episode dr. Lucas don't leave but Jarrett discusses a different corporate America and entrepreneurs you know will be about that in America and I and the entrepreneurs Ashley Anaya look for some office space and Berto can't forget about merge so he works to mentor kids all new the original the graduates ATM guess what is coming up next [Music] getting things going in the ATM that's what the graduates are doing is we take a look at the Trojan explosion stay with us more second half highlights interviews a whole lot more Virginia State a Virginia she's nationally recognized welcome back to Roger Stadium we are after half after a late touchdown by trenton cannon Virginia State out in front 28 to 17 as our halftime festivities continues we welcome you back up here to a booth um Scott for Swan skiing you're not far away you're able to see what food line is able to do not only with CI double-a schools but in the community at large a little bit more about what food line does and with the communities in general because there's a lot going on what the community especially the community we have to have that partnership in that partnership we we also sponsor adult food pantries we also sponsor especially up we have force yet front leading Virginia Union our score 28 to 17 a Trojan explosion coming off the field right now more on the way here at the half that's mean mug I love Trojan explosion I've got dr. McCulloh McCullough Abdullah the president Virginia State University man I love it you see how serious they are about their great kids duel it's always good to see you thank you something mortgage in Union and Virginia State gee this halftime is brought to you by Food Lion count on food line to bring you fresh and affordable together in one place with a double your money back fresh guarantee Food Lion how refreshing [Music] 28:17 Virginia State out in front of Virginia Union as we get set to start the third quarter of it let's take a look back at our first half highlights and Union got it done through the air if you like highlights I got some big plays for you we told you this was an explosive team Joshua Harris to take nearly hit touchdown from Gus stop escapes and watch this get a little push off to your little separation but a nice catch by dog net made it 1414 to play fake the read option whatever you want to call it the influence the Canon has gets cooking the end zone here and then there's a toss and watch this little halfback option old school football Joshua Harris player win touchdown touchdown PSU the young cook who's had a nice football game so far running the ball seven carries 45 yards gets his second touchdown and then the high-flying death-defying Trenton Canon coming into the living room right now touchdown just before the half Virginia State's got the 2817 leaves and as you break down the first half statistics rushing yards Virginia State with 120 yards on the ground keep in mind Virginia Union gives up about 160 or 158 or so as a team and so Virginia statement could be successful I think they have to continue running rushing the football and Union has really been able to strike through the air and we saw some of those highlights their penalties penalties penalties have been a big story here in the first half both teams have have really hurt themselves at times especially for Jinni Union with some personal fouls so we'll start the third remember that virginia state elected to defer to the second half and so they'll have it to start things up and bullying his way up the middle as Carlton Campbell should be good field position here for the Trojan is to start things off Virginia Union eighth penalties in the first half for 64 yards Virginia state's seven peyote's five yards and don't forget about the table who was ejected from the ballgame for throwing a punch so from their own 40 the Trojans will have it to start things off in this Virginia Union defense gave up that last touchdown that was a minute one or so two seconds on the clock when Virginia State took over and they're deep in their own territory aided by penalties they go down get the big touchdown two and a half and thus this 2817 lead and they'll begin the third by handing it off to who else but cannon and he just keeps turning and turning down to about the 45 yard line 11 rushes 54 yards two touchdowns just before the half for cannon used him in the backfield a couple of times two catches this a variety of ways to try to get the football in his hands and just get a feeling he's gonna break one pretty soon picks up four on that first down carry one more time to cannon over the right side and the Panther defense is there and they think there's a fumble and they have it and can and coughed it up and the Panthers get the turnover you need a big blade want a Morton's going to come up with the recovery cannons only had two fumbles going into this afternoon you need a big play to get to half carry that ball just a little bit loose and it says right there see the elbow gets out defensive back that's Carl Calhoun we saw he and Kenan pushing the seven early in the ballgame Calhoun kinda gets the influence and the ball is recovered by Morton and here we go Virginia Union getting the first big break of the second half looks like who stripped it away and then Morton cleaned it up and you remember the way the first half started it was Virginia Union with all the mistakes the block punt and the fumble and now to start off the second half maybe the tide has turned as it's the Trojans that have put it on the deck here it's a ball on the 45 yard line in Trojan territory reverse flea-flicker give it back now throw it through the air and it's Baker churning forward all the way down to the 30-yard line for five guys touch the football before it goes to Baker and a first down Scott a great play by the offensive Virginia Union just loaded trickeration we told you expect anything in a game like this there's a toss flip back again get it back to the quarterback there's really just a short screen pass but it doesn't it moves everybody scrambles a defense you get a guy that can make a play in the open space Aaron Baker nice first down to the air is Taylor line drives one and the pass deflected away by shiki Peter's intended for Danes going down the sideline Junior Union who likes to go vertically like to send those wide receivers one under a second one down the sideline and you as a defensive back has got to make sure you've got the great angle to get the interception get the deflection er make the tackle good defensive work that time by Peters second and tenth from the 30 off the turnover Panthers and Trojan territory Taylor will hand it off and Lakes is in the backfield to bring down Baker [Music] Brandon Lynch you've got to be very aggressive and we say for both teams you've got to be shrewd tacklers comes off the edge makes the tackle his ninth tackle of the afternoons having a solid ballgame in a solid season telling Marshall there to help him out as well and a loss of three on the play boy this would be a big hold for the Trojan defense if they can get one here after the turnover Taylor gonna air it out it's got a man can he run under it yes it can touchdown Gustavus James put on the Speedwell time and a touchdown for the Panthers [Applause] and an absolute perfect pass thrown this time by Taylor the Dames heat post he knows he's gonna get hit since it right to the post he tried to take away the inside route you can't do this the right receivers are too quick if Virginia Union Dame's matched in man coverage that's gonna be the easy win if the ball can get there it does give him 6 from 32 yards out his second touchdown reception of the game for dames and now Virginia Union is going to go for two I feel like they've got a strong enough kicker that if it's a three-point game and went in he can get it tie it maybe take Lee later on we'll see fakers in the backfield they'll fake it to him throw it out the flat to the big six for 330 the junior from Baltimore they've been working on this all week long called for Jewish state napping keep your eye on the big fella he's tackled elgible runs to the red side you can do about it just get out of the way he'll touch a bruise watch this again that was the touchdown pass to Dave's a moment ago and you saw that Taylor stayed in there as long as he possibly can and delivered an absolute strike they've been working a lot on Dante Bruce and also Peters dead time Peters got caught looking inside a little bit but not enough it was beat deep and put sham dude we've got the Sham dude halls catch a moment ago and then we've got the Trenton Kent and flying on the Acrobat I'm telling you what and it's only 8:30 no way we've got a lot more time left to go time to give me time gets a big conference save you Bradford I love it tell you what now not only is the two-point conversion work but what that does on the sidelines too in terms of morale exact momentum it unmeasurable right now for Virginia Union is a slide high off the turnover and the fumble by that guy Trenton cannon they'll kick it away deep into the end zone cannons got it you know we wanted to bring it out but wisely he'll take a knee so the touchdown the Danes the two-point conversion and it's a one score ballgame chicken-cannon very rarely makes a mistake with the ball on the ground Virginia Union able to capitalize it so they took away the momentum as you mentioned they got that advantage from the kickoff and nail nails Virginia State they've kind of executed you can't you can't have penalties you can't have motion they've got to put together a good Drive because all the momentum is going for the team in Richmond didn't take them long either just over a minute to get that touchdown off the turnover so here we go first and 10 from the 20 rook takes the handoff goes to the air wants to find a man across the balloon thing he's got it and down deep inside union territory Zachary Parker okay here we go here we go down outside coverage man-to-man there's a play fake inside they've had a lot of success with the fake and then that gets you a world one coverage a nice pass to exactly Parker 40 yards on the pickup incomplete as they try to hook up with TRACON Reed and so second and ten from the 40 and after you have that big play to get you some momentum you've got to make certain if you're Virginia State if you continue to do all the little things to move the football down the field you can't necessarily you'd like the home run play but but Reggie Barlow knows we're in for a fight right now so we've got to do all the little things correctly [Applause] cook takes a peek over to the sidelines and he'll come up reset the play five on the play clock play clocks going down to two and one just gets it away bobbles the snap and it's just gonna wisely throw it away time is totally disrupted off the snap and third and ten now forked arrow cook that's the third time my account maybe even four where they've had a bad snap out of the shotgun cook very fortunate able to recover just throws that ball out of bounds so third and ten now from the 40 the state for evading third down conversions in the first half [Applause] the same cannon in motion will check off that now tries to elude the rusty given that it goes down sack behind the line of scrimmage marquise Fairchild a junior from Fort Lauderdale Florida into the backfield well that was the time where they thought that he could escape that of cook but not able to do that 21 guys this season have come up with the 28 sacks for this Virginia Union football team they've got over 50 tackles for losses chased him down great example though helps with my French he brings it down Brandon Thorpe comes in cleans it up pawn is away and handled at the 10 and a fair catch there by Kelly and we will take a timeout 12:07 to play here in the third and Virginia Union will have it Darius Taylor will bring the offense out when we come back no no pick Oh [Music] all right let's take a look around the league here today and a number of key matchups of course we're following the ones in the southern division Johnson C Smith over Livingstone 2714 winston-salem State and Fayetteville State in a real tussle in the 4th of course earlier today Saint agustín's defeated Shaw and so if Fayetteville State can come back right did Fayetteville State with Weber State wins then 8 then they go if Fayetteville State loses st. Augusta goes they've never been in simple ball championship who is state's gonna be 91 and they're gonna be staying at home if Virginia State holds on to the win coming together years Murray State has had their play but if boys but if Virginia Union beats Virginia State who he goes because of the the matchup we had to head between those two no no there's a three-way tie and then they go by some point differential there they really will blow your mind the bottom line for Virginia Union they got winning by more than 18 points this it gets complicated so it stopped CID done but look if you keep me out on the South because it could be a new team playing other day well it will be well you know this is what you want you want to go down to the last regular season game of the season on both sides to decide who will be playing for a CI double-a championship next week in Salem Virginia the Virginia unions just plain nasty right now they've just decided to make this a battle and they're playing to the echoes of whistle as they say watch this dive inside if they've had a little success this afternoon out of the Wildcat formation trying to get the ball in Taylor's hands and watch it you need to play see steel grinding and they're still trying to block 1 2 yards down the field the Panthers on the prowl pickup of seven second and three from the 31 Taylor back in the game he'll take the snap clicking near side and pass looks like Michael Harris swatted it down so third and three now yeah Michael Lyon Michael Harris plays one was inside linebacker spots solid senior got his hand couldn't get the rush get your hand up and make the deflection Harris lynched and sextant linebacking core as good as you will find in the conference and looking to try to get another stop here on a third and short Taylor a quick hit across the middle first down for the Panthers down near the 40-yard line is Jewison Dawkins another one of those players out of Florida is out of Fort Lauderdale they do just a great job of getting off the line of scrimmage getting separation from the defensive back and he needed three yards got about six a little easy slant route put the ball in the thirty nine and a rush rail rushing attempt by Taylor tucks it under Scott what are you seeing you've seen them win the battle of the line of scrimmage giving Taylor some opportunities to look over to defense and find receivers also they're having some success on first and second down so if you're are in a third down situation it's a third down into three something very manageable remember reeling the ballgame they were faced with a lot of third eights and nines and plus you know what the discussion is down there waiting for the ball to be in play there we go got it set and we'll call it second down from about the 44 43 yard line to the air goes Taylor once they air it out one more time to Gaines can he run under this one just couldn't get it he's been able to run under the football on to pass completions for touchdowns but that one even a little too far for the speedy deems boy he has got some Jets and gets behind the defense doesn't take but a second though plenty of time by Taylor steps in the pocket ed time not much pressured in he thought he had six he thought he had six well third and six now do you come with the Blitz [Applause] both on offense number one five-yard penalty we might throw down and I'll go against Kelly back him up another five you've seen a lot of these a lot of false starts off offsides on both sides of what you would normally say a play discipline football but I don't know it's no excuse on the offense because you know two snap count so you know when to go defensive gotta react on the football sometimes we get influenced by sound but you know snap count third and 11 but back him up to the 38 Taylor to the air and is it caught no Nell don't say out-of-bounds and incomplete Mackenzie trying to haul that one in and that should bring on the punting unit here for the Panthers Suns yeah for either team of Vincent Park and coming together a nice job there a planing coverage and not letting defensive receiving the receiver get outside forced him inside and Fritzing out of bounds was good coverage that time and so now the kicking game has been special this afternoon only the second punt of the day for Russell balance pressure comes and that might have been partially blocked also but it will take a Virginia you canyon roll and get down to about the 25-yard line and so for Jinni stayed we'll have it when we come back 9:40 left to play in the third trojans clinging to a 28 25 do you all wait well let's look at our coca-cola CI double-a Conference standings and looking in the southern division and these are updated with st. augustine's winning earlier today at five and two overall and keep in mind again Fayetteville State at winston-salem State playing right now st. Augustus is destroyed of a tie for the CI double-a championship Fayetteville State win Fayetteville State will go because they beat them in the head-to-head football games a Fayetteville State lost leaves winston-salem State at home and st. Augusta is the mighty Falcons let's go to the championship to the free they beat Saint all Fable State beat them 34 31 the week after st. Augustus beat Winston Sims I guess I was like Toby 21st so anyway you may know before we're off the air who the game metrics you don't matter he's come on to say them anyway somebody to tell you who to pull forward if your team's not there first and 10 from the 27 hand it off to Cannon hello and put the ball in the deck again but this time he's ruled down and second down coming up speaking of that free parking they've got tailgating the area's available in Salem a lot of good things going on vendors cannons kind of coming off the field limping just a little bit sound of hard afternoon but that's what you would expect when a rain back like that we ain't got pool two or three different ways ball came down made it come out soon you really got twisted dittany he limps off the fields on the sideline and will monitor his situation is pick up of three ball moved out to the 30 and now the whistle will come your may again yeah they didn't get the playoff five-dollar fee humane second out so we'll back it up to the 25-yard line those are count penalties if we'll just drive you crazy as a head coach Richard Bartlett looking on his second season [Applause] [Music] second and seven now forked arrow cook fakes the handoff to win he'll keep it himself and stays on his feet before he's finally wrestled down Michael Dobbins was there along with Stevenson and a host of Panther defenders Michael Dobbins number 99 had that recovery a moment ago so-called fumble this time he's a sure tackler came in on the season with ten tackles had a sack had a fumble recovery in a game to win against Lincoln a couple of weeks ago huge kids 6 to 285 only a freshman so we're talking about Virginia Union on the offensive side the ball they've got some young guys on the defensive side to go cost him half up in the next couple of years as well third and 10 from the 27 now cook to go to the air thinks he's got a man down the sideline and incomplete good coverage as the pass was intended for Christian harden and a receiver underneath and they tried to stretch the defense over the top went hard and harden the speedster that transferred into Virginia State from James Madison University just out his outstretched arms are getting good coverage by the defensive backs of Virginia Union deep coverage and you come over you got that safety in the middle that did not bite and so you get that pressure like that that was DeAndre Walker he comes over and gives extra support very difficult to get the ball in there no quiz to kick it away and a fair catch about the 37 yard line by Lavoisier Kelly and that is where the Panthers offense will have it Virginia State laid it at the half 2817 Trojans had it to start off the third Trenton Canon fumbled a rare occurrence and then Virginia Union took it in for a score on a 32 yard pass play from Taylor des Dames and then two-point conversion was good and that's where we stand here three point ballgame 7:45 to play in the third hand it off up the middle nowhere to go they'll bring up second down and after the fireworks we spawn the first half stamped in the first quarter things have settled down a little bit Eric Caldwell in the game for a play he'll sub Alice Taylor comes back in yeah Virginia State just hasn't looked the same after that second play and the fumble by cannon I'm looking at cannon now on the sidelines and he's gingerly kind of walk off whatever lower leg injury it appeared that he had so we got to see there's no there's no bounce right in there this is the first time I've seen that you've known stagnant bitch I'm just kind of watching like okay what's going on ACC Canon be a shame if you couldn't get out and play win lose or draw so tremendous athlete pass incomplete as Taylor [Music] trying to hook up with Gustavus Dame's and a third and nine now coming up trying to get dames up the sideline little wheel action starting him out of the backfield run him up around the boundary see if you can get him locked up you know usually you're gonna have him either man coverage or a man with a backer let his speed that ball is a little bit too high Taylor's got time comes near side to dames and he is met right away doesn't go down and then body slam that will be a personal foul and Dames is slow to get up Wow James gets away in this leaf from Shiki Peters and then the guy that we talked about is a big hitter that's gonna be Malik Sexton Sexton comes in and puts the body slender suplex on and he looked like you went WWF yeah look to good use isn't hurt yeah they're gonna pin him for 15 yards for unnecessary roughness all right k right there and then there you got him and your brain down when you slam him right there it looks good on the highlight film you hope the players okay and it's gonna cost you 15 yeah but unnecessary right there had to stop right there yeah you can't do that just power drove him over his shoulder backwards James was initially grabbing his knee but you know it looked like he came down on his head and shoulders we've already had one player tossed from the game for a punch and the leek sexton pleading his case with his coaching staff but when they look at this you'll see why hate to see this right now but Gustavus Dame's being helped off the field man at best nut that's not good that's not good at all that's not good and put any weight on that left leg and they're just gonna carry him off Dame's with two touchdown receptions unnecessary 15 awesome into the run automatic first down so Dame's helped off the field think he said 14 Lynch right I think should have been c6 should have been 16 right yeah but Gustavus Dame's who have two touchdown receptions on the on the game has made a living getting into the backfield against the second area of Virginia's state that's a big blow and you hope the man's okay yes that's for sure Mark James you know just got this hell upset yeah this is the first time really other than the FIR Dania Virginia State winston-salem game which went overtime the buoy game was a challenge where they really been challenged right now and how they're gonna respond well they'll go deep again down the sidelines and in and out of the hands of OCA Kelly but Kelly had his man be defending was Shekinah Peters [Music] you won't ask for a prettier pass didn't this play right here I mean that skill he's gotta watch that his hands and he just doesn't do it had a shot at it went for the home run after the penalty and now Taylor on a second and ten from the 45 up Virginia State gotta watch said Ian goes underneath short screen dancing and prancing around his Aaron Baker forced oh and should have picked up a first down I think his momentum will carry him forward Baker goes to 30 the biased tailor goes to 50 they've got a lot of got a meat coming out of that bowling ball is running down he'll get a lot of speed catch the ball foul you blocked a nice little block at the top and didn't use the t guy make the play quick play as they get up to the line of scrimmage here's Tobias Taylor brought down hurry Johnson was 61 he's down nambas waited the key block a second ago for Tobias on them on a screen pass kills about 265 270 we knew they'd be hitting out there did you know the play you know okay you know you'd like to play earlier about sexually you didn't like the results you hope dams is gonna be okay we get that but you know these two teams are gonna be emotional their plan for a lot on a lot irrespective the plan for possible division championship and a chance to go to Salem but right now Virginia's States being hit in the mouth and they're not really responding Reggie Barlow sent a lot of ball games got a Super Bowl ring with Tampa Bay he understands this kind of ballgame second and six underneath another short screen and it's Kelley out of bounds inside the 20 and so with Dame's out Daria's Taylor look in the direction of lavoisier Kelly here a couple times they've done a great job with the underneath routes and the intermediate routes trying to get their wide receivers in open space very very patient by Taylor wait for the play to develop gets the ball in lavash me and Kelly close to the first actually got the first he picked up a first down Taylor it's got all kinds of time and now nowhere to go some pressure coming in and Lert Lee just throws that one out of bounds 526 left to play here in the third and Mark James's group looking to tie or maybe take the lead here deep inside Trojan territory [Applause] so second and 10 from the 20 and nearly coughing it up another miscue this time with Darius Taylor and he just hops on the football I'm gonna bring up third down Scotty P a crackpot staff and our guys in the truck Wade taking us to the heights that we never thought we could go tails me that Fayetteville State knocked off winston-salem State 23:22 so that means that families Bronco represent the south congratulations to Richard Hayes and crew they haven't been to the championship since 2009 I believe it was when they played they did big play boom that's right yeah third and 14 and a first down Chaston Mackenzie with his fifth touchdown of the year and this one puts the Panthers out in front [Applause] Chesson McKenzie the senior crossing routes not there you take him down the sideline the strength there breaks one tackle smells the endzone takes the defender in gets in the end zone Virginia Union with 444 takes the lead p80 is away and good ten plays 63 yards on the score and the first lead of the game for Virginia Union as they go out in front 31 28 it was tailored to McKenzie and that is the difference here so far great pass again one of the things we've seen in the second half is Taylor's had a lot of time to throw the football find a way Virginia Union takes the lead they said we're gonna take it to save them 125 years of black college football come watch two of the best teams in college football go head-to-head in gridiron action 2017 see I double a championship Saturday November 11th Salem football stadium in Salem forging parking is free tailgaters are welcome 2017 CI double-a football championship Saturday November 11 Salem football state is it the CIA comm schedule and ticket information well we're all pointing towards next weekend November 11th in Salem Virginia the 2017 CI double-a football championship get your tickets now we should go to CIBC i double-a calm for all the information that you're looking for and right now we've got one side of the bracket figured out well I'll bet your agent Ferguson is working his tail off right now with a big smile put a smile on his face the SSID down at Fayetteville State dr. Anderson they're celebrating 50 years I believe [Music] [Music] [Applause] watch's ago [Applause] [Music] any state you travel for the first time this afternoon your start running back Canon was shaken up on the previous offensive possession you need something good to happen right now something momentum wise to go in your favor where is it going to come from you see if canon can get them in the field he's back out there that's the first that's the first bit of good news the second bit of good news is that now you've got time so we're gonna find out a lot about the Trojans on this Drive trailing 32 28 handed off to Zachary Parker not a whole lot of Running Room [Music] Nikko Johnson in the game at quarterback for the first time for Virginia State intend to play Johnson a series of two each game he remember Nikko Johnson the the most valuable player a few years ago in 2014 when Virginia State won their CI double-a championship over winston-salem State [Applause] guys calm down I made a big play by talking about right here sterling Hamlin's that fireball comes no man here pick up of one you'll have to pick it up and just hurls it away and it has been an adventure on some of the snaps here most of them have been low that one was high and long Johnson alertly just runs it down calmly picks it up and throws it away wide left to with the ball Johnson smartly throws without a bound outside the tackle box barely would past the line of scrimmage so there's no intentional grounding third down nine for a big third and nine you do not want to go out on the three and out if you're Virginia State and let Union have the ball right back send Parker in motion now Johnson look in the direction of cannon comes back to the middle to win and he is wrapped up and pushed down at about the 25 yard line Wow stop perfectly executed defensively Carl Calhoun that senior from Sanford Florida leading the way they influence again wood cannon to the outside watch Ken and take off they move to defense down his way fake to him and then they're trying to set up the screen inside the wind but can't let the cat Leone in the rest of the guy are not having anything to do with that big-time tackle as we come back another penalty flag [Applause] both start I'll take number 29 boom a fault out back them up another five [Music] Matthew hillquist drop the snap again ball is loose line drive kick goes right into the hands of sterling heaven and he scores are you kidding me Scott the more you watch football the stranger things become he'll Chris has more time than he thought he had pick it up and just easily kicks and kicks it right into the hands of sterling Hammond oh man how is this game changed watch this it's the block he's got he's got some time holy moly believable right into the hands of sterling Hammond and yeah you better believe they are bouncing around on the Panthers sideline right now I mean I have never seen anything like that before one of the things and talking to some of the coaches [Applause] celebration two guys are out there on the field they're excited they'd never seen their we hadn't seen a play like then but look they talked about I was talking to some of the coaches before the ball game they were talking about hey you know we're gonna we're gonna battle for 60 minutes and and you know Tremaine Watson the Titian's coach and I were talking and you know coach Morgan and and they just say you know this is just who we are this Roger stadium crowd is quiet t-80 is good and boy has this game completely turned around 39 28 here with 3:38 to go okay there's a snap nothing really bad with that hillquist doesn't do a good job feeling it now but you've got time you've got time and he just kicks it and just guilty you know it's kicked not looking in Hammond says thank you very much Christmas about six weeks early for me take it you do not have to wrap the gift Wow you couldn't have thrown the ball to could not have been at the better place so to the 110 222 unanswered points for Virginia Union and they lead it by 11 what was that mark of how many points they had to win by 18 18 plus 3 38 to go all smiles on the Union side line and football is a game of momentum no doubt about it seemed like for Jimmy State had it all really at halftime certainly Hammond will not forget this day man hey momentum squarely on the shoulders of virginity Union right now these are too proud institutions we talked about it they've got a history we've got Championships one's got ten one's got eleven they've had guys that go to the NFL that they understand was about as strong academically there's nothing that you can't like about Virginia Union Virginia state individually or collectively and then these two teams the Battle of i-95 happens a day in Petersburg with all the marbles on the line you're going to get strange and bizarre we've had it this afternoon well they back him up on the kickoff and a line driver to Cannon and he's up the middle cannon spinning deep into for Jimmy Union Territory exactly what the Trojans need and still some yapping going on after the play so the unsportsmanlike penalty proves costly and it helps out the Trojans here there's canon steel doesn't look like he's in full gauge but the leader in all-purpose yards in the n-c-double-a has a big game steal third 330 and another quarter a lot of time left to go but now you know we sit on that drive money when we found out about Virginia State well if we don't know nail we're not ever gonna find out Nikko Johnson back in at quarterback cannon set there right beside him Parker is in motion hand it off to Cannon and nowhere to go another flag on the play as the Panthers defense I think that has amazing Austral Harris Scott went in motion but kind of moved toward the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped similar to what happened on canons big play before halftime but by indication of Virginia State looks like it might be on the Union [Applause] perfect kevin phillips moon linebacker love the guy from guess weird Florida from Miami Virginia Union 23 players from the state of Florida Reggie Barlow has really tapped into Virginia in the state of Virginia I think he's got like 55 over 72 from in-state and it has worked for both programs but a first and five now from the 39 and Trojan offense has struggled to get things going here in the second half to the air and there's a first down and complete to Stubblefield lease done full had a big catch early in the first half comes up at the slant route get a little enthusiasm out of this Rogers Stadium crowd nicolejohnson puts a rope did gets hit by stomach filled leads for it picks up another yard and another air at snap Johnson's going to pick it up and is dropped down back at the 35 yard line man carl calhoun was into the backfield Mike Johnson just might have took his eyes off of it yep but the snap was a little low and why he just you know you got it you got a guy over you you got to concentrate and see what's going on back him up to the 34 and a loss of 9 on the play Johnson hand it off to Cannon really turning working hard for everything you can get and picks up about four hard-earned yards and it'll bring up third down Virginia State offense here in the second half with three straight punts after only punting one time in the first half alone and they've got good field position and trying to take advantage here on this trip but 15 to pick up here to get a first down crowd trying to get into it here in Rogers Stadium trying to get their team's flag down going in another flag yeah comes down [Applause] file on one deep in Babi Yar drunken name throwdown remember there was a sideline warning area in this earlier in this football game on for Jimmy Union this is when you got to have a get back coach and you got to have a good one [Applause] 3928 have 130 left in the third johnson fakes right comes back left and nothing doing for Joshua Harris it's almost like they're inside the playbook they have jumped on every inside screen not really giving any time you've got some wide receivers for Virginia State they can make some plays and Niko Johnson is trying to step in there make a strong throw but hey Joshua Harris can't get anywhere the Virginia Union defenses like amped it up another level now fourth and nine and the Trojans will go for it I think this is a good idea remember for the nine get the first down if you can Virginia state you needle being in the prevent their main rush three here now to get to about the 15-yard line here's Niko Johnson they do rolling out here comes the heat fires are Lockett and is it caught complete right at the first down marker is Zachary Parker boy that was a rocket by Johnson Niko Johnson's known to have a strong arm gets rushed out of the pocket there steps up under pressure that's a good catch right got they would know exactly how many how much he needed with Zachary Parker quick snap will go the air and incomplete try to go to Joshua Harris it will bring up second down Vernon Davis may have gotten away with one there and I'm not saying pass interference possible be a hole there but you got to play through that good defensive coverage by Virginia Union take a look at the top of your screen three versus 9 [Music] contact occurred before we actually saw it but that's what you can't do you see what you see that little subtle move right there by Davis to stand over the receiver can't do something like that in the game like this even though he wasn't intended to him second down from the 15 Niko Johnson calls his own number might have picked up one and then here comes another penalty flag [Applause] [Music] Niko Johnson lost his shoe [Music] it has been one flag after another disaster noon hazard flags in the parade after this good ago automatic first down give it to Tevin Gordon and yet another personal foul let this see here [Music] okay oh yeah okay see comes at the end of the play c-13 come with the end of the play second and one from the six and cordero cook is back in the game he'll hand it off over the left side and third down coming and that should do it for the third quarter here in Rogers Stadium it has been all Virginia Union here in the second half as they lead at 39 28 but the Trojans are driving here as we get set to start the fourth Panthers have been on a roll but the Trojans are coming hard Adam the fourth quarter is coming up after this see I double a football is brought to you by McDonald's the one place that will always be your place Mickey D's follow at 365 black on Twitter by Food Lion Kalin food line to bring you fresh and affordable together in one place with a double your money back fresh guarantee Food Lion how refreshing by coca-cola grab a nice cold coca-cola and taste the feeling nationwide as the official insurance and financial services partner of the CIL a nationwide is on your side and by Toyota let's go places proud sponsors of the CI double-a Trojan explosion looking for an explosion on the field as we start the fourth year and Virginia State driving deep into Virginia Union Territory fall on the six-second and for only the first time also second time that virginia state's been behind to begin the fourth quarter down 27:19 one in overtime over winston-salem State the Daryl cook will fake the handoff looking for a man thinks he's got him dead he does touchdown Trojans Joshua Harris from 6 yards out [Applause] cook takes his time gets outside containment structure owes a strike Harris gets lowered and low perfectly boom ball gets there protects it pitches in the end zone there's orange in there end zone so Coderre cook has run for a couple now he tosses one through the air and the Trojans will go for two trying to make this a one possession score they'll go underneath on the shovel play the cannon and nothing doing there as the Union defense wraps him up so we'll stay at 39 34 is Joshua Harris with that touchdown his fourth of the season capping off an eighth play 44 yard drive he's lasted almost three minutes and 40 seconds and Harris the junior has been a threat all season long and he gets the big chain in the sword now on the sidelines we watching this game and I got a sick and I don't forget this you know the trails Scott won the last championship here at Virginia State a couple years ago he left to go to Norfolk State and sadly the Norfolk State family was hit with tragedy this past week Nicole my Nicholas at least while student athlete a freshman for Norfolk State was tragically killed the football player there went Freeman high school here then a Rico County right near release day in Richmond area and I just want to send our thoughts and prayers to not only the Norfolk State family but definitely to the ACMA's family just in the necessary situation its murdered was on the football team a good young man from all I understand about him but just with Virginia state and Norfolk State being sister schools and rivals and with trail being here and then there just want to throw out our thoughts and prayers to the family there and the big big family all the way I mean that's just just tragedy Nicholas Jerome a keys they rest in peace so 1449 to go here in the ballgame and union out in front 39:34 Panthers will come back out on the field offensively scored 22 unanswered points to take the lead and now it's up to the Trojans defense to get a stop something they really haven't been able to do here in the south a bit Wildcat formation for the Panthers that's Tobias Taylor looks like he wants to throw this one's gonna air it out put some heat on it and rock it up shy of the 30-yard line Shaheen Peters was back defensively on Chas did McKenzie that's a very difficult matchup because we've seen the speed of McKenzie to the outside that's a nice throw there inside technique at the last second when you see the receiver put his hands up get yours up there too and get him between them if you can great job in time by Sir Ken Peters coach Dean's gotta be very excited about that pretty well defensive coaches second and ten and they'll leave Taylor in [Applause] take the hand off teyla we'll keep it over the right side keeps those legs moving forward no one's gonna bring him down until he gets that first down type is tagged Taylor from Hopewell Virginia in the area bounces outside their 6th and gets rid of him bounces off another guy boom boom four different guys made contact with Taylor before they brought him down Curtis Brooks one of those guys first and ten from the 37 you surprised they're putting Taylor in now as well as offense we zoom runner you will move the clock he's getting you positive yards certainly is comes over the right side again now across the 40 a different different look for the Virginia State defense to have to worry about here and that clock turning away as you mentioned he came in carrying the ball 43 times for a 335 it had the two touchdowns we mentioned it had a 93 yard run early in the season against Newberry but they like what he can do in between the tackles has got the speed to bounce to the outside but he can obviously say he's not gonna spray away from any physical contact oh he's not second and six and Darius Taylor will come back in at quarterback he's in the shotgun fall out there 41 come some pressure drops it off and complete - Aaron Baker since about midway in the second for Virginia unions done a really nice job of keeping Virginia state off balance different formations a lot of line motion shifts getting guys that you wouldn't think in in position to catch the ball getting receivers a nice little screen pass they're close to and enough for the first day that's Aaron Baker ball mark right smack at midfield balls loose it's on the ground and Baker just falls on it so many times you'll see a player try to pick it up and make something happen but Aaron Baker alertly just hops on it a bunch formation left a little toss the ball just gets a little high gets away but smartly Baker just is okay right and just get the football followed and live to play another day loss of 12 on the play push the for jigna Union offense back to their own 38 Taylor will go to the air flushed out of the pocket drop it off underneath and completing out of bounds at about the 45 yard line his lavoisier Kelly Scott you see an example on the run that wasn't really pure run-pass option the RPO but you get a great example taylor rolls out to his left and you've got to respect the fact that he's gonna try to run the ball so you defensive backs linebackers try to close and he's got enough time and finds a wide receiver just floats it there you get it and you make someplace and you got a guy like Dave I mean like Kelly who's got great speed you can't come closing too quick he gets right by you makes this third down easy third down in five and say step down at the 45 they'll go the air and a little too much heat on that one and fourth down coming out of the hands of Jaden Rivas they had Rivas exactly what he wanted a quick wide receiver against an inside player you like the safety that time Curtis Brooks Khan's have come up in coverage and a few times Darius Taylor has not been on his mark and that will bring on the punting unit Taylor's had a really nice ball game pointing to the beginning of this court at 22 or 37 the one interception had 385 yards and five touchdowns early in the year against Fayetteville State fun yeah another high snap Russell balance gets this one away and roll inside the 5-yard line and that is where Virginia State will take over trailing 39:34 11:36 left to play in this one let the Panther faithful that have made the trip have a lot to smile and joke about right now the defense will look for a stop here as Virginia State out on the field Hill here next well like most huge well we're all pointing towards the championship next weekend in Salem Virginia Salem football stadium November 11th we'll be there and we're waiting to see who's coming with us you know the state will be there and the Northern Division still yet to be decided the Trojans can get their control their own destiny here today but they find themselves trailing 39:34 congratulations that isn't the Fayetteville State because they lost like three out of their first four ballgames and I saw him I saw a half of their game against Bowie and I didn't need to see the other half for that one so that's great that's really good for them [Music] good positive yardage on first down to get away from the end zone will bring up second down here for the Trojans you don't have to be in a big rush right now from Virginia State touchdowns going to give them the lead but you've got to have a penalty free sustainable Drive two three four five yards of pop blare win Trenton cannon both in the backfield along with coderre cook second and five from the eight handed off the cannon he'll cut it back and out across the 10 yard line cannons probably got finished over a hundred yards a day but he will have earned those it's not the beam he gave me this afternoon Virginia unions had a great defensive scheme against him and the thing that I have been pressed by years that they've been sure tacklers well one guy hits them a second guys right there they were taking his legs legally taking his legs for him not letting him drive and break away from extra yards gets across the 12 they'll spot out at the 13 so first down now for Virginia State one more time to Cannon trying to turn the corner and as has been all afternoon long but put this one on the deck again Virginia Union defense has been there but they'll rule him down first it's the second time that Cannon has lost it after hitting the deck and of course fumble to start off the third take a look at and I wanted to make sure this is the right player but I think it's gonna be Vernon Davis number three for Virginia Union and he's gonna come out of his defensive spot and really just set the edge and force cannon to come inside he comes inside he's got defensive he'll loss of two on the play back him up to the 11 Parker in motion cooks gonna keep it cuts back one more time and down close to the 20-yard line there was nothing easy about rushing the football against this Virginia Union defense no no we knew they were one of the better rush defenses in the CI EE we told you they were giving up only about 150 yards a little per ballgame Virginia Union with Virginia State was having over 250 third and long - the air goes intercepted and Virginia Union forces the turnover Cortez brace dot EP haven't called his name very much this season this afternoon anyway a freshman from guess where Papa no Beach Florida and I don't think that cook ever saw him he's just sitting in the short zone ball goes right in his hands and his crowd at Rogers Stadium [Applause] Virginia State jumped on Virginia Union to start this game let it 14 to nothing midway through the first quarter but the Panthers have hung around they lead it 39 34 and they want more Taylor right away to the air and incomplete try to hook up with Kelly and the pass broken up thought Deonte bruce may have gotten there a little too soon hard to tell on that play but nevertheless a nice throw inside the what Virginia State's done a really nice job as they've worked there there work the defenders outside the end so they're getting some space away this ball just a bit in the throw and maybe he timed it perfectly almost came up with a wait a minute here not so sure we come back live hand it off up the middle short pickup will bring up third down short game by Baker 902 remaining and Counting as Baker will run off the field Tobias Taylor comes in [Applause] and a third and ten from the 18th Union taking their time letting the clock move make sure you've got this call correctly on third down and eight nine play clock at five and under and for Jenny Union we'll call timeout on this third and ten from the 18 March James in his fourth season at the helm Virginia Union wants to talk it over what a job he's done first year went seven and three the winning his first year head coach at Virginia Union and he's trying to get his team back in the win column here against his chief rival for jigna state here this afternoon Union will huddle up we'll take a break and we'll come back here with 8:30 to left on the clock 8:30 to left to play in this one for Ginyard Union driving and leading 39 34 and here's a look at how things got going our coca-cola game summary and Coderre cook the couple of scores early on in the ballgame as Virginia State led at 14 to nothing the Panthers would go to the air as Taylor hooked up a couple times with James four scores and this has been a physical game unwise plays at times like that personal foul by Malik Sexton it has been a crazy game too is hillquist looking to pump this one away off the bobble snap goes right into the arms of the Virginia Union defender and ends up by the touchdown by sterling Hammond 22 unanswered points by Virginia Union at one point and they lead at 39:34 looking for more right now here on a third and 10 from the 18 yard line here's Taylor wanted to go to the air wrapped up and goes down up the middle it's Dione hairs the sophomore from Stafford Virginia big-time stop dead time for Virginia State take a look for your tailor thinks about running this side up when we bring it back and he can't go quick enough he's in the loving arms of Dionne hares his second sack of the season couldn't come at a bigger time so a 42-yard field goal attempt now [Applause] for Sousa kick his away line drive and no good wide to the left and the Trojan defense holds off the sack by Deon Harris to push him away one more look at the cook at the kick and just live beyond the upright the Trojan defense holes with 744 left to play and the crowds getting back into it now both sides sensing what a key drive this could be for the Trojans all just missed to it did from the 25 here's cook hands it off the cannon up the middle almost broke it free and brought down just shy of the 35 playing with a sense of urgency now 7:30 on the game clock buoy state is already won big today Boise State's pulling for on the who they pull it quick hitter out to Parker Parker trying to break free he's got a first down and brought down close to midfield football game the momentum of the motion right now that missed field go the big-time tackle by Deon Harris now Virginia State looks like they're trying to get on the move can the Panthers stop a swing pass get it after the one of your speedy receivers first down Trojans trying to get some rhythm and some quick rhythm to this offensive series with Todaro cook under center seven minutes left to play [Applause] cook will hand it off the cannon left side scooting free nothing easy this afternoon for the All Conference running back Trenton Canada because of the scoring margin if this game were to be in right now with a 39:34 margin the victory Bowie State would be the team that were represent to see I double-a North but we stayed beat Virginia Union Virginia Union if this game was stop right there with a beat Virginia State Virginia State beat Bowie so then they go with the the cumulative amount of points and a win in lost situation and their 18 point win would be greater than the 12 point loss second and six cooks going to keep it looking for some space got it over the right side and beyond the 40-yard line and a first down for the Trojans quicker pace cooker tempo mistake-free football now Virginia Union on their heels can they come up and make a play [Applause] both taking a peek over at the sidelines everyone on their feet on the Virginia State sideline now the bench is up you can feel the urgency in the stadium now under six minutes to play cooks going to keep it over the left side taking tacklers with them and down at about the 29 but did you see that the inside read everybody tries to stop kid and cook gets the outside and a little hesitation boots ball fate Deepika RPO who's able to pick up feeble yards first down for the Trojans quickly out to the flat it's Zachary Parker inside the 20 and Virginia Union defense now slow to get up this is the best drive Virginia stays had in a long long time quick path get it to a guy who can make a play nice block at the point of attack by one of your wide receivers Joshua Harris handing off to cannon up the middle and again positive yardage for Virginia State on every play this series the brine embrace Tigran is you hear coach Barlow talk about it and got Wade it right one of my producers him he's been talking about it thicker team say something about the other day timeout call by Union V State scores V State House on Wednesday load the championship who we might go who knows which is a unit knows going I'm gonna go on you could be there right next to you partner over to Bilka five minutes twenty seconds left to go things really heating up here in Rogers Stadium Trojans are on the move [Music] embrace the grind that's been the watchword all season long at Virginia State it's not gonna be easy it's gonna be for the field hard pace can you make a play are you gonna grind it out sixty minutes of football 365 days a year can I break down to a port right there but you know what I mean you got to make your play embracing the grind to fight this would be a grind in Virginia State to find yourselves down and somehow come away with the wind they started this Drive back on their own 25-yard line and Mark James has seen his defense be on the defensive moving backwards I guess you could say this series forced to call a timeout to try to regroup because Trojan offense has really been in a rhythm here pushing the ball all the way down to the nine yard line now so it is a first and goal I stopped by Mike Allen McKinney he need only has one timeout remaining remember they went for two did not get it so I need a touchdown to go out in front we think we get a dose of Trenton cannon here our cook remember cook on the keeper west for a score this afternoon is thrown for a couple as well [Applause] anytime all the play cop [Applause] so here's cook swings it out to cannon cannon dancing around and brought down and a loss of about two on the play bring up second and goal good job by Virginia Union smelling that play out you know you know that cannon is deadly on the swing pass on that little route 20 Lea's Thailand comes up and makes the tackle along with some Hill didn't like that play looked like it was too long and developing at the line of scrimmage may have been a check now situation nevertheless you've got to be as sure as your call and your execution [Applause] second down for cook he'll look scrambling under pressure drops it off underneath and incomplete running Davis again on the stop thrown and Davis does a really good job with just really manhandling Joshua Harris roll out get the ball inside Harris has it and then he just separates him from the flick ball nice tackle so third down [Applause] now for the Trojans 4:30 left to go in this one this is where rivalries are made of games like this this type of finish and a timeout at the VSU sideline running out on the field was coach Barlow he wants to make sure he's got the right play here down to 6 you almost feel like you're gonna go for a touchdown regardless I you know you think it's two down territory and you're kicking game they've used wood Hill quits now coming into the mix they've used three different kickers this year and and then just they may have strong legs and can do a lot of things but they just it concerns me if I were a Virginia State fan valenzuela's one out of five field goes so I just think that you've got to think about two plays to get in the end zone if I'm Virginia State if I'm Virginia Union you know yeah I got to defend everything I've got to defend Canon I got a remember Cooke and I've got receivers that may have matchup situations because of their size especially Christopher hard we had Christian art we haven't talked a lot about him he's a close about 65 and they'll use him out of the slot sometime number 17 same with your middle of your screen cannon in the backfield with cook on a third down Stubblefield in motion high snap they'll reverse it flip it back mrs. Stubblefield he wants to throw it looking for cook bat it away in the end zone so instead of going to one of their bread and butter plays the Trojans go to some trickery and the Union defense is there remember they ran a place similar to this in the game against Bowie State for a touchdown bringing Nikko Johnson in along with cook I like the idea of showing the fake he puts the ball under his arm like he's gonna run it and it pulls up at the last second but throws into coverage three white shirt Virginia Panthers down the cover it is so we got fourth down you got a lot of time to go in the ballgame but this is going to be huge for both teams sterling Haskell now stop sterling Hammond was not fooled on that play and here we go fourth down and a time out at the Panthers bench to talk this one over with forts one and one to play on the clock [Music] and the final timeout five Virginia Union remember about two years ago we were up here was of rain and river it rained the second half was just a downfall and um Virginia Union came back and won that ballgame down two touchdowns like 29 28 so I wouldn't expect any different I mean this is what this is what you do this is a bunch of ticket day one tickets bin punch that's Fayetteville State they're gonna head up for 21 and cut over to 220 I guess and you know go through Greensboro little Oldman played a 220 takes all the way up there went to Roanoke the center so they'll be there don't know really how do you get there from Bowie or from Virginia Union Virginia State somebody to tell them but 421 we're gonna have an idea Google has been working hard today to they got a double duty some other rules are here and some of them are going down to Norfolk State for the basketball scrimmage Norfolk State Virginia State that's what we hadn't seen blow will see him for 21 to go fourth down now forked arrow cook he's got cannon lining up beside him fake the handoff cooks got all kinds of time now the pressure comes his flushed out goes deep to the end zone and complete and the frige enya Union defense holds great coverage again to the outside I think that was Lois among others but there's a Virginia state I mean a Virginia Union play it is down contempt it was his shoulder his knee that's odd deandre Walter I think but take a look at this they rushed three you see they're too deep watching watching cook for Susan out of the pocket throws into coverage and he knows the big collision ball intended for Stubblefield maybe or maybe Harris and they were both there but there were a number of defenders as well including Walker and he's gonna hop up looks like he's okay and now Darius Taylor will come out on the field for this Virginia Union offense and leading 39:34 loaf with you have on the back of the uniforms family it's all about the team and here's a look at Taylor who is our player of the game and really he has fueled this vicious comeback for the Panthers he's been able to stand in the pocket take a lick thrown a couple touchdown passes and has been the heart and soul of this team here today when you needed a big play you owe you go to the junior quarterback Darius Taylor that was a big-time thrill we saw just van our food line MVP of the game 328 yards and four TDs now he's got to keep this offense moving to burn 413 and get the victory up the middle they'll go and wrapped up and brought down just shy of the 15-yard line think if you're Virginia State if you can stop them I don't think you have to use your timeout you've got to and and you're gonna have to get a touchdown the large change remember when you were down rent for two got the two-point conversion Virginia State didn't get this was a five-point ballgame you just can't make any mistakes right now for your Union be smart three wide receiving like little three little birds right out there on the wide side like a birds on the wire look at that three little birds in no hurry are the Panthers and the Trojan defense again wrapping up Taylor this time and third and long three 15 and Counting let's see what the Panthers do you're gonna burn some clock or go to the air here Virginia stage you got to be a sure tackler we've got guys who can make plays here V Union nope no penalties execute Taylor low slipped snap picks it up five to the side Deonte Bruce his second interception of the game hadn't had one all season picks off to here today and the Trojans are back in business Kylie just said you've got to execute and this ball by Taylor hasn't made many mistakes throwing the ball but this one stays out too long low snap gets that there it hangs out there and Bruce does an excellent job of jumping around get in there before shantamma kids he could do that low snap get the ball out and this ball just sails a little bit it stays there a long time to the wide side of the field and Bruce gets the pick picked off by Bruce and back at the 15-yard line cooks going to keep it up the middle and brought down at the tin can the Virginia Union defense come up with another stop do state fences play big I'm sorry baby played so big in this second half of the ballgame you do you have one more left timid Panthers 230 left to play second and five what a game this has been [Applause] Chanin looking on [Applause] and another movement up front by the Trojans penalties penalties penalties may and that was big we don't have a 68 on our roster and so I you know hate to call somebody out it's not that I think that's Jeremiah Paige but have haven't had that confirmed yeah your day but dust you know is 68 [Applause] it'll back them up five to the 15-yard line [Applause] cook over the middle incomplete might have been deflected their third and 10 now couldn't tell if it was deflected or not we'll get a look on the replay is exactly what those line back was a scene there's the fake he it was tipped just a little bit a great play inside by Darius Whitehurst he gets his hands on it and then the body the momentum of Campbell was gone away from the football I like that call though I liked it called 150 left to play third and ten Panther defense trying to bow up yet again Campbell in motion he'll set himself here's cook on the option to cannon cannon head of steam going forward can and spinning his way down close to the goal line and he should have a first down we have not seen the option play Mike bent on a ball game long but you take a look he doesn't really read the in this is pure option gets him in freeze position matches a pitch and there's a quickly come back and a quick snap and a flag as it looked like the Trojans went to a quarterback sneak another flag on the play here with 137 left to go he had the idea that he was gonna pitch that ball even though Sawyer was out there to defend [Applause] and we'll get the call here read his lips looks like his own defense [Applause] amigo substitution deep end growl players on the field half the distance indigo main first out well heads-up play by Adaro cooked him get his team up to the line of scrimmage first and goal for the Trojans cannon with cook win will set up in front of them [Applause] twelve on the clock [Applause] over the left side touchdown Trojans who else trap cannon [Music] [Applause] off the interception virginia state makes them pay this is just man oh man football they pull the guard to the outside will trap play see but you can get their good block at the point of attack inside call the names Jalen Jones Frank balls Ron Wilcox Paige and Trenton cannon gets inside and they may have just gotten them to the CI double-a championship they will go 4-2 to try to make it a field goal game and here's cook hands it off to cannon he's wrapped up in the backfield and brought down by sterling Hammond who's had a fantastic game for the Panthers so a field goal will win it for you if you're Virginia Union but Trenton cannon caps off a four play drive they only had to go 15 yards took up a minute 16 so a lot of clock still left for Virginia Union but cannon comes up big what he needs to 42:39 our score here they just power football that time indeed in about a half a yard and you're gonna give it to the guy this run for more yards than anyone else in Virginia State football history Trenton cannon and now can the defense of Virginia State basically keep Virginia Union from getting to about the 25-yard line what a crazy game this has been children's have been up celebrating they've been down here's that final look again as cannon not going to be denied [Applause] as he drags Whitehurst just an extra foot or two in for the score [Music] [Applause] [Music] Bravo we do strange things happen putts to go away in meteor running backs they fly like a on the trapeze big-time players making big-time plays kick is away good coverage special teams wise by Virginia State [Music] as Vernon Davis is brought down in his own territory and 1:30 on the clock now for Darius Taylor she Beatrice to see what the killed Sanders is going to dial up defensively do you play previa rust-free and not let anything go deep or do you you know you put pressure on knowing that Taylor has you built the escaped inmate someplace remember Virginia Union out with their deep threat wide receiver the stateís dames who was injured on the personal foul penalty but to the air goes Taylor he's under trouble and he's brought down the senior Brandon Lynch is there Brandon Lynch was a part of that championship team he's been able to make big-time plays his entire career 58 tackles last year came in with 48 in the buckle sacks keep your eye on 14 will stuck there won't let Taylor get to the outside and brings him down one of the few times Virginia State has been able to get into the backfield and wrap up the quarterback but the clock stopped once routed Virginia state call a timeout it was running very well it was it was in about a minute there's minute 30 when the play started it was an injury on the Virginia okay and I looked up at the clock and it was about 117 indefinitely they remember him he's got no time yeah there we go a loss of 17 on the play on the sack by Brandon Lynch [Applause] think this means something to these guys here today look at those sidelines on the Trojans side second and 27 from their own 5 Taylor's going to tuck this one under and go Taylor scoots free and a big pickup by Darius Taylor but you don't have time to waste if you're Virginia Union now with a minute no timeouts got the first down took a blow here that ball came out he recovered it he recovered it clock moving third and eight from the 20 for Taylor quickly on the out pattern and complete at Scott County long yard situation that was looking at the first the first part of the dance watch so wasn't first time I apologize so 45 seconds left [Applause] they'll reset the game plot [Applause] and fourth down now for the Panthers [Applause] is it fourth down yes fourth and four and other stoppage of play on the field [Applause] not sure what they're discussing here [Applause] but it's up to the for genius state defense to get a stop here you see mark James looking on interested in that conversation head coach of the Panthers [Music] [Applause] they try to get the down right remember there was a sack that sack was on first down then this then the scram in the scramble in the past so we should be at fourth down and the good at talking about 49 seconds [Applause] there we go and a fourth and four tailor smart as one is get the first down sailor flushed out eyes downfield has to heave it and intercept it there's a flag down I'm assuming it's gonna be holding over gin Union but I'll wait they'll sort it out [Applause] Kurtis Brooks with the interception so Virginia state will take over didn't look be easy we call that Xavier McAllister we talked about him 67 340 see the interception and again it was branded Lynch coming into the backfield applying the pressure and can you believe this ballgame Virginia Union scored 22 announcer unanswered points in the third period to take the lead they let it 3928 to start the fourth and man a couple breaks here they're in Virginia's state 41 seconds away from playing for CI a championship it's a cliche did we always use about you hate to see either team lose you really today Virginia Union did everything they needed to do to win this football game Virginia State found a way to fight back like a champion they'll remind remain nine you know the game if they have on their schedule versus Shaw for Thursday they won't play now because their 10th game will be the championship game in Salem Virginia well Reggie Farlow in group we'll head on the Salem to play for a championship we'll put a game between these two in state bitter rivals had a little bit of everything here today stand without question momentum swings as far as you can see high and low on both sides of the field what a game what a ballgame it goes final and the Trojans are chance of the Northern Division winners today 42:39 I really hope you can get pushed up now and maybe make that number eight spot in the NC double-a satin regional Division three cuz they yeah they played a hell of a ballgame really dear big thanks to Shaquille Robinson up here in the booth among others who have helped us throughout this portion of this regular season and that'll do it for metric Virginia where our final score Virginia State over Virginia Union 42:39 for Stan looter and our entire Aspire van Wagner production crew up scalpers watski saying good night from roger stadium again our final virginia state winners over Virginia Union by 142 39 stand and I will sue next week at the CI double-a championship in Salem Virginia good night everyone [Music] aortic dissection false lumen thrombosis Ursulines.

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