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Dissertation help with proposals

Dissertation help with proposals do my ucf capstone case competition banquet scene macbeth essay titles I told you I'm not yours anymore no why you tryna hold on - hold on let me go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah oh my gosh kids Thank You YouTube what's up guys will learn didn't get our welcome life tonight welcome wreck YouTube channel - yes what's up took me what stopped airing what's up really think let's we're live stream dude I know I have to rely on Twitter notifications technically gonna rely on Twitter notifications very very on eye on this is this kind of sucks but well we'll go for it because YouTube's kind of broken these days let me drop the music down 3 - BAM yeah YouTube yeah I will do and some Simon Says but we're gonna have enough people for it oh that's gonna be fun but we'll just chill and play a little regular job right cause we go on and so let me really quick just throw some music on here and see us music why YouTube I know right I'm trimming on mixer tonight because it's mixers one-year anniversary so I thought I'll stream on there's a little site tool i'll be streaming on two sites technically at the moment technically at the motor i'm streaming on and my my my desktop i am not putting up a full yeah here why's there we go everything is trippy can you play i already laughter we might play at least no weird people being verified sponsored on side alright i don't see that anymore and your electric yeah just like my second or third rivet dry it hopefully it works there's opportunist or every bad word yeah cam it seminar coins now yeah I can give you a song on your coins 1,400 I am update guy more coins no you don't get more coins it goes where it goes did I made down back to one because a lot of people were frustrating a bit but I had to give him someone on your back because it's because I think up the service agreement oh no who reads these oh my gosh so many turn I get so many these emails today no joke no joke I get so many of these emails a day I got knit what's up Darrell Eckstrom it's not what some are gonna lecture man sheesh I got so many those new most today Oh turn miracle grace I've been changed trim degree which hasn't changed true bring this up and shit okay okay I heard a million times please don't message me I'm the only dimes about the terms are oh my gosh I had so many of those today I don't want to go through all my email box and do it having a little ice plate because I like passion Ascar first likes by going if you guys wanna like hash tag the legs fuck how I like those some like specs in the check hashtag likes my to get the stream off and going hey stay like spying for old boy low like sick bike gear up alright let me get the servers are we're going here and bam and say boys can help in Simon Says no you know I'm good I'm good what's up zero its own well I should be I've been welcomed and link and bam stood me up quiet night because YouTube then we're getting me out notifications tonight yeah hopefully make sure to give me a little bit awake tonight we'll see if mixer man people talk tonight I have old chance running the background that's fine old johnstrom earring in the background Oh Joe itself well I think some people getting notifications right now but we'll see alright so links to be the new part of the terms of that no hacking or you get banned right away I'll that's the new terms of the grid swap Wow new terms arenas all you have to do okay good nice can Oh knocking that's good they're trying to restrict hack and hopefully they just ain't really need to make it so they have to make it so emos here's so neat so many people create roblox pounds you know they need to create new emails but yep I think that should be a new thing I think I got notified you got notified yet some people got notified like three times or so I am trying to see if it works actually though YouTube's kind of broken I started like less past ten so but I only only read that yeah I know hail yellow turtle think with a follow up on 2016 befall a mixture very much appreciate take Vig you yeah mine yep that's how it works did always in my shrooms I give out I'm the new landing so I'm trying to be like Landon go kid hi even say a little turret think the fall over spaceship yeah what's up their total I should hit man with the live Jim good dodging I've been what's up errands of mine Lewis what well I shouldn't do I just know how to follow oh that's totally for mixture people I'm sorry it's only for a mixture a little thing for I'm sharing back on it make sure so I'm gonna have to chat to people at the same time that's only for people who actually want to talk to me over there rip no internet rip minor it just dropped some frames re I saw that I fall that cost of you guys what I don't also make speak with God done BAM there's your link if you guys want to play with us and here you go links as the links guys and guys want to play with us tonight and bam and I think I got the links in there so so what we're going to go how they run dude what's up everyone ups and today how was everyone's day my day was all that work day no cycling no not really on my Kabir all day it was like working outside today and a whole bunch of stuff so it was pretty big pretty big big day for me just cleaning and cleaning and working so same thing tomorrow so it's a busy week for me can't open camp and try to group link then it should work on the group thing so let's do please well there's no place oh dear please hey what's up woody pop one two three well my life you know you mean tonight welcome welcome I moved here and see if that works here I'll be two minutes late to the service so fine I'm waiting a couple minutes for people I'll wait for a few minutes of wait a few minutes you might just play a little kind expecting no I'm not really going spend what's up Zeus what's our an incentive we'll go live stream no spectate no spectate no spectate alright guys hopping hopping up in you guys want to play solar insolation yet checker guys coins remember guys we are knowing about the new coin system if you're new here BAM there's our cool little coin system so check it check it out check it out this is all the awesome new coin system bama as we go on the whole stream will be will be giving spins out and things like that so so every round we'll do that starting next stream that next charting sorry next game will do it Lawrence what's up all the life surrender in sight y'all do some sinuses right now ideas when you hide and seek to start off or Simon Says start off where you guys want to get started off like spike yes we did it like spike we can hear no like spike went out like kick off with two Alex bikes while we go let's go I like spike on you guys one like hashtag like spike get some like spikes in the chat like my little eye spike so you think is Adam side by Prince pink wow wow wow Scott I don't know what that video is gonna be about and I saw it I saw you oh sorry I'm what check the game oh yeah Charlie I'm hunch broke I think nope yeah it's just spam so many times if you do it it works you aged every five minutes every five minutes it works there you go there you go nope not works networks hey I'll take her yard deal I'm an L ticker always always every day ticking those health I thought it wasn't me monoxide I know it's odd it's like oh oh it's just like that oh okay okay I'll tell me like fix our sub goal give me a second ah editor wants to fix our chubby goal or sub goals change our sub may I need some subs okay life's a little funny right chip joining over life she dude and waiting for that to open up here ya know and update there we go never got that updated hey we're almost to underway guys less than 200 man you sure you give me back your 700 coins oh yeah you did you have 24 you have 24:15 did we got 24 15 it's a lot yeah I did I did give me back your coins alright guys so we're gonna be like I hope no I think we're gonna up not helping dude we're good on doping all right so let's go kai how old coin yep check the coins um okay let's go go comic to this line come to this line alright hop to the slang guts they're gonna hop in was like because I like my username is freak man oh wait alright alright alright you like down you can still come in I'm not closed off the service yet but in a day I'll close out the servers in a bit I'll close out the servers calling you up check the coin hide inside run what's up dude how's your day been I have 2 point 4 K coins yeah you can always spend them if you want to we're gonna save them up your choice spend them or save them up okay I get the prompt yep we have a lot of coins OCHA you can always spend them or save them up that's it I'll choose in the leaderboard still he's in fifth place right now so he has to beat someone who's gonna be the next person to beat ultra has it so was it a ninja perfect ninja perfect what's your coins and they were just perfect I think I gave a ninja perfect like all ninja perfect you don't have your coins right let me second it I think it's Sam I did give it to you right you have like two ninjas I can't I'll try this one I think I'll give you the wrong one okay I shopped before King 63 now try that because I don't know what try that to furniture not because it let to not chat because it lags means help you to not chat people have to chat most likely Oh Jo I have 30 coins oof it's good it's good keep it we're playing some hide-and-seek after this yep we're doing that right after this so I'm gonna wait for people here to see the way to join I need to step around yep I updated it you have so many new accounts I had an update that I get I'm gonna close out the servers right now so no one's joining anymore so bye bye group link by him all right Sarah's gone and bam all right everything's off now you gotta way into next game not all wait for next game guys alright Simon's off of sinuses if I say Sampson you deal if I don't see something since you don't do it take my word done done alright let's go get this game going sinuses don't chat big eyes why not don't I'll crap I can't say don't chat man man don't shut that's a bad word did I see a customer group I'll sign guys I know we'll start off with the heat Simon Says run sign just go get me a donut back be back here back here in music BAM and stop we'll get it started off of a timed game here and bam start there we go you got to go what's up kid plates I didn't say you can finally talk did you can talk now sorry I am banned a lot of people often I come here to community tab so everything I'm talking back yeah keV I got you back dude I'm sorry if I didn't put you on the chat message I saw that you were blocked and stuff what's John doing now so John you want to just sit here dude and lose we could do that did we could set him loose we'll just sit loose all right we'll sit and lose I like sitting and losing not somebody tickles everyday everyday we can take those bills so we'll just sit here and watch it wait until you get kicked so what's good way thank you no problem you want your kick hi John uh we're in the link at the moment battle again my your kick may wanna rush because people have the time right now they have to go back in about two minutes here that's type yeah I tried to type fast at least I'm gonna help you well well who said I hope the guy said right at least I would go I should we do insane well who said I didn't say nope right wait he want he said it kick oh my bad and ain't hear him really I didn't really hear him alright I thought he meant kick he meant kicked so alright he met what do you think about fortnight I love for tonight your cut I played every so often I want to go to a fortnight school that's why I want to go to a college and just have someone teach me fortnight that's pretty much it yeah John cider you gotta follow the game did don't you know fall I did do what you're doing you know all the games and everything like that gotta be a fast see everyone back here their own background time still got a minute wasn't it left but how did ninja get one point 4 K coins exotic transfer it to his other account ultra so technically he's yeah cuz I got hacked yeah he's Francis calling to that account is everyone back here it's not like less than maybe almost 20 20 second call it John wake to teach his way yeah he had 400 side updated everything like that someone L winning here morning one blowing see here says no chatting what who I don't said no chat no chatting no once I'm in men chatting I haven't said anything about chatting at all so is everyone back here about three minutes right now I'm still anyone back here anyone late anyone late late pokes let's see if there's any late pokes here come on guys late pokes and you won Late Late really Oh someone lost they're gonna oh right we're gonna get kicked you want to hear let's see come on guts anyone else showing up late to class come on guys all right dawn has a resting kicked on well done well done Don what happened today dude what happened you broke up today or smite that there y'all rip hey up P what did that piece say something majority had 400 did that piece say something I didn't miss Duffy I didn't see it this is a private show yes as a private server welcome back max welcome back here am i made an emoji I'm accounting club beyond accounts so you can play club thing that if it hey Adam I made you an animal jam account and club period account so you can play what they made me a count I thought Club compliment is dead I think I think it's dead hammered I think my next April Fool's is have to be I am changing my channel to Animal Jam spoke the true words right there on on April Fool's I think that's a good idea to do I think I'm gonna do that think I'll be a funny little prank you guys know my own next April Fool's I think I already have it called payment account a long time ago I got a damn damp down is just something okay everyone's good right now oh yeah let's do you know it's clumping well it's coming okay take this dude kickflip dude quick what he's killing he's killing okay excuse Timon says show me you're doing is what are you killing show me your donut show me a donut you got your donut good guy you're doing it but you got a gun well that's a donut donut donut you know I'm a donut huh right Bob I change the quality blues I can't really change the ecology I'm sorry my ernet sucks probe wise I can't really change my quality ever I wish I can but my donut really can't handle it just scat you know what admin to my office guy you want to get kicked to thank you crash dog 24 I'm always trying to improve pop my setup here I really wanna get my headset back and going but I might get my headset going again maybe Jimmy Kimmel well I shouldn't do are you in sight welcome welcome I really want to get my setup back and like I want to get more stuff you know what Creek cops didn't like he's he's sponsored with the heads that are some like thing I might get it said get that kind of head says I'm looking pro playing roblox Tinga subdued murmurs appreciate I'm thinking about getting that kind of setup by then get that little headphones be pretty cool I think that'll be really cool all right Simon Says no chatting nope no no talking okay sign said no talking all right me I can't micro game wernstrom you will see just a blurry screen that's pretty much it but thanks crash we should you come and show you yeah all right let's do this how about this we'll be folding like this fun guy say huh Guys hi Guys hi guys how many people actually recognize the hi guys well someone talked Oh Rick someone God I didn't say anyone about talking Oh poop rip I didn't say anything else he's kicked he's kicked mine kicked some a bananas kick I didn't say I didn't say stop stop he can talk oh I didn't say you talk oh look then they know they were in timeout whoops whoops I got good quick whoa oh we are still not talking I didn't say I did say anything I didn't say start speaking maybe I did gotta say start speaking no I don't think so they go three people then three people uh guys want some roll bucks we'll see I'll fuck people guys want some robots Zoe people come on guys come on I just want to get a couple more people out but this you smug I said no talking well that didn't help that didn't work ah guys follow okay Simon Says let's do Simon sitting down can you play hide-and-seek and give us link yeah I'll do it when we well maybe do it next time uh I got I got sick unlike on something I got the flu I'll rape Jimmy help you get better dude what's up Matt Matt why should you nephew and welcome alright let's write those Simon Says no moving moving sam says no moving let me help Skye out of it come on come on come on come on come on come on come on all right I don't work come on move move move look nope nope try and make me feel move right now move move move come on oh I made I made you move I'm making real I thought that work no there's an account but I was just having fun with that okay Simon Says up signs is up alright this time since up I did sign this up Adam Adam says check it up a back I got killed these people don't kick me old people don't kick you I think you're fine you're fine alright let's do this I'm just I'm just down I'll so many people get tricked by Adam sir wait sky don't need oh hi Islands Stan quick I can make you can make it I used times us down guy come on come on this guy come on sky oh my gosh my thing is hooked up like it's synced up there we go arrow beside me are up I only site I did Simon Says you never said I can move again oh do not stay oh my eyes when I changed what I can say now I can so I just won ah Pecola you're right uh you know we'll let that slide because I kind of want to kick these people in the game for some spicy from some I'll keep them the game might not I got something special coming up for them so hey what's up pressure puppet 6 & 6 I don't think I said move again or some like that so I was killed you were killed but if you have skies much on Holly's slide you have a skies and like you have skies and lunch on so you're good yeah I like your side because sky had he has this much on how you know I'm doing good first you puppet how you doing sign so you're good I'll let all of that slide all right Simon Says you can move you can move all right there we go I'll do that Simon Says jump one time Simon sit oh wait I got to do music one time music music one time we got a jump one time one time it was like next game did Mexican people next game is it one time he broke guard the note talking about the milk wait note he bought the new talking did I forget oh let me see yeah you did wait did he wait did he did he did he do it hmm did I am I missing something no you said something no talking okay so he's out okay I'll kick him out I'll give him a kick like spaghetti we can do under like spit gonna like hash tag a little likes playing one throw some like spikes in the check hit that like button hashtag little like spike spike you said I okay okay I'll count that slide I'll count that slide Agnelli add people who have on two hundred coins did that's my new role in front of questions did Simon Says music jump one time you got follow that rule ultimate I'd only can't just find everyone to jump music one time one time more than one time you get removed this is not our Fraser joining you can't drain right now dude you can do anything add me I have over 200 call you have to overturn joint strike oins for me this I can double check you did Simon Says jump one okay jump okay Simon Says go rob a train it together but you have to be back you're back here in five minutes alright go rob a train you got to be back in five minutes guys times let's go rob a train gotta be back in five minutes just rushing it those rush rush back back in five minutes guys five minutes only one person has to do it only and get back to the prison there we go you got five minutes to get rob a train come back in less than five minutes piece of cake if you only one person has to do it only one person in beast yeah you can't hop in the game while we're going on did sorry I'm kicking you I just can't I join just to watch yeah you can go in just to watch my commission kike Elliott that slide it was some Nicola with collection penguins tonight welcome welcome okay uh where's the copter we gotta get the helicopter we can't we gotta watch these people are cheating or not hydride joining congrats next game good we're in a middle of a game and someone to follow a hair golf there yeah well uh we'll be we'll be enjoying ourself a car right there I just want to watch it's only gonna be for I let sponsors only watch wheezes not gonna be like a flood amount of people stall I'll let that slide for that game these games why you kicked me because you just get joined the game pick mine you cheated how how can you cheat me Rob okay please do I have to be it's I'm trying to do it for less people guys to join to watch things I don't want to be confusing too like everyone so I can't just don't let that happen I just I just die you can just watch on my screen I tried it like try at least McDade but someone else took my suspecting thing re yeah my helicopter D so so I'm gonna rush over here take mug and and one day cheated they cheated how did they cheat because they breaking they can break what wait Johnston you can't draw and write the game zone did sorry check to austell uh you check my fan after stream yeah just let me know or just message me about it or sometimes I'll totally remember I just don't want a lot of people on it can cause problems shatters breaking shot is not breaking for me so they have to rob a train I'm gonna finally help cut the whole copy we're doing I'm up fries and joins the ration you cannot run right now do you can I'm going right now because we're in the middle of the game dude that would be cheating that would be Cheops yes Kevin you can be outed what's your role watching him I'll get that out of it right away not cheating hardly I said said not cheating okay let's go up there we go to sweet you wanna play next round you gonna play next round I just removed people right now I'll see what everyone's up to it there's trained everyone got the Train already you got five minutes gets a train let's see here um I think we got it right key I mean now bro cuz I have turn of coins um I got only one slot open actually a friend of God slap done friends and people but I think I might be able to do it I might be able to do it but I have done friends of FIFA how they already had the limit of reckless and friend people something have to clear our a couple people off my list here she did already do it I'm not seeing anyone cocked a train yet so so everyone's still trying to get a crane right now I'm just gonna go around this little thing and see if we can find a train a dorm friend me man only friend an actor people that's why I'm not unfriended an active people yet so why not unfriend some an active people I kind of know paradox I think have you a friended dude I think that already every friend or not 300 is you updated do you extract coins for verify education for me this is between a scam election so Steve Corino trained see here up up no no don't click radio up up do you know there was a vent there's a battery no going going so so I'm not really gonna do that bad oh wait you have 200 coins gotta verify that but you do next front coins Devere fight yeah I have a variation on it I can always check your names later on after this game still waiting for someone actually robbed a train right now we're still waiting for one person to rob a train right now she'd only take five minutes like if I meant at least the robber train and come back here everyone back at the prison Ernie let me guess I know I didn't see anyone see any were robbed the Train yet so we're all I'm present you got already got robbed someone who robbed two who robbed the Train I'm a new question who robbed the Train do the sign instead is there assignments this next round on no one robbed one here ours you're supposed to to have it you must have a completed guys so I'm sorry but you must have it completed you can't just like jump in it and just say Oh guys I got it done she did so they're out they cheated oh they did they cheat how they become a cheating I didn't see anyone driving the Train you got stuff some time to rob that train no you're actually out of time at the moment so technically she did so they're out can you explain about how they treated a little truck so I can actually understand because I want to know how they're cheating cuz I can actually eliminate them and call sky the winner it looks like I I go inside the boat okay fine I'll take it either way because I didn't see anyone rob it so I'm not come to know one next time all right kind of sits down all right let's do that there's a marvel day so tomorrow is more of a day oh all right now they're out that was easy and sky the one GG on that one it was a quick little wake-up call alright sky no one did I was too easy yeah yep yeah yeah you just fell that one right there alright sky take your ten cake go to what it's called go to the go buy some Gucci batsmen Gucci clothes with that shoving up by one good she closed with that alright now let me give sky some roebucks because he won that was actually fun hey Adam how you did today I'm doing good ice tomorrow are you excited how you doing tonight sky the gamer 23 BAM and take your it's 10 roll bucks I think I'll give you 10 yeah Jesus in the chat for Sky guys throw some Gigi's in that's chat throw the Sun Gigi's in the chopper sky guys hatch nice guy Oh paradigm out for everybody let me see Gigi Scott let's see here copy let's deep your and my intent yeah 10 technically get 20 for being on the radio board so near 23 yeah if you guys are on the leader Burt let me know because you do get 10 roll looks a day and can I get my daily thing if possible yeah can you count what's your roblox username just let me know your roblox is your name also and give me some paradox and let me score up here and verify us verified keV plays coin soup he want to be friend 'add so let's see it goes to her Quinn's cuz 300 I mean verify that let me see if he's already friended and nope he can be friend in there we go enjoy and I'll take wait 200 coins from you now you got 142 BAM gotcha bro Adam camp give me roebucks please slider what's your robe oxygen just let me know your roblox name dude you gotta let me know your version is wat oh I can't give you a roblox if you don't let me know your robux username and mr. cake out I'll give you 10 for today kid you got your name's not pulling up on my in your not typing fast I'm I typed it faster let's have two good likes Mike no lag on Mayan little lag only a little drop frames that's pretty much it Lawrence you have tuna coins dude let me verify that dude I'll help you out dude I'll verify you did papi hey watch this you have 200 coins don't remove that message it technically had 200 coins so let me get them going to so I'm gonna go to France Italy remove interactive person so let's go rip someone here so here we go oh you know what we'll do we'll do this person why not I don't think I've seen this person ever oh wait no I can't remove them actually he the donator huh Rick I'll see anyone else here well Stu how about we do Kelo nope he's good alright remove and we will confirm it sweet and let me get you a friend class because you have two new coins on you BAM I'll friend you did players and accept BAM gotcha and I'll remove your coins from this thing BAM gotcha just want to verify that if you guys up to our coins I'm friend you're all yeah I'm from year old good out yeah I just had a friend another enacted person when I see that again give me robots I can't miss the gamer you number one oh it's me it's mister it's mr. key okay let me copy that now I get it there we go now you got it 10 robots right there for you mm-hmm who's that me I only add people with two other coins did that is there a payout to win it all right new game I was gonna do game I want robux you want robots do you have to have two coins the third new thing did you must have Turner coins to be a go ask a new game going here yeah spotter they go dude now you gotta dude you just got type your news name dude so I can give you your daily row buxton so let me give him this daily row box also wait I didn't want that let's go back here BAM I'm gonna do a couple things at once why not I was Jerry new link before I do that and guru that guy done Michael part over life you think'll sub and he's a sponsor it's ten roebucks this being a sponsor hang the roebucks right there he's a sponsor enjoy it and then copy save and group and I'm posting Lincoln all right cool gotcha I think I got you guys both Michael you took is broken it makes people sponsored yeah hey effects crab what's up fix your crab local Raiders Gavin what collection miles I'm doing tonight John FAC handed I only give Veltro bucks to people who are I got to our coins I mean you have 200 coins microbe ain't double check did welcome Raiders guys welcome welcome halls all doing tonight I will I Shima Fisher crap what's up fish crab with the block scenes and welcome to roblox when we're live-streaming tonight and we got who else we got here we got Stefan over live Street better night Ben from fresh crap ninja over live stream the man Zach all the lighting blocks mike whole froze gavin i lit roblox michael Jonathan is this minecraft yes this is minecraft there we go gggg welcome guys guys yall new here I should movie night 9 p pc 12 a.m. PST so I wish I always um stream at that time so welcome guys you guys know thank you fish craft very much good thing you didn't think for the raid did think for another raid bro I have my roblox my robots for being on the board my robots yeah oh can we get that to you do he's on the board too otra roper 10 there you go we need 10 robots minecraft dude no no dude I don't have that thing that you might be freaking cusp did it I had mine kept as a customer chef put that my bot so nightbot can like sue you for that should make it so Mike I will see you are some like that alright so let's get the next game here here's glowing link guys by the way if you guys want to join if you new come John's play some Simon Says honest can you friend me only friend people of 200 coins do extra bark coins to check your coins you must have 200 coins to get me friend requested dude how do I go on the leaderboard you don't spend on you basically more coins you get you just gotta have amount of coins skip Adam a wannabe me it's asking for what's your on a thing is either like oh is that guy who just copy your name jonathan is that you're wrong account is that your is that a fake account that's a fake how i can remote who's the top is we got Rachel Rachel donated so technically Rachel basically got herself on the wall on the leaderboard easily very very easily okay we got the links let me make sure it's always in the group I am and no wait it's already in the group and let me dry it really cook before you guys focus or in like five seconds hopefully how do you befriended by you must have chair enjoins do extra mark coins once you have 200 coins I'll front you so no nothing nothing not not mine no not mine so it's the wrong one not mine okay is it you on Jonathan was that you was that your second account you have so many accounts to and like that you guys must have 200 coins and if you have some dollars in my pocket I would give you some roebucks I'll give you some robos every single day all thanks give how do I get coins by watching the livestream very easy watch the live stream chat and follow the policy down below because I'm allowed to take I'm not allowed to not let you earn any coins to with my policy down below just got a game remember nope I can't Ralph you gotta have a hundred going through that yeah I'm doing good mister I'm doing good I'm good are you excited alright I think we're good right now everyone's on the server I think all right uh last chance to hop in now do you help well no sky and I are helpers I think my coins yeah I got updated I don't I'm trying not to uh I'm gonna update the Bluebird like every week because not many people gonna hit like a high goal and I do it every day what's up Rob Ryan I need insight let's go please BAM all right no I don't want to drive nope I don't want death please you please send me a friend request uh only some people friend of closes if I have two hundred coins that is the thing dude 300 coins only and you can get friended what if you don't left your goods I can't friend you did that is my thing dude knows my thing key copy the link can I copy the link to shot like this I am like that there we go I can do that guy robbed yeah if you hop bond sure you can rob if you get in the game and someone kicked me wow wow wow someone's having a bad day someone's really having a bad day Ausmus don't know likes tell you guys what I like hash tag I like swagger throw some like spikes in the chat guys hash tag a little like spike Lex banach doesn't like spike if you have not like to make sure you like ah [Music] me long for dudes or a sponsor we mean by that Joseph Ralph life thank you for that summer sufficient war machine who's doing it guys here is killing me who just killed me who just killed me here who did I'll sue for new make sure you turn on all your notifications I that hockey doesn't work oh nice ah there now it's working okay make sure you turn on all your notifications um and you can know I'm live always not so let's got Michael what's up dude well I shouldn't want to call um no I'm gonna dude I don't really talk to people on stream I only did that last night because if you wanted to talk to me so why not I thought getting the call it's full rip you can always lake next game always the next game so go to goob on their devices upside down you had totally they must have really done that or they may just have thrown it to the wall throw it throw it to a wall you always totally like like on the wall alright let's go for another round here for Simonson I do this musical chairs can I get Jay can I get a jakey can I get a jakey can I get a kid yeah you can get a key from me just walk up to me you can get it go to bed at night since it's summer for me I go to bed at 9:00 since summer fig I stay up late you stay up late it's summer saw stay up late nice Devon I'm gonna be changing up my streaming schedule in June so I'm hopefully I'm thinking of a schedule at the moment but I'm waiting for waiting for like Creek cop to tell me his schedule first what he's done for streaming and then I'll be all mixed I'll go around from that so I'll be streaming when he's not I like doing that when he's not so if he ever is your first time it says you know how to play Simon Says a fight if um if I say Simon you do it if I don't see Simon you'll do it you must do it guys I'm robbing yep he's robbing take the key card for me and just go rob stole my doughnut don't steal my doughnuts bad dude don't steal my doughnut Jim's lagging I don't know like for me at the moment every was good for me still yup still my coin I'm misty arresting come on Beast okay beastie wizard names name okay everyone's calling up it's you know I'm gonna up the block you didn't I'm friend you did big your pan block just started your arete I don't know why you're arresting dude still there we go a little block for you BAM bye-bye I'm not dealing with this anymore so I was just to a full block out on this dude micro yeah so many people caught him out GG Mike was so salty and hacker you're a loser thanks did your austell - I don't think you're a hacker dude Oh spoke through its Simon Says all right sam says let's get this going here Simon Says down I'm just gonna watch are you can watch even watch Miss Kitty got just stay out of line huh so I know you're watching all right Adam I'll start with the Adam studs down for Samus is no talking son is there's no talking you're no talking time says no talk Josh there's no talking guys who wants roll guys who wants roebucks let's get the only thing that he tacks to his sister's roblox is coughs no resting you have no resting Jonathan hey you can't whisper Jimmy I think that's cheating is that cheating what do you guys think it is that shame freak what are you doing dip down did you want to lose hard like get kicked again dude down down it's whispering is whispering counts that's talking I don't know he's still chatting but what do you guys think all right because Frick mans offline somehow looks I will kick come eating the last words I know bye-bye I got him I cooked Crim's not me Crim's Adam kick Crim's not me what what Crim's criminals did their fine micro you're out yeah I kicked them what do you guys think do you guys think this is cheating right here I don't think you guys can see it but he whispered me why we're still we're still whispering it sorry I'm late andreen you're great sorry that I have to kick you whoa Michael just talked we're still number still going off with no talking guys come on guys hey every door you open here every door I'm open less creepy anyone else wants to speak I mean I do anything nope we're still not talking guys we're gonna see how long this takes don't think your stocks or you're out I think this is the best one ever guys they were no talking means no talking in chat sound longing to keep this up for Simon Says all right Simon Says okay okay you can't use you can talk you can talk you can talk all right here we go you can talk say hi sorry people fell for it hi Oh Oh spoke Wow everyone's smart but that was actually gonna work I thought that was actually gonna work it but note that it work they're robbing crimson robbing uh uh let me kick him Crim's is robbing uh Wow I won't did it em did it and did okay what alright em just kick ok mr. good guy Joey Frank and Robbie you want to huh man guys ok for real you can talk so long we can just all ok for real you can talk so so you want to roll so who wants roll bucks man you guys are really good I can't even fill you that much this guy it's time it says you can talk man you guys are good music plane uh what music explain oh that's that musics fine I have sounds off for this too ah okay my dear Leroy yeah rerun I can get that to you right now uh I thought you everyone's gonna get kicked that all the sudden want to see so many people talking I totally think that someone's gonna get kicked okay oh dude let me in - Rob I have to let you to the next game Jonathan and now let you're gonna do to me poppy Simon sure we'll take turns alright uh sky sky and me are taking taking turns we can do that sky and me are taking turns alright this guy go alright sky take some turns I'll save you guys want to join register joint all my awesome social media we got Twitter got Instagram got stamp which I got group and we got discord if you guys ever want to check on check me on discord chat with me and you want to be creepy you can do everything let's play musical chairs I'd say so make sure you check all awesome up there to the bench is up was that you didn't say something says oh good oh wow Jimmy Rob Rick almost his son almost did it guys guys he is for real guys he is for real so come on come on come join us our skies all had become yogurt cake it was WOW beastie because you rob people did I'm just not gonna deal with these robbing stuck well that's Oh 10k 100k hey true blue what's up dude it's 100k right here guys it's a hundred K there's a glitch there it's ankle like right but you can drop on your K you can jump on Decatur so drop it sky so drop in Scott County people bring I can't really get this I want to get this so much brain I'm gonna turn for someone got it you got it you got it I don't know fill your blood you okay mr. Kay got you in the friend away in there for anyway drive away like go Scout the caster's Simon Says let's do Adam says have a good night spongy Simon Says ah can I get my Chi of daily ropes Boozer I have over 200 coins you have over 200 coins I can get you spin or smite but Jonathan I can give you two spins or you can save them up for the awesome stuff Jonathan you can save up for other things um stays up okay you know kit skies sir times let's come with them he said sign is this guy's oh so big all the way he didn't see senses right and everyone's out exactly wait he said just say Simon Says wait he didn't say something says right so that's I mean make an errand last two it must be last two last two right wait right here how many are we right yeah you can get a key can just rush by me oh oh you guys said it wrong so stupid bananas out wow so many fewer out okay so we got okay who's in who's in can I get a lift stood in whose then who's in you got Jonathan your Tecla are actually topping the leaderboard so I can give you some robux but you use your name Jonathan I'll give you some robux you have to have on your coins guys get robux that's my requirement or you can win it by a spin the wheel Aaron and doctor is still Aaron and okay cool I'll just start where and all right bye guys bye bye and doctors still here okay supreme doctor and paradox his jet bye bye and Coco's out and dad's out and roast Roy I am I owe you guys my life we got this bubble bubble baby wait this Mixel t said they said some can do it but what if someone spelled it wrong you gotta realize that something linked what I should do it's Jonathan - and Jonathan what one do you want me give it to Jonathan so technically he said something says wrong if he said he basically tricked you guys about the same Simon Says wrong so you're like everyone got like everyone got confused so you got room over that guy's memory has to say Simon Says correctly uh-huh he didn't say it right so if someone said some men plays so you can't really understand that okay my turn okay okay so hey guys ready yeah guys got realized that he'd never are you guys ready all right here we go it's my few fun or easy you tribute ok tripping it it is okay Simon Says what's my I never said my middle name oh do I got a good question they think of a question let me think of a quick question guys hey rocket fly old subdued let me see here let me think male question this is hard you got this a heart uh okay what is my monitor size company will stay company there you go there's my question what's my what and this was in my this was in my setup video I know anyone who watches my setup buddy are you guys if you have the room never watched my streaming setup for you yet so you guys just got name my name my company name okay your trivia it was in my string instead of video I was making sure you guys actually watch this you didn't watch my shaming setup video man you guys know you guys don't even know what my um my monitors company is right what is it is it a am I gonna say it that's a tricky question go watch the video do something to get that what's the for president I would know what the for personalized states we've got that actually Mandy I watched it oh you forgot you know it then you went look this up I think it's the flirt you got two questions you can do one of those questions will say you can you can you can't shoot what question that good the fascial joining the sub Irish mission you can choose what questions can you mine or skies you can do minor side woman's easier mark longer life Jim hide seek is next I'm Meili is he right got caps there dude hashtags I went to intergroup into the group wall I can't find it please help we're not ruin the middle the game dude so it's definitely one right crap wow he tried it it doctor tried it Doctor Who fan did it nice Doctor Who Doctor Who fan laugh all fans zero nine Wilkes there we go you won guys GG he knows how it work alright let's give them the 10k boys 10k let's drop it drop it like it's hot right there get Richard than little take us take it take it - you got it good job bro gotta be richer than little tip if you can't be richer than little say then good job dude good job you Richard little hey good job be Richard them little tech I'll have to be guys in life you want to say just be richer than her all right Cole was a 34 minute game I don't know that was game long I was a long game I kind of actually typed tiny what how long these games that about 30 for a minute game just got off work and I use Rachel how was work today everything was good hopefully all right so now when you get the next game going hide an insight Rachel welcome Rachel another awesome sponsor got awesome people on you in the chat some of you guys don't do a robbing spree my ideal robbery but we're not doing like like we're not going crazy tonight with the robbing it's like if I rock could fly I got you a man long and slow day I know right my day was like work day for me that was like that was my day my day was a work day outside and then inside we can do I had CWI to seek alright hide and seek ask you the game it lets the tides to go and big hiding takes forever also doctor found you to give him some robots so it's never objective join it and let me give this guy robots for this round and I don't even have on the throat I really meant yells do hide State yep you don't even get by some role books so give me one second by I'll still buy myself some the roll bucks I mean yeah we do not do BAM all right confirm and wait wait wait away paper hurry up come on come on hurry up paper come on Pete Bell hurry up hair we thank you bye and like done or just so we yeah I got to identification doesn't mean purchasing and then now we go now we purchase that now I can do this and stores and there we go hi State Police the upload into some hide and seek right now time says the next game will be next time if you have enough time let's buy this shit a bunch of times so we can so we can wait so it's a fizz more life for me what is wrong with to the chat oh the chats broken free yarn yeah robot they had some issues today with the chat and stuck that phase what do you have to expand it didn't win it did alright 40 we got we got dr. fan won this game so we got 10 rope ding gotta buy it buy a little time yeah alright hey dr. fan if you want your roebucks for this rounded top in the game did you go hop in my group did i'll give you maybe next until next game to do that gotta hop in did because I don't your name's not on here did I spell it wrong I have a hundred cards I have to spin it for you and get one roebuck damn so make sure you hop on the group you gotta hop in the group if you are new to the coin system do extra mark coins you 100 coins gets you one robot one spend to one in 50 coins can you redo your spend basically Twitter coins you get a friend quest by me on roblox 3 or coins pick something on the will for our coins make me do something 5k coins I'll buy you one month OBC on roblox but that takes a long time hundred k you can get Mon if you really want it yeah and then if you're in the leaderboard you get daily robots and other rewards also so if you are new I add I'm gonna add more things to it very soon so pretty cool things make me make sure spent I afterwards have to finish Rachel spent still - Rachel what happened in this game hopefully tonight you can hop in it's like Nene you get through all this rewards for you so I get your cash - tonight if you want to tonight I'll stay if you guys want to joint honey cake yeah why not like everyone asked for it so that's why I put it there I have so many jokes for an employee people but they don't work I'm singable blocks tell me it dude I want a joke I want - I want a employee a joke I'm played juggler person - no blocks tell me it did I will take a strong no it'll only take a short time my guys I didn't for a reason some people all hats for it if you guys want money my stream just turn on UK doesn't take that long you get a hundred K every two four six eight ten bucks every five streams every five stream every five streams you can get a hundred 1k so take five streams a hundred divided by fighting on you divide by five I think right and right do the Rhine Frey five am i doing off right yeah I think I have maybe 50 streams well get no it's not 50 streams very five streams so it's gonna take you 50 weeks about that maybe 50 de 50 50 weeks about the king mod takes a long time it's like waste has done this is this day life wasted it on a stupid game not stupid game I like this more than minecraft so it's better confirm it there we go this is like the new Minecraft for me most like Joe Rick's kinda like why her go stroke yeah tell me it goes - that was the jug okay that's a good one of your blocks want to hear it ghost joke yes give me a go stroke I'm watching extremes all yours how many points are you how many points now give her some robots you have to have a hundred coins for that dude I'll fall all the rules above the stuff used to the M word that's the spirit that's just all right throw me one Marco livestream I am Deadpool you're Deadpool Simon's hey I am the bacon area the pink in here no he's big in here Kevin is still salty all right it's time it says lineup it's me serious payer gaming what's of is why I we were like I like the VC gotta have 5k dude I might get to 10k maybe Simon Says line up line up line up everyone's sinuses line up don't wait wait wait we are doing a hide in C go hide go hide wait I was starting sorry sorry you gotta go hi guys go hide out I totally wrong about that I'm in the yard alright dude even though your C your um your yard let's go this way where are you Rachel I can't join you can't drive rip Marcie why do you copy Creek ah I don't know really like I really don't know dude everyone doesn't sir do you forget help you help you I think you're forgotten that everyone does it ah not just me dude not just me ah everyone does this can I get a key I can get a key all right hey Zoomer block think that 24-hour and makes your challenge that is what I'm doing that's what you're doing huh 25 mix challenge that what do you do you trying to do like eight jokes for 25 guys go hide go hide I have to give Rachel some I have to get another I'm still trying to win wait wait wait guys guys want a kick one eight guys go hide I mean go hide outside prison yep outside anywhere anywhere go anywhere anywhere go go anywhere go anywhere all right hide anywhere guys go anywhere I'm falling you think II assume we're blocking you to fall on make sure dude think you thinking dude Taylor Swift we're live stream did any good Taylor Swift songs yet you got me no okay let me drop you in case I get this 10k one done BAM you're not well he dropped fifty thousand a date every time I was about to drop something oh my god sorry Joel oh my gosh can I just give you chesses call it I just do that so I can get that limit till the views are awesome makes the Smurl sim roblox says you guys are awesome and me limit oh my gosh nerd noodle when the lifestream did rip on a limit why just do cases then cases then cases then why do cases then I'll just give you cases then maybe I can't join drip I'm sorry I should've let you join Mishka we got some sponsors near-silent I only let's I don't want sponsors done first oh you can join in when I can't get someone kicked I'm your kid got cuz we until I get kicked someone here and there used to be good to go then you can just hide somewhere you want that or wait for a cash I can wait I can wait for cash and haul reefer gosh you can always wait for cash let your trades can wait for the cash I can do chest you can do gonna do chest alright sorry I'm gonna have to just give you justice some oh alright I'll gift it to help I mind you just give me your name let me type your name so I can get this done so ah we gotta make sure I thought your name right sometimes when I don't give it out okay good all place well they're right for your list there we go we'll just give you Chester all right this makes it a lot quicker for me I can get these done for you okay here BAM have you tried the jetpacks in for tonight nope I am NOT tried than Jack flexing for tonight there you go first one I think and I hope that one gave you and another one here's to now was to sending a tank a jailbreak go one yeah we got we're going down hey what's up back up slow fine thanks for coming up peg awesome Chi Chi wanna make some new shirts for me and just send it to me uh-huh because you're so awesome at making shirts if you want to make me a DAB shirt or something like that cool or a dab shirt and make me a couple shirts to be awesome Pekka it's gonna do that for me as a moderator make a couple new shirts I can put on the shop some people can buy some new shirts how many clothes you up to two extra drop coins I step on a coin fake I'm a fish trade serial killer I was not even left on that one I stepped on a corn flake I'm officially a stray or stereo killer I wasn't that was a good one but I've anyone left it already made your debut already made me a Depp shirt I already made me a deaf journal and Chuck and I discord wait we have a new can you buy me a shirt can you buy you can you buy my shirt now I cannot my shirt didn't I already sing it up uh I may have met Chuck discord may see the one girl will collect him misty haven't check discord you I'll see if you guys want to join my discord server all that all the stepping talk to me after streams all that stuff I always talk to you got the hopper stream and also talk to me discord right there just Scott talk mean slash Adams Urich I've even follow my Twitter Instagram snapchat gaming there's all my awesome such me and make sure you check them out yeah I'm not hurting so let me just go down here take a pic no it's all right like uh oh you dabbling those haters yeah we got a DAB on those hater shirt guys I totally I'm sorry Becca guys noobs shirt you guys want this new shirt finally thank you that's a pic puck I want to pickpocket me want to pickpocket me I don't need I don't need a pickpocket you because I need a little for you I'm gonna look for people and your shirt you guys download those haters finally shirt shoes file all right guys new shirt here let me know how much you guys want it for I'm gonna do it damn shirt damn shirt there you go guys everyone every guys want to dab on those haters now you guys can wear my shirt now mark my life Jim I think I have a good description for it let's see if that works hopefully that works shut successfully there we go all right let me yo config here if you guys ever want to make me shirts let me know just drop me some sure ideas have you ever wanted dad on someone now you can get my shirt to dab on them more I'll do that you can demo on more times - I like that a funny thing you can dab to time under 500 we can make the shirt under 500 bucks mmm you know what guys 200 bucks you guys have two ropes you better have two robots so I'm gonna buy it buy it mmm prices wait it worked they didn't work ways the memo feat to grow bucks it's like 200 bucks I thought to remote state must be minimum five but a crap minimum five a strange mark cow him I am NOT 20 years old wow I have one right I think I did right dad you guys you can make it - you can make it - huh I took ronk I did right good question there we go I think we got it coming so wait for that in Avatar section two get verified wait for that there you go awesome shit right there coming very soon hopefully that comes out I do any discourse oh thanks morsi's come talk to us and everything like that dude all right let's go find some people never if you guys have found you get kicked found kicks kick and I'm gonna remove the like last chance you guys enjoying it you guys want no vehicles yet no very cold no let me make that real real quick no cars no trees no kissing okay no cars no trees no kissing no kidding okay I think these are a good hiding spots right please better be a good hiding spots and what else did I forget no carbs no treats no kissing no hitting milestone for it no hiding in apartments I think these are done all right got no hiding no trees no kicking no hitting or hiding apartments I spoke the true words now do you have a habit fun Dicky Mishka got have a good night it's coming out there you go look I broke some rules in there gotta print first oh yeah I'm waiting for at the moment I'm waiting for it to be an approved so once I get approved we can actually wear it guys and waiting for it it's waiting for it approve right now so yelling wait for it Matan will live stream if you guys if 20 of you guys get this shirt will do a giveaway how about that and that'll give out paid single blog thing the host very much appreciate I'm sorry very sorry into chat rooms there's only one thing that keeps me from breaking you in half I don't want to of year round that was a good one that was a good one I spin a block I think if the host did for me sure that was a good one did there's only one thing that keeps you from breaking you and a half I don't want to of year round alright that was a good one I was like a good like what does the scouter Lincoln could not access that's a really good one dude mm all right let's go around I totally laughing okay so let's go over here hey Dumbo to Dino and Waikiki where life's turned you'd hide a beautiful collection thanks Meg no problem dude tell it to any lady I'm talking I don't like to of your ah oh my gosh okay let's go find some people here let me set a timer run you don't want to wait five hours of me fighting you guys so let me set a timer on right now thirty BAM I mean mixer chat outside make sure going on in the background so but I can't rip will get gout yeah if you kiss someone in jail break then you get kicked that's ours that's a real - dude my Genet say that hey dumb-dumb my face i hain't no online dating ya know it I thought I'll kick the first ever online dating in roblox and roebucks we'll never know I was just I'll just name it something else putted thumbnail and all the sudden they decided when you walk into it and it will be a it will be it I'm totally gonna get bad for that I am til I make the first I'm inside I'm like the first ever I just got you see dab on them haters dab three times step three times dab dab dab there you go just a down on them haters dab three got that Deb Sherlock I'm high in tree you got high in trees you're not hiding trees you cannot have high high didn't treat you you know I love to oops I don't want you that I don't wanna garage I never why I'm stronger and just check for people oh crap crap I've got to get out get out oh my gosh get out I have to knee height everywhere like like in prison yeah you gonna hide everyone everywhere so let's go here no I don't think roblox reliever right for your fight games so it'd be pretty easy didn't make the game AXA okay let's see there's anyone holding in here went home no no no trick or treat no check a treat tonight all right go on i mean i want i'm trick-or-treating for caning right now to find people it's opposite day it's opposite you're no savage thanks okay let's go let's go let's try the story i'm students we go through all these places first anyone here anyone by a Simo nope nope don't let don't let anyone touch you see mo if they come here tell them some football 4:07 one they gonna fall on make sure here that if someone comes around tell me tell me tell me if they come around it's so much someone took my car oh we got Matt Matt's up that's out alright Matt's out and that's up I did I'm at excited Matt's right there did Matt what are you doing - you can't be doing that you taking my car dude you can't take my car dude but you cannot take wait that's not my car my card right there I saw someone - so Matt's out now myself so let's go how much just Auslan yeah I kicked one person so far got one now and I hopefully look at the get look up in the gas station Oh looked at in gas station I saw Matt it was that Matt is that person help no loss can I pray pray dude that always helps did someone is with someone not that I'll never know hell it copters your money verified Justin what is wrong for YouTube tonight I'm not making fun of you it's terrifying it's like five mystery box I always get that always dude yeah YouTube's broken tonight everything's broken tonight always around no problem helicopters I mean no helicopters by the way let's see here stay happy you came in find me ever I only found one found one person someone by the let's check the prison right now you know why people go to the prison always so let's see I can't walk you need to be please crip I need to be please dude please let's Steve there's anyone here anyone by the prison let's see here nope let's see me down no one's over here alright let's check over here look up look up in the C Mo's gas station I already caught one person by there I already caught one person by there right now you check this whole prison out and see there's anyone over here see there's checking here we got 30 minutes we already checked me here I think well I'm not checked up there I'm gonna shit for the for the girl fans oh that's good that good that's good let's go yeah Craig couple shirts they'll be great so we can get a lot of merchandise on there our never for my life can be more Oakland why should alright we'll take that helicopter all right stick thy hope Coptic doesn't make your like lit will go away from you in sight let's see find where addressed arrest even time think in the gas station in the gas station it see anyone buy the gas station did you guys see someone in the gas station or in my blind now for once I don't see anyone no map oh yeah no map I don't really looking at I don't really look at the map here the thing I don't stare at the map but really I really don't stare come out so well you can always check on up oh we can talk this person list are red violets are blue a face like your belong in a zoo don't worry I'll be there to nose is a cage for laughing at you I was good oh my gosh okay let's go over here that's a good one mr. block in the gas station I never like seen anyone in the gas station oh my again it's not for that one stop spamming micro okay see anyone over here alright I don't have to turn of quints I'll friend you later today I'm freeing you later just save up your coins did just save every coins above the gas station so there was someone bug the gas station alright I'll check that out I might go back over there once I take a little round trip around again I put away your map while you passed me up pasture and Aaron you're in here you're in here you must be over here let's see um oh my gosh I was right there how do you not see me I'm going back there right now just make sure I'm not to double-check everyone at the moment let's see here I want to make sure to go back here just the module which I know I passed someone here if you don't give people hiding spots away yeah don't give out your hiding spot don't say I'm past you because that just gives me a chance like I should find you so um kick does he's robbing what cake does he was robbing he's about to rob I think like one minute ago I passed like 1 minute ago all right oh you were good Aaron Aaron said it late I got a question if you ever want to redeem my current pattern of coins guys enough guys since I'm my Hannah McKay question whenever I want to redeem my coins if I'm enough can I since I'm active like redeem your coins you can redeem your coins every something go that and nasty most oh there's like a bars to like that guy let's check this way I'm gonna check up here right now let's see if there's any one appear first people allow to use like places link please can't give you a link dude we're in the middle of the game but I'll be cheating I give you a link yeah jobless right okay I'll check back there right now if I can even get there hung another map on me so it's gonna be hard guy go I'll see you in another stream it's been fun telling me down to my awesome views of smash that like button remember yes hash smash that like button yes hashtag like spike smooth good it's a small block said hashtag like spike also Solex by can also subscribe also I am right there the chant has takes something like spikes mm-hmm alright let's just go back to the right now think of some Ibaka veena I did I used stream labs over yes she loves OBS is my thing I used I'm going going back to the gas station kind of up the moment think I'm going to right yeah I might not be on the right way anyways so let's see here um fun joke system blocks fun just almost made me laughed on him okay Oh ste here let's see you back at the gas station there was someone so maybe he was still adding maybe you'll just let me check the gun shop by finals sometimes in the shop could be some people so I'll just check the gun shop here quickly and go inside takes a long time yeah hi seek does take a long time just because I'm a new about it or just me I'm not like looking for fast enough so we might need we already caught like the only one person yet so it does take some time so just just earning coins in the chat I will just say that it's a good time to earn coins I don't know if there's someone's there or not yeah no one's over here all these high in spots I go always you never go to the file station I already went to the fire station I went underneath the fire station that's why I'm weird where's places I never go to guys let me know in the shot if there's places I never I just bought the new shirt from you you DNR for we haven't let Steve it's very it's open and hey yeah it's open guys new shirt right there guys the DEP shirt is right here guys if you guys ever wanna go to my group and get the dab shirt you guys and get the dog what's up clay and ie Johnson dick for the subform Archbishop Oz guys we go dab shirt only for five row bucks if I ever wanted Alan something I can get my damn shirt and down them down of them more times to so 500 bucks brand-new shirt dab-dab shirt is on our group now if you get um like 20 cells off of this dab shirt maybe I'll do like a little giveaway so yeah let me get the dab shirts I will shout out anyone gets adapt shirt today also so go to group and shout anyone gets in depth sure always so and you guys get that adaption make sure dab on those haters you Jay Paul will be proud of you I already give you robots from Brian your daily did did so school remedy you about it to it we got art for bought this bought the dab sure thank you for buying the dab strip dude ship for no reason alright what do you PO pop I'm putting this started if you guys make sure it's for me I will put it in that store I will put that in the store if you guys make me shirts anything just publish it on discord for me maybe any fan er it's like that anything you want me to add on there just on the group just let me know I'll get a lot of shirts in there I want more shirts in there because it's a lot more better to get more shirts let's check the train station you know I still people can just behind in transition I'm just waiting for it to turn you're like the morning time right now so I can actually see let's see should I buy fifty roebucks once the shy 550 robux yeah you can buy fifty also here's a trick guys I mean if you don't want to spin on for a $5 on wall here's the thing that's those kind of strange with roll off roll bucks if you look at roebucks 450 if you go to the Windows version you can get roebucks only for a dollar so if you I never want to spend check criminal base alright if you ever wanted to not spend a lot of money on roebucks use the windows and use your Android because you will never have to spend 450 ever again so it's like I don't know why they do it what's definitely it's a fine if you're new so that kind can I make your show yeah I can make me sure mister you can make their show help closures on the discord sir make it cool I'll put on the puttin auto group I want to throw a couple shirts in there so if you guys do make me any effort what's up good anything works so like I love shirt something nice I'll at it all right CEO school my name for it to be morning time at the moment dude what's up yo H DNA yes what - welcome welcome what's up Steve didn't wonder if your first if I go to the no one there I'm gonna go around here with no crap I came to drive come to present come to prison all right I'm a mod now your Mon now it's YouTube broken YouTube's broken tonight I'm a sponsor again your sponsor again go to promote base okay I'm trying to get to the control base right now tell mama I'm hugging a pole at the moment I'm just hugging poles tonight he's gonna lick a pole first okay let's go all right I'm gonna cum releases roebucks is one cent it's one cent yeah it's like heckling one cent actually that's actually it alright let's go the criminal ways I think I'm particularly lip around again Wow I'll take it I have a question but can you hide inside garages yeah you can I might tell you to get out of the garage hey you do Zacks tequila stop Emerson so though this way you check the windmills first guy some people can hide on these mini meals let's see here anyone else anyone the windows nope nope I don't see anyone by the windmills side joining grind you can join and grind if I find you I'm just gonna kick you so okay let's go back wait there see no there's no one out there yeah just double-checking areas nope notice anyone all right on my way to the cover of base now quick crap create Krav windmills yeah windmills are pretty good place to hide so if you hide in the oh my gosh I'm I mean I'm okay I'm looking at the shed and I mean looking I'm driving I'm gonna be excellent driver someday I'm doing that one excellent driver snow across these good look around baseball right time to check the scrim release I am see if there's anyone here I said intern electrons were to think you dude thanks for turning on the efficient since something like an dude make thank you I mercy yes nope alright what's up Adam see nope nope nope alright there's no one over here okay I see ya me see me you guys must be up there how do I need to climb up there some people might be up there hey Mike Rowe hey Mike Rowe by Mike Rowe I see a I spot him he's right there he's starting it right there by Mike Rowe and gotcha Cod did that means you gon book you're gone did any last words man Mike Rowe great hiding spot there bro very great I'd say Micro where he did I did Mike there we go he's kicked anyone else stop the kick from this area oh let's see Maude come on you want to be mod you gotta have on your cake coins dish 3 mod and become mod yep you can become mod guys when you need 200k coins very easy to get me that one day nope nope alright no one's over here looks like I got everyone else thing over here check just got something extra yay next sure guys want to see the new shirt yeah guys here's the girl's shirt guys if you ever want to be pink Thank You peck peck goes right there help I could put his name on it I'm standing up for mod guys here is Peck oh there's the girl shirt guys if you want if you ever need pink now you can get beaten ow we got a pink for the girls thanks Becca if you guys make sure it's for me send in diem so I can actually put him on the dish record yay let me go back here thanks Becca I'm spring so much for us so so I can on you thank you dude very much appreciate that guys right there and let's add anger I'm dears girls shirt we got a grill awesome girl shirt but that is five roebucks why not please why not I'm gonna go to I'm gonna go publish it right now shirt shirt and bam I stay pink girl BAM alright pink girl's shirt nametag I saw it earlier take that was pretty cool like the I like it I like those like the styles up there I like it I'm gonna upload this right now cool new show got two new shirts cousin in the store let's has to be confirmed verified yep it's no verified nicely all right now I'll do this will do for the ladies can I get an emoji what's that smirk it's like a schmuck is that emoji I think I got a smirking overs I think there we go spoke the crew is right there I think I can use that I think in Joburg sell it five and say gotcha there we go I got the shirt here now it's just yet confirmed let's shout anyone who has bar merchandise there are new merchandise is good a group and line item supreme bought the shirt supreme bought the shirt again spring about the shirt markers bought the shirt speaking everything's little like and supreme bought the dab bought the show memories what the damn shoe bought the damn shirt but I think you did very supreme now if you have a ladies night Adam I know right like a lady's like extreme most likely there's Mike that yeah there you go wait I saw someone wait I sauce wait what did I just see someone wait am I thinking am I not thinking so IM d spooky at all i look at your discard look at your discord adam don't sleep shut up dude let's see here saw someone not strange remember thinking no give me another five more robots nellis why to get your daily dude that's all you get dude you get your daily and you get where you get me all throw fit i'm throw a fit all right also we add the new merchandise son in a few minutes yeah I just sucked but I gotta go sorry it's so nice book you think you did for you dude your fan is out you guys you guys tell me you can't tell me what people are guys or what's up steagle wait you're too young for this topic oh okay what's up seagull infinite election I don't go look up how to give good hand it's just look it up right now look it up send me a link because I'm not gonna look up anything maybe appropriate something like that say he's got a cynic gonna buy a new shirt no rabbi are you give your daily up dude see going only give out robots for the 100 coins did do this here you know this guy if it's appropriate inappropriate that I'm not doing it how do I get modern dis good I'll just give you my pecker maybe I'm not my to you on this good yet alright forgot to brush up new more lights you get it too right now actually and I'll do that right now do you Becca where's Becca because mm back there you go and bury gotcha well sky beware singers come down the sky don't be weird sky do not be weird sky in a timeout if you'd be weirded I'm kind of spending I'm not right now dude what's my desk where it's down below yeah here's the pencil ink for it right there what's up dark my life ended welcomewelcome ha so dark I do not give you your coins from your thing yesterday let me know I dare you to make your skin make your skin funny make my skin like my my Abitur funny now I have to buy a lot should not being rude but I mean little um being a little weird sky just don't be weird sky green I've got stuff no I'm doing what I felt mmm no you know what you're saying dude rip that him [Music] okay let's go up great there we go just it's not rude but it looks better but it looks wrong just don't do anything wrong weird weird or anything like that sky hey I love the new you too but real what you to what YouTube Ella Graham I know alright Sam did you only get five enough for kitchen today if if set plays make it up would it be a peck upload a video but poke upload a video or anyone else to upload the video for five years that's loading your official yet for the YouTube just doesn't like to spam you noodles with my livestream noodles I like the sound of that I like the sound of that I need to go get my slate and get myself a home and they're framing now I'm only friend you later I'm gonna frame just stay up and say why this game going on you're don't hear something just don't get weird sky it's one thing I'm not checked up by the radio tower still yeah it I just don't want to bring up like weird stuff in the streams guy that people like that way yeah we have yours this guy yeah so alright so let's let's go up here hey I just got free am I gonna friend you i only in front an active people don't how much longer we got i'm gonna go for maybe another 30 minutes because how long this is taking uh we'll see singing I'll climb up here misty there's anyone up here oh if you let the lamp I think maybe they're sewing over here let's see you guys old Steve some of the thought is that should feel always lamp right there my mom I can only you can't drop stuff so okay no one's over here alright time to dump it wait right now time to jump there sputtering right there jump oh my gosh crap ah which had a moderators Lord Sri haters for Troy's gamer Pekka toothbrush Lou sure heard toria's gave me one two three a third choice a stock car someone left in it someone left I have 99 coins Adam how much for the row bucks bro please tell these tell I'd only give out row books to people actually I'm verifying oh my gosh you did yeah I knew all Graham is so stupid YouTube is about to take away our rights most likely next next thing they do is they're gonna take away our like are just like feed I think something get frame with the feet so they're really messing around a lot of stuff these days I'm not liking where YouTube's heading it's already a big argument on YouTube like yesterday oh my gosh give link to the fan I can't give links to guide what's going on here I mean let me score up and check this guy just this guy just don't be weird sky that's all just just drop the topic and just move on just something else I'm playing for a night and so I find I didn't play for night didn't get some of those um when's dude how many ones that we got already I know I'm gonna go back over here and see I need to get a helicopter that's one thing so let me go back diem said I'm checking it check my names alright I'll check my diem xuong discard later on should I help check mine it's good car over here remember guys you're not allowed to drive cart and no cars no cars no cars no cars it's a rule you cannot have a car you know driving yeah I'm just not and my joke didn't imply what you meant I have said and yeah I just for people like bring up drinks bring up things like that okay it's like a ladies night can be just different I just joined in you want to help me a large service so we can get this game faster done wanted to help me out I'll have like two people yeah Rachel I read this comic you know I love drive you're not allowed to drive okay okay do I really need a car chase right now okay well do cars trace right now I say kind of dropped the topic right now it's a temp oh it's a template okay I'll check to diems I'll check it out and why are people driving notecards guys no card I meant no cars guys if you guys are driving you must get out of car you can't be I'm at creme Robles well which one got checked or which one I'm trying to let's see yeah this guy just dropped like jumped I can't talk it dang these rust I like I thought did someone say hiding the garage nope there's no drugs oh now I'm good hey Rach this guy if you don't drop the topic or oh yeah Wow yeah Rick John does Rosie udderly totally um what do you guys want to go needed spots you guys want me to check let me know this will take so long Ernie in 1930 medicine yet so only like 23 seconds left and I was driving here once a year oh my god ex ex ex got him skies out I don't know why he's driving bambo it's gone he's gone he's just dropped a time target so just sky just drop it afterwards okay time is up 30 minutes is up crema based - all right that person's done may goes in you guys can't tell me where people are don't tell me yeah just don't bring anything else up this guy oh yeah Rachel Simon talking to Don I want to bring it up too much sky all right I got no back I got no background music anymore what macro music you know hearing background music in my stream I don't have background music right now yeah I do let me turn this up do you guys not yeah just don't and just don't bring up - okay sky nothing Mario Konami can never find me you don't list out I do listen what do you mean Adam maybe Adam Marcus used to be a dating site in mob awesome known as they in Terry as a person or a crush I'll tell his deep feeling system I know right mob crush was like a dating site I think back then like a like really back then there's actually like a dating service like yeah mob crush like mob crush so mob a person crush is a yeah back then Pekka I know those back then oh oh my gosh totally back then oh my gosh because mob crush like a crappy helicopter thing I need that helicopter oh my gosh I have to go back to the prison get the helicopter not right now vanish not right now dine Abe steed dining why is Rachel saying that I know don't bring it up guys if you guys bring it up in chat um one of my moderators will just remove the cup women I want to start removing messages I think I'll just start in that moderate just remove messages yeah I just don't wanna have any one of the topics that's it no more talk was it was on that little topic ok just that I just don't be rude yeah oh Darius Mike that I'll just remember that comment do mate prison only please I'll make it prison only in a few minutes I'm just gonna cut the rest of the people in town first Lau's we wait to get a new helicopter let's see here time out people time open people yeah I'm gonna start to start having enough people yeah it's been really quiet for five minutes I just don't want people like talk what we just you guys were just talking about soap hey it's good now I just don't want to bring anyone yeah I just have to bring up anything did you know listen you don't listen Tiffani you said a friend of quest dude you said something about a friend quested and I said later I'll do pretty close to you so I do listen I know I just remember what question you answer me like five minutes ago well I do this why do this why do this and why why do this why do this what what my might do this what do you mean why I do this I do it you just passed and I just passed hearing an apartment if you know part me paundraka kicked we can get a prison in a few minutes I'm just want to get all these people people done first and if I'll just go down a little live-streaming for you to think this is boring we're just looking for people so it should take some time it's hard it's hard it's a fight but fight you guys are some up telling this is so boring really on there Phil if it's boring then fine I just tell you if it's boring for you then I'm just gonna give it time we're just trying to find some people and enjoying a little chat calm bration cell technique super feet must behind you yeah look show what's in the Gabe I told loss of a large server let's get them wanna help me and get a heli well you're just gonna get large seven involved this he's gonna help me out let's see we're gonna get Adams later he asked me to help see up all right there just go grab a helicopter server will go get this done alright so we won't picnic make this boring so now we're gonna go get a hell cumbersome and I are gonna work together and do this um listen you're honest chat I don't know sent you something cool on disc rut I'll check it out going something on this record no ain't no Phil there you go dude I'll just kick it from the game ah if it's boring then we'll just we're just trying to get interrupting interrupting I'm stopping erupting interrupting for what interrupting yeah Laura so who's gonna get me a helicopter and we'll just get this going I don't have a key to all the key we can't switch all right meet at where's the helicopter right we have someone ever you took a helicopter so hopefully there's helicopter at prison um no there's a helicopter I'll just give you a key axe just some some prison anyways you know well string no map you're not doing them that no map though no map there's no map Postol don't use map you had no map or server just don't use map so people won't think you're cheating - all right I'm gonna let Laura Sarah drive me around so it makes it a lot quicker so I can just look at trench chat with few guys and upload another shirt Austell to you guys somehow wouldn't pop senator shirt wait Maps closed okay it's nicer up top norm does need to help him see if he's a please think he's a criminal he needs access to the when we're getting off to this yeah we'll do another game we're just gonna make this game a little bit more quicker and just get one person to help me out all right I got the door up in for you Lord sir if you need it you gotta go hop go to the police station I know the game's long guys I know these games they last about two hours about but it's gonna go quicker than ones in my area you guys can tell us any hints - gays get you guys found really quicker we're gonna fly around and so we can get all the flying people around click our people see you all right no sir oh you went outside you're out here okay figure out here and bam very cool all right we got chief we're gonna do this to people's good enough to get this done quicker I'm so sad why are you so set Adam I'm not interrupting you I'm reading stuff what wait I'm moderator no I'm like no you're not moderate it's a glitch on you do hey I'm not driving you're driving way I'm not driving no it's a glitch guys you just broke in site so you guys all getting very frightened moderators for like look omission kick has been found Oh Gigi on him he's gay bye mister kick biting I ask old boys why not why am I not all fats are joining to be up his breeze we're in the middle of the game did I realize that were in the middle of game Jerry gave me coffee yes coffee I love coffee all right let's check the score look good when he pops at me something I'm just quite need a neck piece or it in your next piece you need a neck piece so that's pretty good I like that ghoshal and your neck piece and like all this the neck piece for it okay I think it made me do that that'll be a cool shirt we'll use yeah psyche messengerís guy I saw that dude I saw that I'm kind of coming on for sure no let me get let me get woody pops shirt grats to booty pops trick right there awesome you open that topic there we go we'll stay this will be a good shirt a logo as our sure we'll take it need a neck piece there we go make that shirt I'll use that a shirt why not our logo husky yeah how we got someone it's glitching allowed no let's do no glitching to make it a little easier no coaching Doctor Who fan you're out did you're out by dude but he's out all right also if you guys want to spin while Larson and I were looking for people it makes it quicker so one person is doing it too and anyone up here nope and let's go we're off yep check your s coins if you guys have anything for the coins I'm know right now ml we're live stream and sky I read your comment did but you don't need to like bring it into discussion I would say person like that would say just don't bring into discussion that's what I would say just don't bring it into destruction am i working flesh Jim I just don't bring it like discussion that's I'm saying if you're gonna bring into discussion and stuff like that then it's kind of you're starting it it's at that a long time you said that a long time go okay yeah that's how you mister but we already went to this chrome release I don't see any one of my discriminatees okay I just wanted to double-check oh my gosh it's me what oh my gosh YouTube is like broken tonight by the everyone's getting verified it did Micah already got removed that's one thing and Mike goes another micro mark one question we I can't timeout no because you know I'm hotter its YouTube's uh thing tonight so everyone gets famous tonight yeah somehow you're right next to me right next to you you got it okay make it so we can hide in prison oh sure you guys wanna hide in prison want to hide in prison I think we're doing good right now you got a couple people I'm next to you you're next to me wait wait here look around hit my hiding spot is in YouTube hiding spots in YouTube look around I think this guy must be no no no it's fine look around here because guy must be in here what's this guy said he must be around here so let's check oh let's see it's prop mod and pokémon no it's you chose broken tonight this is all you two like fault tonight and things that's one creepy thing I just saw Nick Romero basin I don't see anyone see one up there it's up Holly boy see no one up there must be someone around here that's one thing not broken yet no it's YouTube's broken tonight with this shy issue I might have to let them know on Twitter also if you guys have that problem just send me a screenshot and I can just tweet out and team YouTube and get Team YouTube involved with that too tonight have a blue named yep J PCP roblox it's a bit more life gym I can't give up the silver code right now dude we're in the middle of a game Laurence thinks a sub or we should go there with something one roblox organizer do your thing no one's up here is anyone else here what's up CJ - what's up the face - Burke I can't get on the serve coat okay everyone go to the prison all right let's get Rowan to the prison all right everyone go alright everywhere the prison I need some candy you need some candy that sounds good right now actually I want some candy what kind of candy huh kind of shit myself zucchini huh well uh well hop up wait go up in the air air air cancel air go up in the air so people can hide how to be a sponsor how do you be a sponsor you want to become a sponsor Jeezy hit that little blue green button you can get my sponsor dude you got some awesome perks also vampy get friends - follow me on roblox get some discord syrup perks you get some coffee chat bag and chat name is screen for the chat more coins times two per a minute you get daily robux monthly giveaways and chat emotes you get the hype laugh loud a shock email you get the love emotes you get the Mima and you get the dab all those awesome perks right there vamp I don't like chocolate star bus or skittles I don't like Starbucks or skittles I like skittles I like skittles skills is good that's one thing I eat a lot of like skittles is my thing I like jelly beans awesome jelly beans are really good I like those too I need a lot of jelly beans now I'm do Simon Says weight loss sorry become a sponsor get some awesome perks for being one undo Simon Says now I'm not doing Simon Says right now in the middle of a game we're gonna wait for people when you make this game a lot quicker lose I know when you might mean it I walk I want like to cancel our caning at him yes Erica I would like some sour kidding also that's not I like sour can you I can eat more Stark anything Crick craft maybe not I don't think so maybe not thought not the toxic waste maybe play mining similar maybe we'll do mighty solar tonight will you stop like an hour and just so you're next I'm next on the list Oh know what's gonna happen nummis I'm next on the list I just came in prison I just came in prison it just just it's just in prison it's just in prison yep it's just yes we're just looking for being the prison um J PCP were in the game at the moment dude paint out your disc radium's oh I'll check it out go check it out a little later tonight later I can check it out right now we're still waiting for me to hide Oh fan are there ghosts Infanta right how much how much robots do you have uh four hundred I think something there's some awesome fan I want you guys think of this awesome fan er you say the F word oh yeah no saying don't W don't say that and I've removed it yeah don't don't be happy Maude you have to have you must have turquoise a honey K to be mod that means it's coins that's coins so that's pretty good I like that I like the style me got the 1i I'll add that to my fan art section I'll add that to my fan art section may your accounts safe out in yep and make your accounts safe yep gab gab Jeff I'll doubt for you dude no y'all and dab for you so how do I'm talking to a lot of people I'm training with to account to people we got make sure people we got muted people yep stay in the walls no that doesn't how it works you must stay inside yep you must stay inside - how are female 8 not like it's a joke Brett Bryan the honja cake thing is a joke guys don't like take me for granite you get honey the only way you get mod is being active awesome responsible at mature right guys right back mature and all that it was pretty easy to get mod if I seen you a long time my streams then BAM mod or a shimmer or youtube I know any of those it's technically a just a joke do you play for night yeah I played for a night every so often Jeff not really it's just a joke if you have on your cake that means you were active yep it really doesn't mean yeah it's technically just a joke around I I know no one's gonna get it so that's why I took it okay all right time to find time to look all right time to look I give you guys enough time tying the look all right guys let's go please do Simon Says after this game will do sinuses we'll do some sinuses after this game subs annual the live stream I know inside all right stop it all right it's fine some people here or should we find something let me know all right I'll go for it you never know oh it's you never know what's your name Adam here same as my robot you Jemaine okay let's see there's anyone over here nope oh crap that was stupid of me oops that was stupid of me me do I want to please stop for last do the floss I came and do the faucet and it's so rip rip oh my gosh it's crap okay nevermind I'll just run around and try phone oh we got some people I see two people in their eyes they do people they're getting caught right now they're getting caught right now two people are in the hi guys it's up oh you guys really easy looks like they left in it they left I thought I had them we changed to please really quick now hi judge please yes James please no I can't change being it changeful uh someone there you go someone leave the police just sleep please guys paradox from paradox okay paradoxes game kick we got it well our show any finds their game kick paradox a paradox being enjoyed you already get leave I think you left already right I think you left Yeley or lyric Laura Laura and then please there you go thank you guys okay I changed I think I think paradox is out of the server ballon micro gamer in FileMaker gamer alright rip micro gamer alright it door sir me finds it makes it quicker so we can actually find more people guys quicker so game's gonna go quickly feel like two people helping you so now if you guys really want these games go by quicker that's why we made the games a little quicker just tell me what you found Laura server so I can keep track on that I'm just looking around here and did the last chance here don't mind me doing something bad yeah I don't like you're doing something back and get into my account nope no thought was arresting I don't even see him at all died with a 5 kill streak and and and of 13 kills 54 50 times doing nice that's really good that's really really good good big cookie 50 is full of it more easier I think maybe not uh it looks easy charlie or treadmill what the only thing I notice a lot was it Jani and Laura I think that was the one thing people I love oh he left you already know what's up he knows what's up alright cool watch my video I have a list on description um don't advertise dude no advertising that's a real did and that is a rule maybe you're there maybe I'm there on my list but you can't hack me though to stab variation first base you're out too but Ben do you funny one yet what sir down find me out of phone that guy already can't go there we go hey no right you're out too I found you kicked I kick the wrong person let me up Oh or Brian I kicked you by mistake laugh out loud I kicked burr Brian by mistake I cook for hug person rip rip rip I'm sorry Brian I'll just give you some robots so you can buy my shirt how about that I'll give you so you can buy the girl shirt weer Brian twelve there we go I'll give me a hug innocent robot so you can buy your shirt sorry I kicked it my mistake but I'll give you robust I'll give you enough for those I can now give you a flex because I could do my mistake let's go there okay check in here no one's here alright I was still a good one to do and kick Tippi about once I'm a sponsor know my creamy not you know sponsor G it not to be a glitch for YouTube stupid YouTube glitch then I mean checking everything check the vents yeah check the vents good idea I'm checking everywhere here why me I'm sorry Brian I'll give you some relics to be singing buy all my merchandise I'm like that happened didn't I'll let that happen around your mom joined your mod droid your mom Wow I'm your mom joint right that's not my mom that's not my mom well that's good oh my gosh I don't think she even knows I play this game so I'm Intel check sewers oh yeah oh wait yeah it is it my mom doesn't mean no I played don't watch anyways guys I don't think I ever said it never said yeah yeah I switched I think she always told me do you still play minecraft that's the only thing I think my mom told me always you still played minecraft or something like that and let your game now where's Mike that you're done your dad will join our you know what it's gives me an idea you know what I'm you know it's just gives me an idea maybe I should make a video of like I have like a lot of new ideas that actually get my mother create my mom a roblox account I might actually do that now be fun of me all right I think that'd be a fun video to do maybe my brother when he comes over I made my sister I'll create her a robot she's coming over soon she's from Hawaii so my sister should be coming over very soon maybe I'll I have so I've good be ideas actually you know I'll do it I'm like my sister crater roblox account on a video I think I'm gonna do that and gonna be a cool video yeah when she comes home from Hawaii in the next maybe a week or two I might throw it might get her gonna render video and see how that goes so let's do no one's up here alright good no one hiding them are you rich no I am NOT rich Dan tubes is out hiding in trees he is alright green and I'm gonna kick you I did ease up and you kicked BAM now your daddy could well John have a dad oh my god even my dad i am i dad knows I played this blood he never created account you guys you know he wants to like me more like I don't know what he wants can i play a few bees we're almost done right now well down to like the final like people at the moment can you talk and discord no you can chat with me on discord I can do that guess check up here oh crap a drop you're next you're next step I'm I'm next you're next alright next alright hack my account then fight if I can reach me nope no one's over here article goes all the way then fight if I can reach me I'm too far I'm too far Rick Rick I'll be I'll give you a you 100 robots to play i way up it's okay it's only like $1 and all right he gets enough it's enough stuff anyways so he's fine throw no wait behind you roebucks yeah alright that's when you know i has totally know and you people know it if they drop $100 off of roebucks no you really know let's go around here yeah that's when I know he don't hate to see like roblox streamers and stuff so technically if he's dropping over like dollars and dollars in donations yeah totally do you like smaller roblox gamers seem like that I thought about doing that but I'm not done a roblox on bike I thought about doing like a donation extreme like donating to like random live streamers see what people thought maybe joint roebucks two random live streamers and you like a surprise thing for them maybe thought about doing that nothing really quite gonna do maybe I might do it actually I'll be pretty good idea find some people who don't really have any of you have no viewers and just go in there tell them to join my group BAM go in roebucks BAM nobody you can only gonna be how you actually do but I'll take a lot harder to do Karwar livestream I'll be a fun way to do it just give them some roblox drop them way to do it I think that it's considered scam but I think it's fine I'll just drop a robust garden card in there all that gives the end of idea I'm not gonna do that can you type your friend can you friend me with me on roblox only friend people have 200 coins did only friend 200 people join points do you have to get 21 to get friend guy check this area close eyes check out here go fake you're fake you'll fake I'm fake you have a fake profile picture that is not even yours Oh roasted totally got you on that roast I'm not fake you're with the profile picture I love how people take profile pictures from like random people so there you go um let's say nope here check this one you should have increased your friend link to friend thing turn just so small I I wish roll box work and it increase it but I think Creek cops talking to him about it but they're not doing it at all it's they're taking forever to do it let me cook a little action dude they're taking so long like they're really taking way too long and like actually do it huh two people right there Khan wow you guys hide together wait you guys hide together caught that dude all right rip Miami Lois uh if you get a hundred K in the livestream dude I'll mod you I'll totally mind just check your coins didn't make let me know in jail 500k dude but that's not gonna happen I can't my you Lois did you just got here dude find them a glitch halt you found just let me know his name do you know the name hey Adam dears - oh my gosh all right kick I kicked you by mistake or Brian I clicked on someone no I kick parents are doing my games nope maybe one day we didn't have it he's already out okay let's see let's check in here nope there's no one over here that'll be one type of thing it's they actually going and I'm the chap may be randomly sponsored nope age just should be good CJ you don't have a green name by your name so YouTube is so broken tonight YouTube what is next on your list just gonna remove the upload of thing on YouTube okay okay YouTube that would be your next um I'll be your next thing maybe doing or just removes out the word section I think I'll be YouTube next totally next thing me - next - tip I'll just go to remove okay good then no one will never upload on YouTube ever again you do want PS site anymore just to be a livestream site takes me the live streaming feature you kids already like I got a light message on you like if you guys have that problem just send me a screenshot so I can actually just tweet it to them most likely because I just want it like tweet them and let them know about it insight that can I 12 robots to buy your merch guy if you wanted my murse to fix it I know right I don't know what's going on with you two like I want you to be good but like YouTube alright you did one we when we say something do it alright you know what it'll be less stressful for you guys just to just listen to us listen to us once you'll make us happy if you listen to us but all the youtubers are complaining is your sites so stupid YouTube's like ruin YouTube's most likely you just making a new progress I'll just bring this new thing you only get five up like you can only get five alerts and then your and that's it and you get silent notifications I think it's so stupid like this is so stupid I don't know what I'm gonna do anymore site breaks like every maybe let's check down here yes service does count as a prison I think so CA Janos check this here maybe more time I might chuckles may be clearly checked it maybe some people know they're hiding spots in here and I don't know crying don't give out robots did rambling to people I got 200 coins I'll friend you to I'll friend you in about and about a bit I gotta remove some people off their friends list to go now your sisters coming Micah this you did I'm going to like hammer you did found anyone yet everyone's good at hiding right now let's go back down check pm's check my name's on discord if you got semi show it to me a discord damn on those taters yay we got another double no Seder shirt guys buy em another dad we guys want another dad they hit it well that's pretty good actually you guys think of that one do you guys like that one another Gavin those haters shirts a little like another like Gavin those Seder guys want another Deb shirt yeah cool idea I like that one you can create another one because we already have a dab shirt you can always just change it and just change something else like hash tiles through the hash tag Adam squad why no not like a hash tag armed squad trick I'm gonna do that one want to crank that one if you want to just change the name to you maybe do like Jonathan you can't do something else all ready have a dab sure anyways do you guys like that one better do you guys want another Deb shirt let me know if you guys want another dab shirt maybe we'll just take another dab shirt made more dabs than everyone likes spread the doubts around okay you guys want another dab you saw it yep I saw down on those haters and got my dab over there by the other side we were joining yeah I kicked him I got the person was joining and I think before might be it I'm gonna say cells uh checked cells check cells if you have not checked cells completely just check cells really completely because yeah there's no one here most likely we got checks tells just check the cells really quick and there was no checks tells I'll check up top again I'll check on these towers again just to verify that's a nice shirt yeah that's shirt is very nice actually quality show very quality sure what font do you use mister it's actually a really good font by the way very good fun I'm looking for other fonts to use also so if you have a good font Lim no to me map in prison right now you see two people if you guys going sunshine you can't drown the game if you guys if if my gosh if you guys are guys are not in prison not in prison then if you guys are not in prison then you're removed you guys must be in prison guys you guys must be in the prison that is the rule guys I jumped up ah did better me can't join your game wide because we're in the middle of a game dude I'll be cheating if you joined alright I made president you in prison yeah I can't see anyone stuff what's up today can you what's up girl I should are you doing tonight cut everyone I'm you're playing like you I'm you're playing live right playing live right I'm live yeah my life talking about it I'm playing the out and playing life yep I am you're in prison okay what is in present Adam by I can't watch your stream cuz the internet still slow Lord so I find it turn down your quality did that will help you out did always turn down your qualities if you have issues in your internet you just want to watch me add me I only had people 200 coins she actually might point to check your coin system nope there's no one here you just must you must have 10 or 2 coins to be friendly guys Molly you have to have two encores I'm sorry it's a rule now Turner coins is the requirement uh Thomas I don't we know what you said but ok check that say where else you guys wanna go submit oh you're gonna fly around alright have fun flying around take the fly around in prison so I'm right let's go back in prison well just double we'll go through everything in the prison yes now yep YouTube's broken yeah YouTube's broken big time you took took a big fat L today yeah you took a big fat L in the chat yeah guys it's all smiles in the chat for YouTube tonight new UK yeah behind Ukraine oh you don't Vermont no one has a hundred gay dude no one has 100k no one has a hundred K no one else it's nothing broke yet someone could have break it but no one knows but good try though Dave Rowan why sure a lot of coins you gotta be act of respect from oil and something safer nickel subdued I'm in sight welcome welcome dude I'm from everyone's mod we might look for mall moderators at the moment but I think we're good on moderators if you have about 1 to 2 monitors for screamed I think we're good we don't have like a fash had to deal with that's the only thing I shall get one okay I like to see that dude up up up there oh my gosh oh so we're just gonna round president looks like double check if that pete donates another 500 he can break it yeah you technically breaks the top no he's already top toning in the whole livestream he donated more than 500 if you had Zach appear too if you guys want to give me hints go ahead I'm Dee how do you screenshot on monitors I do you control alt printscreen that's what I do very easy control alt Rick screen just print a screenshot is the it's a quick little thing if you ever want to print your screen and make it make it make thumb nose noise like that there's a little tip in computers today your daily tip from Adam and daily hopefully hopeful tip you guys are in prison no not checked out you're fully yeah I don't see him I've checked selves all right check cells all right check cells all right we'll check June how do I join you can try this next game did you miss the next game what about the end this game hopefully gonna be about to end this stream off here I'm not gonna admit it maybe I'll do we got 30 want me to do some lighting similar does anyone anyone do some lighting similar after this let me know little mine still there can't hurt right you guys want to do some mine similars let me know we can do a little mine similar take a little break over this new tiny bit of mining summer up then or we can play another round of this see you guys next game did you guys like mine still water I want to do like a full stream of it and try it out Oh see no can't join you can jump join us the next game that's closed do another round I can do it another round maybe we could do a little bit of mine similar mine so much fun it's like chill if Scott jumps he must be on the walls look Oh nope they're on here am I allowed to donate yeah you can if there's a dollar sign down below stream laughs link down below you can don't if you want to just no mine stirrer if you want me to another round I can do another round well we'll see to soundchecking cells I'll check this area just I'll see anyone yeah I don't see any like the moment one round one more round you guys want to do one more round of Simon Says then you guys want to do a mine summer after this we're about to end this OP just need to kick like couple more people out when I'm around some say blocks watches back but nobody's the attackers are back and all right always hack was always there there's always hackers in fortnight those people Leggett for fuck the girl thank you I'm gonna get new banner soon guys a brand new banner is coming from the same person who built my profile picture so that's gonna be very very very very very awesome to get a new banner I can't wait for that to happen it's in a progress of mixes in the project someone's actually making at the moment so I can't wait for that in a stable question so if you expect to change in the YouTube channel and maybe in the next maybe week or so and you know still waiting for it at the moment from Gabey up from gaming I got commissioned so he's redoing everything on my channel he's gonna get the emails changed he's gonna get everything shades he's like my client mostly he's gonna be like my guy he's done a lot of changes to this channel I want to miss recreate the holy melts so somebody pop nor do I found him found woody papaya tree pop gotcha dude so you got a cop yeah I want to get the email exchange tubes so if you have any good idea emails ideas let me know I want to get a new coffee milk awesome and I want to get new things for like new sponsors will get I want to get the brand you like everything's gonna change hopefully can beaching yeah people can just lie where they are let's play fight of their life cuz I check sometimes I check the shelves a million times and no one's there yeah even though sells guys again some Chuck you got to double-check everything how do you join you can dress neck skin you can join us next game I'm around for my nice dinner sounds good have warm around and then mining summer yeah that sounds good may will do that we're just trying to finish this game off why you check those trees I'm gonna check the what is it's called the new entrance doo doo doo doo you have a million subs yelling the unsub's wow you're really breaking tonight if that was a good dude really taking a big fat L tonight do you see a view of this range can bring over to jailbreak of the hacks nope I'm not seeing that see I'm not seeing you got anyone you've got any clues I have to walk around again crap yeah just double check I can't join your services you're not offering us to play this server yeah we're in the middle of the game you guys gonna be able to join us next game yes there's no cussing dude in the game if Q got yells yep YouTube has elves every day um nope it's like it's like YouTube is like turning into it not a place where you can actually do what you love anymore Raimi I'm live noted if you have to be live if you ask then I'm not gonna rate you D jib stays you get a trillion subs on the screen I don't even think that's many people in the world no it's not impossible to peep I didn't even have that yeah so long yeah I'm still waiting for this game it's harder when people hide somewhere really hard or glitch somewhere or somewhere so I'm sorry guys it takes time I will just dude Simon Says to kick it off any I will just do that I'd escaped guys take a while think again here in cells all right I'm going stalls right now which people must be yeah I'm just calling up people glitch I'm aiming to make a rule that no glitching anymore to make it easier you have to be where we can see you three hours ago I know we started like how long maybe sir says one hour uh if you're not talking the chat or not doing much it won't count it that's how it works makes it so people don't have them stay you're just four coins it makes it so you have to chat I think to earn it sometimes you get less doing all your spots if you pull I have taught I've taught for a while yet you can talk you can talk okay there you go just check in now nope check the ribs yep that's long dude I'm not sure about that nope games almost done we got Scott more clues to the actually finish this game now sup Ariel I should dude I can't send the link did we're in the middle of a game stall or about be done here we're just still trying to get these couple feel we're so far away and alright oh my gosh I don't wanna lose the hate this game's the stream team what's up I just really want them to like and like really like so long all right it does take longer just high and steep you're looking like play with us we're checking everything at the moment just been verified in all around so far away good gun battle a little mint let's do five more minutes at least five minutes more and then right five minutes if not found we'll do it we'll just do five minutes guys if people are not not in here in five minutes then we'll just do it um it's not almost three hours I mean with a yard yet what are we going like nope which is gonna do five minutes and then we'll just do something the last people I've not been found yet can I help you Oh No maybe you guys gonna hop on maybe but we're in the middle of a game but maybe we got two people no stream teen I can dude you're gonna have 100 coins that oh I write how to go okay it by Aaron so Aaron had a go guys so technically three people remain right now oh my gosh so Laurie got you Yugi where were you where were you yeah five minutes just alright so Aaron got caught now sky and we're dis jet or worm machine as only people left there's only people left right now hey Kimmy only sub it's in this surreal oh and the su view ah how long should we watch to get a honey under Roe bucks ah you should not be watching your urn roebuck stream team so that's against my policy I have a policy so you can't just watch turning so I'm sorry you have to be like enjoying the life you watch it that's a tree that's a tree checking every right now outside person he is oh oh what more server phones the one let's go and die nobody here ma'am all right no we got two more people rip Scott yep no no we got two people war machine or jet what do you guys think is gonna win who's gonna win guys dis jet or a war machine you've got two people left you've got two people left so you guys think gonna win we got war machine just jet one of those people guys like gum battle [Music] so I was trying to make easy I think I went out think sky would like to hide there and I think sky knows I'm smart enough to look in the area always so our gauge sky actually made it easy this time he said hiding up in the cells that's only more machine sounds good yes guys like our champion and hide-and-seek so doesn't matter like sky has broke more records than anyone in this live stream so yeah technics guys right now we just gotta fight with you play out its ups Nelly key grow it sided if Steve could you a gun battle but yeah why not like gun battled then we could just found you why not also let's do another let's pick why not why not we'll just chillin here you guys are all like hashtag likes the person like spikes in the chat and I feel like think we want to like hashtag like spike hit that like button right there enough what doing the face because why not I'm the new what is this called yeah new totally forgot her name it's not a sniper wolf there we got it I'm the new sniper over there y'all take it let it in the face sup Spanky groans so give more livestream poke gaming with livestream looking at our look in the towers really well okay I'll check like spike in the face okay let's check over there what's up blogs King we're like should we go got any points nice table up micro you can get a friend quest at 200 coins or stain them up for a recent guy maybe I'm not ending it over gun battle we one a net with the towers no I'm sorry but it's gonna be a look in the tower with no ladders okay checking those you got off 300 coins in three weeks no you get him like every a place on his says we're almost done right now this game of these games that's why you should never ask me to play Simon hide-and-seek so these games do take a little longer made another shirt uh-oh nice dude Thank You mr. chicken if you want your name you can write your name on your shirt on the shirt so you've got credit for uh if you ever wanted gum battle by gun battle when you can just get founded it's better get founded who's your working hard for it now yeah it's time did you might get caught here dude game might be over dude any last words maybe got the last two people good out are yep you can always save up for it or buy it basically whoa it's got no right draws 5k coins now only 5k Owenton be in the Hall of Fame and the hug of thing the city in the Hall of Fame love that song let's get a helicopter who's I have a plan to do something let's go let's go get a helicopter here sitting in the Hall of Fame did you do you just get in the bio most likely when you get 10k no let's see here let's go up here hey you got a you got a bust burst your eyes how am I gonna brush my eyes you guys let em I win first person left might be because this guy might be gone right now boom that's cool actually find something cool nearby yellow site fountain do you find it wait help wait did you find him more server been longer than five minute it's been longer than five minutes we could just do this this is an easy one guys right wanted have you sent my wristband no I've sent skies already I have I had wrote yours wrong I have to rewrite it instead it I'll say it by next week I think Sky's getting his soon yeah I'm sorry right dried up to get yours I wrote yours wrong I don't know where the envelope is blow there to see well it's like right here I wrote it wrong I get I'm not showing anything you pregnant but I wrote it wrong it's like up here so I wrote it wrong I have to redo it I'll write it again bye I have to run down to the post office so once I run down to the post office I'll turn yours in totally forgot to turn yours in with skies so I'll get your sin out in the next like by next week bye for next week maybe like tomorrow yeah maybe fight tomorrow sky I'll send it to you by tomorrow cuz I'm going into town e-waste tomorrow so might not do it tomorrow so I'll send it up tomorrow so I'll get that written down tomorrow and you get your spin milk maybe next week so I'll send out tomorrow because I'm going in town tomorrow so I'll go to find anyone we could you have got a gunbattle guy the one gun battle it could gun battle it guys only gun battle things with people are waiting so let's do it good click the gun battle wow sky not really sky yeah I just told you forgot to give her Erik Jones next day I didn't really know where the envelopes are they gonna do a gum hey what's up laughs I left without this dumb none what's the bufl uffalo I got a little f12 to to two or three with my wife's gun battle asks to be a cop or just you can be a cop I'll be a prison why not I'll be a prison you guys be a cop okay take a cop guys hey what's up evil eye dude well - dude I'm mixture what am I sure so annoying you or not I'm you're a good boy gonna cop yep you guys be cops and then take over or just get a guy or just get a gun nope all friendly here also can you please tell me where you I'll do that God tells me to forgive same also can you please tell me where you're hiding so if you can please tell me where you guys were then we can verify that you guys were on that's Jean that's a good idea an exact place if you don't tell me the Zack places where you were don't spam please don't spam leaves whose family I can't drawing Wow they need miss y'all vision reservation okay nope we get we're knee gets helicopter Walt I'm gonna verify this guy before we go win star we're gonna start the next batch in just few seconds here dark just hop them game hurry up families man all right guys got another gun and then fight it off right now hey Thank You Lily Carlos og dingbats follow also Colonel killed chichi th I think the subscribe and give Carlos oh gee thank you for the follow on mixture very much appreciate also Guerette saw a mixture Don one-year anniversary today but things about fall over there thinking that key now the zombie he can just be you just get gun hey he can just get a gun good the professor of John was so dude what what let's see how you can has evil dude what's a low crawl so G I dread y'all doing tonight so I can shoot him until I say so Cantwell bro bucks no girl don't ask for books uh-huh got earned them livestream ways to earn him right here I want to donate rub bucks you want to donate roebucks you want a donee robux i have a group for it if you like to buy some merchandise let's see some we worked Oh Adam squad we got the Adam squats cool I like that pad I'm school you guys think of this shirt you got that maybe we'll just do Adam squad ooh we got Adams squad shirt guys maybe this wouldn't be like maybe 10 robots Adams squad not the Adam squad sure looking pretty good I like this mister I like this bro I like that Adam school we got the damage hater to new shirts gonna go in this zone that's good guys thank you guys so much if you guys send me shirts let me know guys send me shirts if you do make them I'll put them the group just send them that's awesome not even worth that works more than like a dime so I was like 10 I think we'll get that of squad shirt guys how to do is the best but did I'm gonna kick you alright he needs to get it done right now guys get a gun and let's get this gun or I'll kick do you get some payments of people make you shirts oh not really it's like a supporting thing you get your shirt on the store and maybe I'll put your name I it maybe I'll maybe I'll create you and stuff so maybe you can have some some stuff Carl you have to type coins but if you're just here to get roebucks I would recommend not because you're just gonna get nowhere look speckling because my coin system policy I'm a sponsor now you know I'm a girl it's the bitch is broken all right guys get a gun I'm gonna start kicking kahuna Oh these jet has been confirmed she did by Lord sir wait was he he was he cheating microgame I can read your Chad come on knowing you you're stuck in a wall so what do you guys think stuck in a wall what do you guys think if you you can preview I was no clipping in Psalm oh alright dude I think this jet I think is what do you guys think on top of the cell what do you guys think do you guys think um what do you guys think you know the chat I do need to get up early in the morning so we how much I have to get up I think that potato clock tomorrow so it's gonna be a busy day tomorrow you guys think that is cheating all right yes I think it's thing called did sorry dude cheating is not allowed by did and done Bucky by dude so war machine technique pata Mecca wins so no fighting no winning it's fine Jeff just lost word machine woman looks like yeah okay well dude alright we'll do one a one game of hide seat he's like hey I'm gonna have to go to bed soon whose idea have like I have to get up early in the morning all right Mike wondering yep going back to winter kind of give up 10k please I can't I'm sorry but I can't give you money give me your money but but I'll give you some all right sweet we're Brian and I might guys I might what I'm gonna might you guys it might call it a night I think because I do need to get early in the morning and I'm not trimming tomorrow just egging my day off tomorrow so what I made Chinese your fan on you made all right dude do that and we'll group it I'll give him the money robot oh thank you for all the Wow for funds how many people were let me check people I mean shout some people here have a good night Rachel if you're going to bed also have a good night thanks for coming out got supreme a part petty panty pant boy bought some shirts thank you dude God he bought a lot of shirts Shelton where she plays by us tab shirt free about the spot the dab shirt thank you guys very much brief shit got you guys right here where else plots it actually bought a lot of merchandise she'll Tim tonight John please you guys buy merchandise shout to you guys you know you guys all right war machine copy and bam I'm gonna give you something 10 bg1 and bro Brian because you wanna because you I kicked it by mistake he'll is enough to buy a merchandise oh you mean a we're Brian we have not done torture this week I have been sorry about that guys but we'll get torture going on hopefully next time I have to change it up maybe with the torture because has been still out of it right now I'm have to use something with the torture is real Brian still here so I can give me pick me tech link give them see I can find his name watch pup in my list it's just somebody typed his name wrong I think I'll look it up later misty oh yeah I might see if he's in the chat I'll do it from all right so I tell you need to get up early early I would like to get some sleep tonight been not sleeping a lot but so what I do guys is I'm going to maybe call it a night all right we could do one one more time we could do one game or game but I gotta call him yet night tonight you guys I'm not gonna spin the wheel I think we're done with spinning a little time your stay over coins it's federal sailor coins and staying up the moment guys we have 100 I think I'm gonna call it a raid maybe because I do need you up early early in the morning like at 8:00 from now seven hours from now do musical chairs I do I get up I gotta get up early in the morning sky so I'm not I get up brown like almost 12 o'clock everyday I'm gonna be 11 o'clock but this time I have to get up early Shanta gotta do some stuff you just go chairs I'm gonna have time to do that's gonna take about another 30 minutes like 30 minutes of hiding it and stuff like that I might have to call it a raid a Tecna you need to go to bed early right now I know Carol you know get monden they could do one game of musical chairs guys about musical chairs yeah give me a break totally hey Carl's closed up guys what one more Simon Says all right I'll let it off with one more Simon Says how about that one game of Simon Says then we'll go into the next game here all right fine fine fine we'll do it one more time it says we'll be musical you guys wanna do full-out musical chairs you can do fill up musical chairs fine fine I'll do one game of musical chairs and then we'll call it a hay stream all right all right take the link last game of the day until Saturday night because tomorrow's my day off why are you why are you why are you giving robux why am i giving my books Carlos when you mean by that all right guys last game join it night now hey what's up Jordan drilled drilled welcome lashing guys welcome Raiders Gerald what's up what's up did welcome rain drop draw link for the raid kept plates Aaron what's up welcome Raiders up daily Daniel D man what's up what's that one live stream how's that y'all doing it welcome Raiders how y'all doing every night 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. peace deep gamer Bros will come dude welcome livestream all you raiders here welcome Raiders what's up X every king will come live streaming denied camera my Adam to your coffee fan art from discord but so that'll let me join Mike Mike if you're still loading cuz I just got home Robert stopped surgeon what's up give me probes the game in our what's up being in Nicholas I'm awesome that's good dropped how about you I'm doing good I'm doing good thing cuz that Ray dude thank you for that rate what have you guys says I'll doing tonight drilled GG squatty st judes squat the GG squad is here hashtag GG from the if you're in the GG squad or if you're just coming in then squat Gigi's for the street a squad in the chat got some Gigi's for the GG squad use it why not give her Provo collection guys so some Gigi's these are the GG squad in here get those Gigi's in a chat forum get the we get the their third squad here the GG Squad is in the house boys I sweat wrong one GG can i have a shout out david and i'm in your sky hey David sup my wife and Connor man's looking like Gigi for a new GG squad in here welcome Raiders alright we're gonna do it because it's a big game we'll do it outside yep GG for squad boys did GG stock at that in each other hashtag good GG there's a squad here BAM thanks guys no problem Thank You drone flower raid thanks guys for coming out David plays x theorists with my finding sub alright guys Simon Says sit down sit down David plays if you already not like it'll still under electric went up why not if you guys know like hash tag I like spike everyone gets some like specs in the chat I'll stuff you in your new if you just subscribed make sure you do turn off all your notifications hit that Bell down below we stream every night 9 p.m. to steer 12 p.m. peace TV a lot of awesome trim a lot of jailbreak and we shoot a lot of stuff here so make sure if you do did subscribe make sure you hit that Bell we check out some awesome videos while later an awesome awesome all this stuff right there what Sabrina Nicholas organized shrim you know insight machine tons of drill brick it's technically my channel now that'll spike yeah Bell spy alright are you guys ready you guys ready ready ready alright I need I need a car I need a car or Hulk I need a car a helicopter one of those I need do you need a car actually like spikes up spike you have sub spike ah so we got a sub spec there right there yes sub site you guys want stuff hashtag sub spike we'll be doing this again this Saturday so come by this area would be stream a lot more sinuses musical chairs on Saturdays so we don't stream tomorrow I don't really stream on tomorrow but maybe maybe I'll do a video tomorrow move all of you upload tomorrow we'll see where the time goes to our I already have a be upward if you want to know about my setup with the latest video you can see what my setup actually looks like if everyone know what I use and everything it's in the description alright we'll take the helicopter alright we'll take the helicopter Romar right I gotta spy on people to help copter alright so now I need your guys's help of song IDs throw me some song IDs in the chat I can't know you know people's names so it's gonna be hard can be very hard to do you I came and see rip I can't and see oh better idea I like this game and see people stucks wait I can't do that drive it alright this is gonna work out great I'm gonna watch other videos all right Carl's alright guys I need some song I use in the chat throw some song ideas in the chat so if you got so many good songs let me know let me know me I'm gonna drop this music down right now and you guys gotta drop me some song IDs right now and I'm gonna go close it to group so if you guys know nice songs you guys been you favourite songs let me know what's up demon hunter now I need some song IDs uh-huh so I'll be out guys coming out just look for songs your favorite songs and I'll play them with sure bow box name please it's Adam dear I did it's right up there alright I do need some song idea so we can get this going so we got five three nine seven six seven one thank you oh my gosh sky sky your plain sky okay okay sky even say I'm insane Sammy says oh my god oh my god you guys guys must dance music cold chairs guys it's out of gear seems mean it's guides musical chairs once the music starts music can't stop alright sit down okay you guys must you guys it's you guys you guys don't dance if you guys don't dance you will be eat cake remember guys make sure guys you must dance get your super song ideas guns okay Oh romp oh my gosh there you'll do that one why does it run guessing uh you guys don't dance oh my gosh you guys don't dance you move them around you guys move around guys you must move around okay start moving oh my gosh guy start moving guys start moving start moving guys oh my gosh guy I'm not playing that quick oh my gosh guy alright sit down guys this is harder than I thought we're doing musical chairs you guys sit down sit down sit down music stop music guys music music stopped music stopped sit down you guys music stop dated AB gotcha dude alright so the ex master Jose so ex master is out now alright still gonna come out somehow this was CA thanks it's the ex master Oh see the ex Bastrop I did and then sit down alright next one guys me another song here [Music] sighs sky gimme real songs all right range up I'll do your song guys gotta do some song cuz we can do in the chat for some song IDs you guys will help us out must be a song that works actually you guys gonna give me some songs you can't really do this oh well just do this song [Music] I can play this song all right sit down sit down stop this accept any who's this dude all right a DA's out all right I did all right see that song again why not do that song again our dealer stores now sit down sit down sit down sit down guys sit down okay well we're gonna get kicked it so and so you're out did going sunshine you're out dude bye bye dude I'm sorry I'm not gonna let people watch all right let's do worse there's no arc I don't know what this song is not playing then I'll do skies fast [Music] NASCAR's inglis up follow-on mixer dude I didn't signed it that's cutting house did the MERS patient oh my gosh stop oh my gosh now sit down oh he's up oh oh oh oh team hunter is out my demon and gets it that quick did alright now let's do skies I deep Logan you're my hero yeah oh my gosh got wise guy why alright sit down and he's gonna get kicked all right four okay for it this guy gave me songs least that's not weird alright if you did say with the stop I'll capture that only record your mic you should just say they'll dis stop audio capture and only record your just stop audio and only record you Mike maybe I'll do that I'm having just stop buddy on right now I think ice guy I'm trusting you I don't know what this song is I'm gonna play this one next all right right [Music] [Music] all right sit down oh they moved out all right Abbi you're out there fight it all right next one sky please give me a right one this is your last chance guy no we ones okay sky stop being weird just sit down oh my gosh guys just give me plain ol one sky I'm not gonna do yours anyway uh that's not even songs didn't ask me son this is musical chairs for a reason this guy not cooing for a reason okay feeling chairs what's that's yeah he's gonna some songs you guys Evan maybe do one song let's do um let's see there's any other songs I can actually do let's do this one looks like we can only do this one nothing now it's the one I can actually play this song I'll play that one from dying Abe I don't know what this song is but nope I'm not playing that I can't sit down and I'm use the best routed weight more machines out now all right well your look you did you're out lucky on that one see all right next one just going by a little quicker here [Music] that's my bus sit down oh oh oh Aaron's out Aaron's out rip Aaron right on the key iron iron no that's a song to kick off Friday I was a good song I like that one yeah let's do this you there you go sit down now oh I did running alright um a nuclear out did oh well was there boy this time he was a nuclear man that's sign that all right the next one here that was a kind of sad song I'm sorry okay there blows out oh yeah all ago because I saw him jump laughs um - Agyei guys was gonna hijack guys set some hype chat of small feet males sit some height from the Jackass there's a night down you're not sit down so I rent job get some hyper Jagger's doesn't hide no job [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm Robert maybe dude [Laughter] [Music] okay sit down a little boy go out dude sorry dude now he's out this time I'll have a boy you're out did this thrown all right five one four I'll do that one sky stop oh my gosh sit down wow this guy come on okay anyone's done three 180 we can do three money you guys I mean songs drop them in the chat pineapple stuff I was not the pile [Music] siren any and all crime including murder continuous okay I'll try to sum again sky okay oh oh oh I don't blow our box dude Oh CJ hi CJ all right CJ you're out that's not that bad okay that was good okay next time guys 306 or a dentist 306 I got that down there bargain I get stopped all right sit down and wait they don't dance I'm just gonna try that again I don't know people dance on that one let's do this one see this one's good you're not dancing okay and it's a job great rip sky you have a sky this time by sky I get our sky gotta rush back to the seat I'll get dude one five three sky saw you running dude I thought you were playing because you were playing the next couple games you were helping okay I didn't know you were helping they were playing okay sorry hop on your old account I still friended you on their alt account okay and why is someone not dancing was that person oh damn it's so sad Wow all started to one-third of said something let's do this one got flung across the map okay I think I ain't kick it wait rip Adam blogs down bugs in it all right Adam bugs you're out did you know the songs guys throw some more songs and I vlog this out anyone else have any numbers in the chat we got one five nine see any other songs guys we can do the over ganesan again do this one again do it again why not epi ex-wife okay sit down thank you EPX think of the subdued iron who got that one all people I hate oh I people I hate I'm wild yes don't be mad if you guys get kicked in the stomach that yours just enjoy the live stream then yeah because just a game after at the end guys it's just the game alright you can always join again so yeah I realized that it's just a game I'm gonna start putting you get kicked from the VIP Sara don't cry just the game you're sounding really bummed but can you try this one it's a code for dancing I'll try this one and what's the link next I'm not playing this is our last game dude I'm sorry whitey Andrea what's up play give it about a second no okay track this one no you're gonna get kicked did that song about plane - it's a plane for you guys it's not playing for me wait but ok okay sit down and its final I can't - only game while the games gone and at a motor home cool [Music] I'm still waiting for someone to sit down I want to sit down dude so I got actually kicked this person okay no I'll get both people why not you got th year and we got the old roofer fighted all right two people two people gone looks like okay I miss me now how am I mean did how I mean I'm I mean explain yourself did you got kicked oh I didn't know that was you I thought that I thought that was help I didn't know you're all account actually you kicks guy oh my gosh sorry guy oh my gosh it's raining tacos baby pelicans I said wait but you can't wait did and the in this game that's one thing dude [Music] sit all right Green is out wait is this the prison LP okay okay got person okay guys hurry up sky is here I think that's the real setting up this guy now I know all right another song and you guessed it raining took articles in trainee talk goals I love that song fight kick me because we're in the middle the game I don't I don't know why people can understand that we're in the middle Gabe middle like in the game oh my gosh went to this one okay I'll try that one did I already got that one for you one for two - I don't think I've heard that one will do this one set down make this quick I saw the person's that last died nude by die noob all right last two outs do it last - throw the last two song and guys or the last is the last one so the winner here hey guys ready last song lazy man plane anybody hear it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right guys let's start - one more time for the ending - guys what about Ben it off here to light state they will follow and make sure pipe it up guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Oh tide all right all right you do such a crowded I'll check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good son horse ever bring back to Minecraft paste Miami up yeah up seven ones it alright good job dude alright hi I'm bye-bye alright we got a winner finally GG's in the chat finally finally GG's in the chat alright guys those look pretty good round for that one how's the pretty good round GG u g yep got the dance good party on you'd G Jeanne Moreau Jean I was a pretty good round you'd take the tank a and got out of your paw and I'll give you some roebucks you know I just I saw someone say tying in shots I go I went with it I actually liked so I'm giving the other dude 10k alright you can do that you wouldn't give the guy 10k I'll call it both win but I just thought it'll be cooler to go out further because I think they'll be a lot more easy to let them come out further the last two it made it a lot easier so come out further out of kept saying what is the link and you won't answer because we're in the middle of a game we gotta realize that dude once do you realize that did then people we know have to ask that question to streamers you got way into the game is technically over dude you got wait until the game is technically over also you gotta you gotta make sure we're in the middle of the game guys so I'm gonna add that to the bottom I will tell you guys alright guys so I think we're going to an atom right here think you're coming up to the mixture stream ah still the air and thanks for coming out to everything else and I'm doing you go bed right now because I got it gonna go to there so we're gonna do an an array to kick off the end here but thank you guys so much for coming out tonight it's talent time to do an Adam rate and off stream here excites weren't for coming out tonight and it's now time to do armen also let's get our two more shirts to shop why not let's it right now before we end and if he has any coin system you want to spend let me know right now okay are you rewards again I'll let and I want you guys let me know what coins I can get some coins done right now so let me check des I see in the chat dude bugging me you not to spam a bunch of times dude I did I realized that did that's rude to streamers alright I see you got 200 coins did thank you you just only have to tell me one time dude I'll score up maybe in chat to see something maybe they're good I'll give you a friend of clustered room right now so there we go I do need unfriend one person so let me go unfriend that one person here and let me go unfriend myself still to go up here and I'll go oh we got stood up on stuff so I'll just get players these dais is active again friend of course and he was so enjoy there there's your friend of cross right there dude alright awesome now if you guys want to get a friend quest right now if you have enough coins let me know BAM got you're done what a nice guy I'm a nice guy alright we got two new shirts these are awesome should thank child to mr. Shelton is awesome dude he credits to shrek forgot down those haters and we got Adam squad so I'm gonna get two new more shirts a that's why I can't give me row books did he already we already thought you already got your daily wrote books dude so don't ask any mind yeah I know that and I've got our Adam squad shirt looking fantastic we'll put those in the score if you guys do you want to get some ups god sure I think that's gonna be maybe only five row bucks to put in the store right now so if you guys want to rent that squad it will wrap it up we'll get the group and how do you how do you copy a image on picture ah but I thought it like save I think and go up to I think that's pretty much it so they're all gonna be five row bucks if you guys do get them you guys get them pretty cool I'm gonna put them in the store right now there's shirt shoes pants and let's choose these shirts in a store and plays a music I'll throw alright we go throw these in the Strix here on my own this is me and for tonight guys I'm going to lose in fortnight [Music] all right now it's gonna store shirts get out of squad shut up there and we got the atom squad shirt get them going here baby is born to lose yes find that shirt we got another they've gotten allow shirts out of squad we're gonna be ending up this stream guys we're just gonna put these shirts in here all right go fig one two gay rock rock and get the merch and get them March get as much awesome do you ever clean your keyboard not really yeah all right and we got another shirt from and you guys do semi shirts I can't like that and now let's go up to here because we got another shirt from was it 89 I think still I made so what do you pop made his shirt just playing our profile picture yeah we're just putting some shirts in this store so all right now let's go in it guys and it's good to raid and let's go raid guys so I'm going to go and find another livestream you here thank you guys so much for coming out tonight will not be live tomorrow I don't stream on Friday nights but we're gonna be ending off the stream here we're gonna go find a live stream well um come participate to this raid we're gonna go and I'm gonna do hash chicken raid that's all I have to do guys so you guys can go right in an awesome streamer all right that's better than me hopefully so let's go to YouTube gaming the fine here guys mo worried off here tonight and see whose life x2 is live on this fine loving light life Oh gaming live stream out of the pro-ice we should wait another Adam we're in another item oh I see here we got all your streamers down here we should rate this guy three row bucket boy right here guys I'll stay livestream I can't braid that dude rogue 250 so there's anyone new we have not rated I'm sure a time from us see this guy good god professionals that didn't Reb dev stream hmmm let's see this guy he might be a and I want to find quality stream this time not a buck sitting around being nobody uh no offense dissertation help in georgia New York Theological Seminary at The Interchurch Center and Union Theological Seminary.

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