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Qual corretto dizer ou dissertation

Qual corretto dizer ou dissertation enterprise risk management training philippines home reading report in english summary tips hey guys welcome to the archer but unnamed yatra generic archer with Tim and Ned Ned that's time yeah that is that is yeah that's me not I'm me yep so Simon's not here which should be interesting because normally he is here so we're just gonna you know do our thing all right never know everything we might actually might become better popular so let us know if you prefer Tim and Ned yeah with the archer then you know send your letters and Simon scales at UW Studios maybe he'll yeah go home early every day um yeah so we're just gonna um do normal shirt except with Ned we probably won't do a critique session but we're doing some demos discussion topic we've got this week is inktober in time so because it is October and it is inktober The Sands is upon us Ned is doing inktober trying to and and did you do it last year as well most of it most of us do I think I got like yo any of them last year yes I did not do it last year yeah all the year before and so we'll talk about this as we go but I was kind of interested in the concept as something to talk about and you know we can also discuss the concept of doing a challenge how you do that yeah is it good to do a challenge you know all that stuff and yeah but firstly what have you been doing this week or this week last week well yeah so we've had a class break here so we've all had a bit of extra time and which means that for me that means I get to go back to doing my non teaching job which is which is art directing some animation that we're doing here yeah you've been doing full-time been doing full-time full-time not I'm not teaching yes as opposed to full-time not teaching plus teaching when I am teaching so so for those that don't know her yeah Ned is Ned Rogers I think the very extraordinaire it was actually one of the few people I think he was full-time at CDW studios and he teaches and works on intellectual property and yes animations and things like yeah absolutely so yeah yes so that that's been that's been a relatively new thing for me I'm having time having having time to actually do the upper part of my job which is yeah working on some IP development that we're doing here and doing you know a lot of design work but at the moment doing a lot about Direction work because you're doing a bit of production based stuff at the moment and we showed a little bit of of the stuff that I've been working on last time that I was on with Simon yes oh we've done a little bit of that yeah yes when I was replacing Peter as I am the perpetual replacement yes replace my own plan B so not a bad plan B I mean the only reason you're not on the show is probably because you value free time more than more than where the rest of us and also we don't have three seats mostly nicely the three so you don't have three seats other would be self-respect yeah but yeah yes no yes so and so I we have shown a bit of that and to be completely honest there's not a huge amount of new stuff to show we can probably go through a bit of the old stuff if we if we get some time we don't I don't have any of it yeah up here at the moment so we won't we won't kind of search on the server for that on live yeah so I don't see me not to apart from being sober I've been doing a bunch of plein air stuff right which has been fun because the weather is finally good yo guys I believe the weather is quite good at the moment - yes - just pre-summer - good yeah not hot not not cold yes right just right just perfect just good enough - to be able to convince a bunch of people to go outside and yeah muck around with paints for a few hours so been doing some playing our stuff and I think we can probably talk a little bit about that also when we're talking about the entire stuff as well because the the planer stuff for me has been predominantly it's not something that I do you know as part of my job I'm not required to use paint as part of my job but it's something that I've been trying to use is a bit of a educational tool I guess for myself yeah because it's it's not something I'm not good at it I don't know what I'm doing but it's dealing with I guess image making in a completely different ways quote-unquote outside your comfort zone that's the one that's the one yeah that place that is a big thing but it's yeah it's been good and so again just kind of ran out of time to get that stuff ready - sure right now but we will have when we have a break at something we all have a great I don't look sort out if only but what I mean well I can hold I won't hold it up to the camera so you can see the images but we can kind of you can see what you can see what it is what kind of sketchbook this I think is a moleskin it's a moleskin it's a moleskin right it's not a normal Mouse kin it's like a water color I think yeah just I don't know if it's got like an actual model name or anything like that yeah it's gone eraser we had to pick up a Scots figure paper paper yeah it's yeah some sort of water watercolor moleskin multimedia yeah and it's okay it's pretty wait what do you mean using I use casein oh yeah you know I'll hold it through oh thank you as you thing is when you see this kind of stuff on Instagram or on the net somewhere you don't sort of see the scale I think that's yeah very informative to sort of you know because like these ones are kind of actually they're really tiny sort of quite small you know whereas this one is kind of you know a lot of you finished yes when is it's finished and yes there's a bunch of kind of like little studies in there and they're all really small yes and some random drawings and random drawings animals is that a good one that's that's why I guess happy with it and so yeah like I think cuz often you'll see these things like you said on the internet and you're like oh I must be like a painting that's like this big but in reality yeah you know everything is really really small it also just informed you like you know sort of how like what you're doing you know what I mean whether you're sort of painting like this yeah whether you're kind of punched doing this I also like how practical it is because that seems like that would be very proud yeah exactly I mean that's the main thing behind this is I'm sure I could probably actually do a much more involved painting if I had you know a full-on easel or something like that but the reality is what are you painting with oh yes oh it's kids casein which is very similar to gouache around its an opaque watercolor I I'm not a hundred percent sure of the technical differences I believe it's got something to do with the binder you know kids got milk in it I know that much of why why not go ah it was cooler it seemed I'd um I made the main more functional difference got more street cred made incredible difference is that when gouache dries it's not waterproof it will pick back up good enough water better casein does not once it cures it is waterproof it is water like you mix it with water yes with water yes it has like a milk protein but I don't know right it's a whole thing I think chemical is happening that makes it yes but old-school chemical ASEAN is like an old there's only one company in the world where you can buy it as far as I know and it's way more expensive there should be right it is this is a street cred this is complete internet hipster how much is Robbie how much how much from from going to someone is interested in doing some plein air stuff how much does it cost to go from nothing to have a sketchbook and a little thing and I think a gwacious deserve yeah I think those mall skins are about 30 bucks yeah a couple of good brushes $5 a pop so there's no ten so there's 40 plus you know maybe what six tubes of gouache say 20 bucks 25 bucks again so how much should for casing let's put it this way there's only one there's one place in the world you can get it most of what I paid was shipping um but I was out the best part of 250 bucks before it arrived on my door Wow so I also but I got quite a few I think I got like 12 or 16 tubes yeah so I have basically two full color palettes yeah within that cool and I think if you lived in the States it would be behalf that price sure it was animal shipping that really yeah I wasn't screwed me over on that cool but yeah it's I think if you're thinking about getting into playing AG washes so totally fine yeah but it's probably similar like high quality oils or something like a similar yeah price oh yeah looks like down here at the art store that we have downstairs but it's I think for a decent sized tube you're looking at maybe like twelve dollars at you but for a little one like a normal one which would last you quite a while probably like six seven bucks I think hmm Soho it's pretty affordable but I would say that it's worth getting something like wash or like watercolors don't just go with cheap kind of student acrylics because it's sure not only it's not a good paint to use it doesn't really apply well to the situation of sitting outside and trying to reproduce colors so getting something like a rotor color or an oil x' yeah wash yeah is probably I would say that's that's worth spending a bit of money on yeah yeah no I found in general with that stuff that there is a difference between like what's so-called student grade we other thing is what they just called junk Thank You Leslie yeah it's kind of we will call this student grade ie students buy this stuff because you get we look at the expensive real watercolors and be shocked yeah this is okay for you to buy because you're here and it's mostly junk it just not to say I mean I I that there is I'm still not sure whether this is true but I didn't certainly remember that Frank Frazetta is is like sort of famed for having used the same watercolor set that you had since he was like 5 years old sure the same like Mickey Mouse little set and he for like all this professional work yeah in watercolor that he knows like the same little thing which it is potentially possible that back in the day they didn't have really junk stuff you know good day but still if you want to make good art you can do it with it but I have found that the you know you're kind of dealing with real colors and they're gonna mix properly and you're not going to get a weirdness and yeah and paints fade and stuff like that I can't remember this may have been something that I just made up but I think I saw it somewhere which was something along the lines of when it comes to paints like that and you're starting out by a cheap stuff first yeah then as you use it replace the ones you use enough to finish them with good stuff yeah and then because if you buy like a crappy set of student watercolors say you're going to get a bunch of like hot pink and purples and stuff that you will never use yeah but occasionally you might need a little bit of pink and you're like oh great I got it but you'll get through the whites who get through the blues you'll get through you you know use cerulean greens and your CAD yellow yes and then you replace them with good ones because they're the ones that you're going to be using constantly and then that's like the best way forward because there is a certain credence to kind of rat tool for the right job yeah with that stuff and if you're working with crappy paints plus you're trying to like learn how to do it yeah you'll get to the point we like I don't know if it's me or the paints yeah it's probably gonna be the pants that are holding you back because you can always like push yourself forward to do better yeah so yeah don't you don't have to spend a lot and it's not worth spending a lot like I don't don't do what I did go and buy some cheaper beans ah or do whatever you've got a lazy towards lying around one yes I did but I did it anyway you did it yeah cool yeah so that's that sounds like they on me yep pretty much but um yeah yeah I don't know German I'll ask you what you've been doing yes that's how this goes I get it I get it oh hey Z what have you been doing to him uh I was painting a dragon oh that's mostly what I was doing because that guy oh let's see let's see if that will actually get up on this screen um yeah so again like I and I think it's sort of interesting again we were talking about this last week with Simon about the fact that we had master classes here a couple of weeks ago and you know again Ned and I are sort of you know like teachers here and professionals but you know we still really enjoy going along to the saw them have two classes Liana seeing what people have to say and and and to do and stuff like that so yeah it's uh I think one of the reasons probably you were looking at that plein air stuff maybe it was because someone oh absolutely it was so yeah yeah right yeah yeah I think is there was a bunch of us from the studio it wasn't it was not really my idea to go out and do this stuff um initially it was a Cody and Nathan who were two of the other guys who were working here we're really kind of the spearheads behind that and I think they got some of the inspiration from seeing the workshops and some of the plein air before knowing they were like we've been up painting before but it was one of those things that winter came around and we were just couldn't be bothered yeah you kind of do it it's a habit saying yeah doing it and I feel like it is one of the it is something I noticed especially with people who do more landscape painting and I think I'd probably classify you as someone who does absolutely more of like a landscapes versus characters and I don't know why life tends to incan concept designer entertainment design it tends to break down that way but yeah is that a lot of these people even though they're working in Photoshop all day they do go and paint plein air yeah I mean specifically and do trips and you know take classes with people that you know like they you know they actually do a lot of this so I feel like it's often it's that thing where you kind of hear about people doing that but if you don't have the culture of doing it yeah and you don't have like a really low class teacher to kind of come along and you know yeah go and figure out how to do it it's not a bit hard so it does take a lot of impetus to kind of you know yeah because yeah yeah and get outside a little and do all that sort of stuff so that's really cool that you guys have been doing that yeah yes and I think one of the things that I was doing that I spoke about before was just I don't often paint things from start to finish I don't I mean often I'm sort of doing stuff in line because they come from a comic book background and I find that sort of works and I probably still find that works but I just I wanted to have another girl painting some stuff because we had eaten Zanna come along yep and he was you know obviously he's like Kieran sort of you know someone who is really really good at just painting yeah I mean not seeing stuff so much so I wanted to have a go which sort of just painting something yeah um so I kind of grew a thumbnail for this dragon character um which again is I still drew it out yes but very impolite yeah I'm gonna hang it and end up with yeah so if we can get this on the screen on the main screen yeah so I would sort of took the thumbnail and I just took these lines which you know like fairly you know fairly sort of rough but pretty much everything is there and then I was just sort of playing around with using some different custom brushes and just trying to get comfortable doing that and trying to apply a lot of that stuff well it's sort of fresh in my yeah fresh aroma and yeah yep so it kind of was a bit more bit more stuff and this is done this is sort of like in a similar vein to the plein air stuff because I ways that that's actually the kind of painting I like Choa that's sort of you know a bit rougher more suggestive yeah more sort of brushy but it's often hard to make that connect with illustration because yeah artists really like plein air yes the art directors and normal people are just like more detailed more detail yes yeah this is it great I love I love this paint hunt wait to see it yeah I can't wait to see it finished don't understand this is the best painting ever you know look at the end did the brush economy can the surface of the painting and all these things and the soft edges and oh my god yeah and most people yeah yeah can you draw all the toes and all the blades of grass yeah so yeah so I really like that sort of style of painting but it doesn't really it also doesn't really intersect very well with cartoon enos sure yeah she's interesting so I often have trying to make those things blend Len kind of where lots of tricky say well it's maybe tricky and it's maybe just futile to yes and agree yeah anyway I still kind of like was playing around with this so this is actually done we've kind of without not the brush tool with the pencil tool mm-hmm so up until this stage there's no opacity per se Yeah right just done you're just color pickers like sun's trying to color here and make a stroke right so that's which is kind of which is exactly like play now yeah which is similar kind of idea where you're trying to paint exactly the thing exactly that's what Larry's got as much here oh yeah and so then I added some then I sort of started painting with more sort of soft brush and stuff yep that so that's what I was doing and I was kind of just picking at it yep and also using some of the again some of the other things that a time was talking about where he kind of waits and sits on his paintings a bit yeah that was a very interesting concept whereas I tend to kind of be like it's been a day it's done it's done and then I'll kind of be like there's lots of stuff that's not very good about that yeah but I don't really care that kids don't touch it again again coming from a comic book background a lot of stuff is about it's in print all right yeah well a lot of it is just about doing as good as you can you know and sort of seeing how that goes yeah exactly and I guess sumo yeah this is like a one-off pace as well as opposed to like sequential yeah yeah so you don't have that ability to kind of not fudge through things but ya know it's a struggle I don't have any excuses he's like yeah yeah anyway so that's mostly what I was doing though um which I was sort of I was happy with some other brushing as I was able to yeah to get and I was playing around with lots of different customers I had a one question for you about yes and that's probably if we go back to like lay a one yeah just where you were starting to bring paint into it yeah because this is always something that I've I've seen people do this in two different ways and I'm still not entirely sure which way I prefer yeah um obviously at some point you get to this stage where you you don't need line yep to describe a form anymore do you find yourself just painting and painting and painting until the lines are gone or do you switch them on and off constantly or do you well I always make sure that they're on a separate layer yep so that if I want to get rid of them without having to paint over them I can because I find that is an issue yeah with this though I think I just kind of at some point just started essentially the way this still works and I don't have the full PSD here because that was it was a bit big to kind of copy over but you know everything is still essentially locked to a clipping mask layer shop and so I kind of have a shape for say the characters yep right and I have then shading clipped on top of that and then I have light lines but some points are clipped on top of that at some point I kind of just make layers above the lines yeah and then at some point obviously I kind of just but just like merge it all down yeah but yeah I I sort of found that I try and make them soft enough that they kind of yet don't turn them down - yeah 30% and go from there yeah because you can sort of see like you know even in the finished one right there's still you still there but most of the time they kind of get disappeared yeah well I guess they become the same the same size as the detail around them don't know yes I know Lyons so that's with that thing but yeah what I would say is yeah normally if I if I didn't have days and days to kind of fiddle around with it yep yeah I'd make sure I always keep it on a layer sure and if at some point it's like messy and I'm gonna have to paint it out then you can just sort of raise out that layer and totally sort of make that decision but yeah I found trying to do it without the line I always struggle trying to do it without the lines well yeah there's always that moment where you turn the lens off you're like oh god that looks that looks worse it's worse come back significantly worse yeah so I find again this way you can kind of let some of that because at the end of the day half the time you're gonna lose all that detail anyway you know you know that most of its gonna disappear so yeah um anyway that's that's mostly what I was doing um so where's enough let us know if you guys have any questions in the chat about stuff do we we have the chat yeah it's all good yeah yeah that's working the chats working no one's chatting and I want channel chatting we need we need mom or lunch at without chatting yes it'll only ask ask us some questions he'll only box although it is entirely possible not many people are listening because it's like this was not advertised that well yeah plus you know I'm here so what it isn't it yeah I wouldn't watch alright so I guess like we can sort of move on to the main discussion topic and you know we don't have to sort of talk oh like heaps about this but the concept is you know just basically in Tobruk cysts it's October I noticed you're doing in took it is I'm doing it you're announce well I well I will talk about whether I am or I aren't as we go but yeah so inktober exists google it check it out I've been looking for the list also this is an official prompt list is it apparently it says yep official Cole's got a hashtag and everything yeah so again like inter burrs a challenge created by Jake Parker yes to get it by Jack Parker and now sort of you know I think he's still sort of like runs it yeah yes yeah it's it's his idea yeah he kind of released it into the wild yeah which is it's a cool idea and basically it's just you do an ink drawing every day you know pretty much that's it yeah we don't need to talk about what it is because you know what it is or we can watch this video if you go to the website which is a PDF YUM so um I guess yeah like you you have done in the past yes yeah I've done it I think for the last two years I've made a relatively concerted effort yeah to do something other than the first three did you put them on Instagram I yes the two current ones are indeed on Instagram I will find up Google me don't let me do it myself that's not me someone created that really is interesting I don't know really yeah it's amazing I love it how did it get the number how did it get above you who said say is that just cuz everyone clicks on it probably it's probably Cody that one yes on yes me there's us my stupid head oh this is my Twitter what's going on I don't use that for years that's it you've been you've been officially however I think yeah yeah that's you should make one saying I should really I hate I hate Ned Roger I think if you go to my website there's a link to my Instagram if not I can find the URL I'm just curious I'm always curious how the internet works but this may be because this is using the current CDW like that that's why it's at the top so that's why some but on this run created that website yes and they've been they've been going ah Ned underscore Rogers right Instagram is it I thought I had a bling on it I have a link grab them just episode that's hopefully this point about during Toby yeah so I've done a couple so far my thing this month is that I'm going I've got it I bought a bunch of little index cards I found some really nice blank crappy in index cards I'm just like completely perplexed at how impossible it is to find me maybe if you just try like Instagram calm forward-slash don't go to my TV and huh good lord just try the URL just like Instagram calm /is it never Brady no I have not is your name with the dealer my name is Massimo with the days I feel like hazy I just like I really want to click hey should we click on our we should is that that's gonna oh boy that's how that's how these things that's how these things get pulled off twitch yeah our Candace to a URL because I think it should just be a strand back home forward slash net on skull Rogers do you want to do that okay yep so yeah I'm all if every year my feed from Facebook and Instagram is always people doing sort of pair it is October in inktober stuff and I always think it's kind of interesting but it's kind of I have a guilty secret which is just that I'm absolutely terrible at inking just buy 50 comic book artists I've always avoided it because I feel like it's it's sort of it's easier for me to get it like a better effect doing it digitally sure or because then I can erase and it's like well this is mistakes disappear yeah anyway you can't sell the original art which is very yeah often a big part of being a comic book artist but I kind of just liked the editability of it and the other thing I do and I normally if I do create art that's tradition a lot I don't really use pencil you know and I just kind of noodle around so I never do this yeah but I should so yeah so this is do you have stuff from last year how long do we scroll down how are we gonna go down not that not too far I don't know but so you often do these kind of things anyway I like ink drawing doing little ink drawings I do things like this which are actually digital um even though I put a paper texture behind it to make it look like play a little better grounds and then I'll do little things like this which are like these are ink drawings that I just have done yep whilst waiting for something to happen yet matter what so do you think that you do this kind of stuff more because you did something yeah I became a thing where you're like I sketch in my sketchbook in black-and-white yeah traditionally and it looks good join me I figured out how to do it exactly yeah I think yeah inktober gave me a few little it kind of I guess it broadened my comfort zone a little bit which is I guess the aim right yeah I'm with any of this stuff it's going some random there's a rat it's a rat a chicken so this is a Christmas when you get to anything here we go so there's this is this is less as the last year we gassed years yeah cool done it so this is what you did last time is what I did last time so yeah we'll see what I did last year as I tried to incorporate the number of the day into every like in summary yeah yeah you know because I'm super clever that way well I I feel like people yeah it's hard not to get carried away with with inktober and I feel like yeah like that's something that's sort of worth talking about it's kind of like how long should you should you spend doing it you do like yeah but again this is sort of the the sort of thing that you know you you would do again I haven't done this but I do a lot of sketching and stuff but not not in ink yeah and not in black and white normally I sort of like tone I dislike finality yes sure absolutely I quite like it yeah if I don't make mistakes well no it's I mean I think there is there is a definite sort of dividing line there between people who kind of really do enjoy that sort of you know like I've made a crisp sort of finished art thing whereas you know I'm much more sort of like sketch innocent yeah and that's not to say you can't be sketching no of course because you can see here is the process that I was using for some of these bigger ones because of course done in in red collar a pencil which is easy to get rid of the show uh it's actually the one I have is actually really easy to write it's just a really nice so I actually just went through an erase these and then I think there's a bit of yeah instagrammy filtery stuff on this I also have a horrendous habit of collecting pens which is I buy them purely based on how they look they I mean the actual pen itself and I based on how it looks not on how they actually draw yeah and so the in that inktober is a very good reason to get rid of some of those pens mhm use them up get rid of them so some brush pen and stuff in here it's like it's one of those things and that red pen which was your Lincoln side those awful outline point fours yeah always end up breaking so I use that until it broke yeah yeah that cool it's yeah so you guys I draw a lot of little cars and stuff like that yes a little character in there which is one of the reasons why is because I do I did notice like a lot of people I feel like looking at this you know over the last I don't know how many years it's been but it's been a lot of quite a few years and we've known people who would come to sketch groups and that sort of thing and be doing their inter bits and it does really feel that it sort of allows it sort of gives you permission to draw in your sketchbook yeah and and also to create images which serve a certain level of finish I think in your sketchbook yeah like like something that's kind of not just oh it's like a doodle which you know is something where you're sort of saying no no I'm gonna put my I'm gonna put put it on the line and say this is a thing which is sort of yeah which is sort of interesting so we I thought we would sort of talk about like you know whether it's you know whether it's good to do a challenge you know which is I mean probably answer is yes yeah but you know it's I think it's a bit more complicated than that and also just to look at maybe if some students or people are just sort of starting out with this would like some inspiration or some places to go for different sort of inking styles because I feel like that is one of the things where even me I kind of do associate inking with the concept of it being finished show right like yeah Alena yep because these days it's so easy if you want to sketch your style to just process pencils yeah or do just scan the pencils right so one of the reasons that inking should have existed right like the concept of doing stuff with with line and ink is just because that was one of the only ways you'd be able to reproduce yeah absolutely right like pencil wouldn't sort of photograph properly or reproduce properly you know in you know the late 1800s or you know sort of like early nineteen hundreds that just wasn't possible so that's a big reason why it sort of exists but stylistically it offers some really good sort of things so did you have any artists who you were sort of like no no you thought were I had yeah a quick little look and like my go-to at the start of every October inktober mom is in McHugh who is up here there is yeah right so in McHugh he I don't know if he still is he was not director at rock star right yeah I don't I've never I don't really know anything about him although I notice he's like very popular Instagram and yes a lot of really cool he's I've always found him interesting because his personal work is absolutely nothing like what he does right all right like he's good around a lot of games and he's yeah but he's got this this really cool style of these like this kind of like chunky industrial mech kind of slash industrial revolution scenes which he does a bunch of but then he has this really nice inking style which I've always just found super super attractive and so great shape design really nice shapes and so this stuff is not in tober stuff this is just just sketchy stuff but he has started you can see you can see people start to warm up before happening September stuff people enough hands out because I think that I mean a thing that's probably because I don't know like for me most of the people I know know exactly what inktober is right and and it's sort of like it feels silly just sort of talk about it but it but I guess we're sort of I would say the most people who are listening this is going to be students yet right and they may not know that it is a thing or you know what to do or whatever or whether you have permission to do yes how do the biggest thing yeah um but people it's it's I feel like it's quite competitive these days yeah I think people take it really seriously in terms of how much effort they're putting in yeah and see like professional artists who are working you know I'm sure mning everyday and they seem to be putting at least a couple of hours into these things yes which I find you know sort of it's really cool but it is it has become a thing where like people are serious about this yeah yeah and I think if you can do a really good inktober probably you can gain a lot of followers and you know sort of yeah yeah I mean people enjoy it but but I'm you know it to be more cynical like yes yeah yeah and you know like I think there's a couple of people who ride you know but notice they're actually you know like selling hop books and yeah things of their alternative start my collections and things like that so it's kind of its it has a fairly large amount of sort of yeah I think I was quite surprised I think because I was posting one of my little sketches the other night and I went to type in some hashtags and it brings up like how many other people have used that hashtag and I think the inktober 2017 one as of yesterday had something like 400,000 public posts already yeah Wow so it's it's it's definitely got a large following and so I think like you were saying before a lot of students might look at something like inktober and they if you see all of your favorite artists doing it you're like aha probably probably shouldn't maybe considering is it a lot of them are really really good they're really they're all like top of their game and they're banging out these things look absolutely amazing I think that the main point I would say that is of course you can and you should and you should whack that yep a hashtag on it as well because yeah that was one of the main things I think when you know in Jake Parker started this whole thing that was the point it was to get people doing something they might not usually do yeah and get it out there and you have you know 30 how many days looked I've got 30 or 31 one of those don't ask me do the knuckle thing where you know you've got that you've got this long period of time where you have this opportunity to at the very least do a few sketches that you can put out there compare against what people who are really really really good at this are doing as well technique wise and content wise yes but also just get it out in front of a bunch of people who are actively looking ya for this kind of stuff because you know it's it you get these you know these really beautiful images stuff like this that people like looking at and this is the month that the people who like looking at this stuff know that there's more of this stuff to look at yeah and I feel like you know I certainly I don't put a lot of thought into like advertising myself on Instagram or anything like that I just put stuff out there as a for posterity but you notice more and more people coming through and looking at this you know you know just just because of the thing in there searching for things that have you know hashtagging toe problem so he was kind of like the main one that I was going to point out just because I really like his stuff and I think he's really interesting in the fact that he has this site ruled that caught him in between well or not even tie economy it's a try economy it's Wayne the things that he does professionally the things that he does for fun yep in Photoshop and the things that he does traditionally in ink yeah there's this like this real kind of like triple threat yeah which i think is really cool so if you don't know who in Miku is go check him out but yeah and I'll plug him any further than that it's not like he needs the help but yeah so that was kind of the main one I know you who else about a little guy so we've got a bunch of people up here yeah not in any particular order yeah just just to go through like a couple people who you could could be worth sort of like you know like checking checking out and maybe we can maybe like dump some of these links into the chat yes absolutely I'm so you can maybe you can do that well we're sort of talking about but yeah like chvotkin is some guy I sort of had on Instagram for a while and yeah he does sort of really cool sort of stuff and it seems like he's taking in Togo fairly seriously there's some really cool sort of like finished sketches there that have a bit of a Joseph Clement Cole sort of like 1900s sure yeah illustration which is probably would be also a good we should remember yes absolutely yeah but you know like really cool sort of like graphic design he's sort of taking it just right when it's out to that they don't have to be traditional by the way know as is that as long as you do it in Autodesk SketchBook Pro yeah though you may be sponsored by Autodesk now well I think they had a link to that they did mention that oh yeah Toba page but yeah I wasn't sure how much that so we're only a day to inked oh yes I think the people who would be worthwhile following because yeah but he's he's got a really cool style and yeah really nice sort of like graphic sort of pencil work and design stuff and Photoshop work yeah yeah and throwing these links in the chest we then sort of check them out who else do we have next let's just go back so yeah like telco Pinsky often you know works really well in black I like salsa if you don't know who he is definitely check out you know his page as he's gonna be posting and I'll be on this like nothing else yeah yeah let this guy get going after it yeah so yeah really cool and he he often posts you know really cool videos of him yeah absolutely I can sort of see that he's one that you can probably also see kind of completely opposite the end yeah um who his style you can kind of see this kind of bleed through a lot of his work yeah there's a lot of drawing your guard lots of whether it's an ink or pencil or even just like kind of drill that with paint kind of really cool to follow his process and style through all the different mediums cuz young he does work in a bunch of different mediums yep and you know very proficient in all of them yeah I feel like yeah this is very much in his wheelhouse absolutely you know which is which is really cool to see so again you know you can see it's it's interesting you see people who work in you know like a completely different medium you know like have a go at Inc right Oba then you see people who are you know kind of like just doing you know like this is what they do but they do it can hang on yeah they put a hash tag on it and then make a thing out of it yeah but yeah I mean it's one of the things is I feel like it's point it's like inter in general is a really good example where you can try something new yep and constantly get inspiration for doing that exactly which is probably the the reason that it's worth doing it in October as opposed to another time but yes yeah yes sir you can see videos like this and be like oh my god I need to get a I need to do that thing right now that looks really fun yeah so who else do we have we had a couple more Jana yeah so again just some sort of like stuff just cuz really no no finished stuff as well yep yeah yeah yeah yep just cuz there's like you know there's gonna be a high level of finish here yeah so I feel like it's fully worse so they're checking this out again just sort us to see how far people go yeah and again cool process or sort of shots where you can sort of see how people are you know starting and you know progressing through these images yeah yeah this is another little interesting point that I always find with this stuff especially with Instagram is people often look at this and from this distance at this fidelity that image looks mmm super super tight yeah soup like it is finished yes these proportions are great the gesture is great the forms are great yeah one thing that especially if you haven't worked with inks before is that you realize that all of that really really kind of perfect shape and gesture is made up with a lot of stuff that is not necessarily as surgical it's still accurate it's still really really you know placed but it's not as surgical as you might assume and I think that's one thing that I found because I hadn't done like going back a couple of years I hadn't done a bunch of ink it wasn't something that I really you know I did I did doodles in ink I had sketchbooks full of crappy drawings but I hadn't ever tried to finish something in ink yeah not something that I would be willing to put out in front of people yeah totally and and the third I can remember the first kind of lie especially with a brush pen the first kind of things I used to try I was trying to get it like perfect perfect perfect and it just resolved in like so many bits of paper just being like set fire to thrown around the room ragequit yeah and then you see something that is like oh hang on a sec like what's yeah what a perfect eye yes actually still a perfect eye but it's drawn in this with this really kind of loose Terrestrial and I often talk about that in class where I sort of go over artists like you know like the Prince Valiant just sort of like the help Foster's yeah and those kind of people where you know you would see these images that you know that the finished image which printed broadsheet you know this big yeah and the actual original was kind of this so you'd be the panel was literally you know as big as an aid for bit of paper yeah and it gets you know reduced down significantly and that's how you get those results yeah what I mean and often not just that but the photographic reproduction finds out some of those kinks as well which doesn't apply now but that throughout history people have always been yeah drawing a bit looser a bit bigger yeah reducing it down even to the point where you know it was a big thing where if you were to be an Inca right in the Western kind of like American comic book system where you have pencil as an Incas one of the things they drill into you is like you can't go to detailed because at some point the reproduction sort of just makes all that stuff together so you would kind of have to know how to ink bigger yep so that when you reproduce it it kind of look clean so yeah yeah that's always a factor is is is that like you you you know you even in Photoshop I would say you do something really big and then just the process of like resizing yeah just to a JPEG yep puts sharpening on it it kind of like mangy little you know pixels together and sort of yeah like you know just adds that's often if you actually look at here is a claw yep the the last little bit you know game yeah it's it's very surprising yeah yeah exactly yeah totally so you want to copy that one in I think I forgot to put that in as well yeah yeah cool snap so Chris semi is a comic book artist and so again like one of the things you you sort of see is like you know people who work in black and white ink all all day every day a sort of you know comic book artists and you know they often I feel like they they're not putting as much effort often into inktober is some of the air like illustrative yes real like the real Instagram artists who yeah you know seems exactly that's their life but you know these are people who know exactly what to do with with black and white ink yeah yeah again a simple graphic approach here which is yep also kind of in line with his style as well yeah totally coming straight straight after your honor's what you're getting yeah something a little bit less kind of high fidelity but yeah you know just as cool yeah but but that's where you consider again you can look at sort of comic book inking a comic book art to to find different sort of styles absolutely yeah there's a million different people doing that and showing you how to income what their process is yeah yeah that's a girl's do we have sorry yeah kept late uh I forgot to press Enter God what am i doing yeah cool so Eric Kennedy is also you know someone who seems like he's kind of born to to do enjoy and yeah absolutely really cool stuff it's always super exciting to see his his feet and what he's doing he does have energy you know what I mean yeah super gestural yep a little bit of color really really cool yeah so again like you know a lot of people are sort of you know you can potentially if you have like Copic marker that it's kind of ink you know ink so a lot of people you know do colors yes as well exactly yeah as well so yeah well he normally works but again if you're interested in I I feel like his like just his style is kind of really worth looking at if you're interested in you know like you know looking for a way you could maybe do this challenge absolutely yeah you guys with you yeah cuz that's mainly why I'm linking to all these artists because I just feel like a lot of people are like oh that's really not for me but yeah also people don't understand how many different styles there are only yeah it's not just playing what yeah and it's also you know you can kind of you know hatch and hack aware that yeah doesn't have to be this like I'm gonna prepare to do my one little brushstroke you know because you said like yeah this is one of the things in general with style I feel like point book art really brings us out in people where you see someone like you know cow Pinsky sort of do that thing and you're like that seems so good yeah I want to do that but that may not be really how you drive you know that you don't really know if your brain doesn't well that way it does not work that yeah it may work more like hatch hatch scratch scratch and it's important to realize that there are styles that can you know that can go to achieve like a big time yeah yeah so again I think Eric Kennedy is like like always like really good artists to follow on Instagram so that yah-hoo so we go next Victor count the chip count which is something like that so again his either I don't think actually know what he does but this again is gonna be a much more sort of hmm sort of like you know expressive yeah inclined a bit more sort of European s very old brush pen too but it looks of it yeah all sort of brush worrying about no those super super harsh lines just working on gesture and yep yep yeah sorry cool again totally different sort of take on things plus you can also see a lot of pencil underneath which you can with a lot of these as well I think yes that's one thing you don't have to we think it's again it's not a matter of like having to just do this straight onto a blank piece of paper and that's rarely the way forward yeah a few people that can just do that straight away but yeah I think for the rest of us it's most people are doing a bit of doing a bit of a pencil a bit of something underneath you can see a lot of like a lot of pencil and in his work yeah already so maybe it might be that you know inktober is is the time when he breaks out the brush pen yet right I think a lot of people have got neglected rush pens it they come out in October yes yeah totally but yeah just a really good artist really good style I'm sorry yeah and a bit different to the others yeah Oh first of all yeah he's going in the chair going in the chair who else would we go so andrew mom also is like I really like his black and white style it's something often sure their students and reference people because it's it's so bold and graphic but you know I feel like this there's a lot of sort of character there yeah lots of different textural stuff so I'd say definitely just for his ability to create good sort of old-school black and white compositions is really awesome and you can also add tone John I mean like yeah you just need and like time like that even you know like dry brushing technique has a really really long history and you know black and white liner so it doesn't just have to be black and white but I think his his ability to get that sort of old-school yeah absolutely and again you can see it has a really level of polish and finality to it even though it's quite sketchy John I mean absolutely not like everything's like you know it's yeah nice and nice and tight in areas but there are there is we can exactly what's really just broken away yeah even like some sneaky whiteout yeah in there but it looks fit as well totally - yeah I mean you can use whiteout and he's white out that that's whatever I want yeah exactly yep yeah yeah so he looks like he's actual in kotoba mm-hmm you can see almost texture in there and stuff exactly yeah yep yeah really cool I mean this that's probably this is a good point to talk to about what you were talking about the reproduction stuff generally if you are reproducing this for say no comments look at levels that is going to all go black yeah and and so yeah you don't also need to just sit there for hours soaking ink into the paper trying to get it all black because holy actually ever yeah if you ever get like an actual original ink sheet of someone's comic it's covered in this kind of stuff yeah this stuff just fades all too black and so the same stuff happens with all these lines they will just kind of get crunched yeah which is one of those things that gives a you know a finished inked image it the look that it has it's the fact yeah as levels get because it's a lot of it is people imagine they're imagining what it's gonna look like once it's yeah exactly and that's it yeah and again there's what I mean one of the reasons that people do that is again like that you would reproduce it that way just more sort of publishing trivia and stuff like that because again I feel like a lot of people don't know like you would look at this and a lot of it is like why would you not just draw it in pencil yeah so one of the things that would happen is that often you kind of want I think historically the the color plates in printing yep have a lower resolution than your kind of black plate okay especially when you're doing that comic book style so in comic books where I think a lot of this inking originates your line work so all your lines and your text kind of have very sort of crisp sort of resolution there I've been done at 1200 dpi and they kind of reproduced again on a bromide camera to be black and white right and that's printed super crisp it's printed I think like almost in different way John I mean like and I feel half turned yeah right when it's printed or something like that I could be special in prime time at a not an IDs yeah so it is it needs to be black and white right like the lines there's no grayscale right because it's not printed like as a half-turn yeah and that's what allows you to give that sort of Christmas or something like okay certainly you've you know some of these things that you have these historical things and they they sort of continue and then they are halftone now captain's got to the point where it's it's got enough quality but yeah anyway I feel like that's often okay it's important to point out that that's why that would happen yeah and so you'd print often the actual lines would be it 1200 dpi sure and the colors would be it 75 dpi how something like right right very much lower um and then you put it together and it would sort of be quite high risk yeah that's that's often why you kind of crunch it down showed I mean same with comic books right so you you're reproducing for a particular type of thing yeah and that's what allows you to get that feeling of the crispness we probably a fairly low quality printing apparatus okay yeah because you couldn't just print a photo no yeah 50 years ago yes take it didn't happen boy they always know Officeworks what well they just they just sold paper clips okay yep that is not actual officer yes so P DP DP p-- draws PD on painting is in the chat room and Peter has also done inktober he has his pink doing atterberg that he says he can't do it this month which i think is terrible I guess yep that's no good yeah so again speaking people who are doing inktober so Xavier Colette or Kalle is I don't know I think I know of him because he did a book French book with um the same sort of editor that I had like a cool mom yeah and he I mean he actually did his books fully painted well and you know but but he always does a really really good job in October yeah where he does you know these kind of full-on grayscale painting basically uh yeah like you know always in a you know on a single sort of page really really really really good artist yeah good sense of design good sense of wine absolutely everything that's Claire's issues yeah again it's a good example of someone who can paint right and using the style that's a bit more like some paint yeah absolutely probably the process is different yeah but he's utilizing his understanding of lighting and Composition I'm sorry yeah yeah again not just thinking in black and white yeah not not thinking lines yeah utilizing that that technique exactly yeah and and yeah I think it does you know obviously a lot of these people are using it as an exercise to kind of say you know I want that nice little sketch yeah you know at the end yeah there is something satisfying about that absolutely other yeah that's a good point actually to bring up his eye if you've never done anything or if you may be a little bit kind of hesitant to try something whether or not it's it's ink or pencil or whatever having that little book or in my case like having those little index cards which I'm gonna hopefully have like an entire deck off at the end of this is something I'm really looking forward to because I don't print a lot of my work but when I do it's always something really cool to have is to have like and this is probably something to you which is that you're just like oh whatever cuz you print a lot of your work and you've met you've done books and stuff like that they've had I've made it having that physical thing in front of you and being able to hold it even if you know it came from a computer yeah well my stuff does I'm like ah it's actually here I've made a thing it's in a world yeah and again you get that that that nice reproduction effect of as even a digital painting even a lot of my production paintings which I've liked have a lot of photos in them there's a bunch of like concept art you know trickery and cheating going on seeing that printed out on a piece of paper in front of you you're like oh it's actually a thing yeah make that whereas when you open it in Photoshop you can see all the layers you know it's like oh there's that photo I took and there's that you know photo of me dressed up as a you know whatever to get into the photo and all that kind of stuff um as when it when it's on paper burns on paper and it's flat and it's real it's like it's it's flat but it's almost got like more depth or imagination to it the minute system yeah PSD file yeah I think you can always sort of think oh how do I fix this you know if it's still a PSD yes exactly change this yeah speaking of yeah the finality of inked of yeah the finality of printing something out yeah and having it there and then hang it on a wall yeah and seeing all the mistakes forever yeah yeah yeah you can get away with so let's just go quickly through the lost sort of yeah just as so yeah this day I think 1080 is his um I think he's one of the artists who made like kick-started yes like a book of his inktober things and it was like a big sort of concertina fold sort of thing the three major really Kotian yeah yeah yeah so again someone to follow if you're kind of looking at you know if you want to see like a really good example yeah good and a big back catalog yeah yep yeah yeah yeah but really cool artist really sort of some again sort of finished but imagine it earrings and stuff I think one thing to just look out for I'm not sure if this is gonna be a oh it's everything a load it's gonna be a process or not but one thing to look out for is it a lot of these it's not gonna wait but yeah the process of one of this stuff is available from a lot of these artists um whether you're curious about it or you're just kind of like wanting to get into doing yourself seeing that process I think is super important because yeah if you've never really picked up a pen with intent to do you know damage to a piece of paper having that process available is a really good first step because you're not just going in completely blind weekly blind yeah cool yeah so Thomas campy is another he's an Italian artist who works for you know sort of French and Italian and you know all sorts of different publishers he actually lives in Australia now and suddenly yeah and he's again he's gonna have lots Persis sort of stuff and this is his bread and butter you know I'm doing line work and again I think you know if you're sort of interested in something that's you know it's not sort of fantasy warriors and those sorts of things III think you know Thomas has a really really good ability to kind of make anything interesting yep you know like the kind of books he does are not fantasy sort of action-oriented but you know his ability to kind of you know just describe everything and do it in style and you know is really really amazing and he's fast you know I mean he's like seriously seriously quick at doing these kind of really amazing images so you know I think he's always someone to look out for in October and and in general yeah just like really really really cool comic books and yeah and he I think some of the styles that he works with him you know he doesn't do line either he's got he's got some really interesting ways of working yeah I'm like if you kind of see this one where it's kind of almost more painted mm-hmm but yeah it needs to he's got lots of process images around though so yeah really really impressive stuff awesome and again that that sort of ability to draw a scene you know draw a whole image yeah yeah in one thing is a kind of a bit scary to be just like for laughing yeah so again like Corey Loftus is if there's someone really really good to follow um was in biz dev yep most of the time and is obviously yep breaking out the inks again yep so yeah really cool you know sort of character and again it's sort of it's often sort of a bit scary to see how much people can be loose but Todd yes exactly one of those guys where you just sort of it's life but yeah he's got this amazing Tao yeah exactly he's got this amazing style that even in his more finished work yep so there's this amount amount of looseness in there that is just yep you never feel - you yeah exactly it's kind of always hosted the most considered mess you ever see so yeah he's got the one up at the moment but hopefully he'll keep yeah cracking I hope so like it's a little bit bigger than what we're seeing yeah I want to see the rest is the rest of that one yeah yeah I'm spamming my own chat channel is that yeah like yes that's right yeah and then the original yeah so Jake Park it's probably worth following him because yes he built it all he built it so he's gonna do some cool stuff yeah absolutely yeah is that no okay that's just him being yep dramatic it's gonna be a movie but yep I don't know B maybe he's planning on doing the entire month on one piece of paper yep yeah maybe something I'm not sure anyway yeah we will find out yeah cool so I thought you know those are some people you could sort of follow if you're interested in you know following along and you know like seeing what they do and using that as inspiration I'm sorry um yeah but there's also some good sort of traditional artists that you know yeah yeah from you know some to was still alive someone who you know a long gone yep who had some good you know examples of inking so I think who do we have there's a couple of oh yeah so yeah John Cosima I think is a really good example of just good quality old-school inking and I think again in a lot of cases these are you kind of got a look because summer obviously inked by others so the famous ink is at the time because he was a penciler but the stuff that he himself is sure he's really good and again a lot of this is just pure brush right yeah just like total insane so these are the these are the kind of um you know sort of like pencils he would he would do but yeah very sort of you know famous marble artist but yeah his ability to kind of create like you know expression yeah draw with the brushes is terrifying yeah yeah and again there's lots of you know lots of other comic book artists that you could we could look at we can open them I could literally look you could I'm sure you could for to our five-year which is to give some different different style absolutely again Frazetta I think is someone who is really worth looking at for his inking because he he was one he was you know very much known for his sort of dry brush technique yeah I like the way some of the you know the best in the world and his you know black and white sort of you know ability to just create something that's super graphic yeah it's it's one of those things we think about something that is such a rail like a relatively simple technique yet not not to be reductive no no right he and you bill yet the ability for him to exude his own style through it yeah I think probably speaks to exactly how good he was because you can look at it and go that's a Frazetta yeah even like you know his paintings obviously you can look at that and there's so much more like you know textural depth and take like technique depth in that but with something like this which is so simple in graphical the fact that you can look at it and go yeah I know exactly who did that yet kind of I think yes speaks to the the kind of skill that play and his ability to kind of do just little sketches or yeah all kind of you know do some of these kind of fully you know a full illustration with texture yeah and that kinda sax here and I guess I'm Pro and not I couldn't speak to exactly if what his technique was but you can see like where some of this stuff can become kind of preparatory for bigger paintings and where it's actually just hey I want to do this image and this is the quickest way to get it yeah out and finished young this was actually a good yeah example of like a traditional sort of thing and yeah it doesn't look like there's much white out there hey no a little bit so just maybe a couple of shades of ink I think maybe a maybe is getting watered down a but yeah well I think that's like there was sort of a dry brush dry brush and I think he's probably doing that more as a cover yeah so yeah and it again like some someone who's probably go Joseph Clement Cole is also someone who's really worth looking at for like old-school sort of black-and-white illustration you know just overall composition and that sort of stuff but again if you are thinking more painterly you know you don't want to kind of create stuff that's cartoony that's sort of inked you know he's a really good sort of example of you know someone who's just basically creating full illustrations in you know in black and white with like a more sort of texture and rendering you know the whole thing that's actually good that's actually a good point you've got like someone like like Yoji Shinkawa yeah famous for designing a lot of the Metal Gear Solid sort of stuff with a very sort of expressive inclined and I was irrelevant because he was a concept artist you know and that's actually what this even gets big sort of it's big so images but um yeah because you know he actually did production yeah yeah we working with a brush with and it's made in yeah yep um so you know it is very much worth Wow yeah and I think also the process of like being focused is really good when you're sort of inking and and you know just drawing something you know straight off where you know this is it you know what I mean yes absolutely I need to sort of firm yes I think that's I'd one thing I've definitely noticed even though when I do my October stuff and it does tend to be kind of comfort zone and stuff that I'm relatively happy to draw which is obviously because it generates after work and I don't I don't have hours now as to spend on it yet but knowing that once that pen goes down there's no taking that back ya might be able to cover it up if you're lucky but if you stuff something up there's not a real taking it back it does force you to focus yeah but then you realize also that on the other end of that it forces you to focus and work slower but it actually makes you a heck of a lot faster in the long run like yep drawing a car which is something that I can you know I draw a lot of and so there's there's a few variations of cars that I could you know draw not my eyes closed but without paying too much attention even in ink I'm Way faster you don't have that finicky thing in your brain going ah that wasn't perfect you should control they that yeah but you should get rid of just kind of it forced you to focus which yeah I think is really useful if you're wanting to become a concept because a lot of what you need to do is focus is the image yeah commit to an image and sort of like execute you know I saw that and I think you know that's you can see that kind of really play out I just lastly like the last out of thought that might be worth sort of checking out there's always a favorite of mine is Enrico Marini and he actually has a couple of one since that he actually has a couple if you go to his Facebook he actually has a couple of sort of videos of him sort of inking and doing like the data casts right where you would sort of do a little sketch which again is kind of you know inktober eat your heart out this is why a lot of these a lot of these french comic book artists are so good at this is because when you sign a book yeah as a french comic book artist you often do a little sketch like this if we can make it okay and it's often just done like this you know well you do it in ten minutes or something and just straight up some of them are very very impressive friend yeah a lot of experience doing this see if this is gonna it's really gonna destroy the internet stream and acutely but anyway I would say check that out yeah because I think it's much great if you go to his Facebook and like it and even check it out but he also has some sort of videos of him actually inking his pages yeah again you can just to get a feel for see how it's you know how people use brush but you know this is this is the real deal right out like this is no he's inking a whole scene a entire battle scene there with a real brush and real ink and you know on the actual pencils no no this cheating I'm gonna print it out and blue and have a sale in various it up it's like no no no there's only a bunch of paper and his hand yeah this much it and that is it yep so yeah check that out again his Facebook page has those sort of things in it he has an Instagram account but I think most of the videos are there yeah probably anyway that link of work but anyway well you can try it just link it in there and see what happens that's the what's the worst that can happen he's gonna get a bunch of new friends yeah yeah so anyway those are some people to check out yeah I and I guess the you know I guess we can talk a little bit more about doing challenges and things like that as we're actually doing a demo so I think what we do is we'll take a five-minute break sure get ourselves get ready I'm focused hunt and then either net or I will start and we'll do a 40 to 45 minute demo sure where we're gonna be doing anything turbo demo obviously we're gonna be doing digital yep cheating cheating maybe finally not yet are we gonna set a rule of no induce no one dues sure or like two per image yeah two parameters they go we don't actually a week we could actually set the undo limit down good but that would really annoy someone else who can't forget this command you get to put it back and someone would like scream we just be a bloodletting scream this computer will end up someone else right because normally you have 500 undos exactly anyway well think about something but people do do this digitally there's really no other way to do this ya know without the camera so that we don't have that at the moment so that's what we do we'll do one one yeah but yeah we'll see you back here in five minutes you alright guys welcome back so we are we are reorganized and I'm gonna do a drawing and then Ned's gonna do a drawing or an inking mm-hmm um yeah so I guess the real question is like should you at home should do you also do ink Toto inktober um so you're doing it have you not done it some years how do you how do you find it I'm trying to think I was trying to I can't remember how long ago it finished I think sorry started young um I'm not sure do you can you think of this for your head like cuz I think it's been going for about maybe four years there's like something like that yeah yeah I don't remember it from like ages ago but then I kind of I stumbled across it I can't remember who introduced me to it um it was one of those things where I think I think since ice the last two years when I've done it properly I've kind of kept up with it pretty well and I've definitely noticed kind of an uptick in just general um I've got actually I've got a pencil version of that brush tool if you would like that's right but yeah it's one of those things where I don't think I've really stopped doing it since I started and I think it's also just because you know it is a good it's a good tool for and whether or not this is because it's in call because it's you know concerti consecutive days or whatever it is it's a really good tool for forcing itself to actually sit down for you know even if it's only 10 or 20 minutes a day or even if it's like two or three hours sit down and actually just get something done yeah even if you're not super happy with it it's um for whatever reason I think like also we're allowing selections are we is that a no okay all right okay I don't care actually I probably probably should yeah we can erase totally now we can do selections there how can i I'm just I'm saying all this stuff just to make it harder for you and then it's gonna mean one thing this fall's a mess like wait wait wait wait a second that was all the stuff to do anything that's worth looking at ever I forgot what I was saying no yet building their building that kind of that that consecutive habit um which I think like inktober aside sketching aside the reality of this job is if it's not a habit you're not doing enough you know to do the job if you have I mean it's one of those things where the the the nine-to-five of this job of working in the entertainment and yeah being a concept artist is sitting down and drawing stuff yeah over and over and over again yes so it's one of those things that you will probably cultivate that habit if you don't have that habit now if you're if you're a student or if you're just starting out or or whatever it may be something like inktober is going to be any sort of consecutive thing you can convince yourself to do is going to be invaluable to your development yeah especially if you want to get a job if you just want to get good for the sake of it that's fine but if you want to become employable yeah being able to show those habits I think is really really important yeah though I think you know and that's we both you you probably more so than me we both work freelance mm-hmm I think especially as freelance artists it's even more important where you're not you know you're not beholden to anyone else necessarily you know you're sitting there by yourself in your home office or wherever it is you work if you don't have that ability to build habits and and work all the time and work every day then you probably blow deadlines and then you read lines any days won't pay bills and gets it and you'll just curl up in a yep in the corner somewhere so positive yep it's true yeah yeah but it's one of those things and I think again whether or not it's inktober whether or not it's you know going out with your friends or having a group of friends online if you don't have you know like a group of friends who are also artists because I know that's not all you know some people don't they have like their big group of friends that they they grew up with it or not necessarily yep going down the same path as them in terms of arts and so they're they're not necessarily that support group you can fall gone but you have the internet you have you know as the school you go to if you go to a school you know all of your kind of fellow students there are presumably there for the same reason and you know that's something that you can rely on I think to help you get you know get into this kind of habit building thing that inktober is really just a catalyst in a lot of ways one that a lot of people have kind of you know it's taken up and I think that's that's a really awesome thing like whether or not it's a whether or not it's a you know a brand or whether or not it's a you know turning into this this whole kind of like online tribe or whatever it is there's a lot of people doing it I think the fact that it exists the fact that a lot of people know about it means that you would be you know avoid it at your own peril because yeah even if you don't want to do it as part of inktober just yeah yeah well I think it's it is one of those things where it is rare to be able to kind of get that um that peer pressure and that sort of peer group where you know there's enough people doing it that you know if you if you kind of don't feel like doing it that day there's someone there who's gonna notice yep exactly is one of those like I guess like a big part of this is sort of public accountability I guess which is like a big a big thing for it for a lot of people absolutely now the flip side to this is like is it is it sort of good to like you know be forced to do this stuff like having to set up this sort of scenario like shouldn't you just like in an ideal world right yeah wouldn't we just always draw every day absolutely and you know it doesn't have to be ink and you know you can just do whatever you want but you know we should all sort of have these good habits hopefully I think inktober is about developing those habits but I know that like it does seem like a lot of people really struggle sort of maintaining that yeah you know to me on the outside of the month exactly yeah when it all when it all stops and they're like a great I did it now what yeah but yeah I'm not sure what the not sure what the solution that is necessarily it is but it is definitely something that you do see where where your people will have this amazing collection of inktober sketches and all that kind of stuff and then yeah it all just disappears and maybe it's like a lack of comfort with tools perhaps like it's something where you know it's like oh I'll try ink and I've struggled through it and no thanks yeah not for me which is fair enough that's that's totally fine you don't have to enjoy every technique and every tool but I think you you see I think it is something where you do have to actually make that conscious conscious effort if it was kind of the kind of internet site Geist that is pulling you along into inktober you have to kind of go okay well it did take me this online event to kind of get into this stuff what am i doing not like what was I doing before inktober like what was where if I'm spending say 20 minutes a night on an inktober drawing or 45 minutes a night what were those 45 minutes full of before this month and what are they going back to being full yeah after this make up and kind of look at that and go okay well is that is that something that really needs to happen now is it you know I might about yet am I still doing something creative or am I just like sitting down and watching TV or am I going out and socializing with my friends or seeing my family or anything like that it's like some of those things are obviously really good things that you should do some of those things all of those are less are less important right like if if if all it took for you to get a month's worth of ink drawing done is that you give up like 45 minutes of dota yeah a night you've still got the rest of the evening if he absolutely has to play dota or whatever you know but you can still bang out a cool drawing it doesn't you know and it's not October and you still did that cool drawing us to wear them all the development you're all the skill I also add seeing practice like for instance if you don't know who Henrich clay is but you do know what dota is probably priorities yeah prior yes yep right did we link to him really I think we did we didn't we didn't we don't do that later yeah definitely didn't link to data no I don't buy data I don't do that I think dota is Defense of the Ancients is that right I don't know I don't know yes it is I don't play it but yes that's exactly what it is it's some well I actually don't know yeah and I don't play it now well there you go yeah it's one of the senior game so ignorant in those video games one of them one of them video games but um you know it's one of those things cuz I know like you I know don't play video games anymore because you made that conscious decision to be like I'm not gonna play video games and yeah because they are sucking time away from yep getting good I do play video games I still play quite a lot of video games it's like one of the things I do to wind down um but it's again it's one of those things that and I certainly noticed a switch in this even even up to like relatively recently where you know as of this time last year I was working freelance from home yeah time and and teaching occasionally but my you know my 9 to 5 or 9 to 10 or whatever yeah day job was freelance concept artist whereas now I am you know in house concept artist yes / teacher as well and it's a weird thing and I don't know if it if it correlates to that change in kind of like my day-to-day running yeah but I certainly found that when I was at home when I was freelancing once I was done with my job for the day whatever that was I was like out I was done I'm like that's right no more get me away from the computer I don't want to do any more drawer I sure do any more work yeah now when I leave the office you know I go home have something to eat I'm back home I'm back somewhere where I can relax the actual ability for me to sit down and do a drawing whether or not it's in so broad not is has been like greatly increased I'm much more dealing to sit down and do something that is no other thing I'm doing for a job yeah like a hobby so the hobby is comeback right whereas when I was freelancing the hobby was not there it was it was the job and when I finished I didn't get to leave that building I just got to leave that room which was a really kind of interesting thing for me and something that it wasn't like an instant revelation it was something that I kind of realized after I looked back at all the extra work I was doing now that I was kind of working more hours yes I work more hours now than I did when I was freelance yep but I actually do I do more work at work and I do more work out of work yeah those kind of leads that weird inverse kind of relationship that I had your work whereas before it was that thing that got in the way of me being able to get up and get out of my studio and go and you know yep use the rest of my house for living yep whereas now I actually just get through at home and my house is just for living yeah and but it's that place where I can kind of do the do the thing that I enjoy doing without it being like part of my work so it's kind of an interesting yeah thing there so that that's something worth thinking about I think is your relationship with the way that you work and where you work like if you're a student you're probably just doing this stuff at school in a home yep and yeah I don't know if I really have a takeaway from that but it's an interesting observation yes it's obviously gonna be a very personal I think the thing is I mean I think it good takeaway is that you you've obviously thought about this right is is that you're conscious of like when you're putting the time in and sort of like what that feels and it's sort of like you've used that to help inform you you know when it comes to like should I take this work on or should I change my career or you know what I mean it's it's sort of like it's it's sort of matted yeah yeah I think someone was asking in the chat yes the spiral thing we're talking about the one on the upper arm so that one of the upper arm is like her arm band because I'm drawing my character this is it so the way I get through sort of inktober II sort of stuff is to draw stuff that I know how to draw because I'm terrible at making things sort of black and white I normally like to again stain sort of nice mushy grayscale land but I'm gonna try I think I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the background there but we'll see yeah so this character is she has these armbands which I'll sort of show you as I draw yeah anyway I'm gonna I'm gonna stop there because I'm we've got half an hour to go is that right half an hour ago you started at I can't remember stuff you kid yep half an hour ago I have half an hour good okay cool don't 15 don't joke it's not funny someone I know also like I can't for me I've I wasn't born yesterday I know how long it takes me to to do a thing well you don't have the timer are you doing overtime well because I know that actually I don't know if you've mentioned this on there on previous shows but that whole idea of actually timing yourself and forcing yourself to stick within a time yeah on the topic of like habit-forming and all that kind of stuff I know that's something you've done a lot it's something that I don't do as much as I should but every time I do do it I find it to be this incredibly useful tool of productivity where the first few times you do it it becomes this horrendous massive stress and all that kind of rub yeah but having a timer and going okay between now and thirty minutes into the future yeah I'm going to try you know and that's the operative word is you don't have to absolutely nail it every time but I'm going to try to finish this certain stage of whatever it is I'm doing yeah and I use that sometimes when I absolutely have like a deadline to hit that is not moving and I you know it has to be done and it's one of those things that again like sometimes you'll be like I'm gonna you know finish doing all this line work in the next hour yeah and you know maybe it takes you an hour and 15 minutes because maybe you don't quite get there but it's one of those things that if you didn't have that timer it would have taken you you know three hours yeah three and a half hours because you would have got you would have lost focus you would have done something you would have like fiddled around with some lines for a bit or whatever it may be yeah so it's yeah it's one of those one of those things that I think is worth noting again probably well also you know is I think it's very easy to get sort of carried away and end up spending ages and ages and ages doing these topics and and and and I don't think that's sort of I'm going to turn off that's where is it show cuts yeah I know where it is you know where it is so I'm one of these people I just I just live with this stuff I don't mind a spotlight well it's kind of it's like sort of yeah moving in and out alright so the question is are we going to do undos or no undo that's the question so the ways you could do this digitally is just to be like lo it's digital I'll do whatever I damn please yep or you could maybe completely get rid of any undue em on your computer and you knew that by going Photoshop preferences what would it be performance thank you yep in history States we now have 300 right I can set that all the way to one you can't do none you can't do none or whatever right I said look we're all professionals here I feel like we can trust each other or not by reflex see what josy what what W is think mm-hmm so well yeah but should we do no wonders or so one of the things you can do with ink is obviously I could like I can sort of draw a line and then I can flip hmm - why and if I set this to my lines to multiply what it'll do is we'll kind of erase that I think maybe that I think we can do that and that is actually when I do yeah we link to stuff that's actually something I rely on what in terms of a stylistic choice because you get different shapes that you can create yeah I'm doing that stuff and you know that harkens back there just using wite-out pull yeah you know whitewash or something over the top of it in trying to to get that same result so I think that's okay yep yep man it is really hard not to undo yeah I'm so used to and I think one of the things is yet it means you a sort of like you get really used to being lazy and just sort of going like I'll put whatever line you know seems okay here like that doesn't matter yep um yeah where is it is it it's immediately I'm immediately like Oh like I shouldn't have put that line yeah I get I'm gonna raise that line so yeah I think yeah I use one of those things too and especially if your um this is another little tidbit of observation that I've noticed from my own mm-hmm ramblings three Inc stuff is that this is true for any I just didn't undo image automatically it's okay it's no good it's alright there's a safe place but one of the one of the things that I've noticed with the inking if I can remember what I was gonna say there's no I'm not good at remembering things I think that's completely gone how to part of your journey no it's going yeah we'll just forget it oh no I remember okay got there any other is that when you when you start doing something like oh there I did it again you god damn it damn it when you're when you're inking it's one of those things that as you start out and you're on paper with a you know an actual pen and you know that there are no undos so to speak getting past that hump that every image has of like is this going to be okay like is this image going to work yeah for me at least it's one of those things we just have to kind of close your eyes and hold your breath and kind of tell yourself that yes it'll be okay yeah because getting like getting over the hump is is the hardest thing like I find with any images because they all look kind of not great from the start right that's not how this stuff works and so it's yeah with with knowing that you can't take it back it's often very you kind of you like gosh and I just rip it up and start again yeah I think it's worth and this is probably another thing where the timer comes into play is it work you know follow it through at least halfway cuz sure it might not not every image work sometimes stay yeah but stick with it for a bit stick with it for a bit because whilst you you know your brain has a pretty good ability I think to kind of course correct yeah right and so like even if you have made like a small error at the start and it you know it's one of those things like ah whoops here that is actually wrong you can still adjust the rest of that image to kind of work around man do I want to leave that that was not good I can't really undo that and thus I get rid of it all and I think that would be I don't think you would not in the spirit yeah it's not I feel like I feel like the real thing is often yeah I tweaked faces so much I'm doing this what one of the things is I have found that again this is a Wacom which one is it they say because I forget what it is it's in it's the new like insurace probe medium and this does make I think doing line work a lot easier especially I feel like it makes doing line work when you zoomed out a bit more yeah easier one of the things I've got is I have another copy of this window on us on the second monitor so that I can if I'm zoomed up a little bit sort of see it you know I think that is one of the things why you know normally I'm kind of more like look you know one of the worst things about Photoshop is that you can sort of be I can be really zoomed up here right and then you kind of like zoom out you like oh no that's not yeah good yeah and you know that's why I think you kind of need unders in Photoshop yeah because it's not awful tool for don't know exactly especially has its own but for the line work exactly yeah but yeah this is kind of like cruel and unusual punishment in a lot of ways because this is not it's not really how I don't think anyone would work in Photoshop just because the tools are different yeah like if we had and also just because there's that muscle memory right we or just like reaching for controls there because it's just something you're so used to doing like you know if especially on like a Intuos as well I think like maybe if there was a wake up not like I'm a Cintiq in here you would be getting slightly closer to you know being able to just sit there and quite happily kind of ink but you haven't so it it is it's a different thing and and everyone is going to you know you can only you can only break so many years worth of hey this is how I work yeah especially in the course of like one demo yeah III would say definitely don't bother with any of this nonsense at home like just draw just if you get if you don't have pans in your life I want to do inktober and light just start digital doesn't matter you know what I mean or I think like you know I think they said like SketchBook Pro you know they have a link to that yep on the inktober site I think from memory people were saying that that is a better kind of pin system yeah I've used I've used SketchBook Pro a little bit I don't think I gave it quite enough time to get past my initial kind of misgivings with it which were came purely from the fact that I was so ingrained in using Photoshop yeah but it it does it feels different it does definitely feel different and I I one thing I didn't like was the the thing that it called a pencil that I did really like the thing that it called a pen right and I mean actually this this this brush that you're using at the moment is kind of my best attempt at recreating I don't feel I'm using a different one yeah iswhat okay that's fine the one I'll use is is this I kind of did muck around for a little bit with the brush which is actually quite close to I think it's it was a default Photoshop brush yeah and it's much more in kind of visual rather than technique the closest thing I could find to the sketchbook stuff yeah because yeah there are there are some not to not to like plug this software it's too extreme to my there us like whatever we want okay well sketchbook does have some pretty cool it's really small thing the fact that you can actually draw a guide to draw an ellipse you do it with proper stroke waiting is amazing yes and one thing that I do not understand why Photoshop there's not have but it's it's one of those things so Oh chat is saying that you had 20 minutes left as of five minutes ago and do care Wow yeah you have an undo count as well only two I haven't noticed any other ones no other sneeze he under than that but yeah I would say I would have really hesitated to want to do this digitally before like the in choice perlite and I know you this is my own true interest Pro and I do count 3 3 yeah yeah cuz I feel like it does really it gives you that stability right so you know if you want to get sort of technical about it it's it's it's the thing that allows me to kind of zoom out a bit more and really kind of draw these kind of like more laborious kind of lines totally um that is you know that's often one of the things that Photoshop really wasn't good at initially and you kind of you'd sort of be like oh then it would go that would yeah you cannot hang it I'm getting realize I'll do that thanks everyone yeah yeah no totally I great that's that's something that oh yeah I know I'm not sure what causes it it's some sort of weird resolution interpolation thing but it sucks yeah and yeah it's I'm curious I've never actually tried these these new ones out have always been using the old yeah old archaic ones with a mere four thousand levels of sensitivity yeah I look forward to the yeah I think it's also the although they'll show this and other stuff yeah yeah there's some other stuff but but I think it is also just the felt tip yes even the standard sort of tips are a bit sure bit more forgiving yeah that is what I am whereby as you noticed is this one it's pretty worn down and actually I'm actually curious if you want to have a go with that pin there because that's the one that I use that I swear by which does not have the extra sensitivity but it does have a felt tip just kind of curious if you actually can feel any oh yeah no I can fit in devious and not it's not if I mean if we could do a double blind yeah I would either I don't doubt that you would pick it immediately cuz that's one thing that you swear by that I've always been convinced is just yeah you being this this one is good and I and I think it has it has a lot of those same qualities whereby you can really you can really you can really uncomfortable to do a lot yeah that's English the thing that this will have that the difference is right you see if I have this pencil brush thing is is if I'm kind of going faint like I am here I feel like it takes a lot more control right whereas with this one it has so much more like yeah the way you find kind of light there yeah like I can get those really fine lines yeah that is probably also set to quite soft scuzz I have a very soft yeah I'm setting on my mom my pens for weight comes but riot I was just curious to kind of see if it was like one of those things but yeah it's it's definitely that that is a good set up because it has that it's got the felt tip sort of thing and yeah that's kind of I think that's pretty good um but the thing this just gives you that control where I feel like I'm much more relaxed sure because yeah I'll give that new one a go because I am I'm curious because it's just my um for obviously this is not very close to the camera but the pen I use is the classic pen which is much thinner the main reason I use it is because the actual physical pan is thinner it's much closer to just a normal everyday felt tip pen I don't like the big fat end on the normal Wacom pens it makes me feel like I'm holding a crayon and I just kind of mm-hmm yeah I just it's not something that I like this is something that allows me to just get that normal kind of pen feel I also feel like the buttons are in a slightly at a place and these ones don't randomly snap in half which is something that I have is I have broken so many Wacom really I think I grip the pen really tightly right and there's just those normal ones have got that seam in the middle and eventually once that goes the whole thing just like just sit I've had pens let literally disintegrate in my hand because once that main thing goes they just fall apart I've got I think three pens at home that held together with duct tape so that's just me obviously that but I think that is just I have found that these pens don't break I've never broken right at these pens by doing that I have stepped on one before and that Burke but I wouldn't recommend trying that but yeah for me these classic pens I much prefer but they do have slightly less sensitivity but again I'm just one of those gluttons for punishment where I'm just like I don't know the difference so I just use whatever yeah and keep hacking away at it until it looks good so yeah it's weird seeing one of those horses for courses but worth having a look at the different options just like because I know I've also had a few students as well where they've started using for instance a Intuos yeah and they've really it's been like they've never used any sort of digital input before and they've really struggled with just getting what they want yeah on the screen totally and I can remember when I used my first interest it was very much like riding a bike where you just you know lost when you fall off and you fall off and then eventually you get it and after that it just clicks and you're totally fine yeah like it can take a week it can it yeah and it can and I can remember that the into aside the first one I bought which I think was a three what was bought for me yep by my generous parents for my birthday yeah I couldn't afford it was it came with a little CD that had a bunch of exercises on it like I think it was like you know draw a circle and then put across through the circle and just do that over and over again I did that like every day all the time mostly because I couldn't really draw and yet I screw up and so I was like I can do the exercises so I just did them but I think that really helped and that's actually something I get my students to do as well but I found that I digress I've had some students who have really struggled with introduces and then as soon as they get a Cintiq yeah they're away and it's like the difference in them being able to it's like literally they can draw they can't oh yeah and it was like I'd never really seen that before until I started teaching yeah and I was like I was amazed because I was like I had a few students where was just like okay I think there's some like fundamental drawing things here that need to be fixed but it turned out it was actually just like hey I can't do this on an interest yeah and it was something where they'd been enough kind of hammering into them of like do these exercises you know practice practice practice practice yeah where it was it was obviously not a point of like the exercises weren't helping so it was obviously you know their brains were just working in a way that didn't allow do this separated hand-eye coordination thing totally and if that you know if that's not you then that's like you there's no no amount of forcing it is gonna solve that problem so yeah don't think if all and I know that also of like the younger generation of artists coming up now I can remember when I like started working with people who were like I've never drawn with a pen before which I found to be like yeah amazing and weird and like what and like what I've never had to like there's the tools here now that allow me to do my art without ever having to do a pen and I just don't draw with a pen anymore and I think you know as we get further and further into the future that's going to become more and more prevalent but if you find yourself having never used a pencil before and wanting to draw and not being able to you know do it on an Intuos then yep try some other tools because you may very well find that it is actually the tool that's holding you back and not your ability or yeah it's succeeded it's it's hard to it's hard to overstate the extent to which Wacom tablets are amazing but kind of crap yeah right it's like that you get you really do get used to them right it's not that you know you get good at you're seeing good good at using them yeah and you just get good at you taller routing around yes the absolute you know terrible nature of that yeah like you know that the core technology is know but this is different yep that's that's my feeling I mean yeah yeah so yeah I'm keen to see what you think Absalon yeah and I I still still not gonna make my drawing a bit a bit well I was still tossing out whether or not I should actually try anything other than a car how much time do I have oh not much time I think 20 minutes ago oh wow seven minutes yeah okay I will go faster stop talking go faster that yeah I'm not I don't know if chat wants to force me to actually draw something you know I've taken tres in to chat no okay but chat might tell me to draw something that I can draw I got to draw this whole sword come on it's just two lines one there one there hey yeah but you can't you gotta all without the undos yeah ah well the new pen here we go yeah you gonna are you gonna go to the one big one oh that's not very good it's there it's there you can always you can always send maybe I shouldn't draw a castle a long straight line on it yep oh yeah yeah I feel like that's pretty good she could if you make her like a really raggedy barbarian she can have a real mix in that sort of us but that's how I meant and I think like you know that that is also feel like a lot of art is kind of just you as the artist sort of finding happy accidents right like little in general and one of the one of the really good things about sort of inking is that you're kind of forced to do that right you know like it to a to a family high degree yeah absolutely um and yeah it's it's it's sort of really useful to kind of just sort of say ya know this is a raggedy barbarian sort you know what I mean and almost to the same point where like you know maybe if I sort of leaned into that you know I could even do it yeah before you know a great idea you know like that I could say well this this line is not working Mayday Mayday oh that's ok it'll be it'll be a barbarian sword you know what I mean like no no worries so I wonder whether I've drawn at hand to me I can have five minutes to go I can't just Kanna so he arrays out these bits just need to draw so again I got to figure out what am i doing what's this is whether this is the focus or the focus has to come back this is yeah chat says the hand looks fine it well it's only because hand purgatory is what kills time yes it is very true I noticed you didn't draw our feet no I didn't really I feel like fate purgatory is often worse than an purgatory IV s spent yeah I've spent a lot a lot more time grumbling at the feet of my own drawings yeah literally I'm gonna erase it this because I feel like it is no good I didn't need to do that I need to design it a bit better why did I I do respect the fact that you are maintaining your pen size most negative well I would totally have just made that way bigger that's been like listen I weren't I have to get it back to this thing you don't have an action for that no I tell minute yeah all right how many how many minutes do I have now oh three four four three minutes for four let's say we got eight oh seven on this clock and you started it yes but I'd say well you know four if you want I'm gonna be asking for as many like handouts as else at the camp when I do mine say I'm not gonna be yeah I'm gonna be a bastard now a clipper yeah yeah not gonna be a stickler for the rules that special no that's good all right so I have try to get some so yeah sorry I'm I'm being quiet because I'm still having this internal debate with myself as to what I'm hiking what am I gonna do what am I gonna do I think I know because I had this initial idea of I think you say you go for go for gold okay for gold go for the way do you mean do the easy thing I'll do the hard thing no do the hard thing I can't see what I was going to do was the hard thing for me is I was gonna do a car and it's driver I'm feeling like is that maybe just too much content to buy it off but what I might do is I'll start with the car and I will pencil the driver in and then we will see where we get to is with inking because I can always I can always flub the driver and make him a silhouette or something yeah so if in doubt like it out that's it who said that you did just then no I don't know well we would okay again a good incus so this yeah you're one of those people I remember people's names I mean I just don't really I don't know anyone that's the thing is I know I look at the art I go I like that that's awesome and I remember when I see it but I don't know the people and I just I forget names as my students will attest to you as this very morning when I came back from a two-week break and it immediately forgotten all my students names again so I apologize to any one of my students who might be watching but it's what happens I don't know there's something wrong with my brain which we all knew anyway but it has manifested itself in me not being able to remember anyone's name ever isn't that right summer it's almost finished youth Rick will be reaching for the for the finished thing what you just you keep going until the screen goes black well I keep going until I win Rick yeah comes and grabs the pen out of your hand jumps across that table well I feel like yeah my thing is like distinctly lacking [Music] blackness like it could really do with some just a little bit of some sporting relaxed but I'm like I've probably left it a bit late yeah and this is again this is one of the reasons I don't do lots of inking life on the internet yeah is that is that finished Rick is holding a piece of paper you finished what does that mean though right he might just be asking you politely to finish I think he's finished that's you'll want to get yeah that's the first morning all right I can still get a kick out that's fine yeah I don't think that's helping my drawing at all yeah turning a layer off is not Monday do that in a sec no so I'm just gonna keep making new layers with every brush stroke yeah I kind of see I just wanted to add some more movement a bit of movement yeah so it's not sort of quite so empty mm-hm but anyway I'll stop I'll put if I put my signature on it then it don't misspell your name though because there's no one knows all right I'll stop there but it needs oh no it needs a clever cool thing you'll be glad that you two have these last few GT mothers that's good because the more time you take the less time there is some minute that's true and have the excuse when my looks like a pile of crap there's my there's my inktober each thing done in so err perspective the ready fans the ready for instant yeah fancy about that you have to put some paper behind a bow because otherwise they just won't take a filter trust me no I yeah I've done that before cool all righty all right should we take a like no very clear every minute break and entangle myself that way we can get up and it doesn't look weird because we're walking around yeah yeah when we when we return we will have a more set up working environment for Ned to stop I need it yeah see in a few minutes you cool welcome back guys all right Ned is in the proverbial hot seat mm-hmm he has now 40 minutes starting from now yeah all right from now so that means we will it is 816 so it will end at 8 no sis yeah so no one dues well you can just three yeah three I use three so so I'm you know I'm gonna start off penciling the same way that ya tended yep yeah and you're gonna be during a car and listen to a car of sorts it's gonna be a floating car massive surprise to absolutely no one um because wheels are really hard to draw especially when you can't undo I was I was you know what I'm gonna do though just because I have I've got white on here don't I it's low opacity these are the you could do eraser yeah that's okay this isn't a pencil line I was gonna do it from the back but now I'm not I I would I would say I feel like I have more to lose because I I'm a comic book artist quote-unquote so I feel like if I can't do this like there's something seriously wrong with me or is that I feel like you can if you do it digitally and you don't you can use undo done less worried or as I feel like I really thing of pride personal pride yeah you are they call me yeah the thing I was worried about was the headlights because if you get the headlights wrong you don't it's all over it's all over yep and they look okay so I'm pretty happy so I am like in the same way that you said oh you were drawing something that you kind of you know it's its comfort zone stuff the conversant character you know very well yeah this is also a car that I know yep relatively well in e-type jag II which is based on an e-type Jaguar this is the design for two you know I came about when I tried to copy an e-type Jaguar once and really stuff right and quite like the result so it's a floating quasi turistic you Ned Rogers it's yeah it's it's a the specific car from the personal IP that I'm currently developing it's the the car of the villain yep and so that was also the character that I was going to try this is very dark but anyway you're back at 100% I'm just gonna try and press four and then oh look at that shortcuts I was just gonna turn the light down later we can do that too yep um yeah so it's like again like when when I'm doing this it's it's sort of weird because I feel like and and again just talking about like the impact that you know I think like it's it's not just the challenge but like having something that does force you not to go outside your comfort zone but just forces you to kind of reassess what you're doing I think is really useful you know like it's similar to the master class sort of stuff we do where if you do a big workshop or something like that it just kind of forces you to reassess what you like about art you know to like look at something that's a little bit different you know get you out of a certain mindset so you know I've had a couple of these things where it wasn't necessarily like you know inktober as a as a you know challenge that I was doing but I remember when we had John Nevarez come who's you know a really good sort of animation biz dev artist and he was just so good at drawing like just so just amazingly good at just like roaring things all the time and he just had absolutely no fear and I felt like I had no fear of drawing and then John you came and I was like yeah it was just obvious that I was terrified of drawing John Amunet and I always like really holding back as an artist you know like I could tell and I'm right he was just sort of super happy in life hey come on Tim let's let's draw you know and normally when a teacher kind of comes to a master class and after the master class is done the teacher is like oh my god I mean drawing for six hours straight you know eight hours straight you know I'm gonna you know have a beer and eat some pizza and play video games or you know do something there's not art you know and and and John Tavares was just let's draw guys let's draw drawn well yeah you know and and it's almost like I thought he was joking you know I was like really but he does he drags her he has a sketchbook everywhere and he just loves drawing in his drawers all the time and it was you know like having that I was like oh my god I am still afraid of drawing okay I thought I had not been afraid of drawing and then he came along and I realized that no I still was you know because I feel like a lot of artists are afraid of drawing yet right like you and it's this weird thing to say but it's it's very prevalent prevalent where people you even do it as a living and still lives the hesitation right you don't kind of just go like yeah let's draw this would be awesome you know this do that ah I may draw something terrible and then some imaginary thing yes yep the art police will rock up you know and just kind of get out there with you know a SWAT stuff and you know beat you up and be like you drew a bad drawing you're a bad artist you get out of here yet you're fired from whatever yeah yeah so there's I think there's just some feeling like that where people are afraid of doing that and so I made a conscious decision because at that time I'd be niger was drawing comic books right like i was a touring stuff I had no fear but I still couldn't really translate that to drawing traditionally because I was so used to these unders and there's so stuff and I made a conscious effort to try and just draw stuff in my sketchbook that was finished right like not finished but I was actually focusing on it and saying like why can't I do this yeah and so like that really helped me you know what I mean yeah yeah but you know so I think it's always good to have something that kind of gets you out of that like whatever sort of you're telling yourself basically you know about you know I'm comfortable drawing this or I'm not comfortable doing this having something that says hey can you draw entering so I'm like no why well like you know cuz I really have no excuse for not being able to do this but just my brain never works in black and white sure sure it just doesn't I think I like color basically I've always been into color and I'm always like I could just draw a line drawing and color it as opposed to trying to ink a line drawing you know and that would be better I'd be able to create a better result but again there's still that thing where I can tell that I'm resistant to this so I should do it so so I'm gonna try and do the inktober stuff I've but I don't know whether I'm gonna post it I've sort of started doing some and I might post like not everyday sure but maybe I'll post like every week like all of the ones I've done yep just cuz I don't know that feels more I just I don't like making a big deal about these things because I like to build that habit of drawing every day doing sketches every day you know what I mean unless I'm flat out at work I like to do some sort of Instagram sketch every day you know and basically that's my standard and if I don't I feel like something's wrong you know what I mean and that's non c'è that always happens but that's kind of where I'm at and when I do that I feel really good you know what I mean feel like you know life is right everything's working yeah totally you know this is this is going okay so this is something that I'm interested in but ya never I've never done it and I don't really know why but yeah I just I think it's when I get to that point it's just kind of I'm just much prefer being out of noodle around with a pencil yeah yeah and I just so I've never really sort of tried this stuff um yeah but but I do like the idea of a challenge right that sort of forces us to do this so like you know I think it's very useful to do that and reassess but yeah do you think there is a certain toxicity of people kind of waiting for inktober John I mean to do this and you know also people not doing a challenge every month right and I sort of I've heard a lot of people talk about this where without doing Toba they'll be sooo super excited and then inktober kind of ends and then they're like I'm so upset inktober is over and I'm like why it's the V okay yeah you do realize you can draw by yourself you know to me and and a lot of people I feel like have that sort of attitude where it really does help to have that social sort of force you know that's social you know it's in environment and yeah I I've never had that I always just like drawing stuff yeah yeah just for doing it you know what I mean and I feel like I've - despite having all these other things I've always sort of really just enjoyed drawing for drawings sake but yeah but I think there is something about the inking and the clarity of thought required and the focus you have to kind of have that's that's kind of interesting but it's also worth noting that again if you look at a lot of those different styles there's a lot of different techniques for inking right and some of them are far less sort of seat-of-the-pants yeah right and I think often what happens is you know I'll look at you know someone like the Kalka Pinsky sort of you know that sort of the kim jong ji sort of just fluid direct approach to drawing and that's kind of what appeals to me normally yeah but you know it's not that that's not how everyone inks you know a lot who will do a much more detail you know sort of sketch beforehand you know all sort of tight pencils and for a lot of people the inking is a very sort of meditative process where they've kind of done the initial drawing that's all kind of you know pretty much sorted and really it's just a matter of tracing your image and making it you know you always do it a new drawing but you know like it's the sort of thing you can do while you're watching a movie yeah you know absolutely it's it's not sort of stress City how long I have to ask the gods how long do I owe how long have I spent nearly when did I start ten minutes I actually have ten minutes know you've spent ten minutes you have favor yeah yeah because I'm what I'm what I'm trying to do now is but how you were kind of talking about that that technique of thinking what I usually do when I'm drawing digitally is I will do a layout like this which is pretty rough but I try to get all of my major yo you know perspective and compositional things out of the way I'm actually just gonna yeah let's keep that over there you gotta raise the whole thing and redraw it no I refuse I'm leaving but what I'll usually do is do another layer maybe even two mmm instill what I would consider to be pencils imma let you on chef K right to make straight lines I guess sir if you can't use a ruler in real life my entire career has been built on that I've never used that yes I'll do a couple more layers so what I'm kind of thinking up here is I think I'll just jump straight into the inking of this just so this is your it this is the real question right and this is what makes or breaks you as an inker is I feel like yeah that is often the question it's like do you just because at some point if you make the line drawing too good then you can kind of ruin it why you lose that gesture yeah and I feel like there is a there is a space in the middle where I feel like you can put enough in that it does feel like you're gonna ruin it yeah but you kind of haven't put in enough that you can really relax what you're doing inking yeah because I like to relax the inking yeah I like thinking about it it becomes much more like a yeah coloring will go something for me where I'm just like okay I'm happy with this it's all good yeah and it's you know when I'm relying on it's also I think cypher about forward momentum for me because if I'm like I came through my first layer now I'm on to my second layer now my third layer now I can look you're getting the dang it so exactly you get that feedback yeah mm or when I'm relying on undos and stuff like that it means I can blast through these layers really quickly because I'm just like lying no that's wrong on do it do it again and then you just get through this stuff really quickly whereas not being able to undo is forcing me to kind of yeah even though I am sitting here drawing something I've drawn several times before in my life yes it's one of those things where I'm just kind of like yeah yes you got to make that choice yeah and I think one of the things that's if you do draw a comic books one of the things you find is that a big part of enjoying the process of drawing pages which is so repetitive and I feel like turns a lot of artists off is that you really do play with that thing where a drawing is kind of not fun if you do it two or three times sometimes yeah right and depending on what level of finish you're going for sometimes you need you know it's not fun to try and you know draw the cover of a book with just a rough sketch you know you you you need to kind of do it properly but yeah often what I would find myself doing with Pinocchio or something is kind of thinking what mood am I in right like they're willing to put up with well like do I want to be fully engaged yeah what do I not yep absolutely and a lot of it would be maybe I don't have time I need to be fully engaged it may be that you know what I just don't have the mental energy it's just not there today yeah but I need to draw so in that case it would be a matter of light let me you know redraw this thing a million times make sure it's fully sorted and then I'll do the inking and then you know like that would will allow me to sort of get through the day yeah right but I think this is really important and I don't want anyone out there to kind of diminish this and sort of say oh there is one way of doing it or another way of doing it once right one's not yeah it's it's certainly the case that depending on what you want to feel as you're drawing yeah the amount of preparatory drawing you do is really important and yeah you just never really know whether you can do it if you're kind of you know if you're up at this level right that's it yeah um you know how do you know you know you and and if you put too much work in then it's like hi yeah that took too much time yep or it was boring yeah so I hope this doesn't offend you too much I use the Navigator and start I know that's okay but again still very important to see what it's doing so I'm gonna use up a free undo here because I'm explaining something so I'm allowed to you can many undo this is your no don't take this away from me too don't be flippant being able to see exactly how that line kind of fits because I am actually gonna spend a lot of time kind of up and doing this because again one of the ways that I get around the inherent crappiness of Wacom pens yes just by zoom especially when I'm line drawing not so much when I'm painting but if I'm drawing line I'm up here because it allows me to use my entire arm to create the line yeah and instead of you'll see a lot of this too so I apologize for motion sick but it's one of those things that just kind of helps me yeah I'll figure this stuff out so what I'm going to do first just so we even know if this is worth looking at for the rest of the show is try and do some of these big sweeping lines which I could potentially just really screw up yeah so see this is the kind of thing where if you're doing this digitally breathing reader it's going I think you can undo it yep um yeah if you're doing some of these things digitally I think that's where a lot of my trepidation comes from is is you kind of just go oh yeah I'll just you know I'll just undo that and the way that you do get those nice sweeping lines is is to undo them getting redo they're like a million times [Music] whereas yeah once you get and you're faced with this concept of light oh my god I've got to do that whole thing it's sort of terrifying right like it's kind of yeah like oh my god especially when it's not this where it's like this is kind of fun yeah right no it's fun yeah well like you know you could undo you know like if you really mess this up like you know I did this on a couple of things where I was sort of playing around with this because again every time inter becomes around I try this and then the results are so bad that I'm like nah I'll just color some drawings and that'll look better so this time I'm really trying to do it but I've done a couple of things where I just I'm not used to doing this and I'll just sort of arrays over some pencils and smudge ink everywhere what you know I waited for ten minutes and it was still you know still wet yeah I thought that wasn't allowed to happen there's rules and yeah like no you you need to sort of test those things you know you need to see like you know is this is this wet is this not you know can i erase it you know let's leave it for an hour yeah and yeah if you're not used to doing that you can easily ruin a whole drawing absolutely yeah and witches can be very frustrating if you spend a lot of time doing it yeah so I think that's where you know also spending a lot of time doing my preparatory drawings traditionally if you're not used to it oh yeah oh you have to it's yeah but but it can be like I've done these things where sometimes I'll do a big old drawing and then I just ruin it within five seconds of inking yeah IRRI para bleah yep just totally destroyed the image just trying to draw like the nose or something and it's just like well I just wasted an hour yeah you know so so yeah the way I'm kind of and I think a lot with a lot of these challenges depending on what it is like a lot of people are just using this challenge as a way to really create amazing stuff yeah whereas I'm just using this as a way to get better at using black and white lines and and and not relying on that yeah I kind of arrays and stuff like yeah I think that that's how I see it as well because I'm not you know I'm this is not necessarily what I do in my work day-to-day professionally I don't do this kind of work I'm doing a little bit more of it because I've found that the drawing process just allows I've discovered some techniques that allows me to put so many ellipses in this allows me to kind of get designs out really quickly yeah and so I've been doing a little bit more drawing obviously with undo so all that kind of stuff yeah but it's some I guess what I say drawings good good we you know you utilize it yeah yeah it has become a little bit less of a hobby and a bit more of a learning tool but for the most part it was kind of like I just want to see if I can get better at something I've not done before which is you know I just like I do that with a lot of things I'm all those kind of people who just like tries to fix random things and just like I wonder how this works and I break it okay fair enough yeah yeah and this is one of those things as well where I'm just like that's not what idiots and they're gonna pretend that this was all how you it's some sort of space yeah so yeah it's one of those waiting Toby just started off as this like weird little thing that I like to do and then it's it's becoming a little bit more of a tool for me now where I'm like well let's see if I can feel like what makes a good black and white drawing a good black on my drawing right like getting it compositionally it's great because you are just thinking in terms of black and white and pure shape and all that kind of stuff yeah totally also Rick can you just give me like 10 min 5 minute warnings because I will totally just get lost in 20 minutes later Tony was left ok yeah really I always get a start a timer and I forgot and yep just call time no don't do that tell me before time no you can just call ty right and I'll tell you that much let you got the left okay yeah you got 20 minutes left go go 19 um yeah well I I think that again because so much concept are kind of is about photo bashing these days basically I mean that's I know it's been more complicated than that but that's the easiest way to say right is that a lot of it is more about combining photos even if you don't do a lot of that right it's more about that sort of thing than it is kind of yeah absolutely you know drawing everything out that people often you know and especially because you get such a direct response with doing kind of speed paintings and things like that you get so much stuff happening that I think often students and people starting out underestimate the utility of line drawing adds a design tool and as a presentation tool yeah right so one of the really good things about line and I think one of the reasons that it's it's it's useful you know and I use a lot of line I just don't do it with ink right yeah it sounds like a really sort of minor difference but I just I never actually do it where it's kind of like you know I'm trying to get this super clean look right I'm always coloring it right so my stuff you know always is like you know it has color in it um and I never think about the black and white nature of it but yes so often if you're working in in line it's just clear right it's and once you do the lion drawing from a design perspective you're kind of done yeah like everything that you add after that point sort of just finish it's just adding it it's just plussing the drawing and that it's going to be very clear to whoever needs to model that design or see that design what it is you know I mean it's the simplest kind of sort of form of just being you know like very direct yeah and yeah a lot of people kind of I feel like it's insofar as like the modern concept art sort of where it is right that the current milieu right the current sort of zeitgeist yeah concept art is that what you get a lot of is kind of mushy yes right less undefined stuff and I think that makes itself makes its way a little bit into actual films right because in VFX like you can actually manifest that nothingness yeah you know we'd sort of flush it out yeah just kind of bunch of fog yeah like a lot of fog or you know it's sort of particle effects or you know sort of just you know like designing characters and things that are kind of more about particle effects and you know sort of glow enos versus you know actually sort of you know designing the form and I think a lot of the time that's because people are sort of uncomfortable actually defining things yeah right and I think a lot people who are kind of like currently sort of coming up learning sort of painting and photo bashing and that sort of stuff is the the thing that that doesn't do well is actually defining a thing right like touring it out and the great thing about Lyon is it kind of that's what it does exactly so it's really good to have at least a rudimentary understanding of how to do a line drawing and and what the benefits are um because you know I've seen even a lot of people who you wouldn't think of as using line actually use line in their process a fair bit just to kind of you know as an editing layer yeah right like you know I've seen one of the things I found really interesting is you know we had sort of like James pack yeah you know a couple of years ago and you know he's someone who definitely you wouldn't associate as being a line drawing person yeah right but he would sort of get halfway through a painting and then sort of say okay I don't really know what's going on here and instead of just kind of yeah yeah instead of just pushing pain around he kind of was like sort of zoomed out right and sort of did like a drawing like a still fairly simple but he really kind of just drew out and be like okay I need to figure out what this spaceship actually is yes and then he used that line drawing to kind of you know create a painting from order like you know update the painting and I was like ah that makes heaps of sense yeah I can actually I still very vividly remember that moment as well because he was someone whose work I I kind of had followed quite a bit yeah but didn't I'd never seen him do it live yes me starting to try and draw a character interesting you got 15 minutes left oh honey yeah yeah so it's it's like and and the other thing is again like you a lot of the time you see artists who are actually working on very big properties where line art has nothing to do with the finish result yeah but it's such a useful design tool that you know it's people are working in it every day you know even when we had like a ton XANA here he was talking about how probably like 50% of his sort of actual workload is actually just doing black and white line drawings over and you know putting a bit of sort of tone in but essentially just line drawings over 3d model base yeah remember you can erase that with white if you need to this is perfect I'm just saved made me super self-conscious because I'll know it's good no it's good I'm just gonna say okay don't um yeah everyone to know that this character has a very big head yeah so he's going to have a very that's intentional it's intentional yep um yeah so you know even on you know games like Uncharted or lost of us where you would imagine you know and people are sort of working on that I probably hide because of their ability to create these sort of photorealistic esque environments is that a lot of the day-to-day work is actually done in line yeah absolutely you just don't see it because it's sort of not what makes it into the artworks you know what I mean it's like the least interesting visually of all the work that's created so much work is created that you know we never really bother doing anything else yeah but that's certainly the case you know what I mean it's always super effective and super clear to just draw something in line um and you know probably I I'd say you know but for stuff that's more photorealistic right you know maybe sort of less so but you know just for sort of actually defining things yeah there's nothing else that comes close to it at the moment yeah I've one thing that I've always done it one one area I've always used line in my like the freelance work I was doing before I started teaching more and I was I was doing a lot of level design stuff for TV shows and that kind of thing and work one thing where I've never been able to reconcile painting is over the top of the 3d base right which is which is again something that when you're in production especially mmm-hmm that you just do so much of yep this guy's hands in its pocket because I'm smart yeah yeah I use line of that stuff all the time because painting over that stuff is it's just a lot of work yeah right now it's generally one of those things where you just don't have time yeah and so yeah I when I do light level layouts and stuff like that it's line and then that line gets filled with a little bit of you know often just flat collar mhm and that's it yeah and you know in a production workflow that's all those level designers need yeah it's because they just need to know what is what like what does this cube turning into oh it's a bench or oh it's a bushel yeah and you know and then if you want like design call outs of that stuff you can do design call outs of that stuff yeah later on and that's no big deal yep so that's even though a lot of my like again if you look at my portfolio it's a bunch of super polished fancy looking shiny paintings right which you know look good in a portfolio and I do them quite a bit yeah but this stuff that yeah that I do day to day and the most useful stuff the most efficient stuff that I do in the more line and of course it's got undos and it's got a bunch of GD stuff but I do a bunch of you know if I'm doing a big line drawing that requires a lot of trees I don't sit there and draw a bunch of trees I go and get a photo of some trees and I put the poster edges filter on it yeah it brings the lines out and you can put that as a multiplier and you get this really nice you know UCD way of getting juries into a drunk but these lines that tell someone else this is a tree yeah that's the that's an undersea stylistically if you keep everything in that same if you reduce everything to that same nodal questions its then well it's easier to read yeah I mean I kind of don't have to worry about you know sort of like fussing over things yeah cuz I again this is like one of those little stupid pearls of wisdom that I like to tell students is that as soon as you put a photo in something you've set a precedent of that image has photorealistic quality you've just made everything that doesn't have food exactly don't know rap and not look good that's it yeah so it's um if you can get away with describing it as line I'm not getting the way that's the wrong term but if you can describe it with line describe it with line and then if you I'm once more finish you can do that later yeah but in terms of being efficient I think yep well it's not it does seem to be you've got 10 minutes left by the way thank you it does seem to be that sort of like production breaks down in different ways but like it does seem like a common way is that you know you kind of have these hero paintings for like you know a level or you know a shot or like you know in the environment and that kind of has everything it has like mood architectural sort of keys light and key surface key storytelling like everything Johnny mean in one image and that's kind of like the hero image that everyone sort of follows but yeah if you're kind of saying oh here's a bunch of like block mesh stuff that the level designers or whoever has sort of created that you need to beautify or make sense of there's no point in recreating that right yeah because people have pre-built a lot of those assets based on the hero image and they're just gonna lay them in and having an artist even though it may seem like oh but you know the artists are really good at painting and doing that and you know making this fence yes but it's very inefficient and stupid to recreate that every time as yeah a 2d artists yeah because all it's gonna happen is that people are gonna do that right that's where the rock is I was dragging that shader drags this rock shader dragged that rock here do this thing and a lot of the reasons is because as you know people are actually you know you don't have time to actually remake assets often time you're actually forced you design things based on assets that exist so it just doesn't make any sense to kind of do a million photorealistic paintings it's often like a couple and then the rest is kind of just well what you need because as you can see like no one even knows that half of those line drawings exist you know I'm so close to how many undos have you done having that any none damn it yeah apart from that time the screen went black for 20 minutes and then all the sudden those are painting yeah yeah and but it feels like the the other way that people will utilize them more sort of like moody like you know sort of photorealistic painting ability is when maybe a level will be a bit more finished maybe it's like 8090 percent finished right it's it's it's been they've taken that sort of line drawing made a finished sort of level out of it but maybe that's when the material was need a bit of a refinement right that's when you need to kind of say no no you need to tweak it at that final level here and there but again that's where often people are actually painting over a fully rendered screen shot sake not I mean you and you're leveraging the information that's there and you're just sort of saying tweak this here turn those shaders down and that's where you know you do get into the weeds on the subtleties right yes but not at every sort of drawing right it just doesn't make any sense it's obvious right but yeah when you see our books full of photorealistic paintings it can be it can be sort of you know confusing right as a beginning and and most professionals know that's read this is not sort of something yeah most people understand this but yeah if you were just starting out it may be sort of like why do I need to learn line drawing because everything on art station is an amazing painting yes you know and it's like no this is still relevant um and I guess you know 3d to a certain degree replaces this because if you again remake things in 3d and you can reuse assets that are 3d then an artist can kind of maybe have it all you know what I mean you can actually define what a thing is and you know like actually have it useful and your reasoning assets so you're not remaking it every time but still the question is until it's quicker to do a 3d version of that then a line drawing the line drawings always gonna win yes yeah it's time time is money you know that's all that really matters some cool shines yep yep yeah this is looking good coming straight out of a conversation about not making things look shiny just phasing line well yeah you look at me go cuz so beyond swish-swish-swish yeah yeah so Anna and I'm assuming you've sort of done this so I think you've got five minutes five minutes today yes I'm assuming you've done like a lot of these rendering techniques of things you've probably done a couple have done this before I don't think I've ever got it right right I've done it before and I'm doing it again yes and yeah it's one of those things where I'm this is like a terrible bad habit that I what I need to do is actually sit down and do like a really really long study of a car at some point again yeah I've done a few in my life but I'm not it's just not something that appeals to me yeah but I need to sit down I did it undo number one sorry whoops panicking yep I panicked I'm hoping when I so I'm opening myself up here - yeah exposing my weakness yeah it's yeah it's one of those things where I need to sit down and just like figure out the way that because all of this just remember any races yeah just as a rendering there's all the rendering that I do with ink is symbolic that makes sense I'm create I'm trying to create the symbol that sells the illusion of the thing that I want yeah and so in order to do that you need to have an understanding of exactly what's happening and I feel like especially with light reflections and stuff that's something I've always just gone oh we were um whereas the reality is not wired yeah man I need to just sit down and do it but it's one of those things that I know a few little kind of shapes of strokes that I can get away with to kind of create the certain illusions that I'm going for yeah and so I kind of do a little bit yeah yeah cool this is looking good it's got jowls yeah but you cannot you can legit to that that's yeah that is a big brush to be I know I'm risking a lot honest I accidentally just leaned on that big deities it's all over he's a mechanic so you could just have a wheel on this face you got three minutes left already you probably need a shudder all that come to the last two second two seconds shadows - yeah okay watch this watch this so I feel like yeah like you I do feel like you've got a really good handle on probably cuz you've done a fair bit wrong to burn stuff is is that yeah I feel like you have a really good feel of light spotting the blacks and kind of using some of that black you know sort of like to actually like plus the image and add sort of design to it you know what I mean where it's kind of yeah I think the looseness is kind of working got a cool shadow yeah so you can add any turn alright so no not just no good I'm gonna add some speed lines oh yeah cuz speed lines are cool yep yeah and again a lot of people would do that kind of stuff with like a whiteout pan yeah like that yeah exactly you wouldn't actually sit there and draw that shape not that profile exactly which i think is again yeah if you want aware that like hey photocopying something gets rid of all the weird you know gradients and stuff that you get with real ink and you would probably look at someone's like cross-hatched yes throwing and looking at again cuz like down here is a little explanation you see all this you know this if you look at any Marvel comic you see this occasionally you will see this yeah as well and you'll be like oh God does that mean I have to actually sit and draw a like yeah yeah edge and that edge and that edge is that what they did but of course no they no no they're over it in white acrylic or white out and then when you photograph it it just all gets crunched to black and white yeah now you got to delete that oh that's the wrong button I apologize oh my ex ex is the button I want to press impressive yeah I saw her hand move you know I don't know what one minute left okay yeah what do you do it's pretty much done I think you just draw a see cloud behind you do one cloud there and you do another cloud behind something because it creates depth yep those the illusion and then yep come on out left yeah signature think looks something like that yep close enough close enough that's a pretty good intent not off because no one was look at those grass pencils yeah cool yeah no I'm sweating why yeah big it's hard work okay this is doing dazing parts where you're like blah blah blah I have three hours yeah and then it's doing a demo yeah where it's like dude and it's live live oh boy yeah everyone's judging you on the Internet Oh God holy gentle awesome so with we're done we are done yeah yeah I think like the takeaway from the inktober stuff is yes you should do it yeah but look at it as not just a chance to do 30 drawings and then stop yeah 31 I checked it's a break turning teaching you to you know build good habits yeah there right yeah there is subjects to that it's you hopefully will kind of yeah a very slow ink it's like fine I mean you know find a group of people who are doing the same thing that you're doing yeah and use that as your ego but buddies right like they're you get ribbiting type of people and yeah let's let's two of them yeah this is the final the final one which we will post on the internet someone will post it on the Internet yeah yeah I think it looks cool again I feel like I feel like you guys really handled the like more of that what what I kind of define is like inking right sure where you know you sort of got all the the black and white and all that kind of stuff for his eye I kind of yes stop here and I'm like this is where I would add color yeah yeah and make it look better yeah I feel like I've yeah that's a good point because I mean to me this is finished there's nothing more I would do to that yeah fix any mistakes but I wouldn't go wouldn't touch it further than that yeah but you clean line stuff always looks a little bit unfinished yeah yeah and there's something that you can kind of yeah with yours you can see there's a path forward to that and I think it's some kind of speaks more of the fact that that is borrowing the no one twos is kind of your that's what I normally do not so yeah I mean I'm gonna two different approaches to that same thing yeah totally so um so yeah what are you gonna be doing for the rest of the week before we before we head out rest of the week oh man I'm gonna go on more ink Tobi's I'm gonna be doing more October's yeah I'm gonna try not to do them ahead of time so that if I get lazy on one night I can just go I do it oh yeah just saw how much I screw up your signature and that just bums me out and yeah a part I won't move we've got obviously a bunch of teaching on and a lot more art direction yep more play near hopefully some play out I know a few of the guys in about midweek I'm not gonna be able to do that though because I'm too busy doing getting hired yeah but it's yeah I think like this weekend definitely gonna do some more planer can get better at that and see on screw by that horrendous price tag yeah justify your well that's also a good thing that we talk about when it comes to like committing you spend enough amount of money on definitely and they won't be embarrassing yep you didn't do more plane hitting actually I've told everyone know you do everyone on the internet knows all 10 people in the chat know that yes you're gonna need to do more plane in German it'll totally a motoring on my synthetic which I spent too much money on as well but anyways justify my purchases it's okay it's that's what life is about where it goes um cool well I'm gonna try and spot more blacks had more black to my to my thing yeah and see I'm get your hands you can't ride your hand yeah your fate did some great there is some feet do that's right okay having the same feet cool awesome well I think that's it for us today yeah we'll see you guys next week hopefully we have more inktober drawings and maybe we could convince simon to do english I'm a boy yeah that's never gonna happen I know but one can one can hope maybe next year maybe next year yes all right cool thanks guys we'll see you next week guys [Music] you servqual model dissertation Berkeley College.

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