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Last minute dissertation binding

Last minute dissertation binding capstone example documents downloadable set custom paper size in crystal report vb6 when we last left off our intrepid heroes finished up in Durant and made their way back to Fort Skarin where they've taken some much-needed downtime to Train work and sort through some arcane nonsense which has granted them new rituals and a fat stack of resilient I want to snow it's okay yeah that's the thing you can do I'm going to be the motherfuckin option to hold down universe for like ten minutes then my heart is going to explode it's going to be a rough time but hey you can do it I'll pause I'll need a backup sheep is just called a Archmage crasher in it just a 10 round burnout on it but it costs my pleasure pretty much I wonder if there's a way I can prepare myself for wet weather well there are lots of ways you can prepare yourself including the prepare action for downtime speaking of which the last week of downtime I believe everybody was locked into actions already except Marcus so let's start out with you is there any down time action you would like to perform right before the storm hits this will be ending the day before the storm hits actually if we have two or three wakes it down time this will be I believe the third week so or the fourth week actually because you've trained you leveled up then you did the gather information so this is the fourth week of downtime total and if you have nothing else you'd like to do you might consider the preparation action which will get you some d6 as you can use in the upcoming skill challenge to weather the storm sure okay if Marcus isn't doing much of them is probably bugging you about future fucks the Inquisition plans why don't you why don't you these away no Marcus what a fox he is because he certainly never heard of that I actually don't know what they look like themselves from what I've heard they are heroes of justice they're born with kindness in the heart and they crusade from who wait a met the crusade from the womb so what today like update suits of armor run and like how much happens yeah oh but our peas like barn and eggs or something sends The Strokes so I would think they put the eggs back in the womb that seems like comfortable I don't know honestly I don't think it's that I mean they go out of the womb in crusade afterwards we'll be honest with you there little clothes antibody I'm still a little uncomfortable talking about procreation with yeah you kind of look like a ten year old boy kind of feel like your parents should have this stock I'm pleased ah oh so you're 11 okay Wow honey was better but twice of 10 I'm 20 whoa seriously yes don't play well my age I made maybe four species but you know not really aggressive kind of thanks if they don't have a beard isn't it you know I'm gonna be honest with ya that's a big part of it yeah kinda grow a beard then the stars rubbing it for the first time no I have never seen it to Leo to have a beard totally shit no in that face at least things well either way the point is that I think the Fox fees will be great to help us find necromancer's well you know they're gonna be useful than our wish probably check those guys down you're like hey guys interested fighting gets decremented all kinds act evil bad stuff let me know everything I'm gonna want you to be there to help me talk to the Fox Pease you have an aura of trustworthiness I think they'll respond well to thanks well buddy yeah sure the glad day I go out and meet new people you know convince them to risk life and limb in the pursuit of honors justice getting rid of creepy weirdos that wear black rubs and stick her out death that is cemeteries way to lock Marcus you may be from a different age but you understand me so well I'm ready uh you know times change but justice justice is always the same I will not an agreement to that my friend all right why don't you two take inspiration and apparently we still have two other down time actions to resolve a rifle for the storm pets so yeah the bromance to end all bromances it's guys love that's all it is aye so crush it what do you want to do I'm torn between beginning on a skill proficiency or the preparation action because I know that skill proficiency is going to be fucking 10 actions it's going to take a long time it is what you know I mean it's a skill as an incredible incredible feat like I'm no surprise than getting your nose yeah palaces Gaelic a skilled profession city takes ten actions that's quite a ways to go I kind of really want to get started on it because it's the perception okay oh wait can I assist you - Lord amount of skills your family takes because I am proficient I think you can enable Prussia to learn the skill like I was maybe I don't know how I would have done it actually say how much would it would it cost with the trained eagle eyes of my hippie friend ah cut the cost down by half okay cool assuming that freed also wants to take the downtime actions to help you okay is that okay thank you very much I have to make a mock of that somewhere they upped on the on the board oh thank you actually get you guys can see the blue stuff here right well I'm at dynamic lighting actually on on this map I can see the blue stuff the first floor second floor third fourth and uh-oh nothing else there okay yep dynamic lighting is on this map that case I'll just move this up here OOP oh shit okay cool yeah a little forest seat already maxed out no this is the second week you've been training on it you'll need one more week I'm pretty sure I trained all three weeks yeah BAM two weeks now you know all that I mean a little God also it's only been three weeks yeah it's for here you haven't plans are full of sweet divert weight-saving how long we've been at though this is the fourth week of downtime in total yes so I leveled up the first week and then pretty much for downtime I'll need it I had nothing else to do oh wait no no I think yeah I know you did something else I think you were like preparing you trapped by the ready action I did it patrol like that one week I think so yeah that's how you that's how you have a separation action I think yeah yeah okay okay all right zero so downtime is now complete until the storm hits so let's pick up with our heroes on December 29th it's the day before the last day of the month and it has been snowing raining Sweeting hard for a week solid by now already there is a solid three or four inches of snow piled up on everything already and no matter how often you go out there to shovel it off and shoveling off it just gets replaced almost immediately and the streets they're all but impassable made worse by the fact that the city is getting quite crowded people from all the surrounding little Hamlet's and villages have been pulled into the town so that they can benefit from the shield that will be put up by The Tempest priests linens clerics have arrived and all their a white and blue hen glory to pray away the storm I should be out there with them well you absolutely can be we have a nice home but they have this Tim they're the the priest of The Tempest I have you got actual only ability to help them out I'm a knight of a gale it's my duty to be out there you know what okay but first um come in I'm a tire sack because if there's catch the wedge you are so stupid I'm killed by being blown a little ding yeah Xander the ears you just have to take a step back and just stick right to the inside just just kind of just so much chunky paste on a wall yeah like you can see things having that happen to them outside like there are boards and scraps of paper just smacking up against walls as the wind howls howls to the streets I'm gonna take the time to I apologize if hearing is a little bit funny but I think this is important and I basically make some kind of a ponytail for you I may not be it like a tempest priest or involved with Lanen but is there anything I can could maybe do to help them with the storm or pray to against the storm I don't know it's always possible and you pray daily I would like to try is a feeling it's my responsibility as a princess of the realm to try and help okay Kershaw France I hate doubt those stuff she's been just getting like a moody as the weather gets worse and worse to be fair I kind of agree with Trish on this the princess you should make sure to protect yourself that you can help better serve your um your people and while my family's always taken a active role in things it's not my place to argue with the princess will smile and don't worry crusher it'll be fine I have Faison we've got us with storms now that the taint of the Fisher King is gone that means it's only in the world affected yeah and it's still going to be a rough one for everyone involved I'm just not sure what I can accomplish out there I have a surgery but it's not exactly inclined to the weather's even if I can't do anything I feel like it's a duty to be out there like a trowel or something maybe I can't help but wonder what it is that there has been working on does she ever reveal it if I ask um make a persuade check me all right she'll just mention offhandedly that she's working on the blade oil ah sweetie cooking up some fancy-schmancy poisons she just gives you a little eyebrow wiggle yeah he started girlfriend to a produced one that it was pretty benign but it was really really funny you'd get a single paper cut from her just give you the trots whoo yeah well there was this real big head running ledges for this school and a long story but you know we needed to think of a nicer way to mess with them it's she's just about to respond to that one a huge Pele lightning just come shuddering through the building and the window slams open and snow when free to start pouring inside you should uh you can hear screaming from the other room as the two chicken harpies or lizard harpies start no flailing around oh my cuties bye baby I I'm going to thunder wave the weather back house again and then quickly slime that window shot seems like that's the goddess okay so you thunder wave the weather are the windows shatters and Senate I could do it with my hands up against the bat like no James but quite literally enough to create a boom so the windows will shut again because there isn't snow pouring into can stick outside Roman not from inside the bedroom fucking destroying our lovely nice tree Jesus I hey youyou smartly avoid exploding your house yeah yes I stick my hands outside and thunder wave so that I've got a brief moment to push the windows shut again okay and in that moment era quickly like comes over in spider webs the door shut I much appreciated and ya know steel goes upstairs and holter cuties and they you know quiver and cower and screams the Lightning starts slamming down harder and harder are your four things don't worry about it it's gonna go away it looks like the goddess of the calling of our logics I'm going to go meet The Tempest clerics I saw you can also go to our bedroom do not get sick again and focus if you wear your clothes AFSA yes ah yes ah readable kind of fresh vegetation to see to increase the temperature of your clothes Oh then we'll give Frida warm cloak ugh the mass spec now you're toasty buff now you're a toasted bun excellent all right so it's skill challenge time everybody would you kindly roll initiative real quick because we're going to see what order just you one order things happen in the next a little bit so the way this is going to work is everyone's going to take one action in a cycle you're NPCs can help or take actions on their own whichever you can help each other if need be in everything I've seen so we're going to have serie and Jeffrey we'll both need to roll initiative scuff you could handle Jeff yeah sure they're going to king himself and I was very just like wow nice okay so Mary it's late in the evening of the 29th and the storm is coming you can feel it in your bones Thunder is rumbling and lightning is cracking across the sky the winds have picked up to such a howl that even indoors you can barely hear each other shouting and the snow and rain are falling in in cycles it will snow for a bit then start passing rain then it'll get just cold enough to start snowing again and it's just a miserable slush all around you so what are you going to do well [Music] I feel like I'm going to try I'm gonna try doing that I'm gonna try doing what I what I haven't tried doing the I'm gonna try doing the I'm gonna try praying to Clara for to help maybe she can I don't know work with laying in on this a little bit maybe at the very least help protect this this Guildhall from the worst of the brunt of the storm oh cannot help protect the town itself so are you just going to like go into your room with your two little cockatrice and start praying there or you're going to like go out with the tempest priests or up on like the battlements and coming to individual neighborhoods to try and shield the town from the storm I leave then the them and let them and a vine tour along as well mm hmm hmm maybe maybe I should bring them to bring them to Frida or downstate yet please bring them downstairs you the ground-floor would probably be the safest yeah well I'm going to bring them downstairs if we can bring them downstairs okay and Oscar - is Oscar you can't stay up here either probably goes under the table yeah he wants nothing to do with this storm and yeah it would probably be better more effective to go outside and help as well instead of just staying in sorting in sort where it's more inside where it's safer I will you know I will join the Bible I will get my furs in my cloak and just bundle up and I will go help help every education I get here I have myself but thank you I appreciate it every little bit will help that's why I see this way you don't need to focus to keep it up and you know what I'm you know I want to do to clear my fucking path I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to spend a spell slot and when I want to cast flaming sphere and just walk it in front of me it won't turn away a burn of pass through the snow for made a walk that's pretty cool cool so your friend is pretty dope all right so you go outside and just a couple streets away you find a tempest priest leading a group of like younger novitiate acolytes they have formed a circle and has thrown their arms up to the sky and are chanting with all their might and as they do so lightning bolts peel down from the sky and just erupt into Sparks and scatter across an invisible shield of force over the street they see you coming and one of the younger act lights runs towards you barely keeping his hood up over his little kitty years and says ma'am you need to go back the storm it's it's not gonna get any better today what okay questions sorry for interrupting your sailboat with density was you since he was also going to go tonight on the clerics oh yeah sure that's fun I will I will take his hand and I will like just take a step forward back towards sleep towards the circle I am here to help I may not be a devotee of Leinen but I know and I do know her and I will help you in trying to protect this the city from the storm I will call I'm going to I will call for Calera to assist us to help you well she's no power over the storms but we'll take any help you can give come quickly the shelter here until start leading you back towards the circles so once you get there why don't you make me a religion check to see if you can understand the spiritual complexities of what they're doing so that you can join your effort to theirs alternatively you could use your action to cast guidance or assist zanza doing the same thing or delay until zanza can assist you well because then gender do you have in religion as a trained scale oh no and also how to make qualitative I see wood hmm religion there's any way I consider way I can possibly give myself inspiration for that at least you also have evidence yourself don't forget to always I said yeah yeah yeah we got into myself to try and do this could I gain a bonus on this religion check by drinking some holy water probably not holy water doesn't really empower you spiritually it fucks up other things spiritually time okay like if we were talking about like dealing with undead or something you have and be like yeah sure you dress all those messes and feeding freezes you there shit fuck you want informational do you have inspiration I don't have any person right now you want inspiration I mean if you want to its I mean my my check is only plus 2 it's up to you if it well I might as well because that's all god bullshit okay I do have guidance so that will be an extra time playing money for you nice 44 all right go ahead and roll it 11 what ooh 14 one away yeah one away so yeah you you spend several minutes chanting with the priests trying to center yourself but as they said Clara has no power of a storm and well you have a close relationship with the goddess of magic and trickery she can do nothing about this tempest darn scowl would you like to see her to be doing mmm at one point I feel like crusher might have let slip that she is actually fucking deathly afraid of stones I'm only Sarah and crusher are in oh she's drinking hot cocoa I hate her action my mom yeah it might be in her to comfort mom because I'm probably going to floor myself on purpose and just take this advantage and everything I do all right excellent all right so she'll be upstairs in that car yet trying to pull you off one of the bed covers to actually help Suzanne's ax you have also approached the priests looking for the lot of when he sees them goes hello I am van de night of the gale night of the fail night of the gale different literally up a bunch of dickheads he I was recently anointed my status pipe descend until your goddess there's a moment like murmuring amongst the priests although they can't hear each other they're all like talking to install like what the fuck then the the lead priestess sort of dark-skinned bearded cat folk steps forward and says yes we heard of you come come pray with us pray against the storm visibly we go worship it's not so fast it works you really want you guys know coming for the circle and he'll go well I'm glad to be invited here I hope to seek your goddesses approval you don't goddesses won't mention eyes and I mean technically then don't you'll see but they're related so it just it just means he has more people to serve we live concerned my life for hire if my prayers are not enough just tell me what you need me to do either way I refuse to get I refuse to seek shelter from the storm all right Sansa why don't you make either an intelligence or wisdom check DC 15 try and see if you can actually channel Lanen or C or some sort of storm power through this strange ritual the priests are going about I'm going to give him guidance no I will make a wisdom check both finding inspiration okay hey the integration helps talking shit it really helped so dated meeting I not a priest but his belief is enough yeah his belief is enough he puts up his hands and joins with the preachers and soon up indeed he filled that stormy fire brewing up inside and yeah you feel something welling up out of your body and into this arc ain't shield that is protecting the town I am to be a gale than I must weather The Tempest hey Jeffrey is going to come over and he will help Marcus and whatever Marcus does crush' so you're upstairs the whole house is shaking and it's getting worse and you can hear not only of all the windows starts like banging smash open but the heavy metal covering on your roof like you can hear something heavy just slamming against it over and over and over again mmm-hmm all right so take my sis advantage intelligence check what the heck is causing the banging all right wow she's so smart why she's so smart yes something is falling on your roof like you're not sure if it's like part like it's giant hail or if maybe the big money lenders office next door is like collapsed somewhat onto your building but something's going wrong up there and it's not it doesn't sound like it's gonna last very long Oh crash it takes off a big hat because that's not a good idea to fluff it on top of Sarah sorry on top of a ear over there oh my god oh crap and never there's a way out of this isn't that yes you guys do have a window out onto the terrace which goes up the roof ah your extra makes whiny noises and will climb out all right and make an athletic a check to get up there no I'm 36 uh in this weather no it's it is pure physical strength letting you climb up that wall otherwise you're just getting blasted off and yes Sierra's with you she's going to try and help you so yay then that times my disadvantage to another role hopefully make it hmm yes you succeed that's going to be your action for now okay Frida you can hear chanting outside and some unfortunate shit is going on upstairs but more importantly Frida why don't you make me a perception check real quick all right you hear screaming outside like not coming from inside a building but from out on the streets oh I tell well pretty late that bus bsl-4 and I can't see an eye because oscillator light gala and okay I don't wait right here I'll be back because I need to see who's in trouble the meantime for your system change a hot cocoa and then I'll come back and put a lot a lot of the tires I suppose they babble incoherently knows everyone's yes they're two thirds of the way through their language lessons and they're also terrified hugs are you hey hugs are a universal language okay they are they're also a universal currency gentle taps on the head while read with reassuring words yes okay so you go outside and immediately see what's wrong in a momentary break from the storm the building next you'd the caravans office the moneylenders a big fat old oak tree that was planted on the street next to it has collapsed in the storm just slammed into the roof you can see what looks like fire licking the branches from inside and yet people are just running out screaming somebody's already been blasted down the street by the storm they're just free falling away from you and there it sounds like people are trapped inside to action so what do you do but first and foremost which way next to us which way that's right that is that's exactly it's to the east of you is the direction of the moneylenders west is the direction that guy got blasted so that's the direction the wind is blowing okay so the little more ladies back to west and 150 okay so a check if we have any windows going eastward you guys do yeah you have two or three counts of a pass for a year I'll tell Marcus to close the window ass to me opening up and climb out sideways I have some stress against the wall for any turbulence I keep I back to the wall Adele you have to come this way all right uh why don't you make me a persuade or intimidate check to try and gather up these screaming panics people and get them to safety I will use my party's inspiration on this one okay yes goat intensifies oh yeah yeah oh chalk up another success for you guys and yeah you spend a couple minutes just pulling people inside marshaling them in there's probably like a dozen refugees inside your little building by the time you're done for the moment though against can I ask if anyone's killed in there yes and on that note Marcus well it's like we've got a few extra visitors here so I Jeff rerun to help me in the kitchen there we'll start making hot cocoa for everybody ah okay Oh slap along with you and there is a cat occupying the area right in front of the stove just looking terrified oh okay fair enough well uh Jeffrey I was gonna have you whip some cream here I guess maybe for some cream for the cat first I get the sugar and the cocoa and start boiling some water and we'll get people delicious where'd your treats to tide them over through the storm if we've got any sticks of cinnamon it's not everybody's cup of tea I know but my report on the side all right why don't you made me a cooking tools check that's fuckin primo got them cooker holy shit the trick is you use a just a little bit of vanilla right at the end there after everything's mixed together all right yeah Marcus's amazing hot cocoa not only warms up the freezing people but also serves to help calm them down and get them to stop screaming and generally contributing to the chaos and before long they are thanking you and hugging you and only slightly trying to steal the warmth off your body because yeah there's still several of them just trembling from the cold and Mary you are with the priests when all of a sudden a tremendous bolt of lightning rains down from on high this is the biggest loudest bang you've ever heard even dwarfing the explosion from Haskins tower all those weeks ago the the shield of faith above the town crackles and then you hear it shatter and the acolytes near you go blasting back as the magic feeds back into them oh they have been disrupted for the moment and that's bad for everyone mm-hmm would you like to make a medicine check to try and heal them up use a healers kit or figure out some other way to get them back on their feet real quick don't you well I do have a pair of these healing elixirs Hey that'll work I will spend my healing elixirs all right you feed them to the priest and a couple of his acolytes and pretty soon they are very slowly managing to start chanting and praying and you see a little shimmers of magic high above in the sky again as the shield begins to reform lead Syria is still helping mama climb up onto the roof zanza you just witnessed this feedback attack and the priests are just starting to recover what do you do boy oh boy give me a second okay I want to be grandstanding right now but I probably need to go help them so have mercy already given them some potions back yet yes they are healed up and back on their feet but the shield is much weaker this time you can try a harder religion check to try and again throw your belief and faith into the shield to bolster it or you could try and do something else you can probably by now also hear this screaming from down the road from this burning collapsed building you know what and only you are fast enough to brave the storm and zoom down there to get them shit give me a second let me let me let me try to double up on the religion he goes oh fuck so that's that global devil lifts his head in the air and he will go later this storm is now free from the taint of the Fisher King his yours and yours alone if you I stand here your new Knight taking this trial to see if you approve of me if you do and spare me and mind your wrath if not then wash me away to the tide and I will struggle with every bit of my will to prove myself worthy of your service and then do I get rid I get advantage for that for religion check ah sure you could either take an advantage of religion check yourself or you could say that that's a help action on to say giving Marissa advantage on her next attempt let's not be say don't RP to my own disadvantage since its ended doing it it's probably his religion check okay oh my god hey success alright you can almost twenty something rule the the storm abating just just a little bit but it feels like that pressure that's all around you let's up just enough for you to be able to breathe again and the priests regain their footing and begin to chant louder and more firm than ever before their face encouraged by your own and Krisha I'm hoping my roll20 will load back in because it's not working when I had those role I was like I don't see here oh fuck and now it's taking a is having a really hot it's really trying hard to hatch some dragons apparently so alright we're in there oh shit you don't do a good job look at that double Seventeen's double 18 with a minus one yeah alright I'm straining then zone religion after this okay so I'm like why I sure wish I was inside drinking cocoa right now alright so let's see what's up the roof is something I can blast away or pull yank off yank play with the lightning there well you're on the roof now and yeah the building next to you has been hit by a falling tree and the sound you were hearing inside that rhythmic bump bump bump bump is shit from this building the parts of its roof items from inside being blasts off by the storm and just slamming into your own building oh this is gonna really really stuck alright don't have anything to drink in my bag so everything to fortify myself with I don't know do you I kind of preemptively want to pop a potion of healing in my mouth just so then when I never tably take a bunch of damage it heals me so just like hold it in my mouth all right that's tells reasonable all right so I just quickly tip the potion into my mouth and I'm going to hold it there give Sara shaky thumbs up and get a body slide down that roof and as I essentially drop into the destroyed building i'ma blast chunks of it away with a thunder wave I'm going to action slide into the broken building all right sounds good why don't you make me a Constitution check to maintain concentration as you just start blasting magic and yeah action hero your way into the building oh shit it's only because your daughter is like sliding down right behind you keep helping you keep your shit together do you manage to yeah stay focused you're you're here for her and yeah you blow a hole in what's left of the wall and tumble inside and at this point Frida you are still outside there are still people trapped inside of next door what do okay I'm a go charge my way in all right because I found the UM you know like the reactions and the fact that the stone of baby just like they would given her an opportunity yeah right am I getting there see those traps it was not tracked all right let's see that's uh let's make that a perception check yeah get inside that's not a problem for you between being a goat and the storm abating somewhat but now you need to find the people who need help ah but it's a good thing I didn't say you suck because again myself fuck information I didn't need to give it up alright well this is your time to shine oh no I don't have unfortunately you don't have my advantage alright that's your second failure in the challenge oh so there's just too much smoke in here and the wind is how long I can't hear anything you're just completely disoriented all the ground starts rolling around and smoke is lessened there I died so you you get down on the ground and start like worming your way around trying to find people Marcus what would you like to do you can hear the banging upstairs from the roof like threatening to collapse and the screaming from outside is still going on but thankfully now the people inside have calmed down somewhat so they're not going to be you know impeding your progress at all ah well got a coke here for Grisha Rita but I would see them in a little while thought they just stepped out and I'll get some fresh ice or something ah Geoffrey why don't you go educate our guests with sales of valor and heroism and try to avoid anything blue if you don't have made and uh yes I'll step outside and fear out see if I could see any my erstwhile companions gotten themselves off to yeah all right I don't think you need to make a perception check to see where crushes going you just hear this immense peal of thunder right above you for a second you fear that your building has been hit by lightning but turning around and looking up you just see precious and Sierra's sliding into the building next door yeah they're fucking radical just blasting a hole in the wall and sliding on inside and you think you just saw free to going inside as well ah I mean I guess there's no wrong time to meet your neighbors but that seems like a weird choice of a fireman you know all right well Baretta everything okay over there I think you just two screaming from inside ah that doesn't bode well well sure they've got it they probably would said if they need my help go back inside Marcus go ahead and take inspiration if you already have it feel free to pass it on yeah well give that inspiration two frite there all right hey being an inspiration mule is a perfectly valid action all right so yeah Marcus just you know sure ugh gives the shrug of God it goes back inside Marissa all the priests have it under control now you can feel the town the shield around the town finally beginning to hold fast against the the worst of the storm as it blows over okay so what would you like to do alright well I think you know zanza zanza and the priest have this so I guess I'll go back to the guild hall and see if everything's okay over there all right yeah you you get back to the guild hall and next door you can see a giant tree has smashed into the into the side of the building and yeah there's just fire coming out of it even amongst the rain and snow like that Sun burning so intensely and you can you're screaming from inside and zann's are you going to be coming back as well I'm going to be I'm going to try to help do one last thing to help the shield okay then we'll keep going with Mary so yeah that's what you see the doors to the guild hall are all closed up now so it looks like everything's okay in there okay so what do like I'll go down store and see if they need help all right make a perception check Mary as you yeah you you get to the building and there's just smoke pouring out of it the wind is howling think you just heard an explosion upstairs we're not really sure oh boy perception you even roll even worse than my religion 11 well roll that guidance cuz otherwise it's going to be a bad time for you they're all my fuckin oh I can't I know no checks I have that aren't good for any of you any of the things that we're doing yes this is why I'm just going I mean my good skills are persuasion performance intimidation history and Arcana yeah no really nothing very Lilia they have nothing to do with anything physical oh yeah uh so I'm just going to drag the little score counter out here you guys can see it that's like so yeah the three is the magic failure threshold so here's what happens Prussia Sarah Mary and Freda you are all inside this other building when is grab your tokens over here and all of a sudden the screaming stops there's just a moment of crescendo then nothing and then all of you in your various different parts of the building that you've wandered into you hear a loud creak and then the building starts collapsing oh so I'm going to need each of you to make me on acrobatics or athletics check to get out oh boy yet more terrible roll can i okay can I like use my elders blast to start blowing away out do you have anything that does like an area of effect like a shatter or thunder wave or something I'm do I look like a bard you look like a warlock and as a warlock I can confirm you have AoE spells available to you I have flaming sphere hey that'll burn the shit out of them yes that that works alright if I can just burn like a five-foot hole through a wall yeah alright no house I will give you advantage he doesn't laugh oh the only last a minute yeah your friend does not last very long all right oh I'll cast my other flaming sphere and molds will burn a hole through my wall through all and out of the house see I make your check with advantage and frita I need a check from you I just get it banded yes because there's still the threat of like shit falling on you right the entire building is coming down yes I'm gonna have to go with acrobatic because I have a well if you have ancestors all 20 you have guidance maybe you can make it over 10 special and 10 10 thresholds real good it's a it's a good place to be it's gonna be another one isn't it ha-ah why did Jackson alright because I just knew it was can you throw some not you know athletic skill challenges at me I just did you made religion and perception it was a good time I mean first I mean any of the skills that my character might be good at regen another this is another reason she came at me which he didn't on the strong side yes your you and Mary both came into the front I blame v thevenin parapets Idol is more than her so I'm going to just straight this up for one where I came from I mean you're a barmaid I hope you wouldn't be super acrobatic as well okay so I'm using inspiration of our desperation okay so and you said an acrobatics mm-hmm acrobatics or athletics your choice yeah so acrobatics with advantage and v8 mm oh if I can probably see it out a fireball moving around I guess like every Landsman like probably when you get close yeah so if I see in marital packing her out and drag her off okay well let's see how you roll and 28 wow that's good does very good is it I think just a good mom yeah okay so you come like spider crawling out the front door and right near the the entrance you see a beam has just fallen down and it is just goat mom why gun conscious on the floor I just gotten just head smashed by it dragged her out pretty much just smoke inhalation all inside all right so you drag Mary out there more like the building collapses on her and you know hurts are real bad crushin Sarah how are you getting out so you can't you came in through the power slide off another building well when it's out you can create yet another doorway I've got a couple more Thunder waves I mean so first we are on a top floor and they were screaming yeah I just want to see if we can bundle someone out with us at least okay make perception check fuck Sarah Sarah could you see anyone let's see perception is not one of her best skills nope no it would seem not all right then guide it I not find anything all right I'll just fucking blast another wall hole out and dive out with her okay so everyone makes it out of the building out of the money limors office before just collapses in on itself like a black hole and the giant ancient oak that had stood proud for a hundred years crackles and burns and just sort of rolls off into the street and yeah that's that's the worst of the storm for you guys I think at that point your neighbor's house is destroyed your roof is pretty badly damaged by the end of things because yeah it's just barely managed to get out luckily you had that metal coating up there that you'd put in so you're not going to have like your whole second floor third floor collapsed or fucked up or anything but by the time it's all done yeah most of your windows are broken the doors have been slammed open and cracked there's a lot of scared people inside and Mary's probably got a concussion yeah if I've still got a mouthful healing potion actually if I see her on the floor like the first thing I hear is the rust over and pass off I think Frida's got got that in the bag and my dramatic healing kiss for me damn free to go game all the previous piercings coughing or lung cell because she can barely ah I mean shit I'll get free to free of it can do that cuz she's a better healer than me yeah I'm opal especially idea actually these are here yeah yeah IIIi will scoop up a free to give her that givethem limb of life member than set her on her duties alright see you all a man she Abeka not all right that I will write that down see this little black book a whore hold on later kayo late that I scratch see harsh and then I'll put in my white book saved a friend LEM of life possible out of character but yeah that looks for your first dance off good job there is literally never beaches or any life is a believe oily yeah god I feel like a really really pressures fucking terrified and angry and shocked to them is just cheerful markers I think she's probably gonna try and deck him up all I should probably mention that ones as it comes back for cherry I'm gonna stumble over to Mike to good Cora Naver just like mommy mommy well and you're not sure if this thing Mary or mommy but it's adorable you don't know Lucy but come here you then it comes to the doors like hi friends did you wet Oh hug and just as answers coming in crash yeah is it tired to punch Marcus yeah mmm which cheery mug this is you off or Marcus's or zanza zanza went out there did good I mean Marcus did give in his own way but also Marcus did not come out and say people from the burning building so you know yeah it would have been great having the athletic paladin yeah in the very real burger instead of the literal army of noodles hey I need a noodle arm I am I'm giving the credit to Marcus here keeping the people you've already saved not a panic mess is very important prophetic event by drew like if you just let them alone they might have like looted your place god I could have used my fucking Oh what you could have done what I could have done I could have yet persuasion to like calm people down inside the guild hall can you keep let me Marcus but either one if you could have went back and good one like Haymarket to help the building yeah no I didn't know that Marcus didn't help so like I finally tumble out in fact I think your biggest wish is this Marcus not making up the building yeah guys go go ah Thank You Man she's gonna try it Bunch hey now I think that they hit them pain yes Marcus crusher comes in swinging at you all of a sudden what what do you do I like catch her by the wrist oh I think you got a little ice on your shoes there alright just act it's your freed off by the fire well I will secure everything there no I think she was simply trying to fist bump you oh I'm not familiar with that aside like a an urban thing or normally a firm answer we're just going to blink between the two of them and then over it sir and Freda and then submitting like a worthy marry and even a Jeffrey the weather warrior cuz it surely he knows that this is fucked right it's just gonna I I died out that didn't I this is hell this is how I live dead nope we are all alive and well detailed where'd you get in you smell of like it was our cocoa I and a rack of lamb somehow I spoke to Bob in here just cooking while oh man I could go for some good lamb right about now they just make that mint jelly it was like green you put it up oh man they don't buy food for the same reason roll timeless very we are very quickly and and rather a horrifying voice reassess to the small chink copy try like see just back and it's all her and she goes to put another log on the fire to warm off the building some more and when you get think when you get into the fireplace there's just a cat like curled up there shivering then the kind of like twist to set to confusion goes out to mark this was like everything was fine here right everybody looks like they've seen a ghost yeah well of course we got some some visitors from next door I guess and I guess these guys went next door to a visit to there's a lot of commotion so maybe the visit didn't go so great but things better the preliminaries falling down and on fire Marcus that was no us uh but they were doing some kind of like festive thing you know keep the winter blues away important stay positive because those I guess he's nothing that can get you down when you don't get enough sunlight then the winch is a little bit into like sorry I thought the barrier would protect against any lightning strikes maybe once looked in when we circle was broken the tree fell over on the house and I think part of the house fell on my head you say just as you have matted blood in your hair and the room is so kind of swimming a little bit don't worry miss eel I now know for certain that won't let you die well that's great I mean tree trunk is probably pretty bad but go bang things with their heads all the time right that's why you have horns so probably better your head than anywhere else right yeah my horns okay one didn't break right good question what my horns didn't break right on to Rome a constitution saving through [Music] hyperventilating I can feel the hesitation oh I hear your horns are silky smooth my horns are fine and it wouldn't have been Oh bad if you lost the horn you would be able to tell your people you lost it's trying to help many princesses can't say they've gone earn such scars in the line of duty I've been very upset if I know my horns bro well I guess it's good that none of them broke then so we'll go over and try to medicine a little bit clean up some of the bud oh come on don't stare captain came in no you got children putting weird go upstairs and health crashing yeah so Mary is fine she just needs a few bandages and some you know head Pat's and hugs probably treat Oh zanza we'll look to Marcus ago I wanted to celebrate but it seems everybody is rather drained amazed that they're so battered I was out there in the middle of the storm and I'm fine well I would let them kind of thing with magicked all right like dad they were using some force field to keep the wind off but that's on the outside so maybe it didn't work on the inside not magic it was faith oh okay well that makes all the difference then come I don't know if you noticed this but most of us aren't as athletic as you or Marcus did people died in the building crash that that was the implication yes you know I thought they had all crazy shares or people died in that building we couldn't get them out of graduate credit Crenshaw faced her fears of storms went out and then objective by other people died so she's not feeling good sadness bulbs and we'll hear about that later Tulsi so he still is ship removed denizens feeling great because he went out to a storm it said Lena do you approve of me and he pretty much gutted yes Oh suppose we should give it all the others a chance to rest go about the town and see what eight we can give so sends will head out the door and he will start trying to see what he can do to help in the aftermath alright if the first order of business is trying to group for the building and look for any collapse building survivors okay yeah so this is probably like a couple of hours after the like the eye of the storm has come and is retreating off so go ahead and roll a investigation check since you can now more thoroughly search through the place fucking game okay ah yeah alright alright I think yeah you find a single survivor you do pass by like two or three dead dwarves inside Zen's are warming ad4 okay okay okay uh there is a small child probably like the dwarf equivalent of eight or nine years old he is inside one of the vaults that the moneylender has like in his little root cellar apparently somebody put him there to keep him from you know getting crushed by the building when it came down and yeah he's just curled up in a little ball inside there trembling looks up at you his big round eyes don't worry I'm here to help Benza will reach out a hand to after hopefully clearing away from Deborah's for him to get a pathway Deborah's debris gets debris all right yeah little boy at least you assume it's a boy I mean you know cartel of dwarves they have a beard no matter which gender and no matter how old they are - and you've got like a tail goatee that he slowly like comes up and looks around and says and is it over storm has passed just foots out like a heaving silent just grab your leg or actually you he's probably about the size of like I don't know two-thirds of his anza even as a dwarfism do you like forefoot yeah so he's like puts his head in your tiny little man girl chest and starts crying then we'll Pat his head come on let's get out of the wreckage we need to get you on to safe ground and course bring them back to the guild alright says MZ you bring him back to the guild and happily his parents are inside amongst the crowd who were calmed by Marcos so yeah he runs out of your arms big wet tears in his eyes and jumps into their arms and there's a very happy tearful reunion full of hugs and cries of happiness and blubbering thanks out from underneath Bill beards guns will simply give a smile and nod has been head back down I'm gonna see if he can't do a second pass of the wreckage and then he'll have to make a patrol right Oh does anyone else doing anything in the immediate aftermath of the storm am i all right enough to go do something yes you are it's a couple of hours later once you feel like I can stand up now and not just fall over oh yeah - face off as well and you know like don't tell anyone about that it's nothing and thank you well our unit hug maybe they will do they healer check on Marisa just baking reverse track as well smoke toys okay thank you so you get your shit it's no good if you have a cute little bandage around your head but yeah you feel like you got from the band-aids what cute little animal are your band-aid but they well they work on the big dogs for self five eight people it's always gonna be small means it's a band-aid ah no go away like that ever made all better amazing and for some all worse oh okay I will you know it's I'm not very good at athletics and stuff so I'm going to go around and try and pass out like rations and precipitate people to warm them up and I will probably have a persuasion to try and make them feel better calm them down reassure them that everything's gonna be okay alright yeah go for it oh god here we go to fail another skill Chang no fun oh no I'm gonna fail climbing alright yeah you uh you have no problem distributing humanitarian aid such as it is on this local scale but once the storm starts passing in full and the moonlight starts shining down into the town again that evening yeah you see that several buildings have the town have been damaged or destroyed despite the the shield put up by the clerics perhaps even in just that momentary lapse they felt that much damage was done so a it's a real good thing they were there because and it's a good thing you guys made sure they could be there because about you guys and this would have been a lot worse yeah I'm trying to think of I thought this was going to be like how bad it would be as it wasn't um like nerf down my god think Katrina but worse armageddon basically yeah but I believe crusher will probably have to she goes down when she's got a shit together and will college is the breeder I'm sorry about that last that I had a potion still in the moment and you seems like you did it differently better speech spell with a very dry crackles voice no but this will pass in that day or two I think we failed to get some of the people out I love whip dead can I have a hug you I would happily give you our you're out there humanitarian so damn it I'm amazed it Allah so Felix what you did very I'm very busy but she did I think involvement I just gave you a passion little bare hands on Smith Italy but didn't ever borrow for it anymore you takes out the little black book turns the page Jose shows the patients s first person like first person she ever married or will marry enough for first person kiss and actually have Brittany pressure there Oh sweetie you don't have to call that a kiss keep givin mouth-to-mouth before right now Oh Oh No casual pose biggest of big eyes I'm sorry don't we just do your first kiss governess given your you given your affection to mercilessly did you just give it to her I could pay the life sir and all the stuff you had full of sham you're the better healer and you were choking on smoke and I know that stuff is really really bad for you if you breathe in a lot of them yes but you don't create a potion still is just killing its magic but I apologize to Breton happen again all the caffeine you have to again only cannot don't want I still say you don't have to think of it as having happened that was just medicine that was first aid we're going to do the other pop on the tower that place is fucked yeah so I think Mary probably ends up over by the the high tower pub to the favorite watering hole of your local Hobgoblin castrate tricks yeah it's like halfway not even there anymore oh they're like the sheer amount of wind blasting over the lake just tore into the building and while it was spared the worst of like the lightning and the Thunder I just wind coming from outside the town halfway destroyed it it had a bad time and you can see that there's been a not insignificant amount of damage done to Haskins tower as well really are you sure what we would wait was that the storms fault or was that half-turn fault yes okay Ferris um like you didn't hear any additional explosions that weren't caused by the party during the storm but you know could we even be really honestly telling what had been an explosion from his tower I am the last time his tower exploded everyone in town heard it but yeah but there there's the storm this time there was coffee but like me much food for shame it would have been hard to hear it say ah man I feel so good about crash of a fucking radical an accident sliding into a room employing magical holes and shit like Jim dodge magics and wielding ones and then realize that oh I can't hold on to a rope on two wheels exert the Cascade of Dubbs as I joined where my way into shift lasting magic this way and that sentence is going through the town humming to himself alright I feel like at some point there's got to be a serious discussion had about like is Marcus actually trapped by some kind of terrible terrible curse like this says dumb and since he's a sweetheart and he means well but then there's also dangerously at least shit actually then the after helping some bulls if over to miss ones great and check how that clearing he find a fairy yes zanza why don't you wrote me an investigation check let's you know for reasons that to figure out how many fucking pieces the grave of them all it to know what the shit this year the gods approve my date today any world nothing but doubles what the fuck I'm going to refresh my roll 20 just to make sure no okay okay okay okay geez I'll supply maybe we should make sure it's varied you're like no no we need someone to be rolling well yeah Jesus alright uh zanza you get there and the grave I mean it's covered in like twigs and brush and shit but actual like little headstone you guys left there and all that it's intact but something feels off about it my really off something's wrong with the key here that doesn't feel like any anywhere you've seen dead people before Sansa will draw the silver great sword just as precaution and walk up to the grave okay I'm it's still there don't know why the ceiling is here actually you know what Denzil is going to like kind of either Grave a little bit and he's gonna kind of put the sword in the ground and get on me and go I miss one it's been a while hasn't it I haven't ever lies having so many works to your raise I've been rather busy trying to help everybody look some success and a lot of honest failure but I guess what's important now is that things are finally starting to look up for me even though Sieg left he'd knighted me G night at me before I just gained the approval of Lena I think I finally know what I need to do now right well you said what you said before necromancy is evil and the undead need to be put to rest and anything that disturbs that is evil without any hesitation I'll make sure that I don't disgrace your name as I go forward and then this says that little prayer to the grave and gets back on his knee and Chiefs a sort you still feel the weirdness around the grave though baby yeah though so again the key around this place they're like spiritual flow of energy it's not that it's like painted or anything it's just like you've been around dead people before obviously in your line will want to work whether it's in the arena or out adventuring this doesn't feel like a dead person like it just feels empty mm-hmm I'm sorry for this race in this one I'm sure you will want me to check more than anyone and then glue is actually going to start to unpick the grave okay it takes you several minutes but the dirt is wet and heavy but yielding and eventually you find Mifflin's little coffin seems undisturbed not even opened no this feeling is still there huh or a lack of feeling more like but yeah all right exams weekend out but he's going to open coffin okay and if in the body is there it's significantly rotted Xander will close it back can go it's really strange and he will close the coffin faith apologies for the grave and bury it back up alright say you during this whole process you can't shake the strange feeling like there's no soul resting here there's no there's no spiritual decay it's just just nature out here well I can only hope that means that Mifflin Stewart is found rest now I doubt it will until I finish our duty and then we'll ever check down the grave we'll walk away and get backed up in the town all right I think everyone can at this point mark inspiration you guys have done some some good our pay and I suppose the rest of the day is spent helping out around the town there's a lot of people who are hurt and displaced by the storm but between you guys and a literal boatload of clerics from up attempt to sanctum the town has weathered the worst of it and indeed come morning the storm breaks in its entirety and the Great God rays of the Sun start beaming down upon the town once more I hope the armor justice is doing alright I'll need to find him now and reclaim my name right by the time it's all said and done it is the 1st of January next year times a week sup happy and humming yay party fairy pressures withdrawn and quiet what's matter this crusher skewer I don't feel I know particularly heroic right now and Marcus I think we need have a wired oh yeah what's up well I can't help but notice that you didn't notice a burning building full of screaming people in the middle of that storm well you know everyone came over here to get out of the storm and you guys had run in and nobody said eh Marcus we're gonna need your help there so I figured I'd you know keep the watch over they all fourth I wish you could have checked but we weren't in the top floor of it already hadn't been a chance there were people to try and save oh you didn't see me wave you were up on the roof and you're sorta made some kind of dynamic entry I was sad hi yes it was pretty windy though ya know I didn't see you Marcus and wait if you saw me diving into that building then surely you must have assumed that there was a good reason why I would do something sorry insanely stupid to be fair you're older twenty it probably looked like you had that shut up Sansa the nods answer my head well no you had your daughter with you Julia seemed quite capable of you know taking care of stuff I'm sure you know whatever I do my best try to try to not second-guess my teammates you know you guys seem pretty confidence and pretty capable to I mean after all you rescued me from stone so you clearly know what's going on with the soul adventuring kind of thing besides it's not Marcus you should be blaming you're right it is me what no I missed me huh fucking went out there and did two jobs and it was ng satirically we had the ledgers temporary lapse and I mean I saw that happen we had a single moment of hesitation and our forcefield faltered for that that's probably worth the storm thunderbolt to even start all that mess came through we had held just a little bit more steadfast that would have never happened I don't know I don't feel like that's the case I just I couldn't see and I lost my way out they've been hung around a little extra second long would have seen something feels like a much more visceral failure than I didn't pray hard enough that makes me sense hmm sends a woman I can go the point is we all did our best to help and survived that storm there's nothing we can do about it now so we need to afford that said Marcus T have you been here my head like a bunch before I mean Abby adventuring life is rough and tumble and you'd be surprised how often I could ask that but no no see it's important to always keep a positive outlook on things and do your best to try to understand going on from other people's point of view sometimes that might seem a little you know backwards but yeah I don't really beat myself up about it it's important to respect everybody else's opinions it's ok Marcus tomorrow that wasn't a yes or and die Marcus no matter how many head bows you suffered you're still one mess I'm surprised that we had a reaction to that hi guys this is a little bit you know if you don't founded Prussia then we'll come up and put a hand on I guess he can't reach her shoulder I know John Suzhou member will walk up and look up at crusher it's like you're sad because you feel like you failed you're right I'm sad for a lot of reasons but that is a very simple way to sum it up yes oh I know it's not my place to tell a princess what to do but you probably noticed by now I felt a whole bunch of times as well she shrugged noncommittally because I wasn't a lot of help at all either it doesn't feel honest I know you're hurt but you have to remember that we had made that storm a lot less than what it would have been yeah but we couldn't literally do anything when we were right here and I couldn't do anything back there either and I had more than I did I do the point is that we've all done our best and that we all need to keep doing our best you can't let this moment of failure bring us down all right that's it yeah then just read on he knows what's going on here see very easy to get caught up in what you could have done or what might have happened but at the end of the day what happens happens and you just have to live with it so you just keep on going you know I got turned to stone and ever and I knew or loved is dead but I don't let it get me down because that's done silver can't make a change that so you just keep moving on I mean you might have been able to save more people yesterday maybe we could have done something to stop the storm but you can't do anything about it now so it's not worth worrying about just keep doing your best and you know you'll make a big difference mmm honestly I think the most important thing to remember crusher that you're a princess you all the lives of the entire country in your hand I know I'll never be a queen ever that's not happening I'm just a princess my ruler to my entire family is going to a let me bantha oh wait is it like official that you're never going to be its unless everybody else dies because they are all actual elves and she's a harpy so she will die of age long before they ever could so many so many would have to die for me to become an actual Queen I am a princess paper is that how that works I thought the princess was always the person who was going to succeed next no no I mean there are bear lots of critic we all drown princess is the one who inherits the throne or the air the heir apparent is another way their name yeah yeah no in fact it's one of my more and curvaceous sisters and to the sweetie she'll make a fantastic Queen when the time comes but I'm in that point goes completely out the window yeah - yeah let's just skip past that part don't need that reminder just resolute to carry you just if you feel like you've made a mistake and you have the resolute to carry it move on I just want to make sure that the world that I leave behind is a better place than when I came into it you all do just that and zanza you've been around the city most out of all of us how was the state of things is there any way that software can help me there's a lot of arm buildings damage but that's more work for Carver's anything I've tried to give my a to as many people I can and make sure to search the wreckage to find other people other than that I think the town is managing quite one is starting to organize itself back to repairing when all is said and done this could have been a lot worse it's a good thing is it's honestly a good thing that we stepped in and stopped the Fisher King when we did I don't even want to think about the storm he would have really all right yeah well I guess I could figure out something and send some messages virtually somewhere not down at 10% and they sort of do I dream sending we'll get some info on how they're doing up there a crime but did one of them ever contact me at some point saving and that's one else I don't think anyone a tempest sanctums ever contacted you just my system your sister and other mages from my country oh yeah that sweet sweet salamander mm-hmm reach up and if Sara scruffa on the head bark derp allowed to outlast me you have to carry on the kid eNOS for everyone gonna make the Box last she just kind of frowns at that but nods you've got to carry on the bulk line which is too adorable for this world in the way what the style whether we should be preparing to get back to adventuring we still have things we need to do yes simply to head to some it's an object to get exchanged for you know income and then I guess you can go for your crazy plan remembers Frida's orphanage money see Marcus I mean you've got a share of this money is there anything you've brought up but you want to do with it well sound doesn't really have you know much in the way of a crusader representation here just visiting folks on the hobgoblins that little bit was talking about kind of like be bunny wolf animal thing yeah steer clear epoxy so yeah that's a threat so whipping in roughly work towards getting those guys on our side alright you can both have the chairs equally regardless when we get there of course and have it cleaned up the money I just blinked and instantly realized our ship Marcus and Xander both working on the Oh this world is so dad then forgive the big smile girls don't know why we should also help yes I'm gonna tarry expend their stuff on other things different things and is a little bit out of earshot of crush' with Marcus you'll kind of try he'll hop up and go don't worry about Croatia she'll be fine she's helped me bounce back in my darkest times I thought bouncing back was kind of natural for ya I mean it is the metaphysical sense she helped me in the spiritual way oh I thought that she was like some kind of wizard sword person's all the little little go person was the spiritual one to be fair I don't really understand magic all that much the point is friendship is magic friends had to call on its own no lose your inspiration Luther txb fuck you that's like when you go on the adventure for like that treasure and like you lose all of your companions along the way and you find out that the treasure was friendship all along like us and they're all bad now because they're all Dennis thanks treasure chest oh wait by the way would you happen to be first to anything doing with them deceased ah no now really I mean sometimes the situation calls for it you have to make people into this feast but Jimmy I just dig a really big hole and puts dirt over it hmm very well then after make sure to talk to a priest before we leave the town he's more of the demand part of supply and demand for funerals thing well either way you should be preparing to recruit the Fox Peas I'll be a great help in hunting down the necromancer all right there no let's let's talk about what happens next then well then the ones to see a priest do you have a specific God in mind or just what would be rep who would be the reputable priest involving rituals of the dead in this town the Church of a garage is that's the only like big Church and down okay so then we're going to go to the Church of a Grenache okay and he's going to try to find the highest power he can invoke this title and ask them for advice no like an idol yeah it's going to say to you okay you you find a random acolyte who you know shuffles up to you and looks up at you for under a big baggy Road that's like two sizes too big for Mance's okay can I help you an acolyte not all my title links of the wait a little bit more for that to cash out either way I need some serious help there's something wrong with my friends greys Oh what do you mean wrong if if it's been robbed you need to report that to the guard that that's a hanging offense not robbed the body and cuff and refine it see or around the place that feels off huh well wouldn't me disturb I could feel it around when I went to the grave it it felt like emptiness like there wasn't even a soul being molested into the ground all right he actually looks like he's paying attention to you for the first time now and says how do you know that I honestly don't know but I could feel it I have been around rather extraordinary people my friend was a priest who dealt with the undead before and I traveled with a goddess for quite some time and dad no not making the undead I mind you making sure that they pass on clean yes but we've had some necromancy problems lately you might have noticed oh don't worry I've taken notice and I'm taking steps to make sure they are no longer a problem very but as to the necromancer problems right now what have you noticed wow they rolled in and burned up a town just outside of ours a few weeks ago that was a thing me and mine were there for that blink no we were not wait what even if the aftermath of that oh okay we were in the aftermath for that but okay we were there for the aftermath of that several days later we showed up there enough several days later we showed up right other than that there's been graves robbed people disappearing it's not been a great time lately and now with this storm there was a some fella claim to serve the undying light in here just this morning talking about old graves being uncovered by the storm and he throws his hands in the air ah dying light who was this person and didn't catch his name's and cat folk white hair bow a high and you quickly realize he's describing Theron the Warlock you guys worked with a couple times that doesn't sound right also out of character am I just forgetting the undying thing or yeah quickly not dying light whoa look okay same as Mary that doesn't sound right will have had anything to do with the greys being so disturbed so anybody of high authority you could get to check out my friends grave just make sure everything's in order uh I can put in a request but you got to understand a storm hit hard could be a day or two all right you're right I realize that everybody is busy with what they need to do to help repair the town but please keep in mind this is urgent I'm going to need to give you this message and make sure you get it to somebody of high authority make a persuade check sansa let's see how serious he actually take you you can have advantage for your your title and your adventure II gear give me a second country close and open sheet all right not only he doesn't think you're you know lying or anything let him sort of nod silly I'll see what I can do may the fire bless your path Oh make a little holy sign of aggression the sky around you and turn off towards the next quote-unquote customer commands all kind of nod English he's walking away he goes i slor' to every god if those necromancer's touched my friends soul I will not stop until each one of them is burning and he walks out the place okay so as for the rest of you mm-hmm you still have some Xander's tool proficiency and the cockatrice languages both have one tick of downtime left otherwise now that the storms past you guys have the the world map at your disposal once again if you'd care to start making your way towards any of the other quests you have I should probably finish those last two downtime activities and then the questing was there ever a quest for the night of Justice we met or is he just going to be a thing oh we're right in the way we've taken a lot of fun downtime and it wouldn't you know do anything really yeah I'm more on devote to get moving but I was still wondering there was ever a quest with the ninth probably not which night then the armor of justice limit the spirit of hope you mean spiracle uh yeah he had lots of stuff behind him but you guys told my piss off so he warned off what we didn't tell him to piss off you know you didn't you didn't tell him to piss off but you guys didn't really interact with him you just like told him to come back when zanza has earned the right to his name and he said ok fair enough and then he wandered off finally Sansa will never reach the stage brutal why he believes that I oughta sleep enough the journey of self-improvement should never have an end it doesn't I'm just saying he believes he reached it he thinks he got approved by Elena that partner regardless of whether his little shit status has truly been revoked or not I have a question a new question well si si - in what is our zanza and ours aunt poise poise Enza and marcus going to inform the party of things that they know are they going to keep that stuff to themselves yeah it makes senses and like are you going to tell them that his ends are going to tell us about the weirdness of mythical and brave and his mark is going to tell the party that he received a godly vision about a possible catastrophe what do you mean mark is totally brought up there's this thing with this vampire example I put a you know seaborne invasion coming at some point well Xander will at least mentioned the weirdness with the phrase try to get the two mages in the party to see they can't come check it out later sure crisis and sugar think amok yeah for this it would be nice to stop over a D chakra fire out rich Saint a microwave acceleration iron city so yeah sensible take pressure and mercy up to middle grade okay what do they feel with their wizard senses you know I'm gonna take the Paladin of all the just justice and by magic yes period another sadly oh okay yeah daddy you know I went to Marcus about a news like I have no idea really yep didn't hear that at all it had a nice speech and everything ah see when I get here yes okay I'm just staring into the middle distance going now remember hearing that Jesus Christ know what the hard conversation happened yes members at all Danville went up to Marcus and he was just like you know anything about the group like putting beyond the grave or whatever and freaking even scowl made a joke about like how he he supplies the demand for funerals oh that's what that was about okay yes alright uh I heard that joke you heard the joke you basically you managed to make it to the punchline intact yeah right okay I'm back to correct target as I was doing I was doing things in my documents don't door that I mean I could try or I mean what I'm really bad at religion yeah what do we do me to feel when they come up to visit this one what do we investigation or O'Connor uh for you guys would probably be either Arcana or religion the rulers choice Wow okay you have a mid are you familiar now it's true you do have a familiar who can help you Oscar names muonic you're like the greatest ball kitty cat gray era thank you cats are super good at fueling - kinda you know what no wonder I'm just gonna I'm just gonna maybe see if I can get movies hey did one hard I actually got a 300 oh God okay so you went from just being a derp to actually being you know spot on all right so you guys and your familiars spend several minutes walking around the place examining the the gravesite and between your various abilities to detect magic yes something's off here like normally a gravesite leave some you know residue of the soul on the body this is where undead come from it's it's not even anything more than an echo of the soul the vast majority of it passes on to the dream or returns to the aether when someone dies but here it's just a complete absence of anything like Mifflin's soul just went away this is unfort this is hmm here's the thing I'm pretty sound familiar yeah I'm pretty magically educated as well hey zanza yes might be a bit rude but did you look up Mifflin to see what she's in that I knew she will want me to check she would never want her body used for anything related to necromancy that's a fat point I am now no longer guilty about also looking much just look right now yeah she's gonna let literally like to start looking I need to make sure they're definitely spells I can do which it I did just stick up the body pretty much yesterday well it makes the job a lot quicker okay for the second time in two days you guys dig up miss Quinn and about the time you guys have finished digging up the grave a cleric and a handful of Temple Knights arrived from the temple of a garage I mean looking very displeased as they see you digging up a grave ah great you're just in time then to smallest comes Quint the the cleric is a different Sullivan when you met before it's a fairly broad-shouldered Hobgoblin wearing a very nice silk robe over a like glittering chainmail vest and behind them are hobgoblins and full plate armor with Albert's I know he's part of the investigation oh yeah that seems like a truism but like he just walked up on you guys picking up somebody's grave they don't look happy I just dressed just like hold stuff a hand and goes one second and should should just look like she is a you know a well-spoken authority on the matter and just try to look as unsafe as possible I don't know if whatever was done here was arcane or divine but something is wrong with our friends crosshair give it a moment you'll probably feel it too or more appropriately not feel it do to stand here with your eyes closed you wouldn't know you were stood next to a brace it's really weird I'll make a persuade check with advantage from zanza 17 all right yeah it it takes a few more moments of convincing but eventually the priest and puts a hand up to his guards tells them to wait and then he approaches and puts a hand out over the grave closes his eyes mmm you're right something's off here you have any idea what you think it might be it feels empty hey Mary you can identify right magical items could you identify a corpse profit Allah what what a different word for making a copse look like another corpse or making something look like a corpse you mean you think that this is just not a wreath collagen I'm getting that feeling I mean it would make sense she was literally a cleric of the grave there is no way that she shouldn't feel like a great big glorious death deadly holy person order right um we had a funeral procession I should like scream with one let me see what this does all right so you started hey wait wait I can instead touch a creature and learn what spells are affecting it it probably has to be a life oh I mean if it's not alive but it's also an object good you want to get really weird about it so both you and the priests spend several minutes like investigating the body and I think the conclusion you're going to come to no matter how you go about this is that there's no magic affecting it at all there's no magic here period oh it's like that zone yeah it's like something created a dead zone of magic here I just sucked everything up don't have magic how does that work I don't know I'm the right is the priest on a religion check uh yeah sure go for it wait if Michigan had separated from her body yeah well I believe it gets it all it was bitten off yeah whatever blaze in background hi my name no I'm not like surgically you just put it in the coffin yeah yeah but it wasn't settle up before in creative practice she was wearing a helmet and a mask our had what we thought after night uh-huh so we didn't good might not play by the same kinds of basic rules of undead and stuff especially and womp man whoa that a religion check that that was a real bitchin check from the priest Wow get lucky and no fucking idea he he will say that he wants where that was the wrong road I was around well darling you are take inspiration I can fit on relationships so you have advantage about it very hey there you go marry one spot your guidance if you can I know don't you have to be deaf about ik inspirations and I'd like it's not as matters inspiration inspiration isn't any weight that doesn't reach 20 I mean Freitas with you guys I believe is awesome all right well sorry what if I be I I don't know why my brain my bride said marisa land krishna because they were the tomb you rolled a d6 instead of the d4 kena I was a DA the DA for Brevard ik integration of D for for guidance did I roll the LOD 658 yeah hey look it's better fuck okay that's Swing spicy maybe the dice you're being why my hair alright so yeah Marisol you you know you grew up in a household with an avatar of a goddess like you've you know NAT D if ik entities before and you've seen you've you have personally witnessed Calera herself working magic right yeah what's happening here feels like something she could have done like just gooping the magic up out of an area and somehow either stealing or repurposing someone's soul that it reeks to you of godly intervention best-case scenario this one's soul own there are my eye and there are very few things and that could possibly do this tillable you got the connotation all right I'm elaborating okay there I don't know of any persons I could do something like this just scoops up magic out of an area or take a soul away but the only things that I know that could do it are divine in nature like ass like divine avatars or God or the gods themselves are the only things that could do that yeah good thing we're friends been advertised or something to you best case scenario miss on God to decided she's still had service to do worse game scenario we have another job to slay it's like well yeah I guess I'm gonna qualify it won't really that wasn't a god from it's going to why that's so hard to get this kind of a concept past sandesh skull you just why is it this is so hard the words float or to school pinky this is not a god nor how many times we tell you if not the Sikh is not a god the dragon was not a god you even got annoyed with us because we told because we were going to destroy that because we destroyed the dragon token no he got annoyed because you didn't tell he wanted it destroyed but then again did sir League much not God it wasn't a god it was a dangerous thing and it was a day for a shadow of a day like contra ports and head ping ping ping God Mary can we just want they just walk off into the sunset be done with that shit maybe for you did you want to come along - we think I have a buttock adventure will be great this is the finally the thing that causes the party to split it's not know any kind of like you know death or dishonor it's just finally just hitting the limit getting fronts you're just frustrated with everyone who didn't just just said North attack on a willow it's not being stupid being ad Danis and yeah obstinate yet our seacoast but okay oh my god I mean there are only a few there only a few gods that are awake right now yeah I don't know what miss : worships she worship the god of death which is kind of a weird thing and again before one yeah before again fans you have a little moment death doesn't mean necromancy just going to hate that one I promised them I promised miss one and a grave that I would do alone continue her duty I know Paige is not a necromancer yeah no but I mean I'm said the word death in response to a garden I just you know sometimes I don't know where the denseness begins and ends this one would never plan to ask the animals if there was something around here that happened but they probably were all no doubt hiding from there was this boar that was rolling around high off its ass in the forest but it was also high off its ass so it's not gonna really help you god oh god nothing that's my bad I saw an energy either way thank suppose we have a general idea what may need us not is the religion about the awakened source about you know potential other powers of the cause or aspect of you ones that having discovered okay look what do you want to know specifically here but I just said that you I'm not listing all the gods in the Universities narrow your question down please in this world Iona yes they got that so far have been ours gods are known to be away and if there has been any you know rumors along the along divine of angel aspect somewhere Meah let me just pull something up here for you doo doo doo doo it's a picture of you it's a giant middle finger I just gonna rub my dick all over your face and date it and the middle finger of the apocalypse is pretty green no but there's a hand out of all this now that listing the major deities I will say this I mean I will say this because you can reach down and just like pick up Mifflin's holy symbol uh there is a demigoddess who's been wandering around lately very very recently like she was only discovered in the last maybe 15 or 20 years called teria who has taken the domain of death unto herself or the grave domain I suppose is the correct term it is believed she was once a mortal adventurer before she discovered a shard of godly power somewhere deep deep beneath the earth and where all of her Fouad ventures either died burnt away by this power when they tried to seize it or else fell upon themselves she possessed the fortitude and willpower to harness it and ascend I mentioned that Emma and I'm like in love dragonoid hmm nice perhaps we should make it a our business attractive person down demigod is it mustache Erica not Russell ball young Carter awesome yes if I have anything to do with the domain of death than I suppose we'll have to meet them sooner or later at least for now we have some someone to an idea what happened to poor Mifflin suppose we should bury the grave and get on with our home get on with the investigation you know I'm starting to think that perhaps having a squadron of hawks be paladins around wouldn't be a bad idea only starting wait you thought it was a bad idea before no more that it was an idea that had a possibly is about an idea that could have been that could be bad if mismanaged poorly if mismanaged this justice does not get mismanaged we'll see if they're worthy of com joining the crusade once we meet them they don't need Xander they don't need your approval of course they go they'll they will probably just do it playing with some evil they'll get really excited about it and neither need nor want your approval on whether or not they are worthy of being crusading justice warriors they really fate already are you're just basically really more any more anything's ends of what you need to do is just just to make sure you paint a nice big bright bull's-eye on the right target and so they'll do the rest I don't know why you're telling me this like I'm a child I already knew this and this was my intention I just want to make sure that they're the right arrow to loose it the problem not talking about this for now I'll to bury my friends grave back in yeah well the the priests and the paladin's will depart then once you begin filling the grave back in it will say don't do that again it's not only disrespects the dead but it's also illegal and they will go back up to the temple yeah you know what I'll use a bottle holy water and do a ring around that just in case you never know okay not exactly a priest this feels like a kind of priestly thing today you know tonight I think I might be tonight I could probably go have a conversation with Clara and maybe she can help get some orally in we can work out getting something getting some support sense up here I wonder if there's any way I could talk to see Galina Leinen should prefer I imagine she'd like to have her name sighs directly oh shut up Danza said it right don't put them two sins oh don't put my sins on that yeah also Sansa make sure you spoon and correctly this time fuck all right so is the party going to stay here in Fort scarran for more time how much day is killed because we just hope we get underway yeah probably like less than half a day and just walked outside of town yeah want me to get going yep let's pony up and make on for great justice okay justice where to Wealdstone and no jerk first okay me find the party's little token here yes my winter out something are those sort of that are leading form are the storm clerics still there still around in town they are they're just getting ready to leave okay well I want to talk to them first or leave probably but I want to find out how things have gone at the tempest sanctum over the last several weeks what happened after our soldiers went there yes they say there was a great big battle fought on the on the Riverside between several hundred possibly as many as a thousand of these shark falls and the combined Rangers hobgoblins and tempest priests it was a fight that lasted for a full day but eventually the Sharks broke once all of a sudden they're their leaders seem to fall dead on the spot and the next day the the daughter of their faiths champion Sieg arrived to lead the counter-attack that drove what few sharks remained back into the water and that gave the remaining priests time enough to mount up and dispatch themselves to every major settlement in the region to help shield it from the worst of the storm that's my goddess that may send when we attacks there's when we attack their stronghold and took and defeated their leader a number of their stark creatures simply died and I was likely it fell over I hope the effort in these woods know that I was at a widespread effect unfortunate though we did recently find a way to reverse their their unfortunate conditions the priests sort of exchanged glances and say that is that's unfortunate indeed what about the ones that we had active they'll tell you that any of the frawls they just died period since but the actual shark people they they're an actual race they're not like they weren't transformed again with I guess that means all the pearls are just gone this hoping that ultrix impact might have kept him safe from that threatened one fully turned so you know imagine you'd be alright alright so maybe you just had a stroke and can't use F as one Wow well why would you even consider that they're all a day to do if L I'm being quiet now yeah you'd be very quiet right now is all right uh yeah so the party gets underway and heads on towards Wealdstone getting about you know two-thirds of the way that they would have been a full day of travel let's see if anything bumps into you in the day one I'll go okay it doesn't sound like a good yay oh yay it is totally the best yay oh let's see I don't know Xander you're you're you have a positive outlook only a d6 all right totally one flight is coming our way oh oh okay okay uh like I missed a chance to meet the Fox for you know although you didn't miss a chance to meet normal Norman again oh I know say when you roll a one on the random encounter table you get to roll on the weird encounters table or though so it's going to be a bus full of orphans yeah randomly out in the fucking wild a bus alone yeah now this is this where you guys find the crashed UFO actually oh okay cool yeah this is I think the first time the entire campaign you has a role to one on encounters so good job anyway so Zan's I think you're the one to hear this first maybe at the same time that Frieda does and she's the most perceptive of you want I think good ones past episodes now and let me look Marcus might have a good soon ah no it's freedom than zanza for passive perceptions I managed to go up by a point I don't weigh today in setting that all right oh well I will update yours too here's a 12 now it is indeed as well okay so you also hear this at the same time yeah we're playing Exodus to the period Peaks now oh boy let's come back with lasers and jet no so the three of you are the only ones to hear this right away there is a a whining sound coming from off of the road and they add a bit of a ditch nearby hero hmm wait does it sound like sad remembers it sounds like sad ruler oh they're on a Brewers Zen's will jump up to a tree and try to see if he can see what it is all right you jump up to a tree and look down from on top of the tree into the ditch five feet ahead of you oh I woke up my dog ruing oh gosh you see you remember all those many many weeks ago now both in and out of character you guys fought a bunch of winter wolves right right and they were real emaciated looking and they were leading a pack of normal wolves you killed one of them and the other one went fleeing off very badly injured you see its corpse here it's died probably from exposure during the winter storm well it's immune to the cold but still it's like there's no food out here anymore for it so it either starvation or just shit weather maybe got hit by lightning you don't know what why it died but it's very very dead I think we'd know if it got hit by lightning holy shit well I'm this was days ago right instead it would be a critical hi Tasha but I'm he still here the sad Ruru ruing I will then I will I will clear my throat and start to ruh ruh ruh back at them at the SS sound all right make a handle animal check don't you just do I have advantage on it for being able to speak with beef are you speaking with the beasts yeah well who is just making woo sounds what are you saying to it oh well once I activate beasts speech what do I hear from the from their Roo Roo Roo mommy mommy wake up mommy [Music] time I'll break up this movie Zenda already probably knows what's going on I feel I feel like either one of us is equipped to handle this considering our history with venom I will hearing this I like it's nothing at all I know what this is I almost want to think this animal stuff all step forward towards the towards the edge of the ditch and peer in and then I was like oh you poor dears oh no no worry it's going to be okay it's gonna be okay well we'll we'll we'll help you alright so you stick your head in the ditch and there's a lot of dead winter wolf pups next to dead winter wolf mom there was in your last one there is a single tiny emaciated little winter wolf pup it's like blindly pawing at mom going Oh help mommy uh see how young is there this thing like popped out of its mother two or three days ago oh fuck okay it is a tiny tiny little blind ball plug how weird is it okay you ain't know I've already done the second leg I all like you a really weird cans and Ryan patient rating yes I mean I had the training and I've been feeding my Kaka try but they're how intelligence our winter worlds oh I have actually make a nature check and I'll tell you some all I know God why do I again why am I not a ring both a ranger and a priest and a fucking wizard you know why are you not a cleric of nature geez you might as well aren't you a Bart why aren't I well just have every single knowledge you know fuck yeah I'm gonna say that sounds like Bob or a rogue for a class ahead all the skills it be but I don't you have all that power shit I'll call it art of Bloor college course okay and I may not holy shit what I was looking thing why aren't you stood right over there why don't just ask Frida that never mind I mean don't forget this is good mom she puts my mom and go mom it's true so when their babies in danger go mom steps up to Langley okay yeah winter wolves have people intelligence they're like not quite human average level but they are like very much so sapient yeah I will have another intelligent funny member I will okay guys I'm gonna do this I'll turn to the party this is gonna look a little weird adjust me on this oh okay yeah I'm fine whatever of the book out I will go I will hop down into the back into the take into the sink into the ditch and I will reach down and I will try to I will pick up this wolf by the back of its neck and then support it it's the old on flails around and then I will pull it in to pull it against me against my chest I'll start whispers our route start speaking to Italy Shh okay okay okay it whimpers and like curls up against you and Mike starts nuzzling are you hungry are you hungry little one okay calm down it's gonna be okay and I will then I will open my robes and I will start to try and keep the evil interval amazing on mom is going to you'd be hungry on Angry hungry baby animal all right so uh I guess the rest of the party you see Mary doing that the what's your reactions reaches into a bag pulls out of Baltics a hit off of the off this era hit after years off those three whatever whatever Kouhei Sarah passes off the booze to Freda yeah since that she's the hottest drinker beautiful and she could be the hottest drinker yeah she's she's literally upon our Andrew she she thought some strange cousin she's a vegetarian on top of it I told that I did tell the party this is going to be this is going to look a little weird is gonna be a little weird but - were connecting currents we figured out where this was going yes I'm just trying to figure out why this is weird because go mom's go mom and go mom go mom's all the things go mom go mom's all the things and pressure can hardly blame a fellow pup for being interested in Maurizio's rack I mean come on Bjork alright so uh yeah you spend a couple minutes feeding the poor little puppy and eventually it calms down once it's got a nice full belly and sort of whimpers and curled up against you when it says hey mommy and goes asleep I guess I'm adopting a winter will puppy how you doing really I'm just going to keep it held against the enison to like button up my coat around it so it's like staying nestled in marshmallow hell what are you going to name it I don't know I'm going to think about it you did not name it wash up I burped I refuse no I wasn't actually considering that but I got I will then scratch that off right away just name it ash ash yeah ash is white we're gray that was over gray a bud Christian will look down a hand literally ash and skin I've no idea what you're talking about hopefully the little dad can survive with travels we'll go to be going through I hope I'll be I hope my other children will be really we'll be able to share now which one is smothers the next question honestly I'm gonna like a winter wolf or seven in I don't know how much the quicker for trips kids are and intellivision um breathing capable of learning language but I think we've been pretty sure the wolf is smarter than them okay there's a question is it smarter than Xander maka no nose ends are slightly smarter than a wittle ever-so-slightly us which is good because whenever then the winter will bear something intelligent like seasons or you could do it too if you try this she Wow joking you know this is going to be starting an inquisition he doesn't need to take your shit you don't you zanza doesn't have the authority to start a new person you know what she's not smart enough to know that thank the double-edged sword of stupidity I don't even know if that counts as a win hey man America told trump it couldn't be your president because she wasn't going to right now now stop going on a good right now God just continue on with our lives was nobody girls go you got the winter wealth is safely cradled within my bosom yes oh yeah you have a puppy and the rest of the night passes uneventful your puppy wakes up hungry a couple more times during the night but otherwise is remarkably well behaved that's a problem David I cried wolf oak you're wearing a wolf coca made from its daddy you piece of shit oh that was very funny when he's older mmm what did I say so son I'm gonna have ourselves a talk it won't a shot every other winter wall oh no oh yeah that was the other one oh my god yes it's a boy yes fuck this out so it's a wonder that puppy's male okay the puppy's male okay I'm clapping gay stuff I've never told me you want the gender of my genders of my caca try our I've been told no yeah or maybe I've forgotten hmm okay anyway come up we gon' together materials you know so we don't have to do the whole you know the whole routine saw gods and shit I really asked you get you to round out any Hut yes breathing iron cultures we are definitely nine creatures in left or less the horse will get to freeze outside though I mean if it's not about that inside they'll give them extra blankets not there's stuff if there's a large teacher again yeah then felt that way outside its I'll add on extra blankets we can still have a nice little sci-fi hmm well maybe when someone takes shit take a shift okay with you know I'll be her just so I'm kind of impressed me on the window I'm kind of yeah I'm kind of invested in pulps continue tell all right being a pop oh yeah I'm like well we made to share like one person outside with a fire yeah what we're busy on all three downtimes I learned salt out the gods for patrols and stuff up what kind of nick is he in he's in good shape actually he's a in fact been very thoroughly brushed down and looks quite the shiny and proud all things considered hobgoblins know how to treat a warhorse yeah probably better than they used to treat that women absolutely that's yes factually correct you're not getting rid of the look I'm gonna give you a sheets learn we may have to have a conversation about that later yeah Frieda your little Hut is the most adorable thing ever and I'm very happy to be a part of this experience I know Fenn isn't here you can't name the wolf damn either why would I no I wouldn't do that I know that's not a Monica chair out of just sheared no out of sugar now watching name it oh whoa oh uh his name could be little Roo Roo Roo Roo no I'll think a name for the friend wait hold on man that's got Sam that's got your back turn [Music] I just just keep recycling the same three names over and over and over again forever and ever you know I'm gonna think of a new name Ludvik ha ha no Kansa that's horrible that's my mom my mom apparently yes no one you know I'm thinking you know what mm-hmm you know what you want actually Frieda Freeza Freeza our water I mean you know a big strong winter wool will needs a big strong noble like name what are any kind of I need a name for are there any like notable like military figures like note like heroic figures not my mom or anyone from her group so someone else you shall the Artic legends of heroes you should know there is the story is the story about the that's very both the traveled the world well another another guy shall fill the sack mmm-ah legendary warrior cinnamon just add in your massive wolf in like a mithril barding we ride cinnamon just continuing to me any other lands or tails you doesn't have to be about animals it could be like a great figure and in a time past what about cooled and Papa Harper yeah as in sigatoka hmm you're probably gonna okay so just keep things going always keep your probably going to be thinking about this for at least a day which problem just move on cuz i knowing you can access going to start tomorrow and you'll be like I have the perfect name that's why is asking in character the rest of the group like other people okay I'm not checking this out but if you gave if you gave the role in the name synonym you have to give a mobility degree fire your family spindle is a window crunch cinnamon says hey Marcus you're from you're from weighing the fat in the past you have you did you know any like great like warriors or weight touching you know the name Papa would I bring it up in would he would know it's a good like from an actual close to his timeline time yeah my name probably worries about what about clothes dancer why is all of your suggestions condiments spices I don't know it seemed like a good turn the themes just looking at the fucking five strike you have yeah of course called turmeric what about garam masala I spent across greedy country guy masala or five spice so I chosen well Ezra's literally not all here yeah I'm not going to be satisfied till I have an animal that I know in my history that is new spikes I mean you have to have something else named spice because then you can have the spice and wolf thus no one named spice has to be one of the ones staying with me dislike how salty is still a loyal companion despite the fact I never use them he just pulls the cart now long parts of the days of the straw for snow and visit the joys of writing Free Willy is slapping behind them from his master I think Sigrid sans of course in character is all for naming anything after anything that due to his family I just think the Hoff is a cool name and it's also got that classic D&D connotation of the buttocks - although I'm like an SSR you and you did no yes I'm new here okay I haven't talked active rest until of these he did I was asking like Justin says this paladin though evany just quite any great big years from his time that he still likes purity like no shit exact no he fell okay didn't say me yeah isn't enough mmm I'm sparkly busy masturbate you might as well continue a name later got even better the betrayer so accurate it's still name the wolf Conrad God I could cover a certain name and also means that whenever f7 ever ever has to play as the voice of the wolf will have to Russian accent we were overthrow the humanity Ariat in now yes good Conrad good what do I find the husband name is veteran you will always carry tools for you know I may be I will name it Conrad there was there was a former warrior that fell during a fire during the initial speech of northern castle which I can't I don't care that I can't remember the name of it other than gas is off it is wrong she called him Monte in honor of everyone's favorite fall in hearing class seven love offered more in Hall or the city was called mornin thought yeah that was Morgan wild all of us now Magnus steel crochet Magnus Magnum good movement that's a pretty good name too no no no left for Monte you should call him Beth word let's not think I think Magnus works best because it's boy I really like that I like that Megan is pretty good yeah yeah yeah you can't really think of anything auditors from bitching motherfucking sure I mean Magnus doesn't mean great if I believe or it's a great or something yeah I mean it literally has the the Nordic Atlantic like connotations and this is a window yeah I'm gonna name a magnet magnate only the Magnus Magnus is pretty baller of a name that is a really cool name yeah all right let me dig up a little wolf token here you should call him y'all know but he's vice not lightning mystery light games you but I have any key winter wolf token all I do almond oh boy this is the Tasha tractor poppy when do they just make coconut not sure real quick give me two seconds of Photoshop because if you carry that so good with you you'll be safe at all times I've been a role for the d2 for the genders of angling for animated oh very cool maybe there are no female Super Junior yeah okay well thank you for you know you were told before and then you forgot again yeah you literally rolled maybe right there so that's for the puppy that's the pup I didn't roll for their dangers they were just both female the whole time you know so you were talking about Congress we should this be a bread winter wolf for a pure white winter wolf that is question is not symmetrical and it's not visible what do they assess yourself a hoot members quiet right yeah and I'll just say it I've never seen a red winter wolf but then again I am those are those intervals are the red ones ones yes I'm a Magana of these moms one wife linkable dead on the ground because she didn't die of you know cold she better servation have a better dog Sansa yes dad died of zanza look I'm not going to take that Finn we gave them two chances to run away and they still came back hungry wolf they were hungry wolves yeah it was going to happen sad but I think it's sad that it happens but I'm not going to I'm not going to take that fish not gonna miss you yeah you take this is a fucking lesson Magnus don't you fuck with the bunny man yeah look you mad bottom ah yeah it is a noun a trick mean it's part of nature yeah buzzsaw is ready however this one will be spared nature's cruel indifference all right so yeah you now have a little winter wolf tucked into your bosoms this is here's a little token little magic pill created you eventually it'll look like this well holy shit it's gonna be like a couple of miles off yeah yeah he is Jorma gander but a wolf so uh oh yeah they're sweet you must be here now the only thing I'm like a mile long what I need to do is I need to train Magnus to wield a sword in his mouth oh my god yes no yes okay so no saving this is your fault this can't happen it will happen like why can't happen because I want to do this because I could have taken the Kin site June forage where I could train people and I couldn't train the wolf the hole the fucking floor we would have had that in mechanics able to happen and that's what down times go to explain who can say yeah it certainly learnin on skill proficiency aka sword while she were busy being an adorable he was learning the sword between you both well I probably won't train Magnus's I don't know how to use a sword Oh happily trained and I with Zenda is akin sigh he's a weapon master he was a great sword oh my can will train Magnus until he gains level of eldritch night and will free to hold a sword in his mouth Carissa when you when are you going to review back into what your true calling is and just become a ranger or I should just be a fucking I should just changing the become a droid yeah fucking nailing it so far tell me more like laws of nature to anything I like holy phone but I feel like I like you're holding a puffins like what I'm celebrating garbage when it comes to kill tank Sophie so just do spoon buzz and popped aureus please yes alright so the next day oh boy encounters or encounters ha I've just noticed the roll20 calculates hexes and boxes like completely differently even if when you even when you're holding alt and you go from one side of a square to the other you will get what the digits are broken up into so like this would say like a mile two three four five six but a hex will not do that it will only do a hex increment no matter how you handle it hmm I should really get sleepy aliens what is being shot okay dudes fucking winter wolves just an adventure no take my baby now that we already handled the winter bull they're all gone now they're gone they're all right this is also the last great wolf now uh yeah I guess that's appropriate actually uh while you're off in the in the woods me one of you is going to to get some get some water or something or you're finding extra food anything whoa anyway you stumble upon a very act yes though edge view we now have Magnus the winter wolf pup tagging along it's great it's a cool a quick update Spencer you heads-up update so yeah you wander into a little little Dell and alright you brought this on yourself make a dexterity saving throws Anza fucking you could have avoided this no now they would have been just a random as to which one of you this bumps into but dicksterity savings are yes okay cool uh so yeah there's a there's a giant spiderweb immediately in front of your face like a giant spiderweb boy so then the hot way to the bushes to go pee dance is kind of backing up slowly what's around himself just to make sure there isn't a giant menu better coming for him yeah about that you know how do you like giant man-eating spiders coming for your face is precious spider was pretty adorable maybe you'll make a girlfriend's photo wave you did so far every time era has interacted with other spiders they've had a lovely time because they just think think that she's adorable they want to date huh so I'm guessing it's initiative oh yeah we move you guys over to another map here and we'll do the whole image thing as some some giant spiders decide that you know it'd be great is if we had lunch an adventure or we all step off to the side going up on some adventure there you go also gonna have my warhorse cope know you guys have wandered off the road for a bit to like go find food and go Pete so and their horns awful but I mean I came to my character do you have I have to keep changing the specs every time I literally pulled this off the main menu to change I told you to do that weeks ago I did then leave well keeps going back pretty sure I did I am the poison I'm pretty sure I did all right Boop Jesus Christ that is a horrifying token oh god that is pretty horrifying God why it's a spider penis that's a powerful spider has a nope right there it's a giant ball of nope in this place please now I did it by date so that's a mighty big jerk I'm pretty sure they killed me despite that you know why because because I have these six cocks yeah more inconvenient than anything else you see a girl at one point is that sixth readings of that literally all a different direction so it's very highbrow humor by the hospice but I don't know what you're asking but roll in the store ready I hate the fact that special kind of 2002 yeah thank you and your spider initiative I got it I got a nice peanut bite I nailed it I'm good why I got 13 I'm going to worse I dropped the ball ow Wow Jesus Christ you guys what the fuck and Here I am with my with my three Oh [Laughter] the dice again you know I'm just gonna go I'm gonna go heat up some macaroni and cheese and get a drink sorry hi you guys know irenna here for mac and cheese Hey I mean hey you got dirt obviously came back to the wolf plug just because because because Mary's got some business because the husband happiness is fold away if she needs to go pee it's like a deal it's got a pile out cue tripping up was hard work all right everyone on board yeah the face spider just looks like those other spiders but if you go we're in the middle of a flashback that spider is having a flashback oh all right uh Frieda I believe you're going first here let's see you of a three they have a three I think we need to roll off okay I want beats watch it up as straight d20 oh well I think he would have just both gone down to the bottom of the initiative order you might want about going fast etrailer huh all right Frieda yeah okay free the horse she goes got a goat fast she goes she pokes she radishes oh yeah using that uh magic Adam you got ah I think it's outside da eres nice okay spider time spider time so crusher you're you know letting loose the streams of nature there I am pee in his face if you had gotten initiative over him I totally would have let youth like impose disadvantaged by just pissing on him but alas he has a drop on him no sir not because I can see ships are getting ammonia and saltier oh I'm pretty sure I pee in his face you pee in his face pretty hardcore it's like a yellow fucking cable boss alright zanza you should some web shot at you oh boy and it hits so yeah you are restrained you are splattered against the nearby tree as another spider comes up in the tax with advantage and hits heel and I'm going to need the DC 11 Constitution saving throw boy okay how they got that cool poison the one that doesn't kill them yeah and meanwhile another giant spider will come up and attack Marcus when that guy gets that within 10 feet I'm gonna bog them all right oh yeah you're fine so you take a 6 piercing and 1 poison damage zanza no yeah every sound so it takes like three physical damage in one poison damage boop-boop-boop speaking which zanza okay so how do multiple attacks work if I spend an action to get free are those both my attacks yes so you would be using your action to escape you cannot take the attack action these motherfuckers alright alright I'm going to use my actions with Nate when you roll let's see I mean scroll up here best ranks DC it's a DC 12 strength check I cannot make an acrobatic no it isn't even if I jump off anyway you can't jump anywhere you are splattered on a tree jump and pull the tree of its fucking roots yeah you are not strong enough to do that I was going yeah all right you rip yourself out let's a strength check note saving throw but still I weigh more than enough oh I'm bleep pull yourself three hold myself free and since I cannot do wield and was currently wielding one sword already I will go up and spend a key point to Florio blows okay so fists and fists well those are two solid hints and on the first one that will impose and I'll use another key point to try something Shrike alright it has to make ABC 13 I believe alright what kind of checks Constitution I think it's Constitution with each other he fails doesn't really matter he is stunned as fuck bonk and then because I can still move right now I stopped all my movements oh why actually I don't want them to get freedom what's jumping they can't see me oh yeah they can't fuck they can't even see you no idea freed is there I will jump up that trick and Bill Bolling it up alright I like ah sha hmm alright crush a your dick is flopping around and there's a spider in your face covered in piss I would like sort of adjust my stance a little bit and then I'm going to thunder wave it away I'm going to spend a second level I think okay fair enough go away I'm not finished I'm back later so ping alright yeah it gets blasted back 10 feet free pitch yes talk with midstream to resume being yeah as a bonus action she will shake all right Marcus means you hold up here called off your hat we are working towards me I I booked when it was 10 feet out so it should be enough 5 feet off in one direction uh sure does that stop with a movement yes drow movement to zero meet and then I will take a stance to guard meri and activate my channel divinity I now have a blessed weapon sweetness I will god what a giant Iraq measure come on you're better than that good out all right that's not why he's having a flashback no he's having a flashback SIA this face spiders gonna phase on over here they phase a spider oh that's even worse it's just a phase guys say he's going to come over here and just lunge out of the aether and try and dog pile on to Sarah which I don't think is going to hit her nope it does not which is good because holy shit that's a lot of damage that would have dropped her into a match and yeah I think that's all I can really do all I can do is potentially an incredible quantity of damage ranked oh god King yes what's what's Jeff we're gonna do Jeffrey's first going to fly upwards a bunch of entry doesn't get web shot or just killed by a single attack oh yeah yeah I'll just just fucking geek so he takes wing and then faced by the scheme scariest shit so Jeffrey's going to rock out with his cock out so he was also busy going T look it's really it's a bad time for everyone to be caught so sure raha 19 stands a bunch of animals all right he hits it and deals a ton of damage actually save it I need to make an important role my role for Cox eyes oh god with zanza also peeing that's why I said he was already wielding a sword Oh All Right see ya alright well I'll let you choose zanza do you want do you want Sansa to have like a little teeny trappy bunny wing or do you want to have the the mammoth that's why I think the dices on this life because I'm fine with either one alright let's let's pick something really swingy this is subway sandwich ah let's say I don't know t100 no God no in middle Holloway what are you talking about isn't so here's another Kazarian Oh 101 details yeah 2d 1200d 12 oh god it could potentially be literally half the size of your body oh my god you have been like holy fucking multiple Subway sandwiches thank you I mean Morell is secure in her sort of masculinity so wow you are responsibie wow I guess your dad really is a Minotaur okay I'm sure your mom wasn't also fuck make sure oh no he got he got fucking webs to a tree with it I that's gonna really start coming off no just it's fine it's just a condom now you know what and that is actually probably another photo yes because then how do you hide that I'm actually kind of astonished he has a medical item let's see that Zen's actually has it will gift it to by his parents the song magic underwear for upholding song katana you put it on any night reading that's out oh so that's how it works okay yeah all right yeah sure okay you just add that to your inventory you can never sell it or do anything with it but it exists notice how that's how all those like hand-me-down magic lights like if you start with a wand the wand only works for your character right so in this case yeah you just started with magical panties that only work on you look man it works earlier with this starting over you can always only be sold for one copper it's like most men if they have me for thongs of holding they don't want it because they want to show it off last is my mama gate Agron and syrahs didn't disengage the fuck on out of there ya go like kind of 1 2 3 4 5 6 up here by Mary Hitler you know what face fighter could also literally be like you know and they're frozen in time right before the time breaker attack lands on them don't worry times about to resume again this pots gonna get punched straight out no I think Mary is still eating mac and cheese oh I was muted double muted okay of course you were so hey Oscar give me some give me some give me a hand here aiming this all right so I'm gonna get some what you also have your cock out yeah no well I mean no disabilities get a five yes if I do I have my cock out do I mean which fault who are you which bolting this closest guy that Marcus is standing off against I went try and fry it all right oh I'm also going to try and cast it like an IV you're bad at focus fire why does it that was fun holy geez yeah you just disintegrate it it is just this crispy crackling sound as the spiders electrocuted and just starts leaking out of all of its little tightness friend ormolu ah no I think I have this I didn't know sigh wait okay so why is it that so only sometimes the character sheet prompts you on what spell slot you want to use and sometimes it doesn't are you using out of your special are you using out the attack bar out of the attack bar here inna bum its rawness highest level I know we don't get so it should be what you get little faces should be level 3 now yeah so please notify facilities character sheets to baffle me sometimes yeah sighs toughest parts but that it's still that should have all it'll have the kajigger it manually I guess yep that should have been an extra d12 on that so he's even for a super duper crispy creamed why are also 2 to 10 right Frieda Oh kid okay so who's hurt nobody know nothing come of this miraculously no fuck yeah oh not yet yeah and bad wannabe operatives sadly little sneak over here I felt so good and he was gay tomorrow we'll be prepared to you know us say pressure which you never really get you know up on our spiders literally anything that can hit me is a goddamn cry if I really want to spend the spell levels on it yeah but that was that's why that's not going to happen yeah yeah critical hit it happens without a shadow of a doubt every fucking time when I'm confident so you're writing in action heels yes alright good nope yeah oh yeah that one person yeah and those are you come you'd have to move underneath Geoffrey ah let's see this one is going to try and recharge its web it does so it's immediately just going to shoot its web at Marcus since he's the closest target really gonna scuttle up here play let's see if he hits oh shit alright Marcus as you assume your defensive stance and start channeling your divine power into your weapon you get hit in the back by a giant insect outcome shot and just smear it onto the floor oh no you know this is terrible I just realized butters are arthropods horrible conclusions you come to in these times okay one of them will attack crushin close combat yeah Wow nope nope and I think that's it and this one stops being stunned I imagine it stops being stunned at the end of my turn but he I'm not gonna attack about 7:00 p.m. cool stuff zanza okay so I'm going to roll a 1v2 ah no one's and is a total fucking leave on a two he has better citizen okay so then I'm not going to yell off the anime name of this attack Oh God but he's going to spend a key point ah Oh begin to be ultra leap he's gone okay so last turn he jumped onto a tree oh no I opened a key point to long jump and high jump all the way over here because he can do that I'm going to strike from above this motherfucker okay you're gonna Dragoon leap Adam because your googly padam are you using your glaive know that unfortunately that is using the great sword now I'm sorry oh not accurate it's not the actual dragon he's doing the berserker leap so he is it's like just a really long distance like the artorias flip yeah you know I told that I said the same thing last whenever it guts is in his mazurka armor and he's doing a little flips and spins in the air with this great sort pretty much less been doing alright uh yeah go ahead and uh roll a d4 cuz there's webs all over here and it would be a real shame if you just launched yourself into a giant spiderweb says this my deal creatures like wait wait excuse me webs above the fucking trees in the trees yeah I'm just looking around I don't know down goes over okay fair enough alright that's fine you you do not get web do you just get covered in spider gunk so as in 20 bonus fault probably not I'm not going to give you extra fall damage I will give you advantage for the massive surprise attack from above though okay so he's striking with Mifflin's goop and Boop all right two hits and let's bend key point for studying fist all right it dies that way what you just drive your sword into the things brain and you kill it oh thanks let me make sure this thing isn't like resistant to a million things No it dies I was expecting that to be so much more tanky uh well right well I guess I'll just kind of scuttle lobster scuttle before we go back into the tree was not expected to die so bad no let me take position again stone the hell Marcus I hey uh crusher like pair of my shoulder where I was gonna go help her out with despite a situation oh oh okay wait you're back again before you down the first time now you're lucky I've gotten that away it hisses and why don't you use a friend yet you bring the sword in ah okay uh yeah it also dies Hey yeah and just because it would be fancy it's done with a resounding rearing blade for our full experiment wait you just shatter the spider from the insides Marcus your web down yeah that's rough my caliper to hack that they put a web off me all right make a strength check I could just attack itself can you attack while you're restrained let me just mean double check your speed is zero that's all of us I realize that's grappled yeah restrained is a different condition look nothing is not movie uh let's see the creature spoon I was curious all right you have disadvantage on your tackk roles as what restrain does to you but I don't think you're in any real danger of missing but go ahead and roll AC 10 yep you hit and you slice the webbing away managed to maneuver Albert and out of the way I'll stand up go over here and this guy serious talking to to be fair some look what the fuck ah another guy's work I don't know what changed oh yeah he takes a takes a solid hit I'm sorry about that spamming the wall of thing so it was a great flame and dad well so Papa spite off on that alright I think the creature is still up but just just barely it's really and wheezing oh I gave him my taste the backside to because I'm very disappointed that he hid his allegiance with the trilobites again say that unfortunately is a mess Wow cursed your likeness excess skeleton alright Jeffery can you kill steel finish yeah ha he does not kill it it is sort Leo I rolled Snake Eyes missense yeah he could have been could've been a magnificent glass let's see series just going to ready in action Mary things aren't as hearty as I had expected so don't you know blast another just like full power attack so don't why do I have all these up go away okay I also closed my character she BIOS finish I don't have all of these up I don't need these uh fuck the one I did need was gone hmm I'd love but I do that every fucking time oh god wait I could totally just end this right now probably gonna shadow yeah I can take him out right now oh right and force fire time mm okay that's a good point no it's not for us by the middle of fucking winter everything is froze that yeah I know goddamn it you're my time pass I know this is gonna be really hot like it like my fire mice like my burning hands might be turning from red to blue at this point go ahead roll damage did that really just a quick literally nothing I'll just use the other one why is your character sheet so messed up that is a really cool little little box all right uh one of these guys gets roasted there's nothing you can do about it the other one might survive he passes a save Wow we'll live a nice - good basslet here could you factor ear backflips okay it's just sort of a bouncing and landing upside down and sort of scuttling back up she's like rolls around the remove my hat and active flipper yeah so that's what that spider does it just fall onto its back out of the way Friedel shit that's a little dance she moves she moon goes backwards what party dude she's invisible she's trying to turn some sweet new shapes oh god that's right you can turn the variable she is invisible to the shutter yeah and here's the face if this is last also I'll take a hostile action event for if literally she's invisible who are the rest of her life I don't know she said something bad someone Frida just disappears from her life and we dip we know just for week we continue to feel her guiding step amongst us at all times we just assumed that she fell into the phase when the spiders came out and she's trapped in a flashback somewhere so how goodness working with us this can I hear her voice on the rim I've just added right next to you yeah yeah it's all like badhak inspirations and sunlight I know well thank you in my memory nothing I didn't feel her hand on my back pushing me forward it makes me fight harder come on holding us up I Frida you do anything all right fair enough yeah all right giant spiders gtfo s fuck always I'm half cooked I don't like this yeah it it does not want to be your dinner that's not how this was supposed to work ah yeah it's coupling way all right yeah it does play okay pressure savings in trouble yeah I was like iseas and it's holding up like he will run further than this fucking magic missile just like do the finger pistol stupid faces like the way Ron will run after a giant spider like I'm gonna all right spiders are eliminated spiders of unusual size they were freaking it off because we all want to eat giant spider legs are crispy out of James oh well I'm gonna go to bathroom real quick okay hanging up for a minute that somebody was Ethan big spiders bike actually Berg spiders which these fuckers you look like you're out the hair yeah it's not bad it's just protein it's more of the squeak factor for a sweeter model I know I couldn't eat a spider no about here to see in detail you have protein in an exoskeleton which gives just a nice crunch enough she'll just like quickly with me yeah they just stood there like the comfort of eating a spider it's literally just the idea of eating a spider is so gross to people since they don't like spiders usually because when I still want to have a scorpion lollipop yeah that most people wouldn't eat it but urges because they're not used to it it tastes totally fine and I would still be cooked down not because of the taste just because my brains say no with bad there's a thing for scorpions you make sure to take off the that poison stinger as separate the tails from the water because wall-e is business shit and the face and there is no say the moisture of them little little scorpion only pops all those all things yeah I won't try for another bath are you have a there's a finger the tail itself it's actually pretty tasty let's just clean protein in that don't make the put the body do it the Safari fitara spot it's just like straight girls yeah Oh Thurston or against Mannix like it's just a foreign masticating it's like really paper if you're into that okay how to you but yes you take the tail you miss the hit your rip it off you fry the tail there you go nice flash clips well some rustle gonna be riding a wolf into battle pretty soon right not pretty dudes a puppy oh yeah care enough it'll be a few it can't even see yeah it's like it was born just a couple days ago okay yeah we got some time what happens yes if you keep it for in-game years you're going to have a wolf's mouth that's going to be bad ass like a I should just be a druid there is a thing called the tequila licks lollipop which is a tequila lollipop with an edible for a minute I'm just like looking at crazy candies scorpion demo sounds like a fucking hole or a short rest long walk dude this is testing damage first and yes scorpion vodka holy shit you see that actually makes sense to me why I don't know it's just something I can see like scorpions of vodka I don't know why that doesn't seem crazy to me there's reindeer pâté green crocodile carry a little because I can imagine a rich establishment having like some huge bottle of sake with a scorpion at the bottle bottom the flavour or whatever and sake knowing much and like I was doing yeah yeah yeah but finish the thing babysit any which charity party is fucking delicious okay I have my green basic green coconut fairy like from re madrina green crocodile curry crocodile Oh chopper it's actually very hormonal but it's been between me yeah I've had a cold doctor before all right it's kind of it's interesting eating it's like it still tastes kind of like a beef burger would but there's like a hint of how minister it's a cleaner flavor to it because it doesn't really have any fat to be surprised not subside at assets are what you're eating a dinosaur so something is really cool that is also a very important factor there are colorful powered by I'm sure it's true alright so the next day the party will arrive about mid-afternoon and Wealdstone alright I think they're it's a odd request doesn't heal me isn't he before we would get to website uh he's he would be if you were coming from halfway he's on the other side of the town oh okay cool man yeah doing outside agree on tau a little down friend I think I'll go because I actually fell yes of course yes I need you to do the Richie notar sample here that goes to the remains of the M old skull I think that's so funny you created a Belvedere said there was no corpse but you could look at why means the corpse of the building no don't he died thankfully doesn't have to bear that Finn that would that would have been a pretty significant sin yeah but then was going to go out and look at the remains of the the Emerald cauldron he's going to stay looking at it as a reminder for what happened she does not crusade correctly all right say you you go over to this burnt-out Hut that's just been avoided by all the locals and you know they recognize you but they very clearly give you and it a wide berth when you get near it I want nothing to do with that poster actually they're like a piece of the building that's intact enough that I can make like a necklace or something out of what doesn't have to be pretty like you could gather up some stones and stuff and like plaster I mean whatever whatever whatever Bert crisp romaine is there and sturdy enough yeah yeah I think you can gather little bits and pieces then we'll spend his time and make a little necklace out of an ugly piece of romaine all right as for the rest of you you arrived at the outskirts of town at the old windmills too like three or four miles okay yeah so there's there's a shark person sitting out he's not like outside where you could see him but he's outside on one of the like upper balconies and he just peers over when you guys start riding up towards the windmill and he stands up when he sees who it is and waves down with a smile so it's coming downstairs I hope you're ready to be done with your fish pops I am yes uh sometimes I feel like I can barely breathe unless I I jumped into the river shivers visibly and scratches at some of his scales have you truly found a way to reverse this yep I think all the college Explo also working on things that you know if anyone wants to get like cables will shock it up and stuff but without their mind falling out of their ass hold them you make that big river so this was obviously step one reversing the curse alright so you are going to have to drop a 100 silver pieces but there's a roll or anything required I'll take him inside so he's outside he's inside the lighthouse yes I spent them all so I probably I imagine that hascomb kid I would have had some trinket bang anyone would have some would probably unions Roger could go to them o'clock all my money Savage alright see I will make sure that Mary's walked through the steps for like ah and I will put them in this big room I will set down my book of light and I'll take the preserved treated mage bane and I will light like use it in sense I guess and light it on fire and we'll go through the ritual with Aldridge in the center Adric Aldridge with frost a trick but Heydrich halo drink okay yeah yeah don't Patrol hmm all right yeah that's a success a resounding one thanks to your tireless arcane research magic is expunged from his body and curative power courses through it transforming the shark like scales and fins all around him back into soft supple cat folk flesh he sits up with a gasps looking at his own hands with disbelief for a moment before just jumping up and just crushing meri and crushing a great big hug oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Center isn't blubbering his thanks and my yelping at the paintbrush being that oh oh no it's just like wakes up looks around just like licks object in the face please if anyone could be unseated for a marshmallow how nothing is earthquake-proof it absorbs all the old shock yep so yeah even Jeffries like wow it actually worked he did a very good show sir well thank you give subpoena gift your thumbs up but she's invisible Oh miss Freda I'm good I'm gonna have to nerf that item I think I fucked up a little bit if I want about maybe around later on it'll be like an hour per day I think that's out that's how long it is ability actually lasted five eight now that I looked it up thank you for you allege a you would Louise I have never seen again yeah which used to be a thing with invisibility like in a tea indeed before it had a duration of permanent until you you know manually broke it so if you cast invisibility on somebody and they didn't attack anybody or cast a spell they're just invisible forever but that's that's something but in fact that a deity can it be broken by like opening a door no which one would like for contact like - - ish D&D to me because I know what happened like the ball does get error okay well the games are not that one shed the books at my spouse they just joined all the descriptions out how things worked in the video games my not have been exactly my guardian angle you know I preferred like am elfs my knee meteos mouth standing for mage everyone loves to fuck ah well he is indeed an elven fuck boy just actually now good old mouth excuse me we've already read our fuck-boy quote Oh - ah there is no upper limit on fuck boys DCL yes we've smashed through that glass ceiling a long time ago not girl off ceiling had naked naked people spread out across that it was pretty cool you could look up be like wow how we ever reached grandest Heights very quickly it turns out I forget what what's the role again for a gather information so you can just go to the local tavern to make a Christmas check to get like a role on the rumor table but if you want something specific you can take a downtime action the extra like you research letting a week yeah that that sounds like an actual gather information downtime at every one another time I mean rolling on the rumors might not be a bad idea could just looking for a way to kill time well it's not that Garrison Sansa will just keep looking at the Emerald cauldron meet up with back respect time okay Lord foul uh so yeah like an hour later so Heydrich's finally got his emotional shit together and you've packed up your equipment from the ritual and you wha he's probably a little bit down on his luck I'm going to essentially scribe up a copy of that restoration in form and give him tents over and ask if he would kindly deliver this to the Elven for he is if i hook him up with a job and I'm probably doing a favor yeah I mean he he looks at everyone just says yes sure but I'm not as down on my luck as you might think a family used to have a bit of money to us but you're already doing well for yourself I don't know about that he looks around and finally lays eyes on a backpack that's been sitting in the corner and he goes over there and pulls out something here reminds me I feel quite intended to you after all this first rescuing me from that torturous imprisonment and now restoring me to my rightful form here that's something that's been in the family for for some time but I'm not going to be getting much use out of it anymore I I think it's about time I went to the big city and we found a nice quiet life of Prayer don't come are you that you know your example about your prayers races hang there I mean yeah we're on our way to Aaron city if you want it back along oh haha perhaps not the whole hood venturing businesses of it the too dangerous for me these days uh I'll be I'll be taking my way there perhaps in a trade caravan not good my reducing to attract the home adventure yeah because the wood rules just mules I guess you could say it's a thing he's in trouble anyway he hands Mary a skull case since she's one who conducted the ritual you mmm wonder what's inside well do you open it find out all right come inside yeah so Nashik okay just pull it out baggies of code from the Stroh case like that genius how do you think Becky carried all that shit around look like I was entirely outside what everyone had entry hatches in the back right all right so Mary inside you find Scriven records of possession and ownership of a what appears to be a vineyard owned by Heydrich's family mm-hmm Hadid yes he has given you a deed to a vineyard whoa where is that got a world bad look look not only MAGIX for all the line and he's it's not a peasant but you know that's that's really expensive in other words yeah wizard shed scary shit so you're saying is I've now gotten the base for the Fox be out mmm-hmm I mean they could pollinate it I'm joking no no honestly yes having folks bees next to a vineyard sounds like a really good thing I didn't expect you guys to let me get away with it no I mean they need someone to be in a place where you know the be part of their living is also comes into play I'll be pretty cool I can't imagine it might imagine of earlier wine when I send the message oh when I send the message all II try not to just get box keys I'll make sure they actually send some like act feet actually girls as well kaneki yeah some honeybees along with the v9c they're just so bad of logistics they need something to do it for them yeah ya know if you want logistics I know this is a great place it's called Vivaldi that place burned down yeah but they put some hospice phones officer all right it'll have a fire at you there or yeah so you just eat honey they just need honeybees to make money for with them one one has justice in your money shows you where the the vineyard is it's about a day's walk outside of Wealdstone it's actually nestled between exeter castle and the town maybe we should take a detour I would know I really like to see it but we gotta go to Erin City we do have business it's all right we'll make what we can make it aside as I visit and you know I think it's like a fall semester my sister maybe some elves will go over there I don't know if they've ever tried to spread near vineyards from underground admittedly most of those might have been mushroom based hundred get its mushrooms he'll mention it's a bit of a fixer-upper his family hasn't lived there for a couple generations now but he remembers that the stories he heard of the place always said that it was a beautiful little villa surrounded by wine wine fields as far as the eye could see so you know if it's uh it should still be there he's seen it on the on the hillsides more than once but he's never been there at least not since he was a little kid but his yours now thank you very much he will give you a nod and say that it's the least he can do for everything you've done for him wish him I'll wish him good luck on his future Avengers and hope that he finds that life of peace of you monster 9 hopefully he does so the plan is to get to is to continue on to Aron City yep yeah so all right let's see you're going to get six and then do so you will get just to the crossroads here the next day so let's see if you hit more encounters no okay a lot I still don't understand the random encounter way it works that is good in general like of advice picks a table and then that table is like what kind of event and then it's the rest I bullshit but now you know what one is weird shit and looks like you guys are gonna get to Aron City pretty much scot-free after that so I think next time on 70 we will finally get to visit the capital all right and see all the all the fun things that will be awaiting you there in me one my girlfriend's indeed so let's let's do the whole exp thing and we'll call it a night sure what all right did you explore new or interesting location for the first time I don't think so no really nice picture thank you I say that is if I somehow had anything to do with it but I googled it because they could find if that's a big big enough to account to the location now maybe food roll man you interesting truth about the world as we go hey we got two eras fifty so that's a new place we haven't explored on yeah you'll get that mark next session posnick discover as well you haven't actually got there yet I'll just moved you guys over ah whoa all right oh yeah thank you ah did you discover an interesting truth about the world other than xanthus dick which you know and well we learned the result of the ten percent compliance yeah right I'll give you that I'm going to love it about Tyria as well so that's what is lane and approved well I mean he thinks he's ve been he found a new system of bullies but sure did you make a new ally or lasting enemy yes do celebrate whether it's and rinse the puppy yeah alright well we'll definitely go for winter puppy there since I think you guys are dead Roger Gaza as a checkpoint once before already but yeah a winter puppy Magnus definitely going to be your buddy do you advanced and completely request absolutely no doubt about that and did you neutralize a direct threat to the Queen's peace until I figure out how to kill web nine my thirst bottles and until then that can punch the rain I mean those fighters digit a key effectively on the road so that's your fucking day all right for exp Sh okay and it is now January 5th I believe yeah well we travel three there's thirteen more expedient ill I can give them some exams of fake face fake face you could just take a level in claret I mean I like how it runs fake so any chest can touch though I like the idea of Zen's the key blessing is what wasn't from Lena nor seat do my buy dissertations order Queens College.

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