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Plan dtaill dissertation philosophique

Plan dtaill dissertation philosophique electronic capstone projects ideas for money autocad 8gb or 16gb ram [Music] [Music] welcome to Lafayette Louisiana the tailgating capital of the Sun Belt Conference where today we have the Sun Belt openers we step inside agent field it's the you LM war hogs taking on the ragin cajuns of Louisiana and good afternoon I'm Matt Stewart joined by boomer baby quarterback and coach Watson Brown on a scorching hot day in Lafayette Louisiana and coach the Warhawks ro and 2 on the season ragin cajuns are dead last in the country and allowing points per game of both of these teams are optimistic as they start conference play you know as they should be but they both played really tough schedules the raging Cajuns have had Tulsa and Texas A&M back-to-back the you LM war hawks have had Memphis and Southern Miss both are nursing injuries but I don't think it's going to matter today first conference game in-state rival they'll both be ready for well let's talk quarterbacks with the only quarterback ever to leave Andy to a victory over Bama in Nashville that would be you we'll start with you LM looks like settled and Caleb Evans as their number one even though he's split time with him and Garrett Smith the first two games Sam Evans is outstanding he's a runner thrower and he gives him an extra dimension I think Matt this is his first start I think they'll use his legs today and I'm anxious to watch him play I think he's just going to get better each week meantime the Cajuns have Jordan Davis who's proven to be an explosive playmaker for them but his health is a concern today injured his knee in the second half of their game against Texas A&M last week he's just like Caleb he can run he can throw he makes all the plays farm leads the offense but I think they'll have to watch him today with his leg he's going to play but I don't I don't think we'll see him run as much as maybe we have in the past Davis has led them to a 21-14 lead there in College Station until that knee injury and the ended up pulling away from the experience the 50 third all-time meeting between these two rivals opening against each other in conference play for the first time since 2008 opening kick is coming up next [Music] back in Lafayette Louisiana Sun Belt opener is the on2 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks take on the Louisiana ragin cajuns at 1 & 2 of the season 400 led by their second year head coach Matt via Turin coach Watson brown coach vo tour told us even though their own tweets weren't that his team is competitive coach B has done a good job in my opinion the record the number of wins had the number one recruiting class in the Sunbelt map this year I think they're a much improved team from last year via tour in his second season as the Warhawks head coach with a record of four in ten 12 seasons overall as a head coach including his success that we've each state 83 and 46 his overall record ragin cajuns led by their head coach Mark Hudspeth in his seventh season and he said to us that he felt like the team was going to be good he still feels like the team is gonna be good even though they've gotten off to a 1 & 2 start you know I do too I think they're gonna have a really good year if these injuries didn't get them they got banged up pretty good we'll see how they come out today it's got an open date next week I think that'll really help them get back injury wise I think this team will compete for the conference championship tissue Hudspeth 25 and 33 his record officially here at Louisiana 47 and 33 on the field remember he had victories vacated because of NC double-a violations scorching hot day here in Acadiana [Music] and a slight breeze is kicked up here before the start of this ball game this is the 53rd all-time meeting 27 and 24 the ragin cajuns lead that I know that adds up to 52 again one of the victories vacated by Louisiana here over the last seven or eight years and last year the ragin cajuns 32 three winners over u LM in Monroe so Cajuns coming off of 45 25 lost 45 21 loss pardon me at Texas A&M last week war hawks a 28 17 home loss against Southern Miss and the Warhawks will be receiving the opening kickoff Marcus green and Marquis McCray standing deep for the Warhawks and Calvin Linden will kick off for the Ragin Cajuns look at your starting lineup for the Warhawks led by the quarterback Caleb Evans and Derek Gore who had a big game at running back for the Warhawks a week ago against Southern Miss and Matt I think they need to get their wide receivers going they weren't a big factor in last week's game I thought that was the difference in that game Linden's kickoff is going to hit at the 6 yard line and take it by McRae McRae 19-yard return up to the 25-yard line and that's where the Warhawks will go on offense for the first time today and caleb evans who we talked about the sophomore out of Mansfield Texas and Bishop Dunn will be the starting quarterback here for you LM today Evans has completed 47% of his passes for 160 yards and a touchdown he's also rushed for 98 yards and two touchdowns as well then most of that came last week against Southern Miss and he got better as that game you know I'll throw the ball out here to barkas green and Marcus green gonna be dropped for a one-yard gain at the 26 yard line did Marion Mitchell in on that tackle as well as the safety Corey Turner played on the flanks to start the game I think they're gonna try to try to get them a little outside early try to get these little bubbles as you call it little rpoS going a little bit on the flanks 2nd down and 9 and Evans goes to the air again it's caught by Green second consecutive reception and second consecutive tackle by Mitchell out there at the 31 yard line and coach it's going to bring up a third down and four dough ball control passes that's I think they would love to be able to do that all day long just keep the change stay within the change this is a good start it's third and four a makeup down for the offense Cajuns feel like the tendency for the Warhawks on third or four or more is 96% pass and they go to the air right here Evans scrambling being chased back at the 20-yard line gonna heave it up out of balance and the Warhawks are gonna have to punt three and out of their opening possession I really think they thought they were gonna get man coverage right there they're in what we call a rubber out coz defensive guys call it offensive guys call it a big crowd and but they were in the zone coverage there wasn't anything there and caleb was smart and just threw the ball out of bounds Saracen a time is back deep too much for the Warhawks at 5-8 175 software on a Tomball Texas and right he Malone who was nursing some shoulder injuries this weekend practices deep for the Cajuns they send a heavy rush a line drive kick that Malone has to go back to the 25 to get and Malone tries to go to the shortstop short side and gets knocked out of bounds at the 30 yard line and that's where the Cajuns will go on offense for the first time today you know I think the Cajuns have felt like they could return one against these guys the punter kicks it deep a lot it's kind of low and they thought they have a chance for return great great coverage by the Warhawks right there to start the game Jordan Davis the starting quarterback for the ragin Cajun stray Vegas the running back has been good to the redshirt freshman out of New Orleans averaging close to 10 yards per carry coach yeah fantastic can and losing Jordan Davis's legs would be big to this team I'm anxious to see how much they use him in such a big game to start the season Darius Hawkins will actually start the game at running back next to Jordan Davis and he's going to go out for a pass they send everybody out and they throw on a drag route across the middle trying to get the ball to - Marcus Bradley off his a ass we'll cover right there they tried letting two guys up the same real quick I think they were looking for the big play had to take it underneath again very well covered second and long right out the gate to the cages and they had said they wanted to get the ball board to Jamarcus Bradley this week the sophomore wide receiver and Ackerman Mississippi who's got five catches on the year it's second down and ten handoff goes to Vegas and Ray goes right up the middle to the 43 yard line a first down carry for play Vegas London Ballmer over 284 yards on the season this guy is hard to tackle you can say a big strong young man hits that same nice hole in there he's gonna be tough to handle they get him going it's gonna be a long day for the Warhawk they were really impressed with his yards after contact against the Aggies last week and off goes to Vegas again in Vegas crashes forward to the 48 yard line as he picks up about five all play role of Jenkins the safety making the stop for the Warhawk this is exactly what to do you think he's game one yard two yards you get up and it's second and five he just takes people with him Cajuns averaging 38 points per game which is number two in the Sun Belt Conference it's the defense that's been a problem for him so far this season and we have movement on the offensive line for the Cajuns that was D Aquin wid throw the right tackle who jumped it's the number one killer for an offense in my opinion other than just two turnovers so hard to make penalties up in college football today and that's not a good start for him there puts them back in second and ten Cajuns playing a man down on the offensive line today as well their fifth year senior left tackle grant horse not available because of injury and probably their best offensive lineman so that's a tough loss for Davis fires and throws behind the intended wide receiver Keenan Barnes who's just off to a spectacular start in the season with 21 catches in the first three games nice pressure but David Griffith he's the leader that defense you'll see him blitz quite a bit today he was right in Davis's face that's what made the throat go a little bit hind and back to the inside I think we need to watch with the knee injury and Jordan Davis his push off and if the ball sells on him a little bit today early and then watch his mobility in the pocket also I think that'll be very critical to be interested in watching here in third and long he's been very explosive with his legs in the first three games we'll see if he has that going for bring the Blitz steps around it throws instantly is looking for his Titan chase Rodgers and it's gonna be fourth down and after that motion penalty that set through the timing off and now they're gonna have fun it's game after game it's year after year you can't stop yourself with penalties it is just tough to make up long yardage situations great series for the Warhawks because when you take the ragin cajuns had a really good field position to start the game here so that's a big stop Sam Geraci the grad transfer from Cincinnati standing at his 29 to kick he's averaging forty point six Perkins so far this season gonna drop it and an end over end job back to Marcus green who fair catches the ball at the ten and a half yard line and that's where the Warhawks will go on offense for the second time today when we get back to Cajun field just underway the Sun Belt opener in Lafayette Louisiana [Music] rivalry game here in Lafayette Louisiana today as the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana play host to the UL in war hawks have been a wild with the war hawks on the series three straight wins for the Cajuns in the series and they've won eight of the last nine meetings as well war hawks going on offense in the second time from their own 11 they haven't run the ball yet coach no they haven't and two great runners I think in the backfield I bet it changes no still throwing fourth consecutive pass they go to McCray and he's gonna be dropped at the 15-yard line big open field tackle [Music] he's going to gain another 1012 yards on the play they love Simeon Thomas the senior out of Miami made his season debut last week against Texas A&M and had three pass breakups kids got a 6 9 wingspan 5th consecutive pass the Warhawks gonna throw it deep and nutball and knock down at the 45 yard line passing complete woken up line number 2 very laborious Varnado was back people that day they were trying to kill it when you watch this over both guys misjudge the oh that ball could be caught and going for six the corner cannon was underneath it in it and it hit the receiver right in the chest so both kids misjudged it brand iasts fatigues who has not caught a pass this season was the intended target it's third down now and this is their first one it's going to be over first coming to McCray with Evans out there blocking for him first down run from the gray and more across the 40 in the 50 and McCray finally brought down from behind at the 45 yard line to coach they luckily run the ball trickeration and they pick up a big versus and it's a nice room so this is a pursuing defense they're very quick they chase the ball well it's interesting that your first run is a reverse but well-executed Caleb Evans had a big block right there just set up the long run look out you're going to put that ball away you didn't see the guy back play action ball is flown complete the green over here in green goes down to the 30s yard-line he gets close to the first down so all but one rush all but everything all but one has been a pass so far in this game and now they've effectively moved the ball into the the ragin cajuns territory at the 35 you know man I do think though those are run calls with an RPO and they're kind of crowding the box they're leaving that inside receiver with a soft look and the corvex just raising that and throwing it out and off goes to court or the Alabama transfer comes to the near side and he is run out of bounds after a short game here by the cornerback Darrell Miller Derek Gore with the surprise of last week for the for the War Office he had a fantastic game really good first half broke a lot of tackles in the football game last week they were really surprised with his physicality they do not tackle to the ground in practice as they did not know that he was as physical as he showed last week against the Eagles they run the tunnel screen to Marcus green and Marcus green to the 25-yard line as close to another first down now that was a call pass that was an inside screen and tunnel screen if you want to call it that really good play calling right now they're everything that they're doing you can see that it's that it's designed well and it's working right now this is a beautiful Drive taking it the link to the fill here that's the fourth catch for Marcus Green who had only 5 in their first three games combined [Music] first time we head the handoff go right up the middle courgettes just a couple yards on that now there's not a lot of movement on that play that'll be interesting watches today go zone those the raging Cajuns have had a little trouble with that but they've also played some really good football teams but if they can handle the inside zone that's the number one play that the Warhawks run they're going to they really want to get you with a zone play up and from tackle to tackle first Cajuns given up 315 a game on the ground last in the entire nation Evans beat chase and he throws the William and the 18-yard line pages were arguing on the sidelines that he was juggling the ball go went out of Allen get stained pink head it's already doing a better job this week than last when he said in the pocket last week he just threw the ball deep ball but I'm off pool scrambles he's looking for underneath guys now and he's keeping the chains moving he's 5 of 7 in this game he was 7 of 18 last game p-per by Evan's Evan's scrambles down to the 16 yard lines and picks up a first down first in goal to go coming up for the Warhawks well that's the zone replay right there you can tell look they're grabbing ahold of those tailbacks when they put those tail backs up inside this is the dimension that I think Evans gives them that second runner out of the backfield which makes a huge difference spread people out got two runners inside that's a hard thing to stop as a defense and Garrett Smith is also a runner but they feel like Caleb Evans is a more physical runner than quarterback Gore picks up a yard or two it gets rammed out of bounds Dillon making the tackle no Dillon one of the changes they made on the defense moving in from defensive end inside linebackers and and think that's the best place for him to play this is a tough place to be first and goal I mean you're right on the 10-yard line I always thought as a coach that is the toughest place on the field to get these ten yards in three plays possibly four if you get close enough second down and goal from the eight keeper by Evans dances and scores Caleb Evans takes it in from eight yards out in the war horse have done something already today they didn't do it all last year that score a touchdown on the cages that was beautiful that same play they ran to the right a second ago now they run it to the left you see the quickness the athleticism of Caleb Evans sets up off his blockers cuts back dodges one there his balls into the end zone he's a tough young man to stop we said it before the game I think it's an extra dimension that changes this game Luke Hutchinson the snapper Josh Peterson the tight end is the holder and Craig Ford is on for the PA tees five for five on the season and Ford puts it through eight minutes left in his rush quarter and it's you LM the jungle cops here with the touchdown run by Caleb Evans to take a seven nothing lead you LM caps an 11-play 89 yard drive with a nifty seven yard touchdown run by Caleb Evan if you watch keV this is what I'm talking about he's a he's a quarterback but he's at tailback watching dodged number well-read past number three the watches flourish grunts lack of tailbacks what makes it so tough when you got two guys in that backfield that can run like that Matt Wiley will kick off for the Warhawks graduate out of Texas San Antonio and the kick is to be taken at the three yard line Callay up to the 23 Raymond collegues re with her students for scores this year did that in the opener against Southeast Louisiana and as the Sunbelt averaging nearly 40 yards per kick return gets it out to the 23 and that's where the Cajuns go back on offense there's been a really good return team all year I think they're third in the country and punt returns and not then the country kickoff returns this team's very good and Monroe's off to a good start and stopping those guys yeah they're the only team in FBS that's right top ten in both of those categories so now first and ten for the ragin cajuns from the 23 let's see what they do pressure wise they look like they're bringing a blitz off the edge would chase day the linebacker let's see if he stays with it doesn't blitz instead he's going to make the tackle as he comes across behind the line of scrimmage and drops the running back at the 30 yard line Zach with Reyes on the carry that's been the thing that so far I don't think they've been able to stop Reyes is about 5 yards to carry every time he's touching it he's dragging people with him I'm telling you find the ragin cajuns right now I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep giving him the football and 93 yards rushing against the Aggies last week Vegas get it - driven by Griffin's got out of that tackle and pulls his way up with a 39 yard line for 4,000 just a strong kid strong in his legs you can see how big his hips and legs are Griffin who's there probably their best tackler just to fill right off of it tackling has been the big issue for you LM in the first couple of games plays that should be three or four yard plays end up being bigger players Davis fires complete at the 42 yard line Bradley and he got dropped immediately by Roland Jenkins Roland Jenkins is a you guy this week farm I think he's been nursing an injury they will really think he's one of their best tacklers I know they're glad to get him back they made a lot of adjustments in their defense after that loss at Tulsa where they gave up 66 points they played better defensively against the Aggies even though Texas A&M put 45 on the hood Davis back to pass Bradlee can't run under it lots of contact here at the 20-yard line Juwan off ray running step for step was a bit hindered down I was much better coverage by all three this week than last he had some trouble in last week default they didn't catch a lot but the guy was behind him played that much much better good coverage on the first deep ball of the game third down and six [Music] Davis buyers out here doc yep makes the grab and jock Kat is gonna be stopped at the 48 yard line shy of the first down great team pursuit six seven guys out here on the on that play marker super to missed the tackle first but it shows you the quickness of his defense and right now they're into this football game they're making place it's a lot easier to tackle win five six guys hitting instead of one work down and the Cajuns find themselves in a puzzle a situation again Shanta racy as we mentioned red grants from new Cincinnati one of your stops along the head coaching career ray guys semi-finalists Stephen coots he's the guy that Tracy is replacing this year really good one this guy this guy was a punter for you LM burns a timeout we'll take a break as well with 538 playing play Warhawks must have been thanking ragin cajuns might fake punk there and for good reason number eight DeAndre who's their backup and Wildcat quarterback is the guy that's standing about three yards behind the line of scrimmage they're on this punt formation always makes you nervous as a coach on the opposing team to see quarterbacks that can run in for hope and those putt formations now he steps back into the shield formation and the snap goes all the way back to Tracy end-over-end kick and green field to that the six yard line and that is where the Warhawks are going to go on offense for the third time today baby last time they started this deep this team is the one that's hadn't had the good field position to start the game but they're they're making something out of the field position and 89 yard drive right out the gate so if they can do it again raging cases better get going I think the Warhawks have showed up today and they're ready to play some football 58 yards rushing for the Warhawks so far today in the Ragin Cajuns has 35 37 yards passing for the Warhawks as well total of 95 on the day and most of those yards Kaleb Evans he's kept following those zone reads and really hurt him zone read again goes right up the middle to Derrick Gore who use the pile up to the 10-yard line picks up about three on the carry good movement they were in much better position to play the quarterback that time I think they'd make some adjustments on the sidelines we'll see as it goes on what happens but that was a good adjustment to the play they had Myrtle in the last series for 96 yards rushing last week against Southern Miss 137 total on the season so far keeper by Evans and Evans Adam off balance with that zone read Andy Kevin runs into the 22 yard line that's a first down for the Warhawks has given them a lot of thought Beth this is a different rate they're reading the linebacker now on this play and the linebacker took off running with the dive and now you've got a quarterback plan tailback running with the football they are struggling with the quarterback runs right now had a good look at it right there was 59 Justin Boots row the Mike linebacker who went after the one the quarterback in Gord takes it we told that bootleg and watch this time the size parameter writing the oldest on consecutive play she's chosen a guy it's tough because that's what's happening there reading it beautiful run but gore here just bounces the ball to the outside that's what the zone play does for you can go anywhere get a hat on everybody inside and then let the back see some green grass Evans gonna fire it out here to McCrae got a blocker down catch and run for marques McRae racing Walker Brook brought it to him that time that was a long spell but again great design of offense running the ball inside when it looks like they start crowding them roll the ball on the outside to one of those bubble screens that they're running they've run a wide receiver screen a tunnel screen back inside I think the play Colin's been outstanding start this football game Walker is their leading tackler came in with 26 stops on the year a guy that's got five or six NFL scouts in here every week taking a look at him he's a heavy hitter and that rover position he is a good football player enough heavy hitter is exactly five-yard penalty still first down and you hit the nail on the head he can cover up a lot of mistakes with his speed you can he can run watch this hit right here on the sidelines Wow no mistake right there though as he waylaid McCray and now a penalty on the Warhawks backs him up to the 45 bringing up a first and 15 that is not targeting either because he hit him with his shoulder that he didn't hit him a little high but he hit him with his shoulder back costs goes Carter he got tripped up nice open field tackle that time by Tommy whited both teams have been penalized on first down let's see if the Warhawks can make it up it stops the ragin Cajun on their first series that's second down and long for you you LM and and it's just a killer you cannot do that and especially the Warhawks because they're they're a run pass football team man being helped off the field right now I think that is trevone tape no that's not true Vaughn's a Booker [Music] so now it's gonna be second down second down and long Evans back to pass going deep man runs away from the defender and he was wide open he could not run under it we've got a yellow play Savior Brown the intended target right there and a flag sitting on the ground back at a 44 offside defense number 99 five-yard penalty replay second down ragin Cajun just gave that five-yard right back to him again Kaleb struggled last week with deep balls he over from about 10 yards he overthrew that one he needs to get a little more focused on his wide receivers keep his head a little Stiller he's jumping around a little bit when he's throwing those deep balls and he'll start hitting those balls son right but he's had some people open he had to had a person open on that play five-yard penalty gives him a chance now get him back in the chain area he got robbed Simeon Thomas the corner one game makes a big stop on the perimeter oh they're excited to get Simeon Thomas back he means so much till this is a big kid he's 6 foot 2 the big thing and a good tackler they really like him they think I think they really think he's their best form that was one of the adjustments they were able to make getting City and Thomas back in there after missing the first two games crowd Rises foods feet on third down third and 11 evan stands in there goes to the far side we at the 11-yard line Demaryius Gillespie would be intended to marketing Tracey Walker on that cover a fourth down half we watch that again you'll see Caleb Evans he's much spiller his hits steal this balls rattle but it's just well covered see Caleb his head the steel he's staring at his heart is much better beautiful groan just very well covered and on that possession coach you saw the value the great value tracy walker being able to make a play in the run game being able to make a play coverage wise in the pass game I think he's an outstanding football player Thomas are just two really good defensive backs on this rococo end-over-end kick bounces inside the 10-yard line is dead at the 1 and Savior Brown was sitting there waiting on the kick from Harrison high cages will start this possession 99 yards from the end zone big-time kick right there from Harrison hi who's number 3 in the Sunbelt and net hunting big time kick nice drive change field position they start down here inside their own 10 and now they've got the ragin cajuns on their own one so that was a really good job of the offense and the special team so coaches if you're running the offense here for the Ragin Cajuns what are you looking to do it it certainly appears that Jordan Davis doesn't have his wheel like he typically does today and I think they're struggling with that because that's a big part of their offense so they're gonna have to find a way I think they got to give Dre gets more and more and more and they're gonna have to hit some plays in the passing game which they're very capable because they've got fantastic wide receivers but I think you're right I don't think you won't see Davis running a lot today because normally by now but into the first quarter he's probably already seniors and that was his first carry right there a quarterback sneak right up the middle just to try to buy them some space he didn't get much maybe a yard on the play maybe two they're gonna call it second down and eight now he's out of the shotgun after lining up under center that's Vegas look sides behind him they'll hand off to Vegas this time and Vegas picks up about 3 yards up to the primary chase day the line back and he's got a hit they're down to five in the games this gives them the possibility with the chains now gets them right off the goal line no Jordan Davis is a new player - he doesn't have a lot of experience so they got to be careful putting him in too many tough situations specially backed up on their own goal oh yeah this is just his fourth career start they feel like he's got the potential of former starter Terrence Broadway to be that kind of quarterback out of the shotgun he's gonna be hit the ball is loose and it is still loose and recovered finally I believe by the Ragin Cajuns and that's going to be a safety as the Aquin with Rose saved it from being a touchdown and the big sack in the end zone produces two four they're coming after Jordan David this is a free safety blitz and he's completely free just a fantastic play that a chance to score a touchdown they got their hands on that football Louise did I think and then they end up getting the safety out of it but again watch the free safety shoot the gap completely unblocks Jordan Davis did not seem beautiful defensive call right there by the Warhawks and they're lucky this wasn't seven points instead of just two that was Nick Ingram the safety coach he had about a 10 yard running start and nobody touched it a beautiful call and he's coming from depth they did not see the Blitz coming the quarterback was not able to turn the protection toward the Blitz because he didn't see the guys coming to space I've always thought if you come from 10 yards deep then you get sacked that's the quarterbacks fault you got to get the ball out of the hands before somebody come 15 20 yards to get you and Jordan Davis never saw him I don't know that mobility would have been a factor in Hall right there because he never saw Nick Ingram come from deep from the safety position shoot through a gap and hit him as he was trying to blow the walls if you watch he's looking left right here and this does not seem beautiful tackle right there they've got their hands on that football it pops back out but now they got a great chance to get great field position with a 9 though Calvin Linden will kick off here you have the choice of course with the free kick rather the punt or kick off they're going to kick off with blendin's and Stevie Archie who is their number one kicker and still handles to be 18 not able to pick off Hill fast in the leg injury so they're having to go with Linda the tuner leg is not as strong as our team's gonna be taken by green at the 17 Marcus green up to the 41 yard line 24 yard return for us employees real and not only did the warthogs get filled with a flippity field got great field position down we'll try to go up by two scores here they've got a nine-point lead now and they're at their own 40 with great field position best start for them and the day it's farce field position and really they have not been stopped yet but they have moved the football very well in the game and I think Matt it's been hard to stop cuz it's on the flanks and you're running up inside the quarterbacks run it well their gore has run it well right now they're hot and they're they're making some great play calls first intent on the 41 yard line they throw the ball out here complete to r.j. Turner Turner who's missed a couple of games played in their opener and then missed the Southern Miss game at his first catch in a while third grab of the season two catches for 57 yards in their opening loss against Memphis did not play against Southern Miss and it didn't look like a lot but it's now second and four on the keeper not much doing for Derrick Gore right there's he gets stopped at the 48-yard line that can bring up third down and about 3/4 mark who has over 150 yards of total offense third down the ragin Cajun 42 yards for and that'll be the end of the first quarter it's belong to you LM in the Warthog take a 9v Lincoln pages [Music] back in Lafayette Louisiana head to the second quarter here at Peyton field with you LM lead Louisiana nine nothing Watson Brown thanks for joining us it's third down and three for the Warhawks as we start the second quarter evans passes complete to the tight end for a first down at the 48 yard line slow Spiller with his first catch aces they do a good jumper onto their tight ends the first a lot of catches and ballgames already this year and I think that's a great guy too using those third and two third and three situations another big first down for the Warhawks 90 yards rushing for the Warlocks so far this ballgame handoff goes to gore and gore down to the 41 yard as he picks up carry six on the play the Warhawks really just doing a great job of moving the ball here against this ragin cajuns team that really has not had an answer for the RPO they have not the run pass options have hurt him really bad the quarterback tailback alternate and runs between them has really been hard to stop right now they got him reeling second down Evans fires complete the gore Gore gonna be stopped by Thomas shy on a first down marker at the 38 yard line you got to bring up another third down and short that's two great stuffs by Simeon Thomas in a row and tackling gore in the open space sir down but again the 11 a great job its third it's short and that's what has been most of the day Warhawks are three of five on third down conversions keeper emims first stat and more across the 20 heavens down the sideline touchdown unless he stepped out he did it looks like at the 9 yard line where's that a touchdown I think they're gonna call it touchdown touchdown run for Caleb Evans there we go for that read again did not take the quarterback he hit the scene nice block right there on the flanks we'll look to see if he stays inbounds looks like he did right before to severe Tony coming into the game this young man's got great legs he can go if you give him space 38 yard touchdown run for caleb evans it is 15 to nothing Ford for the p80 makes it 16 to nothing um has dominated the 60 Minutes game they've rolled up 206 yards to the Cajuns 42 and they lead at 16 to nothing early in the second quarter [Music] a couple of beautiful young ragin Cajun fans taken in the game they don't seem to mind that you LM jumped out to a sixty nothing lead mom just keep the box work up I don't think they mind at all I think the big big adjustments now it's got to come over here on the ragin Cajun sideline what are they gonna do offensively because they're just getting it stuck to them right now they've got to start moving the football in some way they have not been able to help their defense I'm anxious to see if they do come back with Jordan Davis again with his leg because he just does not look right to me Callay is going to take the ball and have it go over his head as he decides at the last moment not to field it so the ball is going to come out to the 25-yard line and that's the big question will we see Jordan Davis come back out at quarterback or will they go with the backup DeAndre right here's Davis obviously has been limited with the knee injury suffered last week in College Station and he might have even been hurt on that hit that he took in the end zone when the Warhawks recording the safety is gonna be Andre Nunez the junior transfer out of Iowa Western Community College that takes over at quarterback here DeAndre is really more of the Wildcat Nunez as a guy that can throw the ball so he takes over here early in the second quarter handoff goes to Elijah Mitchell and Mitchell up to the 30-yard line as he picks up 500 play David Renier leading tackler for making the stop Warhawks watching him through me from last week this week Nunez threw for over 1700 yards at Iowa Western last year handoff goes to Elijah Mitchell and Mitchell close to a first down as he pulls across the 35 yard line and picks up the first and Mitchell getting his first two carry of the afternoon Moosa sticks for the ragin Cajun enough it's just one needs to make the step up at this point first and ten from the 36 and off goes to Mitchell's third straight carry for Elijah Mitchell down to the 27 yard line touchdown saving tackle by Rolen deacons well they have fantastic facts to cope up this is a true freshman Mitchell is a big kid too I mean strong in his hips and there's a hole big enough to grab a tanker in there that time that they're taking it back out of here trying to change the movement and in their own favor because they've really struggled in the first quarter and a half of the football team Mitchell wearing the number 15 that Elijah McGuire wore the last three years handoff goes to Mitchell again another [Applause] lied to Mitchell has under this is what the Warhawks struggle with here early in the season is missed tackles and if you watch close there's a missed tackle right at the line of scrimmage right there another one two people missed him and Mitchell is strong now he's strong runner Phipps great carry for Mitchell zone they're going to say that he was short running back and get on the scoreboard basically they gave a commission for that driver they never been up in himself really strong seems to carry people with him on contact and I was impressed with the elusiveness in his hips he's got an open space where he just kind of patched up these people in sit back to DVR his on for the p85 carries 75 yards for Mitchell that was the entire Drive Geraci the punter is going to hold and artigue puts it through so Elijah Mitchell comes in off the bench and gives the cajon to spark a 16-7 here in the opening sentence in the second quarter ragin cajuns get on the board with a 75-yard Drive on the back of freshman running back Elijah Mitchell in coach watching Brown how do you like the response by the Rae Jude's agent after kind of getting bullied in the first 16 minutes of this ballgame and falling behind 16 to nothing with their answer and I think it's fantastic but that's what you would expect this team's been to five Bulls in the last six years they know how to win they didn't look like they panic on the sidelines and they did it with a new quarterback and the new tailbacks that hadn't been in the game I don't think yeah I don't think Mitchell had I think that's when he first came in those first five character so I mean he's that was very impressive in it it turned the momentum right back to them let's see if they can do something now with the football on the defensive side McCray will take the ball at the 13 yard line on the short kick by Linden and McCray no Running Room gonna be stopped at the 23 yard line alright so that's where the Warhawks go back on offense and the Warhawks had generated so much offense here in the first 16 minutes the ballgame 206 yards and now they go back on offense we see what their answer is to the Cajuns answer in the long drive yes that's right and this is a program trying to build itself to the Cajuns I know their arch-rivals but I think Coach B is doing a really good job taking this program trying to get it to another level and I see great progress but here's a lot of those situations in ball games where you've not got to turn around and respond Warhawks have not won here at Cajun field since 2013 handoff goes to Cole and Derek Gore dances in the hole then we stop by tracy walker and tracy walker they're stopped and also l'm areas parted o on the tackle for the Ragin Cajuns very short game for Coral in that blood driven occasions have done a good job from tackle to tackle on goal Evans has been their problem and most are the flank throws little quick throws on the outside is where they struggle 35 yards for tour so far today throw is complete Green Green makes a man miss and green across the 45 and down to the 42 as Caleb Evans continues delight of the dishes with his arm Marcus brain is there yeah that they that I think is there really when they needed he's their go-to receiver plays a lot on the inside more than the outside but really good after the kids that's what I think he's so good aides a punt returner to kick returner to that's his fifth catch Evans on the keeper Evans down to the 30-yard line since he bites off eleven yards how about Evans now Zebedee saved our first and 104 yards passing here in the first half just a special kid and it's all set up with these legs most of the throws have been probably under six seven yards ball at the 30 toss goes to the gray McQuaid the edge can be shut down bisexual at the 26-yard line is the gray gets oral the one much better missing the tackle on Marcus green over on the sidelines he came back had a nice play run through the Marion Mitchell's a guy they moved to the cornerback position to their slash safety position before the am game 18 tackles on the season for him a guy they feel like good enough in coverage to play the nickel physical enough to be a linebacker in the one day Lag out down to the 22 yard line who started this drive both my employment asking the question what would the Warhawks answer be to the Cajuns answer and they've come out and been justice will never ever bid his physical mat they really have been and again it's been number six is the real now they've got to find a way to stop he is Evans is just killing them with the quick throws and his legs this is a good way to to get a stop get that big penalty and get them out of the chains because Monroe has been in that chain air you LMS been rotten the savior the whole game holding Paul on 75 points Sutton their veteran left guard broken up in the last moment Varnado on the coverage there to deny RJ Turner looked like he was gonna make a spectacular grab and now it's gonna be third down that's a good sign to me for the Warhawks because that's two throws deep by Evans in a row that have been right on the money they're just well covered just very very well covered right there but the throw was fantastic he is missed a lot of those throws early in the two good throws in a rope third and 16 do you try to get it all right here maybe cutting in half and bring out the Bilbo's you thank you I would try to cut in half bring up we'll go Union Evans long throws to the sideline in a first down catch my clerk is three how about that long strong throw by caleb evan oh that was a throw and it was fair than that cover but again number three Marcus green if you watch when it get when it's when it's clutch time I think the boats gonna go toward him yep that was a fantastic throw that's the best throw I've seen Caleb Evans throw that's an NFL caliber throw from the hash to the sideline right there and first and ten from the 18 yard line now handoff and down to the 10-yard line five-yard carry right there by ke white white with his first carry of the ball game and a flag down as well sitting back at the 17 holding off 75 10-yard penalty from the previous spot replay first down as 10pips our referee second time they flagged Frank Sutton on this possession for holding and he is by far their best offensive lineman coach B will be livid over there because they're moving the football so well and it is holding right there he did grab him and just let him go at the last minute he's in good position the bulk air really was behind I think these line I think they just got picked hold them just a little longer and they just took they just don't let them go quick enough save your Brown down to the 16 yard line very good call there's a tunnel screen again that's the second time they've been successful both times now they got us back into the chain area second down in six or seven Xavier Brown came in was as their top receiver as far as catches this season get outside Brian Williams from the catch in low down close to the sticks let's see where you got to it's gonna be about a yard short of the first down it looks like and they're still flipping that ball out on the place that is a running play with a little bit with a little bubble option is we like to call it on the outside I think the raging Cajuns are going to have to start playing man coverage more on the wide receivers and stuff those little quick gross third and one they give to the door they can put again six of eight on third down conversions they came in at 38% of the season 38% and that's to holding calls made up in a row right of the offense that's that's unheard of in college football so they're hot today they're on a roll on the offensive side Cajuns scrambling to get their defense on the field and I don't think they got I think they might have too many men on the field right here as you see the back judge pointing and Counting the number of red jerseys out there I think there will be 12 men on the field substitution infractions defense 12 men in the goal they really have this Cajuns defense scrambling don't they they really do I mean honestly they're they're not stopping anything right now they're decent off tackle and that's that's about it but the warm-ups are getting these thirds and shorts so much that it's that those are easy they much easier things to pick up and a timeout has been called 7:20 to play in the half first and three for the Warhawks when we get back first and goal to go for the three from the three for you LM as Caleb Emma's a symbol of the birds of their third touchdown Evans 222 yards of offense here today last year in that 32 tree loss he was 13 of 14 passing 31 yards two picks and two fumbles he's redeemed himself he's got a great off season hunter coaches say got a lot bigger and stronger too and I think that's helped his conference goal to go and off Gore touchdown never got him on the ground with a party of stearic gore and it's 22 to seventh [Applause] honestly Matt same thing it's just that song resided here this time they hold for Evans and they just hand it to Gore and he walks into the end zone Craig poor Don for his third p80 attempt of the day Peterson gets it down and the kick is up and the kick is good 23 to 7 you LM put the beat down on Louisiana here in the second quarter [Music] it isn't species doubling the score on open yeah I don't see the red cap I don't know what happened there Wow you they got an early start on us kicked off fall was a Dutch vaccine in the 25-yard line the ragin cajuns just ran their first play in a two-yard gain by reyga's little better the the line of scrimmage right there than the last series if this defense will step up and match their offense this they could they've got him reeling right now they could put him away here in the first half again Andre Nunez in there for Jordan Davis who was ineffective in the first quarter ball batted at the line of scrimmage that's the first time they tried to go to the air with Nunez that was the defensive end Kerry Starks who got his paws on the ball and it's gonna be third down and that was a slant flat route they had a nice slant route on the inside that was open so they're a little bit snake bit right now the ball was batted down very nicely third down and eight Cajun certainly cannot go three and out here after that long touchdown drive by the Warhawks to take the 23 7 lead yes heavy rush Lewis got to it he gets away from Donald Lewis and now nuñez gonna run still looking downfield and fires and complete at the 37 yard passing play there's gonna be a flag down on the field at the 31 yard line that will be a first down catch if it stands an eligible man downfield offense number 50 that penalties declined 4,000 yeah well it was not a first down catch he was in front of the sticks when he made that grab Jamarcus bradley did a good job of coming back but the penalty on the offensive line beam downfield Robert hunt the left tackle was the man flagged for the infraction in sport down really nice series right there by the Warhawks fantastic Nugent best defensive early played all day long now that ragin cajuns defense has spent a lot of time on this hot field already today is getting ready to go back out there heavy rush and they run into Tracy and a flag is out Oh momentum switch that can be right there they've got the ball back they're going to have great field position they did have a rush on there to come and get the kick and they just they just flat ran right into the punter and they're looking at the left leg of Nick Ingram he was one of the guys out there trying to block the kick so a 15 yard Markoff after running into Tracy and that's gonna spot the ball at the 42 yard line and a first down for the ragin cajuns meantime they're tending to Ingram back at the 17th what a what a break for the ragin cajuns that's it some believe this hope this young man's okay and Ingram is the one that roughed the punter they're checking these knee we always hope yeah kids are okay so this could be a double blow for you LM right here not only do they give the ball back on the penalty and better feel positions arrest set of downs for the Cajuns and Ingram is having to be helped off the field with what appears to be an injury to his left knee now he's gonna try to walk this one off by himself and hopefully that's good sign right there and he's able to get back out there today what a big break for Louisiana just what a fantastic right now will they take advantage of it the Warhawks we're gonna get the pulp at the 40 their own 40-yard line and now the Cajuns have got it at their own 42 with a chance to take this thing down the field with six minutes to go in the half Andre Nunez 63 205 junior out of California by way of Iowa Western Community College in their quarterback for the cages they hand off to Vegas and reyga's runs lighter greenness on the carry - Cisco Cortese Cisco on Michael sent down and 11 loss of a yard on the boy they really like Cisco number seven they've got a three-man rotation there and that linebacker spot between Griffith and Cisco and day and all three of those guys in particular Griffith and Cisco can really run to the ball right there that was a nice open field tackle on a big target play-action no yes under pressure and he's gonna go down Karianna Sark's was the first guy to get there and get him on the ground you know they have just really come after their quarterbacks today they have not handled the pressure well I'm talking about the raging Cajuns Louisiana Monroe is just the thing you ALM has brought it every every long yardage situation just about in the game they've brought pressure and I'm not sure the raging Cajuns have handled it one time yet third down and 17 Nunez again pressure stands in the pocket delivers downfield and a flag out we're gonna have busy out here beyond the 50 yard line and that should be an automatic first down as Keenan Barnes was the intended target Barnes had a huge game 12 catches against the Aggies they have not been able to consistently get him the ball so far today brought pressure again they handled it pretty well that's a 15-yard penalty carries an automatic first down and they were double teaming on the play just not a smart play two gifts on this on this Drive they've had them stopped twice yeah two great gifts vegetations have just got to take advantages yep on a punt the roughing the kicker that gave him a first down on a third and 17 a pass interference call that gives the ragin Cajun the first down Vegas down trailing slaughter Roldan Jenkins making the stop of the Warhawks and close to a nine yard game for Vegas it's time to see if they can take one and put it in the end zone right here are you surprised we haven't seen a line Jim Mitchell again Vegas gonna run it this time Vegas across the 30 and reyga's down to the 25 where Logan that makes Rebecca really surprised though nothing against reyga's cuz Vegas is a fine running back but Elijah Mitchell five carries 75 yards for a touchdown in the one series he is in the ball game and they just they just now put him in the game but both these guys are one - I think we can see why they're excited about their tailback situation hope these guys very similar in their running songs [Music] for yard tools and delightsome disco make up the tackle at the 21:1 right now they're handling pressure they're handling movement they're running the ball right at the Warhawks this is what I think they've got to do with their quarterback hurt second down keeper this time by Nunez trying to get to the perimeter the 15 who has to step out of bounds at the 12 yard line he's got first out keeps a little bit of the Warhawks own medicine yeah exactly what they've done to the Louisiana as they've been running those quarterbacks on reads this kind of lunacy that's did a good job get them a first down first and ten from the 12 yard line and a timeout called by ul em and that's what we expected to see from the later today but it's apparent jordan davis who after taking that sack in the end zone and surrendering a safety we have not seen him since just did not have the mobility that we have been accustomed to see from him after he got hurt in that texas A&M game left and i think it's a good decision by the offensive staff so you can stay with Davis and the ball off and then throw it and not have that mobility at quarterback gives you both to run and the pass and that's what their offense really is what's your sin the Warhawks do is basically what we've watched of the ragin cajuns do to people in the first three games of the year they're just now getting into their office and I think this the knee injury to Davis has really hampered them and I think they're making the right adjustments right now that Stewart along with coach Watson Brown and I know you were impressed what you saw from the Warhawks last week working the Southern Miss game and thought they were exactly improved are you surprised at how improve they have been here today against Louisiana I'm very surprised at the score well they've moved the ball offensive out of the timeout to get to that time David Griffith got him by the ankles and wouldn't let him get away and it's gonna be second down and eight as the clock ticks right at three minutes in 20 seconds to play here in the first half I think coach feed called timeout to get his starters back in the end there were a lot of reserves playing in the linebackers hit a little bit in the secondary he's got these starters back out here on the field see if they can get a stop here second down and eight ball at the 10 yard line for the ragin cajuns down 23 7 here on their home field have not lost to the Warhawks here since 2013 and awful it runs the ball aligns a missile in yard run your wife is not had an answer for him yet and it's 23 to 13 strong but very elusive - he's a little bit better in the second level than the other backs are they're playing in Vegas but both these guys are good ball carriers down about there Willie well they came in wearing the number 15 of Elijah McGuire and if you're gonna go put that number on you better bring it well he's brought it today why are now a rookie with the New York Jets after a outstanding career in the Sun Belt Conference our T P 80 is gonna be no good it's like swamps mildew the uprights 10 but Elijah Mitchell is really the only reason why the Ragin Cajuns got a couple of touchdowns on the board today they are I mean he just making people miss inside bounces off of people outruns everybody to the goal line look like the last touchdown that he range you know Coach Brown there's making people miss by getting out in the open field and be shifty and juking them and then there's making people miss because you run over and they rent he runs over you first McKinney is elusive you know without running around this is an impressive freshman there I'm promising they're excited for the next four years well we've seen in the impressive Elijah Mitchell for Louisiana we've seen the impressive Caleb Evans for you LM as Evans has passed for 145 and run for 77 scored a couple of touchdowns on the ground and now he's going to get the ball back after Elijah Mitchell got it in the end zone and raisin cake but a big big difference for me at nine and ten points that's two scores touchdown field goal with a touchdown field goal would put you ahead with that so Linden gonna kick off McCray and green once again deep for the Warhawks and they're gonna have plenty of time to try to score again Kix gonna hit out of bounds that'll be a penalty on the ragin cajuns ball going to come out to the 35 yard drive for the warlock so really good field position and a hefty two minutes and 52 seconds still left on the clock great pill for this to start it really ain't been stopped in the whole half this could be a little bit more of a pass run type situation now let's see how Evans handles that if they do that and I think that's what they'll try to do you know one thing we haven't seen coach we haven't seen much of joke Dylan ever since he got juice on that inside move there by Caleb Evans he's one of their stars all-american freshman all-american at defensive end last year they played of an inside linebacker maybe struggling at that position a little bit he may be I don't know I may have hurt himself on that play but you're right we have not seen him much Coralie carry right there TJ Posey making the tackle 25 stops on the year proposed e number eight in the conference averaging over eight tackles per game but you're right no Jo Dylan makes you wonder was he hurt or is he just really struggling with that transition from defensive end to inside linebacker did not have a good game last week against the Aggies pass complete Brian Williams making the caption out of Al's that 42 and a half yard line this is a big play right here but again this is what you LMS done all in the first half third and short third short shorts that are made most of them let's see what they do now don't be surprised if the Cajuns get the stop right here if they use a timeout let's come and write up the middle and flag dropped at the 42-yard line prior to slash false start 77 offense five-yard penalty still second down trace Ellison back up left tackle in the ball game moved and that's going to make things more difficult on this third down conversion war hawks have been really good on their third so far today six of eight third penalty on the offensive line and made up two of them let's see if they make up for third one again the Cajuns have two timeouts remaining as the clock clicks down to 150 to play in the half and really kind of surprised now the clock stops is the official step in kind of surprise the Cajuns didn't burn one right there is a lot of times ticking off they get a stop here they'd have some time to maybe get some points on the board before the half well and I think we've been out at the 40 they are a little concerned to do that because they hadn't stopped them the whole time they will if they get a stop right here Evans pressure they run the screen it's caught and trade is hot guys at the 39 yard line by corey turner and it's worked out the third time they've run the screens this time they stop and played it much better and I'm a little surprised they're just very surprised they don't part a timeout right here because they have an opportunity to get the balls back and if they use the timeout save themselves some time and maybe get the ball downfield for at least a few bulletins I agree with you 100% man and it may be that they just don't have the confidence in the quarterback this part of it if they get backed up I kicks it away it's gonna hit at the 14 and bounce into the endzone and so the Cajuns will bring it out to the 20 with 46 second play in the half that's why the first attempt they're all 20 do have two timeouts remaining Warhawks have one but given kind of the way they approach that final possession they're not burning the timeout after getting the stop on that third down play I'm guessing they're just gonna handle the ball in off you will see but I think it'll be very very conservative because they they let a minute go off the clock right there that could have given them an opportunity to get more points right before the half but again it may they may have known they would be backed up and they just don't trust the young quarterback just yet to let him loose let's see what they do with the football first down here they went from young to even younger when Jordan Davis got hurt and could not continue to play here as Nunez is making his first appearances for the ragin cajuns today handoff goes to jordan wright his first carry today and as he gets tackled by cisco i think that answered our question yeah it does that's exactly what he was thinking he didn't take chances he had I'm talking about coaching coach hood they've had a tough first half he may just won't get in the locker room regroup this thing come back out in the second half and take these down that might have been our last play of the half yeah the play clock has not even started yet the clock continues to run the crowd here at Cajun field wanted to see the truth wanted to see him trying to get the ball downfield they're not going to get that as the teams are heading to the locker room I think the Cajuns just want to regroup after giving up 310 yards in the first half and they trailed by 10 as we go to the locker room I think you're exactly right honor that's exactly what he's doing fans always want to see you go forth we'll see what happens in the second half and it's the ragin Cajun Stan regroup halftime here in Lafayette Louisiana [Music] welcome to the Capital One halftime report you're watching the Capital One halftime report from Lafayette Louisiana you LM with a 23 13 lead on the Louisiana ragin cajuns I just go out there Thank You me that's cool if the bottles in my hand I'm gonna get in his own in with hospital miss Lada your mission gather intel on lamar jackson objective identify subjects strengths and weaknesses he needs to be neutralized phase 1 assess speed and agility [Applause] [Music] [Applause] are you kidding me with that's incredible being able to stop on a dime you know make guys missing we talked about on the satellite his exact words was I couldn't go left I couldn't go right and I didn't want to try to run through him so I just went over the top and I was like how me it was it was amazing [Music] Lamar Jackson has been clocked at a for 340 but our research revealed while some athletes can match that speed we found it impossible to predict where the targets feet will take him phase to assess instincts [Music] [Applause] this is a problem the target also has a sharply honed intuition that aids in elusiveness it's all instinct is all that sixth sense that he has you know is it it just comes to him while he's running it's amazing to see sometimes when somebody's coming for him and ain't just the boys and if we can't catch him can we overpower him doubtful we infiltrated the targets facility and our surveillance revealed strength is not a weakness it always catches people off guard the gods have seen the balance off him a lot but you wouldn't think that looking at his stature being able to run guys over make good hit being able to make great contact down the field to get those actually are that we may need phase three assess vision he really is seeing things you know he's doing a great job of being able to keep his focus down field they out of blitz comfrey and he ducked underneath that kept two hands on the ball and threw a strike for a 75 yard touchdown his completion percentage is 65% this year up from 56% last season when he won the Heisman Trophy so Miss Lada can the target be neutralized negative our Intel concludes the only thing that can stop him are Jackson this season is Lamar Jackson Louisiana you LM with a 23 13 lead on these Louisiana ragin cajuns you're watching the Capital One halftime report [Applause] delivers and it's intercepted Feb 6 able to escape the kettle [Applause] [Applause] he has tied the n-c-double-a bike jerm touchdown record that's as good as catch as you'll see a college football year long 22 for still making a play throws it in the end zone cod touchdown Texas and here we go the cassava Wyatt he's got it and the Trojans have got it in the second overtime he's got a he [Applause] [Applause] [Music] whatever you want to do he's alright with [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to the Capital One halftime report which [Music] trash money touchdown [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] there you got to get those burgers off the grill Doug Flutie through the hail Larry you mean a Hail Mary tomato potato man was it two different words ice-cold vodka trapper hear us go [Music] let's take a look at today's campus moment it's brought to you by dr. pepper this is a look at the Alumni walk here on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette big day for the ragin cajuns has not been a big day for the ragin cajuns on the scoreboard though as UL m has dominated the first two quarters over 300 yards of offense coach and a 23:13 halftime lead lonnis the man i think that the raging Cajuns are lucky to still be in the game 310 yards of offense to mid 100's for the Cajuns it's been taken to them pretty good they're very lucky helped them there right at the end of the half those gifts on 3rd down but they've taken it to a beautiful reverse I think this was the first run of the game and worlds and here is the kickoff Calais bobbles the ball at the goal line and delay is going to be stopped at the 12 and 4 field position for the ragin Cajun to start this second half take a look at the halftime stats caleb evans 154 yards passing 77 rushing yards and a couple of touchdowns Elijah Mitchell has been the big carry guy for the ragin Cajun 8 Gary's 92 yards and a couple of touchdowns so first and ten ball at the 12-yard line dunya is in their quarterback again Jordan Davis their starting quarterback was injured last week against Texas A&M ineffective in the first quarter we have not seen him since he took a safety Reyes is going to be dropped for a couple of yards lorig Aslam where that blood that was a nice adjustment from the first half that's the same play that they've heard him with the count of the outside song a little bit a little wide zone and shut the gap inside made a nice play they're off to a good start with him with the kickoff coverage and now first down for second at 14 David Griffith with his team leading six tackle of the game right there Vegas on the carry and Reyes up to the 11 yard line the original line of scrimmage and maybe not even that it's gonna be third down and long it's raging patient we cleared out and he really thought this was a very important first of the second half we get the ball got they got back you within 10 points need to make something happen here on third and 11 I think it's a very important football play heavy rush Nunez stands in the pocket and fires incomplete trying to connect with outside and chase Rogers David rippin one on the coverage in a three and a punting situation for the Ragin Cajuns to start the third quarter a really tough on that's the worst thing that could have happened to the Ragin Cajuns to me is three and out poor field position with a kickoff just not a good start it's the one thing I don't understand coach is they've had boomer success the ritual the football Warhawks have not been able to stop him yet yet the opening series does not include Elijah Mitchell I would I would bet you'd we're gonna see him on the next one he's just been so dominated here in the first half Geraci can a putt out of his own endzone green is back to field it gonna have it hit in front of him at the 45 and down right there in tremendous field position for the Warhawks to start the third quarter on the Cajun side of the fifth it's the worst start that could possibly have single pork and the Wolves need to take advantage I think the government they're back right now the winds picked up pretty good line and they're going the length of the football field here this is this so this is an important quarter for them when the Cajuns get back there on offense I'm gonna ask you to be thinking about what would you do when you're down to your third team quarterback essentially with DeAndre kind of being the second team of a wildcat guy certainly your backup quarterback and and just really not getting a whole lot of done offensively except in the ground game and now Caleb Evans who's done pretty much everything that he wants to do starts this turn borderline handing off the Austin Vaughn for his first carry of the season bonds a guy who's been a sophomore out of engine Alexandria Louisiana and he gets his first carry of the season right there and it's for five yards and five yard gain on first down there they're crossing the 40 so they could be in for down zone that this is an important series for me Evans takes the toss and gonna keep it and pick up cards on the play down to the low 38 yard line - Boris sleeve making the tackle subpages and it's gonna be third down and one three or short for and they could treat this as as a two down situation if they wanted to we'll see what they do with this down I would be surprised if to take the ball down the field could be some form of the short pass or even another running play to get it written to fourth and short situation ball at the 39 Warhawks already up ten that's green in motion Evans gonna fire across the middle the Spiller who makes the grab even though he takes a big shot with Walker and that's gonna be a first down like these tight ends for you LEM I really do they're there making plays it may plays all year form they got really good across there bitch sighs guys just a little short crossing route exactly what I thought they might do got another first down 1st and 10 from the 34 that the second catch of the day for Spiller ball goes to Xavier Brown and he gets decked in the 29-yard line yeah that's a nice throw now that's a that's a short outfits all the way across the field that was a running play I think he saw a soft corner so he just flipped a little quick out out there and he's got second down this is what they've done for the ragin cajuns all they found throw it on the flanks run it up inside and then give it to caleb evans for the big points long spin move by Vaughn as he dives destined 26 yard line and that's gonna bring up a third down and three and again this just bear well be treated as a two down situation right here I don't know how much they believe in their their kicker but I'm not sure I wouldn't treat this it and maybe run it two times in a row but they throw those short passes so well there's nothing wrong with that call either they brilliant rolled the tempo of this game [Applause] and a flag out by the Ragin bases right there's Brett Miller the defensive end and it's going to be fourth down and there's a flag too holding offense at 75 that can resupply fourth down now we'll see what Coach B does he may go for this you may go for this instead of trying to kick the field goal which will be a very long field walk I think they are going to go back coach I was going to ask you what you take the penalty there and back them up because take declining the penalty that's worth it five he's going for you absolutely we'll take you out I'm surprised that they did and um has not been a great third alone team all your honor gets rid of it fires out of bounds the balls gonna go over that worked out well for me the weather plays really nice defense the exact same way they tried to run on the first series of the game on third down both times they've covered that play will I think Warhawks we're expecting man coverage again too with that place that's a man coverage beatin patter than the zone coverage nothing there for evidence that all we had to throw the ball Alabama alright coach now what would you do here is you got Nunez you got your backup quarterback obviously you didn't take a lot of reps in practice this week the offense has not run that well since he's been in there didn't run that well at Jordan Davis in there so what would you do offensively I think they've got to keep mixing up their offense and just trying to stay within the chains and that's a nice target confidence a little bit short crossing route but run your offense what you've done all year long we've moved the football on here by they play Tulsa Texas A&M and today they just have not moved the ball well that's the first completion for Nunez after three incomplete goes to jock yet brings up second down and why as much as they could dominated in this aim you take this drive down the field just slow get points here if you're within one score either way field goal are touchdown they're still right in the middle of this football game they've got to run their offense not try to get so much so quick it's not a bad gun give it to is it no Mitchell picks up four maybe five on that play Renard making the tackle for the Warhawks oh he's a tank when he turns a field man I'm telling you looks like those guys don't wanna hit him he is so strong 511 221 freshmen Mitchell's gonna get it again comes to the short side this time and Mitchell really does a great job [Music] gets another yard or two and he picks up a first down right there he's having a huge game to this it seems like when he goes in the game the line of scrimmage moves better for some reason today I believe I just leave him out there till he gets tired in that register but then back him up something Mitchell again Mitchell picks up a couple on that play right there take your time right here keep running your offense stay within the chains if we need to let's go for a 4th down and short be very patient that's what they've got to do because I'm gonna tell you you get it you get a score here get yourself back within one score of taking the lead momentum can switch very quickly [Applause] the other side and throw it back what a play by Jerry Jack's first guesses here did you see how he gets dusted with the ball in the air to come back and make that round that was that was a good catch it was really not a great throat but you're always not bad shape if the quarterback up under throws the fade route but we'll see that just a great one-handed catch first and 10 for Ian Renaud backup safety was getting a lot of run here in the second half makes that tackle for a loss back at the 27 and a half yard line they keep cheating that safety up on the weak side where they're hurting them with those home runs and this time they finally got them they're gonna have to make an adjustment to that part of that is what they just did throwing the fade right here on the one on one to the outside [Music] keep running that football with those two big packs the other thing doesn't happen is the gate it goes on like this master defense gets tired down when you're tackling ok 170 yards rushing for the Ragin Cajuns only 36 to the air it's now up to 180 with that 10 yard run by reyga's reyga's has 72 yards on the ground Mitchell has 104 right here you got to get down here and get points third and short reyga's first down and more inside the 10 yard line Cicero makes a touchdown saving tackle but it'll be luci goal to go for Louisiana the defensive end just not getting underneath that blocker right here which leaves an inside gap for these two tailbacks on the bail the timeout has been called on the field look like the players had to be separated for a moment maybe Cisco maybe he's shaken up a little bit as they help him off the field it could be person goal to go for the ragin cajuns for the from the u LM 8 yard line I think you're exactly right he's shaking up in some way when the play was called a quick timeout officials didn't get him off the field DeAndre now in there at quarterback he is there Wildcats will take a direct snap and probably run it here he does have agus beside him to hand the ball off to they hand off the Reyes and break us down to the 5 as we get 3 these backs are so strong so strong that was an all-out blitz there was two free guys and reyga's cherry dime with him making it 2nd and goal on the 5-yard line are you surprised they go to Ray here at the short yardage situation no I'm not I think he is a very strong guy and I think they're trying to get both of them on them and I think it's wearing on um DeAndre no running room then he cuts inside to getting some space and - these down into the 4 yard line he was about to take a loss if he found a way to get a yard third down yeah thank goodness he did because I really want a very good run you do not want to be going sideways down here on the goal line I just keep giving it to those big backs they're carrying on to 3 yards of the shot and we'll see what they do here this is really a passing down and Nunez is back in the ball game as Ray comes out 192 yards of rushing now for the Cajuns but it's gonna be third down and goal to go dude yes running to his left gonna flow on the run fires for the end zone through its short due to Marcus is Bradley who was open oh they'll want that one back wide open in the back of the end zone there was penetration on the quarterback Nunez probably didn't have time to throw but somehow he got to get that ball to the back of that end zone just wide open so Steve ERT who's hit ten field goals in a row dating back to last season comes in for a chip shot this is a 20-yard attempt from near the right hand let's put this in he missed the last extra point so he's got to get it out of his head and put this pointer 20 the uprights and the kick is good 20-yard field goal for Stevie Artigas for the first time since the first quarter the Ragin Cajuns have cut the Warhawks lead to a touchdown this Drive set up by Jerry Jackson's great catch they get a field goal out of it five minutes to play in the third it's 20 360 [Music] that's the scene last night operations here in Lafayette Louisiana and thanks to the ragin cajuns athletic department for entertaining our guys in the truck last night here today we've had an entertaining game in the Sunbelt opener between these two Louisiana rivals you LM looking for their first win of the season their lead has been cut to seven by the ragin cajuns who've won nine straight Sun Belt gold winners dating back to 2008 then I think that is that is in their minds right now there's a confidence still in them that you can see in the and the Warhawks need to take the ball now and respond because they're letting them Dean you look at those stats they have it's not even close but they're hanging around now they're within one score so here's the first time the Warhawks will really have the challenge to their options Leslie what to do with gages put a ton of those stats with a 13 play 67 yard drive that netted them the 20 yard field goal by RT cutting it to 7 and Marcus green going to take the kick return from the 15 and grain up to the 47 yard line big strong return is three yards by Marcus green and the ragin Cajun on a burpies maintained the field position battle here as the Warhawks will take over close to the 50 yard line marker screens having a really good game catching the ball returning kicks got a lot of big plays in this football game you see the cage is the strength of their game here today has been their rushing game 194 but only 36 in the air and that's in large part due to the fact they lost Jordan Davis who was averaging close to 223 yards passing per game Caleb Evans has been be stopping the Warhawks and that's going to be a big loss for Gore as he gets dropped like Cory Turner for a big walk it's a big play defense to start this Drive puts him in second and 15 and really you LM has had no success with the ball quick outside lays on the running game they've really been up inside with the ball and Caleb Evans running off those zone replays but now they've got the second and long got to get some of it back on this down second down at 15 pick up the Blitz across the 40 the 33rd to the 20 and finally out of bounds at the 10 yard line gorgeous a really good football player I watched him good and earlier isn't here and what a big dodge of a good tackler didn't send me and Thomas I think that's who that was on this side over here just 101 open space that's kind of college football today get it to your athletes in space and let them make plays and the key to that play coach with the left tackle Devon Jackson stepping over into the gap to catch to get to just get a piece of the Blitzer and that gave Caleb Evans enough time to complete that pass now he's gonna run it down to the 7 yard loss little quarterback draw gain and again they've been staying within the chains they've got second and 7 again gotta answer with points love to be a touchdown but even a field goal they got to take care of the football right here and be aggressive but take care of it they need points to answer second down ball at the 7 they can pick up a first at the 1 keeper Evan's Evan's to the death touchdown watch this again if you'll watch them hide in block back are we having a little little pushing and shoving yeah we have a flag out of the end zone as well it's probably gonna be off of the pushing and shoving it would be after the play I'm sure but man when we watch this way they've been fortunate like Honda number six on the offense let's force the light Conda number four on the defense those penalties offset this both players first unsportsmanlike conduct out of the game I promise you coach video be kidding Caleb over there years right now on the sidelines having a little talk with you Matt after that but they've really hurt him if you watch they've got a tight end it goes to block back on the play acts like he's going to kick the defensive end out then he circles around him and blocks the extra guy and Caleb Evans just walks into the end zone it's just a beautifully designed play and they're very lucky that they didn't get 15 yards off of that that both sides got a 15 yard gain third rushing touchdown of the day for Caleb Evans who's over 300 yards of total offense break for dat watch this tight in start the block go around the guy pop the next guy makes Ian close deals to quarterback arena they've blocked by Josh Petersons and the Warhawks have reclaimed the two touchdown lead here late in the third quarter 7 yard touchdown run by Caleb Evans reestablishes a 14-point lead for you LM as the Warhawks lead the Ragin Cajuns 32 16 year in Cajun they probably would not go to quarterbacks today it had been two quarterbacks in their first two games kind of felt like talking to the coaches that Caleb Evans had won the job and he was going to beat the guy today and he has been and he has not disappointed honestly he's been just a tenable one-man show he's getting some great calls by his coaches and and some nice blocks by Lyman Titian's Derek Gore with a big play on that drive dodging the defensive back Simeon Thomas out in open space but it's it's been a caleb evans show today and and what i've enjoyed watching him do is he responds to challenge and when there's momentum swishes he seems to turn it over in the next series yeah right after the ragin cajuns got the field goal to cut it to seven they got a big kick return up to the 48 yard line 35-yard kick returns by Marcus green and the Warhawks were able to springboard off of that short field 52-yard touchdown drive and they're now up two scores with just over 18 minutes to play in this game Nunez in trouble gonna take a sack back at the 20-yard line Nunez dropped by Miss ossified beautiful play pressure and really had everything covered it was just a beautiful play by the defensive whole defensive front there were people all in the back to the runner Hussman with his first sack of the season that's Carey Starks who's injured on the play he was in on the pass rush and he got taken down at the 13 yard line looks like this is a cramp on both legs I think he's got both legs curved it is a hot day this is about the time of the game we will start seeing some of this perhaps he needs to IV bags 32:16 the Warhawks trying to snap the dominance of the ragin cajuns in this all time series the 53rd all-time meeting dating back to 1951 Cajuns leading 27 24 but they'd won three straight and 7 of the last day and beat him badly 32 3 last year in a driving rainstorm in Monroe to close out the season and with the wind the Cajuns got bowl eligible but it's too but it's today that the Warhawks have been the dominant team 377 yards of offense hot day beautiful day and and I think both teams will start getting a little tired now as this game goes on there will be some cramping but it's gonna be hard to me for the ragin cajuns because they're just not capable of throwing the ball a whole lot yeah they're gonna have to get their points with the run and that's just gonna eat up a lot of clock as they go but you got to do what you can do best on this day they've got to keep running the football that little play-action past little kind of a reverse fake and trying to get somebody deep really hurt him right here the combination of Davis and Nunez four for 12 passing 36 yards for the ragin cajuns and again Jordan Davis their starting quarterback injured last week against Texas A&M pretty much ineffective in the first quarter here took a safety and we have not seen him since Nunez going up top and it is part of the 50 yard line breaks out of adjustment by Jamarcus Bradley just hurt his back to defenders and go to the sideline and make the ground we had a flag on the play with it let's see what they call right here one not a nice throw that give him some confidence maybe the whole offensive conference that's just the third completion for Nunez [Applause] let's check in here with Ted Pitts the catch was good sideline interference on the defense that 15-yard penalty we added to the end of the catch first down Wow so a big cats just got bigger oh I promise you that's a coach that an official runs into when official runs into a coach or something on the sidelines they're gonna make that call we can't see it but I promise you that's what em that's huge that gives the Cajuns the ball at the UL m33 first and ten heavy rush Nunez stands in there fires in a screen pass that's Barnes Barnes is the guy they just simply have not been able to get the ball to today that is the first head for Heenan Barnes he was muscle to in the conference seven catches per game you don't have you quarterback with you it's just hard to get that rhythm timing all the things that go with passing the football second down at nine first down is very close to I believe you shot that's the same blitz that they got the two points off out in end zone they brought a safety blitz this time they pick it up he sees a seaman at the U NS C's have not seen their to run the football and takes off and makes a first down on his own Jackson makes the grab is the second of the game that's gonna be a first down at the nine oh this will give some life into the raging Cajuns the see Nunez throwing the football like he is right now that's two or three good throws in a row looks like he's starting to get tired big backs get bigger when bodies start getting tired on the defensive side of the goal he just shoves the big fella out of the way Donald Lewis who's rolling at 270 he just kind of moved him out of the way and stayed on his feet and I think offensive coordinator the guy calling the place is doing a good job here in the second half of keeping his patience and moving the football that would be will halt keeper by DeAndre they bring DeAndre in there the Wildcat then back at it is 36:22 that's one of those plays that's everybody blocked but beyond just ten guys out and block let him turn the corner and score but it was all set up to me by the past couple of passes going down the thing you said knock them all bashing DeAndre is no small guy there he's six foot two fifteen Archie gone for the p80 too racy the whole they get it down no good our team sure footed has missed 2p 80s today and the Warhawks lead remains a [Music] 30:22 you LM leading the Ragin Cajuns by a really should be a six point game Steve ERT is the only kicker in the Sun Belt Conference on the Luke Roza preseason watch list but he is missed to the 80s today six point eight gotta go 4-2 if you score to try to time that's just huge but but the momentum later twice now they've turned it back around here in the third quarter with nice long drives but the best thing that I saw for the rainy day is a moon is completely some passes yep making some big plays the where they don't just have to sit there and hand it off every time yeah every play don't go anywhere we could have a pretty spectacular fourth quarter with a lot of fireworks before this one is over Linden's out there and that's one of the reasons why our Teague has been battling injury I don't know whether that is factored into his missed P 80s today but they have been big misses no doubt about it green on the return he gets up Lavigne's on return at the 20-yard line great coverage by the Ragin Cajuns of the kick team right there and so the 20 yard line is about where the Warhawks is going to start this possession with 47 seconds left in the quarter that was deuce Wallace the sophomore out of Lafayette made the tackle right there then Marcus would like to have that one back to you we need to take that just straight up the field tried to bounce out sideways and toss them sell some yards but Caleb Evans answered on the last one let's see what they can do again the offense keeps bailing them out here counter from middle of the second quarter room 377 yard total offense tape Evans going up top got a man out there is at the 40-yard line Marcus green a spectacular catch right there again Caleb Evans has thrown the deep ball so much better than I saw him throw it in the last game but what it catches this right here he'd never saw the ball coming in he just had it fall over his shoulder eight catch of the day from Marcus Green over 100 yards of receiving for him as the ball is slung out there to r.j. Turner who gets it comes a yard before being driven out of bounds this is just a fade route to the inside receiver and that's a good one to run because he gets a lot more space to the boundary than the outside receiver that wins the battle that's all there is to it with a great throw Wow and what a great catch he I mean he couldn't have seen that ball until it was right on top of him Marcus has had a great game today now he's made a lot of big plays for this offense eight catches for 117 that's the end of the third quarter Wow order coming up you LM trying for their first win here against the ragin Cajun since 2013 15 minutes away huge day for Caleb Evans and the running game of the ragin cajuns Elijah Mitchell over 100 yards rushing and we've got a great fourth quarter coming up here in Lafayette Louisiana with qlm leading the ragin cajuns 3022 [Applause] [Music] second down efforts to start the fourth quarter gonna take it off and run and Evans picks up a first down at the 28 no answer for him today coach no there has not been running and throwing he's thrown the ball so much better than he's thrown it early in the season I can promise you though Warhawk fans are excited about him right now and it's got to be a stop somewhere along the way Louisiana needs to come up with one on defense they keep relying on their office to catch back up Evans it's caught inside the 10 yard line by RJ burner 23rd completion of the day for Kaleb evidence and that was a run that was a run pass option he saw the wire on outside fake the run and pulled it get to hit the little skinny post a beautiful play call I mean those long pass options are so tough but there are a whole lot better when the running game is going well which it has been today first and goal to go for the Warhawks ragin cajuns aren't going to be able to win this ballgame unless they can come up with a stop every time the Cajuns score points Warhawks have an answer for it that's exactly right and so the offense has responded in the second half the defense is still struggled they've struggled all day long today and they struggle coming into this game can't say enough about Caleb Evans going up top of the end zone and it is caught but out-of-bounds Xavier Brown could not get his feet down in the end zone get the steam play call on first me go look for five I think we'll see him come back with some kind of run right here and I'll bet you number six touches in someone oh my goodness that might have been a score he got his foot down for this close I wonder if they're gonna I think he got his foot down if they're gonna regain this they're gonna run the play I thought he got his foot down Evans up the middle for the touchdown it doesn't matter what I figured I felt they'd go right back to his hands with the ball on the ground again unbelievable a rushing touchdown of the day for Caleb Evans I think he's won the quarterback don't you think he my goodness what a day for Caleb Evans that puts him over 100 yards rushing he's at 277 passing and Craig Bourdon for the p80 [Music] and he misses must be something in the water breathes miss phd's today but all I guess end of the field yeah all of that into the field no answer for caleb Evans today as he scores the kids Matt Stewart along coach Watson Brown as we have played a minute of 14 seconds of this fourth quarter and you LM is once again taken a two-touchdown lead although they didn't miss the p 18 that could end up being big the 36 points for the Warhawks the most they have scored in this rivalry since putting 39 on the board in a 39 20 victory against Louisiana back in 2006 it's been a while alone well and another impressive Drive that's two straight times that had answered the call into the straight wilee with the kickoff calais going to take the ball at the seven the Calais going to go down immediately at the 20-yard line Calais gets dropped in his tracks by Jarrett Doyle [Music] great coverage excited sidelines they're starting to fill it Anita stop it's what they need they've got to get their defense going again they have a pretty good first half but these guys have done a good job of moving the ball in the second half against them go watch this hit right here 15 beautiful tackle and that's the way you tackle you'll never have you never having a targeting call when you put that shoulder on them like that Warhawks trying to end a three-game winning streak for the Cajuns in the overall series and Louisiana's also won seven of the last eight meetings Nunez run to the screenplay and Bradley up to the 24 is just in for arc is Bradley with his third catch of the day don't see what will Hall does now I mean it's been hard on our dome all day but with the backup quarterback it hasn't throw many passes there there there always seem to chasing the clock and they've been behind the whole game see what they're doing this driving a run pass way Nunez five of nine 71 yards passing since coveted for Davos and it's in and out of the hands of Keenan Barnes a little bit behind it but catchable no doubt about it absolutely and that's the exact same play that um Monroe hit going in for their last score that little quick skinny post diamond doesn't drop many of those for sure he's sure handed young man been the best receiver on this football team they just haven't been able to find him today only one catch for Barnes today 0 yards after back-to-back 100-yard receiving games against Tulsa and Texas A&M Nunez fires had broken up the safety Rowland Jenkins got his hand in front of the pass and its fourth down Roland just earned his start that's his first time back and he's been injured and they know they were glad to get him back very nice play got a handle on this ball in the pot in crossing around big stop right there that's a big stop now if the offense will keep the ball here and get some more points they would really take control of this game too racy gonna kick it here standing back at his 9 yard line average 40 yards per kick in his three years punting for Cincinnati Marcus Greene who's been big at the return game for the Warhawks today standing back at the 31 and a timeout timeout Louisiana me best best person how about Ashley is they have 30 striped down 14 points 13 minutes left in the game and you got a burn a timeout to get the pump team out you said it exactly right I was going to say that that's big it's a lot bigger than it looks because you may need that timeout to stop the clock late game timeouts in a game like this are very critical and to have something that's wrong the right people whatever it is that is a big tough timeout to lose and that's one of the things all I'm talking about with us this week that they just have to clean up the stupid mistakes and that certainly falls into that category right there 36 22 you LM leading Louisiana story for the ragin cajuns has been their ground game led by Mitchell and Regan's Mitchell 12 carries the 104 in a couple of touchdowns and he didn't even touch the ball until the second quarter he's had some great runs in both both backs how they've run the ball well enough to win the you booming kick rain retreats to the 21 yard line back medley makes the grab and now he's got some room to run out across the 40 and a close to 30 yard return and they out punted recovering seven items series a flag down at the 19 and most the time that's gonna be a block in the back or holding and and that's the third time in the game where they've had big plays that they've had to bring them back for a penalty Marcus Greene's had another day I mean that with Caleb Evans having the day he's had we haven't talked as much about Marcus but boy returning kicks Hunt's tension balls running screens catching Fae droughts and he's had a big day no doubt 181 yards of total offense all-purpose yards for Marcus Green 117 receiving and 64 in returns but this one's going to come back [Music] you LM in their second season under Matt via tor who came to Monroe from McNeese State done a really good job of recruiting for the program they have dramatically overhauled their roster in one year in fact the recruiting service rivals rated u LM the number one recruiting class in 2017 Ursula Terrence we had walk in the back on the return team that's half the distance to the goal then after the play personal foul late hit on the kicking team first down so we're gonna have a half the distance Markoff against you LM and then I believe they'll have a fifteen yard Markoff back the other way against the ragin Cajun so actually he you LM gets the better of that deal gain five yards but they also lost about 25 on the return yeah that's true and instead of having it up there around the 48 they got it back at there 25 well that's always been one of my pet peeves as a coach you just drive you crazy to have penalties in the kicking game and you know you've got great returners back there if you keep block a guy exactly right give the guy a chance to dodge you those penalties are just killers 380 yards of offense for that young man caleb evans today got to be his best start of his career 277 passing 23 of 29 throwing the ball today and off goes we go boria's dropped at 8:28 Derek all picked at 3 on the play-doh Dylan's name being called right an all-american a pass rusher for the raging Cajuns last year the defensive end position they got him play into the Mike linebacker inside linebacker spot I think where they will build linebacker spot big adjustment for him right in the middle of the season second down and six Evans time to throw guns it over here complete Gillespie and Gillespie Springs forward and picks up the first down actually Brian Williams this is the time of the game with this defense needs a stops we had a tough day any piece of really the Warhawk offense but you know stop watch me put your office back on the field they're starting to crowd their wide receivers they're trying to take away the little short stuff that you see on there we kind of impress man up and trying to make them take the ball down the field murder war catches for Brian Williams gore slips out a one tackle and then Posey meets him at the 40 yard line three yard pickup clocks gonna start to become an issue here is it's going to be probably less than eleven minutes to play in the game by the time the Warhawks Napa together there if you're watching they're slowin down to they're trying to eat more clock as they go they're not in the pace that they were in earlier in the game I think that's smart but yet keep moving the football keep getting first naps do Carter on the carry Carter up with a 43-yard and cozy again making the tackle now they snap that ball around the 15-second mark on the play clock they could actually do a little bit better job of milking it some more you can come up to the line of scrimmage no one says you got to snap it right away no and I agree with you 100% eat every second you can eat but stay aggressive stay aggressive in your play calling you can't turn this into a anytime it's just two scores that that's in college football today you can catch you're quick you've got to keep running throwing the ball they're pressing them all over the field they're trying to make them take the ball deep Evans gonna dump it off across the middle that's gonna be a first out of Williams Williams across midfield Thomas might have gotten hurt on that play making the tackle and there across the 50 at the 45 one of the toughest thanks to stop and man coverage and press man is crossing routes and that's exactly what happens right here Thomas get speed on the cross the ground may have hurt himself a little bit but if you've watched it close Caleb did a great job Caleb Evans you had a free guy coming right at him he sit in the pocket and dumped it underneath to the cross and run last week he did not do that Evans play-action backing up gonna throw it away no it's got a man out there Duke Carter who was wide open inside the 15-yard line down to the 13 I thought he was just getting rid of the ball and Carter was inexplicably wide open on the sidelines now that is a great play call that is a play that you like to run in to man coverage because you faked the ball to the back in the backfield and then that just kind of sneaks through the line of scrimmage and got off the boundary facemask defense number three half the distance to the goal first down Wow this could be a crushing touchdown right here if the Warhawks are able to knock it in so he Taylor's waiting on that back to clear the line of scrimmage and he sneaks out the linebackers got him and I think it'd be Dylan he has he man to man and he just loses it it loses him and all that trash that's in the line of scrimmage record we're very good pass route in the man cover first and goal to go for the Warhawks inside the seven rushing touchdown of the day for Caleb Evans and it's 42 to 22 Wow this offensive spin unbelievable we can give it enough accolades right now and just and Caleb Evans himself the last two passes and then that run right there beautiful they scored 57 in the first two games combined they put 42 on the board here today with nine 1/2 minutes to play pa T is up and it this time is good as Ford makes it a three touchdown lead you LM trying to break the losing streak to the ragin cajuns and nine and a half minutes away from doing it [Music] nine and a half minutes to play here at Cajun field in a 4322 lead for you LM on Louisiana Matt still along with Coach Watson Brown what has been a spectacular day the Warhawk ragin cajuns similar problems to their first three games they can't stop at E no defenses the lack of defense is really stuck out today and we need to give the Warhawks a lot of that critical I think they event but the same problem coming into the game is still there for the ragin cajuns calais going to take it at the 5 and cali not going to get to the 20-yard line as he gets stopped at the 17 again great pursued by the Warhawks on her kick coverage team cally had come in as the top of the third man the entire Sun Belt Conference and they pretty much held him in check 525 yards of offense in always running throwing yeah quarterback runs tailback runs Kaleb Evans Oh 438 yards of offense by itself it's been amazing what a game Nunez go into the air and overshoots his target Jamarcus Bradley over on the far sideline and you can't help but and in a look injuries are part of the game and you got to deal with them you got to be able to adjust and win even if you have them but you can't help but think what would this game have been like for the Cajuns had their starting quarterback Jordan Davis been healthy he obviously was not well then I think that has really hurt the office there's no doubt about that but their defensive struggle just what scared great cats over here by jacket and by us a ladder to make it a 23 yard line and it's gonna bring up third down that was a dangerous throw I'm telling you the field went right over number nine Hubbard Ted nice to on catching up there third down they got a convert right here dude yes on a crossing route they do convert that's a first out Jared Jackson they could have his third half of the Dead just a little quick slant crossing route nuñez's made some nice throws in the last two series here so that's good to see Jordan Davis is out for a little bit maybe he can come through and win them some games agents do have a week off or they have to go to Idaho let's sue them on that front Keenan Barnes makes just the second catch of stuff I think you'll see the Warhawks kind of back off a little bit here with a three touchdown leaving and just try to keep the ball and eat second down and revelry the previous play of a catch is under further review instead pips apparently there's some question as to whether Keenan Barnes got his toes down his found take a look at it right here he did not get out of balance that's that's tough weekend - oh yes he's out of Alice reception he's coming back the only thing is if his left foot did hit first that'd be the only way this is a completion yeah okay let's see there's the left he's trying to drag his left you're right on the left foot but it looks like it looks like his right foot is down out of bowel and I think it's simultaneous yep I think you we're both at the same time so I think that's gonna be incomplete so that'll make it a second down in ten coach HUDs team eight-and-a-half minutes away from dropping their son fell to opener for the first time in ten years they had won nine straight Sun Belt openers and what a huge wind this would be format via tor in that you LM program via tor in his second season this would be his fifth wind but certainly out of those five the biggest yet oh absolutely the biggest first conference game of the year in state rival got beat really good last year by this team I did this is a this is a great gauge for them as they go into the season but what if they won't finish this off what confidence they're gonna get on the bus and head back to my review ruling on the field stands it is a catch second down and they got Coastal Carolina coming up next Saturday at six o'clock Central time at home on espn3 certainly you would think a winnable game against a Coastal Carolina team play in their first year of SBS and picked to finish I believe 11th out of the 12 teams in the conference if not well I agree with you Matt this that's why this is such a big game and it was obvious that the officials thought that his inside foot didn't hit before the outside and pick it up at the 49 Cajuns gotta put it in gear here they've got three scores they got to make up and get some stops on defense - got a lot of ground to make up and lock it running against them at the pass intended for Barnes as well as pork behind me and it's gonna be second down [Music] was that thunder that we heard off in the distance hope not forget some clouds kind of boiling up here at sunset ask from the barn great catch back shoulders edify bar some of the things he does exceptionally well and a first chance for him to display that here today yep he is a very good football player and that's really his first opportunity to really make a big play he dropped he dropped a little crossing route earlier but it's good to see him get going a little bit ball at the 35 first and 10 Nunez gonna crank it up and now he's gonna run it Cunha threads to the head to the sideline gonna get there step out about 23 yard line so they conserve the clock with that decision right there stops it 2027 deployers you know how difficult is this you or a quarterback four-year starter at Vanderbilt how difficult is it for you and you probably don't even know how to answer this question because you start it but for the backup who didn't get the reps in practice they have to come in and play this noise I tell people all the time the toughest position to play in football is the backup quarterback great catch over the shoulder and that is going to be a touchdown chase Hodges the tight end was a great catch over to make it 43-28 Nunez has thrown some various boss here in the second half he really is stepped up the plate and hit this football team this is a beautiful throw just another fade route and a great catch that balls right on the money riding stride let's see if both feet are eating one of the feet get in first with control of the ball oh I don't know he might have stepped out I'm not sure he didn't step out about so that one may be looked at well certainly even if he caught it he was out of bounds it should not be a touchdown no let's see he called it I think in the first foot the hip is the left one out of Bounce it may come back so we'll see if it even stands as a cache so that's the big question mark for Louisiana and if he did make the catch certainly he did not get into the endzone for the touchdown he was out of Allens and this is gonna be a quick receive an intentional ball but he went out of bounds at the 1/2 yard line prior to breaking the flag be first and goal we Vienna at the one and a half same thing is the last one they just felt like the inside foot hit and the outside foot was out made it a kitchen and then out of balance chase Rogers gets denied the big touchdown catch right there nothing to look at it you can see makes the grab right there and out of my other bounds wasn't at the one and a half so first and goal to go they bring DeAndre in at the Wildcat quarterback and all shuts down reyga's take today and now it is 4348 first rushing touchdown of the day for Vegas they've gotten a couple from Mitchell they'll go for one here to make it a 14-point game and they're gonna bring linden on and that RT RT the Groza Award watchlists kicker for the Cajuns has missed two today and so they're gonna go with Linden who's 1 for 2 on PA tees this season and Linden right through the uprights makes it a 14-point game 7 minutes and three seconds to play and the ragin cajuns back to within a couple of touchdown [Music] 703 to play you LM leading will leave the out of 40 please 29 that to belong took Walker Browncoats with the onside kick here if you're the Gator well you've got to consider it for sure because the defense has been support but normally with seven minutes to go you can score two touchdowns in seven minutes and get a stop right all it takes is one stop two scores and you're you're tied in the ballgame but the way their defense is played but it doesn't I don't think the wore off think the arco they don't have them up there close yeah getting that one stop has been a difficult proposition Cajuns defense and they're gonna kick away it's gonna be taken that the five by Marcus green he's been big in the return game for the Warhawks today but not on this return as he gets stopped at the 15 yard line by LA that's where the war hogs go on offense for Caleb Evans five rushing touchdowns the sophomore today then all of these are those zone reads for his hot ends up walk well for him all day long this young man gets his face now like I said early in the game he runs like a tailback what's the tight in here around block that safety easy score from Caleb 438 total offense yards with Caleb Evans 11 carries 109 on the ground the five touchdown and he spent just as impressive in the air to course atlas they're kind of the story people thought okay we know he can run the ball but can he pass the ball he's 26 of 30 for sassy for 329 he has passed it well and it's amazing to me to have had him last week in the watching play and for this week the improvements had in one week's time give the Warhawk coaching staff a lot of credit - for getting this young man ready to play but you know when you get all the reps and now you're the starter it gives you opportunity to get better Warhawks milk in the clock taking their time at the line of scrimmage Locke has become their friend handoff goes to floor throw the linebackers right up there and makes the tackle now if you're the Cajun certainly you're down to score so I guess you don't start time out just yet no I don't think so if you're okay it's gonna have to get the stop here and then you're gonna have to throw the football but I did it very successfully on the last run and Nunez has started to warm up to it I'm sure as he's gaining some confidence himself as they go that clock is ticking away and to remember the raging Cajuns are down one of their calm outs from him to use it on a punt earlier back in the game in the third quarter Lake clock at five and the four Hawks gonna milk it all the way down and Evans gonna take off and run and they get him on the ground and the answer is no evans another big first down one we know that evans has five rushing touchdowns today how many first downs is about this spot that's a very interesting spot oh wow they're gonna spotting Shores I thought he clearly got by the line I'll take a leave needed yes I want to see this oh yeah his knee is he's got to go get that yeah his knee is right about the 26 yard line I think in these the spot is not quite the 26 you see Matt be at or talking with the officiating crew right there now I don't know whether he got the first down enough but I think his spot where his knee went down is better than what they gave a boy I agree with you think it's a yard gutter then then where it went down we maybe we can get another look at that but I would think they're going to take it doesn't look like yeah they're putting the ball 225 he was clearly close to the 26 with his knees take another look at it now it's where the knee goes down and the knee goes down like right there oh he's over the 25 may not have gotten to the 26 yeah yeah hey yeah I agree over the teams over the 25 I agree with you coach watching the replay I don't think he got to the sticks but he got past the 25 no and that one's own Caleb telling me to go get that first hand as I always told my quarterbacks play the next play that means forget what happened good or bad and plays an excellent but also take care of yourself but if it's third down and short and you got to go make a first down you got to lay your body out and go get it so we'll see if that mistake by Caleb Evans who has made very few of them today we'll see if that comes back to hurt the Warhawks as time is on to kick for you LM standing at his 11 yard line he's gonna kick it away Caillat is back deep takes it at the 39 the return not like Calais but receives our own on the kick return gets it across the 40 all the way down to the 37 Malone's a guy whose name he hasn't called much today he's at big form the first three games but a huge return right there and the Cajuns still have a chance you know that's one thanks coach he said to us they thought they had a great chance to return but toasted the punter for the waltz get it beeping kind of hit it low and they thought they could get this first one they've really gotten to return all day long see the college football rankings to top 10 in the AP Alabama taking care of business against your alma mater today 59 to nothing a lot of talk going into that game prior to the week but in ball Alabama today Nunez throwing it deep contact out there and no flag down to Markus Bradley got his hands on it falling down looked like there might have been a job operate was there of the company yeah that was very close in my opinion nice throw by Nunez I'm telling you he's throwing some good balls right now he's getting in a little rhythm Warhawks better cinch up right here I'm telling you they get they let him get me in zone quick right here now we've we've got ourselves a tight flip over second down and ten ball at the 37 yard line Nunez gonna run it got a beat of man and can good job on defense right there by caleb tucker the defensive end did not get juked out of the play well and that was a quarterback draw block very poor up front by the ragin Cajun offensive line just left free guys and that's now they put them in third and long big play right here more hops are still backing off they're not bringing pressure like they were as most of the game yes has a pocket to throw out of and is complete the docket test and the 26 yard line and that'll be a first down [Music] jocke debt with his fourth catch of the day the Cajuns kick get it in quickly here they still got a chance and they might not even have to onside kick it although I guess with one timeout that might be their only out yes my Iranian and again stepped out about lack of 460 felon you they keep hanging around I think it's about time for Warhawks to bring some pressure again they've really been in a defend mode here in the last two series that get down into ball at the 17 yard line right eleven and a half Logan last taken the tassel but that's a birthday occasion stop the clock momentarily to set the sticks with 355 and now the clocks rollin again [Music] dude yeah barks can't come up with the author a of the cover let there really let me say right now there's a push and shove by the receiver and the defensive back off race been in two or three of these here in the fourth quarter and they've and he's been successful in all of them so far so second down and ten now from the 12 yard line 339 to blow rocket fire captain with the Quechan once 12-yard completion now three three thirty-five Garret Jackson had a pig Reserve Louisiana did not have a catch in the cages first three games he's got for today and now a touchdown [Music] [Applause] [Music] blendin p80 is good and it is 43:36 it's a touchdown game with three thirties for the boys they're still in it I'm telling you they're still in this been soft coverage all the way down the field that's very soft man coverage and they're just they're gonna have to tighten back up again but here's the big series right now and there's two big plays I've seen and the big one was Caleb Evans not going and getting that first down that was huge there's a big mistake of them the ball back and then the great return off off of that the other big play for the Warhawks was the missed extra point yeah that's that's an eight point lead instead of a seven point lead of course the Ragin Cajuns have missed two of them themselves it could have been a five-point lead seven exactly right well the team won't be real instant Matt right here do you do your own sidekick with one timeout left or do you think you can give a stop and you get the quick stop with one time probably lose about two minutes you'll have a minute and something trouble L why would say the way their defense is quite he said he's going on side so yeah I'm looking right ask you so what's your rule of thumb for me if you have less than two timeouts left I think you have too long sidekick yes unless you unless your your defenses is dominant and they haven't been today I think he's got the inside kick this ball so Linden is out there to try to execute this one sidekick just one man deep and they kick it away Carter he has to go chase this thing down and it still times Lee goes out of bounds at the two yard line that thing was close to being a live ball and an opportunity for the cages to get on top of coach Smith whose heart just fell out of his chest I mean it was about another half second away from being a live ball opportunity for the pigeon cages yard of patience to sit there and not pick that one up I'm telling you I do Carter was praying because he was he was counting on that ball going out of bounds and about the time it started slowing down he started brave I think about the 20 yard line he started praying that ball hit the Twitter to let that go so the Warhawks back on offense 35 yard line 3:30 4:00 to play the Cajuns have one timeout remaining one timeout remind you the timeout do you wait the third down I think you do yeah yeah it's what you try to do and off goes to gore to get five solid yards on this very hairy let's see how the Warhawks let's see how much time they've learned it's now 33 on the quad so if they can take this thing all the way down they don't have to snap the vault again until around 250 on the clock and that's what they absolutely should do I mean down to one second and if you remember how seconds matter earlier in the end when you made the comment 19 seconds 15 seconds on the clock I think this just started milking that thing a little earlier lay clock is at 9:00 [Applause] [Music] running it all the way down and off goes his floor and doors to the 43 and that's going to bring up a third down and two and for the Cajuns defense has really suffered today they've given up five hundred and twenty nine yards of offense they've given up 43 points but this is their biggest play of the game they've got their first big stop the series before with a little help from Taylor Bevins that he slew a little early and now they've got a real chance to give their offense a chance to win third down and two blake clock is at eight ball game right here and peace did not get there I think he's going to be about a half yard short and the clock has stopped for a moment the officials have stopped to do the Cajuns use a timeout here so they're taking a timeout for the measurement they're gonna measure it but he didn't make it now you've got a real decision we defenses wore out they've not done a good job here in the last two series to stop them do you go ahead and try to make this it's less than a half a yard this is going to be an interesting call by coach P on the sidelines of the Warhawk galley coaching but you can't you can't if you fail you're giving the Cajuns a 45 yard field to tie the game you sure are there's no doubt about it it would take a lot of courage into that to do it it's a foul I don't know 9 inches size of a first down I don't know if you're the Warhawks did you go for the wind right here because if you get the first down you win the game it's over ball game over I'm telling you is born for it timeout called by the ragin Cajun dispute the clock from moving because they would start the clock again after they set the chains and there's 25 on the play clock they'd lose another close to 25 seconds this way it'll be the place so many occasions had to call the timeout yeah what it did is Dave coach lead time to think about this on inside let's go see sure what I'm going to call it time out and stop that pie well I know if you don't get it you're certainly giving the Cajuns a short field to work with but here's my kind of here's my philosophy of it when you have a chance to run one play and win the game [Music] you go for it it's easy for us to sit here big fella but sitting up here in the box after 45 years of making that decision yeah I think I'd go for lap State and Troy lead the conference one of these few teams playing right here in front of us trying to join them at one and oh and the Warhawks are nine inches away from being that 1a no team in the conference along with the Mountaineers and the trophy fourth down and nine inches to go for the win Peterson the tight end in motion steps on the other side having forged ahead just trying to get the offside penalty here that's not gonna work and a timeout called by the Warhawks as they decline the table the chance timeout to get nine inches and Linda gates thinks that have you I think he's gonna think over it again they do even after burning the timeout the burning the timeout I think he first want to see if he could draw him off sides that didn't work now he's thinking about it still in my opinion 4336 qlm by the snap a three-game losing streak in this rivalry with the Ragin Cajuns ragin cajuns has won eight of the last nine in the series and the Ragin Cajuns have won nine straight Sun Belt openers all of that on the line here with two minutes and two seconds to play and the Warhawks facing a fourth down and nine inches and now their own turn they are gonna put my out for sure but you know the thing that bothers me a little bit in college football all this gun stuff yes you don't have something in your office where you can get up under a centre-right have a very tight set and just hand the ball off quick and gain 9 inches then these offenses just going out that so Heim is on the kick he's standing at his 30 [Applause] snap goes all the way back and Haim moons it away along stands at his fifty calls Bearcats make you and that's where the Cajun took the ball this way they have no timeouts remaining they need seven to tie and there's 156 to go there 85 yards away and they're so lucky to have this but this is what winning football teams two minutes they hang around the gang around like we say a lot of wins have come out of this program a lot of Bowls five of the set last six years and this team just has more of that winning mentality coach these trying to win to instill that on the you LM sidelines over there and boy here in the next minute and 56 separate seconds one of them's going to win out at one point it was 43 to 22 and now the Ragin Cajuns have closed within seven trying to come all the way back knew yes back at the 10-yard line came back and came after they've been an assault defense came right out with a blitz and that's what's really worked this whole game the Cajuns have really struggled with handling the pressure let's see if they back off on this play now after getting a loss on it with the Blitz on first name clock is rolling Nunez with the pocket to throw out of its back by George Jackson up to the 35 yard line how about the kids at a reserve that we see analyst body catches today that huge one right there man coverage and he just beat him on an inside route here we go ball at the 35 baht continues to roll one thank T Nunez that's under the pressure and he's going to take another sack at the 32 and the clock will continue to run another pressure call another another bringing an extra guy on the outside they have struggled with it the whole game Monroe's got to have courage to keep doing it I'm not sure I wouldn't bring him again under a minute to play Nunez across the metal caught by jacket bounces out of one tackle he's down to the 47 that'll stop the clock salute the stick 50 seconds and an awful lot of man coverage right now block rolling again and they're getting beat in one-on-one situations first and ten at the 47 Nunez guns to the sideline 30 this visit haven't captured their first three games at six today two on this final possession now that was a nice same pass with a three deep sown that was a beautiful kitchen that was the best catch of the whole game watch for number 20 he's been their go-to guys ball at the 30 Nunez going back same exact play they've got a hold up that guy on that scene that's going to happen again right here if they don't look out I think you're in man coverage system block movie down to maybe two plays Nunez fires for the in so on and off the hands of Bradley with six seconds and now the Cajuns are down to their final play Wow what a finish what a finish and you felt it coming I got concern for the Warhawks when Caleb Evans didn't go get that first down and sure enough then Nunez is really played well down the stretcher he's made some beautiful run out and the Warhawks will take it out leaves them with one we have time for one more play barring a penalty I think you're right then Leslie threw some little quick out to get it a little closer to where they could thwart the end zone but I think it's going to the end zone yeah I know Coach I don't think you can risk that because you don't want to run out of time without taking a shot at that end zone oh you're dead on with that and we remember that with the University of Georgia a few years back yeah when they had the opportunity to win the Southeastern Conference championship Minh and didn't get the ball out of bound so you're right I think that they'll be throwing it an end zone around here unless he absolutely doesn't have anything but he can't hold the ball you cannot hold the ball right now he's got to get set and let it go to one of those seams in the end zone and I think they're just gonna take four guys and run them up and try to hit one of those things in the end zone another thing they might try to do is sneak one of them into the back corner of the endzone well here you go Barnes Keenan Barnes who is their top wide receiver is lined up at the top at the 15-yard line he's the guy upstairs by himself vital play Nunez heavy rocks illusion the market No what a play by Nunez but also a big Mis sack we've got older this will be big watch it little style welcome to the past I ate me now remember the Cajuns have had trouble in the kicking game today artiguez missed 2p a tease Linden who's the backup kicker is out there to try this one is it half the distance and if your hood do you go for two in the wind the way this game's gonna curve I think he'll just take the half the distance and kick there is no time left on the clock it will not be an ensuing kickoff that penalty will be enforced half the distance to the goal point for trial wow so you've got an opportunity here on a half the distance to win the game so instead of the three the ball at the one and a half do you go for the two here and try to win it outright and avoid overtime and take the pressure off this backup kicker I think that's in their mind I know the assistant coaches we're talking to coach head about it right now but it doesn't look like he's gonna do it he doesn't have a timeout to think about it so he's just gonna have to make his mind up and go and I think they're gonna kick a field goal and just go to overtime and just havin an opportunity to be in overtime it's phenomenal the same anomaly yeah they were down 43 to 22 they've scored 20 straight points the 21st straight point would send the game to OT untimed play ball down kick up and going all the time you gotta be good news about 70% of the ground here today long gone after the Cajuns fell behind by three scores and that was in the fourth quarter at least seven if you maybe been nice they hit the road how about Nunez avoids the sack to end the game and fires he's the backup quarterback folks he leads them back to tie the game and we're headed to ot in Lafayette Louisiana [Music] headed to overtime in Lafayette Louisiana as the ragin Cajun storm back from a 21-point deficit after falling behind 4322 they tie it with no time left on the clock on the touchdown pass from Andre Nunez their backup quarterback to Jamarcus Bradley the p80 tided and now we head to overtime [Music] and you know we're going into overtime in my opinion with the Ragin Cajuns having the momentum right now no doubt about it the sidelines over there with the Warhawks that's a tough sidelines right now but you got to get their heads up they can still win this football game no doubt you know when it goes back you coach someone I asked you about this you have the big lead and you get passes defensively you stop doing the things that will work in Rio the first extra period you went we have the dull top facing the scoreboard mad at this doesn't I've just through my years of trial and error you got to just keep running your defense to me you just got a crew coming ass woman and they didn't they backed off and just let them pick a time a little bit get confidence in doing it but the two big stops by the defense really was the turnaround they did not make a first down two times in a row even one first down would have won the game on either one of those two drives in caleb slice early when he could have made the first down and then had an opportunity to go for the 9 inch or at the end that's really what the difference was but give Nunez credit which we've talked about Caleb Evans the whole time Nunez has made a lot of plays down the stretch here look at his numbers now Nunez 20 of 31 for 270 and a couple of touchdowns so Caleb Evans you thought his date would be over by now it is at 329 in the air for Evans 116 on the ground and now the Warhawks start on often of the 25 Evans people Evans down to the 18 yard line so that hasn't changed they still haven't figured out how to get that kid on the ground no they have not and he sits he's still fighting it he's second second down and he's got about three to go here three and a half see what they do I think they're gonna keep running right at them right now second down and three all at the 18 yard line right up the middle board denies the first down as he stonewalled at the 16 yard line really that's been about the best parts of the raging Cajuns offense tonight is the ball inside from tackle to tackle they really played the run decent in there most of their problems has kind of been from the tackles out with Caleb's running and gore getting on the flames Warhawks 8 of 14 on third down today at one point they were 6 of 8 so they're two of their last six for going to get the first down pulls his way across the 15 down to the fourth game prep Miller making the tackle for the Ragin Cajuns these guys have got to be exhausted it has been a brutally hot day in the 90s when we kicked off at 4 o'clock local time oh there's no doubt they're both both both sides of our wore out and there has been a lot of discussion about overtime and how to do it because it can go on for a long time I think the college weighs about the best way to do it in my personal opinion but the kids are wore out on both sides of the ball first intent from the 14 Evans swings the ball out here beat Carter slips trying to make a cut let's see what they're gonna spot that they're gonna say it's need at the ground at the 15-yard line so it's up into the yard on the play second down and 11 first time they've been against the chains here in quite a while so let's see what they do won't second down if they throw it again or try to get some of this back with a run 552 yards of offense for the Warhawks today and the Cajuns are at 498 Evans fires touchdown was that run-pass option they hit it right in the four corners setting up their other score a matter of fact I think their last score before we've gone to overtime to r.j. Turner with the 15 yard touchdown reception makes it 4943 you can see it's a running play inside it's one on one just hits the quick post for a touchdown one of the hardest things right now in college football to stop Greg Ford p80 perfect and it's 50 40 degrees so now the ragin Savior hello I think they know they need a touchdown to keep going they need a touchdown but they also know they got four downs can I kick a field goal they've got to have a touchdown to tie the game and so they're plate calling can see and a poor down way but again that's what happens Matt in college football today you put so many people at the line of scrimmage to stop a run and yet it doesn't let the linebackers see that it's a pants so everybody's playing the run hard so that corner is basically 101 by himself on that wide receiver and it's awful hard to stop there Caleb Evans now responsible for six touchdowns today five rushing in one passenger and now Nunez who came in off the bench after Andre a raptor Jordan Davis was ineffective with that knee injury has rallied this ragin cajuns team can he lead him to a win Nunez heavy rush gonna fire it out of out a lot of pressure came that time from Donald Lewis got him on the ground as new yet had to rescue himself by heaving it out of Al and I think he was out the tackle box but it was close he wasn't very far out of the tackle box second down and ten ball at the 25-yard line you know I'm not sure if I won them they've got these big backs that have had a Garrett game I'm not sure they had to throw the ball ever down to get down here to get into overtime but I'm not sure I'd keep doing this they act the reyga's fiery then complete the barn and it's gonna be third down and I totally agree with you coach they had to pass to get back in the game but now we're all square again go back to what was working before that was Vegas and Elijah misses I agree with you 100% now they've got third long they can make it up because they've thrown the ball well in the second half but they've put themselves in a tough situation here and they do have two downs to make it third down and ten handoff goes to Reagan and Reagans it's going to be fourth down that was back with Blake Alden right there I agree with you if that breakers should have got it on the first Gary not the third day or even the second kid yeah the word they didn't get in that in a third and real long situation fourth down and seven here we go well here you go the game on the line again you LM needs to stop them from getting the first down and to a walk out of here with the win four thousand seven and timeout Louisiana that's there for the first period so you get one timeout for overtime period indications use there's right there on fourth down and seven from the 22 they got to get to the 15 to keep the game going well and this is going to be a big play for Warhawks because they blitzed on those last three plays and it was successful you know in that play they weren't blessed they had backed off again and they were playing more of that soft man look that they played late in the ballgame be interesting to see what they do to get over here give time now to think about it do we just come after them and take a chances because even on the touchdown pass that put us in overtime they missed the tackle in the backfield there was a free guy on a blitz that missed the quarterback missed me missed and the game could have been over with a missed accident the 50 points scored by the Warhawks today the most they've ever scored in the 53 game series that their rivals will it be enough to win would this be the final play of the game north down in seven they've got one on one over here to their best receiver let's see if they go there Nunez with the pocket firing and it's caught that's gonna be a first down at the 12 yard line and he's gonna be stopped finally they finally blow the whistle at the eight what a big catch for a first down with the game on the line Jamarcus Bradley with the cast his fist catch of the day and if you see a lot of time they backed off they played a soft zone and the execution was great by Nunez to get the guy the ball in a nice little soft spot in there and got the first down now they're safe they don't run the ball right here again first and goal to go from the 8th keep her by Nunez Nunez not able to get to the edge cut down by David Griffith looked like he had a running lame but Griffiths loads it back baby Griffin is a very good open field tackle Prado the best tackler on the wall or off defense and he and I'm not sure I wouldn't be giving it to the big backs instead with a quarterback running with the ball that was the 11th tackle of the game for Griffith second down and goal dude yes Liars over here on this side of death yet that seems for the stick and now it's gonna be third down he's just making that stops [Music] and that kinda blitz them again really gained about a yard off of it I think you just gotta keep coming after keep coming after that's the seventh catch of the day for jacket Jackson spend the big time for him out of nowhere seven catches for 113 for Jared Jackson third down and goal for the Cajun Nunez running to the near side Seneca and sole great play call right there great place my pencils output of the Cajuns they had a blitz from the peel they ran a quarterback sleep away from the Blitz just a fantastic play call 52 49 well but a gauge it's unbelievable both these teams deserve to win the game I mean when Rho ul M has just played so well especially offensively the whole game but to give that raging Cajuns a lot of credit man to the hung it up many times in this football the one honey it's points of the game sends us to our second overtime tied at 50 in Lafayette Louisiana its opening game in the fun belt sabisu teased and it has been fun 5050 you LM and Louisiana splitting the 100 points on the scoreboard as we head to our second overtime and now Louisiana will start this second overtime on off it first [Music] by Bradley may be a chance for a pic right there by operation who is trailing on the play and this could be second down I think this is new personal records because I don't think I've ever called a gate with 100 combined I don't think I've ever been in one that I can remember I can remember losing once 59 53 or something like you can remember that as a coach second down and 10 and off goes to Elijah Bishop Mitchell it's about two or three on the play Mitchell now one seven yards in the afternoon he's been the leading rusher in this game for raging Cajuns Kayla Pepin sweet the leading ball Toder for the war hogs today with 123 will dig 460 yards of offense Caleb Evans today responsible for six touchdown quick third down for both right here they're gonna have to throw the ball Junior's got a pocket fires and five on the sideline did he get his foot down they're gonna say no Keenan Barnes did not sit his foot down and JJ Dallas the corner is shaken up on the play and so is Barnes and now it's worn out every time this is what concerns you Matt when you get to overtime and gain gifts alone yep guys get hurry up guys get a perk because they're just so tough they're just so tired both of these to you young men just absolutely fighting for that football trying to win for their team it's what you love about college football right here just kids don't ever give up they keep fighting try every way they can to win a game believe me they hurt when they lose and they excited when they win but they give you everything they got that's why it's always been fun to be a coach and I've always said I never there were coached today in my life never worked a damn there's always fun gifts tips were always easy to coach they always try to do everything to kill against them this is a 39-yard kick by Linden to try to give the Cajuns to leave remember Artie miss to PA tease to date he has been hurt so Linden's their guy here in OT and he missed it Wow so the Warhawks no got a field goal to win it boys I don't know that I wouldn't have gone for it right there of course hindsight's 20/20 but when you're down your best kicker in the kicking game Linden's your backup guy I don't know that I wouldn't have just gone for it there because now you're in the same situation you find yourself in now unfortunate it's not easy either it's that there's no clear decision there they're just not a good decision you'd like to not get the forked I taught you likes but now let's see what the Warhawks do because you can't just sit on this and give it to your field goal kicker to me I keep trying to make first downs right now let's see if the Ragin Cajuns defense can rise to the challenge and get us stop where they were demoralized by that we're coming for the nearside and poor picks up 12 yards down to the 13 and now you're a chip shot rate for your field goal guy yeah I think now now you people would be very surprised to see a pass yep unless it happens to be one of those what run pass options that you just really there's not much chance to get a turnover with that but I believe they'll run the football and run it right into the middle of the field on the guesses instead Evans keeps it that keeps it on the left hash that's where the field goal is to go I think I'd start running that ball to the middle of the field yeah and they may Weddell third down to do it let's see just keep trying to make a first down try to make a first down but it but I don't think I'd throw the football the Warhawks trying to once again put this game away in women that got the opportunity after the missed field goal by the Cajuns in the top half of the second overtime Evans gonna run it right up the middle he's down to the six right there in the middle of the field now it's third down now coach what do you do on this place you just gotta take a knee right in the bill in the field or do you try to get that first down I think I've run something to my right just right up the middle if it busts clean and I believe I just give it to number six again yeah just let me go under that any of it fake the ball at him keep it if you don't make it you're to about three or four yards from an extra point third down and off here the touchdown in overtime as qlm Seanna 56 football game give both teams credit I think Warhawks deserve to win the game they've dominated most of this football game but I'm gonna tell you those fantastic watching ragin cajuns come back to educate you no offense now that's fantastic and that's where the backup 1813 quarterback making all the plays he made but again here's Derek go get it could get a great cut by the way not much movement in the line of scrimmage put it back in before he was sniffing that go line 5650 the final record-setting victory for the Warhawks most points they better sword in the rivalries 593 yards of offense 526 for the Ragin Cajuns and they snap a three-game losing streak to their rivals in this series and they start one and O in the Sun Belt for the first time since 2012 then get much better for them does it I mean don't want to know in the conference probably haven't been that in a while beat your in-state rival play a fantastic game get back down and have to come back again and win the game boy they're gonna be able to carry a lot from this football Caleb Evans is a huge story for the Warhawks today 343 yards passes for Caleb Evans and a touchdown 129 yards rushing for Caleb Evans five touchdowns six touchdown Caleb Evans responsible for today in the 5650 victory Deanna all games airing on the ESPN networks are streaming live on the es to watch this entire game on replay as well as Hunger Games family of ESPN networks la gota watch ESPN dot down or download the with Watson branded the entire ESPN team I'm Matt Stewart so long from Lafayette Louisiana where you LM wins it in overtime 5650 this has been a presentation of ESPN [Applause] [Applause] free 200 page dissertations University at Albany.

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