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Dissertation time plan

Dissertation time plan internet of things with python book pdf for money funny expository essay [Music] [Music] and three months and you do not going to switch off that I'm gonna send a teacher of fucking mothers and they're just in there bad credit card they're sick please take my kid and they can better to know I guess we'll just starting screen again is it on interest it's like 10 minutes 15 to life alright kids here we go swagging up for goddamn blitz done where do that all right well come on let's go Luke okay this is ridiculous okay whatever this is absolutely it's not muted trusting me what to get up no stick up first it was a wig you got a way that you you can happen now it's my circadian rhythm oh fuck and then what's the next row you have cancer like it's non-stop excuse after excuse so now on every morning if you're not up I'm gonna go lie and you can call me a leech you can call me shameless you can call me a dick you can call me she thought it ever the fuck he wants me I don't give a shit I don't care I don't give a fuck cuz this is just ridiculous I'm saying is anybody with a fucking anybody with an ego anybody would have already been like fuck you yeah well guess what and I'm not doing it no look that's what you think anyone else would stand for this in my position became one to be feared no no other no other corner cook big streamer has stood up to me for anything else these are all pussies so fuck them you at least will safely shit so how can you I didn't respect his honesty you know what fuck fuck the rest in one other facility none they're all fucking got it plus they're hanging out of the fucking viewers unless you this eternal statesmanship dream that's progress that's fucking progress I'm done I'm finished I'm finished like I don't know see if I'm done I'm done everybody wake up 2:00 p.m. I'm the treasurer at 3:00 p.m. I'm done I'm done I'm done I can tell you I'm going ducks my relationships one down because I don't get what I get from all my time my fucking strings going down so I'm done to lunch of viewers you sounds 4k I'm going down my ass for kids for Tehran our viewers look sporty is a one-time jump we shall reap going down my I have my Scream content content you might conduct it by spinning no that's not real college that's one time boost we are they both no please don't matter all these girls they sit there some pictures dick for a one-time boost I mean I'll fucking die six months later you want to watch it's not real content bullshit it's fake do you understand so don't look at this over your 4k Emily CC maintain their an emergency maintains twittered viewers yes just eight hundred subs and she made them 200 viewers there's no no one succeeded off that one time boost will get this fake one time bullshit out of your mind alright alright what's the phone at get you some what's gone every day every day three peed on you life on take your ass gets up we're burning a lot of mystery [Laughter] I'm good yeah thank you for southern man what's my sub sound right now what was that I didn't hear it you guys ever been to fucking like boot camp I'm at a camp dude okay we're ready should I bring the mobile talk are we gonna stream more than four hours no ringing okay why are you sending him money for bills okay it's about support of the archein reckful was right all along okay about what the fact that I'm dirty and lazy yeah he was dumbass all right yo you ready fucking stupid cocksuckers yeah reckful was right about one person starts with an M and doesn't end with a th and it doesn't start with a DNA with and with Evan what conidial no that was a terrible way to wake up actually the worst way to wake up oh man I feel like I'm goddamn going to school right now mom might let me a my cookie real quick of my backpack like it's fucking ridiculous dude look or at least we got Blizzcon tomorrow so we're good ice exposed yo I guess April explained this to me what the fuck happened so apparently they left their goddamn camera on or some shit and OH can someone explain it I guess the eye situation what the fuck happened there do this fucking haircut man unbelievable okay so creaky just fake drama okay I don't I don't know if it's fake drama but I guess we'll have to see as time goes on [Music] it's forced shit drama Greek said fuck the viewers wait Greek said that I don't even believe that Greek would say that because Greek always it doesn't Greek like fucking literally cater to read it and shit and he's like he tries to you know be one with the viewers so why would he say fuck the viewers yeah I mean it doesn't make any sense [Music] [Laughter] nice good subs down there buddy yeah not leeching by the way fucking kidding me change the fucking substance Cylon Jesus fuck unbelievable 200 viewers I mean I love this goddamn name but Jesus Christ is he up in my shit dude he's crawled up in my asshole and he will not stop knocking on it it's just fucking ridiculous dude unbelievable keep it I don't even know dude I got a goddamn ape in my butthole woo you need it I mean look I would have went live today regardless it would have just been at a p.m. because I needed to just about support of our team thanks for the 4/20 breakfast a pussy ass bitch bro yo Bros honestly I got me and me and reckful hashed our shit out like we didn't I mean I got out I don't really give a fuck to talk shit about Reckling more like it just doesn't doesn't matter he he gave me some information that you know ease my mind so I mean I respect that so I got nothing negative to say oh shit not drama Jones that's right I just diffused that shit you like that I diffused that drama all right so today I guess we're gonna go swag out I'm gonna go get some clothes for Blizzcon you know I actually had an idea for a stream where I was gonna blindfold myself and act like just like do a blind stream you know is that route to like blind people I really wanted to try that just to be like a life in the day of someone that's blind you know I just did just to I guess like keep it humble you feel me so like I was gonna just get a blindfold and just walk around with a poor he like guides me and then I don't know I don't if it's disrespectful then I won't do it but I think that would be some funny content and at the same time I could give me some perspective that you know life could be harder you feel me like my problems ain't shit compared to some people's problems I mean some people out there literally fucking got like you know no testicles and shit like that's that's fucking sucks you feel me so yeah I don't know it doesn't one of this oh shit do it yeah I got duct tape I was think about just duct taping my high like this like that yeah I would think about doing a blind stream where I like blindfold myself all day no I should be in the car okay you think it's a good idea to do a blind screen one time yes we could ways that raise awareness for blind people you had a lawyer you lying you psychic dickweed one more time so you're gonna pour me a little bit of that so I'm gonna get everything them and I talk alike to you it's cool an opportunity fair to be fair honestly you don't need a fucking blindfold to be blinding we look at your fucking room you remove our goddamn blind man through nothing's in its place everything's left on the ground Richard their mobile IRAs up why this is what cleaning you let's go let's go okay let's go fucking catch it great yeah you do that the kitchen okay yeah where's my hat no no we have to go there we have to whatever we're not gonna get doesn't that change the fucking stump sound man thank you for selling - I appreciate that it's fucking your goddamn Twitter you are a goddamn parasite dude yeah it was a joke relax a parasol oh my god here we go yeah I'm not kidding listen okay a parasite so PA RA that's like to eat you know what you want what's that you know what you know what you know what next topic I'm not taking care of you skyline fuck this guy got you keep that Twitter thing on there I got you you know lit slings he's being nice DME is fucking PayPal I always send them a hundred dollars it was his birthday yesterday can we get some birthday it feels a good man in there after my boys downline oh are you ready to catch it okay I heard you motherfucker catch the goddamn phone holy shit that goddamn daylight hurts the fucking Sun dude what a goddamn pain in the ass what a stupid invention how are you ready alright it's coming in parasite dumbass what parasite hears him latches on my fucking neck takes me for my fucking goddamn fucking life fuck oh I woke him up I got him up from bed I'm the fucking god Emily chai had to wake him up oh fuck cry me a river 4:00 p.m. early Oh hohoho I have no energy fuck did it go you come I'd like to bet yeah it looks Crispin king of rabbits do not do not drink that yeah 720p looks fucking Chris I saw it oh my god that is so much better than 40 feet it's really good yeah doesn't have HD eight shots HD right there yourself up with sexy here we go voice I doubt you for the court said look I didn't know where it was I'm fucking miss places we don't need it we got 80 with 80-some we percent will be good trust hopefully we don't all the way there but if we do it's fine because we won't end there we will not have there so it's all good how you feeling an ape are you tired - yes very tired yeah I'm gonna get a hat there I got my wallet good don't fake after you goddamn Lawrence so what gas in here isn't should be good I really really small we'll be fine just keep it low keep it chill I'll be good the last time we were there they didn't even they were just like whatever they give a fuck I think a black cop was just like you know it's all good just keep a low or some shit this is the only mole that's what I need it's fucking hard shit in here farting picking up nose and it's just really good starter thanks thanks so good so let me pick my nose that's a perfect Clips ridiculous moon rock on your inner xdv Twitter I'll come to Eric's TV Twitter a couple stretches to be alright real app you know chill will be lonely get to the moment won't F any more well there's one more it is one more okay it's worse 720p just everybody showed up it's worth coming to a Greek said yeah What did he say Greek said so the camera was off okay so they were really why are they streaming I don't know they're in the car and the cameras off and the group was just like in a stand alone yes I was on block block camera a little black on the cameras off he goes just like honestly I say we just fucking fuck the viewers fuck them gives a shit like we had a good ChatterBait Street they're gonna like it blows ah okay I was just he's just like you're fucked up viewers fuck them gives us you give him a good chatter extreme I just fucking call it and let's go just eat off screen and say fuck it go eat on the street it's eat off stir and it's just not stream fuck him fuck the viewers and then I was like so I got fuck the viewers fuck the club's and she liked that and after that if there's one thing I know if he was being serious now I don't know but there's morning I know it's you don't fluff the Bloods because the plebs fuck you you know I mean yeah you know that real well oh I know that real yes you fought the plebs hey fuck you harder yeah I mean I guess I come and I let myself to they don't fuck around they don't fuck it's on me that's why it's yeah I see X needs like if that's the expert army got like a leader that was just like like I just could do it but like you need to step up and lead them like that thinking that that army could solve world hunger the army could solve world thirst to understand if they all just listen imagine if it they all just pissed if both all the purple army went on a huge high-rise was pissed that's enough rain just to solve a drought think about that imagine all the we go to a fucking like high-rise and he's pissed off of it that's a goddamn fucking monsoon but anyways to keep it going off and then I guess and the other one he was like honestly why would you I mean Greek action said what I told you about that girl how about that big big thing about my dick they didn't talk about but he Greek said the same thing to ice that I said to you and it was that why would you give a girl like that anything knowing that she thrives off attention he didn't say this is sophisticatedly but sophisticated was the first the kid yes and the point is he he's like what why would you like tell her and you know the reason I didn't do it was because she would tell kitty kitty his girlfriend I guess and then restoring Greek strokin strokin and then and he's like I do honestly Amma that's why that's why I didn't get my dick sucked to reach them yeah that's what recent ice that's wedding I my dick sucked true it was she had pulled a Mexican and young Greek that's the real question no are you dumb no what do you mean the point to this Adam all that out of me saying that all you got is what she pull mexitini on him that doesn't matter the point is he said we're that's wedding I dick sucked too which implies the ice got his dick sucked officer camera Oh true keep it up a little bit I don't know if 720p worth we're gonna find out I told you it's not worth it would be worth if we get a full mall stream at 720p it'll be definitely put the word man you're so worried about quality liking all this shit like all you need to get up ask me man asking my 720p looks I know someone if you looks Chris man but it's if it's happening every second it's not work I don't think it's epic content isn't like bursts of Kahn's arcanas our entire dialogue yeah it should be Christmas fuck look nice we don't care I think you guys do care a little bit yeah if you can better everything they're gonna care but like if it sacrifices content and like I think it's not work that's true but it's not nothing they're just literally they're trolling it might have been felt a tiny bit but it's nothing big you know I mean yeah that's crazy I mean honestly it even though like ice was a fake toward me a little bit it doesn't matter I actually feel I feel bad for ice like I don't feel bad for Greek but I feel that for ice because I feel like in the video like he was genuine and he actually back he back he kind of backed the clubs up a little bit he'd bet he backed him up so like I feel bad that he got caught saying he got caught with like the whole getting his dick sucked thing I feel bad about I actually feel bad for him I think deep down ice is a good person but Greek I don't know I don't know I I get very sneaky vibes and I don't let me real and if I see you bliss gone that's fine but you can confront me about it I'll sit ascending to your face I just get very sneaky vibes sneaky Bunch I guess thank you vibes yes I get sneaky vibes complete sneaky vibes I guess I've never met Greek but I haven't met him either I just could sneaky vibes I don't know why I guess he seemed he seemed really fun and cool and travelers turn on Tyler's room he seems cool there he seemed funny and cool but as soon as he got into actual works of everything I think something took him over I think something took him over and I think and I pray to God I mean hopefully I'm strong enough I don't get taken over because I I think it's not only him I think it's everybody I think everyone if you're not strong enough you get taken over by the attention and the bullshit at this point yeah well yeah you give it in the game of like what six years I can't be taken over like you guys good yeah I know you guys really fresh mine so it's right you get all fucking carried away with your egos really right yes yes I got no ego involved to be fair you have an ego you you're entitled you're definitely entitled that's part of ego know for sure but I wouldn't sit there and say like but you sit there and say that you deserve a certain thing you shouldn't do this you deserve them being that's it so you spell it you go a little bit but it's different it's different like mostly women actually jail bTW the girls get real fuckin the girls get real cocky because I feel like girls really thrive off attention even more than guys so when a girl gets a little extra attention it's just they effing yeah I don't blame them but 720 things a bad idea what if it's not okay let's get in there I miss these days em screams a lot I feel like so good I feel like so positive yeah the sun's out man it's like we have three bars real big okay they might it would just be tiny absent but that's it's not gonna be like full-bore desks you feel me so we're good just yeah I'm tryin 720p just to test it out so we'll see we're gonna do saline i'll we should go to jerusalem you'll make sure you lock everything here yeah california city california city mitchell tired oh I am tired which is really tired I got three hours of sleep so don't expect anything goddamn fucking content for me right now I'll play that are you ready yeah I'm ready if he you're really worth jeopardizing your sleep for yo are you EU Cooper's worth not sleeping for you better fucking make it worth their we have yes okay cuz I lost a lot of sleep for you guys today and some pants socks we're gonna swag out for Blizzcon right all right oh we just eped again dude this is ridiculous holy shit yeah you're right I know I'm always right yes a ridiculous he's always right fucking why why do we have two bars right here because man like doesn't 720p is not about you it's about the people it was shitty internets no it's about us corporate setting trust man it's not only that like back when I was on one your Wi-Fi I couldn't even watch 1080p on my computer thank you so much for the stuff they appreciate that I seriously hate this uptown but it's all good do I feel like shit like how's cutting out for TPO in this scene exact Swanson fine it's just not work you always do this you sacrifice shit if you don't think in the moment yeah we'll be good we'll be going to get in there okay and if we're not then we'll just change it it's cool kill the vibe you know I know I definitely did all right we got two boys here look it's fine this thing it's goddamn fine oh there we go five bars now we're not gonna cut out at all now we're good now we have Paul chimp sitting maybe that's why I literally told you it's just in here we're good I remembered it it's looking good we got fucking that's the place dude that's where we got a fucking phone all right yo so what's the first place we're gonna go yeah we got we got a swag me out real quick thank you so much for the sub man I appreciate that I really hit the sub down but I do appreciate your support dude for real we bought the head two thousand subs you coming talk to him the chef goddamn rat pack is climbing so is the goddamn ape gang or whatever the fuck you know we've got five playboys I don't understand why it's just outside of gets go it looks Christmas fucking if it should oh yo I got a good guys were staring at me why are they staring at me I they walk like this I hate it riggers me and I know some of you agree with me it triggered that because I walk like just it but they walk like this Oh Judy I like there yeah I know you're talking about yeah I know you're talking about they on the places that can get dropped yeah if you can see I'm talking why I hate kids of that I hate them they actually trigger a trigger me think that other place well yeah oh oh you know I gotta get a hat real quick we're coming we're coming in to have a real quick here hold this there's no hands and hot topics if you have an unlimited full MiFi box you get a sim card cutter cut the sim card to make it a nano sim and put it directly in your essay you'll have a better connection get your fingers ready to get your fingers ready get your fingers ready get your house ready pickle rig wrong side yeah pickle rake dude all right I need to finally got a hat I guess you're gonna buy a pickle rake on about I told you to buy the lab coat dude that's what see some goddamn buy what about me whatever he's so pissed don't buy pickle work for Blizzcon please Emira towards the was fine you don't want to do that time I'm doing it dude look at this crisps quality dude everybody look at this look look how beautiful it is crisp just nice and clean like my ass I wipe today yeah I did I woke up on three hours sleep took a shit wiped yeah thanks oh shit what about Voldemort here [Music] [Laughter] it can't be that no no no no no no no no I saw a man in security that's just annoying no I love that that's great good job boys dude yo skyline you guys no no no you gotta help me on change this in five years I'm taking care of it I got you dog yo hey look swings steps on that paper pissed on I get your first payment dog yeah baby Otis finally gonna hop off you guys have hats where the oh right here nice okay thank you dude they won't cramp stay woke oh I'm not whoa I am definitely oh the pokémon hat you'll hold this idiot hold this I'm gonna get some tickle Rick shirts it's got a Pokemon sticker on the back that's some new league then it's a new league it's for sure a new league walk fam actually you know what I'm gonna do I know what I do I'm not gonna be selfish sure I'm not gonna have a question can I mix and match these bomb in half long buy one get one half off oh great then I want a particular rickrack gonna buy this one I like this one better actually this one's cooler for me now I want to buy my girlfriend something that's the music I don't wanna go from the overwatch sure guys yeah I'm gonna buy her this one yeah how's this overwatch hat this thing gay no please skyline change that in stone okay yo how does it say steel series was there they are can dream no light I can count the pixels but fuck it eight game Tyler get this guy some decent shoes wait you can count the pixels it's in 720 there's a is that good or bad limits it should look good [Music] Miss Jones yeah that's my name yep covered what marina yeah I used to not anymore ten years we feel me now we just stream this shit yeah [Music] yo we're getting the angle what you mean homie goddamn yo you want a what's up got any shoutouts home man what is this dude what is that my micropenis mighty fine I've ever seen streaming chores yeah there's a real-life how do you like this gay no way that's cute that's cute legit gay shut up idiots oh my god yo I got I got to get diesel wear these around all the time dude I gotta get these all right yeah so chat is the overwatch at work yes or no on the overwatch huh I don't even know dude I think it looks alright anyhow it would work though legit anyhow it work it's ugly ugly our fuck this goddamn place Oh Abbi kind of lazy with a cat on it ceases what's his goddamn lyric stream I hate cats I'm gonna be honest with you I just I'm allergic to them and I don't like cats now that's a decent beanie right there yo rip kurt cobain rip kurt cobain boys you know Evie Evie is like this love of Pokemon okay she can turn into anything straight up why you effing stop effing it's a it's really holding five bars it's not nothing you guys are morons I'm not even gonna believe your lies chat look this is like the horror of Pokemon right here okay it can turn into anything you guys are liars in the chat liars boys what are you getting out of this it's high noon somewhere in the world hey okay I want to actually just wow wow you've you literally said that unbelievable ridiculous it's high noon somewhere in the world oh you guys were effing for a fucking Kurt Cobain okay now it makes sense D F has turned into this bad thing nowadays but I feel you guys rip kurt cobain boys thank you for the hundred bits man nothing good thank you so much dude let's go where you going I'm just shop a little bit yeah so much wanna bite so when I get it you say what's up tiny Rick what's up boys Stan's wait what happened oh this is some donate oh I think it's a bit an I appreciate that right reach of the bits thank you so much don't go rody Yes Doctor they were saying they were mixed feelings about the Hat I like that that's good it's about support of the arcane dream 480 is better and more stable keep your schedule in the old resolution thank you well right now it should be clean in 720 and it's worked right now but it might happen it's about support of the arcane dream attention I usually wear a wig and pees sitting down into a bottle oh okay oh okay our pegging okay thank you he's sitting down Oh mr. Mitchell's an iron a bit rate for 729 he goes hello pixels it was math behind it looks really done I'm putting opponents I don't have enough pixels yeah I thought what does that mean it just means that you always do this you always like think instead of thinking long term for years been really good I don't know why you wanted like me what about Cameron I just can't go see I looked at I looked at it looked good outside when I was looking at it yeah ooh I don't know why because we have Google Fiber we have a thousand up two thousand down doors ten Mohs we'll have five up five down we have a thousand up thousand down it's a twenty five hundred bit rate and it was someone with file if identical watch the same easy I was on 505 now I can watch the stream it was buffering every seconds on your Wi-Fi I have the bitrate of 2500 that is your bit ribs no it's too high and it's too high too low yeah I need to up the bitrate yeah bit rates too old checking right now no I'll just leave it for now if it gets really bad you can okay damn I mean I could just switch the 480p real quick if you guys want I don't give a shit sound all this stuff sounds goddamn aids dude eat [Music] yeah honestly so you can get a change the sub down skyline I'm serious I can't I can't hear that shit anymore I mean I just can't honestly no what I have a deal for you skyline skyline chat will change the school change the stop sign it after Blizzcon Mitch can you three successful 3 p.m. streams in a row three successful 3 p.m. streams in a row then we'll change it for him until then listen we don't owe them shit let's be honest we don't owe you shit so no 3 p.m. yeah I've been here for years there's about 3 3 p.m. strings minutes count on that boys for you there's no more give them what they want and don't change it ok fine that's a deal all right sure that's the new character yeah it's better but still gay it's still gay hey what else they got in here what are these oh my god [Laughter] [Music] [Music] we're out of cigarettes TV Twitter outcomes of cigarettes you need what our outcomes of trainwreck TV [Music] I'm not even gonna thank you guys I'm not even I'm not even gonna do it sorry buddy what up what up road wait nicht XD that shit though yeah Nick's always right Nick is always right Nick is always already a great coming over in like 3-4 hours we're sleeping here tonight yeah you should come sleep over how specifically leave it up worth of 7:00 a.m. Oh true true to see fellow 416 250 now okay I never stopped sending you this sub money I hate this sub sound I hate for sub money fuck you I hate money to let you know yeah fucking money I don't want any money take my money I don't care yeah okay it's big I don't give a shit chat guess what should I got I'm buying it sorry all right let's go come on I'm getting this overwatch Adam yeah let me get this damn I feel really really dumb right now why because I started this at seven for me it's Lauren I mean that's the [Laughter] pixilated you show me on the phone yeah thank you for the subdued even though I hate the goddamn Sam we're gonna get some good content soon though so we just went live 30 minutes ago believe in us yeah looks fine how's the nullcline twist it inside just about support of the arcane dream y'all think about three yeah I'm just gonna have and then uh boys get another how you turd it only cost $1 you know $1 buy one get one $1 wait you are actually right holy shit what $1 yeah buy one get one $1 yes whoa attack on Titan I mean I could go anime with this shit all right how about I restart in 480p then if you guys wanted it so then is it worth to read ask make it much worth it to restart that's what he's asking and if it has not restarted what is a jinx goddamn fucking hat don't make the texture of its worth okay okay okay that is weird that is really shit that is actions weird I'm just gonna get a Pikachu hat man I don't know what else again Star Wars I mean there's Star Wars I'm just gonna pick it to that yeah got a picture I like going okay being a Pikachu snapback all right Olaf is to introduce ya just those two thanks bro I don't you don't all right I would [Music] yeah thank you dude appreciate that you you don't white hat there aren't any white has the other one anyway once you are you really looking at these ventures okay we'll also I need to swag out it stores both swagger so this just hats yeah I got a hat so good all right yo talk to my pay for this hey guys you're next to me here there's a white one where starving the honestly I'm starving and when it gets stuck when it when it gets hungry you guys know what happens the funny thing is I'm feeling a little secret it's disgusting I'm sorry to tell you guys this but I'm about supporter of the arcane dream wait what Nick is alive just quit streaming on us again I am imagine this is like Mario Kart I am just letting out the fattest most fucking silent but deadly members reppin Hass and I'm walking around you're spreading the fuse I can't stay in one place too long dansgame dansgame all you own we all know we all know what's good I know all of you go to bed at night you fucking listen right before you go to bed your brush here at seat you like on chef couple farts instead of blast them out you're like I'm gonna save these brush your teeth you spit out your on the bed you put your covers over you I [Music] know you guys do that I know you do but wait highroad all you want play hard all you want play it all you want play it all you want don't what the fuck dansgame me I know for a fact you Dutch oven yourselves I know for a fact and to be honest if you have it when you get girlfriends don't stop it ignore this courtesy disgusting shit I want you to fucking let let them rip we have a girlfriend and you stuck your head under there baby let her fucking accept you in here I'm saying here dude I literally feel like shit she is [Music] wait maybe I'll go pool dude I'm gonna go pull a high school real quick and just fucking lay down in the ball all right yeah you know when you guys get up for school and you're dead and you just sleep in school that's exactly what I want to do right now Joey sleep on the goddamn job [Music] some good shit right here why do you look so fucking sad I'm not sad I'm literally on I've slept three hours in the last like 30 hours because this ape is forcing me to EU friendly stream so basically I think I think this is all part of his plan he wants me to stream when I'm dead so he gonna be the highlight on my channel and steal my viewers you heard it here first twitch calm / detective Jones I'm just rolling by the way I'm trolling true no it's a joke there's a fucking bird in here what the fuck was our goddamn burden here sneak this not say that shit to his face it's a joke we actually are pretty hard on each other like means I love a relationship where we just trash each other it's kind of you know those friends do just talk shit about into their faces funny you know I get that like one friend who's like her I don't know goddamn retard or not actually a retard but like you know I mean he's just silly or whatever and you just give him that fucking time oh shit yeah man I don't cattle he collided me like that I didn't mean actually a retard oh there's a goddamn all cop over there he just stared at me but we're good he literally eyeball this shit I mean he gave me the like this zoom zoom eyeball use the other cat overwatch one is fine I think it looks alright [Music] so how you guys doing in a chat you guys doing good it's Thursday right now it's Wednesday it's motherfucking Wednesday dude I will get some content today I'm pretty sure I'm almost positive we will it might be a little bit like look at it yeah I don't understand why there's a bird in the mall legit there's just a bird right there how does that thing get in here I don't understand how a bird gets in a goddamn them all do I still play with sodapoppin uh yeah I do I was at his house like two days ago he does yeah yeah yeah man fucking stone apartment fuck you you need to get drunk what up dude get drunk yo wait what happens when you drink on those sleep I'll do my shoulder this hurts really the oh you did yeah yeah I'm just uh I'm dead right now yeah oh yeah there's 8,000 people watching me just sleeping them all interested yeah crazy right yeah thanks for letting me on the street endo Pro I can't man I'm so happy your library now dude what so you're dead and I can be the highlighter stream yeah I thought I was saying how this kidding though oh you how did you know that what are you doing let's go I don't know my shoulder hurts man yes yeah there's Buffy's shoulder is killing me listen I'm holding the stickers I lose I'm living it to you fuck you man I wake up like nine different pains you understand everyone like pains are normal you know like look at that body pains or normal no I know but I would generally have like some weird moves okay yeah could have been you slept wrong it's not possibility I didn't sleep remember yeah but you sleep with three hours you're still in bed for ten hey it's all good I just wish I could actually have energy for my stream and I just don't have it right now that's the only reason I'm happy yeah I know but what are you gonna have it if I woke up at like no it's the same except I was really really so a lot less like that energy like why can't you recognize yourself sure we don't need it you need it man I mean yeah then first it's your wig that interesting schism now it's you need energy like you look away 8 p.m. the lobster unit of energy no it's like stop blaming on different things I'm believing that believing the reason you make this I can't I can't help I feel I don't feel all right how do you mean did you suck it up yes all right I'll talk about it but I don't have any energy you can talk about it just suck it up man like you can you understand like it's already entailed in the bubble perspective the saddle and pill good what we want to do you suck it up like everyone else in the world you ladies pull the selfie stick and you sit there and you seems to be shit yeah but I feel bad for them because they're watching the dead zombie you feel bad because I'm not going told us another another excuse you actually believe you don't believe that you feel about them so you ditched for four months so you feel that the girl energy stream really I would rather put them in yeah great I would rather on a Lamborghini than a Toyota real real fucking great awesome nice logic man thank you for pointing out the obvious well would you rather wait to drive the Lambo today would you rather driving every day it depends get someone to be your job to go to a job to go to another daughter Turnitin job every day so I get paid I want to ditch the job and say well wonder how the Lamborghinis on the city sleeping like what do you mean their Lobby is so broken yeah no I don't have a nest up there dude it's there yeah I mean maybe I'm entitled or me you're being a pussy okay listen right now honestly how I feel it's nailed in your splits we're different right now I'm exhausted my entire body hurts why I've lifted every single day I've been here since I've been here every day and I've looked at after IRL stream the after iro screams I go live immediately you do IRL through and that's it you sleep again I've woken up I don't I I clean my room I do my laundry and I'm fucking do your IRL three to six hours or four hours and then I fucking go to the gym and then ice cream and I'm aching I'm tired of shit better than now I buy for and I've got that thoughts and insecurities and anxieties every day with my girlfriend every day and every fucking day and I suck it up I manage it with my own head you go painting big a great job welcome welcome to the world welcome to be in fuck the human being final way to manage it like if your stroller works okay what what can you do right now you can't do anything about it right now so right now you're gonna suck it up will you get home you can ice it when you get home you can rest it go right inconvinience it suck it up now mysteries pain leave your gangster reason why people don't go to the hospital but you're not real spit some bullshit little pain you want to deal with you have to deal with it what are your throat hurts okay could you anything about it now no what can you do make an appointment or the doll from three days that's what you can do men I'm giving an example we don't see that it's complex to understand when you get back from Woodstock making one for doctor no we're good I don't need any lectures I just I just don't think it's good for trying this side of me making that people think worse than that of you because you don't show up for those exact excuses if you showed up don't say okay is boring but at least it's on yeah when you don't show up they say fuck this guy I don't know in those first weeks of that we won't live and assume came back to what it is do you think that your energetic no you were probably slept long okay like you don't live so it's not that okay it's clearly a muscle or going in or looking the pain you don't let go left it shit grizzly you I just slept on where you sat long you understand your job as a gamer you sit in a chair and then you go into a bed and lay down what do you think when you sit in a chair for your fucking goddamn career and you sit in a chair to play League of Legends or watch a scream all day what do you come to happen your Baxter murder so it's going to hurt your legs are going to hurt it's difficult it like it just is expected [Music] I just I literally feel like shit looks sick like dead then he's proud supporter of the arcane fucking stream but I just a little one don't you bullshit Mitch when I'm sure she'll find you imagine feel great if semen right I was like the epitome of shit the epitome three out of the fucking sleeps in your form the fucking sentence the earliest a response would and say that it's an excuse one day every day I ever done every day it's a new excuses are not winning okay you don't wanna hear it why he's not no one's it no one's ever challenged you have a did did you parents ever challenge you know who's challenging your life who who's challenged you never I'm challenging and your thinking has all he's being a dick no this is white so no one ever challenge you this or do this but the fact that you get you feel like shit getting it up some sleep and you're saying I feel like should I can feel like nah I just my anxiety gets out of control understand it gets really bad right now they're shorter fan I'm just not stop thinking about the problem you don't get it I don't get a vibe Florida's sort of split personality with Fido so you have anxiety cry me a fucking River kid I don't get it just put yourself in your brain in your yo homies get up get coffee and find clothes for beacon stop sitting around you're gonna be in a mental asylum like you're not special you understand you're not especially I don't think I'm supposed to do y'all I don't you think you think your anxiety differs from everyone else's and your specially know what I'm going through that's why you know because you think no one knows what you're going there it is everyone goes through this not knowing no one understands them some people that that people will have it right no I'm not saying Yong Yong is sewing yeah you can't you actually can't see what you're doing you actually for some that claims you so where is inside to get some awareness people in the towel power right now and I get any entered industry wow maybe some food I don't know walk to the fucking place in a water say alright I have one hour to go and get my clothes if you want to go to bed didn't work for it put an hour in and say I'm gonna go to that the rest of fucking I look for it we have a wood frame your fucking life roof work you want sleep work for it yeah work to sleep yes again look for sleep want to go to bed I think my name is forgot supporter of the arcane train we're doing a shoulder workout yeah I just hold this selfie stick with my I work my left on that's cool I got it look I'm not making excuses there at least I'm not trying to I just know in the moment of like shaking this it's very hard to like keep it together it's not every day it's not bullshit everything go in my last three but I'm not acting like I'm not yes yeah all not every day in the beginning of scream if I wasn't there to baby on till hits 4k this is exact the same shit you told that it's not just me it's if you tell them this this is different this is not that I'm not depressed how am I bothered about that just about supporter of the arcane dream you'll get Mitch's sugar-free Red Bull and some excedrin let's get it guys it's a pillow screen guys this is this I'm really tired today the English or specials fuck that we work at 8 p.m. we got we got TPN televisions at 12 p.m. oh we don't got the 2 p.m. now oh I'm tired I don't sleep all about supportive arcane training maybe taking advil for the shoulder drink a coffee know why you don't know why you do I deserve to get roasted in front of everybody know why you want to know why right now it's good 8,000 yes yes who did you're going to why why because I've roasted you for the last month privately what does it do what does the all you do is you just find my saying oh he is only here to help with Amber Jones you can't deal with real life we all have worse problems than you Mitch for life oh ok motherfucking ok self if you trick yourself when it's just me yelling at you well there's another little looking at you if I use it give you some excuse okay what quick should I go to bed now I think that's gonna watch you there's no excuse anymore I'm gonna lurk and I've got shit you understand that's what you need people like you need that get what you need them look in the face of Oh people and I honestly like really just feel like I I feel like we're doing great but I'm wearing myself out you understand like maybe that's a good thing I'm just telling you hi I have never put in like this is my day off coming it's when's this is you didn't earn a day off bitch we did it for the day off look at 8 p.m. every day that's fine I'm just saying I just I feel like it's not the streamys heart or anything I know I'm wearing myself literally and everything else for the first two weeks for the first tweets in stream I didn't mind the day out they didn't on your day off you don't know why cuz you open up 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock we screened every day no it's great see if you go down this you deserve it we had a day off it was great but right now there is no day off every day we swim to 9 p.m. at 9 p.m. early 19 every day go out three days and then the fourth day am i can see but staying with the boat day but the 9 p.m. yeah don't I get it well I'll tell you why it's in here why are we still here why are so much exact or did you get it because the only promise is next year there is no problem but I can't fake energy Hank I can't you know I'm not a person who's gonna sit here and go and act like I'm good when I'm not you know like I'm not good I feel like it right now yeah but here's a phone I would say okay to that that's completely okay you're right but here's the problem when it's everyday it's not okay it's every damage your time I don't know how you can injure self in some areas only today it's every single day how do you think justify going about the 19 everyday anything it's like you wake up at 4:00 p.m. when you tell yourself you'd be honest right now what do you tell us on the fourth day when you wake up I need a couple hours to sleep I feel like shit I can't see him right now is I'm not what you tell yourself every day yes it is so every day it's the same excuse that you used to justify that you to fall back to sleep not stream or a stream late I don't feel good I don't want to fake the screen it's the same excuse my you you would put I mean you put any of these dreamers with these fucking crazy personas in the same scenario and they crack every time oh okay so then and in fracking and all of them no I'm not correctly you've already cracked I'm bringing you back you understand we have already cracked you already gave it up you did 17 times this last it was fucking 8 months you're already crap do you understand no one no no understand you proper has done this nope none of them none of them done was done that it's 15 times in plain wine or were the greater community the boys just a little bit Alda stream consistently so compare yourself to me 11 consistent or five years then some saying all this is a practice which mysteries all right whatever dude I just like its or something we could turn off for now we're gonna go order payment I don't get it so what so what I really do look there's nothing it's nothing fuck yeah but he said oh yeah birthday birthday fuck yeah fuck yeah eat it here's the pandas energy some fuckin music Ingram any energy about supportive dark imagine for a second that you didn't have this dream and you had bills what would you do sit in a mall on bitch about your shoulder no you'd have to get up and work you take what you have for granted every day wake up he said this is your job let me sensitive we're done on sponsorships he said this is your job you should be going under 50% getting anything you can this is your job this is real-life infant you don't understand that yeah I guess I look at it as not a job before but now it's I have to go to 25 yeah I get it yeah when I was 21 22 in my parents house I had great food because there was no expectation I know there was there was no forced it was just me being me yes that that was the best way to stream no no it was a mess mister miss listen here's what happened I'll explain to you okay streaming and gaining okay it turns something I was once fun and great and amazing into a job anything sorry I ain't paid for it turns it into a job you understand yeah and a job always I don't get your dreams up eventually it won't rip at you to a point where it's not fun anymore but there's something you learn when you're young entitle kids that never were challenged they never learn this vomit TTT right now 25 there comes a point in life where you have to understand a difference between what you have to do which is what you want to do you understand the want doesn't matter anymore you understand the one doesn't matter sometimes you have to have to do it and right now it's a it's a place we have to fucking do it so take this you want edimar take this but what we do are given this is this false reality of everything taken care of for you take it out right now you don't think of yourself there's no one's here for you no it's gone I'm saying I'm saying the stuff you used to have your parents the maid that stuff's gone some kids they're looking out forever and that's fine they can forever live in denial but you got kicked out of it you're gone but the maids gone the parents are gone no support so now unfortunately you've got to hit reality and understand that I mean I have reality last night okay so you're saying I have to do it but I have to make better but I guess I can't even make better decisions for sleep because my sleep is importantly I'm not even kidding i sat there for six hours and could not sleep I swear on my fucking life like Darwin that's all the liberal a partner I'm seeing they're thinking oh this fucking dumb ape is gonna wake up at three fucking p.m. and I can't fucking sleep I believe and I'm mad it makes a man I don't I would even call into Tommy it's just like my schedule right now yes you're the palm okay I'm gonna explain to you why or Stapleton fix it you are know why why because there's no reason for it to mean you wake up lik if you forces the public through a clock and you felt what it was like if you feel now what the fuck this is shit I'm gonna sleep early tonight but you can say holy fuck I am tired this sucks I'm gonna bet early time when every time you fuckin sits there doing this even you say fuck I'm not waking up and you just lower yourself in your sleeping why would you change it why would you change is only that he makes me want to change it is that backing off the plate voting actually pours itself up you get punished in a sense you see the consequence of sleeping shittily you understand so right now you're seeing the consequence breath we're seing the consequence of waking up still early so tonight you're gonna go to bed earlier yeah yeah I just wish I could wake up at 9 a.m. every day and just have a normal life and schedule like that dumb shit for 19 months you're opening all the lines look new for his hat okay you deserve a good okay fine I deserve to be attached if you're gonna pull this with me you're see you're back to it you're back to your film kit either side are you not on being attacked yes I am just pissed because these clowns good they've already trashed me about do it they knew they were female what about anything in my life nothing is personal nothing what have you done from another crest name one thing right now then one thing men one thing right now right now in the last year what have you done what have you done tell me what what you entitled own position what have you done what are you what have you what are you what tell me don't like please tell me I'm so mad tell me what have you done in a year today there's a traffic tell me tell him look at Medallia tell them are you serious slinging what have I done what have you done for them in a year no no what have you done what have you done nothing not just anything nothing we were getting some more sleep and you reversed into their demet acting you I'm opening like you you once again made it it's going to go you know you fell back again your ego took over and you fell back again onto wait wait wait no no how is this not my fault they're attacking me you're making them attack me oh my daughter attack me I hate you for making my technique you found any excuse to fall back on something that makes it my fault or their fault again it's about supporters are change I can't sleep but still have to get up for work 6:00 in the morning every day sometimes I get two hours sleep but still have to do it grow up Mitch no it needs for these three your liking yes good I'm done I'm done and getting the baby benefit when you don't listen to me I'll yell it to you like this off stream and what you do it wasn't one here anyway you're on the other wife no we weren't should the hell up you artistic aid you know damn well you only push Mitch to stream because you get 50% of his donation money so I called you yeah I do I do you dumbass of course listen listen psychologist I shove you dumb if I only do it for 3% yeah yeah that's what business is that's what business is I am here 50% I doesn't I told I told me total time business and friendship are two different fucking things you understand our friendship off stream is great but on stream it's fucking business I'm 26 I'm here for business and I will push him to 20,000 viewers not because I'm a good monk I'm a great human being no because this is a business and I will take 50% to get on to 20k because that is exactly what business is so if the fuck enter your psychologist idiot fucking idiots like yeah that's exactly right and honestly I told Mitch that when we first went maybe image first and he's like yo help me I'll help you it was on the table it's look at the fuck outta you cycle sorry excuse my language so get out of you that sorry about that no I I agree I agree much do you think it's just I guess I get caught up in the moment I'm just like feeling like shit and I feel bad I get pity and feel like puffins I thought it was like range in size and I can't stop and then I get anxiety and that's about support of the arcane train which I love you man listen to Tyler everything he says is real shit in you actually need to listen to him instead of blowing them off your problem is that you have never had responsibilities you grew up privileged and it's showing extra hardened ATM are can treat me skyline's gotta wake up every morning at 6:00 a.m. to wash dishes because you don't pay him feels birthday men know you work that's why you like it anymore but that's why you're like that's wrong that's why I know but that's why your fucking boat might it doesn't give me a goddamn dollars so okay here we go again oh here we go again once again here we go again here we do see what you're doing again again you're doing it again I'm so sorry for your life bitch Oh your anything pity for yourself oh my dad pays for a car engines guess what I went to close you got two degrees where they doing three Gibson sir I got them for him I got them for my parents I don't wanna get degrees I got them for their peace of mind that's why my parents are farmers that's what I feared spot me an Audi on for postgraduates because I work no I don't get your girl I listen I hear I know your story already I've heard my story I've heard your story this is my story fucking know your story sucks so just think the problem is you use your story as an exponent of failure everything I know you don't I jump yes your life yes your life is hard relative to yourself but if you're gonna use it as an excuse then don't blame it on me or them say okay my life is hard I'm being a pussy I'm gonna use as an excuse I don't want to do this anyway here's the problem I have sometimes like some people think I live in this cushion world where everything was like fucking dude my brother has autism okay my mother is full-blown fucking stick and she's been sticker off with like a long time Jasmine's able to hear me my dad never filled those shoes yeah I got a fucking real quick real quick no please no no please listen okay listen that life yes I am sorry it is a hard life I cannot understand it some of them can't understand it fine you're right again again you're doing it man again it's always something you call back gonna justify your bad habits just fine bad habits I'm just I'm trying up I think people think that I'm some Scoob like piece of shit it doesn't matter what not like that it's not like they're judging law it doesn't your life yes the shit you went through I can't understand that I'm sorry I can't understand I'm sorry I can't understand I'm sorry that is a hard if my mom got sick about all that stick now at 27 I'd be in tears I'd be broken so I'm sure you went through hell at 15 I'm sure you did I'm sorry but do you understand 12 years has passed and you are still falling back I think 9 9 years has passed they're still falling back there's always something Mitch okay fine I will land on the honey a little later I'll go do stuff use me as an excuse okay maybe I do here's the main problem is that I am NOT some twisted fucking things like it's not that way it's just not I would have something goddamn anxiety issues if it was that's life anxiety issues all the stuff life that's not what I'm trying to do Trey to you is that my life is not god imposed from chocolate yeah no one says no one says no one says no one's what the Paul no one's is Tyler can't be trying to tell Mitch how to fix his life and then say I don't give a fuck about your life and can't call him spoiled when Tyler is still spoiled Mitch found a way to support himself without his family and he's not again I didn't give a fuck on your life I'm sad that I supported him through his shit and I just said I could never understand what he went through so maybe if you listen you can understand that I never said that and about about me being spoiled listen I put in my work I don't make excuses you understand I'm you're simply stating these are all excuses do you understand I have already been sensitive if you want this sensitive bullshit then but then go watch and goddamn streaming that tells you some sensitive what you want to hear shit but right now I know what's going on and if you can't see it then don't ever I don't want to ever see you up vote I fucking comment on reddit bashing him because you are the problem if your sitters think oh I'm on the fence then get the fuck out of here cuz you're not supporting you're not helping you are literally in denial and your shit-stained viewer if you actually believe that this is okay so fuck out of here dude Mike towards the back towards the back I don't get a point towards that 420 back fuck you so big just fake your shit anyways that's all staying Mitch you are a streamer your way of earning income is by making your life public you sacrificed your privacy for content and donations if streaming doesn't make you happy you will have to find another way to make a living I don't know what the groans are the promises us to do districts all in my opinion are your top tire to fix this okay the first poem is you put a prom in your head right yeah but in case in case you've solved that problem you have several proms waiting as an excuse so for example your hair we fix your hair they make you're asleep we put your sleep now it's your fucking you're not energy fix your energy ground you're spinning not just folder it's always something second thing is you gotta stop worrying on this huntin thing about this people wanted to see you eyebrows for a lark why they love you you understand that they fucking love you they might bash you but they love you they bastard because they love you you understand I understand explain that oh thank you both appreciate back he says I thank you like yeah he just said that's true he knows they're better they're so hard about support of the arcane here's the problem you miss schedule every day this week keep your schedule be our friend like Nora trolls I put in three years that would be justification now one thing you fall back on your typical behavior support chat LinkedIn you did say you don't give a shit about his life and I'll continue to donate because I want to support Mitch's an entertainer just like I pay for my cable company to accept we went horribly Sunnis Muslims really great everything after that it went downhill yeah there - good night streams everything else I'm down 8 p.m. Lincoln called shit why this is all set out it's done it naturally makes you happy it just it just it just how it is so question what would a what's the best what's the best way to go forward then like I can work expressing myself in the sleepy asleep yeah so if I get good sleep I'll stream them the problem is it's not that simple if you get good signals you never did I'll just cut out anything else like I'll put out me go put it off whatever else yeah we're not everything yeah yeah good sleep and wake at 3 p.m. latest this is my because ping ping $20 for a three minute massage and that that's that's that's dirt cheap I don't want you to take these crap in your back it's some Asian guy it's some Asian parlor you're going to the $18 at 30 every 30 minutes your Zen it's usually $60 over 30 minutes it's $80 every 30 minutes 150 for an hour and you're paying 18 bucks for 30 minutes and he's he's he's cracking your back leg he's a chiropractor do nursing this guy's buy fresh off the boat from fucking Thailand and he's just cracking her back like he's a licensed person he's not because 18 dollars every 30 minutes is not licensed this thing is fucking my shit up I'm saying that's why we're so low her that's big and you act like I'm ungrateful I'm not I don't think you're ungrateful I don't I'm I don't think you're ungrateful nothing you're on grid portal I just think that you you expect a reaction a different reaction easily you're doing the same goddamn failing action you do the same shitty thing you expect them to love you for it or to change their opinion I'm not to intervene unless you change what you're doing so the two weeks that you change they loved it they fucking loved it I'm just trying to think for myself yeah oh we can have fun fully it's not we're not even interested we're doing like a blog now it's recording we're doing a YouTube vlog we're just like YouTube we're not bothering anyone okay but it's not reporting anything I'm sorry don't start you're gonna do you go there thank you have a great night man we'll wrap it up and go I wrap it up I need three more stores Hannah gets it before we ever do okay so what do we wouldn't what am I you pompous the same thing we've talked about we've an esteem conversation maybe how many times me every time same about hundred thirty times we've had yeah I know this answer this the same exact I'd like it just every simple like I guess I just do and speak yes you just get up get up will this thing talk to them we're gonna shop in a place to get some clothes let me get comfy Lucy it's not something I just I don't know I guess my about support of the arcane dream your parents would bought you an Audi for doing what millions of people do every year end you're calling someone privileged roll yeah okay so let me ask you this the but they got donated so you're working care of your children now your children work and get a degree and they prove themselves to you are you gonna keep that money from them no you're gonna take care of them as well that's why you make money to take care of your family so if you're and why is Mitch your personal project don't call me if you don't talk to you don't call me hey call me hey yo results say hey results how you doing it's about support of the arc and dream read about gear of success people self-sabotage themselves all of the time because of it thank you Andy that's right thank you Andy that's exactly right it's it's it's more complicated than that yeah call me results for all you idiots yo ape your parents got you a 2014 Audi as in personal support my core was trained three it was twenty nine thousand five hundred dollars so you're acting like is this corner thousand dollar car it was twenty nine thousand five hundred which is a very reasonable price because I'm talking what I needed talk yeah I'm just letting him know that his argument is invalid if you want to if you want to talk to me admit the results from now on 30 Kade yeah 30 K course it's an average corn I'm triggering the normies right now get rid of this fucking retarded spitting shit to get money he said himself he doesn't give a fuck about your life fuck his mom and dad pays for his car and fun is a phony we're leaving no we're doing we're doing like a we're just practice like a vlog that makes sense okay okay yeah we'll leave right now I promise if you walk around we've gone in seven minutes five minutes thanks anyways listen my parents bought me a car five years ago let's go to a store it was like four years ago I'm driving the same car so relax idiots there are some of them that you're right I'll agree with you did it there completely triggering all of these guys have them the ramped up in a car and imagine they're still driving the gang shit like that's gonna have purpose of parents do you understand I mean say you goddamn hungry and I'm sweaty yeah I'm sweating slipping III gave some actual fuck I gave some actual fucking advice yeah wait so the point I have a question and you gotta answer this honestly okay so you say okay what percent you give a shit about me and what percent of you come here to like better your just your shit I want to know for like put it out those if you put all my shit out there okay how much do you action look at this as a friendship we've talked about Authority and you agree that design done there's a three percentage forget we talked about all this shit - and you're putting out there solo now your turn a one-off no no no no I want to know I want to know for myself and for them that's right okay see don't stay for them because you're ready no fear so we talked about two days ago and you agree that you do the same for you you agreed it was the same thing what is it it's don't play it I'm not playing do did you just you said they're on fire so you don't want to act you're acting right now I'm at how my act and you said I want to know for me you just talked about this you want to know for them I want to know in the public I guess exactly acnes you just act like you didn't know exactly acting like I didn't know is all I wanna know for me okay I might already note I misspoke that's not acting okay we know mr. Goldbach don't don't try and call me out what are you doing to me right now I'm not calling you how are they put my entire shit my entire life because I think because I'm setting what do you do every day leader in it huh what do you do what's your Excuse every day it's fine so whatever look okay sure okay sure I deserve to have everything thrown out there right just so I feel what threw out there what is the other one what other about support of the arcane train real talk this is a business and should be taken seriously we're hitting 10k right now because of apes help let's be real here love to Mitch and love to Mitch less than three yeah I told you about this already it's about supporter of the arcane ask yourself is Mitch when was the last time I started stream on time on my own accord there is always excuses and that's why you get bashed so hard Tyler is helping you learn a lesson most of Mister I'll do the exact percentage no no it's not my shit man see to see here's a problem your you know what you're doing undo this to help you because you make excuses for yourself but if you want to do this to me to feel better this is a visit this is your M no this is your endless loop of shit my only thing I don't know Curtis myself how how I have how do you always justify everyone else's problems but I've never heard you once thing okay you tell me a promise I do wrong now look tell me why please how many I do wrong in the house tell me what do I do watch it okay now you're once again you're falling back in her arguments you want take response when you feel embarrassment tell me what I do that tell me tell me what I do and I'll tell you that all better tell me what I do whatever I do then what do I do huh how the brain power thing okay so there goes this is what do I do that deserves scrutiny what do I do tell me okay so here we go what's gonna happen victim she bullshit here we go what yeah you're playing Vicki now now you're acting so tell me what do i do what do i do what do you do what'd I do huh someone do around the house and wind noise me no what no what do i do that's desert desert scrutiny since you wanna play this card what I do I don't criticize myself what do I do tell me okay tell me please I'm thinking give me a fucking second okay I stress ice cream ice scrutiny a little I scrutinize myself every day I thought if I can push myself to become bigger stronger but fuck do you mean but one thing is you literally call everyone else out right and yes if someone were to do the same to you and make you put in this like you put me in a business while I'm in a corner yes because you put yourself in a corner okay whatever you forced me to realize when I'm in a corner or whatever the fuck you want to justify it as but you throw me into a goddamn corner I've heard the same thing from another person I know that is just this the same Zack like you feel like you're in a corner why cuz you don't want to be like I decide I've heard the same exact someone you really don't know how to fucking talk Mitch you literally stay throwing Tyler under the bus think before you speak how am i prudent with a lack of communication dude you guys are some goddamn desk warriors like holy shit yes please tell me well I didn't throw you under the bus all I'm saying is yeah I wrote a poem I wrote it okay I never used to watch IRL dreams until I saw the twitchcon streams you ate is what makes me keep coming back to him oh well I just wanna know from myself and the public eye what you came here for we've talked about sixteen hundred times and you're saying for myself you know what the fuck I just know I know what's going on store but I want to know what extent of this is like like you're literally saying exactly what needs to be said to win over my handle because I want to know how much is for me and how much there's a problem a little problem here is the contradiction your goddamn arguments okay you see I'm saying exactly what they want to hear you are you want to know why you don't know why because what you're doing it so fucking obviously wrong okay it doesn't take eight fucking genies to say what you're doing is wrong what do you mean of course it sounds in some what they want to hear because I'm speaking through life I'm not even smart I'm only telling you what uh I could go to a nine-year-old and say hey this guy's not successful on Twitter right now because why he sleeps in he's lazy and he makes excuses what can you do he'll tell Chad exactly what they want to hear you wonder why cuz it's an obvious fucking answer alright tell Caesar to shut the fuck up you're a kid that's had everything given to him getting advice by the guy who's had everything given to him thinking he's only here to better his career he doesn't care about you Mitch he's been doing it forever no me the fuck out please you spoke a lot just hear me what I'm saying okay look I have been funny for sure the two of you are better together than individually that's true realities it is a leech twitch just has the meaning fucked up outside of twitch it's called networking not reaching its business true friendships can evolve from business no thank you we've look we are definitely answer question that help they sound my ego I'm just saying okay maybe it is I don't know look all the thing is this right I have thrown myself into situations with trusting and people that I shouldn't know I understand we've done this one stream force and I know we had I'll skip the dialogue of the trust yeah I guess like recently I just want to not get snaked again that's all that's it I don't give a fuck if you build a goddamn empire off of mine I don't care I just don't want you to fucking shove it back up my ass like I have had other people do to me understand okay like if Mira had it her way she would have ran away with all my viewers and all of my reputation you understand this mirror when it ran away with all the plot points that's why she'd all that chicken and watermelon you know and then she and then when she doesn't get what she wants you know what she justifies as oh your viewers are toxic you know what I mean yeah if they're fucking snakes the goddamn grass and I don't want that to happen again and if it does happen again I'm literally done it's all I'm done I told you right now okay right now good okay well if they're right I came here for two things okay okay I came here because you and I we click we have a good time and we're friends and you know that I get me up too because realistically why'd you invite me you were very political my temptation was shit so I was invite me because we got a lot about supporters are can ask the right question are you using me no it's not about that came here with an I came here 50/50 percent friendship 50 percent what you offered me to help you so you told me I need shit together yeah you've done things for other people I need you to help me I said okay I need you to help me yes so 50 percent of why I'm here 50 percent is because we agreed on a business deal I get your shit together and you get my shit together that is the business deal so if 50 percent is that the other 50% is that I enjoy being in the same houses you we have a good time we vibe we're both lazy only need to be we both sit there and sleep in when we want to and we just vine we both game late and it's fun so 50% friendship 50% business right now as far as real friendship goes it doesn't grow overnight you understand I can't sticker instead of your best friend yet it doesn't grow overnight it takes years and years to grow so if you want to hear some kind of guarantee that I'm here for you for 10 years I can't give it I just want to guarantee that you're not gonna sneak me even you're not gonna okay I want to guarantee that I am NOT gonna get fucked because here's the thing okay like like so many other people I've just trusted and trusted and trusted right and you can call me all these things like fucking mall cops man what the fuck additionally what cops come for trespassers trespassing fucking sitting I got in Clarke talking this is their property okay well they didn't they tell us to leave them all we left the fucking mall technically this entire thing okay we'll leave in a second okay now listen I guess I'm just looking for I I guess I'm looking for some that doesn't exist so yeah well you're looking for is really I don't know what you want to hear I could tell you that but that's exactly everyone else is told you why it's fake I could say yo you might boy you're my best friend man let's fucking do this for my boy I got your back dude like nothing's gonna happen we're straight no problems I'm gonna be here for you listen realistically I am here for you but the other shit it takes time it takes time it takes a year it takes bonds and experiences it takes a real shit to go through to create that stuff you understand I can't just give you what you want to hear yeah I know all right okay well hey I feel a little better now I feel awake I'll tell you that I get a second wind for a little bit notes that's what another person gets enclosed okay where can we go well wearing 720p if we drive around which go non-stop f you know that right I mean we should just restart in for total 480 if we're about to do all this you feel me that guy that's a walk bro so gay yeah I know edgy fake drama no this isn't fake this is actually some real shit like it's not like we're just getting our shit out there in public because he made everything public I wouldn't be doing any of this if he didn't he's literally like I'm pouring my shit out there so I feel guilty when I don't do it unless he's trying to make you guys I make you know he's trying to make me feel good like you feel shame because you don't have any of that yeah I feel hella shame and now I'm trying to at least put the fucking table out there with you as well I try doing it privately for a month okay you immediately regress you're back to your vape you back your shit sleep schedule you're back to excuses so there's a fuck it I'm gonna do what you ask me not to do I'm gonna stream at 3 p.m. I'm gonna sit there and from your crowd I'm gonna see what the truth and you're gonna feel shaming and you and you might even feel competitive edge to hate me and that's good so you can get the fuck up and compete with me and do better and grow instrument 12 instead of me streaming at 12 and so you're a fucking 1 p.m. and like it's what it is and you even call just location yes I want to grow I'm not Hina I want to grow under cuz I'm not gonna hide that like a little snake well since you might want to grow you have I have yes thank you literally doubled yes you've done actually he's more than that quadruple what yes swap flippity Dippold um yes yes thank you and that's that's that's I guess and that's because of your platform yes it's not even about that but like I'm saying you're getting what you want so why I guess you're trying to help me get what I want I did I gave you what your honor if the first you gotta thank you thank you thank you for the stuff you got a taste of listening to me for three weeks your stream grew out your reddit changed everything was great okay this last week you've regressed and you're not listening or you're unresponsive you just go in your room you sleep when I say wake up and I yell at you wake up when I pull the sheets off you still like you say no no no you shut down yeah so the only straw left which it is a very it's a very shady line to step on on my end it's that make it public and the last relationship I was in which I still consider a good friend to me that's what the issue is I made it public and he hates me right now so it is a very shady line but for some people that are stuck in their head and denial you need to make it public so they feel the shame that they cannot feel and right now you you your your absence of shame you need to feel shame to understand it is wrong what you're doing if you want twitch to be your job yeah okay thank you and thank you because you're right when I log in a night and I for 10 our viewers in there and they're pumping on my DJ eight that makes me feels good but yes you you have made a drink no you have made a dream come true for me they made a dream come true for me you've done a lot for me I appreciate that but we need to get your shit together yeah I agree yeah thank you for the subdued I appreciate that DJ goddamnit all right we got a drive around or what the fuck are we doing dude I mean I just feel so shit weird 720 right now kind of a sip of that like waterfall it just give me a cup or some shit I don't even care I just need something wrong that Fiji water looks fucking dead Jesus Christ were you a chemist over there now kiss now kit yeah I'm not gonna kiss a dude how's my person sir oh shit man you're spilling what the fuck all right well I hope that I mean it can only get better I guess from here right if you actually take this to heart and you changed and yes it will get better not anymore I'm gonna get up every day and spent 3 p.m. until you wake up for my loud yelling we're gonna do this every day until we can get it scheduled because shit was blowing up for the both of us not just you for the both of us and for sure so like you just need to get it together that's what people say I'm doing it for a little bit of own reasons yeah I am oh yeah honestly yeah I am so and that's the world we live in I don't wait someone said don't ever use the faggot I was going for an argument oh I'm not using that well I guess I am but I mean the cold reality is this everyone will switch hey to Tyler before you came here and now people like him so I literally gave him away uh I gave him a place to get his rep better as an example and that is that is something that some people never get a second chance yeah but he did a beak he would never get a second chance and he would always be a dead stream he would be dead to be fair would always be dead you would never be fair it was taken away you you gave back what you took away you understand like you took it away when I would through my mouth Kelsey and you know but you did other shit that fucked your rep to is the Kelsey it was just that was a turn because everything was great I mean it was both of us I mean off Kelsey and an epic this huge deal secondly you gave back which took away thank you guys no one else we got I'm not even doing it thank me for that thank them it's not me it's them you feel me I didn't do shit but like here's what I think I just feel as though like yeah I already told you I felt and that's not ego talking that's just that's actually just a fact I believe it it's not it's not ego or anything I don't know yeah it's just a fact I would've thought you would have maybe climbed a 500 you would be in a Sony digital position you would never not be in Sony - technically I was actually you were never above Sony digital position you see Lauren you saw it you saw my twins you saw my friend said yeah you're pouring a thousand or the worker who saw it look at the fuck at it I mean and I you look at my 20 didn't believe me okay you would have looked at it for two months I was in a thousand plus in a while so get out I were good now look we've gotten all the bullshit you just fucking pack up lip you know what he's packing a lip dude relax all right shit boys okay we got it I mean is there anything else you want to throw out there I feel like I could throw it more shit but I just there's no point like there's there's no point I just the only my ego wants to do that so thing or whatever go just get her there's no point get it out - um you first it's like I mean it's just it is putting you in a position where I just don't need to do it like you're putting me in the position to better me but the only reason I would put you in that position is just to make my ego feel better so there's no point in doing it you understand yeah what at least understand I'm not gonna do it you can say it if you want no I'm not gonna do it I just wanna know what it is I don't know what I've done you got viewers back as well oh I know that for sure yeah definitely definitely definitely I mean over the summer when I was uh I have around the same numbers and a little bit higher numbers than I had when I was streaming with over the summer with Mira like I had like I don't know run I don't know 8k viewers or some shit then so I don't know but it's I'm not gonna disagree he is scheduled and everything else in the content that he provides his fucking dude like I fucking appreciate the fuck edge Mitch when did you last start stream on time on your own accord hmm ape already made it thanks to you if he's gone in a month immuno let him help you become consistent you will definitely regress back to ditching you guys are saying 4k the only the only time I dip down to 4k viewers was my about support of our country Mitch it is fitting that truth you know how much I wished having a toxic twitch chat or any twitch chat at all huh don't take your success for your granted you have potential to grow and be great thanks to you I enjoy your stream a lot keep going and keep your head up you know thank you so much honey for those guys I appreciate that you guys need to kiss each other right now to show her friends and all is : here ready to take it to the next level well this is great this is good and what the fuck was I saying though oh yeah for K when I hit when I played pug right yeah yeah you guys think I hit 4k with IRL uh I only hit that because I all all guess I went to fucking see whose wedding and didn't stream at all like of course if I'm inconsistent all these other I mean because you do our part offering a platform and he does his streaming it's scheduled times every day you don't get her half because he does his part trying to give you the tips to get better and grow but you don't do our part if I wasn't my dude if someone is willing to risk losing you as a friend to see you become better that's love bro and respect it honor it maturity is consistent application of ordinary things keep it up yeah thank you man thank you guys I do appreciate the positivity even though the tells the truth listen to wait also this is why you matters you rat how are you gonna fix your sleep schedule if Abe lets you wake up at 8:00 every day schedule equals wake up early and be tired so you didn't go to bed early dude I love our crazy he's here to help you you're both benefiting nigga's advice and move on these talks every other stream are getting annoying uh take these advice and move on these talks every yeah yeah I feel you I feel you yeah we with this shit doesn't happen that often normally we're kind of just doing other other fucking content shit but what the fuck $500 god damn can we get some parked in finish after that guy please thank you dude that's crazy yo you know how much I fucking love you already dude you're a good guy and I appreciate it man that guy's not this guy's giving me like 10k or some shit about fucking crazy dude I remember when you two when you came guys came to fries I bought a PC for me the solution of your problem is we bought a PC from you at Fry's what the fuck what you mean homey goddamn yo thank you dude are you good oh okay just just explain some stuff what are you explaining nothing someone I got old messages saying uh I they mistook it they're just saying that I was dismissing your mental problems was saying mine are worse but III didn't mean that what I was saying was everyone has mental issues and I don't I don't I don't use them - don't use my mental issues to justify my failures ice only fourteen-year-old girls go to the mall every day new content please a peer to help date I was all simply stating was we needed clothes and all I was simply standing was you shouldn't use your mental illness as a justification for your failures it is definitely harder but you shouldn't use as identification because in certain advice here twitter.com slash train wrecks tv8 gang baby ape gang okay yeah so what's the plan then let's find a store we can go do I think I think I mean is it I'll Drive on a store now all right my ear hurts so bad for some reason I think it's cuz you were screaming so much I gotta get this ear checked out dude ah we're good okay three hours of sleep feeling good what up moist girl thank you so much for the 500 man I really do appreciate that shit thank you they make it fun of your stutter bug in here dude actually yeah I'm actually curious to see stream in August because of a wedding I don't make up excuses on Kappa yeah it was um just say to say I mean you as long as I change to these I know you've done I don't wanna bring it up for no reason there's no point as long as you're no point of bringing it up I like what I've done in the past or now in the past like in the past with living here no in the yeah what about supporter of the arcane if I get to see you guys Blizzcon they got a round of drinks for both of you the only reason I want to bring it up is because I feel like you're putting all my past in the future and president out there you're putting all of me out there I have nothing there is nothing I didn't push the past there's a lot of people that hide from the internet right they hide their who they truly are they hide all this shittier and I'm not I I have nothing to hide anymore there's not a goddamn thing you can hide either do I everyone knows everything if you think I've already admitted all the car stuff the house stuff being broke I've already admitted all that if that's you're talking about now there's more like what I mean there's this shameless shit that you've done and you know you've done that I can put out there that's not going to do it Metheny r--'s a thing at okay so here's the thing this whole so I didn't bring your past up you brought your childhood up I didn't bring that up you brought your childhood up all I brought was how you are right now that that's what I brought up hi all right now as far as my past people grow see yeah I agree your promise you latch on to the past to justify your current doings the problem is when you do that this this current president is gonna become your past in the future and your futures gonna justify this current present as your past and this being okay and your presents justinian on and the slope of fuckery as far as the shameless shit I've done I already don't want you you can say whatever you want cuz yes I have everyone that there's already write a post about it I've grown a lot I've done a lot of shitty shit I was a dick but if you want to say I have no I don't okay mom go streams before me reflect Mitch's mind I member feelsbadman member reckful Plus Mitch Jones I member feelsbadman just said hey what wants to know I did I got no reason to say it because I already haven't caught myself after I got this really bad no no no I'm not I'm not playing it up if you're making it like I saw this huge dark secret I've been I'm saying you've done a lot of shady shit like what say it's give me an example mm you know make it public you're saying make it public then I look like I'm attacking you know I don't want to take like I don't want to attack I just look at planets like I'm not playing anything you think you I know II think I'm playing Monopoly you've said that I've been irrelevant this entire time so watch what crazy shit could I have done if I've been irrelevant it's full-time by your logic irrelevant what do you mean you said I was nothing but a hundred viewers streamer yet I've done this crazy shady shit so I don't know what I don't know what's that crazy shady shit it's just shit then you know people do when they're desperate I've seen you do it like what just say it why would I say it because you've already pretty much called me on everything I'll just do the example I just feel like it's it's not I mean it's not that big of a deal it's just like so it's some shit that other people do as well and I we see it and we laugh about trying to throw everything out there I want you what do you really want me to do this listen you you've already admitted that you're doing this because you feel hurt and your design boost your own ego up so you know that I should take the high road and not do it you've already admitted it so as long as you may aware that you feel even though I'm helping you that you feel you need to get me back as long as you are aware of that I don't give a shit but yeah I want you to get it out there if this is if you have a mo then yeah get it out make it public I don't care cuz I know what I've done and I just I don't know okay there's a lot of things that were I mean there's a lot of look I don't want to actually yeah let's just let's just go to shit let's just go to the mall I'm not trying to make you look bad okay I'm here it's not Michaels beer you ended okay you ready [Music] it's funny I mean now you're he goes no my egos not hurt hey I hit a soft spot no you did a saw so here's what it is you did a soft spot it's just funny how nasty people will get when I push in a corner I didn't ask you you see the true person's behavior when you put them in a corner and you see their true animal instincts kick in that's why I muted for respect that's why I know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna have you play me but the fact is that the fact you thought about these these things it's just thing I thought they were facts and okay like what do you mean like I didn't throw your shit out there for the peer sector spec because I knew it was wrong and I told you and you kept pushing you like tell me tell me I've already told them and they've already fucking since I'm saying you said it out loud about this cuz you think so at this point I was like say but isn't happening I literally told you that you I'm throwing my shit out there right which is fine because it's help I didn't know your shit out there coming right through out there what I throw out there oh I can't hide anymore you understand you are making you're putting me into a place where if I hide my fans will hate me yes okay here's all I threw out see here's a difference okay okay there's always threw out I threw out your sleep schedule shit you blame everything on an excuse that has nothing to do a nurse you really said that all my problems are nothing and little identity no I shouldn't you know I did not know you mistook that then okay listen your problems are not nothing you're nothing but I'm saying is the monkey to learn some humility himself his Hall I'm 25 and half all that knowledge is annoying his fuck the way that takes it was like I if you took it away where I said that your problems are nothing I didn't mean it that way if I said that I didn't mean it in the context it was taking it what I meant was anxiety is a real thing depression is a real thing yes but there becomes a fine line there comes a fine line when you start blaming you can't do this you can't do that because your sleep schedule in your wig and then your looks and then this and then your shoulder hurts that's what I'm saying as far as things the ID goes your anxieties being triggered by these problems that you've created that that are nothing yeah your wig is I'm gonna say your wig is not it's nothing that that's nothing I don't say that's nothing you keep talking about this wig it's over yeah I know and now it's your suits cares what's nothing and now it's your fucking your shoulder that's nothing those things are nothing but that's a mental illness is real but the excuses that are you're making your head that are creating anxiety or nothing that's what I meant by that that's the context I meant it in and as far as the humility thing honor so just say it fuck it what Mitch brought up was he said that at one point he was convinced that I was viewbotting myself that was what he said I was convinced I was view by myself every day he said I was a viewbotter just like Annie named hotted and so needy and everyone else I'm gonna be real with everything you said I'm just gonna go on a little walk you know you should not throw names out there homie okay then sorry hey what are you doing I'm just saying I'm just being real I'm laying out my shit I didn't what the fuck okay go ahead keep going I guess Jesus Christ okay so he said I was a viewbotter okay second thing he brought up was when I was living all of you know my old roommate my old roommate is at cryptocurrency God or some shit like that okay I've no idea what the fuck any of that shit is I don't know what it is but there was a goddamn fucking business he got me into and it was called jolt and my job of the recruit streamers and I wasn't aware what it was I wasn't aware how cryptocurrency works so there was this huge thing behind it where people started calling it a scam and I immediately backed out and that was those are two things he had on me he said that those are two shady things in my life that he had I mean for my stream and that's all I'm doing let it out there cuz honestly I don't I don't want someone to have some bullshit ammo on it this is not even ammo so I'm gonna let them know I'm not getting scared because I'm letting them know cuz it's a deer or B you're covering your tracks in case we ever do have a falling out no no no no you're preparing for a situation where I'm trying to make you you're projecting now okay no you listen I uh hit a soft spot with you you felt like fuck this guy he brought me down and bring him down so if you think those two things gonna bring me down I'm letting you know now they're not I'm letting someone like you know that you cannot come to me and justify your wrongdoings by saying I am Shady you understand that's on trial to know it's that simple it's just unbelievable I just can't believe it that you just yeah it's all I maybe was introducing I don't like how no I don't like how everything I said to you all you got from it was all you were thinking about was this shit I've done okay that is not true I looked inside I look inside myself look you're fucking - petaling me it's what you're doing look I really told you I will drop it I said I told you I don't want someone to have what they think ammo I'm a very transparent and I've already told you off stream so listen what I'm saying tell them don't bring it up like you did oh I've shit on you I've shady shit you've done someone cooking if I said in my bed look I think the day I wasn't trying to make you look bad I was just saying that I told you my my ego is pissed so I'm trying to justify it or whatever way and that's the first thing I called you all right I told you wrong it was wrong and then you wait on and on and on you mean the fucking Street I told you and you unmute it and you fucking name draw people because you're a fucking who cares who cares as someone who cares just listen okay I'm sorry I name-dropping it's like what you told me what does that matter to you who cares what do you mean these people look fucking just who cares Mitch let's just do a target and get some fucking Christ I don't get okay listen I'm sorry that I dropped those two names that you're talking I'm not yeah it does it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter like if you were just open on everything you thought everything every no no I was open about everything and it got me into a bed right and you look where it got you now for be keeping everything in anxiety through the roof not screaming problems every person you talk to you can't trust you understand you traded your traded being real and being hated for for being loved and being sad I was real and loved before you understand and then I I thought that I had to censor myself or like not speak of my goddamn mind because everyone fucking told me that I had some problem about like fucking fuck that way now on for now if you think if you think anyone's doing anything I want you to say to out say I think this guy is doing this just say it be real bring the old Mitch back bring doesn't how do you think you're the law from from lying to yourself not sanction no you're the law cuz if you thought someone was viewbotting you said yo this guy's fuckin viewbotting what a goddamn clown that's what you said so just fuckin do that again I'm transparent cuz that's what I do I I say how I feel that's how I am ice I have I have a maybe millisecond filter I can judge risk versus reward and I could speak if you don't have that who gives you to say it now if it's some racist dumb shit don't say it but obviously that's logic but like does that make sense just just just say it cuz right now you're sacrificing how some people look at you for your own goddamn mental health cuz oh really and I know someone's sketchy and I have to keep it inside my mind I can't say anything it gives me anxiety yeah it gives me stress just say it welcome okay okay I was trying out sunshine yeah okay why well I wouldn't say fucked like and there's also a fine line where you have to have a filter for the sake of streaming yes and that's the millisecond of risk was rewarded if I said something for this just like being real and then I get fucking banned it's not worth ya understand that's what the middle said but that's what me and I'm people telling you about you've got to add in this so we have no filter but you gotta add in this millisecond of subconscious risk versus reward that just process and you just go yeah okay fuck the keep it what half keep it half give it half it's kind of annoying okay thank you so much - oh thank you - appreciate that now we're good this was necessary this was nice this was actually necessary for us to like keep keep growing his friends because there was obviously some shit on both of our goddamn minds and now I don't have anything else to say I feel like I'm in a better place all I know is my ears fucking hurt now but I'll get over it I'm hungry too a little bit but it's all good no come on out or click you down I'm down we gotta get close for sure target is right there what's the target shorts I just bullshitting target bolt you know Vittorio drug it has really good shirts but you can't get like pants there make sure they've jeans a target what do you mean I guess when you're right they might have some Levi's yo you guys ever do this with your friends just fucking why do you buy your fucking hurt man stop hurting you don't bitch did you hear that yeah I did hear that oh I hear that you hear that juggen it's fucked up in your current state your input or control to the situation which is dependent on current state ma stochastic element from the environment so it's a recursive feedback loop Wow I looked at a lot that was good and yes those are spamming eight-nation did viewbot listen people have you bought in yes a hundred times and it's been I've called it out every time it's been very scripted I wasted scripted the worst part was when I first start screaming when I first thought when I first came to twitch someone in a while secondly only like three thousand viewers and I thought I was making it and then like I'm like an hour later I dropped like 600 and I amber the biggest like the biggest feeling right here seems more a warm feeling is dropping my stomach I'm like okay you know here's where it gets like really intense like 500 Q shit is if if you were truly fucked up you would never admit it you know I mean like I'm not saying that's like three out of the bus I'm just saying if you were truly like a fucking social panic narcissist or some shit you would never goddammit you would lie to the Edit you would like wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you would like to you fucking down let's predict a psychologist in chat but what if I reverse I called you that and I said this just so he believes that it's like college doesn't get you read it's ready yeah it's not it's just I called you it's the meme of everyone things are smart you heard my ear though right I heard it went wait yeah it was pressure no but it's still it's like stickers goop in there dude like it's like the earwax is like fucking stick and do it is making like you're weird yeah I'll just call making a point on Monday when we get back yeah this is annoying this shit at me cuz I gonna get these heated arguments ooh my ear just starts to hurt like a bitch it doesn't hurt it just feels I hear the crackles and shit it's like loosening up the gook in there yes because of the vibrations from your goddamn deep fucking gorilla shit you're fucking stupid fuck yeah I understand I've dealt with some pretty nasty people man so I can kind of see so everyone I can see narcissism and fucking sociopath you almost a mile away yeah and I ball for it now yeah and I've dealt with people that make excuses okay like a lot well that's not I'd help you eight other people before you and yeah they're all in the same denial yeah yeah for sure for sure so I'm just like I always go to fucking Target or what where we going in and out or Target first [Music] first that's a target or in and out so I get ready now yeah we hit 13 K dog park gym you know we actually might hit that 20 K one of these days you feel me one of these it's coming dude yeah do we need to get the goddamn backpack we have good content without without anything if we actually get other content on top of that we'll be good to go you know I'm saying he's a virgin true alright let's see if it does again ready you ready listen to it I think so need in the jet hey guys hey what's up I wish Sonia would just I wish Sonia would be real you know I mean even if it made him look bad I wish she would just say it you know I'm saying he'll never say it because he can't he just the real problem here is STP chest to get off her chair every time someone subs why can't she just moved the Peachtree right next to her so she doesn't have to get up let me open a beer real quick here actually if you could for me here Jesus IRL is dying we mention you need to listen to him because he's right you need to stop crying and get your ass motivated if you don't trust him now I want to do a little thing here I don't know if already little thing your honor I'm gonna meet real quick I'm teasing okay so I mean listen I want you to okay so I'm gonna open this view right here I want you to open this beer I'm gonna add a beer stuff I'm gonna act like I want you to pretend us naturally were you hit the top of it it's an app or other mathematics just about support of our team hey guys how you doing ok you don't be insecure about it no.3 miss whole point schedule no putting down or bringing the past that was you once you do that no it's gone I don't know what you hit my dear like that yeah ok so with the look I'm gonna be honest with you with the Sony situation I actually want I want to give him the benefit down because I like him ok what's going what's going but date the shitty feeds me is just bullshit and I don't want any more bullshit you know I mean like I like Sony I do it's only dislike and that's why I'm pissed about it you understand if I didn't give a shit about you Sony I wouldn't say a fucking word about you I really wouldn't give a fuck but I'm pissed because I liked you you understand like I thought you were a homie but you know like you just justify yourself in weird ways you know one thing he told me before you left and maybe I shouldn't make this public but I mean at this point you said just to say it right don't filter I may be no say what you need 6 if you want to ever get cooled Sony and if you guys want to be cool you've gotta you gotta let out everything that's one thing one thing that really triggered me they said is he blamed me for his career doing bad he said it's your fault Mitch he looked me in the fucking eyes and said that shit he said oh you're the reason that I'm not doing well and like it was blaming me for it and I just sat there and I'm like are you fucking kidding me ok so how do you justify like let's calm so we can defend himself here I would love him to job so I hope it's fair so you can defend himself because that's the truth I just don't want any gas peddling bullshit like I just can't believe you told me that like it just made me feel like shit because I thought we were boys you know then he's just sitting there saying that shit I'm just like ok like whatever yeah dude however you got to fucking think you know it's all good he's there yeah what up alright so I'm not gonna shoot talked to you and not let you defend yourself like I did before well I just that's why I called you that's not true Sonia Sonia Sonia I sat in my room with Mira we never talked like when Mira was there we almost never talk dude I would I'm being real with you I would rarely talk to you I talked to you so rarely so rarely don't act like don't act like I put in my burdens on you when I did it don't act like I promote made me know I didn't know I didn't I was Sonia I'm just saying I put what like Mia Tyler I talk about my shoe within every fucking day every second I talk to you maybe once a fucking week and it was always surface level shit we are casual conversation that's not true that's not true I'm becoming a lot more real and that's why I'm fucking talking you right now this is why I didn't want this one I didn't want this why didn't work this is 512 you told a man I have told you that I've told you that I told you listen yeah think of in the five today today you did well but have I not told you that you're sitting you're worried about rec flowing all these kids being Fagin playing at politics I told you throwing names out there again man who why do you care because that's what it is they're playing Paul I'll say reckful you play politics everyone plays politics Reynaud you play politics all of you play politics you are my boys when I repetition with this shit all of you block but you play politics fucking get over it it's life it's business get over yourself I'm not listen I told Sony this and I told you this 60 times my ears again you literally have told me I don't like them they play politics and I said Mitch you play politics Mitch you're just mad that you're not in that group to play politics you play of politics too you do you have change now I know you are getting better not anymore but you did and that's what I hope so do ya what are you saying I'm becoming that when what the fuck does that even mean you you you you were I am not acting hi alors dude I'm letting this man shit on my ego how am i acting high horse are you fucking serious maybe I act highest with you because I have no respect for what you did but other than that I'm not acting high horse okay there we go there we go there we go gas pedal and gas filling easy shit yo you're gonna throw a victim in there to like just be real be real be real look you can say I'm messy you can say all those things that's fine but the end of day you moved in with me because you thought you would get some free fucking viewers okay and you listen listen listen okay lies lies all right I think you've lied to yourself I think that's the problem here okay well then that prove that he's two-faced too is fine I love Dennis I'm not gonna say anything bad about Dennis if Dennis look if Dennis doesn't like me that's fine it's fine if he wants to sit there and trash me behind my back fine but at that day I'm still gonna have his back because I like Dennis no matter if he has fucking 500 faces you know I like Dennis for who he is oh that's why that's why when Mira was banning everyone in my Chen I was hating me you sat there with your fucking dick out trying to get fucking points you didn't fucking come to me with anything don't fucking lie to yourself I'm not look I never made you out to be a bad guy I made you out I know I didn't I have made you out to be a person that is just dissing genuine not a bad person I think you I think you have listen I think you I actually think you're a good guy you got your shit together you fucking you know you look you look clean you're chilling but there is day you didn't do dude look look I I look you you gave me the best you could because you got so much you know you got your should look I'm not asking for your help at the end of the day right I was just I was fucking struggling and you know what I am actually thankful let's a I know and I still AM and I still am and I went through a very toxic relationship and I honestly regret the fuck out of it right but at the end of the day dude you cannot say you tried to put like much working at all you wanted you wanted to put in little work and reap heavy rewards and if you lie to yourself and say you didn't that's fine that's fine look I'm someone with your ego I will never get to I will never be able to break you because you're not breakable you understood Tyler Tyler is breaking my goddamn shit he's flipping my world upside down and that's why I can see things for what they are okay you believe that you believe that you believe that but look look I'm saying actions speak louder than words man look if you could have dude look just let you say this let's just say this if you could have if you could have ran away if you're gonna ran away with my so-called toxic viewers as you call them if you're gonna ran away with them and put boosted your shit up and got away with it look at these as listen at the expense of making me look bad you would do it every time what do you think you know what to get involved okay he's on the sidelines right what do you owe your opinion well he's already tried bringing me into my saying I especially the hammy one room into it like all this is conscious look I just want so need to be real with himself and me that's it that's all I want okay and I'll say this I'll say this I'll say this I'll say this here's all say I'll say this scale I'll make a very friends I'll make a very neutral argument that will back your view up a little bit okay listen here is what it is every if you stream if anyone streams as a streamer I will say every streamer wants to make it so I won't ever strokes I have no problem with that I have no problem with no that was you think I don't care like that doesn't matter you know like I'm not saying they're like oh no I'm saying that was I'm saying that denying you don't want doesn't matter I was that was that was benefiting on your right some more water I'm just think every girl wants to make it to say it like just say you don't viewers everyone doesn't Matt everyone wants yeah but you still get what you still would get exposure for you to or whatever else like you still like attention Sony okay gee are you guys sit here and tell me you don't want attention are you guys to dare tell me you don't want to tension you're gonna tell me you work out five years of your life you look that fucking sexy and shit you're gonna say you don't want anyone looking you want to sing your goddamn cave I'm talking I'm just saying you're gonna clearly you don't want attention that's the retarded I kind of I kind of want jumping all day okay so maybe mitch is going a little overboard with it but let's be I mean let's be honest shirtless pictures are for attention and for progress it is it is exactly exactly exactly exactly it's not exactly it's not a bad thing it's not a bad thing what much is a kid yes yes oh yeah your your here's the thing here's the thing your intentions aren't wrong since that that's the thing what you wanted wasn't wrong all matches arguing is the transparency of your intentions like it's not wrong okay all right here's Sam here is Sam here's it yeah I don't know the stories are here we go yours I can't look at the other day I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree here because I don't think we're ever gonna find an equal ground here just because like I see one way I agree with both would you see another and like I agree with some of the I root of both okay all right what is that what rolling some play my post okay ice if you want me to never fucking like mention you again I will and I'll I guess straight up like I just get triggered when you try and sit there and bloody buddy Tyler just because he's getting some fucking traction oh yeah I told him I told him today I told today me and Sony were 80% cool and the 20% that I'm up in the air is with any human being 20% is own intentions is what they want from you is what they want for themselves I told that today 80% I'm cool 20% it's the game you're talking about I know I'm aware of it everyone has it oh yeah I don't know about that I definitely doubt that but what I'm saying is like look I just think I just think I just don't like I just look at you in a weird way now and maybe that's maybe it is maybe it's my fault like I said it could be it could be but like I don't think I'm wrong that's what I'm saying I don't think I'm wrong I think you are lying to yourself okay good good argument there buddy like way to play some farming there has been times like doesn't like I said 80% we're cool 80% were cool 20% there's a there's a shit that there's always shit between friendships there's always shit and there's been shit between us and there's an shit through business but that's business so 80% were cool but 20% there has been some shit you have to admit there has been some weird fucking shit and but that's very friendship between me and Mitch it's what's our thing it's 50/50 right now so shit gross but right at the end of the day like I said we're 80 him and I or 80% cool but what we had we've had rough patches we've had patches were I thought he was fake I'm sure in that yeah yeah switch because I wanted I felt bad I felt bad because I was giving your you know name Shane or whatever and I didn't want to do that without letting you say something as well and if you want to be to never say talk about you I will give you that because you deserve that I been saying so you didn't ask me that you didn't you didn't come out of your way an astronaut know you didn't know that's how you did I man I sent you a message I sent you a message like two months ago I said yo I just wanna apologize for this ship well blog I'm in a negative place like I sense which like that and since then we haven't fucking talk to each other at all you know [Music] okay.i you do here being a fucking moron now listen Mira cleaned up every speck after me every single fucking specks in Old City on fuckers play that Clark do not dude that's that place in especially our environments where spotless premiere was there okay if you're gonna fucking say that like if you want to say that like it was dirty and that's dude that's such an easy card isn't it that's such an easy cars because everyone knows I'm dirty right it's the easy thing to say it's an easy thing to fucking say that's the easiest thing you can fucking say that's like saying that goddamn sky is blue everyone's gonna say true okay that's that doesn't fucking counter your goddamn argument though your room was fucking spotless okay just because the kitchen okay good yeah you know what you win you win you know fuck I I'm not gonna argue this it's not about winning or look it's about this is about this it's about you're bringing up something that is the most easy it's the easiest thing to bring up it's the easiest there's nothing else you could like you're just truck I know we're doing man no it's cool like I said look I think we just have to agree to disagree I gotta go get some clothes from Blizzcon but look I actually really want to give you the benefit of Dalek I fucking swear to god I do but I'ma be real with you I'm gonna be real with you just this the last thing I'm gonna say I don't think you would admit to yourself or it maybe you just don't want everyone to know I don't know but I don't think you would admit it to yourself even if the things some of the shell was saying is true you wouldn't admit it to yourself because you you just can't I don't I actually could go like full like blown asshole lethal right now but I'm not gonna do it because I actually respect a little you know a little respect left I'm not gonna fucking do it I'm not I just I want to just drop it at this point say it like we're just got to agree to disagree yeah okay you do you guys want me friends again it's not something do you guys want me friends again I mean I don't know if you guys don't want if you guys don't want to be friends and drop it if you guys want to get your shit together then either do it off scream or do it on scream it's that simple all right I'm just going to say sorry man honestly I'm just gonna say sorry my fault and like I for it but there's some things that you did that just really irked me the wrong way okay I think I think anyone in my position would grow to resent you you literally used my misfortune as a way to benefit yourself that's what you did you used my shitty situation with Mira to try and benefit yourself and don't say you did it just don't say you didn't because dude you were trying to pull a fucking Mitch Jones soda pop and drama version to where you're fucking in my shoes talking shit about Baltimore that's exactly we're trying to do and if you say you weren't dude you were literally using my drama as a way to boost your own name and don't say you weren't okay you say that now it's easy to say it's easy to play that okay oh it's just a mirror situation that's the only situation that bothered me the lot like when you were sitting there telling me how I ruined your career and shit and also you would just let me speak and then you can speak and then we'll end the call cuz I gotta go but look okay I when you were saying they're telling me that I was the reason that your career was not doing well or whatever the hell you said to me it was like some shit like that that hit me to a point where you can't take any like you you can't blame yourself for anything you have to blame everyone else you know that's what it looks like to me it's what it'll take to me and if me you can say no that's fine okay okay that's that maybe that maybe and that that maybe but let me tell you this if you were seeing the fucking results that Tyler was seeing I guarantee you would suck it up and say so what if it's fucking dirty I'll get a fucking maid if your career was going if your career was boosting off you would be fucking still sitting right there next to me shaking my goddamn hand and don't say you fucking on it don't say you want it I'm done okay okay alright alright then we'll agree to disagree bro like I said if we see each other we'll fucking shake hands stall good have a good day bro I got a call or uh hey Ethan yeah dude actually I want to sign up for the year deal yeah yeah yeah yeah forty scripts for a 300 olds yep yes yeah yeah yeah scratcher I said this morning I'll fuck you yeah and not fuck you yeah hey give me the scripts to me all the scripts 600's whatever you need thank you alright bye I feel like that's I feel like we just got to agree to disagree with that one right that's what this is never gonna it's never gonna come to a consensus ayat legitimately I swear to god I'm not trying to like I just I feel like I had to get it off my chest I actually really think so needs a cool guy chill with like I do I really do and I know he's gonna hate me for the shy stead but that's why citizens for me Tony like I said to him 80 percent we're good like you know I see him it's good vibes who say what's up we have a good time we drink a good time but the 20% the 20% like I told him he does play the politics in the 20% and I told that and this morning a comment on that as well hey where's target where the hell is target this way oh fuck should we drive there okay my question that's most people at this point though should I just show like we've argued on stream and we got to we got to the play where we can we can look each other in the eye we're good you know I don't know if I can get to that point with Sony I don't know like that's the point it's like I literally like the gap because it takes it takes it takes both of you admitting your faults to each other that's bull but did I admit am I being stubborn or egotistical in that conversation just be real with me I mean really you wrote me am I being stubborn egotistical events in that so the horn ourselves look at my arm a lot of time but if you're a narcissist dude huh you just said I'm not a nurse as a sociopathic God but how do I smell analysis to look at my arm no you're definitely a narcissist you look at your fucking stuff in the mirror like 24/7 I mean maybe that's just like no anyways the rise I mean realistically I think you'd minute some faults but at the same time you know I don't know I mean he i still as a screamer i said i don't know you know i flicky here's what i feel i come out nice but I feel like he is getting tensions yeah but you've gotta admit like when you're a streamer and you're trying to make it your career no but you think I got an idiot you see you've admitted it that's where you're winning I think he would I think he would never admit that that's my point and that's why I told his transparency a physician yeah and like like I said if he just was like you a man like you know like I don't know like so he's been only helpful towards like a lot of people but it's like people question why you know I mean like I mean you could ask mrs. Trump let's just drop it it's so just a point you know what Sony we're good man don't worry about it and that was a conversation that needed to happen on stream because otherwise we would just keep like having resentment toward each other you know I mean like it was just necessary alright fucking moving on got to go to Target and shop you guys ready for that shit holy shit let's go homies how you doing I got a pistol let me pee in here they fooding target this place once proud supporter of the arcane train thank you you actually destroyed sunny it felt like you were right hey man at the other day it's not about winning or losing all I wanted him all I wouldn't be doing it he just said some shit like you're a right or something it's not about that another day it's just about him and meetings of what he was doing you know I mean like I'm just about supporter of the arcane dream white people deal with arguments with friends weird where I'm from we just throw hand end been made rules be done with each other so much gum bomb day with your friends otherwise you look look hey if I got some advice for you guys to be real with your friends because otherwise you'll grow to hate each other and eventually one day you're gonna fuck his girl remember out supporters are can dream dress so neat mad because his boyfriend just broke up with him with commuting real quick hold on go about support of the arcane dream you're so insanely stupid it hurts amen it's not about being stupid true I might be an idiot but I've been playing this goddamn twitch game bullshit for so fucking long that you know even if I'm a goddamn moron with one IQ I could still pick up a little little something you know I mean so you might be right but unsupportive archedream okay I am sorry let's just leave it that way get you a t-shirt for Blizzcon hey man yo if that's actually your Sony it's all good bro look like I said dude I was not 50 30 bucks what did say I got you a drink at Blizzcon man look Sony I just want you to be real with yourself and we can just one drop sport of our James rain no call reckful and air some shit that's it I like you do hear a good guy I got pissed about this this way I guess that's like the last thing I might ended on is I don't think he has bad intentions you know I mean he doesn't saying I don't think Tony's malicious dude you're not he's a nice guy I'm gonna stand for it if this is all I know we're done we're done listen my god said the 80/20 I said the Sony it's great I told them every day every day or not every day but whenever we talked I told them okay I'm good with them 80% I'm good with them but there's a 20% side or I see the politics I see a lack thereof transparency and I see it and I don't like it but the 80% yeah we have good time we have good vibes it's fun yeah I told man that's the truth and I think the poem you read that the problem you're having is the transparency part of the 20% yeah yeah so I think you're good as well I mean your Malibu yeah you don't go to them yeah I think I just hear talking your shit together I will talk it Blizzcon will talk of us Condon good chance why I have no interest in making it on Twitch you are all petty five years old last banana flash you'll buy it yeah I gotta get I gotta get I gotta get it Nana plant there we walk that way for the bathroom walk plastics we're talking one call who call reckful pogchamp eight gang dude I mean I would talk to Byron but excuse me restroom I don't it's not one of those things where I don't think I don't think either of us would get through to each other you know I think we've made our peace privately and that's it so I don't think it needs to be public at all with me in Byron if we have a chill again I got a piece soap there's a bathroom right here exactly I thought it was ya'll awake now nearly three hours of sleep I'm not I'm awake get some good sleep hell yeah yeah ed gang killer will we stop it more dude we're gonna open closed yeah if you guys came here for the popcorns or whatever I don't know any drama f-words this you know go ahead and slap a follow-up on the end of class it's fucking best banana flaccid yeah I mean I chill with the don't know like two days give up you know honestly I used to really have a bed wait wait a second I'd like so don't wait a second my line what did you change and I think you changed there's a three day rule on that that there's a three day consistency challenge there's a three day consistency challenge on that I got to pee I got to pee don't get sloppy I Oh go pee where's the rest why'd you change it back dude god damnit yo monta yo okay we gotta take turns Oh people right I got a fucking problem subject about support of the arc yo Mitch grab some hydrogen peroxide for your ear that shit will make you feel good man yeah let's pour water in the us sounds really good holy Sh I heat I some EU teeth oh wow that's bad sky knows you're a savage man yo keep that shit three Dickens's and Jones trust me trust at first log they're like oh you're an asshole train wreck logos look at us he's happy again you were back just for about supporters our cans and bottles though but why do you piss in bottles though thinking he pissed them bottles because I mean unfortunately I was hoping he justified it once again through using someone else and he used Tyler one as an example and I I could have I could have sworn he wouldn't be doing that ship unfortunately mckaela I don't know Michaela why would you do that Michaela made a reddit post saying that telling one dozen deepest in bottles as well so justified it no I've said that tolerable I said the K was so yeah guys like I'm the only one that piece of bottles not my man T one does that fit as well alright how are you gonna be okay so hey don't man we're all out of filming here right okay have a good day room so is that sub sound is actually miserable my god yo thank you put the still appreciate that don't ask I mean dude you guys he worked this guy works at Target isn't gonna fuck with me he's like yo dude I just fuckin got off goddamn brakes if I don't give a fuck with your filming or not you could goddamn skateboard in here for all I give a shit you know what do you mean it is one of this are you ready dude yeah I appreciate you guys know and I'm glad we hashed out some shit today and I'm glad I turn my stream on so you know a hearts net shed even though I fucking felt like dick it was definitely worth we got some fucking decent shit we're gonna bring us some goddamn clothes for Blizzcon so maybe I can get a fucking I don't know a couple girlfriends handjob or something to get more than that back oh yeah Tony what he's gonna get one who's gonna get I'll give you a hand no you can't go up in public places the other night no clapping in public okay you got it you got to agree to that if I'm gonna have your stupid twat cosplay receiving subside no clapping in public all right actually one more glob just with so local um right now why not just do one like just do one sorry just do one whoa.good well no one I can't okay 720p we're gonna lang a guy named Chipotle feel me close wanna call it just because I'm target food man what you mean oh yeah we're gonna be streaming Blizzcon by the way if you guys what would day Friday Saturday Florida so yeah we're gonna be streaming Blizzcon so you don't that's gonna be fun definitely gonna be a good time so feel free to tune into that shit as well very good string up hell yeah dude we can't we can't stream actual Blizzcon but we're in the event the event itself isn't boring trust me I've been there it's boring we could go there and say hi to people in hey was the 80 percent or 60 percent good I missed this part maybe you could explain again no no no no no we're we're done with all the DS you're open by your lovin Luke II won't listen should we going out we're not we're done with that we're done with the drama holy but thank you for the portfolio sir he wanted us to explain what happened or some shit thank you for the sub you appreciate you forgot your banana floss oh you got right here if you want to follow back just tag me in a post off all you back your under why fuck ratios fuck ratio you've seen this shit you know what this idiot does like oh okay how together this is he literally likes he doesn't blindly likes everybody other yeah it's just so they come back no it's no no it's courtesy oh you blindly like his eyes because he little you spam likes everything he doesn't even read it he's like there's a last year here's the way I see it I see it they're doing a favor for me by commenting this one on my message so the least I can do is like it but at least so I do that okay the only thing it was like it alright if it's really good I'll respond okay like if someone says you ain't game you smash three girls that want like true that's savage eight-game yeah I mean you know I think you just blind like that's how I think no I read them because I responses to a lot of okay what we close man that's we can you're close where I met newer men's clothes are that way okay thank you homie appreciate it about supporters are can't dream this is CX waiting room but I say that true no all right that's awkward they kept walking away like banging this shit yo thank you ste X waiting room yeah go fuck yourself buddy if you're waiting for a long fucking time Wells goes yeah alright my new jeans oh my I found this shirt for you I found a shirt for you premier I found the best joke for you instead of today's just said women's clothes man oh come here what do you mean instead of today's you say everyday button if someone find a shirt that says everyday instead of today punishment dude hands adult today can't adults everyday okay you see where this start hey buddy about support of the our team hi hey dude yo what up dark thank you for the 4:20 you know feel free to grab your mom's credit card do you think all right give me some pants and let's get the hell out of goddamn car I don't know what oh yeah let's go to sweatpants section what do you mean only have swept dance like some daughter is my daughter is on some shirts we just get bras dude I need one of these yesterday I definitely did dude wait what is this cures rip is this guy oh yeah yeah bigger than that this ain't there cuz I'm eating Chipotle magar thank you for thank you for the stuff man appreciate that these are fresh for you I think I think comfortable show like this for you is good this is good just like comfortable stuff for you I hate this sub sounds so much yo can you check Twitter they're saying check Greek Twitter or some shit check Twitter any phone what is it with you in the case man like it's not cool like I love you dude you're a good guy you've been following me for a long time but he just Ches everything only says K he tweet to me K donates K like what are you fuckin Ste do and sheep shaman okay okay okay okay you know fucking lost bullets gone again rip I love you chuck I hope you're doing good man I have no service I have service from sure this war bars in here it is there's no way you don't service what's going on here I don't know they were saying Greek tweeted something I don't fucking know Chaz chats always instigating some shit so maybe they just lied to us again you never know right a drama already drama nice what is it oh wait Greeks band right now so really [Laughter] good stop with the case seriously stop with the kid you know what about a jacket and shit ok it's about support of the arc and dream do you also hate Greek I thought you were boys what's on your head hold me is it a TV dude that's men in black daily hey what's your name I have a question yeah you ready do you smoke weed when you're like you I knew that about support of our team I'm serious if someone caves me again I'm actually gonna ban you from donating ok I'll ban your IP don't Kay me again no you know 200 IQ that was the most obvious thing ever ins 200 IQ my ask you to Hyundai happy to enjoy Qi longer like you that's like asking fucking goddamn Shrek if he's got a big dick it's of course he does you never know k kappa stop alright hold it I'm gonna try on some clothes okay cool this is looking good it's like black jeans try them black jeans yeah give me give me soon yeah no I mean it's better than my sweat pants right I'm fucking milk let's get sweatpants where would you find sweatpants what do you work what are you looking at let's put out support of our team listen to Tyler Mitch you wanna learn what you need to do to get out of your rut yeah we're already gonna stop stop stop she's very huge huge says Jack Mercer here boys game Jack King Jack Oh cute please shut the fuck up hey King Jack - you know well like she like this is it what you want like this no no I could get black always black it's about supporter of the arcane dream jay-j Oh a new thing now yo alright hope do we gotta get some shit we're not you not focusing for that focus okay jet help us get some shit look these are cool right yeah cool let's get these pants yes I'm sure save shirts here like t-shirts or shit dude we're supposed to get one good out what are you doing about support of the arcane dream Mary oh they keep paying me dudes people walkin come on I got I got frontal camera keep going I feel your dick against my yeah I could or you can feel I feel your ass stop blue slap is cock against my fucking ass what can I say right ape gang eight cock small cock hold up our grief deleted it he deleted it what did it say what did it say I'm curious that's bad content fan content is sort of a bad bad bad we don't care what it said we don't care what it said okay yeah I just grabbed machine bomb collar I'm actually pissed reading you get to shop at the mall no because we started talking like an hour I wasn't pissed off I got pissed I ended up getting pissed you sweating you were so mad I was pissed now you're right I just okay you're absolutely right there's the moments where I'm like feeling like dick I just say fucking yeah because look now you feel better you feel good now so like you got to start us off folding and just invest in how you feel he deleted I'm sorry you were offended submode seriously seriously don't fuck around scab dude you're nine months subdue me bro come on you can't be doing that shit yeah I'm doing that shit that guy is you should better yo buddy submode that shit don't let him fucking do that shit don't let him do it oh no guys come on we're having a good stream here please dream listen you assholes this is my thing if I see one more K in this chat I'm gonna start throwing hands trihard okay okay holy shit look at this the mouth every uh certain genders are about support of dark eight I live nearby and I'm really depressed yeah well Antoine e I have everything but I'm depressed because I have no friends no I can you maybe meet with me at Starbucks or somewhere to talk sure Braga I heard you were good at it thanks man what about supporter of the arcane dream I didn't chats bugged there's no way it's sub mode oh it's Tom oh yeah tell me take it off take it off sub mode it's about support of the arcane jury Joyner dot-com / train wrecks tease okay okay good shit oh yeah thank you honestly I'll copy Nick all day I like Nick Nick's a good guy I like Nick honestly I'll give him the credit anything you want I just like Nick a lot yeah okay it's okay don't worry I have a question for you though but you're not on it's on my face it's on my face um my question for you is okay you ready for this I'm known for 200 I queuing things okay let me see here give me a second here give me any uncomfortable just being like two seconds to think about this to give me a two second okay and I I'm thinking are you you finished college I knew it see I knew it thank you join your IQ thank you he didn't finish college I knew it I asked that question to reverse the psychology 20 like you thank you he'd skip these skip and skip she skipped hold this you dick fucking mute it man what didn't do it still have you muted they can't hear it I got to mute it when that happens okay you know I think we have to be quicker he skipped he skipped he skipped I yelled I yelled anyways you have to mute you have anything happens you really just go like this and megaphone okay well you have to mute the phone okay I wasn't quick quicker quicker I'm talking like quick quick we're talking when I fuck with no calling them quick shits what I put in it my girlfriend knows I'm good to go you need anything I'm good at him I just go somewhere yes I'm just gonna grab all this chick is why not streamer money right what that's kidding - come on make shit oh sorry about that sorry about that brother sorry about that I actually had a really good grip here there's a really good grip this is kind of selfish actually oh great yeah thank you for the sub grab your flask oh I want the one I had where lunch at Chad help me out with this where do I put it down where do I put it down on chat like where do I put it down horn stop I put it down somewhere for sure where'd I put this down whatever on banana oh there it is there it is I got it you know if you see a felony where you give me one in the corner where was that in the corner you're right where the bells on the back we're all right there brother left kick on right get a belt what waist law is it like 30 put it - okay cool right hand I'm 32 32 36 that means now I can get this one this is brush okay I'm spread this black let's go I can't wait a street paluszek on dude you good are you filming me yes can the camera Sun fall everyone go unfollow complan Miss Jones yeah total comes with Mitch don't swim follow and follow me Twitter come train wrecks TV actually Bowl back I actually follow back so follow me back I'm following please follow me back I actually follow back so you know what everyone just unfollow from both of us and go fall on a pole yeah fine that's fair go fall neck bone that's fair oh I'll meet you there or this thing dick I don't know are you open on the 610 open alright thanks my lady yo how you doing man and I'm here you're coming over still hazy sleeping to get easy sleeping with us today hope some think you gonna come sleep over wanna take it okay yeah say whatever this homie hey don't run hard do you wanna say hello I think we've been here before okay don't say hello it's okay what's up before yeah he's on the move today screw these guys you think that's going to get alright we're gonna lose we're gonna lose folders they're gonna realize we have no life and fuck these guys that might be on livestream fails they'll clip it boys you edu you ready users trainwreck Twitter train unfold on follow unfollow on fault facebook facebook on a pic round thing Facebook yep you have a Facebook I do now dance this is John Joe thank you I hope no one steps around us more no facebook system or he you shit that's pu pu e you man I don't I face nicely use it you're there on the phone well that's my stuff it's not a crook Lin shirt no it's a uh I don't know what it is I dance a theory I just I just battle the ones behind me that's bad oh sorry I want some more of the whip actually dude it what yeah relax Wow justice enjoy I think I'm Mexican and e-fortress huh relax bro it's it's closer to your breath in this next Andy that's it that's it wait wait we're going to pull it I need food now it's employs two minutes away yeah I'm gonna pay for some [Music] you're to go some some Tommy as a joke then which is some park and they put a fake sign and that's on shading to snapchat what is going on here yeah I got I got this show it all little you know this is you should show my pinch me come enjoy George oh I couldn't do it total security go ahead Mary Robert yeah I here take this that's right that's right thank you have a good one I know I shaved my chest with my hair's up all time you see this my hairs are popping out right here she says where those nuts her hair's popping out good either what is this you brought this you throw your ping-pong shooter you forgot your pink one so let's go it's about you we didn't really want to eat to put it where's the car okay motherfuck ooh baby ooh cool with food baby I'm like I got them soccer mom who the cook shop at Target I guess I do all right my second wind over I'm dead again thank you see my time we'll go doll night and these Chinese cuisine what up bitch whoa yes I fight them now with you real fucking great let's also solve your problems can you guys actually go follow me call him dumb like straight up all right good guy eight I actually nutted on you thirty minutes ago wanted to let you know but I realized it's wrong but now I've recovered so I admitted I don't know in the crack guys I don't know are you good thanks life works when I'm tired I want to go to the gym I go to the gym and I got a streaming hours I pack and go to bed oh yeah we're gonna fucking we got an early flight you're Nick are you coming over man Nick are you coming over dude all right Oh a gob deed yo yo thanks for Jovita donation I appreciate that oh you tired I'm pretty tired chicken arms yeah these things are jacked jacked eight-nation maybe Ignatian jacked we're holding a sticker so I would say we got a lot of good shit out today we did a great content today for the last the last Texas stream for the next four days now we can rip out sorry there we go I mean yes there's no more bullsh in there yeah I suggest you guys do the same thing with your French see all the bullshit out there honestly have you seen for hours yet three hours fucking pogchamp let's go eat let's write it's go eat we're gonna and we're actually gonna it's fine honestly see you later well I'm people say wait does does the blind people first of all the Sun does the blind it sits do the blind people say or does the blind man you can't put does and I mean doesn't it doesn't matter the point is no he doesn't say see you later where's the car turn your IQ doesn't I'm gonna make one last guess here [Music] there we go here it is tuner outcomes it's pretty right Stevie Turner outcomes train wreck Stevie thank you see you guys dear say bye alright later chat oh thank you for watching what are you doing OCD I'm having a panic attack any second thanks for watching please follow the stream if you enjoyed it have a good day thank you for the don't knows thank you all this shit peace out we'll see you guys at Blizzcon fuck all you guys much love though you got anything else to say bitch nope violators but up bitch shut up bitch resit dissertation help Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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