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Rainer maria wielki dissertation outline

Rainer maria wielki dissertation outline onyx capstone for money grange farm primary school coventry ofsted report well thank you for coming as an honor to be here it's horribly to being on the creation side of things my name's Kent Hovind as on high school science 15 years and now do seminars on bass and evolution and dinosaurs Paul contacted about 160 professors to see if they would debate nobody would so I'm just going to speak for about an hour and then open up for question answer time and have questions please write them out we'll be ready for any questions you're fair game and it's written into the creation topic okay preferably on the top of creation no I have not against silence okay I'm not against capable I'm just a big n some eyes it's not I'm going to share with you some of the lies that are found in your textbooks that are used consistently to support the open in theory okay that's not my wife just a picture and three kids one of each I have all married off in the dog died so I made it I'm home free and two-and-a-half grand kids that one more comin up here a few days and we produce a lot of materials on creation and evolution none of our material is copyrighted we encourage people to get them and tag em and give it to your friends and get rid of a for sake of time they're so weird over Michael tells us that the Ten Commandments pretty clearly thou shalt not bear false witness don't lie okay courted the Bible in my strong to lie or do they lose theory I can't think of anything that could possibly be problem because I thought that often ask people if evolution is true how do you tell them right from wrong maybe a list of ten things that are wrong and before you think the list tell me how and besides what goes on the list where is your standard to determine right from wrong if evolution is true I was is very clearly a false witness shall not be unpunished speak of lines about escape I've caught some people who delight in my Psalm 62 these six things of the Lord ABA seven are an abomination unto Him a lying tongue and false witnesses speaketh my Bible says if Jesus holds a vote here of your father the devil and the lusts of your father he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no communion when he speaketh up on speaker the roots of his own he is a liar and the father of it I'm convinced after studying this topic for many many years there's a pop a lot of good science in the science books but there are supplies mix for them I'm not against the science I'm against the lies and that's what I want to talk to you about tonight now in my first three tapes of my seminar series I talked students again my two-month the Big Bang it didn't happen to be invited to month came to the earth the earth is not billions years old to be it lies about the cavemen has never been a caveman with Camino Salomon model I forget my brother dinosaurs they did not live millions of years ago hater Isaac they spent three hours and what I'm going to spend one tonight talking about some of the lies in the textbooks 25 but they're probably eaten they need to be discussed this flavor here I'm not trying to get everything out of the schools I'm really not I'm not trying to get Greece into the school I just want the lies off the books concept well I'm sick and tired of paying for lives now my mother retired from teaching public school she's been in heaven for seven years now my brother retires this year after 34 years teach in public school there are many good teachers in the system and was a high school principal for 11 years as science teacher for six years he and his wife are now my staff at dinosaur adventure land in Pensacola Florida there are many good teachers in the system I agree is there anybody here that makes teachers or textbook should be allowed to deliver they lied to students for any reason think that'd be okay all right Wisconsin has a law that requires textbooks to be accurate so does help them textbook shall be adequate insurance Texas says structure material Florida's law requires accuracy and instructional material so does California California textbook shall be naturally accurate and incorporate principles of instruction reflective of Kurtz and confirm research Minnesota says the teacher shall not deliver they suppress or distort subject matter those are all good laws the problem is no states enforce them second Peter warned us noting this first I shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lust see the reason people scoff at the Bible is not because of their science it's because of their sin Julian Huxley Thomas Huxley's grandson said I suppose the reason we left at the Origin of Species was the idea of God interfered with our sexual image well at least he's honest they just want freedom from God's authority over their life and he admitted it okay Sir Arthur Keith wrote the foreword the Darwin's book one was republished in 1759 he said evolution is unproved and unprovable we believe it because the only alternative is special creation and that is not thinkable well Arthur I would be unthinkable to think there might be a creator well romans chapter 1 gives us the whole story original champers pretty interesting it says even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient Romans wants a very interesting chapter by the way first the second has audience notice for this cause God did send them a strong the patient coming in to lie and if you believe you came from the rock 4.6 billion years ago you have been deluded okay therefore they just drawn collusion you're welcome to believe that hoppers even play they think a lot of virtually I'm selling your delivered if you think you're going up how is your rock now the Aleutians cannot solace their critics with logic but it's why they won't debate so get on back at my expense and debate all the presses here at the same time on three simple conditions I give half the time if there's one of them in want to meet miss fine I get half the time never do we talk about one topic at a time number three anybody can videotape it and use the tape simple again to stick its office with logic so they disrupt is crap use legal pressure or silence messenger shut this guy up somehow there's an idiot for this two days ago going around here now his supporters would be doing their best at the audience you do the same this lady is offering to each other maybe mites in the crowd here this will make it more interesting as hope it is a master debater and have a prefinished audience in the palm of his hand so to speak having audience retaining an element hostile to his propaganda what about me strive loud last year every time he tells a walker or just a collective audible intake of breath they have the desired effect on him but if 50 caliber machine gun may not be quite the thing for this job you want to do audience members intact and possible otherwise you're going to create a lot of bad feeling on every side why sprout most quotes around David said responding to the previous why they're all reasons anyway I'm still going with artillery shell funny also responding well whatever does the job is fine with me I just thought of using a large-caliber what I believe the final stage of the real bang after all video only honest thing you'll ever do on stage no but worse see in this case is that someone may decide this is the American social movement but for all that he is in the slimy piece of intellectual crap after this is after all an intellectual dispute threatening to harm him it's not profit that's not appropriate nor the competent assessment policy where he stopped shall we shoot door-to-door evangelist whose ideas we don't like jokes have this nasty tendency to turn into actions John go to threats drew it out I was opening the factor of 50 caliber and the personnel round a monument bottom folks ran by scare even an audience of creationist in to reconsider interviews to view of us have a really good appreciation for human internal anatomy against me let me show you something here this is the same exact mentality the Catholic Church had for people to disagree with that is a few hundred years ago when they tortured people and tried to try to scare everybody else into accepted the church's Dogma there are people who really honestly want to scare people into accepting devotee and Dogma because they don't have any evidence to support it okay now the Bible tells us the scoffer are going to say where is the promise of his coming since the father's fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation for this they willingly are ignorant of the stoppers are willingly ignorant in the great feminine stuff on purpose they're willingly ignorant of two things number one and by the word the heavens were evolved they don't want to believe God created this place because then that means he owns it that means there might be some rules you know like now Sheldon and I want those rules and I want of any column what to do they're eager to pop got beat the heavens in here also the Bible says whereby the world that then was being overflowed with water perish they don't want to admit there was a flood because that body decays not as the authority to judge his creation now I want to share with you some of the lies in the textbooks and say what I think ought to be done about it and then we're going to take time for questions Nathan one of the biggest lies in the textbooks are telling everybody each of the layers of rock that you see is a different age the Cenozoic Mesozoic feelings are barking so I call this was invention of the clear blue sky most of the names come from England's ammonia you know for a higher interpretation from the preacher for chalk the chalk there's over there anybody the geologic column doesn't exist any place on earth except the textbook of Charles Darwin didn't like to round numbers he said that the well being deposits in England were six hundred to three hundred six million six hundred sixty two thousand four hundred years old how he knows that is anybody's guess but all over the world he's this petrified trees like this one are found standing of connecting different rock layers here we've been teaching the kids for years these layers are different ages and yet thousands of these petrified trees have been found in the vertical position right other sites for a long time it's on you folks is just not common sense to say the layers are different ages if you have a petrified tree standing up anything of all hyperlift two or three other there are houses these have a grocery good $40 into a 30 color pictures of petrified tree standing up front too many layers of strata so if somebody tells you that layers are different ages I said I'm sorry I just I simply disagree though a science is supposed to work you get a theory and then somebody says hey here's my evidence for the theory organ study rhetoric there is ample evidence against the theory that the layers are different ages this has been known for centuries that petrified trees exist in the vertical position connecting players that are supposedly millions of years different in Asia so I disagree when somebody says the earth of the layers are different agents no this is though with all the evolution theories based on this geologic column simply does not exist is one of the lies in the textbook 80 to 85% of our service does not even have three geologic periods appearing incorrect consecutive order it becomes an overall exercise of gargantuan special cleaning and imagination for the evolutionary uniformitarian paradigm to maintain their ever geologic period the whole thing is baloney even though this geologic column does not exist that's what changed people's worldview back in the early eighteen hundreds people began to doubt the creation view of history because as it was commonly taught in the early eighteen hundreds and they being a slave the earth is millions of years old this teaching of the geologic column especially affected ium geology major which is translated by the college to be a preacher his name was Charles Darwin Darwin been clear about the college to be a pastor the church the Church of England he sailed around on board the vehicle for five years and he collect bugs while he was sailing around he bought some boots with injuries he brought Charles Lyell's book that talked about the geologic column and that's the book that destroyed his faith it changed his life forever Darwin later wrote to his friend and said this belief crept over me on a very slow rate for the last complete I don't know distress he slowly lost his faith in the Bible as Darwin sailed around the world into these islands called the Galapagos Islands there he notice there were 14 varieties of inches he shot many many birds Darwin shot off Lover's he didn't like first and he like worms he thought was kind of mean to the bird a door so he shot out of Earth and stuffed and collected a huge collection supper and he's hopeful ultimate departmentís of his dead Oh Darwin look at all these birds that you know I think these 14 brightest avenges had a common ancestor I bet you're right charlie give us a verb hope they bring us one over there instead there for 20 years and they found out during wet years in dry years of being skin thicker during dry years and thinner during wet years by notices by one tenth of one millimeter one tenth of a millimeter difference in average beak thickness from what years of dryers okay that's the evidence that we all gave Marat 4.6 billion years ago Darwin that wrote in his book after studying these birds and other things around the world he said you know maybe these 14 kinds of birds had a common ancestor and that proves that birds are related to bananas he saw he didn't say that he certainly did eight 170 is it's really wonderful five that all animals of all plants throughout all time space should be related to each other just because you see fourteen kinds of birds in this improvers and bananas are related for heaven's sake perfect Charlie observed is sometimes called micro evolution I object to the term I don't think they should use it but they do so I'm going to explain okay micro evolution tells us you can see upper branches in the dogkind don't produce over IP of offspring this is a verbal it is scientific it is scriptural it's it's just a plain fact or make it happens nobody would that be right in front of it the question is does it go any farther than that you may get a big dog er to the dog but you will get a dog every single time and it could very well be that the dog the wolf and the coyote had a common ancestor nobody would argue with that even though there are three totally separate species I have five-year-olds through this all the time in the audience eyes okay here's a dog a wolf a very end of Anna not others just about what not exceptions they figured out okay it's the banana national Geographics is the evolution of dog just woke to move nobody is arguing with that but that's not really that man the bible says they're going to bring forth after their time so the question is can they bring forth and the dog in the wall it makes a grid for through the same time the dog on a banana cannot they are not the same company ok this word evolution has six meanings and if you're going to discuss evolution it's extremely important you discussing define what you're talking about the first meaning of the word is cosmic evolution the origin of time space matter before you can have a coherent theory of evolution you have to have something that explains where the time space and matter come from they all exist they seem to be a continuum you can't have one without the other if you had after but no space where would you put it if you had matter in space but no time what would you put it at v time space matter simultaneously the Bible explains that in 10 words in the beginning their time God created heaven or space and the earth matter ten words I have to sip it ate my faith stopped in this evolutionist believes they just happened they have the exact same problem the Grecians MC that's why I say both creation and evolution are religious you have to believe in this one secondly we have what's called chemical evolution I've never had an evolutionist discuss this one or even address the topic but if the Big Bang Theory says well the Big Bang can produce hydrogen and helium how did you get all these other comments don't you believe that uranium evolve of hydrogen as long as in fusion stars you can't use past iron and even if you could use you have got a serious chicken and an egg problem which came first the stars to make the elements for the all of us to make stars get real serious chicken a problem here thirdly the funding plus sir it's purely theoretical they can believe that if they want just like what this is a religion that it happened it's not science third Laban FF stellar evolution if the stars would have to be involved we never see stars it's up forming we see a few spots getting brighter in the right away so allow star forming on the freshman law student to tear that one apart you see a spot getting brighter it could be dust it's learning in front of a star already existing equipment supernovae getting ready to happen disarms you dork you know and they get brighter before the devil we and there are all kinds of fog like oils gas law that would prevent a star performing from a desktop there's no scientific physical evidence of how this can happen but they have to have an app after all there's enough stars out there that we know about that everybody on earth can own about 11 trillion up to yourself as the grant estimate never left you so how do the server's all get there fourthly there's going to have to be organic evolution somehow life has to start from nonliving material that the evolutionist is still tuck stuck 200 years behind the time believing in what small spontaneous generation they may give it a fancier name now but it's still the same thing like from nonliving materials how did it happen you can believe anything you want to believe that I wanna see scientific evidence one guy's civil what a scientist produce life in the laboratory someday I said well they're nowhere close first of all and if the bunch of intelligence I insist get together and produce life and that would prove it takes intelligence to make life which is what I've been saying all along it would prove creation not evolution v we have what's called macro evolution this is where an animal changes from one time to another so we have seen them let's do we have what's called micro evolution and again I object to the term but they use it so this one happens the first five are clearly religious and if you want to believe those that's fine Penniston I don't care what you believe but don't call it science and don't make me faith as he said to the next generation against like that's part of science because it's not but the textbooks are constantly changing meaning of the word they say evolution attendance over time I agree matter how much is in other words living things have changed over time while we were waiting a hold on a minute are you going to skip over the first four are we just going to assume that these happen because you know this is a major serious jump in their period they don't have a coherent theory back to the beginning then they say evolution is a change in species over time what other right now for what I believe in I believe species can have muscle varieties within that time but that's not really evolution as a lie they're wanting you to believe all six parts to that theory about the giving evidence for another six people say well couldn't my macro evolution just mean micro over long periods of time no the central question of the Chicago conference was whether the mechanisms underlying micro evolution can be extrapolated to explain the phenomena of macro-evolution the answer can be given as a clear no it's not going to happen okay very easy in search of the heaven but they're limited Parker's been trying to get bigger bigs for a long time but they never get a pig's business Texas there's a limit in there somewhat circuit roaches become resistant to pesticide but they will never become resistant to a sledgehammer there's eleven okay equals they don't bacteria become resistant to drugs well hold on a minute dr. Spector points out this based on a misunderstanding the mutations that cause antibiotic resistance still involve information loss for example to destroy bacteria of the antibiotic streptomycin attaches to a part of the bacterial cell called ribosomes mutations sometimes cause a structural deformity in ribosomes since antibiotic cannot connect with the misstatement ribosome the veteran is resistant faith no the mutant turns out to be beneficial for the moment the mutation it's know constitutes a loss of genetic information not a game no motion has taken place the bacteria are not stronger in fact under normal conditions with volumes about they are weaker than their not mutated peasants it's like if somebody's going through that some countries I'm and helping everybody and all that off to prison is going to kill but you don't have any arms and so they can't handcuff you so you survive oh wow beneficial mutated well if I'm your beneficial for the moment you get back in the population of the work of folks you're going to be at a disadvantage so don't tell me this bacteria becoming resistant to drugs as an example of the process I'm going to turn a rock to a human over 4.6 billion years you're dreaming you're Holloman mutations always produced the same kind of plant or animal that's not real evolution the information for the variety has to already be in the gene pool note if information is ever added the gene pool of the new variety like the Chihuahua is actually more limited than for what they've done with you with dogs they select the surface slice of the gene pool to survive you know big dog for the dogs that's not a banana it's selecting pre-existing information that's all it's doing and all over the Chihuahuas laps in the real world turn all this into the woods and watch what happens go ahead make my my very friend up genetic information is lost when you get a variety has not added real evolution would require increase in genetic complexity I believe it was Richard Dawkins who was asked the question I've got the videos a but he was asked the question can you think of a example of a mutation and that increases genetic complexity it was totally silent for 19 seconds finally he said that they both leave because they go on there weren't any there are no mutations that increase genetic complexity in my several teens around but can I add in new genetic material I drove an Illinois corn country they've got a lot of expensive corn there but if they were folks you cross feed your for now to the cows come home you'll never get an answer or a way over tomato to grow in your corn stalk okay there are variety of dogs of any questions that but they're still the dog it is I respectful calls it divergent evolution how come on don't give it a fancy name it's still a dog it's a dog behind and it's obviously a five-year-old it's a dog kind this Mexican textbook says oil or zebras evolve a common ancestor that's not evolution it's still a horse okay and there are little bitty horses and big horses today the world smaller for visit our fans for venture land far by useless and riding my granddaughter horses zebras and asses can all be frustrated and they get sources on easy own easy dog she trips less because the horses zebra in the ass our end the pony are all the same kind of animal and anybody with even part of a brain on figure that one out there's her disease roids run around now in the last 100 years the Kentucky Derby has gone from an average winning speed in hundred twenty seven seven two hundred twenty three seconds even in the old days that has a very low time German turned in how much money when you guess has been spent on selective breeding front to win the Kentucky Derby like millions and millions of dollars I'm around I don't know if they reach the limit for horse speed or not I don't know but I suspect they're getting fairly close to the limit if you really want to win the Kentucky Derby why don't your evenings on your horse and fire on the track in 12 seconds my whole point is sure variations happen but there are limits to the variation why the evolutionist can't see them I don't know they want to think there's enough variety available that are rot and turn to a human over 4.6 billion here there's a variety of cows they might have common ancestor 50 how there's a variety of chickens this is magazine where you order chickens what kind you want to get want to get red rocks or white rocks carry anglers round leghorns golden comets but the magazine says the junk oh wow are the original bird from which all varieties and strains of investigative Japan's are derived if you'd up off the chickens had a common ancestor it was a chicken there are eight kinds of players in the world they let the fed a common ancestor I don't know but they're so fair as obviously recognizable has a very broccoli cauliflower cabbage all have a common ancestor implants that's not proof we came on the rock Erin California they graphed English walnut trees on a flat wall that stumps they do these by the by the millions all over the place that's because the English walnut tastes better easier to crack but the root system rocks easy and with the hard pan out here they get a lot of water stays in the soil the black walnut system is much better root system but nuts are hard to grab they don't taste as good so they grab them together where you can grasp them together because they are the same kind okay you could never wrap an English walnut tree onto the back of a turtle see that that's the point that out of life evolution is happy then the Bible says they bring forth after their kind that's all we have ever observed now somebody wants to believe capital being believe something was different long over far away okay you believe what you want but it's no longer science there's no scientific evidence to support evolution except no lies okay if real evidence exists I would like to see it but I'm sick and tired paid for lives to be fought suppose I had a theory that the moon is made of green cheese that's a dumb theory but it's there's no log and having done theory so good thank right then suppose I said NASA proved it when they went there 1973 on a secret mission and drilled a hole without the vote is made a green sheet well see now we've got a problem I have another theory which is fine but I'm using lies to support my theory oh now that's not fine and so it's worse obviously anybody can have a theory that they want but it's wrong to put to use to lie about my evidence to get people to believe me and it's worse to get paid by tax dollars while I lie to support my theory so if you have some evidence for evolution and how about see if I really do but I'm going to show you some things in your books that are just plain lies and I want those taken out of the books then if you end up not having it in theory I'm sorry get it in theory that's the way science works okay to get a theory if you give evidence for it if you don't have any evidence you throw it away and get a new theory it would work now and it doesn't work that way at everything except when it comes to everything they don't want to let theory out because that's the only way to get rid of God they said be better when it's for fossils this is silly anybody with half a brain can tell you absolutely no fossils could possibly count as evidence for evolution no fossils can in a court of all the intervention you bring some bones in hey on your honor these ancestors are there you know these bones of the ancestors everybody today well you don't know those problems are the ancestors and anybody you can't throw those bones had any kids and you sure can't prove that different kids now if you want to believe you know so the ancestors of somebody okay now you're off to religion not science they don't think you're really good at home don't bring it in school taxpayer expense evolution is dead some followers have a hard time let it go they're actually willing to lie to you to make you think every time oh you never look better pulse is heart rate look good looks fine folks know it's a dead Syrio k there's no evidence for this book say for the fruit flies over that's revolution they put those flies in the laboratory and nuke them in microwave demand x-ray them did all these things to their lives ending up really weird mutations makeup - pearl wings like my rumpus good pony murder by snowing out of mine they said boys girls fruit flies refuse to become anything but fruit flies under any circumstances yet devised good observation so all mutations observe produce lies they were inferior the original five good observation for the conclusion they come to then is fruit flies must have evolved as far as they can go well there's another conclusion you know maybe fruit flies are doing fine - you guys know this guy said lines in the north end of wines four percent larger than flies in the south and that proves evolution darwin is as bit as ever a dedication and breathtaking speed Wow wings four percent larger that's the evidence are they desperate or dumb or blind or what's the problem here and they tell the kids we're going to learn to think critically of course of girls do you think humans are still involved in we're going to go again is that that's why those questions like if you stopped beating your wife yes Wow let me think I say yes I'm admitting I did it if I say no I'm still doing it and you know it is possible for the question to already have a built-in assumption but I can already has it is something built in that's not a fair question and it's certain out of question to learn to think critically that's a soviet-style indoctrination type question I would answer this as a teacher this question is poorly written it assumes evolution has happened when it is not it's like asking the question why off his arm or that's a tough question why are they aren't anyway they're now an orange and when they say do you think humans are still evolving in other words you have to believe in evolution to even answer the question so some kids going to do this for hallmark tonight and get it counted wrong next time they need four glass because he doesn't really help happen then they say how might the dinosaurs body heat problems have led to their extinction they've got two assumptions in that one how do you know and foggy problems and have another extinct you can through the extinction of anything well those are all places at all times at the same time watch video number three prime source they say we fed evidence from homologous structures Oh present well they'll say what girls have spawns in your risk radius any almond yep seated and the alligator has two bones in his wrist and look at this they're called the radius in the almond see that was a girl that proves we are related to an alligator that's what their color these are like a structure provide evidence that these animals evolved a common ancestor a seal slipper any human are a very different function ivory whatever it is I don't show that both structures evolved from a poor limb of a common ancestor this is thinking critically duh maybe they have similar structures because it because they have a common designer is that even considerable as an option they sail over to take a course on comparative anatomy the verb the horse and a human have similar for limb structure yes for the girls comparative anatomy provides further evidence of evolution the commonalities suggest these animals are all related they probably evolved a common ancestor this is a lie they probably have a common designer the poor live event most is amazingly complex if you can get a machine to do what your arm does you'd be a wealthy person the human arm and more they've addressed our incredibly complex potential folks all over the world Germany last week same thing basic is this is evidence for evolution no they develop four different genes in the chromosomes evolution is can't explain this itself of discussing why are these homologous structures coming from different keys let's go us converging so that you make it up a story science can't serve that okay similar design might prove the same designers made them the book that's about half of a Chevy do contrive two bedrooms a Pokeball fond of 14 million years ago sees an example of good observation coming to the wrong conclusion it's too many animals have a simpler for that structure I'm agreed they'll say this is the most about a common ancestor oh now I disagree and doesn't prove that at all this health crew we all came to rob or now you really gone off your rocker on everything this we've got evidence from development yes course the girls the similarities neither mistake is a development of many different animals helped convince Darwin that all forms of life share common ancestors Darwin considered is by far the strongest single class of facts in favor of this theory Ernst Haeckel made up this whole stupid idea called it the biogenetic law he suggested the babies develop inside the mother they go through the stages of evolution again fish amphibians reptiles mammals a reservoir farm and you got it it's called ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny this thing was up to proven wrong in 1875 okay the evolutionary idea the sick mind throwing behind on most that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny that is the development of the individual recapitulate the evolution of the entire species this is what was taught in 1869 sort of identity Ernst Heinkel this textbook says for the girls the presence of these niche light structures in embryos of different species shows these animals have evolved fish and share the basic pattern of nation development this is if the embryo contains a memory of its origins it starts to copy them during its development these structures persist in adult fish as in the embryo of a human has gills like a fish oh you got to be kidding this is a live proven wrong in 1875 it's not true those are the bowls of skin and the embryo development of bones in the ear and glass in the throat folks out of your Anatomy they never have anything to do with breathing I've seen people that have five or six chins and they can't bring you an M for the top ankle says attorney pointed his thinking was when you read Garland's foreign species in 1860 the years translated to German hey go on device of evidence revolution he likes the theory model he can do because if you don't get rid of God so he fell sent me gotta find a way to get some evidence with this series nine years later there still was no evidence service Hagel decided to help out he was an embryology professor at the University of Jena he had access their lives of embryos all kinds of different animals that's what you taught so he faked his drawings he driven human and dog embryo had changed in the middle of lightning he may be fake drawings of these embryos from all different animals here's a chart a values he travel all over Germany is just gone single-handedly converted the Germans to believing in evolution with his baton drawn down here's the top top is Haeckel's drawings underneath are actual photographs of those creatures I guaranteed Paul are they still teaching the embryology at Berkeley here as evidence for evolution biology textbook biology textbook I'll give it back if there's no teaching that I was two years ago three years ago they were in standard text here Berkeley every ology is evidence for evolution they don't think they don't teach that's wonderful HECO was tried by his own University six professors held the trial he confessed and said well I should feel utterly condemned we're not the hundreds of the best observers and biologists live at the same charge everybody else lies like apply to it is phylogenetic law has become so deeply rooted in biological thought it cannot be weeded out in spite of its having demonstrated remove all the biokinetic laws is dead as a doornail Richardson that's it pick up the best drawing from memory was convicted of fraud at University of Jennifer the gods persist that's the real mystery they still eat Deaconess 1998 Pensacola forward University of West Florida was still using echoes exact chart the exact chart equal drew is still you to the textbooks 100 in 125 years after it was proven wrong this topic wrote his book in 1859 at panco faked the drawings in 1869 it was proven wrong in 1875 but they still teach it in textbooks all over America now if they're not teaching it here at early yeah I'm proud of it it's about time but this is the type of thing I'm talking about they're using lines to support their theory I debated Kenneth Miller teaches at Brown University Rhode Island on the radio committed it for 30 minutes he won't do it again I said dr. Miller why are you still teaching embryology as evidence for evolution in your textbook you know it was proven wrong 125 years ago he said yes and we're going to take it out of the next edition I was about time so I know it takes a while the textbooks to get up today five eight hundred twenty-five years is long enough when I checked his mm addiction and it was still in there I don't know if it is 2004 edition or not okay but here's a 2090 98 Edition still using the embryology as evidence for evolution this one says a copy of common ancestor because the presence of gills and tails okay here's a 2010 book teaching biology is an evidence revolution from a fish-like structure okay there's a few thousand one choose your high textbook saying the similarities you provide evidence that these three animals evolved from a common ancestor because of the tiny gill slits here's another 2001 hope biology textbook saying to heaven gill slits proof for evolution another one 2001 the page says the gills of fish is evidence of evolution here it's the college textbook used in university it says similarly because human petition will resemble each other it because humans and fish share common ancestry they have tail and you know pouches in early 2004 this year hope algae textbook says the evolutionary history of organisms deceive in the development of embryos oh this is a lie now listen if you have evidence for evolution I would like to see it honestly I'm sick and tired of the teaching lies or pin theory where's the real evidence here's a 2004 by a textbook saying that they show these organisms must have a common ancestor was similar poor leg structure and Guilds evidence from Anatomy evidence from embryology don't give you that evidence show Jimmy okay they don't mind me this textbook says Ben you have a five to six week Yuman embryo and it says by seven months the fetus looks from the outside like a tiny baby but it's not sound maybe it's seven months hello it's a human at conception thirty-four percent of babies more than five and a half months survive there's a 21 we go maybe a development we're holding it on Chris finger by the surgery and the baby before was born NATO Lord said Behold out with meet us not leave City which can help any young casis not leaders that is against a burden his wife back up Bolton child well Paul you hippo Chris here in favor of abortion and yet when you want to get Scott Peterson for her you say it's an unborn child don't you why they keep this in the textbooks that's the only way to justify abortion there's no other scientific evidence to say well it's not a human it's just a fish an amphibian a reptile why is it when you destroy eco stay in a ten thousand dollar fine is that obviously a baby evil or not just a name sorry go yet oh the sex book says humans have an appendix that is bestial you don't need it anymore that's a lie you need repent this is part of your immune system that's been known for years the appendix is one of the sites where immune system responses are initiated now if you can have your appendix taken out you can still live like your stand okay but you've got a much better chance of getting quite a few diseases if you can live without both your arms and both your eyes and both your legs to both your ears also it isn't who you don't need them the arguments the same what you don't need in their fourth proof repet okay that's a stupid argument uh come on okay that's losing something not gaining something this textbook says the will has a vestigial pelvis many organisms retain traces of their evolutionary history for example the whale retains pelvic and leg bones as useless vestiges the National Center for Science Education right here in Berkeley California dr. Jeanne Scott is the president now in 2005 in the one thing to lunch today on a feminized College ya bunch of good not yeah and regarding alleged bunch of 9 to start this organization the purpose is to keep evolution in the schools and his creation is about here's the homepage of the National Center for Science Education skip straight back there he works of he works there you can verify this welcome to the homepage of the National Center for Science education we are a non-profit tax-exempt membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack we are a nationally recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to eat devotion in the science classroom and scientific creationism out that's why they exist that's we're going to find it's enough using tax dollars to support this agenda here's a brochure put out by the National Center for Science Education in the storefront building right there in downtown Berkeley if you walk from here they see is this how the whales he fall Bosse - blowhole did it now evolve to a whale cause only a few differences mean a common well you know was it open them okay I'll change it fix it but overcoming yeah well some of essential Cal goes in Lake bone that serve no purpose if hind limb bones and have no function just imagine whales walking around it's true well these are the bones they're talking about right there just about all art whales have these bones in their abdomen just imagine the way of walking around you know I have tried to imagine it and I just can't definitely here it is the West pelvis is located far from the vertebra and has no apparent function Doyle's pelvis is evidence of a devolution for more legged - rolling mountains folks this is simply a lie both bombs in the Wes abdomen are special bones at a special muscle attached to that allows the whales to reproduce well sorry big you know they just simply can't have a baby whales without medical assistance from these special Falls and central muscles anybody is telling you the whales pelvis is evidence of evolution is either dangerous of whale Anatomy or they're lying trying to support a theory but it's not true that page should be torn in the book they say these structures are considered best control yes for example hind limbs of whales are vestigial structures this is the 2004 textbook this author is Geitner - web Anatomy or lying to you probably just ignorance ignorance I can understand okay but fix it there are no vestigial structures and if there were yes he wants to couple with you that's the opposite of evolution we've talked a long time of whales if you like that after a few days I thought all that if you named your way off ready for okay there's no evidence yet the fossil it but it's wouldn't count at all okay we gotta follow I said I have a 15 and a half foot Python snakes in in my museum if you look down at the south end of that snake you'll see it has a little claws attached judo setting bones going up inside the snake's body the textbook says poison girls these are rudimentary pine legs of a python snake reduce high plains there we go this is simply a line okay those little claws are used in mating the state doesn't have it hard okay anything off the safe good all right this has nothing to do for them oh this again somebody's ignorant of snake anatomy where they're lying to you trying to get you to believe in theory now if you've got evidence for evolution show me but but lying about this stuff okay this one says humans have a tailbone that is of no apparent use this is vestigial do bone in humans vestigial structures can be viewed as evidence for EM pollutant organisms having vestigial structures probably share a common ancestry this is a lie there are nine muscles that attach to the tailbone without which you cannot perform valuable functions I would say what y'all are because we need those bubbles I know people for years if you think he'll on his best digital I will pay to have your Zrii movie okay bend over so whether this baby is born with the tail look at that right there that's not a tail okay there's no bone no cartilage it's not even lined up with the spine as the growth in the skin is simply fatty tissue it's not a tail don't tell anybody it is okay this guy says the coccyx is a small bone at the end of the given oral power has no present function and it's not to be the remainder bombs on top tonight the tail above all parts long tail tree living ancestor this is simply a live oak so tail would be very handy to have right now if there's evidence from oh my honestly would like to see it I've been offering quarter million dollars revenues revolution now people will pick on the creation theory and say we'll happy to get those animals on the are MOBOTIX you can go you watch this I'm not asking for the creation theory to be thought at taxpayers expense they are asking for their religion to be taught taxpayers expense so the burden of proof is on the evolutionists not on the creationist we don't have to prove our theory if they all taxpayers are paying more than we'll have to prove our theory meanwhile further proves on you so I'll take any questions if you think there's evidence for evolution I would like to see we're going up short right here to be chance to go body in the drink that would like to see it okay but this will call it almost always be generates into an ultimate apathy I'm not gives you okay where's the evidence revolution because that's the theory being talked at taxpayer expense okay thank you my name is Josiah and student my question is can you give a scientific definition of a kind non-examples of conquest different consoles such as definition that can be published communalism well the Bible says they can bring forward so the same comic book I don't know that I could define exactly where the kind order is in every place but keep in mind the question is a little off topic because the creationists are not asking for their view to be talking the evolution is are asking for their view to be talk and I think it's obvious to anybody involved in any set of experiment relating breeding cows or horn there are limits to be very agent which is what I brought out so I don't think the burden of proof is on the creation especially prove what a kind is however put while keeping that in perspective the burden of proof is on the evolutionists now I think that since poggle says if they can bring forward that is reproduced at the same time it could be that animals have diversified by poleczka rabbits Florida rabbits and no longer interbreed okay there's no obviously the same kind they could or rachel of interbreeding so in you all say the definition of a kind is those that in the original creation 6,000 years ago were able to cross to make and bring forth a rat rabbits at major bring forth but they can't make the dream work with a dog or an elephant or a whale or banana I think in 99.9% of the cases it would be obvious to apply the rules which I'm about the same kind there may be a few tough cases unmet and that's a good place for biology to do research but the fact that there are a few places generations may not be able to define does not prove milking for rock 4.6 billion years ago even in the second so I guess the best answer I'm in is the Bible says if they can bring forth that same kind if they originally were able to bring forth okay presently having in economics and history major and I was interesting responses your main procedure a public policy perspective in some part of the community that evolution is given an unfair advantage take one part of this Russian contra you can come of it it's a far far as public policy I'm just simply saying you're not a Vietnam is only policy the common sense we shouldn't lie to kids ready reason so it's not a matter of I think creationism is not giving a fair response I think overlooked as being I think lies are being taught to support the Oblivion theory so don't misconstrue my position playing self-government given that I would also like to say that science as I was taught is believed in theories and insofar that employment is Newtonian physics believed by positives the explanation and emotional about it a later point of Einstein found appear both in better explain any point one is truth so science you could say has a series of theories which we teach a certain paradox students and out of time when a theory becomes proven we therefore explain why with elements of previous theory corrupt atoms one theory of evolution being taught in school is wrong because if there was possibly the scientific method for example proves evolution long while it not simply displaced creative evolutionist as Newtonian physics would rush supposed to impart time to get some convoluted I did not say that a Putin should not be hot I said lies should not be told my whole point was the evidence for everything is all-wise stop teaching the lives I never said I want you to not acknowledge so you're building this for the false dichotomy here because not just not the to choice there okay the houses of mine I know I didn't say emotions a lot I sell it the evidence the evidence especially tonight the gill slits that everyone out Lyle is in theory I had a it was lying all I don't want Expo teaches it is that the embryo in it growing inside the mother has deals with okay that is not true that is a lie stop teaching them if they tell you the whale has a vestigial pelvis is not needed anymore that is a lie stop teaching that if it's a Python st. has this video hind legs proof revolution has a lie stop teaching that now if you end up with nothing left to support your theory full sorry get it in theory that's the way science works okay okay but I wonder what I have on this hat presenting you don't prove them no I didn't say my husband had that you your biscuit ringer I did not say that vocation should not be talked I said they shouldn't use lies to support their theory I'm being regulated at about judgment about love is making that vital to put you in a position of considering their intent imagine making that problem in the past love I said five or six times tonight either this author is lying or he's ignorant about the truth on this you think about well that may Tommy heard you say that okay is either dangerous or line either way it's not true what don't we take it out the book your penis culture by opinions not true I'm not have a biology major but I want to ask you about that kind of stuff I would just kind of hear it at the beginning of your presentation one of one of your main points I think and I know you say that you're you're not saying that evolution can be taught in school because like I've you said one of the reasons why evolution is being taught us that we can stop believing God because we don't want any more rules okay now mr. say one part is president I'm he has hyperedge that is my opinion of it that's the reason people choose that theory however I did not anytime say tonight that evolution should not be talked right I said they should be advised to support their theory and we need to find what we're talking about this word evolution is quite a few different levels are stages or phases and I named the six that I requested by the by so the first five are purely religious they are not scientific and they should not be taught as part of science North divides to use the support a theory Seba or whatever like 1 million times ok so I was wondering like if you would be in favor of any types of creationism or specifically like Bible Christian Bible eighth graders I mean what if there are other sets of rules but they don't happen to be the Christian Bible simple okay big is your question am i in favor of the Christian Center rules or by 5 will be being taught at schools up here in my other set billet I want to be really concerned about whether or not it should be taught in school that is curious about your ears you need automatic hi without question I believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate I believe the Bible is right in every respect I believe that is the basis for a foundation for our moral system that's a foundation for our country 200 years ago but I'm not asking for that to be thought of schools right so the burden of proof not on me but I would Bible true and I think it is if you have a creationist of school right where where it was taught when it teach all kinds of cases or simply Christian create well but I don't think it's possible to have any type of school without some kind of morals being introduced just eating in general bread automatically implies immoral you can't say this is wrong or two plus two is four presents your opinion right okay I'm saying what if you had a lot of moral system verses and other morals but that's why the bigger question comes up should we have public school number one okay if we could have them if we can't even have them then what should be taught I mean in a Muslim school or gonna teach the kids one thing go to school they're going to teach what they walk talk what if everybody went to private schools and everybody talked with them really hope it goes back much further than who goes through school has responsibilities education is the parents not the state well you know when you descend into a state of run institution the state's going to impose their morals and it will be have here is a straight state institution enforcing imposing their moral everything all the parents should educate their children or if they want to get together in a collective school of Mennonites or Amish or Buddhists or Catholics or that they have no school but what's happening here is all of the taxpayers of all faiths are being required to pay for one really did you beat all I'm against it that's what's not fair about anybody else if somebody wants to teach evolution in schools they should do it in a privately funded school where the kids have to pay it come learn and they can teach whatever they want okay and you think this is an additional question of do you think that evolution is here devolution and having religious beliefs many hundreds completely really Smith I think that it's the biblical view of creation and evolution depending on the distance I avoided now are you talking about the micro evolution a convention tonight's variations within the kind to say like the kind of problem school as far as the development of Philly okay put you were talking about earlier okay as far as the development of flight forms today from amount of different life forms animals changing to a different kind where's the evidence for that who has never seen a dog produce a not dog or a cat where's an unkown yeah that's not I wanted to go like whether you think evolution and a faith in Christianity can be whether they're necessarily beliefs was okay if I would leave my evolution but I think it does the first five kinds of evolution that I mentioned tonight are are purely religious and are indeed contradictory to the devil to the creative view there's no evidence for evolution in any way so why would we compromise a perfectly good Bible with a dumb theory that has no evidence is important I would not accuse god of using a theory but refusing a process like that okay now do not use my chance misfits in Devon suffering its or another common survival I'll say that a bit right but you have the three supposed to stand on work either huh get savory supposedly a belief in Christianity decided I believe and if somebody wants to believe that on these first time they're want to believe them however they are not part of science this are part of their religion and that should be taught in private schools that private expense I shouldn't have to pay for them to be taught like part of science but right now that is being taught as it is part of science so what it signs for assignment means knowledge that's the sink over definition of it more expanded definition is not much gained by observation experimentation and testing you can look it up anything Chanel before about ten years ago when they tried to change it so now it is a way of knowing you know every dictionary unless 200 years has listed science as knowledge and knowledge gained by observation testing and experimentation we have no test even if no observation we have no experiments to show us dogs can produce num goals or dogs came from knock doors now somebody wants to believe that they left science and went to religions design but doing it right I think maybe skip I'm so glad you came tonight hi I'm John glad you're here to head fighting skip Evans I major in anti creationism at the University of the National Science indicated you came ten but I'm actually really happy about us to see so many science majors in the audience because you become university professors you're going to call us up and say somebody had brought this book enriched by a guy named Kent Hovind what is this stuff you're getting the lesson here tonight so I really am I live I think you should treat a lot more universities and a lot less churches okay now that there's my question what I have here is a little comic book I'm very familiar with called Big Daddy yes it's distributed here tonight I understand that you helped rewrite it I did commentary broke the rich money in ecology and said would you update this is 20 years old Apple yes and what I'm looking at here is a diagram very misrepresentative run but let's ignore that for the time being of human evolution and under lucy's which was an optical at the scene bleep afarensis i think i met some friends a break okay and there's a see my shirt there's a same thing here with other last risk that says for details watch parts of the creation seminar series about a video by dr. Kent Hovind the captioner meet Susie says nearly all experts agree Lucy was just a three foot tall chimpanzee could you give us the names the list of those experts who think Lucy was a chimpanzee and I need real life words I don't eat Jonathan more atoms you know obviously you create just I don't even have any more how about a minute how new are the experts alien city to Japan D did I just hear you say or imply strongly that if you believe in creation you're no longer capable of being an expert but the were the people who actually studied using the paleontologists who concluded that you the chimpanzee okay let's see let me take a bit about no see here Dom Johnson so it's Australopithecus afarensis this is evidence for evolution imagine you're avoiding the question who are the experts that often say use you the chimp and i'm a senior person okay i wanna give you the history behind Lucy I don't want the history of Janaya I discuss and who are for example or are you willing to say okay make a deal wrong on this one and we need to go back and pressure little comic book different this defense is how it is now if you want to preach to a crowd if you got to get your own from CH his hand in a crowd like this together okay was sent to Africa specifically to find evidence for evolution he found Lucy two weeks before his grant money ran out it's a well published value right there your misrepresented Luxio decided i revel to fundamental my evidence drawn the National Geographic labeled Lucy's be the label of Lucy's be five times it was not Lucy's me it's not a mile and a half away to it wrong again you're distorting the fact that's not true with Donald Trump he hasn't answered that question he misunderstood what the question was somebody asked him where did you find the knee he found two knees a complete knee was found with Lucy he also found a second one a mile and a half away right when he answered the question he thought it was about the second knee and that's why he said it this is so dominant it is all over the web 17% repeating just going to sub over it over it you totally miss what I said I said National Geographic label that as Lucy's knee and it's not Lucy's me Jose so no that was the night you sir now finish your any fine Lucy's need any finally twisted okay well if you find a bunch of bones in a pile in the dirt you can't prove any of them came from a same Lu answer the question is okay let's see I don't want Marvin Lu banal orangutan hood and a human foot are very different answer the question Charles Oxnard studied Lucy with the computer multivariate analysis he measured every bone the length the width the height the density the circumference did a comparison and he said the various also up in the scenes are indeed more different from both African Apes and humans in most features than the latter are from each other he said it's not a missing link and his study has been rejected by all the paleontologists who are qualified the answers have rejected his moment about the one guy who are the others one thing at a time later they all expert with the rest have one thing at a time which is why I wonder if I'm blending the debate but I want one topic at a time okay you said uses Charles pot is Charles Boxer and evolutionist he's not a paleontologist so did you imply by your last statement that anybody who doesn't think Lucy was a missing link is not qualified to talk about the subject note all I'm saying is I want you to answer the specific question nearly all expert who are these experts you got one guy who's not a paleontologist he's not a recognized of these not even recognized in the field who are these other experts 10 is a thief we going president who is it me is it possible for a person to be an expert in paleontology and not believable I'll ask you what I think of any more times I want anyone to visit and it was a basic simple question on a claim to keep up open that he has no answer much bigger overarching picture that everybody Lucy consisted of bones found in the dirt as I said earlier in my presentation this evening no fossils count as evidence for evolution you don't know that any kids you find the powerful ones in the dirt it would be impossible for you to prove Lucy was the ancestor of anybody you call you know if you found bones in the dirt you can't prove it at any kids whatsoever and if you want to take that to the court of law and say that's the ancestor of humans today you're silly okay it's not the you can't prove its ancestor any but that just shows the desperation people are so desperate to believe their monkey would their grandpa was a monkey okay well you believe that if you want but that's not found in sense so skip how to get into consideration there may be maybe it should not say most expert think it should say some experts I'll consider that guess what what is it a green stain of a second year and speedrun Junior okay I think that your disbelief of evolution is really correlated very strongly to your sort of lack of any concrete about chemical luminol evidence you can put the ignore the area of genetics and genomics maybe don't know people out with one topic at a time okay okay this is technically try you want to say my rejection of evolution I don't reject their vote I accept micro evolution I think it's a lousy term I think variations happen sometimes some pretty bizarre variations great things and you always if you wanted all that emotion I agree that happens now I reject anything that's not scientific we don't have any scientific evidence that a dog ever came from a dumb dog so you need to define what you mean by evolution I don't reject evolution I let you sleep in that genetic information that are induced into the gene pool could you think the same again I said there's no new increased genetic complexity do you know many examples where a mutation or evolution has happened that has resulted in increase in genetic complexity which would create a new kind of animal give me your example yes I do this because on the first of all as a transposon it's a genetic element that's mobile between species existing coexist in bacteria and they often include function like beta lactamase is Bill blackness or new enzymes and bacteria never but are now introduced to break down them silver it's a new function it's introduced by mole genetic element and add a little complexity second everywhere it's introduced how is it introduced the genetic element is actually global it can be introduced either by age transduction is a small viruses that carry where we're going so this happens naturally that's okay does this does this transmitting this new information by some natural means as in like a virus what's this new information into your gene code is that passed on to the next generation of humanists and Oh bacteria that encoded is it beneficial in the case of this example yes in most cases Galvis is it an example of something that's that is that sufficient evidence for you to believe that a rock can turn to a human change into question waited my place okay go ahead I will say that I am NOT trying to pose the rocks to become humans I'm thinking about evolution in terms of organisms and building things okay so it's let's say that complexity can be introduced into a gene pool by mobile genetic elements that Opie truly understand so I understand participation here for you is the three types such as the Sopwith you are you are missing the point what I show tonight in my presentation is what is not all yet now I show there are citizens there are six types of evolution you're watching to skip the first four you want you to start with living things and say that these DNA conceptions can be transparent little earlier by the Millea what this is really quickly finish this one issue recently I want to let you know the transposon allotments carry the complexity of species they can do things like add new functions like fatal activation that confers the speed advantage further these things getting quite really the level of canoe especially with the name an advantage a beta lactamase is our advantage because they break down penicillins and they make these bacterial resistance event to penicillin created by you and i on the lab but by other penicillin reducing bacteria okay did you see what i mentioned tonight about bacteria become resistant to drugs especially penicillin it was incorrect she said they never gain what's your gain information i'm saying they do okay you're here so you're missing you're missing such a big picture here okay where does this genetic on mason coming from oh yes you are you're talking about taking already complex incredibly complex genetic information and moving it this does not exist not at all how did the complexity get there this is like taking a section of a program on a powerpoint that it's a how many transpose into Microsoft Word okay but they're both are pretty complex programs the DNA segments you're talking about moving around are incredibly complex it was the you I mean how difficult is to make DNA from sub elements like carbon dioxide ammonia a little lightning a little star as well not large you're telling me I want you to repeat that slowly you're telling me that then you take this DNA can be made very easily you have something together animals at all experiment about a long time ago where they stimulate go sit on yeah it was a long time ago Miller and Urey expansion of activities farm and spend on many times instead let me show you what happened is this the experiment you're talking about see here okay I can come on with that you're telling me you take a few gases that you run through electric spark and you're going to give me you think it's simple to make a DNA that was your statement I believe as they is not that complex molecule in the crevices the CNA is not that complex of a molecule is a grand scheme of things is that what you said yes okay they use methane ammonia water vapor and hydrogen in his experiment purposely excluding oxygen I'll explain why this textbook says he made that he discovered the bottom of the flask at a red goo that was rich in amino acids well they composted Macon by the executed oxygen because he knew if there was any oxygen it would oxidize whatever was created the problem is you can't get like who evolved with oxygen okay is in an oxidized it's going to break it back down now amino acids to try to combine are going to oxidize the problem is hose on is made from oxygen and ozone blocks UV light and UV light de Troyes ammonia and that's one of the gases to use so you can't get lighter you go without oxygen do chemistry as well what do you think goodnight music so I go back to what I was talking about the person stay on topic I'm telling you that there are with the DNA that add complexity I'm saying is a small morphological for small genetic changes encoded by these changes can result in large morphological changes and even differences as drastic as fading type preferences now okay now this one I think is look at it man you're telling me that DNA can be moved from one type of animal to another through either viruses or mosquitoes or everyone okay and this results in a new kind of animal that is going to that process is sufficient to explain how a simple thing like that we consider simple like a Paramecium can turn into a different kind of animal like a way over something else over billions of years this is a really hard for you that's because you don't understand in every way I mean it's hard to be there on this vision a son consultant sometimes in portable as well I'm trying to understand you're missing your business I feel final single okay you're missing such a big point the point is what you're referring to is something that is purely religious you don't observe this no observation it's absolutely religious nobody observes any animal turn to a different kind of animal if you want to Lisa okay if you want to believe that that's fine oh my name is I'm a third-year integrative biology major okay where to begin there's anywhere you like picture calm down like a race you'll be fine so first of all let's start from the beginning if you do not believe that the earth is billions years okay I don't think you're this billions of years old but that's not what I cover tsunamis I cover the evidence revolution has all been always been presented so far his demise where's the evidence revolution is what I'm testing for tonight well you were citing the your belief that the earth was not as evidence that evolution is not true because evolution in space I don't know I excited about you mrs. Vickers I never said the earth is not billions of years old therefore evolution is not true what I said is all of the evidence used to support this theory of evolution has been proven wrong where's the real evidence I happen to believe here it is not billions of years old but that is unrelated to the deception even if it was billions of years old that's how helpful the evolutionist that's what is the first optical they have to overcome now if you want to discuss the age of the earth we certainly can but keep in mind I am NOT asking for my believing to be taught at taxpayers expense they are so the burden of proof is on the evolution is not me the boy is OK up better buzz in order to explain illusion you would have to believe of the earth facilitator so implicit the first obstacle you have to have billions of years to make this theory but we address right Audrey I know and we have very good proof that it is still okay your honor to believe in so do not believe in carbon dating and argon dating which one would you like to discuss carbon dating organization or both of you want okay well I knew a little bit about this see potassium so in the case - argon the theory goes that since potassium is founded in rock quite a bit and decays too hard on our gods of gas which would escape into the atmosphere so they say well when a volcano erupts it should reset the clock to zero and we should have any lava flows when they're fresh should reset the clock and this is how they they think I was already been horizon you can look at any textbook I'll show you there potassium decays at very slow rate 100 billion years is considered a half-life of potassium to our time right about 80% of potassium in a small sample of iron can be removed by distilled water for 10 hours so in dimensional interpretation of potassium argon age data is common to discard ages because eventually for too high or too low compared with the rest of the group or with other available methods that passed the geologic time scale as my point it has to be based on geologic time scale the KBS hub for many years and all the science magazines was dated between 212 and 230 million years old based on potassium argon aging nobody argues with this it was 80 many many times everybody said that ABS stuff is 200 some million years old until the problem came up Richard Leakey discovered a human skull knme are 40 70 under and it is tough when I would have a problem and they know it wasn't an intrusion it wasn't affair at all if somebody don't do that I buried it they checked all that this and then we had a pretty normal human skull under a layer access to 112 million years old we can't have that it upsets the theory so they read a to the KBS stuff even though emanated many non support they never would've checked it had it not been for this fossil that was from now they got ages from 0.5 to 2.6 million years old how would I point out two things that's way down 4 to 12 secondly let's go a 500 percent error half billet half million to 2.6 million it's a long talk about that one where the even adding age to the earth okay the earth if you won't be this billions of years old that's time I don't think issues potassium-argon dating to do then okay I will have lava flow 1801 ain't no eruption was naked with potassium argon dating at 1.6 million years old it didn't work okay why Apollo see in 1959 they knew when the lava erupted it is supposed to reset the clock is supposed to make an event horizon well how come it's 8 to 1/2 million years old Sicily not a river that I was climbing about his neck two years ago it erupted 1964 given potassium-argon agen 700,000 the 1972 eruption even a two three and a half 350,000 brand-new bottle from Mount st. Helens was potassium-argon dated and it made ages of 350,000 to 2.8 million from the same rock this is brand-new lava so if you want to believe there are event horizons you can believe that it okay but Bronx have no days when you need it with potassium-argon dating it doesn't work okay if you need a rock the bone age it is to work this is silly enough the test mark amazing for the hideous stuff is just one example here's how it's done if you find the fossil underneath a layer of ash it says the two layers of ash are all event horizons check your geology books that say about this and so that the age of the fossil is bracketed by the two event horizons I'm telling you it's not accurate this is not science somebody wants to believe that that's fine but see what a good experiments worth amount of Theory any day ok you can have all the theories you want about potassium he came to argon slowly and the clocks being reset when the volcano erupts something so mayor Bagshaw Baba I understand that theory in practice it doesn't work so dumb nearby but ok you know what I actually the scientific evidence says it doesn't work when they tested it does apart now if you can tell me all you want about it but I'll listen to you but you want me to pay to teach the potassium-argon dating works I'm sorry object it doesn't work it's been proven over and over it doesn't work ok I'm not familiar with the sources that are getting these things so I will okay Tom and regression let me ask you quickly was the source matter if it was an evolutionist would you believe it and it was a creationist you wouldn't believe it if the evidence is true as it proves it then I would believe whatever ok here we go here's the source right at the bottom screen look it up years ago alright that look these are all brought up my website dr. Dino Nam same thing with carbon dating you have similar problems and of all the sources listed you don't believe me I'll show you here 1949 when they first invented it the lower leg of a mammoth dated 15,000 years old but the skin with 21 Libby Pappas shelves dated 2300 years old in 1963 science magazine 141 check it out 12 Nobel symposium they said if a carbon date supports our theories we put it in the main text if it's not a tablet contradictive we put it in footnote if it simply down to maybe just drop it they pick the dates they want press the guilty on carbonated 1300 years old Antarctic journal volume 6 September 71 still not work at 71 US Geological Survey of paper which I've got it was that is not correct - foie gras that if you live greater but they said maybe mammoth was part of it was 40,000 other parts 26,000 same animal getting two different dates anthropological German Canada 1981 they said no matter how useful it is the radiocarbon method is still not capable of giving accurate and reliable results there close discrepancies the chronology is uneven and relative and the accepted eights are actually selected dates this whole blessed thing is nothing at 13th century alchemy it all depends on which funny paper you read and again I think you're missing a much bigger point okay even if the earth and we're billions of years old that doesn't help you move in theory all that does is hide it long ago and far away like a fairy tale it doesn't we don't see any evidence for today dogs are still producing dogs and that's all we've ever seen and anything else is something you believed off the table man okay but it's not science so the age of the earth is opening the first obstacle I don't think it can be overcome and certainly can be overcome with carbon dating of potassium argon dating but that's that's just the first obstacle and I'm not again asking for my view to be taught I'm asking for lies to be taken out the votes now nobody yet tonight has come forward and dependent any of the lies I'm sure tonight I said that's not a lie it's true is somebody to come forward into bed is it through the embryo is Killswitch is it through the whale is adjusted your pelvis I want to see the evidence for that okay may I send your tax on vestigial organs and chirp also related to that several times da you've cited as evidence against evolution that dogs do not produce non dollars and here's a women for what it done you're above essential organs are dogs producing number why let's talk about both but I get a commune okay we'll start with doc okay believe the view belief dogs can produce a Down Dog knots at not through one generation okay so do you believe in something that would require millions of years and therefore it's not observable for something you believe not something you can show me not part of science you see my point if you don't see that point I can't help you you're not seeing I feel that you don't really you know regarding the assumptions of evolution but I don't do you even understand the assumptions of knocks I very much marketing I understand see yours did you have to publish you believe in could happen if you have no use a year okay you just left science and went to religion royally of it but you said that dogs cannot produce comes up but that is not what evolution said well hello instead you take two populations of dogs and exert panda exposing America to a very difference in selective pressures that eventually microevolutionary strengths will build up and orgasm but for you 1,000 years they will be able to okay so do you see how you right now are going from science to religion in the same sentence does anybody else see that I don't no one's saying this okay you can believe that this could happen over millions of years but that's no longer science science is what we can observe and test and study and demonstrate I don't care what could happen over billions of years what happens we have 6,000 years of recorded human history people telling us dogs produced dog what evidence you have that would say that's not that something other than that can happen coming what might have over millions of years where is this issac evidence okay okay put it put another put in another way do you believe that 1 Apple plus 2 apples equals 3 up we're going to thoughts from Java so you can rock and you can is that right power stay on topic yeah only one out of us one apple equal to appetizer yeah so you believe that a million apples plus one Apple for you grow a million and one apples or we Nelly plus 2 million Apple equals a minute if you're going to give me every possible example we're going to be here I believe that gentleman so you know you don't need to have seen personally millions of years of evolution have to believe it or not you have a false analogy here we have a catechol going I've never seen a million apples plus 1 Apple they've got a billion for one ok but that is not the same as saying I've never seen a dog producing our dog that is absolutely totally totally different things that the logical fallacy tell you a lot about see we were talking about millions of mutations and okay I don't think I don't think I can help you on that one if you if you don't see the problem and that's that I think we probably would refer talked about so I guess timers was an Indian again if you just came to my bed once you go ahead by the end of the question about Chris we don't mercury ok yes my last one are you aware that humans are not perfectly adapted to walking on two feet that is the reason why some people experience lower back pain all right now let me see if I understand this you're saying humans are not perfectly adapted to walking on two feet and that's why we have lower back pain and are you implying that exhibited some use to walk on fours like a tape yes okay could it be their ancestors we ourselves okay there are not a lot of people that do not experience lower back pain there are cultures all over the world don't have the lower back pain America does because maybe they have different dietary reasons or different exercise regions or maybe there's another reason for the lower back pain if people have lower back pain that would not be proved from an ape-like ancestor and that would be the opposite of evolution no that would not be the absolute visited I won't explain what's not okay where's an example of we're retaining something dude we're gaining the ability to walk on two legs and us have two appendages now even looks like who told you that and why did you believe it I didn't teach you that I got a stomach more often that's just what I need okay Paco here as often as you can find somebody to debate me brother you probably decide the imperfection of evolution as against that were in actuality incidents or elders huh first I would say I don't think the human back is poorly designed for walking upright I think it's designed just fine now I walk around just fine feet if you having trouble seeing I represent the by the example you're giving is a lousy example for fov when you consider the Hugh and I sitting standing here today are copies off of a copy off of a copy of a copy off of a copy of a copy and I would say of Adam 6000 years ago and you would say off of a puppy 3 billion years ago either way there are many copies have been made in here it's amazing we can either be having this conversation the original DNA code must have been incredibly complex to survive all this long copying process so if there are flaws is a human enemy today defense ok it's a result of thousands of years of genetic problems of genetic mutations that are degenerate of not helping if there's a low back problem today that's not helping that's not evidence video put there by incident oh I could go on on I saw dr. Govind your Billabong tasted a biology student pilot to biology and in biology engineering - yes okay first of all I'm really blessed being here at you're really good speaker first of all I think if I throw to business I'd really like to do with myself and when the autumn rampant says the fact that you mentioned that we should be survival schools though my questions but we were teaching it we wouldn't be teaching those ok if the things I brought up tonight we're taking out of the books there is still a huge amount of biology I think most biologists even evolutionary biologists know any novice amount of biology that they should be teaching to the next generation kids these are the muscles these are the bones into the tendency to the orbit this is the function here's how the chemicals were the origin subject it's not really it is it has nothing to do you could learn all the muscles all phones all the insertion points you can learn a huge amount of biology without ever touching the origin subject I don't think in pelvic schools they should be allowed to discuss origins at all because you're going to have said something in a matter what you do the majority of Americans do not believe the nipple ring so why is the minority of you being taught and it's unrelated to biology so if you took the lines out of the textbook to say we took out 30 pages out of your book okay you still have a new textbook on a lot of my ability to learn I am NOT against biology I think the kids all know the names of the bump I taught biology and Anatomy and is all learned those things that's great with origins and everyone has nothing to do with it why is this wasting class time when the kids ought to be learning there isn't one doctor on planet earth that cares about a woman when he's doing heart surgery on somebody he needs to know his Anatomy well to do surgery evolution has nothing to do with anything correct ergo the medical field except if I'm going to talk about bacterial resistance and I pointed out it's a loss of information so that would be allowing example for evolution to so if you wanted to surgery on somebody if you're going to be a surgeon I would like you to really study biology and I don't care what you know what evolution it's not related and many famous surgeons in our Christians and creationists got invented the MRIs or creationists okay the guy who invented Gatorade one of the world's experts on absorption of minerals into the bodies of creationism so evolution has nothing to do with the subject of biology some related well if it isn't scared of them and that's in that divide that would be cutting through that I can fit it in my occupy but in anything that it might be promoting other to be carrying things like kids for cancer until the other side you can I think you can respect on topic out of time you're saying we should keep these - I'm saying if you live in York or Philly lodgings and there's no point absolutely no point in keeping these so-called lie detector why would you keep in mind the book quality answers to life's natural issues okay natural selection I didn't cover that tonight financial selection certainly works it has nothing to do with evolution natural selection selects if I said I want to get a population of 12 with people on this planet and a kill everybody under 12 eat all okay I have nobody to select from I'm never getting a population 12-footers by killing everybody others what we call there is nobody to select from I probably could develop a population at seven footers on planet earth if I killed everybody under seven feet tall within a few generations I probably have a population seven footers because there are some seven footers who's so much from there aren't any twelve footers through solectron so natural selection is selection process it's not a creative force and here's what about it is absolutely go through in their thinking they think natural selection is going to create something natural selection this says natural selection causes ever-living and that's a lie it selects creationists at the origin of natural selection we thought of it first it's a conservative process that removes effective organisms natural selection may have a stabilizing effect but it does not promote speciation it is not a creative force science magazine volume 217 natural selection and all the act on biological properties it already exists it'll create properties you think every time then we have the question you but a PowerPoint what I don't have a point just coming right there Eddie in my last review they had you are will come to develop a PowerPoint presentation that supports evolution is that really about population and publish resistant adoption right some people that you ought to respect this parasitology book they said is were close okay that drew this linear of this is science magazine this is folks believe in evolution they said natural selection will not promote speciation and are creative or not these are creation and resources okay let's not get anything worth open that the fact is if you believe natural selection is a creative force to create something new then you don't understand how it works this textbook says natural selection Kelly they look at that assembling a by natural selection will keep the species strong here's how it works if you work on a factory that produced cars and your job is to selectively and one go through and select the balance and projector quality control how long would it take your selection process and change the cards with airplane it won't heaven see the design engineer exchanges to an airplane okay the problem is all the species seem to have a natural tendency to produce the same type of offspring if there's varieties that are too far options are bizarre and too strange some mutation happens they're likely to be selected against natural selection something's going to kill them okay if they can't run as fast or can't buy a bathroom whatever they're going to have some predator line cloud okay I agree as sad and tragic but it happened but natural selection is simply a stabilizing force it's not creative force so I agree with natural selection for doesn't know if your theory at all my theory is basically that you say that lies you mean I'm getting these lies on spaces that are written books in it that everyone has the right to not a textbook that they don't you're saying there are mice in the most everyone has a right to not read those books if they don't watch it does everyone have the right to not pay for those books if they don't want to you make up good yeah you're on my side thank you sir but we're not missing my book we're teaching observation there module is all very simply the creativity creativity means new styles and new sites and leads true and the fact of even if you say that that all the five of the books right is divided that we can teach our kids if water we substitute for racial at a time you guys another way the burden is not creationist is on earth but if we took the lies out of the textbook there would be a lot of good biology it would be good similarly again teaching lives it's not true that the embryo has gill slits that was proven wrong 128 years ago that I recall well sacred places with the rest of the all I would have to find a replacement for it it's a lie take it out it shortens the book by three pages okay here's the textbook use that this university has America I relied on page 1018 if you don't know if seem to mind the every element I just thought about my gospel you because heaven some section of an ambulance or help you again just your index you have in reality so it is your argument we can't take a buyout of the book until I find a replacement engine attack textbook he should be exactly medium-chain becoming legal your kid wants to be here they listening a lot and they got been there much because of me okay I'm gonna meet you hey it's not dirty it's immediately you live do you purchase from us and out if the media never becomes tax-funded okay then why are the same marking it up for your own purpose Amy happy holiday the newspaper I don't wanna pay for the propaganda undertaken okay somebody else in this entire autonomous means that you know you're missing the whole point if we took the twenty live out of the textbooks this is a peppered anybody it actually improves the teaching of biology sure take my optical event is good it's take observations of the book and what happened okay everyone knows everything about skeleton muscles and I just agree that over and over and over again to that bucket that's like they want me he wanted it be born submitted that you are greeted tonight if I read them the above is did no organs on that he actually curious about it because they're tough not there's enough back assorted because there are not faculty the problems that it is a lot where we're going so I'll go ahead and get any more about this disorder because like this some assignments and I'm interested but if you take out if you take out of a live you're limiting people teachers implementing education stuff into what you don't trust them you listen to what you say and okay you know dr. Parviz the other taking lies out of the textbooks it's common sense if you have both if you were teaching math and found a boat they said to must do is spy would you want that to be corrected of course is taking that out of the textbook you know stopping education no it's helping education I want you to teach evolution if you use facts to back it up I just want to use lies about it uh that's all good and I would like to refer to fossil said I'm a descent to the Android with a history major and I know the science my knowledge of the question evolution it sends very little beyond general popularization they will find with the field every week and if you aren't that problem all the evidence for evolution that is reported our line no no no I did not say all of the evidence for evolution is lives okay and the things I pointed out our lives always that you need to go say okay I've read them all of the evidence that I'm aware that is typically used to support the evolution theory has been proven wrong take it over the most now that leaves you with no evidence I'm sorry in theory that's always something that did you find gills was in here okay illness is not on there this is wonderful as a success Berkeley is not teaching one of the time I advise in the textbook yay insects and really if I mention provide ethical - part of the examples of natural selection provide evidence of evolution sub page 437 you go to pages over 439 wait okay don't we buy the quality or order to them so they're saying similar structures in the forelimbs is evidence revolution okay they're welcome to believe that for simpler structures in for that might be evidence of a common designer the Honda and the Toyota both have four wheels it doesn't prove it in the skateboard it's a good design that works so this is an example of propaganda not science this is right on top of you if you're going to say majority opinion is how we're supposed to decide right now I'm going to say that you can the geneticists is how we should decide whether they come from different chromosomes or not okay you notices which I have read written by a geneticist is another Dawkins or Richard Dawkins if he wouldn't have either interviewed geneticist as in Genesis is a creationist if I can find a geneticist it has a PhD in genetics who doesn't believe in emotion and they say hey opens right this is not evidence for evolution about the evidence for designer when we would acquit a creationists opinion matter ten PhDs or is the automatically disqualified just because these are creations you tell me if the antenna legitimate PhD and it would be on the part of the employer going expenses other than yes consensus opinion in the employment community finally he's the bounce which works of our science self-amusing interpreter or respondent reading if you see a bigger picture I have several we bought my staff I think seven who are from the Soviet Union okay Italy my daughter-in-law if the future stood up ten years ago with the Soviet Union s said kids I don't think communism works ending capitalism is a better system would you agree ten or fifteen years ago that teacher would certain it was his job and possibly lose their life is their they would end up in Siberia if there's a lot there would be a great pressure that the teachers gone as they stand up in the Soviet Union fifteen years ago and say all teachers believe in communism yeah because what happens if you don't okay we've got the same exact pressure here in America I can show you fifty examples if you'd like including professor mean opinion over sentences post a trailers couple hours ago whatever they lost his job simply because he changed from being and evolution as to being a creationist they said whether you can't eat here they took it from tenured professor to a lab assistant I can do 50 examples in a minute if you'd like that no I said when you can hear it first the University and a free-speech if a professor gets up and says in a biology class and says kids by everything else about this evolution theory I think what we're teaching our lives I don't think the stuff is true they would lose their job you don't have free speech here you guys don't know the first thing about free speech for delivery I would agree that most likely good enough it doesn't stand up and say I do not believe in evolution for the 99% of feel professors at all universities succesful that creationism has no basis in fact okay when I design our recently here this circuit here saying 99% of the professor's believe the creationism has no basis in fact we didn't come up operated is that I said there are lives in a textbook take them out I'm 99% of on professors from the relevant fields believe that evolution is true in the parents supported program those and they are those woods and that they're not and they say with one bargain though you can ask all you want mr. tortoise absolute random chance okay I don't think your professors that 99 percent of the professor's believe in evolution Washington Times did a survey May 31st is in The Washington Times 19 1998 the last I'm aware of six years ago that said 55% of the u.s. of the natural scientists in the United States believe in Darwinian evolution has slightly more than half 55 percent I was referring to is essentially whether those evolutionists worthiest with theists don't mean the pressure will simply do you believe in our video movie and 55 percent responded yes 45 percent responded no so it's not forever by the way be done within the context Wes Welker we mean temples my point is it wouldn't matter this everybody you can't believe in evolution not necessarily this Israeli with limited we just think everyone does remember all I into practically all science to be in a field let me answer your question it is impossible for a scientist to not believe it up all the way or by definition are they automatically disqualified for being designed it because they believe in creation without digging with into the MRI would you consider them a scientist it really is not an irrelevant field not an irrelevant field what you're arguing here is an argument argument from majority opinion and you better take a debate class on this universal opinion among the expert okay what our problem was there a universal opinion among the experts in the Soviet Union that communism is good between years ago studies never probably wasn't from things that I've heard and that is irrelevant is a very relevant to the question you have the same academic denial of freedom yes your answers you are pressed the difference from but it's very relevant just because there's academic suppression of a particular view at a particular time in history has nothing to do with truth the truth is the other theory is always supported by these lies I share now take the lives out of the books and tell me what evidence do you have to support your theory I want to see it okay let me try to do that the essential basis actually want much of what led toward evolutionary they're the idea that one species change over time because the sequencing of the bosphorus well what have you done you're saying the evidence for evolution comes from the sequence in the fossil record would you entertain the thought that there is no fossil record there are simply a bunch of bones in the dirt and we are putting our interpretation on them and if you find an animal very lower than another animal it may be a result of hydrologic sorting in a on 0 and on a serious number you really start in a court of law in a court of law in your order thank you on recording without lock your debtors would not fly as it correct so now with no theological sorting as explanations for the sequence of operations began fine I say us is not for some day in the autumn and it's healthy and it's not been with water the hand-tight 142 explain the first place there is not a good sequence into the fossils begin number one second base is our curve never find a whale the Cambrian layers you will never find any mammals in the Cambrian layer and will not recover the Cambrian layers you will not bring anything to take three panels that in that period within the very end player who is interpreting whether a layer is Cambrian or not would you agree is the cambium layers are the area between cynical intricacies of that night not know the exactly are you they are areas which are beneath another in which general design these are casual business let's let it be for people Esquire into the mobile elegance Christmas a nice but you are classic example of town your training is blinding you to the obvious okay here you're saying that there's there's dying stone Mike stone is found in Arizona is not what makes us angry layer or make something really simple presence of produces it types upon within the layout diversify see that I would just say principles above the land above it what you just said is precisely my point the presence of Cambrian layers is these fossils they bind in them doesn't matter where you find it the fact is it has these provides for these animals therefore theory is determine types of places on the sequence you'll find these types of farm became barely look like these you need to watch our video before it'll get you converted over if you're really or if you're my dirty clothes on but if you're really open-minded you need to look at this one more time okay the geologic now actually petrified trees standing up connecting these legs are you telling me look layer for different answer but you still believe there's not a judge stone don't want your phone again okay good I thought her ovens hot 100 I know this my name's Michelle Martin and I'm a postdoctoral fellow here in the integrative biology department I have a PhD in genetics and before we start talking about biology I just have a question for you to turn against so you should have a beautiful collar slice basically giving us evidence that scientists are liars oh no no no you don't know me don't misconstrue my signal hands I said this is a lie they should not be called the terrible sound if you are teaching this as part of your evidence and you are a liar okay so if you are not keeping them then your problem is who are pushing this theory artists are not scientists or are pushing evolution are Viper's scientists are teaching these lives are like this get this just get it straight just elevating professors who are teaching this edition perfect record you know there you go again your mess I missed the port let's just go yeah I did not say a professor who teaches him Bolivia is a liar a professor who teaches the gill slits on the embryo exists is a liar I will say that a professor who teaches the whale is of as digital pelvis is either ignorant or II admire I'm a heard me say that I know about you time okay for Christmas series that even on fine you could see is wrong not what your point was throughout my song my point was that a five-year-old can tell you a dog and a wolf are the same kind of Evan and a doggy the banana are not now these are the dogs are related to bananas ultimately yes ultimately it's sort of do you believe dogs but as a humans ultimately paint on a rock or what six billion years ago okay people it's just yes or no me believe it okay I don't think it's correct to say yes or no I wanted to point out to people here we're not familiar with his type of argument okay right here textbook let's just have to talk you would be fine I told you yes a challenges oh I want to show everybody the folly of believing the dissolve in the banana have a common answer what I said okay but the person refused to answer my question let me talk about some evidence for evolution they saw what I actually study which is abilities are commonalities between fruit flies those things that you say mutate hamper you know make them have curly weight right okay is my dream useful actually and I commonality between fruit flies and guess what human beings you're saying you're saying as a as a post-doctoral so there you go but you don't need to be doctor my nail I'm pretty secure about it okay you're saying that there are similarities between fruit flies and humans and this fruit there's a misconception so I am NOT an evolutionary biologist I am not qualified to debate you on most of the issues you put up there more than that you guys may not know okay is it evolutionary biology basically the fabric of biological sciences so many of us about we're not studying we're not experts in geology or asking ourselves how one animal however the result we use the relatedness between ample to make discoveries and in my case for example I study something called innate immunity and it's very ancient type of immune system and it actually exists in animals such as fruit flies in an animal such as us and what I have found is looking at the genome of these animals that there's serve what we call a regulatory signature I've been able to find this group by now I'm going to use this information to poke the human genome to look for immunity and understand how that work and you know why it helps human help that's that's why I'm probably you are hoping you are missing the entire point if there are similarities between humans and fruit flies that might prove the same design about that one of the Flyers we have discusses one such scientist he was one of the heads of human genome project you may know of him to see the dr. Francis Collins everybody further okay so dr. Collins was the end of the genome project he's helped an enemy and a PhD and dr. Holmes is also a Christian okay so actually there are many scientists who are Christian and also embrace evolution what if God decided to use a mechanism of evolution because I don't have the rhetorical skills that you do no no I am winning this argument because I'm right maybe armies of certain people here for a very important reason which is that they often will be exposed to the truth of evolutionary biology okay I think that the way I'm exposed to those choices actually speak of course you can do this that's where your father me translate that provokes a detachment he just said okay what she doesn't mind was if you don't believe in evolution you're dumb you have a set is enough to know the truth how many caught this how many caught that's nice we must necessarily listen currently repeat your last statement you said you gotta take you said I'm winning the argument with some people here tonight I'm winning the argument with some people here tonight because they have had the unfortunate position fair to say you are booting the argument here tonight and actually using your winning the argument with these I like that who thinks that I'm winning whoo Thank You Susan Neal yeah okay yes so in the first part of your presentation you talked a lot of the lives that are in this book terrific and what I restated I simply utilize it textbook take Emma okay and so you're constraining the argument mostly to talking about those slides and well I am paying for these life to be taught and I think most people resent my being taught at taxpayer expense that's the whole point tonight okay now in your presentation later you talked about the vestigial organs and whales and I ran all this vigil organs in wicks write something for teaching their arms that book teaching there are residuals will will help look up what up will help put this look at residual alright so I'm going to complete the question on an ass and then you're gonna respond to it focus on is no question I want to do it in pieces and I'll forget okay I'm on Florida time I should be a dead so but after you said that he said besides if they lost early evolution if the whale has a vestigial pelvis and that is supposed to be evidence of it losing place that is not an Excel for example revolution that would still be current production now so you're defying evolution there as as what as well the evolutionist would say we started a single-celled organism which has no legs and slowly developed life some are online legs have to develop right the revolution is the process of moving from left about adapted organisms to more adapted organisms is that your definition of everything that the Devon is new evolution ok moving from plus adapted to more adaptive or organism ok that's your definition right so a will that would be on land and becomes an aquatic mammal and then loses its legs would you say that's the more adapted or less adapted and with the oh I hire a whale that boat on land ISM and our hose off land and loses this light anomaly I'm sitting organism Oh cattle register all right let's say sea lions right now sea life Rebecca okay come on down to the way they were son irrelevant I'm using I'm using the example here of an organism that moves into the water organisms goes into the water I can see light right and loses its leg and and in replacement for Clippers okay an organism profits say that an example of an organism that hook into the loses its legs and replaces that with flippers is an example of a fairy tale not an example of something that serve beautiful they said if you want to throw this around but that's not the question that I'm dressing okay because you're saying if that happened that the opposite of evolution has any other than evolution having an opposite is a profound misunderstanding of the evolutionary theory i'ma put in your PowerPoint presentation and it's a lot off listen the example I gave was the textbook says the whale has a vestigial pelvis in the definition of vestigial is it doesn't even anymore but they said besides if they lost their life that is the opposite of evolution correct that now Secutor your Gator in of evolutionary theory or you're telling the lie how is the do you believe the way of evolved from a plans willing creature like a cow like folks at the National Center precise occasionally yes I do now you can use a show to their brochure for Washington local that's a cow okay I'm not saying I particularly believe this is a coward but even if you believe it was a land falling Apple yeah into a waiver pocket you realize that whales have their nose on the top of their head yes okay and most animals on my head their nose on the front of their eyes and there's a response across the record to show the movement of the global from the nose to the top of the head if somebody talking down and you can you paging it's not that you they sold you're my new son that's the whale okay but the I couldn't find the whale under stood orbit by this line on page 439 about the snake that it had corporal type legs or remnants of Night Lights this digital works very very profound it is the same example though of losing instead of painting and if you think the whale came from a land-based animal and let back into the water that's right bankrupt and lost or loss whatever and game whatever needed and lost whatever needed and then a lot of differences between most land-based mountain house and away positivism okay I am not aware of any land-based mammals that have the same type of feeding system for their young that whales do with actually squirt the bell Ken Copeland a sample well the whale actually squirts it into baby's mouth doesn't go for the commodification that's an adaptation no I would say that was design okay have you also believe it's an adaptation you can believe that you just left science and let's do religion and this which are not seeing okay here we go boss you to boho most and make about getting this book are were they teaching at one time that the cow evolved to the whale if I can come you're saying that maybe I'm doing something wrong yes Oh Bessie hey I'm going in for a biopsy I really am okay if I'm not whales pelvis you're saying there is fossil evidence of the blowhole moving from the front of the head to the top of the hip from the nose yeah from the nose do you think there is fossil evidence for a whale are you referring to mooc disease mr. Grantham internal condition I think you have been crippled by your education and a shame you had to pay for that worse that I have to help pay for that now if you want to believe that that's perfectly fine okay but that's not science up you missed us over religion I've seen a line of fossils you have seen a line of fossil where that the nose closer to the front and moving towards top of the head of skulls the wits unit is one what presentation refute that well guess was the fossil or was it drawing there no they were cause it was a video program that showed the skulls on the pill a video program now I can show you I've got a video clip you're showing a tricycle turning into a tanker it's amazing what you do with these different they are in what are your fossils what does your friend later is a possible thing I'm saying well first of all my main point in fact I have a misunderstanding of what evolution is if you think that you can have the opposite of it now I don't want to lose that point okay because we got a can trying to say I don't want so you're saying the fact that it's losing its legs and turning into a whale it's not really a still example for evolution yeah okay you can't go backwards you may live it you can't go backwards because there's no back crystal backwards Rivoli right there's no forward there's no fourth of the record there's nobody can change your everything is the same thanks for that that is so from us adapter okay now if you want to believe that that is fine but I pointed out no fossils would count as evidence in a court of law because even a lot have to do with science whether you keep bringing it up okay something that is something of a hold up in a court of law has real evidence some something no to be considered you got a professor here at this university Philip Johnson their own provoke saying if you put Darwin on trial it would pass okay that is a court of law has nothing to do with scientific in course it has to do with jury selection and lawyers and and Locke not saying the evidence would stand actual real screwed anybody can vote and say your honor he found some bones in the dirt he doesn't know they had any kids you're right this mess text evidence no puzzles now you're saying that no politics now can say if you learn if you find some fossils like this and you want to say that is evidence that a whale came from power animal on land or wherever you want good I'm not saying your honor he came through the contract have had any children could be proved both denominator any offspring love different offers and one good night but I've been through those they have parents oh yeah I'm going to do that now ready mrs. one but now we find many balls in the dirt billions of blood fifteen minutes we're going to have to start staring out so we're going to happen please no one else getting life requests but we're going to have to make is whether I know did not look questions are being answered and I know that there's a series of disagreement all right let's get back to the original point the original point which which is the direction of that food there is no direction privileges and rights it means no company saying this is from less Adele more death now would you agree with that I think doesn't happen always encouraging your office is taking rice in your mind it doesn't make my simple point Offices of evolution I mean do you understand I understand they are singing at a gnat and swallow a camel son if you come up here to review you correct I guess over I'm sorry I'm sorry refuting this one point is one point that the whale losing its legs is not is still example prevalent okay he believed that that's my ministry but yes second for her and her goodness ball every reason to be angry no I could do this every day I really could understand your point pay your money or what you call lies although I think what a big question I can sir since I walked in here is are you suing that these textbook covers know that what they're saying is not true it doesn't matter it doesn't really benefits I mean I'm not trying to attack no matter is these lies in the textbooks who benefits from this and why is everyone are you Sylvia okay I don't know as far as benefits or not benefits why they're everything the textbooks I'm gonna say probably the authors of the textbooks honestly think they're teaching the truth the publishers of the textbooks honestly think they're teaching the truth the teachers in the school who are teaching this honestly think they're teaching the truth I am pointing out this has been proven draw real science will clear this stuff up they wouldn't allow lies continue the textbook the problem is if you remove these lines of attention there's nothing left to support the evolution theory and that raises red flags because of all with creation which is the only other alternative to evolution there comes a whole lot of baggage like a creator and rules you know I'm now shall not commit adultery that's what they're really running from so I all I said was we should not allow eyes to be part of the textbooks in tax-funded school if somebody wants to start a private school and teach line though they go forth I don't care with your teeth you teach your kids in a private school that if you blow yourself up and kill ten Israeli if you get to go to heaven that's 72 virgin why okay Asian if I want to pay for that go ahead bomb that is taught in the schools that is not a national no no not in this country I'm generally ah I think that I guess the biggest question is brought up after that is if all of those lies or at least untruths okay if it's not true for taking out all these untruths were taken out of books from what you know and I guess for many of the people who have questions might know more about the subject than me if all of these untruths that you brought up we're taking it out would there then be any basis for believing that there was an original idea is descent from original creatures in space like oh engineering molecular biology or or it were even there if you took all those things out what would you have you have a good textbook lots of biological science there's a lot of good biology overview on evolutions unrelated to the subject okay how they favor biology I thought 15 years have I found hi my name is Tom and I sit in your biology here but I don't think that's relevant to this subject I'm a Christian I believed in Christ I also believe in evolution we can fix that I mean obviously that's my way but um country or what that's my belief your what believe booming get it thank you something before I fell disagree that evolution can be if you're even can't your volition I'm not going to argue that technicality but I'm warning that up right right I look and I respect the psychic pointed out the embryology is Austin I didn't know that before this lecture so I've benefited from this lecture so that twelve me yeah yeah I like that um could you collect Thea slyly we point out the horses the horse evolution Gettler America variations I guess variations ok because I have like kinda the other one times variations happen but they have limits I mentioned about the variety of horses but this out right so are you saying that those are the same kind I think a five-year-old can tell you it's zebra or the same kind of al there's no internal coherence narcissus don't worry ok so I'm kind not safe easy right so suppose I put a human being at for the develops and the chimpanzee where the Asura bear the burdens and then if I put a gorilla where the difference would you say people with kids five-year-old kids would say they're worse than one Thursday night well there may be some Raven precipice that can happen right well are they interred fertile no well they are men drop seemed calm these do are introverted never the same time okay so what about of course in a stock like I showed you quite a few example where the horses zebra asses can all be from script Chris website dealing with that right for the Austrians are not further don't matter they they introduced about friend okay okay the human amaze cannot even produce the first generation but Lawrence tariffs generation okay this is your same generous that well maybe somebody come on out but why I mean is I mean that the way you place different animals and speak in a category that show that they're the same kind the same can be done for summer hominids for findings well first of all that they persist between Apes and humans I think are pretty profound there are millions of differences play by the rivers like two percent of DNA differences or seventy five percent different fibers in the promoter would you would you say two things that are 95 percent in common are very similar I say they have the same man same designer the same guy thinks a head not as such no no it would be a good root same ancestor it could prove a lotta thing I think the similarity between a Honda Prelude and a Honda Accord are pretty pretty pregnant guess they're from the same major huh you got the point right I believe he created certain things but the original whether you believe it's possible that humans and AIDS have similarities because they simply have a common designer is that a possibility that they're not even related it's just the same kind of design that can deal on something it's okay is there something that ought to be taught in school maybe it's a theory it should be taught if it's labeled as a theory I'm saying that location shouldn't be taught because I mean theory of evolution superiors would you agree of the degree that it's not part of the school in my eyes I do agree it's Navajos market and I make tax of you know tax dollars and Christians should not if they don't want be funded in public school that each of a theory that they objects by really so tax dollars should not go to teach ever anatomically speaking a private school fee unless the people that the attacks the green addition the maliska that suburb area how many of you pay taxes for the schools in this state and you do not believe every week if you talk but you're paying for it anyway how many of you resent them okay now I really want to hear skips question we got a few minutes let me just point out one thing okay the textbooks say humans and orangutan to 96% similar proving a common ancestor 15 billion years ago this is ludicrous but on this given that Omega party Maddox well the lady genome researchers said the difference between humans and his nearest relative to chimpanzees at least one point six percent that doesn't sound like much but calculated out this account the 48 million nucleotides interchangeable make three nucleotides is fatal to an L if this is the guys saying it change three things and hoping in the nine there's 48 million differences that's when they thought it was 1.6 percent of now they know it's actually 95% submergence 5% difference so it's much worse than they say and even see Odin missing the whole point similarities not prove any ancestry it might prove the common designer so I guess horses and burros depart if they're not the same time at all I think time girls that's all I said zebras the horses basically horses not zebras or the same kind okay but humans are not humans have the same as horsemen stuff to me there's an inconsistency but that's my life some of you man okay okay I'm just before serving a quick comment I disagree with you when you say the burden of proof is on the evolutionists because at this university and all over the UC system in universities all of the country scientists grass seeds some of them probably here are applying it and publishing their work in scientific papers that's how the message work I know of no scientific papers that have come out of dinosaur adventure land that have appeared in nature or science or or cell or any of the other major publication that said let's move on to five this flower drop stuff okay if you want to use that as evidence you have got to be kidding the fact that nobody publishes in a science journal that believes in creation might prove there's something some big black out on creating this information just like the Soviet Union would publish an article about Calkins and Lando do some science and then bring in some and convince them that you have something because every major revolution in science has taken a long time you know some guys just pop up with a new idea that they hey that's very out purveyor to discovered plate tectonics died before just theory was accepted by geology is if you want to go there let's move on after that tonight but my question my video number seven to five I've seen all your video you're going to converted everything you may you convert again it's a crazy world earlier you may say that something about this evolution plays no role in the medical field I want to make sure I get that impacted right I said there is no doctor but he's doing heart surgery there's anything about evolution he just read or read or really notice by alright well let's go doing a different okay would you say that you say that really plays no role in medicine if you want to go to the antibiotic resistance I think you're opening let's cut this one quickly uh-oh I'll make this count with you I'll go home in hours or the URL doctors evolution dollar okay I'll let you write the statement anything you want about evolution installations and medicine and I know of no single doctrine and name on off the top my head who actually uses evolutionary principles in his work but I'll pay you in 30 days I can have 20 practicing MDS Google boss site making some published papers they do where they apply evolutionary principles in their work will you accept that challenge I believe you're probably right to do that so this is here for what they're going to do the doctor that were talking with it is evolutionary principles are applied after the measurement on the wire is creationism abiding hemisphere missing and dr. write the paper for your website that says I use evolution in my in my practice asking specifically what it means when he's doing surgery on somebody he doesn't where our body limited only to surgery and if I can find the surgery who actually says yes I do use it you can probably you can we then retract the state and you a tonight you on your website you could probably find a surgeon that believes you know my anchor bars or the third of the remittitur quite a bit probably finally believes the earth really successful so far so you're not accepting the challenge that it another side is a challenge okay if you want to do a website and see how many hours believe in evolution helping doctors believe in creation I think you'll be surprised that mean any family hope we won't get anywhere that they do want to get to the percent you agree there many many many many doctors who would say hey I'm a practicing physician and I think I won't use it down theory automatically and you can also mystifying what's the point so did you you made an insinuation that evolution of the play any role of venison no you're maybe the insinuation that because of you doctors believe in evolution therefore evolution is part of science that's not are you 20 practicing practicing medical people who apply it in their work real admit that evolutionary principles are valuable tomorrow fire I would like to see how they applied in their work and define exactly what you mean by Olivia you're going to find it's nothing but variation is like the bacteria on several times you say under that heckle was convicted Hegel was conviction of fraud by University Cossacks professor's University of Jena 1975 80 75 if I can produce scholarly work to disprove that will you quit making that claim I would like to see the correct and I've seen several sources say that's correct maybe 97 87 forwards representing 75 that they get to know it's actually documented all throughout the record about the historical record if I if I could produce enough work and we can we can we can post this on a common website will you quit make it acclaim I'm not defending I will make anybody that corrects me as they can show something that I'm making is inaccurate autocorrected were you corrected do you teach that the vestigial organs is evidence revolution or the whale is amiss digital pelvis does your website each they some of these evidences I gave that I despise are you going to correct that website no because it's the consensus of the scientific community and as far as I know your creationist movement has introduced any Valentine's to back up the claim to be made great features and publicist in the scientific journal alright I wanted a boy at the big boys - yeah if you publish in a journal hi my name is Errol an attorney and some of my best friends are sizes so I just want to put to me small quick points I believe I heard you say earlier that you can't observe using their water fairy tales he said if we could if I ever see my ex going back to the water which they do that's going to prove that they are losing legs gaining fans that's proof that sea lions are designed to live in water like they do they did pretty good in the water what was what was the hell was that you described it with a fairy tale well he was talking about how whales came from some kind of land-based animal and boot into the water and lost their legs especially even believe that that's not minimum sir there might be no so we don't observe that's right something that takes place in imagination and people believe these now hosts make these pictures they never see them because they're not present sir all right right it's okay if it takes go into here it's now not hard science is part of a fairy tale so it's occurred to me that you've been making this claim multiple times of the evening that means they're not directly observed or not scientific so nobody can defy us observe echo sentiment but it's nice actually consist a lot of these that are not direct answers that are interesting serving the part inferential so I'm just don't we that is that I would we like to say that you're actually being inconsistent because earlier you said that the Genesis story was a good story in the Bible story and um well I'm not asking how the Genesis account to be bought no but you I would like you to distinguish it from a fairy tale because you said the things that are not directly observable or not lying are fairy tales really change anything else being very simple the difference we have but you do not have any direct evidence you have not directly observed if you don't have any evidence at a Lincoln was president on 25 right so we're according to your logic that's a fairy tale fairy tale all of those are very science is things we can observe Chester demonstrate I think you observe and test and demonstrate we have indirect observations as well as direct observations and that's what does our assignment operator the order inguinal from science because it is not directly observable my own money as an attorney I would like to know I'm happy what is your best evidence coalition well I know it's a huge fairy tale I agree we got to work on this is that right last night we're going to quit oh I got this guy though I mean once we got into six minutes how do we listen old genders out I was there and so I just want to ask if I can feel like you like backed out and I try some getting that your main concern because I don't consider you necessarily a scientist or a needle in your educator you're also a parent just concerned about children's learning things in school their love from I I find this minute educator I'm also hearing I'm also as any parent with you learned about your children in school learning law school so one thing that says I refused if I don't understand why you have chosen to bias yourself in in trying to write when we certain lines that are in textbooks actually because as we all know there are many lives across this assembly textbook one of me it is going through many versions of Texas is to try remove things like loaded questions and and this is something that is not only in the Bible is a problem in all our three okay so what I'm wondering is why am i buying and passing myself with this one I pop science fifty years this is my expertise this type of survey dragons this life how I got time to kill this one but there are so many other things there okay define somebody was a mathematician it makes the math books by the name is person up next English book we got animals like most important thing cheese so there are a lot of American Indians by fire some questions about ethnicity of socio-economic skin there are many many many biases Isis and I feel like what you should do is probably focus on that and on education and so why why spend so much of your energy on the basic science in evolution which you're not as well qualified for you are an educator basic basic educational curriculum well I guess everybody has to pick which dragons they want to play and this is still was the one that bothers me because it has so much bigger implications your must call the answer your question because this evolution theory is not just a dumb theory it's a dangerous theory this is exactly what motivated all pepper to kill the inferior species the Jews the blacks this is precisely this theory we're talking about social evolution which many people we gotta get out of here okay well can you must schedule another time I'll come back I hope this why you're choosing oh why does anybody choose any field of work why do people decide to be physicians instead of janitor I decided to do this is my business don't matter you to ask cristen airfield to help buy these wars my overall I would like the new credit but I think it is I'm not asking taxpayers to pay us however if I could become a history now I'm so glad you came to but eight years ago in Canada when I thought my pocket knives harmonize and said I promised miss our deficit if you think the tailbone is very in a video because most of you I just refreshing your memory I said I will pay our country's out if you'd like if you think its potential use and wrote an article in your paper saying that I present you with a pocketknife do you think it is an appropriate response to a scientific question to weigh the positing to somebody that is cattle reasonable is it appropriate to lie and say I'm trapped me with my crocodile you were 75 feet away I was humans be dress very much earlier I heard you say my friend Lawrence that look you're not asking for sir against thought schools true I didn't I personally did not directly observe Nexus it's my religion if I believe God created the world in six days six thousand eight years ago I believe that that is a relation that's a religion I call it a religion any change you know since creation evolution totally ends you know we got run run you got a good I understand what you're upset your your lectures and your ministry is not tax-funded kids not x2 teaches the literal story again probably have to believe that play with it here just create 2,000 years ago my god exactly as was in the press happiness drew I believe that's for grabs with the cryptograph yeah a really close attention I just kind of said Genesis is his religion for a matter what he teaches in his men scream okay now I'm going to ask really simple question what is the name of your ministry creation science evangelism what is the word science doing in that movie the other Pascal being a mess both religious environment teaching evolution by quite a bit why are you misusing the name science in the name of your country your honor you would simply say look I believe in God I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe and I don't have to miss naming time I can just call it biblical creation now let me answer the question okay first place I'm not using any tax funds I can name it whatever I feel like whether you like it or not secondly science deals with knowledge made by observations testing experimentation all of the experimentation tells us dogs produced off so that was event originally of reading kind because we never see a dog government on dog so the scientific evidence is strongly in favor of creation that's why I call that sign free sign front of your eyes Angela you're ahead father you top series 5 reservations that the earth is created about 6000 years ago to not drip down first we go off on migration cereal just not our topic tonight where's the evidence for evolution or buzzing sound incorrect and you are diverting the questions can I give evidence against evolution if you don't want to talk about that you're trying to divert it over to create it does matter creation boys like you to use the word science crap I am now tell me about an experiment in which you measure or someone better create the earth and their data folded into the earth to 6000 years old I think there's a lot of experimental evidence it shows us it cannot be billions of years older no you haven't pores or gate you are leaning in your scientific creation theory but if you call it scientific the earth is 6,000 years opened another there now I want variation for that okay I have an eyewitness who wrote it down in a book called Genesis and told us this is how this is how it happened he told us very clearly Adam was the first man we have eyewitness accounts about Abe Lincoln we're relying on those accounts from 160 years ago about Abe Lincoln I'm relying on I witness account that says there was no death so I have Sam Adam was 130 what self was born Genesis chapter 5 verse 9 I believe it book in the Bible and add up to date time and I witness what do you have remember the oxblood if you are by other a lot of wishes in the outside where we already get your own we do not eat miss native clients in order to solve people I am creation creation science a lot folks fear not over time they're going to shoot us if I get out of here all here at our hotel by very quickly Brad and you're the reason have I had gender Herbal disease 25 years ago that I use creation biblical principles appear and follow up that is doctor of San Francisco to talk undreds and hundreds of doctors emergency medicine sir 1992 she teaches the groups and times as large 2,000 people every year and her website is dr j ym dr. day and she is biblical principles to cure her incurable cancer the pathology this is on website she's not to make the video it says you can't look through bug-out that's the title of her video and that's what you use with your cancer i suggest you check it up okay Nepal yeah I'll come back maybe media sleeps in hot none of the professor's with the paper though we find 146 professors to debate a for according to departments of the Beethoven not the bus it was completed now I'll come back and a professor the teachers here at Berkeley sure I will pay them five hundred dollars an amazing on three civil conditions and it can be gentlemen okay they split up the by others half the time I talked about the one topic at a time and anybody videotaping it sublimates if they want pretty simple conditions thank you so much you do you want to know more about how to combate the cutlass theory of evolution creation science evangelism offers four great tools that help strengthen the faith of believers and win the lost to Christ after 15 years of teaching high school science dr. Hogan began creation science evangelism in 1989 we are a ministry that is dedicated to providing tools which will help you combat the evolution philosophy that is destroying the faith of millions every year the first tool creation science offers is their powerful life-changing video series over the last 12 years well over a million videotapes of dr. Hovind seminar have circled the globe they are reaping a harvest of souls for the kingdom of Christ as well as helping restore the faith of many thousands confused by the evolution propaganda to which they've been subjected these videos are available in English Russian French Spanish Japanese and sign language in the age of the earth first of the seven part series teaches that God created the universe about 6,000 years ago and six literal days with this be true can it be scientifically proven that the earth is not millions of years old this tape gives solid scientific evidence that the earth is young and that the Bible is scientifically accurate how does the environment of the original creation differ from ours today and how would this allow men to live over 900 years and Christians have a good explanation for the existence of dinosaurs but some dinosaurs still be alive today these and many more questions are covered in the 2nd and 3rd part of the series evolution has permeated public school textbooks with false and fraudulent information this video exposes nearly 30 lies commonly found in textbooks every public school student teacher and school board member needs to watch part 4 of this series find out if you have been lied to in your textbooks discover the terrible difference evolutionary beliefs have made in the past as well as in recent history in our video number 5 dictators throughout time you their evolution based philosophies to rationalize their brutal actions learn how evolution propaganda is being used today to prepare people for the New World Order this is just a taste of all the information the 17 hour seminar series has to offer also available are college courses that expand on the seminars in great detail for those who can handle a more confrontational atmosphere our debate series is just for you I said now mr. Patterson if you think the tailbone is a vestigial I Kent Hovind will pay to have yours removed dr. Hogan has debated a wide range of atheists and evolutionists all over the country you're sure to find these twelve debates very exciting these would be perfect to present to that scientifically minded person who likes to argue their point our topical series includes exciting topics like why evolution is stupid public school presentation children's video about dinosaurs the Bible and health Leviathan the fire-breathing dragon and many more creation science also offers a variety of visuals like the longevity chart which presents the entire lineage of Adam to Joseph as given in Genesis it's exciting to see exactly how many generations were alive at the same time hundreds of books on a variety of subjects videos on incredible creatures that defy evolution t-shirts fossils and more make creation science evangelism the one-stop shopping center for your creation material needs our two websites WWJD notes you seat comfort dissertation New York University, West Village, Manhattan.

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