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Verteilung noten dissertation

Verteilung noten dissertation do my hotel capstone events 2 reporting threshold for lead Behind closed doors I asked them, "Will you talk about vaccinations?" and they say no. Vaccines, there's no liability, there's lower safety testing. In 2012 there was a law passed that gave permission to school administrators and nurses to administer this HPV vaccine without a parent's permission. They do not measure anything. They are sloppy in production. What ingredients in the MMR vaccine triggers autism? They stopped all those studies. I just want to point that out. The science is borne out exactly what we published in the last… in 1998. I can't believe this information. I don't even want to know it. Nowhere in the history of the planet has there been a product that a manufacturer has created that requires the entire population to use it in order for it to work. This always comes back to money. Unvaccinated populations historically and globally do not have autism. That is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world. Kelly: We need to give a huge round of applause to Dawna Shuman for producing this panel. She has done a remarkable job of bringing some of the leaders, the revolutionaries, the scientists, the doctors, the people who are making a difference to the panel. And I know that everybody, there's so many people in this cause that could be on the panel and have a lot to say. And we reached out now for questions. If you have questions give them to Anita or to Dana Gorman and we'll try to get them answered throughout the evening. Formally, all live streamers, we have live streamers today too, so we want to include them. Welcome to the Vaccine Panel. We have this controversial paradigm shifting panel. They are definitely not slackers. They are experts in this arena. So we would like to -- I guess the question I want to ask all of them is what got them involved in this issue. But we'll be exploring the pros, the cons and the state of vaccines today. The vaccine issue, as you all know, has become a convoluted war fueled by propaganda, Big Pharma and an ever-increasing police state where vaccinations are mandatory and public safety is secondary and contraindications don't matter, so the mass demand for inoculations is coming towards us. Our panel of insiders and experts are going to share what's really happening inside the CDC and how public health, the pharmaceutical profit machine and propaganda are colliding when it comes to vaccines and patient safety. So if you're confused about vaccines or the mandatory passing of SB277 in California and you're worried about your health freedom, you are in the right place tonight. Stay tuned for this provocative informative discussion. It's bound to get heated. So first of all, let me introduce who is on our fabulous panel, and I'm going to read what they've written because I know I won't remember all of their… Okay. Well, you know who I am. I'm Kelly Gallagher. I'm a five-time cancer survivor powered by my sixth pacemaker and a new heart valve. I think that I have a… [Applause] Thank you. Every second is a test, but we're all here on vacation. You just have to be happy. That's my motto. So I actually think that I had a vaccine damage. When I was born I had a polio vaccine, and I think that that might have had something to do with me having a Hodgkin's lymphoma five times. But we're not here to talk about me tonight. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce Larry Cook who has stopped mandatory vaccination in response to California's SB277. This activist went out and he continually raises public awareness about the dangers of vaccines and why national immunity is superior to vaccination through his TV commercials, his parent interviews, his photographic memes, website and ongoing Facebook posts. His website is He is a man on a mission and making campaigns that need to get out there for public awareness. [0:05:00] Allison Jones. Allison educates audiences on how vaccines are made and the causal relationship to autism, SIDS, allergies, and the varying natures of viruses and bacterias through which is her website. Her mission is to translate complicated vaccine science into simple understanding. I spoke to Allison on the phone, she has nonstop research and has a lot of interesting information that we all need to know. Karen Kain, my dear friend. Karen used to come to my talks with her daughter Lorrin, which she's going to tell us the story about tonight. You all need to hear this. She's a highly respected parent advocate for autistic families and author of A Unique Fully Life Lived, an empowering memoir about raising Lorrin, her vaccine-injured daughter for 15 years was rendered blind, nonverbal, and quadriplegic an hour after receiving her first and only MMR vaccine. Karen speaks at conferences around the country, encouraging families how to joyfully raise their special needs children. Visit We have Brandy Vaughan, Brandy. Brandy is a former Merck pharmaceutical sales rep. Brandy found that the Council for Vaccine Safety in response to the industry's unprecedented push to eliminate medical choice with regards to vaccine. She recently launched the Learn the Risk campaign using billboards and other media to raise public awareness of vaccine risk. She's a mother of a healthy vaccine-free four-year-old. Her website is and she is also a chick on a mission, getting the word out there, much needed. Dr. Toni Bark is a co-producer of Bought, a family physician, advocating safe vaccines. It says here there's more to be added, but I know that you are always on traveling and educating and taking care of children and families that are affected by vaccines. You said to me earlier it's not just about autism; it's about everything that comes with it. So we really look forward to hearing from you tonight too. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, highly acclaimed gastroenterologist physician who publicly connected the possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism in 1998. As co-founder of the Autism Media Channel, Dr. Wakefield continues to publicly campaign for the rights of the skyrocketing number of families with vaccine-injured children, and he advocates safe vaccines. He's the director of the Autism Media Channel. This man is a man on a mission and we're going to hear about all that he's up to too and the film that is in production later this evening. Wendy Silvers. Not only is she a rock star with Million Mamas Movement but also a practitioner of agape and bringing light and love and a lot of other things that we need to bring this panel into this issue. She's a thought leader, a transformational life coach, author, parenting educator, and founder and CEO of the Million Mamas Movement. Wendy traveled five times to the SB277 hearings at Sacramento in 2015. She met with legislators and speaks widely on education and advocacy for safe vaccines. Her father contracted Bell's palsy after receiving the flu shot and then she co-organized and emceed SB277 Health Freedom Rally in Santa Monica in 2015 that was heavily covered by the media. She is also on a mission and we are grateful to have her. I have one more. We had a beautiful addition tonight that wasn't in the program, Dr. Nick Delgado. He's a PhD, an ABAAHP, American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. He directed the Pritikin lifestyle medicine plan and served as mastery health expert for Anthony Robbins. A UFC graduate, studies at Loma Linda University and a major contributing author and former leader for American Academy of Anti-Aging. He's authored ten scientifically reviewed books on human health including Stay Young and Simply Healthy Vegan Cookbook. Nick Delgado is the expert host for popular shows Simply Healthy TV and Wellness Academy. [0:10:04] He has used microscopy and trained several physicians during his 40-year career on oxidative stress and free radical damage in the blood and the body. He has worked to help thousands to restore their immune system. He writes blogs and appears on several radio shows that are posted on The FDA finally banned thimerosal in 2001 from the RhoGAM shot but too late for his son, Lance, given the shot in 1986, leading to serious brain damage and autism. RhoGAM was used for the Rh-negative mothers and Rh-positive babies. When Nick was told his fifth child was on the autistic spectrum, he worked with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel of to ensure his son was protected from the risk of vaccines. Nick has created the site to help families make informed decisions about vaccines. Also visit for web classes on health and your immune system. Thank you, Nick, for joining us tonight. All right, so we've got quite a panel up here and they've got so many things to share with you. I wanted to first find out we're just curious to know who's here and why you're here. Are there any people from the health profession here, or doctors, nurses, dentists? I see one I like. Veterinarians? How many parents, mothers, fathers? Of course! Nonvaccinated pets, of course. Absolutely. How many people have autistic children that are here tonight? How many are concerned about having mandatory vaccine? Well! Okay. So let's get started. Well, I think, first of all, I want everybody to introduce themselves and then tell you what they do and why they do it and how they got involved. So I'm going to start with Wendy on this side and I think we've got seven minutes. Is that the rule? Who is my time keeper? Okay. So you got seven minutes, timekeeper. Wendy: Will you do a one-minute so I can wrap up? Okay. So hi, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you, Dawna, for putting this together, and thank you, Kelly for your tireless work. I really acknowledge each and every one of you that are here to learn more and to be open to bringing it back into the community because this is really a movement of unity. We've come together really to create and sustain a new paradigm, and it takes all of us being open, open-hearted, open ears, open mind, and really stepping forward fearlessly and not so fearlessly but knowing that we are supported. I am Wendy Silvers and I came to this because I have an organization called Million Mamas Movement and it's dedicated to empowering women especially mothers to stand in their sovereign power as changemakers. I'm also a life coach and a parenting educator. I'm trained in the principles of nonviolence, compassion, connection and empathy. I had a client come to me last February and asked me, "Do you know what's going on?" And I said, "With what?" And they said well there's a proposed piece of legislation that wants to mandate vaccinations for children, and that's all I had to hear was the word mandate because for me this isn't about -- I mean enforcing is not part of our government. That's militarism and having enforcement by our government officials is really engendering militarism. So I began hosting meetings in my home and I met one of my running buddies, Dana Gorman, and we started traveling to Sacramento to all the hearings. I learned so much more than I really wanted to, to be perfectly honest, because what happened was even though I thought I was awake, I think I was still somewhat asleep. And then I began to learn exactly what was going on -- the corruption, the deception, the disregard for children's lives, the disregard for mothers. I met thousands of mothers and dads, but primarily mothers that were just up in arms about their rights being taken away from them, and I was just so -- I was stunned, I was shocked, I was horrified, and I was angry. I didn't understand how people could summarily sign up to allow their children to receive the amount of vaccinations and that there would not to be some sort of interception, intervention. [0:15:15] So I came to this because of the work that I do. I came to it because I'm a mom. I have a teenage daughter and I want her to continue to be healthy, I want her to have children, I want all of her friends to be able to have children, and I want the children to be healthy in the world. I became an older mother. I had my daughter when I was much older. But for me, I'm going to die, God willing, before my daughter, but the children inherit the world that we leave for them. So what are we going to leave for them? A world where it's dictated by government where we don't have a say, where mothers are being assaulted, their rights are being removed? Uh-uh, not in my world, not on my watch. So I have been very actively involved in education and empowerment. Empowerment not from an angry place, not that there's not anger involved, but empowering by being informed, empowerment by being inspired. Because if you are not informed you cannot make a choice, and choice is a function of heightened awareness, and that's what we need, a heightened awareness. What can we do, where can we go, who can we talk to, how do we talk to legislators, how do we take action. So for me it's a daily recommitment to being of service to our children, to being of service to women and mothers and fathers who care so deeply, and to remember that people that vaccinate, they care about their children too. They're just misguided. So we have to find a commonality. We have to find a way that we can meet in the middle and we can really uplift and transform this paradigm. Not get stuck in the pointing fingers because the old paradigm is that if you point a finger, you've got three back at you. So we have to find a new way to reach people, and that means we have to elevate our own consciousness because this would not have happened if there wasn't an agreement somewhere in our consciousness. I believe that this is a spiritual opportunity. It looks like it's about getting into the mundane and there's an aspect of that, we don't deny that, but this is really about a spiritual evolution. It's the evolutionary impulse for something new and greater to be birthed. And we are the midwives; we are the pioneers, so we have to be willing to do the inner work and we have to be willing to show up. So that is what I am committed to doing and that's what I'm committed to sharing. So the Million Mamas Movement is fully on board and I welcome you to join me. So thank you. Kelly: Thank you so much, Wendy. Brandy. Brandy: All right. Hello, thank you for coming. So basically, what I want to start off with, because most people only listen to the few first minute of what you say, vaccines do more harm than good. That's the most important thing you can take away from tonight and I'm going to explain to you how I came to that conclusion. Stepping back, I used to work for Merck. I sold the drug that some of you may remember. I sold Vioxx. It was a painkiller. It was on the market for five years. It caused anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 deaths, it's estimated, 7 billion in fines, largest drug recall in the world. If I have blood in my hands, it's that I do. In the lawsuits that came out, it showed that Merck actually knew that the drug was killing people before it was even FDA approved. So what did I learn from that? I learned that just because something is on the market doesn't mean it's safe. The regulatory system in the US is bought. It's basically filled with people from the industry. And I learned not to trust pharma. I also learned how deeply entrenched they are in our healthcare system, in the medical schools, in medical research and in the doctors' offices. Parma spends more money on marketing their products than they do research and development. So after that I went to Europe for eight years. I learned how things were done very differently over there. I was living in Holland and it's one of the healthiest, tallest countries in the world. And they're very into homeopathy, very into natural health. They didn't even know what allergies were when I went to the best expat doctor in Amsterdam. So I learned a lot over there. I had a natural birth, homebirth with my son, and I came back with him to the States when he was six months old, and the doctor said, "What do you mean he doesn't have vaccines?" And I said, "Well, the midwife said he's healthy. Why do we need to talk about vaccines?" So he was like 20 vaccines at least to catch him up, and I said, "Um, I don't think so. Let's look at the inserts." He didn't like that. I walked out. I did my research. My son is now five tomorrow and he's vaccine-free and I have a lot to say on this issue. [0:20:13] How I got involved was with SB277. Last February I heard about it and I cried for three weeks because I knew that my life as I knew it was over. You don't work in pharma and then speak out against them and have an easy life. And that has come to play, unfortunately, but it's not stopping me. I think it's really, really important that people need to understand that what doctors are being told, what pharma is telling us, what the media is telling us, which is 40% of advertising dollars are linked to pharma, we're being lied to and we need to take back our health and we need to do our own research. The chemicals and additives in vaccines, there are a lot of them that are toxic, and we're seeing this in the skyrocketing rates of childhood illness, autoimmune illness and neurological difficulties and delays, things that in other countries with lower schedules they're not seeing the same kind of rates. The US has the highest first date death rate for newborns in the developed world. We're the only country that routinely gives hep B to non-risk populations. This is not a coincidence. We have the highest schedule of vaccines in the developed world, and we spend more on healthcare per capita, but we still have the sickest population. We have to step back and say before we start mandating things, mandating healthcare, mandating medications, mandating vaccines, we have to figure out what's going wrong in our population. Why are we so sick? Because the chemicals in vaccines, the chemicals in our food, the chemicals in our water, it's all contributing. Vaccines need to be a topic of conversation. They don't need to be this four-letter word that everyone goes "Aaaahh!" when you mention it. We need to make it less controversial, we need to get out there, and we need to talk about these things that need to be talked about. So one of the things that I want to mention about the vaccine system that I think is so important that some people might not know, vaccines are held to a lower safety testing standard than pharmaceutical drugs. When I was in pharma the gold standard testing was double blind placebo-based long-term studies. Vaccines are qualified differently, and so to get them passed through the FDA, they don't need to be tested like that. They are usually tested against a non-placebo shot, which includes the toxins that are in the vaccine. So if you actually go through the inserts you're going to see that the safety science behind vaccines is totally shady. There's no other way to play it. And we're not being told what we need to be told. And there's a lot of independent science out there that is showing the toxicity of the adjuvants and the additives in vaccines and the fact that we're giving so many at one time. In the natural world we would never encounter 69 vaccines intramuscularly in the natural world and we're giving them to infants who don't even have the blood brain barrier developed and these toxins are going right into the body, right into vital organs. And yet, we're wondering where autism comes from, we're wondering where ADHD, tics, speech delays, autoimmune issues, food allergies. When I was in Europe they're like what? You can't bring peanuts to school? What are you talking about? This shouldn't be normal in the US and it's becoming normal. We're getting used to it. It can't be because our children are suffering and adults are suffering too. And mandated laws are already here and they're coming down the pipeline. They're coming for adults next. It's going to start coming in through registries, though healthcare, all of these things, though employment and we need to take back our rights. We need to stand up and say no. You know what, we're not going to allow this. This is not going to happen on our watch and this is not going to happen to our kids. So one of the things that I've done I started a nonprofit. We have a massive marketing campaign going on right now, We have a booth right out there. We have lots of free materials. The way that we really need to get things turned around is to get this information out to the public. There are too many people that are trusting their doctors blindly. And I know. I used to be in their offices all the time and I would see them say exactly what I told them to a nurse, to a patient. They are getting their information from pharma and we need to start taking it back and doing our own research. So we have lots of materials. We can start talking to everybody and anybody. We need to come out of the closet. We need to make this less controversial. We need to talk about it. We need to talk about it to everyone and anyone. The larger we are in our movement, the larger we are educated population, the less they can silence us, the less they can hold us back and the less rights they'll be able to take away. So please go visit the booth after this. Please join us in this mission and this movement. It's really, really, really important. And there is a lot of research to be done. And although we're going to hear a lot of different things on the panel tonight, there's still more research to do. So please, I challenge everyone in here to go do your own research. Take back your health. Don't listen to the doctors and pharma and the media. Just listen to your intuition and do your own research. Thank you very much. [0:25:20] Kelly: Thank you, Brandy. I think you have your next campaign. Toni: Come out of the closet. Kelly: Well, vaccines do more harm than good. That's that next billboard. Dr. Toni, please tell us about your story. Toni: So I'm Dr. Toni Bark. So I had a little bit of a -- it was an evolution. I've evolved into this position. I did go into medical school not wanting to practice mainstream medicine. I thought I was going to practice Chinese medicine, but I wanted to affect change so I wanted my medical degree. I did train in pediatrics and I also trained in rehab medicine. I was offered the position as director of pediatric emergency room out of residency and I took it because I love adrenaline, and it suited my personality. I really liked it. But I did notice things. And at that time I vaccinated kids in the vaccine clinic as a resident. This was the '80s. By the time I was running the ER it's the '90s. We didn't vaccinate as many. We didn't use as many vaccines. And we did practice safety measures, such as if it was a premature child we waited till the child was actually the corrected age considering their prematurity. We didn't vaccinate kids with fevers. We didn't vaccinate women who were even thinking of getting pregnant in the next six months. So we had a lot of rules around it. And I left medicine for a while. I was living in Israel with the food industry. I came back with a cat, one of my animals, and had to vaccinate my cat in order to get into the country with the cat and the cat had been really healthy. And within receiving the five or six vaccinations she developed asthma, cardiac murmur and her teeth rotted and fell out, and the veterinarians explained to me that this was a vaccine reaction. And I was like what? Like wow, I had no idea. So fast forward I started training also in alternative medicine. I'm a classically trained homeopath. I work in nutrition and some of my patients were veterinarians, and one of my patients explained to me that he was shocked to hear that thimerosal was in vaccinations. And he said in 1983 the FDA removed thimerosal from veterinary vaccinations because the research showed that the animals behaved really oddly when they received thimerosal, 1983 for vets, for the veterinary shots for animals. So I started thinking, okay, well you know -- and I knew vaccines were risky. I saw kids with several seizures and sudden heart attack or sudden infant respiratory distress and they would stop breathing and come into the ER and they had been in the vaccine clinic that day. So I knew that vaccines were problematic for some people and they can cause reactions. That's what I knew and I understood. And so I didn't vaccinate my child because at that point I was like, well, I'm a homeopath. I want him to get measles, mumps, chickenpox and pertussis, and I'll deal with it. I'm not afraid of those things. I've treated them numerous times. But it was in 2010 when I entered a master's program in disaster medical response. I've been going to Haiti for the earthquake and so I did this master's. I was offered a free ride through the State Department. Why, they don't know what they paid for. Kelly: I wonder why. Toni: We started studying flu vaccine clinics, and it was flu vaccine clinics? Flu vaccine doesn't really work. So I did my research in flu vaccines, found the Cochrane Collaboration studies, called Tom Jefferson, called Peter Doshi. So these are people who've done research to show these things are very ineffective. It's an organization that collaborates together and they take no industry money. So it was only in 2010 that I realized that the regulatory agencies were completely corrupted and that academia was being bought out and sold, that white coats were for sale. I had no idea. I truly had no idea. I just thought vaccines are dangerous for some kids, but they do good things and that the system wasn't corrupted. I really did not know the system was corrupted until 2010. And I felt I was falling down a rabbit hole and would be up late at night emailing people like Mary Holland and some other people who are involved in this fight and I would say stop me. Like God help me. I would wake up and say like is this for real. I wish this wasn't happening because I can't believe this information. I don't even want to know it. That's how disturbing it has been going on this ride. [0:30:12] I'm used to the dark and disturbing information now and I don't really let it affect me very much. But that is really how I came to this point. In fact, the head of my department made it very clear we want you to continue exposing the corruption in policymaking, in health policymaking. We want you to continue exposing the corruption in vaccine health policymaking. We're okay with you doing that for the rest of the two years. Just make it appropriate for the course and that is what I did. And Bought the movie is the culmination of my research in my master's and all the different people that I interviewed regarding ethical issues, corruption issues, whistleblowing issues, scientific issues. That's really how I came to this fight and evolve to position where I was being flown out last year saying lots of crazy things at the rally. I mean for those of you who saw that shitstorm. I mean let's just say it. And it started with me actually being flown out a day's notice to Minnesota to testify for a similar bill. Not quite as draconian. And I had 10 minutes to talk and I somehow managed to get a lot of information in 10 minutes. And it was so much information that the next day my audio file went missing. It was the first time in the State capital's history that they lost an audio file of a hearing and they had to drop the bill. But six weeks later the audio file was found and it went viral and the rest is history. I was flown to Texas, I was flown to California where I was barred from speaking and flown to Vermont and I'm suspecting there's going to be a few trips coming up for me soon. But my website is, and I'm just going to add that the corruption that we see and the distortion of reality in vaccine is the truth in every aspect of medicine and the health sciences. We are at a place where articles are being retracted by editors of journals who are completely in pharma's pockets like Gregory Poland. We are seeing articles that have been on PubMed since 1972 disappear by the NIH. This is what is happening. This is a very scary time we are living in and this up to the ante in the last few weeks. So, on that good note…. Kelly: How many people know about the CDC whistleblower cover-up? Okay. All right, well, we'll let Dr. Andy Wakefield tell us his story. Andy: Right, I'm Andy Wakefield. Through the '90s I ran a large research team at the Royal Free Hospital in London, part of the University of London. Our specific interest was inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis. We became very interested in measles, natural patterns of exposure and vaccine exposure and Crohn's disease risk. We published a paper in The Lancet in 1995 and on the back of that paper which linked the single measles vaccine to Crohn's disease. I got a series of calls from parents saying that my child was perfectly well, they had an MMR vaccine, they lost all their acquired skills and they became ultimately autistic, and I said I know nothing about autism, how can I help? And they said well my child has terrible gastrointestinal problems, they're failing to thrive, they're in pain, I know they're in pain and their mother, and I can tell even though they've lost the ability to speak. They have bloating, they have diarrhea 12 times a day and the doctor says that's just autism, until it wasn't. The way I was trained in medicine was invested in the patient's story or the parent's story and particularly because no one knows a child better than their mother, certainly much better than any public health doctor or pediatrician. So based upon that very formal classical training in medicine, I took their story seriously, we investigated it. We did colonoscopy, upper endoscopy on these children and found the parents were absolutely right. They had an inflammatory bowel disease and they'd been suffering for years but unable to articulate their pain except through self-injury or aggression. So when we treated that disease, when it was treated in the way that we would treat inflammatory bowel disease with anti-inflammatories or special diets then the children improved dramatically not just from the gastrointestinal perspective, but also from the cognitive perspective. It's rather like a sort of Lorenzo's Oil situation. It was fascinating, and being academics, we said that didn't happen so we did it again and it happened again and we did it 180 times. By the time I had left the Royal Free and it happened on virtually every occasion. [0:35:20] And what that confirmed, what that reaffirmed to me is that the parents were right, the medical profession was almost exclusively wrong. Every prediction, every statement that it made about autism, that it was permanent, lifelong, that it was untreatable and curable, that it was in fact the mother's fault for hating a child and wanting them dead, all of these things that medicine comes up with because it has no explanation, it cannot offer anything better, and it puts the blame on someone else and that's what meds did in this case. So when the parent said, "My child regressed after a vaccine," we took that extremely seriously, we investigated. Many, many years later I am completely convinced the parents once again were right, the medical profession was wrong, remains wrong. We were interested at the time in patent of exposure. One of the common questions that we got is why do all children get MMR vaccine and why do only some develop autism? Well, not all smokers develop lung cancer. It's just one of those idiosyncrasies of medicine. And then we were interested in cofactors, something about that modified the patent of exposure and one of those was age of exposure. We know that the age of exposure to an infection determines the outcome from that infection. The younger you are, the greater the risk of, say, an adverse outcome for measles infection. So we put forward the hypothesis that in autism, one of the risks was younger age of exposure to measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. Not the only risk but certainly a major determinant of that risk. We shared that hypothesis with the CDC and with the US Congress back in early 2000s, and the CDC went away and tested that hypothesis. And in the interim, in really 20 years that I've involved in autism, these children -- the bowel disease, the aberrant bowel findings, bowel bacteria that had clearly altered in children with autism has become the most common research finding. In other words, the science was born out exactly what we published in The Lancet in 1998. However, because the bowel disease was synonymous in the minds of many people with vaccine injury, it had to be crushed, it had to be suppressed, and it had to be ignored. So, pediatricians, pediatric gastroenterologists did not do their job. They put their own careers before their patients because they said, "I know you may be right, I know your child is suffering, but this isn't going to be good for me, so could you go and find another doctor?" That is what has happened. So for many, many years, these children have suffered needlessly. They've suffered because they had to discredit the bowel disease in order to protect the vaccination. All of this would remain just the same. It would have got worse. Now, we've had mandatory vaccination throughout the country and the situation would have escalated to the predicted one in two children born in 2032 having autism. That is what we face right now based upon the CDC's own numbers. Well, not for one man. One man is Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, who some 14 years ago was one of the groups of doctors there who tested the hypothesis that younger age of MMR vaccination was indeed a risk for autism and that's exactly what they found. They spent the next 14 years concealing that risk. He was so perplexed by that concealment that ultimately he came forward to a friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Brian Hooker, a man with a vaccine injured son, and confessed to him the full extent of the crime, provided to him all of the data outputs, all of the analysis plans, all of the internal email communications going right up the hierarchy to the very top of the CDC, alerting them to the fact that younger age of MMR vaccination was a major risk factor for autism. They put millions and millions of children in harm's way, healthy children in order to protect what? Their own policy, their own credibility, and their partners in the industry. That is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world. Why? Because these people were charged with caring for this children, for their wellbeing. This is not a drug that's being used in end stage cancer where the pharmaceutical industry just fiddles some figures to give it a better appearance. These are all healthy children in the world who are being mandated to be given these vaccines with over 200 new vaccines going through the process of approval and licensing right now, and many of those will find their way onto the schedule. They did this deliberately, they did it callously, they did it recklessly and countless numbers of children have paid a huge, huge price. [0:40:18] So until the day I die I will never walk away from this issue. And I realized that some years ago to beat the media you had to become the media, and I teamed up with my friend and colleague Del Bigtree, the front producer on our new documentary which brings to the public to those who don't know or don't care or don't think this is their problem Dr. William Thompson's story, his confession, and the true extent and nature of the fraud at the CDC. This is not an isolated incident, and I believe that it will open the can on many, many other such incidence that have happened at the CDC. They cannot be trusted, they are an utter, utter disgrace, and it is my job to try and expose that. Karen: What an honor it is to be here today with everyone. And thank you, Dr. Wakefield. I don't even know where our parents would be without you and thank you for caring about our babies because you could have walked away. You could have walked away. I'm here today because I'm here for the children, basically. We're here for the children who have come before us and the children who are vaccine-injured now and the children who will be vaccine-injured if we do nothing. My daughter received her one and only DPT vaccine at six weeks of age. She would be 22 next month. She had a five-minute seizure two hours after the vaccine and two hours after that she had another five-minute tonic-clonic seizure, and that's a long time to watch a little baby's body shake. By the time she was three months old she had nine five-minute seizures in one day. Of course, all I did was call the doctors and the doctors didn't like me because my daughter kept seizing. I took her lifeless body back to the hospital and we spent two weeks there. Obviously that was the time when my life changed completely. It was my one and only child. I had no idea what I was doing and all I knew was that I wanted to go to the hospital to get fixed, to fix it and stop this because they kept saying babies have seizures after vaccines, and so I was okay with that. One thing led to another. My daughter wasn't one of those lucky ones who stopped. She just kept getting worse and worse. We started her on Dilantin, taking that drug in applesauce. I think she was six, seven weeks old. And we mixed that with phenobarb. And most of Lorrin's life she was taking six anti-seizure drugs a day and still having constant seizures. We've put her in a coma twice to stop the seizures when she was three. We lived in the hospital from three to five and I could go on and on. She had countless procedures and surgeries. It was very, very clear that her body was a train wreck. But I want to let you know her soul was very powerful. My daughter was beautiful. She came here to do very important work and I will not stop talking about my story. And my story's not more important than anyone else's story. Every story is important and we need to talk about it and we need to share. My family was lucky. Well, when she was a year we discovered that there was a vaccine injury compensation program. And at that time there was only one attorney in California that you could even go to because no attorney wants to be a vaccine injury compensation attorney. Trust me, it's a terrible job and you're torn up and they wait to pay you. Because we were in it, we had no choice. The government immediately replied to our paperwork and said that yes, your daughter is vaccine-injured. Lorrin's vaccine had 30 children who had seizures or worse with the vaccine. There were 10 surrounding deaths. Her vaccine was filled with mercury and so immediately everybody said yes. Yay! My attorney said that's good information. But I knew in my heart, I remember like it was yesterday reading that paper that yes, we agree that your daughter is vaccine-injured, I didn't feel right about it because I saw what was happening to her. And they pushed that law suit as far as they could. Everyone fully expected Lorrin to die. Her pediatrician told me. She lived till she was 15. She died in my arms at 15 years old. And the pediatrician came in and he said she should have died at three. So the government was fully planning on her leaving then, so they kept pushing off her settlement. [0:45:12] The first time I met the government was in ICU at Cedars-Sinai. We were living there because Lorrin was chronically ill. I was excited because I thought this meant somebody was coming to help my family, my baby. And they walked over, they said hello to me and they took all Lorrin's clothes off and took her diaper off and what they were doing was they were looking for bedsores. They were there to see if they could prove that I was a bad parent. So the first attack on vaccine-injured families is always the attack on the parent, blame the child, and that kind of gave me insight to what was coming. Another thing that's really important for people to understand that when you're vaccine-injured you do not get due process, which means you do not get a judge and a jury to see what's happening to your family. We had our court proceedings with a special master. At that time there were 11 judges that dealt only with vaccine injury. So we went into a small room and then we discussed what Lorrin's life was worth. They told us that for pain and suffering she received $500,000 and of her lost wages $500,000 and then we just started arguing about everything. We had a list of 85 items that I thought my daughter would need during her lifetime, because as the parent of a one-year old child, even it was clear to everybody that Lorrin was having uncontrolled seizures and she was pretty much a trainwreck, but I still had hope. So we opened up the conversation and they said, "Mrs. Kain, you need to place your daughter in a home and she can have a wheelchair. She won't even need a chair because she'll have a wheelchair and she'll have a bed and she can live in this home." And then I said no and then we argued for three days about what she would need and why we would need it. So even in the best circumstances of vaccine injury, it's a really devastating experience. Vaccine injury destroys families. Any of you know, if you have a chronically ill child, I think the divorce rate is 90%. That also happened to my family. I didn't have any other children. I love Lorrin. She was an amazing young lot. She was just amazing. She was beautiful, she was intuitive, she was powerful. We met Kelly. Years ago I met Dawna because of Lorrin. She never spoke with words but she always was communicating with her heart. I'm very proud to be her mother. I just don't ever want this to happen to another family. I know the look, people, especially back in '94 and '96, whatever, before the internet. Now we all know. When I speak anywhere and now I go and I talk to families, I used to talk to families that have heard of a vaccine injury. Now I talk to families who have multiple children who are vaccine-injured and that just rips my heart. I don't want this to happen ever again. We need to work together, we need to talk about our experiences, we need to talk to our congress and together we can make change. I'm on I'm here and I'm just really grateful that everybody came out today because this is so important. I live in Oregon now, but my nieces are having their babies in California and every baby is important. Every one of us can make a difference. Thank you. Kelly: Larry Cook. Larry: Thank you, Karen, for sharing your story. So my story began probably about 10 years ago when I was doing research for an ADD/ADHD book that I was co-writing and I came across a website called Generation Rescue and that website has to do with autism and helping parents who have autistic children. I read on that website that mercury in vaccines is a causative factor of autism, and the way they explained it was very, very precise and that caught my attention. As I continued doing my research I came across Dr. Buttar who's over on the East Coast. And he was doing chelation therapy on autistic children. Chelation therapy is where you pull heavy metals out of the body. And he said something really interesting in his paper to Congress and he testified in Congress as well. He's a toxicologist. He said that when the mercury goes into a child, it's possible that that mercury gets locked and you can't get it back out easily. And you can run a test on the child and the test itself will be a false negative, meaning you test for mercury but no mercury comes out and you think the child has no mercury in it. But if you do chelation therapy, which is a medical treatment to pull the mercury out, you start seeing the mercury come out and come out and come out. And what he was explaining was that as that mercury came out that autistic child to get better and better and better. And then at some point in time we talked about how many of the children, autistic children are being recovered partially, wholly, somewhere in between, but definitely getting better. [0:50:24] And then I learned about biomedical treatment, which has to do with actually opening up those detoxification pathways in the child so that that mercury and other heavy metals can come out. As Dr. Buttar has said, the mercury is the spark that creates the problems so now you have a lot of other problems going on as well. So you go to an integrative medical doctor and they start trying to figure out what they can do to help the child, the autistic child or the vaccine-injured child heal. So all of that caught my attention. I wrote a book a little more than ten years ago called The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living, and I have a YouTube channel about natural health and so I decided to do some video interviews of parents and doctors. So I did these interviews. One of them was with Holly Riley who had a vaccine-injured child, went into autism, regressed into autism and she was able to recover her child through biomedical treatment. That particular video on my YouTube channel I think has close to 200,000 views. I know it's helped a lot of parents. I interviewed some other parents. I also interviewed medical doctors, including Dr. Kenneth Stoller who's up in the Bay Area who uses hyperbaric treatment to help children with autism and he also treats autistic children. Those videos did really well as well. So now flash forward to SB277 introduced in February. I try to get involved in different areas. I try to say okay, what can I do to help out? This really disturbs me, the mandatory vaccination concept. It wasn't really making any headway anywhere, so then I thought okay, I'm going to interview parents of vaccine-injured children and vaccine-free children. So I had the idea to launch a GoFundMe campaign and just put it out there. So I shot a video, uploaded everything within eight hours, and then within a few minutes money started coming in to create this project. We shot parent interviews on May 9 and June 6 and our video editors here in the audience along with many people who participated as well, including Brandy Vaughan by the way. She came and did an interview with us. Her video on Facebook now has over 270,000 views and I'm very proud of that video, one of my best videos ever. It continues to go viral. It gets probably ten shares a day ant it just keeps going and going and going. She really explains what's going on. So I like to think of my skill set as giving a voice to parents, giving a voice to doctors, giving a voice so that the information can get out into the mainstream. I kept asking for more money, money came. We were able to shoot TV commercials when we did the interviews. And so we put TV commercials in the LA market. We probably reached, according to Time Warner Cable, 6 million people with our TV commercials. People in the Bay Area raised money, so we probably reached close to a million people in the Bay Area. We have a TV commercial running right now. We have another run of the TV commercial right now in the LA metro area and that's going to reach probably about a million people. And on the commercial we have parents saying that their children or their child is vaccine-injured and parents say that they have vaccine-free children. And then at the bottom of the commercial for all of 30 seconds it's my website And then during the summertime, I created a meme and if you guys have that postcard with my face on it, the meme says, "I'm educated, I'm not afraid and I decide. Our children will not be force-vaccinated." That meme went really viral. And my concept is that we need to educate everyone about the problems with vaccines and why we need to switch over to natural immunity. But in particular, I think that the first cause, the first thing that we need to do is get educated ourselves. When we're educated, when we actually know the risks of vaccines and vaccination, we understand that we can have a healthy immune system and not need to be so concerned about the diseases, the infectious diseases that go around. Then we can be confident in saying that we're not going to vaccinate. Then we get to the next line which is I'm not afraid. Well, once you're educated now you're not afraid. You're not afraid of these diseases. You might be concerned, but you're not afraid, and you're not afraid to stand up for your rights. You're not afraid to stand up to the government that wants to mandate vaccines. So then you say and I decide. That's the medical choice, the medical rights, part of it. [0:55:02] So now we decide. We're in charge of our own bodies. We're in charge of our own health. Not the government, not the doctor, we are. And then we can declare our children will not be force-vaccinated. So, that's the meme. I really like that a lot because I really think it sets the hierarchy of what we need to do as a community if we're going to stop this. And then I also shot a lot of photos of children and pushed those out with little memes, little phrases. Those went really well. And I continue to do videos and we're continuing to do videos. We're creating right now a compilation of all the parents. We have music, graphics and we're expecting it to do really well in social media and on YouTube. So my whole mission and passion is to keep creating media, getting out there, educating parents about vaccine dangers and natural immunity, and what we can do to ultimately shut down mandatory vaccination. I should say this. I think that the best way to shut down mandatory vaccination is to help parents understand why not to vaccinate. If everyone stops vaccinating, we won't have mandatory vaccination. Nick: I'm a father of five beautiful children, ages 7-37, four boys and a girl. Boys tend to have a much higher risk of developing on the spectrum of autism. And more than 30 years ago, I was proud to have my son born. And as he was born, and I was present during all my children's birth, there wasn't something right. He didn't respond normally. And it became very clear, 30 years ago, that he already had serious brain damage. And I couldn't understand because my other two children had not been vaccinated and I was fortunate to have Dr. Paul Fleiss as the pediatrician for my son, Jason, and my daughter, Cherish, and at that time there was considerable pressure to get vaccinations. My grandmother came from a school of wisdom that believed that vaccinations, in her words that she explained to my father, was like injecting monkey pus, and I thought that was strange until I actually read the literature and found that caterpillars, monkeys, and chickens, and various animals they use to create and derive and make the current vaccines. So she was right in her wisdom years ago, she was kind of a health food fanatic, whole foods, brown rice, whole grain, fruits and vegetables and things. So I kept that to me close but I was perplexed. I didn't know for a better part until 2009, when the birth of my seven-year-old, and after he was born there was considerable pressure unlike I'd ever experienced with any of my kids, to vaccinate my son. And I said no, it cost a drift amongst his mother and I, and I stood strong and I called Dr. Mayer Eisenstein of Home First, and he explained to me that 30 years ago, although you thought your son had not been vaccinated, because you and the mother had Rh positive and negative, the child was at risk, we were told. So they gave the vaccination injection called RhoGAM, which is loaded with mercury, thimerosal, directly in the womb, which Dr. Mayer Eisenstein told me at the concentrations they had at that time was most assuredly the reason he had brain damage. To this day, he can speak less than three words. He'll laugh when he watches I Love Lucy. He understands everything but he's locked in his mind and he can't communicate. So I searched for answers and I created a website called when I saw this bill was coming about. I hope and pray that no one else would go through what we've gone through. [1:00:00] And when my seven-year-old, which some people have stated, "Well, how could you be on the spectrum if you've never been vaccinated?" if you talked to Dr. Jerry Kartzinel of Mending Autism, he will tell you that there are susceptibilities, that some children including at least three of my children clearly have tendencies. Other children maybe have a high clearance rate with their kidneys, with their liver and so when they're exposed to heavy metals, mercury or now the current aluminum, which by the way is not the aluminum that's in the earth that's detoxified, it's a very serious toxin, a neurotoxin. So although they've told you that you have now mercury-free vaccinations, you're at as greater risk as ever. In fact, the one study that they pushed that aluminum through was on a man, a healthy man with a very high glomerular clearance rate. And when they gave him the injection even three years later, there was aluminum lingering in his body, a very high percentage of aluminum. But they said, oh, no damage in the adult. But what if it was a child such as one of my children that's sensitive and they can't clear at the rate and there is a big difference in clearance rate between humans. But some just might have it inherent, and just like some humans, all humans can't produce vitamin C, some humans can't clear these toxins as rapidly, and if we can't, even when we eat fish and I wrote the article at Is Fish Safe? And when Dr. Chris Shade showed that even the ingestion of tuna, which is a long distance fish, contains tremendous amounts of mercury and it takes months to clear it from the system. They also showed that you have to do blood, urine and hair samples because you're going to miss it if you only do one type of test and that mercury is there. Oh, it's there. For 40 years I've been trained in microscopy and I've been looking at people's blood and then I send it off to a urine test for a heavy metal clearance and I can't tell you how many alarmingly high number of people are exposed and have high concentrations of heavy metals. And what is that? Could it lead to Alzheimer's? Could it trigger a form of cancer? Could it be depressing the immune system? So then you say, well, if we don't vaccinate the herd, we're all at risk. Really? Do you know what the incidence? I was just checking and just forgive me because I'm one of these guys that I'm just looking up to the moment because as they mentioned PubMed has been having certain articles mysteriously disappearing. In fact, I was the director of the Pritikin Better Health Program. How many of you here remember Nathan Pritikin? 1978? And we have journals in our files, in my medical files, hard copy files that don't exist. I can't find anymore. But I'm going to tell you that in that preview of the introduction of vaccinated kids, the outbreak of measles is alarmingly high. They've even renamed it a type of measles in these vaccinated kids. So you think they're protected with a vaccination, but why aren't they protected? What about polio? The live and the dead virus. In Europe, they use the dead. And here, we were using live virus, Sabin and Salk. And then what they found was because the vaccinations that were with the dead virus didn't exert the kind of immunity they expected, they've now added in India schedule of adding two live virus injections into our children. In India, I say our children. We're a world very close world. And once it gets through India, it's going to come back here. So how do you feel about live viruses being injected and then the incidence of that very same disease coming back? Last thing is the port of entry. All of us as humans have evolved over millions of years and when we're introduced to a virus, it comes through the nose, through the mouth, we breathe it in. We're around other kids. Sure, there's an outbreak. But our body in its infinite wisdom knows how to build up the immune system, the killer T-cells. I know I've been looking under a microscope for 40 years at tens of thousands people. I was Tony Robbins life health coach. I've looked at literally tens of thousands of people even here at this event. I can tell you this. Your immune system is amazing when supported properly. However, when you inject a virus through an abnormal portal entry, not through the normal entry of nose, mouth and so forth, your body doesn't know how to react. There are auto immune incidences. There's a much higher of disease outbreaks and nonpermanent immunity. So you're all being misled. Those vaccinations are doing our culture and population no good. [1:05:03] I encourage you to go to which I promise you I'll continue to post every article and research journal that will help you defend your kids so that as I have protected my kids from their vaccinations with an IEP and individualized education program because they're on the spectrum. If they eat dairy or gluten they fall back into problems. But if they had been vaccinated they would have had brain damage just like my son Lance. Kelly: Allison Jones. Allison: Hi, I'm Allison Jones and I have been warned in the '70s by Mayan Indians that I was living with. American medical teams used to go into the jungle and inject them with things with very bad outcomes. So when I had my first children I didn't do it until I was pressured into it and my four-year-old became paralyzed by his DPT. Now luckily, it was temporary. But for three days he had trouble swallowing the way home. I end up holding him for three days. He was stiff as a board. He could only blink, swallow and breathe for three days. And finally by the fourth day he softened up and dragged a leg around for a couple of weeks. And I went back to the clinic without him and told them what happened and they leaned in to listen for about two minutes and ran. So obviously they didn't record this. And I must say in the now, that was 1984, and I've been studying it ever since. I immediately went and begin to research the manufacturer's notes and I grew up in a medical family so I was able to translate the medical jargon and I was horrified. So apparently, they put the minimal lethal dose. All children's vaccines are made for zero to six years of age. Their universal doses, they're made for the age of a six-year old. Now everybody knows weight per dosage and I like to bring this up first because this is the first red flag that people get. They do not consider that. And this is just so the first year they're giving dead, other than the rotavirus they give now, but they mainly give the dead ones because they know the immune system can't handle the live ones. So what they do is they give the minimum lethal dosage, it's called the MLD, for a 50-pound child of tetanus and diphtheria toxins. Now they get away with that by adding the antitoxin, which is merely the antibodies, but it's like a snakebite and the antidote at the same time. Now here you go, they do not measure anything. They are sloppy in production. So when you have a viral growing -- they're growing the bacteria tetanus and diphtheria because the pertussis, the whooping cough, the whooping cough is called pertussis. That's the DPT, TDaP. However you put it, it's the same recipe. And the pertussis is a dead bacteria. It's not a threat. The immune system is going to ignore it. So they have to add the deadliest bacterial toxins known to man. You have botulism, tetanus, diphtheria. So they're adding tetanus, which is unforgiving. That's the SIDS if there's not enough. If my son had weighed less than 40 pounds he would not have survived, I'm sure of that. He could barely breathe. He can swallow only his own saliva for three days. He was that close. I did not let go of him. I didn't take him to the clinic either because I knew they'd take him away from me and they'd done it to begin with. I was smart enough to know to hang on to him. So this is all the same keys of diphtheria, and that's not going to kill him, but diphtheria is very necrotic. It's going to do its trip on the nervous system too. So the first thing we learned was that the DPT was very dangerous. So there's many dangers to vaccines. There's three main kinds of vaccines. You have the dead bacteria, dead virus and living virus. What they're doing with the dead ones, the dead bacteria, the body knows it's dead. So they add the poisons in and they pile all the -- when you go in for that two-month visit they're piling all the other ones on top of that poison, and it's working by the principle of allergic reaction. What's happening, the immune system is coming out to attack the tetanus and diphtheria and by default it's such a frenzy in such a hyperimmune response. Because it's a life and death experience, it attacks all foreign proteins present at that time. Whatever you breathe in, whatever you ate, including the target germ which is the pertussis in this case. So here we are creating -- it works by the principle of allergic reaction. And as he was discussing allergies, as some people were discussing the allergies that weren't existent in countries that didn't vaccinate, well, hello? So that's just starting with the bacteria. Now the dead viruses appear alive, so they don't have to use poison. But they lodge it in the body with the heavy metals, which they also do with the dead bacteria. But they used to love to use mercury as their favorite thing, and it's been controversial. So they're using aluminum which is just as pernicious and not necessarily much better. But then you have the problem where they're using aluminum hydroxide. Now you have a lot of questions to ask. There's no test going out. They just find out the best way to make aluminum hydroxide to turn it into this soft powdery thing. I watched the YouTube clips. Guess what? Mercury, amalgam, and it turns it into aluminum hydroxide that they're putting into the vaccines. Possibly. That's the best way to do it. Anyways, the rabbit hole goes deeper. [1:10:20] So then you have the live viruses and the live viruses, you're either going -- they're giving them four -- they wait a year because they say okay, the immune system can't handle it. Now, when they first came out, when I was a kid they had one or two shot, the OPV, you had the DPT. The OPV was given separate. OPV one at two months, two, four, three six. They didn't mix the bacteria and viruses. There are so many things they didn't do that they do now that they do not care about. And they're piling them all together now. They know the immune system's going to compromise. It can't fight everything. So it's a ruse. Anyway, so in a year they're giving them these live viruses. They give them four neurotropic on top of all the dead ones. You're giving like 15 doses of germs. I have beautiful little charts and graphs. I try to make pretty little charts and graphs so you can see the extent of how overwhelming these young, fragile, vulnerable children are. And either the viruses are getting into the wrong places in the body or the immune response itself is what's killing them. There are so many factors. The host is half the thing. Half the thing is what's in the vaccine. The host, which is these young children, is the other half. So when you actually get down to the science and you break it apart and you tear it apart. There's no way that these can be saved all the time as they like to profess, which they are doing to protect themselves, as we see going back 50 years. They like to throw out this herd immunity thing, but most of these vaccines are dead and they fade after time. The body gets rid of them. I mean the reason they give it boosters is because babies' livers are so pure they just excrete the stuff in a couple of weeks. So they give another one and they excrete the stuff. So they give another one. And by now there's so much aluminum in the stuff. It loves to clog, they layer up and it gums up the works, and now the stuff is sticking. They love to put formaldehyde because formaldehyde crosslinks the proteins and releases it slowly. When you go into it, we don't want to have them in our bodies or do we want them at the dose three times the weight of these children. Ten-pound children are getting 50-pound doses and most parents are noticing the seizures and they are not normal. And it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on with everything, but no one could say it wasn't the vaccine that damaged my child. So I'm one of the lucky ones. My child survived, I was not devastated. I'm able to study this and what I like to do is teach people and empower them with the knowledge. So when people say oh, but you're crazy and you don't know this and I'm an expert, they can at least come back with some real solid facts. But these are obviously not safe because you have this, that and the other. And then when you give them to the adults, you can see that there's a problem, like the HPV they're giving the girls. Do you know that if you look at the recipe they've got a little acronym to hide the fact there's 50 micrograms of salmonella toxin in these things. They have to put poison in these things to get the immune system to come out and freak out, and tons of aluminum. If you're smart enough parent you do as I say. You listen to the parents. They know their kids really well. I've been listening to their stories for years. I just heard one the other day. I have to mention a woman had listened to me. I told them to wait at least two years but they're gung-ho and I say wait. When an antelope is born, for example, it can run because it has full insulation of its nervous system for electrical current. Our babies are born gestationally premature because our heads are too big. We cannot move when we're born. And we don't move much. We're born with zero myelin insulation on our nervous systems and the neurons in our brain, our entire nervous system is exposed. We're most vulnerable then. It takes two years to get it to complete. There are walls that wrap around the neuron fibers and they wrap around a dozen times over a 24-month period. Exactly two years. The terrible twos, you can see it, they have full insulation, full current, and they've taken off running. At that point they're safer. But this child, he was two something. He went in for the shot, they come out with four needles, ready to give him his first shot and she's like ah, just give him one. So they picked one, supposedly the hep B. I'd like to see the schedule. They gave it to him and blood starts pouring out of his nose, he falls back into a seizure and zoned and the nurse's like oh, it's just a seizure, like no big deal. She couldn't believe the reaction. She starts screaming call 911. There's blood all over. I mean the blood just poured out. It was all over her, the baby, the nurses. And of course the kid stopped talking. [1:15:00] Kelly: Okay, is everybody just infuriated about the state of vaccines? We're going to have to -- Allison: Okay. So, yes, I just want to mention my website is I give free talks. I have a lot of graphs from a PowerPoint I like to give. I will give free talks to people and answer questions and empower them to know what happened, what to watch out for. And there's three main aspects I want to mention. There's an infant physiology, the ingredients in the vaccines, and the nature of the germs. Because what they counter with -- this is different with the cigarette cancer connection, you know with the doctors recommending cigarettes, they can say the germs are so scary, but they're really not that scary. You have to really study them too. So, just so you know, that's how they are having power over us and so many people. Kelly: Okay, let's give a round of applause to these rock stars and experts about this insidious issue. I don't know about all of you, but I'm just blown away. There are so many questions and so many -- one hour? We're going to go till 9:30 and it's 8:20 -- it's 8:30 now. So, first of all, I'd like to give the panel an opportunity, if they have any burning desires to ask anybody else on the panel anything or say anything at this moment. And I want to open up to the audience. If you've got some questions, I want to start taking them. Yeah, certainly, please. Larry: Yes, I have a question. Kelly: Who said that? Toni: Larry has a question. Larry: I have a question. Kelly: Who? You have a question, Larry. Larry: I have a question for the doctors on the panel. Kelly: Okay. Larry: If either or both of you can talk about herd immunity. Because mandatory vaccination really rests on the concept of herd immunity. And then also route of entry for pathogens, injecting versus normal route. Toni: So, route of entry is very important and I think that yeah, Dr. Delgado… Kelly: Well then, is that sort of like if vaccines work, why should everybody worry about it? Toni: Well, that's herd immunity. Larry: That's herd immunity. Toni: But let me talk about route of entry because the immune system is very complex, it's a complex adaptive system. So it's almost as complex or maybe it's as complex as the neurological system, which is a very complex adaptive system. And when we are confronted with airborne viruses, it enters through our nasal passages or through our mouths or through our eyes, and all the mucosal linings have an antibody production of IgA. So we have IgA, that's mucosal lining. When you inject something, you bypass IgA, that's one thing. But the other thing that's happening in route of injection, route of entry of virus, so you're bypassing the normal mucosal reaction or immune response, which by the way is a huge part of our immune response. If you think about it, we're an open system, mouth to rectum is open to the environment. It's not sterile. And the oral passages, the nasal passages are quite full of bacteria, they're dirty, there's a lot of things that are colonized in there. But the reason that we don't die from them, and by the way 20% of the population carries strep group B, another 20% of the population are said to carry meningococcus in their nares. We don't die from these things because we have normal immunity and immune response there. And part of it is our IgA production and part of it is that we live symbiotically with this bacterium and viruses. And a part of it is a lot of things we don't understand. And a part of it when we get an infection to something that we're introduced to that's new, is something called innate immunity, and innate immunity is stimulated again through certain passages, which we don't even fully understand how innate immunity works, but it is a different part of the immune system than the antibody production which is considered acquired immunity. And as a side note, when you vaccinate, you typically shift the energy from innate immunity to acquired immunity. And innate immunity is actually about 80% of our fighting power. So we have a route of entry that's different. When you inject, you're bypassing all the IgA production. That's one thing. And then you're shifting because the way of vaccines are created, you're shifting from innate immunity right into the acquired immunity. So, that's a big problem. And I have to tell you that I just was lecturing to the law students of Case Western last week, and the reason I'm bringing this up is that surprise, surprise, Cincinnati children sent the head of their pediatric immunology department there to comment after each speaker for the law school, and his reaction to aluminum and things being introduced in the body by injection, and this is also route of entry, so route of entry for bacteria and environment and route of entry of materials like mercury and aluminum and other things, and his response to those speakers before me, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, I'm sure many of you know her name, was, "Well, aluminum, come on, there's as much aluminum in women's breast milk as there is in a vaccine. So should we tell women to stop breastfeeding?" [1:20:47] And I immediately, before I begin my speech as I just have to address with Dr. Frank who is a paid speaker for Pfizer, I got to throw that in. That aluminum is not naturally occurring in breast milk, it is a contaminant, and aluminum doesn't interface in any biological reaction. And the route of entry is quite important so we are an open system. And if you eat aluminum, you do, you can excrete it through stool to some degree as opposed to injecting it, I said. So any physician who tries to tell you that eating aluminum is the same as injecting aluminum either missed some toxicology classes and pharmacology classes or is intentionally lying to you. [Applause] Woo-hoo! Route of entry is quite important. And then the herd immunity issue is this. It's very complex. It's not herd immunity, the term comes from animal herd, it comes from people where the disease has gone through the population, the population has antibodies to it. And so the herd immunity was, and I'll give you an example, at any one time, 10% of the population is susceptible to measles. That was always the case. It actually kind of still is now. But the immunity, the herd immunity was that you get measles, you're protected by your mother's breast milk and in utero placental transportation of those antibodies. And about one or two, whenever you're weaned and those transplacental antibodies weaned, you are susceptible. So from a period of one or two to let's say 12 or 13, you get measles. And then you have antibodies and as an adult you've got the antibodies from measles you had at the age appropriate time you had that disease that we evolved over millennia with. And so the herd immunity was that, oh the very young were immune because they got antibodies from their mother and the older populations were immune and that was the herd immunity. So herd immunity is not that everyone gets vaccinated. We don't even check who's responding with antibodies and everyone has to be vaccinated or it doesn't work. It's like, "Okay, there's like some piece of that I'm missing." So that's really what herd immunity is and it's not what they're telling you it is that has been "co-opted". There's been a revisionistic rewriting of medical history. So that's my take on it. I'm going to let Andy contribute. Andy: Firstly, very briefly, route of exposure, and taking measles as an example, the way in which we're naturally exposed to measles caused by the respiratory route and the virus is taken up by cells in the respiratory tract and it's processed in a way that's then presented to the immune system. And the immune system responds appropriately and it responds in a way that induces an antiviral immune response. It's called a cellular immune response that destroys virally infected cells that produces a rash and the rash in measles is the beginning of the healing process. And that is one polarity down which the immune system can go. It's called the TH1 or T helper cells type 1 response, and I don't want to get too complicated. The other route, it can go down as a TH2 type response which is a pro-allergic response. And when you inject the virus into the skin, that is the preferential response you go down. So the route of exposure determines this dichotomy of either the natural immune response that clears the virus as something entirely different that we don't understand. So route of exposure, just that example, is extremely important. As Toni said, herd immunity has a concept that evolved out of natural infection and it's somewhat ironic that actually herd immunity has been destroyed by the process effects. Let me give you an example and that is chickenpox. So chickenpox would occur episodically in epidemics every two years, for example. And the consequence was two things. One is that principally children would get infected and develop natural chickenpox, but people who had been previously exposed would then be boosted. It was called wild type boosting. So older people who had chickenpox would boost their immune response to chickenpox and what that did was to suppress the replication of the virus in their dorsal root ganglion, which is the origin, reinfection. Reactivation of that virus in their nervous system is the origin of shingles. But because they had this wild type boosting from children getting epidemic chickenpox, then they suppress that viral replication and they didn't develop shingles. Shingles only occurred when people became immunosuppressed. They got lymphoma or they were in chemotherapy or whatever it might be. So shingles was a disease of old and immunosuppressed individuals. [1:25:57] However, by removing wild type boosting, by removing natural epidemics, what you saw by vaccination was that there was not this episodic boosting of immunity. And so one of the first things that have happened in the destruction of the herd immunity was that we had an epidemic of shingles. Firstly it was seen in older people and then shingles started appearing in children, which was exquisitely unusual, exquisitely unusual. Merck's response to this was good heavens, we've created our self a new market. We've created a disease out of our shingles, our chickenpox vaccine, so let's ten times the dose and put it in and call it a shingles vaccine, and that exactly is what they did. So it was market creation. So it has entirely corrupted the process of herd immunity. Toni: I want to add to that, because we're on that subject, it didn't make into the film, the whole thing. But Gary Goldman was hired by the CDC to do a post-market surveillance of the chickenpox vaccine in the Antelope Valley region which is right around here. In his research found that yes, chickenpox was reduced, but shingles is increase and in younger and younger populations, and the CDC published only the first part of that paper. So Gary went to publish the whole paper and was sent a cease and desist letter, which I've seen and read, and he took them to court and he won because it's taxpayers' money. And the journal Toxicology did publish that. But there were two sets of mathematical biologists who had predicted that we would see a reduction in chickenpox and an increase in shingles, Hethcote and Schuette, and I got to interview them. So this was predicted. I think Merck knew what they were doing. I mean you give them a little credit. I don't even give them that credit. So I think they knew very well what was going to happen because the mathematical biologists did this on a mathematical model and predicted it because they know that you need constant re-exposure to boost your immunity and that by taking that away we will see shingles and we will see shingles in children that never got to have real chickenpox but only injected antibodies because they missed major parts of their immune response. This is what we're seeing actually in all diseases. In many diseases you actually need to be re-exposed. I mean pertussis is like that too. You can have pertussis a few times in your life even if you've had it naturally. So a lot of this is that that's part of the herd immunity is that there is the disease in the younger generation that's supposed to get it. You as an adult who had it as a child get reboosted. That's part of herd immunity. So what herd immunity really is is the opposite of what vaccination is doing, and that's the reality. Larry: I want to make one more comment about that. So mandatory vaccination rests primarily on the concept that we need to get everyone a vaccine in order to have herd immunity. Nowhere in the history of the planet has there been a product that a manufacturer has created that requires the entire population to use it in order for it to work. It doesn't exist. Only vaccines. So it's complete rubbish. Kelly: We have a lot of questions. I guess we can all agree that these vaccines are kind of scary. Where do we go from here? Right now we have mandatory vaccines in the State of California. We have a lot of questions here about what do we do. Anyway, what should we focus on in California to get SB277 and AB2109 repealed? Otherwise, everybody is going to have to have these vaccines with these live viruses and dead viruses and everything that we've been commenting on and starting soon. Brandy, could you give us your comments on what you think we need to do next? [1:30:20] Brandy: One of the biggest things that we need to do is discuss risk. There are a lot of people in the movement which are afraid to talk about the science, afraid to talk about the 271 vaccines in development, afraid to talk about the money that's going to be made and afraid to talk about the no liability laws for vaccine makers. There is a thing called seat belts. Nobody protested it. Nobody protested when there was a law for seat belts because there is no perceived risk. If we don't talk about the risk and educate everybody on a mass basis as much as we can, then we're never going to win our rights back. We've lost them in California and there are potential laws all around the States that are on the docket right now. We have to get people to understand that there are risks to vaccines. You never know who's going to react how because we're all genetically different. But the chemicals and vaccines are the same as that's in the food and the water that are causing our environmentally toxic diseases, and we have to get vaccines as part of the conversation and we do have to talk about risks because we will not keep our rights, we will not keep our choice unless people understand that there is a risk. So, first and foremost, we need to talk about that and we need to learn whatever lights our fire. What I talk about in the trainings that I try to do for speaking about this issue because it is quite complicated. Learn three points, that's what we learned in pharma. Learn two to three points like the back of your hand. Repeat it over and over again. Tell everyone those points. Tell them what you're about to tell them. Tell them what you're going to tell them and then tell them what you told them. Repeat it, know two to three points. If they ask a question you don't understand, deflect and talk about what you know. This is what we need to do to get comfortable and confident talking about this because everybody needs to understand this risk. I hate to say it but a lot of people aren't going to do their own research. And it's up to us, the people that know. It's up to us to get that out there and in front of them and like what we're doing with the billboard campaign and the bus stop boards and all of that, really getting that information out there so people can't ignore it. Getting it in front of doctors so they can't ignore, so that the information that they're relying on is not just pharmaceutical based. But getting it in front of everybody and really just talking about the risk and knowing what we know. One other point that I learned in pharma which is really, really important in this conversation, it takes eight to 10 times of someone hearing something before they change their mindset, before they open their mind to actually thinking "Well, maybe I need to do more research. Maybe I need to question what I'm being told." But on that 11th through 12th time, they're going to say it to someone else and they're going to say, "Oh, well, I heard that vaccines, there might be some issues with that. You might want to do some research." And that's where we are right now. Sometimes, we're talking to people who've heard it for maybe one, two, three times. Every seed of information that we plant is important even if they fight us because on that 10th, 11th, 12th time, they're going to be telling it to someone else. And this is where we are and we need to get more people that information more and more and more, just talk, talk, talk. Toni: But really, it's important to go to your representatives. You have to get the politicians involved. You have to let them know you're not going to vote them back in office if they do not have your interest at heart. That's where we have to go with this. It's enough to talk to each other. It's not going to change anything. You literally call up. Cold call your representative and say, "I need to come in and talk to you today," or you go there and you wait. That's what it takes. That's exactly what it takes. You have to do it. You can't just do this. This isn't going to help you guys in California. You have to get your reps involved and let them know this is where you're at, that his constituents or her constituents are not for SB277 and what's he's going to do about it. And that's what you need to do. You've got to put pressure on your politicians, period. Brandy: We need to go in repeatedly. Not just once a year. Toni: Repeatedly, eight times. Eight times, with three points. Brandy: Every week. Every week that they have office hours, go in there. Be in there so that they know you. Bring them muffins, okay? Big tip. Bring their staff muffins. Get in front of them repeatedly. Every week, bring a new message. Bring a new study. Bring a new argument. That's what we do. [1:34:51] Wendy: And also, get to know them on other issues. Find out what they believe in. Find out what they're working on. Because when you can help somebody get what they want, they're going to listen to you. So it's not only going in there and repeating the fact, they know. Our local – and it is local, right? You really need to go to your local reps. Find out who they are, talk with them. They know we are not for SB277. They were besieged. So with Sacramento, we did a really stellar job. So, really stellar. But you want to really find out what makes them happy, what are they looking for, what do they need and go in. Write letters, talk to their chief of staff, find out what they want, go to town halls, educate. Educate, educate, and don't make people wrong. When you are having a conversation, get curious so that you can find a way to have a dialogue. Don't go into a monologue. I was talking to somebody the other day and I just said to the -- they had a little child there and I said, "I have a question for you and it might be a little sensitive." And he was like, "Okay." And I said, "So what do you think about all this mandated vaccine legislation?" And he was so open and he said, "I think it's great." And I was like, "Oh, really, that's interesting." And then we got separated. But the thing is he heard me because I wasn't attacking him and telling him, "You're crazy. You're really bad. This is what it does to the kids. Half our kids are sick. They're dying, one in ten." Because people aren't going to hear you. So you have to find a way to meet them where they're at to bring the information to have a dialogue. That is how we are going to move this. But we're not going to move the needle by yelling at people. It's not going to happen. We have to find a different way to do this and really be sure it is three points, three salient points. It's about being open, being curious. Get curious. Larry: I have a comment as well. So, part of the public awareness campaign that I launched had to do with interviewing parents. And it took a long time to get it up and going for a lot of reasons, the building the website and everything. And I was under a lot of pressure to go out and videotape at the rallies and I just kept telling my community, "I can't do that. We need to have sit-down interviews." So we did the sit-down interviews. It took some time but we did them. And what's interesting is that one woman who did an interview, Brittney Kara, is very passionate about being anti-vaccine and she's been posting on Facebook for a very long time about being anti-vaccine. She has people in her community who usually won't respond to anything that she says and not very happy about that. But it's the way it works. She posted her video interview that I did of her and it was a very calm, just an explanation of her story. And her phone and her messages blew up with parents asking her questions and she started shifting consciousness immediately. So Wendy is talking about we need to have that common ground. It's really important that we have decorum in our communication with others, and we just help them understand the truth. Kelly: Thank you so much. Andy, did you have something to say? Andy: I'll just say very briefly, don't seek to have this law appealed on the basis of personal choice. I think personal choice was the wrong argument. And that is because the politicians have already been persuaded by pharma lobbyists and public health officials that the greater truth excludes the lesser. In other words, the rights of the herd supersede those of the individual. So that argument has no traction. The whole argument is predicated on the basis that these vaccines are safe and effective. That is what they believe, that's what they've been told, that is the lie and that is the point in which to attack it. We have a federal admission from Dr. William Thompson of fraud in relation to the safety of MMR vaccine. We have Merck in federal court being sued under the Whistleblower Act by internal workers from Merck because they committed fraud in relation to the efficacy of their mumps vaccine. They have been unable to deny the fraud because the senior scientist in that laboratory who committed the fraud has admitted to it in deposition, I'm told. So for just one vaccine, it is neither safe nor efficacious, a federal admission of fraud, a corporate admission of fraud. Those are hard facts. Confront your politicians with those and intimidate them, terrifying them into the notion that if they support this bill, they would be personally liable for children who are damaged when they have mandated vaccines that their parents don't want them to have. Kelly: Thank you, thank you. All right, one more. [1:39:47] Karen: I just want to add because Texas is really doing a great job. Michelle Taff Schneider is doing amazing. She has three young children all under 10, two are vaccine-injured. She goes in to Senate twice a week. They all know her. We had a great time. Actually I went down and just met a lot of people while I was sharing Lorrin's story. But what she taught was that many of us don't ever know what we're going to be when we grow up. I certainly don't, I'm learning, but just start doing what calls you. Get your friend, go down and just start talking to people. Going together, it can be fun. You go forward with love and being open about it. Just bring pictures, bring cookies, whatever works, but just go. They will get used to you and you might enjoy it, and it's a whole different path. But there's enough of us together with the media, we can take turns and just unite and do this. But it's going, going again and again and just talking to people. Kelly: Okay, thank you. Andy: And if you don't go, don't complain, okay? If you don't take responsibility for this issue, don't complain. Kelly: I've got another question and it's for Andy. Are minorities at greater risk? Andy: Yes, they are. I mean it emerges on several fronts. One is that William Thompson looked specifically at African American boys. These data were confirmed by Brian Hooker. So it's not the only group that was at risk but there seem to be a particular high risk among African American boys for early MMR vaccination being a risk for autism. The biological background that may reside in a genetic susceptibility, and for example, Somali children have appeared to have a very high risk of autism. It was unheard of in Somalia but in Minnesota, the rate of autism following vaccination in Somali boys in particular is very, very high. Now, why might that be? Well, the Horn of Africa, Somalia is peculiar because there is a genetic variation there that is expressed at a very high level which is called an ultra-rapid metabolizer of vitamin D and other things. But we require vitamin D for the normal functioning of our immune system. Now, in Somalia, where there's plenty of sunshine, you may be able to operate in a critical level and not have a problem. But if you then move to Minnesota, that's suboptimal preservation or metabolism of vitamin D where there's no sunlight then becomes critical. That's just one example. There may be many others which are sort of encoded in the genome. But that's one example of why a particular subpopulation, a racial subgroup may be at particular risk. Kelly: Thank you. Another question, since children have to be vaccinated to go to school, is there a safer schedule for vaccines? Is there such a thing as a safe vaccine? Toni: Later is better, and I use the word better, not good. Later is better and spread out and less at each time. I mean that's obviously a better way to do it. I'm not saying that it's best, that it's actually good but it is definitely better. We do know that earlier exposure to heavy metals, we know that the cytochrome P450 pathway in the liver is not working the first few months. The older the child is, the better the immune response. But I'm working on a case on the vaccine core right now and this child was damaged at the age of 10. Now, she had had received earlier vaccines so maybe that primed her, but her reaction, and it was a quite reaction, she went from an IQ of 140 to at one testing it's 70. And it was a chickenpox vaccine at age 10 and she had had a previous one. So we don't really know. Some of it could be the vitamin D on board at that time. There could be a lot of factors. I'm sure glyphosate, pesticide residue plays a big factor. I'm sure other environmental toxins that open the tight desmosomes of the tight junctions of the blood-brain barrier add to the problem. So there's a lot of compounding factors, so it's hard to predict. But if you are compelled to vaccinate, I think in Japan, they wait till the kids are two. Wait till the kids are at least two, three or four and spread it out. That's a better way than starting at day one. Larry: And don't give pain killers. Toni: Oh, yeah, no Tylenol. Wendy: The other thing that also I remember hearing once is that if your child is going into kindergarten, you can enter in conditional entry and then really drag out the vaccines. And if you start it again, that's later. It's not good, it's just better than doing it when they're infants and toddlers. Kelly: Thank you. Allison, did you have something? Allison: She just mentioned the chickenpox and that's a neurotropic virus. Toni: Yes, it showed molecular mimicry. Allison: Yes, it's a live virus one and you're giving four simultaneously. [1:45:09] Toni: She's got auto antibodies to her potassium channels in her brain. Allison: And I was going to say. This is a herpes virus that will get into your body and stay in there forever. It's niches in the middle of the spine basically of herpes 1 at the top, herpes 2 at the bottom and herpes 3 in the middle. So maybe when she gets the second one, she has already got it in her body. So now she's attacking what's already inside her or something. I mean they're not considering all these different – I mean these are designed to stimulate a massive immune response for something that could already be inside because they've been manipulating this for a while and sticking them in you. All these things are not being looked at, there's no CDC to check this out. Kelly: Okay, so I got another one. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, one of my heroes, wrote about vaccine-- this is from the audience, wrote about vaccine dangers including the TB test. Recently, three friends of mine became nurse assistants and teachers and were forced to get flu shots and TB tests. Is there any way around this or do vaccine-concerned people just need to avoid certain careers? Wendy: Wow, that's a good question. Kelly: I mean, I was at Cedars-Sinai last week and I was asking some of the people that work on me about what they had to go through, and I think this is one of our problems that we have all the doctors have to get vaccinated, all the nurses have to get vaccinated, because they're like, "Why? I'm vaccinated. You're getting vaccinated." It's kind of an epidemic within the industry. Does anybody have anything? Brandy: I do want to point out that a nurse was fired from a hospital in New Jersey and she sued the hospital for wrongful termination because she refused the flu shot. She won in court a large settlement from the hospital. So that sets a huge precedence. So, right now, it's not entirely mandatory. A lot of nurses and doctors can still wear masks, the mask of shame. But I think the next step will be mandating it and I think that we need nurse associations, unions going after the hospitals in court and there's a precedence and this could very well win their constitutional right back. Toni: It's mandated by the state. They attempted that in New York State several years ago to make it a state mandation for healthcare workers, and the nurses' union threatened to sue. They didn't want to have the flu vaccine on trial. So they dropped the mandate. But what they've done to go around state mandation is financial incentivization for the hospitals that play the game and there is some financial incentivization for large hospitals. There are some hospitals that don't mandate it. I'm surprised always to hear that. But there are some smaller hospitals that actually don't mandate that for everybody that works there. But that is where we're headed is financial incentivization, not state mandation because they know they can be challenged in court by the National Nurses Union. The doctors are too stupid or complacent to do what the nurses do and join together and fight with the union, but the nurses managed to do that. And in British Columbia, we had the same thing like in New York just two years ago. It was a big war, hidden war and the nurses' union did not back down and in fact they won. So it's all being done now through side channels through financial means and that's where we're headed and that stuff has to be exposed as well. That's just a small part of these hospitals that are considered nonprofit, getting huge amounts of money, taxpayers' money for doing things that the taxpayers are paying for. I mean it's just the tip of the ice berg with a lot of the nonprofit hospitals. Karen: Can I just add? I know this is wrong, but anyways, I have a friend who's a nurse and he actually paid somebody to sign off that he had received the shot. I'm just saying, the question was asked. Audience: It's a workaround. Karen: It's a workaround. Anyways, so that worked. Kelly: No, no. Say it again. Say it again. I don't want them to make people have their thumbprint to get their… Audience: She's going to do it. She's talking about someone she doesn't even know did it. Kelly: Okay. Maybe. Audience: People need to know they're doing it. Kelly: Since thimerosal is not found in the live virus MMR vaccine, what ingredients in the MMR vaccine trigger autism in susceptible individuals? Andy: Just by way of background, when I got involved in this, it was really listening to the parent's story and what actually happened to their child. And in England at that time, MMR vaccine was given in isolation. So it was easy for the parent to say this is what happened. And then, having pursued that for several years, I came to America and heard about thimerosal and realized that this causation was likely to be far more complex than I previously thought, and the reason is that thimerosal not only poisons the brain but it poisons the immune system and it poisons it in a way that makes it less able to deal with live viruses. Aluminum does exactly the same thing and the two potentiate each other. [1:50:22] So, you're looking at a toxic soup, a perfect storm if you like. If you preload a child with thimerosal and poison their immune system, then when you give them a live viral vaccine. The immune system just puts its hand up and says, "I don't know what the hell is going on here." So the simple answer is I don't know what it is about MMR. We didn't see autism being reported as a consequence of the single vaccine. In all but one or two cases in my entire experience, it was the MMR. There was something about when they combine this vaccine into one, one and one and one didn't equal three. They equal something completely different. And when they used a particular MMR, [1:51:03] [Indiscernible] contained in a mump strain called the Urabe AM9 from Japan. It produced meningitis at a very high rate. It wasn't used in this country. It was a SmithKline Beecham vaccine at that time. They'd used 5 million dosage of the single Urabe AM9 mumps vaccine without any prospective reports of meningitis. It was only when they combined it into the triple vaccine that something new and unintended occurred and that was meningitis. So, is it the combination? Is it age of exposure? All of these co-factors? The answer is simply we don't know. The equation is far too complex to say it's measles, mumps or rubella or the combination of the three. We don't know. Kelly: Okay, can you discuss the MTHFR gene mutation? 96% of autistic children have it? I think this is the non-methylators. Audience: I got to say something. We don't know because the guy who's doing the study of all of these had his career destroyed. The guy who was in the middle of all the tests who wanted to look into why the MMR was doing this, they stopped all these studies. I just wanted to point that out. Kelly: That's Del Bigtree and that's true. So I think Andy, wasn't it that you suggested that there needed to be further studies and that's when the beginning of the end started? Andy: Yeah, that was the beginning of the end of my career is questioning vaccine safety and it's happened time and time again to other researchers. It's not a reason not to do it. It's not a reason to be frightened to this people. It's a reason to do it twice as hard. Kelly: Dr. Delgado? Thank you, Andy. Nick: When you're working with autistic children, the reason things like vitamin B6 and 5-methyltetrafolate works so well is because those people who do have the genetic effect and they can't absorb normal folic acid from the multivitamin and mineral, they respond superbly because their body is finally getting something they can absorb. Again, just like some and most humans, obviously we can't absorb vitamin C directly, we can't make it ourselves, we have to get it from our foods, 5-methyltetrafolate is rather expensive B vitamin but available, and I give my children everyday chewable tablets of it. I make sure they get a full spectrum of whole food nutrients. I make sure they get a lot of greens and beets because that improves our nitric oxide level, which fills up in the white blood cells to fight viruses and bacteria. I make sure that they get certain herbs that target RNA and DNA viruses. You see, the front isn't just what we don't give our children in regards to vaccinations. It's how we raise our children on a healthy whole foods diet, exercise, sun and love and getting them quality sleep and nurturing our children so that we don't have to have a culture that's so sick and diseased, as doctors have written a recent book How Not to Die by Michael Greger. I've interviewed literally in the last three years about 500 segments of the top doctors around the world. And behind closed doors, I ask them, "Will you talk about vaccinations?" And they say, "No, I can't talk about it." And I say, "Why?" And they say, "Because my license is at risk, and if I do talk about it I can't defend my colleagues if they're in court." So this I have in many private conversations recorded in my own personal files and it would just horrify you to know the level of expertise in doctors who understand the power of immune system and God-given ability to sustain our fight against disease instead of using these artificial drug-induced pharmaceutical, profit-motivated people. So just fight vaccines. Just fight them. This is the wrong thing. Build the body by building the body properly a health immune system, please. [1:55:03] Kelly: Thank you. Wendy: Something that I want to add is that for parents that have boys and girls that are nine years old and up, they've changed the age for the HPV vaccine. And so your kids that are in schools where there are school nurses, I think you all know that in… Kelly: This is Gardasil, right? Wendy: Is this okay? Toni: Yes. Wendy: That in 2012 there was a law passed that gave permission to school administrators and nurses to administer this HPV vaccine without a parent's permission. I mean, that's… Audience: In California. Wendy: Pardon? Toni: Statewide in California. Wendy: Yes, California. Audience: And Texas. Wendy: And Texas. So what I would invite you all to do is have a conversation with your children who are nine and above that if and when they go to the school nurse, that they do not receive a vaccine. And also if your kids go to -- my husband and I took our daughter to a doctor, and while she was being examined -- it was two doctors that we're seeing. This one doctor said to my daughter, "Can I talk to you?" And because I've been involved in this movement and I know about what happens when the parent goes out of the room, he said, "Would you be comfortable with that?" And I said, "Actually, I'm not comfortable with that. What is it that you want to speak with my daughter about?" "Well, I just want to ask her about her health, about drug use." And I'm like, "Yes, you know, I'm really not comfortable." And then she walked out and I said to my husband and my daughter, "I just want to let you know the method behind my madness," because they think I'm sort of crazy. And I said, "This is why," and I explained why and so they were totally okay with it. And then, my daughter went back with my husband later to see the other doctor. And this doctor came in and said, "Can I speak with you alone?" And my daughter looked at this doctor and she said, "Are you going to try and talk to me into having a vaccine, because it's not going to happen." And so I was really happy that I had shared that and that my daughter was able to stand for it. But I would just invite you to talk with your kids about that so they can feel empowered as well. Kelly: I think that would make a great commercial right there, right? "It's not going to happen." That's what I'm telling the doctor. Karen: Okay. And I want to add because this really infuriates me, this vaccine. Because I just wanted to take it a little bit further. Your kids will be bullied and what's been happening is the school nurse will say, "If you have sex, you will die and you will get cancer. You don't want to get cancer and die, so you need to have this vaccine." So it's really, really important to have these conversations. I have a woman who worked for me. She was a firefighter. A young girl, she's got two kids and she leaves the doctor's offices crying. I mean, this is one tough girl, but they don't want her to breastfeed, they want her to vaccinate. She's tough and she knows and she took care of my daughter. It's really hard. So we have to prepare our children. If you have to even go to the doctors with someone, do so. I've had police officers say that the nurses tried to just give vaccines without his permission. A male police officer, a woman was in there trying to give a vaccine. People are brainwashed that are working in the medical community. So, really, this is such a huge topic. Kelly: Can you speak to the effects of the Gardasil vaccine? Brandy: Yeah, please. Toni: Yeah, I can. Gardasil is a very interesting vaccine because I took a very close look at Merck's own data and I analyzed it with Stephanie Seneff of MIT and Eva Vanamee at Mount Sinai and with the help of [1:58:54] [Indiscernible] up at UBC. We actually looked at Merck's own data. And what's interesting is that the death rate was very high in the placebo as well as the test group. It was higher than normal. They said this was normal, that two out of a thousand girls die every year. Well, that's not true. I know that's not true. We looked at the deaths specifically. They amortize them over a two-year period. But what was very interesting was that in the group that actually got the full vaccine, 75% of the deaths were in the first 25 days. They were not amortized over two years. So, statistically, that's problematic. And I'm talking about the suicides were in the first three to four days. So there were some suicides. They were all on the first three to four days of the vaccine. The deaths that were car accidents, falling out of trees, drownings, these all also happened in the first, 75% of them in the first 25 days. And the mechanism of death is sudden heart stoppage, fainting. So if you're swimming or driving and in a tree and your heart stops or you faint, you have a syncopal episode, it's very likely you could die. You could fall to your death or drown. So that is what we believed happen. [2:00:13] The placebo group, which as you know, in this placebo of thousands of girls, 300 of the thousands got an actual placebo, saline. But if you read the study, it doesn't even make sense. So, some of the placebo got actual placebo, they got saline. The rest got the aluminum, the AsO4, AsO3 aluminum adjuvant. And those deaths started at about 151 days in, so they were different mechanisms. Cerebral vascular events, so totally different mechanism. More neurological vascular as opposed to a cardiac arrest and syncopal episodes, fainting. And I have interviewed Diane Harper who was a lead, a consultant for that vaccine. She's a world expert on cervical cancer. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. So she is working with Merck telling them what they need to do in order to prevent the third level or some dysplasia, third level of dysplasia. Because that's really where they were going. They never had a disproved cancer with the vaccine. They didn't have to show that it prevented cancer. The FDA allowed them show that it prevented the third level of dysplasia and they were allowed to extrapolate that. It was a surrogate end point for then that they were allowed to say, "Okay, we can make a claim that it prevents cancer." And I've interviewed Diane on many occasions, we've talked at length about what's going on and she was very unaware of what the placebo was. So that was one thing. She had no idea the placebo was going to be the aluminum adjuvant. She didn't even know what the adjuvant was. She was really more on the other side. So what we have going on -- because people will ask me, "How can so many people be doing all these horrible things?" And I really think that if you intentionally don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing in these large organizations, so somebody is working on a small part of the vaccine and they are good-intentioned perhaps. But it's the people at the top that design it in a way that the consultants don't really understand what's going on. I mean, some of them do, of course. People like Paul Offit and people who have -- and Gregory Poland, I mean they know what's going on. We know that. But I think people like Diane Harper, she truly was completely well-intentioned and she became incredibly appalled when she discovered the reality. Not even the injury so much as the marketing to young girls because that was not the intention. It was to like third world countries that don't have pap smears, that was the intention of that vaccine. Because she has said that – they like to say that cervical cancer is a high death risk for cancer rates in women, but in the US… Kelly: So, it's okay for them to fall out of trees in third world countries and drown? Toni: Right. Oh, yeah. Remember, she had no idea at the beginning what was going on. I mean, she did not know what the right hand was doing. Kelly: While you're talking about this, how about the XMRV virus that's been known to cause – reported to have cause millions of cases of chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr and other. Can somebody speak to XMRV? Toni: That's another researcher who had a similar, although different experience to Andy. And she's not here today. Kelly: Is this Dr. Judy Mikovits? Toni: It is and I know Judy. And for those of you who don't know, this is a woman, a researcher who discovered a mouth virus that was contaminating all kinds of things actually, it wasn't just vaccines. But she had found associations between that and many diagnoses including prostate cancer and chronic fatigue and immune suppression and a whole host of things, and even maybe autism I believe. I don't know all of the research. But the interesting thing that happened to her is that one morning, after presenting to a room of 35 scientists, she found her home surrounded by about 30 federal agents, and all the computers and phones of her and her family members were confiscated, but she was smart and she had saved copies of her research and it was locked away somewhere. So it has gotten out, but she was taken to jail without bail. Audience: On what grounds? Andy: They just made stuff up. Toni: Yeah, I don't know. Andy: Who needs grounds? This is America. You don't need grounds. Toni: You don't need grounds. Brandy: The company said that they stole their research and… [2:05:02] Toni: Yes, the company blamed her, but so why that would be a criminal offense without bail? I mean it makes no sense. So actually, that alerted the -- what's it called the guy who bonds, the bondsmen. It actually alerted the bondsmen and he's interviewed in the book. There's a book called Plague, thank you. So it's a very involved story and she had a gag order on her and only recently has been allowed to talk about her story directly. So the book is called Plague and if you want more information because I don't know all the details about her research, but I do know that this happened to her and it really was traumatizing for her as you can imagine. And this is kind of what we see. I don't know if you know. I'm sure he knows, instead of saying [2:05:51] [Indiscernible], we say they've been Wakefielded. That's the term. Kelly: Wakefielded. Toni: Yes. Kelly: Andy took one for the team and now it's a brand name. Brandy: I would love to just talk a minute on Gardasil because I think that this is a really important issue that we need to address, and there are a lot of things that I just really quickly want to say about that. It's the HPV vaccine. In the industry we call it the have to pay for Vioxx vaccine, and it's made by Merck. I've done the numbers, with 76 million children between the ages of 9 and 26, it's a $32 billion with a recurring annual revenue stream of 3 billion. To give you a small proportion, one of the biggest blockbuster drugs in the US was Lipitor for Pfizer, a cholesterol drug. It was pulling in 5 billion a year. So this is a huge untapped market and Merck and other vaccine companies are looking towards vaccines to make this profit. That's driving the mandated vaccine bills that we're seeing. This is a huge market because the pharmaceutical drug market is saturated. It's very competitive. There's probably already two, three, four, five drugs in a diseased state and there's liability. Merck paid out 7 billion for Vioxx. In vaccines, there's no liability. There's lower safety testing. Again, no real placebo. No long-term safety testing so things can get fast tracked on the market quickly. And the profit margin is much higher than pharmaceutical drugs because they don't have to market it. They spend billions a year marketing their drugs. But with vaccines, we've all been taught they're safe and effective, we don't question the doctors. So, they don't have marketing. They don't liability. Huge, untapped market, 85% of adults according to the CDC are not up to date on their boosters. Do you know how much money there is to be made in the vaccine market? So this whole myth that vaccines aren't profitable, total myth. On Gardasil, the World Health Organization says that there is a risk of one in 40,000 of contracting cervical cancer. In Denmark, one of the lead researchers for the Merck trials in Denmark has come out and said that serious injury, they estimate the rate to be one in 500 girls, serious, life-altering injuries. There's a great documentary out of Denmark on the Gardasil vaccine. In fact, it spurred the EU to start investigating it, so now it's under investigation in the EU and there are a lot of lawmakers in the EU coming out against it being on the schedule in Ireland, in Denmark, in the Nordic countries. Actually, they launched within the last couple of weeks – the Denmark researchers just launched a study to assess all of the serious injuries from the vaccine. So while they're mandating it here in the US, it's being investigated and pulled from the market, and Merck is being sued in multiple countries for Gardasil injuries. Japan has pulled it off the schedule. So this is a very serious vaccine that causes serious injury and sudden death. It's one of the worst. Toni: And the push to make it mandatory is very strong right now. I was in Rhode Island because the health department there has -- they don't need legislators to mandate vaccines, the health department can do it. And they singlehandedly mandated it for all girls and boys to go to junior high. So I was flown out there to speak, and what's going on there is that while it didn't get taken off the books, it's not being enforced. But the interesting thing, the good news is that doctors showed up, doctors who never questioned vaccination but because suddenly, a vaccine for boys and girls in order to go to junior high was being mandated and it's for a sexually transmitted virus that 95% of the time clears on its own got the attention of doctors that are not too unconscious, which is a small percentage of them. [2:09:55] So those few conscious doctors started to look into it, and it's really great to see a new convert because they're usually really zealous. So we have like a few new converts standing up after we presented who weren't on the schedule who just got up and we're like, "Wow, they had done their research." Doctors who, like an anesthesiologist, a pain specialist, an ophthalmologist and they said, "If this was never mandated, I never would have looked into the Gardasil vaccine. I never would have looked into vaccines in general." So in a way, it is a blessing in disguise that their greed is getting the best of them. Kelly: Well, Japan, it was brought to my attention that Japan stopped advocating Gardasil because too many girls stopped menstruating and they became sterile. So you got kids. Brandy: Ovarian failure is a side effect. It's even listed on the insert. The American Academy of Pediatricians has now issued a warning about ovarian failure in girls. It's one of many serious side effects of that vaccine. And it has huge aluminum content, by the way. So, if you wonder what it's linked to, it's a toxic soup, as Andy says. You never know exactly what it is, but there is really good case for it being the aluminum, high doses of aluminum in it. Toni: Well, and the virus itself, too. Because if you get the vaccine and you've been exposed to the virus, you don't have to have intercourse to be exposed to HPV. It can live on fingernails. But if you've been exposed and you get the vaccine, you have twice as likelihood chance of getting cervical cancer. And in fact, prior to that vaccine, we never had cervical cancer in the pediatric medical literature we do now and they were all recipients of the vaccine. And Merck admits that that's the mechanism, that it's prior exposure. And the antibodies are short-lived so there's boosters and there's going to be – and now, if you had the initial one, you now need the new one. Because now, you're more likely to be colonized with other strains that can cause cancer, so what's the answer? Another vaccine. Brandy: And one thing you said that the immunity, the antibodies for the Gardasil in HPV vaccine are very short-lived, we're giving them to teenagers. The median age for a cervical cancer to acquire it is 50. So it's not even going to last them until that time. And we're giving three doses to teenagers. $405 per child between the ages of 9 and 26 in this country, that is… Toni: And the antibody level after the first dose is the same as the antibody level as the third dose, which is why they're pushing for this. Kelly: Come on. We're running out of time, everybody. I got a lot of questions still packed up here. So, Karen, can you give me? Karen: Okay. I just want to talk briefly about money because it always comes back to money. Children that are injured and die before you settle in court, the child gets $250,000 if they die before you could settle with court. And also, families, I have a family, their daughter just passed away. But when they settled with the vaccine injury compensation program, they were offered a million dollars if they sign the gag order, and they refused. But when the child dies, the money goes back to the government. And also, when you purchase a vaccine for every antigen, there is 75 cents that goes into the fund that my daughter, Sue to get. So, for the MMR, they put 2.25 aside, $2.25. So, all of that money that's set aside, the government takes 25% of that to do what they will. They can go to war, build roads. So we just have to keep remembering that this always comes back to money. So, the government is telling us to vaccinate and then they're getting all this money from it. Kelly: All right, we have some more from the audience. We have a 12-year-old son who will be going into the seventh grade. He has never been vaccinated. What do we do? Who can we go to for a medical waiver? Or do I need a lawyer or can we move out of state because we live in California? Brandy: Don't vaccinate. Move. Wendy: Talk to us when we're not on the mike about who you can go to see. Larry: Yes, Dr. Kenneth Stoller. I don't have his website in front of me but if you Google Dr. Ken Stoller, he has a new website up and he'll do medical evaluations for medical exemption. I highly recommend Google-ing him, finding his website. It's jabs for something rather… Audience: Ken Stoller? Larry: Ken Stoller, S-T-O-L-L-E-R. Ken – he's up in the Bay Area. [2:14:43] Brandy: He's in San Francisco. Can I just mention that medical exemption, there was just a law introduced in Virginia. It was shut down for now but it was to restrict medical exemptions to pink book on the CDC and this is what we're looking at. So, while medical exemptions will placate some people for now to try and get us to stop fighting mandatory vaccines, they're not going to last forever. They are only a Band-Aid. They are only a cushion. Within two to three, four years, they won't be available for anyone who doesn't have HIV or are currently on chemotherapy. So while we can look towards that now, please don't think that that's the fix-all and it's going to save us. We need to start really doing public education, talking to the law makers. All of these types of things, because the medical exemptions won't last for long, neither will grandfathering. Larry: It's a partial stopgap. What we really need to do is bond together and work on educating the populace so that we can shut down mandatory vaccination. Kelly: Are there question from the audience, staff? Audience: My son is DO, Dr. Rachel West here in West Los Angeles, will do an evaluation for medical exemptions as well. Dr. Rachel West, W-E-S-T. Brandy: Maybe we could give names after, not on the live stream. Audience: We never finished the MTHFR gene question and I was reminded of that. Toni: I'm just going to say something in general about it. It's a SNP. It's considered a SNP, meaning we're looking at genetic SNPs. Think of it as this little snippet of your gene that dictate enzymes and dictate proteins and dictate detoxification and things called methylation which is what the MTHFR gene is associated with. And prior to having a toxic environment, these things were not so important. I mean, I'm sure they evolved over millennia for things in our environment, just like sickle cell with malaria. So there is variances in our genes how we methylate or how our cytochrome P450 works and there's other enzymes, your high acetylator or low acetylator. And again, without a toxic environment, these things don't play out negatively. But when we add in to the situation, because suddenly, everything is MTHFR suddenly, right? Twenty years ago, did anyone talk about it? No. So maybe it has always been important since we've had mercury and lead in the environment because we now see that certain mental illnesses can really be helped tremendously with methylated folate methyl B12 and some other things. So I think that it's a genetic variance that's always been in the population. It is more important and genes are being suppressed and activated by let's say, Bt toxins or GMOs. So, there's other things adding to this to making them more or less important. But it is now, there's a toxic burden on our populous and the methylation pathways are all the more important because of the toxic burden. So you're not defective if you're lacking some enzymatic action from methylation, but it is more difficult for you if you live in a toxic soup. So that is kind of in a nutshell my take on what's going on with suddenly all these SNPs being important and all these issues. Kelly: Right, but what about is there a way to help the non-methylated. Toni: So, the cheapest testing -- because I was testing with the labs that I use, way too expensive. I now tell my patients either go to Ancestry for $99. It's not the full complement but it has a lot of them, or 23andMe for $199 and that's the full complement and they are very good according to Sterling [2:18:42] [Indiscernible] who I trust. She said she's looked at them. So those are much less expensive than having your doctor do you the cheek swabs and test for them through the other fancy labs that we use because they run more like six to 800 for the full batter. So, I would do 23andMe, then you can go online, there are apps that you can use. You can pay to have a consultation. Kelly: What do you take to fix it? Toni: You take methylated B vitamins for the most part. You're taking a methyl folate and trimethylglycine. Some people need to take glutathione. Some people need SAM-e. It will depend on really what's going on with that pathway. But methyl, you're always safe with methyl folate and methyl B12. Kelly: Allison, you have something to say? Allison: No. Kelly: Okay, all right, how about any SIDS case in unvaccinated kids? Any way to get autopsy reports data and prove it was a vaccine injury. [2:19:43] Toni: I haven't heard of SIDS in unvaccinated. I'm sure it's going to happen. I mean, other things can cause -- just like RhoGAM. Maybe the child got RhoGAM and got mercury. But SIDS typically was associated with the DPT. There was a huge case in the late '70s which really was the impetus for the vaccine court. No, it is very hard to get an autopsy report that says the vaccine caused the SIDS. I don't know that you're going to see that. One, there is a lot of pressure on the pathologist, one, to not say that. Two, they'd have to be able to prove that that's what it was and I don't know how you can prove that. Kelly: Does Dr. Delgado, you have a way? Nick: I did an extensive review of a death of a child from SIDS and it opened up a whole area when I reviewed the medical journal Lancet and several others. What you have to do is take a look at -- they took animals and they took regurgitated milk that was from formulas and it ended up in their lung tissue and it caused death, and they found the babies that had died from SIDS and in high incidence – this is something that we all have to start paying attention to is the issue that dairy product itself or the formulas, instead of breast milk. But these formulas regurgitate and then the baby dies in the middle of the sleep, their sleep cycle because this harmful reaction to the body of regurgitation of a harmful form protein that causes the death. Now, people didn't realize that formulas could cause SIDS or Sudden Death Syndrome. So you really have to understand the immune system and realize that foreign proteins whether they come from meat, dairy products, from vaccines, we're taking in tremendous amounts of these foreign proteins and food compatibility and allergies. This is a science that's pretty well-developed but pretty much ignored in most cases. Yet, it's the core of many disease problems and you can see the introduction of microbes from whether it be meat or chicken and even cutting boards and vegetarians where they're eating vegetarian food but the cutting board, meat was used, they're going to have contaminants and they're going to develop salmonella outbreaks and all kinds of harmful disease outbreaks and in some cases, death. So you really have to clean your environment up of these byproducts and recognize that we're really talking of more global picture of how does immune system work at its best. And once you understand that, you're going to be much more protected overall from disease and pathogens. We have more bacteria in the human body than we have human cells. But it's the harmful microbes that are introduced through foreign proteins and animal byproducts that makes it even worse. And that's what a lot of these vaccines have. They have foreign proteins that makes it very harmful. Kelly: What about when you combine that with mold exposure? Nick: I've been looking under a microscope for 40 years of people's blood and you see things, microbes, I can see spirochetes in Lyme patients. You can see fungal forms. You can see exposures mold. You can test for it in IgG and various forms of testing. So you can really form a full spectrum of what's safest for you and your environment and what's unsafe. And really, this is the beginning of -- health starts personally with each individual and learn how to build up your health and identify these neurotoxins and chemicals and molds and so forth. And the body will protect itself in a much better fashion. But if you have leaky gut syndrome and children with autism are given gluten or dairy or wheat and that little thin cell lining that protects the gut from the microbes, it just flushes in and then these children have very, very problematic problems. Mental illness and disease, you go back as far as the work by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer. This is very clear if you read Mental Illness and Nutrition. This textbook stuff is well-found. Kelly: Thank you so much. Yes, I was informed that the HPV vaccine injuries almost always occur in kids with molds susceptible genotypes per Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in his book Surviving Molds, for anybody that's dealing with mold. Are there statistics about percentages of autism in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated populations? Wouldn't we love that? Is there non-vaccinated populations? Larry: I have something to say about that and then you guys may have something, too. So, in my Facebook community which has – I have 5,000 friends and then a couple of thousand more followers. And then I have a Facebook group and a Facebook page. So, I bring that to your attention because I've read a lot of commentary, a whole lot. Like hundreds of parents have said, many hundreds of parents have said that they have an unvaccinated child and a vaccinated child. And across the board, the vaccinated child has a lot of health issues. Maybe a little bit slower, has processing disorder, might be autistic, might be on the spectrum, different kinds of problems. And the unvaccinated child, especially for those parents who are following an organic diet, really whole foods and everything, that child is exceling. Never gets sick, never has any issues particularly and is thriving. [2:25:17] Although there's no study, what I want to do at some point in time is going to interview these particular parents and have a whole set of videos with these parents explaining the differences and even showing these children so that people can get an understanding. So, it's unofficial. It's not an official study, but it says a lot when parents are telling us this information. Kelly: Allison? Allison: Yes, really quick. When they had to fight the cancer-cigarette connection, it was by proving that people who didn't smoke cigarettes were not dying from so much cancer. That's true. Now, same thing with the vaccines. My favorite line is to say unvaccinated populations historically and globally do not have autism. And one of the few, few -- there's more or less of these unvaccinated populations to look at, but not only -- I grew up in an area which it virtually didn't exist, now it's chronic. If you look at this, there was a Mormon group of kids in Texas, I believe it's in 2008 in which -- it has something to do with underage girls then they took, they went and invaded this isolated community of Mormon religious people and none of the children had ever gone to doctors. They've never been vaccinated, all completely healthy. They took 500 children under the age of 16, got them all checked out by doctors and not one was on the spectrum, not one. So there you have it. I mean we know it historically because it did not exist X amount years ago. And it started with the DPT during the 1940s which I know I don't have much time to talk but it's [2:26:53] [Indiscernible]. Kelly: No, we got to move on. Wendy, what do you want to say? Wendy: Just very quickly. One of the things to also keep in mind when you're talking to people is that sometimes some people hear the A word, the autism word, they shut down. But there's things that you can talk about like tics, eczema, asthma, gastrointestinal issues, behavioral problems, the increase of ADD, ADHD. I would love to see the statistics of that from the time the vaccine schedule changed. Kelly: I'd like to see them all get a mercury test. Wendy: Yes, and the IEP. So there are things to look at that lead up to autism and being on the spectrum. So when we're talking about it, it's great to remember that because that impact of vaccines and the almost tripling of the vaccine schedule has resulted in a large amount of kids with ADD, ADHD behavioral issues. So, that is a really important thing to look at. Larry: I have a question for the doctors. Vaccinating a child and what it actually does to the immune system. My understanding, and help me if I'm misunderstanding it, is that the immune system is kind of like at this increased level that it never calms down. Whereas you naturally did an infection, it will rise up and then calm back down and it's done. Toni: They're antagonistic. That's the word you're looking for. I think Andy said it very well when I kind of was alluding to the switch from innate immunity to acquired immunity. And just so you understand, presence of antibodies does not mean you're immune. It means you've been exposed. There is something called agammaglobulinemia which is people born without the ability to produce antibodies. And historically, these children got childhood diseases and then were immune to them even without the presence of antibodies. We also know their studies where we induce antibodies between vaccination and they still get diseases in animal models and actually in real life. So antibodies are just really mean exposure, but I think Dr. Wakefield explained it eloquently which is we're shifting a lot of the energy from this innate immunity which is really the first momentum we have. I mean that's really the most important immunity and we're shifting the energy to go right into acquired immunity. For a period of time after each vaccination, your innate immunity is not working very well. And so, we're inducing allergies, really. So, we're inducing allergies, the adjuvants are – they are put there intentionally to boost the immune response. And everything you see around the time theoretically of that vaccine, you might develop antibodies, too. Andy, did you want to add anything? [2:29:39] Andy: No, except to say that so little is really known. It's just a lot of guesswork and I'll give you one example. There are various in which you can measure antibody immunity which as Toni says, it's not a measure of whether you are protected from the disease. There's a gold standard which is called plaque reduction neutralization assay which looks at antibodies that actually neutralize the virus. That's the only way that you could assess the efficacy of a vaccine. But that's not the way they do it. In practice, they use a test called ELISAs and RIA which measure the total antibody generated against the virus. So, only a proportion of that is actually useful antibody. The rest may actually be harmful. But the data represented on these other test which give an artifactual elevation of the efficacy of the vaccine which is utterly meaningless. Brandy: I'd like to just comment on that. In a natural situation, infants and people as well would never encounter six to nine, four, five viruses at one time. Naturally, we acquire one virus at a time. Our immune system works against it. We build antibodies, potentially immunity in a natural environment. So when you're injecting the immune system with six to nine viruses intramuscularly, which again bypasses the natural detox and the natural filters of the body, I mean your body goes into overdrive and it starts fighting everything because it doesn't know what it's doing anymore. That's where we're seeing a lot of the autoimmune disease and all of that. Now, one in 12 women now have an autoimmune disease, and one of the things that I mentioned when I was talking was the peanut oil. Peanut oil is generally regarded as safe so it's not on vaccine inserts, but it's used as a stabilizer. Well, we are one of the only countries with peanut anaphylaxis and allergies. Because the body, when you put that many viruses with the adjuvants and the chemicals, the body's immune system goes into overdrive and it fights everything. It doesn't know peanuts from aluminum, from the measles virus. So it goes on overdrive and this is where we're getting the food allergies. And then anything introduced when the system is in overdrive, like I have a friend with a son who's allergic to bananas, she probably fed him bananas right after he got a round of vaccines. So this is where we're seeing these odd food allergies that other countries that don't have the schedule we have are laughing like, "What? Allergic to bananas? What are you talking about?" This is where we're getting that. So we're overstimulating the immune in a way that we would never encounter in a natural environment. Kelly: Homeopathic vaccines, do they work? Can we get them? Toni: There is some research to show some efficacy. The research has not been done in this country. It's been done in India for the most part. People call me all the time, "Can you sign my waiver and say you vaccinated me because you gave me a homeopathic prophylaxis?" And the answer is no. I wish I could but one reason that I couldn't do that is that Merck knows that I don't buy their vaccines and I'm on their radar. So, no, I can't do that. But there are some studies to support that you have a greatly reduced reaction to a specific illness when given a homeopathic prophylaxis. As a classically trained homeopath, I don't treat that way. I treat what's in front of me so I treat reactions. But there are people who do it and I've worked on some legal cases in Australia. In Australia, they have philosophical exemption and many people do actually use homeopathic prophylaxis as their vaccination and they write that down and that's on their documentation. So different parts of the world work differently and a lot has to do with the political climates. Kelly: Where do we need to move to be safe? Brandy: France. France accepts homeopathic prophylaxis for vaccines. Andy: Not Australia. Toni: Not Australia. Australia is changing quickly. Ecuador, I think. Kelly: All right, so we're getting ready to wrap up. I know everybody is getting itchy but I want to get all these questions in. It's important. I know this was mentioned earlier but I'm going to repeat it. A woman wants you to comment on the Rogaine given to pregnant women who have Rh-negative and Rh-positive conflict with the father. She was forced to have it and was told that they would put me in the hospital to have a blood transfusion in utero if I didn't get the vaccine. He couldn't tell me what was in it. Also, she didn't know that they gave her one a Hepatitis B vaccine on day one. She said he got the vaccine and he screamed all night long. Being a single mother, I always told it was me, I was always blamed that I was an aggressive parent. My son had hallucinations. It's been hard. What do you say to this, Dr. Delgado, about this? I know you've mentioned it before but maybe we could quickly just… [2:34:34] Nick: Mayer Eisenstein who passed on just last year was personally mentored by Robert Mendelsohn. And Robert Mendelsohn, I spoke to in 1987 at a Pasadena conference. You really need to read the book How to Raise a Healthy Child. It's still the definitive book by Robert Mendelsohn. You need to read Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out and you'll learn about some of the truths about homeopathic, about other approaches, the dangers of vaccinations. We've known about this for a long time. But as the Big Pharma picks up steam, they're going to push real hard. I mean, like I told you, 37 years ago when my son was born, there was a little bit of pressure but fortunately I found a pediatrician that supported breastfeeding and non-vaccination. I took all my children to him until he passed about five or so years ago. And then I found another great doctor, Jerry Kartzinel. His clients are ridiculed about their positions they take. You are right, this panel is amazing people and I hope everyone gives them a hand for their courage. When you're going up against a community that purports to give you science, when I hear the obscene comments by Penn & Teller comics telling you that that's how you should handle this situation and just ignore these doctors that are talking against vaccinations and not giving you one shred of scientific evidence, that's like Nazism. That's like talking out of craziness. So, if it was me and 30 years ago, I was faced with this, I didn't know. I read the textbooks and I thought, oh, what doesn't seem to be a vaccine and it has something to do with Rh and positive, and I read extensively at that moment and I made a quick decision. I said, okay, we're being pressured to do this. There's a risk, and if the baby is born, there might be some problems. But as it was, the risk turned into disaster with my son who, as I said, has been institutionalized now and literally has lived a life of not what I would call a quality life in any way, shape or form. So you really have to be careful with anything injected in your body. You have to understand what are the ingredients. And when they withhold the actual ingredients of something. Things like the flu virus, they've reintroduced the mercury, slipped it back in and yet they tell you that it's not there, I can't believe that we as adults in this society that I was believed is the country of free speech that we're all at risk. I've had three of my doctor friends pass recently. I knew them very well. Two of which were very, very healthy people. So I'm very concerned for this society, but it's really up to you and all of us to spread the word and share this media output and help these people because we're up against potentially a losing battle. But you know, sometimes it's that one voice, that Gandhi voice that just steps up goes, "Hey, I've had enough of this." Kelly: I was told that Eli Lilly continues with thimerosal and the vaccines after 22 people died and so many dangers were documented and they wanted to know how they continue to be able to do that. But I think we all know. Toni: Okay, so one thing I want to tell you and give you like a weapon. Just like that doctor who said, "Oh, aluminum, it's in breast milk, it can't be a problem." So what they like to say about the mercury in vaccines that it's ethyl mercury, it's methyl, and ethyl is safe and methyl is not. Well, they can turn into each other. Inorganic forms of mercury can go into organic forms. Ethyl can go into methyl depending on the bacterial environment. And there is numerous researches showing that ethyl in the presence of methyl is toxic. So, that is a bunch of BS and so you need to know that. Don't let them make you think like you didn't know what you were talking about. Because that's one of the things they talk about. The other thing is aluminum being in breast milk and that it's safe because there is more in breast milk than in vaccine and that you eat aluminum in aluminum foil foods and things like that. But don't let them make you think that you know the difference from injection to ingesting. And the other one is the formaldehyde. Our bodies produce formaldehyde, yes, it's true. There's naturally occurring formaldehyde in wood, in our bodies and all kinds of things but the amounts injected, it is considered a carcinogen and it is a volatile organic compound that is carcinogenic. The amounts we produce are very small. When it's injected into a closed system is a very different story. So don't let anybody give you the run-around because those are their talking points. [2:39:52] Kelly: We want to talk about Zika. What about the Zika virus? Toni: Oh, Zika virus. Okay, I've been on this because I tweet and I'm on Twitter with lots of different around the country and doing medical management. The white paper written by the Brazilian Physicians Association says that -- at the time they wrote it three weeks ago, four out of the 4200 cases of microcephaly were positive for Zika. A week ago, 17 out of 4200 or 5000 cases were positive for Zika. And what they're saying is that it is the larvicide that was introduced into their drinking ironically enough to reduce mosquito population. Kelly: I just want to say thank you to all of our panelists. They are rock stars of what they do. I think they've all been using media and management and getting the word out through all of their websites. order philosophy dissertation online Touro Law Center.

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