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Llm dissertation topic examples for a process

Llm dissertation topic examples for a process internet of things cisco 2018 for money do you put contact details on cover letter the prophecy club a nationwide television program a nationwide radio program the prophecy club also hosts approximately 40 major city meetings per month our mission is to inform Christians of current events that confirm Bible prophecy expose the evil devices of Satan warn believers what is coming to America challenge people to stop sinning and turn to Jesus with all their heart and to provide a platform for Christian speakers to be heard it's a bald-faced lie using the positions of power and authority in our own government the greatest all field in the world is at the southwest end of the Dead Sea he said son you must warn this nation and now your host for the prophecy Club Stan Johnson thank you welcome to the prophecy Club where we provide information and resources with a prophetic warning message to win souls to Jesus and the coffee to repentance now I need to take just a minute I normally like to keep these introduction real short on this one I have to tell you a little bit more how this all came up God just begin to land in my heart it was kind of like just something that just wouldn't go away about a couple of things a couple of comments that I had read in Demetrius testimony and it's some of these dreams and visions and I want to read part of that to you and explain to you how this talk all came about tonight from the dreamer vision called the Beast strikes it says his voice boomed at me telling me to look to the right I was awake not sleeping I was standing and I turned my head is ordered when I looked I saw that there was a great flock of blackbirds with very sharp large beaks out of the beaks came a blinding light now folks what he's talking about his birds that have not just Birds I mean it's it's actually airplanes that has a blinding light coming out of him okay continue blinding light which I could barely look at from their tails I saw flames of fire shooting out I then became very scared I rubbed my eyes thinking I was sleeping and dreaming I was neither sleeping nor dreaming in other words it was a fish this flock of birds suddenly turned into airplanes that did not make any noise in other words what this prophet of God was saying is some kind of a new advanced Russian weapon airplanes that can fly through the air that do not make any noise does America have any airplanes that can fly through the air that doesn't make any noise not that I know of anyway that don't make any noise and then from there tails lightning or flames of fire shoot out now that sounds like it might be laser some kind of a new weapon some kind of a new airplane flies through the air silently that has a laser that can knock out anything else that is attacking of whether it's a a missile ground to air missile and air-to-air missile or some kind of another plane the urban the American airplanes would go up trying to attack but as they would draw close they would fall to the earth in a blaze of fire folks that is pretty dangerous to think that the Russians have some kind of an airplane that can fly silently and knock out anything that we throw at it okay there's more from sanctify you and yours it said it seemed I was suddenly on an American airplane which was about to land with me in California I heard sirens which howled loudly and a great sound of many engines plane engines was heard the noise of the engines grew louder demand beside me the angel the man beside me turned to me and said these are planes loaded with atom bombs and no one and nothing will be able to stop them then suddenly a great number of black planes lifted off the ground like a flock of birds I knew the planes where American once again the American planes could do nothing this kept kind of like grinding in my spirit what is this does does Russia have some kind of a new secret weapon where it would totally annihilate anything that we have in the way of an air force so much so that they could fly airplanes filled with atom bombs over America and drop them at will and we were helpless to stop them and this began to grind in my spirit and it just wouldn't go away and I dug this out and I read it again and it was like God was just laying on my heart I have to do something to expose this and I thought well fine I mean I guess I'll research it but I mean I'm not really much of a technical person then I just I would it would be very difficult for my brain without the supernatural help of God to remember all of those technical stuff but I was determined to share with you what I think could be a prophet telling us that America is in serious trouble that the Russians do have some kind of a secret weapon that can knock out anything in the air and it just kept laying in my heart laying in my heart and then I remembered someone mentioning something about scalar wave and then I remembered I went to a website one night when I was searching for a speaker and I found something about scalar wave on that website so I went to the Internet sure enough I looked up scalar wave popped up and here was all kinds of stuff exactly what they're talking about here so I thought well I don't know if this is real denier and I certainly don't want to be putting anything out that's not accurate so I prayed and I said God if this scalar wave is what's doing this if this scalar wave is something that you want me to expose then I need you to speak to me on it and I said I'd like for you to give me a dream on scalar wave and this particular issue of the magazine that dream is in its entirety along with part of what I'm talking about here I put the dream in the magazine may June 2005 issue here's the dream I dreamed that I was setting in my car along the side of the road I walked over to my car and I sat down in my car as I sat down instantly the engine started well I thought well I haven't even reached in you know sometimes you're sat down in your car you realize your keys are still in your pocket I realized the keys are still in my pocket the car started and all of a sudden I started moving forward I felt my keys in my pocket so now it's going by itself I push on the brake doesn't stop I push on the brake again it's still stop I stand on the break I look up I'm coming to an intersection cars are going like this and I kind of like time it so I could because I couldn't stop the car the car is going like this and that time that so I could move right between the cars standing on the brake lifting up on the steering wheel with all I could do finally I was able to get the car to pull over and stop and I stopped right in front of someone I knew his name was I think it was Jimmy weathers I'm having do this for a memory here Jimmy weathers but I don't know a Jimmy weathers okay that has to do with the dream he was the bounce in the basketball with his son and playing basketball and I thought oh no he knows about scalar wave I've got to get out of here quick so then I reached down and I put my keys in I started the car but as soon as the car started he looked up and saw me I quickly did a u-turn now I'm going back through that intersection again as I'm going through going heading toward the intersection now I look up and there's this ball of energy in the sky and this is the best way I know of to try to explain to you what that ball of energy looks like it was about the size of a beach ball maybe a little bit larger than a beach ball on the inside of that beach ball there was absolutely nothing but on the outside of it going in all direction was like electricity you know like a little bitty lightning bolts have you ever seen these glass globes that have the Lightning on the inside of it you walk up and you can just touch it and the like the Lightning goes to your finger you know like that it was exactly like that except for the Lightning was on the outside of the ball not on the inside of the ball so anyway I'm driving along and I looked up and I see this ball with all this Lightning coming from it somehow I knew instantly that it was scalar wave that it was after me and I could tell also that it was searching it was trying to hit me and if it if it hit me I knew that it would kill me and so I was steering like this and steering like this to the left to the right and then I would slow the car down and it looked like it took just a second for it to see where I was and then start coming at me again and I would turn to the left I'd speed up and I'm doing like this stay away from this thing finally that Ahram ended and I woke up and I said Lord whent got my tape recorder I said lord I said I have to know what are you saying to me and immediately the interpretation came to me here's what he's saying essentially that scalar wave that this sort of stuff this high-tech things that we were discussing here is real that's the most important thing I also think Jimmy weathers since I've never known anybody named Jimmy weathers I think that is saying that it controls the weather it has to do with the weather now I did not know that this ball of energy was in fact round it could have been lightning I don't know what but in the dream I saw it as a ball of energy when I was interviewing bill on the radio he said and it's a ball of energy and I thought yeah that's right that's that's a confirmation that the dream was from God that it was showing me it's about scalar wave and then I'm supposed to expose this so at that point I thought well I have to two things that I can do one is I either I can spend some serious time researching this try to put together a presentation on it and expose scalar wave to people but in order to do that to do that then I have to go out on a speaking tour and I've got a ministry to run and I'm real busy and besides that my brain just feels tired I'm just to be frank honest with you I mean a matter of fact I've just given three presentation here the last two days and I'm glad I didn't have to go out on to her Lord I'm pleased to serve anytime you send me but I mean tired so I called bill sniveling I said bill I said this somesuch is all going on let me tell you about it you ever heard of scalar wave he said what I said scalar wave he says no I haven't well after he got to researching and he realized that he had heard of it but at the time he couldn't even remember this just show you where he is he couldn't remember that he'd even heard of scalar wave and I said all right here's the deal I have talked to this guy I found him on the Internet I've talked to this guy and he is an expert on it I am going to give you his name I'm going to give you a stack of material in addition to that he is going to send you a stack of material and he is going to inform you on everything you need to know to speak on scalar way well why can't he talk on it he said this to me quote he said I'm a brother in the Lord like you he said please do not tell anybody my name he said so far they don't mind me putting on the internet but they will not let me speak on the radio on TV do any kind of a public interview or public speech or anything like that and he says please I'm a brother in Lourdes too and he said if you tell my name I will be dead within 24 hours he said please do not reveal my name and so what we're revealing to you tonight is apparently some pretty important stuff because I don't know if you knew this or not but at least one of your meetings a government official was at the meeting somebody might say well hey doesn't that bother you no because I'd like for them to listen as a matter of fact what I'd like to see is President Bush invite me into the the White House to speak and to tell him about these things and what I want him to do is invite me there so I can reveal like Jonah did to the king in other words I don't want even to invite me there to play golf I want him to bite me there let me tell him what the word of the Lord is and what he must do if he wants to save his beloved America and right now I see that America is not taking even the slightest step in the right direction towards repentance right now I have to say everything that's been prophesied to come to pass about this nation certainly seems to be doing it you can find it in Revelation 18 Isaiah 47 Isaiah thirty thirteen and Jeremiah 50 and 51 all of that is talking about America now with that let me introduce your speaker tonight the topic of this video and also DVD is called Russia's secret weapon to destroy America and I think that we need to know how much trouble our nation is in your speaker has made the following videotapes for the prophecy club in addition to a very successful ministry of his own he's made exposing the Illuminati from within one of our most successful and popular videos the light behind masonry medical conspiracy how Jesus sets the captives free Islam Israel biochemical nuclear terrorism and what's wrong with more we help me welcome your speaker for this evening Bilson Eblen rather than thank you well after that introduction I think you all kind understand this is some pretty significant and pretty serious stuff what Stan mentioned is that that I I had to kind of search my memory to recall that actually I had heard of this stuff actually some 30 years ago we had a gentleman in our coven I used to be a high priest of witchcraft among many other things and he was an electrician about my age and he was born 48 or 49 and he believed he was a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla and that name is going to be very very significant tonight and because of that he was very interested in Tesla's work he had at that time every book that he could find that was in print about Tesla and he would often tell us about the amazing things this man achieved in his life he died in 1943 the Tesla did and so he was telling me about how this fellow had plans for for a death beam that could take out thousands of airplanes at once or free electrical power for everyone on earth how he invented the science of robotics and so on and so you know at that time I don't know if he actually used the word scalar weapon or scalar energy but I know he was talking about energy from the vacuum and that's what we're gonna be speaking about tonight so I had some background in it but of course my main thrust in my ministry is of course you know Bible preaching and apologetics so this is a little different for you tonight I ask you to bear with me this is a very important point you all need to remember this is statement by an eminent scientist in 1899 everything that can be invented has been invented now I don't know if anybody here can remember 1899 kind of doubt it but I know in my relatively short life I can remember hundreds of inventions and some of them remarkable like the the personal computer like the Internet like you know colored television or putting a man on the moon so obviously this guy was wrong and that's the problem see most people don't understand that science is a religion just like any other some scientists are almost like cultists and when I say that I'm not being disrespectful I'm just telling you the way it is because scientists have these beliefs and many of those beliefs have no more basis in fact than the beliefs of of any other religious system just as one example 50 years or so before this statement scientists were warning that we'd better not use trains because everyone understands that if the human body goes faster than 40 miles an hour your head will explode now that was scientific dogma they also of course said that man would never fly they said in the 1950s man would never go to the moon and so on and so on so obviously science has these faulty beliefs and if you come along with something that is there's heterodox or heretical to those beliefs like for instance mr. Tesla they'll tend to just kind of shove you down the memory hole so that is the problem is that America has basically ignored some of these technological advances and as we'll see tonight Russia has not the other thing that's interesting is this this particular scripture revelation 11:18 has been kind of floating around between Stan and I concerning this sum this entire issue and especially the last clause where it talks about those which destroy the earth now that's interesting because most of us will read that passage and they'll think oh well you know yeah we have nuclear weapons or we're talking about an environmental catastrophe or something like that where we'll destroy the earth but actually that's not true none of those things can destroy the earth they can make the surface of the earth miserable you know you can have new winter or fall out and basically the only minutes left alive on the earth or cockroaches you know but the earth itself is is fine you know so what does this refer to well to decode this we have to go back to mr. Tesla again and he made a statement like seventy years ago where he said if you understand the principles of magnetic resonance you could split the earth in two like an apple split the entire planet into like an apple now that's destroying the earth amen I mean that's much more than just you know having a nuclear fallout land on everybody so then he was again discussing this many many you know many years ago so I think this is what that applies to now what are these weapons really well first of all we all understand normal weaponry like you know a gun you fire a project a lot of the gun it's propelled by gunpowder it travels it hits its target or bombs we understand those things they're physical also they've been around for generations but these are called energetics weapons and that's the Russians coined that phrase another another term that we use here in America is de w or directed-energy weapons the big difference is is that these weapons fire energy rather than a physical projectile and and so we're kind of in the realm of ray guns if you will things like that and the problem that we have is is that most of these weapons function in a way that's contrary to accepted concepts of physics as they're taught in the West instead they rely on the latest concepts at least to us of quantum physics now what's quantum physics I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it but essentially it's it's a variety of physics that deals with subatomic submalar you know the very tiniest particles that are out there down at the very you know protons neutrons electrons quarks charm quarks neutrinos croûtons protons etc see I threw in the croutons to see if you're paying attention and all of these all of these move in a fashion that at times seems counterintuitive to the way we think the world works just as one example there's a subatomic particle called the neutrino which is able to travel through a Lightyear of lead instantly just like that now that's supposed to be impossible that's supposed to be contrary to all known laws of physics but it winks out of existence in our universe and microseconds later it winks back into existence somewhere else very strange particle and it's this kind of spooky stuff that is what we're dealing with here tonight now these weapons are beyond Star Trek now I'm using Star Trek because it's very well known I'm sure probably most of you have at least seen one episode of Star Trek I don't care how sanctified you are and you know although the little spaceships flying through the sky you know blue blue blue like that with lasers or phasers or whatever they are you know that stuff is like buggy whips and this stuff is like a Maserati that we're talking about tonight so this stuff is so advanced that even most science fiction writers haven't used it as and it's certainly to my knowledge never appeared in any science fiction film okay what are energetics well we all kind of understand electromagnetic energy it's what runs virtually everything we have I mean from from our homes our cars whatever and electromagnetic energy travels in transverse waves and everybody understands that no no contest however scalar waves are of a different variety their longitudinal in nature that means they go in the opposite direction and in scalar mode electromagnetic energy can be changed into gravitational energy and vice versa now that's a little hard to understand and I want to apologize the next few of these slides are going to be a little bit dense in terms of physics but but I'll try and get through them and make it as easy as you can gravitation is not readily understood we more or less understand electromagnetism but we under we know gravity works I mean we know if we take an apple and drop it it'll follow the earth but why does that happen well Einstein many years ago came up with postulation he said the entire earth or the entire universe for that matter is one big sphere it's like a giant bubble that's hollow inside and that when you have a large mass like a planet or a star or something of that nature in the in space it causes a dimple in the fabric of space it causes a little divot if you will like that those are the other golfers and that that is called a gravity well and so if something comes along like a comet or whatever and it hits the edge of this gravity well it starts going into this circular motion just like in your bathroom sink if you put a marble in your bathroom sink it'll go around and around and around and eventually it'll come right to the drain that's what happens with a meteor Wilko around and around the earth and eventually hit the Earth's atmosphere and hopefully burn up so that was Einstein's explanation for gravity and the way we know it's true is some years after that they took a picture of a solar eclipse now that's where you have the moon coming between us and the Sun okay so you see this black circle with these prominences the solar corona flaring up around it and what they noticed was something really astonishing they could look at that black disc that was inside the Sun there appeared to be you know what they saw they saw a star inside of that black disc and that told them that Einstein was right you know why because what had happened is that the star light was coming into the earth saara the Sun's gravity well and it bent around the Sun and came out the other side so to us on earth it appeared as though the line went straight through the Sun and we were actually seeing through the Sun actually the Sun was able to bend light now that sounds really bizarre to people that live on the earth in the real world you know but if you're an astrophysicist that's common knowledge nowadays so think of it as something that that is very mysterious it can even bend the very fabric of light now this energy exchange that we're talking about between electromagnetic and electrogravitic energy can be localized or aimed to a specific location in other words you can target things with it scalar waves don't exist in our normal world normally they are in the vacuum of space they exist in the dimension of time and since the vacuum of space exists everywhere scalar waves can draw on vast amounts of energy this is called energy from the vacuum or zero-point energy this energy can be transmitted faster literally than the speed of light now Einstein taught that the speed of light is a speed limit of the universe and and what it is is roughly 186,000 miles a second or if you prefer 670 million miles an hour so that's a whole lot faster than you can go in your car I'm sure and the interesting thing is is that if you were to say the word light and the time it takes to say the word light light can travel around the world seven times that's how fast it is so it's very very fast but Einstein taught that you can't go faster than that as we will see tonight Einstein has been proven wrong in several ways the way this these scalar waves travel faster than light is that they go through hyperspace and go around regular space now you'll notice here in this chart you have this large white sphere that is the universe okay and you see that red arrow it's pointing to the surface of that big white sphere that is space just like if you think of a basketball you think of the rubber or whatever is around the basketball that's the space that's where we live that's where the entire universe lives is in this thin membrane around this giant nothing okay this is what Einstein postulated and everything so far has proven him right now the question you ask yourself if the surface the just a line around the surface of that that sphere is space what's inside of it what's outside of it unn space now this might bake your noodle a little but listen how long does it take to travel through on space no time at all you can travel anywhere in the universe in a second if you travel through unspayed or as scientists prefer to call it either subspace or hyperspace yeah these words are not science fiction anymore even though you hear them used in various science fiction movies but actually this is a reality they determined this is true so here's how this works you notice down at the bottom of your screen there is a scalar transmitter represented by point a let's say that's the Crab Nebula which is millions of light-years from Earth and there's some nasty aliens on that nebula and they are mad at that destroyer that's up in the upper right hand corner of the screen that's floating somewhere in the Atlantic they have scalar weapons they fire their weapon instantly at winks out of existence it follows the trajectory of that red line on the screen goes through hyperspace in about a second or less and emerges right on top of that destroyer as a globe of light that then detonates with the near force of a nuclear explosion and blows the destroyer to kingdom come now let's bring this down to earth suppose instead of that big white circle being the universe its planet earth and point a is Moscow and they whatever reason decide they're going to store they're going to destroy that battleship that's in the Atlantic Ocean and so they fire their scalar transmitter in a second or so or less the same thing happens the thing there's no way of seeing this coming understand there is no incoming fire it's not like a cruise missile or something like that it's just there all of a sudden the next second it detonates and the thing sinks just with all hands on board this is the nature of this weapon now these next two slides are probably the worst so bear with me in the scalar model time which Einstein said is the fourth dimension is actually compressed energy so imagine being able to use both time and gravity as energy it is energy which is compressed by exactly the same factor by which matter is considered compressed energy now what does that mean well again Einstein law has come back to him he taught that everything that is physical is actually energy and he had an equation for that and the factor by which that energy is converted is the speed of light squared now when you square a number you multiply it by itself for example 2 times 2 is 4 4 squared is 16 5 squared is 25 etc so you take a figure like 186,000 miles an hour or a second rather and square it you've got a very large number actually it's even bigger than that this is probably the most famous equation in all of physics everybody's seen it even if people don't understand what it means here's what it means e equals mc-squared e is the energy that is released by any amount of matter multiplied by the speed of light in centimeters squared now I don't even know what the speed of light in centimeters is it doesn't matter the point is it's an enormous enormous amount of energy and that's what you get when nuclear fission that's what you get with the atomic bomb or the hydrogen bomb you have a small amount of fissionable material like uranium cesium plutonium and you slam it together with explosive force that's what they did the original atomic bomb and it creates a nuclear reaction which has a destructive power and either kilotons or in the case of a hydrogen bomb megatons of dynamite a mega ton of dynamite is 1 million tons of dynamite so that's an enormous amount of energy and that's why when we dropped the very primitive by our today's standards nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in the end of World War 2 that blew up most of their city in each case that is another equation which is much more powerful but much less well known the is the scalar equation from the conversion of energy and what it is is e equals delta T C squared now in physics and engineering the the Delta which is a Greek letter means change and the letter T means time so what this is saying is is the energy released by scalar weapons is the change in time times the speed of light squared so the compression in time times the speed of light squared and that release is just incredible energy now people ask what do actual scientists here in the United States understand about this well some of them know something about it but most of them don't either that's outside of their frame of reference or that they're thinking inside of this little box and they're not willing to think outside of the box while I was on tour with this talk I had a lady come up and say her daughter was just finishing up her PhD in quantum physics at a very prestigious Californian University I won't name the University she asked her about this stuff and her daughter says oh that's impossible it can't happen that's totally impossible she offered to give her and her daughters only like 25 years old you know and you know usually you think younger people were open to new ideas she handed her this book said would you read this book she says no I don't even want to see it that doesn't even exist so again remember science is often just like a cult if it's outside of what they believe they don't want to know about it so science in this country the Defense Department knows about some can not what are called non-conventional weapons they know about lasers of course big deal lasers have been around like forever we had lasers when I was in high school for heaven's sakes we have particle beam weapons again big whoo you know but most of us have totally missed the boat about this not so new weapons technology which has been around since the 1960s recently well relatively recently 1997 Bill Clinton Secretary of Defense William Cohen said this and this is one of the very few public statements by high-level people in the Defense Department others meaning terrorists aren't in an eco type of terrorism whereby they can notice this alter the climate set off earthquakes volcanoes remotely - the use of electromagnetic waves so there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations it's real and that's why that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts and that's why this is so important now I never thought I agree with anybody in the Clinton administration but in this case I have to give this guy a hearty Amen I hope they are following his advice which he gave like eight years ago now these are a totally new reality in military combat they can project electromagnetic or electrogravitic energy to any place on the planet at will distance is no deterrent since they're faster than light the energy is projected to target in nanoseconds which is so quick you don't even know it's less than a wink of an eye like these scalar weapons are therefore capable destroying anything anywhere land ordinance in other words tanks jeeps even entire military bases naval vessels and even submarines and of course planes jets and ballistic missiles they can be directed at an individual site or location they can even be targeted to hit human targets even in shielded rooms or underground bunkers now imagine this you could put the president in United States five miles underground in a room that was lined with a foot of lead on all six sides and they could still turn him into a crispy critter in less than a second so any kind of shielding is meaningless they can also be aimed at a pie edge arc of the sky wedge are for the sky to take out large number of aircraft at once so for example here we see the scalar weapon in the center of the horizon line you know how you the horizon appears to be a circle around you as you look at it and if there was airplanes coming in there you can see like between 11 and 12 o'clock on the chart all I have to do is fire the weapon in every airplane every bomb every missile that's in that that range of that wedge would just drop to the ground and be totally useless then all I have to do is turn it a little bit and take care of the you know twelve to one o'clock so to speak then the two to three o'clock and so on and so on so the whole the whole sky can be wiped out of any kind of incoming fire in just a minute or two with this kind of weaponry to make matters worse these weapons also can generate an electromagnetic pulse just like nuclear weapons do and I know many of you understand because there's been articles about these in a newspaper and so on that if a nuclear weapon goes off especially in the air where there's nothing to impede it it sends out this pulse that will instantly fry any computer any microchip I mean it like your cell phones if you have a pacemaker any kind of electronic device is basically history and irreparable at that point well there is shielding for that like for example we're told in the Defense Department and the Pentagon and NORAD or whatever they have computers that are hard that are shielded against this kind of impulse but the problem is there is no shielding against a scalar impulse so basically if the Russians chose to do so they could essentially turn off every computer in America with a flick of a switch tank warfare totally obsolete at this point I mean if you have a tank that that is out there and you hit that tank with scalar weapons instantly all the men in the tank are gonna die there's gonna drop down dead the fuel in the tank will explode the weapons in the tank will explode and all of the electronic equipment in the tank will instantly be the term is used duda din other words will turn into a giant dud and then if there'll be nothing left of the tank and that's what military analysts call a k-kill in other words there ain't nothing left folks so bye-bye to the tank now how are these weapons powered well as already mentioned vast energy can be pulled from the vacuum state that's called zero-point energy to power these scalar transmitters but never leaving anything to chance I mean the Russians are very very compulsive about things so they have also sunk 27 separate power taps deep in the earth all over their land and remember they have a huge amount of real estate I mean I think the Russian even without the rest of the satellite nations that used to be part of the Soviet Union they cover eight time zones the the nation of Russia so these things sink deep in the earth where they can draw on what is called telluric energy now that may be a word that's not familiar to you but it's the energy that we can pull right out of the earth now how does that work well as many of you may know the center of the earth is a molten core of iron basically a nickel and it spins now the mantle of the earth which is the hard part of the earth and we live on the surface of that is going a different direction and as any person will tell you that creates a generator the earth is a giant electromagnetic generator and this produces what's called the magneto sphere which is a sphere of electromagnetic energy around the earth and that's why for example you have a compass that points north and points to the Magnetic Pole of the earth and that's why it's because the earth has a giant magnetic field and the Russians have figured well actually Tesla originally figured out how to draw energy from this giant field now I mentioned Tesla we're gonna get into a little bit of historical background now a gentleman by the name of ET Whittaker way back in 1903 and ou4 wrote papers beginning the ideas of energy from the vacuum and scalar interferometry now that's a hundred years ago folks more than a hundred years ago this these ideas have been out there but this guy was regarded as a heretic and so was the next gentleman we're gonna mention I've already mentioned his name Nikola Tesla this man was probably one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century and also one of the very least appreciated he was decades if not centuries ahead of his time he was a Serb born in 1856 and even in a young age he distinguished himself as very brilliant for example in school they thought it was cheating because he could do integral calculus in his head now I'll tell you folks I don't exactly even know what interval calculus is I know I in college I flunked out of the class that I was taking in in that subject so this guy is obviously you know smarter than six different humans anyway at age 24 he developed the plans were to become six years later the world's first induction engine that's a technological advance that would change the world of electricity he also came up with the idea for an AC or alternating current motor nowadays basically every everything that almost everybody uses is AC current this guy was decades ahead of his time he had discovered and was using a new type of electrical wave he repeatedly stated that his ways were non Hertzian and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as a square of the distance now what does that mean well what it means is is that like if you're driving in your car and you're listening to the prophecy club on their favorite Christian station okay and if you're getting driving away from the radio station what happens you start losing the signal you start getting static and then finally there's nothing left that's because radio regular way to radio waves fall off as the square of the distance his waves don't do that his discovery was apparently so fundamental and his intent to ride free energy all mankind was so clear that it was responsible for the drawl of his financial backing his deliberate isolation and the gradual removal of his name from all of the history books so in other words this guy went down the memory hole because his great dream he had two great dreams one was to produce free electricity for everyone he arrived in 1928 in New York City he had only four cents in his pocket and some of his mathematical equations he also had a letter of introduction that will enable him to meet the master of electricity Thomas Alva Edison I tell you I would have liked to been in that meeting I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall but anyway when he met with Edison he tried to convince him to use AC power now Edison was running on DC current and he saw AC power as a competition DC means direct current so Edison did what everybody did in this situation he hired the guy hoping to co-opt him well that didn't work Tesla was too noble for that and Tesla soon resigned from Edison's company and eventually managed to get financing to start his own he then developed the principles for AC power generation and transmission that are now used all over the world fortunately I'm sure many of you have Westinghouse appliances you know something like that the guy who started that company George Westinghouse believed in Tesla and helped setting financing him here for example is a photo of Tesla he's a gentleman on your right explaining his model of a rotating magnetic field to Westinghouse engineers here's the deal finally with that Westinghouse is help Tesla built his power station Niagara Falls but Edison wasn't gonna let this happen and so he used dirty tricks he used marketing Wars he used everything he could to try and destroy Tesla and Westinghouse 'iz work and at the same time in comes JP Morgan now JP Morgan was the consummate bankster of his generation this guy was like the most powerful man in America economically and politically and he's the guy who helped put together the Federal Reserve by the way just so you know he was kind of a skunk in any way he weighed in with Edison and joined forces with Edison and they just started to squeeze Westinghouse and in order to save Westinghouse Tesla graciously gave up his rights in all of his royalties the inventions that he achieved under Westinghouse and backed out of the company so that's the kind of guy he was he was very altruistic very generous very noble some people would say very stupid but he was very smart about electricity look at some of the stuff he achieved he developed neon and fluorescent lights he explored high-frequency electricity in 90 1891 he patented the Tesla coil which is really now the only thing you'll ever read about in history books about Tesla is that he invented the Tesla coil and now is probably the least of his achievements in 1890 he developed short weight or short-range wireless power and he was on his way to building the radio he had developed the ability to send out radio waves and he was about to test those waves with transmission 50 miles away to West Point New York unfortunately there was a mysterious building fire and it destroyed his work and that really slowed him down and so along comes ghoulia Alma Marconi who instead got to the Patent Office first and he is the one who's credited in the history books with inventing the radio he came out with more amazing inventions in 1898 in 1898 he came up with the world's first remote-controlled boat it was equipped with what he called a borrowed mind and that was the birth of robotics he worked to develop broadcast power through the air in other words just in the last 10 or 15 years we've gotten to the point that we can send like we can have wireless mics and wireless other things and now we even have wireless internet connections well he was doing that a century ago in Tesla in public I'm sorry Tesla speculated about ways to use electricity to control the weather and this is where we start moving into the scalar dimension he also believed one could draw energy from the earth itself to achieve virtually infinite electrical power and his dream was to have a little box not much bigger than a breadbox he could you could put in any house in America and that that would draw power from the earth and give every home in America free electricity he said this to JP Morgan when Wireless is fully applied the earth will be converted into a huge brain capable of response in every one of its parts no wonder JP Morgan was scared of him during World War 1 Tesla conceived what would become radar but could not get the financing to develop it because all of these people were telling everyone he was a nut he was all is he also warned about what become v2 rockets and guided missiles in 1931 Tesla told the press he was on the way to developing an entirely new source of energy from a new and unexpected source 1934 New York Times headline Tesla at 78 bares new death beam the article reported that the new invention will send concentrated beams of particles through the free air of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles Tesla stated the death beam would make war impossible by offering every country an invisible Chinese wall that was his utter dream he wanted to stop war because he'd seen what happened in his own homeland with war and he what he wanted to do is give every country this invisible shield that would prevent it from being invaded or attacked by enemy aircraft what's that Tesla's proposal apart from the usual run of fantasy death rays was his unique vacuum chamber and it was had won and open of the atmosphere he devised a unique vacuum seal by directing a high-velocity air stream at the tip of the gun to maintain high level vacuum the necessary pumping action will be accomplished with a large Tesla turbine that he developed also test the dream that his concepts of make war obsolete he tried to go to the US government with this the department of war they weren't interested he tried to go to the British he tried to go to the French tried to go to the Germans none of them were interested unfortunately the Soviet Union was interested and they wrote him a check for $25,000 and we can work on his concepts in 1939 now you got to remember back then Russia was supposedly our ally this is right at the dawning years of World War two just before his death in 1843 he issued a statement that he had indeed perfected his death beam but right after his death his nephews Sava kosanovich went in his room and found that all of his papers have been rifled through many important things were missing and a black notebook was missing that had hunter of pages the Tesla kept including a lot of pages or marked government the FBI came in our wonderful FBI and they said that the government was vitally interested in preserving Tesla's papers yeah real good not if the guy is dead you know they wouldn't pay attention to him when he was alive two days after Tesla's death representatives the office of alien property went to his off at The New Yorker hotel and seized all of his possessions see Tesla never became a US citizen so he was considered a resident alien most of his remaining papers eventually made their way to Belgrade Yugoslavia where our museum was created in Tesla's honor and because at that time they had the Communist Tito regime there all access from Western scientists Western analysts was shut off but of course the Soviets could look at anything they wanted and that brings us up-to-date or more or less now we're in our modern era and as early as 1960 so yet premier Nikita Khrushchev referred to his nations forthcoming scalar weapons he addressed the Presidium and he said this we have a new weapon just within the portfolio of our scientists so to speak so powerful that if unrestrainedly used it could wipe out all life on Earth and now in retrospect we think that was probably a reference to the early beginnings of scalar weapons didn't take them long the tip of the e/m iceberg was that they used electromagnetic weapons against the u.s. embassy they bombarded the US embassy with microwave beams and as a result two u.s. ambassadors died of cancer and many other people in the embassy were rendered ill and got lesser forms of cancer but that's just the tip of the iceberg these the the Russian military was not shy about using these unconventional weapons and all of them were a whole order of magnitude under these scalar weapons that we're talking about this evening now realize most of you know the Manhattan Project was his enormous effort that the US government put into toward the end of World War two to develop the atomic bomb and beat Hitler to the punch well when the Russians went to work on scalar technology they invested the equivalent of seven Manhattan projects so imagine how much progress they made the first time we have any evidence of the Russians use scalar weapons militarily was in the incident of the USS Thresher that was one of our nuclear submarines and it went down very mysteriously on April 10th 1963 it was never found the reason why we think this probably was scaler is because mysteriously enough one day later near Puerto Rico there was a mysterious underwater explosion now the authorities checked with a seismologist they checked with the geologists there was no earthquakes there were no underwater volcanoes there was no explanation for this this odd explosion soon after that we began experiencing various downed aircraft and then finally in April May of 1985 now this is twenty years ago they brought their entire power grid online they had their entire scalar weapons defense system up and running twenty years ago that's when things really started happening in November days for the first time they started tinkering with one of our space shuttles in December of that year they took down an aero dc-8 which was a military aircraft in September of 97 they took down several Titan 34 D missiles now these were several things they were testing the ABM mode of scalar weapons in other words the ability to be an anti-ballistic missile weapon to take out missiles but they were also doing another thing they were kind of pinging or tweaking our intelligence services our military to see if the military would go gee that looks like scowler weapons to us but they didn't and there's no evidence that the military had any clue of what was going on back in this timeframe then there's the whole issue of whether this has already been mentioned by Stan and also by Tesla the idea that you can use scalar waves to control weather you'll notice that particular Doppler weather slide there you see that kind of odd thing down at the bottom off the coast of South Carolina well those those odd finger-like things according to people I've talked to that are in the retired US Air Force radar people that is a sign of scalar activity they created the Deep Freeze of 1967 which was really pretty awful and they began full bore weather warfare on our country on July 4th 1976 our Bicentennial and it is not abated since then now here you'll see these are just examples this is a map of the United States you know Doppler radar map you'll notice that thing that's over Wyoming it's very obviously not a natural cloud phenomenon it's it's a perfect sphere that is probably a Tesla globe I have a friend who's an Air Force radar tech and he tells me that when you see something like that and it's mostly hollow it's almost certainly a a scalar dome a Tesla dome now look at this by way of contrast here is a similar thing over Puget Sound but notice how that's almost entirely solid what that is is a sign of radar jamming if you see a totally solid thing like that that's radar being jammed and it was probably being done by our own military because there's a lot of military bases up in Puget Sound area this is an example of a very unusual cloud formation hovering over Eastern California notice how it looks perfectly straight in fact it has a perfect hexagonal angle they're pointing out up around Northern California look at that that's not natural and what you need to understand is that with these scowler devices they can steer clouds around the way you can steer your family car moving entire cloud masses now this is this is exceptionally interesting because this particular slide there should be a thing coming up of a burst over alberta and of a similar kind of tesla globe and what you're seeing there is is actually the detonation of a Tesla globe that's bigger than the province of Alberta and what I want you to understand is that in the process of compiling all this you know there are also slides that show a very similar kind of globe materializing over Littleton Colorado the day of the Columbine shooting and another globe materializing over Jonesboro when that particular place was experiencing the high school shooting in addition to causing freakish tornadoes the light of which have seldom been seen the Russians also been tampering with our oceans really serious weather problems can be caused by heating and cooling the oceans to create El Nino effects and other similar weather engine so in other words they can create an artificial El Nino and these we know the problems we've all heard it on the news you have droughts you have forest fires you have deaths due to heat waves flooding and other fringe benefits by fringe benefits I mean all this stuff increases the people's reason to think oh maybe global warming is real oh gee maybe we gotta sign the Kyoto treaty maybe all of the tree huggers are really right you know when actually it probably is more likely the Russians fooling around with our weather now I mentioned something earlier about the the school shootings at Columbine and elsewhere it's important to realize that that if you are a student as I was of psychology I used to be a licensed master social worker you know that if a person has a mental disorder if they're depressed if they're you know behavior disordered or whatever the case might be and all of a sudden there's a very sudden drop or rise in barometric barometric pressure you know what that does that pushes the person over the edge it can very easily make them snap and so what the Russians I believe have been doing is they have been dropping these globes over these cities and they're assuming that somebody there in that city is going to be you know a few fries short of a happy meal and they're gonna go out and they're gonna do something violent now I'm not saying this is the only reason for like post office shooting school shootings etc there's many reasons for them I believe part of it is the fact that we're we have all this violence in our media violent video games lack of good parenting and also of course the fact that that most of the kids that are involved in these shootings and most of the adults for that matter are on powerful psychotropic drugs like prozac and and that's kind of the the worst kept secret about all of this so all this stuff is used to advance the control of the gun control Lobby the drug lords and I don't mean the ones in Colombia folks I mean Eli Lilly I mean Pfizer I mean Merck and the course of psychiatric Lobby and then of course there's also our wonderful president and his program to have No Child Left undrugged then of course there's the earthquake threat we've already heard from defense secretary Cohen that electromagnetic induction of earthquakes is now recognized on the left side of your screen you see there a graphic from a magazine from like many years ago showing Tesla's sitting there and the earth blowing apart into like an apple being split in two you know that statement I used that at the beginning of the of the meeting something definitely is going on in the earthquake Department seismologists noted that the frequency of earthquakes is going up faster and faster and faster when I was out in California someone told me they had five earthquakes out there just in the last couple of days in the early 1900's a normal weight of rate of large earthquakes was two or three a year well to this time like for example in 2000 one week they had 20 major earthquakes we all know about the tsunami that happened earlier and you know I mean this kind of stuff is gonna happen more and more partly I think because people are tampering with this you can create an earthquake with scalar energy you just have to be patient you just gradually send scalar beams into somewhere where you know that there is in fact a vault line the energy builds up the tectonic plates gradually slip and then all of a sudden there's this catastrophic slip and you have a huge destructive earthquake and let's say you live in a part of the country where there aren't many earthquakes there's no fault lines well that doesn't matter you can use scalar technology even to create a flat plate earthquake so you can't run you can't hide folks probably the most obvious example of using scalar energy in this fashion was the Yugoslavs quake of 415 79 now why we think this was scalar is the earthquake was immediately followed by a cold explosion and that's going to be very significant as we'll see in a few minutes this had a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale which is a pretty powerful earthquake it had an epicenter of 33 kilometers deep and more than a hundred aftershocks the other significant thing is it happened in April and somebody asked what's important about April Isis bullets income tax day but that's not really the reason the reason is is that in the old days of the Soviet empire they would have a huge meeting of the Supreme Soviet in very early May every year it was like their their big holiday and so that usually if they're gonna do something big they do it right in April because that way they could have something to kind of brag and beat their chests about it they're big meaning then of course there's scalar waves and super volcanoes many of you I'm sure have heard about the fact that we have our very own supervolcano in Yellowstone and essentially what you're seeing there on the screen is Yellowstone Falls and a beautiful place and that's part of what's called the Yellowstone Caldera in geology and there's been many things on the media Discovery Channel whatever about how there's this enormous magma dome underneath Yellowstone which supposedly is overdue right now for an eruption and if it is it would be like five or ten times worse than Mount st. Helens minimum and I had a fellow come up to me at one of the meetings who is a Christian who's a geologist and he what I'm about to share with you is absolutely true the geologists know about this that's why it's going out in the media the problem is is that this caldera in Yellowstone has been targeted already we are told by scalar weapons so they've got it in their crosshairs so to speak and what does that mean well what that means is if you're familiar with a supervolcano if this thing erupts first of all it's gonna probably take out most of Wyoming just in the first few seconds probably part of Utah part of Idaho part of Montana the next thing that's gonna happen is because again we're talking about maybe six seven volcanoes erupting virtually very much close to each other in time there's going to be huge amounts tons and tons of ash being sent up into the atmosphere and because the prevailing winds tend to blow from west to east it's gonna go out over the Great Plains States and essentially if you're in the Great Plain states like Nebraska or you know even Iowa you're gonna get like five to ten feet of ash dumped on you and I'll tell you I had a colleague in the ministry at Decker who lived out in Seattle when Mount st. Helens erupted and he was driving over the Lake Washington Bridge and he said that stuff was coming down it was like the worst blizzard you've ever seen you couldn't hardly see anything cars were skidding around on the bridge cars were stalling because this ash gets in the air filter of your car and and it was a mess and see that was just one measly volcano this thing is gonna be probably five to ten times worse than that so you can might as well figure that the whole Midwest is going to be wiped out and that even as far east as is Indiana they're gonna still have you know a lot of a lot of ash and stuff killing millions and millions of people millions and millions of livestock basically wipe out our bread basket the whole Midwestern America and of course if you remember when Mount st. Helens erupted it darkened the sky for many days in parts of the country and it was literally like The Book of Revelations where you could not see the Sun you know the Sun was dark and then the moon looked red at night because this stuff was up in the sky and it was actually changing the spectrograph of the atmosphere so you know this is one thing you've really got to pray about folks because whether or not the scalar waves hit it supposedly this thing can go off at any time then we have the Challenger disaster this is probably the most spectacular use of scalar weapons against a US target to date January 28 1986 we all can remember it that was the first time a space shuttle blew up it was one of those catastrophic moments that seared at our memory and it has every reason to believe that it was part indeed of a scalar attack why do we think that well basically there's three reasons first of all the use of what are called wet runs now what's a wet run well you know you all know the word dry run it's when you like to have a dress rehearsal or something well a wet run in the case of the military is when you actually fire the weapon to get the range right okay now what you need to realize is that the the shuttle is kept away from the launch pad until it's approximately ready to be hooked up and launched they keep it in what's called the Vehicle Assembly Building which is that I think the largest building on earth and then right before the launch the day before they trundle out on this giant railroad car so that means the day before the launch there's nothing on the launch pad and what's interesting is the witnesses reported that they were just wildly just wandering around and they haven't noticed that their release flashes of light around the launch plaid there were cracks and boom like sounds or just like a second of an appearance of a white globe of energy just that quickly and then it was gone and you know people saw it I don't well you know what the heck you know they thought just something out of the corner of their eye maybe they had a speck in their eye or whatever and they didn't think anything of it but then later on now that we know about what scalar weapons a function like it's very obvious they were trying to get their range right the other thing is is the use of weather technology we've already talked about how you can use these weapons to change the weather well what happened is that was a record cold week in in Florida and then even even the conventional scientific community acknowledges that that extreme cold had an impact on the shuttle structural integrity but there's another factor you can also use scalar waves to soften metal and they believed that was also done so it was like a one-two punch and then the third punch is of course when the thing finally lifted off they sent one of these globes at it and he materialized that just I was talking about at the beginning of the program and blew the thing to kingdom come and we all know what happened all all hands on board were killed now this stuff is so powerful it even has residual after-effects and that's because in order to make this work you have to have a grid laid down and there is a grid that's that's you know somewhat bizarre in a function it's called the woodpecker grid it's been laid over North America since 1976 and it's an energy grid the Defense Department knows all about it they can't do a darn thing about it and when you fire a scalar weapon on this energy grid that's over North America it causes resonance around the grid nearby and that's called high frequency localization signals and what happened was is that animals those very small brains like birds are affected by this scalar energy on this grid and then you'll notice there's no birds flying the day of the scaler of the shuttle launch also a few days after that in the early part of February nearby I think it was in Alabama a little bit away from the shuttle launch area but it was still again resonating on the grid there was this whole County where all the birds just suddenly dropped dead for no apparent reason and the Department of Agriculture in the state had no idea why it happened but it was like every bird and a lot of little rodents and things like that were found dead no explanation no viruses no nothing so that is again a sign that scalar weapons were fired now the question then becomes why are the Soviets way ahead why did this happen well you know part of it is the Soviets paid attention Tesla and we basically just ignored him also the Soviets poured billions of dollars in billions of man-hours of research into this we didn't and there's a certain level of cultural arrogance on our part remember this quote from the beginning everything that can be invented has been invented that's how a lot of scientists think and as I've said they just have their minds closed to this sort of reality our big mistakes number one we're assuming the Russians were ignorant peasants we used to make jokes about that you know that oh they they're so dumb they make a phonograph record and it goes the wrong way around or they make a refrigerator over in Russia and you can use it to cook your dinner in you know well maybe that's true but you see the problem over in Russia is is that at that time it was a socialist state and basically they could get away with making crummy stuff because that's all you had there was no there was no competition and instead of spending their money making better Barbie dolls or better microwave ovens they were spending their money developing scalar weapons so that's why we had this idea that they were all ignorant peasants also US scientists arrogantly assumed that we knew all the laws of physics and we don't it's a big universe out there folks and we don't even begin to understand and yet we think we do we were also over reliant on our huge nuclear arsenal I mean we have all these nuclear weapons you know we have the the triad base you know where you have one leg of the triad is is our land-based missiles one leg of the triad is our bomber wings b-52 bombers b-1 bombers in the air 24 hours a day and then of course we have the best part is our nuclear submarines which can't be detected so we think and they're cruising around in international waters with payloads of dozens of nuclear warheads and we're so confident in that we put all of our eggs so to speak in the nuclear basket what if someone came along with a weapon that could totally nullify that Arsenal because I'll tell you right now if our information is correct all you would have to do if you were in is flick a button aim a certain thing a certain way and you could wipe out every missile in America make them all duds on in the contiguous 48 states in about five seconds and then where would we be in our pride in our technology we forgot about Sputnik remember a Sputnik those of you that are old enough I'll tell you I can remember it I mean it was the first satellite in orbit and we didn't do it the Russians did it and and it was scary I can remember in fat you know seeing these big huge headlines and in every I mean I went to Catholic school and nuns were all scared and everything because they they kept thinking that you know the Communists we're gonna come over and take over America and rape the nuns you know and we heard about that almost every day and especially after this Sputnik thing happened they were having us pray every day to protect America from the Russians coming over and invading and raping the nuns and I had nightmares about this it was so scary and I didn't even know what rape was I was only eight years old but it sounded scary you know and and you know they were thinking that the Soviets could rain down nuclear fire on us from space and then we other thing we forgot who put the first man in orbit the Russians Yuri Gagarin we forgot that the Soviets almost won the space race you know so again we were just so cocky and so self-confident we let this slip by I'm afraid so you know back in the 60s Robert McNamara was always worried about the missile gap who has the most nuclear missiles you know well now we have a scalar electromagnetic or electro gravitation gap see a lot of you people I'm sure know about the HAARP the high-altitude Aurora research project that something America has and or at least it did I you know I hear varying reports that it's not it was dismantled or it was moved or whatever but but the point is that was a very high level of technology that we possessed but unfortunately it was only first generation the Russians are working on third or now even fourth generation iterations of this technology so you know we're really playing catch-up folks now what are the types of scalar weapons well first of all there's exothermic mode then there's endothermic mode and there's the mine snapper mode now there's some big words they're exothermic is just a fancy physics term for something that gives off heat if you strike a match that's exothermic on the other hand endothermic means any process that absorbs heat and that mine snapper name is pretty evocative I don't think we need to define that we'll talk more about each of these in a second now you'll see there on that graphic that's a drawing of a Tesla globe that that has been it's it's called a 3d scalar interferometry hemispherical shell that has been placed over a city or over a battlefield doesn't really matter and nothing can get through that in the drawing you see jets you see missiles hitting it and just exploding on impact and this is called the famous Tesla globe or Tesla shell and the way this works is is if you make one of these is about 50 miles in diameter it has incredible power and if something hits it it just basically it's it's kind of like those those bug zappers you have on your your back porch in the summertime and a mosquito hits it and you know well if a missile hits this thing it just instantly disintegrates it melts in just a blaze of plasma there's nothing left of it now that's a 50 mile diameter if you attenuate it if you make it bigger if you make it about a hundred miles in diameter and that's enough to cover any city you know then it isn't quite as powerful but what happens is if there's an incoming missile or an incoming bomber or whatever it hits the shield and as soon as it hits the shield an e/m pulse duds everything in the missile or in the bomber so it's totally useless the nuclear material and it is rendered useless and it just drops to the earth like a rock so nothing can get through this now this also can be transmitted across vast distances with no intervening travel so if they have a scalar device let's say in Moscow and they see that forever reason we're deciding we're going to bomb Cuba we're firing nuclear missiles at Cuba they could just push a button in a couple of seconds blink there's this shield over Cuba just to give you one example now additionally you can use these same Globes as I have mentioned as a detonating device so in the exothermic blast from these things can be nearly nuclear in nature it can use lesser levels of power to simply destroy all electronic devices we've already mentioned that that is called duh ting now there's endothermic mode this is the opposite and here you create what is called a cold explosion now that sounds kind of like what you know cold explosion but that's remember that was always felt right after the earthquake in Yugoslavia the way this works is is it just draws all the heat energy out of the atmosphere in just a matter of a few seconds and I don't have any of you have seen that movie last year it was called the day after tomorrow and it was like you know kind about this weather apocalypse and they had this one scene where this like storm came in over New York I almost like I'm freezing hurricane and and wherever the I of this hurricane came it was like the temperature would drop like a hundred and fifty degrees in a matter of two or three minutes and everything just froze solid you know and it was like you were flash frozen if you were out in that and they can do that with this weapon this endothermic mode they can they could put this and of course if you drop the temperature that low you're putting a lot of things into an area where they're getting near absolute zero and that means metal gets brittle tanks will shatter buildings were shatter steel girders were shatter then they did actually test this thing on April 9th 1984 off the Kuril Islands off the Sea of Japan and what happened was is an airplane a Japanese airliner was flying over this particular area and they saw all of a sudden this enormous Thunder head developed to the level of 60,000 feet in two minutes because it what it did is it pulled when you it's cold it like sucks moisture out of the atmosphere you know it gets real cold and it's dry what happened was it just sucked vast amounts of water out of the ocean and created this 60,000 foot high Thunder head that was 200 miles in diameter in less than two minutes this thing was so big that essentially the people in the airliner thought it was a nuclear explosion it happened so fast except there was no light flash so again that's that's something that's quite scary now the mine stamp remote is even worse to my mine because you know we can kind of understand okay you blow things up you have a shield you make things cold but this is where you're actually messing with the human mind with your mind perhaps at a low level this weapon can cause people to lose consciousness raising the level put people into a trance and they become hypnotized and they'll do anything you tell them to do at the high level all living things in a target area would instantly fall down dead and I mean everything the Russians used this in Afghanistan this weapon against the Mujahideen back when they were fighting them in the 80s and there's this one village and I remember seeing this on the news where every person in the village was dead and even after two weeks there was no decomposition there was no decay because all the organisms in the body were killed all the bacteria were killed all the bugs were killed every animal every microscopic organism that entire village was dead so there was nothing to begin the normal natural process that happens with dead material that's pretty scary stuff folks you could also fake religious phenomenon and what I mean by that is back in the 70s we call it made of programming the human bio-computer in other words think of your mind as a hard drive you can erase the hard drive and then reformat it with new software and instead of you know having faith in Christ instead you now have faith in the Antichrist and you see the only defense against this sort of thing is if you have the helmet of salvation on and if you're all armored up and if you're praying and keeping in the blood of Jesus every single day that's the only defense against this sort of thing the other thing that can happen you have normal people you know whatever they are seeing things having hallucinations it's almost like beaming an LSD trip into your mind and you can have them see giant 3d visions in the sky you can see a thousand-foot Jesus you could see a giant apparition of the Virgin Mary or a huge vision of Lord Maitreya it doesn't matter whatever it might be you can induce these things and this is the bottom line here you know the Bible warns us about how the elect good indeed be deceived and this is what I'm afraid of here is this could happen it's important to realize that recently scientists that study the brain have discovered what they call the God part of the brain now this is kind of extraordinary information because what they did is they went out and they took many different people from many different faiths who were very devout you know Christians Jews Buddhists whatever that were extremely devout in their faith and they took them and put them in one of these machines it scans the brain like a cat scan or a PET scan or whatever and they said okay do your thing you know pray meditate whatever and they found invariably that a certain part of the brain lit up like a Christmas tree when they when they got into a state where they were really trying to you know commune with the Almighty or meditate or become one with the universe whatever the case might be and they also noticed that at the same time that part of the brain was releasing large amounts of feel-good chemicals like you know endorphins and in Kepha lines and things like that so the person was experiencing a deep sense of peace a deep sense of bliss and the thing is now because they know this they can target that part of the brain with these scalar weapons with this mind snapper thing and they can give people an artificial religious high that's very much like the real thing that you might experience and so you know people can be deceived even as it says in the word that you can even deceive the elect into thinking that the Navy though they'll see the Annie iced on TV or whatever one get this real rush and feel all wonderful and gooey and warm inside you know and before you know it they're gonna think this is the real thing it gets even better than that you could have simulated UFO invasions for example many of you might remember the movie a few years ago Independence Day where they had these awesome huge UFOs flying over New York City that were the size of Yankee Stadium well you know you could have something very much like that you could have a UFO land on the White House lawn have it open up just like in that old movie The Day the Earth Stood Still and out would walk Jesus complete long white robes long flowing hair you know sacred heart bumping away and on his chest and everybody think oh it's the Second Coming it's the apocalypse you know and it's all fake and remember what Ronald Reagan said years ago when he addressed the United Nations he said it the one thing that would bring us together is if an alien force came and attacked the earth and what's really interesting is at the end of that movie I mentioned a minute ago Independence Day they have this scene where all of these different air forces are coming together and they're gonna fight off the enemy and they actually show Arabs and Israelis working together you know talk about science fiction a man anyway so you know there's all sorts of different ways that you can deceive people another thing is a lot of people nowadays especially since that movie came out signs are talking about crop circles and there's people that study these things full-time they're called serial ologist believe it or not and they believe these are messages from our space brothers and this is another deception from the New World Order and we've now learned that these can be made by in fat scalar plasma balls and that makes sense because these people these cereal ologists that we'll go and study these various crop circles tell us that first of all there's very unusual electromagnetic activity around this these formations and secondly they say that quite often there's a smell of ozone which is you know part of an electronic electrical discharge so I believe these things are being made to help you know enhance people's faith in the space butters that are coming to earth to save us and of course that's the problem you know people want to be saved but they want to be saved by anybody but Jesus you know Yeshua they don't want the gospel they don't want to obey Him in to bow the knee and serve Him they just want to have someone come and fix it you know and that's what these space brothers came claiming that they can do because you know there's various there's various cult groups that are built around flying saucers that one Heaven's Gate is the most infamous one but there's many others and they all promised salvation just by these people coming in and taking away all of our war and all of our pollution saving the earth and again it's gonna be one big deception now some people ask well how do you target these weapons I mean if I'm firing a weapon at a destroyer it's in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean how on earth does that happen well Tesla had that figured out it's a weakly endothermic device that he devised it's called the big I that was his name for it and it can be used like over-the-horizon radar with remarkably good resolution and because scalar energy is able to pass through the earth or through the ocean there can be no hiding from this eye and tunnels or bunkers in fact a lot of people have said you know there are Vietnam veterans they said I wish we had one of these things when we were in Vietnam because the Vietcong would like be hiding in the in these tunnels they call them tunnel rats and with this you could just see right through the ground and see them and just pick them off like fish in a barrel and of course unfortunately they can do the same thing with us this of course is the holy grail of naval warfare because for years they've wanted an undersea radar that was undetectable the problem is for us is unlike sonar the sub would have no idea that it's being detected or that it's being tracked and then you could just hit it with one of these dunning effects and the thing would just drop to the bottom of the ocean and never be found again now the military implications this are obviously staggering you can use these tests of gold globes either for D or for old fence you can use them to protect a city or to blow up a space shuttle and and there's there's virtually no end of the size of these things for example there was a London Times report back in 1980 August where a British Karen by the way of Nick Downey was in Afghanistan and he observed what he said were incredibly large Tesla billion Colin of course tested on he said they were large glowing domes appearing on the horizon and they took up 20% of the skyline and he estimated from that because this guy was a photographer and he kind of knew about distances that they were hundreds of miles in diameter he saw these on numerous occasions in September of 1979 in December of 1979 near the sarrish Aegon missile test facility which is a Russian test facility near Afghanistan and that's where they test their directed-energy weapons now additionally there have been reports of these globes over the Northern Pacific in 1982 over the northern Atlantic in 1976 and the more interesting one is there was a continuous Tesla fireball reported on September 10th 1976 this was a British Eastern Airways jet that was flying from Moscow to London it was flying at the time over Lithuania which of course was part of the Soviet Union at that time and as it flew over Russian airspace all it was night and all of a sudden this brilliant enormous ball filled the sky I mean they thought it was the Sun it was so bright and they of course were very alarmed and they called Russian ground authorities and they reported this and they were very the Russian ground authorities were very terse very harsh they said ignore that light and get out of there as fast as you can that was all they would say now think about this the Russians knew that plane was there the military radar people knew it was there the civilian radar people knew it was there and yet they they deployed this weapon why they were doing it to ping British intelligence mi6 to see if when these guys came back ported it there was any indication that that they identified this as a Tesla device and as far as we know there was no ability to identify it they were totally clueless no evidence to the contrary here we see these are some pictures of some mysterious plasma globes that were seen over Norway of various sizes from from as small as say a one of those hot-air balloons all the way up to you know several hundred feet in size and this brings another interesting thing into the UFO picture because a lot of UFOs could be explained by these Tesla plasma balls see one of the most puzzling things about UFOs is the fact that they display what is called non-ballistic motion that means they're going along like this at a very high level of speed maybe mocked or Mach 3 and all of a sudden boom they go like that and they make a very very hard turn now if you were a jet pilot in the US Air Force and you were going in Mach 2 or Mach 3 and you were to make a turn like that you'd end up as chunky salsa you know because of the g-forces and and so everybody was saying well this must be some superior alien technology but see if all it was was plasma globes then you know these things have virtually no mass I mean their masses is very negligible so therefore there's no problem with a nursery you can just zoom zoom all over the place with them and it looks very impressive from the ground so you never know a lot of UFOs might be now explained by these things now this is another example of how you can use Tesla shields to defend your city if you have the technology of course many we've probably seen those Russian dolls will they nest one doll inside of another doll inside of another dollars a word for it but I forget what it is well that's what they do here they nest 3 Tesla globes one inside of the other and what happens here is is that the energy comes along like let's say there's an air burst over the city of Moscow and what they do is they deploy these these triple Globes over the city and there's gamma rays coming in from the bursts and that's a personal lethal form of radiation from nuclear explosion or gamma rays because if you get hit with gamma rays depending on the range the how far away you were from the blast they can either kill you in a few hours a few days or a few weeks with massive cancers and so on well if this three level thing is deployed the the gamma rays hit the outer ring which is the red ring and at that point the power is pulled back the frequency of the radiation is pulled back and they become x-rays still pretty dangerous they hit the second ring and they're dialed down a little bit more they hit the inner ring the the kind of yellow ring there and at that point they end up being powered down to the point that they're just simply radio waves and of course radio waves are relatively harmless because they're all around us here and and of course obviously we even listen to the radio so this would affect in effect render even the power of an airburst absolutely harmless against an entire city now here again we're talking about Tesla globes and Tesla domes this again these were provided to me by a friend whose Air Force radar Tech and he says this particular one is an example of a Tesla dome because again it's hollow inside here's another one that's even more spectacular this one is over the Brookhaven National Labs in Long Island and that one actually gives me a little bit of hope because maybe that's one we're making I mean if it's exactly centered over over a laboratory that we own but of course who knows maybe it's just the Russians messing with our heads again and then finally this is an interesting one this is actually an example of radar jamming notice how this one is solid and where is it it's over area 51 naturally they're gonna be jamming that airspace and that's being done by our own government of course now I've mentioned several times these woodpecker beams and the woodpecker grid if you look at the graphic there you'll see that's what's going on you'll see that there's over the horizon beams of energy coming across the Arctic Circle from the Soviet Union and Criss crossing over America and these are done several times that you have this enormous grid of energy right over North America and this was as I said earlier this was deployed in July of 1976 and it's been online ever since and people ask well what what does that do exactly well it does many things that's the problem mainly it's an overheard the horizon radar but it can also use this grid as I've already mentioned to deploy scalar Globes to either change our weather to cause people to go crazy you can use it to deploy weapons as they did with a challenger disaster and you can also use it to cause mental or physical illness we'll talk more about that a little later but you can see there how those beams might intersect all over the nation in that fashion now the question has been raised many times if the Russians have had the power like this in so many ways to take us out for around 30 years but they haven't why is that well fair question there's a reason for this the number one reason is that of course the times and the seasons are in the hand of Yahweh God we don't know what these what that what his timetable is it of course obviously neither do the Russians so if this is going to happen it's going to happen when we he wants to and not one second before but additionally the Russians aren't the only nation with these weapons there are four or five other nations that have these weapons and some of them are our friends and so over the years we have actually had several occasions when the Russians were in fact deploying these weapons against us and they were stopped by allies the most obvious example here is in 1986 April the Russians were were sending energy towards both the the LA and San Francisco corridor to try and create a massive earthquake that would cause catastrophic damage and loss of life well some secretive little u.s. group quote-unquote that access to scalar technology themselves came in and fired back and this caused a feedback loop which sort of bounced back all the way across to the Soviet Union and caused the Chernobyl disaster and so that kind of taught him a lesson now that was an unintended consequence of what they did but the interesting thing is is by doing that they figure they've saved around 200,000 American lives so you know good for them then in the same year 1986 a friendly little nation prevented our nation's military infrastructure from being completely destroyed by an even more powerful scalar weapon attack from the Soviets now even as recently as 1997 twice in one year the u.s. came very close to being scalar destroyed by scalar weapons but the same little nation intervened on our behalf however what that means is is that you have kind of a new version of that old mutual assured destruction thing where essentially other nations have a scalar gun pointed at the head of the Russians and they're saying if you do something to America we're gonna do something worse to you and that is partially at least what's keeping us from being totally destroyed by these things but there are new threats on the horizon and that's what I want to talk about now and unfortunately these aren't as easy to deal with these newer threats come from rogue groups like the Yakuza al machinery Kyo and of course our most recent enemy is la mac-- terrorist groups now some of these might be unfamiliar to you so I'm going to briefly discuss them Alma Shinrikyo is a very weird Japanese doomsday cult the word that the words itself themselves mean sacred truth and they believe it's their job to cause the end of the world and to be blunt they're basically whack jobs and these people have done such horrible things as they unleashed sarin nerve gas in a Tokyo subway a decade ago on March 20th 1995 caused 11 casualties and 5,000 injuries they've done other things of a similar nature and read they changed their name to Alif which is kind of odd because that's the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet then there's the Yakuza some people compare these guys to like the Mafia but that's really doing a lot of justice mourning needs to be to the Mafia these guys are far beyond the Mafia it's been called the mother of all crime syndicates and it's a transnational organization that's more powerful in many countries they have there they're very much involved with the Japanese government of the deepest levels they're also very much involved with the Japanese large industrial firms I mean let's face it right now if you buy a car from Toyota or a camcorder from Sony you're probably putting some money in the pockets of the aquazap and these guys are extremely nasty again they make the Mafia look like a Sunday school picnic and these guys have joined forces with ohms and rekey oh to lease scalar oven sites from the KGB now here's what's happened as many of you remember when the Soviet Union fell its economy fell as well I mean it just you know total destruction I mean people the whole everybody was cash-strapped even the KGB was out of money and so what did they do Along Came the oppas and they made a really good arrangement they said hey we'll give you 900 million dollars down for a billion dollars a year can release some of your scalar weapons sites and they said hey sure what a deal you know so in 1989 the Yakuza began training their technicians and since 1990 this grow group has been attacking the u.s. by controlling our weather of course to our detriment now in 2004 they really stepped up operations big time and a lot of you may remember we had very very strange weather we had like a whole barrage of hurricanes hit Florida those those hurricanes did weird things Ivan did a 180 degree turn the hurricane g'd that if Jean did a 360 degree loop before reaching Florida and again this shows the kind of control available through these scalar devices then the next slide has done in to ask warfare but I just thought it was very appropriate at this time Hurricane Charlie hit Orlando and the winds were so high they actually peeled off a billboard underneath was an older billboard that said we need to talk God and I call that a sign from the Almighty you know like I'm getting your attention hello now hurricane Catarina same year but this is very very unusual because this is the first ever recorded hurricane and a South Atlantic that's supposed to be impossible it came ashore in Brazil on March 28th with 90 mile an hour winds and did substantial damage and a lot of people believe this was a deliberate deliberate probe by the Yakuza to produce and drive ashore or hurricane where the textbooks say one is impossible and again to see if Western scientists and government groups were able to identify that that's what they were doing and again there's no evidence that such was the case under the watchful eye of the KGB the Yakuza has carried scalar technology back to Japan and in clandestine facilities they've been building portable scalar weapons EMP weapons possible negative energy weapons so for example in in some of these visions that Stan was discussing before you can now very easily get a scalar weapon onto an airplane or onto a jet and have it fly in and just anything that came at it would just drop down like dead flies all around it EMP weapons possibly negative energy EMP weapons so you know they could fit one of these in the back of an SUV or in a good-sized aircraft the plan that the this Yakuza group has is to attack the u.s. power grid within the next couple of years so watch out because see our power grid is extremely vulnerable we have we've already learned up in the East Coast of course a couple years ago they had that really bad blackout that lasted I think at least a day or so and who knows maybe that was even caused by scalar technology we don't know you see their Hoover Dam on the screen and that is the Nexus for the power grid for the whole southwestern United States and and because our power grid is so centralized and so fragile it's real easy to take out beyond that the Yakuza has used its economic muscle to make a concerted effort to keep all free energy products off the market that EF TV there means energy from the vacuum that's what Tesla was working on that's what many scientists today are working on free excuse me free energy from the vacuum however you know the Yakuza won't let it happen there were two separate Japanese engines were developed one was a Takahashi magnetic Wankel engine the other one is the Kauai engine both of those projects were basically quashed by the power of the Yakuza secondarily the u.s. department of energy in the energy industry in this company in this country has shows little interest in moving beyond its hundred-year-old paradigm think about this for a moment folks the u.s. power grid in this country is still running the way Edison wanted it to run a hundred years ago the only difference is that they've added a few computers along the way but this real attenuated fragile power structure is still in place they've really made no change in the last century now if they could use instead these energy from the vacuum replacement systems different things would happen they would need though a central fuel sources they need no tankers they need no pipelines they need the oil refineries secondly the mass of an expensive support structure for our bloated power system would be virtually done away with our present dependence on foreign oil and gas would virtually disappear a very drastic reduction in pollution the environment would result and also a dramatic reduction of the present absolute vulnerability of the u.s. power system would happen the resulting benefits of a fuel free system like this would be immediately evident to both the long-suffering us taxpayers and all so the many people overseas the the cannot afford to have any kind of power and the results will be incalculable however what would happen to the energy cartels and the energy bureaucracies the damage it would do to them will be indeed very calculable indeed and that's the problem so such powerful organizations do not surrender their control readily and the sad thing is is that no there's no incentive in our country for people to produce these kind of energy systems not only is our scientific community fiddling while Rome prepares to burn but it's helping to ensure that Rome burns completely and of course here Rome would be in the United States now it's in pot it's impossible to understand the level of danger here even from like hackers and cyber war techniques our energy grid could fall apart overnight this is what I'm going to read from you is an interview that was done on frontline PBS some time ago with a guy named Joe Weiss who is an energy consultant and they asked him this they said put it in perspective what's the worst-case scenario in terms of loss of power he says absolute worst I won't even say absolute but a very worst case would be the loss of power for six months or more and they asked over how big an area and he said as big as you want and they said is that a possibility yes so imagine being without electrical power for six months you know I mean it would be devastating to every aspect of our life in this country and yet they're doing nothing about it now the third man there we go the the third threat of course is from Islamic terrorists and bin Laden and other terrorist factions have been desperately trying to acquire energetics weapons but as far as we know they have not yet done so and of course the problem with these guys is number one they're perfectly willing to take out civilians as money as they need and secondarily they don't care if they die themselves because the first day they're gonna go to jaw go to paradise and have 72 virgins and all of that stuff so don't care if they die and that makes them a very dangerous enemy and of course they want to use these kind of weapons to bring down the United States and Israel and they would be an appalling way to achieve that goal then we have u.s. societal engineering there's a branch of this part of the mine snapper mo that's called psycho energetics and what they do with this is there and create increasing amounts of fracture lines down u.s. Society you can see them all up there gay versus straight conservative liberal Republican Democrat different religious groups are set against each other or even like liberal Christians versus conservative Christians many experts tell us that the u.s. is now more fractured sociologically than it's ever been since the Civil War I mean think about that and they can actually use these psychoenergetic systems to increase the level of stress that people feel the level of anxiety the level of tension that they feel and they can cause civil unrest and even rioting but they can do even more than that there have been dramatic tests done of distant total control of a person's mind when that person was doing something extremely complicated examples are most obvious the the tragic story of Captain buttons and captain Svoboda back in 1997 these were two military pilots who apparently cheerfully flew their jets in the sides of mountains and destroyed themselves and there's no evidence that there was anything wrong with the airplane they they made no Maydays they they just all of a sudden went off course for no reason and flew their jets into a mountain now even more bizarre is the case of captain Hess in 1998 here was a guy who was out jogging again a highly trained military officer all of a sudden he sat down pulled out a knife and stabbed himself 26 times in the chest and neck naturally he died but here's the interesting thing forensic scientists will tell you that if indeed you are able to do that to stay yourself a couple times in the chest just twice will basically cause your body to go into such shock that you can't move any of your muscles anymore and if this guy kept going it was like he was a puppet being controlled by someone else now let me ask you this question if you can take a highly trained highly disciplined military officer and make them him stabbed himself 26 times in the chest why don't you say you can make just about anybody do just about anything except of course for the power of the blood of Yeshua Jesus Christ now beyond the Tesla howitzers as they're called comes the next generation of energy weapons these are called quantum potential weapons currently they're only held by three or four nations Russia China Brazil and the friendly little nation these have even potential for greater power and range because they use multiple connected space-time continuum to induct to create their power however there's an even newer nightmare on the horizon EMB W we've already said that eeehm stands for electromagnetic and B W stands for biological warfare that's the symbol there for biohazard on the screen this is a simple but lethal strike that could have horrific results and many people that have studied this say they think that these force amplifiers are what we're behind the Gulf War Syndrome because here's what they do these force amplifiers are a form of scalar energy where they can broadcast the electronic signatures of diseases into the human body okay what happens is is that they will send like eight or nine separate diseases the just the energetic signatures and what it does is it makes your immune system go into red alert you know DEFCON one and you know white blood cells you know killer cells T killer cells micro phage or pardon me macrophages just voom voom voom you know they're going out and the body is just you know totally trying to fight off these diseases which don't even exist and you feel drained you feel crummy you you go to the doctor and there's nothing wrong with you quote-unquote because you don't have any disease you just have an immune system that's going crazy and of course you end up being coming almost like someone who has AIDS in a sense that your immune system is terribly compromised now you know this is called immune system spreading and unfortunately our mass casualty treatment units are not prepared for this they have not been trained for this they have no way they have no idea of how to deal with it and in if you understand like either emergency room procedure or mass casualty treatment procedure they have a thing that's called triage and what they do is when someone comes in like say to the emergency room they look at them and especially if it's real busy or whatever if your level one that means that you're basically very minor and you can wait a while you know maybe you have a sprained ankle or maybe you have a minor cut or something level two means you're pretty serious but you know you could still maybe wait a few minutes level three means you're really pretty bad and they better get at you you know stat as they say in the medical trade and then finally they have triage level four which is called black level and this is someone that is so bad off that basically unless you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time let them die you know on so in any situation we're like dozens of casualties are being rushed into the into the ER or whatever level black people are just gonna be put aside and basically die because they can't waste the resources to take care of them and see these force amplifiers will move entire populations in the triage level for it's just gonna be a horrible mess but it gets even worse believe it or not if it could get worse recently according to my information they have been able to develop and research the exact electromagnetic signatures of actual diseases and for three or four serious diseases like plague smallpox and fracks diseases like that they can actually broadcast the disease in two your body from around the world and all of a sudden you've got anthrax in your body or you've got plague in your body and you don't even know where it came from no little envelopes full of powder no nothing like that now you know can you imagine that because they could they could just spray if you will Washington DC with this kind of energy and it'll be all over I mean nothing would have nothing could be done about it I mean let's face it right now most people agree our healthcare system is on life-support we can barely handle what we've got now imagine if all of a sudden a hundred thousand people in Washington DC came down with anthrax I mean it would be it would be all over they couldn't do anything but in spite of all of this the National Institute of Health and the medical science community in the intelligence community don't seem to be taking any kind of defensive measures against this thing well folks what's the answer here I mean our own government appears to be totally behind in developing weapons or countermeasures for a scalar attack and let's face it this is not the sort of threat that can be readily answered by the usual survival strategies you know the old guns gold and groceries thing and go up in the mountains and you know hide out in a cabin because as I've said they have this grid all over America and they can blanket America there's something else that needs to be done we're talking about multiple knockout punches here look at this list devastating plague attacks a meltdown of parter all of the u.s. power grid total dunning of all our nuclear weapons aircraft or other technology earthquakes or eruptions of super volcanoes possible illusions mind-control mass hallucinations religious deception all of this is possible in fact it's probable now you know I know this all sounds pretty overwhelming but I want to tell you at this point a personal story that I hope we'll be able to give you some hope in all of this some of you know if you're connected with our ministry with one Accord that my wife is since 2000 has been very sick with congestive heart failure and she wanted me to tell this story to you tonight just to illustrate something very very important my wife back in 2000 this is in the spring of that year was very good health and she was laying in bed one night falling asleep and all of a sudden she heard this strange sound in the room it was kind of like a sine wave like a ooh sort of sound and within a few seconds it was like it sort of was zeroing in trying to find something and then all of a sudden it seemed to center on her and then this white like flash of light hit her in the chest and she was like flapping up and down on the bed like like someone was getting electroshock therapy you know she couldn't move she couldn't cry out she was just sort of worse I was laying there snoring you know I didn't even know anything was going on you know some mighty husband you know protecting his wife right well anyway this went on for what seemed to be an eternity and she was just crying out to Jesus for help she was you know pleading the blood and after she said it was probably actually about a minute it stopped but she just laid there and she was just exhausted and she kind of fell immediately back to sleep then she woke up the next morning and she shared that with me and you know she was feeling pretty Piku daftar that but she didn't know what what it was well a few days later she got a envelope in the mail I was out ministering somewhere and she had gone and gotten the mail and was opening up to see what the offerings were and so on and this envelope was open and there was this white powder in it now this was a year before 9/11 and you know because of our knowledge of the occult we knew that there are certain kinds of voodoo rituals where you lay down what's called a Vevey and it's made out of flour and you do like curses and stuff in the ritual and you sweep up this flour put it in an envelope mail it to the person and the person opens the envelope they get hit with a curse so naturally what she did was is she pleaded the blood over and just threw it away and forgot about it well within a couple of days she started getting really sick she got worse and she got worse and I'll tell you number one my wife doesn't like doctors very much number two she's a pretty tough cookie but finally this is going on for a degree of time where she just said I got to go to the ER this is this is just too weird and so we went to the emergency room and because she knew emergency room was she she knew how to get in quickly she said I think I have a heart problem and that's like woo boop boop you know that that immediately that's like triage level three you know so they rushed her in and they hooked her up to an echocardiogram machine and they found out that yes in fact her heart was very bad it was actually the the ejection fraction is what they call it in cardiac medicine was at 6% now you've got to realize to put that in perspective a normal person's ejection fraction is 60% and if your ejection fraction goes much below 6 you're dead so they were just they freaked out they said you know you could die at any time with this you've got to get a new heart and they threw in an ambulance rushed her down to Iowa City which is where they have the big huge University of Iowa Medical Center which is you know like our major medical thing in Iowa and they put her number one on the list for heart transplant in the state of Iowa well we prayed about it we really sought God and we felt him saying no don't do it and so we called the cardiac surgeon and you'd have to know my wife to know how she did this but she said she says so sweetly she says you know Yeshua appeared to me and he says your heart belongs to me and I live in that heart and I don't want you to remove it and I am going to hold that heart together in my hands for as long as I want to do it and so she says I don't need your new heart I've got a perfectly good one already and he just went ballistic I mean you know he was so mad he was stuttering you know it was like you know there when his new Ferrari or whatever and anyhow you know and I don't mean to make fun of doctors but you know some of them do seem like their their eye is more on the bottom line than it is on and the patient so anyhow my wife signed herself out AMA as they say against medical advice and went home and they said you won't even survive a week and this is again in August of 2000 and she did have to take cardiac medicine she's on four separate drugs for that but the funny thing is is she didn't die in a week she didn't die in a month and you know she had two more episodes where she had to go back in the hospital but right the last time we had her her fo done her heart rate is up to 38% her ejection fraction now imagine that's that's a pretty spectacular difference is it not and and you know I just want to you know praise God for that because that's a miracle and the reason she wanted to share that is that I now believe having studied all this stuff that the mysterious thing that hit her that night was probably a scalar attack and you know she says well why me why us you know and and she even joked they were probably trying to hit you and they missed and you know and I said well you know we do have a lot of people mad at us amen you know we got the Mormons mad and it's the Masons man as the Satanist mad at us and you know the you know everybody with the trove of witnesses are mad at us you know now after this we'll have the Russians mad at us amen so you know we don't know why it happened but I wanted to share that because even though this stuff sounds very scary I want you to understand that that hell has no hurt that heaven cannot heal and that that even though it seems as though this this kind of thing what's the defense against this well there's only one defense and that's if you wear the armor of God that's if you if you walk close to Yeshua and stay under the covering of the blood ultimately there's only one answer Yeshua said except you repent you shall all likewise perish and of course Paul said the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life now when you see the word repent and that was the first word out of the mouth of both John the Baptist and he eschewed did you know that was repent in Hebrew that word is teshuva and it means to turn back to go back to your creator from living a sinful life and we individually and as a nation both have to repent because I think many of you would agree that right now our nation is farther from the Almighty than it's ever been and it's 200 year history or more because we're you know we've just we have so many things wrong I don't need to go into them when you've thrown out the Ten Commandments we have gay marriage we have abortion we have all manner of ungodliness and most of the people don't even seem to care now now here's the thing if you're not a believer and you're hearing this tonight you need to get born again and come under the protection of your shoe of the Messiah because believe me you know this isn't about being in a church or something that's not going to protect you or being a good guy or a good girl is not going to protect you you need Yeshua if you're a believer then you need to really get serious about your walk because I read something right as I was preparing for this tour and just smote my heart a recent survey indicates that there's virtually no difference anymore and this is a purse broadly speaking like all surveys between the church and the world there's the same number of abortions divorces of child abuse addiction to drugs addiction to porn you know whatever it might be in the typical you know church as there is in the world out there it's like we're interchangeable you know we're supposed to be a light to the world and yet our light is growing dim that's what I mean when I see you need to get serious about your walk you need to stop playing games now if you're listening to me and you aren't sure about your eternal destiny you need to get born again you need to accept Christ as your Savior and here's what you do it's not difficult you have to admit to Yahweh God that you're a sinner you need to repent and turn away from those sins and ask him to help you stay that way ask you sure to save you from your sins confess that he died on the cross and rose from the dead and then you have to ask him to be the master of your entire life and live like it okay now that you're born again we're not saved by doing good works understand this we're saved by faith that's Ephesians 2:8 and 9 but we are saved to do good works that's the problem so many Christians nowadays of whatever stripe just think well glory to God I'm saved hallelujah and then they kind of just go on with their life and forget about you know the fact that Yeshua said if you love me keep my Commandments that way our light will shine before others so that we're a good witness to other people and finally most also confess Yeshua before others you know because there's gonna come a time when if you if you do not deny Christ you're going to be killed I mean I don't know if it's gonna be next year I don't know if it's gonna be next decade nobody knows for sure but I think it's very close myself and you know if you aren't willing to confess Christ now as your Lord and Savior what are you gonna do when your life depends upon denying him are you really going to have the strength to do that the only way to survive the disasters as scripture says is coming on the earth is to remain faithful to yoshua and his word and you know as I was preparing for this this one verse out of Psalm 56 came to me it says in verse 4 in God I will praise His Word in God I have put my trust I will not fear what flesh can do to me in other words I will not fear what human beings can do to me if you're really trusting in the Almighty you should have no fear of this kind of thing you know remember I heard a preacher say once the more you fear God the less you fear men the more you fear men the less you fear God so if you really have the fear of God in your heart you will not fear what's coming in terms of these kind of things Yeshua is coming for a call out bride that's us which is without spot or wrinkle and we can only achieve that by clinging closely to him and daily seeking his help to stay free from the sins and blemishes of this world system and let me tell you folks this is the only spot remover out there amen very very important because let's face it right now we live in an x-rated world and it's real hard to stay pure and the only way you can stake pure is to just cling to the feet of the Messiah and just like the old hymn says turn your eyes on Jesus look full in his wonderful face and the things of this world will rose strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace the Bible tells us that those who endure enlists to the end shall be saved ultimately our only protection against destruction is staying as close as possible to our master Yahshua we may or may not survive physically because please understand what I'm saying I'm not saying if you get born again or if you are a Christian all of a sudden you really turn your life around and get serious that it's like a bulletproof shield is gonna go up and you'll be perfectly immune from every attack because no that's not the case we know if you read you know some of the documents out there that that every year 150,000 Christians are martyred give or take a few thousand all over the world for their faith you know not so much here in America but in other countries so we may or may not survive physically but we know that we will survive in the glory if we trust in him it says in Revelations 2:7 he that hath an ear let him hear what he the spirit saith unto the churches to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God and that's what I'm talking about here folks the only answer to this this kind of scary technological stuff is to realize that you know almighty Yahweh God has the entire universe in his hand and none of this can happen unless he gives the go-ahead number one and also that we are in his hand and we in the only way you can stay there is by being an overcomer and that means believing in him thank you now if you would like to receive Jesus I think bill has just covered all of the points that you need to understand to receive Jesus because your name written in the book of life of life and go to heaven if you'd like to receive Jesus then I'm gonna pray a prayer and I'm gonna ask everyone in here to go ahead and pray it with me you may have prayed it before but let's all say it again let's bow our heads no one looking around repeat after me dear Heavenly Father I admit I'm a sinner and I confess with my mouth and I believe in my heart that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God died on the cross arose three days later I receive his blood to write my name in the book of life to keep me holy and to save me in the day of trouble in Jesus name Amen now there's a lot of folks that would like to try to tell you that that's all you have to do to go to heaven just pray that prayer and you go to heaven but I beg to differ Matthew 7:21 says not everyone that cries Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but those that doeth the will of the Father the will of the Father is to follow the teachings of Jesus you know the reason they call them Buddhists brothers and sisters is because because they follow the teachings of Buddha the reason they talk call them Muslims is they follow the teachings of Allah and the reason they call us Christians is we're supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus but there's a lot of people that call themselves Christians but they don't think that they have to follow the teachings of Jesus he said be holy for I am holy if you love me you keep my Commandments now how do we really get the protection how do we get that supernatural protection in the time of trouble ahead let me just tell you I do not think you're going to get it I think that the tribulation is the time of testing specifically designed for the church specifically designed for lukewarm milquetoast bench-warming not involved Christians it's designed to bring the prodigal sons back to the Father okay how do we get God's protection Daniel 6:10 gives an answer it says now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and these windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled the pun ease and ease three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God as he did a four time there's going to be a time when you're going to be asked to take the mark of the beast and you're either going to take the mark or lose your head you will not be able to buy or sell unless you have the mark and all of this is a test I think too many times American Christians are Fairweather Christians that's fine as long as you're the bench is comfortable as long as the room is air-conditioned as long as the preaching is real good and as long as you tell me I can make a lot of money and get blessed blessed blessed by being a Christian then I'm willing to be a Christian now this martyrdom stuff I don't know about that you see now you know yes me to go through a little hard times it's even worse than that you see history repeats itself Ecclesiastes 1:9 says there's nothing new Under the Sun those things that have been are those things that shall be in other words what has happened in the past is only going to repeat itself there's no new thing under the Sun well if you look at that Daniel need but kneeled upon his knees three times a day and it says that Daniel was greatly beloved I believe that the reason that Daniel was greatly beloved is because he prayed to his Lord three times a day I believe that that's the reason when Daniel was put into the Lions Den the Lions only kept him warm that was probably one for a pillow and the other one on this side and the owner on that side of him to keep him warm that cold cave that night he wasn't fear he had no fear because he knew his God why because he worshiped because he had a personal relationship with Jesus that's why he feared not the Lions the angel spoke to Dmitri said wolf he Dimitri says what we do with the Church of America is going to burn he said you tell him exactly as I tell you as I Sayed the three young men Shadrach Meshach and Abednego from the flame of the furnace that is how's going I'm going to save them he said it's a saved Daniel from the mouth of the line that is how I'm going to save them I've got a question if there's a pre-trib rapture why didn't the angel say well you don't have to worry about all this you're a Christian because you're gonna go up in the air the reason he he didn't say that because there is no pre-trib or mid-trib or a pre-wrath rapture because it says very clearly Jesus speaking Jesus said gather ye first the tares okay right now if Jesus were to return and gather up all of the tares first what would be left the wheat the Christians there would be no need for any further testing if we gather up the tares first jesus said clearly they're gathered first if you want here's where I'm going to this if you want God's protection let me tell you I do not think you're going to get it simply by asking Jesus in your heart I do not think you're going to get it by simply going to church I do not think you're going to get it if you're simply church leadership you could be full-time your church your check every week or every every month or every time it comes it may be signed by church leadership you may even be the pastor I do not think that's how you get God's supernatural protection in the days ahead I think the way you get it is by having a personal prayer worship session on a daily basis with God Dimitri do demand asked me this question one day he said two men ran across the bridge one day he said the first one he stopped and got on his knees in and and he prayed before he went across no excuse me i'ma telling a joke rollin Becca he says the first one did not stop to pray he just ran across the bridge the second one stopped got on his kneels knees and prayed to ask God protect him as she ran across the bridge halfway across the bridge collapsed he said how's that right in the eyes of the Lord I don't know he said the first one he's got a prayer closet he prays all the time the second one he praise when he's in trouble you see I think there's a lot of American Christians think that they're going to get God's supernatural protection from this sort of stuff this the mark of the beast the police state lopping off their heads and instead they're going to be part of that group that is tested they're going to have the opportunity to deny Jesus and if they don't have a real close relationship with him I believe that they probably will deny him here's how you get God's protection Psalm 91 says he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High what is the secret place brothers and sisters it's because they worship let me tell you what I do not think worship is I do not think he's talking about the kind of worship you find in churches on Sunday morning not that there's anything wrong with that but you see God made us to walk in the cool of the garden with him that's why he made Adam and Eve he wants he wants us to walk with him he wants us to talk with him and it ought to be brothers and sisters that when we pray and we ask God a question he answers us and it ought to be that when he speaks to our heart we hear him and it ought to be that when we hear him we'll babe that's what he's looking for you want God's protection he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty that's how you get the protection shadow of the Almighty and I will say the Lord he is my refuge in my fortress my god in him will I trust surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the Fowler you know what the snare the Fowler is brother sisters it might be this gate away this nail it snare of the Fowler and then or some pestilence a Thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it should not come nigh thee for only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked this has sound like a pre-trib rapture sounds to me like we're going right through the wrath in God's supernatural bubble supernatural protection where was Daniel in that he was in the lion's den not in the lion's mouth but he was in the lion's den why didn't he rapture him out where was Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they were in the flame of the furnace but it said that the flame didn't even touch him that's our God our God we don't see we don't live in a supernatural world right here God isn't doing much in the supernatural but you wait because as evil abounds so much the more disgrace abound and as God as the devil throws down the evil and as he begins to attack God's people I'm telling you sure as I'm standing here God is going to deliver his people those people that know what that secret place is need not fear yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil I won't fear a scalar wave I won't fear the mark of the beast I don't fear Him that can kill the body I've hear him that can kill the body and the soul and cast it into Hellfire that's my god why don't I fear when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death because thou art with me thy rod and thy staff comfort me what does that mean we see the staff is that one with a hook on it that's when Jesus throws that hook around our neck and pulls us back into the fold the stet the rod is what he uses to tap the sheep on this side or on that side to guide him in other words we don't have to fear anything when when our God is with us brothers and sisters this is good news we don't have to fear this stuff as long as his rod and his staff comfort us in other words as long as he is able to tap us to go this way you see brothers and sisters when you're in your prayer closet every day when you're in that prayer closet when you get along with the Lord and you're on your knees your little hands lifted up and you're praising your God you're worshiping him you're telling him how much you love him and how much he means to you and you really are sinking his heart then he starts speaking to you he starts telling little things that he'd like to see a change you know brothers and sisters the Lord wants us to be christ-like and wherever we're not christ-like he'll come to us hopefully gently at first if you listen if not it gets a little bit more Stern and I can tell you from experience it can get pretty Stern he'll get your attention if you say jesus is my Lord I want to learn his laws I want to follow his laws that he will speak to you and he will use that rod to guide you he will use the staff to pull you back to him why is it that we can walk through the valley of the shadow death and fear no evil because he's with us but you see a lot of Christians are Fairweather Christians they don't have a prayer closet they don't know what it is to spend more than five minutes a month in prayer prayer closet I'm talking 5 10 15 30 minutes you lose time maybe you're there an hour every day Daniel was greatly beloved he prayed three times a day should we not do the same a thousand shall fall by the side ten thousand by the right hand but it shall not come nigh the only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked because that has made the Lord which is my refuge even the most high the habitation there shall no evil befall thee that's our God yeah we're going into some hard times there ain't no pre-trib rapture there ain't no mid-trib rapture there's no pre-wrath rapture we're going all the way to the end brothers and sisters because jesus said he gathers first the tares but in that time we're going to see great miracles like we have never seen before I've already made those points I'm skipping by skipping that now I'm gonna go back to that how will God protect when the angel was speaking to Dmitri do in and for those of you that don't know that story there was a man at smuggle Bibles in Romanian Russia for 30 years he's finally arrested put through five months of torture they put him on the electric chair twice when the electricity was going through his body the whole room lit up the angel gabled period to him said you're not going to die you're going to America to give them a warning from God so I think of nothing else we ought to listen to God that can endure two times on the electric chair he came to America the angel came to him again the angel told him the year-month-day an hour he would arrive in America he would be exiled to American happen exactly he came here the angel took in showed him California Las Vegas New York and Florida and he said in one day this will burn he says their sin has reached the Holy One and God has decided to punish it with fire he said well what will you do with the church he says the church has left me he says how don't you have any people here and he said people in America honor people the honor that should be given to God they give to other people Americans think hive themselves in other words they have pride they say I serve God but they don't in the church just like you said brother in the church there's divorces adultery fornication sodomy abortion you can't tell the difference between the church in the world in America today and it should not be Jesus doesn't live in sin he lives in holiness he said tell them to stop sinning God never stops forgiving tell them to repent he will forgive them tell him to start preparing themselves now so I can save them in the day of trouble again your last minute oh god please help me prayers don't get it brothers and sisters you got to have a prayer closet and it doesn't be get built by one prayer it gets built by years of everyday getting on your knees worshiping the Lord what is the difference between praise and worship let me just say that worship is telling the father who he is praise is telling him what he does worship is telling the son who he is praise is telling him what he's done okay it's a personal time every day between you and the Lord how will you save America of America burn he said you tell them exactly as I tell you as I say these three young men from the oven of fire and Daniel from the mouth of the lion that is how I'll save them but you must tell them if they want protection in the day of trouble they must stop sinning now he went on to say Israel doesn't recognize the Messiah because they placed a trust on America's Jews but when God hits America all the nations would be terrified God's were raised up china-japan meaning the nation's they'll defeat the Russians the backs of Russians the gates of Paris where they signed a peace treaty but they make the Russians their leader then it was the Russians that their leader this is what I think they form a world government then all of the nations will go down to attack little Israel here is when it says that they're going to be a burdensome stone here is where it's going to be the multitudes and multitudes in the valley of decision and all of the nations that go down to attack Israel will be destroyed is to Kraus for the Messiah Messiah returns on the clouds destroys the armies of the earth and that is when the church gets to see Jesus that's what Dmitri taught that's what the angel told him matter of fact I've heard it said and I agree with it there is not one prophet true prophet of God that says that there's a pre-trib rapture now let me point out a couple of things in all of Dimitri do demons testimony this man that smuggle Bibles and endured five months of torture this man that the head angels come to him on numerous occasions showing the future that's America I printed it all up in what I call 35 prophecies dreams and visions a little pamphlet available through the prophecy club and our did a search through there because I was searching for what is the secret what is the one thing that it takes to get God's protection in the time of trouble ahead so I searched first for the word worship these are the places I found it I'll read the paragraph surrounding it in the dream called a flicker of life then the voice said to me do not be quiet tell the people that time is a very short tupples troubles will come upon the earth ISIL will still allow time for the souls that those that I want to save tell the people that I'm a jealous god and I want them all for me tell them to pray more and here's the keyword worship me with all their hearts and holiness and cleanness then I woke then from a call to war if you could see what has been prepared and what will happen you would surely quit doing everything you know in your heart to be wrong you would seek peace more than ever being prepared be holy and don't give in to the temptations impulses of the enemy seek the Lord your God with all your heart those who would be clean those will be holy I will not forget I will save them says the Lord the armies of the devil are coming against those who keyword say it worship worship me and truly seek me with great fury pray that I may give you strength so that I so that before the storm comes I may serve you and give you the joy from later on in a call to war again I tell you a dark cloud has gathered Lucifer standing on his black horses ready for war the trumpets of the devil are sounding day and night to all the demons of the deep to be prepared to make war against those who truly live their lives for God there will be such great turmoil that only a few will escape brother asked me just earlier will many escaped and said no most most people will be dead by the time Jesus returns jesus said except he returned to no flesh would be saved so he says those that today not in the day of trouble but today now those that today only carry the name a believer will fight with fury against those who worship me with a clean heart keyword worship I also scan through these same things looking for the word praise I didn't find it praise is not what gets God's protection its worship worship is telling him how you love him from examine your heart proud me and all those who pretend to be teachers and never living the life all those who say they worship Me keyword worship with all their hearts are far from me says the Lord I will make them part of the suffering torment and terror that they may call upon me wait a minute what did he just say he just said he's going to make lukewarm Christians part of the torment torment and terror the very thing that they fear the most just like job said that thing that I fear the most has come upon me what American Christians fear the most they fear going hungry fear getting too hot too cold not having gasoline not having food not having money and that's exactly what God is going to give them so that why they may call upon him but I will not answer sad words but that's the truth those that today you see today when you don't have to do it those that today humble themselves and seek me with a clean heart in that day the hard day will be glad and will rejoice the power of the devil will increase greatly in this country many Christians will fall in has changed because they have dishonored me with their lives in their pride their arrogance and their vanity thinking they are holy and worship me worshipping me keyword worshiping me yet never really worshiping me from ready to begin awakened my people says the voice of the Lord be passive no longer draw closer today more than ever for the day of my vengeance is ready to begin I will shake the earth from its foundation that's towards the end of the tribulation and I would require punishment of all those that say they do my will yet through what they do they blaspheme my name I will punish prophets preachers singers now who are prophets preachers and singers folks those are full-time church leaders he's talking about those are called blood Bock perhaps even spirit-filled people I will punish prophets preachers singers and all those who do a work in other words those that are in his full-time service yet they do it for their own glory I will judge and punish the entire world only those that today here it is again set at my feet in meekness weak weeping and worshiping me asking for my help will rejoice in the protection of the arm of the Lord on that day folks that's getting pretty serious pretty clear they're in it ready to begin change her hearts my people today for the days are numbered until I will begin to avenge my eye sees in the light as well as in the darkness my people he's talking to the Christians brothers and sisters there is nowhere you can hide from now eye of God liars imposters those that are covetous and all those that have only a form of godliness but denied I will judge them and then I will judge the whole world notice it says judgment begins at the house of God I will judge them and then I will judge the whole world I will shake it from its foundations in many places there will be massacres those that today there it is again today worship me and faithfulness will only we'll be the only ones protected on that day you know what it's saying brothers and sisters God is not playing games we got to have a prayer closet we got to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus on a daily basis I'm not talking about thank you for this food prayers I'm not talking about prayers where you're just sitting down having a good conversation with him I'm talking about on your face on your knees praying out on a daily basis every day praying to the Lord praying that he'll help you to be holy help me help you to break off that flesh and break off those old worldly sinful lustful satanic ways and turn to him the horn is ready to say on for the start of the battle the days are numbered until you hear the sound when the armies of heaven will begin to the battle against the inhabitants of Earth nor army in the world will be able to stand against the in heart the armies of heaven and the army of hell will not be able to raise its head against the Lord's army yet those that worshipped me worshipped me past tenth those that worshiped me in spirit and in truth I will protect for I am God everything is you see around you will be no more everything will be destroyed and burn in fire do not be passive draw close to me for I come to avenge of fulfill all that was said in the past says the Lord the Beast strikes they live a life as their heart's desire this is the American Christians right here with their hands stained in blood and adultery sodomy and worshipping strange and foreign gods keyword worshipping you see you have to worship Lucifer to get the mark of the beast and you have to worship God to get his protection in the time of trouble everything is boiling down to a decision multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision now those of you out here that are listening to me if you know what I'm talking about your head is shaken and you're saying Amen this brother knows what he's talking about inside of me and worshiping strange and foreign gods because they are forsaken the true God he is allowed them to go as her heart's desire now tell them cry out loud this is pretty loud tell them to stop trading the path of their heart's desire to repent with all their hearts that in the day of the beasts anger I may be able to save them so they would not deny me brothers or sisters that's what it's coming down to if we don't have a prayer closet we're gonna denying Jesus high probability it's scary the time is very short and the army of their salvation is already prepared from sanctify you and yours as my children those who have worshiped me with all their hearts I will fight before them and I will give them victory in safety I will separate those who have worshiped me and for me from those who have not as a separated Goshen in Egypt from China and Russia planned strike I am the protector of America America sin has reached God he will allow this destruction for he can no longer stand such wickedness God however still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do his work he has prepared a heavenly army to save those people notice there's no mention of a rapture God is going to send angels to protect us a thousand by that side ten thousand at the right hand but shall not come nigh thee only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked still as people at worshiping with a clean heart as they do his work prepare two heavenly army to say these people as I looked at great army well dressed and dressed in white appeared before me do you see that the man or the angel asked this army will go to do battle to save my chosen ones then the difference between the godly and the ungodly will be evident again no pre-trib rapture Matthew 10 39 we have to choose this day who we're going to serve have you made a decision to follow Jesus even if it means all the way to the death I think another thing that every person needs to do is get involved with the church that doesn't mean you be a visitor that means you ought to be there every time the door open up opens up matthew hebrews 10:25 says forsake not the assembling of cells together and so much the more as the day as you see the day approached in other words for us to have the strength we learn from one another we need to be involved in a church on a regular I mean like two or three times a week basis and when we go we shouldn't just be a spectator we need to be really participating we ought to be a blessing we ought to be serving rather than just being served we ought to be helping rather than just being held we ought to be a part of the solution not a part of the problem we ought to be a pastors friend instead of a pastor's problem we ought to be a help to our brothers and sisters rather than our sisters and my brothers helping us in that church now also when we go to a church we need to go to the right one there's a lot of cold dead churches in this cold dead country what do you look for in a church mark 16:17 gives you the answer these signs shall follow those that believe in my name they'll cast out devils now what does that mean cast out devils it means that when you go to a church that has real believers in it they ought to know their spiritual authority they ought to know Luke 10:19 that they have power and authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you hurt us they ought to know that they ought to know that they have power to send ministering protecting guardian angels out to pull down the evil that I don't know that that can stop all the power of the of the of the fiery darts with the word of God they ought to know that pleading the blood of Jesus over them happens every day that's what you look for in a church you look for it uncompromising church that by the way will offend you all of the churches these days have there's something in them about what we can't offend anybody well you know that's fulfilling scripture too because they wanted you're a sound doctrine all right these signs shall follow them that believe in my name they'll cast out devils they will speak with new tongues in other words they're filled with the spirit they will also take up serpents now that doesn't mean that they handle snakes that means that they know their authority and that they can take that authority and use the power of the blood of Jesus against the devil and the last thing is that if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them in other words the devil has no power over them they know their authority and they walk in the holiness and the power of Jesus Christ and they lay hands on the sick and they will recover it ought to be when you go to this church at the end of the the sermon you see ministers come to the front of the church who needs prayer and people are invited to come down and when they pray for them they get better like bill is talking about in other words their prayers are answered by the father and you know what all of this comes down to brothers and sisters everything happens from the prayer closet daily ongoing praise and worship I'm not talking about what happens on Sunday morning I'm talking about in your prayer closet what I do I made a commitment of the Lord about about a year ago I don't know exactly when it was I mean I never thought I'd be talking about it that I was going to start praying three times a day just like Daniel said he's greatly beloved I want to be greatly beloved I would be pleasing to the Lord like we all do so I said I'm gonna start praying to you three times today well I already pray everyday with the the staff here and so I do my regular prayer everyday anyway so that's one time in the middle of the day and then each evening I started going in my prayer closet now to finish that the thought there I've found that the Lord almost never reminds me in the morning to pray I get up I'm moving and I found what I'm really doing is praying two times a day but every evening every evening no matter what time I get in how tired I am he reminds me it's time to go pray and I get up and what I do is I like to go to the opposite end of the house where no one is around at all and I get off where I'm not going to be interrupted by anybody I don't want anybody interrupting me I don't want anybody see me this is my personal private intimate time with my Lord and Savior and most of the time I get on my knees a lot of times I'll get on my face a lot of times his knees facing these face in these face I don't know I I mean I'm just telling you this is that I'm giving you some ideas because if you want God's protection you better be listening up to this part and then the first thing I do is go into worship mm-hmm I'll tell the Lord who he is how awesome he is I just begin telling him how much and I'm gonna try not to get emotional every time I start talking about this I get emotional but I start telling the Lord how much I love him how much I appreciate him how good he is to me so I go into a period of worship then I'm going to praise then I begin to tell him what he does and then after I get done with a good I don't know how long it's a pretty long time good time of worship and then praise and then if I have a request or two then I'll ask him and then generally the last thing is I'll ask him not out loud where the devil can hear but only in my heart I'll ask him a question and sometimes he answers the question sometimes he doesn't sometimes he tells me he's not gonna answer the question but I'm pretty comfortable that if I really want to know something just like this scalar wave thing you know I said I really want to know about scale away but he gave me the answer he showed me what it looks like and that comes from the prayer closet just like last night when we got done I was sitting over there we're just talkin along and one of the brothers that had been in here with listening to the talk came over and sat down and all of a sudden I just heard prophesied to him I said brother I said I can I tell you something he said yeah I said well I see something in your spirit I said I see that God's called you to be a preacher he's like how'd you know that I mean I got just seating and I began to prophesy to it and those kind of things happen when you walk with the Lord and you talk with the Lord he talks back and that's the reason I don't fear what's coming I don't fear it I really don't because I know that his rod and his staff are with me because I have that prayer relationship I have that prayer closet and it's built it's not completed I've only been working on about a year but every prayer every evening is one more brick I'll get to build that prayer closet building that relationship and brothers and sisters I tell you what I am quite comfortable that in the days ahead I'm gonna get to see some miracles I'm gonna see some supernatural protection God has already given me a carte blanche he's already told me that I'm not going to be a part of the testing he's going to protect me now I know that that's different than what you hear at most your pulpits today but I'll assure you if you want God's protection you best be building that perfect life you do this you follow the laws of God you live a holy life you build that prayer closet Hannah Wilson you [Music] you buy writing your dissertation derek swetnam order Manhattan College, The Bronx.

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