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Faut il suivre la mode dissertation defense

Faut il suivre la mode dissertation defense capstone construction spokane wa reviews western digital my book live home network drive 3tb review This is the Hagmann & Hagmann Report for today, it is sunday 13.01.2013, I'm Doug Hagmann, with me is co-host, my son, Joe Hagmann Folks you're about to hear 3 hours of an incredible special sunday night program What we got tonight is unprecedented - I shouldn't say unprecedented because both Mr Horn and Mr Quayle have been on together, but unprecedented in our radio history. Folks, we have a special program tonight. Before I make the introductions I just wanna say, Joe, welcome to the program tonight Glad to be here, I'm very excited for tonight's show, so let's just get right to it. Alright, we have with us, folks, this is a pleasure, internationally renowned speaker, author, lecturer, radio host, best-selling author of several books, including one of his newest, "Petrus Romanus - the final pope is here", also, "Forbidden Gates", "Apollyon rising", "2012". Folks I've got those books, I read those books, they're fantastic. Tom Horn is a very well known columnist, whose articles have been referred to by writers of the L.A. Times Syndicate MSNBC, Christianity Today, New Man Magazine, Worldnet Daily, White House Correspondence And of course, the North East Intelligence Network (red.note their own), HomelandSecurityUS.com and CanadaFreePress.com Mr. Horn has been interviewed by people like US Congressmen, Senators and so on He's been featured repeatedly in major media, including top-ten talk shows including America's Morning News for The Washington Times, The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Cost to Coast AM, Prophecy In The News and the Southwest Radio Church just to name a few. Mr. Horn has received the highest honorary degree doctorate bestowed in 2007, from legendary professor Dr. I. D. E. Thomas for his work in ancient history, and has been endorsed by such national leaders as Dr. James Kennedy. Also with us, folks, is Mr. Steve Quayle, internationally renowned best selling author of numerous books, each of which I would recommend everyone get, Of course, he's the head of SteveQuayle.com Mr. Horn can be found via HomelandSecurityUS.com His homebase is RaidersNewsUpdate.com. With that, Joe, do we have each gentleman on with us ? Yes we do Hi Steve, Good evening Doug, good evening Joe and Tom, what a delight, we get to go where even some of the Star Trek writers didn't go before, so tonight is gonna be amazing, let's just say this trip thru Revelation lane, and Tom, God bless you for the work you're doing, and I think it's important to start up, Doug and Joe, with Tom, and because the bottom line is Tom and Chris Putnam have been in contact with some of the leading Vatican astronomers, thinkers, theologians and I think it's good to let Tom set the baseline for tonight's discussion, because we're gonna be talking about the aliens who are gonna be the "saviours" of mankind and humanity and Tom and I both written parallel, concerning that, for the past 15-20 years, so independent of each other, God has knitted a framework and a tapestry of ever increasing revelation and by the grace of God, tonight I pray the people see the big picture Tom, go ahead and take it and share what it is that is coming upon each, scuze me, the Earth Hey Steve, great to be on with you again, and also Doug and Joe, thank you for having me on the Hagmann & Hagmann Show with Steve Quayle my first time to be on your show, and I'm very excited about it and I'm humbled to be on: We're humbled to have you, and, just to let you know, Mr. Horn, at the top of the hour we have about three and a half to four minute break But the floor is yours until then, and by the way, we're being heard right now in about 40 countries as we speak so this a fantastic platform for you, so you just go ahead and take it away. Allright, Well Steve, Doug, Joe, as probably at least the three of you know, and by the way Steve, I blame you for all of this, this is your fault, you know I will take the blame because, obviously, starting this whole thing off with the aliens and fallen angels "Sexual corruption of the human race" I think most people thought I was probably from another planet, but now they're coming to find out for your efforts that exactly what we're talking about is the biggest news behind the scenes, is it not, Tom ? Well ya, and what we found out, the reason I say we blame you is because you know, a year ago, we did a show with you, when we released the book "Petrus Romanus" we were talking about the Prophecy of the Popes and when we did that show, it became the number one blog talk radio show in the world for one week but then about four weeks later, you had me come back on and we talked about the Vatican - ET connection which was really kinda like an addon conversation, right? and yet that show became the number one blog talk radio show on the world for over a month, and stayed in the top 10 for several months and what it did, it illustrated to Chris Putnam and I, that the world is very interested and maybe even can identify more with the idea of Vatican's interest in extraterrestrial intelligence and even the idea of an alien saviour, maybe they identify with that more than what was more complicated conversation around the Prophecy of the Popes So, your fault that we found out that the world was interested in that, but we couldn't have known where it was going to take us, and the very first thing that we decided that we needed to do was to try to arrange, and we did, thru the Arizona State University, an opportunity to be able to go to Mount Graham - because you can't go there unless you're invited to go there - and in fact you can't get to the top of the mountain unless you go there with a guard that has the key to the gate that gets you up there, and anyway, if people want to read about that they can read about this new Exo-Vaticana series, it's being published right now by Paul over at NewsWithViews.com, and in fact he has a new part of the series that's over there tonight, I encourage people to go over there and read, they're also able to find out more about the ongoing investigation in the weeks to come at RaidersNewsUpdate.com and I promise, all will be revealed as we go along. We're actually doing something different this time, Steve, and last time our investigation was finished when we did the radio show, this is almost kinda like right in the middle we're still waiting for documents, we've got documents that we're supposed to receive the fist week of next month that's going to verify some of the materials we're looking at right now but anyway, the bottom line is that [on] "Exo-Vaticana" will be a new part on Tuesday and it will just keep happening. We've been invited all over the world, including, by surprise, italian media, to come over to Italy and talk about "Exo-Vaticana" and "Petrus Romanus", which we declined for security reasons, you know what it means, Steve Oh, I thought that was a very wise decision! [laughs] That's kinda like Tom being invited into the stew pot by cannibals who promise you a tasty meal [that] unfortunately it's you Yeah, and we decided that we will probably not [...] so we decided to pass on the invitation but anyway we went to Mount Graham, southeastern Arizona, to start the investigation, and primarily why we went there, we learned a lot more than what we went there to learn, which was really kind of an exciting surprise but we went there in particular to ask about the projects and the observers that are proved to operate the Vatican's astronomical technology telescope, and we got the Jesuit father who was on duty that day on film, and that material will be talked about a little bit later but we'll hand a lot of it tonight, but basically what we learned was the most important research, occurring on top of Mount Graham including the Vatican's astronomers is the quest not just to pinpoint extrasolar planets, but certain extrasolar planets and advanced alien intelligence. Now, first, I should start by explaining, cause there's a couple of things that the public is a little bit confused about, so let me explain, first of all on Mount Graham, you have The Mount Graham International Observatory Community, this consists of three telescopes, number one is the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), that's an optical telescope, the LBT is one of the most advanced systems in the world and people from all over the world compete for the time and opportunity to be able to use that telescope. In between it and VATT is the Submillimeter Telescope which is a radio telescope that observes in the submillimeter wavelength range, and then last but not least the reason we went to Mount Graham, is the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope or VATT. Now, because there's been some confusion there's something I have to make clear for listeners. First of all, the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device (red.note. Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research) is a device that is inside the Large Binocular Telescope it's mounted between the focal points of the LBT's two giant, almost 30 foot diameter, telescope mirrors. the L.U.C.I.F.E.R instrument observes in the near-infrared wavelength range, which is important for reasons we can discuss in a moment. It detects objects that are too far away or faint to be observed by regular telescopes or also to be even observed in visible light, what our eyes would see, like distant planets and so on it has longer wavelengths than visible light, it means it can pass thru astronomical gas, dust, without being scattered and that sort of thing, so in other words, objects that are obscured from view in the visible spectrum can be viewed by using the L.U.C.I.F.E.R's infrared technology and the LBT, for example you know how UFO researchers have fascinated for a long time how infrared technology can be used to spot and track unidentified flying objects from heavens, right, stuff that can't be seen, with other telescopes or the naked eye, in fact if people want to google or youtube, some of the most astonishing UFOs that have ever been caught on film and tracked were caught with infrared technology. but, on the connection between the Vatican astronomers and the L.U.C.I.F.E.R device, this is where stuff kinda gets interesting, and there's several points I'd like to make really quick if I can. First of all, there is a curious description on the Vatican's observatory website, concerning the L.U.C.I.F.E.R device , and it's under this heading on their website, it says "NASA and the Vatican's infrared telescope called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. A German built, NASA and The Vatican owned and funded, infrared Telescope called L.U.C.I.F.E.R, for looking at NIBIRU/NEMESIS" and why did the Vatican observatory has allowed that caption to remain on their site is curious, because as you know, Nibiru and Nemesis, these are planets that return in orbit, close to the Earth, after very long periods of time. These might be something that can't be seen in the visible spectrum but perhaps can be seen in infrared. These are planetoids that have been connected in modern myth with Planet X and so on, but more darkly, with the destruction of planets, that some believe occurred during a great war between God and Lucifer, when the powerful angel was cast out of heaven, in the book of Job, where the prophet details how God destroyed the literal dwelling places of the angels that made insurrection against Him. Job 26, people can read about that, it specifically mentions there, the destruction of Rahab, which is a planetary body that was also known as "Pride" in ancient times and in Job says, "from which God drove the fugitive snake" (red.note Job 26:13) so the question is, and this is part of our investigation, and this is a big question, is Rome, and other world powers, using the L.U.C.I.F.E.R device, to observe something that the rest are unaware of, something that they believe, represents this ancient war, or maybe, something else, keeping an eye on approaching what? angelic transportation devices, UFOs, something that - remember father Malachi Martin hinting at that ? And then there's another point I should make here very quickly, and I'm trying not to hog the time here, but these are really important points based on... No, no, take the time, because again, this is critical that you lay this out, because, this is just preparatory, so don't be worried about passing the mic to me because I'll time in a second in the third hour, but lay out everything you need to lay out, because what people have got to understand real quick is that there is an expectation that the "alien saviours" are coming, they've openly talked about, they've openly plan to get everybody to accept... the intergalactic messiah, so just take it away and don't be worried about turning the mic over to me Mr. Horn, let me drop in here just for a second, we got a couple of people just asking me if you can maybe talk a little bit louder or put the mic closer to your mouth, I'm not sure you got a volume control there or not Yeah. How is that, better ? We don't wanna miss a word... Go ahead... I'll try to speak up. There's another thing here that I should say, it's very important that they answer The Jesuits at VATT, and we've gotten feedback from some of the Jesuits, even since we launched the Vaticana series, even though the information we got was from the astronomers at VATT, and since that time with Guy Consolmagno who's one of the leading, the top, leading Vatican astronomer who has done several exchanges with us in interview, he too has said that the world is soon going to look to aliens for their salvation , so this is, is not like this is a hidden secret and where I'm getting this information firsthand and forehand, we're getting it right from the astronomer's mouth but the Jesuits at VATT, one thing they didn't say publicly and it needs to be kinda clarified is that they will deny any part in naming of that infernal L.U.C.I.F.E.R instrument at the Large Binocular Telescope next door Now, we give them that, that they themselves didn't name it, but what they don't point out, is how they get access to use at it, plus, they are intrical part of the whole complex at Mount Graham international observatory and as such, they are connected to the very consortium, the german astronomers, that did name L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and by the way, this is not something I'm yet prepared to talk about, Chris Putnam is doing the investigation on this, but the german consortium are also part of the odious Max Planck Institute, and if that rings the bell with you Steve, it's because that's the group that gave assistance to the murderous experiments of nazi scientist Dr Mengele in the 1940s. But that's something hot. That's a different part and I'm not yet qualified to talk about that but that's a part of our investigation. Now, in our interview with Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno, he indicated that the VORG, that's The Vatican Observatory Research Group, now has a new Jesuit point-man, in the search for alien planets, that has access to the use of L.U.C.I.F.E.R. He told us, I'm just gonna quote what he said, "As it happens, one of us, father Fr. Paul Gabor, just finished his PhD thesis work at the Paris observatory, on designing an instrument for a proposed european agency spacecraft mission to search for exoplanets. But his work was in optics, not biology, so he just moved to Tucson and he's developing collaborations with those at the University of Arizona" So, based on Consolmagno's statement to us, the VORG have a well placed insider in the Large Binocular Telescope thru their association with the University of Arizona and therefore also have an ongoing use of L.U.C.I.F.E.R. so, sometimes people will talk in circles because, if I was a Jesuit, I too wouldn't want the public connecting me to an instrument called L.U.C.I.F.E.R that's being used to look at something the rest of the world can't see. But it's a little disingenuous to say that we're not part of it because we didn't name it, when in fact you're part of the same consortium and The Mount Graham Observatory Community. So, I just wanted to make that point a very quickly. Now, there's some other very important points before we get out of this first part of the show, this is again being investigated by Chris Putnam, who so far has found a great deal of a very important information but the VATT facility, first of all, it really was the brainchild of the Jesuit Fr. George Coyne, who has become the director of the Vatican Observatory in 1978, and in addition to his duties as a Jesuit, he was an adjunct professor in the University of Arizona Astronomy Department, that's how he's connected with all these people he was also associate director of the Steward University there in Arizona, he is a Darwin of the atheist community, he has appeared with Richard Dawkins advocating a deistic form of darwinism, he also promotes a radical form of pluralism, the idea that all religions lead to the same God, and you have to understand that this is part of the world view that is behind their current interest in astrobiology. It's important because, in 1980, Coyne is the one that brokered the agreement between the University of Arizona and the Vatican where Rome would pay a fee so that members of the VORG could use the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. So they have this symbiotic relationship with the University, where, what can I call them... the seminal allies in forming an international consortium that oversees Mount Graham, not only includes catholic institutions like Notre Dame University, a very large group of italian observatories, and also the Max Planck institute of West Germany, but this influential conglomerate is - and this is the part to just remember - consists of these partners: the Vatican, the United States, Italy and Germany. So, when we were at the Large Binocular Telescope, I even ask one of the instrument engineers that was explaining how L.U.C.I.F.E.R. works to us, if the Vatican, its astronomers, could make use of L.U.C.I.F.E.R. or did they make use of L.U.C.I.F.E.R, and since he wasn't the one that organized who uses it he wasn't exactly sure but he simply repeated the fact that any of the astronomers there, if they make application to get time, certainly could be using it, and since they're in that community, they do. So now, one of the fast things, I'm really jumping around here, but there's some points and I wanted that they're based on feedback we've been getting via email that I wanted to answer real fast and finally the question that came in was, why was the VATT even organized? I mean, what was the purpose and why was Mount Graham chosen as the location? So very quickly, that went into operation, at the time it went into operation, the media was asking the same question, cause you know there are a lot of Indians in the community, they were forming lawsuits, all kinds of things to try to stop the construction of these telescopes on top of Mount Graham, and the Vatican was using its own political influence twisting arms to be able to get up on the mountain, and so the press was asking why the Vatican wanted to be up there and what would that be dedicated to doing, what was its purpose and Coyne made a very startling revelation, when he spoke with the press, Bruce Johnston of the London Daily Telegraph, a conservative newspaper, with a good reputation, interviewed him at the time, and here's what he reported, October 28, 1992, in an article titled "Vatican Set Evangelical Sights on Outer Space", here's what Coyne said: "The Roman Catholic Church is to team up with America's space agency to look for life in outer space and so spread the gospel to extraterrestrials. Jesuit priest who runs the Vatican observatory near Rome say they are joining forces with the US NASA a gency to hunt for UFOs and signs of life on planets in solar systems similar to Earth's. NASA's job would be to monitor the alien communication signals, the Vatican which itself to build a new reflector telescope in Tucson, Arizona, will search for planets displaying the conditions for life" So, now we know what that was built for, and what it was supposed to do, and ultimately this raises some very serious questions that we can talk about tonight and that we are busy right now mailing down the actual documentation for the book Exo-Vaticana, and there's some startling stuff that comes up here. Is the "sky island" known as Mount Graham, as strange as the question might sound, is it the location of a dimensional portal ? Is it ? Why they chose it ? In other words, why Mount Graham ? And when you look at what the Indians believe about that area, there's some shocking stuff actually, Steve, it has to do with ancient giants that were in there... Absolutely, and Tom, just let me interrupt you really quick, just so you know, we haven't talked except exchange email wings but I am so focused on that area and the native american traditions, and then the process, I won't say how I'm doing it, but interviewing native Americans, some of the eldest living native Americans, and what they have to say, by the way, that are, I'll say to make it easy, that is one of the many stargates, and is amazing to me how now the native Americans, and there obviously, the giants fit into this and the giants come thru the gate, and isn't it interesting, that you said, on one of the shows we did, several years ago, on a specific date there'd be giants seen and long behold they were seen in Hoffington, England at the Cerne (not the CERN, the particle accelerator), but at the gian t chop figure that very place were multiple policemen saw it, and now, isn't it strange, we haven't talked, and that's where my whole area of focuses is on the stargates of the desert southwest, the legends myth and the extraterrestrial visitation to those specific tribes, now that's amazing to me, and then again, ladies and gentlemen, when Tom and I go on together, we just are kinda blown away by how the Lord is leading us separate and distinct but bringing into focus so the parts that each have can form a complete picture so isn't it fascinating that I'd be involved with the Mescalero Apache and others, and their legends, and now you're talking about Mount Graham and the significance of it? And by the way you know, at one point, one of those routes in that area, one of the highways was known as Route 666, The Devil's Highway ? (red.note. the 6th branch of the now defunct Route 66) Yeah, that was the highway that was actually changed, that's the highway one has to take in order to get to Mount Graham. Right, isn't that fascinating, why would it be called "The Devil's Highway", Route 666, it was changed, L.U.C.I.F.E.R, and you said something, I gotta stop ya real quick The whole technology being ran thru the Germans and the whole tie there, and I know this gonna sound amazing, to a lot a people but it goes back to the Antarctic and the New Schwabenland and the Nazi technological joint venture with aliens - I'm not talking illegals here - and it's fascinating that you're in Arizona, Antarctica's coming into the focus of a lot of concern because a lot of nations are building telescopes there so this ties like a cerebral cortex, like neurons and axons tying and coming together and I think this is the time of Daniel that God spoke about to the servant Daniel, that the gates are now being opened, as you have been talking about on "The Ahriman Gate" and we talked about years ago, but now the knowledge that's increasing enforcing - all knowledge isn't good, because with much knowledge comes much sorrow - so the fact that you are at one of the stargate portals and one of the most renowned, I think it's just mindblowing and the connections of all, what we would call esoteric, as psychic and occultic powers are - pun intended - focusing their eyes in infrared spectrum on who's coming... What is Lucifer ? He's the lightbringer. It's just only a "coincidence", right ? That they named that instrument L.U.C.I.F.E.R ? Yeah. You mentioned ... - I said that tongue in cheek by the way - you mentioned CERN, and you and I talked some years ago at how at CERN their own top physicists were saying that something might come thru a dimensional door, at the large collider. Did you see the new story this week, where they were talking about how 2012 was a big year in science but 2013 is gonna be even bigger, and when you read the article, we have it linked, I think RaidersNewsUpdate today, when you read the article, what they're talking about is how next month, in February, CERN is gonna be closed down for 24 months for a very specific reason, so that they can supercharge it, why ? According to CERN, they're gonna supercharge it because in 2015 they hope to be able to open portals and find out that there are other dimensions, and they, the language in the article says they wanna know if there are other realities there and people inside these other dimensions, not necessarily extraterrestrials, but intelligence inside these other dimensions. So, and 2015 of course also very important, let me say something about these mountains, while it's still part of our conversation. Mountains first of all, universally, are associated with deities and spirits, that's even true in the Bible, but history suggests that part of the reason that the native pople there considered Mount Graham to be holy in all several things: one, is unusual heavenly activity, there, in ancient times, when UFOs were spirit-like, moved thru the sky around that mountain, something that even contributed to the local Indians there, their attribution of powers to solar systems and natural phenomenon; the base of the mountain hosts the St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery (red.note coenobitic monastery) which is a women's community dedicated to the intercession for the alleged Marian phenomenon. Now, as evangelical Christians, we don't accept Marian dogma, our position, I think, at least for some of us these so called Marian apparitions are really more akin to UFO phenomenon anyway And that position is supported even by some catholic scholars, including pro-catholic scientist at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dr. Nelson Pacheco, I don't know if you read his out of print book "Unmasking the enemy", I can send it to you, but he warns the Vatican, he's a pro-catholic, he's respected by them and he warns the Vatican that's many Marian apparitions that are actually identical to deceptive UFO manifestations and that they need to be careful in the way they interpret them. Another thing regarding Mount Graham, and I mentioned this a moment ago, the giants, we learned that the San Carlos Apache, they have an ancient tale, maybe already know about this Steve, but probably most of the listeners wouldn't, concerning a race of giants that were known as the gimdupids if I'm saying that correctly, and they were judged and destroyed by the Great Father. Now, the Phoenix metropolitan area which is basically where I grew up, that covers Maricopa County and Pinal County, but it's often referred to as The Valley of the Sun, know why ? because according to the legend, there was a race of Indians called the turtons and they lived in the Valley, they were peaceful farmers, they prospered, and then one day they were invaded by these gimdupids, which are described as Golliaths, they used [...] for toothpicks. and these Nephilim were lead by a massive man called Ethelkan that allegedly came from the north east and were headed south to their home beyond the Gulf of Baja, and these giants nearly wiped out the turtons before they hid themselves underground in the mountains, and that was when the Father or the Son, according to indian legends, thru this huge fireball, seared the monstruous Nephilim and the scorched mountain rock. Now, elements of course of the indian tale are obviously mythologized, in the modern version, but the original story has remarkable fanatic coherence to Genesis chapter 6. Another thing we learned about this mountain is that it is central to the Apache creation myth, and tells of the One who lived above, and who descended in a flying disc at the start of creation, right ? And so in their creation myth they talk how nothing existed, no earth, no sky, only darkness everywhere, but suddenly from the darkness emerged this disc, and one side of it was yellow, the other side was white, it was suspended in the mid air, and within the disk set a bearded man, the creator, the One who lives above. And so all that mountain range is associated with supernatural gateways and openings and UFO phenomenon, and the gateways that are there, I can't even say the indian name, it's c-h-i-n-a-i-t-i-h, but it means gateway, there's a gateway that is there, a portal, and spirit beings can come, back and thru, this portal. And the other things, there's so much that's interesting about this, maybe I shouldn't get hang up on it, but No, no, this is critical, this is critical, Tom. This is not hung up, this is critical. Well they talk about the owl, right ? Yes, the owl. You know, and, dreaming of this owl would signify maybe approaching death, or departure, or abduction, The Hopi call him Coco, the "Watcher of the Dark", and the god of the dead, the god of the underground, the god that would go down into this portal. Anyway, all of it is fascinating, even when you look at modern abduction phenomena, that also involves discs and flying geniuses, or in other part of the indian folklore, is this dragon that appears that can talk like a man and tries to make deals with the indian tribes in exchange for guess what ? their women, right ? But how much all of this is connected with the alien abduction accounts, even where the owl is a disguise, or the abductee is led to believe that the bug eyed alien in their memory was actually an owl that they've seen somewhere and have it lodged in their memory. but owls have been associated in Christian history with sorcery, flying witches, anyway, so many legends that seem to mirror the abduction phenomenon, the collecting of human and animal genetic material, dragons trying to make deals with mankind, portals, you know, thru which these supernatural creations can move well anyway, this is, the more you study about Mount Graham, the more you find that supernatural gateways are tied to the mountain range, and they were a long time before the Vatican cast its eyes on Mount Graham, and yet the whole reason for building the Vatican astronomical technology, telescopes, seems to correspond to the legends that are upon that mountain. Well and I'll be throwing something into, Doug, and I got your message, I am muting when I'm off the air just so you know, I keep hearing a bunch of noise in the background too, but, listen, the thing is, is that it's critical that people understand what is the Bohemian Grove's patron bird, it's the owl. in my book "Long walkers", Tom, the sacrifice that took place when John Paul the 2nd passed away, there were two owls present, and one of the most demonic rituals from the history of the world observed by a multi star general, who gave me the blow-by-blow usually account, and they actually summoned a live giant, I guessed it was somewhere around 14-16 feet, and fed it a live child that they sacrificed. Now hear what's interesting: And again, ladies and gentlemen, Tom and I have discussed this all there, is that the Navajo word for giants was shawman, the fascinating thing is that's where we get the word 'shaman' and the original shamans were all the giants and guess what they bartered for to give the secret knowledge to the people that wanted it: they asked for the children's lives so they could eat them, isn't that fascinating ? This is coming from one of the oldest living Navajos in Navajo land, so the word shawman - in other words like we would say Bigfoot, Yeti, whatever they are called all over the world - but the point is, the word 'shaman' literally comes from shawman which means the giants, and the giants ate the people and then, you can't go in the desert southwest, miss their legends without one factor: these people were...forgive me, these entities, the giants, were voracious in their appetite, and they literally just cut a live swat, and in order to get secret knowledge, sacrifice had to be made, their children had to be given, and the shawman or actually now the shaman were more than willing to do that, so I thought that was a fascinating bit of information I was completely unaware of until it was made known to me. Well, the bottom line, Steve, all of our experiences on Mount Graham, and since Mount Graham, and by the way we haven't just interviewed the Vatican's astronomers, we have a whole list of experts from around the world, in fact when we release the book "Exo-Vaticana" we're going to offer more than 20 solid hours of audio recordings from interviews with experts all around the world including people in government, with security clearance levels, it's the biggest thing that I've ever been part of, and I really thought that was true with "Petrus Romanus" and we wouldn't have written this without "Petrus Romanus", and by the way, Petrus Romanus is intricately involved in this whole issue, because with the coming of an alien "saviour" he's going to have to have the person on Earth that has the ear of the religious community celebrating his arrival and point the world towards him, and that's going to be Petrus Romanus. In my belief, and we're still waiting for Petrus Romanus to make his presence known (red.note this was aired before pope Francisc) we know that he is alive, because according to a nine hundred year old prophecy, the Prophecy of the Popes that was kept inside Vatican's vaults for hundreds of years, the very next pope following Pope Benedict XVI will be the final one on that list and many experts interpret the prophecy suggesting that this is gonna be the false prophet and I think that with everything else we're seeing going on around the world that that is very very likely to be the case, and at any time, at any moment, that personality is going to appear we can talk more about that later, we want to, but I don't want to get off the subject we're on now because right now, what are our researchers leading us to believe is that the social, spiritual and academic intellectuals that are busy establishing Roman Catholic doctrine around, either, what they secretly know, and that's what I happen to believe, or at least what they suspect, if taken for face value, it appears to show that they believe, again, this is not speculation, this is after we talked to the astronomers, they believe that we are close to integration with intelligent alien life, and they also believe that this disclosure could ultimately reconfigure established doctrines of science, religion, salvation. They furthermore, some of them believe that in the very near future an alien influence is going to arrive on earth lead by a man of unusual intelligence, and this person, if you just read what they are saying, is going to be the champion of a new gospel Now, that's astonishing, right ? That sounds incredible! And yet this out of their own mouths, and in some cases, what they've written and published over the last couple of years, but when you think of that, and then you think of the Scriptures which foretold of a world leader's coming, an alien, paganism's ultimate incarnation, the beast of Revelation 13 and the Scriptures tell us a lot about him, first off all, that he's set to arrive at the end of time, and that day is going to be accompanied, according to Luke 21 by "fearful sights and great signs from heaven" and then 2 Thessalonians that the wicked man will be revealed, "whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders", "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." That's 2 Thessalonians 2, 8-12. So the coming of the Antichrist is described, connected to lying wonders and strong delusion from heavens. And then finally the prophet Daniel I think provides one of the greatest comments as to the identity and the coming of the false savior when he says in the 11th chapter, verse 39 of Daniel, that the Antichrist will be a worshipper of the god of forces (red.note alternative translation, strongholds) "a god whom his fathers knew not" and that is a text that can literally be interpreted from Hebrew to mean an alien god. So, I for one believe now, all of the intel that we have been gathering, and we have literally thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of intelligence documents now so far plus what we're confirming right now, plus what the Jesuit on duty that day we were there told us and we filmed, plus what the Vatican astronomers afterward told us including interviews with Guy Consolmagno points to the astronomers on Mount Graham, and those also in Italy, and others at the Large Binocular Telescope, I know this is astonishing, I just have to say it, some people will just shake their head and think how in the world this guy believe this, but they'll have to read the full report when it's available in April, it will be difficult for them to walk away from this statement, they are using L.U.C.I.F.E.R.'s infrared technology, I believe, to study either a series a planets that once, or currently are under that powerful angel that was known as Lucifer, or, they're watching something, like an armada of objects that are moving along a trajectory towards Earth that is somehow, connected to Lucifer. And this goes back to what catholic theologian, Fr. Malachi Martin said before he died or he was murdered in 1999, when he hinted at extraterrestrial disclosure and that it was soon forthcoming, and he did that more than once, Steve you know the story, I know it, Doug and Joe you probably know it, but for those people who are listening to this show, this was in 1997, it was on Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell was interviewing Fr. Malachi Martin and he asked Martin why the Vatican was heavily invested in the study of deep space at the Mount Graham Observatory that Chris Putnam and I just visited in September. And Malachi Martin, first of all, he was uniquely qualified, he was a phenomenal polyglot, he done all kinds of top research and work for the Vatican including interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls, I mean he was not a "Johnny come lately", he was the personal secretary to Augustin Bea, the top Jesuit, so for that matter, he was a personal friend of the Pope, and when he was asked that question, by Art Bell, why is Vatican on top of Mount Graham, studying deep space, here's what Malachi Martin said. He said "because the mentality... among those [who] are at the highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know that, now, knowledge of what's going on in space and what's approaching us could be of great importance in coming years" So, and of course that was followed by subsequent interviews with Malachi talking about this mysterious something that was in the heaven, that was approaching the earth from the north some people say it might have been an oblique reference to an end times portent which is a catholic prophecy of the Great Comet, but people who are familiar with Malachi believe that he was referring to a near future arrival of alien intelligence. An interesting note, when we asked Fr. Guy Consolmagno what he thought of Malachi's claims, Consolmagno actually seemed to be upset by Malachi, and here's what he said to us: "I have heard stories about the late Malachi Martin, which make me rather suspicious of statements that come from him, I was at the Observatory in the 1990s and he never visit us, nor had anything to do with us" so that reaction you see, is very consistent to how other catholic priests despised Malachi's willingness to disclose what Rome wanted buried, especially the satanic cabala within the Jesuit order that Malachi Martin wrote about in all of his books. Well that was definitely not enduro to ruling powers, the ruling elite and I think it's critical that people understand, most people don't get whacked, assassinated, or murdered, because they're far off, because they're directly overhead, but Tom, I wanna make this clear because we haven't been on for a number of years, ladies and gentlemen, you can go look up the Cerne Abbas giant, and basically this an 180 foot tall chop figure and it's caring an 120 foot club. Why is this critical, Tom, you were talking about ? When you and I went on, I've got to make this point, I feel it's so critical, when you and I went on talking about the last multi hour shows we did, you made a statement that on a certain date we would see these giants. Now isn't it interesting, I've got a message from the people at the CERN in Switzerland, when they were opening up the portals, claiming they've seen giant faces and it scared them so when I'm saying you went on record saying by such and such a date, I don't remember it, to the day is the day, and this was in Great Britain, when multiple policemen responded to reports in the area of the Cerne Abbas Giant Now you're talking about bringing it fast forward. We are talking about a global agreement, among the most powerful people in the world to welcome Lucifer back on the planet, using all the technology of the fallen ones, all the technology of the ancient ones, and all that they're able to grasp, acquire, steal, murder for, or get in any way to make the fulfillment of the rule and reign of Lucifer on earth, pertinent and in a very timely way, and so we're there, and I would tell you this: all my sources say, what's coming in, from beyond the stars, is an armada. it's not about Planet X - though that exists - it's not about Nibiru, it's not about Gabriel's Fist, it's about this invasionary armada, and just so you know, and Tom you had it too I think on your website, but it was a tongue-in-cheek proposal for Death Star, you know it was supposed to cost a quadrillion dollars bla bla bla, it would be interesting for people to know that we have, we, the United States, has a deep space asset watching exactly that, and there are Russian and American scientists giving claims that Phobos is artificial. So we've got all of everyone, everywhere - I'm just making a blanket statement now - who is aware of what's coming upon the earth ; look, remember that famous prophecy from Obadiah ? "though you set your nest among the stars, yet will I bring you down". And I think what we see right now is whole lot of nests no longer being feathered but being dumped out and I think that the "woe unto the inhabitants of the earth" is coming and the Vatican knows it, obviously the German interests, which are nothing more than mini cases, if you will, the final Reich, the Alien-Nazi consortium and it exists so the point is that, everything you say about Mount Graham and then, the other native Americans, different tribes, what you are just discussing for Mount Graham pretty much defining it to Arizona, the same myths, the same legends, and the same expectations are throughout the entire native american culture, whether you go to north east, New England, Iroquois, everybody that's out and around the Great Lakes and further east across the desert southeast, in the Nevada, you can't get away from the giants, the alien connection and the intel, and I thought that was fascinating when you just said that a minute ago you and I got a lot of flock for the last decade, two decades, whatever, but now, everything we've talked about is pointing to, that there is great expectation, the only one as I see living in denial are people that simply don't want to embrace what you and I and others are laying out almost as irrefutable evidence that this is what they're going for! Well, sure, and I gave up trying to explain myself to anybody a long time ago, I always know any book I write, anything I say, any show I do with you or anybody else is going to send a certain community out there into a demonic frenzy once again and some even pretend to be Christians, but there's nothing you can do for them except keep doing what we do, speaking the truth, and of course, that itself, this is time of the end times, knowing that Lucifer, Satan will come down in great wrath knowing that he have but a short time, he's doing now the same thing he did when Jesus came, the Pharisees, they were trying to set Jesus up, right, they would study His words, to try to take something that He would say and take it out of context so they could trap Him and his words, but he was too smart for them and look around us right now, every single show we do, every single thing we write, there's a community out there that tries to take everything we say or do, take it out of context, try it to make sound like we're....but whatever. Jesus said that the Pharisees were from their father, the devil, he said that if they hate Me, they're gonna hate you too, so we'll just keep doing what we do, they'll keep doing what they do and one of these days the judgement seat of Christ will happen and the sheep are separated from the goats. There is a mass, or something moving towards Earth, with a definite arrival destination. And I believe it can only be seen using L.U.C.I.F.E.R.-like infrared technology, this is where a great deal of our research is gonna point. It's been monitored from Mount Graham, and by the way, Steve, it rings really true what I was told from Phobos (red.note family friend), remember him, I don't get talk to him no more, for reasons I can't explain, I haven't actually, for a few years, but years before this infrared technology was brought to Mount Graham in the form of the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device remember, and this, a couple of years before a Vatican spokesperson started talking so much about our space "brothers" he has said "when you see the Vatican start talking about this, know that the clock is ticking down". Remember you and I did shows decades ago talking about that (Steve confirms) and also right after Consolmagno put out his little booklet talking about our space "brothers", Fr. Funace at end of the media, talking about the space our "brothers", but, at the same time, before infrared technology came to Mount Graham in the form of the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device, Phobos had told me something that I have been speculating about in the book "The Ahriman Gate", this is written in 2005, so it was years before L.U.C.I.F.E.R. went to Mount Graham. What you inferred was, the governments of the world were secretly using infrared to monitor a hidden UFO armada part beyond view of our normal telescopes, so I wrote about that, you can read about that, it's like page 180 thru 250 or whatever it is of "The Ahriman Gate", where I put in a fictional account but exactly what Phobos had tod me, well now it turns out, that the information I received from him and used as an outline in "The Ahriman Gate" might have been truer and way ahead of what I understood at the time, and furthermore, that now it seems to be set to start unfolding in the year 2013. The bottom line is this, so I can get past this point, I'm looking at the clock otherwise we're gonna get a break in just a moment We intend to provide files, images, over 20 hours of audio interviews with leading experts, private pdfs sent to us from Vatican astronomers, even video that will more than suggest that Rome is paving the way for an imminent, widespread acceptance of an alien saviour, and there's reasons why they are doing that, that is beyond their control. They also believe it's gonna lead the masses to believe that God is gonna use these extraterrestrials in a way that He used them once before, in other words, they're interpreting them like we would think of His angels, or His agents in creation. And according to the Vatican's top theologians, this is gonna be presented in a way that it doesn't immediately require us to explicitly renounce our faith in God, but it is going to require a radical reinterpretation of Christianity, as somehow this information is presented, it's also going to be useful for establishing a global system, and religion, another goal that Vatican has emphasized lately or as one of our consultants wrote, "the ripple effect is going to eliminate a discernable obstacle to articulating a global religion that honors the cosmologies of all faiths, united, as they are in the reality of an extraterrestrial influence" Wow. "Little kid behind the classroom", kinda diminutive, raising my hand, Mr. Horn, just to be clear here, We are facing, I guess anyway a massive deception, that's being planned, is that a fair statement, I guess ? In other words, what are the people of the world about to see, about to witness ? Is a False Coming, perhaps ? Or a False Second Coming ? Or is that too simplistic of an explanation ? Doug no, this is absolutely what we're talking about. It will be part of a... I'm sorry, Tom, I didn't mean to talk over you, it's part of the Great Deception, the word "Antichrist" means "in place of", it doesn't mean "against". So the bottom line, what the Vatican is doing, is shoehorning the idea that number one, the aliens can be redeemed, and number two, they're going to spring at the right moment the fact that God is an alien power that Jesus was either a hologram or a genetically altered super-alien that came to save us, and THAT'S THE ULTIMATE DECEPTION, Doug, it's not a false Rapture or anything, it is basically the total deception. Jesus made it easy when He said this "I came here, you receive Me not, another will come claiming to be Me, him you will receive" So, it's going to be "in place of", not "out of place", in other words, they're going to substitute the alien god for the real God and people are gonna be deceived by it. Is that accurate, Tom ? That's accurate, and furthermore, if people wanna google just stuff, just type in Funace's name, type in "space brothers"... We want the... Vatican is openly saying, thru its mouthpieces, right now, in which there is saying that not only that aliens exist, but they might be closer to God than we are, morally superior to us and they will be here to evangelize us, to show us a better way. That's the reason why the Vatican's top theologians are saying, that we won't immediately have to renounce our faith in God, but once we understand the gospel as they do, since they're closer to God than we are. We fell, they didn't they're morally superior to us, they're gonna show us a better way, a clearer way, and they're gonna be lead by some type of a leader who will, I guess, be held up as the "saviour" persona. There's a doctrine we won't go into, but it's called "many Christs", and this is very popular to the Vatican's astrobiologists right now, the idea that Christ may have been manifested in many ways, on many different worlds, to all kinds of intelligent beings, but those who haven't fallen have remained fully in His grace, they're not fallen like we are, they're unfallen, they're superior to us, morally and spiritually, and they're the evangelists coming to the earth, to show us poor, dumb, stupid, lost earthlings a better way to get to God and they'll be doing that thru their champion. That's exactly what they are saying, and it isn't just the documents we received and the interviews that we've done, you can google this and read this stuff yourself, it's exactly what they're saying, it's the Great Deception and it is imminent! Yeah, you're exactly right, you can just look today at Fox News, there's a headline "Tom Cruise thinks he's on a planet to fight aliens", according to his book, where he says that "the aliens are gonna come to protect humanity from those that are bent on destroying this planet" I mean, this is from a headline from today. You, before you get started, I just wanna say this, on my left side I've got Steve's book "Giants", and on my right I have two of Tom Horn's books, including "Petrus Romanus" and "Apollyon Rising" and you know what, gentlemen, is amazing how seamless these books are, it's almost like you folks collaborated, Steve and Tom, it's just amazing, you talk about this, I actually got chills when you were talking about the giants at the Mount Graham, it's just amazing, So, folks, look, we're not in the business of talking books, but I would say this: you'd be doing yourself a favor for your information to grab Mr. Horn's works, as well as Steve Quayle's works, because what a great amount of information you'll learn! But glad to have you both with us, I don't wanna take anymore of your time, so Mr. Horn, the floor is yours! Well, I was only going to say, as I thought we were transitioning there at the top at the hour that I think it's gonna be difficult, for anybody, to survey our final report in April, and by the way, it will be in a book called "Exo-Vaticana" and the reason is quite simple, you can't go over five or six hundred pages of information and do it as coherently when you're on the radio, at least I can't, I'm not that articulate, I have to sit down, I write different and I think different when I'm writing and I'm doing that type of research but I hope we have it done in April, and I'm telling you, I guarantee you, that nobody will read that, and further doubt that someone or something is operating, right now, outside the average man's purview and in league with at least some of the world's elite and smack-dab in the middle of that conspiracy is not only NASA and other aeronautic and space administrations, like the European Space Agency, but the Vatican and in some ways, that makes perfect sense really, I mean official disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence and habitable alien worlds, which by the way it's likely to be announced in this year, in 2013 according to scientists like Abel Mendez who runs the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who wrote an article just last week saying it's going to be announced in 2013 and it's going to have a profound effect on humanity. So, this isn't just Tom Horn, this is experts in this field, that are now admitting this, and it is going to have a profound effect on humanity that's going to be true psychologically and spiritually, and due to the nature of man, why is the Vatican involved ? Because most of the world's people are going to be looking for traditional religious leaders to put the revelation of exoworlds and aliens in the context. Well, as the most powerful church on Earth, with it's own diplomatic chore of ambassadors, posted throughout the industrialized nations of the world, The Vatican is not only uniquely positioned, but as we intend to show, they've been actively preparing for this moment. In fact, you can go back even a decade, according to Msgr. Corrado Balducci, who during his life was an exorcist for the Vatican, he was a theologian for the Vatican, he was a member of the Vatican Curia, that's the governing body of Rome, but he was also the official mouthpiece of the church concerning the reality, not speculation, the reality of aliens and not the reality of aliens someday discovered, but the reality of aliens on earth now. And the Vatican, he said, was closely following the alien presence on Earth now, and this is accordingly to their own spokesman, using its embassies around the world to quieltly compile material evidence on the extraterrestrials and their mission and the Vatican - well he died a few years ago - but the Vatican has never refuted that revelation from Balducci, and in fact in further evidence of the covert research, in 1976 - Steve, remember there was high profiled attorney by the name of Daniel Sheehan, remember him ? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, Harvard, government law, degrees in government law, he was a legal counsel on a lot of famous cases - the Karen Silkwood case, the Iran-Contra affair, Three Mile Island, Watergate - so this guy was really high profile in fact, he got funds from Laurance Rockefeller, he was the attorney that represented John Mack when Mack was about to lose his position in the University, his tenure, because he was talking about people who were abducted by aliens, and it was Sheehan that represented him and kept him from losing his position over there, but Sheehan was the one, he tried to crack open the secret UFO files that are being held in the vaults of the Vatican library now, if anybody should have been able to access these files, it would have been Sheehan because in addition to his impressive legal profession he was the General Counsel to the United States Jesuit Headquarters in Washington DC, and furthermore, he made the request to the Vatican for the Vatican's secret files and when he did he made the request at the hest of the United States government and at the behest of the President of the United States at that time, President Jimmy Carter, 1977 and Carter had asked to have the information regarding the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence of the UFO phenomenon that was been kept in the vaults of the Vatican, made known to the President, not to the public, but just to the President, and so agents of the Government asked Sheehan as the General Counsel of the United States Jesuit Headquarters at the national office in Washington DC, whether or not he can get access to that section of the Vatican Library in Rome, that contained information on extraterrestrial intelligence and UFO phenomenon, so Sheehan, he goes to Fr. Bill Davis who was the director of the national office of the Jesuits in DC at that time, if he could follow that process, make an official request thru the Jesuit Headquarters, and he got permission from Bill Davis, official approval, and so he undertook the process, and you can still hear, I think, some of the radio shows and stuff that Sheehan did at the time, when he talked about the whole process, how surprised he was and how surprised Fr. Davis was that not even they would be allowed to put their eyes on the secret information that the Vatican had on the alien agenda on Earth now, not just some day maybe, on Earth now, in that part of the Vatican Library. And so, they were so surprised they sent the request the second time and they sent it directly to the Jesuit that was the head of the Vatican Library, and explained to him, that in case he didn't get it the first time, this was an official request from the Jesuit Headquarters in Washington DC, it was an official request from the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress, it was a personal request of the President of the United States, and the United States Congress, who wanted to purview that information and they were certain, right, that under some set of circumstances these files would be made available, and they were flatly turned down by the Vatican, they were told "Absolutely not, nobody is allowed to look at this information" By the way, if you don't have information, you don't turn down letting somebody like that look at it, you just simply tell them it doesn't exist, it's a figment of your imagination, is not what they were told, they were told, "it exists, you're not seeing it, ever". So there's a lot of evidence to support what Balducci was claiming, and that is the Vatican was using its amazing resources around the world to gather intelligence information on what was going on, on Earth, right now. By the way, you mentioned, a little earlier, Steve, you mentioned Alaska, at some point during the show, I wanna give you an update on an investigation that you and I did some years ago that happened to kinda turn around and come back into the picture a little more recently. Well, I think this is going the way it's supposed to go and I wanna share something, Tom, that I think it is critical, you put it up on your website, I put it up on my website, the story that cone head skulls have been found in Mexico, and the claim that was done by parents, let me tell you something, I've had guys that were the best anatomical sculptors in the world, and forensic guys and when they rebuilt that cone head skull that we show in the article for Mexico, there's no way that's headbinding. In Montana we have the flathead Indians, you can deform a skull, but you cannot change the eye sockets, the jaw sockets, nor the cranial mass, in other words, you can change the shape of something, but it's fascinating, because these go back directly into the time period that David Flynn used to write about in the "Menaphos Table of Kings" prior to the creation of Adam and Eve and the lizard-like, if you never seen the pictures of Quetzalcoatl,[...] and you touch on this too, the alien serpent race, this is identical to the face reconstructed of [...] the only known artist conceptions, even from 1500s described to those guys...you know, sketches and stuff, but in no way is that headbinding, and that's probably the most in your face, present excavation of aliens, and the bottom line, in Mexico, when you look at all the great pyramids and what went on on them, the whole bottom line, the aztec, incan, and mayan culture is that they were started by aliens, they were built by aliens, and all the blood sacrifice was just basically a day at the lunch counter for the aliens that basically were able to stay out or stay in control thru the technology they have, the reason that's critical, is because that same thing now is turning up I'll be sending you Tom - in a form I can send it, I just got it recently - actual petroglyphs that people have not seen from the desert southwest that are so amazingly clear in showing that they're aliens, there's nothing human about them, not just the size, but the shape of the head is identical, and these things supposedly go back 2000-4000 years. Here's the thing, we all are familiar probably with the Smithsonian giant cover-up, we live in a period of time now where more and more is becoming impossible for the powers that be to do what the Smithsonian did, we have people that go out and they dig in those burial mounds and get those giants that the Indians had talked about, and they get the bones, and they take them in, to hide them from Smithsonian or any other organization that is seeking to try to control man's idea about Earth, and Earth history, and the date of the Earth, and to try to make the world believe that the idea of giants is something more than mythology, but now with Google Earth and satellites that armchair astronomers can set - in fact there was an article, I don't remember the headline, but it was on RaidersNewsUpdate.com where something like 42 new alien worlds were just discovered by armchair astronomers, so more and more is getting impossible for the powers that be to control the flow of this information and the discovery of this information, and we know this, first of all, that they existed, there would be evidence of them that they existed, we also are increasingly of the persuasion that they exist on Earth now, I'm talking about living and breathing Yes and furthermore, we know, if you believe the Bible, if you're a biblical literalist, like I am, we know that the Bible predicted that the endtimes this would be one of the signs of the times, the return, on earth, of the Nephilim The ancient Hebrews that translated the Septuagint in the greek understood that the prophet Isaiah, in chapter 13-14 of Isaiah, that he was predicting the return of the giants with monsters, at the advent of the destruction of Babylon, which for some it still to happen, in the final age and you and I have quoted and talked about that verse before, from Isaiah 13 "2 [..]open the gates, ye rulers 3 I give command and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill my wrath" The 16th chapter of the Book of Enoch writes about the deceased offspring of the watchers, the spirits of the giants, the Nephilim as being released at the end of time to bring slaughter and destruction upon the man this comes to pass, as part of "God's day", of the Lord, or his Great Tribulation, when Satan and his angels punish the unbelieving world before they are resigned to the pit that particular prophecy mirrors Isaiah, it mirrors the apocryphal works, that indicate there would be a future date in which Watchers will rise for Judgement, but the spirits of their giant offspring, ahead of that, are going to be re-manifested upon earth to wreak havoc upon the earth. The Book of Jubilees, an ancient Jewish religious work talks about this. What other texts... To answer this... you quoted a few times in a lot of what you've written that "your women will give birth to monsters" That's actually a verse that you turned me on to, some years ago Well we both got it and I forget who, but here's the thing, you're saying in a nutshell, and, ladies and gentlemen, it is kinda funny in there, you see in real time, the parallels, this could not be orchestrated by anyone else than the Holy Spirit. Just as the evil presence on the earth, God is being faithful raising up men and women giving them the understanding that was sealed in Daniel's day but it's being opened and the thing that even Sir Isaac Newton talked about, and Dave Flynn was the first fruit having stood upon the shoulders of a giant, the first to crack Newton's call.., a code, excuse me, and then he went home to be with the Lord and now there are others who are being given insights and it's for this, it's because Jesus loves His children, He loves His people, He loves His creation, and there is a war of intergalactic proportions. Tom, I was told 3 years ago, just to put this into context, and we talked, so I think you know what I referring to, and then, in part, is that there was an attempt to break thru, literally, the things that we have in deep, deep space, by an armada, and it was an advanced scouting party, and they were stopped and interesting, I was told that, maybe intentionally, must have been intentionally, now when I broadcasted on the radio and some of you remember the broadcast, it wasn't a fake war of the worlds, it was a real time war of the worlds where I said a certain group of MMV ("mighty men of valor") have been told to stand down. Well those guys who control the entities that are coming, or at least in communication, took that as mean that they have a fair rule and run of the planet, so God is still stopping them, and because of that statement, I guess that a trap was layed and, again, people have a hard time wrapping their brains around this stuff, and I understand, you know, it is so out of bounds of what we've been told but in the world that they live in, what they talk of, is the core reality, and what we live in is the illusory world of lies, bloody lies and extreme lies, i wanna use the other word, but that's where we live but the thing that you've been saying and I've been saying the longest is that we are now at the time where this is going by the book, in a very progressive and an accelerated rate, and when you've got - how many Catholics are there ? And this is not catholic bashing, they're about a billion and a half people that are Catholics and I don't think they understand that they're gonna be in, the traditional Catholics versus those who are gonna be swayed to accept the alien god, and I think that the time has come where you know, people, I don't care what, where they claim they come from, when I say that, whatever tradition or religious background, they've gotta get it right with Jesus, because the deception is going to be so great, I'm getting emails "is this the Great Deception that Jesus talked about ?".. Hello, yes, it is. Well, and while the Vatican is going to be the biggest duck in the puddle, with upcoming responsibility for controlling the flow of disclosure information for the worlds religious communities, they're certainly not alone among our consulting academia, for instance, there are astronomers who are working to pinpoint the alien homebases this is part of what's a real mystery for us right now, and they're searching for what they call Dyson spheres, they're searching for large, artificial structures but some of these are being funded, some of the most news-worthy once that they are searching for Dyson spheres, they're funded, in large part, by the Templeton Foundation whom you and I talked about before, a filantropic organisation that's interested in genetics and they're interested in very alien sounding transhumanist aspirations as the path towards hybridizing humanity to post humans. The Templeton Foundation, I think we talked about this, I'm not gonna get into, they're the ones that have been funding this series of lectures over at the Arizona State University, we're back to Arizona again, right ? "Facing the Challenges of Transhumanism, Religion, Science and Technology", that's the name of the series but that lead in 2009, to a second project at A.S.U, called "The Sophia Project", named after the Greek goddess Sophia because Sophia helps us make contact with them and the express purpose of the Sophia project, according to the A.S.U. website, is to verify communication with, and to contact otherworldy entities, extraterrestrials or universal intelligence and God, that's right off their website. Now, there's another university, that we expect to be involved in the cover up of the when I say "alien", you can just insert the word "demon" or "demonic" but to use their language, the cover up of the alien presence, artefacts and/or mysterious technology and this university is Penn State, or at least one of it's well known lecturers and this is the story that goes back to 2005, so how long goes that, 8 years ago, you and I were doing the series of "The Q Files" shows and suddenly, a story shot across the www of a giant leviathan type creature, that had been discovered in the polar ice of Franz Josef land and this colossal being was described as having horns that were immense in dimension, that protruded from, incredible length, the body was covered with fur, body like armor like an armadillo, that protected his joints and hilts. You and I at the time, sort of investigating the story that week, including analyzing the audio files and the video files, remember this ? Yes I do, now, I have completely spaced it out, but now you bring it up, goodness I forgot about that! Well this story has been live all of the sudden, back then you and I, actually not you and I, you tracked down the helicopter pilot that has flown over and filmed the Leviathan video, and according to the pilot, Sony has created this docudrama hoax, in order to virally promote the release of the new PS2 game, called "Shadow of the Colossus", remember ? Absolutely, and I did Louie talked about pilot, Ya, and you reported the discussion with the pilot to George Noory on "Coast to Coast AM" that same week, but before the whole thing was put to rest, other evidence has been unearthed by a couple of people working for me at Raiders News Network that suggest that maybe all of us had only scratched the surface of what it was really a much deeper mystery or a "bait and switch" that was designed to throw people off the trail of the legitimate recovery effort at or near the Franz Josef site. Well among the most interesting and potentially telling pieces of that puzzle, was a senior lecturer in anthropology in American Studies at the Penn State University, by the name of P. J. Capelotti. Just before the so-called hoax, days before, before the hoax was perpetrated, this professor had been conducting archeological studies at Franz Joseph land, and then, and then this is really important to note this, he followed his research of the site by immediately advocating to the United Nations the need to establish international laws and treaties, and this is to quote him, "to preserve alien artefacts" Now here's a quote from what he wrote at that time, this is written for, and I can send the link to people at once, to go and read this for themselves, it was one of like in "Archeology Today", I still have the link in my computer here's what he wrote: "The late biochemist and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once speculated that the galaxy may contain 325 million planets with traces of civilizations in ruins. Perhaps our astronomers and their stations are hearing only static thru their radiotelescopes because they are in effect listening for a message from the extraterrestrial equivalent of the ancient Maya or the Sumerians , dead civilizations that can speak to us now only thru archeology. Constructing a catalogue of visual signatures of advanced civilisations will some day be within the province of aerospace archeology, and with the potential cultural resource database of 325 million planets with civilizations in ruins there sure is a lot of field work to do out there" That's what he wrote, right on the heels of whatever he was doing in Franz Josef land. Well at the time, that raised a really big question in my mind, Whether Capelotti's team has discovered something in Franz Josef land and/or a nearby expedition site needing international protection, something that would correspond to artificial remains, elsewhere in the galaxy as he was referring to, that would also need international protection, something that could even be big enough to employ Sony or somebody like that to concoct a cover up. Well the question was, back then, was the helicopter pilot paid off or threatened against admitting the truth of what he actually filmed ? As you know, Steve, as extraordinary as that sound, history has shown over and over again how governments participate in scenarios like that, I mean look at the ridiculous Roswell weather balloon cover up story and they threatened people's families, and when you're being told "Here's the story, this is what you say, otherwise people you care a whole lot about can be hurt very bad", you know, you just go along with the story, right ? But there's an intriguing aspect of this 2005 case that turned up more recently, and like the pro-transhumanist Templeton Foundation's funding to locate Dyson spheres and otherworldly entities and extraterrestrials in order to promote the alien hybrid izing of man, Capelotti more recently seems to be coming away from the very Franz Josef land findings with the belief that aerospace archeology is somehow connected with the next step in human evolution. Now there's two things I wanna tell you: first of all, and they removed it, they removed the Penn State personal webserver entry by him, but I tracked it down to an aerospace archeology wiki, which is still online, and this is what Capelotti wrote, this is what he said more recently "I prefer the term aerospace archeology for no other reason that it includes the study of sites which I believe will become increasingly important to the study of modern man as technological possibilities continue their course of altering the possibility of human evolution." I read that and I thought, what in the world, what type of technology could Capelotti's team have recovered ? In Franz Josef land, that convinced him that, number one, man's evolution is going to be altered via aerospace technology, and secondly, that international laws and treaties need to be established to preserve alien artefacts. Well, following your and mine 2005 investigation, Capelotti wrote a book called "The Human Archeology of Space: Lunar, Planetary and Interstellar Relics of Exploration", it was published by MacFarland Publishing, in which he discusses the very same "Shadow of the Colossus" Leviathan conspiracy that you and I investigated, and furthermore, he quotes me and you! He admits that at the time, he made two voyages to the North Pole, on board of the Russian icebreaker Yamal and here's what he says "During the voyage, as we returned from the Pole, we landed by helicopter on Rudolf island in Franz Josef land" Capelotti then describes his team excursion to the site - get this! - to examine the remains of an enormous spacecraft. Now, he then goes on to claim that the enormous spacecraft was a soviet TB-3 bomber whose presence the Soviet Union was also trying to bury as deeply as possible, in fact, if you read his book, the more you read, the more questions it raises about why in the world would the Soviet Union be so concerned with burying the fact that they had a crashed bomber out there, but why surveying a crashed airplane could be described as needing international laws and treaties to preserve alien artefacts ? Why would it be described as an "enormous spacecraft" and how and why would it have the power to alter humanity via aerospace archeology ? Nothing in these paragraphs he writes, but then he actually takes several pages, not only to talk about the "Shadow of the Colossus" Leviathan conspiracy, but he starts naming our research, he talks about, here's a quote "this aerospace archeology taken up as a central element of an argument for the presence of artefacts of extraterrestrial intelligence here on Earth" in a series of articles called "Stargates, Ancient Rituals and Those Invited Thru the Portal", remember that series, Steve ? Yes, that was the one that was so phenomenal by how many times it was downloaded across the world Ya, but it was all me and you and "The Q-Files" shows, anyway was posted on, I think it might have been posted on your site, it was posted on RaidersNewsUpdate.com and he goes on to talk on how we speculated that it was the disbelievers that were being conned in this case by a "specially created hoax that was in fact part of a larger cosmic conspiracy, involving, you guessed it, me", that's an exact quote, but after republishing this large part of our investigation in his "Archeology of Space and Interstellar Relics" work, Capelotti then, repeats his claim "nothing otherworldly was discovered in Franz Josef land", but he does so once again without explaining how can a crashed soviet airplane lead to the next step in human evolution, nor why following whatever was discovered in the Arctic Ocean north of Russia that has provoked his immediate advocacy of international treaties to preserve alien artefacts, so is quite amazing, isn't it ? Right, and let's tell people where Franz Josef land is, it's basically directly north of the Barings Sea, if you go to Scandinavia, the top of Sweden, you just go due north and due east, but here's something interesting, it's very close to Svalbard, I mean that's the closest area, in Svalbard, where the globalists have that seed bank, remember that, Tom ? Right, absolutely. So the question is, ok, is there something in Svalbard too ? Look, here's the deal: everybody that I know and I talked to who's in that world of ultra Black Hawk has made mention of the Death Star actually, here in communication, people, I haven't, Death Star is not like the Star Wars but the very thing people are mocking, you and I have done just a lot of hours of trying to get the people understand this, but it's like the Black Sea artefact that was sending out signals, it's like the crystal pyramid of the Bermuda Triangle, the thing that people have got to understand is the true reality versus the false reality, the core reality, stargates and everything Tom and I talked about, that's why the iPads, the iPods, the iPhones, the iMax and everything else that's designed to entertain us. Critical thinking has been subdued by entertainment and sub-harmonic mind control. And so what we have right now is we have a breaking forth of relics, we have a breaking forth of real revelation and I tell people, Tom, if they'll do their own homework, after you and I go on a show, obviously, everybody else will say "I think those guys are crazy", well you can think we're crazy but we spent the majority of both our lives investigating this stuff and the mouth of two or three thousand witnesses, maybe there's something there to get your attention, my attention, our attention, and now with what you guys found out at Mount Graham it blew my mind and provoked me to go further and I thank God for that, because it seems like whenever you do something that you're doing, it triggers me, or I'm doing something it triggers in you, meaning it brings us into a realm that God says "It's time, guys. I want you to reveal this to My people". Why ? So they're not deceived, so they're not destroyed, and so they're not, lead away captive by demons, doctrines of demons and fallen angels. And that's about it in a nutshell, to describe why most people simply are there too tuned in to the mind control, to do any critical thinking on their own, and while they do that, they've abdicated their duty to be constantly vigilant, and standing guard or standing up for the truth. I can tell you this, that the Christians are going to have all their paradigm shaken unless they seek the Lord, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what we're talking about to them, and you know that we can do the best we can, but I really want you, if you would, if you would just explain the faking, on how the transition is going to be made, at first, you know, it won't be necessary to deny your faith, but at some point everything changes, and then people are going to be not only commanded but actually forced either comply or die. And that's when it becomes let's say this dicey beyond the theoretical. Ya, well, and just before I do that, did you, if you've been reading this series as we published, did you see where Guy Consolmagno used the example of the Nephilim to draw a parallel to the type of alien saviours that might come to the earth, did you see that? Yes He sent us a 70 page private pdf, outlining the Vatican's highest thinkers on this issue including himself, and that was one of the examples that the [...] , which I found to be absolutely astonishing, and especially when he refers to Jesus as someone that we might think of as a child, of one of these other races, which instantly, my question back was "really ? What are you suggesting ? that the impregnation of Mary - which is something very sacred to Catholics - that thing was an alien abduction phenomenon ?!". Right ? It's exactly what it sounds like he was saying, anyway, it reminded me, of another investigation that you and I did a decade ago, in 2003, when archeologists discovered a magnetic anomaly in the ground where the Euphrates rives once float and it turned out to be, remember this, according to the archeologist, it was the last tomb of king Gilgamesh, the leader and ruler of Sumeria. and share with people who.... Gilgamesh was also half man and half god, and I can tell you this, that when that was found, I was in contact with a group of people, that their sole goal for our government is to secure that DNA, and by the way, it was real, and the whole purpose of the Iraqi invasion wasn't weapons of mass destruction, they really did, Tom, pilfer, what Saddam Hussein has amassed, throughout all the excavations in Iraq, which obviously is Babylon, so it was interesting, one general told me point blank, he told me this, one on one, not thru anything, but he said it to me, he said "Steve, everything in the world of black ops is either to secure antiquities and keep it from coming into the light or to acquire the weaponry and the technology to integrate in our battle plan". And some said we can't just take that.. That's right, and if anyone doubts that the tomb of Gilgamesh was found and if that's a story that we didn't have our backs on right they can email me, I can send them the stories from that time, they're still online, the Syrian International News Agency, ABC News, the BBC, I mean these were mainstream news agencies that were covering that story. We found the tomb of Gilgamesh, of course, why is that important, because in the Bible, this was Nimrod, and in the New Testament, this is the same personality that is described as the Antichrist: "He that was, and is not, and yet shall be", this is the Antichrist, the son of perdition, Apollyon, Apollo, as he was known to the Greeks, Nimrod in the Bible, Gilgamesh to the ancient Sumerians, but this is the same personality or Antichrist spirit that's going to rise up again in the endtimes, so you gotta know, that in high intelligence, in our governments, they're fully aware of these prophecies, and when somebody says "we have found the legendary tomb of king Gilgamesh", well, guess what, a few seconds later, you've got american troops surrounding the location, but now, here's another thing, that at the time I didn't think about, but I thought about it since. It's interesting, isn't it, that's the same location, that discovery is the same location that is mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapter 9, when John describes the bottomless pit opening up, the gateway to the underworld, Rev. 9, located near the Euphrates or ancient Babylon, so that's where they said they discovered this tomb, or this opening, this Gilgamesh thing and whatever the case was, within hours of the find, the U.S. Military they go in, they set up a barrier around the site, they remove whatever is there, they secret it away to places unknown, and the media, that it all been set to cover the Gilgamesh finding, suddenly find themselves without any kind of a story and in the dark. Now, according to Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval in their book "Message of the Sphinx", at the same time, the US and Egyptian government block independent investigations around the Sphinx of Gizeh. Why would they have done that ? You know, the Great Sphinx, this is where, some believe, there is Hall of Records. I don't know if that's true or not, but some people believe, and of course, it was the psychic Edgar Cayce I think that got a lot of people excited about that, but there are some very ancient works too, that also talk about how there might be this library containing the lost knowledge of the Egyptians on papyrus scrolls the history of the lost continent of Atlantis or whatever it is buried there, but it just shows the pattern is consistent over and over again. All this follows a very consistent protocol, in fact in research for "Exo-Vaticana" we tracked down a forgotten report by the Brookings Institution, the number one policy think-tank in the world, that has contributors in every field of science, industry, philosophy and religion, and they published a secret report in the 1960s, we're gonna give this report for free when the book comes out, but they published this report for the Committee of Long Range Studies of the NASA in which they argued in favor of NASA and other national agencies, doing exactly what Capelotti and all these other people have argued for, and that is withholding from the public knowledge or evidence of alien artefacts. And the Brookings Institution, they speculate the reason for withholding it, is because, well, they thought it was going to completely upset the balance of society if it wasn't introduced in the right way and the right times. And what's also very interesting, is that they were particularly concerned with fundamentalist Christians. In fact I think they had Steve Quayle in mind because when you read their secret report, they talk about how fundamentalist Christians might react to and even define the issue through broadcast and print media, and they were very concerned about that, and as such, they said these institutions ought to be infiltrated and gradually steered toward a particular mindset which the government could then favor in terms of deciding when disclosure would be made. So, evidently, this was working with some of the Vatican astronomers, and I don't think it's working at all with Steve Quayle [laughs] Well I gotta tell you something, I thought it was interesting when, in their long list of crimes for the common man, even believing in pre-Adam showed up on someone's list of terrorist activities, don't you find that interesting ? That's very interesting, yeah. Yeah, very interesting. You know, here's a thing: the truth will always be persecuted by the lying devils that seem to inhabit academia, the government, politics, but even the Pentagon refers the gods of Sumerians and I've said on open broadcast, the last 10 years, you guys, me, [...] the gods of the Sumerians with little g, but when you deal with the God of Heaven, and the God of Heaven who is literally the Lord of Hosts, and the General of the Hosts of Heaven, I think they have a battle in mind that they're not prepared to win, they will try. My general friend told me this, he said "Steve, all our weapons, technology, ancient and contemporary - a composite of ancient with what we know now - is all designed for one purpose, and that is: Satan and his minions, and his willing dupes and the Illuminati and the industrials, all believe literally, Tom, that they can make war on God." And that's what Armageddon or Har-Megiddo is the battle of Armageddon, that's not just, you know, everybody who's got an attitude problem about failing currency, that's literally when the kings of the earth, in total rebellion to the King of Glory they go one to one and God says "Take your best shot", and in one day, the day of Lord's wrath, they don't stand, but until that time, the people of God have to wake up and have got to realize that the deception will be so great that unless they are actively, and with all their hearts, seeking God, His direction, His guidance, His discernment, there's so little lack of discernment or there is so little discernment in that which professes call itself The Church, that I mean, they can dance, they can put the devil in a tutu and everybody would think that this is some new rock star and coming on the scene, everybody worship him, I'm not kidding, I know that's a bit silly but look, we've seen stuff even more brazen, we have all of Hollywood pretty much, who are of the idea that you know, if they wanna have fame and rich and have all the good times they can have then they've gotta sell their souls to the Devil - you go on youtube and see probably ten of the most famous, rich, rock stars of the world openly talking about worshipping Lucifer, worshipping Satan. Lady Gaga openly exposes herself, and I don't mean just a poor choice of wardrobe, but she openly exposes herself to some of the darkest, most profane, manifestations of psychic and occultic power that's ever been seen in rock' n' roll, and the world goes after her, and gives her whole adoration, and she's talking about, you know, doing things with dead bodies and everything else, I don't wanna go there, but this is the appetite, these are the doctrines of demons, this is the deception, this is the Great Deception and unless people understand that it is the invisible realm... By the way, everything under Gizeh, the Gizeh plateau, is not what's above ground, it's what's underground, I actually talked to the man, and the military guy who oversaw the giant sarcophaguses that were starting to float out when one of the chambers ruptured dues to an earthquake or something, something flooded the Hall of Giants, we talk about the Hall of Records, and he said "Steve, imagine yourself going in to giant sarcophaguses that are 18 and 24 feet tall." I get an email from a guy in India who's a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force, and he shows me the tomb of somebody in India that's 24 feet long. People just can't imagine, well some people that supposedly go on Coast to Coast are Christians and claim that Goliath was just 7 feet tall, good luck! The bottom is line is a weaver's beam was towered in 6 feet, and the thing that's interesting to me is that all the records are was 18 feet, but the native american legends, and let me just give a little tidbit, it's blowing my mind, they are literally, I've never seen, and I'm gonna be publishing this soon, so many eyewitness accounts, multi-tribal accounts, multi geographic position accounts, of entities that are 60, 40, 50, 80 feet tall. And you know, it's amazing cause we have the legend of Paul Bunyan, and that's nothing compared to what the native Americans know, and so, I think it's fascinating that we're talking about the end of the galaxy, we're talking about exoplanets, we're talking about exobiotic entities, we're talking about all this stuff, and yet we are surrounded by signs, we're surrounded by evidence, we're surrounded even by rock formations, geoglyphs, petroglyphs, and everything, all are telling the same story and by the way, the native Americans understood how to work the stargates. Remember the little Cocopelli and I may not be pronouncing his name right, but the little figure kind of a desert dancer, some people call it a devil dancer, with a little lute ? Lute is that controls the gates. I don't know the pitch, I don't know what it takes, but that syncs up to what I've been told by the people who basically control the stuff that goes bump in the night. If I can interject the question here, to either Steve or Tom, It's interesting and I've got a couple of levels here, and this is back to what you said earlier, this is from Dwayne who's listening actually live, we're being simulcast to other station on Pacific Northwest KWAX, either one. To put this in perspective, are you gentlemen saying that there are aliens on Earth today that could be connected to the Illuminati or part of the Illuminati, if not in practicality, not in theory, but in practicality, that believe that they're the offspring of alien life and they're waiting on the return of their ancestors ? Or, no I'm not sure, I truncated that question, I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I guess in my mind that this is the question: are there people in power, across the world, the Illuminati,[...] who believe that they are in fact the descendants of the alien forms which you refer to, so when the aliens come back, or when this alien presence makes itself known, will they going to reclaim their power, they're gonna say that "we're part of this bloodline of Jesus, we're part of the messiah and you should worship us" type of thing ? Does that makes sense to you ? I mean... or did I lose you guys ? You wanna answer, Tom ? I mean I'll answer after you answer or, you know, one of us. I thought I heard this was going into a commercial, that's why I hesitated, look, there are, if you read Nick Redfern's book "The final event" (red.note "Final Events") or whatever was called, he talks about "The Collins Elite", and this is a group of individuals that are ex-government personalities, that have basically a Christian worldview, that have studied the UFO phenomenon and they believe that it is demonic in nature, that it is leading towards deception, in fact I'm supposed to sit down with a member of The Collins Elite and we're gonna be talking about that too in our research, but I asked Nick Pope, the former director of the military defense out of Britain who ran their UFO investigation department for many years, I asked him if he was familiar with The Collins Elite that Redfern talks about and whether there was anything in the United Kingdom like that, and I'm gonna publish what he told me in the book, it's too much for me to cite right here right now, but he assured me that there is, among the aristocracy, in Britain, certainly, members who are occultists and that very much believe that they are descendants from a reptilian race. Now that sounds just unbelievable, right ? We think we're talking now about David Icke or something, but there are people, they do believe this, they do believe they are of a particular bloodline, and they are very much committed to an occultic world view regarding UFOs and aliens, and I'm gonna tell you something else, that I've never said this on radio before: one of the biggest secrets in the upcoming book, "Exo-Vaticana" actually has to do with part of my family. It's a secret that I kept buried my entire adult life. It's remained sealed partly due to a binding agreement and a settlement between members of my family and state and federal investigators. Part of this has to do with a family member who was a nuclear physicist with the uppermost security clearance, doing research into nuclear and biological warfare at General Atomics, in San Diego, California. And at one point he was transferred from General Atomics to Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico, where he was involved with a top secret project, the details of which at that time we were oblivious to. Of course that's the same facility that was founded during World War II as a covert laboratory to coordinate the Manhattan Project, right, the Allied undertaking to develop the first nuclear weapons, but more sinisterly, that site's been connected to alleged secret alien underground facilities beneath the Archuleta Mesa, on the New Mexico border near Dulce, to genetic experiments on humans, to UFOs, even to five alien bodies, extraterrestrial biological entities that were recovered, according to the story, in 1947, from Roswell and were purportedly sent to a safe house near Los Alamos. In any case, it was during this time while this member of my family was conducting top secret research for the US Government at Los Alamos, that one night after he came home, he got drunk, and under the influence of alcohol, started talking about the laboratory where he was working, including information in how he was involved with the so-called alien agenda, and he started bragging about the stuff, that I'm not gonna discuss on this show or any other show, and I'm not gonna write about it online, but it is in them, it's a whole chapter, first time ever, this has been concealed since the 1960s, and as people are gonna learn, what happened following his admission, speaks for itself, because he disappeared, never to be heard from again, there's a whole story around that, the story even involves government councilors, and Steve, what can only be thought of as highly placed covens within national agencies that direct so-called alien abductees according to certain protocols, the most explosive of which, was actually uncovered when a federal investigator worked with a member of my family concerning a particular state that them connected to numerous other states, and they finally had to settle with this member of my family and other experiencers or so called alien abductees they're called, in which an agreement was reached for their silence. I personally attended two of those meetings, in which the investigator and the attorneys, for both sides, and the federal investigator, were in attendance, it was held inside a state building inside that state, where the agreement was reached. And once people know that story, well, it was buried since the 60s, they're gonna understand why it's been kept under wraps until now, it had to be, and also why I had an interest in understanding the so called alien abduction and hybridization scheme, but the bottom line is, there is definitely, a very, very, powerful and organized occult aspect to the whole so-called alien abduction phenomenon in which you have people who are members of government in high profile positions and they definitely believe that they are dealing with an intelligence from a hyperdimensional reality, but that I would call, and Steve would call, and others of our persuation would call, demonic and deceptive entities that are leading these people down the path towards destruction. So, that's all I can say about that, I'm not gonna talk about it online, and I'm not gonna write about it online, But I, for the first time since the 1960s, I have written a chapter about it and it will be in the "Exo-Vaticana" book and it's gonna be, I think, absolutely shocking to a lot of people. That's amazing, and folks, let that sink in for a while, holy cow! Well, I tell you, Mr. Horn, thank you for sharing that, by the way, that last part, I know it's quite personal, but my goodness! Your book is gonna be coming out in April, you said, is that correct ? Well, we're hoping so. I mean, we've set the target date for April 15th, but we still are right in the middle of this investigation, that's why I said the radio show is a little bit premature, there's some things I wished I could talk about right now, but unless we can nail them down, you know, we just don't want to go out on a limb and say things and then later find out maybe our sources weren't exactly accurate, just like time, we hired a private investigator, we tracked things down, we make sure that the information is correct and we go out on a limb and try to get interviews with, you know, the very people who are involved. Frankly, we were surprised that we got numerous exchanges with Fr. Guy Consolmagno but you don't know if you will unless you ask, right ? So we did, and boy, I mean [laughs] we were shocked at some of the information that we got and we'll be talking about that fact. When the book comes out, we'll gonna do the same as we did with "Petrus Romanus" and we're going to make, this time, there's so much information, we had to put it on two data dvds, but there literally be tens of thousands of pages: documents, books, for instance, Steve, we, Chris did, in his investigation, he found a book by Fr. Malachi Martin that we didn't even know existed, it was only published in French and it's 300 pages, and in it, he names certain popes who are, or were, Freemasons, and he even talks about, how the secretary of state for the Vatican had documentation, images, pictures, video, of them with in their rituals and their rites, we're gonna talk about some of that stuff but we're gonna make all of this information available for free when the book comes out, so anyway, hopefully April 15th, that's when it will be happening. Beautiful. Steve, are you back with us ? Steve are you there? Allright, well, Joe ? He's connected, he's away from his mike, I don't know if...or he's muted, but he's on Well Mr. Horn, where do we go from here, because we've covered a lot of ground, you've covered a lot of ground here in the last two hours... For the person listening, like me, ok...What would to be looking for here ? You've got the Vatican having observatory, and by the way, that L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device, I mean, isn't it kinda like in your face...thing, to name it, I know it's an acronym, but my goodness! But that's it... To the average person listening to this broadcast, how will, everything that you said, how will that affect the average person like me, a Christian, God fearing Christian, who wants to adhere to the Bible in the literal sense, wants to be into God, what are we talking here in terms of the possibility of getting knocked off the rails ? Well, first off all, technology is power, I don't think there's any need for anybody to be knocked off the rails, I think it's very important for people to be devoted first to Christ, and their family, and second to their doctrine. A lot of people - I was a pastor for 25 years - and I had to be willing to say it at some point along the line, but some of the stuff that I was indoctrinated with in college was incorrect, for instance: I was indoctrinated with what's called the Sethite view, that the Sons of God, in the Old Testament, were not angels that came down, and took women, and created giants, but rather, we were just talking about, the sons of Seth marrying themselves to righteous women, which, of course, doesn't explain anything, [laughs] how giants were generated out of that marriage, but this is how I was formally educated, and I still remember the day, when a late person came up to me and they said "Ya, but have you ever thought about this theory?" and it was the first time that I actually heard a cohesive explanation that what it actually happened was what's now called the angel theory, that angels came down in the days of Jared upon Mount Hermon, came down in the valley of the plains, took wives of all which they would, and out of that were born these mutated life forms, the giants. And I thought that was the stupidest thing that I ever heard in my life [laughs], right ? But the bottom line was, by nature and also by training from my father, that was both a military and a police guy, an investigator, you know, I was willing to think about whether I was wrong, and maybe my training, my formal training was wrong, my indoctrination was wrong, and over a long period of time, I would have never thought that now here today I'd probably be one of the leading personalities out there championing the angel view, but for me, it only happened as a result of being honest and following the information to where it logically took me and that of course, illustrated that all of the ancient texts, all of the early church fathers, all of them subscribed to what's now called the angel view, and it was only for political reasons that the Church was trying to save face that in the 3rd century, somebody invented what was called the Sethite view, so bottom line is, what I'm saying is, people who are honest, and who can listen to what we are talking about, will judge for themselves whether there is anything substantive about it. And I think they're gonna have a very difficult time if they read the report in April, hopefully by the 15th, "Exo-Vaticana" the final report, with all the documents and all the hours and interviews with all these various world experts, people who some are, even still in the government. I think they're gonna have a very difficult time dismissing that there is something unusual going on, and part of it is Mount Graham with VATT. When we went to VATT by the way, we went with questions. And we didn't go with preconceived answers, we went with questions concerning high level Vatican astronomers and what they have been discussing with media in recent years, comments like Jesuit priest Guy Consolmagno, who later gave us an interview, a leading astronomer, he turns up in media as the spokesman for the Vatican all the time, he works at NASA, he's taught at Harvard and MIT, he currently splits his time between the Vatican Observatory and Laboratory Specola Vaticana, which is the headquarters, the summer residence of the Pope, in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, where is he is over the Pope's asteroid collection, he splits his time between there and Mount Graham in Arizona, and over the last few years, he has been focusing so much time and effort in an attempt to reconcile science and religion in public forums, but specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life, and it's potential impact on the future of faith! And so as a result of that, we contacted him, he agreed to be interviewed via the internet from Rome, and will tell you that once he knew what we wanted to examine that after giving us a whole lot of information, he then started keeping really short [laughs] if not altogether evasive answers, but on the upside he was gracious enough to send us a copy of a private pdf, and it's a goldmine of what he and the Vatican are considering regarding the ramifications of astrobiology, specifically the disclosure of advanced extraterrestrial life, we are by the way also gonna make that pdf available for free, but in it he talks about how societies are going to look to the aliens soon to be the saviors of human kind and then to illustrate that, the theological soundness of that possibility, he argues what I was talking to Steve about a moment ago that humans are not the only intelligent beings that God's created, non human lifeforms, he says, are described in the Bible and then, to illustrate the kind of aliens that we're gonna be in contact with, he references the Nephilim, and we will provide all of his quotes, everything that he says, but you have to ask yourselves, I mean, just really, where are these people coming from specially when they start talking about Jesus being the potential child of another race, which is alien abduction by any other way of thinking about it. Bottom line is, they are Vatican scholars, not all of them, but the ones we talked to, that are dealing with astrobiology, that believe that Jesus may have been the starchild of an alien race, that the virgin birth, in reality, might have been an alien abduction, now they might not use that language, but all you have to do is read what they're saying, it's exactly what they're saying, she was impregnated by E.T, she gave birth to a hybrid Jesus, The "starbase" as the local Indians call it, on Mount Graham, includes Dr. Christopher Corbally, the vice director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group on Mount Graham, up thru this last year, up thru 2012, he says that our image of God is gonna have to change when disclosure of alien life is made and confirmed by scientists, including the need to evolve from the concept of an anthropocentric God into a broader entity, meaning the Earth is not special, humans are not special, there's intelligent life all over the universe, some of them morally superior to us, and God is the broad entity that created all of them, and they're gonna come here, they are going to teach us a better way. Vatican Observatory director Fr. José Funes, he's also been in the news, you can google the stuff when he's talking about "our brothers", but he says that they are going to confirm the true faith of Christianity, and the dominion of Rome, in fact when the L'Osservatore Romano, which is the Vatican owned newspaper, doesn't publish anything that the Vatican doesn't approve, when asked what he meant by that, he said "how can we rule out that life has developed elsewhere and just as we consider earthly creatures as brothers and sisters we would consider them as extraterrestrial brothers, they're part of creation, and believing in the existence of such is not a contradiction to catholic doctrine", in other words definitely gonna be a contradiction to guys like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle [laughs], probably Doug and Joe Hagmann, so they really are positioning themselves to be the answer source for the world's religious communities, when official disclosure is made. Now they're either putting themselves in that position because they know something we don't know or they're putting themselves in that position because they suspect something that we don't know. Hey Tom, of course they not only know, they have, they have their own, how do I say this, and this is coming from the guys, two of them are dead now, but you know, for what it's worth, equivalent of your former guy you used to talk to, okay? But they said the Vatican has their own, and it's not just the Vatican, let's make this clear, the protestants, some of the people you see in the highest non-Catholic positions in the world, are, I'm just saying, yes you need "Rowdy" Roddy Piper glasses to see (red.note the actor from "They Live") and when you guys finally figure it out that the democrats and the republicans and all of those entities that you're seeing are basically trying to take your ability to defend yourself against what's coming, look at it this way: a good position to take is, you don't surrender your guns or guess what, it's not a question of hunting it's you becoming the hunted, and I couldn't be more serious, but the point that people have got to understand is this: everyone's responsible you take with what you hear tonight from Tom Horn, Steve Quayle and you take it to the Lord in prayer. If you don't know Jesus, you should ask Him to reveal Himself to you, because in this battle that's going on in the unseen world, and whether it's with infrared or ultra - by the way there are certain alien entities that can only be seen in the UV light vs infrared, there are different ends of the spectrum - the point being is that we are now involved in a battle where used to be theoretical - people could say it spiritual, theological - right it's in everyone's space, it's in everyone's front yard and it's soon going to be the things that men's nightmares will be common as the daily events and the daily headlines, so please, ladies and gentlemen, I wanna share something really quick, when I wrote the book "Aliens and Fallen Angels, the Sexual Corruption of Human Race", I think the title was so fit and Tom, I think you even, when we first met each other decade and a half ago, whatever, you even remarked on that, you know, the fact that you would use that, put such a define "Aliens and Fallen angels, the Sexual Corruption of Human Race". Now you see, even in the whole realm of , and I won't go in the details, but in the realm of sexual enhancement, you get in the realm of perpetual arousal, you get into the realm all this stuff has been before, and you even mention it, Tom, I mean we're talking about potions, we're talking about all the occult and psychic practices, but isn't it amazing, that still, that angels that were in the glory of God, knew the mysteries of the universe, even they, the ones that chose to follow Lucifer and his rebellion, it was the draw of that what God has given to men, to procreate that they inserted themselves in, to the human species, now the question is, is that, and they did it as you know in "The Book of Giants". By the way, ladies and gentlemen, my book "Aliens and Fallen Angels" has won probably more people to the Lord, even scientific, atheistic and agnostic realm than anything that I've ever written, and please you can order it online and also "Angel Wars". What I tried to do, Tom, is give both a beginning and an end, and by the grace of God, you guys are filling in so many of the marbles details, but I think it's critical that people understand, when you wrote "The Ahriman Gate" you wrote it as fiction, and I'd say this: you'd be hard pressed outside the characters to see much fiction in it any longer, or "LongWalkers", the only thing that was wrong in "LongWalkers" is I don't know how they control the gates, I know they operate with sound, specific frequencies and in some cases words, by the way, in "1001 Arabian Nights" they talk about "Open, Sesame!", well it wasn't just cave of treasures there, it was a stargate, most people don't even understand that stuff, so, what I'm saying simply is this: ladies and gentlemen, you need to get the data and information that Tom has written about, that I've written about, because the point is, is that there comes a time when it's no longer "at the door", it's in your living room! No pun intended! And God rebuke any foul and unclean spirit, but there comes a time when you're going to have to know what it is you're fighting, how to fight it, and you're gonna have to have the peace of God "that surpasses all understanding", that in the first chapter of Luke, and this is the promise I'm claiming for myself, Tom, that we might serve God all the days of our life without fear, because sure enough, the spirit of fear is loose in the land, and if the things you can't see bother you, wait until you see the nightmare stuff for you don't need "They Live" sunglasses to see it, because will be in your face. You know what's interesting is there's actually a chapter in "Exo-Vaticana" that's gonna start out with Roddy Piper and "They Live" [laughs] but it's actually asking the question, Steve, you mentioned the angels, the fact that even the angels were tempted, I think the post that was put up over at Raiders today, the Exo-Vaticana part IV, raising the fact that some of the ancient texts say that these women were given potions to actually lure men and angels to their beds, sex potions, lust potions, but it was for the purpose, of course, not just for having crazy angelic sex, it was for the purpose of propagating a kind of great deception and mingling humans with alien genetics, and this raises such extraordinary questions, a moment ago when I think you might have still been offline I was talking to Doug and Joe about how back when I was a young preacher, you know, who knew everything on earth, [laughs] had my prophecy dispensational map on the wall that would tell me exactly when everything was going to happen, exactly when it was gonna happen, [laughs] I thought the whole idea of angels marrying women was the craziest thing I ever heard, but just being honest, studying the actual literature, and over time, I came to realize it's the only thing that actually really explains, in fact I'm at the point now kinda like Chuck Missler is, and by the way, Chuck Missler is gonna write the introduction for "Exo-Vaticana" but I'm at the point where he says, "unless you understand the angels marrying human phenomenon, you can't even understand the Old Testament", until you get to the point where you understand what happened in that one single scenario, you cannot understand most of the Old Testament, you definitely can't understand the war between genetics, the seed of the woman, the seed of the man, you can't understand what's even been talked about. And I came to conclude that's correct, but the question that's going to be asked, and probably the next entry, that's going to be put up Tuesday or something on RaidersNewsUpdate, the very next question is going to be not just was there an early vanguard did it happen once before, but Is it happening right now ? Are there on earth humans that are only part human genetics and they're part something else ? Now, this is a question that raises a significantly distressful question, and that is, whether there are human-like creations on Earth, that do not have a redeemable soul ? in the Judeo-Christian sense, that is, the soul of the human, as different in the nature of any animal, and that man alone was made in God's image, and in the essence of the human person it is capable of the union with God now and transcendence from mortal to redeemed immortality after death, it can be redeemed. This is the debate over a question that right now probably most people on the internet may not know much about it, but is a furious debate that is going on among some scholars, it extends as far back as early Christian fathers, throughout the Middle Ages, specially during the Inquisition by the Roman Catholic Church, the question of whether they were human-like beings, in other words, in "They Live", Roddy Piper puts on his glasses and he finds out they're actually something else, though they look just like humans, and it's a subject of whether hybrid humans can be redeemed ?. This is a question that resurfaced not long ago. By the way, I was having lunch with a state superintendent at the Oregon District Assemblies of God, Catt Marks, and several other state representatives, and Catt leaned forward and he said "Tom, I just read the novel 'The Ahriman Gate' that you and Nita wrote, it was good", but he said, "one thing really bothered me: that part where human genetics were combined with what the scientists in the book thought was alien DNA, and this lead to the revival of Nephilim". He said "I never liked talking about that subject when I was a pastor, because I hate the implications that there could be mutant humans that cannot be saved." Well, his abhorrence of the issue, of course, is shared by all people of good will, me too. But whether we like it or not, it doesn't change the fact that Nephilim, as described in the Old Testament and in the ancient Book of Enoch, were devoid of natural redeemable souls and spirits. Genesis 6:9, only Noah, and by extension his children, are found perfect in their generation, that's the Hebrew word "tamim" which means "without blemish" or healthy, they're the only ones that can be saved from the flood, the same word used in Leviticus to describe an unblemished sacrificial lamb, and of course we know that the meaning certainly wasn't that Noah was morally perfect, but that his genetics have not been contaminated with Nephilim descent as apparently the rest of the world has become (red.note genetic changes of human DNA at the time of the second comi ng, as in Matthew 24:37) and so in order to preserve mankind, as he has made them, God destroys all but Noah's family, in the flood, and the ancient records including those of the Bible consistently describe the cause of the flood as happening because all flesh became corrupted, both man and beast, that's what the Bible says. Now, the question of whether the corrupted or altered humans had redeemable souls, this is a very difficult subject to talk about, but note what happened when the Watchers asked the prophet to beseech God for the salvation of their children. Enoch 13, 3-5: "3. Then I went and spoke to them all together, and they were all afraid, and fear and trembling seized them. 4. And they besought me to draw up a petition for them that they might find forgiveness, and to read their petition in the presence of the Lord of heaven. 5. For from thenceforward they could not speak with Him nor lift up their eyes to heaven for shame of their sins for which they had been condemned." Now Enoch takes this petition to God, he informs the Watchers afterwards and their hybrid children, he informs them on their situation, whether they can be redeemed, here's what it says, Enoch 14:4-7 "4. I wrote out your petition, and in my vision it appeared thus, that your petition will not be granted unto you throughout all the days of eternity, and that judgement has been finally passed upon you: yea, your petition will not be granted unto you. 5. And from henceforth you shall not ascend into heaven unto all eternity, and in bonds of the earth the decree has gone forth to bind you for all the days of the world. 6. And that previously you shall have seen the destruction of your beloved sons" and he's talking about Nephilim, "and ye shall have no pleasure in them, but they shall fall before you by the sword. 7. And your petition on their behalf shall not be granted, nor yet on your own: even though you weep and pray and speak all the words contained in the writing which I have written." Enoch 14:4-7, so therefore, based on the Book of Enoch, and reflected in the Bible by the way in such places as Genesis, Jude, 2 Peter, (red.note Jude and 2 Peter are apocryphas of the New Testament) redemption was not possible for any of the fallen Watchers or their hybrid offspring, even though the Nephilim were part human. Now in that sense, Nephilim maybe they're compared to an extraordinary primate, intelligent like men and angels, maybe even possessing human genetics, but not Homo Sapiens, as fashioned by God in His image. There's further confirmation of their status as unredeemable and we also learn from the strange narrative that there was this primeval belief that's reflected in the Old Testament concerning two types of resurrection from the dead: one that's strictly terrestrial, that is, a dead Nephilim can return from the grave to inhabit another corruptible body of flesh, but a second, future resurrection, in which eternal, glorified bodies are only for those who sleep in Christ. And Isaiah makes it very clear that the Watcher offspring, in this chapter 26:14, he refers to them as "the Raphaim", that they cannot participate in the latter resurrection, in chapter 26:14 he says "They are dead. They shall not live. They are deceased" that is Raphaim, "they shall not rise, therefore, Thou has visited and destroyed them and made all their memory to perish." The word that's rendered "deceased" from the Hebrew, there, is shades, or ghosts of the dead, so we see echoed how term Raphaim is used in two senses: one for human, and Nephilim, spirits of the underworld, but in another sense, for terrestrial giants. And we're gonna write something that's never been written before, in "Exo-Vaticana", in which we're take the Ras Shamra text, ancient writing from Ugarit, northern Syria, in which there are Canaanite rituals for summoning the Raphaim from the underworld! And how to bring them forth so that they can be manifested in bodies of flesh. I think I've got off track there. Yeah but I think you need to know too that, and Tom, this is somebody asking me, I take, you know we can... this isn't meant to argue, but just for clarification: the word "Nephal", the fallen ones, people asking what's the difference between the Raphaim and the Nephilim, okay ? Well the giants as you know are the Giborim, "im" is kinda of an interesting [...] in Hebrew, it usually means "one who is like", but the point I'm trying to make, to clarify, is this. The Raphaim, I think it's used 8 times and of them is "the dead will rise to praise Thee", where is that, in Isaiah, the thing that's interesting now, is that in the German archeological circles, they always refer to the giants as the bones of the Raphaim, and never that I could find, were they called... I'm not trying to argue, I'm just trying to say, because people will get confused, because in my writings I write the Nephilim were the fallen angels and in your writings you write that the Nephilim are the giants, so you know, I just wanted to share that, we may have a difference of opinion, but the Raphaim are the dead, and you know this, that God gives the word "bastards", you know that is the word that God declared that the offspring of fallen angels and earth women were called, "the bastards", maybe ...what you propose that would surely explain the politics of the United States women [Tom laughs]... you may have prophecized something so accurate, so clear and so concise and you said earlier about the Assembly of God... I can only tell you this, obviously having growing up near the Assembly and being offered my papers, and I didn't know what that meant, but the point is that they really don't wanna go here and when I wrote "Genesis 6 - Master Builders of the Human Race" the thing is that it's hard to get people to understand that redemption, see this is why there's such, I would say "cheap grace" and not such an appreciation for God's "amazing grace", just like the song, because we are the focus of interdimensional jealousy, absolute rage that we can be redeemed thru the blood of Jesus, repentance and turning away and that's something that's forbidden to some of the most powerful archons, some of the most powerful cherubs i.e. Lucifer, the most powerful fallen angels, obvious that fallen with them, and if people understood that entities that have seen God, have ministered under His command, have beheld the glory of the Lord and can no longer lift up their eyes yet the Lord says to us "Lift up your eyes for the King of Glory" and the thing is, David says, " from whence cometh my help, I will lift up my eyes, my help cometh from the Lord" (red.note Psalm 121-122) the thing is that this is so amazing to me, that when you put into context, salvation, Redemption, sanctification, in other words God loving you, God saving you, God teaching you, us being able to walk and transform the inner man, and this does not have to do with any label, just the relationship with the living God, that the angels in Heaven hate that so much, that they're casting their fury on every demon, that we have something they can never have, and that's called Redemption. And what a blessed, wonderful revelation that God would grant to His people, who call themselves by His name, how much he loves them and how important Jesus saw our value, [...] the fact that He would give Himself for us to be redeemed, that image and likeness is so marvelous image, yes, but likeness only thru Redemption. I think that absolutely the devils were so a time to keep that knowledge from the people of God, by having us beat ourselves up, have others beat us up, cast a war, cast a strike, in the home, out the home, everywhere. But the point that I'm just trying to make is this: the fallen angels and their offspring can never have what anybody who's listening to this program can have simply by saying "Jesus, come into my heart" (red.note they're evangelists). Look, I'm giving a plea for people just simply because of this. There's no context I know to talk to people in, outside of that of the blood of the Lamb, and we're sharing the word of our testimony, you opened up about something you've never spoken before, and we've known each other a long time, and I've never heard it, but the point is, is that all things that we are sharing, all things that God has given us, the grace, the knowledge and understanding it, is for one reason: he loves his creation, surely Lord God would do nothing except He reveals the secrets to the servants of prophets, and the men with the argument, or the men with the false doctrine does not win his case until he ultimately becomes honest and searches out the scripture to see if what we're talking is true. Well, Amen and Hallelujah, I mean, what am I supposed to say ? No no no, I'm just saying that because I'm getting a bunch of emails okay? Maybe I can respond to the emails, bottom line is, what I was talking about, the Raphaim, and I definitely don't want, I don't know how much time we got left from the show, I don't want to get bogged down, in....half an hour ? But well, ok. I was talking about the Canaanite beckoning thru the Ras Shamra text, trying to bring the Raphaim up from the dead, well they did that, well the prophet Isaiah actually described those shades, greeting the defeated king of Babylon within the infernal region, Isaiah 14:9 says "Hell", that is Sheol, "from beneath is moved to meet thee at thy coming, it stirred up the dead". Hebrew word for "dead" is Raphaim, "it stirs up the Raphaim for thee", "even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. 10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?". So, the passage is actually mocking the king of Babylon as spirits of dead royalty, according to their belief system, welcome him to the underworld. But this also prefigures the final fall of Babylon the Great, like you read in Rev. 17 and 19, and the defeat of Satan, like you read about in Luke 10 and 12, that you were talking about, Steve, it also even looks back on the fall of Nimrod, for that matter, of Babel, in Genesis 11, who was also believed to be a giant. So it's clear that the term Raphaim designated earthly giants because in Numbers 13:33 the sons of Anak are said to be descendants from literally the children of the Nephilim and these Anakim are described as Raphaim in Deuteronomy 2. The ancient Hebrews translated the Septuagint in Greek understanding that the prophet Isaiah was using Raphaim in this second sense, to predict the return of these giants with monsters, like we said earlier, at the advent of the destruction of Babylon, but it also described dead Nephilim, that's the way the Amorites looked at it, and Isaiah seems to go along with that idea that dead Nephilim, in the underworld, are used by the title Raphaim, and under some extraordinary circumstance, they have the ability to rise back up into a temporal, a corruptible body, and that goes along with all of these of the various prophecies we were talking about, that in the last days, like the 16th chapter of the Book of Enoch, the deceased offspring of the Watchers, the spirits of giants, Nephilim, are released at the end of time, to bring forth slaughter and destruction upon men. 1 Enoch 16:1 says “For the days of the slaughter and destruction and the death of the giants, from the souls of whose flesh the spirits have gone forth, shall destroy without incurring judgment. Thus, shall they destroy until the day of the consummation, the great judgment, in which the age shall be consummated over the Watchers and the godless; yea, shall be wholly consumed.”. So there's all these various prophecies that the Old Testament prophets in the canonical scriptures seem to agree with, that tell us that the last days are going to be accompanied with a return of these giants. So I don't know if I answered the question that the person was emailing you about, but my bigger question was, my bigger statement was, based on the documentation that we are working on right now, there is a persuasive argument that there are genetically altered humans, on earth, now.. And in fact, by the way, I already know that to be a fact, because of the research that we're doing for the documentary on Transhumanism. Supersoldiers, ya, supersoldiers too are, you know, they're modified american soldiers and, what I've been told, is that the DNA, every time there is a giant find or a mummy find of a giant or a sarcophagus, the DNA is preserved and they are utilizing that, and can you imagine, have, you know, some of the worst entities in the history of the world, a new body, [...] a container built for them and then the spirits being loosed and coming and reanimating those things? Well that's a pretty heavy thought. I've got a bunch of emails lately from people, concerning the 3rd season of "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura, the TruTV program, and in particular one addition that looked into the "human-animal hybrid experiments that supposedly have gone beyond the Petri dish with rumors that a real-life ‘Planet of the Apes’ is being created.", that's a quote from their website. What the people that are emailing me don't know is that the producers contacted me late in 2011 with a request for help. They wanted to know whether scientists have secretly crossed the rubicon with regard to human-animal genetic experiments, and I spent days, numerous hours, as a consultant providing documentation, expert witnesses, but I turned down repeated requests to be part of season 3 episode 4 called "Manimal", but you can go to Jesse Ventura's website and read about it. The producers actually offered on three separate occasions to fly me to set locations in the United States, to meet with Jesse Ventura and the film crew, I turned them down for reasons that I will reveal later, but conversely, though I declined their repeated invitation to be on the show I did set them up with professor William B. Hurlbut, the consulting professor for the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University Medical Center. He is a member of the US President's Council on Bioethics and he is going to be featured, together with many other experts, in the upcoming documentary film that we are producing on Transhumanism, we're hoping by the way, Steve, that's going to be released in 2013, but among the various things we gave them, we gave them DARPA budget line items, suspect locations where human-animal experimentation ethics might have passed the curtain of acceptability, and so on, and, kinda lost my train of thought where I was going with that, but the bottom line is, they took it in a direction that I really didn't wanna go. I gave them the Yerkes Primate Research Center and they kinda focused their whole program around that, I didn't want to talk about just the idea that their might have been a human animal chimp that have been created, and there's evidence to suggest that in fact there was... Ya, there's a lot of evidence, seems there's 400 of them trying to destroy our country [laughs] I wanted to talk more about the bigger picture of Transhumanism, they started talking about that, and I was all excited about it, I agreed to be part of the show, but then when they told me it was only going to be about the fact that the Yerkes... You know, here's the deal: "Splice"-like creatures, Steve, you know, I've talked about this before, in laboratory settings, where scientists have created part human part animal chimeras really is no longer science fiction, and when I told them that, they wanted to know different locations where I thought that might be happening, so I gave them the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Amory University, that's one of eight national primate research centers, in fact the new movie you know that came out last year, that was based on the old "Planet of the Apes", they based it on the research that's going on here. So actually there was a report, by Dr. Gordon Gallup, they actually interviewed him on the program I set them up with that, he's a psychologist with the University of Alabama, and he is the one who said that there is a human-chimp hybrid that had been engendered and born at the Yerkes Primate Center, and then, after he was studied for a while, he was destroyed. But really, is true, but such a small part of what we're talking about here, I mean you could read Amory's professors, rabbi Michael Broyde of Amory, he was in the news not long ago talking how Jewish law - because he's rabbi - Jewish law would support animalized humans, as long as the technology produces superior people! So they know what they're doing, we know what they're doing, and, you know, I'm looking at the clock and it's 10 until the show's over, but the bottom line is there is a significant amount of information here, I guess someday we'll have to do a different show. The first born genetically altered humans are teenagers now in the United States, go read Dr. Joseph Mercola talking about genetically modified humans, and Mercola is respectable, and he's talking about how these genetically altered kids are now in their early teens, and the problems with the fact that they've been genetically modified and that they're now going to pass forward at the germline genetic level those alterations, it isn't just the research that was done, and he's talking about, by the way, reproductiveness being done at Saint Barnabas Science Laboratory in New Jersey, these kids are now about 13 years of age, and their mitochondrial functions have all been altered, and he talks about, how, you know, this is a real problem - and he goes into genetically modified plants and all of that - but he's right. But that wasn't just, those experiments were repeated in 2008, by the way they're even repeated this year, 2012, this last year, Oregon Health & Science University, the OHSU, conducted research aimed at producing genetically engineered superbabies! People would want to know about that, I can send them the actual OHSU website information talking about that, so it's happening all over the world, in fact recall how this year the Olympics underscored the science, Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen, remember her, superhuman-like performance, but that led John Leonard, the director of the the World's Swimming Coaches Association to describe this 16 year old, world setting feat, as suspicious, disturbing, unbelievable, his story is still out there, it's still on the internet, you can google it and read it, and he said that the authorities that tested Ye Shiwen for drug abuse should have been checking to see if there's something unusual going on in terms of genetic manipulation. And he wasn't alone. Dr. Theodore Freedman, who's the chair of the genetics panel of the World Anti-Doping Agency said he wouldn't be a bit surprised if genetic enhancements are now being secretly used on humans, all around the world, so Aldous Huxley's dystopian "Brave New World" it's slipping in under most of the public's radar right now. Human prenatal diagnosis, screening fetal genome, designer children, those are just the first cracks a decade ago, in the dam, holding back incremental changes due to human genetic reservoir this century, and experts are now finally starting to admit it. So, that's really the bigger question, but is there a place in which human genetic alteration also has a connection to the alien agenda ? That's the big question. The answer is yes, the answer is yes, I mean, and when I say that it sounds like "how can he know that". I couldn't know that unless I've been told that and if the people who tell stuff like that to me can give me bona fide information that I've gotten from three different sources whether it's the scientific, the intelligence or the military community, the answer is yes yes yes but then it goes back, Tom, to your original question: are there, if you will, hybrids, Nephilim hybrids, on Earth now ? Yes! I mean the whole, listen what's interesting to me. The whole Human Genome Project was never about human genomes in the first place, they conquered that a long time ago, it was to identify, if you will, the Nephilim or fallen angel genetic markers and add it and infuse it into the human race. I think that's why Jesus' words were so amazing, you know when you read the words of Jesus on superficial level, but then you start to see that the depth of the eternal God also follows thru, and here's what I'm blown away with: the idea is just to destroy the entire human genome you know that, basically we're a trash product of random chance and fallen men are gonna make some kind of wonderful transhuman, singular, automaton, that's going to function independently but it's kinda interesting, what makes everybody think that their brains are free of garbage, the point is I think that's what Jesus said, it's so amazing, and it's now at this point, by the way, this time in history, January 13, 2013, look at that, that's an interesting date. Not trying to be into numbers or anything, I'm just saying it's interesting. We're in 2013 and we're on January 13 and usually, Tom, I'm just saying this, because God orchestrates, we get to be the instruments in His symphony, but usually that's indicative of something coming up. Yes there's Nephilim blood, yes that's what the Human Genome Project is a lie, it was to identify Nephilim genetic markers so they can integrate. You think DARPA doesn't have fun with us? I'm sure that more computers will listen to this and more federal agencies, not just you know the free latter ones but I'm saying research will be odd, and they'll be asking themselves now, "how do those guys know this stuff, are they guessing ?" [...] You and I know that to be a fact, we've done drilldowns on who's listening to our shows in the past and we had every agency of the United States government listening in. Listen, ask yourself, why did the World Economic Forum, that's the WEF, that has its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, why is their new report, "Global Risk 2013", they're calling on governments to prepare for two things: number one, genetically altered humans, and number two, prepare for extraterrestrial life contact. I have the full report, it's astonishing. Now why would they be combining genetically altered humans with the need to prepare for extraterrestrial life impact, it's because they are connected. In fact the British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering and The Royal Society produced a narrow joint study, this year, 2012, they produced a study called "Human Enhancement and The Future of Work", you probably saw that, and they documented the alarming trend into augmenting humans cognitively and physically, and they warned that we're now entering a hybrid age, but there's an example from page 26, have you ever read it ? Of their work, that highlights how people are going to be engineered, Steve, in the near future, to have serpentine qualities. Here's just a short excerpt: "Participants discussed how this kinds of techniques may have a future aid research into the extension and the range of human vision, to include additional wavelengths" we're talking now about infrared technology a la Mount Graham, the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device, back to the quote: "Examples exist in animals, such as snakes that can detect infrared wavelengths, which might provide a source of research for developing approaches that can be used in humans. Potential applications could be envisaged in the military, but also in other employment, from night watchmen, safety inspectors, gamekeepers, etc, including the possibility of enhanced vision at night." So, the report goes on to assure that tomorrow's 'snake people' not only can see in the dark but that they are appropriately plugged in to the endtimes group they serve, they're gonna have Borg-like physical, digital enhancements like cybernetic implants, advanced machine-interfacing technologies, this all according to the leading, and the oldest, scientific body in the world, the Royal Academy, producing their 2012 report called "Human Enhancement and The Future of Work" talking about tomorrow's humans being engineered to have serpentine qualities and also being plugged in to the Borg system. So, it's coming, and the world better get ready for it! The World Economic Forum is saying they'd better get ready for it at Davos, the British Academy, the Royal Academy is saying it, and Tom Horn and Steve Quayle are saying it. You'd better get ready, it is coming, and we've only barely scratched the surface, of all the documentations, audio files and everything else that we will be providing in the April 15th investigative report called "Exo-Vaticana", it's literally going to take people by surprise, I think. But highly documented, well researched, it's not speculative, and frankly, I'm not sure that people are going to be ready for what we're going to publish but we're going to do it anyway, just like we always do, Steve. Well that's what you gotta do, and you know, I gotta tell you something, when you talk about and quote the "serpentine", I will quote you the words of Conan the Barbarian : "sounds to me like just another snake called", and that sounds simplistic, but isn't it amazing that we see the skulls that were found in Mexico, and they were "they were considered serpentine", they actually said "it looked like the head of a snake". We're seeing all of the destruction of the human genome by electro mayday radiation, Mary just sent me an email, Tom, she said "do you think they could be introducing Nephilim DNA into human thru vaccines ?" Well they can be doing it thru chemtrails, or let's just call it genetic trails, I mean they can do a lot of stuff, but here's what the report quoted earlier, "genetically modified food is designed to change the human genome". We are what we eat. And you know this too. Then introduced a mutagenic form of electromagnetic radiation or infrasonic, you can then mutate even your recombinant DNA, if you want. So what we got here, we got basically the siren's cry to destroy the DNA and instead of double helix, who knows what they want, a triple helix, or half a helix, but the point is that they are working overtime to destroy the last seed of Adam, and you know that was the whole point, you covered it wonderfully, Tom. Noah and his family were the only genetically pure stock, they certainly weren't morally pure, but God still was able to raise up a lot of people from just... I mean He took down the ape people, didn't He ? Before, you know, did the flood. So, the remnant is going to be very small. Vaccines are the kiss of death. And by the way, ladies and gentlemen, just on the flu that's out there, ask yourselves this: how can there be so many cases in United States, so quickly, and then another goodnight outbreak in, I think France, 420000 people ? We are in the times that Jesus spoke about and the entire transhumanism is nothing more than the Devil's ultimate and total destruction of humanity and trying to make the Word of God to no effect. I mean, isn't that truly the bottom line, Tom ? It is, hey, I'm looking at my clock, I think time's up Take, take the last 3 minutes and close it out. Anyway, bottom line is revealing, isn't it ? That many of the technocrats that now envision the recalibrating of humanity into Homo Superior, how that they admit in their own works being influenced by the works of men like Friedrich Nietzsche, from whom the phrase "God is dead" derived, and Goethe, the author of "Faust". Nietzsche of course was the originator of the ubermensch, the over-man that Adolf Hitler dreamed of engineering, and the entity that he said, according to Nietzsche, we would eventually evolved into, so it's the ancient Watchers again, that transhumanists dream of giving life to Nietzsche's ubermenschen, by remanufacturing man with animals and plants and synthetic forms of life, and altering our genetic makeup thru viruses that are injected into our systems, and foods that we are eating today. But if a person knows who they are in Christ I still believe that there can be supranatural protection, supranatural intervention, something that would preserve our makeup, even our genetic makeup, that it won't touch us, it's like, you know, in the plagues of Exodus, how the angel passed over and I believe that we're in that situation and Christians, true Christians, may have to learn again, pretty soon, about the supernatural intervention that can occur on our behalf, when we are covered by the blood on the doorpost, the blood of Christ. Gentlemen, I wanna thank both of you, for an excellent where-we-are up against the end of tonight's program. Visit Tom Horn's website, RaidersNewsUpdate.com and Steve Quayle's at SteveQuayle.com. Gentlemen, what a fantastic program, and folks, we're gonna be wrapping towels with all of this around our heads tonight [laughs]. I'm telling you, just a fantastic program! I wanna say Thank You to Mr. Tom Horn and also Steve Quayle for making this possible, we're blessed to have you both on our show sharing this information tonight! God bless you both! Doug and Joe, Steve, thanks a lot for allowing me to be part of it! dissertation binding manchester oxford road ASA College.

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