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Writing dissertation online capstone turbine ceo how to get research paper on ability asap ´╗┐welcome to the ACC baseball championship on ESPN today from beautiful Durham Bulls Athletic Park to Durham North Carolina it's the final game of the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament defending champion and six seed Florida State taking on the red-hot Louisville Cardinals the five suit both have to win semifinal games yesterday the cards Josh stores has been on fire six hits in the tournament including an RBI double yesterday against Pitt Devon man a triple and a homer as Louisville won at five two great game last night between Florida State and Clemson Jackson Luke tied it at four with a solo shot in the eighth then in the ninth and scored the game-winning run on a single by red apple and look at Mike Martin the legend fired up after that 5-4 win hi again everybody happy Memorial Day weekend alongside the professor former Notre Dame infielder Mike Rooney I'm climatic it's going to be fun here today two of the Blue Bloods of college baseball Florida State and Louisville both in the College World Series last year and today's their last chance to pad the NCAA Tournament resume yeah you're spot on clay you think about it's a surprise matchup by seed but not by program two of the nation's most consistent programs Florida State has been 216 in the last 19 Super Regionals Louisville has been to five in a row lot on the line in this game though Florida State's playing for a top eight seed and Bert Louisville they're trying to be one of the top 16 hosts Florida State of course led by Batman Mike Marra winningest coach in college baseball history past Augie Garrido earlier this year 1986 wins and he called last night's win over Clemson one for the ages and that's saying something because his close coached close to nearly four decades here's the lineup for Florida State today Mike Salvatore leading it off again there you see Cal Raleigh his 335 average leads the team so do his 52 runs batted in Dan McDonald and his 12th year at Louisville he took the Cardinals to Omaha for the fourth time last year one sec coach of the year in 15 16 and 17 I would argue this is the very best job Dan McDonnell's done has done a wonderful job with this very young Louisville Club MacDonnell's gonna send Bobby Miller to the mound the freshman 5 & 1 with a 2.0 atra All ACC third teamer and he made the All ACC Freshman team this year yes speaking of youngsters but it's really good stuff it's what it's supposed to look like to clay 6/5 200 pounds 90 to 92 at the fastball slider and a changeup so it's the standard mix the key can he throw the slider for a strike Louisville defensively fielding at a 970 clip they've got for errors in the tournament the defense has been great the last couple of years for the Cardinals not as sharp this year well and I think it's the result of a young team I mean there are six sophomores in the starting nine for Louisville today but I was to this place they are a much different team today than they were a month a half ago [Applause] absolutely beautiful day here on this Sunday 80 degrees in Durham a lot of humidity though as Mike Salvatore steps in to face Bobby Miller and the junior shortstop takes outside Salvatore 3 for 13 in the ACC tournament he has started all 60 games it's short this year for Florida State fun matchup play in that you know what you're getting with these two programs Florida State it's the relentless at-bats leading the country in walks again they just don't expand the strike zone and burr Louisville a super aggressive almost football like style 200 Salvatore Florida State the six seed winners of Pool C beat Virginia 3-2 in 11 innings NC State 5-2 two and Clemson last night 5-4 that rides inside it's 3 & 1 it's a lot for Bobby Moore the freshman this Florida State lineup is a lot to handle they're just not going to expand the strike zone on you if you can't get your fastball in it's gonna be a problem and he walked him pitching has been such a strong suit for Louisville this year leading the ACC with a 3.18 er a but the leadoff man for Florida State is aboard on a free pass so that brings up Jackson Luke the switch-hitting D H having another great ACC tournament boy and this is a really interesting kid he's a switch-hitter a really good athlete the numbers aren't quite what we expected from Jackson Luke but he is dangerous his strike so Luke who 6 for 13 with a homer this week his solo shot tight the game last night at 4 in the 8th inning getting hot at the right time Jackson Luke Salvatore at first after the walk Luke had a terrific at-bat in the ninth inning last night two-out walk that he worked was able to steal second to get into scoring position for red app1 who drove him home [Applause] Jackson Luke was the MVP of last year's ACC tournament went seven for sixteen and seven runs batted in of course the tournament last year was held in Louisville Kentucky and I would say clay don't let the 258th batting average fool you this is a top of the ACC type of player and he is again really peaking at the right time pulled foul 1 & 2 his home run last night his fifteenth of the year which leads Florida State his Knowles going for their second straight ACC Tournament title and 8th overall beat North Carolina last year in Louisville in the title game won the tournament as the 8th seed in fact about this year a couple of higher seeded teams getting to the championship game last year Florida State in a lot of ways kind of surprised a lot of folks being the eighth seed in winning and they had to go for the state was in real trouble at the end of last year and they go to Louisville which was a top five team in the country and they win two games to really save their tournament hoax and then next thing you know they're in Omaha the teams they beat last year were these Louisville Cardinals just amazing play that both teams are here I mean Florida State lost a first team all-american and Tyler Holton there Friday night guy before the season to Tommy John surgery Jana in full counts and then you think about Louisville and they lose players from last year's club like drew Ellis Brendan McKay Devin Hairston Kade McClure remember Brendan McHale you lost two national player of the years cuz Brendan McKay was a hitter Enda Friday night guy and he just read a loaded Louisville now that's it man on nobody out here at the top of the first and Luke is able to foul it off keep this bandit at-bat alive I would say this clay you can see why the Louisville coaches that's really excited about Bobby malaria he uh thrown a pitch that wasn't impressive changeup as good sliders good fastball is hot not quite enough strikes and if that's the case Florida State will present a big problem for you ground ball backhanded by Logan white at first he'll go to second for the force get the lead runner Salvatore nice play by Logan Wyatt the Louisville first baseman to get the first out of the inning and a really important play to play cuz you could bill this inning slip it away from Bobby Miller what a play right there by Wyatt Fitzgerald does a nice job just being a first baseman and collecting that out at second base you keep the double play in order really critical out for Bobby Miller this is red Aplin senior first baseman for 414 with a couple of runs batted in in the tournament none bigger than the one that won the game last night against Clemson he hit her to 2 fastball against first-team all-acc closer Riley Gilliam that's a great baseball play the cleat choice though clay I'm not so certain of white cleats with the gold pants in that accounting battle white cleats are coming back Cena more in the line but with the gold pants i am i'm throwing a flag on that although i'll say this clay it's so bad it's actually awesome got your attention the first things you notice when you get to the part in today they're kind of like pseudo hi to opposites red haplin's like my John Kruk version 2.0 just kind of a strange left-hander who can flat-out hit he's been right around 300 all year a couple of Homer's 33 driven in he hits with one on and one out here in the first when Miller is missed so far those in England's he has missed badly yet but it's hot and that basketball is 94 you gets a big big arm but to your point clay if you cannot command your fastball well our state's just gonna run your pitch count up I would say Louisville's bullpen is in really good shape today but certainly Dan McDonnell does want to get to it too early three and Oh with Raleigh on deck checks his swing he holds up too long with one out when I'll bring up Raleigh who's the leading hitter for Florida State elicit that right here could determine Bobby Miller's outing because there is no hitter in America hotter than Cal Raleigh and it's not for a really good play by Logan Wyatt Bobby Miller be in a world of trouble I wouldn't be surprised at pitching coach Roger Williams doesn't run out here and see if he can't change the momentum of this inning now we're sending some bodies down to the Louisville bullpen already Dan McDonald that's a future Hall of Fame college baseball coach right there it has done such an incredible job at Louisville they have become a national power underneath under Dan McDonnell and here comes Roger Williams this is too full clay and you know number one is they're gonna get some bullpen action going in a hurry but you know this is a talented freshman that Bobby Miller is important to the Louisville the future of their program and this is a big start against a team like Florida State they would love to see him work through this in seven starts this year all on the weekend Miller has the 2.40 er a he did not pitch well his last time to the mound against Notre Dame in the regular season finale and you're wondering if that maybe hasn't carried over here sometimes it's hard for a freshman to get over the last outing whether it be on the mound or a bad at-bat at the play well for all the freshmen the high school season would have ended two months ago so a lot of the freshmen are looking at you like why are we still playing baseball you know I should be on summer vacation right now or play them with my travel team so it's a long long season you hope they get a second wind after finals are over which is the case right now starting pitching has been so good especially in this ACC tournament for Louisville but Miller's struggling here in the first and now he's got to deal with Cal Raleigh the junior from right here in the state of North Carolina five for 12 with a homer and five driven in this week swings at the first pitch sends it toward the gap in the left center it's going to get off the base of the wall Jackson Luke will trot home here comes red Appling to score the throw nagging time and it's two nothing Knowles Cal Raleigh delivers a two-run double here in the first and just all over the first fastball he gets the beautiful approach Miller executes this pitch it's down the way but I'm telling you clay Cal Raleigh is just on a different planet right now I don't know how you get him out you just hope that he doesn't come up in an impactful situation he gets Florida State off to an incredible start here Rowley now in a 15 game hitting streak as Steven Wells bats for Florida State squares around pulls the bat back one ball no strikes Steven Wells another senior right fielder 3 for 11 3 doubles the tournament you can see Bobby Miller just trying to find something a basketball location he can lean on an off-speed pitch but it's just coming up empty on every option Oh Pam area but nobody is warming up answered you I like it it's a-you know a little bit of a message to Bobby Miller come on man you got this you're you're a talented young guy and you're important to our postseason hopes you can get through this four - Oh mr. Pete ninety-two miles an hour and Wells couldn't catch up with annex two one the good news for Bobby Miller is most of the damage is done at Cal Raleigh's not a good runner at second base he runs like a catcher it's not a compliment and you know it's it's gonna take a single well away from an al coda to score him [Music] trying to hit that outside corner missed three in one yeah you're just not gonna get that ball and you've already walked two and you're spraying the ball over the place and that's off the plate I just Jeff Koz he's not gonna call that a strike the way your command is at this point two runs already in Miller paddles back to fill out the count with Wells product of Key West High School home of the fighting conks all right go you see Wells 265 seven homers 28 runs batted in having the best year of his career great outfield arm one of the best in the nation I hope we get to see Wells throat today popped up and there's a collision between Miller and the third baseman laving who's Miller who's able to hold on for the output just another uncomfortable situation for the freshman starter here in the first inning and quickly Dan McDonald comes out to make sure his starters okay where Bobby Miller showed you some toughness just to stay upright because Justin lady is a monster that is I mean he looks like a division 1 football player if he's not hurt that might be just what Bobby Miller needs to get himself on in a groove with that said is that his ball to take should he have left that for the third base it's a divisive subject I'm Pro even though I generally consider pitchers to be non-athletes play no offense to Kyle Peterson but I'll I'm in favor of pitchers catching up on this just a little pop up anybody can catch that so I'm not in favor of infielders just barreling down pitchers because they can't catch a pop-up they can't two outs now for drew Mendoza the sophomore third baseman for Florida State he had her two-run home run the last night he's 2 for 8 a couple of runs batted in here in the tournament be real careful with your slider and changeup with Mendoza I wouldn't want to beat him with fastball down the way anything softened up becomes for nothing seven homers on the year his dad again blocked by Jack Burton Rowley will stay put at second base Mendoza tore it up and the title game last year against North Carolina you and I were there in Louisville to see it he hit two home runs in Florida State's 73 comeback women it's a super talent future first rounder Mendoza left-handed hitting third baseman super tool Zeke is that a tough second half do you sitting in the 400s earlier in this year he's ahead three and Oh Bobby Miller has already thrown 26 pitches here in the first inning and it feels like 126 it's been a tough 26 pitches and that's not just him that's Florida State they really stress your pitcher the free batter has had a three ball count three Oh strike just at the knees those hit a couple of homers in the College World Series last year - he made the all College World Series team and Miller loses Mendoza 2/3 walk allowed this inning Ruiz Albert will get a chance here in the first this is where it gets spawned clay we've got freshmen impacting this game Albert is is a bright freshman for Florida State you got Britton is a freshman catching for Louisville Bobby Miller freshman on the mound Rhys Albert rookie from Jupiter Florida got an opportunity to play every day after JC flowers the starting centerfielder got dinged up for a spell played really well in the field started to hit pretty well been able to get him out of the line him first pitch to Albert's combat hit receive Salah Polaski was 90 miles an hour and the the fastball had a little action towards the right-handed hitter away from Albert the lefty which to me means he threw a two seamer so you wonder pitching coach Roger Williams is maybe going from the four seam fastball to the two seam just to try and find something for Bobby Miller 30 pitches here in the 1st for Miller another one that misses out of the zone to two things for Miller number one use guy get out of this first inning but the second challenge will be he has no off-speed pitch for a strike not slider not change if you see Roger Williams one of the great pitching coaches we have in college baseball it's peeled out of play one or two I like it Roger Williams calls that changeup again almost one of those things like a golf club where you can't hit your 8-iron but you just got to keep put in play until you figure it out calls that changeup again thinking with Bobby Miller if we don't have the change-up we are not going to be long for this game one and two two Reese Albert the Louisville bullpen rooms has been absolutely terrific here this week in Durham they haven't allowed an earned run in eight and a third innings of work but if they have to call on the bullpen here in the first not ideal but they do have depth I'll tell you it's incredible because they're doing all this without Sam Gordon er who's a preseason all-american closer again the one two that's a big play if Louisville gets board nur help being back and he's had a little bit of an arm issue he is throwing now but if they get bored nur back man they are really scared for the postseason hey Smitty might be their best reliever right now pitched a couple of scoreless innings Friday against Duke he would be available today one two ground ball to second should end the inning but it is a long one for Bobby Miller the freshman for Louisville Florida state puts two on the board the first after a 32 pitch top of the first Florida State has a two-run lead Louisville will come to the plate for the first time the five seat winners of Pool D beat Wake Forest 10 - 2 - 9 - 2 and beat hip 5 - in the semis yesterday they have outscored teams 24 to 6 this week with essentially this lineup Fitzgerald weeding it off Devin man Logan Wyeth in the three and four spots not only can they drive in runs but they find ways on base those two have a combined 112 walks on the year extremely athletic lineup look we always get out of Louisville but it's young and they're gonna face a veteran Florida State our man andrew car for redshirt junior very talented Clay 84 with her 3.32 ER a tied for the ACC lead in victories you'll see it's a hard breaking ball flashing dominance up to 95 miles an hour you hope he's thinking to yourself why is this guy throwing on the 4th day for Florida State and he is pitched in many big games but again when it's good for Andrew carpet is very good like you said Florida State lost all-american East Lefty Tyler Holton on opening day and Tommy John surgery out for the year drew Parrish has been one of the guys who has moved into that quote unquote ace role and boy did he look good on Friday night complete game 14 strikeouts against NC State so that starting pitching has been really good for Florida State here in the ACC tournament to Fitzgerald puts a charge in it to Center JC flowers very athletic centerfielder tracks it down thanks out number one flowers in center he's flanked by Albert and wells and you talked about the arm of Stephen Wells in right field Mendoza Salvatore Rafael born ago all right Appling from third to first and Cal Raleigh's catching carp and you'll see Cal Rowley he is the heartbeat of this team it's very vocal leadership back there you brought up to parish for me clay he's the MVP of this Florida State team besides a Cal rally meaning that they lose a tie they're holding that is a death blow for a lot of programs and teams and parish has really just said I'll be your Friday night guy and he's been outstanding Jake Snyder at the plate for 411 in the championship one one bouncing ball to second charging for Nagoya Senate former major-leaguer Raphael born ago throws out Snyder two-up two-down quickly here in the first [Music] and now this is Devon man back-to-back three RBI days is five for 12 in the tournament [Applause] big hero yesterday in the semis against Pitt went two for three with an RBI triple to start his day and then a two-run homer which really put it out of reach for Pitt who had been the Cinderella story great stuff this Joe Jordana or John oh and that staff at Pitt have done such a great job transitioning from the Big East to the ACC in baseball not very easy and great to see the Pitt program here in the cities I'll take bite first of all Andrew Park really sharp sharp with the breaking ball sharp with the change-up Devon man we've seen this a million times at Louisville a kid that's a good player for two years and then a star as a junior so good with their player develop the last start for carp he held the ACC's top offense to two runs on eight hits over eight innings getting the win over NC State last weekend not easy to do swung on and missed a very quick inning for Andrew carp a one two three first Andrew carp really sharp from the get-go changeup for a strike Florida State up to nothing meat drank about three or four goes for the game but a course if both of those who are streaming live on the ESPN app I'll tell you this is this is big because the Celtics and Cavaliers have to win the Eastern Conference now before my Sixers go on a run of about ten in a row you Sam right I'm sure LeBron is feeling that pressure if I could speak for him the Cavs are gonna be with that Kevin Love tonight so we'll see what happens Rafael born ago leading it off for Florida State leading to nothing over Louisville his Bobby Miller the freshman starter for the Cardinals got a tough first inning he walked three Seminoles in the first matching his season-high of two walks for a game right away on the first inning and now he hits board a goal to start the second [Applause] [Music] you and I think the bullpen action will [Music] strike call - JC flowers number nine hitter is the Louisville bullpen is starting to crank now Brian hoeing junior right-hander getting loose Raphael born ago all three stolen bases in three attempts this years at first nothing into two flowers better flowers suffered a broken jaw March 25th at North Carolina he required surgery he ended up missing about six weeks he only came back to play about three weeks ago he's had a tough tournament here this week he's ill 413 he's gonna sit down with a fault third strike for a strikeout for Miller shows you something here cuz I thought we were in full panic mode after the hit by pitch and that's a two seam fastball he starts off the plate and runs it into the strike zone perfectly executed [Applause] back to the top of the order of Mike Salvatore a runner goes back up the middle knocks the glove off of Miller one play for Devon man that's to first they'll get Salvatore born a Gaul safely at second base we're really interesting call this is hit and run right here and Salvatore just has to go up the middle with it because it's a breaking ball away from them excellent play by Devon man to get an out I'll tell you Mike Martin the third-base coach for Florida State who runs their offense how about running a hit-and-run on this freshman who sprained the ball over the place usually you want those consummate strike throwers I like it trying to speed it up on them and it would have been hard for Devin man to turn the double play there but it maybe helped keep me out of that too for sure yeah that's the objective when you do the hit and run a lot of times since you just want to stay out of a double play now two outs for Luke down and in knock down Zach Britton we'll keep it in front just think of it though as a hitters perspective I mean every hitter for Clark State knows Bobby Miller has strayed the baseball all over the place and then your coach gives you hit and run you're thinking man I don't know if this guy's gonna throw it behind me or down the middle and I'm supposed to hit and run with that so good job by Mike Salvatore and I hate Mike Martin jr. just to have the courage to call that play I like it the son of the boss who's been working for his dad for a while is Jackson Luke takes outside there's Mike Barton jr. awesome he runs as good of an offense as anybody in college baseball does a fantastic job pretty good pedigree two questions seemed to loom larger every year when does Mike hang it up and who's gonna take over what he does and I wonder if it's gonna be Mike Martin jr. fly ball the left Snyder has it that ends the inning better inning for Millar claim advocate Mike Rooney back here at the ACC title game to nothing Florida State I guess it's becoming a postseason tradition now for these Louisville Cardinals that they bleach their hair and I know that they have persuaded Dan McDonnell to do it if they make the College World Series again which he did last year he did the frosted tips Coach McDonald look at how outstanding that is ground ball in the right field for Logan Wyeth and the Louisville Cardinals are in business here in the second first hit off of Andrew carp for Louisville today neither of these two teams that it looked dire removal early in this game either these teams gonna add clarity these are elite national programs where if you're gonna beat them you're gonna have to do it for nine minutes they're not going to go away and Josh stores comes up team captain all-acc first team err he has reached base in 42 straight six for 13 in the championship with a homer and nine runs batted in it's horrific numbers leading the team in all the Triple Crown categories he's ahead the count to another base Falls a funny game to Dan McDonald was dying for Josh stores to be their leadoff hitter and it just wasn't working and they move he's their most dynamic player he wanted him at the top they've moved him to the five hole and it has been on fire ever since chops this went down the line foul they batted first in the first 19 games and since moving down the order he's hitting for 22 with 40 runs batted in amazing that that's the thing you learn about making lineups clay here's I'll give you a rule of in life for making baseball on its way let me get my pen ready oh yeah it works until it doesn't work anymore I knew it was gonna be something profound so there you go where's North I expect nothing less from the college baseball professor Mike Cronin who will be in studio for the selection show tomorrow can't wait for that guys that is a fun day three one two stores down and away walked him so a base hitting a walk a lot by Andrew carp what a 10 pitch first inning set down the Cardinals in order 1 2 3 really interesting how Bobby Miller had as nightmarish the first inning as you could have and then recovers with a great second and Andrew carp was dominant in the first and now he's off to a tough second but you love Cal Rowley running out there there's there's depression I'll tell you ok that takes a lot you're a true freshman pitching on this stage against this team to calm yourself down and not be out of this game that's impressive there's drew Campbell now he's hit right around the 300 mark oil gear comes into today hitting 309 with a couple of Homer's 28 runs batted in you see the bases Wyatt at second stories at first now the bases are clogged in front of him but stories his 33 stolen bases it's pop foul the other thing about Louisville is and it's been this way for a few years their speed just kills you they recruit athletes on offense and it leads to good defense and Dan McDonald likes an up-tempo offense Louisville is always a team that runs a lot you'll see bunting game you'll see hit and run Dan McDonald is not a station-to-station coach [Music] [Music] good bucks Campbell well executed pushes Wyatt to third stories to second one down for Danny oriented they're not adding around a get some high fives really it's not as easy as it looks when you foul off or you struggle with your first bunt attempt and you recover to make the second one well done sophomore designated hitter Danny Laurie any Downers Grove Illinois 1 for 12 in the tournament he went over 4 with a couple of strikeouts yesterday against Pitt however he has hit 351 over the last 33 games with 29 RBIs the swing he did well the first base umpire today is Greg Street Jeff Ghazni is calling balls and strikes the one one from Karp you know what I like about carps wind-up is it's a traditional wind up with both hands over the head you just don't see that as my chicken at old-school breaking ball I found it's very 1950 ish yeah which we like [Applause] he looks like an old soul like you Clyde agent Carter get out of hands whacked to third Mendoza's there if you across the diamond to get the out but why it comes in for the first one of the day for Louisville it's two to one with Danny Oriente his thirty sixth of the year that's a good piece of hitting in that in that clay you just let yourself get jammed get your ground ball get the RBI that's it's not pretty but it gets the job done and Orion is a guy that they have high hopes for another one of those Chicago kids like a Knick solak and boy they have had so many good players from Chicago it seems like yesterday that silic was playing second baseball all-american I believe yeah no quest second round pick the birdie brothers and Louisville has had a great run of Chicago players Zach Britton another youngster from Batesville Indiana just as worth it bat in the tournament he's one for three freshman catcher making his 20th the start of the season today they've kind of had a rotating situation behind the plate this year Zeke Pinkham started yesterday he's a junior junior Pat Remora has had the majority of the starts this year 33 and all but he's battling an injury that's a strike to one I like them investing in Britain because you can tell he's got a chance to be a very offensive catcher yeah they feel his their best offensive choice right now I better throw another Chicago player in there put a little button Louisville how about courir a fifth pick over on the track it's incredible great job recruiting here at Louisville doing too it's a big out grande roue car the key for him today is just minimize the damage doesn't have to be perfect but it looks like your offense is going to be in good shape so can you minimize these damage situations speedy store is at second clerk gets Britain to strike out second strikeout for carp Florida State leading 2-1 Cal Raleigh who has a two-run double to his credit will bat second kid that there's rumors that the Tigers are considering him and KC Mize for that first pick overall and Bryan Brown by the way is from suburban Billy clay so it brings you're gonna get your your charisma your toughness and he's a huge Eagles fan Broad Street tough that's right amen to get on with a bunt is read a plunge to push it foul how about that the big first baseman in the three hole trying to get on and laying it down interesting it's kind of like a seven footer trying to take a three pointer I think it's the shoes he thinks he's passed through that really yeah it's a great point the white high tops if we were play pick-up basketball those would be perfect Bobby Miller had a 10 pitch second inning after he threw 32 to get out of the first inning as they got to him for two runs in the first that's why he's trying to bunt you see the third baseman's basically playing shortstop they've got a big time shift going on for Aplin and we talked about Mike Fox he hopes his North Carolina Tar Heels are going to be a top eight national seed which would mean that that have home-field advantage through the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament the regionals and the Super Regionals pitches down and in to into the RPI for North Carolina rooms coming into the day is eight they're right there on the bubble yeah it's Florida State Clemson in North Carolina all fighting for a top eight seat check the swing did he go yes they appealed at the third-base umpire David savage second strikeout the Bobby Millikin and a really good change if you see that ball just boy I don't know did he go I mean that's that can go either way I always I always love that at for the umpire they see it in fast motion we see it in slow motion and we're still not sure more than anything clay that's just a really good pitch by Bobby knowing Rawley extended his hitting streak to 15 with that two-run double last time up I'll take Lee if I was facing Cal Raleigh right now and you see them they eat right away first pitch of the at-bat in a big spot he's going to the other side of the field I mean he is locked in in every way shape and form right now ground ball to second and that's gonna ride up over the shoulder of Devon man into short right field Rolly will be aboard on the air as the fifth error against Louisville here in the ACC tournament Bobby Miller look on his face is thinking man I almost got Cal Raleigh out like me that's not that easy something when you're hot in this game everything's good even the outs or hits or on base I should say man on one out for Steven Wells who popped up to Miller back in the first inning yeah this is a real important point for Bobby Miller clay because your first inning was a disaster your second ending was really good and now some real difficult adversity here in the third can you fight through this in essence you're gonna have to get four outs this inning can you do it - I know you're talking about Joey Bart and as the ACC Player of the Year may be number one overall pick in the June draft everyone thinks it's gonna be Casey Mize though that I talked to this insights gonna get all the way to the screen under second is count Raleigh Raleigh though gotta wonder where he's gonna go in the draft very dependable durable today's is 180 fourth consecutive start switch-hitting catcher's are rare and the way this guy plays someone's gonna get a great buying a catch I tell you what I'm hearing from scouts is second round the fourth round you know Cal Reilly's not and one of those elite athletes use just an elite baseball player and sometimes you're drafted on projection not who you are today but he is just outperforms the the draft in this of this whole situation he just been so good so III think he would be a great pick in rounds 2 through 4 what a comeback to Cal Raleigh had a really difficult sophomore year and now he's had a tremendous junior season they walked him Stephen Wells is aboard and it is the fourth walk around by Bobby Miller tonight at 8:00 Eastern on espn2 Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell it'll be in Chicago for Giants of Cubs the series finale Matt Alex and Jess are going to be in the crowd sitting with the fans to call the game tonight coverage begins at 7:00 Eastern on baseball tonight Sunday night countdown presented by Chevrolet and both are streaming live on the ESPN app we could have done that here at Durham Bulls Athletic Park I guess if we don't call the head and say that's right then that a cool idea sitting in the stands i sat in the stands at in Wrigley that's awesome I want to be up over the Blue Monster buy Tobacco Road calling this game restaurant out there drew Mendoza at the plate Zach Britton has had to slide around back behind the dish to block a lot of balls as you look at the restaurant out there that would be a great place to call it Oh down this is an awesome part I'll tell you those people that are be alert whose drew Mendoza's got chance to hit one up there Adam put the nachos down for a hitter here Jose who walked his first time up two on one out to Florida State leading two to one that's a good pitch right there that is that that's where you want to be if you're Bobby Miller fastball down and away if drew Mendoza once they hit a single to left field you'll take that but nothing soft and hop or middle in fastball where he can turn and burn and make this a 5-1 game the 1-1 pitch to Mendoza has started every game at third base this year for Florida State last year you'll remember he was the first baseman he missed the first 26 games with a thumb injury Brian hoeing warming up to Louisville base hit to Center Raleigh being waved around he'll score easily it scoots away from Josh scores who gets it back on the infield Wells will stop at third and Florida State now leads at three to one as Drew Mendoza delivers his 41st run batted in on the year what a beautiful piece of hitting RBI situation your friend is the middle of the field Mendoza doesn't try to do too much takes the fastball away hammers it up the middle of the field really not throwing Rowley otta any way on that but what a great at-bat Andrew Mendoza starting to put some really nice at-bats together as the Noles head to the deeper into the postseason now Zach Britton is gonna jog out to the mound maybe a stall tactic here for Louisville legends you see the bullpen Brian hoeing has been warming up for some time and he's there long guy he's got great stuff he's had several starts this year but I think if you're Roger Williams what's discouraged you was the second inning was so good Miller goes strike out ground ball that should have been an out and his response to the error was a walk and it just I think if you're Roger Williams just thinking man I this has been a lot for the freshman have we lost them for walks a hit by pitch and you're right that error didn't help him run that has scored here this inning unearned Bobby Miller has had a tough outing here in the ACC championship game seen a little bit of everything from him who seen what it is gonna look like when he really gets confident comfortable later in his career and then the struggles that you can see from freshman Pamuk Donnell has had such great starting pitching this week freshman Lefty read dead MERS went five and two thirds to beat Wake Forest on Wednesday Adam Wolfe the junior Lefty one run over seven to take care of Duke and then Nick Bennett went six solid to take out Pitt yesterday pitching change here in Durham hoing coming in talked about a bag steal his Bobby Miller he goes two and a third today gives up a couple of earned runs four walks really stands out 61 pitches in two and a third innings he was in trouble right out of the get-go today Brian hoeing will try and relieve the pressure here for the Louisville Cardinals he comes on with two on and one out here in the third Bowens what's starting pitchers look like he's become there long man it's a you know he's a guy they thought would probably be in their weakened rotation it's really good stop six six 228 pounds junior from Batesville Indiana has settled in as a good reliever just been a little inconsistent as a starter he's a guy that with a lot of pedigree came in with a lot of height you could see why it's just he looks like a big-time pitcher and he's got a great arm this is going to get to the backstop sails over the glove of Zach Britton and it's four to one Knowles Steven Wells scores in the wild pitch [Applause] it's not the way you want to come out of the bullpen no it sure is it and it just looks like a fastball that sails on them and Britain can't handle [Applause] that's been a challenge for Hoenn it's just the stuff is so good but can he consistently command swing and a Miss by Rhys Albert who grounded out to second his first time up [Applause] second appearance for hoeing here in the ACC tournament pitched two and a third innings in the win over Wake Forest look pretty good doing it loose two pitches right there look pretty good that's 93 and 94 with some run away from the left-hander and the ball just exploding at a ho ins hand Britain sets up outside and it misses way outside full count Zach Britton has got his hands full the freshman catcher he has bought to really live arms today could power at the plate here in Reece Albert seven homers on the year and he looks at strike three on the inside corner Greg Maddux pitch its arm side run you started off the plate and watch that ball run right back onto the plate this is in on Albert and again that's 93 94 miles an hour with that kind of movement if hoenn Keith can be in the strike zone he could get deep into this game for Louisville now Rafael born ago all his senior grad transfer from Belmont University of Nashville thousand his dad Rafi all played at Florida State for 11 son does too dad played eight years in the majors there you see those out at second ground ball past the pitcher in the center field base hit coming around the score is Mendoza that makes it 5-1 Florida State Rafael born ago missed as a team to run batted in on the year but it's a big one here in the ACC title game sure is because their bar stayed their bullpen not nearly as deep as gobos and how about the breaking ball worn ago stays on the breaking ball this Florida State offense is something else who's JC flowers who swings at the first pitch chops it to lady at third and Florida State is done here in the third inning but not before attacking on three more to extend their lead to four mister inning went over Clemson earlier this month at his 16th trip to Omaha last year this is going to be his 39th straight year of making the national tournament the longest active streak in the country what a great man he has turned out so many great players over the years and what a program he is built over four decades incredible you just think about that number you know it's it's unthinkable it's how many wins that hits I mean it's basically 2,000 wins and if he ever has a season with 40 wins and just a regional that's all he does that'll be the worst season he ever had hit well toward the corner in right and it's foul for Justin lady the only man who hasn't hits the game today and neither team's starting lineup Juston lady sophomore third baseman from Kenosha Wisconsin three through ten with a run batted in this week [Music] check foul I always have to pull my calculator out clay when I talk about Mike Martin because the math doesn't make sense he's basically 150 games a year for 40 years both of those things are almost impossible to win 50 games once feels impossible 91 all-americans he has turned out 18 first-round draft picks for Golden Spikes moves so the other thing is you know the longevity but getting the players to Tallahassee and then turning them into superstars is what he has been really good at this has really belt at the left center by lady flowers runs into the power alley and tracks it down for out number one a long way but it's now for Louisville here in the third you know the other thing on Mike Martin clay is the ACC is one of the very best baseball conferences in the country every year and Florida State's success is a big part of that because you know you have an anchor program like Florida State who is always gonna be in the national picture they've been to a super regional 16 of the last 19 seasons that's the best of the country one of the many reasons that Louisville was excited about joining the ACC a few years back right Florida State has made the ACC a power conference Mike Martin 1986 is what he's sitting on now seven-time ACC coach of the year so I'm gonna get back on the hog again this year 16 trips to Omaha you know and Claire something needs to be said he's one of the best people we have in college baseball he'll crushed but let's not mistake the guy were just a nice guy he is a fierce competitor we saw the reaction at the beginning of the game of when they beat Clemson that great game to get here he was fired up a fierce competitor Tyler Fitzgerald at the plate 2 & 2 it's a great lesson to right you don't you can be a great person and a great winner at the same time you not to be a jerk to be a big winner not necessarily saying that to you clay you were looking right at back outside full count the RPI for Florida State is six coming into the day they have a pretty good chance to be a top eight national seed and that would be huge for Mike Martin's bunch to be at home for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament they can do it yeah think of it someone's gonna have to beat them twice in Tallahassee to keep them from Omaha pop it in Andrew carpet simple one out walk here in the third inning now Memorial Day Monday baseball triple header for you starting at 1:00 Eastern Astros Yankees then the White Sox of Indians wraps up with the Giants of Rockies at 7:00 Eastern all three games presented by Kingsford also streaming live on the ESPN app great way to celebrate Memorial Day the day we honor those who paid the ultimate price so we can sit around and watch baseball on Memorial I love it absolutely awesome Jake Snyder is at the plate now for the cards with one out grounded out to the second baseman warnig all is first and only time lucky when these teams the teams do the very patriotic uniforms to see that for Louisville with the red white and blue there [Music] clangs off the facade here at Durham Bulls analytic part there you see the patriotic you knees today for the cards even the money sleeve is patriotic that's awesome look at that so you I'm surprised you're not broadcasting on money sleeve today clay money sleeve that's what it's called Skip's inverter count Rolly keeps it in front Rolly a really important person in this game for floor state because carp has kind of come and gone it's been very sharp at times and then has just kind of fallen off so see if Cal Raleigh can't get carp really locked in here love how the monster DIF Cal rally as you see him he is really trying to get synced up with Andrew Carter one two swung on and missed rocky mount's Snyder [Applause] goes down third strikeout for Andrew carp Karpis had one heck of a change in here today Snyder is a guy that can really handle the bat you're not going to see him pull that badly very often what a changeup two outs for man Raleigh with the throw down to first diving back as Fitzgerald Rowley has thrown out thirteen of sixty would be base stealers since 22% what part is he has got that change of dial of intellect he gave up the one run in the second inning pitching coach Mike Bell I bet you I know what he called right now [Applause] get high and deep to left center and it is up and out of here homerun for Devin man it got up over the wall and one of the deepest parts of the park sixth home run of the year for man and what a tournament this guy is having what and in that adjustment by Devin man the change-up has been built eeper carp and he gets another one it's supposed to be down and it's just up enough look at me and stay back on this where that is beautiful doesn't try to do too much awesome to see him come into his own Blue Monster here in Durham is 32 feet high by comparison Fenway's green monsters 37 feet high man got it just up over the wall in left center for the 2-run shot that's super impressive because carp had really started to settle in and dominate the Louisville hitters and then man puts that adjustment on Logan white if there were two outs and I'll tell you clay you're Mike Bell on your call pitches for carp battle caused you some pause where you feel like you've got a dominant pitch you can lean on and then next thing you know it's out of here alphy cut by Wyatt one and two well this was starting to feel real comfortable for Florida State and all of his sudden Devon man Brides went out of here with two outs to make this a ball game again [Applause] it's a Louisville and Florida State whoever wins the game when these two teams take get after each other it's just not going to be comfortable [Music] Logan Wyatt single and a run scored his first time up he leads the ACC and doubles and walks 59 walks on the year he strikes out here for out number three so Karp gets his fourth strikeout but it comes one batter too late Devin man with a two-out two-run homer to bring Louisville within two guys fairly confident shout it to Rick suited to left field for a leadoff hit here to start the Seminoles fort they're leading five good three if you're gonna win this ACC Championship today play you better be able to take a punch it is incredible to see these two teams just going at each other right now now Jackson Luke will hit fielder's choice and a run scored also flew out the left groundball cook me too manda Fitzgerald - why that's Brian Holmes best friend in that situation that is huge you just felt like our state was getting going again it takes that two seam fastball runs it away and Luke can't stay inside it he rolls over really nice turn by Devon man Jackson Luke can run that is not an easy guy to turn into a double play boy oh boy Clayton Devon man hello I mean he has really turned himself but he was a good player in the past but reminds me of Drew Ellis from last year Louisville where these kids go from is he's a good player so he's a star man in stores the only regulars back from last year's team that made it to the College World Series man has had some big moments here in this ACC tournament when a bases clearing double against Duke on Friday red apple and up there and hoeing glad to be facing him with the bases empty and two outs ample it'll walk in a strikeout breaking ball falls in there it's one in two employer hoeing makes some pitches that just are incredible that breaking ball that's a real big-time breaking ball right there the fastball is running all over the joint consistencies not always perfect but boy it's good when it's good you can see very clearly clay why they were dying for him to be a member of the weekend rotation now it just works out the way it does you know he's ended up being a great long reliever form the ground ball to the right side man will flip to first and hawing faces the minimum and before they have to go leadoff single by Salvatore Matola the fourth it's five three goals and you look at Miami they beat Notre Dame 6-2 here this week but then lost seven to one to Clemson the RPI 64 coming into the day it just doesn't appear that Jim Morris is going to extend his career into the NCAA tournament now but what a great finish you know Miami suffered some really tough injuries earlier in the year and they want 11 straight before that final loss in this tournament so it's not gonna be enough for an at-large bid but the Hurricanes made a great run and I would say this Jim Morris everyone calls him three because that's his jersey number he's another guy on the Mount Rushmore of ACC baseball just an icon in this league so we're gonna miss by Storz doing - he got the job at miami clay and you know it's a tough job you're inheriting Ron Frazier's legacy and takes them to Omaha six straight years to national championships just a great run of Miami for Jim Marrs quarter of a century even length before that he spent a dozen years of Georgia Tech so his total body of work 32 NCAA tournaments 13 College World Series trips and two national titles this is hitter ton deep left-center field off the top of the yeah it's gone home run Josh stores did get it out of here his ninth home run of the year and Louisville is within a rut [Applause] I'm telling you clay you do not want to see Louisville in the postseason right now you've got Devon man as hot Josh stores it's a 3-2 fastball middle middle and he's in a kind of zone right now where that type of pitch is going to get hurt wow that's way out of here yeah it's a landed off the pavement out there in the bounce back into play Josh stores nine homers now 59 runs batted in on the year the second home run here in the ACC tournament and Louisville 'he's within a run of Florida State if scored runs each of the last three innings and Andrew Cartman who has appeared really on his game at times here today Bruns now probably questioning himself a little bit and I think that's why Mike Martin went to the mound he's basically saying Andrew carp Andrew you've sown thrown some pitches today that are what it takes to dominate and then we've just had some pitches where we we we didn't execute so what do we need to do it let's take a deep breath but you've got plenty of stuff to make this happen today now the first pitch to drew Campbell is laced in the center field a ringing single back up the middle and Louisville is really starting to time up Andrew Carter no question that's one thing that both these offenses have in common is they go for the kill when they sense your week they are coming at you clayton quick Kowski sophomore left-hander trotting out to the bullpen for their Seminoles Danny Oriente RBI groundout his only time to the play say if I'm like Martin I might make that move too quick Kowski sooner than later to your point earlier clay Louisville is just really dialed in on carp Campbell five stolen bases on the year in five attempts not the most fleet of foot in the stable for the Cardinals but it does seem like everybody in the lineup can steal a bag yeah the base running is really important to Dan McDonald it's what he coaches personally at Louisville at something a part of the offense that he takes full responsibility for so they are aggressive and almost everybody can run they're gonna keep an eye on Orianna you'd see him punched over there Stan McDonald I think Dan McDonald's given the red light sign he saw Campbell flinch at first base and he said hey we are not running here don't want to give Karpin out when he's struggling Jr righty come set lock look and now it's to a no that would really concern me you could see or ents take was very comfortable and think about a Devon man crushed a changeup for a home run stores and Campbell smoked fastball so you just you're running out of options if you're Mike Bell Colin pitches they're gonna pick the first tier that can be a stall tactic Witkowski continues to churn in the Florida State bullpen I like I like getting a lefty in here against Louisville who's got a lot of lefties in their lineup and it's just an odd look look hit well left-center gets down four hits Campbell will make a big turn around second then dive back into the bag [Applause] Oriente delivers to one still nobody out Zach Britton will here three straight hits for the Cardinals against Andrew carp they've got him on the ropes it's this tricky from Mike Martin because they don't have a ton of options in the bullpen CJ van Eyck is their number one guy in the pen he's not available today so it's gonna be quick Kowski scolaire o connor Grady they don't have unlimited options in that bullpen but boy Andrew carp is struggling Van Eyck pitched last night and got the winning release essentially the guy that's only from that bullpen unavailable so I got a missed by Brittany who struck out against karpas last time up he's over 1 Britain has been the one guy in this order that just hasn't put together a good at-bat yet everybody else looks awfully locked in [Music] this is hit well for britain making a bid goodbye home run just the second of the year for the Frenchman's at britain but it's huge as Louisville storms in front here in Durham [Applause] [Music] Mike Martin staying with Andrew Karp maybe one pitch too long and Florida State's lead has evaporated just a changeup hanging up and just the adjustments that the Louisville hitters are making great effort by flowers loses his hat and his glove on that play little yard sale here at the end four hits in the inning two of them bombs and Louisville is playing with the lead for the first time today that's all for Andrew carp seven five Cardinals here in the fourth it's been a big fourth inning for the Louisville Cardinals who started with Josh stores leaving the yard a solo shot to start the early drew Campbell a single Danny Oriente a single and then Zach Britton the three-run job to right-center a four-run inning knocking Andrew carp out of the game and Louisville has its first lead 75 just incredible how quickly Louisville's hitters made adjustments carp was brilliant in the first inning and then Louisville just relentless so Clayton quit Kowski comes on this will be his second appearance of the ACC tournament sophomore from Tampa Knowles who try their luck with a lefty here Justin LaVey at the plate for Louisville he has flown out to Center 25th appearance for quit Kowski and this one is hit well by lady the left fielder Reese Albert has it measured for the first out everything hit hard now by these card I mean the Louisville offense kind of reminds me of a basketball team that full-court presses and boy when they get you sped up it's a it's a long day and that's what this offense does when they get rolling it is definitely a momentum offense and the offense is back at the top of the order for Fitzgerald he'll try to bunt his way on and sends it foul Fitzgerald walked and scored his life's time around quit Kowski got the win against Virginia his only appearance of the tournament 3 and 2/3 innings of work struck out 4 but he also walked three and that's one thing we have seen about this Louisville lineup today and throughout the season these are patient smart hitters they know how to coax walks no question on both sides I mean both of these offenses can be just so many different ways but they are not gonna leave the strike zone for you case in point one or two you can tell Mike Martin's thinking this is go time in this game quick Kowski quick Kowski and CJ van Eyck who's not available today there are their two most important relievers this is the high leverage situation he's going to quit Kowski right away drinking ball misses down 2 and 2 to tyler Fitzgerald I like Mike Martin's thinking in that you go to a lefty try and change the look for Louisville but the first two hitters do not seem bothered inside corner they got him to doubt that that's a pitch to keep an eye on clay the fastball in when you've got two offenses that are really on it and they're on your fastball and your off-speed stuff run the fastball in on their hand see if you can't speed their bat up perfectly executed by quick Kowski Jake Snyder at the plate Sneijder old for two there's his dad Eric in the third-base coaching box Cardinals hitting coach [Applause] is a good job great recruiter and I'd say it's got to be tough to coach your sister just gonna say that especially at this level the good news for Eric Schneider is that his son Jake is not a good player he's a great player yeah that makes a lot it's yes either want your kid to be the best player or one of the best players in the team work or the worst that's what I've been told by there that's bad guys who coach their kids it's a lot easier that way and Jake plays like a coach's kid too by the way really cerebral player very fundamentally saying full count here with two outs four runs already in for Louisville Eric very proud right now at third base coaches boxes his team has taken the lead this one is struck well to short Salvatore gobbles it up and that's the third out but four straight hits including two homers Louisville has the lead we'll talk to the bench boss Dan McDonald next Louisville with their seven to five lead now after putting up four runs in the bottom of the fourth and now we've got Dan McDonald Louisville head coach on headset Mac this is you know it's late May and you got six sophomores in your lineup and look up and here's one of these old-school Louisville offense is just super aggressive momentum but I want to ask you about stores and Devon man that what they're doing here late in this season they're the key probably put too much pressure on themselves early in the year with the young lineup they've settled in they've gotten better we've continued to coach them and it's fun seeing those two guys are really carrying us this week Bobby Miller had a tough start here today coach but Brian hoing has seemingly picked him up hoeing has been phenomenal this is the role we've used them in most of the year he just seems very comfortable coming out of the bullpen he could give us several innings and you know it's a good good learning tool for Bobby because I told Bobby hey you're facing the team like this in a regional championship you know we had four free bases we made an error five free bases and a couple fastball that's gonna lead to some crooked runs against a good team like Florida State I'll say this about your Bunch they're pretty loose Joe what's going on the hair looks great too yeah well we started the postseason earlier this year so they started the hair a couple weeks ago and it's been fun we've been playing good baseball are you gonna do the hair I always make a deal with them we got to win a few more games before I go there I got a lot of gray knit though I need to color it anyway we'll hold you to it okay thanks coach thanks guys I'm not exactly sure who that was pulling that stuff behind coach but it was hilarious so great I'm all in on the dugout shenanigans during the interview that's the highlight Cal Rowley he has squared just about everything up this week he's out here that's well done I'd like to see some stare ups though so we go shoo stare up and then pants that's good he took the Cardinals to the College World Series in his first season at Louisville in 2007 and you alluded to this earlier how dominant they have been ever since I mean that's more than a decade it has changed college baseball in that part of the country I mean Kentucky has gotten better I think because Louisville is yeah good the ACC has gotten better because Louisville has come in his balloon and Dan McDonald has done a terrific job since getting hired no question you think about their first three years in the ACC this is your for Dan McDonald they had 30 ACC series that's what you play 10 a year they want 26 and for we were worried about Louisville coming in the ACC they just came in and dominated and I would say you know Dan McDonald was the assistant at Ole Miss for Mike Bianco he came here to Louisville and this was a program that was very average and has turned into a top-five national power well might be anko thinks so much of Dan McDonald and the Louisville program that he said you know what I'm gonna send my son there Ben Bianco plays to these Louisville Cardinals freshmen doesn't get a lot of playing time but he's an up-and-comer that's a real tip of the cap when you got your son to play for another coach no doubt roundball chopped off the bat of Stephen Wells boy hoing looks good that this is explosive stop this fastball it is into the mid-90s with tremendous light it's down and in hoeing locks Steven Wells with one out here in the fifth that's the second time Wells has been on the oven free pass and that it's good news bad news clay when you've got a fastball tremendous life like that the good news is hitters aren't going to square it off very often but the bad news is it could be tricky to keep in the strike zone first walk a lot by hoeing it's a big inning for Louisville you just take the lead and can you it just this game has been so back-and-forth can one team establish any kind of momentum in this thing walk it an RBI single scored a run in the third inning Florida State playing for a chance to be a top eight national seed potentially in Louisville hoping to be a host in a regional next weekend ground ball off the glove of LaVey everybody's safe hard-hit infield ground ball second hit for Mendoza two on one out here comes Florida State the fifth inning solid piece of hitting by Mendoza lady doing everything he can maybe did he need to dive almost like he thought he was gonna have to really get out there and the thing about third-base you're so close to home play you don't have a lot of time for a mystery reisi Albert sill for to having a good freshman season trying to have a big inning here for Florida State it's one of those days play where if you're the pitching coach is either Mike Bell for Florida State or Roger Williams for Louisville you're thinking yourself I don't know if we can get 27 outs today I mean these offenses are so good I don't know how we can get 27 of them to make it out Florida State 3 for 7 with runners in scoring position today they were one of 11 yesterday of course the big hit coming in the ninth inning won the game against Clemson this Mike Barton his team trailing by a couple now of the fifth try to win back-to-back ACC tournament titles it's been 19 years runes since the ACC had a repeat tournament champ the last to do it the Demon Deacons in 9899 [Applause] Lake Forest was two and cue this year gave up a lot of runs 16 to 4 they were outscored with two games I remember those Wake Forest teams David Bush I've had a long big-league career as a right-handed pitcher was on those teams on the 99 team at least Tom Walter has taken Wake Forest to the NCAA tournament the last two years it's not gonna happen this year very young team though you look out for Wake parts they put a lot of pressure this year Duke had a terrific year that's that's the team that I think raised some eyebrows in the ACC this year very intriguing postseason team to because they've got a dominant bullpen an older position player group and remember they were in the regionals in 2016 so that that group has regional experience which could be so critical come into the day with an RPI of 21 this one popped up left side the shortstop is Fitzgerald he's calling for it on the outfield grass makes the catch here two down tonight 8:00 Eastern on espn2 Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell from Chicago Giants Cubs Matt Alex and Jess are gonna be sitting in the stands at Wrigley Field to call the game coverage begins at 7:00 Eastern baseball tonight's Sunday night countdown presented by Chevrolet Giants under 500 but only two games out the National League West cups four games over 500 but four and a half behind the first-place Brewers in the central more importantly in the stands that Wrigley Field Memorial Day weekend outstanding I could smell the barley and hops from here first place brewers though I got a my college teammate Craig Counsell managed in that Club and his bench coach was our coach Pat Murphy former Arizona State skipper these guys are doing an awesome job up there he's Mike rooting at claim at Fick near Durham North Carolina for the ACC title game thank you are a longtime assistant in Arizona State but since we're doing the ACC title game we're gonna we're gonna call you a former Notre Dame infielder this I like it that works Brian hoeing on the mound two on two outs is a strike [Applause] oh yeah this is what a pitch I mean that that is that explosive basketball it's a ball all the way out of Owens hand until it runs over the over the plate late and that's at 92 miles an hour that pitch alone it is a handful born ago puts a charge into this one two left long run Snyder and he got it and a tip of the hat from Brian hoeing Jake Snyder ran a long way into the power alley to track it down for out number three and to keep this a two-run game we'll talk to Mike Martin the Florida State head coach next we go to the bottom of the fifth in the ACC title game Louisville leading Florida State seven to five and we're joined by the coaching legend Mike Martin hey eleventh at Cal Raleigh if there's a better player in America right now I'd like to meet him because this kid is on fire what are you seeing from Cal Raleigh in the second half of the season rooms up thanks for it I really do I think what it is is he's now got a swing that he's comfortable with he's not trying to do too much he's just trying to be sure that he's so-called pure in the ball and gee whiz he appeared a couple today what did you see from your starter Andrew carp there before you brought him out because the first couple of innings he looks really sharp kind of lost his location when we had man in a in a two strike situation we were trying to throw a slider off the plate away and we left it in and that guy can play this is this is a very good Louisville team all right coach we're gonna let you concentrate on the game thanks so much Thank You clay Mike Martin the all-time winningest coach in college baseball history 74 years young I always enjoy talking to him we have to let him go because the game is being held up by her interview so we had to keep it short with boss he is the best so here's Devin man now leading it off for Louisville couple now I didn't get to ask him on air here again but you know he's been asked several times since passing Augie Garrido the all time coaching wins list I really don't think that he's going to have a chance to reflect on what he's accomplished till after the season he's not the kind of guy he doesn't have that kind of a personality where he's going to rest on his laurels anyway and I really don't see him giving up this career anytime soon this is wack down the line fair ball Devin man what a two-run homer his last time up he's gonna have a stand-up double this time to start the Cardinals fifth goodness gracious play I promise baseball is not easy just Devin man is making it look easy and he is on everything right now that's a fastball up and in [Music] where he is in some kind of zone right now veterans second baseman playing in his 163rd career game today and Logan Wyatt ready to hit next for the Cardinals and now we have the umpires in a discussion looking at Devin man's bat mr. Sandt McDonald is out talking about the batch making sure it meets standards up here's Mike Martin out of the Florida State dugout home plate umpire is Jeff Ghazni we do have bat testing in college baseball that the aluminum bats can there is an old practice importunate where kids were you know players were rolling baths and trying to get the the bats maybe a little bit more souped up than than how they come normally now Mike Martin it seems had the last word then he turns around and heads back to the dugout but nothing changes Devon man still at second base after the double and it was a hard hit double it appears his bat still in the game his bat was not thrown out of the game well as hot as he has been you wonder about is bat because it has been heroic here this week that's not a plank debit man is doing anything various of course but he has just had that kind of a week there is that game has been shipped to I don't believe that Mike Martin did this but I've seen that before where an opposing dugout asked to have a bat check just to try and get in the the mind of a player that is super hot it's a little bit of a party foul but seen it done not a great way to make friends ask the other team's best player to have his bat checked Logan white is 1 for 2 with a single and a strikeout also has a run scored Louisville leading 7 to 5 the carts winners of 30 of their 40 ACC series since joining the league but this is the first time that they're in the ACC tournament title game stroke to centre Logan Wyatt has been hit coming around this man the throw will be cut off 8 to 5 Louisville Logan Wyatt with his 59th run this Florida State struggling to slow down this Louisville offense Wyatt middle of the field that's about as pretty a piece of hitting as you're going to see and the cards keep rolling here [Music] and Josh stories who touched one off his last time up with solo shot to left center at the plate with nobody out he's gonna try out one tear pushes it foul this is the home run in the fourth inning by snores his dying there was a 3-2 count and Clark ran a fastball right down the middle of the play and that is a no-go versus Josh stores right now that made it five to four at that point Louisville would score three more runs in the inning Zach Britton three-run homer wachowski gets stores to swing and miss eight runs on eight hits now for the Louisville Cardinals absolutely love that manual scoreboard out the left centers are awesome this is a great yard everything about this this facility is tremendous Kowski misses outside Durham Bulls Athletic Park ninth year hosting this tournament it's the 11th year it's been held in Durham two years at Durham athletic part where Bull Durham was shot of course there's the bull there is that iconic bull out and left this is their 30th the year anniversary of hit grass wind salad clay sorry I cut you off how about that little help aspect to it what's a salad steak by the way we've got an update on the bat situation Devon man's bat has been removed from the game they found a flat spot on the bat not because it was an illegal bat beat but because there was a flat spot on the aluminum it has been removed from the contest today and that will not make mr. man very happy so we'll see what the rest of is about slow flight called strike three Josh stores goes down looking Brown number one so I gotta ask you was that initiated from Florida State or did that come from the umpires well you could see maybe home plate umpire Jeff Koz and he saw it or maybe catch her Cal Raleigh saw it it'd be almost impossible for Mike Martin in the dugout to be able to notice that there's no way he could but maybe Cal Raleigh noticed it or maybe just don't plate umpire Jeff Ghazni did anyway it'll be interesting to see how man hits from here on out now that is red-hot bat has been taken out of play drew Campbell up there now a sacrifice bunt and a single so scored a run most players you take their bad I mean your that's like knocking into a hornet's nest taking somebody's will be I mean that's not that's a pretty personal relationship a hitter in his bat so Devon man will not be pleased those guys named their bats of Devon man does Campbell into foul ground mcdo zoo lost its and that Mike Salvatore the shortstop was too late to get over there to rescue the play hi sky today and you see some of the outfielders have had some challenges at time seeing the baseball thanks even those who making sure that his peepers are okay it is a it is a tough sky a lot of glare today aside from the humidity it's absolutely terrific late swing barely getting a piece of it there is Campbell - still on this it's some some Oakley's wood some shades would help Mendoza although sometimes it's not about the Sun it's about the glare just about that high sky going with the eye black instead Louisville Cardinals have tacked on another run here in the fifth inning one to two Campbell laced that's a fair ball Appling grabs it and steps on the bag for the double play to end the inning witkowski and the Noel's needed that boy they needed something an applet in the right place at the right time Louisville is Roland [Music] [Applause] College World Series right around the corner and at least seven teams from the ACC of anomie NC a turn at the last nine years at least to top eight national seats the last eight years here are your top eight seats and tell us why yeah I mean Florida's been the best team in the country all year I think Oregon State right now is playing as well as every but anybody Arkansas and Stanford will be that next two groups Ole Miss and the SEC title game today Georgia's had a remarkable year I've got Florida State in I just think they have a tremendous resume but maybe the more the most fun team play is the Stetson Hatter's in a day huh well the 6014 field will be revealed tomorrow at noon on ESPNU one of the men who's going to understand exactly how that field comes to be is ray Tanner the athletic director at South Carolina and NCAA baseball tourney committee chair this year he joins us on the phone how you doing right I'm doing great good to talk to you it's a huge day a lot of the picture is going to come into focus is the day plays out we've got Florida State and Louisville here Florida State still hoping for a top eight Louisville wants to host how much is the outcome of today's game going to affect those hopes well we'll certainly pay attention to what happens around the country today and we're tuning into you guys as well but the good news is the challenging the challenging situation to set the field there's so many good teams around the country a lot of really good conferences so got a great committee we've been hard at work since Friday and we're gonna do our best to pick the best 64 teams now JC Flowers is aboard with an air we're back to the top of the order and Salvatore so right this I feel like I say this every year but boy this year feels so hard you guys should be getting paid time and a half it's the bubble at the end is hard the 16th host is hard I had a tough time with the the 8th tough eight what how would you compare this to years pass putting this deal together well this is my third year on the committee and you bring up a good point that we have see the final wait previously now we're seeding the top 16 so the task is quite a bit harder and you know there's a lot of good teams I mean there's a lot of ups and downs throughout the season you go on streaks you got friends you got trajectory going on that but that's what makes college baseball so good so it's very time consuming tedious but we we screw up the teams and we'll do our best to try to get it right one thing ray I wanted to ask you that somebody gave me an expression that some of this is like comparing apples to screwdrivers you know I think about its in like Kentucky that you know it has a great non-conference resume but struggled in the SEC to a team like North Eastern that played in the colonial how do you guys go about comparing two teams with such different schedules and resumes very deliberately I mean we have the opportunity with our technology and all the metrics that we have I mean we have some lengthy conversations where we do team by team comparisons and you can't come up with a lot of pluses and minuses and different teams from different leagues in different parts of the country and at the end of the day we're just trying to get to a point that we feel like one team is more deserving of another but it's not a simple process and but you put the time in and at the end of the day you really try to reward the teams that are deserving Mike Salvatore sends one down the line in right field that's going to play flowers and it's not eight to six flowers reaching on an error getting the second on a wild pitch and now here comes Florida State back here at their sixth fitting we're talking with ray Tanner the NCAA Division one baseball tourney committee chair ray one final one for me that the ACC is a great example of in this new era of power conferences the unbalanced schedules become so tricky for your committee I think about North Carolina and Florida State and Clemson all have very different top eight resumes even though they're in the same conference how do you guys address the unbalanced schedule in those leagues we look at it it is part of the resume and it's not only the ACC but the SEC and a couple of other comforts is to do you play everybody who do you skip was it teams is its opportunity at the bottom and it plays into the way we analyze the team as we go through the process so that is a good question but it is not overlooked so you're gonna announce the 16 regional hosts at 9:00 Eastern tonight is that correct right that is correct that's our Tim we get at 8:30 I'm told they okay we're working hard at that there's still some work to do this afternoon and we'll we'll get we'll get to that point and then the rest of the 6014 field tomorrow at noon on ESPNU we know you got a big day here today ray so we'll let you go thank you very much for joining us well thank you that good to visit with you ray Tanner the NCAA Division one baseball tourney committee chair said before at least seven teams have made the national tournament the last nine years from the ACC are they gonna get seven this year I think it's six but it really boils down to the top eights and the top 16 I just want to say ray Tanner for me the most important man in college baseball is a former coach Hall of Fame coach and we are so fortunate to have great Tanner in our game and that our committee does a great job this is there's gonna be some unhappy people when this field comes out that's the nature of the beast but we have a really good committee in there yeah there's a lot of coffee being drank in that in that room right now clay and they're getting after it right center with deep roots in the ACC before South Carolina moved to the SEC Jackson Luke works a walk as there is activity in the Louisville bullpen greet dead MERS the freshman left-hander who started the first game of the tournament for Louisville is now working in the bullpen the lead has shrunk to two with a run across here for the Noles in the sixth inning this is a big problem for Louisville Homans got plenty of stuff but is starting to lose it here and you're gonna face Appling and Raleigh with damage to be done traffic on the bases this is real tenuous for Louisville two on nobody out and read appling at the plate game-winning run batted in last night in the top of the ninth to be Clemson this is down this is the part of the FSU lineup clay that it's make it or break it you know it's Luke Apple and in Raleigh if you can get through these guys you've got a chance but that's real easy for me to say it's get doing it's a whole different animal the one Oh spank foul Appling having a productive ACC tournament a tournament he missed entirely last year with a foot injury in fact he was injured early in May missed the rest of the year Seminoles were still able to get to Omaha without him but he was a big loss happy to have him back and healthy this year Cohen could have used that one to one count if he has to give him with a fastball that the thing is hones fast balls got great movement but Aplin is a foul ball to Valpo guy he'll go with it the other way pretty good matchup for a point inside three and one and the very dangerous cal raleigh assuming on-deck circle I think this is a ball but it's a pitch that homie needed that's off the plate just barely but I mean you almost have to give into Aplin here with a fastball with Raleigh on deck Salvatore at second Luke at first and now the bases are full of Seminoles for Cal Raleigh third walk allowed by Homer [Applause] the bomb Brian mowing I'm saying exact Britain unless you're out here to tell me that Cal Raleigh's not going to hit what are you gonna say to me this is what Louisville is afraid of qawalli a two-run double in the top of the first giving his sixth tip of the ACC Championships now his first pitch Raleigh is all kinds a lot thinner right now [Applause] nitric Williams will make a slow walk out to the mountain I don't know whether they want to make a move here clay or if this is just see if they can't slow down Cal Raleigh a little bit ho ins got plenty of stuff to be the guy to face Raleigh but he just hadn't been that sharpness city a hoeing in his defense got a ground ball to start the inning off the bat of JC flowers should have been an out and Devon man couldn't make the play and it just unraveled from there against these offenses you can't give them a fourth out in an in get in them out three times is hard enough but giving them extra outs you just can't do it they're going to stay with hoeing here has been really good since coming on in their third inning up until the trouble that he is in now here in the sixth [Music] [Applause] [Applause] jumping on the first pitch is Rolly censored foul Rolly is not waiting around and I don't blame him when you're as hot as this get you three swings on although I'll say this what a pitch by hoeing he goes first pitch changeup and it was perfectly executed Rolly jumped on the first pitch in his first day being delivered the two-run double soon he gets here on o1 bases-loaded nobody out hits it again right right to Wyatt who steps on the bag what a gift for these Louisville Cardinals that is the second end in a row where the best pitch to the best defense is just catch a laser hit at yet boy that is something else because hoeing went back to the change-up didn't pull Rolly at all and they get two outs out of it before that is a possible momentum changer in this game Stephon Wells comes to the plane the feel of this inning that is huge has completely changed if that ball is not caught the circus is coming to town this inning was about to get out of hand wells lifts it foul Wells whose hill for one with a couple of blocks in a run score boy okay I can't get over what a big moment in the you know just trying to score it up if if that ball is not caught by logo Wyatt I mean we're clicking 88 game second and third nobody out not only did this any change I feel like this game just changed hoeing was this close to being taken out of the game trying to get out of it wells at the plate he's hit and Zach Britton the catcher is protesting that Wells leaned into it and was hit on intentionally now that's gonna also be the argument from Dan McDonald the only thing is Wells has to be able to protect himself that's a breaking ball up into his upper part of his body and you're turning to protect yourself now did he you know kind of lean in there a little bit I'm sure he did here's my thing on that clay you throw a breaking ball into the batter's box like that into the other batter's box I have no problem with the guy standing there and wearing it and I would also say this clay our umpires in college baseball have done an awesome job with the hit by pitch as that here's where they would lately look at it did the ball hit the bat or did the batter hit the ball and I think that interpretation has really helped us with that [Applause] drue mendoza is two for two today I don't think Brian hoeing is going to face it Ryan hoeing came in with one out in the third inning after Florida skate stated scored three he did a great job that he's done here now in the sixth inning Louisville leading eight to six and still leading thanks to this play by Logan Wyatt a double play ball you know some Texas not elite his will will get two outs for this but if Wyeth does not touch this play we're looking at at least an eight eight game at second and third nobody out the momentum changer of all momentum jammers right there now Rowley the most dangerous hitter right now the Florida State line I've hit a heat secret to him and Bryan hoeing is out of the game now after three and a third innings is still responsible for the baserunners 3dep MERS comes in he was the winning pitcher against Wake Forest here in the ACC tournament job one his strikes that Louisville has not done a great job throwing strikes so far in this ballgame swing and a Miss by Mendoza denver's went 5 and 2/3 against the Demon Deacons with one earned run given up four hits struck out five walked to comes in here with two outs bases jammed strike on the outside corner nothing into - Mendoza also an important reliever for Louisville because you think about Florida State aplans the left-handed hitter Mendoza's the left-handed hitter Albert is as well Rowley you could argue maybe a little better left handed right now I don't know it just really good both ways but this is the left-handed reliever for Louisville everyone else is gonna be right-handed the rest of this game Florida State has pushed one across here in the sixth inning we've had two in the first three in the third and one here this inning trailing Louisville by two in the ACC title game inside domingos of the counts even it's a big breaking ball it just doesn't quite get to the plate [Music] guys sneaks had a good strike so it's a very good very good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what if Louisville could hold Florida State and sex it would be just a inspirational salvation because it looked like it was spiraling out of control got it that's what Dan McDonnell wanted from read Denver's coming out of the pen reads enters coming in and getting a job flipping that breaking ball in there to get the backwards cam Mendoza Louisville gets out of this inning with an 86 lead read tempers getting a big strikeout of Mendoza to end the Florida State threatened Sabbath our sixth inning now the Cardinals hit here will be seven eight nine leading eight six in the ACC championship game alongside Mike Rooney I play back the last day the regular season all of the NCAA tournament teams will be announced tomorrow on the selection show at noon on ESPNU we know both of these teams are going to hear their names Mike it's just will Florida State the atop eight national seat will Louisville be a regional host those are the big questions for these two no question large state I think it's got a spot on resume to be a top eight ground ball to Orie off the bat of Orianna and he is thrown out by borne ago for the first down well Monday on ESPN baseball triple header Memorial Day 1 Eastern Astros Yankees followed by White Sox Indians at the giants Rockies and 70s stirred all three games presented by Kingsford happy Memorial Day weekend everybody we're at a great ballpark one of the best ballparks of the country regardless of level now this is the Triple A home the Tampa Bay Rays the Durham Bulls it's the regular-season home of the Duke Blue Devils to be a zoot suit just a gorgeous Park this has been fun being here my first trip here did give a Pitts what a great yard Durham Bulls Athletic Park [Applause] Britany to center flowers runs as out Britain had the three-run homer that really changed the feel of this game in the fourth inning Abe Louisville the lead for the first time but he's out number two here waving up this could be the seventh straight year with a conference title regular season or tournament title for the Louisville Cardinals and in three different leagues no doubt the Big East the American and the ACC it's been quite a quite a last few years for that man the consistency of the Louisville program since Dan McDonnell's gotten there and it's ironic they're playing Florida State today because Florida State is America's most consistent college baseball program but for Louisville five Street super regional appearances that means they've won five straight regionals really incredible backhanded by Mendoza at third that's a quick inning for fikowski first three up and three down since the first go back to the ACCC on ESPN conference championship game from Durham North Carolina we head to the seventh Louisville leading Florida State the defending Conference Tournament champs to six we've got a new catcher for the cards it's Zeke Pinkham good day for Britain come in there and get the game started and hit a bomb and get the rest of the day off throw a lot of highlights of it I guess now Florida State left the bases loaded in the sixth inning they were able to get one and they got Brian hoeing out of the game which was a good thing for them but you wonder if that's gonna come back to bite these goals I mean I don't see how it can't in this regard play and that could have been a six running week they could still be hitting right now I don't know that had big inning written all over Rhys Albert drives it to left and deep up against the wall Schneider can't make the play and Albert is standing up at second base with a leadoff double here in the seventh it's just a big edoardo state if you can't throw your fastball in on their hands and you're just gonna pitch away they wear out the other side of the field like no other team in America and in Albert who is the next group of them coming he's a freshman and shows you hits a ball off the left-center field wall super impressive first hit today for Albert third of the ACC tournament and that brings aborning and that's the thing play you know how many college pitchers can locate her fastball in over and over again exactly yeah like nobody det Murs he's at the bottom part of the Florida State order but it's been productive today there's another hint second for boorda goal this is going to plate Albert's the throw to second is going to skip into short left field second run batted in for poor Ngong the eighth hole hitter and it's a one-run game the defense for Louisville spin not great in this game and I'll take lay that's a play where warna golf should not be at second base it should be 8 7 with a runner at first and the double play still in order so now stores gets a little over-aggressive and you've got the tying run at second base no longer a double play in order and don't look up now play but we're about to turn the order over against the Florida State JC Flowers hitless in the championship he's to punt sends it foul time up flowers hit it hard the second basement Devon man who committed an error and it led to a run I like the idea right there's flowers is thinking push bunt down the first base line left-handed pitchers always fall off to the third base side so they are vulnerable to that push bunt towards the first baseman especially for a guy like flowers who just flies and he would just have to beat Denver's to first base warnig all at second an RBI single for him got the second on the throw no error on the play Louisville does have two errors today though like you said it hasn't been vintage Louisville defense florists a dozen sack blunt but much but Flowers has been struggling and that can be a time where you want to sack font for someone that's not seeing it great give them something easier to do Det MERS delivers pitch outside 2 & 1 2 JC flowers it's really remarkable that Louisville is winning this game because you think about it they have not thrown great strikes today lotta walks in hit by pitch they've not played great defense today but they've played such good offense that Louisville has a lead now not a very sturdy lead at this point thanks but this time by Flowers one point for Denton spins fires to first and he gets born at all to third base another productive at-bat for JC Flowers who has struggled with those this year you'll get some high bias in the Noles dugout and that back to the top of the order I'm not the hugest sack bump guy in the world clay but that's a great time for a guy who's struggling so JC Flowers is in that dugout he's critical to your defense and he's felt like man I'm contributing this 8 run with your JC flowers you're as much a part of this as anybody if it comes in Mike Salvatore has hit a couple of screamers today he is 2 for 3 with a walk they throw away here comes the tying run and debt versus kicking himself [Applause] they're on the pitcher third error against the cards this afternoon I'll say this play you know man on third one out the percentages are way against you if you're Louisville so I like the fact Fick idea because you don't really have that much to lose you're in a really precarious position already here's the problem doing that with a left-handed pitcher is tough that pitcher had better says his back to third base lefties don't throw the ball straight and here's the real problem play look at the momentum change that just happened on that error devastated I mean as big as the play at first base by Logan Wyatt was to double up Cal Raleigh and read Aplin that play right there just wiped it out and that's why Dan McDonnell went out to the mound instead of Roger Williams Dan McDonnell only goes out for two reasons he's making a pitching change or he wants to talk to his team and say guys let's clean it up with this we got chance to win this game but we're throwing the ball over the joint and we got a snowball fight going on I think I'm fairly confident saying that was the message right there that if Dan McDonald saying boys we gotta lock this up Salvatore hard hit ground ball to short Fitzgerald throws him out for out number two here in the seventh of the eight runs scored by Florida State today only four have been earned it's really cool though clay that this is to use the boxing analogy this is two really good fighters and they've bruised each other and it's getting a little ugly but it's gonna go down to the wire this is gonna be one of those fights that goes the distance [Music] Jackson Luke I would say her dude it's behind nothing at 2:00 the composure of these two teams you know if your debt merge you think you'd be shaken up a little bit and yet he is right back making good pitches I wonder if that back ticket third base was called from the dugout or called a lot of times you give your players on the field the the green light to call that I I don't like pick offs with left-handers they can't throw anything straight Luke high pop-up foul ground the first baseman Wyatt comes back into play to make the catch and Denver's gets out of the inning but a costly error and we're tied at eight beautiful Memorial we can display here before the game the virtues paratroopers landing in centerfield and on Memorial Day you could celebrate with the American pastime with a tripleheader starting at 1:00 Eastern Astros Yankees I'll buy the White Sox of Indians than the Giants Rockies at 7:00 Eastern all three games presented by Casper claim advocate Mike Rudi back here in Durham North Carolina [Music] we have a tie ballgame now as we go to the bottom of the 78 a piece see read that versus angry with himself that throwing error led to the tying run [Music] [Music] bread Apple encounter oli be Tyler Fitzgerald Jake Schneider in Devin man 1 2 & 3 to hit here in the bottom it was seven this game is gonna be decided late now my head sure feels like it eight runs eight hits for both teams does not feel like a good game to be the visiting team just feels like whoever hits last in this game is gonna win this game [Music] it's a Florida State bullpen Jonah's Calero been the left-hander and Connor Grady freshman right-hander warming up to the Seminoles it's this game you know we're down to the final three innings clay and this game means a lot to both clubs you know Florida State for the right to host a regional and a super regional if they advance and Louisville is a program that has felt quite disrespected this year you know they're they've been a top eight seat several years and they lost the Mackay's at Brennan McKay's of the world and this is a Louisville feels like hey just because you don't recognize the names doesn't mean we're not an elite program I love Dan McDonald's theme for this year you can see their t-shirt right there above the number it says ID area and what Dan McDonnell's message to this young group was is I dare you guys to uphold the standard of Louisville baseball I dare you to be a nationally relevant team foul grounded the bullpen Appling goes over there and he falls into the front row nearly trying to make that play because if you're wondering what this means to these players red Appling tells you everything you need to know that's not super comfortable or safe right there sure why they don't have those brick walls Pat it I found ground there we saw what happened in Missouri earlier this season where player was injured going into a brick wall and background bouncing ball to shorts Salvatore the strong throw Fitzgerald loose out of the one luckily for red apple and those white cleats have magical safety powers as well they don't just look good right I'm getting a pair of those and we're gonna be it's gonna be a tough sell to my wife Jenny that I need a pair of high top white cleats but we can do it think positive those are awesome what size you wear clay you let me get two pair No okay where you gonna wear them broadcasts really like I'm gonna wear be the Bobby Cox of the booth check swing ground ball to third Snyder is out number two now here comes Devon man who last inning double and then after the hits the empires took the bat and removed it from play they said they found a flat spot on it and so that bad has been taken out of place it will see how Devon man does now for the new stick what we don't know is who noticed it and who asked them sometimes that comes from the opposing team sometimes when the umpires themselves [Applause] Clayton quit Kowski came on in relief in the fourth inning that four-run inning for the Cardinals and he has done a good job keeping the cards in check which sounds simple but it has been anything but simple today the Louisville hitters just about as locked in as I've seen them especially Devon man a two-run homer and a double is scored twice to one demand 2 and 2 and didn't think so no I sure didn't it's like first you take my bat now you're ringing me up on a breaking ball in the left handed batter's box we're not friends charge to right-center Flowers is gonna in the alley I thought that was hit harder it actually was it's a three up three down inning for the second straight four quid Kowski introducing ESPN plus your home for more sports more schools more conferences more Mike Rooney more ESPN it's really what it is extreme ESPN plus exclusively on the ESPN app for just $4.99 a month sign up now for ESPN plus practically given it seriously well here we are 8:8 in the 8th Louisville and Florida State in the ACC title game Florida State trying to defend its tournament championship from a year ago they've won a two of the last three years Louisville in the ACC title game for the first time since joining the conference he joined the league in 2015 red applet at the plate is white shoes he's been on twice with blocks no hits today he's always a threat it's really pure hit or two really hot teams headed to the postseason great preview for tournament and here is his first stood at the bed Brett Appling is the leadoff man aboard here in the 8th for the Seminoles what's gonna decide this game here in Lakeland yeah I think clay first of all Louisville's got to clean up all the free passes too many errors walks hit by pitch that's got it it's got to get better you're not beating the team like Florida State with that type of you know just giving it giving them offense they don't need your help for Florida State I'd be worried if I'm the visiting team because just feels like whoever hits last in this game is gonna win yeah both teams have put up a lot of runs today eight a piece that is the ninth Florida State hit of the afternoon and this is Cal Rowley up there now hitting from the right side for the first time boy pitching Nirali is so difficult because he there's not a pitch going by that he's not offering that you almost have to throw it in the dugout and see if he takes it normally you're calling pitches you love a guy that just swinging like crazy like this but Rowley everything ends up in the gap life's time up he lined out to Logan Wyatt at first and it was a double play to get the second out which was huge Florida State ended up leaving men on in the sixth bases-loaded situation and they only produced one run in the sixth inning the Florida State has been able to tie it up since than any how two runs in the seventh the sixth time today Florida State has had the leadoff man on leadoff man has scored three times when getting aboard high flyball behind home plate Zeke Pinkham makes the catch that's a big out for Louisville Cal Raleigh the son of former Western Carolina Tennessee head coach Todd Raleigh I think Todd's here in attendance again today he's been around all week I'm sure he is awfully proud of her player his son has become it's been a great three year journey at Florida State and he is going to be a very high pick here in a week draft on June 4th and key flaw our ESPN draft expert has been predicting for several weeks now that the top six draft choices will come from the college ranks that's never happened yep in the history of the draft and it's a testament to the college class because it's a very good high school class - it's not because there's not good high school players to take oh they got a pickle oven applet is going to be thrown out they had apple and weening and he's the second out of the eighth [Applause] Larter state does not run that often but Roger Williams calling picks and pitches for Louisville just guesses right right clay this is yeah the white shoes attract a lot of attention that's the one downside it's like a Ferrari play on the highway you know don't let the shoes for you now I do think it is giving him swimming inflated self-confidence because earlier in the game we saw him trying to bunt his way on yeah and he's a big three hole hitter that great speed but he tried to bunt his way on and now he was caught leaning on the base paths Stephen wells were walked out of first base that is the second straight at-bat he has been hit by a pitch and now Dan McDonnell is coming out to argue again I would say this clay I mean his Wells leaning into this pitch probably but look at where it's thrown I mean this is all the way in the right handed batter's box and Dan McDonnell's point is well-taken but Wells is clearly not getting out of the way see you that looks that's a fairly guilty look is it not Dan McDonald good he very animated but he's gonna head back to the dugout we some money League and throwing out last night for Clemson but look at where that pitch is I mean did he lean into it a little bit yes but that is a big miss from Denver's I I think the first time he got hit by a pitch back in the sixth inning he leaned in more than he did this stuff correct I agree I'll tell you one reason Dan McDonald's hot because if they manage this right now play they can finish this game without Aplin Rowley hit him again and that would be really important to Louisville keep Raleigh in the dugout do not let him hit again in this game drew Mendoza struck out looking to end the sixth inning 3dep MERS came out of the pen and Gottman goes on strikes they face off here for the second time today wells at first pitch misses off the plate Mendoza always dangerous it just you'd see how enormous this kid is he's got great baseball skill and he can hit a home run to left field he had a home run to left centerfield in this tournament already he is dangerous to all parts of the park a couple of hits today he's been on three times that's a big take right there that MERS needed Mendoza to chase that he does not and now he's in a 2o count real danger zone right now for debtors bullpen trying to win this game for Louisville after Bobby Miller their starter when only two and a third today hit well to right the hooking foul that's the kind of swing drew Mendoza wanted to have just get out in front of it a bit definitely a set up pitch right there Roger Williams called fastball in trying speed Mendoza up and now he'll go right back to the breaking ball down the way here's the problem if you don't get the breaking ball down and it hangs up we could have a 10-8 game there comes the breaking ball and goes her two-run homer last night and fooled him too and two nice pitch really nice you gotta think Mendoza knew it was coming just couldn't do anything Yemen this is not lost on Mendoza he's been pitched carefully his whole life I'm sure and now he's in a two strike mode just battle and he's so big and physical any contact can be positive to to to Mendoza you see a lot of pics from Louisville what they're thinking is that Florida State doesn't want Mendoza hitting with two strikes necessarily go ahead and send Wells and if he's out then Mendoza gets a fresh at-bat the next inning so the chess match is on right now Louisville trying to read Mike Martin Jr's mind here in returns Pinkham keeps it in front michael mcaveeney warming up in the Louisville bullpen three balls and two strikes to Mendoza even Wells will be running on the on on contact here first baseman behind full count two outs so a ball down the line a ball in the gap wells could try and score from first tie game here in the eighth runner goes pitch is upstairs Mendoza dries his second walk of the day first walk allowed by Denver's here comes Dan McDonnell michael mack amin if that's who they go to is this is power power arm runner in scoring position you need somebody that can miss a back it will be mcaveeney and he's got the blondish hair of all of the kindness Florida State has two on with two outs here at the top of the eighth tied at eight with Louisville and a new pitcher for the Cardinals Michael mcaveeney would be the fourth pitcher to work today for Louisville McElveen is a kid that is off of Tommy John surgery with a big arm has had a great recovery and his absolutely throwing gas heard reports 95 to 97 miles an hour and we may see all of that in a game today where the adrenaline alone is gonna have him amped up hitting with runners in scoring position today see Florida State has delivered five times a lot of runners done that was a real shortfall for the Noles last night in the game with Clemson not worked out for him but they were 1 for 11 last night but the one they made a count was the game-winning hit by applo Reese Albert is up there hoping to deliver he got a double to leadoff the seventh inning and came around to score well first pitch breaking ball how about that this is a fun matchup clay two of the young guns in the leg Reese Albert's gonna be a real guy at Florida State and Michael mcaveeney is a big-time power arm he goes first pitch breaking ball would love to see the fastball right here and see what Albert can even catch up to it Wow pinkie sticks here we go clay 96 coming at you and you're right that that is the blondest of the blondes well that's a big fastball I go fastball again I didn't see Albert really catching up to that and that's why Albert tried to climb the ladder fouls it back it's now one and two I wonder if Mackin being that first pitch breaking ball is kind of a ShowMe pitch maybe try and get Albert off of the fastball but in the game you know this is a big part of the game huge spot if I'm Mac I mean I'm not getting beat on my second pitch fastball is my best offering that's what you're getting if I locate it right you're not getting to me Wells it's second Mendoza it first swung on and missed big fist pump from Mac evene comes out of the pen does his job that's exactly what Det MERS did to get Mendoza in the sixth Michael Mac amine with the big fastball fired up getting his Louisville Cardinals in the dugout back here at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham North Carolina the ACC championship game still a lot to be determined here as we go to the bottom of the 8th in a tie game alongside Mike Rooney on claim advic along with our great crew here on ESPN Logan Wyatt Josh stores in drew Campbell for five and six to hit against Clayton quit Kowski the Florida State reliever has retired eight straight Louisville hitters even now 1 and 1 to Wyeth as a couple of hits today I love Wyatts numbers a guy with a bunch of doubles who takes his walks on base percentage of 485 on base half the time that is big time writes in and it hits Wyatt on the hand we hope he's okay welcome Stan MacDonald that is a very sensitive spot that did something no it's the hands always scare you ie that is going to be in a bucket of ice after the game the thing is we might not hurt bad enough to word it takes a guy out of the game right now there could be damage in there you just don't know that's what scares you about the ham and you look at it's all taped up already anyway yeah it's it you're right played it's it's not about this game it's about next weekend's that's what scares you now he'd be moving his hands superfast away from there if said if it was really acute pain so that's I'd say it's a fairly good sign Logan why it's such a vital part of his team must-have for Louisville really good player first-team all-acc first baseman leads the team in doubles walks in on-base percentage he is on for the third time today will he continue we've got a pitching change for Florida State Clayton quit Kowski does an admirable job here and relief for the Seminoles he leaves in the eighth vinik kept him close and that was the key he's gonna give way to Jonas Calero freshman left hander so back-to-back lefties for the Seminoles twenty-sixth appearance this season is first in the tournament a reminder coming up after we're done here in Durham we're going to take you out to Hoover Alabama the Hoover met and the championship of the SEC Tournament bull.miss and LSU Ole Miss there's a chance that they could be a top eight national seat it looks pretty good for the rebels LSU they are a great story about a month or so ago it looked like they were not even an NCAA tournament team after being a top eight national seat the last six years and they've gotten hot at the right time okay I'd say as of ten days ago LSU was not a tournament team no doubt about an Ole Miss that locking up a top eight seed at this point that game is currently on espn2 forey on ESPN suitors were done here Mike Martin's got two more moves there really one more jonas claro was the next guy he could bring in and then it's Conner Grady and that's really been his formula in the bullpen so well this is good to see Logan white is gonna stay in the ball game you have to get out the hand sure is scelera is your vintage trick them lefty it's a curveball and a slider and you will see a lot of off-speed stuff Josh stores one of the toughest stats and those Cardinals line up throughout the year has reached base in 43 straight he is walking asila homer and a strikeout today struck out looking his last time up Virg pitch from school arrow is way outside [Applause] Josh stores showed us early in the game when he knows a fastball scumming bad things happen to that fastball so Scolari's job is to come in here and pull up a bunch of breaking balls in here [Applause] the problem is stores as good appears to be headed deep into the sebat where the breaking ball he swings at will be the third fourth or fifth one he's seen that's scary or you know you know I'm surprised you of all people have not commented on stores Carolina blue batting gloves yeah what's up with interesting yeah I didn't catch it great great catch clay you're really getting on to this accessory stuff popped up it's gonna get out of play well you do games long enough with you and you pick up a thing or two like it stories always thrives in the postseason went six for ten in the regionals last year hit 364 and three games in Omaha this guy loves playing it manager and he smokes it to right-center long run for the outfielders flowers covers a lot of ground and gets their stories making a bid for an extra-base hit but he's the first out of the air boy Jonah squatter with one here that's fastball up and over the plate and stores just didn't get it that could have easily been a two-run home run now there's something to be said for throwing strikes clay the hitters will get themselves out but boy that was playing with fire right there Andrew Campbell lined into a double play his last time up gives calar a little momentum even then he's finally found the breaking ball for a strike strike two scelera leads the team in appearances but this is his first appearance here in durham lifted the short center the second baseman born a Gaul who's got makes the catch and Campbell is skal arrow compared to some of the other pitchers we've seen here today couldn't break a pane of glass yeah you know he's got guys out here so far something about lefties is just it's just funky enough and against scleras got two breaking balls he's got that vertical one that he flips in for a strike and then the more side-to-side slider that he's looking for swing and miss there's this strike breaking ball see that early in the count and a different spinner late in the count single little run batted in for Oriente Louisville hasn't scored since the fifth the hands popped up could be a tough play Wells coming in won't get to it runner going to third the throw is not in time Wyatt didn't slide there he didn't realize he needed to that was a close play at third as Oriente dumps it into right field with a bloop base hit and now Mike Martin is out of the Florida State dugout I think they're gonna go to the replay review as they should it's a very unity strange play at their base I'll tell you what Logan Wyatt forgot is that Stephen Wells has a bazooka and right he'll watch this throw soon I mean just a pose he falls off the base here to Mendoza didn't stay with the tag though great pick by them dosa he may be out play I'd say I could watch well as throw all day look at that goodness nobody had a better look at it than David Savage not even offs best arm in the ACC one of the best nationally I would say this to play in the in the age of replay something college players need to learn to do is stay on tags Mendoza Tagum and then tried to sell the tag you're better move is tag and stay on the runner boy this is a huge call Wyatt's thinking two outs he thinks he should be in easily because he's running on contact there's another look it's got to be indisputable video evidence to overturn the call on the field now are they going to see something that's going to overturn the safe call Brooks I haven't seen a replay yet that would allow me to overturn it he's safe plays gonna stand runners at the corners two outs here for Louisville very Portsmouth to Logan Wyatt right there yeah Wyatt like you said well as the new hotness in of Stephen Wells cannon yep [Applause] Pinkham Cal Raleigh is absolutely critical right now any type of past fall a wild pitch gets Louisville that ninth run that they want so badly ping comes first trip to the plate today that one sails over his head Zach Britton was the starting catcher for the Cardinals and before he left the game he had a three-run homer which in the fourth inning gave Louisville the lead I wonder if this it that gets the two strikes clay if Dan McDonald won't put some type of first and third base running play on Scolari is not a good matchup for Pinkham left on left he's got two different left-handed breaking balls this is tough for a left-handed hitter ground ball and it'll end the inning I was gonna go pitches to Salvatore so Louisville threatens but comes up empty we played seven and a half we're still tied Florida State has come back to tie this game with Louisville at eight but they had a great chance in the sixth to blow it open perhaps Cal Raleigh at the plate he lines into a double play and Florida State at the bases loaded and nobody out they only got one in the sixth inning with Rowley and Mendoza coming up and Raleigh's been the hottest man in America is he has barely made it out in this tournament so that could have been a six run inning easily the Florida State and but it's that kind of game runners life done it's it's an ugly number for Mike Martin's Florida State Seminoles but we go to the ninth and at i88 Michael Mac avene did a great job coming out of the pen to get through third out in the eighth for the Louisville Cardinals fourth pitcher to work for Louisville today championship game of the ACC tournament both of these teams will hear their names called on the NCAA tournament selection show which is tomorrow at noon now will Florida State be a top eight national seed and be able to host through the Super Regionals we'll have to wait the see Louisville hoping to host a regional next week state with a glorious RPI of six but Burma Florida State should be a top eight Sita they've got an incredible resume for me Louisville needs this they have to they need a narrative to put them over the top and winning this title might be just that the challenge for Florida play as they got off to a slow start because of how young this team is and they went five and five in their ten ACC series I think that's what's going to hold them back from being a host that said this Louisville team as well as their plan they have Omaha outside yeah Louisville has won six in a row 11 of its last 12 they were barely 26 and 30 no a month ago and now at 43 wins with an RPI of 24 it's been quite a turnaround and more importantly clay the kids have grown up the sophomores are playing with confidence it's really not the resume as much as how well they're playing Rafael Thor Nadal has had a good day at the plant he has worked a 3-2 count here against McAfee hit high medium deep to right-center and through Campbell is there to make the catch tonight after the caps in Celtics Ratliff game seven over on ESPN we're gonna stick around for SportsCenter in Scott Van Pelt in a post game analysis from our Jackson Tim Lightner and Stevie Ray Smith plus coverage of LeBron James's press conference reports from both locker rooms tonight at 11:00 Eastern on ESPN and also streaming live on the ESPN app and don't forget we're gonna have the SEC Tournament championship game as soon as we're done here in Durham here on ESPN Ole Miss and LSU currently playing on espn2 JC flowers at the plate for the Seminoles one out in the ninth flowers had a big sacrifice bunts last time up Wow that is not something you want to see in the Florida State dugout Mack the beans got a fastball to keep you up at night and then he Clips this breaking ball in there JC clouds thinking this is not turning out how I hoped he's got the white shoes and the white hair I like it Macca beans go to get him to chase flowers to strikeout victim in the second inning [Applause] strikes out here two down you've made this point before and how important it is to get that top eight national seed which Florida State is trying to accomplish here today I mean winning this thing is still no guarantee but you know it would certainly help because somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of super regional game 1 winners get to Omaha so if you are a home team in that super regional round and get out to a great start it almost means a guarantee to get to home on yeah it's funny because if you just mentally you feel like someone's gonna beat me twice on my home field to keep me from Omaha it's funny though clay that over the last six seasons 2012 217 only 44% of the hosts have won they're super Regis now your stat about Game one is critical Road Magazine can't make the play the second baseman wheel Devin man has had a great day he's had a great tournament and Louisville will try to win at the bottom of the ninth boy Devin man this should have been made by Mack Avene he's really screens Devin man he gets it done Louisville coming to bat man Jonas Kawara will continue to pitch here in the bottom of the ninth against the Louisville Cardinals who are trying to unseat the defending ACC tournament champs the Cardinals hoping to win their first ACC tournament title here today chance to win it in the ninth lay V Fitzgerald Snider 9 1 & 2 [Applause] if your scolari I'm the woman not to oversimplify it but boy you do not want to get to man Wyatt and stores never has a 1-2-3 inning been more critical than right now Louisville eight runs nine hits three errors haven't helped themselves in the field today Florida State eight runs nine hits no errors Louisville 43 and 16 on the year last time they won a conference tournament title 2009 when they were members of the Big East what a play by Mendoza over there at third base lady hit it on the screws but Mendoza got up on a step stool and smeared it and he starts big at six foot five and a very athletic tools he player over there what fascinating game clay we have seen some brutal defense and some awesome defense all at the same time that is the third line out to an infielder here's Fitzgerald hitless today Louisville needs one guide of her space and get to that middle of the order get that middle of the order involved Fitzgerald or slider someone's got to get the first base for them Fitzgerald got on with a walk in the second inning and he came around to score check that the third inning and when he gets on base he usually makes things happen he's got 22 stolen bases on the year in 23 attempts now he hasn't delivered a hit yet today Louisville doesn't care how he gets on just popped up behind the screen Fitzgerald's another player that has just continued to improve people were a little worried about the offense he's a good defender as he moved from third base to shortstop this year but he's just kept getting better and turned himself into a really nice offensive player drafted out of high school by the Red Sox in the 30th round 1 2 pitch breaking ball in the dirt and slapping on the tag is Rowley that's out number 2 second time Fitzgerald has gone down on strikes Jake Schneider over for a couple of groundouts to the strikeout they would love to get Schneider on and then get to the hottest hitter in the lineup Devon man who's on deck Skaro has been tough to hit for these Cardinal series just coming up really commanding the breaking ball right now imma give your Louisville hitter right now you basically have to punt fastball and sit on the breaking balls Claro it's featuring those almost exclusively the one one back up the middle and that is going to get through into centerfield the Cardinals are in business here in the ninth and here comes Devon man third inning two-run shot to left center so impressive play because that was a changeup that part looked like he was going to dominate the Louisville hitters with the third changeup with the ax bat one too many Devon man got through that in a hurry two RBIs today he's got eight RBIs in the tournament and home run was his sixth of the year [Music] why now gets trickier behind in the count of your sclera one oh I think you're throwing the breaking ball right here you're just hoping that's not what Devon man's guessing Florida State got a walk-off punt run from pinch-hitter jonathanfoster to beat Louisville back up March the 30th to clinch the series Louisville would love a little payback with a walk-off homer here no doubt [Music] breaking ball just misses outside Raleigh you could see he was a little miffed by that call Torino so tough you're right clay so do you give Devon man the green light to unload on something 300 or do you 102 work a loft and get that winning run in scoring position the dangerous hitter behind man in Logan Wyatt I would take right here I would this would be a 3o take for me see if you can't walk that winning run into scoring position he's swinging it's a base hit to left Devon man slaps her three Oh pitch into left field two on two out and why am coming to the plate for the Cardinals the winning run is now in scoring position at second base how about that approach love it I love the aggressiveness of Louisville to greenlight him right there why at 2 for 3 Mike Martin out of the florists Florida State dugout over on espn2 on this and LSU to decide the SEC Tournament championship it's currently over on ESPN - it'll come your way here on ESPN right after we're finished huge crowd and Hoover at any time the LSU Tigers are involved and what a remarkable run by Paul maneras LSU Tigers and Hoover so what was the message from Mike Martin to scelera I think it's really just calm them down I think when you're saying go on this look your two out you got two outs your one pitch from getting this in the dugout you're throwing the ball great you're a great matchup for a left-handed hitter and Logan Wyatt I think it's more Mike Martin just coming out there and sharing his presence and his confidence Logan Wyatt try to be the hero for the Louisville Cardinals trying to deliver the first ACC tournament championship in program history it takes the first pitch inside such a game of inches at this time of the year Scolari just misses down with that breaking ball and now he's in a 1 Oak count through Logan why you're just thinking line drive middle of the field ball and a strike great thanks ok jonas claro is really showing you something he is pitched in some tough spots and have stepped up and executed almost every time the 1 1 2 Wyatt to money Jake Snider at second base he represents the winning run Devon man's at first his run would really mean nothing I think if you're Logan Wyatt you're gonna sit on breaking ball here you've seen three of them how about that Mike Bell really calling a nice game Wyatt clearly was sitting on breaking ball there cos he'd seen three straight and they shocked them with the fastball we got a little game inside the game right now two on two out for two - breaking ball that is smashed - right but right at Stephen Wells and the inning is over now Logan Wyatt was sitting on a breaking ball and got a pretty good piece of it but we're going to extra innings tied at eight it's gonna take extra innings to decide this year's ACC champion boy really good at-bat for both the pitcher Jonas Calero and also Logan Wyatt who stayed convicted on breaking ball just misses that scelera just keeps making pitch after pitch seen some really good baseball clay we'll see it here in the 10th Jackson Luke leading it off for Florida State two three and four Luke Appling and Rowley and Lucas swinging at the first pitch would sense the foul well if experience an extra inning games is any clue to how this is going to finish Florida State has a decided advantage they are six and one this year in extra inning games including a win over Virginia here in this tournament 3-2 in Game one for the Noles Louisville has played just one extra inning game this year their own one the loss to Indiana the midweek game nine to five at some point pitching is gonna get a little dicey especially for Florida State school ro and then Connor Grady that's really what they've gotten the pen Michael mcaveeney has been working in our leaf here since there were two outs in the eighth and you know mcaveeney remember is a year off the Tommy John surgery so it says short he's a short spurt guy probably has another 10 to 20 pitches left - and tutor Jackson look where that is 95 miles an hour it's some kind of harm there example of a guy who comes back throwing probably harder than he was before temperature it's really amazing one of the things that happens when guys do the rehab from Tommy John surgery is they have a chance to really work on their mechanics got away from him it's full count [Applause] Florida State finished fourth in the ACC costal at 16 and 13 they've racked up three more wins against conference opponents this week 42 wins on the year might be a top eight national seed that's inside didn't hit him but Luke is gonna be a board with a walk leadoff man on here in the 10th for Florida State you know plays as good as Louisville is play defensively they have played with fire defensively all day errors hit by pitch now a leadoff walk and you know at some point you've got it that bill comes due that is the ninth walk for Florida State today with three errors nine walks you wonder how Louisville is even in this ball game let alone tied and I would say clay I mean obviously Florida states that they lead the country in walks again this year for a reason but nine walks if you're Dan McDonald Louisville you're saying that's on us you know if they get three or four walks because they've got a really see the ball great that's one thing but if we walk nine we just did not get after the strike zone right Appling at the plate the lash it foul Louisville bullpen chase Smitty right-hander warming up he pitched a couple of scoreless innings Friday against Duke single digit pitcher number five I'm in I'm in on that what was your number oh gosh so five actually was the number I had the most but my first couple years let's just say if there was a big recruit coming in he was open to have my number you were 96 line drive into right field base hit Luke will stop around second and come back to the bag first and second nobody out as Florida State has got it going here in the 10th for me clay Cal Raleigh coming to the dish this is not a bunting situation this is your guy you are gonna let him swing he has swung at the first pitch I think every at-bat today even he's 1 for 5 that two-run double coming back in the first inning but his outs have been hit hard see what he can do here against Mac Avene provided mcaveeney stays in it might have been a stall tactic by pinko yeah cuz macca means not a great DoublePlay guy he pitches up in the zone Mac Avene is a high velocity either strike out or fly ball guy so he's not if you're Louisville I don't know if he's the guy you want in there if you need a double play he's gonna pitch to Raleigh again swings at the first pitch defense is playing Raleigh to pull for sure how about that Mac Mac amines got 96 miles an hour in there and he's calling first pitch breaking ball to Colorado it's in a spot like this it's not about arm strength you got to be able to make pitches this is the fifth at-bat right hand left handed I should say for Raleigh he had wanted bat right-handed Florida State 5 for 14 with runners in scoring position today big take for ollie right there he chased the breaking ball but you could clearly see he reined himself back in was on that fastball managing the ax bat pitch the pitch very impressive [Music] Bukit second applet at first Florida State to take the lead here in the 10th inning they have left 11 men on base today scored eight they've left a lot on a wideout on the base paths boy that was one one breaking ball clay and and mcaveeney just couldn't find it so now if you're Raleigh you have the opportunity to just camp out on a fastball so here's the real question does Roger Williams and Dan McDonald do they feel confident calling a breaking ball here because Raleigh is gonna be all over a fastball was a fastball and it caught the inside corner wow that is a big-time pitch maca bean starts it in off the plate and runs it right to the black you can't throw a better fastball in that spot [Applause] where you go to the breaking ball right now I think you're gonna have Cal Raleigh all kinds of twisted up the to - to the Florida State clean up man in the dirt convene spike dip income is able to keep it in front of it to keep the base runners at second at first you know the clay this is a big-time play by Pinkham that's a fastball he just blocked with his body no less you know that's just catcher's work on blocking breaking balls blocking a fastball you just suck it up to the team that's really what it boils down to ACC title game extra innings three balls two strikes two on nobody out Mac Avena look Luke back to second it's pink him just he's putting a sign on it Florida State runs is he throwing a third base or second base they're gonna probably throw to second base would be my guest because Aplin is the the runner that would be easier to get I don't think you're getting looked at third base too good of a runner power on power here Mac Avene versus Rowley three two struck him out love the emotion from mcavee [Applause] this and only hit in 265 it's because he has gotten hot in the second half of the season the one oh the dirts pink amends to come up big again [Applause] see pink I'm really turning it right now that's a you don't block that up clay you're now looking at second and third one out you got a big problem what a play [Applause] manga v needs to bury a strike here you've got Mendoza on deck science called you're Wells you're just sitting on basketball if they're Steven Wells you can't be late on basketball you get a fastball you like you're on time the two I'll pitch up again three and Oh mr. Mendoza he would love to get a chance to come up with the bases loaded Dan McDonald out of the Louisville dugout it's a funny situation Dan McDonnell's out there and he may make a change but he's thinking guys it looks a little dire right now but we're really one pitch away from getting in the dugout I think maca beans at the end of his rope FD MacDonald agrees J Smitty coming in for the Louisville Cardinals this will be his second ACC Tournament appearance it's really well in the game against Duke and now he comes on in a tough situation in the 10th you Shay Smitty be their fifth pitcher up the day for Louisville a two on one out situation he'll inherit a three ball at no strike count see a lot of walks a lot of strikeouts that's because it's a really good breaking ball Michael McAfee who's kind of ran out of gas sure did and then that's you know first year off the surgery that's gonna happen but I'll tell you he showed you play Vaughn the Louisville Cardinal fan I'm excited about that kids future that is a big big arm so it's Steven wells at the plate three balls no strikes two on one out got to be taken here right clay think Sir Andrew Mendoza is in the on-deck circle for the Noles winners the ACC tournament champ Smitty sets fires well outside bases loaded for Mendoza [Music] last year he was the hero in the ACC tournament title game two homers against North Carolina in that 73 comeback win can he be the hero again here for Florida State in the 10th inning put them in front if he's gonna do it clay he's gonna have to hit a curveball Schmidt he's got a really good 12 6 true curveball he is coming in the game to throw that pitch Mendoza should see a bunch of them Wells the 10th Seminole to walk today Luke at 3rd Appling at second wells at first seventy-six mile an hour breaking ball misses you off the plate so the alignment clay they're gonna turn to in the middle the second the middle it goes our deep because Mendoza's not a good runner and even wide at first base a little depth there because he's on the pull side if a ground balls hit the two Wyatt it's gonna be a bullet inside to know didn't miss punt much syrup your Mendoza I think you're just locked in on a fastball right here if you see the breaking ball up go ahead and fire I don't know if your Smitty how confident are you throwing three straight balls can you go breaking ball here hit well to right that could clear the bases one run is in two runs will score and that's it but Florida State has the lead ten to eight as drew Mendoza delivers again [Applause] play eventually not throwing strikes not Nancy counts is going to get you Mendoza's too good of a player for him to be able to know he's getting a - oh fast boy he's just too talented for that and that's the situation Louisville painted himself into this inning with a leadoff walk and just a lot of bad counts still a long way to go in this inning for the whole question third hit today for drew Mendoza second and third runs batted in of the day and Al Ries Albert infield drawn in it's chopped outside of the bag at first right idea by Albert second and third one out your job is three swings at pitches you can handle doesn't have to be perfect but if you can get a ball through this drawn in infield good things are happening Seminoles fans coming alive here in the 10th turned down some money to come to Florida State was drafted in the 36th round by the Tigers a couple of years ago he would have gone higher but he made it clear he was coming to Florida State both of his parents went to Florida State he has put the Seminoles ahead by two here in the 10th minute now Oh and to to reseller he just hooks it foul that's nice that is that's a lost art right there to be able to just foul off a pitch spoil it and get yourself to a mistake that is really impressive you don't see freshmen doing that all that often you don't see big leaguers doing event budgeting not enough you don't see guys choking up with two strikes it unfortunally [Applause] it almost looked like pink have got crossed up there yeah I'm really surprised he's not running out the mound to talk either he caught that in a very strange way or I mean that clearly looked like he got crossed up I'm not sure why you wouldn't talk that over if that happened out tonight to Eternity and it's a real problem for Smitty right here at clay he just does not have command of the breaking ball and so Albert is feeling very confident he's getting a fastball here two runs in for Florida State here in the 10th the 2-2 to Albert slow roller to short it's going to get another run home for Florida State it's 11 to 8 he got surprised by the breaking ball and hit one of those few shots Fitzgerald does a nice job to even get an out and really nice base running by Stephen Wells got a great jump and took play at the plate away from Fitzgerald now Pinker was gonna come out for a chat with Smitty another reminder Ole Miss and LSU for the SEC Championship it's currently on espn2 we'll have it on ESPN as soon as we're done - on Ole Miss in the bottom of the third right now 11 to 8 Florida State leading trying to repeat as ACC tournament champs there hasn't been a repeat champ in this league since 1999 Wake Forest won it for the second straight year William Jenkins is now warming up in the Louisville pen and we may see him here comes Dan McDonnell again well you got to look back running to that leadoff walk run by Jackson Luke it just started everything going in a southward trajectory for these Louisville Cardinals here in the 10th and that Jackson drew Mendoza's the haut the hero here play but Jackson Luke is yet really starting to play even last night in the game against Clemson which was a really heated game for them to get here Jackson Luke jewel walk and ended up being the the winning run William Jenkins will pitch next for Louisville as Florida State has scored three here in the 10th that they're not done the big blow from Drew Mendoza pitcher number six for Louisville junior right-hander Liam Jenkins and he will try to keep this to a three run deficit for Louisville and attempt see the size that's the real difference maker six-foot a big physical guy lot of walks a lot of strikeouts almost two strikeouts per inning it's really good stuff when Jenkins is commanding the baseball and in he's a swinging this guy which is exactly what Louisville is looking for right now three big runs loose inning for the Seminoles to take the lead got Mendoza third Rafael born ago who's been good at the plate today with a couple of hits a couple of RBIs set the dish forget all Miss LSU over on espn2 right now it will come your way next here on ESPN it decides the SEC Tournament championship and this is gonna be a top eight it would appear LSU has done a great job playing their way into the NCAA tournament here over the last four or five weeks you know pulminary has had LSU as a top eight seed for six straight seasons I would argue clay this team is his best coaching job at LSU all the injuries they've had Eric Walker no Josh Smith and yet this team's got a chance today to win the SEC Championship that is amazing and that place is going to be rocking a former reliever is Lincoln first base second pace this year and playing well Bane has been a terrific story and that will come your way next two balls in a strike here - born ago all the suiting can't end soon enough for Louisville looking ahead to the bottom of the 10th they've got stores Campbell and Oriente do up 5 6 & 7 tour 297 Wow [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] grumble last chance for the Louisville Cardinals they're down three in the 10th [Applause] this is moments ago Dan McDonald tried to rally his troops down through the bite of a tent his team was into Omaha last year and the theme is keep chopping wood love it I love him saying they they think they're gonna win this game oh wow that is cool hey this Louisville team is nothing if not aggressive and playing forward they've won six in a row 11 of their last 12 jonas Calero those since coming on in relief has kept them off balance the store swings at the first pitch a flyball to Center it's gonna stay in the yard flowers makes the catch there's quickly one down here in the 10th I gotta be honest clay I don't love the first pitch swing in there give the pitcher a chance you know this is a nerve-wracking moment for scelera give him a chance to be nervous and and maybe gift you I there's so few rallies that happen in baseball that don't involve either an error or a walk or both and first pitch swinging you're really not giving yourself a chance of that trying to bunt his way on here's Campbell how about the relief today for Florida State Witkowski and Skaro six and a third after Andrew carp fizzled out after three plus giving their team a chance here today incredible it didn't look good at the time neither good most of LSU coming up here on ESPN the game is currently over on the deuce how about Ole Miss play missed the NCAA tournament last year and this year they're gonna be a top eight see like the anchors team has been terrific Ryan Olynyk has had an amazing year sure not top this player to strike out in that league Allison's gonna be a first round draft pick ah got it missed and now Florida State is one out away from repeating as ACC tournament champs [Applause] comes down to worry in it [Applause] how about Mike Martin all the accomplishments all the awards and at age 74 they seem to keep coming groundball could end the game and does at the throw across the diamond cube at Florida State repeats as ACC tournament champs 8th tournament title in program history [Applause] [Music] they're third in the last four years my trailer what they run by Florida State they lose Tyler Walton their first team all-american to start the season there Friday night guy and yet they just put it together and win another ACC Tournament championship and they're gonna be a top eight seed head in the NCAA tournament forty third win for the florida state seminoles forests trade here in durham to win another ACC tournament championship [Music] thesis topics in critical discourse analysis Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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