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Good marketing dissertation questions

Good marketing dissertation questions write for me fit capstone 2019 research looking for dissertation on music now ´╗┐well good afternoon and welcome to number one sports grounds and yes of course the summer bash for the Newcastle City Council continues here today in we gotta a couple of very interesting sides here today to to contest this it's very important to e20 match it is the sea dragons up against the the lions and joining me in commentary is the man who knows all about cricket he's a current player and and certainly we're looking forward to having a chat with Marcus Ainsworth from from the whips who he was in commentary with me here this afternoon Marcus nice to have you here mate thanks Pete great to be see what the the day he's pretty good nice sunny day I don't think it was as windy as yesterday yesterday but she was pretty windy here that's for sure that it was windy everywhere in Newcastle yesterday so the winds definitely come down a lot since yesterday and we look set for a good game of cricket tonight we certainly do and as you can see University batting and it's it's I guess it's gonna be it's gonna be a very interesting star key for the Uni team they have a couple of they have a couple of blokes from Sydney in the inner side here this afternoon - Marcus yeah they've got Scotty Raji and Nick bills are played with Scotty as a junior as well for a lot of years very good cricketer and he scored a lot of runs in the Sydney system for a lot of years I'll be we good to see how he goes all right first of all I love the match in its Pat Darwin moves in and it's equal to to start the game here this afternoon and I guess as the afternoon goes on we'll see a lot more people coming into into the ground to watch watch what's been a fantastic concept so if Marcus I mean we've had some really good games last week had a good game yesterday and hopefully we can certainly have another one here today yeah that's right Pete everyone's scoring a lot of runs here at the moment so as it just slides down there the leg side I might have just clipped a bit of pat on the way through as if it wasn't a signal too wide yeah a lot of runs scored a lot of wickets scored and it's good all-around cricket just tries to work it there again through the leg side so what do you reckon today what sort of school do you think you'd be looking at here to make it so you know feel the competitiveness both really really serious strikers are the balls on both sides today Peter I reckon anything above 140 will be competitive and I think whoever bets first being unis they'll be happy with 150 Plus which will be very competitive very tight over here to start for Pat just the single down the ground so it's not a well yeah he bowls pretty tight lines so and as you know you teach when he cricket that's what you simply have to do you really get a ball tight and put the pressure on the batsman haven't you that's a great over from front paddy he sort of sort of slides the ball on a lot more than others he bowls a little bit quicker through the air and that's in today cricket so I reckon that radius of the arm is probably coming from his shoulder and he's sliding them on nicely ok now batting for uni we got - we got the fellow from Mossman Scotty Raji he's wearing the number 10 shirt today and we got the other in there I think it's nice and hot yes Nathan Hudson at the non-striker's ends I'm now just a quick one well we have five seconds what's what's happening - DeMarcus Haynesworth at the moment later recently got engaged believe it on our graduation yeah thank you very much we are we took took three weeks off over New Year's and Christmas and yeah it brought out the big proposal which was very happy event and got the yes so so was it a romantic proposal we're about to this all happen well I'm not a I'm not a romantic romantic man tells his romantic because I can get it was up at a place called point are cried in Coulomb just next to cool & Veatch so I was on the sunny coast we'd had a nice relaxing day and it all just fell into place for me say it was it was a good holiday which made it very very right for the for the rest of it I think I would have been a single man had a lot done that in that wake it off it's a wonderful part of your life isn't yeah it's great okay we've got big Dan Morton coming in there quick single there yeah I mean it's that time of your life isn't it where you go sort of settle down and make a commitment and so you have you set the the big date for yeah yeah I've set the date and the end the venue so it's it's all systems go for us we we figured that we may as well strike while the iron's hot and well I was sorting that the Bible of love you say - so to speak we will just keep the ball rolling with that so yeah it's this year at the end of this year and it since Newcastle so the planning started pretty much from from the word yes so to speak so it's it's good I like how you called the bubble of life it's nice shot that's Nathan Nathan Hudson flowing into his arc and it looks like the first boundary this afternoon so after a tide over from paddy Darwin which probably conceded only the wine run Nathan Hudson's now hit the ball for four through the the Cour Corner area so he looks as owed the eyes in to some regard and probably likes the ball coming on a little bit quicker than the than the spin of paddy so as the current cricketer you your philosophies and you tack this going into t 20s how do you sort of go about it what's what's what's your plan normally for us at a Belmont we we try to to try and get maximized the first six that's that's always been key I think for a lot of teams not just in Newcastle but Sydney and respective areas you you try and get as many on the borders in the first six and then rely on on the lower order if you do it lose some wickets early to to get a runner ball after that as a team you have some sort of targets like a little power play firstly where do we want to play after the power play and do you sort of break it up the whole you know 20 games you break it up into individual pieces you saw that's sort of Health for leather for the first six keys battle ball you're not going to school score too many runs trying to put everything the cow corner the the bowl is now that it's been around for a few years have probably got a better concept of the twenty20 cricket and their lines in areas so as so as much and as you see more so in the big bash these days that the spinners are probably more economical than the pace bowlers so they they play a big role and you sort of see them they are milking the majority of the first six and then the backend which is probably the second key area you look for a twenty20 you try and run a ball battle ball with the odd boundary through the middle and then accelerate towards the end so as much as 20 cricket fast pace you still accelerate the start milk the middle and then accelerate towards the end so yeah and it's not one of the things that I think's pretty important as well is retaining if it gets to me you don't want to be losing to any too many early wickets because that'll sort of you know stop your momentum and all that sort of stuff so I mean in the first six overs you can get through without and even loss of with any wickets and sort of build momentum from there it'll certainly goes a long way to getting good score doesn't yeah that's right even even with the loss of a couple of wickets early you sort of have got to have the the confidence in the middle to lower order that they will get your runner ball so for you your three or four four six three or six run a ball from there on ins gonna get you around that one forty mark anyway okay after two hours the sea dragons are none for seven and another single tick down he's happy to do it in the ones at the moment Scotty Raji yeah well I suppose is like anything that they add up at the end of the day and if you can get a few cheap quick singles at the start of the innings you can sort of press on from there so pretty tidy so far Pat Darwin he's found they got there Nathan hudson that'll be second boundary of the day sweet shot off paddy it's a great concept this one though for you know for Newcastle cricketers isn't it Marcus where you can you know come out and you know I guess play a different form of the game as well I know that during the season you have you have ten twenty games and stuff but just to play this concept midweeks a good thing isn't it that's right and it's a concept that you can make a name for yourself and you see a lot of cricketers these days it's sort of a pathway into the Australian side through that the 2020 if you look at dicey short now that that's had a great VBO this year he's probably now looking towards to further on his own i ricky ponting speaking very highly of him in and years gone by the old the 20/20 which wasn't around you know five years ago that probably players weren't getting the exposure that they are now so as much as it's good for people in Newcastle there's a lot of people getting exposure in in higher places to play high honors in cricket that probably weren't there years ago on I mean it's it's the same here you know you get a young bloke that's given an opportunity for 2020 through unavailability he can make a name for himself quite early for his club side and then into the rep sides got some shoes taking some good quick seagulls here the the sea dragons and you know it's none for 15 after 3 overs run rate of 5 and the other thing about this is as you said exposure is things like bar TV yes we do not just in Newcastle but I mean you can have this in your lounge room anywhere around the world you know watching this so I mean that there's also exposure to other parts of the world too isn't it yeah that's exactly right so I mean if anyone's looking at a day they'll see the ground in really deeply good Nick good blue skies light breeze and it should be should we would day good afternoon for cricket Morton's back on you probably face den Morton a few times in your career I would say yeah face team I probably probably wouldn't mind facing him a bit longer than what I have he's he's knocked me over a couple of times so he's uh he's been a great bowler for Merriwether for for a number of years and he's played a lot of rep cricket in the years that he's been Danny phenomenal by lucky they even had a couple of years in Sydney to to try and further further as cricketing down there but I think he missed the sows too much he likes the cold the cold beer down there he's not sure great tremendous bloke as well off the field and he's one of them one of the nicest cricketers you alarm you'll come across his own the big gentle giant as I like to call Amy Zambia is it just a lovely man and and yeah I faced him through through various squads and teams I've also faced him a fair bit of training so he he's he's 22 yards in the net feels about 17 sometimes I know from my empowering days he was always a no-nonsense sort of a player he just went about his business and he did it pretty well and going in saying that yes as played through deep backward point that's rolling away they look to pick up three the ropes just marginally in so it's always a long boundary at the at the worst at times and it's still long being roped off a bit but a good shot from Scotty Raji for good feeling - they're from from Merryweather just on the boundary they're sort of stopping at an extra run there so although all these extra runs at a stop certainly certainly count at the end of the day that yeah yeah and momentum can swing probably the quickest out of every format in twenty20 cricket so Nathan Hudson just milking another another single there so I suppose in the in the power play overs you want to try and make sure you at least get about five six and over if you can that's the sort of the target yeah I think I think up around the the 50 mark the the late forties to the 50 mark especially with no wickets down you'd want to be you'd want to be around that top mid 40s to 50s that but credit to the bowlers to Patti and Dan they've they've done a both a great job at either end here for the first first nearly four over through of course the whips and I had a game last week did you get to see units I did I was watching I was watching very closely I'll just have a quick mention I was groomsmen at a mate's wedding Clayton which is older brother of Harrison and we had a late wedding rehearsal on the Thursday evening and I unfortunately missed the game but you couldn't pry me off my phone from for the last hour of that I was watching pretty intently so you know the better half I did say the Bible of love but it almost bursts in that yeah yes the priorities went otherwise for a little bit if crickets like that isn't when you're applying you and you're not playing you're always interested in what's going on and if you're away that's that's even more interest isn't it you want to keep up to date with with the progress of your team don't you yeah that's exactly right I know as I speak to form a place that I've played with over the years they'll always let you know if you've done well or or more importantly if you've done bad so they do keep a closer eye on at times they probably will only remembers that they the names that they play with but know that especially the the blokes that have that have game life membership and and you know scored hundreds and Pfeiffer's and done it for a lot of years of the club that have sort of retired and adventured down different avenues they'll always keep a very close eye on on and how the who's winning and who's losing and who's doing well and in squads and teams and stuff like that so it's good well right here to number one sports grounds it's the sea dragons none for twenty one after four hours there's a bowling change we have Harrison Kohlberg coming on I'm not sure if you heard the news about Harry Cole but he took a double Patrick a second great thing was yes it's funny you bring that up I actually ran into Harrison Cole Bert the the night that he got that we were at a wedding Sam Brittany's wedding actually and normally as you great great friends it's a hey how are you but I said a lot Harrison and he just said I took a double Heydrich today and that was the first thing that he there coming out of his mouth so and it did make the paper which we were told about last week yes it his brother's wedding he was quite happy to mention the fact that he that he got himself a double hug trick but I mean Harry's a great bowler as well he's just probably been hampered a little bit over the years with with injuries and he's probably got a bigger I wouldn't say better but I'd say bigger social calendar than what I've gotten okay yeah it misses a lot of game socially as well so I think he's he's wicked tally would have been a lot higher will get a lot higher as long as he's playing it's good to see him out there today and of course during these broadcasts we can mention all these things about the Flyers can't we all the all the things that you know some of the people don't know about the players as well so yeah that's right Harry's a great guy I've known him for a lot of lot of years and that was good to be he was best man obviously it is brother Clayton's wedding and I was next to him being Grossman so we're we're great mates so as much as I seem like I might be giving him a hard time even laughing riding next city he's a nice fellow he's always got a smile on his face and he always says a lot of million greets me so you know I I appreciate his company when I when I get a chance to so I haven't never been out with him on a night out so I can't really talk about that too much Noel little ow it'll be the last man standing next to you which is still a drink and that's for sure it's a wide as he just sleeps on down the leg so I'd say you going along okay here lots of no wickets for none for 24 or 4.3 yeah now it's good to see big hairy Morrie's decide to use him in the in the power play the second last over so you know the pressure is applied a little bit on the bowlers in the first six so it's good to seam seam role in the armor over looks like he's getting a little bit of Swing just into the batsman from here and and you'll probably appreciate me saying this if you get the big wicket of May this year when we played him at it really yeah enjoy that yeah he's provided me quite a fair few times about that as well give you a nice send-off as well now I think you I think he's in shock I like that allowed late ball he took for that day so you had a day out as well so it's good I mean the other thing I you know a lot of our viewers are gonna understand is that a lot of you guys play against each other but you know off the off the field you know some great makeshift there too isn't it yeah that's exactly right I mean you see a lot of plays these days float between clubs and Newcastle is as big as there is it is socially off the field and and you know getting the know blokes on the field it isn't that big so everyone you know a couple of years in the competition you know you know the ins and outs of everyone and and it's it's a great social sports it only takes one or two beers after the game to realise that you know the body to a 99 percent of all the blokes that you are that you have a beer with after the game are actually decent people's absolutely ok 5 overs gone here and we have a sea dragons at number 425 not a bad lining up for the lineup for the sea dragons so here this afternoon to know they look they look pretty quite strong you know with the inclusions of a couple of couple of key players from Sydney they both look they both sides look strong but but uni of them definitely it's a gained a a slight advantage you would have thought with the weather to the to bat is there in Scott neck so they've still got mad eagle drop him Joanie's Rushford to Carmen Lehman Cantonese been scouring a lot of years over the years for the sea dragon so he informed me that he'll be lower already lower-order pinch-hitting growls okay yeah well I change the bola I think it's just eerie who's yeah she is a shares a house with Harry two in the back streets of Merryweather so lost boy from Maitland - yeah yeah yeah I've had a couple of games with Josh over the years as well and he's another good guy Joshy Logies cricket works hard and enjoys a beer as well so now of course we have the last day over here the power play so doesn't mean none for 26:4 for the sea dragons off to a start of run rate of 5.2 so that's it that's a fairly healthy start if you if you're looking at that as we said before that five six runs in over in the first excited as you're doing pretty well just seems as though that there's a little bit of our variable bats there it looks like through Dan's second over and now dear Josh gear he's falling down that top end from us it just looks as though the balls going up a little bit then then sliding loud that one off Nathan it looked like it just passed under the bat so it just looks like there's a little bit of variable bounce in the wicket there quick single or direct hit a big appeal but look pretty - even from here Marcus look be fairly safe with me yeah JJ gauging from the field is he you look like it was home comfortably so when you're facing like from the personal point of view you know you're facing the Dan Morton's and you're facing other bottles and other clubs as well it would just sort of a queue all the time it makes it hard to sort of get them away doesn't it you've got to try and come up with some ideas on how you're gonna get them away yeah you sort of it sort of totally different game between to take rig of one day cricket and their 2020 it's in the two days stuff it's watch the ball watch the ball and and just play play your areas early whereas as much as you are watching balling twenty20 cricket your Toronto also fine fine the one a lot of a lot of bowlers like the damn words that come from the tall height it's hard to gauge their length really early so in starting those innings or if you're fine you might find it uncomfortable you're always just trying to find that one and have a get out one shot if that makes sense yeah don't you yeah and I think I think the other thing too with good bowling in this form of the game too when you're you're a medium baseball or a fast bowler you better have that variation to you're gonna have the slower ball and try and variable you know vary the pace of the ball around to as much as you can yeah yeah definitely it you know by by taking I think that's an overall there it's a really free if it's got Raji yeah definitely by taking the the pace off the ball generally means that you're going to have to generate more pace to through your bat swing to do that and then more times or not you're you're through the ball that fractional as well which will create a chance but I think where most players come come unstuck sprawl that element of surprise so it's not something you want to Bowl lie don't feel as el you should Bowl it every ball but just keep it in the back it back in your mind is it's always sort of that that one that you can have up your sleeve that they're sort of not expecting that to take a wicket rather than adopting it yeah and I think there's a there's a few what are - it's all about practice and trying to get as as many variations in your bowling as you can I guess for a spinner is probably the same get out of quicker one you know one that sort of lights up a little bit so it's not just the medium pace and faster violence no that's exactly right Scott Roger uses these feet they're the gears with with - over the top of cover yeah the the bowlers are definitely getting more crafty with them with the art of spin and the medium pace - pace but that's all comes down to practice you know they'll be doing it in the nets week in week out and then trying to apply it in the game so let's see at the power play six overs is gone in the sea drag is currently none 231 and we're speaking earlier on the fact that they've got plenty of funny about is still in the shed so they're off to a pretty good start that way now that will they start doing now but they start sort of going okay current run rates about five maybe even the next few hours to try and lift it up to that six seven if we can yeah well I think I think although that still still none down I'm sure Simon and the rest of the mirror of the boys will be quite happy with thirty one off the first six in the power play so more off than not I mean that the way that twenty20 runs you you sort of push that the fielders back for the next 14 overs and and what I expect you need to be doing we've been turning the shed is just trying to put a bit more pressure on the ordinary where the fielder sort of push a bit harder for two's create create energy at the crease by pushing it in the gaps you know you work you've got to be put about on ball and and having a one minimum from from here er so you just bought that one skidded just a little bit lower there on Nathan and it should be a leg boy there it's just got a bit about on it mustard yeah yeah but it just just look like that one kept a little low so that that vert will be outs maybe they're still still probably playing probably more so the top end but that Harrison managed to get a little bit they on this end as well so is it that's when the next situation with a variable dance you're always thinking about that though aren't you yeah I was this one going to keep liable higher than the last one or so it always think sort of going through your mind don't they yeah well the two batters would be having those need midwicket meetings between overs and just letting each other know that there's a there's a couple of little tricks in the deck and you know just be a matter of battle ball bat on ball right a the strike and will push push the fielders the balls in the gaps thank you for quick single there and traditionally to least these two clubs have had a fair bit of rivalry in the tea twins I mean I think few years ago remember I was I'm throwing the t20 final between the University and and and and Merriweather and they've always had some pretty close games okay it's not just into 2020 I know throughout the two day-to-day competition they've heard on some pretty pretty fierce battles on the field they've both been you know the top four five for a lot it like get shot it's all the way excellent shot that's the first six of the match first the first maximum yeah well it wasn't too far off Nathan's first four it was in a similar start or similar area in the in the first over I think of second over off big BOTS same area just an extra two for the total so you know just talking about the rivalry I suppose all the clubs have you know different revivals haven't made it they've certainly done battles with over the years yeah yeah definitely and you saw it up it sort of comes with well I know houses has always been child stuff we always have a extra we all to win I mean it's it's always there but it always sort of stay and I think they're exactly the same with us on oh wow they've got us they've picked us a couple of times over the years and it just seems to though that songs a little bit later when you when you unfortunately have to listen to it but but now Merriweather and ham weeks they've been to for a lot of users well but you know I know definitely that there's a lot of a lot of clubs that have and they also play for some shields I know Waratah have the the Gary Gilmore one now so yeah there's always always something there when you're playing but yeah there's always the the feast ones that most clubs have with other other teams around town is it fair to say too and that's the end of the over so after seven overs these sea dragons none for 41 here at the number one sports ground this is Pete Davis in Kalama tree with with Marcus Ainsworth from from from the whips and we think the markets becoming along I was going to say to you a lot of clubs have bogie cops to know those clubs that really give them a heart you know just a just just I suppose it's just one of those clubs that you think are you know here we go this could be an interesting game so yeah definitely and they always seem to pop up just before semi-final time too as well I know where we've got one or two I don't want to say three or four because it seems like we we lose more than we should but just when you think your voice was semifinal cricket you're right you do have a bogie team and they always seem to split on the party and I mean that's that's about as well you know you know these teams got us the last few years if we really got a and then you're sitting there after the second sad day same result yeah with your head in your hands trying a quick single there but sent back I think Merriweather I'll be looking to try and break this partnership now because the longer it goes on the more dangerous that can certainly get yeah that's right well I mean you only look back to the Thursday night that we played in the whips against Wes and I think it was only 100 130 maybe or all that that that we we nearly defended it was 133 133 so I mainly farmed if you get up around that I'm just looking at the pitch from here it probably is probably isn't a bad a very total or defendable toto yeah and of course you look at the you know the sea dragons attack you've got you know you've got Chris Conners there he got Michael ratney I mean he's a fierce sort of bowler yeah he took a few wickets the other way against stopped and say he's uh he's definitely informs a big lads and he nearly steered him home to on the weekend against against ten weeks I think he got 50 ordered padding at night so he's um his confidence must be hard with both that em boss likes his cricket - he's very fashionably indeed he does does like his cricket ego I was saying seen him get a little bit heated from time to time with various decisions probably not going his way the more going his way but I've got to know Michael - he teaches with a good friend of mine down at the junction and he runs a summer coaching cleaning the both of them so I mean when he's not not obviously playing he's still alive doing a bit of coaching and training and stuff so he does like the game and love the game yeah and these are again all the all the things that happen in the background a lot of people don't see you know obviously you know first great cricketers but they're also putting it back into the game as well the coaching and things like that so it's it's just it's a really good thing to know that they're out there you know making difference to younger cricketers as well yeah now that's that's exactly right you'll find that the cricketers that are sort of been around for a number of years it's more you see them doing a lot more coaching and they're trying to put a lot more back into the game you know I'm sure as I sort of reach you know the back end of their careers that you sort of start to look you know it go again different avenues and and remembering when you started out and how it was and and that's what it's like for them they're they're happy to give up their time and you know there's not a lot of reward but people that play cricket in Newcastle you know you're playing because you absolutely love the sport any fine that they're more than happy to give up more of their time to help the young kids coming through which is good okay after eight overs it is the sea dragons none for 44 yeah I mean that's these are these are the important things that I think with with you know modern-day cricketers these days is that they can obviously play their own cricket but I can also get back to so a lot of the youngsters coming through and and you know you would know playing for a straight trigger this year you would have seen a lot of younger players being injected into in the first grade particularly in the last couple yeah definitely there's there are a lot of young young kids coming through and it's good to see you know people venture off into their own these days and they have kids and start families that you know the you always going to see and the new crop of kids coming through and it's very odd Newcastle I should say I've set up some really good programs now for the ten through the 16s and then you got your Bradman cups and and you know by 16 if you're making rep rep sides you know you should all nearly be just about paying first great little unit local that local teams okay Sam Palmer's just coming to the attack for Merriweather the Lions itself the pad should be a live boy so I look at 5.6 stage that me it's still it's still okay yeah it's it's you know I think if the boys are sitting down there the Uni the Uni boys they probably like to see fifteen or twenty more runs on the board but you know they might I had a chat early and the key might be wickets in hand and they'll make a late late charge towards you know the back end and it's really attacked the last five so they've probably got a plan in place of how they want to want to play the game and you know we could see hand for them now is probably what they're looking at which is which has got to be key for the last sort of six or seven overs and as you know in t20 cricket you change your order around it depends on where whereabouts you are at the game that situation isn't I mean if you are coming down with your last 5 overs and you've got a couple of hitters I mean you're gonna put them in aren't you yeah that's exactly right you can maneuver the order as you please and where you go on a little bit I was just a be able to say this before the last war so I finished saying it I was a bit surprised that they brought the yard the long off up inside the circle Nathan Hudson said well two of these four boundaries now in these deep deep Madoff Cour coronary area so I thought they might have kept kept him back before they moved him up to try and strangle the wicket here and or even move our corn around that that little bit more but that one just squeeze past the keeper and and he's picked up his fourth or fifth boundary further for their afternoon so so with the rest of the batting lineup that got here for the the sea dragons who do you think are the keys in this lineup you James rush rush foods a pretty important wicket hits the ball hard he plays a lot of shots can play 360 degrees of the wicked he's got every shot in the book I thought it was a little bit surprised I think if they didn't have Scotty Rajee up he probably would open the body I know he opens there to day cricket and one-day cricket so you'll probably be probably be getting the eat seafood he'll probably be next in on imagine and then madacorp throb he's come like from work but he's there now so he'll probably sleep in the for and I hit the ball the ball in the middle from ball one so I'd be a matter of them looking to get their iron at all he's that's caught behind he's got a little edge on that one and that's the end of Nathan Hudson pretty good innings though he he stuck around for 8.4 overs so that's the first wicket for the Lions it's one for 51 the sea dragons sent I guess at this stage of the innings with it you know a few batters in the ship that's what you need to do yeah well as we saw with that one he was he was just trying to hit it on the where we're unit on the roof of where we're sitting and it was a good catch there by the keeper I've got a Cutler couple of tweets coming one off my fellow partner ray Cooper in crime and that the whips he's just asked who is this Pelican commentating ray it's me and I'll see what training tomorrow he's probably talking about me not you he might they be might be probably in carats of array over I haven't counted right he's actually a nice bloke I I must say all that all the all the years that I was on fine cricket ray was always a nice nice fella and and and he can even ball a bit too he's a good cricket out yeah he's a really good cricketer and he's just serious competitor as well new on the field he doesn't leave much out there so he probably won't my was saying this he's not a very good loser you know he's known to throw the Prem the toys out of the pram at times so I mean and I think that just shows like I've I mean a lot all of us care but it just probably shows how much Ray Ray does at the end of the world he at the end of the day he's a he's a good guy and he's a good play to be playing Kruger with his own and I've got another one here you know him as well Jeff came in and he was just sent me three emojis and they'll just microphones so were like yeah he might have had a big weekend he can't talk yet you know maybe he should have a crack at this one of these days what do you think your Jeff didn't to be okay yeah yeah Jeff he he did alright this year two in the the rep carnally probably he's probably not having the season that he he's had him past years out of the seagulls but you know he's got he's got a lot he's finished his trade and he's done further on his in the building game but he's a super cricketer to Jeffy's he scored some runs over us and I've seen him score some runs around town and now he's just as good as cricket or any as anyone on his day Jeff that's for sure I think there's a few cricketers around that are you a beer I think after all this talking these boys up so that's okay earning up the beauty buddy we finally found out the motive are you here another single to the the sea dragons and the end of the year the Palmer over so after 9 overs these sea dragons are currently one for fifty three kicks we're just getting getting a few in can you a guy say thanks to instant access for the yes we can infrastructure and for helping us bring the coverage to the game here today we certainly can thank you very much and we'll we'll certainly it will do that for you thank you very much for that instant access of course the AI over there the this nice isn't left there I do do an act excellent job for us and we do appreciate than you know providing us with with the use of that for this afar TV coverage and right throughout this patch as well it's been it's been fantastic we're probably probably lucky we're here today I don't know whether that scissor leaf would've gone up that high yesterday and I would it would have been interesting standing up there yesterday very interesting indeed so it's nice to see the wind is not as bad as it was yesterday I was watching you know the coverage yesterday and I was thinking wow you know it's absolutely blowing a gale so what moving on this is young Callum Gabriel coming from northern end this is the youngster from from Maitland yeah I was gonna say young boy looks like he'd marry with a player but is he is even import from there yeah well he's he's playing a lot of pretty good North's Norse product club and embodied and become a flavored of under-21s and Britta Dennis brought cups so he's been doing that and congratulations on making first grade I mean that's fantastic yeah well it all starts from from here really doesn't it he get to get to taste and he takes a few wickets and a few runs and you know you can certainly propel these cricket through the the Meriweather side and and in a first grade side from from here yeah the sports off here yeah Ellie brought the square leg into play so when you're batting and you see a full toss what's your reaction day I suppose not really expecting them all the time but you do get them occasionally don't you yeah well it's it's probably the most the format that you do get a bit of a full toss the bowl is obviously trying to hit a Yorker length more so and in doing so you know if it just slips out the top of their hand just a little bit before before release that creates that full toss and you sort of initially your eyes line up and you'd be well you'd know how many wickets it takes here's the other look the long hop off a legging or you try and hit it too hard now the farc so initially you you're surprised and then you'd rather get one on on sixty rather than 15 or at the start of your eating so you do you do light up and then and then try obviously get it out of the park absolutely yeah there was a little bit of an underage there and that was good running actually that we've got three there so that's our yeah James rush it at the crease now as I said he's it's the ball hard hit the girl from the middle of the bat from from ball one so if there is an indication of a bit of variable bouts and it'll definitely come from James that's for sure good thing about this too is it's a good initiation for younger players you can come to play you know first great t20 and and play against the calibre of the James rush roads and and other flyers in this competition as well so it gives them really good experience too and I can suppose it exposes them to too you know really competitive flyers and and you know it's just a really good learning experience learning curve yeah well I think now with the the two day we used to get two points for a win in the 2020 which was always taken quite serious because event it could be the difference between your playing semi-final and final cricketing in the 2.2 day format I think that thanks to Newcastle City Council they've they've created a bit of a cash pool for first and second so the interest of winning slash interest of players being available still there because it could generate quite a bit of money for the club but then it also exposes younger plays and import players such as Callum to come to Newcastle and and want to play and he knows that he's going to play with experienced and and decent players that are going to be around him because that that cash Kitty is there yes you so after the row 10 overs the sea dragons won 460 going at six per over which again as we as we keep saying it's a good run right for this stage of the game so looking at where they're at at this stage halfway 60 on the board you know they'd have to be trying to get that 140 150 they'd have to be least target net wouldn't they yeah well you know you sort of think and reassess they're halfway through that you'd want a minimum seven and over which would put him at 1 1 30 so anything 130 upwards I mean it's you only know a deck until um two teams with bat on it so with here's some plays in Merriweather and then you need take a couple of wickets it could be it could be an interesting game later on this afternoon but yeah you'd think you'd think with nine wickets in the in the sheds and then only 10 overs left that they'd be looking to to push right on and get it up around there the mid 140 to 150 and as a keeper of course in this form of the game in the t20 s do you change any of your philosophies when you're keeping out there or not not a lot of philosophies the only thing the two things I try and be wary of one is that you don't get too many deliveries to you so the it's more important /e trying you're there to concentrate as much as you can so you lead the energy in the field you tried you know there's time restrictions and you've got to get the boys around and as a keeper that I've been doing for a lot of years I try and set the example I've probably got the lease to run I've only got to run run - so yeah you're bark and there to feel the bigger boys - to get round and getting their positions baton which which helps the captain and then if anything I try and get up to the stumps to stop the butter up and down the crease and try and restrict him which means old men keeping a helmet I'll keeping a helmet to the to the quicker bowlers and by doing that the bowler I feel could get hit his legs and the the batter can't really disturb his legs by putting doubt and his mind whether he can charging or not okay good shot there from rush food that was that was down the leg side and I mean he hasn't got a lot of protection down in that area so that's that's where you don't want to be bowling right now on the outside yeah I think with the fieldset you bowling fool outside I'll stuff a bit like that was probably more middle Middleton legs good I mean even a boundary off off you know the middle of the over there it sort of relieved relieves a bit of pressure leading into the next day as well so I mean they'll be looking to score a boundary line every over one every two overs and then a run a ball for the rest I can sorta see Matt Igor throw up with the pads on there and Chris caught us she's single there so that's the 11th over here at sono born sports ground this is the Newcastle City summer bash and we've certainly raced with some fantastic weather here the Sun is out not as windy as it was yesterday and of course we do like to thank Newcastle City Council beginning behind the summer bash this year also instant access we mentioned them earlier on we do appreciate them also with their great support of the other summer bash this season and and and I think that you know without without the help of these these companies and things you know does does make it very hard to to broadcast and and to were to have have events like this we do appreciate their support also interesting to see that or he seems to have given every ball or two overs he's following following all these all these frontline is in to over block so paddy got - again - Sammy - and Harrison - and now our challenge in doing second unikom straight so it sort of may be a ploy as well another the years go by they sort of rushed through we've an over a bowler and over a bowl of it at the moment he just seems as though he's doing two hours blocks for each that was a great shot from rushy there over over Paddy's had it at cover there for four and as you said I mean he obviously is you know he's come out with intent and he sings like a player of you know sea ball hit ball isn't it that's that's kind of the way place yeah like he's changed his game at the tail he plays a lot of to date cricketers well I mean they can't can't be scary it's Ozzy you can now be raising the bat quite often before the first cream Sprague which I've seen as well so he's a kukri and loves his crew gotta buy his reports he had a really good season in England in the offseason he's come back and he's having another good season here in Newcastle for the sea dragons Gabriel hooves in just saved a little bit beats la without one he just sort of rolled his fingers on nothing and it just just stuck in the wicket a little bit good running yeah that was that was really good running wasn't it - very very quick runs there and that's that puts a lot of pressure on the field yeah you know you got it you got to look at that and go okay let's let's take the fields manaan yeah that's that's exactly what they did there someone's someone's are trading bars with you there Marcus just off the microphone there is that Fred Bannister no is he still playing he is now he's happily retired what I'm with he's playing a bit of Dennis brought actually yeah he's playing a bit of Dennis but captain of the Dennis broadly I think that's a great shot Scotty Rajee that's going all the way that's that's a maximum second six of the afternoon so rushing with a four last another one this over and then a sixth any over the the last two overs for this sea drags have been they've been won by their mouths yeah pretty fruitful so after 12 overs it's one for 85 for the the sea dragons and run rate of 7.1 at this stage of the game so we're coming down to that sort of last eight five to eight overs and what's what's your thoughts when it comes down to the remaining say five overs the again playing something in say radio if we can try and get off the last 5 overs say 7 8 and over you know 30 40 it's just it's a sort of a good competitive total yeah well I think with with the first six unis we're probably going to be looking to get to get 40 or 50 so if you if you pin that back in terms of food and restrictions in the air with a few more out if they take another 40 I think that they would have quite happily taken that to halfway through so as I said not not a galloping start I mean the first six but to lose no wickets I mean you would you would say well if we reassess and you know take 40 or 50 towards the back five we've definitely got a a total on the board therefore scenario that the choice was cut down back into the attack for the lines I'll get to there fairly easily will they go back to the third they're thinking about it it's a good stroke yeah no factor - Brad I I had the pleasure of playing with Brad for a couple of years at least out of my career he was a cemented Newcastle cricketer by then and and was I don't know the word he was was good enough to then make the New South Wales country team so he played a few years for them so he was a tremendous creature and of course when you've seen you talk to him he's always happy to tell you that - isn't it yeah well in saying that I know Grady he does know the family as well he he did uni with my one of my sisters they were still teaching degree together another serious competitor yeah he had white line fever which was good to play with you know you saw how much it meant to went to those the to the guys that do have that and they're totally different people when they they walk through on the other side of the gate but now he's a very nice guy nice family Louise and Harry who I got to know for a lot of years in why I try them out at Belmont while he was there he's now gone on a coached various clubs he coached Merriwether for a lot of years there yet more recently but he's a he's a really nice guy and I hope you had a lot to do with me as a coach growing up as well through the Hunter Academy he's also done a bit of coaching with the girls - he's done a bit of coaching with the women's cricket - so I mean pretty versatile and what he can do and what he has to offer so and as you say I mean he had a very successful period with with the lines was it five years in a row and he'd been coached for you know six or seven years or whatever and really was only his job that is taking them away from and unfortunately so and that happens doesn't it I mean your circumstances change and everything changes so you're gonna make a decision either way yeah that's right bow ski give a lot of time to the gay but I know he loves spending the time just as much with Louise and Harry as well so sneaky one they're single yeah and I'll be an interesting 7.10 vers t-carr mob gonna use the five boulders as he so I think I think they'll all all end up filing therefore for out with gears and Harrison then Mort still up the sleeve and do you think you'll keep the same rotation that we think you might just change it around a little bit hard to say yeah he's definitely started off like that yeah but you'll have to change it you sort of the whale work I think with the overs the way they're going to run their little arm you'll have to change it somewhere a bit okay that's the end of the 13th over and it's the the sea dragons just lost the one wicket 495 so that gives them a real platform now doesn't it for the next seven hours to say righty-o we've got we're still got plenty of plenty of batsmen in the shed here so we think we can afford to take a few more risks down it's like looks like Dan Morton's coming on yeah big mort's so the the rotation system that he's been using is still going ahead so the interesting thing will be to to who he he he chooses to evolve so the last couple of overs in this in this inning so will he will he go back to the youngster at the end I probably don't think him go back to Callum maybe I think because of the fact that he's you know inexperienced so he might just change that that around in the next few over yeah you sort of sort of look to the experienced guys to to bring it home so maybe save save paddy for one as well as Morse towards the end and then bring back harrison carlomon and Sammy Palmer through the the middle middle and the back end I suppose so it'll try and squeeze Moore's for one and then and then bring bring home bring him home towards the the 1924 over I think Dan Morton comes in I get to so getting back as quickly to the whips got a few younger players I noticed in first rate this year have been there for a couple of years and a few sort of sprinkling in other grades as well yeah I've sort of got a good mixture at their moment like I'm one of the senior statesmen at thirty-one and Mike little woods been around there for a lot of years is a tremendous phenomenal cricketer at Jase Lawson's taken off the retirement shoes this year so we've got got the three well two to really experience campaigners in Jason and Mark and the young the young guys coming through in Toby gray and Luke muddle have had some really stand out so it starts to the year I mean we're halfway through any of it Toby's been given the opening batting duties which he's gone really well in good young kid good good family his dad Paul's a really really nice guy yeah Josh model is sort of bowling all around us he scored us and very Luke you yeah who scored some very valuable runs for us lighting the order and we've got also a young young leg spinner from from England yarn gray here we saw him saw him last week yeah yeah he bought the last over two years yes and he's another young younger kids the mix that mixes there and and Daniel Bailey he took it out the the bowling award in Newcastle last year and he's sort of getting towards the the back end of his 20s and with rye they're both you know sort of maturing into you know the the complete cricketers where their maturity on the field is definitely playing dividends for three out crickets and it always helps when you get those guys in and it sort of can strengthen up the grades a little little bit you know across the board and you know they've always had a strong populated junior base to add at Belmont they've always they've always had good numbers through the you know the tens eleven stools and so on so that's not bad bad shot there from Russia they're just behind splitting the cabinet - you probably go for three then it'd be three in that this behind point and gully Scottie Reiji runs back to the danger and for three sir and of course the sea dragons have reached the hundred mark of an hour one for 103 with one delivery left in this over yeah it's sort of it sort of really accelerated you know in some some forms Scotty Rogers probably got it got a bit used to the the pace of the wicket you know and and rained in he's these bigger shots and sort of looking for those that all you know sort of an underage pretty uh sort of trying to work the ball more than then take the other ground so he's probably probably picked up the pace of the wicket I mean he's forty no is insert he he's moving along nicely they're sort of picked up that beyond re1 be Andrew and over half two boundaries for the over for the last floor or fog so after 14 overs here at number one sports ground in Newcastle it's the Newcastle City Council summit bash and these sea dragons now one for 107 run right at the moment is 7.6 and we do think Newcastle City Council for their wonderful support for the summer bash this season also instant access we we thank them for their their tremendous support to for barttv it's a great concept this one and it gives a lot of people who can't come to games an opportunity to tune in at home or or wherever they may be you can tune in on your phone there's just so many so many ways you can do it these days isn't there as I mentioned last week I was treating him at the Crown Plaza at the Hunter Valley there and Harrison was next to me we were both watching intently so it seemed as though it's just keeping that little bit low doesn't it it's it sort of sort of bounced through the keeper and he sort of looked like he was trying to pull that away too deep square leg and and it sort of it hopped and number one's always been a ground that I found Cary's really well and at either round or the square if you can visualize it at all at all slopes down so it generally carries a lot of the time so this would be a sort of a situation where as a batter you'd either try and use your feet to break up Harrison's length or you know if the keeper came up there to the stub suit sort of keeping me in the crease and then potentially take the ball and not bounce towards it for the boy small crowd just coming in at the sports ground here this afternoon just to see the crickets it's just wonderful you can finish work and just drop on down and have a have a have a look at some of the games and shout there that looked like it was going down like so isn't it funny I can dump Laura from up the yeah well and look like it should about heading down lake side as the indication of the shot made him look like he was trying to sweep it is the replay it just just took a little step across which which suggested that a program wasn't as close to the lake side as what the shot made it out to look to be but I think he got it right I think in those instances - you've got a look at how much the the batter actually comes across their crease - that's a big hit that's all the way it's a nice shot that was well hit from from Russia wasn't it he really did time that one yeah he just sort of took this little step towards towards the ball oh they're in Harrison and and just gave it a full face of the bat and swung through nicely yeah a cutlet Cutlass steps towards him just to break up his length and create something here out of a length ball and it cleared the fence it didn't go all the way tries the you tried that shot before when you're betting not offer not off a meeting and pacer and I probably wouldn't be trying to play it if I just hit that ball conventionally out of the ground for six I think I might have even been going the same way or trying to work one down on the ground and but I mean it at the moment uni they've won 415 with five overs to go I don't think a reverse sweep is going to duel me on how it gets any sort of bad on it it's probably going to go so you don't you take it works it data to deepen wicket running hard I go for two here well they're not they decide not to the thing with that is is it's about you know the pace of the ball just that you know with with the bat just working it off off the off the off the wicket and and as you say if you get something on it just goes anyway yeah and you can score it you know a few cheap runs you know with a shot like that but if you notice to get yourself as well so but as you say just being one down you know you can even afford to take those risks at 15 overs it's the the sea dragons one four one one six okay we're down to the last 5 overs seven point seven is the rate and I was saying earlier on that if they they really want to try and progress from on here and and gain momentum they'd have to be looking at least the actual fact the scores went up to one for 120 after 15 so it's a didn't over now so they they will on target for that at least that 150 160 now and they well I mean 170 that via a very good score to get to the item and conditions are ideal there's not a clear the sky down here and as you said the crowd starting to linger in and you're probably find a couple people get down here after they finish finish work and now stick their head in and find out the score and it would be a a good chase regardless of what I uni end up with as there's always the element of scoreboard pressure and and the other external factors so I think will be set for a very good night of cricket fewer the uni boys their on-screen feel the sea dragons here he comes in sort of short down the leg side that was dealt with as the elder saying goes that I think that one got what it deserves yeah I think so yeah wasn't Josh's baseball that one you'd be disappointed it was short short enough and wide enough and it was just sort of helped on its way towards the end and then rush he's probably felt he missed out on an extra two I think this this stage of the game too is a bowl of particularly medium pace Paul is that you know try and get the Yorkers Yorkers out you got to try and get the variations the slower ball if you can so it's be hard going to captain this one is if he ever captain dirty 20 before captaining at any any games haha well yeah I did well and when you didn't have a great day it was when mark our captain little wood was away with the Newcastle team we didn't have the best at best best day it was against Charlestown and by the end of the day I couldn't find a big enough hole the jump you knew it was it was one of those days and I sort of thought to myself that my can have that any day of the week so I'm quite happy to give him all the advice that he needs but the tempo of the game you sort of got to be you know you got to you can only be one ball ahead but you got to be thinking you know more he would already have his overs figured out you know the mines going from from from ball one and because it's such a high tempo game it sort of runs in all aspects from fielding the batting to bowling and then even captaining you've got to be you got to be well on your game and as a good captain it's probably if you have a good day out just being captain alone with fielding positions and bowling orders you know there's probably 20 runs you can say you know as a captain yeah but it's got to be tough and I know as an umpire its umpire I know that t20 for me I think I think was the hardest form of the going to umpire because there was always something going always something happening I just hit away it's gonna fall short look like a bit of a slob or they're from your older where all the fingers event try to try to throw it into the wicket nearly carried out to the minute do square leg there one bounce Sammy Palmer I think's out there on the patrolling that beyond ring one of the quicker men had a lot of low years of 44 Hamilton halls as well Sammy I've played against him a couple of times how's the feeding again on this occasion all the way along the carpet it's the end of the over so after 16 the sea dragons 1 for 1 to 8 so what do you think for overs who's who's in next whose index for the sea drags in your opinion I still think Maddie thought Maddie go throught will go as I said he's a clean strike on the ball he's an experienced cricketer and I think he will be looking for the role of rotate strike to the bloke that's been out there so being Scotty gets out he'll try and work the ball for for ushi and then vice versa Russia gets out it'll be badge and the ones and the twos to get the to get the play that's been out there the most time the strike and and then Dewey's thinks he's a good player in at any stage and then all forms made a gulf throb he was in around the mix to is in the ref scored this year and I think work commitments and a few other few other things just sort of kept him in and around the mix and he sort of had to give it away which is unfortunate but he's a good critter a snake okay Sam Palmer's back on I think you're right with that darling I think they're going to leave him till possibly the last over well not the last but certainly the 19th yeah that the 19th and maybe big mortar to bring it home up the top end because what I think we've got another one Adam Harrison another one I had a saying Carolyn so what's that yeah I'll all get another role before the just chips that certainly one there I think with the lines now they've just got to try and minimize as many runs as as they can try and cut as many runs down as they can they're looking at the score 130 at this stage they're thinking of themselves well could be a 150 160 game here so we're gonna try and minimize as many runs as we can in these next next few others down the left side a frequent - more generally don't run on Simon Moore's arm he's he's pretty quick whether they're home safely or there they're coming back for two week he's always wonderful wizard in but I'm a Merryweather they would have taken the start what was it none 431 for sure yeah so they would have been quite a that's a and you've done tremendously well maybe the ball balls just softened up a little bit for them and as we see James Rushford attempt the reverse sweet with more success for the second time with the boundary so they've sort of seen from that 13 to 12 over mark Toby heating at least one boundary and over if not to which which definitely has put him in a good position here yeah yeah cuz that that was probably one of their tactics going into the game sort of like we'll work on that yeah well we're looking at the score now they've probably scored a hundred in the last 10 overs year so I mean for Tennant over between their field being pushed back out if they've done extremely well it's the fuel change that's a great shot right sure yep it's gonna go all the way for fall he was just giving himself enough from him there to a little bit of the extra width he's just gone a little bit wider and he's taking a couple of paces D able to create a different length a fuller length and it might be under the voice of Salman but if I was the young keeper there I'd be really using the oh he's going up to the stumps just to stop him creating that length and that width you know just to keep Sammy Sammy can now bowl a nice full straight one for a single down the ground if he if he gets his length right if we quick to here they'll get to there and there's a keeping yourself in this 3:20 stuff do you do you sometimes just make decisions yourself and go oh look I've got I've got to stand up this time small or it's a it's a fail it's definitely for player or the two players that are in there now is sort of giving themself room I've sort of got to a stage and my cricketing career where I'll say you're not good enough to be doing that mode on the reins here and I don't have a problem and I and I'd do it if if I go up for that last ball I'll sing out for the helmet sort of stop the game make sure I'm feeling as comfortable as I can be while keeping I don't I don't hold a grudge to anyone that gets an extra form of protection to help them feel comfortable behind the stumps to give your own team an advantage so make sure there's a good shot Gary he's not very well did me good timing and again the boundary at the start of the AVA it just throws a bit of pressure now on Josh ski area I mean this is this is all we could we could sit here and sort of stuff it wasn't probably hit a full stop down that end and he's dissected the two the two blokes down there deep on the boundary and it's a four off the first ball so that the pressure then then comes back to the bowler for the remainder of the over just swing there yeah this could be cool clothes just rolled the fingers on that one too just not making the quite through to the the caper there he sort of rolled it was a boy Houlihan yeah young Pat Pat Houlihan so even if even if AK felt like he needed to stop the game for for two minutes to grab a lid or helmet to to get up behind the stumps and you know sort of not have to field the ball on the bounce with a bit of variation and then also as I said last over create the same like than engaged and can here to sort of place there more time for dots yeah do you know how much have you heard much about me he's only the younger ply coming through yeah I haven't haven't had anything really to do with Pat I've heard heard good things through through Harrison and a couple of the other mirror and the boys I said he's a good young Kier and you know he's like anyone he loves he's cricket as well as they've mentioned that that he's super keen on cricket and that's what it's all about you know plays in these sorts of games and gets a bit more exposure we're only gonna go to improving and that's probably something that he's working on a training now very well there just to get a little bit of confidence to go up to the stumps you knew these later overs because it's a hard thing you know you get an edge on one or one gets far down the leg side you sort of end up losing three or four runs in autumn or in boys so Raji said oh you know he's played a pretty good anything he's just just been chipping away at it hasn't he and hitting the odd boundaries I mean it's it's been been a pretty pretty good innings well as I mentioned before we're the same age me and Scott we grew up as it used to be it's it's the concepts they are changed through the metropolitan New South Wales which being from Newcastle we were always Metropolitan north which coincided with manly thought an important to be a northern district so and then us being Newcastle within we always used to do the road troops me and a couple other young cricketers Matthew Freeth Luke Penfold Brett Jackson we're all in the same boat down to those two those camps with with those guys and Scotty Scotty Rajiv was a Hornsby boy he played all these genes and quickly out there and then a lot of great years at little Sydney and then moved on to Mossman now where are Mady day he captain's there side a very nice place to play cricket losses motion would be Real Estate's quite expensive in the area as well so they do have the financial backing that some clubs in Sydney don't have but he's a really nice guy Scotty he's a you know to be playing cricket from tens knee out of the 31 you've been around for 20 odd years still it's good to see you know used to I still pick up the paper every now and then and I'll flick through their school is the only Simeon it's it's always nice to see the blokes that you grew up playing cricket with that and then that are now still biding their time you're not biding their time so much it's more more enjoyment than than any other games that we're going to get so there's a bit of hesitation and of course the sea dragons after 18 overs one full one five two so the Lions it was just captured the one wicket here at the number one sports ground the Newcastle City summer bash thanks to Newcastle City Council for their support into the Nexus do you appreciate their their wonderful support this is summer bash as well with the sizzle if they got the air and he does help with with our telecast here at bar TV I think we were right here I think we got a patty Darwin on and I'd say that that Daniel Morton will lend in the other end I'd say the 20th over good shot great job yep that's all the way as well this seemed as though he just took the face off the ball a little bit good of that and he waited on it perfectly and took full tile through coin really nicely here for will be the sea dragons one four one five seven it's chipped away not a fielder's having missed out on a couple there it was a little bit shorter than it was he's not going across quite quite quickly and boys reaction at fella Zoey just misses time that I can't do it he should have got a few balls yeah good shot it's gonna go all the way is it yes indeed another maximum all the pressure the pressure right on paddy two fours in the single that's nine off the second last over is it and they've moved on to 164 yeah they've uh they've set themselves up perfectly here for the very latest solemn sixteen duel I mean Scotty and Pat would know each other quite well so they would have we're on Pat's age we sort of were in the same systems through the early part of our careers before he saw the light moved up to Newcastle yeah from banks down so bad now each I'm sure they would had a friendly head shake before the start of play and they've gone about their business it'd be interesting to see who thinks they've won the battle out there I think I think you've Scott Raji well he's got a scene he's over at he's at the non-striker's everybody will probably probably say he has by I've had he not been able to get him out looks like another four that's it's been a very long about seven eight yeah so after the 19th over here at the number one sports ground it is the sea dragons one four one six nine over the lines so just the one over left to go and as we predicted Marcus it's going to be game Morton to Tebaldi the final over in the in the sea dragons innings just got an extra you out of pace from from most lakes around town bots so I think more you'll just call on these experienced in the last day over tried you know a full of length and and sort of just get him down down to their long off and long off boundaries for a1 or a2 and sort of try and close out there the innings for the sea dragons have battered superbly yeah yes it's been a massive ternary and it just felt as ours to be to paste and they weren't feeling the ball coming on and you know none for thirty one or six is is by anyone's standard specially Monday you would always like probably 10 or 15 more so to come back they've they've added superbly he's given that something single so 170 on the board now for the the sea dragons with a field change here I think sometimes in t20 cricket just feel as they need more fielders don't you especially at nylon sports ground it's the it's the biggest grab even in day out oh it certainly and that's got him so that's a good ball and that's the end of rush food that's good anything snow from from James Rushford EB it'd be very happy with with his contribution there this afternoon so the second wicket is down now for the sea dragons nineteen point two overs have gone and that is two for 170 he's the replay he knocks the off stump out of the ground here we go he pitched that one up and little inside yep just a little edge and that's the inside edge and that was the difference there looks like Nick bills yep bills coming in covering in the back he's made the journey up the freeway yes so he's decided on whatever hit while I'm here well it might have been two to give him a hit or or not ruin Maddy's average some people under the bus yeah towards the end but yeah as I was saying that you sometimes you don't when the team is going like you only have four the last 14 overs you sort of feel as though you can't you can pull an extra food or two and put them in anywhere but yeah number one it generally feels as though you know I've added here before and the gap seem a little bit bigger the boundary seemed a little bit longer but it's a great place to play cricket it's the truly is an awesome place to fly Australian whose work they're gonna be out is it yeah it's a first warmer first ball ah so that's his contribution in that with the bat and allow it's it's the last day the the big moths is probably more importantly thinking about that the hatchery I think he is yes he tried to keep the average intact he's coming out now we're talking about two Northrup on his way up to face up to the last three balls there's the the replay Sam the boundary and nice catch yep it's a key position it is isn't it yeah if you sometimes you have plenty of time to think about it haven't you yeah Morden comes back in the Roger you they'll take a quick single pat down throw so he's gonna get a hit you'll get a ball you get a ball why not out one not out yeah you'd be happy with it yeah okay yeah Ridge there I said healthy good say now he's a competitive Maddy I don't think you'd be thinking about his own tree should be or for the sea dragons for the captain oh he's missed that one so they'll go through a boy and that's that ends the that the final ball we got one left looks as though we got one left so this is the final ball three four one seven to the sea dragons a run rate of 9.1 very healthy run right you would have taken that absolutely I'm 7 1 7 2 1 we go scaredy's back to Scottie yes done well yeah absolutely so that's at the end of the other 20th over and that is that's the sea dragon stirrings and after 20 he rips a number one sports ground the sea dragons three four one seven three so this is an area that they're in for a healthy run chase here and they're gonna have to go off to a pretty good flying start as well and make sure that they I guess the power play for them is going to be extremely important to see how they they build momentum over their innings as well the Uni boys would have taken definitely taken 173 Scottie back Scotty Raji that did superbly carried his bat right the way through and I think you know they Meriwether aren't won't be once the penny would assume the start as they get to you they've got some experienced players there and they'll be more than talking I think the run-chase will be on Maury and Patty and they'll have to bat for the majority and then the blokes like the gears and Penny Aegon you know if they get a side off to a good start they'll be able to battery other floats through the middle and down the other yeah okay we're gonna take a break here so number one sports ground this afternoon and Merriweather the the lines they'll be coming into bats and they're chasing 174 for victory and we look forward to your company for the second part of this t20 game here at number one sports ground or thanks to Newcastle City Council and instant access we'll be back very very shortly you you [Music] okay welcome back to number one sports ground here in Newcastle for the Newcastle City Council summer bash and thanks to Newcastle City Council for their ongoing support for this wonderful concepts it's nice to be here Pete Davis on the microphone here this afternoon and my special guest co commentator is Marcus Hainsworth Marcus interesting run chase here for full the lines and before we before we get on to the game we have a bit of what will we'll call it Marcus Ismail you've got a bit of mail for us got a bit a bit of halftime interview interval mail off a few of the sea dragons they said it's very - pasted back from the length so that sure would have our filtered back through to the the sea dragons bowlers and I think I'll be looking to hit that that back in the length change of pace and sort of let the pitch do the rest okay the target for the lines is 173 opening the batting for the lines is Simon more and also Josh Geary and opening the attack for the sea dragons to bowl the first over is his nick bills as we said nick is is one of the the marquee players in the sea dragons side today from the Sydney Cricket Club and I just wanted to ask you Marcus about the the marquee concept you think it's a really good idea to have a couple of you know a couple players in your team that are marquee players from other other teams in European or do you feel as though you'd rather just sort of stick with with you know players from around this area yeah I've always always founded a bit of a tricky one I think from players and I've heard this from a few different people that they've sort of thought the marquee concept was unfair in previous years as a character to competition points in saying that you could get you know over the four games you've got two highly quality cricketers to come we knew eight points or ten points or however many games it was which resulted over the five games right result which made the difference from making semies for a team that didn't attract the Marquise now in saying that everyone's in the same boat it was available to get marque phase it's up to the club then to go and get the Marquis I personally wasn't a fan I wasn't a big fan of having the advantage of as summer clubs that probably got access to two different players and better players feeling as though that in some clubs turned reality what happy that all the systems that they had in place they had it good enough side or a decent enough side to win them games of cricket which is fair enough I think as it is not now up for the competition points that are probably a bit more relaxed in terms of the market players I think 2 is the right number I think 3 would be too many and then mine as we just saw if you only lose one wicket then there's no point dragging a bloke up the freeway to play by you know five minutes worth it cricket so you know interesting it's interesting to get obviously feedback from the players on on how they feel about the the marquee players so the concept that of course is two through four each time you say if they decide to do and they get marketplace was the first of all of the over there it was missed by everybody it was it was a buy so the Lions none for one after at this stage on strike at the moment we have that we have Josh theory okay crystal ball stuff Marcus six overs whether the lines need to be I mean I think I think duty the sea dragons for about thirty five so Ivan over nine for thirty-one I think the crystal ball being that uni ended up with a hundred and seventy three or one hundred one hundred and seventy odd Merriweather would look to only be one down at the most and at least early 40s I think if you can sort of chase down anything after that 130 really set yourself up in the first six I know mentality of Memorial if you hit the ball if you see the ball hit the ball approach so I think they'll be trying to maximize the first six it just sort of seemed as though it might have been a bit hard with the ball as hard as it was at the start of the innings where it's probably sort of softened up a little bit which which sort of helped uni and got the pace of the wicket so you know it's a not going to be meanings or batsman's innings where you're going to score early on I think you've got to take your time and really bide your time and then set it up for yourself you know she earnings goes on and I think it's as the sea dragons showed in the first first innings there if you can get one of your players to sort of bat through most of the owners it sort of sets a platform for everybody else doesn't it yeah definitely and I think it's also interesting to see in the the first over your lads three out whereas unis have just opted with the deep deep gully or deep third man I should say and Dave Packard Square to their two more but now there's there's a lot of experience at the crease we've Simon and Josh so are we looking to press on early I'd imagine for the the first seats and of course you were talking about earlier on in the in the first things they're about prized wickets and I would imagine that someone like Simon Moore is a prized wicked for anything well it's funny you bring that up I've actually dismissed silent you're not bemoan I mean about 180 I think at the time but now he's just cheap accidently cheap under cover but he is easy people with it he's he's been absolutely phenomenal for a number of years in Newcastle for Merryweather and New South Wales countries I've seen him score back-to-back hundreds for Newcastle at a country carnival we played up in felony years ago and then I heard only the other day and a lot of people around New South Wales country cricket would probably already know is the most capped New South Wales country trigger so there's a lot of experience absolutely that comes with sovereign and and even this year he's had a stellar start or a stellar stellar halfway point to the year this year and it sort of sees why merriweather's on top and I didn't they've been on top for a lot it a lot a lot of years thanks to him so he's I know that they'll be they'll be celebrating Hardy faith they do get the prize for ice careful Assam and that's for sure okay after one over here at the number one sports ground it is the the Lions none for five chasing a target of 173 now on on two ball now is Jackson Thompson Jackson Thompson you know anything about Jackson Thompson now I don't and I don't even know I don't think he played when we played him in the early rounds this year so I think he's you'd be a lower greater yes that's definitely come up through the the Uni system and an unfortunate he's just started with a wide but but yeah I think you'll be pressing off that top end and trying to impress the captain they get a few more games because as we know over the years you know teams seem to evolve and you know you look at the sea dragons team this year compared to say four or five years ago and they certainly have they've lost a few you know very important players in the team heavenly I mean obviously one of those was was Luke bird I mean he was he was a big part in the success of the sea dragons wasn't he yeah birdy he's been a great crafter around Newcastle cricket using the in and around the rep stuff there for a while as well and it always seems we've you knew that when sort of one drops you out another one another one just comes in through you know they've sort of if they recruit well they've always recruited well they had Colby Gallagher from Charlestown he's he's playing there this year Nathan Hudson made a switch from from Toronto so and they're both very good cricketers and they've been doing a good job for them then this year and they always seemed to stack up well you know they've always had that recruitment they've always attracted players for for a number of years and I think although they miss birdie they sort of pick it up in in another form of another flyer and the thing about the two is the sea dragons just quickly on them they don't have a junior base to call on do like so that's that must be pretty difficult for them as well yeah well I've always known it's always been a thing for them as well in the rugby side of things they've always it was always good when you came across him in the uni holidays because they would lose lose half the club and go home away from the Newcastle keen campus but they've always recruited well from Maitland a lot of Maitland cricketers of soda and weeks or Hamilton Wycombe were always a base their arm for the junior that's a little bit of people here from from Nathan that's a year was a good stop wasn't it yeah but yeah they don't have that general base that a lot of clubs in Tampa but they've always seem to be in and around the mix so they've are they socialized very well the unity boys of all they're always there always came for a beer and they enjoy each other's company which is what rickets all about released a single there - Josh Geary and as you said I mean there is a lot of experience in this is Lions team you've got two very experienced players at the center at the moment they'll be looking at you know trying to build something here for the the first six overs that power play and then they can sort of build on on on that from there with with the the other batters coming in so there's that one yeah it's watchful start you'd say that yeah they haven't come out well they would have seen the wicket - thank you I would have seen the two pace of the week or two and trying to just just take a ball by ball and just just feel their way through for the first few hours so for its a Florida to Simon he's just sort of questioned the square leg up yes I was just meant to say might have been it was above the way so that will be a no ball that was that was years of experience I think I don't think he would have got away with it and someone like Simon that's that's been around for for many years just just queried I wouldn't say he asked in a manner that wasn't respectful enough but he just queried and on him over in the end you know could be an expensive end of the the end of the second year one thing I did want to mention he is the umpires with John Kenan on the southern end of the ground and grain versus the ball was into the moment you would have come across gray in a few times I mentioned locks a chat he does he's always played played though I applied the game in good spirits when we have had he sorta not sure he sort of knows the difference between banter and sledging and I'm sure having across the line I've never been warned or anything blowing well neither have the boys but he's the umpires and you can tell that he really really enjoys yeah enjoys the game and that's what you have to do and not just as players but I guess it's unpolished you gotta really go to enjoy it and enjoy your experience so the lines after the the second over there there none for nineteen the coward run radius nine point five so that's a it's a healthy start for the lines and that and that's the sort of start they needed to get on off to as well with a target of 173 here at the number one sports ground it's the Newcastle City summer bash Festival or cricket here and thanks to the wonderful team instant access who have provided us with some wonderful things to help out fire TV with the season live for there and help me out the production so we do appreciate their their wonderful support during the summer best show this season as well bills back on yes second I also believe that Nick bills played for Newcastle City if you are a few seasons ago he's tested the waters in Newcastle before and I liked it so he's come back up for the the sea dragons I think you'll probably get although there are a lot of marquees you'll get a lot back too because I think the next one is a double head up yes I think we get we get to on the same day which is until February to Sunday but yeah you'll get you probably get a few more more marquees that blokes will get two games out a little more more willing to play do you like the new concept you like the the concept yeah okey don't you think it's a good thing yeah I think it is and the reason I say that is that it's sort of tried in my personal opinion too to stop as much Sunday cricket I know for a lot of years the three o'clock you know you break it up over five weekends or four how many we played and it always seemed is that you're playing every Sunday and it was quite an awkward time that the three o'clock here it sort of half breaking and then get going ready to go and yeah sort of lost year then lost your night and evening because you have you're still playing so I've sought up without sounding I don't know detrimental to the ground like killing two birds with clubs yeah and you sort out you sort of get more out of your Sunday and then you free up another whole Sunday the following week so I really like it this is great for for Newcastle cricket and you can ask the council getting behind it and then you sorta you get your two games on your one day and you can you can sort of hang around and have it be here and whatever after you done this moves in you're not a single I thought about the second but I don't think it was to their yeah and I think I think I think Marcus soon in this day Knights are all busy doing a lot of stuff and work and and life in general and family and you're trying to fit all this in and I guess they're just gonna find that good balance there and I think you know with with this concept that they may have thought they may have struck a real good chord here yeah that's right you don't get much reward from cricket these days especially in Newcastle it's all personal choice to play not many people or if any people get paid in Newcastle and you do make sacrifices you you do miss out on a lot of social events you miss out on family events to to play the game and you know without obviously trying to play for a contract all the financial rewards that critical give you at some stage you know if you even playing in Sydney it does does take up a lot of time with training and playing and and all those sorts of things so I like the concept that but does free up a bit more free time either weekend's a final ball all this over this has been a good over actually there's no run there the end of the third over number one sports ground its the Lions none for 22 so the run rate has come down just a touch later seven point three required is eight point nine yeah I think you I think you're right when it comes to that balance I was talking about before and and particularly for yourself I mean you're you're just about to make the plunge and get married soon your life have changed even more so and you've also I think with cricketers these days to they've always got to think of the other half and their partners and their families and things like that so and as you as you as you move on in your life you have children you focus mainly the way to other things as well so there's a lot of there's a lot of things in there isn't there for a cricketer these days may make happy compromises I suppose but I'll wear both parties and quite happy it's it does you know no I wouldn't say it takes its toll but it definitely does it does affect some parts of that we've also we should be social things and then you will Courtney who's my partner I know she doesn't particularly enjoy too many social events that we go to and on the way every sad day playing cricket and then you know I have to make up a few few lies about how many friends I've got it yes to justify while I've been there but no she's good and it helps having her support and I think a lot of cricketers that do you know kiss their kids and wise goodbye at the start of a sad day you know they the the wife or the partner is very understanding that that they're going out to do something that they love although as much as they do love their family at home you know it's it's good and we're not going to play forever either you know that we're only here having a run for his until the body gives way most of the time or some of the time and you just got to enjoy it while it while you still here certainly can't yeah that's that's what you need to do now Scott Raji he's on the the balls in at the moment and that's the shoulder he can he can that means they'll Devane could have been an interesting conversation when he got here and he might have offered he services that he's told a few overs down in the the big smoke and an Igor ops probably taking it hook line and sinker and and said you can have the the fourth over if you'd like like now so you guys say here you go he just hits a nice line and leg Scotties he just follows little little wobbly this just does a little bit back of a length very easy to set off a set of field too so still only got the the two out I'm pretty sure it's only to India two three you can get have three in the first first six is it well I'd miss - not as well as I know yeah so I should say just following a pretty good line here just at the batsman and trying to make the bats we make up their their mind where if where they want to put it a couple of people of Australian after work I don't know there hey no it's good to see just you know people come in watch with a cricket and it not necessarily you know be you know people who support the teams they just like cricket watch cricket and they come down just for an afternoon so and the weather is you know the weather's been absolutely fantastic this afternoon the Sun still shining the breeze is around but it's not that strong so it's worked out to be very good as far as the weather yesterday I think was a bit different and would have been would have been fairly cool sitting here yesterday I would say it moves in again over this front from Scotty oh geez get the two or three just the dots isn't it with you know with a shorter form of the game if you can build the god stuff puts the pressure on the batsman then they start trying to figure out where the next round is going to be scored and that's when you can sort of make errors when you're batting years yeah definitely momentum the shorter the form the easy the momentum can change and sometimes in in this game it can it can only take one more whether it's a wicket to bring a new batsman out or depending on what stage of the game that a team that it definitely can change momentum we didn't wanted to to three balls it so I've got a bit of spin coming on here yeah this would be Colby Colby Gallagher Colby's the mentioned in before making the move from Charlestown last year he just come with a with a new attitude either chat to him earlier on in the year when the season started and he just said he he just needed a change or just a bit of a freshen up it wasn't anything to do with with anyone at Charlestown in particular he just just felt a bit rusty rusty in himself and he he just thought of change of clubs that challenge was seen would have the do is cricket to get well and I mean he was falling funny about us and opened the batting up there so it wasn't a it wasn't a giving him a go sort of scenario so he was a well established there he just wanted to to move on yep now that's going pretty close to the boundary stopped was good feeling and three - Simon more moves the store on to number 26 after four point you'll change happening here well I think it's like anything but cricket isn't it you know you've got to be happy where you're playing and and if it means that you've got to change and do things a little bit differently maybe that's the best thing for yourself and I think sometimes you've got to really look after yourself and look after your best interests in you know a lot of ways as well haven't you yeah that's exactly right you'd rather seem sort of push on and you know although it probably upset a few people at Charlestown and many still playing the game that that's the result at the end of the day rather than wander off into the wilderness and then we see out on being a big party it was definitely in the squadron in the mix in RAM and you Castle rep scene so he's well established he's got a lot of runs and a lot of wickets on the boards he's rigged it up shot just get the one there so I think we said the sea dragons were around that thirty mark after after the six overs so the the lions are creeping up to that 30 million um 428 after 4.3 still a great start by the Merryweather the mirror where the boys but as you can see there they're required one right is just crept into the nine yes although although they're moving along quite nicely it's still still putting score board pressure from the eights into the nines only in the fourth fifth over so you just need that one good over in this game don't you know if you can get a 15 or even a twentieth season makes a difference doesn't it yeah it can really really sweet favourite doesn't take take much to get a few out of few away or a few out of the middle and away you go [Applause] back to the bowler you've got one left in this over and we'll have the final over the power play always hit that one pretty well great midwicket great way to finish the over yeah good that's that's right boundary to finish the over there so after five overs the lines currently none for 33 and the one thing we have noticed you know for both innings both sides after five over still they still have all the batters in the shed there so I haven't lost early wickets which has certainly helped them yeah well they would had a decent talk about how they wanted to go out there in ends and I'm sure one of them like we said if they won or none down in the first six then they're definitely still well and truly in the game well I think you said at the start of the innings that if you if you had a crystal ball after six overs you'd be looking at least forty years somewhere around that mark if you could get there and then sort of build the momentum from there yeah yep definitely there they go a little the right way about it and I think we said just before the interview in a ball that one of these two or even three which is probably pat down and he's got the pads on down there they're going to have to the fact that majority of our of the innings was a quick single spray over there would have been been interesting if it was the direct hit have you got your money on sheets I think it's gonna be tight it's going to be a real tight like you know I think the finish is going to be there's a game last week where went the end of the last ball that was was the whoops was the web serie that was the whips game so this could be headed that way happy to give Scottie Rajee a second over here yeah yes he's chicken guys all defiled well the last one and being the last over the power play you down you'd be sure that you try and repeat the same dosage we're gonna go for just the one here don't it'll be another one there so what's your what's your gut feeling here how do you feel this is going to go I've always been a that runs on the board me and at this stage I still think you know all you dragons sea dragons will will get the cash fully thoughts look like a bit of a slow boil yeah just trying it all isn't all these wrists on it trying to sprout him the wicket get a little bit out of it I thought the - there but certainly no no no second run there yeah just that variation I think that was just that slower board probably came out of it out of the hand running away and you know I finally got away with that one and that's it that's out that's thought behind so Simon Moore's gone for the Lions big wicket and ROG he's got the wicket so after five point four overs as the replay advances down the wicket trying to force the issue and he's got an outside edge behind paddy down coming in another experienced campaigner as you said he's certainly been feeding around cricket for a long time and he's achieved a lot in the game - yep he's done a lot in Newcastle all these all these pain here he scored a hundred in the final a couple years ago which Merryweather got over the lining but yeah he's been around around for a lot of years paddy he's played at Bankstown manly back to banks down and then they moved up to Newcastle he's played with everywhere ever since he arrives he's a very experienced cricket I've been around as we said for for many years and I don't know him he's got left in him to be honest he's got a good job he's they're expecting their third third child on the way to his partner Sam but yeah he's got as we were saying with commitments and stuff like that he's not a bad start sort of coming on short wasn't for - yeah they sort of take their toll towards towards the back end he just comes across as one of those those players that just naturally gifted probably it works hard at his game but it's just one of those guys that you know trains but there's a lot other players just got a train that be a little bit harder and he's just I just see him as one of those one of those players and I've always always had that that feeling that he he just got that natural ability and and he also yes he's got the talent but he also as I said before it has worked very hard at trying to you know have success with his game as well so he's a sort of player that a lot a lot of younger players would certainly looked up to and said you know I'd like to be someone like that what the play like that yeah he's a good thinker of the game yeah he's always captain a lot of the the junior size that he was in I had a bank start he's always had a great knowledge of the game it sort of drifted as priorities change in the latter years but now growing up he was always the first piqued and a lot of the the rep sides that he played in and even in your castle now Shane Berlin and the selectors are always finding out his availability they always want him in there is he you know he's a bit of a match winner you know times as well he can people come in and and get your fifty or a hundred on in pretty quick succession or take that that one and a cover or the the wicked that the senior or the more experienced bowlers a searching for he's got a bit of a knack or a golden arm as they as they say he's very experienced talented quickly probably if you ask him meow you probably didn't get to the honors that he was probably earmarked for but I think he's quite content he's got he's got a steady job and as I said he's got the third one on the way and and cricket has given him a lot over the years so he's he said that he's had a great career as we know there's always a life after cricket you life does continue after after your playing days and you go into the coaching ranks or whatever you get back to cricket but Vario here at number one sports ground the Newcastle City summer bash and it's 1 for 39 for the lines after 6:00 so they've just about reached that 40 we were possibly predicting the start of the innings but they've lost the only important we could of of Simon more along the way target is 173 run rates he is at the moment six and a half and they're required rate is 9.6 so they'll be looking at trying to build that run right up as much as they can in the next few hours Toby's got East 2nd Nova in a row and as the field spreads back for the latter part of the game and I think much much like you know the sea dragons means they'll they'll look to to hit the gaps and festivities yes and really fresh up fresher the yard likes riding the boundary but in saying that I think James rush was probably taken over the captaincy duties we've got mad Eagle throb in front of us riding the boundary so there's captain I don't think you're gonna have much import from from down there yeah from long on so I think he's just let that Russia run the show with the sea next to his name and I'm sure that he will be back with us see next is named once that day yes the next round round to go well I suppose as a captain you don't mind having it you know just a break just have a bit of a mental break and let somebody else take over and and give them the experience as well just in case you may have to miss a game or whatever so you've always got that back up there yeah he's been been captain there for a few years now so probably probably enjoys the break it'll probably feel like a freshman up yam as much and get back to sort of enjoying cricket for oh he's funny that Darwin's bold look like he just tried to get himself a little bit of room he would like the replay here through the offside and looks like at all they don't might be bank that back there he's the replay yes he he just gave yourself a little bit of room there and just missed that one wasn't a bad ball actually bad I just sort of hit that Maggie long lengths they probably just did enough and it's managed to take middle I think that's John Oh John Oh done yeah John I done just coming to to the wicket for the the lines and they've lost their second wicket their pat down is out after six point four hours the Lions are two for 41 he's a Vanuatu international yes he is yes using the national plan I think they're still trying to from from what John has explained to me they play a lot of the be pool games or lower order round round games against the Pacific nations which try and qualify for the World Cup so year years gone by when you see in BB is and teams like that that's who Vanuatu playing that the lead-up games and he's not too far away he reckons from a from a World Cup starts that's excellent that'll be a great experience but now I think he's mum and dad I've still got a house over in Vanuatu and I'll hit a couple of years ago with that hurricane that went through there and it was terrible yeah I played played a bit of footy with John a as years gone by very talented footballer as well he's a good good all-around sportsman faces he's full school and they'll get a single there yeah I mean at the moment of course as you would know Marcus we have the under-19 World Cup in New Zealand the Modi have you seen any of that on on Fox Sports I haven't seen much to be honest with you I've been keeping up-to-date a little bit a little bit would be trigger strap yes New Zealand score some runs today against our cocaine here I think I think man that we've the four 480 and the the to open has got hundreds and then a lot of them match abend and I've seen that at the rains caught up with a few other games over there they've that's the New Zealand weather for you that's exactly right and down and then those you boys got touched up by India I thinking in the first game yes I mean I keep an eye on on nice cricket forms you know through County Cricket through our offseason and then see how there are how they're going away and you know and then the lead up to all our domestic stuff and then the Aussie boys over in New Zealand for the Australia stuff sir well it's funny you mentioned to 243 the lines after seven overs it's funny you mentioned Kenya because my my my son actually played against Kenya a couple of weeks ago for the the Sydney Thunder indigenous really yeah so he had a he had a game against the Kenyans and what a wonderful experience that was how do he got a couple of wickets yeah and he was about 10 10 not out you know the day and I had a win so he was very happy about that that's a good around good Oreo day it's in the air I was talking to one of the maturing managers of the Kenyan team and while having a bit of a chat you know there about the canyons and and I said to him I just had of interest what cool though you win he said I were in the hardest pool so they got they got the the roaring of the the straw there as far as pools were concerned they I think they're in the pool with West Indies lesser that should be you know ball is high above the waist didn't they made the square leg for reference there no no he's he's called that from from the the bowlers Innes and coming back for for two means of gears Josh gears still on strike which you can't leave the field no you can't no that's right exactly right now I'm sure the the Kenyan boys will be having one hell of a time and over in beautiful people you know wonderful young cricketers great experience for them they had an opportunity to go to Dubai to play a couple of warm-up games there and they chose to come here to Australia so is that the 19 side or the your the undergoing side the current site is playing touch up as you said tonight yeah I didn't I didn't see the end result I just saw I think they were off for rain for the last time I checked there came inside but it's a sum total 480 I think it went a hundred hundred and the number three about Donnie ya know anyone maybe I was very impressed though I must say just getting just getting back to the Kenyan game I was very impressed with their fielding in that and I heard a Navy bowler he was very impressive as well I thought the fielding was was outstanding for a team that I've never seen before their batting of course needs improvement but just to make the World Cup it's I think it's the only the fourth time in history that made the under-19 World Cup so these yeah yeah that's a great achievement for them we just got a bit a bit of a delay err soccer balls being then keep doubt of the field very where the two for 48 off of 7.4 John a down on strike here and as you said they're the required rate still up around nine nine and a half we're looking at trying to get some boundaries I think that's what you still won Raji yesterday so we haven't seen Mike already knees just yet sure we'll be coming on very shortly it's in the air that could be out straight up in the air and that is out so Gary departs the scene at the number one sports ground it's now the Lions 3 449 after 7.5 overs so that's that's a big wicket for a sea dragons the replay of Josh Geary it's probably a tad lucky the the ball before that he faced he sort of just scooped it over there the midwicket me in and then they got through for 2 so a little bit less fat and as a result just got it straight up and a easy quarter ball for Scotty Raji yeah and we're talking earlier to worry about the you know the the wicked bring a bit to paste as well I mean those those are the sort of things that have a bearing on on on some dismissals as well so ok looks like coming in to bat now we have been eager it's been Egan's coming in he's having a good year to to Merriweather he's got he's opened the batting a few weeks ago and they came in Maury chase down Charles Townes total and he ended up with a hundred hundred not out - I think hundred and thirty hundred 49 up maybe but yeah this is this is probably the key ke partnership now for their they need to get something together here that they just just to partly shoot a few hours try and get a few boundaries work down a third man for one for John out [Music] into the ranks over so the Lions for the 15 target is 173 yeah it's three for 50 here for 53 for 50 this is of Simon more Josh fury and Pat down so after eight overs the lines 3 4 50 yeah we have the run rate of 6.3 currently required rate is now up to ten point three so it's starting to get a little bit out of hand isn't it yeah it's it's creeping out it's sort of crept up right from the first over it's chipped Oh Robert good effort wasn't a great effort thought he had it did for sale yeah I think it popped out with his elbow yep elbow elbow hitting the ground it sort of just dislodge the ball I mean that would have been that was that's a crucial wicket they're great great effort but is you know it's a bit of a juggle bit of a juggle midair that's right so another wicket for the the sea dragons it's now the lines for 450 year after 8.1 overs and John I owed under parts so another another important wicket and and this now starts to really put pressure on on the remaining lines batsman here coming in it at for 450 and coming in the back right now is young exactly Wigan for the Lions he's one of our CP so that's we're missing a couple on our on airsuite from the lines now the young flight coming through through the ranks of Newcastle cricket played a few few years of second grade and he's now himself into first grade this season on a more regular basis so again as we were talking before just a sprinkling of those younger younger faces coming into first grade first grade cricket in Newcastle yeah well as was mentioned they've always had a good nucleus with Troy Goodwin and Tim O'Neil sort of front and center and they're sort of automatic peaks every week so it's good to see that there's a bit a bit of a few fresh faces coming through the ranks you know quick single they're very close good piece the fielding there to here's the replay on ITV just the ball away and it was a good call he basically pulled pretty quickly there and he was off so any hesitation people such trouble there singledom boy - yes again it's been a good yep I think he still works for Glen Korff as far as I know but I think they're set up in and around town moves in good ball get to they're possibly three they'll be looking for three that's four so it's going all the way four runs - to Bennigan's he's bald well hasn't he yes yeah he's got the two big warm - to other bigger wickets for Mary well they're in paddy and John are and this before Jonah got out he also had him drop so he's uh and although that went for four it was a thinking outside edge from from Benny I'll catch it there it one liked to see a little bit of turnout yeah yeah yeah just give you just a touch of turn leave me out then the left side symbol there so that's a good over very good over for the other sea dragons after 9 overs it is the the Lions now for 455 now I suppose it comes down to bit of school forward pressure doesn't it for for the for the batting team and I guess the problem with losing the wickets to is you can't get that partnership going you know you have a new that's been coming in and you got to sort of rebuild from there so at least who have really got to they've got they've got a bat it's far through the innings now as they can and try and keep that keep that momentum going keep the school board ticking over you've got ten and a half and over so those those are all those things have gone through your mind as a batsman yeah [Music] they're sort of I'm sure Penny's giving him plenty of words of wisdom and advice and and he's got to sort of do the ball for the scoring and and let let the young guy sort of blend in the strike just back to ball push hard on ones take twos and and Benny sort of got a sort of being at the end reheater especially here at number one it's as we mentioned it's a big ground I'm gonna feels just this big when you're out this rajion again looks like he's going to go through yeah he must must add a good word to the skip that I mean he's he's taken a couple of wickets got got Simon and Josh gear as well so it's probably every reason to Barney Meowth Baalim out he's four and and then he can sort of put the feet back in and try and hide down at find legs somewhere for the rest of the rest of the night along the ridge there the doctor I was it yep doc this would be the key thing as well yes Michael ratney what's what's the chances of he may be coming from that end well I'm sure to be be screaming out for a ball he likes ball in hand it's not often that he doesn't normally open the Muni so I think yeah I'd be surprised if he doesn't get a ball at all but he's probably probably take the next one on the way Carly falling we probably see him bowl out as well so you haven't heard any issues with fitness foods no not for Radney Joe you warmed up he would be through a couple down in warm-ups at the change of meetings just to get the blood going and the muscles moving so it's in the air this will be another wicket and yes court so that's the end of young exactly McGuigan eater parts samara with an hour the Lions losing losing wickets on on a regular basis and in 220 cricket you know you've got to get the partnerships rolling and unfortunately at the moment it's just not working for them here's the replay here just probably looked at it a little bit too full to to play a pull shot which just resulted on him just being rushed maybe just a fraction and the three earlier dot balls sometimes causes a shot like that out of you just to try and try and force the ball into the middle of that which yeah in in this case resolving the wicket and it comes down to the school board fresher doesn't it now it comes down to you know that's been coming in five to fifty seven nine point five required rate ten and a half run rate at the moment is six point three the you know the batsman coming in now are thinking about that they thinking that okay we need to get some runs somewhere we need to score some boundaries so it's it's a huge task isn't it this form of the game it is it's and I think as we've seen at the start of unit evenings it's not easy to score and when you've come out and there's a few of the sea dragons said it their halftime break it it's a bit toothpaste and they were gonna look to hit it back of the line back of the line lengths to try and get those variations will natural variations data that we kept more save and more so than the slow pause and the variations and in saying that we've got card with Gallagher I think coming on for another oh yes so after 10 overs here at the number one sports ground it's the lines 5-4 58 if you do thank Newcastle City Council and of course instant access this is a wonderful concept for the Newcastle cricket midweek cricket an opportunity for people to come out after work and obviously have a look at some of the the premier players in the Newcastle competition and another game one tomorrow too should be pretty exciting yep that'll be the last of the yep that's the last one lasted a twenty20 because the cookers tomorrow they've got a coupler valve in force - yes yes from manly they've formed a little allegiance with with the manly boys I have to use really many years ago I to use with the the manly boys back at 19 and 20 yes very very good days played a lot of cricket they trained very hard I think all the other clubs in Sydney trained extremely hard but yeah they found a little partnership with with their guys that's another wicked down and that looks like a young Gabriel come on Gabriel he's he's out so the wickets are falling here unfortunately for four line supporters yes the replay there and he was caught behind that's some good bowling though darling from certainly the southern end of the grant here from from Gallagher and coming in to bat now is paddling in the keeper for the Lions yeah as I saying that they've formed a good partnership with Toronto and I think Adam Cross White's coming up I don't know if it's for this game but he will definitely be there there for the doubleheader and we have sorted like through a pass play up by McLintock we're sort of trying to find former friendship or partnership we've released flying for Sydney which is the old Bauer Maine so we had him come up and play for us last Thursday and he brought another guy with him as well from the Sydney club as well okay yeah and they want it they won the I didn't yeah they won their the 2020 Sydney comp which was played at the scg under under lights [Music] not too long gone as a bit of a sort of broaden whoever they could having seen buildings and Jordan still played for Penrith yes being Jordan still being a Penrith of junior yeah so he wasn't a steal he was in town for the for the Sixers he was stealing he was in town being contracted for the sixes so he they had quite a middle side maybe even Jason Roy maybe I watched a bit actually on party yeah yeah they've put up a link so that's our now was it wasn't at the game I was sitting on the couch at home and watching it from the comfort nothing about I've had their big bash on in the background and down had multi screens knowing that multi multi a bit of a tragic if you haven't picked up on that but yeah the the sydney boys defended 120 or 130 a bit of school board pressure as they spoke about there no they didn't did well and I'm sure they party just as hard and as predicted michael wright news is coming on into the attack for the other sea dragons yeah well I think in the the stage of the game we probably probably Bowl the next four from from the top end you sure you can get the the captain's scripts off the the sea dragons they for the game they're definitely not definitely not the shout there well it's a bit of a mountain to climb here for thought the Lions the run rate is going up every over it's now run rate of required of 12 point to put over so it's it's getting it's getting to that point where you've got to start taking a few risks and unfortunately for the lines they're just losing too many wickets it gets a bit it's a nice shot isn't that chart that should go all the way this beautiful shot that's so that's a maximum that's over the fence that's it as good as strike as we've seen all day yeah that's that's probably one of the shots of the day yeah I think Scotty Raji managed to clear the fence a couple of times and and that was no different that's a great shot yeah when it starts it's just dropped under there they're required 12 and over as it was last ball but I think whenever I watch on telly we've with the amount of overs left when it gets to 2 plus 12 as a required run rate being to a ball it's always it's always tough was hard yep yep definitely it's a good shot that's a great rule what interested in that replay there that was that was very interesting the universe started celebrate yeah yeah I thought he had him that were cheering so just have a look at the replay is the shot hard to tell with that replay young Jackson Thompson kicked down the ground for just one thinking of to just settle for the one the single he's just trying to baller a really full length yeah I feel he's just trying to get the batsman the hit down the long off and long on and and just get you know he'll take six and over it'll take to take the ones per ball that one again there's a little bit fuller and through to midwicket another other shot at the stamps but yeah not about you know but yeah besides the six I think it was just the the one that he got wrong the full Yorker that he got slightly wrong then and betting betting egg and took full tile and it was a great shot but closed out the over yep so after 12 overs here the number one sports ground it is the lines six for 71 tracing a total of one seven three and they have 102 runs to win required right is twelve point eight so it is creeping up still the run rate at the moment is five point nine whilst I just have a quick opportunity i i i just want to mention just very quickly and I was talking on Facebook today to one of the guys just a quick shout out to the mirror where that a great cricket team my son playing that a few games with the boys over the years and he had a game on the weekend so I just thought I'd give the boys a bit mentioned and say hopefully they're there watching the coverage here this afternoon Bobby I'll be treating in a night the very Ellen will they be feeling me down at the Mary Ellen tonight mom not sure I'm not sure where they where they will I mean I don't I don't follow them around so I'm not sure maybe they will maybe they will yeah so bills is back on the danger man okay the sea dragons a bit of a slow one that's good fielding [Music] fielding from Rushford there so it's it's got to be it's got to be at least a band reaper over there yeah well there's just just drop fine lagging and brawl it both long off and long on to a traditional meet on I mean off they might get a little bit something short here they stay full to pull it off offside silly boy six for 74 after 12.3 overs give you a nice and fool this over trying to restrict the batsman as much as they can there's a bit short of that one on the leg side and probably got the treatment to hit dessert yeah well back to back boundaries in yeah it's a boundary lasts over a boundary boundary this I was interesting now he's got off striking and he took long on and and long off back down the ground and brought flying leg up and pitched it short which we've probably got the treatment it was probably short enough and and make side enough to to go to the boundary there it was shot yeah very good shot I'll come back for two yeah well you think that Benny's gonna have to take most of the ball to you does seem in decent touches he's cleared the rope'n and another one to the boundary through through square leg and then just through cover so he's sort of playing all around the ground isn't he he's got 360 degrees on his radar please probably got the attitude of well you know I have a big responsibility here and I need to you know score a few quick runs and take a few risks [Music] this is interesting appeal for core behind yeah the umpire says no my custard carambola interested yes i'm probably not interested the lines after the 13th over there now 6 for 80 and the target 173 to win 93 now off just the 7 overs 13.3 is the required rate if i guess if someone like Ben Egan can get a four or a six away and in all the overs they they might have a chance that's a nice quick single Michael ratney chinnu a second yes Yuni must be the sea dragons must be a little bit behind in their overseas jogging back it moves in swell works through look at quick another yep another one so that'll be quick to good running probably probably golf court napping out at the midweek at Bandra is beating the shade for the last the last few overs it yeah he's probably bit slow to get go and get the blood through the legs here six 483 it's just hitting that full length isn't he yep Brad niche there's a bit slower that one yeah took the pace off that one like boys and boy yeah the shadows are just to start to come over yeah they're sort of creeping through and then they're nearly halfway across the oval let's fire down the ground full of length from Michael again he's just sort of happy to milk the the ones and the twos and and they'll be happy with that there's the sea dragons there yeah so what you you know as a play what's your advice to say young fat Houlihan try and give been eating as much strike as you can that's what you you know try and rotate it around yeah well I think I think that that's what would be his role been he's obviously heating the ball really well he's he's been in good touch as I said for most of the year off all of the year if you'd open to baiting in the two days stuff so for the the second fiddle role if you were betting you'd obviously be detained you just look after the ones I'll try and do the rest and then it's sort of a role reversal and for the next like that come in as it looks like there's another wicked yes he's caught behind so Pat Houlihan is on his way for the lines they've now lost their seventh wickets for 86 after thirteen point five overs here at number one sports ground here's the replay just a little under yeah a little under itch there yeah it was Philly it was really big age wasn't it and keeping their from Nathan Hudson yes not a bad he's had a good day isn't he Cutler three catches and and a couple they're big leaps behind the stump there to stop a few runs so the end of the 14th over it's the line 7 486 Sammy Palmer semi Palmer is going to come in now played played a lot of junior cricket Lee Seon Jun and I think I might have might have mentioned that earlier but we had a really good side a junior side it was eastern districts formerly known as Newcastle City with yes but yeah we had a lot of good cream down Richie Gilmore who's a product at a same Gilmore's cousin he was a he's a really good cricketer and then we're all about a good bunch of fella like we've all got along really well and we had a couple of couple of good years and Sammy was a big part of that but he never really took on the opening bowling role until later I think through the lower grades and Merriweather predominately fighters abettor and then took out the the batting I'm sorry the bowling in last two years and he's had some some really good good years with the ball so bills moves in it's a good shot he's a good shot isn't it I might have been a call for call for two there early and good shot for one yeah great shot great shot time that very well this will be his last bills I guess you know the first two should he's last that's been worth his while to come up up the m1 motorway tonight it's play a bit of summer bash cricket with with the sea dragons you mighta bought a car pulled we've got E on the way up and it makes sense does well they both had a day although the only face the one ball it was very late in the immediate was and then he's got got the floor and Scotty carried his baton I had a chat do it by thinking I think here and out he told me mid-60s he ended up with mid-60s I don't know I've got an official score but he seemed to think he got 60 odds yeah just it's just that length that that fat ball let's that length where you yeah you're in two minds aren't you it seemed like he could have traditionally played it off the back foot but it sort of this looked like it crept a little low on him these great pictures from bar TV yeah that fantastic have a look at that that's just incredible isn't it well I mean it's it's great that the crickets being played here on the lights you know I think New South Wales Cricket they've always had a pretty clear intention of trying to get first-class cricket back to Newcastle you think that's a priority I think for the grounds sorry for the crowds that they can get here and and obviously finally actually yeah it's very reasonable and viable for them to bring it here and it sort of as a large city outside of Sydney they sort of taking their first-class cricket to sort of more west so I don't don't understand all this hasn't my enough being made of why we aren't getting the sort of same treatment if you're still happy to take the game I know that they're trying to bring it at broader delight and get more people interested out west but you know after looking at these pictures and I'm sure if anyone's tuned in in the last sort of five days that it's been televised why we can't get first-class cricket back to Newcastle yeah well it's it's certainly something they got to build on for the future and there's a lot of work to be done in that area to bring first-class cricket back into into Newcastle and it's just a matter of a lot of people working together to make that happen over the next few years yeah well I could say it it will definitely will be on the radar yeah again I don't think we've seen the last of first-class quick no definitely not yeah as Bologna and it get bigger as a city and they probably won't have much of a choice if bringing games up here with the amount of interest that it gets yeah sure we just had a no ball there and we just had a free hit and it missed everything and went for a boy I think was a bouncer noble yeah what's in that way stifled tossing it was over overhead I'm shot she died wasn't it once definitely in your career you had many had many free hits I have I have I make the most of them now I haven't I haven't I've armed I think I'm probably none from six in white sauce destroy trace not that's that's it's horrible and they do it it's it's a funny fact you don't really know how to approach your free heat it's it sort of met for the backyard the the free here all you can't get out first ball or six and l6o no and the fences out there so to get one fully kitted up in your pads and gloves and and it's probably saying you don't try for a free hit you probably have a slog at the end of the the back end of your net and you're probably your heads spot and client's more times and not because you swing so hard but now I've been a bit of trashes in the last last couple years with the free hit so obviously most most clubs to play against Marcus hangs when the free it comes up they think than themselves now this is no problem I don't bore thinks no issues here it's a good shot through come up see me so the required right is getting up to at least 17 and over it's it's getting a bit of a mountain to climb unfortunately full-line supporters after the the fifteenth over they were seven 489 moved on down to seven 490 the number one sports ground as well hit to yeah they failed it well having a you may have yes see dragons also say uni bar there while there to day not get used to them is it is you are even the whips it gets and find a funny being called the whips as a Belmont cricketer but you know it's the razzle-dazzle of the 2020 it's it's it's all there but now I think they've fielded inception all they've although they've dropped a couple they weren't weren't easy no they were pretty hard pretty hard chances yes but now they definitely look like they'll wrap forward as soon as as soon as they walked out there and they filled in and bold really well Colby and the import Nick bills that's that's a great shot he's fairly even ran for that I think do you get that beautifully made a great sound off the bat and yeah and he took two or three paces down then we could he knew it was he knew it was gone to the boundary is it just me or was this Michael Rea pitches he's lost a bit of here on top this is just me well I'm not one to comment either are you go flimsy I feel as I'll got plenty that the the talk around the trained you you sort of get brought back to reality on on the cricket field or off the cricket field in the sheds and speaking of Facebook earlier the the MEMS and the the means or yeah yes funny at night I get a lot of hair loss treatment so it's sort of the old steam train it's sort of you've always got it and just gathered more and more momentum every time they seem to talk about it but I'm not one to throw stones at Michael ratney about about he's very Tony Blair that's for sure and that's another wicket straight up in the air from very eager knees obviously trying to force the issue with the Lions losing wickets and that's another one gone down for the lines like 498 here's the replay he's just got to go for it hasn't he and take some risks they've added well Benny he did very well it's a very nice shot your batsman is is Dan Morton he's got the cutlet not over Harry Carver yes he has he's normally legs 11 so the for the Lions but I was that a positive thing for Dan's batting or all when it comes to Harrisons batting you know I think which way to be hurt from Harrison will be greater than the joy from doing I think you're right I think you're absolutely right just getting back to the hair I mean you know you're lucky you'll you've got nice nice color here you don't even like me you know when you get older things certainly change could be and knowing we in race for for old Mads he might arise even like a ball then gray we couldn't - yeah the same times you will have change Rushford coming on to bowl ought not to off to a good start it was a nice shot yeah yep full tossin that's a that's a light Christmas present the full toss on the first ball and he he played it very well down the ground for one it's in the end it's nicely so the Lions have reached a hundred sixteen point two odors they might try and canter back for two it's let's split the two yet let's get running if they can make it who would throw all that was close as close how do you runs do you think Dan Morton's got in his career so Mariela yes can someone text us in from from the lines maybe we can get man we can get a text or something I don't think it'd be more than 150 don't think so now let's play some good shots here I know that yeah well that's a four lady she's proven me wrong she's coming out all guns blazing at four but I think there might have been a couple of times in his career when he was batting 11 and Merriweather I've probably put on three or four hundred and he's probably been walking at a bat way more he's calmly declared cutlet odds on him as well no he probably hasn't had the opportunity as much as the as he's tally tells us but I think there was a couple of the ease there in a row where he didn't even get get a bat before Christmas he's getting a bet here today and he's doing well so it's down the rope and one down the ground to start his evening sir and that's the end of the over the 17th over its the lines 8 for 108 here at the number one sports ground for the Newcastle City summer bash and all thanks to also instant access and it was just wonderful to see a few people getting down to the ground here this afternoon the shadows have certainly come across the ground now as we get down through the last three hours and to win the lines need 65 run rate required is 21 point seven four overs so it's getting to just about the impossible stakes isn't it really it is I think you've all about banked on the on the victory split single you've got to go for those when you need 21 and over yep strike the stumps they're just missed red meat into his third probably say it out from the top end so what's the chances of Dan Morton hitting a being a six here what do you think he's proved me wrong feet with a breather for already so I'm not gonna write him off I probably won't bagging me out for a while either I will michael ratley's feel if he gets hit at over his head for six if the number one sports ground from Dan Morton I think you'll see a shirt with a brow few stone words under his breath and he walked back though he's my yes mr. field change small ball you can sort of in fact they both sort of use that to good effect both Merriweather end and the sea dragons with the slow ball just sort of roll your fingers on it just sort of make it into an off or a leg cutter and just bounces one bounce through to the to the keep and they can't touch them it's not a bad shot honey you bet on that one for a single looking forward to your next game yeah we've got Cardiff you out of unit udaya now that the Cardiff I mean they they haven't had the best year this year but on you know they're always a tough side to beat if they've got a good import as well who scored scored a few runs for them so obviously you'll be you'll be key and then I think that they break away from the ranks of card available next year and they they move on to a new establishment out of Cameron Park which is pretty exciting yes for a from what I'm believed to be told it's it's quite a good ground the facilities are really good so that being the case you know it always helps and yet he's gone so then Morton's out that always helps in recruiting new players so the lines now nine four one one one seventeen point five overs here at the the number one sports ground but that was that little cameo from from Dan Morton he he's doing what he has to do just going for it picked up a couple a couple of wickets to yeah maybe ended up with three and he's Harrison Harrison : coming in he's being Harry Karl but he allowed he's looking over this way I think he said I think he must have hurt us I told him I kept him up that I was going to give my heart time that the as I said he's he's been a very good bowler for very weather for many years and just been unlucky with injury and the social scene but he's a guy that everyone gets around he's a very lovable guy he's funny and he always enjoys a beer so the he just loves the game I'm sure we playing for a few more years to come if he if he speed carves hold up you'll be he'll be right just a shot of the lines plays there and they're looking very disappointed which was obviously they are they set a very high standard Meriwether and the Lions the club itself so it's been a tough afternoon but that's t20 cricket for you sometimes that'll not one yeah little little toss to start innings and he just punched down the ground for one yeah you're right they they do set a reasonable standard in the years where they've seen a brought in has always done done really well for them so they will like any of us they don't don't enjoy losing too often so I'm sure they'll um they'll bounce back for the next the next double header was the first I will head or I should say yes quick single this could be close all have been gone wrapped up the night to direct it so getting back to you game on the weekend against Cardiff obviously looking forward to getting back out there in the middle yeah yeah no I managed to get a couple of runs away it felt really good the last game against Stockton and it was just unfortunate but fortunate that a couple of my really good mates got married which they're both honeymooning on at the moment so there are they're away having a great time so as I said two years gone by the sacrifices that you make through cricket cricket you you missed those sorts of days and those events but now that there's not for me although the enjoyment and winning a big things in my game captain is very understanding he's quite happy he's not happy but he turns a nice either to those sort of events for me which is good yeah he understands part of life and that's just the way it is there so so this weekend against Carl a little bit more my first game back so I'm really really looking forward to it certainly pumped up yeah Harry Kolbert off the back foot for so odd just for the single that's the end of the 19th over it's the Lions 9 4 1 1 8 just the one over left in this game I guess you could say you're becoming a professional wedding attendant yeah well we've had a few over the years me and Courtney been together for nearly a good part of five and a half years and I think we've attended something like 30 weddings Wow def definitely like 20 maybe there's maybe the 30s but yeah with the wedding's the the buck shows and the engagement parties and we're both quite big family people's having between that we've got birthdays and christenings and and all sorts of stuff so it's good it keeps you busy and Acacia mind off things at work and in a way from cricket at times as well so it comes back to that balance thing doesn't it was talking earlier on yep Jesus what I heard they put down and sleep again if you can strive for that so you're sort of halfway there that's for sure this is called rye settlement coming in for the final moment lights light scratching Luke Webster yeah Luke Webster losses ferocity so he's coming to into the you know the the sea dragons outfit this afternoon and he gets the opportunity to boldly the final over here today at the number one sports ground potentially take a wicket - yeah [Music] another one down the grand semi palma tight one I'm sure Harrison at love you do the commentating on here meeting a nice six here at the number one sports me yeah definitely I think he'll be batting for reading though he'll drawing talent try and take the in spot so it'll have no complaints if he walks off with a five or six nine out no I don't think he will and it speaks to Morrie and says you know I should be moving up although looking at that II trying to clear that the picket yes he is yeah that's a good link cool little little French cut for for one well it's been good to have you on the commentary this side yeah now I've enjoyed it thanks for coming really appreciate us it's been good no I'm still on holidays last week when when Gareth was he who runs it gave me a text and asked me if I was interested and I said look um unfortunately why on holidays but I'll be back next week and he just replied you read and I've known him for a lot of years back to the rugby days as well but now I only enjoyed the afternoon it's been it's been awesome yeah it's a it's just something a bit different to come and do this sort of thing and and still still be part of you know the t20 game even if you're not flying it you know you still here commentating on on the game so it's gonna be that's good fielding just the two there so ya know it's um it's you know and to get different but I guess outlooks on on a player that's still playing the game as well as the replay you it's a good shot through cover nice shot just a nice piece of building at the end here so a fairly convincing win for the sea dragons today they'd be pretty happy with this performance and that's the that's the game so witness today the number one sports ground congratulations to the sea dragons the University Club over the lines and Alliance scored nine four one two five after their their 20 overs we do think that the Newcastle City Council once again thanks to instant access and thank you to marques Haynes works about here and we wish you all the best for your game on the weekend against Cardiff and as you said your first game back for a while so you're looking forward to just getting out in the middle and hoping to score 20 runs on the weekend thank you very much and thanks having me any time so and thank you very much for for tuning in this afternoon we do appreciate all the support that bar TV gets with the coverage of some wonderful crickets over over this summer and it does continue again tomorrow as well so make sure you get down to a number one sports ground and support the the bar TV team and if you can't get down to the ground of course what you do is you as you tune in and you can watch all the action as the the summer bash continues for the Newcastle City Council tomorrow here at number one sports ground and as we mentioned again thanks to instant access for their great support as as well this is Lee Pete Davis with Marcus Haynesworth signing up here at the number one sports ground and we look forward to your company tomorrow afternoon for the summer big bash or thanks to the Newcastle City Council nighties he's a natural knife yeah after curricula three bottles with Walla Walla write for me dissertation help in london online John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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