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Intro dissertation histoire

Intro dissertation histoire do my capstone cogeneration vipr srm reports in excel ´╗┐when we last left off our intrepid heroes return to Hobgoblin control fourth Skarin where the town was gearing up for its annual which is nice fair amidst the celebrations creche have felt an increasing draw toward the old ruins underneath the city growing more and more intense as the night wore on until she could no longer resist it meanwhile sea could run into Captain Asia will offer the party job a group of slavers had come back into town after the war's end looking for buried treasure they'd left from the city fell to a Runa five years ago seeing a way to kill two birds with one stone the party went when Captain aids into the catacombs and took the battle to the Goblin Oy scoundrels and their traitorous katfoe leader during the fight though they learned that another adventuring party was deeper into the ruins where Krisha needs to go and on that note important part of the story wherein Jeffrey kobold god amongst men finally got himself a shiny new mandolin and then got really fucking shit hammered yep that that is the thing that happened so we will loo over tuning map and miss Qin and zanza you two can mark inspiration for last time eggs y'all did good keep getting inspiration and I never fucking expected well if you if you have inspirational I can get inspiration you can just pass it to somebody else smoke a movie take out them all so that Sam I don't forget everyone has five temporary hip pointless it should be on your tokens why did we short rest at all you did short rest and you spent it types and everything last session okay so yes at the end of your rest the party spends about 20 minutes slowly making their way down a pitch-black stairway that winds around and around and around and seemingly endless chasm until finally they find themselves in an unfinished passageway with rough rocky walls marred with stalactites and stalagmites both this seems to be a passage to the north and in the distance you think you can see hints of solid stone work perhaps more dwarven construction ok excellent so a quick rook Alon who has more power left I know I'm sure just a singular first level spell and they charge it blades on I'm pretty much fresh and raring to go I'll do stop all the healers are out of healing I guess I have a heal in fact that's me I think I have like walnut bracelet oh yeah I'm completely drained I have a person healing spare so like to carry instead yep I guess lawn chair so basically a whole party is not with his top fighting condition killer survived an encounter well is the hope I recommend caution above all and I mean don't forget it's just another adventuring party there's no way we want to just like immediately jump into a fight I mean if they beat us to simply first-come first-serve that's that's all well and good I think I'm just one thing for this blade and one tire isn't yeah well I don't I don't actually know what it's going to be all I know is that I'm being drawn towards it so whatever you're drawn to is the thing that we want that's right with there's no point unless base you know miserably you know like touring all the traps so that we don't have to I mean that is a possibility it would be kind of convenient in an unfortunate for them kind of way thanks sugar traps that we have to go forward and help fun this is that's I was speaking in the context of where they'll you know I died and got hit by like falling spikes and into pits that kind of pain tears adventures which kind of traps hope don't say that out Oh what flashback to Sunday flash-forward I feel it I just like I have a book of moment it isn't a nosebleed huh the hopes of blending in again are you okay Krisha nothing i just had a moment on suppose we should get for going then he wants to take the take the four friends on this one Xander will take four foot hey cat fault oh I am gonna try a quick description and see if I can hear a thing okay prescription seventeen of the seventeen you can hear water in the very far distance but that's about it otherwise the cave seems silent so if I were like in here is what it thinks things to being order continuing forward EEP alright alright Sansa you see the beginnings of an extremely large statue to the north of you you can just make out a titanic two-handed hammer planted on the ground Wow I think they're really bad it seems to be embellished with bronze as is the statue of what could either be a human or a clean-shaven dwarf you're not entirely sure with a solid bronze mask over its face then the hops forward one sec do I feel the pull towards battle to the east you feel a strong pull to the north like do north of where you are right now all right nope seems to be the way to go guys caches are really fucking bag yeah then these unclear Fenn are you there so you guys hit no image little dark corner now an axe are maybe not realizing the infamous f150 talkin saying stuff need to be distracted yeah by Seaguar a policy there we go so so which way Krisha do you know if seems to be the way the only other way so say would I recognize these things like quite a big bronze figurines as as the bronze charge person friend I mean that's a logical assumption I see something that is not the right color for limit points it's generally red hmm I very very crimson I'm gonna ask error to go do a spider sneak take a peek or she can already tell what that is that is glad yes there the blood trail going to the south through a side passage really want to go north ah but that might be some people huh do you tell the blood because you can't see shit I don't mention it immediately because air is the one brain speaking to crash' this one else is about nothing I can also see it there's a blood trail over here sends us draws out glaze and goes for it Safa keep an eye on our lesson lesson yeah that's a boy does family mean it's all right this way quickly just force of habit it's coming here towards there but there's nothing here is there a restaurant could be a chapel somebody got a package where does the blood look like it went it looks like whatever was bleeding when southwards like you can pretty much immediately by the way that L&S meters something else by the way Thursday's get it I'm gonna go over there and CSI this shit okay so um I see something guys I can see a whole lot of bones and down there you're not for long I think I've got a lot of those something traffic just I'll answer whatever was there possible do I pick up any other context clear savin let's see well the 20 the blood is very fresh likely less than two or three hours old who or whatever was attacked to was almost certainly stabbed here and then dragged southwards and with that 20 I think your eyes are keen enough to tell that some of those bones look humanoid down south hmm so there's definitely some creature maybe well I say definitely it's very likely that there's a creature that is hunting people I will look up theirs is there evidence of any like webs or little creature housings when the ceiling make a perception check because we economy failing you can see the ceiling of the passageway here not of those big bulbs no you see no evidence of a creatures home here okay so how fast can I move is enza's keeping up his guard by keeping up my guard I mean can I inch along with the dodge action right I think that's fair yeah so Sansa will start inching alone trying to see if he can't see if anybody's hurt okay I suppose this is an incredibly leading question but it's worth asking are you making any attempt to be stealthy or are you just moving along ah I guess I should be stealthy because there's no there's really no reason I can't think of why not to be so at least make the attempt okay it's pretty good a sense so then this internal long dodge ready since I guess he's both hiding and keeping up as dark I won't like make it perception check so think you could do all that at once yeah you'll just be relying on your passive perception can I have air like right around on his head to be the actual perception if I have probably a little weight that those points end has already moved off okay yeah damn in the future we're going to put we're going to put a century on you while you sneaky dodge forwards so I'm in this room I see a bunch of bones do I see any creatures I don't know do you know I'm asking you that's usually an invitation or else that's an invitation to a rule or look at the board and tell me if you see any tokens because if not then you see no creatures I see no tokens so I will make a perception Tech his ends is Dream of Electric Sheep alright yeah you see nothing but your keen bunny ears you're fairly sure that you can hear like a very faint scraping sound from coming deeper and like something almost armored sounding moving against the stone well I mean those years of his to almost drag to the floor so they're better damn well be good details and I know to the world inch back and ask the party come closer some like motion with his hands next time in there for sure I don't know what but I hear the sounds of planing screening armors some kind of insect creature or oh please let no I hope it's not a goal almost some kind what do you what do you all think should we go forward and kill it I don't this anybody was alive they are still alive right now how fresh is this blood on the ground these blood stains you can never know in a couple hours old well unfortunately person in there is probably for whoever blood this is they're probably dead but it might be good to remove this creature there's no thing saying that it's going to stay down here in these caverns under the city we don't want this thing getting curious and wandering up play we'll wait are you going to put your zanza's head or is he just going forward your adviser be going forth motoring motive in a Spode voters in the sport that's how you get your familiar kill they're cheap to replace this you're a heartless monster I guess yeah yeah IRRI sees nothing other than these bones and very old dried blood okay edges she's she's starting to really see something all right she sees like the very edge of the silhouette of some large armored creatures multi-legged with great big tails looming over them they appeared to be trying to hide from seocnd they're going to eat us with details yep what did your spider ICC's okay big scary scorpion people that's what's up oh okay we move away from that that that seems like a good move like any giant scorpions or did you actually mean scorpion pee school school being people yes uh hmm and big and armored and scary-looking I look down at the blood and I look at the cavern she did not see anyone alive in there then on one hand they could be intelligent on the other hand they've already killed one person that's let's we can we can we can bookmark this to make the maps we'll have to ask the guard about this knowledge check on this Navy I'm sure scorpion person can know a nature check oh well let me tell you about my nature text oh boy no I'm not okay Oh let me tell you a nature checks yeah kinda specific fuck it's a double guess uh catenoid alright uh with a six-minute mean those thing you do exist on this world there's a wait oh god way we're underground very literally about to be told what it is yeah yeah you are familiar with the concept of scorpion people they're not generally from around here scorpion type humanoid s creditors are most likely from the southern more desert ii continent of the Sira so your information is fairly limited about them but they definitely are of the malicious flesh-eating variety of intelligence they are very happen one of that of those creatures get here there we are very far away from the land of these creatures come from either way you will need to kill it you will clear tree tunnels that don't that far well if you think about of his bus coming through wherever you disposed off unwanted things hmm maybe that's a it's a theory at the same time I mean this place itself is old they could have been here very long old while listen let's not find out bad news whatever happened here what you want to come back and deal with them later if it will I don't think we should leave these creatures to skulking around under the city true but that we this is something that can probably wait it's unlikely they'll do any yes outside of the city skulking and we've got limited resources as it is using up what we have left to fight scorpions but we aren't going to attend us right now I suppose we did come down here for a purpose to fill that purpose I suppose before we deal with anything extra there was another chimera into the lab pink Adventure is such hard task with so many creatures I need training I'm just going to take a little peek no Kay that's nothing it's just it's definitely just a little squiggly never mind there's nothing there it's a I thought I thought there was another path but it was just like you nothing then free huh how much do you know about dwarven buildings are they prone to traps and stuff that doors ajar there's a door remember this key no the door is ajar it's open a little bit tumbling kangaroo Jen's is going on knowledge check our history check we should terms of keeping his eye on the cave entry over here just in case Dunkirk 60 I was going to put a trap I put one right on so yeah it looks very trap friendly doors were once a vast sprawling species native to just about everywhere there holds especially ones these old tend to be full of three things riches elaborate Rube Goldberg style traps Japan perhaps worst of all monsters dwarven holds that were are dependent our prime monster nests because they're very very safe for the monster if the traps don't kill them because these things will stay around forever like there is no recorded history of a formidable just collapsing for no reason and perhaps more importantly dwarven ruins real scary so monsters don't get attacked here lots most adventures don't try to plunder these ruins because they're full of traps and monsters so a little bit of a hipper endless loop there but yeah monsters loved war in ruins I'm just gonna err on the side maybe maybe also your mom's side of Kerrigan yeah something happens as you're sitting there you know relating this information to the party scorpion no it's not the scorpions actually it's uh what just give me one second oh okay cool so here's what happens okay he just getting shopping out of her left into the wall and this little man is killed off slowly buddy oh gosh oh no no it's not gonna be that nice oh oh what the rope oh my god what so as you're sitting there laying information some tentacles to sort of like droop down from one of the the stalactites piling over the cavern and just pick freed up and oh boy my mid-sentence that just wait you're getting taken away or she just getting attacked just gone I'm going to need your makeover uh for I guess let's see strength saving throws or sorry called oh no it's these are grappling so it's athletics or acrobatics tricks to get out of them okay so I practiced Atticus cursed like that he needs four of them so on that second one I'll give you my inspiration if you need it okay that's uh almost like when I got a vibration I can burn on a furnace and then take a second I will need it to pay them yes so yeah you need to beat a nine and then the 24th and a twelve and a 17 I'll get I will win inspiration on the 17th okay 12 on a nine doesn't it these aren't oh sorry yeah you're right so it's just a 24-17 the step block is very poorly explained to me but I think I get it it's actually dramatized well then it grapples a menu okay it's on that particular item so I put my expiration with us on hopeful on that sweaty okay well okay actually if these are attack rolls it has advantage because you're unaware of it so I thought these were grabber rules but they're not they aren't they are decals oh okay so they're all actually rather fierce yeah okay I said the sex dance-off is a very poorly explained step lock I'm not entirely handsome but I would love to take a look at it but I will have to wait people went on never today I have run up in four girls yes for for acrobatic sticks all right yeah I'm good and numero dos all right the second one will grab you pretty much no matter what wait inspiration its friction now animation doesn't magically add Daesan oh yeah okay so Freda yeah the tentacles come down you manage to duck out of the way almost accidentally from the first one and then you have three just grab in slurp you up uh yeah you get hold a 25 feet up into the air and then the rover will munch on you Wow you know it's awesome which is good because fuck off that my hair otherwise that was just a dead freedom Frank luck ladies I'm just trying to insta-kill the partying that's what happens on a critical hit I mean 29 oh my god it rolled amazing as well huge look at that chance eight oh my god that was horrifying thank fuck that was a creek rail Daniel shit right that was just a dead Frida and nothing done about it so are we rolling initiative Mouse I suppose so because yeah Frida just got knobs and arms on walking out of here Iko period and car sorts going to get the furniture oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god fuck we need this is going to be the highest without the initiative with in with n11 no Danza with a 14 oh my god is the one expected I can't just okay okay high def my life zone is this it I know something up initiative is on the fifth birthday of the district or correct yeah yeah I get jack of all trades from that yeah I suppose you do which is cool which is like the plus two on it yeah okay that's for a plus one right now oh yeah yes I guess I feel bad cuz oh it's so hot cut-off football guarding all right miss Glenn you are the first person to realize anyway free was sustaining their second ago now she's not okay yeah I just think gote oh I'll call out to everyone that apparently we have mobsters up above us refer you prank how high up above us are they they are well yeah the ropers starts at 25 feet up and goes another 10 feet up from there I think Frida is at least 25 feet up in the air correct Frida is 25 feet up okay you can fly right yeah I mean I could attack the thing I could also try flying up there and chopping the because she's dead going from the ropes wretches that actually add in the mouth of a beg correct it did indeed not eat her alive so it's just how long his tendrils could try chopping the head but then she'd fall well I mean oh I don't have the strength to carry her down myself so sub one you squishy get on to her I guess look man oh there's a guy mom waiting rather taking 2e6 of falling damages a lot better than 48 worth light damage if only I were going before a Roper I can literally just pull freighter out for free with lightning admittedly will do lightening your damage but that's it she could just choose to fail the strength stable on purpose and get yanked well I definitely can't carry her but I might be able to slow her descent at least so I guess I will fly up to be next to Frida and I guess put an arm around her and I guess try to discourage the creature I'm guessing it's all fire well I don't do fire but yeah couple of best not to use my holy symbol as am there's a weapon because it does not do a crucial damage just with not chop through so sacred slave are you firing the Roper itself or one of the store the tentacle can i target the tentacle by itself you can actually okay yeah sure all right let's see I suppose w0 protective doc you sure are you sure it does I mean yeah I didn't want to hear Oldham 90 employed it is that fast all day he goes no Yeah right that's all I got you all right uh Frieda the DC is 15 on an acrobatic trick to escape Oh rotation okay good diner that's if this works come on I don't lose not goat oh thank god your desperation because holy shit oh she's not won in that twenty all right you take 12 points of falling damage though as you plummet to the ground saver you just want to stay I can't help the dice rolls I really can't be I guess I smell all of it by messaging ah sure miss Glen Glen making an acrobatic stick to try and catch Frida and have the falling damage DC 15 groups butterfingers I was made it I'm sorry what was it I already had my arm around her to begin with I make is make a strength to try and actually keep hold of her because I'm not trying to suspend her or anything I'm just right that's what I mean well that that'll have the falling damage well boy here we go hey you did it aw look at you but there's noodley arms of legend free durable alright yeah you only take six points of falling damage okay oh no what if I don't eat that off what is the temporary nip points from again the cup of friendship all right I mean I definitely got a name that it's a wine channel so I prefer that the name cup of friendship I see guess what ouch oh yeah I guess Freda you could move if you want which might be wise yeah I like that I know that seagull do do it turn I'm just gonna fucking move up and ready an action to cut off any tentacles but kind of come at me or my bros okay well that is a good rated action because indeed some tendrils are going to come for you on your bros specifically of the three of you who are adjacent to it quote-unquote so tentacle alright you hit the tentacle and almost chop it off so let me give you go make an optimum fortunate course that Connie genitals doesn't have accuracy yes I'll think it's your hat how big is my hat speaker XO counterclockwise I think at Krisha when I put why do you wear a silk and Miss cologne reasons so it'll miss miss one but mercy and see you are both grabbed EEP no no I can't do anything about murder skills of the camera Bob see it's great it's an ACC check in this game I know the ropers grab is specifically or Oprah I want to I want to see this finger that walk I mean very cuz it makes us is a misleading oh yeah did Missy yeah does now I just want to mention that it's Pathfinder Wolf's can trip you want a bite attack so can Bulls and Bradley yeah they started to make a CMB check after they did you go I mean this isn't feeling damage to you though this is just trying to get you then has to actually attack you the damage you can it get to so it's more like it's making a gravel check yes this is the equivalent of it making a gravel check so if anything because you can use your AC it's better than that like it's way worse I'm a barbarian and for some reason I'm grappled obscenely easy become a HD as well risk because you like to get glorious mano-a-mano call that so you're like yeah no grappling sway and stuff again wearing plate armor so I'm wager to grab onto apparently okay no it's happy yeah I mean this thing all it has to is pull you up so yeah we're plate armor would actually be an advantage anyway it grabs Marisol so it's going to them by dial this thing really likes code nom Oh wrong targets all rights not wow like hitting Guinea grapple invite up the safe camp it has many attacks fucking I'm going to keep this heading like shit technology and you have left mercy Brazil and it has hot-wired warm that tent let's go wait I have fought to keep ah yes it is it's just what I'm going on with round one again twenty four to eight this one does a seventeen controller class at oh there we go um no it does not okay so you are able to dodge the last grapple attempt attack thing okay nice that is a shit ton of easy yes that's true nearly here's here's the problem if I cut mercele freak she's gonna take fall damage how he'll be on the conscious but you know what that's probably better than you taking another bite attack so we landed on a free bus that's what will happen to you moved oh wait you mean you'll catch her okay if you can well in any case zanza is going to spend a key point for step of the wind which will increase which will double is a jump distance so he goes from six jump to 12 feet and who is the tallest party member who's currently on the ground Krisha only Sieg is the top is taller than me I'm like just a shy hair shorter okay so moving 30 feet are napping so so the sounds are going to jump on top of them see and then launch themself from that and attack the rover Jennifer okay so you get twelve feet plus six ish feet is 18 the Roper is 25 feet in the air so you're missing two feet okay no I'm jumping off of I'm jumping off the seat and I have my glaze okay perfect yeah that works exactly right okay yeah so I like a reaction to push him higher I mean do you want to because then well I guess now I don't need to yeah because I'll say them quickly doesn't it the tentacle the good question are you're going after the tentacle so no 13 will not that damn it and it's too late to spend inspiration isn't it it is also the narration will not fit so like what oh the inspiration one is not it how did its version work as an advantage or another it is advantage Oh so in this case if you had spent inspiration would have 18 so the 13 and that's the wound of hit grip oh my god I'm gonna catch mate is a Swanson's catch mate Krisha wait wait I'm gonna land back because I don't want to get grappled from this as well those ends it will definitely like move back because I mean if I miss and I'm in the air I just follows in I can run away attacks of opportunity that's right well not I was gonna point that out then I looked at this things region was like I told you are still well within its reach Darion wow that is a lot of reach it gets a rope it sits on ceilings oh let me see what - other windows again I might be able to hide out I'm probably still gonna get awkward but uh you know what one attack is better than two so I'll probably just to risk it alright this intelligent I don't remember I don't know how they all right I'm gonna would that be nature Arcana on nature yeah if I'm if I move to here and I'm familiar but I still in its attack range yep what about here yeah jesus fucking christ cuz I kind of want to just fuckin wing it and be like hideous laughter you might need to it needs to be able to understand me oh that's the issue if you have something called like robbing everything a lot of I think that's a good thing that's just me magic missile shield protection even goods like I don't know if it's technically evil or not it is laughter misty Stefan magic weapon if I'm right here if it can it still hit me Xander quick quick fishin I'm trying to make sure that I know in you move where you want to move and then if you get off it'll tell you when that happens okay I'm just going to keep right here because I think moving any further away just puts me at a detriment alright um God do I just try and fucking yank mercy free I think I'm gonna you can just choose to fail strength saves right yes we all remember in a position to do it also my strengths days are unbelievably bad so alright so if I place myself correctly which is actually like here I can pull her closer but not close enough to injure her with the spell you're still going to take some falling damage but I might be able to drop you on Frida okay like a star Theo what we're going gelato 15 she's 25 see in the air because the problem back hmm no my man wait 25 in the air 6 18 19 I might be able to still actually just jump and do that but then I would have to be under her and she'd forms of damage range I can't do this without really badly hurting you so I can't do it instead use magic missiles but never miss against that tendril that's holding her okay I mean that was pretty good idea I get the reloads ah and yes I still another bolt so alright Freda you can make an acrobatic trick to try and catch her Nathalie I will start flapping my arms really hard all right so and I'm nitrobacter site yeah uh so yeah Mercer you plop on the ground that takes three point I gathered I don't got her all right I'm going to tell Sarah up there like it like this mother where she is to give Morel advantage she's going to be on the ceiling right next to the road but I'm distracting how high up is this back place 25 feet at least it is not it oh it way this thing's like stuck to the ceiling yeah yeah it'll you know the wrong go mom you cocky son of a bitch got advantage I'm gonna spend I'm going to I got advantage yep oh okay and on the ground I'm just going to grab my staff and then turn around and turn and point it up at the creature and fuck off Oh actually have to wait I actually had to wait why didn't that do anything fucking fine I'll do with myself get the spell instead of the attack oh yeah so I got advantage on this okay I won't do that again let's try that again 22 for that is Evan teen lightning damage nasty alright the roofer makes a gurgling sound and recoils flailing all of its tentacles someone protect me a little god please move you can still move like I don't fate if she does you're right it's no place you moves too far then she'll be out of the which bolts constant lightning blast ring oh my god this one someone she over me I also can't take another bite or anything like that I'm so so wounded I need you guys to survive one worse free of attacks and maybe I can get everybody out maybe well I think that I'm probably too frail to drag Marcel away so I'm just going to do more sacred flame on the creature okay boy that is your great flame is feeling not very cynically right now okay well at least felt safe so Kate is uh sacredly sunburned now actually yeah okay that is how it goes no back where the hell all right yeah she does damage does not Frida Hasek potion that she will get and I feed to Marisa okay oh wow that's nice yeah I'm aa 2 d 4 plus 2 is a base version is emerged 34 plus 40 is a question that's only 42 then it's about average all right six it points to mercy oh well thank drag what have you got any heroisms no I'm literally a lot of stuff you've I don't get checked back my short rest so I'm not dragging I gotta live it oh my lightning notes hey Muthu file doesn't like it the light doesn't matter you have to really drag me like pretty far if her to get out but it's 2500 I think I'm fairly within range still yeah alright see you I am still on the ground ready toffee shop alright well her again go ahead and make the choppa yeah I was going to ask feeling a polish in there's an actual floor upon us it is a mansion yes thank you all right you have chopped off another of the ropers tentacles it has only a couple left namely for excellent this girl has before yes but you reduce its offensive ability by like a third so did it take you three to pop one tentacle uh no you pop two tentacles so far cool uh between you and Finn all right so I did two bolts into one and then one into another Michael finished okay cool I might be able to fuckin take out some more than when the time comes so yeah the work we're going to use its remaining attacks go on the seat then or she'll miss fleeta hit and then lift one miss oh my god Oh Clint I'm gonna get fuckin head butted to death all right so si si you are grabs let me make a little bridge bristle is not free that is myth one is not so eenie meenie miney mo it will nibble on seeing me bro I'm gonna say that it's not supposed to say that it comes directly all over your face ah really nothing to you because I've seen a lot of just a lot it's a lot that's a lot of things to you okay fine I'm fine if you can take out mo tentacles I can break more as well and uh just I need you to be a flurry of self righteous tendril to preserve this thing can drop a tentacle 30 feet grab you pull it up and bite you all in one turn let's see it's a Roper yes it well correction it's on actually hold on you're right Frieda is actually slightly below you still because she was a little bit more than 25 feet so she's only 20 feet mayor so Robert well to be new nigga no be confused with the groper is a completely different animal okay so I just want to point out be getting 18 was a pretty good role in that spills and hit I didn't even add a team so I'm worried about trying to attack this thing because I don't have highest but you have hours okay so okay so how many pinnacles does it have left you can move for me all right I can destroy probably one blood see if I can roll like a boss I'm going to I mean there's you don't get don't lose anything by trying I'll give you inspiration fuck the main problem is I can't really jump that high and it gives you shit I'll give you I'll give you inspiration you can just shoot your bow and add key damage to if you need to enjoy wanna I spend it alright might as well try to make me swim down spin the key and shoot the bow so first will be longbow shot actually Jenny's inspirational something register I've just saw just given inspiration yeah I'm trying to see if there's any way I can make multiple attacks because the real problem is I can't shilpa enough to use my fists you cannot make multiple texts yet next time just hang on to my ankle so you can stab it well in truth here biggest 25 feet in the air pre does 20 I could jump 20 feet possibly and still make an attack and then be able to use my Glade to attack the one that see calves so how tall is Muriel I'm on the ground Thank You six and she's six foot two oh you're just lying down there how high in the air is a Macmillan she's not going to be a support for you to do any leaping things she's a fairy covered in play on um I basically dragged I was dragged by free that down to minimize the whatsit so when I backed away I'm probably like five feet above the ground so free they're like four feet at best can jump off over four six ten education I was gonna jump off me when I'm going to see some deer oh yeah that's right you're sorry okay I just need to shoot it yeah so some combos longbow shot with inspiration 21 for seven piercing to 23% at 22 for seven on one of the tentacles and I'm willing to that as the tentacle that is holding turbid seek I can probably pop the Frieda one all right you know what go for the free one because my best seat wants to just like a chocolate face all open not terrific kid you can spend a key point on Unipro shots if you want to do the extra key damage which you might want to some pretty sure it's 10 helper that doesn't work that way I can your nose I can use my bonus action for pommel right without extra damage that's our enemy yes oh yeah you should do that do I need to go if you want to destroy that son of a you do okay then yeah an effort for one damage does not help ah all right that's fine it's fine I can still get that one okay so Xander takes his shot and injures but does not destroy the tentacle creature okay fuck dry actually Spanish to pop the tentacle that vans were sitting you hop the tentacles endles attacking and then how another one so sweet and here is going to give advantage to seek on her attack against this thing it's good because this is probably my last attack I've ever done yet very well could be okay Mary well I mean I've connected to the creature so I can just come blaster lightning fuck yeah so fucking full - motherfucker eat lightning for lightning oh you have another move but right I was like if you can still do things on top of the full minutes and no axe I can move I it says can't cast a spell I have to maintain the lightning or not if I try to cast on their spell I will have to drop the lightning it is my action to maintain it which is at what which is to d12 so I want to maintain that that's yeah they're kidding it's a really chain it's really a shame if that was natural I know yeah I'll go up me thank you very section I [Music] have to note I don't think I have any but no I don't think I have any bonus action it would be amazing if we can glue a flaming spear to the ceiling I just run away from that just threw a flaming spear up there sprint I mean yes miss 1q um well I'll fly up how high up is 625 mm-hmm okay so fly up to six level H you can't do too exact anyway so I will pass off a healing potion to see which is my last healing potion and I will use this which I forgot that I had I will channel divinity and touch the creature for path of something rather - path to the grave so I will take a portion of its will to live away from it and let it bask in the warm comfort the death could ring so whatever damaged the creature itself next does double damage okay brutal Frida they'll also Scout you pop the tentacle holding Frida right yes I don't you are giving that not word again by giving her the potion to Mauricio I activate my trap card I mean in my philanthropist okay cool give yourself inspiration yeah and with that I pass that inspiration to speed okay it's already got advantage on this attack from with the air and I know it does ah I'm such a good thing I mean I mean having the inspiration probably help for like the acrobatics safe to not break his neck on the ground yeah okay so Frida unmarked inspiration seek mark inspiration and then you can use it that will oh did you roll back healing person you've had to seek uh she did not feed it to seek she just gave it to see yeah I wasn't sure if stake was going to heal or attack the creature but I figured effect better 10 F okay well I guess then I would pass the potion to seek because he might need it when she falls and drops down to zero no anything else freedom I am fucking slow so I have absolutely nothing as you can take the person that I'm carrying and do more seating the next time you'd like alternative Republicans will be able to feed all judges you can totally have it I can't hear anything or two people popping up I thought sure nice even want to salsa yeah you probably don't want to spend the action because they said the dodge action is a good idea but you can come take a potion off me I've still got a healing potions just so you can use my extent on someone I but I can do it can I get some action to take oh sure to access somebody else is in the door yet would probably be an action done okay that's it is if you're ever in combat and they're like I don't have anything I can do dodge like there's no reason to David yes oh yeah that's true okay I guess I could do that all right uh I cast blade for to myself okay could have and then yes Murcia you can I don't think you can take any other action when you're maintaining that which bolt I mean I think I don't know if I mean what kind of stuff yeah you're doing force lightning obviously I'm in for can't do anything let's got that going on a reckless attack on an armory yeah absolutely oh I already have advantage on my attack so yes there's nothing about it you're not being able to dodge it just means that it requires your at your maintain and should preclude casting spells or doing any attacks so you could dodge like Al or you motivate lovely spot like a stick up I'm just like stabbing my sword into its mouth alright our than 18 controlling as shitty as possible yeah that missus fucking boy out of it makes a stationary five it's not that it won't pop misses again this is one of those DD things so much as you hit it and its exterior bodies just like made a rock so you try and find a good point but it's not letting you get near its mouth it keeps wiggling its tentacles in the way so your sword just bounces off of it alright well if I'm not dead next turn quit successfully is well uh yes the ropers term so it has one two three it has two and a half tentacle left so one of which is holding seeds so it will make two chemical attacks one against edge I'm asking Pro it does not want to come at you wants to go after edge OOP there we go that's hit and then one against see it hasn't taken a bike out of zanza or crush it yet so it will go after both of them OOP I suck free out and hit so all three of you yeah you get dragged up into the right we're getting hit if I spend shield okay you can drag me all the way to its effect range within 25 feet uh it will drag you halfway there so you're on the ground still but you're right here effectively and then you know Kris just under spawn to look at that I hope it Elise have stood is dragging up to its moment amount of those however since it can't pull anyone else into its mouth it will just bite see I'm not so good how does it not yes I guess I was too late for that I have a thing oh yeah the thing you know that shield I what I wasn't sure for required to attack roller if it's automatic damage but if it's at a checker all I can use the shield to force it to target me instead oh yeah that's fine well it has to be able to attack you as the thing yeah I literally touched it last turn oh so you're up in his face hole yeah okay so you want to just like while you're being carried up there you fly for the space okay it's not being carried anywhere I'm right next to it just wrapped a tentacle around my waist okay goes to fight see a guy throw the shield up and it bites me instead probably fine sit I think that is a hit for 22 so make sure take off your time two points first a touch etc and yes you save seed from getting quite naturally bitten and zanza now you are a fan of it at least here now in its face that knows yes dances on the ground but but yeah I don't rope you can climb to get up there now I go I have a 10 o'clock I'm with it because oh I'm the reverse wait wait wait wait I'm I grappled by the tentacle you are baffled by the tentacle okay now as a monk can I still punch the cynical absolutely I might need the flurry of blows this okay hmm it's probably forgive looks little cynical for short or at least attempt to because I need to roll like on fire we just need to break two and a half my arms and we die limping with lightning clearly long yeah I know I can give you my inspiration if you want i'ma spin inspiration on my first attack if anybody wants to give me inspiration for the second because I don't think I can workshop her I'll give it to you I'll give you our neck brace I've already so I'm spending flurry of blows first two attacks have inspiration silver step you're attacking the tentacle not the rubber I'm attacking the pinnacle okay go for that this fist alright you destroy the tentacle with the first two heads okay so you still have an attack and can make if you want to do something else um get to it or get to another kind of goal yeah I have to have to try to jump up them right now I don't have uh how I was on the ground so that means they're still 20 feet in the air I would have to jump 15 feet I can I make an acrobatics check to try so fast how about using this matching oh yeah I can also just do that cuz I can move fast as fuck but I'll only take spatulas yeah people had said it in the games chat but I wanted to see how long it would take this help notice because I hadn't thought of it at the same time so like it would be kind of you'd be like by the way do this thing but enough for a fucking song what's the rules for clowning I think that's the main reason you move at half speed when you climb fuck that I can move up 25 feet for sure yeah exactly exactly so yeah climb up the dome statue and then jump off and try to attack the pentacle that is surrounding seed prayer spot life is a clear need to jump off you have a reach oh I have to do with my fist okay project yeah I'm punched the pinnacle that bit heavy but you rolled up there Kings a mess Oh against the tentacle actually I think it also has a very high OC yeah so you miss you punch the tentacle but do no discernible damage to it and crush up some the question you don't know he shouldn't own on you I'll blast some things message there so we can work is that the loss of the tentacles uh you can destroy the injured tentacle which I assume has seen uh I don't think so seek specifically wasn't attacking the tentacle holding or right you were taking the Roper yeah I'm going for the body right so no that's not it just has one it so it's down to the one tentacle and that's the one holding sea correct so well that's something so that kind of hole has eight hit points left hook all right arrow will once again give advantage to seek because there's going to do at least one more swing of this fuck by the way if you cut if you can anyone can cut that last rope then we can just stand there and watch it fry all the reserves light weight variable damage to it as the first time you deal damage to the creature itself should deal double damage so Marissa the other ones doing damage right now so the forest light things going to do 2d twelve times - oh wow really yeah fucking shit so we're all that Dell twelve I was still aim at the cynical herself can't aim it anywhere she's locked on it's literally adverse force lightning Oh can't do anything you're just sitting there as young as Rosa yeah ah pretty much upon further introspection I have to boost that I could for if I were to be a smartypants Gaudi I could cast my flaming sphere and then the next turn do my which vault because the flaming spear attack is at a bonus action except it's something there and the flaming spear obeys the law of gravity so no flaming spear just which ball I mean also they're both concentrate pencils oh yeah also that right there right I'm gonna do this big damage what we need to split personality for they're quite easy that's a very nice set yeah you evaporate a significant portion of this things out or hide it screeches attentative drool a little bit it's fine all right miss one and okay well we have a tentacle the tentacle is injured or on enjoyed it is slightly injured okay yeah sure whatever that's unfortunate all right let's see if it will make it save it does mm-hmm fucker ouch and then I guess I will chug the healing potion because I'm a danger being bitten Ted that is an action - gasps - camera oh yeah that's right not about a sex to use motions here well then I'm done okie dokie and Frieda Napoli think I'll go it's missing something I go wow I literally got nothing I thought I'd actually have fun so I will show you more okay see man works American friend doesn't matter but we just can't act on it just sad Vantage for days so much many people develop each degree subtend ice rolls are alright so see it's it Mifflin just to save me a dice well you're going to do the attack me thing if it goes receipt okay I do that more than once I thought that wants a fair long rest visit my look aunty oh good very well goody did you do a whenever a creature attacks and nope that's not well well okay sure why not have higher I see you might we roll up Ted or something cool it will try and live one you then please don't die that's my mom oh my fucking wall Halstead lied 12 hit points remaining so I'm pretty sure that's enough overkill to get chopped no oh my job fucking hot fire roll with good to 75 75 it's the same thing that happened the last time it could have crit last time it's just so yeah what's your maximum hit points 24 yeah that that's overkill miss Glenn gets her head bitten off god fucking damn it and you have a little fairies of course I can't see you a king of planks disappears into the things gullet block oh oh my god no no no no I need to kill this thing now alright alright alright so that is going to vault off the thing again any genius and clinically needs to kill so that is going to be glass key point clariel blows please do not roll hot garbage so Ava tack does the glaive attack hit the tentacle it does all right destroy clinical due to head ooh I hit the tentacle that does I kill it yeah the store the tentacle SEIG false the ground how much damage do I take nine come on come right and then I will spend my other two attacks hitting the body or at least attempting to hit the body so um bump I should giving you my inspiration missing this and Alex I used all my movement even both up in a tactical thing anyways so I hope those are the last of its tentacles those were those are the last food senticles so it is now a tentacle lifts cube ring ball attached to the ceiling crusher who are you doing see ya yep sorry Vanessa don't my mu back on again and yeah question it seeks now alright see you have seven points whistle oh we can just watch this thing stuff for now yeah I mean that's all gonna happen now it's caught no more tentacles I can't move I can't attack I can't escape I can't move what oh I just assumed I just assumed a rope or can't actually move because it's directly underneath it so that it can't break away from you I would hope we can't move I will get up and I will just stock under it because I can't tentacle me anymore and I'm just going to keep pointing my staff at it focused entirely on it as and just fry it hopefully it doesn't throw up another penny or something like that I don't know what damage you can do it is badly hurt free time I try to take away probably good wing guy that's a good guy right right thank college and gave them here down to it right yeah I guess he is conscious well no no I oh yes he has a potion on her person yeah iPod pulling an item out of somebody else's inventory is going to be an action and you're done with that sure okay okay you have the potion in hand now see no no I got that power ah well my main got taken and used right I know it has not been used Frieda's just holding it all right I'm going to move back under it and ready in actions I attack anything would you be so kind as to do something for me and that is to pull me away I like okay I'll do that instead I'll drag force lightning girl later yeah yeah now let's see ah I'm still ready in action if I can see five ten fifteen twenty five yeah I'll get just barely okay so you ready an action you're ready to action goes off as this thing get that lets go of its perch and just falls to the ground plop so I still have advantage uh technically yeah I mean yes look you come alright it gets it from shop damsel mechanic mechanic in it I'm gonna try alright so I will get that will give you my inspiration then fulfill operating under the assumption that there might be a chance that Mifflin is still alive inside the body because like how did he how did she die did she just get gobbled up or not head when I had not been watered on the ground next to us yeah so even worse then uh yeah definitely one that a presenter kind of just like gills into shock you definitely going to put and trying to kill this bingo oh it should have been me Lane attack I think that's a miss yeah that's miss holy fucking shit and then fist attack oh yes Krisha who's gonna give me advantage okay and then I'll swing at this motherfucker I'm just going to burn no no just yeah twenty it's a good thing you had inspiration yeah that's it and I'm going to have mister step repairs if you swing Texas women fucking step away reading an action is an axe I was still in action itself gala fuck then I might just miss this definitely again they can all be me counter not icky misty said okay yeah I mean like if I didn't miss except to Qaddafi yeah yes you walked away from it alright cool just do step hi Mary force lightning it on a step take step back which I completely Becker another ten lightning alright oh god it's act is dead that is exactly enough to kill the creature so there is a horrible shriek that echoes throughout the caverns and then the rover just slumps to the ground in a pool of its own occur then the cat hops over to mislead the body desperately trying to see it's true that this one is dead yeah oh I know I think I know what that is going to be x in the wind yeah that that's it oh no yeah it's good yeah it's s it was literally that that moment when shit got real in that fucking show God was good to me it was an amazing show as well like her leash at Corvis yeah that is definitely going to start slowly crying over miss ones body I hope this thing's bit it bury dead sig is going to start hacking actually for the Wenzel cry for a little bit pick up and then raised his eyes ears perking and he's just going to be like we have to go yeah we come here we come stay here I mean I care what the soft ones but moving away from here lately zanza definitely going to take the body there any was a heads like annulled or mashed up or anything but see just chopped into pieces yeah oh you mean this one's head yeah uh probably not stands is going to try to go through the rank and a quarter treating this one's head Oh the idea here because I'll tell you now before I would ask that this one was a like a death berry or the death was it or something so maybe there's a way that she's not dead as far as and uh and things work that is what census yes as well like she would want to come come back from the dead that's like literally the epitome of the not what she stands for yeah oh yeah whose ends being told this will realize that if his friend is dead also coming back from the dead apparently a lot of shit up why this one time my great-great grandfather / mother got brought back from the dead and only had like half of her soul was really weird and made her super sick I wouldn't recommend bringing people back well alright being told this centralized lost cause gonna burn the last key point of the day and we are in he is like dashing ki dashing and he's going to try to drag everybody out to the exit well you don't have to know you can't just drag everybody work I don't know and you don't need help doing it we're going to leave we're not yet ready there I'm making sure we're leaving you don't go on having yeah that's stupid I mean we're at only key point stood whatever the point is that we're leaving yes everywhere oh god I pick up the shield um I mean we're taking missile and back you just you're like a soft sobbing from the shield now wait and she'll have a power to absorb medical food tonight ooh so that's that's the power that Miss Quinn used for it before she died the rods aggro ahead and yet his other power stabilizes you if you're dying but not if you just straight up cut yeah a few get get and which should have been me I mean that would have killed you too but you know yes has been me it was a 50-50 chance I'm going up pat the shield well never talk later mostly alright so the party is going to return to the surface world yes yeah so several hours after they entered the catacombs the party returns and as if nothing had ever happened the part the town is still in the throes of its Halloween party there's still people making merry in the streets the arena is in full swing midnight and Halloween yeah I realized every love star cleric of the ground that's that's luck for you alright we need to bury miss Lee this is going to be really really dick when stuff was mechelen carrying does anybody know proper way to bury a death scott i'm death lizard clerics lacunar fucking wizard but you know how to bury clerk then yeah yeah um I was going to say seek should say some words for her but she's indisposed see he's doing the old snoring facedown method of somehow making all her wounds clawed up and heal you the anime what method of I just need a good night rest yeah so I guess the party goes out of town and buries miss Qin in the fields outside or do you want to go to the church or the church hair is that five one yes now work I guess we'll make a nice place for out here in the field today her house kamischka me sneak just like onto the crest of the wall to fold and make a cancer huh under the one like you see that there's like falling water and stuff around yeah like oh I see yeah yeah you could bury her out there yeah make a nice little spot for prepare again okay can i the arm with a least able to get miss ones mask i want to put that on the tombstone no you don't take it off yeah no none of us ever knew her face you can't take you can't unmask the dead here that's not how that works instead did she have a holy symbol and it'd be the thing to put that okay fair enough I thought our mask was our holy symbol is it I don't know did you carry stuff okay all right okay well place the sickle day and let's see here oh then cost hideous laughter at night all right so the party berries with one out beside the waterfall placing the holy symbol of the sickle on her tombstone such as it is next to the Hannah I suppose someone takes the magic shield and I'm be holding on to the shields up but now she also had I guess trinkets an armor if you care to divest for that but don't really want table of armor and stuff on but what equipment did she carry in case there was anything relevant in their edge would you be okay with me making this woman's character sheet public so the party can not get around that sounds so crude it does but I mean it is we should signal yeah put it in yeah we can be secret I'm in that but you should be able to now oh no how long Bria but I thought I'd pick on you now now try yes yeah okay look thanks yes fuck yeah so I guess the question is edge do you want to power rule a new character right now for the party heads in or if you want to take some time to work on it and the rest of the party can continue adventuring if you want to give me a new character shade I'll start um putting something together don't have a pre-generated thing on hand or anything close John yeah how much funny voltages you make in the animal thanks I should be on the sheet okay there is a mental handout trash-talks back that that was just adding Mifflin's proper to the party Luke's I couldn't do quick laps in my head so at this point I assume the party is taking a down time period to level out for no new character than be level three or at work little three tiers up at every odd-numbered level so alright so you have trees silvering oil rooms I mean I assume the parties actually does the party want to take a week to down time and level up cuz yeah yeah there's literally no point going back or doing I'm only doing that well I mean I still need a good sucking into that goddamn place yeah so so it will drive me insane you have the sword pressuring you and also there is another adventuring party that is already in there so they already likely lost one member and then who knows if that Singh 8.10 ate another one of them too to address little feedback I need to regarding time crunches I will say that crush' is under a time limit for part of this quest like not the sword killing you thing because you can just under tuned to the sword and stop having that be an issue but like there's other stuff that is timed because of that other party popular for it I need to the battle graphic event yeah if we can do a long rest I'll have the era way out the night and if someone leaves that thing and she'll case them for me I mean shit I don't want to be the dick but is this really worth it for magical sword you might lose somebody else it's not just the magical sword there's the other party that is down there I mean it's a worship trouble I mean if we need to save elebrate we're already here yes yeah we're gonna we're gonna go back I mean also like just fuckin I don't want to do lost the character must then be like and we're now going back because I would like to that annoyed over Lucas I have we can't go back after a little because diamonds did fuck alright and you can go back it's just the things will have progressed without you yeah exactly really I'm trying very hard to avoid yeah yeah yeah so incidentally yeah the Wraith on the rover we're the same CR and and we lost a player while fighting it yeah hmm I mean fuck it shit trying to think here cuz I really stopped being a walk-on what we're going to walk is in fact like I'm trying to find the right cuz I mean if it's something that my sword wads can't the sort racket even if the party takes it assuming that it's something and I but I don't there's nothing out there yeah I want to go back down there and say all right we can't grab a couple of approaches yeah from the morning you can go to Hofstra and create him some gold on silver for a couple of Gillian potions sure can I surprise for that it is 50 silver pop fifty each ah-ha I'll take six that is actually a lot he might not have that many in stock roll me a d20 he only has four in stock but you can get all of those yeah asking likes guys back up and he's going to have to basically start spending all his time making more healing potions for what but if there's my question is that all the different types of money or is that like scaling I mean is that like 80 that's a lot of copper yeah that like copper goes into gold or is that copper angle that's 876 pieces of copper and 61 silver and six gold okay one snake just thought of that right so six gold and 67 silver each damn it etcetera apparently all of these coins at meals are carrying capacity now it's very possible uh if you guys want to go to a money changer you can get that sorted out pretty easily yep so what we lose about 10% ah now the city likes you guys let's say five copper turned into gold like twelve gold we have more gold right now that and we had in life-saving t2 for the longest fucking time you guys have spending all of your money on stuff like shells and also stuff selling after all those horribly expensive yeah I'm gonna change it into gold take off the 12% so it's just some tents over per gold time copper freeze over right correct standard D&D break down these are expired for some trading rate stuff okay so once the party has divided their wealth and slept off the experience of the night previous are you heading straight back in once you have your potions and coins sort it out shit I guess we're heading straight back in right here we are okay um I've even nut ups and also you would like to take two Hurley waters so I can carry go enjoy it I do spend your hit die someone not for the night you get any we're missing back in the morning which you can then spend that's not all some of that oh yeah so free to go ahead and roll that and we'll see ya so plus three everyday kind of cap all right hit die so eight seven fourteen I'm gonna have a chat with that shield overnight I think okay that makes sense okay and Carrie I don't blame me for what happened that's why just Oh blows moving sorry okay great yeah the shield is sniffle but see I know there was nothing I could do but I know I draw that drew that killing blow to her oh it was horrible it's I hate having another owner die on me I assumed considering kill skill set this wouldn't be the first time no I long shot well you okay traveling with me for a while I can't promise I'll be using you Austin but I until I find a proper wielder better than being left hanging on a wall Oh slinger my back because I told us that out for now okay and yeah at this point see is the only person proficient in shield use so unless yeah I will becomes profession and at my next level up you will actually play uh any reason you're not going to use the shield I'm not proficient yeah no no um those great sort oh yeah they onto the dances everything this is the greater all right so come 9 o'clock ish in the morning the party returns to the seat of or the scene of myth clubs death the night previous city or see anyone come out overnight no no one came or left except for the Scorpion murals which she will court seeing the pair of them scuttling around out here they took the rover's body and just dragged it off to presumably eat it okay all right I'll give her a little ride and I rest on to my Hagin I say I want to take a point I think it's smart receipt take point see causal of seeks get flat powers ready the other if I go down before I can activate them it doesn't help me much all right out the you know I'll take ownership of this moment and guess what all right although I can't be wielding the shield actively am I able to still be attuned to its theme of other good question when you get into magic out of the box you can be attuned to up to three magic items okay oh and see having her around to stabilize me regardless would be likely very useful yes there is no petula requirement so all right well they equate a Sun stone I guess I'm going to keep my eyes to the seal on the ceiling this time just to make sure nothing else drops on top of our heads oh it's more yeah yeah oh my gosh that my perception of ass but I know what a Roper looks like now this point there's no reason why not settle up and Juran yeah yeah yeah Sauron all right terenia the same way as I said like the stay is if it's I will you know I'll take point in stats because I've also got relatively possible don't fucking die powers okay all right first of all I'm going to piss caption for tricky traps okay we're peeping out my hat fact you desert no traps and mild sneaky feats 21 chimera once again you're familiar can't really help you peace sneaky but yeah you can the door is not open wide enough for you to move through really but I like sky don't open any what any wider than I have to speak past it if I have to all right well you're a now if your slender enough but see and worse you'll probably won't be able to right assuming that nothing like fucking jumps out and meta shits me and then I left the door and played on three that's one hell of a speech and I approve get yourself some inspiration see but can I get Heather her inspiration back if you already have inspiration you can pass the long and yeah this is where I would have had you guys making strength just open the door which is when the Roper would have ambushed you if you have been just sitting under it so you open the door eventually and push your way inside fuck that first try nice yeah those meditate you see a yeah bunch of mushrooms are growing in cracks along this old stone floor here what the fuck kind of mushrooms are they alright let's see these particular mushrooms Mary alright these mushrooms are of a fairly rare breed but they are native to this part of the world they prefer wetter stormy or climes specifically they usually grow in the ground and you know that they release a spore that let's say harvested in some places to be used as a hallucinogenic drug mmm however it are a way to keep yourself safe from those boughs if they should get ejected up like Montana yeah if you mask your mouth and eyes you can usually avoid any serious exposure but like even just a small breath in a moment can end up causing you some mild hallucinations prolonged exposure will create significant delusions I will warn people that the mushrooms in there might very well super hack you up so if we have to walk past them which I really don't think that we should if we can avoid it cover your eyes and mouth and move quickly don't ask me how I know so much about hallucinogenic mushrooms handle is just about the ask and the question dies on the list hmm this looks mysterious indifferent no that is real twenties map X being okay my facts okay cool and I will hug the wall away from that mushrooms okay is that stay away up or down to the back that is a stairway up to get your left I would see I can see a little stairway that's like in a room over here is that a pillar yes that's a pillar and then there's a stairway up onto a platform that leads to another room can I hear anything yes you can hear a faint crackling as if from electricity from the west of where you are and much more faint from the east you can hear a crackling as a fire a interesting okay I'm have air look and tell it to be really really careful for lightning okay if anyone wants to move up this little sectioning bit scene is safe enough doop doop and shield stealth before going into here I think you know so to go along the ceiling Perkis serving your chef she's is very here's just half gone paratis stealthy as I would have hoped I'm gonna get I'm gonna cast guidance on everybody it's a concentration spell so I'm gonna give guidance to crash our since she's the point mother thank you oh yeah if anyone wants to move up this area move appears to be not fucking us immediately all right and there will ceiling walk this looks like a way past speed fast swarm Oh screams oh shit alright so yeah meet Erica Derrida hold on you step into this room here oh and inside you see a large form a humanoid ish figure but one is if made entirely of stone plated with bronze arm just bolted into its rocky exterior carrying a shield and a fish-shaped hammer in either of its hands it is surrounded by a crackling field Lightning on all sides and yeah as Eris cuddled in the strange creature grinds its head upwards to look at her she will do a spider wave back at it it makes no motion either friendly or hostile just looks at her for a moment and goes back to staring at the door okay so our ears seen a golem elemental one of those something made of mostly rock inside a crafty lightning field it didn't try and immediately love to fly her should we go take a look but your as a spider my artists thought it was just a spider she did despite a wave people usually are confused by this microwave yes maybe it's mr. friend the friendly friend golem oh god mr. friend the friendly friend Golan was pretty amazing okay don't don't get hit from above because he will smash you to the ground like a tent peg I think that was sarcasm no no actually mr. friend the friendly friend Robin was a reference to something else oh I may or may not of attack someone whose name was mr. friend the friendly friend to go along whose enables always written in block capitals and he just wanted to help you just the poor um general we're creating cover just top of mine okay okay because the house--a does this thing a large-sized but it is inside a lightning thing so doesn't it like it can move yeah but I get for you that lightning might be part of it okay no no it looks like a king hmm okay look domes are really supposed to be really nasty creatures a spend this thing is probably an ancient oak like huge motherfucker the problem is I don't like it it's die comes at us and tries to fight us probably run just saying you probably yeah yeah yeah it's good at access we can we should probably run okay and let's check this bit here for like triggering plates because that seems like some bullshit that might happen ah you in Iraq the dynamic duo discover nothing you want to give it a go Tina will do a go I see I mean look I want to face you tell you right now my goat eyes aren't that great although spent however although however what I will do is I will rub my eyes and they'll be purple when I come back and I'm going to look around and see if there's any magic about within Jesse to me yes there is magic yes I get that but is there any other magic other than the obvious or and the range is 60 foot radius 30 feet 30 feet than 30 feet nope well I won't see any magic other than the obvious thing hmm what I mean well I mean I would expect a trap like you know triggering plate baby Michael here oh hey no you're exactly as blind as I am yes I am the two little ladies both need spectacles we do yes we do alright I guess I'm going to just peek my head and look at this thing uh-oh you're tight nothing out of the ordinary on the ground the creature itself you quickly notice with you're actually somewhat decent perceptiveness but the creature is covered in dust like a thick heavy layer of dust as if it hasn't moved in ages mmm but era did see it move rights oh yeah like some came off of its head and neck and then they went working at the ground but the rest of its body is perfectly still okay and yeah so you walk up into a field of vision the goal and cranes its neck slightly or whatever it is cranes neck ever so slightly and regards you it has no eyes but its helmet is shaped such that it draws your attention to where eyes would be on a person used to be all any language any special earthy languages ground e.length and rock do you speak rock do you speak of them no I don't speak goal I do speak old elvish so and I got deep I've got there uh it looks really all this place is really old try ancient elvish okay and hello are you awake The Golem cocks its head if they're so slightly to the side but it doesn't respond you notice that it doesn't have a mouth it doesn't have a mouth its whole face is just one solid slab of rock underneath that helmet stump once if you want to stand still twice if you never mind do you actually say that yeah oh yeah okay yeah sure why not I mean it has no mouth I mean maybe maybe right there's a long pause and then yet one of this big stony feet lifts up and then sets back down and there's a big shower of dust everywhere for shudders over so slightly but this is exciting this is puzzles crashing are you are you a friend it kept its foot place lost to again was that no it was no neven it was no never mind hmm so you are not a friend it perhaps it's for once Trisha do you feel the pull in that direction and that is a good question where those balls due north do you know so far the north is Michael are there any more of you it will make a very slight shrug will you pose a threat to us if we travel through your room it's tough to split twice oh okay so it's gonna try to tell us no you just said he doesn't pose a threat oh yeah oh okay all right okay danger is another word for excitement I'm walking pressure careful Denzil ready action - and grab I'm a la cama maybe I couldn't figure out more about this dude yeah with your spotter II need of from the spirit world this is deuce - thank you hundred or mental I'm kinda mental start it is a spirits of the earth that is usually conjured up by wizards and the like to defend themselves or attack their foes they are most frequently seen as guardians of some sort dwarves in the ancient times when they had their great alliance with the elves would often have these things conjured up to serve as protectors for their wards mmm I don't sound like a bit would you like help returning to the elemental plain of ass lit taps its foot twice Wow okay um you're just content in the lightning it castles for once all right and I will scoot your future and past I'll call it run that's enough elemental and he's I mean the ball enough okay you say so ah I need you I searched I do ever see a chest if I were to open that with your current not harming us situation before strange it tough foot place now is it's a first a weapon it it test its foot once awesome thank you did I get yourself a I guess I could get used to this all right I will have a peep at regardless just in case you notice that there is a lock on it but it's been bashed open by somebody and yeah there's it's just empty now someone already got to it the real question is do we need to keep going this way I don't I think I just sold this the end of this room um yeah and there I'm sorry did you see another group of people come by recently it taps its foot once tapia alright thank you very much for your assistance it gives you a thumbs up and I'll give them a quote we found the golden ballad like ever so slightly because it can't move so much in the field and then goes back to standing Stockstill it was nice yeah gotta walk pasta mushrooms now ah let's see Krisha what are the other yeah you blowed crucial if you would look to the east you can see down this incredibly long hallway and yet you vaguely make out like a humanoid shape standing behind what looks like a wall solid fire alright he looks like he's having a bad day yeah you hear a very faint oh hello [Music] okay I agree sure I'm winning Mesa I'm gonna give you guidance again awesome I'm going to just like it hold my hat over my face and very slowly and gently walk across the threshold with the mushrooms okay yeah why can't we ask if there's a way you get past the mushrooms cutter can't talk it can't do a complicated explanation it would be a very long period of yeses and noes it's got to be gentle so yeah hat over face and I'll make sure errors on the end and I walk very slowly across so it's not to disturb anything quick do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do if I can nearly stumbled I can understand and then I'll lift my hat off again alright maybe they're just actually just mushrooms and they're not horrible no no definitely they shoot hallucinogenic spores I can absolutely 100% confirm to you the neuro reason I didn't do anything strange at college ones ever but be careful free Larry I'm a passive perception you can see that they're like saint clusters of spores like mashed into the ground around here they look fairly recent like maybe somebody else triggered them earlier so these mushrooms that look in her fish yeah starting to don't push her like that cover your eyes and mouth as you go past because one breath is going to see the fuck you up and go nice and slow what um okay I can cover my face and eyes with your massive is I mean I that's what I thought but I'm pretty sure all right yeah sure then those hide his face in its massive amount of hair and ears introvert age would post yeah nice and like not lab safe but okay I guess I'm just gonna like hold my breath and plan to hold my nose and then this scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot rock club and yeah I'll give her a pat man hello did you hear me oh here you okay walk I'm gonna cast a light on my staff so that there is a a bot there's you know we can probably see us on the light like weak as we can see him type of fire over there yeah so he can see you and yet though he looks to be a male satyr as a satyr doesn't really age past adulthood so it looks quite young with a short beard and amaya em tear and yeah he waves that too enthusiastically hopping up and down on his whole hooves even had that buddy uh yes but please I've been stuck here for god knows how long uh see you when the adventure and grape your cane bastard before oh shit the to rhythm an apple just I freaked out I freaked out one sec I think a real fun is being weird like I jumped out a bit but in the whole map was just like I'm in a different place now I'm supposed to work uh adventures yeah my my party came through here a little earlier I went off to scout on my own and I seem to have found a trap that means the rest of your friends didn't come for you I know right pricks and if they're okay what's let's load up again they can suck my collective cock as insight collective is a bushel official Athena heroes Wow let's see mmm good insight then such a cast I squid laughs you cocks let's go for damn I'm only resistant to rating it's not fire damage as well all right yeah there's something about this guy wrote you the wrong way hmm I don't think that makes very much sense a good training access who's named Turner Street patches god it way then we'll say something about that stories of make sense aventure and Carly would never so callously leave a member even without the Bayon bands of friendship they would need to all be together how did you get stuck like that there's a pressure plate in here and the release lever is on that statue I'm pretty sure it's his giant dwarven knob he points to the statue of a like dwarf warrior with a bill two-handed hammer and shield and he has a quite impressive codpiece why is it that one a that doesn't right look I didn't make the trap okay canvass the wolf's thing usually Xander will call we want to help you we can only help you if you tell us the truth earrings don't slum your words don't ring just quite the right way what what do you want for me I have a stress behind a firewall I'm character that's easier virus yeah I can play my city clang help me out I'll leave you alone after that I don't even want any damn treasure anymore I've been here at least like a day at least I'm starting to run out of water so he said that the thing was on the statue right he says the release lever is on the statue so canvas what's your name by the way way my name is lady that's in general yeah I even was he's a sub enough no allies and we so is it a lever or a switch I mean as a leather or like a penis it's probably a lever or you might say a crank give me a second um we're still there is magic well you're not close enough to really tell anything am i how about now yeah there's magic on the statue like the whole thing or just one part of it on its codpiece are you fucking joke and using magic penis just Dwarfs magical piece Amy I'm going to turn back and look at me look at I would like my eyes are wide I'm like the look of disbelief and look at question like that dwarven statues codpieces magic here if those effective em who's going to take on the arrows he's going to martial arts break off via the vm arrow part of it those be good as ahead yeah he's going to sneeze gonna break up the head so it's gone and then he's going to wrap a rope around the end of the arrow this starts looking really nervous let's see if we can't archer that letter okay so what will I need to roll to try to hit that button ah just to make a bow attack alright and what I mean well I mean I suppose it's a secure trap I mean who would just start fondling a static warming statue I know right yeah Sansa is going to take aim is there any way I can get advantage for taking a aim words and not work that way no you couldn't spend inspiration don't know yeah you shoot your arrow just over its codpiece and the Rope goes taunt and it wraps around does a little heavy fist pump that worked and she will try she can't from the distance managed to awkwardly strangle the lever down Oh death correct it make a day with your head check alright what if it's a button and you have to push on it alright so yeah you you all agree like mechanical cut chunk chunk as the lever goes down and yelps cause beats just bones back into place and two things happen in rapid succession first of all the wall fire goes away and we goes all thank fuck and then here a zap from behind eel hmm oh shit and one two three holy 5mz what's your story buddy shit shit nope - - - alright yes you guys want to break into initiative I guess we can do that yeah I thought we were not sort of acquaintances I'm now worried that maybe that dude is actually bad and still mister I like rock friend he gave me thumbs up and bowed I like him a lot I trust Rock friend more than I trust randoms later in the middle of the fucking trap thing Wow the fuck is this thing set for what shouldn't you have to run to the mushrooms - there's mushrooms right there isn't there there are yes please God please and that like really I really hope rock friend is our friend please do not address rock friend that looks like a dead end from over there please do not aggressor OCH friend correct that is how I would describe our current situation all right guys hang hang tight for a minute I'm gonna try and fairway look like it's a fucking Rock 2001 and it's already rolled back well I know right you did say you did we did ask it that if it gets out is it going to hurt us and it said no uh-uh that was not right when it said that it not Hawaii you have asked the wrong question yeah I don't think that was the question we specifically had we asked if it would hurt us if we went through the room it's that no yeah god I want to believe that he's not going to fuck I had a moment we shared something iris oh my god I'll walk around least we have mr. Lee and now so it's sunny okay frida kahlo first action cover your eyes and mouth and just get away from this moving deeper into that room seems like a bad mood I don't trust in either Wow mushroom yeah I look at the Gollum and ask others here for to attack us it will respond on its turn oh just like we're not really looking to thank you because you look cold and it looked nice I'm just going to move on it away so in case you want to get past oh please don't diarrhea no I don't like what I believe in raw friends I just play what am i sup oh yeah oh that's right smart man Emily before cooking sorry I say that and that's been a little bit alright you making space as well there I moved yeah okay anything else Thanks all right Rach Rach please I dragged ya out of the way are you able to view if you've got enough movement between you guys to get all of us out the way that'd be dope yeah no not cool your friend just stomps forward stomp stomp he answer the question uh no but you get a sense of sadness off of him as he stomps forward I'm not a rock friend don't be like that I don't think he has a choice Marissa okay I guarantee that that latley is gonna fucking bullshit yeah ally is gonna if you look amazing fuck us I can't look hey did you bring a I need brother he most certainly do not I did it I thought you were going to be standing up there and I assumed he would get a turn before the golem to trample him down Wow well he does do disengages so I expect there is that God if fucking zanza dies because of me uh exactly so I told he was gonna be like even more depressed Sudokus I mean to be fair I pressed the lever I think we were going to do that anyway so I was trying to be smart I would have actually I'm not gonna lie I was gonna guy by the way mr. kiss mr. rock friends wish to death Gaia why didn't I that would have been an excellent question to ask I will really I was trying to be smart but it saying should have been I should have I should have wet it before it happened I'm sorry it's good a fin I rented all right well regardless mercy all did your turn what do you do I'm going to move over here okay and if it attacks then I'm going to make my action is going to be if it attacks zanza I'm going to clean a fire bolt at it where Lee is now free of the trap one two three four something like hey guys thanks for that didn't realize yeah yeah don't let this is where he fucking tons to a rock shots are in kills that's okay ah no however he will come up here and say uh shit Guardians hold on I got something for this uh uh uh and he like reaches into his pocket and pulled out an entire spell book like a full sized Necronomicon you know dimensions spell tome flips through it for a second and then hurled a bolt of energy at Rock friend oh no Inc Sheeran actual book he was not hit rock bro I wish that was an actual missile so I could deflect it it's not technically a golem it's an elemental yeah yeah so he tries and fails to read and peoplement it then when you rolled 1 D 0 + 2 0 well the damage doesn't exist that's just part of a macro unfortunately rare even peoplement does a status of fact that's really fucking good for say big beefy strength attacks anyway yeah exams if you're up there is an earth elemental in your face so this is where Samantha takes his clave Andy challenge at no he doesn't okay that's what I was saying about three like you have you learned nothing no no van-gogh learned his lessons and this thing looks huge right back then is only going to take a split second to observe each gear and like how helped is look let's look at the diet pile of rock with an enormous cameron shield and bronze armor so you're saying is this thing looks like a bat dust it's a pretty bad dude okay okay okay and he won't like quite a bit and Nubians do an attack so it might kind of W we have DVD double loop well I want to be safe so key point for disengage more and then I'm going to - action and I'm going to make sure I grab freedom because increasing because I think they might still because it into attack range if you move again we got done before it's always hansik you don't after okay that's very okay so in that case I'm just going to disengage nothing Oh rock friends disengage and just I'm so why I should have booked him yes and then the will way back here okay there is a large Corbin knob next to you that's a kind of evil the Aizen up he is going to mentally think this is you're holding luck it's crank maybe he'll have to come back again work the knob I'm pretty sure that's what this got me into vans acts like any other kind of helps you will the weapons to slow damn it shut up your turn you know what I actually think I'm gonna give just like maybe this maybe if I like run around and just fucking hold that crank l my works alright so 15 15 yeah key on over alright so yeah the firewall returns let me go big outspoken example I mean if it is all that happens there's a file open I just will plug it pretty close like that again well I'm leaving us trapped in the room hold on hold on I'm going to go find the thing did you do delete instead it I actually do it like I am no one's gonna touch that again my name clearly that then you decide to make friends with the golem so I'm trying to I'm just trying to fucking think outside the box I know that's fine like I'm I'm a hundred percent behind you guys making friends instead of enemies I'll see the firewall returns and for a second the Golem looks confused then looks between you and then that Li like just right at Lee and oh fuck I think it's Meg I should I still got rest of my time oh yeah okay I'm interaction look pull the handle display oh is it much election to do that yeah it's a giant dick crank basically you're having to work crank all right what do this alright I should be safe yeah pretty sure off a big way [Music] like 2020 so he understood ancient visionary that's what people have been speaking at him just tell them my intentions of it is that I'm very sorry that they has come to this now maybe if it hopefully we can find a way to see from this and we can become friends please get away at least by Huntsville range yeah and they cast in a blade board again okay see out of the light I don't know why we're still just doing operation hide and cry here yeah hiding and crying is a fairly accurate Tory no no Fred no rocking places no Rock acquaintance yes Rock Bros just moves up into your face mercy all around there sweating like that suppose run back what that sounds great because I still don't know if this thing's going to you know pound me flat like into jelly so I'm really a disengage and uh thanks for harming the thing is going for Lee though I think that's bad it depends on how much you want to say Lee I mean not more when I want to be friends with rock friends Dandan velvet boy so he does not want to just randomly forsake somebody he doesn't know all right that would not be the old gateway Mary are you dumb ah you can move - Laurine up ya going I guess my action will be it is this wing that you already disengaged alright okay like this industry over here all right it is leisure and one two three four five six two three four five six ah huh wait where did he just go I don't need his Randy he doesn't ran past you oh I think that's a smart idea - it is a godammit and should I cast sleep on Lee Wow you don't have to run back to bury the drug chattering you it's a bit evil to be fair those fill up pretty bad I thought that's what yeah no boss because yeah I'm gonna let the I expected to a to us no I think these guys do not decisions describe his like Necronomicon level spell tone that one guy is obviously also motherfucker - I don't wanna fight Rock friend or Lee I'm trying to see so we probably want to run but we're going to have to run pass this for now we can we can do the route like sideways and just pasta and meandering around again oh did I have a sideways rule so that one to a dead end alright alright it goes straight after you know there yeah you can actually keep going north just deeper into this place or that is past potentials poor bastards only have a card like tumble in some of these walls but poor little bodies in the hips you can't disengage and going yeah I'm disengaging it on I'm that passionate so disengage go over here and then we'll go likely why is this thing after you oh I just don't know its name white lights this thing trying to kill you he said a thing okay yeah ah probably because I was in the trap and now I'm not run for it kid that's just - especially wait not that best yeah we don't have to be pretty much run but to make sure you're on slower than I do exactly all right so crucial mmm that's fuck it that was kind of what I was thinking all right I'll look at rock friends sadly is there any way that we can get you back in the lightening they gives you a thumbs up okay cool he'll do it pointedly then points up a fire we used to get him back in there thumbs up we are you a prisoner uh considering I was in a fire cage I guess zanza ice clinch intensifies I just got there what do you want it's Leah demon wait did the bookie have was that like actual Necronomicon no it was just the size of the Necronomicon - yeah I mean it was a big like brown leather tone but not made of human flesh as far as you can see I can't shake it because the most favorite thing I asked the elemental is that a demon hmm yeah the element you just thumbs up watch leave the demon what so when you say that lift up yet but not the evil kind there are non evil kinds of demon yeah me no run fuck it doesn't that sound sketchy at all hello don't charge or it could just not be a nasty demon because it doesn't matter in the saying see when such as people there was just people oh my god fuck you say this yes I do say this Oh [Music] shit fuck um I think you have to make a choice I'm gonna um I think I'm just gonna have to just I don't want to get pumped into soup either so it's going to be misty staff and then music soup as well yeah we have to make a choice here take one I'm sorry Rock friend I don't think I can imprison him hey boss dad looks sad I know I'm sorry then I'm gonna move a whole bunch because I was just abundance Oh [Music] all right I see that you've taken away one piece of lightning gauge over there is it actually all just gone or is it one piece it's just that one piece fuck because I kind of want to trick him into walking into it again maybe fritter Paul's not blocking these paths pick me okay I really like rock friends if they're a way to counter the magic that forces you to do this it's rugs okay good wait wait let me think it out let's see this power of charity back inside I'm sinking because when a magic you want eastery it's just stuck there Nasus okay no because I don't think you because making like mirror in either allusion to shit like that you can try anything I asked him look at app does he do you have to see him inside the truck there to calm down hmm it shakes its head I'll check its hats on the fact I came in there also it's taken a lot of nonverbal responses that's probably about the end of what you can get out of the tools next turn okay after that logically all the way that it asked us guys okay so I dodged okay see so we just run away from the sass I mean okay I'm still there's no real cohesive plan that I'm seeing coming up here yeah cuz we're still just running with we don't trust that we can take it back see what I'm gonna dodge action I guess and oh yeah yeah okay well by moving there you make it unable to reach lead so okay well I mean it already would have been I'm unable to know it has reached hmm Krisha make a persuade check did you've been the one mostly talking to rock bro yeah respiration this whole sessions nice this whole session is worth inspiration I mean I can give you inspiration I still have it because know why I'm always crucian ass depreciate a thick fuck well is that lucky actually I can just met the chair mm-hmm one want to use their inspiration yeah I'll do it okay did you do did you did you do just hijack a character here look at Wednesday okay we just need say even to roll for us mmmmmm okay see rather than attacking you or throw is going to try and take the shove action on you which lets it move you apply here okay birth throw just pick Sieg up and puts her over here steps forward and then yeah beats Lee over the head with a giant fist hammer really like the other guy return focus Sinha so seems like cannot be probable we ducked and scrabbled out of the way as with broad tries to go seven I'm Erin and is there any more revelations about rock friend odd kind of you are you retro actively make a persuade check to see if how much Earth Pro likes you guys and he decided rather than attacking see to get that Lee he would just picks Teague up and put her over on the side and I girlfriends go after League trying to murder bash him well I mean hopefully if Lee gets away then rock trend will just have to go back to rock friend house so mercy oh yeah could I get a let me get away but he's a nice diamond I mean so he says in theory in theory it's like the reality is in this setting I mean there's no fucking rules come play by the same rules design you're using your grandma's D&D I mean this is act like these terms here say the work demon then that would have a good reason to distrust them guy you know my mom always I'm gonna back up you know my mom always you know you wanted this engage or yeah we're going to disengage you know my mom always said that she always believed that demons were just were not necessarily bad people and thought we could one day get along with them hey mr. elemental guy Kinnear my idea do you have to keep pursuing Italy escapes the ruin the shrugs oh good luck Lina sunny one way to find out so Mariska runs away lead fuck dodge is an attack of opportunity and runs away one two three five six one two why go through the money why are you even in here I was exploring it looked like fun surprised it wasn't hey love you lord I was wrong it sucks so hard that's five socks - yeah heroes would rather come on a minute Santa I just wait here with us confused it's fine it'll be okay I'm waiting is always nice and safe cleanser moves over uh I don't know I guess I'll tell creature I too will take the dodge action and I will just wait at this corner and indicate that I'm not going to do anything to stop rock for a friend in fact I guess I should probably sit on this top corner so I'll retro actively move if he tries to go through our space instead okay well boy you can't retroactively Playa Prieta you have anything and I would stand on this corner then and mediator here so I can see better you know what I mean I just stand out the way so that's a penis to the dodge action maybe remove Frida anything well just take them hopefully it can be freed from this force from this forced action maybe we can come up to a nice agreement that becomes that because you look like you to be a very joy Dania all right like watch defecate yeah I see is a okay so breath nozzles turn one two three four five six call two three four five six Mary if you want to you can opportunity attack it okay otherwise yeah uh Lee runs up the front door and earth elemental bro just keeps chasing them on and yeah they leave oh dear feel like we made major big mistake I feel like we may have made a bad mistake Grisha where does your heart tug Krysia I think that thing is not going to stop chasing him and if you go if he preside of here and goes up to the city that thing might just keep going after him into the city all right you shouldn't be able to fit later on I'm hoping there's like a ladder right oh yeah you get one of the stairway those are pretty now yeah you shouldn't be able to well that was something ah fuck I guess we got to go through those mushrooms now I mean if we explore the other room actually then the will quit knowing we then do you know what I don't want my test Rock friends I don't want to go into that room you know what that's a good point then this will there and a halt in this track meet the hurry of thing to became fearful yeah and I think it might pull is still like doing offhand do you know what is it any upwards or downwards considering their status a or not now it's Giselle at work right forward maybe no lightly upwards you know we're going to have to do right if things don't go the way we hope they will we may have to make reparations for letting that thing out well I mean I guess that'll be down to me to handle I'll figure out something I'm sure elementals of people to it and rock cred was really nice and I think Spinelli's to cross these mushrooms I'm gonna get myself guidance Queen Bertha mushrooms and I'm something I don't think we don't like fighters release new tank mushrooms in this place oh god what's that so did anything happen when mercele steps to the mushrooms nope okay see if those aren't creatures Merced Oregon that's just the best token yes so merciful when you step through there you see a pair of large lion statues that are pressed up on two small DZ's on either side of the member and there's a bunch of scratch marks on the floor in various arcane shapes as if someone went through a really annoying complex movement based puzzle in order to open the doors an order here ah Wow interesting alright huh I need miney moe catch a Crowell opener that shows those not at all open that captured by Mike and you can definitely hear talking from beyond I will quietly walk up in the door with my big old floppy ears oh yeah oh yeah no I needed oh my god I'm the Waukee night silent and Swift mm-hmm oh maybe he's just going to dig his way to the surface to find that guy like on his shit though and I give that a shot as well okay now let's try this meat not very good at it all right Freda you clop clop clop clop up to the door sighs when I step tencel ready dashing Rev I guess nobody can hear shit there's just some very faint talking what Wow look at that big thick thing they can say that field dice of the beast okay before we go any further I urge how far along are you in making your new character out of curiosity almost done okay cool let me know when you are done because I can slot you into this encounter real easy okey-dokey all right shift back to the party okay so on don't we just want the one thing right I'm freaking ago she ate if they've already gotten it is it would or perhaps if they haven't gotten the way all the way through maybe we can you know make a deal and you know help each other out and then we can split everything at the end I hear what they're saying okay well then the little sneak out there's just so many people press up to the door who are not asking self checks that nobody else is getting able to hear anything because y'all are flopping all over each other oh my god fuck this you guys are just like that and I'm going to knock on the fucking door alright there's a resounding echo of the boom through the next chamber you guys can all hear and then you hear a woman's voice say oh we have company come in come in your exams it kind of links and then opens the door because I know you fucking idiot alright not too late too late I'm done how are we all not dead from the goal oh fuck I did not know they could fuck back there that way Ron said you poked your head in yeah they said come in yep god dammit sans if you poke your head in and came back at the wrong time okay wait wait wait welcome to fungus land knocked on the door and let them know we're here so why is it bad yeah but he's been suddenly hearing oh how wonderful visitors help them not scream bad news too even zanza how did you not hear the disingenuous nosov that of that respond because it's been linear the negative one intelligence I wish the wisdom check intelligent tech yeah now that's fine I wish I fucking reflex checks just like sigh just stick a fucking fist out and catch them inequity tries to go to the door I know if my I was so close to being at my computer in time nope too late all right Jeff three oak I'm you poke your head to the door it's a fungal wonderland and you can see several people moving around inside you can just vaguely make out a throne at the far side of the room on which is sitting a woman with dark blue skin and purple air who seems to be halfway covered in scales after foot is an elven man dark of skin and hair sitting at the foot of the throne reclining against her thigh a large wolf is sitting beside the two of them and there's a couple of other mysterious figures stomping around inside there's a dead thing and an armored man okay no no you should you be quiet I see the dead thing there so there is so dead thing in them higher why oh my god that ear God and then it's time for our once per campaign cross over then the blinks again and what I used up the girl all right so yes you just waved you in like come in come in then just like the burning thing they're inviting us in one version you realize creases mom Marissa was going to try to diplomacy this right I thought that I'm just saying I thought the adventurers were in this room I think they are right there yeah nearly not here the visitors like that's not that's not the adventure part yeah they outside is absolutely nothing either way then the wolf takes actually mushrooms all right needs the spores are there ah yeah this place is fucking spore Wonderland let me tell him yeah if this would be the fourth time that saving has said it's a fungal wonderland in there I know that just I will take a light I will take these shit an obligate out of my bag I will tie it around my face like a fucking mask or whatever I guess I'm going to step up as apparently I I'm gonna cost protection from evil and evil with myself and then we'll say God like wise people I don't care to a protic but for some nitrous coughing and they burn really hot you don't set fire to the fungi is aspire to the sport so if you had something distorting or subconscious and spherical thanks Perry hmm hey guess who also made sure that they had I don't know a flaming spear prepared advance Bell list as well sir they I literally have misty Stefan flaming spear spent a mystic step not but I can do one or the other but yeah I cast protection from evil on myself and I will keep that concentrated as we head on end okay hmm well hello there hello welcome to my kingdom the salamander sitting on the throne says throwing her arms to the then she looks down as the elf whispered something up to her and she says queendom queendom yes welcome to my queendom that's the word right yes absolutely come in come in be welcome make merry sup upon our great feast and she points down to what can only be a young dragon just with his guts just ripped open and spread all over the floor in the center of the round and it's covered in spores and fungi various kinds mmm oh we just say breakfast before we came in here but thank you for your hospitality oh no no I insist please and she will like pick a mushroom out out of the else air that started like growing there and it's much into it and shivers with pleasure as she consumes it so good there oh god they're all highs are there any light there any like there's people in the big mushrooms there on our kids all right no probably not all right Amy say it's like like so many fucking dies and becomes a colony yeah no sure that thing has a designation of me yes I realize that that's not good just about baby pointing out yeah it's probably a thing okay all right okay yeah I'm gonna have to guess am I being fools like towards that you're being pulled in that direction yes like it is a reference but does it maybe behind it I can see that there were rings back my baby like you don't have a like distance you just I'm trying yeah presentation areas all right I'm really really really fuckin careful not to unseat any v's okay so what's your name I am princess Cassius I'm Tasha Queen Tasha Tasha I roca she big banks is brown and this is my husband King Merle the elf just smiles dopily and strokes as I and my friend Zephyr and Kaden say hello boys the the soldiers standing near the far corner just grins dopily at you but the suit of armor gives you a crisp military salute missile be back Zephyr Zephyr I think this effort allow my senior party estranges our own I think that Zephyr one is not a person and I'm pretty sure that's a wind armor one of you can parry on like does it look like that this is like an animator there's not a person in there yeah you guys you guys figured it out it's an animated armor that they have in the party when I'm to this kingdom queendom queendom you're right haha is a long pause oh no a long time ago I guess because unemployment stuff right you guys did you guys have a friend to the Seder ah did we have a friend of the Seder she was first down to the elf he shrugs she then consults the dog sitting on or the wolf rather sitting next to her on the throne here a darling did we have a safe in the party I think that means no but I'm not sure I can't remember my bearings all right ah marcelin all fortitude save yeah yes when you when you've been standing next that big clump of mushrooms for bed it starts like just walking up toward you Jerris say there you have advantage to get closer you do hi that is a good point thank you Hydra starting that is sufficient you are not adversely affected for now though you feel a little tingly and a little giddy mm-hmm hey I think these sports are pretty potent I know nothing was just taken here for too much longer okay m'lady it would be most appreciative that I'm just going to take like I step away from that away from that thing yeah I'm like trying to keep five feet between me and any of these clusters here mm-hmm m'lady it would be most appreciative if we could explore your wonderful queendom oh of course of course but first we must have a banquet to sup upon this great bounty we have even slain a mighty dragon and she will point to the corpse that's like starting to snow really bad in the corner I'm going to mosey on up to Zephyr like the armor just leans down and in a very gruff deep voice says they're all high as fuck I figured and just resume zits pose what was that Zephyr darling I couldn't hear you nothing oh he was just complimenting me on my dress Thank You Dora to believe ah-oh reckons already burdened by all something what testing is called guidance that gives me advantage on my skill checks right nowyou and guidance to give yourself a bonus to the tyrell then you just put it back on yourself again so you doesn't know risk without that is doing that forever yeah you just spend guidance and it's a v4 and you can just put it back on yourself immediately afterwards you just add it to any save or check eating ah I know this very well because saving does it at every opportunity oh yeah and I just possibly have guidance on in sky I stopped checking I stopped going like have you got guidance figure touch let him roll it why would I ever not have go inside exactly likewise that's why I get away with just advantaging call of air stuff without saying huge Americus just does it Vangelis sweating profusely as he feels very rude for not stepping into a cloud of smoke people are inviting him in a stepper is that Gorski Isis dragon at dragon no we came here this was its lair it fought oh okay then exploded when we gutted it oh and he gestures slightly to the big fungal spore cloud wafting through the room Oh mushrooms all came from that ah okay I might have an idea oh what's that would be nice I have an idea I have to put some masks on there and carefully and then like a torch that sheets Oh Alexei Samsa yeah and she likes to torture and give again then we'll take the torch for chest sure that's all you want a noble yes all of my years be security fired at the mast like crap I already made one at a record pace did not fall to the big chunks of mushroom a fever starts playing music she will play happy jiggly chill and say indeed a banquet cannot become properly where absent of music I dance I'm going to need a constitution safe from you ok and yes the rest of you the Queen starts clapping and the doggy barks and Woo's so and the fire dancers slowly gonna you know dances play around and burn to spores in the air I guess and little shrug use again make a little girl of oh wow you find your fucking : life you're a fire gasps holy shit to make a mother understand so I never look like big shit Sansa will fire dance ok and I'm gonna grab some temporary token for us to pick through here real quick ok do I guess we'll play along might as well we're we're like Bob's and shit fuck yeah that's right yeah so there we go so everyone's got their toe fire dancing baby play music or divorce in there alright that's that's pretty clever uh other you go ahead okay make sure is from it hi everyone flying loves spread pretty colors right advantage they're not very surface everyone is doing it the funny one that's good food for human rather want an extra two mushroom yeah I'm just trying yes imagine traffic moving up here what you hold on the ship of them yeah fuck yeah okay so performance with the fish right just tones like Miami again put saying not really pay attention you guys right now but give me a sec to do thing for ad me to do that's a lot of dwarfs actually sure good enough see let's drag and over here as if any of those tickle your fancy at least for a temporary token draw a circle around them otherwise feel free to send me a token that you make until we get you know proper art and such I have already contacted a doctor but my job good good so you guys are burning away the fungal spores as you're doing so though you're starting to like the Queen and her friends are looking a little bit uncomfortable like they start itching themselves and looking amongst each other light across them and finally after all the Queen stands up and says so lovely performance but perhaps we should move on to the feast she hops down rips out a bunch of the spores and then just walks right over to zanza and offers them forward here eat please Sansa instead try to incorporate the mushrooms into a dance and not eat them all right I make a deception check as a flash watch I will assist with prestidigitation I make a meal out of it I just got inspiration so why not I'll blow that inspiration and didn't need it dictation hangs up nice pretty fucking good how many spores do you think I could get rid of if I shot up old a burning hand into the air I think that we want more overt okay so zenzen you burn away yours but the rest of the group is approaching you the other the cat folk and the elf are also doing the same thing like pulling up spores and trying to get you guys to eat them I think I'm going to have to start burning these four patches out all right I know it's what do you grow out forth being offered to you right now like this cat folks soldiers in your face like trying to push mushrooms off on you ah mmm then the whole sweat and go like but wait what mushrooms taking taste much better when they're cooked oh yes I'm vegan I'm I like I get an eye I may eat a shade grinder I consume only the worst of mortals yes if with the with your with your generous offering I would be more than happy to cook a a hearty mushroom stew for all of us teeth for this for your feast sorry Queen baby as you're saying that we cut over to another room just beside this one where we see what to any modern member of the union community would think to be a cat folk with his ears just sort of missing or on the wrong side of his head but to us it's just a mere human who is currently tied up to a a pillar in this back room there's a rope that was in his mouth a few moments ago but he's finally managed to push it out of his mouth and get that free at least Marcus you can hear talking loud boisterous talking from your erstwhile companions who have just recently fallen upon you and tied you up when you refuse to eat there fungal desserts perhaps you hear new voices I mean Eleazar here is Foundation and performance well you guys are performing a dance that doesn't really they totally chimed in with they now fight instruments all right well there's a lawyer our vinovich we're doing one density I think the only one who's just dancing he's right sorry about that if I happen to have than anybody I didn't mean to imply that you know you're weird or freaky for eating mushrooms you know it's just not my thing I'm not not a mushroom kind of guy or you know red meat and a little bit of wide here and there yes it you know it's just a small dietary consideration that's uh that's on me that's on me I didn't understand this was part of your culture that's cool oh oh here's your friend oh that's just Marcus we started adventuring with him and then he wouldn't recognize me as a new queen and accept my bounty and she says it's just munches down on the mushroom Oh then thus what's even more you serve me a word about these mushrooms oh yeah these mushrooms are going to check us out we need to burn them out yep I mean I could drop a flaming spear as well we should roll it around like to suck in some little vacuums just yeah let's add our onion then you we do that and then I can fire bolt on each turn as well so that we can do like at least three around you know and probably impact us if we just start wasting the shrooms right yarn oh yeah I know all right well is there I want to find them time finally it might be but I don't only have a sub duel I've got a girlfriend all right so I spaces character here yes there's a another what looks like another puppy girl with dark action skin staggers out all leery ID from room no no here 200 and what's just enough sad oh no you know puppy dogs kind of like you only her hair's as divers outrageous red color I don't know it games from it's got to be from someone else's being oh that is some offspring of some characters in another game that sort of ended up here in the setting I'll be a bit are keen Andy's kiss yeah you're keen indie kids yeah I'm crabber tired yeah a crusher is at least a keener indicia shit Marcus not over there is a member of the Bleak sweaty family so Marcus was talking from the other room you totally hear it oh yeah you yet all heard that what the rock posters what direction oh so then I'm going to try to knock I guess you can't covertly fire dance maybe not all fired on sever the tangible spire tried to fire danced his way shimmy slightly over there say you guys are just holding these guys off from them and just distract them it every time they're too high to really resist you and if they don't stop me from here sends loose I will yes as I oh hey sanic not a close friend what what kind of creature are you my name is Enzo oh you're a zanza that's great I've seen a lot of crazy things like that before so uh people what are you part of a little ceremony there oh yeah sins will stop third it sing oh I mean don't stop on my account I was quite enjoying it I you know upside up I don't have a lot of options here pencils inches way forward don't heart what Marcus what exactly is going on here oh well you know I was hanging out with these guys they rescued me from some kind of like a trap or something I was you know mind my own business and all of a sudden bing bang boom magic kind of hits me man can hey magic sends up jack yeah so uh then the next thing I know these guys that in front of me I don't know if they're super fast or what but I was the thing I was fighting it's friggin gun now so whatever I'm gonna assume it just got away uh uh maybe look for later but I was falling new guys around and there was some rotten old mushrooms or whatever and all of a sudden there's the quake it's crazy so yeah I've died up now I don't not a big fan as ends a cast Iceland the last person he let go turned out to be me everyone there's no place for human so what every is a look at fathom is probably fine definitely over Damon oh yeah oh really sure I'm Azad not though never looks at Marcus's head and each other like looks around looking for the cat ears or some type of years these strange things inside of your head that would be no horns add no giant years I have I have plenty of those actually yeah a full pair of each actually even aa nickels a lot richer I let go was a demon now here's the thing if I were a demon I probably say no just so you'd let me go but I'm not a demon so you should let me go I mean a heck if you're letting me go that'd be yeah let me just just actually I picked my my hell Burt somewhere around here you could actually just give me the halberd I let myself out if you're you know concerned one way or the other then who looks at the statue that's right here this one looks like it's going to move in let Marcus go uh how would you determine that I don't know but senses paranoid right now oh you're a fan of statue that's great I will would in my spare time it's a hobby I'll make you a little stat channel coming Tina look if I might make a little Samba for you to carry around right then we're going to go over to a side are you going to untie Marcus all glaring at the statue ah that's that that's fantastic you know what you are the first dibs I've met but you know what you guys are good people now because Marcus is pretty long-winded I'm guessing this all take some time what's going on back in the normal room a good question so yeah crush' Marissa land now Freda I need you all to make some kind of check to not eat the mushrooms without angering these adventurer types I will buy pressure straight to noises over the shelter I've just started showing be like hey what's that over your shoulder yeah no did the elf is all but shoving the mushrooms in your mouth now fuck alright give me a sec and then I'm going to fill my mouth with wine and then I later okay make a fortitude save or consultations they have worked their cock [Music] alright guidance please Mary that doesn't work on sales I put my number posse go yeah alright you're if you're okay for now but that's gonna hit me late I won't fail alcohol I suppose it's cool Frida and Mary okay I'm trying to think here when I came up as near to Sonia anything at all yeah candid there again you're in the situation they're just going to force you to eat these things if you don't stop them I will hand you a bowl of wine take a swig ain't about still muted your alter key oh my fucking god you're so bad control yeah yeah yeah whatever so okay I was trying to say that in to stop this guy from putting them in my mouth I'm going to try to pull him into a dance and start dancing with him instead fancy party or something I don't want them also guiding to it before yes get into the d4 you had it on you so you could turn that into a success if you want to pop that I will okay hope the DC is 15 say after you poop and you gets distracted and now we're at freedom say you're like dad okay rusty I'm thinking of getting again I will try to persuade the other thing oh I shall consume at once and up but I'm a vegetarian unfortunately it goes against everything that I believe in actually Monday but I will give it my heart I will give it my hardest try once there's performance for your great kingdom as income clear okay is my Severus but I roll persuade our barn of inspiration okay fuck yeah you seem like a pretty fun guy we just laughs and slaps you on the back and there's a big like slimy paw print on your clothes and see the elf moves over to you having force-fed precious and mushrooms and trusts you the same would you like to do and that's a lot and elf is trying to find you mushrooms what do what all right the situation is earned here there are loads of fungi hi adventures here they are trying to get you to eat the mushrooms now fuck off I only consume the adulation of my worshippers I am a goddess the queen says it's time for you to eat the elf says a lot subjects so the woman's of earthly Queens all right ah you can make a deception check I guess or intimidate that's a failure so he's going to force the issue unless you stop them it's going to shove it in your mouth no ok I'm going to shove it in his mouth ok you let's you stuffed mushroom in his mouth just like titters and munch is on and then he pulled out another mushroom and tries to feed that one to you they have a counter as many mushrooms as I can all right uh roll on athletics check I guess you're playing the real wacky cake ah see you're gonna get fucking rusty thirsty hi oh no my alright so stalemate over here as you just keep force-feeding a mushroom when are we gonna drop the fireballs on the ground one sec start wait a second second Eva Bleeker ah me huh the whole elf dago's blinks at you her eyes are all like hugely dilated and her tails wagging real fast how many fucking shit what the bleep worthy whoa a me Andy you probably are you Meg I'm at least worthy yeah yay she bounces up and down and wags her tail I recognize that I like totem special special I bet I know that's that like anyway you say is your tail is wagging the exact same why yes identically so uh yeah this since you've been raised around fellow elves I'll let you want to have this one for free she's real real young for an elf like the elven equivalent of like 16 that gives you any indication that she seems to be more else than you are by proportional uh one of my siblings attempted wait and uh and I'm one of my sibling oh no oh no crash oh no crashing oh oh fuck this is just looking at you excitedly mom's name ah let's see she gives you the name of the unnamed character in your backstory that you knocked up as a you know young person you Herald your own sister or something daughter though this is my actual building okay Oh and indeed in my fuckin character's backstory at one point there is a rumor that she balked someone up during her time in education for someone how we fail politics yeah it is when you read um holy shit so I have an interesting story for you sweetie storytime she dealt yeah oh we living on she picks up a bunch of mushrooms and presents em later didn't you see I've had so many I actually had some on the way in there were tongues knock on just as much as abstract straight ahead stretches and behind you I from seemingly note behind the entire party from nowhere at all you just hear a different sound and like a very faint voices that's so sweet what did your okay so I met your mum a bunch of years ago and we were still at college and we were both very drunk and actually might have had something to do with some mushrooms of some stuff and afterwards we had a lot of fun together and then I didn't get a chance to see her ago shit I am your other mummy technically daddy blink blink I also blink back Sheen to mushroom hmm she's much too I to understand reality shaking you know revelations like that so yeah if you didn't say anything at all just staring at you I will just result of distracting head scratches well yes she printed doing some schedule Angus enemies epsilon mater yes we have to see the mushrooms until they all go unconscious it's the only way speaking rater that's the opposite of what we want to do actually mushroom combines diseases to come whole evening round two of mushroom combat wait what's the place to say oh that's so sweet ah what does that come from right overall some of you guys shit oh there's another person here it came from that big clump of mushrooms right there like Risher Mary that's someone next to you it's not the cat man or the book beak yes the mushrooms just wiggle into a vaguely humanoid shape and bounce in the water oh you caught me says the mushroom uh well you did speak up oh I know I'm sorry but it was so sweet ah reunions it is well then she's a little bit too high to realize what's up yeah well you could get high - and then we can all communicate like on a deep spiritual level come on eat some shrooms I've already got some in me now I get dog enough for me so goose at this point my god she's adorable - the keeper 1.03 keeper out of character no I can keep you or come on I'll let you come with it with me and I promise to eat a mushroom and I know you should some mushrooms now I promise I'll let you go in a couple days I just want to have fun and this moist little face and I wonder is the time state I would think and see what's going how everything's are going I like it over in that direction and I'm just like fucking terrified eyes and hear me out hear me out you could come with us and would make sure there's plenty of food and then I could have some mushroom burger net for that mom we got plenty of food and I have all these friends were just like lounging around and putting on this great little play for me so happy here they'll get sick if they keep this up for too long sweetie no they won't I promise I've done this before like a lot of times they probably just need to start burning these shrooms at this point alright that's not nice we need to give them awareness rooms or need to knock them out then blur doesn't a spy that creature right there oh yeah you can see a humanoid mushroom like quivering in the water with excitement then the kind of blinks rubs his eyes and then hears that again yeah like every time oh yeah my mushrooms are people what side of Nightmare apocalypse if I woke it up into the cutest apocalypse hi and she just wave vegetable hands oh ma cherie what my god what else is monster no no it's okay I'm the only one who can think the other bus was just cooter comes yeah but they can't talk so we only have your word for it yeah oh oh my god that's what I'm saying I'm horrified what if everything oh my god what if water can think my mind is exploding with possibilities shishi recent error in the last it covers her mouth I'm sorry water I didn't need to kill you cheap like that that was better we're gonna have to stop eating all these mushrooms in case there won't be any more feelings and stuff oh no oh no no so as she's saying this and see it's like continuing to try and convince her to come you see the giant set of mushrooms in the back corner just like slowly meander up oh oh fuck don't let him punch it I knew this was coming I'm disappointed you didn't use the other joke I've been so much better and also those Kojak mushroom penis if that's your definition of giant while you haven't been playing the game oh okay I see a mushroom daddy just like comes over all right is right so you flex at it the mushroom daddy just reaches down in pets little sports Prout's head Hey look at that I was right just because I can't talk doesn't mean they're not alive oh no I know he was there definitely dad hi dad we need to okay so I was like yeah you wanted us to eat your dead no he was saving more environment so then was going to start trying to sneak a head front this is like fucked us again I'm out by is that justice like we need to figure out what crazy she's being drawn to alright this looks like it's going to be stalemated that's Lindsay there's just a long hallway waiting north so if you want to keep going down where that's fine oh please don't wait a little save the friends go back when you go pick their brother wait all my new friends now come back you know water I didn't mean to step on you oh god oh god no I'm sorry oh come with us I'm guessing we'll nervously look over her shoulder at the enormous mushroom man mushroom man we'll just like reach down and pick you up put you over here go over here they'll pick up sprout and then just put it on the ground over here it's like 10 feet away over here look you can't be people we you're a good guy mushroom Danny it's clear that it's messing with their heads yeah absolutely clear hunger is so high later I really have the alcohol stops us from hit me too quick uh my name sweetie who are you saying that to to my daughter well I'm Sarah hi nice to meet you Sarah what's your name I'm crasher that's a cute name my mom told me about a crusher once yeah she said she was real like no good nobody like deserted her and stuff no she disappeared not all so a mom said Oh crusher nah-ah we would buy for any drunk it doesn't sound anything like am I the bad one am i the fatty so yes proud is just running around in circles apologizing to the mushrooms for eating them and mushroom daddy's just crosses a giant like fungus II arms this shakes his head oh look up at the mushroom debt oh you're very big I'm trying to get mushroom heroes man oh that's bro hi sprout okay I'm asking at big mushroom daddy if is it possible to just get these people out of here if he understands you he makes no indication of it that kid object so hi Zack when we step it seems to have gone a little bit worse than initially no this is so much better I mean I'm totally a mushroom camel but other than that I'm having so much fun oh my god yeah and that if the waters remember to water was about to be drinking and eating them you know that Vidia neighborly thing to do no it's okay Danny says we're fine okay and we should eat more mushrooms except me because that would be cannibalism but you guys should eat mushrooms that way we can all like Zen out and stuff bye lady I would never ever at a million trillion bazillion years think of eating you and that's a promise you could put that in the bank and set your watch by it what's watch what's bank okay that's it I'm putting my foot down here like a piggy you put a little coin in it hold on oh yeah we're not eating them ready can I have a piggy please the mushroom just shakes its head oh this is seriously you're gonna wear this event is going to start trying to take away the mushrooms because we need to get these people out of here otherwise they're probably going to die hey those are mushrooms you have 70 well you know but y'all supposed to like human stuff no eating the shrooms you're eating this room's otherwise I can't have fun with you they're not healthy for them you thing or what sighs you can't have fun without drugs Oh what the drug all right screams oh well I can't like get in your head make it do stuff if you like gun crews Krisha you have manners you need to take care of isn't your heart still being tucked I'm aware of that also fans of meet my daughter I just found out about this so I apologize if I'm a little bit distracted wait you're what yeah exactly you have a daughter shut up I know payments I'm the right David that was shit supposed to realize that anyway bleep there's old a dick I am proud pound over Oh shrooms have some shrooms no super duper fun and then like when she starts saying that mushroom daddy just stomps over just throw the elf out of the way comes over to you looks down at you with nuts tiny little beady eyes okay it's just I don't think your daddy wants that this crowd daddy I'm old enough to have a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever friend you can't make decisions for me anymore I'm sorry it would seem that I already currently have a lot of baggage that wouldn't make a particularly good girlfriend material right now sprout it's impossible he just said you're saying your daddy can't make decisions for you but you are making decisions for everyone else is repeating them the mushroom of forcing and anything that goes wrong well yeah but that's fun not having a boyfriend isn't fun and it is but not as fun as it could be so what's the difference comes from what eating what you're doing if it's right for you to force people to do what you want because what do you want with only what Madison up there and the feelings are about a rule persuade Jeff Rita okay I realistic conics puppy-dog eyes and I count your panic puppy-dog eyes well the 14 is what we're gonna fight gonna go with obvious she just crosses her arms and says well I'm the only person in my head so I don't know but I want everyone to have fun with me and each rooms and and and and stay here for like a whole week yeah we can be here holding any best friends and and and she can be my girlfriend boyfriend thing and we can have a daughter looking look she's so cute she's practice all grown up already I don't think well so fast crowd what about instead you let people come to you and you can't become fasting more people by not forcing them nobody wants to be my friend without shrooms those are likely on fire Tim was like ma be your friend without rooms that's forever yeah he comes she bounces over and just bleep hugs you huh okay you know what it's a small bracket ring yeah yeah I'm gonna grab her I'm gonna hug her and a boob hugger she's my own marshmallow a long time oh boy mushroom daddy looks none too pleased and get the other way like I just pat pat pat I'm not doing that darn I'm not doing anything don't no no no please please it's not a hug I set the hog it's just raw uncontrolled care of mushroom daddy [Music] speaking over it was an actual princess like a for reals one she's got really good grades and everything very respectful student and really respect amongst appear should be a great friend response yeah yeah I'm a princess and I know magic so you look I can make lights appear low in precipitation he seems fascinated by your magic YUM so there's no reason to be angry afraid or try to force any well people are willing to be your friend if you give them a chance if you are kind as open it will always be a friend find another because you want to be friends with people you need you don't want to hurt them you just want to be have fun and be like the fat milk feelings do to others only if they fight all choice to it I'm going to be honest I wasn't paying attention for half that because I was buried in this lady's boobies but that's not a really nice and using nice so you want to be my friend oh yes okay it's enough is enough you also know that you have to be nice and that you're forcing people is being the only you want to do not nice I'm sorry not good basically because you know yourself that you are a good person you all kind your big heart technically but it's still there you have a great personality very energetic and you're good to everybody want to play now you just want everyone to have fun right yeah so please let's stop with the fourth thing let's get them out there let's get you to some little more something a better stay unless you want to stay here we get places upstairs different different whether there's some diapers and everything and there's more people has anyone ever told you like it's really easy to go to sleep to your voice because like you just keep talking and talking and you're gonna say the same thing over again but it's like so nice and kind and you just have to dig as hard and is isolating yesterday the dirtiest biggest eyes at that time yes that's it yes just go to sleep it's fine mmm keep talking so okay I'm just gonna hug this okay dad yeah mushroom daddy also reaches down and Pat sprout on the head and then it looks at you very disapproving like mercy hmm and you're not sure he didn't look any other way than just disapproving or disappointed me a little both beautiful disaster year yep so he just picks sprout up in his arms and yeah gonna go over to the corner and put her to bed and of giant fungus bush I mean she is under said your daughter is lovely she's very nice very sweet okay um no we're here on the way on a super magical adventure that's right there would you like to come with us and when you sober up we can have a proper discussion because that needs to happen see bullying says yes hi what's your name could they just fly over there into the yes we did their van oh okay okay that's would you guys like to take a nap maybe not maybe not in this not on in this room yeah um shit alright you know I'm just going to try and guide them out the back of here as well - where's answers current cameras yeah you guys can Shepherd everybody into the next room sure yeah let me grab these tokens just just stop them will be easier I have everybody a big clump goddess that Oh My Jesus okay if that way if that started if that was if that got any worse I would I was actually considering like okay you know what you know what I love it all papers go holy it's fine oh you did oh you don't think I'm bullet it's like everyone else get a level and you just get fucking mad yeah you guys can level all just like you know whatever is fine come back same hey just hang out with the mushroom people for a while let's find it just come back so how was your time is your week with the mushrooms shrooms yeah how was it shrooms it was mushroom skip that's that's not had time all right so with some efforts you're able to like plant all the really high people over in a corner and make them go to bed and Zephir says throughout the day here in this washer oh yeah please just yeah that's just this is the safest place book completed lost very good cata next amazing hi so hey hey who is this new guy who's this friend new friend of ours lost not three being and yeah nice I could use some calm because I have to even those mushrooms in fact if you just give me a second I hoped I'd be alcohol kept me honest or not yeah I am calabria three died yes get gent taken it with your fact okay don't take deep breath and she George that's a restoration on it then I don't actually costed this fella I'll put my hat on freed his head and just like a lean over I'm holding a hammer on airs yeah yeah I took a wine taster to make sure that it was sat in a puddle of alcohol just dumping itself into my system just like yeah the whole mushroom comes out it fixed Wow you didn't even show you didn't even chew it yeah that would have been really dumb to chew it I suppose okay so now that crisis is over hello new friends what's your name ah new friends that's great I'm a huge fan of friends and I'm glad that a little there's a creature over there has so many friends you guys are a little loud I don't mean any offense but honestly looks more like a trip to the zoo than a an adventure party but you know what that's cool that's cool so you're like some kind of what go to something I'm a fawn I don't know what that is that like okay the forest creature a forest creature and I thought there were fauns and satyrs back when you were live content when you were awake before no damn it oh yeah credibly bumfuck like idle billy fish looks from that and you start and sound like it yeah I mean with no no it's it's it's cool it's fine fine I'll roll with it so you guys are hanging out with mushroom people huh yeah little more I don't practice that was your party yeah well I'm in there's like guys get out like it yeah we came down here to explore this ruined that was down underneath the city that we were in and Oh dead mmm cool I wonder why someone would build something under so many trees it's like a forest city though there's none of you guys better your forest people mom there are four southern ices great origin you should be very very racist oh no I don't look sorry I'm fine no no no it's okay okay yeah no no it's okay there's no hard on that no no there's no no no more setup on any any toes here I last time I said something a little wrong I got tied up for not dating mushroom stew so uh you know I'm a moment wrong button here just that you know stab me on the dulles let me know what's going on Jake no mushrooms we managed to save that the party are they still in there eating mushrooms married right no everything's fine give them that the literally next one Sansa I know but I didn't know he was just saving the tokens or we actually say no night night in the big girl say um seeing checked on you to make sure you were okay yeah then though was standing off to the corner of this entrance so that way you wouldn't be brilliant rooms all right and while that conversations going on once you finished eating Krisha you feel the strongest pull you ever have going right to this door here to the north I directly added this is the first time you've seen had any sort of distance like that door though this is everything you've ever wanted in life that girl does wait wait wait before we continue before we continue anything here I would like a percent mushroom that lets say for work it's a large yeah God a beautiful disaster pretty much pretty much you know we're about to rip up a trail of white lining and disabled stool the Buffalo Wild Wings all right I want a wing you bitch pressure you feel this intense draw towards that door and as you approach you can see that there's no handle no device no anything on the door except for a small indentation right in the center so high up that you'd have to like get up on your tippy toes to reach it and it is shaped exactly like Roizen down a slightest little detail yeah guys I'm looking at that door over there and destiny awaits oh by the way buddy with the way it is my name is Krisha oh hey crusher my name's Marcus you could call me crusader Marcus if you want but I don't really feel much like crusading right now because you know weird mushroom people so ah I was just saying there was an sac I'm fresh out of friends and uh there's a little Xander guy over there he's uh I didn't get his name but oh my god I'm actually lauraaradi weird how do you tell one from the other I know I need mystic Manor he's a Thalia they're a race of I guess how best to put it with some whole arrests and so are you girls yeah I'm promote purple Norfolk funny girls Bay I'm a long feet okay they build they've only breathe genetically females all those with penises but they have identified as male X you know what say no more if you're cool I'm just gonna go with that so uh anyway we're we're up to here we're gonna you see this normal style i'ma say princess so you sort of you see this beautiful sword here Marcus I know I'm in it's okay as far as swords go well and this sword has a mind of its own sort of and would really like me to put it in this door and discover whatever I was hiding are you possessed by evil sort do you need me time on exorcism yeah no not a nothing I kind of want to see it thank Mary I don't actually know how to run exorcism I fell asleep drunk yes seminary I am sorry the door was what can I so Marcus said it wasn't much to ourselves but you introduced him some of the Crusader I do only recognize any kind of like holy symbols on his armor um so that's a good question uh when humans were around Marcus the gods were more or less the same so let me there's a fin a few changes well yeah I know some background to this character sign at the bottom I don't fight alone yeah three Honda wave a route from them yes and whatever whatever now there's a list of Agartha always design yeah for so you can pile in whoa and you're going on an adventure again lucky boat left error and this one so we just flashed this door down and don't like that no no I think the sword is the key actually alright Roizen do you think and let me also speak to people because if you stick it in them and unlocks their - oh that's that Oh little grab I mean it I know I guess uh yeah cheaper happier what about you I mean I'm sorry it's been a long couple of days yeah yeah I'm retail retail yeah we well you lost one of our own coming down here are you sorry to hear that well kind of weird subcreature Dimmie thing with that very all ears airing Oh Ferris okay well I guess you know positrons we're not losing that much so yeah I'm glad it's a player and something is our next character is slightly better but makes it all so a little shallower fan and as that comments going over Krisha slots Roizen into place and a seamless circle of Stone rotates the sword around just 180 degrees then it seems to press into the door and very very slow this Titanic slab of stone parts right and in the side you see a sprawling throne room with great pools and graceful fire leading up to a Dyess upon which sits a great figure nearly 10 feet tall clad all in bronze and on that note next time on Saturday I will never see this level of all right text directed and most it I'm not aware anymore yeah next time we'll get to see what's on the other side I'm gonna guess a boss fight and we're gonna lose more people we'll see can we please fucking level Jack Damon no no yeah never level nove ever never level no never I'm also worried about on the way out what are we gonna fucking at the deal is on the way out okay no I'm on it well here is that uh bastard baby for one thing let's prank fresh precious yes right who is here oh yeah I'm just like still it as I'm like still of the fucking sort of just in shock like um Michael she ditched me if I'm the bad one mmm all right so did you explore new or interesting location for the first time yes yes did you discover new and interesting truth about the world yes yeah so yeah yeah that's that's one right there all right did you make a new ally or a lasting enemy Marco Suzanne do i I need yeah also also your your new daughter's probably add one other thing I don't that yeah did you advance or complete the quest yeah yeah yeah and did you neutralize the direct threat to the Queen's peace okay I can we find out what rocket when we find out what brought foreign country yeah I think you cause one so six we accidentally made thing everyone can mark down for experience points fifty one to forty five it's a need and tonight is just October one t92 xxx so it's the last day of October yeah thank you guys very much for playing I'm sorry I killed you ads that was an unfortunate critical but yeah that's not happening fucking happen again I'm sure now you have to make a fucking crazy living economy of they're also going to be mortal all right Harley just make gay baby jail there it's dead baby jail thank you Oh Oh No hold on hold on I got it I got it vandals going to commission a silver sword and silver great sort of name is miss Ling oh no I just had a really bad fucking things all by my bed well I miss my baby oh no no no don't you see it's like Vegas abortion clinic your right thumb is great I made that just like 20 times yeah but notice of this baby into it oh okay yeah you're right it should be dead giving you well uh good stuff guys and yeah next week we're gonna get to fight the bronze judge ladies and gentlemen or actually almost replication thereof god you're gonna fucking kill us all if you're going to kill them to at least let them get to four and then you can kill them no masters dissertation acknowledgements sample Tisch School of the Arts.

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