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Dissertation la poesie ne sert a rien

Dissertation la poesie ne sert a rien ddos attack mitigation in internet of things using software defined networking for money chita chola see way darzi report all right good afternoon bubbly boys and ghoulish gals we are welcoming you here on this lovely Saturday afternoon to herald osomon field here at the Ellis oval in beautiful sunny Medford Massachusetts for bringing you a lovely nest cat game against the Tufts Jumbo's and the Amherst and mammoths my name is Bobby Levitch and I will be the color commentator today and I'm here with Tom jazzy J JC and husky who will be bringing you the sweet sound of his voice before play-by-play that's right you're gonna be getting a big old load of Tom and Bobby today for this college football matchup here between the Tufts Jumbo's and Amherst mammoths as we just saw the coin toss we're gonna get the national anthem here in a second so Bobby as our color commentator why don't you give us a little bit of what you're excited for in this game well first I'm excited for the national anthem so it's let's pause let's right now just alright oh that's perfect right now actually alright here's one of those moments where I'm gonna ask you a shot zoom in on the American I'm not on there and now even I just got to zoom in on the American flag for me and I'm gonna tell you cut you got to stay there for a second [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we just heard a lovely rendition of the national anthem by tough very own patent ban that's a group of students and I believe it's a student conductor that comes together twice a week to practice and perform at all the football games to give us the national anthem they give us some of those Stan James you know like the song the Gesta nanana hey I know that's such a good song I think there there's only one word in the entire song and it's just hey that's why we love it no other ways you know all the words without even hearing it and you know what else we know about Tom well we know we know the words to that song and we know how to good have a good time that we know about some good old jumbo football so uh I think we're gonna we're gonna see a good game today between Tufts and Amherst and I'm really looking forward to it so we're gonna we're gonna bring you some of the keys to the game today for your for your listening pleasure itself the Chevrolet keys to the game official chevrolet chevy truck and keys to the game pam break them out 1 2 3 boom boom boom so we're just gonna show them you so first things first tom my number one key to the game for the Jumbos is stopping the run for for amherst amherst as averaging over 200 running yard rushing yards per game as opposed to about 180 passing yards per game so amherst scoring over 30 points per game has a very potent offense but for them the rush is gonna be the key for the Jumbos to stop we see a kickoff return here by the Jumbos taking them out to the 32 yard line there by the jumbo special teams that's Jack Dolan there and Zach Allen made the stop there for the for the Mammoth's so coming out now for the Jumbos starting the game on offense we're gonna see a junior quarterback Ryan McDonald starting the snap he's number 12 and he's having a very good year shooting about 63 percent completion percentage he's got 14 hundred and 85 passing yards on the year and so we'll see the first play the game here yeah just like they say old macdonald had a farm' he's here in the shotgun emotions is running back to the right breaks up it's gonna be a quarterback draw quarterback keeper gets it up out to the 37 yard line there Mike gets it and we know he's a dual threat quarterback he's one of those one of those coveted recruits for a team like the Jumbos big huge frame about six foot three stands about six foot three and able to run and pass there's McDonald in the backfield with Mike pedrini75 an ankle a little bit of extra curricular activity there from the from the Mammoth's by Rob Needham so Tom first two players in the game the first thing we see our two quarterback runs by quarterback Ryan McDonald and some people might be surprised by this but to be honest with you I'm not and as we've seen throughout the year on McDonald's been a very big run heavy quarterback he's actually the team's leading rusher for the Jumbos that's that's rush one 101 and 102 on the year yeah and there's a pass out to Petrini podría he bobbles it they're calling it Amherst ball Amherst with the interception they're Petrini couldn't get his his mitts around it and it ends up in the hands of Amherst and that is not what you want to see for the Jumbos early you know big shift in momentum they're really tough Matt der burrow there with the interception that it was durbur oh I'm having a hard time finding him on there as we saw pedrini75 a couple extra chances to catch it panini the freshman running back put into action this year forced when Tom Perrelli got hurt after week two so Petrini playing in this seventh game now jumpers are really been relying on him and it's a tough break for the freshman running back yeah all the Ebers takes the snap it's gonna be a quarterback keeper by e bursts Ebert takes it up to the Jumbos 33 and all EE pers taking it taking it up and looking like the Jumbos offense there with the quarterback option and we're gonna see it was 7 yard it's gonna be second and 3 here for the Mammoth's coming up and we know e birth is a dual threat and we know he loves he loves to run the option both teams employing that kind of late 90s college football offense with the triple option lot of runs here Ebers fakes to give pitches it out wide to Hasani figaro figaro with the stiff arm it wasn't enough for the first down I believe you're doing a good job run to his left he is very patient on that you know sometimes we see what the best running backs so just zip it fast as quickly as they can just sprint forward by he's very patient fall in his blocks putting out his arm and stiff arm he said not today sir and he just made some room for himself yeah son Hasani figure uh you know name kind of sounds like Dasani like the cool crisp taste of Dasani water Hasani figure Oh bringing us the taste of Dasani water on these runs got to stay hydrated and if you want to play well right tom that's right so I always say a coca-cola brand as Ebert aches a snap hits his receiver that was I believe number five that was James O'Regan Alex sloppy Anna with the tackle the junior defensive back from Charlotte North Carolina with the tackle as we see a couple of yards on that game for Amherst yeah yeah Tyler scales as well as joining in on the tackle you know gang tackling is one of the lower team effort team effort yeah getting getting the entire team in on every single tap yeah that the Jumbo's would like one-two punch you get you know I'll take the left you take the right time when we're getting down together yeah uppercut Ebers with the give to Figueroa runs it up and he's gonna get pushed back and you can already see the energy between these two teams these two teams I wouldn't call them enemies but I wouldn't call them friends you know I I would say I would say these are two big nest rivals and they indeed they're both thought they're both up there fighting for the nest cat championship Amber's 501 in second place tops tied for fourth at the 4 & 2 records so this is a big game for both teams as they look to keep their championship hopes alive exactly Uber's here in the high backed by Figueroa and the full-back could give this to the full-back taking it up the middle for a gain of three Jumbo's defense bending but not breaking here giving up giving up these short games Jack Hickey the fullback on the carry and JP Garcia of one of the captains making a stop and you know time ID I don't want to say I told you so but we did mention this before the game key for the game for the Jumbos would be stopping that that Amherst rush and Amherst certainly has been relying on that running game a lot jack Hickey their leading rusher with 490 rushing yards between him and figure the two of them were a good one-two punch you know the two of them always taking the snap at the rush fake us to Hickey thrown by B birth a little hit there by I believe that number 78 Doug Harris in there with a little little hit and it's gonna be third and 5 this is key stop here for the Jumbos ebert here looking to punch it in as Figaro checks into the game we're gonna see a birth and the Mammoth's the woolly mammoths tried to channel their inner ray romano from ice age and run it in here even of course 58 percent passing completion on the year third and five typically look for a pass here but with the strength of the amorous running game it could be either either one Tom could go either way could be it's a fake Ebert's with with the carry flips it out to Figaro Figaro who takes a big hit there but gets the first down and that's enough to give Amherst another four chances and I believe that was that was 45 at La Fiamma or no number five on the on the tackle there La Fiamma getting action early but you don't like to see tackles come from your secondary because that means that the getting up into the second level and is not what you want to see for the Jumbos team lead and a good job by a Libra eating the change of pace going with this offensive game and the the the Jumbos were expecting him to rush it there he faked the run and then pitched it to figure us a really good job I am I was keeping the Jumbos defense on their toes yeah even if there's a there was a false start there big big yellow flag comes up ref looking day oh yeah left threw that flag guys we see he said you can't do that you can't do that I do that I'm sorry sir you cannot do that yeah the ref looking to get some fantasy points check that flag about 30 yards in there go in here what's the call gonna be I think it's a false start on the on the Mammoth's yep and we all know false starts not allowed so that's gonna be a couple of yards on the penalty there and we'll see how it must have been on the the Jumbos like is that that was that a holding call I think it was a offsides on the Jumbos or maybe a hold all right so we're gonna it's gonna be first first down and one yard to go yeah as a holding call they give us the figure and the stop comes loose but he was probably down let's be honest about it Figueroa goes down he's at the 1 so the official ruling is it's gonna be second down in one yard to go and the man must come out on the power formation as Eve earth tries to sneak it in did he get there and the referees putting his hands up we hear a yell from the crowd they didn't didn't think it was good - hands in the air that means touchdown for all either fellow as we see Amherst with the first six points of the game the score is now six four and first and zero for Tufts Tom when I saw on that drive was a good patience overall by the Amherst offense even if did a good job of following his blocks not rushing into anything that he didn't have and when he gave the ball off to figure out a figure I was very patient and following following the blockers or anywhere he's supposed to exactly here we see the extra point try by John Rach goes up and through the wickets that's that's gonna be good the extra point is good seven point I love a great extra point time there's nothing nicer than when you get a nice little 20-yard kick right boot it through those John rack given the people what they want John rack embrace looked good on that first drive obviously they were handed some really good field position by the Jumbos air but their offense looked efficient and it was that running attack I think we saw one attempted pass by the Mammoth's there yeah and we keep talking about that endless running attack between Hickey and figure oh the two of them they're just both a one-two punch you know you think you could stop Hickey and then they give it figure oh you think you stopped figure oh they give it a hickey the two of them have combined for over a hundred ten rushes and over eight hundred rushing yards this year so that's a ten rushing touchdowns just between the two of them on the season and it's gonna be it's gonna be quite the task for the Jumbos to stop this rushing attack today if they want to have any chance at winning yeah and even when you think you got Hickey stuff you think you got Figaro stuff they hit you with the ollie right in the mouth boom Molly comes out to all the Ebers gets yeah alright so now we're gonna have the kickoff and your Jumbo's are booting it deep we're gonna see you return here by the Jumbos taken out of their own end zone a fake reverse it's a little running room gets it up to the 25 alright so we see the Jumbos almost running the trip play there as we see the the kick returner faking a counter almost almost handing it off and the defense almost better on that but they said not quite you can't trick me and they stayed following him and they brought him down about 25 yeah they said happy Halloween no tricks just treats today as they get the as they blow up the trick play and they stop the Jumbo short but it could have grown up in the Jumbos face they ended by the five you know not the best time position in the world but it's also respectable you know it couldn't be lying that that lady on Halloween or or man that hands out apples toothbrushes that's what that's what gets you anything better than pencils and erasers I hated those Panik Donald fakes the give broken playing he busts outside just gonna completes the pass to number six that is [Applause] number six is Frank Roche there on the reception McDonald on the broken play really liked the pass protection broke down but McDonald made something happened I was very impressed by McDonald's poise and composure there as he was really getting chased down did a good job not rushing not panicking and just waiting for the right throw Donald fakes the give another broken play busts it outside he's gonna get some yards here takes a hit and that is gonna be down at the Jumbos 33 as McDonald they're finding finding running lanes few and far between that was a tackle there by number two Nate Tyrell by the for the Mammoth's as we saw McDonald they're really corralling the offense it's gonna be third to three and this is critical for the Jumbo's they're already down seven nothing so McDonald has Padrino in the backfield he's got de Lyonne out wide with Jack Dolan and Mike no Wynton Blount checked in I'm looking for the inner out here I'm looking for a short in and out slant pass kind of deal let's see what he does fakes the give one the slant ball hits the ground he could not find his target there on those certain shirts that's exactly what you look for like the the Odell Beckham jr. slant route almost a guaranteed first down in Madden 17 every single time but not there that does not come through for the Jumbo did see very good press defense there by the defensive backs as they really stayed stayed on their on their man very well and that was a good pass by McDonald but there's some defensive pressure and so we're gonna have to look for a punt here as the Jumbos turning it over on the first attempt of the game we're gonna see Alex sloppy on a the punter double-duty also as we've heard call his name the the cornerback he's gonna boot it low line drive fair caught by the Mammoth's there nothing nothing too exciting on that play but good specialty me play yeah and that was Nate Tyrell number two the junior from Brooklyn New York who received that kick and a good good decision it was a quick punt and you know he looked like he had some space he kind of got a couple more yards if we are in hindsight but he made this quick snap second decision I'm just gonna call a fair catch I don't want to get destroyed here I don't want anyone to you know hit me on this tackle and here's a good decision don't turn it over they have a good field position and we'll see where everest goes with this as they started their own 40 or so it keeps it know the give was to Hickey even I got fooled on that one Hickey pushing forward Hickey they're getting gaining three obviously one of the more powerful back Figueroa brings the lightning and Hickey is the Thunder a knee birth is the clouds I guess in this analogy you know three three pronged running attack there as we saw Ebers Figueroa and the give their to Hickey so we're gonna see the three of them the three amigos in the backfield here Ebert flanked by Figaro and Hickey fakes the gift to Hickey Eber is looking long nothing doing out of the reach of I believe that was number five James O Regan so we saw the Jumbos bringing a quality pass pass pressure and just like Halloween weekend they said we're gonna we're gonna try and scare you all a we're gonna try and scary rebirth so they brought the pressure and they said boo you know they jumped up in his face and he thought he's gonna get sacked so he threw it away a good decision not to not to take a loss of yards on the sack there he tossed it up didn't know a result in the pic so it could have been worse for Amherst but we'll see a second in a third and seven nine seven big third down jumba's they're gonna bring the pathos here they know all he's gonna have to chuck it Jumbo's are gonna bring the pass rush they love these Gumbo's have a ferocious pass-rush and here comes the rush not much eaters got loads of time throws it out big hit there by the Jumbos to get to limit the the amherst point there and so the e versus complete but it is not going to be enough for the first down we're gonna see Henry actus and punting here for the mammoths so that was both santero the senior tight end who caught that reception smart decision by santero trying to make a quick out cut but just could not get to that first down yes we're gonna see another another punt here and we're gonna see a return here by the Jumbos up in the air oh it's gonna be returnable no fake reverse this time pushes forward and that's gonna be some good field position for the Jumbos right at their their own 36 there's jack dolan the man of the myth the legend Jack Toland they're running it back to the 36 so Dolan doing a good job following his blocks not getting too excited you know sometimes you have a little bit extra candy on Halloween you get that sugar rush you wanna just go for it he was very patient followed his blocks waited for holes to open up and that's how we got that extra 10 15 yards yeah I heard Jack Toland eight six Reese's Cups before this game call me on it I dare you but yeah he was looking he's looking energized there as we're gonna see McDonald here flanked by Petrini here's the snap but give us stupid reenie beanie up the middle and there's a flag on the play could it be a facemask I was probably a hold I'm gonna I'm gonna guess but there's there's some there's some yellow laundry on the field right now refs are discussing what's going on all the players are standing around waiting for a decision to be made by the man in the purple black and white stripes let's see what college yeah yeah I think these these like four guys on the field I think they dressed up as zebras for Halloween I thought there were Foot Locker employees I wasn't sure oh that's a good one yeah we'll have to ask them after the game but it's going against the Jumbos oh wait wait directors telling us they're just that's just the referees we just got where every are you sure cause it is Halloweekend Brad we're gonna have to check with the technical staff on that one because I'm pretty sure that's a costume so they are the footlocker employees gonna call it a holding call so that'll bring it back immersed we'll accept the ends could be first in town on the Jumbos 25 yeah one of my good friends from high school worked at footlocker but he only worked there so we could get discounts on sneakers it's gonna be a first in 22 for the Dumbo's big penalty there McDonald here with pedrini75 is Petrini was the stutter step pushing forward driven by the toughs line Petrini there her gain of about 6 or 5 and now it was a good run by Pedrito I was really impressed there was the block by number 77 Tim Wright 16 he's actually a tight end he put a great block on the on the rush there that the guy the guy passing you know playing defense trying to get through him look like he's about 30 40 pounds bigger than him but right 16 did a really great job of keeping the man out of it either way open up a running lean McDonald another give I believe to Petrini Petrini bust through for a little hole kept a dream they're getting another another six Jim was not I guess they have been rattled they've been spooked to against the passing game by by the Amherst defense if after that interception the Jumbos you know facing first and long second long you like you'd like to throw a pass there but the Jumbos not feeling it McDonald averaging 247 and a half passing yards per game but we really haven't seen him a tentacle big today yeah it's gonna be third and 11 he's gonna have to drops back to pass big pass rush from Amherst broken play McDonald getting out the clock the crowd once into throat big block he's gonna buy some time Jukes a defender got nothing forcing it into triple coverage they're almost intercepted again by Amherst McDonald's receivers just could not get open on that play and that is an interesting play as they saw McDonald running around for a good 12 15 seconds or so and there's a flag on the play yeah there's a there's a flag probably another hold as the coverage as the the pressure really forced the offensive lineman to yeah and the referee does call a holding indeed and the Amherst will decline and that will force to go 4 and 11 at 4 for 11 isn't that what your height Bobby your 4th and 11 here the Jumbo's are gonna Jumbo's are gonna punt we're gonna see a more Alex la Piana action here just when you thought you could you had enough of LA Piana he's coming back out here for another boot gotta give credit to that amherst defensive back squad really making sure that nobody got open on that despite all the time that McDonald's had nearly blocked a line drive bounce takes a tough balance there as the Jumbos surrounded it and they grab the ball they say hey this is where you're gonna be starting your next Drive right where I pick it up and that's exactly what happens number two Nate Tyrell position to catch it and then it took a funny hop he wasn't really expecting it and then the Jumbos were gonna tackle him and he said I'm not going to touch it you can touch it first so that's exactly what happened and so amorous will receive the ball I'm stuck there drive right now would you say that is about the 25-yard line I'd say the 25 you know special teams is all about who touches the ball first that really dictates who does what on special teams so we're gonna see all the Ebers here fakes the gift to Hickey pitches it out to figure out sniffed out there by the by the Jumbos defensive line great contain there by the Jumbos D line and Ebert really it seems like he's a big fan of that bitch we've seen him pitching it back to figure ah that's I think the third or fourth that you've seen in this early first first quarter of the game and the Jumbo's are starting to get the hang of it yeah it was very effective on the first the first mammoths drive but the Jumbo's have have found it out there they know the defensive ends just have to bust out wide and contain and wait for the pitch Lettie Bruce get three if he wants it but you got to not let up that big play you see Ebert has a man in motion brings Hickey back into the backfield beavers on the keeper flips it out wide and another one contained by the Jumbos defense there I believe that was la Piana or Timmy Preston Timmy Preston there with the stop for the Jumbos so you know you fool me once shame on shame on you fool me twice shame on me the first couple times they pitched the ball the Jumbo's you know the calm off guard but emmalin's keep relying on that pitch and eventually Jumbo's are kind of becoming classically conditioned just as Pavlov's dogs in there they're seeing in they're reading into and they're able to defend it I thought it was told me twice you won't get fooled again sometimes you never know yeah here we go here it's dropped back he's gonna step up he's rushing he has enough for the first down and that is no alley that is a big first down there for ollie birth now I'll bring them back to about the 37 ish yeah big big play there for all the Ebers on the third and seven able to step up the you know the Jumbo's were worried about containing so they left the middle of the field wide open for Ebers to run through Jumbo's definitely caught up guard they were expecting a big throw play there and Ebro said I'm just going to take it myself I'll just run it if you're gonna give him thank you very much I'll take it trick or treat I'll have another KitKat please yeah it was like the Jumbo's were the the mom that leaves the bowl out and says just take one please and even took seven as they give their to figure out goes up in middle or I believe that was Hickey on the give up the middle yeah so there's there's a give there and we're gonna see Amherst pick up five as they look to keep this drive alive and amber is just completely just tearing up Tufts with their running game you know they're really not looking to throw the ball deep and they're just taking short little runs here and there picking up a couple of yards and just first down first down first down tempo is gonna help you adjust to that run key birth in the shotgun with Figueroa to his left makes the give looking big has his man hose can be called a leaping grab there by number 11 beau Berluti and I spoke too soon just as we talked about the jumpers trying to adjust it at a rush Ebert says I also can throw the ball believe you're nine he throws big great throw will let his man pretty perfectly honestly did not overthrow it did not under throw that's exactly where number 11 longer and really caught the Jumbos defense snapping on that yeah Jenna Stevens was taking that late Saturday afternoon nap as he said beau he hit foe he said don't say no to Beau and he hit beau wide open on the on the crossing pattern deep eye mobility the junior from Westwood mass from Westwood good good area as we see has a man in motion give us the figure of Figaro has a big hole picks up about seven there only right up the middle there figure out not scared to just follows blocks take as many yards as he can get and he picks up six seven yards yeah and the Jumbos into the middle of the defensive line it's in the mosan off four and Doug teach me how to dougie Harrison here the captain really having to tighten up here we've seen the the mammoths getting big gains up the middle and the Amherst will look to continue this this is grind grind you push offense out there that they have yeah they really call it the grind and push right here that's what the coaches coach always it's pushing grind oh that's a really good question Eber takes the snap it's gonna be a quarterback keeper you know spin out of a tackle spin out on another one fall forward for about a gain of seven there to spill moves not one but two spin moves on that play he both really taking them taking the the effort and just saying I'll just take it myself he says I'll hit the circle button once hit the circle button again break off to spin moves they're even of course the third leading rusher for this Amherst off that's after Hickey and figure you both not afraid to run he come into this game had 37 rushes on the year typically average is about 22 runs notes per game and he's not afraid to keep keep out up until those stats today yeah but I believe there was a penalty on the play and must have been because it's still second in three so there must have been a call there sorry we we were napping up here and we missed it but second and seven okay so was a false start of some sort as we're gonna see birth here in the backfield with his boys hitting an Hickey and Figueroa taking the snap gonna be passing play this man on the out route driven down by the Jumbos and that's James O'Regan six for wide receiver from Wilmington Massachusetts catching that reception a nice five six yard out out pass and again he birth not looking to go deep not looking to do anything crazy just taking a couple yards of time working his way off field first down after first down yeah ball security is very important here in the red zone as we see this this NFL Network red zone here bringing you the highlights only from this nest CAC action and a felt Network red zone even only with three interceptions on the year he doesn't like to throw it too deep because that's how you get picked off and he's playing smart today here's the e berth flanked by Hickey and Figueroa give us to figure out no Hickey or a berth keeps it either Eber this is gonna walk into the end zone only hit by two Jumbo's with some missed ankle tackles as ebert goes it that's another la la for a touchdown for a berth and that brings you scored a 13-0 do you think they're gonna be able to convert on the extra point um oh I don't know this one always gets my it gets me on the edge of my seats the extra point we hope that the Jumbos can come in and block it but we don't know amber says look pretty good on their first extra point John RAC loves to knock it through the uprights yeah John rat 24 for 25 this year that's a 96 percent extra point completion percentage and he looks to make it 25 or 26 [Applause] oh and I believe OHS it's good it looked like the generals got a hand on it and it almost did they almost didn't go in my plank it was almost just sure to the fear ball but it just barely made it through the uprights and the extra point is good pushing the score to 14 to 7 14 to 0 13 to 0 pardon me the Jumbos have yet to sniff the endzone they actually have yet to call a play in Amherst territory so the Amherst defense has really been limiting the Jumbos offense but we're gonna see if the Jumbo special teams can do something special right here jumbo special teams unit strong we saw them with that early or early trick play the fake trick play I guess and we're gonna see if they they cooked up something special for us today it is Halloweekend you know you you never know what they could surprise us with is we're gonna see John rack here look to kick off give a word and the Amherst defense splits out wide we're gonna see rack kicking kicking off here from the 35 looking to pin the Jumbos deep into their own territory but the Jumbos I believe they have something to say about that they'd love to get a nice big run back here Jack Dolan they're one of the return man split out wide by another jumbo I believe it's gonna be Dolan returning it this that's 15 running it up to the 25 and we've seen consistently jumbo starting about the 25-yard line pretty much every Drive and they really haven't been able to even get to the other half of the field so well look for McDonald to try and switch things up a little bit maybe maybe go big he's been taking the run a lot maybe we'll see him go for a big pass and maybe try and get it to the other half yeah we know just kind of just like the Jumbos john rack the place kicker also plays defensive back for the Mammoth's so we're gonna see if McDonald wants to test him but McDonald loves the quarterback keepers so we're gonna see what he does here he has pedrini75 tight end in motion the snap goes to McDonald takes the give honest land throws behind his man that was just a the past you don't want to see a pass to nowhere as my gym teacher used to call it or my old football coach the pass to nowhere okay very quick aggressive pass trying to get off early maybe take a couple after seconds on that one next time yeah as we're gonna see the Jumbos in the hurry up here McDonald flanked by harini sent him in motion given stupid rainy Petrini has a hole for greeny up to the 33 yard line that's a nice game there for the Jumbos well that was Sanders I believe I'm sorry about that quality run by Sanders falling his blocks taking it to the right and accelerating pretty quickly as he didn't have too much time on that one but he was able to make up some extra yardage so it all brings took three and further down in two yards to go as we end the first quarter of play the Jumbos will go into the second quarter needing two yards to pick up a first down yeah Jumbo's down here 14-0 at the end of the first quarter as that brings us to the end of the action the Jumbos you know we saw that was a that was an Amherst first quarter 14 points in one quarter you know that pace they might have upwards of 40 points by then but the Jumbos really need to respond the Jumbo's have the ball here at the start of the second quarter and we're gonna see if the Jumbo's have anything to say about that so entering the second quarter we're actually going to take this moment as we are pausing in between quarters here to welcome our new announcer he's a freshman his name is sick and Sid is a joining jumbo cast and he's doing he's doing his training commentary today so Sid will be joining us for the second quarter of gameplay and providing some of these analysis welcome SID Thank You Bobby hi Tom how's it going I'm doing well said how are you on this fine weekend I'm doing well doing well I'm excited so said you want to tell us a little bit about yourself oh no sure I'm from Westchester County New York and I'm really enjoying myself today yeah do you have a major here at us I do it's called biology the art of it Oh beyond biology uh I don't know much about biology now what's your favorite breakfast cereal make em quickly as the game is about pick up Cap'n Crunch enjoy that overdose on sugar macdonald here on the keeper diving up the middle there for a first down that's what the Jumbo's need to see here all that set up by the Sanders if Sanders run there so said what do you think the Jumbo's need to do to to make up on this 14-0 deficit here get the ball out and further they are giving the ball up and I think that on the runs and all the past is not able to capitalize but I think that it Jeff or D definitely does mean a little bit tighter play on the offense and a little bit more containment on the defense as well snap goes to McDonald give is to Sanders with unlife jump cut Sanders has a head Sanders and 40 at the 30 he's at the 20 he's not going to go he's gonna fence on that is interesting there's no relation to Barry there but looking like I'm on that run a New Jersey taking your other leg and scoring the touchdown and I will bring the score from 1303 up to 13 6 and this game is not over it's only the second quarter and we are we have some right here for the Jumbos and the Jumbos in a in a custom formation looking like they were going for two is this a is this a Halloween trick is this a halloween trick you think may be going for the two-point conversion I think they're just gonna kick back to the point that just take that tree well it looks like Sid siddhart sit here is our lucky charm as he gets the Jumbos a touch him out here with his appearance hae-in's good 14-7 now said you should call every game all right I will yeah maybe maybe like said cause every game in the jungle every point exactly if I were a betting man I would bet on SID all right SID so I should take us what's going through your mind now we've seen we've seen this amherst offense really we were picking up first down after first down so now the Animus will get the ball back what do you think the Jumbo's need to do stop that amherst attack give us a biological perspective I definitely think that the players are all like cells and then some cells need to stop the other cells from going if you know what I mean yeah what do you think is the powerhouse of the cell I think that would be the mitochondria mitochondria for the Jumbos defense metaphorically speaking definitely it has to be stopping the run you have three really strong runners on for the Mamet's you birth Figueroa and Nickelback thank you so I definitely think that a large part of the defense has to focus on continuing that run and making sure that when it does eventually get to pass that the defense is there as well it just has to be I think more of a presence of mind on all fronts it's a great boot almost goes over the head of the mammoth returner busts it out got a small hole there but he's not gonna get it past the 30 as he stopped at the 28 and it was Avery SAPO up there with the defensive back getting a little offensive action there you know they'd love to you know defensive players love to touch the ball and we're gonna see the mammoths here get it from the 28 here try to bring it out Jumbo's defense has already set waiting Micah Maddox defensive captain lining up with the with the long flowing hair maybe can wreak some havoc hey I do what I can as we're gonna see Ebers here in the backfield with Hickey to his right wide receiver in motion Ebers on the keeper gonna pick up about nine there for a big Mammoth's gain and the Mammoth's you know you could hear the the roar of the Jumbos crowd there after that long touchdown run and the mammoths you have to wonder how they were gonna respond but they are able to respond well there as we see with an e birth key birth keeper there for a gain of 8 e but always mixing things up as we've seen em her size of a pony offense going over 30 points per game this year and even doing a really good job of mixing up the pace always likes to use that play-action always likes to use the quarterback draw really keeping the defense on their toes and Jumbo's don't know what to expect as we see eavers here with Hickey it's gonna be a pass crowd let's you know and he's gonna keep it actually as he gets enough for the first down the Jumbo is really need to watch that run right now we've had two consecutive runs for nine and 10 yards respectively from me birth which goes to show that it just became more aware of where he's going and try to stop that exactly even when he drops back to pass he is a threat to run the ball so only there looking like Rolie Polie Olie rolling out wide and getting the getting the game they're getting enough for the Mammoth's first down they're gonna see him flanked by his two amigos Hickey he's it's gonna be a keeper gonna pitch it out to figure out and brought down by the Jumbo as a big stop there I believe that was that Thomas number 10 but I could be wrong and now we've seen the last three attempts that Amherst has had at pitching the ball for a run the jumbles of vanilla shut down the pitch they said you could pitch you keep pitching it and we can just shut it down and so you know even if taking the run in his own he said we'll pick up the others but maybe maybe amaz should stop pitching it because the Jumbo's have seemed to be able to figure that one out I think that the pitcher is something that was really trying to seem to work and early in the first quarter but now I think that the run itself is a little more effective beepers of the past highball their number 15 with the ball there that's Craig Carr Milani you know looking like with a nice ball there caught it gained about eight and pushed out of bounds by number five Ebert changing things up this time going for the past once again keeping the Jumbo is guessing that's what he's gonna do pushing the field forward yeah the big thing with you here as we hear the demos crowd rising we hear the cowbells ringing you might be able to hear it from our mics as well because we're gonna see II breast with a big third down here in the I formation with Figueroa and Hickey give us the Hickey Hickey gonna be stopped jumbo think it's short but it's all going to depend depend on the spot of the ball 54 there with the big tackle Greg Holt Steve Holt on the tackle there and it's gonna look like it's short but we're gonna bring out the chain gang to get a measurement here crowd waiting patiently for the call everyone sitting here in suspense no one knows what's going to happen and it's like we're waiting for the the headless horseman to come through telling you no and the Halloween night no you know it's coming but you don't know when and we just don't know what this calls gonna be yeah here come the chains and you know you have to wonder if your amherst you might as well just go for it even if it's fourth down you'd love to have a first down here a full yard short there for the mammoth that is a huge stock for Tufts as that means analysts will be forced to punt the Jumbos will get the ball back and they'll now have a pretty decent field position here has the buzz only at the 50 so this does not look like a punt formation oh boy animals really mixing things up that much looks like they're gonna go for it which is they have a heart yard to gain if they can gain it then they continue getting better in a better field position as they continue trying to increase the lead on the Jumbos this is a bold move if it doesn't work out the Jumbos will get the bra half field a chance to equalize at that now you got to wonder what Edith is thinking about right now as we're gonna see lined up the Jumbos crowd roaring we're gonna see man in motion Figaro in motion Ebru trying to draw the Jumbos offsides another man in motion he's still trying to draw the Jumbos offsides even I don't know they're gonna snap the ball they might just call a timeout Ebru he's in a hard count he's gonna drop back smart play by the Jumbos defensive line and he's gonna call the timeout he was just looking to draw the Jumbos offside wow that was one of the most interesting football plays I've seen in quite a while that was very very interesting and now the punt team comes out he's looking to get a penalty out of the Jumbos emili´s really bringing out that looked like one of those little trick plays they got there you know they had a couple men in motion and lots of suspense they had a lot of time even just counting down the snap count never actually call in a snap and really trying to draw the Jumbos offside the Jumbos wanted that false start penalty nothing called they take the timeout and it looks like they'll go to the punt now they had one of those earlier in the game today one of those false start penalties but this time Jumbo's line staying patient and making sure to not step the line before the snap was called I think that results in a punt which will give the Jumbo's another chance to equalize here yeah do you guys ever watch That's So Raven the TV show yeah there's the boy band on that show is called the boys in motion and that's what we saw that we saw the boys in motion there for the for the Amherst mammoth says we're gonna see a big punt hear from Henry åkesson it's gonna go it's gonna be returned by the Jumbos finds a nice little hole there and pushes it up to the 17 yard line therefore the Jumbos that was Jack on the punt return Jack Rhodes on the punt return a few yards on the play but hopefully should be good enough to get the ball downfield Ryan McDonald needs to focus on trying to get the ball out and making plays initially that get the Jumbos a few yards in order to keep moving forward here yeah John McDonald here gotta gotta gather up the cattle the chickens the pigs on this farm and really lead the team down the field as he's got sander sanders the hot hand in the backfield three out wide titan on the right side tendon comes in motion it's gonna be four out wide give us to Sanders Sanders finds another hole keeps those likes turning for a Dumbo's five-yard gain and like me Sanders seems to be the secret weapon for the Jumbos here as soon as I came on was right around when Sanders started running the ball here today and they clearly it's working out for the Jumbos so we'll see where that goes yeah gain of seven there for the Jumbos is we're gonna see McDonald here another interesting formation he's gonna go three wide on his right side this time but they didn't pass the last time you gotta wonder if they're gonna go for the the air ball here so I can fit a good good opportunity third deep yeah give us to Sanders Sanders bursts up the middle that's gonna be a Jumbo's first down another good one from Sanders he rising powers full charge almost first now yeah we saw a nice run there by Sanders as we've seen the the interesting formations the unbalanced lines here but the Jumbo's like to run to the weak side really putting the ball in Sanders hands giving him all the power as to decide where he goes so we're gonna see McDonald and Sanders here man in motion still three out wide on the right side give us a fake his fake to Sanders McDonald pressured McDonald's got to get rid of it he's gonna get wrapped up and he's gonna go down quick quick pass rush brought by Amherst and McDonald dropping back running around the pocket trying to break free McDonald has done a very good job today of riding the pressure but he really just couldn't get out of that one is whose double team had no one throw it to and didn't want to draw up a pick so he just took the Wasi yards and a tough break for the Jumbos yeah and that's situation I would I would throw the ball away I'm not a quarterback but it's gonna be second in 25 that is almost insurmountable odds knock on wood here for the Jumbos as they're facing second and 25 here from their own 15 after the big loss by McDonald it's gonna drop back to pass as his man overthrown there how to receiver open there for a nice chunk gain and that was James old Reagan wide receiver who pass was intended to originally but couldn't quite bring it down that would have been a gain of about ten yards or so but unfortunately drops in Jumbo's are going to have third and 25 here yeah I believe that was Daniel Daly oh no Reagan actually an Amherst mammoth not switching sides on that play and playing for the Jumbos I believe that was Daniel de Lyonne Jumbo's football here third and 25 you gotta wonder what Coach J savetti is drawing up McDonald's going to drop back to pass short pass over the middle caught getting them some some breathing room their fourth down it's gonna be a Jumbo's punt here we're gonna see more action from out sloppy on as we saw earlier the quarter there was the place where he was able to break the pressure and kind of get away and get the ball out but this time he was not able to add the Patras just came to fast and he was a huge loss yeah McDonald really taking shouldering the blame on that one suffering the big 15-yard loss as we see Jumbo's coming in motion here on the punt off Fionna nothing fancy just gonna boot it almost block it's gonna take a favorable tough bounce but it's gonna be returned and it's dropped by the Mammoth's and it's recovered by the Mammoth's well I was quite an exhilarating play of events the Amber's play returning the pass and he he took a hard cut and as you cut changed directions you know sometimes you're cutting and as a athlete you when you cut which your arms up and and he tried to cut with his arms his upper body changed that direction of momentum and as he cut he the ball flew out of his hands so the Jumbo was almost got excited there and they thought they could snatch it up but unfortunately they were not able to secure the ball and immersed will maintain possession yeah it's like one of those times where you're holding a ball and then you're running and then you suddenly forget that you're holding the ball and it drops out of your hands and that's exactly what happened as Amherst looked to get the ball here ollie Ebert the three amigos in the back he'll be birth Hickey and Figueroa have a man in motion four in the backfield and fakes the gift to figure out pitched out wide and another pitch snuffed out by the Jumbos defense they gain of two therefore is the mammoth we both here trying to do something different once again use the three other three backs in the backfield himself Figueroa and Hickey but this time he passes it he pitches it out once again the Jumbos defense is able to put that down quickly interesting to see what Ebert comes up with next to me second in semanas we've seen the second quarter has been a lot about besides the big touchdown run for the jumpers it's been a lot about changing a field position here soon as the e berth flanked by Figueroa and Hickey fakes to give to Hickey it's gonna be a pass as he's almost brought down but he steps up and he gains a first down rush there from Ebert they're exposing the middle of the field the Jumbos I believe that's that's usually Steve decenzo territory or Greg Holt Steve Holt usually holds up there but mica alex has to bring him down there and of course antlers keep switching things up with these running plays they got that quarterback draw they got the counter they got the fake handoff and when you have the two two running backs in the backfield with Hickey and figure out you know the Jumbos think he's gonna pass it off by Eber fakes the handoff and keeps it to himself and rushes right up the middle that's a tough tough play to guard against all three from the three of them great rushes of course and Jumbo's really just don't know who to focus on as we're going to see fourth here with Figueroa rolls out pizzas man route almost jumped there by Tim Preston it's number 15 that is Craig karma lonnie and alex la piana with good coverage to push Komal money out of bounds as soon as he makes the catch good defensive play they're making sure that they were right on the passer and this is kind of showing flashes of what I was talking about earlier where the jumpers are prepared to guard both the run and the pass natural that previous run was not necessarily accounted for but this one the defense was right on it and was able to stop much of a games when I pass yeah it looked like la Kiana saw the route coming but I wanted to play safe and didn't jump it being second down and five here you're gonna see II birth has hickey in the back field you're gonna get a man in motion makes the gift a hickey keeps it pitches it out driven out of bounds but that's probably gonna be enough for an Amherst first down and that's another pitch seen but this time it does actually work as number 11 for Berluti is able to get a first down here it's oh it's a third and one coming up short here so you're gonna we're going to hear a lot of a lot of crowd noise from the Jumbos hear it hear the ximen field at the Ellis oval here in the sunny Medford Massachusetts on this lovely Saturday October 28th so typically 31 that's traditionally a running situation and Amherst of course everyone expects the running Emilie's been running all day too much success well what are they going to do you know you know they're gonna rush are they're gonna give it a hickey they could give Figueroa well you better take himself give us a hickey and Hickey first up the middle Hickey proven who knew more than just a souvenir from a good night out pinkey gaining the first down there for the mammoths and that's gonna be a big first down there for the mammoths as they get it up to the 45 one day it just comes with experience it comes with experience you you read the names you see what you got to work with yeah so we're gonna see the mammoths look to continue this drive as they pushed into Jumbo's territory here Hebrews 5 by the Figueroa and Hickey beavers on the keeper Figaro lead blocker but Eva is gonna be wrapped up and brought back by the Jumbo's defensive line I give him a group hug there it's like at the end of your day of preschool or everyone comes together for a group hug and it's beautiful Tom just like that yeah and that's really the ramp and down by forward progress you know they didn't actually get tackled there they just kept pushing them back pushing him back pushing him back in the referee said all right that's enough kids he's down alternate interesting play because you were just kind of following the block from Figueroa there and kind of falling behind him but the Jumbos got around him and pushed him back again once again indicator of how versus try was trying to try different things and he the Jumbos defense unaware as to what exactly they are doing there they gave it you birth a lead blocker Ebert here faking to get to Hickey stepping up floats it up it's gonna be caught I think that's Bo Berluti almost getting into the end zone it's Berluti or caramel on e kamalani their caramel on e with a good over-the-top route and Edith just printed straight-up coma when he beat his men he was let laying with the pass put it perfectly with coma when he wanted it karma Lane doing a good job you know fighting off the tackler and brings it back to the five yard line and so yeah yeah this has looked good on these deep balls both of them not necessarily the prettiest but they both been effective dropped right into the receivers hands and the first quarter is a huge gain on a water ball like that Bieber's given it to I believe that's Hickey Hickey walks in untouched or walks in first through the middle there and that will bring your score up to 20 to 7 as we're gonna see another extra point here by the Mammoth's and john rack here looking to MIT widen the margin here to 14 what you see on that jive said well once again I just think that the Jumbos defense like the first two touchdowns scored by Amherst was unable to figure out what exactly was going on I just think that sometimes Jumbo's defense is able to pick up what exactly is happening but with each Amherst play but this time they were unaware and once again one of those over the over-the-head balls from keepers was able to I think that it really does come down to the large sack on McDonald on McDonald yeah that was a that was a good Drive as we see a penalty fly come out on the extra point but it was extra point was good so it's likely to not affect the play here as Amherst taking control of the game up 21-7 but with four and a half minutes left in the second quarter Jumbo's have enough time to put together a drive here may be the one flaw of that deep ball was that it gives the Jumbos four and a half minutes three timeouts Jumbo's could put together a drive or two here maybe get some more points on the board before half-time yeah definitely I think that four and a half minutes let's see what the Jumbos can do here with this kickoff has the Jumbos come out but I think that if they're able to capitalize here we really help the score especially if there is able to bring it within one yea half yeah it's tough when you get under about two minutes and you don't have a bunch of timeouts left the defense knows you're gonna be throwing the ball every down but here the Jumbo's have enough to to run it if they want to and that's been the Jumbo strong suit keeping the ball in the hand of Andrew Sanders we're gonna see it was a penalty on the Mammoth's and it's gonna be enforced on the kickoffs they're gonna be booting it from the 20 as opposed to the 35 so the Jumbo's hope to get some good field position here yeah it definitely also does depend on what the returner can do here yeah definitely he will benefit from the from the kickoff from further back yeah a good starting position with four minutes left would definitely serve the jungle as well on this Drive which may very well be the last right before the half yeah John rack here looking to try and salvage some of these points or some of these yards John rack with a low line drive gonna take a bounce so and it's going to bounce back away from the Jumbos recovered has a lead blocker gets a hole up to the Jumbos 4647 they're a great return we thought it was we thought it they were gonna squander that field position but so that's Robert Jones picking up the kickoff return and Robert Jones at first ball took a funny bounce and he he looked a little nervous looked a little tripped up I wasn't really quite sure what to do he follow this brought to maintain his composure just followed the reven right through that hole and he accelerated very quickly as they were bringing all the way up to about the 45 or so almost had almost was able to break three all free all the way that that last defender for Amrish was able bring him down yeah and he had his lead blocker lead blocker saying it's mr. Jones and me bursting through the hole there to gain some extra yards as we're gonna see McDonald and Sanders here Sanders still hold Mahatma mr. Jones storming through the barrio McDonald rolls out pressured by mammoth floats it up it's going to be complete hit at the 30 yard great pass by McDonald and this time too he is able to break the pressure from antlers defense we get out of the way and get the ball out and it's way past at-bat and really gives the tumble is a very very good position this for that great kick return to start this drive and this pass definitely put give the Jumbos a great chance to decrease the lead here yeah exactly finding McDonald finding his man all season he's been Dolan has been his top target and Dolan broke the coverage was wide open all McDonald had to do was put his eyes downfield worry he was gonna get a hit and then he saw his man so at four minutes ago I look for the Jumbos to run the ball try and run some time out Oh a trick play that's not quite they had in mind though as a give the handoff and looking to throw it is number 12 but brought down for a loss of yards and Jumbo's will just probably keep running the ball down try to keep some some time coming down but they're down to touchdown so they'll take what they can get at this point yeah that was an interesting play the motion and the give to number 12 number 12 one of the wide receivers couldn't get the couldn't get it off there as he's brought back for a six yard loss guys are gonna see McDonald and Sanders in the backfield Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sandler's here in the backfield we're gonna see what he draws up here McDonald dropping back looking to pass throws it up brought down the big cats there for the Jumbos I believe that is Daniel de Lyon and a Lyon there was a big reception there to get the Jumbos out of you know second and 16 Oh kind of like that prior drive where MacDonald was brought back earlier but there it was a big first down there for the Jumbos as they push inside the redzone that's like when your parents oh you gotta be home on Halloween at 8:30 and then you kind of bummed them then they say you can stay out til tenure side you got more time to go trick-or-treating and jumpers looking to collect more candy here as MacDonald fakes bootleg out to the right side big patch off Sanders missed the block there floats it up throws it away and I definitely think that this drive overall has seen a lot more passing and it might have served the Jumbos pretty well here as Bobby you said they got more candy and I think the candy might be those passes yeah well they hope they hope to hit the jackpot here you know you know that one family that kind of with the big house it always gives out the king-sized the Jumbo's are looking for the king size on this one that that would be a touchdown the Jumbo's really want the king-size and Reese's Cups here why Reese's Cups Tom I think that's got to be the best candy to get on Halloween is the Reese's Cup so you know that artificial peanut butter combined with the artificial chocolate we're gonna see McDonald and Sanders here in the backfield three out wide to McDonald's left give us the Sanders with a jump cut up the middle not much to gain there gets about three on the run all the same it does help the Jumbo's move ahead a little bit here as it gave us to Sanders definitely I think that they're trying to find a balance between running out the clock and trying to score as we approach the two-minute warning before the half now we're gonna we're gonna this we're gonna see if we will get another play they're probably not and as we approach halftime you like you rely you just feel free to send us your tweets a touch jumbled cast and we'll try to get any questions and comments you might have answered I do halftime show I believe there's no two-minute warning here as we're gonna see the Jumbos run another play two-minute warning usually brought to you by Tony Monaco but not today so McDonald drops back floats it into the end zone this coach now amber signals no but Jumbo's disagree as that is none other than Jack Dolan and Jack they're going up with a grab he toss it up in the air and McDonald and girls I put his head up in the air and spices defendant grabbed that ball and shows it up here hurry up hi he said look at me look what I got and the chokers come and leave bring it back with him one touchdown here that king-sized resist resist cough was in the hands of Jack Dolan here as we got that touchdown yeah jack doan gonna be going trick or treating tonight or I guess on the 31st they're gonna see a two-point conversion attempt with the Jumbos and a wacky formation sniffed out by the Mammoth's you gotta wonder what they were looking to gain out of that but you know don't let that don't let that sour ending spoil a great Jumbo's Drive all almost all those yards through the air there MacDonald leading game with his with his can arm they're getting the jumpers to within one score 2113 Mammoth's lead you know Tom Sam I'm not gonna lie I'm a bit befuddled by that decision to go for iron to their Jumbo's could have brought it within the seven-point lead if they had just taken the extra point but they go for a trip for the two-point conversion cannot convert it and now next time they'll be forced to go for the two-point conversion that destroys any possible element of surprise that they might haven't going for that decision and if the Jumbo's do get another touchdown and cut the lead to within two we know I am here is going to be expecting definitely but I also think that the Jumbo's may have been trying to come close up to leave a little bit more before the end of the half so that they are what they weren't it was a better position to start the next the next half and score some more but definitely Bobby I think that now they're gonna have to go for an two-point conversion at some point as we're gonna see the kickoff here by Mathew all swinger big boot gonna be returned by the Mammoth's wrapped up but no he stays he stays up the walking dead they're looking like looking like a zombie they're wrapped up but he manages to get through it and push through and that was Saffold on the return Avery they're getting the ball up to the 21 as the Mammoth's here with two timeouts looking to get get some more points on the board dig into their trick-or-treating here and get some points before half so Evers you know only about 94 seconds left you think they'd run it but they've been you think they pass it deep but they've been running all day so honestly they pick and run it get out of bounds I won't be surprised if they keep doing with that that's been working for them the whole game yeah definitely I just saw that attempted pass there it wasn't it wasn't completely passed but definitely I think that Hebert is gonna try to free up some room downfield get the ball downfield you know they're trying to attempt one more score here and get that lead back to over two touchdowns by the end of the half indeed as we've seen even preferring to take short runs and short passes going bit by bit and with 94 seconds there's no reason he can't just take short passes get out of bounds use their timeouts wisely that's also true but also remember in the first quarter that was at large pass to the wide receiver over the head and he might attempt one more of those and here we go another pass there it is that's a big game I think that's Bo Berluti with a with a run there with a catch and run there how to lead blocker facing him don't say no to both famous words of the torpedo Boys classic Jeremy Korean band Aniyah but one the ball are I gave it to him and he's able to take it right up the middle and there an incompletion there right through the hands of Ali's receiver could not get the completion there as we're gonna see a second intent here for the Mammoth's they're trying to use every not every second of the sixty nine seconds left here as they try to get one more score in yeah just enough time left 69 seconds the perfect amount of time for a man let's drive here we're gonna see big pass rush from the Jumbos attics getting close floats it up it's gonna be caught and broken tackle and that's gonna be six points we're looking on the field for any flags here but that's gonna be theirs what a drive from Amherst and that was Frank or that was Bret Phillips the defensive bag guarding in there couldn't quite get his hand on the ball and that's going to be another touchdown who was able to break that tackle and get into the end zone this was exactly what a murse was looking to do get the lead back to over two touchdowns over the Jumbos O'Regan hauls in his fifth receiving touchdown of the year yeah you you wonder there was some miscommunication there between the Jumbos defense and one of the referees looking a bit confused there as we're gonna see John rack look to rack up another point here you almost wonder if Amherst left too much time on the clock for the Jumbo is now Jumbo's have have will now receive the ball with a minute left and that is certainly enough time to score a touchdown brings back within a one possession game yeah they almost have to this is a high-scoring game you know both these defenses are strong but haven't been showing up we've seen a lot of offensive firepower you know combining so far for 441 points in the first half that is what 28 plus 13 equals is 41 a lot of points here in the first half is the point I'm trying to make it's to say it another way that's what we're five budgets not over that's five touchdowns scored in the four in the first half and I think that the Jumbos definitely have another chance to score one more some would say some would say number is six touchdowns looking for number seven but how many points would that be oh man don't ask me these questions I haven't taken math in two years I'm not gonna answer that one submit us a Twitter question if you want to see us do mental math at Tufts jumbo cast feel free to submit your mat or if you're working on that linear algebra problem set viewers at home feel free to send us your questions well we'll answer anything honestly regardless if we can add and I think one thing we can all agree for sure as this is a high scoring game they're going bippity-boppity-boo pretty bang bang bang everybody's getting the ball by scoring and lots of action here as we like to see and go to a college football game just racking it up bang bang bang absolutely here and the Bobby pulls out a part of that Kevin Hart impression trying to give another look at exactly what's happening here and just for those people who can get it this is a high-scoring game I think we made that clear enough by now they're scoring lots of points ok John racks kicking it off and the wind takes that one out of bounds and that's favorable for the Jumbos I think that's yeah that's a penalty as the refs tossing that one about 25 feet in there and we see a nice catch by one of the helpers on the sideline with the yellow vest yeah on the field it could add him plane defense it back on that last Drive and if you know what I mean not quite I won't explain but that's that's gonna lead to advantageous field position here for the Jumbos as we're gonna see they're gonna get it I believe it's 35 is what happens on when the kickoff goes out of bounds Jumbo's now will have a minute they'll be starting a pretty good field position and McDonald Ryan McDonald will look to take over and show everyone what he can do def I think that if he does what he did in the previous scoring drive with long passes to both jack dolan and daniel daly own this definitely could be another scoring drive 58 seconds should be enough time to score one more but well it'll be interesting to see what McDonald comes up with yeah the Jumbos the generals receiving corps is oh it's a Rica Kai guess ok sorry I I that's my bad I thought it was like pro football rules like when they kick it out of bounds it's it's you get it automatically the 35 but Amherst kicks off from their own I think 25 yeah it looks like the catch by the man in the yellow vest unfortunately amounts to nothing here as they're going to kick again maybe as another time they're kicking it from their own 45 yard line college football man nobody what are you gonna do interesting development here well it could go it could go in favor of the Jumbos here if they're able to bring it up and get past the 35 they'll have excellent field position so gives them another chance to get a great run if you don't get a good if the kick doesn't amount to it they'll just take a fair catch and they'll stop in decent position so the Jumbos happy to have another shot doing a spook kick it it's gonna be picked up by the Jumbos nice little return there from the Jumbos almost almost recovered by Amherst there but Jumbo's getting the return here with 55 seconds and we're gonna see if what Ryan McDonald can do in 55 seconds sounds like a game show like what can you do in 55 seconds wasn't there there was a TV show like that about like having one minute to do something minute to win it was that the ones dying Ryan Lochte I think so no I think it was well we Ryan Lochte do you yeah maybe it's true to carry any who should when they left what do you think the gym was need to do converted on offense I definitely think that this has to look similar to this the last scoring drive that they had a lot of passes a lot of large gains quickly here I don't know if running the running the ball is gonna work and finds his receiver McDonald and hits him over the middle that's gonna be good for a first down we're gonna see the hurry up offense here and they don't Jack door and on the reception yeah Jack Toland working is riding on his man all day getting these getting these yards chunk yards here Jumbo's have it at their 40 McDonald drops back little ball drop there you gotta wonder maybe maybe that was a tactical drop there he was only gonna gain three yards and it wouldn't run off more time on the clock so maybe he just let it hit the ground indeed you have to you have to think if that's what was going through his head but at the same time maybe he just dropped it also at the same time none of us are mind reader's so we don't ever know what's going through there never know for sure yeah that's what makes commenting fun we try to no Racine McDonald here with Sanders McDonald dropped back looking over the middle that one was dropped takes a big hit I think that was de Lyonne yeah that was dealin and that was certainly not a tactical drop as Dean Leone would have been picking up about 20 yards you could see the look on his frustration on his face as he clearly is upset he wasn't able to track it and just grab on to it so nuts could be third in ten McDonald's gonna have to come up with something big here 38 seconds left it's very interesting to see what McDonald does once again has feet more passes yeah Sanders in the back of McDonald takes the snap drops back it's mrs. Sanders threw it a little bit ahead of Sanders Sanders had almost a clear Lane for a first down there but could not get on the same wavelength there poured out for the Jumbos as the punt team comes out as we're just gonna see you know the teams have been trading kicks here we're gonna see the Jumbos punt we're gonna see la piana hair boot it to the Mammoth's and that's three three drops in three plays for the Jumbos you can't can't think that Tony facility Jumbo's wide receiver coach is very happy maybe he'll have a word with them at halftime but until then Jumbo's will look to prevent Emmer's from putting on any more points in this 35 seconds remaining in the first half beyond the boots it it's a high reaching punt no ma'am it's back to return they're gonna see the Jumbos run out a little bit of that clock and the ref is gonna down it they're 22 seconds left 22 seconds in two timeouts you gotta wonder it's at the I think it's at the 22 25 yard line here 25 for the Mammoth's in jumbo Territorian mammoth territory Bobby do you think that they're gonna try to take the lead to three they could go for it but honestly we haven't really seen even going very big today I think we'll just see them try and run down the clock and prevent any injuries here and not turn it over yeah I'd say they're gonna nail it as we're gonna see Ebers taking me there and that'll close out the first half so as we went down to halftime the scores 28 verse 13 Tufts sit that'll do for your first quarter of broadcast training thank you for joining you today great job today thank you very much Bobby thanks Tom and you better teach me more about those puns I will they one day we'll get to whatever we'll have a lesson all right so we're closing out the house now 28 for Amber's 13 for tops and we will be back shortly with our halftime show don't touch that dial yeah don't touch that a spacebar or whatever whatever it is on a computer computers don't have dials but yeah stay tuned for our halftime show and also feel free if you want us to read your tweets at halftime tweet us at Tufts jumbo cast feel free like we said we'll take anything we're really looking for any tweets now thank you for joining us for the first tab we'll be back in a few you you you hello and happy Halloween this is the Jumbo cast halftime show Tom Jazza now ski here the play-by-play commentator here with my color commentator Bobby I'm Bobby welcome to a halftime show as you can see we're all dressed up for Halloween unfortunately we couldn't really get matching costumes I Tom what are you I came as a mummy I thought that's what I texted you I said we're going as mummies tomorrow yeah there's a little bit miscommunication I thought we were toilet paper monsters so I thought I'd ever get justice so I'm a toilet paper monster comes dressed up as a mummy unfortunately we can really communicate that very good so we're sorry we don't have matching outfits for you yeah I was thinking like King Tutankhamen like in the Great Pyramids you open up the sarcophagus and there's me The Mummy coming out you know no but I could completely see your vision Tom but I really just thought we were gonna be toilet paper monsters just like coming out of the closet the bathroom closet yeah like I feel like a mommy's pretty scary too you know like like ooh I'm a mummy I used to be a dead guy you know yeah well you let some you lose some anyway we're here for the halftime show and we've got a great game two scores 28 for Amherst and 13 for Tufts are you enjoying the game so far Tom I really happened you could not ask for a better day it is nice sunny out I was looking at the weather app this morning which I always check before I go out and it looked like chance of rain 60 percent and I was like oh that's uncomfortable but we actually ended up avoiding the rain as we have a nice clear day here today at the zimin field here at the Ellis oval in sunny Medford we've got beautiful weather we've got a great football game and we're enjoying a nice spread of lunch brought to us by I believe is Bob deli in Medford time food yeah the finest from Bob's yeah giving us a nice sandwiches I have a nice ham and ham and provolone that sounds really good I had I had some roast beef and Turkey yeah I think they also do a really nice tuna salad I believe they do a great job taking care of us and so they're taking care of us with the sandwiches and now we're really take care of you guys and we're gonna answer your questions and your tweets we know you've been typing them hard on your your your iPad your iPhone your your your discriminator that you could have a Samsung Samsung devices absolutely a samsung kies well you know enough of the hoopla let's let's get to the tweets so we pull it up our first tweet is from Russell Dean or Dean 902 75 I believe maybe perhaps a zip code you never know and he wants to know Amrish used to be the Lord Jeffs and this is the first year as the Mammoth's what are your thoughts tom wow that's a really good question yeah honestly like I don't think you could have caught this but during the broadcast about like 6 or 7 times I wanted to say like that's a lord Jeff's first down or like that's like good play by the Lord Jeff's but I was like no wait there the Mammoth's now yeah of course Lord Jeff's used to be the name Latin the mascot for Amherst and they decided it was inappropriate he was in native Amer where was he he uh he was a huge like one of the early colonized yeah yeah I think he was a slave owner yes many other atrocities historically mistreated to Native Americans and yeah so the student body said none of that we don't want to be associated with Lord Jeff anymore so for a while they were just a morose they did not have a mascot and then now they're the men's so uh it's good to see them picking a more politically correct if you will mascot I think it's pretty intimidating a mammoth you know they're big and whatnot and woolly yeah kind of like an Ice Age like that's just what I think about when I hear the mammoths and I think it was it was looking good and thankfully for Tufts you know jumbo jumbo the elephant of Fame of Tufts Fame was never never racist you know never mistreated Native Americans he was all around a good elephant you know my personal so that's like next tweet so the next tweet we've got them we've got a tweet from JJ Ferraro well high school teammates Ryan had felt from Tufts and Andrew Ferraro from Amherst see action today of course the two boys from saving neisha stay in San Francisco indeed personally so had felt the backup quarterback for Tufts he's played in for four games this year just gets a you know some backup time but personally I don't really think he I'm not really expecting to get in right now as we've seen Jumbo's down two touchdowns they're going to need as much weapon as they can get and McDonald only six for 15 on the day but we also have seen a couple drops you know some good passes the wide receivers just couldn't hold on to you so it should be more 9 15 10 4:15 I don't think McDonald's playing badly at all I think he's doing a good job running think he's making some good passes making good decisions and I think the jealous would be wise to keep him in I don't know if today's the day for hag felt yeah and Ferrero Ferreira one of the special teams players I think he's the punter one of the punters on the back of punter backup hunter for the mammoths I don't know if he'll be seeing any action today barring an injury I think he should he should you know he likely won't see any playing time but I wouldn't be surprised if late in the game they get him out there if the man has to go out to a commanding lead but I doubt we'll see them both on the field at the same time but it would be really cool obviously like we see we see sometimes here at here at zimin field we see you know high school teammates because a lot of a lot of Tufts players come from the Massachusetts area is same with some of our nest CAC opponents you know Williams Amherst have Oh some some players from Massachusetts that we sometimes see high school teammates but it's very rare that you see two high school teammates from California from San Francisco area out on the field at the same time so we'll keep our eyes up for that mr. Ferrero but the the chance of chance of two teams those two teammates making the field togethers is relatively low today yeah we've got a tweet from from we've got Southern Belle j-3 her name is Jane she wants to know if we're on the chess team I'm not are you do we have a chat we have a chess team oh oh yeah aniele's on the chest yeah there's on the chess team I care hands on the test team but Tom and I are not but good looks to Topps chesty and then we've got one more tweet unfortunately we can't show the image but some guy be webby on Twitter he just said I've been building as IKEA dresser in the game he said there's a picture of his IKEA dresser oh sure fortunately we can't show you guys the image but it's a nice dresser be Webby yeah that's a lewd image we would we would be taken off the air if we were to try to show yeah it's just a dress he's doing a great job but um so now we got about three minutes till the game returns so we see that the team's coming on the field to warm up a little bit get loose Tom what are your what are your thoughts going into the second half well I'm thinking I'm looking forward to the game we're gonna see Amherst get the ball first if they if they get on another another score here that might put the nail in the coffin for the Jumbos up three scores and a two-point conversion it could it could look grim for the Jumbos but we know especially its women feel the Jumbos never stop fighting so we're gonna see if an emerge can strike first interest rate quick but we'd love for you to keep sending us your tweets if you have any thoughts about Halloween any of your costumes anything like that Bobby you know we'd love to hear from you guys just a quick poll you don't feel free to send us a tweet it could even be a Twitter poll whose costume is better do you like Tom and the mummy or do you like Bobby and the toilet paper monster so maybe we could get like a like for the toilet paper monster retweet for mummy retweet our error so actually I'm already starting at a disadvantage oh that's okay I don't know much about Twitter though feel free to send us a tweet and just let us know yeah we'd love to hear your feedback and now you know about two minutes left in this halftime show we got a real treat for you guys for the next time we're actually give you welcoming in another freshman who's new to jumbo cast he's going to be doing some training commentary with us so you'll get to meet our new friend and you'll have a third announcer as well so should be a good one time you guys any closing thoughts before we wrap up this halftime show I think that's just about it I think you summed it up really well Bobby so that's gonna be the cause of our halftime show thanks for staying tuned with us you there we see on the return running it back sorry we were a little bit late on that one that's that's our fault just a technical difficulty there Saffold on the return takes it about to the Jumbos 22 but there is some there's a yellow flag on the field we're gonna see it hold on the receiving team that was 41 for Amherst on return that's going to be a 10-yard penalty at the end of the run that was hunter Vogel from Fayette Alabama and starting off this second half we'd like to welcome our new friend freshman training commentator Dan welcomed in awesome Daniel so as we start the second half what do you what do you see what he has the keys to the game so far what do you think the Jumbos needed to do to close this gap a little bit really consistent try to go starting down the defense they've had lots of options with the run Figaro and and using the option a lot it's really been tough for Tufts to shut down you say Ebert could give to Figueroa trying to get some breathing room there snuffed out there by the Jumbos Dumbo's no they're coming around here backed up into their own goal line this could this could really if the jumpers can get a quick three and out here this could really behoove them on the offensive Drive they could get some great field position as we're gonna see figure over there on the carry and now we're gonna see what you burst dials up here it's tough when you start a drive from your own ten that's never easy as rooms de Berthier flanked by Figueroa to his left man in motion drops back on the play action throws it out wide no Jumbo's near and then the ball comes out and so covered by the Jumbo's that's a huge play for the Jumbo tripped up there fumble by the wide receiver that's a huge play for the Jumbo is a big recovery there and now is Bob Rudi number 11 the receiver taking that pass taking a couple of yards gained tackled and just getting tripped up dropping the ball on his way down to the ground the Jumbo was able to recover that ball that's a huge break for the Jumbo's and definitely something that's going to help them try and close this gap if they can pick up a touchdown right now and bring this to with an eight-point game I just start off the second half it looks like he was down by Cano yeah and the big tough break balls gonna stay with the Mammoth's here a third and eight big stop though here for the Jumbos if they get it Eber steps up and he's brought down and that's a big stop for the Jumbos would you like there Daniel yeah we really liked what we saw from the Jumbos defensive defensive line came out they probably had some Gatorade ate a few Reese's Cups during halftime to get some of that extra energy got a fuel up oh yeah I got a fuel up to the fuel Reese's Cups the official fuel tough jumbo caps I wonder if they got some Bob's Italian food don't have time as well Tom yeah Bob's Italian great tuna salad as we're gonna see a punt hear from Henry Attkisson we're clamoring for Ferraro here on the punt but we're gonna get actus in we punt there from Atkinson takes a little mammoth bounce we would like to right one wrong that we have made here at Tufts jumbo cast Ferrara we were discussing during the halftime show if he would get any action he actually did have one kickoff at the end of that first half there so we'd like to apologize to mr. Ferraro give him the credit that he was due and he's been averaging about a pump per game he has played in six games now has comes off six kicks so forever certainly getting some action Crammers yeah and we're gonna see the Jumbos here lining up on their own 48 yard line great field position to start you're gonna see McDonald here I believe he's got Mike Beaudry need him three receivers out to his right [Applause] snaps the ball give us the panini Petrini bounces outside avoids a mammoth tackle picks up about seven therefore the Jumbos a great run by Petrini Boyd's the ankle tackle so that's going to be a second in one for the Jumbo his hands but didn't they're networking so they could go for a run try and pick up that easy first down or second one a good opportunity to throw the ball deep we'll see what happens here yeah McDonald has three receivers flanked out he's got Petrini to his left unbalanced set here we've got three receivers on the left McDonald takes takes it gonna be key perform Akama gets a nice hole up the middle that's a big first down for the Jumbos there on the back of McDonald there Kari picks up about seven and the Jumbos are quickly into mammoth territory here and the Jumbo is you got to wonder if they're thinking you know it's hunting season and it's mammoth season for the Jumbo's they're looking to straight quick here I'm looking for a quick slant route right up the middle I'm thinking May wretched Dolan's what I'm thinking it's a screen out to Mike Miller Mike Miller pushes forward and he gains about two on that run and that was it that was the first screen play we see we see a lot of you know the Revolutionary College offenses have been this this offense the option offense sorry that we've seen from just the Jumbos here and we like to see them throwing those screen passes get the unbalanced shifting of the offensive line but you got to have quick offensive lineman to do that alright we're gonna see macdonald here with three receivers to his right to to his left it's obviously a passing play unless it to keep her from MacDonald so we'll see what he draws up here throws it over the middle almost picked off by the Mammoth's and questionable decision there from McDonald so McDonald's done a good job today of being pretty patient as we've seen when he's facing pressure typically during the day he'd been dropping back running around throughout the pocket and waiting for something to open up typically hasn't been throwing away bond that one he was a face and pressure and he just cracked just chucked it away yeah there's been a lot of pressure a lot of time for the first half when he drops back the offenses why it hasn't given much of a pocket yeah I feel like we haven't mentioned the mammoth defensive line enough as we see breaks the block MacDonald rolling out looks downfield overthrown and that's gonna be fourth down here four thousand nine forward the Jumbos in in Amherst territory you gotta wonder you're not gonna go for it so it's got to be a crafty punt so they're really looking for interesting punt here from La Fiamma and you hate to see the drive stifled that quick the Jumbos had great field position but only were able to move it about 15 yards and we'll look to see if floppy on will maybe try and kick it out the corner of the field maybe pinch it along the sidelines and pin pin the Amherst you know within their 510 yards or so low snap food is up it landed about the Amherst one but it's going to bounce out of the end zone and gives him a touch back and on a punt like that you only net about 13 20 yards there so interesting decision there from the Jumbos la Pianist kick was unable to to land where he wanted it to and yeah we really saw a strong play by the Amherst defensive line there Andrew you mean Balaji yeah couture Rob Needham and Gregg Franklin really putting the pressure on McDonald there I feel like we haven't said their names enough because they've been playing a great game so far defensive line never really getting the praise that they deserve but they have done an excellent job bringing the fire today and we see e birth the three amigos in the backfield Iver picky and Figueroa eager keeps it pitches it out to Figaro Figaro almost loses it and he's wrapped up behind the line there for a loss of one so Daniel what do you think the job the Jumbo's need to do in order to combat this huh this three-headed monster that is the amherst rushing attack well I think the best you can do is just have everyone to stay on your man when you have the option when you have both birth and figure or on a run like that you just have to stand your man and be ready for both both decisions yeah we've seen more the Dumbo's getting more and more familiar with a birth and Figaro's tendencies really stopping the runs here as you're gonna see the three amigos in the back Hill Ebers Figueroa and Hickey u-verse takes the snap fakes the give chucking it deep adds a man caught over the coverage that was complete to number five that is James O'Regan looking like President Reagan they're getting the ball deep and we see another big throw from clear back alley birth that's about the third time today he's gone deep and he's three for three on those deep attempts Oh Jumbo's uh Jumbo's past defense needs to step it up a little bit yeah that was that was the tightest coverage we've seen so far from the Jumbos of others who were kind of busted coverages but that one tight coverage but ball threaded by e birth as he takes it give is to Hickey Hickey bounces it outside he's gonna rush for a Mammoth's first down maybe maybe dropped a yard short yeah about one yard short there but hickey there Jumbo's caught off guard as Hickey bust forward it's gonna be second on one here for the Mammoth's yeah and on that pass it was it was really tight coverage but the defender he had his back to the ball he wasn't really sure so the receiver was able to get up and grab that ball as we're gonna see a birth almost I don't think he's taking a snap from under center yet all in the shotgun here's Figueroa fakes the gift to figure out stepped up hit as he's thrown a big play there by the Tufts defensive line finally getting penetration and getting to the quarterback and the Jumbos thought that was a fumble for a minute it looked like looked like he Bruce Armour still coming forward but they got ruled out an incomplete pass and it'll be third in one now for Amherst says they'll have an attempt one more chance to get a first down and build on this lead yeah that's like it's the Tuck rule it's the famous tuck rule like in I think it was 2001 when the Patriots were in the playoffs in a snow Brady was sacked but his arm was going forward so it was not a fumble so we're gonna see Ebert's Figaro and Hickey man in motion give us the Hickey Piggy's gonna burst forward for the easy first down and hope somebody bring him down pinky on the carry there for about four and we're gonna see Amherst keep the drive alive here so we saw tackles there by holt and yeah hold was the main man on the tackle and we're gonna see what the Jumbos defensive line answers here Emerson has been getting the strong push up forward so far but Tufts really has to answer and I'm looking for amorous to go back to that running attack with Figueroa and Hickey it risen about 30 yards of the end zone so even if they don't get the touchdown they could get go for a field goal here and birth gives it to Hickey as we see them taking the run trying to get a few yards and it looks like a breath is going on to just try and tack on yard by yard maybe maybe get close to that first down I don't think he wants to take any big risks and chucking it deep at this point you know get a couple yards take some time off the clock they're already up 15 points even if they don't get the touchdown you have a field goal as some trace puntos up in there and start building on this lead yeah we have yet to see a field goal attempt one of our one of our favorite plays here as we're gonna see Ebert Figueroa and Hickey as per usual flea-flicker Figueroa has a man throws it up good pass defense there the Jumbo say no mas to the Mammoth's and that is number five out slap IANA the junior defensive back on coverage doing a great job staying closest man good reading that ball and saying no you can't have it yeah Fabiana one of the with a great you know the first first man that's defaulted his yet that it fell incomplete all the credit goes to la Piana there on the coverage body was beat but able to recover great play by la Fionna I was gonna see a long third and ten here beavers in the backfield with Figueroa Jumbo's defense in motion big pass rush coming through Eber threads the needle and gets the completion first round that's number 11 that's Bo Berluti that ebook to pollute II connection and I believe that abilities fourth reception on the day he's been a good threat up the middle for Emmer's today yes Lulu D unafraid to take a hit in the middle getting the big first down there for the mammoth that's huge as they move into the red zone here so Daniel first and ten you look and run or pass here I say rod I mean you're up with you already up 15 you just try to move yards forward get time off the clock yes we see we're already four and a half minutes through the third quarter here cuz we're gonna see Ebert with Hickey in the backfield wide receiver comes in motion give this to Hickey he's gonna be stopped short no gain and hickey run tried to just jam it right up the middle and Jumbo's doing a good job on man coverage they're taking taking away the the rush up the middle of the field yeah Hickey looking to jam it up the jam hole but couldn't find any openings there so we're gonna see another second and ten play here for the Mammoth's I won't be surprised if Emmer's tries to go pitch again you know maybe fake a run right up the middle and just go boom we're gonna switch off you know yeah I think I take a handoff to figure out I'll pitch it up the Hickey run around the right side go up the sideline you never know clip throw the Jumbos off at this point it's been a while since we've seen one of those fakes the give play-action follows up they're going to call it an incomplete passing a good bathroom by Ebers but a little bit too long for his receiver as he let him out of bounds that one's for the other Bobo santero it's gonna be third and ten for aimers as we saw they just completed a third and nine the Jumbo's really need to stop the bleeding here limit them to a field goal attempt santero of course the senior backup tight end hasn't seen a whole lot of action this year in all six games but only has two receptions on the air so he's getting some time here and he both trying to target him but just slightly out of balance he bursts with the fake the quarterback keeper pitches it out to Hickey is that enough for the first down I don't think so but uh yeah it's gonna be fourth down here Hickey on the carry and we're gonna see him Hearst bring out the kicking team John rack looking to add three here and that's a good stop stop the bleeding a little bit keep from only three points make sure so Rack will come out for his first field goal attempt of the game as long as the years 48 yards and he's 6 for 12 on field goal attempts yeah here the snap is up cracks kick is up it's gonna be through the uprights that is tres puntos for the Mammoth's and that brings a score 31 Amherst 13 Tufts it's now an 18 point game and the Jumbo is running out of time to catch up it's a three score game here down a team here for the for the Jumbos we're gonna see Dan what are you looking for them to do here on this next drive well I think they just need something to get some momentum back right they definitely have time but it's really hard you know the further it goes into the game you don't want to give the ball back you want you know a lot of consistent few five-yard places so make some runs and passes just get off into a rhythm and get some points on the board it's interesting for the Jumbos in that they're averaging five point six yards per play per play today you know typically that's a very good number you'd think they'd be scoring more but the problem for the Jumbos today third down conversions there are only two four eight on third down conversions and even it doesn't really matter how many yards four player averaging if you can't convert on third down you're gonna have a bad time yeah that's gonna be tough for you as we're gonna see Raph lining up here to give the kick I believe it's know this might be for arrow yeah this is for arrow Andrew Ferraro here gonna kick off the ball here to the Jumbos and we're gonna see what I believe Dolan and I think it's LA piana line up back deep maybe it's gonna drop at the 20 picked up run back we have a jumbo down on the field Oh jumbo laying down looking looking Perry but we didn't see what happened there but we're gonna we're gonna check in here and the trainer's are gonna come out onto the field and I just gotta hope he's okay [Music] and so trainers taking a look at that at the players here and it looked like he just cut funny it looked like maybe he just cut to what maybe twist his ankle or just hurt his knee or something and they're putting their arms up in the air it looks like they might be calling for a stretcher is that what's going on and there they are in fact bringing a stretcher over so that injury looks like quite a serious one yeah we admire admire the fight here for the Jumbos but obviously player safety comes first so we're gonna we're going to you know see you break into action and get some medical attention here for this player did you see that was Tom I did not see who that was I don't even I don't think you got hit on the play it looked like he just like got funny on contact and jury yeah I did see some like awkward knee movement it was an awkward cut for sure yes we see all the players take a knee we're gonna see the situation here but it's something you hate to see so we see the training staff during their best to take care of this injured player unfortunately still haven't gotten word of who it was it looked like he just got injured and the final of the play and it's hard to see who was from here you just hope he's okay as we see the medical professional staff kept on hand at every game just for situations like this what they have to do that and so we we've still yet to see the training staff lifts the injured player up on to the onto the backboard island onto the stretcher so they're still treating him on the ground it looks like they might be wrapping up maybe wrapping up his muscles trying to provide some extra support and we hear the ambulance in the background so it seems as he's going to be taking straight to the hospital for further treatment yeah it's something that no matter who you're a fan of it's something you hate to see here but we hope the I hope the best for the player and professional staff is trained to take care of situations like this so so tom we know that you actually have experience working as a as an emergency as an EMT so as a as a someone with experience what do you think is going through the minds of these professionals these training professionals well I think the professionals obviously is an EMT your reach here is limited obviously this is a very serious injury so what you're doing is trying to prevent any further injury in the transportation in the carry so they're probably they're probably trying to splint up the player I believe it was a leg injury a lower body injury so probably trying to make sure that nothing is fractured nothing is no major arteries have been clipped they're trying to make sure that you know obviously not no situation is a good situation but they're hoping that's just ligament damage and nothing into major major arteries so they're just looking into it trying to make sure that the leg is stabilized and the players stabilize and monitor the blood pressure make sure that the player isn't going into shock obviously it's very obviously very painful so there's a chance that they could you know have accelerated heart rate high blood pressure they're trying to make sure that the player is safe and in stable condition and ready to be transported before they get them moving of course Boston home to Boston Massachusetts General Hospital one of the highest quality hospitals in the world so can rest assure that whoever this player is it's going to be subject to very high quality treatment yeah we know that obviously tough supposed to take care of its players and they keep highly trained medical professionals on staff so we know that I'm the players in good hands we're hoping that we can we can get an update soon make sure they're safe just to see so it seems the ambulance has arrived so it's at this point just a question of getting the player on the stretcher and transporting them over I believe they're on the stretcher they put them on this dresser he's on the stretcher and everyone knows now plotting as it seems he is ready to be loaded up and taken to the hospital yeah as you see the crowd rise obviously a great sign of strength you know that's why that's something you know scary for all the players all the all the family here in the crowd all the friends but it looks like they're gonna be safe we don't know obviously the degree of the injury or anything but we're gonna we know they're they're safe and they're gonna be carted off and taken we say the injured player raising his hand up in the air trying to show everyone that he's okay he'll be okay he'll be all right and still awaiting word on who that was unfortunately we don't have a best angle but as soon as we find out from our production staff we will relay the information to you guys and you know they're gonna huddle up obviously with a situation like that some of the players are gonna have questions concerning things like that approach is gonna give them you know talk to them let them know the situation obviously the coaches included you know in all the protocol so we're gonna hear what the coach has to say and then game action should resume and that's got to be a tough job coach Jay savetti China trying to let reassure his players that their teammate will be alright but at the same time they're down there down 18 points and they still got a lot of time left in this game so maybe he can swing us you know use it as a motivating factor for the Jumbos hey let's let's get out there let's win it for our teammate you know he's out there in the hospital but you know these guys care so much about the team he's getting tree mail for his injury but you know he still wants to see his teammates pull out a W today and so maybe this will be the extra fire needed for the Jumbos to motivate them to win so Daniel is the team's taking the lead what do the Jumbo's need to do to start chipping away at this lead well I think they just need to get into a rhythm right here get back into it it's been a few minutes now that they've haven't been on the ball moving around but really if they start to drive well I think it'll go go well for a snap to McDonald keep cheap by McDonald good jump cut carry sit up that's gonna be a good game about six seven yards there for the Jumbos McDonald they're getting the game and we saw mcdent McDonald faking the hand off to Andrew Sanders who cut up the left side of the field a couple defenders off guard who bid on it but we see McDonald's running up to the right right sideline and so now it's gonna be second and second they haven't updated the yards exactly i but looked like a game about four or five or so and we just had a big big facemask there by 48 on Amherst and drew summer I'm big face mess there and we just got the update the injury was to Marcus Edmonds on Tufts number 31 really Hughes one of the blockers or the ball carrier on that play but just for those of you tuning in at home the injury was to Marcus Edmonds the junior linebacker from Londonderry New Hampshire so our thoughts go out to him McDonald takes the snap looking past steps up in the pocket avoids a defender there's gonna be a flag down on the play in the backfield put some late action there from the Tufts offensive line and we'll see what the referee has for the call it's coming back I think it's against the Jumbos yes holding on 79 one of the backup offensive lineman so now ba will be second in ten for the Jumbos or a pardon second we love these second 20 as they take it back yeah it's gonna be second in 20 that's gonna be tough for the Jumbos here I think will be first first first in 20 yeah the play will get will just have to stay tuned second in 20 so maybe the MacDonalds gonna have to throw here maybe I'm thinking the out route along the sideline trying to get 10 12 yards and chip away at this year or he might just go deep but if he doesn't convert they'll be third and 20 so tough decision-making McDonald takes the snap looking down the line short throw there on him through his receiver as we did see that 8 9 out route attempt but not able to convert so it will now be third and 20 and McDonald will be forced to chuck it deep but they might they might just they might just resign on this Drive and hand it off and see what happens now it's second and 20 there was it that was first in 20 so we're gonna see another maybe another pass attempt here from McDonald maybe try to pick up a nice chunk of yardage as he Miller in motion Sanders in the backfield with McDonald Yunel drops back to pass throws it over the middle has his man one man to beat he's gonna be dragged down and that's Daniel de Lyonne there on the big first down there for the bowes-lyon going right up the middle he's a big receiver six before 205 pounds he's a big moving target for for McDonald to hit and it tougher hammers to bring him down so Dee Lyon with a 29 yard gain it's not first in 10 and the Jumbos of the ball in the 35 yard territory McDonald drops back to pass again looking downfield looking deep rolls out hammers pass rush coming through gotta just throw it away here McDonald throws it up out of bounds incomplete felt the pressure there McDonald really really could feel the Amherst defenders on his back but he was able to get away that time and avoid losing yards that was really good covered by the Amherst defense there he had some time in the beginning before his flush of the pocket but just couldn't find an open receiver and that was Andrew Yemen the the junior bringing the pressure on McDonald McDonald doing a good job rolling out but really didn't have any options there so now be second and ten yeah I believe we we failed to mention that I think in McDonald was the nest tech Offensive Player of the Week last week and I believe I forget which amherst player but one of the Amherst players was the Defensive Player of the Week last week so we got a really big matchup here for these these two teams so now we got a timeout as the Jumbos will discuss our offensive strategy going forward so Daniel what do you think the Jumbos need to do here at second to ten you got the football in the 35 yard line what do you think they'll do coming out this time out in order score well they have that one one big past the oven that their passing game hasn't looked that great this game they've they've been gone for a few long passes but not much has gone through and really I don't I don't know if I'd like to see these timeouts so earlier half it's still a third quarter and since you down by 18 you know you might want to use those later I'm not sure why using its over here yeah and I said earlier about the nest CAC Defensive Player of the Week it was Andrew Yemen and McDonald Ness CAC offensive and defensive players of the week last week respectively to see McDonald drop back has a running lane takes off we come up tries to put his defender on skates but falls down here at the 31 30 yard line and so down you made it you made a good point about the Jumbos passing attack not being as OnPoint today as it has been in the past and I think the reason for that's twofold one you know the jumbo receivers are dropping it a bit more than they are but I think you have to give credit to the Amherst pass rush they're doing a really good job putting pressure on McDonald and really give him the heat he doesn't have a whole lot of time to make him Stern I'll drop back to his little screen pass out looking looking for a trick play runs it there's enough there for a first down but there's gonna be a flag on the play so he he pitched it back and McDonald looking to throw it but then he ran on his own took it up a few yards but now the flag is on the play and it might they might be called in holding it could go back yeah as the refs discuss here on this breezy Saturday here at the zimin field at the Ellis oval it's gonna be holding holding number 14 there that is a tough cut a tough break for the Jumbos as we saw you know great great series of plays there they get called back there for 10 10 yards on the hold and really hate to see that we've had a few good plays and we've gotten into enemy territory but now you've got a third and long so you looking for maybe a deep pass here yeah it's third and 13 Jumbo's have three to McDonalds left Sanders in the backfield 1 1 receiver to McDonald's right we're gonna see what McDonald's what dials up here it's gonna drop back looking long Amherst pass rush gets to him almost instantly there's gonna be a flag on the play holding it's coming back no matter what he does hits his receiver makes a cut my sites for the first down wow that's a really interesting place Oh McDonald facing the pressure looping back backfield cutting to the left and throwing an off-balance throw hits number 13 Jack Dolan who they will cut back and bring it back up to the right but there is a holding play and so it's completely irrelevant Amherst will accept the penalty and it's now third and 13 as the ball will come back yeah it's gonna be 17 20 30 23 yeah that's twice in a row now that they've they've got about third down conversion which has been some of the days they've had trouble getting today but it's the penalties that keep bringing them back the Jumbos are shooting themselves in the foot here with these offensive line holds but you gotta credit the amherst defensive line for getting this pressure and forcing the offensive lineman for the Jumbos to to make these illegal plays as are gonna see McDonald third and 23 two receivers to his left dropping back hammers pressure gets him almost instantly he's gonna break a tackle cutting upfield McDonald has enough for the first down and then some he's coming down the sideline McConnell finally brought down at the Jumbos three yard line and there is no flag on the field that time thankfully McDonald with a great run they're under pressure he cuts up the middle and gets gets it to the first and goal for the Jumbos a 44 yard carry from McDonald that's why he stops leading rusher because he can create plays under pressure and McDonald County's County as farm animals this little piggy went to the market this little piggy went to the farmer and this little piggy went all the way home as he brings it up to the 4 yard line and we've got McDonald and Sanders in the backfield three receivers to McDonald's left ones whose right man in motion Forest years to the left give this to sander sanders tries to bounce it outside sanders cuts up sanders is into the end zone for a touchdown go straight down that's choose for Andrew Sanders reservations for six as a yellow flag hits the field we're gonna have to see the call I believe there was a flag on the field Sanders under in a game with just one rushing touchdown but he's he's tripled that total score on the season with his third rushing touchdown season second on the day and we'll see if it counts or if the referees over overturned the referees are pointing in the Jumbos direction but the Jumbos kicking teams already out to be there's a foul on defense it's gonna be enforced on the kickoff I believe because there's a personal foul on the defense's we're gonna see the Jumbos for the extra point here Bobby's favorite play let's see if it's good I love a good extra point attempt you're gonna see you Matthew all swing your kick it and you guys it's good that's a great point kick and the score is now 31 to 20 Jumbo's within 11 points but you know what's interesting could have been a 10-point game had they gone for the extra point earlier back in that first half if you recall they went for an extra point when they scored their second touchdown or they rather they went for the two-point conversion did not make it and so now rather than being down 10 they're down 11 and this is a big difference because they could score a touchdown and go for the three-point field goal if they were within 10 but that missed a two-point conversion attempt really changing the whole dynamic of the game as the jumbles will be forced to score two touchdowns you if they want to be able to catch up yeah so Dan what did you think what was the what was the turning point for that drive for you well it's really just the play making ability of McDonald there I mean after a couple of plays where he gets the first down but it gets called back he says all right I just I guess you have to do it myself and get to the 44 yard rugs okay he looks at this guy he says hey guys I'm taking off you guys better watch out and then he runs it up and he gets the he gets the first down and that sets up Sanders for the score we're gonna see the Jumbos kicking off from the 50 another we're gonna see if the jumbo special teams can use this field position advantage and capitalize right here we saw with the punt earlier they couldn't capitalize here's the kickoff it's gonna go out the back and I was a chance to pin the the mammoths deep in their own territory the Jumbo's give him a touch back instead it's the Jumbo special teams unable to convert on these opportunities the amorous gets it at their own twenty five as the touchback we saw a few years ago was moved up to the 25-yard line on kickoffs so we're gonna see Amherst get the ball here at the 25 with two minutes and 17 seconds here to go in the third quarter so Ollie birth coming out for the snap he's 10 for 15 on pass attempts day throwing for 157 yards as he looks to tag on to that total nifty birth and Figaro in the backfield has a man in motion fever it's going to another man of motion number 11 coming in motion Eber takes gives it fakes to give to figure out Bieber it's gonna be wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage in the Jumbos defensive line really winning at the point of attack here you love to see it that's now 10 rushing attempts on the day for Ebers Eber Hickey and figure are the three amigos over here all three of them each have 10 rushing attempts so three of them doing a pretty good job of switching things up keeping that rushing attack balance throughout not really leaning on one man too much and really doing a good job of keeping the Jumbos on their toes don't know who it's gonna get who's gonna get the ball as we're gonna see Eber Spheeris Figaro in the backfield in the I formation heavy on the right side takes the give to roll out for a burst looking downfield throws it up nothing doing on the throw away there by Ebert didn't have a wide receiver open he had 11 over Ludi I guess who was the attenti intended receiver but certain 10 here Daniel what do you want to look for if you're the Jumbos or the mammoths give us one perspective well I think the man was right go for another pass here but the Jumbo just had to stay dis for you so the mammoths are going to look for the pass ie birth has hickey - is right two receivers - is right we're gonna see what new birth draws up as this is a big play for both sides Eber steps up in the pocket looking downfield throws it up for 15 and that's a good match and it's a big catch there for Craig Carmellini there a big first down as a huge completed for Ebert Ebert showing his his ability to to float the ball downfield Eva thaid Leon those deep balls and Tufts has had a few chances this afternoon to get stops on three and out but they just haven't been able to convert the stops on third down yeah that was a really tough break for the Jumbos but huge momentum shifter for the mammoths as they push the ball into Jumbo's territory Eva threading the needle they're dropping a dime exactly where he wanted it we're gonna see Ebers here in the backfield in the I takes the snap fakes to Gibson hit the rolls out to the left he's just gonna keep it himself he's gonna be brought down in inside Jumbo's territory at the 40 yard line as we're approaching the end of the third quarter here Greg Holt with the stop and we're gonna see what the mammoths do here second and seven on a gain of three about 30 seconds left in this third quarter as the Jumbo's crowd is roaring they need a stop here second and seven Eva takes it give us two Hickey Hickey bounces outside no Dana to the small small yardage small yardage gain therefore the Mammoth's houses have been doing better on these stops on the running plays but it's just the essence for me birth that have been killing them they're gonna made a stop here as we push in the fourth quarter and still down by two scores yeah that's gonna be the end of the 3rd and here we are entering the fourth quarter score is Amherst mammoths 31 tough Jumbo's 20 Amherst has the ball at the Tufts 37 and will be facing a third and five alright so Daniel that wraps up your first quarter of the year your first training corner of commentary so thanks for joining us you got you did a great job today and we look forward to having you more on future broadcasts do you have any sign offs any last words for the fans just thanks it's been a lot of fun Thank You Daniel all right Tom so now we're going into the the final quarter of play here and the jealous of 11-point deficit they're going to have to try to stir them out why do you think they either do it or catch up well if they want to catch up they're gonna have to strike quick we're looking for for the Jumbos defense to really tighten up here if the if the Mammoth's score again the Mayo score another touchdown this game could be out of hand but we really need to the Jumbo's need to get a stop here they can limit the manage to three points that'll still keep it a two score game for the Jumbos yeah I think God Jumbos my one that keep giving the ball in Andrew Sanders the running back he's got 86 rushing yards today I'm only six attempts so he's averaging over 14 yards per run why not just keep giving it to him you know he's doing a great job keeps counting on him here we go we got Eber at the Hickey in the backfield two receivers to right IRA's drops back Alex pushes down pass complete their / JP Garcia that's another completion to number 11 vote Berluti and even if doing a really good job on these downfield deep throws today we've seen him a few times that the Tufts defensive backs doing a pretty good job playing tight coverage on their man and even if Owen really has a couple inches to work with in terms of if he's going to get that throw off and get the completion but he's really threatened the needle really putting that ball exactly where he needs to he doesn't have a lot of margin for error on these throws but he doesn't really need a lot of margin error because as we've seen today he's incredibly accurate yeah so far as standard deviation on this pass pretty good really low error bars on these graphs you're gonna see Eber that nicking the backfield man of motion give this to Hickey Hickey bounces it outside has a lane hickeys gonna be brought down at the 10 by the Jumbos defender I believe that was number 20 Taylor scales Tyler scale sorry a big stop there is Hickey the powerful running back the compliment to Figaro speed they're able to be stopped there with one tackler it usually takes more than one to bring down Hickey so now it's second at 7 and the man who sent the ball and about the 10 yard line they could look to throw they could look to pass take a look to run yeah we're gonna see e birth here with Figueroa to his left man in motion split out receivers wide fakes it Ebert has Lane pitches out hit but not stopped there as we finally see that the player wrapped up by the Jumbos defense the defense looking looking frustrated buh-burn Looney got the carry there and Berluti take a big hit as soon as he got that ball pitch to him his own I wasn't sure if he wasn't ready or if he got caught off guard but the jumbo defender it looked like it was big and almost looked like a helmet to helmet hit but you're doing a really good job of staying composed and taking the hint pushing through again action couple yards after that big physical attack this is a big third down here for the Jumbos we're gonna see it's gonna be balls and Ebert's hands I'm gonna assume he's gonna try and throw it he's got then we got the three amigos to the Ebert's Figueroa and Hickey in the backfield we got a man Chinn no takes the give me birth has it cuts up the field he's gonna be brought down that's gonna be about the spot of the ball here Micah addicts with the tackle there and we're gonna see where they spot the ball cuz a first down here for her ham Hearst really breaks it so throughout this game when we've seen we've seen we see in the red zone for EM Hearst they've typically given it to Eber through he's rented by himself he got two rushing touchdowns day but then 11-point lead does that feel go really make a difference I guess that's why we're seeing the Mammoth's offense stay out here because no matter you know the field goal keeps it a two score game even if they turn it over it's bad field position for the Jumbos beaver snap goes over even said balls on the ground he resides on it and that's a huge play for the Jumbos that's gonna change the momentum give the Jumbos great field position as we saw the snapper the Center for the for the mammoth was not looking prepared and that's gonna be tough football on the 25-yard line a great shift there obviously you know even if Tufts was able to stop the mammoth on that play they would have had it about their own 7 5 yard line but there with the with the box nap Tufts gets it at their own 25 a basically 20 yard shift so 12 minutes left jumbo still out of time they don't even have to Russia if they can just you know work their way up the field take a few minutes get a touchdown they'll still have you know 7 8 9 minutes left get it turnover and see what they can do here so no need to rush it you see McDonald fakes the give McDonald on the keeper rushes it up the middle for about 3 yards I would look for the Jumbos to try and keep a pretty quick tempo offense here though as they will as they look to keep my momentum going and try and get some energy for them keep some offensive flow yeah we all wanna spend too much time in realism you want to limit the defensive substitutions if you see if you see a unbalanced formation or formation that you like to work against you want to keep that defense on the field and keep them tired we're gonna see McDonald and Sanders in the backfield McDonald was three receivers to his left one two is right takes the snap give us the Sanders Sanders with the patient's looking like lady on Bell drives it up the middle and a big game there four or five yards there for Sanders and Sanders really doing a great job a spearhead in this rushing attack for the Jumbos today as he's now eclipsed 90 rushing yards on the day yeah Sanders looking looking like he just ate a Snickers bar after him looking much more satisfied full and once and he's out there and he wants more but he's still hungry he still wants more rushing yards as they're gonna see McDonald and Sanders in the backfield on a third and two critical conversion here for the Jumbos man in motion McDonald give this to sander sanders gonna plow up the middle and that's going to be good for a Jumbo's first down depending on the spot of the ball but I'm pretty sure they got it it looked good to me Tom yeah the chain gang is moving that's a first down for the Jumbos and Sanders picking up that first job that first down and so now about 70 yards to go until the Jumbos reach Pedro and now Ryan McDonald will have a few options here is he going to let to keep handing the ball off as we've seen the Jumbos rushing at a pre Alize been what's been getting their offense going today he's only gone eight past completions for the day but at the same time maybe they have to start mixing it up a little bit as we're gonna see McDonald take the snap give us the Sanders on the outside and he's gonna be shoved backfield big stuff there for the for the Amherst D line that was John Callahan with the stop there number 42 and there it is that's three plays in a row the job that the Jumbos give it to Sanders and I think Amber's are starting to kind of figure out the game plan here the Amherst team was talking they're okay they keep handing it off to the Sanders guy maybe we should stop him and then they did it they did just that so now it's second and 13 McDonald and Sanders in the backfield two receivers to McDonalds left to McDonalds right man in motion McDonald takes the snap drops back looking to pass good pass protection Amrish defender comes through McDonough has to throw it away completes the ball though I was a great pass by McDonald to see his receiver downfield getting open I believe that is number 85 yes that is number 85 that's Jack Donahue one of the backup tight ends there and now it's going to be third down and four to go yeah as opposed to facing you know third and 13 they get a third and four a great play under pressure by McDonald with about nine minutes left on the clock here Jumbo's need 11 to tie this game third and four typically this is a passing situation but I will I would be surprised McDonald tries to go for himself here man loves to run the ball the kid loves to run McDonald takes the snap amorous defenders reach him almost instantly are gonna bring him down for a sack huge player for the amherst defense there as the Jumbos offensive line key looks completely overwhelmed and that's a big stop by Amherst this Tufts really needed that they really need to be looking for it and get a score there yeah here with eight and a half minutes to play Jumbo's punt down 11 only two scores in they have that means you need to get two stops here we don't know if the numbers are gonna have enough time to strike again as we're gonna see a punt here from LA piana a Piana boots the kick to low line drive it's gonna bounce into territory Jumbo's are gonna want to down it quickly and the Jumbos down it at the amherst 27 I believe 28 so 8 minutes and 4 seconds left on the clock as Amherst gets the ball back and it's kids at that point that game where the green just to start trying chewing up some time on the clock yeah the Jumbo's have to stop the run here they know the mammoths are looking run here and every first down counts here for the mammoths and it's another another step closer to ending this game with a win for the mammoths every first time they get as we see a berth takes the snap drops back instantly passes hits his receiver falls down for about a 3 yard gain maybe four yards so that's James O'Regan on the reception is 5th reception for the day and he's got himself 115 receiving yards now yeah hundred 14 receiving over you can the target on a lot of those deep balls we're going to see second and six here the jumbo crowd has to get loud get in the head of the Mammoth's offense as be birth fakes the give B birth wrapped up in the backfield a huge play there by the Jumbos defense big stop there way to make the mammoth lose yards now time this might be the most single most important play of the game as its third in section with just over seven minutes third and ten just over 7 minutes ago if the jugglers can get a quick stop on this play they'll have about six and a half minutes to try and scored two touchdowns but uh if the if the NamUs are able to convert on first down here then you can pretty much just close the book on the game exactly so this is a huge play we're gonna see a berth and Figaro in the backfield Ebert's takes the snap drops back to pass looking downfield has a man wide open and that's gonna be a first down for the mammoths and that just might do it folks you know Jumbo's might get a few more you might get other chance but James O'Regan they're almost sealing the deal here for the Jumbos but we're not gonna lose hope here at zimin field at the Ellis Oval we're gonna hope hope hope for the Jumbos here and Lolly birth of course quarterback for a murmurs now probably just licking his chops is he's he's got the Jumbos right where he wants them just over six and a half minutes left to play and all em Hurst really has to do at this point is just kind of run the clock out I get some small hinky dinky yards here and there keep keep peddling on first yards between him and Hickey and figure out all they got just do is just run the ball as we'll see another run play here give to Figaro and a big bring down there from the Jumbos defensive line they're playing angry they know they know they just wander to the opportunity to to give their offense another chance so they're gonna try to push the the Mammoth's back as far as they can and the Jumbos of course as you said playing angry at this point doing everything they can to to try maybe force a fumble get the ball back they really need a change in momentum here because this is a big game if they lose this game they've only got two weeks left and as they're already down two games in the standings and fourth place a loss here it'll just about and there their hopes of a nest cat championship so yeah numbers pathos all the e breath steps up eva is gonna carry for about seven or eight yards they're making a manageable third and three here for the mammoth Duchenne's oh one of the toughest defensive captains they're getting the stop 33 here for the mammoths huge you know this is we talked about that previous third down being the critical turning point of the game this might also be just as importantly a must get a first down this might be it so we're gonna see the tough defense credit batten down the hatches as eBrush takes the snap drops back facing pressure throws it downfield has a man but it falls incomplete and that's exactly what the Jumbos defense needs to spell them get a get some rest and they need they need at least one more stop and beau Berluti the pass was intended for beau but it couldn't reach beau so five minutes and three seconds left on the clock and we're gonna have to punt the ball the Jumbos are hoping and maybe get a touchdown on the on the punt return maybe I get a big play toss it up they're not gonna have too much time even if they get a quick touchdown you know only five minutes left in scored two touchdowns maybe they'll have to go for an onside kick and it's not impossible but definitely not looking good for Tufts and Jack Toland runs it back a little bit yes gets a few yards there extra it looked like the Amherst defender was expecting a fair catch but Dolan takes off and we're gonna see what McDonald has here for the Jumbos offense two timeouts four minutes and 55 seconds left down 11 Bobby if you're McDonald in this situation what do you do I think McDonald's gotta throw the ball towards the sidelines maybe get some out routes you know we got to be smart about the time management here you can't you can't run the ball too much because you only have five minutes left you got to work the clock but at the same time you just chuck it deep every time it's not going to work so I'm looking short throws maybe right up the middle maybe some out routes 20 yard gains up the sideline run out of bounds as we see him go up the middle here to number six there the completion that would be Frank Roche his second reception of the day he's now got himself 10 receiving yards so the clock keeps running and McDonald will to keep another pass play going no-huddle offense they've got to keep moving quickly here four and a half minutes left to go they're gonna see McDonald here with a man to his right two receivers down one up to his left has a man in motion the snap comes off McDonald looking downfield feels the pressure steps up he's gonna run it he's gonna fall forward for a first down and McDonald putting the ball putting ball down and looked like you might have had a first down but they're gonna double-check that they're in college when you get first down it stops the clock say McDonald's look McDonald looking downfield incomplete pass will also stop the clock about four minutes left here for McDonald on the Tufts thirty any two scores they've got two timeouts he was looking for Dolan couldn't find him second intent for the Jumbos here we're gonna see what the Jumbos can do what the Jumbos can muster up here against the mammoths top receiver today for the Jumbos would be dandy leone through receptions for 60 yards and Jack Dolan also through reception for 54 yards so two top targets for the Jumbos and mcdonnen will look to maybe hit one of them going deep McDonald's rolling out to the right floats it up to receiver 25 carries it forward every yard is important here is the first down will stop the clock as number 25 mike Petrini a name we haven't called in a while able to get forward for another first down so but Rania's fifth reception of the day and you see as he catches that he looked at try and cut out to the sideline maybe try and running out of bounds but didn't really have the space try to push for as many yards as he could and now the jumpers are on the 40 yard line first and 10 just under four minutes ago clock resumes Timbers are going here in a hurry up offense McDonald here looking downfield takes the give good block there's a hold on the play as McDonald it avoids a rusher looking downfield just Chuck's it up to Mammoth's in the way and incomplete at intended for Daniel de Lyonne nice job by McDonald evading the pressure he had a man right on his on his rear but McDonald doing a great job showing his mobility in the pocket chucked it deep luckily lucky he didn't get picked off there because he really just threw it right up way up in the air had two defenders really not smart throw but as we see the flag it's a holding call and that was sending back Yap adrena with the hold their running back not prepared to play pass protect against the ferocious mammoth defensive line the mammoths really penetrating there and getting to McDonald quick we're gonna need to see the Jumbos offensive line really step up as its first in 20 here pushing the Jumbos back so three minutes three and a half minutes to go here we're gonna see what McDonnell does here dropping back to pass good protection from the line Amherst defenders in his face avoids the tackle he's gonna tuck it under keep it for himself as he gets out of bounds to stop the clock there's a flag down brought down by 48 Andrew summer there you're gonna see the flag down this is an important call here it looked to be in the second level of the defense so it could really be anything but maybe penalty on the Mammoth's and again you got to give credit to their rushing at the rushing attack from the mammoth defense really putting a lot of pressure on McDonald and there's a reason McDonald hasn't really been able to do too much in the air today it's because the members have done a great job breaking through the offensive line breaking through that barrier of defensive tackles offensive guards and really gets it again Sam McDonald forcing him to run around the pocket forcing him to scramble and you know McDonald's doing a good job of you know keeping his patience of following his blocks getting out of bounds doing a good job of the time management but it's just tough when you put the pressure on the quarterback to run yes we're gonna see McDonald here inside mammoth territory handoff to a jumbo player who was looking to pass number 12 gets out of bounds [Applause] there looks to be some no McDonald the give was to McDonald in motion that's why he was looking to pass my bad there there seemed to be a Jumbo's were looking for a late hit penalty but no no flags were thrown it's gonna be second in five interesting that McDonald didn't get out of bounds there so I'm looking for McDonald going go I'm looking for an out and out route right here that's a McDonald look to the side line there it is that's the first down gotta get out of bounds makes a cut escapes another and he kept going there is inside the 10 yard line and that's Frank Roche 3rd reception that they prefer a encroach as he gets as McDonald sits rich read on the sideline which takes it up the side runs it up gets about the 10 yard line or so before he manages to escape out of balance stops the clock at 2 to 2 minutes 22 seconds if the Jumbos get in the end zone here they don't have the 2 minutes two-minute warning as some time goes back on the clock here right no time going down yeah they didn't stop the clock interesting call as McDonald drops back he needs to get in the end zone find food Rini a ballistic lock at the two minutes of one second here so the Jumbos will have one more playoff before they are able to take advantage of the two-minute warning perfect timing yep Audrina there with a smart you know almost almost fell down in bounds but didn't know oh and they're gonna play through the two-minute warning there seems to be some confusion about what's going on with the top of the clock here and jumbles are not very happy fans our fans are anchored I would be too I don't know what's going on it looked like the clock didn't stop because Petrie and look like he always took a step back he was going backwards it seemed as as the as as he went out of balance yeah well McDonald needs to get in the end zone here as he just drills it into the ground there with a minute and a half to play so time will not be going back on the clock it seems those are very confusing sequence it was intended for Daniel de Lyonne but McDonald kind of threw it into the ground there as its third and eighth obviously Jumbo's can take a field goal here but they would much prefer to get in the end zone they're down 11 points a field goal doesn't really do them any good well I suppose a two-point conversion they could look for that so they might have indican lens and they're definitely gonna go for two I think it's gonna come down to whether or not they can hit the convert on the onside kick yeah I don't know Strava you steps up and he's gonna fall forward for a few and there's going to be a late flag this flag is pivotal as we're gonna await the call here McDonald doesn't see anything the mammoth pressure gets right in his face again up in his grill and he is unable to do anything with it and it is a face mask call on the defense and that's a big break for the Jumbos yeah so that's gonna bring them a first down yeah that's an automatic first down for the Jumbos they get another chance to get in the end zone but with a minute and a half to play here time is critical the jumpers have to strike and strike quick if they want to have another chance here indeed it could be too little too late for McDonald and the boys as we're gonna see McDonald here with Petrini in the backfield for Trini the back with the better hands maybe he's gonna look for him McDonald drops back bounces it outside throws it that's gonna be ruled an incomplete pass intended for it looked like Jack Dolan and don't pick it up off the bounce he thought it was maybe a backwards pass he tried to play but it was ruled incomplete pass and McDonald all you all he had to do was call skip sees and it would have been in there would have counted but he didn't he didn't call it didn't call it on the bounce so nothing happened there it's an incomplete pass as the time keeps tickin as we got one minute and 15 seconds for the Jumbos here they've kind of resigned themselves to the onside kick if they score do you think they should just take the field goal now and just give themselves more time I don't think so I think you got to go for the points here as McDonald feels the pressure hands and that's a big Jumbos touchdown and now that's Jack Toland yep Jack Dillon leading the team receiving touchdowns as we see his celebration their second receiving touchdown of the day for Dolan Dolan running that slant route just slices the Mammoth's and we're gonna see obviously the Jumbos offense hopefully stay on the field as they they don't have to go for the two-point conversion they don't have to they could go for a field goal put them there quite a touchdown exactly so if I'm if I'm coach savetti I think I think you go for two you have to go for two it doesn't make a difference for versus five points it doesn't matter if you get the two-point conversion you can hit the field goal and it's a different story here yeah this is a huge play here for the Jumbos man in motion McDonald drops back looking feeling the pressure steps up avoids the sack steps up he's gonna rush he tries again himself he's brought down but he puts the hay he's heading forward he thinks he got it but there is some debate on the field and it looks like it looks like the referees will say it is no good no good yeah football a game of inches there McDonald's knee was down before he was able to stretch the ball out it's up here the Jumbo's are bringing out their hands team members are bringing out their hands team this is where jumbo special teams and mammoth special teams square off in the in the play of the game we're gonna see the Jumbo's onside kick here and again that missed two-point conversion from the first half coming back into play here if they had taken that field goal it'd be a three point game here they wouldn't have to go for the touchdown but now even if even if the jumper was convert on the onside kick they will be required to score a touchdown and another key key play of the game let's think about that time out that the Jumbo's took early in the third quarter we'll give credit to Daniel Daniel brought up the fact that the Jumbo's took that early timeout and really really shot themselves in the foot only leaving them with two timeouts you know I know there's not a lot of time on the clock but with three timeouts you can stop stop the ball after each of three hopefully in successful plays for the mammoths and get the ball back on a punt but here they have to rely on the onside kick as are going to see the jumbo season comes down to this play if they miss this onside kick they're knocked out of the chance at an S CAC championship this is this is definitely a high-pressure situation yeah Jumbo's crowd silent there's the kick it's going to bounce [Applause] the rest signal Jumbo's crowd thinks they have it obviously the jumbo sidelines going crazy they think they got it it looked like it might have gone out of bounds okay let's see and it's recovered by the judge how about that Wow Wow Wow indeed and Jumbo's now have a minute to work a minute 11 seconds to get down the field and score one touchdown here is all the Jumbo's need but the mammoth defense has has something else to say let's give some credit to Matthew all swinger the kicker Tori tops and you know you practice an onside kick in practice but you know what no matter how many reps you get in practice you can't you can't rehearse the pressure of a situation like this knock back throws over the minutes and it's up there intercepted instantly and just like that the jumbo season comes to a close as miscommunication between McDonald and his receiver Wow absolutely speechless times in the air defining a replay of that but you see just a look you as soon as you intercepted that ball you just see a look of dejection on the Tufts players and men that's why I mean it's a tough situation but that's why you got that's why we love sports just as soon as I converted an onside kick there was just so much emotion and energy and so much hope and then seconds later just a complete shocking turn of momentum yeah this is why this is why we play the game this is why we love to watch it and we're gonna see the Dumbo's defense has to create something here this is all about ball security a minute left the jumpers are gonna take their timeouts and you know it's not completely over yet as you know they do have two timeouts they just burn one so now it's second down if they can get another quick stop call another timeout they'll be out of timeouts but then if they can get a quick stop maybe they'll have 20 seconds or so later might be hotter a Hail Mary or something but nothing quite like the opportunity that they just had right there and McDonald and the receiver just weren't on the same page they gotta be they got to be kicking themselves because they had the chance there to go down and strike and score and win but the Jumbos just handed the ball back to Amherst and potentially handed the game to Amherst here and that's just truly heartbreaking and you can see the look of like you could just see these players on the sideline for Thompson they got their heads hanging and they're trying to stay positive at this point there's just not a whole lot they can do and that's gonna be the game as Hickey bursts up the middle and gets brought down inside Jumbo's territory at the 28 the 22 yard line 31 30 20 to your command sorry about that toss burns to their last timeout but at this point up now they're just gonna let it play through it would've been irrelevant yeah Hickey bursts up the middle and that's that's gonna be the game and they're just gonna let the clock run out here as well and her centers victory formation as they keep their nest cat hopes alive like Lucy ollie birth take one more knee yeah so that'll do it pretty much for the Jumbos as they will now fall to four and three and that ends their hopes of an us crack championship year and we'll see entering victory formation kneels down maybe the ball fell out but I doubt it I think his Neal was down and his knee was down you know and Amherst will improve to six and one and Tufts is gonna take a timeout but it's it's not gonna matter here and we're gonna bring this game to a close here very shortly as Amherst enters victory formation they're just gonna keep nailing it down so now Amherst will compete with Middlebury who entered today also 501 as well as Trinity who after today's six and OH for a potential unless cat championship yeah I believe Amherst hosts Trinity in a few weeks I want to say I don't know the schedule off the top of my head but that'll just about do it there as the as we bring to a close here at ximen field Ellis oval final score 26 for the Tufts Jumbo's 31 for the Amherst mammoths mammoths go on top here improving their season record to 6 and 1 and the Jumbo's and coach savetti fall to 4 and 3 as the team's line up we're gonna bring this broadcast to a close on behalf of my colleague Bobby Levitch I'm Tom jazzy now ski we're gonna thank you for joining us today and I hope you have a lovely Halloweekend and stay safe out there you joachim rojahn dissertations Alfred University, Alfred.

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