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Data analysis dissertation pdf merge

Data analysis dissertation pdf merge write for me baruch philosophy capstone dr jekyll and mr hyde 5 paragraph essay [Music] [Music] McKenzie weighs 14 years old from Florida and one go I'm Lucas Escobar I'm from Florida I'm ready to one goal I am 14 years old I'm Nico Escobar I'm 17 years old I'm from Wellington Florida and I'm 1.5 goals hello I'm Justin Daniels I'm from Wellington Florida and I'm reading one-and-a-half goals - hi my name is Brennan wells I'm 17 years old I play for Maryland and I'm rated 0 my name is Liam lot I'm originally from Middlebury Vermont and I'm 0.5 hi my name is Tenzin Venini I'm from Middleburg Virginia and my handicap is one goal and I'm will Greene I'm from Baltimore Maryland and my handicap is zero goals [Music] good afternoon my name is Scott lien I am here hosting these for good luck and gentleman here this is one of our finalists for the Cecil Cup Smith our 2017 Knights finalists so guys congratulations on making it to the finals so I've got some questions for you here what kind of start we'll kind of talk about polo for a while then I'd kind of like to ask you guys some questions just kind of just fun questions just to kind of get to know you guys a little bit better that's kind of outside of polo so so Brendan since you've got you've got the microphone and by the way great game yesterday I enjoyed watching him play yesterday and I was calling the play-by-play and I was calling your name a lot so I wanted to find out from you I noticed yesterday you were taking a lot of the penalty shots on there I mean typically in most polo teams you've got to either the three or four or the big hitters and stuff you don't typically don't see somebody wearing the number one taking those shots so so so tell me about how you got selected to take the penalty shots and how you felt out there well I don't really think our our jersey numbers really accord coordinate with you know our positions on the field I mean I was playing position two I just I really like taking the penalties I've always taken them for I I season Interscholastic I play inter scholastic and I've always taken them for my eye I team I just love taking the pounds so you don't mind the pressure I don't mind the pressure alright good good so go ahead pass the microphone over to Liam so Liam I just see on my sheet here kind of looking at the team so you are the only player here on the zone for team that's actually played in a night's tournament before right so I believe it was 2013 and you actually played for zone 1 which was the West register with this club ok and then when I went to school in New York I don't became registered with my school club ok so I switch to this zone ok awesome so how does how does this year's experience compared to 2013 because I believe 2013 was the first year of the nice championship it's way more everything there's like we everything was way more relaxed in 2013 we had a coach but like we pretty much just showed up and played two games and went home there was we didn't have we didn't get to watch the games we didn't have meetings it was just all way more low-key and waited way less than it is now yep way smaller ok awesome awesome good pass the microphone down there will will bug tense in a little bit so less attention if you guys had a tough match yesterday right you guys started I think with the half a goal handicap right due to the differences of the teams which obviously helped out you know and then in the score there and you guys you guys were down if I remember correctly most of the game until until the last chukker so tell me tell me about the match in general and then just tell me about that last chukker because you guys came on like gangbusters at the last half of the half of the match I mean in one moment we were only done by one goal and then they scored another two quick goals but in that moment for me when when we saw that it we were only done by one goal which which is half ago you know if we can get one more goal we can be tired and win and it just gave us the confidence and the extra boost that we needed to to fight and fight and fight and you know we'll really turned on in the end he made a goal and to put his five five and seven were five point five to five and and after that we held their heads high and in equating I remember yelling don't get cocky don't get cocky yeah let's win the throne that's when it's done all we want to do is win the throne make sure they don't score again because yeah we're just so focused on on staying ahead yep great good deal good pass the microphone down there to will will obviously place the number four position and you know will tomorrow you're gonna be going up against Mackey Weiss he's you're probably one of our bigger bigger players you know out there on the on the polo field and you're gonna be going to go up against the number one a Maki Weiss who's probably one of our smaller players but I mean he's amazing I mean he's just seeing him crawl all over that horse you know trying to get the ball and he had an amazing goal yesterday so kind of thinking about the match tomorrow and who you're gonna be going up against obviously if you're playing that number four position again you might be be marking Maki so any thoughts on tomorrow thoughts on tomorrow really just like you were saying I'm gonna be marking Maki a lot so the biggest thing is just we're gonna try to play man-to-man it's really gonna be critical for us to stretch out with them it was a very big difference between the kinds of polo we were playing when we played I believe we played zone - we were playing really rough like tough polo man-to-man and I think that that was one of our strong suits I think that if we bring that into the match against Florida that that's going to be a really really key detail in how we do yeah have you guys any of you guys ever played together before any tournaments outside of the Knights tournament I grew up playing with Brennan wells his his mother Kelly Wells was one of the women was one of the people who taught me how to play I've known Tenzin and and Liam for a lot of my life as well so yeah okay so has that helped you obviously you and Brennan have a little bit of history on the polo field playing together has that helped you guys in the tournament here it helped us initially like sort of mesh and get things rolling it took us a little bit but we thought we sort of figured it out especially towards the second half of the game yesterday yet it definitely having that that previous knowledge of how each other plays has definitely played in a lot yeah okay awesome pass the mic to to Tenzin so so I like to get a little bit of feedback from you Tenzin kind of on on the horses obviously we know horses is huge part of this great sport that we get to play and you know all the players here competing in the tournament are required to provide horses for them for themselves mount themselves so so tell me about the horses that you guys are playing as a team are any of them owned or you guys leasing horses for the whole team and me William Brennan or Li some horses but Liam has his own horses here that's willing in the practice we all tried horses some we liked and others we didn't but um you know it is what it is that every every minute you have in the saddle you need to use it to get the to know the horses better and use them to your strengths you know obviously we're leasing horses we're not gonna have our favorite our favorite animal in between our legs but and we need to learn what the horse does good and what it does bad and for what our strengths are in each chucker so that we can help each other on the field and and play to our strengths yep okay that's a Liam so so Liam you're the only player that actually has your some of your own horses here actually I'm using Ignacio del Toro circus and I've been working for him for a little while though I know them they're amazing and yep that's a big advantage okay kind of sticking on the horses obviously thinking about your opponents for tomorrow you've got the Escobar brothers who are playing their own horses and I think I was just talking with one of my colleagues and they were saying that that Nico's playing some of his horses that he played in the open last week in which we know are pretty darn good horses so so any any any thoughts on strategies no you know knowing that you're going up against you know the brothers out there that play played together all the time and they're playing playing their own horses and any strategies around that just with Nico especially just be ready for him get to him first so that he can outrun us go to him from the very beginning and just never leave him so he can never get away if he gets away yeah we'll never catch him okay all right final question for Brandon Brennan tell me a little bit about your polo background so I've what age did you start playing polo and did you come from like a polo plain family that got you started okay so I started playing polo when I was six and actually both my parents Kelly Wells and Trevor Wells they both khichdi aya polo okay so I've kind of grown up around indoor pool though I I plastic and since in Maryland we only really play outdoor polo one season summer so the other three seasons I'm normally playing indoor okay yeah awesome thanks for that if you wouldn't mind passing the microphone well we'll talk to coach a little bit so we've got nick snow he's coaching this zone for team so so Nick I know you guys just finished up now our team meeting in they're looking at films from yesterday and and so tell us a little bit about some of the conversations you had with with the team in there yeah I mean I think this is a special experience for these kids to get a chance to really watch game tape and actually try and prepare for the sport of polo the way you would in basically any other sport you were playing seriously I grew up playing hockey and you know for we would be watching game tape and trying to improve that way because I think you can say one thing but it's hard to say I'll remember that time in the second Tucker but we can actually watch it I think it can engrained into your memory a little bit more um you know I I think that you know we just want to try and put this team in the best position to play well and it's gonna be a different type of game tomorrow so really we were focusing on the game yesterday a little bit and things that we can do a little bit differently but yeah okay good so kind of kind of tagging on to my question that you know it's talking to Liam about the horses any any new strategies based on your opponent for tomorrow versus where you played yesterday in the semi-finals knowing that the kind of horses that they'll be coming out on yeah I mean I think it'll be a different type of game you know as I as I tell these kids and one of the things I try to impress before we watch the video is that there are some things and polo and in life that you can control and some you can't and let's focus on the things that we can control which is we can set up a good strategy we can prepare ourself for pair of horses prepare a lineup as well as we can but I think that also we need to be really focused on you know getting the man early in the play so on the throw in on the napkins if we can lock up with them early I think we have a chance to do well because I think we're we're a bigger stronger team than they are and so if we can win position early in the play and we get these guys rolling forward I think we can win for sure but but if we're loose and they have a chance to escape stop past and all that and then I think we'll be in trouble okay great they just want to get a little bit feedback from you I talked with Tom Goodspeed the the coach of his own three team kind of just a little bit about Knights and so your experience with Knights and player development and seeing some of these young players come up from you know some families obviously you know Brendan he came from a puller playing family so he had a good Network to start with them but you know there's a lot of other players I know jack mcclain who's on the zone 2 team I mean he doesn't come from and pull a background and he got into it so just some some general comments regards tonight's and how important that is for developing polo well I think it's a really unique program my wife Amanda's been very involved with it from the beginning this is the third year that I've coached it and they have this type of tournament for indoor polo but then we've never had this for outdoor polo and I think it's really special to put the best kids together on the field but I think it's also really special that all the kids get to know each other from across the country and get a chance to come together at one time and then also having a coached experience I think can be really beneficial for outdoor polo because that's one of the things that's lacking in the sport I think I mean you kind of have pros yelling or you have no coaching at all so I think to have a little bit of a coach experience hopefully it's beneficial but you know getting back to the horses we were in we were in Denver our first year we were all on rented horses the whole team and we won the championship so you know I think obviously as we know horses are a big big part of this game but I think sometimes when you're on rented horses you can play simple polo and not try and get too complicated so hopefully we can do that tomorrow good points awesome thanks for your feedback yeah I'm gonna go and pass it to Brendan here so so guys we're done with our polo related questions so let's kind of find out a little bit more about you as you know outside of your lives outside of polo so and everybody can answer so we'll start with you Brendan so tell us about your favorite hobby outside of polo so can't be anything horse related what do you like to do to blow off steam okay so but before us well I really like to play soccer but that's like sport and played soccer since I was in elementary school and I I've gone I mean I played from a high school team and then I love playing club soccer as well okay great Liam how about you what do you like to do outside of polo any any unique hobbies we need to know about um a lot of people that know me pretty well know that I get around pretty much everywhere on my unicycle and yeah I do that a lot I just like on trails I play the guitar as well sometimes to do both but dangerous to me it's hard awesome all right how about tenzin tell us about what you like to do outside of polo any hobbies yeah I like watching Liam haha sounds entertaining to me watching Liam listening to Leo yeah admiring Liam come on you love to do playing guitar yeah alright getting with the horse okay awesome well I know you got something interesting down there's something unique we don't know about you and a hobby that you like to mess around with I mean I've got a couple like I like like some of the other guys I'm a big guitar guy I like I used to be like a big singer as well like I used to be really into singing and I'm also like a big video game guy so I mean okay outside of that nothing out of the normal all right yeah all right cool so so this next question is geared around how well do you know your team your teammates humbly I know you know you guys have just kind of this this week to kind of better get to know you I know Brennan will you guys know each other a little bit but hopefully over the past few days you guys had some good social time and some laughter and whatnot so so my next question is kind of around that and we'll start with you will since you have the microphone okay if you were to be stranded on an island with one teammate who would it be and why ooh I think I pick Liam okay let me say that he's very resourceful he's very like like like yeah he's like very very like resourceful like an Indian like Benton said he's he's very like like world smart like he'd be the one that like he'd be building fire doing so yeah okay good all right same question to Tenzin let's see how well he knows his teammates who do we want to be stranded with so what with will with will okay why do you why will he look he looks like he has a lot of meat on him and you really don't know all right well let's let's check with Liam see how well he knows his teammates so you can't pick yourself so all right what would you choose my first instinct would be will but he gets super annoying sometimes all right Brennan who would you choose to survive with I would probably choose Liam Liam I think that psycho would come in handy yeah yep all right cool all right last question for you kind of another fun question if you could do any job in the world for one day what would it be it can't be polo related so if you could choose any job in the world to do for one day what would it be brennon come on man you don't get a pass on this man this is a job you've ever wanted anything I mean be a rock star I mean be the president United States or president it would be nice president would be nice why would you say that just cuz I said I mean rock star would be nice I like I really like listening to music yeah I'm right there with you if you were to ask me I'd say the same thing no will and any job any job I probably I don't know I probably want to be like a stunt driver or something like that yes I always like to action movies yeah well you guys play polo and it's a dangerous sport it's adrenaline and it's it's the whole thing so that does not surprise translate well yeah okay cool well that's about all I have for you guys want to thank all you guys for being here and coach thanks for being here as well and giving your input wanna wish you guys good luck in the finals it's gonna be a tough battle I can't wait to see it I can't wait to call it play-by-play on the livestream so thanks again and good luck to you guys thank you very much all right thanks for tuning in you're watching the USBA Polo Network all right good morning and welcome to the USBA Polo Network our 2017 Knights tournament we had our semifinals matches yesterday and I'm here with one of our finalists our zone three Florida team guys congratulations on the win yesterday thank you so I'll start with you I'll start with you Macke here cuz you had a you had a big game I think you had one of the most impressive goals and I can't wait for you to see it and I don't know if you've seen it yet but it's it's pretty amazing so I just wanted to we can pass the microphone around just talk a little bit about the match yesterday it was a very tight match you guys seemed to start out a little bit slow and then you built momentum throughout the match so give us some feedback on the map yeah and the first chukker we actually started out a little bit shaky but luckily we got it up better and keep done consistency and yeah I started working hard okay good Lucas any any feedback from you you played a pretty solid game all four chuckers I thought so how the horses go the team jo-jo as a team the horses went really well we uh we have our own horses here that we kept from the sixth single I feel like we started off terrible in the first chukker but uh we we got it we got it together in the second third and fourth Tucker we came out with the win so so Niko first chukker started off a little bit slow for you guys so you know you playing that number three position the quarterback position did you have any any kind of quick team meetings like guys we got to pull it together and start scoring some goals and would you talk to the team about yeah for sure I mean in the first chukker I was glowing I was over committing a little bit more because I'm used to going forward from from the past months but I've been playing good cuz I've been playing one yep but then my coach and my dad told me don't overcommit you gotta play three and I came back and then we just organized everything else and once we got organized then we just started to move forward and move forward to move forward good good speaking of that you mentioned you mentioned your father and I asked you a little bit before the interview obviously you know was your father involved in any coaching yesterday obviously we've got two brothers playing here which is an interesting dynamic for a polo team so how much coaching was your father doing because I know each team does have an assigned coach and Tom Goodspeed being your coach who's got a ton of him you know wealth of information and years of coaching and playing so I mean yeah my dad was helping obviously he asked Tom if he can help but Tom loves that my dad's there yep and he loves because he thinks he's a great great mind to having a great assistant coach he said on the conference call I have the best assistant coach in the country and no so yeah obviously I have we have the best I think we have the two best we have the best coach and then my father is also great to have there helping coach Goodspeed and you know just helping us throughout the throughout the game as he's he also helped us a lot also also then go ahead pass the microphone down to Justin's well we'll pick on him a little bit so Justin I like a little bit of feedback on the horses obviously you know with the Knights tournament players need to mount themselves so from what I understand about half the players are mounting themselves and half for our leasing or renting horses for this for this tournament you know that's one thing I noticed yesterday while while announcing your matches I could tell you guys were very comfortable on your horses so are all all of you playing your own horses are you have any Easter rented horses in the tournament we're leasing horses you are Jewish myself and Mackenzie okay fighter we spend a lot of time looking for horses and organizing ourselves before the first game I came here on Tuesday started triforces with McKenzie yep and we've been looking at me and Mackenzie has changed a few times and now I got a really good string I have a good straight from Santi wolf and I've been riding them so I'm sort of getting more accustomed to how they have they help his style and how his horses go okay good good so tell me about Justin about the horses that you played yesterday what was your best horse kind of thinking about the match yesterday I mean your strongest chucker where you come out like man I could feel like I could do anything on this horse obviously it's not one of your own if I were to ask you that I'm sure you'd come up with your favorite horse and with no problem but if the ones you played yesterday tell me about that horse and why it was good for you I really liked the last horse I played has a really awesome conformation and it's really quick to go plan via like the changing leaves and turning and going back on the place yeah it's gonna be pretty awesome awesome if you guys wouldn't man passing the microphone down to down to Mackay here so Mackay in my opinion you had the goal of the day yesterday couple players appealing Nico Escobar sends it up there to his brother Lucas Lucas tries to hit it out of there and he can't Mackay Weiss out of the air Mackay Weiss and Weiss scores beautiful goal there by Mackay wise and it's it's pretty impressive I mean it's it's something that you see in the high goal right you see cambiaso and these guys I think in the ball up out of the air and carrying it through the goal in the air I mean it was awesome so I know it's it all happened really fast but tell me about that goal I mean do you even remember it yeah it all started Nico grab the ball then mean Lukey were up front and we all called for the ball hit it and you go hit it I mean you go it was and then knew he got it he wasn't able to get it on the bounce and then I got it more on the ground no I got energy no no it was all reflex well I see you guys out there with foot mallets all the time just you know and even on the horses when you're just walking they're trying to pick it up off the ground and try to try to juggle it as long as you can so obviously that's all that practice paid off right there right practice makes perfect perfect makes perfect exactly exactly so let's kind of switch first of all you know congratulations again guys great game yesterday was a tight match you guys made it to the finals which would be played at 3 o'clock tomorrow sort for that so tell me about thinking about the team that you're gonna be going up against the it's another East Coast team the zone 14 so have you guys had a chance to kind of watch them and in any and you can pass them lookit to get Lucas next on this Lucas anything kind of thinking about the team that you're gonna be going up against I mean is any of these players players that you've played before and their way they're at whether it's in in Knights or just other tournaments because they are East Coast based players played with two of them Tencent Agni me and Liam watt I play with in Florida a couple times I've I've known for a while now and I I feel like we have to go in with confidence and with faith that we can win you know that's the most important thing if we go with go with faith and we're gonna win okay good Eko anything from you just kind of thinking about tomorrow and the finals we will you guys switch around horses just based on what you know or just thinking about the the opposing team and anybody that you're worried about maybe like you know they're most probably in your mind dangerous player that could could score some goals pretty quickly um every player on the team has the potential to go score against us so I think we have to go in really confident in think don't think lightly of it and just remember that this is the finals and is that is there for us waiting the trophies waiting for us yeah so we're gonna take it that's what we have to do okay awesome cuz you got the microphone I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you obviously and I was I was talking with some folks about this yesterday you know you're coming off a big win from last weekend right here in Santa Barbara winning the Pacific Coast open so congratulations on that thank you it's quite an acquired an accomplishment but the speed at which you were playing last weekend compared to what you're playing this weekend I would think is a little bit different obviously you mentioned earlier you know you were playing a more forward position yeah you know running with the ball and here you're playing that quarterback position making place happen stopping checking you know hitting roll up to tamaki and looky you know and everything so so tell me about the transition from last weekend to this weekend well from the 16 goal I played one and I also play a little bit of three because in the beginning the season Lucas Kol was playing three but it wasn't really working out so much so they decided to pass me the ball and the napkins instead and I would hit it to Lucas so I'm just kind of familiar with a three position and but yeah the speed and the attention as much a little bit slower and I can see everything much more clearly cousin in the 1600 it's super fast and now I can just see where everything is I mean and how I think it helped me a lot yeah yeah for sure it did okay picking with the tournament last weekend so so obviously you know you're looking for direction from your teammates right playing that offensive position at the PC oh yeah and getting a lot of direction where now you know you kind of being that somewhat of the quarterback of this of this Knights team going into the finals how what's the transition for you in regards to to giving direction versus receiving it out on the polo field um I just take what I've learned from the 16 goal and what the players have told me my father what what I would put myself in his position and his shoes and see what he would do and then I would do the same thing so I try to I try to be it humble about it and tried to be cool headed about big hole captain thing and I just I guess I put myself in their shoes it's like what would they do if I was asking them a question awesome good deal so Justin let me let me ask you and we'll do it we'll do another kind of poll a related question then we're going to transition to some more fun questions find out a little bit about our players here so if this is not your first night's championship correct you've played yeah two years prior yeah I've played um three years three years this is right I missed San Diego and then I played the rest over Boston in here okay and you were part of the team that won last year right yeah and it was Nico you need also clean it okay so we've got Lucas and Maki are two new players for this year so tell me about the team from last year your winning team last year compared to your team this year obviously you got to two different players even though these are good friends of yours and I'm sure you've played a lot of polo with these guys you know it's a different team so what tell me about the differences between 2016 to 17 the biggest difference that we notice is the weight you know they're they're much lighter Matthias is 180 pounds you know my brother is 100 I can see how about you a she doesn't know you know it doesn't matter and yeah and it's actually a different feel because it's a lot quicker I think because McKenzie and Lucas I'm flying back and forth and you know everyone's watching them and McKenzie to a talented is really talented the major difference is we have to play more the team regarding the ball because yesterday we played against everyone weighed more than me and yeah it was a big game for us to win like that yep okay awesome good well thanks for your feedback guys so let's get to some fun questions let's kind of find out a little bit about our players and that's totally not not polo related so I'll start with I'll start with you Justin just cuz you have the microphone so what is your favorite hobby outside of polo so obviously it can't be polo anything horse related so tell me about your favorite hobby outside of polo I do play soccer yeah competitive soccer just euphoria I don't speak up yeah I've slayed the past four years on my high school team okay on the varsity level all right I've been doing yeah all right good all right let's pass it off to Niko Niko favorite hobby outside of polo and horses I also love to play soccer yeah soccer is probably one of my favorite sports other than polo all my favorite sport okay I also play play varsity I like to go to the beach have fun yeah at the beach and play soccer and go to the beach okay awesome Lucas favorite hobby outside of polo I also love to play soccer okay standard answer my favorite things to do okay Macky are you gonna change it up anything outside of soccer no I actually excited - oh man you guys are too easy like I like to fish you like to fish like out in the ocean or out in the ocean okay awesome cool deal all right well here's a different question for you and I'll start with you since you got the microphone so you you know these guys pretty well right so if you were stranded on an island with one teammate who would it be and why probably pick one Vargas probably Lucas in one yeah because I don't know he's the most patient yeah did you want someone patient with you stranded on that island okay all right cool same question Lucas you got to pick one of your teammates to be stranded on an island who would it be and why I think probably Maki yeah cuz I'm he's like this Morris the smartest in the wilderness for me yep yeah awesome Nico it's a hard one got a pick one my brother yeah and I know how he thinks I know what he'll probably do I know how he might freak out or he might I don't know so I mean I lived my whole life so yeah it's probably the same most easy question yeah she'd be stranded on islands trying to survive you guys survive a lot of brothers right yeah you can survive in the house we can survive oh yeah exactly all right all right Justin you got to pick one of these guys to be stranded on an island with who would it be and why I'm trying to think of this logically so I probably think Mackenzie because he probably eats less than Lukey and it goes this way like if I catch a fish I guess that gets the high like a low yeah cuz I eat a lot no see that's good see that's one of the with the one answers I was looking for it so this is gonna be survival right so yeah I want to try to survive with and that's a very strategic you like coconut suit I think yeah so hopefully there's plenty of plenty alright last question for you guys alright kind of make you guys think a little bit here if you could do any job in the world for one day what would it be and why any job and this house solicits not let's say polo like I want to be a professional polo player because that's kind of you know this you guys are on that path already so any job in the world you could do it for one day what would it be and why probably be a professional soccer player okay going back to soccer oh yeah I don't know if I got a professional soccer player for one day I could probably go meet all my idols yep and I love the sport and I don't know I guess it'd be cool to play in a huge stadium yep with hundreds of thousands of people watching you the pressure would be awesome okay awesome let's pass to Justin since he's right next to you there Justin I have two two jobs I'd like alright go for maybe a wildlife photographer all right like in like somewhere exotic or somewhere really cold you got more really just reading yeah or like a people jump by the airplanes okay this guy this guy this guy that have you have you done that before I want to do flips and all that stuff on the we have you done it before um yeah my mom won't let me yeah alright yeah I'm kind of with Justin I'll probably want to be like a skydiving instructor or something like that yeah some kind of daredevil trash job yeah all right cool look it's up to you you could do one job for one day you could do anything you want it to do one job outside of polo what would it be nobody would want to be like the President of the United States or no I just too much work too much work yeah maybe like I don't know going to space will be pretty cool yeah yeah yeah I guess I think that would be on my list as well so yeah no cool well guys I want to say yeah say thanks for your time today it's been good getting to know you guys and you know talk a little bit about your polo and and and obviously a big match tomorrow so I know you guys got a fun afternoon plan of activities with all the teams that are here so I hope you guys enjoy that and just when I say thanks for your time and then good luck tomorrow we appreciate it thank you thank you a lot of fun all right welcome back to the USPA Polo Network my name is Scott lien and I am here with legendary coach and player Tom Goodspeed Tom thanks for joining us today Scott it's awesome to be here especially in this setting Santa Barbara right nothing I couldn't get better than this we got a beautiful polo flow at the fields here and we got the ocean just across the highway there so mountains behind us the poles perp it's paradise Alfred exactly exactly well thanks for taking a little bit of time for us today so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about obviously the Knights tournament and that's why you're here so you've been coaching the team that I just got done spending some time with his own three floor deck Florida guys so so just kind of give me a recap of your observations from their semifinal win yesterday well it was an interesting game because we played you know a very very tough team that zone one is a powerful squad and they're a little bit bigger than us and they play a very physical game but very school game we came out a little slow we were down a couple goals in that first chukker and I have to say I was well swallowing hard a little bit because we didn't quite have that spark but our team has an amazing them you know amount of talent these mostly because they're playing in Florida as well Santa Barbara yeah and there's a gentleman that I call I have the best assistant coach in the country a Luis Escobar he's the dad at two of our players and they're just so well organized with their horses and they've had a lot of experience you probably know that two of our players are actually in the Pacific Coast open that we had before so these kids are young but they're talented in our game we had like spikes in our game is what I call it usually you like to kind of progress and have a pretty good decent level play through the game we we had a lot of weak moments but fortunately we had awesome spikes great plays that allowed us to come out on top so I talked to Nico a little bit in our in our previous interview obviously he some his role has changed from last weekend to this weekend obviously you know him playing in the finals the Pacific Coast opened last weekend and play more of a forward position you know getting coached by other higher rated players where now he's playing that number three position on this night's team and doing a lot of coaching and directing out on the polo field so have you had to have any one-on-ones with Nico in regards to him you know coaching and running the team at that quarterback position that that was probably my number one concern you you said it in a nutshell but other the interesting thing is that Pacific Coast open they actually had him playing at the three position which is highly unusual but it's because he's got so much talent with a long ball he really hits a good ball but I was that was my number one concern would he be able to transition from that you know 16:20 goal polo down to the for a call mode and he did struggle with that a little bit but overall he did a bit of fantastic job and he's played a lot at both levels so but he incredible talent all of them like I say they're the the plays they pulled off yesterday now I think will be a little bit hopefully a little bit more settled into the finals okay awesome so let's transition to tomorrow obviously the team that you're coaching zone three they're gonna be in the final match tomorrow against another East Coast team the eastern eastern states so it's gonna be an ollie all East Coast final tomorrow for our Knights Knights championship so kind of thinking about the team that you're gonna be going up against tomorrow and the players I know you guys have been you know looking at some films and whatnot any anything and I guess you don't want to give away all your strategies and secrets but anything kind of thinking about tomorrow and the players that you're gonna be going up against we Nick Snell's coaching the other team and he's these are all strong strategist so we have a lot of respect for ye and watching I watched that first game and we'll be watching more of that tape and we'll have to kind of you know take a good look at them and get retooled and that's what we're gonna be spending you know our day today doing okay awesome tell me about the horses obviously a big part of this tournament you know players mount themselves so it's not like it's a you know like some other college tournaments where they all share horses and it just evens it out I mean you can come in here as well mounted as as you can come in but a lot of these players are you know leasing horses or renting horses I talked to Justin and I know he and Mackey are renting some horses where the escobar's boys are playing their own how much of a factor will that play in in the match tomorrow a huge factor as you well know the polo is all about horses you know the handicap that's what 75 80 percent of the handicap is your horsemanship but basically what's underneath you that's what's going to get you to the place and you we have two of our players that are comfortable and are on their own ponies and the other two that are on rented horses so it's it is what it is of the other teams also in that scenario I think actually we may be a hair stronger I think two of our guys on on their own horses I'm not sure if any of them are tomorrow I actually have to do a little more research on that to run through I get that clarified but that's that's a challenge but these these are young guys they're used to that you know a lot of them are a good horseman and and they can get on a horse and get a lot out of a horse without even knowing them okay good so enough about the tournament let's just find out a little bit about some good speed obviously you and I go way back and you know when you were running the San Diego Polo Club and I used to come down there and do battle on the polo field and stuff and and whatnot but just tell us a little bit about what you're doing these days obviously you're doing still doing some coaching and whatnot just give us an update on your well I'm just a my at my age I'm just glad to still be here and so I know that's number one but I coach down at the SMU in Dallas both the men's and women's college teams and so I'm in the collegiate ranks and and just have a lot of fun with it because I it's what I pulls as you know it's always been my passion but working with young people is just what I love to do well you're good at it Tom tell us a little bit about the Knights program obviously it's a great program to generate young players nationwide tell us about your experience with it and your thoughts on Knights III have too long of a boring story to share with people so I won't but you know I grew up as a young player through the ranks and collegiate polo is my first kind of organized experience which was awesome but the Knights program is basically middle school high school age groups and it's just unbelievable it's such an incredible opportunity and these young kids they don't know what they have but they will that they'll know in another decade or two they'll realize how fortunate they are and I'm one of the reasons I love coaching at Knights is I'm also I kind of have a double role because I get to recruit I get to see the best you know kids coming up across the country I've been with this program now for about four years it's just an awesome program for him it's something that didn't exist when I was younger and sure wish it was but there's so lucky and for me as a coach I get to see all these players developing and make those contacts and connections so for me it's a it's a win-win it's a wonderful program and I get to hunt young talent for SMU you are cherry picking you're looking looking for that talent that don't tell anyone though I won't it's our secret alright once again Tom thanks for joining us appreciate your time yours too Scott [Music] [Music] that was a lot of fun Bob I'll tell you what that those guys are awesome and you know they did really well with the questions our zone 4 squad the guys from from the East Coast you know they came into the interviews I could tell they're a little bit uncomfortable and quiet zone for Eastern team first time playing together but they know each other and III learned a lot it was fun to you know watch the interviews listen to these guys especially when you ask them about being stranded on a witch which is the the guy they'd want to be out there with and it wasn't the same person for each one that you asked but they know each other pretty well because they know how to answer that question but anyway we're about to start here we're gonna warm up we had a little rain storm come through here and now I just the mountains are off to my left care beautiful huge mountains here on one side and the ocean on the other side and we've been we had a pregame here that we're gonna have live later or available I should say on-demand later on us be a Polo Network and that is the East versus West challenge match that was just played and right after the match little thunders started rocking and rolling up there and the next thing we knew you know we were scrambling for umbrellas to cover the monitors and recover the cameras but just enough rain to settle the dust and not enough rain to do any harm to the field players are out there on the field warming up and we've got a super exciting match this will be the finals of the national youth tournament Series championships the winner of this will take home the coveted trophy and will be the 27 national champions and both these teams really want this really badly they do and I could definitely tell that in the interviews yesterday you know I think obviously you know the questions I was asking about the horses because the horses are definitely gonna play a part in this final today you know we've got the zone three team you know got the Escobar brothers they're playing their own horses and you know some of these horses played in the open last weekend which which is an advantage so I just see you know I was talking a little bit kind of off-camera with will green who's playing the number four position for for the eastern zone you know I mean he does play a really good floor he's a big boy back there so I'm sure he's gonna use his horses to to try to you know shut down those long runs and and try to shut down Mackay Weis cuz Mackay Weis is fully capable of running full-speed and and doing that going through the goal yeah Mackay Weis is a force to be reckoned with there's no question that guy has got one of the best hand-eye coordination that I've seen in any young polo player in a very long time if ever and he's his riding ability as ability to get to the ball his ability to keep the ball are unparalleled probably any other player he's probably the smallest player in this competition certainly in the finals but size means nothing especially in the game of polo where you can use other skills to compensate some of the bigger guys don't have the finesse and the quickness is the smaller guys and Mackay has the the finesse the quickness but he's also got the polo smarts and he knows where to go and he knows where to be and the ball control and the ability to keep the ball even when he's being cooked and ridden off is is impressive he's definitely going to be gonna give will green a hard time and I think we'll it was a big strong guy he's gonna show he's gonna have to use his skills I mean everybody's got their strong crates you know and everybody's got their weak traits and some of the players talked about that and they're introduced they're thinking about it they've been they've been coached they've had team meetings and I know that after they interviews with you yesterday we went on and had some team meetings they also went on and played some fun afternoon of others Sports over at the Clinton or ranch and when I thank Amanda and Justin Clinton for hosting that a wonderful event and it was really a treat for all the teams to get together and just have a lot of fun in the pool and on the playing soccer and there was a lot of competition still but it's not on horseback right yes there was competition these these these are all competitive players competitive people and that's why they're here yep they bring a lot to the they bring a lot to the sport so we we saw all eight of them we got to hear from all eight of these players Brennan wells playing the number-one spot for the zone for Northeast in Eastern it's really looking forward to seeing Brennan today I'll tell you what I'll tell you what Brendan Brendan played a really good game in that semifinal game even though it says number four on the board there he was wearing that number one jersey on on Friday and semifinal and he was taking all that a lot of the knock Ian's and a lot of the penalty shots and really did the best job sorry about that horn running running with the ball down the field so I'm looking for a big game from Brendan wells and you know they're gonna need a big game for Brennan he is a tremendous player and I too was impressed I don't think I've seen Brennan play before and he was he was really solid throughout the game really impressive and he's gonna be one of the guys who really need to make the goals and really make those offensive plays the you know he's going to be playing against Justin Daniels the number four on the zone three Florida team Justin Daniels super smart player as well very very talented very skillful and knowledgeable and experienced so they're they're gonna match up well and III I'm having a little hard time giving one or the other the edge right now and those two so what do you think about in the middle of the game here we've got Liam lot playing the number two spot and tenzin Tech Nene playing the number three spot and these guys are very different style players I like the fact that they're different style players because you know you see Brett Liam is more of hit and run you take the man hit very very structured basically plays by the routes of the game Tenzin's had a lot of experience plan you know hire go polo or medium polo with with some fire girl players and he's learned to control the ball control the middle of the game you know and did me right the difference there on his success versus Niko on the other team playing number three success is going to come down to the horses because again Niko's playing his own horses tenzin being from the East Coast had the least horses and we all know there's a huge advantage beyond your own horses in regardless of how good those horses are for tenzin he doesn't know them the way Niko knows his horses yeah you're exactly right Bob so ya know it's definitely different styles that two and three between Liam and tenzin and then we've got big will green yeah big will green nyquil green it was fun to listen to him talk and he's got a lot more realized like you know I mean he's a solid player you know we saw him play on Friday and he did a great job but I'm expecting him to put some serious pressure on McKenzie Weiss today so we've got the pull of parade coming out and we're gonna see our team's come by here I'd like to also introduce our umpires here mr. Fergus is the umpire closest to us in chemo Huddleston is on the gray pony two of our top vampires in the United States although associations umpires LLC these are both professional umpires rated at the top of our umpire list so we have super high quality on fires here this afternoon and our teams are going to line up at centerfield and we are all going to stand for the national anthem [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right outstanding I don't know what her name is but we might want to find out because she is a super talented that was a beautiful rendition of the national anthem hey if we can get the graphics up guys I'd like to show the zone three line up when you have time I know we we had our zone 4 team up there bob was kind of going through the lineup I'd like to show our zone 3 quick before we get started yeah we're going to introduce some here on the field that the number one spot is McKenzie Weiss and the number two is Lucas Escobar number three his big brother Nikko Escobar and following up in the number-4 spot is Justin Daniels yeah bomb I tell you what we are just about ready to get this this final match started 2017 Knights championship we've been waiting all weekend for this we got two great teams doing battle does look like we have a handicap goal on the board handicap goal on the board looks like awarded to a zone four so it looks like one goal not sure if it's going to be one point five because we can't show a decimal point but we do have one goal on the board like we have one and a half goals there for the team zone four and we have four goals for team zone three okay so now we're only playing a four chucker match so then we use the metrics chart and the back of the blue in the back of the rulebook so if you've met have you've ever had run tournaments you know that handicaps are based upon six gold chuck or the six trucker matches period matches so if the period if the match is less than six chuckers you need to use the matrix to see what the handicap gold amount award would be and I think in this one it's one in a half goals not one goal I do see a point five hanging up on the board there nope we're gonna have an advantage here right off the bat for the Green Team with one and a half goals in their favor as we head into chucker number one all right we're just about ready to do battle here Bob we got both of our teams lined up we got our drone taking we got excellent drone footage here aerial footage I want to thank checker TV and the u.s. PA Polo Network for providing outstanding video here to watch our final match here 2017 nights national youth tournament series championship match the u.s. PA Cecil Smith Cup both of these teams are gonna be doing battle here for four chuckers each chucker seven and a half minutes long Justin Daniels back on the font on the on the field here so we are ready to start playing polo our umpires bullet in it is Nico Nico Escobar gonna send it over there to his brother Lucas Lucas go into two hands trying to check that horse back Lucas he's going to go ahead and turn it Lucas Escobar handy little horse gonna turn and send it down the field looking for his brother the number three and he can't get to it this is Tenzin tuck Nini Tenzin rips off a little backhand or didn't go very far Mackay trying to jump on it Mackay Weis going to goal this could be not big bump there by will that is big wheel green that is what he's got to do all day there he's gonna have to be physical with Mackay Weis and back shot there Brendon Wales can't get it off and will green rips off a backhander there to take it out of the goal mouth Lucas Escobar with a back shot going the other way let's see if any zone three players can jump on at Mackay shoots and scores Mackay Weis shoots a beautiful forehand shot through goal Bob first goal from the field well I can tell you Scott I'm not surprised that Mackay was the first one to score today I'm expecting to see a significant amount of gold shots from Mackay that's what he does so well he's fantastic at moving the ball forward he's fantastic at controlling the ball but I saw some good defensive play there by will Green which we talked about early and he talked about it yesterday in the interviews and he did lay a beautiful bump and get the first play away from Mackay but that that blue team continued to pick up the play turn the ball get the ball take the back shots centre it and eventually if you're gonna centre that ball in front of the goal enough times one of your teammates are gonna find it put it in that is exactly right so we had a bowl in and a foul right away so this one's going to go against our team in blue your zone three Florida plane in the green is your zone for Eastern so this is going to be a spot hit this will be Brendan wells took most of the penalty shots on Friday and he's gonna do it here he's being followed up there by Tenzin Tenzing Tung beanie and a nice backhand there by Lucas Escobar let's see if anybody's gonna be around to get it it's will green will green get a jump on it handy little horse sends a backhander trying to get to Liam lot liam lot can't get there he's defended by Nico Nico coming right by the grandstand Nico Escobar wearing that number three Jersey he's the quarterback for this Florida team going right past to number four looks like this is going left see if he's got gonna go over the back line or is he gonna be able to save it shoots and nope right across the goldmouth quite a shot there from Nico Escobar thought that one was gonna roll over the back line but he was able to to get a shot off but he put too much angle on it and went right across the goal mouth so believe this is Brandon wells brenden wells on the far side another back shot there by this we've got the number for Justin Daniels so this is Maki Maki Weis very dangerous in this position Bob Mackie Weis going the goal once again sticking balling looks like is he gonna be able to get it's gonna happen hit a little back hander and no goal no goal blocker was waving that flag down there but he gave it a go didn't he he sure did and it looks like I believe we're gonna have a safety here which is what occurs when the defending team hits the ball over the backline but maybe that ball of mackey's went out the way they're lining up it's gonna be a knock and I I take that back so we'll have a knock in 11 Aachen by the Green Team zone for Mackay I'll tell you what you don't want to give him those oh my god I mean yes dangerous absolutely they got alone the green team has to be very very careful not to over commit because we know the blue team has good horses we know they can turn back roll back into the play Mackay gets to leave Mackay get open like that you're gonna be chasing him all day all day long all day long and he's got he's got horses that can run and that are handy and we've seen it in a semifinal so we're gonna have to do a good job or a better job of marking him and I know talking to will green on the interviews yesterday that's that's his job so he's gonna have to watch him very very and when he goes through then one of his team have to cover that middle back and that's what happened we'll committed to offense and his team teammate nobody on his team went back got some movement here for the green Bob this is Liam lot a lot going to the whip on that black horse being chased there by Lucas Escobar ball bouncing Liam lot liam lot with a nice carry there we'd love to see him oh look at that shot Bob Liam lot with a beautiful forehand shot through goal Wow what ago was impressively I'm luck carrying that bouncing ball and it bones every single time he swung he concentrated so well on the ball kept his shoulder down kept his eye on the ball and every time he made nice solid contact move the ball up 230 yards they got to the bouncing ball did the same thing again and the finally it bounced so bad he just had to go for the scrappy shot made it beautiful goal right between the upper a nice shot there ball bowled in Brendan Wales Wow rips off a nice offside back shot nobody home except for Nico Escobar needs to go at Nico Escobar and the handy little horse checks down spins around nice long shot let's see who he's got out there we've got several places raised racing after it Tintin took Nene trying to get the hook on Weiss Maki Weiss can't get a mallet on it and tenzin hits a little backhand or to get it out of the danger zone Justin Daniels with a nice open back hander trying to get it to Nico Nico jumping on that line tenzin coming through to defend Lucas Escobar shoots back hander and a goal in Wow nice back shot there open back hander by Lucas Escobar beautiful play there you know the blue team working hard to man-to-man to get that ball and keep advancing it but we finally got a one player open and that was Lucas and he took the open we call it an open shot meaning you take the ball on your right you you hit a backhander but you hit it to your right you get it away we call it an open shot when you hit it behind your horse to the left they call it a tail shot we're about halfway through our first checker so we're doing the same thing that we did in our east-west challenge here just a little while ago since it's been a long three or four days for these horses and players we are allowing halfway through the checker we're gonna allow the horses to take a quick rest and if a player does need to change horses we're gonna allow that so in most polo matches you need to do it on your own time if play is going on Hollifield you've got to make it quick usually there's grooms with extra horses at every corner of the polo field so a player can get off a horse if they need to but here in our Knights tournament we are allowing players to change horses if they need to half way through each checker which I think definitely ups the safety of the game it does and I think it's a great concept as long as you do it quickly and it's it's almost better to have everybody stop at the same time switch and come right back the trick is to get everybody having these horses ready and it's a little tough when you're playing a tournament like this where some of the players are playing on leased horses versus players who have their own horses with their own grooms and their their routines and they that they have the system down much smoother than then they these other players would that are on the least horses but they did a great job here it's only been a 30 40 seconds at the time out and they're all back on the field we're back playing polo yep ball bowled in there nico escobar rips a backhander tenzin took me the other three on the other side hits another nice backhand even nobody there to jump on it Escobar hits a little tail shot there to Justin Daniels Justin Daniels just Eden jumping nicely on that back hander tenzin with a low back hander himself didn't go too far it's picked up there by Daniels Daniel's tries to get it underneath big will green coming in couple players pushing on each other right here at the boards get some good action right here in front of the grandstand and guess who it is it's Mackey Weis coming out of the pack now he's got will green on his hip well greens gonna try to switch to the near side nice job there by Tenzin to change to come back this way he's got Liam lot liam lot on the gray horse see if that ball stays in liam lot locked up there with Escobar Daniel's with a nice backhand or going the other way let's see we've got Mackay Weis all along Bob could be Danger Danger Danger Mackay wise on the loose is he gonna be caught here by will green or not Mackey's going a little too far to the right not what he wants to do but watch the next shot very difficult shot from that angle and that one's gonna go up the playing field and wide of the goal but then again that Green Team better be careful when they commit to go forward like that and blue team gets a good back hander you know Justin Daniels ripped that back you sure did try to tie all of the players in who's sitting there in the very very very far back is Mackenzie wife's waiting for that path exactly so Brendan Wells bringing in an office back line almost got to pick there by Lukas Escobar but he was able to continue on trying to get the ball up there - I believe that is will green we got Tenten Tenzin coming through he's got nobody to hit - he's gonna either have to take it himself come through traffic it looks like what he's gonna do Escobar Lukas Escobar waiting waiting to make a play nice shot there by Tenzin this one's gonna be going wide right and it's gonna stay on the polo field so Escobar's gonna have to hit a backhander and he nicely does there and Mackay wise picks it up on the near side switches over to the offside he's been defended there by Brendan wells and this is Macke Weis Maki Weis being pursued there by Brendan Wells we've got a horserace let's see if Mackay continued nope he's hooked out of there nicely Liam lot with a nice little backhand or trying to get it over to his number three Tenzin but he cannot it's intercepted by Justin Daniels the number four for his own three deep neck shot there by Justin Daniels impressive shot but will Green is there he tries to take it forward and not the shot he was looking for that is for sure but we've got brenden wells turning it nicely on the near side he's got traffic on both sides Bob Wow is he doing a great job they're controlling very nice job there nice finesse Nico says I'm done I'm gonna hammer a back shot you're done so but nice nice dribbling of the ball thereby pretty well by Nico Escobar to wait until he had a clean play look at Lucas Escobar on a breakaway here and a beautiful approach shot to the goal he's gonna check down this time it's gonna try to turn the ball and that makes a cut shot switches to the near side and almost puts it in almost puts it a nice shot babe I will Green I saw will green he was waiting waiting waiting for him to change the angle so he could actually go in and make a play it's difficult there too - stay on your own side of the line when you've got that kind of an angle but he did a nice job you know the shot if he was gonna force him to hit away or give him enough time to try to turn the ball and he chose to give him enough time so he could turn and go with him toward the goal ended up being a good play because no goal scorer alright alright folks our score is 2.5 in favour of zone for your green team so it's 2.5 to 2 in favor of zone 4 which is your eastern North East we'll take a quick break players are going to change horses you are watching the USPA Paulo Network [Music] [Music] welcome to the National Museum of polo and Hall of Fame the concept the idea for the museum came about 1978 before gentlemen were having dinner and they decided that there should be a place to preserve the rich history of polo here in the United States Museum was here built in Palm Beach County in 1997 in 1989 I joined the museum's staff and have been with them ever since like any museum we work every day preserving yesterday for tomorrow welcome back to the Santa Barbara polo and racket club we got a great crowd here this afternoon I'll tell you what I thought everyone was going to go home we had that thunder lightning storm that lasted for about 20 to 25 minutes and that rain was coming down there was thunder and lightning everyone was scattering for cover but the Sun is is coming out and I think it's gonna be fully out most of the clouds have have moved east so so we didn't do much to the polo field obviously we got to a little bit of moisture on the field but it was probably a good thing I don't think it heard of anything but but my hairdo may be yours a little too Scott but no it's a nice nice little rain it actually came in we played the east-west challenge earlier in the day which we recorded and we're going to have on demand so you all can watch that coming up hopefully it'll be on to ban late around this evening great match here with our young younger players and our the lower little lower handicap tournament and we had special guest Charles Smith legendary Charles Smith and he spoke a lot about the history of the tournament and how how they originally started and why they did an east/west challenge and then how it came over into be to being reinstated here just this year hasn't been played since 1976 and it's this is the first match that we played a couple hours ago here at Santa Barbara was a great match we're gonna have it on demand you know please keep in touch check-in it's well worth watching that game right great young talented players two guys two boys two girls on each team great game yeah love to watch these uses some of the atop youth in the country out here on this field number two here in Santa Barbara this is our Stadium field Sunday polo field they keep it keep it fresh all throughout the season and this field only gets played on Sundays so it is the best field here in Santa Barbara they're all amazing but this one is quite special so it's obviously a great great experience for these young players to be able to play on field number two here in Santa Barbara yeah it sure is and the the crew here was right on it as soon as the rain came they came in and checked checked the field and as soon as it stopped they checked it again gave us a thumbs up said we're ready to go the field safe go ahead and and keep as planned and they're just on top of it all the way no all right we're off and running here Bob in the second checker this is Brennan wells bringing it off his backline and it's stolen out of there by Lucas Escobar and we've got a whistle right away I believe that was Nico and Liam lot were locked up together there both of them trying to to make something happen with the ball there and umpire saw something they they did not like so I think this is gonna go against our zone three team Bob our blue team I believe a spot hit for for green spot hit Green Team is going the long way and the defending team in blue will have to give him at least 30 yards and the ball is brought back into play and what up big shot off the end line there by will Green actually Brendan well that was Brendan well that's right well he's taken that penalty shot you did - yeah just has a really nice easy stroke and then you definitely able to put that ball down the field so and so we got the zone three team moving once again Escobar trying to get it down there to Weis and it's intercepted by wells Wells over on the far side he's got will green he's got his number four they're running if he can get it up to him but looks like Escobar is right there waiting no that is Maki Maki waiting trying to get a hook Mac he's going to try to push him over can't do it he got called off that place yep called off their Nico was right there and Nico ripped off a backhander to the far side Tintin over on the far side for our zone 14 this is will green tough to get that ball Bob when it is snuggled up next to the board's on the near side y know the worst places the ball could ever land when you're our player and they're going at speed so here we go Justin Daniels with a booming forehand shot he's got Lucas Escobar Lucas Escobar running full speed to goal he's going to shoot on goal and he's hooked out of there nicely by Brendan wells so nice job by Brendan he played there by Brendan wells to stop that goal because Lucas can easily score from there so he had no choice but to drop the hammer on that horse get there and get the hook and we're gonna have another whistle it almost exactly the same spot the last whistle blew over to the left side of the blue team's zone threes team's goal only it looks like this is going the other way this time the the foul the penalty is going to be against the Green Team zone four and it's gonna be a open goal penalty opportunity for zone 3 I believe this is the first open goal penalty of the match well the zone 3 team that is down by half a goal still remember we have the handicap well 1.5 added to the Green Team to start the match so this would put them in the lead for the first time today Nico shoots and it is through so Nico Escobar calm cool and collected walks up and smokes it through there to put another point on the board for our zone 3 our Florida team our score now Bob 3 to 2.5 our Florida team zone 3 now in the lead and zone 4 started this game with a one and a half goal handicap again we use half goals on handicap players handicap between minus 1 and 1 in order to break up the concentration because there's so many players handicapped at down those three handicap numbers and the point 5 system really does help break it up but we only use it in up to six goal anything above six goals you round that down you take the 0.5 away all right back to the action here this is Macke wise Mikey wise with a nice forehand shot sends it down there nobody home but Tenzin Tenzing took Nene looks like he's gonna rip off a backhander try to send it over to the board's try to get it to print and wells brenden wells is hooked out of there by Maki Weiss will Green trying to get in there the number four in green and this is Justin Daniels rides off lil green hits a little backhand or trying to get it to his number two Lucas Lucas shoots big forehand shot definitely gonna be wide and over the back line but that was a nice little pass to Lucas he wound up and smoked it but he spoke he got some wood on top a little too much weight on that Baba probably would have been better off taking a little less off a little bit less oh yeah go big or go home though right you know these guys are young and strong so they want to hit big that's right so bring it in off the back line it is brenden wells once again and he's being ridden hard there by Maki Weis over on the far side wells and Weis locked up there it's a nice shot shot yeah nice and this is Justin Daniels all alone so this is a great opportunity for zone three to score a nice easy goal Justin Daniels checks his horse stick and ball through the goal nicely done there Justin Daniels yeah great goal there by Justin Daniels and Niko Escobar did a really good job keeping Liam lot who was trying to get in there and make the play on Daniels and Daniels had nothing but time no make sure that one went in all right I'm part blew that whistle we're up here at center so we are halfway through our second chucker so we are going to take just a minute to allow our players to once again to ride off and and grab a horse change a horse if they need to or just allow their horse that they're currently on to to get some air so and Scott each of the players on zone three Florida team have scored a goal one one for each player which gives them the four goals on the board for the Eastern the only goal scored so far is Liam lots goal in the first chukker and they got a goal and a half on handicaps so we sit here at four to two and a half so this is one and a half goal separating these two teams and that shows you other's handicap system yep you know it's kind of keeping this game even yep definitely definitely so still still a very tight match here we are only halfway through the second chucker here in the 2017 Knights national youth turn them a serious championship both of these teams fighting hard to try to get that USPA Cecil Smith Cup a coveted award that we will be awarding to the winning team here right after our match so I want to thank all of our puller fans and viewers for tuning in this afternoon to our live stream here on the USPA Polo Network like Bob said earlier we had some some crazy weather about about an hour ago we had a brief thunderstorm roll in here which it never rains in Santa Barbara unless it's winter time so that was that was a little bit strange so we all had to scramble cover up all of our equipment and and but everything dried out and the Sun is out and it's a beautiful afternoon it sure is and I just looked over my shoulder and and I I see one of one of our other polo legends here today Michael Butler and Michael had his he's 90 years young he had his 90th birthday last about four or five months ago and he's out here to watch these kids that just shows you how important this youth polo is to the people in this game history here so looks like we're ready to go so we got three minutes and 50 seconds left here in the second checker please keep in mind these matches are for chuckers so we're getting getting close to being halfway through here in our final match so got the green team trying to move forward here at niko escobar stops it right there and rips off a big next shot sent it down to his brother at Lucas Lucas is running all alone absolutely nobody there so balls bounced in a little bit so Lucas is able to kind of stick and ball through the goal and he smokes it over into the condominium so nice goal there nice pass by Nico to his brother Lucas it sure was and Nico did a really nice job there picking that ball up turning looking downfield and seeing his brother open and just laying it out there for him de I shouldn't say easy have an easy goal but certainly not as hard a goal as you when you have somebody on your hip that's the second goal therefore Luke is so far in this matter so he's our our high goal scorer for it before they match very men book Jim Seattle three so balls in there this is will green will green hits a little back hander but nobody is there only person there is Nico Escobar Nico sends another nice pass to Lucas man these you can tell these guys play a lot of polo together I don't hear him calling anything they just know where each other are on the polo field all these back shots they're jumping on and this is Lucas coming through traffic balls left there Macke wise Mackay wise picking it up cleaning up the garbage there he's got Nico behind him Mack ey shoots on gold tin to a horse Nico shoots into a horse and it's cleared out of there by Liam lot Oh Liam lot goes up over the handlebars on his gray horse but the horses is galloping off and trotting off Bob and Liam's already back on his feet so that I'll tell you that's where you beautiful youth aid you right I thought sure he kind of landed on his just I thought sure he was gonna get the wind knocked out of him he was up like like he was just doing a couple of robic yeah and jumped right back up yep very talented young player and very very great athlete top athlete didn't Oh glad he's okay glad the horses okay they took horse stumbled a little bit threw him off balance and the horse recovered but Liam wasn't able to he went over right over the horse's head see the athleticism of these riders I'll tell you what yeah they are and you know when you have these kids that learn to ride at such an early age they get so that you know they fall off and when you fall off you learn how it fall off and that's the best thing you can do as a rider is know how to fall you know because the chances of falling are there I mean you ride you're gonna maybe fall and when you fall if you know how to fall your odds of getting hurt are pretty small with don't know how to fall it's a much higher risk of getting of injury I would imagine a lot of these players - especially if they come from polo-playing families and they've been riding since they were so young a lot of these guys get to ride young horses green horses and these horses can they can pitch you off right then they specially when they're young and green and getting exposed to polo and I think a lot of these players have it have experienced that and you know there's a right way and a wrong way to get off a horse right so I think they've all experienced it well many of them are sons of professional players you know the Escobar's certainly are their father the least I go player liam's fathers put polo players so he's been around Poland he's working for he's worked for some of the high go players and and andreas twice you know used to play here for Lucchesi high go player as well and has mentored his kids and they and these pros all trained horses so these kids learn they watch their fathers they go to the barn you know they pick up the skills they see how they they bring those young horses from being nervous and playful and an FM point dangerous because they're big animals to get him to calm down and be trusting and learn the game and really play the game well so you got you know they have a big advantage when they when they come from a polo playing family but we have so many great programs now in the United States and and we you know we have the ìiî program which is the inter scholastic intercollegiate and we have very similar situations where we have coaches who have had that same those formerly high go players very experienced players that are mentoring and teaching those students so you don't have to be a child of a player brought up in a polo family to learn to play to learn to play properly you could check out our III programs on us polo org and get involved if you have children that you would like to get involved in polo it's a great sport it teaches them nation's horsemanship team play and really how to you know how to relate with an animal and really form those relationships and bonds with it with the horses and that's the real difference between polo and any other sport yeah awesome awesome feedback and I had a great conversation semifinal day with Amanda snow and just kind of about the player development program and you know just all the great things they're doing to bring young talent you know into the sport of polo you know and bringing kids into the sport who don't come from polar plane families and you know that's that's that's where it all starts so yeah and we're you know we're seeing more and more of it with these programs and more and more doors are opening for people young people who have never been around horses who grew up in cities who weren't weren't around you know the the open spaces and the barns with the horses and that and they get involved and they become great players as well and some of them just become leisurely players but they do get a lot out of the game okay looks like we're about ready to go two minutes 15 seconds left here looks like there was a penalty called against the blue team so this is Brennan wells from penalty for hits the belt ball very very well up and over but a little bit not enough English to get it back between the uprights so the Florida team catches a break here and Niko Escobar brings the ball back and play off the end line sends it over to his brother Lucas Lucas picks up the long ball from his brother anikó right along the boards here Lucas gets the ball down there trying to get it to Weis only person there is Brendan Wells brenden wells gonna try to turn it on the near side dangerous play Mackay Weis coming through tenzin took Nene Tenzin's been a little bit quiet today Bob I really haven't haven't seen too much from the number three in green-tinted cagney and he's playing at number three position which is a very important position so I'm hoping Tenzin is gonna fire it up here and and really lead this team but Wow Lukas Escobar with a nice little neck shot nice and easy through the goal so his third goal you know he he remains the high scorer he was the high scorer with 2 3 goals for the for Lucas I was called Luiz and there's a goal for each of his teammates and those they have now taking it taking a fairly commanding lead and like you say we need to see a little more on it tenzin I know that you know he was concerned about the horses and if he could keep up with these guys because they're playing their own horses but you know he's gonna he's gonna do his best and I think he's just hasn't had much luck on this horse look at that hook he just made none that's what he needs exactly to go and commit and make those plays he's a great player said it so maybe he maybe he hurt us in his earpiece but this is tinted kamini with an opportunity 25 seconds left Bob he's got enough time to get there but look at Maki Maki is coming in full speed he better hurry up he may have to switch to the near side Oh Maki wise gets there that is what you want to do a little hustler down there flying on that horse to make the hook as things were looking good there for tins into a stroke that ball through the goal but Maki Weiss saved it with the hook so three seconds left here not enough time for anybody to do anything horn is coming and that is going to end chucker number two here in our finals match our USBA Cecil Smith Cup our Knights championship match so we have reached the halftime Bob or have we because I heard a whistle right about the same time so are they going to yes so the umpires have a penalty here going against the zone for Green Team and we are going to see a center hit I'm sorry going going against yes I'm so that's right going against the green tears yeah field hit by zone three the the blue Florida team with five seconds on the clock so when there's a they said 12-episode mustard it must been something off on the clock Center yep because I thought that you sounded at the same time and if they do you put five seconds on the clock but there's 12 so there's plenty of time what a shot by Niko Escobar plenty of time so this green green is going to need to get it out of there and that is the end of the check right not sure that was quite 12 seconds but Tucker Nev nevertheless is over that is officially the end of the first two chuckers please keep in mind these are for Tucker matches here in our nice championships our score six to two point five six in favor of zone three the Florida team playing pretty good ball yeah that's a great game and we're looking forward to seeing if the zone for Eastern team has enough in them to come back and really turn this thing around because right now we're seeing a lot of solid play by its own three Florida again those guys know each other they've been playing two of them are brothers they have an advantage but I would not count zone four out so please stick around we're going to take a short break we're gonna be back with the second half of this very exciting championship match [Music] I'm pretty sure they're actually more horses in this area than humans this is kind of like country in the middle of one of the largest Calvin ball club is ten minutes outside of the city you like you're an hour's wait to city polo is a get in there you get bumping and grinding you get little dirty and it's a component the light said the CBC has [Music] we provide everything systems and we work very hard to keep it affordable [Music] knowledge within this group of people that anybody experience you can pretty much sign up for a lesson we got any skill level whether you've written the horse or never before because there's so many different people that come here you can play all kinds of people who have never played polo before can get a good start and feel safe in the process of I would encourage all families ever any interest bring your kids here get on a horse give it a try and it's la is full of people that want to try something new something exotic something different and having this here thirty minutes away from downtown la is the best thing ever [Music] [Music] McKenzie weighs 14 years old from Florida and one go I'm Lucas Escobar I'm from Florida I'm ready to one goal I am 14 years old I'm Nico Escobar I'm 17 years old I'm from Wellington Florida and I'm 1.5 goals hello I'm Justin Daniels I'm from Wellington Florida and I married one and a half goals - hi my name is Brennan wells I'm 17 years old I play for Maryland and I'm rated 0 my name is Liam lot I'm originally from Middlebury Vermont and I'm 0.5 hi my name is Tenzin Donnie neat I'm from Middleburg Virginia and my handicap is one goal and I'm will Green I'm from Baltimore Maryland and my handicap is zero goals [Music] good afternoon my name is Scott lien I am here hosting these for good luck and gentleman here this is one of our finalists for the Cecil Cup Smith our 2017 Knights finalists so guys congratulations on making it to the finals so I've got some questions for you here what kind of start we'll kind of talk about polo for a while and I'd kind of like to ask you guys some questions just kind of just fun questions just to kind of get to know you guys a little bit better that's kind of outside of polo so so Brendan since you've got you've got the microphone and by the way great game yesterday I did watching you play yesterday and I was calling the play-by-play and I was calling your name a lot so I wanted to find out from you I noticed yesterday you were taking a lot of the penalty shots on there I mean typically most pull of teams you've got to either the three or four the big hitters and stuff you don't typically don't see somebody wearing the number one taking those shots so so so tell me about how you got selected to take the penalty shots and how you felt out there well I don't really think our our jersey numbers really chord coordinated with too much control you know is bad for the horse so you just kind of give it away [Music] but there's something about being on this majestic animal with these long legs and this muscular body that's all power in general a good polo pony loves the sport they're athletes just as much as we are you can't compare any sport to this sport because we have a thousand pound athlete underneath us that can run 40 miles per hour you take a guy that that plays basket a sport and put him on a horse a soccer player or whatever it is and have him go flat out they would be gasping for when you're playful and you're going fast I mean there's nothing better to do I love it there's something about the noise of hearing hooks on the ground and how it sounds like thunder [Music] nothing else like and it's it's a joy [Music] [Music] you all right welcome back polo fans to the beautiful scent of barbara california we just finished up nice halftime divot stomp had all of our all of our pull of fans out on the polo field help us repair some of those divots out there smooth out the field for our players we're halfway through this one folks our score is 6 to 2.5 in favor of zone 3 zone 3 is your Florida team all all players from Wellington Florida all very close we hope hope everybody enjoyed the interviews that that I conducted yesterday he'll probably be replaying those on our USPA pull a network website it was fun to get to know those players and talk polo and then also just talk some personal stuff and learned that learn all about them so been a very strong first couple checkers for the Florida team zone 3 your team in blue I got the McKenzie Weiss playing that number1 position doing a great job moving the ball up and down the field Mackey Weiss at 14 years of age he's got that and we got two brothers playing the two and three we've got Lucas Escobar at 14 years of age and then his brother Nico Escobar at 17 years of age playing that number three position at the number four on the zone three Florida team we've got Justin Daniels who's played that great tournament so far tough to get by that number four of Justin Daniels and then we've got our Eastern North East so it's an all East final here zone for the team in green Brendan wells has had a great tournament we're in that number one Jersey but he's taking a lot of the napkins and penalty shots and hitting the ball very very well Liam lot 19 years of age playing the number two position he has their only goal from the field there was a one point five goals awarded to our zone for Green Team to start the match due to the overall handicap differences of the team but Liam lot has the only score so far and I say so far because we've got two checkers to play four of the zone for eastern North East team tenzig Tony knee play in the number three position he's he's been a bit quiet today he's been working hard out there but you know we need to see him step up I think for this zone for team playing that number three position he does hit the ball very well he hustles but we've got to got to get some momentum here and then we'll greens played a nice game playing at number four position trying to shut down Mackay Weis which is not an easy thing to do Mackey is super crafty and he's really good with these horses in in creating opportunities so he definitely has his work cut out for him so but down by down by about 3.5 I think goals here the zone for Green Team still not out of it so we are just about ready to go we've got our players coming back on the polo field looks like we're gonna start down there at the at the far end so we've got that all of our spectators off the field so it's always nice to see everybody get up halfway through and stretch their legs go out and do the traditional divot stomp and not sure if we're gonna get any more rain today but I will tell you what right before this match we have a thunder and lightning storm like I've never seen here in Santa Barbara it absolutely came down we had to scatter get rid of all of our equipment and then finally went away and we dried off and field was in good shape they went out and did some inspections on the field want to make sure that it wasn't too wet and unsafe for the players and it was absolutely perfect so we off to playing polo so we've got two more checkers these are for chucker matches here in our Knights tournament for chuckers so these games do go quite quickly we have been taking a time out halfway through each checker for the players to either change horses or allow the horses to rest these these players have played these horses excuse me have played a lot of checkers over the past three to four days and you know we we know that when these these horses get tired it you know we don't want anybody have any accidents out there so we want to allow the players to what to change as often as possible so joined back here in the booth Bob you can bail me out I've been talking here non-stop for five when you're doing such a good job Scott I hate to even interrupt you but our teams are getting back on the field they're assembling therefore they throw in all the way down by the blue team's goal the blue team being the zone three Florida team it's kind of hard to kind of wish we made a nickname for each one of these teams or something a Maureen so boring yeah yeah we have to get a little more creative on that next go-around so in the meantime we're gonna continue to call them zone 3 zone 4 and blue and green it's not something for us to work on for next year and we will work on that and in fact I think I'm gonna sign you that task ok yeah I'm up to the time up to the up to the challenge so I will come up with some creative names for these teams and tried to come up some creative questions yesterday in the interview to try to loosen these guys up and we had a lot of fun with bats it was good so part Fergus Gould has the teams lined up I'd say there are about 40 50 yards out in front of the blue team goal zone 3 and he's waiting for a she could seize keeps telling these guys I need a lineup I need a fair line up all the blue teams have to be on one side all the green have to be on there or they would be offsides and the ball is bolt in so this green team's got to get it out of their end they can't afford to give away another goal here and this is a tenten tenten coming through tenzin coming through traffic he's being ridden off hard there by Mackie tenzin coming through so look at this oh he might be picking up the pace here we got tinted toe Nene coming through he's got Mackie Weis on his hip Oh tail shot see if any of his players can jump on it and lucas escobar tries to clear it out of there and he can't so picking it up on the near side nicely is Justin Daniels Daniel's being written hard there by Liam lot Daniels on the near side decides to leave with their Tenzin's gonna bring it right to us here at the boards we've got Mackey Weiss Mackey Weiss going to defend tintin gonna allow players to clear he's gonna look down the field and hopefully hit it somebody Tenzing Tung Nene's got traffic sends it a little bit far tenzin coming through appealing to the umpire no but look at Liam lot with a nice approach shot right to Tenzin Bob opportunity for green are they gonna do it yes yeah nice teamwork there between Liam lot intense about time yeah we've been waiting for that in fact we were talking about Tenzin just needing to pick up the pace and the minute we started talking about there he that he did it boy he the last few minutes of play he has been outstanding and those drives downfield were fantastic he popped that ball in the air and then reached around took the tail shot trying to advance it forward again and he almost pulled it off awesome awesome play there so hopefully the green green green squads got their earpieces in because Bob and I are gonna motivate them and get a few more goals on the board here so nice back shot there by will green but it's intercepted there by Escobar Lukas Escobar with little backhanders to intercept it there by Brendan wells and Liam lot trying to move it forward nico nico with a little back hander tries to turn on he can't do it will green is there hits another backhand or the other way too bad cuz Brendan whales have turned on that back shot and he would have been off to the races so play stops we've got another whistle yeah I just think that the green player got caught there but maybe this is gonna go the other way maybe they didn't allow the green player to get out of the way you know you have a responsibility even though you have the line in the right of way if the line changes quickly meaning the direction of the ball changes in you can you pick up the direction to follow the direction you still have to let the other players clear out you cannot swing into the horses and I do believe on this one that they did not allow Lucas got anxious and he pushed in there and he made the play and he needed to allow that Green Team to clear out of the way before he did so this is gonna result in an open goal no sorry a 60-yard penalty shot in favor of the Green Team and I think Brendan's taken two of them so far today and both of them have gone right he's done great job hitting him no I mean he's he's making good contact with the ball and making it move but just been a little bit live both time so maybe he's I thought he's got it dialed in now if I was him I'd aim for that left post because they're not going out that far why does get a mallet on it but it does go in so it well struck ball they're running well and I think the aid to the left post I'm telling you man Bob I don't know if you remember but in the semifinal match on Friday remember this Green Team was struggling were sitting there just having some sidebar conversations about what they what they need to do and just trying to get those motivation and they came back and so we'll we'll see I I hate to see either team win because that means one of these teams have to lose but it is great to see such a good comeback so far by the Green Team in his last chukker and a hat or then this last half a chucker actually and this is Brendan Wales brenden wells with another opportunity ball hopped on him there was tried to try to get an ear shot off and he couldn't liam lot coming through two players and this is Tenzin and we've got another whistle so it was almost a sandwich play Bob yeah came through and he had a player on each side I think that this the blue team got a little too aggressive there and the player on each side made a play so we'll see what our umpires are going to call here if they call what we said what we think we saw there's going to be a penalty too opportunity here for the Green Team to come within one goal this is an open goal 30-yard shot and that's exactly what they've called because the umpire has now placed the ball on the 30 yard line so Brendan wells is going to tee it up Brennan just scored the penalty for 60-yard defended shot on the other side of the field this one should be for him fairly straightforward because it's open meaning nobody can be in the goal and it's also completely undefended meaning nobody can come across the goal to try to defend it so all he has to do is put it between the posts and over the back line any speed any height just got to get it over that back line so Brendan Wales gonna walk at it got the ball teed up there brenden wells hits the ball let's see if it's got enough to get there and it does another really smart play right Bob you don't have to hit it too hard as long as it's hard enough to get over the back line just like that it dribbled over and another goal so our score six to five point five six to 5.5 still in favor of zone three your Florida team your team in blue but the gap is gone from six to two point five to six to five point five three on nf3 unanswered goals by our Green Zone four team here in this third chucker of play and Justin Daniels hits a big shot up there but will Green is there got to get a good back shot off he sends it over to Tenzin Tenzin picks it up nicely takes it over to the far boards he's got Brennen wells and we've got another whistle and I'll tell you Tenzin is making a huge difference here in the last chukker the last you know four or five minutes where he has really started to become aggressive and control the play control the ball right there again drawing the foul drawing Mick Maki Weis into tempting him into coming into that ball and then having the ball right where he wanted it then Maki couldn't make that play they caught him so he's got control lines his team back out trying to get an offensive drive up here again one more time so penalty shot there it's intercepted by Lucas Escobar now this is niconico Escobar coming through traffic turning it on the near side he's got Liam lot liam lot trying to get there nice deep shot deep neck shot from Nico and Justin Daniels jumping on it Justin shoots and scores Wow nice cut shot by Justin you Daniel's in a beautiful near side play there by Niko Escobar making the whole turn on the near side reaching around getting the next shot Liam Lawton needed that hook and he was reaching out as far as he could get but Niko executed a beautiful neck shot there put it out in front Justin Daniels does his his job puts the cut shot in the goal without crossing the line and they there is now a goal and a half separating these two teams so goals can be scored very very quickly here and we're halfway through the third Tucker so we are at the point where you allowing our players to to change horses if they need to and then we will come back to Center and in Bowl it in so and again Scott if they don't have a horse to change onto it's just a perfect time to walk the horse if you walk the horse you're on and let them cool down LEM catches breath and that's really the goal here not everybody has enough horses to change every chucker but we want to make sure that these horses don't give too tired and we automatically give them a timeout to walk them out Croom off like we've said several times here these horses have played a lot of polo over the past four days so these teams are pushing these horses to their limits here in this this final match our score seven to 5.5 in favor of Florida your team in blue ball is bold in their list it looks like tens intends to to get this he's got will green got will green open can't get up there Weiss is there for the hook Tenzin's gonna switch to the near side nice carry there by tens and tens and being pushed there by Mackay tries to get it on the off side and it's hooked out of there will green can't get back to it and this is niconico Escobar sends a nice little back hander to his brother Lucas right along the boards Luke is gonna check try to get send it up to Mackay look at Maki Maki locked up there with Renan wells they can't get to it and this is Tenzin Tenzin gonna turn the ball he's got Niko Niko pursuing Tenzin took Nene he has really turned it on here in the 3rd shucker as he is working very very hard Niko Niko gonna get there and have hit a back shot nicely to his number 4 trying to get it to Daniel's but it's intercepted there by Liam lot liam lot bringing it across liam lot shot into the horses legs didn't go anywhere and Justin Daniels Justin Daniels clears it out there nicely for the zone three team Daniel is running full speed he's being pursued there by Tenzin Tenzin's caught him he's gonna have to switch to the near side we'll have to see if he's able to complete this Bob knope's on there but what Mackay can do Mackay switches to the near side Maki Maki no still on the polo field so we've got our green team cleared out there nicely Maki Maki with a nice tail shot there and it's intercepted there by will green will green nicely hits it out of that danger zone man I tell you what it was very close to another goal there for zone 3 but this Green Team is fighting hard harder than they have all weekend long and will green goes to the near side and pops it over the boards we haven't seen the ball go out of Bounce that much today and I think the both teams are doing the better job controlling the ball keeping it on the field and setting their plays up we saw the other day a lot of ball is going out they were going across field too often doing that today they're playing really good quality polo really good smart polo both teams and especially in the last chukker the Green Team has really stepped it up they're playing more classic polo they're trusting each other and Tenzin their quarterback has really taken control for the team and sets it has been setting up some great plays oh boy Niko Escobar sends a big booming shot down there to his number-one Macky Weiss Mackie wise for any full speed to go he's got nobody there let's see will greens trying to get there Mac ey shoots on goal and scores nice little next shot from Mackie twice that's the Macky Weiss we've been talking about you put Mackey Weiss out in front with nobody on him and 99% of the time he's gonna score that goal waitress with a capital D yeah will green just couldn't get there there was not he was so beat wet Mackey got so far out in front of everybody that there wasn't a horse there isn't a horse that could have caught him at that point no no and Mackey is not the biggest of players so that horse is not carrying a ton of weight so he's now opens that horse up and lets it run man that that horse can fly it was beautiful hitting by madam Mackey wise 14 years of age playing a great tournament here and we got we're back at play here and this is not true for Tenzin Tenzin pick cleans it up here with 30 seconds first bell just went nice shot there by Tenzin trying to get it down to brenden wells brenden wells running there with Mackey back out of there by Lucas jumping on there what a nice batch kids and Tenzin tries to get it to Liam Liam lot coming through Liam let's see if Liam lot can push this through no unfortunate bad luck over the back line oh what a great play there by tens and he set up Liam so well Liam took the next shot just I don't know if it hit the player on the other side of that player hit him so hard when he was swing and he didn't get a smooth swing off but they needed to capitalize on that one and they didn't get it in there a good effort though by the Green Team both teams played very very well this chucker there's the score is eight to five and a half so anything can happen here in chucker number four Scott yeah it was a big Tucker there for our green team from the eastern North East so stay tuned folks we got one more chucker left here in our 2017 Knights national youth tournament series championship we'll be right back thanks for watching the USPA Paulo network you [Music] officially established in the United States over 125 years ago the United States Polo Association is one of the oldest sanctioning bodies in the nation many people are already interacting with the sport and the u.s. PA through the global retail brand US Polo Assn built on the authenticity and rich heritage of the game they are not just buying apparel they are taking home a piece of the sport to learn more about the USBA visit us polo or polo fans welcome back to Santa Barbara home of the picturesque Santa Barbara polo and racket club Christian Weiss down there helping his his little brother Mackey Weiss and Tom good speed over there coach Tom goods be given some pointers there to Niko Escobar again we've got two amazing coaches helping us out here Tom good speed for the Florida team Tom one of the legendary arena players one of the greatest players of all times in the arena and the one of the cat the captain of the the LA Colts in the heyday of pro arena polo here in California at the equestrian center and then Nick snow coaching the green team here and Nick's been coaching he also coached the team earlier in the east/west challenge Nick you know of one of the veterans of polo has let have gone through the III program turned turned pro for goal strong player and he's got a world of knowledge here to help these young players out both these guys do so I don't know what hey the coaches told them but I know they told him keep it up because both teams are doing a great job and I think at this point is this going to be a matter of you know who persevered with the goals yeah no doubt and that was such a such a great chucker for our zone for team you know to see him come back and I'll tell you what Tenzin really stepped up big time in that chucker I mean and when he steps up his team stepped up with him and I think that's the that's the leadership that they were struggling with there for the first chukker and a half but really they really turned it around especially the later part of the second chucker and a complete third chucker they played outstanding the whole third sucker so we'll see though they've got it they've got a deficit here to overcome they need three goals and the other team doesn't need any the other team just needs to hold on and not let them score they need and that's that's a tough chore as well but the tougher chore is to get those get that ball in the goal and get those three goals on the board and make that other team get down on their heels so we'll see which one has the power to do it players and family and support down there down there at the trailers given some final instructions obviously all these players have coaches but I'll tell you what it's I think it's tough for family members to not coach you know I'm sure it is I don't I didn't see Luis down there I saw him down there a lot the other day I'm sure he's around Luis Escobar coaching his two sons but on the other hand I think he respects Tom Goodspeed and it's Tom's job to coach and like I think everybody knows in most sports when the parents try to coach the coach things sometimes don't go as well all right fourth and final chucker often times in polo matches players to save their best course for the final chucker in case it's a super tight match so I'm assuming that these players are probably coming out on I would bet Bob some of their some of their better horses so we might have some good polo on our hands here I'm sure that the best of the horses in this entire tournament or at least certainly in this game are coming out right now in this chucker and a Nico Escobar hammers a big shot downfield Brendan wells is there to defend brenden wells is going to try to make a turn tenzin can't get back to it didn't get called for the foul he almost went right in front of Mackay but on the near side is Lucas Lucas backed up there by Mackay wysnecki Weiss with a nice near side shot Brendan wells with a nice back shot going the other way and is picked up there by Justin Justin Daniels comes through Daniel shoots big forehand shot this one's going to be loud Daniel's but a little bit too far to the left and Brennan Welles made a mistake there I think he should not have tried to turn that ball he should have backed the ball Tenzin should have called him back you know for a tailor an open shot they got to work together they got to keep the ball away from this blue team right now when you try to turn the ball on strange horses and you don't get the turn completed you're trouble yeah Brennan Welles struggling with his horse down there yeah so Brennan Wells not playing his own horses so he's playing you know leased horses so that horse probably better to get out more on the polo field with some other other horses so I'm sure that horse plays pretty good polo but it may not be the best horse to be on right now to be bringing in the band's gonna be a tough break here for the green team because the rule says when you can't you can't make a circle you can't make an approach and not hit the ball so when he didn't at least take a swing at it he negated that play and there's a throw-in perpendicular to the back line and Nico Escobar Wow picks it up and scores a goal and that's why I said it could be a costly mistake and it was sure enough Wow bad luck there for Brendan Wells I know he had the best intentions to bring that ball off the back line and move it down the field for this for this zone 14 but unfortunately had some some horse troubles there and Nico Escobar capitalized on on the throwing right away and and smoked it through there so takes our score nine 25.5 is what I have on the scoreboard there yep nine 25.5 so a nice little comfy lead here for zone three but I'll tell you what this zone his own 14 is not done they they're going to keep fighting here till the till the last second I can tell you that and this is Liam lot liam lot spins around hits a nice little back you do it that is what you want to do so tins in took Nene if he can get past Mackay tenzin coming through and Lucas Lucas it's a back shop but Liam lot is the only one there Liam does play classic polo Bob not a lot of tourney from Liam he hits the back shot every time will Green trying to get through there and it's intercepted by Justin Daniels this is Nico Nico Escobar being defended there by Liam lot liam lot trying to get the hook look at Nico Nico bringing it on the board's here he's going to try to pick it up on the near side and we a beautiful run here by Niko Escobar on the near side liam lot ridin off there so this is will green will green midfield with an opportunity to go the other way there we go our team green and this horse can run a little bit bomb justin essence so unfortunately that's as far as it's going to go before will green so mackey weiss is going to take it there and hit a backhander tenzin continuing to come through tenzin continuing to fight here Brendon Wells coming through and scores wow what a nice goal there Bob sure was Brennan Wells following up the whole green team following each other up on that play and the blue team not marking their man men made at these opportunities for the Green Team and you know we thought it was over on the early part of that run and it wasn't over because they followed each other up no that was that that was good team play I think most all other green players touched the ball on that on that run going to goal so that was a third sorry their goal that's awesome that's awesome we've said yet here to pick some of that back and Mackey Weiss jumping on that back hander he's being defended there by Liam lot Mackey going near side liam lots gonna try to push him over and hit a backhand or and he does very well all everybody grab and leather trying to check back trying to get back to it look at Nikko Nikko rips off a nice backhand trying to get it to Weiss the only person home is Brendan Wells brenden wells hits one back the other way for our zone 14 coming across tintin tintin has stepped it up big time here in checker number three and four he continues to fight but Nikko Escobar hooked out of there and a broken mallet as Nicole Escobar came through with a full swing hooked out of there by Tenzin and umpire blew their whistles so I believe that Tenzin was probably not in the right spot to make that hook and looks like they're gonna move it up yeah that's that's the I believe what the call is gonna be so we'll wait and see here but it looks like they dropped the ball on the 60 yard line that it's going to be a penalty for which is a 60 yard defended goal so the players on the Green Team cannot be closer than the 30-yard line of the field to the hitter until they hit or hit so we see III from my angle over here I thought he got around but the umpires obviously we're closer than we were to the play and they they believe they saw a cross hope that he didn't get all the tins and didn't get his horse all the way over to the part of the horse was beat on the wrong side on the left side of Niko's horse all right also using this nine to six and a half and an opportunity here for Nico and the whistle blows again not sure if we have I think we've got a couple couple players changing I think we might be using this Bob as our opportunity to halfway through the checker either make the change or let the horses rest since we are at three minutes and 50 seconds here yeah that when the young change which means early players are they will wait for you all the players have the opportunity to change they'll wait for you provided you do it in a timely manner they're not going to wait if you drag it out and go have a drink of water yeah Nico Escobar walks up smokes it and it is good Wow right into the pot by nico Escobar beautiful penalty up for conversion putting the third goal in there for Nico today so it looks like the brothers are tied at three goals of peace in the match rather sad three and Brennan has three in the match okay no high score all right but you cannot hit a penalty shot penalty for any better than that right into the scoreboard absolutely nobody could defend so three minutes and 19 seconds left here in our final chucker between these two teams our score is 10 to 6.5 and I think this one's gonna go against Nico Escobar for the Florida team and we'll see what the umpire where they place it so it's gonna be a spot hit right from the play of the place where the of the infraction of the penalty of the foul so we're gonna see Tenzin take control here nobody on the blue team can be closer than 30 yards to the ball Tenzin tagged needy to do the honours he needs a goal here pretty badly you know she's taking his time gonna try to send his players further down the field try to lift that ball settle sends it down there trying to get it to will green see if anybody's gonna be able to jump on this it's backed out of there by Daniels Justin Daniels coming through and desperation played Tenzin trying to get there quickly but I think Lucas Escobar was established on that line yeah it appeared that Tenzin thought he had the line from from here it looked like Justin had it to me I think same thing and obviously the umpires did too but if you watch tins and actions there it's truly believed he thought well I can tell you what this Tenzin has has turned it up big time here in the last two chuckers so I've got a got to give an A for effort even though he did commit a foul there I'll tell you what he's working hard to try to put a put a few more points on the board here and make it respectable because right now it's 10 to 6.5 with just under three minutes left here in our final chucker here in our 2017 Knights national youth tournament series championship the u.s. PA Cecil Smith Cup behind us here we've got our awards table some really beautiful awards that we're gonna be giving to our all of our players yeah here at the at the conclusion of the match and so this is Nico Nico Escobar sends it nicely down there into a horse we've got will Green defending they're on Justin Daniels tried to get a backhander off and he can't but Tenzin is there to pick it up Tintin cook Nene coming through some traffic he's got Mackay Weis there and Brendan Wales trying to run through Leo we go with a nice pass there up to brenden wells and this is Brendan Wells brenden wells going to goal for our zone for team still pushing but Nico Escobar says nope you guys have gone far enough I'm gonna back it out of the goal mouth and which he does so well so will Green spinning around here will green hits a backhander into a horse Maki Weis picks it up there so it is Maki Weis we got will green will greens gonna have to use his his size and push Mackay over there which he does try to get a backhand off can't nice job there Mackey continuing to push on a much bigger player and there he goes again Mackey Weiss into the corner he's gonna have to put some angle on this one Mackey why shoot the next shot oh my gosh look at that shot nope right across the goal mouth but men what a nice shot would you set angle he got angled too much angle beautiful hit there by Mackey Weiss and and also Lucas Escobar de to push to put that ball back up in front of Mackey 1:40 remaining in this match and I'll tell you what I don't know that there's enough time I don't think there's enough time here for the Green Team but they're going to battle it out to the end and I know they want another goal before these guys are working too darn hard and they want to put another another score or two on the board if possible we've got one minute and 22 seconds left here going to the far corner Escobar opens up a nice backhand or going to go let's see if anybody's gonna be able to jump on it looks like will green will green comes through but Liam lot nice is cleared out of the goal mouth Mackay Weiss's they're gonna try to hit a little backhand or trying to get it back the other way let's see if anybody can turn on it yeah we hit up Michael Escobar handy little horse going to goal with a nice back shot from Mackey sticking ball through the goal easy peasy another one Bob before a zone three well I tell you what that whole play is because of where that ball was placed by Mackay twice I mean that was perfect ball placement it just made it's so easy for Nikko to just spin around and have a wide open Gulf and then go look huge to him from that point and that spot on the field so also going to be Nico's fourth goal which is going to put him in as ice core of the game as we hit the final bell that's gonna do it wow what a great game both teams playing outstanding here the score the final score 11 goals for the Florida team six and a half goals for the Eastern team in northeastern team zone four but all eight of these players really pouring it on and I'll tell you the Green Team you know a little bit of the underdog here in this game going into this game today mostly because you know they're rated less they're three two and a half goals lesson handicap and they're on mostly borrowed or leased horses whereas the stronger team buy handicap from Florida was on majority of their own horses and it does make a big difference so I have to congratulate both teams for an excellent game congratulations and thank you to our mounted officials Fergus Gould and Kimo Huddleston - outstanding to have our top umpires and great audience here today great great atmosphere for youth polo and I think this is just a really big weekend for all youth polo all around the world to be able to see a tournament like this take place in California you know not in Argentina in America where we need to battle and get more of our young people playing polo and that's this is a real staple tournament for that this is our big finale out of 37 Charles said there were 37 regional or circuit tournaments of which these players that we saw compete here were they all stars so they've come a long way they played a lot of polo to get here they deserve to be here and it was a great great event for everybody yep awesome well said Bob well said so we're gonna take a quick break when I understand we are gonna come back for our trophy ceremony so we've got our all of our players looks like they're gonna be riding over and getting off of their horses over there taking some see we got a few shots there Tom good speed with the the winning team's own three and this is a repeat Bob his own three where they won last year so this is a repeat for them we've got Justin and Nico we're on the team last year so they are repeat winners for 2017 so congratulations to them and the two youngsters the two 14 year olds are the newbies you're the newbies and they did great so what I encourage everybody to to stay with us we are gonna take a break here but we are going to come back live with our trophy ceremony here in just a little bit so Bob thanks that was fun and once again congratulations to zone 3 thank you Scott and stick around everybody we're gonna have a trophy presentation in just a few minutes [Music] jeanna bar was a great place to play in the summer I mean the weather's amazing you got the beaches the mountains can't tell you what more you had asked for we can build a tree house in the pine trees way to keep a secret buried underneath [Music] santa barbara's awesome the horses love it horses rest a lot better I think than other places it's not humid so hot [Music] young talent coming into the game so it's kind of fun to see who's coming up and how their plans so here in Santa Barbara it's good to play against both styles of polo playing against the younger players it puts more pressure on myself and playing against the more experienced players you learn a lot more from them and helps a lot [Music] Santa Barbara for me it's amazing I like to surf the ocean is similar than Chile and you have the mountain the weather is amazing means the best place to be what I love about the sport is the competition at a young age you playing for the pure joy of the sport learning to play at a young age gives you such an advantage learning to ride horses better while you're learning the sport of polo I attribute a lot of my success to being able to play pee-wee polo and and learn at such a young age my name is Jared Sheldon and I was lucky enough to start off in junior polo and this is Charles he's two years old this is his first season house what's your pony's name good day what do you do on bullseye [Music] when you watch the kids they score a goal they do not even score goal hit the ball they just they just love being out there together love the horses and just love all of it the first time on the big stage for me would be playing at the 12 goal level you know in front of the grandstands I think getting all that exposure to the pros at a young age and playing consistently and playing with your friends definitely helped me get where I'm at today [Music] in the beginning get really nervous because all these people around you but when you're playing the game you level out you're smooth you get a calmer head your adrenalin kicks in you don't worry about a lot of things I love being under one of those horses I love the feeling that you get when you score a really nice goal I mean I played soccer baseball and basketball but you just don't get the same feeling that you do in polo you [Music] you definitely make the transition from wanting to be a pro and becoming a pro it's when you start to get paid and get jobs and start being held accountable for how you play I played pretty much every other sport and when it came down to it polo was always my first choice it's a business as well as the game it's something you don't find everywhere else [Music] the horse aspect and and the speed and the intensity and competitiveness that that's in polo is is unlike anything else [Applause] you see players like Jeff Paul and guys who are playing high goal polo now that that started in these programs being a pro is just like every other sport you know you have to be a pro on the field and off the field and you have to balance the two I love the pressure of the game getting the horses ready getting everything ready for the game and then going out there and competing for me that's that's my favorite part [Music] [Music] every job becomes a grind after a while in some way or another and you have to just take yourself back and remember like why you started playing this sport how much you love it and then it becomes easy again [Music] what I would say to the up-and-coming generation is work hard play hard be nice don't burn bridges and try to get yourself is well mounted as you possibly can yes I know you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] mused Annie Walker to take the stage NYT s chairman Chris field would like to present the club with the NYT s championship poster signed by all the players Santa Barbara has been a strong supporter of the Knights program since the beginning we are so grateful for their hospitality during this event providing these top 24 youth players with the perfect venue for the 2017 night's championship big thank you to the Santa Barbara Polo Club I don't know where Melania is we had asked her to come up there too but there she is Melania you're on the list too so you got to get up there I know you like this so once again big big thank you to the Santa Barbara polo and Rocko Club these guys are awesome for allowing us to have this event here this year the fields were amazing let's have one big final round of applause for the Santa Barbara Polo Club thanks guys for letting us be here this weekend I think Chris feels behind there somewhere if you have your camera a great opportunity to get some photographs you're welcome to come as close as you want we're gonna have all of our teams players up there and then we'll do one final photograph with absolutely everybody up there which will be fun will starting to get all of our players up there all right if we could have our east-west challenge teams Amanda's getting you guys organized over here I need to have our presenters Chris Beall chairman of the Knights program to hit up there to help us out here so I need our east team so as our runner-up here in our east-west challenge we've got Landon Daniels Malia Bryan Maddy grant and Joe post actually we've got actually we've got our our champs up there right now so it looks like we're going to get all of our all of our teams up there so obviously we've got our East team they were a runner-up and then also our winners our winners are in white we've got Corey Williams Athena Malin Bayne balsam and Grayson price your champions in white there's Bane balsam had an amazing game today if you had like 6 or 7 goals I'm not sure but it was day was definitely the high score in the match we've got Chris Beal up there she is the chair of the Knights program she's going to be helping us hand out the the awards congratulations to the to the West the champions of the East West challenge that is once again Corey Williams Athena Malin Bane bossom and Grayson price your champions in the east-west challenge God Danny Walker and Chris Biel up there handing up those beautiful Awards once again great opportunity to get some photographs so if you got a camera don't be shy come on up alright last chance got lots of awards to give out here so last chance so let's have one final round of applause for our east-west challenge players they played their hearts out today once again congratulations to the West your winners [Applause] looks like they're gonna stay up there and all right so we are going to transition to the best plane Pony award for the East versus West challenge and our best plane Pony and our east-west challenge is a horse named Blanca and it is owned by Cory Williams so we'll do that award and then we also have an MVP award that we'll do right after this so I've got one more award to give out before we turn our turnout riders loose and out of here let's have a big round of applause for Blanca very pretty chestnut mare so we'll see we'll see how blanca likes to have this blanket on I don't blame you Blanca it's too dang hot to have a blanket on that's for sure horse is purchased by Meghan judge let's have another round of applause for Corey Williams and our best plain Pony Blanca [Applause] Blanca says I'm out of here man let's go all right proud Papa's got to get in there alright Blanca come on you can stay one more good horse all right let's do it let's do it quickly block is uh losing her patience beautiful alright congratulations Thank You Blanca alright now we have our Most Valuable Player Award in our east-west challenge and it's probably no surprise ladies and gentlemen this goes to bain bossom our high score here I'll have to check with my statistician Bob but I think it was seven goals today score here in the east-west challenge all right let's have one final round of applause for bein boss amar nvp all right here we go so congratulations all our east-west challenge players now Justin Daniels if you were here we need you I don't know I just checked with Bob so Justin Daniels he is one of our players obviously on the air he is right there where you been man we've been looking for you all right so anyway I'm gonna go ahead and call up we are in our consolation match so right now I'd like to recognize our zone 2 team our team in yellow representing the central United States we've got Jack McLean Carlos font Mitch Ward and Harry Caldwell rounding out the team Tiger nice if you are close by we'd like to have you come up and get a photograph with your team so Tiger if you're here and can mosey up there there he is once again this is our zone 2 team from the central us getting their plates there we got Chris field Annie Walker and their coach Tiger nice good-looking group of competitors there [Applause] all right guys congratulations next up as our zone 2 team walks off I need to have our zone 1 team our western United States team in red Harrison is our Oh Jake Clint nur Konrad kiss lien and Sloane Stefan aqus these guys were a lot of fun to watch this weekend I tell you what they got some great polo players on that team a couple bad luck breaks did not make it to the final but they played their hearts out really fun to watch this team play once again we got Harrison as ro j clinton ur conrad Kissling and Sloane Stefan aqus let's have one final round of applause for our Western team zone 1 we could have coach Jesse Bray jump up there with your with your team for a photograph [Music] well done guys all right next up we are going to present some awards to our finalists so I'm gonna ask Charles Smith to head up and to the award area for forgiving us Awards I want to let everybody know that Charles and marshal Smith donated a beautiful trophy in memory of Charles father Cecil Smith Cecil held a technical handicap from 1938 to 1962 the longest any American has carried that rating Cecil first became involved with polo in 1924 when he began training horses to stick and ball using an old broom handle mallet to hit rocks and tin cans so not long before he was playing competitive polo and even was named to the US team in 1930 so we've got Charles Smith up there a little bit of history on his father and the award so our first team up there is our runners up our zone four team from the eastern United States we've got brennan wells liam lot tenzin Chuck Nene and will green your runners up here in our final night's championship match these guys fought very hard came back to win in their semifinal match in the last chukker to make it here to the finals and they fought hard here all day long if we could have a coach Nick's no Nick's no there he is jump up there with your team [Applause] all right one final round of applause for your runners up in our ninth championship zone for eastern United States all right ladies and gentlemen it is now time to recognize our champions zone three from Florida let's have a big round of applause for your champions mackay twice Lucas Escobar Niko Escobar and Justin Daniels anyway I got some nice I don't know I think those are watches Danny you giving away some watches there that's nice that's some nice plates to add to the trophy stand but obviously they got a couple nice watches there too so some very nice awards here for our champions from zone 3 zone 3 representing Florida all four of these players from Wellington Florida one final round of applause for your champions folks Mackey Weiss Lucas Escobar Nikko Escobar and Justin Daniels and coach I forgot about coach how about a big round of applause for Tom good speed [Music] he's been coaching these guys up all weekend great to see Tom out here and he is obviously giving him some good good feedback out there congratulations all right now it is time for us to transition to some special awards these special awards are representative of players participation throughout the entire tournament but before we do that looks like we're gonna get I think we're gonna get the assistant coach assistant coach Luis Escobar honorable mention you know I was talking with these players in the interviews yesterday I asked Escobar brothers like what has your boys your brother I mean was your father quiet on the sidelines or was he coaching and he said he was coaching a little bit so he was trying to allow Tom to do his job but it's hard for a father not to coach all right if we could have everybody back in one final photograph I know Charles Tom anybody who wants to be in we got one final photograph of our team here and then we're going to give away some special awards to finish up our awards presentation [Applause] all right last chance anybody anybody anybody want to get in a photograph with our champions all right good-looking group up there with our champions all right thanks guys you guys can come down we do have a few more Awards to give out these next awards are representative of the players participation throughout the entire tournament these awards embody the values used to select all-stars at qualifying events which include horsemanship sportsmanship playing ability and team play in addition to the traditional best playing Pony award all right we are going to start off with our best playing pony going to be presented by Marsha Smith if Marsha is around are we marshal Smith are you here to give this a word all right we're gonna get Marshall Smith ladies and gentlemen our best plane Pony is Napa played by Mackey Weiss and owned by Libra Keene thanks to Vinny mayor and the Texas Polo for donating this blanket and picture frames so congratulations to Mackey Weiss plain Napa once again this horse is owned by Libra Keene real pretty grey horse it's okay now but we're friendly alright pretty pretty red blanket on that gray horse looks pretty darn good to me all right photograph time here that is beautiful right there you got to get a photograph of this congratulations Macky played a great tournament obviously getting the most out of every horse that you are on so our best plain pony nappa all right one final round of applause for nappa and Maki Weiss best plain pony [Applause] all right our next award this is for horsemanship and this again is going to be presented by Chris Bowman this year's horsemanship award goes to Liam lot for their outstanding and consistent demonstration of horsemanship on and off the field the horsemanship Award recipient is receiving a beautiful bridle from Texas polo you guys can move over to the middle there there you go and move a little forward so we can get a good photograph I don't know if you guys remember from the final match but Liam went over the handlebars and dismounted pretty athletically so there was definitely some horsemanship going on there so Liam congratulations on winning this this great award [Music] [Applause] all right our next award is presented by Amanda snow seen her running around here Amanda all right our next award is for sportsmanship this year's sportsmanship award goes to Sloane Stefan aqus for their continued positive attitude fairness support for their peers on and off the field this year's sportsmanship award is an engraved trophy from Texas polo and a ue boom speaker you guys can move forward a little bit so we can get a get a photograph congratulations Sloane you played an awesome tournament both on and off the field so chance to get to know Sloane a little bit this is a good guy man all right Sloane congratulations on that sportsmanship award all right now we're to one of the big awards and I need Melinda and Sidney Cohen this is our MVP award we need Melinda and Sidney Cohen this is Matthew Cohen was an avid Knights player and was a three-time all-star recipient who played from Florida to Massachusetts his exceptional demeanor on and off the field was well known in the polo community he was an inspiration to us all and he's never let his illness interfere with his dream to playing polo Matt was loved dearly by his friends and his peers many of whom played here today the Knights committee would like to honor Matthew's life and accomplishments in youth polo by naming this prestigious award after him we are honored to have his mother Melinda and sister here with us today to present this award ladies and gentlemen our Matthew Cohen MVP award goes to Lucas Escobar [Applause] [Music] awesome tournament Lucas big part of why that team was victorious today so great watching you play this weekend congratulations on the MVP award all right one final round of applause Lucas Escobar all right according to my sheet I think that's all the awards that I have to give out want to say a big thank you to Amanda snow for an amazing job let's give a big round of applause to Amanda and Hayley all their hard work this weekend to put on this amazing tournament I also want to give a big thanks to Kylie and Emily there's been a lot of hours to put this event together big thanks also to the Santa Barbara polo and racquet club for their hospitality this weekend which is one of the most beautiful polo clubs in the country I think if anybody's played polo and travel the country they would agree a little bit warm this weekend but we got through it and we saw some some great polo here in our Nights Championships Amanda do we want to get all the players here all right if I could have all the teams all players please come to the trophy stand we're going to get try to get one group shot so if you're still here with your camera this would be a nice opportunity to get a shot of all the players so I think we need all players east west challenge players everybody to the trophy stand to the front please for one final photograph [Music] now we're just gonna do the winners yeah yeah we'll just do it right here and just individually other team just one or two questions about the game all right all right I think we want to get want to get the coaches here too so if we could have all the coaches need to have all of our coaches we need Jesse Jesse if you're still here and I'll see you up there so we need to get Jesse tiger all of our 2017 Knights coaches played an integral part and coaching these teams up all weekend they had meetings throughout the weekend want to get all of our Knights staff we got to Amanda with her staff there these girls worked extremely hard this weekend to put on this event man that's an awesome photo right there that is a keeper hold it guys a few more photos hey now alright guys I never get Nancy we just need two more minutes not even that 30 seconds are we all done last call on photographs last call one final round of applause for all your players oh one more I don't know I think we lost them I think we lost them alright folks we're all done with our trophy presentation thanks for hanging out with us I believe the bar is open if you want to hang out with us for a little while longer if you want to meet some of our players I know they'd be happy to talk to you I'm gonna be talking we have music in the clubhouse from what I understand we have a DJ so hopefully you guys have plans to hang out with us it is a three-day weekend nobody's got to go to work tomorrow I don't think so I like to have everybody stick around we'll be right back all right welcome to the USBA Polo Network my name is Scott Lee and we're - it's a wrap Lucas nice 2017 tournament is over and congratulations on winning the MVP award thank you great great first year tell me how did so tell me a little bit about the match I mean I know it was it was warm out there we had some rain right before the match and you know I tell you what that Green Team came out firing and then you guys came back but then there was just no looking back man yeah we we started the the game pretty good I mean it was - - at the end of the first chukker and and we we knew we had to just start going and don't not look back and so that's what we did and we ended up with the win so how'd the horses do today I know it was hot and they performed to your expectations all the horses were amazing I'm very blessed to have all of our horses here that we got the key from the sixth single and they went very well yep so I bet your dad's anxious to throw him in the trailer and head back to Florida right oh yeah turn them off for a few weeks anyway hey Lucas thanks again for joining us and congratulations on your Most Valuable Player Award all right all right we're still live here I'm just waiting for a couple more of our winners or doing some photographs Oh Nico can you come on over here and talk to me real quick all right got Nico Escobar here he's the number three the quarterback for the team here all weekend so obviously we talked yesterday during the interviews Nico I mean if you won the Pacific Coast open with a great team last weekend and now here you're winning the Knights tournament with some with some good friends just I mean this is two times back to back on the on the Trophy stand so how's it feel it's a great feeling and it's even better that I get to play with my brother yep how many tournaments have you guys won together it's just one of the first ever you had many we wonder you haven't done here together that's another kiss - when I'm in Florida we won multiple tournaments but this is probably one of the biggest ones the biggest one together so I know your horses have been going for a while now so I'm sure they're looking forward to a break how'd they perform for you today amazing every single horse was amazing I read all my horses were tense all of them well you played amazing congratulations on the wind man I'm happy for you guys and you're gonna go for a three-peat next year yeah why not thanks for your time appreciate it congratulations alright we're still going on here we're trying to get all of our team if we get Justin Daniels in here he's the number four playing that number four position Justin Congrats man how much fun was that so tell me you know team team kind of started off just a little bit slow I mean the Green Team that came on like you know I thought we were gonna have a game there but you guys don't know if you had a team meeting or what but man you guys just poured it on and just did not let off the throttle well we did a lot of team meetings before the game and when there when the moment came and we saw we were a little bit's Lackey or a little bit you know without starting the engine right away we just started the engine and we started to play it better and we always takes a little bit of screaming to make everyone wake up and focus so this is a this is a repeat obviously you won last year with Nikko right okay so are you gonna be able to come back and do it again next year No congratulations obviously you know that's two back-to-back so outstanding accomplishment so any comments on the horses how they play for you today fabulous pleasure well thanks for joining us today appreciate it once again Justin Daniels congratulations on winning all right I got my got my big man here we got Mackey Weiss this guy's got the best hair of any polo player I have ever seen so Mackey you played a great match so congratulations on the win so tell me about the victory today how to feel out there how's your horses play well we played well as a team we listen to each other we respected each other might pass each other a ball so just paid off well it looks like you guys have a lot of fun out there I know you guys are all friends back home and to be able to have you guys played many tournaments together like that yeah we have yeah yeah me Lukey Nico and Justin I've played a lot of tournaments kids tournaments local and just we know each other so it was kind of well I noticed on the polo field out there when somebody's ripping off a back shot nobody's calling for it cuz you know exactly where it's going so you just you guys read each other's minds right yeah pretty much hey it was great great to see you this weekend congratulations on the victory congratulations on having the best playing pony you definitely get the most out of your horses so Mackay wise congratulations on a great championship alright folks well I think that's about a wrap I want to thank everybody for tuning into the USPA Polo Network our 2017 Knights championship has concluded it's been an amazing weekend we appreciate everybody for joining us here on the USBA Network [Music] methodology section of dissertation sample CUNY William E. Macaulay Honors College.

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