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Doctoral dissertation improvement grants national science foundation

Doctoral dissertation improvement grants national science foundation zechariah capstone for money nunit setup and teardown report good afternoon everybody hello and welcome to handy field on the campus of Massachusetts Maritime Academy right smack on top of the Cape Cod Canal for game number 11 of the 2018 so unfortunately they in part which regional as this will be the third different field that these two teams have played on in their three days in this tournament we'll get it started for you in just a moment we've got visiting you man excuse me visiting lies we go state taking on hosting UMass Boston in this the 11th game of the tournament and although it may not feel like it under the circumstances this really truly is the biggest game of the tournament this is the one you try to get yourself into because if you win this game it's very hard not to win the tournament at that rate because if you win today you become the first team into the championship round and you get two opportunities to win one game in sharp contrast the team that loses this game then has to step out and eliminate another team to get back to you and then they've got to beat you twice so it's about needing one more win after today versus needing three more wins after today and that's exactly what we've got in mind so a few things to consider here as we get into play the first is the first pitch of the day from Joey Rogers and it is in for a called strike one to Ryan he knows no balls and one strike the count you know it's to be followed by Brandon Nicholson and Mike Dell akari the first third of the Oswego Laker lineup this at one misses down low and away cleanup hitter is John Barnes in centerfield batting fifth is mild kosher that is he need to hit her batting six this Elie Holton the left fielder batting seventh is Kevin Hylas at first base batting eighth Lucas Olson at catcher and batting ninth Zac Whalen at shortstop Brian Nolan will get the nod and the ball over on the Oswego state side today in the meantime a 1 2 count pop-up to shallow right and caught on the run by the second baseman Dave Murphy so one away our broadcast perched for these games today much different and much lower than we had yesterday at White House field I am standing at field level a few steps off the right side a home plate going to be tough for me to judge the strike so and also going to be tough for me to tell where fly balls go because we've got a tent over us to protect us from the rain which is spitting rain right now has rained a little harder earlier in the day and may still before the day is over so this ball misses down on the dirt for Brandon Nicholson so when the ball leaves the bat I'm gonna do the best I can hopefully we all just understand one another here from the jump today there's a few complicating factors here at this park that you didn't have yesterday first of which is you have an artificial turf surface all the way around except for the pitchers mounts you have pellets in turf painted like a grass and dirt baseball field all the way around it's gonna be a whole different surface very important that they move the games here today and a good decision to do so because the the added field resiliency gives you two things you can play better in the rain if you have to is that pitch gets in for a call strike and the other thing is you don't need as much time in between games to tend to the field and do grounds crew work you really just have to tend to the mound and that allows you to stay on schedule a lot better as the 3-1 pounds the outside corner for a called strike and the count runs full on Nicholson back to the wine here's the pitch on the inside corner for a called strike three Nicholson knew it and he heads back to the dugout as the first strikeout victim of the day of Joey Rogers Mike Dale Akari now the batter left-handed hitting right fielder against the left-handed arm shows bunt pulls back and takes ball one low one ball no strikes one Oh good-looking hook there by Rogers you can see why he's so successful particularly against the left-handed bats as that one drops in to make it a one ball one strike count it was fastball on the one one misses low if dill akari could reach here John Barnes would that next UMass Boston two and Oh in the tournament coming in this today 36 and eight overall in the season as that one misses away now three balls and one strike the count these are the final two remaining undefeated teams in the tournament as we go coming in now at 28 and 12 wins on days one and two of the tournament as well payoff pitch in there for a called strike they had three and two on the scoreboard already there's actually three in one so it's a full count now that's what I had in the book got to trust my books sometimes Rogers back to the wine and here's the pitch waved at and missed strike three so back-to-back case for Rogers to get through the top of the first inning at the end of a half inning of play nothing across for the Lakers had it in the bottom of the 1st you score as we go stayed one UMass Boston coming to bat you're watching the 2018 New England regional on Beacons athletics calm welcome back as we head to the bottom of the first inning here are the three things you need to know UMass Boston has still got that killer streak going they have never lost in the New England regional that's now true at three different fields they're trying to make it for today 10 and OH overall stretching back to 2010 as we go any mass Boston were both at the College World Series last year and also the beacons have won 25 and out of their last 28 including the sweep of the LEC tournament meeting they are a straight five and oh now in postseason play taking his warm-up tosses for the Lakers right now is Brian Noland and Nolan will go to work against a largely intact UMass Boston lineup off of yesterday of course they struggle just to put the two runs together in ten innings but faced some outstanding pitching in their win over Ramapo yesterday so Eddie Riley will lead off again a third base and he got Kyle Buderus the d-h batting second batting third at second base David Murphy batting cleanup at first base Chris Fowler batting fifth and catching Ryan McCormick batting sixth in left field Nick Herzog wanderson pinellas is the one you didn't see in the starting lineup yesterday came on as a defensive replacement he'll play bat seventh in right field south for shino in centerfield bats eighth and charlie huger bats ninth at shortstop a one pitch misses down low for ball one Riley had the big hit yesterday the only extra-base hit of the entire game an RBI triple over the right fielders head in the top of the 10th inning to drive in the decisive run see if he can get a hot streak going off of that and a line drive straight back at the camera and gg after a great effort yesterday flinching despite the chain-link fence in front of her mark of a rookie one ball two strikes the count as Nolan goes back to the line good sink down on the dirt gets the swing and missed they'll have to throw down to first which they get and the put out goes 2 to 3 one gone now in the first inning Kile Boutrous now the banner Boutrous the designated hitter the beacons and he will step in from the left side interesting lefty on lefty matchup that was starting to tell you a little bit about Hendy field as we got started here today different backdrop than UMass Boston has had either the last two days of course the beacons play on turf at moanin Park their usual home facility so this is not as foreign to them as it might be to some other team so you get a couple of other complicating factors one is this is built into the middle of a Cape Cod neighborhood essentially and what that means is you've just got white houses all over the place it's fits the area but it doesn't fit a baseball backdrop all that well so this sort of thing you wouldn't normally see you try to keep stuff out of the batter's eye wherever you can but you've got a big white house in straightaway center and then you've got another big white house in the right-center field power alley that might be a little distracting for these hitters today and it's these lefties will have it tough enough against left-handed pitching two balls one strike the count on Buderus after taking that one low and also where you are right on the canal if you thought yesterday was bad as far as being able to get big hits should be all the tough for today as you'll have the wind coming off the water the stormy are in the later this thing gets as soon as a ground ball diving stop made it shortstop but no play ball in and out of the glove of Weiland as he got back up should just be an infield single there is no hit column on the scoreboard here so that's an interesting twist for you so I'll be guessing along with you at scoring decisions throughout the day apparently so Boutrous is aboard one on with one out and now David Murphy the batter I didn't know you could buy a scoreboard that had only a run column at the end of the line score no hits no errors such as life now here's Murphy with a man on in one out Boutrous gets his lead for first pitch curveball misses outside and one ball no strikes the count Chris Fowler last year's regional Most Valuable Player waiting on deck one Oh another breaking ball misses away you're starting to hear some noise out of that UMass Boston dugout as they are over on the third base side today as the home team as we go up the first base side of course your visitor they're wearing their yellow tops and their gray pants UMass Boston wearing their black tops and white pants - oh look like back to the fastball there but missed away and this is what UMass Boston didn't get in yesterday's 2 to 1 win they didn't get that big chance early with multiple runners on base they're a ball away from having first in second in one out 3o pitch from Nolan he gets in for the get me over courtesy strike makes it three and one again Fowler on deck and then McCormick in the hole Murphy set they'll look back and check on budros budros had a lead of about a step and a half not a particularly close play over at first as he's back and easy nolan looks he delivers and the pitch is batted foul out of play to the right side got the football stadium multipurpose football stadium at the Clean Harbors Center located behind us and this really is quite the coup the mass maritime baseball program should be an excellent tool for them in recruiting they say do you have a proud baseball history here they can't be difficult not an easy school to get into not every kid wants to come here but an attractive baseball stadium to go along with what's been a very proud and very successful baseball program over the years payoff pitch on the outside half of the plate batted looks to be playable in foul territory and just a swift on it by Hylas over at first base will set the rest of the defense for E and of course that's one of the byproducts of having to play on three different fields three different days you just don't get any kind of a feel for what you've got to work with in foul territory but we'll hold that thought for a minute pilots at first Nicholson at second Whalen at shortstop eNOS at third Holton in left field Barnes in center del Akari and right Olson behind the plate and of course Nolan on the mound the foul territory the fencing does jut out into play a little bit because there's bleacher seating down that way in right field a little bit like Fenway Park kind of how the fencing hugs the warning track it doesn't get any thicker or wider there's another payoff pitch and it misses up high so eventually Nolan does lose Murphy and we've got runners at first and second with just one out what a contrast this would be for the beacons after being stymied offensive ly for so much of the day yesterday they couldn't get on the board until the 5th if they could jump right out and get themselves a lead they could play with I mean this tournament could really start to stack and UMass Boston's favor very quickly if they could get themselves a first inning lead in game 11 remember as the home team this time that was a mountain they had to scale last night as the visitor very difficult for the visiting team to win an extra inning game and that's exactly what the beacons were able to do yesterday so here's Chris Fowler and Fowler who looked a little low but he'll take the call strike one I just have to keep in mind that I'm in no literally no position to judge the strike zone here today several steps to Fowler's right and back and that ground level no one working out a stretch looks in for his sign he kicks you fires that one does miss lowdown on the dirt or what will agree to kalter it anyway all pellets down there one ball one strike the count no distance markers on the windscreen around the fence in the outfield however looks to be an especially short porch to left field got into one on a nice day which today is not you might be able to put one in the drink 1-1 pitch popped up to shallow right field coming in is del Akari he'll make the call he makes the catch and there's two down so Fowler retired and that's always a victory in and of itself for opposing pitching anytime they can make that happen and I'll leave it up to Ryan McCormick if the beacons are to score here in the first inning McCormick stepping up as the catcher today batting in the fifth spot in the order tough day for McCormick yesterday as it was for most of the beacon hitters went over four in the ballgame UMass Boston coming from behind to win 2 to 1 in 10 innings and get into this all-important game 11 Nolan looking to work his way out of a first inning Jam another left on left matchup and the first pitch bounces down the dirt blocked there by Olson for ball one Nolan kicks comes to the plate right on the inside corner there and called a strike now even at 1 in one if McCormick could extend the inning Nick Herzog would bat next as we go also the yellow and green paneled caps to go along with the jerseys ground ball right at the second baseman a routine play for Nicholson he's up with it and throws on to first for the out that retires the side so the beacons threaten in the first but they do not score no runs in the inning on one hit no errors in to left board at the end of one full inning of play your score as we go nothing UMass Boston nothing you're watching a 2018 New England regional on beacons athletics calm top of the second inning here at Handy field at mass maritime no score between UMass Boston and Oswego State back-to-back strikeouts ended the first inning by Rogers and gets his first pitch of the second inning in for a called strike one to centerfielder John Barnes it'll be Barnes miles Kutcher and Elie Holton four five and six do in the other eco lineup as that one bounces down ball one half the tournament field gone at this point through the first ten games we've had four eliminations over the last two days two teams remain and this is the final winners bracket game is that pitch misses low so although it's possible that not every remaining game will eliminate somebody as you could need the dreaded if game at the end just popped up every remaining game after this one will involve at least one team that has one loss and therefore must win as that is caught in right field by Pinellas and there is one out in the second inning Myles Kutcher now the batter designated hitter today for AHS we go he'll step in from the right-hand side certainly looks the part of the designated hitter as he steps in with a big Popeye arms and looks like a pad of some kind around his left knee front nice and not afraid to crowd out over the plate as well he'll await the o1 turns on it but hits a ground ball to shortstop playable there for huger he's up with it and gets the throw across in time two up two down in the second inning for the Lakers and I'll leave it up to Eli Holton also stepping in on the right side getting the start in left field today for AHS we go Rogers delivers and goes right down the middle with a called strike one that's something that as you separate the wheat from the chaff here in the national tournament something you'll see more and more often is starting pitching pounding the strike zones getting ahead oh and one ground ball weakly hit somebody's got a cover first base tough play backhand for Fowler and it goes in the woods stays in play as it stays away from the dugout that one might just be a hit all the way as he couldn't rolled it out there any better he had the pitcher of the first baseman the second baseman all scampering for it really not much of a chance of a play would have taken a tremendous effort and there's no hit or error column on this Fugazi scoreboard either so we're gonna go with a two-out infield single I believe and that brings Kevin Hylas to the plate so high-low steps in from the right side with holding the board at first and two-way strike on the inside corner eyeless looking to keep the line moving Lucas Olson the eighth hitter next in the lineup and the karat out there in front of Rodgers now is if you can bear down and get Hylas you can start next inning with the 8 & 9 hitter still in front of you go check over at first base on Holton he'd hardly gone anywhere and walks back in safely Rogers now back to the wine runner goes fastball good pitch to throw on but it's a little late clean steal a second base throw goes into centerfield but well backed up by four she knows to know where to go no balls two strikes the count but Holton up into scoring position where theoretically a single could score him another thing to keep in mind on these turf fields is the ball gets out to the outfield a lot faster on a ground ball than it does on dirt and grass so a hit to the outfield is not necessarily a guarantee to score a run from second base the way that it would be with two out at a place like White House field yesterday should file that away miss Rogers gets ready with a no 2 for Hylas Cormack putting down the signs they'll set up on the inner half he deals down on the dirt good discipline by Hylas to hold back now 1 & 2 catcher's get a workout on this surface as well ball jumps right back up at you real quick one ball two strikes the count curveball grounded foul so we'll get at least one more so we go when one two three in the first inning Rogers retired the first five he faced before that Holton single you just saw one two mene mene hook should get the strike call just for the motion not sure where it landed but a great looking pitch didn't get it two balls two strikes now the counts some serious bite on that one from Rogers we'll see if he comes back to it here in a 2-2 count because I can tell you Alice isn't going to hit that pitch and it's gonna be hard for anybody else to do it either Rogers kicks come back to the fastball got him froze him on the inside corner I think Hollis was looking for that curve again didn't get it and the straight ball takes the bat out of his hands so back-to-back inning ending strikeouts for Rogers and as we go leaves the runner in scoring position no runs on a hit no errors and one left aboard at the end of one and a half we're still scoreless you're watching game 11 of the 2018 New England regional here on Beacons athletics calm welcome back to buzzards bay as we head to the bottom of the secondary weather today as I say around here not too much pretty good 56 degrees at first pitch 80% chance of precipitation 92 percent humidity a dew point of 54 and a visibility of just six miles from not great baseball weather here today but with the lights and the turf we're trying to get some games in here today two for two so far trying to play four by the end of the night so next one misses low and outside to Nick Herzog one ball one strike now the count on him will be followed by wanderson pinellas and then Safra Shino six seven and eight in the UMass Boston lineup as Nolan goes back to work he kicks Till's fastball fouled out of play the other way one ball two strikes and kind of have that same central tension to this game that you did yesterday's and that's you know when you start to thin out the herd like this and you've got only good teams remaining you're talking about teams that pitch it well play good defense mix in bad weather and you just wonder where are the hits gonna come from in a game like this and that was the question that UMass Boston ended up answering by having Eddie Riley go the other way with one and pop it over the head of a drawn in right fielder that was the formula for getting them to get the one extra base hit they needed to win that game yesterday might be talking about something similar here today is that one misses away full count on Herzog and of course leadoff walks grease the skids for offenses all the time this would be no exception if Herzog could find his way there here's the payoff pitch foul tipped back at us and that account will remain three balls two strikes Nolan going back to the wine here's the three - a little bit of a change up there popped up and fouled a lot of play hit a good distance but well foul down the right-field Lane not a lot of foul territory here's they've kind of had to wedge the field into just a little bit of space they have in between not only a couple of streets but of course you got the drink out beyond the left-field fence and on the Cape Cod Canal and Busters Bay itself now behind us from the bay you're on the left field fence payoff pitch popped up foul out of play this any time you play on this spot it raises the big philosophical question are you on Cape Cod right now or not the argument for know is you're on the wrong side of the Cape Cod Canal the argument for yes is the town of Bourn is on Cape Cod and they cut the canal into the middle of it once upon a time as that pitches into knickers on for a call strike three he goes down looking and there's one gone in the second inning that'll bring wanderson Pinellas to the plate analysis we saw as a defensive replacement yesterday came in and played right field toward the end of the game came in in the ninth and as the visitor he actually did not have any of bats in that game takes it fastball just a hair inside now one ball and no strikes the count one Oh popped up into shallow right playable out there for Dell Akari who figures to be busy today and he's able to glove that for the second out of the inning it's two-way now force Alfre Shino Sal was oh for 3 with an RBI yesterday was his groundout that drove in the tying run of the game back in the fifth inning is UMass Boston looked to have a big inning in the works there yesterday they got second and third nobody out ended up scoring just that one run but proved to be enough as they got the extra in extra innings is that first one in for a called strike if Roisin o could reach here the beacons could get through the bottom of their order in the second which would give them an advantage charlie huger waiting on deck oh one fastball missing a little low evens accounted a ball and a strike if you tuned into that game yesterday you heard the expertise of Sean man Frieda the associate head coach at UMass Dartmouth left on the outside looking in the third time in four years despite a 25 win regular season ground ball fair over the first base bag now that'll be an interesting one to score as it goes under the first baseman's mitt and into right field now the ball was gonna be fair no matter what Kyle has tried to play it behind the bag I think the ball might have caught a piece of the bag on the way over it was still very playable there it would have been a footrace to the bag to go over and get it so again absent the hit column on the scoreboard and the error column on the school board your guess as good as mine on how they'll score that but anyway you're up to second base now Afra she knows it's gotta be an error one way or the other because for she no definitely wouldn't have gotten to second base so for that much you've gotten a fielding error on the first baseman Hylas and it's just a question of whether he gets a single first or if that's just a straight to base error so hugene out of the batter has a fastball in there at the knee for a called strike one no balls and one strike the count no I'm looking to go back to work here try to pitch around the two-out opportunity misses inside there and evens the count at one and one [Music] Nolan looks kicks and fires ground ball down to second base should be routine for Nicholson he's got it on to first for the out there retires the side so they work around the error but the inning comes to an end immediately thereafter no runs on the inning we believe one hit we'll have to check on that certainly one error and one left on base and at the end of two full innings of play we're still scoreless you watching the 2018 New England regional on Beacons athletics calm Lucas Olson the eight hitter will lead things off for Oswego be followed by Zach Whelan and then Ryan eNOS eight nine and one in Laker Linna against Joey Rogers who is dealing to this point through two innings he's kept on as we go scoreless as the first pitch is in there for a called strike one Owen one here on Olson and just to tidy up the score book for Shino did get credit for an infield single on that ball last inning that's probably the right way to go with it and really no reason not to give him a hit given the fact that no runs scored in the inning it doesn't impact anybody zra might as well throw it to them and they do so hitting an error on that plane for Shino one for one it's that one again with some mean bite on it missed inside but that is a promising pitch and one that's definitely got to put you know some doubt in the heads of these Oswego hitters that you know he can break off that curveball at a moment's notice we've seen him do it to each of the last two batters two one comes back to the number one push foul wide a third base again this is the all-important game number 11 winner of this one becomes the first team to qualify for the 2018 championship round and if you get there through the winner's bracket you only have to win once in order to become champion of the New England regional 2-2 pitch is popped up on the infield might be playable coming my way it won't hit me I have covering over my head don't you worry and lands a few feet behind me sounded like it hit the tar and there's a souvenir out there for somebody to and to remains account Rogers back up to the bump he steps in delivers fastball inside corner see you later nothing you can do about that he is hammering the inside corner to right-handed hitters right now and Olson becomes the latest one to find out about it four strikeouts for Rogers to this point three of them had been looking so now Zack Whalen to the fleet out of the nine slot the shortstop for the Lakers first pitch to him is that same thing fastball inside corner and that looks like it's going to be Rogers bread-and-butter as he finishes up this first trip through the Laker lineup oh one there's the curveball again hung up there on him a little bit this time so said big motion on that curve but he's yet to throw it for a strike over three in that respect it's one one curveball again that time he gets the call fell into the strike zone at the very end looked to be a little high coming through but put it in the sweet spot again right there on the black of the inside part of the plate and it's a one-two count now on Weiland see if he comes back to that inside fastball no they set up away they'll throw inside though might have missed the target there but they went in got the swing and miss changed the eye level on Whalen got him climbing the ladder again no contact three straight strikeouts now for Rogers he's got five on the day and now the Lakers will get their second trip through the lineup and hoping to make some adjustments on Rogers with another look at Ryan eNOS is over one popped out to second base to lead off the ballgame first pitch to him again fastball on the inside part of the fleet no reason to get away from that until the Oswego hitters prove they can put it in play would shave yet to do so here comes the oh one curveball that time down low one ball one strike the count 1 1 pitch curveball and a good one missed a little bit outside but just some very very good looking motion can tell that's gonna be a plus pitch for Rogers here today as he tries to push through the early innings in a hurry to one fastball lined into left field and that's exactly what I'm talking about you can throw that inside fastball over and over again so long as they're not hitting it four hits but that's what eNOS just did right there second hit of the ballgame for the Lakers and they've got a man on with two outs for the second time in as many innings now here's Brandon Nicholson Nicholson digs in from the right side over one went down looking back in the first inning second straight inning with a two-out opportunity throw back over to check on eNOS he walks back in safely last inning of course Oswego did steal a bag in a similar situation with two out although they waited until a little later in the count throw back over again and makes all the sense in the world you know in these conditions against pitching this good and defense is this good wrong to expect extra base hits in any given situation so if you get two out you might as well try the steal and see if he can score a guy from second on a single breaking ball block there by McCormick does a good job of staying on top of it eNOS thought about it and he almost went one step too far away they might have had a play back at first one ball no strikes as eNOS gets himself a good sized lead from first one of the bigger ones we've seen so far today against the lefty pitcher and no surprise they'll throw back over to check on him again Mitchell and Western New England both dismissed from the tournament and losses in games 9 and 10 respectively so down to four remaining as we begin game 11 is that one blocked down on the dirt two balls no strikes on Nicholson if Nicholson can keep it going Mike Dell akari bats next he's over 1 with a strike young as are the majority of hitters in this we go lineup this five of the nine fanned against Rogers their first time up Rogers kicks runner does not go the 2o left hanging and it's hit foul well hit but well foul well out in front of it there was Nicholas you know look to see if he can straighten out his retired numbers awfully tantalizing down on that left-field fence they look awfully close particularly from the home plate perspective and your right handed hitter with a little pop that's where you're gonna want to go with one today you can tuck one in right by that jersey number one by the left field foul pole could make all the difference in the world in the game like this throw over again eNOS is back in safely again throw over again and again inna sustained closed a lot of time so the team does that it's not just to keep a runner close they're also hoping they can wear him out a little bit have them land on his stomach a couple of times having to get up dust himself off it makes you steps lowered a second it can make all the difference in whether you're safe were out on a stolen base attempts two one curveball misses high so hitters count now for Nicholson and we'll see if Rodgers bites and comes back to a fastball or if he tries to stay off speed in the hitters count with Delic re the three hitter on deck no empty base year of course 3-1 pitch goes back to the curveball put it in a good spot did he get the call ball for first walk issued today by Rogers Amos advances to second Nicholson aboard at first in a runner in scoring position for the second time at his many innings here for the Lakers his della Kari steps up della kario for one struck out swinging to end the first inning trying to avoid a similar feat here in the third with a couple of men on last time he was at bat it was with the bases empty good time for a lefty on lefty matchup if you UMass Boston Rogers gonna try to take advantage of that here first pitch is that big curve misses hop got movement on that curve but you're not getting strike calls on it which means these as we go hitters aren't gonna swing at it so in a situation like this with a couple of base runners on and two out would seem to me that you've got to bear down and throw fast balls to get yourself out of this thing one Oh back to the curb shows you what I know easy ground ball down to second base throwing on to first by Murphy and one pitch later Rogers makes a liar out of me and brings the third inning to an end no runs in the inning on a hit no errors and two left aboard at the end of two and a half innings of play we're still scoreless you're watching the 2018 New England regional here on Beacons athletics calm beacons get back up to the top of their order in just the third inning and they'll send that top third to the plate together for a second time against Brian Nolan who's been able to keep the beacons off the board at least through these first two innings although the beacons have had opportunities there's a one pitch out beacons get into some trouble with this yesterday giveaway outs like that make a game get away from you fast and any Riley is very quickly back in the dugout on the one to three foot out and when you're a guy like Rogers who's had a little trouble with runners in scoring position the last couple of innings something like that can really help you catch a second wind and get some rhythm going in the game so he gets Riley back in the dugout and now deals with Kyle Buderus budros has one of the two UMass Boston hits a single back in the first inning and that fastball hits the outside corner for a call strike 1 lefty on lefty matchup here after Boutrous it'll be Dave Murphy and then the very dangerous Chris Fowler if they could get a base runner aboard oh one pitch misses down low evens the count at one ball one strike Nolan Kicks he delivers one-one hit on the ground at the first baseman remember he got eaten up by one last thing he has some tumble on the transfer there but getting over there in a hurry was Nolan he makes the reception and they get the put out not pretty but it all looks the same in the score book three to one for the second out of the third inning two up two down for David Murphy Murphy worked a walk back in the first inning and really that's what you want to avoid now if you're Nolan because you want to get this out not just for having a 1-2-3 inning for its own sake but you want to make foul or half the bat with the bases empty next inning as opposed to with a runner on here in this one really limits the damage he can do to you especially on a day like today is the first pitch misses low and outside ball one and these games being played today at Hendy Field on the campus of Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay just on the other side of the Bourne Bridge in fact in the shadows of the railroad bridge which is off to our right this one's popped up into valley shallow right second baseman having some trouble drops the ball tough on the foggy day more clouds than fog at the moment the lights on but that's the catch you gotta make particularly with Fowler up next it's that one in all likelihood will be an error on Nicholson and that brings Fowler to the plate with two away Chris Fowler we told you earlier was the Most Valuable Player of the 2017 regional he's a local graduate of Barnstable high school and a guy who has come up with clutch hit after clutch hit over the course of his career with the beacons first pitch misses away one ball no strikes Ryan McCormick the catcher waits on deck if Fowler can keep this going [Music] 1o pitch good backdoor breaking ball gets in on the inside corner and if you're going to attack Fowler that's a very good way to do it use that lefty on lefty situation to your advantage keep it in under his hands like he did there Murphy gets his lead from first they'll go check on him Murphy staying put this is a situation where if you didn't have two out you might think about a hit and run or something of that nature but with two out rather let Fowler see if he can give you that elusive extra-base hit one one another killer back to her breaking ball Fowler disagreed so much she that actually fell out of his hands as he was given the umpire of stare and looked to be a little low now one ball two strike count Nolan one strike away from working around a base runner for the third time in as many innings gets it right over there Fowler wasn't gonna get any call after being the last one and he heads back having not made contact big outs there for Nolan and we're through three no runs in the inning on what are we saying lineup in the stats there we'll see if they can tell us they've given neither a hit nor an error on that place show again your guest this code is mine maybe a hit maybe not these are some wild times were living in one run left on Basin at the end of three full we're scoreless you're watching the 2018 New England regional on Beacons athletics calm john barnes going to lead things off in the fourth inning for the lakers he'll be followed by miles Kutcher and Elie Holton for five and six in their lineup Rodgers goes back to work and foots one right on target on the outside corner for strike one get the feeling this is going to be another nail-biter much like UMass Boston had yesterday oh one hook misses a little oh so much more at stake today than even yesterday because you get this win you need just the one more loser of this game would have to go out and win three other games including beating this opponent twice to come back from the losers bracket this one's popped up foul out of play behind me over toward the football stadium took a nice high pop up over the head of a fan there you got to make that play 1 and 2 on Barnes Roger steps off one two hit on the ground and that hole between first and second Fowler backs off goes and covers first and that's a good decision as Murphy was able to get over to it and makes the throw onto first base for the first out of the inning those of you who are Red Sox fans in the audience will remember how many times during Kevin Millar's tenure with the Red Sox for he'd make the wrong decision there he'd go and stab a ball playing first base and then there'd be nobody left to go cover first or if we just let it go second baseman could have gotten it over to him while Fowler makes the better decision there and he keep the leadoff man off base and something UMass Boston's been very good at UMass Boston has not allowed a leadoff hitter to reach since the second inning of yesterday's games against Ramapo is the bottom fell out of that curveball and Kutcher does swinging missed that time so you think about it you had a 10th inning in that game yesterday so that's a streak now of 12 straight innings where Beacon pitching is not allowed the leadoff man to reach base you win a lot of baseball games that way Kutcher goes fishing for that curveball again this is again and so he may see a steady diet of that for the rest of the day it's also possible he might not see anything else and this at-bat if he keeps swinging Oh for one grounded out to shortstop his first time up Rogers back to work switches to the fastball a bit of a risky one there fouled out of play to the right side which looks like the type of a guy who loves himself some fast balls no two-count no need to throw them we'll see if Rogers tries to take him off balance again here they set up inside I'll go back to the hook ground ball weakly hit the second base Murphy and even easier play this time a little longer to go with the throw but he gets it over to Fowler again two up two down for us we go State in the fourth now to leave it up to Eli Holton Bolton had the first of Oswego State's two hits today a single back in the second inning he stole second base but something we've seen happen a bunch in this tournament that that stolen base doesn't come until there's two strikes and two outs in the inning so not much left to be done when you get to that point indeed he got stranded there after a strikeout on the next pitch is the first one misses down low for ball one if Holton can keep it going Kevin Hylas the first baseman would bat next then calling for a new baseball here is Rogers is a little bit better with the turf than with the wet grass but these baseball still can get soggy good idea to swap them out every so often one o pitch good sinker there swung on and missed is Rogers really established his fastball his first trip through the order to these hitters and now they're seeing him for a second time he's adding in some new wrinkles with some breaking stuff and of course that curveball that's really preventing them from getting comfortable in the batter's box one one snaps off that curve but misses high so two balls one strike two one fastball rides inside now three and one Rogers wines in delivers fast ball pretty well locating that's been a strike most of the day wasn't that time and so Holton works the two-out walks he's wondering what everybody else's struggles are he's been aboard both times he's had the chance against Rogers he stands at first with two down so here's Hylas we told you earlier struck out looking to end the second inning and did so right after Holton went down and stole second base of course Holton did that last time you wonder if he might try it again here still in a scoreless game into the top of the fourth first pitch fastball this is a little bit inside I was looking to extend the inning for Lucas Olson who's on deck 7 8 and 9 in the lineup all struck out against Rogers Hylas in the second inning and then Olson and Whalen to start off the 3rd throw over to check on Holton he walks back in didn't deter him last time of course 1l again they'll throw over to Fowler Holton staying home at least for now lights are on here at Handy field as they have been since the first pitch 1 oh curve beautifully placed right over the middle and in for a strike I was looking for something he can drive and Rodgers keeping him guessing as to when that might come usually get about 1 pitch to hit per it foul see if this might be it I'll throw back over to first McCormick looked like he was shading a little bit inside with this setup but we've seen them show that not do it a couple of times so far today it got him picked off throw down to first Fowler's gotta make the throw to shortstop and he does in plenty of time said Holton caught stealing one two three to six and that will give the added benefit of making the bottom third of the order who's over three with three strikeouts that together next inning good defense there by UMass Boston to get out of the fourth no runs in the inning on no hits no errors in none left at the end of three and a half innings of play we're still scoreless you're watching the 2018 New England regional on Beacons athletics calm bottom of the fourth here from Hindi field and UMass Boston coming back to the plate Ryan McCormick to be followed by a Nick Herzog and wanderson panelist as the beacons try to find all those scarce runs they've been looking for over these last couple of days beacons have scored just two runs in their last 13 innings at the plate between yesterday's game and today after putting a big hurting on Penn State Berks the first time out course that fun ends real quick once you get a couple of teams out of the tournament a lot of high scores on day one not so much since your one is in for a called strike - OH - fell away popped up might be playable we'll stay in the field of play and caught over there by eNOS so a giveaway out for the second time in as many innings by UMass Boston to start things off and you know not to say that as we goes an underdog it's hard to call anybody an underdog once you're to a no in national tournament play but you know UMass Boston certainly a favorite in this tournament and you know really this this game therefore by association if you start off two straight innings with easy outs that you don't have to work for that really helps the team that you think of as an underdog hang around in a game and that's what else we go State's doing right now scoreless into the bottom of the fourth and if you're an underdog and you can shorten the game up which is what they're looking to do here you take a bite out of this game you take 4/9 of it away you get a much better chance of winning a five inning game than a nine inning game against the team as good as UMass Boston's been and that's exactly what the Lakers are looking to do here it's hers I pushed that one foul now one two on him what an effort you're getting right now out of Brian Nolan he struggled in that first inning had two on with just one out but since then has been very very good he misses the outside corner they're wasting a pitch perhaps in the o2 situation Deacon's looking to keep it rolling as you saw on the graphic earlier winners of 25 out of their last 28 back door breaking ball there didn't catch the outside corner Nolan was looking for it didn't get it 2-2 pitch driven to left-center field will hang up there stays up there and caught the center by Barnes for the second out of the inning wondersin Pinellas now the batter he's over one blue out to right field his first time on popped up and out of play they did score an error on that Murphy play back in the third innings there were no hits and one error in that inning just to clarify that and in the prior inning as we they actually did not score an error on that play so I guess they gave him a straight double which is just preposterous but no go with it I suppose or maybe we want this this one's grounded foul and now a no ball two strike count on Piniella foul-tip getting just a piece of it down low as panelists they're arguing it it was I could hear it in my ear through the headset they're arguing from the Oswego dugout and they've hit the music upstairs like the innings over the innings not over it's a foul ball by Pinellas I could hear it and say he'll remain up there in the o2 count Nolan got to see if he can go get him again goes back to that slow wind-up o2 fastball right on the money in sometimes the home plate umpire and get a little agitated if you come out and make him look bad which the Oswego dugout did a little bit on that prior pitch and wonder you know if you didn't argue might you've gotten that strike call I don't know but it's now one to count wanted human element one two pitch curveball grounded down to second base slow roller Nicholson up with it has to hurry that throwing he's safe Wow Pinellas gets out of the box fast we knew he could move I'm not sure we knew he could move like that as he legs out an infield single Ichiro style out of what should have been a routine groundout so there you go it shows you what difference those two calls make the tick on the foul tip which it absolutely was that was the correct call and then that ball call on the following pitch which again I don't have the best perspective on the strike zone but it certainly looked from my vantage point like a strike course much of the plate covered by pellets right now hard to tell first pitch misses upstairs a fastball to south for Shino and so again that same opportunity out in front of UMass Boston now or even if you don't score if Rachelle can get on base again you can get through the bottom of the order now and get the top of the line up to bat again in the fifth they took advantage of a similar opportunity in the second they've got the runner picked off now one two three Pinellas is fast though a throw down to second this time is in time and so he's caught one two three to six and we've seen both teams run into the ends of innings that way so UMass Boston giving away Alex left right and center and that's why we're still scoreless they've got to get that fixed quick before they end up taking a loss here in game 11 no runs in the inning on a hit no errors none left aboard at the end of four full innings of play we're still scoreless you watching the 2018 New England regional on beacons athletics calm welcome back to handy field as we push to the fifth inning another low-scoring affair for UMass Boston on tournament day three may the bottom third of the Oswego lineup stepping up to face Rogers and it's a similar problem that both offenses have now running in two outs at the bottom of their lineups in the last two half innings now they're stuck sending those low place hitters to the plate now in the fifth inning it's the first pitch to Hylas misses low Hylas was at the plate when last inning ended with a 1-1 count when Holton got picked off at first he goes back up there with a fresh count to lead off the fifth 1o pitch hit on the ground shouldn't a swung at that pitch he might leg it out though tough play from second throw is there in time for the out that ball almost hit the dirt and now it was a Vladimir Guerrero tech the swing there and Kevin Hollis is not Vladimir Guerrero so he grounds out four to three and there's one away in the fifth inning Lukas Olson now the batter Olson is over one struck out looking to lead off the third inning so UMass Boston picks up a giveaway out there where they've been the ones blowing the kisses these last two innings first pitch bounces in the dirt for ball one Olson over one struck out looking his first time up that was the lead off the third inning strikeouts have disappeared for Rogers he struck down five the first trip through the order and he is not struck out anyone since facing Whalen who's on deck back in the 3rd inning 100 fastball gets a generous inside corner there and he even sit at one one ground ball outs have been big for Rogers this second trip through is he's gotten four different ground balls to second base since the end of the third inning is that one misses high that's the only way he's recorded outs since the end of the third inning with the exception of that pickoff so Murphy's been busy too one hit on the ground foul wide a third base nice one-handed stab the third base coach's box two balls two strikes the count as we go coached by head coach Scott Landers and assisted by Tyler Baker Kyle Brown and Jason hind or Rogers to the wide is to to mean curve ball doesn't get the call got a home plate on fire just with no appreciation for style points on the curve balls as the best ones he's thrown have not gotten the strikes now the payoff pitch goes back to the fastball misses low with that so Olson out of the 8 slot in the line of works a one-out walk and sometimes if you throw a pitch that good and don't get a call you can get frustrated by that and it costs you on your next pitch seem to be what happened to Rogers right there so now you've got one on with one out and Zack Whalen at the plate Whalen struck out swinging back in the third inning we told you that's the last strikeout of the day at this point for Rogers we'll see if he can get back into that now with one on and one out after getting Oswego state 1 to 3 the Lakers have had a base runner in every inning since the second but they've not put any one to third base yet curveball big looping curve and just isn't happening today you might have to abandon that curve if you can never get a call to strike and 100 the count now on wailing it's half of pitching is making the adjustments figuring out how you can get outs on any given day these hitters try to adjust as well after having no success in their first trip to the plate Eli Holton the lone exception he had a base hit in the second inning just two hits so far for us we go state the other belonging to Ryan eNOS a two-out single back in the third 100 fastball misses low two balls no strikes and that strike zone starts to tighten up a little bit you got to find a way to get into it and get some strikes calm ROG you're struggling with that right now here in the top of the fifth and this is the kind of a game where one run might win it's you've got to be very careful certainly don't want to be handing out walks and certainly not multiple in the same inning as they'll check on Olson he's back into first Rogers kicks he fires fastball rides inside that time it's a 3o count on wailing got a figure one more ball on a mound visits gonna come one way or another whether it be from the catcher or the dugout these outs these base runners just too important in this high-stakes game 11 3 o pitch to show bunt pull back and take ball 4 it goes to the backstop it was ball 4 anyway so Olson advances to second and Whalen goes on to first bad job there by Rogers two guys that he handled the first trip through the order struck them both out this time he loses the eight and the nine hitter two walks and now has to deal with one of the only two guys that has a hit off of him today and has to do it in a situation where there's two aboard with only the one out now the silver lining here for Rogers is the ground ball has been very good to him these last couple of innings if he can get another ground ball the second basis could all be over in just one pitch so keep that in mind eNOS won 4-2 as the other time to the plate was all the way back in the first inning he popped out to second after eNOS would be Brandon Nicholson if you can keep it going so here's Ryan eNOS stepping in from the right-hand side against the left hand Joey Rogers most important at-bat of this game so far with two on one out best threat as we goes hat first pitch fastball down in the dirt not even close gets away wild pitch puts runners to second and third and the Lakers have a runner at third base for the first time all day there's wild pitches and then there's wild pitches a lot of times we've broadcasters call a pitch like that a 58 footer that didn't make it 58 feet maybe 55 or 56 really no chance at all for McCormick to block that ball behind the dish one ball no strikes and you wonder now might a squeeze be in order here for Oswego State like I said this is the kind of a day where one run might do it for you here's potentially that chance you can score without the benefit of a hit with that runner to third already with one out curveball blocked in the dirt and days getting awfully tough Ryan McCormick behind the fleet two balls no strikes the count and I remember you do half the open base back-to-back walks to Olson and then Weiland set this up the wild pitch put them over to second and third and now a well-placed fly ball could deliver on as we go state the first lead of the ball game in the top of the fifth inning they setup down again to O pitch is down very down and it's three and a seven straight balls now eight really going back to the Olsen walk thrown by by Rogers and these Laker hitters now I think you just have to hold back make and prove he can throw a strike the way he's scrabbling right now swings at the 3o and hits a fly ball to center field not deep we may have a play at the plate here runner tags he's gonna go the throw coming home is a lollipop and the run comes in to score so a calculated risk there by Ryan eNOS and it pays dig dividends as he hits the fly ball to center field not deep for Shino came up throwing but did not give a good throw and so Olson able to come in and score thanks to that wild bitch and the Lakers have got themselves a one-nothing lead as they truly manufacturer run here in the fifth inning I mean they've done nothing to earn putting that on the board but yet there it is a good situational baseball they took advantage of what UMass Boston was giving away Venus comes up with the RBI and also Whalen advances over to third so another wild pitch can maybe get a very important insurance run in as Brandon Nicholson comes to the plate one ball no strikes the counting you know yes you like the lead but was it worth giving up an out to get that run this early in the game when you consider you're facing a pitcher that's not throwing strikes you know that theoretically could have been ball four and you could be looking at bases loaded with one out instead of just the runner at third and two outs and food for thought there is McCormick has to block another one that misses low you know if they end up scoring just the one run this inning you may go back and look at this at the end similar to that great catch Herzog made and right yesterday and say you know UMass Boston really lucked out because that bad inning they had should have been so much worse instead they only gave up the one and Mack even the chance to come back that potential exists right now for UMass Boston if they can get a very important third out before another run scores on fire finally gives Rogers a strike call on that big looping curve boss really what got him into the struggles in the first place is he stopping off that curve snapping off that curve not getting strike calls and that really took him off his game fog starting to roll in on buzzers Bay now not affecting the field of play yet but it might soon as the fastball misses low and in three balls one strike the count ins fog something you worry about in Harwich where we were yesterday on the outer Cape a lot of times that can roll in in the evening hours and make it very difficult to play but you can actually feel the air getting thicker you can feel the moisture on your neck right now is that one this is low third free pass issued in the inning by Rogers and you have to wonder this is not an elimination game but it might as well be is such a big advantage to the team that wins this game that you just wonder how much longer UMass Boston can afford to ride Rogers here as he's walked the last three batters he's faced with the exception of the sacrifice fly in between where he'd run a reowww count their and eNOS swung at the three Oh only because he had that opportunity to hit a sacrifice fly which of course is exactly what he did so Olson at third Waylon at second Nicholson at first and Mike del Akari the batter del Akari Oh for two struck out swinging to end the first grounded out to second to end the third first pitch down on the dirt again not even close and that's the thing when you've got a picture that scuffling you know if their stuff is still good and they're just getting pinched on the strike zone or they're not locating it quite as well as they could that's one thing Rodgers has just been all over the map here in the fifth inning that's something that's got to be very disconcerting for Brendan eigem wrote and his coaching staff as they try to piece this game together through the middle innings one Oh again misses in the dirt the runner breaks for home what are you doing what are you doing and they call him save that second run gets in as Weiland dives in now they're throwing the ball all around you've got a runner off a second base and where is everybody a second ago you had the bases loaded now you've got a man at second did you get to in on that play what just happened here you had runners at 1st and 3rd is what it was Olson had come in to score earlier and I just hadn't colored that part of my book in yes that's that answers that question so the runner at third was Waylon he came in and scored which was a huge huge risk in the situation umpires gonna get together and make a ruling I'm not sure what about right now you've got Nicholson down at second base so in the meantime the safe call was made at home the throw had Weiland beat but he must have just evaded the tag as he looked like he was gonna be out by 2 or 3 feet which really would have given you mass Boston a huge break so Whalen comes in and scores that run on what's a wild pitch and that's you know whether he's safer out here getting really worried about Rodgers who's been nowhere near the plate the last several batters he's faced gun fires now calling Brendan Eich abroad over not proving you exactly what this discussion would be about get the runner down at second base right now as it stands at the moment Oswego State's got two runs on the board and they did absolutely nothing to deserve them just took a couple of walks swung for an RBI on a sacrifice fly and then a wild pitch and it's tough to see if your UMass Boston fan a team that's been so good and so solid on the fundamentals all year long really take on this deficit in a low-scoring game because of the self-inflicted wounds here walks the wild pitches putting them behind and you wonder you know - nothing doesn't sound like a lot but when you saw yesterday's game in two runs was enough to win that and you've seen the way you mass Boston has struggled at the plate since the beginning yesterday's game you start to wonder is there enough time left to come back in this game the other thing you have to wonder is this fog is getting bad fast I used to be able to see the houses on the other side of buzzards bay beyond the left-field fence I can't anymore and it's starting to creep up toward the scoreboard in left center field so it's just taking the scenery away so far but if it gets much worse it's going to start to impact gameplay and all kinds of crazy things can happen if you get into a fog delay I don't know what you would even do in a game you can't afford to suspend because remember there's another game tonight so a lot of different things could happen here in the time ahead of us the umpires appear to be done with their conference and this is the thing about these long umpire conferences is that they seldom if ever do anything they're not gonna change anything I don't believe here or are they they've got a runner walking back either toward first base no they're gonna say that the inning is over how do you figure that I'm not quite sure or are they is it a pitching change it's a pitching change should UMass Boston was coming off the field but it wasn't to end the inning the base runner was coming off the field but it wasn't than the inning is just cuz there's a break in the action so Rogers is done and Rogers really gave you no warning that he was in this kind of trouble he was very very good through four and then just crashed and burned here in the fifth through three different walks and then the killer wild pitch is set up the first run and ended up bringing the second one in as well see UMass Boston goes to its bullpen and we'll tell you about the new pitcher when we return in the meantime to nothing as we go state is your scores Mike Daugherty takes his warm-up tosses we'll be right back on Beacons athletics calm Mike dougherty steps up to the mound now for UMass Boston big guy measuring in at 6-foot 240 pounds of freshman out of Brewster mass and he steps up to the rubber in a pretty difficult position for his team right now two runs already in and another one down at second base at the moment two runs without the benefit of a hit this Inc for honest we go state has given them the lead and now mike del Akari at the plate with a two low count takes ball three outside pianist drove in the first run with that sacrifice fly to center field second run coming in on the wild pitch three and oh the count on della Corinne and the beacons just need to get out of this inning any way they can and try to assess what they've got left of course there's the home team still five at-bats not for is that one in four they get me over strike on three Oh Dilek re can reach John Barnes would bat next 3-1 fastball misses low fourth walk of the inning issued by UMass Boston pitching that walk gets charged to Rogers because he threw ball one and ball to sir Rogers finishes up throwing six walks in four and two thirds innings of work very difficult to overcome John Barnes the batter Barnes over to flew out to right field to lead off the second grounded out to second to lead off to four as the mist continues to thicken here at handy field first pitch curveball swung on a Miss strike one one just rolled off the table coach you're waiting on deck Barnes hoping to drive in a run or two here on lost we go state's got this great opportunity time called prior to the Oh one pitch Dougherty wasn't coming to the plate anyway I was looking back at the runner at second base Daugherty another Cape Codder out of brewster mass along with Fowler over at first base from Boston ball oh one fouled right side and out of play and so Daugherty hoping to apply the tourniquet here and get the beacons out of the top of the fifth - already taking his time and then steps off not friendly to the face of play of course we do have game 12 coming at you here tonight from Hendy field as well well we'll have one more elimination there will be three teams to start the day tomorrow runners go Oh - curveball in there for a called strike three and that finally brings about a rather belated end to the top of the fifth inning Oswego State comes up with two runs on no hits and I mean no hits benefitted from four walks and two wild pitches no errors and two left aboard we're halfway through regulation you're scoring out Lakers two Vicens nothing can they make it stand up we'll find out as we continue on Beacons athletics calm UMass Boston's second time in as many days on the comeback trail as they come to bat in the fifth inning they trailed one nothing in the fifth yesterday and tied it today they trailed to nothing south for shino will lead it off to be followed by charlie huger and eddie riley eight nine and one in the order is a low strike gets calm on the pitch by Brian Nolan Nolan getting an opportunity to pitch with the lead for the first time all day and he gets the added benefit of facing 8 and 9 and not just 9 because remember Pinellas getting picked off at first base to end lastin and ground ball down to shortstop slow roll are gonna be a tough play across the diamond in the throw is late safe over at first base is South Moschino so back-to-back infield singles for UMass Boston which sounds strange to say but of course pinellas got picked off to end last inning so nobody out with charlie huger at the plate we saw huger bunts in a similar spot yesterday but it was a one-run game it was with one out in the inning so it kind of tips the scale both ways would you bunt here potentially just 15 outs left in your game do you give one away when you're still down by two Yogi's apparent answer is yes although he pulls back on the bunt and takes ball one low they appeal and no swing says Jamie Williams over at first base so one ball and no strikes on Hugh Eddie Riley on deck and then if anybody can keep it going Kyle budros Fowler would be the sixth batter this inning if the beacons can get around to 1o pitch misses away two balls no strikes on huger and remember UMass Boston didn't get to be 36 and eight by accident they're very capable of making an opposing Fisher come apart in just the same way that as we go state just did do you mass Boston and the top half of this inning shows bunt 200 you pulled back and did just enough to deceive the home plate umpire there he's saying where's my strike call the ball hit me right in the mid and he's saying I get distracted by the offered bunt so I just called the ball and there you go so a benefit there for UMass Boston as they get him into a 3o count it probably shouldn't be didn't help any that Olson didn't hang onto the ball he got to do that as the catcher to get a call in a spot like bad but three a no now the count is it trying to get two on with nobody out Freddy Riley shows bunt again on the 3o pulls back and it doesn't work that time you get the Curtis and strike anyway now three and one she you know gets his lead from first 31 will wait as a throw back over to first to check on him for she no and safely UMass Boston is the home team in the scheme's it's gonna take quite a bit to beat him still have opportunities to come back they've got a leadoff runner here looking to try to get the eight and nine men on that was the recipe for success for us we go state last inning remember back-to-back walks to the 8 and 9 spot hitters here you had fresh Eno out of the 8th hole get an infield single this has been quite the case study in small ball for UMass Boston yesterday and today did just enough of it to win get the one extra base hit to put them over the top three one popped up to shallow right field remember the fog becoming an issue but not on the field of play just yet so del akari was able to look that all the way into the glove and make the catch missed opportunity for huger and UMass Boston there an unproductive elta at the bottom of the lineup that runner remains frozen at first base here's Eddie Riley Riley came through in a similar situation in the 10th inning yesterday with a man on it first delivered that RBI triple over the head of the drawn in right fielder you can bet the right fielder is not drawn in today word gets around fast and Del Akari staying back at standard depth out in right field of course in a place like this with short fences really no need to play in all that Shalem Riley o for 2 today struck out swinging in the 1st and grounded out back to the mound on the very first pitch his last time up to leadoff the 3rd Beacons really been in a funk ever since offensively just a couple of infield singles to speak of Riley trying to give them a good at-bat here with a man on and one out no one steps throws back over to first but Shino walks in safely 100 fastball called a strike inches low call the strike one ball and one strike now to count on Riley that's the thing about falling behind when a game is tied or when you're in the lead it's easy to shrug something like that off you're behind you need a lot of things to go your way and that one didn't one one backdoor breaking ball called a strike on the outside corner and that has proved to be a very potent weapon for Nolan able to back pitches up on the outside corner like that he's gotten him strikes in pivotal counts many times this afternoon see you need us here with the one to throw back over to check on for Sheena one to hit on the ground foul wide a third so one two remains the count here on Riley one two fastball misses away good eye there by Riley as he keeps himself alive Beacons trying to mount to rally they've only had two runners in the same inning once it was all the way back in the first and budros had a one-out single and then Murphy whomped deacons have not had multiple hits in the same inning at all today four hits all singles one apiece in every inning but the third that pitch misses low throw down to second is late steal of second base by freshy no puts him into scoring position in now full count on Eddie Riley second stolen base of the ballgame the first on UMass Boston son now potentially a single could cut the deficit in half if Riley could sock one through either home [Music] no one ready with his payoff pitch to Riley fastball misses low and in for ball four so now it's UMass Boston with two on and one out they've got the opportunity and Chris Fowler starting to loom in that UMass Boston dugout he's now in the hole he got Buderus at the plate Murphy on deck and Fowler in the hole with one away in the fifth inning Boutrous is one for two he singled in the first and he grounded out to first back in the third inning first pitch this is downstairs two ball one no one looking is 100 pitch bounces down on the dirt from ball to [Laughter] time called now mound visit a pretty key situation here hitters count for budros with the tying runs on base for Shino at second after an infield single in a stolen base Riley worked a one-out walk he finds himself at first beacons down to nothing after Oz we go state scored two runs without a hit thanks to four walks in the top half of the frame is this game add quite the rhythm to it until the beginning of the fifth that's grinded to a halt here in inning number five in the winner of the game jumps the pile into championship game 14 where if you win that one if you win this one and you win that when it's all over if you lose this one then you've got to come back tomorrow you've got a win game thirteen and game 14 to force the dreaded if game 15 which should be played on Monday [Music] reason for that being by NCAA rule a team cannot be made to play three times in the same day she won't misses down low now three balls no strikes good time for a take sign here if your budros no runner at third base like you saw last inning with a sacrifice fly three o pitch and that's in for the courtesy strike so what does budros get here does he get a fastball to drive or does Nolan try another one of those backup breaking balls to try to get himself a key second strike important situation here in the bottom of the fifth momentum hanging in the balance runners go 3-1 gets in it hits him or the bat which is it hits the batter and so it'll be bases loaded or yes on fire I was gesturing toward him in such a way that he might have called a foul ball but that's not the case Boutrous hit by the pitch would have been ball four anyway of course so the base is now loaded Riley up to second Roisin Oh over to third Murphy to the plate Murphy is over one reached on an error last inning worked a walk back in the first the batting in the biggest spot in this game so far for UMass Boston down by a pair into the first pitch he sees and hits it into left field for a base hit one runs in they're going to send that second one he will come in and score and you've got a new ballgame just like that on a 2 RBI single off the bat of David Murphy so UMass Boston does the exact opposite of panic and they come right back and get the game even right up almost immediately with just one out along the way for Ishino in to score from third Riley in from second Boutrous stopped at second so now first and second with one away for the ever dangerous Chris Fowler second hit of the inning for UMass Boston in the first to the outfield so neither team exactly bashing it around the ballpark to score their runs but both will take it so Chris Fowler the batter Fowler over to flew out to right field in the first inning struck out looking to end the 3rd first pitch misses downstairs for ball one [Music] team is beginning to arrive for a game 12 as Ramapo will play in an elimination game tonight of course they fell to UMass Boston yesterday that is why they were spectating this one and not playing as the 100 pitch hits the outside corner now one ball one strike now can you mass Boston fully leverage this opportunity and not only answer the deficit but flip it over into what would be their first lead of the day one ball one strike the count Nolan fires that one driven off the first baseman's glove stays on the infield so they'll have to play it station-to-station but the hot smash by Fowler not played by Hylas into an out and so now you've got the bases loaded another infield single by UMass Boston three of their last four hits have been infield singles and they've got the bases loaded with just one out Fowler was right on top of that one hit it right on the screws on one hop good diving effort by Hylas but he's shown you today not his strong suit the defensive side of things over at first base and so now the bases loaded with just one out for Ryan McCormick McCormick o4 to grounded out to second to end the first and then had that foul out that really put UMass Boston's fourth inning in trouble immediately he's out after the first pitch he drives it into right field for a base hit UMass Boston has its first lead very strong throw prevents a second run from scoring but Ryan McCormick pounds that one out for a hit and the beacons have their first lead in to score Boutrous over to third Murphy up to second Fowler and as now be concealed Akers too that brings Nick Herzog to the plate already the 8th batter of the inning for UMass Boston after all that futzing around with all the walks both ways and the sacrifice fly in the infield singles two very hard-hit balls on consecutive pitches put UMass Boston into the lead for the first time today and now the chants that are truly beginning as you've still got the bases loaded and now you've got the lead first pitch Herzog was thinking the same thing but it was a change of well time changeup by Nolan and Owen one on Herzog Rizzo for two struck out looking to lead off the second flew out to center field back in the fourth which hey UMass Boston will take that here in a one-out situation would love nothing more than a sacrifice fly to give them an insurance run as you've seen what this Beacon bullpen can do oh one he offers at the bunt suicide squeeze and it's an out now the runners do advance but you've got to execute there if you put a suicide squeeze on you can't afford to not make contact with the ball which is exactly what Herzog did there so it's a cot stealing - unassisted on Murphy for the second out of the inning Fowler gets over to third and McCormick up to second so a single could still score to Brendan I go broke getting very aggressive there and now Nolan could get out of it with just one pitch second straight inning where the beacons have made an out on the base pass Oh - pitch swung on a Miss so just what the doctor ordered sort of like a double play there for Nolan has the same effect as the beacons quickly run themselves out of what had the potential to be a major inning here in the fifth however they do come back answer the two nothing deficit and take themselves a lead as they come up with three runs on the inning they do it on four hits no errors but they leave two men aboard at the end of five full innings of play your school now UMass Boston 3oz we go state to and remember the beacons already into their bullpen so this one promises to be interesting the rest of the way do stay with us here on beacons athletics calm all right well welcome to 2018 playoff baseball you know what that means closer in the sixth inning it's become all the rage in the game of baseball ever since Andrew Miller pioneered it for the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 major league playoffs it's copycat sport like they all are and Brent and I go broke getting himself a taste of that here by going to Bobby tremendo Z his closer in the sixth inning of a three to two game and really it explains itself you've seen what's gone on here these last two days you know how razor slim the margin is and furthermore I've made you understand how darn important this game is you have to win this game or you're not winning the tournament in all likelihood is it possible to win if you lose this game yes is it likely no is if you've been the slightest chance of happening yes but only technically right you have to win this game you absolutely have to win this game so if you mass Boston you've got that chance now you need 12 outs you might as well stick your closer in there now while the game's on the line so tram and dozy is in there and he delivers the first pitch of the inning two miles Kutcher for a strike you know the closer does you no good if the middle reliever loses the lead and this is something that when Theo Epstein first took the reins with the Boston Red Sox in 2003 this was an idea they tried to pioneer then they just didn't have the personnel to do it that didn't work out the first couple games the public revolted against him they ended up getting away from it sticking with just a ninth-inning guy but you know it's having its day again here now in the next decade the latter half of it and this one is fouled out of play so there's a couple different questions here with RAM and Ozzie the idea is you'd like to use them for an inning here score a million runs in the bottom half of the inning and then not have to worry about it just go back to the middle party or both and get through the rest of the game but when you're playing a good team and an important game chances are that's not going to happen right so this one's popped up foul and out of play count remains at 1 & 2 so you have an inning by inning decision to make what you do with chairman does is you have a couple different decisions you have to make if you're Brendan Eich abroad how much are you willing to throw them today how many pitches how many innings and then the other thing is what's the cutoff if I have a three-run lead does he go back in if I have a four-run lead as you go back in if I have a five run lead as go back in that answer is almost certainly no right and the questions lie in there somewhere inside corner strike three two miles Kutcher he goes down there's one out now if you're the beacons you're looking for 11 more else and that's why you keep rolling that closer because you're trying to get closer and closer and closer to the finish line and the closer you get the more important that one insurance run could of course be so one gone now for Eli Holton and Joey Rodgers was not able to get him either time give up a single in the second and a walk in the fourth inning is that first one is in for a called strike tremendo Z has 9 saves on the year for the beacons if you were to get one today it would be the very old-fashioned way when you go four innings you actually get a save automatically regardless of the score although this is very much a new wave save situation as he comes into just a one-run game shame and dozy a junior listed at 510 190 out of peabody mash in the biggest save situation he's had all year goes to the curve ball 1 1 fouled back at the screen second time today I've gotten GG flinching she's been very good in the middle one to count C of tram and O's he fires it up here he does fastball doesn't hit the outside corner missed off the edge now two and two buddies you can see he's got some serious heat particularly when he keeps that ball down low like he did they're going to be very tough for these Oswego state hitters to deal with two two on the inside corner nope missed a little bit in Sun so the count now full the important pitch here it's all about rhythm with these power guys you know if they're getting strike calls they start to build and confidence and they get harder to hit you have a walk could cause some problems curve ball swinging a Miss for strike three salmon dosey here's me calling him a power guy and then he goes to the finesse to get the back-to-back strikeouts as he sends Bolton back to the dugout for the first time today so two up two down and now here's Kevin Hylas Hylas is over two he struck out looking back in the second inning that ended the second inning and then led off last inning with a roundout seems so innocent at the time of course right you heard the bump on the MIT there of McCormack as he catches that first pitch that's ball loudest lack we heard in the catcher's mitt all day tremon dozy definitely cranks it up to 11 when he comes in as you hear the pop again there is that one missed down low one ball and one strike the count with two out nobody aboard in the top of the sixth inning but it's starting to feel like the ninth with an arm like this on the mouth of a slider there maybe popped up foul my way gets out of play behind us now one ball and two strikes and should be quite the way to get your dugout going and quite the way to make a statement as you come in if tram and dozy could in fact strike out the side in order to start what we'll call his first inning of work one two fastball down the middle ground ball to shortstop tough play on the run throw crosses in plenty of time nicely done over a shortstop by huger and it is in fact a 1-2-3 inning for tremendo Z which is exactly what you need after a rally nothing across in the sixth for AHS we go state and now they are in some capital T trouble with one of the best closers in the country on the mound and trailing in a game they've got to get at the end of five and a half your score beacons three Lakers two we'll take a break and come right back on beacons athletics calm welcome back bottom of the sixth inning here foul ball at the dish for strike one Brian Nolan back to work in the sixth inning here he'll face wanderson Canalis you had the mother of all infield singles really lagged one out his last time up one for 200 a flew out to right his first time up back to her breaking ball that never got close there ended up on the backstop one ball one strike now the count with nobody out it'll be panelist for she no and huger and it's it's almost like there's a no-hitter getting thrown right now because it's the intrigue is solely over on the other side right now where you're looking to see what tremendo C can do as the closer in this long-form situation this has really come to define modern-day postseason baseball in the meantime the beacons trying to put up the insurance runs but that doesn't make for good theater 1 2 pitch waved at and missed strike three panellist really getting himself out on a pitch well out of the zone they're getting one of those gift outs that he really needs to keep going here a nice remember he's trying to shorten the game up now as well South for she no steps up for she no 1 for 2 excuse me 2 for 2 on the day I gave it a single in an error in the second it looks like they gave it a double what she it just can't do it likes Allinol but you just can't do it he got a single his last time up does a drag bunt here tough to field nobody's home covering first base and so booted by Nolan but even if he had picked it up clean I don't know what Hollis is doing there and as he was nowhere close to where he needed to be Sofra Shino has got himself a three hit day out of the ink spot in the line dragging the bunt there and now you wonder about Charlie huger because we saw him bunt in this exact situation yesterday but that was without the lead today they have it he's up with one out and one on at first base and then in the sixth inning but with a one-run lead you're looking for that insurance would she give up and out here given the fact that you're already ahead he's showing no and he swings and fouls this out of play off to the right side no balls and a strike remember UMass Boston very thirsty for that insurance from last inning went to the suicide squeeze didn't make contact and made a note between third and home Nolan got the out on the strikeout on the very next pitch all runs in this game scored last inning two in the top half bio as we go state without the benefit of a hit thanks in large part to four walks in two wild pitches and then UMass Boston bouncing back with their three in the bottom half a one they'll throw back over to first for shino and safely a one count now on for shino Nolan will throw over to first again a one pitch misses up and away after huger you take that fourth trip through the lineup Riley budros Murphy who caused all the problems and set the table last inning [Music] Mullins 1 1 fouled back no one could really use another strikeout here it's how he's gotten the last two outs he's recorded in this game really stand to get one here before he goes back up to the top of the lineup one two down on the dirt blocked there by Olson just a word on the fog so you may be able to see at home it really has abated you can see the water again past the left-field fence you can see the houses on the other side of the bay again you weren't able to do that back in the top half of the fifth inning so hopefully that'll be a non-factor the rest of the way but on Cape Cod one just never knows - into your count here on heuu no one checks in over at first again it's been an awful lot of time looking in that direction rather than to home plate Nolan Kicks is two two popped up and fouled out of play so we'll get at least one more here playing soccer over on the multi-purpose field behind this hopefully now then have to duck a foul wall to - we'll wait as they throw over to first base instead [Music] when our go is to to pitch a good one to handle throw down to second in time for the out high ball up and away exactly what you want if you're Olson and he cuts down frisina second out of the inning pitch was a ball so now a 3-2 count on huger and could we see for a second inning in a row Nolan end up turning a double play with a caught stealing in a strike out on the next pitch three straight innings where UMass Boston has made outs on the bases payoff pitch is raised to shallow centerfield and again the beacons going to take themselves out of an inning for the third inning in a row so they still have the lead but you wonder how much opportunity they've left on the table over these last three innings no runs in the inning on a hit no errors and none left and we're at the end now of six full innings of play your score still UMass Boston three Oswego state two tremendo Z coming back on for the seventh when we return on Beacons athletics calm a nice homage to our departed color commentator Sean Manfred oh no sleep til Brooklyn playing over the public address here at Handy field which is where he preferred to be than with us today I know I know in the meantime we've got ourselves a dandy of a game as we head to the late frames three to the score in favor of UMass Boston over Oswego State and Bobby tram and OC who went one to three in the sixth inning is back on for the 7th their closer in a one-run game and you think he's got a hit or flustered Olsen's bat flies all the way down to third base that is both a swing and a Miss Owen one so you gotta go get his bat back now and so you have that you bring the closer into the one-run game you do the whole Andrew Miller thing and it works in the sixth inning so you do that but also you get in the opponents heads with that a little bit because they know it's the closer they know the situation they know how important the game is so sometimes you can get a little bit of an added advantage there and you get that edge of you know the hitters are up there not just approaching their at-bat they're thinking aw shucks I'm facing a closer in the seventh inning and sometimes I can make something happen like the bat go flying out of your hands like it just did - Lucas Olson right there now Olsen's yet to put the ball and play he struck out looking to lead off the third inning he worked a walk ended up coming around to score the first run of the game back in the 50 scored on the sacrifice fly by eNOS it's Olson Waylon and eNOS the scheduled hitters it's that same eight nine and one that caused all the trouble back in the fifth inning Shaymin dozy working out of a wind-up steps and deals right down the middle this one belted but foul home run distance but foul Travon Dozie getting away with one there remember I told you tantalizingly short fence in straightaway left field down the line to the pole and all you'd have to do is turn one around to tie this game up but Olson now in the hole low into will see if they try to go down low sinker misses in the dirt good take by Olson a winner of this one advances to the championship round tomorrow where they'll get a chance to win one game to take the title and head on to Appleton Wisconsin for the 2018 College World Series one-two pitch check swing did keep it close to enough to his shoulder ball too low trim and O's he started last inning with back-to-back strikeouts at kutcher and Holton before getting Hylas to groundout 2 2 pitch curveball grounded foul so Olson making him work here which is what you want any leadoff hitter to do but particularly in this situation when you're dealing with a guy that typically only throws an inning or two thinking about maybe throwing for today you want to be able to wear him down sooner rather than later and that's what Olsen's trying to do here sixth pitch of the at-bat 2 2 fastball down low and it'll be a 7 pitch at bet really couldn't ask for better from this than this from Olson here although as we go now I gotta ask him for a little Morgan ask him to get on base 3 2 pitch swung on I missed strike three handcuffed him with the change-up and shrim and dozy waiting for the perfect time to unleash that one as he picks up his third strikeout in the four batters he's faced Olson well out in front of it just couldn't make the adjustment as he was swinging through the zone knew as soon as that bat started coming through that he'd been fooled one away for Zach wailing wailing also won 4-2 with the strikeout and a walk similar deal he's out after the first one and he fouls it back and he hit the top of our 10th here because it knocked the puddle off of it fortunately most everything is ok a one pitch swinging hits this one the other way to right field and it's caught out there - Alice in right field so two up two down after Olson was so patient Whalen comes up free swinging and he's back in the dugout five up five down four tremendo see through the sixth and now into the seventh so Ryan eNOS the batter eNOS won 4-2 with an RBI popped out to second in the first inning singled in the third and then made that calculated decision to swing at a 3o pitch to hit a sacrifice fly to get Oswego state on the board back in the fifth inning gave them the lead at the time and you just wonder in an alternate reality if he takes that pitch and maybe takes the next one against a pitcher that was crashing and burning that was the only out sandwiched in between for walks what might have come from that inning for us we go state they got the two runs but obviously not enough given the fact that they gave up three in the bottom half so tremendo is he getting some rhythm now back up on top of the rubber looking to deal with his o2 pitch here it is ground ball through the hole on the left side and into left field so a seeing eye single bye eNOS his second hit of the ballgame as he spoils a no 2 pitch and keeps the inning alive for Oswego state as Nicholson will step up and now tremendous e will have to deal with a base runner for the first time today interesting scenario here Nicholson is over 1 struck out looking back in the first inning since then he's worked a pair of walks in innings 3 & 5 eNOS the potential tying run aboard at first base keep an eye on him tram and oszi not gonna worry about him too much slide steps into the fastball driven to shallow left that'll get down for a base hit no choice but to go station-to-station as it fell right in front of Herzog so a nice low liner like they teach you to do in beer league softball because nobody's gonna catch it Nicholson aboard at first eNOS up to second and you got first in a second now with two out for Mike del Akari now del Akari worked the key walk back in the fifth inning but then the strikeout ended up spoiling what remained of the threat after they scored the two runs della Carney also struck out to end the 1st and grounded out to end the 3rd [Music] tremendo is he trying to get out of some trouble now hasn't been rocked but has given up back-to-back hits and gets that first one in on the curve for strike one at a dominant start 1 2 3 last inning got the first 2 batters he faced here but then the seeing eye single and the low liner had foot runners to first and second with two away now potentially a single cation oh one bounces in the dirt and a good block there by McCormick remember the wild pitches were the secret sauce for the rally for us we go state back in the fifth inning almost got one there great effort by McCormick to keep it away from the back stump Sam and dozy looking to knuckle down and get through the 7th this 1 1 pitch downloaded a hit him or did it get away which is worse the ball gets back to the backstop base runner jogging down to first base they've called time and if she'd been awarded for a space or not he's standing at first home plate umpire calling in the first base umpire and how all the umpire is gonna get together you have to have a call made there immediately you didn't get it and now we'll see was this a dead ball and a hit by pitch or was it a wild pitch which would keep the batter at the plate as you see the waterfall our camera it's not raining it just is blowing down off of our tent it bubbles up over your head when you have these little pop-up tents you get that sometimes and now we'll see they're gonna send the batter back into the box are they or are they not we'll see first base is empty at the moment so that would lend you to believe that del akari is still at the plate if it is that is the case so it's 2 & 1 so it's a wild pitch and now Brenda and I go broke coming out of the dugout saying hey what's going on both coach is speaking to the umpires and Jamie Williams comes running it lumbering back to first this will wait on a 2-1 pitch so it's another wild pitch and it sets Oswego stayed up in such a way that now a base hit could potentially win then the game of course a lot of outs to go get we are in just the top of the seventh it feels later than it is because you got a closer out there what a base hit could make all the difference now if del a car it could ever squeeze one through and don't think the second baseman doesn't know a Murphy backs several steps on the outfield grass two one hit foul foul ball now 2 & 2 Murphy is way back there off the dirt and into the outfield cuz he does not want to allow that ground ball single that could let two runs come in and score in fact the beacons have shifted that defense over huger is almost behind second base he's gone so far over so they'll give up the single the other way 2 2 pitch slap foul out of play left side almost no foul territory here at handy field and that can be to a hitters advantage as you try to spoil hard fast balls and two strikeouts over and over again [Music] - to pitch hits a right field high deep is it fair foul deep and home run distance to right field but foul that's why you didn't hear the eruption out of the Oswego dugout and what an eruption it would have been three-run tater would have put you up by too late instead it remains a two ball two strike count in a 3-2 ballgame two balls two strikes two out and how's this for tournament foot top seed using its closure in the sixth inning of a one-run game against through the sixth now trying to white-knuckle his way through the 7th the tying and go-ahead runs both in scoring position Delic re at the plate the lefty Travon Dozie looks in for his son they set up here comes the - - taking the other way down for a base hit and as we go state will regain the lead beacons have shifted their defense they've got no chance at the second run it'll come in and score and strolling into second base with the go-ahead double is Mike Delic re and as we go state goes back in the lead by the score of 4 to 3 now remember Delic re was content to settle for first base on the hit by pitch they put him back in the box had him swing again and he ends up doing even better for himself with the 2 RBI double enos scores Nicholson scores Delic re down at second and now maybe you're just a single away from an insurance run yourselves if you're on we go state Sean Barnes the cleanup hitter steps up he's out after the first one drives it into left center that gets down at a roll and roll some more all the way to the wall him to score from second Estelle akari headed a second is Barnes and that huge insurance run is on the board for us we go stain as they come back with three of their own in the top of the seventh against the beacons closer and they now lead it 5-2 three another twist another turn in this terrific game 11 again far from finished UMass Boston has the last at-bat in this game and they've come back every time they've been challenged in this tournament so far they're being challenged again now in the late innings of this all-important game 11 you wonder how things might have been different had they ruled a hit by pitch as opposed to the wild pitch on del Akari would have given you bases-loaded and remember Barnes was out swinging first pitch because that's what he'd seen before him these hitters know they've got tremendo see on the ropes right now and if they see something to hit they're swinging if the kitchens open eat and right now it's open coach her at the fleet over three struck out looking his last time up first pitch they take a first pitch a little surprising to see them not go after a first-ball fastball there Kutcher takes it inside for strike one Shannon dozy now has to try to keep it here in a two run scenario and hope that the beacons can put up another crooked number today oh one fastball grounded foul no balls two strikes no balls two strikes two out wines leaning out over home plate they'll set up away tram and dozy steps he fires goes to the curveball there and getting just a piece of it it was kosher to stay alive this is felt like the end of the game ever since tram and OSI came in it bears repeating this is only the top of the seventh so much can still happen in this game trim and dozy out of the stretch kicks and deals that one line into left field for another base hit late jump for Bourne's they're gonna send him anyway the throw is not in time sliding in underneath his barns taking second on the throw his cutter and AHS wiko keeps pouring it on they now lead it six to three and a four run seventh-inning strong enough throw but there was just enough room the ball stayed just high enough for Barnes to dive in underneath it RBI single for Kutcher and the beacons in some trouble here in the seventh taking that extra base on the throw was Kutcher so now he could score on a single and how many more batters does trim and dozy get to faces he's now getting pounded around hits two each of the last five batters he's faced just has not been the same since he's had to switch over to the stretch from the line dough puts that one on the inside corner to Holton no balls one strike and remember you saw Kaufmann go three innings yesterday so you wondered is he available in this game they'd like to stay away from him can you afford to wild pitch not close fourth wild pitch issued by UMass Boston pitching today two in each of Oswego state's run scoring in it Kutcher over to third got your insurance runs now you start to think about Grand Slam range if Holton could crank one over the left field fence this might be out of reach that one down on the dirt McCormick has to go get another one 2 and 1 the count on Holton Holden the 8th Laker batter of the inning deacons need a third out and I remember UMass Boston's run in two outs on the base pass the last three innings as this one hit off the fat part of the bat to centerfield looks like it will stay in all the way back to the warning track is for Ishino making the catch for the out that ends the inning but for Oswego State what a seventh inning it was as they come up with four runs in the inning and they do it the hard way as they bash out five consecutive hits no errors and they leave just the one man on base seventh inning stretch time here from Hendy field your score now Oswego State six UMass Boston 3 can the beacons answer again they've done it once they need to do it again we'll find out when we return on Beacons athletics calm all right so all is well right now for us we go state but eventually you had to make the move to the bullpen and now they have done so they got six very good innings out of Brian Noland and now they turn it over to their bullpen Mike Abrams the sixth 290-pound senior out of Bellmore New York is tasked with trying to make this lead stand up six to three the largest lead of the game for Oswego State they led by two briefly but the beacons came back with three of their own to take a lead at the end of the fifth pitch is in for a called strike one to Eddie Riley so it is the top third of the order coming for the beacons here in the seventh Riley Boutrous and Murphy they're the ones who kick-started things for the offense back in the fifth inning as this one's fouled out of play to the right side Riley is Oh for two struck out swinging in the first and and grounded out back to the mound and the third walked and came around to score the tying run in that three run fifth for UMass Boston Oh 2 pitch just off the outside corner for ball one that would have been a strike yesterday right Bekins glad it's not yesterday one two curve ball in there and that was dirty Riley not a chance on that one terrific pitch by Abrams so Riley down looking one gone in the seven-mile Buderus now the batter Boutrous one for two singled his first time up in the first inning takes a called strike on the outside corner grounded out to first bases last time up and the third was hit by a pitch came around and scored what was the go-ahead run at the time back in the fifth inning now no longer as the Beacons relinquished the lead in the top half allowing for two in the fifth four in the seventh for us we go state beacons scored all three of their runs in the bottom half of the fifth one one pitch hit on the ground routine at second base but bodied up there of course it's a little slick good recovery by Nicholson and he throws on two hi listen time for the second out so a rally's only a rally if you can go get those next three ounces Joe Torre always used to say in his days managing the Yankees you put up that big number you need to see the 0 after it for it to really be a rally of course it didn't happen for the Lakers back in the second inning as they ended up giving up more than they scored in the fifth but here they've got a chance if they can get one more out to take full command to this game headed to the eighth inning Abrams are good over the top fastball that is a true over the top delivery you don't see that many of those these days and like so many relievers will he goes out of the stretch right away even with the bases empty he's got murphy o1 Murphy singled his last time up really a turning point in this game if you think about it Murphy was on at third base broke for home on a suicide squeeze that went horribly awry no contact and he was put out as this one is hit to center field or right field for any field is gone long gone that's why I couldn't tell you nobody had any chance at that deep out of here to right-center so David Murphy takes one big big bite out of the deficit and makes it six to four with one swing got a really wallop it to get it out of here with this kind of dense air and he did a massive opposite field bomb for Murphy and it's now a six to four ball game want that zero after a rally Oswego State did not get it of course much easier to come back from down to late than down three Chris Fowler now the batter Fowler one for three singled his last time up ended up getting left at third she takes a ball low his single is really what set the stage for the beacons to take the lead loaded the bases McCormick who's on deck gave them the go-ahead hit when he came up next so much of course has changed since then 1o pitch belted that one's got a shot to right center no it'll stay in and a reaching catch made in right by dill akari for the out that retires the side so the beacons do get one back on the big fly by David Murphy but they remain trailing by two one run on one loud long hit no errors and none left aboard at the end of seven full here in Buzzards Bay your score Oswego State six UMass Boston four we head to the eighth when we return on Beacons athletics calm so blob eat ramen disease day is done Oswego state has not only gotten to the closer they've chased him and now the ball goes to Joe McGuire a six to 200 pounds junior right-hander also out of Peabody Mass and he will deal with the bottom third of the Oswego state lineup here in the 8th Kevin Hylas Lucas Olson and Zach Whalen 7 8 and 9 in their order is now UMass Boston just trying to keep it close they did Whittle it down a little bit getting the one on the solo shot in the bottom half of last inning as Hylas lines that one straight back at the backstop no balls and one strike now the count lukas Olson waiting on deck then Zach Whalen McGuire's oh one blown away Beacons just trying to hold it right here at six to four they've got McCormick Herzog and pinellas coming up next inning certainly they've got the potential to come back but UMass Boston's done a lot of things here that a lot of times result in losing baseball's the one oneness isn't pretty much that same spot think about the two times that they had give away outs to start innings and then the three consecutive innings with runners caught stealing on the base pads and the two times that the inning ended on the very next pitch two one misses inside three balls one strike here on Hylas I was sold for three they'd love to get him on with a walk if they could McGwire deals and deals that dreaded leadoff walk Hylas who was over three hadn't gotten the ball out of the infield gets the free pass and the Lakers are in business again Lucas Olson the banner Lucas drew one of those huge walks that got things started in the fifth inning remember us we go state scored two runs without a hit in the fifth inning four walks and two wild pitches manufactured their first two runs of the day and perhaps not coincidentally it's a two-run difference in this game right now so you wonder might Olson be bunting you've got the two-run lead you've got it late he needs six routes to win the game do you play for that third run right now it looks like a yes but the ball misses outside some McGuire's got to show you he can throw strikes before you start giving away outs via the bunt Whalen on deck is also over 2 today up at the top of the lineup though eNOS has two hits and also a sacrifice fly so that's where the Lakers are trying again back up to the top of the lineup in this inning with a man or two aboard winner of this one advances to the championship round and has to win just one more game to go to the College World Series is this one popped foul out of play in stark contrast if you lose this game you've got to win twice tomorrow and then again on Sunday and get on Monday excuse me and you've got to beat the team you're playing right now twice down the line often times just too tall in order for a team no matter how good you are just because of how deep you have to go on pitching one one curve ball on the inside corner throw down to second was a little bit too far up the baseline look to be in time but just thrown to a bad spot and so Hylas gets down there and steal second base they are definitely willing to play small to add one more run to the lead one ball two strikes nobody out so far in the eighth inning Hylas a big insurance run standing in scoring position at second Olson could maybe single him in if he could get something to handle McGwire deals and again misses away it's consistently been away hasn't had much control of the movement on these pitches he's thrown into the outer part keeps missing in a left handed batter's box to the right-handed hitter 2 2 pitch goes to the hook again and Olson bails him out there by swinging at it probably would have been ball 3 and about the same spot as all the others event mass Boston trying to come from behind for the second time in as many days horse yesterday it was just the one run and they had from the second inning on to fight back much different story here today in sauce we go state put up four in the top of the seventh 2-2 pitch fastball misses low and in and so you've got a full count walks have been killer for UMass Boston pitching today they've issued seven of them so far as a staff McGuire trying to stay away from an eighth right here throw back to second they've got a chance got him at second base huge out down at second as Hylas caught napping and so the stolen base ends up hurting him because if he wasn't at second he couldn't have been picked off second a huge first out of the eighth inning for a UMass Boston put out goes 1 to 6 and a great job by Hugh he of tiptoeing in behind ken McGuire turn it into a second out now payoff pitch misses low and outside so back-to-back walks but as we go state were relatively little to show for it thanks to the pickoff just the one runner aboard at first base so how much longer is McGuire's leash as he issues back-to-back walks to start his outing walk 7 & 8 of the day by the staff the starter Rogers issued six and just four and a third innings at work swing and a fly ball deep to left field going back as Herzog he's looking up and watching it fly home run off the bat of the nine hitter Zack Whalen as we go state keeps pouring it on in the late innings two more on the board and they take a commanding eight for lead in the eighth after having no extra-base hits all day you've got home runs and back-to-back half innings and adding insult to injury for the beacons as it comes from the 9 slot in the order now a four-run lead at 8 to 4 and if not for that pickoff this game might be over right now it's Ryan eNOS steps to the plate 2 for 3 with the RBI sacrifice fly back in the fifth that runner doesn't get picked off you're talking about a three run homer you're talking about no out in the inning and you're talking about a five run lead that's outside grand slam range so far as bad as things are for UMass Boston they could be just totally wrecked had they not gotten that one out that they did get now McGwire you wonder where is that balance in a normal regular season situation you'd say hey we've got more games to play tomorrow you've just got to fall on the grenade for us the rest of the way today and you've got to figure your own way out of this here in a game this important I don't know that you can afford to do that because you need to win this game but at what point is an unrealistic ground ball the second base and up with it is Murphy he throws on to first for the second out you're in a place right now where Brendan nog abroad has to make a lot of decisions he doesn't want to make because you're weighing a bad option against another bad option you don't want to chase this win too much and throw too much to your front line pitching the course they've already done that having used tremendo Z for two innings you don't want to go hurting your chances tomorrow by chasing after a win you gonna get today but at the other on the other hand it's such a huge advantage if he ever did come back and win this one you don't want to sell yourself short and wave the white flag too early 1 o pitch popped up might be playable here McCormick hustling back that's gonna get us on the 10th instead and roll just behind us one ball one strike now the count quite literally hit the cover off of that ball is shaving off of the leather on that one so you needed to take it out of the game anyway 1 1 pitch misses down low and it's now 2 balls and a strike if Nicholson could reach here to extend the inning Dilek re would bat next UMass Boston tried to nurse that 3-2 lead all the way to the finish line did not end up coming close got through the sixth 1 2 3 with ramen dozy but he hit the wall in the 7th gave up five hits to five consecutive batters that got us we go stayed out 6 to 3 at the 7th inning stretch beacons came back took back 1 run on the homer off the bat of Murphy but Oswego added two more now on a home run of their own by Whalen ground ball right back to the mound look what I found says McGuire and he shovels over to first for the out that retires the side but Oswego State delivers another big body blow to UMass Boston here in the 8th inning as they come up with two more runs on the loud long home run from the 9 hitter Zach Whalen 2 runs on just the one hit no errors and none left on and think about this the combination of innings 5 and 8 they've scored four runs on just one hit and UMass Boston up against it now down by four when we come back on beacons athletics calm Ryan mcCormick the banner as we welcome you back beacons gonna need some magic here if they are to extend their incredible streak 10 and oh in New England regional play they ran the table for an O in Mansfield Connecticut in 2010 for and Owen Hart which last year to an O so far having played the first one on their home field back on Thursday night and of course they got the win yesterday in Harwick but Oswego State's six outs away from changing that as this one misses low but their six big outs that you've gotta get now Abrams got through the seventh inning giving up just the solo home run to Murphy but at least it was a solo they've since increased the lead now lead 84 as the next pitch misses lowing away it's McCormick Herzog and pinellas 5 6 & 7 in the UMass Boston lineup 2 1 pitch and this is up and away UMass Boston put all the chips in the middle of the table in the sixth inning putting their closer out there trying to protect a one-run lead he got through the six did not get through the 7 3 1 pitch misses low and there's the leadoff walk so again we're far from finished here as UMass Boston has certainly shown you an ability to put together some big innings in their own right this year 36 and 8 for a reason McCormick aboard now Nick Herzog the batter Herzog is over 3 with a pair of strikeouts and a fly out to Center sandwiched in between has not batted since the fifth inning and that was the run scoring inning for UMass Boston fastball in at the knee for a called strike one beacons gonna need a big inning here and they might need more than one big inning to get this done so you're not trying to swing for the fences necessarily you're trying to decorate the bases try to set up for a big hit later in the inning as that one's in for a called strike two in the meantime any outs are good out for Abrams whether you get a strikeout or you give up a fly ball that goes 300 50 feet anyway you can get now with a four-run lead you take one runner Bluffs is o2 just misses off the outside edge one ball two strikes the count panelist is one for three on the day with an infield single he waits on deck or does he he's not in the on-deck circle looks like the beacons would pinch it has they've got seseri we started yesterday in the on deck circle killer pitch on the inside corner did not get a strike call and now it's 2 and 2 on Herzog pitch was a little low a little inside but one that certainly freezes a hitter he had no chance of hitting avery was looking to make a pitch here's his 2 - rounded that's a fair ball curving gonna be tough to play pitcher went to the slide to get it so he had no chance to make the throw it's an infield single for Nick Herzog and the beacons have the table set if they are to come back here in the eighth inning runners at first and second nobody out and as I mentioned now they will go to the bench and they will pinch-hit and it'll be Anthony seseri who got the start in yesterday's game coming in in favor of wanderson panelist who finishes up the day just 1 for 3 so seseri the pinch hitter coming to the plate with first and second nobody out and a great chance for you mass Boston to try to come back here seseri did have a hit in the game yesterday he went 1 for 4 on the day McCormick's after the walk at second Herzog at first after the swinging bunt put him aboard Bekins trying to make something out of nothing here in the 8th first pitch in for a called strike one after seseri will be frizzy known if they can keep it going huger down the bottom of the lineup a one pitch belted high and deep to centerfield looks to be playable in center reaching up and making the catches bonds gets the throw in quickly no advancement by the runners seseri gave it a ride that's why you pinch-hit but not quite enough to get it out of here at least not today on a warm sunny day maybe that's a 3-run tater instead it's just the first out and that brings it to south for Cena briceño is 3 for 3 on the day incredibly hit that ground ball that skimmed the top of the first base bag in the second inning singled stole a bag scored in the fifth and then came up with a single as well in the sixth can he find another one in this key spot very nearly a block there by Abrams as he steps off beacons with two runners have borne you wonder if maybe they might mobilize those runners to try to put up the turn up the heat on Abrams caused some chaos out on the bases river beacons have been caught stealing three times already in this game including a suicide squeezes that one misses away one ball no strikes the count as the runners get their leads the Abrams out of the stretch checks the runner at second comes to the plate fastball misses outside two balls no strikes one out runners at first and second eighth two for the Oswego state lead beacons the home team they have the benefit of last ups but they'd like to at least take some of this deficit away here in the eighth before they'd have to go win it in the ninth to old big cut by frissina way out in front of the breaking ball two and one Yugi on deck Eddie Riley in the hole neither of them with a hit today Deakins needing some production from the bottom of the lineup after McCormick and Herzog set the table to start the inning 2-1 slapped foul the other way every out of such paramount importance now for Abrams and as we go state both of these teams College World Series teams a year ago because they've played in different regionals so this is an Appleton quality game that you're getting in Buzzards Bay here a week early it's been that from the beginning 2 2 pitch swung on lined caught at second base nearly a double play but back to second safely is mcCormick so that one just stayed on the infield forever that's another one on a nicer day maybe it squeaks in the center field and its a base hit instead hangs up there in the thick air today and over to get it was Nicholson and now there are two out so that leaves it up to Charlie huger we saw as we go state get a massive hit from a 9 hitter as Zack Whalen hit a two-run homer last inning could Sharlee huger do something similar here with two on and now two out here he o for three today with a couple of fly outs to right his last two times up and he takes strike one and coming back in the ninth inning is just so much easier when the deficit is smaller coming back from down four is almost impossible down three very difficult down to hard down one doable and of course if you're tied or ahead all the easier oh one is popped up play in right field should be caught out there in the fog it is caught by Dell Akari so the beacons set the table but they don't clean up no runs in the inning on the one hit no errors in two very important runners left on base we've played eight full from buzzards bay your score remains as we go state eight UMass Boston four beacons in a world of hurt gonna try to keep it at four when we come back on beacons athletics calm UMass Boston now we'll go deeper into its bullpen they'll use their fourth reliever of the day senior Alex Karras pseudo a right-hander out of Pittsfield Mass will take them out after an ineffective inning by Joel McGuire's really put them behind the eight ball McGwire walked the first two batters he faced and then gave up a home run which mercifully for UMass Boston was only a 2 run homer because they had picked off the lead runner from second base looked at the time like that might turn the momentum a little bit you know the beacons had taken one run back it was six to four in that moment you had the bases empty for a hot minute but then he had the walk then he had the home run now UMass Boston comes up fails to score in the bottom of the eighth and now they're in big trouble here in the knife down eight to four but they will turn to the senior to try to keep the game right here and Karasu dough's job is simple he's just got to keep Oz we go state off the board now as we go we'll play this like it's a tie game and what I mean by that is if they get a base runner on particularly if they get the leadoff man on they're going to play small for the one run because it's all about grand slam range you want to get this to a five run scenario because if you can get the lead off of four runs and up to five it's gonna be almost impossible to come back from the can't slam range because that means you can no longer tie the game with a grand slam you load the bases you hit a home run that it would be 9:00 to eat instead of eight to eight and you'd still be in a position of advantage you can change pitchers do whatever you need to do so Oswego State certainly knows that if they get a chance to scratch one more run they're gonna do it but they're free swinging at the side armer and this one belted to right field God first pitch swinging is Mike tell Akari he had that huge double his last time up and he launches this one out of here to right-center field the third home run in as many innings the second mile as we go state and they have taken this on a slam range as they on one pitch bumped the lead up to five at nine to four two home runs in four batters for Oswego State they now lead it nine to four and they have come on late in a big way did not score in the first four innings they've now put up 9 over the last five as John Barnes the batter takes a couple of balls high it's now 2 and oh they scored twice in the fifth did not score in the 6th and then have pounded out four in the seventh two in the eighth and now one in the ninth to take a commanding 9/4 lead check swing foul ball there by Barnes it'll be Barnes kosher and now Eli Holton now UMass Boston does not have to play in the next game even if they lose this one that matchup is already set it's gonna be Ramapo and Keystone playing in that one that was determined by action earlier today but if the beacons were to lose this game they would have to take on the winner of that game first thing tomorrow in an elimination game to try to get back in playoffs we go again and then they'd have to beat us we go twice a rather unenviable task as you're seeing here today 2 2 pitch hit on the ground and that one has got eyes on it deep play made in the hole but no chance at the out it'll be an infield single throw gets away but not far enough away so Barnes legs out that infield hit terrific effort by huger over at shortstop but you're just not going to get anybody that can run any faster than me out when it's hit down that deep into the hole and that's exactly what happened there for one so he's aboard still nobody else and miles Kutcher now the batter he is 1 for 4 on the day had an RBI single his last time up in the seventh inning and now you're in that situation I was talking about last inning if you're Brendan I Gabrielle where you know normally you'd like to make a pitching change here but you also have to think about if you have to come win two games tomorrow and then another one on Monday you've got to save every bullet you can save as that one misses in the dirt going down to second on a wild pitch is Barnes that's the fifth wild pitch of the day issued by UMass Boston pitching runner in scoring position so you know you want to come back here but at the same time you have to be realistic maybe you tell Kara sudo you know if you give up five runs this inning so be it we need to save everybody else for tomorrow those are the kinds of choices you end up having to make time called before that pitch which is actually a break for Kara sudo cause you missed outside with it would have been ball two the best way in tournament play is to take a big lead early and then you can manage it in ways where you can not only win that game you can tailor your position to be as strong as you can be the next day that's just not happened here today for UMass Boston to say the least they had a very brief lead at three to two responded when challenged went down to nothing in the top of the fifth came back with three in the bottom of the fifth but honest we go state just to step up from the competition the beacons have been playing around here all year a lot of lesser teams will fold if you fight back once that did not happen with the Lakers today runner goes and he'll steal third uncontested Wow pitch is called the strike but Barnes goes right over and takes third now you wonder about the beacons on the mental side of things are they to feed it already given what you just saw right there 2 & 1 now the count usually you'd never risk third base with nobody out in the inning but there Lawrence thought he had a jump he goes and he gets it so and one the count of very soft pitch and it gets hit a long way run will score one way or the other it gets down in center field for a base hit literally jogging home with the 10th run is John Barnes as Miles Kutcher delivers the RBI single and this is just plain gotten too easy for us we go stayed here in the ninth still nobody out and like I was saying no good option now if you're UMass Boston this game is out of hand realistically speaking you're not gonna win this game stranger things have happened yes but you can't manage this the way you would manage a tie game or a one-run game you can't afford to you need cassutto to get you these three outs and he's shown you little evidence that those are coming with what you've seen so far a home run and then back-to-back single so now here's Eli Holton in a 10-4 game he's out after the first one but well out in front of it and he swings through it for strike one Holton singled back in the second worked a walk and was picked off in the fourth inning struck out swinging in the sixth and flew out to Center in the seventh beacons were hoping big that tram and oszi could give them two three maybe four innings of work in a one-run game as the closer if this had been a six inning game they would have won but we're still playing nine Owen one the count here on Holton era shoot already is old one some soft stuff again and that one tapped foul down low no balls two strikes double play could go a long way toward curing what ails the beacons right now but there's nothing you can do about that line score for multi-run innings for us we go state today aided by home runs in each of the last two frames and they now lead it 10 to 402 pitch let's see if he can keep it down again he does induces a ground ball to a tough spot they'll go to second for one back to first late and so it's a fielder's choice Kutcher is cut down five to four at long last we've got one out here in the ninth inning and Holton replaces kosher at first base one down now for Kevin Hylas Hylas is over three walked and was picked off a second base last time up that looked like it was gonna be a big momentum change in UMass Boston's favor but that has proven he as far from the truth as possible he gets picked off a second base in a two-run game emptied the bases with one out you're thinking UMass Boston just scored they've got a chance for momentum now note you had a walk than a home run and it's been an avalanche since then you know as we go state's favor throw back over to first as Holton walks back into the bag so UMass Boston as it stands right now looking at potentially having to play in elimination game first thing tomorrow against whomever wins our nightcap tonight between Keystone and Rambo foe whom UMass Boston dispatched in 10 innings yesterday Keystone not sure you want to play them on a keep League diamond is they're coached by Jamie chef chick who is the field manager of the reigning Cape Cod Baseball League champion Brewster Whitecaps which still sounds weird to say they won their first since 2000 last summer and a nail-biter of a three-game series over the Bourne breaks a one pitch waved at and missed for strike two and off-balance swing there by Hollis and you can see there for Kara sudo that's what he's got to do he's not gonna overpower you with a fastball so he's got to locate and it's gonna keep you guessing on pitch variety and location and when he's been able to keep it down he's been able to stymie some hitters but wasn't fooling anybody at the beginning home runs single single two runs already in Paris Udo stepping off and you can hear that chirping now when the Oswego State dugout as they're getting emboldened by what's going on here in the last couple of innings Oh 2 pitch gets him hits him in the back all that work to finally get no two-count you lose him to a hit by pitch certainly not intentional a soft pitch Hylas aboard holding up to second still just the one out in the inning and now Lucas Olson your batter Olson has not foot the ball and played today Oh for two he struck out twice but he's also walked twice in both times he's walked he's come around to score on deck is Zack Whalen who hit that killer home run last inning that really took the wind out of you mass Boston sales and I don't say that just because we're at a Maritime Academy stepping off there is Kara sudo to look the runner back to second first pitch changeup well out in front of his Olson as these hitters know they've got a chance to just have some fun up there right now don't have to worry about the situation at all ten runs ought to be able to be enough to win you this thing you're just trying to swing for the fences and see if you can add on some more it's a fun time kind of like being an offensive lineman when you know you're gonna run because you have the lead you can just do what you like the best with little regard for anything else is stepping off there is Kara sudo again looking back to Holton you really don't have to worry about runners moving I don't think at this stage with the six run spread a one pitch and this is down low evens the count at one ball one strike certainly been a lengthy affair as we were approaching the three hour mark started back at 4:30 1-1 pitch lifted high to left field and lands in foul territory for strike two we go state looking it back to the College World Series for the second year in a row and they will be sitting in the driver's seat if they can pick up three more outs today needing to win just one more game two chances to win once it's a great position to be in ground ball off the pitchers gloved loved at second base and who will get the L oh no did not call the out at second as flopping all around was Murphy after he picked up the ball was in the vicinity a second base tried to slap the ball in his glove down on the second base bag didn't work out so it's an infield single for Olson there's still just the one out in the inning and this top of the ninth will continue to drag you would think that if you mass Boston was going to make a pitching change they would have done it by now so that's not going to happen kara soutane one way or another has got to get himself out of this Whalen homered his last time up and he takes ball one outside here that Waylon home run didn't change the game so much as it just started to put it out of reach for as we go state you were entertaining the idea of a dramatic UMass Boston comeback Whalen really changed all perception of that here's another pop-up back our way as it'll land behind us one ball one strike as we go state in all likelihood has what it needs to tuck this one away but with the opportunity looking to see if thing collects some more while we're still here in the top half the ninth one 1 pitch fouled straight back to the screen now one ball two strikes one two pitch down low but fished out fouled off by Whalen good job to spoil the pitch that's something on as we go state has been better than UMass Boston at today it's not giving away out they did have that one pickoff but it ended up being very inconsequential as you remember they've been aggressive just like UMass Boston has they've just had better fortune with safe calls a couple of close plays at the plate safe both times for a couple of runs one two lifted foul out of play and this is what you don't like to see in a game like this that's deteriorated in this and the way that this one has Kara sudo just doesn't have a lot of swing and miss potential and that's what you need in a situation like this you need a strikeout or two to keep the game moving and Kara sudo just isn't bringing that to the table at least not so far hittable pitches in to strike counts here's another one one two and this one skyed to left field runner no tag from third caught and left by Herzog tagging from third and coming home is Holton he will come in and score the 11th Oswego state run of the day as they have now scored nine runs in the last three innings alone Zack Whalen exploding here late for three RBI and two trips to the plate so Holton in to score other runners stay put - its first and second with two out enos will be the 8th batter of the inning for us we go state after they had already sent eight to the plate back in the seventh pop up foul out of play for strike one you notice could extend the inning Nicholson's on deck throw down the second again with that leap a one belted but foul this one was fun for a while run all the way into the eighth right up until that home run by Zach Weiland really changed the look and feel of it but then again remember in the bottom of the eighth UMass Boston had two on with nobody out and a chance to climb right back into it if they could have gotten a hit or two from the bottom of their order but they wouldn't one two three after that through the bottom third of their lineup and of course this inning has been this inning now a 7 run as we go state lead Oh two misses down the dirt they'll make a snap throw down to first which strikes the runner one to the count to get a new baseball out there for Kara sudo now the one-two pitch misses downstairs two balls two strikes the count the only batter that it's not come to the plate this inning Rose we go state that's Brandon Nicholson and he waits on deck that one drifts away three balls two strikes sudo in full on take one for the team mode right now just hoping to get through it here full count with two ways got to throw a strike even if it gets hit you got to throw a strike you've got to start all over again with a new batter with the bases loaded nobody wants to see that step off before his payoff pitch but no infielder playing along with him so no throw now here comes the 3-2 pitch it's hit on the ground fair play made a deep third base left to throw across the diamond and not scooped at first Fowler made the stretch if he catches the ball the inning is over instead the bases are loaded now I'm gonna be tough to score that an error because the throw had to come from so far probably gonna be an infield hit there behind the third-base bag was Riley I mean it really doesn't matter at this point but the bases are again loaded and we've got our ninth batter of the inning pilots over to third and Olson up to second and another batter that Kara sudo has got a face and he skips the first one in for ball one that's the best chance by far a UMass Boston's had two getting out of this nightmare of a ninth inning didn't take advantage nice play over there by Riley a good strong throw all the way across the diamond but it takes two to tango on those plates ones in for a strike now one on one now the 1 1 pitch big cut and a miss one ball two strikes your County the 1 2 pitch misses up and away two balls two strikes two out bases loaded three runs already in for Oswego state as they have ripped this game open to 11 and one the first pitch of the inning a home run off the bat of Mike del Akari and really made this a formality 2-2 pitch foul tipped Karasu Toback atop the rubber here's his 2-2 pitch popped up playable over at third base for Riley please catch the ball he does and it along last we've got an end to the top half of the ninth inning but as we go state removes all doubt as they put up three runs in the inning highlighted by the home run by del Akari they get the three runs on we'll call it five hits and no errors why not and they leave the bases loaded at the end of eight and a half your score 11 for Lakers Beacon zlin seven for the time and eight for the win for the ages we'll find out if they do it when we return Beacons athletics calm Braco leone in to play second mace for us we go state why not as he gets out there to play defense for an inning here in tournament play replacing Nicholson who had a very nice day over at second amass Boston has the top of the order do Eddie Riley leading off Riley is over 3 on the day walked scored a run back in the fifth inning and UMass Boston scored three of their four soft pitch upstairs Riley went chasing him and a lot of people here have an interest in just getting this thing over with and Riley swinging like it right now is he's quickly down Owen to to Mikie Abrams and my how things have turned for Abram sees he's actually in line for a save here ground ball down to shortstop nice backhanded play from short again that's the stab you were looking to see great play by Hylas over at first base so Milas had had a tough day earlier over at first but he makes the defensive play of the day for either first baseman as he stabs that one's just been that kind of day for UMass Boston at least lately so Riley goes down 6 to 3 and that brings Kyle budros to the plate Boutrous is one for three singled but now it's all the way back in the first inning takes called strike on the outside corner there Abrams came into the game in the seventh inning at the time it was a 6-3 ballgame and he was trying to get a 9 out save well he's doing that but he's gotten a lot of run support in the process he gave up the one gopher ball to Murphy with two out and the bases empty in the 7th but aside from that he's gotten the job done put two on nobody out last inning worked around it and now it's just in a one shape with the bases empty in one out and already into a no 2 count low twos popped up will it be playable there was some room but outside the range of eNOS who's chasing it from his third base post oh and two here on Boutrous remember you got T stone taking on Rama fo in an all non New England game 12:02 pitch misses away now the one two fouled off the end of the bat one two belted in the right field for a base hit good swing foot on that one by Boutrous he's got a two-hit day and if you're gonna come back you got to start with a base runner right so the beacons get one you need a lot more than Walker and David Murphy now steps up to the plate Murphy's had a nice day he's been on base every time a walk reached on an error and then two hits a single in the fifth the home run in the seventh but go back remember to that run scoring fifth inning UMass Boston a closer game attempted a suicide squeeze which in hindsight seems crazy with how high scoring this has gotten but at the time it seemed like three to two or four to two or four to three might win you the game they went for the suicide squeeze didn't make contact Herzog did not get the bunt down and a dead duck was David Murphy between third and home it's one of several beacons would like to have back today suanne own out of the count Fowler on deck but of course in a seven-run game he can't hurt you - oh right down the middle for strike one this one now three hours 10 minutes old with one away here in the bottom of the night - one pitch lifted to left field falling fast but running in to make the late catch is Holton for the second out of the inning and so on so we go state now one out away from being one win away they will jump the file into game 14 and have a chance to close it out tomorrow against whoever's left and that's the beauty of being Oswego State right now you get this one final out as you face Chris Fowler and you just throw these three teams that remain UMass Boston Keystone Ramapo into a blender and you've just got to deal with the one that comes out they've got to exhaust pitching in the meantime UMass Boston would have to win one game tomorrow if one of the teams playing in game 12 were to make it of course they've got a win game 12 and game 13 to get there and you're just in a one position against whomever you face as Fowler goes fishing on that one for strike two so is the tournament over after this no but it's going to be very hard Faraz we go not to win based on what they've accomplished here today and that's what they've earned picking up the wins on the first three days of competition that's what you go for when you get into an eight-team regional Oh to hit on the ground down to second base playable there for Leone and he throws on to first for the out that ends the ballgame so this one was a thriller for about seven and a half innings here today maybe even into the bottom of the 8th but a big late offensive push in a big offensive outburst by Oswego state takes all the fun out of it in the end unless of course you're in Oswego State Laker fan in which case it was very very fun as Oswego State blew it wide open in the late innings with 4 in the seventh two in the eighth and three in the ninth picking up too late home runs the two-run shot by Whalen in the 8th inning and then the solo shot in the ninth off the bat of Dell akari getting the win was their starting pitcher today Brian Nolan who went six innings strong and getting the three inning save was Mike Abrams the loss goes to Bob eat ramen dozy who got hit hard gave up five straight hits in the seventh after a scoreless sixth and this was just a game where they tried to leverage him through the end Andrew Miller style there was just too much baseball game left on the end of it they couldn't do it and as we go state gets what technically is it come from behind win at 11 to 4 though they trailed by just the one run and rather briefly at that so Oswego state gets the win they get to sit out the next two games they know that they've got a chance to win this whole thing and wrap it up tomorrow for UMass Boston they will play them out of the first game of the day tomorrow against whoever wins our nightcap today do stay tuned for things about location start time all those things hard to project what's going on with this tournament I can't say anything with any certainty right now so do keep it tuned to beacons athletics comm for up-to-the-minute information as it becomes available we will have game the game for you tomorrow no matter where it is no matter when it is that broadcast will be brought to you on beacons athletics calm and do just bear with us on where and when that'll be in against to all that to be determined the beacons are still alive but they are not in that post position they injured in 2010 and 20 17 they're gonna have to do it the very hard very long way if they're to return to the College World Series in 2018 well that'll do it for our broadcast today again your final score for the final time Oswego State 11 UMass Boston for Oswego State moves into the championship round and UMass Boston now has the high steep mountain decline that'll do it for us today on behalf of everybody here at UMass Boston this is John cabal saying thanks for watching and so long from buzzers back tib uni hannover dissertation titles Boricua College.

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