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Technology dissertations

Technology dissertations ap capstone florida for money kahneman and tversky reported that people give away The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit, non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge and space technologies that provide solutions to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy, Transportation, Materials, and more. The application of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet, as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials, GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation as an entire content of Fields which accumulate and create matter and it's NOT defined by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert matter back to the Fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational, which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both, it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance they distance themselves until they find the balance they can give to the others that they can receive what they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and absorb Magnetic or Gravitational Fields. Released Fields are available to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way to gather these free flowing Fields from the environment within a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter which M.T. Keshe named 'GANS'. The first step of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS, is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating (Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers of Nanomaterial, which build up during the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution, creates MaGrav Fields. These Fields then attract available elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used in various applications. (RC) Welcome everyone, to the 193rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday, October, 12th, 2017. And once again, we are gathered here to listen to Mr Keshe and his explanations and knowledge of the World, as well as other Knowledge Seekers, from around the Planet Earth, and ... I'm sure we'll have a number of things, that will be very interesting for people tonight. So I think, Mr Keshe is ready to go, with tonight's presentation, are you not Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes good morning, is tonight to you, and is morning to us. Good morning, good day to you, as usual wherever, and whenever you listen to these Knowledge Seekers series. We welcome you back to 193 times, week, week after week, being here, to share knowledge and, in a way, our persistence is paying off, and the progress, and the development, and sharing of the knowledge is becoming much more wider spread, rapid and in a way, what we were expecting, our patience is paying off, the technology is getting spread around, a lot of people are using it, and developing it. And, in so many ways ... our success, as Foundation, is totally shared by all of us. ... For some times, we stopped showing other people's ... development progress, or whatever they were developing or showing, because of the number of threats they received by these hooligans of the network. ... If you show, we've start letting people come back in and show. If you receive any threats, if you receive any misconduct, please report it to us. We have set a structure, we handle with them immediately. We know, this has happened, many, many times, just they come from Belgium, and Austria, and Germany, wherever. We handle these threats seriously, with Interpol and Police. We have set a structure up, they can not do this, they did it with Alekz, they did it with Peter, and the others, who showed something, to threaten. We bring you back in to become a partner in sharing knowledge, You have to stand and be correct with us and we handle it drastically, very correct. This is not anymore, "One Man Band", threat coming through some, what I call, 'misconduct' of the people, who thought they have. There's is only 4 or 5 of them and they're well under observation. And we move. We have no problem to move. We show we are correct and we handle correct. >From today, you will see people start sharing knowledge again, like before. And, do not be afraid in sharing, because that's where our strength comes. The more we share, the more we save time, and Life, and other progresses will come into the Foundation. There has been a number of changes in the work of the Foundation, which you will notice very ... openly on other teachings. We, in the past few weeks, since the beginning of the signing of the Peace Treaty, we moved ... into allowing Thursday morning, for the Universal Council members, the Earth Council members, and Core Team, to bring their wishes, and what they see into Thursday morning teaching. This was necessary to get people to understand the establishment of to these, what we call, 'organizations' of the Keshe Foundation. Now, that they ... we have seen them, being there. And they're trying, to find their way and their work ... around us. ... Just one second, please. Then ... we explain more, that now they have... we have give them their own time and place. We ran a Tuesday afternoon workshops. This workshops is part of the Keshe Foundation teaching. And this allows us to teach more, and in a way was, if you remember some two years ago, we had a Tuesday and Thursday teaching. This Tuesday afternoon teachings has become part of our work and for this reason, now we open the workshops Tuesday afternoons. Now, the Universal Council, the Earth Council and the Core Team consultation with public, it'll move from Thursday mornings to Tuesday afternoon. They have 3, 4 or 5 hours themselves This has come about because they have to start learning, how to collaborate. If we see the need, for extending this time, [coughs] as the establishment of this organization grows. We'll add time to their time, that they can be in public more. What this is, is, if you have a problem, or, not a problem, in a way a problem. You see a solution to a problem, bring it on the table. We've seen the letter, from the Caribbeans. people asking for help. We explain in the teaching of Tuesday, our position. Now, these things has to go back to the Earth Council, to Universal Council. As we explained on Tuesday, Earth Council, Universal Council, become responsible, to make Keshe Foundation moving. In the direction, of the correct help. They set up, the auxiliary support teams, which they have, to organize supports for these cases. Be it, any help, be it, development of technology, be it, what they see, as the governing body, to where we need to go. The Keshe Foundation resources become available, totally to the Councils. And in that process, we gradually take over, the teaching site, on Thursday mornings, and, on the ... what we call, 'development' of the knowledge. Tuesday afternoons is, if you have any suggestions, if you want to speak to the members of the Council. If you have an insight, that you see things, you want to progress, in certain direction, certain languages, you call up, on the member, of the Council, in that language, to present themselves, on that meeting. There you ask, you want to speak, to the Spanish, or Arabic member of the Council. If they are present, they can respond to you, in your own local, what you call, in your 'mother language'. This does not need to be done in English, the translators will translate. So, you do not need to know English, to be able, to bring the problem of the position, or the solution you have to the Councils. This is how One Nation works. We promote National, International mother languages, to be part of the structure, of the work, of the Keshe Foundation. It was a pleasure, to see the Prime Minister of Canada, in addressing the United Nation in past few days, fluently, translating, transferring from English to French, because is a multinational speaking. When you are Canadian, you want to speak French, you ask for a French representative of the Keshe Foundation, as a member of the Council, to be there, it'll be translated automatically. This is, how it should be. We thank, the president of the ..., Prime Minister of Canada, for the initiation he's taken and what we heard is very promising. Canada is back on the move, in the right direction, and we support Canadians. The Keshe Foundation has asked the Keshe Foundation Canada, to restructure themselves, for manufacturing. And we support it directly in response to the speech of the Prime Minister of Canada. Anything in the past between Canada and Keshe Foundation, is put aside. This is how it should be. We support heavily, from now on, we finance manufacturing Canada, and we ask for the Canadian people, who are supporting the Keshe Foundation wanted to set up. We have allocated 500,000 € for development of Keshe Foundation manufacturing, in response, to the speech of the, Prime Minister of Canada. We respect this, honorable, his addressing the United Nation, and he's made it very clear. "Canada is open for business", and we're responding. In response to other speeches in United Nation, in past week. We have one mention. We would like to have one percent, of 700 Billion for defense, spend by United State, given to the supporters, of Peace. To produce tools of Peace. We'll find out the other 693 Billion will not be needed. I think His Excellency President of United State received the message. In that way, 7 billion can bring tools, equipments for Peace, for changing the course of Humanity, where the 693 billion will disappear in nothing. This is part of our work, we develop, we advance and we share. The Keshe Foundation new technology is for Humanity and not for one place, one Nation. It is important for us to understand that from... as we develop, we share more and more knowledge. The operation of the Keshe Foundation worldwide is in the hand of you as the supporters. We will not announce any more how we develop, where we develop, as we developing our technologies and factories and other processes. We, are as one team, as One Nation. I know today we will see the first National Card which we call it, 'One Nation, One Planet'. The ID card is ready, I think? If we have Ella available in the background. Ella would you like to share that with us, if your are present? Would you like to take us through please? (SC) It will be me, because she's asleep somewhere. (MK) She was working late last night. Yeah? I've seen her communication. Can you explain to us please? (SC) So, this is the initial design for the card. Eh, just a minute, that I switch off something. (MK) We got a feedback somewhere. Can you start? Hello? (SC) Just a minute... [Echo] (MK) Hallo? (SC) Now your doing better, yeah? (MK) Yeah, we're better now. (SC) Okay, ... this is just the initial design of the card ... This is the front part, of it, and .... I'll show soon the back part. So ... it's classic card, has chip inside NFC ... and it also serves, you can also have a bank account number, for the future Keshe Foundation banking system. So ... here in the back, it has also this typical character recognition part, that we are used to see on ... governmental identity cards or passports. And ... World Peace Treaty and the signature under it. We already know ... this text from the World Peace Treaty. ... Fine if you want to... wish to tell me more about it? (MK) Yes, what happened, as you see, this will become the One Nation ID and the banking system, which are connected to each other. All the data as normal will be stored in a chip .... There'll be, as you see the question mark, that'll be a hologram picture, which means identifies the person. Your picture is on it. So it... card cannot be duplicated. ... There are some features which the people who produce the cards will put security parameters into it, and more or less, that's how simple it is to make One Nation. The Peace Treaty has to be signed on the back. the signature on the back is not a card identity signature, is accepting the responsibility of World Peace. This is, in turn will be in... as you see it in the blue color, with everything connects the work of the Foundation, Spaceship Institute and as you see with the finger print on the card. There are other security parameters. Anyone will go to the Keshe Foundation offices once is done, the what they call 'the registration' is completed, will receive one. This should give access to worldwide banking system of the Keshe Foundation, which is getting set up in the background. Which means, if you are hungry, if you are in a position that your family needs help or an operation, you have no funds to go to. Keshe Foundation is there as a family to support. We don't ask questions, there is no reference checking for what you took the money for. But, we keep an eye open, that the system is not abused. This is part of the structure which we are setting up and this is how it needs to be done. Just one second please. So, as you've... you can see we ... we are setting everything up according to what we planned a long time ago. We are on the same direction at One Nation, as you can see it does not mention Nations anymore. It says which Continent you come, what language you speak. And that's all it matters from now on, there is no borders. The reason we put Continent on, because the new cover by which member of the Earth Council is responsible for you. We become responsible and the responsibility up to you is to be correct with the Humanity and in Space. This is how for the time being, unless further development comes in, we'll proceed with issuing of the One Nation ID cards. And then, in time, as we will see. That adds to our strength as millions of these cards will be issued around the World, through the Keshe Foundation only. We're setting up the structure. It's taking time to set a full structure in the background, to be able to deliver all these things. As a lot of you are aware, we do not go to the banks to borrow, we do not go to ... look for other things to do. Everything is financed internally by Keshe Foundation, Keshe Foundation supporters, and Keshe Foundation team. It has to be this way, it has to be independent. This time we don't go to conglomerates, to governments to ask. It's us as Keshe Foundation who has to support this change. We support you, your time, your correctness with your Soul supports the Keshe Foundation work. This is part of the development, this is how we see the future of Humanity. One Planet, One Nation, One Race. Human race, irrespective of color, race, creed. It is important for us to what we heard coming from letters from Caribbeans, that we are ready to response. Keshe Foundation has allocated 40,000 Euro for anyone or any equipment or Keshe Foundation materials which needs to be flown into disaster zones. This is all supported. Last time when we received a call from ... the islands some two years ago we responded with help and we supported the help. We are looking for people to teach, to go in and show people how to help themselves. If you can carry material with you, we have no problem. If you are there to support this situation which is happening Caribbeans and even United State people, who lost hope or people in the islands, which they have no medication, no medicine or whatever, we are there to support you. If you want to fly in, we fly you in but you have to have the expertise to be able to do. Not out of Emotion of being there, we can all be there. We need people who understand about the whole Nano-technology you can make the pads from local materials. You cannot fly in, there is nothing in these disaster zones. We have... we will respond accordingly. As we said in the Tuesday teaching, we have allocated 40,000 Euro for movement, supporting this disaster in the islands. In US if you need help, let us know how we can help. But, the situation in islands is, as we see from the reports, is very catastrophic. If you have time, if you're a doctor, if you are with the knowledge of the Nano-coating, Nanomaterials, you can make Pain Pens, Pain Pads, you can make CH3 and other GANS food materials to be able to teach the locals to help themselves. Contact the Keshe Foundation will respond. In that process we'll respond accordingly, to all the needs we can support, as the Keshe Foundation factories are in a transition time, as we explained on Tuesday, we will not be able to support till early January when all the factories go back into production, that we can create reserves and respond accordingly, as we did opening our factories to the Italian government during the time of the earthquake here last year. This is our job, is Keshe Foundation, as One Nation. Every part of this Planet, is part of our Nation. No prejudices, no separation, nowhere is too far. In this process, we have to help. And, if you have the expertise, or if you have the materials which can be shipped. We ship, immediately. The funds are available and we respond to. You have to get in touch with Keshe Foundation and we'll respond accordingly for shipping, or getting you there, to be able to help. We saw, last year, or two years ago, when there was a disaster. Having one of the Keshe Foundation supporters on site, did a lot of good work. Allowed, a lot of people to be taught the technology locally, now they're helping themselves, and even we've been told these things, some of the Foundation products, to the islands around. So, it's become a permanent, not after response, just to be Emotional, to respond. If you have a knowledge and if you have a time, especially if you're doctors, then you can fly in as Keshe Foundation. We support you, we pay for all expenses to get you in. This is part of the beauty, of the expansion of the Keshe Foundation. We are financially independent, and we show our strength now, that we can do so, and we become more and more. We'll go with the banking system. Then, when we appoint people, in certain places of disaster, this ID Card will give you access to everything you need, wherever you walking in to. This card should be the sign of Peaceful Humanity. A person, who's knowledgeable, to carry Peace, not necessarily the knowledge of the Foundation. In Space there is no Keshe Foundation. In Space is the Soul of the Man, with the conduct of the Soul, to be correct. In today’s teaching, we might touch on how we interact in Deep Space, as the Spaceship Institute's research into space flight, is deepening. And, is becoming in... not in the hand of the government, but the Keshe Foundation scientists. As we are opening these frontiers, we need to start, time to time, to teach, in how we can survive in these ... Deep Space. And this is part of the teaching, we might do it today. We go back, to our normal teaching ... . (RC) ... Mr Keshe, there's many people that are asking, "When will we be able to order the ID Card ?" (MK) We have, there's a lot of work to be done, in the background. The companies which ... produce these cards, are getting sorted by members of the Board of Directors of the Keshe Foundation. We have to finalize things with the companies which produce the cards. And that is in progress. As soon, as we complete, we will let you know. And, ... it should be next, let's say, 30 days or so. We should be able to proceed, but we have to, what you call it, be able, to produce the maximum security, safety we can put on the cards, and the company to produce them. According that, we can afford, to pay for the whole process. We can not up-jump it too early, too late. But, first of all, we need a company, that can supply the cards. Not only one place, but deliver Internationally. Even to the people, who are no addresses or homeless. And, we have to set everything up correctly, before we go. Because, we know, the need, it will ask for these, because it's there they see, there is a salvage point by their life. That they can have a card, and can have food or shelter and, we have to organize everything. we'll see in next 30 days, 60 days maximum. Once we, what you call, 'come to an agreement' with a company, to produce it, and be able, to deliver it worldwide. The ... there are number of the companies, which we... we know, they can do it, but they're all National based. But there are other things, which is getting done in the background with two, three different groups. Keshe Foundation, inside, the management team, and outside, we are working with the other banking system. That they are using the technology, and they've seen the pitfalls with it and there're, the things, they need to be done. We're learning from every direction, that we don't need to reproduce the card. These cards are for life, they're not just wants to be renewed, in a few months and a few years again, like banking cards. (RC) Are they, will they replace the passports ? (MK) Yes. In a way, yes. (RC) ... as a passport ? (MK) All the details, the way we see it, it'll be embedded in the chip. Your education, your blood type, everything else, that, how you will support very can be called on, if there is a disaster, or there is a need for a help. We have a database, we can inform you, through your card. When you go for example, to cash, it says, "There's a message there for you. Can you please contact the center, there is a need for your expertise." It's... it's a, not a one-way communication, it's a two-way communication. These are the new type of the technologies, which are available, and we're trying to use it, that we understand it. Is, there are two or three companies. We're trying to find the best, between all that is available. It's, it is a... it's a new innovation. We've seen it in China, they use it very effectively. All your details is on your ID Card, he government doesn't need to do much. We see the same development in Iran. In Iran, you can just put your ID Card at any fuel station. They know, how much fuel you use, when you bought, and everything else is on the chip. ... These are the number of developments, I'm talking to some people in the Iranian government structure who use these cards. They developed it internally. We know, Chinese are using different way. There are companies in Europe, who have developed for other Nations. So, we are looking, how it... we can bring a combination of these, or get at least, two or three companies to work with each other. That is a interactive card, is not once produced, is finished. because, we are people, who travel... (RC) I was speaking to travel credit today, a drivers license, or in the future, perhaps a flier’s license. (MK) ... It is possible, it's part of the feature. because, ... it can be embedded in the ... holograms. That there are codes, which you don't need to say, it just tells you with a single, what you call it, 'points on your card'. That you can drive. You can not drive. You, you are diabetic, you are ... everything about the person, is there for the person, that if it's needed. It's ... very much, like the emergency card, people carry. Some people carry donor cards in Europe. If it is, is when you put a card it says, "I want to donate." All the information is embedded, you don't need, to search for it. These are the things, which we are looking. We're trying, to create a comprehensive card and, we are learning. It does not mean, that when we produce the first batch, or first series it'll be perfect. Most probably, we'll find some other things, we need to add to it. This is ... this is important for us, because in the future of the work, when we go into Space, through the knowledge we have, these cards become very, very effective. We'll explain in the future. I do not explain ... I do not try to explain it. But in the development of these cards, a lot of things will be hidden in the pictures. That, when you travel, is known, where you come from. In this structure of the... once you see the Earth, it tells you the position of the Galaxy, the position of the Universe, where you are positioned. These are the extensions, which is needed to be added. Is not understood, by a Man fully, but this is how a lot of ... people, or what you call, 'creatures of the Universe' carry with them, we know, where they come from. It tells you a lot of things, this status has to be build in. Chip cannot be read in the universe, but pictures, the way is used, carries a lot of information. (RC) I was thinking in that way ... we have picture now, where you can see ... predominantly Africa as the Continent in the Earth ... picture. What if ... each Continent was represented, according to ones, you know, like we shouldn't perhaps see Europe now, with this continent Europe. And then, if it someone else was from Africa, they would have Africa as their Continent. And then if they get lost in Space, they might be able to send them back home and know at least, what Continent they came from. (MK) ... Everything will be embedded. ... these are the things which we are looking for. There are other security apparatuses in the... in the finger print. There are security apparatuses we can put in as part of ... what we call, 'RNA'. There are a lot of... there are a number of the countries and number of ... companies which are using cards as a specific... for a specific purpose. I'm looking into everything possible, if we can merge it, if one company allows, other company, or another Nation to use their intellectual rights into these ... developments. ... When you travel in Iran, at twelve o'clock at night the government can tell you, they broadcast every night, more or less. ... That... how much fuel was used? How much of it was... how much water was used? How much of it from the National reserves? How much of it from reservoirs, how much from deep wells? All is been embedded in the card where you are, they can inform you for everything else. ... In China they have developed a much more advanced level of these things. When you just put your card on the machine it gives all the details to ... to the screen. The... the... It's very easily done, but it can be abused. We're trying to find the best solution. And, we'll see what happens. We might print some of these cards in Iran, we might print some in China. And ... we have to see how we can organize it. We are learning ourselves in this process. Is not that we know it all, the Keshe Foundation team and the people who are supporting us. They're teaching us and they are learning and ... we are in no hurry just to have a card. We're trying to find the best way, best opportunity, that we can deliver these cards, even in the most remotest places on Earth. That somebody can use the card on their mobile phone and through an app, they can trigger payment. We've seen this in Africa, in... in Africa ... especially like in Central West Africa or in East Africa. You... your mobile phone is the point of receiving money. You buy a bag of potato, you buy a kilo of fruit, you pay through your mobile phone to the mobile phone of the person who's supplying you. ... African Apps are very, very advanced. In Kenya they produce a lot of these Apps which we are looking into. ... You don't need to... to worry, if there's a bank near me, mobile phone is available around the World and most of the African Nations and some part of the Asia and South America people rely on their lives with this. The partner... they have a unit and everything is done to it. This is what I call the blue phones, which are getting provided. If you have one blue phone in... in a village ... everybody can use it for their... their life, because, it'll be identified as single card when you put it in. These are the things which we are exploring, we have to understand, we are not only available where there is a ATM machine. These are part of the progress, till we don't get it 100% right or at least, majority of the process right, we will not do it. We'll run a test run in Africa, we run a test run in South America. We'll test run in China. A Chinese Man should be able, if he has no food, which is very rare. In China there's still a lot of people who are hungry, but at the same time the government there is to support it. In... There they should be able to reach a telephone, mobile phone and have food on the table. Not to worry what's gonna happen if it's going to be hunger. In Europe some 7 % of children go to sleep hungry because the parents can not afford it. Keshe Foundation should be there to support, that the father can walk in and buy and pay with the card. We guarantee it, it's a social responsibility of the Keshe Foundation as One Nation. These are all getting set up. It'll take us more time to do it, but we do it correctly. Because, every time we replace a card it's going to cost a lot of money for us to replace it. All the acceptance of it. We are looking on the acceptance of card on the mobile phone which means, if you are in a remote place, your card is on your phone, and certain number you can access your card, it becomes accessible. These are the things, we have to do it as One Nation. It's not just to produce a card, it's not symbolic, it's effective working system. We have to look at all the options. Very soon we put a team to complete this, of the Keshe Foundation. I've asked the head of the, ex head of the United Nations Disaster Funds banking, World Bank to join us. As a good friend of mine, to see this is done properly. He's an old friend, and he will take his position, as a head of the banking system, to Keshe Foundation worldwide. And, we'll see how he structures it? How he sees it? That as a... as a ex head of National Bank he can advise us how to do it. He is on a full payroll of the Keshe Foundation. So, we expect a lot of good work coming from him. He's ... he's been knowledgeable in the World banking system. These are the things, we are bringing expert in. If you are a member of the government, you listen to these teachings, please come in and advise us. You have direct access to me. Go to or , just put as subject, you want to talk about the banking, you're International lawyer, that we can cover by law ourselves in every aspect. We'll listen very carefully. This is our job. To set up One Nation is not just a talk, it's to look after every points, that we don't look who's gonna abuse it. We look we make it so accessible, so correct that nobody needs to commit a crime to access it. This is the beauty of what we taught from the beginning. We as Keshe Foundation, as founders of the new Peace and the new order. We have to make it so that, no one needs to commit a crime to receive food. Indulgence at the beginning is understandable because it's never been there. But, once they understand, is there for them. and if they take too much, there is not for somebody else, the change will come. We have committed our work to Peace and we support this way of working. We're talking to number of Nations in the background, for development and understanding of how the Peace Treaty has to be done, as part of One Nation, it is important for us. It is important for all of us to be there to do it. You've seen we don't talk, we are people who act, because as I explained yesterday, we have the Technology. We have the numbers which can make the change Worldwide and we have the financial means to implement our work. Nobody can call us a 'terrorist' unless we are terrorist of Peace. Because, we make it available to everyone, equal, the same. It is important for all of us to work in our target. The members of the Universal Council, who submitted themselves to be a member and they are there to support. >From now on, you have to answer to your Souls and the Soul of the people who come to you, to bring you new knowledge. Even a request for help is a knowledge to understand how we can help them. Is to... How can I find a way through talking to the other members of the Council, or bringing it to open, how I can help? How I can bring the change? We will see the number of members of the Council increasing rapidly, from now on, that we open the Tuesdays. We know we reach 144 members in the coming time, on the board of the Universal Council. Now that Spanish speaking can come into the Council on Tuesday afternoon and like the letters we received from the disaster zone, some speak Spanish, some speak Portuguese, some speak English, some speak their local language. There will... this will increase the people who would like to s... to support in their National language or in their mother tongue language. We will see the increase in numbers very rapidly, as I've explained, in the coming time, we hope and we should be able to have National office of Keshe Foundation, not Keshe Foundation Manufacturing, in every Nation, in all the languages possible, that nourishes, supports. You can walk into the Keshe Foundation office in France, if you're German speaking there is an office for you to speak to people, who're there, in German language. Or in any African language or South American language. This will take time, this is not a dream, we have set a lot of it in motion. It takes time to structure it, 12 months, 2 years, 3 years. We've seen it, it's taken us 5 years to get here, but from now, under the structure is set, is become maturing. Just we'll take over, one by one. If you speak a language and there is no member of the Universal Council, just don't become I'll become a member. You understand that it'll take all your time, it's work with the Soul of the Man, it's not just that I want to be a volunteer. I want to be a member of the Earth Council just by the name of it. You'll be called upon to serve through your Soul and everything else it takes. This is... this will put a lot of people to test even the present members of the Universal Council, who came in and due to some circumstances moved, stayed, come in when they have time. Now you become full-time gradually and we start looking after the full-time members of the Councils according to their needs. Setting up One Nation needs a lot of wisdom. And collectively as One Race we gathered all these wisdoms over thousands of years and we know what is right and we know what is wrong. Collectively we will achieve it. The mass balance force has been created, is now is, not to make mistakes. Not to be in the rush just to do it, "because", but to do it "for". We do it for Humanity, we do it for our next generation, not only to be safe on this Planet, but to understand the conduct in Space, that they stay correct. It's no use putting Man in Deep Space with the latest technology which Man doesn't understand half of it, but is being made available to the knowledge which has been brought to Human race from outside, the knowledge of the Universe and then not knowing to turn left or right, not knowing where to find food, not knowing how to interact. As we release more and more and we show more development in Space Technology we start teaching the Ethos of the Universe. How do you do? How to manifest yourself? How do you asses, you can be physically present in a given condition in Deep Space? What do I do when I reach a position in the Universe? "I feel it through my Soul, peaceful." "I feel it through my Soul, it's somewhere I would like to have a look at," "somewhere could be pleasurable to be in." "I'll find a balance in Peace, in my Soul." This is how, in the Universe we know where we can manifest ourselves. When we... when we arrive at the point of destination, the Physicality will not take shape the way we see it. We feel it through our Soul, balance, Peaceful, "it's not taking too much, is not giving to much." So, it means, "is somewhere I can exist." If is receiving too much, it means, "I cannot handle." If is giving too much it means, "I cannot handle," "this environment is not for me." "Maybe, I have to go to deeper levels of my Soul to be able to un..." "to be able to see what is here." "What I can see?" "How I can serve?" "How I can be positive in the environment I'm in?" "I just don't become something, that I take from the environment." In Deep Space we work only as... solely through our Soul. We have passed the point of Physicality, it's the maturity of understanding of the Soul. We would like to reach a point in certain position, even there is no Physicality of the Star, or if it's anything of the Planet. The Man understanding that he always has to land somewhere to get off, to do something to show he's there the way we say, "we do it on the Moon or Mars", is over. Any point in Space is home where your Soul feels comfortable to exist in and see. There is more beauty in the no-tangibility line of the vision of the Man of today, than Man can ever imagine in Space. When you arrive at the point of destination, for you or as you're traveling you see, you feel suddenly, "here is like a wind." "Wind of Peace, this environment feels good, I want to see what's here." There are no place to land, there are no Moons and no Planet. But the life exists in that strength level. So, all you need to do is to want to rest, want to explore. You increase your Magnetical Fields, which means, by increasing or decreasing your Magnetical Field you find the interaction phase. At what level the Physicality is understanding. If you want to transfer yourself into a physical entity to be able to see or you will like to see at the strength of the eye of your Soul, which means, understanding the environment. When you come to these points, you release from the Soul huge amount of Fields of given strength. It's like ... pulses. When do you see? At what level would you see? You feel distance, visibility of the Soul, tangibility of the Soul. And then you asses, "I would like to be here?" "This is... is not taking too much from me." The gap between my Soul to manifestation of the understanding of the environment, maybe is one meter, maybe it's 100 meter, "I can sustain 100 meter." On Earth, over 100-200 Kilos we can't because the body can not carry the weight on this Planet. So, the distance from the Soul is fixed by the size of the brain, and what it can do, in respect to the Gravitational pull, and Magnetical pull on this Planet. In the Space it's the same, you have to understand this is the limit. I do not want to give more because it endanger my Soul, endanger my existence. So you find yourself a point of manifestation, distance of manifestation. Then you have to understand, "If my Soul will survive." I see through myself, the color of me in respect to the environment. And there is a Zone which is a danger zone, it means, I can deplete, I cannot receive. I created such a Field, that, I'm not receiving through my Gravitational pull. So, I have strengthened or reduced my strength in manifestation. Then you find Peace, if it's comfortable, if the Emotion of the Soul does not create a wind of Magnetic-Gravitational Field within the structure of the Soul that it serves, the working of it. Then you manifest yourself. Or, you become visible, or you make in a condition that the environment becomes visible to your eyes. The eye of the Soul of the Man, not the Physicality of the Man. You can still go in Deep Space through systems, through what you call Spaceships, but at the end of it, your systems you produce for these Spaceships, will carry the same knowledge, the same process. But collectively much stronger, deeper. So, we have to understand what it means, how you open yourself, to the understanding of where you come from. If you see, you come in touch, your feel, another being. There is no sign language, there is no other languages, nobody understands English or German or French. You speak through the language of the Soul. As we taught before. You have to understand, Universe is a Peaceful environment. Unless you get yourself in a, what I call for example, "The Magnetic-Gravitational Field turbulence's." Which is dynamic, because another condition is getting created. Then you are 99% safe. We have not seen any wars in Space. And I hope Human Race does not start it either. And this is part of these teaching. As we saw in the present speech of the American President, shamefully spending 700 million for military application, and not 700 million for feeding the Nation and the World, brings a lot of pain. In Space 700 billion in whatever currency, spent totally on creating more Peaceful conditions for the Universe. Is only Man who buys tools to kill more, that he thinks he's Peaceful. There is no terrorism in Space, unless the Man gets in and tries to terrorize. And it'll be handled with, very correctly. There is no tools for war, and there is no gun policy for Peace. You travel with your own Soul, and you are responsible. There is no armies because when you make a collection of the Souls, they all work according to their level of the Peace, which they all carry. So collective Souls traveling together in Space like you travel in a airplane, is all Peaceful. It means, "I don't take because I have what I need." "I interact with you because I want to learn from you." "I interact with you, not because I want to take from you." Man is a taker and it has to change, to sharer, and this takes a lot of understanding. This takes a lot of understanding, in how we share. In how we understand. In Space there are no wars. Even though a lot would like to make us to believe because it sells stories. I come from deep Space, I have seen none. It's our Soul which travels, not our Physicality. The process has to be very clear. When you reach a point in Space, when you feel through the strength of your Soul, you can extend your Souls to the edges of the Universe and feel the Totality of it. The time of traveling and seeing the Horizon, the Horizon of the Soul of the Man, is the boundary of the Universe. Not the curvature of the Planet Earth. This is what we have to learn. What I teach, is as I said, for Universal Community, as Man can not understand most of it, but they can imagine what could be available. It is available, it's not something to be, but the knowledge of the Man, is not advanced enough to see it. But those who have knowledge in the operation of their Soul, see and can operate. We all know the knowledge. It's for us to take the shackles of the limit of our prejudices, of wanting to be only on Earth, wanting only to be... to be able to see the Humans, has given us the restriction. Open the eye of the Soul, you will see the Soul of the Universe, this is what and how it works in the Universe. We have to be able to understand when we go into deep Space, how do we understand another Soul? How do we work with another Soul? Are we going to be the habit of the Man, to take? Or are we going to be the habit of the Universe, to give? A lot of you, even in production of your system have not understood this. That's why, in every aspects of the technology, people are failing. Because, you always got the whole principle the wrong way around. In a coming time, we teach, more about it. But, now you have to understand, in so many ways as I was teaching recently, I was told, "You show a lot of green gardens." "But can you show the path to them?" The path to these, what I call 'pastures', is the understanding of the Soul of the Man. Not a method how to make a coil, or a GANS. As I've said many times, "When you make the GANSes, don't look at the Physicality of the GANSes, which 99.999% of you do. Look at the interaction of the Fields which the GANSes produce. Then, you understand the interaction of the Field of your Soul. Because, when you can feel the interaction, of the Fields of a system you made, it means, you look at it, you touch it through the strength of your Soul. Not the Physicality and tangibility of the existence of the GANS or the body of the Man. This is the difference, between, 'the true Man of God', than, 'the true Man of Physicality'. And we would like to see the God, but if you understand the creation, you understand the Creator sees through the Soul, not the Physicality. As he takes the Physicality in any dimension, anywhere in the Universe. The Creator does not manifest himself as a Human on planet Zeus and, will be the Physicality of the Man in planet Zeus. This is what Man thinks, this is what Man gets, he makes suits for it. And he tries to confine the body of the Man in different shape of Space suits, where he does not understand he has the freedom with the Soul of the Man which wears no suits in the Space of the Universe. We have to understand the Totality, we have to understand the reality, then we gradually become the creatures of the Universe. What do we do in deep Space when we see our Soul needs energy? Do we go and rob another? Or do we give from our higher strength that it allows us to receive the strength we need, by movement, by changing the position? We saw with magnets, which Rick showed a few weeks ago. You look at a system when you put a magnet the other magnets move. But you shouldn't look at the Physicality of movement of magnets. Look which Fields are been given to the point that you put the magnet in. You will see, it will receive from many, a higher strength, but it'll give more through its lower strength in Gravitational Field. This is how we absorb Fields in the Universe. And from what I see in the teachings, and the people, Mans knowledge has not matured to understand this. I explain this in many of the teachings in respect to the banana. The more of the banana you peel, the more beauty and energy is released from inside. Which means you have access to more bananas to eat. The Field of the Universe are the same, The more you take of the outside which is protection, the more you receive from inside, from the Gravitational Fields, which the others are there to give. This is the way the Soul of the Universe works, this is the way where the Man has to mature into this knowledge. It's not something that you will see you understand you grasp. You have to mature not only to grasp it, but to understand how to use the knowledge. How appropriately to bring it into the interaction, that gives you what you need. Those of you who slowly get educated and matured in the operation of your Soul, will test, you will see, as I've said many times before, "You need two Entities of a large difference in Field strength of Gravitational and Magnetical, that the interaction of the two leads to production of Matter-State or Field-State. We see it in the operation of the Sun and the Earth. Sun is hugely powerful, Earth is hugely weak. The interaction of the weakness which is become Matter-State, in interaction with the Fields of the Sun, as I've said many time, "It's like a knife you put on the grinding machine, it creates different size of sparks." The interaction of the Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Earth, and Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Sun creates two repulsion forces, which is the Field which are coming out, and two Fields which are going in, this keeps the distance. Then it creates Magnetical, in s, what is been reduced, or what it needs to reach to the one to another, which creates a Gravitational. And in that process, the sparks are a little part of the same. One spark, you can say it's Hydrogen, but the bigger spark, bigger piece when you put a knife to the grinder, is, lets say Gold. Now, if you imagine, and if you understood, the teachings from the beginning, the Soul of the Man is the Sun. And if you understood the teaching of last week, every element, every cell within the body of the Man, carries a Soul. If you can gather those Souls which are so weak, as one energy, in the palm of your hand, now that energy which you have created, becomes the Earth. The interaction between the Sun, which is the Soul of the Man, with another Sun, but in a lower strength, which is the structure of the Soul of the elements of the body of the Man, in the hand of the Man, becomes the Earth, now grind it. The Emotion, which is the interaction of the Fields of the Physicality, in the interaction with the Physi... with the Fields of the Soul, will create the Entity which the Emotion wants. Emotion wanted Cancer in the prostate, it created it. Now the Emotion wants Gold in the hand of the Man, how much would you like to produce? This is the wisdom of the Universe. This is the only time we have seen this wisdom, which was just touched by, was used by two, Buddha and Christ. One in Physical, and one in intellect. So, what do you need, why do we need, to understand? Because then, in the interaction of the Soul of the Man in Space, with a dimension of the Physicality, you create the Space within your Soul. Or you create a Entity with the interaction of the Field of your Souls, with the environment, and you manifest yourself. Blessed are those who understand. This is how easy it is. You are looking for Spaceships to fly, but the Spaceship of the Man is within the Soul of the Man. The manifestation of the Physicality of the Man, is the weakness of the Man. If the Man learns to travel with his Souls the span of Universe, there is no need for a Spaceship. Because the Spaceship is the Physicality of the Man. "I am the beginning, I am the end." The beginning comes from my Soul, and the end is manifestation of Physicality. With the wishes of my Soul. This is what we go to learn, this is part of the teaching. And those of you who understood the past few minutes of teaching, you have found the key to the Universe. We keep on teaching it in simple languages, in a sim... different versions, till one or the other brings the bell of Peace on the Soul of the Man. Try to understand not to work with the GANS, try to understand the interaction of the Fields of the GANS. Then, once you understood, understand the GANS is the Soul of the Man. And the Field it emits, is a condition which will come. This is what I explained to the doctors in the doctors teaching last week. A physician has to be a giver, not the certificate on the wall. It's a lover, that by the interaction of his Souls, with the Physicality of the Man, gives to the Man at the point of need, what it needs to find Peace at itself. Cancer will be gone within seconds, diabetics will not exist, my wish is to give you an arm, as I do, I do create. This is for the physicians to understand. Because, as I said to them, "When you become a physician, you become the lover of the creation." That's what it means. You sign a paper, in the University when you become a doctor, that you serve Man, your Humanity. Now learn, that signing has to be with the Soul of the Man. Then you serve the Universe, because you understood the process. Which one of you wakes up anytime, middle of the night, early in the morning, to go and help, and to alleviate the pain of another Man? Doctors do. Because they signed themselves to it. What a father do? When he's in love with his child, he wakes up in the middle of the night, in the morning, whenever, to make sure the child is painless, has no temperature. He does it out of the love. So are the physicians. And every Man has to be a physician, for every being in the Universe. Now you understand, why in my teachings, I kept on emphasizing, on loving and giving. To give more without condition. This is the essence of the creation. Not what I receive, but, what I give, is important. Then we become true Men of Space. We have to understand the Totality. And we understand your Totality, we move on. We advance in the knowledge of Peace. We have to understand, some of us have to do what they do, for the others to learn from it. But, do we need to learn? Or do we need to understand that we do not need to learn? We have to understand the working of the Universe in its true meaning, and teaching of the GANS was one of them. You all got baffled and puzzled on how to make GANSes and what they do, but one thing you never looked at, is the GANS is the Soul of the Man. It was for you to see, an example of your own work. You are too Physical, try to work beyond it. Try to understand the interaction of the Fields, rather than the presence of the GANS, or the GANS liquid, or the Nanomaterial. You will have whatever you need. Try to understand, this GANS I produce, what does it do in presence of another GANS? But, now change the GANS into Fields. Then, your knowledge becomes complete. You got to understand, the Totality. But, you have to be aware, that you have a Physicality. But, do not get confused, by understanding that the Physicality behaves this way. Understand the Physicality behaves this way because the Fields have made the condition for it to manifest itself in this way. Find the operator, find the Source. Not the end. Man always looks at an end, this is why I even explained, in KFSSI we have no exams, because at the present education, you have to see what you've learned, at that point. But no one looks that how you might use the knowledge in the future from what you learned. This is the exam. Not passing a test. Not creating your Physicality to confirm, I learned, we all learn everything. But we use it when we need it. They teach us how to use a ruler, to draw a straight line, in the first days of the school. But how many of us carries a ruler 24 hours a day in their pocket, that I might need it one day? We know how to draw a straight line, we can pick anything up, and use it as a ruler. This is what has to become the knowledge of the Man in Space. We teach so much, but you use it when we need it. Look at the ID Card how many times do you need it? You go to the bank, you travel when you need it, you bring it out. You don't continuously keep it in the banking machine, that one day, when I need it to, my money needs to come out. This is what we have to learn from the process that we brought the Physicality of the Matter into Nano and to GANS and the interactions of it in different ways. We have all the knowledge. When do we need it, it's the time when we use it. This is what we have to learn. Then, everything falls into place. We have all knowledges. You live somewhere, you need warmth, how to interact the GANSes you would need and once the warmth is created. You don't consider I've made this and that because it works in the background, it creates the condition you need. I have thought, over years, many different ways to do the same thing because it enlightens the Soul of the Man at different Strength, in different ways, at different times. But the Essence is the same at the end. I am a Lover of Peace and I find whichever possible to let my other side to know how much I Love. I Love Peace and through different teachings I'll create all the conditions through different Strength of the different Souls then all become Peaceful. But, they have to understand why. What is the benefit for the others when I'm Peaceful, not what is for me to get to become Peaceful. We got to understand, in the past half an hour in our teaching what I explained to you about the Space will take you millions of years to understand if you are not enlightened. But if you are enlightened, you have already become the Entity of the Space, the Being of the Space because you learned the teaching of Space and you have practiced it. The teachings from now on are very short. But, now is a lot of different ways to open it. And depends on how and what you understand. Any questions? (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe. I'll remind are attendees in the Zoom they can put their hand up and then they can ask a question. ... We did have some questions regarding the ... ... banking system. Whether it would be relying on the old Fiat Currency System or the new digital decentralized Block-chain technology? Is that something that you would like to address or is that more ... for your ... a banker Person that might be setting things up and what not? (MK) ... The way we see it is we work on what we call internet banking. Not much relying, relying on the machines that you have to carry physically notes with you. As One Nation we don't have different currencies. So is One Currency Nation. And, then gradually becomes the Totality of it, non tangible. We've seen these things called Bitcoins and this coin and that coin coming to operation. We coin with the Peace of Man, not with the Physicality of Gold or whatever. There is no need to have different systems and different currencies. If locally, they except and understand it, they will change it. But you'll find out because is a free understanding of Totality a lot of things will change in understanding and will grow very rapidly. The new currency is One Currency of One Nation. And, a lot of People will find their own way of what unit will be. And a lot of units will never be used because People understand I don't need to pay anything because it's from the same bank in the same pocket from one to another. I do this I need it, it's there. I grow and look after plantation because I Love to do, I respect the Planet, I respect the Plant, I respect the Animals which live with it. Because, I know I have everything with a card I carry. The incentive is not which machine, the incentive is how to create the Peace without the machine. Knowing it's there if I need it. It takes time to understand. (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) I knew you would be the first one to ask a question, yes Azar. (AB) I just waited to see if anybody ask any question. Actually, I have two question. One is regarding the ... is regarding like People in, when I was in ... Tehran. It's... it's a couple of times I've been there and I see these thing. And ... I see a lot children who ... ask for money. And ... one time happened to me last time, last year ... I was in a bazaar buying some nuts a little boy, like six years old, pull on my clothes and he said, "Can you buy me lunch?" And I said, "Okay wait here, let me finish my shopping then I can buy you lunch." As I was buying some nuts I, I asked the gentleman to give me one kilo of fig and one kilo of dry ... walnut. And I gave it to him and I still, "Okay let's go get your lunch." And I say, What do you want?" He says, "Chelow kebab." And then, when we went to the shop he said, "Can you give me four of them?" I said, "Okay I get you four of them." So I got him four of that and then I gave it to him. He said, "Can you give me some money?" I said, "Okay don't push it because I don't want to give you some money, I gave you food." And then there was another boy ... constantly whispering to him when I was standing to me I said, "Is he your brother?" He said "No, I don't know him". I said, "So why are you talking to him?" He says "Somebody's ... here". So after he was gone the, the other boy came to me running after me "Give me some money, give me some food." I said "Look I just gave, if he's your brother, I bought four ... of the food so you can, guys can share." So then he became very violent. He start pulling and pushing and suddenly another gentleman came in and helped me to get a taxi go home and I came home. And my Dad said to me like ... "Every morning there is a couple of ... van, they come in and drop these kids in different markets, different places. And these kids are kids that get these extra, especially they are looking for money ... They have owners ... they ... that's why they doing this." And then ... this time we went in, it was again two little boy like seven/eight years old approaching for the same thing. So, and then there was in a BBC Farsi this time that England is taking 2000 of these kids ... to England. ... But then I told my Dad who are these people who, who are taking these kids? I wonder because are they legitimate people taking it? Are they giving education, things like that? I didn't know. But my wondering because is not only kids I also saw a lot of older people that asking for money I mean, whatever I could do. Some of them actually sell something like a little clock or something. But, how can we reach to these people that ... they ... they don't have to do that? (MK) ... Azarjan I went through the same process as you ... in Tehran, eight years ago when I was there. I was what we call 'very green' ... after ... I was kept in the hotel for some weeks and they put me in the safe house. I went for a walk and I was so joyful that I could walk the streets of Tehran after so many years and being like you, very simple. I walked ... was walking down the road and this couple with a baby in their hand approach me and said, "Excuse me we come from a village for the treatment of our child and we dipped us in a Hotel near the railway in central Tehran, and "could you help us with some food while we are here." And ... being a European man made us very sentimental, When in home I'm helping your brother. I gave them some money, which is like God knows, maybe half a month of salary of somebody, whatever. And I was very proud of doing this, because I came home and I not just brought the knowledge, but I could help. About few hundred meters later, I came across another couple with a baby with the same story and I said, "Oh you old fool, you fell for it they so designed." ... It is not what we gave, it's the Soul of the Intention which counts. On the other hand how can we stop this? There's no end. I've never seen a beggar in Africa, I've been many, many, many times. If somebody in Africa comes to you ask for food, you give them the food and they are thankful for it. Never seen beggars in China. I... understand it's become a business. For People to access money, very easily. Here in Italy, when we go to Shopping Centers, we always see at each gate of the Shopping Center, a black man is standing, asking for money, "that I can eat", but he's there every day, and he takes money every day. You go to the cafe it's, it's a business, it's become a business, "I can get money without doing anything." But, what about if we allow them to have the food, and when they ask for it, you give them the card. Sign yourself. We all carry iphone, we all carry a laptop, we all carry something. All these people, carry the latest mobile phones and they smoke the most expensive cigarettes I see in Italy. It's the way we can give physically or we can give Emotionally . And then, what about if we give these cards to all these kids which they ask, and you gave them the food? I've done that. Caroline and I we always do that. We see them, they ask for, we buy them their food, we don't give them the money. So if you, you're hungry, come in. We take them to the cafe, we take them where they're standing, and we buy them the food, "if you are hungry this is the food." But, when you give these cards I've seen the abuse in the British system. And one of the things which is my main concern and looking in the background in setting up these cards. It's what I learned in Britain. In Britain everybody has a social card, or they take money, are given money National, weekly or monthly. And the drug traffickers they take these cards from them. These ... payments, they take drug and I... I've seen drug traffickers carrying 40-50 of these ... what they call ... 'payment books'. And I asked them, "How you carrying?" He says, "That's the only way I get paid for my drugs." And I was shocked and one of Systems which we are looking at in the background, is that, only the child can take what it needs. Nobody can push, we monitor in the background. But gradually it becomes, "I have a card what do I need?" You got to understand, child trafficking, slavery, is heavy. Prostitution and everything else, child abuse. We see them every flight from Africa, into Belgium, carries at least one abused child to be killed or be abused. We know this and international police is looking into it. We know the airlines, we know the Embassies which are issuing these visas. But why should a mother sells a child? We know the sources are used in orphanages. They take a child without a birth certificate. And it becomes National property to be abused. They do with prostitution the same. Why does any woman needs to sell her body? Or has she been enslaved, in a way with drugs, or she's been bought? We see this in north India. You got to understand one thing. In my business life over 20, 30 years, in Europe and around the World, I have worked with International organizations, who look and work through different kind of trafficking. So, I carry a lot of knowledge where the problem is, and how, in setting these cards we have to be watchful. In North India they sell a girl of 6, 7 years old near puberty, for a lot of money, which is peanuts to us. To the family it's a lot of money, because a girl is a burden. The girl is walked all the way or trafficked all the way to cities, or if they are beautiful, nine they feed them for a year or two, as a slave labor, and then they traffic them into the Persian Gulf as sex tools. And the most of them die in the first contact with the Arab man. Because, they are too young, and they cannot take a man. We are fully aware of these operations. It's not just in Iran. We know the trafficking of the boys from Africa into Saudi Arabia and the rest. I've been part of these organizations. Part of United Nation Peace works, part of the United Nation child trafficking part of the British Government drug trafficking enforcement. When we produce these cards, a lot of things are going into the process. It's not sentimentality, it's understanding most of, or some of the problems, and building it to the system. That, a child cannot abuse you, give me and then take the food for the kids who have no food, but the money goes to the boss. We are very aware of all these things. I spent a long time with British drug trafficking enforcement officers. I made a business out of, re-allocation after the confiscation by the Government officers. And I've been well educated by drug trafficking, human trafficking officers of the British Government. It's part of the businesses I owned, so I understand it fully. And this we are building into this card, that what you saw in Tehran, in India, in United State, in Europe cannot repeat itself. One of the things which we are to considering heavily, is how to structure about Child Abuse, in working. We know a lot of this happens in India. India is one of our main targets of the work. That they sell children to the death of the mother or the father or grandfather. And the child becomes a slave worker. We don't pay the paymasters we give enough to the child that it does not need to do. The rest is part of the work which we are doing with different Governments to sort these things out. Making One Nation, it needs a lot of mature thinking, no sentimentality. Once we convert, the minute we force expenditure into Peaceful expenditure, you will find a lot of these things will eradicate itself. Because some of the military and police, are part of these organizations of child trafficking. They benefit by it. It's an income to them. If you travel in Kinshasa, you'll find out the policeman on the street stops a few cars... but if you're a white man in a car, your car gets stopped in majority of the junctions, because the policeman knows, there is a white Man, they pay. Because, the payment from the Government is not enough to support his family. We become that support. That the car with the white Man does not need to be stopped to be, what I call, 'extracted'. I've traveled round the World, we know, we see, we understand. And these cards are getting implemented, in a way that even workers of the Governments who do not get paid enough, that they have to spend 2 or 3 jobs a day to be able to support a family, to be with their children, that they get paid by us, that they spend time to educate the Soul of the child. There is no sentimentality, it's understanding the problem. These are the conditions by taxes, which has created, which we're trying to reverse. (AB) And Mr Keshe... (MK) I saw it, Let me explain, yes. (AB) Mr Keshe, you know what, what happened last time ... because I wasn't ... I didn't know what's going on. Something interesting was ... happening which I tried to figure out what was it. Because, every time, last time I went there ... these boys did this and I got into a taxi and then another gentleman got in the taxi and then I told the gentleman where I want to go but ... I wasn't sure about where my father's house is and how to get there, he asked me, "Where do I get there?" So I said, "Do you have your phone, can I call my father?" So, I called my father and then I asked my father give him the direction. And then ... the minute he got the direction, he says to me, "Nah it's not this much, it's 5,000 more." And I said, "What, what's going on with you guys, every time something happens you leave and change something else?" Because it's happened to me on many times. And he said, "No it is like this." And I said, "Okay ... can you ... stop the car so I can get off here because ... it seems a lot of dishonesty going on and I see a lot of lies." And I said to him ... "What is going on, you guys call yourselves Muslim, I'm not even practice become a Muslim but I'm more Muslim than you guys are." And he laughed, and then... Anyway, he took me... he took me to the house and charged me the same but I gave him some tip. Then I get, the next day I went to another ... another area, I get a taxi, and the guy, because I know they always throw, if because sometimes in my talking, I say, "Okay", the minute they hear the "Okay" they know you're not from here, they want to charge you triple. Anyway, I said to him, "How much would it cost?" My father told me how much it costs usually. Then, I said to him "Look you're charging more" and he says, "Why are you ... so ... not trusting me?" I said to him, "I'll tell you the story." So, I get into his car and I told him all the story. So, he is starting to tell me that he has a daughter who has to spend a million a week for his, her medication this and that. And he says, "he doesn't ask for any money, he works a lot to pay for his daughter." So, when we get to the house ... I gave him like, maybe ... ten times more money than it was supposed to be, like I gave him really good amount of money. And then he looked at me and says, "Can you give me two million because I told you the story?" I, I said to him, "What ... what makes you want two million from me?" Because, two million's about $500 and I couldn't , I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And then he was prepare me in the car to acce... to get two million dollars. And I came to... I told my, actually when I told my father, my father says, "When your sister comes from London she never gets any of these things. When you come from US, you always have all these people approaching you. ... There is something ... going on with you." I said, "I don't know Dad what, this is what happened." And ... so, one of the things I realized, they do in any way they can, and is lying, which to me isn't understandable. Like, you know, they call themselves Muslim but left and right, they lie to get some money. I was thinking, maybe it's such a difficult life and they really don't have much to do it, or whatever it is? I... I just couldn't figure it out why we had so much change, because I don't remember ... to be like this 30 years ago, or 35 years ago. ... But that was my experience and even with the little boys ... this time, at my house, I was going to buy some pastry and they approached me, they said, " ... Can we... I'm hungry?" I said, "Let's go to the pastry, I buy you a box of pastry." They said, "No we want money because we want to go get hamburger, charcoal hamburger with french fries." I said, "Okay charcoal hamburger with French fries is like 2 or 3 blocks, I can walk with you, I get you charcoal hamburgers." And then another one says, "No, you know I got hit by a motorcycle look at my stuff," he pulled his pants up. I said, "Look I'm a doctor, that's not a motorcycle accident, that's a scratch ... it's going to heal very fast." "If you want a charcoal hamburger, I take you there." They said, "No if we get there, it's going to get cold by the time we get home." They were trying, in so many ways, to ... get money out of me. I finally got... (MK) Yes, you see, you see, it's very interesting to see what you talk about. ... We have to understand institutionalization. The ... we have it here in Italy. Here in Italy ... people, adults, teenagers, whatever, they're employed to steal. It's a job! Here in Italy, they guy goes out of the house, 9 o'clock till 5 o'clock, whatever, he has to bring back so much money for the guy who financed his house or he pays him monthly as an income. The same is with these children, these children are supposed to bring so much a day for the master because he pays for their food, and even they may ... they might get the food from you. Or, is the way he paid for the children, a lot of things goes behind child slavery. These children are bought or taken, they are not... If the child goes missing everybody starts looking, but if the parents are paid for, meager amount of money, that the child does not need to be fed because the parents can't afford it, then the child becomes a property. It's a 9 to 5 job. He has to return so much every day to the boss. because he's paid for it. It's the same with the prostitution. These are the position which we understand. I've been in the same, what you tell me, ... is happened to me in many cities in the World. They see you're a foreigner, the... everything goes three times over. Or you have to pay because, "This is the rule." It's happened to me in New York. In New York, I went from the airport to the hotel, the taxi driver, an Indian guy, wanted to charge me $50 more. I said, "No why, your meter says it's so much." I walked in, I gave the money to the ... what you call it, 'doorman' in the hotel I said, "This is what it says on his meter this is... is... I called the police and everything else I said, "You do whatever you like, just because I'm not a New Yorker, I don't pay this." I left the money and I went in the hotel. The guy made a lot of shouting but the management knew what he was doing and at the end he got paid. He was a Sikh man with a turban on his head. ... This abuse happens everywhere. It's the nature of having to be able to do. And when you speak, we don't need to speak a language. I walked into Tehran one of the first day, I was telling you, I went down the road, saw the ... two couples and the children. Minute before, few minutes before, I walked out of the secure house, into a chemist and I said one sentence, no more. And the guy said, "When have you come back from outside?" "We don't speak this way anymore?" So, we are like a red flag, sticking up everywhere. As I said, "In Iran, we are Iranians but we are foreign in our homeland. because the culture has changed, the languages spoken changed." The Ethos on the name of the religion has changed but there is no religion. The only religion is abuse and torture of the Soul of the Man. Doesn't matter in which Nation you live in. I've been in Kinshasa, I've been through the same thing as you have. In Ghana, we always say, "The outsiders pay ten times more than insiders." Ghanaian live with 300 ... Cede's a month comfortably, with $3,000 which is about 15,000 we cannot live, it's impossible. You don't have the food, you don't have anything. We see this abuse institutionalized in the government structure. The foreigners need it, they have to pay for it. The structure of the new Keshe Foundation in Ghana ... we can build, the amount of money they're asking there, to just to ... what do you call it, 'create partitions' and whatever, you can build a house here in Europe with it. But these are foreign investors, they can do. But they don't understand they're taking from their own Nation. We cannot change these things and it's so institutionalized, everybody is robbing everybody, but with these things it takes time. As I said, "The beginning when they have it, it'll be mayhem. It'll be..." (AB) No, I told, I told these boys, "Do you like to be on the street?" They said, "No." I said, "Do you know how to get out of this?" He... they said, "No." I said, "I can tell you how." He said, "How?" I said, "Once you stop lying to me, to like people like me, and you start telling the truth, ... your Life is going to change forever." And ... they look at me and ... and then they left. And actually I had a little bit, a little bit of fun with them because I said to him, they came the next day, Friday, and then I said, "Friday you guys are working, today's supposed to be a rest day" because Friday is like a Sunday ... over there. They said, "No we have to work because I have to work for my mother, my mother is the light of my eyes and I'm the light of eyes of my mother." I said, "I don't think any mother would like ... their children to work on a... on a weekend ... there's something wrong with this picture" (AG) Ajarjan but these things are happening for centuries, we're talking about present but what about the past? These things is not news. It's thousands of years you see. We travel everywhere we see the same. But, it's not only present today, it's happening thousands of years. (AB) But we didn't have, we didn't have this in Iran like 34 years ago, when I was there. (MK) We had it. (AG) We have, not a experience... (MK) Azarjan we had it when I was a child, forty-five years ago when I left Iran. (AG) Correct. (MK) This is, this is. But we were innocent, we could not, we didn't have the eye to see. ... We don't see, we don't see begging on certain Nations because they forbid it, you cannot do it. But ... I was talking to the Chinese people, some times ago, very recently, they said, "We have 10 million people in China who go hungry, but we are supporting millions of people outside China not to sleep hungry because these people we know we can support them while we run them." I love the Ethos of the Chinese government. They know what they have to support and they do the best they can. But they're spending their money on the other Nations, to make sure they are not hungry. that then they have to find a way to get to China to feed themselves. This is the way the Ethos has to go. Not spending 700 billion on Arms, to become more... We have the highest, biggest ever expenditure on Arms by the American President United ... States ... There'll only be United... in his speech in the past few days. It's the most shameful speech I've ever heard a President make. "I'm making Arms to kill and it's to the benefit of my Nation." One Nation doesn't need Arms. Can you imagine if we spend 700 billion changing things around the World? There will be no... none of these things. (AG) Actually, if we stop the money, Mr Keshe, if we stop the money then... then these things will stop it itself. Huh? (MK) That's why these cards are getting stopped ... produced. To stop the process. ... If somebody tells you "I pay you so much, you have to work because you have to feed your child" when you say, "No, I have a card I can do." "I come to work because I enjoy to work." Some people will become lazy, "It's there I take it," but 80% - 90% of the population will follow. This has... what has been created in the British ... European system. In European system in England, for example, the employer guy will say, "Okay we give you a 100, let's say 100 pounds a month". He says, "No I'm getting 85 from the government, I've got to work 40 hours a day, 4 weeks that's 160 hours for 15.... Euros, or pound extra is not worth it. I'm not doing it." So, I stay unemployed but I work on the street, do something here, do something there. I get 85 from the government and 200, most probably doing odd jobs. We see that here in Europe, heavily. This has become, the social structure created in Europe, with Social Security, has become the noose around the neck of the governments because they have forced the Nations, their own nationals, to become the thief of their own Nation. The taxation is wrong, the process of the using of the taxation is wrong. One of the, one of the reasons, I explained very clearly, we discussed this with two ministers, very recently. They tell me, "Why don't you push and release the Plasma Power Unit?" Let me explain to you what the Plasma Power Unit can do. The effect of the Plasma Power Unit on European economy is disastrous. In Europe, you will not have a home to live, you will not have nothing in your house if we launch it. Let me explain what I explained to the ministers. In launching, the new Plasma Power Generators, which is a electrical system. You can use it on a mechanical motors because it works in different way, we have explained. Now, you deplete your Nation of millions of dollars on a tax on fuel. Immediately, the effect is not next year, my next generation. Today you stop buying fuel using the new power generators. In seven days, if you put 1 million pieces in Italy and, let's say, 1 million pieces ... of the power generator in the cars, each car on average pays something like 20 pounds a week taxes, if you use, let's say, 30 liters of fuel a week. The effect is so immediate, that the National reserve which relies on these money to come in to pay taxes, will not be there. Within days the National government collapse, because they don't have the money to support: the road, the social security, the pension and the rest of it. We have to establish the One Nation banking system. You'll find out we're talking in the background to other National banks to join us, to become part of this One Nation. Because, they cannot sustain these national security payments. The biggest burden on Nations is military and National security which means paying for people, the old pensioners. I have put proposal to couple of Nations, how we can change these things. So, now we produce 1 million, or let's say it's at 10 million new power generators in Italy, home and car. Italian national government do not have the reserves to pay for people to buy food. Unless, it produces money without guarantee, which they are doing. Or, join part of the Keshe Foundation system that all the Nationals can have what they need. We support it through collective effort-ness. Then the education on the television system will change. It brings the social Soul level up. "We are giving to you what we need." "This school needs teacher, this street needs cleaning." People will get fed up of staying at home. They do it, they'll come in to it, to do it. The introduction of the generators will be the end of a lot of things around the World ... people have got used to. No one from Africa will come here because they don't have even to feed themselves then. "Why am I going to a place where I'm worse off than, when I'm better off?" The biggest problem I have in releasing the .... the power generator is the destruction of so much, which is, some of it is good but, the loss of National income which has now become totally dependent. Mrs Thatcher brought these things in 1981's and 1980's, increase in the taxes on fuel, to spend on the Nation, to pay the debt of a Nation, now has become the Nation robbing their Nation nationals, to be able to give to nationals where they need it. Plus spending money most of [MK's connection stops] (VV) I think we ... lost Mr Keshe's battery. (RC) Well it's a bit ironic, in a way. He should have a Plasma battery in a pocket, a plasma pocket battery perhaps we need to develop that. It would be handy for people in emergency situations, especially. I think we're close to it actually, with some of the technologies that have been developed by the Keshe Foundation and Knowledge Seeker's around the World. It's just a matter of scaling up. Okay, it looks like we might be a minute or two for Mr Keshe... (MK) Yes it's okay. Our system... can you hear me? (RC) Yes hello. (MK) Yes sorry, one of our systems dropped off, so we come back on, on another system. We try to have a back up on this ... I don't understand why but ... somehow it drops itself off, maybe they didn't like what I was talking about. (CdR) ... Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes. (CdR) ... it's just temporary, I just kicked back in. Don't worry. (MK) ... the process which we are explaining, a lot of people ask and, like what we received in the disaster ... situation that, "Can you help us with play the Plasma Power Units?" ... the ... the process is, "When we release this, what's gonna happen?" The system will leak around the World, we saw how people opened up the MaGrav Systems. And then, what happens to it? Then it'll create mayhem. The release of the Plasma Power Unit, [Echo] is to be able to deliver a total understanding of the System. We did a trial, we did with the MaGrav Systems. The MaGrav Systems around the World are all showing 25-30-40-50 % reduction. Nobody's talking, a lot of people have built it, they are using it themselves. We have gone to the next step. I'm gonna switch over, just one second please. Can you hear me now? (RC) Yes, we can. ... until now, there's background... (MK) Okay, it's just disconnecting the other systems. ... the whole process of releasing the MaGrav Power Unit Generator, will destroy Nations like Saudi Arabia overnight. The... the American oil industry will collapse. But you got to understand, we have left number of Units around the World that if anything happens to us they will release it. I've made sure that this time, no ransom is taken, nobody can take us to ransom. But we are handling it with a lot of wisdom. We understand the problem it can cause, but, at the same time, we are setting the structure in the background, that can not be there. All the financial resources, will be changed. It has no choice, there... there is no choice. The beauty of it as, that most of you who made the GANS, can do it. But you don't see it, how And it's amazing, how it's erased from a lot of your understanding, maybe it's the wishes of my Soul, that the Man will open it up, when the Totality of Human Race is mature with it. It's not something strange from the no man's land. So, the structure we have to understand, that we change everything at the same time. As I said, at the beginning of today, "We have responded, even though, I have a lot of problem with the Canadians, in what they've done to me personally, but I close my eyes to in what I hear, from the new Prime Minister of Canada. We respond accordingly. We start investing in Canada, which up to now we walked away because we were not sure of the governments behavior. The new Prime Minister speaks Peace, we respond with it. We're looking for investments, in indigenous organizations, that they become educated with what they're left behind with their present knowledge. Now they become experts in Plasma technology. This is, that's what he says in the speech in United Nation, "Investment in indigenous." We are investing, this is part of the Keshe Foundation Canada, manufacturing, to be taken, education to be done. That, okay they've missed so much, but now, they get to the top. This is part of our work, this is part of what we go to the management team, that, we work this way in Canada now, we respond accordingly. We are doing the same thing in Africa, we are doing the same thing in China, we are doing the same thing in South America. The Keshe Foundation expansion is beyond, anyone's imagination. But we work totally in silence. Those who work around us, they know. The way we are structuring the, the works on Tuesday. Now the actual, what you call, the One Nation government, is talking to you through the Universal Council, every Tuesday, they are there for you to bring solutions. To bring an insight, how we can change things a better way that the old way does not exist. We don't fight the old way, we bring a new situation, new condition. This is the beauty of the work of the Foundation. And it's not me anymore. You have 27-28 members of the languages, You have 6 members of the Universal, Earth Council. You have, members of the Core Team, and, we stand solid. Now, the Nation governing body, speaking to the Nation. On the open channels, every week. Every day if needs be. No government, no governing body has ever been in this position. Some of the Universal Council members who came in they'll walk away because the responsibility will be too high, and they did not expect this, they just thought "It is a title, and I can use my Soul," and "Yes I'm present." Now, you will be present, because the Soul is there to serve. But at the same time, they need education, they need to understand how to work. Physicality has a lot of problem, but the running of this Planet, needs no master, has no master, and the only master of the Man is the Soul of the Man. I was told the master it comes, and you'll watch on the sideline. Those who planned it, they shot themselves in the foot. The one who was intermediary, is put out. The beauty of life, is, understanding the life in the Universe, not on the village Planet of Earth. The banking system, what we see, abuse, child trafficking, Human trafficking, governments sponsoring trafficking because it brings them some, whatever, has to stop. You say, British government says, "They are taking 2,000 of these children into England." But, how many of them want to go? How many of them become part of the abuse system which works within the British structure? Read the British report on the child trafficking. Four children trafficked from Ghana into England, through Belgium last year, have been reported killed. Or abused. This is official British government news. Children disappeared in orphanages, in Africa, appear in Antwerp, appear in trafficking into the police, hand of the police of Britain. And out of those, four have been abused or being killed last year alone. And that's from one Nation. Why the Iranians allow this to happen I don't understand. If they are, but would the Iranian government says, "Yes, we give you the 2,000, give us the plan, which school, which University?" Where they are going to be, who's going with to the fostering? Then it's a correct way, because the Iranian government stands by it's children. Otherwise, yes to have them, how many of them are going to abuse? How many of them will be allowed to go back to Iran to see their parents once or twice a year? Chelo Kebab does not taste the same as chips and chips. This is what we have to understand, we move people, listen to the speech of the Canadian Prime Minister, admission of a government at the highest level, in abuse of the past to correct it, it's perfectly explained. But the correct way. Prime Minister Trudeau explains it very clearly, What was done wrong, and how he's correctly putting it right. Bless his Soul. We allow children to go from Iran to United Kingdom, 2,000 of it? Every single one has to be monitored, in education, what's the use, or are we sending you slave children or prostitute children, or child abuse to UK, for the British to have fun? Or Iranian government stands by, we want, monthly report, full monitoring of these children. They come back to Iran as doctors, as scientists, as a asset to the Nation. Not another child trafficking. It's the British government stands by to report it. It should do, and I know as I lived in Britain for thirty years. There is structures for these things, and it's the most perfect system in England. English child protection system is one of the best in the World. And they can do that. Then we have our benefit from sending 2,000 children to be taken off the street. Taken out of the abuse, not to be abused again somewhere else. This is what we have to learn. This is what the past experiences. Armen said, "it's been going on for Centuries." It's going on for thousands of years. Now, we can change it. We have the knowledge. We have the technology. We have the means. We have the financial effort, and most of all, we have the Soul of the Man, who's becoming Peaceful. This is what it counts. This is what is important. It's not only from Africa to Europe. In India internally child abuse. In other part of the World the same. Child slavery. Human slavery. We see a lot of young, young girls brought here. I can walk out of this office. Within five or ten minutes from center of big cities in Italy, you see girls, 18, 19, 16, 17 on the street with bikinis standing on the street, prostituting. And the police allows it. Three or four of them on one chair, waiting for clients. This is the reality of living in Italy today. To you it must be shocking, but we see it every day. Any of our Knowledge Seekers who've been to Italy, they can see it. You don't see it? Even in center of Rome you see it in some back streets that the public don't see. This is child trafficking. This is human trafficking. Why should a girl stand, with a bikini, on the street prostituting with the boss watching? Four or five of them, row of, street row of them. You want me to go out? Within ten minutes I can bring you videos to see. It's not just children Man abuses, Physicality of the women. The Soul of another being has become the habit. This is what we got to change. That a mother in India does not need to sell a child because she cannot feed it and it'll become a burden in the future. If she becomes a bride, it's the responsibility of social structure of the Nation, to pay for her wedding. That the mother does not need to let the pain of a child going, not knowing what happens and that the child died by abuse in Saudi Arabia. Or in Middle East. This is where the change comes. But to change as Armen said, "thousands of years" of work in a few weeks, it takes time. And it's very rapid the way we are doing it. If the Human race can stand the shock it's another problem. How many of us goes to India to teach the people in the villages that this is the food? You can learn how to make Gold from the coconut shell. Then, I don't need to sell my child to the man who gives me 50$, or 10$ for a child. As part of the United Nations work I've explained too, we saw. We, we we had to go through the pain to understand. How we get the children who are run on trafficking from Africa into Middle East. We pay for them to release them, and then they capture them again. We buy them back again three months later from another bunch of gang. Because the child does not even know where he comes from. Doesn't even know his name. Doesn't know which village he comes from, but he knows he had a mother. Love of the mother was there. But I don't know which mother anymore. Or can we go to the Soul of the child? Through it find the Soul of the Man and and the mother and bring them together? Which can be done. This is not theory and it's not sentimentality or we have the knowledge, we deliver. it's just, it's taking me time to structure it. You don't steal earring from a woman trying to ransom the husband. We respond accordingly. We don't steal a child to do the same. There is no sentimentality. There are over 100 - 150 million people who follow the Keshe Foundation work. Now I taught. Now it's time for you to change. To change the Humanity. I do all the work in the background. I as the Keshe Foundation management team and the people around the Keshe Foundation which is all of you. "I've made man in the image of myself." Any other question? (AB) Mr Keshe, my second question has to do with... with the Space Technology And I'm, I'm kind of confused about the timing of everything is happening. Because there was a point you talk about, there's a time is gonna come that there's not gonna be any kingship, and then the Soul is gonna come and talk. All the people who are the Kings, they gonna disappear, and so ... (MK) You see Azarjan you're still looking for the physical manifestation. If your Soul has managed to reach that point which you talk in Iran, you have already ended up with a kingship. There is no kingship for you. You are equal to the others. (AB) No, I understand there is no kingship for me but I'm talking about the Uni... (MK) We. (AB) When become Peaceful as a Planet. Because as if, if I become Peaceful, and get to that, is not the prob... I mean that's not the point. If I could get the whole Planet to the, to, in Space, that's our mission. So... (MK) The thing is, first of all, we are in Space. It's letting us to become part of the family, is the point. Secondly, if you have reached the point of what you explained to us in Tehran, you have already past the point of kingship. You have become one. Not just because you are American educated, and you're going there to show your brass and everything else. We show the sign of equality through the Soul with what you conduct. That's where the kingship is finished. Kingship is not a man who crowns himself as a king. Kingship, is understanding of the Souls is equal to the others. Then the others will happen, step by step. That is the change. Change from the top always brings resistance from the bottom. Change from the bottom always changes the top. You look at what happened in Spain in past couple of weeks. They worked for a long time, to be what they are, because of their language. Because of the culture the language created the Emotion of the Soul they understand. And by voting they achieved it, because, the Soul finds freedom to speak it's language. We hear from the pres... Prime Minister Treudeau in his speech. He says, "We forced them to forget their cultures and their language to force our way on it". "And now we let them to flourish in and learn it themselves." Because, we speak through our Soul, through our language. And a kingship comes when we are all equally free to use, and to have access to our Soul and to language we speak through our Soul. So, you have already achieved, you are one of the first people. Maybe in many of us, not just you have achieved to become ending the kingship, the kingship of a Soul or a Physicality in the others, will bring the Totality. You sent me a text this morning about your brother in United State. And I've seen many like this. It's a pleasure, maybe, that man will change the life of many. Because he's a taxi, sit somebody in there, they have to sit with him listen to him while he's trucking he can change many. This is how it should be. A kingship is not just a king who abuses other children, for him to be, and the other people. The kingship's the kingship of the Soul of the Man over the others, that is higher in Soul than the others. When you've become equal, we have already achieved it. Any other question? (AB) Thank you. (MK) You're welcome. Try to understand when we open the doors of the science in Space, it's the same for the Man here. When you do not feel or you do not want to be part of... you can promote your own Soul, you can promote you own position of Physicality, if you see the Physicality with the essence of the change. We got to understand and we got to teach not how the GANS is made. In most of the Workshops you run which is now controlled by the Keshe Foundation and setting up correctly. Is for people to understand what the manifestation of this GANS and the Fields of it, is compared to the Soul of the Man, the Physicality of the Man, the Field that Man creates. The Knowledge Seekers Workshops has to be on that way than more than teaching the GANS. The Teaching which is going on in the Monday morning Teaching Workshops, has to lead to that point. That people understand it's not just a GANS, a core, a dynamic core or whatever. But the essence of the Fields which allows, as in comparison to, the Soul of the Man and what it can create and manifest. You have everything, you come and tell us what you want to produce, we show you how to do it. Then, that thing has to be, how it's used to elevate or allow a Soul to be free. Not just to have a free Energy and then, robbing more. Rick is there any other question or do you want to show some people who wanted to show some of the development they have made? (RC) Well let me see we had Boniface, had his hand up and I... promoted him to a panelist ... did you have a question? (BB) Thanks Rick, thanks Rick ... Boniface here, good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning. (BB) I have a small question ... it's a different type of question. But ... we understand from the Fields, the Magnetic Fields, we have and their interaction we have or the Plasma that's, that's created. Whether we're talking about Electrons or Atoms or Stars or Galaxies... you. ... you chose to use the term 'Plasma' for this science, and my question has to do with ... why you chose that particular term? Since, you know, most of us come to this knowledge, knowing something about, or having heard about, you know Plasma-Television and blood Plasma and what have you. Can you kinda tell us a little bit about the, the distinction and why you chose the term so we can easily dif... differentiate between the two? (MK) Yes, it's very easy for me I'm a Nuclear Physicist. And part of the structure, you have to understand as part of the teaching of the Nuclear Industry containment, we always speak about Magnetic Field containment. In... if you look at the ... proposition in CERN or whatever... We ... we, a Plasma to a Nuclear Physicist is a soup of Fields. Where Plasma to a doctor is what you have in your... or you inject. ... It's to us, in the English language means the essence of freedom to be able to have. This is what I understand as a Nuclear Physicist. It's the freedom of the Field. For them to be able to do what they like, a Plasma is the freedom of ... what you get in the hospital as injection or your body has a Plasma of the body. It's body fluids within the body to serve. And there is no more appropriate word than 'Plasma' in the knowledge of the Nuclear Physics. Where Energy is free, in traveling in the Space dimension of the Magnetic Field itself. This is why we use the Plasma term, 'Plasma'. ... You... it's the common language as what uses it, for different application. It means the transparency of the entity from the point of knowledge, that it serves or gives. It's a very easy for me, to me is a natural progress, we are, we are taught in Nuclear Industry ... we only control ... we can control, we can contain ... a Nuclear radiation by heavier material or by what they call, 'materials which are, or can slow down a Neutron' but, if you look at it scientifically, this is what I had... a problem as a Nuclear Physicist with my professors. What we use 'em as for intermediaries or slowing down the Neutrons or whatever, is another Magnetic Field. Nothing else. Is not that we put moderators in the Nuclear reactors or we put ... reflectors or absorbers, It's just how do we pack these Fields. I can stop a Nuclear Reactor leakage with creating a heavy Fields. Without any Matter. We do it now, we've done it in Fukushima situation. It's understanding the Plasma is a freedom of the Fields, how we want to compact it. And that's why it was chosen. It's a correct terminology, if you understand the true meaning of the Nuclear industry. (BB) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe ... (MK) Do you want to show us something? (RC) I was ... I'm trying to ask Alex if he would like to ... ... show his example of Fields and GANS water bottles. He had a question about that I believe, Alex did you want to go ahead on that? Not sure if he's there right now ... I can try to unmute we'll see what happens. (RC) Hello? (AE) Rick are you talking to me? I'm talking to ... No actually I was trying to reach the other Alex. (MK) Is that Alekz from Africa? (RC) Now that you're here... (MK) Alekz you're here you gotta speak. We've been waiting for you for a long time. (AE) Okay. (MK) Hi darling how are you? (AE) I'm well. (MK) How is your health? (AE) Yeah, just managing, pushing back. (MK) Is a gift to hear you. Thank you very much. (AE) Thank you, thank you. (MK) You're a member of the Earth Council for Africa, we've been waiting you for a long time. (AE) Oh ... yeah ... but there is nothing really ... special to talk about, about the ... Earth Council here, except for the fact that anywhere I go out, about me is full of misery and then it's really difficult to contain that, so. ... I think it's the same thing all over the World. There is just about that you know. And then hopefully I hope we can be able to contain that one way or the other... ... That's it really. (MK) You know tonight we have a meeting at the Earth Council, would you join us? (AE) ... yeah, yeah, because my internet is stable now so I can join any time. (MK) Oh thank you very much. It's nice to hear your beautiful voice. Hopefully we meet soon in Ghana. (AE) You're coming to Ghana soon? (MK) I still have a have a home there, huh. I'm a Ghanaian resident. (AE) That's truth, that's true. (MK) [chuckles] ... I will be there ... okay what would you like to enlighten us, while you're here? (AE) It's nothing really special to enlighten about it's just a step. A step of course if you want me to make some some really special ... special... liquid. (MK) You are special, you tell us what you would like to tell us as a member of the Earth Council... (AE) It's a special liquid I am trying to make because ... I've, I've been trying to make ... this ... the Plasma swimming pool in ... SSI complex in ... in Nigeria here. Now I'm getting stopped, because the swim... the plasma swimming pool is halfway done and then, I'm nowhere near how to be able to afford the rest of it. So, I'm just trying to see if ... maybe the public can help us, to complete the project here. (MK) About how much do you need? (AE) ... We need about twenty thousand dollars extra, that's what we need to be able to complete the project here. (MK) What does it do? (AE) It's a Plasma swimming pool. It's a new project we're doing. We, we've ... we've configured the swimming pool, like ... the health reactors ...Dr Rodrigos ... showed us in his ... reactors. And then we've converted that into the swimming pool. So hopefully when you go in the swimming pool and swim, whatever malady you have, it's gonna be relief and then, there's some parts, part of the swimming pool that if you go to that direction, you gonna be fed, because you put some food GANSes in part of the swimming pool, as well. (MK) Alexz, I'll pay for it. The Foundation pays for it. (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) ... account, It will be in your account Monday morning (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe. Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) You're welcome. So hopefully I'm gonna be able to take data’s... (MK) Explain to us more. Explain to us more (AE) Okay ,well If you want, I don't... If I can go out and show you what's happening on the pool, right now, because... (MK) You want to share your camera with us? (AE) Okay, if I can do that, just one minute, I'm not gonna to be able to show myself because I'm really rough and I'm ill, I have ... I have the patches all around. Sorry. (MK) Have you recovered from the accident? ... Partially the problem from the acci... from the incident, not the acc... the robbery incident,.. (MK) The incident, yeah. (A) Yeah, because I have, because while I was ... being abducted I was being ... beaten with the butt of the guns all over me, and I still feel the pains all over me. So I have ... the pain pads attached to it. Can I have my video on now? Okay. (MK) Yes. High You gotta open it up. (AE) Can you see... (MK) We see you on the screen. Yeah, you are there. (AE) Okay, I don't know if I can be able to turn this and show you the... (MK) Yeah, we see your face, and we see your finger in your nose. (AE) [Laughing] Alright. I'm showing you this swimming pool and then this work underneath. You see, that is it there, this is the complex. This is the complex of the whole KFSSI in Nigeria, and that is the swimming pool... (RC) Alexz, try to keep the camera as steady as you can, so we can get a good shot of it there, just sort of slowly pan around, it helps. Thank you. (MK) Can you explain all these holes around, and what you are doing exactly? (AE) Okay. At the extreme end, where you are looking, that's the far right end, you have the ... this side is configured with the food GANSes, I already embedded the food GANSes in the, in the walls. And on the other side we have the ... health GANSes, like the reactors. David, David, please can you stop that a little bit? So I have the reactors on this side, this side of the walls, and here so we have some reactors, for the other side, at the far end side of it, we have ... just the food GANSes. So, if you go to the other of each and then you swim there you gonna have the energies of the food, and then if you come here, you get the energy, I mean if you, you sick whatever malady you have, you'll able to get well and then here as well... (MK) Are you.. are you... Alexzjan, are you using the same principle as I used for your malaria? (AE) Exactly that's what I'm using. (MK) Ah okay. (AE) Yeah... (MK) So you haven't had a malaria attack since you left Ghana last time, few months ago. (AE) I not have malaria, I not have malaria. The only thing I have is the complication that I have from the, from the butt of the, robbers that came to attack me, I just have, if I show you. Let me see if I can turn around, if I show you my body, see how the, I don't know if you can see it, ... can you help me, for you to hold it, you see, sorry, yes show me yeah, you see, that's I have. But because I feel pains, all around me from the both sides, I have the... (MK) Let me... yeah, yeah. Let me explain what happened to you, because a lot of people don't know. Alekz was taken by gunpoint, from what you call it, few weeks ago in Nigeria, ... to rob his account or whatever. He can explain to us, and they've really beaten him up, very badly. (AE) Yeah I was really... I was really dealt good. I still have the pains all over me, apart from that everything is alright. So, I'm just trying to... to see, if I can get this pool done and then so we can take statistics, analysis, of what is happening here, and then maybe add it to the database, on the general... (MK) Can you, was part of your work. Can you consider AIDS people? (AE) AIDS people? Yeah, of course. I consider anyone that wants to come to the complex for, for... for treatment they can come actually. (MK) The twenty thousands dollars, will be in account as usual by Monday morning. (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe. Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Tomorrow is thirteenth, but Monday it'll be sent through, And just confirm you received. The usual account we use for you. (AE) Alright, alright. This is, I've not showed you before, this is the complex, this is the KFSSI complex in Nigeria. I don't know if everyone can see maybe I share everywhere. This is where we have... (RC) Alekz ... Flint is suggesting to turn the camera sideways, and maybe it would give a better picture for us. Aah there we go. That's better, thank you. (AE) Ah something is gone wrong. (RC) Except for your thumb is in it there. (AE) Oh one minute... (RC) Now, maybe it's got too much bandwidth or something. (AE) Just ... I think something is gone wrong. I have a dodgy phone here. Okay I got it. (MK) I hope they didn't beat your phone, it was just you. (AE) They took my phone, right before, they took my phone. (RC) It was probably your thumb okay thank you. This is the complex. This is here the, like a plan. When the researchers come, when the Knowledge Seekers come in the future, if you want who come join us in the research, they have the choice of staying here. And then, if you see after the swimming pool, you see I have space where we can make a health center, we have a research heath center there, which is close to the swimming pool, and then the whole ... whole place. So the residence is done, for the Knowledge Seekers who wish to come here and and do research with me or with the Knowledge Seekers in Nigeria, and then the health swimming pool, and then we gonna have a health clinic, and it splits behind the swimming pool, there and that's basically all. So, once that is done, the KFSSI complex in Nigeria should be ready for, for accepting visitors, and researchers and scientists, who wants to come and... and join us in the experiments here. (MK) Thank you very much. It's amazing what you achieved there. (AE) Thank you, and then you see much... (MK) You don't miss seeing Barnet in London, do you? (AE) Not really, I don't miss, I don't miss anywhere, just Africa Mr Keshe. ... these are plasma pots I've been doing, while I'm not really... I have time, like the little plasma pots I did, can see, can see lots of them all the place, in the complex. (MK) What's the difference between normal condition? (AE) Because if you put, for if I show, if I could go to nature I'll show you, this plant in nature, is quite different form this one here. If I show you one flower here, this one, see this plant here, you see how the leaves, how long the leaves are, I show you this plant here, which is not in a plasma pot, sorry Same plant, look at the leaves. (MK) Is difference. (AE) This is the same plant, and then this is the one in the plasma pot. See the difference? (MK) Yeah. (AE) Yeah, is glaring. Sorry, is quite different, if you put, if you put them, if you plant here... (MK) How is the harvesting of your fruit? Your, your, what you call it... (AE) I just took down, I took down some of the plantains as well. Let me show you one that is still on the, on the, on the tree. It's truly massive, let me see that, okay. I still have one here on the tree. That is really difficult to see. But the fruits they harvest way, way better than any other one. Is just, I mean plasma is something else, is just another, another level. So anything you put on it, ... it makes it way, way better than what it's gonna give you in nature. So, that's the, that's the... Huh? (MK) You're a busy man. You're a very busy man. (AE) Yeah, I have to be busy otherwise I'm going to die young. (MK) I'm not gonna say anything else. (AE) I know what you want to say Mr Keshe. (MK) [laughs] (AE) [inaudible] ... harvesting. And then I have a little doggy there, complex is still hiding there. Hello (MK) Aah it's a little puppy. (AE) Yeah, that's Bob. And that's my yams, These are plasma yams as well. (MK) Aha. (AE) I'm not, I'm not, I have not harvested these ones so I can't say, what really, how the products are gonna, ... how the fruits are gonna be, but I think they're gonna be, just as the other, the other seeds as well. I have some other plants as well. Let me just take a walk about the complex and see, and then another crop I have to show you is this. This is a, this is the garden egg. This crop is termed the 'garden egg'. In nature, this crop is not as big as this. Well, this is nature actually but I'm meaning, in real nature, it comes not as big as this, but here they're massive. It does well.. (RC) Alexz your, your thumb is on the screen there, could you move your thumb away, thank you. Perfect. (MK) So how, how many time bigger than the normal? (AE) This is way, like 2 and half times bigger than normal. (MK) What about the fruit level? Does it produce more fruit? (AE) Talking about the fruit, just like you had a fruits all over, let me show you something, here look, look at this one. ... I can just adjust it. (MK) Where are you? (AE) Sorry I'm just trying to adjust the fruit so you can see, see how much fruit it have on it. (MK) What is the normal fruit from this plant? (AE) ... The normal fruit is like that. It's just gonna be as big as that. But now you have them as big as this one. I'll put it on the floor, you'll see the difference between both of them. The left one is the normal one, in nature, and the right one, is the... the one with the Plasma. (MK) Yeah, but what about the number of fruits from the plant? (AE) It's more, that's what I'm saying, it's more! It's even making the plants fall off, none of them is standing upright, I show you the other ones. See they're all falling off on the floor, Because the fruits it's bearing is too much for the plant to hold. See that's on the floor. (MK) We see this in agriculture in Brazil and Mexico report, if I remember couple of years ago. We saw this with agriculture with China. (AE) Okay, and then this I didn't plant. There's another Plasma pot, and then I show you the other fruit like this. You can't even hold it, it's so heavy it doesn't stand ... can you still see that? (MK) No you're frozen the figure now. (AE) Aah (MK) Stop wherever you are because your picture has frozen, till we see it. (AE) I don't know what I'm doing now, okay. (MK) Is your Internet, your picture is frozen, we just see the path, that's it. Now we saw your nose as usual (AE) [laughs] Well I... (MK) If you stop picking your nose than we can see something. It's still frozen. (AE) It's still frozen. ... maybe I have to go back and come in again, because the system is just frozen now, I think it's the... I think network I think it's the network is just... (MK) The sound is good, just close your camera and switch it on again. (AE) Okay, let me try that. (MK) Share again. (AE) Okay, one minute... (MK) It's beautiful what you're achieving there ... Alexz. (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe ... I'm gonna try to go on, I don't know how to go, this my phone, I just got this phone because I was trouble with my old phone. So, I don't really know how to manipulate this one. (MK) You know how to manipulate anything, just push a right button. (AE) ... Danny come and help me hold this plant please, I want to show just hold the plant, I want to show the thing, okay ... Can you see that now? Or it's still ... (MK) No we still see the same frozen picture. (AE) Okay. I think me she's gone there, maybe the network has gone, is... you know, it has a mind of its own. So... (MK) Yeah but you have good sound, it's not a network, that's... Okay it doesn't matter, explain to us we'll see. (AE) Okay so what... (MK) If it's holding the network then we might lose you altogether, at least you are here. (AE) Okay, alright then, so that's, that's about it. The plants if you, if you use Plasma to grow your plant, it's almost twice, I mean the fruits actually, it's almost twice as big as the normal fruits. And then the crop is bigger, I swear this time, the crops are huge not actually big Like they are a winning peach and that's it. And even my, even my... ah I would like to show you my birds, I have some birds running around here, I can't find any right now, maybe they in the nest compound. They're really fresh and you, you just want to hold them, you see the base set up, let me see if I can find some of them. Well if you know, I can find any you can see, they are so feathered, just the body... (MK) What are looking for, for birds? (AE) Yeah, yeah I have birds! I have birds around here. I have all kinds of birds because you see the condition I created here, I created the conditions for nature to interact with the complex. (MK) Aha! (AE) If you can hear? You can hear the sounds of the birds and so they come around and then when you see the birds coming in, see they all... they all look fresh and happy and then they all singing so. Then one day, if ... if some of the Knowledge Seekers around the World comes to do the common agenda, which I did, they... they're going to discover what I'm trying to say. Yeah. (MK) It's fantastic what you've achieved there. (AE) Yeah. So, that's ... that's about it Mr Keshe. But I'm still very ill, I'm not really, really fine because of these ... because of these bad people that came to beat me seriously, They came up with the guns and so on, just for nothing, I don't, don't understand. (MK) Again for a card but this time was a bank card. Huh? (AE) Yeah, yeah the bank card, they came for the bank card took me to the ATM machine and just started... (MK) Next time they come says, "Don't beat me I can give you yours you can do what you like." (AE) [Laughs] Okay thanks, okay (MK) [chuckles] (AE) Okay, when the card is out I'll tell 'em that they can have the other. They leave me alone. (MK) It's beautiful to hear your voice, is nice. I was worried about you. (AE) No, I'm alright I'm just fine. It's just that ... just the decision to put me and the govern... is getting... Me, I'm, I'm never scared but these guys got me scared in the first time, they got me scared. For... about a couple of days I could not move out of my house because each time I want to step out I think they are there waiting for me. But that's not true, but I just have to tell myself that, that is not the reality. Reality is that they came once, they come and get what they wanted and then they got it, and then they never going to come back. I hope they never gonna come back. Well even if they come back, next time I'm ready for them. (MK) Yeah just elevate their Soul forget about it, they won't turn up... (AE) Okay (AG) ... dog (AE) What a bigger dog? Don't worry I wait, I wait for this one to grow. (MK) [laughs] Feed him some GANS good. (AE) That's all I feed on my dog, I feed everything here feeds on, except well me, I have to eat food sometimes, most of the people here, we all, we all use GANS yeah to feed? (RC) The question is... the question is, does your guard dog become too docile, too... too mellow with the GANS to be a guard dog, though? (AE) I think so. (RC) So do you think ... (AE) I think so because the dog is friendly with everyone, which is... (RC) Well that's a... it is a bit of an issue with a guard dog [chuckles] but may... maybe, maybe he'll find a way to make friends with these people that are causing you grief and it will all resolve itself and they'll start giving you money instead of taking money and apologize for their actions (AE) That ... that would be nice. [laughs] (MK) [chuckles] (AE) That would be nice [chuckles] Yeah, I... I think, it is ... I figured out on ... CO2, in the morning I add CO2 and ... a little drops of CH on his breakfast and so, but his health is quite healthy and he plays around a lot so it, there's... (MK) ... It's... it's strange the things happens to you Alexz. (AE) Yeah and that's why I keep asking myself and then... You know here in Africa, people just make me feel so vexed because when I tell people about the incident happens to me, they say, "Thank God", How can you thank God for asking thief to come to me? Why didn't you tell God to stop a thief from coming to me? that's what I keep asking them. So thank God you're not dead. only children would think if I was dead or not, why did God bring them here? So that's the argument I have with them. So that's it you know. Well I am happy I'm alive in a way happy to be alive, at least I have a life to... to continue doing the research that's the most important thing for now. Yeah, so any other question you want me to... to ask? ... Rick, I thought you were going to ask me some questions, about the Filed interactions and so on? Rick? (RC) No. ... No that was ... a whole other Alex altogether, that was Alex Skoric, who ... had a a picture of some GANS water ... arrangements that he wanted to ask a question about. But I kept asking for him, and he didn't respond so... and you did, magically. So, I called the Alekz name and you showed up. Thank you for that. (MK) Gods with us. (AE) ... He pulled me out of... of the hiding. I was hiding for too long. Alright so, when the... when the complex is done, we'll finally, hopefully by December it's gonna be done, I'll be able to show. If we have to open it and open the pool and when they... but it has some tiles, its gonna be done as well You know, have it open and then ... show... show it to the World and see what we've been doing here in ... in Nigeria. (RC) That's really ... Br... very, very ... encouraging .. Alekz. Thank you very much for that ... I mean, I've got actually are very similar situation here in Canada, where we actually have a pool that we're working on, to Plasmacize and.... (MK) lost three, I have to come back through another line, we lost all lines on the other site. Can you hear me? (RC) Yes, hello Mr Keshe. (AE) Yes (MK) Oh yeah, I'm back in again, it's okay, I used my own. (RC) Hello? (AE) Hello, you are not there? (RC) We're not... we're not getting you Mr Keshe right now. (MK) I'm there. We are back in again, no I just lost network, for a while. (MK) I had to go, (AE) Okay. (MK) I had to go on Giovanni's line. Okay, Alekz it's amazing what you have done, what you've achieved, (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe, thank you. (MK) and I'll like to see you next time, with people bathing around and say what they have changed in. (AE) ... Send me a message... (MK) Don't make it Don't make it into a public bath, that we sick... your people. Huh? (AE) No, no it's just, is gonna, well is gonna be for the public, but I mean sick people, sick people mainly, if you're sick you come, you come here, and it doors gonna be open for everyone that is sick to come and, come and try to get some healing's here because, this is gonna be the first Plasma, Plasma complex in the whole country. (MK) It's fantastic, I like your imagination and what you do. (AE) Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) You fascinated me from the first day I met you and talked to you, and I saw you going through the problem in England with all these... ... threats they made to you and now you go to Africa and this, receive still the threats. (MK) But you... (AE) You know is different Mr Keshe, (MK) ... (AE) is different, difference (AE) This one is ... is out of, ... poverty, that's what is aggravating the, (AE) ... the crime against me (MK) Your Dadano was out of richness, (MK) the rich thinking they gonna loose their thing. (AE) Exactly, exactly, exactly... (MK) What thieves ... the 20,000 dollar will be with you on Monday transmission (AE) Okay Mr Keshe, thank you very much... Thank you. thank you very... (MK) Finish if off and next time show us. (MK) Thank you very much indeed (AE) All right thank you (MK) Thank you (AE) Bye (MK) Bye bye. Bye bye Alekz, see you tonight in the meeting. (AE) All right, what time is it? (MK) Eight o'clock I think, Okay? Central European Time. (AE) Yeah yeah yeah, ... (MK) Okay, thank's very much, thank you indeed. ... Is there anything else? (RC) ... while we do have ... (MK) I have to leave today by 12:15 latest, I've got to go somewhere, So, if we finish in 15 minutes, is three ... (RC) In 15 minutes, okay. (MK) or let's be outside, where we started (RC) Yes, yes ... I think we have an short presentation ... from Lynne or Paul Schmalz, ... regarding not sure if it's ... plant petunia, or, maybe the maybe ... one of them can explain for me here. (LS) Hi Rick, it's Lynne. (RC) Hi Lynne. (LS) ... Yes I, I'm sharing some Information that has come through, with people who are using our Plasma Energy stations, and Mr Keshe made a, our reference just in the past hour, about understanding using all the Fields, ... when we are doing the GANS, and so the Plasma energy station has, a variety of Fields in vials that have been attached to a container, there's 16 different vials and there are all kinds of different liquid Plasmas in the vials, but the intention ... that we did this with is ... that this is like ... your little storehouse, if... if you didn't have time to learn all the technology, and learn how to make the GANS and everything, then you get the Plasma energy station and, and you start using it, and we always stress that you're using it with intention. So, we tell people, you know, we ... we emphasize, drink the water from it, but, always have the intention of what the water is going to do ... for you, and I wanna read a real short e-mail, I just got from my brother, and he says, "I been going to the dermatologist, for over 4 years, I go quarterly and I always have at least over 20 skin cancer spots frozen each visits, and about 10 biopsies a year. This year I've had 15 surgical procedure's with sutures from one to three inches. I have been using Plasma water on my sutures and they literally disappeared in a week. This week I went for my quarterly appointment, for the first time in 40 years I was clear. No keratosis, basal cells or squamous cells. Of coarse I avoid the Sun, but also each morning I put a mixture of Plasma water, and olive oil on my face and my head." And we told him about doing this from the idea Mr Keshe had given about, the eye drop's that we utilizing the olive oil, and so, when we were talking about the use for the eye's he said, "Well, why couldn't I use that on my head?" I said, "Well, go for it!" And ... so, he had to embrace that. Well, we had another ... individual, who's part using the Plasma energy station. And those are some flat pictures of flowers I sent to you Rick, ... because she had an orchid, (LS) that she was... (RC) Yeah, I'm trying to open it here. It'll just be a couple of minutes, it's having a... (LS) Okay, that's okay I keep talking, (LS) She had an Orchid, that she started giving the Plasma water to last may, and just as last week the blooms started dropping off, she said she's never had an Orchid, had blooms last that long, and then she showed a plant that ... it was a petunia that a deer pulled up out of the ground, and so it was just laying there ... on it's way to being totally dead, and she decided to replant it, and give it Plasma water, so she sent the picture of her recovered petunia. But, she's the same lady who sent us ... and I wrote a blog about it on our website. "We had a request this week from Paulette who's been using our Plasma Energy station for several month's. Her husband has some health issues and one is narcolepsy, and she was asking for assistance." and narcolepsy is ext... basically a condition where you have excessive daily sleepiness and you may fall asleep in the middle of an conversation, it's not really safe to drive, you may fall asleep right in ... ... in the middle of what you are trying to do, So, ... she asked us what she might do for it, and so, what I had told her, and I am working with people to understand, their Plasma energy station has everything they need in it. So, what I did is I said, "I want you to take a half a cup of water from your station, put it in a jar and label it ... 'Zinc Oxide', take another half a cup of water, put it in a separate jar and label it 'CO2'. Then take another half cup, put it in a jar and label it 'CH3'. Take two more small jar's with a 4th of a cup of a water in each of them, and label one of them 'Amino Acid's' and the other one 'Hemoglobin'. After they sit over night, take another jar of one cup of distilled water, and 3/4th of your Zinc Oxide water, 1/4th of your CO2 water, but leave enough room at the top to add, a 4th of a teaspoon of CH3, a 4th of a teaspoon of Amino Acids and a 4th of a teaspoon of Hemoglobin. if there is any room left add distilled water, now you gonna label this jar "narcolepsy Relief", before you use any of the water in the jar, put a small amount in a very small jar, that it will act as your special vial of narcolepsy relief. This is your 'seed' jar, just as all the vials on your Energy station, you can tape it to the side of the main jar ... that you have labeled 'narcolepsy relief'. As you water... use the water from the narcolepsy relief jar, just add distilled water to it, as the water in the jar, in your small 'seed' jar will always charge the water, that you add to the energy of the narcolepsy relief water. Drink a half a cup of the water, every Morning Noon and Night, this works because of the energy Fields that you already had in your energy station. And now you have separated them into separate jars. You are using a majority of the Zinc Oxide because that assists the Emotions. You have to assist the Emotional reason for the narcolepsy, before the condition changes. You can make some Patches to put it on the hat such as a baseball cap, and you can make them small enough so they fit inside the hat on either side. One Patch will be three times the thickness of the other patch, You can make the patches by soaking paper napkins or paper towels, in your... with your narcolepsy relief water. And you can also wash your sheets ... (MK) Excuse me, can I stop you reading this please? (LS) Yes. (MK) ... And can you take this off the line please, because there are too many things on the side, shouldn't be on the line. (LS) Okay. (MK) Thank you very much... Yeah. (LS) Oh ... I ... Rick is doing that, I'm ... (MK) ... No problem. ... can you explain to us anything else?, because this is not... this is the process they used and we... ... they, people have to find ... to go to the links to read these things. (LS) What we ended up doing Mr Keshe, because the women was a... afraid she couldn't do it right, she asked us if we would mix together the their relief in combination which we did and we said to her. So, basically with this energy station, what I'm... I'm telling people and... and people are doing it. I'm saying, "I want you to make patches from your station water and share them with people, so they have the same ability to make patches and share with others", and then the idea of labeling the jars, comes from ... the Japanese scientist Emoto, who gave the messages in water." And... and the intention you put on the water to say, "from all the Plasmatic energies that were available to me, this is what I want to use right now." And so there's been a variety of uses with it, for plants, people are sending me pictures of how their plants are doing ... they are saying (MK) Could you... could you make ... a demonstration of this, a diagram of this and come and show it to us, next week? (LS) Wh... do you mean the Plasma energy (MK) Dictation... ... sure, there's... and there is a photo. I guess Rick didn't... I'm sorry I... I have a new ca... computer, but it's not new enough that I have a camera set up yet. And .... (MK) No just as a drawing or explain it to ... or draw it on a piece of paper and just ... send the photo shot of it. (LS) You know where the idea originated Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes please. (LS) You taught a... a class... a Knowledge Seeker Workshop over a year and a half ago, and you drew a container and you said, "What if you attached balls of different GANS to the..." (MK) Yes, I understand, because Caroline is ... teaching this too. (MK) But ... what it is in... in... (LS) Good in the other teachings, I've seen it too. But of we can get it demonstrated or work with the Keshe Foundation webmaster and we put one of the people who do the diagrams and ... the graphics side of the people... support team. They can do it for you nicely, then we can show it. It's a nice thing to see, because I've seen a lot of people using it with a lot of result. But ... excuse me ... Stan if you can get in touch with her and... or Rick you can put her in touch with one of the people, who does the graphics or some ... art work or whatever. That we can demonstrate this in a very nice way, please. And then bring it back next week or the week after? (LS) Oh, that would be great and... and that would be, really be great, Because ... Jim had asked Paul and I ... if we would teach some work... you know, some of the workshops and so we're, we're arranging to do that and ... you know our... our focus wanted to be on learning how to, really use your intention along with the physical GANS, that way... (MK) Just one second please, let me... let me ask question. Is Klaus in the background? Dr Klaus Priller are you there? (SC) I don't see him on the list. (MK) Is ... Jonathan from Philippine online? (SC) No. (MK) Okay. ... Maybe, I'm... If you get in touch with Dr Klaus and I'll speak with him later on today. That we could make this as a demonstration, that it... it can be shown properly. (FM) Yes, I can help her. (MK) Who's that? (FM) This is Flint. (MK) Hi Flint, okay. If we could do that, use Jonathan in Philippines for... If you need to do it? Through Dr Klaus, or through Armen the... the... the... that it can be demonstrated in a proper way. It's a knowledge that a lot of people can use it, because we know a lot of people are using it. But at least it, it has a... a nice clear presentation and put as part of the blueprint. (LS) Mr Keshe I think that ... I will work on some Plasma station patches and if somebody will tell me where to send them, so that they can go on to ... Puerto Rico, and... and the rest of the Caribbean that's having so many problems. (MK) We need... We need (LS) I'm glad to send them (MK) somebody to administer this internally. If you would like we can... ... we need a coordinator for this to be set up. ... If anybody in the Keshe Foundation would like to be as part of the coordinator, because it used to be done by Giovanni here in Italy. We need a International coordinating, this has to go back to the Universal Council, Earth Council on Tuesday, to be set up and ... if you can put it together we can organize the shipping through the headquarters, through Ella. (LS) Okay (MK) Get in touch with G... Ella (MK) She'll be... but we need... if you have a free time, we need a coordinator for release of these... and collection of these things. If you have time, anybody who would like to be part of this ... administration and collection of ... material. Knowing where they are, that we can ship them, or we can organize to ship them, it'll help us a lot. (LS) I will ask Candy from the medical ... I just sent her a Unit and I... she expressed... I sent something out a couple of weeks ago ... and to people I knew in the medical chat. from the US and said, "Can we get together and coordinate something, because..." (MK) We need an International coordinating team, it's a team effort. (MK) If you can organize it, please get in touch or you know people or you are anybody on the network and listen to us. . ... Join us in this and the Foundation will make facilities to get these things... Because this is not just Puerto Rico or in the United State. Next month or next year, it'll be somewhere else. That we are prepared, we know where the stocks are when... We know who holding one, who can move one? We need to create a National database. National Database means as one Nation. So, if you know people, we give you a facilities on the Internet, like the... we do with the Workshops, that anybody can get in touch with anybody at the point of disaster. (LS) I... That would be... that would be great and... and I... (MK) We need somebody to head this. In the Foundation we are fully stretched to the limit. But if any of the Keshe Foundation supporters or a group of you would like to come as a... disaster ... what do you call it, 'Support', or whatever we might call it. 'Plasma Rescue' whatever you want to call it. We had a title for this in the background, Stanley or Vince do you remember last year we used, or two years ago? There is a link somewhere we used before. ... Pardon? (SC) A link for what? (MK) For supporting with the disasters. We helped ... the guy in ... in Caribbeans we set up a link that people could get contact. And we did the same with Italy. ... What's the link? We have a link for this job. (SC) We had many things, I don't... (MK) Is it ... 'disaster' or...? (VV) I think there was a email address but ... always send it to just the webmaster and we can make sure it's... (MK) The webmaster is getting loaded with that. Can we set up one with this? ... Somebody can initiate it straight away ... make it live. What we call it ... let's call it, 'Plasma Support Team' or 'Plasma Support Team' @ Keshe foundation ... ? And direct all these people, at least we set a group for it, that becomes permanent, now we can organize it. And it's got to be manned by the Universal Council, Earth Council group. (RC) You might want to call it 'relief', rather that 'support' because ... 'support' might get mixed up with ... the... (VV) Very true Rick. (RC) other types of support. That... we have... we have a whole support ... page, webpage actually. So, it could be 'Plasma Relief' (MK) Call it 'Plasma Relief'? Yeah, call it ... 'Plasma Relief'. Is that good enough. (RC) It has a nice ring to it, I like that. Yeah. (MK) Yeah? Okay (LS) 'Plasma Relief'? (MK) Okay 'Plasma Relief' @ (MK) (SC) What domain do we use? (SC) The Universal Council ... domain or the Earth Council domain? (MK) No, just let them be separate, let them be separate or we’ll take it back to the meeting in the Councils and see what they decide. But, at the moment use this and then internally we can always connect it to the Universal Council ... or the Earth Council. (VV) I... I think it should be the because everybody knows the Foundation. (MK) Can we use spaceship...? ... okay use that one. But we need somebody to 'man' it so we need to put someone... it's no use them sending emails, when we cannot 'man' it, we need somebody to 'man' it. And become coordinating it.... (VV) ... I think that the Universal Council can ... assign somebody to that? (MK) Okay, no problem. That's perfect, so if you get in touch with so ... get in touch with the Americans and the others who want to do it. send the email to ... and then ... we try to put somebody in immediately or next couple of days to 'man' it, because the Earth Council has a meeting tonight. We'll see how we can do it or there's a meeting with the Universal Council tomorrow night. We organize it somehow that it'll be 'manned' immediately. And if you would like to be part of it, that'll, that'll be fantastic. (LS) Oh you were speaking to me? Yes. (MK) Yes. You or anybody, you are as all of us. (LS) Yes, I... I... I would. (MK) Thank you very much. Get in touch with, with Rick and then the webmaster team will put you know ... in contact and in link with everybody else and then we can do it. (LS) Okay, I will do that. (MK) Okay that's perfect, Thank you very much indeed. We have to stop or I have to stop because I have to be in a meeting. If you like to carry on ... (RC) Well... Okay. I think we might have a... (MK) We're already passed nearly three we're nearly three and a half hours . (AB) Mr Keshe will you be in the meeting tomorrow in the Universal Council? (MK) Pardon? (AB) We have a meeting tomorrow night. With Universal... (MK) Universal Council meets every Friday ... at... Go to the Universal Council link meeting, it's there. (AB) Okay, the time is there? (MK) Yeah, they meet ... whatever they organi... they meet on Tuesdays and or Mondays and ... Fridays. (AB) Okay thank you. (MK) The Earth Council meets every ... Thursday. So everything is there, anybody whose got any request to any of the Councils they can get ... to it. (RC) Okay we have to let Mr Keshe go and I think we should wrap things up for today unless there's anybody with a pressing question ... that they would like to ... (MK) Thank you very much for today, thank you very much Rick. Have a thank you for all of you, you, it's you who have brought the Foundation to where it is, and the way is getting it's strength. And hopefully the more we understand the more we'll be able to serve. Thank you very much for today and I think we saw the most beautiful thing which I think what we saw with Alekz. A pool which is can be like a Universe. We can take from it what we need and we can give to it what we don't need. That it brings back Peace to our Soul. It's beautiful what you've done Alekz. Thank you very much indeed. See you next week hopefully. (RC) Okay thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Would you like to take us out? (RC) Sure ... we can have some ... musical interlude on the way out here. ... and I think Flint can facilitate that. Thank you everybody for attending the 193rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday October 12th, 2017. And we'll see you again next week. As well as we have ... presentations on Monday, Tuesday and... Tuesday as well, look at the Live Stream and ... YouTube channels. Okay, take it away Flint, thank you. Subtitles by the community dissertation topics in labor economics Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.

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