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Dissertation apologue argumentation efficace in english

Dissertation apologue argumentation efficace in english write for me amy williams capstone bank zindagi rocks hindi movie review ´╗┐welcome ladies and gentlemen to the u.s. bbl youtube channel my name is rich Borland and in just a moment my partner for the night mr. Dom Santina will join me we are coming off one of the longer weekends of the summer where we totaled six games from Thursday to Monday and in that span the diamond hoppers and the woolly mammoths stole the show as both teams went three-and-oh over the weekend the two teams that each have a u.s. PBL championship under their belt have performed the worst thus far in 2018 not sure if it's a beaver hangover or a unicorn hoax but both teams have not lived up there their managers expectations thus far both teams currently sit at a three and five record but are looking to get out of that early season funk beavers have lost five straight since starting off three and oh and as for the unicorns they have lost four out of their last five granted it is still early in the season but as these two teams are meeting for just the second time this year this means there is still time to improve and the only thing that you want to make sure of is managers that you don't let the losing mindset travel from game to game because then it will only plummet into a catastrophic mess in the first meeting between these two teams the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers lost to the utica unicorns by a score of seven to five the winning pitcher in that game was in fact Jessie Stinnett yes and then Tyler Swans got the save on the other end for the Beavers Ross Vance got the loss even though he only pitched one-third of an inning he allowed three runs no hits and did have a walk and the ER a going all the way up to fifteen point four three for mr. Vance so he'll hopefully get that er a down here as we go along in today's matchup but as we look on to today's festivities it is Irish American heritage night at the ballpark as a part of our Dave & Buster's Thirsty Thursday nights $2.00 12-ounce Bud Light blood Budweiser Bud Light and wine products as it is also five-dollar craft beer specials all night long not only that but it's also Utica night at the ballpark any resident of Utica receives two free grandstand seats to tonight's game courtesy of the city of Utica so if any Utica listeners are tuned in already make your way to the ballpark and you can get two free tickets to come on out and see the action live and in person but getting back to the action on the field we have two pitchers facing off that will each look to earn their first win of the season it will be geo brave of the unicorns and Mark Siler of the Beavers on the season Abreu has three starts under his belt but has only thrown 11 innings in his time this season he's allowed seven earned runs on 11 hits a positive note for Abreu is that he's thrown 17 strikeouts to just four walks and then a Spurs counterpart Mark Siler he's maintained a 4.6 60 RA through his first two starts he's allowed five earned runs on seven hits and six walks to five strikeouts now to dive into this pitching matchup a little bit more I'll send it over to my broadcasting partner for tonight's festivities mr. Dominic Santino Dominic thanks for joining us thanks rich glad to be on tonight and tonight we do have a good matchup and it's two former minor league pitchers as Mark Siler spent some time he's a with the Yankees and rookie ball and single a short in 2015 and 2017 he's a 6-3 right-handed pitcher coming in at about 195 out of San Diego State University while in the minors for the Yankees he had a he posted a five point six nine e ra and twenty nine appearances including three saves he pitched 49 innings allowing 51 hits 39 earned runs or 39 runs 31 of them were earned 19 walks and 31 strikeouts so he's gonna give you some endings but he's going to give up some hits he's gonna be knocked around the ballpark a little bit but he's gonna get you some strikeouts as well if we look at GU Abreu of the utica unicorns he also was a minor league pitcher for a couple years back in 2014 and 2015 playing some rookie ball for the Texas Rangers organization he had a little higher er a six point six and six starts forty five innings pitch so not you know he said he's only got one 11 this season so far so he's not gonna go long in two games he'll end up 56 hits 36 runs 33 of them were earned 28 walks but then again 41 strikeouts so that walked to a strikeout ratio pretty well in the favor of strikeouts well like what I heard right there both pitchers sort of the same it's war as far as pitches go mark Siler will offer a fastball slider curveball changeup and then Gio Bray you on the other ends got a fast and a curveball they new mixes a lot together and he's also got a changeup and a sinker that he'll mix in as well mention that it is Irish heritage night at the ballpark it looks like we're just about ready to get underway with the anthem I believe that we'll be playing both the Irish and the American anthem so stick around with us and when we come back we will have first pitch here from Jimmy John's field on this last day of May of the 2018 calendar year [Music] [Music] so there are your anthems ladies and gentlemen once again dom Santina and rich Borland on the call here with you it'll be Gio Abreu of the unicorns and Mark Siler of the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers starting on the bump here tonight for the home team of the unicorns it'll be Abreu you're just joining us his numbers throughout the season thus far Bray you an Owen 1 record through three starts he's got a 5.7 3 er a in those three games he's got 11 innings under his belt he's allowed seven earned runs on 11 hits and then his strong suit with his numbers thus far this season just four walks - 17 strikeouts and Dominic you want to run down through this lineup for the Beavers starting with the right fielder mr. 12 Ryan Smith yeah we're gonna leading off the orders gonna be number 12 Ryan Smith he's gonna be playing right field today he'll be followed up but number 8 Rob Haller he'll be playing second base in the third spots number 25 Jack her an ik he's gonna be playing first followed by number 18 Christian he'll zl-- he'll be the third baseman and batting cleanup followed by number 23 Adam goth ear he'll be catching number 11 Skylar mikado will be playing short number 9 Hunter wood will be your D H number 15 James bat Lee will be in center and number 5 Daniel Oliveri will be in left so that is your starting lineup for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers as we're about ready for first pitch let's run the defense that'll be playing behind mr. Abreu here for tonight's game from left to right in the outfield number 9 in left Carter grote in centerfield number 10 Justin Earl insin over in right is number 2 spencer abara and then in the infield dirt as we speak over at the hot corner number 22 Brandon Larkin guilfoyle at shortstop number 13 Adrian Guzman over at second number for Dylan Sprague and then over at first base number 6 Dan Ward behind the dish as a part of the battery team here for the unicorns is number 8 the catcher Jimmy letona first pitch under way here in Utica 703 p.m. it's about 84 degrees here at the ballpark not a lot of sun showing as it's starting to set but still great baseball weather we have here on tap this evening as it's Irish American heritage night at the ballpark Ryan Smith the leadoff batter for the Beavers looks at a couple different pitches to begin his night one for a strike one for a ball count even at one in one fastball in on the hands swung on and missed count quickly going to Owen to Ryan Smith in his last 12 at-bats he's got four hits two of them being home runs so a hot bat at the plate part of the reason he is up at the top of this Birmingham Bloomfield order but as far as a team goes beavers losers of their last five since starting the season out three and oh breaking ball outside corner looked to be a curveball from Abreu that one looked good from up here but just missed Abreu the windup the pitch fastball missing high and away count officially full on the batter Ryan Smith looks like he's trying to set Smith up on the outside maybe you try to come back inside here you got that fastball on the inside hands on one and one as that one's followed back Smith staying alive in the at-bat trying to have that two-strike approach if anything's close you realize that a little late maybe foul it off and get another opportunity to go here and that's exactly what he's done just right now Smith like we mentioned the two home runs on the season good enough to leave this Birmingham Bloomfield team payoff pitch it's hit high but it'll stay in the park out there to dead center field Justin Earl insin stands in there he makes the catch for out number one with ease and speaking of centerfield I just want to know you know what the US ppl accomplished last weekend we had drew Kitson the starting center fielder for the Westside woolly mammoths make it on the top 10 plays of SportsCenter with that jumping leaping catch that robbed Spencer abara of a home run last weekend and that was quite the scene and we're excited to see maybe another opportunity to get on SportsCenter here this weekend exactly and you know coming into Sunday at a double-header and it was gonna be a little bit longer of a day and that was exactly the thing everybody wanted to see Sunday morning is coming in here and seeing that play on the Billboard and it kind of gave this ballpark a little bit more energy and helped us carry through that doubleheader with that first yeah drew Kitson probably getting his phone blown up over the weekend and wooly mammoths as well as the Eastside diamond hoppers both winners of all three of their games over the weekend like we mentioned these other two teams here on the diamond tonight pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum with the unicorns losing four out of their last five and the Beavers with that five-game losing streak coming into play tonight whoever wins this game you know you hope their season starts to turn around a little bit but still just a small sample size so far through these first eight games for these two teams meanwhile Rob Paul ER standing in from the left side he's worked himself into a 3-1 count he is four of his last 16 with a home run two RBIs to his credit on the season though batting just 172 trying to get that total off he might have it here a line drive out to right field but right at the right fielder Spencer Ybarra who barely has to move to record out number two so now Jack cranek stands in here and from the left side and what a story Jack cranek has been thus far here in 2018 not only does he leave this team in three offensive categories a 393 average 11 hits five RBIs in his time thus far this season through 8 games he's got an eight game hitting streak what a way to start the year for the left-hander out of Ortonville Michigan hometown kid well looking at that I look back at his stats last year where he played in the frontier league for the Gateway Grizzlies he was only batting 215 and thirty five hits three of those doubles four homers and only 11 RBIs in 51 games and look at the start he's got off to here in just eight goes to show what the training here at the u.s. PBL can do jack cranek taking full advantage and he will not be able to get a hit in this plate appearance he gets a little bit of him hit with that baseball and he'll head down to first base with the two-out hit by pitch so now Christian house'll stands in for this Birmingham Bloomfield team Housel on the season batting 280 he had batted over 300 in 2017 with these Birmingham Bloomfield beavers 306 to be exact that was through 62 games our stick excuse me 62 at-bats last season in 16 games with the Beavers as he helped them win a championship but as far as this season goes seven hits in 25 at-bats through the through the first eight games here with the Beavers no home runs to his credit yet but an opportunity as the man from el tuna PA tries to keep the beavers alive here in the top half of the first inning Abreu thrown to pitches to hustle to begin this at-bat one for a ball one for a strike well you know I did some digging on house'll and interesting to find out he played at Penn State University but he even had three appearances out of the bullpen pitching three innings allowing two hits one walk and three strikeouts so a guy who can play both sides of the field you know as the talent level increases sometimes guys who could do both their entire careers as Franek gets the second base on that wild pitch from Abreu you know you get to the more tough competition you usually lean towards one side and then there's of course guys like Shohei Otani and when I say there's guys like him I solely mean Babe Ruth I mean the stuff that we're seeing out of him it's been incredible even though the Tigers lost was quite the scene we'll talk a little bit more about something that happened in the Tigers game last night as this game goes along and meanwhile Housel tried to sit on that to one curveball out of the hand of Abreu he could not wait long enough and because of it he hits a line drive down that left-field line but fairly foul just a little bit cranek out there at second base he reached on the hit by pitch thrown by Abreu after he recorded two flyouts the two to offer swung on chopped over the second base side a bouncer that almost got over the head of Dylan Sprague he ends up relaying it or rallying it I should say and then throwing it over to first - Dan Ward for the third and final out so the Beavers in the top half of the first get a base runner but nothing more we head to the home half you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen right into the action we go starting pitcher on the mound for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers it's the man out of Agoura Hills California number 21 mark Siler Siler in his third game with the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers he's got a four point six six er a through his first two starts in 9.2 innings he's allowed five earned runs on seven hits he's got six walks against him but five strikeouts for him he starts off Spencer a bar with a couple of pitches one for a ball one for a strike ybarra on the season for the unicorns leading this team in home runs and RBIs he it's a big fly ball out to right field they might carry with the wind at the wall it's misters Ryan Smith and he will not be able to make the catch off the hill and back onto the diamond that is the third home run of the season for Spencer a bar oh good enough for the league lead well rich you saw it right there you could see the right fielder Ryan Smith as soon as that ball was hit it looked like it was up in the air just a little high but Smith if you watched him going back on that ball it's kind of drift and drift in and then you know he went right to the wall found it and he knew his only play on it was gonna be leap for it and it was way over his head onto the hill out there and right yeah bara with a home run in the game on Monday against the Eastside diamond hoppers was the only run of the game that they had put across so a bright spot for the unicorns ybarra having a good job in these last two games and now Adrian Guzman stands in Guzman on the season it's done really well defensively for the unicorns at the shortstop position but as far as offense goes he's batting 250 on the year through the first eight games here with these unicorns fastball in the dirt already Guzman looking at three straight pitches as Sylar is working quick here in the count well with the home run last at-bat I think you let him swing away here so he likes to hold off on the 3o strike called by the home plate umpire Stewart Hall his partner for the night mr. rod Lothian shocked to see Gary wagon shuts with the night off he's been a part of every single game here at the u.s. PBL thus far through the first three weekends and how about this job here from mark Siler starts off Guzman with a three no count and now he's all the way back into a full count but a tough start here for Siler you're the Beavers you'd love to see him retire Guzman payoff pitch fouled off goes over to the left side out of play out of the reach of manager mr. jim sen as Guzman continuing to work here and I said that I thought maybe Guzman was gonna be swinging on three oh but he definitely was looking to do some damage on three one just missed the pitch there and now he's got a battle stay alive here that ball inside dropped by the catcher Adam Gough iere either way a base on balls is recorded for Adrian Guzman a leadoff homer and a no out walk get the unicorns riding here and got to imagine the thoughts the mind of Chris Newell manager of this Birmingham Bloomfield beaver team of course crowned champions last year in 2017 started off the year three and oh but since then with the five-game losing streak and now already down here to the unicorns to begin this ballgame in the home half of the first sort of an uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation for these guys oh yeah and this is the last guy you one of the last guys you want to see in this lineup Dan Ward he played at Tennessee Wesleyan University and he led the team well now he had a major year last year inside leading the team he hit 21 home runs in 2017 and had 71 RBIs throughout his career but 59 of them coming last year Wow I mean talk about rising to the occasion Dan Ward trying to keep the unicorns going here in this home half of the first already up one nothing courtesy of the solo shot that Spencer Ybarra had started them off with here in the home half of the first ball in the dirt looked like a fastball speed wise at least could have been that slider but the o2 pitch nowhere near the zone Dan Ward holds off stays alive in the count at least for now Ward leading the team with a 355 average thus far he's got 11 hits to his credit he has just been on a tear to start this season and a reason he's batting in this 3 hole meanwhile Guzman getting kept tabbed over there at first base as Siler tosses over there Guzman on the season no stolen bases to his credit just yet but Siler is making his presence known over there at first base definitely think he's trying to keep the double play in order here especially with getting roughed up first at bat it's not how you want to start your your game out to begin with letting up a home run first batter and breaking ball hangs over the plate ends up just falling foul right near that third base bag so like in what we're seeing out of this at-bat from Ward sylars doing a good job to not give board too much of the base ball over the plate so a good contested battle here so far got to have a winner here shortly man out of Garfield Heights Ohio trying to continue his great season thus far for the unicorn's ground ball up the middle chopped to this pitcher on the bump Siler turns from pitcher to fielder records the out at first but Goose moves into scoring position here with one out so you just heard our PA announcer mr. John grab announce the next batter in the lineup mr. Brandon Larkin guilfoyle your 1-800 Hansons hitter of the game and if he gets a base knock a lucky fan will get to report to guess services for prize guilfoyle having a good season thus far at the plate for these unicorns as she stands in from the left side against Sylar Sylar first pitch off her fastball outside corner guilfoyle following it off but in his second season here with the unicorns back in 2017 he batted just 235 at-bats through 11 games and through the first five games here he is just 3 of 17 but those three hits all singles on the year looking for his first extra-base hit is Larkin guilfoyle he can't do anything with the old one offer except follow it off out of play so sylars worked ahead an account here against the left-hander but with that man on second base you still got to be careful and not give Larkin guilfoyle anything too comfortable up at the plate well sylars already thrown quite a few pitches especially with that battle with Dana Ward we'll see if he comes in an attack mode here and starts attacking the hitter if you know against Dan Ward he kind of tried to get him to chase a little bit we'll see if Sylar goes after him or tries to bait him outside right down Broadway Larkin guilfoyle was expecting everything else and he's completely frozen on the o2 offer from Sylar two outs here now back-to-back outs for Sylar after allowing the leadoff home run to ybarra and then the walk to Guzman but now a big trouble Brewin nicole olio standing in here for the unicorns there is that base open at first though this guy knows how to put him out far and I think Sylar had no option but to attack guilfoyle there because he knows me goes coming on on deck and if you can eliminate anyone else it's on base with the chance that Niko connects with one I'd take it yeah lowly Oh on the season here in 2018 he's 5 of 15 so batting 333 on the mark in his eighth game here with the unicorn's fastball missing outside great eye there from lowly Oh to bring the count to 2 and oh and if you're Sylar here down in the count 2 oh you got plenty to work with but if I'm lowly over here I'm expecting the fastball she's got to figure out where I'm sorry I'm gonna be careful I might go a little off-speed here and especially if he gets down 300 which it's gonna be we saw last week they just intentionally passed Niko not gonna give him that fastball on 3 and oh yeah that 2o pitch was in fact a breaking ball you were exactly right Dom but low Leo doing a good job of holding off on it now they count 3 you know see if he's given the green light he's not fastball misses high low Leo has to do absolutely nothing with the bat that's the second walk of the inning for Sylar mentioned coming into play today through two starts he had five strikeouts and six walks so walks definitely part of sylars battery and you know that's clearly not a strong suit try your best to throw no walks as a pitcher out there on the bump but Sylar dealing with some already and it looks like that first walk of the game is going to come in and around to score Adrian Guzman rounding in from third comes in to score from second there was a little bobble out there in left field from Daniel Oliveri but got to imagine Guzman was probably gonna score either way so an RBI base knocked for Jimmy letona gives the unicorns the 2 nothing lead here in the home half of the first on a good job by letona they're coming up first pitch swing in knowing that Siler struggled with his command a little bit saw a first pitch went with it and drove it into left field and will an RBI textbook stuff right there play it where they ain't and Jimmy letona is now on over there at first base he gives way to Carter groped the starting left fielder for the unicorns he looks at called strike one to begin this at-bat groped on the season man out of South Park PA he's got six hits in 36 at-bats just a 167 average grote it started this season off right around the top of the lineup but the numbers have fallen and so has the spot in the starting lineup but he's still in there he pops up over there to the second baseman Rob Pollard for the third and final out we head to the top of the second inning unicorns out in front two to nothing you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland alongside dom Santina here with you got Brandon Rothenberg up in the booth helping out with score Adam Gough year meanwhile standing in to leave things off for the Beavers it'll be five six seven to start off this second inning Gio Abreu coming into the inning with 21 pitches 11 of them for strikes so a good ratio at least for now but got the air starting this one off on a 1-1 count gothy air on the season 4 of 12 and four games he hasn't played in every single game here for this birmingham Bloomfield team he's split some time behind the dish with hunter wood who's the designated hitter that's due up after the on deck man Skyler Mercado got there meanwhile on the 1 2 pitch looks at a ball missing count evens up at 2 & 2 but the man out of Naples Florida trying to get the beavers going here in this top half of the second inning and it's been a long time since this beaver team had a lead in a game just overall the demeanor of this team it's it's been well known throughout the first two seasons that they are the team to beat but they have just struggled in all facets of the game in the last five games or so and gothy err on the 2 2 pitch hits a fly ball out there to right for out number one a Barra makes that one with ease and now Skyler Mercado stands in from the right side like you said it might be a little bit of a championship hangover for these beavers struggling a little bit to start off but here Abreu you gotta love it your team gives you two runs and the first ending goes deep into the order and now you're pitching with a little bit of confidence here in the second can't ask for much more than that as Mercado looks at ball 1 to begin this at-bat Mercado the man out of the Bronx New York and South Carolina Aiken looks at the second straight pitch this woman four ball to now but Mercado on the season five hits and 27 at-bats through the first eight games with the Beavers just one RBI five walks nine strikeouts does have a stolen base to his credit and now the two o pitch fastball missing high and outs are high and up I should say high up you name it it wasn't a strike Mercato ahead here in the count three and out REO pitch from Abreu fastball nowhere near meant one missing inside so a one-out walk for Mercado puts a base runner on for the Beavers in this top half of the second inning and Hunter wood strides to the plate so we hadn't talked about this pregame at all Dominic and hadn't had the opportunity to because we were working so hard pregame but me and some of the other broadcasting interns so throughout the year we've actually done I picked the stick like the FS Detroit and I know we've already had some guys up at the plate so let's do a little fun with some of the guys who haven't banded so far there haven't been a lot Hunter Wood James Bentley Daniel Oliveira Dylan Sprague Justin Erlandsson the only guys without an at-bat here today quickly out of those five guys take your pick and I'll pick somebody on the other team Victor landsem going with Erlandsson the number 9 hitter for the unicorns which means I'm gonna take somebody on the Beavers in between would bat Lee and Oliveri you know what right on cue I'm gonna take wood here as he looks at ball 1 to begin this at-bat Daniel ala very familiar face in the u.s. PBL he's only got one hit through his first eight games and then James batley who started off this season at the top of the lineup because of his speed he's not done as much better as Oliveri either this year so I'm gonna stick with wood who is not doing all that great via numbers but you know we're gonna we're gonna take the luck here as he's worked the count now 1 and 1 but would the batter out of Mount Washington Kentucky standing in here swings and misses at the 1-1 pitch with the Beavers last year he had a just 181 average in 72 at-bats he was 13 of 72 in those 23 games but didn't have a hit in the playoffs always been struggling of late because in college and he went to Western Kentucky University used bat in 313 61 hits 36 RBIs couple doubles couple of troubles and nine homers so and so my picked the stick for the night not starting out on the right foot Wood goes down on the 1 2 pitch looking so first strikeout of the night goes to wood Abreu will now face off against mr. James batley thing becomes negative for you right yeah yeah it does we haven't figured out exactly a point system yet but as for right now we're kind of between the two broadcasters picking two guys and then whoever in the end has the better night or letting them be director but as the season goes along maybe we'll get a little bit more into the sabermetrics and figure that out but batli standing in here from the left side I had in the count here one and oh fouls off that 100 offer right off of his leg there strands foul to the left side but badly like I mentioned struggling early on here in this season at the plate through his first seven games he's got three hits and 24 at-bats does have four walks 10 strikeouts two stolen bases to his credit is that one one pitch misses the zone high and then over there at first base mr. Schuyler Mercado on the season does have one stolen base to his credit so keep the tabs on him if you're mr. Abreu well Oh God 2 1 pitch fouled off continue badly even in college and he's at University of Illinois Springfield still didn't have that consistent of a batting average to 16 you had 97 at bat with only 21 hits she was struggling even a little bit back in the college days as well so the bat might not be the strong suit we've definitely seen him run down fly balls in the outfield here Jimmy John's field throughout this season so far but definitely trying to turn it around at the plate and he saw Gio Abreu try and ring up badly on his own after he delivered that pitch he disagrees with the home plate umpire mr. Stewart Hall so the count is rung full there are two outs on the board Mercato of course will be in motion as soon as this pitch is delivered au kicks up comes home with it fastball misses the zone high & batley will get his two-out walk and bring runners to first and second so throughout this baseball game so far we've seen two hits the home run from a bar that led off the home half of the first and then Jimmy Latona had the RBI single that drove in Adrian Guzman by the story of the night so far two walks for Siler in the first frame and throughout first inning in two thirds Abreu with a hit by pitch and now two walks here in this top of the second inning still two outs on the board could escape without any damage being done but not if Daniel Oliveri has anything to say about it he does swing and miss at the first pitch he sees Oliveri the left fielder here this evening the man out of Miami Florida started with the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers in 2017 as he looks at a ball in the dirt to even the count up at one in one but Oliveira in 2017 started his first 13 games with the Beavers had a 500 average with seven hits out of 14 at-bats and then was actually not traded but moved to the diamond hoppers for two games where he had a hit in three at-bats and then was back on the Beavers for the playoffs 20 in 2017 sort of a unique situation Oliveri getting flip-flopped through a different teams in 2017 would here so far in the 2018 season four hits and 26 at-bats with a 154 batting average trying to drive in Skyler Mercado both those guys on the base pass Mercado & batley with tons of speed so if your Oliveri you just need a base knock and you'll at least score one but the 1 2 pitch is fouled off and out of play well you have to wonder if he was a little bit of a spark to help that championship run as he said he came back right before the playoffs had met and 500 on the season that's pretty good yeah I can't complain with those numbers but trying to put the Beavers on the board in the top half of the second inning is Oliveri but the breaking ball from Abreu absolutely freezes Oliveri there is nothing he was going to do about it in Oliveri with two strikeouts in the inning take us to the home half of the second unicorns with the 200 lead you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich borlon and Dominic Santina here with you Dylan Sprague to start off the unicorns in the home half of the second inning Sprague on the season batting below 100 and are the reason he's batting at the bottom of this lineup Sprague a familiar face here at Jimmy John's field though on the career for Dylan Sprague it's his second season with these unicorns and then he hits a ground ball over to the right side and look at that finds a hole and you can hear his teammates cheering him on guy was in a tough spot but cracks a smile as he rounds first base you like to see that a man out of New York tipping his cap over to his teammates in the third base dugout you like to see that a guy turn something around and who knows maybe that'll keep things going here for the unicorns even though they already have the 200 lead oh for sure and sometimes you're in a slump like that and all's it takes is one to dribble through the infield like that in between the second base and first first base hole there and who knows it could turn this whole season around and now you're picked the stick winner for the game mister Santina mr. Justin Erlandsson stands in he looks at a ball to begin this plate appearance Burlinson on the season man out of Utah Valley University as he swings and misses at the 100 offer in his second season with these unicorns last year joined the team he had 12 games under his belt six hits in 31 at-bats and then this year in eight games he's got six hits and 33 at-bats so already more at-bats this season in eight games and he had in 12 games last year looks at called strike two to bring the count to one and two over there on first base is Sprague Sprague on the season no stolen bases just yet did have one stolen base last year with the unicorns well I'm looking back at his college days at Fairleigh Dickinson he had 16 stolen bases so he does have some speed and he will run from time to time just a matter of fact if they want to send him or keep him there station at first meanwhile Erlandsson taking one off of the kneecap looks like the thighs he's using his baseball bat as a roller gonna have to get that stretched out nice job of respect shown by the home plate umpire mr. Stewart Hall walking that base ball out to mark Siler the man on the bump for the Beavers Erlandsson even in the count against Sylar 2 & 2 the man on first is Sprague nobody out 2 2 pitch fastball inside just missed right there good spot from Siler just couldn't get the call seen quite a few full counts here early on already in this ballgame from both teams and as you mentioned in the pregame and kind of mentioned throughout the game both these pitchers known for walking and so they might get a headbutt trying to trick the batters with their off-speed pitches all of a sudden find themselves down and end up walking batters yeah you can't afford another walk here if you're Siler to in the 1st inning gave up the leadoff single here to Sprague and now last thing you want to do to Erlandsson is give up a walk but the next worst thing happened right there a hard ground ball it would have been a routine groundout to rob baller at 2nd base but he was shaded up the middle for the DoublePlay and because of it back-to-back singles have the unicorns continuing their hot streak here to start this baseball game didn't do much research but I'll take that hit yeah yeah the you know the whole play where they it's it's coming to fruition here for the unicorns in this baseball game so far you had a Barra clearly put it where they ain't when he hit it over the fence and then the single from Latona that drove in a run and then the singles from Sprague and Erland sin here in this home half of the second have the Beavers hairs on the back of their neck standing up as this one is continuing to motor for the unicorns nobody out two men on already the 200 lead you got to wonder how long Siler can continue into this night well not only that now you turn it over the top of the order and Spencer abara and he hit a 1-1 pitch into the hill in right field so if you're Siler you got to be a little careful here especially with runners on and might be a little nervous pitch into a bara here and you can't walk them you walk them you load the bases know where to put them got it attack them all on your own he's already got one home run off here on the night and you see with that one one fastball mark Siler is trying to stay away from ybarra as much as he possibly can the last thing he wants to do is make a mistake and have it fall right over the heart of the zone because then this one could spread wide open he's got to be careful about being careful as well he goes 3-1 here well this one's gonna be popped up it might stay in the field to play the third baseman Christian household trying to make a wining catch as he was laying all out but could not end up with it so a borrower will stay alive at least for the moment the count evening up at 2 & 2 I was gonna say if you went down 3-1 you'd be in danger territory again with either a walk or having to give you borrow something to hit there right now if you're Siler the best thing you're looking for is you're looking for a pitch down in the zone probably fastball but knee level hoping it turns over right to the shortstop or second baseman you get a double play put a runner on third but get two outs instead a blooping singles gonna fall in laughs Talavera picking it up but it will not be in time to retire Dylan Sprague at the plate he comes in to score for the third run of the game for the unicorns Earl in Cindy feet to second and ybarra reaches safely for the first time here today that's his second RBI of the night two for two with a homer in a single have yourself a night yeah Barra couldn't have had a better start to this one and then on the opposite side of that Seiler still with no outs here the first three men have reached via the single and now Adrian Guzman stands in he reached on a base on balls and came in to score back in his first plate appearance he's already up here for the second time today in the second inning if you're Sylar you started this ending off eight nine one you thought okay hit some confidence roll in here let's get these bottom two guys and they get singles off you and then when things aren't going your way they just continue not to go your way and that little blooper over the third baseman drops into left field and another run against you yeah a little bit of unluckiness for Sylar to start this ball game but like we mentioned did have the two walks in the first inning it kind of led to those two runs outside of the homer from ybarra but meanwhile Guzman looking at a 1-1 offer that ball missing in the dirt low support count in his favor here 2 & 1 well one thing we really haven't mentioned either is both these teams doing a really good job and staying patient at the plate today working those counts running the pitchers pitch counts up a little bit oh that one getting away from Siler getting away from Goff year and because of it both ybarra and Erlandsson will move up 90 feet closer to scoring and the Beavers woes continue there's a big threat on deck you got Dan Ward you load the bases here you can be in some serious trouble so Siler needs to get it out right here DoublePlay is now pretty much out of the option unless you get some a base running mistake but you got to get at least one to help yourself out here yeah in a perfect world they can get back in this count and then retire Guzman via the strikeout or with the man over there on third base Erlandsson he's definitely not one of the slower guys on this baseball field get maybe a shallow flyball it turns into two either way the Beavers are in a desperate need of an out here yeah it's definitely not as likely of a situation as if we just had the standard you know 6 4 or 4 6 3 double play and then you see Siler right there bringing that front knee up going back to second with it keeping tabs on these two baserunners three singles have started off this home half of the second and then no out walk will bring Guzman to first base for the second time today via the walk bases remain loaded in here now it's gonna be interesting to see what they do with Dan Warren here and you know I was looking maybe a mound meeting coming out but nothing they're gonna leave silent here to deal with Dan Ward himself I don't even see any action in the pen maybe a little stirring but nothing really that's all Siler yeah absolutely nothing yet the entire bullpen staff is in the dugout down the first base line this is probably sylars inning pending the results of what Dan Ward can put together breaking ball starts Ward off with a ball misses just outside and Siler continues to not hit the zone I think you'd have to think just a little bit about at least starting to get someone up can't let this game get away from you too much already down three nothing Dan Ward easily can break this thing wide open you want to limit the damage as much as you can yeah and the Beavers who are in this game here today against the unicorns we look on to the rest of the weekend you got the Beavers again tomorrow against the mammoths is Ward looks at a breaking all four called strike two so the Beavers weekend it's pretty big they got three on tap not only today not only tomorrow against the mammoths but then they'll play against these unicorns here again on Sunday so we'll start the weekend just as we finish it warden meanwhile fouling off the 1 2 pitch stays alive though so the Beavers with three games the mammoths with two excuse me the man yes the man is with two and then the unicorns with two as well diamond hoppers only with one game here this weekend they were three and OH last weekend's contests they play on Saturday against the Westside woolly mammoths for Bob Seger tribute night this chopper over to the right side of the infield it's gonna be tough to get to they get the out at second base to retire Adrian Guzman but Erlandsson comes in to score the bar gets over to third base and then of course Ward reaches first with the fielder's choice but the beavers get their first out of the inning it took a while to get there Guzman is retired and that gives way to the starting third baseman the cleanup hitter Brandon Larkin guilfoyle well you have to think even if Sylar isn't gonna go past this inning I mean he's had to very high stressful innings his pitch counts been up there I think we said 21 after the first yet actually 25 after the first and he's already at 52 here pitch number 53 right there as Larkin guilfoyle swings above a pitch and yeah things have not been what Sylar predicted this game was going to look like still no action on the right side of the diamond as far as players going from the dugout to the bullpen runners on the corners Ward and the Barra trying to keep this one going for the unicorns Larkin guilfoyle a good candidate for a double play he's already down in the count here Owen to with a strikeout under his belt already on I think I guess you could say the only positive coming out of that last play is it sets up the dumb play again knowing that second it's a grounder to first it's gonna eat up the first baseman Jack cranek runner at first Brandon Larkin guilfoyle will actually end up being retired it's gonna go down in the books as a three for three put out and then go foil is retired for the second out in this one two down run does come in to score in a barra the score now five to nothing in favor of the corns Dan Ward over there now at second base nikohl olio stands in and look at this son that has peaked out from the clouds nikohl olio having to deal with the shadows now and that's never easy to work with I don't even know it might bother Nico a little bit is he look towards his head he's got a little Sun in his eyes but I think it's affecting Sylar more he's completely in the Sun looking towards the shade as this breaking ball hit to the left side the play is going to be made by Skyler Mercado Nicole olio is retired for the third and final out but not before the unicorns can put up three more in the home half of the second they lead it five and nothing we're through to here at Jimmy John's field on this Irish American heritage night between the Beavers and the unicorns you're watching the us ppl youtube channel so to the top we go top of the third top of the Birmingham Bloomfield batting order rich borland Tom Santina on the call here with you back out for his third inning of work mr. Gio Abreu the right-hander out of New York New York now he'll have to deal with the Sun issues against Ryan Smith who's over 1 on the night but he's four of his last 13 with two home runs to his credit he's got a 100 offer he's hit it out to right field right-center field to be exact and Spencer borrow moved to his right to make the play with ease one up one down for the Beavers here in the third and Gio Brady was doing pretty well thus far though he has but ybarra had to have I think I mean new staring right into the Sun on that one he had to have a little bit of a you didn't seem like it but I mean that's a blinding Sun and it's right out there to right field yeah ybarra out there in right it's not wearing any shades so that one was all glove now Rob Haller stands in all around the night oh for 1 with a fly out you guessed it / - right where Barra had retired him for the second out of the ballgame Haller on the first pitch he sees a big cut he was trying to put one over the head of a Barra but couldn't make contact on it Abreu stuff really deceptive here today is the old one offer missing high with the fastball evens the count up at 1 in 1 Paul ER I'm the season overall 5 of 29 like we mentioned he does have the one home run and five RBIs to his credit so far this season and one thing we haven't mentioned mister Santina you noticing anybody out of this Birmingham Bloomfield beaver Rob adding lineup tonight um putting you on the spot here you are putting me on the spot hey it's ok if you know I so the 2017 batting title champion mr. Thomas Ruis not in a lineup here tonight wonder why maybe it's just a day off or hopefully nothing's wrong with him is he's been a lot of fun to watch so far this season meanwhile ball around the 2-2 pitch looks at a breaking ball holds off on it and now he's worked the count full and on the 3-2 pitch the catcher mr. Jimmy letona will hold on as Paul ER swings through and goes down for the strikeout two up two down here in the third and outside of those two walks mr. Gio Bray u has been dominant that's the third strikeout on the night and I was just gonna check that's the 5th 3-2 count they've gone he's gone tonight already Wow so a lot of pitches thus far in the first 2 and 2/3 frames to be exact mr. Bray you with 55 pitches here you know I just pulled up the lineup card that we got earlier yeah rulest was not on it even as active players huh so you hope that everything's okay with mr. rulers didn't hear anything from the league as far as an injury standpoint cranek now meanwhile standing in and you can forget about this one heads-up on the lawn jack cranek with his first home run of the season we talked so much about how well he has been performing all year long but that one the first one to leave the yard the man out of Ortonville Michigan was batting 393 to lead the league coming into play today and he continues to shred he was hit by a pitch in the first and he hits the pitch here in the third he gives the Beavers not only their first hit of the game but their first run of the game hey rich I believe that's right isn't it a nine-game hitting streak now isn't it her anak that has it that is mister her anacs ninth game of the 2018 season he has a hit now in every single one of them I mentioned that before the game here with the guys up in the booth and pretty sure I was told by one of you too then I might have jinxed mr. Herr anak but that not the case and he drives in the first run of the game for the Beavers and now meanwhile Christian household with a ground ball over to the right side he has retired via the for three put out Gio Bray used no-hitters done for the night is retired because of that solo shot from Rennick as he puts the Beavers on the board but the Unicorn still out in front by a score of five to one we head to the home half of the third you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel it'll be letona groped and sprague due up for the Utica unicorns to begin this home half of the third corns out in front by a score of five to one here in this one mark Siler back out for his third inning of work but 57 pitches through two frames definitely gonna have to get a 1 2 3 inning mixed in here in these next couple if he's gonna want to continue always gonna have to do it quick you know we talked in the break there about Abreu has 59 through 3 so I mean that pitch right there that was inside and make it one on one he now heads as many pitches as Abreu does and he still got three outs to get here like we mentioned letona here up at the plate one for one on the night had the RBI single back in the first that drove in Adrian Guzman on the 1-1 pitch swung on and missed what Sona batting 217 coming in to play today as the sun it wasn't really there to start the game it crept through the clouds as we went along but it is starting to set a little bit and like we mentioned in the previous inning with Siler out there on the bump got to imagine that's pretty tough on the mound pictures of course aren't a lot of wear sunglasses and it is blaring mark Siler in the face right now the 2 2 pitch fouled off and down that left-field line we'll do it all over again Jimmy letona his first time up came up first pitch swinging drove that one into left battling here a little bit now 2 & 2 in the count wind picking up a little bit from left to right here let's ona with the open stance hits one to the left side the third baseman Christian Howell makes the play with ease one corner to another retires letona for the 5-3 put out he now gives way to Carter grote who ended the first inning with a pop-out to rob Paul so it's only hit that one about two feet to the left of where hit the last one his first time up to bat and the first thing but that was just in the way there and this time he's out instead of standing on first base so the unicorns trying to get their third consecutive inning with a run scored they had to in the first three in the second but Mark Siler has limited the damage thus far in this third inning Carter grote over one on the night like we mentioned a rough start to this season flyball out to shallow left field running it down is Daniel Oliveri for out number two so you gotta take it pitch by pitch at-bat by at-bat and of course in this great game of baseball you got to have that short-term memory mark Siler like we mentioned 57 pitches through the first two frames just one strikeout three walks he allowed five runs on five hits through the first two frames but two up and two down have retired letona and grote to begin this home half of the third inning and now Dylan Sprague stands in who had a point zero three seven batting average coming into play tonight but is one for one with a single and a run scored he started the second inning off with a base knock fence if I'm in sylars header right now my mission would be out there is just try to do my best to keep them scoreless weave her annek finally got you on the board you don't have to worry about a no-hitter or a shutout or anything like that so you got some offensive production now it's while I'm out there as long as I have the rest of this game to keep them scoreless to maybe give myself the chance to win get the win here later in the game and you know crystal believes in every single one of his guys and you can see that evident here he of course allowing the four or five runs through the first two frames but no action in that bullpen just yet he's right around 70 pitches as pitch 68 is hit over to the right side and the one to count will retire Dylan Sprague the 4-3 put out retire the unicorns in the home half of the third one two three we head to the top of the fourth there out in front five to one you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina on the call here with you the five six seven hitters due up to start this fourth inning for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers as they try and sneak their way back into this baseball game Gio Abreu on the bump for his fourth inning of work starts Gothia off with a fastball outside that misses and then on the inside almost getting a piece of goth here with that fastball and Abreu he's working quick here but gotta keep in mind to try and work ahead of some of these hitters and there's that 90 mile an hour fastball outside corner brings the count to two and one gothy around the night Oprah one with a fly out to right field seen a lot of those here tonight is some of the batters of this Birmingham Bloomfield team have been kind of late on some of these pitches from Abreu they can't really seem to figure him out just as of yet except for that solo shot from her annek and fall in the dirt gets away from Abreu and because of it a leadoff walk is recorded that is the let's count it third walk of the night for Abreu mention coming into play tonight he had a 17 strikeout 2 for ball her base on balls ratio but here tonight he's got just three strikeouts two now three walks so the ratio is even but I'm guaranteeing that mr. Abreu not happy with himself when it comes to allowing runners to get on base the freeway this one earned by Skyler Mercado a base knocked back up the middle puts runners at first and second and the beavers with their first actual threat of the game this hunter wood comes up to the plate and take a look at his stats back in college and struck out 48 times back in 2017 in 51 games so if your Abreu here gotta attack you got a 5-1 lead you can't let them creep back into this thing now they attack the hitter don't don't play around with them go right after them now my pick the stick candidate mr. hunter would stands in a good opportunity to maybe lay down a sacrifice bunt but it looks like woods gonna get the free swing line drive down the left-field line if it stays fair it's going to be trouble it will one hopper off the wall it rattles around Carter grown out there in the hot corner and then coming in to score is Adam Gough iere Mercado goes all the way around from first to third base in Hunter wood with that RBI double give the Beavers their second run of the night yeah what a nice hit down the line there and grote trying to chase that thing down it just landed foul and unfortunately for grote it actually took a awkward bounce off the top of the wall there and bounced back towards right-center and he had to change his pursuit there and almost a lot of the second run to come in I was gonna say it did rattle around in that corner but fortunately for the unicorn's Mercado could not come in to score so and then hold on okay that one fouled off near the first base coach's box thought we might have a diving catch opportunity for the first basement Dan Ward but it goes foul instead but yeah I was really thinking that Mercado might have been able to come into score with the speed that he's got but the manager Chris Newell a smart man and with no outs on the board you know you don't want to get the first out at the plate as it looks like James Battley will have to get a new piece of lumbers on that fall ball hit to their first base side actually chipped off some of the woods so badly I'll have to get a new piece of lumber and stand back in exactly you don't want to run into outs at any time but especially when you're down three runs here I mean you are in the bottom of your order but who knows what can happen you might turn it over and to get the first out at the plate shattered is bad again back-to-back pitches from mr. Gio Abreu break a couple different weapons for the Beavers batli is retired via the three you put out for out number one but the runners or the excuse me the runner Mercado did in fact come into score we were so enthused by that second broken bad we almost forgot that Mercado had came into score right there so the RBI will go down in the books for Battley as he is retired for the first time tonight he had walked back in the second inning and now Daniel Oliveri stands in and Dan Ward was almost that close to making a diving stop for the second out but it makes contact with the leather and as he was diving it kind of rolled out with them you can tell Ward with the mannerisms as he was walking back towards first base not happy with himself he gets dirty but can't get the results to come with it when we talked about Mercado coming home and it could have been a play at the plate you look now there's one out and we're gonna hit the top of the order so that out could be crucial here later in this inning Oliveri down in the count here one and two runner on third base is hunter would my pick the stick candidate for tonight's festivities on the O 2 pitch drop third strike it is recorded in the books as a strikeout the two three finishes it off and we head back to the top of this Birmingham Bloomfield batting order Daniel Oliveri strikes out for the second time in tonight's matchup Ryan Smith now stands in from the right side and as we head back to the top of this order but Smith on the night a couple of fly outs one to Center and one to right he's trying to get his first base knock of the evening and if he does so it'll bring in the fourth run of the game for the Beavers it would be a big one pray you meanwhile breaking ball falls right over the heart of the plate for strike one to Smith Brahe you now has five strikeouts on the night so far the first of the inning two Oliveri and that one going long line yeah Adam Smith just oh it kind of went right at Smith and kind of ducked to get out of it but it was obviously like a curveball or slider something that didn't break the way Abreu wanted it to see if this pitch can do what Abreu wants and in fact it well fastball right down Broadway Smith couldn't catch up to it he fouls it off at the last second into the netting but he's down in the count here now one and two Bray you just gave a quick look to the scoreboard to make sure the count in fact was 1 & 2 here it comes breaking ball Smith was sitting on it it's in the gap but we'll play be made catch Carter grow on the line and catch to end the inning Ryan Smith is retired and that is in fact your 1-800 Hansons get it done play of the game who knows maybe we'll see another Sports Center top-ten play here tonight but I think it's nominee worthy nominee worthy indeed beavers are retired but they get a couple of runs and make it 3 to 5 Unicorn still out out front as we head to the home half of the fourth part of grote with a spectacular catch ends this one we head to the break you're watching the u.s. ppl youtube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina on the call here for this baseball game between the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers and Utica unicorns to the home half of the fourth we go got mark Siler back out on the bump for the Beavers he is already at 70 pitches 69 of them coming into this home half of the fourth Justin Earl inson stands in here now he's got the count even at 1 in 1 you're picked the stick tonight mr. Santini already 1 for 1 on the night with a single and a run scored so not a bad contest thus far as hunter wood in the top of the fourth inning had that RBI double and now Erlandsson down in the count here 1 and 2 it's gonna be close we're gonna have to if it were to end now we'd have to figure out some points scoring system right it's mighty close especially with what Erlandsson does and this head bat yeah if Burlinson strikes out do you count a double in an RBI or a single and a run scored is more the time will tell you said we might have to figure this out sometime in the future it might have to happen tonight as Erlandsson hits a fly ball into left centerfield but James Battley jogs over to that one I would have had to have been in a car to catch that James bat Lee on the other hand looks like he's not even out of breath as he jogs right back to his center field position Erlandsson is retired via the fly out to Center and now we'll head back to the top of this order and tell you what if someone picks Spencer a bar before tonight's festivities they'd be way out in front of this one a home run a single two RBIs and two runs scored for the man out of Fort Collins Colorado you know I was watching Oliveri on that fly ball and it kind of looked like the one we had right before break where it was like you didn't have to dive to make that play but I batli kind of strolled over there like it was no big deal just a nice easy jog and caught that one on the run it is scary how much speed he out there in center field it's kind of you know the predominant position where a guy who's got the most speed on the team is most likely your centerfielder covers most ground out there in the outfield and he'll be the one to call off the men to his left and to his right if something gets close but I mean all the outfielders showing you know great athleticism so far this season as ybarra looks at the 1-1 fastball high in a way that brings the count to 2 & 1 between true Kitson James Batley Justin Erland cynjohn II Knight the fourth I mean you name it a lot of athletes out there in that center field position here at the u.s. ppl not only the outfield we've seen a lot of good plays just in general a lot of them that you know could be top 10 nominees and as you say that how about that Spencer abara with the third hit of the night back-to-back singles after that home run and I mean it's evident why he's leading off for this Utica team at the top of their order just a tremendous season thus far for Spencer a borrow the man out of Ohio University yeah Ritchie took the words right out of my mouth I was gonna say that's exactly why they put them at the top of the orders your leadoff man and hold on here we could end the inning the six the four will it be three the stretch is held but the ball is not cranek with a nice stretch over there at first base but Adrian Guzman will reach with the fielder's choice as ybarra is retired via the six-four put out at second base Guzman got there just in the nick of time but I wonder if they'll mark it as a fielder's choice or an error on the shortstop Skylar Mercado well we must be just on the same page you're connecting wavelengths here because that's what I was looking on the official scoreboard there to see before I wrote it down at my book if they're gonna rule it an air it looks like it's just gonna be a fielder's choice your smart kid Dominic that's why you're up here in the booth with me glad to get you on the call here for the night you've been doing a lot of hard work over there on the other end of the press box running our audio for a lot of games here this season but glad to see up in the booth you said you had some experience at your college over there at Rochester just down the road here but back to the action Dan Ward ahead in the count want to know after looking at the first pitch fastball and then fouling it off into the netting this one evens the count up at one in one as we were talking to a bar of those leadoff men giving you some power which is always nice to see but three for three that's what you look someone they can turn it over to you number three and four guys in Dan Ward and guilfoyle and look at that a breaking ball out of the hand of sylars sat right there by Dan Ward and you know some of these breaking balls just find the heart of the zone and these unicorns are sitting on it and they're doing exactly what they're supposed to do with some of these pitches and now runners are on first and second for Brandon Larkin guilfoyle but he's over 2 on the night strikeout looking and then a three for three put out looking at Seiler stats from the minors you know he lit up quite a few hits he had 49 innings pitched and what up 51 hits he's already led up seven here today so he's gonna walk people he's gonna strike a few out but he's gonna let up some hits too and he's got a head around the ballpark a little bit yeah it's it's not a great outing for the right-hander he's gonna have to learn as he goes and adapt to what some of these hitters are doing but it's all gonna start with you know getting that accuracy up you're gonna have to throw less walks if you're gonna want to succeed because the walks lead to hits and of course walks and hits they lead two runs and that'll lead to a lot more losses and the snowball effects will continue down the line but well you know we kind of talked about it in the intermission rich is the reason these two guys are here they need to work on that stuff their command their walks letting up hits you know us ppl we kind of pride ourselves on being a stepping stone back to the mo b or to the mo b for some kids and that's what he's got to work on and meanwhile Larkin guilfoyle with his first base knock of the evening it'll be an RBI single that drives in Adrian Guzman for the 6th run of the game for the corns Dan Ward moves up 90 feet into scoring position and Larkin guilfoyle with his first base knock of the day gives the unicorns their 6th run and now Nikko lowly Oh big power hitter for the unicorns will stand in but not before a meeting of the minds on the mound it looks like the man warming up in the bullpen will be coming in and it looks to be Brandon Madden but we'll take a quick break and when we come back we'll give you a sylars final line and then some info on the man coming out to the mound now for the Beavers but two outs two men on unicorns out in front by three you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen mark sylars night is done he goes three and two-thirds allows six earned runs on eight hits three walks and one strikeout he's of course in charge of the guys on the base pass both Dan Ward and Brandon Larkin guilfoyle who both reached with base knocks and now nikohl olio stands in he'll face off against Brandon Madden who's in his fourth relief appearance of the season does have one start under his belt that was just a few short four days ago Madden with the 1o fastball called strike on the outside corner but Madden's trying to get his season on the up-and-up as he can only go up from here in his last outing in that start back on May the 27th against the Westside woolly mammoths he goes 2.1 innings allows five earned runs on five hits gave up two walks but had two strikeouts against the 15 batters he faced a slow ground ball to the right side underhanded by the second baseman rob baller it's about the only thing he could do with it as he retires low Leo for the third and final out so Madden retires the last batter and gets the two guys on the base pass out for mr. mark Siler we are through for as the unicorns lead the Beavers by a score of six to three you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina your broadcasters for tonight's ballgame were through four innings of play if you're just joining us the Utica unicorns with two runs in the first three in the second and one more in the fourth give them their six and then for the Beavers a solo shot from Jack cranek in the third and then a walk a single a double brought in two for them in the previous fourth inning now Rob Haller stands in from the left side looks at a couple of pitches three to be in fact to give himself a really good hitters count we'll see if he's given the green light against Gio Abreu and his fifth inning of work fastball outside misses the zone a leadoff walk for Palmer gives the Beavers a leadoff base runner and last guy you want up at the plate if you're the unicorns mr. Jack cranek who's working on the nine-game hitting streak now well we do have some movement up in the unicorns bullpen a couple of guys getting up and getting loose so we'll see if they decide to one pitch to her annek and to see if there's any mound meeting or we got any movement this looks like maybe someone else has headed now to the bullpen as well I would not be shocked to see as this ball gets away from Abreu drills Franek after the leadoff walk a hit by pitch right there that is the second time cranek has been hit by a pitch tonight from Abreu so he reaches base safely for the third time but he earns that one I'd have to say that was unintentional yeah it did not look maybe if maybe if Haller was already on second base but no it looked like something maybe broke a little bit too much but no going back to the last setting though bringing Madden in he's a 6 9 lefty 250 balls hit down the left-field line if it stays fair it's gone but home plate umpire Stewart Hall says it was in fact foul Christian household the batter slowly walking back to its own plate and he was about a fraction of a second early on that one for sure and that would have been the tie ballgame yep but it's baseball for a matter of inches and fair ball foul ball luckily we don't have instant replay to dispute that one but we'll move on so Abreu continuing to work here in this fifth breaking ball inside a little bit low misses the zone count evens up at one in one for household but Abreu on the night 41 strikes 41 balls 82 pitches you'd like to see that ratio somewhere in the 3/4 strikes and 1/4 balls but he's half and a half on the night and still working with the three-run lead bullpen will definitely be a factor here in tonight's ballgame well exactly and that's what we were talking about with Sylar that he needed to buckle down a little bit because you know neither of these pitchers the way they started we're gonna go the distance so it's gonna be who can pick it up from the bullpen so luckily the Beavers have got some offense here and got to Abreu a little bit and give themselves a shot instead of being blown out here tonight yeah we're just about halfway through this baseball game Gio Bray you it started off really well but like you mentioned a lot of full count at-bats the reason that this pitch count is so high up here in this fifth inning with nobody out and the slider getting away from letona that'll bring runners to second and third leaves first base open but as bad as this game started out for the Beavers they're slowly inching their way back against Gio Abreu here for sure runners at the 2nd and 3rd now no outs another full count here for Abreu left to uh see what happened payoff pitch fastball right down Broadway taken into the right center gap it'll be a tough play for Erlandsson but he comes up with it again are you kidding me what another top-ten play here for the boys on the unicorns first it was groan now it's Earl it's in the runner tags up from third to come in to score borne out there at second base Jack cranek has to scurry on back to get there safely well as well as I was watching Erlandsson track that ball down it seemed like it was gonna get over his head and probably bounce up against the wall and drive in both of those runs but a nice play there and hey rich do we get points for defensive that is not the case but for Gio Abreu his night is officially done we'll take a quick break give you his final line and then let you know who's coming in to pitch looks to be mr. will Marshall and in fact it is you can't mistake him the five foot six hundred fifty five pounder will tell you about him when we come back you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland and dime Santina on the call here with you Gio Abreu his night is done after four and a third he allows for earned runs on three hits four walks though and that was part of the reason that he had had to come out of this one in the fifth after not allowing the Beavers to score it all through the first two they've scored one in the third two in the fourth and now one here in the fifth the runner on second base is Jack cranek but meanwhile a new arm on the bump for the unicorns it is will Marshall has Adam Gothia looks at a ball and then fouls off the strike count even at 1 in 1 but how about this season line for will Marshall the man out of Dallas Texas this is sixth relief appearance on the season he's gone nine innings and in those nine innings he's maintained a 1 in 1 record he's allowed just six hits three walks doesn't have any strikeouts but he's a pure pitch to contact type of pitcher on the mound you'll see a lot of fly balls that are lazy and they the batter's just can't get good contact on at the right-hander 155 pounds five foot four but it's all about the size of the fight in the dog instead of the size of the dog in the fight and will Marshall is the prime example of that it's been tremendous so far here in 2018 with the unicorns and a big reason why he's come in here in this middle relief spot there's that slider that misses the zone barely as the count evens up at 2 & 2 but Adam caught the air I don't know how he held off on that pitch that was a prime pitch from will Marshall and we'll see if he tries to come back here with it on the 2 - I thought he had strike three there ooh and that wouldn't even look good and it's gonna run the count full now he has painted both the inside and outside corner and we talked about how through these first nine innings on the season for Marshall as well as he's pitched he doesn't have a strikeout yet just check no double play in order either runner at second no one on first a 3-2 pitch it was gonna be ball four but it gets a piece of goth here and he will waltz his way over to first base runners now at first in second still just one out here courtesy of that lab gem catch by Erlandsson out in center field only one run but that probably saved another run and that's two catches now that have saved two runs off the board and if you put those two runs on the board it's a tie game right now I mean there's still a possibility that one could score but limiting the damage for now exactly and now Mercado stands in Mercato on the night a single and a walk to his credit does have a run scored that was back in the fourth inning just recently runners on first and second her Ana cats second gothner at first Marshall in his first Jam of the season and on that oh one pitch I mean you could not have pinpointed that in a better direction Mercado couldn't do anything with it as he's frozen with that fastball on the outside corner count Owen - now I look for pitch down the zone probably a little off-speed try to get him to turn it over DoublePlay get you out of the inning the o2 slider swung on and missed Mercado was looking for something out of the zone but Marshall went right after him the owe to pitch slider right down the heart of the plate swung out and missed here for out number two and Mercado is retired for the first time here tonight on how about that there's your first strikeout of the season there that strikeout is and Mercado you saw was late on that off-speed pitch it was simply just a Miss guess and for Marshall he doesn't have high heat coming out of that right hand but with how crafty he can be guys can choose wrong and because of it Mercado goes down for the first time here tonight but still ways to go with my pick the stick candidate for the night hunter wood standing in had that big - excuse me big double for an RBI that drove in Adam gothy er back in the previous fourth inning to give the Beavers their second run of the game but would on the night won 4-2 with that RBI double did strike out looking back in the second what an opportunity here to give the Beavers a one run deficit a tie or maybe even the lead pending the result of this at-bat would yet to have a home run to his credit here in this 2018 season would last year with the Beavers did not have a home run either so not known for his home run power just yet as he fouls off the 1-1 pitch as it goes out of play count quickly 1 & 2 and just like that Wood is gonna have to protect here with two strikes well if we look back at his college numbers he did have nine homers in college so he did show a little pop in his bat maybe finding here at the different level of play and more talented players out here so a little harder to hit him out of the yard but definitely has it in this capability to power one out when he needs to the wind going out to left field and so with that baseball rounding third heading for home is Franek there's gonna be a play at the play but the throw is offline Carter grote had the runner beat just could not make the pinpoint throw and the risk from Chris Newell pays off as the big fella rumbling bumbling and stumbling around third base comes in to score the Beavers are now within a run well you know what I saw Gilfoyle come and he thought about cutting that ball off but he saw the there was a lot of heat on that throw from grote and it easily made it to home plate but it was just up the line a little bit and if I was Gilfoyle I think in my mind he made the right decision letting that go I think at the end of just tailed off just a little too far to make a play at the plate yeah unfortunate scenario right there for Carter grote could not put the throw on the money and because of it the Beavers are now within a run runners on the corners are wood and gothy air but the RBI single for wood gets them within the run batley though on the 100 count is retired via the 4-3 put out but like we mentioned the Beavers with the two runs in the top half of the fifth put them within a run we're halfway through five you're watching the US ppl youtube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen Brandon Mattern back out on the bump for the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers he retired the final batter in the home half of the fourth inning that was Nicole olio on a groundout to second base but the Unicorn still out in front here by score of six to five in the home half of the fifth it's Jimmy letona Carter grote and Dylan Sprague do up for the unicorns here in this home half of the fifth 6 7 8 do up Mattern who I mentioned coming into this game tonight with a point almost a 22 er a clearly can only go up from here and he's done well retired the first battery seen he's got letona down here in the count Owen 2 and I had talked with one of the other broadcasting interns who was on the call with me the last time Madden was out on the diamond and he gave up five earned runs in his last outing it was a start against the mammoths back on the 24th and I mean just overall the body language after reacting to you know failure it's shown a little bit with Mattern but you love to see them out here attacking and that's the beauty of baseball if you fail one day there's another day tomorrow - from a scouting report Nico's not the best off left-handed pitching and we saw it there as he grounded one out to the second baseman so in a big situation like that bring Madden in let him get some work try to lower that er a and he had a favorable matchup in nikohl olio to get the third out payoff pitch to letona is swung on and driven deep to left field but right at the fringe of the outfield grass and the warning track is Daniel Oliveri who makes the catch and retires letona for out number one here comes Carter Grove I'd say two of those pitches first one to start off the bat and that one there was not hard hard hit but stolid Lee hit in the left field so something to watch out for here in the bottom of the order is matter might be giving up some hard time that yeah we have learned from Mattern that his fastball velocity since he had known of this league he's gone down about five to six miles an hour he's right around the low eighties but coming from the left side has a little more movement on it and that can sometimes work out as you see the fastball right there coming in at just 82 miles an hour and now that I think about it it's kind of right where I was in college from the left side I wonder what I'm doing up here in the booth no kidding I definitely belong up here compared to being out there on the diamond as groats work to count two and Oh in his favor but the two o pitch is hit high right at the centerfielder James Batley who ranges underneath it to make the catch for out number two as good old JJ the field general heads out to do his job retrieves that baseball bat with ease and no theatrics sometimes JJ gets a little distracted if he sees a loose ball or just runs around for the heck of it but he does his job right there and crowd loves it well if we look at mater and he's a lefty he comes in at six nine to fifty and he played the last couple years in the Frontier League before coming here and even there his er a was a little high was at thirteen point five he was Owen one in nine appearances with a save only pitched eight and two-thirds innings with 15 hits 13 runs all of them earned eight walks and 10 strikeouts so not a lot of work but like you said that er a up there once again he's got Dylan Sprague even at the count one and one with the fastball called for a strike Sprague on the night 1 for 2 with a single a run scored a groundout to second base and another ground ball over to the right side the in-between hop eats up Jack ranek at first base we'll wait and see what the results is in the books I haven't seen anything go up just yet as JJ the field general lost out there behind the diamond nice help right there from Adam Gontier the catcher he showed JJ the bat dropped it on the ground and jay-j found what he was looking for nice job there from the field general well you know I've heard a couple people say you know dogs don't have a good vision with us and they wonder sometimes when they bats get thrown behind home plate and stuff the brown on the bat might blend in with the dirt a little bit and that's JJ just can't see it so I thought a class act there by goth ear just helping the dog out making sure he did his job and good job did you you'll love to see that so Sprague reaches via the e3 and hold on ladies and gentlemen we would have a play at second and in fact we will not the runner that was of course Dillon spray who just reached with that III sees the ball get a little bit away from the catcher gothy air but the ball fell right underneath him he throws it to second base in I don't know about you guys I mean I'm here in the booth that looked like he for sure had beat the runner at second base and look at that Chris nool going out to speak with his catcher but a bang-bang play over there at second base I thought he had him we definitely had a play at second base there but I don't know I mean I could have you're right you could have slid under the tag a little bit or slid to the back of the bag maybe the tag wasn't at the back corner of the bag all's I got to say is in this day and age I'm sure glad we don't have instant replay too funny yeah that was you're right about that the ball might have beat the base runner but the tag did not according to the field umpire mr. rod Lothian and because of it Sprague is now in scoring position so we'll see if the two-out error comes back to haunt the unit or the Beavers here they're already trailing this one by a score of 6 to 5 Brandon Madden's done a exceptional job here he's retired the first three batters that he's faced tonight and now Sprague over there at second who reached on the air and Erland sin on the second pitch e seas in the at-bat hits a flyball out to center field James Batley ranges underneath it to make the catch for the third and final out mr. Dominic Santina your guy for picked this dick tonight one for three with the single and the run scored and then over there on the other side mr. hunter would for me a double a single and two RBIs looks like I'm out in front at least for now but we'll head to the sixth inning when we come back you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland and Dom Santina on the call here with you we got the bottom of the orders do up here for the Beavers in this top of the sixth inning we're through five frames Utica unicorns out in front of the beavers by just a hair as it's six to five we'll marshal back out for his first full inning he had came in to relieve the starter Gio Abreu with no outs or excuse me one out in the previous fifth as he hit the first batter struck out the second gave up an RBI single and then retired bat Lee with a groundout but he's got Oliveri down here in the count early Owen to as he follows that one off and out of play beautiful night for baseball as far as weather is concerned mentioned it's Irish heritage night and Utica night at the ballpark and then as this ball on the O 2 pitch Harris excuse me Marshall was given up too much room on that played and because of it the O 2 pitch is hit into left field for a leadoff single you got to imagine if you're Marshall the man who's been wheeling and dealing all season long just missed a spot there yeah it looked like it was located over to the plate just a little bit too much came towards the center of the plate and Oliveri hit it into left field split that third base shortstop yet so now back to the top of this Birmingham Bloomfield order we go Ryan Smith standing in Oprah three on the night just flew out to everybody out there in that outfield flew out the center in the first flow out to right in the third and flew out to the left in the fourth so my dollars on it he's gonna hit a fly ball here Smith down in the count Owen one runner at first is Oliveri a one pitch fastball misses high brings the count even to one in one well if Marshall is any sane do it he wants him to hit it right to the second baseman and shortstop here on the ground for a double play help him get out of this inning and keep the unicorns on top ball hit a lot of time over there down the first base line the tag is applied by ward at first and then he makes a quick throw to Guzman at second who of course had to make a force or a non force tag and he ends up getting Oliveri with the tag over there at second so a 3 6 double play in the books retires Smith for out number one and Oliveri for out number two heads-up play by the man over there at first base well it wasn't the conventional DoublePlay that I was talking about but a heads-up play there by the first baseman Dan Ward to tag the bag and then throw on the second I know when I played a little ball they always wanted us throw into lead runner yeah get second first and you can always come back and just makes it easier on everyone not having to make a tag there a second or you can just force out yeah but then with where that ball was hit Ward was right on top of that bag ends up getting the easy out at one and then makes the good throw you know oh it was a very smart play by Dan Ward for sure not even a doubt I mean I don't know he barely even had to take a step that ball was almost hit right to him on the bag and then yep like you said there it's just a nice throw to the shortstop and an easy tag it's all about the anticipation expecting the ball to be hit to you and Ward didn't hesitate for a second as he takes two with one and now will Marshall with an opportunity to get a 1-2-3 inning after allowing Oliveri to reach with that leadoff single 1 1 pitch to Palmer misses outside brings the count to 2 & 1 Paul around the night still looking for his first base knock did walk and come around to score to leadoff the previous 5th inning but outside of that a fly out to right field and a strike out swinging have him over to in the ball game tonight meanwhile the 1 or the 2 1 pitch has looked on and the count now 3 & 1 in favor of faller 3 1 pitch to Paul were hit on a line if it stays spirits trouble it touches the right-field line and it goes into the corner bollard rounded first headed for second he sees the stop sign from his head coach over there in the third base box mr. Chris Newell and a two-out double for Paul ER gives him his first hit of the night and keeps the beavers going here in the hole top half of the sixth I know if you're Chris Newell over there in the third base coaching box he never want to run into an out since you know almost the cardinal sin in baseball to run into the third out but gosh you have to wonder I mean I think Robbie Paul er could have ou not made it in standing up but I think he could have made a good attempt at making that a triple it would have had to been a really perfect throw and the Beavers instead take the safe route realize who's coming up to the plate and mr. Jack cranek who of course I'm the knight he's one for one with a solo shot and then he's been hit by two pitches so you got to imagine it for him excuse me if Franek with two outs here if he puts anything in play for a base knock then Pollard's gonna come in to score well I think that's what you know rich you just mentioned it with her Anna coming up you don't want to take the bat out of your three and four guys on a run that you know you might have a chance that you know they're they probably had a better chance of getting it but why why give that chance up when you know you have your clean up guys coming up the exact thought process for Chris Newell and you know it's not just the players that are anticipating coaches having to do the exact same thing and this might be a tough play for Carter grow he's at the track at the wall and he makes the jump and catch to retire her annek it wouldn't have left the park but you know what it would have easily brought in the game-tying run but instead he is retired nice catch and run there from Carter grote to retire cranek for the third and final out so a double play and a nice catch out and left retire the Beavers before they can get a run to tie this one up we head to the home half of the sixth you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the home half of the sixth we go you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel rich Borland Dom Santina on the call here with you brandon Mattern back out on the bump for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers he had a complete ending in the fifth did retire the final batter in the fourth and he has yet to give up a hit here tonight Dylan Sprague reached on an error in the fifth inning but nothing else could come of it so we're back to the top of the utica batting order as spencer abara stands in he's looked at two pitches one for a ball one for a strike but what a night he is having a home run in the first an RBI single and a run scored in the second and a single in the fourth and if him and a perfect three for three he looks at a ball inside almost got a piece of them but you got to imagine if you're a barrio you're doing everything in your power to keep this hitting going here so he's gonna try and earn it as the count is now two in one in this lefty/lefty matchup between mannered and barra quick pitch is lofted it looks like it's gonna be enough to get out of play and it will count evens up at 2 and 2 well if you're a bar you got to be liking this cuz you're 265 average is gonna rise a few points here after tonight yeah a Barra in his second year with these unicorns I had fun with him last year I interviewed him a couple different times and I mentioned as he looks at a fastball that just misses the zone there to bring the count full how he was an Ohio Bobcat with the in the Mac and the mid-american conference I of course going to CMU in 2016 the Ohio Bobcats won the mid-american conference tournament which I of course gives them an automatic bid to the Mac tournament as this ball is hit on a dime out there at the wall and at the track making the catch over his head is Ryan Smith that was a heck of a job right there to keep your eyes on the baseball all the way through that one to corral that one but in some of those interviews with Spencer I had always teased with him as I was actually on the call with CMU for the radio broadcast against Ohio in their three-game series with CMU and during the regular season when they had won the entire conference CMU swept them in three straight games so of course the Bobcats with the victory at the end of the year but chips three and no against him in the regular season that was fun to have a conversation with him but as we talked about that a break in the action Brandon Madden's night is done we'll give you his line when we come back and then we'll let you know who's coming in to pitch when we come back you're watching the u.s. PBL youtube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina on the call Brendon Madden's night in relief is done he goes an inning in 2/3 allows no runs no hits no walks no case did give up one base runner on an error from the first baseman Jack cranek when Dylan Sprague reached safely but now it'll be Brian Heldman the right-hander out of San Diego State University and Round Rock Texas what most known in this league for his delivery as he brings in the submarine fastball to Adrian Guzman for strike number one looking at Brian Heldman he's a 6-3 right-hander 220 pounds is rich said I was San Diego State University when he was at San Diego he 37 appearances all in a relief which ranked in number eight in d1 and then he had a string of 11 appearances where he allowed 0 runs in eleven point two innings in seven hits talk about impressive yeah and that's exactly what Chris Newman once newland Newell wants right now as Mattern did his job shut the door out of the pen he wants Heldman to do the same thing here in door breaking ball looked good from up here but broke just late behind the plate and we talked about how good his numbers were before he got here how about last year in 2017 with these beavers the record doesn't show he was one in three but in nineteen innings pitched he allowed 30 hits he gave up 13 walks but had 21 strikeouts he did have a 9 e ra and a 2.26 whip and then the numbers completely flipping the script and he strikes out Guzman for out number two this season through seven appearances in relief he's gone nine and a third innings allowed seven hits two walks 11 strikeouts but the biggest thing three goose eggs for any RA 0.00 on the season so far and a point nine six wall whip and he's trying to retired the unicorns here in the home half of the six strikes out Guzman and now Dan Ward who's had a decent night a single then he reached on a fielder's choice back in the second also grounded out to the pitcher mark Siler back in the first inning but a whole different approach here with these hitters against a guy like Brian Heldman who 95% of the time comes out of that submarine approach and then you'll get the occasional three quarters and then I've actually seen him once come right over the top which can totally mess with a batter's eye on if you're Chris Newell the manager of the Beavers of course you want you know you want Heldman in here in this situation I mean you know you talked last year we've talked to his college years it's someone that can come in and shut the door and he's already got one out here and you're down one he can get you an ending maybe two sets you up for the ninth well I actually set you up for the eighth but I was looking ahead of schedule but I mean still eighth or ninth give them a couple innings of work here and okay position for the rest of this game yeah the real question is at least what I've been thinking is I wonder how long Hellman will stay here with the Beavers as if he continues at this pace throughout the season it's only a matter of time before somebody higher up notices him and you see the change compared to 2017 with his numbers here in 2018 just goes to show what this delivery value system and our director of baseball operations mr. justin Orand of have been able to accomplish here 20 players through the first two years getting picked up by major league affiliate teams and it's only a matter of time before we hear the first name called here in 2018 and meanwhile Mattern on the o2 pitched award get some soft contact to the left side ground out from Ward is retired for the third and final out 1-2-3 inning combined from Mattern and Heldman retire the unicorn's as we're through 6:00 here at Jimmy John's field you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube chat welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland Dom Santina on the call here with you will Marshalls night and relief is all said and done he gets his first strikeout of the season in the one point two innings he went he allowed three hits no runs and no walks to his credit he now gives way to Tyler Schwan's who's in his sixth relief appearance of this season he's gone eight innings he's maintained an O in one record but he does have a save under his belt he's allowed 9 hits in those eight innings but four walks - 12 strikeouts a good ratio trying to get the ER a that set 6.75 down that's for sure he'll deal with hustle Gothia and Mercado to begin this seventh inning and first pitch to hustle a riser that goes behind everybody at home plate well looking at the scouting report from college Tyler Swans actually was not a pitcher in college at the you know he went to the University of Maine he's a 6 for 198 pound center outfielder as this ball ranged down by Erlandsson out there in center field and like you were saying earlier if we counted for defense Burlinson might be able to be your winner tonight but unfortunately it's just picked the stick no blobs involved with that challenge but now Gotha your stands in here is he's still looking for his first hit of the night over one with a fly out to right field he reached on a base on balls in the fourth and scored a run and then was hit by a pitch in the fifth but could only get to third base as he stands in here now from the right side that's that line sounds like a mouthful there rich yeah it's quite a bit goth year four of 12 coming into play today in his last four games he hasn't played in every game with this Birmingham Bloomfield team as I mentioned he has switched back and forth with Hunter Wood behind the dish in these games here so far in 2018 1-1 pitch two seam fastball right down Broadway Schwan's ahead of goth here now 1 & 2 bases empty it's a beautiful night for baseball we were in the low 80s throughout the day and sitting right about 75 77 degrees here now is fans have stuck around it's Irish heritage night at the ballpark as well as Utica night anybody from Utica and attendance got two free complimentary tickets courtesy of the city of Utica and then meanwhile on that two-two pitch fastball just missed the zone look to be low from up here in the press box gothy errs work the count full swans was actually pretty decent now feel their batting wise he as he walks dog earth air and that'll put a runner on he had a 284 average 59 runs scored thirty eight RBIs 12 doubles three triples six homers four stolen bases and now he's a pitcher just another one of those guys who might have a certain talent at a certain level but might not have it when he's got a deal with talent like this Swans transitioning from being a position player out to the pitcher's mound and then as I say that Carter grote and Justin Earl in sin Falls with possibly an error out there in left field the ball hopped and ricocheted past the glove of Carter grote out there in left field and then adding on to that the ball just kind of kept spiraling out of control as Erlandsson couldn't hold on to it either Skyler Mercado is gonna end up as the error goes up on the board he'll get the single on the board but I do not believe he'll get an RBI or of course obviously not the double so gothy ER comes in to score on the error out there in the outfield Mercado gets to second on the air as well so just like that beavers tied this one up at six now my pick the stick candidate hunter wood standing in I mean you can't write it better than this he started off the night with a looking strikeout but since then an RBI double in an RBI single and now an opportunity to give the Beavers their first lead of the ballgame in a desperate spot as we mentioned earlier on in the broadcast they're on a five-game losing streak ground ball hit to the right side it's underneath the diving second baseman but a play at the plate and it will be in time the throw and now look at this a double play will end the inning what a job defensively from Dylan Sprague Jimmy letona and Adrian Guzman the four to six double play you never see that but the Beavers end up tying this one in the top half of the seventh we're all knotted up as six as we head to stretch time but what a job right there from the second baseman catcher and shortstop to retire the Beavers in the top half of the seventh how about that that turned in from being an air into a double play crazy crazy stuff we got going on here at the ballpark and just another reason why to come out here to Jimmy John's field and you know what we're already in it we'll stick around here with you let's take yourselves out to the ballgame welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich berlin dom Santina on the call we got Brandon Rothenberg up here in the booth with us running the scoreboard thanks to him for putting some time in here with us as Brian Heldman stands in now for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers she had retired the last two batters in the sixth inning Guzman and ward with a strikeout and a groundout he'll now deal with Brandon Larkin guilfoyle who hits a ground ball looks or sounds I should say as if that bat had broken on contact the wheat ground ball is recorded for the 4-3 put out easy play there from Paul ER to retire Larkin guilfoyle on one pitch good start here for Heldman in the home half of the seventh here Chris Newell this has worked out excellent in your favor started off the game and Siler had a little struggle led up a few runs early but he shut the door a little bit towards the end and you bring Madden in Heldman in they've shut it down and now you got yourself essentially a 0-0 game here in the bottom of the seventh yeah it's gonna be a best of three innings here as Heldman continues to work nikohl olio standing in from the left side he reached on a walk in his first plate appearance but since then a couple of ground balls up the middle one to short one to second and as he's looking for his first hit of the night I'd watch out just keep a little eye on this one it might a little pretty nation over here Nikko might be due he's definitely do the man out of the great state of Michigan here looks at ball one to even this count up at one and one but if you're just joining us the unicorns were out front of this one five to nothing after just two innings of play and then threw three and a half it was a 5 to 3 ballgame unicorns tacked back one run in the home half of the fourth that put it - that would be 6 to 3 as I do my broadcasting math the Beavers meanwhile since then have scored two in the fifth one in the top of the seventh to knock this one up at six so like you said earlier Dom this one the best of the final couple of frames Brian Heldman I'm the one to pitch looked like Nico loli I was ready to head back to the dugout but that ball just missed the zone according to home plate umpire Stuart Hall I don't know if you caught that one but Heldman came almost directly over the top with that one Heldman trying to fool loli oh let's see which delivery he goes with this time back downstairs and that one misses just low as loli I was now work to count full a lot of good patience by every hitter in this lineup today working a lot of the counts running the pitchers pitch counts up and getting themselves better chances to hit loli Oh on the payoff pitch works his second walk of the night he did not see any strikes in that first at-bat but he works the count full here and earns the walk the hard way the one-out walk have the unicorns with the would be game winning run on base Jimmy latona now standing in 1 for 3 on the night latona with the RBI single in the first drove in Guzman since then the groundout to third and the fly out to left he's been ahead of the baseball all night long as he's a pull hitter we can tell early on throughout this season he loves to attack early and attack often and sometimes it bodes well sometimes it doesn't but the risk being taken time in and time out from letona so far this season it's worked himself a 217 batting average coming into play today on back in his college crew here the 3 29 average so constantly getting on base but not a big power hitter only two home runs he had might seen my RBI 31 RBIs so he drove in a few runs but all too often in this situation you see hitters try to do too much try to hit one over the fence right now if you're latona with one out one just stay out try to stay out of the DoublePlay and you get a nice big gap on the right field right field side there in between second and first or try to split that gap at third and short and just get one into the outfield or maybe even you know find a gap somewhere would be even better for him but get in play yeah I think and if he can get it in play in a perfect world he can hit it to the right side of the infield like you mentioned with that gap in between cranek and Palmer not a lot of speed with low Leo over at first but there you go once again letona out in front of the pitch hits it foul down that left-field line and do it again here with the one and two well I am Heldman I'm gonna stay with that off-speed cuz he's ahead of it you don't want to speed it up let him get good contact on something stay with the off-speed maybe one of these times you can get a swing and miss get yourself a strikeout two outs here a little break in the action here there is a little stirring in the unicorn bullpen looks to be number 23 Jesse Stinnett the man out of not Madison Heights Virginia or not Madison Heights Michigan but Madison Heights Virginia and then on the one two pitch Latona swings and misses and is rung up on strikes for out number two gotta mention there is still action in the right-field bullpen as well looks to be a left-hander up there we're working on exactly who it is as we speak if we look at the starting pitchers or not starting pitchers but pitching staff for this Birmingham Bloomfield team there's only three lefties on the roster it can't be Brandon matter and he's already been in this one it's either Ross Vance or toreano bucardo as this ball is hit shallow right field it's gonna be a tough run but a nice job from Ryan Smith he runs it down for the third and final out unicorns get a base on balls from Nicole olio but nothing else in the home half of the seventh we're headed to the 8th all knotted up at six you're watching the us ppl youtube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina on the call here with you Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers and Utica unicorns all knotted up at six as we head to this eighth-inning Tyler Schwan's day is done as we get right in the action here James batli using his speed to his advantage has this man at third-base Brandon Larkin guilfoyle sleeping and because of it he gets the infield single via the bunt and tell you what use your strengths to your advantage bat Lee had been struggling all season long with the baseball bat and if you can't get a base knock the hard way might as well try it the creative tough the creative way is he gets on via the infield single with that bit with that bunt well it's a smart play right there especially if you know you're you can put a decent bunt down well you said caught guilfoyle nap in there at third base he's got the speed and it puts the winning run on first base right now and eliminates one of your bottom guys as a possible out and helps turn over the order coming up so before we got to bat Lee's infield single we were trying to talk about Jessie's Donets season thus far he's coming off a victory May the 23rd against these same beavers as Daniel Oliveira meanwhile hits Agra are a line drive down the left-field line motoring around second getting into third with ease is bat Lee and the man over there at second base Daniel Oliveri with a huge base knock the double brings runners to second and third that's his second hit of the night for Oliveri when I was watching Chris Newell there on third base and as soon as that balls hit down the line he was waving bat Lee home waving him home waving him home and then as soon as bat Lee got the third he put the stop sign up and told them to hold up there at third base and I think we're smart don't force it we've already seen a couple of close plays at the plate you have your top of your lineup coming up you're out a double play situation and give you guys a chance to bring in some runs without cost Michelle fan out and another main thing that big 0 up on the board still no outs for the Beavers last thing you want to do is get the first or third out that any of the scoring bags as Ryan Smith stands in here now back to the top of this Birmingham Bloomfield beaver line up we go he looks at a breaking ball for called strike one but Jessie's Stinnett on this season he's in a jam right now but like we mentioned coming off of that victory as that breaking ball misses the zone evens the count up at one and one back on May the 23rd in the win he went just an inning allowed three earned runs one walk one strikeout against the seven batters he faced but because his offense it came back he ends up getting the victory the unconventional way and through four games this season as he misses the zone with ball two there brings the count to two in one he's got 5.1 innings in for relief appearances the one a no record like we mentioned he's allowed five hits one walk two six strikeouts but he's in a jam here now what would be the game-winning run is at third and we might see to come in in easily as badly from second or from third and now coming in from second is Oliveri the two RBI single for Ryan Smith give the Beavers the 8 to 6 lead they've came all the way back well and that's what we talked about right there you don't send the runner in Battley home he stays at third stays put and you leave it up to your top of your order and Ryan Smith delivers with a base hit right back up the middle and drives into RBI single gives the Beavers their two-run lead Jesse Stinnett now in line for the loss and seeing some action in the Birmingham Bloomfield bullpen but no official throwing yet from anybody down the left-field line for the unicorn's couple of guys stretching and getting loose but no action just yet pending the result of this at-bat you could see some stirring down there in the left-field pen possibly we'll take a look at Jesse's net was a 64 225 pound right-hander from University of Maryland Eastern Shore and he spent last year at Santa Fe Fuego in the Pecos league and some independent league ball he was to know with a 5.0 and to starts 18 in these pitch 21 hits 10 runs all of them earned 5 lakhs and 13 strikeouts so he should walk more than he's gonna hit but this one's driven deep back in the right field no doubt or over the hill and right it's a home run rob baller breaking this one open for the Beavers he drives in to Ryan Smith comes in to score Paul err himself as well that is the second home run of the season for the big fella and the Beavers have spread this one opened five runs between the seventh and eighth inning here they have broken this one open now it's 10 to 6 and the view would have told me at the start of this game after the first two innings that the Beavers would be up 10 to 6 that wouldn't even put my money on it I thought this the way the unicorns were hitting and playing that they were gonna break this one wide open and blowout the Beavers and how about that some timely pitching and hitting and not they got a four-run lead within really essentially two innings left and not only that but the guy who hit the first home run of the game Jack cranek now standing in so he could make things even worse here for the unicorns is he's swinging early at this at bat this ball looks like it's gonna stay in play it's gonna be a tough effort form built the catcher and third baseman and in fact it will get so far away that neither of them will be able to come up with it we've talked about it on the broadcast throughout the season haven't talked about it with you guys yet but the layout of Jimmy John's field reminiscent of the Coliseum in Oakland a lot of area in foul territory between the foul lines and the dugouts so much room that routine pop flies can't even be got to with all that room out there Brannick down in the count here Owen one looks at a fastball that misses just high evens the count up at one and one but with that big hit that mr. Robb Paula had I kind of want to segue that into other hits not the conventional ones go for base hits but we saw last night a unique situation at Comerica Park the Swan or geese I should say as pranic chases after the third strike there for out number one four runs come in to score before and out is retired for Stinnett but we saw a goose loose out on the diamond at Comerica Park last night he was getting chased around by a bunch of personnel for the Tigers and he eventually flew free but he could only find a scoreboard that was lined up along the stands at Comerica Park as Christian household stands in and so did a little research today thought we'd have a little fun as we get a break in the action here in this eighth inning but saw an article from the Equinox staff at Equinox comm MLB players that have killed a bird during a game now the bird last night ended up perfectly fine got sent out into the wild freely after it was taken care of by the crew at Comerica Park as this one Oh breaking ball finds the zone inside but back to this bird story so everybody knows the most famous one with Randy Johnson of course destroying any thoughts that a bird had to live when he had drilled him with a pitch in a live game but some unfamiliar ones the first bird that was killed in the game of baseball was actually all the way back in 1981 in a game between the Class A Northwest Division rivals Oregon and Medford as household swings and misses at the 2 2 pitch back-to-back strikeouts forced to net after giving up four runs but back to the bird story the future MLB standout Eric Davis took a swing that ended a poor bird's life mid-flight but the most interesting part of that entire occurrence an outfielder made the catch on that exact same place so Davis must have made contact with the ball and then after he had hit the ball he had killed the bird with the bat and then the ball was caught in the outfield such a crazy scenario and then another wild situation was actually involved with Dave Winfield of course the former New York Yankees stud he threw a ball to one of his pinstripe counterparts when it struck an innocent seagull that was walking across the field and according to book called diamonds in the rough a Toronto ball boy recovered the seagull with a cloth and carried it off the field the seagull died later that day and Winfield was actually arrested by Toronto police for cruelty to animals to no surprise the charges were dropped and the next day but Winfield was actually thrown in handcuffs because of the incident according to Toronto law Winfield could have faced up to six months in jail so just a little wild story and a couple different scenarios where birds were unlucky but just some wild fun facts here at Jimmy John's field we got beavers we got unicorns we got bird talk just plenty of animal conversation to go around but how about that from Jessie Stinnett strikes out the side after giving up four runs in the two-run homer to rob baller but the Beavers with a massive four run inning coming into this eighth with a tie game now they're out in front by four we'll take a break as we head to the home half unicorns trying to get back in this one they'll only have two more at-bats to do so you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland I'm Santina on your call it's Irish heritage night as you still hear the band playing in our background as we're getting ready to get head to this home half of the eighth inning thought we'd bring it back a little early Brian Haldeman's night is done in relief he goes an inning and two thirds allows no runs no hits one walk two strikeouts he is in fact in line for the victory and he now gives way to Ross Vance the man out of McKinney Texas in his second season with the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers here in 2018 he's gone five games in relief 4.1 innings he does have an Owen one record he's allowed four hits five walks three strikeouts and an 8.31 ER a but a pretty cool story Ross was with these beavers in 2016 he went one game one relief appearance had an inning and a third under his belt got the victory in it had two strikeouts and right on cue he was the first player taken out of the u.s. PBL to a major league affiliate team he was taken by the st. Louis Cardinals back in 2016 numbers probably not as well as he would have liked that's the reason why he's back here but trying to get another opportunity is Vance but he's down the count here - no - Dylan sprayed to begin this bottom of the 8th inning and then that one almost gets a piece of Sprague as he has to dart out of the way well rich actually have those numbers for you here he two years in the MLB for the Cardinals organization as you said he played some rookie ball he made it up to double-a in 2017 he made some single a advance but he was five and six over his career in the in the minor leagues 409 tra 54 appearances six of them starts 101 innings pitched but he led up a hundred and twelve hits 55 runs 46 of those were earned 36 walks and struck out 118 so the numbers I mean not bad not great but either way experience for Ross Vance at the next level and manager Chris Newell out there to have a conversation your team was down this entire game leading into this eighth inning your offense puts up four runs in the top half and you come back out in a what you want to be shut down inning and Ross Vance walks the first batter on four straight pitches got to imagine Chris Noel out there I've been in that situation as a relief pitcher and tell you what whoever comes out to that mound probably doesn't have something nice to say and Vance has has to quickly turn the page if he's gonna want to get out of this one in the eighth inning as another arm out there getting ready for the Beavers in the bullpen it is number 24 Jonathan Escobar out of Inverness Illinois well we look at his minor-league numbers and Vance honestly his strikeout to walk ratio was incredible I mean 118 strikeouts are just 36 walks so that's that's phenomenal yeah that's that's incredible that's not what the issue was it was more of a hundred and twelve hits in the 55 runs he let off and well that's the thing when you are an accurate pitcher the scouting in the level of minor league baseball clearly well and if a team knows you're a guy that throws a lot of strikes are gonna be aggressive and that's probably the reason why Vance allowed so many hits and runs but well you got it you have those secondary pitches and if you don't have those secondary pitches you're gonna get hit around the ballpark and that's obviously what happened to Vance and now that he's down here trying to work his way back up in there you're exactly right about that Vance down in the count here though against Erlandsson and that one misses the zone completely so back-to-back walks got imagine that leash is pretty short for Vance says the man in the bullpen is in fact ready yeah I'd have to agree with you I don't think that Chris Newell is gonna mess around too much with a four-run lead into the top of the order coming up and Spencer abara I mean you can't put him anywhere you're gonna load the bases and a guy that's three for four got a pitch to him and he's provided some pop he's provided some support for the team driving in two of their six runs and he's hoping to do a little bit more than that here with the runner on first and second as he watched a strike one come right down the middle Owen one so abara on the night the home run the two singles the fly out to right he's been tough to hold back and he's got an opportunity here to put the unicorns within reaching distance of the Beavers and another breaking ball thrown from Vance it misses the zone evens the count of it one and one and now his catcher Adam Gough here out to have a conversation not sure if it's about the control or maybe it's a strategy conversation as there is the runner on second base of course with Dylan Sprague trying to mix up the count the signing that is and the slider on the outside corner looked like it might have broke off the plate but home plate umpire Stewart Hall ringing it up for a strike a borrow down in the count here one and two Vance pitch in a borrow away but if and that's part in fact because if bara you know you're looking right now the runners on you're trying to stay out of the DoublePlay it's the biggest factor right now but you have that gap once again on the first base side between the second baseman and the first baseman where they're worrying about holding runners on on the lefty in the box and that's driven deep into left-center that's gonna get down and bounce up against the wall it's gonna stay in play that'll score at least one run ybarra into second here comes the second run throws not going to be in time and it's a two-run double for Spencer abara and his knight continues what go ahead 3 for 4 with now four RBIs it's unbelievable the night that Spencer abara his had at the plate he's been seeing the ball tremendously well the two RBI double put the unicorns within two and I mean this game has been back and forth all night long and if you're Ross Vance back-to-back walks and a two RBI double it's a tough night for the left-hander and he'll hand the baseball off to his manager Chris Newell and that'll give way to the right-hander coming in we'll take a quick break give you Vance's line and then let you know the man that's coming in to pitch here in this tough situation for the Beavers no outs man on base we'll be right back you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen we're here in this home half of the eighth inning Ross Vance with a night to forget he cannot get through any batters allows two walks and then gives up a two RBI double to Spencer abara who's had a four hit night to singles a double and a home run to his credit before we get into the new pitcher Jonathan Escobar with a bars night I kind of want to give credit to a player in the Tigers organization mr. Ron Rodriguez his last game with the Polito Mud Hens kind of like a night with Spencer ybarra but a little better two home runs and the cycle in his last game with the Toledo Mud Hens gets the call-up to the Tigers and yeah sure to get his first career hit today - a little infield single it's good stuff little spark these these injured Tigers need yeah definitely and how about the way to finish off the minor-league career I mean it'll probably go back but to get the call-up to the pros stuff there a night like that I mean you can't write well you have to wonder a little bit in Ron Gardenhire mind if that that made a little you know they might have been thinking about it but they saw that night and I thought for sure you're coming up we need you exactly in back into the us PBL action Jonathan Escobar the right-hander out of ever in estill annoy the College of the Holy Cross pitcher he's got five relief appearances 4.2 innings under his belt a to a no record with just three hits allowed in those four and two thirds innings just the one walk and the eight strikeouts and a 0.00 er a this guy has had really nice stuff so far this year and clearly a reason he's in this almost safe like situation muffled I could dig up from his Holy Cross career back in 2016 his junior year he had a 2.0 a tra he was one-on-one with two saves and 19 appearances he pitched 26 innings and through 35 strikeouts so pretty good statistics all around the board yeah this guy clearly has the stuff question is can it build can it get better and can his stuff eventually make it to the next level keeping tabs on Jonathan Escobar as we go throughout this 2018 season meanwhile Adrian Guzman who's looked at I believe every pitch here in this at-bat it's worked the count full trying to get a hold of exactly what Jonathan Escobar has to bring well the real thing to watch with Escobar tonight is how fast is he gonna get through this line up with the unicorns if he can get through it I'm not too many pitches we might see him try to go for a six out finish here and there's a strikeout right there right on cue the swing and the Miss retire Adrian Guzman that's the back-to-back strikeouts for him and now Dan Ward will stand in who's one for four on the night and I'm sure Chris Newell would love to have a six out save right here save as many pitchers as he can for the rest of the weekend you get a dangerous hitter coming up here and in Dan Ward and you know you make a really valid point there Dom the Beavers with three games here this weekend not only tonight not only tomorrow but Sunday as well they'll face off against the mammoths tomorrow night as a part of our Xfinity fireworks Friday spectacular and as Escobar throws in a strike called - Dan Ward down the heart of the plate Saturday Westside versus East Side WCS x w CS x classic rock saturday it'll be the Bob Seger tribute band at the ballpark and then rounding out the fun on Sunday of course with Sunday fun day with our super heroes it'll be the unicorns and beavers in a rematch from tonight's game fun weekend on tap if you haven't gotten tickets yet I suggest you do give us a call two four eight six zero one two four zero zero if you'd like to have a conversation with me my extension is 141 but back to our action Dan Ward swinging and missing on the old one offer is quickly down in the count here oh and two and Jonathan Escobar trying to get back-to-back strikeouts after relieving Ross Vance of a tough start to this half of the eighth I would say Dan's Ward last swing was looking like he wanted to deposit the baseball into the seats but there's no seats out there so we'll say like the river I guess I don't know instead the fastball outside corner freezes Ward completely looked as if he was looking for something of the off-speed variety and back-to-back strikeouts for Jonathan Escobar have stranded this runner at second base Ybarra is trying to come in to score it's huiying run at the plate in Brandon Larkin guilfoyle with two outs and if you're asked a bar you're gonna try and retire Larkin guilfoyle who on the night does have an RBI single but a strikeout looking and two groundouts to the right side of the infield better than Nikko lowly Oh who's got two groundouts but does have two walks on the night as well could pick your poison but clearly more power from the man in the on-deck circle and not only if you go there if you let Nikko low leo bet that means the tying run will be on base so you definitely want to go after Larkin guilfoyle here if you're asked about well that's what we were talking about too if you're Escobar here you know he had about nine pitches through his first two batters so you want to get guilfoyle here one to keep your account your pitch count down but you want to get them quickly you want to attack the hitter keep your pitch count down and Chris Newell I'm sure would be more than happy to throw you back out there especially I mean if he strikes out guilfoyle here that's three strikeouts coming out of the pen Newell has got to feel pretty confident sending backup out there for the night there is one lone soldier out in the right-field bullpen for the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers not sure exactly who it is just yet but as soon as we find a number out there we will let you know who it is meanwhile the count one in one on Larkin guilfoyle Jonathan Escobar trying to retire the side in three straight strikeouts after Ross Vance allowed two walks in a two RBI double to Spencer Barra since then Guzman and Ward have gone down one via the swing one via the look larkin go foils worked the count in his favor here two and one catcher relaying signs to his man on the bomb escobar the kick the deal the push ground ball right side will it be the third time tonight that guilfoyle grounds out to the second baseman it will be vers get out of the jam unscathed but the unicorns do get two runs and cut the lead in half it's a 10-8 ballgame as we have one frame to go let you know if we see a new arm on the mound for the unicorns as we head to the 9th you're watching the u.s. PBL YouTube channel to the ninth we go it'll be Mercado Wood & batley due up for the Beavers they lead it 10 to 8 as we head to this final frame Jesse Stinnett tonight is done and what a weird line it was Stinnett had started off the eighth inning against James bat Lee who singled then Daniel Oliveri reached on a double then Ryan Smith had an RBI single and then Rob Pollard with a two-run home run you would think after all that time that's then that would be taken out of the game but manager Jim a.cian allows to keep him in and he goes through the three four or five batters strikeout strikeout strikeout just something you don't see every day the one inning four earned runs no walks three strikeouts meanwhile Mercado who's gone down in this count here early oh and two fouls off the Oh two pitch and got to mention the man on the mound here now for the unicorns in this ninth-inning mr. Chris Dula well one thing I want to mention before we get there is Stennett we talked about him you know we talked earlier in about how you have to have a short-term memory and man was that ever short he put that home run right behind him went right after the three four five hitters struck him out in order and and in retired the Beavers and got his team at least held for the moment to a four run deficit which they they got to a two-run deficit and now we look at Chris Dula who's 6 to 215 now has a strikeout and who can bring it dual one of the fastest arms in this league and first guy he sees in Mercato swings and misses right through it second strikeout of the night for Mercado but not a bad day at the plate to singles a run scored and a walk to his credit as well and now my man's mr. hunter wood standing in double two singles and a strikeout we were talking about our matchup your boy Erlandsson did walk and scored in the 8th so two runs scored one hit for Erlandsson wood with a double to singles two RBIs no runs scored I got us give the edge no favoritism I'm not trying not agree I would give the edge right now to wood maybe if he strikes out here and Erlandsson gets one more opportunity in the night that could change but he did have a bad baserunning mistake though that he did that he did we'll keep that in mind as we finish up this baseball game but I mean essentially he actually kind of someway grounded into a double play so too funny but what even in the count here one in one fastball missing hi in a way nowhere near the zone count 2 & 1 on the d h here tonight the man out of Mount Washington Kentucky trying to keep the Beavers going in this top of the ninth inning they're up by 2 10 to 8 they got one run in the 7th 4 in the 8th and on the 2 1 pitch wood looks at a fastball right down Broadway brings the count even at 2 & 2 what they're gonna look at curse doulas statistics before coming to the u.s. ppl real quick he spent four years in the minor leagues between 2013 and 2016 between rookie ball double or single a the three different types of single eye single a short full season and advanced kind of switched back and forth between the rangers and/or Indians organizations but his career statistics were 2 and 2 at a 5.3 er a in 70 games 2 saves 82 innings pitched 76 hits 68 runs and there's your strikeout to would so hunter would goes down via the swing in the missed second strikeout of the day so I guess we'll wait to mark the battle final between you and I between wood and then Erlandsson depending what Earl inson can do if he does in fact get another opportunity at the plate in the home half of the ninth but back-to-back strikeouts for Dula he's looking sharp out there and not only is he trying his best but if the unicorns can somehow put together three runs he'd be in line for the as well well not only that he also had 84 strikeouts in his minor league career so we've already seen it here he's you can deal it he can bring some heat and he can strike some guys out and right now his job is just to keep it at a 10-8 game and hopefully his team can pick him up in the bottom of the ninth and get him this one from doula 96 on the gun from the right-hander swung out and missed from bat Lee there was not much he could do with that I love the crowd's reaction to that one we had some who's in the crowd from that pitch you could hear the pop and the glove on that one he delivers on that one to 95 it also had some movement on it to just duel is one of those guys in this league he doesn't throw a lot of balls he's got a lot of heat underneath it badly does make contact on this one another opportunity look at that man Carter grote laying out for the third and final out seen a lot of nice web gems on the ball diamond in that outfield grass here tonight Carter grote with his second one of the contest fly out to left field retires the Beavers in the top of the ninth unicorn's coming up to the plate it'll be low Leo Latona grote the five six seven hitters due up for the unicorns in their last try as they trail two as we go to the home half of the ninth you're watching the us ppl youtube channel welcome back ladies and gentlemen rich Borland Dom Santina on the call it's been a fun one it's been a long one beavers out in front 10 to 8 as Nicole olio stands in for the unicorns to begin this final opportunity lowly Oh on the night two walks two groundouts looks at a called strike to begin his final plate appearance of the night Jonathan Escobar who had pitched a 1-2-3 relief appearance for Ross Vance in the eighth inning Vance had given up two walks and then a 2 RBI double to the unicorns and then Escobar came in struck out two got a groundout and he's trying to finish off this 2 inning save lowly Oh on the old 1 pitch if he made contact it would have went a long ways but unfortunately for the unicorns all he could do was give a nice breeze to the infielders for the Beavers and now the count is quickly on to one like we've said it once again I mean Nico is one of your you know power hitters you could say and he is trying to help the team out but honestly what the team needs more right now just a runner on get a base hit and put it in play this one's in play it'll be a tough play for the shortstop Mercado not a lot of speed going down the line is lowly oh that number up the middle makes it tough for Mercado but he ends up getting the job done and the leadoff batter for the unicorns cannot reach base safely one up one down so I added it up I'm gonna double check my walk we didn't count here yeah that's right I counted up runners left on right unicorns have left seven on beavers have left six on in this game three of those six for the Beavers came in the first two innings yep correct about that and not only that but one two three four five six of them all in the first five innings yeah as well so that tells you I mean we look at the scoreboard so when they started coming alive unicorns with five runs in the first two innings beavers with five runs in between the third and the fifth and then they've tacked on four more in the top of the eighth the Beavers have and that's where we stand as right now it's 10 to 8 with one out here in the home half of the ninth inning Jimmy letona on the night had the RBI single in the first but since then owed for 3 a groundout a flyout and a strikeout now on the 1-1 pitch fouls it off it goes out of play and could tell latona not happy with himself reacted a little late to that pitch and because of it he can't get on base safely just yet it'll have to protect now down in the count with two strikes so I wanted to add this in because they wrote it down but we have this the flight scope which analyzes the hits and stuff they did her annex home run the pitch speed was 90.9 coming in the exit velocity was one hundred and seven point nine miles per hour and he hit it 371 feet and 11 inches that's no crush it's no gimme he crushed it and went over the hill and right field into the black sky abyss and now Jonathan Escobar with an opportunity to get a strikeout here for out number two but not if letona has anything to say about it the fastball high in a way at 90 miles an hour can't get letona to chase the man out of Rochester New York trying to give the unicorns what you said they needed and that is a base runner man on deck Carter grote Oh for four on the night and look at that there is your base runner Jimmy letona with an incredible at-bat works the count full and gets onto first base safely with a base knock back up the middle and now Carter grote standing in who is most do on this team and now that I'm looking at the score sheet here every single unicorn has reached base safely except for Carter grote Carter grote and nikohl olio are in fact the only two as I continue to search continue to search the I take that back two out of the three low Leo Guzman and now grote the only three without a hit Carter groped the only unicorn to not reach base safely here tonight so if anybody's due its in well but if you're the Beavers the one thing you're hoping for right now is a double play and a nice curve ball in there to make it Owen - it will be tough to try and retire grote over there at first with a double play he'll have to hit the ball pretty hard but definitely a good opportunity you just put every ball in the air though that one put in the air as well but it'll find the grass back-to-back base hits give the unicorns tying run at first and the winning run at the plate Dylan Sprague coming up in a clutch situation so runners at first and second one out on the board winning run at the plate Dylan spray coming into play today with a batting average below one but he's reached base safely three times a single and a run scored in the second an error that he reached on in the fifth and then a base on balls in the 8th inning where he came in to score as well and that pitch right down the heart of the plate for a called strike I'm Dylan Sprague I probably wishing I had that one back yeah for sure and if you're asked Abbar this 9th has not gone the according to plan you came in in the 8th strikeout strikeout and a groundout to the second baseman here in the ninth groundout to the shortstop and then a hit and a hit and you're hoping your best option might be right here for Sprague to ground into a double play he's been struggling I mean you got Burlinson underneath and then you go to the top of the order so I mean personally I'd like to see Hansen so I can get another a chance pick the stick thing but yeah spray did ground out to second base back in the 3rd inning and pretty much all the contact that he's made tonight has been on the ground or close to it as far as the infield goes but swinging and missing on the high heat was Sprague nice job there from Escobar not leave that pitch to far out over the plate that fastball gets Sprague to chase after it for the second out here in the ninth and just like that the unicorns down to their final out and of course your pick the stick candidate mr. Justin Erlandsson tell you right now you could definitely be bad we're not gonna say anything just yet but we'll let the story play its course on the night one for three with a single two flyouts to Center and a base on balls to his credit that was in his last at-bat where he had scored the eighth run of the game for the unicorns but trying to at least keep them alive here in this ninth is Erlandsson pressures on oh for sure without a doubt you got to get something in play here you can't go down swinging yeah least got to make an attempt to you know I have the defense make a mistake or you know beat one out or something gotta make him earn it as Escobar tried to force Erlandsson to earn that one the breaking ball that dropped into the dirt Erlandsson patient at the plate a good job to lay off of that one in a really crucial situation you know one thing we haven't mentioned is if Erlandsson does get on base here it brings up Spencer ybarra that is a very important fact I didn't even think about that yet because we're just trying to focus on erlin sin for the time being but you are exactly right the man with four hits tonight two singles a home run in a double looming on deck this is a critical situation for Escobar and the Beavers you want to retire erlin send more than anything right here to one fastball look like it was over the plate below me right about that dom and now the count three in one here on Erlandsson I'll tell you what he's not gonna earn the pick to stick if he gets the base on balls but the unicorns definitely in a much better position than where they were at coming into these last couple innings Oh all's I got to say since I've said that about abara the rooms got a little tighter in here you know no doubt about that and now Erlandsson swings and misses through the next pitch so runners will be on the move here on first movement from Escobar Erlandsson has to make one simple decision to either let the pitch go by or go after it the toughest part about baseball you only got a fraction of a second to figure out that you really can't ask for much more I've goal count two outs two runners on tying run at first winning run at the plate and a great job of Escobar I wanted to mention that before we got to this pitch with the runners on the bases and a three count or a full count two outs I was wondering if Escobar was gonna try and keep tabs on these runners by doing what he just did bringing up that front foot and then going to second base with it to make sure both runners were on their toes and not going until he went home with it he now goes on with it and ends the ball game a couple of fist pumps and a loud scream gets this one done for the Beavers and they will win this one by a final of 10 to 8 we saw a little bit of everything in this ballgame a couple of tough starts from both Sylar and Gio Abreu but in the end the Beavers come back to win this one by a final of 10 to 8 Dominic you did a great job on the call tonight any final thoughts here in this one from your first broadcast here with the us PBL it was an exciting night definitely wasn't a boring one we had a lot of good pitching performances and I mean Spencer ybarra we cannot forget about him after that night even though it was in a losing effort going was it four four five four RBIs a homer a double couple singles that's incredible yeah I mean the night we saw from Spencer abara was tremendous he had the home run in the first this couple of singles in the second in the fourth and then that two RBI double in the eighth that at least gave the unicorn some sense of urgency late in this game after giving up the lead late it was very deflating from a unicorn standpoint to see them give up the lead that they had throughout the entire first half of the game but the Beavers how about this we didn't talk about it since really the first couple of innings but the Beavers who started out the season 3 and out are now done with their five-game losing streak they were in a tough spot three and five coming into play tonight but on that five-game losing streak Chris Newell's team fought very hard and very long here tonight as we're passing the 10:30 hour mark here on the clock but overall you got to love the resiliency from the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers in a tough spot you know that they got a long weekend ahead of them and they started off on the right foot would have been tough to go on your sixth straight losing or a six straight game loss and by a game like this just kind of saw a little bit of everything but in the end it'll be Brian Heldman with the victory he went an inning and two thirds allowed no runs no hits one walk and two strikeouts and I guess that that'll do it I think you have to say for the most part most of the Beavers bullpen did a heck of a job coming in and slamming the door and you know I said Chris Newell was looking for that and look what happened you got some help out of the bullpen and after Sylar was struggling a little bit and it hung on to give him a win yeah for a game that went back and forth we saw Vance struggle late in the game he allowed those two walks and then the two RBIs sink or two RBI double off of abara that brought the unicorn's back in this game but in the end Jonathan Escobar with the two inning save ends up doing his job a little bit more than here tonight and he earns the save and I guess that will do it for Dominic Santina Brandon Rothenberg up here in the booth with us it was a fun night tomorrow night we will have first pitch 7:05 once again it will be the first of June as it is once again these beavers they'll face off against the Westside woolly mammoths in our Xfinity fireworks Friday spectacular and it's also meet the woolly mammoth night at the ballpark where they'll be signing autographs interacting with fans on the concourse for about an hour before the game but once again for the guys up here in the booth with me my name is rich Borland you stay classy Utica how to cite dissertation in cv Richard Gilder Graduate School, Upper West Side.

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