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Japanese dissertation topics

Japanese dissertation topics capsim practice round 1 answers 4frnt hoji review movie back to EGF rival Series finals here at Stony Brook University so first we have the overwatch series between Stony Stony Brook University and Columbia in which Stony Brook ended up taking the series to O in Lijiang and then illios and now we have the next set of games which are going to be column are not Columbia it is going to be Stony Brook University versus Rutgers University in the League of Legends final matchup so we have our two casters Alex and carrier Dan burger and Christian Sachs beagle s key all ready to go whenever we are going to send it to them but first I would like to thank our sponsors of course twitch obviously at twitch at twitch.tv and of course Jen gaming Jen game net and yeah I think we are just about ready to send it over to the casters Thank You Jared as he said my name is Alex Jen carry Aaron Berger I'm joined by Kristian Saxby Gillespie to take you through some exciting this exciting series of League of Legends yes indeed ask can't wait for this one we have two East Coast teams looking for a championship title on this April afternoon we have Stony Brook defending their title and challenged by Rutgers looking for to take this exciting best of three and reclaim or sorry gain their own title I should say yeah and now that we have that settled we're going to get into the match here we are going to just wait just a little bit we are going to get wait to get into picks and bans here do have some last-minute technical issues that we're going to just figure out so we can get you guys to a great game of League of Legends both these guys are incredibly talented teams I have watched all of their games so far in the EGF series and this is these are two incredibly impressive teams here I'm definitely hoping for three games we have a lot of talent on both of these rosters specifically our favorite you know ramus jungle with a very appropriate name best ramus okay I assume he'll see a lot of target bands yeah series I know specifically against uh I'll have to look this up in my notes I know there was one band that was just it's just banned every single game like got target band out of the games with old match it makes a surprise because it's like giving a rally in soda who he'd like yeah right you know you just can't give a player his best champion or you will pay for it yeah Rutgers will pay for it if best Ram is okay is on a signature champion yeah it's when he says best Ram it's okay we really mean that like he's played 315 games of ranma's like that is that is just ridiculous I don't even know if I've played myself 315 games of ranked like like like that that alone has to smell at least some sort of dedication to that hero like that is that is just ridiculous absolutely absolutely Christian what do you think what do you think about Diane markon so far what would eat and how how many bands do you think will be seeing this game of those two I don't think we'll see a ton I've been watching a lot of you know like scar a cutie pie will dominate shifter you know all the popular streamers and cutie especially has been playing a lot of Ziya he seems to do fairly well with her but I don't know how well that will translate into competitive play especially because she's currently banned from MSI and that's you know the most recent professional competitive setting we have so I think maybe someone will try to pull it out but I don't see a ton of fans or pics going I feel like they are both to new as champions to really have an impact right all right we are going into picks and bans here we are ready to get the game go in so excited Marga have a just a 3-band system we are not on the 5 in for you I'm watching so yeah we are so on autism so it shouldn't be too much of a problem but kindred is going to be the person here happy a target ban interesting it has to be kindred has not been a better pick for some tennis there's the ramus ban yeah this is the foremost totally out of what field yes Toula yeah I didn't totally did not see that coming at all who would have thought that again best rammus okay that you would ban ramus I feel like I feel like we're going to see target bands predominantly in this one there aren't enough you know super mega Opie's that any one team would get a huge advantage yep Lulu being banned away by Stony Brook here that is definitely not a comfort pick that is 100% one of the best supports in the game karma also being banned away by Rutgers another very very strong support pick here recon and Ziya are still up and Warwick you are with yeah lots of jungle defenses yeah to jungle or two supports and three junglers four or jungle areas are right all right looks like we're going to get into picks and bans here endless and looks like we're finally going to get into pic days here and there are a lot of still very very strong picks available to Stoneybrook here they're still Lucian is available as reconnaissance AK we're going to get ramp we're going to get best ramus okay one of his one of another one of his favorite junglers definitely a very very strong pick for him he did it do a very very good job on unns AK the games in Houston for EGF I'm expecting I want to say a Vic will be on leash send McKenna has been playing a lot of Ash and soloqueue that picked is not very good for competitive play the enchanted crystal error was a great initiation tool from literally anywhere on the match yeah so and she has a good laning phase you know she's a safe pick it makes a lot of sense for canna I mean the other thing to note is that since they give you first pick the ash shears that it does leave open Lucian on the other side and there is still a decent number of supports that are very very good Lucian Brom is still available we still have arcanas available Erik now being locked in who I like it taking the bot lane early for Asian bro getting the tarik that is an interesting pick we do not see often I'm very excited for it though yeah but what that leaves now is that Stoneybrook now can save their third bot lane to last pick is that they don't need to high prioritize it now unless they pick some sort of flex pick that can also go MIT and judging by the fact that Lulu has been bait and in karma has been having a band I don't think there's there's lots of lots those overlaps left so could they could pick a nautilus here if they wanted to send that top lane or flex it if I had right now it I definitely think that maokai is most likely maokai flat are being covered neither has been mocked and yet both they're very strong team fighting champion and al-qaeda's vengeful Maelstrom Zac with the let's bounce it's very clear what kind of competition Stony Brook is going for so the Malachi's been locked in and the vladimir yep maokai has received a little bit of nerves over the past couple of patches but i don't think that's going to change it very much we have seen a lot of pro players going for that triple Dorn's dorans ring bill trying to get that mana back to them when they kill they kill things so you know it shouldn't be too much of a problem for maokai Delaine especially but the increased mana costs on is Q and but it should be relatively fine Vladimir is definitely a very strong pick very very good team fighter so oh as of right now as it stands we can very very I think it's a safe to assume should I say that Stoneybrook is going to lock in a 5v5 teamfight comp absolutely canter that I do expect Rutgers this rotation to pick a Gragas top very disruptive very good for counter teamfights as well as his own initiation right and then a Joel they are going to pick them and now it looks like they live to Ethiopia who is very good against Vladimir and they went with the shen over the Gragas interesting I pick Leon has been playing a lot of Shen and soloqueue though so that alongside with draaga so yep so it should be very good yeah it seems like we're going to have just a straight excuse me it just looks like it's just going to be a bloodbath of 2/5 b5 team compositions here like Cassiopeia is very very strong against these these compositions of Wingo directly and she's very good at just turning around stunning the enemy champions stopping at stopping the initiation and then allowing her team to to follow up because of that especially in this team pike team fighting composition Lucian being hoverbikes hold here and that's definitely going to be locked in he's very very strong right now especially with the play of the room King builds going around and that's probably going to be a support locked for cloudy as well well I suspect probably going to be a Brom maybe maybe a jhana maybe a Soraka may be arranged support hairbrush yep Syrus still open as well now our zilla's and and melzar oh what's he picking oh so are we going to have Malachi supporter with the Renekton top that is is that a thing I did not know that that is interesting that could also be a mistake Renekton is fairly close to recon and recon is open that is also true yeah it's a wait-and-see yeah we will wait and see like the what's going on interesting set yeah I don't know ended no no oh my gosh okay so nunu if this is locked in man after my own heart because he is my favorite jumper vault coupon and you just get to walk into your enemy jungle steal their bow hahahahahahahahahahahahaha as you walk out of lane but it just seems to me here that um that the new new recently got about that is that is super huge right and I feel like it's gone fairly under the radar in terms of a lot of people but a lot of people are talking about its terms of recent patches his new passive is that he retains the after every five Auto attacks his next ability cause no mana but now it also increases and in rank as well yeah so at level one you have access to rank to consume and at level 18 you have access to rank for absolute zero like Daddy is required quite the upgrade to them yeah and especially at level 7 that access to rank 6 consumed which makes taking over neutral objectives in the mid game just a lot easier for you though this is this is definitely going to be a huge game best frame is okay is definitely going to be wanting to watch over his um going to be watching over his jungle his team definitely wants me warning and responding as fast as they can because this is not something they want to you definitely don't want to see their jungle become as useless as nunu is as one the ones that are general like to say do have four Stoneybrook is they lack a lot of weight where you know renekton's doesn't have any Zach because minimal maokai has not enough really flat Amir has his Eve but that's it Lucien has the calling but that's the ultimate I am worried that if Rutgers does decide to start seeing my blood boil - is very good for discovering turrets especially with that cue of Maggio Pia has good wave where with the Q and the W yep so yeah it's just something we really want to look at here I think the other thing too important important to note here that Rutgers could actually turn this turn this from like originally we said this was going to be a 5 e 5 team climbing team funding combo this is definitely now that I take another look at it now especially with the addition of new new it definitely looks more like a siege in comp because a lot of these are very positional punishing abilities tarik ash Cassiopeia even Shen as well like this this is very heavy peel for the ash in the background and especially since like new - and Cassiopeia can also apply lots of slow that means he's askin to apply her passive without needing to do that first Auto Attack which is also important to note that sama would I create us a very good pick comp actually between the Shen the enchanted so arrow the Cassiopeia ultimate I keep forgetting one called but it's very good for pick compositions yeah it's definitely a very I think I think it's safe to say that they're very flexible in the type of compositions are going to be doing I'm definitely a little bit on the fence about this maokai support here yeah that's interesting yeah the thing as the reasons I'm so on the fence about is because he does have like we've talked about his mana costs have been nerfed so they so love maxing next to you but you probably will be doing will be a lot harder to do but it really depends and see what it like because I've never seen a support mouth like it's in a very very long very very long time and by very very long time I mean like I haven't seen it since like bronze in rank in like season two like this is this is definitely an incredibly interesting pic and I I don't know how I feel about its matchup right it maokai does have a lot of burst AMISOM the max to match with Lucian both of them want very small engages they want very small like just lets get into as much damage as we can and then get out like those are the trades right whereas ashton tarik are much better with longer engagements Tarek's with is with this constant reduction of his cooldowns of it or but you know it's going to be an interesting matchup to say the least if i had to guess maokai is going to rush w for that longer duration of the twister the twist advance i believe it casted two and a half seconds on a point and click yep 700 range ability i believe it's fairly lengthy well like you said that plays in very well to the quick trade game just press the W the twist advance going get that burst damage hit the Q knock them back into Lucien Lucien could use this full combo and then they disengage yeah they don't have to take it all in every single time they could trade maokai can use this pass if you know get one Auto Attack off to get a little bit of health back and then disengage all point-and-click which is very important and here we are in the game I'm we are finally ready to get this going the second everyone whooshes in that it's going to be a great couple of games I'm super excited I'm I'm actually super excited like as much as I was is worried about the maokai pick I'm still super excited to see some a weird pick come out here from the from the team of Stony Brook here they're definitely fear across all their teams are definitely very good about picking those beer picks so I am super excited about this matchup let's get into this game yes sir and the matchup we have not talked to tone about is the vladimir Cassiopeia matchup this one does favor Cassiopeia slightly because of the range advantage she does have with the Q the w and the e quite frankly yep so Vlad does have a ton of stain but I'm assuming the Morello nomicon rush for Cassiopeia it makes sense you know it's very important um for those I don't know big just flashed oops he's got to go full disco new Newman yeah he forgot the clarity he forgot the clairvoyance yeah I mean at least he's sporting the proper skin like I'm fairly certain owner doesn't have any other skins it's just that one it's just robo nunu okay we're trashing and Noonan who's just Chen new news I mean that was a most yeah no no no no trust me he definitely has other skins but that's the only skin you know what I mean yeah bro by noon with the hahahahahahahahaha laughs is it the worst left or is it the best laughs its first one no I'm fairly certain you made the best but we have lines of scrimmage no aggressive starts from nunu here he's just going to start his read a little interesting but being nunu means that you can start without too heavy of a leash especially because that new passive mid lane as well something interesting here program has started with a dark feel so that's definitely a little interesting here a little greedy from his side but you know you do get a little bit of extra healing out of the potion so I guess that's fine it's the confidence I like to see + door enduring does lose a lot of you know it's intended value with Vladimir since he does not use use mana + you do get one additional health potion which with paired with the passive of dark seal pairs very well with Vladimir yep so lots of good things for Vladimir in the middle with our seal just a little greedy just like what what else are you going to start on right like dorans ring doesn't really do anything for you like are you going to start cloth again against Cassiopeia we do have a little bit of a scuffle in the bot lane they are looking for first blood here Lucia's going to take to take a very very low gear but I'm not going to be able to find the kill that's going to be a lot of trade damage over to the red side here so that's the beauty of this maokai pick in the bot lane they hit level two yes the qvl ooh there's some flash as well there's the stun coming up from Terra Cotta stun at both sides in Ian's empty ignite as well that's going to be the first blood going over to toll and it's not going to be able to respond by Rutgers here that is going to be a clean kill and first log going over to Stony Brook that is that is the play right there like I said that W is going to be so crucial cloud and flashes onto kana gets the twisted advance get the cue knock back Lucien one-two punch first blood easy-peasy and Conor blue is heal as well so he is out of summoners for the next few minutes you know I mean we do also have most summoners down for maokai as well so possibly seeing you've engaged that greedy that close to the turret is probably not going to happen again so just something to watch out for meanwhile nunu is warding up the entire jungle of a best Framus okay here and finding out that oh wait they don't wait are they doing dragon l1 lutely that that's the new new Pikmin he's level three I doubt he has blood boil affection signal would he has consumed he has heart there is level three himself they got the cloud Drake that is not the most useful dragon but that is not action sorry I said that is a four-minute ocean trick that is that is really huge especially gets a lot of these things ooh a huge trade down the mid lane there but that is a had such an early ocean Drake which means that people can just stay in lane for a lot longer especially with it especially with a lot of this healing and especially the dorans ring from Cassiopeia who's going to add a little bit to aura mana regeneration it's going to be hard for her you know especially against Vladimir in order to be forced to be back to you're like it's it's it forces Stoneybrook to play a little bit more aggressive in the lane like they are they are now laning against Garen in every lane like every Lane Sharon now so these of course trade yeah you have to force trades they have to force this little bit of damage here so no Ultimates yet no nothing two crazies happened aside from that level Walker level two first blood we have Shen Renekton top lane this is pretty much a stalemate you know no no one's going to have a huge advantage in this lane yeah it all comes down to the junglers on the topside Renekton is definitely very strong going to get that lead for Zack is spotted out in the tribe of here yep and nothing yeah but they cleared Ward the great vision Ward all right you do have a maokai just placing some Wars on those on the jungle side there nunu is back I'm going to pick up his possibly his jungle items that's right now nothing too out of the ordinary we have pace of the game has slowed down just a little bit I'm going to I'm going to take a I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say nunu is going to go immediately for that that risk Herald the second it spawned absolutely I have to point out I love what Cole and cloudy are doing to the spot lane they are completely denying kana it is more t1 to 18 in their Lane right now there's the twist to advance on a Ashe the stun as good as well solutions going to - and try to find the kill they're not going to be able to find it just going to back away here fortunately kana will get a chance to catch up he's two levels behind Cole right now that is a huge disadvantage and toll on loom student all champions well destiny would be able to continue to punish kana and Asian bro in the bot lane yeah no I was having a little bit of reservations about this maokai pick but you know now I would see like a little bit of the issue we look at maokai if he's cast so many spells he fountain like a quarter of his mana bar here and lucian getting a little greedy there's the flash and there's the Sun there's the ignite as well he slowed so much he's taking so so low here that is going to be at picking up the kill and they're just going to back away here maokai is going to be perfectly fine but the toll is we do have a gank the bot lane as well but ramus okay he's coming to the wall and there's Bremen Renekton as well he stunned underneath via turret that's going to be the passive pop and lots of damage onto onto those onto those little slimes there but they are going to be able to find the kill so maybe worth it I'm not sugar you did not find the kill yeah but that extremely well played dies by Stony Brook very coordinated hats are connected waiting by the rafters and flashed over caffeine Howard W for the longer duration done all anon excellent dives they did pop ramiz's tacit best ramus okay passes on Zack not Rama this has exacts passive on the player Bram this is going to go a little red in the game okay okay run for nautical I not ban them so we could have RAM is playing Rama stove oil ensues yes please please Rutgers can you just do us a favor just let the one trick play is one trick that thank you please thank you I know it's suicide like wedding and II bought play Annie but for clarity sake it would be very nice note I rate has gone down yet not have really taken too much damage either yeah and it seems like this team definitely wants an extended laning phase they're they're they're laners are definitely very strong I'm not so much about all right okay so we are going to okay we are going to go to a replay of the dive mid here and a very very good gang here super sweet going to get over that wall okay the gank in the top lane that is going to be new new slowing down the biosis the flow and the ultimate there the Sun not going to be able to find on to Josh there and that's going to be able to for the kill portion and put in this Lane that's going to be Cassiopeia putting a lot of morass onto flat Amir not going to be able to find the kill either that is going to has going to be an easy tower top lane probably if I recall correctly in that top lane gank Renekton Joshi actually stunned laia Leon instead of bit high which allows you to get the full channel of that absolute zero for massive amounts of damage Vic is doing very well on this surprise news that God must play very impressive news performance and now Rutgers have taken the first back end of that great gang yep and this end this is definitely very very good for Shen here giving him that little bit of longer Lane allows him to freeze closer to his turret which gives him a little bit more safety in that top lane there is this a little bit worse for Stoneybrook here just because you know Renekton is definitely stronger in Lane against than Shen is so being able to have that extending through we do have a gank in the mid lane that's going to be Zack ultimate as well there's the Cassiopeia goal this is not going to be able to find on to anyone that's going to be another kill for program here in the mid lane no stand united it is a I'm not sure if Griffin would have survived the gang but I feel like it was worth the effort to be on stand united but to be there you're wrong either way best friends okay with another very successful gat Zack gank on to Griffin in the mid lane to pick up another kill for the bladder we do see a little bit of a scuffle down in the bot lane that's going to be mouth-like ultimate pops as well trying to find the kill note Eric but he's going to be able to get away a okay Cana an Asian Brewer definitely struggling a lot here toll has doubled Cana CIFS right now and kind of an Asian brawler and even level six yet so they are still you know just hoping to delay this laning phase as long as possible right let's Lucien kind of he'll build black cleaver he'll build Borg but you know Conant needs that blade burn King in the room that's before he really turned on so you hoping to sentence laning phase as long as possible yeah you knew looking for a gank in the bottom Lane here he definitely wants control over that Drake and Zack definitely was looking to respond here oh there's the elastic slingshot on to tarik there that's a lot of damage coming over from Lucien as well there's the ultimate from Luke from Shannon as well as tarik and is going to be able to complete they are vulnerable now oh we got an old off wow what a great play what a great reaction we probably are taking very very low gear program going to be forced to pool you might not make it out okay there's a slow there's the flash looking for the red the red plant is going to be able to get away but this means that nunu might have a little bit of priority and the bot Lane here might look for a gang especially with Cassiopeia that coming in through the tri brush here I mean even if they can scare them off here like that's perfectly fine here comes to teleport from Shen there's the elastic slingshot coming and not going to be able to find anyone Cassiopeia looking for the tail onto Lucian here here comes the absolutely zero on this holy stake so much damage that is going to be Griffin picking up the kill on to told air and that's going to be an immediate ping on to the Drake there and I'm fairly certain that is a ranked dick eat so that does close to a thousand damage I was a great play bot Lane from Rutgers they had the teleport on Shen because he stand united actually got canceled the shield went on to Asian bro but reneged and must have used his stun so he didn't have to tell a fourth of an elastic shot going to be sunup and not going to be taken by by a Bic they're very very very very clashes at level seven Wow like a style point he tried to drive by Zach mm-hmm failed but you know what I love the attempt you know he got out with his life and his passive intact okay okay okay they wanted to get down or jeonghwan though you know you know hasn't really been able to counter jungle this whole game just because the amount of aggression that they put onto Griffin in the midlane he's had to constantly just go mid and protect the turret as best as you can just like put put the minions off but even with nunu coming there and trying to protect them in as best he can like that vid turret is almost on so that's definitely something that records definitely wants to take a look at times we knew getting probably gonna get caught out here well oh no you don't have a red plant whole thing will be okay I said I somehow things Act the tank won't be able to have been chase cinderhulk New Moon on a flood program like get a little greedy here here come's program from the mid lane oh no he's just gonna top the plan okay he's fine never mind false alarms people false alarm oh he still he's still fun oh no this is a cold when he's going to be able to flash away Jenna's coming in through the river here and while the botlane tarik is going to try to look for the kill on volusia national football mid lane back in the top side river nunu is good to get a get another plant and get away just okay you is wow he really really wanted that blue buff he is living up to the mecha nunu hype yeah I'm seeing full troll I did not hear any last fan though but that's the term explained look at that oh seven out of ten yeah diving into a diving into a blue buff with three members of the enemy team that's not the Miss play the Miss play is is is uh is not walking away with hahahahahahahahahahahaha that is the real Miss play here absolutely I agree 1,000% on the troll nunu so we have a ping that's a plane it looks like fast Ram is okay might go for a dive that seems a little risky my opinion but the elasticity which I was going to come across he's going to get that's done on this Jen here he's taken very very low I think Shen's - is still on cooldown he's looked for the read plan he's going to be able to find it they're going to back away that's a great rotation though from best RAM it's okay as now Josh and Bess Ramis will be able to push down that top turret uncontested to get both outer turrets on the sidelines that's very good for Rutgers sure sorry Tony broke and they've also taken down the mid lane turret already so they are out of a torturer offense looks like we have a teleport down from Renekton here that's going to be ultimate from nunu and from Terran all four of them are invulnerable that's going to be very hard to be able to respond to that's going to be the Conchata crystal arrow it's going to find a field goal not going to be able to find anyone there that's going to be one kill for Rutgers here and zero on to Stony Brook they're still staying they want this turf real bad in the rest of rest of Stony Brook is here to respawn program is caught up by Cathy oh here he comes the elastic linked on a flash over the wall let's go to the ax son of I'm alkynes installed up by Tara keeps going to be stunned up and immediately focus down catches caught out on the side here tarik looking for another kill this ability of the room seeing activation on characters elastic slingshot going to come down there's the ultimate from Vladimir the rest of people are coming at the ultimate comeback is going to knock up nunu here and also on the shen this program is not going to be able to follow up through the Cassiopeia miasma and groups like records is going to be able to peel off and get out okay without anyone being killed here very very well played by rockers that ended up being a 1 for 0 at the end of the day cloudy was the only casualty of that fight very well played by both sides toll especially he came out of that fight with full health and Rutgers came out alive with 5 members that is very impressive fighting from both sides and that's easy jacked action we were expecting to see from the champion select menu I mean it's all came down to that Cassiopeia they're like did you really want to go through that huge like miasma not being able to catch this up to your team taking damage from Fame is digging damage from Cassiopeia as well and not being able to use your movement abilities like were you ever going to catch them in any way like it's just very very good play by both my records they're being able to peel away in the fashion that they did and and what's really the what really is the huge thing here is that nunu and Tara combined with their with that ultimate there being a huge defense against against Stony Brook's aggression is definitely very very good for them absolutely that is two very good ultimate from Asian bro one to keep him alive in the previous fight and one to keep everyone alive in that most recent fight though he is doing very very cool on this tarik so far yeah definitely I think I take a look at we do have dragon spawning in one minute it is an infernal Drake so that's definitely something Stony Brook is gonna want to contest and not let Vic have for free meanwhile I try to take you know this is why I love nunu so much but meanwhile in the mid lane we do have a little bit of scuffle so that's going to be ultimate from Cassiopeia and it's done from tarik as well that's going to be the fill onto cloudy elastic slingshot being charged he's exact is going to charge right in he's going to get the seal from from co-occurs with losses tear down the middle of the team he's going to try as much as he can to try to get out but it's not going to be enough there's so much damage coming down from toll here but the program is taking so much damage from Canada and the backside that's going to be absolute zero they get so much damage from both sides here comes Renekton so it's not going to punish Jen for trying to find another kill on the factor for Ashley meanwhile is going to try to get that kill on solution that's so very low oh my god new two versus back that's going to be the back pass positi key consume the little minions and walk away that is going to be a 2 for 3 in favor of Rutgers and Rutgers with a fantastic fight their Cana in the back on touch doing so much damage to every member he is now 4 and 1 what a tremendous for line considering the deficit he an Asian bro had 10 minutes ago yeah a little bit of scouting on to the dragon here it is I mean that little bit of alley this little bit of evening out of gold here from Rutgers like records needed those teamfights they have been behind a gold because they've lost so many of their they lost all that outer turrets and haven't really been able to contest him that way so finding excuse me finding those kills it's very very good for them being able to even out the gold here maokai just being a vision ward they are going to start the drake here it looks like Stony Brook is here to remind you of a body okay we do have a little bit of voice calm issues so we will be taking just a little break here while we get a little bit of a pause Christian what do you think so far this game I am really really really liking Vic's new new performance he has killed participation eight of the nine kills he has essentially single-handedly secured two dragons his vision has been very good with the tracking knife he has two vision wards in his inventory right now they have currently a pink ward as you can see in the brush right next to Vladimir they have another pink in the brush right above that they have scuttle crab nunu is swept the vision has been very good from Vic and Rutgers as a whole you know Dhoni Brook has done very good in these side lanes though with the Renekton and that's ramus okay is done really well getting program rolling on this Vladimir he is going to be lethal in 10-15 minutes time yeah I definitely agree like I think Stony Brook strengths so far has been there their control the towers in the early game like you know they're still there till their kills are definitely lower on the other on the list and Rutgers and you know a couple of their teamfights have been very very well played and you know kind of countered by Rutgers in their in their team composition ability usage but um you know being able to grab those first three turrets is definitely very strong for them definitely give them a decent early lead but now we've hit the mid game and this infernal Drake definitely you don't want to get this over to Rutgers right now no they don't and they are in a very good position to contest right now it's just josh is lingering on the bottom side you know with and we're back in action yep we are back a sand dragon here over its going to contest the drag of the smite and the consumer is going to be able to take it away so that is a huge lead here for uh for Rutgers okay look at the timings as well three dragons for Rutgers at nineteen and a half minutes they have taken dragons consistently since the level two new third level three new new dragons yeah three minutes so they remember nesting caught out here hands that can be fun no oh slice and dice right out of there but Rutgers will get a free bottom outer turret and you know going to pad them and earn the gold lead as a matter of fact yep and it's definitely very good because if you have an infernal and a mountain drag now so Stony Brook definitely wants to be looking out for those turrets especially since the ruder are they pushing at tier two right now they absolutely can cloudy is you know doing something not really sure he's not really warding he's not really making a play on to Griffin he just kind of got caught out of place it allowed Rutgers to get a little bit of damage on that bottom inner turret while Cole was coming down there from clearing the top lane we do have all five members of Rutgers in the mid lane now looks like they did a great rotation before the Bema here if you still wavering towards around the red buff there but it looks like they're just going to grab over towards this mid lane here and it looks like that is the next target Lucian still on the pod side farming up definitely very interesting here Heat it looks like he's going maybe for a Trinity force field in which case not like cleavers got the GAD had a Mac surge yeah it has to be black cleaver there's there's no one in this building Trinity course right here those where I said stony Brook's composition with black in the waveclear rockers just stacked five mid rolled up to the mid term even with four members of Stony Brook they're runners will able to get down pretty significant damage because there's no lengthy wait cleared you have blood boil just got so many free hits on that mid turret yeah and look at the look at the map right here if we can take a look at the mini-map for just a second like look at look at how many boards on the side of Rutgers here in comparison to a stony brook so many words on the Bob side as they were pushing that set thought that bot lane turned and even into the into the into the inner turret as well they have so much vision control and you know Stony Brook it doesn't really they're not really matching it as well like I think it might just because like Vic has a trackers knife and there's lots of vision words being bought by their team but you know those vision boards Stony Brook they're they only do so much in your in your inventory they do they're they're super great on the map by the way it's just that they are and we're currently the only two members that have vision wards for Stony Brook side are : cloudy but I'm very surprised that's ramus okay does not have a vision Ward and I'm also a little surprised to you when stalker instead of the tracking knife that's a bit interesting to me but you know he use a lot better than I am so yeah I mean it all comes down to just better ganks in the early game right program Mike Scott out here it is Oh toll dealing at the even amount of damage he now has that Black Cleaver so I think Stony Brook is deafening to look to try to find a teamfight here if there's something to fight over Akana still does not observe her McCain I presume he is basing now to pick that up once he hit that power spike he will be unreasonably strong for team fights with appeal here ancient bro Vic and Leon he is going to be a force to be reckoned with Griffin wood barrier instead of ghost I do like that choice got some of that first from coming out so you get some damage and he is going to be extremely mobile in these fights yeah as we said if you like use yes they provide I mean we're dealing with diamond plus players I think MIT I think skillshots is not a huge issue here no it is not especially simple ones like those I think they think just Stony Brook need to look for some sort of in some sort of big team fight win because I feel like the longer this game goes on the more powerful but cash is going to be the more powerful together C is going to be and you know like the only real scaling campus they have on their team is all addameer maybe Renekton but Renekton is a stun bot that's a tank in the late game like maybe he's an initiator I agree but his damage is going to eventually fall off like he's sitting on a next Rinker that might turn into a mall and mall nom aureus and a TMS that might turn into a Titanic I dress but like after that like you know it's spirit message its its guardian angel is you know lots of defensive items Oh completely Stoneybrook is going to probably should look for some sort of in some sort of big advantage here so once again this game has significantly slowed down which is definitely interesting in comparison to a lot whoo Renekton is hot out here that's definitely a lot of damage star from Cassiopeia that's a lot of damn is coming out from Cassiopeia he's going to be forced to popped up last year Wow that would have been old no this is this is the correct call from Rutgers they made Renekton Turab so that's eight nine second he's gonna have to take basing and teleport actually it's going to take 15 with the wreath all gem stand united you're going to be ultimen from Vladimir as well the ultimate from Zack is going to try to stop them from between the Baron here they're still on it that's going to be the red team picking up the parents now they're going to try to force the flesh get out of the secret as best they can to Erica's deacons very very low here we're next in ml Kyra going to change onto the the Cassiopeia here but the Sun Center could have improved too much actually going to be able to find a kill on dilution on the backside here that is going to be a-440 in turn into Rutgers and they also get the baron yeah that was a century the nail in the coffin for Stony Brook vic with the great baron to cure grit been kiting with absolutely phenomenal in that teamfight he is cloudy and Josh on him and he did not flinch he just cut it back picked up two kills all the while Asian bro and Conor were busy chasing toll and except need to kill and now they get easy mid turret and another ocean Drake on the backend that is a huge upswing for Rutgers yeah this is definitely a huge swing they now have to ocean Drake's as well as picking up that easy outer mid turret and I think they definitely go for maybe a one three one year like maybe send Cassiopeia bot and Sen - with tarik and excuse me nunu in the mid lane that is definitely the correct call Leon you know they'll have teleport shortly Griffin can very confidently 1v1 anyone on the side of Stony Brook right now I have a shin bro Cana and Vika middle for that protect the ash comp that also has you know the volley for ways clear and the pushing power and pair that with three lanes of Baron buff a mountain Drake and Earth Dre or - ocean Drake's on a fire Drake and I just don't see any way that stone brick and stuffy yeah you know so don't forget those forty percent a taxi steroid that nunu has for that Ash like that is definitely huge for waveclear all this dude who wants it he's just going to slap him around a bit he's going to back off and it looks like the blue team is more focused around floating around the in between in this mid and the top lane here at the six they're going to answer to the push by taking a couple skirts of their own pushing a hole in the bottle in here it's going to be answer by this teleport from Shenzhen was like it's like I don't really agree with what Rutgers is that they're new new it should not be inside lane you know we on should not have had to use a teleport there you had no reason to have two members in the top lane at that point to allow hole to push for free yeah and I sense we get a teleport out of Leon for you having that's very well played by stony broken very poorly played or Christine yeah I think I think it's this stage of the game like nunu just has to be around the ash and just giving her that attack speed buff life absolutely we do have an initiation by Zach here that's going to be the Cavalli but it's not going to be enough a huge amount of first name is from program here they're still going to chase for more they're looking for Eric nunu is coming sewing alongside here that's going to be the ultimate the elastic slingshot from Zach and that's going to take down tarik very very quickly house so anybody saying we don't even care about your goal lead we're going to pull worthy for you and get two kills off of that nunu getting a little too close okay very fair and a sloppy mistake from Griffin to be that far off with no vision of spec there's an elastic slingshot an absolute zero come down from new trying to keep them filled him away from the backside here he is going to force them to tank turret damage that's going on below Licata in the back side all my lord that is a double kill and it might even be a triple that is the zach on the side here you go and be hit by the minions but ash isn't going to follow that is whoosh ends looking for it Jen wants it drink it do you find it there's the auto there we might get the empower kill there's two top to stop the elastic slingshot he is so low he doesn't have passive this could be huge he's looking for the red plant Shen is trying to respond and oh no today I was going to have to dash over the wall here nunu still looking for the kill on the program that's going to be another red plant troll Oh a donk on blast cones but this means Rucker's will be able to get this mid turret completely uncontested blood boil ash absolutely melts turret nice play by Rucker's there and that's what they should have been doing in the first place nuna should have been mid lane giving that blood boil to ash so that they could sue you have a huge wave clear and put Cassiopeia top lane she can feel for herself if she has a correct if she has the proper vision she can she can push fairly safely like you knew by himself is the is she's just the Yeti he doesn't really do very much but I'm so because the people he's very very strong I agree so now Asian bromine to join the rest of Rutgers I'm not entirely sure would use comes outside if they're gonna put Shen there you know she doesn't really need backup from a tarik by any meeting up aegeon bro needs to be with kana protecting him as he is the damage doer this can be like he is on fire seven and one seven kills in a row I've what is that godlike or it's the rampage dominating who knows it's easy is it logical something important to know we do have Baron we do have dragon spawning in a minute thirty and it looks like it is a another Mountain Drake so that is something that a Stony Brook is going to want to look to contest here you know we're slowly getting rutgers does have a does have a 6k gold lead that is important to note but like at this stages we're getting closer and closer to the stage of the game where the gold lead doesn't really matter is people start to can finish their builds you know but Zeke Harbinger coming down from nunu here fairly standard build here you basically become a second support towards the towards the late game who nunu and tarik looking for deep wards years trying to envision just to get that deep vision so they can you know get a dragon uncontested I don't know who's gonna be caught out here there's the elastic slingshot going to knock him up he's going to look for an out here tear coming into the Sun they do find Sun onto Zach but they're not going to follow it up not going to do anything but that does it does popped Eric herds of the Colossus so that is well something's spent there you know something that one less shield that he will have or the next teamfight looks like the it looks like Stony Brook is also positioning around Baron here so if if they don't take dragon too quickly here's my markers might lose out on a bearing so they definitely want to be definitely very careful here oh they're taking we look at the word coverage there's six seven words in Stony Brook's bottom side jungle they had the nunu they have the tarik back as pushing out the mid lane now rotating straight to dragon completely free dragon Stoneybrook cannot contest it will lose the ensuing fight if they do this is a free dragon for Rutgers pending better MS okay swooping inverse steel okay here we go the elastic slingshot being charged but they're slowing down the damage they're not going to be able to find the steel here not with in smite range so that's going to be a three another dragon for the for the side of Rutgers here and by dragon two of them are our Mountain Drake's so that just means that nunu is just going to be doing so much damage to Baron and the elder Drake that's going to be spawning as well out here program look for something soul is now in the mix as well Tara can find it's done on to toll look for a kill on Sununu there's the absolute zero are going to be interrupted there's two stand united and also the ultimate from Carrick is going to find this the unfold ability on two three but not the Gryphon eco Lisa tries to feel away the remnants of Rutgers are trying to rest so we're trying to dive on top of the bodies still at full HP that's going to be fair to be digging down by Michael and Hana is being caught out to you so much burst damage that's going to be loosened up fighting the kill right no no it's now taking the taxes from everyone and he's just finding where he can told us taking so much damage from Griffin here he's gonna flash underneath her and he's still going to be able to find the kill Shen solo zach is there I think his passive is up it should be oceans gonna turn there's the shut down on to Shen and that is a huge turnaround holy doing run here we have a four for three at the end of that Oh Cole played that fight exceptionally well weaving his way in and out of the backline to get the most damage possible while keeping his life and that is a huge swing for Stoneybrook Wow with such a huge gold leaf uh that's a huge difference with what even with that infernal trade they weren't able to take out the Stonybrook here and what would what I can say is what sunnybrook does really well is the punishing punishing dumb mistakes and if you if you put in you know a Cassiopeia if she's positioned properly or if you put a she was positioned properly as well you know Stoneybrook is just be like okay there's ash immediately go in immediately get that damage absolutely kana was not there for the first half of that fight he was not able to get a lot of damage on and Stoneybrook took very good advantage of that but now Rutgers they are starting the baron dance they're getting their word sounds they do lack a fair amount of vision or so I'm curious to see how that will cost them that's the only one in there they're only vision board right now that has to be the best vision word I've ever seen it's smart we didn't know it goes in the pic clear the pit above all else but they need more they need some for the bush right outside the pit they need one for the side brush next to mid you know they're a toll a lot of work coverage from from Stony Brook here around this baron and this was this is put a little bit more in the future like they were definitely like well they either go for Dragon or they go for baron and we you have to take the recent big problems over bear in here no baron is definitely the most a more useful objective but you know if you saw that they were spotted out going for Dragon you know in those those ward squabbles but um fuckers know as five looking for effectives where they can trying to steal them away from Stony Brook especially giving that red buff over to Cana here that's definitely very very good now this is interesting I do like what Stony Brook is doing keeping the Rutgers from you know taking full access of that there and by keeping five mid if they send Renekton bottom that gives Rutgers all the time in the world to do whatever they want around there and as long as they keep that five-man unit together that Rutgers cannot just brute force their way into Baron without risking a team place yeah you also see spend now pushing in the box side use now definitely looking for that definitely looking for that split push power especially cuz he has that stand united a bit elbow talk to him I know it telephone up in just a hair munched few more moments yeah but you definitely go to beginning that spin net it off I see I see very very small cases where that uh where that doesn't again still apparent earns dance around the loo we can feel a little bit of somewhat of an initiation from new knee here that's going to be ultimate coming down from Eric and the invulnerability is only going to be put on the copy of the Cassiopeia house was not going to be violent if he's going to be immediately goes on the game by program that's going to be the absolute you're coming across meanwhile antenna is racking the box does the pack side here he's when he immediately thrown into the team by maokai and that's going to be a huge me by Stony Brook here that is a triple kill a Quadra kill or program here and there's only one kill left in that nunu is that half HP I don't know if he's going to be able to get the Penta well no that is that is HUGE there's happy early ganks paying off right there best ramus okay got program boo kills in the early game he's been playing these team fights exceptionally well he has more than half a team killed he is doing exceptionally well and Stoneybrook really turning this one around nicely playing the team play their team fighting you know this composition they've set for themselves as very teamfight have you definitely paying dividends in these late-game team plays yeah but Rutgers what was that initiated like nunu just walked into Lane and threw a snowball thinking that he was safe like can you really be doing something like that at this stage of the game like all those reactions from Rutgers just seemed panicked like oh shit we got caught let's respond and try to turn this around the best we can but you know they they know Vladimir is incredibly strong has lots of AoE damage we saw Griffith and just immediately removed from that fight because he didn't he didn't know if they use an excuse is like so you know it's longer this again there's they're going for the sneak Baron again but they're spotted out they taught that I think there's there is an issue with copal melo here from never a mess no care he's from so lacrosse grip is going to be forced to take very very low they're in a barrier as well oh that go to the agenda crystal air on the coast but they Vladimir open going to come across not a lot of damage that's huge because of damage from the Stonybrook sighs that all of them are collapsing down and targeting the vents they can't plan is not going to be able to get out of here that's going to be the last member of Rutgers going down his guardian angel is going to be pop they're going to immediately get off the Beranek so for that wow what wow dony Brooke what a fence Beth Ram is old he had not a care in the world he's gone and that might be the game yeah these are all very panic very rushed decisions and teams from Rutgers here saying like okay we fall behind we bought these two team fights you know we have new new we have two mountain Drake's like we should be able to get this this barren fairly safely but the they started it too soon they didn't Scout up for boars and they were immediately punished like these are deadly very strong very reactions from Stony Brook here punishing punishing Rutgers for their mistakes and thrush decision like they're double going to want to change this blue these you have a little bit of a fight around the nexus year that is going to get you dead yes that is going to be it's just a get very very low konna in the back side doing so much damage they're trying to focus the Nexus but they don't have enough minions in program still trying to tighten away as best example cents for members brothers that's going to be a quadriga berth Quadra kill oh my gosh they're going to pin elder Drake I mean that's the right call it the free elders began they have five five elemental Drake's that is going to be a huge the what is that forty five times five true damage yeah that is so much true damage plus you know the buff get buff further so if they can take advantage of these two minutes Rutgers can swing this game back in their favor but right now Stony Vulcan Stony Brook is in the driver's seat up yeah the Rutgers definitely they need to is they need to calm down they need to not make so many rest decisions all right okay all right so we are going all right all right all right we're going to cut to the midlane team fight right now get a replay for you guys here yeah definitely very well played on the side of program you know nothing nothing too crazy is happening in game currently Rutgers need to use this window that they have to push with that elder Drake they need to get this game back in their favor and the only way to do it is in this very brief 2-minute window with elder Drake and it doesn't look like they're taking advantage of it what Rutgers needs to do is also they pick the Shen right for the side lane but they're very they're not utilizing it the way they should be he just needs to be on permanent split-push mode keep Renekton busy you know if they both have to teleport cool teleport disengage rinse and repeat now Shen has stand united he can get in the fight just Joshy can't get the file into crystal arrow is going to be immediately cooled on oh that's that wasn't in that Rutgers needed but um sadly Vladimir is really good at dodging skillshots last time I checked good reaction the program used to playing Adams - game and you know he I would not be surprised that all Jews hi Sanjana at moment who we do have a tarik ultimate it looks like they're looking for an end that's not going to be able to find it but that is a lot of damage on to that mid turret there this looks like Stony Brook it's just going to try to get the Shirelles there's the absolute girl there's the redemption coming up on the blue side going to get a little bit of damage they dive onto on to Griffin on the backside was not going to be able to find the kill and looks like Lyon is just going up in town on tall and program on the backside here Kenna Kenna is not going to be able to keep each building seated going to town on the rest of the team it's just just looking for the kill on sununu's here trying to find something for his team so that's going to be a rune and activation that's going to be a plow also loose and trying to go on a CEREC tour that inhibitor year but that might be this this might be gay this is my back to EB game - we all the one boiler with the Z tar Ventura they might lack the minions oh no nunu Siskin if they think this turret as look how much damage - done to that charcoal much damage the double mountain drape the blood boils the what is it the focus the archers focus so much damage and that will be rutgers taking Game one Wow crazy back and forth game here it's all looking for a little bit of an end that's not going to be enough that's going to be the a that's going to be GG Rutgers take game move on over Stony Brook holy hell what a rollercoaster of a game that was why perfect leading then stone Burt makes them fantastic plays turned it around what an exciting game one I am so stoked for the rest of the series after that one yeah all right I mean that that was a was very toward the leaking there they were making a lot of just very rushed very panicked decisions and I was getting very punished by the Stony Brook team here because they have lots of stun BOTS on their teams and let tol just go to town and you know when you're in that stage of the game when you're playing and when you're laning against when you're playing against those types of heroes like you can't be making those types of saves I agree completely yeah I believe it's time to yep heading it over that does it so that does it for Game one and I'd like to thank our sponsors Jen game and twitch for sponsoring our tournament here today we'll be back shortly for Game two and we're bad action here loading up for round two in this fantastic best of three if you missed it Game one was absolutely incredible it was so back and forth Stony Brook out ahead early and Rutgers came back and had a commanding lead which we thought they were just going to plow the game down but then Stony Brook has exceptional teamfights initiated by their jungler best rammus okay and they came very close they had a naked nexus and they were on the verge of winning one one teamfight went awry for them Rucker's was able to take elder Drake off the back end of that push down and take the game very shortly after it was extremely well played by both teams and I am extremely excited about God this game too so yeah I mean when it came down to it just Rutgers just needs to buckle down just like be sure and confident and make not too many rush decisions because we saw them make a rush decision about Baron we saw them make a sloppy mistake with nunu going into the mid lane like and those are going to be easily punished by it by Stony Brook here they've been doing it all game you know once once Rutgers buckled down they said okay let's take a second you know let's plan out arm let's plan a are went our wind strategy here and they performed it well they did it yeah and then definitely needed to you know slow down just kind of actually think about what they're going to do rather than you know do things and you know works in their favor when they did the head yeah now we are very shortly going to get into game - looks like Stony Brook is still on the blue side here Parker's is going to be on the red side once again I still what what do you think changes you think we'll see in pick and bans honestly I cannot like really kind of gauge how different is going to be considering how close that game was you know it's not like one calm just outright didn't work both calms did very well oh they were going to do you know Stony Brook's comp was great for teamfights and they won the majority of team fights Rutgers composition was great for objective control they had five elemental drakes then one Baron plus the elder Drake so both comps you know did exactly what they were intended to do and that game could have gone either way so I don't know what kind of changes need to be made I just think the teams both need to execute slightly better because that was sloppy from both sides right I definitely think that we're going to see probably more uh-uh alright looks like we are going to go into picks and bans here so it looks like our questions are going to be answered here about what is going to be changed first and rammus firstly Ramis and on Stoneybrook side is that that would be a Twix I think that is what they need to do to throw Rutgers off is BAM target band themselves yeah all right so we're going to see we're going to stick with the Kindred here which I'm going to assume as a comfort pick for for Vic and both sides are going to just going to ban away or more comfort picks again my Warwick once again because these have to be there's no way they're not you know music's best champion and I wish I could hook them up on opt teaching but it does have to accent over the eye and I don't have a keyboard that can deal with that there's no there's no copy pasta from the new week client so I just have to trust that he has control oh one seven three two or something I don't know I trust he's an exceptional kindred and Warwick player yeah the swarm King be two bands his way okay Lulu is going to be another ban away from Stony Brook here once again very very strong support player so that may be same bands across the board orders a little different but six bands the same and it's just Josh coming out swinging with that novelist yeah but that's that's a very very strong flex pick we see Nautilus very ver do a good job in the bot lane and in the top lane so being able to pick that means that they they just have a very strong pick first that they don't really need to show anything to to Rutgers here they can just be like okay Nautilus you don't know where it's going until possibly elastic you know exactly so you know over Nexen did a very good job in a no it's just just did a very good job as we're next in the last game so you know it could be going anywhere at this point uh Rutgers once again they might look to lock in their bot lane very early here just so they don't lose you know a lot of their efficiency like Kenna did a very very good job it looks like Tanith tarik is going to be locked in and zach is going to be taken away from best rammus okay here interesting Asian bro is definitely a great tarik last game and we'll look for another performance that but Vic on Zach instead of des ramus okay I really like pick on nunu I loved his performance tapping as good as objective control let's see how he does on a more aggressive gank heavy jungler versus an objective control jungler and let's see what best Ram is okay has in response will we pick the Lee sin or the kha'zix or the rengar you know one of these heavy carry junglers or really default to the like a pantheon perhaps or then again it still could be top Pantheon and support nautilus that's the beauty of stony works card picked it and it could also be a mid pantheon you don't know or but once again this is restless yep this is Rutgers putting a lot of pressure on to a best ramus okay here these definitely trying to force them on to champions that you may may or may not be comfortable but but a Wladimir going to be locked in once again for program amumu being locked in for best ramus okay and this is definitely looking to be somewhat of a similar composition as before I don't think anyone's going to make very very much changes also can we really say it's best ramus okay to move on pretty sure cloudy's gonna you know take that know like last pick Lee sin and then it'll be best ramus on Lee sin and Klaudia on mood they did a last game you know we were so sure it was going to be maokai top yeah and then out of that field yeah so Cassiopeia locked in for Griffin oh he was very good on that champion last game he did get caught a few times but his kiting on Cassiopeia was exceptional yeah and programs same thing vladimir did very very well in that vladimir so that's comfortable champions for both of these great players right and once again it just looks like rutgers and and also also the lesser extent Stoneybrook is going with the idea if it ain't broke don't fix it so they're they're still going for a similar composition you know they're putting a stunt bot in the top lane they're putting a strong initiator in the in the mid lane and they're putting vladimir mid like I would if toll here pit locked in a lucian then this would basically be the same team composition pretty much like I said you know both teams same thing they didn't really have to change anything they just had to do it Stoneybrook still with this very heavy team fighting comp the nod foa's the probably Nami done MooMoo the Vladimir and all very strong team fighters and then on the side of Rutgers we have the heavy pit comp you know the tarik fish n the Cassiopeia Zack is also good for picks with the elastic slingshot I assume we will see Connor on another ash he was exceptional on ash lat game - the early game hiccups but for all we know we could blame that on the maokai cheese so yep and I think at this point I think Stony Brook is just going all in on the a moo-moo because we do see that passive you know it is going to proc and you know double the amount of magic damage that you take over a certain period of time and as realistic very good mixed carry Nami does a decent amount of magic damage Nautilus does magic damage with bubble does all magic damage pretty much you know vladimir also very strong ap heavy champions so you know on the aside records they're definitely going to have to look to respond to this you know maybe we see a hexdrinker early on shen maybe we see you know looking towards an early abyssal scepter on Cassiopeia after she's finished her tier he was he's a calling for an early spirit message as opposed to maybe a dead man's plate who knows you know engine burrow last game he did get the locket very early that is going to be an absolute must for this game and I do completely agree you know Griffin he's going to need that abyssal scepter very early Shen gonna need that spirit visit early Zac of course gets the spirit vicious uh oh we do have a little bit of an issue here we should be alright okay so we're just a little technical difficulty we should be getting back into picks and bans fairly shortly oh we're I'm getting word that kana wanted Lucian but Asian bro does not own motion so he could not trade okay and I was already clicked my plans will remain okay so that seems relatively fine so picks and bans were the same just kana will be on on Lucian instead of I do know I love Lucien he's very well-rounded carry great landing phase great mobility great mid games late game is a little worse than you know the twitch the kog'maw the ash some of these medicare ease but he definitely can hold his own in the late game yep this is a same picks and bans and fairly certain going into this warwick once again i don't think we'll be seeing much changes here okay the only thing we might t changed is to save them you know the trouble of having to trade they might just outright take their respective champions in the correct order yep does it because it was the very last take on rutgers side that needs a dilution all the other pics can remain exactly the same mm-hmm to maintain the integrity of the previous lobby of perhaps once again it's going to be definitely a very very good matchup lucien once again very strong pick absolutely mm-hmm alright also how do you not have Lucien I don't know maybe even out this season 3e super good right maybe he's on a Smurfs perhaps doesn't know all the champions he is a support main and you know not every support main plays the ad so yeah can confirm I am a support and I do not have all the ad carries I'm fairly certain I don't have kog'maw and that's that's a that's a champion that's the seem really original forty I think he was I want to say yes but we are back right in it you know very quick resetting up the laning phase they're choosing rooms they're choosing masteries and then we will get right into this exciting game to yeah and once again I think it's noted that like we didn't see really much change from both compositions you know this is still both teams like Rutger still wants to be able to to kind of type backwards and more so like in terms of their fights like Cassiopeia and tarik and Chen want to protect the Lucien as best as they can sure now with it with a evacs Shen can now be more of a hard initiator along with him but like against this team that wants to go all-in like you definitely want you ends taunt and stand united for defending the lucian in the backline as well as Tareq's ultimate and Zacks ultimate as well so once again this is just going to be somewhat similar from before and if it is that means that a you know we probably won't be seeing like oh look at a three-minute dragon you know yeah we definitely will not see a three-minute dragon Zack does not have the type of objective control to kind of sneak that early dragon he doesn't have smite for an ability essentially yeah so he definitely still have the same amount of control over that over that over that jungle button still not like you know have a had total control like oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 3-minute dragon currently Griffin is sporting barrier I don't think that's the best idea you know barrier didn't save him last game he's gonna need clintons you know muumuus biggest engage is the bandage toss and if he gets hit by that cleanse he can walk out yeah so like barrier isn't going to save him from 4 seconds of hard CC on top of flat Amir burst yeah I don't really agree with Griffin summoner choice he did play very well last game with the kiting but he did get caught quite a few times and without cleanse or without a qi says that might happen again this game will have to wait and see I mean kinds only really it doesn't make you am not certain it makes you immune to CC after after it's been activated I think it just cleanses off all the things on you and what it is and it reduces the following CC for the next I want to say two seconds to 35% of its original duration okay but still like there's so much CC on the side of on the side of um outside of Stoneybrook that you know it's like all these champions that that have CC have at least two forms of CC amumu has this bandage toss knee also as is ultimate nautilus has this ultimate his passive end is Q as and you can all are you Z right mommy has bubble and knock up as long as well as slows on or tidecaller's blessing like there's so much that cleanse can be useful but at the same time like maybe maybe you just take it just because in order to lock you down fully your opponent needs to spend now more resources whereas barrier you can combo with the the seraphs embrace and just have a huge amount of just additional health that your opponent need to get through cleanse will cleanse will get them through laning phase because if I recall correctly cleanse if you do get hit by the bandage toss amumu doesn't follow if you cleanse it I believe it you know cuts off that time right but we I mean we won't see this game but that is something worth noting right airier is definitely better for the later game you know it scales a lot better cleanses you know solid numbers but bear your scales up to I want to say 410 something in that ballpark which is a very sizable shield for these like game teamfights yeah especially how that like Carrick is going to be getting iron like the the locket like we could also see Redemption coming down as well like there's a lot of going to be heated there's going to be a lot of healing going to be going towards that Cassiopeia she was just in the previous game and you know putting resources into that fit Lane is definitely going to be happening since you know we saw Vladimir before and he has in the past games with EGF you know picked up that that that dark seal early and used that to carry him through the laning phase and into the mid game but um you know once again we'll have to say take a look at how they do the laning phase here I still think it's going to be somewhat similar to game to the game before in which case Stoneybrook is going to look to punish a lot of rutgers as mistakes they're going to look to they're going to look to find openings where they can wear as Rutgers is just going to try to be condensed and try to make very smart decisions wherever they can and you know once again they just need to not play too rushed absolutely now I'm seeing a health bar on the statue sexing up fell in yeah he has 9999 HP does he actually that the yes that is the actual number oh yeah it does and only 25 attack now I have doping before I am pretty sure it has more than 5,000 damage per second a little higher than 25 yeah maybe it is 25 min it is attack speed is just so high that they can't represent it at the numbers Oh Andy does true damage we forgot oh yeah oh yeah super o P rito please nerf yeah oh okay we are gonna stand out start sir just dodge the fountain you know just be Jax from season one show dr. Akash yeah phantom dancer stacked oh my god Aksum um dodge turn all your double swords into angry swords so no crazy level ones pretty standard by no means will end up with bot lanes Zack lined up on red side amumu lined up both junglers lined up on their respective red side you know nothing crazy you know low actions start which is perfectly fine for both of these teams yep we do have the standard line of scrimmage those teams not wanting to give away any information to the opponent sack is once again starting red buff which i think is pretty interesting usually you want the harder leash from the bot lane but it looks like Rutgers just wants to have their bot Lane just get to lean fairly early and get a little bit of an advantage against the the SVU bot lane here you know the ordinary might actually bikal start raptors and then he might work his way up to the crog's and then he will smite red buff on his way down to the bottom sides of the map that is really fairly you know it's the standard jungle clear for when you start red side alright I think you out of the ordinary just yet I just think it's I just think it should be it I just think Rucker should do a good job of just kind of not showing too early to say that like okay well they started red side I think it's important not to give away that information especially in a coordinated game like this I agree and they didn't miss any CS of course that would be hugely detrimental holy Minami Wow yeah it's a it's it's pretty good and who knew that Lucian to Eric have a very very good level one right that is that is the level one nami the stuns you know the piercing light the double shot a lots of damage out to that extremely squishy cloudy yeah and you know you just have to watch your positioning here is not me like you don't want to be stacked on them the important thing to is when you're laning against solution is not to stack on those on the minions because you can take too much damage from the piercing light and he's able to get that harass down for basically free like he doesn't have to target you he has to target one of the minions absolutely and bowling cloudy off they got the level two first that is a big advantage Nami peel will help her and the tidecaller's blessing it's a great start no bubble yet you know she doesn't need it that early damage and the heal Oh gank in the top lane huh you do have a little bit of a gank in the top plane zach is going to going to do so much damage that's two flashes onto a nautilus hear me be a little too much but um I don't know if that was worth it but they definitely got the first blood and they definitely got that kill going over to Shen got the ping from the red side over to a move Alou in his own jungle I think they're going to be able to do anything here it's another great early toppling gank from this we do have a flash and a stun and ignite on tsunami here she's going to be forced to flash away Lucien and Tareq are going to turn on to onto Ezreal here but that's going to be Azrael immediately journey turning the damage onto toll and that's going to be the miss that's going to look for something on Toonami but that's not going to be enough has so many resources spent to try to kill Nami and that's just going to be two kills for Ezreal instead there's the elastic slingshot going on to Vladimir in the mid lane and not going to be anything as well game looks very reminiscent of Game one Vic in the top lane making a huge play getting a kill and then : cloudy making early practice moves getting close on the toll against kana and asian bro yeah and it's just it once again like Stoneybrook does a very very good job of punishing punishing rutgers for their mistakes I know I've said this a million times and I'm becoming a broken record but like we saw us we saw Rutgers just go spend too much and dives too deep on to on tsunami they're granted she was very very low but once she had flashed away I feel like they should have just peeled back like like getting the kill on tit and like Ezreal was still in the back I'm feeling decent damage in short he's level 3 and he doesn't have the only damaged item he has of the dorans blade but you know you are a long sword rather but like still can't like ignore that amount of damage this early in the game I agree completely and I would like to point out Griffin got the first blue buff on the side of Rutgers which is going to help him you know stay in lane as long as possible so we can get if you want that early Megatron food he'll you know be able to stand and lean long enough for that extra gold yep without setting them behind having to base for less than favorable just past plus he can just punish program you know 24/7 just constant endless trades look at that look at that twin Fang damage so much he's gonna keep going now he's in pool and he could just you know rinse and repeat he's out of he was out of mana 30 we got a gang up on Lake here we was looking for the bandage house is just going to land on the terrace there's so much DC following up that Eric is taken so solo that's going to be is going to be the Sun onto a movements not going to be enough that's going to be another kill for Ezreal it's nice nicely played by Stoneybrook taking advantage of this Ezreal who is now unreasonably fed toll is going to be a madman he's already got his tier stacking already got the BAM and he just picked up another kill Plus at NCS we yep that is not spelling well for Rutgers at this early yeah it's at this point if you're so far ahead you go for Trinity force instead of a instead of maybe a blade of the ruined King at this point he might get the sheen now and then go back to Borka Xin you know as it is is a huge power spike for Ezreal just that extra damage on his mystic shots for only a thousand gold definitely useful and then you might have finished the board you know just to get that lifesteal that those water colors which is great our early trades and then finish the Menem you a flash mirror manna in you know 10 15 minutes once we finish those items who do have a little scuffle in the middling there's the ultimate from Vladimir gonna comment down to trying to force Cassiopeia way it's going to do its job s isn't going to continue this trade but she's insane ultimate woo wow that's a huge game from Zack on the top lane that elastic Clinton is going to land on the novel is there now underneath turret they're not going to follow it up Nautilus is going to use this hook to get away that's going to be perfectly she's gonna can't wait to say okay yeah no flashes just yet for Leon they've both of them plus Josh all of their flashes will be up shortly Josh and Leon's in a few seconds vixen slightly longer mm-hmm great escape though from it's just Josh to get out without it ultimate a flash from program though Wow the decryption is doing a very very good job whoa heal from told uh definitely a misclick perhaps a fat finger no no I know all about that of cheese that said I don't think comma and Asia bro are in a position to punish hole for them they quit oh they are going to punish for the night no I I mean they're definitely going to look to punish more than that they know that Ezreal doesn't have a seal and Nami missing her bubble is definitely going to be the end that they're looking for like trying to look to counter to know but sorry buddy you don't have you don't have that thousand drew damage that you can put onto that blue buff I knew knew anymore yeah decent trades of botlane nothing nothing has the ordinary Griffin in this mid lane he definitely made good advantage of that early blue bluff he had he now has a 15 CS lead constantly expanding program has to back now in a very he cannot possibly have a favorable back timing right now and he cancels it okay we do have a bit of a pause where's Ubu where you need it okay looks like they're having more discord issues I remember you do you remember Lou Lou oh gosh like the when you want to chat with like all your friends at once yeah but then you need to pay money to do that they're like wait why don't we just use Skype yeah and then discord came around yeah hooray I'm personally big fan of discord apparently these teams are not a fan of discord as it stands all right so it looks like they fixed their issue and they're going to be getting back into the game here still nothing too out of the ordinary I mean kana has picked up the coal pollution what do you think he's going to be billing into it like a trinny forest do you think he's going to be doing like an incredibly expensive build what do you think he's doing that I think he needed to call you know they're behind but Ezreal when he built here you know that's a gold sink that doesn't give him any damage so even though he got those early kills they didn't directly translate to damage which means kana will not be punished for going this call it will give him some extra gold it'll get him back in the game and I think that's a very smart purchase and then should if he was smart he would finish the blade of the ruined King I don't this is not a Trinity for solution game he doesn't need to get cute just you know stick to the what will work this yeah just remember the golden rule of League of Legends kids if you back with more than 4,000 gold you have to buy Trinity force by law that it's by law it's a role that is the rule I mean if you don't then Marc Mero comes to your house and hits you with the poro like throws up or oh it just like that's actually what happens that is actually I have heard from my sources at Rito games so just watch yourself out there kids I mean just be careful and you don't want to be hit in the face of the poro so make sure just trinity force after four thousand i have to commend rutgers you know this despite being down to kills even in gold and that is solely due to li yan having a twenty CS lead over josh and Griffin having a twenty eight CS lead over program definitely taking advantage of these you know early game advantages that Cassiopeia and Jen provide plus Vic being very sent officials to Griffin giving him that early blue buff because that guy obviously doesn't need it he is no benefit from blue bow disciple is this even give cooldown reduction anymore I'm fairly certain about they got rid of the two times your level ap which I thought you know I liked that boost but it I can actually put people with AD in the midlane right yeah exactly it had to go you know I made a strong with no benefit to a demon once again still nothing to lose you do see a little bit of a brush in the bar they invade a person something there's this done upon to now there's a holding it well the tidal wave is going to come across it's only going to knock out it's only going to knock up tarik oh here comes the stand united is going to be interrupted by Nautilus and the top lane Brett doesn't look like Rutgers is going to continue data that chase there but back end a Cassiopeia are still learning the dragon now and that is pretty huge problem is moving towards that dragon might give a little bit of information over to our rammus that he is going to try Luke is still there surviving playing Oliver victim very very low here there's the Sun there's to curse Lestat mummy Paramus is very very low here he's good to be forced to back away Vic is very very low as well as real not going to be able to find the poke damage in order to kill him but that was very very close tall for the Rutgers they're not being almost not losing that Drake I do the Nautilus into Schenn that is picked solely because Nautilus to cancel the stand united always to do is auto shin and yeah so he doesn't even have to hit that skill shot book or uses ultimate the wizard jesus we go with the little hash yeah it's called a call dunno esophagitis a riptide Zeppelin depth guitar guy right he doesn't have to waste that ultimate all you have to do is use is passive which snares you know the spur from basic attack there's the barrier yep so following I like this yep these are what we call trading ultimate you don't expect to kill them you have no intention of killing them but the idea is to do enough damage that they either have to base or risk staying in lane and you know best ramps okay was right in that side brush if Griffin were to overextend and stay all right you see we do see the bottling you're pushing definitely really be bunted up to that turret there again you know nothing too out of the ordinary this this game has been relatively slow paced and can in comparison to the previous game like we had a lot more kills at this stage of the game in Game one so you can continues like this but who knows I still think that given the given this composition I think Rucker scales just a little bit worse than they did before his lucious analyst does who you do see Cassiopeia getting again but he is able to get a successful stud here comes back from the side that's going to be elastic slingshot and not going to be finding him knocking oh Vanessa that's gonna be Griffin going to be able to find the kill on to program what's up poison and that is going to be once again and just another kill for in the mid lane really nice turnaround from Rutgers there Vic was there right in time we out had a finger on D for the teleport and was read they were ready to turn that around nicely played by Rutgers to get had a great kill on the program once again not Allah is doing a great job of interrupting these teleports every single time you sees it shennice it I feel like Shen just needs to be just a little bit a little bit more safe when he tries to it when he goes in for these teleport cuz Nautilus can just too easily interrupted picks some house it's the blue buff oh no it's you might actually lose in here there's a depth charge so much damage coming down from both as I'm here there's no follow-up on the red side here here Callahan oh no is he able to go find it on ok well that's going to be a blue buff going over to Nautilus not exactly the target you want to be speedy going on but still very good for uh for the blue team here now the high-risk high-reward play Beck yeah might have gotten out with his life but a trade the midlane myself oh yeah there's the ultimate coming leukemia supply coming down from Vladimir here almost like he's going to be able to fall anything a little bit of a scuffle the botlane loosen taken very low but once again just ultimate straight back and forth whenever they're back up that's a level 11 Cassiopeia though compared to the level flat Amir this amount of damage that Griffin will put out is staggering right now yep but I mean they both F Megatron so I guess they're negligible oh no clown words there is totally unintended I'll give you a 4 out of 10 for that one that's scary it was a little bit that's fair I didn't realize until I said negligible that both work start with neg negative like negate I guess before out of 10 it's not the worst thing I've ever heard but it's gotta be per dad very close to the Orioles oh we do have an elastic slingshot from back into the mid lane he might be caught out here by Nautilus but there is the ultimate as well he's going to look for the hook on to Kathy Opia here but here's the stand united we angle it was a junior at the top austin onto amumu and that's going to be the tag and the kill the email in the bot lane there's the title wave look for something they're not going to be able to find the kill it's going to be a free fill in the mid lane I don't think it's just Josh and programmed to do anything about this push here and Rutgers are really we on especially very OnPoint with their communication is very good so far every time you need Shen he is right there every time they need BIC he is right there ready to counter the Stonybrook gang mm-hm and that's not to the fault of Stony Brook these are you know very well timed gang they should have that rockers is Whitely more prepared oh oh we do see Griffin taking a little bit of an overstep punished by Nautilus here that's going to be the depth charge he's taking solo there's no stand united to save you this time meanwhile shen is in the bond length he's looking for something onto Ezreal here but he's not gonna be able to find it minion block Opie he's going to go back right to that to the jungle air a little little too greedy from Griffin he needed to finish days to stage one that little bit of extra gold and Josh made them pay for the great hook you know the hangars turret of the game going to be in the end the bottom line here though excuse me alright so again that's going to be a decent amount of gold going into the favor of Stoneybrook they're going to cement a little bit of a lead but it's not huge it's not something to write home about you know it's only 1000 gold you know that's something that's very easily swung back into the favor of Records so this game is little pretty even so far ok toll is moving I was gonna say toll was walking towards the bot lane he is no reason to be in the bottling setting on top or send a mid but do not put him in the bot lane yeah yes no you know he used no reason to be there putting autos in the bot lane because I kind of cannot kill him right now right I think I think the evening probably give up or if you walked into it right yeah their positioning for the dragon here it is responding it is a mountain Drake and you know we take a look at their wards and they've learned from their previous game you know they have so many wars over these neutral objective here comes to ganking from Rutgers oh the electric slingshot is going to land on that anyone and the bandit ox is going to land on the Cassiopeia in the bot lane as going to be that via terekhova man landing on the entirety but no one's taking any damage there's no one around there's the second elastic slingshot going to land on the three members there's the calling coming across no kills are found yet that's going to be the first tail hole is going to be and it's going to go on a rampage this deck Excel program is going to kill Asia from that's going to be a double kill or it works off there he's now in the middle Zeon trying to just kind of get the skill for trip in here but he's taken so low he's now underneath turret he's good and forth so he's going to flash away but this whole is going to do some - fancy footwork go to try a flash out of turd range and also use this ultimate at the same time not going to be able to find the kalmyk griffin that's going to be a 4 or 1 in favor of Sony yeah really locally if toll is showing it my Christine already has to complete a blade burn King and the manamune a and they get a earth dragon on the back end of that nicely played by stone burg definitely not the most important Drake for their team composition but still a very good Drake - still a very good consolation price for that great team fight for them absolutely and then toll gets nice little break of CS in the bot lane to further add to his 30 CS lead look at the pink Ward coverage from Stony Brook on the bottom side of the map or vision Ward a whole plethora of just you know trinket Ward yep and I didn't know we're super prepared for this teamfight they learn from their past mistakes you know we saw you know when when they were playing against nunu like their comparison of wars - the red team was significantly less and you know they lost a lot of neutral objectives because of that you know I mean we could also dial down there the loss of neutral objectives to affect that new who has a 1,000 true damage to neutral objectives ability but you know clearing out these words here now is you know kind of a moot point because the objective that they were rewarding is gone goofy ever let the slingshot from Zac no follow-up from Shen just try to force it away but that shield is pretty good last time I checked it's it's pretty good last as we hearthstone players like to say I do like this movement from Rutgers though send Griffin to the bottom line because that he still is much stronger than what happens c'mere oh cool yet holistic very low here that's going to be the dealer invasion of it oh yeah that tidal wave is not going to land there since and United Front Shen always going to be stopped by Nautilus accomplished they're not gonna be able to find the Nami here but they do try to catch out Bram it is going to be okay hey I was going to say Rambo or something like this but here comes cap you'll be in the bottling that's going to be the red red plant to get hit blat Amir over the wall and looks like they're going to use this as a means to get this mid outer turret but just Nautilus is pushing so well in the top lane here the bottom so far Riptide man and lots of AoE damage well I think Leon's gonna save the tirtha for now this is why I wanted to send tol to the top lane you can just push that down the handful of autos and then rotate mid so great play from Rutgers so get to good picks on to Leon to toll and Bess ramus okay and we do see a bunch of positioning around this Baron buff here I mean if they do when a teamfight they might be able to grab but they are in a level and a health position in order to be doing in order to be doing such a thing but I don't know if they'll do it they're just pushing down this top out of here a great rotation from Rutgers this is what Stony Brook needed to do five minutes ago when Ezreal with six to know had a huge lead had two items done and they just didn't do it and now they're paying the consequence Rutgers is going to sooner or later push down that top turret Nautilus can only defend it for so long yeah totally looking for that Trinity force build as these as the parts of a page in his in his inventory definitely not going for the expert got like build he's not going to the full blue Ezreal you see a little bit of a scuffle in the mid lane probably not probably nothing Wow okay maybe it was only know that's a huge always ladder your whole tomato that would be it's not such a killing spree for program and that's going to be a mid outer turret I don't think Anna is going to be able to do anything about that there so that's linked up being charged by Zach going to charge it hold it we thought of doing so much damage you feel just enough RAM is okay is going to get to that Ulsan any would be able to find the kill here Vic is now forced to flash over the wall and that is going to be a 2 400 in favor of zero storybook there Wow huge turnaround Stoneybrook really great play from program to know he has the damage to 1v1 Griffin who take them down oh oh yeah a little bit of an overstep by agent Rose gonna be immediately punished by Stony Brook here and that's going to be another turret and free kill Oh No this game was starting to get even but now we see a goal bleed more and more started be cemented on the side of Stony Brook here as they move into a 3,000 gold feed they catch up in the number of dragons but you know this is starting to look a little bit dark for Rutgers here but we have seen a comeback from Moore's that is true and the Stony Brook is going to be able to pick up this top lane if they can push fast enough oh is that getting overstep here there's an ami and a MooMoo to respond there is the stand united coming down from Jen Cassiopeia and moose are coming all the fighters like that versus hot that is the whole other sort capsid elastic slingshot that's going to be to kill make it through the red team here kids already happy all along did you feel you so much damage that's a double kill if that could it be art that can be barren that is totally barren program has to make us gods like played here he would he would even broccoli all three was the bottom line what is he doing oh no program in searing fields so much David Akana he's looking for the kill here he's gonna be forced to pull away there's the oh no that is going to be a kill on to trump program that ultimate from Cassiopeia as well what is going on Rutgers program is turning around to ask you to punish you can there is the elastic slingshot that's going to be the shutdown but for members of Rutgers are so well they're not going to be able to find the Baron here what is going on that play with Oh elastic slingshot total got a little too greedy that's going to be a Redemption coming down not going to be able to do anything that is going to be another kill for Griffin why is this only birth decide to send told the Bachmann they made the placement they got the mid turrets send them all four of them top get that mid turret or get the top turret excuse me base with a lot of gold in your pockets and then reset yeah then Nautilus to the bottom Lane he had teleport if he needs it that was a really sloppy play from Stony Brook and a great play from Rutgers Griffin especially getting I mean it was killed it was a great macro play followed up by a sloppy maestro play like see see they just allowed flat Amir to just poke oh my god he just take it yes he is by the way Oh No Bester if it worked so hard for that so nice Bergdahl a savings undulated he you know he was spent he got a loan even stole it frequency we on those building for this laking or ingredients of this age the Merc tread and the bent females used on full match oh well that's another miss ultimate from Griffin here that is going to be the blue team picking up that dragon sold away from Vic where was this might there's the Ezreal also coming across you in so much damage the carrot Altman is going to come down wrap it up and that is going to block that is going to flow there's a lot of damage can be done from program there does let's shut down from Nautilus on to Griffin but that's going to be a two for one or a three for one rather Weaver Rutgers but they lost the dragon and wants the Dragons a knob hey man don't knock the tidecaller's blessing auto-attack but that has to be a huge oversight from Vic they're like that but that has to be the the story of Rutgers here like there's there it's such a good team like there are a lot of times where they make such good plays well you know there are other times where they just make oversights and step too far or just play too greedy that they just get punished so easily by Stony Brook here and you know if they want to win this game they need to clean up their acts across the Stony Brook is going to punish them at every tournament and turn around the game like they did it towards the end of Game one I agree I do love that both teams are making proactive moves because it certainly makes for exciting legal team no one's waiting around for the other one to do anything they're like okay we are making this play now and you know it's fun to watch we have 29 kills in 26 minutes it's been a lot of fun so and you know a thousand gold beat not even always less yep I mean the gold lien has been sort of evened out here you know there's only a 500 gold difference now and you know it's Rutgers is doing a good job of slowly getting back into this fight but I into the paint whoo Tarek might be caught out here cassiopeia throw down my asthma lad Amir and Ezreal are waiting in the wings nothing's going to happen they'll just go back away so same thing that Rutgers needs to do they already have botlane pushing a little bit they need to send me on down there because hey you can get that you know that outer turd goals oh we have a fight notable yeah it's going to be general the fight that's going to be a son on Toonami there here comes the tidal wave that's one two guns November is going to be knocked up Redemption going to deal a key thing on them damage balled up on the residency back in the top lane going to try to get something off of this model here for the residents Phoenix is going to collapse onto the spirits and it has to be the easiest baron call on the planet what Wow he'll plan yeah he'll play gives such a good ability Wow just he mo play paired with the moon was not done yet oh no Vic just overstepped just a little too much overestimating me about underestimate the amount of vision of the blue team guess that's going to be the eight and Baron buff on the five members of Tony Brooke here and that is huge that is now a five thousand gold lead and a baron buff like they have a mountain drake they're definitely going to be pushing here it's just Josh Mike back student and he's gonna back knee is very very low Oh H people pushing at that wave is definitely going to be good for them so I'm actually starting to see the benefit of having this innumerable muumuus and passes the revamp asset is that it's basically further magic damage to the target is Delta's true damage or added at redemptive plague increases magic damage done to the targets so they're more or less just stack additional damage and one thing led to another egg and you have four people on Rutgers dying in a second and a half you know really willingly by Stony Brook that fight and this is what we are talking about amumu and vladimir synergize so well but their ultimate and their passive and you know Ezreal does magic damage Nami does magic damage you know got the hold it's magic damage on magic games Oh Oh No Vic why do elastic blinks up for a wolf he's gonna be Sun here for us to ultimate away wow that is HUGE resources spent just for a walk but they got the wolf and I think ever think optimal happens that's all you talk about they got the wolf dude this is that wild an afro having a TIA or one the cooling pushing all with they're in love that's going to be a bubble omelet Eric doesn't look like any sort of follows hold we call it their own oh there goes the story which things that son is probably not as good they're focusing down Cassiopeia but he is going to get that tarik ultimate the rest of the team is going to turn onto the Shen here he's going to try to dash away but not Elizabeth hooker end and that's going to be the first carried out Vic is going to be the second casualty as despite the Sun not going to land on any one toll looking for that kill on to Lucian and it's knock over you'll find it even with that stand united not going to be enough and that's going to be three members down and that's what we saw both looking for the game whoa I mean they're rich also much famous onto the turret they're not only planning a hook oh no this is probably going to be GG that's going to get an on to removal but it's not going to be enough they're not a lot of default damage it's only a sham that's as real killing the parrots they're talk about betrayer of lovers I'll notice that it's going to go and he's gonna - he's going to game who narrow those two people to that day the games that's going to be the 8th that's going to be GG and we're going to Game three that was such a clean there you know barren midnight bot lane just push take the fight take the game just oh my gosh that was so well played from Stony Brook to close out that game yeah really clean really sharp yeah and once again I I think I think the problem with Rutgers this game is that you know they were very easily punished for their for their oversight of you know like we saw Vic they're like he elastic slingshot for a wolf just let them have the wolf that doesn't matter like that 50 gold isn't going to do you anything so let him have it you know that you know there's a lot of times where you elastic slingshot for for neutral objectives but that's not one of them you know we keep pointing to that one and give her just give keep like that was the that was the late game like you can't be making mistakes like that at that stage in the game you know but they're a lot I can't I can't be you know negging Rutgers too much because they did play that game very well you know their early game was very clean a lot of breaks bye-bye Zach in the early game you know and they were and they were able to match the lead whenever they fell behind they were able to find instances where they were they were able to get back but you know we saw things like at Baron buck where Rutgers just let Vladimir just go to town on and just feel as much damage to the could they didn't peel away four of it but um you know that's just something that they're going to have to clean up and fix in the next game maybe they band away Vladimir instead of you know Karma but you know that does it for Game two I'd like to thank our sponsors gen game and twitch for sponsoring this event we will be back shortly for Game three all right welcome back to the EGF College rival series my name is Alex shankari earned burger and I'm joined once again by my co-host Christian SAS beads de left ski how you doing how you doing Christian we're doing well you know this game 3 I'm super excited we've had two totally awesome bloodbath of Cannes the taxi game I don't expect anything to change for this third one yeah I mean I definitely think something is bound to change I don't think you let through the Vladimir once again because that cop like program that is honestly his best champion and out he wasn't killing it yeah and and to put so many target bands onto onto best rammus without you know noticing the rest of his team is you know a little a little oversight should I say I think that Rutgers should change up there are their picks and bans and give just a little bit more attention to the to that mid lane there meanwhile at Stony Brook like we've seen a lot of just big big macro mistakes like they said like they make improper decisions of saying okay well we need to send this person to this Lane this person of that length they can clean up like their macro decisions like they can very easily fight around and and win like week so what I'm trying to get out here is that if they make better macro decisions then they're better lined up to win most of the team fights that they have been winning in the past exactly one thing I that does need to happen on the side of Rutgers is connotation bro have to stop losing Lane two minutes in yeah like they lost game one on the Malachi first block cheese last game they tried to kill cloudy now Nami and then toll turned it into a double kill and if it wants to stay in this early game on the bottom side of the map they need kana and Asian bro to not fall on yep and we've seen kana when he goes off like he's a very very strong player it's very very strong mechanically his positioning has been a plus and you know like when he's a head-on especially when we saw him on that Ash game he's been very very good if Rutgers can put can put a little bit more attention on the bolsa on the bot side then I feel like they can have a much better game time carrying themselves into this later bits of the game where they seem to struggle a bit absolutely and with that it looks like we are about ready to get into champions like both teams are ready to go and as are we over here okay up everyone's ready we're going to jump into this last game here this is the final pick and ban phase for Stony Brook vs. Rutgers this is going to be an exciting match for the championship man everything's on the line here I correct six of the same bands the only one that might vary is the élysée in favor of Vladimir being banned but we will committee I mean judging by the fact of how Rutgers has been playing you know does letting a lease through really is really that big of a deal huh apparently it is apparently it is no Ram is banned yet I would be extremely surprised to go at that through I just don't see a world where they let Beth ramus okay plays one trick you know yep I mean I think we I think we've mentioned this before and ramus Bess ramus okay doesn't mess around he is over 300 games without with a 57 percent win trades like that that's pretty great so if I were Rutgers right here I would honestly take away that Wladimir program has shown he is not afraid to pick it blind and yep he will do this same if given the opportunity so Rutgers needs to take that opportunity away Frank now once again once and there's a very just similar team composition Shen - OH builder Sam so far yeah they think they could win I mean they did it once I'm expecting Zack Vladimir I don't see a reason why they would vary from what's worked for them two games in a row programs been doing phenomenally and there it is yep but once again like Shen being locked in against us Nautilus like maybe they go for a drag us or maybe a rumble but like Shen has been doing a great job for for his first and Unitas but there's so many times in the early game where he just where he just made the teleport or the or the stand united blind they got immediately interrupted yeah that has happened several times yeah it's at some point where you have to where you have to make this decisions like okay do we really want the Shen against the Nautilus because you know the teleport the great shield is great but we have other options to peel for our ad carries that don't get easily interrupted by you know oh I got snared so now we might lose this teamfight and the exact game so will we see ash as a kana I think he needs to go back to it or Oh knew to do that oh boy all right currently it's the same exact team composition from Game one for Rutgers and a very similar composition Game two from Stony Brook the only difference being the Nautilus all right oh I wanted James collegiate cool too though Calista is definitely pretty cool I don't know if it's going to be locked in I don't know if Jin's going to be lots of play the rune King is still good still too good right now like locking in gin and picking and building a play the rune King might as well just be worthless Ezreal and he being locked in pretty state pretty safe lane they had it last game and told completely popped off yeah cloudy was not too shabby either on his nami had some great bubbles his waves were exceptional yeah and now it just makes it just makes that nunu pick just a lot worse since now they have just so much weight so many ways to interrupt that absolute zero without needing for no ballista oops I wasted my hook now I need to turn around and use my ultimate on new they had the elastic slingshot they have the ultimate from Zack as well I think it's let's bounce fairly certain Minami also has a bubble and the tidal wave as well ash definitely a very strong pickup here since you know Rutgers doesn't have a lot of strong initiation which is going to hurt them in a late-game no they do not currently like that the enchanted crystal era will help a lot though followed by a Shen taunt the new new snowball you know yep and we're locked about it is locked in pretty the exact same team come from Rutgers from Game one and more or less the exact same team comp from Game two for Stony Brook where they after they got the bear in utter ly to clean house so Stony Brook has shown they can close games when they get a concrete lead yep once again I think it's something to be said about Stojko here as they're not really a game two and three they're not particularly scared about losing or being counter picked as they pick all their lanes and exact pay order so that they do that they had meanwhile at Rutgers here they clearly saw the power of their first team composition here and they say oh well we did a very good job in the first game with this comp and you know if Vic was sort of playing that that Zach the same way he would played nunu in the second game to kind of no avail also if we come the knew knew he should be able to do a better job especially with the amount of us that they should be that they should be giving ash in the late game with Derek and nunu and scheana's well like protect the ash is definitely a very very good copier I mean a completely honest I'm also surprised that it's not a kog'maw because this could be a very very potent like CG /co composition is that it has a cog mod they also have the tools to be a very very strong protector kog'maw comp as well I think they want they I think they want the enchanted crystal arrow bad you know cosmos yes all of the damage in the world for late-game but they definitely want that hard engage from the enchanted crystal arrow right what's the vision from the hawk shot you know it helps definitely just brought out best Rams okay and definitely a long mid laners but once again there's still issues to be fixed on both teams in order if they want to win Stony Brook wants to fix their macro game and also improve on their vision that they've been putting in the jungle Rutgers wants to definitely improve their positioning especially in the late game I feel like when they feel like there has been times where they've made decisions of all to wrestle too hasty and they've been punished because of it but once again this is going to be a one the record books is it going to be another championship going for EDF rival series so this is going to be a great game 3 I'm definitely excited super stoked this is two great teams both of them getting getting team compositions that they've been doing very very well on and you know this isn't going to be a great game I would like to see it's just Josh actually ward early he has died both games too very early ganks from Vick and he needs to not do it again just you know outright either that or Bess ramus okay needs to anticipate that early gank from Vic and counter it with his own I'm not I want to say Zack Nautilus takes the early to be two against new Shen but that honestly just comes down to who it's their CC right and of course as I mentioned earlier Cana and Asian brownie to not die early and not fall behind early they've been you know they didn't plan from behind both games so far right let's see how they can actually perform on even footing right so tell me about these matchups what do you think about the matchups and the in the wings do you think as advantages here and there I do expect Griffin and Leon to go up and see us again depending on I doubt Vic will give Griffin the first blue buff again that was a huge advantage for him but still Cassiopeia can very easily trade the flat Amir in the early game Shen can very easily trade with the Nautilus in the early game I know as for the bot lane Nami and Ezreal they have polkas - and Tariq kind of had that all in and ran our extended trade so we'll just have to see who plays around on their strengths better right well I definitely know okay I'm having a little bit of an issue so it should be fine should be in the game just a little bit but uh I'm going to give my my um my I'm going to give a little bit of an edge to Nautilus in the top lane just because he definitely has a lot more her ass than Shen has access to and Chen's barrier only really protection from auto attacks whereas Nautilus uses a lot more than just that in order especially the Riptide is very very good against in this Lane no definitely Shen herb sorry josh is going to push very hard on mottos you know the Riptide the AoE auto attacks W but Shen with his cue fortunately ten lasted easily the acute auto attacks can one shot with the caster minions after they've been hit by a turret that's very important which is why a lot of people are fine with getting pushed in the Shen we're seeing pings come out towards the bottom side of the mid lane though let's see if we have a fight oh yeah oh no we tell me there was going to live okay well alright we thought pre controlling the casters what do you think you're doing they come on yeah they pinged on my leg the same thing with last time standard line of scrimmage yeah both from their starting red side new news starting red is definitely interesting because he can get a little bit of a leash from Shen and then move immediately over to the blue buff oh my god okay good job Vic Vic is fixing his immediate miss place where we fixed it yeah he's fixing his Miss place from the first game I immediately laughing what else you going to do there pretty standard ever I mean both teams are being safe right now which is perfectly fine you know no need to make a big risky play when you could just play the laning phase standard mm-hmm no wards really need to go you know this isn't LCS they're not doing these crazy level one strategies to try and win the game before it even starts and that's perfectly okay you know it's smart play you got if you want me gotta back to the emblem if you have it you gotta flex it oh yeah of course every every opportunity that you have two emotes but you suspend that mastery like even if you do something incorrectly spam the mastery you get a kill span the mastering you die spam a mastery get incorrect trade and the mastery exactly if you've earned it you've got people have to know that you are loaded in the team Oh support half let people know you play the most obscure champion of course I have mastery on aatrox who do you think I am eight tracks one trick all one of them on the planet one of them all one of those all jungles a bus did help them with smidgen yeah but eight tracks isn't in this game so we won't spend too much time talking about that guy so that's their legal later to them yep soon the bombings gonna force them to back off but like once again this is this is standard stuff I'm really I'm surprised that nunu didn't take that that that's walk immediately into the police ah I blues i blue buff but he's gonna look for this early gank on the bot side he doesn't even tell you yeah black cone here yo is coming into a blood boil oh yeah here he comes we've got that red on his hands to go throw snowball and and to be great what a gank shit that's that is how nunu gangs he throws one snowball and then that's it it's like it's like a panda he eats shoots and leaves except to eat snowballs and wings ha ha got it yeah get it like bamboo shoot yeah yeah so funny I did it I think they'll had worse than mine I get just invisible oh yeah program is caught it's cut off here but gear comes best Ram is okay from the side he's gonna stop the elastic slingshot not going to follow up and then snowball yes snow bomb pretty pretty straightforward here yep eat snow ball and leaf but kana and Asia bro have not died yet and at this point last game and the first game they had yep so I guess that's an improvement yeah turning upward when your students work oh oh yeah it's just justice taking a little low here let's just hope that grando doesn't take a little too far get the first blood so says because this is going to be best friends okay trying to turn it around but there's a flash he's going to be able to get away that's a little bit of shield from encourage of loss is definitely going to help them out a whole lot he's not the first solo kill we've seen from a laner like herring laning phase yeah I'm fairly certain geez I'm gonna quit count them we on yeah it depends on how you count bot Lane killed because a bottling kill all national Rios that's true landing feed kills what's safe without the junglers assistance oh that's a mouthful so it is it's a solo kill whatever there's two people in the bot lane you can't be solo here with another person and Griffin Doug's had blue buff already so it looks like they did gift that over to him to hopefully promote his laning phase get him another early meet you know once again I think it's I think it's not too much of an important thing on news he does have his passive and getting blood boil fairly early means that he's going to be able to get that that passive off fairly quickly exactly so he doesn't really need the blue buff as much you know it is useful to have the cooldown on your consume but that's really it that's really all it's going to be doing for you I agree he's just a urine doesn't donate over his blue buff that he's got flow he's already deals so much damage to the program looks like right back with the boost good cue yep either mid laner has bags yeah I'm carry what would you gonna oh Langley was expecting the flash ignite out of oh it's gonna stop it for just back please don't donate the blue buff I feel like Griffin was anticipating the flash ignite with young would have killed him so we preemptively the barrier to block the damage you know that's another great bait from program yeah but that's also that also breeds program to to do it again the next time and there won't be a barrier oh absolutely Plus Griffin does not have a splash out if he blew that in the exchange you did had that data that plant in order to spot out Ward's words were spotted Alba that also means that nunu was flat as well something something important to know for all you guys who like using those blue those blue uh blue plants is that you are revealed by your opponent using it oh yes yes right yeah so if you use it you are resolved with key where you are oh that is a great bubble on doTERRA keys for burgers don't for safety right inside the sand United there's the Sun autonomic there's so much damage as well that Derek is ignited be seeking very very low soul is going to turn that around immediately grando is going to try to look through till under Ramage there comes the teleport down from Nautilus and now at COP is joining the fight it's a party down the bottling there's the blood boil on to Cassiopeia givers a little bit of movement speed that's going to be a lot of damage splat Amir staying in mid lane that's always going to be a one or zero in favor of Stony Brook really well played by Stony Brook there and programmed the whole time it's been pushing the mid lane uh-oh we might get cup oh yeah there's going to be the immediate either you've been going to be force away Cassiopeia whoo that's the appeal we're doing a lot of damage that's holy damage that's more than half as they'd be in just a couple of spells that is definitely pretty big great play though from Stony Brook and Stony Brook knows the nunu has been pick so they have had much better vision in a dragon area seven and a half minutes in dick hasn't even looked in the jet dragons direction yep definitely a huge improvement from Game one for Stonebrook I'm still surprised that like nunu isn't putting like wards in the enemy jungle like maybe he has maybe he hasn't I know yet he has he might put very good he wards yeah he put them down on the red side he didn't put them down on the put them down on the blue side all right so he doesn't know that pic is gonna be getting this ah this is this buff here all right the game has slowed down no no huge lead just yet the it is a little bit in the favor of Stoneybrook here in this just because they you know they've been doing a death definitely a better job farming Benna than rutgers here but that's really the only thing to talk about here another barrier griffin program is commanding this lane he's got a 15 CS with the total change of phase and land might look for a kill here here comes the absolute zero there's the pool as well Griffin is going to not follow up disengage Cana off his first back picks up of Bilgewater and double daggers so going right into that blade from Kane no boots no nothing yeah I mean it's just so good on Ashe and at this point in the game I feel like the second you get your damage item over the boots well you'll you'll be able to spike more damage in ad well it was just the booth and plus tarik has such good peel for Ashe as well and Ash's peel for herself so you know a little bit of less movement speed Oh ended the world and in a crystal arrow I'm not feeling the hard engage there now alright and also a total flip from last game Leon is now down almost 30 CS whereas last game he was winning by a huge amount haha despite the solo kill which is very surprising you have a ping from Zack coming down awesome here noone is going to go immediately into that Baron pit into the parent the dragon pit and he's going to start the dragon but uh looks like Donnybrook might spot him how we are very close yours AK is going to dive onto the ash here not gonna be able to find any meat while the monastery noon is just like no no no no don't what we're come to a site Brigham initially stop running the site guys come on at Eric you can die that's fine it doesn't matter it's just blanket oh we got it oh no he has the flash over the wall there's no kind of execute where you go where is he going oh no they're looking for them the Cassiopeia is there follow if the title is not going to be able to find anything exactions you don't looking for a best ramus okay really wants it Cassiopeia they're certified new dude get that okay I don't even know if he'll act I don't even know directed camera probably the top lane so they just traded dragon for for Asian bros life that's a reasonable trade oh oh here's an Arkansan the side is not going to be able to be elastic if sand unite is going to land as well new news coming in from the side that's just this petrifying gate isn't going to be able to find anyone meanwhile I'm a bot Lane Ezreal is going to find a kill on Akana that is pretty big teleport was started and then immediately interrupted by Shen so it looks like iam Oh actually he lorded to a minion that was next to him oops so that's where he channeled oh that's a good taunt though yeah I'm going to get a little bit of damage onto the Nautilus here or return oh just a little bit but I don't think he's going to continue off of that it's not guilty yes looking for a little bit of wow that's a lot of damage on the program head like moving violet op eds go do your great new coming in from the side that's going to be a slow no stack is there is there there's the absolute zero doing so much damage there's going to be a twin think when we damage onto the onto the little fobs there that's going to be a smite onto one of them there's a bubble from Nami the barrier is going to land is it going to be enough CC can solo there's not going to be an ultimate from Vladimir an ordeal to find the kill that's going to be both of them being away a oh okay I think the combined health of Zack Nautilus Griffin and Leon all of them combined house were probably a hundred mm-hmm gen had no health it's just Josh had no health program was low vests ramus okay with love Oh Gretchen was really low everyone went so low that fight and no one died with just absolutely a hilarious told oh that solo come to Cana not sure that came from I'm assuming Cano is just way too overextended right and got caught by the bilge water and the Ezreal hiding potential yep plus a big booth one to no boots so there's that boost as well very bizarre game but Stoneybrook does have fairly decisive lead right now yeah that is a there's a two and a half gold two and a half thousand gold lead at this stage in the game it was pretty good once again we see lots of wars down on the bottom side here is very very important that both teams get C's get both of these carries my bots like going because it seems like the mid lane can just do that by themselves exactly no first turret is gone down yet all the turrets are fairly healthy yeah I mean it seems to me that that like both teams kind of want to extend out this this laning phase just to give a little bit more just to give a little bit better ganking pressure from from Zack here and also to and also to give as real just a little bit more time to charge up his um is much it causes a tear of the goddess whole with a three level event and over Cana though that's a that's a big one those queues those mystic shots at max rank those are hitting right now mmm Zack waiting in the wings here he's charging up that elastic slingshot he's going in yeah he lands on to the Cassiopeia the petrifying gate isn't going to land on Vladimir that's gonna stop a little bit of damage there's this flowing Sun Oh we return later on to Zack but that is going to be the ultimate the email plague damage coming down on to finish her off as well but the depth charge Knox wouldn't be able to find the kill option at the top lane human bottom you're gonna do get out just a little bit in the mid lane at Conor gonna try to do her best experience the waves on underneath this turret but once again it's just she can't really say woo that's a tot underneath turret that's going to be feeling a decent amount of damage on to the nautilus there but once again it's still just one little scuffle if the one loss couple in the every weapon here yeah especially in the top lane these guys are duking it out Leon 50 CS behind Josh right now though that is a massive gold bead for it's just Josh yeah once again it's it's kind of Louise neuter just doing Braille right now just by I'm Zell just just like no big deal just hey guys what's going on in to sell my me the real question is will he take the buff for himself or really donated to lion are we on there's it's done a tsunami can they follow it up and I'm not going to be able to do anything there but like he's just he's just chillin he's just doing it like that's it Oh ball and the occasional he's got red buff he's got blood book oh we do have a gank in the black is doing a deep job getting gala Johnson County opiate here she's taking so so low there's the stand united she's looking to get back to my asthma's gonna slow the rate again oh nice bill I'm just going to turn around there's a pool there's a decent amount of damage so they're going to flash over the wall that's cool on the program meanwhile the bottling this they've been chained to Crystal Eric trying to find the kill on to toll here trying to defend the turret they're getting a little too deep Eurasian pros taken very low there's the ultimate force the flash tequila way that is Tara keeping fairly with this life out of that a mirage their trueshot barrage rather what a turn we on have another great stand united to counter began from best - okay and program in the end is the one that loses his life that was a great turnaround oh that is going to be a stun onto cloudy that's going to be Zeile from toll that act is wearing on the wings here that is a double knock up maker comes the teracles live will it be enough all haunted biggest don't look now invulnerable because right turn and get the kill on a cloudy agent bro meanwhile is going to be trying to get away as best he can toll get these justice to be - over the wall he's going to be able to find the kill there Vic looking for something dr. Milot find it novel is waiting in the wings two-for-one trade at the end of the day Asian bro with the perfect timing on his ultimate kept Khanna alive long enough to pick up cloudy before losing his own money well Vic might have to smite that oops nope okay we do have teams dancing around the fire Drake that is a very big Drake and it looks like Stony Brook is just kind of brute force it oh yeah Vic is year okay okay here comes a hahahahaha no he doesn't to do it you eat these please running away I could've sworn he said he tapped ghost for a second because I saw him starting to run away and be buff from the speed buff noise from us from scuttle happened so it's like the heat it goes they bail you have flash alright Griffin doing it there's the key meal play exact waiting in the wings because there's the elastic slingshot it's not going to land but he does get the slow on to him as well program not for me all up on top lane a ward battle and I got the word but I got the word haha and normally this is the thing that supports do but you know I got top laners do it - OH Griffin meanwhile is mentally very low very low here straight to camera mind you trolled me so true shot up true shot missed yep just wide left yep alright nunu looking to take that scuttle and a top lane if you looking to maybe get the cut along the novelist's probably not here comes Vic though waiting on the side no damage there to follow though it's just Asian bro infinitely he's coming table though uh nope nope yep he did spot out best grandma's okay so he's going to back away here so once again the game has slowed down we are going to take take a quick look when you have a fork a bowl beat in the flavor of Stoneybrook here that's definitely because you know if you look at the kills they're definitely up bike - they're up by a turn they're up with a lot of CS as well so oh yeah nope this is this is this has been fairly fairly standard so far Stony Brook does a good job in the early game and Rutgers just tries to go even as best as they can and then once the mid game starts to Rutgers gets a lot of very good team fights what you know so far it's been you know very very good game of League of Legends so far and then I you know just looked for it to continue absolutely and tol I've got another game where he is just commandingly and Louise already the man immune a dunk already Bork's on re those Cindy boots done he is hitting so hard right now compared to Cana who's level behind them essentially an entire item line as well he is going to he is you know taking control of his game by himself we're nothing crazy right now teams playing fairly standard the 1-3-1 coming out of Stony Brook which is exactly what they want to do right now yep you see ash coming into the mid line here but I think Vladimir is safe to push in the bot lane he has definitely very good waveclear and you know I think he has a very safe escape just in case they try to collapse onto him she once again beyond a blow yeah who you see a little bit of an engagement in the mid lane here Vic is going to channel the full absolute zero on this done follow-up from tarik is very very good best frame is okay is good of course uses open here blueprint is looking for it in but it's refined it program is waiting on the wings as well looking for some sort of an engagement from his team for him to follow up he's waiting in the brush he does have a lot of books first name is tole meanwhile takes out the mid lane turret I think it's just us and it could very easily take that hop some traitors and I do like what Stoneybrook is doing with this one 31 putting program in the bottom lane this is the first game of the three where he is in a spot where he can 1v1 break and in the side lane if they were to fight and that's a big advantage and it plays right in the stony Brook's composition yep I think it's also important to note that Cassiopeia really hasn't hit her power spike yet sure she has a Marella nomicon earlier comes nunu hooter comes due knew there's the snowball and going to gain yogurt okay all right we did a team let's get out of here Oh Cassiopeia is coming back from our day long cooldown oh no they're doing it uh of course they're doing it Griffin is looking for the kill but that fourth splash away is not going to get here comes the flash and the elastic slingshot from best rams okay he's going to force them to guess it back away from that turret stand united though leone should be pushing the top out right now I don't know why again but he just cost himself about twenty thirty seconds of pushing the top wave alright not the best play from Rutgers right there yep and don't evoke will punish once again this is very this is slowing down a lot straining into more of a macro game than anything we do see a fight especially with Rutgers playing more defensive with this 5k gold lead on the side of um on the side of Stony Brook so they'll look for little advantages where they can't but I don't think they're gonna be fun oh well then maybe that is a huge ultimate from Kathy LPS you've done a lot of things to re or moved on me from the fight Nautilus is now surrounded by five members of Rutgers here and that's going to be be a media kill that is going to be a to Perot in the favor of Rutgers here that know what they get off of it I guess they push out the mid lane should be the mid turret they yeah if new new artist a made they should be able to just brute force the mid turret is you know Tom tying make you go slow on the toll here a and a turbo is here to follow up Oh going to told to go over the way there's the Christian to crystal arrow the absolute zero heat force he flashes out just in time to escape the damage that is going to be a very very good play from him and once again there's Air Force dua they're really not being able to find anything here we find a find a scuttle crab but I don't think that's what they're looking for so I'm trying to get on to a simple a mirror here but he's going to be able to get away with the to help us out with speakers that excuse me storm readers surged I death toll with the nice play to stay alive right there a lot of programs went out but Kathy o'phelan he is the one whose cat o caught on this I'm Griffin is good is on a killing spree and he's going to find a kill on the charissa onto a program there oh program getting a little too greedy they're thinking he could disrupt Griffin's back and keep a for an agent Rose right there to follow done really nicely played by Rutgers to get a good kill and Dragons up now that should be an uncontested Drake for Rutgers yeah that's really good timing on that okay yep once again zach is going to try to look to uh to feel if you can elastic slingshot over the over the wall here but nunu has to smite and with the help of Ezreal I literally saw that getting like 15 hunters and then it just did yeah there was no window there for best ramus okay to swoop in yeah I went to community is nunu yep smite does about 500 damage here and you know consumed it ranked sixth as a thousand six oh gosh that passes oh yeah it's so good I don't know why more people aren't playing nunu it's so good I mean we might see him get played probably that odd he's gonna need a few more puffs it's the lack of hard CC that's kind of a biggie and damage he really doesn't do anything well except for objective control him does that really like a caught out here all no there's the lastic slingshot fallen into the bubble you stinking soul oh there's the tidal wave as well now I know is all Fifi gone and you copied out loops where up Ana's looking for the McGill and it's not going to be able to find me attenti crystal error here comes the teleport from it's just Josh so here comes to tell here comes as well the ultimate from tarik it's not going to be able to do anything or members of Stony Brook are going to be stunned by that it's going to don't have to find gays they're still looking for more there's the son from Paris and the rest of the red team is trying to focus and damn foods into s news damage Dispensa Kempe this could be a triple feel for best ramen so gay blogger kill that's going to be an ace that boards too many birds around oh yeah Wow just I guess picked was not expecting them to be in that side of the jungle there but he did have Ward's of around his blue buff so he definitely would have seen them enter well that's going to be an easy inhibitor and they're already pinging Baron as well I think they can get the vision down on there and if they were to try in the rush pair and that would be very foolish in my opinion too early in the game they have a lot of gold in their pockets okay so they're all going to base you should pick up some pink wards sell those refillable potion and get a pink or put it down yep that needs to be the course of action for every member of Stony Brook if they want a clean Baron yep I know they have pings coming down onto the Baron Buffy or nunu is moving towards that side as well the red team is positioning towards that Shen does have his teleport so he should be free to split push in the font side here whole program what are you doing you both have empty item slots sell to refill get a vision Ward told get a vision ward what do you fill it is it juicy I think you may have enough vision words for all three of them on the sauna yeah cloudy who has really why don't you give items like you could just buy an item and then be like here he may take this yeah I mean how team like a dota that would be so broken up donate your teammates items God oh Jesus we would have liked to have more gold they don't have a guardian angel right it was literally to be like pick a hyper carry and funnel all of the items have a six item vein 22 that's okay they're trying to look at the ketchup vic here is also zero is immediately interrupted the tidal wave is just stopped on it here comes the here comes to redemption down as well all is going to be able to find the killer l3 elastic sling septic because the touch mind games not going to land in the ending one and that's going to be four more kills for the blue team they cut out a janitor they're not even going to go to bear on their you game yeah they're just looking for the game here I think they could take it they have all five members they have a minion wave they have tank yeah what is ten minute you fight this who shouldn't gonna go in Sinhala for the thanh try to get this kind of course them away but that's so much damage coming down from the blue decide that's probably going to be the game here those grief on timers are so long the next person up as you knew that's big that's gay yeah that would hit that's game sleep oh good job like Tony Brooks here and no program is just going to tease it he's going to flash over into the Institute or is there a bit of the game three that's going to be GG Tony Pro takes it over Rutgers what a commanding victory from Stony Brook holy moly fantastically played by that entire team nicely done to take the champion in jail and all right all right so I'd like to that was a great three games from both teams that we'd like to set it send it over back to the desk for more breakdown in this game [Music] thank you again shankari and a wonderful cast on the day between you and Christian so I am joined with the jungler of Stony Brook University best rammus okay thank you so much for joining me and congrats on the win first thank you how does it feel feels very good yeah you guys are the defending champions now you guys won the Fall Series now you're the women's with rival series so one of the questions that I want to ask is that you guys ended up getting blue side all three games so that's something that you find advantageous yeah it is it's pretty superb off the coin flip so I thought they were going to pick blue side but they sold most back they were on the red side so we were like okay do you just want to get this blue side all three games and they were like sure so you're happy that yeah and it definitely paid off in the end I want to talk about a little bit about your game one performance where you and we saw the Renekton and the Vladimir you guys just kept repeatedly ganking the midline Cassiopeia was that something that you would planned on doing beforehand or was it just sort of a hey let's just keep diving cassiopeia it seems to be working out yeah it wasn't really something we had planned before we do there was a lot of communication problems Game one there was actually some common problems and also two of us ourselves including me oh wow we don't really know each other that well well you played phenomenally I did we saw at the end of the game the seven one zero performance on Zack is tank junglers something you prefer towards or was that something that it was like alright well we kind of need you to play back this game I mostly play Ramos honestly I'm Isaac is kind of rusty yeah I usually play I was actually planning playing a least I expected the Ramos BAM but I was planning playing least I didn't expected least and so I'm like I guess Isaac and it did end up working out for you and one final question do you think that you're gonna do you think that you've stepped up do you think that you're going to begin to start more or do you just really don't know um you want to start more yeah I'm hoping next year I can um yeah any of the semester here I was only like Simon sighs but now I love performing off that or some other thing I can get a foundation actually one more question what actually got you to love Ram is so much that you ended up putting him into your summoner name honestly I just kept winning with them oh really is not like winning hey if you win it works all right thank you very much your best dream it's okay Stony Brook University is jungler and that will do it for this series I would like to thank obviously best Ramos okay for joining me today I would also like to thank our sponsors that being twitch and Jen game and finally I would like to thank Stony Brook University for hosting the event for us so that way we could put this live land event on and that will do it for us today just as a notice the hearthstone finals between Columbia and Stony Brook they are still going to take place in a few minutes we are just going to need to switch over so the stream is probably going to cut out for a minute so just don't go anywhere because the hearthstone stream is going to be coming on in just a few minutes you professional doctorate education non dissertation Gerstner Sloan Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Science.

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