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How long did it take to write dissertation

How long did it take to write dissertation write for me psychology capstone course mit geothermal report you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it's time for change to move into the real work of the universe and it's time to understand that we used at math and state to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man now you understand maybe why the Creator has sent his messengers and that they were whatever you have had is that they bring the ears and it can be used when the time of the Messiah comes they can teach the soul and the message not to oppose but by them understanding through those who have become messiahs to you from their souls to these to animate the job is made easy the school is there and the students are they all that be there then there won't be any fight between what they called the Muslims and the Christians the lamb and the lion will eat and sleep in the same nest the Christians and the Muslims will speak and pray in a mosque and the same church in the name of this also not in the name of religion that is used to create so much conflict for the benefit of those who were the hyperactive children's your time has come the time of changes here and as I said my wish is my command there is your wish to see peace paths are peace is a very clearly it's the soul of the collective awareness by coming won't create a position of the change no other there is no penned in the soul of the man and I'm sure once you go into the universal community you will never see anything written but the balance of the fields of the soul of existence try to be humble enough not to become arrogant in the power that you have understood and you possess otherwise you'll fall in the same path of the church this is what we promised but missus what we have delivered we have to understand the operation of the soul and we have to understand the soul of the man in the star in cosmos of the universe if we compare the soul of the man and many of us seven billion in one collection birth is like a galaxy with so many stars when we look in the depth of the universe we see galaxies with hundreds of millions of the stars in it so is the planet earth carries 7 billion beautiful stars which are the soul of man carries with it so loved so many trillions of animals plants and everything else so if you look when someone who does not see the physicality of the earth and his content what would they see they see a galaxy with so many beautiful light shining each one according to their strengths each one according to their position an infant as a beautiful soul so has old man to those who do not see the physical foundation this planet but they see the strength of the field we are across ters of stars the human race every single soul no one from a distance sees does the soul of a fisherman that's all of the cosmologists the soul of the president they all shine they respect after its quality this is the magic this is what the new science has to bring to man when we look to our soul we see nothing but starting other sources and this is the break this is the understanding this is what all these teachings are about coming to mature to the next level to understand in the deep space the universe is the only cell grows also sir then man is value to us please then man is ready to become part of the universal community which has been promised I never promised you heaven I always promised you the variation of the man to join the family and now you have the key it's you who has to open the door to understand if I can raise the soul of these people or millions of other souls that the physical life on this planet changes that I'm worth me to be part of the universal community to be there to serve to expand to be there to be part that in the cycle of life of universe I become in being part I become part of the total me when now reaches that point a new dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear which is beyond imagination of understanding of the mystical eye the gate to the opening of the new life in the new dimension which is beyond the imagination of what you might call a new beginning the new cycle we start cycle carries with itself the collision of the creation of life [Music] it's the elevation of the soul to serve become the key not after all of the physical life the time is right the time has come for the man to go through this mosques [Music] [Music] welcome everyone to the 219 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday April 12th 2018 I'm your host Rick remand and as usual we'll be speaking with and listening to mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation and I think mr. Keshe has probably got to be the busiest being and in this side of the universe I think he's got lots ease going on and maybe he'll tell us a little bit of what's happening I think you're ready to go mr. Kesh please yes enlighten us thank you very much good day to you good morning good afternoon good day whenever you listen to these workshops and somehow we have managed to gather a strength you're doing a lot of things and at the same time a lot of things come into fruition the family is growing bigger and if we get it right all of the human race family we have to understand the process we have a started the condition we have it started as you are fully aware as of Saturday this more this week from 10 o'clock Central European Time for two days we go through the process of the whole package of being a manifest space what is happening in the past they're lying what you call it space agencies they do their little work in a background and they come and say such a day we have a flight everybody watch we don't know what goes on in the background it's all hidden a secret whatever they want to load up we never know but this time we all know what we're gonna load up is a bunch of human beings are very excited to go into a space but we have to show how we build it together they're teaching or what we call the blueprint for a spaceship this Saturday is not that we're going to show a flight we are going to show the totality of their life in a space this is important is not we work as one nation as one race at one team so different arms of the Keshe foundation was done research or involved in different part of the research on Saturday and Sunday showed the whole process of it if you notice with the space agencies they all have to do the works in the background nobody knows who does the food nobody knows who does their whatever and then the guys in there and he goes and it's like a baby pampered and given something you eat this time you eat that time mama tells what to do and they're literally baby cities people Adamo it we see the Space Lab it's been going on for years they try to feed and we see the situation if they don't get there on time two guys go hungry if one of their launches goes wrong their supply runs out our guys up there have no water no air most probably as such and no food the difference with the new space technology is we have everything we have developed every aspects of it these are the first frontiers in the science of space what we had up to now jet propulsion masks and spacesuits on the rest of it and the question if the man landed on the moon or not all goes through the window because now we do it collectively we do it as one race and you'll find out and you will see that the governments will join us there is no alternative race they don't have anything to match and they cannot match because they don't they never brought all their divisions together to work as one nation where the beauty of this Saturday Sunday is we us as a foundation show the world how is that hardened in the space how we can overcome all our needs independence from the planet and a very secretive Society of space people which is all of us human race the only thing we are keeping secrets from is the fish the cat the dog and the bird and hopefully we teach them one day - so do is secret flight secret missions everything nobody knows what's gonna happen till the last minute making videos to lie if it doesn't happen or goes through the window we will see how the food is made we will see how the materials are made we will see how we can decontaminate the space of ours and in your space we'll see how we make new homes how we make shelters we will see how to make the fuel we will see the first stages of what we call a space reactors today this morning I was going through it with our team and they achieved another milestone which is the conversion of the fields into matter and this conversion of the fields who matter creates heat so what they're feeling is heat around the what they call the space launch vehicle and this means the fields are radiating out and the interaction with a matter of state like the way the Sun hits the surface of the earth creates heat now we are in that phase which is the next step advanced into it now this heat will convert into matter they have managed to damage a lot of fields downwards this was one of the things they were trying to do now what they will try to do in the next couple of days and the timing coming time is to increase the speed of total force which I explained to you into a splashing field that hopefully we start seeing the next steps of what is called the shimmers and the physical structure I've asked the team this morning as we were watching either he was getting tested that they can feel the heat now trying to compact the heat then it's the interaction of the plasmatic field with the what we call earth gravitational magnetic field and the matter state and so this is another milestone no one knows we might be ready by Sunday Saturday we might be ready in a month to month time as the structure goes together the whole structure of this weekend is to show we have become one advanced space program known as cash donation as SSI a spaceship Institute and with it comes all the knowledge we gather at KF SSI all the knowledge guidance Keshe foundation and all the knowledge we have brought in from different part of the worlds of knowledge all of us when you look at these reactors is amazing it's a combination of when I look at it Iranian space program is a combination of there are friends in Philippine part of the work they've done is a combination of the partner to work which is done in us by almond pardon to work is done by John in Arizona part of the work is done in Europe by other group of team of Keshe foundation is part of the work done by Chinese we see the work from Africa and we see work from work on South America and we'll see the what we call understanding of the work of the council's what the earth Council from Australia and from the Universal Council this is a collective flight system this is exactly what should have been and it's exactly what it is we have become one space agency as one race as one mankind and we are sharing it openly some of the things you will see you might have seen before some of the things you see it will shock you but this is how it is this is the fact the way it is therefore the next step for us is you see it on something else on day you want to be part of it though may be done with maglev system the way we did with everything else the health section let's start testing developing bring your own flavors to it and as they say the only car is not Henry Ford's car now you have a Mercedes you bring your Jaguar somebody else like a bike and so many likes the Lotus bring whatever it is each one of us bring our own flavor into it but in essence the the what we call the taboo of space has to be done the correct way which will be done there is no more Chinese of space agency hiding what they are doing there is no more Americans lying to us if they learn it or not and there is no Russians keep the lie of the Americans because then it shows they lied to you have to understand when one Bluff is that one Bluff is two then they can't break their bluff so whoever has blocked now that we become and now what we see is matter of months or weeks that the first flights will take place very soon in these kind of teachings on Thursday morning we start walking around the moon wait a videocamera live to see if we can find a foot strip of mr. Armstrong then we know how much we advance and we know how much we've been lied to the what it says and very old Iranian say say what is in the pot welcome to the land oh so we're going to see whatever sweets been there whether we've been told all these stories about man landed on the moon or not the Muslim says for insulting us the advantage will be when we go to space we all go together as one race we are blind to color race and religion and greed and I can and I would like to congratulate all of you Saturday will change everything and a beginning of the change for human race is adding another piece of what we call space to our dimension not all of us back to : live in the state and not all of us fact alone live in China but we know is there if you want we go and visit when the open air space as of now is not that all of us will go some of us become Chinese tourists and have a look maybe for a year two years leave the shop with the dad to run while I'm going to see if the Mars is different than here and I'm going to other place but then I'll come on run the corner shop and then I tell people on our stories have seen a man with 20 legs and no eyes and I've seen what autumn is a jelly but it can go inside it any easier than spit you out and the rest of it so life is not going to change on this planet because we have opened the space but it'll bring a new dimension to us it brings a new understanding to us it brings a new structure that will reduce the suffering of mankind they fall out from the new space technology which is getting developed as part of the Keshe foundation and soon we'll hear all the universities run will be to start trying to do it and the spaces you choose as much more follow it is how we change the course of humanity how many teflon can be delivered that makes the cooking easy for all of us not to burn our food how much new structure materials we can deliver that stops the suffering of mankind be it in the time of disaster be it in time of what ever be been in the time of joy can we make choices in every part of every city how do we feed our nationals how do we feed our people how we protect them from disasters and if the rust disaster happens we have all the facilities to be there not to wait for months and months somebody might not to help what happened in Caribbean is absolutely shame on human race what our governments have done they're spending all the money on the reference to kill and when it comes they can't even get near to help business supposed to be army to protect not to destroy and why there isn't so much finance goes into killing part of the army than making the Army's to be to help the people to be armed at a time of disaster what I see as a head of the condition end of Wars very simple the technology cannot be used for destruction but the technology will end the borders the barriers the technology will end what we call nationhood we all become part of one nation but we come from different places and different positions the biggest shock will come to human race by opening the space is that we'll find new neighbors we'll find new friends and we have to be ready for it we went to another state I may found new friends as Red Indians we found people in South America even though they came from us it was a lost family now by offering the space we join the family and then this is the change would it comes on a lot of things when it comes a lot of new understanding for us it's not just opening the space the opening of the space this time brings a lot a lot more than man could ever bargain for new ways of lifestyle new people new understanding new places to be and emigrate to and come back understanding that the time beyond the space becomes zero time we can travel the death of the universe and come back in no time we sit nowadays for 10 hours 20 hours to go from one spot on this planet to another it'll become a few minutes the disbursements of what we call human races from the cities will become such a rapid job that buying a car will find a new dimension you don't need a car to drive and sit in the traffic jam you take the car to live in Australia and go work in New York in the morning and come back these are not more than five to ten years away and we we evolve the beauty of human race is we become such a good Eve always we never had a computer in 50 years 40 years we become such a huge user of it none of us knew what holidays means because it didn't existed we build the hotels we force the nations to come holidays and we pose our bosses that need two weeks ago in the Sun to rest our parents never took a rest seven days a week for centuries there was no difference between Saturday Sunday and Monday until somebody came up says don't work one day we let be lazy now we say don't work six days a week be lazy but course in the space because we have the knowledge this is not a dream anymore we have all the availabilities if you look in the teaching on Saturday and you look what will come as a material production and what's been produced in a very smaller scale it's a parallel - we don't need to get still an Arminian from Earth we'll be building on Moon or Mars we use that maseri condition reproduce weather will be like the teaching on Saturday and Sunday is there what we call the shotgun for a start of the race the first fire that the mankind starts working at the same time together for a space it is something that make sure you inform as many people as possible to be there that they are there and while the presentation goes on inform as many people to join in because now is a talk but as we go through the presentations as you see clinical trials for health you see the clinical trials for materials you see space reactors being white everybody to come on I'm Alok because when is life they come in don't wait till afterwards tell them have you seen it invite your family to come in invite your friends to come in come and watch what's going on on this channel and then it'll take over this is the way partially Saturday teaching the presentation of the blueprint is to shock is to bring back the new changes will a structure it in a way to be as as smooth as possible but as you know this cash donation you're a bunch of amateurs they're what we call professionals have been stopped to work with us because they made us terrorists now bunch of amateurs change the whole thing we are what are called revolutionaries of man another revolution development we changed a whole space of human space us where we live or how we eat how we find energy how we change things and I thank all of you every one of you one way or another sometimes or president we in the past have given a hand to this development some of it has been good and some of it has been bad but even the bad one has been good for us because it preserves who protease where our weaknesses are there are a lot of changes to come a lot of changes to come the first flies will shake governments the first flights the way we are doing will change governments there will be massive meetings by governments how to come to this position people can land people can go to a space they made borders for the countries they haven't made borders for a space so if there is a problem for me to go to United State nobody owns them lumen eorum let the have their pieces I have the universe this will change everything it goes back to one nation passports it goes back to go back well we did wrong and put his right as fast as we can this is what the Keshe foundation is doing in Africa in other places we are trying to establish the factories that we can put things right now we have the knowledge and behalf there means to change it's very interesting how as a human race will reflect on 14th and 15th of April 2009 BT is 20 2012 220 220 teaching of the Keshe foundation and in a way when you go to school the topic again is 20 and we are there we have matched what all our ancestors were thousands of years centuries drunk but we don't do it right or anything other way we show it we open the discussion we open the systems and it's for rest of us to catch up this for rest of us to develop and in so many ways the teaching will never stop most probably if all of us do our work the right way the teachings will become relentless the number of people wish in next year's will attract and come to the Keshe foundation work will be relentless every one of you has to become a teacher correct conduct teacher not now it's there are miracles I can it's very easy those who try to make from foundation and walked away with it they haven't got much milk to drink because the way he came he went through a sieve we need a huge amount of financial support we need amazing amount of financial support because if we are to launch be able to launch and gather the structures in every country we have to be independently operating our own systems building sites building teachings supporting it that we don't get dominated by one nation another one thing I can see is the end of the domination of United State as a false false nation because now we all can go and see how this nation has been suffering and very few holding the television rights have pulled the rest of the world at the same time we'll see the end of our manufacturing the peace plan is part of the structure we're working and it will force itself true we don't need to do anything once any of you reaches anyway building one a spaceship that he flies one material that he goes just come online open it up very soon in the next few weeks we'll have every day one hour news what it means every day a certain time anybody developed anything can come and announce most probably the way we live put it through is that we start between nine and ten o'clock Central European Time and then five to six o'clock Central European Time two news broadcasts which means everybody knows what is getting developed where we have to be doing this that we are spread the knowledge as rapid as possible and we bring more and more people by spreading the number of people who bring knowledge in from different part of the nation these hooligans who sit in Belgium Austria in Germany have to be very busy trying to do what they cannot do and then it's the giving up time it's now the process to carry on with what we do we never fight we flood with love and care and knowledge and then it just walks away whether I give one reminder to those who caused so much mayhem we will be knocking on your door inviting you to a space I'll leave you somewhere that you'll have a very good time prison of a space is bigger than the prison of Earth but is the prison of the soul of the man not the physicality of the man you have to be ashamed of what you've done through your soul not by us but you have caused us well you have caused the suffering and in that way as I said with we saw with Alex we brought a lot of good things the Keshe foundation Nigeria is set we are going through the process initial process of the land and others and that's all thanks to some stupid telephone calls as we said before now is fruitful Ghana Nigeria will become the what we call the platform for the space technology of the African continent we go by continents we have finished with borders we don't talk about nations but in a way as you live in a country you say I'm German I live in such a state I live in such a city in such a district and such a road with such house number now we add I live in this part of the cold called Iran the grass is there but I live on planet earth we make nations as part of the planet so when you go out your dresses planet Earth you know our address Tehran and the rest of it so we become one we don't say when you say Germany or are you in money color in Frankfurt it's different country different part befriend things it's all part of one year old German now we all become human you're one race and it's taken me 40 years to plan this out I was I could dream about this when I was 18 19 and now the dream after 40 years has become reality at age of 59 60 and it taken a long time a long haul but it's worth it [Music] every steps of it is worth it every condition of it is worth it what I would like to ask all of you please do not go beyond bodies there that can damage us all they stay within the parameters elevates another soul work in the condition that you can elevate the soul and not to destroy another one because in the space your soul is transparent and what you damage is yourself a fool shoots himself in the foot we have changed the course sudden Sunday is the beginning of it come in is not a show it's a path of life it's the new way it's the way which we have built all of us together over past 10 or 15 years I can mention many names who are many many people each one has contributed some and some have taken a lot out but in a way they have put something without them knowing they brought us to understand how supportive of each other we become his brought us to understand we do not allow we do not go and fight but we let them pass we pray for them we give them from our soul and in time they disappear those are who are enemies of the their life of themselves but then be is staying there till they elevate their own souls we give them stairs to take I always say if you kill a man you're a murder it's a crime but where the man shoots himself it's not a crime he's done it to himself because the suicide but actually the crime of the man starts from the time he shoots himself because now he's got a soul which is half done another the strength that he can serve for itself and then it's a normal in the life of the universe so we have to let these people to become the dénouement of a space themselves by their own corner as I said very soon in a coming time wall readers will walk up their leadership but what they will do they become accessible and accessory to make sure the conversion from the present coming time peace new technology they become the facilitators we will see many heroes and don't see many zeroes and most of the zeroes will come from kinships and kingdoms and many heroes will come from the enlarged nations which have the financial capability to take to provide the facilities for the other nations to rise to this point as a bright day this one of the most beautiful days will be as you know 14th of April is the day of motion and it's been chosen specifically for one reason and I'll explain that on Saturday as one of the first things we'll explain on the start of the blueprint a motions a it's a freedom of man from physicality it's the freezer of freedom of man from physicality of this planet from then on is for us will become free souls and be decide as we progress in this technology that the spaceship become the soul of the man and then we decide where we shall go under for things we freed the soul of the man from the shackles of this planet as a totality as more race and is for us to understand how we use it how we be forced to conduct correct prisons will be unheard of and will be in the books of history as I said we will not imprison physicality of the math we elevate the soul of the man that it doesn't become prison of his physicality that it leads him to miss copeland these are not dreams these are as you will see how we build the brain for one to join us back in physicality we can elevate and reconstruct the soul of the man to receive what he needs that it does not do misconduct man will forget killing man you or get destruction the beauty of the space is so much that he has no need to do we will be judged of ourselves the day of judgment will be every actor we do not waiting somewhere down the line will be judged because Richards away we understand what we do and this is part of the teaching of the newest base technology we shouldn't do things nor that be open the space out of the fear of what might happen to us we do it as a joy of if he had hence I give life to another being I give the elevation of the soul of another thing another dimension the sooner we realize that physical life is not the end the physical life is the beginning of the beautiful cycle in the universe then many of us will take different action many of us will stop all these hassles of chasing and racing to have something I have said many times I have come to change humanity for good and with it I will too then we change totally by the time I leave the physical life my soul has delivered to animate all the souls our humanity and the others which are on this planet but don't forget other said there is a secret nobody should know except human race because the fishes and the dogs and the cats and the birds are not supposed to know that we managed to get to space it's a very secret organization and it's a very secret launch of a new dimension and I invite all the sage agencies worldwide agencies to attend to be part of it and be proud because without partially your work and the scientists of different nations many of the things we should know we can refer back to will not have been there I wonder which a Space Agency will come and collaborate first with a foundation in an open way instead of just copying it and see not falling behind I've heard this I've seen this and it's very very nice scientists will have a say where the politicians don't exist as you know the NASA Space Agency cleared me some four or five years ago to go to NASA plants what they call it security of America cleared me under the terrorists I can be asserted nation to be there but the politicians that no but that was fantastic because now is the loss of Americans they became subordinate to where we with really where I have delivered this technology now will see the back for waters of the NASA it will become historical situation place that many of us will refer to as where they used to lie to us and now we let them lie on their own in so many ways there should be no secret because keeping a secret from known in space can be life of another man or another being so from now on those who patent and keep secrets remember one thing your knowledge can be cost of a life of another being would you like to be a murderer at the moment the pattern is we keep everything till we get paid and we make everything to kill everybody that we get paid at the moment everything is I take as much as I can and I run with it as much as I can and early okay nobody I have to answer to but the source to answer to the process of life is amazingly easy we have to learn it because in the space there are no factories there are no Chinese cloud manufacturers there are no Japanese Toshiba televisions there are no Bravo's to tell us about how to shave our head with our wives there are no priests who's our children Peter files and there are no more lies to tell you should not know whatever I say is correct and allow you to the teeth that what I could say has to be done and in so many ways we all become one thing we go back to the root of where the truth about the math was told by the man but now we go back to the religion directions top would think good and do good and this was the message which was given to mankind by the travel of space in the name of Russia but in time change by those who abused at his handling of man so we go back to our origin think good because the thinking comes from the soul of the man do good because if you do wrong you suffer and the other one you know it's a combination of the two so in so many ways when we all become man of space we've become Goods Russians go back to the original Iranian blood where most of the Western world comes from if we track by United Nation the way what we see the depth of the nation is one nation and is for all of us to good think good and be there that when you all think good your act will be good because otherwise we'll be annihilated this was the message of a space to our kind and we are here to really size it Amma is Russia and so yes in teaching yes and in act without a doubt maybe we have to understand where and how our regions come from did the man come from and where did a man Margo and how did we build this culture in the new technologies which is getting developed and then we do not buy all of you in the process will tap into the RNA of the memory of the man and we will see the evolution how we changed who we saw what happened and from it we learn that when our souls are traveling these what was the animosity of the man has erased from the CD was part of the life of the man because our amino acid will be according to the environment will manifest our subway but in depth will carry the memories of Earth these are the things which come to man in a time to come Narns always said what I say this for thousands of years for man to come to understand the guy said that one day how do you know I am the beginning I am dead I am the voice of the Creator as the creation is part of me this is what we need to understand teaching mankind has not been easy living with mankind has been the worst thing I've ever done do I want to live in physical life again never again if he's like mankind they are very kind but they are very man and very very unkind lie cheat adultery betrayal stealing never seen in the universe now we change the course as is in the writing thou shalt not steal and the most things we all of us do we steal from our soul and that's where my problem is thought when you steal from your soul why not sell from the other why not extend it to the other planet and other universes is there going to be a blessing for mankind in a space yes you're going to be policed heavily by understanding of your own soul the original men who go to space by doing wrong we'll find out there people who are with them will not be there physically to exist even though the souls is freed and in the dimension of the soul is expanded to the other dimensions that they can never integrate to work as a soul this is a very harsh thing to say but soon people understand initially people do out of the fear of it to be good but in time become natural process of it to be good to do wrong what we'll see from beginning of this next week is the establishment of one nation the establishment of one army which becomes the police force which becomes the helping hand and loud for policing these will take some time to mature because as we learn to conduct ourselves outside correct as we come back we'll leave by das fitas is very much that when you go to germany and live in germany when you come back to africa you still carry the behavior of germans but you're a german african so when we go to a space become a spaceman you're a spirit man but bring the ethos of the space with us don't lie don't cheat do everything there is no need to produce clothing because in the space as I said in their teaching yesterday you want to wear a suit or a shirt for a thousand years in the space among us and unfortunately in the space we have no Chinese manufacturers to buy cheap clothes there are no supermarkets so we have to learn to live naked naked from the physical matter of covering but in a way understanding how we decide to evolve to lose air we evolved to use our soul to cover in what we would not like to be seen it could be whatever so the clothes of the man will demolish and will go they will not exist and then we come back who we want to see us the way we are will manifest themselves or we manifest ourselves to them if they want to see we cannot force our position one of the worst thing and the hardest thing for those who are used to abuse that the king of present time is the soul of the children would not allow it to happen and they suffering those who have got the habit of raping it would not happen because the souls will learn to condition and position all these things gradually disappear out of the recovery of the man kingship will disappear because we are all equal we'll accept people to look after our affairs and we call them leaders of districts or whatever because they have time they enjoy serving and then we spend our time serving the others there'll be some of us will abuse the system and we come they come the couch potatoes but you know you get fed up after couching for a while maybe 10 years 20 years and said not Tiny's to move the process of the education will change showing the history of the man true wars has to be abolished it should be ashamed to show one murder will be assured should be stopped and shame to show any killing the president what I call movie arena of the American mentality and the games will change because nobody would like to watch why should i watch this when i can watch something else they have forced injustice unmanned through the new media lying to man in the media and all will disappear because we see the soul of the newsreader the here is the news wrong we know what is going on so it's better not to do does not matter even he's given a piece of paper to read there is a lot of changes on Saturday we will see it's the beginning we will do it as one nation and please keep it a secret do not tell no one that we might see something very strange but don't forget all the newspapers should be no no no the ambassadors and all the presidents that this Saturday and Sunday a lot of things has been shown that the government's causes the top secret how to reverse cancer how to get and change the damages of rejections how to send Monsanto to burial ground of the history of that where no brain can be changed to control the man where we show how you change the grain to serve that in process of whole teaching is to change humanity not by shocking it but states showing scientifically how it's done on Saturday and Sunday our teach government's how to get rid of all the effects of genetically modified seeds this is important for us that's my part of participation on Saturday Sunday in so many ways we stopped thousands of farmers in us-cuban in India to kill themselves with the joy of other farmers in America to rejoice we killed Mohawk I wonder how much they're making farmers hope develop this what they call new innovation of controlling the seed have become those who shoot the bullet and killing themselves with their own hand but themselves is a soul of another man another part of the world the scientists have to understand they are responsible for their acts so when he's not there you cannot blame because your soul accepts to do it all the scientists know what they are doing they should be aware of what they are doing and what they are participating in there is no place to hide I work for Monsanto we are developing this but I'm part of the killing machine I kill 10,000 minions every year committing suicide living God knows how many children's without the father and I'm very happy out with a four-bedroom below with the swimming pool outside and the pool is covered with blood brother people from India we have to spring the reality to our scientists to understand they're responsible for their acts in any case as ahead of the Keshe foundation and the team of the Keshe foundation behind me we invite you to celebration of the freedom of man the Keshe foundation team which is set up amazingly is done I'm the only man in the hierarchy of the Keshe foundation unfortunately maybe that was the way I wanted it it's headed by Ella she's working heavily on the background to make sure everything the Keshe foundation presents to the best of its ability to bring that kind to oneness we have the Miller from Rocko residence of France making sure that every man on this planet receives what he needs but we heading the Keshe foundation global incorporation in United State into one of the biggest organization for mankind to work only towards peace and being in quality we have routine as a head of the Chinese Keshe foundation capable one where we'll bring the east and the west to get ash on the stands both as been living on both side of this land in one way we have managed to condition China as part of one family into total management of the Keshe foundation then we have what we call at this one time the visit of the Universal Council and the earth Council which they will talk with us on Thursday on Saturday and Sunday Lisa from Australia never of the earth council the only data at the moment in the council and most probably we hear from another woman wishes were not mostly lunch alone the Keshe foundation and present time carry we change their life through the mothers because there are the ones who bring up the children of the future and mankind is a very disobedient mother of the children will not allow to live so is in hand of the mothers to bring this bunch of disobedient servant of us would never care in the correct path and I think we are in the safe hunt I hope I have not made a mistake if it is I'm from the source I don't know what the mankind is women are the different creatures they can't rob each other any questions that we can answer before so the teacher another mother yes but from Iran I'm a sewer line happy New Year to you you had a beautiful time in Iran I've seen everywhere you've been okay I wish I was you stop told me a place in your suitcase I knew forgot the chili kebab I saw it yes so you know it was beautiful there I was so disappointed coming back to us because the weather is it was so beautiful unbelievable I was like homesick for a couple of days and even mystic eye shadow question when we talk about flying to a space right now they start doing it are we gonna be able to see the universal community because I thought we going guys one kind of one nation all together no we we want to go individually and just open this space so now I mean you see you broken the condition for the first sentence when one of us goes we all go we are connected to the soul with each other we can put seven billion head naminé how we haven't built the no hardship everybody in come on we're going together we don't go so so I'll be peaceful are you I mean I am but my question is we have become peaceful why not why do we question then we have to think about it and what is it that we should keep it secret not for the cats and how is know we're going yeah to space nobody knows we have beer we could be build a machine nobody knows we have machine which feeds you without anything we have a machine which makes zinc and golden copper and fool them whatever and we have a machine which makes you to walk away from cancer we can feed you with anything and then we have an energy system which doesn't work but everybody else works thank you very much what else you want clothing I'll open a factory for you on Planet Ocean a lot of Chinese friends in there running it for you I wonder if we can open them corner market corner shops everywhere where on earth house we're going to sell things we have everything you give you the freedom you know something very interesting I wonder when man takes to space when and how we start losing the feeling to be proud to be a man or do we put our life or soul into the process that I want everything to be covered I'm not seen I want to see in reality how man or a woman will make each other out of his thoughts because the thing is rotten hundred years ago he cannot buy each other in Planet zoos so how will he make his whale not to be see because we have the strength to do it I wonder how the nuns will make these things you remember used to be a flying number but young the movie and where will get all these things to cover ourselves to deceive now we cannot and would we change our clothes and what we call nudity would not exist because we have learned how to create you know change our color of your skin make no longer if you are Jewish and have a tell if you have something else and if you had a rash do you have a flat head how did we change that so it comes to one thing how do we walk now that there is no Chinese cheap manufacturing in the space then we are truly naked huh and then it'll be the same with our soul when the first man goes into space all of us gone through space this arrogance of the first American on the moon we don't know if it landed yet there's a lot of question marks I wonder what did the Russians didn't join him it was a very big line we all joined in now we have we can't say we all light because it was good to see superpower I was sitting in a car when I arrived in Tehran the second time with the help of Iranian space University a good friend and from what we call how many airport to the hotel where I was supposed to stay we had a very good chat very quick chat of what has been achieved by the Iranian scientist and he said mera genome we put a monkey and then we put the rat in and this and that and I was wondering what can I tell him what I'm doing and he was so joyful he's one of the most beautiful hearing in the space scientist in a way as a head of the Iranian special University and it was funny driving late at night in Tehran into to this north of tehran to say no tell that how two scientists who are devoted to a space capacity that the knowledge and says we can done this I mean done that it was just like two little children sitting in the back of a car being naughty and ours for one second I thought what was the driver guy thinking but was a security mounting sitting in the front we don't think about what they think because now they are part of us to think with us and that's the beauty of it we we have to be aware of that we are here to serve all nations we are here to serve humanity and in fact we are one nation we don't need to be security with check what the guy's going to take out and to be taking a secret from us it's very very strange you should be my place to understand what I'm talking about but I hope I can convey the feeling the government's asked me to join them or invite us to join them to develop their space technology and they have such a backward technology compared to what we have and the biggest problem is if the guy will take any of our secrets to leak to the other side the Americans or the Russians or the Chinese it's very interesting huh how a man who's got nothing is protecting nothing and is so backwards and then the strangest thing is I go to places I see people and I see them using my name using my technology what I brought for Humanity and they want me to pay for my own technology have you seen that we are stealing it from me but you pay for us you pay to us we took it from you we devour we done it ourselves but you pay for it to get what you taught on somebody built for us and I sometimes laugh I said come on just pay them I didn't charge him for the knowledge I didn't charge him for teaching them I didn't charge for spending my life and all the harassment but they make a glass of water of chance you have to pay for it now the nations who are worried about their secrets which worth nothing and the man who has nothing now sells to the man who gave it to him so we see there's a lot for men to evolve yet to be men of a space he won't happen overnight there's a lot of understanding would you like to be the fresh father I love to how would you behave in see a man from Planet shows good run don't tell me I've seen one before you saw me but that doesn't mean a compound ensues I mean I've seen I've seen a lot of I mean I've seen hard the futures gonna look like I'd seen the city's lights in there all of it and I had visions and it's beautiful but let's see it'll be very nice as we park our cars in the car parks now we call our parks next to the window on 20th Boris if there's flow can you see a car park outside every building because now you hover you can park yourself then on next door we stopped going all the way down says getting the lift he just opened one of the windows and you walk it you remember the Rumi says Wilma I'm home these are the changes we should have come we don't know inside it's much more joyful you never been there there is no storm there is no rain earthquake doesn't exist inside there liquid you get some bubbles you know inside the magma what do you want to be up here killed rained and Sun and all the earthquakes and everything else with it you see the world leaders only live on the surface of the planet they can't dig underneath this this belongs to us this is part of China or Russia or whatever so the world leaders only had the crust the only rule that fake part so if you all decide to go in the mat one go below ho it's not their land anymore is it this very strange like man has made for himself on this planet is that any other question Thank You mr. Kesh you're welcome Thank You mr. cash and I remind the attendees that you can put your hand up if you would like to speak what are you going to smell good morning madam there was a curry number Yayoi 'la I don't talk about the rest of it topically cash and the rest of it is your minibus to carry here name forget about the rest earth avec le made Ankush you also have a whole bunch of them don't worry but Maron means for this love love is one praise to God yeah so I have three of them two of them and I have the rules which is the flower which is the beauty and smells good as well we don't know yet Fatih on what sir and Maria has also has good history and the rest I don't know yeah one is the father Christmas come on yes after all after teaching yesterday we send you a request from all the knowledge seekers to please to go back to the origin of man you dropped a small piece last week and we picked it up and I picked it up but we can't carry on or any further because it doesn't add up with our history books so you mentioned something about Syria Korea and Iran could you please enlighten us about that any further because use mentioned that if for the roots Korea where we call North Korea more or less historically Iran historically and in Syria historically had been the center of the original seeds of Kult Syria is the seed the culture of the Islamic world Arab nation if he came from Damascus you were the most talented man if you came from Iran you were the most romantic creature knowledge and science if he came from Korea it was to know the art of life and these were the centers of cultures there was the centers of civilization in all time and they became they didn't build them they became centers and this cultures as they grew they gathered wealth and the wealth became part of the national wealth not part of the kingdom wealth there is a very big difference between a national wealth and the Kingdom wealth in Iran we have a National Bank email Iran means the bank which belongs to the millet which the nation we carry goals from olden times the Iranian central bank reserve goes back to the time of the erosion and corrosion and beyond the Korean are the same and rare Syrian are the same the Arts and the history and the culture and the books which are kept in these nations goes back if put together comes back to the original where the name what we call civilization started and now we see they all the mayhem which goes with Iran Korea and Syria is to get access to this cold and etcetera by the kingdom of what they call it in taking them there people who are bunch of these groups want to get to these goats to go to them it matters a lot tomorrow will show how you can make as much as called I we assess hours men working last night some data every cash foundation supporter if they do their job if they do their jobs right you should be able to extract between white one to five kilos called a day we will sell the systems to you very very soon you will have the systems and I'm sure the Chinese friend of ours will come up with the technology and selling it so this will stop imagine of the gold mines of the nation's the biggest problem for the world will be that if every one of us as president nations start making gold Chinese will be the richest and then the India but now it comes to the point where is the valium for the money where is the value and the backing of the gold or was President Reagan so advanced that he could see that the Keshe foundation will come and produced calls he took the backing of dollar being gold then we come to this what is the value how do we value our nation's how do we other assets the answer is very simple we become one nation we all have one money only have one assets whatever we owned has to be fairly understood and done that no one suffers that's all the purpose for the foundation work to be the feeding and the recipe in a way when the Iranian culture was established when the Korean culture established when they what we call Syrian culture were established we have to go to back to the time when they were established not now where everything belonged to the central government which belonged to the people we have the kings we had the monarchies we have the rulers but everything was kept for the nation these are the last three three nations left in the world we don't have anymore because everything else now has become government-owned and shown by kingships is not owned by people all the wars you see done in the past time if you ask yourself well is the gold from the Second World War where did he disappear to back into their own families of Europe if you ask but is the gold from Libya city to back into the central bank of United Kingdom for the monarchy not the medical not the gun people if they share of the gold taken from what we call Libya share the most people as a national asset England pounds should be much much higher than what it is now she'd about two to two fifty a dollar but it doesn't belong to them nation it belongs to the Queen one of the things we will see the world leaders in next few weeks and months will start kicking people will go into the palaces asking for what it is they are no higher than me we don't see it as a revolution we seed as the monarchies opening the door themselves to calling the end of abuse themselves because this way they hope one day they'd come back and listen rule that they would abuse we will see there enough monarchies but not by upheaval but in a way no value for kingship what will happen is places like Iran Korea and Syria which has been on the hammer suddenly print past few years by not understanding what was the reality will come to an end there was a very interesting article sent to me a few days ago the pain I said blast - sentence as I said last week was that we invite the promise of Israel to join the peace and be part of the Keshe foundation and this man is so feeble that he says very simply now we get American to made Iran Syria and Korea and it's exactly which means I am one of those I work on a servant to those who've been running the invasions but there is one fact there is a new boy on the block and that boy will not allow you to move not on an inch sir mr Turner know your term is over because we've seen the wisdom of President Xi of China have we seen how diplomatically with a lot of care and tenderness he has turned North Korea to be part of protection zone and back to the rank of the other nations will see Korea will open up in a short time after the May meeting with President Trump and then the one of the first thing they're gonna show us how poor and poverty and how bad this nation has been to live in but I tell them very simple get a fright go to Alabama and you see people are not clearly with a fantastic life compared to the people in United State you got to understand how propaganda has worked and we got to understand we are now entering a peaceful face when we do these kind of things across the universe we bring the souls which serve us the best and the sort of resna she is one of them we have President Putin with us we don't work to their physicality we walk through their soul and the physicality delivers this is the wish of us in so many ways and a lot of us don't understand because to change the man you have to do it from the top and working on the bottom and we'll see the changes Iran will not be touched in Russia China Iran Syria will see the time of peace welcome it's sad to see what has happened there but the worst thing is where do these people who created this may have our into height I have a suggestion those wall readers who caused all these problems because they wanted to be higher than either to be there let's put all the leaders of the world who created so much mayhem in one spaceship and give them the key to get themselves out into space and leave the first frontiers of man because you know as the first frontiers they make other mistakes and you'll be nice to see them making mistake because then you understand the mistakes they made on the planet has to be balanced for what they don't understand they still spend more time in Keshe foundation education part than killing the others to know how they can feed themselves what is interesting for us is the changes we shall come how it is after their next week and the Biggs on we start teaching a universal language we start teaching the interaction with the universal community in a coming time you will hear the voice of the universal community in these teachings this is something which will bring for you and progressively we we will see in totality how we have changed the condition foundation what are called knowledge seekers which I have so much never careful and I can't seem to go into my so much trouble they will find out hello same survival in so many ways we have to understand that the life on this planet has changed a little change Iran becomes the land of music and love what poetry as is being for centuries Syria will become the land of the knowledge for Humanity then Korea will come the land of art ancient art which came from Korea wasn't the one we called the cradle of many many civilizations come to Korea Japanese come from this line of work and the rest of the what we call Southeast Asia Koreans have a huge influence and whatever has happened to them in past 50 years that they survived the install is onslaught of pressures from America and the rest shows the strength of the cholera director culture the same with Iran the same with Julia but this time the pumps are here to destruction but it's okay we build it we have built cities from earthquakes man-made earthquakes have nothing we just don't even remember we seen the bombing of Iraq the center of cultures wherever has been cultured these people have no culture want to destroy that it shows Anarchy brave child abuse is the way to rule if you look the people who are delivering these destructions are in nations there are nothing but bunch of bitter parts we see them how they operate and how they do so they want to teach us anarchy and what is called murder and abuse you'll be the key of the future and the culture doesn't exist why do they destroy such a beautiful man as a rock because there should be no history except the history of United Kingdom and the white man in Europe but unfortunately I have a bad news for you Europe will be receiving such a balanced position that man will not touch it but the soul of the man will touch it I can envisage burning of all the palaces across this planet by the Kings and the Queens themselves that nobody will do the misconduct about them and their forefathers at them if it's done by the people with a revolution if it's done by themselves as what I said committing suicide or kill one will be done that they understand equality as the right we see many Marquis will move away by the next generations to come because they understand they have known nothing to claim I was in a lift the other day and the guy came says am from this country I said I'm from this country and as he went through the door of the lift I said you change your nation the minute you cross a line we become foreigners to each other and he laughed he said I wish mankind what they understand this we have to understand it's us who has to understand to protect this center of cultures not to be fooled by those who want to destroy that only left is their culture this is the plan destroy all the ancient cultures that we become the only culture British government and mother call our of European under the banner of restaurants and the rest have more target to destroy the civilization that only European civilization becomes one this is one of the pan talents bloodlines of Jewish behavior you remember what he did and how he came to come to the palace to become the king and then when he became a king he killed everything around it that he'll be the only one so it's very clear pattern and as we said that blond line is finished it's a shame to humanity and in a way we have wiped it out of the face of human human race there will be a name which will never be mentioned but these people are from the end the cycle of that cycle and we will say to be ending is open please mr. Kishen yes this is from Switzerland I have a question regarding the Syria yes are you serious yes I am and that's why I'm really sorry what's even the last days what's going on and and currently it looks like they will in wait invade Syria is there anything what we can do to stop this in Dejan with acacia technology you see you see there is a two part weight and one part of it is we have to learn something from this process and your Assyrian and is very not a connecting to say but this was part of the history of their nation of Syria in the past 30 40 years the p-m and it has created many enemies for me in telling talking the truth is that first of all the poisoning of seen talking about them chemical thing we saw the same thing in case of Iraq the gentleman who said which doesn't exist was killed in the parking London which he was born to be correct this chemical whatever they call it is done by those who want to initiate it you have to understand the new art of warfare the new art of warfare is a hit you and then if you hit back is your problem you're a criminal my belief as a scientist is this what they are trying to accuse the nation of chemical attack has been planted not by the nation is not done there is no way a nation would do this to themselves dad those in the system who are paid to do things to show it and the strange thing is one of the most efficient thing is we see the repetition of the same thing we saw in Iraq 10 to 15 years ago 20 years ago when they accused said now money came came out to be a whole bunch of Lies didn't exist but we don't talk about it we done it and now we got it the target is Central Bank how it can stop in so many ways there is a balance book for the Syrians as a nation in the history of my kind needs to be subtle to be corrected but on the other hand where and what are we going to do the next video on North Korea is said by the Chinese government what are we going to do with Iran which is the minute they get Suria done they're on the line to Tehran and we see the pattern instead because now they started the attack on poutine and his team dad there is no protection and we have two choices let me explain - we have two choices what we can do with the Keshe foundation the development of space technology as fast as rapidly as possible they'll deliver two or three things very rapidly to mankind and to these people in the governments and that is we deliver a technology to protect the city there is a technology within the Keshe foundation you have to deliver it is your job to deliver I want to show you something a lot of you looked at it you never understood brick can you go back and what we were talking just before they start the music that without the music of Tom silence video can you put it on now yes mr. Kesh I'll live I'll have the first two minutes to read can you find it and put it on I tell you what is happening in the come in the consistency with the knowledge of the Keshe foundation because you look at a different way and we look at a different way we look at there's a scientific achievement and the way Thomas speaks about it I wonder if his plasma but I'm not talking about the plasma this this video clarifies are a lot of things about the technology you will talk about it more on Saturday or Sunday teaching there is a very big important point for people of Syria and the same with Iran we will deliver technologies to protect the cities through teaching of Saturday and Sunday please ask the Syrians and Iranians as many of them as possible to watch and follow what we teach I'll show you what it is once the video goes on that you will understand if we can put it up because there are two version of this recording there is one with a music I'm home without a music okay can you go forward just go right into the middle of we all have seen this video go right into the middle of the video can you advance it okay just call a little bit back or the front that we can see most more off okay stop it there just a few pieces if you can show that's it run for a few second please tact this is the land can you have done if is possible my the mean you don't see any trees broken you don't see any of the flowers or shrubs been broken even the dry and sticks are still hanging dry okay now go back further on where we see the land which is devastated please go forward go forward go forward go forward where we hit travels on the side and he shows the devastation that trees being stripped and missed occasions just wait please okay just go forward just go forward please Rick no no go where he shows the devastation Flint's doing it right now and yes sir okay forward I want to show the let me come back to these pictures this is is this perhaps it was back at the beginning of Flint would be the beginning you want to wear my ear yes Mac keep going mean me like right in here I want this is just all the trees that are stripped and the devastation of the island it's what he's looking for yeah that's right here where we don't see it no that's just that doesn't show anything maybe it's a different video or something yeah something is not adding up here let me have a look here no is frozen maybe that's just maybe it's skipping over or something yes okay let me play it then oh there you have it there no yeah okay okay just let it play this part go forward yeah that's it play this part this we haven't got this yeah you see the trees now please stop there and have a look if you see there is huge amount of debris trees branches broken these are proper trees that used to be a jungle huh and now look in this garden that's okay going to the garden you don't see anything landed of them in this place we don't see any of the trees and shrubs broken damaged notice you see the flowers if such a huge amount of material has flown out of all these millions of trees and none of them landed this land in this garden even there was closeby look where are these trees where are these leaves this place should be full of them with a garden which is their trapping this shows the potential and the power of the shielding of this technology when all these debris has gone - why they are not on this land why nothing is broken here why there is no broken flowers here we are talking 200 miles an hour when 200 kilometers an hour wind not a broken branch the cities can be protected with the new technology I showed these two CIA men in my house in the sands a know in Italy and he was shocked there is a system in the structure if understood can do so there is a direction rotating field systems that protect cities from these things this is what we are working on for disaster zones that he can be fully be protected by dropping certain systems that he can protect you see nothing is broken here nothing is broken nothing is damaged the building is done right all these babies flying the roof is still on the house where did it go it is part of the difference technology this is what will build in the space that we have the zones which have the atmosphere and condition of the earth for us to live this is plasma houses what you call green houses now you create plasma houses look the roof is the intact nobody is repairing the ladies sitting outside sewing nobody noticed this but you have to ask your concession how come you're asked this question how come everything is damaged even the dry branches we should fall off are still hanging the same way so there is a way to de protect the cities and it's irresponsible just serious to do it for themselves there is no air too late we don't get involved in defending we give be involved in changing conditions if you make it dynamic and the boundaries you can stop even the Rockets is been done one of the reasons one of the reasons Israel is frightened of Iran is Iran can deliver such a punch that the air force of Israel will never take off the ground and it is possible that they might do so there won't be a State of Israel they wipe the nation flat if they want to it has puzzled me how much Iran is holding back out of the respect for Humanity I was leading one of the Israelis interview and he said we're gonna go assassinate the Assad Assad because he's the tail of a snake and after we're done with him we're gonna go to the head of this tank which is sitting in tail out and actually I was laughing because they don't know that snake no longer is like the snake they used to deal with because the snake is much wiser than enough no no no no you see a thief called somebody else as if to cover himself they are the snake exactly that problem does not sit with Syria with Iran with Russia which I know with anybody else the problem sets with United Kingdom the problem sits there not nobody else these are just lipstick services but we don't get involved in politics we have the technology to deliver and we deliver the Syrians can protect themselves very easy teach them deliver to make from the rebel dust whatever it is and the wires of the houses just create dynamic reactors it will work the probe the beauty of it is this whatever you call a neck tronic system will collapse you don't need to rocket them how did we capture there they're making plane you disable them three moves back to set let me tell you go back in my teachings before I said our make metal birds out of the aircrafts on the runways of the nations maybe it's time to deliver if Iran touched I will do and make sure there is no state left to damage another state I have the knowledge I have the technology and I have the will and I can deliver that but unfortunately there is a big problem the problem is we do not understand the potential of this technology I can make sure not a single aircraft takes out of anywhere across Middle East forget about Israel the technology is with us the Syrians have it the Iranians have it the Israelis have it and rest of it is the responsibility of those who live in Israel to protect the humanity and place these systems across is right that it changes the nation to the peaceful nation this is our problem we leave it to the others now we don't fight we just deliver technologies which does not allow the electronic system to work it's very very simple if you look at these pictures it creates a shielding all these things I said in one of my teachings very recently I wish I was outside this dome can you put the picture back on please and could see how the leaves the branches and the trees were bouncing off the field they have to come true if they came true they would ever hit the house so if you would have a suit outside you would have seen everything bouncing off it's like a bouncing castle there is nothing there and I don't think they spent three weeks taking branch sentries of the trees which are not broken if one of these days we've seen how much restraint all these branches should have been broken okay green but the rest would have gone through it where is it no way the shielding is built this goes below the ground this makes a pret condition for what you call a space development where you actually cover the earth and about and you don't need to have much you just need one chord one chord to work properly I'll cover it the the city of Damascus can be protected very easily not by chemical weapons if this if the Syrian government decides to spray the whole country with water with the guns it can be done we're doing it thousands of tonnes can be done my services of freedom of the nation to be freed from being murdered if the Syrian government asked us to participate to change we will change and wish our Israel up with the stink water and what we know to change the leaders position we have the time because it's urgent we have plenty of time we have plenty is for you are Syrians to inform your people inside this is the way to do it and never be done is we've done if Israel ever touches Iran i retaliate directly with the technology that no fly will take out of israel we don't touch no man nobody we just make the tools or apps it and the Israelis know we have the knowledge we deliver that's what I said submission to peace true friendship is the only way the left and PES ng has protected Korea as the Iranian is my responsibility to protect the Iranian nation not the government if there is anything to deal with the nations with the government not the nation I make sure when Israel cannot fry a single bomb single nuclear warhead single submarine they know we deliver and God help them I don't think the Palestinians will forgive them I started to step down it's time to step down it's time to talk peace because Iran is one step too far to touch we are men of peace as where I come from where I said is my responsibility to protect not only the nation but humanity from this babbage's of our smallest nation on this planet not a single plane will fly out of any Airport across Israel the electronic system how all the tanks will be obsolete I show how to be done publicly that you can do if need be so let's talk peace deterrent is better than acting we need to push for peace through knowledge of science knowing that with the scientists which are in Israel that size of Iran we can develop the most beautiful space technologies ever existed why are we using to kill each other okay I will try something maybe I can civility there's a response suit of the Arabic speaking language of the universal council to take action that's why they are therefore teaching Arabic direct take time make channels that people can do even the ones who have been chemically damaged can be washed out in no time enough is enough it's time for peace someone somewhere has to stand up for peace and if we deliver the technology we should stand up his I stand shoulder to shoulder President Xi of China we seen how with what we call correct conduct has pushed Korea out of the hallway and I stand next to my nation be protective on if the time comes but god forbid that we no nation left who attacks Iran the warning goes directly into the backing of palace of United Kingdom and to Tel Aviv put arms down let's become man of peace I will not harm no one but there we no tools to fight let's see my numbers we go back to the old time hand to hand a knife to knife and see how many can go that will not happen because we won't even allow that to happen that's the job of those who live across what we call the other side of the rivers these things are over for mankind the time has come to talk peace and I have the knowledge I have the technology and is enough that no single flight will take out of anywhere and the head of a snake will die in his own nest i whiten that they all go to peace twice now this is the last time we don't harm you we don't touch you I have cousins first cousins and uncles are nuns in tel-aviv I will not touch my family but I'll make sure their family can not harm you will see how to make cold next week and then we start making gold next week and see what they are fighting for there is a way is the responsible term you know so counsel language and the responsibility of the Arab or called African Earth Council to see these through very rapidly delivery of the technologies to be able to protect the cities this is like a hurricane hitting the nation but this one man-made Hurricane Rita ecology is there to deliver and both members of the council's have enough in their hand to do so we are watching for a long time this situation and it's time to intervene the peaceful way the way that no arms can be used to kill I never see we have to become a peaceful nation and in that process we have to learn we have to respect and coexist Reznik religion the tradition has to be kept the Jewish tradition and religion has to be kept away it is the same with Buddhism same Christianity we have to learn we respect our own path of working and believe and respect others another moment is becoming may have and those who are selling arms have been benefited by as I said enough is enough we take action and action is to total disarmament of advanced electronic system that's all it is we don't incite uprising with on-site revolution we don't incite attacks no we incite further development of the technology which makes the old system obsolete and it's a right of every man to have it we are peaceful race as a human race 7 million of us believe in 20 30 40 million of us in one city we don't kill each other we don't harm each other we open the shop to serve somebody we we open the shop to a crawl someone was the difference when it comes with a crossover line which is made for people who have no integrity and integrity just for their own profit this justice will stop this is a warning to the government of Israel think about crossing Iran no problem try to see if have something to cross with that's one of the problem I suggest something today to the Israeli prime minister we're starting resting on camels you'll get very far peace has to be part of our structure the way is beautiful when you see President Xi of China how he has position China and moved Korea out of harm's way we do the same but as a head of a nation as a head of one organization we all are responsible to make sure these things will stop there is a sequence of systems can be developed that will destroy any military electronic system the way their American drone was captured will release the technology immediately those who live in Palestine and Israel just drop these across the near any Israeli Airport we thank you for it the peace will come the electronic is not jamming the plasma condition will not allow any system to connect all the circuitry with carbon in it will connect to the copper they become of the same we did with your councils and your plasmas very simple will like to see how many flies will take away a lot of pilots but no engine to go anywhere this is Alex there's another hope is what you have to deliver the combination of the system electronically is very simple you can be used the Keshe foundation Arabic speaking people have to start working on it very rapidly very rapidly just the only the only restriction comes that our own nations should be able to be used their own technology to be able to carry Airlines should be able to fly the all the immunity services should be to operate everything should be correct naval forces should be able to do their work as they do armies have to be there what they do but trying to damage has this has a reason and then that reason can be roughly ratified we have the technology to consciousness with all of you very very simple because less than a few dollars to paralyze most advanced satellites or they call it a spy planes you need to understand the use of cancers you need to understand the use of cancers that not only changes the combination in the structure of electronic but changes the combination in the soul of the man as a soldier soldiers will not fly do you mean drones missed occasion anything anything if you manage to put enough of these units across the roofs of the Damascus and across the borders after the Surya no flight will be able to take a cross I'll show you how to do it that's all you need to do is the only thing to do go on our African state and show it show this video of the Tom Salazar show how it works explain the way I explained it and then ask the Palestine in Israel to deliver these beautiful flowers of cancers across the airfields of the Israeli Airport but the combination is very specific when you transmute the carbon to a diamonds there is no plan of communication you just need to stop one chip in aircraft not to work not all of it was actually the same like happened with doughnut cook the ship heard on Cup last you know two years ago exactly exactly we are not doing or something which is not verbal Archy for the Syrians of Iranians have paid enough over 30 years for what this plan by the others and executed by the others and the same thing was planned for other nations which has been stopped and it's one of the request is for China to protect it on and at the same time the same as has happened in Korea enough is enough but as we have the knowledge we don't need to fight fighting is over but stopping in the electronic system to work is very simple we have it we can deliver it and it will be given to the nation of Iran to do it nothing else we don't need arms we don't need to do things we have everything we need when you attack somebody some of the comments protect is your problem you're protecting it something very strange happened to my mother the brother Saul's 10 years passed she was in the house in Manchester and she was in the kitchen and summertime the back door open of the kitchen that she could enjoy the garden and I comes into the balances what are you doing at home go home go out how come to rob your house or lady it's the story of what Israelis are doing just get out I want to do whatever I like it won't happen this time what are you doing here what's got to do with you we are here to rob and go but this time you don't need to rob because every every knowledge is there to deliver we do not attack we do not plan boars we have a technology to deliver that what do you want to fight it is not in your hand is gone and when people get to know you don't have the power I don't think many Palestinians wait for one second just to guess the power come back para fraud is one of the best allies to fly with you know what is a strange let me explain to you something is very strange when I was a young boy in my early young age we used to go to the Tehran Airport and we had a lot of time going families coming and going and we always could see El Al flight on the runway in Tehran Airport this is the Israelis airline flying in a not appear on coz there are so many Jews in Iran and now what has changed it puzzles me it was those around flights who took so many Jews to build the State of Israel and now what's happening with them are the Iranians at peace in in Israel those of the Iranian blood which some twenty thirty percent of population this is one of the things we have to understand I was asked when my uncle's left free on to Tel Aviv with all the families of my cousins I said to my mom where are they going they're going to build the new nation for themselves my mom said and LR was right in front always parked on the Mehrabad Airport in Tehran what happened to those friendships all the times how did you become enemies well we have nothing to do with other but sharing blood this these are the things which we have to learn and rakesh foundational stance is my responsibility to protect my nation and I do it scientifically farming not a single soul delivering the technology I deliver to capture the draw this time I make the aircraft to go silence I have to deliver my promise I hope Israelis or that one because the jigsaw is very bad once the Israelis go down the others who supported them they'll follow that's a warning to United Kingdom and those who play a random but as I said last week when you go to Tel Aviv just miss righties otherwise we make the same mistake as they did when you kissed them they become Muslim as they become Christians and then the region would not exist because they'll be ashamed to call themselves who what they've done to humanity they ended up themselves and that's a very direct warning to the State of Israel and the government of Israel the Iranian nation and Israeli nation are one year of the same blood now report need respect and love from each other my word is very direct with the technology on the 3rd of December I told I said we gonna shoot a technology when a fourth of December drawn was a stopped and landed now the same goes to the State of Israel one flight will be the last flight if we decide to only flight left for Israeli leaders which has suggest to you all of you is tequila flight but all the Israeli readers have lined to her and come to peace that will be allowed they used to do it before they can do it now and the world will brace them and all these things were stopped we'll see we show the power of technology on one Sun Saturday and Sunday and then they know what we are talking let's talk about good time because that will be about time thank you again mr. Keshe very very much tell your nationals their nations using universal councilmember and African contribute to the media they will do what they can do and we can show them it can be done actually what you do you protect you protect the nation and anything fights over it if you make enough of it you can reach the electronic system fails on injury I started thank you very much remember when you do two factors national airlines has to be protected and at the same time you have to remember that high level bombing is one of the tricks they play it can be directionalize fields that open data set relations okay this is it's important to remember nothing has to be harmed and if you have connections in which a lot of Syrians have a Palestine advise the Palestine to cover all the areas of Israel with a flower of the cancers that would shift the position very quickly very quick this camp got in is a combination working and it can be brought up let them have the plane let them wear the uniforms but don't let them kill this is part of one nation we have to do and that's what we will do if it takes because when you're a matter of peace you can find a way to do it peaceful way and the peaceful ways when the enemy has got no choice to fight he's not the enemy he's got to obey about the rules of the body call it the land which is love care and peace thank you very much thank you very much for bringing this up because our commitment to peace is a consent and now we move into that direction to do it and the Israelis Prime Minister knows when I talk I act and it doesn't need me they can kill me then information is the hand of many then you can deliver - yes mrs. Yura good day mr. cash you would like to say I am part of cash family with this technology I am at service in any time and in any shape and if is it necessary I can deliver part of this technology to this government at myself they live from my delivery pocket is your responsibility to deliver yes mistress I know that and where we are we are doing that but we need them only to to listen or to give us the opportunity to only you can deliver don't look at the point of launch not look at the delivery this is the difference delivered the two lakh piece before it becomes a tool of up there are many many Keshe foundation supporters in Israel of Jewish blood this your responsibility to deliver these to the military bases to give them love and care and let them have the process that will bring peace to Middle East and I'll be the last place of war we have no more war left Syria is the last one we have to finish and then we go into the phase of peace there is a movie called a bridge too far Iran will be a bridge too far for the State of Israel because we will respond with love and care and technology we will not have a single person but we make them absolutely useless to use and I don't need to say I do I happen this is a clear declaration of peace on this planet doesn't matter what they shall you come from good morning mr. Kish they show me love I'm good thank you I'm very happy that to hear what you said now under to get your support and your green light to start your heart yeah you all remember the Russell Council and it's your right to do is your obligation yeah I think you sorry to bring this today and I thank you Jalal and Sonia and all our community so we are willing to start acting and delivering and we need to gather every the knowledge seeker everyone all the community of universal culture to help us well thank you we will be starting now thank you thank you thank you thank you or it has to be in a way to deliver the knowledge in a peaceful way not even a single Israeli soldier should be another single Israeli soldiers behalf the same as no silly and dismantling the tools of armed a war has to be there sacré said job we go back to one position that these systems if they never has to be able to elevate the soul of the Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians and the Syrians and the rest as a one nation is our responsibility and necessary education they should support avian here to take a run is your job to deliver enough that normal Syrians can suffer I know nobody else can suffer as you said enough is enough yeah it's your responsibility as an application foundation what they call a universal council to see through yeah thank you very much welcome thank you all nice you got volume chillon and sorry and all Arab people support thank you we need to we have to do we have to be peaceful using technology not to harm but using technology to enforce peace and maybe this is the time to show the technology can do the the way to do it is to develop dynamic systems which work in a triangle system with a heavy lead content and a very heavy heavy heavy loaded with one thing and it has to be most of these aircrafts are made of a specific a steel and most of these aircrafts scary combination of the zinc sorry combination of carbon for the microchip with the gold combination if you can change the combination of the three together the craft cannot take off what happens that the carbon converse into diamond and the gold becomes the barrier condition between the two most of these aircrafts carry half as part of the fuel combination for high delivery lead content this part of your job to make sure that these things are looked after internally in your systems they create a condition of no flight these this is a combination of fuel structure and electronics just paralyzes a system to flight but it cannot damage civilian airlines it has to be set up in that sequence directly that winning moves to one in the next one traps in the second one the ratio had to be hundred of lead ratio to 1 it's important psychologically the pilots will not move this is so good sorry have to say so they won't be able to move because there they are paralyzed no understand the process those who do if you do those who are in the technology side of the cage foundation know exactly what the process means it takes a few days but they start taking tall and there is no contamination there is no other thing it's just that they opens the eyes of military that none of the aircraft will fly you make a dome not to keep out you keep you make your dome to keep in that nothing can fly out is it that's the difference but when you'd make the dome to keep the people inside the dome and not to to go out so what is this is for aircrafts that's ok this is the job of every Palestine give a kiss give a cuddle respect his ready soldiers and give them a ball and the worst thing is for Israeli soldier to drop the ball with against of land and against of carbon unit and against of where what the aircraft's body is made of give them a bowl of peace I'll call it because they were and they cannot fly he'll come to that base but if you can deliver the highest speed I speed rotation upward totally paralyzed the whole structure but there is one thing that we need a commitment from the Syrian government's to peace - the biggest problem is that these people turned other way around it's not my way we need both side to agree in peace not just because the other ones don't fly we bombed them to pieces this this will not serve the peace it has to be an agreement I'm hoping that soon what do you call it the extent of the work of the piece of litter she extends to Iran and Syria it puzzles me why we sitting on the wall and they tell me there is a lot of problems a lot of other outside interest involved Sonja really wants to see their end of Syria because it's a Shia state and it's against to what they believe these animosities amongst the the line of the belief - the same prophet has to stop this is part of the problem the problem is serious so is complicated because the Saudis see the Syrians if they get rid of them the Saudi will come center of the knowledge and they become the center point so there's only the center point as long as the oil exists and now with the plasma technology goodbye we have to become men of peace through the science and technology not out of the fear of what they might do to us in a way we have to make it one way traffic and that why we traffic is that the world leaders meet each other how to better serve each other's nation this this this is very hard for a lot of people to understand there the Chinese government has brought this system on how to serve the other nations when your name is are at peace your nations means you don't get immigrant to come again and a lot of European governments don't see what's happening with China this new policy of one road one belt and what we call it one nation or planet bar race is the correct way to be because the Chinese are investing in other nations that as China is becoming so advanced nation it doesn't become another America that everybody wants to immigrate to but they stay in their own issue to develop their own nations with the backing of wherever earthly nation like China and this is how cash foundation is working we are investing in nations we are investing in totality of the nations and we look at it as one nation and this is what the dist if people understand what has been initiated by the Chinese leader is actual sequester energy the Run will become the world become a peaceful place a prosperous place and in the technology we release and the backing of the Chinese government in development operating which is part to come about will see this don't be announced in the very short time the collaboration and cooperation of Keshe foundation the Chinese different parts of the Chinese organizations will deliver the one planet One Nation one belt one or one piece and that's a lot apiece I see because I'm in the center of the negotiation that talkin other groups and other things which are happening in the background we deliver technology with a backing of understanding and bring peace no nation is doing it now that making support this what I call the World Bank there I am at robbing and making nations bankrupt Danny hundred Chinese puts the latest technology satellites and everything to nations that the Nationals don't need to it's exactly what we are doing in Ghana this is what we are doing now in Mexico people stay home I never paid well educated uncontrolled by themselves this is the way to do robbing and killing and talking his over it's amazing what I saw and I said to myself this is this guy's gone too far he's lost it and that's when must be done to say America prepared to attack Iran Israel Surya oh my god yeah the Chinese have the very good say Anand cannot shake a dream doesn't matter how thing it is maybe it's the time to put that ants on the ground and forget about the tree he might fallen break his leg but the other question this is a statement of peace and we deliver I know many Israelis Andrea Thomas listen to this every teaching this is a hand of peace from Iran to the leaders of Israel we welcome to run into her and talk about peace and prosperity or we'll bring you with a camel because you'd have no fight coming out and telling me exactly how my grandfather used to 200 years ago from Palestine to Kabul when the back of the camera I hope you don't take a State of Israel back that far back I'm sure the governors of China would welcome as part of the peace plan the same as we do to be as part of the same Korea Iran Assyria would be part of the same piece the piece top revolution of the technology who are science in peace any other question then why don't you gain mr. Kesh no Caroline you had your turn let other people speak okay no problem next time there's someone who wants to speak I'm not seeing anyone with their hand up right now and oh there's Brett actually let Brett talk you had a question in the chat regarding a Ganz question yes hello mr. Kesh yes um no silly sausage of a daughter has broken her elbow I was just wondering what my silly sausage of a daughter has broken her elbow yeah what type of Gaines loves the calcium should I make should I use something like and grated bone of the pig or something like that to get the calcium try to heal her I don't know if we want to give healing advice here exactly I do not I will not we do not give any medical advice you have to go to write to the medical teachers of the Keshe foundation devil respond to you immediately okay worst thing please sorry we we have made a decision due to the situation we are sitting at the moment we do not give advice on the medical application apparently saving a life at the moment is a criminology okay thank you just get in touch with dr. Rodriguez or I looked at the other day there is 100 and something members on the Keshe foundation medical team they're always there to help you with the greatest pleasure and we said what we don't know a system made well this is what we have done to ourselves that even we can take a suffering of a father we cannot do because bunch of criminals pizza fighters and God knows what our ruling one nation it's amazing you're the second person I have to say no unfortunately but there is a nice cushon please sorry about that there is a discussion in going heavily in the background about Kevin Davina came and Ivana does not represent Josh foundation in any shape or form and any allegation or anything he says that he's spoken to me orderly never taken place not to my memory at this past three years ominous problem to me he should not use the Keshe foundation structure to bring coin exchange condition coins cash coins are not for exchange they are part of the assets of one nation and then mr. Kevin demeanor and then no any circumstances represent me for the foundation or anything which are spoken this has to be made clear because creating chaos in general community and we seen some interesting facebook articles on it I have never spoken to mr. Kevin excerpts not meeting a couple and this to stop I start abusing my name and trying to allege that you're connected or any shape or form to me and when you speak my word I can speak my word I do not mean someone else to all body call it disgrace the foundation were so many behaviors are prompting thank you very much it's for you to correct your conduct nacinda what I've read is not correct and you should use your talent just to elevate the souls I know you're doing your best but do it the right way please it's not coming from here and do not connect the Keshe foundation cash coins which is the internal cash foundation instruction to the International open cash the structure of coins to something that you can exchange for our points are not for exchange our coils are there to make one nation we don't sell us and so thanks talking about the trash coin I went online to buy two of them then I got an email that I didn't understand you know am I supposed to pay for it now paired donation I wasn't clear no we made the cash foundations as coins as the donation we explained it before cash foundation coins become part of their reserves and you can add it to your national reserves as we explained it opens up in the coming time or you can keep it as your assets it'll be equaled there is a discussion how about the valuation of it in time to come sometimes the first of June will ask all the universal council members to deliver the price of certain commodities in their nation today to the council this will be handed over to the earth Council this becomes the point of reference for balanced evaluation any depreciation or any revaluation of the cash go in Toccoa cross with other currencies which means cash coins will never lose their value according to any balanced currencies and this will be reviewed every 12 months and will be adjusted accordingly so if currency drops by a thousand compared to euro will be adjusted accordingly that it keeps its value and it stays that this is bringing stability into the whole financial organization world organization on a first of June and again first of June of each year the Keshe foundation Universal Council will go through the list of certain number of items across the world which is essential things to live and these will be locked in for the assessment of the value every 12 months and accordingly we adjust cash coins equals one thousand euro to that amount plus including the evaluation of the Euro itself so it becomes a national cross country national cross international cross valuation so we value it across and then we link it to the outcome of the production of the foundation factories at the moment you have the government's they buy gold as a reserve now our wealth from our production of material what we sell becomes as part of our national reserve is which is one nation so what is made in their Factory in Arizona what is made in the factory in Ghana what is made in the factory in China all the profits become part of the international asset that we can share accordingly across the planet it's this well designed it will be that nobody loses value but at the same time allows us to bring stability to what be mankind valued something against something but now it's valued against the man's effort against what all of us make at the moment if the Germans bill make money is their national asset their currency to here or the Americans have the dollars now it's one nation and be balanced if the procedure is well set as we come to it we allow it to go through by as many as coins outside as you like this your property will move again with the tension our nation coins you don't need to be part of the structure and can buy and buy we buy back if you don't want your points back to us and the value given there isn't need for stability in them in the world finance and this coin will bring you true instability that in it coming next 12 months will paint our stuff in the coin so initially get paid by valuation of the coin if you live in one country or not you you're a you repay you one coin so we don't say if you had $1000 in America or $1000 in Ghana or whatever you're paid the valuation of one coin is what you can take from the cash foundations across what you want to fund state you want one coin value that's what it is accordingly you want to go to Ghana is the same you go to China is the same and we do that through our factors this is a what they call club coin it belongs to club of peaceful people called vicious foundation and then all our factories interaction between all the structures of the cash management actors will be done this way it become part of us so in China Keshe foundation China surprise cash donation let's say Australia is so a trades on equal balance of the coin which means we we we don't consider any kind of inflation or and secondly when you are the coin of one nation there is no exchange if you go from America to Germany you have exchange but if you're working the same one nation currency there is no exchange doesn't matter where you are do exchange your money when you go from Berlin to Frankfurt that's what it's going to become it takes time the process is correct this procedure is correct and with deliberate and it's coming to try to donate and take as many coins as possible then you understand why these coins keep the apprec-- I exchange $1,000 for 4 million I think 300 when I was coming it jump up to 5 million I think 300 so I was thinking if you made a lot of money ya know I'm like oh you lost a lot of money I didn't lose I mean yes but it doesn't really matter because I don't look at the money that way but anyway I was thinking as a universal constant policy how can we take the cash going to what is the reason for this fluctuation how I can be civilized a price it will be really stabilize it true let me explain to you something as I John I for 30 years I worked in international business and I made a lot of profit out of exchange rate in my bills when we used to buy and sell we used to hold back those till there was the right time to make more money out of the payment of the bill by depreciation or whatever then actually the products or commodity sometimes so I've learned from that in how to structure that this thing doesn't happen this is how the Keshe foundation coin is set up we'll go continent by continent we'll take the maximum the top three top middle and top bottom or her right bottom three and then we take an average for a continent in so many ways that we bring balance not to a nation but to a continent and the valuation stops in that region in that bracket we allow certain appreciation in the rate of the growth that it means the investment grows it just doesn't pay interest and that will be something in the regions that we will be announced according to what we see as international growth values after the factories around the world it is very very interesting how we'll go take as many coins as you can because once we go through the transition in the next few weeks the governments will take priority we will exchange coins for national reserve body call it guarantees not payments which means we give coins for building factories in the government's we would be we use the coins as a commodity exchange incoming this you will see how rapid this will grow this is we need to do what equally to reach a threshold I put 1 million coins in the market out of 5 billion we announced and we increase it to 20 million in a coming weeks to meet the demand for the government's the total number of coins is 5 billion more or less equal to one coin per head of Nations population so you can see there is a lot of thoughts behind it will it come in it become your national security becomes your guarantee for your old age and at the same time allows the old age which is running it will run into one hundred two hundred years in the future there the nations can afford looking after their people the youth education and everything else gold mine runs out people's living is spending will never run out and then as an income compared to where it comes it covers itself the factories the operations of the Keshe foundation become the sources for looking after its own people when you go into a shop you can have all the products in every range you have your shop from the Keshe foundation you have no money when you use your coin number the goods are free when you are in your correct and your shopping and there is nothing to do you pay according to what is on demand it pays for running off everything else on paying everything else you ask me will come in correct people who will not abuse the system and some people might have used the system but how many cans of water and what can you take across we expect to produce six thousand different items within the next five years across cash garnishment action you will start seeing the rapid growth in products application audition the catalog become the president cash foundation framework up products will be adding goods as you seen Italy has start adding Chinese body quality research centers they've received a what you call a request to produce one items per week to be sold to support acacia conditions in China the same will go to Accra and Nigeria and the rest we start developing what do you buy from the websites it supports the Keshe foundation body call it people who work in the research in the background and this is how I'm going to start the changes on the development and the coins will be the backbone of the what it is we have everything to operate as as one nation and we don't need to go outside and use the present systems which is fully crowd we monitor our own banking through our own people we monitor our own finances and in time as we grow when you employ one two or three million people and you are employed of one hundred thousand in one nation you negotiate tax rates with your people i we pay our taxes to people you become affiliated to cash our nation and we negotiate taxes with you with the governments why should we pay 25 December we can negotiate for you 20 or 18 percent which is the correct way but they say they get paid or the Keshe foundation supporters don't touch black money that they sell something in cash in the background everything to the Sun they do they declare and they pay for it I'm prepared to pay seventeen eighteen percent of my work but I'm not pay forty percent of it so if that's the case I start hiding the twenty percent so who loses their nation this is part of when you become members of the Keshe foundation to deliver what we call it signing the peace treaty this is part of it being peace with us when you saw on your nation on your own and the people on one planet people will move in that direction we have no choice any other question there was one question from Cory who's a concern will the government be taxing humanity when they get hold of it there's a false assumption there is no free right taxing don't pay taxes I always say don't pay taxes if the if paying 15 18 percent taxes is too much and there is something wrong with the nation that the comments can be covering most of the world nations governments can live with 15 to 18 percent taxes very comfortable for their citizens you don't may have access now I don't want to pay in taxes okay no problem we welcome you you cannot use the road because we use it you cannot have any water deliver it because in these pumping we cannot deliver that existed no okay we give you the maghreb system use of schools and hospitals is forbidden because all these others are paying so we come up with a very quick solution yeah you get home locked maybe you live in a space there is no tax at the moment we don't have any taxes of outer space so the only way to be correct you lo mr. Kush did he lose the signal there I think we temporarily lost mr. Kesh yes he will be back nobody okay Thank You Caroline no problem okay Sparrow with this uh a minute or two here while we reconnect with mr. cash or vice versa you hello can you hear me yes they are thank you my batteries fell out the Israelis didn't get me unfortunately no it's when you when you conduct yourself in the right way you have to pay you have to pay for what you take make it mr. Ridgeway juice or you paid okay that's what it is it's actually when they'll come to it many of us will not pay taxes will pay by effort and we cover with what they needed then we need to you don't need to work here what I call 24 hours a day you work whatever a few hours a day and we at the same time enjoy working and participating being part of the civilization then I was talking to a friend of ours very recently I said you know they say I take my hand your holiday for a month I'm going to Caribbean that I go to Spain now I take a year off I'm going to planet zoo so planet Mars or to see how it is and I come back this is not a talk anymore when you see the development and softly Sunday you know it's your job to build the next reactors to fly and everybody can fly any one of you understands the process first of all understand what's going to happen on Saturday Sunday we are teaching you not only to fly we are teaching you how to make food how to make energy how to make medicine and what you need how to make material the teaching of Thursday as hatha is a blueprint of total understanding of how to make materials in his face and nobody has told me fine use it on this planet so open your eyes this is a shortcut to not to pay a lot of taxes but at the end of the I was gonna pay for you and you don't know all the subjects of the medicine and you thank you for having cabbage every day and the child cannot be educated and not be looked at I have a very interesting point and that is can we live on our own and don't pay any taxes and even Ireland maybe now we live in an island or space there are no governments to take taxes or we live on moon and then comfort to all work and we disappear nobody can catch us we had a citizen of the moon we don't pay taxes any other question let's see cash can you buy the coins for the nation yes I should buy coins for Iran currently yes that'll be done identified you choose where you want to deposit your miracle so how do you how do you divide this money it cannot go more than a number of the population of nations so how many coin goes for you learn for example we've got 70 million of them no I have to be at 70 million coins you become wired it'll be done with this you can buy me tell your heart will be the government's will buy your coins back the very faith will rate when it comes to it let us do our work okay so I could when I can buy two for now you can buy ten if you work okay sorry about that I had to meet you mr. cash that was some feedback coming through there no it's just I came back with about three oh we have a echo happening still hearing an echo i mopped this bucket again please can you hear me yes that's better thank you okay do you want to go into on your teaching or is there any other question well I think it's time to go and do some teaching that would be preferable speaking of which maybe there's a question that could be asked that might introduce the teaching and Brett was interested can we use the current reactors by spinning the outside but holding the center glass ball yes has been done before it creates certain conditions which when there's a number of things which I would like to to explain is come out of a lot of discussion and talks we do know this with different knowledge seekers first of all remember something which a lot of you have forgotten I just go oh wait that you understand when you have a reactor if you make it dynamic you work with when you put accounts of whatever here you work with the Gans there but when you put another guns here you put an arrogance here these are ganses interface but if you leave the center core and you receive a new concept in you all understanding your plasma now is a pure plasma without any material because it's a combination of the Gans is from this undies and commandant of the water which is in it then these two cancer's behave as a mass inertia if you remember the earth has a core which creates the interaction of field inside it creates the gravity a magnetic field and the matter of state of it creates the inertia this is important in two specially for Arizona team and the other teams who are working on the flight system if you match the inertia field forces of it with the earth gravitational magnetic field inertia you'll get what you get with the use of rotating magnets and there's your positioning if you be able to create with the plasma condition of field forces you work with a gravitational field of the planet those flights which are created for the earth condition moving they need something like this those who want to fly beyond the space of the earth they need something like this and then if you understand this in totality when you come across to another land or another space in the universe you have your plasma then you create the condition of the inertia of that area and then you can work within that area you can change the inertia to the water because water has a different nature than the solid part of the earth if you understand that places like oceans have combination of the matter magma and the liquid and you can replicate it you can sync with in depth of the sea and oceans and even live a life of a fish so if you are looking to do a deeper space travel nada we start teaching a space understand between the plasma gravitational magnetic field which is the same as the center of the earth and understand with the creation of the inertia matter even if you have accounts now create that condition so you can decide what in their show you create the initial concern interaction of the fields of the matter state of the entity not from the plasmatic condition of the entity and it can be replicated this is how you create gold and silver and the rest of it there are team in production on the weekend will show you how to do it the other point which is important for us to understand I hope this gave you a lot of your an insight of understand the other thing which you have to understand I was talking to knowledge seekers today they talked about the field this is the earth and they said the field of the earth excuse me my friends who has told you this as she forgot to tell you something else sorry as much as you have the fields going out of the North Pole of this planet you have fields which are coming inwards of the North Pole of the planet we don't have one day traffic so if you have a magnetical here you have a gravitational here two magnetic field forces any magnetic field forces when you stand in between it has two characteristics it gives and takes we have both gravitational and magnetical at the same time and apparently a lot of recommendation our researchers have not grasped this one yet and it's causing a lot of problem with the systems they make because they think is magnetic all only goes out but what they don't realize is that the magnetic field is a stronger than a gravitational field magnetical field cannot exist without the Tesla passes saw understood part but he couldn't understand how if you understand this flight systems become again astray these are part of what we have to go to what we call to re-emphasize to understand more and to be able to discuss exactly what it comes when you have a I was talking to them these knowledge seekers they all if you go back to the original drawings I used to always draw this way I think it's a bit best way to draw it this way as you have a magnetical gets weaker your gravitational guess is stronger and this is something you have to understand this is something which is essential especially those who start when working on its base reactors past two or three pages are shown it's important for you to understand what you're doing those of you who working on a space reactors you see their float coming in and then you're trying to disperse it try to find a way that you can bring a lot of gravitational field for the top core dad this Fred's open to he can do this because these lines are line of connection to the point of your destiny and that source is here you need to bring these to be able to create the fields that when it goes absorbed in your reactors yeah you can create the destination field the soul of the man between the star system work on the same basis these are essential part of understanding especially in your top corn or the bottom core a notion of the point of destination field you know we get to a spectrum of the fields of the universe in our air space reactors in now the relevant system measurement we know this one gravitational coming in and this are magnetic or which connects to it's for this planet so what we do we increased the dimension strength we doctored position to these two should zero time communication zero time transportation is what I said last week in the teachings very smudge that you create a package and you put the mouse in it and you create a field of it and the mouse plants in the house across and you gotta state from China China one day mastered every five seconds these are all what is going to come I have to understand the process that we can do the the understanding is our stitching in the private teaching nothing yesterday when you have the earth and you have the what sorry too son and you have between their race which you see goes out of the Sun is all this for this guy and all the Rays which was coming from here is for the sky and us in the middle continuously see fields from both side we are continuously fed depends which one we want to talk into what our souls we can be there in no time no one has ever made measurement of the speed of the plasma fields we don't even know you call it a speed of light and million times will be there we need to start understanding and then in understanding to start applying it there is a number of points that we have to understand and follow and that is I am always remember repeating again when you stand here in a magnetic field you're receiving volt when you are testing for your flight systems told you this last time one to one there is not much it's just a connection to two one one becomes the stronger to absorb or to give depending on the atmospheric condition if you are working on an advanced condition oxygen is our kindness our oxygen is gravitational it's the same meaning hydrogen is acidity or maghreb but as it receives it has to give it gives more than you can receive so hydrogen's become depleted of the gravitational-magnetic field of the the one of the oxygen so now what it comes to you is to understanding the ratio order of magnitude 24 times 2 what depletion is much faster and whatever is here this takes you a week to get the cancer done did sex your day to consider then when you're done that ratio is very much what we call another process of this one is one is a voltage one is a current it's all the same name and in the cycle of the plasma as I'm sailing to the top friend is Sun so dog these are a few things you have to remember and apply and then you will see a lot of new insight in running the space reactors you want a higher speed you create a higher ratio in the space loading you will learn all these things this weekly a lot of you can do those of you up there interested in creating peace in Syria listen to the teaching of the space technology and ask all the Arab nations reporters to do and just build to spend a few hours by ping-pong-ball weekend with a job the ping-pong ball can paralyze the most advanced army in the world concert of his right to peace just wonder Stan what you are doing and then use the same technology to feed the nations it's when I see places like India so and so much suffering so much hunger and we have the technology and we cannot wait and we cannot bring it it's no option there for us but to us to create conditional space supplies to feed people through energy levels we cannot create so much food transportation will become available in time but we have the knowledge to deliver food satellites conditions which we know now you learn on this weekend we're not many people dying a few have hunger this is the wrong image given to the black man that the healthiest the best food they have everything there is a Sahara yes but there is a Sahara in China - there's a big Sahara United State how come they're not crippled how come when it comes to different color with skin they have to be done Africans are well fed I I spend enough time in Africa I've never seen so healthy people with all the food they have you're just brought into trees there you have something to eat it's places like India places that United State The Hunger unites these unbelievable people are dying hungry we have same force it says I'll keep my face red with the slapping it you know the ruching if the French couldn't buy ruch what they do they stop their face get red and it'll start to have a rush this is what I'm making sir there's the hunger in this nation is so bad that we have to feed this nation one of the priority nations to look after is United State you say facade what they say is this but when we put the food satellite food conditions as far beyond we don't care who it is I think the first time is when they received the food energy through the food satellites and everything else a lot of will be surprised having eaten for a few days what's going on but I'm not hungry but I have a lot of energy so you are receiving it but what you can do with that energy well shall we put a meter and everyone soul that you receive so much of the satellite is payment thank you governments will do soon by the look of it so tax machine it's not Theory anymore you'll see it on this week build it please spend your time to bring peace on this planet by developing new systems by bringing new ways we just show you how to walk maybe we just show you how to crawl the walking will come after it understand you have experts right already have extra structure no spends over years in Arizona trying to develop this technology you have people like the groups we should done on the food the grocery she done on the health learn from them and start using it will surprise the support in the government's in the shape of factories and the rest of it any other question that empty bar from the middle has it to be vacuumed as much as possible no vacuum itself yes if you like to suck it out you can do so but don't suck yourself out clean thank you very much what will happen let me let me let me explain Thunder you're an old hand in this game huh you and I are becoming ancient pieces in this technology Rick is the other one you have a ball if you remember we put the guns in it won't be a speeded-up and then we saw the center going empty and we had the answers here you remember and then we had a water here and then we reach this what do you call it empty ball now in stop waiting for the empty ball to be produced you produce you put it in there you position it now what is going to happen is that once you put it in the dynamics will position what's going to happen there the air molecules get the stock to the side of the hole and this Center becomes vacuum now you understand there's rain yeah doesn't matter what you do this is the reward of the call and all the oranges the oxygen which you or the air which gets pushed to the side becomes so my new commuter element but the field forces of this on this material push to create this and now you work with a pure plasma this is how the center of the earth words but because of the rotation of whatever the center of the earth rotates in a different way but because of the field force pressures the magmar condition has been created it puts the center of pressure on that a slower speed is good enough to rotate at what we call it forty thousand kilometers a day to create the day at night you don't need to go very fast so if i want to remove you on traces of oxygen i use a ball which doesn't contain oxygen and furthermore i can flush the ball with hydrogen gas produced on the place in the in the future understanding you will see you can have the course which is just filled up only with the plasma if you understood this this factory production thank you very much for verification any other question we teach a very little now this was very powerful to the point and very applicable general we have in sports we have motors we have laws we have dances and it takes a couple hours to put it together ping-pong balls are cheap yes and thanks to our scientists they made something old superglue anybody can make his flying machine who would like to try to Washington I don't have that this after White House what so we'll find out some of the review artists and coordinate how do we determine that mr. cash study the coordinates are the strength coordinates for the destination we need a system of the Russians are working in the Boeing has worked on it for some time the gravitational field forces of the planet according to is inertia is constant and that's why I taught you the inertia the mass land of the planet does not change that much you understand the inertia stays more or less constant according to to what we understand less the gravitational forces unless the magma rotation field generation of the carrot shortly you can't fix mother death is fixed every inch of it is good of a specific system this is right I was gonna say if so if the gravitation was more constant we can already measure the magnetical is that right what we see for them putting up the data freely we we we will is the matter of development of technologies to confirm position management strength or maturing magrav strength so on the planet earth this position has a given gravitational and magnetical inertia and then it has a given gravitational magnetic hole plasma air and then it has because of its liquid content inside which varies continuously he has a certain fluid over called magma gravitational magnetic very strong scientists will measure this and this gives you a specific point in the given position depends how far is the magma from the surface depends on the thickness of the crust and everything else it depends on everything this new systems will give you that so what happens if have a runaway and we we determined the wrong strength do we leave this atmosphere or do we stay in the Earth's and what happened in when you're in the car and you'd put your foot on the accelerator not the brake you end up in a space you know what you're you get you start packing again they'll be fun seeing how many new under-18 drivers will overshoot I learned a number of Mars Papa can you come and take me a crash into the moon insurance is gonna say I give you dad can I borrow the keys dad can I borrow the keys to the spaceship yes it's works with my soul come and get it it will be very hard to steal car sir if we create a device which is like it around and it has to layer the upper layer is all gravitational with the digit because the gravitation which stays the same and the lower layer moves around the upper layer and that's magnetic on and that'll present every port in a planet so by dialing adjusting a dial of the gravitational-magnetic on we should be able to move from one place to another place in a second or less more or less but you have to understand variables are very were a lot of variables in it so how can we do you learn of teaching yet no so so can you give us the details when you wear this you see I've shown you all the beauty of the car now but I'm not giving you the key you want the key you gotta pay the payment is do your job right you understand you don't need me okay so you're not giving us the key that's what you're saying maybe on Sunday ok so I have I have pieces my I have to put them together myself yes independent investigation of science responds with every human being and anything in this space but does this piece has to be the problems in this basic I can imagine you are in a space you'll be running away ball it'll be fun to say that it was there now it's appeared there she's testing everything I I know how to handle myself in this phase the my problem is like to get oh my god we shall see we shall see it's good to know when you know it please teach us we'll be there don't forget we'd like some cheer to come up on the way back I will send you one thank you very much any other question is there gonna be a materials required list for Saturday well yes please bring your soul there is no classroom is a combination of totality of what do you need what the knowledge you need to gain to be able to be in a space whatever he says okay I become a chef I'll make the food that one becomes yourself becoming engineer I'll make the material one it says I've played the doctor I make the medicine and the material for it or they become says oh we need something else and then five or ten of you and then enzymes that's okay it's four of us we have four so we can make that as bishop let's go as simple as that everybody else in the universe does it mankind is just learning to do it recipe hello a very strong powerful soul further here is Farah speaking from Brazil I have a question it's about the empty ball and I was thinking when we take people ball and we just fill it half and rotate it it gives also an empty ball inside is that right yes it does that you can use it for different purposes and different applications yes that's one way of doing it but in fact then you still don't have empty ball you still have that material in air of that empty ball which makes their own field this is a very easy way to do gaseous flights it will be one of the ways to do deep deep deep deep submergence into the center of the planet but you have to know what any other cushion or have we talked enough for you today maybe started to your clock is still half us will see you on Sunday and Saturday 10 o'clock Central European Time bring your white clothes for your being a doctor - he can't become plasma doctors being a Jew the white goes to become a chef and bring with you a white horse be able to make your own energy systems my compost to the Chinese community please start getting in touch with Nathan before we be shortly hopefully in the next few weeks announce an equipment for people to start teaching Chinese people who will start working in the factories of cash audition and the research centers we need you you spend years to learn this technology now it's time to come and teach the others and that they understand we need large number of teachers to teach workers how to handle how how to be aware of everything else and most probably a good job hey if you're looking for a job but another question or shall we call today well there's a couple of questions of course and there's one sort of technical question regarding Ganz's and the percentages that we reduced them off that's your division not mine I didn't think you wanted to be the details of Kansas has to read the covers you've heard several times okay it's from Nick he says hello everyone I have a question about the calculation of a Gans production just a minute Boris your microphones open I have to meet you there if you could mute okay calc about the calculation of a Gans production mr. mr. Kesh mentioned once that we reduce the mass of a nano coated material by about 5% in Ganz's by about 20% we calculate with about an 8% reduction in mass for copper I think he mentioned heavier elements have to be reduce more but I might be wrong are there specific calculations for other nano coated materials besides copper would be very helpful for those who have no access to analyzing methods like gas chromatography to evaluate the produce Ganz's and figure out the correct factor for each material thank you well what would you like on some ascetic Roman days are Wednesday jumps well first of all I would probably say that it would it probably wasn't due to the analyzing methods like gas chromatography that you came up with the with that percent reduction with the mass of the nano coated copper I think but I could be wrong about that perhaps but basically that you've covered it before that a certain percent is used of the nano-coated material is more expanded so the the particles or plasma entities inside that expanded nano material will be less dense essentially so you reduce the mass by 5 percent or 8 percent you know how answer it can you please wait from a few months to all the machine you know theorem we can give the exact figures I think that would be a very good answer to be precise and remember after Saturday Sunday if many of you go Chris the way you went with my crab system to save your electricity I try to fly and then very soon we shall see emergence of new technologies that we have to measure and everything else and I say goodbye to those of you who by mistake might be going for a space flight without you knowing what you're testing the dress back home is the soul of death I think I'll give you a very good tip the soul of the earth mm-hmm mr. cash I will take your address any other question or shall be well of course they'll the Carson's keep coming of course but these questions about do we need to create a multi-core ball is it okay to have a if there's an empty ball plasma inside of rotating Gans cores will that plasma still be there free remove the outer Gans cars around it I don't know we should ask the questions Pakistan's president we have to understand the whole process and how the poll process comes to being and why and how we do it and I expect that the activities of the weekend will be a big contribution toward understanding that if people were to follow along that is trying to follow try to follow with all the enthusiasm that you did with the maghreb systems as I said every magrav system has worked and we received yesterday and this morning figures of my graph system from official people which we gave to my graph system to sometimes in back in October November yesterday in the meeting discussion we were told that them this technology works Magreb system to make a reduction and this morning we asked for some data they told us it works reduction around 30 percent depending on the resistive or conducting material that we got the cord is much more [Music] so they're the all the space systems will work all the space systems will work all this base materials you'll make in the work is just how you can confine the system every one of you and give you my address if you can land there we'll have dinner together let's say about how did a few should be able to learn very soon and if you can learn in Accra a second of all most of the Europe you can give welcome to the opening of their Accra manufacturing if you get it all right defensive armor can use this especial to get everything in on time many of you should be able to produce these issues don't look at the expensive systems a couple of tweaks and a bit of ping pong ball will give you the same tears a brand new $1000 system or I have to tell you something in the next few weeks cache manager will release a large number of new products for the Magreb system is based system you we should be able to supply you the system for production of materials around about one hundred two hundred dollars that can make as much gold as you like with all the recipe and instruction how to do it and this base system right system but you can test yourself if you want to do it this will be run about $1000 so you can build yourself a car to home and if you want we're gonna need the detail structure of how to load it this is the understanding of one nation mom planet on race and everything is in your hand you have the freedom to go well brett-brett has a question about the use of salts for the separation of the Ganz's but perhaps that's a question for the weekend that you might want to delve into not all salt in the space how do you want separate cancers okay well I can't do that you can create the separation but if you're looking in the cancer space of the plasma field they create their own separation gases never mix to not mix usually unless you deliberately want to mix to separate their separate day or they call it big answers with a good distance gap which has certain applications thank you very much for today see you on Saturday at 10 a.m. come in with a lot of joy and happiness coming a lot of hope for the change of humanity and come to know that we have achieved what our ancestors for millions of years dreamed the last generation looked into a sky and thought if they can fly like a bird and we looked further if we can be part of the universe and that opportunity is given to man from Saturday and Sunday we all can become the soul of the universe because we all can learn we can all do what the stars do and if you understand a little bit more from Saturday's teaching you can tune your soul to the soul of any planet or fly within the universe without the need the spaceship but that needs a lot of understanding understanding of knowledge and how good you know you're also then you become between star for that's hope thank you very much for today see you on Saturday today it'll be nice if we can go out with the video from Risa now we start Monday with the video from this or the earth Council toot is anybody there or I'll be left behind yes I thank you mr. Kesh we'll get that video lined up and this is the end of the 219 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday April 12 2018 many many thanks to mr. cash for continuing with these workshops and we look forward to the weekend at 10 a.m. Central European time for the spaceship blueprint sessions okay you you you dick yeah yes there is no sound yeah we're trying we're just really trying to find the correct video to place so just bear with us another I'm a knitter too till we find it thank you now it's time to sing they did it they did it oh we did this yesterday you were more voices we got to the sound manager is not making enough I thought I lost boys or the voice or the music and I thought I better ask because I think Ricky better come for a second time goodbye good night and or do you want me to start a new session the first gonna have to have a pose well I can't I don't have the video and Flint's not here right now and we're just trying Dave Vince and I are trying to sort it out here so I think you should find it looks like there's no problem thank you very much for today we're gonna go out in silence good night see everybody we're gonna make enough noise okay well Vince Vince Izzy's found it so mr. Kesh are you gonna be on my black book like live on this just like this secrets we are not telling you so we can see you your while you don't like to change as I watch you on stage yeah yeah no problem are we did you know you'd never have this before we're becoming Bell organized this have yet to excited for Saturday well we're trying to work in the background and we should not have done that through this program today we should have focused on the program rather than trying to do the Saturday thing so sorry about that call I apologize we wanted to be okay that we've the video here we've got the video now turn down the sound a bit there Vince thank you yeah I was just gonna ask you did that work okay so I'll just play again and it's very loud very loud [Music] that better for you [Music] the process of understanding is very simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail become we are created out of the race within the centre of the universe [Music] in interaction and reduction in strength and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic fields have come together over billions of years he's filled to be to the creation of what we call the sea [Music] [Music] murder Passport gathers together the same forces repeats again because the Sun is the same as the energy center [Music] now the heavier the larger amount of the energy which is collected in Hispanic universe suddenly radius out was the same thing again [Music] radius fields out and in interaction with the itself but the fields of itself leads to creation in that process of the creation of planet the same process happens again [Music] in the traction of the fields of the earth with its environment and cooling an exchange with the strength of the other things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to creation of cell matter state and that itself in coming together and stowing down in such sex certain ways as we called released under the Sun we call the swallow [Music] this is the truth father life and creation [Music] but if the soul of the math can understand and up low and be correct with his conduct he can become the strength fields and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to creation and if the soul can understand with the same process can interact can be correct can upload with his self the totality of the strength of what he needs he shall become the son and then the same salt as the energy that they can absorb in the solar system within the galaxy shall become the center of the earth we call in the rain come from goes back [Music] the solar system we call it planetary system we come from the Rays we become to the planet and back [Music] same thing happens with galaxies with the solar systems we say give up so I came to our party the life forces of existence in the universe is the same it doesn't matter what exchange so what is the man fighting why do we fight for something which has come from the point of duplication and in the process it was bad the soul of the man as the energy of the earth is the face of the path the face of the earth and that process is the same a solo our sole in reduction in strength in interaction the emotion of the fields of the environment least for the accession of the existence of but once it's completed does it need a face or can it be and becomes free on the public or the soul of the man we fear and attachments existence [Music] our soul is part of the process of the creation the key to one question who man shall be in the future to be answered as we saw the Sun came birth that basalt earth became land soul wouldn't be the destiny of the soroban helps free the point of departure for mentality [Music] would it become the Sun or creation of another life of many lives or correction arrives this shall be and this is how he happens when you create soul which is not correct which is misconduct by itself and the evil we lead to the creation of the next cycle of creation which has started their own way their own slate this is one thing the man has never understood you become the creator of another universe another side [Music] and this is what you have to judge restructure swallowed man what would I like that side in the physical life create children in the dimension of the life of the soul of man what that man what that soul will create if man has thought up to now that's it my end my point that is finished this is much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed and shaped form we shall be nothing left but we know the part of the Sun because part of the galaxy and of Spartan life who shall be destroyed [Music] the judgment of the man has to be according to what he sees the future his soul can conduct me the day of judgment for a man not in front of the Creator that what my soul judges to be and what shall create man never understood and shall never understand chickens hope this time I'm opening itself the reality is very very very real and that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun they lead you up to son has become the earth and the energy of their console out the path so shall be the soul of the man which is an energy itself and a recycler how can you change when you don't understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding of the man that what is the future it brings we care about our children what education they get what they were how happy they will be where they sleep [Music] now the man has to be careful and consider what life shall buy so create because those are the children are in school as we see the Rays of the Sun has become planet and seven billion gentlemen seven billion unlimited which is grown so the soul of man go through the same process how many billions and subdivisions and sub lattice data is cultured man your soul shall be it will it be the soul of wars and conflict ever killing or wouldn't be the soul of this blessed solar system which is peaceful this is the truth and the reality of Goddess Parvati first of all as I said many time recently we never understood that the so lot and it's been destroyed shortly and now that we understood it's done and departure with its culture but the same process carry on a state where start runnin and his woman and become stood at the energy source higher water which itself pleased the creation becomes a star central new site of the issue this is what the human race has to understand the cycle actually starts point of death and love finishes above them in so many ways before understands is after doses spark surplus came together to make the earth in the solar system so has this facts of the atoms has come to be the creator of man and the essence of the creation of this facts of busting the solar system has led to the creation social needed feels from the soul of advanced education under the cyber fight what kind of man would like to have to be created [Music] this is the day of judgment [Music] this is what man never understood now you have to arrest you have no choice up to today you are not aware of it dropped they are aware you have disqualified [Music] your conduct has to be to elevate your soul but in everything so what you'd become the creator of stands corrects convert existence [Music] we don't get editor such as we've seen the process does not stop with one son decide on carry job [Music] is very interesting in how humanity not only the fact 200 and take the case for man to understand and you understand those of the tools of war the tools of conflict they have less they have nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar systems or others till the day they learn more as they cannot create a new cycle through their own so this is the elevation of the solar to man to be part of the creation of beautiful life for the next cycle when you don't have it you have to become another cell in the body of the structure bigger for you to be just there that he can done many who the penis hole up they say do not kill you create fear I give you the point of no procreation if you cared about your children under Spanish to have the best your true children come out of here and so in a coming time how would you like to educate how would you like to be when you are in conflict with yourself and of course of salvation beta this is the truth and the man will take a long time to understand as now that we understand the soul of the man is an operator a variation of the future extended but whatever is gathered for the salt at the end becomes his point of revenue service all creation of its own language [Music] but the strangest thing is what he creates from a soul shall find the creator of others [Music] this is the beauty of nature and wanna started understands no limitation [Music] you [Music] you master thesis motivation letter State University of New York College at Cortland.

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