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Ispim wiley innovation dissertation award american

Ispim wiley innovation dissertation award american do my bryant university capstone course mcdonald csr report 2018 nba [Music] Snow's didn't offer you you the first baseman number 33 Jack help in batting fourth the designated hitter number 37 Ryan Arena batting fifth the catcher number 10 Shawn Harrington batting sixth the left fielder number 27 Eric John batting seventh the right fielder number 17 Mark Webber batting eighth the third baseman number 12 Owen Shea batting ninth the second baseman number seven Conor Gill and on the mantra babson number nine Edward Blair head coach of absenteeism at noon his assistant coaches our Conor Cartman norm give Oney Bruce Ginsburg and Andrew Eisen sad and now the starters from Suffolk University leading off the playing centerfield number four brady chin batting second the shortstop number 11 Sean Cameron batting third the left fielder number ten Seth coyly batting fourth the catcher number seven Matt Brenner batting fifth the designated hitter number twenty-two breaks paliotta medic 6 the right fielder number 5 Luke rocky batting seventh the first baseman number 21 Kevin bielski batting eighth the second baseman number 3 PJ deal batting ninth the third baseman number 2 Kevin Higgins then on the mound the Rams number 18 Kevin Sinatra ladies and gentlemen at this time and ask that you please rise and remove your hats for the singing of the national anthem [Music] what's around and the true last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming [Music] the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner a war the yeah [Music] Brahe [Music] good morning everyone hello and welcome to White House field in Harwich Massachusetts for game number 13 of the 2017 New England regional of the NCAA Division three baseball championship tournament John cabral alongside Sean Manfredo as we get down to the final three teams in the New England region these to the Babson College beaver is 28 and 14 on the year taking on the Suffolk Rams 28 and 15 on the season both these teams 3 and 1 on the tournament and this is our sixth elimination game of the regional the winner of this one advances to the championship round out of the loser's bracket and would have to knock off UMass Boston both today and tomorrow in order to advance the 2017 College World Series and Sean at long last one of my musical requests has been heated as as Kevin Sinatra takes his warm-up tosses New York New York is playing here in house I requested summer wind I thought that would have been more appropriate but you know you know I take the little winds where I quote goes to show how much pull you have around here John just making things happen you can take a look over here we've got people given the nod you got what you wanted mr. Cabral over your shoulder a couple of high fives finally take a look at the lineups here so there's the rest of the lineup for Babson College you pretty much know it by heart at this point I would think Jake Weiss leads off in center field Brian McHale at shortstop Jack Halpin at first base ryan arena designated hitter Sean Harrington is catching Erik John in left field Mark Weber in right field oh and Shea at third-base Conor Gill at second they'll be opposed by Sinatra and the rest of that defense were the Suffolk Rams they've got Kevin bielski at first base BJ a new at second Shaun Cameron at shortstop Kevin Higgins at third Seth coyly in left field Brady chanting Center Luke Ron key in right Matt Brenner behind the plate with Kevin Sinatra on the ball now Babson is the visiting team for this game which is unusual that had a good run of home games and that's how they determine it when you get this far out the team that has been home the most is the visiting team and Sebastian has been a home team more often suffer he spends they move over the first base dugout for the first time in a while and they will be the visitors in this game so leaving things off is Jake Weiss thanks to Jim Seavey the sports information director at mass amount of time we have tournament stats performance within the tournament coming into today's games the first pitch misses outside to Jake Weiss Weiss has started all five games they played in he's he's swinging it well 6 for 16 for a 375 batting average here in the regional as a pitch to him is in for a strike one ball and one strike a lot of these guys getting plenty of that Matt's John as each team seems like they've had at least one extra inning game or one game where they batted around a couple times one one this is inside 64 degrees and absolutely gorgeous here in Harwich at high noon a light breeze but not a cold breeze like we've had in previous days just absolutely perfect baseball weather here today and two good teams on the diamond to one this is low and ended you could tell Sean just spirits are up all around the ballpark here as the fans of both teams are happy with how the teams are performed to still be here on Sunday and the people working are delighted that they weren't here for a 9:30 first pitch and I'm one of those people John I mean last night getting to get home getting home before 2 a.m. was quite the treat feel a little bit more refreshed here having grabbed a few hours of sleep and then a little bit of a late start here as well only 2 games today used to the quadruple header the last three for you and I and all the rest of the crew fish misses insides Jake twice draws the leadoff walk now Brian McHale steps to the plate McHale is 17 or 20 for a 350 batting average in the tournament the interesting thing to note for those people watching following along is that there will not be three games today no matter what the winner of this game will go on to face UMass Boston and if they're able to knock off the beacons and force a winner-take-all game that would go on Monday on the outside corner for called strike one oh and one to Mikael so a good old-fashioned doubleheader for once for us instead of the double double header which we've been slugging our way through so far in this tournament I'm just glad you not at Applebee's today well I kept looking for that tweet you're going to send a little whimsical jab maybe at the everybody's favorite neighborhood grill and no didn't come didn't come through so I don't want to draw any attention to myself personally it was nothing to ever do to do that you know here's a pop up the doll doctor not on Twitter so no nothing we can do to get you into any trouble other than contact them on instant messenger all that a flight now no balls and two strikes wonder what the doctors buddy icon is guessing it would be an animation of the bald eagle and the American flag as that one was lifted to centerfield cotton center where the Harry chant went out Oh completely agree [Music] one away now for Jack now with a 33 Jack happen Alpen 5 for 19 in the tournament with no home runs in three RBI ball one misses low in the dirt I took the liberty of cleaning up our broadcast booth a little bit before we started here today but what I inadvertently did was knocked away a lot of our paper weights the you know half drank bottles of water and Gatorade that we were using to keep things down so we're limited in what we can use to keep the papers from blowing away I get more in the mini fridge if we need him as this one lifts into left field Seth coyly moving over and does not catch the ball look to be very playable with the bad route to the ball Halpin takes the hit twice up to second two on with one out be interesting to see how the wind has any impact on the fly balls we saw yesterday the first two games very much an impact take another look here you did go in the opposite field with a bleeder down the line drops right in front of the left fielder and as as John mentioned there maybe not the test route but don't know if there's any impact from the wind the flags aren't swirling like they have been the past but we can certainly feel the breeze here in the press box [Music] Siddartha on the season three and one with a 7.99 er a is that one misses outside for ball one to Ryan arena making his six start his eighth appearance he's gone 32 and 2/3 innings he's given up 31 runs 29 earned on 42 hits 23 strikeouts to 15 walks opponents batting 307 against him Anthony Delp ready going with him here in this game giving him the ball in this elimination situation is that bitch in recalled strike one one ball and one strike Beacons who have gone undefeated so far in this tournament sitting back waiting for the winner of this one in a very good position not only do they have to be defeated twice but they'll play two less games in their opponents so their pitchers have been able to sit back and rest that is the benefit of being the number one seed stepping off their Sinatra is a sophomore left-hander out of East Boston Mass and he's Boston high we saw last night John in the elimination game some of the benefits of having arrested bullpen as Babson was able to go to two very good relievers at the end of a close game one one popped up on the infield making the call at shortstop is Cameron and he touched it away the second out of the inner arena retired arena have the big hit last night the two long single in the bottom of the 8th that lifted Babson to victory they were trailing four to three in the end went on to win tie before Arrington now here's Sean Harrington Harrington three for 14 in the tournament with one RBI Babson be able to assemble almost a pro-style bullpen it seemed they had we hadn't seen the closer yet as a not a safe situation when he came in the ninth and a one-run game got the save last night neither of these teams has hit a home run in the tournament haven't been that many to speak of and the teams generally they hit a Marten here anymore he been told that the folks at btv are deploying a home run camera today in hopes of the big fly we've also got a wireless one that you saw in the Babson dugout during the national anthems this one you know it's getting to be a big deal we welcome Jeff Fowler back to the crew we know we're not paying that sweet sweet Saugus wedding money but it's nice to have him nevertheless is that ball misses low one ball and no strikes on Harrington Sox a nice area for a wedding Northshore enjoyed some fine Italian dining last night he reports I didn't have the heart to tell that we did too without having to move I had that meatball sub where I dropped a little sauce on my nice white shirt oh they're getting chirped at by the cameraman here as he thought maybe thought I was coming after him here with the recommendation as Scott who told me to jump in on the meatball sub and he was right that thing was delicious fleece jacket doubled as a bib for me you know you learned little veteran moves over the course of many years oh no mrs. upstairs Harrington now in the driver's seat if he could reach Eric John would come to bat next is this tournament being my first ever broadcast and we're on beam 13 now made some made some improvements to my situation here get the umbrella to shade my face and from the Sun but yesterday we try to deploy the umbrella but it was so windy that it just blew away today taking another shot at it foul ball off to the left side two and one Babson looking to get a big two-out hit here in the first and in tried auto in the board on the board first oh hey I told you this would happen he said to have enough crew once we got enough camera operators it was going to happen if you talk about yourself they tend to sneak a deke a little action that's a good thing you weren't picking your nose now good thing they didn't have this yesterday - one pitch misses down low but you've had to adjust from the cape cod weather quite a bit here over four days especially when you're calling four games in a day starts out super hot Sun in your face last night finished up at what 48 if I was really a true Cape Codder is a man for all seasons runners both go the pitch is swung on hit foul down toward first base gran one's a good hit and run count two outs try to get the defense moving a little bit open up some holes umpires for today's game Tom Gandolfo behind the plate Dave Simon at first Steve Williams in second and Mike Griffin at third runners go payoff pitch hit up through the boss is a squeak through yes it does hitting third and coming on into score is Jake Weiss Babson strikes first and they've got a one nothing lead and that's off after the first we saw the hit and run on the 3-1 count here on 3 - it's just runners being up three - two outs runners taken off and you see here the ground ball right up the middle gets through runners off on the pitch going to score with ease and going first to third as well setting themselves up in a good spot for potential second run here with two outs Marek John runners at the corners for Eric John John set a program record for five hits in an NCAA Tournament game in Babson's first victory of the day ended up winning twice to advance to this game 13 so he is 8 for 17 batting 471 for the tournament count one hip down a third diving play made is the throw to me in time yes it is terrific toss by Kevin Higgins over at third base to prevent another run from scoring no excuse me one run in the inning on two hits no errors and two runners left on base what a toss by Kevin Higgins take a look at this play again Higgins goes to his glove hand full extension on the dive gets up gathers not only a strong throw but an accurate throw to get the runner at first base saves a run gets his team in the dugout maybe a little boost here to the Momentum's mother look here at the play very close at first base and he is appear to be out so it looks like a good call but I'll watch myself as tough of I have been on the umpires is walking from the from the parking lot up to the to the booth here today already with you baby I've got a few glares and you know want to make sure that I take a little easy on them here as we get towards the end it's like the end of a long relationship you've had your ups and downs and you know I want to go out on a hunt happy feeling [Music] Eddie lair taking his warm-up tosses for Babson let's meet the lineup he'll be opposing for the Suffolk Rams here today Brady chant will lead off in center field for the Suffolk Graham's they'll be followed by Shawn Cameron batting second and shortstop sat coyly bats third in left field cleanup hitter Matt Brenner he'll do the catching to be followed by Greg spelly Otis the designated hitter Luke Ranchi bats sixth and right field Kevin bielski bats seventh is first base BJ Neal batting eighth at second base and Kevin Higgins who you just saw make that tremendous play over at third base will bat ninth like I said Eddie lair will be the opposing pitcher for Babson here today the beaver defense will have Jack Alphin at first base Connor Gill at second Brian McHale at shortstop Owen Shea at third Erik John and left Jake Weiss in center Mark Webber and right Sean Harrington behind the plate catching anywhere [Music] perhaps in this year this has been their combination this has been their best defense and that's what they'll put behind layer loosen this most importance again create a chi layer 1 4 2 on the year with a 6 point 9 1 y ra s con 28 and 2/3 innings he's giving up 24 runs 22 of them earned on 32 hits 17 walks to just 14 strikeouts opponents hitting 286 2 gets them as this one misses low for ball one to brady chant one ball no strikes ground ball foul off to the left side another adjustment we've made here with the Umbrella yesterday I tried to weigh it down with coolers and things like that today I'm just sitting right in the chair got a detached and chair hopefully that will keep us from flying away x1 fouled away one ball and one strike getting towards the gay world deep in the pitching staff here for each team balls two strikes the countin you know I think both teams would rather they still have their top line guys available to throw today but there is quite the charm in these pitchers getting a chance to pitch in huge games at the ends of their seasons it was a base hit to left field by Brady chance so he gets a board to lead off the first well Edward Lear a sophomore New Jersey's like to think that a young guy getting a chance to pitch in a big tournament like this you win or lose you're going to get the experience for some of these guys and that wouldn't be some righteous air or two from now some of these younger pitchers we've seen this tournament are the top-line weekend guys towel works especially if you can prove your worth here Sean Cameron steps up Cameron takes ball one low Cameron in the tournament is 2 for 12 but he's played an absolutely sterling shortstop it's tough to come out of the loser's bracket not see some different phases in the pitching staff you got to play so many games one-oh gets in hits Cameron right at the belt go trot down to first chance up to second and Suffolk's got a chance to answer close games like this when you're not seeing the top pitching you've got to keep very much in mind that just because you may be behind doesn't mean it's anything close to a permanent state these could be some very high-scoring games today [Music] first two runners reach for Suffolk thought maybe coming into this game that Suffolk might continue to struggle offensively a little bit they hadn't had the best offensive tournament but they'd been really rolling on the pitching side until the last game that the first two games of the tournament with complete game shutouts one of them being in extra innings so they were able to conserve their bullpen the first two games Babson as well and that came back to pay off for them as they defeated Salva Regina in a very close game last night the nightcap Kwai Lee's bunt is foul up the first-base line he's 2 for 15 in the tournament with a run driven in stat I wish we kept John is how many successful bunts we got to get a force runner at 3rd we've seen it over and over again the bunt trapping you see Babson first baseman sneaking in we've seen five by my highly unofficial count the oh one throw back down to second runner safe there was a parent yelling got him before the ball was even thrown down at second base which is a really high risk low reward declaration I like it you want to try to steal a call any way you can and you can show some confidence there maybe you can trick one of these umpires into throwing it your way I might wait until after the ball is released just my personal recommendations that one fouled off depends on if you're looking for sportsmanship or if you're looking to try to sneak a call your way I guess I mean never sat in on the defensive meetings with coach Ron polecat Hyannis but that's how he teaches it he's got some pretty unorthodox things where you say really coaching he says hey if the umpires give you any any trouble telling coach poke told you to do it curve ball on the outside corner for called strike three to set quiz he goes down I'm looking run away yeah Matt Brenner will be the batter nice breaking ball here you can see it sweeping across the plate you catch a little bit of a slider slurve there brings up the corner of Fort Raleigh on the front as Cottle bleep outside but as we continue to say John it's where it crosses the plate not where it's caught Brenner is four for 12 in the tournament has scored three runs has a couple of big hits mixed in on that four it's this one off the handle of the bat though routine from Mikael at shortstop and he puts it away nice rebound bilayer here in the first inning after going to on with nobody else pop-up they're very big form get the infield fly rule called no chance for any of the batters to advance you get a fly ball maybe you can at least slide them to third base in the right situation ground ball at least put the pressure on the defense although you run the risk of a double play Greg spelly Otis has been Suffolk's best hitter so far in the tournament 3 for 8 he's also drawn a pair of walks as Suffolk really is struggled offensively and give them a lot of credit for getting where they are as that one misses down on the dirt ball one seeing these teams as many times as we have John you start to kind of pick out and see what they're doing really well what sport form and where they've struggled and try to see if they can make those adjustments it really is amazing how a tournament like this where there is so much to man all these games with no rest in between it really all your warts get laid bare as we saw last night for salvia Regina so pitches in there for a called strike one they're a team that had looked outstanding all year long and then you come to find out last night they had absolutely no bullpen when they needed it now it was strange I mean we saw a pop louse key starting to warm up after throwing a complete game in the second game of the day comeback on only a couple hours rest and was getting loose in the eighth inning one one misses upstairs two balls and one strike the count another thing Ron Polk will tell you is that baseball is a humbling game he will say that and that's true saw that last night to one fastball on the outside corner the Paul strike two I would say his go-to is that's baseball he always says whether it's a good or a bad that would be a good follow up yep to the defensive manual that he sells out of his trunk he was also presumably available on Amazon as well but you know a memoir entitled that's baseball I think would be very good read wonder maybe I can approach him about ghost riding and for him we might have to get into a bidding war on that I got an undercut you when I first joined the Hyannis coaching staff I picked up my own copy and I purchased it correctly off of his website from his distributor and the first thing I said to him was coach poke I you know I got your book and blah blah blah and he said I hope you purchased it through the distributor and to Jim this is off the outside corner Lee babson defense was starting to walk off the field they've got to stay where they are that's how he pays for cigars he tells me so he did eventually say that he wish I didn't so he could give me one gave me an autograph and eventually that book was destroyed in the flood I think you remember that - I do runners go payoff pitch misses low for ball force belly Otis works the two-out walk in the sax now pull for Luke Bronte so after getting out of the starting to get out of the jam getting two guys in a row we now have the bases loaded with two outs so an excellent opportunity for Suffolk they answer one run from Babson in the top half we'll see if they can come through with two outs and now Luke ronke the batter donkey struggled with the bat in this tournament it's just 1 for 13 bitch blocked in the dirt Harrington keeps it closed the runners stay put 100 again lockdown in the dirt so we're nibbling when ronke hitter that struggle got to come after a guy like this in a situation like this absolutely and you see Harrington going out for a quick talk at the mound he's probably exactly what he's saying to him hey you got a guy here that struggling hasn't had a whole lot of offensive success the last thing you can do is walk him at any time but certainly with the bases loaded you don't want to hand back that tying run let's come after him if he gets a hit he gets a hit he certainly can't have a walk be sitting fastball here I believe Brees starting to pick up from straightaway center that pitch misses I am errors completely done this to himself hasn't been closed no place to put these baserunner through the 300 count babson trying to sneak through the inning with a one nothing lead straight take here we've seen the umpires be a little bit generous on three outs not that time just barely away from the ribs so ronke gets the RBI as brady chant forced in from third two walks in a hit batter created this tie score you hate to see this in the elimination game on championship Sunday John take a look at all all the pitches here missing missing missing and that's there through the law and don't think that was that the correct sequence it's been a long tournament John all of us hear from the folks on the broadcast camera team in the truck it's been 13 games and seems like almost no time but it has been a long time it has time is sort of Stood Still but it still lapsed as mattnewton goes out to talk to anywhere because look now this is bad what else Kevin is very important else he's 2 for 9 in the tournament but he's driven in four runs worked a couple of walks as well had that big hit yesterday was thrown out at second being aggressive coming trying to come from behind against UMass Boston when they were trailing by quite a bit but that was at the time was a very big hit unfortunately the base running blunder kind of extinguished what could have been a rally a one pitch by layer this is a little bit outside now even at one and one somebody everybody on the the tournament has a little bit of a soft spot for took a hard shot on one of the games is able to stay in the game one one get out of the way foul the bielski can reach BJ Neal with that next the eighth hitter in the South a quarter seventh batter of the inning here is bielski could only one run in so far bases loaded with two wet layer deals and hits the inside corner for a called strike three huge punch out there by layer to leave them loaded one run in the inning on one hit no errors three left on base and at the end of one we're tied at one you're on take another look John looks like he comes all the way back inside after working to the outside looks like maybe a Miss spot maybe they were trying to stay away or split the plate as he was struggling to throw strikes misses his location but picks up the inside corner and we'll take it ladies and so you're in a game now from a coaching standpoint you know you're not going to see Plus pitching today in this game the next game Monday if there is one until maybe if you get to the end and he gets it back in relievers but in the first say six innings everything else becomes that much more important now the defense base running Lobby decision-making about whether or not to swing a bat in the giving yeah all of the little things get magnified that much more because you're not going to get that dominant pitching performance that's going to make up for other ills and pay for over stuff for you so how can you preach that message to players to make sure they're all taking care of each and every individual responsibility they've got right it's hard to do any in-game coaching in that situation you can have your little meetings with your hitters if you're the hitting coach and bring them together and go over things but you got to hope that they realize the situation exactly how you just laid it out John you've got some guys that are struggling to throw strikes what you don't want to do is chase outside the zone but at the same time you don't want to be so laate no you don't want to get rid of all your aggressiveness to where you take strikes on the base pass you don't want to give them anything free if they're going to struggle to throw strikes we saw you walk so hit by pitches don't do anything dumb maybe take a little bit of the aggressiveness out of the base running try to make them earn every out Mark Weber leads off for Babson first pitch to him is up and away Weber is 2 for 14 in the tournament with one RBI you say you're not going to see me top line pitching but I have news for the winners of this game UMass Boston is set up very nicely 1o close ball two so this is Game five for each of these teams correct well Suffolk got to skip those first two games yesterday because they were in the winner's bracket so this is suffix fourth game at Babson's fit so if Babson moves on they'll be playing the six game right Boston is sitting pretty only two playing in three games so far and 50 the fifth game for Suffolk again Boston with a 2 game advantage so they'll be on their fourth starting pitcher rested bullpen to the victor goes the spoils as they say that's correct to one fouled off the plate rank has its privileges also sure sure does Sinatra's to two lined the right-field it will get down for a base hit so Weber leads off with a single and so flying this game each half inning is seeing the we top out of reach like you might be settling in for a little bit of an offensive explosion here especially if they're going to give them some free stuff as well both teams getting the lead off runners on as you mentioned and scoring your first inning so they can pitch and can settle down Owen Shea two for eight in the tournament with three RBIs also worked a pair of walks out after the first pitch big cutting a missed one curve on the inside corner for strike two getting ahead hero to see if you can get a chase outside the zone or some soft contact maybe get them to hit into a double play get a pitchers pitch sometimes you want to throw over there keep the guy close because you're going to throw a breaking ball and don't want the baserunner to take advantage so you try to keep them as close as possible Oh two pitch down in the dirt gets away taking second on the wild pitches Weber and he's in scoring position with nobody out there's that breaking ball we talked about John the thing about I knew that it was coming a batter may have as well so make that throw over there with the pitchers thinking I'm going to keep this guy close the batter is thinking well I'll begin to something off-speed 1 2 misses away those old strings together deftly turn in inadvertently into some bulletin board in Syria later in the day coach I would go broke downstairs already talking about the World Series I know I can hear him clear as day talking about Scott Brosius I think and how he's taking lineal mm yeah absolutely we get out there don't touch the money when it's on the table coach I know the don't touch that trophy the I'm actually hearing it in my ear which makes me think you're probably hearing it on a broadcast correct messages are being sent as we speak I'm for throw down the second base back into the bag safely as Weber was just the crowd here where we're sitting but it's definitely coming through the headset which means it's on on the broadcast payoff pitch we've got missed for strike three shell goes down swinging and there's one out in the second so behind Oh to here looked like he was going to battle all the way back to a full count but number seven struck out anyway so now we have one out runner in scoring position moved up on that wild pitch which was the vote ooh breaking ball Connor Gill now stepping in for Babson yo for 411 in the tournament translates to a 364 batting average no home runs three RBI to go along with an excellent pitching performance as well so gills had a great tournament got the win twin-engine nine and lines this one down and into left field for a base hit hitting third is Weber you will come on and in score Babson regains the lead on the two-out RBI double off the bat of Conor Gill Connor Gill gets a whole lot of barrel on this ball you'll probably have a chance take another look here sitting on the inside pitch drives it in the left field down the down the line no doubt about the run scoring him into the second standing with a double is Gill continuing his excellent tournament worth noting it was actually a one-out RV sure absolutely nobody remember by the time they see and that was one of those things we talked about John where you know we try not to see if you can just let it slide I think you know I wasn't going to say anything because teamwork makes the dream work is strike one is into Jake Weiss Weiss is without an official at that worked a walk came in and scored the first run of the game 100 line past the third baseman Higgins and into left field they will hold the runner at third runners at first and third now for the Beavers his wife Sox a single not to score on that one if you're Gill for a couple of reasons one you got a freeze on the line drive you see the first baseman throw his hands up thinking maybe there's a chance he can snare that line drive watch Gill freeze then once it hits he picks up space again no chance to score there ball hit too hard plus had to hold on the line drive - at the corners with one away now here's Brian McHale McHale flew out to center field his last time up that was in the first inning when it goes from first they'll throw down to second base the throw is in time terrific throw there by runner to a spot and out trying to steal is Weiss he's cut down but Neal may have been hurt in the process yeah he got hit hard on that slide we can see me up take another look great throw by Brenner good jump by the base runner but just a fantastic throw hit hard but applies the tag and looks like he's gonna be alright [Applause] [Music] they all ski drifting over there you think he's telling him hey it can't be any worse than me Hey yeah if anybody's got something to say about it's gonna be belsky he was hit hard too way now just the runner Gill at third it looked like a straight steal all the way John you didn't see anything on the side of the runner at third base we've seen some first and third plays on offense from teams in this tournament earlier but didn't look like there was anything going there I think that's the first time in the whole tournament that a runner has been thrown out stealing in that situation trying to take second when the runner at third more often than not there hasn't even been a throw you get a signal from the dugout on that if you're the catcher what do you want me to do with this ball if the guy steals a bunch of different plays they can put on a one down on the dirt in that case it was obvious the dugout said hey get the outs early so you race some of these base runners if they try to come home and score and it works we have confidence in the offense one one boast with ball two we've seen as you mentioned a lot of times the catcher just put that ball in his back pocket not willing to risk the runner at third coming home Sinatra whines curveball hit back through the box into centerfield for a base hit another timely hit for the Beavers here in the second inning an RBI single for Brian McHale and Babson's in front three to one in the second now looking back a good thing that Babs and didn't try to send that runner from third base scores with ease on a single take another look celebrating in the dugout there they have taken a two-run lead so Michaela bored at first base with two out Jack help and the batter help and singled last inning first pitch to him misses a little low so normally this situation would scream for an attempted steal but with happens back there you run the risk of taking it out of his hand so how would you play think you're right maybe with uh with two outs I think you might be an opportunity for steal your left-hand pitcher on the mound - so you got to factor that in might be an opportunity to go first move all down in the dirt late break throw down to second not close to in there on the wild pitch is Brian McHale and it does find his way to scoring position with two em so that was not a stolen base attempt he actually went all the way back to first base maybe thought the pitcher was going to throw over but reads the ball in the dirt take a look gets a read instantly breaks for second base we've seen Babson be phenomenal on the base plans with those reads and dirt seeing them reading it out a hand on the often times with no chance for the catcher to make a throw ball three misses low and that really gets at the root of what Matt noon and his staff are doing they're BAPS in each and every year it's a tough nut to crack in a league with a team as good as Wheaton is the admissions is difficult as it is the cost as much as it is your unit not going to have out-of-this-world talent most years and you've got to be able to be very very good at all those things we're discussing really pays off in a game like this one absolutely right John base running is something that sometimes gets overlooked and I've mentioned it time and time again throughout this tournament Babson very good on the base pass obviously well coached taking extra bases but not getting sloppy not running into a lot of extra outs at the same time Sinatra's 3-1 pitch lifted high and deep to right field if it's fair its trouble with his foul deep in the right field would have been an RBI double easily had it been fair hearing a lot of football fans around and talked about doing it on all three phases special teams sometimes overlooked by some of the weaker teams here in baseball the you obviously of offense pitching and defense but baserunning sometimes overlooked and the top teams will button that up as Babson has Sinatra's 3-2 pitch misses down low on the dirt for ball four kalpen works the walk runners at first and second now for Ryan arena he popped out to shortstop his first time on I've always gotten a kick out of that claim that special teams is overlooked every NFL team every Power v school employees a full-time special teams coach you think that guy just like sits with his feet up on the desk and throws pencils at the sing guys I don't think I'll do anything today yes it's tough because who cares 30 yards 60 yards with what difference does it make but you have to all you have to say though the teams and your Giants fans you have a couple of Super Bowl championships here in the recent days and a lot of Patriots fans as we were down to the final three New England teams here all all local two from Boston three from the Greater Boston area to Babson just outside the city seems like there's a big difference when you look at a team like Cleveland and a team like the Giants or the Patriots and what they do on special teams maybe it's the players of the personnel you dedicate to that or the money you spend on on players and guy like Matthew Slater for example or Mike Matthew Slater don't grow on trees if they did all 32 teams would have won you got to keep that in mind - very true had a chance to meet him cyrex ago at the I need a hitter over 37 Ryan arena is he able to luck by way into Pedro Martinez a charity event at Fenway Park I was wondering about that we were as you know very busy weekend baseball action up at UMass Dartmouth but that was something that had my eye on that would have been cool to check out first pitch misses down low for ball one well apparently keep me in mind for next year the Pedro Martinez is one of my all-time favorites as you may suspect I'm sure one of yours as well doesn't get any better than that guy in his prime one oh this is a shade low two balls no strikes we had the opportunity to have David Ortiz on campus at UMass Dartmouth very recently for a fundraiser don't know if you cut a chance to make it to that or not I did not they needed a lot of seat fillers for John Farrell yeah as actually out of the Venus de Milo and Swansea which is very far from campus but I understand the spirit of what you're trying to say yep I know David Ortiz did not have extra tickets available to I was a complete sellout the UMD fundraiser I got to go to Bob Ryan they gave me you know invite me to the Bob Ryan one dennis eckersley but I didn't get the invite to Big Papi Bob Ryan actually was a de facto season ticket holder at Babs in basketball as the season went along as they were the number one team in the country for almost the entire season word spread he's of course a basketball purist he was coming and checking them out very cool not just gonna throw back the second runner gets in there in the new Mac what do you call that play there John we that would be an inside move or perhaps a flash play because he threw the ball that he'd not thrown the ball what been an incitement wasn't an inside move because he went to his glove side so on an inside move you turn to your arm side kind of simulate a pitch to the plate but it was definitely a flash play from the shortstop releasing your football strike we're teaching each other here I've learned so much from you in the last three to four days now in the 13 games and the only two things I've been able to pass on to you flash-flame inside move stealing stop I gave you that one - did you did three one misses down low the bases are now loaded as arena works the walk but I never knew how much goes on between the pitcher and the middle infielders I mean I see them make the signals but I never realized it actually check out the flash play here John watch the shortstop signalling the whole way that he wants the ball and what makes that a not an inside move as he turns to his glove side and so it's a regular spin move pickoff play at second bases which is what you often employ on the flash play it's faster the inside move you're trying to simulate that your might be coming to the plate often use to catch or try to expose what the batter might be doing maybe see if there's a hit-and-run or a bunt see if you can pick anything up or if you got a guy that's just getting too much of a secondary lead so it's not a standard pick all ready action in the suffolk bullpen as Mark Fusco gets up the throat seen him before in tournaments bitch gets in football strike 1 2 Shawn Harrington inside move a very big neutralizer for hit and run teams or especially to get a young guy on second base week we actually paid the price against Boston one of our 5 take games against them with a freshman at second inside move and they were able to take advantage of his greenness on the base pass a one bounces in the dirt very good block by Brenner to keep the run off the board live and learn as they say for the young [Music] bases loaded [Music] 1 1 pitch is ripped into right field it hangs up though and getting over to make the catches lupron key for the out that retires the side the Beavers do pick up 2 more runs though highlighted by the Gil double they get the runs on 4 hits no errors but they leave the bases loaded and at the end of one and a half innings of play the secretary score three to one absent Washington 2017 rule in Division three regional here on btv 9 and mm 8 bucks calm and normally you're saying oh geez you left the bases loaded but this seems like a game where you're going to have baserunners all the time is that necessarily as painful as it would normally be knowing you scored a couple of runs first and there's the promise of a lot more baserunners today I think it always stings a little when you leave the bases loaded the kind of amplifies the situation that you had all those potential runs out there but to get to and to have scored in every inning so far and yes it's only the second but lets you feel like you're going to be rolling now we saw that a little bit yesterday in a different game Boston up to a huge jump scoring early and often and then able to settle in a little bit on the opposite side and put up a few zeros given a chance for something to come back didn't happen but at least the opportunity was there looks like you're doing some quick math in your head often times yes Eddie we're out to the mountain right now is just taking his warm-up tosses and you really in Game seven mode all the time when you're in the losers bracket and you get into these situations Suffolk now essentially has to play Game seven three times in a row so you get those relievers up early and just eventually the bottom falls out of it yet somebody give you a string of energy up close and personal look at the Suffolk dugout what's teens of steady your hand maybe it's a lack of sleep we've all had that gets you a little bit jittery a few cups coffee to get you going on day four there's pitches in there for strike one to BJ Neil I'm trying the energy drinks all all this whole tournament but I've switched to the vitamin water here today it smells nice is that one misses down low is able to take advantage of a free Vitamin Water coupon I had a Cumberland farm so I've got to be thrifty in the broadcast business one one misses away in this particular neck of it yes as you know Cumberland Farms my favorite restaurant when I'm mine as well during baseball season them always picking up something there too one is popped up foul with the later start today I've had enough time talking on the st. Francis Xavier to get over there enjoy some breakfast the palatial Cumberland Farms they've built on West Main Street Hyannis oh yes very close to where I live and you where you live as we virtual neighbors at this point full count here on Neil he'll be followed by Higgins and then chant eight nine and one ground ball down at second base Connor Gill up lit throws over to first through out number one although as fine as close as we live to each other I barely ever see you and never even been to your place we see you more in faraway locations than again we do in Hyannis yes that's all right take another look at this routine ground ball to second base it's over there a nice couple of hops fielded cleanly first pitch and inside-out swing pop-up potentially a big out here for Babson and certainly as that as Halfin grabs it in foul territory to a cheap second out and there are now two down happen does a real nice job over there at first base on those pop-ups I talked about a little bit yesterday sometimes they look like they're super easy but with the winds and you're you're an infielder you're not used to maybe field in as many fly balls they can be difficult we've seen it many times John those especially in foul territory where they drop two up two down now here's chan takes strike one right down the middle I was Higgins that popped out chance one four one singled and scored the lone Suffolk run of the day last inning a 1 pitch a hook misses down in the dirt one ball one strike back to the top of the order then for chant big difference the first time through in the bottom of the order see the number nine hitter for Babson coming through with that big hit and as he has multiple times that's Gill really having a heck of a tournament 2-1 pitch misses lowing away Gill had two doubles in Game one if I remember correctly out of the nine hole three one misses inside Brandt had a check swing and now they make a late appeal down to first base no swing by says Dave Simon he probably didn't swing but don't you need to be up a little quicker with me ask there absolutely and we talked about that as well as the catchers have to do the communication see if they can try to steal one from the umpire there and sometimes when you come right up and ask for that appeal you can catch them napping and maybe get a get a fist pump for a called strike but thank you right you're Sean Cameron takes a call strike one he was hit by a pitch his first time up that helps help set the table for run-scoring first inning for the Suffolk Gramps both teams scored once in the first babson has upped the ante with two in the top half of a second looking for a little two-out magic here for the Rams see if they can get at least another run in a one lined up through the box just over layers glove if he's an inch taller the inning is over instead first and second with two down on the single dissenter by camera ball was hit very hard up the middle Seth just passed his glove as you said inch taller might have been able to at least get some leather on it [Music] - way for Seth coyly coyly struck out looking his first time up in the first inning ball one low and outside fastball in there for a called strike now one in one on coyly two outs the middle infielders being a little lacks on holding the runner they're airing on the side of getting a better look at the making the third out 1 1 pitch fouled off and out of blood thought is they're here with two outs singles probably going to score that guy from second base so maybe take a little bit of the emphasis off holding them close and pay more attention to get into your spot for these ground balls not even a look here one two ground ball down to shortstop gills up with it he'll go over to first high throw but helping with the stretch secures it for out number three so the first 0 of the day belongs to anywhere no runs in the inning on a hit no errors and two left on base at the end of two full innings of play your score babson 3 suffolk one you're watching the 2017 NCAA Division three New England regional on btv 9 and MMA bucks calm we'll take a quick break and come right back the third inning action from Arledge wife ethic why why something why sell why because in Boston we don't just study history we live it every day every time I leave my res hall every time I walk to class every time I go to my internship because anytime I do anything at Suffolk I'm right in the heart of Boston for Suffolk in the city I'm Dan laughs well oh because it's Suffolk I don't just study the news I also write and report it by stuff 10% of the students are international we could run all over the world because Suffolk has more than 80 student-run clubs and organizations because Suffolk is helping to get to where I want to go because I learned how to design a product and take it to retail because from food banks the homeless shelters to alternative Spring Break something is committed to community service by Suffolk because that book is really growing because thanks to Suffolk I've got a great internship at a nationally known advertising agency when I graduate I'm planning on working here full-time because every day and in every class Suffolk challenges me to be my best [Music] move to the top of the third inning here Babson batting with a 3-1 lead and the first pitch of the inning is taken for a call strike one by Eric John John is over one of the day grounded out to third base back in the first inning a one-pot foul out of play John cabral alongside Sean Manfred oh the associate head coach at UMass Dartmouth an assistant coach to the Hyannis aurochs the Cape Cod Baseball League back in the captain's chair with you for a game number 13 as the o2 hook misses upstairs John got tempted by that one was never close to the strike zone the right second strikeout of the game for Kevin Sinatra and there's one away in the third these pitchers starting to get leadoff hitters out now changes the whole face of an inning absolutely as you another look at the school yes they're chased out of the zone as you mentioned first pitch in there for called strike one start in the first two batters of this inning with strikes get ahead put these guys away get into a rhythm oh one pitch misses away featuring the breaking ball now going heavy with the spinners Sinatra is one one curve hits the inside corner for strike two now then you can do with that pitch not something you're going to want to swing at just tickles the corner there according to the home plate umpire now Sinatra kicks and delivers curve misses up and away so four straight breaking balls here lefty on lefty notch for the wine here's the pitch curveball grounded foul if you're the hitter you're thinking seeing nothing but curveball so you maybe you want to sit back on the curveball but at some point I think you might try to sneak a fastball by him outside corner maybe what if it ain't broke don't fix it 2-2 pitch foul tipped into the mid squeeze there by Brenner and now there's two away back-to-back strikeouts by Sinatra to start the third today have it John he goes away with something a little bit harder take another look here the third row doenjang and here's Owen Shea he is the other strikeout victim and Sinatra's he fans swinging back in the first inning first pitch hit on the ground a third base and elated third by Higgins who Shea reaches on the two-out error and Connor Gill who's got the biggest hit of the game will get a bonus opportunity in the third pretty routine ground ball here John special with two outs here the picture you're looking to get into the dugout here ground ball two hops baseman number seven Mike Connor has the love of third baseman so - oh error we'll see if it comes back to bite them Connor Gill now the batteries one for one with a double can't give either these team extra outs Connor Gill been on fire in the tournament the second time we've seen that happen in the tournament it's been more than that third maybe the fourth one time I thought it was on purpose because there was something that had come onto the field but yeah it's not a good look interesting situation there as I was wondering if the pitcher was going to just step off it seems like the move if you get plenty of time to do so but wait for the umpires to call timeout then threw his hands up like what the heck but no if you're if you're a savvy senior pitcher in that situation you probably just step off and don't let it rattle you whoa no ripped in the left-field gets down for a base hit advancing the second is Shea so babson making the most of this extra outfit get it back up to Weiss who's got a hit today just had a feeling that was coming after the expression from the the pitcher after the music came on it had no impact on anything timeout was called hadn't even come to his set yet but he threw his hands up as to saying what the heck's going on here and then obviously lost his focus like I said if it would have been a quick step off and swiped the dirt and no big deal would have had a little more confidence in what was going to come next Connor Gill stays red-hot there's Jake Weiss he's 1 for 1 walked and scored back in the first inning single but was caught stealing last inning takes ball one high and very much away we want to know action still in the Suffolk bullpen can't hold anything back in the elimination game [Music] 100 fastball you know on the hands recall strike one number 14 mark Fusco we've seen already once in this tournament did not allow run is one appearance one one pitch down on the dirt could block by Brenner to keep two runners away from second and third not surprising when you get in too late in the tournament to see the kind of back end guys of your bullpen the setup guys in the and the closer but Fusco does have three starts on the season out of his 10 appearances Sinatra kicks is two one hit the other way could this be another yes it is down in right-field hitting third Hart is Owen Jay he comes on in to score another timely hit throw gets away trail runner gets up to second babson getting it done each and every time they get the chance in their lead is up to 4 to 1 on the RBI single by Jake white take another look here two outs line drive the opposite way watch what happens here with the the right field it comes up thinking he has a play at home where there's no shot whatsoever fires it off line to the plate and the runner takes a look moves up to second uncontested so backside runner advancement again good base runner but running by babson ill-advised throw by Suffolk gotta be aware of the situation two out in the inning you're not going to be able to get a runner that's off on contact at home plate you got to prevent that other runner from making it and Kevin Sinatra's day will be done he's quickly back to the dugout and now mark Fusco will come on to pitch when he came on in relief earlier in the tournament he threw two scoreless innings on just one hit one walk in one strikeouts he's been effective already in this tournament but for Sinatra or anybody else for that matter if something goes wrong outside the normal realm of the game you've got to be able to get over it and still pitch I mean if he's back in the dugout saying I would have been great if the music didn't go off I mean that that's just not acceptable in this situation true when the the other big thing here it is you got your first two and you got a routine ground ball so he's if he's letting those things steamroll the error that led to this inning gentlemen you can't have that whether it's a bad play everybody makes errors every team makes errors you've seen a lot of good defense in this tournament so you get let down by an error it's the only one runner on there's still two outs you can't use that as an excuse and then the body language when the music came on I mean literally a non-factor he hadn't even come set yet the umpires called timeout but the way he kind of threw his hands up like what the heck's going on here led me to believe it was going to rattle him a little bit and he hasn't retired another batter sense like to think that that didn't get in his head babson bat certainly did though as they pounded out eight hits in two and 2/3 innings of work four runs already on the board and now Brian McHale comes up to the plate in a very important stage in this game as he is one for two had an RBI single his last time up and if you're Mikael suddenly this huge opportunity drops into your lap if you can deliver a hit here you go up 6 to 1 and Babson really goes into the driver's seat in game 13 at that stage and it's unfortunate for Suffolk because as we mentioned they got the first two outs of the inning had another chance to put this inning away 1 2 3 and since then it's just been steam rolling and what you've done is not only give them one extra life giving them the extra at-bat and you can't give anybody extra outs in this tournament but if now you've turned the lineup over you've got back to the top of the order and Mikael here then the 2 hitter is is the leading hitter on the team so you're facing a very dangerous bat here [Applause] here is Brian McHale one for two hand the RBI single last inning watch the first pitch come in curveball for strike one a one pitch fouled out of play for strike two [Music] all three of the remaining teams won their conference tournaments all battle tested so to speak Oh to hook on the outside corner for a called strike three Mikael doesn't like the call they rarely do Babson scores another run in the inning though and they now have a 4-1 lead one run on two hits the one pivotal error and Babson leaves two in scoring position at the end of two and a half your score now four to one absent could give credit for Fusco for getting out of trouble here in the third there on the outside corner to get the strikeout coming in retiring the only battery faced extinguishing the the rally you can see how fired up he was body laying huge excitement now Ken Suffolk take that to the offensive side they can't have a 0 here they've been outscored the 3 to 0 here in the last two innings he'll try to get something going on the offensive side into a big opportunity now or any layer as he got through a scoreless second now it's been given that little bit more run support Suffolk already into its bullpen so the deeper he goes into this game and has that twofold advantage of it gives valuing competitive advantages in this game and it also keeps them in relatively good shape to try to go bullpen versus both been against UMass Boston if they're able to advance yeah this you can't be looking too far ahead here because you got to win the game at hand so I think coach noon knows he's going to go to everybody that he needs to go to to win this game and roll the dice in the next game if they're lucky enough to get there but you and I can sit up here and start to think about those things and can they line up and and save some arms to battle the beacons Matt Brenner leads off the inning to be followed by Greg spelly otis and luke ron key 4 5 & 6 in the order as ball one misses low and outside so we have the three Boston teams here the local Massachusetts teams and we have Wheaton still alive in the Mid Atlantic 1 Oh pops up Harrington gives chase and makes the catch in foul territory and of the last three outs that have been recorded two of them have been absolutely cheating weak foul out to help and by Higgins and now that weak foul up behind the fleet by Brenner what can Suffolk do to get better at bats they can't give away outs at this clip tough to adjust here you start to come outside of what you normally do you start to press early and that's a mindset that you can get into when you're down in an elimination game you got to remember so many outs left to play with you don't want to give any away first pitch to Greg spelly otis is in for a called strike one he worked a walk his first time up in the first inning a 1 fouled out of play to the right side no balls two strikes [Music] I'll get a dull moment here just want to thank everybody that's been spreading the word about these broadcasts over the course of the week got some good news in this morning as the o2 fouled out of play had over 10,000 viewers yesterday alone Wow fantastic we did the 2010 regional at Eastern Connecticut Jonathan Harper who was kind of a gym Seavey that tournament and I were doing cartwheels because we'd had 20,000 total over five days that ones in for a call strike three spell II Otis goes down looking again doesn't like the call but that's the only one that matters from Tom Gandalf oh that's exciting stuff I mean I don't know I don't know a whole lot about the numbers and things that behind the behind the curtain look into broadcasting is this is my my first trip into that that realm but 10,000 that seems like a very high number it's a bunch first pitch is hit to centerfield just a terrible offensive inning here for Suffolk as Weis is under it and he puts it away and Babson now with a major advantage in this game nothing across for Suffolk in the bottom of the third at the end of threefold Babson with now 4-1 League and a chance to go for the jugular here in the fourth all the momentum is to the green side Babson is rolling right now - straight zeros have scored the last three runs in the game four runs total eight hits for them only two hits for Suffolk we mentioned the Suffolk complex has not been very strong in this tournament they've taken advantage of excellent starting pitching to get here if they don't get those bats going it's going to be the last day the thing about excellent starting pitching is there's only so much of that to go around and once you're more than two games deep you really can't count on it anymore even if you're pitchers have had good seasons because chances are you know they're doing that in games of little consequence midweek that are probably outside of your league not with everything on the line and tough to count on a guy that hasn't pitched pressure games to all of a sudden come into the biggest pressure game and give you something big so those other facets the pitching besides the pitching I should say you know working counts having good at-bats for running the bases well playing good defense all of those things have Babson scoring a technical walk out in all those categories right now correct and one thing you look for when you start to get into these these late games of a tournament is somebody to step up an unexpected hero if you will and we kind of had two pitchers get the start here when we started to look through the numbers that obviously weren't the go-to weekend guys for conference games and would you have gotten a young kid a sophomore or freshman that can really put something together and so far it looks like Babson has come out on top of the starting pitching duels but number 33 Jack helping Jack help and steps up to the plate to lead things off happen as he had a big day so far singled in the first inning walked in the second inning won 4-1 overall ball one misses low and out shot sorry if I was a little distracted I was updating my resume with that 10,000 viewers number and just trying to keep everything up to date don't know why are you a bullet point guy or an asterisk guy what if I have a resume I'm rose Rampal into centerfield for a base hit off the bat of Jack Alvin he is now 2 for 2 is still a thing or what was going when I was a coming out of school I think I might have been working with those fellows Ryan arena step sub arena is over one popped out the shortstop and worked a walk back in the second inning might have to swing down to the career advancement office of UMass Dartmouth and have them help me out I know they do great work from the studio all one misses down low want to know to Arena they might get suspicious though if I'm sniffing around there with my recipe yes yes they might why is he down here fall to missing in the dirt and so for Suffolk this is a real challenge in this game right now because so many things have gone wrong in such a short window of time that you have to avoid just folding tent completely here what do they need to do to kind of summon that that strength the will to make sure that they don't get buried here well they can't fold tent because there's nothing there's nothing else but this game right now so there's none like the last game where they were down big to Boston early and you still had to start to consider what it was going to take to come out of the loser's bracket if you didn't rally you still had to take into consideration that that doesn't exist anymore you have to win this game I think you start to empty out your bullpen with anybody who's available Fusco did a great job in his first battery faced and he's got a settle in here as he's allowed the first two runners to reach in the fourth it's a four pitch walk to Ryan arena arena got that huge hit last night and today now he's number 10 work two different walks ring Shawn Harrington to the plate Harrington one for two I was wondering if we might see Chuck Gibson the senior back on short rest after his stellar pitching performance in game Union and what alternative do they have at this point one big hit away that's a situation shorter you know we were in that situation with our senior Sean Callahan who came back on one day's rest to beat the University of Southern Maine in the conference tournament in the situation where you you can't really demand it as a coach because it's kind of crazy but your years are very much very much along toward yes when Sean Callahan came to us and said hey now I'm pitching tomorrow kids to the Maine we said okay let's Hawk speaking of those seniors is really worth pointing out today that today is commencement day for both Suffolk University and Babson College and that all of the seniors on both of the teams have declined the cap and gown ceremony to be here with those teams so we should point out the now graduates of those two fine institutions and we'll sprinkle that in is were able because they do deserve that acknowledgement maybe you can you know play pomp and circumstance into a kazoo while I read their names but ball one misses down low to Shaun Harrington for Babson College or seniors or Owen Shea Ken wrote oh no Jake Weiss and Jack Calvin and for Suffolk BJ Neil Matt Brenner Chuck Gibson Sean Cameron Tim Conroy Wyatt Stanley and Kevin bielski all getting their sheepskin here today or eventually somebody's getting it for them I suppose is the one oh mrs. Heine way and degree from Suffolk a degree from Babson those are some valuable things to have so congratulations to them takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make it through to today I had noticed that on social media this morning when I woke up both the both these teams and have a great athletic department running Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff so they had mentioned that that indeed was the case today and I thought I don't think these boys would have it any other way the commencement ceremony is great and everything but what a story sorry I couldn't make it I was at Regionals trying to go to the World Series commencement ceremony low-key not actually that great no more for your fan has routes go pretty terrible nobody likes it nobody wants to be there it's too long but we all do it every year I can say that we had a blast at ours it was raining which stunk is always moved from the outside you know football stadium or what have you inside to the basketball court and you couldn't were only allotted certain amount of tickets in that case so some of my family had to watch it in a secondary viewing area and I had some auditorium set up and stuff like that but my friends and my roommates and our teammates we certainly took him it took the took advantage of the situation had a good time everyone count ball misses away so Fusco after getting the big strikeout of McHale last inning has not been able to retire anyone here in the fourth and Babson is set up to deliver a big haymaker right now bases-loaded nobody out for Eric job all right surprised that there's no action in the suffolk bullpen we talked about some of the guys they may have available but nobody's stirring so far and no reason to hold anything back if you're Suffolk did you see the University of Texas commencement address from I want to say three years ago nope that went in for a called strike I really would recommend and made the rounds on the internet as I was a Navy admiral who is a UT graduate and the theme of it was if you want to change the world and it was all different you know ways you could do it that we're all simpler than you might realize and he explained each one so the first one was you want to change the world start by making your bed and he explained why that was important and why it's preached in the military and why they make it so important that you make your bed perfectly every day and it went from there through all the different things really interesting if you're you're in the commencement Day spirit and you can't get to the graduation in Suffolk or Babson or anywhere else because you're too big of a seam head like Sean and I worth checking out on YouTube maybe between does sound cool and as you know John I kind of hitched my wagon to UT as a college football fan this year and I got to get out to a game for the first time seeing a major college football game and go into a small school we did have football but obviously not at that level it was quite an experience so picked up a couple souvenirs and decided that was going to be my squad last year since I got to make it to a game so check that out two and one the count here on John to one hit out to centerfield playable for chant deep enough to score the run chant makes the catch Halpin tags from third not the speediest but he will get in there to score the run Babson keeps the foot on the pedal they've scored in every inning and they now lead it five to one on the sacrifice fly by Eric John good work by Eric John they're just looking to lift the ball into the outfield and give himself a chance at the sacrifice fly that's really all you need here watch the runner at third watches all the way comes in relatively easily jogging in the score you want to avoid the ground ball there DoublePlay where you know they're going to trade two outs for a run no doubt but now you still have a runner in scoring position only one out keep the offense rolling first pitch popped foul out of play for strike one to Mark Weber whoever is 1 for 2 singled and scored in the 2nd inning struck out swinging in the 3rd Derek John seems like he's had a pretty good tournament you know I don't have the stats in front of me but just looking back at some moments he's been playing pretty well I remember him run on the base as well taking an extra base earlier in the tournament my sacrifice fly they're doing the small things inside moved there to look the runner back to second after Weber will be Owen Shea and then the most dangerous 9 hitter in college baseball Connor Gill waiting in the hole 2 for 2 with a single and a double as that one misses upstairs got a wonder if Brenner is starting to take a look to that secondary lead at second base getting awfully far off the bag looking into the dugout for signals see if he tries to get the attention the shortstop or a second baseman for a potential back pick 1-1 pitch miss o generous strike call there by Tommy and awful looked I was a little preoccupied with the action down at second base that he's halfway down the line with one out here if you can get a chance to pick off a runner a very good catcher like Matt Brenner risky there let's go deals foul ball down to the dugout explain why so you saw the flash play signaled by the shortstop the pitcher doesn't not only doesn't deliver the flash take a look doesn't call for time he doesn't call for time doesn't step off the shortstop's way up by second base expecting the pick doesn't get it was all delivered if he was able to hit that ball over to the shortstop side of the bag it's an an easy single all you had to do is put the ball on the ground to the left side there Fusco paying literally no attention to the runner at second base one too similar height that time it's a ball two and two on Weber was Shane on deck it's allowing him to get all the way down to third base line wouldn't be surprised to see a steal or something here see the shortstop very interested in getting the attention of Fusco but he's not even looking maybe Brenner is able to signal over one look to the plate to two misses somewhere and the count runs full Fusco throws his hands up in frustration showing up the umpire full count walked about 40 feet of the way into the plate to receive that ball back to yep starting to see maybe some some guys on raveling a little bit isn't to the end of the line walk look at the secondary lady might as well just continue on to third base masculine collect $200 absolutely shortstop doing everything he can to try to keep ever there you go there he goes payoff pitch not close ball four and Suffolk just busting a part of the seams here remember how badly they took it on the chin at the hands of UMass Boston yesterday and that really has carried over I mean this feels almost like it's the 13th inning of that game so it was a full count the runners were off but it's there wasn't two out so it's not a mandatory that you put the runners in motion there I think that was more of an indication of what was going on the base pass they're literally paying no attention to the runner at second base which really means paying no attention to the runner at first base either six walks already by the Suffolk pitching staff today all three of the current baserunners reached on walks and that sets the table for Owen Shay Shay is over two struck out swinging the first time up and hit really the most important of all this game should have been a routine third out to Kevin Higgins to end last inning Higgins elated open the door to a run-scoring inning and really it's been all Babson since that point as the first pitch misses outside for ball one Cameron's still very much involved at shortstop looking out to the outfield letting them know hey remember it's only one out here coming in trying to at least make some noise behind the runner at second base on the last pitch try to keep him as close as possible you can see him communicating now with the second baseman and the third basement very locked in unfortunately for him having a very hard time getting a look from the pitcher now bases loaded now maybe not as important but a single can still score the runner from second base if he continues to get those kind of secondary leads Tom Gandalf O's mask is out and his notebook is out and that's never a good combination I think somebody was just removed thank you right probably would have been on the Suffolk side if anything I don't know don't see anybody leaving but I don't have the best you can't see from here doesn't mean it's not happening necessarily very true one Oh misses up by I mean you can get us upset at the umpires as you like but you've got to throw pitches that are strikes and we're just not seeing that consistently you didn't see it much from Sinatra not seeing you from Fusco either probably was just a warning John you can get those warnings you write them down so that their official 200 down in the dirt I mean what's what's any umpire supposed to do with these bitches now these balls aren't even close in Fusco frustrated but can only be upset with himself would you greenlight here no 3o pitch in there for the courtesy strike pretty nice of them to give them that courtesy strike after the way he showed them up at the last batter so [Music] professionalism take a look at this well upstairs you know reels are almost always strikes three one on the other hand that one is in speaking of showing up Owen Shea is taking a walk toward first base on each of the last two pitches and that can have a compounding effect on hitters the previous pitch 3o pitch was a ball all the way so I can see where Owen shake started to make his way down to first base but that one seemed to be a lot closer maybe thought he was going to get the makeup call payoff pitch is fouled out of play and it's just the normal strike zone does not apply on three oh cats it's just as simple as that why it's Stanley getting loose for Suffolk eight point seven one ara payoff pitch swung on and missed strike three that one you wonder about the previous pitches how that may have factored into the decision to swing not a great pitch but Shea trying to protect the plate yeah it Shea didn't like either of the first two strike calls the first one I think was obviously a ball but then the second one seemed like it was in the zone either way maybe took him out of his take a look here as it to pitch there's strike one upstairs here's strike two high and inside so maybe Shea does have a beef roll it's gone wrong today the Suffolk staff does have five strikeouts to go along with him six walks now here's Conor Gill first pitch misses high if Gill could come up with another hitter he hit here he would go into the most valuable player discussion I would think between winning a game as a pitcher and what he's been able to do with the bat yup you have me convinced John he's been playing great so number two had a double an RBI double and scored a run back in the second one Oh pitched hit to left field trailing but making the catch in left field is coyly to leave the bases loaded so Babson gets one more they score one run on one hit no errors they leave the base boards for the second time today Babson his stranded and runners in four innings they have had them all over the place to start this game so at the end of three and a half innings of play your score Babson 5 Suffolk 1 and you're getting to a stage for Suffolk where you're very closely approaching a point of no return here you've taken on about as much water as you can take on and if you can't get this turned around if not this inning then maybe next inning at the latest if Babson keeps pouring at least a running inning you're just not going to be able to dig out there lucky it's not 10 to 1 right now John all the base runners they have left on base getting a couple breaks there against Owen Shea the strike strike one and strike two look like they were generous calls to go against Babson then the strike out getting the fly ball to end the inning so very easily with bases loaded one out it could have been looking at a huge inning Fusco getting out of it can't continue to walk this tightrope though so to speak still in the game now it's all fourth got to get some offense going suffolk went 1-2-3 last inning and it'll be seven eight nine two in the order here kevin Belsky BJ Neil and Kevin Higgins they are all one over one on the day belsky struck out looking back in the first inning Neil grounded out in the second and Ian stopped out fouled out number also in the seven Belski solaris done well against this part of the order and this is really where he's got to make some hay his Bielski steps in over one struck out looking to end the first layer just waiting for him one pitch one out standing on the mound fallen glove ready to go as bielski did his warm-up hacks and soon as he stepped in the box delivered one pitch one out the second base layer has recorded outs on each of his last three pitches see again Laird just ready to go whenever you're ready something he says and see what he does with this first pitch bunting right back at him got time to make the play four pitches four outs for Eddie Laird an elimination game looks pretty good here and love the pace he's working with we'll see again already on the mound yeah why not I mean yep love it I absolutely love this you can see the third baseman steps off as there's timeout called now he's back on the mound soon as the umpire says ball and play and here we go first pitch in there for a called strike one he is in a groove and he knows he's in a groove and he's trying to stay in it straight take there the whole way John half he might even take two oh one popped up again another foul out to first here by Higgins eddie lair pitching like he's double-parked in babson cruising through four innings here in game 13 again nothing across for Suffolk they have committed seven straight outs Eddie lair has recorded five outs on his last six pitches and Babson goes into the fifth now with a 5-1 lead we'll take a quick break and come right back you're watching the 2017 NCAA Division three New England regional on btv nine and mm a box calm today things move incredibly fast competition is brutal today belongs to change if you can't take it on you won't own tomorrow but inside all of us is the ability to step up to seize opportunity and make things happen [Music] beside all of us lies an entrepreneur does more than just invent the new but reinvigorates the now tomorrow belongs to the entrepreneur make it ball to you [Music] top of the fifth here in Harwich Babson with the 5-1 lead and we'll take a look at what we had last inning poor pitch inning you're going to get to see them all here so we have time as it went really quickly that's that hitting over to be clear we're not complaining but if you're Suffolk and you've got an interest in trying to advance in this tournament the approach has to change radically I was introduced to a pro expression this year during the season we had a senior left hand pitcher named Dylan Collett who transferred in this year and every opportunity he had to work with me he grabbed the charts and he'd when he wasn't pitching he'd sit with me and keep the pitching charts and see what we were doing for pitch sequences first pitch the inning is in for a called strike one leading off the inning for Babson is Jake Weis the top of the order is two for two with two singles an RBI and a run scored worked a walk back in the first we had two pitches two outs in an inning I think it was actually think it was against Suffolk one misses up by and he says that if it's a three pitch three out inning that I have to by a mistake which of course would be an NCAA violation or so I never dream of such a thing you actually want to be in Fort Mitchell for his nourishment that sustains life yes so one one foul back to the screen I wasn't familiar with the with the expression we want to be in for pitch inning but so I got out of the potential violation anyway but I said you know what do you mean he said in the minor leagues if you have a three pitch inning or the minors or majors pitching coach has to buy you a steak I guess that's maybe an unwritten rule or something that he had heard I thought it was funny one two popped up into foul territory Belski giving chase slides and it ends up in his team's dugout runs into the post there a little bit on the slide swinging around so many future pros as you are in the hi innocent is that something you ever heard before can't say that I had you know we in Hyannis the one thing that we do do is if you get a either a shutout or a game with no walks kitchen we'll get to take batting practice at some point down the line sure that's pretty Universal on the shutout thing as you know a handful of pitchers bps and UMass Dartmouth this year I think we might still owe him actually if they try to hold that over to the fall one two pitch to Weiss misses down on the dirt for ball two one thing I vividly remember I smile every time I hear that crazy techno song levels by Avicii because when the 2012 Hyannis Arbor Hawks got pitchers BP Shaun Minaya who now pitches to the Oakland Athletics would not take his wings until that song was playing he just stopped and brought the whole thing to a halt until we got it going it's that one fouled the other way sounds pretty fun I think he pitched just the other day did he not yeah just got back from an injury don't know how he fared because he's pitching in all those West Coast games but here's hoping for a better year to I suspect maybe he faced the Red Sox recently but we were here and made his debut I believe at Fenway Park last year to to pitch success in Oakland recently while we'd been here till 2:00 in the morning playing longer than the West Coast games in the big leagues I was hoping to maybe pick some innings up on the ride home but we've been putting them to shame with ours payoff pitch hit the other way time and room for Ron kee drifting over toward the foul line makes the catch in fair territory and there's one away retiring he's off batter here for Fusco very important let's see the fly ball 5 Brian McCann Oh piece of cake there for the right fielder drifts a little bit and the wind doesn't seem to be a factor so maybe just a little bit of a lackadaisical route Brian McHale stepping up he is 1 for 3 flew out to Center in the first at an RBI single in the second struck out looking in the third with runners at second and third first one is in there for a called strike if there's a down note for Babson in to this game it's that they have left a gaggle of runners on and a bunch of them in scoring position they've stranded 10 over the first four innings bases loaded in the second orthe runners at second and third in the third and they will runners at first and third in the first that is a lot of stranded base runners but at least it's not like they have nothing to show for it they have scored in every inning one in the first two in the second one and the third one on the fourth 5-1 lead they presently enjoy the line pitch there good call on strike two on the curve let's go now trying to find some of the rhythm that layers got going on the other side he's set down three in a row misses outside with a fastball 2 2 grounded up the middle knockdown there at second base and legging it out for an infield hit is Brian McHale one on one out seeing a lot of excellent plays by the infielders to get the balls that are going through the infield anyway but when you make a diving stop like dog is very rare that you're going to be able to get the throw as well take a look excellent effort knocks it down but no play so you come up and gut Belsky a little bit there number 33 Jack out there not as bad as the last time though John that's for sure Jack Halpin steps in he's been the big bat for Babson today 2 for 2 with a pair of singles also a walk came around scored a run blast in it everybody pitching in just a little bit top to bottom and this Babson lineup in this tournament so why they're still here is that ones on the outside corner for a called strike one only one extra base hit for the Beavers today a double off the bat of Conor deal back in the second nine singles or as Jim Seavey would want me to say in this situation they've singled nine times that's a lot of singles there hasn't been a whole lot of extra base hitting going on maybe the winds have had a lot to do with that certainly a low to curveball swung on a missed great pitch there by fresco might have been foul tipped into the mitt Brenner hangs on and there's 2 away the designated hitter number 37 third strikeout for foster now there's 2 away with Ryan Arena coming to the plate fun to see a handful of young little leaguers in the stands chris loves here today a great Cape Cod day I make one Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference in Jim Seavey walks in 30 seconds later with free food for the crew fantastic I knew that was all it took I would have done it hours ago interesting play here as a runner goes breaks for second base Brenner comes up throwing a low throw and Fusco just swats it away takes it himself so cut off from the throw from the catcher to second base he never makes it down to the attempted base runner Mikael into scoring position ground ball up the middle sweep through into centerfield Mikael hits 30 will come on in and score and Babson keeps the chain going five straight innings with scored runs and they're now in front 6 to 1 on the RBI single by Ryan arena don't think that see here again the ground ball up the middle with two outs runner off all the way diving attempt by the shortstop second centerfielder kicks it where the bare hand flips it in herring to the cutoff I don't think they had a chance at the base runner on the pitch before that to be honest with you but Brenner seems like a little bit frustrated that the pitcher would cut that off for no reason I mean what's it hurt to let it go take a chance well if the runs going to score the next pitch anyway it doesn't hurt at all now Shawn Harrington's the batter Harrington 1 for 2 had an RBI single back to the 1st takes ball one low and inside Babson has got the execution down in this game the little things are starting to add up in Fusco I think it's an excellent pitcher I like his fire and he's doing the best he can out there but he doesn't seem to be picking up on some of the other stuff from his teammates the shortstop earlier in the game ground ball to shortstop this one taking the short way down to second base for the out that retires the side but Babson adds another one on the RBI single by arena after the stolen base one run on two hits no errors and one man left at the end of four and a half innings of play your score Babson six Suffolk one you're watching the 2017 NCAA New England regional on btv 9 and also MMA bucks calm John Cabral alongside Shawn Nia frito and you got a better look at that stolen base than I did and you definitely picked up on some frustration among the battery there yeah absolutely and again I think the bag was stolen off the pitcher and I don't think there was any chance for Brenner to throw them out but we're going to get a chance to take another look at I just thought it was odd Brenner comes up throwing down to down to second base a low throw and the fusco not only doesn't avoid it but snags it with his glove we saw earlier the the shortstop trying to get his attention with a secondary lead at second base and he was just too locked in to the to the batter so in the meantime talk about Eddie layer a little bit here as he has been pitching very quickly and getting out very quickly as he sets down now seven in a row take a look here the stolen base I'm talking about Brenner comes up throwing it you can see well he's he's almost at second base but Fusco can't see that he's facing he's facing Brenner he doesn't know what's going on and surrender comes up firing Fusco snares the ball does he not think the throw is going the second I mean why isn't he ducking for his own sake I don't know maybe we can look at it again but it was just caught me a strange John that's all like I said I don't think there was any any chance to nail the runner but what's it hurt to let the public code a second race fusco can't see that behind him brady chant leads off here takes a called strike one chance been one of the better players in the tournament he's one for one today singled and scored in the first work to walk in the second takes a ball low there may be an adjustment made as we've seen the guy take two pitches here line drive out to center field falling fast Weiss coming on slides and makes the catch spend that kind of day for Babson College I love the sliding play by the outfielders one of my favorites you see here why it's coming hard the whole way that looks like it's going to be a single off the bat comes in goes into the slide snags it now a lot of outfielders might go into a headfirst dive a risky play there because if it gets by you could be extra bases the slide allows you to keep your body behind your glove and if you don't get the ball at least you body it up and keep it there in front of you love the slide want to lay now for Sean Cameron his ball one misses up and away Cameron one for one was hit by a pitch in the first inning singled in the second one bounces down on the dirt to even the count so we've seen five pitches now that's more than it took for the entire inning last inning so that's good for Suffolk pop-up you spoke too soon had a feeling it was coming John foreshadowing and now to bring lompoc back into the discussion I think you should play explaining I got it phenomenon to baseball fans everywhere yeah so coach Polk who is assistant coach now with the Hyannis Harbour Hawks as he's in in retirement mode one of the all-time great NC double-a coaches at Mississippi State the Godfather SEC baseball keeps track of I gut it's he calls it which are pop ups where no effort is needed by the defense to to make a move on it not a tough fly ball or a line drive but a pop-up or a routine fly ball and at the end of the game he adds up the I got its along with the strikeouts looking and lets you know how many outs you just handed to the opposing team without any effort whatsoever so he keeps track of I got it well I can count that up in a second here is it's not a good number right now for self except Kweli the batter he had one of those strikeouts looking back in the first inning now it's a 2 ball one strike count on him old 4 2 on the day and make it over 3 as he hits this one right out to Jake Weiss that's another I got it and once again Suffolk goes down 1 2 3 in the 5th Eddy layer has knocked down ten in a row at the end of five full innings of play Suffolk trailing Babson by a score of 6 to 1 in game 13 you only get 27 outs to play with John so the idea behind counting up the I got it is what percentage of outs did you really work with us on often my unofficial count is six I got it's out of 15 outs so that would be a 40% rate and then three looking strikeouts out of 15 that would be 20% so 60% of routes have been complete giveaways through five minutes give or take one tough to win that way and I think that's the point that Coach Polk tries to make to the Cape Cod League guys I'm sure that he uses in his division one career and continues as the volunteer coach for UAB coach Boca baseball junkie course after you're done watching the University of Texas commencement address from 2013 between games you can type up Ron Polk on the Wikipedia and you won't be disappointed the fine I've actually have a pretty funny story about this me my friend Ben Ben Warnock who's the acting head coach at matsui Community College we talked about him a little bit earlier when talking about Luke Nagel from Boston he was the sports information down at UAB and we were on a Florida trip with UMass Dartmouth and we were in the same hotel complex with UAB I didn't know anything about the Blazers at the time but I saw there was a an older coach walking around the parking lot every morning get up six seven o'clock in the morning he'd smoke a long cigar like a foot and a half two foot cigar it seemed like to me at least from the porch and he'd be walking around just walk in circles full uniform so I sent a text message down to to Ben at UAB and I said who's this is this coach on your staff he's walking around smoking cigars in the parking lot he says don't you google ron paul consol right google it and the godfather of SEC baseball one of the winningest coaches in Division one baseball history energon will leadoff the sixth inning for Babson College be followed by Mark Webber and Owen Shea six seven and eight in the lineup is that first one is in for a called strike one John is Oh for two grounded out to third base back in the first inning struck out swinging in the third at an RBI sacrifice fly in the fourth gets into this one to left field falling fast and miss played badly by coyly gets by him and John will get into second base with a double just by virtue of oily not touching the ball and that's one that maybe could have been caught but certainly should have been held to a single let's take another look and we get a chance John aboard at second base ball left field like you said John coming in hard maybe heard that I like the slide goes into it there but gets eaten up by an S the idea behind the slide is if you missed the catch you keep the ball in front of you not not the case loss Webber the batter Weber is 1 for 2 singled and scored in the second struck out swinging in the 3rd locked in the 4th curveball misses up I so you've got the 6-1 lead here but there's a clearly a psychological component to the fact that they've scored in every inning and with that in mind because it's far from insignificant would you be bunting here very good possibility the runners already in scoring position though so you have three chances to drive them in and around all that it's done anyway they don't glove the ball so it gets in Matt noone going to send that run in with nobody out the throw to the plate is in time getting a little too aggressive there and now down the second base on the throw is Weber so he ends up replacing him at second base with a very unorthodox decision there by Matt noone frosting bats in and out well is thinking there is that's a slow ground ball through the hole so good opportunity to score maybe just not a fast enough base runner or maybe not you jump a second base we'll see if we have a chance here seeing a secondary lead the balls on the ground he seems to be off on contact so just a great throw by the left fielder catch tagged smartly advancing on the throw to second base go so you still have a runner in scoring position with one out to be the same as if you'd struck out if you replace the runner at second base now with one away for Owen Shea as if all blocked down on the dirt one ball no strikes Shea is over three you struck out swinging twice in the second and fourth in between reached on an error came around to score we'll see if Fusco can take advantage one Oh hit out to centerfield this would have scored the run chant gets under it makes the catch and instead Weber has to stay a second you see again that Babson doesn't tack up some second base to move to third base we mentioned that early in the tournament maybe just something that they don't do as a philosophy but that ball was certainly hit well enough to advance to third base especially with the win there that's an awful tough throw from centerfield so Weber remains at second with two out for Conner Gill goes at a big game roving camerawork by Nick out there and in the stands Gill 2 for 3 RBI double and a run scored in the second a single in the third flew out to left field his last time up in the fourth firs pitch ripped into left field and all's well that ends well hitting third is Mark Weber he's going to come around in to score Babson's done it again another time we hit off the bat of Conor Gill Babson has scored in every inning and they now lead it 7 to 1 nobody gonna stop the bleeding here John two outs they're going to appeal over the third-base but that that's obvious then I think that he hit hit the bang the Sun won't be able to tell here from this angle here he comes around third-base and right on top of the base so umpire looking right at it bill avoided first now Jake white steps to the plate ysus had a nice day as well two for three walked and scored in the first singles in the second and third and one in the third was an RBI with two out and flew out to right field in the fifth first pitch hits the outside corner for a called strike one still working with two outs here one in there on the edge for called strike two if Weiss can keep it going Brian Mikael wood bat next Oh - curveball fouled out of play the other way Connor Gill is playing very well we've mentioned it time and time again but there he is on base again coming through out of the nine hole as the pitching performance as well three hits the day after getting a winning a-w in an elimination game yesterday Oh - this is a little bit outside you'll now has seven hits in the tournament he's second only to Erick John who's got nine so Eric Shawn was having a good tournament it seemed like he was when you have five in the same game that really raises the tide for you this one hit down to shortstop Cameron's got it he goes to second for the force out that retires the side so Cameron remains an oasis here for Suffolk today absent does it again they score another run on three hits no errors they leave one man aboard and at the end of five and a half innings of players score now seven to one Babson as we head into the bottom half for six hitting in this has just been a very slow drip route that this is turning into in Babson's favor and it's just like quicksand here for a Suffolk and is there anything that they can still do at this point with four innings remaining to try to reverse I mean still not out of the realm of possibility down by six but you're just not seeing any vital signs from the Rams here in game 13 doesn't look good John I don't think at this point there's a couple of numbers that really jump out to you on top of the seven to one score fourteen hits for the Beavers in only six innings and the number of guys left on base this could be 15 to nothing right now Babson has stranded 12 runners in addition to the seven runs they've scored in six innings of play and when you flip over the score book you see that eddie lair has set down ten straight batters I mean that's just something that should never happen in an elimination game 13 when you're this deep into bitching stat we talked about a little bit is when you get this far into the tournament what you're looking for is somebody outside of your top guys to step up and really have a stellar performance that kind of elevates them I think we're seeing it here the catcher number seven Matt Brenner Lovett you just wait come on step in the box he says I'm ready to go standing on the mound just waiting for you to please get in the box here comes the pitch as soon as the umpire puts the ball in play points to the pitcher and here it comes first one misses a little bit outside to Matt Brenner he's over two with a pair of I got it so I pop out to shortstop to end the first and a foul up the catcher to lead off the third make it three he hits this one out to left centerfield I got it says Eric John he puts it away for out number one 11 straight set down by layer don't know what you can do here at this point if you're Suffolk I mean a couple of things he's throwing strikes you're just not hitting them hard enough or putting them in play in any great challenge to the defense it's pop-ups and flyballs and you can talk about adjusting but there's not anything that you can pinpoint you're not chasing outside the zone you're not falling behind he's pounding the strike zone first pitch misses up high for ball one to Greg spelly Otis Valley Otis is over one locked in the first inning struck out looking in the third one Oh hits the corner for called strike one this reminds me of when Paul Byrd had the Red Sox under a spell in the 2007 ALCS very similar type of approach and results is the one one misses low and away and even when he's missing here and that doesn't miss by much so he's living around the zone working quickly very quickly the pace is what's really impressing me I got it to right field says Mark Webber two down 12 in a row retired by layer it's the ball Hildur number frog stands on the mound rock you know he's gonna stand there while rocky takes the the bat that was discarded throws it into the dugout cleans up his area a couple of practice swings a Justice helmet this is all standard I'm not picking on him it happens every at-bat but what I like is just standing there waiting for him soon as he gets in here comes the pitch strike one fouled out of play no balls and a strike on ronke he's over one has the only Suffolk RBI of the day which was forced in on a walk in the first inning lare again just waiting for me takes a takes a break steps out of the box practice swing which is all standard not picking on the batter but the outstanding part is later just on the mound waiting for you to get in the box as soon as you do here we go monkey flew out to center field his last time up in the third looking down to third for a sign there's only so many signs you can get with the bases empty I got it to left field Derek Jon underneath it moves over with the wind catches it in foul territory and another breezy inning for eddie lair his fourth consecutive one to three frame he set down 13 in a row and we are through six at the end of six full year score Babson 70 Suffolk one in watching the 2017 NCAA Division three regional on btv nine and MMA bucks calm we'll take a quick break and come right back with the late frames from Harwick while they're focused on success we're focused on them because protecting college athletes doesn't only happen on the field after the buzzer it's about healthier student-athletes so we're reforming to meet their needs investing in groundbreaking research and changing the conversation around mental health we're working hard to protect college athletes because prioritizing there will be creates a pathway to a lifetime of opportunity mark Fusco back out to the mound for the seventh-inning Rusco has allowed runs in every inning he's pitched in it's almost like they don't realize it's an elimination yet nobody's stopping the bleeding John there's not a single zero on the board defensively for Suffolk there's plenty of them on the board offensively no urgency here and Fusco is you know he's minimizing but at this time you need to be shutting them down you got to put up a zero here in the seventh might be all for naught if you're not even going to get any baserunners you can put up as many zeros as you want the rest of the way it's not gonna help you any I mean it's not that Fusco has been bad no but in an elimination game you need to just keep swapping out until you find something that works no he hasn't been bad at all Fusco's pitching ok he's he's not done anything that's I mean if this were a Thursday afternoon in April that would be one thing it's Sunday in May on graduation day and you've got to get a win absolutely and you're down to the final three innings Ryan McHale will lead it off for Babson in the top of the seventh first pitch is in for a called strike one Mikael is 2 for 4 with a pair of singles an RBI a stolen base and run scored really everybody is pitched in one through nine in this Babson lineup today the oh one misses low and outside we don't know what the the status of the Suffolk bullpen is here but my guess is and just a complete guess is that Fusco was probably going to be the starting pitcher against Boston had they won this game and had their starting pitcher been effective and one one grounder Higgins up with it and he throws over to first for the out so they keep the leadoff man off base in the seventh that'll get its jack Alvin help in the first piece number 2 for 3 on the day with a pair of singles or run scored a walk and he struck out swinging his last time up back in the fifth inning just have to think back to that incredible outing that Charles Batchelder gave you yesterday against UMass Boston fell on the grenade to keep the rest of the pitching staff available he's got to be wondering right now why did I bother that's a good point John and that was was a fantastic performance and we've seen so many of them throughout the tournament ball one this is up and a way to help him one misses I must go delivers here's a ground ball down to first base up with it at first is bielski and gets the second out so the getting the first two outs has not men then automatic zero by any means for Suffolk so far Babson has been able to push across runs with Wells on multiple occasions it's the first time it's happened though since the 3rd inning when the starter Sinatra got back-to-back strikeouts and then that error by Higgins really was a major turning point in the game was three to one at that point and really not a thing has gone right for Suffolk since see if Fusco can get that elusive third out in the first zero of the game for the Rams that strike call certainly helps sure one now the count he'll take it if you're Suffolk arena the cleanup hitter has not had a good tournament with the bat to 413 coming in today but it was a big to is that second hit is the reason why Babson still here they were trailing 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth last night delivered a two-out bases-loaded single to eventually win the game for the Beavers so that one is in on the outside corner for a called strike two and sometimes it's just that one hit that can get you going he's got another hit for an RBI today and a pair of walks one for tube he's been on three times seems like his timing has just been off throughout the tournament and you're right maybe that big hit last night sparks um they're certainly going to need them if they're able to advance to the next round excellent inning here for Fusco in the seventh as he responds by getting all bats and hitters in order and kay to punctuate the frame so he now has shut down four in a row in his own right four zero of the game nothing across for Babson and at the end of six and a half your score now seven to one in Babson's favor nine outs remaining for Suffolk an opportunity now to change momentum but is it too late becomes the question I mean I guess technically it's not too late but don't think we've seen a whole lot to indicate this we're looking to put up six or seven runs here through the first six at-bats anyway and the thing is now it's late enough in the game and Babson has managed the pitching so well they've got fabulous starting pitching throughout this entire tournament row tonneau is going to be fully available and kunio is going to be fully available and at this number of nine outs even if lair were to completely hit the wall here you could probably find a way with those two guys to divvy it divvy up the else you need to get still given the six run cushion absolutely and coach Coach Newton's not going to take anything for granted however with a safe lead right now six runs you're you're well into the fact one you might be thinking about using some secondary guys and staying with your starting pitcher as long as possible he's only throwing 75 pitches imagine getting a complete game here and getting the win saving those two guys for Game one against Boston might be able to stretch them out and just try to get yourself to that up to that last gun or try to get yourself to Monday you've got a good bullpen but maybe you go to them for a little bit longer Bilski leads at options check out these numbers if Logan wins seven innings Gennaro went 9 carry went 7 and Gill went 8 as his first one popped out of play or strike one there has been the starting pitcher for them all season long with 7 starts but that 6.91 ara led us to believe that we might see a bit of an offensive battle not the case round or down the second Gill over to get it 14 in a row retired by Eddy we're having a career day on the biggest day of his career the absent is never made it to the championship round of a regional we had one only one NCAA Tournament game in program history entering this tournament they've rattled off three already win here today would set a new program record for regular season work I should say full season wins with 29 now they came in on a 13 game winning streak they have one loss they've picked up three wins so it would be 16 out of 17 and 17 out of 18 if they get this one is the oh one that's hot down low yes I think Boston's pretty similar as well if there was two or two meet I think Boston has only one loss in the last couple of weeks as well so they're both both rolling battle of two hot teams but Boston a lot better shape to one pitch down a little low for ball three to BJ Neal who's over to I could see if you were playing them at UMass Dartmouth under these circumstances I could see you maybe turning on the sprinklers to try to cool them off since you're such a funny guy pull the old Bull Durham yeah need to buy ourselves another day three one misses down in the dirt football force O'Neill works the walk and he's aboard with one out and that ends a tremendous streak for Eddie layer the last base runner was a two-out single buying John Cameron back second in habit Higgins would have to go to Frank Sherman to get those sprinklers turned on we haven't heard that he's been watching but I suspect some point along the way he has been for his pitch grounded down to shortstop deep in the hole over to get it from shortstop and throwing it wide a second and wide boys Mikkel so we ever allow some wanted to go over to third that really should be a hit and errors mcil was not going to get anybody out there I don't think but Neal is able to get over three got to gut that break that needed there John and they've been looking for something all day and base hit after getting the runner on base with one out now your first and third with one down wins really picking up here those of you listening to home that can hear a little bit of a fuss that's the wind howling as well as the fans getting rowdy so noise picking up they've scored a straight error and the ball misses up high no no now that was a Rangers it hit so he's too bad take it away from the kid chant is one for three singled and scored back in the first one own this is up runner at third base really trying to distract here as he's getting off the base trying to get in the head of layer a little bit these throws timing off take a look at the stutter stepping in the dancing down there throw in there for a called strike and trying to interrupt that rhythm you've been talking about absolutely maybe trying to get him to balk and that's up something you can sometimes get is a run on a third base see one pitch fouled straight back there does not seem to have any concern at all with a runner on third base with a 6 run lead would easily give that run up for another route I believe but whereas three strikeouts but none of them since he got spelly otis with one out all the way back in the third inning he's been pitching to contact ever since now the 2-2 misses upstairs very rare situation in this game today for there a full count there is action in the in the Babson bullpen like we said Johnny's not going to take any chances [Applause] lares pay off in on the hands probably would have been ball for shan't fouls it away your guy Ratana before shadow the little bit first guy up for Babson looks so good last night worked a breezy 1-2-3 inning with the game on the line against salvia Regina in game 12 which maps and came back to win he get the win in relief payoff misses in almost the same pitch there and so the luck has run out a little bit on layers he's loaded the bases in the seventh and now for all that's gone wrong for Suffolk today there is swing away from being right back in it in the seventh inning think you're going to get some type of Mound is near weather here comes the coach that's the boss yep so you knew somebody was going to take it take a trip out to the mound and try to get a breather here and break up this little bit of a spell for layers right whether it was a shortstop infield or a catcher but it is the boss coming out and wants to remind you hey we you've got a double play possibility you're only one pitch away but you can have here is walks you've got to bear down I'm pitching great let's make it happen you know a few words for Tom yeah and also on the way back the Ray Korn approach perhaps see the umpire keeps track of the mound visits so that was one so generally you don't have to remind the head coach of a very successful program who's in the n-c-double-a regional that that's your first mound visit but you didn't leave no stone unturned here Sean Cameron is one fatu loose hit by a pitch in the first singled in the second hasn't had much opportunity since pops out line drive right back to the mound that is a live ball and they throw to the plate for an out there and what's the call here is just the one out so everybody reaches safely besides the lead runners there was a lot of opportunity for a double play but a lot of chaos noise and confusion really prevented cooler heads from prevailing and Suffolk is fortunate that that wasn't an inning-ending double play so a couple of there's there's two possible double plays here wonder if he catches that ball cleanly he's got every single guy off the base so he can go easily to first base with a double play to end the inning looked like he had it and maybe was going to the transition but the umpire says no catch see here again he has it for a second good call no catch bobbles it wisely comes home now you've got all the time in the world to come to first base for the double play there if you're Harrington instead Harrington looks to third base and the decides to put the ball in his back pocket let's see if that comes back to haunt him first one misses away to seth coyly want to know so they put out is at the plate Neal is cut down 1 2 to Higgins at third chanted second Cameron at first now a two-way as the 100 riots hi it's real also really think we had a very good shot at Cameron at first base after that play because Cameron didn't run he thought he had just lined into a double play stayed at home plate come to the plate for the first out but then Harrington looks to third instead of the first 200 is popped up and out of play to the right side I think you make a accurate and not even hard throw to first and everything is over take a look maybe I'm wrong line drive right back to the pitcher fouled out of play and now two balls and two strikes had to break in on that get back to the live action there to the line here's the 2-2 swung on a Miss strike three and lair gets his first strikeout since all the way back in the third inning and what a time for it if it's the last pitch of his 2017 season was it ever huge gets the swinging strikeout both runners stranded on base they leave them loaded in the seventh with no runs on no hits one error and the bases loaded in the end of seven full it's still 7 to 1 Babson and Eddie lair joins the amazing starters Club here for Babson which is now five deep local Gennaro Carey Gill and now lair have given them monstrous starts in this tournament so the double play possibility is completely irrelevant so we don't even really need to show it again they blind drive to the pitcher and the in the possible DoublePlay was wiped away as any layer gets the strikeout what a huge strikeout that was as you mentioned John joining the starting pitchers Club for the Beavers seven strong innings for lair Bosco had a 1-2-3 seventh inning he's back out there for the eighth we'll have to deal with Harrington John and Weber and this feels like a mop-up effort by Weber but you know you can't really mop up your last game of the year absolutely not and Fusco is going to go back out to the mound here looking to put up the second zero of the game second zero of the game looking for here for the Suffolk Rams got to come back get up another zero hold them here and maybe your offense can get something going only two shots left six outs to play with for the ramps shot of some type of Falcon or hawk here not a harbor Hawk no certainly not a harbor Hawk I'm not absolutely catcher number 10 shown Harrington Harrington steps up he is 1 for 3 on the day RBI single back in the first blue out to right to end the second walks in the fourth hitting the fielder's choice that ended the fifth curveball misses outside for ball one so you think that's going to be it for Larry I think he goes back out but there's options if it's still 7 to 1 see I was thinking of it has a run-scoring inning for Suffolk because they had so much going on it seemed like the game was going to get tight but who knows where Tonto sat down so he was going to come in there if if the floodgates had opened Tannenbaum back up and throwing seeing him a couple times in the tournament that's him were called strike 1 & 2 we mentioned before that Babson bullpen set up pro style bullpen set up guy closer a couple of situational guys like Tannenbaum who has been so good but so rarely used because of starting pitching pins oh great great problem to have at this stage in the tournament now it's you and 2 so the Beavers to this point be 43 innings that they've played as the 2-2 pitch is hit out to right-center field got a chance to fall and it does in front of champ we're leadoff single for Harrington his second with yet well we saw the first batter of lasting retired by Fusco Bloomfield listening hearing the energy leadoff runner aboard for Babson so 37 of the 43 innings pitched by Babson have been thrown by the five starting pitchers meaning that six have been thrown by the bullpen through five games just barely over one inning per game at this rate pretty outstanding if you ask me and I think you were I was first one swung on and missed by Eric John John had a double his last time up 1 for 3 on the day also had a sacrifice fly for an RBI in the fourth the team waiting for you in the championship series has also had fantastic starting pitching but they've needed to use far less as they've waltzed into the championship round in just three games but if the absent is able to get through this and make it to that game they would be on probably the closest thing to equal footing you could possibly get for a loser's bracket team that lost early and had to play the full five games to get back assuming nothing else happens in this game and it stays kind of status quo you're absolutely right and got to start to think maybe those top starters start coming back foul out caught by bielski as John pops into foul territory for the first out when you have such a good bullpen to and you get to that that first game right before you got away I wouldn't be surprised to see Cooney over 2 or 3 Rotundo for three or four I mean that's something that can certainly be in consideration then you get another night's rest and you come back with your top guy if there is a winner-take-all game not saying that's the way they're going to go or something that is available to them to extend those relievers who haven't got a lot of work Weber is 2 for 3 with a pair of signals he scored 2 runs also worked a walk and struck out takes curve ball in the back dwarf strike one Boston also with a very good bullpen we've seen Kauffman a bunch of times in this tournament he's a guy that extends so both teams set up nicely there when it goes the oh one is outside throw down to second might have been effective if anybody had been covering the base if you're the senior Brenner here you got to be a little bit frustrated Angie yep there is two in a row he looks into the dugout to the coach and three for four times now he's given me what's going on here kick in the dirt yeah I mean it's this is your last game of your career you've had not saying you would have got that guy but when you please at least give me a chance to to make a play similar to the one earlier where Fusco cut off his throwing again I don't think he would have had the the output one one hit high and deep to right field going back his ronke he's still going back he looks up and it's gone but knockout punch delivered by Mark Weber as we have our first full run to right field whoever rounds the bases and that makes it a nine one babson lead the eight mercy take another look John I was wondering if this was going to stay fair who hugs the line all the way and just keeps on drifting back back back back and there it is runs into the fence clearly a home run number 12 easily fair first home run that way of the tournament hadn't seen anything to right field first pitch to Owen shade down the middle he hits a can of corn to right-center chances over he makes the catch two away off the bat there John I didn't know if it had the distance and I didn't know if it was going to stay fair so it was two things that suck you didn't think it was going to be out of here just kept y'all and kept carrying stayed true the whole way excellent piece of hitting now Connor Gill the batter Hilary's three four four two singles a double two RBI and a run scored I mean he has been indispensable out of the nine spot for Babson whereas pitch misses away for ball one if they're able to do the improbable beat Boston twice it's a guy that's probably right in the mix for tournament and VP and I think when you're a two-way guy and you're doing it at the bat and the field on the mound it's got to be a boost for you 100 misses away two balls no strikes the count on Gill if he could reach here Weiss would bat next imagine a nine hitter coming in to be the tournament MVP pretty cool this round ball through the left side for a two-out single and Gil has four hits on the day one shy of a program tournament records it's gonna be Leon with two outs here unlikely to see him come to bat again 30 we just kind of leave but you never know now is Weber 7 playing run of the season that's got to feel good Jake Weis now the batter this one hit the other way at Dustin Pedroia swing their dip knee out to right field gotten right by Ron key for the out that retires the side but this one all over but the shouting after the big blast from Mark Weber to right field 2 runs in the inning on two hits who runs no errors and one left on base at the end of seven and a half incredible your score Babson 9 Suffolk 1 and back out to the mound now to pitch the eighth inning is anywhere and frankly why not now absolutely see what you can do you wrap it up here only chasing a few outs left six outs left to get here for the Beavers and send them out there to try to finish it if I were them save that bullpen this game is all but out of reach at this point and a long way to go still here it's such a good tournament here so many good teams and a lot of excitement lining up for what looks to be a great matchup in the championship game even an eye on the other New England teams that have bending the other regionals as well there's a great opportunity here for some team and Patrick summers is happy right now is the executive director of the new Mac conference they put two teams in the College World Series still a possibility on Sunday May 21st the fact that we're even discussing it you only have his earth shadow on the new Mac conference obviously has a good chance but so does the lease southern Maine is Oswego State the championship game in the Y York to data your efforts and I don't know if it's ever happened in the same year but I mean Eastern Connecticut so they're made of both men there's so much right true it just doesn't happen because I feel I mean Babson and Wheaton both go oh my I mean both Boston and Wheaton clearly in the driver's seat as they're both in the 3o game need to be beaten twice but Matt Brenner steps in takes a call strike one down the middle Brenner is over three on the day opted out to shortstop in the first fouled out to the catcher to lead off the third and flew out to left to lead off the sixth there's no one waved at and missed for strike two imagine three teams from New England could all be going to the World Series [Music] Oh two fouled out of play to the right side I wouldn't be surprised to Patrick summers were to show up here for tomorrow if there was it tomorrow that right he's been known as the o2 curveball misses away more of a Marc summers guy well I mean we all are but that's not fair host of Nickelodeon's double dare although he was in som ers is this one as a ground ball down to second base Gill's up with it takes the extra time as Brenner was taking it to so there are there's one away five outs to play with if you're Suffolk Greg spelly Otis o for two on the day worked a walk in the first struck out looking the third and flew out to right his last time up in the sixth the designated hitter number 22 Greg Kelly Otis for his pitch misses away one ball and no strikes Babson with a very realistic chance to enter the championship round here with Rotondo having thrown two innings in the tournament and kunio having thrown one now what is the Monday schedule if necessary there would be one game I believe the start time is early because the thing is is that pitches in for called strike one 11 a.m. would be the first pitch because whoever wins that has to get out to Appleton with bells on so the sooner they can leave here the better as a 2-1 pitch she's in there for Paul strike two 11:00 a.m. works kind of nicely for me because what I can do is pull the old lunch break disappearing act and maybe swing back in around 2:30 I know it well it's been done for many a Cape League doubleheader over the years it's a 2 2 on the inside corner my Gregg's belly ODIs get up early send a few emails looks like you're grinding out at 6:00 spelly Otis got ejected he was done anyways the designated hitter doesn't have to play the field won't come to the plate again and don't think he didn't know it got his money's worth and now Luke ronke will be the batter two out and nobody aboard Billy Otis the junior so wonder if there's the one game suspension that could carry over to next season generally there's not you want to try to schedule them for the first game of next year now so you can point that out and make sure it gets in forrester now we we play Worcester State our first game and that's a tradition this point as far as I know like none other original game because their state Lancers actually Cody Baker's most stands today Ron key to the plate has the only Suffolk RBI today worked the bases-loaded walk in the first ones in for a call strike one a one foul back and out of flick Oh to pitch from lair line back through the box but hangs up in centerfield everything going green today twice makes the catch for the out that retires the side and we're after having a long streak and it is now set down a new stream of live in a row nothing across for Suffolk in the 8th and at the end of eight full year score Babson 9 Suffolk one will take one last break and come back to finish it you're watching the 2017 NCAA Division three New England regional on btv nine and mmm a bucks calm focused on creating lifelong opportunity and that starts with education more college athletes are earning degrees than ever before but you've still got work to do that's why we're raising the bar for incoming freshmen so they're prepared when they get to campus and why teams can't play in championships unless they make the grade education matters and putting academics first creates a pathway to a lifetime of opportunity to big numbers coming in to this ninth inning nine to one and 36,000 is how many of you have watched to listen to the amazing debut color commentary stylings of Sean Manfredo here at Whitehouse field in 2017 concerned John that the committee might hold this against you through an at-large next year like we would put him in right we're enjoining you that this one was alright yeah but we don't know where next year's regional is and of course here's plan to be there so pitching change in here for Suffolk as they go to the pen so bring Wyatt Stanley the senior in to pitch to a nice tip of the cap to him to get a chance to round out his collegiate career Owen 18.7 one er 18-year to 20 and two thirds innings he's given up 22 runs 20 learned on learning live hits ten strikeouts to five walks opponents batting 385 against him so this would be eating on her graduation day for him and all likelihood in more ways than one as he would face absent in the ninth inning Mikael the first batter he's to face then Jack Halfin Ryan arena 2 3 & 4 in the Babson order this pitch in for called strike one Mikayla is 2 for 5 on the day an RBI single in the second another one in the fifth as he came around to score after stealing a base ohh one it's the outside corner for 9 to 1 strike the option is scored in every inning but the 7th never more than two in any inning but proverbial death by a thousand paper cuts here for Suffolk in-game 1302 misses in one two curveball spoiled fouled away the other way let's go ready is one to curveball misses up in a way just got away from them there Stanley deals misses that one up top always tough when you get to the end of a road here it's been such a good year for Suffolk so long and such a good run for this program and this is just the unfortunate reality is ball four misses to Mikael when you have a successful season you often get a very very bitter reward at the end because you know unless you win the whole thing for everybody ends up losing their final game it's inevitable and no matter how it happens it's devastating but when you have a long time to get used to the idea makes it a really sour taste in your mouth as it comes through the finish sure and you know we try to put it in perspective yesterday when the salvia Regina was eliminated what a great season they had you know all those wins hi regional and national rankings and boats in the polls CCC championship but you know you could see the kids frustrated and down after the losses as anybody would be but still a great year same here for Suffolk this is on the heels of a 13-2 four loss yesterday they've been outscored by a combine score now twenty two to five since yesterday you think start to think now that the what was keeping them afloat was that fantastic starting pitching we would chuck Gibson the first game complete game shutout zero misses up and away for ball through to Jack Halpern Halton's worked a walk already today he's 2 for 4 with a pair of singles and runs score shutout in the second game into extra innings so it was 20 consecutive what a thriller that was it there will be some very good memories for them absolutely it's going to take a while to set in is it how disappointing this finish is good we talked about that again John yesterday and the memories that you take aren't necessarily the final scores you remember the performances and the times together and the bus rides in the hotels days and this weekend on Cape Cod I'm sure it's going to be something they remember forever three one hit high and deep to right-center field will stay in and it is hot and center field tremendous playing center by Brady champ long run back to first or McHale and there's one away in the ninth tremendous effort in centerfield by Brady chin absolutely John look at the amount or the frown team hovers running hard the whole way and two guys converging on the ball but the centerfielder chant hauls it in I an arena the batter arena is 1 for 3 with an RBI single a pair of walks a strikeout and a pop out to shortstop takes ball one outside these games didn't start till Thursday but everybody got here Wednesday it was batting practice on field so it's been a really nice event for everybody you know teams that can only be one winner but memories and experience especially for the young guys I mean the other thing in the Division three game in particular but really in Northeast baseball all together I mean if baseball up here in the spring flies completely under the radar as this is a foul ball down the third-base line I mean you know you're coaching in these games particularly the weekday games you might have 30 or 40 people at any given game at your if you're lucky the weather's terrible yep and now you get here and you're treated like you're somebody I mean you've got nice weather to play you've got a lot of bells and whistles around here whether it's the you know the the public address or the scoreboard which isn't always a given at your games during the season and you get the broadcast you have the larger crowd you get the attention you deserve for really the only time all season long and you just really have to soak that in the longer you can stay the better it feels absolutely and you're in the hotel and you're getting the team meals and the team breakfast in here like you said you're getting treated like a problem getting the pro-style here every day you got a game you got the the buffet and the hot tub back at the hotel waiting for you for your winning here you're rolling feeling good Stanley's tutu and on the ground foul school's over I mean right you know what sometimes your reward for a weekend series sweep is getting up and going to class Monday or doing your homework on the bus and I've seen that time and time again UMass start with the kids coming in with all their books in their papers and coming back from Western Connecticut grinding out homework with a flashlight sometimes through to ground are down to third base glove there by Higgins you'll look at second but go to first and he gets the short out two away McHale up to second with two down no homework to think about no class to think about you're here playing bass wouldn't experience Luke at row number 10 Sean to the batter Harrington is 2 for 4 with a pair of singles an RBI on a search store will score to run in the eighth he scored on that home run by Mark Webber that really punctuated the afternoon took whatever win may have been left in Suffolk sails away Stanley and over the top fastball there misses low for ball one 17 hits for Babson fantastic and only two of them have been for extra bases that double by Gill in the second the home run by Weber in the eighth all the others have been singles as they have run the bases extremely well they've played very good defense I mean this has been an extraordinary team effort here in game 13 - whoa hits the outside corner so be two teams that you and I know very well here facing off in the championship round game out of work you do at Babson calling different sports and baseball and basketball and hockey do one in therefore called strike two the irony is I was not able to get there to do any baseball games this season you hear I am doing my fifth Babson game of the year well that is ironic and as I mentioned on the broadcast yesterday the first time ever met you you where the broadcaster ever Babson through two down the middle and foul straight back then on my side obviously conference rivals with the UMass Boston so we played them five times I went to a couple of their games as advance scouting and then we've seen them three times already in the tournament and be the fourth time maybe a fifth time so I'm all beaconed up through two pitch hit to the exact same spot right off of our micro home behind home plate a chance to meet all the different sports information folks that are here supporting the kids too and what a great job all those all those folks doing as a coach sometimes you don't see it all behind the scenes the graphics and the the updates and the stories and pay attention to ours and we do a great job too but nice to meet a bunch of those folks too too pops up in the foul territory gets out of play and this is also a cool thing for Sports Information Directors because if they get treated like there's somebody to and Division one you have sports information staffs and if you're a sports information director you're devoted to a sport per season and you know if they have enough resources they send you traveling you just follow that one team you're that team's si D the whole year Division three that's just not reality you're covering every sport either by yourself or maybe if you're fortunate with one assistant as the to two misses down the dirt for ball three so grant assistant right so here you have SIDS that are only covering baseball and they're doing it in a good facility which a lot of the baseball facilities are horrendous around here and they also have other SIDS here who are volunteering to help outs they're rotating duties in there some are scoring some we're writing the game stories some are doing public address and they're trading off because everybody has one thing they don't like to do and that's a good way of spreading it out congratulations - Wyatt Stanley final inning of his career he works a scoreless ninth as he gets Arrington to groundout no runs in the inning on no hits no worries in one left to the top finish the graduation day for Wyatt Stanwood run enough gonna be we ready to the bottom of the ninth inning and we are ready to tronic in here in losers bracket go back out the ball skier for any numbering iers looking around for the baseball let's go where's the batter I want to throw right now Matt Brenner put the ball in his pocket his last game as well so he got himself a souvenir and heavy layer went out there to the mound and was looking around where the heck's the ball and the home plate umpire I had to reach into his pocket and toss him another one so kind of a funny thing between innings here that's the value you've added to the broadcast I never would have noticed that we've always got an eye for the hijinks father the difference here is that you're so caught up in all the stats and the play-by-play that as soon as the inning is over here right into what you're gonna say you go into the stats you got your score book you got all this stuff spread out everywhere I'm just hanging out waiting eat this sandwich what kind of sandwich is it's been a mystery to me oh we got two options there's gonna be a rap looks like and of course you as the the top dog will get your choice turkey Turkey rapper I'm guessing you're going Turkey because this could either be roast beef or ham discolored a little bit but you know me I'll dive into anything we could always go half of each you know that's true that's true a couple bags of Lay's classics here maybe food between games we go back to the broadcasters lounge which is a real thing we're and relatively luxurious almost caught a nap there during that 75 minute rain decline about it mini fridge microwave the first baseman number 21 Kevin bells e Kevin bielski will lead things off in the ninth inning for Suffolk he'll be followed by BJ Neil and Kevin Higgins 7 8 & 9 first pitch to him swung on popped up just a terrible day at the plate by bielski got himself out all day long and idle nbc's in there as he pops out to third base one pitch one out and that's been the story of the day for eddie lair two outs to play with eight runs changing number 3bj dealing two hits on the day for Suffolk said that's accurate Wow had one we thought would have been a hit get scored an error first pitch popped out foul true by bj Neal and that the one shame of this for Suffolk as this pitch misses oh one yes Babson clearly the better team but they started playing this game like it was a game they knew they were going to lose very early and the game was still very close and you see all this first pitch swinging and you know the things like this getting down the line is that's going to be the second out of the inning just a lot of giveaway outs you've seen the pouting you've seen the infighting it just it didn't have to be this way if they could have just gotten through the initial adversity when it was say four or five to one go to work their way back into it your later issues whether he's getting away from an inning it's a time and there's nothing you can do now down by eight down to your final out yeah it's been completely one-sided and know it's been it's just another first pitch swing at a bad pitch I mean it's like I mean half the team might be on the bus right now the seems like such a big you know mismatch almost the way it's played out but you know coming into this it didn't seem like that way especially the way Suffolk was pitching those top guys didn't come back and nine to one strike there now eddie lair one strike away from a complete game to go to the championship round I was at least as good at pitches the last one if not better nevertheless well he's on the field there thought he was going to get that call it was outside but the previous one had gotten the call so 1 2 pitch grounded down to third base up with it is Owen Shea to win the game there it is Babson College a dominant capstone performance to set a new program record for wins in a season with 29 and anywhere the fluid starter from Babson College throws a complete game to hitter to vanquish Suffolk University here in 2017 for the first time in program history Babson College is headed to the championship round of an NCAA regional and they have earned the right to take on the top C UMass Boston in our next game as they continue to the memory of Dan Cooney proud what's been such a very difficult season for them here in 2017 what an amazing day for what's truly proven to be an outstanding baseball team absolutely and they just they just keep rolling nobody's hotter than them you're going to have a matchup of two of the hottest teams in the country here for the championship Boston in the driver's seat has to be beaten twice arrested they're waiting they've got thing probably gonna see Fernando Burgos is my guest for four starter but they'll be able to if they're not successful they'll be able to come back with some of their top guys tomorrow if necessary so anywhere gets the win he improves to 2 and 2 on the season the loss over on the other shot goes to Kevin Sinatra he finishes the year at 3 and 2 and now how about this Shawn for the first time in 13 chances we are going to get a game-time that will start earlier than the published schedule Wow would they announce they haven't announced yet I'm just looking forward sure don't jinx me as they might say I'm you know we have a published four o'clock I don't I don't know well I suppose as possible for UMass Boston fans that are coming but there's always those guys that with them let's get this thing back with exactly Boston they want to know the absolute tuned into the broadcast on the drive my friends [Music] you 3 minute thesis slide examples York College, City University of New York.

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