Dissertation Paper On Teenage Pregnancy
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Dissertation paper on teenage pregnancy

Dissertation paper on teenage pregnancy capstone cottages san marcos reviews for money ticad iv annual progress report 2018 mustang ´╗┐here're thought about it I mean really what is the purpose to life why are we here where do we come from that matter where are we going to go when this life is over in this seminar it talks about the age of the earth doctor hoping you have solid evidence to show that this earth is not billions of years old in fact the evidence points towards a literal six-day creation like told about in Genesis chapter 1 hi my name is there and we hope you enjoy this incredibly powerful seminar presented by doctor hoping it's called the age of the earth right honor to be here in Southern California tonight how many been to one of my seminars before or seeing a videotape how many never have okay and how many do not understand the question so far good guy my name is Kent Hovind I taught high school science for fifteen years and now I travel in to seminars on creation evolution and dinosaurs and I'll let people know what I believe before I get started I believe the Bible is the infallible inspired inerrant Word of the Living God I believe it from cover to cover and I believe the evolution theory is being taught in our schools is one of the dumbest and most dangerous religions in the history of humanity and those are the nice things to say about it okay so one of my jobs as a Christian in your job if you're a Christian is to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh the reason of the hope that's in us and I think in the last 200 years the Christians have not done a good job of answering the skeptics and we've allowed them to take over our school system and our legal process and our whole thinking process is now based on this theory called evolution folks there's a war going on and there are three things I try to accomplish in my seminar number one I want to strengthen your faith in the Word of God number two if you're not saved I'm going to try to get you converted tonight great I told you right up front I'm after you right number three if you're saved and you're not doing much for the Lord then I want to try to make you uncomfortable fair enough I need to warn you just about every sin in the book is mentioned in my seminar series it's likely that everybody's toes will be stepped on at least once we recommend steel toed shoes or a willingness to move your feet you will need one or the other okay this this is not my wife that's just a picture of her we live in Pensacola Florida been there for 15 years have three kids one of each my kids are 24 25 and 26 a year in two weeks apart it's called family planning where I come from and I'll see my daughter marlisa is here tonight where she go far Alyssa she's out there somewhere they cut the stuff a deer brought I saw him here and anyway I got them all married off brother and the dog died so I made it I'm home free it's wonderful and all six I'm working for me in my ministry and now I've got two grandkids and hopefully thousand more coming grandkids are God's reward for not killing your own kids when you thought about it we at our ministry produce a lot of videotapes you've made over a million videos now in six languages they're not copyrighted we encourage you to get our stuff and spread it around it's copied all you want we put out a lot of materials we want to see people get saved we have quite an interesting ministry I'll tell you more about that in a minute they're in creation science evangelism we have about 40 people on staff now a little over 40 and we are trying to stir up trouble for the entire planet okay and we do this because we want to change people's worldview a worldview is the way you viewed the world obviously now there are two ways to view this world some people look at the world and say you know it's amazing that this came from evolution other people say it came from a creator now the way you answer the four great questions in life is determined by how you viewed the world the four fundamental questions of life who am i weird I come from why am I here and where am I going when I die those four questions are answered very differently depending on how you view the world some people look at the world and say it's amazing a big bang made this from nothing that's the humanist worldview based on evolution other people look at the world and say you know there's a credible design there must be a designer and that's called the creationist worldview and those two worldviews are polar opposite I mean somebody's wrong okay and they are at war with each other and I enjoy showing them who's wrong so that's what I do I go around and do a lot of debates the universities I've had 87 now debates universities had three in the last two weeks can't find any more opponents though so if you believe in evolution you debate on the topic call me I'll be glad to come to it now if the evolution theory is true how would you answer the four fundamental questions of life Who am I and what am i worth well if evolution is true you are nothing important you're just a bit of protoplasm that washed up on the beach you're not worth a thing actually you're part of the problem because you're one of the polluters of the environment and the more of you we can get rid of the better where did I come from now if evolution is true we came from a cosmic burp about 20 billion years ago why am I here what's the purpose of life well if evolution is true there is no purpose so you might as well have fun if it feels good do it we're am I going when I die well if evolution is true we're going to the grave and we're going to get recycled into a worm or plant but see the Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth now if that's true that puts a whole different set of answers to those questions that means we'd better try to figure out who God is and find out what he wants and do what he says because he owns this place folks he makes the rules it belongs to him but the devil doesn't like that the devil came to Eve in the Garden of Eden he said to the woman yea hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden question mark the first sentence out of the devil's mouth was a question to make Eve doubt God's Word and he's still doing the same thing today he wants you to doubt God's Word I think that's one of the reasons why there's so much confusion about all the different Bible versions oh where is God's Word same ol trick from the devil second thing he said to the woman he said ye shall not surely die now he's denying God's Word he does that still today but the third thing he said is what I want to talk to you about tonight he said Eve if you eat off that tree ye shall be as God's and right there's where the whole idea of evolution got started he didn't start with Charlie Darwin it started with Satan in the Garden of Eden he wants you to think you can become a god yes boys and girls we started off like an amoeba and we're evolving we're getting bigger and better and stronger and smarter and someday we're going to sail around the universe and discover new life forms like Star Trek people ask me all the time they say hoping you think there's intelligent I found other planets I say no I taught high school 15 years there's not much intelligent life on this planet Satan's a liar he said you can be like God what say what the Mormon Church has swallowed that one haven't they they teach their people if you're a good Mormon you get to be God someday and if you're a good Mormon wife when you go to heaven you get to be eternally pregnant producing spirit babies my wife don't want to go he said that's not heaven by the way there are some great books to reach Mormons and they need the gospel just like everybody else there's a good website you TLM for Utah lighthouse mission org if you're everything you want to know about Mormons I was surprised to find out a couple years ago some of the major Catholic theologians of the past have taught man can become God now most Catholics don't believe that they don't even know some of their leaders have taught that the idea that man can be God came from the devil in the Garden of Eden he's the one who wants to be God Lucifer said I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the Mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High see the devil wants to be God but the job is not available so he's all upset about that and he can't be God so he's mad at God but he can't do anything to God so he's mad at us because we are made in God's image did you ever wonder why the devil hates you so bad it's because you remind him of God so he lied to Eve and told her she could be like God now Hitler said if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough and often enough the people will believe it he said they're more likely to believe a big lie than a small one now if you want to get somebody to believe a lie you have to do it like my two big brothers did with me I have two older brothers they've always been older than I am but when I was about six years old I was raised in East Peoria Illinois and I came running in for breakfast one morning and I was the first one there for breakfast and I got the last banana out of the bowl to put on my cereal well a few minutes later my two big brothers came in they said hey Kent is that the last banana I said yep and I got it how many of you have an older brother or sister you know that wonderful feeling you get when you finally pull one over on them they pick on you all the time what that morning I had them and I knew it they wanted my banana but Big Brother's do not beg little brothers for anything they either beat him up and take it away by brute force or they lie to him and trick him out of us somehow so my brothers said hey Kent do you know how bananas are made I said no I was only six years old it's been proven in laboratory tests the brain doesn't even start to grow two kids are 18 to 20 how many parents can verify that one from raising kids I said I said no Howard bananas made and they said we're not in South America to have these spiders that live up in the trees and when they die all their legs fold up and then mold begins to grow on the dead spider legs and a banana is nothing but moldy spider legs I said you guys are lyin to me you just want this banana cuz you know it's the last one they said no brother we're not lying you cut that thing in half and look in the middle you can still see the black spots where his legs work you know I did not eat bananas for nearly three years after that they lied to me have you ever been lied to before you know I would not have believed a life hadn't been for those black spots you see if you want to get somebody to believe a lie have to mix it in with some truth that's a technique they've used for years to kill rats they mix two things together they really don't belong together they have mixed together in that box good food and rat poison actually a lot of folks don't realize but rat poison is 99.995% good food there's very little poison in rat poison but by mixing them together the rat thinks he's getting free food well yes but he's getting poisoned it's the same technique they used to sell Marlboro cigarettes for years they've been mixing them in with cowboys watch any Marlboro commercial there's something about a cowboy in there someplace right have you ever thought about that what is the connection between smoke and Marlboro and Cowboys do all Cowboys smoke Marlboro no do you have to smoke Marlboro to be a cowboy no if you start smoking Marlboro do you become a cowboy automatically no you may smell like a horse but you are not a cowboy okay actually it's been proven in laboratory tests that nobody in the world smokes nobody smokes all the cigarette smokes the person is the sucker that's all I think gotta put the real name on those things they ought to call them can syrettes breath rodders bypass malignant phlegm balls and money suckers there we go they do the same thing with beer though they always try to associate beer with sports what does beer have to do with sports they get some big old football player holding us cannon but dumber her bud stupid they call the Budweiser it don't make him any wiser that's for sure he's got his bud dumber Miller low life or dead dog well he says man you drank this stuff you'd be a football player Yeah right Bible says you drink that stuff you will wreck your life who hath whoa they that tarry long at the wine the Bible says don't even look at it when it gets fermented Habakkuk said woe to him again for this neighbor drink the Bible has a lot to say about this topic one kid said what's the matter brother Hovind don't you like beer I said I don't know I've never tasted it I'm 51 years old never had a drop in my life well had nyquil a couple times and he said how do you know you won't like it if you don't try it I said son that's a brilliant way to live let me ask you a question if you ever laid your head under a semi-truck how do you know you won't like it if you don't try it ok you don't have to try everything to figure out if it's good or bad ok there's other ways to learn but this mixing of the good and the bad together is exactly what's going on in our science books folks I'm not against science I like science matter of fact we have a science center and dinosaur Adventureland my backyard five and a half acres of the coolest place on planet earth right next to Pensacola Christian Academy right behind where they produce the Bekaa books some of the kids who told me they use the beca book since we're right behind them we've had 30,000 visitors in the first two and a half years everything has a science lesson and a spiritual lesson we have just some amazing things going on there we can try our climbing wall or see our seven-foot snake ate a kid last week but oh well bacteria model and all kinds dozens of skins and skulls of animals if you have any of those things send them we'll put them on display one of our guys shot a t-rex we hung it on the front of the building we like science we're not against science everything has all these cool science lessons we have a seven seven level cave crawler you can try to crawl in there and I try to some kids are still in there from a week ago we can't find it our leap of faith swing off the 16-foot tower parents say ain't that dangerous we say well yeah but there's a lot of kids and they're always making more so oh you can measure your horsepower if you think you're in pretty good shape come on out see how many horsepower you are we have all kinds of cool dinosaur stuff every place around the world dinosaur Adventureland what do you expect you know we've had people from all over God's given us an amazing staff we like science folks we're not against science we dig for fossils and different people support our ministry from time to time and we have all kinds of homeschool classes on video or DVD if you have our homeschool classes teaching all kinds of things okay we do all this we even have a creation boot camp coming up every September we have a boot camp if you want to come get booted or whatever they do a boot camp September we teach you how to be a better creation scientist on how to get out and speak on creation we're going to train some more leaders there this September we're not against science we even teach the kids the scientific way to shoot a rubber band I need two volunteers here a boy and a girl there's a boy right there and a girl right there come on up here let's go come on hurry hurry hurry daylight's burnin let's go okay what's your name actually just your husband here what's your name Steven Steven pick out of rubber bands the red one and the yellow one so I'll get a blue one so it's we can tell who's shooting the different ones okay they're all the same though okay ladies first actually see how far you can shoot it out there toward the back now you want to let go at the end that's closest to you well that's not blond that's not blonde okay good how about six rows back okay Steven poured his land about the same place now I happen to know the scientific way to shoot a rubber band you ready for this you see the guys in the sound booth back there hey did it make it into the sound booth back there all right hit the wall right in front of it okay now right about now you're thinking of a question that has five words in it see see how did you do that okay now first of all I need to let you know that I am fully aware of the fact that some kids should not learn how to do some things who's who's responsible for this one here is she safe with this information okay now this one I'm really worried about just looking at who's responsible for this guy right here it's he safe with this information not oh ho what does she know that I don't know okay I want you to notice my fingers do not leave my hand at any time when I do this okay that's important okay there are two sides to the rubberband do you with me so far okay one side represents your flesh that's your body the other side is your spirit now your flesh and your spirit have to work together or else you're dead see if your spirit ever leaves your flesh you got a real problem on your hands actually the neighbors do but okay now here's what most people do wrong with rubberband shooting and in real life they put the same emphasis on the flesh and the spirit and when they let it fly through the air if you could watch it in slow motion the flesh and the spirit are fighting with each other all the way to push so all the energy is wasted on internal turbulence within the rubberband it doesn't go very far so the secret to high speed velocity through a fluid medium such as the atmosphere which offers resistance is to minimize or eliminate the turbulence if you want it to go farther you put more emphasis on the spirit and less on the flesh I'm going to stretch this side tighter feel at one sides tight one sides loose so if you let it go quickly it'll spin through the air the spirit leads the flesh less turbulence greater distance so if you really want to go far for the Lord quit putting so much emphasis on the flesh it's real simple now watch this carefully those people coming in late we're going to nail them almost God let's give a big hand thank you thank have a seat that's just one of about 80 science lessons we teach the kids at dinosaur Adventureland along with a good spiritual lesson the flesh lusteth against the spirit in the spirit against the flesh they're contrary one to the other we also teach the kids how to make a paper airplane that will fly over 400 feet our record is 450 feet with a paper airplane they go so far that if they don't land on a building or in a tree they go all the way to the ground it's amazing whether you've got on our website dr. Dehner calm and see how to make those folks were not against science we like science but I'm against the poison mixed in our science books that's what's bothering here's a first grade textbook look with the tell the kids in first grade boys and girls Earth has changed much since its formation four and a half billion years ago now just hold on a minute is the earth four-and-a-half billion years old no but if you tell that to a first grader he's going to believe you first graders believe everything you tell them they believe bananas are moldy spider legs I did okay then tell him again in second grade since its formation four and a half billion years ago earth has changed down here it says life too has evolved on earth this word evolved is a very tricky word there are six different meanings to the word okay so I've learned I've done 87 debates and over I think 7,000 now radio and TV called in talk shows I've learned how to win the debate on evolution in the first five minutes it is so easy if somebody says do you believe in evolution I simply say what do you mean well you know evolution oh no I don't know what do you mean which what which meaning are you talking about are you talking about cosmic evolution that is the origin of time space and matter the Big Bang no I don't believe in that are we talking about chemical evolution because according to the Big Bang Theory the Big Bang made hydrogen ok then how did we get these other elements do you want me to believe that uranium evolved from hydrogen they'll say we got in stars you get fusion well you can't fuse past iron check it out so how do we get uranium huh you want me to believe in stellar and planetary evolution that the stars and planets form nobody's ever seen a star form we see stars blow up all the time it's called a nova or a super nova if it's a big one but we've never seen one form and yet there's enough stars out there right now that we know about that everybody on planet earth can individually personally own 11 trillion of these stars to yourself those are the ones we know about we don't know about the ones that we don't know about then there have to be organic evolution that's the origin of life nobody has a clue how life can get started from nonliving material you want me to believe that living things came from me to believe in spontaneous generation proven wrong 200 years ago no I don't believe in any of those for maybe you're talking about macro evolution that's where an animal changes into a different kind of animal nobody's ever seen that nobody's ever seen a dog produce an on dog I mean you may get a big dog or a little dog I understand but you're going to get a dog okay every time and it could be the dog the wolf in the coyote had a common ancestor I wouldn't argue about that but I'll tell you what every little kid knows they're the same kind of animal I'll show you is anybody in here five or six years old who's five or six how old are you 6 what's your name Rachel Rachel don't you take a test here Rachel here we have a dog a wolf a coyote and a banana which one is not like the others the banana very good let's give her a hand all right we have college professors can't figure that one out see the Bible says they bring forth after their kind see if they can bring forth their the same kind simple definition can they bring forth a dog and a wolf can mate and bring forth a dog in a banana cannot now see Charlie Darwin wrote a book called the Origin of Species and how the Christian Church got lost in the eighteen hundreds and didn't catch that I don't know but they didn't catch what's happening they're changing the definition if they destruct with the word kind we never would have had this dumb evolution theory permeating our society they bring forth they're the same kind anyway lastly we have what's called micro evolution this is variations within the kinds now this one happens so if you want to talk about variations I agree they happen that is actually science the first five meanings of the word are purely religious so I'm telling you folks if you're going to get into a discussion on evolution you better define what you're talking about or you'll never get anyplace because when I say the word evolution I'm thinking of these five up here but when the atheist says the word evolution he's thinking a number six and he doesn't understand how I can't see it and I don't understand how he does see it because we haven't defined the terms that's the problem anyway the teachers are told in their teachers manuals be sure to stress that the earth is billions of years old make sure the kids believe this now I happen to be a little old-fashioned I think in science class we should be teaching science you know things we can observe and study and test and demonstrate science things like the first law of thermodynamics which tells us matter cannot be created or destroyed well everything's made out of matter so if matter cannot be created or destroyed then how did the world get here we're here you know so that leaves two choices somebody made the world or the world made itself there's no other choice well there are a few out there on the lunatic fringe who will tell you we're not really here at all we just think we're here okay or you can forget about those folks we're here okay so either somebody made the world like the Bible says God did it or the world made itself like the humanists believe well if the world just made itself how could this happen oh the devil thought about that for a long time and finally one day came up with the Big Bang Theory how many have ever heard of the Big Bang Theory I was on the airplane years ago a flying from Dallas to San Francisco the land of the fruits and the flakes and happened to sit right next to a professor from Berkeley you Cal Berkeley I don't know if you folks down here I've ever heard of Berkeley or not but Berkeley is not a Bible College I got to speak last year at Berkeley for ten hours the most hostile audience I've ever had in my life it was so fun it was a blast brother I'm doing it again in April two more months Berkeley yay bring them on 138 professors refuse to debate me so I'll just go straighten them up by myself okay the guys are a lot smarter than I am by slaughtering because I'm right they're wrong you know would you want to defend the idea that we all came from a rock anywhere I'm sit on the airplane right next to this professor from Berkeley and we started talking about creation and evolution everybody I sit by an airplane wants to talk about that so I talk about it with him he said he believed in evolution I said yes sir I figure that you have to teach at Berkeley I said tell me sir if you believe in evolution how did the world get here he said oh it came from the Big Bang I said really I'd like to hear about this he said you're a science teacher and you've never heard of the Big Bang I said oh yes sir I've heard a lot about the Big Bang and I believe in the Big Bang but my Big Bang's a lot different than yours I said you tell me about your Big Bang and then I'll tell you about my Big Bang and so the professor went off on one of those answers that looked like it came straight from the textbook he said were over I believe about 18 or 20 billion years ago as a long time all the matter in the universe now that's a lot of stuff hey by the way do you know the word universe comes from two Latin words uni which means single and verse means a spoken sentence you know we have verse and prose did you know we live in a single spoken sentence God said Let there be that'll preach brother there's a sermon right in there someplace okay and if you can't find that you ain't got no preaching you at all okay all the matter in the universe was concentrated into one very dense very hot region that may have been much smaller than a period on this page what everything in the universe squished into a dot smaller than a period on a page wow that's one crowded dot and heavy too hey boys and girls that ain't the first time it happened either this textbook says after many billions of years all the matter and energy will once again be packed into a small area no bigger than the period at the end of the sentence then another big bang will occur it happens every 80 to 100 billion years so you can forget about global warming we're going to get squished can you believe they cut down a tree to print that where's Al Gore when you need them that's what I want now the guy who wrote this book was brilliant I couldn't leave how smart this guy was he said boys and girls nothing really means nothing you have to be at least that smart to write a book he said not only matter and energy would disappear but also space and time however physicists theorize that from the state of nothingness the universe began in a gigantic explosion what yes boys girls you see one day nothing exploded and here we are oh that explains it yeah The Big Bang Theory started about 1965 before a little before that they said the thing that exploded was a few light-years in diameter then they said oh no it's only 275 million miles then they reduced it to 71 million miles then 54,000 then they've made it a trillionth the diameter of a proton now that's tiny boy we're talking tiny now and now they say just nothing yeah here's Discover Magazine a couple years ago where did everything come from boys and girls the universe burst into something from absolutely nothing zero nada as it got bigger it became filled with even more stuff that came from absolutely nowhere how is that possible ask ask Alan Guth his theory explains everything Wow I got to meet this Alan Guth guy well Alan Guth said in Scientific American the observable universe that would be us could have evolved from an infinitesimal region in the Greek that's adopted he said it's then tempting to go one step further and speculate that the entire universe evolved from literally nothing he has poise and girls you see we all came from a dot and the dot came from nothing can they call that science and put it in a science book I'd call that a fairy tale then put it in the garbage I said professor what happened to your dot he said well joven 20 billion years ago all the dirt in the universe was drawn into this little bitty tiny dot and it was spinning it's spun faster and faster and one day it exploded big bang and the pieces that flew off became the galaxies and Sun Moon stars and finally people you know here we are nothing but Stardust I said sir can I ask you a few questions please he said sure what do you want to know I said well you told me 20 billion years ago all the dirt got together for the big squish and a big span and a big bang where'd all this dirt come from you know who made matter he said we don't know about that I said ok to hold it sir if I told you that I believe about 6,000 years ago God created the heaven on the earth then you're gonna say and where did God come from I don't know but you said 20 billion years ago there was a big bang and you don't know where the dirt came from so basically I believe in the beginning God and you believe in the beginning dirt don't tell don't tell me my theory is religion and yours is science they're both religion but the news media tries to make it always look like it is science versus religion I did a debate no peyote axes and they said religious and scientific leaders debate evolution what are they trying to imply just by the title you see how they all try to make evolution part of science no evolutions our religion both creation and evolution are religious I mean you have to believe in either one the difference is the evolution religion is tax-supported religion that's the difference by the way these two timelines is the same information right here the Bible teaches about 6,000 years ago God made everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood wrecked everything dropped everybody's property value to zero two thousand years ago Jesus came and here we are today waiting for the Lord to come back in about five minutes okay this is the Bible view of history on this chart every inch is a hundred and fifty years that's a long time if I was to show you what the twenty billion year chart would look like at the same scale as this one this bottom charge would have to be 2,100 miles long that's from Pensacola to Portland Oregon I don't want to carry chart that big so I made a new scale for this one okay the professor said he did not know where the matter came from I said well sir could you tell me where the laws came from you know the universe is run by laws gravity centrifugal force inertia Boyle's law Cole's law you eat that with potato salad who made the laws and by the way why aren't the laws still evolving why are the laws always so steady the laws don't evolve gravity is consistent why don't you wait more ten pounds one day than you do you see I do not never mind where did the energy come from I mean who bought the gas to run this machine it takes energy to make something move where did the energy come from the professor said well we don't know about that I said sir could I ask you another question he said sure what else would you like to know else you mean else you haven't told me nothing yet I said does Berkeley have a merry-go-round how many of you know what America round is you go round round around to puke okay he said no we don't have a merry-go-round at Berkeley I said you ought to get one man you could learn some good science on a merry-go-round if you put some fourth graders on a merry-go-round any fourth graders in here who's in fourth grade all right I like fourth graders I spent the best five years of my life in the fourth grade I was before they diagnosed ad D oh we're going to put some fourth graders on the merry-go-round and we're going to get the high school football team out there to get it spinning clockwise as fast as it will possibly go now if you have a digital watch you may not know what clockwise means I will tell you later okay we're gonna spend a merry-go-round clockwise the kids are going to go through four phases they start off in phase one they're screaming at the football players come on let's go can't you go faster let's go move it move you get up around 30 miles an hour the kids interface to where they stop screaming they just quietly concentrate on trying to hang on for dear life you get up around 60 miles an hour and the kids enter phase three where they start screaming again but now they're screaming stop stop please slow down don't stop they'll keep going faster and faster when you get to about a hundred miles an hour you should go into Phase four that's where the kids begin to fly off the merry-go-round now when this happens you will notice an interesting phenomena of physics if the merry-go-round is spinning clockwise when the kid flies off the kid will be spinning clockwise until he encounters resistance like a tree or a telephone pole that's because of a law known as the conservation of angular momentum you see if a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless environment the fragments will always spin the same way because the outside is moving faster than the inside people say what if they hit each other they can't hit each other drop a hand grenade off let it explode the longer you wait the further apart the fragments become how they gonna hit each other out there in the field someplace I'd uh we could talk all night about the conservation of angular momentum but the professor said yes I'm familiar with the conservation laws I said well then good sir I have a question for you if the universe began as a swirling dodge big bang like you said shouldn't everything be spinning the same way he said yes I said would you tell me why then two and possibly three of the planets are spinning backwards can you tell me why eight of the ninety-one known moons are spinning backwards will you tell me why four planets have moons going both directions at the same time can you explain to me why some whole galaxies are spinning backwards he said that's interesting I said no sir that's more than interesting that's kind of hard on your Big Bang Theory he said why do you think they're going backwards I was hoping he was gonna ask that I said sir it's very simple you see in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and God did it that way on purpose just to make the Big Bang Theory look stupid now I do believe in the Big Bang and I told him I believe in the Big Bang because the Bible teaches the Big Bang he says the heavens shall pass away with a great noise the original Greek that's a big bang okay so there's going to be a big bang but it didn't happen yet so kids if you go to school and some teacher says do you believe in the Big Bang you can say yes I do and you better get saved and get ready for it the Big Bang is coming soon to a city near you by the way if the Big Bang Theory were true the matter would be evenly distributed throughout the universe and it's not slum Peter called galaxies and in bazillions of miles and nothing called voids that's why they're so desperate to come up with theories like black holes dark matter antimatter they're looking for some way to excel which the Big Bang and it's still explained the missing matter hmm even Fred Hoyle said I have little hesitation saying a sickly pall now hangs over the Big Bang Theory the theory has been dead for 20 years they just want to bury because they don't have a replacement the only other thing they thought of is God did it oh we don't want that so let's hang on to the Big Bang Theory get the book the evolution cruncher if you want a whole lot more on that fear the second law of thermodynamics in other word thermodynamics thermal means heat and dynamics means power so it's the power of heat you can't just create things from nothing and whenever there's an exchange of energy there's something lost the second law of thermodynamics tells us everything tends toward dis order if you leave something alone for a while it's gonna rot rust die fall apart or break down nothing gets better by itself it's what the Bible teaches says the heavens are the works of the hands they shall perish they wax old as doth a garment nothing gets better by itself okay take a look at your hairdo when you wake up in the morning you'll see what I'm talking about everything tends toward chaos there is sue at 20 here she is at 90 here she has a 3000 it's gonna be YouTube by the way and me too no but the textbook says we're getting better humans probably evolved from bacteria more than four billion years ago what's your great-great-great-great great-great-great-great grandpa bacteria now the evolutionists will say hope and don't you know you can add energy and overcome the second law of thermodynamics and they'll say the Sun adds energy to the earth so that's how evolution works because the earth receives extra energy what it sounds good but that doesn't it's not true okay it's a deceitful argument you see the universe is a closed system by definition secondly adding energy is destructive unless there's something to use the energy just adding energy doesn't solve it did you know the Japanese added a whole bunch of energy to Pearl Harbor one day they did not organize a thing force did they a couple of years later we returned the favor and added energy to some of their cities didn't we didn't organize nothing I'm telling you folks adding energy is destructive see the Sun adds energy to your house but it's going to destroy the roof on your house not build it the sun's energy will destroy your entire house the sun's energy will destroy the roof on your car it'll destroy the paint job on your car it'll destroy the fabric in your drapes and your upholstery in your carpet there's only one thing that can use the sun's energy chlorophyll and one little plant cell is more complex than a space shuttle and you want to believe it evolve by chance you just go ahead and enjoy yourself I don't care what you believe but that's not science no this textbook shows the kids a fossil of a starfish and it says boys and girls 3.4 billion years old the remains of the early ancestors of modern human beings was your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa starfish I bet he could pick peaches like crazy all right now please do not laugh at this next picture this will be a picture of my brother when he first wakes up in the morning after his first cup of coffee which apparently was a little too strong by the way kids we need to warn you listen carefully kids pay attention do not drink coffee because if you drink coffee when you're young when you get married your babies will be born naked and illiterate and tea is worse there was an Indian once that drank four gallons of iced tea that night he drowned in his tepee serious stuff don't drink that anyway this this would be a picture of my brother now please don't laugh he can't help but there is right there notice what the textbook says 30 million years ago a kids let me translate that for you anytime a book says millions of years ago what it really means is long ago and far away it means a fairy tale is coming next mm-hmm 30 million years ago these critters evolved there's that word again you got to watch that one remember six different meanings it says their ancestral to both humans and modern Apes ancestors to humans grandpa what well big eyes you have grandpa the better to see you with my boy you know we've been teaching our kids are nothing but an animal and today a lot of mech like animals Barbara Reynolds figured it out she's a liberal journalist she said your kids go ape in school here's why he's being taught evolution guess what Johnny you're an animal and share a common heritage with earthworms oh you mean I'm just an animal okay what do you expect have you noticed the rock-and-roll music these days is all full of death and destruction and blood or the Bible says they that hate me love death that's the problem kids are taught today there are no absolutes by the way if evolution is true that's exactly correct I've asked this question evolutionists all over the world I've never had one answer a simple question I'll say a sir or ma'am I have a simple question for you if evolution is true how do we tell right from wrong how does anybody tell right from wrong if evolution is true they say there are no absolutes one professor I debated said there are no absolutes I said are you absolutely sure blew his little brain now either way way how can I be sure than him yes they're absolutes thus sayeth the Lord that's absolute and the Lord said you shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print any marks upon you some people maybe maybe they just don't know okay I understand maybe they just don't care what God's Word says but God told us what to do when we're not doing it okay anyway that's another one interesting story teachers don't seem to understand it's perfectly fine for you to teach creation science in a public school if you're a public school teacher and you want to teach the kids about creation just do it you don't need to ask any questions you don't need to get any permission there's never been a law against teaching creation science now two states passed laws to require creation be taught Arkansas and Louisiana in both cases the court struck it down and said you cannot require that they teach creation if you pass the law in California they said you are required to breathe the court would strike it down you're not you can't require that they breathe I mean you probably should okay but they can't make you if you don't want to right and so they can't require creation be taught even Stephen Gould said no statute exists in any state to bar instruction in creation science it could be taught before it can be taught now there's never been a law against teaching creation in the school never we cover much more than that in video 5 what's happened though the ACLU which is the American Communist Lawyers Union they have yeah ACLU has learned all they have to do is threaten to sue a school they don't have to sue them they threaten to sue and the principal calls in the teachers and says ok guys now listen don't teach creation because we might get sued now the teachers got a problem the court says they can the law says they can their boss says they can't and that's where it's breaking down right there but if a teacher does get up in front of their class to teach evolution if you get up there and say okay kid listen you started off like a slime and you very slowly evolved to a human you don't need to be a genius to figure out that teaching is going to destroy some kids faith in the Bible and anybody that destroys the child's faith better see what Jesus has to say about that he said whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me and were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea Jesus said being our John James said be not many masters knowing we shall receive the greater condemnation back in the 1950s here in America there was very little evolution in the average textbook two to three thousand words in the whole text book they didn't talk about it much then in 1957 the Russians beat us in the space race by launching Sputnik and Americans panicked how many of you are old enough to remember the panic in America when the Russians were winning the space race people were building bomb shelters I mean it was horrible right and somebody said well the Russians are ahead in science that's why you know because they teach evolution that's why their meeting is in the space race excuse me what does evolution have to do with putting up a satellite then in 1959 it was the 100-year anniversary of Charlie Darwin's book coming out and in 1959 Eisenhower asked Congress for 1 billion dollars to teach evolution to the kids in school he said we need to get a whole new science curriculum pushing evolution one organization the National Science Foundation got ten million five hundred thousand dollars developed a nine part theme curriculum teaching evolution they produced a series called be SCS biological sciences curriculum study and by 1963 the a I won't go off on them the average textbook in America had thirty-three thousand words about evolution by 1963 prayer was taken out of our schools anybody remember that Madalyn Murray O'Hair 1963 is when we saw a great rise in premarital sex for every single age group since 1963 we've seen a great rise in sexually transmitted diseases for kids 10 to 14 years of age we've seen a great rise in unwed birth rates that's 100 percent increase in birth rates there's been a 500% increase in pregnancies the difference is being a portrait cover that on video for right now one-third of all the kids born at the hospital are born to a couple that is not married illegitimate children now listen carefully if you are one of those god loves you and can use you in a powerful way you know Timothy never should have been born the Greeks weren't of the Jews weren't supposed to marry anybody outside the Jewish race Timothy's mother married a Greek Timothy's the result he said God I want to serve you God said okay son I'll take you so if your parents messed up you listen carefully you shut your mouth and quit your whining and go serve God with your life no excuses okay there's been a 725 percent increase in unmarried couples living together God's Word hasn't changed whoremongers and adulterers God will judge he said thou shalt not commit adultery and Jesus said if you even look and lust you've committed adultery already in your heart by the way ladies that's why it's important how you dress okay my daddy always said if you're not in business don't advertise there's been an incredible rise in divorce rates until they finally just stop getting married then a divorce rates dropped off why you can't get divorced cuz you're not you're not married okay the violent crimes of entry is nearly 1,000 percent since 1963 now I'm not that old but I remember the days when you did not have to lock your house anybody remember those days and you left the keys in the ignition all the time you never took him out because you might lose him and you go to the average high school and have to pick up trucks in the parking lot had a loaded rifle hanging in the back window and nobody got shot in school back in those days you probably didn't hear about this but the kids at Columbine that shot everybody were strong believers in evolution they did the shooting on Hitler's birthday on purpose they shot Isaiah just because he was black Hitler hated black people we covered that on video for they shot a rech Rachel and Cassie just because they were Christian and right after the shooting Rosie O'Donnell got on her program and said see we need more gun control Rosie those kids broke 18 gun laws going into that school two more gun laws would not have flowed him down see Rosie can't figure it out but one guy figured out the whole thing and put it on the tire cover on his fan I saw that I said I have got to get a picture of this this explains it all he said blaming guns for Columbine is like blaming spoons for Rosie O'Donnell being fat not the spoons fault Rosie okay SAT scores have plummeted since 1963 they finally had to dumb down the test in 95 to make the scores go back up to make the kids look smarter teen suicide rate has gone crazy now look if I told you if you kissed a frog it would turn to a prince you say no frogs don't turn to princess how many of you ladies got your husband by kissing a frog come on now let me see only two okay doesn't have very often but in the textbooks it does yes boys and girls we started like an amoeba and we slowly evolved to a frog areas grandpa and then very slowly evolved to a prince it's the same same fairytale frog turns to Prince but see instead of a kiss no they got a new magic ingredient if the Frog turns to the prince quickly we all know it's a fairy tale but if the Frog turns to the prince slowly that's modern science it's the same fairy tale folks but they have a new magic ingredient the new ingredient to turn the Frog to a prince is billions and billions of years how many have ever heard that expression before billions of years ago it's on TV it's on carol pagans seconds show cosmos millions and billions of years ago it's in the magazines it's a national pornographic I'm Geographic No billions and billions of years ago there's a fourth grade textbook millions of years ago now kids listen if anybody ever says millions of years ago just say excuse me were you there they'll say well no of course I wasn't there and you say now teacher do you know the earth is millions years old I mean is this really part of science is this something we can observe and study and test and demonstrate in the laboratory or is this just something people believe they're going to say well everybody believes you earth is millions years old no they don't most Americans think the earth is less than 10,000 years old and God made it only 4% or atheistic I think that 4% ought to go start themselves a private school and teach evolution to anybody that wants to pay and come learn it and you know get it out of our public schools that's my unbiased opinion yeah one textbook author said this the results of this and other similar surveys are startling because evolutions been a subtle issue in science 450 years maybe it's settled in his little brain it is true that's slightly more than half of the scientists believe in evolution those are the ones that have not been to my seminar yet okay but even if a bunch of scientists believe in something that doesn't make it true there was a time when the scientists taught the planets go around the earth there was a time when the scientists taught big rocks fall faster than little rocks that was taught for 2,000 years and it's not true they fall the same speed they used to teach if you're sick you have bad blood take out your blood and you'll get better that's how George Washington died they had special places all over the country to get your blood taken out he could tell where they were cuz it had a white pole with a red stripe around it the barber was the blood Letter still is today sometimes and right beside George Washington when they bled him to death was a Bible that told him the life of the flesh is in the blood man if they'd have read that verse he might still be alive today well he live longer okay listen if you went scuba diving and you found a treasure chest full of gold coins and I asked you the simple question when did the boat sink and you say oh no look at the dates on the coins see if there's a coin in there from 1750 you ought to be able to figure out the boat sank after 1750 how many can figure this out with no help okay it couldn't sink before that right you don't go poking around in the box and find the oldest coin you find the youngest coin and that becomes what is called the limiting factor the boat could not be older than that couldn't have sucked before that there are all kinds of ways to limit the age of the earth to less than billions of years hmm now if you find a dinosaur bone like the one I've got in my Museum a dinosaur toe bone you should notice two things about it immediately number one it does not talk number two it does not have a date stamped on it it does not say made by a dinosaur 70 million BC in Taiwan it doesn't say that okay so how do you tell the age of a fossil how would you tell the age of the earth go outside and get a shovel full of dirt and tell me how old it is well the only way to tell for sure how old something is is to ask the guy who made it he knows for sure and the Bible says God created the heaven and the earth so I bet God knows how old it is and the Bible tells us in Colossians that Jesus created heaven and earth well guess what that's one of many verses that proves Jesus is God Almighty in the flesh and jesus said pretty clearly in matthew chapter 19 have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female by the way was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve you got to say that these days but jesus said that was the beginning same thing in mark 10:6 what a hold it if that is the beginning then we can figure out the age of the earth because the Bible says death came by sin you know why we have death and suffering in the world today it's because of Adam's sin the Bible tells us clearly by man came death in Adam all died man brought death into the world according to Scripture now according to evolution death brought man into the world absolute opposite and the Bible says Adam was the first man real clear about the topic and Eve was the mother of all living so that makes it pretty simple Adam was 130 when Seth was born Seth was 105 when eNOS was born in Oz was 90 Kanan was born if you go through the Bible and add up the dates it's easy to do folks there's a couple of tricky spots in there but you can go through the Bible and add up the dates and you're going to get about six thousand years for the total history of the world you can get these charts I've got one down here at the bottom of this hanging from the bottom if you get my seminar notebook the last page folds out to be this chart we also have them laminated if you want to four placemats when you're skeptic friends come for lunch you can you can really stir up a conversation with one of those things anyway if you add up the dates in the Bible you get about 4000 BC for the creation now I don't try to put an exact date on it okay I don't say the creation was 4004 BC October 23rd 2 in the afternoon ok I don't think you can get that close I think Adam was made in the afternoon because it's just before Eve the only clue I found and I can't prove this but I think I figured out why God made Adam first I think God made Adam first because he didn't want any advice on how to do it I can see it now no god you're doing it wrong shut up Eve I know what I'm doing okay now BC means before Christ just about every new textbook has changed it the calling in BCE means before the Common Era he just check it out folks Christ is gone out of the schools one guy said why didn't God stop the shooting at Columbine High School was easy God's not allowed in school anymore don't blame him we got a problem here now the textbook says he earth is billions of years old Jesus said the creation of Adam was the beginning hmm was Jesus lying did he not understand modern science or was he right how old is this earth anyway well we cover about 50 different ways to prove the earth is not billions of years old on the second half of videotape number 1 back here on the table don't have time to cover that tonight but if the earth is only 6,000 years old and what about dinosaurs where do they fit in what's real simple dinosaurs were big lizards with Adam and Eve know what took them on the ark see dinosaurs on the ark they're kind of big aren't they well the big ones were big but the little ones were little and Noah was 600 years old when he went on that boat I just bet he was smart enough to figure out you don't have to bring the biggest ones bring two babies hmm just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one that'll be important later okay there's all kinds of reasons to bring in babies on the ark okay now listen kids we cover all that on video number three all about dinosaurs there could be some still alive today Loch Ness monster lake champlain monster the one that washed up on the beach in California 1925 all those pictures are on the website but listen kids your textbook is going to tell you that you are an animal don't you believe that for one second you are made in God's image and you're going to stand before God one of these days and give an answer for everything you've ever said or thought or done or thought about doing God keeps careful records he's got it all and if you want to get that record erased there's only one way to do it that's the blood of Jesus Christ God's Son which cleanses us from all iniquity praise God alright let's summarize here God made the world he owns it he makes the rules we are all guilty of breaking his rules he told us pretty clearly thou shalt not bear false witness don't lie these the Ten Commandments how many of you've ever told a lie in your life put your hand up come on are you doing another one don't give me that pious look at your hand up here brother okay number eight thou shalt not steal how many ever stole something come on y'all ready told me you're a liar put your hand up okay okay okay so far we know we're all a bunch of lying thieves right you want to read the whole list and see how we're doing we better stop right there there's no question we're guilty the Bible says evil shall not dwell with thee if you've committed one sin you're guilty you're going to hell and some people think well God's gonna wait my good works against my bad works who on earth told you that why don't you go before the judge and say judge I only murdered one person look at all the people I didn't murder you got away my good against my back duh it's not I'm not gonna fall for that and neither is God we're guilty folks so we're gonna be punished or we can find a substitute now I can't substitute for your sins cuz I have a whole bunch of my own okay and you can't substitute for mine because you have a bunch of your own too but Jesus Christ he's not only willing he's able he's the only one who's able to substitute for your sins I can't you can't for mine he's the only one lived a sinless life and praise God he's willing also hey if he died today where would you go I tell people you really ought to think about that because you're gonna be dead for a long time George Washington died 205 years ago and he is still dead how much longer does he have to go I don't care how long you live you're gonna be dead longer than that think about it think about you could die tonight have you seen the way they drive in Southern California you got some rednecks moved out here folks I'm telling you what it killed this evening I'm gonna die someday I'm gonna I'm gonna try to make it to last thing I do but it's gonna happen okay it's gonna happen to you too now all you get in this life is a little bitty - between two dates that's it someday there's gonna be a rock with your name on it you know I'm telling you the truth what are you doing with your - little boy came to Jesus one day said Jesus you look like you're hungry you've been preaching all day here Jesus you can have my sack lunch I don't have much all I got five biscuits and two fish sticks but you can have it Jesus said son you mean I can have your whole lunch he said yeah Jesus go ahead he said well son have a seat right there watch this five thousand men plus women plus children probably at least twenty thousand people Jesus said okay everybody sit down they all set out he reached in that little boy sack lunch started making fish sandwiches and passed them all out fed everybody in the crowd including that little boy as interesting when they got done they picked up twelve baskets full of leftovers and sent him home with that little boy here son take this home to mama now that little boy could have kept his lunch and fed himself he decided to give it away and he fed himself and 20,000 more people and got his name in the Bible not his name but story now I don't know what you're going to do with your life you can do whatever you please with your life I don't know what you're going to do I'm leaving tomorrow morning but listen I would recommend you take your little life and say Jesus would you do something with this would you just do something see this is America folks you can work hard and make a lot of money and buy yourself a nice house car nice boat have vacations you really can live it up in this country you really can you can live your life for yourself if you want that is your choice or you can live your life for the Lord and then he will take care of what you need it's amazing I don't know what what motivates you folks around here I don't know I did you just met me tonight I just met you blames say what motivates me thirty-five years ago last week I gave my heart to the Lord and got saved I was a 16 year old kid in high school East Peoria Illinois I'd been saved for a couple of months I was reading my Bible going to church growing you know and it was a independent temperamental fundamental right-wing radical chicken eatin Baptist Church I was going to they had they had the Pope the preacher actually banged on the pulpit I had never seen that before I was raised in the Methodist Church we had two pulpits one pulpit where they read the Bible from and another pulpit where he preached from took me a long time to figure out why but it's because what he's reading over here is so far from what he's saying over here had to separate him you know and I was growing in the Lord reading my Bible going to church you know I'm thinking this is great you know then one day a friend of mine said hey Kent you want to go with me to the heart of Illinois fair I said what's going on he said we got a group set up for campus life and were witness unto folks I said you're why we're witness and I'll tell him about how to get saved I said I've never told anybody how to get saved I don't know how to do it he said well come on I'll just show I'll just give you one of the easy jobs I said okay they had a couple of Volkswagen seats up there on the stage with wires in them and people would sit down and they'd hit the button and if you hit the button after the light turned green you shocked the other guy but if you hit it too soon you shock yourself you know BAM and they're having contest who can shock the other guy you know they use that to draw a crowd in there pretty cool idea anyway our job was to go out into the crowd and get him to fill out a questionnaire just ten simple questions the last question said would you like to get to know God better and if they said yes we were supposed to bring him to the back of the tent and introduce them to one of the people in the back of the tent who would lead him to Jesus Christ a soul-winner I was having fun man first two days I'm out there bringing people back hey you want to get to know God better sure come with me bring up to the back open up the tent flap George this is Herman he wants to get to know God better Oh Herman come on in and I'd go back and get me another one it was fun third night part of Illinois Fair in always everyplace kids on the stage getting you know shocked everything I went out and big ol football player there for rich woods high school I said hey would you fill out a questionnaire for me he said sure he wrote that you know answered the questions last one I said would you like to get to know God better he said yes it would I said all right come with me I'd done it before nothing to it you know we walk back to the back of the tent opened up the tent flap there was nobody there he said what do we do now I said well I guess I'll show you keep in mind now I'd never let anybody to the Lord in my life this guy's twice my size we went down side of the chairs and and he'll metal chairs in the back of the tent and the heart of Illinois Fair and I didn't know what to do so I pulled a gospel track out of my pocket God's for spiritual laws I said let me read this to you I sat there and read the whole thing at the end it says would you like to receive Christ he said yes I would I thought oh brother what do I do now I got him on the hook and I can't land him I said well it says pray this prayer I said let's close your eyes bow our heads and I'll pray first and you repeat after me he said okay I kept one eye open I read the prayer off the track I really did read the prayer Lord I'm a sinner he said Lord I'm a sinner I deserve to go to hell you know but I believe you died for me and I want you to forgive me and save me right now we got 9 he looked at me and shook my hand he said Kent thank you I've been worried about this for two weeks I said you're welcome and he walked out noise every place I mean this is a carnival you know it here I'm standing all by myself in the back of this tent I thought man that was fun showing somebody how to go to heaven I got down on my knees in the dirt next to that metal chair and I said Lord it's me his can't I'm a brand-new Christian and Lord this is all confusing to me I'll just tell you right now I'm confused about a lot of things I said lord I don't know what you want me to do with my life I don't know I said but Lord if it's okay with you I think I'd like to do this the rest of my life I would just like to introduce people to you for the rest of my life well it's been spent 35 years nothing's changed I don't know what's important to you now kids you've got a thousand distractions in this world I understand I decided 35 years ago I'm going to give my - to Jesus see what - see what he can do with it some of you can give it to making money you can give it to you can give your - - all sorts of things I don't know what you're going to do with your life that's a decision you got to make I'd recommend you do what I did though and it's never too late you can be 85 years old still give your - to Jesus thanks the Lord I don't have much left but you can have this he still feed 5000 people with just a crumb all you gots a crumb left he'll take it if you're a Christian here tonight what on earth are you doing for heaven's sake there's a war going on can't you find something to do if you're not going to shoot carry bullets take care of the wounded do something okay everybody ought to start a ministry the worst of you could serve as bad examples if nothing else find something to do with your life influence somebody for Jesus man that's all I want to do well we're overtime tonight we could talk all night about this but if you want to use our materials feel free it's they're not copyrighted I told the Lord when I started this ministry 30 or 15 years ago I said Lord there's a lot of things about your church I don't like he said son I agree I said if you want me to go preach I'm not gonna copyright my stuff I'm not gonna charge anything for my seminars and I'm not gonna send out a letter every month begging for money and if you don't supply I'm gonna quit okay he won't let me quit preesh 830 times last year we got all kinds of videos on lots of different languages Spanish French German you get one of our catalogs out there we have all kinds of dinosaur fossil stuff you can use for witnessing tools and get our college courses if you want to go down deep stay down long come up dry if we can help that's why we're here for let's all stand bow our heads and let's let's pray Heavenly Father would you please raise up some soil winners out of this bunch Lord right within within 10 miles of where we're standing there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people headed to hell thousands of them in order we keep thinking the mission fields across the ocean someplace when it's right across the street it's right next door it's people we bump into at gas stations and toll booths so the grocery store and sit next to in school Lord everybody here knows somebody that's going to hell we're going to meet somebody tonight that's going to go to hell father unless somebody shows them would you please get some of these Christians to quit worrying about who wins the dumb ball game and start worrying about who's going to heaven or hell send a revival please father in Jesus name Amen well it's an honor to be here in Jacksonville Florida tonight my name is Kent Hovind I taught high school science for 15 years and now for 15 years I've been an evangelist doing seminars on creation evolution and dinosaurs and I tell people upfront what I believe the Bible says very clearly that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and I believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate and I think the evolution theory that's being taught in our schools is one of the dumbest and most dangerous ideas in history of the world let's draw some clear lines like the name of the conference is okay that ought to be a clear line right there this is not my wife that's just a picture of her oh we have three kids and I got them all married off and the dog died so I made it I'm home free and got two grandkids one more due in a couple months so we're excited about this grandpaw stage grandkids are God's reward for not killing your own kids when you thought about it all right the Bible says in Genesis 1:1 in the beginning when was the beginning we've got a split in Christianity today over this issue when was the beginning how old is the earth and if you can't get past these first three words how are you going to know when the rest of the Bible is literal or figurative when was the beginning Hebrews chapter 1 says and now Lord in the beginning has laid the foundation of the earth when was the beginning how old is this earth anyway well in the last session we talked about if you went scuba diving and you found a treasure chest full of gold coins and I asked you the simple question when did the boat sink you say I don't know well look at the dates on the coins if there's a coin in there from 1750 you ought to be able to figure out the boat sank after 1750 how many can figure that out with no help ok well this would be called a limiting factor it cannot have sunk before that date now there are many ways to test the age of the earth but some of them limit the earth to less than the billions of years they're telling us in school we're going to look at tonight are some of the limiting factors for the age of the earth and I'm going to tell you why I believe the Bible dates are exactly scientifically historically mathematically correct this earth was created about 6,000 years ago not millions of years ago there was a flood 4,400 years ago completely destroyed the world dropped everybody's property value to zero in that big flood now the Bible says that Jesus created all things Colossians chapter 1 Genesis 1 says God created heaven and earth Colossians 1 says Jesus created heaven and earth well guess what that's because Jesus is God Almighty in the flesh and jesus said in matthew 19:4 have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female same thing in mark 10:6 was that really at the beginning when he made him Adam and Eve well the Bible tells us clearly in Romans chapter 5 that death came into the world because of man's sin the reason we have death and suffering is because a man's sin first Corinthians 15 says by man came death in Adam all died you see nothing died until Adam sinned and Adam was the first man the Bible is extremely clear on this topic and Eve was the mother of all living and the Bible says Adam lived one hundred and thirty years and had a son and named him Seth Seth lived hundred and five years and begat enos enos lived ninety years and begat Cainan if you go through the Bible and add up the dates it's pretty easy to do there's a few tricky spots in there but basically anybody can do it the Bible dates add up to about six thousand years ago not millions and we've got these charts if you get my seminar notebook the last page folds out to be one of these charts or if you want them laminated when you're using for placemats when you're skeptic friends come over for lunch that'll be interesting a tool to have at your house but clearly you're going to get about six thousand years ago for the creation if you add up the dates in the Bible now I would say that is a limiting factor if somebody wants to say well the earth is millions of years old okay you're welcome to believe whatever you want to believe I don't care what you believe however you need to understand your belief is in conflict with the clear teaching of God's Word and if you don't care what God says okay that's fine also just so you understand your conflicting with what God said and you're calling Jesus a liar jesus said the creation of Adam was the beginning so the Bible dates start off at about 6,000 years ago and then for 400 years ago there was a big flood now I do many debates at universities I've had 86 now I don't done over 6000 radio and TV call and talk shows and atheists are always calling in saying hey Hovind um if Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel who did their sons marry huh well that's a fair question who did Adam sons marry the Bible says Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the Land of Nod and Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bare a son called him etc well who's his wife well notice it doesn't say he found her there but who was his wife who did Seth marry anyway well it's a good question but that's nothing no problem compared to what the evolutionists believe so they've got a serious problem they believe 18 or 20 billion years ago nothing exploded in the Big Bang that's what the theory teaches and in 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and a developed hard rocky crust yes boys and girls and then it rained on the rocks oh yes millions of years of torrential rains created great oceans this what the textbooks teach in your town folks okay and then it says swirling in the waters of the oceans is a bubbling broth of complex chemicals progress from a complex chemical soup to a living organism is very slow Joey is don't even happen that's how slow it is this guy said the first self-replicating systems must have emerged in this organic soup so according to the evolution theory 20 billion years ago there was a big bang 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and it rained on the rocks for millions of years and turned him into soup and the soup came alive about three billion years ago and that first life-form found somebody to marry now there's a good trick and something to eat of course and slowly evolved and everything we see today so by their theory great-great-great great-great-great great-great grandpa what soup I didn't make it up that's what they teach okay anyway now there are hundreds of varieties and dogs in the world today I believe they're all those dogs came from a common pair of dogs on Noah's Ark but that is nothing compared to what the evolutionists believe they believe all those dogs in the world today came from a rock three billion years ago so let's put this in perspective when we studied this topic so anyway who did Adam sons marry well the Bible says clearly Adam lived after he begat Seth eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters question how many kids could you have in eight hundred years several right friend of mine in Arkansas had thirteen kids in thirteen years I met a family in Minnesota with twenty kids all under 20 it's cold in Minnesota Oh anyway so who did Adam sons marry anyway well the first generation they married sisters you say married sisters well calm down first place there is no other choice okay secondly who would you report them to think about it thirdly there were no laws against till 2500 years later when Moses gave the law see for the first 2500 years of human history it was not a problem marrying sisters there were no deform chromosomes you wouldn't have any deformed children see everything about you is inherited even having children is hereditary if your parents don't have any you won't either you say wow I never thought of that go think about it you'll see I'm right people say you can't marry sisters what about genetic similarity Adam married his rib you talk about genetic similarity it's not a problem folks okay anyway you won't notice this reading your Bible but when you graph it out you see some amazing things did you know that Adam lived long enough to know his great-great-great great-great-great great-great great-great grandson Noah's daddy could have known Adam for 56 years can you imagine a family reunion back in those days all right everybody hop on the camel we're going to go visit great-great great-great great-great grandpa Adam a great-great great-great great-great grandpa Adam is going to tell us what it was like in the Garden of Eden before the first woman ate the first man out of Houston home Erol whatever happened back then anyway you also won't notice this reading your Bible but Noah's son Shem lived a long time after the flood Shem lived long enough to know Abraham Isaac and Jacob now it's interesting story here Jacob had 13 kids one of them was named Joseph he's the one that got the coat of many colors the brothers beat him up to him in the pit and he ended up down in Egypt and he became the vice Pharaoh or whatever they call him okay and he invited the brothers to move down and live with him and so Jake Joseph is introducing his dad to Pharaoh and Pharaoh said to Jacob how old are you and he said I'm 130 he said but this is nothing phew and evil have the days of the years of my life men but have not attained into the days of the years of the life of my fathers what's he talking about he says I'm 130 but this is nothing well it's probably true when you consider he could have personally known Shem Arphaxad Sayla and Eber see if your hundred and thirty but you know a 600 year old down the street you just don't feel so old okay anyway here we got a clear problem now folks you talk about some clear line I like the name of this conference brother clear lines that's the way we ought to draw the textbook says he earth is billions of years old Jesus said the Creation of Adam was the beginning somebody is wrong so was Jesus lying did he not understand modern science or was he right how old is the earth anyway textbooks in your town in my town say the earth is billions of years old millions of years ago you see this on TV it's in the magazines it's all over the place billions and billions of years ago we are bombarded with this propaganda even many Christians are teaching the earth is billions of years old I debated Hugh Ross for three hours on the John Ankerberg show he won't debate me again over the age of the earth question I think this is an extremely important topic Pat Robertson teaches it's billions of years old the navigators Bible study group that helped lead me to the Lord teach the earth is billions of years old John Hagee teaches the earth is billions of years old peoples who cares well this is an important topic because that teaching clearly puts death before sin now I don't think it's a heresy to think the earth is billions of years old but I do think it's a heresy to teach there was death before sin that's against the clear teaching of the Bible the Bible says death reigned from Adam to Moses there was no death Adam sinned see Adam brought death and suffering into this world the Bible's real clear on this topic now some people say who cares it's not that important I hear all says we shouldn't be a divisive issue okay agree with me and it won't be divisive it's real simple okay for one thing this issue is important because the credibility of Jesus Christ is at stake Jesus quoted Genesis 25 times so the question is do we have do we have to have a guru to tell us what the book means can we trust what Jesus said Genesis itself clear clearly teaches that the earth is created in six days about six thousand years ago Jesus said creation of Adam was the beginning just about every other book in the Bible refers back to Genesis this is an extremely important topic this is the foundation now the evolution is really care about this topic because if you take away billions of years their theory looks real silly I think it looks real silly anyway but it looks even sillier without their billions of years to hide in as a smokescreen okay Jesus said had you believed Moses you would have believed me he wrote of me and Moses clearly wrote the at least the four books of the Pentateuch he didn't write Genesis he edited it we'll get into that more on video number seven very interesting topic but there's all kinds of scientific ways also not only does the scripture teach the earth is 6,000 years old and that's a clear line in the sand for me the scientific evidence teaches the earth is not billions of years old we're gonna look at some of the limiting factors now for the age of the earth based on the scientific evidence in 1999 they announced in the newspaper last weekend the world's population topped the six billion mark in 1985 there were 5 billion people on planet earth in 1800 there were 1 billion people here just about everybody agrees around to the turn of 1800 century there were about a billion people on planet Earth there's just not much argument about this and everybody agrees the population is growing rapidly there's no argument there but the world is not overcrowded don't fall for that overcrowded propaganda the entire world's population today could fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville Florida where we are this city where you guys live has 25 billion square feet you could fit everybody in the world in here twice the world's not overcrowded have you driven across Nebraska or Kansas or Wyoming or Montana drive across Texas anybody ever driven across Texas before can go for three days are we still in Texas yeah you're still still in Texas look if it's overcrowded where you are move okay cuz the rest of the world is not overcrowded all right I was out digging dinosaurs last summer in Colorado and I said to this lady that owned the ranch I said ma'am how big is your ranch she said she said it's two hundred and thirteen thousand acres I said what's property cost out here she said Oh about 17 dollars an acre I was at Barrow Alaska a couple of last September talk about north that's as far as you yeah you get arctic ocean after that we went up and touched it of course you know I said how many people live in this county he said well this county is called a borough up here it's the North Slope Borough it is about twice the size of Ohio it's about 50% bigger than the whole state of Florida just one County has a population of 10,000 I said what's property cost up here he said cost come on up give it to you how much you want back when Jesus was here the population on planet earth was about 1/4 of a billion people 250 million there were lots of census has done at that time that's why Jesus was born in Bethlehem I mean all the rulers tried to count their people so they could tax him you know nothing's changed over the years so it's pretty well established that the population was about a quarter billion at the time of Christ and it's now 6 billion and if you plot the numbers on a graph you can see it points clearly to the entire population starting about 4,400 years ago when 8 people got off a Noah's Ark so if you start with 8 people having kids and grandkids and great-grandkids you can get a population of five or six billion in a few thousand years so if you believe in evolution you got a serious problem because you think man's been here for 3 million years do you realize in 3 million years the population would have grown right now there'd be a hundred and fifty thousand people per square inch that would be crowded see God told him pretty clearly to replenish the earth fill the earth go have lots of kids God would he designed the world to be inhabited that's why he formed it Isaiah 45 tells us he formed it to be inhabited he wants lots of people here but Satan of course wants the opposite of what God wants we got people that work that believes just the opposite of what the Lord wants like Jacque Cousteau who said in order to stabilize world population we need to eliminate 350,000 people today nice guy Jacque Ted Turner said we needed 95 percent decline in world population levels okay Ted you first there are some people who would like to reduce the population of this planet to one-half billion as soon as possible they think we're hurting Mother Earth and they're some power folks we cover much more on that and our seminar on a college series we'd offer our seminar in four different college classes everything where we chased every rabbit and kicked every dog as we had no time constraints but I get more on that in CSE 101 anyway the population tells us the earth has not been here for billions of years at least man hasn't now I don't know what's gonna happen in the future about these idiots reducing the population you know the chemtrails and all that we'll see but we'll cover more on that in video 7 the fact is the population says it's not been billions years actually scientists are agreeing now there's a genetic bottleneck sometime in man's past this article said that based on the DNA studies they're putting a bottleneck theory they used to be just about everybody was wiped out down to just a few people and we all descended from just a few people on earth well duh I even know the names of some of those people Noah Shem ham and Japheth yeah there was a bottleneck you know the galaxy's up in the sky are spinning but they're going different speeds the stars in the galaxy are going different speeds if the stars in the middle are going faster than the stars at the outside if the galaxies were billions of years old they would no longer have these spiral arms the spiral arm galaxies are proof they are not billions of years old so if somebody wants to believe they are okay you believe whatever you want but it goes against the clear scientific evidence from the galaxies they cannot be billions of years old stars blow up about every 25 to 30 years if it's a little one they call it a nova if it's a big one they call it a supernova okay but about every twenty five or thirty years a star explodes well they searched the heavens with the help of Hubble telescope and they can all not even find 300 supernova rings question if the universe is billions of years old why aren't there billions of supernova rings why less than 300 which would mean less than 10,000 years hmm yeah some people say well new stars are forming in Crab Nebula no there is no evidence of new stars forming there are some star spots getting brighter and you can interpret that as new stars forming if you'd like but it's not proof that new stars forming could be the dust is clearing and there's a star behind it any freshman law student can tear your argument apart in a court of law textbook says it takes billions of years for red stars to turn to white stars that's what the books teach that is simply not correct we have our overwhelming evidence that stars do change that you know they fall apart they burn out they change from red stars to white stars there seems to be pretty good evidence for that but we also have evidence it does not take billions of years all the ancient astronomers said Sirius was a red star everybody just two thousand years ago was describing serious as redder than Mars one of the red stars today it's a white dwarf we know what happens in less than 2,000 years don't tell me it takes millions of years it's simply not correct we have seen one good experiments worth a pound of theory any day and we've got experimental evidence we can see and test and prove it doesn't happen that on some of the planets are still hot but they're cooling off they're radiating more heat than they gain from the Sun they can't be billions of years old it's just not logical to say Jupiter which is losing heat is billions of years old it just can't be Jupiter has a little moon called Ganymede Ganymede has a strong magnetic field when it was discovered this about this strong magnetic field they said wow that's strange that indicates a hot core and yet Ganymede should have cooled off millions years ago I wonder why it still has such a strong magnetic field well I can tell them why you see about 6000 years ago God created everything Ganymede's not even 6,000 years old yet well few days older than that it's real simple saturn has rings around it but the rings are unstable and they're moving away from the planet there are all kinds of factors that are affecting the rings of Saturn gravitational poles and things like that there's a good article about it in the book by Walt Brown in the beginning Saturn's rings cannot be billions of years old that fits the biblical theory that everything was created about 6,000 years ago okay the moon is going around the earth how many knew that already the moon goes around the earth okay did you know as the moon goes around its gradually getting farther away we're slowly losing the moon it's only a couple inches a year about three inches a year so it's no big deal nothing to worry about plus there's nothing you can do about it anyway okay but the moon is getting farther from the earth every year now kids this is going to be complicated so listen carefully the moon is getting farther from the earth every year so that means that it used to be closer how many can figure this out I'll stay with me okay okay well if you bring the moon in closer you start to create a problem because the moon causes the tides now you folks in Jacksonville probably have to worry about the tides don't you if a hurricane hits during high tide you got a serious problem on your hand well if you brought the moon in closer the tides would be higher because of a law known as the inverse square law if you brought the moon into 1/3 the distance you take the 1/3 inverse it and square it it's 9 times the gravitational pull and if you run all the math on this you'll find out about 1.2 billion years ago the moon was whizzing around just above the surface of the earth now way before that you're going to have a serious tide problem so that explains what happened to the tall dinosaurs they got moon comets are flying around through space but comets are constantly losing material that's what the tail is blowing off of a comet it's losing part of itself okay you can't just keep losing and losing pretty soon it's gone you know it's not like your checkbook see if your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep will be your downfall every single time where these comets are losing material it's been estimated they can't last more than about 10,000 years okay well then I have a question if the earth is billions of years old and if the universe is billions of years old why do we still have comets I mentioned this in a seminar one time that this is an evidence that the universe is not billions of years old just the very existence of comets like Halley's Comet it proves it's not billions years old and as one as atheist went home and devoted an entire website against me there are now over 1,000 anti Hovind websites type in Kent Hovind on the search engine and watch your computer melt they hate me out there so we spent about two months here last year and we developed a series called dr. joven answers his critics and we answer all the stuff that they say on the web sites on a video we can get on video or DVD or audio track if you'd like or CD if I listened to it as you drive I'll give an answer to some of the stuff they're criticizing on there but one of these atheists on his website but you can also listen in to my radio program go to dr. Dino my website and go to the creation Science hour we do a daily radio broadcast for an hour anybody calls a YAML over the world can call and we get them from all over and they ask questions we have a theist call in and get angry and stuff like that so that's what it's for I want to be accessible be able to answer questions because I'm going to defend the Bible view against all comers anyway the skeptic on his website said joven don't you know that a Dutch astronomer named Jan Oort proposed that means he hoped he wished he prayed that there was a shell of comets out there and the remote frontiers of the solar system he said the reason we still have comets is because new ones keep coming in from the Oort cloud that's his theory okay he said this Oort cloud is 50,000 astronomical units away well for those that don't know what an astronomical unit is that is the distance from the earth to the Sun that is one astronomical unit 93 million miles did you know it's pretty hard to see Pluto without an excellent telescope and Pluto's only 39 astronomical units away you certainly could not see a comet 50,000 astronomical units away you see nobody has ever seen the Oort cloud port never saw the Oort cloud the whole thing is based on a mathematical mistake there is no Oort cloud we got even guys like Carl pagan a Sagan who said he said many scientific papers are written each year about the Oort cloud its properties its origin its evolution yet there's not a shred of direct observational evidence for its existence they know all about it except they've never seen it do anything about it there is no Oort cloud but there's skeptic math medicine on his website said fellas if you want to use the comet argument it's up to you to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Oort cloud and other sources don't exist he's saying I gotta prove the Oort cloud doesn't exist now just hold on a minute Dave that's not the way science works what he's trying to do here is called shifting the burden of proof the Liberals are really good at doing that and we fall for it most of the time I'll show you how easy it is to shift the burden of proof suppose I said watermelons are blue on the inside until you cut the skin prove I'm wrong I'd be tough to do it see if all I have to do is make up a story and you got to prove it's wrong I keep you busy the rest of your life and he's trying to make up a story that there's an Oort cloud and saying I have to prove it doesn't exist how on earth would you prove the non-existence of anything wouldn't you have to be all places at all times to prove anything doesn't exist they could they can't find Osama bin Laden's that proof he doesn't exist duh the Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God everything in the universe tells us God designed it you know the evolution theory has the Sun and stars evolving before the earth the Bible says he made the earth before the Sun and stars very clearly different actually there are many differences between the evolution theory in the creation theory everything is backwards its opposite and we got these Christians trying to blend the two together I say duh you guys your Bible says exactly the opposite what the evolution theory says you know the Bible has the fish coming before the insects evolution has insects evolving before fish the Bible has plants coming before the Sun was made evolution has the Sun coming and then the plants most important difference number 11 the Bible says man brought death into the world evolution says death brought man into the world total opposite folk somebody's wrong there is no compromise in this battle somebody's wrong people say couldn't God use evolution to create what's not the God of the Bible the guy that would need to use an evolutionary process is cruel and wasteful and retarded it's not the God the Bible teaches about I wouldn't worship a God like that doesn't he know what he wants can't he just make it right in 6 days poof or 6 seconds why does your God have to practice and play around you ought to trade your God in for a real one what I'm the psalmist said when I consider thy heavens hey kids he says when not if you would do yourself a favor to shut off that TV once in a while and go outside and consider what God has made the psalmist said while I was musing the fire burned the word news is used twice in the Bible it means to think think now English is a pretty cool language a theist is a person who believes in God if you put the letter A in front of a word it means the opposite of so an a theist is a person who claims he does not believe in God okay Muse means to think ah muse literally means to not think that is the meaning of the word they've got entire Park so we can actually pay money and go do that they're called amusement parks that's exactly correct okay the psalmist said when I consider thy heavens the work of thy fingers the moon the stars which thou hast ordained what is man that thou art mindful of him you know it's interesting a person that spends his time considering what God has done is not impressed with what man can do and parents some of you ought to go home and look in your kids bedroom and if what you see plastered all over the wall are pictures of sports heroes think carefully now your training your kids to meditate on what man can do they're not meditating on what God has done and you're going to raise a very shallow thinker in your house the depth of his understanding is going to be Wow he threw the ball through the hoop oh and who is going to care in 40 years who's going to care in five years does anybody know who won the stupid ball I mean a Super Bowl um ten years ago anybody know who won ten years ago does anybody care it doesn't matter does it all those grown men out there fighting over that one ball and they can all afford to go buy their own I don't think it's sinful I think it's just stupid to pay a guy five million dollars to carry a pig bladder down a cow pasture hey I don't think there's any common sense to that at all okay Yatta go outside and consider what God has made you know the most recent estimate is there's enough stars out there that everybody on planet earth can own 11 trillion of them to yourself seventy sextillion stars is the current estimate those are the ones we know about we don't know about the ones that we don't know about they asked the Hubble telescope to focus in on the doubt they thought they found a black spot in space about the size of a grain of sand held at arm's length the Hubble focused on that spot for ten days took a bunch of pictures when they put them all together they said man there are more stars there than we can count these are ones we didn't know about before amazing universe got built the Bible says speak to the earth and it shall teach thee the earth is like a big magnet now magnets always lose their strength dears magnet has lost 10% of its strength in the last hundred and fifty years well that's normal for magnets to lose their strength but that's interesting that proves the earth is not more than twenty five thousand years old this is a limiting factor because they feel backwards in time the magnetic field was stronger and at some point it becomes too strong for life to exist here because it heat generated among other things it also proves carbon dating can't work because carbon dating is directly proportional to the magnetic field because as the magnetic field declines more radiation gets in and that's what forms carbon-14 we cover more on that in video 7 but in 1949 when they first invented carbon dating the leg of a mammoth dated 15,000 years old but the skin from the same mammoth dated 21,000 years old didn't work and it got worse as time went along 1975 one part of a mammoth of 29,000 years old in other parts 44,000 from the same animal cover much more on video 7 about that or on our website dr. Dino dot-com got more on carbon dating the textbook says well yes hope in the magnetic field is declining but that's because it's part of a pattern of reversals it's getting ready to reverse magnetic fields declining and it's going to flip over nobody has a clue how it even could reverse there is no proof it ever has and there are no magnetic reversals locked in the magnetic in the in the ocean floor what we've observed 150 years is the magnetic field is declining that's observable science the rest is purely theoretical actually there's an interesting article in the in the beginning book what brown's book about the magnetic reversal mythology here it's a matter of stronger and weaker magnetism not magnetic reversals as this is all part of another theory called Pangea how many of ever heard of Pangaea theory before they see all the continents used to fit together I get asked this question every week hey Hogan do you think all the continents used to fit together I say well they didn't tell you they shrank Africa nearly 40% to make him fit did they I bet they didn't tell you they took out all of Mexico and Central America hey Senor que pasa donde estan Mexico Panama Costa Rica Guatemala and also they don't tell you what I think ought to be obvious to a kindergartner did you know if you take the water out of the oceans there is dirt underneath hmm people say do you think the continents were connected I say what do you mean were they still are hello it's not Halle one of the oceans you know it's just the low places are full of water that's all duh we cover more on the Pangaea theory on video tape number six of our series or the dumb theory um the earth is spinning about a thousand miles an hour thousand 41.6 for you technical folks at the equator but the earth is slowing down it actually is slowing down enough to create a problem every year to year and a half they have to add a second to the clock because the earth is slowing down they call it a leap second 1990 Pensacola News Journal said we have to add a tick to the clock because Earth's rotation is slowing down it says regular clocks use days as a measure which are going longer by a thousandth of a second or more daily as Earth's rotation slows 1992 astronomy magazine said Earth's rotation is slowing down June will be one second longer than normal we will have a leap second leap second did you know we have a leap second about every year to a year and a half because the earth is slowing down now kids this is going to be complicated so listen carefully the earth is spinning but it is slowing down so that means that it used to be going faster how many can figure this out now with no help okay well now here at there's only six thousand years old this is no problem it was going a little faster when Adam was here he wouldn't notice he didn't have a watch anyway as far as we know but some of these guys want me to believe the earth is billions of years old man if you go back billions of years the world was spinning real fast your days and nights would be pretty quick get up what about get up what about get up with a bit you never get nothing done the centrifugal force would have been enormous the winds would have been five thousand miles an hour from the Coriolis effect and you think dinosaurs live 200 million years ago oh I know what happened to him they got blown off no they did not live 200 million years ago the Sahara Desert has what's called a prevailing wind pattern the wind almost always blows the same way this creates a problem the hot air blows off the desert and kills the trees next door and that area becomes desert the process is called desertification well now they've done quite a bit of study on Sahara that's pretty obvious it is growing there's just no question about that but they said after studying it for years they said you know the Sahara Desert is probably about four thousand years old okay I have no reason to doubt that but I do have a question if this hair is only 4,000 years old why don't we have a bigger desert someplace why would the biggest desert on earth be less than 4,000 years old well I have a theory about that here's my theory I believe about 6,000 years ago God created everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood it's pretty hard to have a desert under a flood right so the desert couldn't start grow until the flood water went down so I predict based on the Bible the biggest desert in the world will be less than 4,400 years old it is Wow maybe two Bibles right did you know when they drill into the ground sometimes they hit oil the oils oftentimes under incredible pressure like 20,000 pounds per square inch it look I'm squirting up out of the ground poof like a big zit 20,000 psi well the guys who studied this problem say you know the oil has some pressure simply because of the rocks on top of it is called the overlying weight of the rock overburden that produces pressure but the oil pressure is greater than the weight of overbearing rock so this should have cracked the rock and equalize the pressure in less than 10,000 years okay well if all that's true then I have a question why do we still have oil pressure actually where did the oil come from well most scientists agree and I agree with them that oil comes from organisms that are squished they're changed by heat and pressure into oil clear back in 1970 they learned 71 they learned how to make oil in 30 minutes 20 or 30 minutes in the laboratory in 1996 they set up a factory in Australia to turn sewage sludge into oil in 30 minutes they opened up a factory in Texas couple years ago can turn almost anything to oil they're taking turkey guts and turning it into oil with heat and pressure check it out Discover Magazine May of 2003 Sinclair gas company has the dinosaur as their logo they say dinosaurs turn to oil yes boys and girls designa so Stars mellowed for 80 million years I don't think so I have a theory about the oil here's my theory I believe about 6,000 years ago God made everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood in that flood lots of critters and people drowned and they got covered up by the gravel and the rocks in the mud and the sand and it got pretty heavy after a while and it squished them into oil so the oils down there today from the people and animals it drowned in that flood which means if you stop and think about that you drove over here today on some of your ancestors next time you're pumping him in Nehring say bye grandpa you should you should have listened to Noah he told you was gonna rain you should have got on that boat hmm yeah I was preaching in Denver Colorado one time and some guys came to the meeting and they said Hovind can we talk to you for a minute I said sure after the meeting we talked him they said no look you know we know did you go around teaching the earth is 6,000 years old we'd like to prove you wrong will you come with us please I said sure these guys worked at the National ice core laboratory just outside of Denver they said we go to the green to Greenland and to the South Pole and we drill holes through the ice government job you know and we saved the center part of the hole we need more ice that's for sure where I run out I spent a billion dollars go to Greenland get some well they drill these holes down in the ice they take what's called a core sample here's a picture of the coring machine this thing drills down and snaps off a six to ten foot section of ice and pulls it up out of the hole and they said we want to show you these ice cores mr. Alvin come on in the freezer they took me in this massive freezer they've got they're about as big as this auditorium 36 below zero in there and they took these ice cores out of there styrofoam tubes and laid one on the table and said now see this ice core here I said yep they said you see the rings on there looks like tree rings dark and light and dark and light I said oh yeah they're very clear interesting they said no joven in the summer it the snow melts just a little bit on top and then it refreezes and makes clear ice which shows up dark here on the picture in the winter it packs the snow and it makes white ice so what we have here are examples of summer winter summer winter summer winter summer winter just like annual rings of a tree I said okay they said now the deepest hole we ever drilled is 10,000 feet and we counted 135,000 annual rings and here you are claiming the earth is 6,000 years old joven you're wrong I said nah fellas aren't you assuming those are annual rings see apparently they didn't know about the Lost squadron but some airplanes ran out of gas during World War Two and landed in Greenland how many have ever heard of the Lost squadron it's been on TV a couple times go to the Lost squadron comm and see all about it well a rich man from Kentucky got a brilliant idea to over there and get those airplanes off the ice brand-new world war two airplanes sitting there on the ice he said hey let's brush off the snow gas him up and fly him home well I wasn't quite that easy they had to find them using ground-penetrating radar because the airplanes were under 263 feet of ice in 48 years they melted a hole down to get to one of our p38 and took it apart and brought all the pieces up through the hole they call it cold mining with a hot tube they ran water through called the Gopher they melted a hole down there took the airplane apart brought the pieces up through the hole and put it back together in Middleboro Kentucky it flew a couple years ago for the first time in nearly 50 years now when they melted down to get to the airplane they went through ice rings interesting airplanes are in the ground for 48 years they were 263 feet down those are historical scientific facts ok that's five and a half feet a year worth of ice accumulating on top of those planes you know 10,000 feet is the deepest hole they ever drilled you divide that by five and a half and you get 1,800 years not 135 thousand now deeper layers get squished I understand the pressure changes it defer Neff irn I understand that a taller science for years so really 4,400 is no problem 4,500 years is no problem to account for all the ice at the North and South Pole well I went up and visited the airport where they're putting this thing together I got to talk to the guy who helped dig it out his name is Bob Carden there's this picture and his phone number right there call him if you don't believe me I said Bob when you melted down to get to that airplane did you go through ice rings he said oh yes many hundreds of them I said how could there be hundreds of annual rings in 48 years shouldn't there be like maybe you know 48 he said annual rings he said those harde annual rings he said that doesn't represent summer winter summer winter it represents warm cold warm cold warm cold you get five of those in one week around here can't you yeah but here's a Scientific American article where the guy is still calling them annual layers now folks either he's confused or he's under informed of the topic he's deliberately lying he may just be ignorant okay I hope that's the case because ignorance can be fixed stupid is forever but ignorance can be fixed all right that's the difference by the way the guy that works with the Eskimo sent me this postcard and said brother Hovind I work with decimals in Alaska he said they've got over 40 words for snow up here different types of snow he said I got 18 or 15 layers of snow on my car in eight hours not 15 inches 15 layers of snow those layers are not different ages not a year apart same thing with the textbook when they tell the kids about the Cenozoic Mesozoic Paleozoic how many of ever heard of the geologic column before we cover much more on that on video for the geologic column is a joke it doesn't exist any place on planet earth except in the textbooks get our video number four for more on that those layers are not different ages all over the world petrified trees have been found standing up connecting these layers now they're telling us these layers are different ages and yet we got petrified trees connecting them I'm sorry you're mistaken the layers are not different ages they all formed in one flood and it doesn't take long for things to petrify they kept things in petrified quickly here's a piece of petrified firewood I've got a petrified pickle in my Museum in Pensacola the lid to the jar rusted off and the pickle turned to stone inside the jar we got the jar and the pickle come on up and see it one kid sent me a bag of petrified acorns with a little note he said well hold on I put these acorns in the water to hope they would sprout and I forgot about him 10 years old you know next spring my mom found the bucket on the back porch and said son get rid of these acorns he said in less than a year they turned to stone I've got him in the museum stop and see our dinosaur adventure land in Pensacola Florida here's a petrified fish giving birth it doesn't take millions of years to give birth praise God okay there's a petrified cowboy boot with the Cowboys legs still in it it's on the table now is article about it's called the limestone cowboy anyway we cover more on that on videotape number six about petrification oh the Mississippi River is depositing settlements at the rate of 80 thousand tons every hour 80 thousand tons of mud comes down the Mississippi and dumps off in New Orleans that Delta is growing larger and larger and larger there's no question there's a lot of mud coming down that river they call it the muddy Mississippi and there's no question the Delta is growing but it's interesting after studying the Delta carefully they've drilled holes all over that thing looking for oil under it you know the estimate current estimate is that the Delta has about 30,000 years worth of mud out there okay well then I have a question if the earth is millions of years old why isn't the whole Gulf of Mexico full of mud by now hmm they're going to say joven is 30,000 years that proves your Bibles wrong your Bible says 6,000 well no I got a theory about that Delta here's my theory I believe about 6,000 years ago God created everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood and as the flood water was running off fish about half of that mud went out there in 20 minutes so it looks like it took 30,000 years they forgot the flood that'll mess them up every time a friend of mine from Louisiana's his pastor of a church now but he said no hope and I used to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico he said we drilled through 14,000 feet of mud hit trees 60 feet tall under 14,000 feet of mud folks most of that mud was washed out in a big catastrophe called the flood here's a picture of the oldest tree in the world the oldest living trees a Bristlecone pine in southern california estimates of the age of the tree vary from 4300 4,700 this textbook says 4,300 years old is the oldest organism now the fact is trees don't always produce one ring a year they can produce two rings a year okay one guy said in a seminar I had a Q&A session he said mr. ov and you're exactly right he said I'm a professional wood carver I've done it for 40 years he said I plant my own trees and carve and make walking sticks for people expensive walking sticks you know for rich people who can pay a thousand bucks for one or whatever he said we grow our trees for seven years cut them down they all was have at least 11 rings in seven years that's what he told me he said I've been doing it for 40 years anyway this textbook says the oldest tree is 4,300 years old that's interesting I have a question if the earth is billions of years old why don't we have an older tree someplace why would the oldest tree on earth be 4,300 years old well I have a theory about that here's my theory I believe 6,000 years ago God created everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood wrecked everything so the oldest tree ought to be less than 4,400 years old hey man it is here's a picture of a coral reef you know the largest reef in the world is off the coast of Australia it's called the Great Barrier Reef I had a call from a church in Brisbane they said do you want to come preach over here I said I need to pray about this he said yes I took my whole family to Australia my daughter and I got to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef it was incredible during World War two some of the reef was destroyed by ships and anchors and bombs and stuff like that so the environmentalist wackos went out there to see how fast it grows back they watched the reef grow for 20 years it was a government project based on a 20-year study they said the reef is less than 4,200 years old ok well then I have a question if the earth is millions of years old why don't we have a bigger reef someplace why would the biggest reef on earth be less than 40 200 years old I have a theory about that I bet you know what it is don't you he's figured out ok here's a picture of Niagara Falls the textbook says boys and girls the rocky ledge above Niagara Falls has been eroding for 99 hundred years now how do they know that well it's pretty interesting the rocks are breaking off the edge all waterfalls do that you know the water rocks break off the edge and the waterfall eats its way backwards the water flows one way the waterfall moves the other way and responds to the erosion they've studied Niagara Falls pretty carefully for the last 200 years they say it's moving back 4.7 feet a year interesting well when Charlie Lyell went there in 1840 he said Niagara Falls is obviously back here and it quite obviously started up here by Lewiston New York it's moving back down the gully Charlie Lyell said I think it took 10,000 years to go that far he said that purposely to try to discredit the Bible Charlie Lyell hated the Bible and that's the book that destroyed the faith of Charles Darwin we get any more loud on videotape number four but lie all the people he said it took 10 thousand years the people that lived there say it erodes much faster than that but he didn't listen to him he had his theory had his agenda to push okay he wanted to discredit the scriptures now the fact is the water goes over the falls into a gorge called an aggregate I was just there a couple of weeks ago that Gorge is seven and a half miles long alright this textbook says a simple calculation shows it's been ninety nine hundred years worth of erosion well it's not quite that simple okay you see Niagara Falls is right here it used to be further north by Lewiston it's moving south quite obviously because the water flows north I got a question now if the earth is millions of years old why hasn't it eroded all the way back to Lake Erie why is Niagara Falls right there well I have a theory about that here's my theory I believe about 6000 years ago God created everything 4,400 years ago there was a flood as the flood water was running off about half of that gully washed out in 20 minutes so it looks like it took 99 hundred forty-four ninety nine hundred years by the textbook now they forgot the flood they also forgot to get the right numbers okay see if divided right it would have been 8400 using the four point seven but you know public school textbook pretty expected okay when it rains 30% of the water runs into the ocean the rest evaporates or soaks into the ground well as it runs into the ocean it brings with it mineral salts off the ground it washes salts off the ground called mineral salts the oceans are getting saltier every day because of the distillation process of sunlight evaporating water out and you know minerals washing in and water coming out the minerals don't come out just the water today the oceans are 3.6 percent salt they could have done that in less than 5,000 years I was in a debate one time in this atheist said Hovind would you please tell me how the freshwater fish survived Noah's Flood I said well sir aren't you assuming the flood was saltwater he said the ocean is saltwater I said what yeah it is today I think during the flood is probably mostly freshwater he said well how did the saltwater fish survive I said well I probably weren't any he said the ocean is full of saltwater creatures I said well yeah it is today I said I think what happened over the last 40 400 years some animals have gradually become adapted to saltwater and today we have freshwater alligators and freshwater crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles and they probably had a common ancestor a crocodile he said that's evolution I said oh it is not going from a freshwater croc to a saltwater croc is a minor change compared to what you believe so you believe they changed from a rock to a croc now there's a major change for you folks yes sir how many of you have ever gone into a cave and the guide said don't touch the formations they take millions of years to form they all have the same story right you go to Carlsbad does happen to 250 million years to these formations in here they say tiny drops of water slowly build these formations one guy said it takes a thousand years to grow from one tenth of a centimeter to ten centimeters up to two and a half inches maximum be two and half inches per thousand years what I don't think so here are some 50 inch long stalactites growing under the Lincoln Memorial built 1922 there's a bat covered up with flowstone before it could rot it doesn't take millions of years for that stuff to form here's two inch stalactites growing off a refrigeration shed in Pensacola Florida there's a building in Indiana it's only 40 years old the basement is full of huge flow stone formations in 40 years from water dripping through the limestone here's a mine in Australia that was closed down for 55 years when they opened it up to just check to see how it's doing there were huge cave formations that formed in 55 years there are two people inside that circle to give you idea how big this is there's a pipe that was dripping water up into Herbert field near Pensacola had Eglin Air Force Base made a 13 inch stalactite in seven years underneath on the ground was a stalagmite everybody kept tripping on it and so they broke it off and gave it to me it's in my museum stalagmite formed in seven years here's a parking garage in Texas brand new parking garage built 1997 it was making stalagmites on students cars parking under it so they put up a drip pan to catch the water a guy in Wyoming had a hot mineral spring on his property in Thermopolis Wyoming and so he stuck a pipe in the ground back in 1903 the water came out the top of the pipe ran down the sides they called it the tipi fountain kind of a natural fountain everybody thought wow that's cute he's got a fountain in his yard while slowly over the years the water as it ran down the side of the pipe evaporated some of it leaving behind mineral deposits how many seen those mineral deposits in your sink okay well the guy died and the left the pipe sticking in the yard it's now been there for 100 years here it is about six years ago that would take some lime away to scrub that clean don't you think sure would it does not take millions of years to form those things that's 100 years worth the guy down the street started one later it's not quite as big but folks it doesn't take a long time did you know at the current rate of erosion the continents are going to erode flat in 14 million years we have mudslides landslides course erosion abrasion exfoliation does the ground ever fall up it's always down isn't it sedimentary rocks always on its way down anyway if I get igneous rock coming up volcanoes you know they're telling us we got fossils in sedimentary rock that are 300 times older than the current erosion rate would allow for hmm are you guys fly out west two days ago I flew back from Grand Canyon flew out west you just look out the window of the plane folks it looks like there's erosion marks everyplace down there in places that hardly ever rain recover Grand Canyon and video for all so if you think that River made that Canyon you need to watch video number four erosion marks all over this world are evidence of massive flooding on this planet and we could spend all day on that recover more on video six a couple more things and we'll quit the oldest writings in the world are about five thousand years old that's interesting why would the oldest writings be five thousand years old why does the Chinese calendar say this is the year forty seven oh four right now they think they started with Noah the Chinese calendar or the Hebrew calendar said this is the Year 57 64 they think they started with Adam with air calendar don't trust the Egyptian calendar by the way that one's greatly exaggerated get the book evolution cruncher a 900-page book for five bucks go to our website is a great book with lots of good stuff on evolution why would the oldest reliable historical records be less than six thousand years old I have a theory about that I think the Bible is absolutely correct I think the evidence for a young earth is overwhelming the evidence for an Old Earth is minimal and like the coins in the box you have to go by the limiting factors each one of the evidences for young earth would have to be overcome each single one would stand independently students are never shown the idea though that the earth might be young I think I know why this isn't really a science book anymore it's a book about evolution somebody wants to make sure your kids believe that theory because it's part of a much bigger long-range plan toward a new world order there's a reason for this the founding fathers started this country said we hold these truths to be self-evident all men are created equal they're endowed by their creator with certain rights we're due rights come from will they come from the Creator and if you get a bunch of people together who believe they have rights that come from the Creator those people do not make good slaves they will actually throw the T in the harbor and start a big war they will now if you want to have a one-world government a new world order like some of these lunatics would like to have and like his prophesied in the Bible they're going to get it you can't have people believing in creation so they've been working really hard for the last hundred years to take over the school system where they only teach this evolution theory which says rights come from government rights don't come from the Creator because there is no creator it ties into many things we cover more on that on video 5 for example do you have the right to have a church the government says in the Internal Revenue Code 501 C 3 that you can ask to be 8 an exemption to the tax laws if you'd like and most churches do that they file papers to become a corporation which is a creator of the state and then they become 501 C 3 exempt but they admitted a couple pages later Internal Revenue Code 508 that churches are an exception why would you give up an exception status to become an exemption think about it there's more on that on the website hush-money org same thing with marriage why do you ask the state from mission to get marriage who gives the right to get married that's another long story we cover that in a college class but you know 75% of the kids they go to public schools are going to lose their faith after one year of college seventy-five percent that's what happened to Crawford toy most of you have probably never heard of Crawford toy Crawford toy was a brilliant Bible scholar he worked with the Southern Baptist Convention and he ate late 1800s he loved the Lord and loved the Bible he was a professor at the Southern Baptist Seminary you might know about the girl he almost married he just about married a girl named Lottie moon I mean I've ever heard of Lottie Moon before every year the Southern Baptists have the Lottie Moon offering well Crawford went to Europe and studied evolution after the Civil War he came back convinced the theory was true he told his class he said the Bible intends to teach a plane six-day creation the Bible is simply in error at that point the Bible's in error Crawford maybe your theories in error maybe you have been brainwashed folks it is very easy to get brainwashed I'm going to try to brainwash the entire crowd here tonight and then we're going to quit take some break and have some question answer time I'm going to tell you a little story as I tell the story I will brainwash you maybe you've never been brainwashed before it's ok it's a harmless procedure right when I'm done brainwashing you I will ask you two questions about the story if you know the answer it's probably because you saw my video before if you don't know the answer it's because you were successfully brainwashed now pay attention watch carefully here goes the story once upon a time a man left home jogging he jogged a little ways and turned left he jogged a little ways and turned left he jogged a little ways and turn left and jogged back home as he was jogging home he noticed two masked men waiting for him at home who were the masked man and why did he leave home jogging if you know for sure don't say it out loud just raise your hand six seven about twelve okay the rest of you pay attention let's try it again once upon a time a man left home jogging he jogged a little ways and turned left I'll give you a hint that's important he jogged a little ways to turn left he jogged a little ways turn left and jogged back home as he was jogging home he noticed two masked men waiting for him at home who were the masked men and why did he leave home jogging anybody new figured out four more okay the rest of you pay attention we're gonna try it again now I'm going to UM brainwash you now watch carefully I'll tell the same story and you'll feel yourself get unbraid washed in a few seconds once upon a time a man left home jogging he jogged a little ways and turned left he jogged a little ways and turn left he jogged a little ways turn left and jog back home as he was jogging home he noticed two masked men were waiting for him at home who were the masked men and why did he leave home jogging the catcher in the umpire and he hit a home run who said brother Hovind is it that easy to get brainwashed yep you see as soon as I said a man left home you started thinking about a house right and for the rest of the story you could not figure out who those two masked men were if you get somebody off track in the first few seconds it's real tough to get back on track would you like to see how thousands of kids get brainwashed in Duval County every year thousands of them right here in the middle of the Bible Belt the kid goes to kindergarten maybe some kid out of your house maybe one of your children goes to kindergarten and he gets a book like this I can read about dinosaurs would anybody like to just take a wild guess at what the first sentence in the book says billions of years ago do you think there's any books like this in your school system you think there's any books like this in your public library I think the kids going to hear this stuff on nature Channel Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Discovery Channel National Geographic of course they are dr. Seuss millions of years before you were born it's everywhere folks I go to museums all the time I am sick and tired of all the museum's teaching evolution so we started our own a Creation Museum come visit Pensacola Florida when they say the earth is millions of years old that's calling Jesus a liar jesus said the creation of Adam was the beginning do you realize we got Christians to teach their kids we have death in the world because of man's sin and then they read them a story about dinosaurs dying before man got here hello have you thought about the inconsistency in your logic well we cover more on that another series at seminar series but the Bible says they lived to be 900 years old before the flood how is that possible well we covered that on video number two how on earth had they lived to be 900 what was that Garden of Eden like what was it like before the flood we cover that on seminar part 2 and you can watch our seminars right online and what about dinosaurs didn't dinosaurs lived millions years ago no dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve we cover that on video number three all about dinosaurs but listen somebody's going to teach your kids he started like a slime and you slowly evolved to a human that teaching is going to destroy their whole philosophy of life the Bible says beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men and the rudiments of the world and not after Christ if a kid goes 12 to 16 years to school in your school system how is he going to view the world now look I'm not against schools I'm not against teachers my brother led me to the Lord he's been a public school teacher for 34 years my mom was a public school teacher and retired years ago she's been in heaven for 10 years now I'm not against the schools and not against teachers but folks the books teach something that's going to destroy your kids philosophy Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth he says he did in six days you know if the Bible is right about the beginning maybe it's right about the end also a summarized here and we'll quit God made this world he owns it he makes the rules and every one of us is guilty of breaking his rules he told us pretty clearly in the Ten Commandments thou shall not bear false witness don't tell a lie how many of you have ever told a lie in your life don't put your hand up you're doing another one I don't want to hear this pious not me Bible says thou shalt not steal how many ever stole something come on you already told me you're a liar put your hand up okay all right so far we know we're all a bunch of lyin thieves right you want to read the whole list and see see how we're doing we roll for two so far we better stop right there there is no question and Judgment Day when Judgment Day comes we are going to be found guilty no question which means were going to be punished or you better find a substitute and that's where Jesus comes in praise God Jesus has volunteered to pay for your sins not because you're good but because you need it you're bad okay but he loves you he wants to forgive you these dear figure it out if they get in the river the fire goes right past them it's pretty smart thinking hey did you know if you're in Christ the judgments going to go right past you I deserve God's judgment but I'm not going to get it I'm in Christ that's amazing what if some of these idiots do reduce the population of the planet what if we're all dead this year you're going to die someday where you going to go if you die today where would you go that's an important question because you're going to be dead for a really long time I don't care how long you live you will be dead longer than that George Washington died 205 years ago and he is still dead where you going when you die all you gets that little tiny - between two dates someday they're going to be Iraq with your name on it could be this week you could die tonight have you seen the way they drive out here got some rednecks on the highway folks I'm telling you what you get tailed this evening okay I'm gonna die someday I'm gonna try to make it the last thing I do but it's going to happen it's going to happen to you too okay where are you going you're going to be there for a long time if you're not sure you're saved what you need to do is very simple you need to say lord I confess I have sinned I've broken your laws I'm guilty don't go before God hey I'm pretty good you better take me he's not impressed okay you're lying you're not very good admit it Lord I'm a sinner and lord I have violated your laws I broken your laws I'm guilty but Lord I believe that you died to pay for my sins and Lord right now I'd like to pray and ask you to forgive me and save me and then just say Jesus forgive me come live in my heart save me that's what I did 35 years ago tomorrow my spiritual birthday I said Lord forgive me please save me he actually moved in started making a brand new person out of me started working on things what when he moved in he had a long list of things to work on he still got a few I won't tell you what they are but okay he's in there working would you like to get Jesus in your life and get him start working on making you a brand new person just invite him in ask him to save you and then write this date down and say today is my spiritual birthday into God's family and give us a call we'll be glad to rejoice with you if you did that and invited we got a book we send out to folks who ask Christ to save them through our video series called the next step what do I do now okay here's the next step how to get involved get busy how to grow so Wayne Strickland picked out his tombstone Wayne Strickland atheist he says that's brilliant Bible says The Fool has said in his heart there is no god but you know God does not believe in atheists ray comforts a good friend of mine he's got a school called the way of the master gonna learn to be a better soul winner get on my website dr. Dino comm and click the button the way of the master and get his course on how to be a better soul winner listen God is not willing that any should perish doesn't matter what you've done his blood can cleanse you from all iniquity he can save you if you're a Christian then what on earth are you doing for heaven's sake everybody ought to find something to do for the Lord witness to somebody you know give him a gospel tract he said I want to drive them off we're going to drive them off to hell number two I mean come on find something to do for the Lord with your life what on earth are you doing for heaven's sake if we can help our material is there to help you I've got materials on the table over there get one of our catalogs we have videos it's done debates I've done at universities topical series other stuff not creation and then blue series is all about creation the seminar you heard tonight is seminar part 1 B about creation there's a whole lot more on there our material is not copyrighted feel free to copy it and give it to your friends long as you're not selling it just copying give it away use it as a witnessing tool we have lots of material our dr. kaboom Kabang series a lot of home school materials college classes go to the website dr. Dino calm and feel free to call us if we can help if you're not a Christian that's most important you need to come and let somebody take a Bible tonight take you off where it's quiet someplace and explain to you from that book how you can have your sins forgiven if you are a Christian maybe you need to hit the altar and say Lord I'm not doing much for you forgive me show me what you want to do get me busy in your service let's all stand bow our heads and close your eyes we'll pray and then we'll take a break and then we'll have Q&A time after this for those that want to stay let's pray Heavenly Father thank you so much for loving us lord thank you for all these people coming out I pray that our faith in your word will be strengthened as a result of these things we've heard tonight or there might be some people here that are that are not saved if they die on the way home tonight or if they die tomorrow or if they die a hundred years from now they're going to hell lord I know you don't want that but I know you're angry with the wicked every day and you certainly will judge their sin no question you offered an escape through Jesus and if they don't want it then they'll pay for their own sin lord please help them done come and let somebody take a Bible and show them how to be saved tonight and Lord there might be some of your children here they're saved but they're wasting their life on things that are all going to burn they're going to work work work for a big house big boat big car and it's all going to burn they're going to leave it all behind Oh father hope to invest their life in something of eternal value in Jesus name Amen hope you've enjoyed this video series on creation evolution and dinosaurs much more important though than knowing all the truth and facts about science is to know the truth about whether you're going to heaven or not if you've never trusted Christ as your Savior let me explain quickly what you need to do to go to heaven the Bible says we're all sinners we've all broken God's laws we've disobeyed the Creator we've we've done wicked things we're sinners some are worse than others at least in man's eyes but we've all broken God's laws and the Bible says you have to repent the word repent means to turn it actually means two things to turn from your sin and to turn to God God is looking for a change in your attitude where you say lord I don't want to do wrong anymore I'm sorry I've offended you I want to do right and you turn from sin and you turn to God and say God would you please forgive me would you save me the Bible says in Romans chapter 3 verse 23 that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God you need to admit you're a sinner number two the Bible says in Romans 6:23 the wages of sin is death we deserve to die and go to hell because of our sin but Jesus died for you he loves you he wants you to come to heaven and anybody that will ask him for the free salvation God will give you the gift of eternal life it says in Romans 6:23 it's a free gift and it says in Romans chapter 10 and verse 13 whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved if you would just call and say Lord I'm a sinner would you please forgive me and ask him he will give you that free gift of eternal life why don't you just pray with me right now and you could receive Christ as your Savior there's no magic words God's looking at your heart but if you could say this and mean it God would for you just say dear Lord Jesus I know that I'm a sinner I've broken your laws I'm sorry please forgive me please apply your blood to my account forgive my sins and take me to heaven in Jesus name Amen Bible says if you call upon the Lord you shall be saved so if you've asked the Lord to save you he promised he'd save you now your job is to grow read your Bible pray get involved in a good bible-believing Church and begin to grow to be a good Christian thank you so much caller right if we can be any help at all we'd be glad to help do you want to know more about how to combat the godless theory of evolution creation science evangelism offers four great tools that help strengthen the faith of believers and win the lost to Christ after 15 years of teaching high school science dr. Hogan began creation science evangelism in 1989 we are a ministry that is dedicated to providing tools which will help you combat the evolution philosophy that is destroying the faith of millions every year the first tool creation science offers is their powerful life-changing video series over the last 12 years well over a million videotapes of dr. Hovind seminar have circled the globe they are reaping a harvest of souls for the kingdom of Christ as well as helping restore the faith of many thousands confused by the evolution propaganda to which they've been subjected these videos are available in English Russian French Spanish Japanese and sign language the age of the earth first of the seven part series teaches that God created the universe about 6,000 years ago and six literal days would this be true can it be scientifically proven that the earth is not millions of years old this tape gives solid scientific evidence that the earth is young and that the Bible is scientifically accurate how did the environment of the original creation differ from ours today and how would this allow men to live over 900 years and Christians have a good explanation for the existence of dinosaurs but some dinosaurs still be alive today these and many more questions are covered in the second and third part of the series evolution has permeated public school textbooks with false and fraudulent information this video exposes nearly 30 lies commonly found in textbooks every public school student teacher and school board member needs to watch part four of this series find out if you have been lied to in your textbooks discover the terrible difference evolutionary beliefs have made in the past as well as in recent history in our video number five dictators throughout time use their evolution based philosophies to rationalize their brutal actions learn how evolution propaganda is being used today to prepare people for the new world order this is just a taste of all the information the 17 hour seminar series has to offer also available are college courses that expand on the seminars in great detail for those who can handle a more confrontational atmosphere our debate series is just for you I said now mr. Patterson if you think the tailbone is a vestigial I Kent Hovind will pay to have yours removed dr. Hogan has debated a wide range of atheists and evolutionists all over the country you're sure to find these twelve debates very exciting these would be perfect to present to that scientifically minded person who likes to argue their point our topical series includes exciting topics like why evolution is stupid public school presentation children's video about dinosaurs the Bible and health Leviathan the fire-breathing dragon and many more creation science also offers a variety of visuals like the longevity chart which presents the entire lineage of Adam to Joseph as given in Genesis it's exciting to see exactly how many generations were alive at the same time hundreds of books on a variety of subjects videos on incredible creatures that defy evolution t-shirts fossils and more make creation science evangelism the one-stop shopping center for your creation material needs our two websites ww2 Dino calm and W dinosaur Adventureland comm provide our second tool for evangelist dr. Dino calm is packed with lots of information from charts and graphs to articles and frequently asked questions this is also where you will find more information on all of the products CSE has to offer dinosaur Adventureland calm is great for the kids they can play lots of fun games and see unusual rides and activities located at dinosaur Adventureland in Pensacola Florida thousands visit our sites regularly to gain insight into God's creation the third tool available to you is the live seminars conducted by dr. Hovind and his son Eric since 1989 dr. Hoeven has held seminars and debates and hundreds of churches schools and universities and 49 states and 30 foreign countries his fast paced Illustrated seminars cover diverse topics such as evidence for a young earth how long Adam lived dinosaurs living with man where races came from radiometric dating and much more our fourth tool is the new exciting dinosaur Adventureland many thousands have come from all across America to visit our Museum creation bookstore Science Center and theme park where God gets the glory for science our unusual swings rides and activities each have a science lesson as well as a spiritual lesson captivate everyone from age 4 to 94 to order material find out how to schedule a seminar at your church or get more information about dinosaur Adventureland write to us at creation science evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola Florida 3 to 503 or call us at 85 o 4 7 9 3 4 6 6 or toll-free in the US eight seven seven four seven nine three four six six you dissertation help services ukr New York Institute of Technology.

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