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Order dissertation service in malaysia cheap do my capstone building birmingham al 2018 arctic cat m6 141 review of literature [Music] we think this year could be a very interest in your force because now some of those young guys are starting to become juniors and sophomores and and that adds to our senior list so we think we could be very competitive our goal is to win football games one game at a time past years we've had some trouble looking too far into the future and so this year we're trying to focus on that those minor details little details and making sure that we get better every week well just practice or was this game just play in the moment and do things right and if you do enough of those things the right way and you're grayed out in the 90 percent categories then you got a chance to win the game when you're like that there's a buzz there's a belief around the team we know that all our goals are in front of us and we put in the work to achieve them so I just feel like the overall mood of the team this year is it's a winning mood it's a winning culture we play each one of those games with the serious intent to win those games we think we are capable of beating those teams we play this is as good a football as you're going to find in terms of entertainment in terms of excitement that you can watch I'm telling you when you watch a Chapman football game you'll be sold in terms of fans support in terms of all the excitement that you could have we could have it here at gentlemen just come ready to see us grinding it out on defense and the big plays on offense we got a great group of guys I think we can do something really unique and special this year [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to the jungle we're here at Wilson Field at Ernie Chapman Stadium feared for this tonight's football matchup between your Chapman Panthers and the visiting Cal Lutheran Kingsman it is a matchup of number one versus number two we're super excited I'm Brad Benson alongside Tim we'll bringing you all the action here tonight on Chapman sports broadcasting network let's take a look at the sky up Maps standings right now we got Chapman leading the stack right now for now in conference play closely followed by Cal Lutheran just three in one a matchup of number one versus number two of course if Chapman is to come away with the win tonight then they're gonna be guaranteed a playoff spot representing the sky Hawk in d3 football playoff play super excited what do you think it's gonna be some keys for Chapman getting a victory here tonight well there's a couple things that Chapman's gonna have to do defensively to win this game and the first is that their secondary needs to step up they've been allowing 276 passing yards per game this year Cal Lutheran passing for 282 passing yards per game this year so that's going to be an interesting matchup Chapman's defense gonna look not to get gouged in this game and second they need to be good on third downs third down defense is an important thing an important part of defensive football Cal Lutheran is 44% on third downs and that's a pretty good average and the Panthers need to play solid third down defense against the Cal Lutheran team that averages 7.5 yards per play in conference and the last thing they need to do they need to throw the ball Rickie Bautista has completed 70% or more of his passes in every conference game this year his emergence this year has boosted the Panthers scoring average to 36 points per game up from their 18 point per game average last year if you take out their blowout win against Occidental at the end of the year yeah Bautista is gonna be a player to watch who do you think are gonna be some other players to watch in this game as well well an important person to watch obviously Rickie Bautista we just saw him he's got 1,700 passing yards this year at 16 passing touchdowns that's good for number two in the conference and the guy he's going to be throwing to tonight it's going to be Jacob Isabel number 81 a wide receiver he's got a hundred and seventeen receiving yards this year and seven touchdowns had a little bit of a slow Dart but he's been balling out in the last few games in the sky act play and he's gonna be looking to have another big game here tonight and lastly Merrick Spooner lad up the junior defensive back number 18 he's got 26 total tackles this year and the more important stat those four interceptions are going to be something that puts him in that the brain of the Cal Lutheran quarterback in this game they're not going to be wanting to throw any balls to him tonight and over on the Kowloon side you're gonna be watching out for Wendell O'Brien he's a senior wide receiver with 10 receiving touchdowns this year so inside the red zone the Chapman defense will be having to do their best to keep him from scoring again and the guy that's gonna be throwing to him is adam Frederickson number 10 senior quarterback he's got 1,600 passing yards this year and 19 passing touchdowns those 19 are good for number one in SKYACTIV of Ricky Bautista and Ty Lozano will be on the defensive side for the Cal Lutheran Kingsman he's number 25 and he's got 61 total tackles and 39 solo tackles this year that's good for the tackling lead in Sky Act Conference this year we actually have another player that we should probably keeping an eye on tonight we have a player making history over on the kalos front side that's backup kicker number 49 Morgan South Liddell she is the first player female player I should say in Sky Act conference play for football so we're gonna be looking for her tonight she is the backup kicker she's only made I should say attempted six extra points so far on the season has not yet attempted a field goal so we'll be looking forward forward to watching her tonight if she does take the field so we have an exciting matchup tonight like I said we have number one versus number two you can't ask for anything better looking Chapman looking to stamp their ticket into the playoffs I'm Brad Benson alongside Tim Wolfe we'll be right back on the Chapman sports broadcast network and we are getting underway here at Wilson Field the national anthem just played players are taking the field right now on the count Lutheran side chaplain players of course about ready to touch the panther as they do so often as is a tradition here at Chapman University super excited tonight we got the top two teams in sky act play chaplains trying to punch their ticket into the d3 playoffs here tonight well how are you feeling about tonight's game to him well it's gonna be an interesting one I talked to coach Owens before as we were coming up here to the booth he said that it's gonna be an exciting one of course the last few Chapman games have been exciting their offense has really opened up this year they've been throwing the ball a lot more I'm a big fan of that I think Ricky Bautista is a very talented quarterback and that they have been utilizing him exceptionally this year so we will be looking forward to seeing how that turns out but on the other side the Cal Lutheran offense is a very high octane their quarterback number one in Sky I can a lot of passing categories and the Chapman defense is beginning up a lot of passing yards this year so far so that is also going to be something to watch yeah it's definitely gonna be an aerial attack tonight for both teams like you said we have the top two passing touchdown leaders in the sky act it's gonna probably be a high-scoring game do you anticipate that I would say so maybe this will be a high-scoring game but you know you never know when the defenses are gonna step up and that may be something that happens in this game and we will see what happens and it'll be interesting to see which team wins the coin toss and what they decide to do whether they want to take the ball or not you said defense is gonna be key and there's all such a popular phrase that says defense wins championships and tonight this is essentially the sky act championship so I would completely agree with the fact that the better defense tonight is gonna come away with the win and get the sky championship yeah you know in games like this with two offenses that are just so explosive it's really gonna come down to who makes that one play that defines the game and it may be a turnover it may be a big catch or a big defensive sack or something like that but someone's gonna have to make an impact in one moment flip it up and low to see what happens fans please welcome to the field your 27:41 well Chapman has just won the toss and they have elected to receive just as their players are running out of the tunnel we got a lot of fan excitement going on right now the bands playing us into it one the time it's gonna be an exciting night here Ernie Chapman stadium yeah you can see them touching the Panther right there you know lots of teams have this sign in the locker room or whatever that they tap here at Chapman they like to tap Pete the Panther as they run onto the field looks like we we're probably gonna look for Jacob Isabel to make an explosive return since Chapman is elected to receive do you think the Kingsmen are gonna try to avoid him or just take a jump and let their special teams coverage unit trying to take on the challenge of keeping entertained well a lot of teams have been kicking away from Bautista the Chapman Panthers like to put someone else back there to receive in case you know they kick it away from Bautista they want somebody else to be able to return it have a chance to make a big play and most teams have been opting to kick away from Isabel so far but we'll see yeah you know Isabel's doing a great job this season he set a golden meeting the season to lead this lead the sky and all-purpose yards and so far he's doing that yeah he's definitely a versatile player you see him being used a lot and end-around plays he has been the target on a lot of opening drives the Chapman Panthers have scored on where they do some type of trickery and then Jacob Isabel is able to sneak out behind the safeties with his incredible speed and he has been a focal point of their offense this year had a little bit of a slow start to the season we were wondering is dominic vacker maybe the most dominant receiver in this offense now but obviously Bautista back in the lead for receiving touchdowns and receiving yards per game this year forward the Chapman Panthers and he is just an incredibly explosive player and they're gonna be looking to get him the ball a lot tonight yeah like you said Dominic backers seemed like he was their target receiver her number one receiver I should say going in at the beginning of this season but the second half the season it has Becker's role has diminished a little bit maybe you're gonna try to get the ball to him tonight last game we had here they threw up like a 50-yard bomb to him backed up in their own end zone on third and 10 but that seems like the last time we've seen backers so far maybe tonight's a different story not ready to get ready for our kickoff back to return for Chapman at the 5-yard line we have Marcellus hunter and Jacob Isabel we're about to get underway well they are going to kick to Isabel but I said it's gonna be bobbled by hunter at the to Hunter's gonna run it up the near sideline try to get the edge on the 20 and has finally brought down at the 26 yard line Chapel is gonna get the ball just about the same position as it would have been for a touchback good return by hunter right there a little bit of a bobbled catch right there oh we have somebody down here on the field now that is a bow hunter no that is number 41 on the Panthers that would be Donte Sanchez excuse me that's Cal Lutheran David our hosts the freshman out of Comus Washington looks like they're looking at his lower leg could be some type of ankle injury or a cramp we hope the best for him you hate to see injuries at any time they feel especially on some special teams unit seems like special teams is one of the areas of the field but you don't typically think injuries occur but actually a lot of injuries occur in that side of the field it looks like he's able to actually get up right now and get getting help to the Chapman sideline a little help from the trainer's so Chapman's office is finally gonna get onto the field right now Bautista's lined up in the gun is he so typically does starting field position bought the 25-yard line it's gonna be a shotgun snap it's gonna hand it off to his running back beauty up the left side and he's finally brought down at the 35 33 yard line I should say yeah there you go Chapman always one of the things that they go to right off the bat is their guy Gio mutti he's their workhorse running back leads the team in all of the Russian categories the guy is definitely one of the players they lean on and they like to suck you in to bring your safeties down with a run play on the first play she she's gonna roll to his right side looking actually picked off by callaloo current one of the near sideline and he is shoved out of bounds at about the three yard line that was number 31 Oh bot Speedy's that's his third interception of the season so far he has seven pack breakups and two interceptions going to tonight's game adding to his total giving the cow lutheran the great starting field position for this game and that was a big play for the Chapman or excuse me the Cal Lutheran Kingsman right there that's not necessarily a throw you would expect to get picked off Isabel Bautista just throws it at his man and the linebacker he just makes a great play there I mean there's not that was quite a play there by the Cal Lutheran defense that's actually Ricky Bautista's only his second interception of the year so an uncharacteristic bad decision by Bautista to start off the game well this is going to give great starting field position for the Kings and all the way at the Chapman seven it's going to be a handoff to the left side one and trying to fight for the end zone he doesn't get it in but still pretty close that wasn't bloody back pieces [Music] Neeson has nine touchdowns so far and the season trying to add to his total so far [Music] FedEx is gonna hand it off the beasts and visa up the middle fighting for the goal line and it's gonna be a touchdown for Chris beast in his intent touchdown of the season giving the Kings been an early lead here in the first quarter and that was just a Smash Mouth football play there by Cal Lutheran getting off to a great start in this game and that might have that interception bio bossy DS maybe the the one play that we were talking about earlier before the game started that may be the thing to turn the time to this game but the Chapman Panthers gonna do their best to change that and come back on the field and score the extra point is good so it's gonna give the cow lutheran Kingsman and early 7-nothing lead you hate to see that on the chaplain side first passing play results in an interception yeah and you know when you're a quarterback you really have to have a short memory because things like that happen nobody's perfect even the best make big mistakes you see the the greatest quarterbacks of all time Peyton Manning Tom Brady all of them eventually they have they make a bad decision Rickie Bautista having a bad decision of his own right there he's gonna have to shake it off and have very short-term memory here coming back onto the field and right here on the touchdown bees just works real hard to get in right there and Beeson in for the touchdown Cal Lutheran with two very positive run plays to start off their offensive game tonight Chapman is gonna get the ball back here early in the first quarter not the start that they were anticipating or hoping for but they're looking to get something rolling right here with Isabel and Hunter back to receive there's gonna be a sky kick this time but it's gonna be caught at the twenty and one out to about the thirty that was will Muni actually Joe Moody's younger brother on the return looks like Isabella actually had a chance to go for right there but let me take the kickoff himself yeah and you see right there Cal Lutheran continuing to try and kick away from kike way from Jacob Isabel and Chris Williams there our senior the senior defensive safety for the Panthers getting his elbow taped up Chapman Panthers hoping that he's going to be alright she is gonna be another pass and play he's looking down the middle if he has to scramble rolling to his right and this overthrows his receiver Jacob Baker Baker getting a little bit more in the passive and more involved in the passing game so she last we got Laverne and something you saw right there was Chapman just going off of Ricky Bautista's athleticism he's one of those quarterbacks that can make you just think twice when it comes to chasing him around and trying to find somebody open but not able to that time [Music] she used to hand it off to muni up the left side and you he's just gonna fall forward for a gain of three it's gonna bring up a third and seven or Chapman already got three and long not a good start so far for this Chapman offense and an interesting formation here Bautista back there all by himself not usually something you see from this Panthers offense but trying to give him all of the options that they can here on third and long yeah Nikko Regas not typically in the game is checking out as a wide receiver and now he's just gonna complete it to his receiver Paciorek it's gonna be enough for the first down [Music] short making a good play there just catch the ball it's third and long just catch the ball and that's what he does right there no fancy stuff just focuses on bringing that thing in and getting the first down and he did a great job a great job of knowing where the sticks were and making sure that he got to that point he says looking at his left side completes it to him again but short in a hit hard hit right there number 21 Cal Lutheran Leighton wood on the hard hit right there [Music] yeah Paciorek showing his value there as a receiver that's lower on the depth chart but shows the Chapmans shows Chapman's extreme depth at wide receiver there Paciorek not the one two or three wide receiver but able to make a big play there Tisa go to Patrick again it looked like it was a car they're gonna give him credit for the reception he caught it low looks like he's possibly down on the play but York rolling down trainers on the field so far looks like my teachers gonna put York early and often here in the first quarter and that's something that happens a lot in a game like this Cal Lutheran's got lots of tape on the Panthers they come in here they played them a lot of times and one of their guys on the Chapman sideline that they always like to go to is Jacob Isabel you know you got Cavanaugh means a day Jacob Isabel all those guys and Paciorek not necessarily one of those guys you're gonna be looking out for thankfully he's alright but a guy like him is gonna be someone who's gonna get open a lot against a team that's focusing on other players [Music] looks like we have a little team comparison right now Chapman with the high-flying off offense but it looks like Calhoun has actually scored more points this season then Chapman so it's gonna be a high-scoring game for sure cause you have Isabella motioning on the play and it's gonna be a handoff to mutti and Newby has nowhere to go is there a Kingsman to defensive lineman everywhere talk about number 91 Ryan Minos so so far how does it look like Muni has had much room to work with trying to dance around and get to the outside not able to go anywhere so far this Kingsman defensive line is done a good job contain Ian yeah in this Panthers offense to third downs here to start off but they converted on the first great throw and catch from Ricky Bautista to mark Paciorek we'll see what happens here well it's gonna be a swing pass to mutti mutti trying to get the edge dancing around and it is able to fall forward for the first down another lucky break right there for Panthers and something that Jacob Isabel brings to the table not only his explosive speed and catching abilities but also he's a great blocking receiver sometimes they'll put him in motion and leave the defensive end completely unblocked and allow him to kick him out and that time he makes a great block on the defensive back and allows Joe Muni to get out into open space for the first down Marcellus Honda's gonna check in the game it's gonna be a hand out to him on the right side and again he just has nowhere to go against this tough Kings can run defense and something to look for here when Chapman is moving down the field is that nice 50/50 mix of run and pass they're able to run the ball very effectively this year Chapman has a lot of yards on the ground 181 to be exact along with Ricky Bautista's incredible statistics so this offense very balanced now she's looking to his right side pump Dacey's going to the end zone towards isabel throwing in a double coverage and just out of the reach of jacob isabel and isabel wanted the pass interference on that one but I think that was just good coverage there by the defensive backs and linebacker had an interception earlier Abbasi DS [Music] Bautista's not looking like his typical self so far here in the first quarter looks like this Kingsman defense has his number so far tonight well and you know sometimes you get off to a rough start but bautista have been able to complete some passes here and move his team down the field another third down here and this is going to be on Bautista here on third and long it's gonna be hard to run it for a first down here backers gonna and it's gonna be a handoff to Hunter and hunters just Dragon defenders forward it looks like vacker going in motion by to confuse the defense yeah that's something that the Panthers like to do they'll they use decoy plays so what I mean by that is they run a lot of plays that look almost identical where some guy comes in motion you fake a handoff and then you don't really know who's gonna get the ball on each play there's no true tells on what they're going to do to use a poker term there and Marcellus hunter able to get the first down on their knees gonna come back in the game is gonna be a hand out to him up the middle and again he just has nowhere to go on this big Kingsman defensive line yeah but like I said earlier Chapman a very good mix of run Pass they're gonna stay committed to that run that's something that they do almost to a fault sometimes they will not give up on the run game so Rickie Bautista should have some help from the run game eventually tonight as the Panthers will try to get it going by any means necessary it's gonna bring up a second and a ball just outside the red zone and it's gonna be another handoff to mutti up the middle mutti is able to jump two defenders and fall forward for a nice game gonna bring up another third down and in the red zone tonight be watching out for chapman they've got their 74% on scoring in the red zone and Cal Luthan a little bit higher Cal Lutheran actually scores a few more touchdowns every once in a while as well Chapman only about 53% on touchdowns in the red zone so they're going to be looking to improve on that tonight and get a touchdown here to tie it up again after that early interception five receivers on the field for Chaplin right now vacker is not one of them now he says look an end zone right now and finds a wide open receiver on the far sideline and he has fallen forward trying to get to the end zone not quite oh no they're gonna they're gonna say he got in for the touchdown that was number 82 Nikko Rockets the freshman and that was just a great read their Bible teesta his receiver that he eventually went to not the number one read on that but he goes through his reads and then eventually he finds him there he finds nicaragua's and ragga is able to make some moves to get into the end zone Bautista see going through his reads finds raagas raagas makes a couple people miss and all the extra points all religious by the cow lutheran team get they take his back they can't score two points they are going to be tackled but a huge break right there for this cow lutheran special teams as they come up with the block extra point to keep the lead seven six and wow that was another great play there made by the Cal Lutheran Kingsman defending against the Chapman Panthers and that's going to hurt here going forwards as the Kingsmen are already up a score and Chapman comes back but still not able to tie it yeah this looks like with all those bodies in the middle someone who's just able to get a hand up extra point might have been a little low you hate to see that if you're Chapman looks like you might have finally started to get something going because their office has been flow up until this point they get a touchdown and they don't get the extra point a huge momentum killer and yeah that puts a little bit of a damper on the score there for the Panthers but at the same time it's really not that big of a deal you lose a point yes but you scored a touchdown at the same time so still positive momentum moving forward for the Panthers yeah specially yes you have a freshman scoring touchdowns maybe a little future right there miss Chapman football team yeah that was a great look into the bright future of this Chapman Panthers football team they do have a great group of seniors with Bautista and Isabel and Beauty Chris Williams on the defensive side but at the same time they've got guys that can score just like Nikko raagas and here coming onto the field as the chavín defense and we'll see what they can do to stop this cow lutheran offense when they're not working with a short field yeah first look we've seen at a actual Drive for this Kingsman offense of course their last drivers altered in that touchdown but they started the drive from inside to Chapman 10 here they're backed up all the way at their own 22 yard line so Fred Rose is gonna take the snap he's gonna fake it to beasts and complete it to receiver O'Brien but did he drop that you're gonna say incomplete pass was gonna make up a second and 10 and that was a good heads-up play there by Richard casares he gets the ball drops it but he makes sure to get on top of it that's something that's very important went throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage you're not quite sure if that ball goes forward or backwards if the quarterback throws it backwards it's a fumble receiver makes a great play they're getting back on top of the ball gonna be a hand up to be stand decent is able to shake off the shoestring tackle and just fight for a gain of about two good job right there of not going down on first contact yeah that was great running there by Beeson he's showed us already that he's a formidable running back getting that rushing touchdown and getting them into scoring range on the first play of this of the night for the Cal Lutheran offense oh and look for him to continue to make plays tonight he's been a big player for them all year long Frederick's is looking towards his right side he has to scramble to his right side rolling right he's gonna keep it himself and is just able to get a few before finally being taken down and that's very positive drive for the Panthers defense they're coming off of a blocked extra extra point they gave up a touchdown their first time on the field so this is more of an establishing drive here for there for them now not working with that short field from the interception they force the Cal Lutheran Kingsman to a fourth down and get off the field with a job well done well Jacob Isabel is the return man he's lined up all the way in Chapman's 30 kick his end over ended it Isabella isn't able to full cleanly receive the punt but the ball goes out of bounds so it's gonna be traveling football yeah Isabel got really lucky on that one definitely should have called for the fair catch there was a guy closing in on him very quickly he's usually pretty good about awareness on those types of things but lucky that that ball goes out of bounds there yeah so Chapman their last drive it resulted in a touchdown looking into the same right here looks like they might have had something rolling right they're going to draw us on the touchdown reception four receivers on the field yeah Isabelle Baker I'm in zayday and Patrick about cheetahs rolling to his right looking downfield and there is nobody so he's gonna take it himself all the way out at the 46 yard line Chapman's want a late hit on the play he's not gonna get it it's gonna bring up a second and four yeah those plays always up to the discretion of the referee their defense was already diving after Bautista he was going for the sidelines but I think that was a fair play he's just trying to get a little hard count right here maybe trying to get him to jump they're not gonna do it he's gonna switch to play right now doesn't like what he sees it's gonna move Muni over to his other side right now receivers are Patrick Isabel it's gonna be a handoff to Muni up the middle he was able to drag one defenders three yards all the way for the first down Chapman staying committed to that run game after a slow start on the ground early and it's been paying off so far got a third and long with Marcellus hunter Joe mutti got them in closer to the end zone and picks up a first down right there looks like Chapman is gonna remain out here with the four receiver set let's see they were doing that in this game so far in the first quarter instead of going to the tight end they're gonna motion Isabel to the left and now she's looking at Isabel right now and he is sacked that is number 11 on the cow lutheran team Aaron excuse me a quitter you Eddington very end and Eddington just able to get in there the right tackle misses his block there for Chapman and gives up this the sack Ryan moles just not able to get outside quick enough makes the wrong read and Ellington able to get in there for the sack yes maybe Chapman start considering having a tight end as that extra blocker it's gonna be a swing pass to mutti mutti he's trying to get game back the yardage of the sack on 3rd 19 just trying to give Chapman a little better field position trying to flip field on an upcoming fourth down and here on third and 10 Chapman not afraid to run the ball on on third and long they did it with Marcellus Hunter already there he is again in the game guy with great upfield running back vision but they're also not afraid to put the ball in the hands of their senior quarterback Rickie Bautista about Jesus so great I'm making things happen on third down doing a great job on that last Drive it's gonna be a play-action pass by T says rolling to his right there's pressure he's going down throwing double coverage so Isabel and is intercepted by Cal Lutheran that is number 21 clayton wood on the return tackle that about the 30-yard line I saw Jesus second interception so far in the first quarter already more than he had the entire season coming into the game and that was another poor decision there by Bautista under pressure throws it deep and just picked off right there not able to complete the pass Clayton would the strong safety making a play there and a good return there to to set his team up with good field position here after the interception gonna be a hand up to Beeson just up the middle not not have much where to go it was a second and long so far neither as team has been able to do much in the running game it looks like both teams are still committed to it I mean it is only the first quarter and both teams have showed success through the air of course but also part of being able to throw the football is running the ball you need to make the defense second-guess what they're doing all the time and both of these teams understand that they stay committed to the run game does so many things like to open up your plaques and passes they play action right here and he's gonna be dropped that's daveed Carter on the sack and a vide Carter just making plays all over the field this year for Chapman a junior transfer coming in you could tell from the very first game that he was going to be able to make some plays and there is with another sack on the season yeah both teams making a lot of pressure so far here in the game early in the first quarter looked like it might have been an offensive shootout but instead it looks like the defense of both teams is gonna be key here tonight Frederickson rolls to his right he is under pressure looking downfield there's no one who's gonna take it himself makes one defender miss up the middle of the field still go and brought down at the 40 great job right great runner right there I should say my friends works in and that's gonna be a close one they're a little bit of a stingy spot by the referee they're gonna have to bring the sticks out to measure that and see if he got it or not time for the injured and down on the field we have an injured Panther Austin pike ax it looks like number 99 senior defensive tackle for the Panthers major player for their team he's dealt with injuries this year to his shoulder looks like he's holding that shoulder a little bit right now and hopefully for their sake he'll be all right we wish Austin the best and hope he can get back on the field even tonight yeah last game that we covered here against Redlands looked like he had the same injury and he was able to he's walking off the field right now under his own power last game that he was introduced able to come back in the game after this going into the second half hopefully he's able to do the same thing here tonight as he is one of the key players on this Chapman defensive line so Isabel is gonna be back all the way at the 15 and received the pun last time there's a free shot I didn't buy the gunner I think this punt is returnable he's gonna return it on the near sideline cuts it up the middle and tackled at the 30 yard line and that was a great return there by Isabel getting what he could not trying to get too fancy go around the edge actually lose yards none of that going upfield charging upfield not afraid of contact and Isabel great return there setting his team up at the 30 when he caught it back at the tent and there's Austin pike oh there they're checking him out he's a senior not a super tall guy at 511 but he does weigh 280 and most of that is muscle if you've ever met the guy he's gigantic well looks like channels gonna go with a little bit of different formation right here only one receiver it's gonna be a handoff to muni on the right side it and hit muni had some space he makes one in front of us and there is nothing but green grass the head of joe beauty after 20 at the 10 and it's gonna be a touchdown for Joe muni right here getting this Chapman team back in the game Joe moody just a great play right there a great job by Chapman by bringing in the full-back getting him a little bit of extra blocking right there clearing the way for him to get an easy touchdown untouched and beauty just showing incredible and Joe moody here just shows incredible vision able to get out to the edge and score that touchdown well extra point this time is good there wasn't load snap with the kickers able to get it through do you like that call right there going for one instead of two yeah there's no reason to go for two right there and possibly Sports six twice you see Joe moody right here getting out to the edge he's got some great blocking @kv no means a day able to kick out the defensive back and clear the way for Joe mutti to make it down the field and he doesn't even slow down until he's in the end zone hard runner great runner Joe moody in for the touchdown and what a block right there by me did a block in jeez the one who got the interception the first interception in this game yeah he's been playing great for Cal Lutheran not able to get off the block there means a day great blocking all of these Chapman receivers show such good blocking skills in the run game they all understand that when I'm not getting the ball I need to help mut the rest of my teammates succeed that's actually Joe beauty's third touchdown I believe the touchdown rush I'd say over 50 yards yeah after last season only scoring one touchdown against Occidental and that blowout win we mentioned in the pregame show he's been extremely explosive this year and that could be in part to the emergence of Rickie Bautista we had a nice return right here by Cal Lutheran they're a turn men on that was number two Devante Dixon and coming out here Cal Lutheran been doing the right things offensively but coming up short twice when they're not inside the red zone to start off two three and outs Friedrichs is gonna immediately throw it was look right side completes it to his receiver he actually has more receptions than their go to Wendell O'Brien but less red zone targets I should say yeah Wendell O'Brien he's a big dude six two and Lacombe also a big guy six three both of those players have been able to do good things for Cal loosen this year either one is a great target in the red zone makes a nice toe-tapping catch right there on the sideline making sure to keep his feet inbounds getting the first down for the Kingsmen Cal Lutheran running a little bit of hurry up here trying to keep the Panthers on their heels complete to is receiver number 16 Diego Hernandez the tight end eats number 16 Diego Hernandez and Dillon Keef they're making the tackle miss Chapman defense getting exposed a little bit here now that Cal Lutheran is throwing the ball now see if calendar month to play before the end of the quarter and they do it's gonna be a play-action fir just is under pressure rolling to his right side is gonna have to throw it out of bounds great player at the ref rejects and avoiding the sack and let's take a look at the two of these quarterbacks that are number one and two in sky Academy trixin and Rickie Bautista both quarterbacks around 1700 yards Rickie Bautista completing a gaudy 70.3 percent on the year that's insane and both with a huge amount of passing touchdowns and neither of them really heard from too much tonight it's gonna be a hangout up the middle to be sand out of the pistol he's gonna be near the first down marker it looks like they're gonna give him credit for the first down and that's gonna bring in a knee to our first quarter here that Ernie Chapman Stadium Chapman with the lead at the end of the first quarter 13 to 7 so an exciting first quarter we had two interceptions thrown by Bautista you never see long touchdown run by Jones had a touchdown rush by the cow lutheran side and a freshman wide receiver getting him in the end zone for this Panthers team not what we expected coming into this tonight's game yeah I mean the Panthers really show offensive ly that they have a lot of depth I mean a freshman wide receiver scoring for them isn't necessarily something you would necessarily expect to hear but Bautista stressed to us every time he talks that he's fully confident in his entire stable of receivers and he showed that they're going to his man in the red zone Frankie does not Frankie now excuse me Nikko raagas in the red zone draaga's able to get in for the touchdown that first touchdown that the Panthers got that Joe moody just doing what he does and making it into the end zone another run over 50 yards the guys been great this year extremely explosive he has great running back vision and you can tell that he and his offensive line really have great chemistry and he's able to read their blocks and get into open space very quickly we're about ready to start here in the second quarter freeze he's gonna take the shotgun snap I think there's a pre snap penalty music there's gonna be a false start on the Kingsmen 69 so it is gonna be a false start for the Kingsmen and just on the offensive line number 69 and you hate to see those pre-snap penalties on either team yeah it really it stalls the it stalls the action of the game but more importantly as a player you have to avoid those types of penalties you know the count and if you don't watch the ball I mean it's being a split second off the ball late is better than giving up five yards well Freitas is hit as he throws and a ball is gonna hit the ground almost an interception right there by Chapman Friedrich Senna had no did not see him coming and Chris Williams again diving making an effort to make an interception and unfortunately he's still got no interceptions this year Chris been so close to a few as we've seen but not quite able to get there on that one [Music] so it's gonna bring up a second and 15 three ticks ins changing the play call right now moving his running back to his other side he is a backup running back in right now Beeson is not in the game that's gonna be a quick pass and immediately hit down by Dawid Carter and they're gonna call a flag on that hit and that was a great hit there by David Carter unfortunately you see some yellow on the field you if that is indeed Qatar getting that may be an issue for the Chapman defense did you I thought that it was clean what do you think I thought it was pretty clean as well it was a heads-up hit kept his head up didn't come down come in with a crown of his helmet down it did not look like he was targeting the receivers head in any way and it was just a good overall hit yeah cuz Harris is on the receiving end of that hit and he's he's fine he's looking at the side that I'm now trying to get the play call it's you see what this bounty is incidental helmet contact what be third down not quite sure what the call is right there our referee Mike was cut now it was incidental helmet contact I believe which means that they'd pick they will pick up the flag helmet to helmet contact usually a penalty but that's when it's purposeful it's incidental there on the daveed Carter hit but it was a good textbook tackle there by David Carter and no flag [Applause] so this is gonna bring up a third down and long for the Kingsmen it's gonna be a shotgun snap going and towards the end zone and throws it out of the back there's gonna be a flee another fourth down for the Kingsmen good coverage there by the Chapman defense making it hard for Frederickson to go deep there on third and long he had a man open in the flat is his tight end but he's not going to him he was looking long Diego Hernandez that was too tight and he was open but instead great coverage down the field by number 25 Matt Leighton there was a flag on the play for offensive holding enforced Chapman's gonna deny that penalty to bring up a fourth down see what Cal Lutheran does here they're kind of in no-man's land let's say they're got some trickeration going on right now and it looks like they're gonna call timeout to figure out what to do correction Chapman is elected to take the penalty for me holding so it looks like Chapman's gonna actually accept the holding penalty to back Cal who thrown up it's gonna bring up another third down it looks like Chapman just probably didn't like what they saw right there on the trickeration from Cal Lutheran and Chapman really showing that they do trust them on the offense they're pushing Cal Lutheran back trying to make it so that they cannot kick a field goal on fourth down if they're able to stop them here out of the path then it's going to be very difficult for them to kick a field goal so watch for Cal Lutheran to go for some type of high percentage completion play and by that I mean a play where you know the receivers going to get it you know someone's gonna get open try to move a little bit closer and set up a long field goal and it's gonna bring up a third and about 22 and you said they're probably just gonna try to get a little bit closer to that to make it a fourth down easy or maybe go for a field goal try or maybe get a little closer since they are in that no-man's land where you don't want a punt but you don't want a kick so interesting right here to see what kallu friend's gonna do looks like the referees are still conferring as to what's going on right now we've a backup running back Clements in right now for the Kingsmen Jason is not in right now and Clements and Chris Beeson actually almost identical size because of these sin 5:8 not taking the pedal the penalty kept not charged with a timeout they still have three remaining timeouts for the half and there you go Cal Lutheran gets a timeout back because of that decision made by Chapman [Applause] federer's gonna roll to his left side he's gonna have to throw across his body and overthrows his receiver he was going for number eight richard casseras but it's gonna bring up a fourth and 22 and that moved by the chapman panthers are going is going to pay off as they push the cow lutheran Kingsman back too far to be able to kick a field goal and they were able to execute on that third down and keep them from getting back into field goal range so chaplains excuse me Callie's gonna have to punt at the 50-yard line gonna be kind of hard to pin them deep blue it's gonna be hard to get the ball to not roll through the end zone giving Chapman a touch back yeah Isobel lined up at about the 10 right now high snap punters able to get it and balls gonna be kicked out of bounds and they're gonna mark the ball at about the 2 it looks like he's referee still walking up giving chattin better field position all the way to the 15 he's gonna be first down for Chapman at the 5th at their own 15-yard line not great starting field position but they have dealt with a lot worse yeah you saw the last game we did when Chapman hosted Redlands here they actually got the ball in their own one-yard line and threw it on third and 10 from their own goal on and completed it so they're no stranger to executing here with their back against the wall it's gonna be a handoff to hunter on the left side and he's trying to get to the sideline not able to get much brought down after a gain of 1 maybe 2 looks like Chapman was going with another for the same formation that they had on the muni long touchdown run traditionally in the first quarter they were going a lot of four or five five wide receiver sets I don't know touchdown run some unity they brought and tight end and a fullback looks like they're going with with that again right here with Cody and Bruce checking into the game Hunters gonna remain the back looks like immense a days the only wide receiver on the fields gonna be another handoff to a hunter up the middle and again he is able to go nowhere if you look at this cow lutheran defensive line it's just men just if you look at their starters - 65 - 55 - 25 they have some big men right there on this cow who can be putts of line yeah and you see that the chavín panthers are a little may be shying away from running inside as much they might be out sized towards the middle of the field but when running outside they've been having major successes Jim UT had that big run earlier this is gonna motion to left side now Chiefs is looking that way and it's just out though outside the reach of looks like us backer backer getting back into the game backer hasn't seen much action so far in this game he's gonna check out it's gonna bring up a fourth down a quick three and out right here for the Panthers they're gonna be putting that out about the five yard line but of course when you have a punter like deed that's just a total GameChanger able to flip real positions the preseason first team punter yeah deep a very talented punter he's able to move the ball down the field a lot for the chavín Panthers that time not too long yeah balls kicked all the way down to about the cow lutheran 40 but it took a bad bounce it could calories and bouncing was stopped all the way at midfield the Daevas didn't quite get the spin on the ball down the putter Chimpy likes to get yeah and back to deep strong leg he actually averages almost 45 yards per punt which is absolutely insane for a player at this level my gosh chatlin has no safeties lined up right now and it's gonna be Frederickson thrown to his left side completes it and he's fighting for yards that not able to get much so far they've been going to cáceres a lot and they're not going to their typical guys of O'Brien and Lacombe and like I said earlier two teams like this that play each other so often once a year in conference big games they know what they're gonna do they have lots of tape on each other so those go to receivers may not be the guys you see performing as well tonight it's gonna be a handoff Sbisa out of the shotgun he has to try to go up the middle not able to get much so he bounces it to the outside and brought down at the Chapman 29 yard line great run right there for Beeson and Beeson shows some great moves right there getting outside using his speed and able to just break some tackles and you see right here he's able to get outside and use his speed marek Spooner love Duff not a slow guy able not able to catch up to him the Fredersen completes it again to cáceres casseras so far the go to target typically the third the third option for the Calais disciple like you said Chapman has a lot of coverage going towards a comb and O'Brien so having to Saracen a third option he's definitely working out for this Kingston team right now and Cal Lutheran the majority of their positive plays so far have come in the passing game and that's something that's been Chapman's weakness all year long and one of Cal Lutheran strengths looks like they're going to the endzone out through the outlet complete over the hands I should say Aaron the comb and in coverage right there was Trevor Ross the junior defensive back for Chapman staying close and Frederickson really just throwing that one real far over the top making it so that if anybody's gonna catch it it's gonna be his receiver and nobody else to bring up a second and ten inside the red zone looking to his left side and it completes it to Oh ball comes out as it hits the ground of course you have to complete the process not the of the catch that was to Wendell O'Brien Wendell O'Brien going to him as they so often do in the red zone and you see in coverage they're now down here on the goal line they've split out free safety Chris Williams and he is actually manned up with O'Brien which means they trust Chris Williams the most to cover a guy like this with such good size and red zone catching ability Chris Williams is the guy they're gonna call upon to stop a man like that well it's gonna bring up a third and 10 this is gonna be a huge third down play right here for the Chapman defense if they want to stop as Kingsman offense going towards the end zone and completes it - oh the referees gonna say incomplete pass initially I thought it was caught by the comb they're gonna say incomplete pass what's gonna bring up a fourth down it looks like number 11 Kingsman teams gonna bring out their field goal unit and just great red zone defense there by Chapman not giving up the big play being aware of the goal line and not getting letting anybody get in behind them and forcing this field goal here after getting driven on down the field yeah looking at the replay here that we have up in the booth that was great coverage right there by Chris to service being able to break it up and make sure that the only way that sir sees I should excuse me was able to break up the pass as he was not able to get it through the complete the process of the cat's bring it to the ground and it's gonna be a complete field go right here for Cal Lutheran giving them ten points it's a three-point game so far here the second quarter and Cal Lutheran staying close in this game Chapman up they've got 13 points here two touchdowns that had that phe blocked earlier Rickie Bautista those two early interceptions but since then he's been good and Chapman will get the ball back here up in the second quarter 13 to 10 only a field goal difference so they're going to be looking to go down the field and spread that lead to two scores here against the cow lutheran offense that's so explosive and can really turn the tide of a game at any time yeah Chuck like you said this Kathleen office has been so explosive so far on the season but Chapman's defense has done a great job containing their lone touchdown came off that short position after Ricky Bautista's first interception and there's second points in the game came after they had a first down to go inside the red zone so the Chapman defense was able to hold up inside the renzo to only give it up three points and I'm sure they'd much rather give up three instead of seven and so far the Chapman office has been rolling they stalled a little bit on their last Drive but they've had a touchdown reception to the freshman and a long touchdown run by Muni they're gonna get the ball back right here yeah hunter and Isabel back to receive it's gonna be caught on about the five-yard line return to the near sideline and oh he's able to make a defender miss him brought down at the 40 great return right there by Chapman and Nicaragua's so raucous making another big play for the Chapman Panthers here one of the first times we've ever heard from when the season was that touchdown earlier and that there he is with another big return showing that he can make people miss and do things in open space that others might not be able to there's only gonna be one receiver lined up for Chapman right now and is gonna be Jacob Isabel on Bautista's right side same formation they had on Moody's long touchdown runs gonna be another handoff to fake the hand out some UT but he says looking at Isabel he's covered but his loss to come back to catch the ball and he's able to do so at the Cal Lutheran 45 from Isabel tonight on that catch we are hearing that they're testing pike Austin pike of the defensive tackle who was injured earlier for a concussion and if they determine that he does have a concussion he will have to sit out tonight and pass a concussion protocol in the coming week well it's gonna be a pass complete to the fullback for chori for a gain of about four nice to see Joey get involved in the passing game and the autopen show D someone they really like to use he's able to make some big blocks in games like Pomona Pitzer where he led the way for Joe beauty with no seconds left to score a game-winning touchdown but he can also make some catches out there as we saw right there yeah I believe he also had a touchdown on that game against Bowen Pitzer as well looks like it could be a free play as Cal Lutheran jump Bautista going for it all right here oh it looks like Chapman just not able to capitalize on that golden opportunity right there pass was deflected looks like I'm in today look could've had a nice catch tip to it in the end zone looks like it caught him off guard not able to come up with the catch as you can see right here on the replay yeah Bautista sees the defense jumps off sides and immediately goes deep to his man means a day and it means a day not able to scoop that one in but the Panthers do get five yards here and it means a day gonna be disappointed that he dropped that one that's any receivers worst nightmare looks like what the chains crew wasn't ready yet I would have given Chapman a first down and they're gonna be handed off to mutti anyway and he isn't able to get any ground on there they're gonna give him forward progress on that that's positive for the Panthers but that was definitely a negative play momentum was moving forwards here on this Drive not sure what Chapman ran a play right there the chance he wasn't ready and it looks like they were trying to run some sort of hurry up and it looks like they just weren't ready for it so we got some different receivers checking them for Chapman right now with Ville as well as [Music] vacker and Paciorek it's gonna be a handoff to mute e on the right side mute e trying to get that edge and physique Elliott type hurdle falls forward to the 30-yard line tackle by number 44 Gordon and mutti trying to get the edge on that eventually cuts upfield may have wanted to string that one out a little bit wider there he has the speed to do so and vision was that may have not been something that he's gonna be happy about watching film here on third down Chapman 53% on the season and they're gonna shift formation here and try to improve that percentage on this down there's a little Star Wars formation right here is your grid send me a pack completes a bend Ruth and he's gonna take it in for the touchdown right there amazing play call right there for Chapman mixing it up going with that Star Wars off and say Hugh Jackson made so famous on that Cincinnati Bengals offense from a few years ago and it works out as a touchdown pass in Chapman's favor and if you see here about Tisa just looking and finds his man in this in the scene Ben Bruce able to get in for the touchdown some great blocking there by Joe moody leading the way and that's something we've been talking about all season long is just great team play by the Chapman Panthers offense even when the skill positions are not getting the ball all of them are making very good blocks yeah Ben booth looking like an old Tyler Eifert right there going out of that old Cincinnati Bengals formation that's Hugh Jackson made so it's famous not working right now at the Browns but it's working for this Chapman Panthers often Chapman's got to lead right now 20 to 10 halfway through the second quarter Chapman's offense is rolling their defenses holding this cow lutheran defense pretty contained right now looks like it's gonna be all Chapman so far in the first half and here in the second quarter Rickie Bautista has bounced back very well he was only 6 for 10 in the first half with two interceptions and here he is now in the second quarter able to make some big plays for his team there with a touchdown pass to Ben Bruce [Music] and you know something to keep an eye on here is Rickie Bautista is one of those players when he starts rolling he just starts making he throw after throw after throw so Cal Lutheran really getting a little nervous there on the defensive side of the ball it's gonna be a decent return up the middle right there for Cal Lutheran that was Devante Dixon on their return looks like he might add some space but Chapman coverage tema did a good job of catching up to him and bring him down at about the 31 and Austin Paikea has been cleared for from concussion protocol he is now back on the field very good to see that's a nasty injury also a painful one and he's back here on the field now ready to plug up the holes for the defense again okay but daveed Carter has some room right there trying to blitz and it might have thrown off the pass protection right there for Cal Lutheran that's gonna mean incomplete pass and Ramon Chavez was creeping on that ball right there if it was a little bit higher Cal Lutheran might have had an interception there of their own Frederickson glad that that one hit the ground gonna bring up a second and ten ball in the 31-yard line you're gonna line up out of the pistol right now Beeson as the running back three receivers to the left side receiver motions to the left Fredersen looking down the left sideline and finds a white oak and Casares on the far sideline cáceres stay with a ball forward for additional five yards now Lutheran's passing offense still able to make plays out here down 20 to 10 they're gonna keep throwing the football that's their specialty and that is the Chapman defense weakness that works out very well for the Kingsmen it's gonna be a hand out to be sent up the middle right now and it looks like he's able to fall forward Chapman it looks like they're going a little too low right there and he's able to dance around some jamming defenders and get a nice gain yeah and the idea there by defensive lineman kind of falling on the ground is they want to trip up the offensive line kind of make a traffic jam there for the second level players the linebackers to get in and make the tackle it's going to bring up a second and two right now for the Kingsmen there's and takes the snap he's gonna fake the handoff the Beeson looking downfield going for it all right now and just overthrows his receiver intended for his receiver Aaron Lacombe so far he has not been able to hook up with Lacombe or O'Brien after many attempts and I really did not like the effort I saw there from Aaron Lacombe yes it was overthrown but it wasn't egregiously overthrown and I feel like he could have at least made a diving effort to try and catch that football especially here down to scores it's gonna be a hand off to be seen right now on third down he's trying to get the edge and is able to do so for the first down and only able to pick up about four words but like I said it is gonna be a first down for the Kingsmen it's gonna bring up a first down ball on the Chapman 41 yard line six and a half minutes to go in the second quarter Cal Lutheran is down ten Frederick's has got two receivers to his right one than Moses to his left he's gonna hail it off the beasts and up the middle and has an immediately dragged down but still able to get a decent gain on the play and Cal Lutheran their offense that was a great first down play first down wise you always want to get yards that's the one thing that that first down plays are designed to do at all costs do not lose any yards set your team up with a second and shorter than the first down was looks like French was the under press right now and he's gonna be sacked it looks like pike it might have actually been the first one there excuse me that was actually number 79 for Chapman on the sack Derek Hart the so far both quarterbacks have been under heavy pressure in this game and here on the replay you can see Frederickson just nowhere to go and he gets swallowed up with by almost the entire Panthers defensive line the first one there however Derrick Hart now Derrick Carter has his pressure again on the next play and it looks like Frederickson is able to avoid the pressure and complete it all the way down to the 20 Harmon completes it to his receiver O'Brien for a huge gain for the Kingsmen picker gonna run some hurry up right here try to get it going and O'Brien coming off the field actually he was injured on that play you see he's not out there anymore looks like the Kings that are going for the end zone right now and it is caught for the touchdown for the Kingsmen by Josh Moody [Applause] [Music] so a quick strike right there by the Kings been gone a long ball to O'Brien and then to Mooney looks like we might have that shootout after all yeah and Cal Lutheran just one of those teams we said earlier to turn the tide very quickly high-octane offense Frederickson showing why he has the lead four touchdown passes in sky AK right now great touchdown pass there to Mooney and great catch by Mooney not afraid to take contact from the safety watch the point is good that's gonna get mal Luther and they're gonna be down to three points right now Chapman is gonna get the ball back with about five minutes to go here in the second quarter Cal Lutheran does get the ball to start the second half so if you're Chapman do you try to use the entire clock right now so you don't give Cal who than that opportunity to double up well that is something definitely that you always keep in mind as a play call you don't want to score too fast but at the same time there's really something that's important is you score when you score it here's a big here's the big pass from Frederickson to his man O'Brien and O'Brien making the great catch there on the sidelines yeah so just like if you do give Cal Lutheran at any time right they're just going back that last try and it shows you that they do have the ability to score very quickly two big plays back to back but the receptions by O'Brien and moody so if you're Chapman I don't give the ball back to Cal Lutheran here in the second in the first half and like I said earlier you have to score when you score something that a lot of coaches like to say is this is real life football this ain't Madden so you got to score when you could score the court coaches will be conscious of the clock here but in real life football you move the ball and you take the opportunities that you have the Chapmans wasn't able to capitalize on anything last opportunity they had going three and out looks like they're often smite have slowed down a little bit well they're gonna call Cal Lutheran for a late hit out of bounds gonna give Chapman an additional 15 yards giving him great starting field position here on the next drive and after a great Drive by the offense right there that's just a mental mistake you cannot make the coaching staff definitely going to be extremely frustrated about that one Cal Lutheran just a major error right there Trey Brown the linebacker freshman with little a hit out of bounds that's something that you cannot have after such a positive Drive we're gonna fake the handoff to Isabel right now in Bautista's looking downfield more to go if he's just gonna have to run out of bounds now this Cal Lutheran secondary really putting the pressure on these Chapman wide receivers they've only allowed one hundred ninety eight point seven yards gained per game passing this year and it's because they're just getting coverage plain and simple and we saw it right there Ricky Bautista rolling and looking but can't find anybody now so far his first three to hasn't really been there tonight looking around at multiple options that is why the freshman wide receiver does have a touchdown tonight's game actually a third option on that touchdown reception it's gonna be a hand out some UT Moody's trying to get to the outside not able to get there goes up the middle and falls forward for a gain of about three it's gonna bring up another Chapman third down and that's something the Panthers aren't afraid to do it on second down has run the football I talked earlier about their even mix of running pass it's something that they need to do in order to keep that defense from backing up and playing to to cushioned to defend against the pass and it's benefited Ricky bouchy so a lot this year and they hope that it benefits them on third down raucous is going to go in motion to Bautista's left side T she's looking across the middle of the field completes it to in the bell for her first down and is goes brought down all the way at the calories in 38 yard line [Applause] and the referees a little frustrated with Isabel there he throws the ball off to the sideline judge and the back judge was a little angry that he didn't just hand it to him but I don't think Isabel was able to see that the referee was behind him he's lucky he didn't get an unreasonable penalty right there she's about three minutes left here in the first half running back right now is hunter and it's gonna be a hand it to him up the middle looks like he has some room they're fightin for that first down and he gets it for a gator about as well nice character from our cylinder yeah hunter a strong runner shows it right there dragging some defenders getting some extra yards not afraid to take contact inside the tackles and he makes it another first down for the Chapman Panthers they've had plenty here in this game you're gonna first I don't intend to go at the kallu from 28 yard-line they're gonna snap the ball with about 220 left on the game clock maybe 230 receivers right now our backer in Isabel it's gonna be a hand up off the right side to Hunter and Hunter has a little bit of room fall forward for about six looks like they're committed to the run right now with Marcel's under maybe trying to shoot that clock like I mentioned earlier making sure talisman doesn't have the opportunity to double up receivers remain backer in Isabel but Jodi and Bruce are in the game on the left side it's gonna be a hand off on the strong side of the field hunters just fighting for that first down and I think they're gonna give it to him he took quite a hit right there to his head he's gonna check out of the game a Moody's gonna come back in and that's something that having Marcellus hunter and Joe mutti and your running back stable it offers the advantage of is you can use both of them in a game situation like this where you're running a lot of hurry up offense and hunter I really liked what I saw from him they're able to will sidestep on that zone run find the hole and get out and get out there for a little extra yards make it 30 short ma another handoff up the middle for you yet and he's gonna be brought down at about the well not quite as far as I thought a 14 yard line but it is a Chapman first down and he's like Paciorek that was quite a short spot on that play Brad I think that's quite a little bit further than what the referee saw but regardless that was a great play by the Panthers offensive line there no but no fancy action getting anybody into the second level just make it two blocks and havoc Joe moody hug the ball for dear life and get some yards the lineup as the writers here and they're gonna motion him and they're gonna go touchdown pass to a wide-open Paciorek touchdown Panthers and great play there by the Panthers love that play call just making the defense choose who to cover there in that zone coverage whoever they don't pick on those two seam routes as who gets the ball and that was Paciorek and Rickie Bautista a great read there well you can see right here he's looking finds him and just a miscommunication there with the check with the Cal Lutheran defense at Paciorek in for six with my snap is high and the holder is not able to handle it and he's this gonna be tackled so it's gonna be another missed extra point for Chapman and that's big right there for Chapman they keep having these positive drives with big plays to score by guys that don't usually get into the end zone and that's really something that the offense gets excited about and then they have a play like that where they botch the extra point yeah so instead of them being up ten we're done touchdown on a field goal lead they're only up to nine so Justin I feel we'll actually didn't give Cal Lutheran here now to miss extra points for chaplain right now we've still got a lovely you saw on the offensive sites where she going back to that last play lining Isabel up as a running back motioning him out and about she's totally faking it towards him confusing this Calhoun defense and finding a wide open Patrick love to play call but again in just the next extra point you just hate to see that some special teams miscues right now for Chapman and so far it looks like Cal Lutheran has been capitalizing on all of Chapman's missed opportunities it's the first interception by Bautista and then the two mixed extra points that's what's keeping them in the game at this point yeah those two extra points are gonna be big moving forward that's two points that's just a two-point conversion to change that and moving forward if Cal Lutheran gets any closer looked for them to maybe go for to tally if it's gonna get the ball at about the 25 yard line with 43 seconds remaining in the third quarter they showed on their last they have the big strike ability going to O'Brien and moody on the touchdown reception Chapman defense is already out there ready to ball Cal Lutheran looking like they're taking their sweet time right now and trying to come up with the perfect two-minute offense right now to get Mann's on Clair and if there's anybody you walk behind the helm it's Fredrickson he's been great this year only three interceptions leads the conference in passing touchdowns extended his lead already tonight looks like he's looking downfield right now and he has a wide open over you see rain has hit out of Bounce out of the coma on the reception big strike on the first play of the drive and that is just what you cannot do here with only 37 seconds left in the game 40 about 45 seconds left in the game at the start of that last play and Chapman calls the timeout here defensive coordinator just gonna come out and say guys we cannot give up these big plays here on first down that's one of the major problems and you see right here just a nice strike right there to look home and that's number 25 Matt Leighton excuse me number 25 Noah don't need being beaten on that one for Chapman has a great play call right there by the Kingsmen of course completing the long pass being able to do so near the sidelines so he's able to get out of Bounce and stop the play clock giving him more time they have 37 seconds remaining here in the third quarter to try to make something happen get out the ball on the Chapman 48 yard line first and tend to go three receivers to the left one to the right receiver motion there's gonna be a flat on the plate going to be a ball start on it scheming [Applause] permit I believe that was Jeremy excuse me I don't know who that was on the false start they called up defensive lineman's now chaplains bringing the pressure right now he's able to dance around and find a wide open receiver in the middle of the field vacant people missed and he's still going fighting for that ends on a drag down all the way I can one yard line and player down now Cal Lutheran has a player down at the goal line and that's just something you don't like to see after a big play like that you could see able to just scramble right there as Frederickson pass the Blitz and then making people miss all the way up the field is number 16 Diego Hernandez the tight end for Cal Lutheran and he'll be the player down right now he is getting up he will walk off under his own power and it looks like he's got a little bit of a limp there favoring his right leg a great job by Hernandez are their mom avoiding three tackles to get down all the way to the one-yard line yeah that's something you don't often see from a tight end the tight end position has really gone through a revolution as of late in the last ten years really where a guys have just no longer it's a player who can make blocks and catch an occasional pass he's really a guy that you can depend on to make big plays like that the last time calorie can out the ball this ghost fans and they ran it with Beeson looks like they're looking towards the end zone and it's gonna be ruled incomplete out of bounds looks like the far referee was gonna initially call for a touchdown and then call it out of bounds and that was Chris search sis on the coverage there Cal Lutheran taking advantage of the height disadvantage right there trying to throw the fade route into the corner the referee doesn't see the feet get down and that was Wendell O'Brien they're trying to get his 11th touched receiving touchdown of the year voters gonna line up out of the shotgun he's looking towards that corner and zone again and find the receiver for the touchdown that is number 43 on the reception Joff catcher and don't catch her in for the touchdown right there Chapman so focused on defending against that fade route from O'Brien that catch are able to get wide open in the flat right here look comes completely untouched out into the flat eventually someone gets out to touch him but Ramon Chavez just a little too late there and Cal Lutheran able to score here in 30 seconds yeah interesting right there that cally we think what's a catcher typically a linebacker and not receiving cut that Chapman would have been prepared for right there get the touchdown reception bring it in Calhoun attending to with 15 seconds to go here in the second quarter yeah maybe a little bit of Mike Vrabel Patriots action right there for Cal Lutheran and that was our first female player in Sky AK right there with the extra point for Cal Lutheran yeah Morgan South Whannell getting her seventh extra point made on the seasoned and Cal Lutheran comes within to hear and remember Chapman missed those two extra points so instead of being up by more than a field goal with four they're now only up by two here in the end of the first half after giving up a touchdown to Cal Lutheran in 30 seconds it's gonna be a squib kick right now making sure Chapman doesn't have a big return it's gonna be picked up by Isabel and Isabel has nowhere to go and that was just a miscommunication there by the Panthers Isabel the one they wanted to get to the ball to Marcellus Hunter looking like he's gonna pick it up off sturla Isabel have it and Isabel a little bit taken aback by that not able to get on the ball as quickly and just a kind of a botched return there by Chapman but short kicks so they get it at the 23 ish anyways looks like Chapman is gonna take a knee right here go into the second half with a two-point lead right here but of course Calhoun does get the ball to start the second half looking for that opportunity to double up as the Patriots a dunk made such a good job of doing but nonetheless Chapman is gonna take a lead going into the second half which is all you can ask for you put up 26 points and you have the lead you may not like what you've done on the decent side of the ball giving up 24 points but of course some of those points have come based off of turnovers the first score of the game was Mike a Lutheran getting that short field position off the initial interception by Ricky Bautista giving them their first touchdown of the game and they're just capitalizing on the Chapman missed opportunities right now so if you're Chapman all think you need to worry as much as you might might in another situation yeah Chapman made a couple mistakes early recovered from them able to gain the lead they received so Cal Lutheran will get it at the half and able to score there at the end of the half that was just really big for Cal Lutheran offense he's scoring at Westmont in about 30 seconds there the second quarter and we'll see what happens here in the second half these two high-octane offense is putting up big numbers in the first half as we go to the halftime break right now we're gonna take a break right now I'm chaplain sports broadcast network tune in for the and we're back here from the booth Tim Wolfe Brad Benson we got cut off on the highlights there by that ceremony a little bit so we're gonna jump right back into them starting with that great touchdown pass from Ricky Bautista to mark Paciorek let's take a look so after that Fredrickson able to scramble pass the Blitz get out to his man Diego Hernandez the moving tight end right there showing some great athleticism getting down to the one-yard line and then after that he's just going to toss it out into the flag to his man Josh catcher and that brings us to where we are now with the score Chapman 26 kallu 24 [Music] these two teams have been duking it out so far in this game after the first half on third downs Chapman has been 71% that has been part of what has brought them to their two-point lead here that over through the passing game Cal Lutheran 6 for 11 Chapman 9 for 14 both teams looking to do a little bit better in the second half total yards really is what tells the story though Chapman 221 total yards two cow Lutheran's 109 and that is that what tells the story in this game moving forward into the second half and now let's take a look at some other things that we need to talk about here next week's schedule Redlands faces off against Whittier and Chapman will look to continue a sky AK undefeated run hoping that they win tonight they can move on against Claremont mud scripts and then over on the other side of the sky act conference Pomona Pitzer will be playing Laverne all right well thank you so much for tuning in to this halftime Charlotte's chatlin sports broadcasting network we'll be back for the second half and we're getting ready to start here the second half Chapman's kicking off the calendar through calories to get the ball to start the second half ball is gonna receive that the five-yard line running up the middle of the field cuts it back to the right sideline finding some space and brought down at the 28 yard line the bots are dixit on their return so it looks like Calvin's gonna want to score gonna try to capitalize on the opportunity to double up right here they scored to end the first half trying to score too short in the second half they show that they do have the ability to do it with their long passing attack so far they haven't been able to do much on the ground let's see if they try to stay committed to the run game or leaders keep attacking through the air because it has been working so far [Music] Fredrickson's looking around right now mixing up the play called but like what he sees Chapman showing pressure right now and they're gonna be called for a delay of game [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] focuses taking a snap looking downfield and completes it to his man making people miss going all the way down to the 45 yard line is aired Lancome and Lacombe their leading receiver on their team he does not lead in touchdowns that long that stat belongs to a Brian willecombe making a big play there that will be erased by a holding penalty now lucky break right there for Chapman as the big play calls gonna be backed up ten yards instead of a nice gain of about 30 and here's the play right here Lacombe just fighting for some extra yards there after a great play finding the hole in the zone and Frederick's been able to capitalize on it the Fredrickson's looking to get something going right now if they have bad field position backed up using all the way at their own 13 yard line coming up for a first down and a country mile here first down markers all the way at their own 38 and right now they're backed up at their own 13 so first and 25 to go Patterson takes the snap and completes it to his tight end fighting for some yardage trying to get back down to the original line of scrimmage he's gonna bring him a second and 12 draws catch her on the reception he was the one that made the touchdown grab earlier in the game not listed on the line up as a tight end definitely using him as one and catch her in right now with their starting tight end out that would be number 16 Diego Hernandez you saw him after that big play that he made to get them down to the one-yard line twisting his ankle the chat was very impressed right now they're happy right here right there by chattin but Nick Gordon was able to finish the tackle right there someone has wrapping him up on his shoestring tackle making sure he wasn't able to run away I was actually doing Keefe on that too on the original tackle right there able to wrap him up and Adam O'Shea finishes him off great teamwork there by the Chapman Panthers defensive line so third and 19 right now for Chapman they're only gonna rush three and they're still able to get pressure on Frederickson as he rolls to his left side Dallas in silent and wanting pass interference right they're not going to get it it's a great stop right there by Chapman making this counter third team go three and out and Chris hurts this making a nice play right there count Chapman just playing straight up cover two on that coming team not letting anybody get behind them great defense there on third and long and now three and out here on for Cal Lutheran on their first drive that's exactly what Chapman wanted to do coming out here after allowing them to score so quickly at the end of the first half so Isabelle's gonna be lined up back as a return Manny he's running backwards ball's gonna take a cow lutheran bounce and go all the way out at the Chapman 36 yard line but ISA is gonna come out and try to get something rolling here for this Chapman team curl 26:24 me at the ball 13 minutes left in the third quarter yeah and in the first half Ricky Bautista 11 of 16 he had three touchdowns but he did have two interceptions so Bautista leading this offense in scoring here initiating three of those touchdowns but also turning the ball over twice he's going to be looking to make a couple better decisions here early in the second half unlike early in the first half running backs right now our union for Cody visible as a loaner see where it's gonna be handoffs immunity up the middle Union drags for Kings been down with him after a gain of five so Chapman showed that they are committed to the run with uni after a strong first half by him do you think they're gonna continue happy ball game well like I said I've said throughout this game Chapman's a very good very good at staying 50/50 on run pass that's something that makes both of their attacks play well off of each other and they're definitely going to stay committed to the run here in this game well it's going to be another run up the middle for mutti this time he has nowhere to go they're running into those gorillas so it's going to bring up another third job for Chapman but in the first half that wasn't a model of their elevate convert on 70% of their third downs yeah big big time third down play for Chapman's offense through it throughout the first half obviously third down important to convert on because if you know you come off the field but they've been successful so far this game and not afraid to run it on third down either looks like Calvin's showing pressure right now Chapman doesn't like that's about East is looking the sideline trying to change that [Music] it's gonna be a handout set mutant beauties trying to cut it up the middle after our initial run to the outside not gonna get to the first time marker it looks like Dean's we're all they're gonna come out of the field right now and the referees are trying to decide where they're gonna spot it here the far side judge actually mark tiny a yard forward it's gonna be an official timeout on the field for our measurements they're gonna bring the chains on the field since they are so close if they're short do you think that they're gonna go for it on fourth they're about at midfield Divac good punter accurate punter able to put it where he wants to so it's really hard to tell here on third and short you're up by two Cal Lutheran you just shut them down force them to a three and out but they also showed you that they can shred they can shred your defense a little bit scored in about 30 seconds at the end of that first half so I'm not sure if Chapman would want to give them the ball back here on just on their side of the 50 what is gonna be a fourth down right now and the Chapman offense is gonna remain on the field I think their receivers right now our men's a day and vacker beauties at Dion oppa Jody in the game to watch for him they really like to slide him in in motion right off of that winged spot and use him as a lead blocker through a hole between the guard and the tackle that's how they scored their final touchdown against Pomona Pitzer to win a few weeks ago it's gonna be a hand out to beauty up the middle there's a flag on the play you spot even just about the first down marker maybe a little past it but their flag on the play now Flags pre-snap and after the snap Jody has his helmet off right now go to the sidelines don't know what's going on right now multiply there are three flags on the field right now as the referees try to figure out what's going on did you catch anything I didn't see anything that happened there pre-snap play first up sides defense number six five-yard penetrable in a first down [Music] dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct number 22 not one that we be 50 yards remain work down so they're gonna call Cal Lutheran for encroachment on the defensive side that's gonna give Chapman the first down after the play was over but chori took his helmet off while in the field of play that's gonna be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and move Chapman back 15 yards so they are gonna get the first down and the ball is not going to be turned over on downs but they are going to be backed up so it's not as bad as turning over on downs but you hate to see that your office has to move back even further yeah and it's it's still a first and ten here though so if there is a time to get a penalty that was it it's gonna be a handoff to a hunter on the right left side I should say he doesn't have and something I'm interested to see here is that Ricky Bautista's feigning that read option to type play but he hasn't yet he's yet to take it even though the defensive line has crashed all the way towards the side of the running back which is typically when the quarterback would pull it out and run and I've been told that the coaching staff may not have as much confidence in their backup this year as they did last year Mack Vale backed up Rickie Bautista last year after losing the quarterback battle to him earlier in the season so they had a potential starter behind him last year he was able to run a lot more without them worrying about him being injured and now maybe not so much it's gonna be another read off it at the middle to hunter and again he has nowhere to go even see wasn't able to do much on a rushing side of the offense going up the middle Chapman's the only success rushing the ball has been bouncing it out to the outside but like you said Chaplin is committed to running a football before yeah and in the first half total Chapman had quite a few rushing attempts 21 to be exact at Joe medial 112 yards on the ground but 70 of that came off of that long touchdown run so no one really has a lot of yards right now well hunters gonna remain in the game as the back right now and it looks like there's gonna be a timeout Chapman it was about seven seconds remaining well they didn't like what they see I mean that's typically what's gonna happen there is the coaching staff doesn't like what they see they want to call a timeout and just bring it back every group here it's always better to lose your timeout here on a third down than to lose an opportunity out of potential first downs and continue moving the ball down the field and try to score so coach coaching staffs will often especially in a third down situation like this we'll ought to take that timeout regroup figure out something better to do and get back out there and try to convert and keep moving down the field yeah you just hope that this loss of time that doesn't haunt Chapman later in the game as it comes down to since it is a close game you never know what's gonna happen late in the fourth quarter if they're gonna wish they had that timeout and the music stops and the teams come back out onto the field now it's gonna be a third down and about five to go looks like the calithump tale' ittle bit with the nod call for the flag buddy says gonna change the play call right now and he completes it to beauty beauties fighting for that first town and I think he's gonna get it and that's gonna be a close spot they're gonna be tough to see well the referee has signaled to move to chains and the burden is gonna be a first down for Chapman getting back to where they were before the Patroni penalty for taking off his helmet and something I really liked about that play right there was Ricky Bautista's ball placement on that throw he was able to throw to the outside shoulder of mutti who was covered inside by a linebacker but he's able to throw him open right there and give him a chance to keep running as he catches the ball and get that first down he finds a wide open movie right now I know but he's gonna catch me because he kept it 20 10 5 touchdown jovially another bomb thrown by Ricky Batista and another long touchdown for Joe Neal me and Joe Moody just gets lost there in that play on the wheel route that was just a great play there by Chapman to get him into open field get there guy mutti their playmaker so to speak into open field Bautista didn't really have to look many places before he sees mutti wide open on that and beauty just able to get open on the wheel route nobody on him just an obvious miscommunication there by the cow lutheran defense and they've had a couple of those now on breakaway touchdown passes for a Rickie Bautista now looks like a reminder this is not the fourth touchdown pass of the day by Ricky Bautista as Jesus continues to show why he is a one of the top quarterbacks in the sky axe him alongside Fredrickson battling it out top to quarterback since kayak like I said we have a shootout chat with audience 32 points here early in the third quarter we expected a shootout in this game it has been just that so far both quarterbacks performing at their absolute best - those two interceptions by Ricky in the first half since then he's been unstoppable that's what happens in the up two quarterbacks that are so great at not turning the ball over they do get Frederickson 19 touchdowns coming into the game only three interceptions about G stuff only water some should come into the game and so we just have a battle of two great quarterbacks going on now it's Chapman as the lead 33 24 [Applause] well I'm gonna be caught at the goal line and it's gonna be returned tackles at about the 22 yard line probably shouldn't just let the ball go out of the back of the endzone but that is only three our difference and number 33 Brandon Medina was able to sneak through the front men on that return but he's not able to make the Pat make the tackle as he slides and grabs nothing but air Bunn Chapman able to stop them right there on the 20 anyways Cal Lutheran with the ball here looking to make something happen Frederick's is going to take it and immediately complete it to his man become again on the near sideline coverage on the play live by scooter love dogs a big play there for Cal Lutheran they've had a lot of those tonight they have a great number for average yards per play this year and yardage wise 9.6 yards per pass play on the year they've been holding true to that so far in this game we like we have another pass on out to the backup tight end tripped up right there by Chapman that was a great tackle right there does that play could have turned into a lot more deep on the great and I like I like well Wendell O'Brien the receiver did right there making a block that's a heads-up play by him to get his tight end out into a little bit more space and get a few more yards [Applause] McHale who's gonna run hurry up he's almost picked off are there by chat and it looked like Macomb slipped a little bit on the turf as well as the Chapman defender and Alex Bay a guy who was beat for a score against Redlands almost coming up with the interception right there and Cal Lutheran glad that he did not intercept that one down here by nine points that slows the drive down of those Kingsman offense a little bit as they were driving and Frederickson is just looking at gets on right now but he's under pressure scrambling right now to his left leg trying to get the first down he is but leave the ball just wait to see who has it Chatham players say they have it and they do it's gonna be Chapman football lucky break right there for Chapman and a scramble by Frederick's in right there turns into a fumble and a first down for Chapman instead of a first down for Cal Lutheran and you look here he just scrambles out of the pocket nobody open and he finds his way through but Austin Pike oh no excuse me that was number 79 not number 99 Derek Hart punching the ball out making a big play right there for the Chapman defense and it'll be first down Panthers here with the Chapman Panthers set up with a first and ten Rickie Bautista on fire here in the first half already that's not a good sign for the Cal Lutheran Kingsman backers gonna go in motion right now and it looks like there's gonna be another timeout chat in their second already using the second half only halfway to the third quarter and that's really and if we take a look at Chapman's season yards this year eight point five yards per play total eleven point four yards per pass attempt that's even more than Cal Lutheran another high-octane offense and Chapman just has been able to open up the playbook this year with Rickie Bautista transferring in as a junior last year becoming more comfortable in the offense as a senior talking to him right before the first game of the year he said I know I know the game but I know the PlayBook like the back of my hand now I'm totally confident in all my receivers and it has absolutely shown with that very high average pack average number four pass place for this Chapman offense we're gonna try to keep something rolling right here as his last pass attempt to end in that long touchdown with reception to Joe mutti visible is gonna motion to Bautista's left side it's gonna be a handoff I think the Hanna community he's looking at Isabel Isabel nice job right there keeping the feet inbounds her first job for Chapman and that was a great job there by Ricky Bautista not throwing to Isabel but throwing to a spot on the field where he wants Isabel to go that opens up his receiver and that allows that play to go for for it and that allows that play to go for more yards and not possibly be intercepted in man coverage it's gonna be a handoff to moody up the middle and beauty is tripped up after a gain of about five so it may not look like much but those five yard carries they add up they do I mean every time you get a five yard carry as a as a running back that's not success right there if you're averaging more than three nuts that's something that you want to see from your running back said mutti able to do that tonight after the first half he's been he averaged 10 yards per carry of course most of that was off of that 70 yard run but he's been able to make plays all night for this Chapman offense there's gonna be another hand up Tim up the middle this time he is swallowed up at the line by the counters and defense so it's gonna bring up a third in about five with Chapman so far show that they hope they have no problems on with their third down offense 35 obviously a little bit longer than you would want it to be here but Chapman as you sent Brad very successful on third downs so far in this game successful on third downs for the season they've been averaging 53% on third down the whole season and they're not afraid to throw down well they complete that the Ndebele after a juggle catch right they're gonna bring up a fourth down little missed opportunity right there by Chapman and Isabel wishing he could have that one back he gets that one in his hands immediately quite possibly able to make it move and get that one for a first down but great heads-up play by the cow lutheran defense right there getting on the quick man for the Panthers very quickly and not allowing them to pick up that first down after picking up so many so far tonight deed back to punt right now cause he's so good at picking the opponent deep in their own territory [Music] it does not take a favorable bounce for Chapman as the ball hit the ground initially at the three yard line and rolled all the way back to the 15 so not terrible starting field position for the Kingsmen but not the more they would like to be and that's a great bounce there for the Kingsmen if that one rolls backwards that coverage team by Chapman is all the way down there ready to tap it at the one and instead it's out at the 15 not bad especially when you're averaging such a high yards per play in this game and on the season as they have been so far the freshman is able to complete the pass to his running back that's the first time that we've heard these in his name in a long time yeah being able to get outside on that one right there the run game not being so successful for the Cal Lutheran Kingsman in this game something that a lot of teams like to do to supplement that lack of running game is to throw it to running backs on swing routes behind the line to get them outside in space away from the defense and that's what they did there rather than looking to complete a pass right now nice pass break up or hey they're broken up by Chris Williams ball is intended for the cone and Alex Bay and coverage there Chris Williams coming over to help just a great play by the two of them working together to knock that ball out of the air nonno Wow Lacombe has been just scorching that chat with defense tonight to make another play yeah so far the coma has been the go-to target since the running game hasn't been able to do much Ferguson's looking downfield enya's watch it's gonna be another sack for Chapman I believe that Andrew diking was the first one there and it's gonna force a three announces Kingsman offense and that's another three and out for the Kingsmen offense in this half Chapman's defense been playing extremely well so far looks like their adjustments that they've been able to make have helped a little bit and Fredersen just know where to look and I can't able to just blindside him and take him down for the sack short kick it hits down at the 40 that's gonna roll all the way to midfield where it has picked up the chatons gonna get great starting field position for their next drive cuz their last them stalled and that was another poor punt for Cal Lutheran they haven't been great this year punting the football average yards per punt at 33 I mean Brad I'm pretty sure I could kick a ball 33 yards that's still better than the Arizona Cardinals punny average let me tell you now coming out onto the field Rickie Bautista two touchdown passes four touchdown passes so far in this game it's gonna be a swing pass right now to is to beauty and moody has slipped down and the only gains about two yards she's gonna bring up a second and eight they're just trying to create creative oi used to get the ball in their playmakers hands and like I said earlier about the Cal Lutheran offense setting they're running bad on they're ready running back out onto a screen swing route that's something that a lot of teams do to get their playmakers outside away from the defense and there's a false start by the Chapman Panthers are at 51 Andrew Walker yeah they knew it immediately I hate to see that if you're Chapman moving him back five especially because it is on second down so it's gonna bring up a second and long second about 13 but Bautista has no problem throwing a downfield as you said they are averaging over 10 yards per pass attempt it's gonna be a handoff up the middle to mutti and unis just able to get back to loss yardage innovative a 1310 third and long here for the Chapman Panthers Davis completed a few of those Marcela's Hunter picking up one out of the backfield on a run play that was a big play for him Rickie Bautista completing a few one to mark Patrick where he took a big hit but last Drive Panthers not able to pick up that third down conversion as Jacob Isabel was unable to get past the defense [Applause] and I got a motion mutti out to Bautista's left and they're looking down it is about on the path is caught immediately hit a breakpoint ball right there using beauty as a disguise and something that they do thereby bringing beauty out on a swing route is that they force someone to have to sit low in that zone and account for Joe moody there so that maybe they can find some type of pocket between the deep man and the shallow man there with Isabel and they were able to right there yeah quarterback keeper this time technology so after read option he has the edge rights blocking right there by vacker and I'm late hit out of bounds into a Chapman even more yardage and that's an easy call there for the referee Bautista some good self-preservation there jogging out of bounds and he takes the late hit yeah great job right there by Dominic vac or seal in the edge right there for Ricki Bautista adoption to the goal down and that was on number 11 a query editing the linebackers senior from Riverside California on Cal Lutheran that will be 15 yards and another Panthers first down so Chapman's gonna get the ball after the penalty on the cow lutheran 14 yard line receivers are immense a day in Isabel artista look in the end zone at Isabel and a touchdown reception for Jacob Isabel Bautista's fifth touchdown pass of the game Bautista just slinging it out here tonight and a great throw right there and Isabel I love what this guy does to grow his receivers open Isabel under blanket it a little bit there by the defensive back but he's able to get some space there when Bautista throws it to an open spot on the field and he's able to use his speed to get down hill to the ball and stay in the end zone let's take a look at the replay Bautista rolling right finds his man and just a non-target throw their low and outside fer Isabel and he's able to score and the extra point is good so no special teams miscues this time is Chapman's gonna take a lead up to 41 to 24 here at home looking to punch that ticket to the d3 playoffs representing the sky and after giving up a touchdown there at the end of the first half a quick drive by Cal Lutheran to score again and bring it back within two Chapman is now up by 16 points here in the second half only two minutes to go in the third quarter just another great drive initiated by Rickie Bautista he had the read option ran it out first in yards got the late hit and then one play later he's able to just rifle it into Jakob Isabel of course this Chapman offense cannot lay off the gas pedal because the Calhoun team has shown that they have the quick strike ability looking a do so right here to answer off that Chapman score [Applause] [Music] kick is gonna be returned again and tackled down at the 27-yard line is Devante Dixon and Cal Lutheran has been starting around the 30 all night long but not able to turn that into some winning points they've gone three and out a few times here in the second half Chapman's defense looking to make that happen again but the cow lutheran offense led by adam Fredricksen the sky axe leading passer is looking to make that change very quickly on this Drive he's going to hand it off this time and Dawid Carter's chasing him down but he has actually tackled by number 44 Dylan Keith and great play there by Keith with a shoestring tackle on the running back hitting him low making sure that he can't break the tackle and get outside [Applause] Fredersen looking down a nice path break up right there by number 42 Kirk Callum any and Kirk Kalman he always one of the top defenders on this team last year he led the team in tackles this year he's not far behind that total from last year and there he is with a great pass break up nearly an interception there and Fredriksson now has had a couple interceptions dropped here in the second half we look right here Fredrickson looking to that's to this outside man right there I believe that was Lacombe understand looking down heeling out and completes the pass to Lacombe it looks like he's going to be it and get enough for the first down but they might mark him just short looks like they are marking him just short but the Kingsmen offenses staying on the field as pike pike an indictment check in for a short yardage right now at pike a we mentioned earlier not a tall guy at 511 but he weighs 285 and he's in there to stuff this short yardage play well now the head referee is signaling the move to change up the official ruling was third and short and it looks like chatlin coaching staff is not agreed and that's one of those things that always looks bad as an official is changing your decision it might be the right one but the fans will never agree with it it's like the V Carter jumped right there but they're gonna complete it to conceal a flag on the play is gonna be offsides against a V Carter I think and honestly I think the crowd saw that before the referee saw that it took the roar of the crowd on the Cal Lutheran side to alert the referee he didn't throw the flag in the air until til they free car penalty replay first down he almost timed that just perfectly but just a little hair too soon good thing he didn't jump a little bit quicker because that would have given counters and probably a free play gold is there RT the play was already designed to go to cáceres [Applause] credits in looking looking the throat and has no one again is hit like the beat quarter great covers in the secondary right there by Chapman and he had his guy Lacombe one-on-one with Chris Williams in the back but he had no chance to give his guy a shot in that one-on-one situation because all game the Chapman defense has been pressuring him making him trying to see out the back of his head on those defensive linemen and he had a couple more seconds in the pocket there I think for him to throw the ball down deep but he's just not comfortable anymore was going to be a delayed handoff up the middle of the beast and a beast had some room he's been cut in to the right side and he's at the 20 the 10 the 5 and it's gonna be a touchdown for be thin and the Kingsmen strike back Chris beasts in there finding a hole and he's making people play right there that was a great greatly executed draw play there by Frederickson even going so far as to bring his arm up and there goes decent squeezing through and you can see his speed just in action right there to Chapman defenders actually bumping into each other trying to tackle him but he's already gone and he's in the end zone that's a touchdown for Cal Lutheran on to attempt the extra point right now is actually Morgan Saleh Roetzel and she is 2 for 2 on extra point so far tonight like we said earlier in the broadcast she is the first female football player in Sky AK and a nice kick there by Saul's Liddell brings the Cal Lutheran Kingsman within nine now Chapman's offense going to continue to keep their foot on the gas pedal date there's no slowing down at this point if Cal Lutheran is going to be able to score that quickly [Applause] so 17 seconds left on the clock so this is pretty much the end of our third quarter right now Chapman's looking to not net not even run up the score they just got to keep their foot on the gas pedal you wouldn't expect having to scored 40 points in the third quarter and still be in the game yeah we expected as we've said before we expected this to be a shootout and we've been getting that so far and a nice squib kick there from Cal Lutheran towards the open part of the chatter return formation well still going to be picked up by Hunter and Hunter who's able to dance his way to the 30-yard line to give Chapman decent starting field position and Ben Bruce getting into a scuffle there with number one on the Kingsmen that was Matt yonkers junior wide receiver well the arms 30 so so far Chapman has been committed to the run but a lot of their success has come on the down the field passing blaze mixing it up being really effective on those play-action pass looking to do the same thing right here thought ISA actually comes into a game of empty cell excuse me now we have Marcellus hunter coming into the game originally Bautista had their empty set he motions Isabel fixing up to him and goes to Hunter hunter get trying to get to the outside he's able to shake one defender but is immediately hit after that and this is gonna bring an end to our third quarter here so as they take a break solely on the Chapman sports broadcast network tune in for the fourth quarter and we are back here in the fourth quarter Chapman has to lead 42 31 coming off the cow lutheran touchdown and Chapel is gonna get the ball and they're gonna hand it off to it Marcellus hunter hunters trying to get the edge and Falls for a gain of four gonna bring up a third down but Chapman has shown that third down doesn't really matter to them yeah Chapman so far 69% on third down down from that 70 percent from the first of the first half but still just that one percent I mean they're still doing they're still sitting very nicely on that third down percentage they're doing great right now and Bautista gonna get his man mutti who threw a touchdown to earlier back in the game [Applause] this one's gonna go in motion they're gonna fit the hangouts and muted about t-shirts and Liza's past two movie and movie has the first down and is tackled at the 43 yard line so another throwdown another first out for the Panthers that was just a well-designed play they're bringin Isabel in Isabel going straight and the guy who would who would be up there to tackle beauty and Isabelle's route really just getting in the way about Roxy she's doing a great job right now he's throwing for 80 percent completion percentage and he's gonna handle a community this time for a gain of three 80 percent those two picks early we said that he needs to have just a short memory and he's had just that here in the second half of this game and really since those first couple drives over the first half Bautista five touchdowns tonight we're gonna get another sky act Player of the Week award d3 team one of the week two weeks ago low-pass completes it - Isabel Isabel is just trying to fight for some yardage the blanks are still going and Isabel gets the first down great second effort right there by Jacob Isabel fighting for that first down and he's gonna get it and Isabel not a big guy five foot eight but he does weigh 180 he's got some legs on him and he showed him right there just charging forward for that first down churning churning churning that's something that teaches you from day one in football never stop your feet at Jacob Isabel just showing some great running technique right there getting that first down like chapman's maybe starting to slow it down a little bit after that one taking a breather and here's Isabel on the swing pass catches it low and just keeps going it gets some help there and he's just gonna keep going forward getting help from Dominic backer to get the first down did you see where I thought Joe maybe have a nice gain up the middle still chugging out yards for this Chapman offense so Chavez offense is completely rolling right now starting this fourth quarter going going to Isabel and mutti so far only two players to touch the ball other than Bautista vacker an immense adayar lined up as receivers this time it's gonna be another handout to mutti up the middle and he might actually have been tackled behind the line bringing up another third down miss Isabella hunter gonna check back into the game it's gonna bring up a third and four [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and Shemin actually averaging 10 yards a pass in this game 23 passes for 231 yards even a guy like making do the math on that one we're gonna fix a hand that's a hunter not tisha give it all a wide-open Jacob is about Mexican deception taken in for his second touchdown of the game and Bautista's 6 that is 6 touchdown passes for Ricky Bautista yep that's six touchdown passes of the game for Ricky Bautista Chapman has discovered a new love for the pass this year their points per game have gone through the roof and Rickie Bautista with six touchdown passes now that's now to to Jacob Isabel and Jacob Isabel able to sneak out Bautista doesn't even have to read the defense Isabel's just wide open [Music] [Applause] [Music] and no special teams misuse this time is the extra point is good and chattin I'm gonna take their lead up back to 16 but like we said earlier they cannot take their foot off the gas pedal yet Shemin gonna have to keep rolling here and hope their defense can slow down Cal Lutheran here in the fourth quarter they haven't been able to so far Cal Lutheran some big plays even after some pretty announced not becoming discouraged and able to score and stay in this game what I really liked about that drive though Brad they really sucked in that defense on those run plays they ran it and they ran it they ran and they threw it short and then all of a sudden they fake a handoff on third and short and Isabel is wide open with a few steps on the safety down deep they're like they're like that deep sea fish with the light that hangs from its forehead anglerfish the anglerfish yeah they suck they suck the defense in event they get them well Chapman office looking like anglerfish right now with the trio of Bautista Isabel and beauty absolutely the angler fish have been lights out [Applause] [Music] looks like there might have been a hole right there on the kickoff hervanta Dixon a cup through but nice job I Chapman making sure he's tackled down yet another Calhoun Drive starting at about the 30-yard line yeah Kell Lutheran's return teams a big great at setting them up with good field position through this whole game Cal Lutheran offense we still down two scores though still down two scores but they do have the quick strike ability as they have shown all game go to their main guy Lacombe down the middle of the field that's looking at Macomb again and they do complete it to the middle of the field and tackle them down at the 45 yard line and that was a beautiful pass there for Frederick's into Lacombe just hitting him in stride I don't think Lacombe slowed down a single step to get that pass and Kris Williams making a clutch tackle there on the sidelines after Spooner Ladell flows the coverage high snap that he's able to handle it and find the wide open the cone in the middle of the field and tackled at the 18 yard line and Chapman continuing to play that too high safety defense they don't want to give up the big plays on the sidelines to those deep threat receivers Lacombe and and the rest of the squad but they still have been giving up some place in the middle of the field which has been one of their major weaknesses through this game Frederic's is under pressure is a build aboard the sac still dancing around and just has to he goes to the end zone and oval spectacular one-handed grab I love comb but he cannot hang on a derrick Hart so close right there - getting Frederick's and Fredriksson making her heads up play great pocket awareness right there great pocket presents able to get past the defensive rush that came right off the edge he didn't have a chance to set his feet and he was under pressure and he's able to roll out and throw a pass that could be caught for a touchdown if there's then another pass pressured by Dyken but find the receiver and is that he's not a mazing job at a holding pressure so far what's it been on the chatlin defense a you think it's been able to get them all this pressure so far in the game well they have a lot of good pass rushers that are quick speedy type of guys they're not an oversized unit on the defensive line but they are an in shape unit and a quick unit that can get to the quarterback and they have some nice depth at that position that allows them to stay fresh we completes it and fighting for the endzone and he's gonna get in another quick strike by this caliber team that is a coma on the touchdown or something the go-to guy on that entire Drive and it's back to an eight-point game ten point game looking to make a difference my math is atrocious right now and Lacombe just finding the spot right there in the zone Chris Williams too high to make the play number 42 Curt Cala many too low to make the play both alone Matt but it's no problem for Morgan some so sounds what up I am NOT doing her justice tonight with her last night I think we need to meet up with her after the game and ask her what her last name is how to say it yeah like and it's also interesting looking at Frederickson with his last name not a typical spelling of the name this calvin team has definitely thrown us some challenges tonight but they are definitely making her in a great game only down eight points right now is just off putting up 38 points and only down to eight that's insane defense has definitely been optional here tonight at Wilson field and last year Chapman really a defensive team the number one scoring defense in the sky act conference but this year with one of the top offenses in the conference now they can lean on their offense in Ricky Bautista to score well yeah that's the no problem so far four key bounties tonight putting up nine touch rtv6 touchdown passes like I said my math is atrocious eyes are gonna squib kick it right now again and picked up my hunter hunter coming up to the middle of field the spins and his drop down at the 30 some good communication there by the Chapman special teams letting Marcellus hunter pick it up the up men know their place they are not the ones returning for a reason and they let Marcellus hunter scoop it up and try to make something happen on the return so it's about 9:30 here left in the game Chapman has a nine-point lead I was gonna call chatted for a hold right here on the kickoff back photos I think Chapman has a nine-point lead with nine minutes left in the game and he can't even start to think about running out the clock with the way that Cal Lutheran offense has been playing yeah Fredriksson and Lacombe and the rest of the squad have been able to just scorch the Chapman defense through this whole game 38 points usually when you put up 38 points you're not behind but this Chapman offense has been so hot with Rickie Bautista throwing six touchdown passes yet they are the ones winning here with Cal Lutheran with 38 points well Bautista is going to keep it himself and had some room to run he has Isabel as a blocker about she says run downfield all the way at the 50-yard line that is a 20-yard one on the read option for Rickie Bautista we don't see Ricki Bautista taking the ball very much on these read options and that's really played out to their advantage through the end of this game he's had a couple read option place now where he's broken beaten runs to help set them up for first downs or even he drew the late hit out of bounds on the one and the defense isn't expecting him to take it now after he's been giving it off so many times early in the game looks like Cal with whom she was showing pressors to Bautista is going to change the play call flip the formation he's gonna give it off to Beauty up the middle gains about two or three at just positive yards that's all you want on first downs you took you do not want to lose it and there you go right there Ricki Bautista with one Juke move and two Juke moves and getting out into the open and then just going out of balance when he know he has that nose he has nowhere else to go you saw quarry Eddings Addington he hit Bautista out of bounds but he completely ignored Bautista inbounds right there on the fake handoff to Joe moody as Rickie Bautista opts to pull it and run listen he's not gonna pull it and give it off to mutti and again doesn't get much but it is positive yardage bring up another third down and these long drives where you get to third it you get to third and medium third and short constantly have played out to the Chapman Panthers advantage in this game they've been great on third down so far and it's been able to give them these long drives that allow them to sustain this lead as well as wasting time off the clock yeah wasting time they've already taken about two minutes off this clock right now only move it about 20 yards Bautista has a time tooth right now but he's scrambling and there is a flag on the play she's too slow to get up but he does Bautista was in between the tackles on that play trying to get the ball out of his hands in order to prevent that sack and the referees are going to decide whether there was a receiver in the area or not holding offense number 63 the penalty pine report down actually to get shopping for a hold right there as you just heard so it's gonna bring out deep to pun and calories aren't often looking the strike right now but since it is a nine-point game they can't they still can't even tie the game of course it would be a 11 point game if Chapman I made those earlier two extra points short guard list chat Cal Lutheran gonna have to score on this next drive if they want to keep this close high snap but deep is able to handle it it's gonna be fair call out about the 10 yard line and Richard casseras right there doing his best to make sure that he doesn't muff out one coming close had to go down on a knee actually to catch it but that was a good play by him fair catching that and making sure he's going to hold on to it instead of letting it going to the end zone if he had done that he had scheme' defenders all around him that may have been able to keep it out of the end zone and pin his offense real deep and make it hard for them to climb out of this not going hole eight coin hole excuse me [Applause] Frederick's is gonna do this quick quick screen pass and it has dropped so not to start to this drive that the cow if an offense is looking for so far all they've gone to in the second half is Lacombe and we have an injured Panther on the flat belief that is to feed Carter not sure harder trainers coming out can't quite tell what's going on they're holding his left knee his left leg he's got it pulled up towards his body hopefully for his sake that is not a knee injury those are always rough and it looks like she's massaging his calf that could be just a cramp and they might be getting dahveed Carter back in this game sooner than later let's get some salt pills in him some water and it'll be alright well he's back on his own power and probably wants to stay in the game right now where's everyone watch you in this situation fighting for a playoff spot [Applause] and if you're not on the pistol it's gonna be another draw play to be sent up the middle and be sent some room pieces try to get to the sideline he does he has the edge and all the way down to the 32 yards and that's the same way that they had on be sent long touchdown run he's tackled by Caesar Delgado and Kurt calvetti that's not the type of play you want to start with if you're the Chapman defense up by 8 here in the fourth quarter here's a replay and he's able to just get up the middle and they cut outside [Applause] and through the hands of Wendell O'Brien at Number 17 Chris Hertz is on that last play just making a bad tackle angle there it's gonna be second down here for Calais or now so second and 10 after the drop passed by one of mine Artie to drop passes by the Kingsmen on this Drive [Applause] Fredrickson looking to his right side looking down feelings just gonna check it down two beasts and visa not some room reason gets enough for the first down tackled all the way down at the 45 yard line and that's something that pass being able to have so much success throwing team has helped the Panthers out with so far in this game is that they have to kind of abandon that hard flat defense in order to cover deep so and then they're these running backs are sneaking out and able to get some yards was a delayed handoff right there to the backup running back besom not in the game right now taking a rest after that long pass play Clemens is the one that got the rush well this is gonna remain in the game [Applause] quick strike right there it looks like if you gotta be enough for the first down so the genes in offices on a roll so another first ad for the Kingsmen this drive started all the way back at their own 10-yard line fenders doing a nice job right now of avoiding pressure not going to his first and second options going to his third and fourth another handoff to Beeson let me tackled by Keith and the Chapman offense still getting gouged and we're looking at the video right now they're testing that knee that's not a good sign doing some testing on that checking for looseness of ligaments and whatnot hopefully for whose sake they don't find anything negative Javon brings the pressure this time and he is gonna be sacked so Chapman not not able to get home on Frederickson so far on this Drive until about time has chatlin as the defense was giving up a lot of big places human offense and Fredriksson over on the left side of the field couldn't find anybody open Kirk alum any actually flying out with the inside receiver and then making contact with number 17 coming across and really just Fredrickson had no time at all understood news not something this time he's one I chose riot looking downfield and another dropped by the Kaizen their third of the drive and on third down some lucky break for Chad right there that catch would have been enough for the first time but instead they're gonna have to punt and that was kiss Shawn Sanders right there with the drop that is going to be something that will haunt this Cal Lutheran team for the rest of this game that drive was often rolling and the Frederick's unable to scramble and find an open man and he drops it balls end-over-end kick so it's gonna bounce into the end zone so it's gonna result in a touch back right there probably not the punt that's the couch moment he knows he messed up on that fun getting it on over and instead of spiraling it because end-over-end is gonna make the ball bounce further into the end zone trying to get my best Pat McAfee it Pat McAfee special teams analysis right here but anyway that's gonna result much touchback for Chapman and regardless of how that was punted I'm really disappointed in how bad Yonkers was coming down Isabel fair waved for the fair catch and he just stopped and that ball bounced for a few seconds before I went into the end zone he could have made an effort to keep that one from going into the end zone it's gonna be a handoff to moody this time there's gonna be a flag on the play in the area of holding this chaplains trying to run right now and she met they're going to the sideline so it is gonna be a holding penalty backing Chapman up ten yards but the good thing is that the penalty occurred on first down you're gonna have three opportunities to get that 20 yards and here Joe mutti just breaking outside got a lead blocker and heads-up play made there by Ty Lozano the leading tackler for the Cal Lutheran Kingsman and actually one of the leading tacklers it's kayak do you like that strategy running it to the outside when you're trying to voice clock as long as you're able to stay in bounds of course I mean you really just have to do things that get you yards so that this Cal Lutheran offense is only down by one sport pending a two-point conversion right now so the Chapman offense is really just trying to move the ball down the field and score by any means necessary what Cal Lutheran is gonna take a timeout there first of the half there's about 350 here left in the game Chapman as the eight-point lead backed up in their own 10 what do you think Chapman strategy's gonna be what's the play Bach right here well you've got to make conservative play calls here but at the same time that's classic football strategy Chapman not always showing classic strategical decisions against Redlands they threw on 3rd and 10 a play-action pass out of their own end zone and I ended up for 50 yards so that's something that will help them moving forward on this Drive is Cal Lutheran's gonna have to be careful not to give up big plays as Chapman has shown they're willing to go deep on third and long fourth and long what is second along right now second and 20 ball on their own 10-yard line Bautista has been on fires in this game so that might be an option they are going about teesta and Bautista's running around back there avoiding the second five Isabella right at the sticks look at her Marquez no just short but it's gonna bring up a third and short and that was just extreme example right there of the aunties does atletic ability he's been showing it tonight six touchdowns he's been winning the quarterback duel so far without a Frederickson on the other side and Frederick since thrown 40 passes but only completed three more than Ricky Bautista but he has not had a poor game himself he's led his team to 38 points yeah when you're looking at a quarterback that's thrown for 400 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions I'd say he's doing his job 38 points 38 points I mean tonight against a Chapman office that is just red-hot it's it's rough especially on that last Drive when Frederick sins leading them down the field finds an open man after scrambling out of the pocket and he drops it here Chapman I loved that last play with Rickie Bautista he was able to just scramble across the formation and find a guy throwing almost as he runs parallel to the line of scrimmage down the field that was just a great example of his arm talent that he has best lifted him to these six touchdowns and a Chapman offense 246 points it's gonna be a hand out to mutiny and he's gonna get it even though that Kingsman defense brought tons of pressure and that's one of the problems with blitzing right there if you pick the right gap you stop the play but if you pick the wrong one there's nobody in the second level to stop that running back once he gets there the defensive backs are gonna have to come up and make a play or you gonna have to chase him down and that's what happened right there a quarry Eddington actually picked the opposite gap of where Joe Muni went through and he was able to pick up the first down yeah only three minutes left in the game and kallu that only has one timeout is looking like it's desperation time for the Kingsmen another handoff to Muni doesn't get much but he doesn't get positive yards and that's gonna be the final timeout of the game for the Kingsmen and Joe mutti right there just picking up some more yards Chapman gonna continue to run the football here up by one score in this shootout game here in Ernie Chapman Stadium it's been a heck of a spectacle to watch so far yeah we got fireworks going on at Disneyland right now and we got fireworks going here at Ernie Chapman Stadium an absolute shootout Chapman 46 callaloo 338 Chapman looking to get one more first down to feel the victory in the game so how do you think they go about to get in the first down Calhoun has no more timeouts what Ricky batiste has been on fire again it's all about concern it's all about Smart Play calling I wouldn't say necessarily conservative you want to throw two open guys you don't want to make if he decisions throw into tight windows you want to either run the football or throw it a lot open players those are the only two things that are available right now if you do throw the football and there's nobody open you've got to throw it away or take the sack there's no other option looks like Chapman's gonna call a timeout right now not liking what they're saying again its second and eight ball on the 38 yard line two minutes 54 seconds left in the game corruption and the Panthers just discussing the strategy right here I mean like I said in the huddle good decisions only is what happens here this is where it's really important this is where the good teams define themselves with mental toughness here being able to execute with the pressure on in a tight spot receivers are Isabel and vac community is gonna be the running back do you think they handing off we shall see it's gonna be a hand off to Isabel on the sweep the Isabel isn't able to get anything and that's a play the Panthers like to run a lot it's also one of those set up time plays that I have been talking about in this game one of those anglerfish type plays they've send it they send Isabel in motion on that and they hand it off to him or they hand it off to mutti and in the past what they've done is they sent Isabel in motion they don't hand it off to him they fake it to mutti and then mutti sneaks out on a wheel route so watch out for that play here on 3rd or maybe even fourth down if they have to go for [Applause] send me a handout - movie up the middle so it's gonna bring up a fourth down but Chapel is gonna be able to run about 40 seconds left on the play clock so calories ins not gonna get the ball and until that 1:20 left in the game they have the quick strike ability but they do need a touchdown and a two-point conversion they've shown us they're capable of that Fredrickson adam Frederickson he's been able to move this cow lutheran unit down the field up and down this whole game yards wise they're not doing too shabby [Applause] but Chapman just owns the time of possession and the scoreboard right now Bebe's trying to pit him deep right now great kick caught all the way back at the 10 yard line and he dancing around and brought out at the 20 so decent good returned by casseras Cheon wanted an illegal block in the back wood did not get it and Cal Lutheran player who was injured on that same questionable block you know we weren't really close enough it's hard to tell a lot of the times on those plays whether it was just a a good blocker maybe something illegal going on the referees didn't seem to think so so will default to their judgment on this one matchup to watch the far sideline so it's referencing the right side we have a little one matchup between Lacombe and Spooner lived up looking that way almost picked off almost picked off by Kris Williams as Lacombe had a lane and that's our fellow broadcast student right there Kris Williams still searching for that first interception of the year had a chance right there and not able to come away with it with that one of it that would have been the nail in the coffin right there if you're Chapman though do you give help towards guarding Nicole he's been almost unguardable this game look at his way again and completed to the cone and that was good coverage there by Spooner Liddell making Frederickson have to thread the needle on that drove that was a great throw hit him in-stride and lacombe's extreme height right there he's six foot three is a big guy making it so that looked so that Fredersen could just put it up there and make him go up for it Chapman's bringing pressure and completes it to express online now going back to the cold they're going to him in a bunch of all game why is Chapman not getting more defenders on his side you know once you move guys over there then you take attention away from other players and they know that Frederic said to get through his reads and find the open guy persons Fredersen is hit that is gonna be a sacrum die can enter Taikan with just a game changing play right there just stalling this cow lutheran drive that was off to a hot start fennekin's rolling around his right side pressure as why he's been chased by hiking and is gonna have to take the loss right there it's a good thing was he was able to stay on his feet and get and bounce to stop the play clock so there's 31 seconds remaining in the game third and long and then here you can see Frederickson just no time in the pocket this these Chapman ed dressers are just getting in [Applause] the fredersen's looking to make something happen outro lunch is throw across his body and picked off picked up my chant that on the return that was number 4 Lincoln that's holy so it's number 4 not rookie bounties to come in and watch for the Chapman defense feeling the victory for this Panther team and it was the two number fours tonight for those Chapman Panthers Rickie Bautista with the six touchdown passes and Lincoln fellow toy with the awesome interception right there we saw Chapman drop one earlier on this Drive not going to be denied on this one Fredrickson rolling to his opposite side and fella toy just coming underneath the receiver from another spot on the field and Bautista just gonna take the victory knee right here so Chapman is gonna get the win and improves a five and Owens Dayak play and officially enter their ticket into the Division three playoffs as Chapman continues to roll that's five in a row that's by Monroe at Sky akkad that's where the real games matter here in college football you win your conference you have a shot at the title and that's what Chapman is going after right now six touchdown passes from their guy Rickie Bautista their senior quarterback and they see low end an interception their final score here or any Chapman stadium is Chapman 46 Cal Lutheran thirdly I'm Brad Benson alongside Tim Wolfe we're gonna take a short break make sure to stay tuned for our postgame show [Applause] and we are back here for a trophy presentation as Chapman is gonna get the sky AK championship trophy here tonight coming off the win against cao lu through an improvement of five and OH in conference play we're just waiting on the ceremony and talking to Chris Williams on these broadcasts he said anything short of a sky act championship would be a disappointment and it looks like they've now got a sky act championship on that Chapman in that Chapman locker room and they will now set their sights on winning their last game of the season and then moving on to the division 3 tournament yeah of course Chapman how the flow starts through the season but it didn't matter because that wasn't conference play in conference play they are perfect and Rickie Bautista their quarterback he's been perfect he's first to interception of the sky act play and I have work tonight and then other than those two interceptions he was absolutely amazing tone four six touchdown passes to a multitude of different receivers Jacob Israel is great Joe Moody was good having a 70 yard touchdown run everything that can go right for this Chapman team is going right right now and that's why they're being awarded this sky act trophy right now and there's good there's coach Owens hyping up his team those are his guys they all believe in him he sets an incredible tone in the locker room for those guys they all have stand-up character and that is one of the major things that he preaches for his team you can see them giving him some love right there first guy act championship in four years for the Chapman Panthers and it was behind the arm of Rickie Bautista now established in this Chapman offense and showing it six touchdown passes tonight 23 on the year you can see the Chapman team right there putting up number one because they are number one they are the team to beat right now in stock and they are hyped and they know it they deserve a huge victory celebration as they are getting one great game tonight on every phase offense defense maybe not special teams but they they executed everywhere a couple things that they can address but they are the best team and that's all you can ask for that's the goal they set at the beginning of the season and they have achieved that goal this season hasn't quite come to an end but they are five and oh they are five and OH in conference play look next week is going to be their last week in conference play against CMS and but doesn't they're going into the playoffs they're going and strong yeah and you want to stay focused here is what Coach Owens is gonna be preaching his team to his team here moving forward pull the rest of the season in this game against Clermont mud scripts you don't want to get bogged down by a loss here at the end of the season against the Clermont mud scripts team that is not too shabby they're gonna have to stay focused they're gonna have to keep moving forward strong and they want to go into that d3 tournament with honest on a very high note so they're gonna have to get this victory here at the end of the season yeah fish' Lee one more game left on the regular season schedule and then it's a whole new season chapman's look of course they want to improve their seed they do have those two losses at the beginning of the season that could affect their seeding going into the playoffs they want to have a strong outing against CMS in order to make the road to a national championship maybe a little bit easier than it would have been otherwise yeah and earlier in the season they started Game one against Lynn field who's currently number eight in Division three and that was great competition early on we broadcasted that game Chapman hung with them they actually had the lead going into the second half eventually losing that game but it was a close one and obviously they've immensely improved since then and hope to move forward and be able to compete with teams like Lynn field and here we have the final trophy presentation to coach Owens and the Chapman Panthers yeah great moment right there the entire team is the president of the stack is personally at this game handing them the trophy as they have earned it and just pure elation in that huddle right now you can see some of the guys with tears in their eyes they've been waiting their entire chatlin careers for this moment and the best part about this moment is this is not the end of the road there's still more to go they still have more competition to fight through and more achievements to accomplish on this season that this Chapman offense is soaring high and looking good coming into the end of the season here confirming themselves as sky act champions [Music] but playing we are the champions here chatlin stadium rightfully so because Chapman is the champions of the sky at conference so overall a great outing here tonight Chapman getting the victory and an absolute blowout it was just amazing on everything Rickie Bautista was amazing Joe moody was amazing and it was just a shootout and Chapman proved tonight why they are the best team in Sky AK yeah Ricky Bautista six touchdown passes actually ties his own record here at Chapman he threw six last year against Occidental in the final game of the season and he carried that momentum straight into this season tying this record here in the sky act championship game there's plenty of highlights to look at from this game we wanted to show you the all of them from the entire game but there were so many touchdowns in the second half that we can only show the second half highlights so we're gonna take a look at those right now and right here Joe Moody just sneaks out first for the half for the Chapman Panthers he's going to get in on the wheel route for touchdown from Ricky Bautista speaking to Ricky Bautista here he is with another one leading chink of his Belen to open space for a touchdown and Cal Lutheran wasn't done yet Chris Beeson bounces outside makes people miss actually has to Chapman defenders bumping into each other he's so fast and he gets in and then right here Ricki Bautista going deep nice view from our field cam right there - Jacob Isabel Jacob Isabel into the end zone continuing his great connection with Rickie Bautista but Cal Lutheran wasn't laying down there's a great one to air and Lacombe right there Ricky Bautista makes one move makes two cheap moves he's running down the field showing his versatility as a player gets down runs out of bounds that was a big one for the Panthers and then in the fourth quarter Rickie Bautista excuse me that was the first half mark put York put shark in for a touchdown and it is a sky act championship for the Chapman Panthers you can see all of them there including Hunter sprigs he is a teammate of theirs fighting leukemia and he stays with the team and he's happy about that sky act championship there's nothing better that they can give him right now and final team comparison Chapman wins the first down battle lost them that's passing yards battle but they won the touchdown pass battle six touchdown passes for Ricky that Bautista tonight rushing yards they had four they had less penalties and they owned the time of possession there was nothing that more that they could have done tonight they win this one 4638 Chapman we're gonna be here right back here next week on Chapman sports broadcast network as Chapman takes on the visiting a CMS team and it's gonna be another great one here we have the number one team in Scott you want to watch them it's gonna be a great game from Brad Benson Tim Wolfe alongside everyone here at the Chapman sports broadcast network thank you so much for tuning in they'll be back next week [Music] [Music] lit based dissertation defense School for Social Research.

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