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Proquest dissertations and theses abstracts

Proquest dissertations and theses abstracts capstone logistics pearl river la phone number case study example for group discussion ´╗┐camera yeah are you doing I'll let him I'll let your talk the main TV broadcasted again I'm Randy okay everything else [Music] and now ladies gentlemen put your hands together make a little noise here come two ladies and gentlemen at this time we ask you to please join together this great nation of ours as you please respect our nation and our flag by standing in place gentlemen please remove your hats as we salute America as East High freshmen and Wilson sings our country's national anthem oh say can you see by [Music] was so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's the last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the pain Carolus fine Oh [Music] we us words again please dreamy [Music] there are bombs bursting [Music] gay through the night that our flag was still there Oh does that star-spangled and away or the lid of every and [Music] ladies and gentlemen Jalen Wilson oh yeah music now that means we can talk we're ready alright here we are East High School section five football we have Monroe at East Randy Azhar we have a special guest analyst Randy Scott here in the booth with us today yes how you doing Randy I'm doing good how are you pretty good pretty good that's the team come out for the coin toss and making those decisions with the rough I must say this is evenly matched teams here Monroe hasn't had football in 38 years they've had JV the last couple years just their first year back with a varsity team and east is a growing their team now that the school is part of the University of Rochester so they still regrouping and organizing their sports programs as well they still have that outstanding baseball team that makes the section over the last two three years and almost won a sectional championship two years ago they're growing and the football program is definitely bouncing back as well as the basketball program that we'll be seeing in the fall well yes fall now right here we go man this time of year is going faster but we'll see the basketball the East High Eagles as I've no more the previous name East High Eagles is the correct name for East High now so we looking for you looking forward to a good game today Randy I am I'm looking forward to a good game a competitive game today yes and for each Freddie Brock is oh man he's a highlight reel by himself he's only a sophomore that's somebody to build off up for East High School was Freddie Brock does that young man is fast if he gets a step on you he could easily be gone okay looks like East will be kicking off to Monroe they decided to kick to Monroe so they're gonna kick off to them keep an eye on Jalen Holmes number five he's a senior his parents came out in the field with him proudly during the homecoming then when they came out on the field during that so that's a beautiful thing to see those seniors with their parents and everybody then giving the mom the flowers and everything and oh it's a very nice job very nice sentimental setting always love homecoming day for the seniors especially Malik McRae a wide receiver he's another guy to keep an eye on Tyrone Roundtree number 15 he's another guy on that East offense if East can exploit a young Monroe team by getting the ball outside too buddy like a Freddy Brock or Tyrone Roundtree look for Freddy Brock number eight Tyrone Rob tree number 15 keep an eye on those guys Malik McCray number one and then on the Munroe side the ball we got to look out for Tyrone Jackson he's a running back number one number three Chris Gibson number four Chris Williams number 14 Tech will Glasgow number 54 keen on curse he on Curt's number 54 he's a austere coach Tommy watch him he's a very good linebacker key on Curt and number 55 Felton Henderson also a very good linebacker so here we are kick us off and who has it number four running with it oh and that's uh Curtis Williams one of our guys Chris gives me Chris Williams Chris Williams former in row number four Chris Williams on the return he brought it out to the 42 yard line looks like it's going to be Randy look like it's gonna be a good drive start for the for the Monroe our team absolutely didn't look like he was gonna break it there for a moment he was gonna go all the way here that hole opened up in man this amazing it close didn't it certainly did it's amazing that no matter what level football those holes look big from up here but yeah man they close really quick alright good drive start for Monroe first and ten at their own 42 we have the quarterback Chris Gibson in a shotgun formation he drops back to pass lefty - throws it ain't complete looked like he was intended for number four Chris Williams trying to get that - Chris wins we have a lefty all right here left-handed quarterback he was he was looking good in warm up so he was throwing the ball he was throwing short 510 year immediate intermediate passes during warmup I had a feeling he's gonna come out and then he comes down throws 15 20 because I guess he was feeling it during warm-ups and wanted to go a little deeper first played again they probably wanted to surprise the Minnesota for the run yes those corner backs can do I would give the above the time around Jackson and feel out that the front line of east see if they might give this ball to tyronn Jackson on this play there he goes oh there we go oh we lost about four or five yards yes again they had the right idea I had the break play call for them they just feel him out a little bit yeah it looks like number 51 Charles Brown in pic number 70 a he's very impressive Bobby C right boy when he gets mad he plays his best football yeah boy will he get fired up but you just gotta get him fired up cuz I was very impressed with him I here a couple weeks ago when they in a losing effort to Wilson he was fired up he made about three four tackles in a row yeah yeah he has potential big man 302 over 320 pounds then you got number 77 Jackie Williams he's 330 pounds so they got over the head of that quarterback and got on it oh my goodness he's all the way back to his own 20-yard line back to his own 22 snap went over the head of Chris Gibson the quarterback for Monroe they lost another almost 20 yards on the play so many like a - 24 yards on that drive on that dry start so that that's not good for them and look like look like number three Chris Gibson is it is their Renaissance man but look what he's back there to punt now yeah look like he's a pun everybody look like he do a little bit everything and they do have a small squad - so lots of guys gonna have to play multiple positions yeah in this game here today because they don't have a lot of players and they're young as coach coach Jason Muhammad oh he just got that off got it off it's coming close to us oh I thought I could make a catch on it no ball is out of bounds 320 yards I don't think it's full maybe maybe if he's lucky that punt went 20 yards see how they're gonna line that up gonna line it up where went out there yeah that's not right to bother go with the angle right he's going right with the whole head ended up at around 2:30 so so good drive start either way good drive start for East they starting at the Monroe 30-yard line with these purple jersey with the gold letters it's tough on and on seeing this we have number five is going to be Jalen Holmes that's starting at quarterback he's calling out signals he got a blocking a fullback in a running back Oh high snap number 20 gets it pulls it down low and then between running over folks Oh brought him down oh my goodness nice run by number 29 number 28 to John Johnson does John Johnson number 28 he does okay somebody stiff arm and look like they probably going David a running down with no huddle look like they might go right back with a running play give it back to dish on again yes they know it kept by the quarterback three sailing homes in for the touchdown and for the touchdown look like a five yard run nice run by Jalen home Jalen Holmes ran and now coach Muhammad did say he needed some lineman I see what he's talking about now Manny they came right through the right through right through the middle of that Munroe defensive front they look a little undersized to it a little undersized guys hopefully you can get some bigger guys for its team next and maybe next season maybe this a school district may consider having just two or three teams but it can combine teams and have maybe just three teams where there can be much more competitive not only in the city Catholic League or but also competitive for sectionals because you'll have much more talented to go by rather than each team building it their own yeah but here we go go with the extra point number 18 is going to try it Malcolm Brown oh we got 20 flags penalty flags everywhere flags are down I must say we got a very good turnout here for homecoming it was raining when I got here about 12 noon today was rain was coming down the skies were overcast but boy people are showing up and they've showing up to every game here this season it's been very good begins I've been well attended here at here at East heart yeah there's a lot of support from the families and friends and you've always had a very competitive football team especially early on just trying to try to bring that back exactly exactly okay here we go look like they're gonna go for two gave me right back to twenty eight and he walks right on in man untouched number twenty eight once again day John Johnson in for the score that puts them up eight to zero eats up one of the first leads that he's had all season here at home because they had a tough schedule they opened up with Churchill of chili and that wasn't he lost that one twenty three to three a twenty three to six didn't have McQuaid here and McQuaid is very talented team this year they beat him as well then they have Wilson here a couple weeks ago that was a good game Wilson came back in the in front and took the charge of that game later on there's their team to watch out for Wilson and if you around the day Wilson playing at the stadium soccer stadium downtown against Batavia that should be a good game later today starting at four o'clock but East is are showing their will here today hopefully this can really pump eat stuff hopefully they can finish the season strong look like with a possibly victory today and then possible when next week to close out a season here of growth this is a growth season for them get these young guys going and get the young guys ready to play play bar now he tees it up all right so the whistle blows getting ready for the hunt number 18 number one oh look at this man Tyrone Jackson he looks like a type of bakdae if you give him a little space he can he can go cuz he almost made something that he did make something out of nothing there it didn't look like a hole but he man he almost broke it yeah time around Jackson you keep an eye out on him he he's a senior he might be at the next level playing at the next level at the college level maybe i brougt order something give him a start he he has potential I could just see how that burst now if Monroe starts another good Drive start this time at their own 43 if they give it to time around Jackson coming to the short side the field to get away from the big defensive line they might be able to make something happen there he is there you go 51 came up with the tackle that was a very nice tackle by Charles Brown Charles Brown with the solo tackle there he stops time around Jackson after a two looked like a two yard gain they'll be second and eight from the Monroe 44 yard line well you see Randy what's the keys here now you think what am I wrong Monroe was down you don't want to be down like this hopefully they can get a drive going and I'm looking for them to go ahead and give it to Oh Bobbie see right man he looked like he ran into a brick wall he did it he didn't run into a brick wall Bobby see right this man he hit Bobby see right just bounce backwards a couple yards off nice tackle if I'm Monroe I would try to run away from where everybody see right is set up at I would go to the opposite side just change it to say hey we if he's long as they're setting the eights to the right we're going to the left we're gonna call it and do a pitch out do it I would do a roll out and see what they could do with a roll out but now they're going empty backfield with five receivers and it forces and what we got referee timeout okay a referee timeout the officials call time oh they trying to explain something to the to the east coaching staff there and east coaching staff they I remember to keep their players just off the field so they get penalized for that last game to having the bench on almost close to the field so they called officials timeout and we'll be right back a we here we go okay now look like all set they're gonna go with the same play empty backfield five receivers three on the short side two on the topside look like they're gonna pass the ball let's see third and 11 he looks downfield Oh a little too high he was trying to get to Ike will Glasgow tight close one of the captains to attack oil gas growl but he gotta calm down himself number three our quarterback Chris Gibson got to calm down and just start cause he's getting time to throw he just see both both times he's throwing he's overthrown his receiver guys see what he can do now he's in punting formation he's gonna punt again let's see if he can get this ball down I better kick off this time and see if he can punt this ball deeper down the field to try to pin East farther back I'm impressed with him already he's definitely given all the airs out there today for for Monroe Monroe the rest of guys gotta hustle like number one guys get out there and get some hustle and I think the key for Monroe offense is to go to the outside if they can get to the outside opposite the big defensive front they can they can make some play they can make some things happen yeah because right now it's been pretty predictable they're coming straight up in the middle true throwing now we have Jalen Holmes behind Center he takes the snap gives it to 28 they're getting a good stop somebody got ahold of it oh they gotta bring him down yeah these boys got a hit a little bit more it looked like we're gonna be a one-yard gain and being able to pull off maybe three or four yards of network mm-hmm yeah he picked up five yards after contact they hadn't read the line of scrimmage stopped for no game but he bulldozed his way for five yards yeah second and five from from midfield Jalen Rose back in the shotgun he has he has his main man back today john johnson in the backfield number 8 freddy brock coming around he just gave it to freddy brock human highlight reel watch him go there he is he picks up the first down gain of 7 yards for Freddy Brock he's electrifying I tell you you give him some space watch out run picks up the first down so first and 10 from the 43 yard line of Monroe pieces I had pieces on another good Drive East is already up 8 to 0 and they're in the middle of another Drive okay Jalen Holmes calling signal gave it to Freddie brach once again ready once again there you go somebody brought him down number 55 55 brought him down Felton Henderson nice tackle by Felton Henderson he was able to wrap him up that's what you gotta do Monroe you get her put both arms around the guy wrap him up and bring him down second and five from the 47 yard line 37 yard line Monroe East is driving there's no SEP 28 with the ball again and he's like a bowling ball he just falling ahead for four positive yards they general Johnson just picked up the first down that's gonna be first intent for East and East is looking good today timeout coach Jason Muhammad has seen enough he's on the field I know he gotta come with you he callin keep calling to talk to these young boys these young guys gotta they gotta do a little bit better on the tackling they're tackling just has to be one thing they're undersized but you got to be able to get in between the gaps and make some tackle and they need a big stop they really do what turnover force a turnover force that East East usually makes a mistake in this type of situation that's what they've been doing earlier in the season let's see if they could if they continues that way or if they continue but they feeling themselves today they may not be making those mistakes that they've made yeah cuz really they hurt themselves with penalties and turnovers at the but look like coach the head coach Mike Militello has found him a decent quarterback with Jalen home for this season he's gonna have to Jalen's the senior so they don't have to find somebody else next year but gentleman home says he's done a very good job very good job of taking over that quarterback he's getting the ball to his people you have he's getting the ball to the Freddy Brock Frady broca's a guy I thought they should've been getting the ball to earlier in the season too glad they decided to work him get him put the ball get as many touches as you can with him because they're like I said if he gets the stuff on you he's gone he's gone here Monroe coaches out there talking to those guys getting some water but it's definitely getting warmer something's coming out something broke through so it's gonna be a warm afternoon here more fans are coming into the stadium this is beautiful to see all the people come out and support high school Section five high school football the Rochester athletic eight to reac League so it's continued to support section five football excellent come on and see these teams it's a few weeks left you have some new new fields up now Wilson has their own feel nice turf field I haven't been there yeah yeah very nice field right off it just 200 Jersey Street there there's the handoff to or they got this guy got 34 Jaquan close j-kwon close takes the handoff takes a rare handoff and he was throw him back for a loss or whatever the coach that to the D there they at least came out there that play with yeah they did little urgency there made the tackle second and looks to be second and 13 second and 13 from the 35 yard line of Monroe East Jalen Holmes out calling signal he fumbles there we go there's the phone with the ball is on the turf he's running these Oh picking down by number four and number four is Chris Williams nice tackle that's why I just telling you he is prone that they disturb him you just say day absolutely when they have a long drive all of a sudden one play sets them back and that's there's that one play right there and now it's gonna be third and probably 20 looks to be almost 23 yards for them on this third down there all the way back to the 44 yard line I don't know what the coach are Muhammad Jason Muhammad told his players with man hey man yeah I keep doing that man they playing they playing much better on those last two plays have been - yards looks like there's a time by Easter yes II still used a timeout okay 523 to go in the first quarter ESA's up 8-0 remember to support high school football section 5 continue to support it come on out to the games come on support doesn't even have to be the games come support some of the two plays the other activities because there's not only sports is there's theater there the drama department you got a lot of activity going on there support these young kids that's the key key to to these kids being successful is that is giving them giving them support right Randy absolutely when the parents come out and makes the kids feel good and it makes the parents feel good so it's always good to come out and support the young people no matter what they're doing at the school come out and support them see their teachers see how they're doing in school check their grades make sure things are all right and it makes life a lot easier a lot easier for families so it looks like we've got to get ready get started again lined up 13 and 23 see what we have we have Jalen Holmes back in the shotgun oh we got a false start looks like a false start there did john johnson in the backfield but look like he's gonna call it on Monroe also okay so they force the major lineman show offsides on Monroe well that's the way to get some of the yardage back exactly get five yards of it back third and 18 boy Monroe ready they trying to almost have him jump again it looked like it was gonna be a blitz right there roll out sailing Holmes rolling out throws the dough he overthrows Freddy Brock way way over through Freddy Brock on that one fourth down Monroe it stopped them look like they're gonna have to punt each will have to punt this would be interesting to see what Monroe's gonna do look like Monroe bringing out some couple of other guys here they trying to get their return team out there and the Tyrone Jackson seems to be the guy who's doing it all from Monroe he's back there to receive the punt well I think that was a big fat for Monroe because it looks like he's just gonna drive down there with no problem mm-hmm Oh flag is down Oh let it go let it go Oh luckily in high school day they call it once the ball goes into the end zone they called the place in high school but boy that was college or something you can't catch the ball yeah yeah I let that ball go let it bounce in but we have a flag though a flag was thrown soon as they hike the ball so I don't know what Monroe was offsides or East was the flag drops as soon as the ball was hiked so they might not have had enough men up to the line of scrimmage to that could it be could be the call on and I have a feeling it might be on east on this one these referees are discussing it also going back in to have a conversation about this song yeah here we come with the car Oh too many men on the field to a men on the field for for Monroe well you don't have that many men to begin with you guys holy smokes I thought that'd be the last penny they end up getting today but they did get one for too many men and he's walking off more than five yards me welcome where's he going he woke up almost 15 years 18 for that yeah that's gonna make it for Finn though oh that's a big family so now we'll see what Easter sighs yeah you want to do down still fourth down there's gonna be maybe four yards they may go for it yeah fourth and five yeah that's a big big family here in the high school [Music] I agree with you that's what they're gonna do they're gonna go ah legal participation here we go 15 yards on that fourth and five East is going for it shaving Holmes is calling out the signals he gives to number 28 Jones Johnson and Johnson I think he stopped yeah I think you think they stopped him davon Johnson was trying to bull his way through Monroe got a game plan for him they grabbed him by his legs and and holding on four other guys to get there and help help wrap him up I was a big stop for Monroe they get the ball with a good Drive start from the own 22 yard line a 23 yard line be first and ten for a Monroe 504 left in the first quarter hopefully Monroe can get make some plays now yeah you know they need to comment and need to mix it up a little bit I think from what I'm seeing so far they've been kind of predictable handing the ball off in the middle a couple passes and I think it's caught at the time so hopefully they come out and changing up a bit yeah they didn't change it up here we go all right back the pass he's going he's going deep complete yes that was a poorly thrown pass by Chris Williams Chris Williams kind of hung that but boy that ball was a wobbly duck out there he gotta get a better grip on the ball and get that ball out because this guy could have went deeper than that on a play just hung up there good good coverage see coach Mohammed's calling the play just gave his quarterback to the next play looked like it he must be having trouble with the headset I think you think he's having trouble with the headset look he's talking to these people about the headset there here we go second down from the 23 yard line calling signals is Chris Williams Chris Gibson back to pass got his man got his man number 14 for the 6-2 6-2 Ted Cruz I've got some high on him look like it's gonna be third and five from the 38 from the 29 yard line third and five yeah make it to the 33 for the first down what would you call on this one Randy you know I haven't seen him go to the outside you know I would go ahead Jackson to the right side quick pass got it open nice does his best throw so far today nice throw but Chris Williams good catch Chris wins made a nice nice catch first way he's made a nice catch Chris Gibson he's swung that ball through there and threw it in between the zone and and called his man in that open space and that's what you gotta do you gotta get that ball in in between space maybe jumpstart him and get him playing better now all it takes is one nice throw and it'll get you moving so its first intent for Monroe at the 47 yard line and they line up with the empty backfield rather than their biggie almost empty the backfield Oh timeout is called timeout coaches are fired up there but it's a little bit it's a little bit he had to catch himself before you go out there and talk to the guys obviously he he felt they should know what he was yeah what the play call was and yes like he said it's a lot working with these if you never be with Jason Mohammed he was the coach at at Marshall for many years and when Marshall had their good teams are their last good teams they had man fact they had that young man from wound up playing for Syracuse University okay he was a good basketball player too but the end of playing football can't think of his name he end up playing playing playing football for Syracuse and being a good football player but Marshall always had good teams good teams a good good team so that kid was a good quarterback from his freshman year all the way through senior year he good relief I thought he was gonna be the next Teddy Bridgewater before Teddy Bridgewater coach muhammad saw what happened with the young man yeah Marshall always had very good competitive football teams over there and now he's over here at Monroe doing the same thing working with Monroe and building their program he's a very young team this game this drive right here is really important they were able to people the first down were able to catch the pass so it's gonna be huge for them to continue to move this ball and drive down a fill and forces 353 before the end of the quarter so that gets them some momentum yeah they building some momentum here I would be feeling good about it right now from the man yes yes indeed after especially after way it started back to past he throws over the middle wide oh oh well he had it for a moment Turnbull you've had it and then it was a nice hit that was put on them in he dropped that ball about them here interception for more yeah I thought so too I thought was gonna be picked off there first I thought Chris Williams had it and then he when he bobbled it then he took the hit and the ball was uh luckily it's not it was not intercepted there was a bit good throw I'm liking Chris Gibson's uh passing motion now he's starting to get the you can tell he started to get warmed up yeah he's getting a lot more accurate with the ball he's still coming in high but he's but he's getting a lot better and they believe in his arm a little bit yes they do oh wow screen pass he dumped it to tyrone Jackson number one oh look at this guy oh he's gone oh he's gone nice great boy they came right up the middle was on a blitz and they hit him with the screen pass and man he just took off that's good that's coaching that's where you get a good coaching very very cool he came with the cart with the right play call coach look some more calm down there he started telling this quarterback good play call he just called the two-point conversion play that was nice that was nice that really go get Monroe well now you change the game you took the game East comes down scores with no problem then you turn around and Monroe's not able to do anything each gets the ball looks like they're driving they have that penalty and everything changes at this pass here we go no spread formation throw satire on again holy fumble always fumbles oh my goodness ball goes out of bounds at the one-yard line so it does not get the two-point conversion but hey he it was a nice play call again this wasn't he just fumble when he was hit just was not able to hold on - no he wasn't that's my son's coming on I'll crush Mohammed back in the game so we have to score at 8 to 6 East 8th Monroe 6 with 337 left in the first quarter my first point I feel like the second quarter when we it's the first quarter we have a lot of passing in this game love passing so when seeing what they can do here good play calling by coach Jason Muhammad in Monroe great execution by Chris Gibson you can see Randy that Chris Gibson was starting to get comfortable with this passing ability in that Drive right if you compare what he did in the end in the beginning we had the ball overshooting people throwing it too hard and then it turn around this driver and he definitely has he definitely has he's definitely has warmed up and the and now let's see how East response is East is used to what and remember it all happened because East fun with the body like they were driving yeah like they were gonna get a second score and here's the kickoff - Jalen home no Freddy Brook Freddy Brock cutting up the middle yeah he dives ahead for about three more yards he's down to like this own 37 yard line nice returned by Freddy Brock and there Goodman once again excellent drive star for East at their own 37 yard line and that's the key east guys drive boss sustained a drive yeah and not turn it over or make mistakes or get tunnel ease to set them back yeah I almost want to say did you did you jinx them I think I did yeah cuz I said well I haven't seen a mistake yet by ease they doing very well and you write the very next play sorry about that easy first intent from your own 37 we have Jalen Holmes at quarterback he guys Freddie Brock out in the slot here's Charles number 28 here daejeon johnson in the backfield Johnson gets the handoff he runs up the middle Oh big boy makes another block they brought him down brought him down first down Rockies are limping though yeah yeah he took a shot there you take a helmet to your ankles that's not a good feeling thinking gonna have to come out for a minute and walk this one off just walked inside and I coach it somebody should see that and say hey man get somebody in there for him as you could tell he's out he ankle is a little sore yeah take that hit first and ten at the 47 well one thing for Monroe didn't soften him up a little bit I don't think you gonna have that as much power coming through that hole on this next carry first and ten at the 47 yard line Monroe Jalen Holmes car signals gives it to number 34 number is that for any broke it is pretty broad at the flag out and flag a late flag would you think that Flags about I don't know I see uh folks Mohammed point towards okay might be holding holding on East maybe that's why that plate took so long to develop took a while for him to get around that corner yeah somebody was given a block there but that's it I like what the coaching staff at East is finally doing I said I didn't week one they need to find a way to get the ball in the hands of Freddy Brock more often and now I'm saying that they're getting the ball in his hands a lot more often than before which is great this is what you that's what we need to see and now okay first in 15 first in 20 here we go Jalen Rose fake staff ready Brock Jalen Holmes keeps it and picks up a couple yards he's brought down by number eight number eight made a nice Cameron Thomas nice tackle by Cameron Thomas on the play it makes it about second and 919 second and 18 to go and just well you're right Randy maybe I jinx them cuz they've been getting penalties ever since or some kind of errors they've been getting mistakes here ever since I made that comment a while back okay 228 to go in the quarter Jalen Holmes in the shotgun he has johnson in the backfield he has Freddie Brock back there gives it to number one number one breaks to the outside talk about that's number one is Malik McCray he'd get my leak McCray into the game but boy I tell you my ro starting to it's starting to play a lot better that was a nice stop so can I stop and um Kieran curse with a what you see here though this could be a momentum change so this is a huge down I think for East High mm-hmm huge down here they each trying to keep the drive alive and Monroe trying to get the ball back let's see what's happening here third down shotgun three receivers to the short side the feel he coming our way throws the short petiole hi little too high they're good too high for our trade dollar he was trying to hit trade dollar on that one but he threw that a little too hot here I think if he was able to make that he he was would have been able to um maybe not pick up the first down but definitely get a little bit closer exactly he was at least picked up he might have been able to get another five seven yards possible and maybe give him a chance on fourth down and go for it yeah but instead they're gonna have to pump from their own 45 yard line okay our buddy back there is Tyrone Jackson back and receive nice end over in punt bounces at the ten picked up at the 10th pick him tyronn coming all the way oh he couldn't oh that wasn't didn't get the block number number hard on the eyes wait there no it is a those jerseys are tough to see that was number eight Cameron might have been a Freddy Brock might have been making that tackle along with number twenty trade dollar in on that tackle for each he's very good punt it's inside the 10-yard line at about the eight we got about 121 to go in the quarter coach Muhammad calling the play already for for Chris Gibson and see what Chris Gibson got doing this play I would suggest maybe getting them out running getting that Barden number one get him going to the outside away from that heavy defense of our presence what looked like they give him the deep there they given C riding them a little rust oh nice nice misdirection play ball carried by Chris Williams yeah so that was Chris Ware that's number before yep number four all right nice run nice ball fake nice ball fake he get the ball to Chris Williams he picked up picked up a first down yeah give him a little breathing room yeah wow that's a nice run all the way to the 18 yard line yeah one minute to go in the first corner East is ahead 8 to 6 over Monroe first and 10 from the 18 let's see what my role is about to do is we have Chris Gibson calling signals he hands the ball off again picks up a couple yards before he's powered up picked up about two yards about 35 seconds to go Chris Williams again on that carry Chris Williams on the carry yeah they time to mix up the run with the pass that's good look like they'll be able to run the clock out and start the second quarter at their own 18 yard line yeah that's look like they're what they're gonna do they're gonna let this clock run down ladies and gentlemen we're gonna be at the end of the first quarter East is up 8 to 6 over Monroe very good in it well entertained entertaining first quarter and we'll be right back with second quarter action as the clock is running this runs down to zero teens are running down to the other end and will be ready to get that second quarter started now what's the keys Randy what you think these might have to need to do in this second quarter what Big East has to tighten up on their deepest a little bit there what you're starting to see is Chris Gibson quarterback for Monroe starting to get a little loose so it's gonna be important for each to play these defense and be prepared for trips get Chris Gibson's to open it up yes Gibson gotta open up a little more they're not gonna be able to run the ball they're not gonna be able to run the ball all day they're gonna have to throw that ball look a little more mixed the run with the pass yeah maybe some play-action in there yeah and again if I'm wrong I'm feeling good about this right now you know where we're at East we're a new team we don't have any players we have but we're still in the game and we're sticking around exactly and that's one of the most dangerous things in sports is that is to stick around in a game that you know the other team could easily be beating you yeah but right now you've been you out coaching them and you out playing them now because it look like we look like they were gonna get run off the field there for a minute there in that first quarter yeah 8-0 East made it look easy on the first score and then they've been once again back to the he said we've seen almost of the season making mistakes but here we are started the second quarter Gibson call signals back to pass looping it deep Oh overthrew his man Chris Williams tried to hit him before Chris Williams down the sideline that was a nice safe pass that was the street if he had if he hung that up a little bit for him he might have been able to make the play oh he would have been gone all the way people David mm-hmm so we got third down coming up third down coming up here we go third and ten let's see what they're gonna do here on third and ten ball at the 18 yard line here we go third and 10 from the 18 roll out he throws again oh he just overthrew a guy who could nice catch by somebody on the sidelines for East he step look like he wanted to run with it Dylan said he said no I'm gonna throw it and he just threw a bad pass there he didn't he didn't set his feet but threw that ball out over the head of his attendant receiver it's gonna bring up fourth and 10 and why they changing getting on Phyllis say prayers and thoughts of all the people down south there in the Gulf Coast hopefully that storm another storm is coming through that area this weekend similarly weekend's the storm come in somewhere seems like every week weekend it's causing havoc so we hope to people in New Orleans and Alabama and Florida will be okay and hopefully not much damage will occur this weekend from this storm that's coming through coming through Oh partially blocked but they did get down feel Chris Gibson punted that ball and was partially blocked it was tipped at the line and now it was tipped in the ball went out of bounds right around the 40 yard line of Monroe he's gonna have outstanding Drive start spot here 62 looks will be a little shook up look like he took he might get needing the leg there look at maybe a thigh as he limped off and having the trainer's take a look at them that's one thing I notice about these high school teams nowadays unlike when we play they have Dave actually have trainers and people come out there with bags and stuff may come out in and really check you out O'Day they told us this get up off the field boy what's wrong with you you know that's how it used to be yeah not like that anymore thank goodness you know there's mother money you know there's a lot of other medical and concern for the young people nice run hand off by Jaylyn Williams gives it to big number 28 and that side they John Johnson once again the 510 230 pound junior he's only 230 pounds according to this up she here but man he runs like a lot heavier yeah than 230 he's look like he's like 275 the way he he's almost like a bowling ball the way he he just goes downhill once he gets the ball he's gone he's gonna fall ahead for a couple yards one no matter what it's taking more than one person to bring him down as well true true they got to wrap them up the undersized Munro team they got a gang tackle because they got to wrap them up and do the best they can to bring them down hand off to him like once again this time they got him at the line somebody trying to rip the ball out but a nice tackle by number and see them but number 70 number 74 for Monroe that's a key Zakia Titus that's a nice tackle by Jackie Titus he's been able to get in on that outside so I was number 15 number 15 been playing a game - Ron Glasgow on the defensive side so he got some guys they just undersized but they I think what it is the East line guys are getting looking the kind of slow get into the line they look a little tired and they now able Monroe is able to use their speed to get around these guys third and four Jaylyn Williams barking out signals in the shotgun he gives it to Freddy Brock Freddy Brock coming around the short side the field gets a block breaks around the corner and picks up the first down as he's knocked out right at the yard marker right at the 30 yard line I do believe that's a first down but man that was nice nice blocking their coastal back he's looking for a family car their coach Mohammed top of that rustic said you know figure this man was held there he he's pointing back at somebody saying the guy was hell but they're not going for it no flags were thrown I mean Robert herb get back on the defensive side to feel I want me somebody shook up I think no timeout feel injury time on referee time I thought one guy is down from Monroe looks like number nine Bruce Stewart was the little shaken up he tried to get off the field but he he went down to one knee right there by the right in front of the team bench so they were working with him this is what Monroe can ill-afford to happen is get worn down and have injuries to a team that's short they they play a decent ball they just don't have enough don't have enough guy you gotta have more players than what they have on the field today I think they got like 18 players 18 or 19 players and that's that's you neither you definitely this is a contact sport guys get winded you guys get the kids nicked up you know guys got come out for a few plays and things like that so so he's coming off the field yeah okay they talking to him in sideline he looked like he might be back in there okay here we go first and ten at the 30 yard line east driving gives it to Charles Johnson again oh he breaks through the line and number 12 Jamar Williams made the tackle as he was being run over man he went down with the guy he took the grunt of that of that hit by day John J John Johnson might have a he might be on his way well on his way to 100 yards rushing day second and 2 there's John Johnson hey John I'll just keep giving it to him tell John is uh showing that he can handle the load he shook off that little ankle bruise he took in the last series and we got number 34 in the backfield - with them JJ Quan close maybe give close a couple handles a couple more touches Oh high snap give him two Jay John he up the middle again first down today he's taken down boys allowed to bring down before they're getting down at about the look like around the 13 yard line first and ten at the 13 they they driving using the clock and running the ball and they punish in Monroe right now with their with the with the running game with the with the strong running game has really been on John Johnson for the most part on this right here so mm-hmm the back throat number 34 he's in there come on close Johnson looks a little tired there so he may not give it to him well they give it too close close going up the middle there you go they got him stood him up straight up and they pushing them back I mean real pushing them back a little bit we got 858 minutes 50 seconds to go in the second quarter East is ahead 8 to 6 over gutsy Monroe team here today Monroe we are they giving it all they got let's see what eise Oh closest coming out somebody's gonna be placed close looks to be second and 8 second and 7 and we have Jalen Holmes telling number two who just came into the game Dondre Jenkins the tight end telling them where he needs some add in the formation and he got his main man right behind him Dejan Johnson's right behind him high snap gave it to Jay John once again up the middle push his way touchdown fumble with that ball loose no touchdown they carried across the plane he crossed a plane touchdown touchdown for these nice 13 yard runs 13 yard gallop form Big John showing that he well on his way to 100 yard game today young man last night ran for 500 some yards yeah five minute lovely yards I forgot the belt man saw that this morning I forgot to bring that down those notes I had left on my notes at the house unfortunately with six touchdowns Oh for Hilton yeah - 5 11 yards and six touchdowns against Penn field I'm sure he broke someone's record yes he did yes he did they're gonna go for two Easter's going for two high snap gave it right back to him again two-point conversion Dale John Johnson runs in for the two-point conversion 16 to 6 10 point lead for for East East is showing you they have a superior running game today yeah you can't let him walk in with it I mean he literally just walked in that is if you want to stay in this game exactly doing an excellent job here we go teams on their sidelines getting ready prepared to come out before kickoff 8:09 to go what do you think I Randy we think Monroe should call to do in this series of upcoming series well do you think about the game so now again you have to get that momentum together you gotta get together you got to put together Drive second quarter eight minutes because what you don't want to do with go three down right here no you don't because if you do to give each back the ball their final moments their momentum and they're just going to give us a number twenty game right you want to pick the time and drive right nice go drive take some that time off the clock and you know I want to see more from trip Gibson Chris Gibson has to yeah yeah he got to put his he got really look he didn't care he just - I mean not saying not care but he threw the ball kind of haphazardly in those last two plays yeah cuz they look like right after the quarter switch change that he did they lost their focus a little bit yeah caught by number four oh man ran into his own man number 13 he gets old baby gets outside oh no but oh man nice move runs Chris Williams Chris Williams ran out the back of our Jonathan Jones bounced backwards and then broke I think they're confused yeah the defenders and he then went around to the outside and didn't cut it back inside and lo and behold he's all the way up to the 42 yard line so he got about a good 10 15 yard gain on that on that kickoff another good drive stop for Monroe first and ten from the own 42 another good drives fair so so now it's important you know so if I'm Monroe I would maybe throw some short passes I would definitely do some short passes begin it and you have an open field let's not just keep running it in a minute right yeah let's not keep running it in the middle the guy get this ball down the field yeah I get it farther down the field fake Oh loss of one yard loss of one yard for a quarterback Chris Gibson he faked two to his man guy Tyrone Jackson didn't freeze anybody and unfortunately they came right in on him and threw him for a two-yard loss so it's nobody second and it probably looks to be 11 12 yards coming up maybe they can roll them out use some of their speed to get outside yeah outside the containment which is the dead line of scrimmage if they can get outside don't go up the middle because you see the two biggest guys Bobby see right and then I'm hankering down there the middle of that line you got to go to the outside Gipson calls out barks out signals back to pass his man is there oh thanks nice deflection by Jalen home Jalen Holmes was all over number 14 tight coil Glasgow knocked the ball away so it's gonna be third and 13 from the 39 yard line seven minutes ten seconds to go in the quarter in the first half we're still in the first half here we got more fans coming in there I look over see the seats they even more seats are getting filled up here a lot of people out here tonight if something broke through nice weather Randy look like the afternoon was gonna be nice beautiful especially for October yes yes in Rochester it makes for a very nice homecoming - I think we're gonna have a performance of the band at halftime so that should be nice - to see them they were tonight they walked all the way from down the street they marched all the way from down the street and came into Miller Street all the way down and then came into the stadium very nice procession Gibson back to pass throws the date one he got overthrew overthrew number four Chris Williams overthrew him Williams and on that tackle yeah the three the core but yeah use his legs a little more to get away and and maybe you know spin away from somebody that rush yeah and give himself time to - the more time you look down feeling allow his receivers more time to get downfield most importantly but he has a strong arm no doubt about his arm he has good arm strength he just got it he's gotta work he's working working progress he's working progress gotta work with him sixteen to six 703 to go in the second quarter fall they bought the pump from the own 39 yard line Monroe hike is high there he is he kicked it down ball is bub bouncing back alright ball was down at the 19 yard line by number 19 for for Monroe number 19 is Farrow Davis Farrow Davis with the with the stop all right so we have Farrow Davis there with just with the stop the ball so East gonna start from the own 19 with 653 to go in the second quarter and we're uh hey Easton Easton start to put some put some dominance on these guys they can take total control with this game if they're able to march down the field let's see what they're gonna do here they have a lot of time on the clock so it's nothing that you have to rush know first and ten from the 19 here we go first and ten quarterback J when Holmes keeps it all he sacked throw him for loss number seven he was in and made the nice stop the Chi Titus there you go nice plays of Chi so Kylie's been playing a good game on the defensive line as well as to run glass called number 50 so 1750 has really been they've been playing very hard and they've been making place he seems to be taking their time in the huddle look like they've let in the clock time run down second in 14 from their own 14 15 yard line second to see what they're gonna call Jalen Rose is calling Jalen Holmes oh we got whistle head whistle something that happened here we didn't have a legal procedure Randy we got a legal procedure going don't be a five-yard penalty let's go move them back even farther this moves them back even farther so they're gonna start from their own 10-yard line starting from your own 10 second and 19 second into fix to hand okayed the handoff to him oh he's carrying guys jaylen Johnson yeah he carries someone for about a good five yards but sure it did he came somebody ride there on the bed my first guy grabbed him got dragged for almost five yards but they were able to gang tackle and bring him down picked up about picked up a bit five six yards 13 in about 14 pieces is letting that clock run 5:25 to go in the quarter stay in control over the game right now so why not they're coming out taking their time coming to the line we're gonna run the ball nope we'll get so we go Oh timeout eat eat still call time on third and 12 511 to go in the first half East is up 16 to 6 Randy what do you see happening here on this third down play well you know again you're running into that situation from aces in control 16 to 6 mm-hmm it would be nice for East to get a first down yeah I want to continue this they want to get a first down continue take time off their clock because if you don't get the first down and then you turn around and you give the ball back to the row so I would like to see Monroe would it didn't make a stop here yeah this game competitive make a stop maybe look to go down and make up make a nice um pass from for number three Chris Gibson and get it going right right let's see if that can happen see what they can do Monroe just gotta come up big come up with a stop see if they can stop him here with five eleven left in the quarter is plenty of time left in the first half for them to get back in this game they're only down by ten they can hopefully get if they if they can hold them they can get a good Drive start and be able to try to make makes us make some plays okay here we go third and 12 shaving Holmes and then shotgun talking to his main guy John Johnson I think they might hand the ball off the day John Johnson once again covered by Monroe recovered by Monroe 56 or 52 and 52 55 55 d5 recovering it Henderson something innocent coming up that's really big that's huge right here saying the Holmes had trouble with the snap had trouble with the snap and didn't uh the ball was fumbled and look why Holmes couldn't get on the ball quick enough the defendant was able to get there and see where the ball was and dough right on it nice play first down now I would give the ball to Tyrone that Tyrone Jackson I would try to do a quick pitch and try to go to the outside have him run run that ball to the outside or even looking for a screen right now I mean that's being paid off it sure did revisit that you right they got to come back to that here we go Gibson calling signals back to pass throws that's something that's tough goodbye number one he's running down the field oh you got some blocks oh man this guy's your starting number one he's running with the ball what the Paul Malik McCray did he go down oh he went out to bounce the ball if any went back to know the feeling all sudden was stopped yeah oh he stepped out the ball was thrown - how his man was there Gibson's man number 14 - Ferrell Glasgow was wide open but once again he he he overthrew him he overthrew that ball he put that ball up a little too high and went off his hand went off his fingertips and number one Malik what fray was there he played the he played it perfectly got a hold of it and ran it all the way back Randall over 50 some yards yeah and we have a timeout by Monroe for their guys our guest they gassed on that one running back halfway down the field yes tough that's a tough guy was tough and looking at that plane you know Tyrone Jackson was to the plank over to the left he was wide open mm-hmm it's both the player yeah that would have probably broke a couple tackles but decided to go long and overshot him and he comes up with it exactly yeah yeah yeah so coaches out there Muhammad um cuz D trying to see now they gotta come up a big again with a stop they don't want to go down any further in this game you know being down there that close row coming up with that turnover and then the next play you you have that happen that's tough that is yeah that you're absolutely right that's very difficult to to have that to have the up at the ebb and flow of the game they definitely had a chance to uh had a chance to make something happen and you want to make sure that doesn't get into the the head of your players so I think it was a good idea for them to call that timeout talking to guys let them know you know what we made a mistake but we're still in this game that's a good point that's good coaching talking to his players like you said they're still in the game give him a breather they used up their time they don't have any time I was left in the first half but hey you need it that was a good time to use that time off okay first in 10000 legal procedure on east ball is at the Monroe 45 but they're gonna back it up at least five yards to midfield somebody forgot to snap comp because the linemen we're all good linemen were up ready to pull and the quarterback the bar was not hiked to the quarterback so that got to be on the offense five you have Emily on the Easter's I thought move that back five yards and Randy echo East continuing to hurt themselves with a lot of other penalties lot more penalties all of the same 4:44 to go first in 15 ball on midfield see what they gonna do there we go 444 to go first in 10 at midfield let's see Jalen Holmes calling signals linemen getting set he's back to pass looking downfield Oh Freddy Brock is down there he got it that's it Brody's go up for the touchdown Freddy Brock oh he's gotten it but he got knocked down a late touchdown Freddy Brock the Showtime man for for East Side East Eagles beautiful pass that was one of Jake with homes best passes of the season the young man made went up out jump the defender for the ball came down and was gone that's all he needs is a half a step Randy half a step and he's gone he didn't need a half a step he took called it number nine the woods ejected cuz the team is played that pass Bruce Stewart that's why you don't want to leave your feet a lot of times a lot of times you want to let wait for that ball to come down and then knock it away that's what a lot of these guys are understanding they'll learn let that ball come down no need to go no need to go jump off the ball got to come back down Dave Eiland Johnson runs and they stopped over they stopped us oh they stopped him very well on that two-point conversion so he stopped four minutes 35 seconds to go in the first half east is up 22 to 6 here in the first half so we got 4:35 to go in the first half Randy look like Monroe got to do something here to slow things down yeah speed it up a little bit like you said get the boss to number one Tyrone Jackson on the short you don't have to throw deep all the time you can throw it short don't what short get there's guys and let them run let them do the running I agree you know step back what works with in the beginning with the touch under they did for what they set back really quick got rid of it and it was right there Rock n play so they have went back to that yet no it hasn't so I would the flavor do that more I would look for them to I would step back and you know I can't throw it on the wing to either receiver on the end and let's see receiver make something happen absolutely like they used to say if it works keep working until they stop it exactly and it's a short pass to you know it's not a dangerous high it's not a high high high tight pass were you or you may be in a supper you throw that short pass and let's go let your runners go fans are Omar's there's Tyrone Jackson with the run Tyrone Jackson just picked up the punk at the kickoff excuse me kick off oh wow he turns the corner down the flag is down I think we might have hold him back at the 20-yard line on number thirteen think number thirteen might have been holding that's junk and Jones for Monroe but boy yeah Tyrone Jackson's very impressive I mean his feed the way he turned that corner I didn't think he had the edge like that no but he did he took it and there you go they get caught holding on thirteen and then I'm moving back from the spot of the foul so that's on the gate another nice run by Tyrone Jackson he probably would have over 100 yards all-purpose yards by now as he wouldn't have some of these penalties go I would definitely get the ball to him so that's bringing them back pretty far mm-hmm 2015 2015 yes you got the soccer field mixed in there too so those yards all look kind of around those 20 yards of soccer fields and field hockey feels to and they play lacrosse out here - definitely truly multi-purpose field east has a very good lacrosse team you can see they're getting improvement there's a screen pad there you go they were ready they're ready for ya what's the number two point back here what I'm seeing now is Chris Gibson is not using his feet at all when they come in like that if he moves to the side you can't stand out like a statue and think you're gonna throw the ball over these guys coming at you if he moves to the right or left uses his footwork to get away from the rush then throw the ball cause it's so far I don't see no running ability at all from him and when you feel when you see the fret and the pressure can't wrap up the middle if he would have ran to his right because at least got away from the pressure and either ran with it itself or dumped it off to number one which would have been the smart move and let them pick up valuable yardage second intent Gibson hands the ball off to Tyrone jacks he comes through the hole breaks through almost picks up the first picks up a good eight yard run that's nice and this kid can run inside the tackles two in between the tackles that's hard for guys to do this time around Jackson is okay right now he's my MVP from Monroe I mean he's shown he's all-purpose he can he can run with the ball you can run inside he can run outside he can feel pumped [Music] alright here we go third and 32 look like his third and two and Hickam Jackson coming out Gipson but they're calling signals Gibson Beth to pass throw it look at that hi again come on Gibson bring the bar down got to bring it down Gibson you can't throw and I think it's funny it looks to me his footwork isn't ready because he's not he's not turning and following through he's he's throwing a little too high he's not moving his feet and setting he's not setting this up so look on before Finn - it looks like my robe on gamble and go forward for front - with 339 to go in the first half on that point I would have ran the bar know if I don't know if I would have allowed him to throw in that third and - but here we go looks like I think on the pump they bring it in there they changing their flavors up yeah they got a punt so Gibson look like he's ready to punt I would talk with him at halftime about his that come on man you gotta throw that ball a little better than that pretty Bock in the back throw for East a nice kick in over end kick about pitting around midfield ball rolls into East territory down by number nine there's Bruce Stewart he downs it at the 49 yard line outstanding drive star for East leading to aces up 22 to 6 over Monroe 329 to go in the first half let's see Randy if I if my broken got it enough in them doesn't make another stop yes going down and making a if this goes down the stores puts the stamp on the game basically uh I believe could put the game away even though we're gonna be going into halftime you know yeah he's already in the past information he has dell john johnson in the backfield who i'm sure it's close to 100 yards if not over it already in the first half and oh that's a botch up there in the car play call Jalen Holmes ends up keeping it looked like he wanted to hand it off to del John Johnson yeah I mean del John Johnson but instead he ends up keeping it and picking up about five yards second and five for fruits second and five vodka steady ticking each look like they trying to run the clock I take them on hand this ball off to del John Johnson second and seven Jalen Holmes is calling it signals hands at the Freddy braack braack going to the outside and he's down Oh brought down by number one once again I can't say enough about this young man Tyrone Jackson he actually forced the play - he was playing he playing defensive end on defense he forced the runner to take it to the outside and then he still ends up making the tackle he ends up making the tackle as well on the play yeah he's all over the place yeah yeah using your linebacker come up and make the tackle after you force it to the outside but man he forced it and made to play you can't you can't ask for much more than that first and ten that was a that was a eight yard eight yard gain first down for East shaving Holmes moving up belching on Johnson I still say Johnson looked like he's gonna get the handoff fakes it got it oh he picked up a yard and he's brought down number seven he brings him down Sakaya Titus makes the tackle very nice tackle they're brought them down and it's gonna be second and ten don't be sick don't be second and ten coming up all right here we go second intent Randy what we got back to pass he's looking deep down feel he got a man he throws it there you go knocked away that was a good break by number 13 that's what I'm saying you wait for the ball you don't have to jump let the ball come down if you're a what and that was our quarterback who was running deep on that play Jalen homes because he had a different quarterback in on that play but if you remember Aaron Williams that's what he got into trouble that he got into trouble on plays like that he got in trouble jumping going after balls instead let the ball play you let the ball come down and then make the play on the ball like 13 just did the ball came down BAM we just slide the ball away made it look real made it look real easy nice play Jonathan Jones that's how you do it let that ball come down you don't have to jump for it okay here we go second intent and second then excuse me third and 11 third and 11 from the 40-yard line Jalen Holmes now he's back in court but he's back to throw oh he got all day he's looking downfield and this ain't him almost intercepted almost intercepted and that was giving me different quarterback was in Kenny Kenny Wilson number six Kenny was the number six was it I was going to say that ball would look differently the different projectory on the last two passes he has a stronger arm than Jalen Holmes Kenny that was Kenny Wilson number six nice throw Kenny on both of those he had all day you notice how he was in the pocket yeah he looked real comfortable I thought for a minute he was gonna run but then he saw saw a break for the ball and shot it but it was broken up by Bruce Stewart and he's the punter can he can he will sit just ponder did a quick cut and there's no pingers my guy picked it up and he goes out of bounds nice move you ran out of bounds with a minute than four seconds left Wolfson excuse me east now can come after the forty back because you know Monroe probably gonna try to pass and try to get down the field as quickly as possible with only a minute and four seconds left in the first half they got a chance to make a play here and see what happens we looking forward to the halftime band the marching band they look pretty good coming in here today they were nice coming into the stadium to kick-off homecoming so I look forward to them at halftime everybody look forward here in the stadium look forward to their halftime so George what are you doing your Monro you're down 22 6 million or 4 seconds left what do you do I'm like you said I wish I would come out with a screen I wish I would let them rush hit number one Tyrone Jackson on the screen just to get me some yardage and see and to give him a chance to break it oh they short-handed boy a 14 with a short amount of players I think kid how do you keep not having enough guys on the field no come on man you gotta know you on the field number 12 man then with 12 was sleeping there Jamar Williams just put his helmet on and get out there okay there we go running up the middle there you go all right get on up let's go see if they could get another play with 54 seconds left they staying at the line second and ten I would try and send a hand in the ball to him I would try and get it to him get it to him really straight they're giving it back to him again oh he breaks up the hole that's our Tyrone Jackson oh he goes down I think he got first down somebody shift up number five that shook up number five and that saw Jalen Holmes on the defensive side of the ball he's a little shook up because I think he got he took the full brunt of tackling Tyrone Jackson titan-1 Jackson really fell on him when he was bringing him down so I think he get the wind knocked out of him a little bit there's the way he's motioning there on the ground so they come to see about getting them give him some wind get some wind back in that this shows that Tyrone Jackson he's a tough little kid yeah he's hard to bring down it was brought them down there man he's landed right on the kids so they get the ball to the right guy but they need to throw the ball to him give some space give him some space and them be able to make mixing makes him mate make some make some plays after he's been given some space exactly right now he's not getting the space and his third and was it first down 31 yard line so it's gonna be look like third and three third and three with 30 1.6 seconds left to go in the first half the Sun is out the field looks great if you're watching this on TV oh it's a sun-drenched feel it's a beautiful day I mean I'm looking back up in the hills over there look like when the Rocky Mountains almost over the hills over there I sold you my cocktail yeah yeah the other side of concept boy it's really pretty there look over there what do you call the most mountains thank you very much thank you yes indeed we have a water break we're all saying thank you on the air because the award has just showed up but which is excellent every kind of water shows up is great you know we always enjoy that and we enjoying a good contest here and hope you at home is enjoying this game if it's today or if it's during the week when you're watching this game this is always good to support section 5 sports it's always good to watch section 5 and they got a lot of good off good good supporting teams here in the Monroe County and city of Rochester especially city of Rochester area third and three we got our quarterback Chris Gibson in the shotgun with his favorite target Tyrone Jackson to the left of him or to the right of him and we got three receivers on the outside I don't know I would go with a quick a quick toss to number one back to pass he rolling out get away from one guy and all he said he said he doesn't have quick feet yes he does his feet is his footwork is very slow that's Chris Gibson but he's giving 100% I like he giving he giving a good effort but he just doesn't have the foot speed cuz I that ball chip he should've been this head to the ball right there tossed it over to number three yeah number one Tyrone's accent and tried to try to make something happen yeah it looked like we got fourteen point three seconds left each minor call a timeout these look like they just called timeout so with the tackle by number thirty-two Dasani there was no problem yeah no problem that was that's the problem they definitely need some lineman help there's some lineman to help Bob help them improve it's one thing Monroe might need some help in with the alignment getting some help and remember you can always I'm George ready from challenge of Community News you can always pick us up challenge the community news largest weekly African American newspaper here in Rochester pick us up weekly and you can also go online to the Challenger to read us my sports column there on a regular basis we have Randy Scott here with us Randy how's things going things are going pretty good George all right thanks for asking and we have fourth down and they're going to punt let's see what happens here looks like we're gonna have a punt coming up Gibson is back in punt formation he catches the ball kicks it up high nice high kick I let that ball roll just let it roll don't even touch it let it roll let that ball roll let that clock and run yeah make the referees call it time because you really want the clock to run five point two seconds left let's see what we're gonna have here what East is gonna do see who he has coming out at quarterback with five seconds left East is what is leading right now 22 to 6 Monroe is trying to see what they're going to do what kind of options they have at halftime going to the locker room and see if they can come out and be explosive they've got to try to be explosive in this second half you get 5 seconds left and they come east bricks to huddle we have number 6 in that quarterback that's Kenny Wilson Kenny Wilson at quarterback Kenny Wilson is now up to the line he's calling signals he's gonna have to John probably hitting the ball today John Johnson definitely I think is this play is gonna be he made is he calling signals no he's going back to past Oh he sketched or not we well he didn't skate one guy skips another 2 3 guys that got him they're gonna finally wrestle him down around the 38 yard line and that's it folks that's the end of the first half we're gonna be right back with the second half it's halftime and we're gonna have to find marching band it's coming up we're gonna have the marching band come up and take over during the halftime ladies and gentlemen the pride of Rochester marching band has been in existence since 2014 starting as a parade band in three years the pride is grown and now making Rochester City School District history by being the first marching band to put on a field show the pride arrestor marching band consists of approximately 40 students from east soda monroe Wilson Oh fall school's number one five seven 15 17 in 28 42 45 52 and 54 our field show this year is entitled 80's 90's and today you'll feel the nostalgia as we take you through the some of the greatest musical decades feel free to dance and sing along the pride of Rochester marching band is under the direction of Rebecca M Fox the assistant director is Allison Schmitt visual instructor is Mike Hillman when directors are Todd Dennis and Enrico urgency battery instructors are Skye Webber and Tyrell Carver color guard instructors are Allison Burchell and Allison Smith the prior arrests a marching band would like to thank time Anika card director of arts for his continued support they'd also like to thank the Resta City School District Superintendent Barbara Dean Williams East superintendent dr. shawn unknowns executive director of Rasta City School District Health physical education and athletics Carlos Kato athletic director Erik Robinson Fencibles marlene blacker and dr. Tanya Wilson the East custodial staff and BIA pipa a special thanks to our volunteers Alex lot sir and you came Louis lastly thank you to our pride parents who would not be able to do it without all your support ladies and gentlemen that's your hands together for the pride of rush there marching band [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] are we getting close getting close to the second half okay replay is not working right today okay no problem that replay is not working today yeah yes I'm you see that's I keep looking right friend man okay this breeze feels good take this take that sweater off there we go now we're gonna look the houses might look freezing right yeah the windows wind blowing but now everybody is turned into ladies and gentlemen it's done to a beautiful afternoon I'm a beautiful sunny afternoon here today you get very nice weather the Sun is out bright people are here people at the concession stand remember it's not gonna have to be football this support support not only East High School but support all the Rochester City School District schools cuz I it means a lot to the kids to have you here we can't go without the clock man we gotta have the cotton right here they could kick it off get the cart there we go we're getting ready for the second half everybody but remember please support trust us to see school district schools and the students if it's a place if this sporting event just come out even if you don't have kids in the distant any longer I never had kids at all just come out and just support it and enjoy you'd be surprised how much fun you have going in the price of a ticket only five bucks at ten bucks that could see some excellent entertainment and see students that are on the go right Randy up-and-coming kids your kids were seeing school district kids right yes what school daze do they attend Madison I remember your principal to us and I can see that guy with the principal almost I can't call it now someone else in the airport earlier this year that's good no your family is very happy with you there we go there we go but we're getting ready for the second half but you have you never have been sent to the principal office that's even the good things that's even good yep and get involved in activities yes after-school activities and programs and things of that nature that's what you want to do laughs I used to have a TV program on right I used to have a TV program on called hip-hop Valley ran for a couple years very exciting very popular show show hip-hop videos tape a lot of concert exactly exactly they're doing very well here yes and that's what program was really good that's a good good program very very well known program helped kept things going here in the positive direction here in the community all we want to be positive and young people still quite positive even here you better know okay we just get that technical up Mike's a good so it's always good so that show was on for a couple years and that this shows you get experienced and all these young kids here you got this you got the school district with the communications department Seabreeze studio downtown you get easier now with productions and thanks to Todd Hall and his staff they get me things going here and you're being able to be involved and the kids are getting first-hand knowledge where what we had to get internships absolutely do to go downtown and work at an actual studio but now these kids are getting it in high school which is amazing there that's amazing it's very important because we know opportunity is very important it's something you want to be able to have things placed in front of you giving you that opportunity to know that you can do something different right right no one you can give and give me the confidence so when you do get to a TV station doesn't have to be in Rochester New York it could be in Kalamazoo or somewhere yeah you know down south somewhere you don't know where but when you get the opportunity you are really comfortable with the equipment because you've already worked at it in high school absolutely you can't beat that you can't beat that continue on that gives you a nothing like hands-on experience right and they give you that advantage because when you go off to college you know a lot of the students that are already there already have this opportunity in front of them right so you want to be able to get to get there and be prepared as well absolutely absolutely as we prepare for the second half look like Monroe's gonna be kicking off to my Rose gonna kick off to East and where's our clock guy where did he go he was here for a moment then he I go we gotta get the clock ready to kick it off I don't know what they do don't know cuz they usually look up there to say hey he said get the clock yeah he just signaled up here okay good we get out we'll get our backup man right here there you go kick it off the kick is off the ball is rolling it's gonna go no it didn't go on the bones it picked up by number 20 and he's tackled and put tackled out of bounds that they like the 24 yard line nice kick by there but that kicker dead ball look like was going straight out of bounds yeah and instead he made the tackle of number 20 number 20 try trade dollar trade dollar was tackled there on the way so the very nice tackle they're gonna have a drive started their own 25-yard line and close that door right there thank you yeah we got first two down first down into 24 first down at the 24 yard line good drive start for East you got number six in that quarterback Kenny Kenny Wilson Kenny Wilson is in at quarterback he's calling signals okay he takes the snap runs right up the middle oh my next run that was a nice run good blocking good straight ahead blocking look like he picked up about good seven eight yards I would think he's down at the 32 yard line he's gonna make it second and two second and two from the 38 look like our school bird guy must have went on high oh here we go second hands off to Johnson Johnson breaks one tackle breaks another around the corner and he's tackled he brought down that to about the 40 yard line first down nice pickup I know I don't have the stats nearby but he got to be over a hundred yards I would I would put think he when you think he's over 100 by now no definitely he's got a lot of touches today and um he's doing well he's picking up those tough yardage yes he is he's running then between the tackles and he a little burst on that one okay here we go first down at their own 42 East Eagles moving left to right okay Kenny Wilson that quarterback got his main man back did they del john johnson in the backfield looking like he wants more he wants to carry that ball some more fake to him run by Kenny Wilson Katie Wilson got some speed man some jump yeah yeah nice cut there he followed he followed the fullback del John Johnson right up the middle and then he broke it to the outside and was tackled 12 yards later for another first down East look like they came out with their game plan of running the ball yeah they'll need to pass it right now they are they can where'd they wearing this off Monroe team down and we had an extra long halftime with the band today usually the halftime doesn't seem to be as long but it seems a little longer today with the ban which it being homecoming which is cool but you did a pretty good job they did that's nothing you can get involved with here at least get in the bag and oh man this young man yeah he took a shot from number 55 Felton Henderson and look like he carried both in about three yeah three yards down the field yeah and if you notice again they will hit him one time he's able to pick a bleep tour through yards after them yes yes is beyond the tackle yards yards after that after content is amazing God today this young man right now is my offensive player is my east player of the game right now cuz he's he's been doing it Jalen Holmes is back in the game as a wide receiver Kenny Wilson is now quarterback he's calling signals Freddie Brock is in motion he thanks to Freddie Brock gives it to the big man and the Johnson is tackled by 54 quran curse quran curse made a nice tackle you guys they stay smart they're going down low on him yeah cuz you gotta go low on a guy like that he's he's too big up top you get if you hit him up top he's really gonna he's gonna punish you I'm sure there was a conversation in the um at halftime of how to tackle him exactly go no go long okay we have third down third and third in property looks to be nine yards third and nine okay he's calling signals Kenny Wilson calling signal gave it right to Brock pickin Brock around the corner he's pushed out of bounds I think he's sure yeah he's he's well short of the first down but once again number one Tyrone Jackson forced them to the outside man that young man a play he's he's not making the plays but he's forcing the place which is really helpful in stopping because for him to force him to the outside like that that forced the other defenders to come over and he ended up running out of bounds and they're gonna go for it on fourth and three fourth in the long two and a half yards east look like they they want to dominate and keep control of the ball here they come fourth down got another big guy in there man number two is in the backfield Andre Jenkins he set up like he's the tight end he's back there but they're gonna I think they're gonna go with a handoff to Johnson for Finn two and a half the Wolfson calling signals got it no Wilson going run within itself and picks up the first down picks up about five yards picks up about five yards so it's gonna be picks up about five yards and it's gonna be first down at the 35 yard line Monroe East is content on running the football take intent on running the football first down at the 35 yard line first in ten first and ten from the 35 okay we got Kenny Johnson they're calling Kenny Wilson oh we got flags everywhere flags everywhere looks like we're gonna have a legal procedure on East so we're gonna take that five yards back and see what we're gonna have here first in 15 okay okay when I back them up a little bit them up just a little bit big but they'd see in the key now he's running the football Randy looked like they'd see that that's what they want to do together big lead keep the Monroe off the field then already ran by almost five minutes off the clock in the third quarter first and 15 Hickam Brock in motion he gives it to Brock he's going around the corner picks up two three yards oh we got a flag coming in late late flag might be a holding yep holding take us on 78 see right yeah look see right and shaking his head somebody's not me and no they called it on him let's see they got him that's all you got you just look at the linemen and see who looked guilty in this case he was arguing with the right but they got Markoff this holding penalty against east on the offensive lineman Bobby see right so they're moving it back a good 10 yards it should be right yep right in the middle of the e so if you're watching this game on TV the ball is set right in the middle to e beautiful facilities here this complex is very nice looks almost like a college complex it does it's very nice baseball diamond over there to your luck yeah soft brand-new softball diamond to the back there to the left they just installed that last winter okay I'm in fact I'm an umpire so I'm done that feel a few times and it feel is beautiful okay beautiful I feel so this is coming up they got nice new facilities Franklin got a new football field I mean it's coming along Wilson has a new field so they're really upgrading the D school with the schools and the product back to pass going deep he is a nerd know what we got here interception fake they call it an assumption in mr. Tyrone Jackson they go give it to Tyrone Jackson you know back in the day that I used to go to dolphins right well yeah but Tyrone Jackson came up big you can't play the game right there for Monroe nice interception so they get the ball back they get the ball back and they're arguing about it because he feels like he caught it for East but I don't know I think the referee made the decision on who looked like they had more position of the ball and I think the defender did have it the defendant had it first he had enough of it to warrant them giving it to Monroe yeah he hummed that ball up cuz he had him beat ya and hung it he hung it up a look too much Kenny wasn't just put a little too much air under the ball on that particular pass so now here we are first in ten for Monroe at their own 18 looks like their own 18 yard line their own 18 first and 10 now what will you look here ready are you would you get the ball in the hands of Tyrone Jackson I think you have to get the ball into the hands of Tyrone Jackson he's dumb as you stated before so far the MVP I would call for from one row and um he's a fast fast and explosive player so yes he is he's very fast very explosive I would get it to him or also drop it off to someone then what's going on are they talking to the east head coach about the guess about the car they're about what's going on each coach sees coach Militello seems to be very upset with the call thinking that his guy had the ball but come on coach we won't get this game in let's get back into playing football we didn't heard you aside the story and the referee that decided it and it's Monroe's ball first and ten from the 18 let's see if they they haven't done a bubble screen either no they got three receivers there to the outside I'm just wondering why Monroe isn't trying because he got strong enough arm he can gun the ball right to him do a bubble screen and see if they can pick up break one foot but they need some big yardage plays with seven minutes in the third quarter she given it to Jackson Jackson bricks around corner he's coming down the sideline and gets out of bounds after picking up a first down very nice run for Chiron Jackson and I'm sure he has over 100 yards all-purpose yards you know in today's game because he's a tough little kid tough young and he is a senior too so they're gonna miss him on this team but whoever gets them on the next level I tell you if he goes to a Brockport or somewhere on Division one double-a or division two or three level you get yourself a football player and he's definitely a hard-nosed physical runner ok Gibson in the shotgun gives it right - Tyrone Jackson again same play turns the corner again picks up about five six yards NER he lowered the shoulder on Jalen Holmes they're sailing Holmes knocked him out of bounds but not after he picked up another quick something that year so something like Coach Muhammad listen to me at halftime saying put the ball in this young man's hand salute please now throw it to him dump him dump er do some dump off some screens and some jump off passes to this young man so he could get away so he could get some space and also allowed to cool Glasgow number 14 and also Jonathan Jones get them involved good because if he gets those two guys those guys are pretty tall to get them involved and it - you got number seven out there to Rondo ball Cooper Rosenbach Cooper look like he want to do something he's at the line of scrimmage he's ready the end of shotgun formation Gibson Carlin signals back to handoff inside outside is he going outside nope he's caught for a loss there they look like they were in the same play but this time to the other side and Andre Jenkins made the tackle Andre Jenkins make the tackle East is running a 4-3 defense their linebackers are penetrating they got big defensive tackles and Bobby C right he's a junior he's 320 pounds you got Jack here Williams he's 330 pounds 164 163 respectively and height and these guys are beaut they're huge so I wouldn't be running the ball too much to their side the field I would continue to go opposite side of the field in order to free their guys up it's gonna be third and 7 603 to go in the third quarter let's see what they're gonna do here Gibson calling out signals he fixed it all he had is about whoa man Wow look like a tidal wave I think here they were ready for that place they were why is he calling the same play I do not know why won't they fake it to him and get the ball why won't they fake it to him and allow Him to to roll out and throw the football others I just don't get it you can't run the same play over and over again and that's what Monroe did coach Muhammad you gotta flip the plate flip the script a little bit and now get dig deeper in that playbook get some screens and some bubble screens going to your White House to your - Tyrone Jackson well it's gonna be forfeiting 44 from 12 and they're putting the ball away Gibson is in punting formation he receives it kicks it high and over in punt pushes East players back a little bit the ball is down ball with nope nope nope nope no you can't throw him down the whistle did blow whistle did blow good play good sportsmanship we didn't throw in Joshua Porche but east-west Joshua Porche was trying to run with it good sportsmanship by Monroe and what so did blow so we got 503 to go in the third quarter East is up 22 to 6 ball is that the East 33-yard line another good drive start for East what you think he started doing that Randy well if I'm east I think I'm in a commanding lead right now I wouldn't do anything too foolish I would keep running the ball yes I'll keep running the ball keep taking the time off the clock and they John Johnson would be the guy we continue to go to it hey John yeah yeah just keep giving them the ball giving the ball alright let's see here we go again he Wilson in that quarterback I don't know why they came up with these purple jerseys with the gold numbers man because they weren't thinking about it they wasn't thinking no there wasn't that's a good answer you can sense I've heard all season oh my goodness that's a nice run by Kenny Wilson he followed his blocking he picks up a good 7 8 yards moving that clock look it'll be second in four and second at three or four they're giving the patient Maggie got blood all over Jersey playing Hardman a young man playing played our evz give me a good after that tyronn Jackson yeah playing very hard out there he deserves a well-earned a well-earned brick got kidney Wilson okay Wilson at quarterback calling signals got it he kept it runs up the middle picks up the first down took a nice shot there by number 55 from Monroe Felton Henderson fuckton Henderson is still playing Felton hasn't given up yet and that's one thing Monroe hasn't given up yeah they think they're coming out there they playing hard they hitting people hard and they make him play well at the end of the day you don't want to be embarrassed either no you don't you don't want to be embarrassed so you're still in the game mhm okay a flag down look like it might be a legal procedure on e says Freddie brought the human highlight reel comes around the corner picks up about a nice 5 6 yard game but it's gonna be off or not two men we're moving at the same time they're gonna bring it back that's gonna be a five-yard penalty on East so that's coming back they're gonna march off that family two men we're moving at the same time and since we're not playing in Canada doesn't at the Canadian Football League yes a penalty here in the United States there's a penalty in American football so we're gonna bring that back five yards back there we go see you city's athletic director Carlos Carlos here today seeing everybody saying a lot of people here at ease Carlos has done a fine job down there at central office as the overall athletic director for the retro City School District schools okay in programs continue to grow the programs and getting more and more sports and opportunities now they have lacrosse coconut Rasta started this past year and I think you're gonna see some very good lacrosse players come out in the next couple of years from their city school district teams I think they're gonna have some good teams huh coming up soon not maybe not this coming season but watch for them in the next next few years oh that would be great so one think the Rochester are not the Rochester Rhinos but the Rochester lacrosse team make them for donating some of the equipment to the City School District for that the kids can have the proper equipment to play the sport all right that's all you need you need people giving and giving back and donating and people getting involved mm-hmm that's the key right Randy I agree being involved first in 10 ball is that the East 44 yard line excuse me can he high snap but Kenny Wilson got it and he's brought down by 55 55 is playing an outstanding game defensively Felton Henderson he got him right away and look like we got hold it yeah boy East is really taking a lot of penalties here they slowing this game down with these penalties so this is it hold it look like it's gonna be a 10 yarder tell you if they get away from these penalties it could be at such a much better team yeah you mentioned that earlier on that's been their mo all season a lot of penalties no and as of today were pizzas all right unfortunately they're winning this game but that's why they have a losing record because you can't take police against good teams you can't you can't it's hard to ruin could you're defeating you're defeating the purpose okay we get Kenny Wilson out that I received no that's Brocket wide receiver Kenny Wilson is still quarterback there's Kenny callin signals they pointing that where the Blitz is coming from there is high snap he got it he throws it deep and it's incomplete knocked away knocked away by number 13 Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones guys are saying he tried to intercept it but then he just did the smart thing and knocking it we're knocking it away yeah because he didn't want definitely didn't want the offensive receiver do they have any opportunity of catching that pass and that's what you gotta do you gotta knock that bar down gotta make those guys make those plays you gotta make those plays but you also got to come up with that catch I mean he had two hands on it he did so it's something that you definitely want to come up with in a game like this that's true you're behind and you need to borrow to me so you could again and you could again with a little more on that one just yeah went for the ball and tried to pull it in okay here we go second down can he wasn't calling gives it to Johnson Johnson barrels up the middle man Peters rolled up the middle for eight nine yards so he's gonna make it third in about 11 as Johnson ran hard once again Johnson showing us that he's uh he's very durable he's out there playing playing hard two minutes and 18 seconds left in the third quarter East is up 22 to 6 can he Wilson calling signals once again can he look at kaneen looking around making gestures uh he's calling signals hands off to Johnson wants to go oh man Johnson stepped over one guy couldn't step over the second one and about four or five Monroe defenders making the tackle nice play that's one thing that the the Monroe team is well coached they not missing a lot of tackles no this is undemanding the sheer number of players that they have on the team but the guys that you have on the team name they playing football they're not giving up they playing hard look like huh let's say you point out it looks like there's gonna be a flag on a play 54 was trying to get off the field you were smart enough to go ahead and hike it oh really okay yeah and 54 is from Monroe right now to run curses on the ground look like he's in a little bit of pain yeah look like a ankle maybe look maybe twist his ankle or something yeah and you see a lot of ankles on these on these turf fields yeah guys too twisted ankles a lot on me on this turf yeah that's why I prefer grass I'm a grass guy I like when you play on grass and but I understand what the cost and with the amount of sports activities you have and you can't play lacrosse and soccer and field hockey and field sports on these grass fields they could just get tore up they always get torn up especially when we our climate here when it's raining yeah wet weather high high rain and it feels our muddy and it's you know you get better traction so I understand why they rowdy schools I've gone to the turf field mm-hmm just to be or they picked up flag up so maybe they said he got off the feeling time no heat well one of the coaches from Monroe was pointing to the fact that he was trying to have a field but he was hobbling off the field he couldn't make it to the sidelines in time ah they should wear the referees could have blew the whistle because he was injured yeah so I think that's what the argument wasn't so they went in had the little huddle and came up with that decision that they're gonna pick that flag up no harm no foul have you right they could have called the referee could have stopped the play and allowed that sends an injured player yeah he's right he's getting about and then he had he was seeking medical attention on there on the sidelines yeah and you see that the lady with the bag there that's one that medical person know they have mouths okay yeah they takes care of both teams come out make sure that the players are if they injured they come right on and and she comes right out with the medical bag and their equipment and be able to wear the help these players out which is uh which is beautiful not like the old days yeah we had to gut it out back in the day we've had those wooden stretchers man don't somebody up on a wooden stretch in a minute over the 1967 yeah felt like the sixties but now 70 said I was born in the 70s now they still had the wooden stretches when I played in 77 78 okay man man we hear them say bringing stretch now I could get up coaching sure got nail got blindsided yeah on a crack back block man I saw stars all day long I must have been bet you still remember I still remember yeah boss on the bus ride back I was just sitting there like Tweety Bird with stars around the game we Gary start the game right now I'm over so so that was back in the day back to pass Gibson throws it over the middle oh nice defensive play by number 19 was played by number 5 Jalen Holmes man he cut right in front of number 4 Chris Williams and knocked that ball away them getting interfere with him made a nice defensive play looked like it gonna be second in 10 from the 28 yard line second and 10 from the 28 here we go the crowd to seal hits it excited crowd having a great touch this is homecoming so they got a lot of activities going on here at East if you didn't make it out here you really miss something today they got a lot of activities people having a good time people talking reminiscing you tell some people haven't seen each other in a while and it's almost like a reunion going on here today at East High School East high schools are a love night and reunion day back to pass throws it downfield and it's Oh almost picked off almost picked off by number 5 Jaylyn Williams almost picked off by Jalen talking here we go yes indeed almost picked off down the play but we just say it's like a reunion down going on down there a lot of people here haven't seen each other in a while so it looks great here on get better is out here say welcome home alumni homecoming East High at homecoming 2017 people having a great time enjoying themselves here today excellent day out here beautiful weather for it people having a good time enjoying themselves today and it's going to be fourth down and look like they're gonna go for it Jason Bahamas is gonna say heck with it let's go for it fourth and ten I think they changed it to third down third oh it's third down yep third down okay rolling Dario he threw the ball toss catch it catch it Randy oh the DJ DJ almost caught that one hey mister DJ you should have caught that one ball was right at him look at he just moved out the way oh okay look now it's gonna be fourth down yeah but he rolled out he finally rolled out I like that how he rolled out and was able to to roll right that's what he needs to do the young man Gibson he needs to roll out a little bit more yeah but where is he rolling out he needs to make be able then be accurate and set itself and throw the ball downfield or throw the ball or again a couple short passes you know a couple times they pull it back you got a Tyrone Jackson in the backfield waiting for it he's an explosive guy yeah he's explosive guy yeah keep talking on that guy so you you would expect for them to eventually go ahead and and given the opportunity to make a big play right right right that's what you gotta do doesn't dump it off to your guy no you don't get thrown about 30 40 yards oh nice kick he's getting better on the kicking you know oh man nice throw in the back right yeah they threw the funny thing play yeah yes the waiting family right there number number 19 took a shot in the back oh I remember that never remind me of my days now my knees the hitch in the back of the end do that back then you could push in the back or hit in the back man oh man cut shot back cut back blocks and all that which they eliminated a lot of that stuff them from today's game thank goodness yeah furro davis was came down there he came down there hard but he was he was hit in the back and as you can see as you can see you see the conference each type stuff that you don't him yeah it was no need for him to hit him and he just wait and watch and walk them pretty good and I said to say that goes back to coaching you gotta tell you look guys you cannot do yeah stuff like that you can't take blatant penalties mm-hmm I mean let me just know this that's a 15-yard there cuz I mean come on man why we probably take a penalty like that when your guy is feeling the ball and nobody's around him and he can run let's see what he can do with the ball exactly do not give me your guy you're not giving your guy a chance at all to do anything with the ball yeah as we see dignitaries here today you see fan White is here today man weighted down there Shawn knows he's one of the principals over he's higher yeah the new East High which is part of the University of Rochester mm-hmm Carlos Carlo from the Wretch's the district so you have a lot of people out today a lot of people came out for alumni day here hands it off to Johnson Johnson breaks the tackle Oh Jackson wanted here oh man he's still going hey he held it over somebody and he still kept it going man young man he might have a 200-yard game what time we get done when all is said and done yeah he's a big man - he's a big man he's running hard yeah there's still 35 seconds in the third quarter so yeah he'd probably be closing in on 200 by the time we buy time we finish this game I'm thinking we're in the fourth quarters guys all right here it is first and ten at the 43 hey they go give the ball to brock Freddie Brock he cuts around the corner breaks a tackle and 55 brings him down 55 is having an outstanding game for for them Felton Henderson you know I don't call his name a lot and he's strong enough with his hands that he's able to just pull those smaller guys down get ahold of that Jersey yeah yeah you gotta hold that purple and gold and but that's why sometimes you want those jerseys to be a little bit tighter right so that when someone goes to grab you they're not able to get ahold of you like that oh that's right that's right and then you know you prevent that on tackle Jersey they barely can get it on because it's so tight yeah but that's why you want to wear it you want to wear it tight that way mm-hmm and that's the end of it that's the end of the third quarter as we prepare for the fourth quarter East ego's 22 Monroe 6 Oh so there's fourth quarter coming up a lot of anticipation here in the crowd everybody's ready to see what happens here in this fourth quarter because east on homecoming day is having a very good game Monroe hasn't given up they still playing power football would you say they playing hard winters I think they're playing hard I mean at this point you don't want to get embarrassed you want to keep playing and you want to feel every any time that you're on that field that you can make the change and make something happen right you can make you can make something happen that's the key and that's what I think we did you get credit for Jason Mohammad for keeping his team up yes it's a long season I mean they only point with 18 19 guys yeah and they already up to week six and seven of their season and you know going where they've been whooped up a lot yeah but they keep coming back they keep coming back and that just shows you and he got guys like Felton Henderson who's continues to bring down he's a junior and he's making tackles left and right you got Quran cursed making plays he got a lot guys out there making plays yeah and then for East you got here we go scary start the fourth quarter but each you got Freddy Brock out here you got Kenny Wilson at quarterback he's calling signals look like he may be ready to give it to Johnson again del John Johnson he gives it to Freddy Brock Brock comes around the world Lochte with the block that was miss Johnson yep block was missed by Johnson and he brought down by number 32 and 32 over there is Carlito Bruce Carlito Bruce nice tackle all right Kylie the Bruce got in there made a nice play so that's what I like about Nate are you can see their hands on their hips yeah on defense those guys and they don't gave it their all it's still they still got according to go at least one thing those doesn't want the most best shape and shake teams in the city in the whole section five hey miss Monroe squad you have so many people you you have to be in shape right yeah oh my god just standing up he ain't even getting into a stance he yeah he look how he ready to blitz he trying to come up the middle can he get any homes back to pass number seven he's chasing them they're seven he's right there down down oh oh now he's down yeah that's a good play look like he was going down but he uh he stayed up Kenny Kenny Wilson got some jump he got some jumping his legs yeah he's fast footed well I guess he says I'm not down at I'm down exactly exactly and you know that is something a lesson for one road to learn not down sit down right and so I think that they thought he was down yeah yeah I was hoping he would be able to catch it in and you have to put yeah but that's when the tiredness comes in and you're a little bit more tired you take your eye off the ball a little bit and that's what he did went right through his hands and right right luckily it dropped right in front of him yeah you can tell he's tired oh yeah oh yeah head up he playing two games today he's been back there as hard as the Tyrone Jackson's been playing and also the majority of the Monroe team they've given a really good effort but at this party back here Chris Gibson together move you gotta work on his footwork during the offseason here he in the gym he got through those footwork drills they should work specifically on his footwork so that he can move and learn how to turn and be able to throw the ball down the field because he really needs his footwork go to be better defeat if he has any aspiration of playing at the next level yeah at the college level Division two or three level at quarterback but maybe he wants to play defensive one because he's also a defensive linemen defensive side let's see what they're gonna do we got a time out what we got we have time out buddy wow he must have got confused about something there and they call a timeout yeah they had to rush Malik McCray over to the wide receiver because Nolan was on him oh is that what was yeah so as he was running over against the coach decided you know what let's go ahead and take this time on right right getting late in the game ten minutes to go I look like guys are getting their fatigue is setting in and guys aren't remembering their responsibilities yeah well heck I remember coach lease to have it where I think if the guy forgot his thing and somebody saw they run out go out there and make it go to that position yeah yeah oh man that Coach was always big on that if you don't want to play hey you know you don't you must don't want to play you don't forget you on the field yeah hey this the backup will run out there somebody run out there and come in y'all another defensive back we'll run out there cover that you say hey make the play that's wait see you guys got get that and still if you point on you and the game there's guys that means you ain't in the game if you going if you get a forget that you on the field yeah well now it's interesting Monroe taking in our own advert I'm on it's taking place two of the players were lying on a lying on the field so that's not fatigue yeah yeah yep gonna be a nice bus ride home gonna be yeah might be sleeping on that bus ride back to Monroe not that far only like about five minutes ten minute ride from here yeah but they're gonna be relaxed first in ten Chris Gibson in the backfield the empty backfield now he moved our tyrunt Jackson out to the slot receiver position takes the snap looks downfield throws it it's caught number two Jenkins oh they didn't bring him down he's still going picked up the first down nice catch Oh somebody hurt back down behind the behind the play behind the quarterback okay somebody's down look like they're that's one of the big guys yeah took his helmet off everything I can't tell who it is maybe mister tried to miss the but we didn't see that that's too far behind the play from there on the play that's one thing this again we haven't had any injuries you know thank goodness yeah it's just been a lot of passing it looks to be number 51 51 is Charles Brown Charles Brown defensive lineman look like he's laboring his shoulder there as we are they were yeah yeah his shoulder looked like he hurt his shoulder there a little bit they tend to be seemed to be working on him over there why we have this break that you know the season is almost over and you get the sectionals coming up yeah we got some good games coming up in there and the sectional rounds coming up in the next couple of weeks we still got one more week ago I'm looking forward to seeing Wilson play McQuaid Wilson plays em in another week they got you get potato good day mm-hmm they came here and they showed me that they're one of the better city teams they played a really good smart open physical games they have speed and they know how to use their speed they're on their team I'm looking forward to seeing them later today at 4 o'clock done at the soccer state Capelli Stadium and then next week they have McQuaid they rounded out the regular season so it's gonna be interesting to see where Wilson finishes up and how they how the brackets come out for the top 18 that make the sectionals so it's gonna be interesting to see how that have that maneuvers and how these teams are seated for the for the sectionals would start in only a couple weeks now a couple women we're all ready to sectionals my goodness the years gone by so quick next thing you know sectionals to be wrapping up and we'll be moving into the basketball season here we go back to pass Gibson looking downfield oh man he thought I was going to take her out rowdy en route miscommunication on that one right there yeah yeah you came you came inside on that one so now we're gonna have 2nd and 10 from their own 20 8 yard line the only 28 yard line second and 10 I'm gonna see what happens here second and 10 and see what they're gonna do each has to feel pretty good right now I'm being up 22 so yeah they really do yeah they should feel really good you're right you have to right they should feel really good about it they running that 4-3 defense but they backing up off the receivers here we go empty backfield he is back to pass don't win for me Carly caught that catch nice catch number four yeah Chris Williams nice play nice play yeah I thought you threw another bounce but he had just enough yeah era under that bar that he could he could make the play another bounce stop the clock that's very important yeah 948 to go let's see clock has started up with 942 to go Monroe getting to the line of scrimmage first and 10 at midfield see what we're gonna have here there is back to pass Gibson dumps it to our oh that's a shame 1357 interception Keyshawn Williams Keyshawn Williams was alert enough that that ball was fumbled up in the air and intercepted by 57 three or four away by Keyshawn Williams but once again a little too little too late they should have been doing that in the first half yeah getting the ball to Tyrone Jackson's room and letting him button because that right there yet he had some Running Room on that one yes he did those 3 4 yard passes are much better than those 20 30 yard passes that were incomplete and intercepted and these are the type of plays they needed they need to get ball right to him now he's has the bar I'm sure East one to run some clock both teams are tired and playing out here today long game today East look like they're in the formation shotgun with an i formation to the right to the left of it Hite Kenny Wilson goes right up the middle breaks through and he's gone he's got through although he's baby that did we got through Tyrone Jackson chased him down man nice run though that was nice that was a nice run yeah all the blockers talking to open space and he probably confusion on that 20 yard line there and just sure did didn't he yeah man for a moment I thought was gonna cut to the outside he cut it in and he still was able to make the touchdown so what he was he was able to make the move and that just showed you the type of speed that he is that young man had we didn't see him down the second quarter playing quarterback yeah yeah they probably they brought them in that quarterback when the game was still closing and he made a big difference East office seemed to jump when he came in under center well you noticed a different plate that they had four in the world and then he did a lot of the key part about keeper high snap handoff to Johnson got a little bit but he runs it in he's into with nine thirteen left in the game Monroe just scored again I mean I'm a row East gives me pause eyes on them East East 30 Monroe sick and as we see this is where you just run different plays now the game is no longer in doubt Monroe just come on and try some plays and see what they can do this ya know just to improve their game just to improve themselves just to improve themselves yeah you can look at the body language of right now coaches talking to the players you can just tell that they're little disappointed conversation continued on exactly that's what the guy doing the coach Mohammed got keep their heads up on them they definitely heads her down now after taking that last touchdown right there that really uh I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back on that one they now have to go and just say hey let's just finish this game up in style with some kind of way you know let's let's run the ball or let's make this get some positive plays out of here and who knows they might be able to score exactly but they're for right now it's not happening this just just not enough players not enough help on it on that minor team [Applause] [Music] okay here we go they're coming to kickoff oh man come on Oh boggle yeah yeah mental fatigue is setting in too because Chris Williams almost let that ball go and that's a live ball and luckily for him the ball did eventually go out of bounds yeah it did ventually go out of bounds 9 minutes 13 seconds to go here we go we get first and 10 from the 20 some yard line 20 yard line let's see oh no the ball went to bone so they gonna move it up move it up to what they gonna do great kick or are they gonna take it take it from the 35 okay here we go looks like they're gonna like a retake right yeah yeah it looks like a retake I'm surprised thought they might take it I thought they might have taken that one at the 35 rather than go to recap okay so here we go people are still here no one has left tell you the fans out here today yeah everybody's having a good time it's like a reunion atmosphere here today people are here people are enjoying themselves you have local dignitaries here at the game today school board president van white is here you see a wide variety of people here today and join this football on a nice afternoon he's too old man number 4 Chris Williams is hit hit hard at the 28 and he's gang tackled right there brought down by several several players including number 21 tom hangeng no tie no piano head that nights hit on the place to help bring them down as well as Kerry James on that play first and 10 looks like the ball is gonna be placed at the 28 yard line for Monroe 909 to go in the game it looked like these guys want to see what they can do they can get this game in the books because they being beat rather handily but before they leave here they want at least try to improve themselves in some way get something leave out leave I was saying hey we did this we did a few things were right it was a close game early on 216 six was wasn't bad and one was 8 to 6 it was an 86 yeah it was really close back to passes Gibson he throws oh that's passing Affairs throw the flag that's on the defense number 9 oh yeah they're comin otherbut finally throwing sun number 9 justice barnes justice bond interfered with number 4 Chris Williams you can't run through the man to make the break-up a play that's the type of penalties I'm talking about alright why are you running through the man right you didn't have bad position but then you have really bad position where you knock some down yeah it would be interesting to find out how many penalties and how much yardage has it caused even though you're up 32 6 is something that you definitely want to work on for future games mm-hmm oh that's true that is true yeah I'd like to see how many penalty they happen the entire season I'm telling you you'd be amazed amount of penalties they've had unfortunately they're very undisciplined team they need that the coaching needs to improve your coaching definitely needs to improve for next season because you cannot have undisciplined penalties that we've witnessed throughout the season first in 10th for a Monroe oh yeah number one make you crave nice an exception over to his man oh that might be a quip there that was a block that's see that's what I mean yeah if you see somebody numbers you can't hit them in the back yeah and number 21 so here gay knows just wiped out a guy with a clip so that's the nice run back to the 28 yard line but that's coming back Malik McCreight had it with play good just right he overthrew the guy who fought back over to the receiver and and he overthrew the receiver he just can't overthrow the guys like that yeah in that case he he fooled he threw it to a spot receiver he wasn't ready for the ball and the ball went through his hands and into a defenders hands and now we have the referees marking off the block in the back which is also known as clipping block in the back gonna march it off from the 45 and probably bring it to the 45 of East just over midfield to the East High School's own 45 and we'll see what East is gonna come out and do now with the bum sure they're gonna continue to run the ball yep run the ball and get this clockwise get this game over wit get the game over with and get this game in the books see if he wanted to come up there enough get them up on the air there I guess everybody seen the end of this game and we see what's going on with this contest here and get the get this one in the books yeah we have what we have now first down handoff to our main running back there Johnson Johnson breaking tackles row Bobo ball is loose ball is on the field and has recovered by Monroe number 9 number 9 Bruce Stewart Bruce Stewart recovers the fumble but several guys were putting with poking at the ball and and knocking the ball around and trying to unlock the ball and they finally got it just before Johnson fell this before Johnson hit the ground they the ball came loose and it was covered by number 9 Bruce Stewart nice nice recovery and here we go first and ten from the thirty year winds up there thirty thirty five thirty five so Monroe gets the ball back it was a hard run by Johnson and Johnson they stripped him of the ball before before he went down by three guys where we're digging at it and the ball popped out of there and number nine fell right on it first Stewart was right there to recover it and once again that this shows you they're not giving up exactly hey they well coached and you can see they're well coached and they well they were all discipline so they ever had that main thing no been having and that's why you know I was making it the comment earlier to see how many total deeds it Eastham only because Noel hasn't had them any penalties no they sure haven't remember to me yeah yeah I can't even think of a few of them there that took place back I can remember a whole bunch of east ones here today but that's what you that's how you that's the sign of a winning football team when you don't get that many families there's a nice short five yard throw number fourteen called it he's brought down at the 42 Tyco quote Glasgow that was a good pressure though from from east Chris Washington number subject he's been bringing the pressure all game yeah yeah he's the Chris Washington unsung hero on defense for for Easter Day he's doing a fine job him as well as Bobby C right and the guys that back there number 51 has been doing well Charles Brown so the East has got a lot of guys they playing good defense okay second and five from the 42 Monroe quarterback Gibson is calling signals you got that guy stack yeah he got yeah you gotta get one guy on the line David go okay daddy guys stack with four receivers on one side and one in the other back to pass he looks over the middle caught by number 1313 with another catch 13 is Jonathan Jones that's amazing how they they stress stacking one side to fill in eight and eight and there criss-crossing after they come off the line yeah so this is nice and the guy knows I get the guy being known as Gibson quarterback Gibson he's now starting to put the ball in the right position for you guys to make a play yeah Chris Chris Gibson first and 10 Chris Gibson back in and back to pass again he drawled on no no he threw that one away he just threw the other way his receiver he's not a little patient either with his throwing game yeah I'm just not feeling him today he got it he got he's got to get his attitude right and feel a little bit more better about how he's going to deliver the ball to his receivers cuz women just to hike that in this and just throw it why were you doing he threw the ball way too soon and he had three guys because like I said earlier throw it to the short guy yeah it's the first guy that's to open look to the second iturra cuz his line has given him time he has time to throw it's just not being patient patience enough to take this time to to go from the check down from his main guy to a second a third option on a given play second and 10 at his own 40 at the East 45 Gibson got 14 in motion throws over the middle Oh another one yeah he throws way too hard that he needed some touch on that one Chris Williams went through the hands of Chris Williams and it was intercepted by 24 carry James Terry James I think you should not throw your helmet you're not you're not being paid young man you're not in the big-time especially when using one making the mistakes out there let's go guys let your young left hip guys pull out and and that the guy was open all the others do was just put the ball in there well he probably feels up it touches the receivers hands that they should catch it right and one of the things that football does not have that baseball has it's arrows so it's an interception he's not an interception to say it touched my receiver hand someone else caught it mm-hmm it's more or less it's an interception that's probably why he'd to go down and stop saying that ball touched you even though maybe a little overshot you touched it with you to minister to call it what do you think I was look to her I think it was but I'm a believer that the receiver touch puts us to here anymore no matter how hard the ball is bring it down oh you tough I'm tough cuz the bar that hard you turn it around that's hard that hard that hold on to it oh god running back again we had Johnson running hard he just picked up another 10 yards nice run by Johnson nice running you saw what happened ready to grab that shirt yeah sure in a young man that's right you could talk that's right cuz you're right they've been grabbing shirts all day yeah just to bring him down but getting back to the other play so you're saying it because even though he threw the ball really hard and he he should be able to catch them you should be able to catch them I'm a firm believer if you if you're a true receiver you put your hands on that ball my expectation would be for you to catch that ball right right right and I understand this is high school bull that's probably where that looks somewhat frustrating is ends right right first down again oh man man you got picked up 12 yards on the play first down you know and hopefully they'll go back this one room will go back and look at this tape because there are quite a few times where they throw the ball long where you had number one tie Ron Jackson on the wing again I think somebody just got ejected hit the referee just ejected somebody from yeah point all both teams he just ejected somebody from both teams number 50 from from Monroe and I can't who is it coming out on the other team 51 51 Charles Brown for East has been ejected Charles Brown has been ejected number 55 on Glasgow I think that's a bad move by the referees I think you should at least talk you should bring both young men up I saw a game your game here a couple of weeks ago he brought him up and said look this is it you guys do something else you both rejected play football and he even told the coaches to tell your guys to play football we're not here to fight right and then that squashed it right there I don't think he said this through the guys out and let's take two punches now I didn't see any I think we would have saw something that David punches were thrown that sound like they were just talking and I think that's the referees got to be a little bit better than that people can talk but hey if they're not talking right that's what you cut are you just like you did stop the game and just let both of the coaches know that hey these guys are not acting right I'm gone starting check if it happen if I hear something like that again you're ejected handoff to Brock Brock turns the corner flag is down oh nice oh man I tell you the guy is a human highlight but it's coming back it's all for naught yeah it's coming back on the holding penalty it's a holding penalty it's coming back off for not beautiful but you see why I call him the human highlight I do I do oh my god he's unbelievable isn't he yeah he is broke he broke the he broke number-ones ankles on their way that's gonna be a little embarrassing to go back and watch daily yeah we watch it just fast-forward ahead tyronn Jackson when you're on the team in the team locker room looking at it when there's study hall watching it next week man and man yeah this fast for the head coach man you're gonna get some ribbing from your teammates on that but then again he took about four or five okay so they all can't be talking too hard on Tyrone Jackson there man but but the Freddy bra keys that's not the first time he's done he did something like that off against Churchill chawla on the kickoff righted the picked it up at the 25 and shook the first guy next thing I knew he was gone down the side miss oh no it's not the first time he broke somebody's ankle so so the human highlight reel is that his home nickname or did you give him in yes that's not given that Nick okay he could thank you for them yes he can use his highlights alone you think they went undefeated this show his accomplish this season oh my goodness first and ten at their own 38 yard line east own 38 yard line we've got quarterback Carlin signals and that's number 12 Oh Simmons is in that quarterback Simmons is in that quarterback he started the season that quarterback oh so take me on James Simmons he started the season that quarterback had a lot of turnovers when he was in there and they made the switch and they've been doing a lot better ever since good to see that the coaches are giving him a chance to get back in there he's a senior too so give him a chance to get back in there one last time as a senior and see you know build up his confidence but he's more about get back slot receiver okay I think he gives a lot of effort but he this turns that bottle yeah you can't do that now there's a quarterback not after you want to win that's right so it's gonna be second down second a lot boy this there is this brush here comes Rock watch out oh man there you go again he picked the extra five yards just by the last juking still last year yeah number 55 55 number 7 and 54 token Henderson Henderson cooking on curse and Rondo bog bar Cooper nice play nice play gentlemen yeah y'all haven't given up I give you credit I give all the credit in the world and I blow out like this you guys have not stopped hustling you're not trying to make plays and I like our East is running their place they it's third fourth down no third in about 12 third and 12 after all the penalties and everything so third and 12 guys are getting their blocking assignments letting the clock run 315 to go in the game handoff fake quarterback keeper coming towards the sideline he goes right out of bounds come on young man stay in bounds let that clock run yeah well that's something I'm sure that his coach will tell him yeah you know it's supposed to deck it out of bounds cut back up cut back inside go down take the tackle all go down that's what you know this Tyrod Taylor does a lot oh yeah late in the game when the bills are ahead you notice how he stays inbounds yeah he'll run and then he'll just stop and just go down like a baseball player yeah slides like a baseball player yeah goes to the next slide position boom let the quoc keep running yeah you got to do that you got to do that that type of thing yeah yeah learn how to do that it takes a while to acquire those skills so we have 243 242 clock is running east Eagles are calling day in the punting formation oh man nice kick there end-over-end kick tyronn Jackson picks it up he's coming this way he breaks the tackle oh and goes right back into a group of players I am amazed yeah he's a tough kid he went right back into the into the defense but he hit him I thought he's gonna keep coming toward the sideline know if he had a tree thing doing all right I don't know if it's a dead boy no no you did the 24 on the defense carry James he forced them back inside and he went back into the into the defenders and I took the head and went on and kept the body has a fumble easy tips to by ever probably be fun with that he's dead from that catch but he was kind of in motion I think he took his eye off the ball me bobbling it and he was really make that next move yes and the ball popped up the home popped up and it was intercepted at that time what we down to the last two minutes and 23 seconds of the game we're about to see what they can do so it's going to be first and 10 to 23 to go in the game back and call the signals back to pass yeah yeah I see you running back was open oh nice catch by 1412 Glasgow who was open that you saw in the backfield you know again if you if you watch that play number one Tyrone Tyrone Oh Jackson is always open yeah he's like and he's an explosive young man so if you give him that opportunity I think he could make something happen and that's the place you should look at using the rest of the season absolutely fake the fake going deep and just dump it off to him and he has faced he had to spend I say 14 coming on limping so they delayed getting him off the field he's being seen by the medical team on the sidelines that was a tight coil Glasgow made a nice catch first down back to pass he's downfield he called me caught oh he got that pass off the pass and gone touchdown touchdown number 26 King Tramel King from melon went to sleep on that play and yeah may the guy caught it off of him cuz he had to go through him to catch it he went through in the khaki he was looking for the ball and that you know it's gone it's gone I got it right here very nice play that's chosen with the under throwing ball can lead to being a big play to look like an interception or something didn't know yeah I thought for certain to be an interception or even a bag down but what was really good was that the receiver number 13 didn't give up on the play no he was still looking for the ball because he kept going he found it you have a score and he made the adjustment on the ball yeah it and he kind of bumped the defensive guy that maybe made a really nice play there did but he had to bump the guy to get to the ball and man and he caught it and kept on yeah they go on four to four oh come on quarterback you can't overthrow guys it's like he is throwing projection he got it he's not he's throwing all arm and not not following through because that guy was wide open yeah and all he had to do was this boom he could have threw it hard or something or whatever but throw it around the numbers nothing wrong where you have to jump up you got next time he just he's this he's just rough around the edges he's rough around the edges he gotta get worked on to show his ability but he missed that open receiver we down to 137 to go the fans are still here nobody's leaving people are enjoying themselves people having a great day it's a sunny day in Rochester in October we don't get a lot of these days in October uses cloudy overcast a lot of rain laughing rain likely in Seattle Washington or something but no Rochester New York sunny weather today people came out for the homecoming Alumni Weekend see a lot of east alumni came out today people are still mingling talking people having a good time and that's what it's supposed to be all about come out have a good time enjoy yourself enjoy the game enjoy your atmosphere and enjoy section five football you have 137 to go east is up 30 to 12 over Monroe good choice of opponents for East for homecoming 2017 very good choice for them it's gonna be a sec successful homecoming for four each time and there's a bowl well for them for the future learn how to play together still they gotta work on cutting down on the film cut down on penalty that's the key for them going into next season they got to cut down on the finish in order for them to be successful yeah so that's what you need Oh King Thomas came off the team because everybody ran their yeah got a little wind so we got 137 to go 137 to go so everybody's running around looking around so everybody just stand around looking people just standing around looking probably no excitement everybody having a good time so what did they do that they're not gonna do the arm out the window yeah they should be kicking off know why they're not kicking off hmm that's interesting they're not gonna so they're gonna call it right there at the 35 the ball blew off the tee yeah hmm that's interesting call I haven't seen that one before usually you just have a reek it cuz you can't call it the phonebook cuz it didn't roll 10 yards what look like esa's gonna get the ball and maybe they got a deal they'll kneel down maybe I don't look like a kneel to me no you're right look they want to go away bumble fumble recovered by 70 number 70 recover cuz he got nailed no I think I guess Monroe say okay you're gonna bring in your second string on us and man we're gonna make somebody pay but we don't have enough players just to bring in our second string so now we gonna make you pay exactly because that was a beautiful hit by 50 a textbook tackle I mean he this lower the boom on the wall just squirted right out suzy hitting says he hitting that's what football is all about it's a hitting game you gotta you gotta you know you gotta hit ya hit somebody yeah just like they're hitting the Green Bay Chicago game on that Thursday night the last week with a guy the guy actually was being pushed by his offensive lineman and the guy came at this lady mouth mouthpiece and helmet came off yeah and they wanted to spin the guy to three games now they reduced it to one game but really it was a football hit only because he was being pushed his offensive lineman so you before you went down Chris wins down the sideline on the sideline yeah people want to make the game safer safer but hey it's still a hitting game yeah yeah it was a brutal hit was a brutal hit yes the guy but it was a legal hit right did Lee get the guy came in low at the bull mm-hmm mouthpiece came out helmet came off he was out cold right but that's football well you know what happens is the mouthpiece in the helmet came out and everyone's reaction ' yeah cuz it was quite you could hear the whole state exactly right yeah right and they first they hit him with a big sit now it's down to one game but two but it should be no games because it was it was and they didn't call apparently nothing it is very colorful yes that's what let you know what exactly caused the referees on the field I said man the guy was still running man what were you talking about all right guys we somebody was still running the guy that's happening but he hit him instead that you know he didn't wrap him up he just put that shoulder into it up the best and it's incomplete out of bounds well touchdown I caught that hot that oh you kidding me oh my god not kidding you caught them number four where is this kind of Williams he caught that one first William Monroe you showing up at the last two minutes of the game with a big making it look like it was competitive right right you pick up the paper tomorrow and look look this for up you think this is uh was a very close game without a key and you think Chris Gibson here he's throwing the ball like a Teddy Bridgewater now throwing rainbows I think guys guys are running under it and taking it away from the defender and that's exactly it it's taking it away from the defender yup you got it who wants it more it's tough to see with all those soccer lines down there's a lot of lines down here - oh yeah man he didn't give it didn't give this guy a chance to get out there he's better with the rainbows in this short maybe that's why he wasn't throwing short passes boy he's kind of rough on those short probably goal even a little shorter though I think again you know you want to give you have explosive players give them the opportunity to make something happen right door to open field I think they can make something happen yeah like go to the back of the end zone like on that play when in fact he did the right thing he's still had time he should have waited for the play to develop yeah that's what he's not doing he's not allowing the play to develop he's just throwing it when in his head when he think it's time to throw and that's not you gotta let the play develop because because he could let somebody get run around in that back of that hit big endzone mm-hm and try to hit one of them not here the guy that got three people on that was the one time not to throw the tie Ron Jackson so we have of 104 left East 30 Monroe 18 man they might come with onside kick here to try to get the ball back hey why not we have nothing to lose not anything and they make him plays on east yeah they showing that there they're here the hustle - they hustle really hard okay going on here good it's overcast all over I kept saying with the great weather is now it's looking a little overcast but overall it's been a beautiful day I want to thank you Randy Scott for coming up beautiful to have you come up today oh no problem thank you could be a in Blake there we go 104 to go number 12 is teeing it up pushed it that's just as good ball is loose well lets loose with all the with the ball looks like Monroe watch Amaro Williams he's teeing it up once again I think we might have a side kick the Wei East is lined up there no no he pushed it that's just as good got all his little father's little super balls above the ball looks like Mauro Mauro Connie Moreau got it Wow good because it's only a minute at 4:00 right oh my good they falling apart really quick here number six hurt his back trying to get to the bar Kenny Wilson that ball squirted loose obviously you know Monroe picked it up I guess that's their version of the onside exactly that little pooch it does it worked as a work so very well he pushed it and let that ball hit the ground and people scrambling for that boss forget free enough and they Monroe got the ball back yeah 104 to go they might field score what three touchdowns in less than two minutes right Buffalo Bills in Houston right oh yeah here we go oh yeah hit the ground hit the ground very close though yeah cuz you get out number one is not complaining much no no no you really want to show the ball yes I'm looking to try to sell it no right right that's all waiting for I'm waiting for the man to try and sell it here but young man let's see if they go for the end zone and see what they gonna do here you go back again Gibson back to throw they trying to get the screen right oh there you go Mutombo take your time but throw the ball but with the ball in your throwing hand okay it says yeah we're throwing the ball but nice play he's man now he's starting to show something I think that was the first time I saw him run same here right the first time and did he change the ball back to his passing oh we got a flag on the play we're not Gong legal man downfield linemen might have been downfield trying to block for him not knowing Aging look like they're gonna take that back all right that's a five-yard five yards is it gonna mark that up for five yeah mark it up for five second down here we go 45 seconds up in the game Wow another flight we have money that made families but uh it's a few more coming in here on Monroe no I think they're getting a little excited maybe thought they were gonna get a chance to go back into the end zone I think you're right I think that's what's happening like this point you want to get in so they're gonna go with it at the 44-yard line yeah second down did it go back to pass rolling them out look out Oh get away from that young man get up there you go there you go get out of bounds that's the key yeah he's starting to pick up his running speed a little bit better you can't throw the ball drop the bar near the other players like that you gotta do a little better with his attitude there yeah you definitely don't want to give them the opportunity to swipe at that ball and knock it right out of your hand mm-hmm it should be third down still 37 seconds left he still got a chance to know now it's time for that Hail Mary pass put that ball up for Gretchen number 13 or for 12 she is 14 out there now 49 out there I don't know okay oh he took his out okay okay here we go okay there you go guy running he's still breaking okay carried uh number two yeah he's a big guy man Andre Jenkins head there he Bulldogs him to the ground yeah he rode him for about five yards until he picked up picked up some good yards clock is running out look like they're gonna let this clock run yeah I think they're gonna go for Mundy one more one more play Oh drop the ball like that come on young man bottling the breadbasket right in the hands of Kerry James comes right out yeah right into the pan all right six seconds left in the game this is definitely the last play of the game there you go fans are still here everybody's enjoying themselves on the Alumni Weekend he's High homecoming 2017 the chariot are they that was fourth down so all they got to do come on in kneel down and East can go ahead they change of possession changing footballs for that was fourth down I thought that was third down myself but they had the penalty penalty they're dead right illegal man downfield was really hurting so they gotta take that back fourth down we really enjoyed the season everybody enjoyed the broadcast really enjoyed the East Eagles fans and the hospitality of the staff here from the athletic director to an athletic director right on down to Todd Hall who was who's in this downstairs below the stadium making sure this broadcast is on making sure these broadcasters long there we go we don't celebrate a Jenner down game is over final score here East High School 30 Monroe East Eagles 13 Monroe 18 once again thank everybody for coming out on alumni weekend at East High School remember support section 5 sports and city of Rochester high school sports take care of buddy myself for George Randy and Randy Scott Randy what do you like to say to everybody I just want to say everyone thank you for listening and you know maybe if yours invites me back I'll come back again there you go yeah appreciate you all right take care everybody you have a great afternoon [Music] [Music] [Applause] you buy online dissertation help order School of International and Public Affairs.

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