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Methodologie dissertation histoire fac

Methodologie dissertation histoire fac write for me article on internet of things compare and contrast essay genesis popol vuh ´╗┐yeah [Music] we're really missing with all members of the council as well as the public please rise for the invocation and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance the invocation this evening will be offered by councilmember Dave Rosenberg Thank You mr. president when the first amendment to the constitution was passed it included what is now commonly referred to a separation of church and state believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God Thomas Jefferson wrote that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship that the legislative powers of government reach actions only and not opinions I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof thus building a wall of separation between church and state the practical application of this is of course murky certainly each of us is elected based on a set of values and we govern based on those values and for many of us those values come from a religious tradition and/or religious practice we're getting ready tonight to consider various pieces of legislation that will impact Nashvillians lives including our operating budget which will dictate much of our city's activities for the next year and it will reflect our priorities those values we each hold so dear so tonight in that spirit I'll ask for a brief moment for our members and those here with us to come to contemplate each person's role in ensuring that we fulfill our duty with honor with integrity and in compliance with our values and the shared values of our friends throughout the community you I pledge allegiance to the flag before we begin the meeting three notes councilman Jason Potts and his wife Amanda had a baby boy East and Wayne Potts he came home today on less happy notes our good friend at the water department John honeysucker is and still remains in Vanderbilt hospital with some pretty severe burns that he suffered in an effort to assist one of his neighbors I believe I hope you'll keep him in your prayers and thoughts and finally on the saddest note our colleague and lawyer Mike Jameson's father-in-law did pass away yesterday after a brief illness without objection we'll suspend the calling of the roll and ask the clerk to record the names of those members present throughout the meeting is there a motion for adoption in the minutes of meeting of June 13 2017 without objection those minutes will stand approved as written madam clerk is there are there any messages from the mayor there are no messages from the mayor madam Clerk unfortunately I've been informed if that's the last time I'll have the opportunity to ask you that question let's all give we we congratulate you on your new position running our cities H human resources department we will miss you and we may call you back on occasion just to you know get you some TV time we know you we know you have aspirations we now move to elections and confirmations is a report from the rules confirmation public elections committee comes from children Thank You mr. vice mayor members of the council there is a committee report from the rules confirmations in public elections committee the first review that we had was for the electrical examiners and appeals board the appointment of mr. Terry Atwood for term expiring June 22 2021 I will tell you that the committee sort of pseudo voted and said he was our favorite person because he answered the question about why he was on this board it was because someone called him and he didn't know what else to do so he decided to serve on this we did bet him he seems like a very good individual for this the committee approved this eight four zero against and I would move for approval you've heard the motion for confirmation of mr. Terry Atwood to the electrical examiners an appeals board is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries comes from Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor fire building codes of pills board the appointment of mr. rich McCoy for term expiring June 22 2021 that one was vetted approved eight four zero against and I would move for approval heard of the motion for confirmation of mr. rich McCoy to the fire and building codes appeals board has been properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries thank you mr. vice mayor or gasps mechanical examiners Appeals Board the appointment of mr. Phil Harris jr. for term expiring June 20th 2021 very interesting candidate he went to high school with one Brenda Haywood who was sitting over here to my right he refused to answer any questions about counsel Eddie Haywood so we weren't sure whether to ask him any more questions or not he actually tried to run out of there but we actually approved that one eight four zero against I was moved for approval motion to approve mr. Phil Harris jr. to the gatha chemical examiner's Appeals Board it's been properly seconded all in favor aye opposed motion carries councilman Shulman historic Zoning Commission we had three to look at the reappointment of miss Caitlin Jones for term expires June 1st 2022 reappointment of miss Cyril Stewart for term expiring June 1st 2022 we approve both of those eight four zero against us were both again reappointments on the appointment of Miss Elizabeth Smith she withdrew her nomination and so she won't be considered you heard the motion for confirmation of miss Caitlin Jones and mr. Cyril Stewart to the historic Zoning Commission those are properly seconded Council II heard Thank You mr. president I was visiting the Rules Committee when this was taking place and I was just wondering if it were possible that they not accept the withdrawal even though it was submitted is that possible that they could have been done during that time is it possible that the committee would not have accepted that what's wrong yes I don't think the committee is it primarily makes recommendations to the council of as a whole so the committee could not have done that since it's a volunteer position and it's my sense that she withdrew her name we don't we could not force her to participate in this in this commission either okay just not as because she might have wanted someone to not accept the withdrawal well the committee I don't believe could have done that the council as a whole I guess it could consider doing that but it would be hard to force somebody who withdrew their name not to volunteer I would say Thank You Council on Africa Council you I appreciate your comment you have you've heard the motion for confirmation of miss Caitlin Jones and mr. Cyril suit Stewart to the historic Zoning Commission is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor Nashua education community and artists TV NiCad appointment of mr. Joe Wooley for term expiring February 5th 2018 filling the unexpired tremor mr. Joey Leslie we did question mr. Wooley seems like every time we meet we have a new appointment to NiCad we believe they have a commission of about a hundred people we approve this one eight four zero against and I would move for approval you've heard the motion for confirmation and mr. Joe Willie Tim it's Annie cat so improperly seconded all in favor aye opposed motion carries councilman thank you mr. vice mayor last one Metropolitan Transit Authority reappointment of Miss Gail Carl Williams for term expiring May 1st 2022 he's been on that board I think longer than I've been on the council both terms but she likes serving she's doing a great job she is the chair proved that one seven-four-zero against and I would move for approval you've heard the motion for confirmation of Miss Gail Carl week Carl Williams to the Metropolitan Transit Authority it's been properly seconded all in favor aye opposed motion carries we would like to thank those members of our community who have offered to serve if you would please stand as I call your name and remain standing until have called everyone's name I would appreciate it to the electrical examiner and appeals board mr. Carey Atwood to the fire and building codes appeals board mr. Richard McCoy to the guests mechanical examiners appeal board mr. Phil Harris jr. to the historic Zoning Commission miss Caitlin Jones and mr. J Cyril Stewart to NiCad mr. Joe Woolley and the glutton for punishment miss Gail Carr Williamson the Metropolitan Transit Authority we do thank you very much for your service to the city to your willingness to volunteer and thank you very much council lady Mina Johnson and others we do have a presentation if you'll move towards the rear hey you're ready to learn council lady Johnson the floors yours Lancer I'm going to we're going to read that thing job interview thank you for the privilege vice mayor members of council this weekend we will have a Pride Festival Saturday and Sunday so I thought it'd be so suited to present this resolution to recognize which is resolution number RS 2017 744 a resolution recognizing such there June 1st to Friday June 30th 2017 as Nashville Pride Month celebrating the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender communities and their enormous contribution to the quality of life in Nashville and Davidson County where's our pride and compassed Nashville natural Nashville pride has been a strong advocate and supporter of lesbian gay bisexual and transgender LGBT communities throughout Middle Tennessee and is celebrating national Nashville pride in the city of Nashville and whereas the city of Nashville is honored to welcome members of the LGBT community and their allies to celebrate a very special and important event honoring the diversity inclusion and history of the Pride and gay rights movement and whereas the theme for this year's Nashville Pride is forward together which evokes the history of the LGBT rights movement and the history of Nashville pride the national pride celebration and movement continues to grow and celebrates inclusion as a necessary ingredient to making Nashville and the United States truly diverse Nashville pride has grown immensely and is now one of the largest public weekend festivals in Middle Tennessee reminding us to embrace what makes each individual unique and to use those qualities to change the world for the better and whereas the pride movement has an auspicious history in the United States and Nashville early on the morning of Saturday the 28th of June 1969 LGBT persons rioted following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn a gay bar at 43 Christopher Street in New York City in Nashville the first Pride Parade took place in 1988 not with a riot but with and as a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward LGBT people the parade promoted self affirmation dignity equality rights and increased the visibility of LGBT persons as a social group to build community this June will mark the 29th consecutive pride event in Nashville and whereas the city of Nashville would like to thank the natural Pride Board of Directors working group sponsors and all of the volunteers for their continued support and commitment to the mission of national pride over the past 28 years now therefore be it resolved by the Council of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County that the Metro Council hereby goes on record as record housing Thursday June 1 through Friday June 30th 2017 to be Nashville Pride Month celebrating the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender Communion communities and enormous contribution to their quality of life and the city of Nashville and as our pleasure to present this to the national pride group Thank You Mitchell Council for your support as we celebrate this month to acknowledge and celebrate the LGBTQ community and with this honor this year as in years past we are focused on moving forward together which is meant to energize our community and those communities in which we desire full equality and equity we have to understand that equality is intersectional and intersectionality is the inclusion of all people no matter of race sexual orientation gender identity economic status or physical ability the way that we move forward together is with a little grace peace and love please join us on June 24th and 25th right in front of this building thank you again for this honor [Applause] I'll read this question and her if you get Selma Kazan and that way we don't got the 11 amendments no I did it go through them all everybody music music burn it out we're still on the same plane bang plan members of the council we're going to since it's a the final vote hopefully all on the operating budget we'll be taking things out of order a little bit just frankly because we have to on a couple of items and I just want everybody to know that I'll be going slow so anybody who raises their hand they'll get a chance to speak but it's a little bit more complicated tonight so I hope you'll just trust me and and that everybody will get a chance to speak on everything all right without objection we will take on page 12 of I think it's page 12 of your agenda so I'm on page 12 BL 2017 722 the operating budget there objection seeing none BL 2017 722 councilman Cooper approves the budget ordinance of the Metropolitan Government for fiscal year 2018 counseling Cooper Thank You mr. Wright mr. vice mayor I move the substitute as amended 722 there's a okay we're going to first thing we're going to do is we're going to get on to the substitute then we'll come to the amendments in the amendment package all in favor of the substitute opposed we're now on the substitute but before we proceed any further I'm going to ask mr. Jamison if he will describe the substitute and I'm also going to ask him to give the committee report while you doing the committee report on substitute BL 2017 722 was approved 14 and nothing mr. Jimson can you move your mic closer sorry BL 2017 722 before the Budget and Finance Committee was substituted and approved as amended 14 4-0 against a short summary of the substitute as originally proposed not as amended as originally proposed there would be no change to the tax rates and the GST or USD with any of the additions or changes 885 was 885 thousand was dedicated for school nurses 400,000 to Public Works for essentially three programs traffic and right-of-way operations and district cleanup 350 thousand to the district attorney's office to fund salary increases again this was prior to amendment so several of these additions have made since be altered but it also included two hundred and sixty two thousand five hundred to the public defender's office one hundred and twenty four thousand the Metro Historical Commission for an architectural and assistant position one hundred eighteen thousand two hundred two the Department of codes for two inspectors one hundred thousand two in full motion 97 thousand nine hundred dollars to the office of internal audit eighty-five thousand to the Metro Council office for an additional staff member sixty-eight thousand five hundred to the property assessor's office for an additional property appraiser sixty thousand to the Sister Cities program fifty thousand to the finance department to provide studies for fee increases and twenty five thousand two Metro Family Safety for the YMCA there were over a dozen of funding expenditures that is a summary of the substitute as originally proposed councilman Cooper thank you mr. vice mayor I would move to suspend the rules and consider an amendment twelve there's a motion to suspend the rules councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor members of the council so obviously this is our operation budget the most important thing we pass there are a number of rules that sort of need to be suspended in order to get there another Rules Committee kind of went through it we're all on our own here but in the interest of trying to get our budget correct and right and in the right format we think it's proper to move ahead and suspend the rules to get to that point I know we're taking the entire budget and now we're looking at amendment number 12 to pull up but at least personally and again everybody's on their own I am good with the idea of getting this budget in the right format and I would be agreeable to suspending the rules to get there those are objections to suspension of the rules seeing none mr. Jameson could you explain amendment 12 amendment 12 would amend the substitute ordinance by allocating one hundred eighteen thousand two hundred dollars to the codes Department for the additional inspectors $150,000 to the nonprofit fifty forward two hundred thousand dollars to the nonprofit in full motion for a total of $250,000 fifty thousand to the HCA Charlotte incentive and $40,000 to the public defender there would be four reductions from accounts the Coliseum maintenance $250,000 jayvon hundred and fifty thousand dollars legal aid one hundred and twelve thousand five hundred dollars and stormwater forty five thousand seven hundred dollars thank you miss Jameson mr. councilman Cooper the floor is yours to move amendment 12 Thank You mr. ice mayor after a very full discussion yesterday worth let's move move amen I would look proposed to move the amendment the motion to approve amendment 12 was properly seconded councilman Cooper the floor is yours thank you very much and I appreciate everyone's time and effort this omnibus amendment really does a lot of the work of the other amendments one through eleven it tries to do it in a very practical and coherent way making it easier for the administration that was prepared working closely with the administration today to make for a very smooth process as mr. Jameson said it incorporates much of the really rich and full discussion that the Budget and Finance Committee had last night and represents the priorities of that committee and having it in one amendment as opposed to a lot of amendments I think has a has a is an appropriate way to do that and I hope you all in almost every case I think I've seen almost everybody here in the council and again I would move for its adoption as representative of the will of this body as expressed in our five hour meeting last night where all of these subjects were discussed in detail and with and with real passion thank you I'm going to councilman Glover you're first to be called that I'm before I do that I just want to make sure everybody understands that if we adopt in 12 I'm still going to go through amendments 1 through 11 many of them will be irrelevant and I expect they'll be withdrawn some are not incorporated into amendment twelve and everybody will be given a chance to move that amendment and we'll have a full discussion on that councilman Glover Thank You vice mayor and this really is just a housekeeping question for mr. Jamison given the fact that we will go through the remaining 11 amendments then do we do we have to ask to suspend the rules on that if we're going to automatically withdraw our amendment if the intent is to withdraw that will be made clear then there'd be no reason for suspension okay Thank You vice mayor council Gilmore Thank You vice mayor I just wanted to take a brief opportunity since this is the opportunity for discussion just to commend our budget chair for his patience and the many many meetings that he held and so I really appreciate that because budget time can get really tense but not one time that I see him get short with any of us you might have felt like it on the inside but I didn't see it so I do want you to I do want us to just give him a hand and show him that we do a we really do we appreciate your hard work so we want to commend you for that and it's not it's the yeoman's work so we really do want to appreciate appreciate you for that also we want to commend the mayor's office for helping us as well and I do think that there was some wonderful discussion last night and I do think people are very passionate and I think one thing is once we pass it everybody is clear about what's in this budget because we've spent quite a few hours on it so it's no discussion there so once again I just wanted to thank our the chair of the budget I wanted to thank the mayor's office and I want to thank all the council members for their hard work and if I rolled my eyes at you one time we're okay now the budgets over so thank you very much hope that wasn't premature we haven't even voted on it yet least we call countless for the cow Davis I just want to echo the sentiments of my two wonderful colleagues on that large council person Gilmore who's a good leader and John Cooper thank you for being patient and I want to thank the members of the minority caucus and our honorary members from the Donaldson Hermitage community who worked with us together in our Madison friends and all of you council members who supported 50 Ford and in full motion we are finally making Nashville we're going the right direction making it the it City for everybody and I appreciate all your efforts Glover Hagar children sharing so many of you I can't thank you all enough mayor staff thank you mayor berry Thank You councillor Allen Thank You mr. president this is just a clarification under the codes additions in the substitute it mentions to mechanical inspectors if for example they wanted one mechanical inspector and one electrical inspector have we given them the leeway to do that or without it they would have that okay I just want to make sure thank you and likewise if it says inspectors that could also be a zoning examiner bring them perfect okay thank you all in favor I posed on the roll call please [Music] counselin Kendall thanks sir Adam Clark you closed machine I have 35 for one against one abstention motion carries that brings us then to amendment number one that's when Kendall are you seeking recognition okay right no no I there we go councilman elrod I'm amendment number one move to a draw motion to withdraw without objection they'll be withdrawn member number two comes by now rod I want to move adoption of this amendment with a brief explanation was this one this one was properly before the committee yeah right now there are and I apologize I meant to get the facts and figures with me but several departments oppose or charge fees for different services public works for instance evacuation excuse me excavation permits right away closure permit fees those fees are according to state law supposed to pay for the operations that go along with those permits and administering those permits codes of course has other has a variety of different fees for inspections and that kind of thing building permits and right now at least in public works they are bringing in more money than they are released on paper there's about I think 2.2 million index between excavation fees and right away permit fees that are more than what they are spending in the right-of-way permit division codes is bringing me more money than is Brinkman is being spent on their staff so what this amendment would do would allow that money to stay with the individual departments and they would have to basically be able to keep their to keep up their level customer service of the public which I think members of the development community and certainly the walking and driving community would say that there's not enough being done to keep our roadways open I think that you would be able to hear from the development community and others at the codes department that they still need even with the adoption of amendment 12 they still need more staff so what this amendment would do would allow them to keep that money but if they excuse me let me read it that they're authorized to hire additional employees or contract for services it doesn't require them to do it and then they're able to return whichever amount of money if they believe that their current level of funding that they're receiving meets the needs they can return you know all of it to the general fund and then it be dispersed back out it does give the department's discretion which i think is important because if they are having more work then they need to hire staff or contract contract for work there was discussion last night at the budget committee about that you know have up and down fee revenue that's why I put in that they can they can contract for services that way if you know if they have a busy six months they can hire a six month employee or something of that nature but I think we all have concerns about the level of customer service and some of the departments and those departments have fee revenue that I think should go toward paying for the four new staff to meet that customer service and I'm going to move adoption counselor councilman I've been informed that if we if this amendment goes on to the substitute budget that the budget would not be in balance and we could not adopt the ballot in the budget you still want to proceed yes sir that's mine Glover Thank You vice premier I think it's spirit I agree because I think that a customer service issue and a number of the metro departments are absolutely right but in the same breath vice mayor I agree with you we would literally be turning 14 to 15 million back over to departments that has been utilized in the fight in the financing of the city and so I think it's something that as we go forward I would certainly like to work with councilman elrod on how do we address the customer service issue I won't be supportive of this tonight because frankly we did spend a long time here last night we've spent a long time over the last six weeks trying to go this and unfortunately in the 11 30th hour here it does throw us out of balance and so if we did adopt this then it creates unintended consequences for all of us and so therefore I'm supportive of the theory I'm not supportive of the actual bill itself I do hope that we do take it up in budget finance and we look at how do we adjust to where the customer service is improved for each one of our constituents and each one of the people who are pulling permits etc in the city but I can't support it because it will throw the rest of the budget and in disarray I mean our substitute budget councilman Cooper can correct me it's a lien it's less than three million dollars that we're moving and in this one bill we'd be talking about moving 14 15 16 million dollars and I think there would be too many unintended consequences so with that again I support the spirit of it but I can't support the bill Thank You councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually just agree with what the councilman previews to me just said it makes me very worried what I would say is I really do like this idea but I also watched the it was on here last night but I watched the mesmerising Budget Committee on television turned it off after three and a half hours because I needed a break but I understand what they were doing and understand what the councilman who's sponsoring this was trying to do but as I understood it and I think it may have been director O'Neill that said this it's basically gets our entire budget out of whack it doesn't make it balanced and it's not the right thing to do at this point I like the concept understand the thing with codes I just think we're certainly not ready to do this at this point we can certainly talk about it in the next several months I think the councilman is on the right track but we're not ready to do it tonight and I'm going to have to vote against this as well thank you I see you standing councilman elrod I'll come back I know council lady allen council Oh Ellen Thank You mr. vice mayor I just think it's important as we have this discussion that everyone is aware for the listening audience that the the mayor's budget included an increase in the number of property standards for codes and that the substitute budget included two more codes officials for zoning examiners and then with this substitute with this amendment we also are adding more so we are with this budget adding increased personnel to help with citizen with with customer service and I think it's important for people know that we are aware of that and we are addressing it as much as we can within the budget that we're working with so I think that's important thank you councilman elrod I'll move to the draw motion withdraw is properly singing it all in favor opposed motion carries that brings us to amendment number three councilman Glover I believe that is included in the amendment 12 move to withdraw motion to withdraw it's properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries amendment number for councilman Mendez thank you do I need to ask for a committee report on us let's get a committee report yeah the budget Finance Committee voted against a five to six with one assumption of engine Thank You councilman move approval of this amendment for as a motion to approve its properly seconded did you want to explain it if you like mr. Jamison I would like to thanks so this would provide five million dollars more in operating funding for Nashville General Hospital and in deference to the fact that we've spent hours and hours this year and last year and in budget hearings I won't rehash the all the points it was a close vote in committee the funding source wouldn't take any money from that needs to be spent in fiscal year 18 and the hospital needs it this is to serve the poorest of us and I would request that this be approved by the council Thank You council Gilmore Thank You mr. vice mayor I just would like to also stand and rise in support of councilmember Mendez's amendment you know the hospital Authority as he shared we've had a lot of discussion about it and I just want to share a two points because I am the chair of the Health and Hospitals and we did have a little discussion about it today and I just asked two questions because I heard the questions that were asked yesterday and one was what difference would it make if we gave them five million dollars so I asked that of the CSO and she shared with me that the hospital would greatly appreciate this money because what happens each year because the facilities are in such need of repair that they pull sometimes from the facilities or the what we would call the lack of error and I'm just going to the the the capital book the capital budget and they use it for the operational budget and there's also a legacy of debt and some people keep on saying that it's mismanaged it's mismanaged it's not they asked for 55 million to operate this year and they did not receive their there's a legacy of debt and bills that have not been paid and so sometimes they're just paying to keep up versus being able to put it into the things that they need and so I would just stand and ask if you if you have it anywhere in your heart that we make sure that the hospital is sustainable and it's a place that people want to go and then another question I heard yesterday and so I followed up with that was do they have the persons in there for the revenue cycle to retrieve those monies and she shared that they do they have two more people which is a total of three that was confirmed and she shares they needed three more other people as well but she said that that would pay for itself so I feel like the hospital is on the right track however I feel like we have to commit to help them and it may take a lot of money but I mean that's a national discussion that everyone's having and we just have to decide as a city that our constituents are important to us and I'm sure one more story as a matter of fact when I was coming in this morning they were talking about the effects of the Affordable Health Care and they said the Tennessee was the only state that opted not to expand it and how does that look and so they had people from rural counties driving 70 and 80 miles up to Chattanooga that were working people to get their teeth fixed they can even get their teeth fixed and so I think we take it for granted sometimes because we may have health insurance and it costs a lot but it is really up to us as a city to make sure that our citizens have affordable health care that they have access to it is going to cost a lot it's a national conversation health care is not cheap but once you invest in that you have citizens that can have a good way of life because they're productive if they can't have good health care we don't have a productive society so that helps that hurts revenue anyway so I just wanted to say that overall I'm pleased with the budget I'm kind of disappointed that we could not get anything in the capital spending nor the operational budget for metro general I thank you for your time and I ask you once again you can't do the cost because health care is just so expensive it is something that we have to commit as a city to say that we're going to do it or we even not thank you so much thanks Frank robber Thank You vice mayor it's not a question for me of it being in heart it is a question however of as I look at how much we've invested in the hospital over the last several years in this past year I think we gave another 15 million on top of the subsidy that we provided maybe 20 million and we've done that for several years in a row now so the five million might be enough to get us to it it might not be but at the end of the day when things are good and things are good in the city right now we do need to be putting money into our savings account because at some point things won't be as good with our economy and we need to prepare for that and I think that's what we're trying to do with it and we don't have assurances that if we do this in November they're not going to come asking for a greater subsidy anyway so for that reason I want to keep an open mind as we look into the future on this but I can't support taking five million dollars out of a future savings account in order to maybe fix a problem or maybe not fix the problem I think we we hold the accountability piece up and we look at it they've got to come back in we take each one of these situations on its merit and go from there Thank You vice mayor councilman Hastings Thank You mr. president I just wanted to rise to say this and this is just sitting here it's something that my grandmother used to say you know with this issue we can't rob Peter to pay Paul those are just basic fictitious issues and we're dealing with real issues especially with health care we have family members I know I do that utilize the hospital we have other family members or loved ones or people that we may know or people that inside of our districts that we'll be able to use or have to use the facilities that we have we cannot sit around and pretend like this is not an issue at the beginning of the budget cycle there was 55 million dollars requested we have continued to do on the councilman spoke about them coming to a stand asked passed again that's because it is a repetitive cycle that continues to go on to when they ask for what they need and we continue to give them shrubs we continue to give ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars or five million dollars excuse me not thousand but five million dollars and expect that to answer life's questions it is not going to do that we got to fix it we can't pretend that the issue is not there these are working people that are out there I feel really really horrible because a lot of our health insurance expenses that us as legislators are paid for a portion of it because we pay a little bit too but a portion of it is paid for by the people that need these facilities and we cannot sit around and pretend like this is not an issue yeah we got a look at savings I'm a finance guy too and I know the councilman is a finance person as well but we cannot continue to act like this is not an issue we got to fix it we got to take care of the things that we have within our community and if we don't if we don't do this if we don't stand up and do something for our community I I got save myself I don't think we should be where we are today if we're taking care of our own we're going to be okay but we got to take this step this is not a choice that we got to forget about and I hate that it came to this position to where we got to bring it up at this point in time thirty-five million dollars is not going to do it thirty five million dollars is actually not what they have to operate on like I say over and over again they have Bordeaux and no Hospital of the retirement that they pay out of that and then they for the facility that they work in they have to pay for that as well there's individuals who I've seen to where even my mother birth mother they had to reschedule a surgery for her guys we gotta fix this and if we can't fix this issue if we can't try to assist this plan we don't need to be here Thank You councilman Shh comes in Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor agreeing with everybody these days I'm agreeing with councilman hastings but to a point till I agree we we have got to fix this problem it's been going on for so many years and we have got to address these concerns we're in a budget discussion and that's where that's where I had concerns at at some point as everybody knows we got to make hard decisions on this I very much appreciate the work of councilman Mendez and council a Gilmore on this another tried almost everything they can but and again I'm a big fan of General Hospital and we've got to figure out how to solve this but again it's budget time we have to figure out what we put in this budget we've got money in there love to put the five million in but at this point it's just not time we're going to have to get through this budget and then at some point we really have to address these things we have got to figure out how to make this thing work and I agree with you again budget time we have to decide certain things this is not in the budget that came out of the budget committee yesterday at some times we have to vote against things that we really want to put in this is one of those times we have to hold this budget intact and so at this point I'm going to be voting no on this as much as I like General Hospital thank you don't say hurt thank you mr. chair I stand in support if we don't do it now we're going to do it later they are going to come back because they cannot afford to run the hospital on thirty five million dollars it's just like us having a mortgage of $2,000 a month but we only have $1,000 and if you pay $1,000 on your mortgage in you old $2,000 soon you're going to get put out and if we don't stand up and do this give them something to start collecting the debt that is owed to make a difference the hospital itself has done and continues to do an amazing job I've had 30 years 35 years of supporting this hospital and and this is the first time in this history that I've seen the president of Meharry as well as the CEO of the hospital work so well together we don't want to lose that traction we need to move forward and do something now I disagree with the councilmen because they're going to it's going to come back it will come back and I expect it to because it has been made crystal clear so I stand and I encourage my colleagues to take this first step and do this now so we can move forward in a very good progressive way because they use monies to meet the Joint Commission that's required of them the hospital the operating monies just to stay in the approved accrediting accreditation state that they need to be in so I just urge you all to vote for this amendment thank you come from what's my Kindle the last last meeting I think I spoke spoke on this issue Oh General Hospital I'm in support of this motion I think the couple of colleagues who have spoken in support mr. Mendez Gilmore mr. Hastings I think they make very good points but I just want to say I got breaking news as the Glover said Nashville's in its City we're making a lot of money in this city now it's not a niche city for everybody and those people who this hospital serve it's not a niche city for them yet hopefully it can become that but we're talking about a hospital that serves as mr. Mendez has said the neediest people in this city we're talking about 5 million dollars and that sounds like a lot of money but when do you decide to buy a new car when you broke when you're making all this money as mr. Glover has said that we're doing so well in this city we're never going to fix this problem if we keep looking at it talking about it putting band-aids on it and not seriously trying to find a solution I understand the CFO there has done a great job and a turnaround effort I hear that from a lot of people I've spoken with it myself I think this is a time this is a time that we give them the opportunity because you know we keep saying well they'll be back well they'll have to be back if we don't try at this point give at least enough dollars for them to operate and if but I would have without having to scrape crumbs off the floor and that kind of thing thank you very much comes from Scott Davis regardless how you go tonight on this the Mon how this goes down I want them to get the five million dollars if they don't get their five million dollars and if they do like I've said before daughter work sessions and I want to schedule it I'm going to win but I do want to have a joint caucus and with chair lady of health and hospital Alex Gilmore and with our budget chair to really dive into this and I do invite talented people from the finance office Tania Zack or anybody else to join us in solving this I learned a lot of everybody I learn a lot but I learned we have dedicated funding sources for the Arts which is important and for an adventure Science Museum science is important we need a dedicated funding source that's in our charter for the hospital and I really believe in that and no matter how you vote tonight if you need a doctor or you need a checkup and everyone in this chamber should have insurance visit and use general and that's what we have to do that's how we turn around the hospital and it's going to be an even bigger crisis coming up soon because if we read Williamson medical potentially may be gone soon and there'll be more people relying on General Hospital so no matter how you vote tonight we have to revisit it and once we know what's in the four percent three months or five months from now you know I do want us to sit down and I'm going to call a meeting and invite the care lady Gilmore and chairman Cooper and the men and women of the their various administration and finance department to participate with us and really get down and in a degree D and if anybody could find the money it's you Steve so I encourage you to support the hospital if you can't vote tonight please make that commitment with us to finding the money on a later date thank you and God bless you all counselor Niger we were at the budgetary on this the other day and the biggest thing about this I remember back six seven months ago when we gave General Hospital the 1520 million dollars the pull amount we did that and the question arose that I continue to hound on is there collection practices bad about six million dollars that for some reason they didn't file long time and those claims were disallowed now but I understand now there's about two million dollars it's been collected but there's still about four million out there they need to collect so I'm a staunch supporter of health care and I know that General Hospital is a safety net for some of our lowest income people and I understand that completely but at the same time they told us back then that they were going to get all this straightened out and as a judge used to tell me say what you mean and mean what you say and instead of telling me what you're going to do show me and that's what I want done first show me what you're going to do to collect this money if they collect this four million dollars they're working on now then they don't need this fighting right now but at the same time I know if they get into a terrible situation they're going to come back here with a resolution just like they did seven eight months ago and they're going to ask for the money and then I can ask again have you collected the four million dollars so yes I'm putting some pressure on them and that's the reason I can't support it at this time as I want to see what they're going to show me what they're going to do Thank You Council on party those'll quick all in favor opposed motion carries that means us to a vote on amendment number four all in favor aye opposed motion fails if there are four seconds we'll have a roll call vote madam clerk I misstated the rule it's a one request for a roll call vote in three seconds for people I'm Clark if you'll close the machine and tally but I have 15 for 20 against two abstentions motion fails that brings us to amendment number number 5 counsel even Reiss is that to be withdrawn yes sir in light of amendment 12 item number 6 I would like to which all I'm on five first yes five and six no I'm sorry in light of amendment 12 item six I would like to withdraw okay all right amendment number five without objection is withdrawn the men number six councilman Scott Davis I believe the same had to be withdrawn I like a good roll just put without objection amendment number six is withdrawn amendment number seven same yes sir without objection amendment number seven is footer on amendment number eight today yes sir without objection amendment number eight is withdrawn amendment number nine councilman Cooper moved it withdrawn without objection amendment number nine is withdrawn number number ten counseling Cooper moved to withdraw that objection amendment or ten is withdrawn amendment number 11 counsel a Henderson Thank You vice mayor committee report please Alan Cooper Budget and Finance voted in favor thirteen fours 1 against okay I appreciate that that being on the record I am going to move to withdraw with a brief explanation if I may I'm sorry you're what's wrong with appendage which on the belief explanation I wanted a committee report to be on the record forgery as you saw our Budget and Finance Committee supported this amendment thirteen and one so I was somewhat dismayed to see this Assessor position still in our budget when we have in Budget and Finance and hearings indicated that it is not necessary in in my view but more so I just rise as a member of our Public Works Committee and someone who cares about the issues of transportation and walkability and the work that we're needing to do and our major corridors and what we hear from our constituents as it relates to traffic and moving around this city efficiently and economically to support our good quality of life I was just made to see in the substitute budget that we were taking away staffing in public works for planning and engineering and support of those goals that we share with this administration I think we as a council hold and that is why I brought this amendment but I do understand that this is a complicated process but I did want to be on the record in that regard and with that I will move to withdraw the amendment without objection amendment number 11 will be withdrawn Thank You council lady we are now back on the substitute with all minutes having been considered councilman Cooper do you renew your motion to approve the substitute as amended there you go as amended thank you I have three lights here is anybody still seeking recognition councilman Ben a no counselor vet named counseling partner against one party are you seeking recognition counsel counsel you Omar all in favor I'm sorry we we're going to need a roll call vote on this just to make sure I'm Clark you'll open the machine councilor Johnson Councilwoman vouchers scream is not signed in it somehow signed her out so she is unable to vote by machine unless we can get her screen up and going well we'll go ahead and get somebody working on her screen in the interim once everybody else's but it I'll come to you council lady Berkshire and you can those up go by voice Thank You vice mayor council lady Berkshire what's your vote council a birch and I'm Court will you record cancellations yes and I think everyone else has voted if you'll close the Machine and tally the vote come with Miss furture voting yes we have thirty five for one against one abstention motion carries that brings us to the consent agenda all right I'm going to consent now right the tax right you want to you want to do 723 all right it does not bring us to the consent agenda without objection we'll take substitute Beall in 2017 723 councilman Cooper establishes the tax levy in the General Services District for fiscal year 2017 2018 and declares all the amount required for the annual operating budget of the urban services district councilman Cooper on 723 just let's just move I'm sorry unwritten Durham resolution 723 it's been approved by committee motion to approve that's all motion to approve so motion to approve is properly seconded we need a roll call vote on this one madam clerk if you open you see already been substituted last meeting yep madam clerk did we adopt a substitute the previous me yes sir and there was not one in the packet for this meeting okay thank you Mountain card ma'am clerk if you'll close the machine tali-bum I have 30 won 4-0 against no abstentions it's adopting that was the tax levy okay anyone who is not floating and would like to be have their vote cast please raise your hand are you all voting yes hello - one day rose keep your hands up I don't work for tell me when you're ready this is for mr. Davis isn't mr. I'm sorry are you raising your hand are you waving okay so I just have the four that correct that success key we got you that brings us to the consent agenda so the following items are on the consent agenda rs 2017 747 through 758 760 through 763 in 765 and 766 councilman Shulman a commission vice mayor I'm gonna have to recuse myself from 755 and 756 and I'm Clark are you comfortable just marking him as recused and I'll keep those on the consent agenda seeing no one else RS 2017 747 councilman Cooper councilman bene approves a grant from the state administrative office of the courts to the Davidson County Juvenile Court for interpreter translation services for individuals with limited English proficiency RS 2017 748 Cooper and bed nay approves a grant from the Tennessee administrative office of the courts to the Metro government for interpretation translation services for court hearings involving individuals with limited English proficiency in the Davidson County trial courts RS 2000 17 749 pridemore Cooper and others approves a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission to the Metro Arts Commission for funding to nonprofit organizations to conduct community arts projects in Davidson County Arts 2017 750 counsel in Cooper approves a community correction services grant from the Tennessee Department of Correction to the state trial courts to divert felony offenders from the Tennessee prison system by providing community supervision and treatment services our s 2017 751 councilman Cooper approves an amendment to a contract between the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and substance abuse services and Metro government for establishing agreed rates for court-ordered evaluations and treatment for defendants charged with misdemeanor crimes RS 2017 752 Cooper imparted approves a fire prevention and safety grant from the United States Department of Homeland Security to the Metro Nashville department to implement a department-wide training program designed to increase the net impact investigative capacity needed to determine the act of arson or an arson related crime our s 2017 753 O'Connell party and Cooper a prison nashville bike grant from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to the Metro Nashville police department to conduct vehicle and bicycle stops for the purpose of educating public and gaining compliance with state and local ordinances RS 2017 754 councilman Cooper approves an amendment to a letter of agreement for tobacco settlement funding to the Tennessee Department of Health to the Metro Board of Health to fund various programs addressing family tobacco use our s 2017 755 councilman Cooper approves a grant from the Greater Nashville Regional Council to the Metro Social Services Commission delivered meals and meet RDA nutritional guidelines to eligible seniors and to provide transportation to elderly persons who are unable to drive or have no other transportation available our s 2017 756 councilman cooper approves a grant from the Greater Nashville Regional Council to metro Social Services Commission to provide nutrition home and community-based services to eligible seniors throughout Davidson County our s 2017 757 council lady Wiener Henderson Cooper approves a grant from the Tennessee State Library and Archives of the Nashville Public Library to provide access and circulation of special materials formatted to for individuals who are hearing impaired our s 2017 758 shall ride and Cooper approves a grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and conservation to the Metro public department the public works department to assist in the annual operation maintenance and facility improvements of a household hazardous waste collection facility our s 2017 760 O'Connell and Elrod authorizes pinnacle fourth and Peabody LLC to construct and install an aerial encroachment at 4:15 fourth Avenue south RS 2017 761 Rosenberg and Elrod approves an intergovernmental agreement between the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the public in the Department of Public Works for a general maintenance agreement for a traffic signal at state route 1 near the intersection of McCrory Lane RS 2017 760 to Murphy Kendall and Elrod approves an intergovernmental agreement between the see Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works for a traffic signal at the i-40 high 440 interchange at Murphy Road ours 2017 763 Pauline Elrod prison intergovernmental agreement between the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works for a traffic signal at the I 448 exit ramp at state route 106 RS 2017 765 Council heard requests an Nashville Metro Nashville Network in conduct conjunction with the Department of Public Works prepare and broadcast public servants Mountain announcements for promoting pedestrian awareness and safety are a thousand 17 766 councilman Leonardo request the nashville pharmacist Marshal's Office to conduct an assessment of its special event permit fees to determine whether current fee amounts actually or cover actual costs associated with issuance of said permits committee reports councilman Cooper budget finance Thank You mr. vice mayor a Budget and Finance met and voted 14 4-0 against to recommend to the council seven four seven seven four eight seven four nine seven 5751 750 - 750 three 754 755 756 757 and 758 Thank You councilman slope encodes fare farmers market codes past and recommends approval on 766 three four zero against him council lady Gilmour health hospitals and social services councilman pulley of hospital social services elf hospital and social service committee met to review our s 2017 75455 and 56-74 was approved recommended for approval five to zero 7:55 and 7:56 were recommended for approval seven to zero Thank You councilman council lady henderson parts library recreation Thank You vice mayor the parks library and Recreation Committee met to discuss resolution 2017 seven five seven and recommended approval five in favor zero against Thank You counselor accounts income for the Allen planning zoning historical oh I'm sorry council ad Johnson did you handle that I think I saw you on TV yes sir how much may yeah we bought it uh group eight four zero a gift for seven sixty seven sixty one seventy sixty two and seven sixty three correct for all four bills that is correct Thank You councillor councilmen party of Public Safety autoclave K consider 750 - 750 three 766 passed all three five zero Thank You councilman councilman elrod Public Works Public Works recommended for approval resolution 758 7 60 61 62 63 and 65 ten in favor zero against thank you - council in Xiamen rules confirmation thank mr. vice mayor our committee reports are in I would move for approval of all resolutions on the consent agenda motion to approve the consent agenda with those two recusal x' noted all in favor opposed motion carries that brings us back to our s 2017 682 councilman Cooper establishes the certified tax rate in the General Services District and declares the amount of the certified tax rate for the urban Services District councilman Cooper Thank You mr. vice mayor budget and finance voted 14 for zero against to recommend this to the council and I move for approval I believe there's a substitute move the substitute let me move the substitute mr. Jamison would you explain the substitute the substitute acknowledge is the approval by the executive secretary of the State Board of Equalization so it moves from the future tense to the present tense is to was that also changes the fire tax transfer from four cents to five cents that will not offset the levy otherwise Johnson Cooper Thank You mr. Ayer I move that we adopt the substitute all in favor opposed motion carries I'm suin Cooper and I move for approval I substituted Thank You councilman going to I'm going to exercise my discretion as vice mayor and ask miss O'Neal if she will make sure that everybody understands exactly how low the certified tax rate has gone because it is a this is a is this is a moment for us all to relish this is the with the adoption of this certify tax rate it will be the lowest rate in the history of Metro Nashville government [Applause] and and we're thankful for all of the growth and development in our community that has a results in this is that not running all we're now on this substitute all in favor opposed motion carries RS 2017 685 councilman Cooper approves the Metro Animal Care and Control fee schedule counselling Cooper Thank You mr. vice mayor budget and finance voted 14 for zero against and I request up the other video report it's already been approved by how already been approved oh all right then I move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries RS 2017 717 counsel ad Murphy councilman Cooper adopts new pay plans for the general employees of the Metropolitan Government excluding employees of the Board of Health Board of Education and police and fire departments expect of July 1 2017 July 1 2018 in July 1 2019 and establishes the salaries for the new public defender vice mayor and members of the Metro Council effective upon the beginning of their new elective term for that office councilman Cooper council lady Murphy I'm sorry thank you many reports please I'm Ann Cooper Thank You mr. Esmond budget planets voted 14 for zero against to recommend marking personnel committee voted four in favor zero against your abstentions and with that I'd like to move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed no she so have a roll call vote please clerk if you'll open machine cheese vodka pneumonia clerk if you'll close the Machine and tally the vote 34 for one against two abstentions motion carries RS 2017 718 councillor Murphy Cooper and Gilmore adopts new pay plans for employees of the Metro Board of Health effective July 1 2017 July 1 2018 and July 1 2019 counselee Murphy any reports please I'm sorry I think we have all committees and I don't know it says budget finance I'm sorry count on Cooper which voted 14 4-0 against to recommend Thank You councilman council e-marketing personnel committee voted four in favor zero against and with that I'd like to move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries built our s 2017 719 Murphy Cooper and pardhu adopts a new pay plans for employees of the Metro departments of Police and Fire effective July 1 2017 July 1 2018 is alive on 2019 Council ad Murphy committee reports please councilman Cooper Budget and Finance voted 14 4 to 0 against to recommend counseling working Thank You personnel voted for in favor CR against and with that I move for approval motion to approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries rs 2017 720 consul Murphy councilman Cooper provides longevity paid for employees of the Metro government including employees of the board of health counseling Murphy many reports please when Cooper thank you Budget and Finance voted 14 for zero against to recommend swing working the Personnel Committee voted four in favor zero against and with that I'd like to move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries brings us to our s 2017 759 councilman Hagar councilman Scott Davis authorizes the reapplication for an amendment to the official zoning map to rezone property located at up Avenue unnumbered for which an amendment was previously disapproved within the past year councilman Hagar I'm sorry I'm sorry councilman Hagar Thank You vice mayor this was words please our community reports immediate report cancel a Talon Tom I'm sorry Kelly Johnson yes community board it r6r support - abstention company er yeah this was a bill that the fellow councilman Scott Davis had in his district for a piece of property that's kind of in a no man's land and been used as a dump and everything else and the last time we voted on this it was passed by one vote I wanted to be brought to the council for again and vetted and councilman Davis have an opportunity to bring this up and try to make this a viable piece of property in this district that he wants so bad and I'd ask for your support at least bring it back to the council for thank you comes on a call Thank You mr. vice mayor I think this is probably the first time any of us have seen a resolution procedure like this so I'd appreciate if mr. Jameson could just explain this process to to my colleague fix certainly this original bill BL 2017 673 was brought before the council on April 4th of this year it was a zone change from RS 5 - r em 20 the ordinance had been disapproved by the Planning Commission so as you know requires two-thirds approval by this body it failed on third reading by a vote of 26 to 0 with for not voting and 10 abstentions there's a Code section 17 14 10 sorry 1740 ten states explicitly that a failed zoning bill cannot be resubmitted to Metro planning for a period of one year an exception exists for councilmembers and adoption of a resolution the application can be resubmitted to Planning it would then go through the three reading process before this council as previously the Planning Commission's are recommendation persists for two years however Kelly Murphy thank you for that explanation that was something I was going to ask for this is in my opinion this is very similar to kind of asking for a suspension of the rules and something that I had asked in Rules Committee earlier tonight was that we address in our future committees meeting how many times that we have suspended the rules and taken things up because I do feel like while we have an order and process that we are suspending the rules a lot and that we are making exceptions for a lot of things and that's my concern is that our constituents in the city of Nashville and I think each one of us expect things to kind of go through the general order that we all abide by and I have concerns that if we are going to make this exception to not have a waiting period of this year what type of precedent does that set for constituents and neighbors when things go through the process so thank you comes from Scott Davis let me familiarize our neighbors with the bill here and our net number one no opposition why is what is going on this property over here and it codes meeting we saw email from you know you know our website from Bill from bill Penn's office bill Penn could not attend the cosign so I'm writing Mitchell which is his deputy our second command attended the adjacent property owners threatened the the codes board and I don't know what we saw when we saw the emails and we saw what was going on and dealing with this property and the no-man's land off railroad tracks many of you who are voting in opposition without being looked at and I appreciate you at a time and do you agree to abstain you know while dealing with this I know how councilman Hagar felt about what happen at beyond codes here we're dealing with this land all the railroad tracks and once again no community opposition no one knew this existed you know when dealing with this piece of property and we are asking you to bring it back for further discussions we think we have a solution along with the codes Department and some of the hard-working staff members are planning to address the concerns that were going on with this piece of property but once again not every part of everybody's district is fabulous not every part as much as I loved East Nashville there's still some parts of and need to be worked on and we also found out that we can also could have a presentation after the planning presentation to they really show in a detail and it was late the meeting went on till 12:00 o'clock and has kind of thought we didn't need explanation but we're going to bring it back and sometimes not every plan is perfect and so we're going to we're going to bring it back to fix this issue with the railroad track this large piece of property in no-man's land I appreciate the council support we'll go back in front of planning they'll go back in front of the Commission and their planning committee you know you know our land use policies are always easy and everyone everywhere part accounting or with the experience and the codes I brought out I'm bringing our director out to that site and he's like wow this is crazy Doug Sloane and so it needs to be revisited you know if I recall by trying to put you on the spot planning I do not want to speak for the director if he's not here but I believe the director didn't have the issue of bringing this back forward through a resolution thank you I'll keep it brief at the risk of providing too much information I think it's fair to say that when this got voted on the first time I needed needed to step out of the council chamber for a minute and I would have voted in favor of it if I'd been here I just missed the vote so would have passed last time if I'd been in the room but felt was fair to mention that as well withers thanks so much mr. vice mayor I actually happened to do a police ride-along with our East Police Precinct fairly recently over holiday weekend and we had an opportunity to visit this area and attempt to locate some individuals and I got to see it up close and personal and this is an area that of East Nashville that unicorn which is an area that desperately is needing a little help over there so I'm in favor of this bill there were some extenuating circumstances as to why there were not enough folks at their deaths at the moment when it really should have passed but we need to work with councilman Davis to get this passed as quickly as possible to get some investment to improve that particular corner of East Nashville thank you and I rarely say that but thank you councilor party we call for a quick call later opposed motion carries all in favor sorry I'm sorry counselor I know not for the call for the question you are I think for the call for the question right and you're voting I have no objection for the call for the question okay thank you we're on our s 2017 759 all in favor aye opposed motion carries lots of discussion about something that was unanimous she's going to say I'm just going to say just going to say oh okay one abstention one abstention okay okay I didn't understand that I'm sorry RS 2017 764 council lady Haywood authorized the creation of an adventure tourism district for an for certification of adventure tourism district pursuant to the sunna sea adventure tourism and Rural Development Act of 2011 council lady Haywood Oh Thank You vice mayor at this time well I actually submitted a recommendation that I would be deferring this indefinitely so I still call for the committee report yes my committee report there you go thank you the convention tourism the public entertainment facilities voted in favor of deferral five in favor zero against don't buddy Haywood okay at this time thank you so much at this time I will like to do it indefinitely there's motion to defer indefinitely properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries that brings us to build on introduction in first reading without objection we'll take all those matters together seeing no objection is our motion to approve Harper Lee seconded all favor opposed motion carries it brings us the bills on second reading BL 2017 691 counsel ad Murphy Elrod and Allen abandons existing easement rights for property located at 3900 Alabama Avenue Council a Murphy Committee reports please hopefully Allen I'm sorry can play Johnson yes committee voted request from the council lady to defer indefinitely eight four zero against councilman elrod but works recommended a indefinitely for all 10 in favor zero against I'm sorry marking thank you with those I did request an indefinite deferral I prefer that when we're giving up these and so we know what the plan is for using that property and so I've spoken with the property owner and I appreciate a motion for deferral indefinitely motion to defer indefinitely properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 726 councilman Mendez and others the Mensa Metro code had a requirement for the Department of Finance and maintained a written debt management policy for the Metropolitan Government councilman Mendez committee report please Kosmic Cooper Budget and Finance voted to recommend as the subsidies in their substitute both 14 4-0 games as substituted Thank You councilman times pimentos move the bill what is a substitute move to substitute rather the motion to substitute its properly seconded all in favor aye opposed motion carries your on your bill a substitute move the bill as substituted with a brief explorers this is to augment metros debt management policy and since we met with met last on this I've worked with Metro finance appreciate their efforts and we've worked out some agreed language which is reflected in the substitute this would add to the debt management policy more ways to measure and keep track of the amount of debt and debt service we have and also add a discussion to the policy of what impact if any our unfunded open and pension obligations have on debt level and Bob rating I would like to support in addition to Metro finance the co-sponsors council members Swope Cooper Wiener Allen and Henderson for their support asked for you to vote for the bill is substituted councilman Glover Thank You vice mayor I too I'm going to support this I think this is the right move I withdraw my resolution asking to hold it a certain level I think this gets in the right place one of the things that I think we all applauded tonight was the fact that our property taxes are at an all-time low what that scares me of is that we can artificially think that we've got more money to spend going forward in the future than perhaps we do as we go through the reassessment period there's a number of people in town that are paying higher property taxes while there's some who are paying a little bit lower so I applaud councilman Mendez for doing this and those who helped sponsor it and I hope that the debt is something that has continued to look at on a very close basis moving forward Thank You vice mayor councilman O'Connell Thank You mr. vice mayor I'm pretty sure the sponsor spoke to this but can we ask it I just want clarification it sounds like Metro Finance does support this yes we do we worked with councilman Mendez on the substitute all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 737 councilman pardhu and Elrod amends a Metro code concerning the regulation and permitting and passenger vehicles for hire counsel in pardhu completed report with my counselor Hager are getting traffic pasts are approved five four zero that's imparted Public Safety past at five four zero again is there an amendment I'm sorry counsel Henry's Thank You conventions tourism and public entertainment facilities voted five in favor zero against as amended but I didn't hear the amendment we'll get there that's one part there is there an amendment on this the 30th I didn't have anything to do with it it's house it's it's it's housekeeping in nature so I okay the housekeeping meal all right there's a motion to amend it's properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries you're on your bill as amended legal motion to approve councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice versa platform vehicles and the and what I wasn't sure about was if if these things were being it sounds like they're being taken or get off the streets or remove that's what I'm trying to figure out and are they are they being grandfathered I know that there's a bunch of those things out there are they being grandfathered out or how is this going to work if we pass this measure 10 is that the traffic and licensing Commission has regulatory authority over several types of vehicles taxis limousines and so forth but there are some types that they do not have jurisdiction over if we can buy passage of this increase the passenger limit from 15 to 21 that will increase their jurisdiction and the ability to regulate those vehicles will be adding them to title six and title 12 everything under those titles types of vehicles described there the traffic transportation licensing Commission can regulate everything that's not entitled six in title 12 as of tonight assuming passage which would come before this body to be approved for licensure by the TLC okay so I was trying to read the analysis does that mean that these things would be banned if we pass this well is that that or would they have to go to the track of the transportation licensing board would go before the TLC for licensing and if it's not right now they've got a limitation on what they can regulate for example the long platform trucks pulled by tractors they don't have the regulatory authority over that this will depending on the type of vehicle it is bring it under the jurisdiction of the TLC to regulate okay all right thank you don't play Allen Thank You mr. Jamison could you also explain like what that regulation might include could it include prohibiting for example it would include some pretty tight restrictions on speed hours of operation operators what their requirements and qualifications are age licensure requirements we've had some pretty extensive restrictions imposed upon vehicles in this body and you've seen the TLC's pretty lengthy restrictions on what they can apply naturally rigorous and does the council have the opportunity to weigh in on what those are what how does that process work yes it can be amended the actual regulations and what's what's required yes okay thank you councilman elrod think I'll be very basically it increases the number of passengers a vehicle you carry that they can regulate from 16 to 21 that includes the driver bait in it then that pretty much gets them the vehicles that are buses and so they're put simply a vehicle has to be able to have some kind of legal means to operate on the roads so for low-speed vehicles meeting speed vehicles pedicabs pedal carriages those are done by the TLC locally so anything over 21 then has to have some kind of state authorization or law that's what your license plate does that's what allows your vehicle to operate on the roads so I know there were some concerns about how far-reaching this would be but that's essentially what it is if there's 20 if your vehicles 21 passengers or less and can fit to one of these categories it can be licensed by the TLC if it can't then it can't operate on the roads unless there's some other state law that they can follow under for instance there is a tractor that pulls a hay wagon around downtown and while there is a court case I know that that is not an agricultural use that is somebody driving folks around downtown for entertainment tourism purposes so I think it's to create a finer line there of what they can and can't regulate thank you telemarketing I think I was confused on the procedural it was the amendment passed with this bill in committee - or did we just override the committee's that by passing it on the floor the amendment was considered in the committee's - in all committees I believe the amendment was most considered in committees okay and then my second question is that I've had well I guess not a question more of a statement I've had some concerns from business owners and in this industry that they had not been able to have input before this legislation came before us and I just wanted to see if they were if the administration could speak to whether on the traffic licensing Commission had Henry out to the industry owners that are currently operating before they filed this legislation I'm sorry I think as I understand it all this does is give the TLC the authority to regulate there's no regulations that were adopting tonight correct I think what the concerns that I'm hearing is that there was not input being sought before this was being either their power was being expanded over who they would be regulating and so I was just asking if the administration if they had reached out to industry and business owners on this and if they would be doing that before third reading I'm I guess I'm not seeing movement from the administration's table so I think that gave me my answer Thank You counsel even Reiss yes on behalf of the convention tourism public entertainment Facilities Committee I wanted to remind you that we're still waiting for the mayor's offices study on slow-moving vehicles and we'll be hearing from them shortly I understand son there's been some confusion as to whether or not this has anything to do with that this is something separate so just wanted to make sure that you knew that that was still something that we're discussing they were eagerly waiting for that study to be completed so that we can discuss that separately thank you Johnson eager to answer some of those questions I know one of the gentlemen only party barge which this is one of those things was there at the meeting and I've talked to one of his representatives and I told him he would need to talk to Billy field which is over that program and this is just a mechanism that they go to them to get the licensing for whatever type of vehicle they got so maybe that'll answer some of the questions Thank You counsel no one else seeking recognition we're on this bill as amended all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 7:38 council in Syracuse immense a metro pertaining to our Lee Reynolds of hotel rooms councilman Syracuse Thank You vice mayor committee reports please councilman swap coats fares farmers market considered 738 passed it three four zero against councilman pardon 738 past public safety five for the Royal gift I'm some Syracuse Thank You vice mayor move approval with brief explanation brochures thank you my friend this bill is actually very quite simple there's a two parts to it one is that you cannot market or sell a rate less than ten hours and then the second part is that you cannot get a discount or a rebate for using a room less than ten hours I want to thank members of the Tennessee Business Association who are present here today who engagement with me on this and and had great conversation there was some questions about the ten hour rate and some of our motels and owners have deals with airlines like Southwest and what not and if pilots and stewardess come in late and only really need the room for seven hours does that mean they have to use it for ten no of course not that just means that you cannot market or sell a rate less than ten hours and so this build the ten-hour substantiation is what many other cities have done across the the country it the DA last week came out in support of this we are trying to reduce crime statistics and in certain areas and improve the economic development potential illicit drug use prostitution and human trafficking are issues that are are all over so this I believe is a good bill at a simple bill and it makes a positive difference and it has a broad support and no objection that I know of thank you I'm gonna prove motion approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries DL 2017 739 Mendez sledging others a in the metro code regarding federal civil immigration laws counselor Mendez committee report police councilmen pardhu page public safety three or two again thank you sir that's one minute move approval with an explanation closures thank you so there's 14 sponsors for this bill and it's a public safety bill that relates to the how we treat the 12% of Nashvillians who are foreign-born some are citizens some are not many families have people who are both citizens and not and there's growing evidence that our immigrant communities everybody citizen and not avoids contact with dealing with local government when somebody's afraid to report a crime or be a witness all of us are less safe when someone is afraid to get immunized or have their kids immunized or attend parent-teacher conferences the entire community is damaged the goal of this bill is to have Metro comply with every last obligation we have under state and federal law and beyond that cities are allowed cities are allowed to have choice and they are allowed to exercise their choice about how much above and beyond their legal requirements they do and this bill would have us and a message to our immigrant communities that it is safe to engage with Metropolitan Government for all the basic local government services that we provide there's been much talk mostly from people outside the county about whether this constitutes being a sanctuary city I don't know how to be more clear about this the dog-whistle politics of saying the word sanctuary and people riled up is really easy but the fact of the matter is that the Attorney General of the United States of America on May 22nd this year issued a memorandum defining what sanctuary jurisdiction means to the federal government to the current administration and there is no way that this bill triggers the definition of sanctuary jurisdiction of the federal government that is smoke and mirrors it's a way to get people afraid to deal with this for the safety of our entire community we must have everybody who lives in Nashville be able to participate in our local government at our last meeting we did a resolution honoring bishop toby and i who unfortunately passed away and i quoted a verse from the Bible that reminded me of him it was you shall treat your neighbor as your own that was the vision that he had and how we dealt with people and that's the fundamental motivating force behind this ordinance to treat all our neighbors as our own we don't have any control of the federal borders we don't people move here due to economic reasons we know that that's why the city is booming but when people get here they are our neighbors and they need to be treated as our neighbors all of Nashville's residents add their own distinctive note of individuality to Nashville when our immigrant neighbors citizen and not our silence music city is out of tune these bills are meant to allow us to comply with all federal state law and also celebrate all of our voices I urge you to pass this please come of the moon smoke thank you your honor with sincere respect to the sponsors of bill 739 the next few minutes I do hope to share with you some of the disastrous impacts this legislation will have on our great city fast this evening the hundreds of millions of legal immigrants that founded in built America over the last two hundred and forty years have defined our nation as a global leader and is land of true opportunity but throughout our entire history we have maintained legal immigration policies and have created a country where everyone is equal under the law the law of the United States that we all accept and obey by virtue of citizenship I'm not an attorney and I don't claim to have the specific knowledge that some of my counterparts in this esteemed chamber possess however my education and decades of travels around the world have permitted me the common sense to know in my heart when something is wrong 7:39 is wrong the presidential executive order presented in January does nothing but clarify the existing laws set forth in both the US Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act of the United States collectively they empower both state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce our existing laws within the legal parameters of specific codes to better serve the legal citizens of our great nation comparatively Mexico has a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal immigrants and any citizen who aids them in 2016 alone Mexico deported over a hundred and seven thousand Central American immigrants as compared to a mere one hundred and four thousand deported from Central America and Mexico the United States in the same time frame if an illegal immigrant is arrested for any crime in Mexico there is no pathway for citizenship no green card no food stamps only jail time and immediate deportation these same policies are true for almost every other developed nation in the world and many of them have far more stricter policies in Mexico and most are currently tightening their laws due to the rampant increase in radical Islamic terror attacks worldwide I ask at what point are we going to stop treating our legal voting constituents differently from those who are not permitted by law to even vote we are being asked to the passage of bill 739 to recognize a completely different set of laws or rather simply ignore the existing ones the ordinance before you this evening actually creates a new class of illegal immigrants which is exempt from obeying the laws that govern legal Americans are we asking our local law enforcement by the passage of this bill to ignore federal and state law and not ask a criminal any questions concerning their legal status in our country hey it's unpooled over for a traffic violation which happened us afternoon the first thing a law enforcement officer requests is proper and legal identification the policy changed the 7:39 creates grants preferential treatment to a criminal class there by actively discriminating against legal law-abiding residents put simply any type of sanctuary city like policy promulgates favoritism and discrimination against every legal us resident one can certainly argue that in passing 739 we are putting criminal illegal aliens above the law creating a class of protected illegal criminals while simultaneously creating another class of ignored legal victims and to me that makes little or no sense whatsoever putting aside the federal law that prescribes immigration policy in the United States I feel it would be a travesty if I were not to address how the state of Tennessee will respond to this proposed ordinance we are purposely provoking the state yet again who remembers the affordable housing policy recently passed by this council which was struck down within months of being enacted who recalls amendment three regarding workforce housing demands on private developers found the same cold reception at the state level and most recently simply proposing to ban short term rental properties has already created lawsuits that have cost this city and our taxpaying consider constituents over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a hundred and four thousand which is owed at this very moment someone Glover Thank You vice mayor I yield my time to Councilman Swope don't smoke haven't even considered voting on a band yet 7:39 will cause both the feds and the state to reduce transportation funding eliminate grants and discontinue social programs which I believe are all important and relevant aides to the continued success of great city as you know as most of you know I have worked very closely with elected officials both in Washington DC and in Tennessee I can say with a very reasonable degree of certainty that if this ordinance passes the state will pass legislation nullifying 739 it may take until the January session but you can count on it happening so I ask what's the real cost of this bill to Nashville the answer is almost certainly in the millions that it's going to cost us between lawsuits state federal and loss of grants social programs etc in addressing this conversation locally I spoke with the DA's office recently and was made of aware of another concern I have about 739 the attorneys who work in our city are currently permitted to issue you visas to illegal aliens who are in terms of aggravated crimes thereby granting them and their families us legal status while I can't quote a hard number it was revealed to me that upwards of 10% of the illegal immigrant victims testifying for the DA are granted these visas on a regular basis bill 739 will eliminate that program I believe that hurts more illegal immigrants that it could ever help its summary any policy that invokes a feeling of sanctuary city status does nothing except create a criminal class that is treated better than the citizens who have elected all of us it discriminates against every immigrant who has legally fought to become a US citizen and it will forever change the character of our city not to mention the monetary resources that will evaporate to this legislation pass tonight I ask that you consider your vote on this bill very very very carefully Nashville is not an island surrounded by blue ocean we're an integral part of the state of Tennessee and further an integral part of America both entities are specifically tasked by their respective constitutions to defend and protect our borders against any and all alien threats I offer that 739 comes very close to violating these relationships very close to ignoring existing federal and state law and makes me really ask the one question why are we poking the bear Thank You councilman Scott Davis my colleague to my left that was very eloquent you know your stuff and we tend to sometimes agree to disagree this is one of those occasions I respect your opinion and I enjoy your debate and you're very smart and strong individual let me apologize let me put on my democratic hat real quick many times in this country I look at all you I look at this children's I look at the Hastings I look the Hayward look at the Hertz I look at the people's last name Mendez I look at the different folks and I look at the Italians and I look at the Irish I look at the cops I look at every that's been dumped Doris by the US government I look at several minorities I look at women who are still fighting to get equal pay as a man and why look at stuff like this all the time and I'm like where is this coming up it's okay to kidnap people from different countries it's okay to force to Irish to pick potatoes it's okay to make the Italians do terrible things to get over here in the forest Italians into slavery it's okay to put Japanese people inside internment camps who have been citizens of this country and that was very wrong it is okay to talk about it to target Muslims it's okay the target suspects and it's okay to attack your synagogues it is not okay and as right now I am NOT an elephant or as forthright and I am NOT as strong as some of these other members of this chamber but sometimes I have to tell the state you are wrong we are human beings and right now our brothers and sisters are hurting and I apologize for looking in the crowd vice mayor but these people people are scared you know we appeal for different countries some look like be some look like mr. Sherman's some look like mr. Haywood some look like mr. Cooper that are in there are scared right now and we have to help as citizens of Nashville and Caesars body we have to do something you know when when workers who clean hotel rooms downtown can't get their wages because the guy has said it oh I'll have to pay you you're illegal when I did pulled over so in South Nashville and it may assume I'm Ethiopian because of dark skin and they targeted me that's wrong and last thing that happened in our communities we have a face of facts we're not perfect I don't have all the answers but right now in this city we even all hear about are we really it city all we really at city tonight we are taking those steps Mendez has taken that step the Gilmore's have taken esta sharing hurt hastings Leonarda Shulman's share we are nancy theories we are taking steps we love everybody in this city and we have to show it to our brothers and sisters who may not have the proper paperwork and this time i want them become citizens i have the largest guatemalan population in my district and i love those people they are my constituents even though some of them may not be able to vote and some may or may not be illegal I don't know I am NOT I am NOT the full body a US government small councilman in a great city of Nashville Tennessee and I have to stand up for my people even though they can't vote for me or even before can vote for me they are still my constituents and I still loved him and so are the people in South Nashville you know those are our South natural brothers and sisters constituent even though they cannot vote or need some help but we they have a voice and we have tell I'm sorry you can't vote for us I wish you could I'm sorry that people discriminate against you because you escaped a bad situation in a country where somebody was discriminating against you for doing different I'm sorry that you left with your kids on your back to make a better life for them I am sorry that it puts your relatives and your great-grandparents in the concentration camp I'm sorry that be kidnapped you from a Scott we've been hearing the same old thing for all our lives everybody in this chamber has a has a background you know where they have discriminate against our relatives and we need to stand the fire freeze folks and I am supporting show if you don't vote for it I we are still friends gonna work together but please support the I apologize right now counseling [Applause] we we councilman I'm going to start you over in a second but I know the passions are high but we're not going to applaud you get out and out of the chambers okay thank you there you go so I've been reading all the emails we get where people say if you come here legally I want to support you but if you come here illegally you shouldn't be here then I'm thinking here is the legislation where you can show that you care about people like I'm here legally and you're speaking against it have you read the legislation this legislation is great because it gives people like me by council ladies Johnson the peace of mind that we won't be profile that we won't be forced in our police force to have to do a work that they are not trained for I hope you guys read the email I sent with it it was a lengthy email I'm sorry but I was just trying to explain to you something that is very hard to understand at least you are an immigrant I am an immigrant I've been here for 27 years I have to go across the border to Canada and be stopped by the immigration people because I had a weird base I called j-1 okay people don't know about these visas if you if I were to send my passport to get it renewed I have to send my passport on my season she diploma I won't have any way to prove that I'm a citizen until I get the passport back there are many reasons why lawful residence lawful citizens really can't demonstrate that they are lawfully in this country if you don't do this thing that great Mendez and slash I'd really thank you for doing this because we don't have any way to get that protection if we go along with what the president is asking furthermore I would like to know how many of the people that are against this legislation that put it on the budget to support the enforcement because the president is not paying for this we are paying for this it will cost if we do these to the full extent to keep 33,000 people in jail 480 days it costs 400 million dollars did any of you put it on the budget to keep for like 400 million dollars to keep people in jail have any of you put it on the budget too train the police in immigration enforcement we have a four police force of 1,400 people that in the words of the Chief of Police they are not trying to do immigration enforcement if they don't know what a j-1 visa how are they going to be able to decide if I'm lawfully here or not please keep in mind if you carry millions such as myself like my family please support his legislation if I were to ask any of you if you have ever been asked if you are a citizen you operably will say no probably miss Johnson get us I know Jacoby was asked because people thought she was Mexican I was asked but probably none of you were asked that's what profiling is about when people assume that you're not a citizen just because you have an accent or by the color of your skin that's what we are setting ourselves to do if we don't pass this legislation we need to protect the word police from having to engage in a practice that they are not trained for it's going to be a liability for us people are going to sue us if they arrest me in a Johnson you will have the right to sue for having been singled out as a as a undocumented immigrant so the federal funding thing that somebody mentioned before they will lose we would lose it if we were to do a sanctuary city if we chose to defy the federal government and if we were doing that I will be the first one to vote against it I will ask you not to do it like I said that the best the first time we started after pressing Champa select I don't believe we need to have a sanctuary City I don't believe we need to defy the federal or the state government this is no what we are doing we are just passing a legislation that will give us some protections for people like me I deserve to be seen as innocent I don't have to walk around with a start on me showing that I'm a citizen as you have the right thank you it's mental control Thank You mr. president let me first say that I very much appreciate the work that was put into this by councilmembers Mendez and I know councilman sledge had a lot to do with this as well these are two forward-thinking council members for whom I have great respect I would tell you that when I got elected to this office the last place I really thought I'd be wading into was this debate so it kind of reminds me of when I got married I probably should have taken a lot more marriage counseling for my ear ill-fated marriage I really need a lot more for this and I've had so one of the things I want to point out is that I do need a little more time to look through this stuff because there's some conflicting information out there when I drill down on some of the data we have one set of people who tell us that Metro legal when I talked with mr. Cooper the last time I spoke with him this afternoon he's of the opinion that this this ordinance does not apply to the Sheriff's Department state conditional officer is that correct mr. Cooper we haven't issued a definitive opinion yet we're still researching that you as of today our opinion is that it would not apply to the sheriff as it relates to detention and the sharing of information unless the sheriff elected to to abide by it I think that would be his choice and that's as a result of the exclusive jurisdiction he has under both the Charter and the state law for control and custody over the jail as well as the state there's a state statute that one of the powers the sheriff has given is two he has the duty to receive those they're lawfully committed to the jail and so the we're still looking at some of those issues but at this point that's that's where we are and I thank you for that so we're still looking at it from a metro legal standpoint who is our authority and I believe that my information is the sponsor is in it has the belief that it does apply so I believe that information is a conflict for me at this point I also want a bill such as this to be driven by data and not really necessarily a narrative and I'm when I look at the data on this as it applies to our city I'm a little bit conflicted and I'm not sure that I have enough information to make a solid opinion on that I know that there's a there's been an awful lot of effort put into this by the sponsors and it's really new to me and I really would like a little more time to drill down on a lot of this data so I would I would ask the sponsor to consider deferring this so we can have a little bit more time to get comfortable with this topic it is controversial and as you can see by the emails and the phone calls that I've received most often as I've read the ordinance the language I'm hearing from people out in the community they wrote it more often than not they don't really understand what it says and I'm still getting comfortable with what it means myself so I would ask that we move this to be consistent with 743 down to August I know the sponsor initially said he wouldn't do it but I would be comfortable with a deferral otherwise I'm going to have to vote against this so that's what I had to say thank you councillor withers thank you so much mr. vice mayor I would just like to I guess a moment of levity just point out that we learned in the last year that our Police Department is not comfortable that their officers can interpret someone's short-term rental permit status much less their visa or immigration status so I think that is quite quite a position for the two to put our police officer I also want to point out that I'm a member of the LGBT community and in the LGBT community even here in the United States until a few years ago in some places our family relationships were illegal and in some cases of felony I think LGBT people in particular have an obligation to look out not only for other families that are trying to stay together despite some laws and despite some social pressures but also to look out for members of our own community who are trying to escape torture and murder in their own home countries and it's not always the case that in those countries that they would have protected status based on how that is viewed politically or within the religious environment in their country so for that for that reason also I'm strongly in support of this I also want to point out that you know I've received a lot of emails about the crime that is alleged to be coming from illegal immigrants well district 6 it had a huge amount of crime lately particularly in the KC homes and as far as I can tell every person who was committing those violent crimes was in fact United States citizen I do not see any kind of a link between immigration status and crime particularly violent crime in my district although I would welcome information from the police otherwise I also think that a lot of this debate is racialized when prior to moving down here to Nashville to be closer to my family I lived in Chicago and there was a rally on this issue in Chicago at that time and what I learned is that what a few of my Irish American and citizens who were neighbors and even some of my in-laws at that time that quite a few their uncle sheamus's were folks who were here illegally or undocumented who had overstayed their visa so in other communities that there are any number of people from any group or category or race or ethnicity or country of origin it could be here but I know it's unfortunately the case that this gets racialized quite a bit and in particularly here in the south and I think that's really unfortunate with the question of what the state does you know the status at odds with mentor on any number of things and I appreciate the point that can remember slope has made but the citizens elect us to act on their behalf and this law does not negate federal law at all it just says all we're going to do is we are going to follow the law but we're not going to exceed it and we're going to take a stand that we want residents in our community who often our business owners who are parents of children who are MPs students that we want everyone to feel that they can speak to the police because if they can't speak to the police you see what happens in communities like KC where crime does break out because people are afraid to testify as a witness they're afraid to come to court to receive services for their family that creates all sorts of problems for our community I think that the closet that some of the immigration policies in this country create that is the safety problem in our community and I stand in support of these ordinances Thank You councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor a couple of questions on this aye councilman pulley had asked a question I think they went to mr. Cooper about I think it was the application of the sheriff's office mr. Jamison have you looked at that as well you have a position on that about two days ago I read sheriff halls comments in the paper indicating that it was not applicable to him and I started some research I would I would caution that this is not complete and that I'm not finished reviewing what I think is a large body of information what I came across at least initially led me to conclude initially that I think an argument could be made that it applies to the sheriff but that is not complete by any stretch of the imagination I can recite the lead points if you want me to the the sheriff is a constitutional officer because his office is stated in the Tennessee Constitution he's a state officer but our Charter makes clear that he's also deemed an officer of the Metro government a case came out shortly after the adoption of the Charter called Metro versus Poe and it made abundantly clear that the sheriff's as the Metropolitan officer is bound by the functional budgetary and purchasing provisions of the Charter and personnel provisions and I think the proponents of this bill would construct this as a budgetary and personnel provision state law sets out the sheriff's obligations in a lengthy statute in title eight and one of the specific provisions is it requires the sheriff's to enforce the ordinances of a municipality the Charter and our target adopted in 63 takes advantage of that assumption and specify some requirements for the sheriff to abide by that is the fundamental question is can we as a metro government tell a state officer what to do we tell the sheriff by charter and by ordinance that he has to patrol this building and other metro buildings the Charter also says this the council may by ordinance upon recommendation of the Metropolitan Chief of Police and sheriff authorized the sheriff to perform duties as may be unassigned by the Charter or currently assigned to the Metro Chief of Police relating to the intake processing identification and questioning of detainees prisoners and other persons and official custody in other words we have taken the opportunity both in our Charter and in orders to specifically dictate what the sheriff must do in certain realms the question is is this within that realm one last point I would add or finish with is a subsequent case called Vegas Renteria Villegas versus Metro this was an infamous decision back in 2012 the lady that was shackled the pregnant woman what that case addresses is what the sheriff is affirmative Leah bail out to do when this counsel is telling him to engage in a contract with ice can he do that this instance is the flip of that what can the sheriff refuse to do that we tell him to do here's a line in the conclusion of that decision our ruling in Poe the decision I just told you about does not prohibit a construction of the Charter which allows the sheriff to perform the federal immigration officer duties and the member random of understanding when directed to do so by metro and in the absence of action by the chief of police the case this presents is that you were directing him not to do so and that's the gray area but again I would underscore that I'm not complete with the research we've had a budget together right it sounds like you've been a lot real quick a question for the sponsor how does how does this bill it passed help impacted people feel safe and in particular children if I can ask that for the sponsor I come back to the sponsor ready if we come back to the sponsor I have eight seven other people before I get you've got 13 seconds so that's my question I'll repeat it again how does this bill impact folks particularly their children thank you it's one pridemore Thank You mr. vice mayor you know as a retired police officer of 33 years it's difficult sometimes to voice your opinion in a very in a personal way but I just want to say that I heard the word criminal being used many times tonight and we're not talking about criminals we're talking about undocumented people with a heartbeat that take breath that live their lives the way we live our lives criminals I don't have a problem with criminals being deported because that they are not a productive member of our society they've got to go but we have we have thousands and thousands of people living breathing people that abide by our laws that pay taxes that go to work each day that all they want is a better life and that's what this country is for not the criminals I agree completely with the with the idea of deporting criminals so before we go on we need to think that we are talking about brothers and sisters of me and you and this country has always been there to give the opportunity for our brothers and sisters I know there's a legal way of doing that yes but that not necessarily is the most web site to Egypt it's antiquated it's been what 87 years since they've revised some of those the immigration laws as far as citizenship so it's very difficult but I don't go there I almost click on the law enforcement side sometimes more a little bit about and that is the the I'm sure a lot of you may have gotten the information from the Attorney General may the 22nd of this year Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo that considering departments grant-making components and the definition of what he as the Attorney General and what he expects from federal authorities to do and according to that is only jurisdictions that were willfully limit mandatory information sharing to ice is violating USC 1373 will be considered a sanctuary jurisdiction now we're not a sanctuary jurisdiction but and we're not limiting information to the federal government to the federal law enforcement I would be the first one I can assure you before I even put my name on that sponsor as a sponsor I had to make sure I'm not going to go against my other brothers and sisters the law enforcement community and and and I they said they being met Roga a metro police department and people within the rank and file also that it is not going to hinder the way they enforce their laws the law because it doesn't they will continue their not going to not comply with any federal government with any federal request if they have federal authorities of a a warrant so--but they will assist or detain whatever whatever is necessary to enforce the law so I can assure you law enforcement will abide by the law that is currently on the books and they are not there and but they say that this is not affecting their ability to enforce state local and federal law so I want to kind of ease that myth so to speak also some more information that was on there and then going on but I know we own but that's it there you go sir clay Johnson Vina Thank You vice mayor I am a one of the co-sponsor the bill this bill to me very personal I am the second a naturalized citizen to be elected in this body and you know we as a Nashville we say welcoming city what does it mean what does it mean to be a welcoming city it is just a lip service or these are people you know it was said this bill will create new classified class it doesn't they are already here the people who called in unfortunate circumstances the here living among us your next-door neighbor somebody who might cut your grass somebody who might clean your house somebody who might take care of your nails or somebody prepare your food somebody walk in the kitchen they are here and they are hoarding fearful and you had the comment it you know those little boys and girls their mother go out of the door they're scared is my mother coming back or is my father coming back because they might be retained by police officer and then they might send to immigration officer just because they did not have driver's license if you are natural-born citizen they do not have driver's license you don't go to jail you just send back to citation and then you get to get go home the people who are we are trying to help and protect they do not know they are living in such a fear minute and day after day so that's how we act as a city as a welcoming city we can do something about it this is the ordinance that we will do something about it to hear those people who called very unfortunate on circumstances we can help them we can reduce their fear and at the same time we can make our city safe because police officer don't have to go after it to asking if they are legal immigrant or non legal immigrant they don't have to use precious resource wasting that kind of question instead they can go after patrolling our neighborhood they can go after indeed has criminal record so we are asking do not waste our precious local resource try to have make the society safe for everybody who live in here the people who happen to be non documented because we do not have system they say you are getting the line they will if there is a line for them to get in they will they want to be asking for asylum there is no system to be asylum those people who came there two years three years and grew up in here if there is a system for them to sign up and become citizen they will do it heartbeat but there is no system they are a victim of circumstances so what can we do we are only asking do not criminalize them just be open hug treat them as our neighbors that's what this bill is for so I ask you to support this bill I know you do have so many questions but let pass this bill tonight how'd them feel safe to go home this evening from this podium I ask your support councilman sledge thank you Miss vice mayor you know about ten years ago I was a reporter and I was the only person at the time we spoke Spanish in the newsroom so I put on immigration pieces I got put on immigration stories so I went down to Colombia about ten years ago and spoke with the sheriff who was there at the time who had just that week had conducted raids in the Columbia community and there had been about a dozen people that he had basically arrested and and the cause was being in the country illegally and the case then was exactly the situation we're in now this is Columbia and Murray County where the people in the city the people who had fiance's and husbands and wives and cousins who were impacted by this it didn't matter where they were from it didn't matter what their economic background was they said I don't understand I don't understand why they're going after a certain person while they're going after a certain group of people and we're sitting here and ten years later nothing has changed nothing is chained in Nashville's nothing has changed in our country and so we get stuck with having to say that we're going to do something different and it's not all that different there are hundreds of cities in our country who have taken the exact same steps that we have and they're not all the new york cities and the los angeles of the world they're places like Clarkston Georgia they're places that know that they have a population that is not protected the same way that they are and yet they try to create those protections just this week we have seen that a community that I think we all consider to be protected in this in the city the Kurdish community have door-to-door raids at six o'clock in the morning this is a Kurdish community that that was brought here by other organizations thirty years ago to flee a person that we then sent troops into his country to take out so clearly we had a priority there and our priority was keeping people safe no matter where they were that's the priority that we have tonight it's keeping people safe no matter who they are no matter where they are and no matter where they come from so one talk a little bit I know that councilman Schulman had asked a little bit about the impact of you know families and children by this bill and council Eddie Johnson spoke to a little bit but we have we have parents that aren't going to PTO meetings anymore we have parents that aren't taking their children to get immunized anymore and that's not a narrative that's from MetroHealth they're not taking them to get immunizations we have domestic violence victims who are reporting crimes or they'll report it but they won't follow up because they're terrified of what will happen with them of what will happen to their children that's the mothers of these children that we're talking about we're with kids who don't know where they're going to go to school next year and that's not if they're going to go to one middle school over another that's what state they're going to be in what country they're going to be in because all they hear is what's on the news a fifth grader shouldn't have to know how long it is until he might potentially not have to worry about that anymore it's a fifth-grader I've had opportunity because my wife has worked with a lot of the people who are behind us for the last decade and so I know some these people I know some of the kids who are in this audience if we want to talk about what impact this has asked them they're right here we're not talking about an imaginary population we're not talking about population that's hiding in the shadows we're talking about Nashvillians Nashvillians who are participating despite the fact that they'll get the opportunity to do many of the things that we in the chamber do they don't get the opportunity to vote they don't get the opportunity to go to college and enjoy in-state tuition and they don't get the opportunity a lot of times to move freely throughout our society without the fear of discrimination we can't do something about all of those things but we sure as heck can be something about one of them and that's why we got to do something tonight comes from Hastings Thank You mr. president I see this is a really really deep topic but I only stand in in a place of councilman slope is a is my ace boon Coon but I I have to stand up and be on the opposite side of you today because this is I I represent the largest minority district that is in this county and I represent the people that are speaking out who have loved ones and who are crying and who are trying to figure out life's answers to life's questions I don't know what the the in conclusion is going to be overall but I know we do have an issue that we have to fix now we are not going to be able to fix this tonight but we are able to take steps into finding of the best situation that we can as a metropolitan government so I am going to stand in support of this as I represent the individuals who are here speaking out on behalf of their family half of their children the children who are going to school because you know what I am only a I'm an American but in history you know we we had a voyage here as an African American and we were not just brought over here by will makes me makes me consider some things but I do know that these people individuals they have hearts they have families and we have to stand up on their behalf and that is what I was elected to do and their families and friends that were able to support and go and vote for me I have to stand in the gap so I asked for those of you who are council members who on the line if you would please support this bill kind of lady Weiner Thank You vice mayor I appreciate it this is hard this is about people it's about families it's about children but it's also about our laws and it's about making informed decisions it's not about making a decision based on emotion it's about making decisions based on information and based on fact but make no doubt this is hard this is a hard decision it's a decision that I never thought like councilmember pulley that I've ever have to sit here and make however here we are I want to share just a few things we're a welcoming city but the potential consequences are great and quite frankly we don't know the answer we don't know and we need to know before we push the button we need to know before we make the decision what mr. Cooper has to share with us we need mr. Jameson to know the resolution of the investigation and research he's undertaking we need to know what the Attorney General is going to tell us based on the questions that I have asked him we need answers and we just don't have those yet until until we have those answers I have to be a no and I don't like being a no but I like making a decision and I like being able to make a decision of yes based on information based on good information so to that end I would like to move to defer this until the first meeting in August thank you comes from Mendez you're next well I would like to oppose the motion to defer and I mean that the comments boil down to to the comments opposed and and I'll respond briefly and this is why I think that we shouldn't defer the question just raised by the council lady from Bellevue about we need answers you know we have their breeding this is second reading it's customary that we pass on second and get the third reading and make final decisions then secondly we heard from legal director Cooper and one of the committee meetings that it's not the practice of the Attorney General and hasn't been for a number of years to content hypothetical legislation for municipalities and I wouldn't expect that that would that they would comment here I won't use my time asking mr. Cooper that but I'm sure you'd agree if anybody else wants to ask I do want to also address the comments from the councilman from district 4 the argument basically boils down to this legislation would discriminate against US citizens and I was reminded of a quote that we all know the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice this argument has been made repeatedly not by mr. slope but by others in the history of the country first in connection with the abolition of slavery that doing so would discriminate against US citizens who had been here longer it was the same argument was made when the gushin was made about whether women should be given the right to vote the argument was made when japanese-americans were interred on the west coast of the United States history will judge what people do in on these issues and the fact of the matter is in order to treat our neighbors who came to be our neighbors not through our actions nothing we could have done to help or hinder them becoming our neighbors they are neighbors and we need to treat them as such the this should be passed its second reading we've heard all the arguments in favor please don't defer it there's three other lights been a Gilmore and sledge do you want to be heard on the motion to defer or on the main bill comes from been a on the main co-counsel a Gilmore thank you I think all the colleagues that are for this bill have spoken well so there's no need for me to rehash what has already been said it but you know we do have one more reading and I think though is never the wrong time to do the right thing I was listening I was hoping I didn't have to speak but I do get concerned when we talk about what's American and who's American and how we create laws and how we determine under those laws who can be a part of society or not because we are the lawmakers I mean we I think we forget that sometimes we make the laws we decide whether something is legal or not and I think it gets really dicey when we talk about how others are illegal and I think other council members have articulated it well this is America and we have come here in a lot of different ways lots of different ways some of us were brought here many many many years against our will our ancestors so it's kind of tough when people talk about oh that person is a citizen or that person is not a citizen as someone else alluded to some people were put in internment camps I mean so just some really kind of horrible things have happened but we make the laws just like the people many years ago made the laws to say that either segregation was acceptable or was not those people made the laws so to argue and say that something is illegal or not you have to find it within yourself moley where you are going to decide where you want to be on the issue it is no playing around we make the laws and that's not even up for discussion we make the laws and when some when he read the piece about the 60s it really kind of disappointed me we should even have a discussion about that because if we were talking about the 60s we wouldn't even be in here the people of color so we have to update the laws and we have to decide what's right so I don't think we should get into the piece about what's more American or who's American because depending on what war or what were you weren't in or how you were kidnapped or maybe you weren't or maybe you had an X on your chest or maybe your triangle on your head you know or maybe something got burned down it depends on where you are so I think we have to decide what we're going to do either people are just like us I hate the word alien I think the other council member lee alluded to that there are no aliens here we are all humans and we have to decide as a city of Nashville we have other people the same dignity that was afforded us by whatever way we came here whether you're a woman a man black white gay Jewish we all came here about some way you just didn't come here and you were automatically a citizen so we need to decide what we're going to do I stand in support I don't support the deferral I think we'll get more clarity from our wonderful illustrious attorneys because they're very good at what they do and if we need to craft it better and fix it more we can but the sinner can say that it's against the law we make the law so I don't want to hear that piece and I don't want to hit a piece of out American because we decide what's American we decide what's Nashville we decide what's it we are the ones that can make the decisions right now thank you I'm suin sledge I respectfully move the motion to defer to the table well you're you're the last one to be heard on it so that we don't need to do that unless you really want to mean you can just vote on it I mean it's just gonna be done to you that's why I retract my right thank you I think that all in favor of the motion to defer opposed no motion fails counsel embed name yeah you probably all got an email from counsel ad Burchett just now and I just wanted to thank her for asking those questions but I also wanted to reiterate that we wouldn't have to have this conversation if it wasn't because of the executive order that just happened last January if we didn't have that executive order we wouldn't have to do what we're doing the president is asking us to deputize our police officers and to put people in jail here in Nashville that's what he's asking he's saying he won't pay for it he's saying we'll pay for it and the reason we have to do this and the reason why the police never had to do it and we have to help the police not to have to do it is because of that executive order so I beg you to see this in the context of it's not as coming out of the blue with something is as trying to protect our city from liability from spending money that we don't have God knows I tried to get one police officer to do traffic enforcement that's $150,000 and I couldn't get it we're talking about spending 400 million dollars keeping 33,000 people in jail 480 days and nobody seems to have a problem with that so I'm saying we are being asked by the press into something this is your chance to draw a line and say we want to help you with immigration but we don't want to put our city in a liability situation where we have to deputize our officers to do something they are not trying to do thank you no one else seeking recognition madam clerk Phillip in the machine anyone else speaking of up Adam Clark if you'll close the Machine and tality vote I have 25 for 8 against 4 abstentions are BL 2017 740 amends a Metro code establishing a right for pedestrians to the use of certain streets councilman Anthony Davis Thank You vice mayor committee reports that's one part too I can't council you Roberts tells Roberts but Public Safety beer and regulated beverages voted 5-4 0 against councilman elrod public works recommend approval 10 in favor zero against councilman Hager Fabian barking approved 5 4 0 against that's one davis we've proved Airy brief comment borgers Thank You vice mayor this is more of an awareness ordinance and thanks to the committees for a proven basically just tweaking the code for pedestrian rights to match what we do for bicycles currently allowing the three-foot rule for pedestrians so just a small tweak but really trying to build some awareness on this and I think it'll be good to fix the code on that thank you for support thank you Thank You councilman pollen paper opposed motion carries BL 2017 741 council a hurt council council lady allen amends the Metro code requiring notice of parking fees fines and penalties to be posted parking lots and garages council II hurt Thank You mr. chair committee reports uneven Hagar that's the nigger 741 741 try to confer Evelyn parking deferred 1 meeting a room I move to defer for one meeting with the briefest explanation and that is we want to make sure that this can be enforced in private places as well as public so that will give us an opportunity to make sure that we would be in compliance and can enforce that notices be given thank you thank you comes with yelling Thank You mr. rice Mira as a support the deferral would like to go ahead and move the amendment now if we could before we defer if that's okay with the original sponsor simply to have that on the book so people will know what it is no seeing no objection from counsel I heard there's a motion to amend is properly seconded all the favor opposed motion carries were now on motion to defer this bill as amended one meeting it's properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 743 counsel amended sledge and others terminates a contract approved by ordinance number 0 9 6 - 567 that approved an agreement with the US Marshal Service to use to house federal inmates councillor Mendez committee reports please councilman Cooper image vice mayor a Budget and Finance voted to defer by vote of 12 to 2 council ad Roberts Thank You mr. vice mayor beer public safety and regulated beverages voted to defer to the first week of August transfer Mendez I believe that's defer by rule AB 0 thank you deferred by rule BL 2017 744 council man O'Connell Elrod and others approves a parking agreement with between the Metro traffic and parking Commission and Warner Music incorporated for the use of up to 35 parking spaces for a fee in the library parking garage councilman O'Connell Thank You mr. vice mayor committee reports please councilman Cooper Thank You mr. price mayor a Budget and Finance voted to defer 14 to zero for one meeting council II Alan sorry Kelly Johnson thank you planning zoning committee up about it six four zero opposed and mint approval thank you count Thank You counselor councilman Hager a began barking the FIR one leading five four zero against thank you counseling counseling spinal column sorceress thank you Miss rosemary I think we will move to defer for one week question of fair one means properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 7:45 council lady allen councilman elrod authorizes Family and Children Services Incorporated to install construct and maintain an underground encroachment in the right-of-way at 2400 Clifton Avenue council lady allen surprised mayor committee reports please councillor Johnson yes planning zoning committee avoided eight four zero against Councilman alright that works for my approval ten in favor zero against Council yeah thank you mr. vice mayor move approval motion approved properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 746 Council $80 Cooper and others approves a partition participation agreement between the Department of Public Works and century policy for the design and construction of access roads connecting cane Ridge Road and old Franklin Road to the i-24 interchange in Hickory Hollow Parkway council a dowel Thank You committee reports Town Simon Cooper Thank You mr. Weiss mayor a Budget and Finance voted 14 for zero to recommend as amended council a Johnson yes planning zoning I voted eight four zero against as amended councilman elrod Bible worked for command provable ten in favor zero against as amended Council $80 would smooth out amendment yes and I'd like to move the amendment motion to amend is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries you're on your bill as amended and I would like to move the bill as amended for approval those motion to approve the bill as amended is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 747 value per and others authorizes the acquisition of certain right-of-way easement drainage easements temporary construction easement and property rights for use in public projects for purposes of the cane Ridge Road old Franklin Road Preston Road and cane Ridge Parkway roadway improvements council lady towel Thank You vice mayor committee reports please councilman Cooper image vice mayor Budget and Finance voted to recommend 14 4-0 against council yet Mina Johnson Thank You vice mayor Brennan joining a recommended voted eight four zero against for approval John spinel rod I believe level works are going approval ten in favor zero against thank you not like to move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bo 2017 748 council it even reads pardhu and others approves a lease agreement between metro government and due west ours LLC for temporary office space 216 to West Avenue council it even Reece committee reports councilman Cooper I think you miss vice mayor budget and planets voted to recommend 14 4-0 against council lady Mina Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning zoning avoided eight four zero against four recommendation councillor Roberts Thank You mr. vice mayor public safety in beer voted five four zero again I'm Stephen Reis thank you I move approval with a comment for sirs this just as a reminder is the lease agreement with the Sheriff's Department as they are building their new offices for them to join us in Madison at the due west towers formerly known as the memorial hospital site and again this is at us Avenue not West due west Avenue or east to west avenue clear on that with that I move approval no clear as mud machine approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 749 Johnson O'Connell authorizes North Gulch departments LLC to install construct and maintain underground encroachments in the right-of-way located Joe Johnson Avenue and 11th Avenue North to councilman O'Connell Thank You mr. vice mayor I'd like to request committee reports please council lady Mina Johnson Thank You vice mayor Planning joining about it eight four zero against for approval Elrod public works recommend approval ten in favor zero against councilman O'Connell Thank You mr. vice may like to move approval please motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 750 sledge Elrod Alan abandons a portion of which would have any right of way councilman sledge thank miss Perry committee reports council lady Mina Johnson Thank You vice mayor Planning joining our bordick for eight four and zero for approval councilman elrod by the work circuit of an approval tenant neighbors you're against councilman Hagar 715 site Clarion barking approved for zero against thank you sir councilman sledge thank you so I say I move motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 751 councilman hastings abandons fresno avenue right-of-way councilman hastings thank you again mr. president like committee reports please council lady meeting johnson thank you again vice mayor joining joining voted to approve eight four zero guests councilman elrod of a work truck my approval ten in favor zero against councilman hagar no having a partner bruise five four zero against councilman hastings thank you again would like to move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries peel 2017 752 syracuse Elrod and allen abandons a portion of mcgavock pike right away councilman Syracuse Johnson sir Thank You vice mayor committee reports please council lady Amina Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning zoning bought it eight four and zero for approval okay councilman elrod what works are giving approval ten in favor zero against councilman hagar afghan bargain upper side 4-0 against council in turkey time of approval thank you motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 753 councilman Freeman a abandons a portion of alley number 1897 right-of-way councillor Freeman Thank You vice mayor committee reports please dr. claman Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning zoning voted for approval eight four zero to approve that's vanilla butter works are giving approval tenant favorite surrogate stomping a Greenville I've been bargaining approves five four zero against councilman Freeman Thank You vice mayor move for approval I should approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 754 councilman O'Connell L right now in abandons GM Pross Plaza right of way councilman O'Connell Thank You mr. vice mayor I'd like to request committee reports please council lady Mia Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning zone awarded for aid do nothing for approval councilman elrod pub works wrecking my approval tenant favor zero against Council in Hager setting a bargain approved for zero against councilman TOCOM name is vice mayor like to move approval please motion to approve it's properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 755 councilman hastings elrod now and abandons existing easement rights for former ally number ten seventy eight for property located at 25 Oh 8 dickerson pike councilman hastings all right thanks again mr. president I'd like to that forth committee reports please that's Lenny me and Johnson Thank You vice mayor Planning joining are voted to approve our eight four eight and zero that's vanilla level a group move approval ten in favors ur against getting he's getting giddy back there for punch-drunk really yeah counseling Hastings all right mr. president would like to move for proof motion approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries that brings us to Bill's on third reading PL 2016 408 councilman Wroten changes two hundred eighty five point zero three acres from a r28 SP zoning for property located at 2040 Hickory Hill Lane to permit up to 500 single-family watts councilman Roton Thank You mr. vice mayor I'd like to move to defer this until the July sixth meeting all right I see there's a substitute you want to move that first or you want to wait now we'll have a different substitute in this rising motion to defer to the July sixth meeting it's properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries Beall 2017 6:45 pardhu and Van Reese amends a metro code to allow alcohol consumption by carriage passengers cancel it even Reese his approval machine approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries BL 2017 724 establishes a program for the purpose of providing assistance to low-income elderly residents of the Metropolitan Government for their fiscal year 2017 2018 councilman Cooper Thank You mr. vice mayor move for approval motion to approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 725 to burn Henderson establishes a conservation assistance grant funded facilitate conservation preservation and properties with great natural cultural and environmental importance cap councilman Cooper Thank You mr. price mere move for approval motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 727 councilman elrod amends of Metro code concerning the display of taxicab permanence comes when Elrod who approval motion approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries bill 2017 728 pardhu and others I'm not sure who the others are so one of them needs to raise their hand a Benza metrico to add additional application requirements for the qualification emits and authorizes director of transportation licensing Commission this has been revoked placed on probation or otherwise restrict licenses issued to booting companies anybody includes a sponsor which is part doing others he's not here though move approval motion approved properly seconded all in favor opposed motion carries Leo 2017 735 Cooper Murphy creates various positions in the Metro pay plan Council in Cooper Thank You mr. price me removed for approval I should approve all right I'm sorry counseling marking it's on third reading so I didn't thank you personnel voted four in favor zero against Thank You council a and there's a motion there's a proper motion to approve since been seconded all in favor opposed motion carries two announcements before people leave first as one of the arcane relics of our consolidation the urban council now has to meet councilman's Cooper Mendez and Shulman if you'd please come to the front at the end of the meeting to vote on the I think the urban tax rate urban services district x-ring and the second thing is that we I'll be calling on councilman Shulman Thank You mr. vice mayor I would move that we adjourn our meeting to the next meeting on July 6th at 6:30 p.m. you were talking to him Mike Mike people are too there's a motion to adjourn to July 6 at 6:30 it's properly seconded councilman Shulman just to make sure July 4th is on a Tuesday night so we're meeting on Thursday incorrect right it's properly singing - all in favor opposed question Gary stay seated Stacy just for two seconds first council lady Weiner did send me a text I don't know if you've all seen but longtime servant of the city Jim fyke passed away tonight he'd been sick for some time so it's a sad moment for the city miss Hall there we go I just wanted to say thank you it's been an honor and I'm privileged to serve the council honestly the one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life as far as a job and really my privilege to work with the wonderful people in the metro clerk's office so be good to them [Applause] we are adjourned thanks for thanks again to councilman Cooper for all his hard work this is for the service of the Metro national network if you would like to see this presentation again or for more information about this and other programs visit nashville dot [Music] dissertation on corporate governance Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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