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Dissertation le personnage de roman du 17eme a nos jours

Dissertation le personnage de roman du 17eme a nos jours write for me capstone coffee carmel how accurate is the drudge report ´╗┐good evening my name is Robert Sullivan Superintendent of Schools for SI u21 I will call to order this evening's meeting of the not Hampton school board I would like to recognize and congratulate Erin Stanton as a new board member and mr. Duffy on his re-election school North Hampton school district policy section B's vvh board organizational meeting states that school board shall organize annually at its first meeting following this school district elections every member shall be notified of the meeting for organization in accordance with IRS a 91 - semicolon to the meeting shall be called to order by the superintendent who shall preside during and until the election of a chairperson the election of the chair person should be based on qualification for position other methods methods such as rotation should be discouraged as has been done in previous years I will entertain nominations from the board for the chairperson position if there are more than one nomination for chairperson a vote will be taken in the sequence of nominations received the first nomination to receive three votes or more will be declared the chairperson though I will entertain nominations from the board for a chairperson position mr. superintendent like to nominate James Sununu for a chairman of the board I second that so we have a nomination for mr. sinew who move forward by mr. Duffy and seconded by mr. Barnes yes are there any other nominations so called a vote for a nomination for mr. Sununu as chairperson for this upcoming year all in favor thank you thank you very much they will pick up from here and ask if we have a nomination for Vice Chair mr. Chairman I would like to nominate Cindy Burke as vice chair School Board I would second that all right any other nominations all those in favor all right thank you all right we have a number of positions if you look at page two of your packet those of you have done this before familiar Aaron these are board representatives to all of these various you can see the list their roles that we undertake as a board the names and parentheses of the people who did those last year and so we generally just do this by consensus so we'll look for volunteers or any of these will start with budget committee takers no all right I'll put myself down for one more year hey well we got what we wanted so I guess it worked out fine right and as an alternate would you like to be ultimate again Cindy or is anyone else on it okay all right and then see you represent this do we have a contract negotiation that's coming on me on see that would be the negotiation for the C contract during this year maybe you got some time during the summer okay it wouldn't stop before yes before the end of the school year but what is the so people have a reference what's sort of the time commitment in terms of scheduled day times evenings what sort of it's normally evening it depends on how it's going you may start the end of September end of August some pre meeting setting schedule and then it could go as late as November could be as early as sometime in early November late October okay the number of meetings we dictated by set up the schedules beginning and then help things go okay do we have any takers I'm available and happy to do it I would come up with just one thing as we're getting down the list I'm gonna request consideration to continue on the OSI just to finish up the superintendent valuation if I may so I don't want to take too many positions but I'm certainly available are always critical of those who want to do too much talk [Laughter] all right yeah yeah okay Betsy okay great okay sorry you got all volunteer for the SCA okay okay I'd be happy to the altar you'd be the alternate time okay all right we don't have assessment negotiation this year fortunately and then I'm happy too unless there's an objection put Tom down again for operations and Greg you want to be the alternate again CIP the CIP is the town's capital improvement plan committee they they put together the annual plan of capital request for both all the town departments and the school in a comprehensive document that is then sort of used as a reference by the select board and the budget committee and to decide what capital projects might be undertaken it's somewhat related to the budget committee which is why I've done it before and I'm happy to do it again unless someone finds it interesting they are daytime meetings they are yeah so usually it usually is a daytime meetings usually on Friday mornings starting in I want to say August and wrapping up in October or so all right I'll do it again facilities and someone want to be the alternate on the facilities okay Building Committee did that work out for you break for your schedule you want to stay with that okay some of the initiatives all right and would someone be interested in being the alternate for that you can't I'll be happy to be okay than that all right school council mind continuum and school council but I would recommend it for a great thing for you to be involved in being a new yeah I've done that before as the pal representative and as a community member so you can really take it on we're non-voting members of council anyway so we can both go there yep so okay if you want primary and I'll be the alternate that would be fine or vice versa I don't care he says it's Wednesday and it's Wednesday afternoons at 3 o'clock okay this week is your first one rescheduled from last week nice my little guy I don't know if s primary and HS be a delegate I'm not familiar with that entails tamarins none of the assembly are their annual meeting I think it's in late January or early February represent your board you may have resolutions or okay something to bring forward you know I do not think there's other meetings unless you are some subcommittee that you volunteer for okay because one meeting the annual meeting channel 22 I don't know that I was here before every meeting watching people set up I know I do it's not a lot of heavy lifting but you know I think someone else should be happy to take it you know I am actually meeting with on captioning and some other it's yours I can help out with that too because we've had conversations with the town about the TV connection and things like that so legislative liaison no one who's going to get themselves elected state rep to put me down for that I don't know what I don't think it really entails that might entail zero meeting so I'll go for that Tom you got the and Safety Committee that was me and we did emergency pacts and yes I'll do that again that was fun more meetings okay anyone else wanted yet you wanna do that I'll take sorry it's fun you get to look for the emergency packs thank you very much everyone the code of ethics this is our annual review of the code of ethics which is in your packet we need to read it aloud or all right I read it a lot code of ethics in the North Hampton school district policy says we're a school district service elected appointed as a position of public trust carries with it a duty to keep Public Welfare as its primary focus and whereas public confidence in and respect for all school deficiencies and volunteers is to be expanded and retained through a the fair impartial and equal treatment under the law of each citizen and be the avoidance by officials of conflicts of personal interests in the public interest whether they be actual or potential and when considering candidates who are related to a board member or the superintendent the related board members should declare his or her interest and refrain from debating discussing or voting on the nomination or other issue of said relative and whereas the school board acknowledges that a code of ethics for officials employees and volunteers of the school district will serve as a guide for the appropriate conduct of all those engaged in school government and that all such persons shall honor the public trust allowed them when they were elected or appointed to their respective position by making an honest effort to refrain from making any unwanted innuendos I'm sorry unwarranted innuendos and inferences derogatory remarks to or about any individual present or absent at any meeting of a public body or unjustifiably questioned his or her integrity or intelligence and now therefore be it resolved that all school district officials employees volunteers boards and commissions whether paid or unpaid appointed or allocated should be should conduct themselves in accordance with this resolution and we'll pass that around we feature order to sign this [Applause] the next item is adopting the policy manual is written which requires a vote you know some of you have your problem you know xamarin did you get your policy manual yet well thanks no it's like alright well you'll get that each year we adopt it as written so that there is an actual policy manual in place but it's something that gets revised at various times throughout the year with policy updates but we do need to take a vote just to adopt it as it currently exists so that we have a governing document for the board so do we have a motion to adopt a policy manual as written second all right any discussion all those in favor so I have some discussion okay so I do have some discussion so I'm sitting here over the last couple years the question about the Constitution has come up and we've heard from dr. Sullivan and dr. Hayes that they haven't seen another policy manuals and I wonder if it's appropriate in the policy manual or if it's more of a leadership and management style I believe that dr. Hayes I'm sorry dr. Anderson can lead in a collaborative style without the Constitution in there it was on our but you know goals last year to discuss it and I just think it's worth discussing now I think the students and teachers or will make the school special not a document yeah I remember the discussion being around is it appropriate to have it as a policy in the school board manual so it's not something that we governed essentially its day to days and workings of the school so we had had it on our agenda at some point during the year you never kind of came back - I agree with that and my understanding is the process for that would be that our meeting it would have to be on the agenda for a meeting the same way we do a policy where we adult where we have a first read and then the next month we have a second read we have there has to be at least two weeks between an item being on the agenda being acted on as far as policy goes so given that the I would my intention be to put it on the agenda for discussion next meeting and then that would allow us to take action subsequent to that potentially take action given the procedure in place to modify the policy manual so I would like to have that conversation and again I want to make sure that it's clear that I'm not discounting a collaborative inclusive leadership style or management style but I think it has to do with leadership and management and not policy and and I also don't think it I don't think we want to limit our teacher leaders as well but I just don't I would like well and I would say there's also been questions about whether it's been kept up to date right and the version is correct yeah and whether it's being followed accurately given the level of detail that it goes into whether it's not really functioning the way it should in terms of as a matter of policy versus of management function the council is currently looking at the Constitution and looking at revising it what what's working what's not working themselves so I I think that we may want to get the input from the council to be integrated into this discussion on what's how they're moving forward yeah I'm hoping I'm happy to hear all conversations around again I don't think it prohibits different being a guideline or a compass for this school to use I just not sure policy or any management the process used by administration and staff they collaborate but it doesn't it's really a question of whether it's appropriate in that policy manual as a school board officials school board policy as opposed to an administrative and staff function and to how they collaborate they can still exist it just going to be more collaborative yeah without it right I mean that's a no one's looking to limit participation no all right well then it would be my intention to put it on the agenda I'm sorry just to clarify there is it doesn't show up in any of the other districts school board policies and I recall dr. a says he's never seen in any of them that he's led either I asked the gentleman who was working with us and I asked about whether or not it typically resides in policy and he said it would you would have a more general statement about collaborative culture but you wouldn't have the detail typically that was included in the Constitution all right that being said do we have a vote on adopting the current policy manual all those in favor all right all right approval of minutes from February 15th I move that we approve the minutes from all right discussion I've changed on page 5 under bud comm near the bottom the collective-bargaining Sesa was it approved nine to zero yeah about the website is a little wonky so I'd like to submit it along key I'd like to submit a new paragraph but I have it written down so you don't have to so I could pass it to you I'll read it out loud it's Cindy Burke informed of meeting with to website there's a to web design vendor she discussed the requirement for a d8 compliance with regards to closed to video captioning she will arrange a meeting with John Savastano and others to discuss in addition she discussed changing our SAS system to PowerSchool which would more easily integrate with a new website any other Corrections or changes all those in favor yes and then actually you'll have to abstain Aaron cuz it was down here so for in favor one abstention great thank you alright correspondence accommodation we so start with fantastic well let's have a little fun first before I turn it over to coach Tweety I just want to commend mr. John Gamache our facilities director for the work that he has been doing over the the storms over the last couple of months and you know the mmm well the thankless work you know for 20 hours of snow it requires 21 hours of plowing so on and so forth so thank you to John for all that he and his staff have done to keep the school a shipshape and ready to go for students but without further ado thank you all for coming coach coach Patrick we D I thought that the boys the victorious boys basketball team would be the perfect representatives for for our winter athletics heading towards the spring but just really you know how extracurriculars can add to what our students are able to how they're able to learn and grow and what they're able to do and they want a really big tournament so so sweeties gonna talk about all about it introduce the team and we'll have some out so first thank you for recognizing them and we have Garrett here from the team we have Elijah and Owen typically our season ended at the last week of January but this time you got opportunity to play in a winter tournament so that extended season by three weeks they practiced for two hours a day it was a big time commitment with everything going on in school and yeah it was a lot of fun was great I was very excited for him is very proud of them and it was awesome the we started off playing Exeter and we beat them by six points we played Newmarket we came we were down ten at the half we came back and beat them by five and we got a third seed going into playoffs we played Herren field you can see on their beat them 54 to 33 we then went on to play Marshwood and the semi-finals we eat them I think it was 35 29 or something like that and then we played Oyster River in the finals and I don't know if I was more nervous than the boys for the finals to be honest I I mean I played a lot of sports I never coached I never coached a championship game I never had that experience before and I got home from school I went to the gym I worked out I was still like anxious I went home I worked out again and I had no idea what to do I had no clue boys who ever beat every team by double digits I mean I was expecting I don't know I didn't know what to do and we were off like 19 three rough 19 six and then all of a sudden we started missing all these shots and it's like getting tight it's getting tighter wind up winning 35 39 and it was awesome [Applause] again representing the team Elijah they didn't just play with three the whole tournament yes you had 15 players as for more than most the other teams we have two seventh graders and then 13 a thank you so much in that and he can power our student-athletes will are gearing up for the spring season it's coming right up I mean it is the first day of spring after all so can't wait it just again again in terms of learning and growing and an achievement right academics athletics and the arts add up to achievement so thank you God mr. Lincoln says you know sports isn't just about you know the winning which they did but we have a great tournament going on now it's the excitement and it's it's what they're learning on the court you know trust you know empathy communication and it's a it's lessons they'll always take with them they'll never forget something like this so thank you for the [Applause] and those are well those are my two commendations for this moment thank you very much oh I I do have one more I'm sorry our Wellness Committee director Amy Cho and for healthy healthy you that took place is here at the school this morning she's not the only one but she's the the Wellness Committee chair and was the primary organizer for for the event this morning so thank you to Amy thank you alright questions or comments from those in attendance if anyone would like to ask a question or make a comment hello my name is mayor Francis Oh I'm a fifth grade student here at North Hampton school before I start I would like to tell you that this was all my idea it was my idea to make a petition about this it was my idea to come stand up to you I mean stand up here and talk to you guys about this I'm here with my mom tonight you may know her she was a very powerful voice and I'm using mine tonight here to talk to you about the fifth the sixth seventh and eighth overnight field trips first off I would like to thank you about reconsidering your decision about changing them both so when I heard that this was happening I heard this about from my classmate before the email came out came out I decided I wanted to make a petition and because this is very important to us ever since we are greatest heard about this we've been really anxious and eager to go in one school day I had got in almost all the 5th through 7th graders and started the 8th grade I did not get the eighth grade finished because I found out the email came and that you had changed your decision so I decided that the amount of signatures I had was enough I still wanted to present it to you because the email said that next year you will look back into this and changing it and I wanted to tell you how much this means to us and how it is very very important to us in our curriculum so I have a petition that I have made and I would like to pass this out to you thank you very much I'm impressed dear score of school board members we the Northampton school students of the fifth through eighth grades are aware that the overnight field trips are in danger of or have already been cancelled we have signed this petition to strongly encourage you to reverse that decision all of us truly value these opportunities and know that they are extremely important to our education growth and community bonding students of NHS look forward to these trips for many years and will remember them for many more these trips help student students gain independence and confidence in themselves they allow students to learn from experiencing real world situations students also gain the ability to work with peers and large groups which positively affects the rest of their lives these are only a few of the many benefits we take away from these trips and is for this these reasons and many more that we ask you to reconsider your decision to end the overnight field trips and take action and to adding them back into our curriculum where they belong respectfully the 5th through 8th grade students so I had written that before I found out that it was changed and then I also have an online alumni petition that they asked me to share to you tonight so the alumni of Northampton heard about this and they wanted to take action into changing this too so I have their petition with me right here thank you very much so once they heard about this they decided to take action so on the online thing we got 107 signatures and I would like to share this with you we are Northampton school alumni and we are aware of the recent decision of terminating all overnight excursions due to lack of staff budget and miscommunications between students parents and faculty it is disappointing to us to witness these wonderful real-world experiences be taken away from its students though no fault of their own part of the education experience is to learn both sides inside out of the classroom by taking away these excursions we do we are depriving students of vital learning opportunity Mayer Vista exposes young minds to nature free from modern distractions and new bonds are made with old and new classmates New York immerses students into unique cultures that are diverse from our own Washington DC is our cat ours our country capital which allows students to witness our government in action these life-altering trips helps to help children to find their own independence in a new environment with trusted adults although fear is driving this brash decision to be made we are taught to be brave by not letting fear take away opportunities please sign a petition and share your own stories to keep these amazing trips running so by ending this I would like to thank you but before I go I would just like to tell you I have a sister real friends oh sure she's in seventh grade right now and after her mayor Vista trip she told me that her before her grade was kind of separated into little groups but when they came back from mera Vista the said it was one of the best things their grade had done together and they were one big group as a grade together so I'd like to thank you again for listening to me tonight are the field trips on the agenda this evening or should we draw questions down they are there's an update on overnight trips under continuing business so I really appreciate you stepping up and using your voice I'm really impressed and I cannot wait until we have that topic okay anyone else have any beer I'd like to thank you also for standing up it takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of a crowd of people you don't know some of us you know but some you don't and it's tough so I would encourage you just to hang around for a while and hear the discussion thank you thank you Mary any other questions or comments mark mark McFarland staff member but not a resident of North Hampton so I appreciate being able to speak I just want to address the conversation in the topic of the Constitution I happened to get a job here the year after the Constitution and all the legwork was done and the reading and the studying to form it and I was the beneficiary here for over 13 years of that it's not a document that makes a school you're absolutely right but it was a guide that really did ensure some tremendous collaboration and I respectfully questioned removing a document might improve collaboration I don't quite get that I do understand and I get the fact that it may not be appropriate in the policy manual and my understanding is that that is a supporting document that supports the collaborative nature of that policy so I can respect the discussion of removing it from the policy itself mrs. Birk alluded to the fact that we are taking a look at that as a staff and an administration now we are we've been neglectful in in doing so we've had four different administrators here in the span of about three years so it has become kana cumbersome and it's not definitely there are parts that need to be changed but it is a document that allows all of us in its effectiveness when it is effective to look toward and provide us with guidance that it that does ensure some form of collaboration even when there is administrative changes and perhaps when there are administrative changes we need to look at that and make adjustments when necessary it is the time for us to look at it and and we are and it in the policy meaning well I think it's kind of shameful I don't know whose responsibility but you've got you've got a constitution in its original form and we have as a staff and administration looked at that numerous times as it's been updated over the years but it has never been updated in the policy manual so what you see there isn't what we actually go by so please when you're talking about the Constitution I think there are great many people I know I really look toward it and think it's a valuable document for our school please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater if you decide that it doesn't belong in the policy does not mean that some form of a document such as that that outlines how collaborative work takes place with with very qualified teachers and parents and board members and community doesn't have a place thank you thank you any other questions or comments all right thank you we'll move on to Education update hi my understanding is the PI heads are busy right now this is also very exciting in the for they are the first portion of the presentation the title of it was part was my mistake so I take responsibility for that but we have we have a FIRST LEGO League team oh okay okay with coach Brenda Tharp and and her students and then the team that calls himself the pie heads who were are they all eighth graders yes I think they're all eighth graders and they're all up a dress rehearsal right now they'll come down in a little bit but okay but first Brenda we're gonna have coach start and her students to talk about FLL and their accomplishments this year great thank you I will try to be brief because this is the fun part but there's a little bit of information I want to give you beforehand first is that thank you as a school board for supporting the robotic program in our school the current group of eighth graders started three years ago in this program the FIRST LEGO League and they did that as sixth graders and seventh graders and this year they chose to move on to the next higher level I guess and this is a new crop we had nine kids this year FIRST LEGO League I think you could start as an 8th grader maybe and go up to 13 years old so we had Giovanna bizarro was our lead coach and we had two assistant coaches showned Ione and Buster souther we had three seventh graders Liam Diane will Noack and Noah souther and then we had six sixth graders Sabrina Butler who is here tonight Ivy Heffron and Maggie Maloney Nick Sloane who was here tonight Henry Marsh and layers or even who is here tonight so we have these three that are going to show you a few things I just want to really I'm trying to be briefing that there's so much information there are three parts to this program the FIRST LEGO League program and when you go to a competition all three parts count equals so flashy and is exciting as the robot portion is that's only a third of what they have to do there is a core values portion there I think eight core values like teamwork and cooperation which is kind of a combination between competition cooperation there's eight core values that are important and at the competition they go into a room and the judges give them a task to complete and they are judged on how well they fulfill those eight core values that counts as an entire third of the competition and then the final third sorry the second third is the project this year's theme was water and Sabrina and just a moment is going to tell you what we decided to do for a project every team has to come up with a solution to some problem and this year it had to be a problem involving water so Sabrina is going to share that and then we're going to show you some of the lingo in action I know Sabrina would feel more comfortable if we all turn and get set up how we're going to set up because she's gonna stand back there and tell you about it and then the boys are gonna show you the robot so if you would be willing to stand up and come back here you're gonna see a little better well thank you interactive meetings kind of engineering science part of what the whole task that they are involved in it doesn't really want to tell us about what our challenge was so what do we tell there's another place bathtub water there were a lot of different challenges in this area so the water isn't here and it dumps out and then it's if you get it in that black box they give you an extra point but if you just got it on the other table that was the point ah so then we have the storm which there is a slider on the side you guys may not be able to see ah but you slide and those drop out and but so if you drop at least one you get the points for it and push this lever right here Oh what is it's if you flush the toilets so this is supposed to be a filtration plant and so there was points are there are points so one of the these big waters were really special because you only had a limited amount and some of the challenges like that one or this bounty one here you had to put the big water which are these ones in the different parts these ones are the small waters which one of the challenges needs and so one of the rules was if you could get like a small water or a big water if it came out of this and it rolled into this zone right here which was on home base if it rolled into that we could claim that and use that for a challenge and so yeah and to give you points so if this rolled into the our zone and we were able to get that or if it came from that side we could achieve that and bring it back into our zone to get points every mission earns you points yeah so there's fire truck which has water in it it would come over here and they would hit this little switch right here which would cause this fire to go down yeah the same industry this is a faucet obviously so then what you would do is you'd have to come over and then you pull this up and then there's this last one it's so you have to get the robot to click onto that and then bring it back to the home base and you could only get points if you got it back though mates so as easy as this all sounds right they accomplished I think three missions really so it's um they're going to show you this it's like a net to that so they have to they have two minutes to complete as many missions as you get so we had to like program and like code all this stuff and have it fast enough to do all our missions in two minutes so we had to use we kept having timers and seeing if we could do it in under two minutes and then seeing how much time you had remaining so you could work with that and so we just have to increase speeds and change tiny things like point flies of a degree to get the turn just right so so so there's a decision they have to make when they're trying to program it do they program it to solve a couple missions at once and then come back they can only touch this robot if it's here so they could program a mission it goes and then they come back and they change it and program another mission so I think their first one is the first one one is the first thing yeah well I was you're so so there's work every time we had to try we had to play the code like three times to get it to work and so some of this stuff it just uh we had like a half-finished code that we were gonna try and get something done uh and so it kind of worked and so we got points for it because it worked and it knocked the thing that we needed to be it was uh this and so we had this crazy thing with like this Jenny the tall bar and uh it was supposed to go over there and we instead of turning and hitting and knocking this sideways it just rammed into it and the water fell out so we program see so I say work on all this out just that so doing all this they have eight weeks and this included the project this included setting up because it doesn't come are looking pretty like this they put everything together they identify what the different challenges are they need to strategize depending on how many points they're gonna be able to achieve make sure that the certain amount of missions that they have are actually successful so it's not necessarily achieving the 17 that they have available but maybe doing three and doing three really good ones and all of this trying to figure out how to work together and nine kids doing this it's a lot of there's one robot right and everybody wants to do this but then they come to the project part which was not exactly the funnest thing to do so do they divvy up their job requirements that you have some engineers you have some builders you have some programmers [Music] they're supposed to know everyone supposed to know how to do it because you go to the competition that judge is going to ask each of them and they have to tell how everything but of course there are some kids that love that piece more there are some kids the project these kind of is a you're showing it so we usually do a skit and some love that more so they definitely have strengths we had to try the other one like four times and so to get the full points uh if you did it like that and that didn't fall down you wouldn't get the points so you have to knock it all the way down so it [Applause] though they may think you did a the students and their coaches and all the other folks that have helped with the ll program when they when they come in if we can pardon the interruption style have the graders and the PI heads do their thing thank you so much but yes please absolutely if this is being televised this is a great program and the only way it can happen is with coaches we have been so lucky to have parents that are willing to do this this was our first year of having two teams and it just it takes bodies it takes coaches and usually parents willing to help out with the team so we would love that if more parents want to take this on thank you thank you and so we obviously we need we need the students but we need the the staff and the parent and community volunteers to make to make this go and to make it possible but obviously you can see stem and steam is alive and well my son Calvin is in eighth grade and he was one of the original PI heads good to see them continuing but to reiterate what doe work and it's a really great program but it does take a commitment on both the students as well as the the parents and we've been very fortunate to have Brenda and mr. ambrosia to dedicate a ton of time towards it so I believe the torch is being passed soon here so Thank You school council yes as has Cindy mentioned we Wiese we discussed most significantly at Leadership Council on February 21st shared governance and the Constitution mark introduced the conversation up to now about this Constitution and shared governance we'd framed it with what works well what doesn't work what needs changing and grade-level teams or UA as a team we're asked to discuss the Constitution share governs it etc and then bring it to Council and then report out I won't go through the various grade level report outs but there are common themes we need to clarify I mean we perhaps needed to need to amend adjust and so on a common theme that came up through the grade levels was mission vision and guiding beliefs so in other words the North Hampton mission vision and guiding beliefs and that they hadn't been attended to that we haven't taken a look at that that cornerstone of how how we operate how we go about our business what we believe in how we work with kids and for kids and so on so we segwayed into a discussion about about that as it pertains to shared decision-making do we need to take a look at our mission vision guiding beliefs before we attempt to the Constitution and/or how the mechanics of how we go about with shared decision-making and shared governance at mmm at North Hampton school at that point we talked about perhaps the need to get on solid ground good collaborative ground climate and culture wise and how we work together why we work together and so on and so forth and we talked about potentially bringing in an assistance program a facilitator to help to help facilitate we as a North Hampton faculty a good collaborative shared culture and climate so that we could be in a good place to work on collaboratively with the community our mission vision guiding beliefs and thereby how we go about with shared admits shared collaborative decision-making shared governance et cetera so there were a couple of other things we talked about and I'll come back to that we talked about power school which will come which will come up and we talked about the school calendar which the board will will vote on this evening so we decided at the Leadership Council to come back to the possibility of a facilitator at our staff meeting at our March staff meeting we had our March staff meeting on March 7th we talked through the the pros and cons why people were for it and or against it and Orion different and so on and so forth but it was a very very open transparent conversation I appreciated it greatly as I think all of our staff did and in the end we we took a vote and without putting a number on it people the North Hampton faculty very much want to get on solid ground and if we if we need you know help and/or facilitation which we decided that yes so we're going to move forward with a facilitated process to be determined as to which outfit School Boards Association administrators Association Health Trust student Employee Assistance Program so that that remains to be seen but now we will be embarking on that through the spring and we won't stop there so that in a nutshell starting with shared governance in the Constitution we went to mission mission vision core beliefs to climate and culture and everyone wanting to be in the best place we can and not think being very open and honest about what we don't we don't appreciate we certainly don't enjoy where we are and we're gonna first things first we're gonna work on it with open arms question when you talk about facilitator there's a couple things that come to my mind there's a facilitator which helps you as an organization sort of frame up your own conversations and facilitate your work and then there's the facilitator that is called more of like the consultant who has expertise in how to tear things like guiding beliefs and visions and objectives and goals and how those relate to each other because there are different nuances to each one is that so I'm curious as to when you say facilitator what is what is the intent of the facilitator would there be someone to help just sort of organize your thoughts as you guys go about your discussions or is it someone to come in with a level of expertise around what these guiding beliefs or any guiding beliefs sort of how they're defined and how they tear in an organization in a nutshell that would be next level work for us the mission vision guiding beliefs so first and foremost to help us guide facilitate ourselves in working together and getting on common ground and common understanding people people need to say what they need to say they need to be heard they need to be trusted that they're being listened to in a way that in a way that you know there is no fear of not being listened to or not being appreciated or respected in that in the moment and the process so we more so along the lines of someone who and help help to frame our work for ourselves make sure that we don't get off track and that we stay focused on you know the primary goal which is a very solid productive professional heartfelt respectful professional culture okay so it sounds to me like you're talking about climate and culture first yes and then tearing and vision that's right second so I have one doing this fantastic I think that's really good and I'm not surprised to hear that everybody wants to get on the same page and move forward and from having individual conversations with folks on the time over the course of the last two years I think it's great to have that happen I look back and I think about the collaborative process that the school board and the community used to hire and select you and that teachers were involved in that so I know through that process that people can come together to have a great outcome I think I would encourage you as you lead through that process to help have some honest conversations about the difference between a collaboration and agreement because there can be a lot of collaboration you come to a decision that not everyone agrees upon how do you help people move through that don't agree to get on for our students that's I think our biggest opportunity so any other questions for them on that no all right report card update fairly quick update for the board this evening thank you our grades closed on Friday the 16th term to is over our teachers are working on putting the report cards for their their classes together and making comments in the in the appropriate sections on a personalized individualized nature report cards will be available to parents and families on Tuesday March 27th after school 3:00 p.m. so teachers and staff have a good a good amount of time to get our turn to report cards together in terms of some logistics pitfalls with web to school last time may have been primarily rectified we have a couple things minor things that we're working on with rameshan web to school but we will get through them and the report cards will come out on time all right questions on that move on [Music] doing business for gold I have a general comment on that is related to board goals which is you just think about our annual and landing and discussion normally we do do that in April or thereabouts there's try to come up with a sometimes now or I can send out a note to folks and we can try to work out you know it's hard to know schedules necessarily off the top of your head so if we want to I can maybe start with a few days to suggest and send folks and see if they work this place has been try to take something out of the air right now obviously you look involved the administrators and folks in the SAU as well so I would suggest we do it that way rather than try to take a day out of the year right now and we'll work on reviewing last year's goals and developing goals for next year I think Cindy you and I had a conversation about sort of goals in general and and sort of how we structure them and what we do and maybe thinking creatively about every year and whether the way we come up with goals or you know it's we sort of come up with things that need time and involvement there's nothing wrong with that but whether we are constrained often by many other activities so thinking of thinking about how we structure them and if we need to do something a little bit differently because I know we haven't necessarily always had the opportunity to put in as much time on some of these as I know I would have liked and for myself and I think for others as well so should be judged yes oh yes that's a good idea touch with dr. Lapierre and superintendent so if you could participate in that as well all right last day of school you have two calendars in your packets with some explanations airing a little background for you we thank you we've got a couple of these versions over the last few months oh I'm sorry last day of school first item is last day of school we'll probably get to the calendar additional piece of information I forwarded from Eric regarding last day of school Eric if you want to summarize sure I'll go ahead and read we've had seven snow weather-related days cancellations thus far for the 1718 school year adding these lost days to the end of the school year would push the last day which is traditionally an early release to Thursday June 21st from the originally scheduled final day Tuesday June 12th so I I'm I met with Union C leadership on Friday after school and through the course of our discussion a possibility came up which morphed into a quick turnaround proposal to use our to with the first one coming up this very Friday but our two full-day teacher workshop days as combination early released so partial day early early early release student attendance days and then afternoon professional development so 3:23 this Friday and 5:18 May 18th would be used as early release days with the afternoon remaining dedicated to I'll be an abbreviated professional development time the final attendance day would then be Tuesday the 19th rather than Thursday the 21st of June in this way the school year will compel conclude seven days rather than nine calendar days later than originally scheduled I would we would lose approximately five hours of instructional time between the two days with early release at 12:15 rather than 250 recess is not generally held I didn't even worry about calculating that important factors in consideration filtering out time dedicated to lunch and recess the NHS instructional day is 345 minutes long 385 total minutes - 40 minutes for lunch and recess not counting kindergarten to determine the total hours of instructional time we take those three hundred and forty-five minutes times one hundred and seventy seven attendance days times 60 minutes in an hour and we have one thousand and seventeen point seven five hours of instructional time at NHS through the course of the year this foot 7th and 8th grades 27.7 5 hours over the required New Hampshire required 990 and this puts 1st through 6th grades 72 or thereabouts over the required 945 hours so so in terms of consideration of this we are we are well over what is wired and expected of us by the state so I certainly am appreciative of and we talked about it on Friday afternoon of how quick turnaround and how the logistics would be difficult pertaining to this Friday but you know in terms of trying to recover recover a couple of days or even one day it's a viable option questions comments thoughts short notice for parents making accommodations for Friday I find that when a little probably my thought was maybe splitting this a little bit and taking advantage of the may day to do that and you know go to the 20th and especially given the short notice on Friday and the potential for weather on Thursday being a double whammy of change for people to have to deal with this week I don't think that would be a reasonable thing for us to try to to do so but I certainly don't have an objection to utilizing the 18th with a couple months notice to take advantage of that and make it the 20th I don't have an issue with that neither just this short short short notice for parents you bet I understand of course custom for you well maybe we finish this part but it is related to snow okay no okay all right well that being said then I would propose or make a motion that we said Wednesday is it Wednesday June 20th connects one other quick question so I apologize I want to go for the recess is generally not held can you elaborate on that a little bit he said in middle school early release an early release day okay thank you thank you really release days and thank you I appreciate it and I I just noticed my mark as compared to June typo put this together too quickly so my apologies but but yes and in New Hampshire for 1st through 6th grade up to 30 minutes of recess counts towards instructional time I didn't even factor that in here if they did if we did our elementary you know our we it let's just get this great attendance right but we like it that way Sherman I did have a question about snow days and is there a criteria that you follow for when you reach the decision for cancellations when you decide to do it one of the is there are a list of criteria that sort of gets checked off and then the decision is made not tough beating up he's leading up to yeah 3:30 listen to the state call from the day before explaining what the weather could be like if it's a couple of these have been so on target we called it off the day before right if it's a morning thing like that it's not too bad I go off and drive around call the police while I'm driving the Hampton police ask them any consideration about the roads and it'll give me an estimate get off the road or they'll say you should be done we try to check with our facility people to make sure that they can get cleaned up and up work in tandem I say you 90 actually somewhat in the same day from Hampton good when a counter of course and does one school affect all of the schools in the district like there's an issue in Hampton Falls say with the facility not being able pot it would the would you can't cancel for the whole district or is it just not weather-related we had buildings they couldn't open because of a power failure or some other reason so that school wouldn't have school that's both in the history that I've been here so the years it's been si you 21 those were all gone particularly with the high school coming from different areas too so we've had instances of thinking of the Falls a number of years ago had some power thing hmm I wasn't even weather-related it was something it wasn't during the winter I mean so there have been occasions where one school might be off because of a specific building problem snow it's consistent of SAT 21 okay it's just one quick question if you if we do go with only the may 18 as the just was an early release that day I think then that would change the date to Wednesday we would just be able to get we have one okay Wednesday the one day okay even though our hours seem to be over right that's not included as part of my proposal okay so I will though that we set Wednesday June 20th as the last scheduled day of school with the may 18th professional teacher teacher workshop day being set as a early release day is that pending this next snowstorm whether or not there's a there's nothing it's my motion related I will I will second it your future motion my my recommend well my with with us being in good shape hours wise once the board has set the last day we can comfortably rest on that last day and it still have yes okay yes that's why we have okay all right I'll second it all right all those in favor thank you make your vacation plans everyone all right yeah school calendar calendars in here we've looked at these a couple of times as they've been as the administrators have gone through the development process for these and I will again leave it to Eric to explain the difference between what I think I know the difference between at all okay that there are two draft calendars for the board's consideration the difference between draft three and four is as follows four draft for you have no November six fall of 1811 teh all right that solves the issue of should we have students in the building when people are coming in and out through the course the day and the resulting disruptions etc and displacement and someone it also also solves a August 22nd that professional development day would be eliminated so the Wednesday professional development day that is on draft three that Wednesday August 22nd Wednesday August 22nd professional development day Tran is transferred basically to the November sixth day okay and then that alleviates a conflict with the SAU 21 new teacher induction and of course because we we took that that November six day as a professional development day we need to add an additional attendance day at the end of the year in June so again the changes are the draft three August 22nd is a professional development day staff development day draft for it is not draft three November 6th is not a professional development day draft for it is and draft three the last day of school half-day on June 12 of giraffe for draft for a half-day of school June 13th other than that there is precisely the same I would just say I think it's beneficial we're avoiding to with number four graph or we're avoiding to conflicts with the SAU data on the 22nd and also with the election I mean the disruption obviously the difficulty of morning drop-off in buses and that's the busiest time for voting and that can be chaotic in the parking lot thousand people voted voted in this blizzard and in the November elections we see even more and I think from all indications are the town has been looking to the school to do the elections more often given the constraints of the small town hall both in its size and ability to handle a number of voters and in the parking situation over there so I think that kind of is community benefit that if we can make the school available for voting that's great but obviously it we want to avoid disruption to our students and our parents on those days and if this accomplishes that I think that's huge accolades to dr. Anderson as well as the rest administrators as we're moving forward in our alignment work and we looked at the calendars together and tried to get as many of the early release days as possible throughout from the five districts aligned so that we can collaborate do some of our resources you get time for the teacher without disrupting instructional time for the students so I'm really appreciative of them and how they're all embracing that so so I'm gonna green with James I just have a quick question and a comment well you remind me what November 20th is it's blue here but I don't see it in the key and same as March 8th what kind of days are those oh I so yeah the end of terms 1 & 2 are signified by light blue slowly and so there's it's still a classroom day it's just that's like a thank you that's the only gotcha and then all that that is so that our first term will end would end on November 20th second term would end on March 8th and my comment would be in this harkens back to our last meeting with all the good work for curriculum work days of going on Fridays I just want to make sure we don't short the kids who have unified arts on Fridays if we can make sure that we set off setbacks I think I counted last time it was like a third of the Friday so we're not gonna have any way if we didn't it yeah it it is a major issue this year acknowledged and we are going to minimize it thank you the teachers you a unified arts teachers every where we're all on board with that Thanks any other move that we adopt draft number four then any other discussion all those paper overnight trips all right mr. Ambrose you students you you've been introduced previously but the stage has been sufficiently set so so we have my camber og and the five heads just thank you for supporting first and giving us the opportunity to present um we started in September and we had three scrimmages and then we finally got to a state tournament and for those who don't know FTC is just another level up from FLL you saw them present and they have a game and a project where you have to create something I think is somewhere like the pump but FDC is purely just the game and it incorporates a field and other objects that the robots are supposed to use to get to a common goal and then when we started we created goals and team principles that we are trying to abide by and if you can get that up you'll probably see them but to start for our goals we had strive to your best work have fun learn as much as we can and take oil life lessons share responsibilities on the team learn basic robotics and finishing the top half of the New Hampshire state tournament and then our team principals were gracious professionalism which you might have heard about an FLL have fun but not get too crazy respect teammates coaches and other teams stay focus on what is going on and show commitment so we put our robot by using it can't call the red robotics kit and in this kit it included all with the basic tools and like materials that we needed to build the robot so um what was something that was great that it came with was all these extrusions which fill our mainframe of the robot and we have these mortar motors called hex motors and they're easy to like just attach together in the robot and so basically with all that it was pretty easy to put together and we did we didn't have in a machine shop so everything came together nice and rare just to build off with it just by screwing in a few boards and stuff right in the physical robot itself is so almost all the drive trains including the left which is on station and drives which is a six feet of drive it was all made of changed so wave chain we begin your journey more about why gears are not that preferable for us but on the main thing that we about the robot as you can see pretty much took all the electrical components besides the motors and servos like that and we pushed them all into one module which is right back here it has the expansion hub or the brain this gives it a lot the battery and our Motorola g4 play and dry phone and also one of the biggest one of the most enforce or easiest to avoid the first is the numbers and we had to the numbers are strictly what yes half an inch wide by four yes she what happened to stop which was kind of knowing but we always like so we put on those on and then on the front we had a gripper made up of two rubber bottle service the plates in back just talked about the hardware aspect there's a robot but there's also another part involving software so throughout the entire course of the season we were working hard to code the robot to do what we wanted it to do there were two stages of the game the first stage is the autonomous stage which is when the robot solely does what it's programmed to do we tell it to do something and then we press go and do nothing else it executes that action then there's the second part of the game which is when the robot responds to our controller's inputs so there's also some coding behind that we have to tell what to do when we press certain buttons but there are two main parts of the coding so we learn a lot through the coding there and we're really developing as software engineers if you want to put but we're using a program called blocks that's sponsored by Google which is an actual programming language that's used out in the world and it's starting to be implemented even more all right so you've seen this big giant fabulous robot that we have here they're gripping the lifting all that except though we may have got here be a success we could have got there a success with some failures head in there so throughout the season as we start with a game who's the kid a stander talking about there were some basic design principles you want cuales such as kind of base design the six wheel drive the Omni wheels which are these little wheels that have wheels on them allow us to turn much easier so by ordering more of those we kind of had some really nice turning capabilities in the front of the robot we started with win7 lifts we begin with a three-stage parallel arm powered by gears however with the weight of the gripper the arm and the glyphs together the gears back drove a lot no matter how many stages we put in and we put it about the ratio was about one that it was a lot of gears and she would not work so after one more scrimmages we decided against that and soon switch to the lift design which has been proven much easier um the expansion hub which is kind of like the central nucleus I guess you can say for an analogy of the robot kind of is dumb the point where everything kind connects is controlled etc um our original design for that I just like before you put it in we held it together with zip ties and all that just like you know bare bones except eventually we had to find a design for that so getting it vertically it was really easy because our phone care I just slip in and the wires are kind of just there it was a bit messy still but we kind of tied to wiretap ties and all that yeah um the last thing for the lift design we began with the system of gears except once again when that car drove or wasn't very efficient we realized that since we use the chain for the wheels then common sense made it work of the lift so once we threw in a couple stages of that it was - proven to be much easier and that's how we got to the design that we are at now yeah along the way we learned a lot of lessons and keep in mind how best to move forward and some others are always keep the design as simple as possible because it we learned that if we tried to get too complicated and used too many like crazy things like the gearbox that I was talking about it can actually work in a bad way rather than what even though it's more complex so keeping it simple as something we definitely learned and tried to do as we went along and we also learned that there's like always the solution even if it's you're tired because there were definitely some meetings where we would just like sit down and spend the whole time trying to figure out like one or two problems and they might seem like they don't have the solution but you can always kind of figure it out and we also learned just a little more technically that it's really important to have treads on your wheels because if you don't have treads you can like slip a lot and your robot won't really be accurate and that just doesn't work out that well so this is our engineering notebook please it's pretty much just a record of everything we've done Oh after all the meetings we take notes on what we got done that day or what we like tried to accomplish that day and so we've all known each other for a long time obviously in school so we all have chemistry as you can see on our keen principles we have have fun to not get too crazy so having fun with each other is really just a way for us to like bond and have much more team chemistry and I really think that helped us in the competition so in the competition we placed fourth out of all I think there was there was 30 teams there so everyone did great because we all knew each other's strengths was chemistry so and at the end they choose an alliance the top four teams all choose and Alliance members or it choose three lines yeah they choose three alliance members and we were able to be chosen which was very exciting but well by one of the teams that we wanted to be chosen by so so very this isn't a word but excitingly because obviously our get some receipts in here one of the biggest aspects that we focus on the game was fitting lifts for these each one of them can fit 12 total lifts and if you get ten points for a row four points for a comb in two points for each foot but one of them really or at least I thought was one of the many parts is if you could put them in certain ciphers or pictures you would get extra bonus points and that was I think only two teams in the whole competition that sounds pretty sexy yeah we're just gonna show you basically what the lift that is pretty much what we focus on for scoring along with them just getting in certain elements or certain places on the playing field and so Sam is driving the wheels around with his joystick and then I'm moving the arm up and down and so that's as you can see it but in the competition you can see it better Oh do this everyday Oh a smart boy surely I know that's something we experienced over the course of our time as a junior technical difficulties I was trying to get the mouse all the way over desktop - it's like seeing it's right there but I can't get there I tea when you need them I think it was an extend in that duplicate two points for that okay so yeah this was us at our final competition so it's just a really short video but just to give you an idea of what the environments like there we have people commentating and there's a big crowd behind us so it was really awesome to do that Jack you're at Pinkerton we were at SNHU SNHU I'm sorry I'm sorry so then we also have a little slideshow that kind of represents our story throughout the whole season so if you guys want to commentate along that would be awesome and we started to that's that was our original design for the first h pedal arm practicing and this is our second image that's pretty crazy [Laughter] I think everybody wishes they had that in their basement yeah this is the third scrimmage yeah right yeah scrapers were a lot smaller than the actual competition [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] take some effort in class programs on who you're doing which you're awesome but these extracurricular ones you have a chance to go even farther there's a lot of kids I think they keep using your basement it's good thanks [Laughter] all right thank you very much everyone all right jumping back to where we were we have an update on overnight trips absolutely thank you mister Sununu I've asked I've asked mr. Mike Caron to to assist me in relaying the the teacher perspective on overnight trips this evening but I'm I'm essentially going to summarize my work my follow-up since the last board meeting concerning overnight trips so we know that overnight trips will occur and then the the logistics the how how are we going to do this first and foremost you need students to go on the trips but you do need chaperones okay so I I have discussions conversations asked the faculty teachers and support staff how they felt where they stood on the trips with the question questions being are you willing to chaperone an overnight trip are you willing to chaperone an overnight trip with qualifications primarily the primary qualification would be a stipend but there could be other considerations it needs to work for our family schedule so I put that out there as well and then staff not willing to chaperone an overnight trip so they didn't catch everyone and I didn't ask everyone you know full disclosure our a preschool teacher is not going to chaperone a middle school overnight trip although I asked I mean I asked K through 8 you a specialists pulled the EAS and 2320 of 23 responded so I again I did I don't have everyone represented a couple of staff members who aren't returning they didn't they didn't express their opinion on this staff willing a chaperone 9 staff willing to chaperone with qualifications one dependent upon family schedule five dependent upon a stipend so that would put that total up to fifteen either willing outright or willing with considerations staff not willing to chaperone 43 so that's 58 58 staff members I didn't I didn't ask food service I didn't ask facilities director etc so so instructional staff so then well okay we need chaperones where might other possible chaperones come from the parent family guardian volunteers so I foresee that the chaperones for overnight trips will need to we'll need to incorporate a blended model which would encompass I anticipate the need for distribution across the three trips September narrow Vista overnight outdoor education oriented team-building oriented trip September April May as the presently constituted so no more than two or three give or take staff members given our given our capacity it could be more depending with the balance of chaperones free trip from parent guardians so for for next year mr. Caron will continue to be the primary logistics organizer of the trips with the Tracy and and Mary Beth Driscoll office manager and I in support beyond next year we should I think it's very respond be responsible of us to take a take a look at the educational tour groups such as EF educational tours explore us explore a CIS go educational tours there many of them and several of them are based not too far from here so although chaperones still need to come from the educator parent Guardian pool these agencies take care of of the planning and logistics of the trips and help to ensure an experience that is lifelong and impacting so that's where we we presently stand our our eighth grade trip will leave in is it three weeks three weeks from yesterday three weeks from yesterday and our our seventh grade trip will will go in May and next year next year I didn't I will be going to DC I will be going to New York I did not go to Mara Vista since I was a first-year principal and it's the second week of school I anticipate needing to go to Mara Vista and I will will happily do so but you know that's that's where we're at and I want as I've had conversations and talked with teachers through you know over the course of some time I feel it's very important to you know have a have a sense an understanding of why they feel the way they feel mr. Karen first of all you know I do want to say that I feel awful the two my favorite students are here to hear this but this is going to be on channel 22 you know I want to apologize ahead of time if any part of my presentation offends anybody initially it was my intention to give this presentation during a non public session but it's been impressed upon me how important transparency is on this issue it's not my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable but it is my intention for all of you to completely understand what it's like to be a chaperone on overnight trips over night trips are amazing experiences for our children and students tell me every year that they're the number one memory that they'll have about the North Hampton school without a doubt I have volunteered to chaperone roughly 60 overnight trips that's 66 zero 60 overnight trips and I've certainly put my time in I need to debunk a myth chaperoning these trips is not part of our contracts and we're not required to do them teachers and staff members volunteer to do them we do them for the children for the first time in 25 years I will not be volunteering to chaperone overnight trips anymore and it's my understanding that not one single North Hampton school middle school teacher will unified arts teacher will be chaperoning next year's trips in regards to this year's in New York City in Washington DC trips they're only a couple of returning teachers who are chaperoning because they just want to get through this year the teachers who really work with your children and know your children won't be chaperoning in the future the question is why there's a higher risk of liability and our personal reputations are being affected we no longer feel that the reward for these overnight trips are worth the high level of risk for us we know that there's a perception that these trips are considered a vacation for teachers and we honestly feel that we're taken for granted that this is somehow again aa required part of our jobs stipends and compensation are not the issue they are clearly not the issue going on overnight trips has a personal cost for teachers that they are willing to accept chaperones lose out on part-time jobs they have expenses to put their children in daycare or their pets into kennels etc the list goes on but again stipends are not the issue we just heard that several out of the nine staff members who volunteered to go on trips next year only do so if there is a stipend you know and again please remember that none of these teachers are Unified arts teachers or middle school teachers who work with these children on a daily basis what are these trips like for teachers a typical teacher is lucky if they get five hours of sleep at night this means that they're working 19 hours a day trying to meet the needs of up to 60 students on a five-day trip like environmental school you're putting in over 83 hours usually every teacher gets sick on the trip or as soon as they return from the trip they're reading food that they typically wouldn't eat they're exhausted from lack of sleep and their immune systems are shot especially when you're surrounded by six students who are rundown let's talk about meeting the needs of the children everyone enjoys these trips and what they do for our children but there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes we are responsible for your children the most precious asset in your life the number one thing that means the most to you we do not take that responsibility lightly I do things for your children that I would do for my own children the following are some of my own examples but every chaperone here has experienced some of these things or they could even add to this list I get on my hands and knees and I clean up vomit on buses I have taken children to the shallow facilities in the middle of the night covered in vomit diarrhea or urine I've cleaned feces off of walls and floors from students with psychological issues that parents requests I've woken children up at two o'clock a.m. so that they can go to the bathroom and not wet the bed if they wet or soiled their bed or sleeping bag in the morning I quietly take care of things in order to protect the child's fragile reputation so he won't be made fun of I give out all kinds of medicine throughout the day and night to multiple children and I have to get it right you can't make a single mistake there are no redos not when it comes to dispensing medication I've lifted a needy child up onto a toilet and supported him so that he could go number two in front of me believe me he was as embarrassed as I was and I would do it again and again if that's what I needed to do to support that child a child severely sprained her ankle at the top of a mountain I carried her down that mountain on my back for two and a half miles a few weeks later I had to have an $18,000 knee surgery again these are my experiences but every teachers done some of these things are even more we handle student disagreements heavy discipline issues homesickness phobias anxiety illnesses dietary restrictions like gluten free dairy soy we handle OCD one woman told me I did a fantastic job with her dog with her son got him through which we said he had that experience before never said he had OCD because his routine got off at environmental school he had OCD issues when he got home and that parent never talked to me for three years no records of it never told us we deal with severe allergies we reassure anxious parents we make ourselves look silly by role modeling crazy dances so that everyone can take a risk and participate this one's not about me but one teacher even went on the trip when she was eight months pregnant that is the level of dedication that we're talking about eight months pregnant she went on a trip we give you children your children and our children everything we have all of the time because they deserve it they deserve it and then we come back from our vacation totally spent and exhausted yet completely proud of ourselves that we met the needs of the children and we gave them the time of their lives and what we come back to very rarely do we get a positive email thanking us for all that we did and meeting the needs of the children instead we usually make a pact to not read any parent emails over the weekend to wait until them until that Monday because we know we're usually going to get a few parent emails questioning one of the one-thousand exhausting decisions that we had to make over the course of the week even better sometimes we get the following now please keep in mind I am not blaming the SAU and I'm not blaming administration I want to make this very clear we have protocols and systems that are in place to protect us last year we were falsely accused of drinking on a boat cruise eight teachers were called down to the office on two different occasions which affected teaching our classes some teachers returned to a team meeting in tears not because they were scolded in any way everything was handled very professionally but due the fact that they were shocked by the accusation and how their reputations were affected unfortunately this this happened just prior to a school vacation and there was a buzz throughout the community and another student admittedly made up a story about seeing another teacher drinking and popping a bottle of champagne and then things continued to spiral and get out of control now in the past I would have been called into the office as the coordinator of the trip they would have said Mike we had this allegation I would have said hey call the boat company there was no alcohol on that boat nothing was served there was no alcohol present it would have been done we would have moved on now please keep in mind I'm not blaming the SAU or the administration I want to make this clear I want to avoid investigations that are now in place that are supposed to protect us okay I know that these systems are in place I just don't want to expose myself to them early this year was a there was a claim by a parent that I was critical of middle school girls for not participating in activities because of their menstrual cycles now anyone who knows me knows that I'm one of the biggest advocates for women's rights to the point where other guys give me a hard time about it all the time I would never say something like that unfortunately there was a formal investigation I was told to clear my class schedule for the afternoon and I was told to bring union representation for my own protection even though I'm not in the Union fortunately there was a parent present in my class who stated that I never said that children were interviewed and the result was that they said that I never said that and they loved and adored me as a teacher well that's fine but I didn't sleep for four nights and I was worried sick about it until the investigation was complete now in the past people would have been directed to talk to me I would have explained exactly what happened and we would have moved on misunderstandings happen all the time now things are different and I understand it again you have to have these investigations I just don't want I want to limit my exposure to them I don't want to go through those anymore in my 25 years I haven't had a single investigation 25 years so now I've been formally investigated two times for things I didn't say or do so how many investigations do I go through before people start wondering about that mr. Caron who's being investigated all the time after all the nature of my job itself requires me to take many risks my reputation which means everything to me it's damaged for me to limit my exposure and potential investigations I need to stop volunteering for overnight trips and I need to limit some high-risk activities that I volunteer to do with students after school I used to take ten high-risk students who didn't play sports I do outdoor activities with them I would do community service I would take them to movies I would take them to skateboard parks we'd work on social skills and misperceptions we do sleepovers in the schools all the costs of spending less time with my own family I would never consider doing this now I wouldn't take the risk of volunteering after school to do something like that let's get back to the overnight trips the exposure as parents just to ask yourself this one question do you does your child do everything that you ask every time that you ask of course the answer is no so multiply that by 60 students no matter how many times you explain it to them and give examples they're always flexing their independence muscles and learning from their mistakes just like you parents did when you were children it's part of growing up we make mistakes we learn from with that said things are going to happen they're going to happen on a recent trip 17 students all in different situations different situations did not show up on time and one example students were told you have 15 minutes to shop in these three stores and we'll meet you right here three stores right in front of us we'll meet you right here we went over this several times we repeated it out loud where are we gonna meet guys right here what time 15 minutes one more time we're gonna meet right here 15 minutes right here do you know what it feels like when students don't show up on time when they're missing your heart races you panic as you go through every inch of every store looking for them to find that they were a mile away where they want to meet the rest of their class a mile away we had meetings about this prior to the trip and heavily emphasized it several times to always be on time again this happened several times with 17 different children and it made us late for appointments and we had to shorten some things again we go over these things repeatedly here's a growing list of things that I tell the children not to do on the trip as more and more things happen each year each trip I add them to the list and we go over it and we sit together and we talk about these things guys don't stuff cookies into the mouths of your sleeping roommates it isn't funny they could choke to death in the middle of their sleep don't even think about purchasing red laser lights and shining them into the eyes of people they think you're a sniper a school beside us did that at a police officer he told me he was close to pulling his weapon out don't wrestle and do Pig piles in your hotel room if someone's chest can't expand and contract they can't breathe and they can die we're not in the hotel rooms with these kids the list just gets longer and longer now here's what my vacation my vacation is like in and I'm Square in New York City as I'm counting students walking down the street one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight every 20 steps one two three four five six seven Johnny where's Johnny Johnny get over here I told you don't look at the oakley's they're fake you know you can't get oakley's for $10 there was Rolex watches no you can't get them for 20 bucks they're fake even if they're stolen you tell the they tell your soul it's a scam they're fake you know if you're not keeping track of your kids and counting them constantly they get washed away in a sea of people it happens like that you're on point every second all the time one year we had 18 students bring cellphones and the trip after parents and students signed a contract stating that they would not bring them we know the parents knew about the cellphones because they were texting their children we don't give students the ability to use unfiltered Internet in school so why would we allow it in unsupervised hotel rooms we had students creating totally inappropriate videos in their rooms we have dealt with sexting issues we have had students use social media to post our group's exact times and locations we had students go into a Hooters restaurant for lunch and then the parents didn't support us when we tried to discipline when we tried to discipline them they said it was a family place we have had serious medical incidents we have dealt with a student who said he wanted to take his own life ran off in the middle of the woods and in the middle of the night we've had students flashing gang signals in the city on the bus in a heavily supervised situation a male student from another school did something physically to one of our girls that made her very uncomfortable in this city we have students get offered free items like CDs from vendors and then when the students walk away they grab them by the arm and they try to intimidate them into giving them money we had a female teacher intervene and the guy grabbed her by the arm so hard it left a bruise called her the b-word and told her to stay out of it this happened more than once two students were sharing a bed and one student was made to feel very uncomfortable that's all I can say about that we had riots in Baltimore one week after we were in the same exact location outside Camden Yards they rioted in that spot a week later you could feel the tension between the police and the residents of Baltimore as we walk the streets it was a powder keg ready to blow up and it did it's very difficult for us to go into any students room whether another with another adult due to false accusations and formal investigations that could happen I could knock on the door and say hey guys is everybody decent oh yeah mr. Kenan come on in help us fix this and then some kid comes out of the shower mr. Caron saw me naked things like that could happen we're terrified the list goes on and on I could give you 50 more examples I think you get the point but you need to know that these things don't happen just here at the North Hampton school they happen to every school that goes on overnight trips every one of these incidents has been shared with either the past or the past or the present administration many of the times administration was actually on these trips when these things happened people also understand that these allegations just don't happen on the trip they also happen at the school they happen on a daily basis here at our school but that's part of our job this is what we do this is we're talking about volunteering and chaperoning and exposing ourselves to even more liability I'll give you a couple examples teacher was accused of peeking in its students changing in the locker room here at our school now this is impossible absolutely impossible if you crack the door all you can see is a wall you know another teacher is accused of pushing two students that's Apple several times video evidence showed that this clearly never happened but in the students perception it happened teachers is trying to guide the kids over why would we want to expose ourselves to more liability and put our reputations at stake for overnight trips society is changing crazy things are happening all over our country we can't predict everything that could possibly happen so how do we make things better I think we need to look at the process again you know investigations just on a part of North Hampton school investigations happen everywhere but I think we need to take a hard look at it and believe in us as teachers and give us the benefit of the doubt and have our backs and if there's a parent that has a concern having talked directly with us for us as a professional courtesy and I would say the same for administration we have parents and we have teachers going over the head of our administrators and they go right to the SAU and the school board and I'm telling you right now all this all over the place is hurting our community because people aren't talking to each other anymore a lot of this stuff is 99% of it are quick misunderstandings I think another thing that we can do to make things better is to take a hard look at doing day trips like Hampton Academy and Wilmington massive done another factor is that overnight trips are becoming more costly I'm told the I was talking to dr. Anderson he told me the cost to added a nurse would be roughly $600 a day or 3,000 for a week you know that's a professional certified nurse we have to add another five to seven thousand dollars just to make sure that every child has their own bed we make our reservations in addition parents have told me something that teachers have realized for a while now participation for fundraisers is plummeted the people who really don't do it are the ones you're doing most of the fundraising the ones who don't really need it and the ones who are doing it you know as a small part of my job I do many things at the school someone said what's mr. Karin going to do now if they don't do overnight trips it's it's a small piece of what I do here but it's an important piece I mean it saves this school $30,000 a year or $500 a parent now you can go out and hire an outside agency we had those for 10 years we didn't realize they were charging us five hundred bucks a person but we did realize they were giving us the worst flight times they could possibly give us because they were trying to make a buck they were giving us the worst security teams they could possibly give us because they were trying to make an extra bucks we use more money out of our school I went through I fired four security teams in three years because they weren't in the hallways I'd look out they weren't in the hallways when they were supposed to be I've looked out and they be talking to our girls in PJs fired gone that's what you get with these companies I've had the same security team since I've taken over for eight years they fly to I'm sorry they drive down to Washington DC for us they go to Washington DC that go to New York City they're people we can count on we know them yes and you know I'll tell you guys if you want to continue with your overnight trips I will continue to plan them and make things happen I just can't personally chaperone them anymore again the risk is no longer worth the reward for me personally if you want to go to day trips and give each kid an invaluable experience and have them have five five full days you can spread them out throughout the year put them all in the same week I'll plan all 15 of them I'll make it happen I'll involve people we'll make sure that they're tied into the curriculum that the kids are excited about them will get parent input another option I want to thank you guys for your time for listening and at this point before you guys ask any questions if any of you want to make any no comments I mean I don't want to speak for everybody but if there's something that you'd like to share please take the time and if not we can answer some questions you want a system vasconcelos I've been at Northampton school for 31 years and I would just like to say that we expect things are going to happen we work with adolescents every day and we are up for dealing with what happens and I can say for me what I'm not up for dealing with his accusations false gross accusations that could ruin my career we had an amazing trip last year and when you go on a trip like this it's all the little things that you wouldn't even think of that make it amazing it's the nice weather and not dealing with torrential rain it's the busses being on time and getting through the traffic because there isn't a March going on it's the kids not using their cell phones and being nice to each other and respecting each other and when you go and the tour guide says wow your kids are so well prepared they asked the best questions they are so knowledgeable we have so many kids come through here that just don't have this knowledge when the security guy is like hey I'm going to see you down in Jersey right because they want to be with us we came back from that trip it was amazing we were excited you know what we're used to not getting thanked we don't do it for the thanks we do it for the kids and so yeah we were just happy because it was an amazing trip the kids were amazing we're we tired yeah with some kids sick of course that happens and then we're sitting in school and we get called down to the office which was handled very appropriately thankfully thankfully but as members came back they couldn't share what the issue was and so of course my mind starts racing and then I get my turn to go down and I find out the accusation is that I or my colleagues might have been drinking and I was relieved relieved that it was only drinking because I had been in kids rooms at 3 o'clock in the morning who couldn't sleep who were anxious who were stressed rubbing their back trying to you know many texts back and forth with parents of course but I left with a sigh of relief going wow it was only alcohol that's pretty sad it's pretty sad and especially for someone who maybe has 10 drinks in a year I thought it was almost kind of funny yeah drinking sure so that just shows you so I was relieved that it was drinking because boy if I had been accused of assaulting a child I don't know how I ever ever would have come back from that and those are situations that we are in on every trip and we do it willingly and lovingly and we treat these children like they are our own and we do for them whatever we would do for our own children I have been in education 40 years I can't have my career ruined by one parent who is going to make an accusation and then continues to attack our and our honesty and even after an investigation is completed I'm still hearing talk that it's not true that we were drinking that's these are our careers then as much as we I know how valuable the trips are I know I personally cannot put myself in that position so thank you it's on so so thank you both for your explanation your impassioned communication it sounds to me I just want to make sure I understand this sixty trips we do for the kids you truly love the children and have them amazing things for them yet something's changed and when I hear about the what has changed it sounds like it comes down to the Nexus of this of the investigations that occurred last year so I have a couple questions for you dr. Sullivan when a parent reports a violation of school or SR you pilot policy and it's reported to anybody appear or an administrator do they have a responsibility to share it so that it can be investigated does the parent know if I if I apologize if a parent reports a violation of school policy to a teacher or an administrator does the teacher or the administrator have a responsibility to share it up the the line so it can be properly investigated yes okay so I'm just trying to so someone reported something right someone else had to report it up because it's their responsibility because there was a report of a violation of policy are there processes then in place to do an investigation to understand whether or not it's a valid or an invalid accusation the process would be decided investigation yes and I know you can't share the details last year when the investigations held and where they held in your opinion fairly and accurately yes and was anyone with any action taken against any of the teachers that were falsely accused all right so the process worked because it was a false accusation okay I think that's important to understand that there are processes there not just here at Northampton they're in every major institution and you know I get it because people are worried now I'll also say that um I've heard I've heard talk about mistrust the administration that's here wasn't the administration that was that was that was here then what's not it's not the administration that's here now at all so so that's that's my first set of questions secondly something changed before just the this act false accusation conversation because last time when you when you came here dr. Anderson you actually came saying I have new ideas about the process about about the trips and something triggered that what was it that that triggered the initial conversation was it teachers saying hey I was falsely accused was a teacher saying hey we're not getting a statement anymore was the teacher I'm not an emo what's he's saying we want to stipend was a teacher saying we're not getting comp time anymore what was it the trigger what triggered the initial conversations about continuing the trip Jim well in my conversations with teachers they expressed their reservations about continuing chaperoning the trips so we had we had conversations about well first this year first and foremost and then alternatives alternative activities alternative trips which weren't necessarily overnight trips yeah was there conversation about past comp time being being shared with you're being given to teachers because they were there working overnight I mean no I mean that was a part of the conversation but I do I would agree with the characterization that it was a minimal part of it I believe teachers appreciate it if they were gone for nights got two days however it worked but that certainly wasn't I do agree and understand the assessment that wasn't why they did it but appreciated it having happened in the past so then the board said because we know it's not we you asked it was it was against policy the SDU doesn't do comp time so then we said okay we'll do offer a stipend we offer a stipend we thought it might work out then and now it's not working because it's not another board budget situation it's the teachers for the reasons tonight want to chaperone anymore because they're concerned about their their reputation and about false allegations yes to two of the reasons and and I'll just share the numbers again staff willing to chaperone 9 staff willing to chaperone with qualifications a total of six staff not willing to chaperone 43 so I guess the two last things that I have to say just as observation is I've sat here for a couple of years now and I've heard time and time again how amazing that the trips are for the students how important they are for the curriculum how wonderful the students are on the trips and now it sounds like because there was a false allegation on one trip one year we're willing to give it all up instead of finding a way to make it work that is not resilience and I don't think it's teaching our kids the right thing and that's my opinion so thank you so thank you Mike Karen for that I've sat here for three years and I've listened to how wonderful our kids are and I've bit my tongue cuz they're not their kids okay my kids are wonderful but their kids okay we have glazed over the fact that they're kids and I'm just hearing for the first time the real problems that associate with with these trips and I don't doubt one single iota of anything you said these trips are hard and they always have been they're not getting hard last year they were always hard okay and so part of the problem lies in this room with the honesty that we have with each other when we get up and we report out how wonderful the trips are I understand the intent nobody wants to come in and publicly say well it's tough the kids are bratty and it but because of that we operate under the assumption that all right this is important part of the curriculum will continue to fund it in mirror here's the interesting part for you is that the school board has nothing to do with the decision about these trips except to fund them we control the budget of the school and the prot and the policy so when we're asked hey we would like to fund these trips they're important to the curriculum they're important to our kids teachers enjoy them the kids are wonderful you say okay we funded them again this year there's money in the budget for that school board did not cancel the trips school board did not say we need to look into the trips we don't think we should support them anymore last school board meeting just to be clear for everybody it was the first time we have ever heard anything about problems with the trips or teachers not interested in doing the trips putting themselves at risk for accusations and all that so it opens up a big can of worms that we're learning which I think the staff is known about for quite a while we're hearing about it for the very first time and so that's so I'm having trouble sort of balancing it all now getting all of this sort of real information and more of a honest assessment of these trips I don't doubt it for a second so I think as a as a governing board that budgets for these trips I am inclined to look at that budget number and the and the money that we're placing towards the trips and and and have a another conversation about budgeting for the trips because they date sound disruptive and it sounds like it's not paying off against the curriculum against the experience I'm sure it's a great time for the kids because it's a it's a trip right but as far as it connecting to an educational experience the growth experience as far as it being healthy for everyone involved it doesn't sound like it is and I'm disappointed that that we've been sort of glossing over all of this for so long maybe with good intent but it does us no good it does us no good to continue to sort of throw good money after bad and I think an honest assessment and I think a communication to the parents I've had umpteen parents come up and talk about why is the School Board canceling the trip why is the School Board doing that a school board isn't doing Jack we're not doing anything with it it's all coming from from from the entity that it should come from we don't control that that's school business and but there is money associated and that's where that's where we intersect in the conversation we're having right now I agree with Greg I'm really surprised to hear this because blast Washington DC trip I heard you all say how wonderful the kids are and what a wonderful experience it was and how much they learned we heard Mira Vista this year what a wonderful experiences the kids all presented out what a great trip it was and this is new information mm-hmm so if we're confused and we are we're confused because this is new information I don't think that we can allow our children our students to go on a trip with teachers outside of the grade that they're in I think it we lose the curriculum and integration and if you think it's hard for the middle school teachers to control their own students think about how hard it would be for a kindergarten teacher to control a middle school student they're not equipped they don't have the curriculum experience it doesn't make any sense at all so I think I think I think we have to rethink this and come back to it again but I appreciate your honesty I'm sad I'm sad for it my kids had Wonder sorry Eric Whitney middle school teacher I don't want to portray it as the the presentation that you've been receiving over the last three years is inaccurate incomplete yes but not inaccurate I wouldn't categorize it as that this is the sum total of the experience for for kids and even the kids with whom we've dealt with issues with on the trip they still come away with a really positive experience and those things so I want to just make it clear I guess from my own self and I know that this has been part of the conversations other people of this was not a decision that has been entered in quickly or lightly it's brought several of us to tears to think about what we we know we have to give up in terms of this but but it has gotten to a point not just because of the incident of last year but but it's been a movement over time that has led us to a place where balancing the concerns of the needs of my family and my reputation as a professional I have to weigh that now against what I am potentially risking in in taking on this what I feel is also a valuable experience I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and and I have unfortunately gotten to a place where I can no longer say I'm comfortable going and it breaks my heart but at the same time it's important I think for you to hear that message that it's a lot of these things happen and we deal with them and we go you know we go through it and we've done it for decades because we know the value of it but it's just it has societally it you know it's not just a we've gotten to a place where it's just too hard to to justify it to our families what we're risking you know that by going on this trip we could this could be it for me you know I could I could have to change careers you know because of an accusation false or otherwise but my reputation would be damaged and that's a really just want you to know that like I I don't want you to think that we've been glossing over it or that we've been presenting a falsehood to you those the kids that we've brought here to present to you those are the ones signing mirrors alumni position petition telling you what a great experience they had in New York in DC and maravilla and and that really is what provided us for years the motivation to keep going and I just think I don't know for me personally it's just reached a breaking point you know Eric I'll respectfully disagree with it and I don't mind the open conversations and I'm like and I'm glad you're you're honest about it but lack of disclosure does not constitute accuracy or truth so there so there is a perspective there and you know I won't sit here and be like you lied to us and you didn't you didn't right but but not everything was disclosed in fact a pretty picture was painted so I would encourage a lot more transparency when when anyone steps to that microphone or when anyone engages our administration or the school board some people don't like hard conversations the only way we're gonna move forward is if we have hard conversations you know and if we do that professionally and with intent you know what's good for the for the children I don't have an issue with that but I do have an issue with sort of the lack of disclosure it's discerning for me and misinformation at times so I I don't want to to make or courage or you know I know you don't have to go on the trips and if the teachers choose not to go on the trips so be it we need to come up with a new plan okay I understand that and that's a dialogue that we can have that said a lot of what I was getting in the community and maybe why Mira was confused is because the communication was this is the board doing it so I think there needs to be honest conversation and it really should have come to us about hey not just here are some alternatives but here are some alternatives because the teachers don't want to go on the trip because right instead of it being hey here are some alternatives we can make it we can make it work so I think that you know again honest communication not just here but outside in the community is critical and I don't think everyone can look at ourselves in the mirror and say that that was what was happening not based on the conversations that parents were asking me not based upon communication I was seeing on Facebook not based upon phone calls not it just was not being transparent and honest and that's not fair to our students Mira thank you for your courage I'm really impressed with what you did and I'm sorry that you had to go through that to hear that that your hard work was for a different reason we've dealt with that we called parents when we got back police were notified it was an amazing trip this one happened but it is an amazing trip and so I'm sure we came and said I just think there's a balance I don't think we can come it's somebody said how's your day today I'm not going to tell that person all the little issues I had to deal with because you know it's a great day and there's a lot that happened in the classroom it was wonderful and yes kids are kids and those things are gonna happen so I understand that it feels like that was glossed over I I feel like every year we come back it's amazing trip it wasn't a perfect trip on some years it's less perfect than others because of various things people that see our students your children that's what we come back and share and it's relative to the other schools and you have the kids that they're seeing and we do have a special place here at special kids and paganism you know it's so that's what we come back at these years he's the students that come with us to share their experiences our job is those issues come up we keep them as confidential as we absolutely can and to come back from the trip and that this is not the appropriate venue and we're showing our slideshow and sharing the highlights of what they learned what they walk away with to then lay down and say alright this happened that this happened and this happens these are all the awful things because we keep that away from them as much as possible obviously last year's it was it's not possible I mean the trip was great it was the after the trip where it was really challenging for me personally I I said in the process that this year after that after every year you go I go on the trip I'm excited it's the highlight of the year for me to see how the kids grow and change and take on that level of responsibility and what they learn and what it inspires kids to do and kids become political science major kids beside go to American University because this one means story after story I've listened of great examples however I can't I can't go through that again as a professional I think you know you go in things with bright eyed and until it happens until you're called on those a false accusation it's it's devastating and the trip was amazing the kids were amazing all of that was true but the level of risk that mean at the level of risk that it involves means a certain level of support and confidence in our community that I don't feel is there I just can't for me it was I'm going to take a year and then I'll decide after that if I can go the next year and this year the decision ah sister you know the trips aren't always awesome but but then I heard a lot of people saying no no sorry they are awesome and the kids are perfect that's not what Mike just said and I know he gave examples through the course of time but just sort of statistically in law of averages there issues there she was probably every trip every time every year I've sat on this board there's issues and we and we hear about him in in private and so I I do understand that obviously you're not gonna March the kids in here and talk about the pad things that's the good time right I mean there's a follow-up you know I think there's a solution dough to all this maybe there's a follow-up where you come back to the board and say all right yesterday or last time you heard from the kids you notice that x squared probably not a good idea we had a couple instances there and you know this happened here we were bunking kids together and maybe we should consider separating them and things like that at least there would be some transparency around some of the real issues that you guys are dealing with because we're here to support you as well and and we've supported sports supportive and then all of a sudden in the last you know two months it's been a complete reversal so we're caught off guard right now and we're processing a lot of information that we that we just got right I think we go into this because you work with and kids make my hummus they make mistakes and especially adolescents so we go into this with the thought stuffs gonna happen and we're gonna deal with that it doesn't mean it's gonna ruin the trip and what has changed it I can speak for myself and people can yeah you name me after isn't the kids so I guess I'm a little miffed that the focus is on that we haven't been transparent it's because we expect stuff's going to happen and we're not saying I have never heard one teachers say they're not going on the trip because of the kids or the kids behavior okay it's what then and we shared minimal kinds of experiences we have with the parents when we get back so what it is for me it's not the kids behavior because we here to help them learn its what then when we come back what I mean the criticism of from the adults when we went where we didn't go how long we were somewhere oh you didn't tell me this about the trip you didn't tell me that you're gonna tell me my kid you know and it's it's not the children I want you to understand that I don't think in any way have we ever intended there to be a lack of transparency because we are realistic and we know kids are kids so I can say I'm not going on this trip and it's not because of the kids and I have never heard one of my colleagues ever say it was because of their kids or their behavior so is it because of the parents is that I mean I want to put a fine point on this so here it's not about the kids but I heard Mike talking a lot about the kids right so what is it about find your seat for that Ultimo class for me yeah when you have one parent can and can make an accusation that then and I understand that investigation I mean I was a parent that made the investigation I mean was it a parent that made the accusation yes or was it a kid that maybe accusation well a kid said it to a parent right and the parent then reported it not thinking that something shouldn't have right done it happened it has to be done we understand that that is part of the process and the outcome was okay right this the outcome of the investigation was all right so but this is where I'm having trouble with this because the child raised an issue a parent brought the issue to the school's attention the school did everything it was supposed to do in investigating that it was resolved appropriately that one thing is enough to say and I want to be if I was in your position I would probably say I don't want to do these trips either but I would be honest to say then I don't think this school should be going on trips because there's situations that can happen where a child who we just heard and we all know being parents of these kids it can be difficult and challenging and managing them that's not a surprise to anyone and obviously multiply that by 40 or 50 or 60 when these kids are on this trip but we know you know that that that's gonna be difficult so if if the the risk that one accusation from one child elevated to a parent elevated to the school and handled appropriately is too much to bear that's fine I I don't fault anyone for saying that's too much to bear but let's be honest and say then these trips shouldn't be happening because I agree with Cindy where if the teachers of these kids aren't going with them on the trips what's the connection to the current curriculum right and then it becomes you know and and frankly I you know if people have ever said to you Mike that they consider this a vacation and that's unfortunate because I don't think anyone I don't you know I got three kids and it's work to go and that's that's too bad that someone would say that I can't know my hands how many times I've been thanked and that's too bad so but if this is a bunch of parents and some some elementary school teachers taking these kids on these trips what's the what's the rationale for supporting that as part of our curriculum it doesn't make sense so the trips are either they're either important and they should happen or they're not tied into what we do and they shouldn't happen but we need to be honest about that you know there needs to be the I just don't see how we can be in a position of saying you know well they're important but someone else should be should be doing it that's a very difficult position to to defend teachers were not supporting overnight trips but it was too late in the process of the eighth grade trip to cancel it because yes so we're not I don't think we're holding back information we're just telling we're telling information to there's a level of professionalism where we would be sharing our concerns with our administrative team and then that then be relayed to you hopefully in time for budget season but in time for us to make another plan for kids for September and for the spring for sixth seventh and eighth something that's really meaningful for students something that's also connected to the curriculum but it takes months and months to plan that and it takes time to change the curriculum to match it and it takes some thinking or you were absolutely prepared to do that that that was not a secret that we felt as though the times have been changing and that we we had our inhibitions about it and that we wanted to provide something different for the students so and again I agree with Dana and saying that an Eric and saying that when we do come back and share the trip all of the things that Mike shared are also shared privately we would not share those things in a public forum with the students present and the parents there and it's a celebration and dressed up and they have a tie and they're ultra that's not the time or place there it should be a follow up but not necessarily from the teachers but from the you know the another forum to the school board in a private session or somewhere where there wouldn't be ramifications to students the teacher is responsible for the student school board's responsible for your for your end which is the budget but we're our most important you know element of sharing out that night is for the student not for you it's really for them to have that moment where they can use their speaking skills their voice we have our kids using you saw the kids tonight in North Hampton they know how to speak to public they know how to do that because we for opportunities that's what that nights about so that isn't the form but none of the things that Mike has mentioned will private behind the scenes we all knew they were all transparently we wouldn't keep anything from people yeah I stated that that's been shared every year we distributed over the past that have known every single time when these things have come up as we have to date and I said again I am I tried to say this twice in my speech I'm not blaming the administration and I'm not blaming the SAU I know they have to do their investigations I get that I just don't want to go through them I do too many things I don't want to I don't want to be the guy who keeps getting investigate investigate investigate investigating you know I wish you guys could be investigated for something like abused a you know different accusations and live with that for four days and look with that for a week let that sit on your soul and tear you apart you really wish that for me I just don't I mean just boy I think that's the way you can really truly understand it I don't want that anymore so I'm gonna try to limit that as much as possible I don't blame them they're doing their jobs they're doing what they're supposed to do I just don't want to go through it anymore tears me apart I'm volunteering I'm giving my time up my chaperone was many sleepless nights many many sleepless nights how can I say this I believe in this trip it is a highlight it is amazing and I'm gonna now go and say thank you if you can't take that if you don't feel I also have my family I have to make sure that I can and I think we all know there's been a shift because there was a time back when where the parents would say you need to do with the adults say and they had the teachers back and now they have their kids back to an extreme and so when it does come back to the school and you did the investigation and it goes well and there's no backlash here professionally there's still public it's still going around town and they're still getting talked about some even though it was handled correctly here the adults and the parents and I'm in this community and my future but it's just it's different because they are ready to blame the teacher instead of to blame their own trust their shift is I've got your back no matter what you do wrong we're also in a culture of accusations right now yes yes so I guess about how hurriedly it gets handled here and it sounds like it was it's still there's stuff outside of here that we can't so I guess a rhetorical question I would have is when our teachers are in the community and they're talking to parents are they having those honest conversations or are they saying hey the the trips are going away because dr. Anderson is pulling them away right and rhetorical but that's what I saw happen and that's not healthy for the school that's not honest if it happened I'm that rookie I haven't been on these trips for 25 years I can honestly say I don't really like to camp I don't like to be I don't like losing my family and I have like a little notebook of all the things I hate about camp and it's all sort of in jest and it's become another joke however I would say this past year was one of the best years I had I was when we switched to a 6 7 swing that was probably the first time camp FEMA how am i how am I gonna leave an entire seventh grade behind for a week which I'm responsible for while I go on this trip for five days in the third first full week of school we had many long meetings over the summer to how to coordinate that not my contract I'm not obligated to do it we worked really hard and because Brenda and Erik agreed to pull down the fort in seventh grade we could make the trip but after that trip we are in flux with with with middle school and team models and shifts and that's going to continue because of our enrollment issues we've worked really hard to try to make everything stay the same but the fact is things aren't the same and that's not necessarily a bad thing we have a new administrator we did meet in the fall as a middle school with administration I think that sometimes and I'm only speaking for myself when you do something over and over and over again for three decades it might be a really good time to look at that and say as painful as it may be as hard as it's gonna be because this is a legacy this is a god-given right you know that these kids are gonna go on this trip no matter what I don't necessarily agree with that I do think that we are a pretty talented staff we have we do have support and resources and we did do a brain dump early in the fall we had already gone to camp other trips it was decided by the teachers that they would continue this year because it was too late you know to tell the kid who's just starting seventh grade oh yeah sorry that's off the table but with enough time and planning and conversation maybe we could come up with some other things that would work and you know for me I look at change as an opportunity and not and not a takeaway and I think that we would be remiss if we didn't think about alternatives I think there's a lot of animosity left over from last year I think we are in a unique position to have some new things happen and I think it would be really important if we could consider those things and I just happening here I think you did I'm like you said about us giving enough time which is what we did in the fall and that's why I said I would go in this spring's trip because I thought I can do it one more year so that the kids don't so we don't have to cancel the reservations when you did an X number of eighth grade teachers okay put me on and but I knew in my head in my mind it was because we weren't doing at the following year we were gonna spend a full year planning really positive enriching we can go to conquer their state houses their representatives there's all sorts of civics and government we can get involved with if we wanted to tie to curriculum there's theater there's Boston there's Portland is so much and we brainstormed all of that with positive energy I wish you were in the room when you heard of all of us coming up with the decisions what could we do getting back excited again and that's that's where we are resilient so when you say we're not that that is not I'm going to disagree we are resilient and we are willing to put back the energy and put in volunteer time and make a balance it has to be a harmony has to be what are we willing to risk for our liability and what can we offer students it and and that's a balancing act but it can be done and that can be done with with on board and with enough time you know we can make it happen so if there's miscommunications that happen in the community I know that did happen that's something we can clear up as well I think that's that's my biggest concern is miscommunication and a pattern of miscommunication over several years that I think is not healthy for our students and creates animosity between the teachers sometimes elementary teachers and middle school teachers sometimes teachers in the board sometimes teachers and administration and it's not fair to the students now if you all come back with with recommendations for change again this stop we don't run the curriculum that's you guys but but the feedback that we got after the last school board meeting in terms of the list of things that were presented and how they actually tie back and whether they're being recycled from other grades was not positive from my constituents right so I think we need to be more creative and it's not a god-given right and and you know you'd think change should happen and if this is a time to hit the reset button let's do it but let's do it candidly and honestly and not this back alley stuff back-alley stuff's no good together say this is very important to the children and when I was going around collecting the signatures hearing that our trips might be getting cancelled brought some of our children to tears this is important to us and we understand that stuff has gone on in the past and I'm not blaming you guys for having this all going in the trip I thought it was a good forum that I could present this but this has brought some of our children to tears because we have looked forward to this since third grade hearing about this from our older siblings and our friends and then hearing that this could be taken away from us but not and the teachers have said not because we've done anything wrong and I we understand that you have lives outside of school and that you have other things and priorities but the children have you take care of us all the time you take care of us as if we were we were one of your own and we love you guys for that but then hearing that this could be taken away from us it is broadest tears you did a great job as a venue it thank you mirror all right anymore so what are the next steps are we going to go back to the teachers and say can you come up with some alternatives I think that's up to the administration and the teachers to keep working on teachers and I will flesh flesh out our mmm our proposed trips moving forward I think the communication on this issue is so key and I'm sat here and heard this tonight and my fellow parents hopefully they listen to the recording or something but however you can be because there is this sensitivity right now because of what's happened in the last couple of years or I think some people are having a knee-jerk reaction to saying oh well dr. Anderson's father it's so it's those thoughts I mean there is that I think there is that tendency to not take a pause and try to really digest what's being said so I just encouraged really thoughtful processes for communicating this I would thank you for that I would reiterate that because and also just for people you know conversation the deliberation and the planning and changes it takes time people seem to want oh it's gotta have it answer now what's happening what so it's gonna change let's figure it out now and then in that vacuum of when things are being discussed or deliberated or planned is when oh I gotta throw something on Facebook that somebody's doing something wrong or text out to 50 people or send 15 emails and that's unfortunate I'm not naive enough to think that's gonna change anytime soon I think you know you know when people last stuff out on Facebook it it's counterproductive and you know you know but the school board was getting blamed for kids but not only is it not fair it's not fair when doctor agency gets blamed for canceling trips to the school board gets blamed for canceling trips or anyone gets blamed for doing something unilaterally but it's also unproductive because now you know itthat's doctor intent is to spend an afternoon composing an email to send out to all the parents to dispel all the the inaccurate information that's going around so we're just wasting it's unfortunate when people do that and I wish people would just be patient and communicative and ask questions instead of just jumping to conclusions and spreading things around because things take time I mean you know I you know I don't think anyone expects change to happen over it happened overnight it takes time and there there's no quick and easy answers and I hope people will be patient and open and communicative around issues like that I just think that would be much more productive and better use of everyone's time and mindful in that sometimes when we say things in front of our students it get that it gets back to a parent sometimes actually sometimes inaccurately but sometimes maybe a half of an idea like you know we're not dr. Anderson's cancel the trip right so because because that's part of what I heard back to from parents is I heard from my my student that this is what's happening so we have to make sure we go through the right chain of communication but on on the note you know kind of maybe this is closed or on this on this subject at least for tonight but we're talking about 2018-19 professionally I would like to do everything within our power my power and our power to see 2018 and 2019 through and really put a concerted effort in to how each and everything that we do outside off of this campus outside of these walls is inherently tied to the curriculum why we do it why we go whether it's five day trips and or whatever down the road looks like that we have it spelled out and we articulate it to each and every person in the community so I know I know we have further discussion regarding 2018-19 but I believe that we thinking thinking about our students and and how they are reacting understandably so and you know we all may feel for them whether they're our kids or not I I mean I feel personal and professional responsibility to see the you know the the next few steps through but then if we're talking about divergent paths sorry about talking about in metaphors down the road then then to really take some time and not and not be too Swift regarding 2018-19 thank you I only comment - that would be as if 20 18 and 19 looks considerably different from a chaperone perspective than it is currently being integrated into the curriculum I think that would be a challenge for me especially from the parents I don't so I just straight up I don't support parents volunteer parents on a traffic there's enough complexities without thrown some nutjob parents in the mix okay well uh I I appreciate that and we may we may be are definitely not we may be talking about practically speaking in an untenable situation then that's another matter but we will work through it and then my last is on is on communication and to echo what James said we're not gonna be able to sort of fashion the correct communication that's gonna go absolutely perfectly what is gonna happen those we're all gonna walk out of this room tonight and we're gonna be asked questions and if the message not an but the message should be that it was a healthy discussion which it was and that teachers school board and administration's all agree that these these are and student all realize that this is a complex time and the time for change may be in mirror I would as the representative for the school not just your grade but I don't see any other kids here no her sister oh I'm sorry mister behind miss bass maybe not look at it as the trips are being taken away maybe look at it as a way for you guys to pioneer the next version of what of what this integration and and experience could be for you guys and maybe there's participation that gets drafted from from the student body as well so so this isn't a takeaway this is an adjustment you know that's all thank you all thank you all here candid conversation it only gets more exciting finance reform is coming up don't miss it so you start allowing banks more time sure just a quick update power school has been power school as compared to our present student information system web to school in tandem with our Communications Committee and transitioning to a new website we've talked about our student information system and I would characterize the NHS teaching staff as a whole and the Leadership Council in general so we've talked about moving away from web to school to power school people are either directly aware directly understanding of power school and its capabilities or kind of peripherally maybe they have a child or a colleague or a friend at at Winnacunnet we're somewhere else regionally but practically speaking universally I won't say to a person but universally power school the concept of making a decision now deciding that June 2018 essentially through the course of the summer we're done with web to school we're going to invest transition to and invest in power school that's universally well received amongst our teachers the understanding that this adoption this has been part of the conversation of a new SAS requires commitment and a bit of retraining I mean I will characterize our what I've experienced with web to school this year in terms of training and helping teachers to understand how to operate and manipulate and move information here and there has been less less than successful we're managing we're not excelling we're not doing our our teachers aren't able to do their best work and work most collaboratively with each other with what we presently have functionality but they understand they understand it requires a commitment and I haven't asked you know each and every person individually but that commitment and that requirement isn't lost on our staff so they know ok word gladly invest the time and energy and learning something new and so dedicating ourselves self to this so why am i recommending recommendation is that the board school board agree to make an investiture it's an unplanned investiture I realize that and expenditure but in inter will enter into an agreement with power school to provide our SRS sis services beginning with a 2018 2019 school year so that transition would come into play through the course of the summer and we'll we'll have it uploaded and we'll be on board for August of 2018 the cost for a one-year start up as you as you know and understand are the first year is considerably higher but the first year start up as compared to Webster school comparable 2nd and 3rd and ensuing years compared to web to school very comparable and for the usability and what are the what our teachers will be able to from a data assessment and data analysis perspective our 10 folds exponentially more so than web school because they can't do anything with web to school along those lines so so it hope that you know I I I'm not speaking on behalf of the the staff we didn't vote but people were positive and glowing and appreciative of the concept and possibility of no longer having to use web to school relatively accurate okay thank you Rebecca even though we're separate accounts they can link the accounts so that parent could go in initially initially it's very cool on web two schools and they they had to understand so let me get this straight I'm web to school I'm power school so Northampton school is a different district that when a kind of high school that you send your students to yes that's correct so initially they were well that's a different district different so different applications so no your parents would probably have to go to to two different logins and so on and so forth so however just the very next morning they had done their research and found that that is not the case that's cool okay so so that's a win a huge win for us in our parents know each kid's name there's tabbed across and all you have to do is click on it [Music] the same I think they made the assumption because I'm under one license I'm I'm looking at the the first year bundle Matt I think this is the latest the first year bundle year one total thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty dollars doesn't have to be under ten you know but anyway just for your information yes unfortunately as you're aware the difference from the GMR the actual health care was significant we get the rate so we have about moved just over a hundred thousand dollars alone and we can purchase the PowerSchool if we get the contracts for our school over school in this school year that'll be funded in this in that overage I would I would if we were to go forward with paraquad recommend using this current you have 1718 both well it's not it sounds like it's clearly gonna be better for staff and better for parents and absolutely I will make a motion that we approve going forward with the implementation of power school second any further discussion I do my apologies so I was under the impression that we were going to come forward with our school we do we do have some obligations as far as the RFP process okay delete that one oh she just cheered - and we just need to do our due diligence and there's no issue with okay we just need to favor of telling that to do this it says more I mean we can set the criteria of based on - not on price functionality so it's not an issue choosing what we will need it's just all right what the cost [Music] not quite the same six years ago but we're very happy team was invited to our selfies the other day attended and I also mentioned that he and I and Murphy mess meetings he said yet schedule meetings with our principal so all that continues and let him an 8 0 we keep integrating the best p.m. I'm sad longer than usual so I'm going to start the very end if you look at that was a letter that hopefully you all received just or we're able to access F from the website I'm speaking about safety and security throughout all of our districts in the SAU and the work that administrators are doing as well as a list of resources through several reputable sources that we have through the administrators association in America psychology etc so that's been a main focus and I always went to a huge conference today so more coming on safety bullying and board in the future so we're gonna back up now to commendations I really appreciate so many people in the district that have volunteer hours as part of New Hampshire school administrators Association we do champions for children award each year and districts can choose one as they use can choose them they go on to the southeast or the regional levels our southeaster scroop they pick someone to then go forward to the state level and I just wanted to be sure and include the four different areas that were given consideration and happy to congratulate Forrest Carter of Seabrook also just this week a new school board member for Seabrook and had served on the budget committee prior to that so he does significantly with some of the neediest children before and after school programs as well as in the summer and goes above and beyond to integrate curriculum into the services that he provides so we're very proud of him and he'll be acknowledged at an upcoming school board meeting for Seabrook I'm very thankful as I mentioned about the calendar work with our administrators and I do to see that collaboration that's happening biggest one for me this month the reason I was not here last month is because I would represent RSA you at the American Association of School Administrators in Nashville but approximately 3,000 on administrators and vendors and I've recorded a lot about education in the digital age and our campaign of a love for public education it is public education week this week and just looking at I wrote a lot about just think of time I'll let you read that the different innovations the way our challenge to think in terms of considering under professional learning we are cleaning our sau day on April 6 and some of the things that we talked about here you met yesterday with a with a consultant for April 6th on John Vander Al's who's helping us plan that day and we did a little bit of formative work and decided that what we had planned our students aren't actually ready for this larger assessment yet so we're backing up and I had a lengthy conversation with him today as well as Dan singer who heads the PLC committee and we are backing up our competency presentation for this text so I look forward to that and I'm confident it's going to be better meet the needs of our teachers and I will say that I was here Monday and spoke to probably 15 different teachers within this building and they were phenomenal in their willingness to participate in our original plan and be facilitators for these the sixth we're gonna consider if we're still doing that but I was really proud of the names that Dan and Eric had put forth and their willingness little anxiety but none of them said no that speaks volumes for all the we've heard about excellence here tonight thank you mages volunteer on a relative note Northampton school has the highest at least the initial degree of participation in what dr. cataracts referring to kudos to our staff may I start with a curriculum coordinator search update we we met we met last week we had our organizational meeting the committee consists of myself dr. cadet a school board member dr. David Hobbs Tracy Griffin Hagan Linda Hebert Katherine Lacroix Deb Brown Linda Donahoe Dana Hanson Babiak Lea Crone and parents Ellen staff Ronis and Danielle straighter big group a great meeting not everyone could be there but most were and so we have we have at the candidates coming in as of last check at some point today we had 24 applications as well okay just probably more than that now but so they're flowing in we have we have our next our next meeting is on Thursday the 29th at 4:00 p.m. that's correct calendars 23rd is that correct yes yes I mean tentatively but will if we have enough viable candidates will you know we will close and we'll have at this meeting on the 29th we're going over every single application and making our determination about who we will interview invite for a confidential interview no more than six preferably but you know I'll put that cap on it but if we have enough viable candidates will want to interview them all you know all the strong candidates that we have but so far so good they with the intention to have a recommendation to dr. Sullivan in time for him to exercise his due diligence and have the time to meet with whomever before the may board meeting internal and external candidates yes well I mean primarily primarily external but you know we do have internal and or si u21 candidates so there there is that and thank you for you'll note he said a school board member I went to the organizational meeting on our behalf I [Applause] trust your judgment on leadership such a straight based on believed it I voted chair okay very good so you see our on the administrative report the brief report we have our professional development teachers workshop day on Friday you see the scheduled there primarily continued science work which we're very proud of you can see that all of our elementary educators are now Project Lead the Way certified so all of our classroom teachers have that background and credential if you will in order to an order for Project Lead the Way to endorse you as a classroom teacher you need to have gone through the program and all of our teachers have I had a good time at the dance I had a really really good time at dance you know I didn't then let it all hang out too too much but but the kids were the kids were a lot of fun and they had so bad so much fun with the 70s theme that I just couldn't help but but get into it so yeah I'm really appreciated seeing the kids you know in that and that like so seventh eighth grade dance and yeah you could certainly you can certainly see you know the seventh graders can a little little less ready to get on the dance floor than others but but again just in terms of that you know the whole child aspect it's it's great to see and I'm looking forward to the play and and Marty McFly I just got to say yes they played stayin alive and and to see and I wish mark to see mark do this was a lot of fun he struck his best John Travolta so so again you know uh you know a part of what we do and what we do for kids around here so our artist-in-residence just an FYI Randy Armstrong will be here from March 30th through April 4th working with our fourth and fifth graders kindergarten registration is coming up on April 5th there's there have been a couple of communications that have gone out on various Thursdays or through other other outlets and a glitter ball is coming up on April 14th ok so absolutely quite an event quite an event I'm looking forward to my first glitter ball okay do you have any questions or anything else that would be like to bring up you get you ticket I do thank you thank you so as what everyone's been waiting for [Music] how to clear a room real boring now so at last month's meeting I had reported that the MHSAA of school districts potential IRS penalties for affordable health care and I'm unhappy to report that we have received IRS notification of preliminary calculations of the employee shared responsibility payments their preliminary calculation is pretty one thousand dollars she was forty-one slightly less than what I had calculated right estimated it could be up to 47,000 so we are we need to respond to this notice either yes that is accurate and send a check or or correct any mistakes so we will be vetting exactly what they are what they are suggesting is our penalty we will be working with with an attorney to make certain that we do properly respond and I anticipate that I will have a more definitive answer as to how we will proceed you know in the next well I can't say how long this process may take but coming up so I've also included and be happy to answering questions in regards to the IRS so I've also included this month's expenditure reports and there are a few items I want to point out actually the first of which is on page one you look at salary clerical under special education we don't have an available balance $4,700 and that that will not change I do not anticipate that number changing however I do want to point out that this that this represents it was the Fed secretary position who is out on maternity leave we had plans to hire a a long-term substitute for this position however we did not receive and qualified candidates so we we have worked to kind of cover that work combination of you know unfortunately Tracy has to take on little additional work case managers do as well and I think Mary Beth is doing a little bit and I'm just something with purchase orders and things but then Kelly everyone's helping everyone's helping out a little tiny bit and on top of that we are we are offering or we're not offering we're providing a stipend for two hours a day to it to an existing employee to take on someone's leave the essentials the bulk of the work so we will recognize some savings here but I just want to let you be aware that it is a slight change from just a temporary substitute for a long-term substitute rather on page 2 you'll see under student activities other expenses it appears that we're over budget by $6,300 this is for the spring musical we outsource a choreographer and a musical director however this will we will be receiving this money back because this will come out of the Student Activities fund we just pay it of our operating budget so that we can officially 9 and more than legitimates for tax purposes ticket sales go back to the Student Activity Fund is that what happens um you know I don't know that answer if it goes into the general fund of this tax it would be fun I'd assume it's the soon activity fund but I will liken verify that easily just curious is easy enough to find out all the money and finally I'm caged to read you'll see under including an instruction tuition reimbursements we are over budget by $1,300 these are one of those variable costs we budget for a certain amount of money based on you know historical usage however this year we did see a slightly higher so that is it for the expenditure report I'd be happy to answer any other questions if you have any all right finally I have included audit governance letters so we didn't finalize the audits from the 1617 school year and this attached you should have the audit governance letter I do want to point out there was one finding in the audit and that was that for our journal entries we needed a second approval which is actually mean client or previously Nancy title the finance manager did the approval but really they need to do that second layer so we have corrected that process so now I am signing off on every journal entry so however previously so you can sign off [Music] [Music] [Applause] just replaces rehab so mix up the place they played it was a Young Frankenstein it was good Franco Steve good number words if they have their they carry their own pit orchestra so all the music we've done live performers up above and it's quite entertaining I would say it's definitely a high school mature musical probably fourth grader coming it was her name Abby Abby normal and we have one personnel item we have a job share request you know thank you full upon endorsement and recommendation policy and we have a request from Laurie berry second just for your Erin IB is it Sarah Erin primary thank you if she's the primary teacher and Laurie berry is the one sharing [Music] [Music] I'll shelve it for now and have a conversation with you okay mr. chairman I move we adjourn john biggam succeeding with your masters dissertation topic Union Theological Seminary.

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