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Dissertation statistics help uk for money

Dissertation statistics help uk for money write for me abstract for capstone project free compare and contrast essay on sports we had one on the year Maris oh and poor Dave Hunsaker with cowboy baseball hall-of-famer Tom Holliday on this Sunday afternoon let's jump right into things and look at our starters for today's game Marist out of the metro Atlanta Catholic Conference Roper Tavares at the top of the order to Baris a speech for terrific shortstop down through the lineup you see coach in ski row bio at the right-field spot trans no relation to the head coach of the same name and Lightner at second base rounding out the Marist red fox batting order defensively for the Cowboys a couple of noteworthy changes new snifter gets the start at first Rose Hill once again at second turn the transfer at third but Custer makes his first start of the year in right field Cait cabinet slides over from right field to center field latenan left Collins Simpson behind the plate and Mitchell stone the freshman making his second start of the year that defensive look at the Cowboys brought to you by Bank first so Mitchell stone the big left-hander on the mound for Oklahoma State today top the rotation obviously early in the season Dave a concern you know this guy along with Brady Basso you lose a game of weather I guess you kind of sit down figure out which one you want to start which one you want to bring on top of him yeah I would think you're gonna see both of them interesting that the freshman gets to start I know Rob's trying to grow both of these guys up and get him out there as much as he can before conference play and I think it's the key to the ballgame personally I think that you're getting the ace the ace pitcher foremast against a freshman that had a rough go on that week so compelling pitching matchup between the veteran lefty Charlie Jolla Maris who we'll talk about later in this young but very highly regarded freshman for Oklahoma State Mitchell stone made his first start Game three of the Texas state series a no-decision in inning and a third allowed three runs on six hits and a lot of home run in that game they really didn't bang him around Dave they had a bunch of bloops and you know just got him rattled on the bases and for the most part II throw strikes and six-foot II you know that's a that's a big old body and Rob's had success with big tall left-handers so right into the hitters count so here we go Jordyn Roper leading off that pitch in there for a strike two balls and a strike Marist actually out hit Oklahoma State yesterday it was three seven and one for Marist five five and Oh for Oklahoma State but the Cowboys were opportunistic got two in the first two in the fifth yesterday and one in the sixth and hung on for the 5-3 win the big blow in the game home run by true Mike ruin rather and there's a base hit into left now one thing about Marist with all the returning players from last year's n-c-double-a ball club they didn't back down yesterday at all Dave and I know it's not one of those familiar names but you look up in their entire league their conference is somewhere today on a big time Division one field playing somebody and again with the guarantee money and everything it's a smart way to get off the East Coast to get into good weather and their formidable I mean it this is gonna be a this could be a ball game to watch and we're gonna face a left-hander today that's got pretty good stuff and you know again our leadoff guy comes out and says here we're here to play first pitch in there - Randy Taveras who is probably as highly regretted a prospect Tom as Maris has a shortstop has good speed when you're talking to Chris traz the head coach at Maris on Friday he was talking about dynamic player in the field as well I think Chris hit it on the head he said he's just a gamer and you know he loves to play in the offseason he's hanging around with guys that played in the big leagues guy said you know hey try this with a bat you know sometimes that's annoying when you're a coach when a kid shows up for the different stance but if it's Carlos Beltran telling you how to hit I think I'd listen a little bit his godfather is former big league in fielder josé Offerman you were talking about working with Carlos Beltran and Julio Franco may not only major Lakers but big-time major leaguers that had some tremendous hitting credentials made every play yesterday and again like I said you gotta have somebody on the field you gotta have a leader and and he's their guy he's their go-to guy one two pitch it's even their stage rather one and two stones around the plate with everything I mean it that's a that's a plus Dave now now you start looking to see if his stuff is going to be good enough to get the guys in the big 12 out and I think Rob will probably get four or five chances to running that around before this conference season starts Roper with a leadoff single now it's two into two Taveras you know one thing Josh Holliday told us earlier this week about Mitchell stones first start is when baserunners got on the game really sped up for him I'm sure Rob Walton and Josh both are intrigued to see how he manages this early situation with a runner on base no I'll tell you this that's pretty much being a freshman and I know once the season starts you don't like to refer to your players as freshmen sophomores juniors it's no different than referring to a college players of veteran you know come on a veteran as a 30 year old guys played in the big leagues for seven years have been in the game for eighteen or you know 12 to 18 years but this is this is a guy that Josh refers to is you know he conquered all the the amateur baseball levels that he had to play in and again turned down a a pretty good draft his opportunity to go to pro baseball was pretty good and chose to go to school and that's why he went to school to learn how to deal with pressure situations nice play it pays to be six nine and there's one away here in the Maris first well just to get an out on that if it gets over his head you're in trouble yeah you know and to get it out now you come back to the three hole you got a really nice little early game challenge right here they're their best hitter against the freshmen trying to get off to a good start and and that's what you want you want to get if this guy gives you three or four shutout innings today get him off the mound let him go to the clubhouse feeling good you know and that's part of the growth you know they got to leave the field playing and feeling good about themselves here's Frankie Gregoire the preseason Metro at Atlantic Athletic copper's Player of the Year with one away and Roper at second and think they get their signals on their belt it's pretty hard to believe that he had to look now is is about to see what the third-base coach was telling me when I've seen a lot of you know pitch counting out of the dugout to catchers but how many different plays you have offensively but you have to run it on your belly Roper off a second he'd let the game off with a single and that mrs. to Gregoire it's two balls and a strike it's not as easy as stuff right here yeah just change up this Maris team has had some successful history cover that in a moment to croon loads roll but dug out my new sifter there's two away made that tough the guide first place get out there and save the day ball a little cutting action Dave he ran in on it and jam demon new step four made a nice play over there [Music] brows was over for yesterday two-out RBI opportunity for him here in the first know crooned of one of handful of new position players for Oklahoma State Kroon made that last play at third started his career at Oregon he's been off to a good start offensive ly as well and that gets away it's a wild pitch and it'll advance Roper to third you'll be there with two out yeah I think as the season grows Josh looking for an everyday third baseman this guy's made a nice statement made a big statement yesterday with a back and you know what supposed to hit when you play third base so that was a good day and now you get some other people jump-started with it back you're gonna see this Dave over the first 1518 games you'll see a lot of different lineups it's not like the coach didn't prepare for this but there's a lot of things that a coach has to find out in the first 15 games and you got to give guys an opportunity not like you have to be overly fair but you do have to give a guy that you know made a little run late in January with a bat you want to see if it's real and you got a given playing time wanna know to rouse and that's in there it's one in one so what's the balance between saying I've got a plan I've got an idea how that you balls and I need to let it play out and stick with it versus being flexible early in the year well again the guy with a pencil in his hand it puts that lineup up the plant and I'm sure he shares it with his coaching staff but he is the one that has to make those final decisions and you do it in a way that you never lose a ball game you know you just if you're gonna look at a different guy you just don't over over do the lineup you don't start eight new guys from day to day good breaking them so stone after allowing a leadoff single gets out of the first unscathed the Cowboys will take their first turn to hit we come back to alley P Reynolds stadium hi along with these witnesses bear testimony in your marriage commitment with each other through the exchanging of rings and your marriage vows you have pledged a lifelong [Applause] after a car accident the last thing you want to worry about is who to call to get a tow start a claim find a repair shop and get a rental car but when your auto insurance is triple a they take care of everything for you and it all starts with one question is everyone okay insurance that's not just insurance [Music] headed to the bottom of the first years your Oklahoma State batting order brought to you by Bank first and this is the fifth different lineup for the Cowboys in five games so far with grossa Kron Simpson at the top bunk littell them cabinets Bassel in the d-h spot that's a pitcher that's taking up that spot he'll be replaced in the lineup as we progress Boone actually not in centerfield cabinets is in centerfield we had the late change and in right-field Carson mckusker Cameron Dobbs at shortstop the Marist defensive lineup Kachinsky at first Lightner Taveras and rouse Rubio Roper and Gregoire and on the mound is their ace charlie Jolla a left-hander and lefties are always magic Dave when in doubt throw a left-hander to have your ace be a lefty I don't really think that Josh wanted to bring anybody into town and just beat up on I think he wanted people that you know have been there done that and you know this ballclub carries a lot of respect around the country even though it's not a name recognizable type program but again you don't want to just come out here today and score 20 against somebody a division 2 school and beat them up and then what do you know well you know we can could win Division 2 baseball game so Rose along to a good start and that continues and that's into the corner for extra bases row so on is wait a second there'll be no play it's a leadoff double for Andrew Rossa in the 1st that's a good way to start a ballgame now again get him over and get him in just play it the way the book says score the first run I still think it's about 74 percent of the time you score the first run you win don't don't play against the odds go get that first run make that left-hand pitcher that's a eighteen-year-old out there make him feel better so that you know again his first run won't be so critical so croon who tops the cowboys and hitting at 385 at the home run yesterday will step in there after the leadoff double by andrew rosa facing Charlie schürrle last year's Mac pitcher of the year in the preseason pitcher of the year in the Mac as well and he gets ahead in the count Owen one one thing to keep in mind about Derleth when we talked to the mayor's head coach Chryst razz on Friday is limited to two innings last week he's had a muscle strain that's bothered him since December so he's still trying to work his way back and it's in that lat area what she got to be careful because that'll linger for a long time and I respect Chris for just getting up a couple innings getting his feet wet for this weekend and it's nice to hear so croon he moves him and again after hitting a double in the home run yesterday for him and give himself up and hit one to the right side that's good solid mental baseball right there here's the dangerous Colin Simpson it's only one to him Simpson off to a 353 start leads a team with seven RBIs and already two home runs hit two home runs in the opening series last weekend at Texas State RBI opportunity for him now hammered into center field to the track to the wall that's off the top of the wall Rosa will trot in Simpsons on his way to second he'll try for three here's the relay throw to third and he's out at third I think he came off the bag after the slide vampire standing right on top of it say what the he unloaded and followed up like a golf shot okay was born right centerfield ended up hitting the centerfield wall and the wind is blowing out to left Simpson credited with an RBI double thrown out at third trying to stretch it into a triple here's another look safe now off the bank I'm fired right yes so there's two out the bases empty for John littell who is still looking for his first hit of the seasons been a tough start Oh 414 deep into left centerfield to the track to the wall and it's out of here the first hint of 2018 for senior John littell it's a solo two-out home run good for debts that's a jump start right there that guy is so valuable to this year's Bob update I mean it's it's a it's the fourth year man that you know a lot of things have gone by and a couple of drafts and all of a sudden your senior [Applause] this year about all those things like how much money that turned down and how much money do I want play the game have fun let that let that take care of itself at the end of the season in steps new sifter and he's behind an account oh and one so a two-run Oklahoma State bottom half of the first and balls have been squared up today he's a little bit different than yesterday a lot of flares yesterday a lot of soft base hits today it's like sun's out fields dryer nice crowd why not and only five hits total for Oklahoma State yesterday in the 5-3 win is now one in - it's a noose Tifton five hits but five runs Dave yeah you know and five runs with as much emphasis as they put on pitching five runs should win one two two balls and two strikes so it was a leadoff double by rosa advanced to third on a ground out to the right side by crew then simpson with a double off the wall in center thrown out trying to stretch it to a triple thrown at third and then a two-out solo home run by littell leading to the two runs for Oklahoma State here in the first and the count is full now two new stiffed little things like simpson hitting in the three hole versus a quality left-hand pitcher and then in the first end he hits the centerfield wall with a line drive stuff that josh has to look at and look for that's gone but hooking foul down the left-field line wind is blowing out to left field the temperatures have warmed here after a chilly icy week Cowboys scheduled home opener Tuesday against Oral Roberts was literally iced out and call it a rainout it was a nice outing unable to play here Friday because of rain and wet grounds so it's a two game series single game yesterday single game today this is the best weather day we've had by far special and that's ball 4 that's a two-out walk for new snifter yeah keep getting baserunners out there yeah keep keep this guy in a stretch get rid of him early and force those guys to go to their bull pen or something Chris likes his bull pen you know I think it kind of feels like he's got 10 guys that could pitch he doesn't know you know what order they're in not necessarily rank him in an order but let's get rid of the left-hander anytime you can't get rid of him early so cabinet steps in he's 1 for 11 on the year and it's one a no to him that's the thing they're talking to Chris Travis morning he says that's things lineup wise with pretty much all the key guys back for the most part as far as Maris is concerned he feels pretty settled about that is the pitching piece he's trying to put together and while they does have this experienced pitcher and highly regarded pitcher Charlie jurl on the mound today the other two spots in the mayor starting rotation are young guys without a lot of starting experience not much experience period yeah I guess that's a scary point no matter what league here in a matter what we're you coach you know those guys you don't know much about until you start playing into shallow left and on the left-field line brows makes a play and that's the end of the Oklahoma State first but the Cowboys got to reproductive two runs on three hits John the tills first hit of the year a solo home run the pokes up to nothing after what [Music] [Applause] [Music] rising from the plains of Oklahoma is a destination for scholars and thinkers dreamers and doers this is where hope hardwork and integrity create tomorrow's catalysts for change and excellence is the standard demanded not only of your head but your heart this is Oklahoma State University America's brightest orange cowboy baseball is brought to you by Express employment we're on a mission to put 1 million people to work annually by OG&E headed to the top of the second two-nothing Oklahoma State back out for his second inning of work as a true freshman Mitchell stone be facing the five six and seven hitters in the Marist order there's a chance Davis by the time this kinds of junior he could be in the mid 90s and that would be some kind of special pitcher one that oh absolutely lefty with that height coach it's key he did not get cheated on that one that's a good swing high ball on his own and so Maris has placed the leadoff man on base leadoff single in both the first and second Kachinsky will be standing at first to start the mare a second I don't think Maris will roll over oh no just don't I just have this feeling from being around a little bit well it's interesting you say that because one thing we gathered from talking to coach Trav's on Friday is is it you know he tries to promote as most coaches do but but I think even more so with his teams a lot of fight a lot of spirit very positive they kind of want to take the fight to the game so to speak not in a mean sort of way but just very spirited play hard iein Tosca and a final count over to Dave that they got six scholarships then it's a it's a religious school that kind of limits some of the attendance you know and 4,500 students and he still has to go out and you know list those things and recruit to it and it's his alma mater and yes I think that's a real safe way to go as an administrator in college sports because you know what he's never gonna embarrass that school because it is it's his school to Chesky at first I had Tasca hammers that one found a thing is now Chris has a star pitcher at Marist he's still the all-time career wins leader at Marist with 38 it's part of three NCAA Tournament teams there the thing is when you bring him back even at age 27 he was 27 years old when he was hired but he understands the place he knows all the positives he also knows the negatives so he knows exactly what he's got himself into sometimes that seems in a lot of sports you know you don't you make a coaching hire and the coach sometimes doesn't really know what he's getting into and then when he gets there he has these obstacles that he doesn't expect but it's done does that make sense no it does and somewhere one of his former players is gonna do real well in the world and he's gonna come back and he's gonna he's gonna help him get that scholarship total up he's gonna help him build on a stadium and Chris already realizes that he has to go on the road first three or four weekends of the seat of the season and the way college baseball is going now the big guys were the big money they'll have him in on a weekend and give him a good guarantee and you know you can as long as you have a good schedule kids will come play for you and then all of a sudden you start getting more scholarships and a stronger commitment you start getting a stronger player and there's baseball players all over that part of the country so Kachinsky starts the inning with a single and now a walk - I'm Tosca and Chris traz the namesake of the head coach but no relational step in runners at first and second nobody out you know he does have talked about Chris has embarrassed a player that is doing well Kevin McCarthy has pitched on the Kansas City Royals staff the last two years working out of the bullpen and so he's got a big leaguer that he coached and has gone on it done pretty well and that that's that's what I'm talking about you know necessarily he's gonna fund everything that we just mentioned but there's guys go out in the business world and and do really well too sure and especially the school like mayor's it has a great academic reputation absolutely and you don't know where it's gonna come from or win and and all sudden you have a new guy I mean there was a time in the early eighties day where you did not want to play Maine oh I remember that oh my goodness I mean that they were really good and you look up and Billy Swift was around and they'll just look back two years ago Coastal Carolina what a college world series yeah that's a that's a monster down there cuz I'll tell you what that facilities off the chart and he's a good coach and he's got everything in place to be highly successful and again that that's kind of the mecca on the East Coast right now that's that's where you want to go you're far enough away from the snow and nice city fun city now certainly not dealing with weather issues there that's for sure for the most part it could be chilly in February Oh actually anywhere yeah February shouldn't be playing baseball in February not baseball that counts this should be exhibition college baseball really how many should you play until the 1st of March and if you know you somebody wants to drive over from OCU or something to play play so do you make the season run later to accommodate that or no why not why not what what are you hurting what are you running into a little bit of extra money in the postseason and quite frankly you know 56 games it's hard to get them in you know yeah so if you shrink it to 50 and they gave you 6 exhibition games in February what's wrong with that play Saturday Sunday three times in February you know you get a chance to run your rotation out there three times in February before you start there you see Kochanski at second he led this inning off with a single and then a walk to ian Tosca and that's into left field for a base hit the bases will be loaded with nobody out for Maris here in the top half of the second this kind of looks a little bit like last week when Mitchell got in trouble it just kind of rolled on him you know and you hate to sit there and say to the the walks in the middle of it but it was a you know it's a heart base hit and then a walk and then just a soft line drive base hit and now you're in big trouble and again one of those things you got to sit here and watch ken Mitchell Stone get out of trouble does he have a strikeout pitch you know you got to find out right now and a visit to the mound Rob Walton out there to talk to his true freshman pitcher bases loaded for Marist here in the top of the second Oklahoma State scored two in the first not an RBI double by Colin Simpson who was thrown out trying to stretch it into a triple thrown out at third and then with two out the bases empty the first hit of the year for John littell home run over the left centerfield fence but now a Maris to the big scoring opportunity bases loaded nobody out here in the second back to the season talking about maybe a 50-game season because I guess the one thing that some people may not think about if you started pushing the season further back into June is the Major League Baseball Draft which is already I guess an issue to some extent because it happens while you're trying to get through postseason or is it an issue I don't know it's an issue Dave and that's a sore spot and right now MLB doesn't really care about college baseball with their draft yep it's funny because 49 percent of the position players on the opening day major league teams last year were drafted college guys was that interesting Dave they've had years they've had many opportunities they've had a lot of meetings about moving the draft back to mid-june and now kids they don't even really want him to sign right away you know they want to get him physicals and they want to get him tested they want to give him a chance to negotiate properly they put a deadline on signing him which was good for the college coaches because then they could do their planning for the next season but the bottom line is is like guys getting drafted they still got two weeks of baseball left yeah yeah that's that's hard on a the mentality of the player and the coach rebuy you at the dish and he's behind in the count oh and two bases loaded nobody out move it back we've the draft back have a combine you know just like football you know there's nothing wrong with borrowing concepts from other sports bring in top 300 kids for three days and find out if they're healthy and stuff and a three pitch strikeout still the freshman retires Roubaix oh and there's one out here in the mayor of second now the whole inning just changed he got him he got in the strikeout that we were talking about now get a ground ball it's over and you forget about it and you start to feel like you can pitch you know that's that's what's got to happen now you know this guy could gap him right here and and the the growth process just stops but fact is you know this guy's got to get over the hump and now you're looking for that ground ball beauty of it is he's around the zone with everything in his velocities 88 to 90 there's enormous potential on the mound but sooner or later you know Josh and Rob got erased that that thing called potential and good pitch one ball one strike to Lightner the second baseman who's 1 for 12 on the season bases-loaded one out Mitchell still trying to pitch out of a jam here it's a unique thing on the belt wanted to 91 and there you go that that's there's a little competitor out there trying to crawl out and show his face I should say a big competitor out there huh yeah it's nice yeah two balls and two strikes you know one thing you better quiet those hands when it comes to the belt gonna have some umpire on the open side blocking do you say quiet hands what do you mean well watch him bounce when he comes to his belt he almost come set and he bounces his hands and once you get to the bottom you're supposed to stay there so they would say he hadn't come to a stop they would say that's a motion to the plate gotcha you know a lot of times high school kids will do that they'll change their pitch in the glove and you see a little glove limit and they don't they don't call it you know they kind of warn you they don't call it but it's kind of come set in bounces see that glove moving back up swinging a Miss and stone with back-to-back strikeouts after Marist had loaded the bases with nobody out now it's two away and the bases loaded I just the look on his face you know I mean I don't think he's scared I think he's just trying to figure out these guys are college players now I can't get away with throwing the ball of it over the plate anymore I got him I gotta go to the course one thing I've seen about him he throws the ball in you know I didn't see a lot of balls in yesterday I saw this guy's throwing more fastballs in and I saw all day yesterday and back to the top of the order and Roper who led the game off with a single in the first he's up there with an opportunity but still with an opportunity to pitch out of a huge Jam two out and the bases loaded now and it's Owen one good changeup about 12 mile an hour off his fastball and and that's better I think it's easier to command when you start getting in that 15 mile an hour range you see pitchers get inside the ball and throw it in the dirt you know that at 12 mile an hour that's enough overthrow right down look like maybe a cutter slider a good block by Simpson it's one in one I think Simpsons gonna have to be in really good shape this year Dave because you're not gonna take that bat out of liner boy and Simpsons overcome so much with what evolved with complications and the surgery to fix the broken bone in his hand long way back but of worth it he says for sure people said he wouldn't catch for sure he won't be able to catch two balls in the strike in fact Holland told Mitch Colin told me earlier this week they were doing some indoor hitting I told maces I didn't know if I'd even play baseball again it was that serious he had some nerve damage in the hand of a complication from the surgery took him a long time to get back throwing the ball effectively to him 1 and it's two balls and two strikes in the things down and mounds growing up right here but this is a this is of course maybe I'm seeing something that the general public doesn't see but this guy right here he's a pitch away from pitching out of this may be his first big Jam of his college career kind of rooting for a high quality pitch right here come on three and two it's full good enough to call and that stirs up the crowd here at LEP what do you think well you know if I can see the plate a little bit better I mean oh wait the way tank caught it I say strike pay off pitch called strike three Mitchell stone strikes out the side after a merited loaded the bases with nobody out tell you what that's a clutch pitch after missing a net spot he went right back to it nailed it big time situation right there in this ball game the evolution of a young collegiate pitcher and what a boost for Mitchell stone out of a jam in the Maris second it was America's last frontier this territory was a tapestry of Indian nations and horizons open to settlers whose courage and optimism sustained the dream of carving a living from this land thank first is loyal to the spirit every settlers share that hard work pays off and neighbors stick together through good times and bad thank first is loyal to our mission to grow this state by being deeply rooted in many communities where each bank is run by local leaders whose decisions benefit their own hometowns and customers we believe it's the best way to realize this state's great promise bank first loyal to Oklahoma loyal to cowboy baseball is brought to you by Express employment we're on a mission to put 1 million people to work annually by OG&E power at the speed of life and a special thanks to our great baseball and LSU supporters Jerry Winchester Jennifer Grigsby john hartley dave rock and maru garni era without these great supporters OSU baseball on television would not be possible seven eight nine hitters due up for Oklahoma State after the Cowboys escape from a bases-loaded nobody out jam in the Mara second two runs for the Pokes in the first and Oklahoma State will send up Jake Taylor to lead off the Cowboys second yeah I wondered about that I mean at the beginning of the of the day it had Brady Basso in that slot I don't think you want to play that game with a guy that might show up on the mound today because the minute Taylor hits them bass those out or he has to enter the game on the mound and Taylor leads off the second with a single [Applause] now the rules of baseball get the leadoff guy on two for two today David keep track to that instead how many times you that leadoff guy on now what method is a movie I think Josh liked to let this big dog right here ahead yeah this kid's got enormous power mckusker six eight sophomore junior college transfer making his first start today's over three at the plate on the year and and again one of those swings that has a lot of uphill angle to it and yeah it might play well in this ballpark certainly but this guy's power you know fits well in every ballpark I think the contact ability is there you go just missed it it drops for a base hit Roper may have been fooled by it or perhaps the soggy ground leftover from the precipitation this week played a role but regardless its 1st and 2nd nobody out in the Oklahoma State second yeah he changed his mind right here whether he's gonna come get it or not I mean that ball four hits the ground it's not going anywhere you're not to worry about the ball getting by you that now feels really soft I'll take it you know the big guy gets a base hit again that's it's it's about feel good so I'm driving up in the box score so Cameron Dobbs steps in 2 for 11 on the year he was 1 for 3 yesterday with a run scored good breaking ball it's Owen one this guy really looks comfortable at shortstop Dave I know he had a rugged second game of the year but you gotta have defense down there it's short this guy's solidifying that even though I think josh has a a guy on the bench that might fit in the plan here before the season's over might get that opportunity which you and I were talking about before the game started you know are these the guys well I still think there's guys sitting on the bench they're gonna get a chance to play and you it and and cash in the middle you know those are two pretty good baseball players and cash played a lot last year I think he's a good player and you know your seniors getting a little opportunity to go out and see what he can do and and of course Roe says he's jumped on that opportunity so far no balls and two strikes you're talking about Dobbs being a pretty good shortstop he made a tremendous leaping catch in the late innings last night to help preserve the two-run wins yeah that's a big play big play now not moving those two runners right there and getting three chances to but yeah that doesn't score a whole lot of points on that on that a little chart that the coach keeps in his hand so doc how's it now on the technique but don't bunt it like you're afraid of it get out there and get it done is that a skill that evolves throughout the course the years you get used to doing it in game players is something that from the start of the year bunting should be ready to go because it takes my game experience you get to go College every guy with with as much BP and rotational BP that there should be a station for bunting and you know up in the big leagues there's guys that never have to bunt yeah three four and five whole in the big leagues they never bought of course they don't bunt a lot in the big leagues anyway but the bunt is so critical to put pressure on pitchers to you know add keep adding to a lead and just not to bunt shame on you and you ever forget the first time I was told in spring training you guys but by the time spring training is over if you can't bunt we'll send you home and after dinner every guy that couldn't bunt that never bunted in his life was up at the machine and we were fighting to get 10 or 12 months in you know and that's pretty good threat you know learn how to butter you're gonna get cut and of course we can't do that in college baseball bit 3a no DeRosa with 1st and 2nd baserunners and one out here in the oklahoma state ii now it's three and one of course you tailed that Major League Baseball it's changed you don't see the sold and bases mess you're talking about bunting they talk about it they don't do it they talk about stolen bases being a big deal and it's not because very few guys can do it it's a one out walk to rosin the bases are loaded for Oklahoma State in the second it's amazing how the opportunity keeps finding the same guys you know row so that time had a chance to undo the ball game again and croon he's that he's sitting right there bases-loaded one out what a beautiful time to head nothing nothing can go through your mind right here that's negative this is like he has nowhere to pitch he asked the throw strikes and beautiful day a little breeze to left Matt croon with a great pedigree his father Mark a big league pitcher he looks at strike one dead pitch for the Padres and Iraqis and the Reds but was probably more known and most successful in Japan he was the man as far as a closer in Japan at 41 saves in 2008 could be a double-play now a second safe at first so it's an RBI groundout for croon this tailor comes home to score that's three nothing Oklahoma sent over and jammed himself right there you know it was one of those maybe their pitch forty yeah fastball got in on him hey you got an RBI Dave that's that was the the value of the at-bat he got the RBI rally still in place and your go-to guys at the plate Simpson already with an RBI double and another opportunity here with runners at first and third and two out you know for a guy hit 278 last year this guy has picked up a lot of respect around the country as a hitter and to stay in a three hole and for Josh to put him there against left-hand pitching and then to watch him hit that rock at the center field this is the evolution of a really high level here you know the thing is too you think about it Tom going back to the injury we were talking about is he didn't even swing a bat prior to last season coming off that long journey back from the injury when he had to have an additional surgery until the first week of Christmas break so there were two surgeries involved see he swings and misses one ball one strike I think I've got this correct that had the initial break of the bone in his hand came back from that still having a lot of problems we kind of fought his way through it it was part of the College World Series team then another surgery yeah to try to fix the nerve damage and then it was first week of Christmas break before he could even swing a baton and think about the year he had last year monstrous year a swing and a Miss one ball two strikes I popped 10 times the first time action introduced myself and I want to see the hand and David was shaken like really oh my goodness he had no control the nerve was like I gotta control it and I said to myself I don't know if this guy's ever going to play again you know and again not not like the surgeon didn't do it right surgeon obviously did it really did a really good job swings again a bump just made a really good pitch but the Cowboys get another run on two hits two men left after two it's Stillwater Oklahoma State with a three nothing lead [Applause] [Music] received [Music] time to do what must be done I did it here's to the friends you can always count on [Music] moving to the third Oklahoma State up three nothing in our player spotlight Andrew Rosa a rare fifth year senior who has really evolved as a utility player in fact starting today at second base he just learned to play second base really just about a year and a half ago and and again Dave you have to admire a guy that that'll play anywhere the coach says and what do they say jack of all master of none well he hasn't had a chance to master one and I think Josh would like to letting you settle in somewhere on the infield for firmly second base and and give it a shot as a senior but the attitude this guy possesses when he comes to the yard every day and you know you just kind of fall in love with him and I bet you every guy in the dugouts rooting for him to play and play good know where he ends up playing who knows he's played you know first base okay I think Josh looked a little bit adding a third I'm sure he could run out in the outfield and cover you out there but hey there's there's room for high-level utility players in baseball two three and four hitters up for Marist here in the third and you know what you hit you play now you erase that thing called utility when you hit Rosa had a great moment a year ago that's right I'm sorry what this Lahti to bury and I noticed a good home plate umpire but I'm sorry tread dead ball down hill right at the knees and yeah sure he could say it was down but was it really I mean you got to be really good to make that judgment but so for the third straight inning third time in three innings Marist has the leadoff man on and their most prominent power threat steps in Frankie Gregoire and and every everybody wants to speed the game up and there's a 3o pitch I heard you know Billy was talking about on the MLB Channel the other day about open the strikes on a little bit you know it'll speed it up and that's a three o pitch it should be a strike and give the guy a chance to hit it you know of course I'll walk in a base of the same thing but how do you really speak just came up without screwing it up you know that's that's the debate Gregoire jammed little bloop and it's out of play no balls and two strikes so let me ask you this if you were to have a more liberal strike zone would you see the small ball aspect become more prominent sure buddy hit and run stealing because you would have to but yeah you'd have to take advantage but then you'd have to teach a lot of really good major leaguers how to play the small ball game which that wouldn't go over and I don't know about using a word liberal strike zone I mean they kept saying you know do umpires think ball or strike before the ball is thrown and I don't know that I mean you know when Yelp hires a coach you're just seeing it if it's around the zone it depends on the purpose of the day whether you want to call the borderline pitches balls or strikes I think just having a strike zone period and every ireon person have these same strike zone how big can you make it Dave I don't know that's that's a tough question because good hitters don't like that they don't want to hear that because it is hard to hit and Gregoire strikes out take one thing this guy can change speeds off as fast ball there's been some 86's and end there's a 91 it's like having two pitches days I mean when a pitcher can change the grip or change off his fastball again that's that's an art that's a that's a special thing to be able to do as a young pitcher Mitchell Stone has struck out five in fact the last four he has retired has been via the strikeout he won't slow curveball right there Andrew rouse the cleanup hitter looks at that pitch his pace on the mound is good you know I the game has sped up I mean I mean I think the coaches have done a good job of speeding the game up and I know the conference rules are gonna really speed it up but go to a pitch clock this year yeah how do you feel about that well I can be interesting I'm more concerned about the punishment if you what if a guy steps out of the box and legitimately has an issue of bug in his eye I guess you start to clock over again right I don't know I liked the corner an umpire guy and quizzed him about the new rules and this product could be done with a phone call but I think you're gonna have unusual situations because of a clock the clock 3 o pitch that's a four pitch walk to Andrew Ralph's the first and second one out for Marist Maris had the bases loaded nobody out in the second and then stone struck out three in a row to get out of the jam and for every step forward walking guys on four in a row you know is like a step backwards and again get in a zone stay in the zone you know what pitch is keeping you in the zone and throw it you know I mean if you're just if you're gonna continue to to throw and be a four pitch mix guy and produce walks something maybe in that four pitch mix has to be eliminated for a while yesterday it was cold today I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't say the elements can enter into grip or any of those things the temperature here in the mid 50's today wind blowing out of the south at it's like 15 to 20 miles per hour so it's blowing out John littell benefited from that when he had a solo home run with two out in the first Kachinsky looks at that pitch 1 & 1 yeah I hate that that theory of come on just throw strikes I that's a pet p.m. I know I learned never to say it but oh you might to tell the story on your wife yeah she's sitting out here so I can get away with it but first time she said that when Matt was pitching one day I told her I said you ever say that again to Matt I will never come to another ballgame with you and she's like say what I said if you ever say throw strikes honey I'll never come to another ballgame and she's like what are you talking about I said just called him honey and time to throw strikes what that's like for a kid on the mound to hear that you know mom's taking me honey to throw strikes and no don't do that to the kids we didn't have a real comfortable evening but no bet not sometimes you gotta sacrifice your point and a swing and a miss and you know I I for years hurt coaches you know a man just throw strikes I don't think a pitcher tries to throw balls Dave I mean come on now in the process of trying to develop a pitch not all of your pitches are command pitches and this is the stubborn battle that goes on in developing pitchers you know you've got to make a guy throw a pitch he doesn't like so that it will develop and and pitch collar and the and the pitcher that little battle has to be won by somebody and and the guy that wins is the guy that ends up throwing all those pitches for strikes I know one thing is a communicator if there's something you're calling it I really can't throw that pitch then eliminate it just keep it in the bullpen don't bring it to the game until you can throw it for a strike I I can I have flashbacks every now and then at conversations with with catcher's because I used to like to spend the evening before a game with my catcher talking to about the guy that's pitching the next day and you know it'd be like you can call the game you know and just look over if you need help and that's kind of the system we had and then when a guy wouldn't throw a pitch for striking or sitting everyone you know why are you calling it he won't throw that first strike so you go to the mound and you have that conversation he's like I don't know why you won't throw first right you threw it when we warmed up and you know that that that's the fun part of coaching it's the fun part of the battle with you know how helping a pitcher grow up because a lot of times pitchers it takes a long time to grow up swinging to miss behind Tosca it's one in one I mean this guy is throwing a lot of change ups for a big you know six nine 250 pound left-hand pitcher and you walk to the plate thinking he's gonna throw a hundred-mile-an-hour I mean then here comes 78 79 that's effective but he's got a thought for a strike team play the Cowboys are out of the Maris third Maris for the third time in three innings gets Lou the leadoff man on fails to score through two and a half in Stillwater it's a three nothing Oklahoma State lead this is the all-new Chevy Equinox it offers a rear seat reminder built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi apple carplay compatibility and teen driver technology it's easy now to get all these features you need all six of those cross them yep and you still wouldn't get everything that's in the sequence six cars in one get 0% financing for 60 months or get $1500 total cash allowance on this 2018 Chevy Equinox LT Chevy drives Oklahoma find new roads when severe weather has you in the dark make sure you have an emergency kit with a flashlight and a radio handy and give us a call when your power's out chances are we're already working to restore your power any day any weather any our hospitals and emergency services are served first and other areas come online as fast and efficiently as possible the most important thing to us is that we all stay safe again Oklahoma State with two runs into first and one in the second headed to the bottom of the third 3-nothing oklahoma state lead not a bad crowd here at the ballpark still coming in and noon started was moved up an hour to try to help accommodate Maris and their travel plans back to Poughkeepsie New York yeah via let's see what do you say Hartford Hartford Connecticut yeah it's always front landed in New York John good swing right there with a solo home run Johnny's got to take that feeling right there and just do it again do it again repeat it start thinking like a crusher you know don't don't go feeling for the ball turn it loose you strike out the heck with it this guy has this guy is the tools and the potential to play this game for a while and again that's a good swing didn't get all of it but he might have four minutes back to the wall hit the fence and caught at the fence goodbye Gregoire good he repeated it that's good that's that's what you do right there go sit down in a dugout start counting those eight guys in front of you they're gonna hit again and next time you come to the plate go in there with the same feeling spell it over the plate I'm gonna crush it well in littell just missing another home run and you're in steps new snifter boy the mental game that goes on in baseball is it's it's just unbelievable games easy it's a kids game boy it's fragile yeah little things break and are hard to fix confidence hard to fix good starts bad starts a lot of times you know you want to play somebody you can beat up just to let everybody get a knock and get a good batting average rolling before they run into the really good arms and can't do that anymore RPI doesn't allow you to do that that balls hit good into Center but two away here in the Oklahoma State third so you gotta slow it down a little bit here Dave that's we had three pitches and two outs got to slow it down let your let your starting pitcher finish that glass of water in the dugout [Music] oh wait a minute you're not allowed to slow the game down yeah when that clock starts you won't be able to I'm sorry but that's part of the game too you got to give your pitcher a little time right here in case you're wondering okay when will they start using the clock this cabinets looks at ball one it's being put into play for big 12 conference games but I'm told by Kevin phi2 is the administrator here at Oklahoma State over baseball that they will use it in the four games the week prior to conference play to sort of get everybody used to us it'll be the Dallas Baptist game mid-march and then the weekend series here in Stillwater that follows I think somebody in the deck hats on a stopwatch they're grooming them now they're kind of easing into it I know I watched Texas and LSU the other night and at times I thought they were on the clock a game had really good quick pace to it and then boy just slowed down and just became a regular college baseball game and you know it's three hours and five minutes but what the heck you know why do you want to it's hard to play two and a half hour baseball games that's I mean they're looking for solutions on speed in a game up and yet the commercial break in between innings is longer than ever Wow that's true why why money you know baseball complaining about one thing but they're they're part of the problem big part of the problem called strike three and it's a 1-2-3 inning for Charlie juror guys I'll tell you that when he gets the two strikes he's pretty good on you heading to the fourth here in Stillwater Charley Jolla after a tough first and second takes down the Cowboys one two three in the third three nothing pokes through three 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work and by Oklahoma Farm Bureau we're the same Oklahoma Farm Bureau you've always trusted now even better Mitchell stones day is done and the second cowboy pitcher today will be the right-hander Peyton bat field again for stone to go out and have a positive start Dave that was that was one of the keys to to this ball game and and I know that he might have been in trouble a little bit but he pitched out of it that was a good growth period he showed that you know he's gonna throw every pitch he has around the zone maybe walk too many people but you know come on you know was it good it was a good good start was it great borderline you know was it perfect no but she you know a lot of season left to play for perfect and you got to get some guys to the mound you lose the third game of a series you'd be surprised - you know you have pitchers if they don't pitch today they're gonna be two weeks before they pitch for ten days so getting this big guy out there and with the loss of a couple year top arms going into the season you knew somebody was gonna have to come out of that gang of unknown untapped talented kids and this is another one I'm right here Peyton Banfield one ball and no strikes change up Chris trans leading off the barest fourth second appearance of the year for Battin field this one ball one strike he pitched last Saturday second game of the opening series of Texas State went three in the third gave up three runs on five hits walked one struck out five now trans yesterday hit one out of here and there wasn't any doubt about it two and one you mentioned the injuries cowboy pitching staff Jensen Elliot out Parker Scott out although Elliot on Wednesday afternoon through his first bullpen session since the injury indoors two balls and two strikes new coaching staffs very pleased how that win I was able to watch that it was just good to see him out there throwing a bullpen yeah and the way that Tommy John debate continues you know now it's tough to twelve months and some guys feel like 16 months and you know you got to make that decision between your doctor your coach and your player as to when you use them and you know his surgery kind of has him on course to maybe being able to pitch in April at the earliest certainly in summer ball and and giving back for next year I think that that's a that's a fair assessment that he would come back with somebody throw a draft at him and try to steal him maybe you know you never know maybe when B wouldn't be very very good idea if you want to have a relationship with the program but Jensen's you know he's critical I would think maybe if the team's making a run at Omaha that in May you get him back I think he'd be a welcome addition that balls hit pretty good into left centerfield but cabinets over and makes the play one out here in the Maris fourth there's no shortage of athleticism in the outfield you know all the all the outfielders cover their ground well and cabin is just one of those guys I think he could play him anywhere you know when that bat comes around when he when he starts to find the sweet spot and realizes how much fun it is to hit a baseball he's gonna be a really really good player I mean somebody can play for 15 18 years remember he broke his finger and it had only four preseason advance before he jumped right in the lineup for the season opener last Friday at Texas State so you have to believe he's still sort of evolving getting settled in and that's hammered down the left-field line it'll be extra bases Rovio heading towards second in there with a stand-up double with one out here in the fourth because far as cabinets goes I mean that's got to be a process right I mean yeah I mean even though it's a finger it's still a fingertip but there's a curveball that just didn't bite you know it was spinning good but stayed up in his own and every hitter likes that one anytime you don't have to bend over to hit a breaker it's normally a pretty good swing I like that pose is that a Heisman pose but you know to come back in a month on a broken finger so Lightner in with one away and that's soft a second and there's two out as the runner Rubio moves to third and again good good situational pitching right here for this guy he got a double with one out now you got a pitch you can't just go out there and throw it you got to pitch a little bit that looked like like maybe a cutter or a t-4 he's got more fastball than that but he got it in the right location I'll tell you that didn't mean to and that's into right field for a base dip that's a heartbreaker for the guy on the mound shows up like a line drive Dave and I don't even know that he even checks winged it and went just far enough that you can do about it barely got out of the infield that's part of baseball seen that before so a two-out RBI single by Roper ironic because mayor said the bases-loaded nobody out in the second and couldn't score had a scoring opportunity in the first and failed to do so and then it's a little half check swing that falls for the RBI single Tavares stepping in the shortstop this is a Maris team is talking to Chris trans about this when they get into conference playing the Mac they really like the running game but he was pointing out that you get in a series like this against an Oklahoma State team but a lot of talent a lot more speed terms of moves to first the ability of the catchers to throw not nearly as inclined to engage the run game but when they get into conference play in the Mac where they feel like they have an advantage he likes to get those guys in motion a lot tell you what his catcher yesterday was due for two and throwing people out at second and this guy right here is fun to watch play Tavares I don't you know don't haven't seen enough of him he's got the right name Taveras Franky Taveras there's been some Taveras is playing the big leagues and he's he's got that little flair for the game and he shows his passion and you know nobody says that you have to go to all the big schools to be able to play this game pretty good bat speed right there that feels you know it looks like he's added something here Dave I mean at this 83 84 pitch I'm not sure what it is yeah and I can't tell by the spin on it I don't think it's a backed-up slider but I know one thing this guy passes the eye test on the mound 88 down sake the dugouts letting the home plate umpire have it a little bit I don't know which pitch they wanted but it might be his first time behind the plate this year I keep forgetting that sure wasn't a whole lot of baseball played around Oklahoma last weekend everybody on the road I believe except Oral Roberts Roper at first he is 2 for 2 on steals this year Payton Benton field the younger brother of Blake Benton field former cowboy Hurley drafted after last season I would think that Marist what would want to run right here this this is pretty good time to run I mean now you're gonna sit on a 3-1 fastball maybe you might starting but at the same time you know it's but he's your runner breaking ball the off-speed pitch and once you figure out the pattern I mean that's it that's a 3-1 change of running on change that's a pretty good idea the counts full so Marist with a run here in the fourth on the check swing RBI single by Roper who's at first it's just one of those things right here David I liked holding the guy right here I didn't like letting him see where I let him run I mean I'd rather hold him I'd take a step away I take a base away rather than right-hander worrying about him hitting it down the line that's into left field for a two-out single Roper will hold at second its first and second for Maris with two out here in the fourth then again you know the runner out should make an attempt to go to third on that balls hit really good but they're gonna give you the base if the first baseman is gonna release and go behind you you take as much as you can and end up a third base on a base hit in steps Frankie Gregoire who we pointed out earlier the most prominent power thread in the Maris lineup preseason Mac Player of the Year good actions it's a good ball club they're gonna hold their own I promise you that it's one a no to Gregoire last year Gregoire with nine home runs first team all back 10 home runs in 2016 first team ball back and with one swing of the bat he could give the visiting Red Foxes a lead with two out here in the fourth see Roper off a second he delivered a check swing RBI single with two away and that's a check swing easy play for Battin field that's that 83 round half thing whatever it is got him off balance got the out tell you what it ends up being a good pitch when it gets an out baton filled retires Gregoire to get out of some fourth inning trouble but the red foxes get one two three and a half 3-1 Oklahoma State I along with these witnesses bear testimony in your marriage commitment with each other through the exchanging of reams and her marriage vows you have plans to lifelong [Applause] when severe weather has you in the dark make sure you have an emergency kit with a flashlight and a radio handy and give us a call when your power's out chances are we're already working to restore your power any day any weather any our hospitals and emergency services are served first in other areas come online as fast and efficiently as possible the most important thing to us is that we all stay safe together headed to the fourth Oklahoma state with two in the first one in the second Marist is countered with one in the top half of this inning in the fourth it's a 3-1 cowboy lead on opening weekend here at LDP Reynolds Stadium the Cowboys will send the 7 8 and 9 hitters in their lineup to the plate against the mayor starter and the Marist AIST Charlie jearlyn Jay Taylor's a big-time prospect Dave he's got the body of the catcher and having some throwing issues right now but you know not afraid to swing the bat got some power great kid great work ethic and likes to talk the game probably right now might need to get some of those thoughts in order you know sometimes you listen to too much go to battle that son on this one and it's dropped by rouse and that'll be an error on the mayor's third baseman nice guy all that indoor baseball you don't get many of those right they're just about hit him in the head yeah I don't think Maris had been even outside from what we understand until last Thursday before the firm had opener in South Carolina so we treat him in Stillwater with an ice storm yeah thanks slowly hit up the middle and Tavares can't come up with it and Taylor's on at first to lead off the Oklahoma State forward hitting back to Jake Taylor I mean this is this is a guy you know we talked before the broadcast about a plan and I'm pretty sure the plan was to have this guy behind the plate a lot and free Colin Simpson up to keep his legs fresh and play a little left field maybe but until you get Jake's throwing issue straightened out Colin's gonna have to catch a bunch I know that the Milligan kid has come along as a catcher he throws good a little guy but sometimes your plan has to get put on the shelf a little bit and break somebody else in here's Carson McCusker that was scored a single by the way for Taylor to lead off the fourth good it's Owen - amazing how 85 can look so fast look quick guys that throw a lot of breaking balls at 85 88 range sometimes can jump on you a little bit 86 I'm not too sure this this guy now is not too creeping up on his pitch count Dave I think he won't extend him a little bit more of this weekend but I don't know that he wanted to go more than 60 70 pitches thank you my mumbled something about 65 pitches may be in I know the temptation sits there when it's 60 degrees and sunny and yeah it got in on him there and got a popup on the infield Lightner making the grab and the one away here in the Oklahoma State fourth that's going up and in on a six foot eight you know hitter that's got a lot of room to go up maybe it'll hit run right here I'd Dawber hit one the other way and Taylor runs good for a catcher no balls in the strike isn't it ironic if you're a fan of the movie major-league Jake Taylor was the catcher for the Cleveland Indians now the state has a catcher named Jake Taylor I just watch Major League the other night I watched major league 1 & 2 you did oh yeah the greatest movie of course is a broadcaster how could you not just thoroughly enjoy Bob Uecker and Harry Doyle the character he played in that movie was absolutely phenomenal and I'll be honest with you the stuff he said on the air is stuff we're thinking about saying but can't he's in a movie so he could not that we're not we're not that funny but Bob that's just running through your mind that way you can't say okay get fired well yeah that's no good no balls and two strikes dude now Bob Uecker seen a lot of baseball games and I bet he's got a lot of funny stories that he can't tell you know because in that movie he tried to tell some of them I just thought a lot of the baseball situations even though I've seen it about six times you go back and you ever seen and you forgot something you know you missed something and every time a situation like the the wildness of the wild the wild thing you know and how you try to pull him through with every different device known to mankind swinging a foul and don't you think I believe this from that movie came out at about the time I was covering some major league baseball just reporting on the st. Louis Cardinals in their opponents I swear to goodness some of those characters evolved out of real people you agree absolutely no I don't want to say any names but I can one in particular I feel certain was and I deserve all of them probably work yeah yeah they had to to develop those characters like that and I won I get I still I Serrano - yes just go you know pick up the bird and left-center field that he hit I mean that just put me in tears dauber hadn't had a good day today with the bat those those situations right there to move runners I mean again that's a guy it has to conquer the short game that's a high fastball out of the zone he's got to have a tight strike zone he's got a you know to get on base with the walk and hit the ball the other way and instead of trying to hit the ball out of the park that's a full swing right there and missed it by a bunch so Rosa has doubled and walked he bats with two out Jake Taylor at first that's a good swing right there and again for a guy that's done a lot of first pitch breaking balls his patterns change a little bit you know he's still a lot of fast balls this inning and you're supposed to go in looking for a fastball and react to the hall speed stuff pretty good pitch pretty good swing but Gregoire makes the grab and that ends the Oklahoma state fourth no runs and a hit for Oklahoma State in the fourth through four in Stillwater on opening weekend Cowboys up over bears 3-1 Polish sausage pulled pork brisket stacked on a barbecue bun throw in the sides and you have yourself the big man man this is your cue red grill keep it saucy hi I'm coach Josh Holliday with Oklahoma State University with approximately 900 Oklahomans waiting for a life-saving transplant I encourage everyone to make the important decision to be an organ eye and tissue donor so check your driver's license for the little red heart if it's not there visit live share okay dot org and join the registry today I have the little red heart do you when I called rib crib because we're fans of rhyme because we make the best ribs of all time so let's go grab your posse this is your cue rib crib keep it saucy top of the fifth plank chicken Cowboys aren't playing chicken they're up 3-1 although they did play a little bit of chicken in the Marist second when the red foxes had the bases loaded and nobody out and got out of it thanks to three strikeouts by the starting pitcher pitcher Mitchell Stone who's done and this is a second inning for Payton backfield in relief yeah you know the game had a great offensive tempo to start with and give credit to the left-hander from Maris I mean he's settled down and maybe you know slow the game down a little bit and this little wall in offense is what Josh is gonna work and work on his batting order to try to eliminate because they come out and jump and score to in her first and you'd like to think that you should you know at least put one on the board about every third inning and it just doesn't happen yet like we said earlier five or six runs with with the good pitching staff should win a lot of baseball games no balls and two strikes to the cleanup hitter for Maris to Andrew Rowsey on it's interesting too that you mentioned that and we talked to Josh earlier this week the thing he said out of the Texas State series was he was concerned about some of the spots toward the bottom of the order and having that consistent production you were speaking of that was the one thing that seemed to jump out for him as far as reviewing that three-game series of which the Cowboys won - last weekend at Texas State and that's where we've got some of the new guys I guess yeah and that's why if I'm if I'm sitting on a bench and and I'm a good player and we're creeping up on five games on the season and I haven't been given a real good opportunity maybe one star or maybe two or three at-bats you know you don't give up and you don't sit down and ruefully guy in front of you to make outs but what you do is just make sure that when when your opportunity happens that you're ready for and again these guys got off the bus Sunday night really really late probably Monday morning and you know they weren't outside until yesterday and yesterday was a hit inside play outside game so I would I would have to say maybe the hitters are a little bit behind right now and again you know five runs and not bad that's a high breaking ball I mean certainly everybody in the stands wants to strike on that but swing and a Miss and there's one away in the Maris bid if if that's the slider he's not getting a lot of a lot of run in it but he is certainly conquering that that off-speed yeah that's that's slider not quicker than his curveball and looks like he likes it heywhat 283 minor Snider's another plate coach in ski hit hard to second no play and it's a one-out single for Greg Kachinsky there you go they just continue to keep the pressure on the mound great effort it's one of those plays even on the dive if he makes it if he catches it on the dive he's not gonna throw him out and it's Owen 1/2 man I had seven mares catcher 87 on his fastball Dave it's starting to warm up a little bit yeah he's you throw that thing you find it you know and sometimes it takes a while to establish your off-speed stuff but fastball still still the best pitch you got Kachinsky offer first after a one-out single yeah pretty good setup move right there that that one it's not intended to pick him off now we'll see if he comes back and goes to his quick move to first nope it's one in one slider outside looking for the DoublePlay ball which is your best friend you get that slider in the outside corner sure it gets there one ball two strikes eighty-one more curvy stand slider maybe it's early but you know normally you can identify the difference between the curve of the slider two balls and two strikes Maris last year NCAA tournament team played Florida tough yeah first game a regionals one-run game in the late innings and lost to Bethune Cookman so they were to it out well as quiet victories was just you know you want to make sure Florida had to sweat that game and said he felt good one Solly brought his closer in in the seventh curveball and that's a base hit into left field it'll be runners at first and second with one out for Marist here in the fifth and they've threatened in almost every inning so far just have the one run in the fourth to show for it Curt balls good just up kind of been up all day but up in the strike zone you know it's not like he's missing and you know you get better Dave you get better you know we're sitting here in February and down the road he's gonna throw that hammer in a dirt people you know start trusting the catcher to block it strike people out with the curveball and it's in the contacts really hard to explain and sometimes you do it sometimes you do it by accident you don't know you're doing it Chris trash homered yesterday he's there with runners at first and second it's one out here in the fifth and it's own one to him last year go ahead last year mayor's to respectable 112 in the RPI out of the Mac which is one of the bottom five conferences as far as conference RPI is concern which is certainly not unusual or unexpected from a team a rather accomplished that has teams basically in the upper northeast where the weather is not very favorable as far as baseball is concerned but the our pot RPI is the it's the reasoning and scheduling I mean it's everything you do is about the RPI and yet you still have to play a schedule that helps helps develop your ballclub but shoot to be able to get a conference champion to command early in the season I guess you know that's that's good schedule Arkansas Little Rock in the middle of the week next week that's that's right honest you know that'll be good and Arizona State next weekend why not it's what we do good swing these guys don't they don't do anything funny you know this isn't like a team that's thought to do you know strange things everything everything they do is pretty darn solid swings are good their arms on the mound are good or there's definition in their pitches and kind of it's a good statement for their league and a good statement for Chris count remains one and two Marist about 80 miles north of New York City in Poughkeepsie along the Hudson in a beautiful beautiful part of the country I'm told I've never been there but the walkway Over the Hudson the pedestrian bridge I saw some pictures of that doing some research what a beautiful place the longest elevated pedestrian span in the world 1.3 miles across and that's a softly hit base hit into Center Kachinsky coming home to score and the cowboy lead has been cut to 3 to 2 on an RBI base hit by Chris trans last week they had one game it got away and the other two were one-run games and you know we're sitting here looking at a one-run game yesterday was a 2 run game and you know they're they've proven I got to hang around and again that ball wasn't roped but it was put in play and it was another one of those sliders that were talking about I'll never forget the regional tournament that Harvard came in here and they had the early game against UCLA UCLA was loaded it was a 16 regional and I walked in I did want to get her too early you know I knew I was gonna be here about 12 hours that day anyway and I said over those pitchers and left and I watched Harvard beat UCLA and I was like oh my goodness really we're gonna win this thing you know UCLA's gonna get knocked out when I gotta have to be done even though we anticipated playing them and they did the proverbial they dodged they didn't pitch parquet who was their ace and Harvard beats them and I said man I'll tell you what that's got to be a good Harvard team we better go in and do our homework on Harvard and UCLA beat us on the last day of their angel mm-hmm and they got hot and we couldn't get him out and we had two guys that end up pitch in the big leagues throwing on the last day you know david Mauer and Scott Williamson and they punched us out they didn't it wasn't a 3-2 with umpire mistake no we had got beat up two balls in the strike to Matt Rubio one out and already a run in for Maris they've out hit the Cowboys 9 to 6 but the folks have a 3-2 lead Eastern teams at the end of the season you know they're they're different animals they're just as good as anybody in the country well it's interesting you say that because back in 2005 Maris started the year 1 and 11 went 32 and 8 the rest of the way to advance to the NCAA Regionals Wow so that kind of illustrates the point now look bit of abide here for Payton batten field he's already allowed one run in this inning two during his released in so far it's a three in one pitch coming up to her bio and it's now three and two at 87 looked really quick right - after the barrage of sliders and curveballs and change ups I think I think it's a bit of a guessing game right now I think I think they're trying to figure out whether they're gonna go hard at them or finessing and sometimes it ends up in those little bloop singles like we've seen another jam job Dobbs able to make the throw to second who record the second out here in the fifth it'll be first in third with two away yeah it could have been a double play ball you know if he gets a real queen a real clean pick up and it stays down throws it from there but would have been interesting to see if he picks it up clean but he got his ground ball that's that's what batten was trying to do right there he was trying to milk a ground ball out of the hitter and get a pinch hitter coming up [Music] yeah one of those things that slows the game down but pinch hitter is Reese Armitage whose 1 for 4 on the year he is pinch-hitting for the 9th place hitter Patrick Lightner I know we got somebody up in the bullpen but it's a right-hander so you don't worry about trying to run him in the game right here Hermitage of freshman behind in the count Owen 1 well if he's a freshman he's gonna he's gonna see the change-up he's gonna see the off-speed stuff make him look for off-speed stuff and trying to sneak a fastball buying late runner goes from first throw down to second Andrew bio is safe so it's second and third with two out here at the Maris fin now let your first baseman cover the ground ball hole no harm done right there and gotta go get the hitter good challenge for Banfield battefield at 42 pitches here in his second inning of work good block by Simpson it's two-in-one kind of yank that changeup right there see this is this is where it does get slowed down Dave and that new clock thing I think there's still I think they turn it off with runners on base but again you still want to fight for that rhythm on the mound yeah you don't want you you don't want to go from fifteen seconds to 30 seconds because that body you pitchers body gets in rhythm that's why they call it that you know guys condition them to work quick you got to work quick don't don't slow down it's 3 and 1/2 Armitage and Roper who has two hits today would be next the count is full three and two three one changeup and pretty good pretty good at-bat to take it I don't want to hit a 3-1 change that's not when I'm looking 3-1 fastball big 3-2 pitch coming to Armitage swinging an innocent baton field gets out of the fifth back-to-back changeups but Maris gets one run on three hits the red foxes about hit the Cowboys nine six but halfway home here at Stillwater its the Pokes who hold a three to two lead over barest [Applause] [Music] I received [Music] time to do what must be done I did it here's to the friends you can always count on [Music] hey it's never too early to think about your summer plans for your kids and how to make them better at the sports that they love the most coach Boynton coach Gundy with Coach Holliday and coach Smith in the men's basketball football baseball and wrestling camps throughout the summer months individual and team camps opportunities for your children or perhaps if you're a youngster looking in on today's telecast chance to learn from the best in the world coaching their individual sports and we invite you to take advantage of those chances you'd good ok state comm and click on the various individual sport team pages and find out how you can come to campus and roam the playing field and the playing floor where the Cowboys roam and sharpen your skills this summer you know Dave there's no better way to get recruited didn't go into camp I mean don't don't bank on a service to get you a scholarship I've got to go to a camp see the coach in action warm up to the situation and so many times kids are 1415 years old to go to a camp they fall in love with a coach and that's why they want to go to school mat crew and leading off for Oklahoma State here in the bottom of the fifth that's getting comfortable with a bat this guy acts like I think he wants to to be a guy good swing they said Kroon leads off this fifth with a single I know one thing Maris does they're gonna get their bullpens in today they've met somebody up almost every inning so maybe some of the guys that are throwing next week of its own but they're they're not gonna get caught in the middle of a big inning right here it looks like this kind of mound it's like maybe a hitter to hit it right now Dave right as competitive as he is you still don't want to hurt him this early in the season Charlie's early it's thrown 62 pitches he's the merest ace his Colin Simpson fouls off the first pitch but he's still working his way back from injury exactly was limited in his first start last weekend at Furman here's Colin Simpson in the first an RBI double high off the wall in center field but thrown out trying to turn it into a triple came off the bag I would think a good offensive at-bat right here would eliminate Jarrell a bit gonna pop up to the left side third baseman lost it and Taveras can't come up with it and that's a bloop single for Simpson it's first and second nobody out for Oklahoma State and it's been how about that man those power guys when they get one of those set that's a that's a beautiful thing because he's getting hit a bunch of rockets right at people this year and get nothing but gotta have some of this right here this is baseball now the left fielder wasn't as quick to that one as he was earlier in a game and that's the soft outfield that ball didn't go anywhere when it hit the ground so I would think if Chris has somebody in that bullpen that he likes that you might seem right here John littell do up and he's already homered in this game a solo homer following up Simpsons RBI devil Simpson thrown out at third as you saw on the replay part of the two-run cowboy first right-hander warming up that you may have seen on the screen is Tyler Deardon right here you know don't let that right-hander be a factor Johnny take care of this left-hander and start separating a little bit 3 2 and the fifth the bullpen was used yesterday you know you're gonna gonna double up today maybe croon off of second Simpson at first and they'll fouls that one away and a bad swing don't become defensive John stay aggressive because what you don't want right here is you don't want him to fight for contact and hit into a double play no the order for a reason turn the barrel loose Oh nobody out here in the cowboy v I bet that's been called a Stryker - back in New York that's a pretty good pitch it's got to be a nice piece in the bullpen for Oklahoma State maybe even a starter for him another one in got in there same spot into shallow left and Tavares makes the play in foul ground there's one away here in the Oklahoma State VIN now that's hard to do Dave had two balls are exactly the same now this kind of mounds a guy you know he's he's getting after he's competing and to leave him in against the for old right-hand hitter that's already hit one out of the park pitch count forced Josh to go to the bench here bring the right hand maybe we will see Christian funk Chris traz the head coach at Maris making his way out to the mound as we talked about earlier took the head coaching job at age 27 won the MAC Championship last year they finished tied for second Maris did in the regular season and then won the conference tournament to advance and went oh and two in the regionals and Joey will stay in the game I think that's a case where he actually listened to the pitcher I think he talked him out of it the coach give me another hitter now he's really got to come back and back that up right here that was the slow walk and I think the guy and appends ready that's the right-hander Deardon that you see on your screen so new snifter it's walked and flied out and it's one a no to him he's 2 for 8 on the season yeah Michaels gotta make him pay for that you know you want me okay that's let's hook it up right here buddy and it's fouled third-base side one and one good changeup yeah you see a couple you see a guy I started a couple of times you know you got to nail him on that third time up basically you've seen it all and he's getting up to that pitch count point about due for a mistake just told you coach give me a couple more hitters hit and run on Camden runners will advance to away on the ground out by new stiff torque ruined to third and Simpson into second yeah wonder if that's a hit-and-run her just started to runners so Kate capitis who's 1 for 13 on the season but remember was out with a broken finger and only had four preseason at-bats before the season opening Series last Friday rather the season opening game in a series last weekend the opener at Texas State he's right there in the lineup so he's working his way back into form has an RBI opportunity here with runners at second and third you see Simpson there and crew in at third with two out in the fifth you know journalist actually you know Scheldt a bit more velocity than he's had to hold volume he's 85 87 now you know much above 85 ever early of course there was a lot of off-speed stuff thrown in there but no knees coming off of injury - as we've referenced yeah pretty good fastball right there this is where young hitters grow right here you know for cabinets to hit a good left hander do so much for his confidence down the road two balls and a strike the cabinets it's 2 & 2 cabinets seeking his first hit against a lefty this year he's oh four five against lefties and something that you know quietly you don't want it to be an issue but it'll it'll go it'll go to bed with Josh every time they play a ball game you know is he gonna you know be a platoon guy or am I gonna be able to play against lefties and yep you know somewhere in a 15 18 game range to to prove what you can do and some of those guys that have stardom written on them you'll want to let him grow through it but you don't want to let them crash and burn either you know if it just becomes obvious that a couple of these left-handers can't yet lefties then the coach has to protect them and play a right-hand hitter how do you know the difference it by observing you just got to absolutely watch it see if there's a thing that's developing when the lefty shows up and you see that all no I don't want to hit against this left you think kids never say it you just you have to pay attention as a coach you try to get him as much BP you know lefty on lefty and righty on righty but there comes a time what do they say that's why the head coach makes the big money mm-hmm you got to make the decision for me I mean you get them every opportunity like right here I think Simpsons kind of earned that respect in Cades on the edge you don't see it and you don't hit it then you never develop confidence in doing it and percentages are gonna exist forever in this game you got to look at Simpson for a moment off of second kroons at third cabinets strikes out to into Oklahoma State v off-speed pitch 73 off of 86 very good reason why that guy right there is a picture of the of the year in that league surely gets out of a jam the cowboy start to fifth with a pair of singles but strand two after five three to Oklahoma State I along with these witnesses bear testimony in your marriage commitment with each other through the exchanging of rings and your marriage vows you have pledged to lifelong [Music] [Applause] after a car accident the last thing you want to worry about is who to call to get a tow start a claim find a repair shop and get a rental car but when your auto insurance is triple a they take care of everything for you and it all starts with one question is everyone okay insurance that's not just insurance cowboy baseball is brought to you by triple-a insurance at home or on the road triple-a insurance headed to vi Oklahoma stayed up 3-2 over Marist in a new pitcher for Oklahoma State the right-hander Bentley / making his second appearance of the year leaper the third Oklahoma State pitcher to work today Mitchell stones started work the first three got out of a bases-loaded nobody out jam in the second with three straight strikeouts then a to an extent for Payton batten field and now leaper will face the top of the order the end embarrassed sixth inning Oklahoma State with two in the first one of the second Maris with a single run in the fourth and a single run in the fifth the red fox is about hit the Cowboys nine to eight and Bentley fur as I mentioned making his second appearance of the year and you know Davis another one of those guys that has fought injuries and everybody who dug out when he throws and scrimmage games they get excited and be nice to see him during the staff and he's a command guy that'll run it up to 90 and and I think he's probably gone above 90 and just appreciates every opportunity that he gets to go out there but as this and you gotta call it a new pitching staff develops this guy right here is one of those guys that has to come out of that that bunch of guys and become a guy one ball and two strikes to Jordan Roper who's you know it takes you ten or twelve guys to get through a season and then postseason you can you can win with six six or seven guys but it's a long season and you know without getting Parker Scott back and without Jensen Elliott you don't know for sure if we're gonna get that boy what-what opportunity is there right now I mean boy as a pitcher I just I'd be anxious to go to the yard every day I'd be begging for an inning here and there count remains 3 and 2 to Roper who has a pair of singles 3 2 pitch fouled away I think don't early season baseball is it's it's good it's good for the fans to see what the team looks like I mean it's hard to get in the mood in February to drive to Stillwater see a baseball game I understand that but when you can see it and see that we're gonna be good Dobbs and there before you know and they're a fun team to watch and the games are very competitive it kind of brings you you know into the mood of baseball and that's a good pitch right there you got on the outside third make a lot of times in college baseball you look up before you see a game on television you know you know teams are halfway through the season sure and everything is already established this is gonna give you a chance to see a team grow team grow into a team and you're gonna see experiments you're gonna sit there and second-guess things which the sport provides more second-guessing than any other sport but bottom line is you got to you got to play early season baseball to get ready and and you got to pitch guys in situations remember there's a game on Tuesday the weather the weather man singing rain or not there's a game on Tuesday so now you you know you figured out why Brady Basso didn't pitch today you know you almost have to believe he's going to be your starter on Tuesday and I wouldn't be surprised today to see to see Carson till closes ballgame you know I don't think you're gonna see land hard but I think Varela last week made enough of an impression to be a late inning guy and Nats into centerfield that's a one-out single by Tavares and he's two for three on the day he just hits it where there's grass you know he just did a pesky guide it puts it in play and look up two base hits high fastball in in steps Frankie Gregoire Oh for three today and seeking his first home run of the year he's hit nineteen over the past two seasons nine a year ago and ten in 2016 preseason Mac Player of the Year and leaper working in his first inning third cowboy pitcher to work today that's the second might be two out at second out at first and that ends the Mareth six that has a tough double play wasn't real pretty but it was done turned the pitchers best friend and the Cowboys through five and a half with a one-run lead [Music] [Applause] [Music] rising from the plains of Oklahoma is a destination for scholars and thinkers dreamers and doers this is where hope hardwork and integrity create tomorrow's catalysts for change and excellence is the standard demanded not only of your head but your heart this is Oklahoma State University America's brightest orange 3 to Oklahoma State as we go to the bottom of the sixth in our former player spotlight one of yours Carlos Gautreaux yeah what I what a competitor fierce individual he was he was a guy that you have to have on every ballclub and would fight for every at-bat and wasn't afraid to let you know that he knew the game of baseball and and got he led to conference and hitting and just just one of those players you you you look at it you look for him in recruiting you don't know for sure you know how much top site there is and Carlos gave us two wonderful years and as a former player now he's done real well in the world of life and trying to give back a little bit and help us out and put these games on television but yeah what look at that face right John Custer remember how he was always dirty you know always like that sweaty dirty guy that still in a base he could play hit and run with him because he had remarkable back control and and I think did he hit 400 I mean come on new pitcher for Marist Charlie journalist day is done Tyler Deardon making his second appearance of the year right Andrew injure laughter a couple of tough innings to start the game really settled in surely goes five innings allowed three runs on eight hits walked two struck out five he gave up two in the first one in the second and three scoreless after that pretty good command of course the head coach is a pitcher you know you think he's gonna demand that location location location it's amazing how 85-86 if phone in the right spot can look really hard to hit you know technically that's at 85 86 category right now that's BP Tyler Deardon the senior got that fastball in right there I mean they know what they're doing I mean that's two fastballs away fastball in hitter looking slider away and gets the fastball in it's pretty hard to hit a hit anything you know cuz again not that you guess but you do look and chris has done a really good job of these pitchers of moving the eyes there's two balls and two strikes good waste pitch right there see what he's setting up this right here will tell the next guy on deck what kind of pitcher he is Wow I would have to say this guy's gonna throw the fastball all over the place this guy will pitch to contact then there's one out here in the Oklahoma State 6th and knowing Taylor's you know young and inexperienced ok if you could just go into that mind right now he was looking breaking ball mckusker the number 8 hole hitter looks at ball 1 the merits pitcher Deardon only pitched in three games last year due to injury started six games in 2015 his first inning of relief and McCusker lists that out to centerfield he can't extend away he got extended Dave but his hips were already open when the hands came through and that's just a routine fly ball out he got him right there when that guy unravels on time he hits it a mile you know and again I think as this thing progresses you know where Josh uses him and against who you know who he uses him against to be fun to watch because he's a home run guy wanna know - Dobbs who has struck out twice wanted one it's a big swing for 165 pounds shortstop Wow Bob's a starter at shortstop was the starter a year ago so got a lot as we talked about a lot evolving with this team crew and of course transfer taking over as a starter from day one at third base Garrett binge of course left early to go to the draft after a fantastic year in 2017 first base was manned by Dustin Williams for the most part the last two years and so you've got an evolving situation at first base as well and some other position battles for sure we'll be watching yeah I don't think that things are settled this is I would say a month from now you could see two or three other people in in the lineup you know and you've got to give people time we can't just play them one day and two at-bats and then put another guy and give him to it bad to let him play it off you let him play you guys see how they handle the game situation and you just hit him up around the shoulder area so Dobbs at first with two out absolutely no intention psyche over threw that fastball and just barely grazed him now what he's got to do Dave he has to get down at first base right here and steal second you know that's that's got to be a part of his game I know he had a back issue that kind of put his career in jeopardy too but batting order has been turned over right here but still got to try to score to the top of the order and Rosa looks at ball one talk about Cameron Dobbs back injury his senior year he went through some difficult times all right you got a chance to see his move knockin dauber get an extra step on that move I think he did Dobbs at first after being hit by a pitch with two away yeah Dobbs it had some issues with his back on and off with lower back pain and so forth senior year had an MRI that showed he had a ruptured disc ruptured the l4 and l5 Rosa with a pop-up into shallow left Tavares can't make the play Dobbs goes to third it'll be first and third with two out here in the sixth you know Dave that that's the left fielders ball and that is a very very slow left field so in in defense of Maris don't think that just because it's a pop-up it should be caught that left fielder should have come but it's pretty soggy out there and as a result of your shortstops trying to cover you trying to take that that shallow zone away and that that ball right there should have been called off it again it's gonna go down as a base hit and scored an error on the shortstop so be the second error for bears today really that's a little surprising yeah cuz that's that's tough play I mean shoot early in a season you know we're at home you gotta give our home guys to pay sit on that and have a little respect for that shortstop when a pretty good player it's kind of funny though how much trouble they're having with the Sun the wind is not blowing as hard out to left field as it was early in the game still blowing out to left it may be 10 mile-per-hour yeah I don't I don't know Aunt Polly gave it an extra five or six feet but it was pretty deep yeah you play that no doubles defense and that's what happens it opens up those angles on the foul line that flares you can't get to a flare there's no way and again they're well coached and and they we didn't get a double so we didn't score a run either two outs no harm done and a 1-1 pitch coming to croon and roasted back to first I think it's another running opportunity right here make them handle the ball first and third see if they're there timing on that play is down see if they throw through Rossa does have a stolen base this year it's one in two to croon this guy's swinging a bat pretty good good guy to have up right here trying to add to that lead a little bit crude over three but an RBI groundout in the second trying to give the Cowboys a little more insurance nursing a one run lead here in the bottom of the sixth Cowboys led three nothing after two the one two fouled away good location not me it has made a mistake I mean the guy on the mound can't feel too bad about the results so far come on kid get you a big pace it right here too short Tavares whoo it's a second in time and that retires Oklahoma State here in the sixth he almost pulled him off the bag with that throw little n done it short right now I think Cowboys threatened with two out but leave two through six in Stillwater it's a 3-2 to Oklahoma State lead it was America's last frontier this territory was a tapestry of Indian nations and horizons open to settlers whose courage and optimism sustained the dream of carving a living from this land thank first is loyal to the spirit every settlers share that hard work pays off and neighbors stick together through good times and bad thank first is loyal to our mission to grow this state are being deeply rooted in many communities where each bank is run by local leaders whose decisions benefit their own hometowns and customers we believe it's the best way to realize this state's great promise Bank first loyal to Oklahoma - you gave two of this shortened Series game - in the final game of the two games set three to Oklahoma State lead through six Marist out hit the Cowboys yesterday but the Cowboys came away with a 5-3 win so far the red foxes with ten hits but a couple of bears Cowboys with eight hits and Bentley / out there for Oklahoma State for his second inning of relief work he's the third cowboy pitcher to work today Mitchell still and the freshman started and worked three innings of scoreless baseball kind of weaving in and out of trouble good out good outing for the room for five and six hitters due up for Marist third baseman Andrew rouse now 5 for 19 out of the year he looks at strike one from leaper now if Lieber can take care of this inning right here Dave now you get to go to your setup in your closer and this guy will have had a great outing you know that's kind of the the short life that you have to think about when you're pitching and kind of learned this when I went down work with Augie and you know you're always going to learn something as long as your mind is open and he kept telling me that you know the way these kids are today you've got to give them a target they have to target how many outs are gonna get there better if they're if you do that if you just put them in and just let them pitch the trouble all the time then you're gonna be tempted to take them out or leave them in just give them a target yeah let them know they're gonna you take it take pitch two innings get it to the next guy that's your job and you know what no grass school taught me something and I firmly believed in it from that point you know kids today you're pitching the bullpen you don't know what your what your my here for the rest of the game am I supposed to pace myself those are things you've got a Dodge when you're a relief pitcher but it's different now the big leagues now with starters maybe only you know guy goes five or six I thinks it the most is it different there because guys pretty much know correct me if I'm wrong seventh eighth ninth for the most part have a pretty good idea or no yeah I mean I think that theory that that he introduced to me is prevalent pro baseball I mean now there's a sixth inning guy a seventh inning guy an eighth inning guy and a ninth inning guy and they're making good money oh yeah and in teams are they're building it that way they you pitched five or six now they say I can take him out and save him and he'll make it through the season you got major leaguers starters don't even get 200 pitches because of the roles of the bullpen guys you know is that good or bad I don't know it's a long season I mean shoot if it helps us start or get through the season it's a good thing but again it's a little bit of that mentality let them know what your job is like in the fifth I'm a seventh inning guy I'm stretching I'm playing little catch that sixth innings done I know I'm in there in the seventh I get ready well you got it you got to put that mind at ease you know this this game is played between the shoulders and relief pitching is tough and loiter they seem to be surfacing I mean good relief pitchers in college now are getting drafted high oh yeah cuz they already know how to pitch all the bullpen and that never used to be the case no never never in fact if you couldn't start in college you get very seldom ever see a relief pitcher get a chance to play pro baseball browse it first after a leadoff walk in coach in ski a two four three afternoon for him so far yeah I would guess so you think about Major League Baseball there's big big money invested in quality starting pitching and I would guess that somebody at some point maybe thought you know what we need these guys to be available the entire year why would we why would we exhaust the people we have the most money invested in by the second week of August is that you think there's any truth to that or no I would buy into that that's just a theory but again if I'm gonna give you 25 million then I expect Clayton Kershaw to go seven or eight every time since the flip side of it isn't it yeah that's kind of the other side to that when you find that Bumgarner you know I mean you know Darvish pitches five innings this year I don't think the Cubs are gonna feel real good about that I mean I think they absolutely intend for him to go seven because the Cubs have had to redo their bullpen theory a little bit you know they don't have that that loaded thing that they had a couple of years ago so I don't know Dave I think I think there are certain starters and have that tag that you know they're gonna go seven or eight I mean Verlander I mean look what he did last year for the Astros in in late in a season like that he's having a you know he's having a just a good year not agree yeah then all the sudden at the end he's great but I'm telling you when that guy touches the ball he's going he's not worried about next year he's gonna go if his arm blows it blows you know those kind of guys you gotta have those guys on your pitching staff cuz you can wear your bullpen out I mean this this making 7080 appearances on relievers it's a reason their pattern is good year average you're good you're bad year that is interesting it does work that way doesn't it oh absolutely that's why they get good money but they get short term contracts runner goes that's fouled away by coach in ski and you know what's funny - I guess let's stop and think about it this off the top of my head it's also why you know you think about your your elite closers their time at the top of the hill so to speak for the most part short right right for that same reason absolutely I mean you know if you're if you have a good ballclub Davey you could pitch a hundred times oh yeah I don't think about that we're up to two one and a ninth nope get your closer in right well yeah because your starters taking a hike after seven he did his job you know he feels good about it but gotta have it ain't the 90 thing I would almost think that you should have two closers if you have a good team you have a really good ballclub you should expect to be in every game I'd have two closers one from each side no one they can go Friday night and then if he goes for outs 30 pitches the next day I can go with my second guy but not necessarily a righty and Lefty just two just two guys that I feel good about closing games so I don't blow the blow the closer up I mean right now you'd almost have to bet on five or six teams win in 100 games this year maybe three and two now all basic Jansky all the baseball right now thinks that pennants are over there six guys gonna win him and they can go to Las Vegas and put your money on those six guys well those six guys are gonna have to make sure that that bullpen doesn't get blown up and yet they're all collecting starting pitchers brows let off this inning with a walk leaper in his second inning of relief and now with a big 3-2 pitch coming to Kachinsky it's a big situation for Libra right here you know the leadoff walk never is a good thing but this Center right here you got to have contact and we're late enough in this ballgame where every out can turn a game around so you know activity in the bullpen yeah you expect it now the interesting thing is you know who's it gonna be because again you still got to keep an eye on Tuesday you know it's just a day away and early season which one's more important Arkansas a little rocker Marist doesn't they're both important so you got to win today and worry about Tuesday on Tuesday but still gotta have somebody to run out there and preferably figure on getting four or five innings out of a starter this time of the year but this games gotten real tense right here full count pitch misses and it's 1st and 2nd nobody out for Marist here at the 7th yeah we're in trouble and and the bunt play is gonna be an order probably won't matter who it is the catcher Matty and Tosca's do up Rob Walton making a trip to the mound you see a couple of right-handers working in the cowboy bullpen yes see I feel for Lieber because he had a really good inning you know and now he won't even know I mean two walks you don't know you don't know anything you don't know where they hit me or not you know I didn't give him a chance say one thing he's not he's not short on competitiveness is he robbed leave him in right here and try to milk a ground ball but he might be a good defender you may want him in the game right here to pick up the bunt got to make sure you getting out on the button right here then you got a decision to make whether you want to walk a guy and play for a double play to right-handers working in the Oklahoma State bullpen Raisa alia Z's and CJ Varella now what are they gonna do in the big leagues this year Dave six or is that just exhibition season six trips to the mound during a game that's it mm-hmm hit pitching coach or manager or catcher six trips I mean that sounds like a lot but it's not many is not that many is it I mean especially the communication gap you know some of the catchers have to you know get an interpreter out there to talk to the pitcher man i antoshka at the plate first and second nobody out for Maris in the seventh no no show up on and Maris has already left 10 runners on base and the bases-loaded nobody out in the second and didn't score they have squandered some chances try not to repeat that here then one chopped up some dives and can't get it not many catcher not many catchers will make that play right there and I'll tell you what Simpson was there and probably on contact with the ground he fumbled Colin Simpson was an elite gymnast as a youngster incredibly athletic man you look at his body and you say well that guy can't be that athletic old do not be fooled you see right there under yeah who's there the ground caused the fumble did he catch it no oh one pitch to antoshka that is bunted to the mound it'll punt better hurry and there's one away but the runners go to second and third but that's impressive right turn really well-placed bunt knowing that's a bunt situation throws him a breaking ball and he still put it in play and they got a break that tank didn't hold on to that bunt so let's see if they take advantage of it but decisions right here you bring a lefty to get this guy or do you walk this guy and play four double play because the next two guys are right-handed and you'd be down in the eighth and ninth hole you know the interesting thing is Tom correct me if I'm wrong outside of Carson teal who is the closer the Cowboys haven't used another left-handed reliever and I don't know where coherent is maybe he's you know a little bit sore right now I don't know that but Brady Basso the the lefty that we're assuming is going to pitch on Tuesday because that's why you know he didn't pitch today right so does he become a one hitter a guy today maybe there you go now there's the answer to your question but razz up they're going to put him on with one out kind of this early season game but we're in the seventh inning of a one-run ball game you don't have time to sit back and say oh I should have walked him you know no it's we're there this game is on the line and her bio on deck I do think we'll see a pitching change Oh David I think we'll see I know rez is a good sinker baller with a good fastball at least he showed it yesterday and Varela has a good breaking ball so whatever wherever the guy still matches up best against the eight nine hole to give Lieber this opportunity right here says a lot you know again it's another guy you're trying to pull out of that little bunch and see if we can count on him so big hitter big at-bat big moment in the game and row bios swings at the first pitch and fouls it away bases-loaded one out for Marist as I mentioned earlier they've already stranded 10 failed to score with the bases-loaded nobody out in the second the cowboy is trying to work another I would say the outside third is open on this guy good pitch it's one in one Cowboys trying to work out of another Jam a soonerlater in in this at-bat he's gonna have to pitch to contact you know hopefully keep it on the ground but just by watching it was kind of looks like he's he's into the new thing he wants to hit it in the air back shoulders collapsing and he's got his barrel going up in the air and that's it right there you thought right there this guy can't hit it that that new new approach to hitting the pitcher can pitch down and away hard or slider can't touch it and by the way you're allowed to strike out now so it's not what Maris is hoping for here with the belt loaded in one out it's what Oklahoma State once a swing and a Miss and leaper strikes out rib eye oh and there's two away he actually married seven he pitched him perfectly you know the holes in that swing he touched he touched the holes down and away and then high fastball he that golf swing up hill all the way we used to get that swing and fix it really that that was like oh my goodness I might take that swing we're gonna have to get it more of a down angle through the ball instead of uphill nope that's that's your new controversial hitting topic in bases-loaded two-out Reece Armitage freshman looks at strike one good pitch good game face on the mound guy just needs to touch the ball some more it's 1 in 1 2 for Oklahoma State in the first one in the second Marist with single runs into 4th and 5th and the bases loaded with one out before we're bios struck out now 1 1 count 2 Armitage popped him up in the left good he hit far enough to catch it and Maris leaves the bases loaded for the second time today the red foxes have stranded 13 to 7 innings the cowboys dodging trouble as we stretch here in the seventh osu with a one run lead over Marist [Applause] [Music] received [Music] the time to do what must be done I did it here's to the friends you can always count on [Music] Central Institute of human performance bringing you the seventh-inning stretch here at ally P Reynolds stadium you'll notice and you'll see this change in April and May the stands below us in the shade are empty everybody out in the sunlight making sure they can stay warm on a pretty Pleasant February day here at the ballpark mid 50s Oklahoma stayed up 3-2 over Marist and the red foxes as we pointed out now stranded 13 runners in today's game Game two of this shortened to game set you know if you have to give our fans credit for being smart enough to get out of the shade and get out in the Sun you could get a little redness on your face today oh absolutely I guess the best place to be in that know maybe over here on the first base side for about five innings and then go to the third base side there's Tony Romanelli the left-hander oh boy I bet this guy's in Italian what do you think I'd say so they call him the earth and Roman le I believe from what we can gauge from coach traz their most trusted reliever and he can give them from what Coach trash told us again makes their bullpen a little bit unique is what he's telling us about this morning as well as he feels like with Roman le and really just about anybody he puts out there from the bullpen they can go two three maybe even four innings and he's got a quick arm I watched him warming up down there I was wondering you know if he was the next guy coming Romanelli [Music] made 23 appearances last year the opponents only hit 184 against him he was their closer a year ago functioning in that role again this year had nine saves and four Romanelli this season his second appearance facing the middle of the cowboy order here in the seventh Colin Simpson leading off pretty good matchup right here their best lefty and our best lefty hitter since him with an RBI double in the first it's sweeping fastball or a little cutter Carter action Simpson now heading to count two and OH gonna get a little challenge right here huh OOP stayed away three and Otis Simpson thing has good action in it gonna be hard for lefty to pulling nope it's a strong part it doesn't give in those balls were all borderline you know but again there should be a little comfort zone playing at home all right Dave here we go do you button a four-hole right here especially if the guy's had two really good at-bats including that home run in the first or Oh TV power play of the game get a one-run lead skies a really good Bunner so showed bunt Romanelli throws a strike play it through the bat right here Patel 1 for 17 on the year say one thing it brought the third baseman in so he gets something he can turn on it'll be to his advantage no it's going to now definitely not a running opportunity left and err on the mound and your catcher on first so you're not gonna run it's 1 & 2 2 littell new snifter is the hitter on deck for Oklahoma State Cowboys won the first game of the series yesterday 5-3 jumps out to a 4-1 lead and held off the red foxes down the stretch you know and through the through the length of the game to have kept these two guys in this spot and now Romanelli shows up left-handed it kind of plays right to your patients have mattel and new Stift are coming but they got to do it you know it's a it's the seventh inning that's where you get your big hits when the game's on the line remains 2 & 2 pads still a little little action of being fooled right there nobody out here in the seventh Simpson at first after a four pits leadoff walk Romanelli the closer for Marist on the mound facing John littell and into Center Armitage records out number one hard to get a good pass on a ball up and in so here's new sifter how people can talk about the short game small ball whatever you want you know the failure to move that guy to second right there if we don't score and it cost you a run it's gonna keep you on your edge of your seat for the 8th to 9th cuz you have a little cushion right here and grounded foul Cowboys have failed on a couple of opportunities Dobbs been a bunting situation in the early innings just unable to advance a runner uncharacteristic because I know they they do emphasize that the bunting it goes back to the point though you made earlier though and I'm of course you talked about bunting being something that should be ingrained but some ways playing this weekend almost like starting over you don't have a midweek game you played last weekend three games your first three games set of the year and then Tuesday's game was iced out against Oral Roberts that's the third could be to the second for one back to first double play yep alright now you got that little monkey there you know you didn't get it done and you hit into a double play that first hitter out and they in the 8th through 7 in Stillwater Oklahoma State hanging on to a 3-2 lead over Marist this is the all-new Chevy Equinox it offers rear seat reminder built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi apple carplay compatibility and teen driver technology now to get all these features you need all six of those crossovers yep and you still wouldn't get everything that's in the sequence fix cars in one get 0% financing for 60 months or get $1,500 total cash allowance on this 2018 Chevy Equinox LT Chevy drives Oklahoma find new roads when severe weather has you in the dark make sure you have an emergency kit with a flashlight and a radio handy and give us a call when your power's out chances are we're already working to restore your power any day any weather any our hospitals and emergency services are served first and other areas come online as fast and efficiently as possible the most important thing to us is that we all stay safe together cowboy baseball is brought to you by og e power at the speed of life and by Express employment we're on a mission to put 1 million people to work annually tent it to the 8th here at Stillwater and Oklahoma State with a 3 to 2 lead over Marist Bentley per out therefore what will be his third inning of relief work he's the third Oklahoma State pitcher to work today Mitchell Stone started through three scoreless innings the freshman dodged big trouble Maris had the bases loaded nobody out in the second and failed to score and Maris has left 13 on base so far today but the top of the order due up for the red foxes Roper Taveras and Gregoire scheduled to face the right-hander Bentley / it's interesting right here you know then they get another inning and of course you got a tough tough seventh but he pitched out of it sometimes when you're looking for guys to make a statement you want to let them pitch the trouble before you take them out and right here having used your having used your 7th 8th to 9th inning guys yesterday you know do you want to use them two days in a row I'm sure Rob's wrestling with that right now and it's mine but we just put the tying run on base with nobody out again and again if he hits a basin you don't have any trouble with it but we just hit him with a backed-up slider so the leadoff man on again for Marist here in the top of the eighth and Rob Walton making a trip to the mound gotta be the big guy what a nice camera shot right there then oh we could get down in the bullpen like that Dave so it's the fifth time that Maris's put the leadoff man on base and the new pitcher is the right-hander Riza Ali Aziz good job junior college transfer from Yavapai junior college hey res was really good yesterday Dave they took care of business in about nine pitches and now can you go two days in a row should be a little bit easier today it's a little bit warmer tell you he looks the part big strong kind of reminds me a little bit of Jeff Branca and it's kind of funny cuz Broncos Morrigan and brought through a heavy sinker this guy throws a heavy sinker drunk at a pretty good slider I hope they get the same kind of year out of this guy that we got out of Jeff monkey monkey was one of our main stays on the pitching staff that got to Omaha when when we could score just about any time we wanted to but Bronk took care of Stanford here one day and a regional that got us to the College World Series and as this thing grows as the staff you know starts taking shape this is one of the good stories you have a PI Junior College when I took off when I left high school and I ended up at Yavapai Junior College thought it was in Phoenix Arizona until I got there and realized that presque it was an hour and a half up the hill and coachwork was that good a recruiter all I kept thinking about was sunshine Phoenix Arizona you grow up in Uniontown Pennsylvania that's all you want to do is get out of that weather and I said no this is an hour and a half later was 58 degrees whoa wait a minute the windows getting foggy here coach he's like we're almost there good recruiter Talia's ease with the inning yesterday of hitless scoreless baseball and making his fourth appearance already this year that stops on the staff he mentioned his size six five brows at first that's bunted and bunted foul little deja vu you know who would who would think he'd get a big right-hander from Oregon gosh I don't know how long has it been since Blanc was here I guess maybe 20 20-some years yes it does roper at first with nobody out here in the eighth it's okay take the out there's one out here in the eighth mr. varus does his job with the sacrifice bunt Roman again you got your three and four whole if they're gonna do it they're gonna do it right here and all these little tests today Dave all these this tight baseball game kind of gives you a lot of big moments a lot of big pitches you know and here's a big at-bat again for the most prominent player in the mayor's lineup preseason Mac Player of the Year Frankie Gregoire who's over six in this series so you can count on the fact that Chris trash feels like his big stick is due with an RBI opportunity a chance to tie the game of the base hit and obviously a home run would give Marist its first lead yeah and you know you got you got a base open right here and you don't have to just lay it in there of course that would be the lead run but all I'm saying is he's a three hole hitter I'm gonna go with my best stuff yeah right now six at-bats in the series you got a little feeling for what he can and can't do but I know one thing on the mound I'm throwing my best stuff to the plate no hard sinker the third Simpson box it and it's one or no wind has died down it was pulling out rather briskly to left-field boys started a game to help littell that is John Mattel of Oklahoma State with his home run ball that cleared the fence by a couple of feet in the first but it's died down now just a slight breeze out to left field for the leading home run hitter for Maris the last two years Frankie Gregoire it's 2 and O to him sure we take care of business it's like a golf day now this is watch the ninth inning won't play nine holes of golf it's perfect for February yeah good two and one that's the slider right there that's gonna be a key for this can't cuz that good sinkers is gonna be put in play with that Schneider is gonna give them an is gonna give him a strikeout pitch little bit of openness in his hips I'd take advantage of that I just pound that outside corner that's into Center it's a good swing Dave but again that little openness in his hips you know made it about a three hundred seventy eight foot fly ball he closes off that guy's got real power but once they leak you see that front hip a little bit early [Music] boon makes the grab and there's two away here in the MERIS eight now res got another one right here at four whole left-hand hitter on deck and you got your left handed closer in the pen get no need to give this guy anything good to hit good slider oh and one to rouse that's 85 on our slider Dave that that works that works at all levels bring that thing down a little bit I'm sure there's some adrenaline pumping inside res right here 87 1 & 1 Grouse at the plate last year was a leading hitter on the mayor's squad hit 311 drove in 34 he has a chance to tie the game with a base hit here Roper at second it's 2 & 1 it's like the big guys turned that loose right here I think you starting to see the end of his day you know he knows he's an out away from being done in again don't overthrow and make a mistake just keep pitching it's 3 in 1 that slider backed up right there and it's gonna be another location pitch right here I'm not giving him a 3-1 fastball in the middle and it's a two-out walk I'm pretty good umpire that that's a good sinker on the corner but in actuality it was a ball down tip your hat to the hitter that's a tough pitch take early-season just down a ball if he swings right there you get what you want boy that backside collapsed right there this is interesting right here great Kachinsky standing in tying run at second lead run at first here with two out in the eighth it's one or no to him you got a lefty righty lefty sandwich right here one ball one strike risa Ali Aziz fourth Oklahoma state pitcher to work today on the Aziz yesterday as we talked about a scoreless inning only nine pitches work the eighth then Carson teal finished it off to get the save with a scoreless ninth doing that's good mound presence looks like a man out there come out and see it people this is a new ball club a new pitching staff and these are the parts you got to work with it's two balls and a strike now I got that quote that Josh had it to banquet like you know before the season started when he said you know who knows who the players for this year are that are gonna get us to where we're gonna go you know we don't know you know that's why you play the season and kind of open the door for all of them to step up and be a guy you know be the be the guy that takes you to Omaha for a lot of years where you kind of knew whose shoulders he had to ride each year going in it's 3 and 1/2 Kochanski I think in a way Dave even though you really don't want to pitch around this guy he's trying to be real fine it doesn't look like the arm side action is what he wants you know he's trying to stay away and you didn't have as much that's hammered foul count will be full it's kind of one of those guys built to pitch away from righties and in on lefties rather than that soft fade away summer Rob's pitchers really do that well batten field really threw that changeup well today down on the way I think rez is one of those guys that kind of pulls the ball in you see he's more of a power guy I don't know if he's gonna be that at open openside change-up kind of that is all over the pitching stem jo-lynn heart you know who's got the good changeup down and away yeah see when he goes away from lefties his front shoulders wide open it's the balls gonna hop obvious he's gonna go the other way weak so now the bases loaded with two out Maris has already left 13 runners on base they left the bases loaded in the seventh they left the bases loaded in the second failed to score in both frames and I am Tosca will be the scheduled hitter with two out the bases loaded we may have a pitching change are you gonna bring the tail in right here and you know your left handers are closer it's again unique Kevin left-handed closer but he's gonna have to face the right-hand hitter at first Caillou faces and of course this guy's got the full full set of stuff I mean Carson tells a starter pitching as a closer he's got four pitches all of them pretty good pretty good fastball you know you'll go 88 90 pretty good curveball you know sometimes a really good slider and a good changeup and a very very responsible guy I mean this guy may not pitch an inning this year without pressure on him and that little birdie has might have some white hair coming out of season's over fourth appearance already 40 Lee's posted two saves including the safe yesterday you know it's funny he's you're missing you're facing a right-handed hitter correct me if I'm wrong but historically believe the numbers say he has been better against right-handers if I remember correctly and as it has improved as his career has evolved against the left-handed hitters if I remembering that correctly I notice that our analytics person didn't show up today you are the only two in the box but if so that's the reason you know Rob let that residental the the left-hander and brings this guy in for the righty because a lot of times you know if you just play the game by the book here to brought Tilian to face that last guy the left-hand hitter and in Carson you know again because of the good changeup is better against righties Rob knows that I mean you know Rob knows these guys like the back of his hand and you know if you're a closer Dave it doesn't matter whether your right hand left hand hitter if if you if you baptize this guy your closer and he's he's that then you have to trust him in all situations and a lot of times you try to make it a little bit easy for him every now and then but you know until you get your your machine moving until you start scoring seven eight nine runs you're gonna play a lot of tight baseball and who would have thought you know two tight ball games with Marist well it's only because you don't know Marist again it is early and we got a big situation here we already thought lupard got out of the big spot in this ballgame well now Carson Till's got one mad antoshka the hitter bases-loaded two out Cowboys with a one run lead in the eighth it's one and OH good changeup down [Music] Wow the fans are into a bit huh not a bad crowd today at all kind of cool ground ball it's short and the Cowboys get out of another Jam Maris has left the bases loaded three times the red foxes have stranded 16 base runners on this Sunday afternoon one batter and a ground ball out for the cowboy closer carson teal he keeps the cowboys up 1 as we go to the bottom of eight your neighborhood homeland store is now as close as your front door instacart has arrived in oklahoma city allowing you to enjoy your homeland shopping experience without leaving home just visit homeland stores calm sign up for our instacart service and begin shopping from your computer or smartphone best of all it's safe quick easy and fun and your order will be delivered to your home by an insta card employee in as little as an hour join the future today with instacart at homeland stores dot-com one company is on a mission to put a million people to work each year it sounds like a big number doesn't it not to express Employment Professionals are you looking for the right opportunity she's expressed for a new job or the next step in your employment we take pride in connecting the right people with the right company let us help will open doors trio Express is on a mission to put a million people to work each year lay the game cowboy pitchers have been working in and out of jams throughout the day and been labor working out of seventh inning trouble our Johnston seed company play of the game yeah that's that was a big turning point right down yet we just did it again you know Carson teal had to get get a big out of the bases-loaded but I think that might be like four times maybe five today that they had the bases loaded in two outs at least three and you get them all out but late the game is magnified and you know Reaper again for a guy we know very little about to have done what he did we gotta hold on to make that thing stand up you know let's get an insurance right here and cover the spread cabinets now in right field looks at strike one come on Cade line drive into left center field kid Romanelli working his second inning and he's ahead in the count Owen - this'll be a good series for Oklahoma State you know you'd like to win this one and what you've done is you've just realized that you could play under pressure because this team applied pressure for 18 innings this was not a blowout series and you know now their respect for their opponent no matter who it is you know it's gonna be higher and we said earlier you know and you score early try to keep building on it you know we scored earlier today and we just kind of hit a law offensively you know Josh will fight with that you know whether it's batting order changes or or metalwork it still has to be done I mean again it's February that's my bow the way to the left and you gain a lot of respect for Marist in that league I mean like I said their whole conference is out all over this country playing big-time schools and that's that's a kind of tells you I mean you might be bringing them in your house and think you're gonna get easy wins well I Got News for you don't bring this ballclub into your house thinking it's gonna be easy last year Maris went to Mississippi State for a tournament they split two games of the Bulldogs they beat Mississippi State down to Starkville good swing and in the left Gregoire makes the grab and one out here in the Oklahoma State eight now you don't get anything for that Dave you gotta you got another you're gonna know over it bad okay but that was a good swing I guess the good left hand pitcher hit the other way he gets on top of that a little bit more and he hits it off the wall you know and again with that little bit of a little bit of loop that seems to be you know like being incorporated he hits the ball in the air for an out you know but again cage stayed on that ball and hit it where you're supposed to good at bat and get nothing for it but freshman Jake Taylor looks at strike one Owen one now throw that same pitch in there cuz I'm I'm gonna take Taylor on this one by the way we had a really really good pitch plan they they there I do theirs pretty guy I can't tell I don't think the catcher's calling Eamonn I don't notice him looking over all the time oh and - he's got it he's got a calling card on his left hand but maybe it's verbal maybe they're verbalizing the pitches in time breaking ball up remains Owen to Arkansas Little Rock will be here Tuesday Wednesday - game bit weaker and then off to Arizona State for a 3-game weekend set next weekend good time for a test you know don't overlook Tuesday Wednesday but next weekend that'll get to get a lot of a lot of national attention these two balls and two strikes and then out of that a single game midweek or at Missouri State became another tough game Missouri State of course last year beat Oklahoma State in the regionals with a dramatic 9th inning home run and he does a really good job over there good pitch there's two out and a cowboy eight get that hard slider underneath his hands like that it had to have good late life and what he did it he got it in there Jake you're gonna have to learn how to handle that one buddy that's good left-handers are gonna do that to you the minute he hits one of those out of the park Dave though they'll quit going in with this with as many pitches like thangkas that's a dangerous place to pitch down and in or at least it used to be Trevor Boone his first at-bat of the day he was inserted into the game in centerfield Trevor those who pitch from Romanelli and it's three pitch strikeout the Cowboys go 1 2 3 in the 8th to the 9th we go Carson teal will try to close it out again for Oklahoma State a one-run lead 3-2 for the Cowboys to rate I along with these witnesses bear testimony in your marriage commitment with each other through the exchanging of reams and her marriage vows you have pledged to lifelong [Music] [Applause] when severe weather has you in the dark make sure you have an emergency kit with a flashlight and a radio handy and give us a call when your power's out chances are we're already working to restore your power any day any weather any our hospitals and emergency services are served first in other areas come online as fast and efficiently as possible the most important thing to us is that we all stay safe together Little Rock coming to the ballpark for midweek series Tuesday and Wednesday we'll have coverage on this same location coming up on Tuesday and the Wednesday game as well both are four o'clock starts whether warming up so come out to the ballpark and join us hopefully the ice and such is behind us an Oklahoma State would like this serious to be behind them with two wins it's been tough this Maris team that won the Mac turn about a year ago and went to the NC double-a tournament let's come in here and give it Oklahoma State a big fight Cowboys have dodged trouble throughout the day and hold a one-run lead going to the ninth hey what day this games been intense since the start of it I mean a lot of patient's left on bases on both sides and quality pitches made by both teams and I guess it's what what you pay to go see you ninth-inning game on the line and seven eight nine hitters due up for Marist transportation out of here yesterday and teal quickly ahead in the count oh and to teal trying for his third save and only five Oklahoma State games and that's lifted into shallow left Kroon makes a grab one away here in the ninth a little bit of a jam job right here some of those guys that get so much extension he just takes his hands out to the ball and jammed himself but Carson again one of those guys is going to be around the plate with everything he throws that rib eye Oh in number eight hitter in the Maris order didn't swing one and oh there's a two seamer with good down and away action one in one Maris left the bases loaded in the second and the bases loaded nobody out and did the score left the bases loaded in the seventh and left the bases loaded in the eighth didn't score in any of them now it's one and two to reveal on the day funny how few breaking balls Carson throws you know it's almost fast ball change it to and to to rebuy Oh eighty-eight inside out action full count to her bio 89 on the corner ball away guy behind the place been good I'm gonna say not real tight but just real good 3 2 pitch swinging him in sand there's two out in the Maris knife horse I'm teal does come in and does what horse until does yeah you jumped that one 290 big loop again David and the freshman reefs are Matej the last hope for Marist they have less left 16 runners on base in the game today and left 7 on base yesterday we have a pinch-hitter now for Marist Jean napalitano is in napalitano with his first at-bat of the year and the first pitch in there for a strike Wow lefty on lefty first is back on the road one-run game thinking time going there and go for it and a Frenchman at that and it's Owen to to napalitano I don't think he has a chance here I think we got a little mismatched Carson teal trying to save both games of the series he's one strike away the Oh tune into right field there is cabinets in the Cowboys take both games of the home opening weekend here at ally P Reynolds Stadium and a day of wasted opportunities for the Mac champion Maris foxes who strands 16 runners in a 3-2 loss to the Cowboys hey a win is a win and that game was tight man I'll tell you like I sweat a little bit back to wrap things up after this a 3-2 Oklahoma State victory olace sausage pulled pork brisket stacked on a BBQ buns throw-in the sides and you have yourself the pig man man this is your cue Rick grill keep it saucy hi I'm coach Josh Holliday with Oklahoma State University with approximately 900 Oklahomans waiting for a life-saving transplant I encourage everyone to make the important decision to be an organ eye and tissue donor so check your driver's license for the little red heart if it's not there visit lifeshare ok dot org and join the registry today I have the little red heart to you we're not called rib crib because we're fans of rhyme it's because we make the best ribs of all time so let's go grab your posse this is your cue rib crib keep it saucy Oklahoma State goes to four and one on the year a one-run victory over Maris - for the second time in two games Marist out hits Oklahoma State the red foxes left 16 runners on base but folk on the state jumped on Maris early two in the first one in the second and you know even though it was a game of wasted opportunities for Maris there has to be something encouraging about your pitchers even though they work themselves into trouble being able to work out of it I guess and I don't know that you know you plan a staff day today but I think the way that it unfolded every guy that left the mound had a chance to leave with a good feeling in their stomach that's important you know you got a freshman who went back after a miserable first outing and goes out today and gives you three shutout innings a lot of good things I mean a guy that you know pitching for the second time in his you know his career here and me / comes out gives you another add-on to your bullpen and Reza Zee he's obviously gonna be a late inning guy for him you know and a lot of good things Dave even in a 3-2 ballgame and a lot of baserunners that's a good thing and not getting them home yeah that'll be addressed but man don't well on it because then it just gets worse yeah so you know you take it and we're naming a lot of respect for Maris I bring them back I mean that's good baseball I'd invite those people back because that's how you get ready for your season playing and they put good style of baseball there's no monkeying around good series good to game series Dave you were talking about the bullpen obviously encouraged by some of what happened there as far as not only the bullpen but the pitching staff is concerned as you think about this series no coma state winning both games obviously to go to form one what else do you take away as important positively moving forward well III think that what josh has found out so far is that some of the new bats you know they're capable of jumping in here okay some of the sophomores that are gonna be guys that that have to step up they're starting to taste some of that responsibility I mean they can't look over and look for Mac and the guys that had the big year last year you know binge is gone guess what I'm that guy now you know I'm gonna it seems like that RBI opportunity keeps finding me and you know you better warm up to it and without making the monkey into a gorilla lots of things to talk about clutch hitting is very touchy you know again I've never been a guy that uses the word try harder I don't think it fits in baseball and you know I think somewhere guys you're trying too hard you know they got to figure out a way to relax to it and and warm up the opportunities and and and dwell on it I mean shoot that's what this games all about man you get a chance to be a star warm up to that at RBI opportunity and I can get in the last out of the ball game I think that's four times now for Carson till he's gonna fool around end up being her closer all year long so development starting pitching David I liked the freshman today he she showed better today okay now Tuesday against Little Rock becomes a becomes a big ball game to me I mean now you gotta hit your your you know next starter Brady Basso out there and next weekend against Arizona State you're gonna need all three starters and that's that's offensive baseball you go to Arizona so a 3-2 victory and special thanks to all these great supporters of Oklahoma State baseball Tom yeah right and again you know that done this is gonna grow and will start spelling everybody's name right you know we kind of this just opening telecast jumped out out on us and we still have some people that are interested in jumping in a new billboard behind on plates nice addition and it is movable it will go to the new stadium when when a new stadium is broken and put into play and hey you know Tuesday and wins the 70 degrees Wow we got to wear shorts in here of course shorts so call the state suites mayor's boy to really high quality games on opening weekend for the home fans here at La P Reynolds stadium so next up Tuesday Little Rock Wednesday Little Rock here at LAPD Reynolds stadium for Tom holiday I'm Dave Hunsaker thanks for watching a 3-2 victory for the Pope's so long we'll talk to you at mid week from Stillwater cowboy baseball is brought to you by Grand Casino by Lauren Martin wellness by loathes your Stillwater premier home improvement store and a special thanks to our great baseball and osu supporters Jerry Winchester Jennifer Grigsby john hartley dave wrong and bardot garni era without these great supporters OSU baseball on television would not be possible [Applause] received [Music] the time to do what must be done I did it here's to the friends you can always count on [Music] you you traite negriere en 4eme dissertation CUNY Community Colleges.

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