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Dissertation convaincre persuader deliberere capstone insurance agency plano tx recommendations from lord laming reports hello everybody and welcome in to WC beyond sports broadcast of Michigan baseball I lost I'll go alongside me Teddy Gungan and the second half of this game you'll hear Te'o Mackey and Max Brill we're here to bring you all the action from the rubber game on a three-game series between the Lipscomb University Bisons and the Michigan Wolverines here at Kent Dugan field in Nashville Tennessee the first two games of this series have been split Michigan took the Friday game by score of 16 to 11 Lipscomb won yesterday's ballgame by a score of 7 to 4 and Teddy what do you think is the one key as can determine exactly who comes out with the series win in this one well the key to this game Austin is gonna be the bullpens the stars have been pretty shaky so far in both games first came we saw Michigan's bullpen holding on to a late lead in the second game we saw Robbie Knox of Lipscomb converting a three out save so it's really gonna come down to which bullpen is able to stifle the opposition's hitters you know these offenses both have potential to draw on big scoring ones we saw a five-run inning from Lipscomb yesterday and a four-run inning from Michigan in Saturday's contests it's really gonna come down to which bullpens able to shut the opposition down you line up for Michigan that will have to be shut down by lips nor take this one is as follows KO thomas will lead off he plays shortstop today miles lewis bass second and plays la field jonathan Ingram is the centerfielder he bats third in the cleanup spot is the first baseman Brock keener Hector Gutierrez is the third baseman he bats fifth Christian Bullock bats sixth in plays right field Joe Donovan starts behind the plate for the third straight game he'll bat seventh Marcus Chavez is the D H he bats eighth and blake nelson bats ninth and plays second base they'll face noah Thompson the lefty from lips chemical delivers he first pitch the ball game outside to a KO Thomas count is one and O and Thomas normally one of Michigan's best hitters struggling the series he only has one hit Thomas now awaits the 100 pitch from Thompson it's on the outside corner for a strike one and one Thompson the freshman lefty for Lipscomb coming in this will be his fourth start he's got a record of 2 & 1 with a 126 er a very stingy is the young lefty he winds up and fires one one patient Thomas high in a way for a ball goes to 2 & 1 the freshman phenom had a lustiest prep career he was rated the 29th best player and eighth best left-handed pitcher in the entire state of Kentucky southpaw from Kentucky fires a 2-run - ok Oh Thomas that is sky high towards center field shortstop Thomas ranging back but it'll be the shortstop arranging it earlier the centerfielder Ranger gonna make the play that's Maddox houghton out there he retires Thomas for out number one of the ball game great job by having to call that ball last time thomas was it up in the first game we saw Houghton and seat Dodson collide and allow which had been easy pop up her soul in the single so that will bring up the switch-hitting miles Lewis for the Wolverines batting from the right side of the plate here first pitch he sees the breaker that goes right down the middle for a strike one Noah Thompson as you mentioned me crap freshman phenom works quickly winds up the oh one pitch in on the hands of miles loose but he fouls it off to the left side Everton the count - no balls and two strikes Wolverines today in their Road grays gray tops grave Adams blue lettering in numbers with a yellow piping Lipscomb with the yellow tops purple lettering white bottoms and high purple socks the Oh - Myles Lewis misses outside for ball one and it goes to one it's you lips Massa wearing those purple hats with the yellow lettering on them freshman lefty holds his glove right out in front of his face takes the slow lined up in the one-two fouled straight back by Myles Lewis right on that one he stays alive the count remains one and two great job by Lewis they're trying to be aggressive able to stave off stave that pitch valance they say 11 let's have that it's also one of the few hitters that's reach space in both games has a hidden both and an RBI on Friday coming into this one batting 245 is Lewis that he reaches out and pops that one foul and out of play to the right side so stays alive yet again here where we remain at 1 & 2 Mike Lewis was a little off-balance on that pitch from Thompson had full extension on it they only got a piece of it but was able to just get enough to stay alive once you pitch now we'll be in the left handed batter's box so that'll go down as ball number two and we're evened up at 2 & 2 Louis not one to waste time steps back into that batter's box quickly this will be the sixth pitch of the at-bat there's 2 2 pitch is fouled straight back over our heads here so another foul ball Myles Lewis just hanging in there and that will keep the count at 2 & 2 great great aggression from the junior Myles Lewis really making the freshman Jackson work for every pitch on us at that we'll see you another 2 to here and Myles Lewis guess what pops it foul over our heads again so account is gonna remain at 2 & 2 that was eight pitches so far and this at-bat Milo was going for that double digits potentially and it's that bad very similar to Dominic Clemente that bad in yesterday's game I believe that up at last and 10 pitch 9 pitches this one was gonna go 10 as the ninth pitch that bat misses outside for a ball and runs to count full 3 & 2 and if you're Lewis here you can't be too aggressive you gotta if you see a pitchy leg absolutely swing at it but just no ball gets you on base just five walks issued on the season and 16 innings for Thompson and this will be walk number six the system misses just a bit high and Lewis trots down to first base for the first base run of the ballgame Mitchell's gonna have a runner on with only one away for the centerfielder Jonathan angleman Bingaman coming into this one batting 259 on the season he's batting 370 when he's got to run around in front of him though and you have to imagine he'll be getting plenty of opportunities like that with the likes of a KO Thomas and Myles Lewis consistently batting ahead of him Louis OPP sitting at just 296 but starting to come around really see the ball while especially in this one here okay--oh Thomas also off to a rough start but as we know he could definitely turn it on and be one of the best leadoff men and now the big 10 but all of the country the first pitch to England was in there for a strike the count goes to oh and what absolutely and people have to remember that a KO Thomas was an All Big Ten selection last year and a preseason all-big ten first seen this year hey Goff we're over to first now is Chase's miles Lewis back a little delayed reaction there by Lewis well Scott caught flat-footed he's dancing around over there trying to draw the attention of Noah Thompson a good move there by the freshmen interesting to see him leaning off he's over 2 on stolen bases not necessarily somebody to Jackson that's to worry about he did have 19 stolen bases on about twenty three attempts last year did Lewis so he has a stolen base right over there there's time he's you're treating towards the bag as patients deliver but he's gonna take second anyways some bounce to the dirt and away from the catcher krisann so Lewis traps down a second mover he's now have a runner in scoring position now Ingram and stop the plate with a 1-1 count and that's continued to play the Bison throughout this series I believe that's like their seventh or eighth wild pitch of the series and croissant continues to struggle on the backstop soccer sands start behind the plate in Game one where so wild pitches and passed balls galore longer plenty of walks and plenty of hit by pitches this one one pitch bounced in the dirt again but Christian with a nice backhanded stop to keep it in front of them the count goes to 2 & 1 just able to keep that one in front of him now we could see Jonathan angleman be a free swinger here we know he's got power this is a deal hitters count Hinkleman did go deep to left field back in Friday's ballgame in the ninth inning it was dark and that ball sailed straight out of sight not sure where it landed where asked him inning semi-round 373 82 straight away left field he'll take the 4th pitch of the at-bat in the dirt yet again third straight time that's happened and better run the count to three balls and one strike this is something we haven't really seen from Wolverine hitters throughout the series so far we're seeing them disciplined at the plate well recently especially Saturday they were a little bit free swinging and swung at a lot of pitches outside the zone so ain't good man in firm control this count 3-1 we'll see if he gives a big swing on this pitch from Thompson Thompson looking back at Lewis that second Louis takes a big lead now jumps back Thompson's gonna step off Louis probably or possibly hunting for a jump they're trying to get to third with this one out in the inning will allow them to score on a sac fly so this at-bat continued without registering an out of course angleman should have the green light here on three and one he doesn t SS one hi deep towards centerfield centerfield they're out and ranging back he'll have room though he makes the grab blue is tagging from second he'll get to third pretty easily standing up so not quite a sacrifice fly but he does move the runner up does Engelmann and the Wolverines have a run around third now with two gone in the inning bringing up the first baseman bra Keener Tina was absolutely sensational and yesterday's lost the Lipscomb he was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI keener the numbers don't necessarily stand out only batting 250 on the season OPP at 423 though has a good eye at the plate more walks than strikeouts on the season has been all around just a very impressive presence at least from what we've seen in this series just intimidating mostly on that left-handed batters box today he flips around the switch hitter does if that's righty he takes the first pitch on the outside corner for a strike going one and as good as Keener's been at the batter's box the series he's been an even better defender almost no miss skis made it's been fairly solid for a catcher going over to play first base yet to pass this out one pitch into left field fairly fair by about a couple feet that's gonna score one run he's booked in the second is keener problems in left field by Martinez picking the ball up Akina will slide and safely at second with an RBI double and that ball had eyes Austin looked like it was gonna hook foul even the leftfielder Josh Martinez thought it was gonna be foul instead of just dunk in for a RBI double great placement by keener I was about a foot or two affair down that left-field line a little looping liner that went over the head of a leaping third baseman Dodson Keener booking it all the way he was thinking second as soon as he saw that ball off the bat and the defensive struggles of Zeke thoughts and continuing it's been a series to forget for him in the field I'll bring up the Wolverine third baseman today Hector Gutierrez he fouls this one high off to the right side out of play gotta be Oh and one with the Wolverines leading here one nothing in the top of the first inning at Ken Duke and field and Nashville Tennessee kini Rada second not really a stolen base threat that the fleetest of foot he's taken a pretty aggressive lead out there though you don't want pitch to Gutierrez bounces in the dirt he's gotta bring the counter wouldn't want Gutierrez by the way is one of the few veteran leaders on the Steam he's a redshirt senior after suffering an injury in the 2017 season definitely a huge presence in the clubhouse for Eric but a catch in this team Gutierrez getting his ninth start of the season you seen time at D H where he had a grand slam in the very first game of the season the 1 1 pitch to Gutierrez bounces in the dirt again it goes to 2 & 1 so Thompson having some problems spiking the ball here early on so far Geoffrey Chris Sanders had a rough go of it back there only let one trickle away proved to be costly though later on as miles Lewis came around to score on the RBI double from Keener there's been a common theme in the early stages of each game for Lipscomb pitcher struggling to control and catch or struggling and keep the ball in front of him just one pitch to Gutierrez is hit hard past the diving shortstop Thomas didn't left center field Keener's booking it around third they're gonna sudden him to throw home cutoff at the mound and now they're gonna have Gutierrez stuck between first and second and he will be tagged out but not before the run scores at the plate so a bit of a base running air there from the Wolverines fronting a huge inning potentially but Hector Gutierrez does drive in the second run of the ballgame it's two nothing Michigan after an inning a play here at Ken Dugan field on W CBN Sports coverage of Michigan baseball and just strange mental lapse in judgment by Hector Gutierrez there usually you see runners take a big turn around first potentially you're a second and then come back instead he's halfway there when the throws cut off he's got to know that just got to stay at first let me to self do a single left this one keep going if you're storing that one at home an 8-3 for put out was the centerfielder Haughton who threw it to the first base we were streaking across the field Cates arose was a little late getting over to the pitcher's mound but he's able to field it and right in position was the second baseman Jackson first days he ran down Hector Gutierrez slapped the tag on him and ended the inning and Maddux out and continues to have a stellar defensive series he had a incredible diving catch in centerfield in the first game and then he had that sliding catch to end the second game foul territory definitely one of the best defenders on this Lipscomb Bert roster and it will be Blake Thomas e shortstop who Dovan that playing could not quite get a glove on it leading things off for Lipscomb the rest of the lineup is as follows the first baseman Kate Soros bats second batting third and playing third is Zeke Dodson Jeffery krisann the backstop batting fourth in left field today is Josh Martinez he's in the five hole batting sixth the designated hitter for the Lipscomb Bisons today Jake Perry playing center field and batting seventh is Maddux Hutton Jackson first ace bats in the 8th hole and placed second and rounding out the lineup is the right fielder getting his first start of the season Carson right meanwhile they'll face the Wolverines senior right-hander Alec Renard we're not coming into this one three starts on the season he's sitting at one and to you with a 338 IRA and 16 innings pitched he struck out 13 walked just five and keeping runners off the base path she walks is gonna be the key to Alec Bernards game today we've seen last season end this season he struggled when he's walked the leadoff man especially with the speedy guy like Blake Thomas leading off he's also 400 in the leadoff spot this is gonna be a crucial out to get even as the first batter of the game lake time has squares had a bunt on the first pitch this one flies to the backstop it's gonna go down as ball number one - mentioned Thomas betting her cool 389 when he leads off an inning overall number is batting 250 with a 400 on-base percentage when he gets on base he's as you mentioned her stolen base throughout 8 for 8 on the season he takes the 100 pitch here from Bernard in there for a strike 1 and 1 we're now now hold stuck love right in front of his face as he winds up high leg kicked the 1 1 pitch fouled back to the screen and it'll go to 1 & 2 great job by that and Bernards lucky that Blake Thomas was able to foul that one off you hung that one a little bit too close inside the zone while we're talking about Alec Renard here but it seems we got a last-minute change on the mound it's actually Jayce VIN Sena out there firing the 1 2 pitch this one's a breaking ball that's grounded towards short ok oh Thomas makes the play right but let's like a base bag throws to first off line Brock keener insisting you got the tag on Thomas when he came down but the first base umpire ruled Thomas slapped his foot on the bag before keener slapped his glove on Thomas's back so let's gonna have a run around here on throwing air by a KO Thomas to open things up his defensive struggles just continue also that's his fourth error of the series shocking from a player is normally one of the most consistent defenders on the Wolverine roster so we took maybe the numbers for Alec Bernard who was scratched from the start today not quite sure why we just got a very last-minute change here going into the bottom of the inning man Center hasn't seen a lot of time this season just 5 and 2/3 innings pitched as his first pitch to the first baseman Kade sorro's misses outside for a ball want to know and those five and two thirds innings he's sitting with the 11.1 to er a not too pretty but I got a small sample size there he struck out three and hasn't walked a batter yet on the season 100 pitch hitter saw roses in there for a strike square around a bunt but then pulled back so they kind of go to one ball and one strike that's the key number they're having zero walks especially for a team that struggled in putting men on the base pads that could be huge for the Wolverines today instead of keeping a close eye over there at Thomas Hunt first Thomas taking an aggressive lead not going here Sorrell skies went towards left field Louis ranging over near the line huh plenty room though he makes the grab Thomas not tagging at first and scampers back when I was out number one in the inning that will bring up the three hitter the third baseman Zeke Dodson Dodson leaves the team there is second on the team in batting average he's hitting 377 this year he's got a little bit of power two home runs and 10 RBI Dodson one of the two big threats in this Lipscomb Bisons lineup he takes the first pitch from Vince an outside corner for a strike one over Owen one rather of course on deck is Jeffrey croissant he's been the Nemesis for the Wolverines this past series extra-base hit in both games you know one pitch Jeter dots and Dodson stepping like straight out almost looked like he was almost squaring around with his feet but never came down with a bunt kind of awkward looking there but he takes a strike and it goes to own to Dodson swings that bat above his head it's the O 2 pitch bounce in the dirt but able to get just enough of it to knock it down it's Joe Donovan it skips away just a little bit but Thomas being cautious over that first Hank's tight counts one ball and two strikes it's so crucial to keep that ball in front of you you can't let a baserunner like Blake Thomas get in scoring position with one out we saw it cost Lipscomb in the top half of this inning over he's trying to avoid that same fate that's one two pitches sky deep and foul out of play to the right side into the parking garage off to our right side here at Ken Dugan field so the counts gonna remain one and two not as many young ones in attendance chasing down all the foul balls today is Thomas takes off on the pitch but a foul ball at the plate it's really foul ball the ball the thing it was gonna bounce in the dirt anyway but Dodson got a piece of it on the swing so Thomas not to scamper back to first base and we'll do it again here at one and two a poor break there for Jace Vance Ana had a chance to get his fourth strikeout of the season instead he's gonna have to do it over here Thomas um you know they just got a running lead on that last one takes a hop here not going on this pitch as it misses just outside for a ball and evens things up at 2 and 2 you can see and sent his body language after that pitch he thought that should have been a strike can hear it a little bit from that Wolverines dugout as well they thought it was a strike to Senna takes a look over at Thomas comes set now the 2 2 pitch misses outside ends to pick off throw down to first by Donovan not in time but the counts gonna run full 3 and 2 on the powerful third basement dodson we see again the Wolverines awareness of Blake Thompson speed on display almost every time he gets the first we see them checking good two or three times before not bad ends ok now ready for the payoff pitch 3 - Thomas is running the ball bounces in the dirt though so he can slow up and walk the rest of the way to second base is Dodson jogs on down to first and there's 2 runners on now with only one away for Jeffrey krisann if you're chase fence Santa this is the absolute last guy you want to see he's hitting 517 on the season has 2 home runs 13 RBI and he has 3 RBI and 2 doubles in the series accuracy and a bit of a small sample size just 29 at-bats it's only has 8 start of the year but definitely has been a huge threat the right-handed hitting senior stands open stance in the batter's box the bat out in front of them arms almost all the way out stretch he takes the first pitch from Vince and a high and away for a ball want to know Wolverines shifted slightly off to the left the second baseman Nelson playing a little more a little closer to second base you expect the normal DoublePlay depth meanwhile the first place with keener playing well off the line as he went oh pitch here to Chris and bounces in the dirt once the end Donovan able to get just enough of it to hold the runners count goes to two balls no strikes percent by the way had 10 RBI last season almost a quarter into this year is 13 already surpassing his total it's definitely been his best season in a bison uniform looking to add to that total here is christen he's got a couple of ducks on the pond one at second the speedy leadoff hitter Blake Thomas one over at first Zeke Dodson not quite as much speed this one is sky-high off to the right side Keane arranging in a foul territory running out of room over there near the wall but makes the grab right in front of the wall nice play by Brock keener he almost throws it away he throws back towards second to try to catch Thomas might have skipped off of Thomas actually he's in pain out there at second base it's gonna go down as a foul pop out here to brock keener while the ASEC basin umpire checks on blake Thomas second but a hit his hand was like that's when he was shaking there they throw from keener try to catch Thomas just straggling a little too far off that second base bag Thomas turning meat to the umpire and saying he's okay it's a good sign for the Wolverines so Blake Thomas will remain out there at second base takes his lead well Josh Martinez is the left fielder today hitting from the left side stands and there were two outs the first pitch to him as a breaking ball that gets the outside corner for a strike going one Martinez coming to this one batting 250 on the year 317 OBP a couple homers to his name and seven RBIs doesn't being an RBI single in yesterday's five run spot going on the pages Thomas the throw down the third-base cannot be held on by Gutierrez and also moving up on the players ich dots and so a rare double steal flips and bison now they have two runners in scoring position with two outs that pitch dig row down it as a strike though as Donovan was able to hang in there just enough do you get the call before firing down to third the throws looked like it would have been in time but Gutierrez just couldn't hang on to the balls the slide from Thomas jarred it loose so as you mentioned runners on second and third now with two gone Martinez a chance to tie this ballgame up potentially but with 12 strikeouts on the year definitely susceptible to going down here and in the inning and with the speed on the base paths a base hit into the outfield should tie this game the Oh 2 pitch misses just high and away they're tied with the fastball on the outside corner didn't get in the chase brings the count to one and two and Senna stands with that glove at his hip while he's waiting to get the sign now brings it back slightly closed out there on the mound with the glove up near his shoulders the 1 2 pitch hit towards left field Lewis is gonna range hidden though on a line drive that hung up just enough and make the grab for out number 3 so the Bisons get a couple into scoring position there but don't have anything to show for it after what ending a play here in Nashville the score Michigan - Lipscomb nothing that ball looked like it was gonna get down off the bat instead it dies out just in front of miles Louis's glove and the Wolverines avert disaster yeah that certainly would have been demoralizing for the Wolverines finally hopping out again to it early lead as they did back in Friday's ball game and also yesterday's when they scored four runs in the fourth inning to take a little lead in that one as well 4-1 lead to be exact early leads the Wolverines have been common in this series just a matter of whether or not they can hang on they were able to do so I'll be it with some late drama back in Friday's ball game we're not able to do so yesterday is a five run fifth really cost them and Lipscomb was able to even the series up at one and one so it'll be Thompson here facing the 6 7 and 8 hitters for the Wolverines Christian Bullock Jo Donovan and Marcus Chavez both getting to 50 this year but his real calling cards his defense he had that incredible throw to the plate to get Josh Martinez out in the top half or the bottom half of the sixth inning in yesterday's game one of the few late highlights for the Wolverines aw sweet right to steal if he gets on base four for five and stolen base attempts this season he is oh-fer one so far in this series the left-handed hitting sophomore steps in there to face the left-handed throwing freshman he's squared on a bunt and pulls back because it almost hits him in the head counts gonna go wanna know and what's a capita and I believe it was he started yesterday was it c1o pitch here bounces in the dirt for a ball to a No yesterday's starter for the Bisons is it out wrestler catch mark Kaspar and have a group of struggle with their controls in the first couple innings looks like Jackson's even more of the same here it's - I'll pitch to Bullock is lined right at the second baseman first Stacey takes two steps to his left and retires the right fielder for the Wolverines so one gone here in the second first days playing pretty far off the bag there maybe shifting a little bit he wasn't there could have been leadoff single for Bullock instead it's one away freshman backstop Joe Donovan the right he takes the first pitch from Thompson high for a ball want to know I don't having yourself a nice season booster nice series rather boosting his season average up to 312 limited action so far for the freshman has gotten all three starts in this series e fouls the second pitch of the at-bat up and over the booth here and out of play settle ground as a strike and the count is one and one Donovan and a career-high T RBI in the first game of the series also a hidden in our behind yesterday's game it's definitely a big series for the freshman 1 1 pitch misses outside for a ball and runs the count to two balls and one strike Donovan doesn't even step out in the box here Thompson works quickly the 2-1 pitch line towards left field that was gonna hook foul that one had some distance on it would have at least got into the corner if not found its way over the wall a strike there from Donovan but it's just a long strike still an impressive display of power at that about 375 75 feet just wrong direction runs the count of 2 balls 2 strikes that 2 2 pitch now is lying deep towards left centerfield Martina is the left fielder ranging back though he'll have room and makes the grab in front of the 375 marker out there in left-center field for out number 2 Donovan just missed maybe bringing that one over the wall it'll be good 345 feet to left-center field start out at the warning track dimensions you can do can feel this 332 both of the corners 375 to both the power alleys in right and left centerfield see first pitch here to Marcos Chavez his bounced foul to the left side oh and one and it's 400 to straightaway center there are trees just beyond the outfield fence stretching all the way from the left-field corner to straightaway right field where the scoreboard lies the oh one pitch to Chavez here misses high and away for a ball one and one not the best start to the season for Marcus chef is hitting just 194 he's only registered six hits so far Chavez didn't appear back in the first game of the series on Friday but it's gotten the start at D H in both of these last two games the third pitch that bat to him misses outside for a ball two and one at a warranty meeting on the mound there Chris an runs out meets Thompson about halfway gives him a little piece of advice perhaps now takes his place back behind the plate freshman Thompson winds up the 2-1 pitch misses high n once the count to three balls and one strike and again Jackson struggling to find his own here not his best not his best stuff early on I'm gonna find his own job as the freshman with an open stance there and the right handed batter's box the 3-1 pitch in there for a strike runs the count full three and two three into two outs here in the top of the second inning Michigan leading Lipscomb's by a score of two to nothing 3-2 pitch swing and a Miss for strike three first like out of the ballgame recorded for either side and the Wolverines go down and order here in the top of the second inning after an inning and a half a play here at Lipscomb University the score Michigan - Lipscomb nothing on W CBS sports broadcast at Michigan baseball the official student radio broadcast for Michigan bass even in the 1-2-3 inning though there were some positive signs takeaway for the Wolverines you had Christian Bullock hitting that hard line drive they're just caught in the shift and then you have Joe Don I've been driving a ball just to the warning track you know those results are the balance it's great see the Wolverines having a little bit of power in their bats just been absent for most of the series the Wolverines really getting it done with patience as you mentioned they walked a ton in this series at 8 back in Friday's ballgame here on yesterday's ballgame I only recorded four of them back in Friday's ballgame as well they were also the beneficiary of four hit by pitches so taking advantage of Lipscomb some mistakes but not really doing a whole lot of manufacturing on their own saw a double here from Bracken or early on but other than that there was a triple by one of the Wolverines back in Friday's ballgame late in that one as you mentioned earlier the home run by Jonathan Engelmann back in the ninth inning of Friday's ballgame as well but other than those two no other extra-base hits to really speak of it's been a series that seen a lot of balls stand exactly offensive powerhouses so for the Lipscomb here in the bottom of the second they'll have their 6 7 and 8 hitters up to the plate as well starting off with Jake Perry the designated hitter today swings and misses at an inside fastball from Vance son of the count Owen 1 there you got the start behind the plate in last night's ballgame or yesterday's ballgame rather before being taken out of the game when they move the designated hitter krisann back behind the plate late in that 101 pitch to Perry misses loan away and he was comp at 101 Perry a transfer from maple woods Community College where he won a region 16 championship in 2016 on one pitch here is fouled straight back in out of play so I bring the two one and two hey are you coming into this one batting 238 two extra-base hits on the air both of them doubles meanwhile have struck out 13 times and 42 at-bats he's down on the count here one two - ven Senna the righty fires and swing and a Miss on a high fastball for strike number three so Ben Senate records his first bike out of the game here in the bottom of the second to start things off I'll be one away and nobody on for the centerfielder Maddox how a great pitch there by Van Sant getting him to chase that high fastball getting his first punch out of the day sinus er a shrinking little by little with every batter he's able to retire first pitch here two out in his line towards second base and caught by Nelson over there nice play there by now asan a screaming liner ranged over to his left near that old 3.5 hole and brought it in for out number two on just one pitch that'll bring up the second baseman for the Bisons Jackson first ace started off three games over there at second base in this series comes into this one batting 286 on the season not just first pitch from Vince then I missed low for a ball want to know not the most disciplined hitter that we has eight strikeouts and still hasn't recorded a walk since his six third of the season for the junior right hand a hairline swim towards miles Louis luffy's ranging in and slides making a nice grab so a quick 1-2-3 inning there from the Bison despite a couple of hard contact meanwhile that will bring us through two innings of scoreless baseball for Jase pancetta and the Wolverines are ahead here after two by a score of two to nothing and look at the bench reacting to that play by miles Lewis everybody out of the dugout giving him high-fives after sensational diving catch definitely one of the defensive highlights in the series so far worth noting for miles Lewis to the Hat stayed on with that one something you've seen with miles Lewis over his time and an arbor loves to flip that hat off we even saw yesterday when he nice sliding grab in the left-center field gap the hat flew off midway through his slide that one able to stay out I don't know if maybe the rainy conditions here that Ken Dugan feel to have that a little more secured on his head may be nice soaked and wet little heavier a little harder to flip off but what's able to keep the uniform fully intact on that one well now as you look down the dugout that hat is off and he's showing off the flowing golden locks walking around there there was syndergaard very much reminiscent of Noah syndergaard yeah he'll get a chance to bat here in this inning as well as the Wolverines will send up the 9 1 & 2 hitters starting with Blake Nelson the second baseman then back up to the top of the order for a KO Thomas and the aforementioned Myles Lewis Thomas Nelson Nelson getting his first start of the year being in his sixth game of the year got to record a hit is the junior transfer he watches the first pitch here from Thompson missed low and in for a ball want to know Nelson just one at-bat despite coming in several times for defensive replacements and base running as he's 100 pitches sky high towards left field it would be a can of corn for Martinez the camp's under it fighting the cloudy sky just a little bit but makes the grab and records the first out of the inning he just got under that one a little bit pretty good power to split for the guy he's not really known as a great hitter just missed a chance to maybe drive that one into the gap for an extra-base hit it'll cycle back up to the top of the Wolverine order and ko Thomas will get his second crack at it today he was overwhelm with a fly out to center back to lead things off in this one first pitch in season this at-bat is a breaking ball that catches the low inside corner for a strike Owen 1 Thomas isn't desperate need of a hit here he came into the series hitting over 260 now his average dipped just 208 bit of a rough start to the series season rather for a ko Thomas but he watches this oh one pitch miss outside for a ball 101 we know what a KO Tomas is capable of putting up Goudy numbers as a purchase sitting around 400 for just about all of last season before a hand injury derailed that he checks swings and fouls this one off to the right side out of play another bring the count to one ball and two strikes and a bit of an awkward swing though it looked like he was trying to pull that back at the last second instead just able to poke it just over the wall in foul ground in right field found that little hill out there beyond the stands as the 1 2 pitch is lined off the foot of the pitcher Thompson bounces right like Mason first ac makes the play over the first what a play there by first ace to hang with a ball that ricocheted right off the foot of Thompson and still had some serious velocity on it before firing to get the speedy Thomas at first base that'll go down as a 1 for 3 ground out there for Thomas and he can't buy a hit at this point and you've got a feel for him that was one of the best hit balls he's had all series long would have found its way up the middle for an easy single instead ricochets right to first days for an out you just can't buy a hit right now just a mile Zeus will step in with two outs and nobody on here in the top of the third he's swings and misses at the first pitch rather gets it barely a piece of it and taps it off towards the Wolverine dugout better bring the count two no balls and one strike Lewis back in the first inning of this one saw 10 pitches and worked a walk after falling behind in the count 1 & 2 this time he swings at the second patient lines it towards right-center field out in the center for the ranging over calls off the right fielder and makes a nice running grab in the gap for out number three so the Wolverines go down quietly here in the 3rd 1 2 3 we're cruising along here at Ken Dugan field that Lipscomb University the score after two and a half Michigan - Lipscomb 0 on W CBN Sports coverage of Michigan baseball I'm Austin Falco alongside Teddy gutkoon we're taking you through the first four and a half innings of this one from there we'll turn it on over to our colleagues Te'o Mackey and Max Brio who will take you home the rest of the way you got some cloudy conditions here or keeping an eye on the weather we had some drizzling early on before this game started nothing too seriously impact but if you're following along you probably know this game was originally scheduled for a 1 p.m. Central time start had to move that up a couple hours to avoid this incoming rain that we have here in Nashville moving to an 11 a.m. Central time start we'll see how long we can stave off the rain I know our own tale Mackay was looking at the weather a little bit earlier said we weren't supposed to get a whole lot until 2 o'clock and afterwards so hopefully that weather hangs out just enough to finish this one so if I the pace of play resembling more of yesterday's ball game or cruising along here just 45 minutes for the first two and a half innings of this one nothing like Friday's game where we saw a three hour and 40 minute just walk fest basically I think we've already seen more extra-base hits so leading off here for the Bisons in the year half of the 3rd inning is the right fielder Carson right getting his first start of the series his first start of the season generally comes in as a pinch runner a pinch hitter late in ball games for the Bisons he squares around on the first patient pulls back is that misses high count goes to want to know like the Wolverines here in the third Lipscomb will send up their 9 1 & 2 hitters to face Jason Sena 9 hitter right now takes the 1o pitch in there for a strike 1 not known for his bat more of a speed and defense guy is Carson right here he takes a pitch low in in though for a ball and runs the count to 2 balls and one strike right just a freshman throwers right-handed bats left-handed there's time he lines one into the right centerfield gap and he's off to the races here Bullock's trying to chase down the corner does a nice job of cutting it off before it gets there he fires back into the infield and holds the speedy right to just the double so right registers his first hit up the season it's a double first hit of his career here at Lipscomb and now the Bisons have a runner in scoring position with nobody out and going back to the top of their order for Blake Thomas you can see how happiest teammates are forum the entire dance just erupting as right crease that's a second pounding his helmet has to feel good to get that first one on the board for his career now chase van Sena in a little bit of trouble here started off the third has to play Blake Thomas the speedy shortstop led off the ballgame with reaching on an error honey bunts right on front of the plate Donovan has trouble fielding it and that's gonna result and Thomas reaching first meanwhile right moves up to third so the wet conditions messing a little bit with the Wolverine catcher Donovan and now Lipscomb with nobody out has runners at the corners and getting right into the mediator order with Kade Sorrells just the absolute last thing you wanted to have happen in these first two batters if you're in Jays offense Anna you have the guy who hasn't had a hit all season driving one down the right-field line and then you have your catcher again struggling to pick up a ball the dirt now they've had runners on the corners with nobody out ruled an error there on Joe Donovan bit of a tough one it looked like he might have beat out anyway for the first pitcher skips past Donovan back to the backstop asker result in a run for the Bisons a wild pitch there from van Sena allows right to come in to score and Thomas to move up into scoring position so the Bison I've got back within the 1 the score is 2 to 1 here with nobody out in the bottom of the 3rd and an inning to forget for Jill for Joe Donovan this is second errors in his many pitches that one coming on a passed ball we'll see if they rely to pass wild pitch it is a wild pitch so not quite as much on Donovan there is teamjc and Senna at least a couple wild pitches early on but there was nobody on earlier you 1o pitched out here to saw Rose way out in front of it he taps it near the Wolverine dugout for a foul ball the count goes to 1 in 1 and Senna has got to be careful here that tying run out there on second base with nobody out it's the speedy Thomas last time Thomas for each second base he swiped third something to be aware of here 1 1 pitch to saw Rose misses outside for a ball runs the count to 2 and 1 and I should note that so far this season the longest outing for Jason Santa's foreigner dealings definitely long-term success isn't something that he's known for seeing him start to crack a little bit here it's been a list of his among five Wolverine starters this one misses high in almost taking the helmet off of Cade sorro's it doesn't up falling off but luckily didn't clip him he'll take a second to regroup after that one but scary almost taken the head off of sorrows' they'll bring the count to three balls and one strike though and we have moving in the Wolverine bullpen right now I can't quite see which picture is up but looks like Eric package is considering pulling Jace fat Sena after wonder if maybe you wanted to push back Alec renard maybe pitch later in this ballgame Bernard wasn't quite ready that could be a possibility given it's only the 3rd inning of this one and I think that's throughout they're gonna go a 3 on page right on it is Sorrell straight back registry has thoughts you protecting us there gotta run the count full 3 & 2 sorrows the big lefty stands in there 6-foot 188 but a menacing presence out there holds that bat over the plate he stands so close to it he blinds me towards life gales gonna drop it from miles Lewis he feels and throws in Thomas had to hang up at second to make sure that one fell in so he does not score out the play but once again runners at the corners for Lipscomb here and nobody out still in the third that is gonna warranty visit to the mound from pitching coach Chris Feder taking a long stroll out there perhaps to buy more time for that bullpen arm we've seen Eric package do it several times throughout his time in Ann Arbor and several times in this series already host right out to the mound and stand there talking with his pitcher for as long as he possibly can before making a substitution I don't imagine Chris better I'll be the one to call it to the pen here but quick little pep talk it's van Sena perhaps back in this one he's got work to do facing the three hitters Zeke Dodson Dodson we mentioned his last at-bat hitting 377 on the season second on the team batting average always a threat to get on dad said work to walk and his last at-bat on eight pitches also had himself a stolen base when he moved up on they back half of the double steal back in that first inning and send it by the way hitters are hitting 462 you against someone runners are off base dad sent me mail batting 312 who runners in scoring position he's got one just 90 feet away there I would ever stop the tying run he takes the first pitch breaking ball in there for a strike from Vincennes Oh there was nobody out in the inning here any ball and play it's not either a short groundout or a short fly out this was gonna get well deep into the right-center field guy even it's gonna range over but that will score run tagging up also was Soros but he puts the brakes on or he turns to first Thomas meanwhile scoots across the plate to tie this ballgame up here in the bottom of third it's 2 to 2 well hit ball there by Zeke Dodson just getting under it she's Jonathon angleman sort of least of all greens are able to get their first out of the inning isn't the guy the guy coming up isn't the guy want to see though Jeffery Cosette it's Jeffery Christian the possibility does lie there to double him up though if you can get him to hit a ball on the ground he fouled out to Brock here just in front of the barrier wall and foul territory back in the first inning that last run by the way was unearned after Donovan allowed and that's what is fair down the left-field line is hitting it into the corner hooking around second is sorro's he's gonna try to score to throw into the infield the KO Thomas really throw home wild off line and late meanwhile moving up to second is Jeffery krisann with an RBI double here Sorrells booking it all the way around from first on that one and the Bisons have a 3-2 lead here in the bottom of the third and Jeffrey chrysalises they're doubling as many games all of them going for RBIs they hit their for the senior the Bisons doing what they did yesterday coming back from a 2 run hole and now that will prompt Eric back and take the long stroll out of the Michigan dugout we're gonna see a pitching change here we'll let you know who it is as soon as we can tell the Wolverine bullpen guarded from us over here with a screen defense unlike the Lipscomb bullpen where we can see pretty clearly it's wide open off to the left side and our difference in designs there and can't see the number clearly but I believe this is Alec Renard shotting into the game who is projected to start at the beginning for first pitch package makes the call to the pen signals for the righty it looks like it will be JAC Weisenberger coming into this ball game the sophomore right-hander out of Rockford Michigan rosin burger coming in has appeared in six innings worth of ball game giving up four hits three runs all of them earned these in with a 450 er a yes struck out nine in those six innings though has walked four so control perhaps something to keep an eye on he does have some great stuff does the sophomore and his less appearance mission he was able to pick up a win against Stanford he pitched two and a third innings had three strikeouts and walked only one so looking to capitalize on that prior successes eric packaged so try to figure out his bullpen rotation fully here in the early going with a lot of roster turnover losing solid guys in the back of the bullpen like you're closer Jackson lamb who was just about to shut down as you can get everybody has to kind of shift around change their roles we saw Troy Miller come into the ballgame for Michigan who was previously more of a setup man he was the go-to guy when Michigan need to stop the bleeding a little bit back in Friday's ballgame when as long as he possibly could I mean wow radisson for the Wolverines Jack reticent brother of been reticent on the Wolverines football team has seen time closing the junior right-hander will see if he gets a chance to come to this bog and we have not seen him yet at in this series but another key part who was more of a tertiary piece in last year's 40 win plus team as Weisberger finishes his warmups gets the okay and it looks like we're ready to resume here when we get back under way it'll be Josh Martinez the left-handed hitting right fielder a rather left fielder started a right field back in Friday's ball game has been in Latvia the last couple of days has Martinez he is over one so far on that a lined out hard to the leftfielder miles lewis back in the first Jeffery Chris and the big catcher out there on second base takes himself a short lead for not being held on at all I don't think he'll be moving anytime soon only one gone to Lafayette the plate this one is line towards Lafayette mouths Luis ranging over towards the line makes a running grab nice play there by Maya Lewis he's been busy out there today Chris and meanwhile trots back to second there'll be two outs here in the bottom of the third and Lewis again making a great play to prevent Michigan giving up another run previously got Josh Martinez to fly out with runners on second and third this time getting him to fly out with Chris Annan scoring position that'll bring up Jake Perry that doesn't hit her for Lipscomb today he's over one as well with a strikeout just last inning in the second account against Jason van Sena though this time he faces Jack Weisenberger Weisenberger leans in for the sign now come set the first pitch misses high for a ball want to know we don't get the radar gun here but Weisenberger throwing noticeably a tick faster than Jays fans Senna was definitely has some real life in that arm stands out there at 6 3 to 15 come set with a bit of a closed stance you than the batter from that throwing arm b1o pitch is fouled back out of play over the press box that'll even things up at one ball and one strike Jake Perry just able to get a piece of that one sports it fell Perry batting just 192 with runners on base this year and 133 when there's two outs in an inning under pressure here with a run out there at second takes a big swing and a Miss at the 1-1 pitch and he'll go down 1 and 2 for the second straight up bet a huge chance here for Jack Watson Berger to get the Wolverines out in the sinning air he's had trouble keeping up with that fastball of Weissenberg we'll see if he goes to it again if he tries to go a little high here gets Perry to chase whether he brings the breaking ball Perry slightly open stance down the right handed batter's box very little waggle to his bat and he skies this one toward centerfield Eggman ranging back almost near the track he'll have room though and makes the grab as he's backpedaling for out number three so allowed out number three there but the Wolverines able to get out of the inning Irish tie there by Jack Weisenberger retired the first two batters he faced but not before Lipscomb scores three on a couple doubles and a single and after three here at Ken Dugan field the score Michigan - Lipscomb 3 on WC beyond sports broadcast of Michigan baseball and that three-run frame reminiscent under the five run frame from yesterday Michigan having several self-induced there's putting runners on the base pads and then Geoffrey % closing the rally with an RBI double the Wolverines here trying to answer the three-run third from Lipscomb and they'll send up the heart of their order the 3 4 5 hitters Johnathan Engelmann Brock keener and Hector Gutierrez back in the first inning Engelmann flew out but it was keener and Gutierrez that got things going with the RBI double an RBI single respectively Japan and both of the Wolverine runs so far in this ballgame and Keener one of the hottest hitters in this Wolverine lineup he has a base hit and an RBI in each game of the series imagine the Wolverines would really love to get Jonathan Engelmann on base here before those two hitters come up to the plate and try to do some more damage in this one they're still facing the lefty Noah Thompson has mentioned the freshman phenom coming into today with a sparkling 126 CRA he's been fantastic for the Bisons this year after a quick break of the field get ready to start things here in the fourth and Commandment got to come out in the ground screw here this field looks like it did not rain at all this morning but there was a fair bit of drizzling coming down for an extended period of time if we hadn't had to walk around in it a little bit earlier on I would never would have guessed based on just looking at this field that any moisture at all fell down this morning tremendous work by the grounds crew really glad they were able to get the job done I think this game happened Jonathan Engle my steps to the plate and takes the first pitch he sees on the outside corner for a strike oh and one just mention Engelmann flew out to center field back in the first inning of this 101 pitch to him misses off the plate away 101 great discipline there by angling we've seen him swinging a couple of those pitches outside the zone the series this time hold them back all year England hasn't been the most patient just one walk compared to 16 strikeouts and now he's down on the count here 1 & 2 is he watching the strike on the inside corner the Kiryas no swing there from angle usually that's a pitch he jumps on every time anybody likes to crowd the plate doesn't like with that inside corner strike gets called we saw him get upset a little bit yesterday now takes a half-hearted swing at a high fastball knew he shouldn't have been swinging but he did anyway for out number one this has just been a series to forget for Jonathon angleman with the exception of his home run in the top of the ninth to Friday's game it's the only time he's reached base to series rough series for the Wolverines centerfielder that'll bring up the first baseman Brock keener now mentioned keener an RBI double back in the first and came around to score first pitch he sees here catches the outside corner looked like it was a little high in a way to me but call the strike down there on the field it goes to own one there very quick delivery there from Thompson think that pitches soon as Quinta was finished putting on his gloves so one pitch is lined up the middle that's gonna fall for a base hit and Keener stays absolutely red-hot here he puts a runner on first with just one away in the inning for Hector Gutierrez and when you're hot you're hot almost every ball he's hit in this series has found the perfect hole and resulted and this results in yet another hit for Brock inor that's his sixth of the series keener absolutely on fire for the Wolverines explains why Eric package moved him up into that four spot after having him batting all the way down on the eighth spot and yesterday's ballgame not a threat to steal over there at first as Keener takes a short lead especially with the lefty Thompson on the mound he'll walk back to first is Thompson fires over trying to keep Keener just a little bit close there try keep that double play in order Gutierrez meanwhile steps into that right handed batter's box I should mention the fresh with a little open stance waggles that bad of his right hand shoulder and calls time at the plate does Gutierrez as Thompson was taken a little too much time out there on the mountain interesting the Thompson has a bit of a head Bob when he's on the mound completely legal his shoulders don't move at all but even with a runner on first he acts like he's looking behind him his pitch to Hector Gutierrez is sky high towards right-field Carson right plenty of room makes the grab out there in right field chases keener back to first and now they'll be two outs and a runner on for Christian Bullock Bullock of course lined into the shift when he led off the second inning continuing to struggle at the plate this years that'll bring up Christian Bullock who lined out to second and his first step out of the ballgame back in the second young lefty for the Wolverines hits this one high on the infield under it is the shortstop Thomas he calls everyone off and makes the grab almost backing right into Keener who was rounding second but makes the grab before any collision occurs so despite that single by Kia the Wolverines go down quickly and quietly here in the top half of the fourth inning after three and a half innings of play here the score Lipscomb three Michigan two on W CBN sports broadcast at Michigan baseball just a really rough ending there for the Wolverines this is the second game in a row where they've fallen behind and just been unable to manufacture any offense speak up yet a one-out single and then your bat just go completely silent just eight pitches in that inning for Thompson Wolverines making life easy for the freshman it's been somewhat fascinating to see the approach from the Wolverine hitters in this series back on Friday extremely patient as yesterday's ball game went on they got more and more aggressive today coming out swinging relatively early on aside from a couple full counts not really many deep counts to talk about here for the Wolverines really the only one that comes to mind is Louis's 10 pitch at-bat the results in her walk all the others have been 2 to 3 pitches really if you look at the score book it's hard to fault brock keener with how hotties but he's got a couple of hits only four pitches seen though he's dialed in unlike some of the other Wolverine hitters who are swinging relatively early meanwhile Christian Bullock there who hit a lazy popup on the infield just four pitches seen and his two at-bats you have to imagine where you just have to be patient make sure they're getting good pitches to hit all this lazy contact is gonna do anything especially on a cold day when the ball isn't flying too much and I say cold relatively it's nothing quite like what we're used to up in Ann Arbor about this time of year where snow is still falling at regular intervals for our rumors they may see a few snowflakes here in Nashville tonight but as of right now none in sight just a little rain perhaps the first pitch here from Weisenberger to Maddux Houghton the shortstop is grounded towards second Nelson makes the play and fires over the first just in time to get Houghton over there that throws little went out throws a little high it almost brought Keener's foot off the bag luckily he's able to keep his composure make the out of first so just one pitch required by Weisenberger get the first out here in the bottom of the fourth that'll bring up the second baseman Jackson first ace first ace o for one in the day with a hardliner out to miles Lewis in left field to end the second inning first pitch you sees from Weisenberger here's in there for a strike going one Weisenberger working out of the windup now here with nobody on base holds the glove out in front of him slightly hunched over it's the oh one pitch misses low and away for a ball it'll bring it to one in one first States gets on he's a threat to steal he's second on the team three for four on stolen base attempts on one pitch the second baseman is low and away for a ball runs the count to two balls and one strike first ace has yet to take a walk on the season a very aggressive approach at the plate is this t1 pitches bounced foul down the third base line barely fowl sighs the third base umpire hooks just around that third base bag Hector Gutierrez for the Wolverines wasn't gonna be able to get there if it was able to stay just a little bit fair but right on it was our third base umpire for today Joseph bloom an hour a huge break for the Wolverines that easily would have been extra bases projection first days as it stands it's just a strike here and it goes to 2 & 2 now the 2 2 pitch is lined over the head of a leaping nelson the second base then to left-center field Bingaman ranges over to field it and cut it off holding first ace to a single over there so one out single has a runner on for the Bisons and Carson right coming to the plate right of course making his first start of the season he's made 12 appearances this year they've mostly been as a pinch runner pinch hitter or defensive replacement not necessarily known for his bat with the batting average of zero this year he did reward head coach Jeff forehand for giving him their start with that double back in the second he came around to score the Bisons first run of the ballgame a pickoff throw here chases first ace back at first almost a wild pickoff throw nice play there by keener to reach up to grab that one you mentioned before our first ace on the season three four four and stolen base attempts its first pitch here for Wright is bounced foul off towards the Wolverine dugout oh and what you can see keener playing very close a lot keener holding the runner on over there of course you're right deep diminutive lefty over there and the batter's box he stands at just five nine one sixty does the freshman out of Knoxville Tennessee this one is in the dirt and skips away from Donovan so first day stakes second and the count runs to one and one now Carson Wright has a runner in scoring position try and attack on some insurance for the Bisons it's the second pass ball of the day for Jo Donovan not having his best day at the backstop Donovan obviously impressed head coach Eric package enough to get the third straight start in the series but as you mentioned a little bit of a rough go of it here early on hasn't been helped by a little bit of wild command here from Wolverine starters early on in this one Jays fans sent us spikes several pitches during his three innings of work rather two and a third was not able to finish that third inning so if our wives burgers pitched one full innings worth of work and his his only spike to cup o Jawa it's done mostly a good job aside from that past ball with Weisenberger in the game as Carson right calls time at the plate off to reset here for the 1-1 pitch heck christian boot christian Bullock playing fairly far away from the line after right drilled one just down the chalk in the second and third inning maybe 1 1 pitch to right misses high and away for a ball Frank's the count two balls and one strike first days has the speed to score from second on a single should right be able to poke one into the outfield here there's a pretty sizable hole on the right side with Keener playing pretty much in normal depth and Nelson shaded slightly towards second base likewise over on the left side where Gutierrez is actually playing closer to the line than he would normally play to try to cover a third at first a tries to steal but Carson right pops this one towards left viola ko Thomas a shortstop arranges out and makes the grab about 20 feet onto the outfield grass for out number two in the inning so Weisenberger with a chance to get out of this one that runners still on second but with two outs so hot to face the top of the order the shortstop Blake Thomas coming up to the plate Thomas is an excellent leadoff hitter it's just batting 200 the season when runners are on an additional 143 when runners are in scoring position Thomas has been on base twice today on a couple errors one on the throwing air from a KO Thomas back in the first and one on the air by Joe Donovan where he couldn't pick up the bunt attempt back in the third that one of the third really cost them Wolverines as Thomas came around to score but was at the time the tying run first pitch to him bounces in the dirt but Donovan stops it their count goes to one ball no strikes Thomas crouches low in that right-handed batters box he stands over there just 510 169 I mean does the shortstop this one spikes in the dirt again here nice stop by Donovan to keep it in front of him the count goes to 2 and oh the great stop there by Donovan he lets that go the Bison have first days on third with two outs and given the way the Wolverines have pitched with two outs they could very well have resulted in a potential 4-2 lead at Tyrell phenomena isolated today either it's been all serious long over he's just not quite able to get out of innings I see Gio pitch misses high in a way here from Weisenberger and runs the count to three balls and no strikes he does have first base open but I doubt he wants to get into the meat of the Bisons order with Cade soils and Zeke Dodson reading on deck and in the hole with those guys coming up to bat you especially you don't want speed on the base paths you're the fastest runners to potentially be on first and second if he puts this one outside the zone Weiss Berger now comes set beef the Rio pitch in there for a strike three and one that pitch is so key for Weisberger to see a pitch get in the strike zone can be huge for a pitcher's confidence has the string together a couple more strikes here if he wants to try and retire Thomas without giving up any more damage he glares back at first he's a second another 3-1 pitch just off the outside corner that's gonna be bomb four and Blake Thomas will take his spot down at first base we runners on first and second with two gone for the first baseman Cade Sorrells Sorrels coming into this one one for two he flew out back in the first two miles lewis and left and singled back in the third also two miles lewis out there and left with runners on the sierra Sorel's is who's normally a 245 hitters hitting 348 he's also 308 with runners in scoring position it's just 214 there when it's two outs Joe Donovan goes out to talk to Jack Weisenberger now takes his pop back behind the plate with Sorel's ready for the first pitch the at-bat here over he's just again trying to limit the damage not allow Lipscomb to tack on any insurance run Sears Soros takes the first pitch low and in for a ball want to know still having a little bit of trouble finding the zone this inning it's yet another ball for Jack Weisenberger so Weisberger now comes set for the 1o pitch on the inside corner for a strike 101 soro was possibly not agreeing with that pitch as he swings out and looks down at his first base coach big moment in the game here potentially Wolverines able to get out of this could be a huge momentum swing going into the latter half of this one but the way their bats are playing he can't afford to let another run on the board a 1-1 pitch spiked again but nice backhand stop there by Donovan to once again keep that ball in front of them and keep the runners at bay counts two and one now a hushed crowd here not nearly as packed with the rainy weather as we saw in the first couple games of the series especially yesterday almost a full house in yesterday's ballgame it's 2-1 pitch is a breaking ball that misses low for a ball runs the count to three in one and Weisberger and some dangerous territory now seriously no movement in the Michigan bullpen see if that changes momentarily here head coach Eric package is just gonna run with Jack Weisenberger as much as he possibly can here having used that bullpen extensively in the first two games of the series a 3-1 pitch now misses high and away for ball four and the bases are juiced and striding up to the plate the powerful right-hander Zeke Dodson and Weisenberger struggles continue with walks this is his fourth start of the season and he's walked a batter in all four appearances a season-high three in this one all coming this inning pitching coach Chris Vetter is gonna make his way out to the mound for his second visit of the ballgame despite the visit I don't see anybody up in the Wolverine bullpen at the moment so it looks like they're gonna trust Weisenberger and navigate this difficult situation he's put himself into see if Chris Feder can work a little magic here Weisenberger just needs one out to get out of this inning he started off strong got a groundout after giving up a single got a nice little pop out on the infield this isn't the battery one of the batteries you want to see what the bases loaded though Dodson is 360 with runners on this year 312 with runners in scoring position and a whopping 667 with the bases loaded dad sit over to or rather over Oh on the day does not have an official at-bat you walked back in the first had a sacrifice fly in the third first pitch years in there for a strike critical first strike there for Weisenberger absolutely that's so huge for his confidence after only finding his own once in the previous at-bat gets ahead in the count right away dad swings that bat over the plate and then it raises it while above his head at the o1 pitch to him is bounced towards third or torch short rather okay Thomas makes the place running throw to first say safe at first his dad said he beat out the throw from a KO Thomas on what I can only describe as a questionable call perhaps over there in real time that looked like he had him by about a step or two Brock keener did it looks like a half step there he would have had him but I guess not first base umpire Stephen Hagen has a better view of it than we do so give him the benefit of the doubt there and Lipscomb pushes across a run here with that bases loaded infield single second RBI of the day for Zeke Dodson and now with a two-run lead 42 Michigan will send the powerful Jeffrey Kris and Kris Ann is 667 this year with runners in scoring position of 545 with runners on this first appearance at the bases loaded and we already know what he can do with the power he's displayed in this series Chris an grounded a double right down that third-base line back in the third inning to score the go-ahead run a chance to do more damage here this one almost gets past any way in that left handed batter's box was the pitch at stab by Donovan kept it in front of them Weisenberger starting to lose his control a little bit and RV's obstructed because of that screen fence but it appears the Wolverines have a pitcher up in the bullpen warming up it just looks like playing catch right now not throwing hard quite yet see how quickly head coach Eric package and pitching coach Chris better need him to get going out there whoever it may be Weisberger now ready for the one o pitch big swing and a Miss there he powered it by the big righty Chris an you can tell you shine a swing for the fences they're certainly capable of getting into that part of the ballpark and huge swinging missed by Jack Weisenberger Christian does have a couple of homers on the year as well as three doubles their slugging percentage of locti 806 and just 31 at-bats the 1 1 pitch big swing there and barely gets a piece of as he fouls it to the backstop and the count goes to 1 & 2 that's now back to back swings we've seen percent just miss a chance to power one it's a deep part of the ballpark Weisenberger lucky that he was able to avert a potential disaster on those last two pitches challenging person with the fastball says Weisenberger here we'll see if he tries it one more time if he tries to go upstairs a good krisann to chase he's going outside with a breaking ball swing and a Miss great pitch there from Weisenberger to get out of a bases-loaded jam but not before the Bison scratch across one run here in the bottom of the fourth were through four innings of play here in Nashville the score and Lipscomb before Michigan 2 on WCB on sports broadcast at Michigan baseball the official student radio broadcast for the team a fantastic finished not a fantastic inning of course he walked three and allowed one runner to score but terrific job to get out of the woods by Weisenberger facing the best power hitter on the entire team gets the strikeout swing on four pitches one of the best at-bats we've seen all day the Wolverines trying to get their way back into this one trailing by two will send the bottom third of the order of the seven eight nine hitters Joe Donovan Marcus Chavez and Blake Nelson to the plate here to lead things off against the lefty Noah Thompson who's been very very good today as he has all season long through four innings just allowing those three hits to him away back in the first inning as well as the only two runs surrendered also back in that first inning he struck out a couple only walked one and he's cruising through four he's only thrown 55 pitches and remember that inning could have been extended but a base running gaffe by Hector Gutierrez caused the inning to come to a premature end when he's caught in a run-down trying to advance second that appears the Wolverines may have had to do their work early here on Thompson as he gets more and more comfortable this ball game and more and more effective the Sierra is tripled down to 196 first time this season it's been below one blow to you pardon me for Thompson since that first inning when he faced five batters gave up a couple hits he's only faced one over the minimum over the next three and it was a single by the absolutely scorching hot bra Keener other than that retiring will bring hitters with ease couple of strikeouts thrown in there as well he'll start off this inning against Joe Donovan who is over 1 today with a line out out to left back in the second inning the freshman backstop takes the first pitch from Thompson outside for a ball want to know Donovan of course struggling on the defensive side of the game today as chance to redeem himself to hit here 1o pitch in there for strike on the inside corner 101 Donovan not necessarily the guy you want to see leading off in any he's sitting just 250 this you know when leaning off muscles now off the end of the bat out towards first base Saurus fields flips the Thompson covering first nice job there to sprint over by the freshman pitcher and he records the out 1 3 or 3 or 3/1 on the put out and I'll bring up Marcus Chavez with one out nobody on Chavez here struggling to get in a rhythm he's hitting just 194 six hits it's also struck out six times I have a chance of 188 actually Chavez overrun with the strikeout today fouls the first pitch he sees back over the press box now to play counts oh and one freshman designated hitter for the Wolverine stands in there the o1 pitch she misses somewhere not quite sure where that one looks like it went right down the pipe maybe a bit low a curious call there from the home plate umpire Juan Garza did ruling up although so it's one on one but working quickly as Thompson the 1 1 pitch misses high and away for a ball that one was definitely a ball and it goes to two balls and one strike Keith's Orioles plan off the line here 2 1 pitch hit high in the air towards right-center the centerfielder out and ranging over right fielder calls them off it's right what makes a running grab in that right-center field gap for out number two and the elements have not been kind to the Wolverines today that's probably a third fourth time we've seen a hitter give a ball arrived to the alleys in right-center fields and just dying out right at the warning track so going quickly here in the inning so far are the Wolverines just seven pitches the eighth pitch we've thrown to blake nelson and that one misses outside for a ball want to know Belton of course making his first start of the season has yet to register it hit primarily a defensive replacement the juco transfer weights t1o pecchì skies this one towards right field right ranging over near the line will he have room no he does not he's not able to get there as it bounces up against the fence for a long strike number one the count evened up that one ball one strike Nelson will have a their crack at it here's the speedy Wright was not quite able to get there it just ran out of room right at the edge of the wall looked like he was gonna have a chance to make that play ball just died out right before he's able to get to it you won one pitch misses high and away brings the count to two balls and one strike two outs here in the top of the fifth Lipscomb leads Michigan by a score of four to two am Austin Falco alongside Teddy gut Caen taking through the end of this half inning before we turn it over to one pitch here from Thompson right down the pipe for strike number two that's easily a pitch that you see Wolverine hitters all over this time Nelson just watches it go by and he's even up the count 2 and 2 we mentioned perhaps taking a more patient approach but maybe not quite the pitch to take that patient approach on there the 2 2 pitch now is turned on and sent high and foul out of play the left side so Nelson stays alive we'll do it again at 2 & 2 that one just sailing over the bullpen - granny wide pike yeah Lipscomb University situated right in the middle of a little residential area beautiful campus over here at Lipscomb it's the 2-2 pitch is fouled off yet again here Dino sent this time off to the right side and now to play a great at-bat from Blake Nelson not usually known as an offensive player fouling off three balls stay alive and were what's easily been the toughest that bad for noah thompson since the first inning showing a lot of fight you the more pictures you see the more likely it seems like you ought to get a hit as nelson does just that went into left field for a base hit his first hit of the campaign his first hit as a Michigan Wolverine congratulations therefore Blake Nelson he'll be on first with two away and the one verrines would get back up to the top of their order with a KO thomas striding to the plate just a fantastic at-bat all around from blake nelson able to fell off three pitches work the count to 2 and 2 after being behind 1 & 2 you putting that ball just out of the reach of shortstop blake thomas he had his first hit as a michigan wolverine special moment for him now a KO thomas is coming to the plate he's offered to you today it's average dipped all the way to 200 thomas flew out back in the 1st any watches ball one here also had that one 2 for 3 groundout back in the 3rd that bounced off of Thompson's foot and straight to the second baseman first days and nothing really going this way but there's a gaping hole up the right side of the infield see if he tries to hit it there the first patients or holding Nelson on is the 100 pitches in there for a strike 1 and 1 meanwhile the second baseman first days playing slightly and the outfield grass a little unconventional they're trying to increase his range as much as possible against the speedy Thomas and Nelson the threats are 1 1 4 1 and stolen base attempts this year say pick off their own chases Nelson back to the back standing Thompson the diminutive shorts topical over he stands in there you want one pitch breaking ball in there for a strike on the inside corner it looked like it might have dipped just a bit low but not quite low enough a curious call there it looked like that from our angle that ball may have gotten in the dirt instead home plate umpire calling that a strike also with lead now the 1 2 pitch to Thomas on its way this one's line towards left field will it stay fair it's hooking towards the corner up against the wall fair ball sending Nelson is there no holding him is now his Nick Schnabel as Nelson will scamper back when a KO Thomas finally gets on that hit 40 lines went off the wall in left field for a double Wolverines and business here with two outs of runners on first and second and third the chance to potentially tie this ballgame up and nobody needed that hit more than a ko Thomas the Wolverines leading hitter and batting average last season struggling a bit this year on that hit though showing why he was a preseason all-big Ten selection I would hit right at the base of the wall near that 3:30 sign in the left-field corner he just missed a home run there there's something you don't normally say there for a KO Thomas has just missed a home run he's used to lining balls all over the field racking up those singles those doubles those hustle triples not exactly the home run threat this fourth double of the season by the way that'll be miles Lewis stepping to the plate the tying run out there at second and we're gonna get a visit from the Lipscomb manager Jeff forehand in his 12th season I think it may actually the pitching coach James Ogden pardon me striding out to the mound there is action in the Lipscomb bullpen it's nico ortega the right-handed senior out of glendale arizona he's a transfer as well from Yavapai College in higher infield with a conference at the mound yeah miles Lewis stepping up to the plate here but the way Jonathan Engelmann who is batting behind him has looked in this series even as a three hitter do you take the chance and maybe put Miles Lewis on base trying to get what has been an easier out this series you know I do think about making that decision we know that Myles Lewis has he has power and a lot of hang on it looks like we are having a pitching change as nico ortega the senior it's Stephanie Ortega he's a righty as opposed to the lefty Thompson so flipping Myles Lewis around the first couple at-bats he was batting from the right side against the lefty now he'll flip over and back from the left side against the righty yeah but as I was saying I think you do potentially consider putting miles Lewis on giving angleman a chance the bases loaded Lewis has a bit more of a patient hitter all angle that's a bit of a war free swinger I think you definitely would rather have a guy he's really struggling from the plate in the series on base rather than someone who's definitely had his moments in the last week or so you mentioned the bases-loaded jam lasting that Jack Weisenberger was able to work out with just one run allowed being a key moment in the ballgame we got another one right here two outs tying run on second Wolverines down by a score of 4-2 to here against the Lipscomb Bisons getting out of that bases-loaded jam was made even more impressive by the fact that he was able to strike out Jeffrey krisann who's one of the best power hitters on this lipstick team his Niko Ortega ash mention the right he stands out there at six three to forty three intimidating presence on the mountains had that long flowing hair out the back of his cap daring his wind up he turns back see almost face his second base then flings that right arm around and fires a ball to the plate made a deception on the part of the righty or take it out Ortega in this season he's sitting there with a 386 GRA and nine and a third innings worth of work giving up seven runs only four of them earned though he has walked more batters than he struck out though by a ratio of eight to seven he actually turned down an offer from the University of Arizona when he was a high schooler to go play at the junior college you poppy Glendale Arizona so we'll see if the veteran can work his way out of a gym here obviously has earned the trust of head coach Jeff forehand early on here his inaugural season at Lipscomb as mentioned he'll face miles Lewis flipping around to bat left-handed for this at-bat there was so for one on the day fly out and to walk that walk curt back in the first where he came around to score and he has been excellent with runners in scoring position the season hitting 571 Louis steps one foot out of the box now is ready crowds that plate from the left side bat resting on his left shoulder ok got glares in for the signed he gets it now come set the first pitch to Louis breaking ball in there for a strike good first pitch and he's out the 100:1 rather now let's see if it the chance to tie the game with the base hit Lewis continues a conservative approach we've seen from Wolverine hitters today maybe get a little more aggressive go one pitch now swung on and bounced towards second the second baseman first base makes the play fires the first in time to retire Louis so just like that the side is retired here in the top of the fifth Wolverines get a couple runners to score in position but cannot push a run across through four and a half innings of work here the score Michigan to lipscomb before on the W CBN sports broadcast of Michigan baseball the official student radio broadcast for the team is we're through four and a half innings so we'll turn things over here Teddy gutkoon has departed and replacing him right now is Te'o Mackey and it's like an you'll hear the max Brill as well and Te'o through this first half of the ballgame Michigan trailing what do they have to do turn this game around yeah Michigan's offense just has to find a way to reach base more consistently same struggles that you saw in yesterday's game outside of that one two four run inning and again today the two-run spot in the first and not much of anything since then accepting that little rally last inning thanks to the double from ko Thomas but weren't able to get the run home and you know it hasn't so much been the issue of not getting guys home it's just been not getting guys in the position to score and so you're gonna need more guy more plays like that double from ko Thomas to ignite rallies maybe we'll see something get going here with Jonathan angleman brought keen or Hector Gutierrez coming up in the top of the fifth after this bottom of the filter this excuse me in the top of the sixth after this bottom of the fifth that we have coming up here but yeah this office has just got to turn it around the pitching staff has been solid but not spectacular last couple games started off really stellar from the Michigan starting pitchers but today Jason said not only able to go 2 and a third giving up two earned runs three runs overall two errors is another issue for Michigan's offense so far excuse me for Michigan's defense so far such a sure handed infield last year in this year with three or four starters being replaced struggling so far in the early season couldn't agree more their tale a Max Brill joined alongside by Te'o Mackey we are in the bottom of the fifth inning here at Ken Dugan field at Lipscomb University stem again now is Martinez for the Lipscomb Bisons that's Josh Martinez the sophomore Lefty so far today he is over two with two line outs to the left fielder miles Lewis count on him right now is one and one on the bump for the Wolverines still Jack Weisenberger struggled a little bit in the fourth inning after shutting things down in the third Weisenberger working from the stretch and that one is high count 2 and 1 on Josh Martinez Martinez after his two line outs today is just 1 for 10 in the series with two runs scored and not a whole lot else Weisenberger misses high and away and count just like that is 3 & 1 now teyla I think that after seeing how Martinez has performed in this series you see Weisenberger going right after up yeah you've just seen a little bit of control issues from Weisenberger so far coming into this at-bat 14 balls in 31 pitches Weisenberger pops that one into right field right there it's Chris Bullock hauls it in for the first out yeah that's exactly what we talked about attacking the zone against a weaker hitter and Martinez and Weisenberger does exactly that and induces the lazy fly off to christian pollack good beach a pitch pitching to get back into the zone on the 3-1 count while not just laying a softball cost his own coming up to bat now is jake perry designated hitter today yesterday started behind the dish he's 2 for 4 in the series not including today's strikeout and fly out to centerfield so it would be 2 for 6 with those and again not a whole lot else first pitch is light to third base and snagged by Hector Gutierrez a nice play on a screaming liner from Gutierrez and we've got a quick 2 outs here in the bottom of the fifth yeah good reactions there from Hector Gutierrez getting his first start of the series at third base after Jimmy curse started the first two games and fantastic reactions in the hot corner there from Gutierrez although was kind of right at him and again you see Weisenberger focusing on attacking the zone early in the bathroom nearly cost him coming up to the dish now is freshman centerfielder Maddox Houghton who fakes a bunt and pulls his bat back for ball one out in this season hitting 281 batting in the seven hole today he's over to second pitch on the way off the at-bat and it's fouled back by Houghton checks his swing count is one and one Michigan here leading sorry trailing Lipscomb to four they had an opportunity in the last nothing with two runners in scoring position and two outs couldn't push anybody across so trailing now for two on the bump for the Wolverines Jack Weisenberger winds up and the pitch popped into short centerfield AKO thomas hauls it in and it's a 1-2-3 inning for jack Weisenberger sets the side down in order no runs no hits no errors nobody left on base you were listening to w cbn radio the officials suit and radio broadcast of michigan wolverines baseball yeah good plan from KO thomas there ended up holding up being a relatively simple ball but good reactions from caio's playing shortstop today after starting at second base the last two games with Jake Blomgren no longer in the starting lineup for the Wolverines he started shortstop last two games so kale having to shift to the other side of second base today and making the play there from the shortstop spot ranging back into centerfield so it'll be Ortega once again taking the mound for the Lipscomb Bisons Ortega last inning got a quick out ground out of miles Lewis to the second baseman and he'll come out for his second inning of work so we've got a final line on Lipscomb bison starting pitcher Noah Thompson Thompson went for 2/3 innings giving up five hits walked one struck out two and gave up two runs both earned his er a sits at a pristine 1.89 for the season and he's the pitcher of record for the Lipscomb Bisons Jonathan angleman now stepping up to the dish for the Wolverines the centerfielder 3 for 12 in the series over 2 today with a strikeout and a fly out to the centerfielder hit a home run on Friday night late in the game to put the Wolverines up 16 11 first pitch to angleman is a slider taken inside for ball one yeah just tailed off the plate and as you said a woman has struggled a little bit in this series outside of that home run we'll be seeing if he can bring back that power that we haven't seen from any Wolverines since then ortega lines up and takes the second pitch away for ball 2 ortega winds up at the delivery high for ball three so angleman out in front three and no i'd assume he'll be taking here he's one of the lone wolverine hitters to not have any walks in this series so we'll see if he's able to make his way down to first with a free pass here the 300 count Wolverines trailing for two here in the top of the sixth inning the pitch from Ortega is inside and Engelmann has a four pitch walk and there you go his first walk of the series so Jonathan angleman trots down to first base as Brock keener today's starting first baseman walks up to the plate he's got two singles the first ending he was cut down sorry he scored in the first inning on Gutierrez his RBI single and Gutierrez was cut down after a base running mistake Keener hitting well in the series so far 5 for 9 with four runs scored yeah and back to England important for him to get on base there after yesterday's game was over four for him and then two outs early outs to start the game today KYNA the 318 hitter takes the first pitch lone outside for ball one yeah and this patience that we've seen the Wolverines exhibiting here in this top of the sixth inning is gonna be really key that's been what is really spurred that often so far in this series has been taking advantage of Lipscomb's erratic pitching at times especially in the first game with eight walks four hit by pitches not so much in yesterday's game but if they can get back to what they did on Friday which admittedly was aided by the poor pitching of the Lipscomb pitching staff but if they can get back to that and get guys on by via the free pass that can ignite their offense keener takes the second pitch a breaker for called strike on the outside corner you know is even at one and one yeah one just broke out over the outside corner again you see Keener trying to exhibit some patience and pitch started outside who he was he took it and it ended up breaking back over the corner of the plate Jonathan angle meant the runner on first base and nobody out Anka three for three on steel attempts this year so we'll see if coach baggage decides to send them or take a cup set for Lipscomb delivers and it's high angleman is running did slide and he's out on the tag yeah it's just not a great jump they're not a great pitch to steal on either looked looked like a runner dead in the water after that bad jump and had him by a step or two did the catcher Jeffrey krisann just fired really good throw from Chris and right on the bag right on the money good slide for Mangal men to try to kind of do the swim move get around it but unable to unable to compensate for the bad jump that he got there third pitch fourth pitch of the at-bat to keener has taken outside so we count three one on Keener angleman cut down for the first time this season on the base paths he's now three or four on stolen base attempts on the year yeah and I'm not sure how I feel about that decision of Jonathon Angelman running there the Michigan Wolverines often it's really struggling to get everything anything going so I can see where coach Eric package was coming from but with Brock inor who's 2 for 2 on the day coming up and Keener fouls this one down the third base line foul and as I was saying with Bucky nor two for two on the day at the dish 318 on the season you really want to leave leave things in the hands of the Hardy order order brought key nor Hector Gutierrez instead of risking running into it out on the base path says as angleman just did there so the 3 - tiquina is poked into left field Josh Martinez under it and makes the grab two out here in the top of the sixth yeah just a lazy flyball there good pitch on the outside part of the zone not able to make good contact on it was brought keen or just sending Martinez ranging back comfortably to his right so now for the Wolverines it'll be the senior right-hander Hector Gutierrez coming up to the dish he's starting at third base today one for two with an RBI was caught out on the base pads to the first inning and flew to right field in the fourth inning he's two for five sorry 3 for 5 on the series takes the first pitch inside for ball one well we reached trailing for two to the Lipscomb Bisons here at Ken Dugan field top of the sixth inning count is 102 Hector Gutierrez 2 out Ortega come sent Flyers and the pitches right over the middle of fastball at 90 miles an hour for strike one so the count even at 1 and 1 yeah and the senior Gutierrez one of those infielders that coach Eric package has been rotating in in through his infield early in the season with ko Thomas the only returning infielder from last year's team Gutierrez takes the second pitch a breaking ball at 76 miles an hour for strike two on the outside corner so the count on Gutierrez 1 & 2 Ortega back working from the windup now that there are no runners on base two out in the inning Ortega fires and the pitch inside grounded out to third Dodson fields fires across the diamond to Sorrels and that retires the side so Ortega faces the minimum in the sixth inning no runs no hits no errors and no men left on base at the end of five and a half it is Michigan Wolverines - Lipscomb Bisons for your listening W CBN radio the official student radio broadcast of Michigan baseball yeah good pitch there from Ortega coming in on the hands of Gutierrez Gutierrez must have been rooting for that chopper to roll foul or bounced foul but it didn't do so good pitch wasn't introduced anything other than a soft grounder or a broken bat pop-up maybe if he had gotten under it but really good piece of pitching there to induce the soft contact and this has really been the story of the past two games for the Lipscomb Bisons solid work out of the bullpen yesterday Robbie Knox coming in pitching three innings of perfect relief so far Nico Ortega today gotten four outs he did walk the first hitter Jonathan angleman he faced in that inning but still has faced the minimum after one and a third so Lipscomb after it all full pitching game allowing 16 runs on Friday has target around here yeah back to that issue of walked Chris Koch mar yesterday with four walks in six innings as the start of her lips come and so an improvement from Friday's outing but nothing fantastic but then Robbie knocks yesterday no walks issued in his three innings of work and then today only one walk each from Thompson and Ortega through six so in the last nine innings the Lipscomb Bisons have only issued two walks and really forcing the Michigan Wolverines offense to to make their own offense not giving them any offense and that's really a huge shift from what we saw in the first 15 innings of this series on Michigan scored 16 runs in the first game four runs in the first six innings of the second game 20 runs overall in the first 15 innings compared to two over the last nine and I keep harping on that issue of walks both with Michigan's offensive struggles this year that's been their only way to get consistent offense and they've struggled to do so here yet again much as they did in the second in the latter half of yesterday's game so coming to the dish now for the Lipscomb Bisons it's number 11 Jackson first dates the second baseman he started all three games at second base in this series on the series he's 3 for 11 takes the first pitch for a strike and Weisenberger now sets and fires the second pitch outside but first this offers at it and just like that Weisenberger ahead on first day so it too got some action in the Lipscomb bullpen so we might see a new pitcher here in the top half of the seventh inning Weisenberger sets it fires I'm on the outside corner called strike three Weisenberger sits down first ace on three pitches yeah fantastic pitch they're painting the corner with 92 on the gun really borderline unhittable pitch absolutely perfect on the lower corner of the plate to the right-handed hitter so coming up to the plate now is Carson right the freshman bats lefty throws righty starting in right field today he's 1 for 2 with a double takes the first pitch high and outside for ball 1 Weisenberger working from the windup looks in takes his sign delivers and right holds up all outside the count is 2 and oh yeah trying to paint that corner again with the fastball but just came off the plate and there's some action in the Michigan bullpen somebody's out there playing catch can't quite see who but once we find out we got that to you why isn't burgers pitch now delivered and it's inside so Weisenberger behind three-and-oh on the 9 hole hitter carson right for Lipscomb and this is Te'o definitely not something you want to see from Weisenberger turning over that lineup for a 4th 3rd time Thomas the hitter on deck one of Lipscomb's most dangerous hitters if he's able to get up the setting yeah that's what I was gonna say as the pitch comes in here and it's low for ball four so write a four pitch walk and with one out it'll be Thomas on deck coming up to the dish he is the starting shortstop today over 2 but has reached base all three plate appearances courtesy of 2 errors and one walk yeah now as I was about to say you don't want to walk the nine hole hitter there right whose excuse me Carson right who's 1 for 12 on the season with Blake Thomas and Cade Sorrells and Zeke dönitz and the whole top half of that order coming up you never want to walk the 9 hole hitter but especially now when this guy who's 1 for 12 on the season so why isn't murder now we'll have to work from the stretch with right on first base delivers the first pitch and a bunt here from Thomas out feel the dis Donovan and fires the first gets Thomas but Thomas advancing the runner on a sacrifice bunt so now with two out Lipscomb will have a runner in scoring position yeah really a fantastic play there from Joe Donovan to hop out of his crowd quickly and gobble up that ball as the speedy Thomas nearly made it to first base on well looks like it was a sacrifice bunt but ended up almost being a bunt for a hit really well-placed bunt there back toward the pitcher but kind of in that no man zone between the pitcher's mound and the catcher so took some good athleticism from Joe Donovan to hop out of his crouch there yeah and for Blake Thomas any bunt could end up being a bunt hit even a sacrifice with his speed but either way moot the potential fifth run of the game into scoring position here for the Bisons it's okay it's Orioles now at the plate takes the first pitch for a called strike a slider on the outside corner from Jack Weisenberger swirls the first amazement today is 1 for 2 with a walk and a run scored Weisenberger looks in gets his sign checks the runner at second that's Carson right nobody holding him on and delivers inside skips away from Donovan and Wright will move up to third base yeah it can be interesting to see how Weisenberger react or a response to now having the runner on third base goodness he goodness be interesting to see if he leans away from his secondary pitches now after seeing that one hop away in the dirt on the 1-1 count if he's not able to go to those secondary pitches it'll be it'll be tough for him to have to work exclusively on the fastball here on Kade Sorrels so now with a runner on third base Weisenberger facing soros who has an RBI opportunity in this series so far he's one of eight and grabs this one down to Blake Nelson Nelson scoops it up fires over to keener for the third out of the inning so the Wolverines allowing one base runner on a walk to Carson right but able to retire the side no runs on no hits no errors and one man stranded at the end of six innings it is the Michigan Wolverines 2 and Lipscomb Bisons 4 you're listening to w CBN radio the official student radio broadcast of Michigan Wolverines baseball yeah it could be a piece of pitching there from Weisenberger as I said in order to abide with the runner on third not able to go to his secondary stuff so went to the fastball and overpowered him with the 92 mile-per-hour fastball Sorrell is not already able to get around on it and just induced to weakly hit chopper to the second baseman so do up for the Wolverines in this top half of the seventh inning we'll see Chris Bullock Joe Donovan and it will be Marcus Chavez as the third do up hitter in the inning Bullock Donovan Chavez have combined oh four six in this game so we'll see if they can get the bats going the wolverines outside of jonathan Engelmann two-run home run on friday have yet to score in the sixth inning and later yeah the in the first game they got a little bit of lead offense as you said from that home run after again even with the lid offense it was a far card from the 13 runs they put across in the first couple of innings and in the last couple of games Michigan's offense really not able to get anything going in the late innings yesterday was just one two three inning after one two three inning with the Wolverines trailing by three and needing to get some rallies going the dugout still seems enthused still chirping at the at their batters getting fully enthusiastic trying to spark something but at the dish just not much going for the Wolverines and you said nothing the late innings well today the late innings most qualified innings to on because there's been absolutely nothing from the first inning excepting that that double from ko Thomas that got guys to second and third a couple innings ago yeah and we'll have a pitching change here for the Lipscomb Bisons number 17 entering the game that's Kyle Kemp the junior right-hander Kemp originating from Port Charlotte Florida out of Charlotte high school so he's been with Lipscomb his entire collegiate career yeah and this this part of the Michigan offense that's coming up here Bullock Donovan Chavez hasn't done anything today all three of them are over - with the strikeout for Chavez so the final line for lips comes first relief pitcher of the day Myka Ortega one to end at 1/3 innings pitch no hits no runs no strikeouts at one walk allowed the sole base runner allowed under Ortega's watch and for for Lipscomb the past four and a third innings of relief have been scoreless and hitless yeah and I'm not sure how much faith I have in this part of the Michigan lineup as I was saying yesterday's ballgame they went 2 for 11 this trio with a walk for Christian Bullock you should've reached base once but one perform for Marquis Chavez one for four for Joe Donovan Oh for 3 with a walk for Christian Bullock and all three of them have been demoted in the lineup today after being in the middle of a line of yesterday now now heading into six through eight spots so it'll be Chris Bullock to lead it off the right fielder he's vote for 2 today Oh for 3 in a series with a run at Bullock's first pitch fouled off down the third-base line and out of play so Kyle Kemp for Lipscomb delivers his second pitch on the L 1 countable like I feel like swinging once again drives that one into short right field but coming on is Carson right and making the catch one away here in the top of the seventh yep just again we contact for the Wolverines really the theme of the day only 2 strikeouts across six point was six and a third now from this Lipscomb pitching staff but nothing glowing in the way of hard contact for the Wolverines so Kyle Kemp who has won 4-2 ER a on the season able to retire the first matter he faces today now he'll face Joe Donovan the catcher for Michigan first pitch outside a fastball at 91 for ball one case you're just joining us Michigan trailing Lipscomb here at Kent do get field for 2 2 at the top of the seventh with one away second pitch Donovan is called strike on the outside corner there was a fastball at 91 count even one and one and one out yeah and the Wolverines only had six extra-base hits in this series across nearly three four games now so we'll see if things can change here Darvin checks his swing and it's a called strike anyway on the outside corner so donovan behind one and two in danger of striking out which he has done a handful of times this series three looking three swinging and one looking payoff pitch to Donovan and he checks his swing first base umpire says he went and Geoffrey Chrisann flips over to Cade Sorrells for the first out for the second out of the inning yeah and that's his fifth strikeout of the series for Donovan I really saw the defensive play lost in and to scoop up the bunt and prevent the sacrifice from being a bunt single but this hitting his catching counterpart Geoffrey krisann able to hop out of the box and get him down at first on the swinging strikeout so Kemp has retired the first two batters he's faced today two out here in the top of the seventh inning coming to the dish for the Wolverines it'll be Marcus Chavez Chavez on the season hitting just 182 first pitch to him as low for ball one count sits at one and oh no action in either bullpen right now so this will be Kemp's inning to finish the delivery and Chavez takes on the outside corner for strike one count even up at one and one with two outs Chavez today Oh for two with a strikeout and a fly out to the right fielder in the series one for six with a run at an RBI Chavez grabs this one foul down the first base line town is one and two yeah again the Wolverines getting behind in counts making it tough on themselves so Kyle camp who's thrown just eight pitches this inning looking to retire Chavez here on Chavez lines a base hit into centerfield max Houghton fields it cleanly and fires it in so Marcos Chavez with his first hit of the day and the Wolverines first hit in two innings it actually appears that there was a pinch-hitter on that on that at-bat hos Dom Clemente roping the single and after shot after Chavez started the day over to Eric package sensing the need to make a change brought in Dom Clemente and it paid off as he replaced the designated hitter Chava or Marcos Chavez so won't necessitate the need for any defensive changes Clemente will presumably just retain that DHS role and he rewarded his coaches faith in him with a roped single up the middle so apologies do you guys for missing that pinch-hitter but Clemente able to single in his plate appearance yesterday pinch-hitting he grounded out to the second baseman now we've got Blake Nelson at the dish the second baseman fouls this one off so the count now one and one Nelson on the day is 1 for 2 with a single to the left fielder and on the series one for three with a sac fly Clemente takes a lead off first Kemp gazes in gets his sign from the catcher Jeffery Chrisann and the pitch showing bunt is Blake Nelson but pulling back and taking it for a called strike count now 1 & 2 with two outs yeah and Clemente getting a large lead there kind of got a running start before heading back to the bag as krisann pump fake to throw down to first Clemente has not stolen the base yet on the season so not a huge threat to run Kemp's pitch called strike three Juan Garza the home plate umpire ringing up Blake now and the Wolverines second baseman and that sets the Wolverines down but not before getting a hit no runs one hit no errors one man left on we're through seven six and a half innings Wolverines trail the Lipscomb Bisons four to two you're listening to w CBN Sports Radio the official student radio broadcast of Michigan Wolverines baseball yeah that one just right down the middle Blake Nelson left his bat on his shoulder poor decision I mean really a pitch to hit in the one two cow and just let it go right down the middle right past him Mike Nelson knew as soon as across the plate walked right off toward the dugout and two strikeouts in that inning for the Lipscomb Bisons pitching staff and camp but for Michigan really gonna have to turn things around here I was mentioning earlier that they hadn't had too many strikeouts only two through the first six innings not change quickly that inning with two strikeouts in three batters so we're gonna get a pitching change here for the Michigan Wolverines Jack Weisenberger done after three and two thirds innings of work two hits one run allowed it was earned three walks and two strikeouts the new pitcher will be Jeff Criswell number 17 for the Wolverines Chris well having his birthday yesterday he's from Portage Michigan checking in at 6 3 to 10 is the right-handed freshman and he will try to keep this game within 2 for the Wolverines bats to hopefully wake up and make some noise here in the late innings of today's game yeah and between innings coach Eric package joining his bench out in the in right field doing some jumping jacks keeping the guys warm here on this brick brisk day in Nashville perhaps sensing the need to utilize that bench here in the last two offensive frames for the Wolverines as you saw a pinch-hitter Dom Clemente rope a single last inning hopefully Eric package has some more of that up his sleeve if he can get some hits off the bench that would be a nice change of events after only five hits from the starting lineup here for the Wolverines through seven innings to go with that single from Dom Conti so due up for the Lipscomb Bisons it'll be the heart of the lineup three four five hitters Zeke Dodson Jeffrey christen and josh Martinez Dodson coming up to the dish now on the day he is 1 for 1 with a walk a sac fly to ribbies and a single also stole a base in the first inning Dodson batting from the right-handed side Criswell winds up and Dodson fouls that one way back count oh and one Criswell has kind of an old-style delivery taking the glove up above his head before delivering the pitch you don't see a whole lot of that now in today's game second pitch from Chris well to Dodson is high count even at 1 & 1 Chris well has not appeared in a game for the Wolverine so far this series but 3 played on the season yeah the freshman Jeff Chris well part of Michigan's historic roof routing class this year and Dodson lines this one at the right field for a base hit Bullock scoops it up and fires it back into the infield so Dotson 2 for 2 on the day yeah and crispo hoping to bounce back giving up four runs three of those earned on one walk three hits three strikeouts in his three and a third inning so far in the season in three appearances sporting an 8.1 ARA he'll be trying to get that down today with a scoreless bottom of the seventh if he can manage that so Chris well now working from the stretch after the base hit give it up to Dodson Big Bopper for Lipscomb coming up catcher Jeffrey Chrisann he's 1 for 3 today with a double-double and one RBI Chris sands shows bunt but takes for ball one yeah really important for the Wolverines to get out of this inning with no really need to get out of it with no runs to keep it as a two-run game with the often struggling got to keep it close so Chris welcomes set that delivers to Chris and Chris and Owen fought to get pulls it back and takes fourth strike count now even up at 1 and 1 yeah again not sure I understand that there's a decision to have Jeffrey krisann that has battered the Wolverines pitching staff here in this series to a 500 average on the season not sure I on board with the decision to have him bunting Chris well comset no look over at first at Chris head swing is that grounds it up the middle ok Oh Thomas fields it the flip to Nelson for one add Chris n hardly even running punched out a first base Brock Keener fields that so it's a 6-4-3 play for the Wolverines able to get two outs with one ground ball a nice pitch there from Jeff Chris well and just like that Wolverines have two outs here in the bottom of the seventh yeah huge double play there for the freshman to get things going here in the bottom of the 7th ko Thomas ranging to his left nice sliding play wasn't able to corral on the first attempt put the ball bounce right in front of him did a great job getting his body in front of it scooped it over to the second baseman Blake Nelson who fired to first with about 10 minutes of time before Jeffrey krisann would have reached first base basically walking down the line so Jeff Chris wells first pitch to Josh Martinez is a ball working once again from the windup Criswell delivers the one oh and it's popped a mile high Hector Gutierrez camped under it and drops the ball but toss is over to second and out at second base is Josh Martinez trying to take the extra base on the pop-up clearly not happy with himself so the Wolverines get a lucky break after the error by third baseman Hector Gutierrez it's a 1-2-3 inning for the Wolverines they trail it now for two here as we head into the top of the eighth yeah comedy of errors there on the last time of the inning the pop-up a mile high over in the direction of third baseman Hector Gutierrez getting his first start of this series at third base after Jimmy curse started the first two games Gutierrez ranged over to his right pop-ups a little bit hard to read on the white ball in front of the put knee fees looming light clouds here in Nashville but still play that the third base when Gutierrez should have made as he ranged over to his right and then had to correct himself and step back over to his left didn't wasn't able to camp under it properly tried to reach his glove out to the left instead of backhanding it over his head just hit the palm of his glove and balanced out but able to recover quickly and fire over to Blake Thomas for the tag so the Wolverines after no errors in Friday's contest committing for yesterday and three today the defense really just has not been sharp for coach Eric package his squad yeah three errors is so uncharacteristic of the team's that we've seen in coach Eric package is tender but unfortunately it is characteristic of this 2018 squad that is struggled defensively in the early going and we know that coach Eric package and four emphasizes defense he'll say as much any time you talk to him and he can't be happy with this you know that's gonna be a emphasis of the team in in all of their practices in these upcoming weeks getting getting prepared for the Big Ten season and it makes sense with three of the four infielders as I've said earlier departing midget from last year's team NCAA tournament team departing Michigan baseball only Keo Thomas returning but even the returning ko Thomas has struggled a little bit defensively with a couple of errors here early in the season so Michigan's are gonna have to correct that as they go on go on throughout the season and a lucky break there for the Wolverines that it didn't cost them as Hector Gutierrez was able to fire down to second for the out but still three errors today absolutely unacceptable for the Wolverines so we'll have a defensive substitution here for Lipscomb Chandler chambers checks into the game for Josh Martinez he'll play Center Maddox Houghton moving over to left the first pitch to ação Thomas is taken for a strike Kyle Kemp still on the mound for the Bisons Kemp second pitch is a curve ball just misses outside for ball one Zeke Dotson is playing it nearly in on the infield grass weary of the bunt from a KO Thomas pitch from camp is taken by Thomas once again for a strike on the outside corner it's one and two yeah Dora Dodson sort of faking to charge in on that pitch but now backs up with two strikes so the one two from Kemp is a curve ball taken outside by ako Thomas count even at two and two Kemp very efficient in his first inning of work through 14 pitches 11 of them for strikes and now two more strikes here on Michigan shortstop ação Thomas here at the top of the eighth pitches a curve ball and Thomas goes down look yeah just broke back over the plate Thomas completely frozen knew it as soon as the pitch crossed the plate just headed back toward the dugout so it'll be miles Lewis the left fielder who is over to today with a walk trying to get things going for the Wolverines here at the top of the eighth they trail 4 to 2 to the Lipscomb Bisons here at Ken Dugan field in Nashville Tennessee first pitch to Lewis low for ball one 92 mile an hour fastball from Kemp really cranking it up on the radar gun temp sets the wind up in the pitch Luis takes outside on the outside corner for strike one so kept pitching from the windup fires the one one taking on the outside corner by Lewis want Garza expanding the strikes on somewhat as a game goes on he's behind the dish today Stephen Hagen at first base Joseph Blum an hour at third for the umpiring crew so B 1 & 2 to Lewis the pitch and Lewis lies this wanted to right field for a base hit Carson right not able to come up with it one hops it and Lewis aboard with a single to right field yeah Carson Wright coming in diving in on the ball trying to reach for the diving catch but it just hopped into the hopped into his glove off the short hop good good defending to keep it in front of him off the short hop on the dive could have easily skipped by him for two or three bases for miles Louis but instead keeps Lewis at first base still an opportunity here base runners have been few and far between for the Wolverines and with Engelmann coming up here they'll be hoping to take advantage so it'll be Jonathan angleman at the dish for the Wolverines he's au for two today with a walk and I call it stealing pitch from Kemp has popped up Jackson first day is camped under it makes the catch for the second out yeah that's the the bad side of the aggressiveness that the Wolverines have displayed at times in this series quick out instead of being able to build off that single for miles Lewis at the previous at-bat so it'll be on the shoulders of Brock inor today who is 2 for 3 to continue the dis inning for the Wolverines so keener with two of the Wolverines seven hits today comes up to the dish Matic from the left-handed side is the first baseman and the series so far he is 5 of 10 with three four runs scored Kemp working from the stretch fires and it's taken for ball one just a little bit low on first base is Myles Lewis the left fielder for these Wolverines Louis this season Oh 4-2 on stolen base attempt so I doubt we'll see him going with keener who's had a lot of success at the dish at the plate pitch is grounded to the left side scooped up by Jackson's first day's fires over to Sorel's for out number three so Michigan goes down in the top of the 8th inning no runs on one hit no errors and one man stranded at the end of seven and a half innings it is the Michigan Wolverines 2 and the Lipscomb Bisons four you're listening to w CBN radio the official student radio broadcast of Michigan Wolverines baseball yeah and just couldn't quite sneak it through that hole there between the second baseman first us in the first baseman Kade Sorrells really just nothing offensively for the Wolverines great hit from miles Lewis Hart rocketed ball into right field for the second out of the inning but after that to softly hit balls and nothing grunt for the Wolverines here and if they can get through the bottom of the 8th it'll be the Wolverines cut it'll be coming up to the Wolverines in the top of the night Hector Gutierrez cushion Bullock and Joe Donovan trying to get things going and turn things around and prevent the Wolverines from leaving Nashville with a with the series loss against the Lipscomb bison who have struggled so far early in the season the Bison were six and excuse me six and seven coming into this series Wolverines really were hoping for a 2 to 1 Series win or a sweep over the weekend and a 1 to 2 Series loss would be just another progression in their early season struggles for the Wolverines after they they started the season promising Lee in Port st. Lucie with two one series win over army a couple weeks ago before heading out to California where things really started to unravel for our 3 losses excuse me in the Tony Gwynn Invitational loss to San Diego State and a 3-1 series loss at Stanford last week and they were hoping to face an easier competition here back east in Nashville but so far that is not proven to be the case and we'll only have one half inning to turn it around so the Wolverines trailing by 2 head here into the bottom of the 8th inning due up for Lipscomb it's Perry Maddox Halton and Jackson first days Jeff Chris Wells first pitch to Jake Perry is taken for a ball a little bit outside there is Chris wells curve ball at 70 miles an hour and Jimmy Kerr will come in for Hector Gutierrez bat excuse me infra Hector Gutierrez batting fifth and playing third base Perry lines a base hit through the shortstop third base gap and just like that Lipscomb has a base runner here in the bottom of the eighth looking to get some insurance runs yeah that one almost getting her some immediate work but just out of his range didn't really have a play on it hard hit ball there from Perry so Jimmy ker entering at third base after the error by Hector Gutierrez and her will now lead off the next game are the next inning for the Wolverines Kirwan over three yesterday's ballgame with a walk on Friday he had a more active day over one but reached through base three times with two walks and hit by pitch so we will have a pinch-hitter here if I'm not mistaken I am mistaken it's Maddox how do up as per usual today he's 1 for 3 with a single and a run also lined out in the second inning struck out looking in the sixth inning however we do have a pitch from pinch runner for the Bisons with Solomon Lee Solomon coming in to pinch run at first base for Perry so Jake Perry the d-h will head out solid day at the office for him 1 for 4 with a single Lee Solomon now entering and he'll be on first base Jeff Chris well for the Wolverines looks in gets his sign second straight ending he's allowed the leadoff man to reach base and the pickoff attempt solvent safe at first yeah a strange pickoff attempt is brought keen or charged toward the pitcher for a step or two and then back toward the bag to try to back pick Solomon so Chris well taking his sweet time on the mound looks in at houghton out in the right-hander out of Dalton Georgia squares around to bunt and that's something we've seen utilized a lot from Lipscomb coach Jeff forehand is the sacrifice bunt I think they have four or five sacrifice bunts in this series yeah the Michigan corner infield corner corner infielders were aware of it at this time on how and who's over 3 on the day both charging in strongly so the coroner's are in that's Jimmy Carr at 3rd Brock keener at first Chris Wells pitch is taken inside skips away from Donovan but not too far away Lee Solomon staying put at first base the count now on Maddox houghton the right fielder is 2 & 1 Criswell trots back to the mound after getting a new baseball Lee Solomon on first for the Bisons being held on by Brock keener Chris well pitching from the stretch come set keen are charging hard and Sullivan goes and then comes back balls bunted foul by Maddox out and so the count now to and to Michigan will be able to play at DoublePlay depth yeah probably gonna call off the month hero two strikes an interesting thing you saw there from Brock inor charging really early before Chris well even began his wind-up or his deliveries pitching from the stretch so Salomon trotting off for first base but decided not to go yeah Solomon hesitated a bit well got to about a third of the way to second base the 2-2 from Chris well it swung on and missed Maddox out goes down on strikes yeah good good work by out in there too - you go to the off-speed pitch in the first pitch that Howie would have been swinging at how it might have been looking fastball so Jackson first day is now coming up to the dish first day is today 1 for 3 second baseman has played all 26 innings so far of defense at second base in this series for the Lipscomb Bisons yeah and hitting 292 on the year thread at the bottom of this lineup for the Bisons first day's hitting in the 8th hole first pitch from Chris well is taken a breaker in there for a called strike no action in the Michigan Wolverines bullpen but we do see some action in the Lipscomb Bisons bullpen can't quite tell who that is right now and fouled back is the second pitch from Chris well just like that Chris well ahead on Jackson first days oh and two and it looks to me the right-handed junior Adam Stewart warming in the Bisons bullpen down the left lovefield side of this of Ken Dugan field here in Nashville so Chris well ahead on first ace oh and two one out Lee Solomon on first base the delivery from Chris well looked like a changeup called inside for a ball count is 1 & 2 so Lipscomb will have a same opportunity here in the bottom and the top of the ninth-inning assuming they don't push two more runs across here in the bottom of the 8th Chris Wells 1 to 2 first days as a ball inside yeah and the pinch runner Solomon hopping around a bit over there first huh shuffling a bit between his right and left making sure he stays active doesn't get picked off while still building a big enough lead to potentially steal here Chris well not paying him a whole lot of his mind right now checks on him and comes set in the stretch at the belt and the 2-2 from Chris well grounded up the middle of Keio Thomas fields it flips to Nelson at Nelson on sukhino the double play yep tailor-made right there hard hit not super hard hit three hopper right at Thomas the perfect ball for a double play not too hard - not too hot to handle not too soft to turn to really just custom-made turns it to the second baseman Nelson with ease Nelson fires to first in time got him by two steps so Jeff Chris well after allowing a leadoff base runner and both of his innings of work able to induce a double play in the eighth inning there for the Lipscomb Bisons no runs on one hit no errors and nobody left on base after eight innings it is the Michigan Wolverines 2 and the Lipscomb Bisons four here at Ken Dugan Field in Nashville Tennessee you're listening to w CBS sports radio the official student broadcast of Michigan Wolverines baseball yeah and unfortunately for the Wolverines you've got a trio of hitters here that have struggled a little bit in the series and Jimmy Kerr Christian Bullock and Joe Donovan Joe Donovan had that too for for a day or two for three day excuse me with a walk in the first game in which Michigan put up 16 runs also how to double in that ballgame and then put up a one for four day yesterday but other than that no hits from the other two batters that we have coming up in this inning Jimmy Kerr is be banning for the first time today after substituting in for Hector Gutierrez at third base but no hits in either of the first two ball games for ker couple walks in the series three walks in the series for a car meanwhile cushion Bullock over three over three in today's ballgame after putting up an over three and yesterday's ballgame as well but did have a walk in that one so it'll be Jimmy Kerr coming to the dish for the Wolverines held that from the left side left lefty hitting and righty throwing is the third basement curse stands at six one 185 the junior from Dallas Texas on the bump still for the Lipscomb Bisons is Kyle Kemp but they do have the fort number 14 the righty Adam Stewart warming in the bullpen just in case Kemp gets into trouble so it'll be Kemp for the save for now Kerr takes outside ball one Kemp has been pretty efficient today 26 pitches in 19 for strikes his second pitch to Kerr is fouled right back towards us off the screen just in front of us and the count now one add one on Jimmy Kerr here on the top of the ninth so Michigan looking to do some damage here get back at least two runs in the top of the ninth their last hope assuming they don't tie it up the 1-1 from Kemp is lined by Kerr into left field but falling fast and Maddox out making the diving catch yeah really hard hit ball there from Kerr looks like who's gonna fall in but how it's another great defensive play how did diving catch in the first game in centerfield sliding couch 10 yesterday's ballgame in foul territory and now a diving catch ranging in on the line on the sinking liner I might add from Jimmy Kerr Soaker coming up fruitless at the dish in this series no hits and he's grounded into two double plays now at the dish is Chris Bullock for the Wolverines the right fielder over one in the series prior to today o for three today count is o and one on him and swings through the second pitch for a strike you looking for a homerun hack there was the lefty account now oh and - yeah falling behind open - not what you want to see here when you really just need to get base runners on and camps Oh - is outside for ball 1 hitting 94 on the gun there from camp impressive velocity from him here in the ninth inning his third inning of work Kemp a 108 er a on the season snaps off and steps back on he is working from the full wind-up count 1 & 2 on Chris Bullock with one out here in the top of the night for the Wolverines they trail for two inside so the count now even at 2 & 2 Chris Bolek looked like he was a little jelly leg that the curveball lucky for him it was just a little inside both teams have seven hits today but Lipscomb leading it with two more runs curse to to a fastball is grounded up the middle and it's a base hit for Chris Bullock so the Wolverines are in business here in the top of the night yeah there you go hard-hit ball to hard-hit balls here in the inning can't maybe losing a little bit here in his third inning of work and had that liner from kerf on and the Wolverines would really be in business but those still take the baserunner so coming up to the dish now for the Wolverines and we catch our Joe Donovan assuming we don't have a pinch-hitter which we do it's Jesse Franklin the freshman outfielder lefty from Seattle Washington he will be pinch-hitting for Joe Donovan I do not believe Franklin has seen any action since Friday Friday he pinch-hit in the sixth in the seventh inning 1 for 2 with a single yep Franklin came into the season as a starter for the Wolverines an outfielder in high school had a shoulder surgery in the offseason moved to first base at the beginning of the season appears to have lost that starting job to brought Keene or the senior but Jesse Franklin still a major threat at the dish to prove that in high school a big-time recruit for the Wolverines only 2 for 20 on the season this year but he has a chance to make his impact felt here in the bottom of earning the top of the ninth excuse me so Franklin the lefty sees the first pitch from Curt and takes a curve ball over the middle for strike one and filled that DoublePlay depth up the middle it's Blake Thomas the shortstop Jackson first ace the second baseman on first for the Wolverines is Chris Bullock who just singled into centerfield and at the dish is the pinch-hitter Jessie Franklin freshman you'll want from kurz outside Oh taking on the outside corner for strike look like a ball to me but look looks a couple inches off the plate to me as well and now you see in a hole here is Franklin a little bit interesting decision to pinch hit him for Donovan who has a couple hits here in the three hits to be exact here in this series so far below for three day for the for Donovan might be a righty lefty thing take a Franklin takes the ball upstairs for ball one it's one and two on him but yeah you looked at the lefty righty matchups obviously Franklin a lefty against ker a righty yeah and that paid off with the last batter push and pull roping a single into centerfield as you know Joe Donovan hits from the right side kurz 1 2 is fouled weakly down the first base line so Franklin staying alive we'll have another shot here at Kyle sorry Kyle Kemp good piece of hitting there the breaking ball tailing down in the zone but just able to keep his bat on it staying on the ball and making contact to stay alive here with one out in the top of the ninth so Kemp now up to 38 pitches on the day he's thrown two and a third innings runner on first for the Wolverines is Chris Bullock with one out here at the top of the ninth count 1 & 2 on Jesse Franklin and he calls time steps out Kyle Kemp steps off steps back on to reset Chris Bullock takes his lead at 1st base and field DoublePlay depth up the middle with the Wolverines trailing for 2 here at the top of the 9th to the Lipscomb Bisons pal camp come set and delivers and it's looped into left-field slicing away from leftfielder Maddox mountain but he gets over and catches it for the second out of the inning yeah looks like him money just get down there down the line but just hung up for Maddox Howe and he was able to arrange over with no problem in the end as potentially the last batter of the series comes up here for the Wolverines it'll be Dom Clemente who got a single on his first at-bat pinch-hitting for Marcus Chavez two innings ago so Dominic Clemente the lefty will have the platoon advantage against Kyle Kemp singled in the seventh inning and will look for another single to keep the Wolverines alive here in Nashville with two outs to go in the top of the ninth and right up the middle off second base a lucky bounce there for Clemente and into left field Bullock astute base running there swipes third base catches Maddox out and sleeping and the Wolverines have runners at the corners with two outs and Blake Nelson coming up to the dish for you our Michigan Wolverines yeah a hard-hit ball but thanks to the infield shading right on the Clemente excuse me it was gonna be looked like it was gonna be an out right to the shortstop who is playing pretty close to that second base bag just to hook took a hop off second base and that could prove to be massive for the Wolverines if Blake Nelson can take advantage yeah you don't really see that often hits directly off the second base bag but a fortuitous bounce there for Clemente off the second base bag and into left field so he sits on first with a single and now it's Blake Nelson at the dish takes at the letters for a called strike count oh and one on him and now Jeffery Chrisann the Lipscombe cats are going out for a quick meeting with his pitcher Kyle Kemp count-o and one on Blake Nelson who was one for three with a single today Wolverines trailing at 4 two runners at the corners and two outs here in the top of the night Blake Nelson at the plate Kyle Camp the pitcher on the bump for Lipscomb comes and delivers a curveball taken outside count is one and one yeah good I from Nelson the plates been called pretty big in this series especially as it goes laterally so good eye from Nelson to not be not be forced into swinging by the big plate as now one was off the plate so Kemp has the count even at one add one shakes off his catcher Jeffrey christen and Blake Nelson now fouls this third pitch of the at-bat into the screen and the Wolverines are down to their final strike count one and two on Blake Nelson with two outs here in the top of the ninth for the Wolverines they trailed Lipscomb for two yeah Nelson not the most experienced Center for the Wolverines only one at bat on the season coming into today's ballgame surprised we didn't see a change from coach Eric package especially as Nelson bats from the right side the one to is hit him he hit Blake Nelson so Michigan will have the opportunity to turn over their lineup once more and will be a ko Thomas coming on to the dish for the Wolverine absolutely massive there I was just saying Nelson not exactly the guy you wanted to have up in that situation but now the Wolverines have guys on scoring position and the go-ahead run at first base this is a huge at-bat for ko Thomas here early in the season as the Wolverines trying to steal a series from Lipscomb if ko Thomas can knock one into the outfield it'll likely be a tie ballgame here in Nashville and now we will have a pinch runner for Blake Nelson it'll be Jordan whoa goo the freshman who had his birthday yesterday as well actually I thought believe it woke whose birthday was Friday if I'm not mistaken Chris Wells yesterday but whoa whoo now pinch runner at first base yeah Clemente now was a ton of speed at second base so not a guaranteed run if the balls hit into the outfield but still could get the game time home and it'll be a KO Thomas at the dish Kemp on the mound ko Thomas steps out calls time it's interesting here that Lipscomb is not opting to go to their bullpen they've had two guys warming up one of whom is Adam Stewart the other now number 41 Robbie Knox who pitched three scoreless innings of relief yesterday pitch to Thomas takes inside and a pickoff attempt from the catcher Jeffery Chris n trying to catch Jordan whoa goose sleeping but we'll go gets back yeah nearly catastrophic from whoa goo you can't do that that's that's a Jose Lobaton move getting picked off to endo endo rally you cannot be picked off when you're here's the go-ahead run that is the luxury full of Wolverines the huge runners are at second and third if you're the guy at first you have to be conservative on the base paths we'll go with now about a 20 foot lead nobody holding him on obviously that run may not even end up mattering curve ball Thomas takes it inside for ball one count is one and one ko Thomas at the desk she has one hit in this series just 1 of 12 with a run it was a double in the fifth inning count one and one on him with two outs and the bases juiced here for the Wolverines they trail for two in the top of the ninth last licks for them if they are unable to tie it or take the lead and Thomas calls time Kyle Kemp taking his sweet time on the mound for the Lipscomb Bisons working at his own pace Thomas has already asked for time twice in this a B Kemp come set the one one swing and a Miss from Thomas and the Wolverines once again down to their final strike with a KO Thomas at the dish the 5-8 junior from Chicago Illinois yeah KO thomas rope to double a couple innings ago he'll need to make solid contact to get here with two strikes so Kyle Kemp has it one two on a KO Thomas with two outs capsule on two is outside that one bounced in the left hand his left-handed batters box so the count even at two and two for Thomas Michigan trying to put together two out rally here and he hit to the outfield should score two Clemente not exactly a speedster on second base one with two outs are gonna be running on contact yeah most certainly and then few the outfield excuse me is playing a little bit shallow to try to nail down Clemente at the plate but nothing that I've seen from the loops come outfield arms has shown me that they can do that ko Thomas lines that one into the right-field gap and heading over as Carson and finishes at all Thomas not able to hit that enough on a line drive so right catches the flyball and I'll do it for the Wolverines in the ninth inning two hits but not able to push any runs across no errors they leave the bases full and the Wolverines fall to Lipscomb four to two here on Sunday March 11 at Ken Dugan field in Nashville Tennessee the Wolverines two runs on nine hits and committing three errors for Lipscomb it's four runs on seven hits no errors for them the winning pitcher for the Lipscomb Bisons will be Noah Thompson and the losing pitcher before the Wolverines will be Jace van sena yeah that ball just hung up there for the right fielder you must win the right fielder carson right right the ball looked like it was gonna get into the gap hard hit from KO thomas but just hailed over the right field just hung up a little bit too much 5 degrees lower on the angle and that one would have been a double in the gap but just hung up there too much I mean a couple feet from being a go-ahead double and just couldn't quite get down really tough one for the Wolverines not a series that they were expecting to lose and the rough start to the season just continues for the Wolverines who fall to 4 and 10 on the year and they'll be back home in Ann Arbor for the first time on the season on Tuesday taking on the Oakland Grizzlies so hopefully the returned home can ignite good things for the Wolverines as this early part of the season has really been rough for them no way to sugarcoat that for intent just not to start the coach errick package would have wanted but ultimately it's gonna be Big Ten play that defines this team season and they'll have every opportunity to turn it around coming up game on Tuesday against against Oakland then they play a NAIA opponent I'm blanking on that opponent right now is just added to the schedule a couple of days ago it looks like it is Lawrence Tech on Wednesday at 4 o'clock so we'll be back and I should say Tuesday 4 o'clock then Wednesday 4 o'clock and then Friday the weekend series against Bowling Green commences with a 4 o'clock start Eastern Time on Friday in Ann Arbor 2 o'clock on Saturday and 1 o'clock on Sunday all of those at all of those at Fisher Stadium in Ann Arbor on the University of Michigan's campus it'll be 7 straight home games for the Wolverines coming up after starting their season with 14 either on the road or neutral so hopefully that can spur the turnaround for this team it's a young inexperienced team so it makes sense that there would be some growing pains but perhaps more than expected so it'll be Michigan falling to 4 and 10 Lipscomb improves to 8 Nate to even up their record once again it's Michigan 2 runs on 9 hits three errors Lipscomb four runs on seven hits and no errors Noah Thompson the winning pitcher for Lipscomb the losing pitcher for the Wolverines Jason van Sante and Kyle camp picking up the save for the Lipscomb Bisons join us Tuesday as Michigan takes on Oakland we'll have the coverage for you on W cbn sports radio the official suit radio home of michigan wolverines baseball for Te'o Mackey Teddy gut ken and Austin Falco in Nashville Tennessee at Kent Dugan field I'm max brill thank you so much for joining us and as always we will leave you with a good afternoon and go blue [Music] how to do a masters dissertation Bard Graduate Center.

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