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Sample dedications dissertation

Sample dedications dissertation capstone project executive summary need someone to write my movie review on life sentence it's a windy but spring-like day here at Doug Kingsmore Stadium in Clemson South Carolina is the 2018 season opener the Clemson Tigers in the top 25 and all the national polls taking on the tribe of William and Mary out of the Colonial Athletic Association can i friends so good to have you on board along with palmer tiger all-america Kyle Parker Pete anity with you so here we go Kyle 2018 beginning you're excited to be back on campus for another opening day and for this Clemson Tigers team a ball club that'll have a lot of familiar bats in the lineup from the past year or two but from a pitching standpoint well starting pitching is something that Monty Lee and company have to identify there's not one guy on the current staff that made a start in 2017 yeah experience is the question I don't think talent is the issue Hennessy I've seen him throw before he's got terrific stuff I think they just need to go out there harness all their energy and focus and play ball and Hennessey you mentioned Jacob Hennessy the sophomore in Spartanburg County in South Carolina he'll make his first career start as a collegiate had a really good here as a freshman out of the bullpen and bringing a lot of heat yeah I think it's key that he makes this movement merry off its earn everything they get he's got a terrific team behind him he needs to go out there and throw strikes and trust that they can make plays and that'll make it a lot easier for him a year ago Hennessey with 37 strikeouts in just over 30 innings pitched and we'll talk as we go on today about an off-speed pitch he added during the offseason now among those he'll face in the lineup for the tribe is outfielders now a sophomore Brandon Roque he had a really good debut season at the plate for this William and Mary Jean yeah 337 hitter in the 2017 season he is a left-handed hitter though facing a left-handed pitcher makes it a little bit more difficult but he's definitely a guy who knows his way around the batter's box and it poses probably the biggest threat to this Clemson Tiger team he's their leading returning hitter and their best threat on the base pass of William and Mary team a year ago that hit 264 as for the Tigers in the field the outfield from left to right drew been on the program for a while starts and left Christ eoseo a freshman getting his first collegiate start in the season opener and of course Seth beer and right in field berg moving over to third primarily this year after flying a lot second Davidson had green up the middle Chris Williams playing first he'll play a lot early in the season coming off a shoulder injury you'll see him behind the plate eventually and there's Kyle Wilkie who will catch Jacob Hennessy the left hander one of two the Tigers will start this weekend on with Jake Higginbotham in Sunday's season finale Ryan Hall steps in he's a senior right fielder for this William and Mary team first pitch of the campaign to center field t odo co getting an early opportunity in his Clemson career his first collegiate foot out and runs away here at Doug Kingsman yeah I liked Edo Co great jump off though off the bat reading the ball off the bat gets back there and makes the play I've seen him play terrific outfielder I think he's you know pretty advanced defensively for a young kid Brandon Rock a the outfielder in left fielder for this William and Mary team grew up just outside of State College Pennsylvania so a lefty on lefty and one of just a couple in their starting lineup they are primarily a right-handed team both in terms of their hitters in their arms they really don't have a reliable lefty out of their bullpen even though they are starting off left-hander on the hill today Jacob Hennessy we told you the off-speed pitch that he added during the off season it was a changeup and Monte Lee Sang the other day and announcing that Hennessy would get the start that the reason he had a changeup that's what distinguished him from the others in terms of getting the start in the opener and good morning good afternoon and good night first strikeout of the campaign for the lefty yet going right at the hitters just throwing strikes I think that's something we discussed before it's important for him to just establish the strike zone he doesn't seem like he's letting the anxiety or the nerves of the first start get to him just focusing on throwing strikes and his paint off for him Roque did strike out fifty four times a year ago kind of a high number for a leadoff hitter in college baseball so two away for Patrick Ryan third baseman out of McLean Virginia William and Mary a team picked fifth actually tied for fifth in the preseason CAA rankings with elan on the right side of the infield williams the wind we see blowing in from center field looking not to be that much of a factor at least on that pop fly and that does it for William and Mary in the top of the first nothing across and the Tigers coming to bat has noted this opening game a battle of lefties bode Sheehan on the mound he's a junior out of Virginia Beach for this William and Mary team a year ago six victories in a 4.5 eight earned run average 90 and a third innings pitched he made 15 starts a year ago he's the leader of their staff is they're still trying to get some things figured out both in their starting rotation and their bull time here's what the defense looks like behind them for the William and Mary tribe who come off a campaign a year ago when they won 32 games and on this beautiful day at Doug Kingsmore Stadium Rick a soccer and Hall from left to right the outfield Ryan we just saw him pop out and the top of the first he's a third Pearson and McDermott up the middle McDermott a freshman making his college debut and getting a start Matthew tree hub will also catch in the series plays first hunter Smith the preseason all CAA selection is behind the plate he and brick hey getting preseason all-conference honors in their league and the left-hander on the mound Sheehan who we just saw here's the Tigers sophomore Logan Davidson the switch hitter out of Charlotte North Carolina his debut season for Clemson included 12 home runs and 10 stolen bases and 13 tries and he was used at various parts of the lineup first pitch swinging popped up on the infield the shortstop Pearson will put it away for out number one yeah it seems like both these pictures are staying in the zone and letting their defenses play behind them giving her throwing pitches and letting the offense hit home and really keeping everyone involved in the ballgame drew Wharton now a senior in this Clemson program and Wharton out of Suwanee Georgia 214 a year ago at the plate she in the first pitch a little bit outside we noted a lot of familiar bats in the lineup Seth beer is back Chris Williams a lot of thump in this Tiger batting order but still again trying to figure out some positions left field would be an example of that Orton getting the start there today Robert jolly who's in addy aged today he tells us he's pretty much exclusively an outfielder now when he's not doing so his day is catching you're done but yeah this Clemson Tiger team has a ton of depth at the position for every position pretty much they have a lot of experience chopper handled by Ryan and gets him by a couple of steps and that's out number two I think it's key P that these guys you just settle down the challenges of playing on opening day because your Adrenaline's just running a lot so just taking a deep breath and focus it on the small fundamentals and getting comfortable is key to success so let's talk about some of the Kyle Parker era Clemson an opening day you commented today when I first saw it for you love opening day for a lot of reasons I guess you would love it on maybe the one or two opening days you had when it might have been kind of warmed as opposed to being frigid and Seth beer again a contender for National Player of the Year takes ball one yeah this is the ideal opening day I've had a lot of different experiences on opened today some really good some not so good but you you want to show up to the ballpark on a day like today and play baseball that's for sure that's a fair ball it will go into the right-field corner we're gonna Chuck around to second and hold there with a two-out double set fear beginning 2018 in fine fashion and the Tigers have a man in scoring position here in the home first and this one hugged the line all the way down oh yeah South beer can really swing it that's Weis you know regarded as one of the top players in the country and definitely a guy that a lot of professional clubs will have their eye on and he has a bright future and his swing just works he's he knows what he's doing at the plate and sets the table for Chris Williams Williams who of course dealt with a hand injury a year ago then late in the season hurt his shoulder and coming off of that monny Lee says eventually he'll use Williams at his primary position as a catcher but wants to play him away from there until then let's see if the catcher Smith has a chance and he does Willie Mays style little basket catch for Hunter Smith so the Tigers leave a man in scoring position no runs a hit nothing across and the Tigers own first we had to inning number two [Music] scoreless as we move to the top of the second we told you at the outset of the telecast a wonderful spring-like feel to the air but a windy day here at Doug Kingsmore Stadium and we have seen those flags in centerfield of course at half-staff in honor of the awful tragedy in Florida a couple of days ago but those flags have been pretty much blowing straight in its right-of-center since the late stages of the morning Hunter Smith the catcher made that basket catch too and the Tigers first leads things off Smith three-year starter for their ballclub behind the plate at 269 a year ago and six home runs one of their better returning power hitters every batter so far and as he has gotten ahead that's he's got to keep doing that two straight foot outs for Chris Williams that one just a little bit of a bloop so as we were saying last inning played some opening games here you were kind of the same category as Seth beer in that your freshman year of college should have actually been your senior of high school in terms of baseball but any memories of opening day in terms of being frigid gives more times than not when you open the middle of February even here in the Upstate of South Carolina it can be frigid as tree hub the first baseman stands out well Pete I've played at Colorado Springs Colorado one year and we left Scottsdale Arizona where's perfectly sunny and got snowed out for four days in her own couldn't start the season and to afford a delay so that's that's pretty unfortunate you can't play based on the snow obviously yeah and even like an early April at Coors Field in Denver where you eventually played we've seen the stories anything reminiscent from the the Clemson opening days I guess you would have been here for three opening days yeah three opening days I think what stands out to me is just a excitement being a guy coming out of high school you don't really play in front of all these people we'll see we'll throw down to first to make an official second strikeout for Hennessey yes that makes it challenging it makes it exciting but but but definitely you know an unfamiliar territory you have nerds that you haven't felt before and you kind of have to put those aside and learn just how to perform and how to play baseball like you've always played it here's designated hitter Colin Lipke making his debut in a William and Mary uniform and their head coach Brian Murphy says he hopes this guy adds some pop to their lineup after he spent his first two years of college baseball at Guilford Tech in Greensboro 463 there we've seen an example especially on that last pitch last couple of pitches to the previous batter tree hub of the change of the Duke of hennessey added during the offseason and how tough he can be on lefties with that and probably some righties - I would think going away from them well that's why I left handed pitchers develop a changeup you want something other than a breaking ball to throw to a right-handed hitter a lot of times you look at a left on right matchup you're going to be using your changeup more often whenever you have a left on left matchup you'll go more to the breaking ball so being a starting pitcher it's nice to have you know breaking ball in conjunction with a changeup just to keep them off balance and be able to have something for a right-handed hitter and a left-handed hitter now see we noted it is work was all out of the bullpen a year ago his final appearance was in the Tigers final game on June 3rd against Vanderbilt a third of an inning in a matchup situation so how far he can stretch out today will be something they'll keep an eye on I would suppose they have him on a pitch count as he falls behind here yeah a whole year you have the guys on pitch counts you don't want them to go out there and you know really slave you want to you know let them have some energy for later on in the year Davidson and Williams with the stress and the tribe going in order for a second straight inning inning and a half in the books here in the 2018 season opener we're scoreless some of the nice turnout we have here in Doug Kingsmore stadium on opening day with Kyle Parker Pete unity with you as the Tigers come out to bat here in the home second inning by the way fans like that may have gone to Clemson Tigers calm you should too to see all the promotions and all kinds of things they're doing this year for fans here at Doug Kingsmore and variety of different ticket promotions some concessions of things they're doing as well so check that out of Clemson Tigers calm and certainly make plans to join us out here throughout this 2018 campaign robert jolly stands in he's the da-jin the ball game the senior out of Myrtle Beach plated Carolina Forest High School of course his dad's a high school baseball coach so he's one of the more savvy Clemson players and a year ago did a really nice job getting on base so on a d/h role ma Neely today has him batting fifth but I would suppose you'll see him moved all over the lineup especially with that lefty bat want a righties on the hill I would think you'll see him higher in the line yeah definitely a guy who has a lot of versatility you can move them around the lineup but also defensively in the field like you mentioned a guy who is brought up around the game of baseball and you can definitely see it just by his mannerisms and how comfortable he is out there on the field behind 1 & 2 in the count swing and a Miss Smith will throw it down to first and out number one here in the Tigers second is the first strikeout of the ball game recorded by the left-hander Brody chief you see that one a little bit of off-speed stuff and as a righty battered you face a lefty you know he's coming off speed I would just think as opposed to a right-hander on a righty batter when he comes off speed when you're a lefty batter like jolly against the left-handed the off-speed stuff is just devastating things just visually it gets a little different the guys throwing from kind of behind you and that presents a challenge things don't look as though they would whenever you're just hitting batting practice or for say hitting off a guy who has a normally normal delivery style grayson bird and her left-handed hitter in this Tigers lineup the third baseman taking strike two of course began his college career at LSU yeah I really like Grayson Burt's wink he has a great trigger mechanism with his leg kick that kind of keeps him on time three pitch strikeout a bird for Xin to straight a year ago she ended 78 strikeouts in 90 and a third innings looked like came off speed a little bit that time but certainly was working the outside yeah definitely I think it's difficult to us it's really hard to simulate game play and practice you see it a lot of the major leagues you play 30 games before you actually play a game that counts these guys don't have the benefit of doing that they play against each other all the time and there's just a different element when there's people around there's not a cage around you when you're hitting and it may take a while for these bats to warm up on both sides and it's kind of will key the sophomore canter stands in the point you make a lot of the guys were commenting the other day about how they were just so excited as you are after a preseason to see another team's pitcher and to you know face some other guys see other guys from other teams swinging the bat and and running down those balls that are hit does that one waved at and missed yeah good swing they're working away these guys just have to stay within themselves and use the whole part of the field and when I say that just up the middle whenever you're in here your Adrenaline's running you get a tendency to pull off pitches a little quick so just calm down and focus on hitting the ball right back up the middle she and again a head of a batter one and two looking to strike out the side here in the home second any rocks and fires and nice job at third by Ryan up with it on to first and tree hub going down and pull it in and the Tigers retired in order in their half of inning number two we are scoreless here at Doug Kingsmore state in the Tigers 142 a year ago trying to start this campaign and fine fashion as we head to the third [Music] Brian Murphy begins his fifth season at the helm at William and Mary he was an assistant there in 2013 and then took the reins the following campaign originally from Easton Massachusetts and chasing career win number 120 today the tribe is a ballclub that won the CAA in 2016 they made four n-c-double-a trips in 2014 his first year he went against the College of Charleston and Monty leave for the title an athlete could that one just barely foul off the bat of their centerfielder Owen soccer at 323 a year ago and returns as one of the handful of players in their lineup who had better than 300 in 2017 both offenses seemed extremely aggressive swinging up you know first pitches maybe they're just trying to find their groove and get comfortable I know as a hitter you you want to not feel pressured or not feel coached to do one specific thing you just want to find yourself Tennessee so one now to even the count up Brian Murphy told me before the game that his team's approach is at bat oriented I don't know if I've ever heard a coach tell me it in that sense in other words very situational they're not an overly powerful team they think that Lipke the th can add some pop but and they're not necessarily a team that runs a whole lot but at bat oriented meaning maybe the approach early on against hennesey a guy making his first career start was to maybe chase the first pitch knowing that he'd developed some off-speed stuff during the offseason and that'll stay foul I would have to assume that they want hit him want to prove or make him prove that he can throw strikes but it seems like he's coming right in and right at him and now he's forcing them to be aggressive one of the keys to a success is just getting ahead continue to have that pitch batter's count in his favor Hennessey of course his first collegiate start today but all throughout his days at Dorman high school over Roebuck South Carolina he was a starter as just about every guy who makes it to the collegiate level at one point was a starter high schooler passes swinging on this number one here on the top of the third and Jacob Hennessy is third strikeout so far yeah I love to look at body language you just see Jacob Hennessy he seems super comfortable out there and he's looks like he's started many games before but in high school you only go seven innings and not nine so therein lies the question of he'll be able to kind of stretch things out as the season goes on he told me the other day that he plans to try to work 9:00 every day you just want to look at the kid and kind of just give him a pat on the shoulder and say that's that's youthful optimism at work right there it is optimistic but a great mindset as a position player you want to go out there and play behind a guy who has the confidence and the mentality of being a winner stay just a little bit low and end to Matt McDermott the freshmen second baseman making his debut high school he was a 394 hitter stole 48 bases so he's a guy they'll probably try to utilize the speed at maybe right now he'll likely get two out of this throw back in nearly off the bag came at dirt but how about that for a first at-bat in college and Matt McDermott with a double they're gonna want to save that baseball take another look yeah he just sends one right down the line Hennessy probably missed his spot a little bit trying to get in on his hands but turns out look great you know great piece of hitting and you know wait around the bases getting a second base first hit in the ballgame for the tribe evens things up in that category both hits have been doubles Seth beer for the Tigers in the home first now McDermott with one out here in the third and here's Zach Pearson who would have been their starting second baseman moved over to shore Davidson thought about third throws to first Williams the scoop and a nice job by the Tigers first baseman for out number two [Applause] and that's a guy who again by trade as a catcher Williams but he's a really nice job saving and Aaron throw vanta he's really comfortable at first base I think this is a great job by the base runner second reading this high hop and advancing to third usually when you see a ball in front of you and you're a runner on second base you're supposed to stop you read that high hot it gives you a little extra time to have moved a third base so McDermott moves 90 feet closer a two-out runner at third for this William and Mary team that a year ago averaged just over six runs per game Tennessee trying to work through his first difficulty and this is first collegiate start at the top of the order of Ryan Hall who flied out to Center on the very first pitch for this 2018 campaign for iced tea at OC oh the freshman his first collegiate contest recorded the put out let's count two and one as you saw the lead by McDermott now I don't know if that's that effective with a lefty because he can't you really can't distract the pitcher but what a nice pitch that was pain in the corner yeah your primary going there go on third base is just to be able to score on a pass ball there's two outs you know you're going to be running on contact so you just want to get get your distance down the line and he heads up for a fall in the dirt Tennessee would love to get his fourth strikeout of the game right here run leave McDermott at third Paul strike three hits the inside corner and he gets all looking that'll do it for the tribe here in their half of inning number three they get a hit but they leave a runner on third Jacob Massey for Kay's threw two and a half [Music] eight nine and one coming up with the Tigers we head to the bottom half of the third inning in a scoreless game in this opener for 2018 and Monte Lee embarking on year number three at the helm of the Tigers distinction of having one conference championships and two different blades forces debut season at Clemson led to that ACC title 86 wins so far and the fellow on the other dugout we introduced you to earlier Brian Murphy will those two of course won against each other for a few seasons as head coaches and the Colonial Athletic Association Lee was at Charleston Murphy William and Mary as jordan green leads things off and offered at that one for strike one and the two head coaches in this game were head-to-head in the second longest game in college baseball history off-speed pitch from the count goes oh and two on green 27 innings end of the regular season in 2014 I was like to play 27 I played 20 innings in LA we ran out of position players dudas pitch hit e to bats and had to put a left handed pitcher in right field to finish the game I think there was a hundred people in the stands at the end yeah because they all left in the seventh inning to beat the traffic like they do with the Dodger Stadium with like that one truly painted the corner Green doesn't agree that he's a strikeout victim for out number one so he was price to get oshio to face the left-hander machine ta da co a highly regarded freshman for this Tiger team really talented guys number 113 freshman in the nation by the perfect game service out of Malden high group just outside of Simpsonville South Carolina getting the start in center field he looks at strike one and one of those unique guys Allah Rickey Henderson he bats right but throws left you just don't see that often but like Rickey Henderson he can run and that is definitely beneficial a guy who can play the outfield plays center field he can move I really like Tia doe Co I think he's got a ton of upside but just like any freshman you're gonna you know take your take your in the batter's box gonna take you a while to get comfortable and you know see you the talent that you're playing against and adjusted to it Brian Murphy would love to see his pitcher Sheehan have another 1-2-3 inning on the right side McDermott one freshman to first dugout isolated by a guy also played some capture a tree hug and that's out number two as the freshman McDermott throws out the freshman toc Oh his first collegiate event yeah these pictures are doing a great job of locating getting ground balls getting ahead of the count it's making it really tough on both offenses top of the order logan davidson now a sophomore of those shortstop popped out to his opposite number Pearson the William Ameria shortstop back in inning number one that'll be interesting to see what adjustments this Clemson Tiger offense makes the second time around maybe they want to see some more pitches and get comfortable each pitchers allowed a hit [Applause] Sheena's struck out three the Tigers starter Jacob Hennessy has reported four strikeouts so far and Monte Lee talked about it the other day in the preseason scrimmages as pitchers were way ahead of his hitters but that kind of tends to be the case on any level of baseball at this time of the year that was quite a rip watch out over there on the William and Mary dugout looks like everyone's okay but it's just tough to kind of come out of the box as a hitter oh yeah definitely like I said earlier it's tough to simulate in game pitching everything's different whenever there's people in the stands your adrenaline is running and there's a live guy on the mound no down Michael gold ACK the fella number 20 you saw fall down there's probably getting a little bit of ribbing from his teammates but whatever you have to do to stay out of a hard shot like that yeah just put some put some dirt on it if it hits yeah don't rub it that's what they say 2 2 pitch just gets a piece to stay alive and it's understandable you've got a lineup with some freshmen T odo Co there's some others who have a lot of promise with this Tiger team guys you'll see getting out there soon later Sam Hall and outfielder Matt Cooper some of the newcomers and some of the guys returning or were veterans on this team trying to pick it up at bat as well opposite way that time and another foul ball wheres Davidson as a unique distinction of having now his dad Mark Davidson a former Tiger on the Clemson staff yeah mark Davidson a lot of experience played in the big leagues knows what he's talking about and he really schooled Logan on you know just the fundamentals of the game obviously Logan is extremely talented but you could see here his two-strike approach he's just trying to put the ball in play shorten up his swing swings and misses zeros a foul tip held on to by the catcher's Smith a year ago as a freshman Davidson struck out 53 times that's the first time he goes down on strikes here thousand 18 were scoreless heading to the fourth as we challenge you to find the oculus in that picture we return to Doug Kingsmore stadium for the start of the fourth inning and the folks where in the blue today that's the first base umpire Craig baron there you see the guy over it third Jeremy Dupree you saw our list Danny Everett calling balls and strikes at second base you notice on that list John Mary who of course spells his last name like it's Yuletide season's to no doubt has gone through an entire life getting rib in that respect Tennessee starts out facing their top returning hitter Brandon Rick a the sophomore left fielder out of bowls Berg Pennsylvania okay struck out swinging in his first at-bat of this 2018 campaign this one to center field read nicely by T a Toshio and a couple of opportunities handled successfully so far by the freshman for the Tigers out and center yeah what you can see with both pitchers as they're throwing multiple pitches and they're hitting their spots they're not giving these offenses month much to header you know much opportunity to put the barrel on the baseball Patrick Ryan going the opposite way and that's gonna fall into right field for the second hit in the ball game for the tribe and Orion is now one out of two so one out base runner for William and Mary we told you they really don't run a whole lot a year ago this guy attempted just four stolen bases successful three times that time just going down and getting one of those Hennessy off-speed pitches yeah just miss a little bit over the plate you know as long as you're staying down in the zone you don't really pose a threat of letting them drive the ball deep you stay down in the zone allowing them to hit a hit a hard line drive or a ground ball rip to the left it's gonna fall in working over there to get it doing a nice job to hold the runner Ryan at second and a nice hand from the home crowd for the defensive effort out of left field by drew Wharton but now first and second and just one away is hunter Smith picking up his first hit of the campaign a hard single yeah Jacob left that ball up a little bit but a terrific job cutting it off in left field and getting it in holding that runner at second base there's first baseman tree up one of the two lefty batters in their lineup with Roque the left fielder three up striking out in inning number two his first time up Loki it looked like he'd gone down to South that the runners will advances that one gets away let's see how they score that and so now men in scoring position and just one out still for the tribe I really thought he had gone down on his can we scored a wild pitch but from behind we obviously see what happened yeah that's the ball you would like to keep in front of you just got a little slippery and the runners are able to advance I think it's key that you know Hennessey just keeps his confidence he has to stay down on his own trust the catcher that will keep it in front of him next time 3 held at 237 a year ago for a home 21 chance to get a couple right here a vegan yet at least a single [Applause] Hennessey of course used to pitching from the stretch for all of his work he did last year coming out of the bullpen three up stamps 6-1 195 gets ahead in the count here 2 & 1 so one want to count that as a pitcher you really want to control now you're sitting to one you want to throw a strike in that one one count that often times tells you how you're feeling about your breaking pitch if you could throw your breaking pitch for a strike in the 1-1 count it really gives you an upper hand one stays away goes to 3 & 1 let's see what he does here with first base open but he does have left iam lefty and right-handed hitter and a good one with power count and lucky waiting on deck yeah you obviously don't want to give in here you have an open base don't give them anything to hit with runners in scoring position you can kind of be a little bit more fine trying to locate on the blacks of the plate a year ago opposing hitters had 274 against Hennessey but you've got to qualify that with the fact that as a reliever he only recorded 30 and 2/3 innings and it almost seems like when a reliever gives up a hit it's like double the penalty because starter obviously is gonna wear as the reviews and a lot more bats or batters against ya correct you do get put in a lot of pressure situations too you come in the game with runners on base and you're familiar with the feeling of that [Applause] tree up awaiting the payoff pitch stays one so that's a 3-2 breaking ball he's not giving in knows he has a base open that would set up a potential DoublePlay with one out that could ultimately get you out of the inning again the 3-2 pitch playing on this big big strikeout with one out runners on second and third and that is the fifth recorded in the game for Jacob Hennessy just the fastball up in the zone gets tree up his swing right through it he's on to the next one we got two outs runners on second and third also you have a base open you don't want to stay in the middle of the plate you can be fine you can work your off-speed pitches and different counts but obviously getting ahead of the count is crucial grounded out to shortstop is first time off column litke junior college transfer in his debut for William and Mary on deck you've got Owens soccer who hit better than 300 a year ago looks like Hennessey is going to get out of it Davidson plenty of time Williams try to coming off come off the bag ever so slightly but gets his foot on there and Jacob Hennessy works out of a jam in which he had second and third and one out but able to get the strikeout that induced the groundout so middle of the fourth a scoreless game here at Doug Kingsmore [Music] great day to be out of the ballpark and those folks obviously you can suppose that they've done the scheduling thing right and they don't any Friday afternoon classes actually at this time of year in the sprint Tigers trying to break through here against Brody Sheehan just the one hit against set fear who was due up in this ne Brian Murphy his team not only planning the Tigers to start out here in a weekend set they'll also face ACC foes Virginia and NC State later this year the Maryland Terrapins now in the big Tenten system power five schools ahead drew Wharton standing in looks like she took something off on the first pitch you know that was a changeup right there and this is where you see things like your adrenaline running and you're just a little ahead of that you don't see the breaking spin or the spin of the off-speed pitch and you're just a little ahead of it she's had to relax and stay within yourself more than your grounding to third his first time up I think there's a testament to both pitchers they seem to be working both sides of the plates and throwing strikes it is making it really challenging on both offenses bode chin one of the few starters with experience in this entire ballpark we told you about Hudson's lack of experience among they're starting to happen before even Mary was a couple of guys who had multiple starts last season that one well struck by warden but nonetheless it's the one to count interestingly enough the starter today's shin and the guy that will go tomorrow an identical earned run averages a year ago four point five eight for the lefty Chien and for the right-handed pitcher Jamie sorry with the Tigers will see in at 2 p.m. scheduled first pitch Saturday afternoon to two will stay that way Wharton will be playing though a lot of outfield this year we told you the senior out of Suwanee Georgia and I think just to keep it simple the common goal just needs to be to have a quality of bat warden to - he's seen five pitches thus far that's going to pay off for him in the future just seeing those pitches making Sheehan work three home - pitch count up three up gave it a look but as you see the wind might have taken that a little bit further back than initially was headed as it's actually not as fierce as it was earlier in the ballgame that breeze it was there's usually a swirling wind in here once you see something hit down the right-field line trust me I know from learning to play right field here everything blows out towards the bleachers so a ball that you see might be landing in play is going to drift towards you know the lake side more towards out of play Wharton doing a good job staying alive the third-base coach for the Tigers Greg Starbuck who will now have to put something in the jar in the kangaroo court Breck's the hitting coach not the fielding coach so I don't think you can really rag on them too much so this is a terrific at-bat regardless of the results coming out here making them throw pitches and works it it helps for your team behind you these guys getting to see em and they also get to make adjustments to to right-field battling the wind but eventually pulling it in his right fielder Ryan Hall the first out here in the Tigers half of the fourth inning when we told you about the breeze and just before that pitch it picked up a little bit there those flags out in the right center field but earlier in this thing that was kind of barely waving and I believe this ballpark you notice it it can be windy the afternoon then it'll die down after sunset it does fall for something that you call dead air it's kind of just stagnant up there and balls that you see you know out during the middle of the day that are carrying those things start to die especially you know a little moisture in there so yeah you're right the wind will stop blowing especially here later on in the evening chef Pierre doubled for the Tigers only hit back in the first inning use left stranded with two outs there that one a mile high on the left side of the infield was like Ryan the third baseman will be the one to corral McCann he does rhodesian since that double against Seth beer has been on a roll two quick outs here and inning number four GM's is changing in velocities makes it very challenging on the hitters especially on the first day opening day you're not fight comfortable you got a guy out there who's really settled in and capable of working both sides of the plate it makes it a little more challenging Chris Williams Tigers first baseman looks at ball one Williams in the home first popped out to the catcher on a pretty nice play by hunter Smith little basket catch over in front of the screen to the right of the home plate area yeah Wales has got some pop he can hit the ball a long ways I think what he's trying to do is just get extension get those arms out there and catch the ball out in front and be able to drive it and Williams falls behind 1 and 2 and for a moment it looked like it might have caught a piece of oh but he's okay as he takes a walk actually might have bought a piece of the catcher's face that yeah he was right on it just saw about that breaking ball a little high his eyes probably just lit up and thought about hitting that ball a lot of ways but a good swing Williams appreciating the life of the catcher you saw him step out to buy some time that one's foul on the third base side and again that home place etiquette it's always so interesting to see as we'll see this hard shopper and Ryan who made it top-shelf play earlier in the game for next little slide right there but you know if an umpire takes one off of the padding or whatever the catcher will walk out to the mound if the catcher takes one off of the mass the umpire will dust off on the plate the batter will walk out those kind of codes of the game yeah just a little etiquette it doesn't feel good when you get hit by a law I for one I didn't like putting on gear and getting behind the plate that wasn't my forte it takes a special individual to do it to to pop back of home play it again and folks may forget you came here as a cancer probably one of the few guys ever at a major level to be a catcher and a quarterback I caught probably five bullpens and ended up with bruises all over me I don't think I was very good but I reasoned in my mind that I might as well just go play football all year long if I'm gonna get this beat up this time it does get a piece of Williams it's a foul ball and I don't look like it's stung Oh right off of that leg so she hands working the inner part of the plate he established that early in the game and now he's just moving it a little in and a little in and it's tough for the hitters to the cypher weather and this is a strike because it has been for the whole game and now it's just a little bit further in and you have to swing because you know that he has command to that glove side Williams a guy who knows about pain with a hand injury and a shoulder injury in his recent past and they'll feel that bruise for a while but that's a good point at times the strike zone can shrink or slightly expand as a game we've got her in the respect to the home plate umpire for a pitcher to to to Williams good job to lay off of that one with two strikes yeah that's tough especially when you're getting worked on the inner side under the plate you go spaz ball away just seemed to miss by a little bit good pitch but it's a ball so could i payoff pitch and ball for williams a two-out walk that ends a string of nine in a row retired by Bodie Sheehan the William and Mary pitcher and the Tigers have a two-out base runner so regardless of what happens this inning I think it's awesome to know drew Hortons bet that back saw a ton of pitches makes Xi'an work and then he comes back and after another at-bat with Chris Williams who's also seems a lot of pitches and he's really making Sheehan work 20 pitches this inning so far Robert jolly was the first of the four strikeouts recorded by Sheehan in the ballgame and he falls behind of your own one I came back to me Tigers second inning scoreless as you see the tribe leads in the hit counts three two one a great day though for opening day and the wind not so strong and it's annoying in any way probably will impact some deep fly's especially the right-center temperatures in the low 70s some clouds around we hope we can get this one in and stay dry I don't think you could ask for a better day it's fantastic down early ISM again February 16th and you know full well all the way really into late March you can have some chilly days of the ballpark in this area lefty checks the runner at first on the right side McDermott the freshman as Williams went by and that'll do it for the Tigers here in the home fourth inning a walk and a man left head to the fifth scoreless ballgame the Tigers and the tribe out of the CAA [Music] we have ourselves a high-tech control room with some really talented people here at Doug Kingsmore Stadium we have no idea who the folks you're seeing right there are the nice people in that picture but nonetheless a wonderful telecast unfolding here to start out 2018 the gentlemen closest your picture was our skilled producer director by the way and he does many wonderful things all throughout Thompson athletics when it comes to cameras and microphones and getting things on TV and along with Kyle Parker P Kennedy back with you and happy that all the things that need to be plugged in were plugged in and we could have ourselves a fine start on the air this 2018 campaign and those folks enjoying the day probably not enjoying how things look so far for the home team but it is a scoreless ball game and again I don't think ma Neely is all that surprised with a couple of things that his bats have been a little slow to get going we talked about that earlier and well that he's gotten a very solid start so far at a Jacob Hennessy who last inning worked out of a jam one out runners on second and third but he came away with a strikeout and a groundout to third and that left this guy on soccer the centerfielder on deck 323 hitter a year ago so he will lead things off here in the top half of inning number five for William and Mary yeah money has to be extremely encouraged with Jacob Hennessey's performance tonight he's getting ahead of the count throwing strikes and I feel like that's huge 407 on-base percentage last year for soccer who grew up just outside of Washington DC and the end of Virginia lunch at James Madison high really good high school for producing athletes over the years and I see fall be falling behind 2 & 1 just 9 walks though drawn last season by soccer right feel that's gonna get down beer giving it a chase and he'll get the throw into second why turn at first but soccer will remain there a leadoff single though to start things out in the top of the fifth for the tribe yeah this pitch just sliced right down the right-field line good piece of hitting I feels like the that's what you have to do to be successful offensively just settle down take those balls that are away hit them to right field keep your approach right up the middle fourth hit allowed by Hennessey and in this case a leadoff batter and that's the first time William Ameri has put the leadoff man on so far this afternoon first pitch swinging is McDermott the freshman right centerfield and beer is over see odo co was closing fast but the junior calling off the freshman and a nice job to reach out just shy of the hill for out number one yeah that was a great jump on that ball struck pretty well McDermott already has a double today stung that one pretty good into the gap I think something to know we look along the fence that kind of incline this gets a little tricky for the outfielders but obviously Seth be plenty experienced out there he knows how to handle that you're making that catch just below those flags we've been showing you that are blowing in a bit you wonder how much the wind might have impacted that here is Pearson Bunning and it will go foul Zach Pearson there a ninth place hitter their shortstop who's played a lot of second base in his career pretty nice job laying that one down yeah whenever you're bunting just the common thought is to keep it on the grass once it gets on that dirt it's more than likely going to roll foul but not a bad idea trying to get the offense started get on base get things rolling for the top of the lineup and as he got them to ground to short with a man on third and one out back in the third inning and that was a pretty big deal this guy hit nearly 320 with runners in scoring position a year ago so he's as good of a clutch hitter as they have was batting here with the man at first and one away in the top half of the fifth inning for William and Mary 32 wins a year ago they were 32 and 25 10 and 17 on the road tigers 29 and 11 in home games in 2017 as Doug Kingsmore has always been a very good home field for this team did you feel that confidence as a college player here playing in this ballpark you always loved playing in your home ballpark just you're familiar with all the surroundings you have your fans rip to left Wharton's gonna have to chase it it'll head to the wall we'll keep an eye on the baserunner soccer to third in a second with a one-out double is Zach Pearson his first hit in 2018 and for the second straight inning the tribe has something going with less than two outs and again second and third that was the hardest hit ball all day just left it a little too over the plate and good timing really stung that one down there great base running to get to second now you got runners on second and third with one out a lot of pressure especially you know considering he's been in this situation a couple times during the game but definitely not the end of the day you still have to go out there and battle and throw strikes and obviously Hennessey once you get out of the jam to keep the opponent off the board but there's two outs away from being able to qualify for the win if the Tigers were to be able to score in the bottom of the fifth and indeed of a pitch count maybe makes it so they're not going to push him too far past a fifth or of stars Brooks Crawford he'll pitch tomorrow a couple of years ago you remember he got some stars started that game that the Tigers won in Durham for the ACC title didn't have a good outing but they've got some guys who've been around a little bit Hennessey so far 52 pitches the pitch count wise he's probably good for another getting beyond this one as long as things don't get too out of hand now regardless of what happens I think there's a lot of positives you can take away I think it's is very challenging for a coaching staff not to have anyone who has started a game and someone that you could just go out there and rely on especially a Friday starter but there's a ton of positives you can roll away regardless of what happens Tigers play the infield back except for Williams at first probably looking out for a push Vaughn is Ryan Hall the leadoff hitter over 2 with a fly out to Center and caught looking strikeout and he looks at strike number one I think you just need to bear down and worry about getting an out if you give up a ground ball out and a run scores so be it this one in the air to left Wharton giving chase looking up and it's out of here way out of here up above that entryway in the left-field grandstand a three-run homer by Ryan Hall giving William and Mary the early or the three Nothing advantage here in inning number five and in this opener in 2018 the tribe striking first he really put a good swing on that just left it a little up Hennessey dead and tagged that one pretty good it got a you know pretty much all the way off of those grand stands in left field and that's a pretty good poke right there good piece of hitting Hall among their team leaders of season ago he had six home runs that's his first here in 18 a no doubter as you say and again the wind blowing in more from right field so that one kind of had to cut through the wind not really go directly into it but that is certainly one that made some noise so Hennessey suddenly looks up and sees himself down three nothing six hit in the ballgame for the tribe yeah I think since the addition to the grandstands this kind of works as a barrier knocking that breeze down we were able to hit the ball a lot further to left field with the grandstands being built as compared to when they weren't here and your last season was the first season for the grand stands 2010 2010 the grand stands were open for business before that it was the fraternity towers I'm sure there's no heckling that came out of the fraternity towers assuming they were fraternity guys hanging there I don't think left fielders enjoyed game Hill left field here I think the interesting part was watching them get built because the fire marshal would have to come check them they would be about five stories high before opening day and then eventually you know they would make them cuddle down to at least like two towers just for K that time looking at a strike and the count goes full three and two random arcade their top hitter but over to so far in the game and now over three foul tip Wilkie hangs on second time he's struck out Jacob Hennessy able to bounce back giving that home run thought by getting Ricky you've got to give up runs if you're a pitcher you're just gonna face talented guys and things are gonna happen you have to just practice being resilient and going out there and competing you have to have a short memory and going to the next one six strikeout in the game for Hennessey but that's going to do it as Monte Lee will come to the mound and make the call to the bullpen William and Mary the three-run homer from Ryan Hall and that ends up chasing Jacob Hennessy one batter later and so the Tigers will go to the pen and at the very least hope to keep things right here a three nothing ballgame it's hard to believe that it's been eight years and now the ninth season that those left field and left-center field grandstands have been on them it just seems like yesterday they put them up yeah and it does so much for the ballpark fans love it it's just great creating this environment that everyone enjoys here Ryan Miller coming on in relief for the Tigers a senior out of Venice Florida and a year ago in 11 games a one a no record accordin save a 3.09 earned run average and 11 strikeouts nosed 11 and 2/3 innings and just as the starting rotation needs to be set a lot of questions to be answered in that bullpen as well with Crawford presumably moving into the full-time starting role someone like Miller with a great opportunity and coming on here for his first assignment here in 2018 not the worst thing to come into a ballgame with nobody on base and he can just kind of go to work albeit he will be facing the third place hitter in the lineup Patrick Ryan yeah I would have to imagine being a reliever coming in which is no one on base no pressure it has to make you feel a little less pressure especially for that first appearance you're able to settle down come in here and throw strikes and get comfortable junior college transfer Miller out of the state college in Florida had a good first half to last season but then some injuries gotten away in the second half which is the reason why I only appeared in 11 games but he will go to work here against the third baseman Ryan who singled his last time up this time first pitch swinging to udo co runs that one down for out number three but the big blow delivered by the tribe and Ryan Hall running into one with a couple on base his first homer of the year first runs for the tribe in this opener that last how they knew it over at third base though in soccer and crew a three nothing game at the bottom of the fifth will even marry the three nothing lead after that three-run blast by Hall so Jacob Hennessy a lot of good things can be taken out of his first career start but he ends up going four and two thirds and allowing six hits that big blow though the homers six strikeouts and he didn't walk a batter so I would think Monty leaves assessment will be saved for a pitcher to went pretty well yeah I would agree with you you know located through multiple pitches for strikes one mistake but hey it's gonna happen it's life of a pitcher you got to wipe it off and go to the next one Grayson Bird starts things out for the Tigers here in the 50 struck out against Bodie she at his first time up Shannon the ball game has recorded four strikeouts he retired nine straight batters at one stage and Byrd ahead to an of course Grayson Byrd one of two Tigers in the starting lineup who were sons of former major leaguers we take a look at him laying off right there there's the Tigers shortstop logan davidson his dad mark playing in the bigs primarily with the twins this one on the infield backing up is the shortstop and Pearson and short left has it for out number one and as you probably also know Grayson Byrd his dad a longtime pitcher in Major League Baseball with a lot of teams of course folks in the southeast got to know him when he pitched with the Braves Paul Byrd and you'll often see Paul here at the ballpark and I'm supposing trying to think Paul Byrd would have been up late 80s around the time mark Davidson was playing and perhaps while Paul Byrd was with the Indians he might have gotten there too late after Mark Davis and I'm just wondering if they faced each other the the dad's faced each other to right field right-center rather and soccer pulling that one in yeah I don't tire Walton if he ever faced mark I know Bill spires another Clemson guy they played together I want to say for the mats yeah - the same yeah and bills Matthew Carson inspires pitcher Clemson maybe we'll see him relief appearance who knows Carson's dad Mike of course was a tiger outfielder back in the early 90s yeah Paul Byrd definitely faced Bill spires and of course interestingly Bill spires just like mark Davidson in that very interesting father-son deal because will spires is Bill Sonny's the punter on the football team little words of them but bill works with the football staff and of course Mark Davidson now working with the tiger baseball staff of the son of the team and then you have former big leaguer Ben Paulsen out there back and he's coaching first base we're Colorado Rockies east here with you up here Kyle Parker and you got Ben Paulsen I mean I don't know if we want to put a sign up outside on the road that goes by this is Lake Street but a shortened green trying to lay off Green caught looking his first time up to third base nice job going down to get it by Ryan's had some good work over there on the hot corner and the Tigers going in order and again here in the fifth inning now Green got some good aluminum on it but as we head to the 6-3 nothing try [Music] well one pitch leading to that look on the face of Jacob Hennessy who did a solid job in his first career start but he is on the hook for the loss at this point with his team trailing three nothing that Jacob Hennessey it spelled different than the longtime Clemson baseball PR guy Brian Hennessy but the social media arm of Clemson athletics decided they would have some fun and here is that presentation no way this is my chance you can do this Brian what do you do just get loose thanks for the night coats you won't be disappointed what are you talking about Tennessee the star opened a meteorite no the other Hennessey [Music] oh the brush with greatness out of uniform that's what Brian Hennessy looks like I refer to him as baseball Brian because that's truly what it is he is a great man of the game so he is returned to his normal duties Kyle Parker who did put on the Clemson uniform as you know and quite well and never had his coach pull him from warming up and Pete Hannity with you back here Doug Kingsmore Stadium and so three nothing here as we head to the sixth setting that was really some fine acting right there that was high quality entertainment and it really was I feel like he should just hang it up right now it's not going to get any more funnier than that nailed it his acting career might have just reached its peak so folks may know having seen you around here in the fall you came back to campus after a long run in pro baseball and kind of tell me what got you back here and what you've been doing with yourself yeah I've been back here since the fall semester helped out with the football team I'm also going back to school I'll graduate at the end of this semester so looking forward to that but I really enjoyed my time out there with the football team helped help them out with you know a lot of things to do with the offense so it's very enjoyable as we head to the top half of the sixth inning Miller stays out there for the Tigers he faces hunter Smith fee tribe camp sure who's 1 for 2 in the game he's single his last time up was left at 2nd so 2010 you had that monster year you get drafted opening round by the Rockies and take it from there I was all over the place Pete everywhere I ended up moving back to Arizona so I still have a residence in Scottsdale Arizona and really enjoy it out there but you know played into a ton of different leagues anywhere from North Carolina to California and in Denver for a while so kind of got taken all over playing baseball Smith won and that's the first strikeout recorded for Miller and out number one here in the sixth inning looked like he tried to hold up yeah you could just see the difference in the styles of pitching and I see you know a little more finesse moving it sides of the plate Miller power arm he's coming right at you brings up the first baseman Matthew tree up or just hit hit her in their order and he takes ball one so as a resident of Arizona I think the question vacuums how many times on the golf course has an errand driver fairway shot hit dead-on into a cactus well if you're assessing my golf game yeah probably pretty commonly Miller nearly got it David said on the first for out number two that one came right back from where it came in a hurry but quickly two outs here in the William and Mary sixth inning and I would suppose being based in Arizona because each year when you reported the Rockies spring training that's where they did it so it was convenience we take another look at that one that was a little bit beyond the reach oh yeah definitely beneficial living there obviously that's the reason I moved out there that in consideration with a lot of other baseball players being there I could you know work out and do my baseball activities with a lot of guys who had a similar schedule as I did and of course the unique quality of being a two-sport athlete in the power five program of some great plays great memories of the Tigers quarterback too I always enjoyed my time here I love the people more than anything great coaches and I think even added money to that addition I never played for for money I played for coach Jack Leggett who I couldn't say enough good things about but I know that money reached out to a lot of our former players whenever he took the job here and that really meant a lot it seems like you know he's helping this program progress ahead in the count one two never sees that one who stay off the outside corner even in a two and two and in terms of the football memories and we were chatting about it earlier today off the air though the throw down in Miami Jacoby Ford that had to thread the needle because I think there were like five Miami guys around the one Clemson receiver to to pitch it will stay that way that's one that I will never forget it was a play actually that we drew up on the sidelines and I think that's kind of how that game was going just like an emotional hey we're gonna do this hopefully it'll work and it did I don't think I'll never forget that I don't think a lot of people will either it's awesome great when that was at a place for the Tigers had since gotten some very big wins over the years there was a play earlier in that football game in Miami and that was in the 2009 season when and you were over in the sidelines I'm probably talking with the quarterback coach but Kevin Alexander and outside linebacker made a play in the flat Miami had already taken a lead and you could just kind of feel the momentum going their way he makes an open field tackle if he doesn't it would have gone probably for a Miami touchdown as the count goes full here and and I just think really would have been now a 14 nothing oh but I never forget to play he was in the right flat at outside linebacker or any tackle two running back in a swing pass out of the back but I always thought that was one of the really underrated plays of that season and what turned out to be a great one in o.9 again beyond the reach of Miller again Davidson this time on the run as he went across second and gets it over to Miller and the Tigers Miller on the mound has 1-2-3 inning is retired all four batters he's faced that we head to the bottom of the sixth Hudson trying to get on the scoreboard here at Doug Kingsmore Tigers have touched William and Mary pitcher Bodhi chin for just one hit so far as we head to the bottom of the sixth inning wonderful crowd here for opening day great day to be at the ballpark and you know this is what Doug Kingsmore Stadium has now looked like for a few years but a ballpark that is nothing close to being a cookie cutter just a lot of personality with the different additions and nuances now and its design as Bryce tee a Toshio the freshman centerfielder leading things off here in the Tigers six inning yeah there's many different features that make this place awesome to play and not only the fans but you have the Cajun cafe in right field I feel like the Nikon ik part of this facility and tee at OC Oh his first collegiate base hit and his second plate appearance he's now 1 for 2 and the Tigers have a leadoff runner here in the home 6 positive feel like a burdens just lifted off his shoulders getting that first collegiate hit and it's a hard hit ball getting on base helping the team out it's got to feel great he's got good speed too so we'll keep an eye on him of course a lefty on the mound could make it a little bit more difficult plus you're looking up at a 3 nothing deficit we're getting here to the later innings of the ballgame as Logan Davidson Tigers leadoff hitter the switch hitting shortstop standing in over 4 2 so far as sophomore campaign yeah you're down 3 runs you just want to get some base runners and just get things going you don't want to make any quick outs just have a good quality of bats in advance station-to-station just the second Tigers hit again Sheehan who a year ago in nineteen the third innings gave up 81 hits so it's not as if he can't be touched she ends a guy who just pitches the contact he wants to get you off balance and give up soft hits and into left field just beyond the reach of the third baseman too you know cos stretching it all the way from first to third good base running by the freshman of the Tigers have a man in scoring position and nobody out here in the six and there you see T odo Co speed just aggressive turn heading around second base and takes it all the way to third that's pretty impressive and pretty heads up to run with that ball right in front of you so two straight hits to start things out again Gian here in the sixth inning as Davidson was the top of the order so third time through against the junior left-hander out of Virginia Beach and he's now in his most significant trouble of the day and with that we see some stirring now down the third-base line and that William and Mary bullpen Davidson good speed at first as well as the baserunner of 30 a Toshio for the Tigers is Drew Morgan flied out to right his last time up grounded out to third and his first at-bat of the season drew Wharton did have a very good at-bat last time he saw a lot of pitches and he seems settled he seems like he's seen what she and gone a throw and can picture those pitches in his mind and even at one in one wharton a season ago that him to 14 he drove home six so just staying down in the zone got a little movement on that breaking pitch it's tough to do anything with that just look to Davidson at first and that's fouled out of play down the right-hand side so she and now ahead in the count and as you can see the off-speed pitch two pictures ago set up that fastball yeah he's definitely pitching off of his fastball and moving his breaking pitch throw it in a lot of different counts which makes it hard for our hitters or these Clemson hitters to really know what's coming sautée a Toshio the freshman in his first collegiate game the runner over at third Wharton wants to do whatever he can to get him home Davidson broke for a second and the throw will get him so a little score it one three six there's pretty good reaction there by the first baseman freehub getting it down to the shortstop that's unfortunate out right there Logan seemed like he was going on on first move what you want to do whenever you got a guy in scoring positions like this is make sure he's going to the plate and then make the catcher try to throw you out a second base may be a little too aggressive but you still haven't run our third in scoring position and hopefully we can execute and get this guy in by putting the ball in play first out of the inning and to Toshio state at third working behind one and two and the count lays off that one to even in so Tia Toshio with his third base coach right there obviously was getting instruction and again you're down three nothing it's the home six you don't want to take your scoring position at third base you don't want to make a bonehead play get thrown out at home just kind of unfortunate you know you make that out at second you really want them to have a contested play to to make you you know to throw you out at second base and not get picked off like that but you know the game's not perfect you're going to make mistakes you just got to keep rolling with it warden having another multi-pitch at-bat you commented on what he did the last time up in the fourth inning when he would end up flying out to right field but still working the pitcher and yeah your mindset here has a bead to put the ball and play you don't want to hit the ball in the air just put a ground ball right up the middle if you get out you get an RBI it all works I should get the runner home to left field and on the hill pulling it in is Roque but tagging and scoring the Tigers first run of the season in the first of his career Bryce to a Toshio so a sacrifice fly by a drew Morton and it makes it a three to one game that ball was squared up nicely seemed like he timed that up perfectly and you know why hit a ground ball when you could just hit a sac fly or you know L so the warning track almost the whole dirt and again if the wind weren't blowing in from right field but blowing out to left maybe that has enough behind it to get out of there but Wharton still doing a good job so Seth beer comes up now with the bases empty but the run home was two away beer one for two first plate appearance of the season led to the 31st double of his career so just watching Seth and obviously people have watched him know he takes a lot of walks he's really patient at the plate this is type of situation you know later in the game I couldn't see you know chienne really giving in and giving him something to hit 64 walks this season ago to centerfield but soccer actually will come in on that one and put it away for out number three if the Tigers get on the board the sac fly by Wharton brings home T a Toshio head to the seventh and a 3-1 ballgame bottom of the order coming up for the tribe of William and Mary back here in Doug Kingsmore stadium since the opening series of 2013 the Tigers opened that campaign with a victory against the tribe but that was the last time Clemson won and opening day game so trying to turn that fortune but we'll have to come back here in the late innings to do so oh and soccer spelled s ou CH ER but pronounced soccer retained their left fielder his last name is spelled like racket but it's pronounced for K so they've got a racket in spelling and a guy who's pronounced soccer so kind of a extra athletic field of their lineup but I digress as soccer the centerfielder who its seventh in their lineup and did he layoff yes he does said the first base umpire Craig baron take another look yeah that's borderline these are always super tough to tell as a hitter I always think they don't swing but I'm sure a pitcher probably has a different opinion 100% of the time often soccer let off the 5th inning his last time up with a single and he eventually scored on the three-run homer by Ryan Hall and goes the other way and that's gonna get into right field beer chasing it soccer making the turn and he will hold at first so a second straight hit for the junior out of Vienna Virginia and a leadoff base runner for the tribe yeah he just puts the barrel on the ball lines a single right down the right field line if you ask any coach the key to scoring runs is getting your leadoff guy on base so just makes it difficult puts pressure on the defense as we noted earlier William Ameri a team that does not like to run soccer at first year ago two out of four in stolen bases here's the freshman second baseman McDermott having solid a game as the Tigers freshman centerfielder T a Toshio is as a throw to first a little bit more interesting but a fan of like soccer might've stumbled on the bag when he went back to it McDermott he doubled in his very first collegiate at that and then flied out to right center on an above average play out there by Seth beer his last time up he had one pretty good last time in that right center gap you know probably hit about as good as you can to the opposite field seems comfortable in the batter's box you just got to stay down down in the zone your goal here to get a ground ball try to get two outs with one pitch Ryan Miller second inning to start out on the hill he came on and relieved of hennessey in that fifth inning and retired the only batter he faced retired the first four tribe batters before the leadoff hit here in the sixth or rather the 7th by soccer and that makes it a no to count yeah Oh to hear I would try to stay something up on the zone maybe something to change his eye level you don't want to try to break one you know too hard down in the dirt and risk you know putting a runner in scoring position if you could just get one out keeping a guy on first you allow yourself to still be able to get a ground ball and get two outs Davidson green and safe at first says McDermott who's got really good speed he had 48 stolen bases in his high school career and you saw it right there plus it really wasn't it all that hard out to Davidson a pretty good turn right here gets down the line really fast looks like you barely beat it but I don't really know if you could speed that up nice turn by green right there 64 on the fielder's choice to erase soccer at second base for out number one so the second baseman McDermott now the tribe base runner over at first with one away and the ninth place hitter Zach Pearson the shortstop 1 out of 2 and his double in that fifth inning put runners on second and third ahead of the home run by Hall that one doesn't get too far away yeah just kind of dribbled away right there you still want to hold the runner at first look close so you know you can get that DoublePlay ball and hopefully turn to it's always beneficial of one pitch two outs [Applause] and obviously they have read the bio of one Matt McDermott the freshman from Little Falls New Jersey over there at first base and know just how quick he is yeah he can move just seen him run down the line he's the guy who can scoot a little bit Pearson had just won 90 a year ago falls behind here on one but he was an excellent hitter with runners in scoring position and actually may not have that overall number right now that I think about it [Applause] Miller like any reliever just trying to keep the tribe where they are yeah Miller's got a lot of movement on his fastball you can see throws that two seamer which is a fastball that kind of sinks right back into the batter's hands if you're a right-handed hitter sometimes that's hard to control the once you get a good feel for it is extremely difficult to hit as a hitter so one one touch up coming to Zack Pearson originally from Houston indeed he did it one ninety a year ago but again was 318 with runners in scoring position not the situation right here and again keeping McDermott close because you've pulled within a couple of runs the Tigers have with that Wharton sac fly in the home six so stay within you have to lure them right here you know going into the seventh eighth and ninth inning you have experienced offense that one's gonna get out of play I'm the William and Mary dugout yeah three two run you can come overcome that deficit you just you know if you want to keep the score where it is not let these guys get in the scoring position well and you've got a couple of guys in the middle of Tigers lineup one of them won't be due up to start off the seventh inning it was one swing and get a run on the board and you can get Chris Williams up there with some thumb force F beer with a man on as this game unfolds and down by two you're feeling pretty good yeah completely that one ripped into the left it's going to head to the corner we'll keep an eye on McDermott as he rounded second heading to third he's going to be waived here comes the throw to Davidson the relay man to the plate Wilkie couldn't hang on to it and heading over to third with a run scoring hit is Pearson as McDermott we saw that speed as he flew around the base pass that makes it up four to one game yeah that was great base running he knew from the get-go that he potentially could score a run I think it's also notable Pearson just running the bases hard ends up on third base at this play at the plate good piece of hitting even better base running and then just to take that extra base when you see the ball being relayed home and the guy not cut the ball off you take that extra base to go to third potentially put you in position to score on a pass ball scored an RBI double with the runner advancing to third on the throw and that's where Pearson stands with just one out here in the top half of the seventh to run in the eighth hit in the ballgame for the tribe they've out hit the Tigers 8 to 3 and as you see have once again taken a three-run lead top of the order Ryan Hall and he authored that three-run homer which put them on the board in the fifth inning yeah you can see right now the infield Zinn obviously this run on third base is pretty important from a pitching standpoint I'm gonna be very fine with my pitches if I get this if I walk this guy and put them on first base you could put the middle infielders back and play for a double play ball that could get you out of this inning no we're about to deliver his 28th pitch since he came on in the fifth Davidson the shortstop once he finds that he throws it and that's out number two pretty nice play on what looked like a ball that had some weird spin to it and logo davidson holding that runner at third you hear a guy's throwing knuckleballs sometimes you can hit them it's these raise seams if you hit them just perfectly they kind of come out a little funky they're not fun when they get hit at you but Logan did a great job knocking it down making the play at first and he got two outs still just a three-run ballgame just want to continue to play continue to get in the rhythm of the game okay their top hitter facing a right-hander for the first time this afternoon he's struck out as the last batter the Jacob Hennessy faced before he was relieved of his duties through the 4 and 2/3 innings and twice today Rick Hayes struck out against the lefty Hennessey the other time he flied out to Center seeing the infield brought a moment to go reminded me of what you were telling me earlier about how when you tried third a little bit the balls just seemed to get down there much faster at this level than they had in high school yeah well anytime you move closer to the header things are gonna happen fast and it's one of those things that you just have to have a lot of experience doing these middle infielders they've been you know playing infield their whole life and very talented so I mean it's just something that you naturally kind of acquire the reaction time over a while 1-1 pitch and the count goes one and two you noted earlier where K struck out 54 times a year ago and it season off two and over three start with two of those outs being strikeouts that wind we've been talking about throughout the day is picked up a little bit more in right-center with a lefty hitter up there and I swing and a Miss and for the third time today Brandon Roque going down on strikes and Ryan Miller allows the run in the inning but strands a potential run at third base tribe had him there with less than two out so seventh inning stretch time for the first time in 2018 here in jug Kingsmore stadium Tigers need to come back the bottom of the seventh to cleanup batter Chris Williams set to lead off will you understand today really good run by the starter voting Sheehan of luminary of nine straight batters retired when he singled back in the fourth inning with two men out he was left stranded at first William Mary for eight no Tigers 1 3 and oh and she and in this first start of the campaign out there to start things out and inning number 7 yeah she ends really carried this team I think you have to tip your hat to him he's been able to work both sides of the plate get ahead in the count and get guys out making a challenging for this tiger offense 72 pitches so far and as we see dusk begin to settle in here at Doug Kingsmore the lights are on they have been for a while but hitting at this time of the day you don't have the shadows but what's it like it's nice now like you mentioned the shadows are what makes it difficult anytime you have the mound in the shade and the plate in the Sun or vice versa it's kind of difficult to see spin I think we're lucky now you got a little cloud coverage it's not that bright shouldn't really pose that big of a problem Williams behind hero and 2 camels say that way you saw the activity in the bullpen for William and Mary Charley Fletcher a senior right-hander for the hem is warming up yeah I'd have to imagine you've just left Chien continued to go until he gets into trouble that's probably just have has them there for an emergency but right now you just want to let them pitch go out there and do what he's been doing didn't mean to and it'll stay Owen - I should say it'll stay to one to as the scoreboard shows us - and - yes - until 7:00 - so I apologize for our graphic there on the ring Sheehan has four strikeouts in the ballgame yeah not really a guy who strikes people out but he's got a he pitches for soft contact he wants you to hit it wants you to get yourself out rip to short but Pearson going up and pulling it back down nice play by Zach Pearson I was a great player right there just robbed mr. Williams of the hit stuff yeah so Pearson's been in the middle of it a little bit these past couple of innings he took the throw from the first baseman tree hub - or the pickoff Logan Davidson and kind of swelled foot could have been a better rally for the Tigers when they got on the board in the six and now robbing Chris Williams of a second hit in the game as Robert Jali's steps in Jolly hitting in the five hole today and this Tigers lineup the senior out of Myrtle Beach Oh for two so far struck out his first time up this season in a second then grounded out to the second baseman McDermott back in the fourth and he falls behind here in the count one two yeah you just want to keep trying to put the ball and play take good swings and keep your head on it right now you really got a battle down two strikes you're running out of outs just do the best you can though they're making it tough on you playing great defense and Shiah and will making pitches tried to get him to chase one and two count Charlie the son of a high school coach and he's no longer a catcher he's a da-jin an outfielder and he noted this week that he's used to the outfield and then he shank a lot of fly balls the kids he can beat this one out but a good job by Pearson to get it and throw it and two up and two down in the Tigers half of the seventh but jolly used to shank fly balls at his dad practices little kids so he spent a lot of time in the outfield here slow roller had a chance but got him by a couple of steps yeah just got him out on this front foot she has been changing speeds all day so been messing with the timing of these Tigers Tiger hitters and making it hard for them to make solid contact they're hitting a lot of soft ground balls and he's getting this defense involved everyone's out there playing hard for him in the lower corner you see the total pitch count inning by inning pretty efficient with the exception of that fourth inning which really 23 pitches an inning isn't the worst thing in the world first pitch swinging this time bird and Pearson thought about it but he will give way to the left fielder Rakai who will pull it in and the Tigers going in order in the seventh a year ago Clemson just three and 16 when trailing after seven down for one here head to the eighth inning William and Mary the four to one lead in 2017 they were 26 and three went leading after seven and the middle of their order is due up here in the 8th as we take you back to our ball game so far a pitcher's duel for the first few innings but that changed with one swing of the bat as Ryan Hall runs into one from Jacob Hennessy in the top of the fifth with a couple on haul the right fielder at six homers a year ago and 41 runs batted in then Bryce t8o co coming home with the first Tigers run in the first of his career to make it a 3 to 1 game in the sixth inning but William and Mary striking and able to build the lead back out to a three-run advantage off of that RBI double by Zach Pearson's had himself a good ballgame I should say shortstop Adams up a good game in the field and also hitting wise with that RBI double and able to score the William and Mary run and make it a four to one game yeah the opening game is always so weird you never know if it's going to be an offensive battle or defensive game and you just don't know what you're gonna get this one's a funny sport you play a lot of games and not really defined by you know one ball game but I would say the story is she I'm just coming out and dominating these Tigers so far we've been solid on the hill they've had some good at-bats as well and Ryan Miller coming on in that fifth inning is I'm some good things in relief as ma Neely tries to kind of configure what his bullpen will look like in various situations in this case went to the pen with his team down by three in the middle innings McCann will remain 1 & 2 is Ryan as a single to show for his afternoon one out of three last time up he flied out to tea at oshio and center of play that the tiger freshman centerfielder did a nice job to come in on to his right count evens up 2 & 2 there's been some solid defensive plays - I'm pretty crisp baseball game not a lot of strikeouts guys putting the ball in play and then obviously the difference is just the big home run Davidson at Shorty's been busy over there today and that's out number one you know William and Mary eighth-inning all-time series the Tiger team in five two one coming in as we see Davidson pretty much need to order grounder right there yeah just a routine ground ball so I mean it's been tough and kind of the story is you know Tiger struggling in the opening day but you know I think they're done a good job of not letting that define them maybe that you should come out here and get comfortable and sometimes that's hard to ask and as a coach it's really hard to know the words to communicate to your team there's there's no substitution for experience and you just need to get out on the field and start playing hunter Smith they're preseason all-conference captured it's one of their eight hits in the ballgame three years starter behind the plate and he'll share time back there with Matthew Tree hub who's playing first base today one of their better power hitters a year ago with six home runs that one catches the plate makes it a two on one and count nowhere is past 40 pitches now his relief effort yeah Miller's got a live arm knee like I mentioned earlier he's got that arm side run two seam fastball which basically you know velocity pitch that that runs into the hands of these hitters and it's hard for them to judge and get the barrel on the ball couldn't catch up to that one count evens a 200 to a fastball at better than 90 miles an hour no to the Tigers winning five of the six in the series against the tribe the last meeting was that opening series of 2013 Davidson charging gloving throwing and getting the capture by a couple of steps for out number two in the eighth inning clemson lost the opener and opener of the season that year in 2013 to the Tri but then came back and won the next tube I really like Davidson at Georgia stop I think he's only gonna keep excelling as he gets comfortable I know kind of the wrap on him last year who's he booted a couple of routine plays but I think his talent level and ceiling is super high you can just tell when he gets comfortable he can make all the throws make all the plays he's a switch heating guy just terrific talent and it's enjoyable to watch and you could just see he knows his timing he's under control and it makes these plays look easy when Holly is not that easy pitching change here Ryan Miller the righty with the left-handed batter about to come up for William and Mary Matthew Trey up so Monty Lee will go to the bullpen solid relief effort by Miller he did allow the run but was able to keep things relatively in check he threw strikes and I think that's a huge factor whenever you have a guy coming in you're calling them out of the bullpen you just want to know that he's able to command the strike zone I think that's a positive thing from the starting pitching for both teams and the relief appearance for the Clemson Tigers so you have a guy that's kind of come in and he's going to be comfortable he's going to be able to throw the ball over the plate and make them hit it which hitting is not easy you want to don't want to give anyone a free pass so the Tigers replacing Ryan Miller with Ryan Huggins here's a tiger lefty making his debut a redshirt freshman grew up in Newberry out were 45 minute or so drive from the Clemson campus once in newberry high school he watched from the dugout in the bullpen a year ago but at 6 3 to 30 and again a guy who's got a chance to establish himself as one of the lefty options out of the bullpen and getting that chance right here in game number one of the season yeah a big left-hander kind of a little unorthodox 3/4 delivery which you know add a little movement make a little deception you know to the hitters but a good-looking kid he's got some good stuff you want to just see them come out here and compete put his best foot forward right hope will stay in there to face them [Music] ma Neely going against the William and Mary team he faced quite a bit while he was at the College of Charleston as they were both in the Colonial Athletic Association in fact in 2014 the College of Charleston knocked off William and Mary for that conference championship Miley went against the guy who's still the head coach for the Tri Brian Murphy and we told you earlier they went head to head about a week before that championship game in the second longest game in college baseball history that went 27 innings two outs here in the William and Mary half of the eighth inning and the first pitch delivered by Huggins and I want to know count on the batter tree hub chase one that might have been outside of the zone yeah just a little bit outside and this is you know your advantage just left on left a little unorthodox 3/4 delivery makes it tough on the hitter you get over to chase and that's exactly what he wants them to do and two quick strikes after the opening pitch was ball yeah this one just a bit outside but not a bad place to miss you always want to be fine when you have the count and your advantage as a pitcher [Applause] inside corner called strike three not a bad debut at all for Huggins as it gets tray hub looking third time today the William and Mary first baseman has gone down on strikes first time looking so the Tigers get the tribe in order in the eighth bottom of the eighth a 4-1 William and Mary lead well the data's done for the William and Mary starter Bodie Sheehan who stands in line for the wind seven strong innings for him that's Charlie Fletcher who led the Colonial Athletic Association a season ago with 30 appearances he has 77 in his career and now the senior out of Ashburn Virginia on to try to protect this lead and he's got a real good chance to do a lot of things out of their bullpen Brian Murphy says they'll use him in the seventh inning eighth and he might use him to close as they're trying to get some things figured out as most teams are at this season in terms of where they want to use guys but Bodie Sheehan has to be happy with his work today just three hits allowed against his Clemson lineup worked around very little trouble at all at one point retired nine Tigers in a row you have to be extremely satisfied if your buddy Sheehan with your performance you came out versus a very experienced offense through calm please and let your team I think there's a lot of positives he could walk away from this outing hopes and Fletcher in the bullpen for William and Mary can get him a first one on this season after she and one sixty year ago Fletcher went three in one last season [Applause] 19 strikeouts in those 30 appearances yeah kind of a sidearm delivery you know I mean I would be under the assumption that they would you know want Fletcher to throw two innings and try to close this thing out with his experience they have the game in hand or three run lead I wouldn't imagine them warming up a closer I think if things go as planned though the leap Fletcher in for these two innings and say it's his ballgame he's got a 1-1 count on the Tigers capture of Kyle Wilkie who stands in over two in the game all of these 30 appearances by Fletcher a year ago in relief and now he's ahead 1 & 2 the big thing for Clemson here is you want baserunners you can't score a run without baserunners you want to get everything you can do as your power or in your power as a hitter to get on first base monkey the Tigers capture looks at ball two he was retired on top shelf play at third by Patrick Ryan in the second inning of them flied out to center field his last time up will be a season ago good second half for him he ended up hitting 235 and he'll share catching duties with Chris Williams that one to centerfield soccer moves over like it might start falling a little bit earlier than it did and it's out number one here in the Tigers half of the eighth inning yeah I kind of hung up there you see Fletcher with that sidearm delivery the ball really runs into a right handed hitters hands and it's easy for you to get jammed as we see their jam pop-up you know the ball is not going where you think it's going to go gets in on your hands it's hard to make solid contact jordan green was due up but we'll get a pinch-hitter for the Tigers the lefty batting Patrick Cromwell in his second season in a Clemson uniform the junior college transfer of Costa Mesa California at 203 a year ago with a couple of home runs but ma Neely here in the eighth inning electing to go with a lefty on righty matchup Cromwell who came to Clemson was the third baseman now pretty much exclusively a first baseman and you would suppose he'll see some time over there when Chris Williams moves behind the plate it might even put you in a little bit and first pitch swinging good job by tree hub to go down and get it taking himself for out number two yeah it's always tough coming off the bench and pitch hitting there's a lot of different philosophies on the way to do it but you can elect the one to just see one down the meadow and let it go get loose is hard to get into the rhythm of the game I thought that ball was hit you know pretty hard just on the ground kind of unfortunate but like I said these Tigers gonna do everything they can just to get a guy on base and try to get things rolling here's Ted OC oh he has scored the Tigers only run of the game the freshman making his debut 1 for 2 in the contest and some nice work out in center field with the glove interesting backstory on this guy and how he was destined probably to get involved in baseball he grew up his next-door neighbors two descendants of Shoeless Joe Jackson baseball legend you probably know all about shoeless joe and in the Upstate of South Carolina especially in the Greenville area he is quite the like the talking point is those two at that time gave it a hearty rip yeah big cut at that one no he's comfortable on a baseball field so I could tell he seems like he knows what he's doing great athlete good-looking kid got a great swing and play some good defense calls down here 1 & 2 last time up he's going to scored that run when he got his first career hit and eventually came home on the sacrifice fly by drew Wharton first time up he grounded out to his fellow freshman McDermott at second Fletcher ahead senior to freshman on the count evens at 2 & 2 yeah Fletcher's obviously been in spots like this before you could just tell his body language he knows what he's doing as a pitcher you're not gonna go up there and counts and give you get something to hit once he gets ahead he's gonna just pick at you and make it get yourself out once you're that sidearm style and and interesting way to deliver these days if you see a guy go that low is usually more submarining you don't see that many since the Dan Quisenberry Kenta Cole the era of major league baseball but almost a true side armer is an extinct species there are some out there though yep center field and now over toward right it goes so the right fielder will call for it and Hall will put it away Tigers going in order in the 8th inning so we head to the 9th in the tribe with a four to one lead your Tigers pitcher is Carson spires a sophomore out of Greenville played at Greenville high school is a really good quarterback there as well as pitcher and a year ago three games three strikeouts and one of those many Tigers who's a legacy in this athletic program is dad Mike and his Uncle Bill of course former Clemson baseball players of course inspires will try to keep things where they are top half of the ninth inning six seven and eight due up for the William and Mary team and some shifting in the field for the Tigers Greene was taken down for the pinch-hitter so bird moves from third to second and Patrick Cromwell who grounded out on that pinch-hitting appearance now the new third baseman for the Tigers you see in there and spires starting things out with a strike delivered to Collin lefty designated hitter who in three times up each time has grounded out to the Tigers shortstop logan davidson guess slider just missed away right here I like Carson it's got a good build good fast arm you can tell you get some movement and that has a lively arm get some velocity on his pitches lookey originally from Greenville or I should say Greensboro North Carolina so a guy from Greensboro facing a guy from Greenville South Carolina and they expect him to add some thumpy at 463 in junior college it's gonna get back it out of play he's got a little pop in his bat obviously a guy who can potentially drive the ball out of the ballpark but you know if you're pitching you just want to continue to execute your plan I would say a well located pitch beats a velocity pitch any day almost a quick pitch look right there by spires how do you like that a little quick pitch I've fallen victim to that before have you oh yeah sometimes you can sneak one by there especially with a guy that has a kind of like a load mechanism in your swing you just go and fire one right over the middle or not ready for it that's probably a ball that he fought it off it was going to swing freely spires 2 2 pitch stayed high so the count goes full on the leadoff man in the inning if you're looking ahead to the Tigers half of the ninth inning it'll be the top of the order Davidson Wharton and beer due up so you want to keep it right here and hope you can put together a rally yeah you want to keep keep the score of the game right where it is you have the bulk of your lineup coming out nice pitch inside guys will swing right through that's pretty awesome good start to the season for Carson spires as the strike out recorded the 9th by Tiger pitching in the ball game and it's one out here in the top half of the night yeah the same thing two seam fastball and it just takes off running hit on the hands of a right-handed hitter and that's pretty difficult to deal with as a hitter you see this ball it's coming in hard with velocity over the middle of the plate and next thing you know it ends up almost on your back foot this is pretty nasty pitch to deal with oh and soccer centerfielder 1 for 3 with a run scored he's singled in the fifth inning and came home on the Ryan Hall three-run homer these William and Mary hitters have had good at-bats good competitive of bats and they've really earned the runs they've had they've hit some balls hard not a lot of cheap hits I think you gotta tip your caps to him so far I mean it's been a great game pretty crisp you know well-executed match and they're picked fifth in their conference but the Colonial Athletic Association a probably overlooked baseball league because that one comes in there for the strike so fires ahead on a batter 1 & 2 and you've got UNC Wilmington College of Charleston in that league some good folks elan is picked fifth with william and mary going into the season we've seen them come here and play it Kings more before spires yeah all three that you named are you know pretty competitive baseball you know pretty competitive baseball program so you know I'm sure these guys have seen arms before played against high caliber players and I mean you can tell right now they came to play they're ready to go we've got James Madison George Mason that was fouled away George Mason was in that conference but James Madison's among those in their count stays at one and two as fires that time yeah he tried to just throw on by him right there he left it a little up but not a bad pitch swinging a mess two up two down both on strikeouts both swinging for Carson spires at just three strikeouts a year ago so he's got a chance to match that total here in the opener there's so many pieces to the puzzle that you have to fit in these guys are just trying to find their identities it's nice to see you know pictures you throw out there and relief appearances regardless if there's pressure or not just come out and perform and execute the way that you want them to tenth strikeout of the ball game by Tigers pitching into centerfield Matteo she'll have to play that on a bounce and that is one fine-looking freshman second baseman that Brian Murphy and his William and Mary tribe have as Matt McDermott reaching for the third time and his four plate appearances and the only time he was retired to tooks Esbjerg going into the right to center gap and making him catch him which he had a reach out well to his left it's always a relief to get hits on the opening day because then you can look up on the scoreboard and you actually have a batting average it makes you feel good about yourself so it's tough with you don't get any and then you look up and you got a zero on the board just messes with your psyche a little as a hitter double in a couple of singles a run scored for McDermott and so he's a two-out base runner for Zach Pearson shortstop who's done some good things today an RBI double to his credit backed one of two doubles he's had in the ball game yeah he said multiple ball is hard and had some good at-bats RBI double extended the lead back to three runs in the seventh in which McDermott was on first and Pearson rip run into the left-field corner and it was a real pleasure to watch McDermott run with that speed in the base pass and the freshman aggressively all the way around not a real pleasure for Tiger fans but just watching him go around the past you could see the good speed that led to nearly 50 stolen bases as a high school player yeah going first the home on that ball hit off the fence yeah pretty impressive pretty impressive way to around those bases I would say with just one ninety a year ago your solid start to his junior season he originally wasn't supposed to be their starting shortstop but things have worked out that way and then at least the opener he's made the most of it yeah I made a couple good plays in the field to goes the other way this time and it'll been foul from our angle looked like it was gonna be just a bit more interesting headed down the line a year ago in fact sac Pearson had just two doubles so he's matched that total here in the opening game spires wild that single to McDermott struck out the first two batters is still a chance to strike out the side with a one-two pitch coming to Pierson didn't chase runners stays put that's a great job behind the plate the last thing you want right now is to put a runner in scoring position you want to hold the score where it is keeping that ball in front keeps the guy on first base and it gives you a chance to get another out all the right fielder would be next so you don't want to see a couple of guys on from him after you ran into one back in the fifth inning with two on Tigers maybe thinking something's on with a 2-2 pitch so McDermott chase back yeah if you have a feeling that they're gonna throw a breaking ball it might not be the worst time to run just having that controlled breaking balls are throw for strikes their face and there's the off-speed pitch getting Pearson to chase an 11 strikeout of the game for Tigers pitching and Carter inspires indeed strikes out the side with a man left on base after the McDermott hit so we head to the bottom of the ninth William and Mary a 4-1 lead [Music] head to the bottom of the ninth as darkness descends upon Doug Kingsmore Stadium our 2018 season opener and even though the Sun set about half an hour to 45 minutes ago still very pleasant temperature wise to the ball for Tigers would love to have a pleasant home ninth as Logan Davidson leadoff hitter stands in for the fourth time in the ballgame he singled his last time up at the time of put runners on first and third with no one out in that sixth inning and the Tigers looking to get something going as they trailed at that point the ball game 3 nothing but Davidson was picked off the man on third Tate Ozio eventually scored in the sac live that's been the only offense so far in terms of generating runs for this Clemson team and that's gonna get up the middle a second straight hit for Davidson so here you go on the bottom on ice Tigers have the leadoff man on against Charlie Fletcher out there for a second inning of work obviously Davidson is switch hitter I really like him from the left side of the plate he seems comfortable and he just gets in there and takes a nice swing drives up all right back up the middle exactly what you want to do and the ninth inning has a leadoff hitters you have to do everything you can to get on base and now hopefully they can continue on this momentum that's the first time today the Davidson hit from the left side of course the switch hitting shortstop here's warden and sacrifice fly getting that lone Tigers run home and any number six getting the start in left field today Wharton now seniors 15th outfield start of his Tiger career yeah you want to just keep this lineup flowing I feel like that should be Wharton's role just come in here and see a lot of pitches you can tell a little more past about the plate probably as a team it heading into the ninth inning because you want to get on base scoring one runs not going to do anything for you you got to get three or four and now Pearson falling behind - oh no it was catcher Smith went out to talk to him because you've got a man on first you got Wharton ahead in the count and you know who is waiting over on deck in a three-run game yeah you're probably just communicating the message to throw strikes just like I mentioned before one runs not gonna hurt you you want to make the guys put the ball and play before you get to those guys in the middle of the order who you really don't want to face first time in our ballgame today that a Clemson banner has been ahead in the count three and O's so no doubt Wharton will likely keep the bat on his shoulder on this next delivery and it grazed the inside corner on three and over for him some want to know that might have been fall differently but Wharton who was already walking out of the batter's box will now look at a 3-1 pitch yeah we'll never know sometimes that song gets a little bigger as a hitter you don't like that but you're still in a hitter's count just keep those same mindset taking all the way down goes for and I wanna right over the inside part of the plate that's tough for a right-handed here Paul is running in on yield probably a pitch that you get out if you swung and hit it so uh I mean I'm not hating the fact that you let that one go payoff pitch with Davidson on first to the shortstop Pearson the second for Juan McDermott the turn double plays six for three couldn't have come at a better time for William and Mary or at a worse time for the Tigers and just like that two outs no one on for Seth beer that's pretty tough luck right there bolts hit pretty sharply right at the store stuff though they're able to turn to just takes all the momentum away from the Tigers not a bad swing just unfortunate set of events first double play on the game for the tribe and that one hurts good you felt good even if you had one out and a man on for this guy Seth beer but now beer who doubled his first time up but since Eze popped out to third and then flied out to Center and at this point he's probably doing whatever he can to get himself just on base to try to keep this inning going yeah exactly Pete he's just gonna come in here and just try to have a productive at bat do everything he can just to get on base and that's one way and Seth beer as we talked about earlier a bunch of walks a year ago with 64 and he was really good dubiously if you will at doing just that getting on base by a hit by pitch see took one low and the relatively low pain threshold might have even hit that brace yeah it seems like the book on sadness we want to get in on his hand which is dangerous but read they're gonna hit him or leave one over the plate if you miss that's probably why he gets hit all the time because he's he's on the plate and guys are trying to throw in to get that ball inside to get him to jam and not let his hands get extended thirtieth time in his career that beer has been hit by a pitch so Williams now was two men out in beer at first Chris Williams at first base today although we will see him return behind the plate says Monty Lee after a period of time as it's coming off a shoulder injury yeah he had a hard ball his last at-bat seems comfortable you know has a lot of experience that ball looked a little inside to me Williams among those wearing orange in this ballpark wondering at how that was a strike but it evens the count at one and one hit that hard liner that Pearson the shortstop went up and backhanded in the air to pull down for the out his last time up in the seventh he had one of the Tigers four hits when he came up in the fourth inning 1 for 3 in the game stays away from that one yeah you just want to be patient the obvious goal is to get the tying run to the plate without that you know nothing really matters would be in the ninth inning Robert jolly waits on deck lefty hitter William and Mary's bullpen they did really don't have anyone who's a left-hander that's established so with Fletcher's experience it's my opinion that they want him to close this thing out for them one long foul ball to get out in that part of the ballpark yeah there's no telling what's gonna happen opening day late in the game it's gotta kind of make you nervous it's what makes the game beautiful you just never know chali would love to have a chance here in the ninth 2 p.m. first pitch tomorrow hope to have you out here at Doug Kingsmore if not we invite you to join us again we're offered takes a hill for the Clemson team Williams able to get a piece right there and stay alive it's a good pitch by fletcher it's been coming in on Williams's hands the whole at-bat this is breaking pitch right out on the outside good job by was battling it off there's not much you can do with that fish is tough battle right-handers tomorrow Jamie sorrow for William and Mary he was a 12th round draft pick out of high school but opted to go to college and told he's got some dynamic stuff to to pitch to Williams lines a left field it'll get down chasing it is rockin moving over to 3rd as beer he's in there in Williams sliding into second with a two-out double second and third for the Tigers don't go away just yet yes nice to see a little life great Pisa hitting just stays right out there what helps he's a guy who wants to get his hands extended to hit the ball out front just keeps his head on a breaking ball and lines it right down the left-field line Robert jolly will come up John Lee a year ago if you're wondering just one home run but he is a contact guy so you have a sidearm pitcher with back-to-back lefties in the lineup not the most ideal situation and this will really tell you know what the coaching philosophy is do you just trust this guy are you gonna give Fletcher the game and let them go after it'll be interesting to see four strikeouts of Tigers today jolly twice has gone down on strikes watch out in the bullpen where I do read strain is warming up for William and Mary I think jellies had a lot of good swings I think it's timing to the little off maybe a little late but he's almost right on it if he could just make that adjustment it'll be alright Pearson the o1 delivery and he gets ahead in the count one two and you can tell even though he's working from the stretch the senior among the all-time appearance leaders of William and Mary history seventh on their list of 77 but he'll get real close to number one by the time this season's done but I said Pearson I mean Fletcher in the picture Charley Fletcher even with runners on base working out of the stretch you can tell he's not paying attention to them at all bearing down and going hey buddy yeah they're not even there he's just out there alone he knows what he's going to do and they trust them no one's going out there to talk to him he's on the mound and they're letting him pitch his game and jolly seems to kind of go to 1 & 2 that's a hard pitch to lay off it looks like it's going to be over the plate of dies down you're doing everything you can to battle that's a good take right there Tigers trying to avoid falling and yet another season opener they've lost their past four and a little looper into left field that's amazing beer scoring easily Williams wave it's a one-run game two-out two-run RBI single for Robert jolly here in the bottom of the ninth and the Tigers continue on with a rally that's a terrific at-bat by jolly he's been found those pitches off all game long it's nice to see a guy who's been here for so long just come through on the flush like that you can see right here just takes that outside pitch probably 2 or 3 balls off the plate not a strike and just loops are riding the left-field scoring two runs pretty incredible at that visit to the mound for William and Mary that's their kitchen coach Brian Casey and again talking with Fletcher you noted the experience factor and that's big for a Bolton that just doesn't have a lot of that well yeah well here in such a pivotal point a game early in the season you want to go with the guys who have proven over and over again and that they can get the job done it have been in the situations and that's what it looks like they're gonna do they're gonna leave Fletcher in there even though you have a right on left matchup with Byrd you're gonna let him pitch you're gonna let him go out there and do its thing because you trust him and you seen him do it before and Sam Hall one of those Clemson freshmen getting a chance it is first collegiate game to pinch run as they take down jollier football and all the player you're gonna hear a lot about I'm the 116 freshman in the nation by a perfect game athletic kid can really pick it in the infield tremendous upside right now you just want a guy that can Roger I mean this runs crucial so you want to get the second base get in supported position potentially he heads up for a ball in the dirt that's what's going through your mind if you're on first base racing bird over three in the game but like Jolly nine --then he's a good time to get that first hit on the season falls behind to your own one bird a year ago and this Tigers lineup hitting 284 e at a homer and 20 runs batted in he's got versatility - I think that he's learning his swing he's got good movement he could play a lot of different positions I think this is a big situation for him hopefully you know he could just put it all together and be comfortable and be himself 4th year in college baseball for bird whose career began at LSU from Milton Georgia throw down with the runner going and Hall is safe Wow I have a feeling the freshman didn't do that on his own so let's chalk that on some aggressive managing here in the bottom half of the ninth inning by Monte Lee looked like the throw was good enough by hunter Smith what's a good throw anytime you have these guys who have a sidearm delivery their time to the plate is slower and then their velocity is slower giving you a better opportunity to steal it looks like he just barely beat it but that was a terrific throw great job so we're going to go ahead and put bird on to set up a force of those second and third who Kyle Wilkie who stands in how about that Sam Hall first collegiate game comes on as a pinch runner then steal second base makes a steal of second base to get in scoring position with the would-be tying run that's a good way to break it to the game you got to get your teammates pumped up to see you do that too seen a couple of speedy freshmen on both sides today McDermott the second baseman for William and Marian Sam Hall number five right there in your picture for the Tigers well it magnifies just the little things within a baseball game you see a guy go you know first the home of the school or a guys still a base in a pivotal part of the game just little things little techniques that make a difference whenever we were determining the winter months well Brian Murphy obviously wanted the righty on righty matchup instead of what he had their righty lefty but by walking for an intentional you put the potential winning run on base as well for Clemson and Kyle Wilkin with me strike one but obviously no one knows the staff better than the head coach of William and Mary Ann he probably feels like Fletcher is a much different picture when he can attack a right-hander not electric yeah you want the righty on righty matchup intentional walk I'm not so sure I think if you communicate the message of hey we just don't want to throw this guy a strike and see if they'll swing at anything but it's obviously not the worst case scenario you want that right on right matchup just to give your pitcher that advantage you have to go out there and get that one by Hunter Smith so Fletcher move probably be in tight situations a lot in this is senior year from luminary it's all behind a bit second birds over a first from the count to two and one is will key after Cromwell waiting on deck [Applause] this is a big at-bat I think it's very crucial just to have the mindset of getting a single a lot of times when you get into these situations you imagine hitting the ball 500 feet and hitting the walk-off home run all you need right now is just to get a hit give the guy a second base an opportunity to score on the right side that'll be a long run for everybody and it's as a result and get way out of play nothing just kind of kept on carrying away from tree hub the first baseman the right fielder Hall [Music] returned a second and luckily it blew out we got to rewind there's a lot of pressure these moments take a lot of energy you just got to train your mind to deal with it and enjoy it it's fun it's fun playing baseball they say play ball not war fall by the way a year ago strikeout wise nineteen in twenty eight and two thirds innings for Fletcher you'd obviously love one here with a 2 2 count on the Tigers catcher and laying off his rookies so what your dream about as a kid 3 2 bottom of the ninth you're down by a run but a chance to do something about it and Kyle woky the Tigers sophomore from just outside of Atlanta and coming georgia plate a Creek View High and his sophomore season fans to make a big time impact in the season opener here comes the payoff pitch and we'll do it again obviously p3 to count two outs both of your runners are moving as a pitcher you're not going to give in you don't just want to throw a strike you want to make your pitch but you want to make the pitch for the hitter have to go out and hit it look you did not home where you were going ended up driving in five runs 3 2 pitch skyed on the infield and actually behind home plate with a catcher smith watching it go back behind home plate the wind certainly a factors if that ball first went off the bat it was up above just inside the first base line of appears a lot of backspin but a pretty stiff wind blowing right in right center field ok you can see the flags blowing straight towards us probably a beneficiary of the wind right there usually you think about that as a ball blowing over the fence but hey take it on a foul ball we'll do it again here in the ballpark of their heart in their hands is that one originally was struck by Wilkie looks at ball forward the Tigers haven't loaded and keep in mind all this started with two men hounds and no one on but beer was hit by the pitch Williams followed with a double jolly a two-run RBI single the pinch-hitter Hall came on and with two-out stole second race and bird was intentionally walked and now 3 2 pitch for ball 4 for Kyle Wilkie bags are full and Brian Murphy will make that call to the bullpen with his team in a big time jam and they will go to wavestream sophomore out of Burt Virginia and he will try to get the 27th out in this game preserve an opening victory for a William and Mary team that took a scoreless game in the fifth and they made it three nothing when Ryan Hall hit a three-run homer and for all intents and purposes that's the swing that chased the Tigers starter Jacob Hennessy struck out the next batter than we've lifted Tigers getting their first run of the game at the bottom of the six Christ eoseo coming home on a drew Horton sacrifice fly William Mary again made it a three-run game building a four to one lead on the RBI double by Zhang Pearson that brought home McDermott but here in the ninth is - Tiger runs delivered by jolly and chance to tie or win a través dream ballgames a year ago as a freshman two on one record you see the 16 strikeouts and 17 innings [Music] and when you're a mid-major like William and Mary man it's the first game of a three-game series but you've got a power five team a team that's in the top 25 ranked as high as number 12 and one of the national rankings and even though it's only February these are the kind of wins if you can hang on to them that could make your resume look great as being a maybe a third team or an additional team to get a bit out of the colonial exactly and you want to capitalize on the opportunities you have I think they had a great chance to win this game unfortunately you know haven't made the plays late down the stretch there's still a lot of game left and some control points but how would you like to be this pitcher coming in inheriting bases-loaded three-two down by one runner up by one run in the ninth inning it's pretty difficult and because he doesn't have experience from the left side his bullpen the head coach for William and Mary Brian Murphy forced to go to a righty with the left-hander Cromwell coming up Wow Oh 4-1 he came up as a pinch-hitter for green back in the eighth on the first pitch he hit a hard shot to the first baseman tre up who filled with the grounder and ran to the bag for the out but another opportunity here in a big situation you're right regardless just a coaching philosophy regardless of the right or left hand matchups you want to go with the guys that have been out there you want to go with the guys who have experience and who I you have confidence and especially you know leading off of them for an opening game you want to go with a guy that you feel good mom will be the first one to tell you that his debut season in a Clemson uniform last year wasn't what he was hoping for Lee Santa Ana junior-college the guy who was a third baseman and now primarily a first baseman although he was inserted in the field in this game in third after he pinch it is somebody who could be a big big factor from the left side of the plate for this Clemson team first pitch to him taking strike one yeah that's a good pitch you want to come in here and throw strikes there's a lot of pressure to get this out obviously you just want to get that first one over the plate every pitch from now on has to be a competitive pitch that you're trying to get an out on bags full of Tigers in this one-run game bottom half of the ninth step off Smith in that previous pitch did a really good job of framing because you could see his lower body move that his glove never did yeah keep that meant the center of your body can kind of create the illusion to the umpire that the ball is inside the strike zone kind of a part for a lot of catchers a one pitch again Cromwell falls behind one two now hunter Smith third your starter a capture for the tribe will pay a visit to strain I guess having last names strain if you're a pitcher not really a great occurrence there strain as a pitcher but he looks to be a good health yeah lively arm I think this is a difficult situation because you got the bases loaded you don't want to give them anything to hit right now you're up in the count but you haven't thrown a breaking wall yet you're in the game you don't want to spike one and potentially throw a pass ball really have to trust your catcher you really have to execute your pitches still tombola waits the O to pitch Smith held it there a extra second longer for the review of home plate umpire Danny Averett who did invite 1 & 2 you saw Sam Hall the runner Clemson over its thirdly potential tying run there and Grayson Byrd at decent speed out at second rommel gets run into the outfield we'll keep an eye on Berger to potentially give the Tigers a walk off to start things out here in 2018 here's the 1 2 & Smith they let me keep that one in front of them all got about a third of the way down the line I thought it almost hit it in the foot but that's a tremendous jump to block that ball I don't know if he could that was incredible block potentially save the game 2 2 fastball or off pitch what are you doing I think you're just gonna have to go with a well located fastball right now I see I haven't seen a big breaking ball yet you have to go with what you think you can throw for a strike I would say fastball in on the hands like you started off late and that one gets away here comes follow that the game is tied Berner moving to third and Kyle will get a second Tiger celebrating we're even at four pumps hidden coming off the deck down three down three runs down with two outs here in the ninth put a rally to tie it and now a chance to win it yeah this one just slips away able to score a run Smith couldn't keep it in front of them that's just a little heart it's hard to block those balls with velocity let her down in the dirt it just doesn't give you a lot of time to react so there was a base now open I'm Waldo to a 3-2 count and he stays alive for she goes back to the top of the order and Logan Davidson who's singled news previous two plate appearances including the leadoff this ninth inning before he was erased on the double play that Wharton grounded in to see that time mom will able to get it off the fists yes still a big a bat for farm well he's keep his same approached just the Segal when's it just keep that in mind I jumped ahead of myself to actually tear those you're waiting on deck and a swing and a Miss and we'll head to extra innings well Cromwell sanding the plate at least saw the Tigers extend this game Henson was down the 4 to 1 with 2 outs of the 9th but we head back four innings in a 4-4 ballgame [Applause] so we go to extra innings to start out this 2018 campaign and wow what a rally for the Tigers in the home nine that started out great when Davidson reached on the leadoff single Wharton worked the count but eventually grounded into a double play but then Tigers were able to reach Saphir was hit by a pitch Chris Williams got him over to third base for that double Robert jolly who had not got to hit in the ball game and it struck out twice that dumped one in the left to make it a 3-2 game Paul the pinch runner the freshman for the Tigers Sam Hall gutsy move by Monty leta sendin Paul eventually made his way to third came home on the wild pitch and that tied the ballgame Cromwell had runners in scoring position but could not deliver the winner there but the Tigers with new life and now Riley Gilliam me would be Clemson closer this is what you do when you're in a tie game at home you bring your closer in in the late inning for your tied it could be the ninth inning or in this case and the tenth inning and you see what Riley did a year ago yeah you want to keep the ballgame tied right now give your offense a chance to put one more run up coming off that momentum in the ninth inning so those guys get to see some more baseball and at least one of them was holding a glove and that means an opportunity for more foul balls which is something you're always trying to do top of the order for William and Mary and Ryan Hall all the right fielder who did this back in the fifth inning boy that thing just jumped out of here yeah he hit it really well it's always awesome feeling to hit a home run especially an opening day you know the crowds always gonna be packed and you know hitting a home run any times pretty good feeling but you know Ryan Hall does have that power you have to be careful make good pitches probably stay away from not let him get his hands out and hit the ball in front Tiger team that a year ago was just three and 16 when trailing after seven so they're trying to get off on the right foot in that regard in extra innings a season ago the Clemson team was four and one I think home-field advantage plays a lot in these extra innings is toughness tough to go the road and win especially whenever you know you start playing long innings and people in the crowd cheering it kind of seems like the home team gets the advantage a bit much Tiger fans know all about the velocity that the Gilliam possesses you don't want to throw one - good - this guy Hall if he can turn on it X rating games a year ago the tribe played just two of them they were one in one rallies gotta live on live fastball I think the thing you watch whenever a guy comes out with velocity or velocity as they speed guys bats up and then you fall in danger of if you don't throw that breaking ball quite right it'll get the hitter on time they could possibly run into one good strikeout numbers last year but that makes the count 3 and 2 to Hall have some decent speeds you don't want to put him on yeah you want to make them earn their way on base they gonna hit the ball come out there stay in the strike zone payoff pitch called strike 3 you dropped one in there off-speed and that is a devastating breaking ball right there I don't know if you could hit that one a good breaking ball like that you know practically unhittable located in that area and that just meant in your mind as a hitter you see a guy come out there and thrilled that pitch 3-2 and put you in a bind because you know he can throw as fastball for a strike and then you're throwing that breaking ball in a crucial count for strike is hard to create an approach as a you know opposing hitter Brandon Roy halee best ritter who returns from a year ago for this team he was second on their ballclub the 337 average their top hitter a year ago was their second baseman Colin large it was a fifth round draft pick by Toronto but it's been a tough start to 2018 for over K he is struck out in three of his four times up here in the count 1 2 yeah seems Riley feels comfortable out there obviously a guy who's had experience before it's talented he knows what he's doing and is used to pitching late in these ballgames [Applause] we're gonna miss Tiger pitchers run quite a job 13 strikeouts of luminary batters in the ballgame and two in a row to start things out of the 10th for Gilliam yeah just a high fastball this one clocked at 95 miles per hour and it looks so good coming out of his hand and then he swing and it's by that's the heat the high heat actually now 14 strikeouts of the tribe by this Clemson staff Patrick Ryan 1 for 4 in the ballgame and we're just able to get a piece of that fastball well as noted Monty Lee of Clemson Brian Murphy of William and Mary the two head coaches did once participate in a twenty seven inning ballgame when Lee was a Charleston in the first season as the head coach for Murphy at bouillon America they're no strangers to extra readies hopefully this one doesn't go 27 as Murphy joked he's probably one of the few teams has ever lost a lead in the 20th pinning of play which his team apparently did Texas and Boston College played we believe 29 innings for the longest game all-time Danny Averett says no and in this case we'll chalk it up to acting that just wasn't primetime for Patrick Ryan as we approach the prime time out I mean if you're gonna get hit by a pitch I would choose the breaking ball 95 in the elbow doesn't feel good I don't know I don't know if this grazes it it looks like it barely misses them Ryan Murphy might have just noted the grazing part of that first of three on the weekend for these two ball clubs and Sunday's start kind of a different start time because there's a men's basketball game of one so it's a 3 p.m. ballgame on Sunday so inside of this afternoon for two o'clock on Saturday and then 3 p.m. Sunday Malvo also the 2-2 count yeah as a hitter right now you have to do everything he can to get on first base pitching obviously you just want to keep coming after him Riley Gilliam he knows what he's doing he's been there before so I'm gonna try to throw strikes it's like he just slips up right there in that situation Bach will not apply so we can't hold - 2 & 2 cleanup hitter hunter Smith on deck and Ryan doing a good job keep telling off those fast balls you just want to have competitive the bats this game is very difficult but if you just have goals that you've been accomplished just the normal goal you can go up there every time and then putting your head I'm gonna go out here and compete and make good decisions hitting and execute how I want to you'll be successful let's see if he can beat it out as the ball went all the way to the backstop so really bad break right there wild pitches what they'll score so Jim Gilliam his third strikeout of the inning but in this case Ryan ends up down at first yes there's a breaking ball down in the dirt just gets through the catcher's legs I mean very good breaking ball and I mean that's that's tough right there when you have a guy that has stuff that's so good it's hard to keep that all in front of you some big breaking ball probably the best it gets now they've changed the scoring from wild pitch to a pass ball against Wolke near 100 Smith the William and Mary captain singled back in the fourth for his only hit in the game he is one of the 14 strikeouts registered against this tribe team okay the only hitter has instructed has a little confession second baseman McDermott and that much didn't miss by much he seems like he has good feel of both as fastball and it's breaking ball throw them and in different counts that one wasn't far off so one one with a man at first [Applause] you just want to keep simplifying you want to make the hitters earn everything they get giving guys free passes is the easy way out you want these guys that have to swing the bat especially when you have stuff as good as Gilliam throw back to first prime Murphy says his team may try to run a little bit more this year last season really not an aggressive team on the base pass 38 out of 54 as a team good toss over there well turned right now is that breaking ball in the dirt you don't want that guy to advance the second base if you're a runner on first base that's what you're looking for he has the kind of a tendency to throw that breaking ball that gets lost in the dirt and that's when you want to advance mistaking count evens a 2 & 2 so a chance for that very unique for strike at inning for the Tigers pitcher Riley Gilliam [Applause] to to pips and we'll do it again [Applause] those that breaking ball again good job just battling this off you're just fighting at the plate right now especially with a guy who throws so hard it's difficult to you know get your timing right between that fastball and the slow breaking ball Tigers playing the first of age straight at home to start out the campaign to to pitch and one almost caught the visor so a full count put the runner at first Patrick Ryan on the move with the delivery yeah the runner is going to be moving you just got to get that ball in quickly if your defender especially in the outfield any type of you know single that's not right out right at you he's definitely going to go to third okay you don't want to give up a double where he could score 3-2 pitch with a runner going in the air to left Lodge camping under it and putting it away is the Tigers left fielder drew Wharton that'll do it for William and Mary here in the 10th a leave a runner for four here at Doug King's Bowl [Music] head to the bottom of the 10th inning bryce t a Toshio the freshman 9th place hitter in the order for the Tigers to lead things off he's the only one who didn't come to the plate in that three-run bottom of the ninth a three-run rally that occurred with two outs and no one on base that had a promising start with the Davidson leadoff single but he was erased at a double play and since beer though got things going getting hit by a pitch and eventually the big hit by Robert jolly and freshman Sam Hall scoring on a wild pitch has us where we are T a Toshio working on a 1 for 3 game and his college debut the former standout at Malden high school hometown of Simpsonville South Carolina and a legacy as folks went to Clemson so he's having quite a time as a freshman just as a student and now the baseball part of things really kicking in with the regular season to be able to count as one and one it'll be interesting to see just the approaches of these clips and hitters they had some success last and even being patient at the plate working the count to working deep counts and it seems like they're trying to take that same approach now off speed and strain on for a second inning of work it was his wild pitch that allowed Hall to score to force extra innings but then he got out of the jam by striking out Cromwell on the 9th in that time shows you he can change speeds at a at Osio behind the count 1 & 2 and he rips that one into left and it will drop for a second into the game played off the wall - you know co-heads the second he slides in there with a leadoff double here in the bottom of the 10th so we got his first career bass head back in the 6th inning a single now his first collegiate double on the Tigers in business right off the bat here in inning number 10 he's got some quick hands he's able just to get inside of this ball get the barrel to the baseball and once he's running he's not a guy that you want on the base pass he can really move but Internet tie ballgame you don't want a guy like that on second base he can score on a lot of different scenarios he was really chugging as you can see if I had a heavy breathing out there at second so a guy who made an impact as a freshman a year ago logan davidson now to stand in for the 5th time of the game his second from the left side of the plate and his past two times up he has reached on singles a 2 for 4 ballgame twice though he has been erased at second base double play and earlier when Tito co was at 3rd in the sixth inning and Davidson was at first nobody out he was picked off had a big swing of that one so you really want to understand the little things in the game right now you have a runner on second base with no outs if you're Logan being a left-handed hitter you're not bunting you want to pool a ground ball to the right side of the field allowing tío to advance the third base with one out all you have to do as a hitter is put the ball and play and you score the winning run Davidson again chasing the off-speed pitch falling behind 1 & 2 yeah this is a good pitch right here now your approach this changes right now you just want to make contact hit that ground ball to the right side of the field allow the runner to advance and take it to the next guy is the team game you want to just kind of generate one run that one's gonna get out of play on the left side a lot of folks have hung around we had a what appeared to be a capacity crowd just start things out got some excitement late you never know what's gonna happen on opening day just don't you know opening day and extra innings that's kind of just seems like an extra treat cuz you've been waiting for baseball to get here and now you get extra baseball there's nothing ever anything wrong with that it's even better of course if you can win the game as a result of the extra baseball Tigers with all the momentum right side that'll move the runner over McDermott throws on to first out number one but the Tigers down Theodosia would third and here comes drew Wharton scheduled event he will stand in and as you were noting yeah as you see Davidson right here extremely productive about now you have a guy on third base with one out the infield is gonna have to play in to keep this guy from going on a ground ball all you have to do as a hitter it's just either get a hit hit the ball in the air or your holes in the infield or bigger because then fields in closer so a ground ball can be easily seeped through Wharton delivered in this very situation for the Tigers back in the sixth a Toshio on third with less than two ounces sacrifice fly at the time made it a three to one game last time off with Davidson first and no one out though the six four three double play looked like that might have put the Tigers in significant jeopardy of coming away with a win and he gets ahead in the count 2 and Oh Seth beer waits on deck and don't think that's not playing into the mindset here of the William and Mary team particularly their sophomore right-hander wave strain yeah they're gonna leave this game for either Wharton or Chris Williams to win I highly doubt they come at Seth but you know right now you're behind in the count you don't want to make a pitch that he could hit he's not gonna swing right now I would just stick with your breaking ball stick something that you're really kind of confident that he's not gonna put the bat on and just turn the page if you throw it for a ball three Oh pitch taking a strike one and we saw them put the potential winning run on base when they intentionally walked bird in the ninth if warden was able to reach with Ted Osio staying at third do you go ahead and walk beer and put that potential winning run at second base intentionally hidden have to find out what they're thinking Lee hit by pitch second time the tiger is reached in it was a hit by pitch that beer took that got that two-out rally going the nine so perhaps that play right there with for tens more good things for the Tigers here in the town and you have set fear coming to the play obviously we know how dangerous of a hitter he is I couldn't imagine you coming in and pitching to him especially at this part of the game you got to go with Chris Williams great hitter but this is going to be a storyline that plays out throughout the year how are these guys going to hit and protect that beer if they start being productive it makes this Tiger off as extremely dangerous and the guy had 38 OC oh pretty good speed so frankly beer who has won games in this situation with bombs out of the park you just just a chopper on the infield will probably do the trick you just want to hit the ball I don't think they're gonna pitch to them that's my opinion right here they're putting them on there you go and this also you got a runner on first base with one out you open up the potential to get a double play you got Chris Williams probably not the best runner and then set beer at first you know power hitting guy you could turn a double play if you get a ground ball so it's not all bad he already got the force established and one out you could potentially get out of the inning but as a coach you can't let the other teams you know best players beach' you live and die by letting those other players Beach other Josef Beer knows what it's like to see this happen the intentional walk overall a year ago through 64 locks double digits in terms of the free passes being done intentionally [Applause] so that loads them up so the William and Mary obviously a force at every base with Chris Williams now who again a guy who is a camp sure doesn't necessarily have catcher speed maybe slightly better than that but is a double play candidate and that's the best hope at this point for the tribe to try to extend this game but a prime opportunity for Williams who was having himself a good season opener with a single and a double and he looks at strike one yeah he can handle the bat and I feel like this really plays into his skill sets here he takes a ball you know over the plate but he wants to get something up something that he can elevate worst case scenario he flies out to the outfield that still gets the job done especially with tío speed count evens at 1 & 1 [Applause] it's so hard right now as a hitter just to stay within yourself you don't have to do too much and I feel like when you play and when you're in this situation a lot you kind of can grasp that idea and 1 & 2 the count and Williams earlier the game fouled one off his right leg I don't know if that caught near that spot again yeah I just got a little fooled but your bats not over he's an experienced player he can take a breath step out and all you need to do is execute strain a year ago in 17 innings 8 walk so pretty good control I had here 1 & 2 and it's popped out the left side Ryan the third baseman giving chase until he sees it land on the roof of his dugout and this is a similar spot that strain was in last inning with throwing that ball in the dirt it's got to be playing a little bit in his mind he probably wants to keep something out of the dirt just to you know guard himself from the potential of that run scoring without them having to put the ball in play [Applause] [Music] potential winning run at third Tigers with the bags full on a hit by pitch an intentional walk after tato co got there in the count even took two and Judah Williams we noted in the ninth inning they walked Birds the potential winning run well obviously the potential winning run was already on base when they started putting guys on which was the thing you've got to do in this situation just you figure had Wharton up and hit by the pitch they probably weren't going to give him too much to it anyway and just as soon put them on base to set up a force to to pitch hard shut and that's going to do it 10:07 scores Williams delivers the winner and the Tigers come off the deck down three runs in the bottom of the ninth with two outs they tied it up and here in the 10th they open off 2018 with a walk-off win five to four over the tribe [Music] what an awesome when just a lot of excitement at the end of the game I think the offense really came alive I think there's a lot of great things we can take away from this but just getting comfortable having those guys come out here and perform in a pressure situation really is exciting you could tell the guys are super pumped up what in a bat by Kris Williams along with the rest of the team a lot of guys came in and played pivotal parts in this victory Kris Williams his third hit of the game and his first RBI of the season and it comes at an opportune time delivering an opening win and snapping a four-game opening day losing streak for this Tigers team what a way to start 2018 a team that still growing Kyle has been a real pleasure we'll go at them again tomorrow at 2 p.m. the FPC tomorrow appreciate it alrighty the Tigers off to a-1 and O's start coming back in the ninth inning forcing extras and winning in 10 five to four see you tomorrow at 2 p.m. for Kyle Parker and our crew PK entities saying so long this has been a presentation of ESPN [Music] what are the difference between thesis and dissertation American Academy McAllister Institute.

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