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Julia peirano dissertation titles

Julia peirano dissertation titles capstone works do my thesis proposal on anthropology for me ´╗┐however one students faculty and staff first of all I would like to psychology first in overcoming to the higher fraction of debate today me and my colleague of Mahavira during the event where several irrelevant economic and political issues from decimated I will net in front of you is the agenda which shows of topics of the six degrees that will be finished and the demand without further ado I would like to introduce you to the first debate hope you will enjoy and have a great time so the first debate is irritation visualization involves the country abandoning an independent currency in countries that went through your ization only affair in currencies of legal tender come to the normally adult such a radical change in library policies are often encountering in stable economies high level impression and very low competitive currency its effects in the political and economical level has split a specialist in advocates and opponents of the such of making it a continuous subject international voluntary political science now the show the economy bus contingency as a moderator and you Nevada is the co-moderator along with the bay themes will tackle the key issues on reason behind the interrelation implication for monetary policy issues like trade-offs between sovereignty loss of independent monetary policy of civilities of currency attacks and potential alternatives to irritation many other questions will be addressed without further ado are biting bite moderation moderation some bacon buzzer sergeant [Applause] [Music] and ladies and dozen all gentlemen thank you for coming to our surely kind of bus today we will have a debate on your ization and I would like to welcome our very special guest we should have in our panel today I'll start with Miss Jane to do she's a policy analyst in Kosovo Ministry of Finance miss Ivana has to be dyed macro analyst of the European Central Bank mr. Arun simple matter economist enough regarding professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and mr. jereth I destroy monuments as a research center of economic development and international violence first of all before we continue with our deputy today I would like you to see a short video that we are allowing you to be more familiar to our topic and you know what the process is designed to correct if I am a point of country outside in trouble able to all these water composition partners to and replace website thank you people who have incomes State Police Services Bureau has additional appropriations of documentation so this is what terrorization mainly however for Mort we will have our debaters today that will present as the main topic Ferland against urination and I want to start with my stadium can you explain to us more when a country doctor on the official credit will the press build method of this will enhance the function and the actualization were accountability and fiscal discipline and this is quite important in the car in a country where we don't have the ability is a domestic authorities it is not even result in non-religious ocean if the central angle of one country cannot execute its own quality for example normally the error equation of morning the inflation rate then our additional appears to be the best sort of a bad solution and in order to achieve and keep this permanent of low inflation rate since there is composition of the domestic currency salinity which is a contributing factor to the acceleration of of inflation and when we have lowered our inflation rate we will alter the mattress or the vegetable again when we adopt a zero and or official currency we will adopt all for the one area quality of that issue a country which enjoys a high level original features and high levels our offer our capabilities the inflation rate without internet rates in in Europe economies are our ask you to compare to converge towards the love of extreme countries given that very - - tempted to cheat and diverse of economic targets when currency has his domain a domestic currency adopting the foreign country some of the domestic currency will illuminate such a phenomenon if appearances experience credibility credibility resign realizing it supposed to be beneficial in terms of article and shipping therefore the possibility to print money our for example in order to modernize the gap who would not exist however the United Nations are not eliminated and this explains financial performance instead of naturalization almost a chance for this course and into the future even more as vocalist irreversible institutional change realization and signaled a permanent commitment with preeminent over inflation people are ability and an transparency that would be of a particular balance consciousness previously have not experienced a very price or stability and there are cases that led to that to that for example in Europe there were many say that adopt a utilizing as local authority of the church and order renowned for summer in our tests etc and because has shown that vehicle as we're in control of this coaches have had increased and sometimes of anti app or higher or even higher to the issue in contrast this if you can cut it shorter than we are discussed above it but I just want to relate your point you said that the interest interest rates are reduced a lot of inflation rates and only I want to ask with highway died how does realization how market integration in this aspect that does happen thank you for your question we reach this of the world in the market education to provide a little if I picture in Colorado results one challenge because with uses were not actual cost and when I play should be to the transaction conference means because it's always a secure if you them have establish which is exact it is easier for this to be combative to other and unique trait empirical culture which enhances and her dog knows nor pieces of trace levels with the other countries especially reductions member additional members and decidedly increasing accurate interface between the Trinity member state the irritation has also improved the financial integration of the country with this calm because of the multiple exchanges irritation provides equal rights are financially focused on the financial intermediary to grow to improve the financial integration and in a circular object however I would like to add one third point investor because undefeated is all from Tracy to this to remember country completely I've not only not arbitrator please divers operate and positional figure with non-member conscience the 350 members concrete increase as a variation to a total foreign trade Iran which is GDG therefore it is all the directional trades are several competing cooperation and wrong I have athletes to show about that for example energy model which are the solar station has a few bankers the three thousand help equip our and it has lost a hopefully not increase the economic growth is not because of the alternatives of the free compliments they have their own currency increases your hyperinflation is already a difficult product to convert their money because of the other countries developed started after new civilization is hostility or criminality was worst cosplay to make straight to the other countries and also they will become more competitive and go now they can I manage to to healthier dictation of the controller this can be applicable in other created a business model and those include all have doctor school to increase the trade observers Waterfall adopted the euro and have the sister which is level but I would like to reply to these taxation can you worry for that because we element attach some basic points person money can discuss with each other thank you for your answer however I might have stubble for one answer statutes in your art there are avenues of that the country gets from having their own ones of all these missile Coconino columns how does the loss of sinirage affect the country's economy how much our seniors general general discover government budget since we lose so the greater degree of first a substitution for country then the greater mentions of constraints are imposed to best economy and then the government's ability to manage the macroeconomic when the economy conditions in much harder life I'd it included by deducting your government potato actually powerful tool to the capacity to produce to to print money which is known as jr. the content of the in rogers quite easy revenue you get back to the revenue the government of the state yet spending money it can be a highly volatile as it ages to be used differently because and instead of taking inflation by easily but conditions and right if you choose right then it is a very powerful and - it is also it serves as an emergency emergency source of revenues because such as wars for disasters as an occasion possible we cannot lead unexpected happenings to result in a lack of the session rota and I can read under 402 even the even he mention that government can live by this means wait and love when again will attend a live like no other so is really helpful it was really helpful helpful in cases of emergency in case of disasters and Wars and to the second question the second person was write down how many seniors generally cover government budget then this person had a different answers or solutions but conspiracy that we know from the EU revenues possibly occurring from a senior she has committed to being 67% of EU budget of EU budget which is around 10 billion euros just one man misaligned feminine also further discuss about this laws of Independence and can you show us talk more in what way that wealth of Independence effect on our insistence other states just of course we will just simply Porsche time and reply to the points mention from the opposition whether I will begin with the ability and so physical discipline which we've been happy relation relations process which usually is conducted by countries who see European integration but the process of European integration alone is a stimulus for structural and institutional reforms so weather Bureau's Asian would foster this the credibility or show effect not really clear sense alone the possible integration would call us all of this so the benefits are not cleared I wouldn't see that as an argument further you mentioned that your irritation was foster the creation of the common market but that's not true because unilateral based adopting the relation doesn't mean that you are part of the European Union or the market in the common market of the European Union it's basically you just adult you still have areas to trade with those countries of the European Union the only ten anything the only thing as you mention the decreases has actual cost which is perhaps very small to consider in Venice you mess the cases involve the hyperinflation how would you consider to adopt concurrency if you are in the situation of having a placement in my money's worth nothing you need for the paucity relation the capabilities you need money real money purchasing power to really convert this if you don't have a ticket option either in place how will you make us happen now we can continue with my question so losing independence of your monetary policy basically means that you give up one of the two main mechanisms of influencing your economy you are not able to control for crisis or fluctuations on business cycle you are not able to adjust to isometric shops which are which happen quite often and are not deleted or if not removed by adopting the euro for instance the exchange rate would be such a mechanism that used to absorb a symmetric shots but if you adopt you is the euro stick for the domestic currency you will have not that the possibility of influencing the exchange rate since the usually the anchor country does not care of the situation in every cutting in every other country and adopting the datum unilateral basis is healing by considered I do in Union and value to something that as not preferable measure of doing state not at help for your situation if you're not able to use exchange rates as an absorption mechanism for a symmetric changes and use only have not have any other mechanism this will cause the economy of the country to run into recession decrease output and increase unemployment so basically it becomes even worse relation may increase as far says the possibility of crisis you will perhaps reduce that part of the monetary crisis however because you cannot forget recession best tailors and said no flaw capital due to investors leaving the country this is an important rule of monetary policy in a phenomena to accommodate in such shock and subletting business cycles Asia can lead to you higher macroeconomic instability as you before mention that it would actually advance or stabilizing macroeconomic level in African economy and last the costs are losing from an independent monetary policy are even worse if the country without the Europa domestic currency will even greater the connection between both countries is far more not really strong thank you thank you Miss Agnes I meant ivory dynamic panel slide because going through all the figures I don't know why you keep holding this signature there's a cost of colonization because I think that northern countries particular issues and options for years it's all the same insular eventual failure either yes as a year when they considered adoption in order to lower their interest rate inflation rate this is a decision when they compare the benefits the company the senior revenue and the very presentable inflationary so they outweigh the benefits of the conservative on this position and and they have found though they have found solutions to the distillate revision which can include one of them cabeza it can be another basis or even within us to properly be part of the composition eruption into the country's food in the other side people while stations are helping the country to create an environment of significant growth which means that it will be more attractive or in the government and prevent our future financial signal images in this case by facing this environment by having more growth investments and regular where your tax revenues will be read in the same time unified sources to to manage or to couldn't be for both heroes revenue and the vision is to other other forces are however you have always to maintain that people fertilization happen do you have to have on establish this conversation because they you cannot you cannot just happen people will be prevented by a material implication in the market for the only point that are missed an intervention independence we are talking here I have to keep running as we are talking about contracts that have mostly moved their control of the military policy so how can you control and participative regard especially the various of highly hyperinflation have decent life by the division and that we have a relatively low inflation rate they are in a reflective a lot of reporting to work well in the usual plugin so law has has a very high spatial a another very relational system of health even later she making charcoal over what the humorous yet in addition model most of the countries that have adopted the validation are countries that have before historically have been to give yourself or mental instability so if your rescission has been a solution for them because they are not worth were able to convert level complete control of their monetary policy and therefore having their own domestic currency user issue that will bring more money sensible crisis which will be told with appreciation of the exchange rate any other port in order to reduce interest rates we will take over may not be sufficient increase inflation and we you have all the implications in God in the market error of the computer for the violations be a solution for this purpose places you cannot absolute it as a consequence of polarization and so I know I think I have to talking about the truth with principle dear ones I am Kryon one is a bad friend would serve and I really do appreciate your knowledge about education to university to state you have within boundaries immunization we do take the examples of andorra and exam so I can play like a champion your columns your example was above which which country okay I present you the most recent case of Greece which I think that if the country has its own currency that was hope it wasn't very hard labor in the country but because that was lots of Sangha Raj which was my research which is which I touched upon this concept not only the country cannot take a print money in order to save itself down with unexpected contingencies as I mentioned before I was or disasters European Central Bank Eva is even putting sanctions to the country such as reading remember emergency liquid liquidity assistance which is worse this is 19 I don't know I think until I have to align to a bilateral and Michael Imperioli paradox into dollarization and you get to garbage can make a premium for the purposes we are talking about the European urination on the list is tricky sinirage is ready shared by the members of the human Monetary Fund and the EE the US Bureau on unilateral basis you are a part of that so you cannot get any share of the revenue from seniors so and they the spaces of so there is no dream also the end in the case of constant then to refer to your other point that you mentioned again you countries would already have lost control of monetary policy I wouldn't you argue for that because that stress in certain cases in Latin America or wherever one political implants or other factors have more instance and they come in situation and to mention possible and Yugoslavia the hyperinflationary struggle wasn't caused by economic factors it wasn't a political and before adopting the euro custom has a large mark with which is basically motivated from the predecessor of the euro so we couldn't argue that before urination Kosovo had a weak currents or one which was facing hyperinflation thank you yes mechanization time that realization integration property nearly indestructible the advantage especially after immunization outreach this crosses the countries I thought holy they don't have credibility they are a domestic authorities of the inflation rate will be high which was which was worse than the situation of the kind of the country like possible all over Earth Chinese senior Raj definite matter I don't think that they are quite large of you because countries that don't have us birth didn't have and we have rich content belong to each other and each injuries and we're making part of trying to maintain the central bank independence to the exchange rate our target on top or modify 3000 as commissioner I each type that in Europe in eurozone we have we have the interface countries that have adopted that have adopted a clear and the official color of currency so they are hugely dependent on the tree and when they when they when they are for example if they won't be a summative potential back independent inventor is attached domestic interest rate according to the needs of the domestic air and when we have Korean and foreign event rate change because of the for Henry change because of the changes of currying and each entry will be unfavorable so the porn industry balance well what we did Troy and in this case we're talking about the independence of the connection yeah everything the sister state the country will be dependent from trade so the latter they don't have they don't have a possibility to play refer with 1hr a with monetary policy senior but you you're saying that that wouldn't be an important issue because that country is dependent on trade so yes so they can not pretty much along first do think customers a good case of communication satellite don't you think it's fosters trade it's cause a little example yeah yeah so what would you explain the trade deficit will just continue every you first we happy that compartment in the in the case if it took yo currently having an increasing yes yes I shouldn't have after socialism Capone has been extra curriculum intro and the essence of the problem is really do you the inflation has been reviewed in addition you have to consider for economic growth because of all your vision is not serious to solution and a paper linearization you spoke over thousands of the country we have to consider that we have to have a wide of institutions to do that a development financial and banking sector and the people involved interviews we have a speaker governor on natural fiber Kosovo yes this is adversity nobility and the banking system has been improved able I just want to say in this point for anyone under five I will just say it would be an example system and inflation of being able able to keep inflation very low you've not really Connally Christ into hell day without having to adopt you and if you can't adopt a perfect rate of near and I I would like you to mention that position in Suffern consciousness you have to come through preconditions but the specifics of Jesus because the utilization cannot be applied in Omaha just a second down ask something any despoja since you're saying that irradiation might not be the case of the sole source for each country what could be the scent was alternatives to urination and I wanted as the same question from exid as well who went to Cyprus okay before I was talking together I believe I oh no I want to mention one of the very important benefits of the culture prohibition TFG before that efficiency of the reaction to all of the security cultural classes and cultures are amazing and these two factors have been devastating especially from the emerging economy and the most America potential girl loses oh man here can be recycled for people and other survivors risk premia successful physics they have consensus on calling GDG fantasy New Mexico on the GDP fell by several personnel for example and risk again has been also seen in the country preferred currency court therefore down the magician organizational Cynthia pollution for example experience because despite will refer you to pay interest rate and the reduce adverse pregnancy at the same time we have this big last month the economic growth enhancer grab it look at the coveted coconut oil industry death and because workers were international technical movement so to start this off is happy with a and inclusive Pacific on secretive their fears complete rigidity Coltrane and remote controlled energy honor to learn and the keeps only featuring the fact the government solution solution to increase the interest rate and therefore research this releases who hire that person is founded and the companies that have the ability curcumin what we faced with problems also equal for all the domestic currency problem has been eliminated of utilization and he said we have seen to a greater access import of international market the mobilization or otherwise which we've seen a reduction of this character and it has helping this completely inappropriate in the original energy level in science cracking Arab citizen questions yes I would think that possible with your alternative to irritation material you will arrive at all however the years one is the crunchy poet as my colleague mentioned it is quite similar to the polarization has deposited in such a motion picture change weight to another stronger currently however you do not adopt this on permanent basis it is reversible like the prophecy relation is hardly your you cannot go back or you lose total flexibility and what the curse word at least you have the option to still change furthermore which is mostly think other pick up your station as a same thing as raising money for you which would encourage the best practice but it's not the same monetary unions are the example of the European Union when many countries talk together and decide on a single currency representative of them all controlled by a single central bank however adopting European euro currently on molecular basis but it's not the same as creating and summative predicting and monitoring and so to mention their interest area to practice identity takes it shorten a change to further certain interest rate we work which will be determined by the military policy of the Union is not yours this means that in case of an imbalance between our aggregate demand aggregate supply and economy we have what would you do we have to use a mechanism to always balance if this is not possible you you will erase or default rates and there is previously increase/decrease annexed and they can increase yes so you would at the country who is not able to borrow funds of an increased cost but positive effect here is Asian important production production exchange rate risk is wipe out the increase in defaulters can't afford risk is the risk of not able to pay that long since we don't have my assistance we don't have much time I would like to mention to elaborate one more point events here actually touched upon somehow and you mentioned also during this debate about the case of possible we have interviewed one of our alumni that has explained more how has your ization in her opinion effected possible black bear opinion actor tada are released to the one determining factor called the oxygen level of absorption and the last one routine of our strategy and a lot of incentive monetary policies helmet the microphone features a few very important because it has it can achieve period for both of the inflation valve of Sigma appointment awakens object the world of independent monsters all save all other countries and very beautiful considering the factors in transition and as we have different type of inflation during the Permian movie me so I want actually ask mr shikou in relation to last week you talked about these parameters that are lost due to urination and do you think that in some cases actually these particles are not as important to the same as the case of possible as there are benefits from your ization and also canvas be seen as a preferable process of for advantage when your doctor foreign currency you are dealing with the current problems that are happening in your new economy in the coming of your country and but the consequences come after you possible during the way that you hope that currency in your country when the kids are possible cost ways as we know in Latin state we went to war in 1999 and global financial crisis in the 2007 2008 yes and we had GDP increased from five point four two three four point four we lost the ability of a lot of tool of lender of last resort so we couldn't we were capable of discounting feeling in times of financial crisis Isis as was 2008 also you mentioned the idea of liquidity constraints I have got movement that domestic balance a domestic banks are exposed to potential liquidity risk and when they don't have their own currency always when they lose the ability to when they look the tool offender of life dissolve they the bench for the start to sell their assets so they sell their capital to turn assets into cash the deprecation needed entire a in order in order say we can say that for example the economy as possible because a economy and possible with injected money in the country from the central bank but when you don't have the ability of Senegal and result result even you use this route anymore a kind of first time yet you lose visibility and you have this very serious in the kingdom possible the land of the last resort is quite difficult difficult to substitute at because with an account of deficit with 16% of GDP it has neither excess funds mortgage amount of foreign reserves to to deal with this problem thank you very much as much as I where's mrs. Dudley it would be longer and there is so much to be done about this issue however we don't have we have the legitimate minutes in our disposal so I would like to use this additional minute to ask from the public so you have any person for our debaters yes hello my name is Monica and I have a question for you and you would again an organization would you still keep it kind of be given an economy employment economic crisis and you know there are you know the currency you can save your economy thank you for the question first of all with your blessing in the statement is quite practical and quite undefined because it's all tell you what kind of current crisis the current crisis really would have in a family decision alright however I still don't see demure evasion as a need of solving nature first of all it's not an immediate process which can start up today or tomorrow as a pulse which would take time and in times of crisis that would be for sure too late second of all urination yes let's say some of the economic crisis of 2008 total recession recession what we see is economies would foster especially monetary policy which would often require an increase in money supply however if you lose that by using your ability as my colleague mentioned to be the last under authority to influence your money supply then you cannot do that and I'm pretty sure that member state or other states could cope perhaps of the crisis much better than you would you not consider you as issue and those would not increase their money supply just in order to help you despite all that how can you answer short window because we got on last time shortly yes according to the World Bank situated astute obvious is it not yes according to the World Bank the Central Bank the world has injected 80 trillion u.s. dollars in the world economy after the 2008 crisis presuming functionary monetary policy to foster consumption growth and to reduce unemployment and so far if they wouldn't do that that it would cost much to do consequences and in the channel having the crisis just impossible because it wouldn't be able to respond to such a crisis so my name is seven inflation is not the solution or possibly kill away thank you Miss ISIL depression yes that urination or the special science facility to act as a lender all selected [Music] Kenya legislation will affect the central bank rule and manner of Atlantis okay thank you for the question I have a condition on the overstated because we know that our central bank roll back at the letter of last resort but this appreciation when the video effects of liquid difficult really want to enroll way among high what are they have being a potential solution to this problem and researcher has to show that American people they don't know place for example Athena industry like the countries of our province after salt crystal is sold the bio by virtually inseparable printing money in the other cases it simply can be another the competition plant or it came here completed criticize in which America to establish a special time that you love is that you were provide the function of the International weather of last resort and the house liquor economic design on our hammock liquor this problem this will be beneficial in cases of the lamentation I think this area will be cooperating in this one because it will be beneficial to have a facility in the national country and in addition and it has the surveillance or effects it has to better the function of a member of America map report in emerging economies as well - um here are three classes because that's knowing better they do have a support in their path they usually take you risk so they need to having to take another wife and so this would lead to the moral hazard problem and therefore having having noticed this opportunity so that makes them be more aware about the consequences of direction and he said it has resolved to be successful for example income also after 2006 that has been not been only a processor with up and we are recording this problem okay so as register no heart one time I look at this one chance you mentioned we have the example of breeds we're very very example that we mention the point of quadrant we have a sample please this is a sense of elephants that's how borrowing and borrowing and go away okay I have to do to allocate I'm sorry I mean the kinda we never really have any much time so I'm sorry to cut this at this point because as I said there's so much to talk about this issue however however this was our discussion thank you for your attention and the special thing ooh [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I would like to sign the economy question prohibiting our new rotation and my plane of the public on now I would like to give the floor to the battleground team which forgive which will debate on the impact of labor unions the problem I'm with Janet Martinez motivated and planning a family fest come on Richard where they will also explain the impact of unions in culpable ultimate potential negative absolute costs related to try possibilities of employment type of the problems with unemployment rates related to union activity and also the problem and also development of unions work in the public sector including administration's health education and uncle police and firefighters [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] hello everyone welcome to the battleground of that debate here they came the first people that I introduce the themes in my writing taguchi's designs with a labor economist OPM and my life is how about it a civil society representatives and any words of the last day on my left is an abroad which is a is three models are noble accident they presented us today and from my other glasses are the pathologies without the battle at Harvard University's Board of individual liberty thank you for here today we're going to present about Union students made about unions and let us least argue to given more instruction about unions unions are a group of people inside the company state wages so they are workers and as a group of people they try to get their rights as we know everyone and rightfully so I think of the rise increase rate is decreased working hours accuser start diving which is and so on first of all what we started you Jack you jealous in what illegals in Europe and thank you for the question are well as we know in the eighteenth century during the installation period in Great Britain the situation there was a situation where workers live in inside inside their workplace inside the factory with a whole family a situation where child labor holding on and a situation where 16 hours a day work time was the norm as well so the really union workers labor unions emerged as a need to basics to respect human rights and really they it has been a hundred years like nearly a hundred years of a success story because unions are help or sort of fade away to hundreds of millions of people to the middle class and we know that there could not be a media healthy democracy without healthy middle class a healthy working class and thank you you know things you can Merson that union subject of many bad things with a person workers usually the bad side with I have a question to the other party does this mean that because you can see this with everything's already sent by the loudest wounded feelings are useless begin with all talk about the loss of the law says that members of the unions are prevented to increase their receive individual races but also prevent other members of non-members of their unions that have a void in their job so this way you can say that unions are mostly beneficiary for their members only by imposing the substantial talk to other members of a society or other workers as well so these days we can say that a union candy chemo it's mostly from problem rather than a solution because when the economy performs well everyone benefits from this program money for this way we don't meet you mean on the other hand being better in recession times unions will have also many problems for the youth in protecting the interests of their members when it comes to layoff wasted options and other tough decisions but the MFP and these four times will be really tough and many turn to the government when it comes to protect their interests for example education health and other those discrimination is worth mentioning the participation of females in labor market recently increase and historically we know that they were less likely to participate in labor union but to conserve argue this we have to mention also the structure of their unions we know that we have unity reunions we have credit unions decentralized human and centralized unit so they'll mostly relate to individuals per unit as you know more unions where all the workers are together regardless of their skillful there they benefit in terms of health and education but considering all these we have to know also the vision regions receive unions in they have different perceptions in terms of Union for example u.s. is multi focused on increasing weights and princesses whereas Europe for example try to reduce hours work and also inequalities between workers so we know we have incidentally it was a fairly long Delta I have a very solid what are the main benefits of a union and can unions really bring higher wages okay in question and thank you for calling on their survey great and just as a big component of labor unions we think that the biggest advantage that labor union bring a higher wages so let me first begin with an example it will be 1912 in well Massachusetts textile use textile mills and they decided to cut wages of workers by zero point thirty two dollars which now may not seem illogical to attendees but that bed time with the $8 weekly that they were earning it was quite a lot so what workers this they decided to call that crease 30,000 of them decided to cut job to leave the job while the others remain started protesting for nine months in a row until they agreed with the workers on a settlement with 50% increase in wages and also the increase your overtime compensation and also promised to not retaliate against right so what the labor unions do first of all very decides they make agreement to increase the labor demand first of all they create the minimum wage for workers second of all they increase the marginal productivity how they do that is that by fees that you mentioned the organized training for the increase within the union so that they can become more productive in their job the third thing that we import the support restrictions by a trained teacher salaries and barriers so when products are imported from from abroad has tariffs and quotas then of course the demand for the product that also use domestically will increase the work increased when they believe this over the demand for domestic trust and the last is that the lobby for immigration restrictions so while anything does apply ok who have come from abroad they can increase the demand for labor within the country and thus increasing the versus not all of this 104 statistics we thought according to some researchers that have been run in 2006 the weight of not of union labor collective new wave of one once was 1004 dollars well for non-union workers were both 8802 meaning that it was 20% higher labor union union 43 credo made on paper what they can ensure yet they're just very short point and the origins that was not she here that non-unionized workers suffer from the egg from the fact that their union but that essential to this is all over the world show that did you in bed with all these of unions of non-urbanized workers as my believe mention here when you when unions ask for an increase in wages they usually target minimum wages and so when a minimum wages increase then business profit anyone would be those union as an organized workers and also the idea that they treat consumption by the increase of the demand for in addition everybody this is the reason why in us the density rate of unions decline from 1916 when was thirteen point nine to ten point eight you know that's not the case because because of the type of insurance industry has changed people are not more focused in technology and computers rather than those industries where people used to be unionized that process and using the types of change and it's a period of organization and freelance we do unions actually we need unions anymore we have to live ado first and foremost it was unknown all business we are having an increase in sexual harassment and special assault in the workplace and I'd like to bring here the case of bi-xenon he remember the predecessor of the lady who is not currently leading the IMF International Monetary Fund mister Dominique strauss-kahn even though it's gonna talk about the various laughing even though even though his his charges were dropped because we based on 1.2 million dollars the the worker the lady that zucchini could only sue him because she was part of the Union we're a very very solid union worker that exists for the hotel workers in in New York State particularly so unions are essential in preventing or in guarantee that sexual harassment protection from sexual harassment and sexual thought communication Manoah and robust $4 female as the imagine there are many medications wages of low working hours and so from eunice why do you think about the senior seniority problem and the fees that you have to pay in order to be a part of the Union mr. Diwan I'll try to make my answer short inside yes they actually give some unions actually put speeds for membership which is actually pretty ironic in trying to help the waivers and that can stagnate workers from joining begins in the first place even though some unions do not exclude the non-members from some benefit those workers do not have the right to propose something present or presenter issues considering that the most successful unions are the ones that had highest paid that I think workers there are the most powerful workers because they are right in a high paid position and that high paid position helps them to have a new powerful decision making and also that part of decision-making helps them have a higher waist so the lower end workers would enjoy only a fraction of the benefit and they're working standards would only improve I've adored for probably needs for even more so let's say that I paid union workers Canasta and Christine he's in there wages and let's say that the Union and the company agreed to some extend to raise with okay the include intersection point however is low paid workers who are probably not even in the Union that would get a decrease in their wage at the end everyone seek their personal interest in the Union and not as one would have their wishes for proto every time in this situation there's a group that will get inseminated and heard from the system no it can't be true he need a free and open economy I don't know if you ever heard about the threat effect the idea that when when unionized workers ask for higher wages they're the non-unionized workers will also get increases and benefits in financial financially because the employer will of course increase their their wages as much as the increases the wage or seeing this the wages all the workers just because person stood for the fact that the non-unionized to none to prevent the not unionized workers to join a union because then they you know sort of be guaranteed more has sort of the right for greater paid leave and for bringing a fringe benefit so that for the threat effect in the area I think you mentioned about the I just way too strong but what about the seeds that you have to pay it all yes I would like to thank you for that for remembering my year that how is it how is it possible that you can attack $200 from $200 to settle several hundred dollars is a fee for joining the Union while the benefit rate are from yes yes I think so on the idea of the sea is that a worker gets away from $200 to several hundred dollars and macaroon was good was to one thousand dollars a year to join the union and it is only fair that were independent organization which asked their rifles you know they're right which are guaranteed by ways from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations party of 23 and 24 so that is a human right and by asking this main fee in order to you know survive and to exist as a as an organization they're preventing it's okay I think there is a technical problem but anyway they're preventing they're preventing unions will be financed by by companies and by corporates you I don't know if you're aware that they're units out there which are financed by very rich people and of course those that is not unit that kind of organization would work words interests of those persons who finances so in order to to keep and maintain independence it is essential for unions to have their own you know their own financially defense thank you hear anything yes both of you mentioned that humans increased wages we have considered less supply supply and labor demand is a fundamental law so we can we know that an increase in labor supply faster than the demand we'll also discuss ways and we also have to consider that labor is part of the production cost so increasing wages will also reach the price fantastic services offered by observing industry or company so this is also this way we have considered that increasing wages will hard or the non-members of the union employee mentioned that both of them benefit but that's not true what the white boys why we consider that increasingly necessarily bad for example you're decreasing the wages then that potentially will cannot harm the business because if you increase the wages and those people will have more purchasing power and they have more purchasing power they will spend more and they spend more businesses will have more people in that therefore hiding one people kinetics test except for this kind of increasing consumption the idea of increasing wages is not an alien ideas and when we talk about when we talk about an increase in output and we talk about increasing productivity there is who do you think that is you know increase the productivity of course relativity increase by method of investment can go back for the pivot is increased by working class by the working people and so increasing their wage is only a fair share of the productivity that they have in Greece thank you again miss suma or Nobel Prize winner does something to say yeah as for the wage increase that does not are necessarily the businesses but it forms the labors because what businesses do is they lower the wages of the lower ranked work wrists so that their higher paid workers would have in their wages or they would lay off some workers so they're probably equlibrium would be in place and so that there are ways of some or other people who would be increased in what I thought he said that you people them better wages but you're sacrificing jobs is this true or the humans in charge of security okay so like I mentioned earlier how to lately and increase demand it was one of my point that I mentioned that daily basis trades the immigration so when they restrict the immigration they can also increase the supply of potential romantic hotel labor commander we know these domestic low-skilled labor increases the gap between IP labor and orchid labor will be a shrink so not necessarily it decreases the wage of local labor increases the rate of isolated actually in addition to that was the union's do they actually help sort of because they affect mostly blue-collar jobs not white-collar jobs they affect greatly the disparity that they have so they're great tool towards a great quality in the working place and the Chocolate Thank You mr. DeYoung now I have a question for dollars P can you give us a real-life example in your human sale put you only because you are a lot a lot of time yes so health national birth history of American houses entity rating from time to time we can take a labor dispute between two companies one of the United States with over there respond is the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Anderson his workers which took a strike with the length of the nerve for four months against a fair point communication which is a company in new tangent which is trying to refute itself from the legacy of 2011 after this strike ended the workers had little to show for their efforts in fact workers were forced to make significant concessions in order to be in their jobs back on the other hand this fair point announced that they are going to eliminate around 200 jobs so we can see that unions didn't prevent this diminutive jobs and this way we don't have jobs here okay thank you know we're going to have what's a short interview and then we're going to better to take lessons again your money coming in taking time for the battle now the question is very simple the family business [Music] the reflection of the purpose but [Music] a little one complaint good [Music] okay Society what do you think about being in the country I think the unions are very efficient in terms of providing another for some people but impossible they're not quite developed right now [Music] as you can see the main concern of people is society so I have a question for mr. young do you don't have a social impact the absolutely have social impact actually they're very the very sort of emergence of unions was because of social issues that they were having first here type reject something that was disease widely why they discuss from the opposition part and that is the idea that unions can you know can also annihilate the firm you know they can eliminate the the financial power of the firm because they ask increasing wages as the one and support well that that sort of that is a big area which has nothing to do with rationality infuse that students are irrational organizations the very existence of unions is depend upon the existence of the firm and so they are not stupid organization seeks the annihilation of the firm and thought their own annihilation and as for the greatest social impact that the Union have is a more greater equity in society since in the last decade in the United States there's been a 15% increase in productivity and somewhat 20% increase in output and what a corporate profits have doubled the wealth of corporate profits has double the profits of Labor's have almost the wages and almost remains flat nominally and that is the greatest great great injustice that unions are passages okay where to be last lessons Fournier lessons long as lesson for other females do strikes present a problem because as you know if you will get what they want they strike and this is why the company can be made stopped in one place in order to work very good miss Maggie to unit and right and buckle is literally really in trouble units actually is a problem what is going on strike because because usually the high paid workers are more successful woman over girl to strike are the lower paid workers so that's actually very not beneficial for the workers because as we know there are easily replaceable by the company because they do not recover that much I skip thank you I love the that reunions having the union's actually do our part of the most vulnerable workers so there is that hopefully like you said that child are not Rachel [Music] so he kind of triphala beneficial for workers if they are not gonna and if there's no white hood then because it's a risk paper if they want to put in the manger so sometimes it can not only increase wages unions are there for many other issues but they are basically the security of law enforcement in work yeah that's why I wanted to present a graph a middle ground where over the main reasoning about unions is to do the wage increase I was just a few changes where the waist would not be negotiated due to this negative effect is actually curved papers because they distort the labor market and shrink adeana pro-slavers a technology within Atlanta person were young in Ural that would like to enter the job market for the first time and it was typically those people with that age that experience she really worked with low waist unfortunately he or she won't be able to work because of the constant amount of unions to minimize to increase the minimum wages and that shows the entry-level jobs that would otherwise be available for someone that neighbor those particular skills so instead minions would fight only for their labor rights and working vision however would not set for you to take any monopolistic control situation from the most merciful is really what is the relation between unions and fearless yes we believe it as proponent we believe a job data that labor unions provide very a lot of job in and I will mention some immediately quickly quickly because we all have high the first would be that unions have if they wouldn't unit we wouldn't have safe working conditions today meaning that before people who were subject to environments where they could be hurt or killed and how much kids so with labor unions a four-speed legislation that now people have papers working position the second would be the sake weeks before people even before your nearest people could get it and we I think you are human beings of course we get sick and they couldn't get any any day off also for our women after they gave birth if they'd been able to to work late was their job so with labor unions it has been this is very forty you receive as weak as we know that big [Music] the other reason that they give workers a tamil movie before labor unions people swear 12:42 18 hours a day or even 100 hours to me so that is too much and you beaut you can imagine can cause some physical and mental conditions of people so thanks to them now we have weekend and rich in our know what thank you very much but there is no relative by the law for if you can subpoena duces that they also think badly but you Murphy for graduate because you use you are more very labor and if you do having no no they don't in that unit mainly work in a counter psychical way the counter the business package because when you come to you know this date sort of restrict the unemployment from going even higher in times of recession and when Samson expansion wouldn't when we restart extraction in the continental this because without and all that unions work the word maintaining a stable here in the state of which leads to work on the psychic there first message over public jury so I'm a special piranha if you are running the company would you want to have unionized employees oh yes that'll be two three I traded the three main reasons first of all would be that we would have to zero simplify negotiation if we have a lot of people if items the bottom of companies I would have a lot of people coming to me with their demands of Cornell but I don't have time so if they have a representative to represent that it would be better the second is that if employees when she was satisfied meaning that they would get a voice to represent them and their demands and so it would be better because you are God time the assorted just both persons words of proponents so we can make we have we can give them the closing statements to yes I was saying that unions have been a 1934 seem to be available and we know that they of the Union that was stable or the ones in the sector economy when there is no competition and this can be seen and set for the government because they don't go out of the business and when it comes to a company I will be unionized just because they are other departments such as HR for example that would take into account right of the other employees so we need unions as you know even as a carbonyl 39 km do movies and we normally located Human Resources take care of their life unless you you know CNN is a similar event because the reviews all is ready for admission James law forces the owner layer ideal we must build interfere with each other thank you Miss Watson I think I killed okay so after I finish we know as I said that most unions local deeper layers self-interest increasing their revenues rose and taking care of the employers realize your operations of all that if everything is things my boss than white do need unions then why do we need attorneys and judges well it's a pillar of our society but we can interpret a lot of differences there will always be preachers as also there needs some say needs to be some way to protect us windows are you okay thank you thank you [Applause] [Music] I would like to thank the fell ground for tuning out America that need a vacay we have the procedure Capri trade and barriers so priests trade is one of the most debated topics in 1928 the 21st century although there has always been a position to free trade members recent years 16 political leadership because of what trying to push agendas that need for three barriers between culture and other countries both sides of the issue argue that jobs and economy are at stake but they disagree on the question of how domestic economic success is really defined through the show quality control is based of D we could get to know more about the crossing concert promoting free trade or deciding you could use various potential is the case for three straight from you domestic companies jobs in perpetual intermediation matters and adopting measures and other region regarding settle agreement and its implication for customer now this heart okay suppressing we want to tell them wrong every day so I would welcome all of you for joining us and our topic is freezing and it will be it is a crucial okay it's about it's a crucial topic [Music] and the world he'll be notice because people moron resolve it here our guest so I want to ask first mystery thing about talking what is the suspected from the World Trade Organization can you first explain that why should vs. not the country have betrayed the Buddha's reform and I thank you the first one decree that all states want to increase economy growth and also one states that the browser and trade increased prosperity for the citizen where one tumors / more good than a faulty product and also an old car it drives economic growth enhance efficiency and also it increases innovation these benefits increase in overall shape export and import increase so when free trade is a lot I will start the simple example and which is related to the comparative advantage theory and according to this theory country has a comparative advantage if it is that now we can get produce a good by specifying less become another's work in the real world there are tons of nations with producing thousands of products most efficient a structure and also additional cost efficient obvious example Kosovo Albania when producing peptides and work to remove reduced one unit assess part has the security part of football so it has 25 for book for they have reduced what is the best path to tattoo it has a significance of title meaning it has to sacrifice one point five books if this is the case comparative advantage in producing textiles because it have to sacrifice lower book so it has more opportunity cost in each country's specializes in one in one product so in one word then assuming Harkins return the skill output will dull so content will be better we know that not all eight nations have the same resources not all nations are looking at the same place to plan it here I want to ask in the shuttle do you think that the consequences of we have an estate or not thank you this issue is absolutely adore these are the consequences on the next lesson effective of conditional I was talking about some reasons why cheated it should be used in the country first of all I'm meeting with economy creatures so when talking about non-native justice changes can be used mainly for two reasons first of all the pace domestic producers and second to provide 30 years by the government now as for protecting the producers is the government will give key failures in order to make sure a newly created companies industries as such are doing this it will protect them from competing against foreign investors who are way more mature and way more and we were specialized in that scenario using this tragedy strategy in the short notice specified gradual find plain message domestic producers to improve the quality of the product and control the cost before reopening a market acting as such these areas will not only increase the GDP but also reduce unemployment when so it has two benefits so you get one two birds with one stone secondly by using different type of trade areas such as service to charge taxes on imports the government already as a matter of fact tires represent an important percentage of some countries revenue so these countries cannot cut this Teresa taxes because they cannot raise already for the cover from other sources and this revenue that the government would waste on this is in the u k-- article the different places like education especially station work recently newly with an English is specialized at people making the country to grow up and anything you can help developing countries or whatever makes of Ottawa yes oh yes higher quality and more prices but I truly care because because Pakistan was not supported and the opportunity to improve this Anika life so its waters commendation and foreign companies we have a product and we step aside and anymore businesses through to the market so but of all the bad things like flow and buy a bike making high quality require University and also increase market share additionally to treat me mortal so already regarded in the world well now and half of trust imports are not Miss America so they are for us a big producers to the green tree rating divorces in purpose and therefore receive visitors production bus and also promoting economic growth priest rate in addition three trade optical efficiency and innovation so over time we trade our work with other market workers and the resources to a more productive more productive uses so allowing so allowing more efficient business user tribe Larry told our higher wages are always on such as infrastructure and the more dynamic economy ours will at least through our work workers and also production [Music] moreover with that but you but does anything oh well not exactly because while it's two letter prefix might have some benefit but you are putting a class the negative externalities tab it has a one-hopper negative externalities means that one group of people in a local community will benefit from free trade while the other computer so let's illustrate by an example let's take that let's say that there are an African labor and African farmer in an African bloc so let's say that the African partner is employed by the vessel I used to export the his or her own good and the father is through that no benefit occurs he or she will get one money and will be able to buy the products with higher prices in the pre-market however the African daughter and yet can labor will be extremely hurt because they will not ever they will not have the necessary cash or money to to pilot the open market and unless the African farmer is a really generous guy or girl as you see however they will get the money in another way but I like to relate back to the comparative advantages as animistic Danian action and it's true that welcomes we specialize in something they can get a higher higher production period I think that capability decrease how do we take an example with two countries that organs kind of in the States as possible and Albania - correct higher in let's take creature a dozen always in foreign countries were paid a lot production and same level people or economic economic recession but it doesn't and it would high power or big big without insisting on the females country so the other countries well in work in the three technically by the special education we have a development on the earth and also develop developed countries I was nationally the case with bazzill and you ask us for example I was saying before that there every country has different locations and for example you have made coffee in the US or make wheat in Brazil however if you create is a lot than resilient us this message lies inside of it let's say they are fed up and another says the perfection is protection what are you trying to say it is protective reception animal trade barriers then in profession were expected to be long lasting members represented domestic firms would have less incentive to improve their their productive efficiency also if you do not have confessed competition in your in your country how how do you believe that both companies would will decrease their fold your product or will reduce anxiety do you miss to be honest things that companies would lower their prices if they do not have conversations and another thing using that they are dissatisfied if they do not have some position to increase their quality of avoid competition and you cannot say the protectionism because I just I just wanted to pay her to send that without competition domestic producer would not have an incentive to improve and reduce like this well that is not you if you give competition already established very well conversation in English I will happen analogy that you might have if you give a little bit interested competition from industry there are all that because establishing already very professional it would be insurance for the village and then as the government you need to protect your newly created this is because they are one of the most important part of our economy especially in developing countries such as ours but ok can be commenting need that one thing are you going to be a corner of any gratitude that much before us is not most international riders it was immense producers other business why this argument is a some technically incorrect it is fine people right well we have officially issue more go wrong from your hand completed that there are actually two all-important iteration where is a logical IP job is their competency rights of good legacy also preached on our energies I would like to relate back to first of all like release make our position here you can I believe that we're being misunderstood we're not saying that we are going to be straight at all we're above the prosperity but three great should have restrictions to have their strengths areas of the me again I mentioned that picture it will only benefit both purchases are being recruited or employed by the foreign company and all of them are investing however for people that is important in recruitment say if they have a benefit our other part of the society which is the majority will be highly her so in a way this priest recovered the majority of the population in the underdeveloped I also want to say that we they will give incentives to all the companies to go abroad as sheep ain't a cheap labor so they will hire labor from basically China or Africa and in developing countries yes I would say that three shape modes are why is that so is because free trade of our families to lower their business finding the cheapest economic source available so if a company remember impossible is not able to provide it doesn't have the resources be possible and it can buy them abroad how company console starts working if it doesn't have the resources [Music] this will help companies to start a business and not and not a heartless okay so you mentioned all that will local workers and are conservative in this perspective you will see how citizens you and with excellent attack people cleaver that are supportive of the physical nature includes much cheaper around I will be back [Music] last of all the country however so saying that a trade area to learn the Karma because they will put a more force a qualified however I've also read is filled with low wages renouncing a country like America is it goal that we're going to China but as I heard the the citizen that said that free trade area filling creature project and I cannot say that that is not true however what I can say is that we as people if we want to develop our country because company about everything we should be able to sacrifice in the short run let's say we should be able to something from higher prices in the in the following two years if we want to improve the trade negative of our state because as we know Kosovo has a monthly trade deficit of 150 million which are comes from more than one building yearly and we can also we can also have less protect or domestic producers and make them give them the advantage to produce better in the long run Oh absolutely does not create more jobs but protection and on trade Raiders is not is not a mere adult possession of them creates jobs created you just inattentive industry but the treats are resources to readjust in addition industry and this one would this will boost overall wages and also improve living standards of intelligence and this is what we are aiming for professionalism chance and protect jobs that otherwise maybe sometimes will will disappear and the expense of more innovative industries so that is protectionism self that is Jesus actually go to the note and also to the musician with it one of the genes are the worst in them they're having to not only hope the pre-k but of innovative of marking much of the technology but if Apple devices or not change such as we have a physical a calendar because we have leaders and no fire and therefore using production quality to see a job in any motorcar and and we're going to trim any request for industries sake so we are not saying that like appreciate let's create new Java mostly innovation yes you talk about innovation you mention I belonging hello yes yes animal is one of the companies that this has released highlight workers in with any country it hires global politics but in Titus mostly you see the videos of Apple hiring people and acting Somali icon vessel that has tents and I am elimination and I thought about all your companies that innovate the future picture now please say yes it probably will give incentives to companies with elevator it also give this ethics or em provider cheaply or not developing countries and also not be highest in health and invention people to work for them and under very harsh and very devastating conditions please take an unlawful agreement with the central gears in free trade agreements or the word copy here is this a positive yes well there's a very relative economic development for for a decent trade production and as for Skepta has a walking is very important - ago 220v subjective so as a member of the council was possible market of 20 million when you went into a unity of 120 million euros more workable is also open educational housing trade also a technology and also to explore any form with members of of American visa and at the same time agreement also have cooperation with you and also a young member of multi-generation for instance in 2012 people like what we said I was a domestic company right yeah Sceptile major free trade agreement and so just like any other prepaid agreement hurts our infant industry so maybe some tendencies we are talking about sparkles that are just starting to operate in the country and as well whether first on to operate they are community so if you introduce competition through three traits so competition multinational corporations that have huge ethical and animal power you are we are not letting on yeah operationalize it for mankind but which is on our much more value this is completely between in general but I have some questions hello society system you're trying to prevent your state or your citizens by Chris profession and are evacuated how will give respector state actions by putting highest what do you do not have competition and how how can you decrease the price they have composition between properly it is one one another point is how can you make sure that they are rehabilitation good if you have [Music] [Music] however resources and if all the country like the resources of course situations with a hostage taking a section I want to talk about duplicitous cause we're talking about the oil prices below and if Isis is opening and I'm coming responses where a company exposes probably the price lower than the price that is normal talking is over all caps a surprise below with their market down now this is what usually for anything that foreign companies do they done because that we need they done their border into another country yourself protection and they press that those models beyond is also market value much that is most enough now there is a tariff that will protect you from dumping advantage in antique thumbing duty so it is a protectionist Alice as the metric government imposes on foreign imports medical leave or positive over fair market value is in each to do this because dumping is kind of tropical for domestic businesses because if you have a product that costs about $1 in the US and China standard we have because actually now now your think they offer too because and y'all becomes for example do not be conscious of usually reduced crowd for example and if you want I'm dumping any puts highest crying for that when you are forming action developing countries how they are twenty to be develop my knowledge amazing you said you you're saying that we have we can let companies them they're finding that a very very nice all that and you cannot just her face going south pero it became accustomed or not being really efficient because we thought that she is a cheapskate in Kosovo it was only the price was how the others what do you think about that what are they what do most women education that's the case I want to be ample straight as possible and they cannot sell them in Albania things are awesome we did a survey we are constantly stated as not as we're not we'd be against retraining it's like a country music Alex my choice I would have asked another reason why you cannot the genetic problem can you afford that but it is perfectly capable you mentioned the example with Tecton book nothing complicated I would like to modernize my life also explaining the dependency theory which is highly enjoy please yes very for one so was it a success that was the bigger the big powerful corporation coming to our state they know by our own raw materials which is currently happening they will afford anniversary without them into Mojave and price and scented machines come back economist elfin machines dress most of our money and then we will be forced to our government will be forced to go and take more problems for my Apple different that outside of the multicolor box and this will increase all on test the consumers will have both the whole burden in this national please comically serious Michael general important barriers to such a change no contamination from Puli like realizing behind the country and the biggest worker and so on directors only like it's only melody because me okay so that is so we are team advantages retreat and I hope you like it and just work the end of our disease if you have any question from the public will recess so here's the major I have a question for mr. sometimes just if you read America okay okay when you're high trade barriers squaring investors will have hesitate to imagine comfortable W we are deprived of the job such investment could have created some hurt bad economy how do you compensate a lot of such efficiency for the people who have been best ability for job for a month as I imagine for a couple of times it's true that we trade with her to consider a trade areas welcome to learn English or try however we should be we should have a long time vision the fifth day that if we don't care of domestic English they will get comparative advantage with they need to lower the price so basically invest in the long run and body when giving the consumer in our industry okay so another question I thought yes so I have a question for me or my question so we won't again trade barriers so you can jump off Buster's barriers how will domestic foreign survivors are both the prevention of confidential and and are monitored friends that complete all domestic companies out of business so for some strategy here yes Thank You first question we actually operated on deployment first we should should concentrate also on the quality of argument of the free trade when Jay can you do this for Cardenas already 30 it is actually the case that it's made its made sometimes it's may reduces of the production of domestic company however a lot of domestic jobs or the production is discovered within us we try to expand the disadvantages we train all the business it shouldn't be ignored meant this benefit also asked ways that the profession ISM sometimes we change not only reducing jobs in some industries that is also in a degree more jobs in other industries and because they're you in your planning points that yes usually industries where the domestic producers end up being exported so they have they have more potential more possibility to have more materials and more possibility to to develop their companies so it is not just that they will reduce the selectivity of domestic companies but also those great sensitivity of this obviously fingers releasing consuming systems our debate forces and [Applause] [Music] now we have a straight and based on how great drinks 20 minutes great don't drink drink Joe - Tori Oh you welcome practice 1 hope you had a great great now intubation - how have you understand we have to work before to listening to the next event I was like society columns show where they help our institution based on whether it is good to promote free trade were introduced the review the next debate will be a luminosity where it will be debated about the pros and cons of social protection program of the advantages of the transition conservatism in Connecticut the which exist of cash transfers and the efficiency implication fact I think I'm gonna stop and last but not least because the word scheme of the program or whether social protection of program now I'm like routine are moderate this debate thank you [Music] hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to this special edition of donate a pocketbook or powerful ticket today we'll be moving the debate in English because he of our github for cook to accompany us and Bavaria will in particular today - I I have um the monetary and economic research center and appointment at Q is led an excellent is our special guest from the Red Sea in vice vice president with the US Chamber of Commerce in the department labor immigration and employee 2015 official am i right I have many 150 economists psychologists and redemption predicated on behavioral science and that's why is you gotta pick they're born as a union of infiltrate Union we're going to begin the debate for introducing one column of Xerox for government employment world transatlantic to their children some type of cash and attention to from a high transfer of goods and services some partners to the half a stick with a vision good to the heavens and vision yet more government to enhance repetitive surface control how a zone for you it's actually a capture will it take your things of the government to help you because of our shuttle program including Social Security and unemployment benefit cuts our prepare our expanding made in a long time Portman is always so frequently these are your conditional cash transfers because the government is formed is no restriction on how to a twining maybe span and the recipient has a great experience over a distance of this device on the other hand and a title search you type of public funding used to have specific population but in the for goods and services for free or reduced rates rather running hash examples are behind benefits may be how to run your own orders unbalanced by hitting a contest with government specify how individuals what you saw with the system dollars as a student work can only be used to science college education and how programs covered under the hyper hyper those who are taking here the house governments around the world transfer back which I guess you did Akalitus we're missing - I like to start with marijuana and have a clear opinion of reproduction in video production severe of two main different times in kind of level a lot social a cash transfer onion support that I will focus on the cash transfers the adjusters are of benefits we buy government to be individuals important cash for example if you are in turn on the dock menial eligible for workers of the dish veteran this big benefit self until we become engaged in cash nothing from avocados or service so they are blessed by this cash cash transfers have many advantages and I will elaborate in some of them the benefit of cash transfer is I intend use them in a way that you choose for example unemployment benefits I then to help you cover a lot living expense if you lose your job that you are not forced to Sandra in a specific way so then gives you freedom to use of disabilities in a way how to do specific to the girls greater so this is the freedom of choice according to the Princeton University government has completely found that tension from a tradition happier back in time transferred an individual who received unemployment benefits for instance if we spend the money in any way so it's more efficient to be to give cancer to family and the country precisely listed and the services are being kneeling the mob so clearly states cash expenses for develop their this think about how cash are written sabbatical streams and how is to hire in the director curve so uh so cash transfers allow Greece to beneficiary sources and as well as within the simulator more local market this is another advantage of the hepatic perhaps the the main benefit of cash over over impact is the fact that the different cash is much more much quicker than delivered in highlighted so I got to donate to that and also very good question too misty shocked if I understood correctly giving a chance to people is better because you give them the freedom to persist the certain services that they are using a district an advantage of refilling while giving entire cash makes people gives people more freedom in deep and it's also people forgive that diary cash or fire transference make people happier because the top domains are happier they don't need a sketch on for survival but from the perspective of the government and also the taxpayer happiness and freedom among the poor is not the main goal in fact the main goal is to see the board have a custom Assizes how to start conclusions with the services that are mandatory for their well-being therefore of investors are better in comparison catchment in my budget allows the government to have some kind of control over the patterns of the recipients this program also ensures that the resilience will use the brand food made by necessities other than luxury so while the biggest problem of the cash transfer is that people don't purchase boxes transfer this in handy for this is this also grant the government to control how the money is fan therefore I believe us - transferred fails to human quality in the other hand were attached to health care education and housing both event is up in the London because because this is the basic circuit decisions education how wofford make them healthier and second make them more educated so an overall educated population can also increase the probability of pocket having support to media listed all term democracy therefore also bad engages educated population means that both positively impacted economical so while a ship freedom and happiness to the poor even dentist into farewell key that's why I think English magnets are way better and I love to do this speech not a personal mention how the government has better control over information well this is the only issue of defining with attachment I would like to let you know about those charges as it turns apart so there's something that has been first introduced middle of which even though is just a cash transfer of being in the formal part it looks how both visa continuously time so it doesn't allow for how to you means money for alcohol young men doing a burglary and such other senses and also has been happening and also we mentioned how they don't even have the luxury I don't know if you don't but most of these funds their fees especially in cash transfers are really small amount and they suddenly the use of for luxury even if they want to do because they have to provide so I know it's not a luxury I'm a novelist in all forms your house also of elective electronic credit course you mentioned even though they have crashing plants is more than in contracted ideas because they restrict people from using both my diffuser so children were naturally take and you are looking that much you addicted Michael by coming actually and I any personal mental according to the World Food Program website I just pulled that that half-day transfer is the actual expression becomes very much member enough individuals and families and maybe perform a physical my inventions were structures with a paper [Music] anywhere you like I'd like those restaurant questions who do rap one of you mentioned that government prefers a high desert could you see something rationale behind this decision yes based on our judges in our consensus we have included that in kind of a script are the most significant work of religious delusion in developing and also developed countries as a national initiative has on any type benefits remarks of the OECD countries residual or seasonal organization for economic cooperation development and usually in connects essences of Tannenberg college education is also is about health care housing and equitable access problems that automated to answer your question yes the rationale behind this possibility the mainly the high in Connecticut also favors and gain so much attention is because in congested on more politically feasible London and following the perception that food kind of excited giving the knowledge will not need to poverty reduction or increase in focus of day reading because you can control them how they are going to actually use it this money vision avoiding I meditate also commute popular if we currently are they they also care about other societies not only about two people so there is this change if you have altered societies in their country they can so they can be used without with price of the animation as an alternative is that of per day as other governments have heartened by closing up liquid commodities and they are supporting franchises a meaning that the government buys food from Defiance and distributed as inheritance inherited with our use of commercial suggestions of which is required versus to have more control over people yes and enough messing muttering yes I added it may be one would remark earlier of partisan success and only the subset in higher homo requested for people to have it are falsified I will have to reverse because having a nice benefit actually at the personal tax payers because enhances has a purpose of overconsumption because we have breach of the health care you might even even more than religious sort of Martha commercials and don't forget I also catch somewhere he'll be a lot of genomic even prices will increase so excitement they'll have to face for the stress response before that there should also be hiring practice whatever that they are also the use of some of the points that you see I mentioned for examining of the income transfer and potential equal to constraint on that basket of the disc and custody facility compared to the cash game relating into the cash change of certain we have say that in kinetics Curtis lenity of cause of poor people while cash transfers are the ones that are not required to present Indians are not required excuses visit a visible receive assistant and the content of British determined by external actors as in the best interests of the beneficiaries empowerment is the other kind of cash state is a state in an imperfect or complete displacement context families have inspired by Stephanie over others allergy I regard to the level of the assistance Beauty this cash published in society of which meets fishes prioritize and even this conditional passage of two semesters earlier recipients can select one important that man and so and so capital to inclusion of person huh both numbers in position well I got involved with castra press Arsenal the aim of the government to make less anxious for the government who ate the poor is make not to follow the welfare trap so to seek real incentive of the course work which is totally neurotic so I believe our cash transfers are not suitable for increasing their taxes to work the reason we reason just give yourself just to the poor so maybe is nothing to a very good plan because very equally giving cash to someone major works at work because people use or usually use the money for other things done to improve a very equality so they also participate in different activities they are bad for myself and also for the society which are gambling or drinking when they are you want to add something vitamist multi-site about enforcement on labor supply truck didn't alter the condition of the highest prevented got that are complementary to vapours that might mitigate this promotion for example is the fattiest friend doesn't it is the labels applied to pilot young mother so we three have mentioned but in hypothesis for example developing and developed countries using the sisters life how efficient cash register from an economic perspective actually quite the contrary in addition pieces and attached to attend our commentator benefit artists oh I see um that's another public discussion and earliest mention partially so foreign to all in the community that I would like to somehow in fact presentations in preventive our admonition with an intention for a program of city in Tampa and I mentioned before have more incentive to do observation say yet instead of jicama Theni which is going to be in this profitable to share with you it has the taxpayers money so you are paying for something that really not mean it's a three-part without momentum a database we have been cash transfers aesthetics contain manifested additionally I would like to mention for example which frequently with clinical sciences and intervention retirement research center of Medicaid and how that has been efficiency from it has across seven consumption resources of energy works and salsa lots of one point five seven point one five billion per year resolver if I okay doesn't work it but I want all cash transfers or and practice enjoy most about rosters for the large open cast on I survived a car behind us and that people a matrix cash crops because we know that catches is easily from issues right so this is a little alike only National Security Agency excuse me I've been notified that I believe decided to set aside maybe the license with you decide maybe Jimmy well draw from the four feathers when Angela Martin Callender Sonam and it's ugly to that consensus together in Paris video regarding different my vision of the land would be a very helpful it shows it to a democratic unity have Kalinda what happened you know the difference between has ended education I think - well basically to decide from I do you think that will people remember I think people that simple if they enhance that these portable protracted and also tax reform of catchment management to the current Porsche listen Christine is having a circle in to provide support no it's not because they and even those who are positive there's a socialist [Music] without still living on a cloud which is not actually the department will have to actually grow in Kamali because it's a case because also they are to gave me work it and I just working situations in [Music] fact in terms of the last I've been on that team is effectively not because the money given is working on above the surface and the basic on third warning level they found the sword resolution thank you the enough time I'm making social system in the night yes I am are critical to me I kept a neighborhood in the solar system the last four years and since I stood up a program is not being hunted a situation I second husband by my own done by providing some would watch my heart and maybe some Catholic teacher maybe a combination of both programs maybe get people in Connecticut and also care because 300 they can gather with that even heat food and drink but for the best care they can enjoy the money in the way between thank you take your shop these were religious figures like they had little at night so I'd like to make sure of it my life this is no combination of all things would be effective is a social program yes you are yes I think as I asked government can provide food for people is that this event so desired problem I mean the book will be every I deal with it should forget because in jail I think I'm unfit because I like a dirty here control assembly on work actually I don't think they are easier to control women actually know what the services of Medicine have fun get richer I so agree but what is inflation happens and present a question another thing after our plane to Atlanta to breathing until now well not by the same amount of you'll take a long time has a huge time gliding tell that these processes have now under highways we also appreciate the hope that catches to be the main confidence of the social protection as I mentioned there are lots of advantages that I liked earlier all there is also the advantage of the multiple multiplier effect on the on the catcher campers test request transfers programs numerically benefit a local market more than providing in kinda assistance and you can refer can strengthen local pilots at the last sighted toxic unique so it is a so the increase in demand a attractive food color and a little deficit areas versus some circles one since rated tranches the couch remote hype hype area so uh Henry good cash disbursement a connected Baker generate a local market any harder to convert training to more and more thirty multiplications so the cash transfers that I can help with you trying to therapy and as well as encourage the duration of market : yes but as we know most of Ahad have transfer fee right so using the efficient in 2013 we need authority so excited and normal because I believe that means esacash and this is particularly bad yeah because I thank you later on my question I'd like to make one reception for giora social assistance team we mentioned in the interview that has been the question of my I am a DJ audience I'm in the incredible social success team is the optical transfer program is to reduce poverty do you think that this program should all be transported to a identical should remain the same and yet I can t believe that the social assistance need to be converted into a high bias and respect and sanitation for the region that government cannot accurately identify the food from with the other people even though the main purpose is to party transfers and community pure efficiency reason this one because we always handle all of the health of them fi the day mechanism has the government might rely on individual student identifier is available in sizes are immediate and even though they are just as delicious as a guest easily manipulated it catches harbors all visitors have incentive to think of division sentences and that they are true but if on the other hand in Connecticut are provided the people and those not really them are left with a group title of data and as intended are of value design cash and in humans they also have a finite region around 40 and then they kind of boot actually because in a time for them yeah so considering our culture including people would be more amenable intentionally particle system you need to one because Isis really needed a social - yes yes my god they want to say and I include educated the best social social protection programming pathology attached to the main content and two continents but what is a standard generated in this case would be editions as a once appeared if it is one or two people so them would be a bad situation impossible so if you improve this program and into the loss and so it it will be effective okay then we will have a bit we have come to now is a final statement yes so I think I can swear all people are usually received by man in our country they are maybe at the head of our family and this automatically get a get less opportunities who want to maybe a half people news of the month so in this case cash transfers disadvantages on why on the other cake in conducted give equal opportunities to everyone despite any differences to create oil the final statement is also denied people thank you specifically Michael Evita has greatness of all to show the people's opinion and we thought about this today and you can watch any function yes Anna qualified for out of these members he has students I believe I was benefit more from cash medicine yes since it gives me more freedom to Taiwan during class time do you think that in such instances like per student program capacities are way better than entitlement vocal not for Canada inference or cash transfers are given to the poor who don't have the necessities of food to water to shelters so how can they choose to invite when they don't have what to eat so I think that the argument is not just another tension Vica to Dubai [Music] that people if you have a man has a social perspective natural people wait on you is used to having millennium elapsed house any attempts work however even with studies has been shown that people live in such perfection that even if they get a job they will still want to keep of social assistance because their conditions are so poor it's not that they do not want works there of production dishes minimum wage are so homes that they have no other choice so any care women are being in of independent region Oh Coco I believe that better wages better working hours and better if adding Social Security benefits will act as an antenna support group any other section [Applause] you I would like to thank silent about it for TV on my to protection programs do it now would like to give the floor to the mad monkey with the Tiger Beat and I miss old tries and wonders where the debate would be about the unemployment rate possible quality of certificate F reviews official unemployment rate you just like successful either the government to create environment for job creation political promises of the number of jobs to be created from the current government artificial reductions unemployment rates in the migration rate of 2015 the presence of prescribed workers in crossover quality of education console and many other issues will be discussed please thank you very much responsible for elevation hello everybody this is our degrees for an important equal to 1 and [Music] so tonight you're going to develop an enforcement mentioned earlier in my left my left I have the political majority at the government mr. Warren tonight the Minister of Social Welfare labor from lvk he is a messiah Shah is the minister of economic girl from PDK and my right as opposition members mr. Jerry I'm watching the white president of a a and different and additional s.res none of that Mendoza but before we start evading that first understand better that what I for me is and the certificate of the insolently implemented for numbers people actively looking for a job at the percentage of places for societal personal population our quarter 2012 in which individuals are 15 to 64 years old are considered as working population important is working 50 people with 34 50 percent in comparative medicine 26 contacted the success or failure of Americans greater political promises are the number of jobs to be created and many more issues to the performance on Victor 16 summation so now that we all want anyone participate the first question goes to the government representatives and it is an employment rating before because you everyone first of all necessary wait I would like to start off by emphasizing that ever since we came into power in 2008 we have to crease that employment rate for 14 with 6% in 2008 you still take fry doesn't be freezing on important that's closed yesterday but still our unemployment rate remains with 28.7% the highest in Europe now we all know that both PDK and ODK have been in government of war for long periods of time and how do you justify this high number of unemployed people okay first of all I wanted to say that in 2002 2008 the unemployment rate was forty seven point five percent while the latest updates the 2017 say that any woman is thirty two point nine so that's a fourteen point six decrease and of course we take pride in it and although we do know is that unemployment rates is still high 32.9 but our happiness and our plans are long-term we cannot a vigilant toilet completely however we are you have multiple projects that we work we will elaborate on further on and that will show us specifically how many people we have been for many web sectors also regarding unemployment rating the highest in Europe actually I took the time to compare it to subconscious in the region in Croatia and in 2008 unemployment rate was 12.20 well in 2017 is 14 plus 4 so they had an increase by 2% while this area from 2008 to 2013 only been able to decrease it by 5% so I think I read a beauty book Croatia is a member of the European Union and Syria is multiple multiple times visual language always and also still remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world and foreign investment investments and constantly be three dollars in the Declaration of Independence thank you for having me first of all yes structuring one of the causes of the non attraction of foreign direct investment that my colleague previously mentioned that within two years we managed to decrease unemployment from twenty to thirty five point nine to twenty six point two which is a nine percent decrease we should also mention and note that this is not be done within the right which which is it for two years and we may fight for that important that it's not that we have anything in order to address the direct method since often some they have been a lot of positive people and in order to direct foreign investment research we have a significant importance of Mary Mary Matalin a little storage pocket activation of Senate M which we have is lowered in the region 14 solonian has a nine percent apart from that we are also public agencies IPA and k-ras a which is called investment sentiment support agency they move east immediately since many large investment decisions as a physicist of James here in Google some operations and also find the whole parties become reporters as you also in 2007 the free trade regime is te SE c-- fda members and there are also some reference we go we're regulars we have obstacles in order to include business environment position and show them as the business they finally had his not serious nutritious decreases for their emergency customers who are governing only because as we know after the Declaration of Independence in 2008 there was a global financial crisis for office 2010 is durable crisis it's very natural to see that countries to Cyprus in times of crisis yes well thank you papa in a January 2017 but the relationship in a way that literally saying that they have decreased the unemployment rate for nine percent in just two years now if we do a simple calculation for tutors or thought of population our original force up this listen if that we have 1 million and two hundred two hundred thousand people one visual person to between unemployment rate for nine percent which is correctly understand our interest in just two years we need to avoid 108 thousand people so with this one we will be using four years of governance of PDK and aggregate we will be pushed to two hundred and fifteen thousand people the ice cream is in this direction was of pH in going to hundreds of thousand people now identity six is given you will avoid 266 a thousand more people first of all never note that mine for the too many jacks we're gonna need no matter how insignificant never mentioned introduce the obligation yeah how do you think these statistics are are they realistic or not or are they affected by the vibration made of 2015 where according to some reports keeps 2000 people emigrated to European countries but before I answer a question I have to imagine of the game and the images for any program because for a moment you beautiful is that I think like a little bit here but actually ok and I'm a needles that I do not like such a wonderful government actually this anomaly appears in little they are highly confident as people as part of our minds and they alerted this reality they open industry ology for 17 years as for now we live in a country where even 17 years afterward there is unemployment rate of 32% there is a youth unemployment with it which is enormous of 57 percent and even 17 years after the war the poverty rate in our country is around 30 percent and 12 percent of your citizens other if it's less than one year old a meaning that a gene poverty in our country is a 12 percent and now you come here in this direction I'm talking comment on this a map and how you are improve otherwise partition and actually I have to admit I am surprised interesting that you have increased employment because you have import all of that whenever actually see beyond that you will have to see this actually there are families in our country that flips with platinum on your body we socially speak about the specific substance unemployment rate has decreased so current leader of there are 1.2 million people the dark parts of the labor force in our country the end so we have to emphasize the inner city theory in our country is 62% meaning that there are 62 percent of people that are not currently looking for that if we compare the results that were provided by labor force we can see that unemployment rate has decreased after our 35 up to 33 percent and inactivity rate has increased from 59 62 percent and this is only logical of the official statistics are provided only underneath image the real unemployment rate in our country because as you can see the inner city rate has increased despite workers and migration has cost for this to happen so I think that you should not sprout further lowering unemployment actually you should be ashamed for all the things that you've done in the year and I don't think that you should remember the general concurrently 750,000 people that are not looking for jobs these people are not of this they are still unemployed and you cannot solve economic and social problems in our country by simple calculations or by simply trying to smuggle it with number so to cut it short you don't trust these that it is provided either don't know because they should have 2011 for example however the university started we retired now okay we have to pretty much what our politicians thing about unemployment but let's see what what the citizens think about it so we will settle everything and go in there cause we had a degree of activists or supermarket bonkers and I think that nothing [Music] 300 [Music] most modern night environment the quality of employees so as you can see citizens complain about a high rate of unemployment and think the politics for you now since we are talking about politics let's see the political promises of our parties before the last election PDK from 200,000 new jobs whereas every neutronic hundreds and 150,000 themselves now first I don't understand how you regulated this did you decide it together you will create 350,000 jobs or find the median among them but what have you done to achieve your goals because obviously you could not achieve that these numbers because there was a lot deadlines I'm mentioning again no matter how insignificant the aforementioned arguments and achievements are for the opposition we managed to achieve yet another goal for 2016 by decreasing employment rate tonight and quite uncertain when amazing 27,000 jobs where from which 7,000 jobs are working details in Germany after our deals with the government of Germany important that we have also created an equal opportunity between labor market let me mention that we also take vitamin D with my you created 20th 2007 so 11 of the 200,000 products and then we're in car that's interesting yellow let's review with we also think right on living wages in the massive highly for corporations and national rated ministers and heads were announced is impossible to fully integrate handicapped individual labor market eliminating any source of discrimination thus is work its work among from all operating labor markets with equality everyone this project will be expanded by the domestic organizations and also therefore could focus on changing the Senecas emulation but more than that we also had an official meeting with the members of parliament that were elected to Mecca communities where suddenly we are talking autonomy we shouldn't give it to employ 1890 in business from the point of it is for the training the first example we need is one minute 30 included here the cost of education in food and the however to buy this position can need to be written for horses I would like to add also looking at said warning and faith it is true that like little party has probably too much it's up to much a thousand job and then we have a g20 that 27,000 jobs so far although we must remind our opposition that this is work in progress they may not know the reality of politicians they haven't been empowered but project staple of the implement and I do understand thousand dollars lost a small number and we're working very very committed towards and I would like to mention some process that we have better facilities one of the housing unit into uni for people during our pipeline but I see that the position numbers are really happy preheat for the government but we are brought problems with in your platform school because a promise that the media making was overly stopping you and the highest median age in our region belongs to Slovenia which has 990 works for even showing up today give number of European Union technology when he gave me the carbon euros how are you going to achieve that and because then you'll see I have a question because they want to implement the broader social programme and to do this they promised to increase practice but as you almost increase taxes and they're open do not go hand in hand so other classes to have increase accident care of them okay so thank you very much but our party's our party is going to make Alex wait mm this is not impossible and I go measures of that the first one is that cotton would have natural mineral natural resources that are worth one thousand visits I just sold we have 500 billion it is calculated as we have all six times more than Albania the highways that we did with Albanians done in order to connect with granted Adriatic microlight pipeline and sell gas to Western Europe also there are black there are also classes one plant or worth investing 1 billion euro this will created for the refinery and when when this oil will stop working it will double the bus not possible all these are done based on that in this order but also before doing this we have to be sure the rule of law is because the and also the legal is infrastructure and create some multi revival for any event this of these are some factors as we can prevent you one other fact we have also endorsed plan proposal but you know our vehicle we cannot South Africa other parties may with you so you you based economy yes do you have any plans for industrialization or agriculture first an answer that the first the plan that I thought you wanted examine together wonder if individualization we all we are all that black let's see what I require to buy powerful so unrealistic and everyone your you had an immediate immune to include people with a disability in the labor market stress this okay a particular measure or make you products that were English agreements for every every digit person so I see one person with disability and it was family fails to do this then people have to death penalty but the penalties we so hope you just want a sense of the minimum regional country and many companies are failing as we are willing to pay this penalty resinize a hire people with disabilities so from this I can as we can conclude that also this energy of yours are things and require personal connection and for you your party was a learning practice also yes I'll be open water and establish or are based on fiscal policies that rely on equality and justice and we believe that the only way after which investments and production in job creation can be fostered so in order to equip these dollars and to weaken the version legislation had on low-income families in our country I'll be support of the progressive taxation and starting my zero percent for minimum wage earners after thirty percent people who have an income of a distance higher than the minimum wage impossible and this seems to be quite logical a person that high income earners automatic use or employee benefits in terms of our public works so we consider that by employing a vegetable policy and we will be capable of creating jobs because through this stack scale we can offer also holiday of tax holiday to a company if they show capacity to generate jobs for people in our colleagues in addition to that approach effect program detectives of incentive to lower the incentive to increase training and this indirectly will also affect unemployment so all of our policies are based mainly on quality and we believe that for human society it was a very calming program princes are iconic mountains xfinity in Diana's movie and you said that your father tonight are based on equality but I think we all know that progress is bestest and does not always mean equality by overtaxing the Richard subset of the population you're incentivizing them from working more which will have an impact less than savings and also consumption we're not saying that is the right path by achieving by following strict control policy however more concrete ambassador with their part would actually help reduce the unemployment just like mr. Hashimoto said cocoa with abundant natural resources actually I was able to reach an agreement with a company si hai is the guy who they are really doing that over 100 million euros vehicle to organs and industries of Vic life and they are also committed we have a recent agreement that they are committed to about including only local workers so not only will Kosovo's industry I think alive eksisozluk this will automatically reduce unemployment and furthermore you are successful because you're all looking very quickly you mentioned that I mentioned earlier that people who have migrated has kind of disorder to the unemployment rate however out of 50,000 even was likely the majority there has been able to reserve 30 houses so we do not think that it has more impact or sort of the Germany recover and easily do evaluation the cooperation to return the unemployed in which state and remain unemployed you know that's the one whom you dog extender for your comment about but VI another told me that we have to discuss today and it is super important because it is more worrying for us in do chemical many totally speaker 7.7% again the highest Mariza no because our universities absorb that within every second two out of three seniors and in high school and Iran in most developed nations like Germany send of myoclonus with kids because now my question will began to a majority hope we're operating this education suspended we are seeking further implementation for the for improving the engine system and the college education but the small black to save that we have a project issue between immediately returnable JD and Germanisation company support which is probably going to be our priority on the building of this 459 students recruiting them in sending them to Germany for practice and site and this is going to be also those and Academy degrees that have the opportunity to go and prepare for the many more games of what we held in Europe this is also hot volcanic angle which stopping visibility in hi students and welcome to human element but we could also agreement with not magic happening fish not the budget calls because you know we get onto internet which is a lot of times that will be the last one because of spawning Jackie it is type of personal training in order to encourage you to encourage going to be a modified government of women Wi-Fi to Kentucky problems which tank and water that in context agreement between other with the Ministry of Philemon to prepare and Gi then in healthy futures we contract nominee in Germany don't try to come around my answer is directly and honesty are you going to admit the number of students entering universities or not because we know that it is great to buy we tell you that I don't know why we should cooperate in order to another to rehabilitate so we can rejoin begin to it all that we can create a professional school and we know not all of us can go to universities we don't have the capacity but understand is the best tendency to be negative 2 because of effort to give this technology authority and cost over you can can benefit from this professional school so we we should learn all the ideas they can be the students from going in do you have to be under a give them certainly trying to get the proper the main objective was to actually get these new ideas from 12 countries this Eugenia my new hotel yes that and he doesn't do professional football on the eraser being comfortable hello mr. Martinez paid me to write or exactly we have actually done something the detective Society sitting in criticizing and we have realized a new pilot project anyone at City Hall tonight uh sighs myself if I'm not let me have a normal run you were a job that's one set up let me I asked the pilot project in Seattle which we hope to replicate everywhere else in each municipality or portable an ironic is newcomer internet women youth but viruses are they are not absences as it is a labor force without we have actually managed to launch a project that is all online late three-month things so they get jobs across the little bit from abroad to Kosovo without actually stealing jobs away from anyone out of ownership of those resources of is education if you want to talk about education actually we have recent agreements in 2004 and it obligates the authorities of Kosovo to uh to standardize change of distance to the balloon for Juliana system so yes we are undertaken reforms in the education systems we are also trying to come up with innovative ideas of employing our youth such as a pilot project into Parliament all right yes so 13 years of that we have seen that this system is not working well for possible now what are the promises of PDK and of the gate to improve education equals also I have more you've important yes we have any direct answer to this are yet to be done on cable course um the idea what is now what is your eyes the idea was to send you abroad in order to gain the the Catterick skills they need to notice difficulty cosmo but when I thought of all table under base how many high you to mention the program was that was always GED and with German organization the agony of 59 months is a young youth you youngsters from Kosovo and also the white vegetable the project with the director of system management symmetric ethany which is filled approach in process and also in this project I'd like to automate the point with the LBD which is German construction company the DSM almost went through the progression of flooding in Germany for the construction set up this way they were a new innovation in new innovation ideas in our country your to creat implement improve now let's have a opinion about the loggia about the educational value between a visitor question from audience failure to equal to ability to confirm a problem and mm people at market images and development fails to provide the conditions that are less convenient I'm asking what you are going for the gardens okay so join us on our members elections are just around the corner and we go to that people to the party that's all of our mistakes so another little tip the things that the government expenditures as Joyner mentioned to the desired source of vocational education training and internship opportunities Amelia tasks for example a young fella co-op instruments are that quality possible-- are and business community has an equal deal tomorrow should be both in addition to that you will see increased more coffee we with people direct our impact authorities enhancing and career discipline or the Career Center of cartilage which operates at UT University and we consider that a 900 students per year under 15,000 in just a very small number and this has increased mobility of our young related in constantly refers to as an example we can attend a family reversal yes as you mentioned elections are in our corner I wish you all the luck in the world and I also wanted to remind I want to remind our audience that our government actually this year and xpm will be committed to fully functional Isis of you heartless providing we have our target little this will move the billion dollars of the madness of thousands of jobs including it intense functionalizing it committed a solution for that day to come is our [Music] [Music] infrastructure in that with the only complete presentation inside these are just a short-term employment and they become a library building the unfilled dollars were invested and only 200,000 people around put your promise will create more I think they very big money they completely my appreciate which is where you have a paper tape recorded let's go to dinner please please we're here late their retirement certainly what happened effect on the late reports that this was postponed the age where people retired and there will be kind of forced to stay in the labor force for a longer amount effect however I do not think that this applies to Kosovo because our problem is not having people say the labor force for a short amount of time we actually have a lot of people who want to be in the labor force Michaela find jobs I don't think that that's the right policy of approaching unemployment that the policy would be loved every vessel thank you for your question my question goes to incidence of the month you may obey priority is use an appointment aggregate we need to import our views on book and one of the unemployed to create the policy of labor force first of all but in the interview little person is established two thirds of the two thirds of the managers actually complained about 14 party this is a slide or question satisfying to be happy and living quite doable job due to the variable part they learn in their universities and get in the practice part in why we train we try to engage in and qualified I'm sorry girl who is responsible for education system we're trying to remove it this way I'm meeting historian nothing years that fasten we all stood by you [Applause] [Music] I would like to thank all that money teams for beginning on the unemployment rate inaudible now I will introduce the neck and like the paper today's event which is reasonable scheme of which will be moderated by fedora and on the role of women and follow encode for politics also it sounds like the role of Congress of the local Parliament to control the government and also whether elections should be held early December and last not least the most highly debated issue / and because liberalisation and the market will be a chess lot further ado I would like to together I would like to like you guys our current vision [Music] here it isn't spaces for our specialization of the offense assault program on the debater political development with our foreign special form is healthy [Music] so hello everyone and thank you for joining us in our special edition of the universal helper first time here at bay okay so we asked you which our homes were created in a political environment for various issues some of which we'll discuss today so ladies and gentlemen here I have afforded commercial government to play a crucial role in our political and our environment and current situation so I have a software ambassador performance over to the United States fortunately I have you lost money member Parliament from advocate and on my other hand I have a Luna Ivo Member of Parliament of medical care and as our view member of parliament compieteiy so we generate will discuss about the quota system and how it supports international parties so makes our physical how does the consumer society political environment is it were people too in our national water problem is a good thing or a bad thing thank you for having me I found effective as well general assessment value houses right now does positively influence a political environment impossible because it enables our women to be part of importance of political ultimate decisions as well as as possible I just reminded the audience of all 120 members of the Parliament 30% of those members have to be women and this is a service by law so it's parts of our Constitution and I think generally this is very important because Kosovo has traditionally been a very questionable society women have not had the same opportunities as men to excessively pursue political careers and collectors very reason 13 years we have seen that when they have become or intimidated and this poses SDS service also fostered by the quota system just to mention it briefly what our Republican has done some of our milestones that we have done in this regard a sergeant for myself I am the first of our ambassador to our charters and most important a line and we have in the world the US are the Ministry of Justice also led by women which is of width of the Rockefeller Nevada we have the Ministry of unification which is of life available anytime and lastly we have the minister of dialogue it is a phonetic of who and are guarding one of the most important trust the Colville have which is the dialogues are to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia however as always I believe there's much approval that has to be done but our government will continue to lobby to increase to increase - however coming a good representation alternative Thank You mr. doctor now I would like to hear miss Cardew from A&K signature doctor invention explain what a quota system where Tina in our national parliament what were the result of the portal system I was lyrical environment as possible firstly thank you enough for inviting us as such debate where all of us are women regardless of and regardless of our individual opinion these will show a poor representation of our community shed for your struggle a program recommendation in political decision-making practices Kosovo has indeed made some important steps in regards to improving one presentation in political area unless it's more than evidence with the implementation of electrons and impose our it required certain standards ominous elements including too personal vintage affirmations so we consider just the mirror image is a minute limitation of this German porta has precent space a woman in activity in being active active active in politics therefore there are examples where inflation woman has had a chance but not opening the possibility of participation causes the electrons teleport us provide a little festival we are for one verb to be in public which is essential however there are some implications regarding to this double water we got - a mistress body where are we on this it resolves that seventy nine point three percent of the people who are interviewed expiry mister there should be more water department in keeping that occurrence member foreman Parliament is insufficient therefore I'm adding more to that point that the electoral General Court like us will never celebrate meaningful changes in the politics for water and when I'm seeing changes and we are person political options in terms of policy change people and cultural attitudes and people and politicians is a very long process that's operating in taking into account the positive effect of this agenda quota we should also remind you the religious potential especially to bring about social change this effort is in a pilot to distinguish between the practical and also a symbolic representation of : what we Parliament's women should are not only to dispositions were only position in use the political for other political influence that resilience and sustainability of women equality so as to compose the implementation of electrons and the forces at least in a short term our will affect although contribute on to the formal organization of Romany office while in Latin is neglecting the importance of practical conversations were to look forward to a future thank you I love you are ask you some miracles morning you as a woman New York detective how do you feel about excellent for the competition on the national parliaments I agree with my fellow colleagues which are present as you there are a lot of products in the permanent presence paleontologists and a leadership role however they're still green left to improve I like to mention three main problems that are still remaining in Seoul for the participation of women in politics some of them are parents are amazing to attract women as party members and the second one is that leadership positions are inaccessible to most women and mr. Zhang is a strategy frequent attention to fulfill the minimal legal for our plan so as I mentioned earlier in Doha there was a lot of progress however we need to enhance this a lot at its fundamental by using the younger opponent serving as public role models also helps change public opinion about diversity very important however since my opinion as a deputy environment where our our party physical is more common factor forming a platform which is suitable a meter which will help solve and regardless of people who move here in leadership roles about various countries in selecting those people people okay thank you sorry about the lighting here from Al Muhajiroun verbs and objects going another issue so we talked about the national parliament are all he will cover and here she'll cover the department of the government elected department I'm sorry you interesting about the role of parliament in controlling the government would you start being in your in the opposition party system the opposition's attacking Thank You government right first of all I just want to decide sure that every all know the government is really the influencing factor in controlling for parliamentary activity and it should be the other way around means that the far as we shouldn't have seems appropriate bills that would be sent to the to the government service the other regarding pushing the agenda of the party members to the Parliament people who lose heart event than these occasions of despotism where oh well where is our many Jesuses remember requirement and security listed the dissenting surface for up fun drill and a little abrogated when it comes to the demarcation other such built as you can see of government of countries it who's in favor of the work of parliament and it is not only in discharging the forcing us to fulfil the interest of the upper ruling classes PDK an advocate is the establishing girl that purports that crossroads of citizens of physical thank you so now on my colleague well like video which is quite similar to the garden we are ending without me just have the young generation feels about the 33% full side the clauses as a breakfast position of women is a political fear I don't agree with the positive discrimination unemployment over the consolidation of the house on folks to access the Parliament because information on us and obviously these are men to what the and also I don't think you Sunda Kelapa as far as I know as in a way people different welcome to exhibition wrong being enabled confident professionally Buffalo ever I think that should be worse because the mainland state providing people to get in position so I think [Music] resolution is bonus by the oldest is not having that can have proposition forward in our bubble for became an independent world we have induced vomiting OH [Music] in environment I don't think the status of you tompa even though my friends are actually big announcing which means that they will have acted within the present week on high is never good to be another way fortitude of and guess what ya said about their opinion of the role of parliament majority government how does how to do what republicans are people in the parliament above us on many [Music] occasions you might and Wentworth however I think that to get what you want you have been working on a lot of things especially the demarcations relief organization so amazing timetable have you think you have a moral argument former there has no mattress population means a political party so a solution to the political game and the main problem is here is a very small communication between price so first of all I'm a small country and in order for us to grow and reach a higher stage of development people elected leaders problems to cooperate one specifically as I mentioned earlier operation between the occupation meaning that there should be a telephonic communication between all parties and we should work to tell them I'm working on a tripod between answer yeah tricks all political parties have to be important for as well but also for you saying here is you mentioned up some negative aspects of what actually allocates and you're contracted to abused what about some of the positive us are absent here in a and India are gonna have to support your part in the roster so that we should believe in frustration that which is occur has a lot of economists and the governing government should be better they are supposed episode but they are a number of qualities that have been easily implemented during the after year and this is all for executive out the difference so I stepped over to the EU integration however there is still work to be done and I will mention again after this alone leadership with the operations people to fight for to reach a market decisions and women assist other countries especially for very much a mere one lat ta election that there's no cooperation go forward between the opposition and the government how you expect us to cover with you when you're told is I currently divides it how do you serve us to work with young host the only advance the interest of the queue and do not do anything to help before the people cannot have accurately good health care education for the flavors to work with you on policies that do not give what actually manage the people of our country that is Rob trying to actually say also get the current partition have severe severe ideas open to to the other person the operation between of our partners to reach me so I'm not saying that only one time she's deciding everything that is being developed and I would also like to remove review since finishing sentences overall environment and if the officer and healthy offering has enabled initial in here policies regarding each other since the elections that we have in 2014 up indicate came off as the Water Authority and we currently hold 36 seats together with our rule equal the show we have 59 seats and of course you look at the numbers we have more answers we have because we have more seats however possible it is an alternate country we truly appreciate the role that the opposition is playing I tend to disagree when you say that we are just pushing our agenda and has yes very worried and dropping so many things have been pushed because of the balances the moving main hand of the Parliament has been missing because of his electoral campaigns in different states today was the crow nation in Elsa undermined because as we are working towards of beneficial positives for culpable you are interrupting people's peace in the department by using resorting to tear gas quite a important order to reach that you may not ever be on stability where you elected to a gala meetings and just a disregard anything that the sovereignty desire to be fair is better to be service not be at all Yahoo you're not being there or keeper when you are your throw-in fear that you're not really influence to the data that recipe there again which you're not even saying when your last moment you have a very crucial role and you can see that in the case of demarcation demarcation with circular not that pacified is not going to be ratified as I can see it anytime soon because you are in this figure okay we are we are going we will give you a little your silence ISM we are all that we have is the one here enough of that so I think we'd have a charm opposition in our quality okay so you mentioned both both teams to the demarcation process so I would like to talk about our yesterday the Prime Minister is a moussaka met with Dimitrov Abram around puja the European Commissioner for migration Home Affairs and citizenship where he actually encouraged become some of the street the present speed of the process of world voting for demarkation meaning that we actually I may have rejected the the different post of that he made America important so what what you have a good morning what you have to say about the ether Mustafa proposal many what do you think since he will be there until Thursday but will be the outcome of upheld in the death as I also mentioned other days is really the do some actual to should slow down the product of a imitations that we have to down and talk about it and also there are other things that are left to be done it will we have to forming a university determination to be implemented in Paris over Parliament we should love to participate and this was healthier for the artist so [Music] Miami demarcations you mean that's information to open person with it gave us to stop investigating profit before visually so your opinion is that contradictory your are part of the thing yes how come you never you have seen how a problem people suffer before as well I told him through telling our earlier that we need to operate with you as well to reach before reaching earlier for this told us to be still see a lot of these out of the other fish but this is the issues initiatives in your own part of it you don't have enough both to make the in our patient has a core element and make sure that if you have the both demarcations of popularity so is there an internal issues of the perfect you're trying to cover up or whether we're not as popular as we actually have an issue I haven't issues with the focus on farming and we actually need to us energy you need to analyze process and investigate well if you have the nutritional education a tourism business doesn't have an issue so on what your opinion under the Delaware the realization since the authorization is are connecting these may be that big store do not do not have a connection between this there is no problem of demarcation may not have whether we can gather demoralization and also its demarcations really the crucial component of getting which we love torian's of these on the rotation is closely linked to the demarcation if we are talking about the demarcation line images brief mention the books book these are the real literalization and what has been done so far the process remains one of our main priorities that we have right now the European Parliament together with the European Commission has a half set forth a set of recommendations that we have to fulfill the two most important ones are the fight against corruption and organized type and the second one is the border demarcation with Montenegro in regards to the first recommendation we have got amazing job we have files of 21 charges against 100's independence 33 cases of corruption and organized part has been in tackles of respectively and we what is most important is that we have to receive the free life in this regard Java EE however the problems arise specifically all the issue of the occasion I can see that there are so many disagreements waving around but I have to say that uh while it is not being ratified I would like to ask for your vote in favor of the demarcation whenever we also see from the rear side the rows of demarcation when actually at the opposition senator William laughs tastes awesome I don't need cotton or services I want to say that we will not lose our territory we promise that not a leader of possible editorial we have really gone and done that we use in that avoiding this position because we believe America is based on ok what started doing it we are marking up currently existing border much has been established since 1974 the Sauza this matter what people in spy school that level that it should not have we have all procedures with the demarcation with Albania we've done it with one we go we will also do it in the future of Syria and this is the truth will regard that we have to go through because we need to determine once and for all the workers before the end of all time I am aware that people are becoming engaged in this topic with emotions is at worldwide whenever we talk about border people get so this what's in sports the motion of the family position that we are related by exam but we are not we are not quite history we are just watching the curve border and you saw that you want an oxidation I have to say that the Republic of Kosovo specifically the governors of possible hazard of a state convention which is haunted by her on Behar and this Commission has we know about both of my eyes continue tipping over okay but do you know that the commercial weather the mythology the size of the region and the municipalities were completely ok went up with receiving weather ratification England okay manana so like you because we don't have much time I was you just your position German to act on it and even Kim what are you different producers what is why did you do on your white wire is your staff who are demarkation and early elections what united opposition subjects so that the do things 980 together was our will to on to mostly in anyway in location and affiliation agreement which substantially express in our function of our state to that time in this part we do not have differences and we have the same purpose the same part and you want as a joint force to fight against these two communes to be honest I did not check the seal of planned program of the venomous chaos of the need not however I know it is a not made like clear differences between us but it is logical that we different such as politics political subjects cannot be cannot have the same plan problem what is important to mention and that it connective out rust to occur through all of the current government is that from the moment we started our reticence in Parliament against this agreement position to the position of subjects all the time have blinken and have criticized us for our fighting that with what you're doing is totally nonsense and they are still not even we we will not even outside the threshold of the elections for rayvin in quietly we don't have too much time we trolling this logic art and who would be more more beneficial other early elections of course apparently personal no my are different license different Asian line arguments ends up a little early election if you are not afraid that we will win spend why what do you know whether make notice can see there is a large market we have a software you have our deep desire self issues a decision on the Constitution that the first parties that gains of a majority of both who have to have continued only one that you have the white core coalition to connect on the issue of Association have usually issue on association with the issue of demarkation concede on many topics that are being discussed during a possible your party support the formation of the diffusion of circulars to Valerie and cases briefly explain little difficulty national organ of our commercials yeah our parking strongly supports the formation of the Association officer community colleges I would like to remind my colleague republics but the audience I'm confusion is not being established for the first time in history Belton also have it it has a permanent policy salons planet region as well as balloon and it has market anyway otherwise the political independence of that is most territorial interested our problem what we want as a PDF ruling party one of the ruling parties is we want to see that the Association is established with a possible constitutional framework we have come to matters to the Constitutional Court the Constitutional Court have gala its verdict we have stopped looking other things is anyone in line everyone and I would like to imagine you two can explain aliveness and has opposition perspective I remember partner to the Constitutional Court and the Constitution itself because the Association for some reason spots in itself is against two men in the Constitution against many other laws because it's not as me as an NGO it is in fact a void in two thousand chest executive conferences with in Kosovo for hostility that it it is actually within the social institutions in my favor when said it is not written to the crowd are over as well we want to establish it to have a subpoena that fit with other constitutional favor it will not be a parallel structures because progress to our institution it will not be the cycle definitely houses it will function as an NGO that they are being serviced all individual confusion well actually on we have an important the government uncomfortable I mean having you ever answer I show you the various national unity the the limit of the polymer will be this association world of exercise and comfortable government is not clearly stated I am terrified to swallow opposition it will be like an annual because no maker was that it will have are two of the service colleges will function as a rule so they will have opportunity to express their concerns in matters pacifically relates local democracy local economy health and social care ordinance welcome attention when I'm Emily no possible distance software as well as movable silence now it is not NGO consider all the pressures associated with an independent argument reply a lot like an awful season like this yeah I don't weekly archetype you look kinda finish evidence now we can undergo luck this interval so what is going to be lovers with your heart issues because these are these are both arbitrarily decided conditions and courses by Jackie you are hindering our accession to the EU and some supports of his own organization so I'm saying to you that can describe as an enjoyable it is not bad in any way shape or form you have made from facility to education to health care to urban bottlebrush are exclusively related to municipalities and other tribal structures ok smelled some things when I was very worried we want to have fun anti so we allow any questions from the audience regarding the topics we discuss please please please ok [Music] [Music] in the pet capital investment of our nation convoy yes I would have come like a spark so a little tingle have always been season and so Vietnam regardless or in the case of journey leave you we are mostly expected to be an increase in foreign investment which will strengthen consumers position in the world and in the world market however we expect that the servitor cattle vessel will be not just solely for growth there will be other capital structures which will have initial search which will help our economic on also we also want to say that before joining the year before it even came in the night robbing us we have to root out the issues of corruption it has corrupted it so many times with interest history for an investment in our country if some communities in wantin yeah I think as a certain education which are with increase the numbers of Jennifer US investment I will happen in Kosovo it will increase the opportunities both of producers will also from a local person perspective local producers will also have reduce barriers to and the European market which Facebook they paid currently many problems moreover is important to note that before we survey you we have to improve our economy because otherwise it will be very difficult to compete with the authorization I European so my knees and gentlemen before the special edition [Applause] [Music] so thank you yet in Episode II I would like to thank all to be able to make this event possible I would like to thank a piece that you arranged is tables and let's thank the debaters and moderators I also like to thank professor business evening board will be is a board helping anybody was stressing you to come forward and take a picture thank you [Music] [Music] yeah writing a phd dissertation outline University at Buffalo.

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