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Management dissertation topics masters

Management dissertation topics masters do my capstone turbine headquarters how i spent my carnival essay I'd like to call the order the meeting the Board of Trustees for Long Beach Community College District for Tuesday June 26 2008 teen if we could all please stand I'm gonna ask these student trustee our new student trustee they'll lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance everyone can please stand at this time I'd ask the secretary to please call the roll dr. virginia baxter jeff kellogg yeah Vivian mallalieu just here's fine sunny Zia here and student trustee Jones here thank you I would like to welcome a student trustee Talib Jones welcome first medium my man you were gonna enjoy it oh I can say that because this was last time you'll see me too so it's all in your own we also haven't noticed trustee mallalieu is remotely hooked in so all I can say is trustee Maaloula you're going to have to literally interrupt if you because I can obviously recognize you in Colorado but so please if you have a question just chime in as I know you will are you there Vivian all right very good a first order of business one point for student trustee you actually can vote on this item this is a proof of the minutes of May 22nd 2018 regular board meeting I entertain a motion a second so moved ocean trustee zia second by trustee baxter questions comments on proven minutes of May 22nd 2018 very none I'm secretary please call the roll can you guys hear me yeah we can hear you trustee my Lulu yeah sorry I just wanted to to just make one very small minor correction on a minute from the last meeting I believe I'm trying to find it it's um Pat Metheny last name was misspelled oh no no no not patty Jean sorry it was on Preston Laughlin at the adjournment item 14.1 the correct spelling of Laughlin is with an a not as you so stressed in Laughlin with a-and that was the only correct thing for the minute all right the mushroom reflect that correction I'm secretary please call the roll and we approval the myths virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian mallalieu museu yay Danelle jones i thank you next item is item 1.5 these are introductions of special announcements this time i'll recognize our superintendent president thank you president kellogg we have some very exciting announcements tonight lbcc was pleased to be offered to be offered a supplemental employee retirement plan which rewarded employees who are over the age of 50 to retire early with a monthly benefit in addition to their stirs in pers retirement plan and 53 of our outstanding employees accepted that SERP opportunity and we want to give them some very special recognition tonight what I'm going to do is I'm going to read off first the list of classified and management retirees followed by our academic retirees and as you hear your name if you could come forward we're going to take a group picture and we have a certificate for you and I will also read some highlights of your bio so that we can recognize and thank you for your service but first let me start by thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for your absolute undying loyalty and service to long beach city college we know how much this college means to you how much you love it and how much you're gonna miss it and we are really going to miss you you saw us through some fantastic times through the building of this campus on this side of Carson through the Long Beach College promise and so much more and we want to thank you so much please keep us in your hearts and remember that once a Viking always a Viking right so here's to you we thank you so much so let's give you a giant round of applause in a standing ovation great job as I read your name and you hear your name come on up Ruth a bear Diane bangs Kathleen black Linda Brett rosemary Brinker lose Cervantes Helen Duran Jonathan Ekman Lea Flores Mark Garber Thomas Hamilton Cynthia Hanks Karen Harada Warren Hardy Jose Hernandez Alcala Patricia Hicks Patricia Johnson Barbara Lemmy Elizabeth Madera Corinne Magdalena Mary Michael Downey marine Manaus margie padrone mara frong fred ross manic May Sakamoto Mehrdad Sega Vivian shimma shimma Yama Lisa Stuart Tim Rotana Thomas foo Levi Webb Therese wheeler Timothy Wooten Antonio Ibarra and now our academic retirees Joanne Armenia Cynthia Bartlow Laurel breeze Scott Bruckner Therese Butler Susan Cully Rosalinda delgadio Delia do Ross Tula hoon a new way Neil Gailey Deborah Haberfield Donna ladoos and Radloff Dan Ripley Melvin Ross ray Sumner and Mildred Zapata so let's take a picture first and then you can sit down comfortably while we acknowledge you with your BIOS let's start with Rosalinda delgadio our Vice President of Human Resources has 21 years of service having served as a part-time instructor in ESL director of Amnesty Education the director of staff diversity and staff development and finally our Vice President of Human Resources Thank You rose baby our Career Development Center coordinator has served 36 years with lbcc she started as a Career Pathways support services and she is the Career Development Center coordinator from 1982 to the present day isn't that exciting Thank You Ruth Linda Bray an administrative assistant has 41 years of service to our College she has served since 1976 as an administrative assistant in our child development center Thank You Linda 18 years of service she started as an intermediate clerk in academic affairs and then became an administrative assistant in triple SP where she served since 2004 congratulations rosemary Jonathan Ekman an aquatic facilities technician 34 years of service to lbcc he's been an aquatic facilities technician a custodial supervisor - and has served as the aquatics facilities technician since 2012 congratulations Jonathan Marc Garber our HVAC mechanic keeps us cool 35 years of service yes we love mark he has served since 1983 as HVAC mechanic in facilities and also has held other positions as a lead facilities maintenance and as a counter man and warehouseman congratulations mark whereas our Thomas Hamilton there he has 18 years of service as a vocation instruction technician in cabinetry and carpentry where he has served since 2000 as a vocational instructional technique ametrine carpentry and the trades as well as aft president Thank You Thomas as our Cynthia Hank she is the deputy director of academic computing and multimedia services with 32 years of service she has served as a technical media specialist in media services and deputy director in academic computing and multimedia services since 2002 and I understand are you an alum as well Cynthia and an alum so congratulations Patricia Hicks our locker room attendant 8 years of service serving since 2009 as the locker room attendant in athletics and does volunteer coordination as well congratulations Patricia Trisha Johnson administrative assistant with 21 years of service as an administrative assistant in our Child Development Center since 1996 congratulations Trisha Elizabeth Madera senior administrative assistant in Enrollment Services with 20 years of services since 1998 congratulations Elizabeth Hildred Zepeda our counselor with 28 years of service she has served as a professor of electronics from 1990 to 2005 and a counselor from 2005 to present congratulations professor of vocational nursing 18 years of service first as a part-time instructor of vocational nursing and as a professor of vocational nursing since 2003 thank you so much Susan Donna Liddell 30 years of service as a counselor she's been here as a counselor since 1988 congratulations and thank you Donna Margaret Margie padrone director of business support services with 11 years of service started in 2007 as a contract manager in business support services moved to a deputy director of purchasing and contracts in business support services and since 2013 has served as a director of business support services in the department business support services congratulations Margie our Fred Russ manic media production manager 39 years of service in 1979 he started as a lead media producer in media services and became a media production manager in media services where he has served honorably since 2003 Thank You Fred our Timothy Wooten our director of district facilities with 11 years of service he began at in 2007 as our deputy director of operations and maintenance and became the director of director of district facilities administrative services at the end of February in 2011 and retires with 11 years of service thank you Tim did we miss anybody that we want to acknowledge No mark did we get one more week mr. Warren how did we miss Warren mark did you turn off the air conditioning on your way out Warren I think it was you actually Warren Hardy our wonderful HVAC mechanic with six years of service has served honorably since 2011 as a HVAC mechanic in our facilities department thank you so much Warren our Melvin Ross last but most certainly not least our professor of history with 28 years of service he was a Dean from 1990 to 2000 and served as a professor of history from 2000 y2k forward we thank you so much Mohan four-year years of service so to close we just want to say thank you so much what we do we got one more how could we miss one I can't see dan ripley professor of health education 31 years of service 1987 dan started as a professor of health education and has served lbcc for 31 years congratulations did we miss anybody we got we got Cindy we got Cindy I think we got everyone congratulations and thank you for serving this institution for so many years and putting your heart and soul we will not be the same without you but we do hope you come and visit frequently like every day for lunch congratulations to you and thank you so much to your families and friends who let you be a part of our family for quite a while we sure do appreciate your love that you have given your family members thank you we're gonna come out and distribute your certificates to you so that you have those and that concludes concludes my report well that is going on I'm gonna recognize vice presidency ax followed by trustee Baxter thank you president kellogg i just wanted to thank you all for your service is so tremendous I mean 39 years 40 years 18 years we're very lucky that you were here that you served our institution or students in our community and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and I'm certainly going to miss you trustee Baxter yes thank you president kellogg it's a bittersweet evening tonight because i think of all the years i don't know if anybody added it up but it's got to be close to a thousand years that in total that everyone has served and you have all been such an integral part of the college and i know you're so well and i've known you for so long but i'm happy for you because you're going to enjoy retirement but like President Roh Molly said once a Viking always a Viking so we expect you to come around and see us and visit us and and help in any way you can I happen to be the holder of the retiree email list so if you want Eric observes my commercial here's my commercial don't yell out your email but if you want to be added and to know what's going on at the college when certain things happen that I think retirees would be interested in I forward the information so if you want to go I've already got Corinne and I've got rosemary so you you're all set but anybody else who wants to be on my list just send me an email gee Baxter at LBCC that edu but thank you for your service and finally the young did I hear trust him a little flourish yours okay thank you to everyone who has taken advantage retirement plan I was also like to extend my sincerest congratulations and gratitude and just to let you know that we really appreciate the many many years of service it doesn't matter what end of the spectrum you're on if you're on with the lower end of years of service to the highest end the fact that you were at our college and you contributed so much to the daily operations of our institution you made us the great the great Community College that we are you will certainly be missed and we really appreciate you know the contribution that you're making as you exit to the retirement into the budget and to the situations that we have facing us today in our budget workshop so you know your your final contribution to the College taking advantage that the serve opportunity is also a very good one and and noted there are lots of individuals and I don't want to single out anyone that I have that privilege is working so many of you on different projects over the course of the last maybe five or six years as an instructor and also as a trustee or and volunteer so you know you all know who you are and so those with whom I never had the opportunity before it was also a privilege to just be a part of the same college family with you and even though we may never have cross paths and work together I still really appreciate the work that you've done just as much as I do those with whom I did pull a verse for this institution so congratulations enjoy your retirement and please keep us posted let us know what great thing you're doing moving forward thank you Thank You trustee Melo the the regardless of the time the people have put in at this college we all realize that let me city college we don't manufacture a product if you will we help people improve their lives through higher education that is a very broad stroke it's just not in the classroom it's outside the classroom it's when people drive by this campus and when I looked at that list and I know some it was meant to be somewhat humorous but the fact is that there's a tremendous amount of weather whatever you want to call it institutional knowledge involvement there are a lot of people that are leaving this year that are have really helped make this college transform especially in that I'm going to say since the timer we well I look at it as a point in time for me when I was a student here in the 1970s I came back to the trustee in 2002 and when I arrived here in 2002 the campus looked the same the mentality of the college remain the same as it was the 1970s the changes have taken place in this College had been so remarkable over a period of time and that is all and due to a lot of people we don't make widgets we help people and that's individuals like yourselves so opportunity for a lot of people to step up and take a leadership role to help move the college forward it happened before it should happen again but the fact of seeing so many people out in the audience and also on the list that we're looking at which is over 50 people amount of individuals that have contributed this college over the years is just an amazing group of individuals so we've all said it but sincere thanks to each everyone for your contribution to helping students a term that is horribly overused many times where people say we're all about the students but all the work that you've done has really been made the college experience much better and we are all very proud of the work that you've done and it's gonna be a tough but it can be done and it will be done but the impact that you've all computer this college is remarkable so our sincere thanks to each and every one of you and I would say enjoy retirement but I think you all really hyper rarely found an individual that wants to admit it that when they retired from here I don't want to say that you all make the same comment but an individual said a few years ago he retired he said I would have done this for free I don't think anyone wants to do it for free because you want to be paid but the point is that there's a lot of careers you can pursue higher education Lumbee city colleges will not find this areas in the world you can be involved with and the things you did and contribute to people are unmatched so sincerely thank you all very much for all the work you've done you've done a great job you made this College what it is today you should be very proud of that because obviously we're very proud of you so thank you all very much if you want to stay for the entire meeting just to finish in a high note fill it please feel free if not we understand so best of luck to you I'm sure we'll see many of you in the future as well so thank you all very much super 10 president that's all on this this part we pause to make sure if people do want to slowly sneak out or not thank you all we're going to move on to the 1.6 is reordering the agenda I have no comments on reordering but I'll ask again this time there's none so 1.6 will move through 1.7 this is the ASB president report your first one as well so congratulations yes sir well come on introduce yourself as well please so good evening everyone I just reduce myself and a brief background about myself name is John Pollock antennas and you can call me Paulo I came from the Philippines four years ago and I started here at LBCC at fall of 2016 and I got involved with leadership because I had I've been in I had like close relationships with the the three previous ASB president so they started like telling me to get more involved on campus so I started with the John Cooper Leadership Institute I became one of the presidents ambassadors and just last year I was a the ASB ASB secretary and now I'm the a3 present which I'm really really excited to be part of and serve my students I have nothing to report because I want my cab members to enjoy their summer basically for the month of July we're just going to do some planning and just you know just getting to know each other and for the month of August on I think the the month of August we're gonna have like I didn't know if you could guy I love you guys got the memo but we're gonna have like the meet and greet with the Board of Trustees on the August on August 14th and we're gonna have a training on UC San Diego on August 28th to the 22nd thank you thank you hello can you repeat the last part you have a meet-and-greet with who I am you agree with the board of trustees on August 14th I don't know if we haven't gotten the invitation but I oh yeah I let my advisor nobody all right thanks thank you Inc you're welcome good luck I like the 1.8 is public comment on agenda items Madam Secretary we have no one cars at this time it's correct so we'll move on from 1.8 to the board of trustee is appointment item 2.1 this is interesting you'll be allowed to vote on this 2.1 is the appointments to the citizen Oversight Committee the recommended action and then I'll entertain a motion and we'll have discussion so I'm sorry things either don't get you the board of trustees confirmed the appointment of dr. Rebecca Trenton Turrentine and the reappointment of Erik Berg Sharon Dix Jackson Randi Gordon and Joan Greenwood for the term of seven 118 to 630 22 citizen Oversight Committee as submitted background we actually had an advertisement we went through the process and it is in the document so at this time entertain a motion most of my trustee zia second by trustee baxter on this appointment questions/comments members of the board I don't know why I'm looking to my right everyone's my left now comments questions this time trustee baxter i just want to say I know Rebecca Turrentine personally she's and will be an outstanding addition to the citizens Oversight Committee she's a former superintendent of the Bellflower Unified district she's also was on the LA County Board of Education so she's very familiar with construction and a wonderful Long Beach resident I think she make a great addition thank you no the the process I sat in on it and we did have representatives as as listed in the document so thank you trustee zia if there's no other questions comments in this item yeah madam secretary if you could please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu ah sen easier i Danelle jones i thank you item 2.1 appointment this is an oversight committee carries item 2.2 this is the nomination of dog our dough for the acct trustee leadership award let me give it a little bit of background on it this is an action item student trustee you will be voting on this item as well this is the annual where individuals who make us a new contribution as a trustee to promote the Community College concept this this award is given and I believe the last one that was awarded was a trustee from Northern California Paul Gomez I believe his name was was the last one from California it is needs to have the the board president and the board to approve so nominated trustee otto for this it's being nominated he will be in competition with others nationwide so I will be sending a letter for support if supported by the board on behalf of the board of trustees for trustee auto so I'll entertain a motion to approve on this item so much rusty baxter second by trustee zia communists questions on this at this time none madam secretary please call the roll and i'm to point to nomination of doug otto for acct trustee leadership award virginia baxter i jeff kellogg alright vivian mallalieu sunny Xia I Danelle Jones all right thank you moving on presentations 3.1 moving registration dates this is informational item only this time I'm gonna turn to the superintendent president for a presentation thank you I'd like to introduce Sylvia Lynch Heather Van Valkenburg and Cindy Baker who are going to talk about a very innovative retention strategy that we are working on now to increase term to term retention and it involves moving our registration dates Sylvia the floor is yours thank you thank you and good evening thank you for allowing us to present tonight on the progress of our new retention strategy which is designed to increase as dr. O'Malley said it is designed to increase student enrollment with increased enrollment retention from term to term tonight how the Heather Cindy and I will give an update on moving our registration dates up earlier into the earlier in the term overhauling or drop for non-payment process and introduce a new service which is to offer student payment plans first I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the colleagues that are on this team it started as a SWAT team towards the end of 2017 and as you can see we have expanded into a fully integrated group representing counselors student support services enrollment services fiscal services institutional effectiveness academic services and IITs the questions is why are we doing this so we want to be increasing our term to term retention of student and if you look at this graph here what I've displayed is FTEs for the fall and spring terms over the last five years and we can see the blue which is our fall term tends to be fairly the same a little bit of variation but our Spring which is the red term is decreasing over time so we are hoping that changing registration dates will provide opportunities for registration when continuing students are on the campus and also that it will insure staff and faculty are available for supporting students through the registration process that'll be occurring through the term and Sylvia is going to talk a little more about that so the first task our team performed was to research surrounding district registration dates on this slide we have sorted the results by the fall registration dates of these districts and as you can see we are one of the last colleges to open registration for the fall term we are also one of the last for spring as well so after a very collaborative and healthy discussion we established our new registration dates and now starting this October we will be one of the first schools to open registration October 29th we will open for the spring 2019 term and April 29th we will be open we will have open registration for the fall 2019 term once we solidified our registration dates the next activity we performed was to identify any system impacts more were identified but from a systems perspective there were three changes that we needed to make the first is to reduce the economic standing program at the end of each major term fall and spring the college runs a process to identify academic standing and student status which affects priority registration since this program will now run prior to the term ending there are some assumptions we're reviewing and having to reprogram accordingly and we're about sixty percent done with this process the second impact is to enable the perc process within PeopleSoft currently since classes are completed before registration prior to registration grades were also completed as well so we prerequisite checking with is already in place but since registration occurs prior to the end of the term and prior to grades being submitted we will assume students success in that class for registration purposes perc is then a process within PeopleSoft that will review the grades okay I know this is a little slow but anyway so perc is a process within PeopleSoft that determines that if a student does not satisfactorily complete a class and it will unregister the student from the class section and then we also had to make sure that the tuition fees were booked into the proper fiscal year since students will now be booked registering earlier other impacts not so much systemic within the within PeopleSoft but we we had to look at our promise programs early-bird events which are designed for incoming freshmen will need to be moved from April timeframe up earlier probably around February and of course the communication to Long Beach Unified and other promise pathway partner schools will need to be informed about this change as well moving up our registration dates also caused us to explore using 11th grade data for earlybird events since the early birds were are happening earlier such as January in February they have not completed their first term of their senior year so we're gonna we're gonna we're exploring using 11th grade data and finally the window for students to apply for college will be moved up to October starting in October the year prior rather than November since since the period of registration is expanding from eight weeks to 17 weeks we felt it prudent to discuss and recommend overhauling our drop pranaam payment process the team is currently researching how other colleges are handling this very delicate process and being very careful to not cause undue harm to students we also intend to implement a feature within peoplesoft bail pending aid which will be used in the calculation of the student balance and used within the drop for non-payment process and finally we are implementing a new student payment portal which will be live by October to integrate with our mobile solution which is needed so a student can completely register and pay on their mobile devices Heather will talk now regarding why we're reviewing our chopper non-payment so yeah if we look at this chart since I'm showing you here is the number of unduplicated counts of student drops by date for fall 2017 so this is just one terms worth of data when we looked across different terms we see very similar and basically across all terms including summer and winter we'll see a very high peak of drops for the on the drop for non-payment date and then another peak around the start of classes um so that was one of the things that we wanted to address and think about if we have a single date where we're dropping students for non-payment we get this really high fee the other thing that we looked at is the number of students that once they're dropped actually re-enroll so I know this looks a little bit messy so what I did is I created an average % for fall and spring which it's around I think 43 percent those are the percentage of students that are Rhian rolling after they've been dropped for non-payment and for the winter in summer terms a little bit lower 38 percent so basically we're seeing about 50 to 60 percent or not regan rolling after their drop for non-payment that was doing that again so if we did an earlier or more frequent and I think this is the kiai more frequent drop for non-payment process and so like Sylvia just said we're looking at a situation where having earlier registration dates we could have 17 weeks of time for registration so a single date is really gonna be difficult and kind of confining us and so if we have for example a weekly process where you drop tunes as they register and then within a week they pay or they get dropped we can talk about what it would look like but that increased frequency would do a number of things one it would open seats and courses so as students are being dropped for non-payment those seats are now open again to other prospective students who are trying to prove it that would give us more information in a timely way let us know about this payment scheduling needs so we'll see where perspective students continue to register frequently as other students are being drawn it will also allow the the work flow of our staff who need to help students get reenroll to be distributed over time so if we have a single drop for non-payment fine point and we have hundreds of students who are trying to reengage relate that get felt from other Enrollment Services staff right so this would actually distribute that workload worth over a timeframe and that would also allow students more time to address whatever issues they need to address that is causing them to be dropped for non-payment so there's a number of opportunities for improving student success outcomes and staff workflow if we have more distributed and frequent route from as you know about 70% of our students receive the California promise waiver formerly known as the bog waiver and financial aid what about the other 30% students who pay their tuition 50 percent of the 600 students that were dropped for non-payment spring 2018 re-registered the following day students have asked both Enrollment Services and the cashiers office if Long Beach City College has a payment plan looking at the retention strategy of moving up registration dates and increasing the drop dates along with the presented data of students being dropped for non-payment then registering the semester payment plan in capture this lost group of students the payment plan through the e-commerce portal is secure as ez enrollment and has flexible options it also is affordable $25 a semester so students can pay their tuition over a longer period of time this concludes our presentation do you have any questions for Silvia Heather or me question was meant for the board at this time trustees here thank you all of you that was a wonderful presentation and I applaud you on this commitment Thank You superintendent president dr. O'Malley for taking this and very rigorously on the payment plans how do we how do we select the people that we partner with the Nelnet campus commerce and what kind of competition do we allow so that we can make sure it's the most affordable and the most prudent financially for our students and that's not the only question I have starting probably two years ago we had a very thorough and detailed RFP process to select vendors and we incorporated the solution of our e-commerce our back-end payment platform electronic bills payment plans possible if we wanted optional module to do brief but use this product for refunds directly into student accounts so it was a very very probably one of the most detailed our piece I have been involved with so so to you did you select them based on who's going to provide the best value for students as far as the financial aspect or was it a variety of things it was a variety I do believe this particular vendor did have the best value for the students or the payment plans but it was an overall there there we had I believe five or six responses to this bid process three of them are college higher ed benders and then we selected the best out of three and what's the term where the students have to pay they pay over the semester so they can register and then they define that they take the total outstanding balance it will divide it by four and the student can enter their payment information and then the payment will automatically happen and if they do you if they can't pay what happens you want to explain that if they can't pay Nelnet has a very active management role in that and sending out text asking telling them that their their payment is going to be due soon and they have a whole process I can't really give you a lot of details right now because we haven't really looked at the different options a lot of details on there but at this time they're going to actively management manage it along with the college true they'll go back to I'm sorry back to the whole they'll get a hold on their account and they won't be able to register for the next semester and will there be interests charged now for the students okay so none of these financial institutions charge interest for our students or these partners that we have these partners we okay good thank you two questions first of all I think this is a great idea and I'm glad you your committee has pursued it a million years ago when I went to college you pre registered in the spring for the Fall and therefore the college could make adjustments on what classes to offer how many sections to offer are you going to be able to change the schedule after the students start registering early like this in other words at I teach history at another section of history a 10 or 11 or or is that part of the component yes we will be doing that we're constantly looking at the schedule daily hourly and we make adjustments continually based on student okay then the second question is when the student sets up the payment seventy percent are in some kind of financial aid either a bog or Pell Grant is that automatically paid into the debt or how does or their scholarship how does that work the payment plan will really be to the non bog students it's for that other thirty percent okay oh okay thank you really because the subject matter is we're not the only college that's being impacted by this the start date I get the fact we're trying to jump ahead and all that said it's I had a lot of questions but really probably not for this this forum because just very interesting if he when students they they they sign up and they can't pay or they have no desire and you show some records I'm curious did other colleges find similar trends usually they do but did you actually look on some of the other colleges were they following the same track that we were as far as the people that were dropping the people that would not enroll anymore or they you see in similar trends sorry question is right when you were looking at the start dates and everything else the trends they were where they experienced the same thing as far as when people would they would have registration even though a different date were they people dropped where they find the same thing about they wouldn't they wouldn't enroll anymore they pity pers there will be a huge drop that we were showing slides ago we haven't looked to see if other colleges that have a single drop for non-payment date if they are having students re-enroll at the same rates I think the trend that we do see in Sylvia you can correct me if I'm wrong in community colleges as there tends to be a sort of a cycle of dropping for a nun payment rather than a single date so it is harder for us to find that specific data we would compare it locally so if we do implement a rotating drop for non-payment cycle then we can see locally if that's causing changes in our percent and re-enrollment and then if it's not then we can have another discussion about interventions to help make sure students are getting rain roll I hope it works because it really is it's a huge area that and at the end of the day it costs the college dollars because these are part of our FTEs and so on so I wish you the very best on it because it will hopefully work out what we all anticipate but we know it's been it's been a challenge throughout the system as far as students they register then they go way and and the whole idea is sometimes it's state just especially during the summer and that was interesting to see some of your graphs on that as well so good presentation other questions comments trustee as a student who actually does pay out of pocket this is actually really appealing to me one question I do have is I guess currently what will the primary difference be I know that once you you make a partial payment you won't be dropping their classes that you're currently enrolled in so how does having the payment plan will that just keep your account in good standing all the way through and you and you won't have any holds on the account or I think this is an opportunity for students that we're moving our registration dates up so let's say they they register for class they sign up for the payment plan and then they have a longer period to pay several months I think again I haven't gone into the details of some of this but they could have six months to pay versus only four months because what you're telling me is the register for classes you're possibly drop you re register for classes and then you pay a portion and then you continue through this is your opportunity to pay monthly and not have to wait till the end of this semester and everything is due then and get letters from the college saying you have a debt on your account okay and another question I have is while I'm the payment plan will students still be able to add additional classes and order their unofficial transcripts as if they're we're going to hold on the account they will not have pulled in their account okay so thank you very much Thank You trustee Mel Lulu had a question great presentation I really appreciate and particularly you know all the different charts comparing what we do with what's happening with other colleges as far as date that really makes a lot of sense why we shouldn't move it up I mean if our competitors are offering the service to our students why shouldn't we so I really do appreciate that visual um I have three questions so the initial question that I had is what if the student is not doing well in a particular class at the time of the registration and you know he registered for base spring semester he registered for his fall classes early in with his new dates and then he perhaps maybe fail that class in the spring needs to retake that class in the fall but that class is already full does he have some kind of priority to be able to add that class you know or would there be a permission number given to him if he has to wait list because we the enrollment was so much earlier and I'm not talking about all students I'm talking about students who are not doing well in a particular class how do we address that because I know some students who are always on the spin toward the end of the semester because they're not sure if they're going to need to retake that class or not so I don't know that's one question it I don't know if you can address that I think we are gonna going to need to talk about it and get back to you with that answer okay and I don't know even what I might even be a solution if that student would get some kind of priority for an address or something I don't know if that would even be viable or if that would even be fair to sue the soon get enroll in a time okay so the second question on page ten if you look at page 10 it's got to rock for non-payment day and it's not a drop for the first day of class thanks Clara Phi is are you are you talking about what's happening currently or are you talking about you know the proposed change that you're offering if it's that you know I'm not clear on how that's gonna work because to me the way I see this okay so the highest second-highest members access refers to drop for non-payment but if we're gonna put students on a payment plan how does that non-payment day gonna effect that the drop and I don't know if I asked that correctly do you understand what I'm saying um maybe so I'll try and tackle it and if I'm getting it wrong you can jump in and and redirect me and and Sylvia and they can help them so al if it goes off from what I can answer for you and this is Heather by the way in case you didn't recognize my voice but um yeah okay good so yeah so what this is showing this is fall 2017 so this is actually showing data from our fall most recent last fall term and I'm only showing one terms worth of data but we did look at other terms and we saw very very similar patterns where you have these two really big peaks one it dropped for non-payment eighth and one on the drop of the first day of class and so the biggest peak is typically dropped for non-payment sometimes it's a second highest but usually it's the highest so that's what we're looking at when we talk about what that means in terms of students and changing our drop for non-payment process I think the idea here is that by changing that cycle of doing it so we don't have a single date but really I think the intention is to look at a process that's tied to win a student registers so maybe within two weeks or three weeks or four weeks I don't know if we've decided what that timeframe is but the idea is that a student registers and then they have a certain amount of time to pay and if they do not pay and and again there's you know like Sylvia mentioned there's other pieces to that some students will be you know will identify students who are considered having pending aid and so those students won't be dropped for non-payment because they're having aid coming in to pay for their courses right so again we're gonna have these other structures in place to make sure that we're not creating barriers for students through our policies and practices so that's part of it so then the other part of it is changing that cycle students who they're gonna be some students who are gonna be dropped for non-payment and not re-enroll and they might not have any intention to enroll and they're sort of using that opportunity to possibly not reenroll and so in those cases will be finding those students sooner and will be leaving the system sooner than prospective students who may not ever actually enroll into the system because the classes they might go into our block will then have opportunities as well so by changing those drops for non-payment dates to be sick with full there's opening up of opportunity for getting students who might not be enrolling at all to have opportunities to get into classes that maybe before were full there's opportunities for staff and intervention services locally to help the students who got dropped to get re-enroll and so so does that help answer your question I feel like I'm saying a lot of things but I'm not sure if I'm answering your question to make good on that payment and I know the answer question ow student campaign hey you know the foxes that drop you know we bring in students that are on the waitlist but even given the parameter of an extended day if the student is still unable to pay then you know there's a foundation step in I mean I hate to put another burden on them they've already been very generous assisting you know our students so that's my last question by the way I'm trusting my Lulu I wanted to try to answer the previous question that you asked about students and whether or not they'd been they would be given priority if they did not pass you know we really cannot do that because as you said it might not it wouldn't be fair to other students but this process really opens up the need for us to educate students and faculty on the need to make sure that students always know where they stand at any given point during the semester it becomes really important with this situation and we're hoping to use canvas more and more and the grade book feature so that students can go online and see very easily where they stand in any given class and I know that the faculty are willing to do pretty much anything to help our students and in many cases is the son of case-by-case basis the student may want to retake the course with the same instructor and the instructor may be willing to add them in knowing that they've already completed half of the coursework and so it's often easier to stay with that same teacher but it's it's going to be a learning curve for all of us and it's going to involve everybody in the campus as we go through this process does that help to explain or answer that question in terms of enrollment so I I appreciated you know I don't know whose idea this was I don't know the history of how this committee came about but I mean I think it's a great job and long overdue so good job thank you thank you very much other questions members aboard this time this is an informational item only thank you very much we'll move on to the next presentation just a trustee Mel Lulu if I don't communicate back to you when you are texting me it's because my my phone is slowly dying so if you don't see my acknowledgement of your comments just be aware it's probably because my phone not because I'm ignoring you so just FYI and for the rest of the audience trustee otto is also on vacation he is actually biking through the northeast part of the country and I'm not making that up three point to facility Master Plan Update this is again a presentation informational item super 10 president I'd like to introduce Tim Wooten Director of Facilities who's going to review the construction update presentation good evening president ramallah and members of the board I'd like to acknowledge Mahoney Ephraim tonight because he's here as the interim director of facilities and he's also going to be my technical expert on the information presented tonight our agenda tonight is going to be cover schedule maintenance projects district-wide energy projects current construction current design projects and completed construction projects the first scheduled maintenance project is funded with fiscal year 1516 scheduled maintenance plan and also measure I'll be a total of three million dollars it's a water conservation project at our PCC campus and it's going to cover all the areas on the corner of PCH in Orange Avenue also in front of building HH and also on 20th Street on building III the Notice to Proceed was issued in January 2018 and if you've been by the campus you can see that they're fully engaged in doing the hardscape right now with an estimated construction completion of 2018 a summer of 2018 I'm sorry we also have a scheduled maintenance funded with the 1516 allocation or and also measure lb funds for the LHC campus building oh 1 and O 2 these two buildings are the only buildings that are not on reclaimed water right now so this project is going to redo all the landscape on building no.1 and no2 and also put the building Z on reclaimed water with no landscape work currently it's in the bid process we're actually reviewing the bids right now moving on fiscal year 2016-17 scheduled maintenance projects also funded partially by measure lb as a district-wide project for 80 upgrades at pcc campus Westberg and white is our design consultant pairing documents for construction documents identified by the casper survey that was conducted at the pcc campus phase 1 is a site package we're going to be doing all the architectural improvements on hard scape or 88 access as a phase 1 project and then a phase 2 project is going to be addressing all the a.da issues in the building so the phase 1 side has been awarded to axiom group they started in March about 18 and the project is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2019 the noticed of Seifer phase 2 was issued last week and to calcio construction services with the project to be completed in the summer of 2019 we also have funded with this allocation the the classroom lockdown project this phase one has been complete that was all buildings mainly most of the new or renovated buildings that were easy to do because we had all the information on the door systems and the locking system and they could be expert expedited pretty quickly so those that is complete phase two was a little more of the difficult areas the older buildings where we had to go out and build survey to get all the the keying data at the pcc campus in la c campus so right now we have noticed to proceed with ej enterprises and the work be complete by the spring of 2019 another scheduled maintenance project for 2017-18 funding cycle at a total of six hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars we're going to be replacing an oil switch at the transformer at building G and replace the oil switch at the pcc main distribution p2s is our engineering and design consultant and the process of preparing those documents now we've also completed a lighting inverter replacement and building tee and building JJ so the demo work is complete and they're rerouting that's actually this project is complete moving on to district-wide energy projects prop 39 we've consolidated three years of allocations year three four and five which are the final year to date for the 2015 through 2018 years and at one point eight million dollars so the combination of the funding is going to do LED lighting lighting retrofits at building o to building T and building HHS about 50% complete moving on the district-wide energy projects this is the integrated energy master plan this plan this slide shows some of the mandates that we're trying to meet with this energy plan these are executive orders from the California's governor and also some legislation that mandates that we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and a number of other things so the the master plan DL DL our group was selected to create the energy master plan to include clear paths towards compliance with the governor's executive orders with a goal of district-wide Net Zero the InP is integrated into the 2041 master plan in future designs and it includes gathering information from our energy uses our current energy uses the included essential plant and building analysis load analysis and it will result in design recommendations with a goal of district-wide Net Zero the project started in the summer of 2017 we we just looked at a rough draft this morning so we're we're on schedule to complete this energy master plan by summer her 2018 with a budget at $211,000 moving on to current construction projects this is the LIC building D the first floor in the second floor of the science labs MSP was the architect and so tech cific was is now the construction contractor it's gonna renovate sixteen thousand square feet of the first floor in about twenty five hundred square feet of second floor four new science labs the project started in September 2016 we have a new estimated construction completion of fall 2018 as you we had to terminate the contractor TV penat for non-performance and sole tech was issued to NTP on December 4th of 2017 the total project budget of fourteen point six million ooh-la C building P English studies funded with Missouri in LB funds Stein house I'm sorry Steinberg architects was our design firm amb construction is the contractor we moved all occupants out to our swing space and building m and n and this project will address all ad a classroom improvements you know and they're currently working on paint flooring and MEP systems construction started February 2017 is estimated completion of spring of 2019 with a budget of 11 million dollars building J auditorium also fun in Missouri in LB SBA was architects Novus just is the construction contractor we're gonna renovate 37,000 square feet of the auditorium originally built in 56 and we're adding 14,000 square foot for classrooms offices in storage we're also putting in an elevator which is required as the building did not have an elevator before upgraded structural accessibility life to safety on the notice Percy was issued in January 16 at 2018 estimated completion of fall 2019 with a budget of 29 million dollars moving to current design projects this is the LEC kinesiology labs in Aquatic Center funded again by Missouri you know be design contract was awarded to West Bergen and white architects in the spring of 2017 the design is going to renovate all our outdoor sports facilities which includes softball soccer introducing new sand volleyball courts tennis courts and associated facilities design also included a new Aquatic Center which includes a 50 meter pool and support buildings for approximately 15,000 square feet currently in the construction document design mode a phase I should say an anticipated construction will start on the spring of 2019 with a budget of 44 point you may also current design is our building M multidisciplinary classroom this is funded with measure e measure lb and also proposition 51 state funding it is the first state funded project utilizing the design-build delivery method in the state gkk Works was selected and as architect to prepare that bridging design documents and a project requires a course demolition of building M&N or a new construction of a three-story 81 thousand square foot building for classrooms and office the building will house Language Arts foreign language computer and office studies preliminary document package was submitted to the state chancellor's office for approval in March of it 18 and the designs build a design-build entity to be selected by fall 2018 they are at peace missions were due this week anticipated construction start of fall of 2019 and construction completion of wall of 2022 with a total project cost of 770 million dollars in state funded 27.7 million current design projects is for l AC built an XR central plant expansion p2s was selected to prepare the design documents the project will consist of expanding the capacity of existing central plant system or upcoming growth on the 2041 master plan so they anticipated construction as paul 2019 and construction completion is spring in 2020 with a total project budget of 6.1 million still current design projects on the PCC the building m and trades also funded with Missouri lb and prop 50 Wednesday funding the state budget approved funding for preliminary plans only during this fiscal year so we're carrying forward by hiring hbi architect to select and prepare design documents a project will consist of renovating the west wing of M M which houses the HVAC and carpeting department project will include demolishing the former alternative bills section and anticipated construction a start of 2019 fall of 2019 and construction completion will be a fall of 2020 with a budget of seventeen point six million with state funded at seven million also in current design eight is the parking structure at the pcc campus on the corner of walnut DCC a PCH funded by measure lb this is a rendering that was just turned over to two weeks ago and it's a view from the PCH and walnut corner hbi architecture was selected to prepare the bridging design documents because this is a design-build delivery method the park construction has include solar on the top floor and between 500 and 600 vehicle parking spaces as so McCarthy building company was selected as the design-build entity with an anticipated approval on today's or mean total project budget is twenty point twenty three point million dollars moving into completed construction projects as you well know we completed building qqr are on the bike measure e HP I was the architect the building housed the electrical program the robotics lab and two electrical lab notice that completion was awarded at April 24th 20:18 board meeting the total cost of construction 12.2 and we've already got this building DSA certified which is probably the quickest we've ever done also completed construction is the district-wide monitoring system at both campuses 600 cameras at La si and PCC campus the notice of completion awarded in May 22nd of 2018 with a budget of 2.6 million dollar questions Wow members thank you Tim and congratulations it's gonna be hard to not see you I know you have been tremendous and I've personally have a certain learning mechanism and that's by you know being inquisitive so you've been fantastic and answering my questions throughout these years my question is on page 17 have we awarded this I thought this parking structure is on the agenda tonight for approval for with McCarthy yes thanks for that correction it is on the agenda tonight okay because I have quite a bit of questions on that front and on the design-build delivery method it was this how did we choose that delivery method instead of design-bid-build for this particular case and I'll ask my detail question on the item if you could please elaborate on that that would be fantastic and the benefits were going to be getting out of this delivery method instead of the traditional design-bid-build okay so is they if I hear you right you're quick your question is why did we select the design-build delivery method for this project yes we selected it because the the first design-build project do we have was a parking structure right across the street it went very well the projects the design-build projects experience that I've had throughout my career is that it's much smoother process that we get the the project done on time and on budget we've done three projects today design-build they've all been on time and on budget with no issues and so this is a very valid delivering method that has workforce in the past and a parking structure is a rather simple structure that can be formatted in the design to design build delivery method so is this discretionary where we choose the method for each project has that there's been the process yes it is it is discretionary there are some projects that don't fit well for the design-build math design-build delivery method you know remodels for example are very difficult to do in a design-build delivery method because it's hard to know what your you're going to run up again so we basically stuck to new construction and then some projects lend better to the design-build delivery method than other okay do we have certain procedures codified that states which ones qualify and what is the particular process followed in the method of selection because this is qualification based it's not no longer lowest bidder correct it is but in every case it has been the lowest bidder that we select including this project okay well that's that's good to know and I'm assuming all these projects that you're presenting on today including this one is subject to the project labor agreement not all of them oh there are some select ones and men honey might know we have a list of projects that were approved with that agreement with the CSW p.i I don't have those written for me but we do have a list of projects that were approved I specifically okay yeah I'd like to see that as we add new projects to have the ability than the option to add additional projects to the list as we go forward with the approval of these projects in the coming months thank you that's all I had trustee Baxter yes first of all maybe a silly question what is M EA CH MEP stand for I apologize that's mechanical electrical and plumbing next on page 13 you have the kinesiology lab is this just an idea because I know part of its softball and and and swimming and that it actually looks like building B to me so I mean they just shove a picture in there yes no I should explain that to you as well this is a rendering of the Aquatic Center so we don't have we asked them to kind of push through this renu-it so that we could have this but this is the Aquatic Center you have two buildings one will you call in the West building in East building one one is for soccer and all the field sports and then the East one is for aquatics gym this is on Carson Street this is this is on Carson to faculty Carson and faculty okay then on the parking structure who chooses the solar contractor does the design-build contractor do that yes we contract with the general contractor if they select all the subs for that so they do all that and so then they're responsible okay that's correct well this is a pet peeve of mine there is no PCC campus is the Pacific Coast campus and the liberal arts campus not la sea campus thank you it's a pet peeve take it over it's worth other questions no other questions trustee Baxter yes trustee mallalieu yes thank you a very big void on campus with your knowledge and expertise and all the different projects that you've been involved with and just really value to your contribution so we will definitely miss you I don't know who will replace you essentially but that person has very big shoes to fill and I hope you plan on sticking around for a couple years to properly train that person I have one question is the anasazi baxter actually ask you it was about the solar panels I've seen the charging stations throughout campus with the solar panel I don't know what they're called but they look like some kind of hitch that you attach to your vehicle and kind of drive somewhere and then you detach it and leave it there I've never seen students actually using them but I do see them throughout the campus so I was just wondering if you can just comment on how effective they are and if you have any data that you can share maybe not now but later so how many students actually use those solar charging stations and then also at a previous meeting we had talked about adding portable charging stations to facilities like the waiting areas or to the cafeteria area and I was just wondering if that idea is and in bond measure money in terms of the new construction and I know that I visited other colleges and I see some different portals I was just at what's it called and thousand knows I forget what it's called Oh purple I was here a couple of weeks ago it's a university that I forget anyway I was there for a softball game and I went into the gym area and they had you know five or six different areas where students were posted up it's charging their phones in their laptops in their iPads and I just wanted to know if these facilities include that that's one question and then I have one more after that okay so your first question was a about the existing Evi chargers that we have on campus those those are on our campus as a lease agreement with DC solar DC solar has provided a number of community colleges and universities these chargers free of charge and we brought them on our campus and situated where we could to encourage Evie charging and try not to take too many other parking spaces so they've been on our campus for a little over a year now and we're planning on keeping them for the duration of the lease about four more years they they are very popular I don't know the difference between students and staff and faculty but I do know from personal experience that we do have a lot of faculty and staff that use them not don't have much information on the student and then I think your second question was do we plan on having more of these charging systems Evie chargers on campus and the answer is yes we are currently working with Southern California Edison on a program that they are funding the infrastructure for EB Chargers on multiple campuses around the state of California it's just in its infancy program has been approved so it is going forward we've had them on campus survey and both of our campuses and they've identified two location one location on each campus that we can provide up to about 24 Chargers per location in addition to that the project that you're working for looking at right now ptoo parking structure these projects require EB charging by current code and this parking structure will have up to about twenty four Evie Chargers in it units that are standalone I know that we went to Cal State Fullerton with some journalism students and as soon as you walk into the building you should see all the students walk through this one sitting area with couches because all these little portable charging things were there I don't know what they're called but they're not outdoors they're not in the parking structure they're standalone they do have some kind of electrical outlet that's a plug right into the wall and then they'll have like maybe ten different cords and cables fitting different size of devices sticking out so students can just walk up and you know each one will charge at the ten different devices they might have two or three iPhone two or three Android two or three regular chargers so I don't know what those are called but can the bond funds be used to include that in our facilities especially with new construction in offices and sitting areas throughout the campus the short answer is yes and we are planning to include those on our new design standards in certain locations they are currently not in our design standards so we don't ask for them during the design but we're moving forward to include that in our future designs okay perfect all right improvements or let's see a DA it says I'm looking at page 11 the project will address a building but I also know that you mentioned some updating and I'm you know compliant for many years issue happening on the facility a facilities implemented then why is the issue being addressed now you know why wasn't it done like the first time so trust him Ella although this is mid honey so in high so in short they were you know 99% of the spaces were but there were there's been a lot of code changes over the year and continued code changes so I would take it I think a step back further in that the district this is our what we call the second time we've done what we call a transitional plan we did one in 2006 we we did one right now but this time we're mitigating all the measures and actually the caught the district is probably going to another one again in that in five six years just make sure we're in compliance so you know to answer your question we have done it it's other areas concrete that has buckled things like that that we're addressing to make sure that we mitigate these areas happening but again you know I doesn't specifically say that face value anything that talks about ABA PCC is it just kind of raise the red flag for me because we're building our own you they should have been eighty eight compliant any trip did I hope I answered your question other questions board members I just like to thank you I'm there's it's amazing what we do with our bond program and how we constituted join Smyre areas some terminology and and when the question came up there the fact is the day we get all up to a DA requirements is the day we're also behind because there's law firms that are on college campuses throughout California that are there they make their business of suing community colleges and on a DA requirements because they just are constantly changing and so the question was a good question but it's no it's an ongoing process you have to be diligent on the other thing that was interesting I'm looking right here only because up there when we began the process the determined door lockdown project that was a concept none of us even really fathomed and the door lockdown was for security issues with active shooters things of that nature so as the far as was facilities it's amazing how we've evolved things we've addressed the question I really had was what they came up on the on the Aquatic Center is that also in the I'll say the small gym is that is that looped into the hall is that a separate project entirely different the other small the small gym the small gym is a separate future project it's on the twenty forty one master plan the date yeah because those two to me are always pretty close what's going to happen and so that's why I was curious if it was going to be able to line up more appropriately when the the Aquatic project my big goal is for the long beach city college to complete our pool project before the city long beach completes their belmont pool replacement which is going to happen but it's just really impressive on all the projects that you're doing the design-build perhaps in the future that there's always been presentations every few years for the board to understand the different types of projects we've done i made a large i've always been a big proponent as you know the design-build especially on parking structures that's always been the forefront because it's pretty easy to know what's tall each one is average cost but we're also now evolving to other areas which is i think impressive and for concern for most people in the public is that design-build the beauty of that is that it is for a specific cost and if it goes over that cost it is on the person building not on the college the challenge you have as a college is to make sure you have everything clearly laid out because the big challenge is when you say X number of doors well you know specific will be very specific on what kind of doors you want and what kind of hardware you want they're gonna get the cheapest one possible so in design bill it's in the details at the beginning but once it's done the cost is it's going to be completed on that particular time or there's a cost to that contractor and and all the projects that I've seen have always been very successful we're also at the forefront on this design bill I can't remember which one we had but we're now we're now evolving I think we're the first one the state of California it's not a park district design build project is that the one yep building in that's gonna be that's gonna be very interesting to see hopefully successful then I also see in this budget the one that you just rolled out we were also awarded some money for one of these projects I'm not sure which one there was I think there were the governor put six but also funding for fifteen others but I thought Long Beach has some funding in there yeah we're building gee a budget goes the way it does in 1920 hopefully I believe it's 1920 the Performing Arts Center buildings G&H will be funded that's huge that's right that is I mean we just say I would move up the project five six years and we greatly need you to a lot of things in that building that that's a tremendous compliment to the College right because the funding by the state and that's a whole other area because there's funding through our bond then there's funny through the different propositions so I noticed that come through and and it was on an area that I know the governor was very very supportive of so congratulations on that the last question I have only because it's interesting to me why do we have an elevator in the auditorium elevator to where there's access to the balcony seating area in it's a code requirement to provide an elevator to access that okay it's it's not it's I never viewed that as a balcony but now I guess but there's also a basement so there's a basement accident on the west side we're actually building a new addition that's going to have a first and second level as well okay that picture was I mean that auditorium that's essentially been gutted and it's all just the it's the exterior walls so congratulations it is a phenomenal what the college is doing with all the constructions I mentioned the changes that you've seen in this College since the bonds were passed and thanks to the voters of the cities of our service area it's been remarkable what you've done and also how you've done it and because there's been a lot of disasters in the state of California with Community College on their on their bond program so should be compliment on it's it's just great to see those projects that's one of the things we we look at and just amazing so congratulations to you all other questions comments if none we have this informational item only so thank you and Tim thank you also for all the years thank you in if I may thank the board for all the support over the last decade I wish everybody the best I think all lbcc staff and faculty and administrators that made all this possible in to long beach city college i must say along man you thrive and long may you be great and thank you yeah thank you Tim you've been you've been a great advocate and I know you've sat here many times where you've had some there's been times with Tim made presentations where are we people that knew what was going on was saying why are you here when you have personal matters to really address and the professional that you are you stayed here and did a presentation I always remember that and bring the rest of all your work you've done all right all right we're moving on to the consent calendar we have the only items that can not be voted on by the student trustee would be 4.17 and 4.18 well with that could I entertain a motion to approve the consent calendar so motion by trustee Mel okay one moment let me get a motion first motion by trustee zia second by trustee baxter trustee Malu which i do you want to pull for further discussion it doesn't say at the top of the page on contract amendments 4.3 there's a motion a second to approve the consent calendar items with the exception of item 4.3 for further discussion that's a motion a second question comments members the board Madam Secretary please call the roll consent calendar student trustee again 4.17 4.18 with the exception you're allowed to vote on the consent calendar virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu ah sonny xia i trustee jones thank you item 4.3 there's a ratification of contracts under 175,000 oh I first begin with a a the Lord have discussion and entertain a motion to approve the item so we can discuss it the motion by trustee baxter a second by trustee zia 4.38 questions comments chair recognizes trustee I think my question and then perhaps a request and I have to put this down further in the agenda but the that enables the softball team to bring in a young softball player I believe she was in maybe fifth or sixth grade if it is the same program or not I'm not sure who to direct that question to but my request is if we can have some kind of report from the athletic department to let us know I mean I think this is fabulous and I think this is exactly the type of community involvement that we need to promote at the college with our athletic team if we can get a future report from the athletic department to see what teams are doing this again it's no cost and I think it's great but I'd like to know more and how many and and maybe we can invite some of those young students who are facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses to a meeting and just recognize them so that's it on that item and I don't know who would be the one to address that I'll pause for a second before I move on to the second item I'm not sure what I think we're all looking at each other going to and the question is again on this one there's no cost the teen impact your question was to potentially have a future report on the details to this a report on a future board meeting date from the athletic department to learn more about the program see what other athletic teams participate well I can answer the one question about asking for fielder reports is farther into our agenda we can that we can bring it up at that time but I don't know who I turn to on this one I can address that this is Marlene Vivian my understanding is yes this is the team impact event that you're referring to with the softball team we can confirm that and we can certainly bring back a report at a future board meeting to talk about the success of that program and where it's going next perfect thank you thank you okay in the next item that I think might be a little bit more detailed answer is on page three it's the last item on page three contract number nine nine seven five six point one I don't understand what this is it's the contract with the foundation it's Los Angeles City College Foundation and you know the amount for one hundred seventy three thousand the term is for you know one year it's a subside for the delivery of the goldman sachs i don't understand that if someone can explain it to me why and again I just I don't understand why LA City College and we have our own foundation maybe we can look into perhaps setting up a relationship with our own City College Foundation would that be a conflict of interest but if someone gets please explain to me I don't think I've ever seen that thank you certainly this is Marlene again my understanding is that for this program we operate a program both here as will as well as in LA and this represents the operation of the LA program we are the receiver of the grant and we choose the LA college to be a sub site to operate the grant in that community as dictated by Goldman Sachs the terms of the grant is that the revenue has to flow first through a foundation and then to us and so in this case the revenues come to us through the foundation we then disperse those funds to the secondary foundation for the operation of the site they're in partnership with our college so rather than it being a replacement of the program we operate it's actually an obligation of our program and allows us to have a broader community that we serve rather than just operating the program within our district does that help okay it does help yes other questions on on that one with the this is what the foundation of Goldman Sachs we we essentially do the we are the lead agency for lack of simple words and then we hire other colleges and their foundations to do this effort for the golden Sachs project that's been widely successful and very popular but long beach city college is the college that really runs it for the entire LA County and the other colleges in here as well so and we've been doing for quite a while but once again it's because of our expertise and our economic development and community development programs and how we're viewed being the the College the agency that can actually run it successfully and we've been doing so for many years and the other colleges are happy to have us do that for them so no other questions comments entertain a motion to approve just item 5.3 there was a motion second ratification contracts under $175,000 there's a motion in a second student trustee you'll be voting on this one as well Madam Secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sunny xia i trusty jones now to Human Resources 5.1 this is student trustee you'll be voting on this Equal Employment Opportunity Fund multiple methods association model certification form fiscal year 1718 this is the Board of Trustees approve and certify this fund it is just a generally for lack of better word just bureaucracy and we're moving forward that's a good simple way of explaining it but could I entertain a motion simply second to approve much my trusty Zia second by trustee Baxter to approve this item are there any questions on this item at this time I don't believe there will be hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 5.1 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sunny xia i trusty jones that passes item 5.2 2018-2019 was a salary raise for district employees again student trustee this is when you will not be able to vote on this again is this is our anticipation for a potential financial uncertainties this all want to say this in simple terms again this is like the previous one chime in here trustee kellogg essentially what this does is actually the california code of regulations requires that a college passed this article and that is for the potential purpose that we might undertake increases in salary or even decreases in salary in 1819 and before you can do that the district must pass this resolution or actually determination there we go I'm sorry I put a motion a second already on this item I'm sorry could I understand a motion motion by trustee baxter a second by trustee mal low though i know you raise your hand on that one she didn't hear it any other comments questions members aboard at this time hearing none i'm secretary please call the roll on item 5.2 student trustee you will not be voting on this item virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian mallalieu i ceniza i i dont 5.3 student trustee you will not excuse me you would not be voting on these these are employment contracts and as required by the Brown Act I will be reading the following so let me begin with 5.3 employment contract for Eugene or Carbonaro Dean's a career technology education a motion a second please most of my tracks for a second by trustee zia on this item recommend an action for the Board of Trustees approved the employment contract for Eugene does anyone call him Eugene what it is for Eugene Carbonaro Dean CTE is submitted the employment contract provides for a term of employment from July 1st 2018 through June 30th 2020 the contract provides for an annual compensation of one hundred thirty five thousand six hundred eighty seven dollars along with health and welfare benefits and life insurance motions seconds on the floor questions comments on this item hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 5.3 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu send easier I 5.3 cures congratulations next item 5.4 an employment contract at the pagan associate dean career technology education CTE entertain a motion second on this item student trustee similar floating watch my trustee Baxter's ours start Stasia second by trustee baxter this uh the Board of Trustees approved the employment contract for gina pagan that I pronounce that right associated Dean career technology education submitted provides for a term of employment from July 1st 2018 through June 30th 2020 contract provides for an annual compensation of 119 thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars along with health and welfare benefits and life insurance are there question comments on this island hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 5.4 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sen easier i that motion carries congratulations item five point five excuse me employment contract maria someone helped me on this name is it elk II well thank you I wanna make sure Maria director disabled student programs and services that the Board of Trustees approve the employment contract for Maria Huell director the DSPs the emoticon for heads for a term of employment from July 1st 2018 through June 30th 2019 the contract it's an annual compensation of 112 thousand 47 dollars along with health welfare benefits and life insurance I miss again the motion motion please mush my trustee zia second by trustee baxter there's a motion a second on the floor question comments members of the board hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 5.5 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian Malu sen easier i that motion carries congratulations item 5.6 in trustee he will not be voting on this one employment contract for jason availa in interim manager extended opportunity programs services or yups entertainer motion wash my trusty mallalieu wherever you are and second by trustee zia this is the board of trustees approves the employment contract for jason Avila interim manager yo PS contract provides for a term of employment through July 1st 2018 through December 13th 2018 a contract provides for an annual compensation of eighty five thousand four hundred twenty six dollars along with health and welfare benefits and life insurance question comments members aboard this time hearing none madam secretary please call the roll in item five point six virginia baxter i jeff kellogg hi Vivian mallalieu sen easier i five point six carries movie 95.7 classified employment appointment of the personnel commission for midterm vacancies this is e the board trustees to accept the nomination of mr. thomas hamilton as the classified staff appointment to the personnel commission effective july 16 2018 and in noon December 1st 2019 as submitted gotta entertain a motion a second on this item please first my trustee zia second by a trustee baxter question is interesting you can vote on this one question comments members aboard this time hearing none when i'm secretary please call the roll on item 5.7 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu I sen easier i trustee jones 5.7 carries gratulations thomas so much for retirement next item is I'm sorry we are now at the skip to page you're at now on the Academic Senate this is 6.1 new and modified programs of study this is an action item the board approving new and modified programs the sudden effect of fall 2008 as submitted these are programs to rumi title five industrial requirements responded Advisory Committee recommendations and are to facility transfers the programs the study were developed and are modified improved for the respect to college departments and schools documentation is reviewed by the associate degree general education subcommittee improved by the Committee on curriculum and instruction can I entertain a motion and a second on item 6.1 motion by trustee zia second by trustee baxter question comments on this item and i'm 6.1 seeing none madam secretary please call the roll student trustee you will be voting virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian mala koola ah Sani xia i trusty jones 6.1 carries 6.2 new and modified courses this again is an action item to asking for the board trustees to approve these courses have been recruited or modified to meet title five requirements for additional general education or program options to meet industrial requirements and/or to respond to advisory committee recommendations as previously could I entertain a motion a second on this item push my trusty baxter second by trustee zia questions comments on this item on 6.2 student trustee you will be voting hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 6.2 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu I send Xia I trustee Jones I motion carries item 6.3 double-counting units for plan a and major requirements aboard is a requested to approve the double counting of units for plan a and major requirements is submitted these of course are identified in both general education requirements required for any major an associate degree may be double counted in petition for receiving an associate degree the ability to double count units for an associate here will reduce the culminate of units and shortened time to completion documents documentation be reviewed and approved by the Committee on curriculum and instruction entertain a motion to approve on item six point seven please motion by trustee baxter sang by trustee zia questions comments to trustee you will be voting on this question comments members the board hearing none and i'm secretary please call the roll on item 6.3 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i may be and mallalieu i then easier i trustee jones I thought I'm curious Thank You item 7.1 tentative budget this is an action item but at the board approved a tentative budget for 2018 19 as submitted and his coordinates to California code and direct from the chancellor's office which states that honored before the first day of July the governing board of each Community College District shall develop and adopt an a tentative budget let me first ask for a motion in a second so moved motion by trustee zia second by trustee baxter questions comments at this time but hearing now we are going to have a report so superintendent president I'll turn to you first thank you we want to welcome vice president of business services Marlene done to her very first budget presentation welcome you and your team have done a tremendous job in putting together our tentative budget a huge kudos to you and the entire campus community you're gonna see some fantastic news in this budget presentation tonight that I think you're gonna find really interesting Long Beach City College as you know last May was sitting formidable ten point seven million dollar deficit we have been able to chop 5.9 million dollars from that deficit which is just an absolutely huge accomplishment we've done it through a variety of cost savings and a very aggressive enrollment push so I want to congratulate everyone you're going to see Marlene is going to show you that our total deficit has been reduced to four point eight million dollars we've been able to do that without layoffs and without cuts to instructional programs one of the ways we've been able to do that is to offer a supplemental entire employee retirement plan so that so many were able to take advantage of tonight so I really want to congratulate everyone who's been able to do it we have work ahead of us to cut the rest of the way we in the next few months we'll be working on that on that remaining structural deficit to get us back on solid financial ground so congratulations everyone and Marlene take it away thank you so much every budget tells a story and I think the story told by this budget is really unique and is reflective of where the state of California stands with its approach to community college funding and where we stand as a individual and unique organization in the presentation this evening I'm going to review the state budget talk about how our budget aligns with the board goals strategic plan goals as additional priorities the influence of the budget Advisory Committee and of course our FTEs history and projections since that does Drive the bulk of our revenues and then a discussion of the remaining portions of our budget I'll conclude the presentation discussing our future challenges as you're well aware when we develop the tentative budget we do so based on these states may revise proposal as presented by the governor since that time there have been tremendous changes in the components of the state budget what's first important to know that all of those changes affect the out-years more than it affects our budget year of 2018 19 that at the me revise the consideration of the new funding formula was paramount and we'll review how that's changed and what has affected our funding and what has not so beginning what was in the may revise we had funding proposed and forgive that that's a little update at the state level for growth we are projecting no revenue for growth in our district at the state level funding for Cola was projected uniquely and I'll go into this a little bit more in a moment but lbcc will be what's called a hold harmless district and according to the may revise did not get a cola but rather got one-time funding in lieu of a cola and then the state provided funding at the state level for transition to the new formula the new funding formula rather than being based entirely on just our FTEs counts and our number of campuses or centers would divide that up into the bulk being based on that same base grant but a significant portion being driven by low-income students another portion being driven by the performance success rates of those students as measured in completions you'll note that the division here is 60% base 20% low-income excuse me completion rates and 20% low-income since this point what's been settled at the state budget in the budget bill presented to the governor not yet signed by the governor is a transition to this rating level over three years the first year being seventy third excuse me seventy 2010 so the first year would be primarily weight weighted on the base grant secondarily weighted on low-income students and then thirdly weighted on those completion rates that would increase until 2000 2021 where we would then see this 20 20 60 structure the intent stated by this transition is to allow community college districts to react and respond to the new funding formula and that structure to provide us with a little bit of time to implement strategies that focus on those completion rates before we are punished for not performing as they went to in year one and that was a critical component of the eventual negotiated funding formula as it stands again this is contained within the proposed budget as passed by the legislature not yet signed by the governor the hold harmless provision is another area of critical change as proposed in May we would only have a two year hold harmless as presented here and as I mentioned just one year of one-time Cola that has since changed into a three year hold harmless increased each year by an ongoing Cola again what's presented in the budget you're hearing tonight is the hold harmless for 2018-19 plus a one-time Cola really it's in 1920 and 2021 that these amendments to the budget really affect us for the better so we're 1819 funding will be the same as what's proposed in this budget these changes really affect our ability to continue to operate nineteen twenty twenty twenty-one and then show our reaction to these changes this also says the end of summer shift however in the final budget the summer shift is back in so we'll be better able to manage and have consistent FTEs counts moving forward that will be partially offset though by the three-year rolling average which is still contained in the formula the May revise had a whole series of other state program funding I will share with you that those have been juggled around a bit for instance the hundred and forty three point five million dollar that was previously identified for deferred maintenance and instructional equipment has been cut by 80 percent at the same time other programs have been proposed across the board the new programs that have been proposed don't yet have enough specificity to allow us to determine what our share of those individual pieces of the pi's will be much of that language is within the trailer bill which is still going through the process and much of that language leads it to the chancellor's office to determine the method of allocation so unfortunately at this moment I cannot provide you with a lot of specificity about our ability to participate in those new programs but when we come back before the final budget I will be able to share that information with you we heard earlier about our bond programs and the projects that we have I am happy to share that our inclusion in the 21 proposed proposition 51 facility bond projects still remains so we will still receive the funding that we were so eagerly anticipating for Billings M&M and for the building mmm the online Community College proposal still held at the same rate so state budget will contain the 120 million dollars before the establishment of the online Community College however in addition to that amount they did establish a pot of about thirty-five million dollars for competitive grants for individual community college districts to help participate in the development of the program's courses and content for the online college as I mentioned the budget proposal you have before you is in alignment with your goals with the strategic plan as well as with the institutional priorities these next several slides show how we've determined that each one of our activities aligns with those and those priorities so that we have alignment throughout the organization that the budget supports and the priorities versus driving the priorities the budget Advisory Committee was critical in developing the budget assumption highlights these highlights as we go through them reflect a continuation of our 2017-18 operations at the conclusion of this year so all the activities that we were able to engage in that helped reduce our deficit continue to move forward with the next steps being the continuation of developing those plans our fts funded and total target is 20,000 133 but again for the next three years beginning 2018 19 we're at a hold harmless revenue limit which means that we are protected against both the funding formula and variances in our enrollment we are reflecting a half a percent deficit factor which is reflective of most recent years at the deficit cuts to our base funding and of course we continue the principles of total cost of ownership our goals are to maintain a five and a half percent minimum unrestricted reserve although our total goal is really 15 percent with a short-term goal of 12.5% this level of reserves is critical because it allows us as an organization to be flexible and to respond to changes in funding caused by the state level that are out of our control I'm sure many of you have heard on governor Browns concern that we are in our second longest recovery as a state economy and that eventually our economy is cyclical and we will have experienced a downturn the only question is when and hell deep and so it's critical that we preserve our flexibility to respond - changes the stirs and purse costs continue to increase and we'll talk more about those but that is a proportion of our budget that is outside of our control yet we are subject to fairly significant increases and we are anticipating a 2.2 percent increase in our Health and Welfare premiums looking at our historical trend of FTEs we felt it was important to share this slide with you showing that pattern and really showing the pattern of how we've utilized the summer shift to provide consistency in our funding level as we fall in in and out of stabilization and really giving us the basis for that goal of 20,000 so you can see that highlighted in the upper tiers of each bar graph in the blue and the purple areas the teal in the purple areas those who are present the FTEs that we are shifting from either the previous or following year in order to maintain stable level funding as I said moving forward the summer shift remains but the new funding formula does include a three-year rolling average and so the dynamics of how that summer shift work will indeed change when we look at our expenditures over the course of 2017 18 and this is the adopted budget rather than the tentative budget you can see that we have managed to make inroads in reductions but that we anticipate our 2018-19 expenditures to increase again this is due to several different factors not the least of which is an increase in stores and first contributions and so looking at those revenues and those expenditures specific to the unrestricted general fund you can see that we have managed to reduce our 2017-18 deficit to just a little over four point seven million we anticipate in 2018-19 that that deficit will increase to two point excuse me six point seven million an increase in the deficit of 1.9 million I would like to share that this does not reflect the impact in 2018 19 of the SERP since the SERP was just finalized and really hadn't had the opportunity to take advantage of those savings here I would also like to say that this is a good opportunity to identify that if we made no changes our story for 2018-19 would be a deficit of 6.7% but much like what was accomplished in the 2017-18 budget we anticipate being able to identify a solution for much of the deficit in 2018-19 looking at our revenue in 2018 19 we did show an increase in the apportionment much of that due to the cola we're going to be granted and I will just say that when we come back to you in the final budget rather than this being a one-time resource allocation this will reflect 3.2 million dollars as the ongoing Cola that's really critical because that means in 2019 20 our starting point is 3.2 million dollars more we are reflecting additional monies because we don't have a projected faculty obligation penalty in 2018 19 but at the same time we are anticipating small decreases in mandated cost and lottery revenue and the bulk of our revenue is within our principal apportionment from the state that is what drives our agencies operational as we look at expenditures again you'll see that we have an increase in salaries and benefits largely due to Stephan column misters and pers increases other increases this again does not yet reflect the impact of the SERP I will also point out that as we looked at how we were doing our BP RS and implementing those costs using 1 times and resources that we had previously reflected those expenditures all in one year we have now since decided to reflect them over the course of three years to better reflect what is actually happening and because it is an expenditure of one-time revenues that does appear as deficit spending but that is purposeful deficit spending and not structural deficit spending as we look at those increases to the expenditures in 1819 we have hired seven new full-time faculty that was critical those were identified earlier this year I'm very purposeful and we have had a small increase such as under a million to classified salaries with the assumption that vacancies will be filled of course as I mentioned the SERP will impact that what's notable is the sterzin pers increases and when we say 2.5 percent increase foresters or FERS and 1.8 5 percent increase foresters I want to clarify that's one point eight five percent increase of mr. salaries the actual cost increase is much greater so we're talking to 1.5 percent that's of salaries versus the percentage of increase and you'll see that dynamic in just a moment we do have an increase in contract services and operating expenses BP RS is also driving this as we're implementing those solutions those are through the assistance of contract services for implementation only once we get back in past implementation then we are now running with it and you'll just see software licenses or other items like that but does revert back to staff to operate those and of course you'll see how we spend our expenditures because we are a service agency of course the majority of our expenditures are in salaries and benefits historically we have hovered around the eighty-nine to slightly over 90 percent in salaries and benefits the one tip was in 2013-14 which I understand was a time of reductions in personnel otherwise historically this agency has hovered around 90 percent in a moment also show you another slide and talk from a little bit deeper about that you'll also see that the deficit spending has happened most recently this is a function if both the increases in stores and purse and other one-time deficits in an ongoing deficit operational deficit which again we have addressed and by more than half that size in 2017 and now that we've sized the problem for 2018 we'll be able to address that even further so a little bit more about the salaries and benefits I mentioned that we have hovered historically around that 90 percent level and I believe the fact that we have been able to keep it at 90 percent despite the increase in cost sisters and purse speaks a lot to our ongoing management of those expenses however this is a level that is higher than what's typical for Community College District and this shows our opportunity to really create a more fiscally healthy community going forward and I think continuing our focus utilizing the SERP and continuing some of those initiatives will help us manage this historical level of spending and so when we projects out another year into 2019-20 you can see how 2019-20 becomes very problematic let me first reassure you that just the factor that we have ongoing Cola improves the 1920 fund balance by six million dollars that tells you how important ongoing Cola is because we have ongoing increases in our primary expenditure segment and again identifying the problem identifying our ongoing structural deficits allows us to best address it I like to share that a dollar safe today is $3 shared three years from now when we're able to address those ongoing expenditures our future budget challenges do include our enrollment and our ability to react to the new funding formula luckily we now have three years rather than two years to effect change and to modify how we look at data and utilize data to devote our resources to those things that pay unfortunately the stores numbers remain a major source of a misdirection of our resources reminding you that these stirs increases are codified in legislation in the PIRs increases our estimates based on the actions of the byrds port burt excuse me the PERS board annually you can see that in 2018 19 alone we are spending two million dollars more than we did last year to solve what essentially is a state problem of a imbalanced retirement fund when you look at the conclusion of the increases you'll see that it's about nine million dollars I would tell you that that's 9 million dollars annually if you compound the total miss direction of all these revenues you are looking in excess of 20 million dollars and that is an area of continued concern again like I said we've increased to one and a half million dollars last year and still managed to hold expenditure levels to about 90% hey Marlene I'm gonna stop you right here what do you mean nine million dollars annually I see that as a cumulative what am I missing here is as total approximately nine million dollars I was talking about the compounded effect so if we started in 2017 18 it's obvious that we spent a hundred and 1.5 million more than the prior year when we look at 2018 we're spending two million dollars more than 1718 but when I add the two together that's three and a half million dollars we're spending in 2018 that we would not have used for that purpose if not for these increases so comparing the year-over-year expenditure that we've had a budget increase in stirs and purrs through no action of our own yes I just want to understand you said it's 9 million dollars annually did I misunderstand because that's that doesn't compute it shows about 1.6 million one year and then next year it's 2 million and forgive me for confusing the issue I often hear people talk about the year-over-year increase or in this case saying that by 2425 will be spending 9 million dollars more a year than we spent in 2016 and that's an excellent story to say but when you add up the misdirection of these resources in each year so in 1718 1.5 million plus 2 million 1890s and as 3 million dollars we spent foresters and pers plus another 2 million in 1920 so now that's nearly 5 million that there is an impact and that is a diversion of our resources to person stirs yeah there's no question about that but I think it's misleading to say it's 9 million dollars a year it's 9 million dollars over the span of from 2017 to 2015 cumulatively so let's just be clear about that yes correct add that that's this is the one thing I wanted to make sure you misunderstand because nothing really is quite hefty thank you thank you and so again we do have some future budget challenges our efforts will be to identify a plan to address the six point seven million dollars in deficit spending and bring that back to you for your consideration to focus those solutions in ways that don't impair ability to react to the new funding formula that support our initiatives to improve enrollment to improve retention and to improve completion while still identifying those opportunities to reduce expenditures when they don't serve the goals of our district and to work together to make sure that our data reflects our anticipated successes and allow us to be flexible in considering actions that we had not before to continue that improvement and before I conclude I would like to thank the team this is the beginning of my sixth week with the district and mr. John um excuse me Thomas Thomas Thompson thank you I knew I was getting it wrong is on vacation this week but he and his team including Sam have done a phenomenal job in supporting me through my transition here and into assisting me in developing the budget so I want to make sure I give them kudos for all of their hard work questions members of the board at this time I chair recognizes trustee zia I just wanted to thank you Marly and I know this was your first presentation in a tremendous job I understand that we're going to be getting a plan as far as some of the strategic opportunities that were going to be looking at in gaining some efficiencies when it comes to those gaps with the budget and some of these deficits I am particularly keen as you know over the years I mean sound like a broken record but professional services is the Achilles heel of any agencies I've ever worked for and I see that here I know we have an increase of about $800,000 it may be nominal in the grand scheme of things some folks but I think where we can gain those opportunities in a cost savings and recover them that would be fantastic and be as frugal as possible and I'm sure you guys are taking that approach and I look forward to getting that report on August 2nd thank you other questions comments jesse mallalieu though I I will say that the I just asked the question because I didn't see anything on my phone did you have a question at this point that's no trusty motherly you have the floor okay thank you see you at the last meeting and I'm you know unfortunately I'm not physically there this one you know formally welcome you to our board meeting budget presentation that you've provided it was in the beginning of it does it does if I could direct you to slide 30 that on slide it's correct slide 30 shows that we project a 13.5 cent reserves so that's a reserve of our ending fund balance as compared to our total expenditures and of course the concern here is that an addressed it would fall to 2.8 percent in 1920 I'm sorry I was referencing the presentation are you looking at the fund the actual budget document so I'm sorry if I referenced the presentation the presentation indicates 13.5 percent the total fund balance is on page 24 however it's not expressed on that page as a percentage of the total expenditures and so I can identify for you at a later point exactly what page of the budget reflects the percentage of the reserves but it is 13.5 percent for 2018-19 and your other and the 12.5 percent is the goal set by this institution so on page 17 of the presentation the institutional effectiveness fund balance goal is set at fifteen percent with a short-term goal set at 12.5% so the minimum is five point five percent but again that doesn't allow us flexibility to react to changes at the state level or a me maintaining a fund balance of 12.5 percent or 15 percent provides us that flexibility and allows us to take a more thoughtful approach to managing our budget rather than being reactive page 30 of the presentation and page 17 of the presentation will provide you that information this information goes public without changes for budget I just I don't want the wrong information or information to not be interpreted properly so I want to be clear and then when people ask me questions I want to make sure that I have the right answers so I'll just have to follow up with you but thank you thank you certainly thank you other questions at this time I I just have a few things in here they just wanted a more of an observation for the future on the budget that came out for from the governor's office in there there was money there was money allocated I'm off the top of my head it's it's 40 plus million dollars and as I was talking to superintendent president last week we're preparing for this that 40 million dollars is set aside for first-year students to have a free year a free semester I should say and maybe for a full year they have put that in place as their way to address what we've done here with our College promise allowing our first students to have a free year that is now in the budget 40-plus million dollars when it was being was being discussed and I was just really strongly suggested the college look at that because the question I had at the time was that's not fair to Long Beach City College because through our College promise we provide that now the answer was that we as a college could pursue that money to provide the first year free through the state program by the way that programs for all students it's for all students no economic indicators all students if we can capture that for the first year and then we can roll our College promise into the second year that is doable it's allowable and it's something I think we should really pursue because it's in the budget a large amount of money and it's just a great opportunity to work then we can then provide not just one year but two years of free college tuition that's one point the other point in there and I know it's an interest to some of my colleagues there's was a ten million dollar budget allocation in there to address the needs of students to have issues with food and when I say issues of food they don't have any so I don't know the requirements but it is there it's ten million dollars it is something that I know we have looked at all on and every college has been addressing these issues but those are some that was just some budget items it's a one-year but it's a ten million dollar if I remember correctly that we as a college to really look at on how we can capture some of that money here for the college for our students again it's in the budget those are two areas that beyond everything else I think is something that we should really take some time to pursue because at the end it would were to make it a college experience more affordable in the and and I don't know if trustee mallalieu was trying to get to that in the I'm looking at the the budget Advisory Committee on their highlights maintain a five point five minimum or unrestricted reserve the board had a goal also and I want to say it was in that same area isn't that correct that maintained that that reserve or we might talking apples and oranges here no no I'm asking vice president done yeah I'm unsure let me double-check for you I believe the goal the 15% is would be consistent with that but I'd like to double-check that and come back to you to confirm okay it's important because again there still has the the challenge of when you reach a certain level with your reserves which is happening you you suddenly put yourself on the Chancellor's watch watchlist that changes a lot of things on your finances so I think that's a good at the back the budget Advisory Committee if they made that recommendation it goes in line with the board had as well we've dropped below that so it's something we should probably look back at again and the other items in there again with stirs pers all the other areas the biggest challenge of course we all know what it is with declining enrollment because of a smaller surface area of students and and the this new budget formula which of the time I think everyone was very concerned about but again trying to address where the goal and I'll just reiterate forth in the future the goal is that the funding formula base for community colleges in California is based on the 1960 master plan which it's obsolete there's only a few districts that actually have growth and we're not one of them nor as most urban and colleges so the this is the first step by the governor and the chancellor's office to get away from that funding formula that is no longer practical in today's community colleges it's going to take a little bit of challenge they given this the three years to look at it but it's something that I think when we started a lot more people were concerned there's still our challenges in there but I think the idea of getting away from the old funding process is a smart one because it just wasn't realistic anymore so again this is a tentative budget the real budget whatever that means was showing up but the challenges are there but I just want to make sure those two items that that that money set aside for first first year students and the one regarding for food our two errors in that I think we should really pursue and besides that congratulations and welcome to Community College budgets thank you so many other questions comments at this time this item is an action item do you have to vote on it student trustee you're allowed to vote on this one congratulations with sounds so there is a motion and a second on this item there other question comments Madam Secretary please call the roll on the tentative budget virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sen easier i student trustee Jones motion carries thank you item seven point two this is a five-year construction plan for 2020 to 2024 this will be an action item it's the Board of Trustees approved the annual submission of the district's five-year construction plan authorized superintendent president the districts assigned the formal documents that authorize action on behalf the district has submitted this is an item again the five-year plans or an annular document required by the state chancellor's office and let me begin with asking for a motion in a second on this so moved where's my trustee is he a second my mouth trustee mallalieu I see how your hand lifts up there yeah your second 7.25 year construction plans questions comments on this item hearing none madam secretary you please call the roll student trustee you will be voting on this item virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sen easier i student trustee jones thank you that item carries item 7.3 this is the award of the previous discussed design-build services for the p2 parking structure this is a this is going to require an action board trustees on Authority vice president business services or designee to enter into Nick excuse a design-build service contract and authorize stipend payments of $20,000 to design build and it is not awarded the contract as submitted this is again with McCarthy building company and we had this discussion previously about what it is is there's I first entertain a motion to approve the award the design-build services where's my trusty Baxter second by trustee zia question comments members aboard this time trustee zia thank you president kellogg i am a little bit puzzled as to why we're paying $20,000 for the rejected firms and that's what i was asking about earlier about the process that we have in place i certainly don't think i mean these are i mean swenerton and harper and these are huge companies and it's the cost of doing business i it's getting so money can someone help me understand this was this first of all if it was part of the condition of the qualification process what was the rationale behind that thinking and to are we obligated to pay this yes we are obligated to pay this I'm gonna start from the bottom of the question and go back up but the essentially the firm's that we've dealt with or the process that we've done in the past we have provided we have gone through this process and we found that and we're not the only district I think other agencies that have gone through this process that we've worked with that we know of also have done this it's essentially there's a lot of work involved in producing this document to get to this point and there's a lot of legwork there's a lot of agencies that they have to deal with to make sure to see what will work and the package that they have to create so there is a certain cost associated with it on their end and so and if I'm not mistaken that portion of this is also part of the state is also stated funded right not this okay but it is something that a lot of work and time has put into it and we do recognize and a lot of that is still essentially you know we feel useful to us and so we want to see it also I think makes the price more accurate in in the like where that's involved in this case there are multiple agencies involved not just the city but since the PCH was right there Caltrans was involved just within the city alone because of all the utilities multiple utilities within the city was involved so we we believe that I think a lot of time was needed on their end and money that they had to spend so they produced the set a document for us that we can look at that we both felt very comfortable with and I think all the agencies that we know of all provide some allowance for that so Caltrans was involved in building a parking Stirling a parking structure to make the the hope there's a whole permitting process because of PCH is essentially highway highway they vetted a lot of all that with them also and so and that's just one of the agencies and are we going to be who said that first of all whose brilliant idea was this to pay these firms twenty thousand dollars I think it was a collective effort within the facilities department and we did discuss that with our previous vice president before Marlene Dan was here okay so it's a legacy issued so why twenty thousand dollars I mean how much are we going to be in for what's the fiscal impact is that the forty thousand dollars total or sixty thousand dollars it's just for the two entities that didn't get awarded okay so the forty thousand dollars and we're going to own their design essentially is that what the benefit is not a full design it's just that for us we're able to actually see what they came up with and in order for them to come up with a value they have to you know do a big presentation if you will but you know I it is forty thousand thousand forty thousand dollars for us to be able to view what they've done and the the options were pretty open wide open it was it was great to see but again it is I'm certainly not the only agencies that go through this we've kind of made sure of that and I we believe I think if we didn't have any allowance that we probably wouldn't have much folks to come in because they realize there's a lot of time spent in that too perhaps that's why we need to go with design-bid-build and spend less money paying these firms to bid on our projects I have a fundamental disagreement with the way we've done we're doing this this is nothing against you guys you're fantastic professional I just don't think it's fiscally prudent to be paying firms to become and to come up with a design and build what when we have the discretion to go with design-bid-build and pre-qualified contractors make sure they're responsible bidders and I like to have our team look at that I've asked for this for about four years now and I think it's time that we look at the policy setting a policy for a responsible bidder and distinguishing what we identify as fitness capacity and performance when we're talking about a responsible bidder so we don't have to get into these circumstances with that said I'm going to be voting no on this item tonight thank you Matt honey question comments to serve as a counterpoint on that one I think I'm probably the one that has had to do design-build bidding and if someone came to me and said that I was going to have to go through the details which is ever as I've mentioned every door every Hardware every piece the paint the quality of the paint the color the paint the lights the type of lights it is one of the most elaborate because I'm essentially saying to in the bid that I will do it for X amount of dollars and that's it and if my bid process is flawed unlike the traditional way where I can be much more general about it and get through the RFQ if I'm qualified or r.fp where I can then do an interview and then we discussed the project and we start building that's where you have more change yours which you don't have traditionally in a design-build so just the the counterpoint on that one and from experience that if you want to take the approach of not helping contractors for bids I will just predict right now you will probably not get many people submitting because even in the project process now we weave as as those people out there that are you know bidding at work at colleges you you look at the environment whether they're doing the process for actually they want to find a bitter or they're just doing to go through the fundamental process and that's really it you have to make that decision but when you're really doing design bill that becomes such a detail than if you don't if you're not compensated most of your major individuals they're they're going to try to roll it into the winning contract but that makes it challenging and so what is essentially what I've seen is you don't get people bidding and you want the good quality people doing this so even though it's money spent the front end and I understand that that but because a design-build of what it is it actually brings probably value back to the college and you get the type of contractors that are bidding on it and that's what I've seen throughout the state on these type of contracts and that's what we do it here so if you don't want to that's a decision you go to but I'll just throw it out there that the chances are the type of quality you're probably going to get is not as good or completely non-existent and because they're there in the business to make money but they're also they can't afford to to just submit bids for the sheriff's sake but because they are pretty elaborate especially design-build so president Keller kind of just not to belabor the point and again this is it could be a night of ideological differences of opinion and after 21 years in being in construction I can tell you that if it were a bridge I could understand the sophistication of the effort that it would require it's a parking structure folks this is not a Gerald Desmond bridge or a courthouse building and that's why I'd like to have a better idea of the methodology and the rationale that and the thought process that goes through and selecting these projects of which one is qualified as design-build and what kind of value we're getting what kind of value proposition and perhaps it could be codified by a way of a policy like other agencies have it we can curb those issues of getting change order happy contractors or claim prone contractors by pre-qualifying them and making sure that they we have their past performance tracked and that is something that I have personally done other agencies that I've worked in and I recommend we take that approach because it's see it borders on the subjective front a little bit in this case and that's where I take exception but I I see your point president Kellogg and I respectfully disagree and I think maybe we should call for the vote respect from what takes place with a lot of the colleges whether it's a parking structure or not but anyway it's for the board to decide in the future other question comments on this item Madam Secretary we have a motion a second soon trustee you can vote on this item please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sunny Zia nay trustee Jones abstain 7.4 final project proposal and initial project proposal this is an action item the Board of Trustees approve the final proposal for the I just skip for the PCC campus are a trustee Baxter mmm Construction Trades in the initial project proposals for the LEC buildings B renovation in the PCC classroom building as submitted these are the again this is a just for the the process going through to moving towards the construction the initial project proposal the final project proposal is what you do through the state through the state of California on all projects so pretty its standard operating procedure with that I'll entertain a motion to approve so moved by trustee baxter questions comments on on the item 7.4 student trustee you will be voting hearing none secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg hi Vivian mallalieu sen easier i trustee jones that item carries 7.4 we're now 7.5 this is a resolution cash flow borrowing from the LA county treasurer this is a again in action I understand trustee you will be voting on this the board to adopt resolution number oh six two six one eight a to authorize short-term borrowing of up to eleven one hundred thirteen point seven million from the LA County Treasurer is submitted again this is something that we've done in the past so can I entertain a motion to approve this item so moved by trustee zia second by trustee baxter questions/comments members the board at this time on this item hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 7.5 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sunny xia i trusty jones i that motion carries item 7.6 resolution cashflow temporary inter fund cash borrowing this is an action item student trustee you will be hard to vote on this item the board of trustee is a da prez Ellucian number o 6-2 6-1 AP to authorize short-term borrowing between funds of up to 17 million as submitted again this is something we've done in the past can I entertain a motion in a second please most of my trusty Baxter a second by trustee my Lulu questions/comments members of the board hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on item 7.6 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sonny xia i trustee jones hi motion carries item 7.7 resolution liability and workers compensation coverage for volunteers board of trustee has dumped this resolution adopting and declaring for the purpose of workers compensation liability insurance that person is authorized to perform voluntary service shall be deemed an employee of the district has submitted this recognize the need and our for and the benefits derived from the individuals providing volunteer services the district so this is pursuant to California Labor Code the state legislature has seen fit to allow school district Walla Phi for coverage pertaining providing the governing board has adopted resolution thus the resolution entertain a motion in a second on this item so motion by trustee zia second by trustee baxter on item 7.7 resolution question comments members of the board at this time hearing none madam secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sonny xia i trustee jones i i'm curious item 7.8 resolution agreement with California Department of Education for child care student trustee you'll be voting on this item the Board of Trustees adopt the resolution authorizing the district to enter into grant agreement C an 931 84.3 with the California Department of Education is submitted provides funding for the district to general childcare development services it's to child development centers effective July 1st 2018 through June 30 2019 got to entertain a motion a second place on this item so moved back for a second by trustee zia questions comments hearing none secretary please call the roll on item 7.8 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg vivian mallalieu sen easier i trustee jones i motion carries 7.9 resolution agreement with California Department of Education state preschool program student trustee would be voting on this the Board of Trustees adopt resolution authorizing district energy a grant agreement with the department California Department of Education is submitted provides funding for the district to provide preschool programs and development services who is to child development centers effective July 1st 2018 through June 30 2019 California Department of Education requires the approved resolution by the Board of Trustees in order to war the grant motion and second please so much trustee zia second by trustee baxter question comments on item 7.9 hearing none madam secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu i sonny xia i trustee jones i that motion carries trustees trustee Malu they sound like you want your on that one student item 7.10 you're good 7.10 approved amendment to institutional membership for 2018 2019 this is a action item student trustee you will be voting Board of Trustees an author has approval of the addition of the community college League of California to the district institutional membership for 2018 19 approved at the May 22nd meeting it was in Burton Lea left off so therefore it's on this agenda I'll attend a motion in a second place on this push my trustee baxter second by trustee mallalieu questions comments trusted mallalieu yeah right now but in the future whenever we do have to revisit an item I do think that we should include the original list just for reference I know that only one item was left off said it would just be good to be able to see it again because I'm having a panic go back to to try to remember what was on there so it's a small comment but I'm gonna take note of that thank you thank you there's a motion a second other comments questions hearing none madam secretary please call the roll on items 7.10 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i Vivian mallalieu sunny xia i trusty jones abstain next i have that item approved items 7.11 student trustee you will be allowed to vote on this approval of new board policy administrative regulation six zero one eight accessibility of information and communication technology action I on recommended that Board of Trustees a proven adopt board policy administrative regulations sixty eighteen on accessibility of information and communication technology is submitted is in accordance with established practices board policy administrative regulations use a recommended result of our ongoing review to ensure compliance with current education legal codes and accreditation standards I entertain a motion a second on this item please someone watch my trustee zia second by trustee baxter questions/comments members of the board at this time hearing none chair recognizes trustee Mel Lulu with the malware we don't know how finally you know the accessibility of information board policy is in consideration of that event this item is appearing today due to a change in code regulations as it relates to accessibility for information posted using technology not related to the recent incident this item will occur as the code is changed so as agencies use technology more and more to communicate there is an effort to make sure that that communication is accessible for all and code will be changed and then we will update the policy as appropriate that's correct secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg hi Vivian mallalieu sunny Zia I trustee Jones I motion carries reports Academic Senate President really brief I want to acknowledge and congratulate all of the students that completed the programs month of June was all about graduation so it was a great honor for Senate to be joined by the classified Senate expect in walking graduation and having a great event as well as the nurses graduation they had a really good event the opportunity for us to see their families see their happiness smiling hearing all the wonderful things that we're here for so the month of June I want to congratulate every single student that has completed a language city college thank you thank you classified Senate yes thank you first I want to start by congratulating all the classified that retired this this month and thank them for the years of hard work and their help and with helping all the students succeed and I wish them a very happy retirement we've had a very productive year at the classified sentence we've placed classified Senate representatives on 16 different participatory government committees we've hosted the gathering of the South committees here at the campus we have distributed seven communication corner newsletters to classified so they can be informed of what's happening on our campus as well as the other community colleges in the state and several of us just returned from the classified Leadership Institute and we're very excited that we were able to be awarded with a model Senate award so I brought that to show you guys we're very proud of that and we're proud of what we've been able to accomplish in this year and and I also want to take a minute to just acknowledge and thank President Jeff Kellogg for all of his work and efforts and caring for our our College in our community and thank you Thank You superintendent president yes sir I'd like to acknowledge and thank dr. Kim McGinnis who is leaving us today is her last day she had a board meeting here on her last day so thank you for joining us she's done a wonderful job serving as our interim vp of student service and leaves us to take a very exciting job in Connecticut so we congratulate and thank you we also will be making some major announcements this summer coming soon you're going to be very excited to hear we're gonna announce this summer and at college day that we were able to have a record-breaking over 20% increase in graduation this year over 40 percent increase in the number of certificates over 60 percent increase in the number of honors graduates over 21 percent increase in ft yes enrollment signaling our enrollment recovery at the same time driving down the budget deficit by about six million dollars so I think that's really due to everyone here in this room and everyone at the entire college really coming together I've never seen enthusiasm and work like I've seen here really committed to student success so I want to thank everyone for their hard work because it's those numbers that come out for students that really matter and I also want to congratulate the classified who for the first time this year walked in our graduation so thank you for that that was a real pleasure to see so thank you Thank You student trustee I don't only have much prepared each one it's a really brief I'm John L Jones new student trustee I'm humbled to have this position first off I would like to congratulate the classified Senate for their award and also say thank you to all of the staff and faculty that are retiring that have really contributed to Long Beach City College and have really enriched the lives and the community by their hard work I also would like to say that I am very excited to work with all of you and to learn from all of you in the process of its next year and I would also like to say to mr. Kellogg I'm kind of sad in that I won't be able to work with you in the same capacity I hope that maybe we we would be able to to talk and you can give me a few pointers that's all what our trustees I will start with a trustee Baxter followed by Zenith and mallalieu okay thank you president kellogg first of all i'd like to end this meeting and dedication to a retired counselor Margaret brown Margaret Brown is celebrating her 90th birthday so she was born the same day Long Beach City College was born and Margaret was a very dedicated counselor she stole life so normally I know I do this for somebody who's passed but Margaret it was a very dedicated counselor she happened to be the first female african-american certificated person hired at LBCC in the nineteen 1960s and I wish her a happy birthday and wish her well secondly I want to congratulate the lbcc foundation who put on a fantastic dinner a couple of weeks ago I thought all the presentations dr. O'Malley Robert Garcia Beverly O'Neill and Elizabeth McCann they were excellent and highlighted the college and really put on an excellent presentation of what we've done and I know that our media staff had to have made those fabulous commercials presentations or whether they were and they were very very well done I also want to congratulate the graduates who attended commencement and wish them well it's always exciting to see them come across the stage they were so enthusiastic and what what I think is so wonderful about our students they are so proud that of what they have accomplished and their families are so proud of what they've accomplished and it's just a joy to sit there and watch them and be part of the ceremony and then finally president kellogg my best wishes to you I know I'll be seeing you at the different conferences and things like that and I wish you the very best trustee zia thank you I just I also want to echo trustee Baxter's comments on multiple levels first commencement it was fantastic thank you for giving me the opportunity stepping for you president kellogg it was amazing opportunity I want to thank our staff and just awesome it's just such a gratifying experience seeing being a part of this monumental point in our students lives I too want to thank you present trustee Kellogg you've taught me a lot you've taught me to understand Robert's Rules so thank you for that and patience and I really appreciate your 16 years of service if we may have not always agreed on everything but I just want you to know that I truly respect the dedicated service that you have given to this institution and really been tremendous I know you don't want a big party we don't want a big shebang and but I just wanted to say that I'm grateful for your service I also wanted to mention I know we're going to end the meeting in honor of Margaret brown but if I can ask for a moment of silence we had one of our own captain David Rosa was fatally shot and due to a response to an explosion in my district at a senior citizens home covenant house and I just think it was such a tragic event and catastrophic and it's just it really was heartbreaking to see our fire fire captain lose his life and trying to save other people's lives so I just wanted to respectfully ask that we observe a moment of silence in his honor and the men and woman that helped us protect us in this community and that's all I have yes okay thank you student trustee Donald Jones to the diet so excited to work with you and I look forward to meeting you in person hopefully very soon I would also like to welcome follow up consider our new ASB president and I have worked as follow-up before on a few issues and I'm very proud of him so congratulations to both of you and welcome look forward to working with you in the upcoming year once again I'd also like to formally welcome Marlene done I've already made some remarks on that but I'm just excited about the expertise that you bring and also I would like to thank Kim McGinnis and appreciate what you did for the college in which you look as you move on as far as some of the activities the student was a very very busy month on June 1st the ASD Awards were taking place at the grand and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend because my oldest daughter graduated from high school on June 2nd and June 1st they had a baccalaureate mass they man City High School but we were able to get into the grand is set up for her graduation so I kind of snuck into the ASD Awards and I must have missed all the ceremony because they were having a party and it looked like so much fun and I would just like to commend Kayla Robertson and Ramone not because you know these students were very spirited and it looked like they had a great celebration to the end of a great year I fit I attended the nurses pinning ceremony again one of my favorite events June 7th the celebrations continued with the scholarship of presentations in the morning and the journalism awards right after and then on June 16th of course the 90th anniversary celebration I would like to commend Liz McCann and everyone the foundation including the Board of Governors and all of the sponsors it was a terrific event I love the theme the 1920s attire the decorations the meal it was a fabulous event I'm so proud I love the silent auction the experiences that were rustled off as well as the live auction so really Randi Gordon did a really good job of all the events this month there were two that were my absolute favorite on June 22nd this past Friday I was invited to the graduation of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business cohort ring full court graduation by a lady who happens to be my neighbors who lives in my district wire whispered mrs. Rene Fowler who runs a small plumbing business out of her home and I've known her for many years and I got to talking to her several months ago and I referred her to this program and I'm so proud of her she graduated from the cohort they were 30 in the cohort and her business plan and what she's been able to do through this amazing program including a potential patent for her work is just incredible so you know Renee is just one student out of hundreds who there goldman sachs 10,000 small businesses has benefited so I would just like to make sure that the college continues to do that and Renee also has hired one of our lbcc students and plans on hiring more so let's cultivate that program and keep it going and of course my absolute favorite event this month was commencement on June 8th I love being classified staff participating seeing them walk in caps and gowns that was just amazing I am getting goosebumps remembering it was a great commencement the speaker it was a really good event and of course our favorite I would just like to just congratulate dr. Ramani this is from what I understand and please tell me if I'm mistaken your seventh year in a row I'm thinking back to your interview last year increasing graduation rate and enrollment so you know did I get that right because your seventh year in a row thanks for reminding me of that those were some very cool days thinking about possibly coming to lbcc yes this is actually six years in Chicago so be my seventh year straight of increasing graduation rates and I have no intention of stopping that eight years here we come well I do remember that from your interview I thought that was impressive especially given all the you know what you walked into and personnel changes so I'm really happy that we didn't break your your six years seven years three so congratulations on that I also like to thank all of you for allowing me to participate in this meeting remotely I'm this trip was planned long ago both of my girls are playing in softball championships this week and I was very nervous and didn't want to miss so I really appreciate the opportunities of being on the phone with you going on three hours and 15 minutes I was hoping we could do like FaceTime and in closing I would just like to close once again I know I did this once before but to my colleague trusty death fell off I would like to thank him profound Lee for all of his help the past two years that I've served on the board his professionalism his you know he's just a gentleman he's a stand-up guy I've learned so much from him you've been very generous with me sharing information resources even just right now you know texting me earlier to kind of pull back from the phone so the audience can hear me clearly and just little things like that Jeff I really do value being a colleague with you on the board I wish you the very best I would like to thank you I know I'll never forget one thing you said to me back in 2016 when I ran my campaign and you said you know that's how elections go it the elections our elections and that's how they go so I just really appreciate that and I do wish you the very best and I would like to thank you very much and thank you all thank you we will adjourn the meeting as it was mentioned for Margaret brown but also was mentioned a Long Beach fire captain Dave Rosa his parents actually live down the street from me so obviously a very tragic have someone murdered in the line of duty has not happened since the 1970s with our fire department so we adjourn the meeting in the memory of Margaret brown memory Mart around she's still living of Margaret brown but also in the memory of Long Beach Fire captain Dave Rosa who was tragically murdered in the line of duty this week and with that I would like to thank everyone here at the college for all the years the people for all their hard work the friendships I wish the board the very best in the future as well as the college there's too many people to try a name and I don't do it because you forget people and and also those people realize I've sat through it in all my years of where I've had to sit through videos and accolades and and quite frankly they bored me when I was sitting here so I wasn't going to do it when I had the opportunity and also I just it's just you do your job and you do it well and you move on and so my appreciation to everyone here at the college if I did have to say someone in particular but she's not here that me Jackie Han because she's been actually executive secretary for 15 of my 16 years I always do an outstanding job so I wish everyone the very best and my sincere thanks to the college with that we move on to and I don't see anybody please correct me but we have knows Susan Trask isn't here pardon me Susan Fassett is here hold on you're retired no there's a reason why is because actually there was some items before that this is on the trustees me request to recommend future agenda items I know trustee Meluha had asked for one about in the future about addressing some items so that was previously raised there's no other items for feel free to ask any you want right now because I don't have to schedule so but so that's there's no other items for a trustee request for a superintendent president for future agenda items speak now none report in the community so noted report from bargaining association total five minutes for each one now if you want to speak you don't have to I'm sorry you retired good evening President Roh Molly president Kellogg board of trustees been doing this for my laughs approach on the mic as the FT president just want to say it's been a pleasure over the past six and a half years as far as coming before you as far as the different issues items contracts and what-have-you and I want to thank you for your support throughout the years as far as what the classified agendas far as that we have in addition as far as like president Kellogg like it says like times change and people move on and what have you and I also want to thank you for your hard work and dedicated our service over the years and in the best of everything moving forward and also I want to thank the board tonight for the vote of approval as far as you know I'll change hats and move over to the personnel Commission for a while to see what we can do on the other side of things as far as like for up for classified and also just the honor and the pleasure to serve in the 18 18 20 years that are put in with the district as far as the different things and all the changes that's happened over the years it's been a great move and looking forward to the to the futures for us for the college and as everybody says go Vikings thank you Thank You Thomas public comment on non-agenda items there was none listed correct Madam Secretary so with that if there's no objection we adjourn to the July meeting and I wish everyone the very best without objection a meeting of the Board of Trustees is adjourned thank you very much and good night you dissertation quattendez vous dun bon roman Cornell University, Ithaca.

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