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Dissertation uitm

Dissertation uitm internet of things mckinsey 2016 for money sample essay on tourism in guyana ´╗┐good evening I'm Patrick Smith Membership Director for WPSU I'm joined in the studio by my incredible friend and colleague Jessica Peters thank you so much for being here tonight absolutely and we are here tonight to celebrate our town we have stories from all across the region and roaring spring in Martinsburg stories that you are going to love told by your friends and neighbors and you want to stank a rat stick around because we've got a great palette of stories tonight I was just reading through the whole list we have an opportunity for you to get a copy of the show tonight and that's that copy your DVD copy that you can make a pledge to receive as your thank-you gift also includes bonus features things that we're not going to be able to show during the broadcast tonight so we have great stories to share great tales to be told all courtesy of your friends and neighbors from our town The Cove thank you so much for joining us day next year TV stay next to your phone we'll be back very shortly with more hello I'm Rex Hartman on Mare Martinsburg I'm Ronald Glen time the mayor wrong spring welcome to The Cove welcome to the cove located in the southern part of Blair County The Cove is a beautiful limestone valley that includes Martinsburg and roaring spring people from the cove display a vibrant sense of community and are proud of its history unmatched beauty and future promise join us as several covitz show and tell what makes their community a great home town your friends and neighbors welcome you to our town The Cove support for our town The Cove comes from Ritchie's dairy serving the cove and central western Pennsylvania with quality milk and dairy products for over 75 years Ritchie's dairy fresh from farm to you since 1940 information at Ritchie's dairy calm NPC supporting the cove community and providing employment opportunities for self-reliant individuals since 1954 delivering useful relevant and often critical communication solutions for customers learn more at NPC web.com cove lumber serving the cove with building materials and design services including kitchen and bath for more than 32 years offering quality framing lumber treated lumber insulation siding hardware and more proud to support the community more at Cove lumber calm roaring spring water providing bottled spring water water coolers and coffee service to homes and businesses in central Pennsylvania and beyond ab c-- on spring mill a fully integrated pulp and paper mill producing carbon lists security high-speed inkjet colored and specialty papers making various types of paper enrolling spring for more than 150 years information at ab beyond comm roaring spring VFW post seven six eight nine with special services for combat veterans and active duty combat veterans more information at two to four five eight 2-8 the borough of roaring spring incorporated in 1887 celebrating the area's residents and heritage and sharing the beauty of the town's natural spring information at roaring spring net the nascent foundation supporting the health and vitality of The Cove through financial support and education proud to support our town The Cove information at Mason foundation org and from the Morrisons Cove Herald providing community news and sports to Morrison's Cove every week since 1885 spring mill employees Federal Credit Union located along Route 36 in roaring spring serving the cove for more than 60 years information at Springville Cu calm Kannamma Mason Medical Center caring for the community since 1900 providing safe high-quality compassionate care and committed to promoting the health and well-being of central Pennsylvania residents in Blair Bedford and Huntington counties routes in the cove a full-service florist greenhouse gift shop landscaping and garden center serving Morrison's Cove through all seasons information at routes in the cove calm the Morrison's Cove Rotary Club dedicated to service to the community since 1926 information at Morrisons Cove rotary org Altoona Blair County Airport offering daily service to Pittsburgh International and Baltimore Washington International with connections to over 500 flights serving over 100 destinations domestically and abroad information at fly Altoona comm new enterprise stone and lime with locations throughout central Pennsylvania and New York producers of crushed stone and sand as well as materials for blacktop building heavy highway and civil construction information at any SL com the Merle Tipton VFW Post 43 Martinsburg a supporter of first responders charities and veterans organizations since 1935 information at VFW post 43 comm and viewers like you thank you I'm Daniel Hoover and I'm here to talk about the founding of roaring spring the spring in roaring spring is really why the town is here it is a body of water that flows at eight million gallons per day and as a result of that it was the natural resource that allowed many many businesses that grew up in or in spring to be here first business really was a grist mill that started back in probably the 1850s there was a a small hamlet of homes here in 1863 McDaniel bears father purchased that grist mill in Daniel Baer and his wife moved to earn spring and from that grist mill business Daniel Baer who was a entrepreneur started the paper mill in 1863 which then became the genesis of people moving here to work from there he started the roaring spring blank book company in 1887 which took paper from that paper mill and created what was called back then blank books putting lines on paper to write and record information and from a beginning of four homes in Rouen spring by the time he died in 1925 the population of her in spring was 2800 out of the Rhoyne spring blank book company has grown several other businesses the spring coat container which manufactures corrugated shipping containers started in 1963 the latest business is when spring water which started in 1981 we have grown into a company that's predominantly selling three and five gallon bottles home office delivery we serve 22,000 customers and we employ just shy of 100 employees in that business we are still family owned and I am fifth generation and we have a sixth generation descendant of DM Baer working in the company and throughout all of the generations there has been always an effort to give back to the community I really know a lot about DM bear because he kept a very detailed diary which I actually have on my desk where I work and I know that his his true motivation was to build a community that was going to be good for everybody that lived there and so it's meaningful to me that that's continuing here five generations later and I am absolutely certain that Dan Baer is looking down on what's happening here and smiling I'm Jennifer Wyant and I'm going to be talking about the every railroad today so what I know from the Everett railroad is that I believe that they're based out of Hollidaysburg they have an office there at the Y switches in Hollidaysburg and they do run from there out here to run Springs and they deliver products that go into the animal feed chemicals for the paper company and so on a given day any day between you know 8 & 2 if you travel the road between Hollidaysburg in here you're likely to sees every row Diesel's coming up there Diesel's do most of the work during the week for them and then on most weekends from spring to Christmas you'll see the steam engine the number 11 steam engine running in this area the typical excursion runs from the Hollidaysburg office and it will come out little pass clatter station on its way to roar spring and then they switch tracks in Reverse and you go back the other way my boys love the excursions we go on almost every single every railroad excursion they have various things from day out with Santa where you can go and meet Santa to Easter egg hunt to pumpkin patch there is an ice cream excursion that involves Ritchie's dairy they love that one because if you get sweets and dreams you've got a kid sold for sure the boys have really come to love the Everett railroad and we've created a bond with them so much so that they've actually invited our oldest to come in and look at their trains and kind of tour their sheds we call them at our house to see the trains and so they've been a really great business for this area and really sell a nice experience this area is so much of a community there's a lot to do for families especially we have young kids and our there's always things for us to find and do here and of course the Everett railroads been a big part of that we have friends that travel from Johnstown to the Everett railroad or will come from the Bloomsburg area to the Everett railroad there's nowhere else we'd rather be than here I am Melissa fester and I am president of Martinsburg boosters Association the visitors association has been active since back in the 1920s the first project that they adopted was the Morse code Memorial Park it's a very strong community asset and over all of these years that has been one of our major functions last summer we took over the renovation of the Acorn Park everything structurally is in good shape what was deteriorating was the equipment the swings the slides there was a conveyor belt the kids used to run across the sand digger which is one of the favorites starting in this spring we're going to do the rest of the renovations which would be going to solve a all the new equipment we mulch power wash the whole outside wood area and Whitman sees oil on it for preservation we have also supported other community activities such as the Boy Scouts the Girl Scouts previous support discarded dragon packs program the boosters that also sponsored the mural that's on the side of mamie's and everybody in the area now is pretty familiar with the mamie's restaurant in town maybe was a meteor and she originally ran a hotel that was sitting in the spot where the parking lot is and the hotel burned down so when they took that out of there I left a big gap on the Main Street there so the boosters decided to take the brick wall on the side of the building where mamie's is and I have a mural put up there it's a replica of the hotel is what it is one of our major fundraisers which we do every year is the chicken barbecue we have good response from the community and we have people that are good cooks they do a good job we used to sell we were selling about thousand chickens I come from a family that's been very community active my dad was president of the boosters at one time my mom was part of the Civic club and it just sort of in my blood I guess I think people who live in small towns have a sense of community or they wouldn't be in a small town you know people you know people talk to say well we need to do this maybe you're close a little closer to the needs of what the community is and I don't know what it is about community spirit when there's a need you just trying to fill it and if you see a need well I can do that maybe I can help out I'm Randy Stoltz and I'm here to talk about the beginning of Morrison's Cove and some of the changes that have occurred through the years Morton's Cove was part of the original albany purchase in 1754 William Penn sons Richard and Thomas made a deal with the Native Americans that were here at the time after the ten brothers purchased this area there was a surveyor who surveyed all in Morrison's Cove at his name was James Morrison and on a 1770 map that we have in the Martinsburg borough building it is actually listed as Morrison's Cove on that map the Martinsburg area became a post town in 1817 the soil was rich for farming so farmers moved in and there were a lot of confrontation with the Indians at that time Martinsburg has a distinction of being the oldest continuously incorporated borough in Blair County Martinsburg pretty much a farming community so there were a lot of little industries that came in that helps with that there's a tannery or some brick plants little stores retail stores and because Martinsburg is right in the center of Morrison's Kok there was a lot of traffic through the town we were very instrumental during the Civil War in supplying both materials and manpower Morrison's Co had over 950 men that served in the Civil War we had a committee that was formed called the revitalization committee they had a vision to make the town have a little more curb appeal we were able to secure several grants in a few years ago we replaced some hundred-year-old sidewalk we stenciled a brick pattern on over 1700 feet of the sidewalk we put up over 40 solar lamp post lights banners and then we put a community clock right in front of the post office we built a million gallon storage tank for the water system it's been improved with two new wells you build a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility I've had lots of positive input on all the all the improvements I enjoy living here lived here all my life Martinsburg is a small borough we only have 1958 people but the surrounding areas are growing in there's room for new business and the industry and it's been gratifying to me to be able to be in a position to move development forward hopefully we can continue to move ahead my name is Sean orsic and I'm a local large animal veterinarian here in the cove and I've lived here for 23 years The Cove is very active in many many different kinds of agriculture we have you know primarily dairy farms but we have both large and small pork producers we have some chicken producers we have a lot of green farming that goes along to support all of those industries plus we have the orchard industry lots of apples and peaches the other thing is the produce farms they have a weekly auction and they supply grocery stores I work with primarily with dairy cattle helping the farmers with breeding production problems disease management and reproduction as well as I work with horses and swine and even some backyard chicken flocks when I arrived here 20-some years ago there were not very many farms that were over 250 cattle now most of the farms are 200 plus we have some very larger farms that are 1,500 to 2,000 just easier to have more animals and less total infrastructure to support those it's a tough life it has to be almost bred into you in order to continue do this generation after generation and those are kind of people I really like to work with a lot of farms I almost see myself as part of the family one of the things they did not prepare me for our veterinary school was to be a family counselor on engaging the young veteran Arian out of school didn't think that he was going to stay and he found out that there's a lot more life and just making a buck the people here they drew me in with their hospitality and their friendliness and their warmth I really didn't want to give that part up they became such a part of my life that I didn't want that to go away hi my name is Andrew Richie I did my video on Ritchie's dairy Archie fairy was started in August of 1940 it was started by my great-grandfather his name was Oliver C Richie he was a farmer all his life and he had lived in the cove he always had a dream of opening an ice cream shops in August of 1943 lized that trainee built a little 36 by 40 foot building on his farm in 1944 as the dairy was growing he asked my grandfather if he could come back and really help him get it off the ground so my grandpa came back and brought his family back to the cove and took over managing the dairy in 1944 my dad was 10 years old his name's Reed Richie he started working on the farm and now started working in the dairy as well Reed is the owner of virtues dairy and I am the general manager of Ritchie's dairy we've grown to the point where we now serve 7 different counties we have one of the few dairies left in the state that still have a home delivery the bulk of our business has to do with grocery stores convenience stores schools any establishment it means dairy product or a full service ice cream shop we have hand-dipped ice cream as well as soft-serve ice cream we make our own ice cream sandwiches William baked a waffle cones fresh every day so it smells really good in the ice cream shop the dairy business is always challenging it changes all the time I think we're very fortunate that we have really good employees that give good service you know to the customers in this day and age people really appreciate service and I feel like our employees go above and beyond hi I'm Charlene Dotson I'm owner of Charlotte's Rovin ring spring and I'm really going to talk about why I created Charlotte Stroeve and the people that it represents it really started with my parents in 1954 they came to roaring spring Pennsylvania from Danville they started a small printing business it was news printing company at the time eventually they got into government printing and a variety of different printing the business continued to grow and in the early 90s they vacated the ring spring facility that I'm in now and they moved to clays burg and as my mom retired from the printing business she would cook and she would talk to people about the culture of the company they loved to go antiquing wandering around the country I guess picking up treasures that building really became Charlotte's building a way for her to share their collection and to share her love of entertaining I lost my mother in 2009 someone described my mother wants to me as being a warm blanket on a cold day and I thought wouldn't it be really cool to take this building and pay tribute to her my mom just loved boutique shopping and so I thought let's do that people could come in and see some really cool artwork and woodwork and also get to do a little shopping we took the training room and we turned it into our event room and we do a lot of baby showers and bridal showers and rehearsal dinners and the cafe you know just be fun to have a place for our community to come in share a cup of coffee have a nice lunch so just kind of borrowed everything from my mom that she loves to do that's how I came up with the name Charlotte's true my mother was Charlotte and they were her treasures I'd like to think that she'd be very proud of it you know she was that type of person that I think walking into the front door she would love what she saw I grew up here you know it's home to me and then I spent time away from here I just realized that I wanted my children to be around a community of people that cared about them and a community of people that felt a little smaller that we could feel more connected there's more to come as we explore the many programs available at the local YMCA taken some tunes with the community choir and visit some cute and cuddly goats but first please show your support for the cove and WPSU by making a pledge thanks good evening and welcome back to the WPSU studios I'm Patrick Smith we have just enjoyed the very first segment of our town the cove and we're very very happy to have you with us tonight very happy to have a great crew of volunteers seated here behind me give yourselves a round of applause a lot a lot of people a lot of people helped make this show what it is tonight it's a great show there's some fabulous stories that you've seen so far and many many more to come but remember this is not only a show that celebrates our town The Cove it's a show that celebrates public broadcasting your local public broadcasting station WPSU these shows are a great way for us to get out and work in the community they're a great way for us to tell stories that need to be told and frankly it's a great way for you to help your your public television station by making a gift and tonight when you call 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine if you make a gift of $75 we can share with you the complete DVD of the program we're broadcasting tonight not only will it be the complete DVD but it will have bonus material as well I think we have at least two bonus maybe three bonus segments that are on that DVD that you receive as our way of saying thank you for your gift of $75 hey maybe you'd like a copy but you've got an out-of-town friend somebody who used to live in the cove in the area of the cove and you'd like them to have a copy too well make a gift of 120 dollars and will thank you with two DVDs tonight but what starts with that first person who makes that first call and kicks things off so that number again is Jason and our town the cult is call number one right now now if you make your calls during the first break we are matching dollar for dollar up to a thousand dollars a challenge that was brought forth by Homewood at Martinsburg we want to thank them so much for their support dollar for dollar challenge going on right now make your gift 1-800-789-7895 and has continued to grow our residents or staff or volunteers all come from the surrounding community so it's really exciting to be a part of this and enter to give back in a way that's wonderful and Fred you join the Homewood family about three years ago tell us your story about being a part of Homewood yes about three years ago and my wife and I Nancy really enjoy it it's a wonderful facility and lots of things are being done there and lots of volunteer work that's wonderful in Homewood giving back and I'm hearing the phone ring I'm hoping there are residents of Homewood who are calling right now 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine other folks that are answering the phone if you are Co bite you'll recognize who's on the other end because these are the people who brought you these stories from our town The Cove so when you hear and make that call right now to 1-800 to four five nine seven seven nine make sure to ask them where who are we talking to and you'll likely know who they are is that right Monica absolutely looking around the land tonight and seeing a lot of familiar faces that's been exciting and it really speaks to the heat the closeness of the cove and just how what a special place it is and I think there's a lot of small out there that feel the same way you know there's a closeness to that everybody feels and family friendly and lots of things to do but but I think with the cove there's just a much above where where we you know really pull together and things like that right and again as we talked about deciding where the towns were for our town this series by the way we thought of you guys and the community spirit that you have and Fred you probably have grant community spirit yes and look at what you're finding by calling so yes can you tell us the number to call I don't know if you can so okay a 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine call right away we'll be glad and if you don't want to get on the phone and talk to our friendly Co bytes you can also call o go online to WPSU dot o-r-g i'm going to send it back over to pat we got lots of calls coming Pat okay Thank You Carolyn appreciate that absolutely the number to call right now is 1-800 to four five nine seven seven nine you can as Carolyn mentioned to make your gift online as well you can do that at WPSU dot o-r-g go there hit the donate button and it will take you directly to our contribution page you can make your gift courtesy of our online secure server please whatever your reason for giving whatever amount you'd like to give take advantage of this break and make that gift now we have a challenge in effect so if you make a $75 gift for a DVD well that gets matched with $75 courtesy of our Challenge sponsor Homewood at Martinsburg so your gift essentially becomes the equivalent of one hundred and fifty dollars to help this station produce to pay for and produce not only our town The Cove but all the future our towns that we'll do next year and the year after that 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to hear from you next Jessica we are off to a fantastic start and all of these folks are also getting to take advantage of that thousand dollar home would it Martinsburg challenge that is in effect right now whenever you make your call at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine now we also are going to be thinking a lot of folks on air tonight so we want to get started here we have some folks to thank first couple names our names I was unlucky enough to do some fundraising for the program so that guy you see on camera right now Allen Basler thank you so much to Allen for his support as an underwriter and for supporting the program tonight another familiar name in roaring spring Dan and Cindy Hoover another underwriter of the program thanks so much for your support you also saw his story earlier in the show thank you so much thanks to Clayton pheasant of Alexandria Clayton says he moved away but now he's back in the area well welcome back we hope you're enjoying the program this morning and an anonymous gift from roaring spring you know who you are thank you so much won't you be the next one I would say the next one to call in at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine but it looks like all of our phones are busy right now but hold on a minute give it a minute it'll it'll be open in just a moment or you can always go online to WPSU dot fork Carolyn oh Jessica this is wonderful we are hearing from someone you folks and maybe the challenge beyond our wonderful home would challenge of the first one thousand dollars one per $1 for one dollar matches may be between communities we also want to mention that folks are calling in from throughout the cove and beyond and we'll try to keep track of who's calling from roaring spring who's calling from Martinsburg there you see some of our great storytellers Tim hardly rode from Nathan Hospital Conemaugh do flight point Adair hauling in Steve Mallory stories coming up he's got that amazing cow and bell just rang and of course Alan Basler has his own personal story about his father grandfather's great grandfather's Bell so you want to stay tuned and we thank Marlene Gibson and she from Rory Spring who made a pledge here tonight thank you so much Marlene for calling in and then over in East freedom Pennsylvania Daniel drew Zach made a pledge here today and again we welcome your pledge and we want to let you know that again for this first break we are going to try to get at least $1,000 matched from you folks calling in and Homewood are great Homewood residents and community Homewood in Martinsburg will match that one to one so they'll chip in an extra $1,000 to get our fun drive off on a big way and for that 75 dollar pledge which is one of the ways that we'd love for you to do that entitles you to your own copy of the COBE on tonight's broadcast you can watch it anytime and it includes two bonus features the stories of the co for so much we couldn't even pack them in to a live show and so we've actually added some bonus features on to the end including this very rare footage of the roaring spring anniversary from 1932 we've obtained that video and we've been able to put that as part of that bonus edition and then if you have a friend that used to live in the cove as we said or a relative for a 120 dollar donation you can get two copies of the DVD one eight hundred two four five nine seven seventy nine is the number to call it again if it's busy which it looks like all of our lines are and we thank you when we welcome those calls continue to make that phone pick up the phone and just hit redial we'll make sure to get to that call and thank you for those pledges calling in let's go to Patsy who else has been calling in Pat Thank You Carolyn yes we have actually this is kind of interesting it's our first long-distance call of the evening we heard from Ann and Blair Bice of Alexandria Louisiana so from deep in the heart of the south a big shout out to our town The Cove thank you so much to you folks for making your gift we'd like to thank Jim and Cindy Myers of Martinsburg Pennsylvania thank you so much for your gift tonight great to hear from you a big shout out to Chuck and Luke ends in ur of Martinsburg thank you for your gift tonight and also a shout out to Randy Stoltz of Martinsburg thank you for calling in making your gift kort great to hear from you as well we would love to hear from you next if you've got friends and neighbors who are out of town and maybe you didn't have the chance to let them know that this program was being streamed you can always do that now again give send them an email give them a call let them know that they can catch the streaming at WPSU org and see that the the program here as well a great opportunity to reach out to old friends old neighbors relatives who maybe aren't in the area anymore make that call now and remember in this first break we do have a challenge going we're trying to get off with a big start courtesy of a challenge from Homewood at Martinsburg that first thousand dollars that you as callers make with your contributions they will match dollar for dollar your call right now at 1-800-555-9408 remember for a contribution of $75 we'll send you a copy of tonight's program all twenty nine stories plus two bonus features that's for seventy five dollars or you could contribute one hundred and twenty dollars and we'll send you two DVDs one to keep and maybe want to send to a relative who maybe lives out of town or wants to donate to the library your choice seventy-five for one copy 120 for two we'd also love to thank you on air and I have a stack of folks to think thanks to you gene power of Altoona for your gift of evening to richard reed of Martinsburg thanks so much for your gift of support thanks to sherry and sonny steward of roaring spring thank you also for your gift this evening meal AG a raw I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly of roaring spring thank you so much for your gift we have an anonymous gift from Duncanville great to hear from Duncanville this evening thanks to Oh Kim and Gracie and Isabella and Avery swindle of Martinsburg thank you so much for your gift this evening and thank you too rich and best Thomas of roaring spring won't you be the next one that we bank at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine Carolyn this is the best of public media this you see it in action these are your stories from The Cove and they're taught and told by the folks that are answering the phones right now and there are a few lines open now so we love that make those phone keep ringing for our busy volunteers they took their night out drove all the way up from The Cove to meet us here and be with us here as part of our family at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine is the number to call and make your pledge to public media thank you so much for those calls that are coming in we want to thank Joe and Jeanne Wilkinson from roaring spring another roaring spring of pledge we thank that Mike and Connie lamb born from Martinsburg calling in their pledge and Esther long from Martinsburg so we know the Coe fights have been responding and we thank you so much this is what community is about and this is what we try to tell those stories about your community you're going to hear many more coming up so don't go away again we've got pygmy goat stories we've got Allen bachelors family Bell story we've got Steve Lowery award-winning Bell cow story Chuck and is a wonderful Morrison Cove Memorial Park and all the wonderful things that are going out in the cove for right now we're taking this time and trying to meet that challenge match from our friends at Homewood in Martinsburg again this is just this break we want to get to the thousand dollar mark so that we know we'll go in to the next part of our program with at least two thousand dollars towards our WPSU goal tonight again thank you to Homewood of Martinsburg 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their help tonight and feeding all our volunteers and making sure that everybody got a chance to have a little snack the number to call 1-800 to four five nine seven seven nine you can of course also make your gift online at WPSU dot o-r-g hit that donate button and use our safe and secure server to make your gift now back to the show enjoy enjoy all that is our town The Cove you can also make your contribution at WPSU org click on donate at the top of the page it's always available and easy to use thanks my name is Rachel Jeter and I'm here to talk about my pygmy goat herd RS farms pygmy goat we are the first farm in Blair County with registered pygmy goats and we raised sell and show them all got started when I went out to veterinary technician school I've always loved animals and when I moved back we wanted to get some animals we decided to go with the goats rather than sheep as a breed of goat that I chose was the pygmy goat pygmy goat is a compact dual-purpose goat it is more towards the meat goat variety as far as its structure and its build there's a smaller breed of goats so it's easier for smaller people to handle I researched them out in school and I found that was my best breed like the best animal that I want that fit my personality when you walk up to a herd of sheep they all run goats I walked out there they're right there at you rs farms Leroy Jones is my first goat that I ever kept we're like we need a redneck name so we thought that's a pretty red bag name right now we have the nuts going we have almond joy peanut brittle pistachio pudding pecan pie and walnut sundae I had to go to Ohio to find my first registered pygmy goats a few mine came from California we have to travel quite a ways to show them and we do have a three-time Grand Champion bucket our herds we're very proud of him I really Puli pygmy something wicked so he just needs one more win and he will become a permanent Grand Champion I love my goats you go through like my kids met 55 that's including all the babies though that we're born we just had 13 babies born so not all of those will stay I still go to Connecticut so go to Indiana State I have a lady coming from Florida for goats they're always like what can we do when we come to the cove and I always send them to like the local places and like gotta go try rich cheese ice cream you gotta go to like Charlotte's trove you have to go to mamie's I send them to all the places that are just local here and so that helps them with the business to just fun enjoy it my name is Allan Basler I'm the co-owner and publisher of the Morrison's Cove Herald than coves newspaper and I'm here today to talk about the Basler Belle and my great-great-grandfather his name was Malachi zouk Basler which was the name I wish I had I love that name he started it as the editor of The Herald in 1903 and was editor until his sudden death in 1917 he was well respected in the community and he was relatively young he was 52 when he died his obituary said he died at home but the family lore is that he tied at his desk which of course now the joke is I'm trying to avoid that fate there was a college that wanted to establish itself in morrison's code and he had started a fund drive to buy a bell that was in 1916 the community was so shocked by his death that they then decided to name the Bell after him and they also named a street in Martinsburg after him it currently now is in a little housings that they built for it it's right outside the front door of the spring Cove high school and it doesn't have a clapper it won't ring malachite had a son who had a son who had a son who at me I got a call from the previous owner Dave Snider of Louisbourg Dave just out of the blue called me and said would you like to buy the Morrisons Cove Herald my first reaction was um no I'm perfectly happy and you know everything's going great no but then I you know truly it was like I was driving home and I thought now how many times in your life does that happen to you that someone calls and said would you like to buy the community newspaper that your great-great-grandfather ran the paper is now back in the Basler family the more Sisko Herald is a weekly newspaper we published on Thursdays and has a circulation about 5,000 it's not just a business for me and my family it's like I'm taking care of it it's extremely important to the cove if the more Cisco Herald didn't exist it would be really would be no news source other than a rumor mill but the other really important part I think is that it tells people what's going on in their communities we cover for school districts a number of municipalities if you find a potato in your garden that looks like Abraham Lincoln we will take a picture of it and put it in Herald The Herald's been around since 1885 so it's it's definitely a integral part of the community has been for a long time and my job is to make sure it continues to be my wife and I live in Altoona I believe that the Morrises Cove is a special place on the planet and I kind of feel a pull to come back here so to me I've just been away for a while I grew up in Kerrville and I'm coming back it's just a matter of when I can make the arrangements hi my name is Nancy Lucas and I'm here to tell you a little bit about homeland at Martinsburg my husband and I moved to Homewood at Martinsburg about ten years ago and moved into a lovely cottage it was a wonderful decision for us we met wonderful friends it's a lovely campus there are many things to do the amenities are wonderful anything from bocce to beautiful indoor pool game night bingo and movies we have a lovely library at least 5,000 volumes in the library and of course getting together for dinners is a big one for all of us it just was a really good ship for us Homewood has a lot of history and I was able to speak to Lisa death of all our new executive director about it in the early 1960s a man named Reverend Gibbler the United Church of Christ ministered stood on the hill overlooking the 23 acre farm that's now Homewood and he saw cottages and a Health Care Center Homewood has really grown and developed since they moved the first resident in in 1974 you would be very surprised today to see what we've blossomed into people move here to have a sense of security that no matter what happens through the stages of their life that they'll have support they celebrate life together they celebrate the ups and the downs together they're here for each other and the good times and the bad even though everyone is there for a slightly different reason everybody is sort of in the same boat so we all kind understand each other very well you make friends rather easily and close friends and that's been wonderful for me I've really enjoyed it I'm actually from Altoona if I didn't know much about the cove and every day when I Drive from Cove Lane across cross Road and that Vista opens up it is the most beautiful scenery that you could ever see love it I'm Russell Hoover I am the great nephew of Ivan Garver who was the originator of the Garver Memorial YMCA Ivan Garber took a keen interest clear back 1933 the local schools had started a try why hi which was kind of a predecessor of the YMCA he thought yeah that might be something good I could leave as a memory of my parents and so in his will he left a provision to begin a YMCA in roaring spring and he wanted to name it after his parents so upon his death in 1953 there were people like my father and other community members who formed the first board and in 1957 their doctor mrs. Algarve a YMCA was formed they started with a teen center then the Lions Club built the Little League field and the recreational park right beside the YMCA when I was growing up the biggest parks with the Little League field programs I benefited from over in the recreational park there was a lot of get-togethers it's grown through the years now the biggest part of the Y was built in 1987 they finally built a gym the racquetball court meeting rooms that's a viable part of the community and was all the brainchild of Ivan Garber back in 1933 he was really keen on making this something that would help the community there's nothing like rural America there's nothing like because I've lived in a few other towns outside of a blowin spring and it's the best place in the world live that's uh best kept secret I've always said we enjoy my life and I enjoy it immensely hi I'm rod feather director of the Garver memorial YMCA here to talk about the youth programming and the adult programming at the YMCA our first started away with the kids who usually are preschool program gets them an early education start a readiness program to kindergarten they get a chance to socialize with other kids for the first time and meet meet the instructors and learn all the different aspects the cognitive skills of the preschool program kids can get involved with baseball basketball gymnastics soccer just about any youth sports program that comes along it's a safe place for them place for them to recreation other kids kids start at an early age in those youth sports programs usually around the age of five it's fun to see them get excited to you know become a team member and learn to play with other kids and just to see them develop their skills it's just amazing to see what they can do before 2000 SilverSneakers aim into the why this program in particular got them a membership to Y through their health insurance coverage they were able to utilize the Y like any other member and they're able to participate in these group fitness classes it developed a more flexibility more balanced more control they just felt better about themselves and then they were able then to go up into the weight room they now feel that they're a part of the wine and it's great to see that and get up and just socialize with the younger people and people their own age and just a unique presence it's a great community the people are tight-knit here but yet they they're giving if there's a child that can't afford it there's businesses and individuals out there that are giving to get them a membership to the wine they like to see kids have a place to go it's nice to see that community support my name is Steve Mallory and I'm here to talk about the Martians clarity or culture parade and also world record cow the parade we started 35 years ago we honor agriculture in each parade as always the Tuesday closest to July 4th each year we select a local farmer or agribusiness to be featured in the parade as an honoree we also have a grand marshal from the community the parade is more than agriculture well we have a lot of agriculture tractors and so forth people say they've never seen so many different kinds of tractors and farm equipment before also we have great participation from the local bands marching groups fire companies businesses Boy Scouts Girl Scouts a lot of people participate in the parade I get phone calls january/february from people what days to pray this year we're planning our vacation and we don't want to miss it there's something there for everyone to enjoy her name was Mary Prince Corrine I was a register name she was affectionately known as Rin around the barn we knew from previous years that she was a pretty good cow back in 1974 she just went all out she ended up breaking the world's record for milk production the previous world record was 44,000 pounds of milk Rin produced a little over 50,000 pounds of milk almost 8,000 gallons of milk in one year it also translates to a full tanker load of milk we had a celebration on the farm we invited people in to see the cow it felt great to have people come to see chlorine and the rest of the herd my dad kept track of of the visitors that came I think it was around eight to nine thousand visitors we had people just stopping in to look at the cow and I have to stop what you're doing and it caught the point where a car would pull win everyone would hide it Last Man Standing got to give the tour the day her record was beaten she died no she couldn't she couldn't stand to lose I guess my grandfather moved into Morse's Cove back in I think it was 1912 and around 1921 he purchased the farm my dad was a big promoter in the dairy industry these 3 generations has been on that farm I don't know it's just home I enjoy going away but it always feels good to get back to the cove hi I'm Tom Kunkle director of The Cove community course and I'm here today to tell you a little bit about what we do [Music] well we actually started about five years ago I saw an article in the paper that roaring spring was going to have a celebration of their hundred twenty-fifth anniversary so I talked to my wife and I said why don't we start a community chorus here to do a concert just for that celebration this was my third Community Chorus in my career and it was just to be for that celebration but it turned out that we stayed together when we did the first concert we had about 55 people I believe and they all said this is a lot of fun can we keep doing this so we decided to keep doing it and it just grew and we actually have people from out of the Cove sing and there's no Geographic we don't hold anything against that from anywhere we have people mouth to know the people in Bellwood Williamsburg all over the place come and sing with us anybody can be in our course we have no auditions the only age requirement I have is if young people want to be and I make sure they can sing well enough to be with us we have currently have an 11 year old and our oldest is 88 so we go the whole gamut and with no auditions whoever shows up sings my dad was an amazing guy I lost him when I was 12 years old so I don't have a ton of memories of him but he was a showman he was so good so my dad started doing benefit shows for the Cancer Society and he would pick up amateur talent if two young kids that had any kind of talent I was the oldest in the family so he started a me out with a hat and cane I was in the show rinsing my two younger brothers and the three of us sang and that's really where I got my start in my mind I think what we have done is I think we provided an outlet for people who just want to have fun and sing and we've also provided some good wholesome family entertainment for the community because we sell out most of our concerts and they respond very well and I people all the time what's in your next show what's going on I mean it because it's become a thing out there it's pretty amazing my wife and I moved to the cove about 12 years ago we just found that the people are are so friendly they're willing to do anything for you very helpful it's a totally different atmosphere out here I don't know it's it's just a very homey you know that it's beautiful scenery otter M it's beautiful country and we just loved living in the cove it's great [Music] [Applause] we'll be right back with stories about airmail in the 1930s how one man built a band program over 40 years and where to go in the cove for the best coffee and pastries but first please show your support for the cove and WPSU by making a pledge thanks Oh welcome back we're so glad you're joining us tonight here on WPSU our town The Cove is premiering tonight and we have our co bites here on the foam egg ready to hear from you these are members of our community who have given up there are storytellers to a lot of the folks that you see here you might have already seen their story and right now they're waiting to hear from you 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their evening here get those phones ringing 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine and now I want to turn it over to the guy who took those stories from you and put them all together he made the magic mr. bill Wallace I appreciate the compliment thank you very much Carolyn this is a really really good show I've been working on this show almost full time at the station for about five years I was in at the very beginning when we started doing this program over 20 years ago this is the 91st 91st version of our town and I got to say this one was this one was a joy they're all work but as I said to somebody earlier this evening this is definitely a labor of love around here I love being able to take the stories that people want to come in and tell us and turn them into something that they are proud of I have spent a long time in television and a long time behind it the camera instead of in front of it I understand now how hard it is to sit down in that chair and try and explain what you'd like to say in a way you'd like to say it and then trust that somebody else is going to turn it into something that you're happy with later I think these folks should be very proud of what they've accomplished this evening and from the sounds of the way things went during first break I think most of you agree I hope that by the time you're done watching the show you feel that we've done a great job with it too and I'd like to thank thank some people who have called in already to let us know that we're doing a good job and they'd like to see programming like this continue Joe Keith from roaring spring called in with a pledge Deb and Paul Hetrick from Hollidaysburg called in Katie Laura Sela and I'm glad somebody help me with that pronunciation from Martinsburg called in and we thank you for that and Vani quieren from East freedom along with Steven met skirt from roaring spring we greatly appreciate the pledge of support and the vote of support and I'm going to throw it back over 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it's your station you belong as a member family and we'd love to welcome you at one eight hundred to four five nine seven seven nine bill folks uh it's a little quiet in here right now compared to what it was during first break and I realize it's a little hard to follow up on something that was as exciting and as exhausting as the first break but we've all had a chance to catch our breath and it's time to start making some phone calls again it would be really really good if everybody could go back to the phones and let us know that they appreciate programming that we're going to go back to in a couple of minutes I'd like to thank a few people to start with and then I'm going to give you a couple of indications of perhaps what you'll be able to see in the next block rachel sheeter called in from east freedom she is the owner of RS farms pygmy goats and the lady who came in to deliver us the most incredible pictures with I've had a chance to cut in a long long time there was nothing more 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sorry we'll get to that in a minute actually we have a story on the Altoona Blair County Airport coming up and a story on NPC printing and the high school music program has seen through the eyes of a high schooler which is a really really interesting perspective and the infamous meanies cafe will be featured and as Pat says any place called Mimi's is definitely a good place but I will tell you that the baked goods are out of this world so in a few minutes we'll be going back but until then we have some more people to thank yes absolutely thanks so much to Jay Williams elder who's here in studio with us evening he says say hi to Beverly ever slow in Texas hi Beverly watching us online at WPSU org oh here's another one a Deanna Johnson Hess of st. 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I heard it's only 9:00 not quite 9:30 I've heard a rumor that you people in the cove like to stay up and party and have a little bit of fun we're having a party in here in a studio this evening we would love to hear from you next at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine join in on the excitement that we're feeling here in the studio we're celebrating the great residents and the stories of the cove you know I am from central PA I'm from outside of Bellefonte and I in my entire life had never been to the cove and now I'm telling my husband kind of a bill said I'm like oh my gosh my kids would love to go on the train excursion and I've got to take them to Ricky for a milkshake because I thought there a couple of times my goes into town and I have to show them that we have to go to the park we have to do all of these things that's the great thing about our towns is that you know I wouldn't maybe have ventured south just visit our friends in the cove now I'm so glad I know about it and it's a great secret that you're sharing with our whole coverage area so thanks so much coach show your support for programs like this bill by giving us a call at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine coming up we have stories from the Altoona Blair Airport Tracy Pleasant years awesome there we had our screening for our volunteers there also an underwriter of the program we have Ashley NPC printing I believe we heard from the family of that my own NPC thank you so much for your support and for being an underwriter of the program we also would like to thank you and you call ends thanks to Charles and Jacqueline vice of saxenburg thanks so much for your gift of support won't you be the next one to give us a call at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine Keri Russell Hoover from roaring spring making his donation Russell and Anita we thank you so much they told that story about the roaring spring YMCA now we've got one here clearance I'm sorry bill and Cory from Portland Oregon streaming and watching us and perhaps they've got some connection to the chrome and we appreciate their pledge of support William Ling Ling from Martinsburg in honor of Dawn Tina and Nancy jingling thank you so much and Fred and Shirley Kinzinger Kenzie her another big-name outlet cove in roaring spring thank you for calling in your pledge of support keep those phones ringing 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine or go online at WPSU that o RG and we'll be back with more stories coming up at another look at your town the cold you can also make your contribution at WPSU org click on donate at the top of the page it's always available and easy to use Thanks my name is Tracy pleasure I'm the manager of the Altoona Blair County Airport in the 1930s the airport began as an airmail stop in 1937 there was a company formed called all-american aviation and that company which actually the DuPont family was involved with ultimately set up airmail routes throughout the Allegheny Mountains throughout the Ohio Valley Martinsburg in the cove became one of those airmail stops apparently then the big thing was to mail a letter to yourself from Martinsburg it would be picked up by airmail and it would go to wherever and then come back and you had this letter postmarked with all these exotic places that came back but started out in Martinsburg as airmail eventually there was a need for passenger service and the all-american aviation company became all-american Airways and in 1949 they started offering not just airmail service from Martinsburg and rural airports throughout Pennsylvania but also they began offering passenger service that passenger service was not just at the Altoona Airport in Martinsburg but it was throughout Central Pennsylvania in the Ohio Valley so that air passenger service really started to connect the rural communities of the Allegheny Mountains to the major cities all American Airlines eventually in 1953 became the Allegheny air system that Ali and the air system then later on in 1979 became USAir in 1996 it became US Airways all of that history goes all the way back to the 30s and 40s and the Altoona County Airport at Martinsburg was an integral part of all of that coming up through the years today we continue that the current airline to fly Shannara County Airport is southern Airways expressed and that airline flies from the Altoona Airport to Pittsburgh and Baltimore rebuilding that old Allegheny air system those small towns that were served originally by all American Airways and Allegheny Airlines are still today being served in much the same way and providing access for people in the rural communities to major city airports where they can travel throughout the world it's very gratifying it's nothing like it was back in the days of Allegheny air system but it still provides the same basic service and I think the people that were involved with the yo picking up the air mail bags in 1938 would have no idea what it would become today you know that what the airport does today and the things that we offer today hi I'm Chuck Garrick and I'm a park and recreation director for morrison skill Memorial Park in Martinsburg Pennsylvania the park is a 14 acre family recreation complex the park was actually formed on June 1st of 1922 it was deeded from the Steiner family it was deeded to the all the residents of mersen's Cove we are at taxable entity and we are not funded directly by any government resources we had just about something for everybody we have an indoor bowling alley multi-purpose gym the only ruler skating rink in Blair County 8 pavilions for rent on our campus we also have an outdoor swimming pool we also have a baseball field tennis courts and outdoor basketball area 80 percent of our revenue comes from buying using our services and paying a fee to bowl or to skate about 20 percent of our budget comes from community donations either at Christmas time or during our annual fund campaign we also have three entities that rent space though off of us in our basement the Martinsburg Community Library headstart and the local iu8 both have a classroom in our basement area for many many years the park was in the financial disarray I was hired in January of 15 for the last 14 months we're actually in the black and with the revenue that we were able to earn on our programs we actually put assets back into the park and when people from outside era come in they're kind of impressed that this town of one stoplight has this type of family Recreation Complex is available to our entire code of community people from the area they call themselves Co vines once people know you within this community I have never been in a more caring respectful god-fearing generous honest community in my life I have truly been blessed to have the opportunity to be the director for the Morse's kimura Park hi my name is Tim Harkleroad I'm the CEO nice and Hospital in roaring spring and I'm here to tell you about what a gym that hospital is to the Morrison Cove area it's been a vital part of the community going back to 1900 founded by dr. Albert Mason in 1961 moved to its current location out here on Nason Drive we have a very loyal community that's very supportive of the hospital extremely loyal medical staff that is very supportive of the hospital wants to see it grow wants to see it do well the auxilary which in a lot of hospitals around the country are really starting to to fade away is thriving in our facility and so that that volunteerism that auxilary really is what sort of sets us apart I think in a community like this really a blue-collar community in a blue-collar Hospital so really a perfect match for one another so many hospitals over the last 10 or 15 years around the country small hospitals in particular in rural areas have begun to close it's very important to have a hospital in a community we employ over 300 people we're very fortunate to have a partner that allows us to do that so in 2015 LifePoint Health purchased Mason hospital to become part of the Conemaugh Health System which is also owned by Duke LifePoint we don't treat our patients any differently now than what we did before we still see the same patients we still provide the same care and in law cases additional services that we didn't provide before the key difference in what we do now what we did prior to 2015 is now that we're owned by a for-profit hospital company we pay taxes to the community even if you're not coming there for health care please come by on one to the halls you know in 2005 we did a capital campaign and raised some money to do this and a couple local artists painted murals of a lot of the historical landmarks in the cove area and they're all over the walls of the hospital and they are amazing it's beautiful and if you haven't seen it you really need to come out and check it out the mission of life point is now the mission in Basin Hospital which is making communities healthier all of our hospitals in rural communities and that's what we do well and that's what I prefer to do I grew up in a rural community in West Virginia very similar to this area the employees at the hospital are so you know down-to-earth and easy to talk to you know it's almost identical to where I grew up and it's almost identical to every life point community where we have a hospital hello my name is Betsy Garrick and I am here today to tell you a story about Nason foundation Nason hospital became a hospital in 1900 this beautiful Park Hotel was created around 1890 in Roy spring but it didn't make it as a hotel a doctor Albert Mason came in and in 1900 it became a very vital hospital the hospital tried to promote good health beyond just coming in when you're sick somewhere around 1959 they decided they had to build a new and better Hospital on the east side of Roy spring when they built a new hospital they thought we need to have a group of people that will look after the brick and mortar and the community at large I believe between 2001 and 2012 we gave out 34 nursing scholarships we also give out service awards to all of the high schools every year we were very very fortunate that we connected with Duke Life Points in July of 2015 we had to reform into this new group so the foundation was formed at that point from not only board members but other community folks our mission now being our own organization is to support the health and vitality of the coast by our resources and education people care this is such a unique warm wonderful community but we're burst Aurora was still small it's a wonderful thing to have an oriented organization with some financial backing whether it's on just a small nonprofit that needs some foot support or an individual that may have a health concern that we can support and I think that that's a wonderful thing so don't we all need that hi I'm Jamie I can live I'm the marketing director at MPC and I'm here to talk about how a small newspaper printing company evolved into one of the largest employers in Blacktown in 1954 MPC originally known as news printing company I was purchased by Charlotte and Barney Barnhart the couple moved from Danville Pennsylvania to the runningspring area and purchased three debt-ridden newspapers the Waynesburg journal The Cove news and the Hollidaysburg register these three original newspapers were combined but one was dropped and two were combined into one and in 1955 barney published the first edition of the blair press he was able to act as writer editor photographer even sold some advertising Barney and Charlotte were forward-thinking people they were among one of the first companies to purchase an offset press instead of a letterpress to produce their newspapers and that expedited the printing process what that did was that created a lot of extra time they began working with the government printing office to fill press time and even today MPC is one of the top suppliers of prim elated services to the federal government the rise in television and radio really crippled the opportunities for advertising in the newspaper business so a company focused its its efforts on government and commercial printing what started as a 5 maybe handful of people working at a small newspaper printing company has now turned into a nearly 500 person operation that runs in four different production facilities throughout Blair County they stay through the company's roots I mean there's still about 40% of the workforce that lives in the Morrisons Cove area to this day the MPC takes care of the people who take care of the company and really those same people they invest their time and their resources into the community whether it's organizations whether it's churches whether it's nonprofits schools sporting events that kind of thing it's a lot of what is important to the employees is important the company my name is Sarah slicer I'm a senior at Central High School and I'll be talking about the effective music program on the area I've been in the music program for about six years now I started out playing flute and then progressed into playing clarinet and now I'm in the color bird when Central High School was first built in 1960 Jack Schaeffer was the director and he was the director clear up and Townsend died in 2002 the band traveled a lot with him they do a lot of competitions and stuff today the directors are Harold DeLozier for the concert band as well as the middle school and then general drum is in charge of the elementary schools and the marching band I think the music program is great for the community because it gives the kids in the area the opportunity to show their talents and show what our community has it's really really great for like younger kids it helps with brain development and all that kind of stuff and then for middle school and high school kids it kind of gives them that opportunity to be part of something it just kind of gives you this warm happy feeling to know that it's kind of like a family maybe if things outside of school aren't that great you still have that close-knit band family that will be there for you no matter what to me I think it's kind of one of those things that gives you a way that when words can't express the emotions music can I think there's definitely a lot of benefits of music on everybody [Music] my name is Doug Garner and I'm going to talk about mamie's Cafe and Bakery people go to mamie's cafe for the food and the atmosphere it is extraordinary food and people travel from miles and miles and miles to get there for donuts and personally I go for the Reuben everything is made there by Karen and Valerie and the the folks in the kitchen Valerie and Karen have been doing it for years and years and years mamie the name is Karen's great-grandmother Mae meat-eater who had a hotel and restaurant where the parking lot next to Mimi's Cafe is now burnt many years ago Mimi's opened in 2007 they are people that are very active in the community they are very generous towards the community it is just a really neat community atmosphere it is one of those places where you can be a complete stranger and they just welcomed you in I grew up in Martinsburg I went to Central High School and I try to get back every chance I can for many many years my dad and I have gotten together with a bunch of guys for coffee in the morning and even though I'm now out of the area there are times that I'll leave at 4:30 in the morning and make sure I'm there to meet the guys for coffee I think that every town needs a place like mamie's where you can gather over a cup of coffee and great baked goods and have discussions about whatever you want to have discussions about whatever the topics of the day are whether they're comfortable or uncomfortable it's that conversation it's that discourse that really helps towns knit together one of the reasons I get up at 4 o'clock in the morning for a cup of coffee is the togetherness and the community atmosphere that's there stick around as we show you how the community's breathed new life into an old landmark we'll also look at the way citizens in the area pay tribute to veterans and take a look at the religious roots of the cove but first please show your support for the cove and WPSU by making a pledge thank thank you and welcome back to the WPSU studios i'm patrick smith a staffer here at WPSU i hope you're enjoying our town the cove as much i hope you're enjoying it at home as much as we're enjoying it here in the studio we have the courtesy or we have the privilege tonight of being surrounded by your friends and neighbors who are here answering the phones and if you look at them they are bright they are cheerful they are happy and they are waiting in the quiet for your call right now at 1-800-243-9226 because betsy's phone number 9 we can get there we're going to get there one call at a time and it starts with you right now one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine if you absolutely positively insist on going online to make your gift you can do that at WPSU o-r-g 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years huh and it was just felt great that I could could tell the story that is and another thing I did just passed away a couple weeks before that and I'm sure he'd be glad to hear the story that's wonderful and now Steve like many of his family members his sister already called in a pledge at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine it's taking home some of those DVDs to be able to share with other family members right that's right great goodbye Chloe super oh okay well you know it could be for something else okay well what I do want to point out is one other thing Steve and I were talking about is being a co Veit and being a lifelong member of this community the ring the sound of support that we've heard tonight is resounding and that's what makes your community unique I think in one way we are very tight community out there you need help someone's there to help you and it's just a great place to live go away and come back and always glad to get back home again it's 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part of the storytelling tonight are going to use their DVD to sell that part of The Cove to other people in the area that might move into the area recruiting jewel what do you think one eight hundred two four five nine seven seventy nine let's not keep it the best-kept secret this is a great place to work and live and these are the stories that matter to you so please help keep those stories going by calling in your pledge do we have Betsy's call busy is their phone busy yet let's head over to Bill and see if we can keep those phones ringing people please give Betsy a reason to go on deny we need a few more people to call we had every one of those bells you heard with somebody else finishing a call pledging support for WPSU and for this program and now they're all available to take a call so Betsy is now last in line again and we would like to fix that at least once tonight I'm going to thank a couple of people who called in already Bob late from during spring and Nellie and Denny cower from roaring spring called in and we appreciate those calls this evening I'd like to give you a little heads-up about what's coming I actually did a while ago but I'm going to do it one more time we're going to do a story on the spring Cove Elementary School bronze dragon sculpture that sits out in front of the school building it's a very interesting story as well as quite an interesting piece of art we have a couple of vets organizations in the cove that are working on things to better things for youth in the community and trying to do things for for vets who are in need we have a story on Valley rural electric family down in the cove area that was part of the cooperative that helped bring electricity to farms and rural areas that were unserved back in the 30s and 40s it's a very interesting little little family story and one of my favorites is a history of some of the different religious groups that moved into the cove back in the time when they were establishing settlements and the fact that many of them are still around the area it's a story of the kind of generational perseverance that a lot of these towns that we cover in this series are are known for this is up sturdy bunch of folks who have have had their roots in this area for a long long time and they're proud of it and they came together on a Saturday afternoon with us and told us why and this is their chance to tell their stories and we do this four times a year now with this program and if you want to have the chance to keep doing it we need to have the support from pledges tonight as we go along so that the money is there for the next one one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine is the number to call we'll be more than happy to send you a copy of the program for a pledge of $75 and for one hundred and twenty dollars we'll be happy to send you two copies of the program and I'm going to throw it back pack so that he can thank a few more people Mike and Mindy Eversole of roaring spring thank you so much for your gift of support would like to thank Brenda and Doug Garber of Martinsburg Thank You Brenda and Doug great to hear from you we appreciate your gift I would also like to thank sorry they're stuck up here Jim and LAN eken Road yes eken road of Martinsburg PA thank you very much Jim and LuAnn we appreciate your gift of support I'd like to thank Denise Johnson Eglin from my goodness is that from Elkhorn Wisconsin Elkhorn Wisconsin thank you good to hear from you Denise so we'll add that to our big tally board of faraway places so and also I'd like to thank Rose and Charles not wait okay sorry Rose Charles Gordon and excuse me Jordan and Kobe Ghosh Mrak of Johnstown and that's from nanny and poppy in Johnstown so the grandkids get a little recognition the grandparents get a little recognition we'd like to thank everybody in in the cove but what that means that everybody's got a call so we'd love to recognize you tonight for your support of this community for your support of this production and done time done Betsy does not yet have a call come on communities are teams they're teams where people love each other their teams where people work together their teams that survive because they care I care about Betsy let's get Betsy a call right now 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine do it for The Cove but mostly right now do it for Betsy one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine go to the phone Caroline she's just one of our great volunteers Betsy lives in the Morrison Cove community a retirement community there's a number of retirement communities of course Holmwood another one there in makovan and they expect those are the Blaine just drove all the way up here with their friends and neighbors to the end these phones tonight so that they can hear from you and that's what we're asking for tonight we did have a number of responses Colleen llama do from Altoona writes her pledge in memory of fleeta met Sir whetstone from Martinsburg that was so named I know Colleen is a big name out in the cove and we want to give a special shout out if you can catch our friend Monica now who is on the phone there with her a red scarf she and pastor Tim have pledged their support Monica giving of her time tonight and having the phone lines ring but also pledging her support there she is a longtime member her husband a great pastor in the code community Jim ache from Martinsburg thank you so much for your pledge of support and Gary Bechtel from the Gary Bechtel family again I would believe another relative probably of Lorie Bechtel weary we appreciate Gary Bechtel family calling in their pledge tonight now another guy that was on the phones right now and we need those phones to ring it's Chuck Amer check Chuck story about the Morrison Co Memorial Park that he has to run his two sons called in their pledge of support and he and his wife have pledged their support and are taking home one of those DVDs with a $75 pledge and call to our 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine you too can be said one of these wonderful DVD so it contains not only these amazing stories that we're showing you tonight but also some additional material there were so many stories to tell about the code we couldn't put them all in the body of our one-hour broadcast our broadcast you're on WPSU and so we're adding some additional bonus material that only you can find by calling in your pledge of support right now Darrin Locke from portage has called in his pledge of support again you don't have to come from the close community to call and be a member of our family here at WPSU but we'd love to hear from you right now we thank you so much for your pledges of supported and just your support of being a part of public media these truly are the storytellers and this is what we are here for we are here to be able to share those stories with folks from Central and North Central and now really from around the world with the way we 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programming and promoting the sort of thing that we are doing here tonight 1-800 two four five nine seven seven nine is the number to call and we would greatly appreciate your call with the pledge of support $75 for the program DVD a hundred and twenty dollars for two DVDs the fourth segment of our town The Cove is coming up in literally seconds please call in with your pledge and thank you you can also make your contribution at WPSU org click on donate at the top of the page it's always available and easy to use thanks [Music] my name is Jason snow burger and I'm here to talk about the sculpture of the baby dragon that I sculpted for the sprink of elementary school I was a graduate of Central High School so I went to this school district all my life and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a public piece to give back to my own community the dragons our mascot so I started there then I went with the more youthfulness of the elementary school and thought how can I make it more of a baby dragon I used our own mascot that we had and kind of adapted the features once the full-size sculpture was completed I had the superintendent come the school principal at the time Betsy Baker who was now the superintendent they came and looked at it and they loved it so you had the original clay sculpture then you could do a silicone rubber mold over top of that then you have to cut those sections I ended up with about 91 pieces that gets shipped to my foundry out in Colorado I then had to basically put a 91 piece 3d puzzle together the thing weighs 1,200 pounds having a piece that is part of the community I'd say honestly as an artist it's probably the biggest compliment the children definitely on the day of dedication saw it as their dragon and embraced it in that way and that's that's department that I truly truly enjoyed this community is a very tight community I would say it's a very family-oriented community it's even more special when you're working with a community that is that tight and that close and they appreciate the things that you do hi I'm dawn Knicely I'm here today to talk about the American Legion gym in roaring spring back in 2006 the school district had closed the gym and actually closed the elementary school which became an opportunity for the American Legion the group there to take over the gym and remodel it my uncle was a past commander there who was constantly asking me about coming in to help we actually made an agreement that the spring cove youth baseball parents association would financially help renovate the basement and the upstairs in order to use the facility at this point right now it's been going seven days a week we have two batting cages and a throwing Lane downstairs upstairs the basketball floor every age level is using it for practice there's even adult groups that come in and do some pickup games occasionally a group of us decided to put a trophy case in in the basement in a big hallway that we had to space for and now the different elementary levels anytime they win a trophy we've been bringing it there and actually putting it up and we're you know said at some point we're going to have to eliminate second third fourth place trophies for the first place trophies because it's filling up fast the building is a special place in my heart because that's where I had gone to school that's where I played dodgeball on Saturday that's where I took Jim my uncle Gary was a past commander who actually got me involved there and the story there is that he was just asking me and asked me to come up and help and I promised him I would come up and help him and at a picnic in 2014 and an hour later he had passed away he's been motivating me to continue to do things there we continue to see more projects to improve it to make it better for the community hi my name is Tim now from here to talk to you about Cove lumber a lumber yard that's situated in Waynesburg my role Cove lumber is I'm co-owner over the business my wife Chris and I purchased the business and January 2013 from Larry and Sue Miller who started the company in 1984 Larry had a construction business they saw the need for a lumber supply business Larry continued his construction business while sue in the lumber yard at that time the business was called Miller Supply in the mid-90s the lumber yard had grown to the size where he needed to come help sue run the business they changed the business to Cove lumber they added small building Chris and I you know had a dream of being a business owner they had me on for a couple years with the understanding you know they eventually buy the business that Chris and I then took over in January 2013 last fall we added another addition to the store we had now have a kitchen and bath Center currently employ 10 to 12 employees depending on the time of year we serve over 50 contractors to the local area and we put through 600 to 700 customers a week we run through the store area Larry sue still continued to work they're very instrumental part of the business the people in the cove recognized them you know as Cove lumber we often say that it feels like cheers you know everyone comes in everyone has your name I believe the community likes having a local business there we know everyone we know them they know us and it's different than going into you know a big-box store or something where we know what they want community's been very good to us very supportive of the company you know it's a tight-knit community we're involved with you know charities and sports we tried to support them so it's been a good give-and-take with the community hi my name is Christopher bush and I'm going to be talk about my great-grandfather W Floyd Bush who started Valley rural electric my PAP W Floyd Bush was born in May 2nd 1907 his parents were W Nelson and Rosa Rosa Bush he helped them with the bush bakery as a kid his first job was to sprinkle flour into the dough as parents mixed the dough and in the late 1920s he was able to start his electrical business by forming Valley rural cooperatives he was able to provide electricity to rural areas and rural areas at that time not many people had electricity only six out of 100 farmers had electricity and then in 1935 the valley roll electric active in past so he's been able to get more electricity to rural areas I think he wanted to step up and do something good for people the first meeting for The Electric Company was set up in his home at its peak he had a hundred men and women employed and then in 1973 I think it was he retired then it passed on to my grandfather it makes me feel really proud of what he did to help people and just getting jogging along until where we are today hi I'm Lynette Hamm and I'm here to talk about spring mill employees Federal Credit Union it actually began @dm bear papers in 1954 the plant manager decided to reward the employees for building the paper mill back up after a digester had exploded and he put up the money to create the credit union for the employees that stayed to rebuild the paper mill originally it started with eight people charter members and now we have like over 4,400 members they could save their money there they could like fund their own loans fund their own savings and checking accounts and they would have a sense of ownership being part of The Cove the credit union originally was housed in DM Bear Paper Company as they grew we moved to Grove Street in ring string and then we moved to Main Street where we were for probably 15 20 years and now we have a new building on Woodberry pipe where we've been since 2004 I've been there 13 years it's nice that's one nice thing about the credit union - you know the people that come in and out I grew up here in the cove I like the area I did move away for a while but I just wanted to come back I like being here in this nice community close-knit you know everybody it's a nice place to be my name is rich Thomas I'm the commander of VFW post seven six eight nine in roaring spring and I'm here to tell the story of the cove veterans and the veterans organizations my mission is to support the local veterans and the community Nicole we got five national based veterans organizations we have three VFW's and we have two American legions the VFW is made up of combat veteran you have to have a combat medal or hostile fire pay in order to qualify to join 60 to 70 percent of the money that we take in goes back into the community we give money to the schools the spring Cove School District and we give money to different athletic groups the YMCA we support different baseball programs for kids we support the library we support the food pantry our post actually in The Cove has been a pioneer for women veterans we have a few women veterans that belong we welcome all women veterans also fit come out I have a lot of respect for my veterans I have a lot of respect for people in the club one of the things that we're having problems with as an organization is recruiting new members the younger members coming back and the cove I've been told by some of the younger members that they feel invisible because of you know a lot of them our National Guard Reserve people and they come back into the community and they kind of there's less of them to begin with it's not like you know it's a it's an all-volunteer military now so we have less veterans and those veterans they're just not coming out and joining and I would like to take an opportunity to invite those people to come out and join the VFW I was born and raised right here in the cove I mean nice this is my home that's I can't say anything more that that's just it it's just it's my home my name is Jack Ryder and I'm here to to talk about how the meadows farm and particularly our maple syrup production Hollin Meadows is an LLC now it was a hobby that my wife and I had been involved in for a good while I had retired from teaching and before that took place we made the form an LLC we raised grass-finished beef we have honey bees we produce honey we have a maple syrup operation from late winter to early spring it's pretty labor intensive but it's a lot of fun we started out with buckets one trees and we have ten trees we went from there to about 50 we started to get bigger and we we've got an evaporator a small evaporator and went from that to a bigger evaporator and we turned it in then into a to a business where we could sell commercially but we started with buckets and we then went to tubing we collect and we bring it in to the sugar house and we have a reverse osmosis that the SAP runs through first and that takes out percentage of the water in the SAP and then we boil the SAP down and it's boiled to a certain consistency it goes from about 2% on the average sugar to about 67% we run it through the filter and then we bottle it from that point then it's old I grew up in run spring my wife grew up in Martinsburg we were in this school district all of our lives and when the opportunity came to come back we took that opportunity I'm build a laser and I'd like to talk a little bit about the history of morrison's kind of the interesting thing about Morrison's Cove is that almost every one of the original settlers were German Baptists there are German seventh day Baptist that derive from effort a cloister in eastern Pennsylvania and one of them is in the southern Cove and it still survives to this day the German Baptists and the seventh day Baptist that broke off from them or pacifists during the French and Indian War one historian talks about 30 brethren who refused to fight back and were massacred by the Indians they said koltes fellows I could time which means God's will be done things changed over the years during the Civil War the Brethren paid to get out of military service by the time World War one came around nobody knew what to do the government didn't know what to do with the peace people and the peace churches didn't know what to do with the government by time World War two came around they had a conscientious objector law 90% of the young men actually joined the military and served a couple decades after that came the 60s and everything went crazy although the peace position still is around today people are very careful as try to make sure it's framed in religious terms at Clover Creek congregation which is some other Church of many of the churches in the area they have a peace pole out front and it says in four languages me peace prevail upon the earth but sue we are Amina Morrison's Cove to a great extent - you are easily related to some of the older relatives include my dad's great great uncle Bryce and isn't his aunt Elizabeth she wanted to go English because in the 1880s the church was discarding some of the old ways she wanted him to want to shave off since dumper beard that he didn't want to while he was asleep she cut the beard off of one side the space she figured well then he'd cut the beard off the other side of his face but he didn't he went around the tas of beard til the other half grew back in that I think says a lot about the code the quiet determination to do what people think is right and that's our town The Cove a look at the Blair County community through the eyes of its residents support for our town The Cove comes from Ritchie's dairy serving the cove and central western Pennsylvania with quality milk and dairy products for over 75 years Ritchie's dairy fresh from farm to you since nineteen forty information at Ritchie's dairy calm NPC supporting the cove community and providing employment opportunities for self-reliant individuals since nineteen fifty four delivering useful relevant and often critical communication solutions for customers learn more at NPC web.com cove lumber serving the cove with building materials and design services including kitchen and bath for more than thirty two years offering quality framing lumber treated lumber insulation siding hardware and more proud to support the community more at cove lumber calm roaring spring water providing bottled spring water water coolers and coffee service to homes and businesses in central Pennsylvania and beyond app feel and spring mill a fully integrated pulp and paper mill producing carbon lists security high speed inkjet colored and specialty papers making various types of paper in roaring spring for more than 150 years information at ab c-- on comm roaring spring VFW post seven six eight nine with special services for combat veterans and active duty combat veterans more information at two two four five eight two eight the borough of roaring spring incorporated in 1887 celebrating the area's residents and heritage and sharing the beauty of the town's natural spring information at roaring spring net the nascent foundation supporting the health and vitality of The Cove through financial support and education proud to support our town The Cove information at Mason foundation org and viewers like you thank you folks folks take a look at this list of credit at the end of this program we have had so much help and so much support from people and organizations in this community to put this show together in the first place whether it be financial or providing facilities so that we can go and meet with everybody or do the interviews and you're right now you're seeing a list of I think 76 or 77 people who were involved in producing all of the materials that we use to put this show together this has been a really big program with a lot of community involvement and a tremendous amount of support and we thank everybody who has been involved in it for everything that they have done and it's really hard for us to even think about trying to do a program like this on our own the amount of assistance that we get whether it's people shooting video for their stories or finding old photographs or any of the other things that they bring to us that that we'd never be able to do without the network of people who do this for us when we come to town and ask it is just incredible the people you meet and the friends you make and all of the things that that come together in order to give us a chance to put a program like this on the air and I want to personally thank everybody who showed up to do this with us and for us and I definitely want to thank every one of the people who have come into this studio tonight to answer phones for us that's your cue folks answering phones as the point at which you are supposed to make a couple of calls so that they can now I want to tell you that since we made such a fuss about Betsy she moved to a different phone and she is currently answering a call with a pledge of support that's not exactly the way that we had hoped for hope to accomplish this but Betsy is on the phone and we thank you for that there are a couple of people who have called in that I would like to thank before I send it down the line I'd like to thank Steve Johnson from Lewisburg for calling in and Steve Mallory who saw earlier in the program made a donation to the cause this evening and Fred and Nancy Marshak of Martinsburg called in Nancy Holt singer from roaring spring called in Paul of Koontz with a Webb pledge from new enterprise I believe that's the second phone call from new enterprise we'd like to see you guys step it up just a little bit if you would please and the thing I did want to mention about Steve Johnson he and Tyler kegerreis and Mandy Smith are friends with Suzy Malory dainty who is part of Maori clan who if you recall is supposed to forget all about Christmas presents that may have been mentioned earlier as a program so Jess would like to thank a few more people and I want to thank you for being part of this tonight absolutely this is your last chance to call in at one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine to support your community The Cove is a great community you guys have shown 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this evening to answer phones it's a cuff dog it's a chaotic job and you will have to make sure that you get everything right on the forum they did a fantastic job I enjoyed listening to some of the conversations that they were having with you at home we so appreciate you tuning in this evening for making your gift of support there is still time to make that call if you have not yet had one eight hundred two four five nine seven seven nine see our town series is what public media is all about this isn't something that you're going to find anyplace else who else would devote an entire primetime lineup to one program just like this about communities help community members telling stories they shoot the footage they tell the story we're just proud to be able to bring it to you and it's because of support from people just like you so thank you so much for your support thanks for calling us at one eight two four five nine seven seven nine or if you made your gift online at WPSU Lord it has been so much fun here this evening thanks to the Pope New York style pizza in State College for providing us foolishest food this evening that kept us all nice and full and you know it was pretty good right thank you so much everybody who has called and to our volunteers and our fellow hosts we hope that you enjoyed this program this evening quality to the next time for the next hours pounds thanks and good evening you can also make your contribution at WPSU org click on donate at the top of the page it's always available and easy to use Thanks we now join the following program already in progress well I think we all have a lot of respect for each other as people and you know musically so that's number one I mean I could go on and on about everybody's qualities but just their knowledge in there they have a lot more experience than I do so I learn a lot from playing with them and I think that's the most beneficial thing but I think the core of it is that our mutual respect for one another everybody why ladies gonna crash leave he's gonna grow up baby's gonna die we of what common Hey why Oh Oh understand why we demand up why yes this community is just awesome with all the different styles of music and the musicians and the community of musicians are really helpful to one another and it's just it's a great place to be in they're traveling without jet nice but now the stickers on put me all up and down be like ah do cyber I get that I know but now giggles ah we all often some know it won't be loud I forget a few that I see Oh I guess that to you we strive to sound like a rock band to sound like an entire Orchestra and we don't hesitate to arrange actually orchestral pieces even for two violins and really try to make it so that it's not you know what is lacking but what do we actually still add to that arrangement when we when we arrange them you you boom you I've been playing for about I don't know probably like 15 years now and fell into this group Natalie and I just started playing and I really liked their songwriting and everybody else is just real fun to play with it's a real honest songwriting and musically based group and it's what I'm about it couldn't be a little well I mean here bow I mean I my own damn things are falling here I don't even know giving me nobody away I wash it down with the remember even after all these years it doesn't mean I sir coughing through the mere hindered as endeavor me Oh on masterpiece for the game progressed from nail even married toy widow Troy never tear we shed for heaters like pictures now she loves to tell a man what do we what drink what did they mean so it seemed that after a nice complicate visit darkness into marryin dark angels on masterpiece Sunday night at 9:00 here on WPSU I'm silver era with a nightly Business Report news brief investors put money back into stocks as the market recovered from their worst drop of the year the Dow added 56 points to 20,000 663 the Nasdaq rose 43 and the S&P 500 was up eight it was a better than expected quarter for the world's largest retailer as Walmart topped earnings estimates and reported growth in key areas the Trump administration formerly told Congress it intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement otherwise known as NAFTA and the Federal Communications Commission voted to begin undoing some of the Obama era rules governing the Internet General Motors will stop selling cars in India and shed its South African business as it contained sujet de dissertation corrige sur leducation Hamilton College, Clinton.

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