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Leadership and innovation dissertation

Leadership and innovation dissertation capstone cottages shuttle for money iddp critical thinking process university ´╗┐hello everyone and welcome this night's episode of critical role we're a bunch of us dirty-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons are mentally lagging a little but that's okay [Laughter] Before we jump into tonight's session we're to go ahead and just quick announcements for the foremost thank you to our turning sponsor and partner at started this campaign and for this foreseeable Amorphis future in which they wish to come along with us in this journey D&D beyond they've been awesome and I actually just learned today of a really helpful functionality that I partition it about where you can create your own campaign in there and then send out a link to all of your players and their characters get added to your campaigns now I have access to all of your character sheets at all times which was it alleviates me having to text all you all what's your maximum hit points now in religion did you just have a what do you we need to send you our character well no I sent a clean for you today and you only once it hasn't responded in your button you will later that's cool that's okay so we're we were texting in your session yeah this is true yeah that's correct [Laughter] give this to Matt he'll need it oh no this week is once again D&D Beyond that's DND beyond calm and the big news is that Dee's newest book more than kind ins Toma fellas is available for pre-order now on the site you see if you pre-order you'll get exclusive character portrait frames sheet backdrops and theme colors that you can use with upcoming character sheet updates I don't know what that means but it sounds awesome and the $10 off code beginnings can be applied to this order to your pre-order to celebrate I'm going to personally be giving away one copy of this book to either Travis Liam or Marissa but they have to compete for it here's the rules I'm going to give you a race class and character description just like that you can do on D&D Beyond and all you guys have to do is come up with the name of caracter me sorry Loret Alison and Matt will be the judges three wins all right so you just have to come up with a name for this character ready a male stout halfling swamp druid who only wears a diaper made out of kelp and loves to wild shape into manatees Liam what is the name of that character will pelicans okay Marisha what is the name of that character squalls squat lock and Travis Merkin dole bringer judges who wins remember these characters can all be made on dnt beyond the next one is a male to Maxie bard with an electric guitar who constantly plays k-pop songs and has a runny nose what is his name Liam O'Brien bathtub spell cat Alesha ray oh yeah sorry three names Molly squawk the JV up Travis a pubert pimple pop Oh Judas judges I got bride Oh we'll give this one oh this is worth two points a female can COO paladin with no arms or legs or ships the lobster headed God blitz do poop yes and is a real God and is dragged around by a pack of reindeer Leo what is the name of that character are you going Henry Kissinger um madam mannequin bodies Phil McCracken judges Liam Liam Travis gets to buy you one of those books Marissa told me to it dandy beyond everyone make your character today alright so finishing from that we have to talk to machina next Tuesday at 7 p.m. Pacific here on Twitch and project alpha to discuss tonight's episode of critical role Wow hosted by our fantastic Brian debby foster so check it out on Tuesday next week we have a new show called weed coming up Risha do you want to explain this a little bit I'm once a a club but it's being jammed by Amy Dallen and it's kind of like a interactive storytelling RPG game but it's got all the all the ladies of geek and sundry so check it out jacket by the way thanks ma'am yeah we'll get you with same size last week's episode of critical role is available in podcast form whether you can find the greatest podcast to download so if you have friends who are some of the audio they can do so now and be caught up with you until after tonight also comic book issue for critical role box mocking origins is available did you download anywhere you can find it too a comments for the most part comiXology the Dark Horse app and other great places we got a new one creeping up on the horizon the scene I've rented the whole thing I've seen the picture so anyway enough of that let's see and of course our fantastic 86 la in the 86 group that does fantastic after-school programs for kids to get in creative writing check it out if you haven't already and if you can't give to help out with this charity you can donate your time as well to help teach some of these kids and help expand their imaginations so check it out there are awesome people and we continue to support the first tutorial and any new appearances you want to announce serving to keep what rinse and repeat the ones if you want to know we're conventions we're gonna be at in the near future watch last week's episode yeah otherwise it's not amiss for us anyway any other announcements that I've missed apparently my restaurant stinks so if anyone has any gum we'll take it send your gum to geek and sundry I have something I the shadow of war expansion pack whoa the blade REO came out yeah yeah shut up what no what I know that let's go ahead and dive into tonight's episode of critical role [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and welcome back so I have to accept what he doesn't is Evan I don't just make this a challenge for you guys which is not helping anyway so last we left off the group of adventurers whose fates are slowly in twining found themselves meeting in the city of trust involved on the southern reaches of the Brazilian Empire on the continent of wild Mount through a mishap in a circus passing through town you began to give chase to the investigation that seemed to have caught you up in this legal issue when you find yourself locked under house arrest and being considered possible murderers you sought the answer to this endeavor you found the devil toad or the Nergal it as you discovered was responsible you hunted it down slew it brought its head back and after arguing with a very tired and just kind of wanting to get it over with law master and trust in Walled managed to convince her enough to let you off the hook and leave most of the standing legal issues with Gustav thus disbanding the circus and setting you in yahushua free Jasha one in her own path while the rest of you the six of you decided strengthen numbers and at the time being you all seem to enjoy to this company fresh purchasing a fresh map looking at your future prospects and your dwindling funds you decided to head northward towards the city of sue - by way of the Golden Road past the city of all field and that is where we left off as you had smacked the rear end of the single horse and cart and sent it spooked into the northern field you do so being relatively before noon at this point in time you're heading northward along the Ember of the well packed dirt of the ten-foot roadway gives you a clear path towards your next destination the gentle Creek at the cart kind of mingles with the clapping of the horse hooves as you push forward the midday air is warmer than you expected the sky is common and a gray presence is broken into smaller cloud patches and the victorious blue peeking through you guys continue for a few hours kind of talking amongst yourselves a bit if there's any any questions you wish to ask for each other now's the time being if there's anything that coming out of the city you wanted to talk about otherwise I'm gonna continue to push forward with your journey so stop me at any point is her face all jimmy-jack or is it pretty normal looking at this point mate perception check watch anything from last week because I didn't 16:16 you can see there is some faint bruising starting to show on the left side of the face it's a good shiner Thanks you give as good as you get I wouldn't say I won because I lost but I died I did pretty good what color is it right now is it that like it's gorgeous it's got the green yellow that just starts to spread tomorrow yeah thanks significant improvement that trouble gonna follow you as we go on our way or you think you're free and clear oh no no that was that was just a little little bar fight nothing just a little friendly a little friendly sparring nothing nothing crazy nice does anyone want a doughnut from my bag yes I don't know thank you please dude I'm also like a doughnut too please okay I don't have them in real life just this one in real life but in the game you guys are having no wishes do you actually have doughnuts at under the Slynt yeah oh oh there it is graduation [Music] are not that old what does not that old me this is it means the young are pretty new they're pretty new yes Oh three days new or forget it you know I don't actually want to know the answer I just know it's good is it good and do we gain or lose hit no hit point transition no Constitution saves they're a bit stale but still tasty enough you can choose to remove it if you like but a meaty part of the texture Flint is ruffles color six mingles yeah amok is this weird for you to not be traveling with your performing family it's it's change but travels travel so do you travel no wagon when you were with your family oh yes we traveled forever it was it was a constant constantly on the road once we once we left home we stayed stayed moving I want ironically traveled in the exact wagon that you're in right now we didn't have much of a chance to see you perform you I saw you do a card reading for gesture but things got waylaid at the circus so what do you normally do Oh things I I'm not really much of a performer I'm more uh just help set up help from the show's help make illusions that sort of thing I show off a little bit of a juggling I what you saw yeah I could I suggest you could say a techie I show a little bit of the sword the short sword juggling got some things I was working on like this big thorns yeah he watches he balances one can on the edge of the hand and then tosses it up and catches it as it falls and he said anything glides it across no hop around it's pretty decent roll can you swallow it uh we can I go back to check a quarter well I well it's a curve source and onto not the curved ones but I could probably just follow a curse probably very complicated to pull off I'm pretty flexible yeah I never I never had nailed anything down for a really good acting a few hours and to travel along the road you catch a head what looks to be the site of another Caravan heading southward in your direction they began to crest over one of the hills and as you look forward to the the central portion of the Amero Valley isn't just a smooth constant grade it's a series of rolling hills and high grasses and wheats and grains and a lot of wild weeds that have just kind of taken over the areas between fashions of civilization you can see up there about maybe half mile or so is that as they crest over one of the hills in the distance yeah I send Frumkin ahead and see it and go blind and deaf here so don't get a closer look at them which is from canary and I don't have the components to put him back to the shape he prefers which is a get charcoal and some some incense a kind of incense you have to use more out they used a daughter not my incense money well you have to pay money to get the things to do it look you know he summed he's been a couple of things before he can last anyway off you go have you ever made him a turtle you can't hear you right now have you ever made him a snake have you ever amazed rope she's gone to the other place he he won't be able to respond have you ever made him a unicorn would be really cool I'd like to see that yeah they exist you know I didn't know that Oh as your vision crests up with the flight of from can make perception check oh that's not skin and that's Percy but you did me Percy door just said fails because it's okay I mean at a safe enough distance to look down there are shapes the most that Frumkin makes out is that it looks to be six heavy wagons with each each being pull six heavy wagons each being pulled by a trio of horses well we can rob them all we could just go off the road and hide and wait for them to pumpkin back do we know all these things yet oh we don't I started muttering as soon as I could see that armor do they look like they're soldiers do they look like they're me look like the unicorn traders like trick traders not yet here you do you see they are they carrying money are they carrying people you won't be able to talk to you for a while come in closer down the road now we gap between your traveling troupe and this Caravan grows smaller and smaller all the rest of you I'd like to make a perception check please and I think at this point something has yeah but I release a 920 amongst all do you guys keep an eye out do you look ahead and you can see the the wagons are covered some them are bundled some of the natal or some of them are smaller what you do notice is at the front of each of the wagons there's a a figure with the reins that is in the process of just sitting there and Cajun aliy and making sure the pace is kept relatively steady forward you do see by the long robes and ornate silk Mantle's of the Highwaymen that are holding these reins you get the impression that they probably are from the menagerie coasts even to a particular recognize it's not not well-off merchants out clothing but it looks like it's it's not rags for a person that makes this trek up and down the amber road and was like they're heading southward probably returning after completing some sort of a trade run up to I there's a - or Rex in German spaces near body as the gap begins to close there's kind of a brief moment of chicken to see who's going to avert the path as it's only about 10 foot wide it would be a pretty tight fit to get both your troop and their wagons passed do you guys yield or do you continue to push forward just like to suggest my give way there are six of you guys skirt your single horse or things pulling this cart I so faster really than you guys walking necessarily is it is not a riding horse for an early it's a beast of burden so it's about the same pace - you're going but as you guys pull slightly off into the grass the car kind of bumps as it hit some rocks and patches of dirt and thick grass they continue to pass and as they do you see the individuals the one in the front has what looks to be a thick scarf kind of tossed over the shoulder obscuring part of the face which kind of gives like a hand salute up to you as it passes in a bit of a head nod as you if your hand frantically the kind of a bit of eye contact is made and continues past are you know response the first cart continues past hi hi are you going to Nick Oh Travis the next one kind of looks over to you for a second the head cocked a little bit no we are on our way to support zone by way of Nick adronis did you come from Sur - we briefly did yes but we are returning we have finished our wells and we have things to bring back to sell how far is it - sir - this pointings like passed by you and starting this way since with louder over his shoulder he's like from this point is probably around 150 miles thank you the next one continues one after another you begin to get a better look to the ones at the front that we're like pretty heavily covered as opposed to the ones in the back which are a little taller and as you look into the back there's a little flaps and openings in the inside you can see there's like families traveling I nineteen I glancing through you can see the the three wagons towards the backs anymore for transport of people it seems like either these merchants are bringing their family with them for long treks they're not apartment there for so long or their family is just a family of traders or transport you look in the past then you can see there are a lot of supplies behind them but you're not sure if their wares or just their personal goods I feel like making some coin doing a little bit of a show v carts not past you're moving under six cart these people look like they're in the mood to stop what's inside plus five oh where do you see that oh there it is thank you 19:19 I mean they don't look sad necessarily they look like they're on the road you know they're just kind of looking out and keeping guys in the vicinity and by lost in thought you do see a pair of children kind of hard to gauge their age of this distance but they're under the age of ten at least and they seem to be able to relatively aboard I balanced one of the sores on my head and just flashed the cards and see if anybody bites you watches as the young boy is kind of hit this kind of tangled black hair that kind of proofs out of it in the sides he has kind of a deeper brown skin and he looks at you it's bright blue eyes and as soon as you begin balancing that sword he can smiles a little bit and kind of like jabs his elbow into his sister who's a little bit older than him and glancing from points they both kind of point towards you they don't you don't hear anything they just point and smile as their cart pulls away the sixth card making distance from you they didn't poke for parents but so the Caravan Caravan continues about you oh that's very good yes it means that you're on a cart chariot would you normally you know hijack a caravan like that I mean we have in the past if we are confident we can get away with it we we would you could can you get away with something like that there's a lot of people in that Caravan now it seems like a risky maneuver had said pretty big months above there that stealing is wrong but if you did it like could you get her wait a minute we could probably get away with it why you want to follow them and Rob as you know I'm just going off what you said earlier I don't want to change your behavior just cuz you're with us all of a sudden I mean sure let's get you in trouble Oh I'm merely asking a question would you join in and the standoff yeah but I would ask you are you asking because that is something that you have no experience with or you were wondering maybe is that something that we could join you in only because I have no experience in it I was just curious what it was that you might have done you know previously did you hijack Clark no we were more small-time thieves we wouldn't typically hijack moving caravans usually we'd wait till they park somewhere and then just go sneak on and steal something out of the best mostly whatever we can walk away with things with moving carts of that big families and natures they tend to prep you don't know what kind of people are weapons they have with them you always go for a sure thing you know how we're pretty sure that everyone on this road is gonna kill us yeah everyone else thinks that too mmm fair enough but if you need me to teach you how to steal you can tag along sometime mom I take are you up on that yeah continuing on your path I want to ask which two of you are making are taking points in keeping an eye on the road and the landscape around you backfill aggress yeah okay I'll take I'll take around okay used to keeping an eye out on the road okay so the two of you are taking points up until you guys decide to change it when it comes to travel along the road so yes I would like you both currently about an hour's journey past that intersection would get the caravan to make the road just like 18 yeah smash cannon8 actually both of you don't really notice anything oh we take that take that back take that but they've taken both of you keeping an eye out the hills continue to roll you see patches of trees and small wooded areas the grass field is tall but it's beautiful and the light breeze that blows through you can see the the waves of wind as they come across and you can hear the the faint kind of sound of it moving the fields cross looks Klima Bowl that I could get like a vantage point uh there is maybe about 600 feet off the road but you can try and head over there if you want to plus we've been traveling for what about hour and a half two hours that's it total right now you've been playing the road about four hours you should probably rest the horse for just a bit sure anyone want to take a quick pee break yes yes sorry let's go all right so you guys leave the cart on the road or do you take off yeah we take it with us really easily I mean you can it'll you're the progress will slow a bit because you're now taking it through the hills in the field and having to push the cart for the grass so the road but we don't have to go all the way to the tree I get them I'll sit with the cart for the first row I'll stay with all right where are you to do I'm just gonna go check out this tree over here see if I can get a little a little better advantage okay I have a bird they can go probably higher than the tree hmm if you want yeah I can't forget about would you like me to do that well you could I don't want to rob you of the joy of really enjoy I would be actually extremely very pleasant but I do not necessarily need that to feel fulfilled so ok well I will sit in the field then and give him a little trick under their chin and I'll wait before I go away where am I looking for anything specific just people come in people coming all right so as the rest of you take a moment to step off to the side of the road pull out some of your travel supplies to feed the horse give it a rest take some flowers which you can find there wild flowers there they're bright white and kind of scattered and simple but they're but they're beautiful in their own right you all take a bit to relieve yourselves off a little ways off the road you make your way towards that the nearest tree and it's cluster about five or six that are kind of nearby this pocket where it seems like some seeds long ago got dropped by a bird probably over the sky and then proceeded to grow and sprout the tree is the lowest branch is about ten feet up so you're gonna ply us to take a quick leap and try and climb some yeah so there right you see that tree and you go I'll get to that later you sit down in the middle the field I do miss climbing trees your eyes cut off they do miss the bird is flying just for a second I say you know ordinarily I can't hear you but he's the cat almost all the time so this is a rarity and you will be able to climb many trees and many other times just but we should take advantage of him gnome was in earshot yeah a ladybug man's in his nose and kinda goes into his nostril [Music] great there's bugs in my nose does it tickle it tickles a little bit funny be fair your face itches in general just but this year on a Filth it's on there so it's hard it's hard to really differentiate between check for you birdie [Music] glancing over and doing a nice wide pass around as it warm against to gather your things and head back towards the cart the road is pretty open you at this point the the previous Caravan isn't visible from that height the hill is kind of close that distance you don't see anything coming your way so it seems pretty open and safe okay I keep flying though for a little bit longer okay okay okay Kevin feels like childhood you know it's kind of okay okay it's nice of you is there anything carved in the branches and in the tree trunks make an investigation check the tree and easier 1818 no no carvings of names or letters but you do see what appear to be a few knots in the tree that currently have been carved out probably made a home to a number of woodland creatures Wow yeah what do you think lives in that hole very small unicorns have you ever seen a unicorn yes I've seen many okay the little ones can be as small as hamsters pocket unicorn is you yeah where do you find such things all over you just have to know where to look and believe [Laughter] eventually you guys all gather yourselves getting back at the wagon carted back onto the road and head northward another few hours passed before the Sun begins to set as the sky grows darker and darker the clouds from the north-northeast begin to filter in where the colder wind and you get the sense that the warm day that you had is probably coming to a close and who knows how long the current cold weather will keep but the light begins to fade darker and darker until eventually you get the sense that you have about 30 minutes before this field goes pitch black you can see your breath that's cold it's not like super thick but you can sail you could see a little bit of the breath before you should we pull off on the side of the road and get a camp fire going I'd say that's gonna a bit a bit off the road as possible like any trees any base of mountains any place that would be like good kind of sheltered campsite uh there's no mountains anywhere in the vicinity or you're kind of in the center of the rolling hills there are there are the cluster trees you guys could go to it's about maybe 300 feet or so off the road it's three trees it's not it's not a lot of cover but unfortunate you're kind of in the middle of a valley can we get supports over to them yep it takes a little bit and that you spend probably about 45 minutes in pitch dark kind of keeping an eye in that direction before eventually you come upon the tree you can just faintly see the outline of the tree against the the faint bit of light that's making it through the cloud cover you guys kind of stopped right there get the horse living to water and feed and the sights yours so tents turn a fire the circus tents they took an awful lot of time to put up you know oh it would be amazing I've done it it's great oh right this is this is nice - shall we collects in the you know wood and start a fire sounds good find some Kinlan adventures kit doesn't that have like some tinderbox tinder I'm doing it okay shall we sure all right go look for some Danish bridge you be my eyes on the pan we're in a bit of a pit we'll say I'll start digging Oh hold on hold on I pull that rag out and I one little of the dancing lights and I make that hooded land to him again okay use the emergency alright with that light easy enough to find some some small kindling not a whole lot in the vicinity thanks to the mainly being just an open field but you you find a few peaches a few pieces of fallen tree and some general like dead plant life in the vicinity I can get something going yeah so eventually get a fire going it's a little beacon of light here in the darkness it can you can see the the orangish kind of flickering against the interior the three trees as you guys are situated there and you figure you've made it a little under halfway to Al field which is the small city on the way to the - take you another little over a days to travel or if you push ahead you could probably make it in a day but you you can run the risk getting a little tired up to you but for resting this evening of you guys who wants to take decide that I'm gonna pull out my silver thread and I'm going to stop winding a circle around like a 20-foot circle okay fire no bouquet of wildflowers and I give it to not you said old girls like flowers like we do that's very nice of you thank you what what did I do to deserve this my friend tear pores on a for slim cheek [Laughter] I'll take first watch I have a little belt that I have this part of it and that's it I'll sit up with you gesture and take first watch b-1b will say will say for the purposes of expediency on this I'll take 3 perception roles from three different people that are keeping watch throughout the evening so with the setup of your spell you go to rest just are you first oh damn it that's pretty good yeah one so pretty good natural about 10 minutes about 10 minutes into your watch you the inspiration hits for you to just start drawing interesting faces weird trees and you start just sketching into your there you go there you go and so as you begin to sketch down you are not paying attention at all to the air even though you wrote really poorly your watch goes through animated oh so I can watch he's taking that animal perception check please mm-hmm oh that's pretty good that's a 19 whoa okay uh keeping an eye out at this point you see a little ways off it's hard to make it a new shapes because you're human and with the firelight that that's near you it's your eyes can adjust to the darkness as well but there are bits and pieces where the clouds do break and the moonlight comes down you can see what looks to be a distant shape that's just kind of moving through the field maybe about 400 feet off it's just over like just pushing through through the height of the grass and she's kind of moving slowly I want to wake at this moment yep always what you can't see in the dark okay okay let me have a look right we don't want to wake everyone because because we want them to die I think we should probably wait whether it was nothing then they'll be upset with us there's nothing more dangerous no no I was sorry did you say she said she said she said most beautiful there's a thing out there out in the field something is moving in a flanking nigga stealth check linking 18 plus stuff and as soon as I see her do that I start swatting for on the back to wake in my time see you vaguely see like this shape moving but it's hard to see its own custom light all right not as you stealth up and quickly move to the grasp speed eventually you hear this your glance if you can see there is not one but three large Buffalo type creatures that are just gonna lumbering through the field of type creatures or Buffalo you're not sure you're not close enough to see you see they're they're they're bipedal they're thick they're muscular and they have these these large kind of horns that curl off to the side and out and there's there's there's three they're just kind of moving so I quadruped at the camp you're about maybe eighty two hundred feet from it cool I'm gonna pull out a piece of copper wire and remembering the motions that Caleb taught me I'm going to twirl it around in my hand and hold it up to my mouth and whisper a message just to Caleb okay I'm gonna say it's what Buffalo type objects breaches what do you want me to do I don't know so I cannot talk back if you can hear me I don't think you can okay can't you come back together again with a group all right you know messageworks yes I can hear you you can have your suit barely whispers continue back and forth all right okay it's just one it's one back and forth I can talk to him he can reply once that's for one round texting oh my gosh I love it apologies dude over don't you catch it essentially does it go you don't know yeah they're hamsters oh thank you does unicorn answer not what he did he said to come back so I'm coming back for you I'm gonna come back and on the way back just sort of see if if they're eating sleeping what do they do it they're just moving and as you head back to the camp you can see they just pass and continue heading kind of in southwestern direction in the field not making notice of your fire or the encampment it could be good for me we could go kill them and eat them for me to see Beck yes nice scoop he said to do the hand movements and the whispering thing and I did it and it work as simple as that isn't it yes oh I'm so proud of you huh we need to calm down and go back to bed oh but we could have eaten those Buffalo to have cream cheese bug did you wake us up for anyway haha got you I thought we were going to die but it was just three large beasts of burden weight we could use them to pull the cart you sure yeah I mean would okay where are they they went that way the dock you're sure they were just like cows or like donkeys or they could Buffalo I don't know I don't know what they were but they look big and and able to pull the cart are we gonna go after them are you gonna go back to sleep yeah let's go yeah I guess we're going to look at a buffalo let's go I'm still sleeping I'm still sleepy yeah alright so well well Molly and gesture continue to enjoy their continued long rest you all interrupt it to get up and head in the direction of these creatures so I would like you all to make a self-check this alright okay so you guys all as a the four of you kind of shoulder to shoulder keeping low making your way through the field stepping stepping ever so carefully and there's this wow sound as one of you accidentally goes completely foot down onto some sort of a field frog that had been there and as the croak hits you watch this board just when they all just start running away spooked by the sound dude can you tell what they are now that we're closer and single even the perception check if you want it I'd like to be my dark vision disadvantage on you unfortunately in this business it'll take buffalo leg creatures 13 like buffalo your you aren't too familiar with a lot of the the indigenous animals that live or been brought to this region if they haven't been near the port towns that you grew up and you haven't seen these type of creatures before but you know you vaguely know that they're in the ballpark on what a buffalo you imagine looks like let's go back sleep don't step in shuffle nuts hair on the way back to camp I'll take it alright watch watch reception check please there we go thick okay as you keep an eye out there no sleeps throughout the evening eventually you nod off and fall asleep to the rest of it I would like to ask all of you to leave the table please for a moment except for Ford I don't know that's actually the problem get a little actory installed in you again oh god oh no so Ford hmm as darkness takes your mind dreamless like most you await the emptiness of sleep to carry you to the day your sense of body fades but your mind and the dark linger minutes hours days time loses real sense and meaning but you're conscious for it and that is almost maddening in that split-second or endless stretch of experience that you're currently unable to express and as the time passes the air grows colder around here the faint shimmer of shifting midnight blue muted in distance now showing endless depth before you rippling you begin to flail about your senses returning with the dropping temperature but there is resistance to your limbs as you push in the space around you your sluggish there's force it's not air its water you suddenly feel the burning pain in your lungs as your breath fights to escape you but you hold tight you seize in swimmin desperation choosing any direction but the shimmering blue is directionless there is no up there is no down it's just depth movement the universal shadows dance is one right to left with a speed that pulls you along with the current you threw yourself being jostled as it shifts again to the left to right around behind you you find yourself toppling head over end eventually coming to rest again you spiral over and over again the darkness swallowing you tightening around you as this kind of dance the shape this endless coil the spiral around you as the current tugs at you battering you you cannot fight anymore as the increased power of the current pulls on your form you cuff and the freezing waters rush into your body the briny taste of saltwater stinging your insides your wincing eyes open the pain that clutches the interior for chest only to see a gargantuan mass moving through the water around you like a massive noose closing in the pain in your chest vanishes as you're breathing normalizes thicker than air but breathable all the same it feels strange yet weirdly familiar in that moment yellow light bursts before you in the shape of an enormous yellow eye an impossibly low tone rumbles through the waters around you shaking you to the core like an organic war horn the size of a canyon the eye narrows as the tone grows stronger a thought enters your mind a jumble of emotions that your brain attempts to make sense of until a word congeals into the center of your consciousness watching no I just looks at you waiting expectantly what are you watching watching me I kind of opens a bit and leans closer towards you potential my potential what what are you asking of me would you have me learn grow provoke consume [Music] learn grow provoke consumer hi I don't understand reward a reward for this I'm listening patience the eye closes and the light is gone you feel the darkness and the cold completely suffused your entire world as the panic and solitude the true quiet of your unconsciousness begins to take hold at that moment you gasp for breath in your eyes open coughing and sputtering in the morning air forget everybody else come back to the table please all back in watching potential learn grow provoke consume we'll go over the rest later oh yes you are sorry strawberry you should see the other guy as the rest of you have already kinda come to consciousness in the morning air and it begun to situate your belongings and put out the embers of the fire the last to drop pardon throughout the night your morning belches getting up for tis kind of slept in and has been ever so still in his sleep suddenly without warning he suddenly shoots up from his sleep his eyes wide and as he opens his mouth begins coughing and spitting water up you have have I ever seen this happen to him you speak you just hit a lot of water out and you were sleeping little thing yeah no I uh it was like a sizable glass filled with water I'm gonna do something very weird I'm going to walk over and dampen my hand on the water on his chest really quickly and it's it's briny insulting huh why are you drinking salt water you don't know that oh that's a lot of dule yeah it tastes like stomach acid cuz that's gross man yeah no I think it was only one way to find out like a mama bird just everybody have some of what our puked up I don't know but I want to make an inside check that's right here it is a reflux that's weird a bunch of water yeah me go to check yeah okay that's uh pukka pukka that's 22 you taste like a semen I don't know I just don't know I want to shake I want to shake your hand but at the same time you want to I want to smash it so that's not normal seems like he's covering some confusion or at least trying to deflect a dream I'm sorry a vivid one just kind of shook me to my core a little bit that's all I'll be fine really it's not a common thing but why the water though I I don't know you never tell me where you got that sword we're just kids you know I'm sorry it'll get soggy a little trippy when we were fighting the Frog thing so you know as you glance down at your sheath on the ground to dis empty but there is no falchion yeah that sword is uh it's a pickle it's a pickled sword you pick are there benefits to pickling your weapons there's a mystery oh right right he's not wrong no it actually is a pickle you can actually you could taste it's very salty yeah is our going to be all about puns and that stuff it's the lowest form of humor well level three there are some fun competitions that are get serious yeah are you alright fjord yeah I feel funny um Caleb do you remember me asking you about your arcane prowess yeah my small experience with the arcane came to me around the same time that sword did was that not too long ago very recent not before I met up with jester were you in the ocean yeah I was I was did a lot of merchant sailing previously and had one trip didn't didn't go so well it suffice it to say after it was done I found that sword what happened on the trip rough waters yeah yeah did anyone die yeah I'm not real comfortable talking about it but what about to this sword you said you found it on the ocean you found it in the boat you're on you're on an island well I found it on the shore I when I got back to land it was it was just there and I'm I'm not super familiar with a ton of weaponry so the sword I know I was had some training in it but this seemed like a unique sorted I felt like it almost called to me I know how that sounds but when I picked it up it seemed like everything changed and ever since I've been able to do more things been able to reach out with some of the stuff I've seen you do that's what I'm trying to make it up to the Academy I'm trying to figure out what it is I have DM when I cast detect magic in the first game in the tavern did that sword light up yep I don't mean to alarm you no really I'm trying to be as forthright as I can where where is the sword right now can I make it appear well you look down and it's not a knot in the sheath you can surround it's nowhere near you and if you focus rich down he looks down at his open palm and there is a flash of greenish blue teal energy out of his grip and they're clutched within his grasp you see the falchion coated in the remnants of seafloor life you see the barnacles and crusted around the edge and up the back of the blade you see as it begins to just drip water the same kind that was coughed up by Ford this morning you can see why I'm a little curious about this item that's a great trick would you I don't even need to touch it but would you trust me to study it do do you have any experience with items like this well I'm I'm good at figuring things out I'm clever it's kind of obsessed with like underwater life and mermaids so I've read a few books could we could we revisit that idea perhaps I'm sorry the night has left me a bit shaken and I uh I feel like I just need a moment to kind of get my bearings if that's all right yeah you can understand that we would be curious but I don't want to push anybody I mean we've just met of course not and I don't want to make anyone feel uneasy I'm getting trying to be as transparent as I can I just I don't quite understand and I appreciate your patience in advance and I make it vanish watches it just disappears out of your grip and verse says he doesn't quite understand is he telling the truth inside check you need to make a new one 23 mm 23 do I have been I have been as you have the whole story I've just been watching as far as you can tell it's as forthright and honest as you've heard of me that's disappointing do you think they're slowly turning into water nope I hadn't considered that a terrifying thought but thanks I'll just add that to the list if you feel like it's happening let us know and we'll try to catch you in a jar in a jar well I mean unless he runs away we're not gonna let you run into the dirt like you maybe some something can happen in life tell you what I start sweating real hard I'll let you know okay huh does that happen to you before by the way the whole waking up coughing saltwater thing I don't really remember you wouldn't have to remember that far back you said that this all started just a few weeks ago when you made this one I'm not a I don't really remember my dreams all that well they kind of leave me quickly I don't know I've never seen him wake up with water all over him well excited to see what unfolds showing if you're gonna vomit something I mean saltwater is pretty decent it could have been way worse yes it's way better than vomit yeah it's far superior yeah already you're proven to be an asset and if we get really thirsty we'll just come to you in the morning that drinks oh no you can't you can't do that was the saltwater then it just makes you thirsty yeah that's I know it feels like you should be able to be how is horse doing today horse how's horse I was wondering the very same thing actually all night mystery wondering what we would call the horse have a name the nurse said if I'll just make one up I probably had a few names traveling you've gone through a few horses and try not to name them it's gonna be benign we got it - yeah his name was winner's crest if he lived that long that was when we were gonna butcher him I need him you can rename him it's fine it's like a celebration that was the plan maybe for sure we'll just call him W see [Music] ya winters crest and that is what that is a there is a big that's a special treat it means you're gonna eat meat and then you're gonna make some jerky then you're gonna buy another horse with the money you make interesting point too for most of you winners crest would have little meaning it's largely celebrated in countenance to the west as it is specific to a historic event it did not happen in wild malware turnable but your carnival so you guys have kind of more of a vast and strange and celebrate everything always says when is crested it may be thank you maybe bow have I have a read about it but just town but I came from would have like a winners crest festival kind of like how we have Oktoberfests out here all right as you guys look off at this conversation of the horse the horse is currently about 30 feet off in the field just kind of like eating grass into the field for eat a lot of animals you eat a lot of beasts of burden I wondered over to the wagon and I just go and sit down and start drawing we go cuz I need to we're gonna need to spend a little time not over do you know what WC means all right as you guys gather up in the fresh morning air back into the cart as Bo just gets nice and swollen for the morning morning pump fastest is pretty good print oh yeah actually like oh yeah they were talking Vasquez and Starbuck from the new Battlestar both like good character prints for Bo like alright so as you guys bring the cart back up onto the amber Road northward you begin your second day Trek you guys push on for a few hours who is it still Bo and Molly Mach keeping the point okay of mine have both you role possession check please I did until it bounced almost got same samesies eleven five okay calm feels I might be distracted looking for things that I can like pluck out of the fields alright you push on for a few more hours the afternoon starting to get late you can choose soon when it gets dark to set up camp again and stay another evening out in the fields or you get the sense looking at the map that you would procure that if you push an extra hour or so past you could probably make it to all field before the night's done dark it's not a big deal yeah you guys just hunker down in the wagon okay you'd be safe deal it must be nice okay alrighty so you guys push forward kind of pick up the pace a bit the horse and those of you who are on the sides of the card if you wish to you can kind of drag along the side to kind of leave deviate some of the burden keeping an eye out okay the Sun does eventually close towards the serios Mountains to the west and night begins to fall at this point you do see just over the distance in the hill as darkness comes you can see the faint glow a cluster of light and what appears to be a village in the distant Hills and you get the sense this is probably all filled at the perimeter of your vision as you continue to push forward you've now gone into past eight hours of continuous travel into that ninth hour I would like you all to roll a constitution saving throat please [Music] 20 that's cuz you guys are oh no you're riding in the cart riding 16 they're just like strong night as well Wow Rammstein on this other table alright so the three of you take one level of knowledge how do we do that so essentially four per point of exhaustion CS so you have disadvantage on ability checks until you take a long rest to get rid of yeah so like skills all right you guys are you're a few you battle half-mile away from all field and it's it's it looks even at this distance a bit smaller than the entrusting walls where you work you can see the faint clusters of trees and then I kind of north eastern and northeastern sides of the city otherwise it's just kind of in this little pocket beneath a few Hills its but the podunk in size you can gather from this distance but it's it's welcoming there's a flash of orange light in the outskirts of the town just a bike out like a flash okay I mean it could have been arcane it's hard to tell it's quite a ways away that's what this is second one and you just faintly see what looks like the distant curl of flames beginning to spread across what appears to be a roof we just watched someone commit arson you guys that's about how far away let's go keep their ass the fire spreading at all I mean as you sit here and watch ya start yelling at people let's print okay you guys begin to go into a faster jog in that direction as you do you can see the fire is now began to consume a handful of buildings and the flame is reading to flicker higher you begin to hear in the distance a very very faint like a high-pitched Yelp or some sort of a screech it's hard to make it out of this distance it's kind of an open field area and it's mingling with what sounds like now dozens of voices screaming and in twining as you can see the uncontrolled flames still can progressing on the eastern side of the the village you can just see as you get within a few hundred feet the the western side of all field people just running villagers probably a few hundred of them are now just running out of the town as you guys begin to approach towards you and out into the field so as you're approaching they're coming your direction stop one announcer what happened ok as you as you glanced over you see what looks to be a family of five halflings rushing right past you the mother is dragging - the younger ones by the hand while the father is running alongside the eldest daughter probably in her teens the father wears like a leather cap and is like a handlebar mustache and gonna simplify them clothing and as you shadowy kinda makes your eye contact what has happened oh I don't know what happened I started to burn the building of these things at this point you guys can see people more people more are fleeing and as you get closer and closer about a hundred feet outside of the city you watch as the the people the the droves of people are beginning to get at least either the ones that are actively fleeing have made it out of the city or in the process the stragglers are still coming through you see what looks to be a young human man with kind of a scrappy tattered brown hair a bit of blood and dripping down his face running before his back arches a falls into the grass could see what looks to be an arrow for shooting from his back at that point you can see standing up from behind one of the exterior walls of the city a humanoid creature streaming up to about 7 feet tall muscular torso with thin doglike legs he watches the extended neck with spots of fur these ears curled up or does it has a doglike snout to the front of it you watch as it leaps onto the back of this this this fallen villager bites into the shoulder and tears a chunk out swallows it before Greg growl Sudheer have we seen these things you have you've encountered a roving band of these on your way southwards well we don't know what they're called we just fought them you just heard them until they die the flesh grabs the body and then darts back into the city dragging the corpse of the villager that is just killed with it rapidly that's weird so small like waist high and like shoulder high walls they kind of are partitions in charge it's largely a farming say no not at all no he's about all depends on the spells but right now he's about 200 feet from you and he's running into the city and you can see the flames are further in but you can see the orange glow kind of flickering in the distance like a quick scan and see if I see more perception check that's okay 17:17 in the immediate vicinity you do not you see more people from the from the villagers starting to run out screaming you see a handful of crown guard kind of come out and one of them looks wounded and his kind of to the north where they're coming from and he seed the two of them dart off northward into the city what do you guys doing James I chase after the crown guard okay the one that stole the guy will go through the one this we buy is making my spider sense tingle and I know okay like these bees you get the sense at the moment that and there's no active idea that these would be considered and the creature that would draw your attention all right as you guys all kind of are you leaving the cart there on the outside yeah okay yeah we leave the toilets behind am i all right as you guys go charging into the city you're kind of pushing past two fleeing villagers and you can see some of the buildings now have been locked shut and you can see faintly through the windows furniture being boarded up from the inside people are just kind of hunkering down for whatever this assault is as you enter you see the Crown's guard kind of went northward but the the one creature that you saw charged in went straight towards the heart and right now you can see there's two main streets that bisected a small village there's one that kind of goes at an angle northwest to southeast and one that goes kind of right towards the center west to east and as you head towards the center you can see the flames are more near that central square as you guys begin to run can i push past a few more people the smoke is starting to billow up and you can see now there's embers kind of rising and then following these it's like very faint ashle rain of small points of reddish orange light that begin to fall with the ash as you turn around one of the buildings you can see now there's one of the side walls you can see four crowns guard all ducks on behind the wall with crossbows and long bows all come back behind it you can see one that's adorned with looks to be more ornate armor you see a person there with what looks to be elven features but hinted a mixed lineage they have their helmet on the ground showing shoulder-length blond hair that's turned red in places from a spattering of gore through gritted teeth they curse in pain as the bandages are applied to what you can see is a wound right around the midsection the thigh area and other soldiers and the process are wrapping it you watch as they go guy you fool bind the wound don't stuff it goes and they pull a bolt back into the crossbow and knock it at the ready glancing up and seeing you approach they kind of scan past you most of you now with kind of weapons at the ready it seems charging forward you I and you suddenly have a ray of arrows about five or six come over the wall one of the manages to pierce the back of one of the Crown's guard heads falls and crumbles to the ground and they all get lower again and you hear the distance and the the individual looks back to you you are you able bodied and you're out we are golden yeah you look like just go oh not not an gesture do you guys have ways to block arrows two of them Lancet inspire to crossbow bolts over the wall then duck back behind you hear what sounds like heavy Smashing of wood some more barks and gibbering just kind of echoing around the way and you can see now flames curling up to the top of the building that you're all right next to before the small wall that's yeah so arrange yourself as you feel you wish to be over there on the far end Wow what a cool map so if you wish to you can place yourselves where you wish or show me where you want them to go where I would be pressed against the wall I'm going to Caleb I'll hit you on the shoulder and say bless you and I'm going to give you blessing of the trickster just think you see what it sells cuz your score sheet okay so i have advantage on the stove all right and then the enemies are just all over that direction right what a little bit you've looked over to the side you can see there's some up on the rooftops in the distance you can see their dark figure silhouetted by flames and it looks to be other bits of a light that normally fill the the the streets in the center of the city most you can see are just these up here you can already see a few bodies of guards and civilians that are lying on the ground kind of carved open and not moving you see spatters of blood and you still here kind of them barking and giving orders next to each other way is that like are the ones on the roof help over here uh it's hard to say say probably in this neighborhood about 70 80 feet for me so you guys i would like if you're if you're trying to stay out of sight make it stuff to check please those of you with a point of exhaustion you have disadvantage 21:15 that's okay so us as a group at the moment for the moment you guys haven't drawn the attention you're still right next to where there are crowns guard who seemed to be in the process of a firefight with whatever's in this vicinity of the city however you may or may not make it through for the moment unseen and you're not certain how many there are but you can hear a lot of yipping and growling right around this large two-story building that is currently engulfed in flames I have an idea we need to move away from here right forward we do we have to use the cover of the buildings all right I think I can do something that would make them fire many of their arrows maybe add something but not us should I do that and then as soon as they fire their arrows we can run the versions are absolutely burst that's what it's called it's a diversion all right so I will may I man okay I take out a bit of fleece and repeating the words and doing the hand gestures that I've been taught and tracing the image of a creature on the police I will make a silent image of the guard who told us thirty gold of a knoll and I'm gonna have the image of that guard dash across slowly dash across this alleyway like that way okay - yes yeah that not - just sort of walk in a way that he could be easily shot okay interesting point over to certain of the gender this individual oh fluid okay um that long-haired guard individual as their figure leaps over the wall minions making a run towards the center area you watch has about four different arrows pass through its form before one of these Knoll creatures cause lumbering forward and slashing it flashes out to it this know interestingly enough the other ones you see are all no one you saw before the city are you know built in muscular this one seems to be porous with the brief bit of view you can see there's like clumps of fur and looks to be exposed bone and when and part of its skull is just kind of pushing out of its snout with teeth gnashing and as it tears into the illusion kind of claws through a confused and it kind of looks over in our direction as you're finishing drawing your blade across your back what normally would be cold energy suddenly flickers into this beacon of bright white light something clicks in your mind and you're like oh I know you I'm preparing how close am I to this thing this here now would just left down to that section there see us it does I am going to use vicious mockery at it really quickly all right you may I'm giving you all one round preparation before we roll initiative so yeah I was gonna say if you wanted we're in it because of this is a fine so anything you want to do now yeah do it I'm under a few words and my form starts to blink in and out of you and then there is another caleb next to me and another caleb next to me shifting blinking flashing back and forth and it's kind of hard to see where I am okay and is that concentration uh yeah it is alright the concentration marker on you just remember it can also knowing that we're probably gonna be up close Danger Close I'm gonna cast armor of Agathis Oh myself and you see a spectral frost start to harden around my my armor and a shimmering light that's cool alright so that's you that's you your vicious mockery who that vicious mockery I'm gonna look at him with my eyes glowing and my sword glowing and and in infernal say the light comes to blind your eyes and burn your flashes and yeah one before that was a rule the 13-3 I believe it's wisdom correct yeah is a it's a wisdom saving throw so yeah I'm pretty sure that's a tenet isn't that making yes so he's got take some three psychic damage alright and he is [Music] yeah he disadvantage on its next connect role yes and I'm gonna use my bonus action let's go for it I'm gonna activate both swords okay so you drag the other who should hide your payoff yeah all right so you've taken a total of six damage and you're max HP is down by six but you have currently the new invoked right on each blade is actually really fast you may kill say a little prayer to the traveler and I'm going to cast spiritual weapon right above this zombie null and it's going to be in the shape of a giant like lollipop so you watch as this this this flash of purplish energy suddenly operates into the air this this thick like wooden handle this jammed into a massive bludgeoning solid piece of sugar Eagles all right and so with that you can go you can go ahead and make a attack with that as soon as it comes out so make a melee spell attack please okay okay 17:17 does it serve in radiant damage radiant damage nice so as it strikes down when they're from from the creature already kind of watching it sits bones and its form hold on hold on okay o1d eight plus three so 7 plus de 10 1000 that'll that'll be enough so you watch as it kind of pulls back with the infernal shouting of Mollema kind of causing it to to prepare itself for a lunge as it gets low it's jaw kind of snapping open you watch this bits of its skin kind of fall under the ground it does so and right before it leaps when it just smashes it into the ground and it's bones go flying and scattering in every which direction all right so that's that but what are you doing yeah you all won round a prep and so right now you guys you've gone I cast a spell can I also move you can move yeah I would as soon as I the arrows flew by I'm gonna dash across the Holly okay and I'm going to send my duplicate after him okay you'll wear that way yep far as I can do all right and you send your duplicate over there as well alrighty and spoke I'm also going to use my speed dash across and can I can move 40 can i peek into this window and see if I can see anything in here sure kind of easy to see in this perspective you glance inside alright as you glance inside you can just barely see here on the corner the place is tossed it is it is shattered and ruined it looks like it once was once the interior of a small tavern of some kind but the kitchen is wrecked and you can see two of these nulls are in the process of grabbing a large sacks out of the kitchen and pulling them out to the front door on the opposite side of the building look two unicorns inside either side that I would like you all now to roll in [Music] ability check our attack rules no okay don't worry though I touched all your day so they're gonna roll great to me thanks already 25 to 28 20 to 15 1616 already 15 to 10 Wow guys Wow all right 10 to 5 9 6 ok so that order I want them to get a little closer anyway they're all far it's all part of the plan so it's gonna go great Molly then gesture then Caleb alrighty so top of the round as some of this has happened the the the the one Knoll can a skeleton form is shattered under the ground some of the other knowles we gonna look over that direction and see a few of you over by the guards now kind of standing up and darting over the way they're preparing for some sort of whatever is coming but however first around is you but I turned to not drink for my friends get ready I want them to come to this one okay I'm gonna go train get their attention okay make a performance check [Music] whistle has a bit of volume to unfortunately with the sound of all the breaking of furniture them all growling at each other and the general screams the vicinity it's kind of lost in the chaos it's not necessarily a quiet atmosphere to draw a guards attention the the Noles don't seem to care much for a whistle around the window they're more than focused on grabbing and running out the front other way with whatever they're taking is that like I have my action or bonus action oh look I'll let that be like a bonus officials you do we're waiting for something to happen merciful Conan and I jumped through the window and on a before one of them leaves I'm gonna crack them with the staff right a row okay with a forty foot movement that brings you you're able to as you you do as you go through the window because they've mostly shifted into the other room now that's where you see the moving they're not in the room that's closest to you so you go jump through the window over the mast make your way through the living room and you watch as they're exiting the door so you get all the way through unfortunately no but you do manage to make all the way to this door oh they're going out like the back door yeah I thought they were going out that way nope okay just do what you want to do Vantage yeah well here's what you do as you rush through to go after them as they're as they're fleeing out the other side you come to the doorway and you can see there's one no right but right in front of you that that hasn't noticed you rushing behind it it's currently throwing what looks to be a corpse of one of the villagers onto a cart that's sitting right outside of that door that cart which is piled up with other corpses in bags and when everything is they were robbing from the inside of this building have thrown onto this cart you can now see there's four Knowles that are gathered around it in the process of throwing things on to it and it looks like they're getting ready to start pushing it they haven't noticed your arrival as you just start it into the doorway what are you gonna do okay I'm going to kind of double can I I can't move anymore can I no that was your move to get there I am going to spin a key point and do patient defense oh well you as your action you can just go into it that I'm setting key point oh really so here's your bonus action yeah the key point allows you to do it as bonus action but you can just do as an action great I'll do that he's going the doctor kind of and kind of hold back and wait right so you're holding back in the doorway and you're ready to use like the door to help defend you if it needs to okay that ends Bo's turn it's now their turn so one visibly off to the side there is yeah that's gonna be two of them firing they're both actually no three cuz they watched you come out there's three of them they're gonna be firing their bows at bow [Laughter] as this one fires off in the direction of your duplicitous format such as video that appears through that's the only thing you can visually see and with it's gonna stay behind the wall that's three tax disadvantage against bow and they'll have disadvantage they do fine the first one is with a longbow that's a 15 miss right missus so the first one you he watches it just moves past you and slams into the door the next one this guy here whoops that's a 12 into 2 so the other one misses into the wall this one over here is gonna go ahead and fire at you that's a 1700 17 is my armor class so the first two when hits the door the other one he took out of the way the third one comes right and it's gonna it's piercing right towards your chest it's going to deal seven points of piercing damage deflect missiles okay yeah so is the reaction you watch this one irritant all right so go ahead and make the roll but it's not super I'm still level three so it's more of like a cat swap yeah you're trying to like swat it and see if you can carry momentum with it yeah that is seven on the dice plus seven fourteen so you reduce the damage to zero and you catch it Wow if you want to it's been a key point to throw it if you want I'm gonna do it at the guy in front of me who's like right behind me okay so I'm gonna take it I'm gonna catch it and I'm gonna spin around then like a full floor so I'm gonna just throw it like the gambit card yeah alright so as you grab you spin around and throw it go ahead and make the attacker roll what's the attacker oh that should be your I know this isn't a so so you make make a range type of it so well do 20 I do dexterity modifying your proficiency modifier so same as any of your other taxed okay okay okay okay okay sixteen sixteen it's alright so it takes one D April 1 D 8 plus 2 Matt for for damaged soul alright for I've said I wonder if it is to add your damage bonus to it or the original weapon because it is your strength ring it back pardon me folks who work figure out new abilities they can use missile counts is a monk weapon for the attack so you get to add your deck bonus so six total so yeah six total alright so six points of damage sure it syncs you watches the arrow just sinks into the chest of its like thick hide armor the other ones that are throwing stuff under the card hear this commotion and kind of turn around and look at you three of them continue just throwing stuff in the cart faster well the one that's immediately in front of you spins around and stands tall you can see it now looking down at you a full foot and a half almost two feet taller than you [Music] it's gonna go ahead and it grabs a spear off the side of the wall that had lenience gonna try and thrust it at you it saw as this avenging the attack though because you're in your stance that's sixteen miss this one as he goes and thrust with the spear kind of coming off the adrenaline of the deflected missile you go ahead and duck low and then kick the spear upward slams into the top of the doorframe completely misses you he's now almost like stepping into the doorframe completely filling it as you're like backing up into your space and the two of you are just kind of in this very very intense small occupy block these guys are going to begin pushing the cart alrighty so this one here is gonna go ahead and move up to here right around the side of this wall and it's gonna go ahead and take its longbow and fire at you because you're the one they can see this advantage that is 15 miss this one actually you see what at the fire and you grab the front of the armor of the knoll and pull them in front of you and it actually hits the back of his armor splintering because you smell notes you excuse me for a second thank you and as you let him go like like there's this kind of thick oily kind of horrible liquid that's kind of matted in the fur and you've got the touch of it's kind of nasty the smell itself is very accurate of rotting flesh and just mangy fur all right and then that's gonna end all those guys there that pushing me there all right that ends the Noel's turn forward you're up yeah okay with my 30 feet of movement can I wrap around the far side of the house you can go and just it's a cover of the corner 30 that's exactly where you can get now there is an individual over there that sucks right correct you see like it's a longbow and it's currently reaching back and it's pulling another arrow and getting it nosh up forgiveness for at rest I would like to cast world transmission it's okay crown of madness alrighty so what's the same on that one it is the wisdom saving through I believe I'm double check no that's that's an 8 right pretty sure that doesn't so he becomes charmed and a jagged crown of iron appears around his head and madness glows in attack its concentration correct yes it is concentration circle on you already so so alright that is charm target and must use its action before moving each of its turns to make a melee attack this creature other than itself you mentally choose yeah has to be a melee attack Oh Bailey I saw the bows damn the words in this book I can make him move toward something right that you can you okay good I'm gonna have him climb up on that roof and attack that other Knoll that's up on that so bitch okay since it has to use action before its movement you watches it kind of looks up at the top of the roof and leaps up climb scampers up to the side and gets right up into base to base with this guy confusing the other Knoll kind of looks Internet like it's about to help them and it doesn't even notice there's any sort of threat there but it can ta make an attack this right that's fair but can I use my bonus action to use my mask of many faces to make myself look like an oh now they're two they're taller they're too tall well they're they're they're medium they're not two feet tall all right I can only do a foot taller or shorter there it's good enclose you look like a small Knoll but I'd like to do it okay you know alrighty so your runt alright you are visible to a number of nulls in this crop well we don't have any moving to back away from that edge unfortunately I was hoping to just be like mitt because I can't see that far like maybe right here to hit the only guy that could see me on the ground there yeah but you right in the corner of that's how you were able to kind of see him and send him this way right you're the guy on the roof can you see me as well yeah they can they can both see you gesina okay for the rest of the problem here okay you transform yourself into what looks to be a no like appearance all right second you turn that is it all right in the back of the alleyway you see one of the Noles stands thicker more angry and more ornate than the rest of the pack you see what looks to be a heavy scale mail armor across the torso and a large helmet across its head you look as what looks to be thick spines about a foot and a half to two feet long are woven into the scales themselves off the shoulders the back of the helmet and the sides of the armor they look natural unless opposed to metal like almost like just long bony spines that are put onto both to Esmond as an ornate adornment or possibly just a means of defense and it looks scary but it begins barking and steps forward kind of giving motions to some of the other knowles and the ones that are on the cart continue pushing it as it steps forward to there it's gonna go ahead and use oh no he's like a grandmaster no no no next to him already that's gonna be you it's gonna use insight rampage so it looks over towards the one that's right next to bow who's the one that's in the middle of the area with you here's that grins and then gets an extra attack against you with disadvantage and a for defense is helping you so yeah it goes to strike again as it comes out with its with its claws it's putting it spear to the side you made sure go ahead just misses you entirely that's gonna go ahead and it's turn at the moment then it goes to the guards on this end so these guards are gonna go ahead and begin to fan out they're gonna go ahead and find the corner next to you gesture and I'm gonna go ahead and take a shot at the know that's up on the roof next to the one that you have armed shits gonna miss five set it fires and just goes why does he advantage into the rising cloud of embers and flame that's gonna end the guards turn they're getting around and preparing for our next round and kind of glance over there Shireen's ik Molly Europe um I'm going to take a run yeah am I gonna do this am I gonna be this idiot yeah yeah let's be an idiot um I'm gonna take a run to try and get cover at the other house I'm gonna try and run across the alleyway this but yeah - yeah - there yeah but that's you're around that's my round yeah cool alrighty that ends my turn jester Europe okie dokie um I am going to send my I'm gonna send my duplicate out against the wall on this house yeah against that wall she can go up to 30 feet across that space yeah like can I get and against the wall like further in yeah that's good okay that's your turn connection oh yeah I'm gonna use my bonus action to uh I cannot see anything for it attack you need to be able to see a target for it to to attack something oh so you have to be either further out if you murder it as you run across make it move an attack and then continue back running can I use my spiritual weapon yes I remember 20 feet yes is it I think it's 30 feet 20 feet you're right I'm sorry 20 feet alright which direction towards the giant guy and hit him all right 15 15 enforcement does not hit oh okay just misses you watches the shield comes up and just deflects the large glowing mace of a lollipop and then you continue the rest of your movement to kind of drop behind the building so this point you've all pretty much shown your cards that you're here and as part of this fight you were the only one who's up in the air for my action so can i I can I still see my duplicate around the corner right there correct so she's gonna cast you would be able to as you're okay so she is going to use the cam trip sacred flame already against against the same big guy alrighty so these would be things you've done right before you ran across yes basically yes a flame technically I did this before I moved something you know usually you have to do that as party a movement before technically all right so dexterity saving throw that is a 12 oh he has has to be 13 alright so so it takes 1 da points radiant damage yes for so after after the shield deflects the lollipop the flash of ready energies burns across the armor in the torso instinctly puts the shield up to try and deflect the blow from the eyes and looks out and doesn't see where it came from but it singed a little alright that interest errs turn kill but not your up yeah okay I will the big nor correct from everyone you do yeah through okay so I am after a few arcane words on my Brent and a circle of flame spins around my hand and three beams of fire shoot out towards this big guy alrighty I cast scorching away and each one is a separate attack incorrect other so he can make it retracts yeah so first one it's a 16 16 hits the second one is also a 16 of a third one is the 1766 on him 66 yo because they will hit so that's one on six ok 9 it's the six this one oh thank you oh that's 12 and then you've got this 15 on doors oh that is a total of 19 fire damage on him points of fire damage so as the three beams shark out and blasts you see is the the large null kind of it seems to be like a like a pack lord or leader of some kind sees this coming tries to put the shield up a wall three blasts into its armor you watch is flames just burn out of it suddenly as it withdraws and takes a step it just looks angry it looks hurt a little bit but that's angry and I probably have ten feet of movement which I would like to use to move back to where I was and to try to not hyperventilate against the back of this building okay so dead center of yeah okay good all right all right I'm gonna knots gonna poke her head into the window where Bo is inside bo is within a few feet of a body right all right I'm going to shoot the body next to the 15 doesn't open over there for rugged then all that hits our logistics regular no regular no [Laughter] okay so nine points that's including sneak attack damage nine points damage plus fury of the smooth eleven points of damage i walls your level right you livin up low so technically that's ten points a day right twelve twelve thank you so twelve points of damage so as as this knowles in the process of slamming through the front door you can watch the door he's been that kind of bashed inward a little bit of each side and bo is just in the process of dodging and weaving and getting out of the way you find one opening and fire your crossbow bolt goes through the window through the doorway bisecting the two different rooms and straight into the kind of under the clavicle near the heart section of it as it pierces in any coughs of a bunch of blood onto the front of its tight armor it's not dead but it's pretty hurt if it heads yeah it was pretty nasty blow but i will use to climb up into the second floor window alright one next to your right yes alrighty so go ahead go ahead and make an athletics check just to go ahead and that was good but it's disadvantage yeah that's better okay athletics oh no it's just a straight ten and is exactly what you needed easy to get up onto the second floor so as you come up into the second floor you immediately climb and leap up through the window into a chamber that is just filled with roaring flames the heats just pressing into you you see there's a there's a table that's on fire you can see most of the roof is just been burned away and there's there's beams that have fallen and [Laughter] can I use my - was that all our movement know that that was your that was your movement to get up there and you could use a bonus action if you'd like - okay I'll use a bonus action to get is towards the window less fiery oh it's still burning but you're gonna have to leap over the flames to get back so make sure I'll say make an acrobatics check to try and like leap over parts of broken no it was two threes you make it a cross you leap onto the first beam in breaks in there like leap again high your boots are on a plate on fire and you're like I'm gonna Pat them out real fast you do Oh No yeah suffer five points of fire damage getting across the room rough rough but you know you're in an area where it seems it's just embers and most of the flame is catching behind you for the moment you get the sense it might begin to spread in the next minute or so but at this point you're not immediately in the threat of flame and you have a look down in the entirety of the courtyard there with a little bit of cover hey I thought you considered half cover up in here half cover alright that finishes at this point you can see the the skeletal Knowles that are out there all at once kind of turn and begin shambling forward there's one this way it begins to run up and then take a swing at your duplicitous form we're striking out with no effect this one spins and comes up into bow and then there's one that emerges from I point out I've been doing it wrong because I was thinking of my dues look at as like trinket was which had like movement the same as me and it is a bonus section to move my doing in which I did not realize so well I'm gonna stop doing that that's okay we learned with the new ability so your duplicate is somehow less useful than trinket alright so as either the doorway here another one of them burst through and runs to the back and it sees the direction where gesture is in the process and uses its action to just charge up into combat with you it can actually can attack this term but it's just right up to you it's like gaping vacuous skull open sockets trying to bear down on you that's gonna end there go except for the one that's striking at you bow well if that's not one of the skills that's gonna be with disadvantage 17 minute 17 heads looking hit its it bites out towards you with it's kind of broke into the jaws and you suffer 6 points of piercing damage as the jaws clamp down your for army like Oh God and it's like pushing now through trying to find a space next to the larger null and they're both just currently blocking the doorway from your escape I'm kind of doing like the animal control thing I mean like no know which by the way top the round bow your go ah my go okay let me put these hip points in Bing Bing Bing Bing apply changes yeah maybe no okay my way let's find if I can't move her bonus actions all the time yeah but that's my spiritual check she may move if you move away from her like 30 feet she might just come with you 120 feet oh yeah this is taking differently fire okay I am going to okay I just try and do something creative I'm gonna take the arrow that not just fired into the guy's chest I'm gonna grab it can I rip it out with my off hand and spin around and stab them back in the blade awesome all right so go ahead and roll for your first your your main attack that's a that's a 10 a 10 you pull it out and there's like normal pain to Yelp as you yank it out as you spin around and attempt to Simon its back its giant thig kn'l arm slams into the doorframe and blocks your ability to pass for you actually Oh kind of get caught over its arm you have to withdraw okay and I'm gonna take my other off and attack the one that just bit down on me I'm just gonna like rip from it and then just elbow crack it right in the nose the one that just beat you alright go for dammit it's 11-11-11 doesn't hit unfortunately a lot of little whipping on both sides when it comes around bow but as you try to strike on elbow it does strike its skull and it watches this jaw connect unhinges and it snaps back into place I mean I mean you can as it but if they use the key point to do - as your bonus if you have it to flurry of blows I always wanted to do a key point to do a patient defense again but oh no he's usually bonus action yeah sorry you want to move in you Steve you are um yeah can I back up into the house and close the door uh the door frame is pretty banged up you can try let me try sure all right so backing up taking a step back well they both have or the one has spear so you're still in its Emelia range as you trying close the door good tax opportunity on you hound I'll say okay so you say they're kind of holding their position all right that ends Bo's turn the no let's go so if we do anything the one that is right next to the guy on the on the wall what do you want to do well melee so if he has a weapon or anything hit him and if not just push knocked him I've learned over the spear or you can make a shot up to you spear all right so so the spear attack it's going to go ahead and as it climbs at the top rushes out with its with its arm go ahead and make attack roll for me oh okay Plus anything I just plus five oh that's a twenty plus four that's 19 19 19 definitely hits alright so go ahead and roll one D 1 D six damage plus two six dudes with two hands technically so with me one D eight 8 nine 9 great so with that it's shams the spear of both hands into its friend and then okay yup some grabs and pulls that looks at it confused and angry trying to figure out what exactly happen as it does so it's an attempt to shove it off though off the wall that just hit it so that was right make a roll for the Athletics check of the other know my modifier it's it's 16 plus 2 beat it beat it roll the 17 so after he gets stabbed it it looks back in the null they each took control and just like Sparta kicks it off of the edge of the roof it then slides and tumbles down landing onto the ground thrown right next to Molly it suffer one point of falling damage yeah on the ground Molly watches it stumbles hits the dirt next to you it's like he watches this kind of mystical crown of weird iron horns are kind of floating above its head alright the things of his turn with this this guy's gonna go ahead and move forward and advance let's see the side this isn't this is unfortunate for Bo partially this one's gonna go ahead and fire Bo this one actually can seem not right it's gonna go ahead and take a fire and this was anything a shot it not as well actually so one attack against do you bow on both Mike from that Knoll there that's gonna be 11 missus I actually hits the wall embeds itself into the side of the door frame the - Tecna you not you do have a partial cover on these guys so have come up with a plus - gonna Stacey great so the first one is going to be it's going to be a 20 hits alrighty the second one is a huh no its natural - all right so the one that does hit you you suffer nine points of piercing damage yeah a lot of 9s tonight as the arrow suddenly whole arcs upward and hits you like right in the side of the jaw and carves through part of your neck that way before it exits the other science a big gash wound in the side doesn't quite hit the jugular thankfully but it is pretty messy as you're starting to believe down the side yeah I don't have some decent name all right that one alright these guys here continue to push forward that way and they're gonna use their other actually push forward this guy's gonna go ahead and throw another body up onto this as the other ones pushed it like you don't get quite as far because one of them stopped pushing but they're going to get from that the one that's snarling there it's kind of watching them vanish behind this guy around the edge is going to see actually seeing you Yelp up in the window is gonna go ahead and take a shot at you sure Bose currently being dealt with two of them and you're up in the flames right now that is going to be a 15 do not believe it no this one does actually strike the ember wood on the outside and breaks through but it only comes partially out as actually embedded missing you by like an inch as you can already that finishes the Noles turn I believe oh this guy's going to turn and take a swing about this beer two hands that is sixteen on this sixty misses yeah swings out and you actually catch you catch the spirit off to the side and you're now but I'm in like a strength tug-of-war with its own weapon or not alright anything there go that goes to Ford stir crime anticipate can I go ahead and send using my action to maintain it can I send that stupid ass back up the roof let me double-check something no I don't know that's the case more that well not just that it's it's it already moved on its turn it takes its turn you just have to spend your action to maintain the spell so won't do anything on your turn okay so either you just continue to maintain the spell and the next turn it's still under your control or you do whatever you want to in the next turn like super advantage I'm hitting him super advantage I'm up to you yeah it I'll drop it and I'll I'll run I'll come into the street down the down the way thirty thirty feet what I look like at all and well concentration gun that's right yeah thank you that's what I still look like an old thank you and that will be my my turn all righty are you holding your action to do anything oh no I guess cuz I dropped it I have it yeah you have your actions you didn't maintain spell but my action I'm gonna cast hex blades curse on that big son of a bitch yeah I believe it's that bonus action I do that isn't even probably make it to get in his face alrighty with my action I will eldritch blast from where I go Thank You tackle good news that's 15 plus 6 21 that hits gun real damage amazing one day 10 8 + 4 12 plus it adds something bonus to the damage roll sorry I should have looked this more Han 2 14 14 points 8 points of damage so as you rush up you watch as this this kind of squatter Knoll saunters out in the middle points to the sinning leader of this cluster and as it does you watch as the suit and Ashton the ground begins to fix itself around the inside of its armor holding it in place that seems for the moment and with the other hand holding the suddenly appearing barnacle studded blade you've unleashed this blast of eldritch energy that slams into the center of the armor you watch the energy kind of courses through all the crevices between the scales that are overlapping and as its fades you watches this bit of steam and blood kind of out of its mouth it turns right to you its head turning we'll get to that what's your turn okay it's his turn now now it and goes running best days there rushes up towards you you watch us previously it just kind of had this large pull on its back it pulls it and brings it loose as you see a large two-handed glaive come swooping which doesn't actually have to get it can get to there and still hit you because its reach so as it runs forward it brings it down it's gonna multi attack you twice with it okay first one is gonna be a 21-2 hit oh that'll hit and a 17 minutes both hit oh boy yeah I got the armor it deals damage when you hit me oh that is eight points of slashing damage in the first hit when as the large pull armed with the ax leg hooked blade at the end of it you can see the same spines that are in its armor or kind of a fix to the edge of it and it slams down towards you the armor burst this cool energy back how much damage a so I got 10 temporary hit points at a second level so he takes eight points of cold damage slick second strike that is gonna be four points of slashing damage with the second stretch so he'll take two points of cold damage and I'll take the other two points and he does get back inside rampage at which point he's gonna go ahead and glance over towards the knoll that is hmm the grassy knoll yes thank you Sam all right yeah the only only one that can currently seated to merely arrange the moment cuz the walls there it's gonna be the one next to Bo no really thank you cela sincerely so after it strikes you twice with the glade you watch these bits of ice shards gonna spray off with each blow kind of now fixing to the ash and the energy that's kind of instilled its armor after you blasted it it looks over to the one in front of MoMA's and it kind of glanced over shoulder and the renewed strength pulls the spear free from your grasp and goes for another strike against he was a reaction bad dog [Music] that's gonna be nine seven points of piercing damage alrighty that's gonna end his turn and the guards back here I'm going to come forward they're both gonna fire at the one in the rooftop the first ones miss the second one is the sixteenth and it's so that would be guy and it's an eight plus two so it's ten points of damage which based on the the the crown of madness damage took earlier from the Spears enough to finish it off so you watches it on the top it goes and draws and arrow and pulls it back looking down at you as you're kind of down in the square and then one of the or the guards pulls its cross bone it stumbles back and falls dead on the ground okay here we go here we go alrighty that ends that one the other guard over there they're gonna go ahead and move up to the side and step out now then it seems to be opening and it's gonna fire towards the skeletal mole that is currently in the process of press and the image that as far as their concern is just gesture it's gonna be yeah it's with an issue used to this is their get up in that I don't want to get a whole bunch of sunny great your face with that pulls out the heavy crossbow and fires and does 11 points of damage which is enough to shatter this skeleton old with her link just falls to the ground and breaks into a scattered pile of bone bits and dried null flesh that ends the guards turn Molly you're up um I'm going to stab this thing that just fell right in front of me I'm just just gonna stab it is prone so you have it I believe you have advantage against it yep with each attack so question about right of the dawn do I add one is it just two plus three or is it just my wisdom or is it also uh well the whizzing exponent the wisdom bonuses against undead creatures correct okay and this is not an undead creatures it isn't not this one is there are undead creatures as part of I on there are none there so so it's just straight right damage it's so it's a 1.d4 it's just the extra one before okay just checking that good how about that's how that works okay cool so that's see if I hit thank you um 1313 unfortunately misses the first strike oh my gosh you swing downward on the ground it kind of scrambles about and pulls its shield up just in time to and your blade catches the edge and kind of embeds itself an inch into its hit me I hit it with the other one you kind of use your one play to push the shield off at the side is it stillborn in and try and jam downward go ahead come on Oprah 21 hits damage so that's uh that's five six and a it's nine points of damage nine points of damage alrighty so you managed to jam underneath and kind of hit in the chest it kind of shrieks the paint hey-oh pushes the blade out of its body almost like a sheer flexing of its muscle and it begins to try and get up off the ground it's hurt but it's still they still stand right before about be standing in a moment you might move if you'd like to um yeah that's right cuz I can break combat within it doesn't matter is that right at this point just getting a sack of opportunity it does get in type of opportunity but it has disadvantage oh oh can i I'm going to there's no way I can circle around upon to the up onto the wall is there under the wall a little Vantage on him you could I will be able to hop on cuz I'm gonna head that direction afterwards okay alright so yeah and that way if you tries to run or do anything I can that's with them cool that's fine Molly your turn is over jester Europe yay I'm going to run away from this guy that's next to me mm-hmm and like I'm gonna run out into the alley so I can see people okay as you rush out it takes a swing and pecker opportunity towards you this is gonna be with a club that has this heavy wooden club in it makes a giant arc towards you as you speed away that is 19 can I use a reaction I can yeah I'm going to say I am whatever you are glue and you said let's review kaboom well first that the club hits you take five points a bludgeoning damage okay fine as you can turn around and you say that at him and unleash your hellish rebuke he used to make Constitution saving - I believe it is right I'm applying my changes to my health watch you have Constitution 66 which it does not make seven so it's up first to d-10 : so how much do you owe nine is becoming a thing alrighty so as you dart away you release this your fury and anger and you watch as suddenly this this kind of blast of cold water and ice energy kind of bursts out of its body the inside of its kind of somewhat cavernous ribcage is now filled with frost crystals kind of jutting out and breaking parts of the ribs it looks heavily damaged [Music] all righty so actually no and my bonus action yeah so for my bonus action I'm going to send my lollipop towards the giant guy and try to hit him all right at the same time I'm going to cast no guiding bolts okay with you know I'm gonna do like a little flourish in like pink energy comes out all right gonna make your spell attack okay okay smell attack oh well that's good that was a 19-9 radiant spiritual weapon it's gonna roll the emotional spiritual nice all right is that a new turn oh I'm gonna use the rest of my movement to run over and try to get behind this wall you're working over there that's 20 you have 10 more feet so you can get like there Oh that'll where I was gonna go to the brick lock oh well it'll do get on doors necessarily don't take it's considered rough terrain so you tend to kink it all the way on the other side you can climb up onto it all right so that finishes your turn you as you as you finish blessing with a guiding bolt at the same time is it slams and sparkles you watch as a lollipop club is down onto the back of its head all right did you turn on okay I start moving back towards the same vantage point ahead before and I see gesture above me and I see a guy over there covered in ice and I whip around and the diamond comes up and I go flees and I was about to make it acid but there's ice everywhere so it's ice now chromatic orb off to the big guy in the middle right there of town square yeah alrighty go ahead and make the attacker yeah that's mrs. entire day it spins and hits the ground you watch this ice crawls up the side of the building I will say this is it does manage to put out part of the fire press my back against the wall righty that ends your turn not OK just a little perspective here the the thing the Noles pushing away the cart how many are there and and what are they well there are currently what looks to be three that are gathered immediately around but in the process of pushing it and they're getting momentum is it's going I know obvious like weak points on the cart or anything make perception check okay let's see you bonus action to do so you got a wheel oh it's conceit my bonus action to do so then I will not look at like I'm sure it will but I don't know if I could kill one on one shot so instead I will using my goblin feet claws just kind of dig in and I'm gonna go upside down so so I can see into where Bo is one of the ones next to her so so as you didn't hang down you watches your hood and hair kind of hangs upside down you pull the crossbow down and you're watching that the tension of the bolt is holding it in thankfully otherwise it would just fall from Sandown standpoint and you fire so you can go and make a strike technically there you have to that you're in view of here they both have they both had 3/4 cover because of the nearby door and the one that I hit before ok so that won't go for it ok that is 1777 Tina would hit if it didn't have 3/4 cover just gives a +5 bonus to AC unfortunately it's just the large part of the doorframe in the way and there's bow in the way and there's just a lot going on in that moment so as you go in fire it just zips past and slams into part of the now broken door that's coming off the hinges cool I'm gonna go pop back up to the top floor and use my bonus action to hide alrighty go ahead 10/10 ok so you get down low but your hood and hair is not alright that means you turn that this is going to rush forward pursuing gesture as it been slammed and that one's gonna go ahead and attempt to continues just wail on beau that's gonna be a 15 against beau yes this is yours like look out of the way as it tries to bite towards you like slam your elbow no it's not knocking it out of the way you're just holding on holding off on this doorway the one that runs it towards you is gonna go ahead and attempt to hit you again with a club that is gonna be a 1984 sir it is it says six points of legend you damage the club keeps you in the back of the head is you're just coming over the stair or the top of that wall and you have to catch yourself from tumbling face-first into the dirt on the other side you've managed to catch your footing on top of the wall but it's now like up and it's in combat with both you and the guard from earlier all right that insert on top the run oh you're up oh okay okay um okay I'm gonna just kind of taste a little bit of blood that's now in my mouth real pissed off I'm ready dude like a kind of Star Wars style flourish and just go crack down to the one who's the new guy oh this golf one there's a skel torna there's the one that's been fighting you this whole time let's do the which one that looks like he has less damage one has been damaged yet but it looks a little more fragile the one that they're shot by not earlier it's still had like let's do the skill today all right go for it go the attack come on the 14 hits astronomer class is the other one so okay um eight points of damage eight points of damage that one's already been damaged previously as you bring the staff down with both hands whack you slam right through the center of its chest and clavicle you watch as the torso breaks and folds from the weight of the bloke the skull kind of tumbles off and hits the ground and it just falls into a pile of bones and rags I'm gonna use my bonus action with that momentum gonna stick the staff in the ground and use that to lift myself up and do it to 2-footer kid yeah go for it singleton um let's do flurry of blows all right third key point nope this is my second Mike you did the nukes he deployed earlier didn't you I did but you I did it as an action and on a bonus section and you said I didn't have to evacuate no afluria blows I thought I did I did one patient defense I did one flurry of blows the patient offense you did the dodge action is an action which didn't technique give me a key points right um you spent one you in doing the floor you literally are doing deflect correct and then one never get one did you flurry blows rights is your third one no oh you have this is the first floor I blow some dirt I'm sure I was always asking my computer all right coals to go for it um okay and I don't remember what this was what I wrote right okay who's not good ten ten against him nope okay don't kick both feet forward ones one hits and skims off the shoulder the other the other okay fifteen the team's just hit seven points of damage yes all righty based on the damage that you had seen earlier and the blows from earlier as you strike them with the other foot you snap the side of his jaw breaks out and as he kind of stumbles back or you take visit back of the staff and then crack up underneath the jock snapping the neck the rest of the way it kind of falls to the ground no longer moving yeah okay soccer movement okay and now I'm willing to look around and now step back so I'm not in there with that this one's gonna stand up I know I'm normally the one with shaking hands well it's more just in everybody's walls are not the most three three up sense of it to you oh that's unfortunate this one's gonna go ahead and step forward into the way this one's gonna go ahead and join in on there this one's gonna go ahead and alrighty so those three and now within the visual range yep these two are both gonna go ahead and take shots at Chester this one's I had to take a shot at Ford so two longbows I mean you're directing that's a 20 and the natural one second one misses so you suffer okay that is eight points of piercing damage as the arrow sinks right into your torso right in the stomach area and kind of pierces through and you catch it with your hand but it's still a few inches into your actual exception and then there's the one over here that's that turn around and sees you now engaging with the current pack leader 15 all righty so that's gonna be six points of piercing damage okay as this one now slams into the side of your knee and kind of kind of hits the meaty part so think it's not locked in though in the Bowman or any of the joint but it catching the sign you feel your kind of buckle a little bit of that side from the pain understood this guy over here it's gonna go ahead you know he's gonna leap down I mean helping you push the cart and with that the cart pushes another full 40 feet and is currently off of the how do we feel about the card I can take a shot at the carpet I mean what was one arrow gonna do if we can take out people pushing it already that finishes it's gonna go ahead and take its spear and tempted to hand strike at you that is a bow I thought both 13h I don't think they know it it does not get ya you on the wall kind of dance off the way not an issue kind of leave as it goes up all right come back bends the Noles turn before Europe yeah great awesome sweet can I use eldritch blast against the big the big guy because he didn't get any closer for a melee attack right he's still well you're still in within his attack range he's he's he has the glaive so you do a disadvantage on it which blasts imma move out of his attack right does that give him an attack yeah I'm doing that anyway I'm gonna move back back towards the corner where I was going right there no all the way back yeah back towards my original hiding closer a pull back to the corner there as you pull back he takes a step forward and he reaches out with the glade to try and strike you nope that is a 23 to hit 10 points of slashing in oh hi classic as you back wait sharks downward now out of his melee range Eldridge boy oh good that's not great 13 he's not hit now that it's seen the blast and you see it effort strike some kind of grins you hear this yeah where it's breath you turn around and go to strike out with the o j-- blast and it kind of pulls one of the other knowles nearby and Yanks it in front of him just as the shield kind of takes it off and sets him back in place flex it with its own guy nice nice is that what is I'm pulling around the corner gonna use my bonus action to just drop the stupid run Tino look I have you on certain bars I can get just around that corner do you work the car can what time I you covered all right that ends your turn yeah all right the leader the leader at this point kind of makes us like loud gibbering sound that kind of echoes throughout that the ally turns he just runs off to pursue we're at level three that's got to be an acceptable option right turn the guards now who have notched their crossbows again I'm gonna take shots I have both of those guys right there - and them leaving I'm taking a slice at this guy again for I don't have advantage any weapon he's not throwing any more course also slice number one ah sake 10/10 is not hitting personally like that hits thank you 23:23 we'll hit go and roll damage mmm that's five points of damage and two points of extra damage - so aliens yeah all right all right so the first one you swing it kind of ducks out of the way and attempts to KY and try and string a strike upward with its spear as you do you knock it to the side with your with a scimitar that missed and then with your other hand strike down right across the space you are through and you actually carve one of the eyes in Twain you see a large red mark where you've split part of its face and it's hurt really bad it's still standing there's just wardrobing out of the socket where it's ruined I'm I'm I'm gonna try and circle around it to get out of the way of the the arches I'm gonna hop back off and get to get behind him do that problem saying like they did leapfrog off of him like Travis his shoulders and land behind him scimitars at the ready okay ending Molly's turn Chester you're up what about the guards Levi's ready man oh she didn't fire sorry I think we're ready man the other guards did go she did not they did not going to attack this skeleton one that's like right here both of us so they they they throw their crossbow to the ground and pull out what looks to be a Morningstar and as a sideswipe towards this pits five plus eight points of damage so that one I don't think you've damaged that one yet right yes I had I did the helis tribute to it that's right you did that was the wrong way all right so yeah with that they swing backwards with the mace and hit the side of the skeletal had wood shatters community upon impact I'm so surprised that fall off the wall you tumble already so that gesture your turn okay um okay I'm going to are either of those two nulls over there damaged from what you can tell nope okay well I'm going to I'm going to use my giant lollipop and like it's gonna swing in there a couple times when you try to hit one like a bat go for it okay this is the one you licked okay not a good luck charm Wow as it swings in here and spins they both just kind of take it one step back in it it's the dirt they both look each other alright I'm going to cast cure wounds on myself already and then I'm going to leap off the wall with great flourish and land next to Caleb okay yeah no that's a good idea I'm going to land next to the guard okay and then I'm going to skip the way to the building alrighty that ends jester's turn Caleb not Europe oh boy okay I'm just going to do my same dog and pony show trick I'm going to go to the corner I should be able to see two or three Noel's I think over there yeah yes over here okay so it starts to burn in my hand chromatic orb I'll get whichever one that's the one I'm going to go for ready come on let's go that's a 17 minutes thanks killeth and that is 3d eight so whereas my excited I that is this is fire on it's 11 points of damage to fire nice so as it bursts into it you see the Ferb burn and sin Gingka that's it out and the flames kind of sit beside you see it's charred and burnt and see the simple flush is kind of crack and blackened but it's still it's injured but standing okay and I inch back again and say if it didn't broke don't fix it not there's two nulls in front of me that I can see you see those down there the one just got blasted with the familiar fiery explosion of Caleb's chromatic orbit yeah the other one I will I will point at and I will remove a tiny rotten tart from my from my pocket and crumpled it onto the floor and take a feather and move it around the crumbs and and and say hey what happens to a frog frogs wagon really when when it breaks down it gets towed away hideous laughter that is a natural alignment what did you see c-13 all right groan pain is just the hideously and despises himself before the one who was blessed with the fire the one that was sometimes untouched strong you watch as the one that was currently untouched that was drawing another arrow glances up in years ago just laughing this horrible hyena chuckle this is billowing out into the street clutching its stomach dropping its weapons to the side just rolling on the ground its friend next to it is like looks up and sees you all right now he's my bonus actor died okay that's 13 okay that ends your turn oh there are no more the undead types so they're nothing but you're up okay I step out of the burning building kind of sauntering like a badass John Woo film and looking at this one I go hey your friends have an inside joke without you pointing at the guy as soon as he turns like a whack like a baseball bat he glances over to the site looks back just as you're already in his face damage the 13 sorry sorry 10th nope 1111 looks damaged if you watch this about five or six Knoll teeth go flying from the image on kinda Quivers of spittle and blood goes careening off the side of the impact it kind of falls and stumbles if you want to follow it up and I'm gonna take and when it's just using that momentum do like a helicopter flourish above a good rack down over top go forth that's a natural my team it's Colonel damaged that's technically an offhanded right so it's d4 for this one but reasons dr. Porsche who doesn't forward so eight points of damage eight points of damage what it's bringing down over the top of the head it falls and gets up it's days it's beaten within an inch of its life it's ready to go it's barely standing at this point like one eye is kind of lolling around and trying to find another one it's kind of swollen shut now and can't actually see anything it's in a bad place I'll hold okay that ends your turn both so the guy in the ground is just laughing his ass off it's good it turns at the end of its turns gonna try make a saving throw no that is a - it is still laughing on the ground this one seeing kind of it's the rest of the eyes run kind of turns around and it's just gonna run you just hit how they are over there this one see another one for me you're gonna chant to try and flee after an opportunity advantage on that you do not go but that's still good 18 the hits will amateur um eight damage and you knock and crashing to the floor he tries to run you just gonna hit him and you watch them just kind of take a few steps and skid and fall onto the ground and is not moving the one over here who is not currently in the process of knowing that everyone else is fleeing it's been stuck over here it's gonna try and take a spear attack at you Molly I'm gonna I'm going to use my I'm gonna snap at him I mean all that good natural 20 on the first no no no a disadvantage that brings them to a 15 that is my armored car so just it's you it's nice gonna go dark and it pulled back and still you it seems to have a sense of the sense of smell can still find your area your replacement the vicinity and as you can't pull out of the way it still managed to find Shushan oh the spear pierces in kind of right around was hip is putting your teeth that's gonna end its go yep gonna hop around the corner again and I'll go ahead and use my 30 speed to close in on the prone doubt very great and I'll use eldritch blasts to get set alright so there's this abandoned drawing instant 1111 that's just rolling around in the ground he just kind of it's difficult to find a proper this shot and you fire it hits the dirt next to sending a bit of like dust over it it stops laughing for a second is the dust kind of pretty just laughs even harder that's the actual dust that's my turn all right so that ends your turn all right the guards go the leader just continues to run and is now disappearing into the smoke and ash you don't have a visual in the card at the moment it's now kind of pressed into where a lot of the fire is and it's obscuring their escape these guards are gonna move forward as they load their crossbows and they're both actually you know because he's in the ground laughing you're coming on that one they're both going to turn to fire the one that's in front of Molly it has it does have our 3/4 cover because of the wall and they're trying to help you out guards guys yes it's the wall in the Plex it's hard sorry that does it that is a 21 actually so that does even with the bonus to Armour pass from the figure discovered still hits so and with that as it's now is there anywhere that spear after stabbing it pulls back and he watches a cross one moment out of his forehead its jaw gonna go slack and just falls to the ground dead come on don't you want to ask that nameless guard how he wants to do this there's still one left on the ground which will say for the purposes of narrative here who who wants to do this Caleb yeah say well we come back around it would be Molly's turn jester than Caleb in Knox so whatever you guys want to do in this one before things back let me know I would like to jump down from the wall and run as fast as I can after the leader in the cart Oh disadvantage Jesus 11:11 you jump off this time you land you do suffer four points of bless me and damage as you hit the ground and your feet buckle and you actually slam in your face hits the dirt well you use a momentum to scurry back up and then getting to move forward you get and if using the rest of your I need to make a concentration check by the way oh so make Constitution saving throughout this you can take oh this is saving throw that's not correct this lavish 16 yes you maintain control the his life okay so you rush into the cloud of ash after them and you begin to see some of the shapes ahead of you of the Noles they're pushing the cart here you're still behind them by about 30 or so feet and right as you rush forward kind of darting in you can like the heat from the embers into your lungs kind of burn and you put your mask over to pin a block and help filter a bit with the cloth and bandages and right as you rush forward you see the back of the the heavy armored leader that's kind of - he's bringing up the rear where the cart is any turns and sees you as soon as you finish your movement - ah it spins and looks kind of in your vicinity see that you're alone God takes his Gallade and closes the distance with a giant downward swing is it his move or is it his turn already at this point the the narrative timing I was that way - I thought we were still yeah well there's some nuts after you okay so yeah we get to go cuz not just jumped it yeah yeah alright go alright watch let's roll it back a little bit here see how this helps you alright that's fine so just her Molly wait that's mine I was running I was gonna run to see where the cart was going okay full full - okay so as you sprint to awful say from a a oh so you were the full - you don't quite get as close as not done no I wouldn't is not it's much faster is he triggering my spider-sense at all no okay centrally spider-sense I know but like you know what it's a spider sense know what I mean you're you're about that far but I would say I catch the guy laughing on the ground webcast and inflict wounds go for it so it's a it's a melee spell attack correct you have advantage on it because he is currently incapacitated that's right yeah well that's that's all the oh my god Rowley rolled the dice 1326 as he's laughing in your image walks up with a skip bends down and touches him he's like and just like suddenly withers into this like this thing was completely dried-out husk of what the no one's was the life force drawn and cast out of his body he stops laughing and then the bodies kind of falls like a mummy to the ground you're your duplicate can cast spells yeah that's why it's not it's more fun if I can move her that's why it's like a bear alright so finishing those turns back to the top well no I would have leaned out fights okay it was dead and no enemies I would use my movement action to move further up to the corner not much besides that but join will Ford and the duplicate are okay alright so Vince your turn it's something both usually hearing you say that would be like I guess we're reship and I'm gonna take off running after or not okay 40 feet speeds you manage to catch up right around basically where Molly's you have you have a key point left I do do you want it to use your that would just get me yeah I'll save it for right now okay I but I can see not and I can see the guy can see the colors a cloud an ash embers kind of pushing into the atmosphere now the nearby buildings are actually in flames and engulfed on the side here that was a double movement to get to there yeah alrighty so as you're you and Molly are can about 15 20 feet from each other and ahead you can see the shape of knot and you see the the leader of them and you can now see from nearby buildings about 10 other nulls are all gathering around the cart and it's now like they're all they're all leaving they're all carrying giant sacks on their back they're all dragging bodies and corpses behind them no this wasn't the only Knowles that attack the city this was just our little patch our know patch so finishing Bo's turn perspective for the rest of the Knowles continue pushing the cart a few join them in giving it or mentum and about six more them kind of began stepping up flanking the leader who's now staring at the three at the time yeah I'll run forward using my thirty feet but I will call out not get back here that in sports turned the leader yep kind of see sees the three of you there puts the glaive away with one hand turns around as he draws his long bow and arrow right at you that is a 17-2 hit no that is eight points of piercing damage the arrows two strikes not in the chest oops falls unconscious onto the ground the the ash and embers just starting to spill over his unconscious body with that ya can make to attack so it's longer is gonna make a second strike now this one is going to be at maybe you can't decide in the moment this will be before Molly that's a natural 20 that is +3 21 21 points a piercing damage gotta be nice it's crit hoo I'm down Oh Molly goes down and with this movement he puts the bow back away and just keeps walking I'd arrest I grabbed for Knowles and I say just wait wait you watching has the form all of them kind of turn around and they all begin to gather you here like this cacophony of different gibbering cries in the distance as they're all starting to call themselves back to leave the city and they all step into the clouds of smoke and ash in the distance before eventually all the shames disappear I wanna dream and watch them as far as they can to kind of try and pinpoint a direction that they're headed okay and gathering make a survival check-in just this moment it is dark not cream 11 okay it's hard to tell all the smoke you can't see the moon you can't see the placement of the sky but you make a note of which where this direction they're traveling based on the street those both are on the ground as mote as boh he's doing this you guys be in the rush shop and you see both Molly and not on the ground and I run up and I'll cast killer wounds on Molly and then I'm going to run over and do the same thing at level two - not so that six points at healing for you I'm 13 Oh 13 plus [Music] no plus 3 and then immediate first breath is filled with pain both from the wounds you've sustained and the immediate influx of burning ash that sweeps into your lungs town you guys and go back and search back towards the as you guys begin to regather your troops more of the crown guard that you see been battling and and partially wounded by a lot of the other nulls are beginning to gather they're dead beginning to try and put out what fires they can and acknowledge which buildings can't be saved as you begin to take what remains of your energy to do so we're gonna go ahead and take a break we're gonna take a break here and we'll have a little little day to mock in this episode tonight but before I leave we have another contest tonight our friends at wormwood actually have a pretty cool giveaway tonight as part of their it's part of their new Kickstarter yes it is made of wood they have this kind of all-inclusive package here we're just both aid a dice box base and on the inside here they just started like creepy there these are walnut two adventurers Arsenal kits what they're called we're getting going two of them so these the key word tonight is map em ap based off last week's episode Thank You Devon so during the break-in twitchchat only come in there and when you're prompt to go ahead and enter the keyword map into the chat only once more than once and we disqualified but two of you will be chosen during the break we'll come back to see who wins that see you guys in a few minutes Oh [Music] hey twitch viewer and didn't see you there we here at geek and sundry appreciate your viewership and your subscription but did you know that if you have an Amazon Prime account you can get a free subscription to a single twitch channel of your choice in fact you might even have an Amazon Prime account and not even know it to prove in effect that 5 out of 5 Amazon Prime account users have Amazon Prime because they simply forgot to cancel their 30-day free trial so put that free two-day shipping to use and subscribe to geek & sundry but remember you have to resub to your twitch channel of choice which is kind of irritating but you know it's ultimately not our design so chem geek and sundry is up because you know we did shoot this fake PSA I'm shields crew I'm excited to announce that geek and sundry and their infinite and glorious wisdom has given me my very first show as a host behind the shield I'm so excited oh my gosh we actually don't have a lot of times if you could just do that oh yeah prompter thing oh my gosh yes totally I'm so screwed yeah okay okay sorry behind the shield is a 30-minute after show that will follow shield of tomorrow every Friday night exclusively on alpha and of just I'm so excited so yeah behind shield is the thing minute after show that will follow directly after shield of tomorrow on Alpha Friday nights the cast and maybe even some special guests will be here to answer your questions and talk space stuff and if you 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appreciate it thank you very much so now what exactly do you do for Reaper I'm the art director so I get to work with the sculptors and the painters to design and and create all the the fun toys that we make that sounds like a great job now how do you come up with your ideas um well it's you know kind of like throwing darts at a dartboard you just sort of you know you have an idea you try it out you see how it works I mean obviously there are you know we have we have a lot of requests from social media and our forums people asking for you know dragon people or cat people or whatever it may be the role players are our biggest group of customers we want to make sure that they've got everything they need to cover all their bases but even then it's it's really tough there's a there's a little a niche Lane we like to stay in but we like to sort of push every now and then to see if we can do some new stuff very quickly just walk us through the process of from okay here's the idea we have to here's our final mini how do you how do you get there a couple of different ways we do it so if we decide for example we're gonna do a bard at that point we can go one of two directions we can say well let's get a piece of concept art created and so we'll contact our our concept artist whose name is Izzy talent Collier and we'll say isn't we need a bard I give Izzy I give her my input like and he's she's the bard knees to have a sword or a jaunty hat or whatever it may be and then Izzy will design it and then once we have the art we'll send that to the sculptor and the sculptor will pretty much translate that directly from the art now the other direction we could go I contact the sculptor directly without concept art and say I need you to create a bard make sure it has a jaunty hat and a sword and then just sort of hope for the best when somebody opens a package and they have their mini in front of them how long did it take you guys from deciding you wanted to create that bard to your customer getting the mini well for example with the the bones line it takes it takes months several months from the time that we recreated and sculpted and it goes and the the molds are made in China and they're produced over there and then shipped back over here it takes several months now with a metal mini we have turned figures around in in weeks a couple really the green the sculpture will come in and we will we will press it or we will print it if it's a digital sculpt and we will take that and then make the molds here and we can have production ready and in days do you guys ever then go to an artist and have them painted to see exactly the way you want it to be done or are you done once you come up with the kind of the plastic mini we do get things painted for example let me I've got a piece here this is one of our bones three models this is our Dagon model that we had painted by Michael Proctor painted this Michael just sort of took this and just ran with it and give it an aquatic color scheme look at that absolutely incredible that's gonna take up your entire game board and these these pieces like that will use for marketing you've box art a catalogue art things like that advertisements and things like that and then they go to our gallery where people can come in and take tours and check out the gallery so we are working on the Pathfinder red dragon which is been a ton of fun and hopefully I don't screw it up too badly but I probably will now it came in multiple parts when we got it had to be assembled so my question for you is hey I guess at what size mini do you determine it needs to be broken up into parts and then be how do you decide where to break it up well the the Pathfinder red dragon was based on the Pathfinder core Rubik illustration about Wayne Reynolds and so we knew it's a dynamic piece and it it wouldn't do it any justice just to make a flat figure so taking the dragon you know that you can't have the arm being the way you know the head with all these spikes you have to take these things apart to be able to make a mold imagine if you have a toy soldier and you put it between two slices of bread and you and you squish it and when you tear the bread apart if any of the bread is stuck to the model that's called an undercut and so that destroys the mold and you can't really do that so that is a really really bizarre analogy that actually explained everything perfectly is there anything else you guys are working on coming up with about to roll out that you can you can tell us about that's not too top-secret do you want to see a kind of a sneak preview of one of the bones for models yes please this is a this is the rock Wow this is coming for our bones for project and this is the digital print actually and we had parts of this printed and shown at Reaper con or excuse me our excuse me our Kickstarter countdown party but we didn't have it assemble but this is what he looks like a symbol and we're kind of tickled with it man given the opportunity I could just totally screw that up yeah yeah you could dry brush the heck out of this thing well thank you so much for for a for helping us out here on painters guild because man you guys have given us so much stuff we love your products we use them all the time thank you absolutely incredible stuff we hope maybe you can get out here sometime to Los Angeles we can get to you guys in in Texas there because you've now been telling us about the Hall of Fame there which we definitely want to come and check out and we have Reaper con we'd love to have you guys down for Reaper con I'm sure we will definitely be doing a lot of stuff with you guys in the future because it's been so incredible Ron Hawkins thank you very much thanks for having us all I appreciate it thank you so much for watching that's just a small taste of some of the cool stuff you're gonna see when you join us on painters guild on alpha hey there let's chat about spoilers no one likes him right but sometimes the players of a popular RPG show like interacting with their audience after a show on platforms such as Twitter you don't want to let a spoiler slip in no sweat simply mute the hashtag just go under the privacy and settings tab on Twitter go under notifications and mute the hashtags you don't want to hear under muted words see much easier than yelling at the cast in 280 characters for talking about a show that they were literally just on just don't forget to unmute the hashtag when you get all caught up so you don't miss all the fun oh wait wait wait you have to like use the hashtag though it's the only way it works if we all use the hashtag don't forget to unmute you [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everybody so that was on the air yeah all right guys so the winner of the adventure Arsenal's hour we have two of them the bravest koala and Grandmaster Block B la Q congratulations to both of you guys for the win go ahead and do no but we'll reach out to you your contact info and we'll get those to you as those of you are curious to look at it this particular Kickstarter you can find on wormwood gaming dot-com looking to see the kind of cool thing that this new release is gonna entail so thank you very much one one all right so with some of the flames dying down 30 minutes or so of the chaos descending the Crown's guard begin to come back those that are still living many of them wounded attending to their wounds are helping the survivors that are still within the town you see some families are starting to unblock their entrance ways and the people who would escape the city are slowly beginning to filter in you can hear the sobbing in the distance the families that are coming back to homes that have been destroyed the the smoke still chokes the air and at this hour now it's probably pushing close to 11 o'clock or later but as the guards come through and begin to taken the essence of what's happening the the armored individual that kind of helped you when you first arrived and maybe the command to aid in this approaches you see there a half-elven face can asalaam intense approach next in the hand and aren't many who would immediately jump into the phrase you did I would say that we would have lost many more and perhaps all of my men had you not been there so thank you yeah say during that time unfortunately through the three skeletal ones you only managed to get one full year you did and we'll say for that for those who would have been destroyed of damage to me to enroll in so many ears you're able to tail and see if it will pass the same no cutting and just win same hat same hat so you managed to pull up about 12 ears intact playing all the following some you killed some maybe you didn't he just came across the body elsewhere in the square and just kind of took the ear other guards are collecting them as they go and there are a couple moments where like someone was going for an orc that or I know that you had killed and you'd the even if the garment they kind of backed off but anyway the the soldier had who was speaking with you extends a hand and they say I am mulch Master Bryce feel it assigned assigned here to all field now in my fourth year thank you watch my stuff watch master watch master Brice feel it what were those creatures have you encountered them before oh we've encountered them before yes and in smaller hunting packs maybe a half dozen at a time usually on the outskirts they don't come to civilization like this it's generally too dangerous for them in the small numbers they travel after such a grisly scene may seem to be carrying away bodies on that cart they had did you notice they had some undead Knowles with them yeah they were have you ever seen anything like that I may be crossed one or two as part of the roving packs it's not terribly uncommon but what turns them like that what is it is there something in the water idea one of the ins and outs of the creepy beastie lifestyle but I mean any watches they kind of sit down for a second leaned against the wall thinking kind of scratching near to their chin word came of a small hunting party these beasts spotted to the south so we sent a small troop to slay them not for two hours before they struck here we had sent more than half of our men strength to go and deal with them so we were unprepared and at the time unguarded for the most part so we were caught at half strength it can't be a coincidence and they must be desperate and desperate to assault head-on like this there's plenty of small game in the surrounding Woodman and they're known to be provoked to violence and I've only heard of NORs picking off the outlying folk as that wandered too far from the fields they would flash they can get a hold of but we went through a number of the buildings and they've ransacked two of the ends they completely took the entire butchers stock they've just carved the city of whatever meats fresh or dried we had that they were in the south where did word come from what came from some of our crowns God we're running a patrol we have seen these things as far south is trust involved further even has there been something else going on that you can think of that might cut off their food supply nothing I can think of maybe the most part this far south other than a few remnants here and there they aren't I mean conflicts of this these eyes don't make it past plague garden garden it's where most of them so where most of the Empire's military and God a training and sent out throughout the rest the value um that's a lot of meat that they've acquired from us and they've lost many I thought of their kin in this battle as well too much meat what are they feeding that's making them so hungry oh all that my concern is that they'll return we offended them all for now but come back especially if there's desperate as you say they are I've sent three of our scouts to try and find out where they went track wherever they're taking their spoils reports come in that most of the bodies they took we're dead perhaps not all so we have to do our best to at least recover any survivors wipe out what remains and prevent this from ever happening again have your local farmers complaining about them stealing livestock missing livestock actually I'm sorry I'm still gathering my thoughts see if our horses still there oh so you charge normal for the forest city and you do fines WC still affixed to the cart currently chewing on what looks like a small bag of oats where one of the the families of villagers let have come back and begun to feed the rest of you Bryce as well as rashes it was said and coffers are not as strong as they could be I will request more of a monetary inflicts up north for the years you've taken you'll be paid any more that you find does we paid as well well I'm we're gonna need some lodging anyway so perhaps some trade can my work that indeed we could provide some extra muscle perhaps for some lodging while we stay and maybe we could add your mare their efforts to exterminate this folk well I would normally put you up in the candle blow in but they gesture over towards the large building that you had walked through that is now currently it's not really glowing like a candle right now that you pointed out I feel really bad for saying that out loud it's just nuts let's say tomorrow for a while I started looking around the town would you say that with all these burnt buildings everywhere that if I start picking through the rubble I would find enough charcoal to reduce the costs I would need four find familiar eventually in scent from the herbs but if I get a lot of charcoal from this bond I will say if you take three minutes to find good pieces of charcoal and roll an investigation check yeah done and done 23 all right you managed to reduce the cost of your next find familiar spell by three gold pieces from the dreams the hopes and dreams all right so Bryce looks at you oh I can have you put up at the feed-in me tavern be the me feeding me tavern it's not the most comfortable place but it'll do first or in my accent I do not name it but a Siddhanta croute the owner fruit mm-hmm tell him the Bryce sent you and you were being put up by the crown for as long as you are hunting these creatures we appreciate that hopefully there won't be another call to action while we're here but you can count on us if there is well they reach into a pouch and begin to count out to gold for the number of years that you've collected so with 12 years after bringing the ears forward they convinced over actually I'll be right back I need to acquire a bit more change and after a brief wait Bryce returns and you are paid the full amount so 360 gold at your disposal golden feast that's Laura target but yeah and bright prices um we hope to hear back in the morning about Scouts findings if you wish to you can hunt whatever remains of these creatures bring back proof they've been wiped out let's see what I can have sent to cell foot of the - to make it worth your while I mean time you wouldn't have anything that might help us and our little expedition would ya healing potion might be nice if you got one hi noise somewhere in a closet forgotten I I don't mean to be brusque but at the moment I think we have a number of our God who and more desperate need that would be appreciated for the moment you all look about as battles as I feel rest up come on let's see they would be at meet me outside of the rod bond broad bond cannot burn they pointed out to you it's on the western side of the town there we'll make sure you get the basic supplies necessary hopefully we'll have information on where to go and if you so choose we could conspire to be under our intents to destroy these creatures think on it rest will speak in the morning the price turns around and kind of limps off with a few of the other crowns guard as you guys eventually find your way to the feeding Mead you are immediately met by croute who is this ornery salty looking dwarf of kind of toss old white gray hair this single tuft of a beard that kind of dangles down towards the belly button before it hits a ring of gold because oh so you've been told as the ones who are coming to sleep got one of our two rooms for you one you never quite makes eye contact with you because I'm looking at your shoulder like right above your face you've got two glasses turns around lead you to your space there are four beds kind of jammed in here it's very kind of like a youth hostel type living situation here but it's functional are they double fulls Queens twins they are pretty much as twin bed as you can get I'm fine with the floor I'm great with a bed got the silver thread out and I am looping it over any open window and by the door was their beer downstairs is that real you asked I'm gonna drop my things and run downstairs okay come down so there's nobody inside this is not a tavern night for a lot of people yeah yeah love you is it a drink is there smoke smoke you don't have a drink take something interesting interesting you say takes that a bottle looks like a like a deep green glass and kind of uncorks it hmm takes a small looks like a shot glass almost that has a bulbous bottom pours it's the very very top of this liquid that looks like a like a deep can I see teal green and slides it forward fast or slow well Ben's not what you'd like to dream how much for that before I heard you dead it's on the house nonsense for the night you want or you're paying top shelf price what's the top shelf price about three silver I just put a gold on the on the table no consider it a complete consider in advance it's been a rough night for everybody right right of course and I'm going to sip this mother it has a very very has a very very smoky kind of like oak barrel flavor to it at first as it hits your tongue and then it kind of burns into this very medicinal herbal almost almost a nice mixed with unburned charcoal that sounds nice I'm gonna sit and sip this and grin and very silently have a mild nervous breakdown about what just went down okay as you all as you all slowly come to rest exhausted sore beaten trying to fall asleep to the distant muffled sound of shouts and wailing in the streets and just jumping on the bed you find yourself to rest preparing for the morning may hold and that's we're gonna pick up for next week's session this was a good idea yeah for all the work that voted a Stephen [Laughter] thank you guys so much thank you guys for watching Thank You Dean beyond more more that I've been enjoying it Chris play the show thank you all for joining us tonight we'll see you next week and is it [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] motivation dissertation proposal NYS College of Veterinary Medicine.

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